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When We Danced
When We Danced
Cool Groove Records
CD 110

Original Release Date:
April 7, 2009

Alone With The Blues
Nowhere To Go
It Don't Work Anymore
Right What's Left
It Sure Is Blue
It Takes Too Long
Blow Mold Baby Jesus
"When we danced the music sure set us on fire..."

  1. Alone With The Blues (McMillan)
  2. Hybrid Baby (Colegrove)
  3. When We Danced (Caslin)
Baby Let’s Go (Colegrove)
  5. Nowhere To Go (Colegrove)
  6. It Don’t Work Anymore (Colegrove)
  7. It Sure Is Blue (McMillan)
  8. Got My Foot Caught In The Door (Colegrove)
  9. It Takes Too Long (Colegrove)
10. Like A Wheel (McMillan)
11. Mammy Beulah (Colegrove)
12. I Could Swear It Wasn’t Raining (McMillan/Colegrove)
13. Little Creeps (Caslin)
14. Right What’s Left (Colegrove)

Bonus Track:
The Holiday Favorite:
15. Blow Mold Baby Jesus (Colegrove)

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Cool Groove Records
CD 106

Original Release Date:
July 31, 2007

Hard Love
Your Number's Up
Let The Guitar Howl
Love Was In Your Kiss
She Did Him In
Dead Man's Blues
Keep Me and Never Go Broke
"How did we get so scattered?"

  1. Hard Love (Caslin)
  2. I Hate Myself (Gutcheon)
  3. Your Number’s Up (Colegrove)
  4. Scattered (Colegrove)
  5. I Gotta Dance (McMillan)
  6. It's Dark In Here (McMillan)
  7. Keep Me and Never Go Broke (Colegrove)
  8. I Ain’t Goin’ Back To New Orleans (Colegrove)
  9. Let the Guitar Howl (Hutchinson/Colegrove)
10. This Cold War With You (Floyd Tillman)
11. Love Was In Your Kiss (Caslin)
12. She Did Him In (Colegrove)
13. Dead Man’s Blues (McMillan)
14. Love Struck (Chuck Willis)

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Long Gone Thrill
Long Gone Thrill
Cool Groove Records
CD 105

Original Release Date:
November 15, 2005

Make Do With Something New
Hank Williams' Last Dream
Path of Sorrow and Shame
The Night Café
The Crime
Free Floating Anxiety
Land of the Happy People
"It's a long gone song—it's a long gone thrill"

click title for lyrics:
  1. Make Do With Somethin' New (Colegrove/Caslin)
  2. Hank Williams' Last Dream (Will Gillham)
  3. The Night Café (Colegrove)
  4. I Chose the Path Of Sorrow and Shame (McMillan)
  5. Sugar Beet (B. Bryant)
  6. Heaven Has A Rope (Caslin)
  7. It's Too Late To Die Young (Colegrove)
  8. Kissing My Pillow (Charles "Fuzzy" Owen/Wally Lewis)
  9. Long Gone Thrill (McMillan)
10. All These Years (Colegrove)
11. Shotgun Boogie (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
12. The Crime (Colegrove)
13. Temporarily Insane (McMillan)
14. Too Late To Worry (Glen Clark)
15. Free Floating Anxiety (Gutcheon)
16. Land Of The Happy People (Gutcheon)

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Turn Your Radio Around
Turn Your Radio Around
Cool Groove Records
CD 104

Original Release Date:
November 16, 2003

Turn Your Radio Around
There Goes My Memory Again
San Miguel De Allende
Henry Was That You In the Mirror
Cruisin' Through Ohio
Pecos River Trail
"If you want to hear this you've got to turn your radio around"

click title for lyrics:
  1. Turn Your Radio Around (Colegrove)
  2. Cotillion (Gutcheon)
  3. When the Band Plays the Blues (John D. Loudermilk)
  4. There Goes My Memory Again (Gutcheon)
  5. Tennessee Border (Jimmy Work)
  6. Give It Up Buddy (Hudson Whittaker)
  7. San Miguel De Allende (Colegrove)
  8. Somebody's Back In Town (T. Wilburn, D. Helms, D. Wilburn)
  9. I Got The Bug (McLaughlin - Lawson)
10. Henry, Was That You In the Mirror? (Colegrove)
11. Perfect (Gutcheon)
12. Cruisin' Through Ohio (Colegrove)
13. My Man Called Me (Scott - Robey)
14. Pecos River Trail (Gutcheon)

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Down On The Borderline
Down On The Borderline
Cool Groove Records
CD 102
Original Release Date:
June 28, 2002

Down On The Borderline
I Got Your Ice Cold NuGrape
What's In It For Me?
Slow Death
Saying Goodbye To You

"Down on the borderline the wind can blow quite strong,
But you hardly ever notice till a calm spell comes along"

click title for lyrics:
  1. Down On The Borderline (L. Stone, J. Hutchinson)
  2. The Voice That Answered (Colegrove)
  3. Let It Burn (McMillan)
  4. Searching (Murray Maddux)
  5. I Got Your Ice Cold NuGrape (NuGrape Twins)
  6. What's In It For Me? (Colegrove)
  7. Playing Safe (Gutcheon)
  8. Slow Death (Gutcheon)
  9. The Trail I Always Leave Behind (Colegrove)
10. The Phantom of Rt. 40 (Colegrove)
11. More and More (Merle Kilgore)
12. Saying Goodbye To You (Gutcheon)
13. Friends (Gutcheon)

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Lost Country - Broken People, Cool Groove Records CD 101
Broken People
Cool Groove Records
CD 101
Original Release Date:
April 20, 2001

Gimbal Lock
It's Not My Fault
Disposable Love

  "Down in the state of Gimbal Lock all the people are in a state of shock"

click title for lyrics:
  1. Gimbal Lock (Gutcheon)
  2. Gunplay (Colegrove)
  3. 20 Silver Strings (Colegrove)
  4. I Lied To You (Gutcheon)
  5. Powerball (Gutcheon)
  6. Daniel Prayed (Part II) (Gutcheon)
  7. Indecision (Gutcheon)
  8. Honky Tonkitis (T. Atchison)
  9. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (Cecil A. Null)
10. It's Not My Fault (Colegrove)
11. Pistol Boogie (C. McMichen)
12. The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart) (D. Lyon - L. McIntire)
13. Disposable Love (Colegrove)
14. I'm Settin' You Free (J.P. Watts - H. Allen - J.D. Grimes)
15. The Last Ride of the Western Limited (Colegrove)

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