Get In The Groove

Land of the Happy People
Words and music by Jeff Gutcheon
© 2005, Uncle Mike Music, ASCAP

Take me to the land of the happy people
That’s where I belong
Wailin’ and a-divin, shuckin’ and a-jivin’
Pretty soon they all break into so-o-o-ong
All break into song
Sweet Magnolias on the evenin’ breeze
Big moon shinin’ through the trees
Banjos strummin’ on the old melodies

I wants to go to the land of the happy people
That’s the place for me
Way down south you can shet my mouth
The Mississippi delta is where I want to be, ooh-wee, hey, hey
Where I want to be
Pickin’ cotton til my hands are raw
Eatin’ grits ’til I can’t eat no more
Make me a palllet on your floor

From the CD titled Long Gone Thrill on Cool Groove Records CD 105

©2006, Jim Colegrove/Gold Tooth Music, BMI, All Rights Reserved.