Get In The Groove

The Trail I Always Leave Behind

by Jim Colegrove
©2002, Gold Tooth Music, BMI

This lonely mountain town has got me down
I’ve been stalling way too long for you to show
I think I’ll sit and have another round
One more for the road and then I’ll go

I’ve got a fistful of fifties and a Ford
And the memory of you dancin’ just for me
But livin’ here without you I get bored
And this paradise ain’t what it seems to be

I think I’ll take a long vacation
Out where you won’t be on my mind
Maybe this time you won’t follow
The trail I always leave behind

Well you said that you’d be comin’ back around
But you didn’t say just when that time would be
Seems it’s goin’ just the way you want it to
And that freedom you’ve been after’s killin’ me


The ladies of the evening come and go
While the guitars play a sad old melody
A tune about a broken love affair
An empy bed, an old-time used to be


From the CD titled Down On The Borderliine on Cool Groove Records CD 102

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©2002, Jim Colegrove/Gold Tooth Music, BMI, All Rights Reserved.