Get In The Groove


by Jeffrey Gutcheon
©2003, Uncle Mike Music, ASCAP

It used to be that boys grew up to manhood by and by
They learned to do the things men do and never wondered why
But that's all changed and now a man's supposed to be a guy
Say howdy to your shadow, let your woman see you cry

To be a guy a man must learn to show his softer side
To reveal and not conceal the feelings that he hides
And learn to tell the truth instead of saying, "whoops, I lied"
It's enough to keep me busy til I die

But I'm trying hard to be perfect
I've tried and tried so hard to give you everything you want
I've tried and tried and tried and tried, I've tried, Lord knows I've tried
I've tried so hard to please you but you know maybe I just can't

The list is growing long of things I don't do anymore
I don't leave the seat up and I don't drip on the floor
I figured out a way to sleep so I don't have to snore
Now I'm an honest, caring kind of sleeper
Who could ask for more?

And I don't need sleep anyway as long as I have you
You keep me going all night with those crazy things you do
My consciousness is up so far I'm certain that I can
Be guy enough to be your man

But I'm trying hard to be perfect
To be the kind of man or guy loved by a woman kind of girl
If you're the kind of woman, girl, who could love a man like me
We could live together perfectly imperfectly

From the CD titled Turn Your Radio Around on Cool Groove Records CD 104

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©2004, Jeffrey Gutcheon/Uncle Mike Music, All Rights Reserved.