Get In The Groove

Let It Burn

by David McMillan
©2002, Gold Tooth Music, BMI

Fire is raging deep inside
My passion's getting hard to hide
There's no where for me to turn
I may as well go ahead and let it burn
Over you
Oh, let my love burn

If you were smart baby you'd walk away
Forget about the things that I'm gonna say
But you're like me you'll never learn
Watch out love, get ready to burn
Let it burn
Oh, let my love burn

Chances for our love are mighty slim
'Cause I love her and you need him
That should be our main concern
To cool this fire and not let it burn
Oh, but let it burn
Oh, let our love burn

Well I can't stop the way I feel
And I'm not sure this love is real
Over you
And I don't wanta hear how it should be
Just tell me that your love burns for me

Stay with me baby the night's so long
Let's don't worry if it's right or wrong
We may never get another turn
Light these fires and let 'em burn
Let 'em burn
Oh, let our love burn
Oh, let our love burn

From the CD titled Down On The Borderline on Cool Groove Records CD 102

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©2002, David McMillan/Gold Tooth Music, BMI, All Rights Reserved.