Get In The Groove

Pecos River Trail

by Jeffrey Gutcheon
©2003, Uncle Mike Music, ASCAP

When I take my final ride
Down the Pecos River trail
I'll be thinkin' 'bout my friends
Losers in the end
They all died in jail

Now I'm headed up the draw
As the sun begins to set
Rememberin' my kids
The ones I knew and loved
And the ones I never met

I could say those were the good old days
But what good would it do me now
All those lessons I never learned
Wouldn't help much anyhow

Now the purple shadows fall
And deepen in the west
And I'm thinkin' dear of you
Of all the gals I knew
You were the best
You were always the best
Always the best
You were always the best

From the CD titled Turn Your Radio Around on Cool Groove Records CD 104

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©2004, Jeffrey Gutcheon/Uncle Mike Music, All Rights Reserved.