Get In The Groove

She Did Him In
Words and music by Jim Colegrove
© 2007 Gold Tooth Music, BMI

He was soft, he was easy, he was new
She could do him anyway she wanted to
He never knew what hit him
When it hit him, then it did begin
She did him up, she did him down, she did him in

It was the time, it was the place, it was the score
He thought she couldn't do him anymore
The way she did him, when she did
Well he knew that he'd never win
She did him over, she did him under, she did him in

Led to hurt, led to sorrow, led to pain, led to damage done
Led to believe there was nothing left to do but run—run—run

Now he's lost, now he's looking for a friend
You can see how the story's gonna end
Well the deed that was done
Was indeed such a shameful sin
She did him right, she did him wrong, she did him in

From the CD titled Scattered on Cool Groove Records CD 106

©2007, Jim Colegrove/Gold Tooth Music, BMI, All Rights Reserved.