Get In The Groove

What's In It For Me?

by Jim Colegrove
©2002, Gold Tooth Music, BMI

What’s in it for me?
I can’t see what it’s gonna get me
This isn’t the time
And this isn’t the place to set me
There doesn’t seem to be a thing
That’s here for me to gain
I just can’t see
What’s in it for me

I’ve gone out of my way
To check everything about it
I’ve looked at both sides
And something here makes me doubt it
How can you just keep holding on
It feels like it’s long gone
Just history
What’s in it for me?

You know the situation
Must call into play
An evaluation
To tip the scale my way

There’s something I crave
That I love above all the other
That something you’ve got
That something I long to recover
So here we stand without a prayer
And stare into thin air
Looks like destiny
What’s in it for me?

From the CD titled Down On The Borderline on Cool Groove Records CD 102

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©2002, Jim Colegrove/Gold Tooth Music, BMI, All Rights Reserved.