Get In The Groove

There Goes My Memory Again

by Jeffrey Gutcheon
©2003, Uncle Mike Music, ASCAP

There goes my memory again
It’s been gone since I don’t know when
It still come back now and then
Then passes on

I can’t remember your face
The smile that seemed out of place
Now time has erased
Tired and worn

And I can’t recall your perfume
The way you entered a room
Those songs that you used to sing
I’ve forgotten their tune

The love that we had before
I can’t remember today
Or the dress that you wore
When you walked away

And I can’t remember the fights
Those days as black as the nights
My mind just turns out the lights
And they’re gone

There goes my memory again
Like some long-ago friend
It still comes round now and then
Then passes on

From the CD titled Turn Your Radio Around on Cool Groove Records CD 104

©2004, Jeffrey Gutcheon/Uncle Mike Music, All Rights Reserved.