Get In The Groove


by Jeffrey Gutcheon
©2001, Uncle Mike Music, ASCAP

Indecision’s got me
Right where it always gets me
It’s the thing that lets me
Keep on seein’ you and
Though your kisses haunt me
I don’t think you want me
I’ve got to figure out
What I should do about it

Every time we meet my heart stops
And then my brain does flip-flops
All my friends can see
That you’re no good for me

Indecision’s like a broken motor
That you can’t depend on
When the chips are down
And every time I fix it
Then you mix it up
With someone else
And I get kicked around
But now I’m

Gone to make my mind up
Got to get this thing to wind up
Maybe I always knew it
I can’t go around it
Got to go right through it

Go back to the place in Hell
You came from
There will be no indecision anymore
No, there’ll be no indecision anymore

From the CD titled Broken People on Cool Groove Records CD 101

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©2001, Jeffrey Gutcheon/Uncle Mike Music, All Rights Reserved.