Get In The Groove Lost Country - Broken People, Cool Groove Records CD 101

Gimbal Lock

by Jeffrey Gutcheon
©2001, Uncle Mike Music, ASCAP

Down in the state of Gimbal Lock
All the people are in a state of shock
Everyone’s flyin’ automatic pilot nowadays
Like the old jukebox of life gone wrong
Broken people play the same old song
Don’t worry about today you can while it away

Way down in Gimbal Lock
The hands are frozen on the clock
They’re telling you the minute when the train ran off the track
Like miles and miles of empty sea
It’s zero to infinity
There’s no sense lookin’ forward it’s the same as lookin’ back

Come with me to Gimbal Lock
We will speak in jabberwock-y
See ourselves in a two-way mirror from the other side
Grab your hat and grab your lover
Grab a good book and run for cover
Something’s comin’ soon there will be no place left to hide

From the CD titled Broken People on Cool Groove Records CD 101

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©2001, Jeffrey Gutcheon/Uncle Mike Music, All Rights Reserved.