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"It is now life and not art that requires the willing suspension of disbelief." — Lionel Trilling





Land of the Happy Negro
When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it—always.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

Forgiving those who show no remorse is injustice. There will be no meeting Nazis halfway in the name of "unity."

When I press alt-right on the keyboard my screen goes white.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." — Edmund Burke

A Manifesto

Making America Great Again
"Making America Great Again."
Back in 2005 Lost Country recorded a song that was issued on their CD Long Gone Thrill. It was a song written by Jeff Gutcheon that was originally titled Land of the Happy Negro, subtitled Battle Hymn of the Republicans. We thought that no one would “get it.” It would be misunderstood; it might be construed as racist on our part. Of course, it was far from that. We changed the title and some of the lyrics. But today I realize that Jeff was on the money and that now everyone should recognize that he was. The teahadists, around 2011, demanded that the school textbooks in Tennessee overlook certain facts and look at the “sunny side of slavery.” So, now these “Ministry of Truth” protectors can take their proper context with the song that had them pegged from our earlier years when we tried to be kind. Now, we know they are not kind people. Now, you can hear the original track—unedited, unoverdubbed, with the original lyrics sung as a pilot vocal so we could work on the track that later became the issued recording of a kinder version, Land of the Happy People.

Land of the Happy Negro — copyright Jeff Gutcheon, 2005.

Randy Newman is in on this issue as well with an offering for you titled I'm Dreaming.
Get it while you can.

Dedicated to the Republican Teahadistas in the Senate and the House. How they long to return to the past.

For more on the Teahadistas: Americans Against The Tea Party

P.S. : It was rewarding to see The Daily Show using the title Battle Hymn of the Republicans for one of their segments. Great minds think alike. Except the greatest think of them first.

On page 97 in Jill Lepore’s book The Whites of their Eyes (2010, Princeton University Press) she states, “There was though, something heartbreaking in all this. Behind the Tea Party’s Revolution lay nostalgia for an imagined time—the 1950s, maybe, or the 1940s—less riven by strife, less troubled by race. In that nostalgia was the remembrance of childhood, a yearning for a common past, bulwark against a divided present, comfort against an uncertain future....”

As if anyone needed more proof of this retro-lunacy just look at our latest "sunny slaver" Cliven Bundy and his quotes on "happy negros." I quote Maureen Dowd in her Times column Sunday, April 27, 2014: "It’s a measure of how hallucinogenic conservatives are that they are trying to re-litigate slavery during the second term of the first African-American president." Jeff’s song could very aptly be subtitled Battle Hymn of Cliven Bundy.

Need more? Take a look at an Esquire article written by Charles P. Pierce dated April 25, 2014, Mike Pence Joins A Bad Parade.

"In downtown Indianapolis, there's this massive monument to the people from Indiana who have died in our various wars, particularly the nearly 25,000 Hoosiers who died in the War of Southern Sedition. I mention this only to point out that the National Rifle Association is meeting in Indianapolis at the moment, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence made them welcome by edging right up to being on the wrong side of the dispute that cost so many Hoosiers their lives. This, of course, is the on-ramp to the expressway to Bundyville, although Pence would be horrified if you pointed that out to him."

Governor Pence:    "Washington is not only broke, it’s broken. The cure for what ails this country will come more from our state capitals than it ever will from our national capital. Despite what some may think in Washington, our state governments are not territorial outposts of the national government. The states are the wellspring of the American experiment. It will not be enough to cut federal spending; the next generation of leaders must permanently reduce the size and scope of the federal government by returning to the states the rights, resources, and responsibilities that are rightfully theirs!"

"This view of things was litigated at the Constitutional Convention. It failed. It was litigated over the tariff. It failed. It was litigated at Cemetery Ridge. It failed. It was litigated prior to the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. It failed. It was litigated at Central High in Little Rock. It failed. It was litigated on the campus at Ole Miss in 1962. It failed. It was litigated at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It failed. It is the connective tissue that binds modern conservativism inextricably to the remnants of American apartheid because this view of the nature of the nation always was the expression of threat that the slaveholder felt about his way of life. It camouflaged itself in a number of ways involving a number of different issues, but always it was about the fear that, sooner or later, the federal government was going to come and take away the chattel from which you derived your personal economy, and so even what might be beneficial to the nation as a whole must be resisted on the pretext of sovereign states...."

Not enough yet? Here you go. Dated July 21, 2014.
Top Anti-Immigrant ‘Expert’ Says ‘Being Hung, Drawn And Quartered’ Is ‘Too Good’ For Obama.
A senior policy analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, which bills itself as the think tank of the anti-immigrant Right, told a Florida-based Tea Party group last week that President Obama not only deserves impeachment, but that “being hung, drawn and quartered is probably too good for him.” The Center for New Community’s Imagine 2050 blog first reported on Stephen Steinlight’s remarks. Steinlight also said that John Boehner’s lawsuit against the president is a ‘political loser’ and claimed that while Obama deserves to be impeached, such an effort would backfire on Republicans.

CIS describes Steinlight as “one of the nation’s most insightful voices on immigration” who provides “expert testimony” for government panels.

"A rash of opinion polls which have come out, not push polls, real polls, including one by Gallup that showed that 65 percent of the American people don’t want any part of an Obama-style immigration reform. But the idea of this [lawsuit] is vintage Boehner, it’s a political loser. There is no court that is going to stop Obama from doing anything. We all know, if there ever was a president that deserved to be impeached, it’s this guy. Alright? I mean, I wouldn’t stop. I would think being hung, drawn, and quartered is probably too good for him."

While it’s my opinion this would be “cruel and unusual punishment” I’m sure it’s merely a figure of speech the gentleman is using and doesn't seriously want lynching to return. But on the other hand, we could just ‘Blame It On Obama” as Andre Williams says.

Not enough for rational human beings? Ok:
A while back Mr. Cruz stated: “I think the reason so many Americans are upset about the Obama presidency is that they realize this wasn’t possible before, and they wanted his presidency to be bigger than it is, you know, to do bigger things. And then you have others that appreciate history. If the slaves were never freed in the Civil War, you have to wonder, where would Obama be today? Certainly not the White House, not in the capacity he’s in. And you have some in America that think that might not be a bad thing. That he not be in office, I mean.”

Another Happy Negro kind of guy! Ya gotta love the pursed eyebrow schtick!
Ted Cruz displays his acting skills.

Ah, but it goes on:
Ann Coulter is up front with her racism when in response to Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at Tuskegee University, May 2015, proudly stated on Sean Hannity’s show — "I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now.” The pundit proceeded to denounce the "predator class” in the black community and deny the existence of "peaceful protesters” in Baltimore...."Oh my gosh, this nonsense about, oh, so many blacks are in prison, well how did they get there?” Coulter asked later. "In addition to the peaceful Baltimore protester I want to put on a milk carton, — have you seen this? — I want to see the innocent person in prison.”
(Note: While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States' population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates. March 13, 2012.)
Glenn Beck stated in response to the same speech she gave with "White people in droves went out to vote for you,” he said. "You were somehow invisible so much that you became the President and First Lady of the United States of America? Tell me about the troubles that you have seen!.” Beck then argued that conservatives and Christians were the real victims of bigotry: "The conservatives have never felt it! The jobs we are suddenly bypassed for because we’re conservative, because of our viewpoint. The religious that are mocked on a daily basis and belittled. Yeah, we’ve never felt that. We don’t know what it’s like.”

An excellent playing of the "Victim Card” the Republicans do over and over as well.
76% of Americans consider themselves "Christian” yet the Republicans consider them victims?

“Yes, the long war on Christianity. I pray that one day we may live in an America where Christians can worship freely! In broad daylight! Openly wearing the symbols of their religion... perhaps around their necks? And maybe – dare I dream it? – maybe one day there can be an openly Christian President. Or, perhaps, 43 of them. Consecutively.”—Jon Stewart

Maybe Ann and Glen should read the article in the Times Magazine from Sunday, May 10, 2015, "Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us.”. Would (did) they miss the killing part or are they really that clueless?

And continues:
In the June 19, 2015 article titled Why Conservatives Still Won't Admit That Charleston Was A Racist Crime,” Aurin Squire makes several points on the sad excuses that Republicans used on the murders by Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina. “Given the history of the South, along the rise of both active shooters and gun access, we can't call what happened Wednesday night a ‘senseless tragedy.’ In fact, the Charleston church shooting is full of savage sense. Thanks to complicity at best, and outright racist at worst, the ‘inconceivable’ is still feasible. The fear tactics that were once localized in the dark backwoods of our political landscape now reach every phone and laptop. Today, xenophobia and bigotry are the daily platforms from which many conservatives speak to their shrinking base. The Charleston shooting is not a random act of violence, but part of a long litany of history culminating in a painful present.”

From Mr. Roof’s Manifesto (as originally stated on Tumblr) :
Mr. Roof’s Tumblr had contained photos that matched his Facebook page, but both were taken down after the killings.
The essay uses defamatory terms for blacks, whom he accused of being “stupid and violent” with “the capacity to be very slick.” It laments white flight, and suggested that the whites should instead stay behind in cities and fight.
Criticisms are levied at Hispanics and Jews, but Asians are praised for being racists and potential allies. Whites are unfairly portrayed as all having been slave owners, the essay says. In reality, the author wrote, slavery was not that bad.
(Note: Charleston, SC is racially two-thirds white, up from 1980 when it was 50%)

And, on the Stars and Bars (their “Battle Flag” and not the first Confederate “national flag”) front (didn’t the Confederacy lose the war? Guess they never got over it and are still pissed).
Outrage vs. Tradition, Wrapped in a High-Flying Flag of Dixie
Supporters of the Confederate battle flag display signaled Friday that their position had not changed. In a commentary on Friday, Michael Hill, the president of the League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed as a hate group, said that the Confederate battle flag should remain at the State House but that the American flag should be removed.

The American flag, Mr. Hill wrote, “now stands for multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity — the left’s unholy trinity.” In “sharp contrast,” he wrote, the Confederate battle flag “stands for the heroic effort our people made 150 years ago to avoid the fate” of contemporary America.

In the same article, Senator Lindsey Graham (a Republican candidate for President of the United States) told CNN that he would support a move to “revisit” the flag’s status, but he added that the flag was part of the state’s identity.
(Identity? Guess he means Land of the Happy Negro.)

Seditious Oklahoma asshats are grabbing their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” “President Obama greeted by Confederate flags in Oklahoma” show these people are too ignorant to know what racism is. Only 80 of these asshats showed up but they still display their ignorance very well. Or was it only 10? Another link to the story is here. The asshat that drove up from Texas is talking to himself I suppose.

Then we have the good ol’ boys from the remnants of the KKK demanding their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” at the Statehouse in South Carolina. These fascists crawled out of the sewers to parade their little battle flags on Saturday, July 18, 2015. Oh, sorry, they weren’t protesting the uppity negroes, they were protesting the uppity immigrants. Old, sad, diminished, disgruntled white men and some younger skin heads were, indeed, demanding their share of the sweet sunny heritage (white supremacy) of the Confederacy. Ooops! Is that a swastika on that black T-shirt? Such class.

Book About George Washington’s ‘Happy’ Slaves Shelved - Yet another wistful yearner for the Land of the Happy Negro!

Don't overlook Land of the Happy Negro's Corey Stewartís Confederate antics. LaCivita said. "Let the idiot be the idiot." Always the best strategy.

Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Confederate Monument Removals
Land of the Happy Negro stronghold joins 21st Century.

Donald Trump openly joined “The Land of the Happy Negro” on August 15, 2017. He confirmed that he is a white supremacist supporter. He wants to blame resistance to it. You cannot serve Nazis and liberty at the same time. His attempts at being the leader of the free world have failed miserably. The events in Charlottesville have unmasked him forever as the bigoted demagogue he is. “The Land of the Happy Negro” has, in a not-so-subtle way, declared war on the United States. We should acknowledge this war exists, the enemy is among us, and fight it with all the heart and soul of those who fought and died stamping out this very same fascism in World War II. That is now our task as we have a president that is so mindless and tyrannical that he doesn't know the difference between Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. That same civil war is upon us once again. Lest our nation collapse, let us not fail to settle it once and for all this time.

Worse Than Treason
No amount of rationalizing can change the fact that the majority of the Republican Party is advocating for the overthrow of an American election.

American Amnesia  
Russian Roulette
Exceptional America

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As Gregg Popovich declared, "We are Rome."

From "The Holocaust Explained": Between 1929 and 1932, support for the Communist and Nazi parties increased. The less extreme parties were blamed for causing Germany's problems. As these parties had been unable to work together to solve country's problems, people became more afraid that the Communists may take over. The moderate parties turned to the Nazis to keep the Communists out.

President Obama said, "We are not Democrats first, we are not Republicans first, we are Americans."
Mr. President, from your first day they never gave you that courtesy so they will not get it from me.
We oppose everything
"EVERYTHING that goes wrong, from here on out, is owned by Trump and the Republicans."

When you have elected representatives stating that Trump is unqualified, bad for the country, ignorant of the issues, and other harsh criticisms also stating that they will back him as the Republican nominee, you have clear evidence of the rot that permeates the party. They are as corrupt and power-mad as their putative candidate. They—McCain, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the toadies—demonstrate their hypocrisy and the fact that they put party power over the good of the nation.

D.L. Hughley put it in clear words, voting for Trump means "voting for a racist over a liberal." That is it, succinctly put. If you voted for Trump you have made a statement for racism, hatred, intolerance, bigotry, falsity, xenophobia, gynophobia, scapegoating and fraud. Refusal to vote for HRC does not absolve you from participation, because no vote as well as a third party vote is a vote for Trump in effect.

Let me get this straight. The "angry" American people want government out of their lives. Yet, they blame the government for forgetting about them for all the jobs that the middle-class has lost over the years. Huh? Their solution is to elect a fascist to office of POTUS. In this exchange you get a dictatorship. This has historically worked out well for how many countries? And the left get criticized for calling these people idiots? Many of these people vote against their best interest every time. What else can you call them when it is the truth?

2016 Thank You Notes by Ethan Coen

End the Electoral College

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
Why the hell should Florida, Ohio and a few other swing states rule our election process? We have not been 13 colonies for some time now.

I am not mad at you that Clinton lost. I am unconcerned that we have different politics. And I don't think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another.

No... I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him. I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman's worth to her appearance and got on board.

It isn't your politics that I find repulsive. It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty. You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget.

So, no... you and I won't be "coming together" to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn't disgust you that will stick with me long after this election.

—Sparrow R. Jones

You watched Trump live his entire life as a millionaire or billionaire and never earn an honest nickle in his life; you watched the man send ALL of his manufacturing overseas; you watched him rail against the auto industry bail out; you watched him hire illegal immigrants for his businesses and for his homes here in America; you watched him scam and bankrupt countless family owned businesses by not paying his bills; you watched him declare bankruptcy countless times and walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars; you then watched him not pay one dime of taxes on that ill gotten gain and brag about it to the middle class who had to pick up his slack on their taxes and you STILL thought that Donald Trump understands you and the working class and that he and he alone could "save our economy" and bring jobs back to "Murka".

And since you also believe that Bush left us with a strong and sound economy that Obama destroyed, I dislike you because you are a willful idiot.


Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to gain power. And it works too well.

"You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts." — Ted Koppel to Sean Hannity 3/26/2017

ďIt is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.Ē — Upton Sinclair

(Why do certain people vote against their best interest?):
"The masses revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed." — George Orwell, 1984

"We're closer to a nuclear war than we've been in 55 years because "someone" wanted to jail a woman for using email." — LOLGOP

"Fuck Trump.
Fuck his faux concern.
Fuck his half-assed apologies.
And fuck every POS who voted for this degenerate to lead our county."
—Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) tweeted at 5:52 PM on Sat, Aug 12, 2017

"Nazis are murdering people, farmers are going broke and the arctic is fucking melting. Maybe next time let's not hand the world's most difficult job to a toxic moron lost and wandering in a haze of dementia and untreated tertiary syphilis who can't even spell his own fucking name."
—Jeff Tiedrich@itsJeffTiedrich
Tweeted on Tue., Aug 6, 2019

"White people have nearly completely gone mad. Think about it. The people of VA voted for a republican candidate who's only platform is that he would save them from CRT and or the teaching of American History. CRT is a university level cirriculum and is not taught on grade school levels. American history is impossible to teach without discussing slavery, the massacre and land theft of the first Nations. Since slavery starts with the country's formation, how do you teach American history without it? Do you start at the civil war? How do you explain why Americans were killing each other over "state's rights"? Rights to do what? Ok, maybe we teach the bible. But the setting of the Bible is in Africa and the middle east and slavery is discussed all through it. See what I mean. The battle against truth is the path to self termination on a macro scale."
— Real Truth stings 11/3/2021,

We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang

Vicente Fox for U. S. President!

Follow Gollum J. Trump! He know all the Best Words!

"Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right."
—H. L. Menken (1880 - 1956)

Directed to the asshats (and their species) who wear the "Makes A Great Asshat" at public places:
Scholar Matt Sears: Someday MAGA hats will be shameful secrets, like Klan robes (and swastikas)
Scholar and Washington Post columnist says those who wear MAGA hats are "morally accountable" for Trump's actions

Red Hat of the Red Death
"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
"In October, 25 out of every 100,000 residents of heavily Trump counties died from Covid, more than three times higher than the rate in heavily Biden counties (7.8 per 100,000). October was the fifth consecutive month that the percentage gap between the death rates in Trump counties and Biden counties widened." — NYT article by David Leonhardt
The Covid cull is doing as it is allowed to do.

ďSocialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.Ē
—Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress

"It's odd. The same people who declare that wearing a mask is a 'personal choice,' are the SAME people who want to take away a woman's right to choose."
—E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll)

Captain Beattyís Speech
(For the 21st century book burners who think they make some sort of statement.)

"With school turning out more runners, jumpers, racers, tinkerers, grabbers, snatchers, fliers, and swimmers instead of examiners, critics, knowers, and imaginative creators, the word `intellectual,' of course, became the swear word it deserved to be. You always dread the unfamiliar. Surely you remember the boy in your own school class who was exceptionally 'bright,' did most of the reciting and answering while the others sat like so many leaden idols, hating him. And wasn't it this bright boy you selected for beatings and tortures after hours? Of course it was. We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against.

So! A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon. Breach man's mind. Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man? Me? I won't stomach them for a minute...

You must understand that our civilization is so vast that we can't have our minorities upset and stirred. Ask yourself, What do we want in this country, above all? People want to be happy, isn't that right? Haven't you heard it all your life? I want to be happy, people say. Well, aren't they? Don't we keep them moving, don't we give them fun? That's all we live for, isn't it? For pleasure, for titillation? And you must admit our culture provides plenty of these ...

Coloured people don't like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don't feel good about Uncle Tom's Cabin. Burn it. Someone's written a book on tobacco and cancer of the lungs? The cigarette people are weeping? Burn the book. Serenity, Montag. Peace, Montag. Take your fight outside. Better yet, into the incinerator. Funerals are unhappy and pagan? Eliminate them, too. Five minutes after a person is dead he's on his way to the Big Flue, the Incinerators serviced by helicopters all over the country. Ten minutes after death a man's a speck of black dust. Let's not quibble over individuals with memoriams. Forget them. Burn them all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean ...

Luckily, queer ones like her don't happen, often. We know how to nip most of them in the bud, early. You can't build a house without nails and wood. If you don't want a house built, hide the nails and wood. If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the Government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it...

Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of non-combustible data, chock them so damned full of 'facts' they feel stuffed, but absolutely `brilliant' with information. Then they'll feel they're thinking, they'll get a sense of motion without moving. And they'll be happy, because facts of that sort don't change. Don't give them any slippery stuff like philosophy or sociology to tie things up with. That way lies melancholy. Any man who can take a TV wall apart and put it back together again, and most men can nowadays, is happier than any man who tries to slide-rule, measure, and equate the universe, which just won't be measured or equated without making man feel bestial and lonely. I know, I've tried it; to hell with it. So bring on your clubs and parties, your acrobats and magicians, your dare-devils, jet cars, motor-cycle helicopters, your sex and heroin, more of everything to do with automatic reflex. If the drama is bad, if the film says nothing, if the play is hollow, sting me with the theremin, loudly. I'll think I'm responding to the play, when it's only a tactile reaction to vibration. But I don't care. I just like solid entertainment."
Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, 1953

The Future is Here


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It's a conspiracy theory that they believe. What else?

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Trump fascism will destroy south Texas and begin the destruction of the U.S..

Amend the 13th Amendment.
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A Beginners Guide to Election Rights, Rules and Regulations

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A course most Americans should take.

The Ongoing History of Musicians Saying ĎHell Noí to Donald Trump Using Their Songs

Endnote 2: White Fascism

The Gods that the "Christian" God displaced in America.

"God ordained our great nation"? Upon reading a remark that was stated on Face Book that "America was ordained by God." I couldn't help but wonder which 'God' as there are so many. Of course, I knew to which "God" this person was referring. But the case of this country being ordained by "God" is a case that is wide open as you can see for yourself. The statement itself is not based on Biblical history as this is unprovable by actual historical events. It is, more likely, based on "educators" such as Rush Limbaugh or his like. Biblical history that is taught by accredited institutions will not dabble in "miracles" or claims which have no evidence.

The Discovery

In 1492 the natives discovered they were indians,
they discovered they lived in America,
they discovered they were naked,
they discovered there was sin,
they discovered they owed obedience to a king and queen
from another world and a god from some other heaven,
and this God had invented guilt and clothing,
and had ordered burned alive all who worshipped the sun and
the moon the earth and the rain that moistens it.

—Eduardo Galeano, from Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History, 2013

ďSlavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colors.Ē — Charles Bukowski

Forgiving those who show no remorse is injustice. There will be no meeting Nazis halfway in the name of "unity."

"We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!" — Greta Thunberg

"Maybe it's time for women to go on strike and stop having sex with men until this is straightened out. There are many other ways of enjoying your body, women, than sex with men. Who is willing to take the chance of getting pregnant and having a daughter to be abused by self-professed owners and handlers of her body? " — Luisa

"Atheisim is to religion as sobriety is to drunkeness" — unknown

"Faith is like fire. It can cook your dinner or it can burn down your home." — unknown

On September 17th, FBI director Christopher Wray testified in front of the House Committee on Homeland Security. At that time, he stated that the biggest domestic terror threat the U.S. currently faces is from white supremacists. During his testimony, Wray never once mentioned Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Why? Because unlike the ignorant of this world, Wray knows the difference between hard facts and partisan propaganda.
Granted, the director of the FBI isn't nearly as credible a source as Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. Just ask any plumbing-supply salesman. Presenting certain people with facts is like giving medicine to a corpse.

During a recent pro-Trump demonstration in Washington, D.C., four members of the so-called "Proud Boys" ganged up on a Black man, who defended himself by pulling out a knife and stabbing his attackers. The right-wing media ran with the story, claiming this was a prime example of how Black Lives Matter is a violent terrorist network. Never mind that the man in question never claimed to support, much less belong to, BLM. Never mind also that conservatives claim to fully support the right to defend yourself. Clearly, they only extend that right to their brother and sister fascists.

Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies

Godwin's Law is fellacious. It is said to end all discussions when Hitler arrives. It denies Hitler as having any valid reality—it's just too simple to use, is what it implies. You only have to look at Hitler's atrocities to understand his reality. The idea that there could not be anything comparible or greater to Hitler is what I call "The Great Denial." We all know that is a river in Egypt. If you swim in it, you just get all wet.
I hereby invoke "The Law of Law." Nothing can be denied that is real. Reality isn't what you make of it. It is what reality makes of it and you.
I will now use the "Atilla the Hun" analogy and see if some egghead will declare that a law. As I have been told so many times by right-wingers, "I'm a little to the right of Atilla the Hun." So much for theories. "What is reality?" Let that be the wall.

Trump's drive to the Hamptons is over and there is no house there (Seinfeld fans will understand). It cost us a lot of money. It took a lot of time. But the son of a bitch is a walking dead man now. Many, many of us knew how this would end—not pretty—and it has not been. But this is the bitter end of the con man, the flim flam man, the megalomaniac that is Donald J. Trump. What happens to him next will be interesting to see. He cannot go without serious punishment. He must pay and pay dearly for his insurrection.

Music of the Resistance


Going Down to Sing in Texas - Iris DeMent (Official Lyric Video)

All You Fascists Bound To Lose - Resistance Revival Chorus with Rhiannon Giddens

The Revolution Starts Now - Steve Earle

Trump Can't Have That - Greg Brown

Sand in the Gears - Frank Turner

Pussy Grabbin' Man - Men of Extinction

FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) - YG & Nipsey Hussle

No TRUMP! No KKK! No FASCIST USA!! - Green Day

Troubled Times - Green Day

Erupt & Matter - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Not Gonna Say Your Name - ENTRANCE

We The People - A Tribe Called Quest

Where's The Revolution - Depeche Mode

Interesting Drug - OK Go

Million Dollar Loan - Death Cab For Cutie

Viva Presidente Trump - Brujeria

Impeachable - Noel Paul Stookey

Can't You Tell? - Aimee Mann

Tin Foil Hat - Todd Rundgren/Donald Fagen

In This Cold Place - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Are You Lost In The World Like Me? - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Eminem Rips Fake Blonde Rat - Eminem

Tiny Hands - Women's March Chant (featuring Fiona Apple)

Land of the Free - JoeyBada$$

Locker Room Talk - Cold War Kids

Demagogue - Franz Ferdinand

Going To A Town - Lily Allen

If You Ever Got Impeached - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

One Small Voice - Carole King

I Had a Dream - Louden Wainwright III

Impeach Trump Anthem - Haile Unlikely

Camp America - Vic Mensa

Russia Ties - Randy Rainbow

Cheeto Christ Stupid Csar - Randy Rainbow

There Stands the Tower - Men of Extinction

The Day Democracy Died - The Founding Fathers

No Rules for Donald - Randy Rainbow

American Idiot - Green Day

Wasteland - Iris Dement

Fuck These Fucking Fascists - The Muslims

In Your Path - War On Women

You Better Not Fuck in Texas - Jill Sobule

Rising Seas - Midnight Oil

Evolution's Not Fast Enough For Me - Men of Extinction

Land of the Happy Negro Newsfeeds

Trump has aspired to and achieved the ultimate luxury – an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.
Mark Singer, Trump and Me

Kevin Can F**k Himself
That's just what he's doing.

Let's Look At What Police Actually Do, By The Numbers
Or maybe we get too ashamed when we do?

Trump Says Windmills Destroying Airplanes Now, So That's A Real Bummer
Fatso farts again.

Are Cops Just Too Broke, Stressed Out To Avoid Killing Black People?
We certainly have a problem here.

Americans Want Government-Run Healthcare. Where Is It?
The dimwitted right-wing keeps us from it.

Must Larceny Always Overpower Honesty?
In deeply unequal societies, the thieving always thrive

Minnesota Becomes First State to Pass Bill Enshrining Abortion Rights Post-Dobbs
ďWe have a duty to answer the call of Minnesotans to truly protect those reproductive freedoms, to enshrine them not simply in case law, but in our statutory law,Ē McEwen said. ďThese are our values, this is the practice in Minnesota. This is what we believe.Ē
It's a good belief. Too bad about the backward ones that want to keep women chattel.

Trump Likens Himself to Mafioso Al Capone In Bonkers Tribute to the ĎLate Great Gangsterí
If he tells you who he is, believe him.

Bill Maher and Bryan Cranston Spar Over Critical Race Theory After Actor Says Itís ĎEssential to Be Teachingí
Maher has forgotten that "those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." Look at the rise of facism in our country.

Wall Of Shame: The GOPers Who Pushed That Fake Pelosi Story
Mika Brzezinski called out the Goopers who immediately spread disinformation about the attack on Paul Pelosi, saying they were "a bunch of losers trying to become relevant."

American Insurrectionists in Brazil
Our Nazis at large.

Social Security Is a Sacred ContractóNot Something To Be Trifled With
And yet the Republicans have always wanted to end it.

'A proxy for Congress being broken': Kevin McCarthy shredded for deflecting questions about committees
Expect to see a lot more shredding in days to come.

Republicans are trying to distance themselves from the national sales tax plan. Too late
Arrogant Low intelligence. Bottom feeders.

Jim Jordan slammed for 'particularly offensive' remarks about Tyre Nichols' beating death
Why does this brute have anything to do with our government? Ohio, we are looking at you.

These MAGA 'antagonists' have major plans for the House Rules Committee: report
Nazis have always planned a world takeover. These assholes are no different than Hitler's gang.

Laws against teaching race and LGBTQ issues have an effect. But that's not what scares teachers most
What the white parents want for their kids is for them to not be any smarter than they are and believe all the myths they believe in.

DeSantis Appointees Seek Power To Fire College Faculty
He's the King of Indoctrination — Nazi indoctrination. Totalitarianism. Send him to Argentina with the rest of his kind.

Megyn Kelly: Jill Bidenís Doctorate Is A ďFake TitleĒ
All this shows is what a dumb fuck she is.

Omar says some Republicans donít want a Muslim in Congress: ĎThese people are OK with Islamophobiaí
Only white Christians need apply.

Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar Team Up to Thrash McCarthy Booting Them From Committees: ĎThe Hypocrisy Grabs You By the Throatí

The class issues in the police killing of Tyre Nichols

Ron DeSantisís Attack on Black Studies Is Textbook Proto-Fascism
We understand just who is trying to be. He will become that if he is not stopped.

Gov. Abbott to abortion opponents: ďAll of you are life saversĒ
Except for the ones THEY kill with their retarded thinking.

Fort Worth ISD drops sex ed despite $2.6 million purchase of instruction materials in April
The decision to drop the course followed a Jan. 24 school board meeting that saw dozens of residents and parents speak out against the curriculum, which has been in place since 2014.
In 2020 the population of Fort Worth was 918,915. A dozen is 12. Dozens means 24, 48, 96, etc. If it was more why not say hundreds, thousands, etc? Really, after eight years of this being in place, what percentage of the city's population spoke out against this? Stultified Christo-fascists, no doubt.

The Quiet Takeover of the Tea Party: GOP Establishment Is Now Full MAGA.
The cycle of revenge has officially begun.

DOJ Signals It Is Conducting a Criminal Investigation of George Santos
The U.S. Dept. of Justice Friday signaled it is conducting a criminal investigation of U.S. Rep. George SantosĎ campaign finances when it asked the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to pause its probe into the embattled New York freshman GOP lawmaker.

California Has Been Consumed by Americaís Addiction to Guns
The state is reeling after a week of mass shootings that underscores the bloody price we pay for our worship of guns.

'Biden didn't defy a subpoena!' Chuck Todd schools Jim Jordan on 'raid' of Trump's Mar-a-Lago
Jordon is a jerk.

Jim Jordan shrugs off Tyre Nichols' death because there's no law 'that can stop that evil'
More proof that "Jacket Off" is a jerk.

The risk of election violence in the United States in 2024
Nazis make anything a risk in a free society.

Extremists ďunbannedĒ from twitter amid rising hate online
The Nazis have been let loose again.

Broken US Democracy to Blame for Current Debt Ceiling Crisis
And who broke it? Yes, the fascist Republicans.

The consequences of the Supreme Court killing student loan forgiveness: report
"Black student loan borrowers owe $7,400 more, on average, at graduation than their white peers, a Brookings Institution report found," Nova wrote. "That inequity only gets worse with time: Black college students owe, on average, more than $52,000 four years after graduation, compared with around $28,000 for the average white graduate."
Only fair, right?

How is manufactured outrage working out for Fox News?
GOP fascism is driving our country to ruin.

'All washed up': Republican insider says Trump needs to 'move on' because 'he's bleeding support'
Hear that, Fatso?

GOP Utah Gov Signs Anti-Trans Youth Healthcare Ban
Hearless bastards. Dispicable people.
"Treatment by medical professionals is none of the fucking business of bigot politicians.
Why is that so hard to get into your moronic brains?" — JackFknTwist
Brains? Sorry.

Five Members and Associates of White Supremacist Gang Sentenced to Life in Prison for Racketeering, Kidnapping, and Murder
Some Nazis are now where they all should be.

Florida church enforces "anti-gay pledge" for members
The anti-LGBTQ sentiment from religious conservatives has reached a new high
Only because they haven't opened the death camps for them as yet.

Florida church vows to kick out members who refuse to sign 'anti-gay pledge'
Loyalty oaths to whom? Your God or the hate leader of your cult?

'It's all a fabrication': Florida teacher blows the lid off Ron DeSantis' agenda
Fascist fabrication.

Priest Gets 18 Years For Sex Assault Of Man With 47 IQ
Another "holy" man plays with somebody's dick.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The politics of rural America, and how to move forward
Can Anything Be Done to Assuage Rural Rage?
Joe Biden is giving it a try. But with the wearer of the dunce cap in the photo they may be too stupid to know it. Fuck him.

Ethics, Schmethics!
Politics Girl tears into the gutting of the congressional ethics committee.
"It's exactly like when the mafia gets control of the police department. And that analogy makes sense when you realize that the Republicans are behaving like a crime syndicate. And they're so cocky about it that they aren't even trying to hide it anymore."

Mass death shouldnít be a consequence of disagreement
But we are under the illusion we live in a civilized country.

AOC hits back at Republican House member who told her to 'educate herself'
Educate thyself, idiot.

Fired Memphis cops charged with second-degree murder for killing Tyre Nichols
Just another gang of cops that want to show you how bit a dick they have.

Ted Lieu: 'Biden Lowered Gas Prices And Republicans Are Upset'
Didn't House Republicans RUN on lowering gas prices?

Supreme Court failed to reveal its 'longstanding financial ties' with expert who reviewed Dobbs leak probe: report
Bunch of grifters. What else would we expect?

WTF? Trump Court Filing Claims that the 'Trump Organization' Can't Be Sued Because it Doesn't Exist
Either prison or the booby hatch, you idiot.

ĎIím sorryí: March for Life attendee is stumped into silence by one question about the Bible
The perfect idiot.
And the Noah's Ark sueing because of heavy rains is surely one of the best jokes on the mindless.

Ron DeSantis calls for ďnew bloodĒ in RNC ó but Ronna McDaniel wins anyway
ďI do think we need some fresh thinking,Ē DeSantis says, before Trump-installed RNC chair wins another term
No one can stand this woman and yet they relect her. They are a party in deep shit.

Adam Kinzinger torches Elon Musk for spreading Paul Pelosi conspiracy theories after police video released
Oh, my! The "genius" gets torched. LMAO!

Watch: Video of Tyre Nichols' beating released as public urged to stay calm
Cops are killers no matter what color they are. They are trained to be. Top notch fascists.
Will we be accepting these violent murders, Mr. President?

Trump slapped down by judge in bid to avoid Jan. 6 Capitol cop trial
Fatso fails again.

Capitol rioter who pepper sprayed Brian Sicknick slapped with six-year prison sentence
Another one bites the dust.

97-year-old woman's family sues assisted living home for allowing her to 'freeze to death' while locked outside
The place must be closed down as well.

Biden Critics Lie Themselves into Knots Defending Pence
They are good at doing that.

Nearly Half of All Sheriffs in Louisiana Are Violating Public Records Laws
Can you imagine?

As Santos digs in, both parties ramp up campaign plans for his demise
As they should.

Big Oil's Annual Profits are "The Definition of War Profiteering"

Shocking Oil Profits Demand Crackdown
ďWe now have 100 billion reasons that a windfall profits tax should have been imposed on Big Oil...."

Nevada Republicans tearing themselves apart after failed MAGA candidate's vulgar speech goes viral
A recording of a vulgar rant by a failed Republican candidate has thrown Nevada's GOP into turmoil.

Shameless self-promotion: Media rush to rehabilitate Trump regime as fascists expertly exploit the free press
There is no such thing as "the liberal media."
That is language concocted by the Republican Party and right-wing consultants with the goal of bullying the American news media into being compliant and subservient to the "conservative" agenda.

Biden Tells House GOP To Put Up Or Shut Up On Debt Limit
Biden, Democrats to U.S. House Republicans: Show us your debt limit "plan"

'I think it's pretty obvious': Sean Hannity claims the Bidens hired 'SWAT' teams to 'attack' their critics
Poor fascist baby, did you get swatted?

'We donít appoint a king': Ron DeSantis critics push back against 'executive privilege' claims
However, we do elect fat wannabe dictator dumbfucks.

John Eastman Facing Disbarment In California Over Coup Plot
The California State Bar just charged Trump attorney John Eastman with 11 disciplinary counts over his role in trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election.
It's a start.

Marjorie Taylor Greeneís amendment to bar Biden from selling oil goes down in massive bipartisan defeat
Just like she goes down.

Fascists expertly exploit the free press: Media rush to rehabilitate reputations of Trump's regime
Kellyanne Conway is back and using the media to shamelessly promote herself for a role on Trump's campaign

New Research Details Promise of Converting From 'War Economy to a Green Economy'
"A pair of reports published Thursday show that many workers employed in the U.S. military-industrial complex support shifting manufacturing resources from military to civilian useóa conversion seen as vital to the fight against the climate emergency."

Elon Musk Hit With Holocaust Denial Lawsuit In Germany
Where will he get the money he'll surely have to pay? Ha!

Former GOP County Chair Arrested For Child Porn

Civil Rights Lawyer Ben Crump Might Take Ron DeSantis To AP 'Sue Your Ass' Class Over Black History Course
For all he's got.

BREAKING: The Absolutely FILTHY Investigation Into The Trump Russia Investigation Filthier Than We Ever Knew!
John Durham and Bill Barr are some of the corruptest sumbitches ever to wander the streets of DC. Must credit Wonkette!

Meta's big money grab: Don't believe the spin, Trump is key to Facebook's success
Trump's half-literate, racist lies are a traffic bonanza on social media, so of course they want him back
Meta — a new facist tool. Mark would have made a good communications minister in Hitler's gang.

'Deranged hobo' and a 'loser': Conservative writer torches Trump in blistering op-ed
And how.
P.S. Alternet, why are you running ads for right-wing pap with the CRT ad from Hillsdale? Aren't you just whoring here?

Trump: Facebook Is Reactivating Me, Your Favorite President's Account
You have got to be kidding me.
America, you have lost your values to allow this.
"Trump is like an arsonist who burns a place to the ground, then takes shelter in a bunker, only to come out and blame the people that were burned. This won't go down well."

Swalwell Tears Into McCarthy For His 'Corrupt Bargain With' Marge Greene
McCarthy gave a seat on the powerful committee to controversial crackpot Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is sympathetic with the Jan. 6th defendants.
Figures. A seditionist.

McCarthy turns into snarling jackass over questions about Santos. More of that, please!
"Barely House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is starting to crack under the pressure, and stressed Kevin McCarthy is a complete asshole."

New Santos filings raise more questions over $700,000 loan
Santos Filing Lists Address In Dollar Store Strip Mall
How low can America go without putting the brakes on this fraud?

ND Bill Declares Emergency On Litter Boxes In Schools
The same way the Nazi Party started in 1930s Germany. Coming soon, concentration camps for the vermin.
School districts would have to have someone construct the litter boxes.
Considering it would take 25+ 20 pound boxes of litter to fill the box, who produces the purchase requisition for $300 to $350 per filling? How often is the litter changed?
Who monitors the boxes to make sure they are used correctly?
Who scoops out the human shit and piss-balls, without complaint?
Where do they get giant scoops for giant kitty litter boxes?
Who drops bag of feces and piss-balls into the school dumpster without alarming health authorities?
ALL of the people involved with this process MUST be totally cool with it as NO ONE HAS COMPLAINED ABOUT HAVING TO DO THIS.
Fucking imbeciles. You can see why they buy unto the God and Jesus bullshit." -—comment by Xargo

Former Sec. Elaine Chao hits back at Trump after multiple racist attacks
The Nazis are growing bolder by the day. They must be resisted at all costs.

'Sociopath party': Morning Joe panel horrified by chance of Trump-Greene 'crackpot' ticket
The horror of this is that there exists humans in this country that would vote for this ticket.
Dumb as two sacks of hammers.

Will THIS GUY Expose Hillary's FBI Conspiracy To Steal Election From Herself To Frame Trump For Russia Stuff?
Dog shit crazy.

American exceptionalism in one heartbreaking, grotesque tweet
Gavin Newsom. We can't wait for you to take it over.

Stupid Republican Decries Interstate Travel For Women Because Abortion
Same goes for moron creeps like this guy.

Twitter Re-Bans Nazi Nick Fuentes After Hitler Rant
Nazis should have no rights.

Businesses warn Missouri Republicans their 'backwards and bigoted' culture war will harm the state
'Backwards and bigoted'we've known about for years now. It must be killing the people by now.

The disturbing truth about the new House GOP agenda
Naturally, they're putting the safety net programs on the chopping block. They hate us.

This is Not How Americans Should Have to Die
Dying on your own terms when youíre in miserable pain and just a step short of that eternal portal is, after all, the humane thing to do. The dignified thing to do.

Republicans Want to Raise Retirement Age to 70 as Life Expectancy Is Falling
This was their idea that people want to work until they die.
A good excuse to kill Social Security. You bastards.

Republicans' plans to slash Social Security and Medicare are becoming clearer: 'We have no choice but to make hard decisions'
Eliminating the elderly will be one that they will make that will be a disaster for our people. This isn't what governemnt is supposed to do.

Big Man Kevin McCarthy Kicks Schiff And Swalwell Off Intel Committee, BIG MAN!
What's your favorite part? Is it where Kevin writes in bold, "Integrity matters more"?
What a prissy, preening clown.

'Not worthy': Some Union League members threaten to resign after group bestows gold medal on DeSantis
Toss him in with the rest of the Nazi garbage.

A 'hallmark of Elon Musk's tenure': Twitter reinstates white nationalist Nick Fuentes' account
One more Nazi to run his big mouth.

Republican Rep. Spartz opposes McCarthy effort to boot Democrats from committees

Trump Won An Entire Golf Tournament While He Was At Diamond's Funeral Whining. How? STAMINA

ĎUnacceptableí: Texas High School Basketball Game Erupts in Ugly Racism
Texas, where they raise some of the worst racists on the planet.

Utah's GOP AG leads continued attack against 'woke' investment firms
Bet he doesn't attack the Nazi firms.

The Supreme Court's accelerating slide into illegitimacy
"Thatís a court out of control, a court that believes it is untouchable. That canít continueódemocracy canít afford kings and queens in robes."

'Rotten' and 'grossly regressive' GOP tax proposals are a major 'gift' for Democrats: conservative
"...terrible for working-class Americans."

Man Goes Ballistic In Restaurant: 'F*ck You, Democrats!'
The sheer stupidity that I'm talking about.

Scientists Say We're Closer to Nuclear Armageddon Than Any Other Point in History
With the sheer stupidity that runs across our nation and others, maybe this would be a damn good cleansing of planet earth.

How worried should we be if the debt ceiling isnít lifted?
Pretty fucking worried since it could topple the world's economy.
But that's what fascists do.

SD Vows To Prosecute Pharmacists Over Abortion Pills
Totalitarian takes over South Dakota pharmacies. Women will still get them, "Far Away Eyes."

Santos Very Butthurt After GOP Sen. John Kennedy Ridicules Him As ďNutty As A Fruitcake,Ē Bunny Boiler
Ol' John? He should know nutty.

ESPN Analyst Says NBCís Tony Dungy Is Only Being Attacked ĎBecause He Is A Man Of Godí
Obviously incorrect. There are more things than "God" going on in this case.
If you don't believe me just look at how many college football players thank their "Lord and Savior" before every interview. No attacks. NFL players "Thank God" as well. They pray together on the field. No attacks.

Capitol rioter who echoed sovereign citizen rhetoric sat 'with head in hands' after being found guilty
Another one bites the dust.

The Triumph of the Mean Girls, the Dumb Fucks, the Bald-Faced Liars, the Sleaze Balls, the Creeps and the Cretins ...

America Is #1 in Gun ownership & Gun Deaths - Time to Wake the Hell Up
Mass shooters and child-killers are celebrating. Meanwhile Republican politicians vow to protect us and our kids from ó wait for it ó librarians and history teachers

Christian Nationalism vs. the Separation of Church and State
We have a long tradition in Am≠erica of Separation of Church and State that prohi≠bits governmentís promotion of religion on the one hand, and interference with its free exercise on the other. In their refusal to establish a state church or to favor one religion over another, the Founding Fathers didnít think that religion was bad but that there was something amiss in human nature, a certain tendency, a will to power and a lust for domination, that always bore watching.
Still does.

Warren: Debt Ceiling Crisis Wouldnít Even Exist Without Trump Tax Overhaul

The RNC Is Already Warning Its Nominee Will Boycott 2024 Presidential Debate
Then they lose the debates by default. At least we won't hear their damned lies.

Joe Manchin Weirdly Correct About A Thing

Booby Magazines Discovered In Mike Pence's Room, Haha JK It Was Classified Documents
We are guessing everybody who has ever served as president or vice president or official White House balloon animal clown is checking their house right now to make sure they don't have any classified shit.

7 dead as California mourns 3rd mass killing in 8 days
U.S.A. — A third world sewer full of guns.

'A stroke of genius': Trump could be on the receiving end of the same charges used to indict gang members
Serves him right.

ĎAnything else, Peter?í Karine Jean-Pierre shuts down Fox News' Doocy
"No, I guess not," must have been Pete's reply.

Newsom calls out Fox News ó as his meeting with shooting victims is interrupted by another massacre
Newsom warns Second Amendment becoming a ďsuicide pactĒ as seven people are killed in Half Moon Bay
The Second Amendment must be amended. It has turned our country into a shooting gallery.

Surprise Sundance Documentary Did What Trump's FBI Wouldn't
They actually investigated Brett Kavanaugh.
The documentary Justice premiered at Sundance last night, and yes it does bring new evidence to light that the Virgin Mayor of Keg City lied about not being a serial sexual assaulter (allegedly) AND that the FBI did not vet much/any of the 4,500 tips they received about him (allegedly). "Kavanaugh is a drunken creep." ROTFLMAO!

Christian School Principal Slapped With A Slew Of New Child Sex Charges
The 47-year-old principal of a Christian school in Tennessee has been arrested for the second time over sexual activity with multiple minors and has been slapped with 11 additional charges.
I think we mentioned this "Christian" lech before here. Here's more on him.

ĎDiamondí of pro-Trump commentary duo dies of heart disease
Fact: The worldís biggest killer is ischaemic heart disease, responsible for 16% of the worldís total deaths. Since 2000, the largest increase in deaths has been for this disease, rising by more than 2 million to 8.9 million deaths in 2019. Stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are the 2nd and 3rd leading causes of death, responsible for approximately 11% and 6% of total deaths respectively.
Our American diet helps it to #1. According to data most people ignore it.

Fox host says teachers are ďpoisoningĒ and ďtrying to destroyĒ children because ďthe teachers have daddy issuesĒ
Jesse Watters: ďThey hate the country, they hate the patriarchy and so, they're just trying to destroy these childrenĒ
What we have to watch out for is dicks like him.

Kansas Hunter Killed When His Dog Steps On Rifle
Will the dog be charged? Or ws it suicide by dog.

POLL: 58% Of Democrats Want Biden As 2024 Nominee

Morning Digest: Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego kicks off bid against turncoat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema
Sinema needs to go.

'Carcinogenic propaganda from right-wing losers': How the GOP is 'killing its own voters' by hyping Big Tobacco
The journalist points out that Limbaugh spent decades vigorously defending cigarette smoking on his radio show ó before dying of lung cancer in 2021.
ďKilling your own voters seems like a bad electoral strategy,Ē Walsh writes.
But it's a slow death. And second hand smoke kills too.

How Do People Die From Lung Cancer?
For the smoker's information.

Palm Beach writer delivers lesson on 'real problem facing Floridians' ó and itís not 'drag queen story times'
It's Social Security. These are very mean and worthless people.
Scott's ideas around the program approaching bankruptcy are outlined in his "Rescue America" plan, which Cerabino asserted could "gut" Medicare and Social Security in five years.

Killer Kyle's Grift Will Go On - Thanks To The Government
Killer Kyle Rittenhouse's grifting operation is back on - in a government facility.
Texas is a mighty strange fascist haven.

FASCISM: Florida Teachers Must Remove Books Or Risk Felony Prosecution
This is a straight-up Fascist move.
What do you expect from the Nazi in charge?

The power of a conspiracy theory ó and a 3-step plan to deprogram American idiocracy
What can be done to lessen the power and appeal of conspiracy theories in American politics and society?

'Paranoia and distortion': Chef's recipe of House GOP inquiries
"The tragedy is that, when it comes to Jim Jordanís investigations, facts may not matter. What will matter, painfully so, is how shoveling paranoia and distortion into the news stream will further undermine trust in the U.S. government, its integrity, its motives, and its elections.Ē

GOP Rep Lies, Claims It Was Al Gore Who Took 2000 Election To SCOTUS
Rep. Mike Turner lied so severely he should be kicked off all TV networks forever and ever.
MAGAt shamelessness.

Voters told them no, but Kansas Republicans are advancing wild new anti-abortion legislation anyway
Kansas Nazis don't care about what the people think.

Fox News' defense in defamation suit invokes debunked election-fraud claims
It seems the 2020 election is all these fascists have to go on. Pitiful.

As the Public Focuses on Book Bans, the Right Is Quietly Defunding Libraries
Christo-fascist totalitarianism is their goal.

The Biden-Documents Mess
House Republicans are ramping up conspiracy theories, but one thing seems clear: the governmentís documents system has an overclassification addiction.
"Now we find out that Joe Biden did the exact same thing that every President has done.Ē

Florida says AP class teaches critical race theory. Here's what's really in the course
The Nazi is obsessed to say the least.

Christian School Principal Hit With 11 Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust.

Diamond's Memorial Goes Off The Rails As Trump Denies Ever Meeting Silk
She claims her sister was poisoned by vaccine.
Funny so few people that are completely vaccinated are walking around day after day.
Americans aren't poisoned by strokes or heart attacks. They can drop you like a bad habit.

Classified Documents: A Primer

'I'm asking about you': CBS host shuts down GOP lawmaker's attempt to 'both sides' election denial
Who's been doing it for three years now, dude? Members of your corrupt coup party.

FTC: Shkreli may have violated lifetime pharma ban, should be held in contempt
Wise ass should become a jailbird permanently soon.

Former prosecutor urges new Kavanaugh investigation after bombshell documentary allegations
Do we think this one wouldn't be a sham?

Atheist group demands sheriff stop promoting jail baptisms after nearly 40 inmates baptized
Sheriff's office? Truly the "Church of No Return."

Tony Dungy apologizes after spreading debunked anti-transgender conspiracy theory
The NBC commentator has a long history of pushing harmful anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric while invoking his religious beliefs
This yo-yo might know football but he doesn't know shit from applebutter otherwise.
His "religion" is VERY sanctimonious, doncha know.

Winter Must Be Getting To North Dakota Lawmakers
North Dakota lawmakers are introducing some really hate-filled legislation against the LGBTQ community.
This is the same way the Holocaust began. Same as the Nazi anti-jew laws.

Tucker Carlson Is A Week Away From Coming Out As Pro-Cancer
What an absolute walnut.
"Because the Republican House Caucus is filled with literally the stupidest, most childish people alive."

What's The GOPer Obsession With Guns, Smoking, And Disease?
Republicans just ended the smoking ban in House offices. Talk about owning the libs!
Talk about commiting suicide.

Joe Biden's first two years: He could be a president on par with FDR and LBJ
Don't laugh: As a presidential historian, I can tell you that FDR and LBJ were also underestimated at first

Director of damning Kavanuagh documentary slams FBI for lacking investigation
No surprise it's tolerated. Just look at George Santos. Some Americans just don't give a damn as long as they get their power iix.

Huge gaps in maternal and neonatal death rates show which states really care about life
ďExperts estimate that a ban on abortion increases maternal mortality by 21 percent, with white women facing a 13 percent increase in maternal mortality while Black women face a 33 percent increase.Ē

The House GOP's Lil' Problem: Voters Don't Like Them
Extreme. Focused on the wrong things. House Republicans are already alienating voters.

Right Wing Activist Shocks School Board By Reading Excerpts From Penthouse
Right-wing zealot Jayme McElvany read graphic Penthouse Forum entries to the board in front of children and parents to protest books in school libraries which do not promote the language or concepts she read.
Another quack con artist.

'Absolutely disgusting': Kentucky GOP group shocks diners by airing gruesome footage of Breonna Taylor raid
It was the warm up for the lynching party.

FL Defends Ban On African-American History Course
What happens when their base is old, young idiots, white, slow, deep pocketed and dumb as a box of rocks.

TX Youth Pastor Arrested In Mass Sex Trafficking Bust
Oh, lord. Texas has another infection.

The force behind Trumpís stacked Supreme Court is stinkier and more corrupt than we knew
"Citizens United was one of the most egregious enablers of special interest money, but it was only the latest in a long line of Supreme Court cases that opened the floodgates."

Santos Confirmed Performing In Drag In Wiki Post, Claimed He Had Role In Disneyís ďHannah MontanaĒ
Yes. He played the POS in the corner.
Public-Owned Venue To Host Texas Rittenhouse Rally
OK. I guess we will talk about the two humans he censored for eternity.

FTC Seeks Contempt Charge For Pharma Douche
"Shkreli, who was released from prison last year, in February was banned ďfor life from directly or indirectly participating in any manner in the pharmaceutical industryĒ as a result of the FTCís antitrust lawsuit against him and a prior drug company that he founded."
Another crook looking to filch us.

Tony Dungy Is a Right-Wing Zealot and the NFL and NBC Donít Care
The Hall of Fame coach is held up as the epitome of characteróbut Tony Dungy has used his devoutness as cover for anti-gay bigotry.

New Mexico shooting suspect shows Republicans seek a violent solution to rejection
From the Big Lie to Twitter to their families, Republicans refuse to peacefully admit that they're unpopular
They do what fascists do — create havoc.

Trump Personally Hit With Nearly $1M Sanction By Federal Judge
Too bad, too bad. The judge lets him have it.

Proposed law would bar China, Russia, Iran and N. Korea from owning property in Texas
Foreign entities' ownership of Texas real estate "is highly disturbing and raises red flags," says the author of Senate Bill 147.

Trump To Preside Over Memorial Service For Diamond
He never misses an opportunity to make a fool of himself.
I'm sure he'll pass a tip jar.

Trump Calls For Arrest Of News Editors, Writers And Publishers
Sure thing, buddy. Except you're not in power anymore. Never will be.
Fuck. All. The. Way. Off. "Bloaty McBatShit."

'Stop with the stupid': Ex-RNC chair torches Marjorie Taylor Greene with fact check and brutal words of advice
ďShe doesnít know what the hell sheís talking about. This woman has no clue.Ē
Good advice, Michael.

Rep. Donalds Called Out For Demanding Biden Resign But Not Santos
Nothing ever applies to Republicans.
This guy gives morons a bad name.

Democrats Lambast GOP Plan to Abolish Income Tax and Impose 30 Percent Sales Tax
The only people who could pay it would be 1 percenters.

Tony Dungy Is a Right-Wing Zealot and the NFL and NBC Donít Care
The Hall of Fame coach is held up as the epitome of characteróbut Tony Dungy has used his devoutness as cover for anti-gay bigotry.

Coming Soon: A National Charging Network for Electric Vehicles
Except none in Wyoming so don't bother driving one there.

7 things to know about the debt limit
"Raising the debt limit is not about new spending; it is about paying for previous choices policymakers legislated."

Three Active-Duty Marines Charged In Capitol Riot
Semper Fie? No way.

Judge refuses to dismiss Peter Navarroís contempt of Congress case and clears the way for trial

Why transgender Americans in North Dakota are considering fleeing the United States: report
The U.S. has become a backward nation. I'd advise all young people to get out while the getting is good.

'Your word means absolutely nothing': George Santos scolded after denying stealing dying dog's donations
The end for the Republcian party.

Websites selling abortion pills are sharing sensitive data with Google
The U.S. is quickly turning into a totalitarian state. Young people need to get out ASAP.

Case Closed: It Was Alito
"Thereís strong evidence that Alito leaked the Hobby Lobby opinion to wealthy conservative donors weeks before the official ruling. Ask yourself who benefited from the Dobbs leak. Case closed."

Union Membership Grows by 273,000 Despite Illegal Corporate Union-Busting
You can't fool me, I'm stickin' with the union.

Communications Workers of America Responds to Microsoft Layoff Announcement
"Yesterday's announcement that Microsoft will be laying off more than 10,000 workers, like similar recent announcements at other companies, highlights the growing need for tech workers to organize and lock in meaningful worker protections."

DeSantis Blocks 'Woke' AP Course In African-American Studies
"I wonder. With DeathSantis's continued degradation of the state's education system, just how hard will it be for Florida students to get into good colleges? Just for another stunt to make him attractive to white male nut jobs!"
This person is mean and dangerous to all Americans.
The worst is his lust for power.

Influential Economist Tells Davos Elites That Crypto Is a Complete Scam
Oh, no! Whatever will we do? I know — attack anyone we think is "Woke." That'll fix it.

MAGA Republicans are using 'kooky conspiracy theories' to promote 'rabid' antisemitism: conservative
Why would anyone be surprised. It's their MO.

George Santos' mother was nearly 5,000 miles away from New York City on 9/11: report
He's working on the lie record that Trump set.
A house of cards. How useless can a government figure be? That goes for McCarthy as well.

George Santos competed as a drag queen in Brazil pageants, say associates
Flash: GOP now has their own drag queen show.

Yup, They're Marketing AR-15s To Kids
"Most Americans are shocked and disgusted by the idea of manufacturing semiautomatic assault rifles designed for grade schoolers," said one gun control advocate.
Have we reached the bottom with this? The gun market is so saturated they have to find a new demographic to increase sales, so — kids!

25% of total US national debt incurred over 230 years happened during... the Trump Administration
But Marge doesn't want to pay it!

"Gas stoves!" freak-out is the least convincing fake Republican outrage ever
Suddenly the party that despises kale and Dijon mustard wants to pretend they're precious about culinary techniques

North Dakota Republican floats fining transgender people $1,500 if they use 'wrong' pronouns
Unbridled insanity.

Kevin McCarthy receives brutal fact-check following his op-ed on GOP accomplishments
"...their first bill, which repeals funding for 87,000 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents.
"the Congressional Budget Office said the bill will increase the deficit by $114 billion."

Controversial Kyle Rittenhouse event at Venetian Resort Las Vegas canceled
Canned again.
"You guys arenít going to wanna miss out on this one"? What's to miss -- techniques on killing humans and getting away with it?

Proud Boys are right about one thing: It's ridiculous that Trump's not in prison Proud Boy leader's lawyer argues Capitol insurrectionists are "scapegoats" for Trump's actions. That's clearly true
Which does not absolve them of the crimes they committed.

Tesla video promoting self-driving was staged, engineer testifies
Elon Musk. Do I recall someone calling him a genius? Apparently, at fraud.

Ronny Jackson Did A Weird Interview, Brought Up Hookers And 'Good Drugs'
Day drinking again, eh?

George Santos Even Stole From A Dying Service Dog's GoFundMe
Yup, he fits right in with the GOP.
A psychopath.

Carville On Biden Docs: 'Press Makes Fools Of Themselves'
James Carville notes that he has more experience on this than most people. The national press makes fools of themselves.
Really? They do that every day. Journalism is a joke.

Wrong Again, Fox News, Vice Presidents Can Declassify Documents
This just killed their big talking point.

Wisconsin Republicans strike down state ban on LGBTQ+ conversion therapy
Wow! Nice going.

How DeSantis and Abbott advanced their 'radical conservatism' with 'an eye beyond their states': report
Two twits and empty heads living in the 18th Century.

Dysfunctional 'defense' spending is making everybody less safe
Read The Pornography of Power by Robert Scheer.

Santos: What Did McCarthy Know And When Did He Know It?
When did Kevin McCarthy know about George Santos?
When did he ever know anything?

Wyoming Republicans Will Ban Electric Cars, Just Kidding, They Are Only Teasing! Pranked You!
The state will make a great National Park after it goes bankrupt.

Who Needs Social Security When Republicans Will Let You Work Until You Die, Possibly Longer?
You want to work 10 years after you die?

House Republicans are Playing with Fire with Our Economy
Anybody who thinks cooler heads will prevail like they did in 2011 doesnít know these Republicans. Buckle up - weíre in for a wild ride that could spell worldwide disaster

Jim Jordan Overreaches in Attacking DOJ Over the Biden Classified Docs
Crustacean slug. Despite Net-Zero Vows, Wall Street 'Climate Arsonists' Still Pumping Billions Into Fossil Fuels
Well, they'll all go out with as much cash as they can loot.

Ron DeSantisí 'right-wing power grab' with a Florida college shows his 'illiberal' tendencies: libertarian
We are now recognizing Nazis better than we used to.

A 'Christian nationalist' defeat of liberalism would bring 'horrific violence' and 'subjugation': libertarian
"The result would be 'horrific violenceĒ and 'forcible subjugation' of anyone who disagrees with them."
Fascism, in other words.

"The apocalyptic mindset is Republican orthodoxy at this point:" How paranoia consumed the GOP
Author Jared Yates Sexton places Trumpism in a dark lineage of history, but holds out hope things can get better

NY Republican calls for DOJ, FEC to freeze Santos campaign funds
Nice move. See if Santos can lie his way out of this.

Big Oil's good times set to roll on after record 2022 profits
Get your electric vehicle now.

Illinois Sheriffs Vow To Defy Assault Weapons Ban
The office of sheriff should be eliminated. They are all Nazis that enforce only their own laws.

TikTok Walmart retirement isn't cause for celebration, it's a†dystopian nightmare
"Then there are the campaigns to pay off school lunch debt. An 8-year-old boy sells keychains to†pay off the lunch debt for his school, and yeah, that child is praiseworthyóbut we should be talking about the existence of school lunch debt. The†concept†of school lunch debt, which is†on the rise†after Congress let free school lunch for all lapse."
America is truly a failure. The Republicans have made it so.

'I Have Info On Everyone': Trump Sure Sounds Like He's Blackmailing People
OK, but I've always wondered what the Russians have on him.

Former GOP Candidate Arrested Over Shootings Of Dem Politiciansí Homes
I'm going to go out on a limb here to suggest that he won't like prison very much. Oh, well!
This is what denial of election loss leads to. Learn to be a good loser, you nitwit.

Fox News host challenges Sarah Huckabee Sanders as she defends first moves as governor
"Arkansas is ranked 49th in health care and 41st in education, according to U.S. News & World Report."
But #1 mulishness and stupid.

How overturning Roe v. Wade led to the Supreme Courtís 'obvious departure from collegiality of years past'
America, you have a problem.

Toddler with loaded gun seen in Indiana on live TV program
Obviously, the answer here is more guns. Special models for toddlers.

Brazilís Insurrectionists Left Crowdfunding Paper Trail
Brazil's Nazis shit their pants. The law is coming after them.

McCarthy: I Always Suspected Santos Was Fake
Yes, but fake votes work just as well, don't they Mackie?

'Being Honest': Biden Sets The Record Straight On What Wokeness Is
"The idea that we're supposed to remain silent on the abuses of the past as if they didn't occur?" Biden said. "That's not being woke. That's being honest. That's talking about history."

Marge Goes 'Biblical': One World Government Conspiracy
Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to have it both ways: being eligible for leadership AND a Qanon nut job. She may succeed.

House Republican claims people 'want to work longer' to justify attack on Social Security
How mean idiots brains work. They are so stupid they can't realize we know how they are going to fuck us.
"Republicans want you to work until you die." They can go to hell now.

GOP Wyoming Reps Seek To Ban Sales Of Electric Cars
By God, we've always run cars on gas and always burned coal in our furnaces. And by God, we always will. Until we're dead.
Senile old white man has no brains. How fucking stupid.
"Since most car companies are moving to ONLY produce electric vehicles, Wyoming drivers will at least not have to worry about buying new cars."

Scott Walker Advocates For Flagrant Suppression Of Young Voters
Can you tell that Republicans aren't polling well with young voters?

Todd Slams Johnson: 'Go Back To Your Partisan Cable Cocoon'
Chuck Todd throws shade at Ron Johnson for having a tantrum about so-called media bias.

George Santos Linked To Sanctioned Russian Oligarch
Has America seen the likes of this greasy and oily miscreant before? "He is the embodiment of the new GOP: a psychopath and a traitor."

Cultists Just Forced PA County To Recount 2020 Ballots
Did these cultists ever attend a class in arithmatic?

Republicans seem old and out of touch with more failures than wins: columnist
Someone finally figured this out?

Getting lung cancer to own the libs: House Republicans want to make smoking great again
What is it about second-hand smoke they don't understand? Retarded morons.

Texas brewery receives a flood of threats and harassment after canceling Kyle Rittenhouse event
WTF is a Kyle Rittenhouse event? Getting together to shoot people? Cancel him every time. Who cares except fellow Nazis?

North Carolina DMV Okays LGBTQ-Related Vanity Plates
Go fuck yourself, Wayne.

Gaetz: Santos Shouldnít Be ďSubjected To ShunningĒ
Someone has to. How about both of you?
Shun. Shun. Shun. Shun. Shun. Shun. Shun. Shun. Shun. Shun.

Tens of thousands in Tel Aviv protest planned legal reforms
"Yahoo" will do anything to stay in power. ANYTHING!

MAGA rioter who 'plead the blood of Jesus' on the Senate floor convicted of weapons charges
Jesus and blood. Founded in violence.

Busted: NBC analyst and NFL Hall of Famer Tony Dungy called out for homophobia
Ooops! Another clueless media Christo-fascist idiot.

'I have done nothing wrong!' Trump launches early morning tirade as Mar-a-Lago investigation ramps up
Isn't that what they all say, Fatso?

Michigan Republicans whine as they express difficulty dealing with their loss of power
Try being a little less Nazi.

Republican Asa Hutchinson's son arrested on felony charges of drug and gun possession and DWI
We should feel sorry for this asshat.

Louisiana lawmakers want ĎIn God We Trustí signs in every classroom
Then they must add to their precious sign — "All others pay cash."
Jingoism. When did we determine that we ALL trusted in the Christian God? Ike's thing was all about anti-communism. We all know that don't we?

Pedophilia RICO Suit Filed Against Global Megachurch
Oh, no! This must be a mistake. Right.

'The evidence is powerful': Trump's political future could be on the line following judge's ruling
Let's find out how powerful.

Gaetz defends Santos,even after Republicans call for his resignation and a†Ponzi scheme is uncovered
The trash in our government. When will voters get a brain?

Carlson: Smoking Is ďThe Most American Of PleasuresĒ
Some people never learn until they are pushing up daisies.

Ron DeSantis flings 'anti-woke' card at the National Hockey League
Give DeSantis a slap shot to the nuts.

Ladies, This GOPer Is Sorry For Comparing 'Women's Health Thing' To Cows
Have you ever just wanted to punch a wall?
I'm sure that's humor where this hick comes from.

Sure Sounds Like Laura Ingraham Was Talking About Trump
What "president" is Ingraham talking about?
When? When will we dump these brainless idiots?

Kansas seeks to ban gender-affirming surgery if you're under 21
We should ban dumb hateful white men.

ĎKilled by LAPDí: Co-founder of Black Lives Matter says cousin Tased to death by police
The LAPD has been murdering black people for far too long. Don't you think it's time they are stopped?
These people are not here to help us. They are here to kill us.

Trump Loses ďAbsurdĒ Bid To Boot Defamation Suit
Good. Lock him up.

The fringe ideology of 'constitutional sheriffs' is attracting believers within Texas law enforcement
How many times do I have to say — "eliminate the office." They are simply power addicted vigilantes.

Getting lung cancer to own the libs: House Republicans want to make smoking great again
Masculinity gets toxic ó literally! ó with the GOP majority's plans to stink up the halls of Congress with tobacco You can't tell them asbestos is no good. ROTFLMAO! Haters of humanity. Think of the law suits. Creatures from a lost time.

McCarthy Refuses To Join Calls For Santos To Resign
That's because he's scraping for votes. Santos is a useful idiot just like McCarthy is to the Nazis.

McCarthy Considers Expunging Trumpís Impeachments
So now we'll have the "Ministry of Truth" that Orwell wrote about in 1984?
History won't have it, stupid. The scars will remain.
"You might as well suck him off in front of the entire world."

Rightwing group pours millions in Ďdark moneyí into US voter suppression bid
The advocacy arm of the Heritage Foundation, the powerful conservative thinktank based in Washington, spent more than $5m on lobbying in 2021 as it worked to block federal voting rights legislation and advance an ambitious plan to spread its far-right agenda calling for aggressive voter suppression measures in battleground states.

Sedition trial finally opens for Proud Boys; blame laid at Trump's feet
You bet Trump used these idiots.

Abortion has been globalized
The Republican majority passed what they called ďborn-aliveĒ legislation that requires healthcare providers to save children who have survived abortions.
Do they know how many have survived abortion: NONE! Stupid fuckwads.

Adam Kinzinger calls Kevin McCarthy a 'POS' who will 'say whatever he needs to say to stay in power'
And that's speaking kindly of the asshole.

Candace Owens accuses museums of 'money laundering' and calls for them to be defunded
This woman is sick. We used to help them.

Hakeem Jeffries Properly Names Jim Jordan's New Committee
The Gestapo?

GOP House's first immigration bill would shut off asylum to all migrants, including children
Charade. Useless. Fools.

Iowa county supervisor's wife charged with voter fraud scheme to aid her husband
They have no boundaries to their grift.

One Million Moms Vs ďSin NormalizingĒ Disney Junior
Top notch humor.

It's not just Trump: A sobering new report chronicles the extensive GOP war on democracy
Trump is out of office, but the rate of Republicans filing anti-democracy lawsuits in 2022 stayed the same
Only one thing will stop them.

'Trump far dumber and immoral and ignorant and lazy' than staffers knew before they worked for him: report
Fatso? Dumb? And dumber? How did we not know? LOLO!

Scathing column blasts anti-abortion Republicans who have 'learned nothing' from their midterm flop
These people are too stupid to clean toilets.

Military analysts believe it is 'entirely realistic' that Ukraine could gain control of Crimea: report

Former NY Election Official Pleads Guilty To 12 Counts Of Voter Fraud
My, oh my.

Solar Powered Machine Turns CO2 and Waste Plastic Into Valuable Fuel

Santos: Iíll Resign If ď142 PeopleĒ Ask Me To
This guy makes Trup look like an amateur.

The McCarthy deal is guaranteed fiscal brinkmanship
Important parts of Kevin McCarthyís deal-making last week involved government funding and the debt limit, suggesting that we are in for yet another round of high stakes fiscal brinkmanship, with the health of the economy at stake.

Number of reported UFO incidents increasing, government says
The number of reported UFO incidents has sharply increased as more than 360 incidents have been reported or discovered in the past two years, according to a new intelligence report.

Judge: Trumpís ďStand Back and Stand ByĒ Order Can Be Used in Proud Boys Trial

Study Reveals Exxon Accurately Predicted Global Warming Decades Ago

Anti-Abortion Protesters Plan To Pester You At Your Local CVS
All over clumps of cells they insist are actual human beings. They will get what they deserve.

Coal baron Joe Manchin's defense of gas stoves goes down in flames
So, the government can't regulate anything? Then abortion is legal, right, Dumbo?
Manchin = the past.

Follow The Money: George Santos Reportedly Took Migrant-Smuggler's Donation
You can't make this stuff up.
Really? Donald "Fatso" Trump makes shit up everyday fucking day he lives!

Biden can save the federal courts and stop more Supreme Court atrocities, if Senate Democrats help
That would be nice.

Aunt Lydia Bans ďIndoctrinating ChildrenĒ In Arkansas
The Hickwall goes off on power.
Governor Sanders comes out swinging with bans on TikTok, critical race theory and ďLatinxĒ
No one is teaching critical race theory to children. Not in Arkansas, not anywhere - stupid racist hillican.

Olentangy Schools official cuts off reading of Dr. Seuss book during NPR podcast
Stark raving mad we have become. Mindless coward. These idiots can't add 2 + infinity.

IL Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Grooming Charges
On fucking with our kids we are OK with so-called "Christian" insanty. It's what Jesus would want.
ChristoFascists, too many to count - Drag Queens, zero.

Trump blows up after Karl Rove debunks his claims about classified Biden documents
The greatest fool in the history of humankind. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG Dumbass!

'Damaging cuts' to Medicare and Social Security are looking more likely with McCarthy as House Speaker. Here's what it will mean for retirees.
This would make these turds even more popular with retirees, right? Brainless fools.

OF COURSE Dems Will Be On GOP 'Did Hunter Biden's Penis Make COVID In A Lab?' Committees, They're Not Idiots
"Why give up an opportunity to openly mock this shit day in, day out, and shine a constant light on how Kevin McCarthy's GOP is wasting the American people's time and money chasing delusional clown fantasies?"

Why Is the For-Profit Health Industry Like a Giant, Bloodsucking Tick?
And itís not like we havenít tried to remove that parasite

In the new 'McCarthy Era,' this column could get me thrown in jail
Don't worry. "Brush Head" and his fascist cohorts will be in jail faster than anyone else.

'Done': DC insider thinks Trump's time is up and Ron DeSantis can't fill the void
They are both fat enough to fill something but it ain't in government.

It's Time to Admit This Right-Wing U.S. Supreme Court Is a Corrupt, Autocratic Tribune
Way too late for it, but true.

Donald Trump decries Nazi comparisons while 'adopting' their 'authoritarian' tactics: journalist
Fatso would have been perfect for the Third Reich.

Arizona taxpayers to pay over $200 million for former Gov. Duceyís border wall 'political stunt': report
Do they call that a bargain?

Morning Digest: Virginia Democrats flip key Senate seat, blowing up GOP hopes for an abortion ban
Virginia Democrats scored a big pickup in the first major special election of 2023

Brazilian Prosecutors Seek To Seize Bolsonaroís Assets
Wipe him out. Too bad we can't seem to do that with our own grifters.

Assault weapon sales now illegal in Illinois: ĎThis will save lives,í Pritzker says after quickly signing bill into law

House GOP sets its top priority: Covering up for Donald Trump's crime spree
Yeah, the GOP is coming for Biden, but the new House majority's No. 1 job is shielding Trump from accountability
Lost cause. They will sink with him.

Morning Joe mocks Republicans for falling into line every time Trump Ďclicks his ruby slippersí
How gay!

'Staggering': Right wingers filed nearly 100 'anti-voter' lawsuits
Damn democracy keeps getting in the grifters' way.

Paul Krugman: House Republicansí economics are as 'divorced from reality' as their election lies

'A menace to international security': Tucker Carlson torched for echoing election conspiracies amid Brazil unrest
Fox News' Tucker Carlson is facing deep scrutiny for his latest actions echoing the sentiments of U.S. Capitol rioters in the wake of the political unrest in Brazil.

Communism Isn't What Terrifies the GOP? It's High-Quality and Well-Funded Public Education
Right-wingers would much rather make it all a business where the more you pay, the better the education your kids get. Thereíd be poor quality charter schools for those who canít afford the entry fee, but the best of everything would be reserved for the kids of the rich and powerful whose parents would use school vouchers to offset some of their tuition at private institutions.

The New McCarthyism Is Coming
It has always been clear that a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives would signal real danger for American democracy.

Report Shows 'Terrible Prognosis' as US Emissions Continue Rising Amid Climate Emergency
For the second year in a row, U.S. carbon emissions increased in 2022óreversing a trend that was evident even before emissions declined significantly in 2020 during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.

No, House GOPers Can't Block Additional IRS Funding
The legislation will certainly die in the Senate over staunch opposition from Democrats.

Conservative commentator Diamond of ĎDiamond and Silkí dies at 51
Her 15 minutes were up.

GOP Treason Is Stalking Democracies Around the World
And itís damn well past time that the people who conceived and ordered and facilitated the execution of this crime against all the rest of us are held to account in a meaningful way

House Republicans Vote to Gut Ethics Office
This comes as a number of House Republicans are facing growing scrutiny for alleged ethics violations.
No ethics for you!

Santos Thrilled After Republicans Gut Ethics Office
Thank God! Projectile lying is safe!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Loses Rap Battle With Dr. Dre
Well, the Dr. stopped you, you two-faced fucking idiot!

The fascist storming of Brasilia: A warning to the working class

Seditionist GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Exposes REAL Jan. 6 Coup, It Was Nancy Pelosi And Gen. Mark Milley!
Why doesn't his family have him comitted?

'Enough': House Dem nails Republican's hypocritical complaint about 'reckless' deficits
But not nearly enough.

SCOTUS Rejects Batshit Lawsuit From QAnon Nutbags
Is he King of the Nut Ball Ball?

MTG Forced To Take Down Clip Using Dr. Dreís Music
Sorry, Marge. It's not yours.

Live coverage: House GOP makes a†mockery of the legislative body
Mockery? They don't even know what that means.

Theater of the absurd: How Americaís politicians betray a gullible public to amass personal power and wealth

Bernie Sanders demands Congress reform 'absurd' health care and education systems in 2023
To be educated one must have a mind first.

First bill under Speaker McCarthy will cost taxpayers more than $100 billion
We don't need them IRS guys screwing our pocketbooks. We'll fund the government out of our own pockets!
Trump's lawyers struggling as judges get wise to their 'bad faith' delaying tactics
Closer. Ever closer.

Kevin McCarthy promises to repeal IRS funding meant to catch rich tax cheats
America has become a country of grift as if we are banana republic.

How Kevin McCarthy's troubling 'deal' forces his super-PAC to 'yield to extremist candidates': conservative
America the Extreme.

'How long does he have?' Fox News host wonders if Kevin McCarthy's deal-cutting could be his undoing
"How long? Not long."

Marge Admits Being Easily Led To QAnon, Forgets About White Nationalism
Howard Kurtz did his best to normalize the far right congresswoman.
Still searching for a brain.

The Seas Will Rise (even as too many gloss over this fact)

Pence Bought His Own Book Onto Bestsellers List
Great. So he has a lot of promos he can give away. And he will get some of it back from the vendor for the sale.

Two Texas bills would restrict lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools
The legislation closely mirrors a Florida bill passed last year, dubbed by critics as the ďDonít Say GayĒ law, which detractors say would further isolate LGBTQ students and open teachers and school districts to legal risks.
Real haters.

Russia To Ban Accurate Maps As ďExtremist MaterialsĒ
Vlad wants to make everything as stupid as possible. In this way the entire world is Russia!

God Damn Their Sorry Asses, Anyway

The Republican Party Is Now More Dangerous Than It's Ever Been
The three parts of the Congressional Republican Party ó the fiscal conservatives, the cultural warriors, and the MAGA anti-democracy Trumpers ó have come together behind fiscal conservatism ó draped in warrior language, with the potential for a MAGA anti-democracy outcome. They are more dangerous than ever.

'The worst anti-trans bill I have ever seen': GOP-led state houses are ramping up efforts to gut LGBTQ+ rights
Mean as snakes. Less than human.

Ron DeSantis Now Plans His Own Takeover Of Disney Board
He's not even fascist lite. He's just a plain old fascist.
This fool is looking for his end. It won't be pretty as is the way of all fascists.

ĎRuPaulís Drag Raceí Matters Now More Than Ever
The premiere of ďDrag RaceĒ was certainly fun (Ariana Grande appeared!), but itís impossible to separate the entertainment from the protests and hate happening around the country.

Anti-McCarthy GOPers 'are in for a rude awakening' now that he's speaker: conservative analyst
All of the talk is possible. We just have to see what it brings. My guess is "no good."

McCarthy debacle comes with a lesson: There's a downside to being a party of fascist trolls

Rejecting Bump Stock Ban, Federal Court Legalizes 'Instrument of Mass Murder'
Yes. It is the law that icontinues to murder us.

Biden administration shows it can still get stuff done despite dysfunctional Congress
Thanks, Joe.

Deal Between McCarthy And MAGA Reps Includes GOP Committee To Review Ongoing Criminal Investigations
This is like letting the mob review all their cases with the police department. What a bad joke on America.

Iowa Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Oh no! Not another one!
A former Iowa church pastor is accused of drugging and sexually abusing a child more than a decade ago. Criminal complaints say 68-year-old Mark Benson abused the girl several times at his home in Cambridge from 2009 to 2012.

Eric Swalwell, Other House Dems Fear Potential ĎMass Shootingí By ĎQAnon Republicaní After Removal of Metal Detectors
They don't give a fuck, Eric.

Polls show Americans are divided on the significance of January 6
It looks like some of us have a serious thinking disorder.

Hakeem Jeffries Just Made Historyóand Gave a Helluva Speech
On Saturday, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries made history as the first Black lawmaker to lead a congressional party, making a splash with his first official speech as House Minority leader in the wee hours of the morning.
While the entire speech was well received, it was the final portion that really struck a chord with people, both in the chamber and online.
ďHouse Democrats,Ē he said, ďwill always put American values over autocracy, benevolence over bigotry, the Constitution over the cult, democracy over demagogues, economic opportunity over extremism, freedom over fascism, governing over gaslighting, hopefulness over hatred, inclusion over isolation, justice over judicial overreach, knowledge over kangaroo courts, liberty over limitation, maturity over Mar-a-Lago, normalcy over negativity, opportunity over obstruction, people over politics, quality of life issues over QAnon, reason over racism, substance over slander, triumph over tyranny, understanding over ugliness, voting rights over voter suppression, working families over the well-connected, xenial over xenophobia, Ďyes, we caní over Ďyou can do it,í and zealous representation over zero-sum confrontation.Ē

Matt Gaetz 'successfully rolled' Kevin McCarthy and handed Democrats a new weapon
Probably so. These creeps are so stupid they don't think straight.

The rise of House extremists could cause the fall of these 18 GOP lawmakers from districts Biden won
The parlor games have begun as to how long House Speaker Kevin McCarthy can survive in his post now that heís had to give up the power of the gavel to get it.

Oh God, KevinóWhat Did You Promise Them?
The Freedom Caucus wins the speakership.
Nazis are we?

Our Kevin
"The fact of Speaker McCarthy is a reminder that the current state of the Republican party isnít just a problem for Republicans. It isnít just a challenge to Republicans. Itís a problem for all of us. Itís a challenge to all of us."

Is the Anti-McCarthy Crowd in the Bag for the Billionaires, Putin, or Both?
Is this all a continuation of Trumpís January 6th coup attempt and his desire to convert America from a democracy into a despotic strongman-rule nation aligned with Russia?
"And most of those voting against McCarthy not only appear to be in the bag for the billionaires but for Putin as well."
They want to make us all serve them instead of serving the people.

Elon Musk secures world record for largest-ever loss of personal fortune
A true "genius.

Appeals court to decide if First Amendment should have protected Laredoís 'big crazy lady' from arrest
ďIf you film the police or you criticize the government, or even simply just donít go along with whatever they feel the message should be, then youíre subject to retaliation, harassment and even arrest and criminal prosecution? That just doesnít happen in a free country,Ē Pulliam says. ďI want everyone to know, across the country, that they can be a citizen journalist. They can go film the police, they can go to city council. They can even criticize the government at city council.Ē

Anti-McCarthy GOPers 'are in for a rude awakening' now that he's speaker: conservative analyst

The shutdown caucus really wins: The House power grab was always bigger than Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy's GOP opponents shut down the House all week, preventing Congress from governing. What's next?
"What it's really about is who will have the power to shut down the rest of the government, because what these people have done is what they want to be able to do more of in the future."
We'll be facing hell every day for the next two years. Let's see how America likes these creeps.

Concerns Growing In Texas That Privately Built Wall Could Float Away
Who is surprised? ANYONE?
"It was a grift, nothing more."

A†bruised and weakened McCarthy finally emerges with the gavel
"This really isnít how a government should operate. Not this government, anyway."
Sorry, this is the way the MAGAts operate — cluelessly and vindictively. Get ready now for their real shit show.

Fight Nearly Erupts On House Floor Following 14th Speaker Vote
Tensions rose between Matt Gaetz and his fellow Republican from Alabama, Mike Rogers, after Kevin McCarthy failed to secure enough votes during the 14th round for House Speaker this Friday evening. That would have been good TV. "Wrestling in the Congress" brought you by idiots incapable of government.

Stellar Jobs Report: Better Than Expected Job Gains, Unemployment Down
President Biden is hard at work while Republicans are fighting each other.
Our great president.

'Carrying water for DeSantis': Noem spox accuses conservative National Review of being insufficiently pro-life
Must we put up with this absolute crap?

'Absolutely furious': How the 'Never Kevin' chaos created bitter infighting at Fox News</a>
Some hop head. Has he ever been in a fist fight?

Gingrich Appears Mad That Gaetz And Biggs Stole His Act
Newton Leroy Gingrich appalled that Republicans are fundraising off inflammatory rhetoric? He oughtta know!

Cartoon: Speaker of the House alternates

Six-Year-Old Boy Shoots Virginia Elementary Teacher
"Can't remember the last time we had a bow or crossbow used in a shooting, I wonder why." -- Doug 105
Poor kid. His parents should be brought in checked. All are groomed by the radical delusional Christian Republicans.

Ashli Babbittís Mother Arrested In Pro-Rioters Protest
The stupid is deep in this one. Qanonsensers need to leave the planet. The sooner the better.

Trump goes on caps-heavy Friday night rant demanding an end to mail-in ballots
Is this fuckwit still whining? Get him the fuck out! All of them are on paper now, printed by computers, Dumbo!

'Oh for Christ's sake': Hot mic appears to catch CNN's Dana Bash groaning at Kevin McCarthy's victory boasts
The intellectual level of McCarthy and the rest of the fuckwits in the MAGAt party proves they are as dumb as a turd.

Special counsel Jack Smith bolsters Trump investigation with two corruption experts as 'new phase' ramps up

Two years after January 6, the House Speaker fight may be encouraging more domestic terrorism
McCarthy's concessions send a signal to violent extremists: House Republicans will have your back

Inside the Christian Reform School From Hell
At Missouriís Agapť school, a devout Baptist boarding facility for boys, students say they were subjected to isolation, restraints, and treatment that bordered on torture

Matt Gaetz Vows To Resign If He Doesnít Get His Way
Please do, you jerkoff.

The second anniversary of Jan. 6: The necessary challenge of uncharted territory

Brian Kilmeade Bashes The 'Insurrectionists' Blocking Kevin McCarthy
Who helped create these miscreants, wise guy?

GOP Lawmaker Whines About Lacking Clearance Because Of GOP
Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher complained that he couldn't meet with the joint chiefs because he doesn't have clearance. He doesn't mention that it is his party's fault.
They are never to blame themselves for a damn thing.

'Horrifying': Oklahoma Republicans draft bill to criminalize gender-affirming care for individuals under 26
These people have no soul. They have lost their humanity. They are scared to death of it. Such cowards.

How Biden is bringing aggressive legal muscle to the reproductive freedom battle: attorney
Our great president.

With Roe overturned, Clarence Thomas is now preparing for a full-frontal assault on contraception, gay rights
Another fearful coward.

'They shot them down like animals': Massacre at Peru's Ayacucho
Nazis doing what Nazis do. We have a Nazi problem both here and in the world. It's time for us to admit it and do something about it.

'Potential breakdown in governing': Why whoever wins GOP speaker will 'enter office weakened and compromised'
And the reason? Too many fascists in the American Nazi Party.

San Jose Gun Owners Now Have To Show Proof Of Insurance
Other towns will be watching to see whether it's doable.
$25? You could go out and knock someone in the head with your weapon and go through their pockets unti you get the $25. LOL!

Of Course GOP Wants To Undo Medicare Price Reforms
Katie Porter got Medicare price reforms into the Inflation Reduction Act. Now big pharma's Republican servants want to undo that progress.
Scum of the earth.

Who Wouldn't Drink Watching This Republican Shit Show?
Rep. Cammack made a joke and Fox News tried to claim it was a truth. Sad!

McCarthy is losing votes, Trump is losing his influence. The Republican Party is a†hot mess
Hot poo!

Pirro: Egomaniac Boebert Makes Us Look Like Fools
That's not difficult, Jenny.

Trump loses again in yet another court fight over Mar-a-Lago documents scandal
Big fat loser, Fatso.

When will Republican voters wake up to their own oppression?
First, they would have to have the sense to realize they are being repressed. That takes a brain.

Dipsh*ts Charged In Christmas Attacks On Four Washington Substations
First-degree burglary in Washington can be punished by up to life in prison and a fine of up to $50,000, so maybe these dipshits figured they liked the odds of committing a federal crime instead, or maybe they're just A) not that smart, (2) wannabe terrorists lying about their motives (III) some combination of all the above.

So, You Want to be a Winner?
Study Kevin McCarthy.

'Show no mercy': Trump calls for 'immediate' military strikes on cartels — authorized by him
Send the truck out to pick this madman up.

American Myths Are Made of White Grievanceóand the Jan. 6 Big Lie Is Just the Latest
As far back as the Land of the Happy Negro can go.

WATCH: Cops Cuffed Black WSJ Reporter Doing Interviews At Bank ó Threatened ĎThis Could Get Bad For You If You Donít Complyí
Nazi Arizona attacks a free press in America.

Scientists Find Something Strange in Brain Scans of Kids Hooked on Social Media
In short, the kids who used social media more seemed to become more anxious about social situations as they aged, while their peers who used it less seemed to became less so.

Interfaith Alliance on the Hill as a New Congress Begins
Our federal team is focused on policies that bolster the separation of religion and government, address the root causes of hate, and challenge traditional notions about the ďfaith vote.Ē

'Dominated by Christians': Analysis highlights the religious shift among new Congressional lawmakers
They want to establish a theocracy.
The American Religious Landscape in 2020.

'Itís going to get very serious': Why the House speaker debacle raises troubling national security concerns
ďWe canít even do basic things,Ē Lieu told The Bulwark. ďWe canít conduct any oversight. You canít have an entire branch of government simply not function. And we donít have a House right now because no oneís even sworn in. And the chaos on the Republican side is having real consequences for the country, and itís going to get very serious very fast.Ē

Why Americaís 'misogynist incels' adore Vladimir Putin and 'modern-day Russian fascism': journalist
Tucker Carlson is the perfect example.

How the Koch dynasty is determined to dismantle democracy ó and why it might succeed: report
Maybe they will plant themselves before that occurs.

Lauren Boebert Says Stupid Things, Stephanie Ruhle Rolls Her Eyes
Ruhle did not hold back, and she attacked Boebert's refusal to acknowledge reality.
"Because Bobo is so painfully dumb, reminiscent of the participants in the Gingrich "revolution" and their offspring, the Tea Baggers. She just keeps repeating extremist talking points because (let's admit it) she's not intelligent enough to carry on a discussion."

Ukraine update: Russia is losing, it knows it's losing, and it plans to keep losing. Forever
They are on the clock.

McCarthy debacle comes with a lesson: There's a downside to being a party of fascist trolls
Calling Republican renegades "ultraconservative" doesn't cut it: This clown show is a symptom of the big F

McCarthy offering rule change that would let any Freedom Caucus member call a vote to fire him at any time: report
That's like singing "I'll Be Your Puppet." This is leadership? LMAO!

'Meltdown mode': Supercut shows Fox News in full-blown despair over McCarthy debacle
Circus time? Well, you dolts are the ring masters.

DeSantis Demands ďWokeĒ Data From FL Universities
Somebody send this stupid little shit to the pile from whence he came.

Vaseline Woman: Iím The ďDuly ElectedĒ AZ Governor
And I'm the King of Spain!
We are living in the era of "Fucking Fools!"

CA Gov Declares Emergency Over ďBomb CycloneĒ
Keep ignoring global warming. This is what we will get constantly.

It's a†great day for America (or Dems, anyway): McCarthy squashed again, while Fox News implodes
Tucker Takes Over! LOL!
America is out of business. The Republicans have effectively destroyed goverenment. I'm sure this makes some people happy. Hard to believe.

All Hell Breaks Loose When GOP Rep. Accuses Dems Of Drinking On House Floor
Oh, sure, this is helpful. Well, we know for sure who looks like she's three sheets in the wind.

Charlie Sykes Sums Up The Republican Debacle
"Historians are going to have a hard time explaining the scene that you saw today..." said Sykes.

'Not a good look': Biden speaks on GOPís 'really embarrassing' failure to unify around speaker vote
When do they start whining "It was stolen!"

'How do they land the plane?': GOP senators alarmed by 'embarrassing' House speaker debacle
One of them is Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who told The Hill, ďDonít they realize how embarrassing this is? Is that possible, that people think about that?.... If itís this hard to elect a speaker, imagine how hard itís going to be to pass any legislationÖ. The question is, ĎHow do they land the plane?í And Iím not sure thereís any obvious answer.Ē

Robert Reich predicts a grim political future for the GOP as House Republicans scramble to pick a speaker

J6 report highlights two women with ties to militant groups Ďcentral to the violenceí
More seditionists. Such a surprise.

House sh**show has a message for America: GOP can't govern and doesn't want to
As Kevin McCarthy reaps the whirlwind, let's hope voters understand this chaos was never really about Donald Trump
"The problem with having insurrectionists within your own caucus is that they care nothing for the party, much less the country."

Watch: Gaslighting Tucker Carlson says 'witch doctors' are 'lying' about NFL player Damar Hamlin's injuries?
What a dumbass. And he gets paid to sell bullshit to morons.

'Held hostage': New analysis explains how far-right GOP lawmakers could hijack their own caucus
Nazis wait to become "High Sheriff of Hell."

Fox's Gutfeld Blames GOP Speaker Disaster On TV Coverage
Greg Gutfeld wants to apply the all-purpose GOP remedy for dealing with the latest black eye on Republicans: pretend it didnít happen.
Slack jaw blithering. They never knew how to fuck this up until Democrats never did it. ROTFLMAO!

Heartless QAnon conspirators show they don't care about the truth or Damar Hamlin's family
No brains, no headaches.

Now It's The Proud Boys' Turn To Find Out
They effed around with a fair and free election, and now they'll find out what happens to seditionists.

18 Of The 20 McCarthy Defectors Are Election Deniers
A mind is a terrible thing to waste: a list of the insane.

Mark Milleyís testimony reveals Trump plan to get back at retired military officers who criticized him
Such a vindictive dick is Fatso.

The GOP House 'Agenda' For 2023 Is As Absurd As You'd Think
Yay! GOP House sets agenda for first few weeks, and yes, it's ridiculous.

Exposed: House Republicans Plan To 'Gut' Ethics Committee Before George Santos Investigation
The House Republican caucus is expected to vote on a package of rules that "guts" the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) before it can investigate incoming Rep. George Santos (R-NY).
Fucking cowards and crooks.

McCarthy heads to grueling speaker vote with fate in limbo
After weeks of backbreaking negotiations, it appears the GOP leader's fate will be decided in real time on the House floor.
These are the idiots you want leading us to hell?

Antisemitic Slogan Projected In Downtown Orlando
Nazis in Florida are real. We are moving closer to Nazi Germany unless we take these bastards OUT!

Meet the new MAGA generation: These newly-elected Republicans set to join Team MTG
With the new Congress convening, these MAGA diehards and election deniers are key to the fragile GOP majority
Meet the new fascists.

'Trump is struggling to raise money' ó and may be illegally spending what he's got so far: analysis
This man is insane.

'One of Bidenís deepest legacies': How federal judiciary appointments reflect Americaís diversity
One of the greatest we've had.

Ginni Thomasí testimony to Jan. 6 committee sparks calls to investigate Clarence Thomas
His time is coming.

'Union-Busting on Day 1': House GOP Aims to Stop Congressional Staff From Organizing
They are such nasty, mean snakes.

Michael Flynn Lives Up To His 'Russian Double Agent' Reputation
The disgraced former Trump national security advisor and pardoned felon, Michael Flynn, told Steve Bannon that Russia has already fulfilled all its objectives from its vile invasion of Ukraine.
Both of these traitors would have been jailed during WWII.

Hero of 2022: The Woman Who Defeated Two Anti-Abortion Ballot Measures
Victory over the American version of Iranian zealots.

Two Iranian teens face death penalty over protests: rights group
When will these retards move their intellect into the Common Era? "Corruption on earth" is exactly what the zealot swine are.

Georgia tire store employee shot to death after car owner mistakes him for auto thief
If only more people had no permit, no registered weapons, what a wonderful world this will be. We are Devo.

Our Very Last Nerve, Collectively Speaking
Or the "Devolution of Civilization."

Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers Claim to Be Medical Clinics and Get Away With It
Here come the vulture scumbags.

Brazil Celebrates Lulaís Inauguration and End of Right-Wing Bolsonaro Reign
Another Nazi bites the dust. The Amazon may stand a change yet.

Oh Hey, George Santos's Ex-Boyfriend! Sit By Us And Tell Us Everything!
"Nothing matters if you're a Republican. Will Republicans manage to elect a House speaker tomorrow, and will it be Kevin McCarthy? Who knows! They've won a tiny majority, and so far their first act has been to fuck up the one job they absolutely must do before they can even think about launching a million investigations into Hunter Biden's Penis: What's Underneath! (We Mean Besides His Balls!)."

Republicans In Flawless Disarray Over Tuesday's Speaker Vote
Nuts can't figure out the time of day.

2022's Crookies Of The Year: The Supreme Court Of The United States
Once they had their Trump-appointed majority, the mask came off. The current court is corrupt and illegitimate.

Not One Cable News Network Covered Trump's 'Media Availability' Slot
No one wants to hear this crook lying about something else again.

We need to rethink our relationship with plastic
Plastic recycling remains a major failure. It clocks in at under 10%

Top George Santos Ally Elise Stefanik Remains Silent
Shutting the fuck up is the best thing these twits can do.

'We all look like domestic terrorists now': Hope Hicks raged at Trump after J6 riot
She's right. They are all fucked now. And they should be.

2022: Don't Worry, They'll Never Outlaw Abortion, Wait What?

There Are No ĎGoodí Republicans, and the Sooner That Is Universally Acknowledged the Better

Man Attacks Cops With Machete Near Times Square
If not guns, machetes. America is so civilized.

People Can Now Carry Guns Without A License In Half Of Americaís States
Oh, joy!

1 Dead, 9 Hurt In Alabama Shooting Near New Year's Eve Party
The shooting happened a few blocks away from the main stage for the Moon Pie Over Mobile festival.
That didn't take long after legalizing no permit law in Darwin's Waiting Room.

'Why are these conflicts allowed?' Corporate donations to Supreme Court-linked right-wing group under scrutiny
Because we have all got a price?

Donald Trump issues 'Happy New Year' proclamation that includes racist swipe at Mitch McConnell's wife
What else can one expect from a classless grifting dick?

George Santos' Press Secretary Has Resigned
Can you blame him?
You only catch one party lying like a snake. Fucking Republican.

Say ďBye FeliciaĒ To Senateís Biggest Climate Denier
Stupidity and ignorance on parade.
"There are few members of Congress who have done more to sow public doubt about the mounting, deadly impacts of fossil fuel-driven planetary warming, or to block policies and regulations meant to confront the threat."

Was the LibsofTikTok Creator at the Capitol on Jan. 6?
Looks like her to me. No surprise.

Trump's New Year's Eve 'media availability' was a nothing-burger that no cable news stations carried
Fatso you are officially a nothing-burger.

Elise Stefanik is the case study of the collapse of the Republican Party: report
Nothing but trash.

GOP House sets agenda for first few weeks, and yes, it's ridiculous
Indeed, they are sick fucks.

'Moral idiocy': Elon Musk faces scrutiny for echoing outlandish predictions made by Putin ally

Elon Owns The Libs With The Biggest Loss Of Wealth In Modern History
You sure got us there, Elon.

'Sounds just like Trump': Elon Musk blasted for tweeting demonstrably false meme supporting conservatives
Who ever said this guy is acting like Trump around here.

Nine states seeking to ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth in 2023
Nine states that are heartless trash.

Ron DeSantisí critics fear that Sarah Sanders will 'import' his 'bad education' policies to Arkansas
Outside of accredited universities, is anyone educated in Arkansas?

'I admit it': Ginni Thomas told the Jan. 6 Committee she never saw 'specific evidence' of 'voter fraud'

Local Weekly Raised The Alarm About Santos. Nobody Listened
The North Shore Leader wrote in September, when few others were covering Santos, about his ďinexplicable riseĒ in reported net worth.
America will remain to stay asleep.

Meadows Escapes North Carolina Voter Fraud Charges
Fraud and corruption now legal in the U.S. Get out there and start your grifting. There's no one to stop you.
"No Donny, these men are cowards." — Walter Sobchak.

Trump taxes show foreign income from more than a dozen countries
While Trump surrendered day-to-day control of his business empire, his sons continued to make deals around the globe that Trump benefited from.
Hand it over, Fatso!

Court: Mark McCloskey Canít Have Guns Or Money Back
Too bad, too bad.

Michigan Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
When are we gonna get rid of these Xtian Pastor sex crazed offenders?

Alabama Set To Allow No-Permit Concealed Carry
Maybe they'll all shoot each other? Cut off the NRA arms. Let them in your court rooms or STFU!
Commentor: "That may be an aspiration, but they are rated 5th according to the CDC (for death rate, for number of deaths Texas is #1)"

'Beyond a reasonable doubt': Watergate lawyer breaks down Jan. 6 Committeeís 'overwhelming case' against Trump
Then do the right thing, America.

Right-Wing Influencer Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges After Online Spat With Greta Thunberg
Greta kicks ass again.

Big Pharma and GOP Open About Plans to Obstruct Medicare Drug Price Reforms
Proving they are not on our side.

ĎTrump acted as though he had something to hideí in tax filings: Dem
His answer is that it's all because it just shows he was so smart. ROTFLMAO!

Swastika-Themed Merch Being Sold In Support Of Kanye's Presidential Bid
No one with a functiong brain forgives Hitler unless they are another human butcher. It will not end well for this entity.

'Itís done': These Republicans are openly questioning Kari Lakeís future in Arizona politics
Finally facing facts, are they?

Who dares to mock Dark Brandon now? Joe Biden keeps rolling up the wins
Republicans badly underestimated Joe Biden ó and in his first two years in the White House, he's driven them nuts

'He's lying': Rolling Stone investigation finds no records tying George Santos' mother to September 11th attacks
Typical Republican.

Elon Muskís net worth fell $206 billion in 2022: report

Watch Massive D*ckhead Andrew Tate Get Arrested For Human Trafficking
I could play this on loop for an hour.

Politico, Portman continue to pretend that the GOP has any interest in responsible governing
America is sick of their bullshit.

House Democrats Release Six Years Of Trumpís Taxes
Let's see how much taxes he dodged and how much he profited from his conflicts of interest.

'Unwitting fool' George Santos could be denied access to classified info ó here's why
He's got severe mental issues?

J6 deposition reveals why Trump started pushing bogus conspiracy claims about Morning Joe committing murder
Fatso, the liar.

Trump lawyer: Jan. 6 committee 'assaulted' the Constitution by subpoenaing the former president
Lock the crook up, damn it! She's got a lot of nerve with that horse shit.

Old and In the Way, Until We're Not
But even if the constant encouragements toward the status quo, for not talking back to the reactionaries and the racists, for not wasting our precious energies arguing with idiots, it's worth repeating that our silence on the left is toxic, too. If our accrued wisdom garnered through years of being in the struggle against fascism should shut down, we're going to be even more fucked than we are now. We must not go quiet, no matter how much we may be ridiculed or compartmentalized by forces who may be even more confused about what matters than we are.

Progressives Must Not Concede School Board Elections to the Right
Require a brain to qualify, please.

Union Organizing Surged in 2022: Letís Push for a Radical Labor Movement in 2023

Oh No, Billionaires Have Lost So Many Billions Lately, How Will They Live It Is Quite Sad, Etc.

Brave Kansas Cops Save Dying Cancer Patient From Demon Weed, Symptom Relief
Retards. Let's return to the 18th Century, shall we?

Kanye West's former business manager can't find him to serve $4.5 million lawsuit
Has he tried the local titty bar?

Leading MAGA Figures Have Turned On Sean Hannity
Ooooh, too bad.

'There is a seat in hell waiting for this man': George Santos falsely claimed his mom died on September 11th
Another mental case. Get this man some help and out of government.

Nevada Republicans appoint failed GOP politician with no judicial experience to judgeship
More insanity in America. Republicans have all gone to hell. When will this garbage end?

NYPD arrests and charges Brooklyn man for attack on LGBT NYC councilman's neighbor: report
The U.S. appears to have more than its share of fucked up idiots.

GOP New York district attorney opens investigation into Republican Congressman-elect George Santos
He has proof of nothing except he lives.

McCarthyís political life continues to be hell. Just what he deserves
Yeah, I donít think there are going to be any Democrats lining up to help McCarthy out in the near future. On anything.

TikTok Banned From All Devices Issued By US House
Now ban the goddamn TV moguls from showing any TikToc shit during our football games!

This is the year we were done with Kanye West Ė but what does that really mean?
Why did people put up with the hip-hop icon's anti-Blackness, misogyny and antisemitic "free thinking" for so long?
A dumb sucker is born every second in the USA as soon as the media proclaims their worship.

Is Greed the Biggest Threat to America & Democracy?
Greed, one of the seven deadly sins, is both toxic to society and intrinsic to human nature. It canít be ended or ďstoppedĒ -- but it can be regulated, which is the goal of good tax policy

The January 6 Committee Dropped the Ball When It Failed to Call for Abolition of the Electoral College
Yes, they did.

Fusion is the power of the future ... and the future isn't as far away as it used to be
"I can't get used to the future. It's coming up too quick" — Evolution's Not Fast Enough For Me, Men of Extinction.

Former General Who Manufactured Russian Tanks Dies 'Suddenly'
Who knew so many Russian leaders were in such poor health?

'The System' Is Ruining Our Present and Collective Future
ow is a time of unprecedented opportunity for progressive change. The reason is simple: "the system" is ruining the future for young people. Any system that threatens the future of its young people cannot retain their support and therefore is ripe for basic change.

Study Ties Abortion Restrictions to 'Significant' Jump in Suicide Rates for Young Women
Nazis on SCOTUS will be glad to hear it.

Lauren Boebert's failed gun-themed eatery will be replaced by a Mexican restaurant
Of all things

'A wild situation': DC insider explains the consequences George Santos could face as more lies are exposed
His response? Everyone does this. ROTFLMAO!

High-ranking Florida Scientologist burned herself alive then shot herself dead: report
How does one do both? Leave it to a wacko.

Worst Republicans of 2022: It's just so hard to choose!
This column doesn't even mention Marjorie Taylor Greene: She can't compete with the true depths of GOP horror

House Committee To Release Trumpís Taxes On Friday
Redacted? Bullshit! That should all be open to the public.

"Complete and utter fraud": Democrats call for Rep.-elect George Santos to quit over false claims
George Santos says he's sorry for "having embellished his rťsumť" ó but his claim to be Jewish might sink him
Well, they said that "Jews will not replace us."
Dear fraud: Everyone is subject to scrutiny in politics, you fucking moron.

Coup-promoting defeated loser flees to Mar-a-Lago rather than attending rival's inauguration
Where shit bags gather.

Senate Democrats seeking 'significant monetary compensation' for Southwest Airlines customers
Someone has to fight for us and it looks like the Democrats will -- as usual.

'Local news is the oxygen of democracy' and disappearing when it's needed the most: media expert

Pretty Sure McCarthy Wishes He Could Take Back His Remarks On Santos
Yeah, this is a little awkward.
It's repulsive.

Libs Of TikTok Ladyís Hateful Interview To Tucker Carlson: ĎTheyíre Evil!í
Two bigots, one show! It's like a two-for-one deal
Dear, we know which ones are evil. Just look in the mirror unless you cast no image.
1.7 million idiots? Probably not. Many just look to see the freak fuck in action.

Electoral College Is A Danger To American People, Raskin Warns
ďWe should elect the president the way we elect governors, senators, mayors, representatives, everybody else Ė whoever gets the most votes wins,Ē the Maryland congressman said.
Shit can it.

'12 Felony Charges': Former Lawmaker Behind ĎIn God We Trustí Bill Found Guilty
Could it be, God doesn't trust in him?

GOP betrays the country by endorsing a†failed coup, yet wants to lecture Biden on national security?
The scum of the earth.

Florida GOP Leader Says Sheís Open to Expanding ďDonít Say GayĒ Law
What happens when Nazis start fucking with our education system.

2022 Quietly Set the Stage for a Massive Rollback of LGBTQ Rights
And when Nazis have anything to go with our government.

Right-Wing Asshole of the Month
Everything's big in Texas. Especially right-wing assholes.

Right-wing hypocrisy is never hypocrisy. It's a coherent belief system

Extreme Cold Is Caused by Global Warming
Could all the morons get over saying the intense cold proves there is no global warmng?

Former Reagan speechwriter rips Greg Abbott for his 'cruel' and 'heartless' immigration stunts
Rip him until there is nothing left of him.

Economist Paul Krugman: Why the latest inflation news is 'seriously encouraging'
We could all use a little encouragement.

These are the 'dumbest' and 'silliest' things that 'triggered' far-right culture warriors in 2022: podcast
And Tucker Carlson is still the dumbest.

Revealed: Trump brazenly took tax losses he knew were fraudulent
They put Al Capone away for that. America has certainly changed.

Co-Leader Of Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Gets 16 Years In Prison

Cher Recalls Getting Contact High After Visiting Willie Nelson's Smoky Tour Bus
ďI couldnít believe it,Ē Cher said of Nelson's weed-laden tour bus. ďI mean, it was a terrible old bus, but he was great. And just drugs ó everywhere.Ē
I think she got a "Rub Off High."

'Bye-bye, baby': Experts affirmatively conclude 'yes, it's happening' ó Trump is getting indicted
"You are going to get indicted federally. Period. The end."

'You'll never see him': Speculation swirls over Republican Senator Tom Cottonís official residence
Maybe he's homeless?

Lauren Boebert hailed by Russian state TV as 'brave' for dishonoring Zelensky
What more does one have to say?

Herschel Walker exposes the moral bankruptcy of the religious right

DeSantisís request for COVID vaccine probe denounced by health experts
What is wrong with this idiot?

January 6th 'fake elector scheme' offers a clear 'path to prosecuting Trump': attorney
"Trump not only Ďparticipatedí in the fake elector scheme, he orchestrated it.Ē

National ďWeed GlutĒ Is Causing Prices To Plummet
Can't you hear the assholes singing: "We tried legalizing weed but it didn't work."

"Will she never learn?" Lauren Boebert blasted by "embarrassed" constituent in Christmas Day letter
The Republican Rep. from Colorado was harshly criticized for her stance on aid to Ukraine
Blame the fools that elected her.

Trump calls Biden 'mentally disabled' as he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas
Former President Trump lashed out at Biden and the January 6 committee in two Christmas Eve posts
We know who the mentally disabled is here. What a total fool.

'Are you stupid or what': Marjorie Taylor Greene buried in mockery after claiming Pelosi was 'complicit' in Jan. 6 attack
Do we have to ask again? How many times does the question have to be asked before we know it is a resounding YES!

Jim Jordan's FBI investigations 'will backfire' on the GOP: legal expert
"Jacket Off" Jordan squirts again.

MAGA rioters' desperate bid to declare themselves 'sovereign citizens' is blowing up in their faces
Here's your early signs of dementia.

Uncle Herb's ChristmasÖand Mine

No Christmas dinner: One-third of the world is going hungry
Norman Rockwellís ďFreedom from Want'' painting depicts one of the most peaceful scenes in American life as a family gathers around a holiday dinner table to give thanks, eat, talk, laugh and share in an abundance of blessings. While this great American tradition will play out in the coming weeks, a hunger catastrophe is unfolding around the world, putting even the simplest of meals out of reach for a growing number of individuals and families around the world.

Jamie Raskin: Donald Trump must be prosecuted 'because of the magnitude of the attack on democracy'
Treason used to be a serious crime in the past. What happened to us?

2022 Crookie Awards: Kari Lake, Come On Down, You Big Loser!
This is well deserved.

Texas Dumps Buses Of Migrants Outside Harrisí Home
The chickenshits of Texas. Ain't worth a damn.
Thankfully, our real leaders knew how to take care of these human beings. Not Texas, however.
Feeling the Christian love of Governor Abbott on Christmas, right?

ĎChristianí Greg Abbott Celebrates Christmas by Bussing Asylum-Seekers Into Frigid Washington DC
Texas has a problem and it's not asylum-seekers.

Atheists aren't fighting a "war on Christmas" ó†many of us even celebrate it
Christians don't own the idea of a winter celebration

Judge Luttig: A judge might have no choice but to put Trump in prison
A former federal judge said that former President Donald Trump would likely end up behind bars if he were convicted
Let's get it done.

Marijuana Law Reached Peak Absurdity in 2022
Banning a plant with hundreds of industrial and medical uses was never going to work out well, but 2022 saw marijuana prohibition reach peak absurdity, not to mention peak confusion for consumers and new businesses trying to make sense of it all.

Lawsuits Against Plastic Industry Could Exceed $20 Billion in Damages by 2030
"Thanks to new legal pathways, people around the world could sue plastics manufacturers for damages totalling more than $20 billion by 2030, with most lawsuits originating in the U.S., according to a new study. The report, published by the Australian Minderoo Foundation, estimates that the plastics industry is costing society around $100 billion annually in environmental clean-ups..."

After underestimating power demand, Texas electric grid operator gets federal permission to exceed air quality limits
The U.S. Department of Energy granted permission for power plants to release more pollution than is normally allowed ó if grid conditions worsen.
When will they stop lying about the goddamn grid in Texas?

Two Texas businessmen pitched Trump on plan to overturn 2020 election, Jan. 6 report reveals
Criminal corruption is standard business in Texas.

Jan. 6 committee delivers whopping final report: Coup was planned months in advance
Trump's team had "fake electors" scheme lined up well before the election, panel finds in 845-page final report
Jan. 6 committee delivers whopping final report: Coup was planned months in advance
You bastards!

The real reason for the attack on libraries
"Controlling thought is the fundamental basis for all authoritarian regimes. This battle is worth the fight, and educators and librarians are on the front lines against this type of oppression. Although conservatives have scored several victories in the past year, in the end, education always wins out over ignorance."

Stopping the Sixth Extinction

A 'faker and liar' Far-right Republicans are turning their backs on Marjorie Taylor Greene over her latest betrayal
First Trump and now the Wicked Witch of the West. These asshats earned it all by doing what they do. Which is to say make the world a worse place to be in.

Trump has a meltdown when asked about Jared and Ivanka Trump distancing from him
"He just goes, plays golf, comes back, and f--ks off. His world has gotten much smaller. His world is so, so small.Ē
Think how much smaller it's going to get.

Americaís adult education system is broken. Hereís how experts say we can fix it

Trumpís bigoted dinner guest Nick Fuentes suggested 'burning women alive'
Perfectly normal, don't you think? Building white punk incels? Watch it punk boy. Just because you can't get laid, blame your repulsive self. That fire could burn your stupid ass first.

Executives at Chick-fil-A make around $700K a†year, but one location paid its employees in meals
Christian philosophy, eh?

Wall Street Journal scorches Republicans who have turned on Ukraine
Josh Hawley is the tee-nininest twerp dick and a liar. There are people tracking the Ukrainian funding.
Add little Josh to your audit list to see just how tiny a lying twerp he grows into.

'Maybe it would have worked in fantasyland': AZ columnist buries Kari Lake over lawsuit flop
Yes, well isn't that where they live? Haven't we seen enough of their poor Trump impressions?

Watch: Pro-Trump pastor prays for electricity to 'turn itself off' as rancorous scene unfolds outside Knoxville drag show
Why are they so obssessed with drag shows? Why don't they just go on in and get into it like they want to. Join the show, girls. You people are a drag.

Trump Bizarrely Calls On Republicans To Obtain Biden's Tax Returns
President Biden released 22 years' worth of tax records.
More evidence of Trump's mental impairment. All Presidents have released their tax returns.
The old grifter has gone into brain drain.

28 House Republicans vote against bill to protect child sex abuse victims
Sick as sick gets.

QAnon Grooming Victim At Center Of HBO Documentary
These people are child abusers. The children should be taken away by social welfare agencies. The rest of the scum should be arrested and charged with child abuse. Unreal stupidity by morons that should not be on our streets.

Trump Begs Followers to Keep Up the Fight For the 2020 Election: ĎTHIS MUST NOT BECOME A COLD CASEí
It's as cold and rotting as the Republican Party.

Candace Owens Spreads Lie About Zelenskyís Wife
Is there a person existing that carries around more hatred than this woman?

Arctic Is Warming Four Times Faster Than Rest Of The World
But that's what is sending a polar vortex further south.

Jan. 6th Committee Recommends We Enforce The 14th Amendment
Is our Constitution merely rhetoric?
If it is, count on more Trumps in the future.

Why Clarence and Ginni Thomas have done more than anyone to 'damage the High Courtís reputation': journalist
Just more exemptions for lawlessness.

An Epidemic of Loneliness and the Dark World of Far-Right Conspiracy Theorists
Finding the world of insanity.

Final Jan. 6 Report Urges Congress to Consider Barring Trump From Ever Holding Office Again
"None of the events of January 6th would have happened without him," the 845-page report concludes.

TX Drops Fight Against Open Carry For 18 Year-Olds
Why not 10 year-olds? They can give 18 year-olds real competition playing guns.

World Famous Liar Lies About J6 Panelís Final Report
Give it a rest asshole.
You don't believe a word you're saying and neither do the rest of us.

Zelenskyy visit exposes a GOP rift ó between actual fascists and everyone else
Too many Republicans still refuse to stand up for Ukraine ó and for democracy ó against their MAGA brethren
Eliminate all fascists.

National Guard commander almost sent troops to stop the Jan. 6 riot without approval: report
Almost does not count except in horse shoes and hand grenades.

Five members of Trump's inner circle headed for closer scrutiny after J6 report
That poor little girl.

The GOP elite wants to brand Trump a loser ó the humiliating release of his tax returns could help
Not only did Trump's candidates lose big in 2022, but he couldn't even make money selling White House influence

Carlson: Zelensky Has Declared War Against Christianity
Carlson pandering to his crowd of morons.

Gaetz And Boebert Acted Like Dicks At Zelensky Speech
It will be sweet when we see these pricks get theirs.

Shanghai hospital warns of 'tragic battle' as COVID spreads
They need more mRNA vaccines.

Carlson Offers To Fund Texas Border Militia
A severe mental case.
Or has he been pandering like Hannity?

Fox Looking Very, Very Bad In Dominion Defamation Hearing
It's not easy to win a defamation case, but the testimony from Fox personalities is helping.
The liars are liars. Hopefully, this will ruin them eternally.

Stewart Rhodes Says That The Left Is 'The Real Insurrection' In Testimony
Stewart Rhodes called efforts to postpone the certification of the 2020 presidential election a ďcounter-revolution,Ē not an insurrection.
He would be badly mistaken. He can tell it to his skinhead pals in prison.

Sean Hannity ó under oath ó admits he 'didnít believe' election lies 'for one second': deposition
So, for ratings and money. A shell of a selfish man.

Watch: Tucker Carlson goes bananas with over-the-top rant about Zelenskyyís congressional meeting
More fakery from a bad actor.

Emerging COVID-19 crisis in China 'could shake the world': WaPo Editorial Board
Just when you thought you were done with it.

'People are just so stupid': Candace Owens defends the Confederate flag and equates slavery with owning yachts
She's right about being a stupid people.
And they say she even went to school.

Watch: House Democrat rips ex-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over 'smug rhetoric and staggering lies'
Somebody had to do it. We can be thankful for that.

Ex-POTUS Is Losing Evangelicals: 'Donald Trump Has Got To Go'
It took them long enough.

Taliban Bans Afghan Women From University Education
The Taliban have announced the immediate CLOSURE of universities for women in Afghanistan.
Did anyone think these scumbag shits would do anything else? They deserve nothing other than viloent revolution. They probably won't get it but there is no other path. The church of hate is history.

More than 150 faith leaders condemn Catholic governor's anti-immigrant attacks as 'inhumane'
You don't mean the sick dick from Texas?

Buffalo Sues Gunmakers In Wake Of Mass Shooting
Sue them till they can't fire their guns anymore.

Kirk Calls Zelensky An ďUppity Welfare QueenĒ
Anyone with a video camera, a backdrop and an internet connection thinks they can be someone today.

Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert 'blew past' Capitol security on way to Zelensky speech: report
Total dickwads.

Trump paid no taxes in half of the last six years and his returns have dozens of potential issues

It's time for states to remove Trump from the 2024 ballot: ethics watchdog
It's time for him to say "What the fuck was I thinking?"

Watch: Ari Melber mercilessly fact-checks Donald Trump's impeachment lawyer on live TV
This yo-yo shows any jerk can get a law degree.

The Naysayers are Wrong. Fusion Will Change the World
"Humans are capable of believing in QAnon, yes, but theyíre also able to create a coronavirus vaccine in record time and to harness the power of the sun here on Earth. Despair is not realismóitís a lack of imagination. Historians will record December 5, 2022 as a significant step on the road to clean, abundant, affordable energy. This is a time for gratitude and wonder, not for grinding axes."

The Dirty Game Republicans are Playing with Desperate Peopleís Lives
Who on Earth would want to send thousands of desperate people to our Southern border just in time for every midterm facing a Democratic president? Who would be that crass and cynical?

Elon Muskís Censorship Spree Exposes the Fundamental Flaw in the Rightís Definition of ďFree SpeechĒ
Exposing flaws in our laws and doing nothing about it. That's us.

Texans are dying on state highways every day ó especially in rural ďdead zones
Fatal crashes in rural areas accounted for 51% of Texasí 4,489 traffic fatalities in 2021, even though only about 10% of the stateís population lives in a rural area, according to data from the stateís department of transportation.
So about how long until they are all dead?

Congress Has One Last Chance to Abolish the Crack Cocaine Sentencing Disparity
"However, the Justice Departmentís new policy carves out several exceptions for prosecutors seeking lengthy sentences..."
Another flaw in our law.

Baby Baby, There's A Gay Wedding At Amy Grant's House, STFU Franklin Graham, And To All A Good Night
"Oh wait, not everyone. Franklin Graham, the thing that happened when one of the sperms in dead Billy Graham's balls fertilized a human egg, is upset."

Trump Confessing More, Again
End the Electoral College. It never hands out degrees. Get rid of it and election probles will end.

Can't Fix The Border, Because How Would Republicans Scare All The Old People?
"No telling how long the temporary extension of Title 42 will stay in place; the Republican states want it to be in place at least until the heat death of the universe..."

'You're not the best at math': Gas prices expert mocks Lauren Boebert's attack on Biden
Can you tell me what's she good at? I will wait for your answer.

'Insanity': Texas newspaper blasts Republican Governor Greg Abbott
Texas voters pay no attention to the corrupt government they tolerate. Makes a sane person wonder about them.

Proud Boys leader may be on trial ó but his thugs are still on the street causing trouble
In the wake of Jan. 6, vanguard of American fascism has "reformed" ó now they're Christian nationalist warriors
America, remove your Nazis.

McConnell Tanks Bill To Legalize Marijuana Banking
Just another stupid and pitiful old man. The GOP is a tired bunch of short-sighted, puckered assholes. Get them the fuck out of our way.

Abbreviated pundit roundup: The sharks start circling
As we have have predicted. He's a pitiful old man.
But NYC has a stupid mayor.

How Unsurprising: Trump's Taxes Were Never Audited By The IRS
And no one is surprised.

House Republican leadership silent about GOP congressman-elect suspected of faking his rťsumť
The rot of the Republican Party.

How 'authoritarian' Ron DeSantis has made Florida a 'laboratory of fascist politics': scholar
Authoritarian puts it nicely. He's a MAGAt Nazi. As such, exemplifies the rot of his party.

Fixing the broken American healthcare system is not actually hard
Sorry. It's hard as hell for some.

Jim Bakker: God Talks To Me, And Trash-Talks Climate Change Activists
Bakker is consistently wrong about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
So, we're supposed to believe that we will be punished for caring for the planet God gave us to call home. If that's true, his God is a dick.
And how. Amazing how stupid some Americans are. Sorry, I have to clean my toilet.

Idaho Community College Taken Over By Right Wing Goons
Idaho community college becomes living example of how far-right power grabs hollow out institutions.
Let loose the drones on the fools. These idiots don't belong in this time.

Chris Licht Shocked People Aren't Loving Fox Lite
CNN boss Chris Licht claims to be stunned by "vitriol" of his plan to dumb down CNN to Fox Lite levels.
Dude, how fucling dumb can people get already? Whores for ratings!

Postal Service to build the largest fleet of electric trucks in the nation thanks to Dark Brandon

New York's new Giuliani, Eric Adams, wants to cut the public library's budget to almost nothing
Tell this dick to resign, abolish his grifting job and use his salary to help the public library.
Where do these dicks come from?

Biden White House To Anti-LGBT Fox News Trolls: Here's How You Can F*ck Yourselves

Biden administration to publish hospital ownership data for first time
The Biden administration on Tuesday plans to announce it will release ownership data for all 7,000 hospitals that participate in Medicare in an effort to boost transparency.

Why Should a Handful of Billionaires Own More Wealth than the Bottom 50% of All Americans?
No good reason.

A Truly Big Fuckin' Deal

A Day of Constitutional Reckoning Approaches
Section 2 of the 14th Amendment was designed to strip congressional districts from states that disenfranchise voters. Itís never been implemented.

A Texas Superintendent Ordered School Librarians to Remove LGBTQ Books. Now the Federal Government Is Investigating
As they should. Next remove all religion from the libraries. Anything that anyone finds offensive. Am I right?

Ohio Pastor Arrested On Two Felony Child Sex Charges
These "Pastors" are dropping like flies. If I were a Christian, I'd demand my tithe back.

Elon Musk Seems to Be Trying to Weasel Out of Vote to Resign
A weasel is just what he is.

Mike Leeís proposed obscenity bill sparks online outrage as adult film industry pushes back
According to Axios, "it would define it as content that depicts 'actual or simulated sexual acts with the objective intent to arouse, titillate, or gratify the sexual desires of a person" and lacks artistic or scientific value, according to a summary of the bill released by Lee."
Movies you see on cable do that all the time, Mike. You watch most of them, don't you.

Trump goes on hours-long rant against FBI after J6 committee criminal charges ó and admits he lost
Insanity illustrated.

'Out-of-touch' Utah Republicans slammed for accepting free trips to Qatar World Cup: 'Abused their position'
Clueless, grown men never learn.

Jan. 6 assault reflected a deep American division: Whose democracy is it?
Trump's rioters represented a deep, dark current in American history: Restricting democracy to a chosen few

Watergate prosecutor: Trump will be indicted ó and not just by the feds
As many as it takes to put him behind bars for life.

Bob Woodward: J6 panel proved Trump's 'criminal mismanagement'
Not difficult when you go after one of the biggest mobsters that ever lived.

'Today could possibly be worse for the former president than even yesterday's criminal referrals': CNN's Don Lemon
In other words, this guy is a chisler and a fraud.

The abortion pill, abortion bans and Republican policies that kill
Any abortion activist will tell you that banning abortion doesnít stop abortions Ė it stops safe abortions. Thanks to the existence of medical abortion (also called the abortion pill), a lot of illegal abortions can be much safer than they were before Roe v. Wade.
Until the deporables try to kill that too.

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses Lauren Boebert of 'high school drama'-like behavior on Twitter
High school girls in a cat fight. They deserve each other.

Rep. Jamie Raskin: Ringleaders Don't Get A Free Pass
"The severity of its actual harm and the centrality of the offender to the overall design of the unlawful scheme to overthrow the election compel us to speak," Rep. Jamie Raskin said yesterday.

Mike Pence: Jinkies, It Would Be 'Too Decisive' To Indict Trump
He wanted you dead, Mike.
He just wanted someone else to do it for him. And sure, we let traitors go all the time.

Grooming Children With Bibles, Not Drag Queens
Who needs to worry about drag queens when you have Bible stories like these?

Trump: Criminal Charges Would Be ďDouble JeopardyĒ
The idiot doesn't know that impeachment is not a criminal trial?
Your former president is a fucking moron.

Our Favorite Fascist Josh Hawley Lectures Men On How To Be Manly Men
"Young men, let me make a suggestion to you. Why don't you turn off the computer and log off the porn, and go ask a real woman on a date?" Hawley asked the crowd. "How about that? Just a thought. Ask her out. Young men, why don't you be the ones doing the asking? How about that? Don't wait for her! You go ask."
Did anyone else think this chud was about to start singing 'YMCA' when he said "Young men"?

'I WON': Trump Tantrum Underway Over Charge Referral
Former President Bloaty McBatShit is unraveling on Truth Social after the one-term President was referred for criminal charges by the Jan. 6 committee. Trump is being referred for: Inciting or assisting an insurrection, obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and conspiracy to make a false statement.
Lock him up.

Just in Time for Holidays, Dems May Embrace GOP Plan to Boot Millions Off Medicaid
One expert noted the pending deal has "huge stakes... for children and families."
So what did they do? Go Christmas shopping for shit for brains?

The Jan. 6th Committee Report and the Continuing Threat of Political Violence
The Nazis will try it again. This time they'll get a dose of the drones.

McCarthy 'should be questioned in a public forum' about his role in Trumpís plan to overturn election: J6 committee
Come clean for your country, Kevin.

MD Pastor Indicted On Multiple Child Porn Charges
The DOJ says 62-year-old Leonard Eley, was indicted on Nov. 28 on one count of Sexual Solicitation of a Minor, two counts of Possession of Child Pornography, and one count of Theft by False Pretenses following an investigation into charges that he solicited nude photographs from a minor over the course of a year.
More Holy Porn, Batman!

McConnell: ďEntire Nation KnowsĒ Trump Incited Riot

January 6 Report Presents a Devastating Case Against Trump
In testimony to the committee, Hope Hicks, a longtime Trump aide, recalled that when she told Trump during the post-election period that she believed his charges of fraud were ďdamaging his legacy,Ē Trump replied, ďNobody will care about my legacy if I lose.Ē Thatís not true. The committeeís report seals what is now the most significant aspect of his legacy: Trump tried to illegally break the republic, and, fortunately, he failed.

Trump pushed bogus election fraud claims 18 times after his own officials debunked them: J6 Committee

'Yes — definitely a crime!' Maddow explains how J6 Committee delivered oven-ready case to DOJ
In the MSNBC special coverage of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Congress, host Rachel Maddow noted that the members presented their case in a way that makes it easy for the Justice Department to take it straight to a judge.
In fact, they've done it before, and it worked out in their favor.

Justice Is Coming for Donald Trump
For six years, the job of upholding the rule of law against Donald Trump has been passed from one unwilling set of hands to the next. Now the job has returned to where it started. There is nobody else to pass it to. The recommendation has arrived. The time for justice has come.

DOJ Lawyers Are Cowards if They Donít Indict Trump

The Latest Political Humiliation for Donald Trump
The decision by the January 6th committee to recommend criminal prosecution for the former President is unprecedented in American history.

Biden Admin. Declares Housing A Human Right, Announces Plan To End Homelessness
Study after study has shown that the most effective and least expensive way to help the unhoused population is to house them. Preventing them from becoming unhoused in the first place is also pretty helpful.

Fascist Politics, the Return of Antisemitism and the ďDisconnected PresentĒ

Donald Trump's trading cards appear to be poorly-edited stock images or taken from catalogs
"And not only are they worth nothing, apparently any slackjawed yob with Photoshop and an Amazon account could have made their own versions."

Why right-wing anti-woke 'free thinkers' are total hypocrites: journalist
These miscreants will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

'Judicial supremacy': How the Supreme Court has usurped the other two branches of government
High time to shut the tyrants down.

'Nobody really wants to lease to us': Anti-LGBTQ+ preacher unable to find new location for evicted church
Why would they? Take a good long look at yourselves.

Dozens of climate leaders demand Democrats ditch Joe Manchin's zombie 'dirty deal' in spending bill
Ditch Joe Manchin.

Minnesota Man Collared In Alleged Mass Shooting Plot
Another fucked-up, gun-crazed Nazi.
One thing that America produces better than anyone.

GOP Senator Files Bill To Criminalize Internet Porn
Just think of it, America: We WILL become a theocracy!
Does this guy have anything better to do with his spare time?
He's obscene.

Anti-semitic assault of senior man ends with attacker shouting 'Kanye 2024'
We should all know how big this Nazi iceberg is by now.
Why aren't we getting rid of the promoters of this filthy garbage?
Twitter should be the first thing to go.

Trump-supporting head of 'Priests for Life' booted by Vatican over 'blasphemous communications'
Why, I can't be ousted! I am a priest for life! ROTFLMAO!

'The end is near for Donald Trump' with criminal referrals and bankruptcy looming: former GOP lawmaker
Let's all give a cheer!

States that restrict access to abortion have higher rates of maternal and infant mortality, study finds
Isn't that a surprise, Scalito?

REVEALED: The Donors to Tucker Carlsonís News Orgóand Their Ethical Conflicts
Quite the con man.

Trump issues threat in 'our country is sick' attack on the DOJ and the FBI
What a chickenshit. And it's all because he's the sickest sicko in the known universe! MAGA-GA!

Woman Documents Price She's Paying For Republican Anti-Abortion Crusades
This is difficult to watch, but her story needs to be told.
Mean and evil motherfuckers.

GOP Turns Hearing On Violence Into A Clown Show
A ĎWoke Armyí? Republicans turn final House hearing on far-right violence into a clown show
Toys in the attic.

OH Pastor Busted In Human Trafficking Sting
Robert Kassler, is a pastor at Manchester Christian Church in New Franklin, OH.
Nailed another bunch.

Vaseline Woman: ďThey Messed With The Wrong BitchĒ
Looks to me like the got the right bitch, bitch.

DOJ: Rioter Plotted To Kill The Feds Investigating Him
Another one eats dust.

Nice Alabama Ladies Feeding, Spaying Feral Cats convicted of CRIMING
A special report on the intellectual levels of the municipal "authoritas" of Wetumpka, Alabama, deep in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Starbucks Workers launch biggest strike yet in rebellion against 'anti-union bullying'
Union now! Union forvever!

Feds nab right-wing suspect who sympathized with Club Q shooter and was 'dedicated to dying' in a shootout
A Minnesota man who compiled a large stock of weapons and ammunition and expressed support for mass shootings online, while making disparaging remarks about minorities, gays and Jewish people, has been arrested after a FBI sting.

Alabama MAGA rioter arrested for allegedly using stun gun while fighting cops at the Capitol
Another one ensnared by his treason.

Meet Ron DeSantisí New ďPublic Health Integrity CommitteeĒ
Fuck DeSantis and his grifting toadies.

Ron DeSantisís Anti-Vaccine Campaign Continues Trumpís War on the Rule of Law
Hopefully this guy will take a long walk over a very high and steep cliff soon.

Hate Group Sues New Mexico Over Assisted Suicide Law
These people want their religion to govern us. Just like the Taliban.

DeSantis Vows To Sign No-Permit Open Carry Bill
Again, the man aids and abets murder. Why is it we want Nazis like him? Has our country really lost it?

Ben Shapiro Has The Marriage Equality Super Sadz: Those Gays Plan To Impose Their Beliefs On Everybody
He must have overlooked the Christo-fascists.

J6 Committee To Vote On Urging DOJ To Charge Trump

North Carolina judges rule Republicans 'acted unconstitutionally' in strategic voter suppression efforts
Damaged Party, anyone? Thank, Fatso for it. But Hillary warned you.

'Cash grab': Knives out in TrumpWorld as his closest allies rage over his 'worthless' NFT stunt
Maybe we won't have to send him to jail if he's carved up in pieces


Nancy Pelosi: American Hero, Real and True
"I can't go to bed without pausing to praise the subject of that documentary as well as the movie itself. I urge anyone who has access to it on HBO Max to see it. I think it would be a damn good think if every American could see that movie."
I agree.

QAnon adherent who led mob that chased Capitol cop on Jan. 6 given 5-year prison sentence
They are going too light on sentencing these traitors. They will get out and do the same things again.

Developers Found Graves in the Virginia Woods. Authorities Then Helped Erase the Historic Black Cemetery

Carlson: Scientists Want To Put Unvaxxed In ďCampsĒ
Does he and Janson feel the same about wearing seat belts in your auto?
Were these people born yesterday?
How Not Wearing a Seatbelt Affects your Insurance Claims

Wake Up, Media. Elon Musk Has Always Been A Con Artist
Especially conned were the people who considered him a "genius."

Combatting Economic Inequality Is a Key Democratic Value
People want to live in a fair and equitable society. And achieving one is possible.
This means getting rid of the Nazis by any means.

Conservative donors are funneling 'dark money' toward a SCOTUS case that could drastically alter US voting laws
More proof the American Nazi Party will destroy democracy if they are not stopped.

How Trump and Elon build their cults: Exploiting right-wing insecurity
Yep, Trump's latest "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT" is massive cringe ó†but that only makes his fans cling to him harder
"There's a fool born every minute" has never been truer.

Self-declared 'free speech absolutist' Elon Musk slammed for suspending journalists from Twitter
No free press on Mush's Nazi board.

'Free speech for me, but not for thee': Elon Musk suspends multiple journalists from Twitter
Living in fear, part infinity.

NY Post: ďDonít Give Any Money To Con Artist TrumpĒ
"...another money grab." He must be far more broke than we ever thought.
Send this grifter up the river so far we'll never see him again.

TX Rep Hires ďDeath To Drag Show AttendeesĒ Activist
Oh no, not another one. A waste of money and failure to boot. Jake Neidert: "..called for the public execution of people who take children to drag events." More Christo-fascists.
That's just what HE needs. What scum piles.
Tex-ass, the most backward state.

Republicans get cold feet on McCarthy's 'inappropriate' plan to boot Democrats off committees: report
They are unfit to lead anywhere but off the dock.

DeSantis Vows To Sign Anti-Abortion ďHeartbeatĒ Bill
Chickenshit. He will be the death of many women and as such he should be charged with their murders.

Three Men Sentenced To Prison Terms Over Plot To Kidnap Gov. Whitmer
Kidnapping used to be the death penalty. Attempting it should be life.

'I have some major announcements too': President Joe Biden one-ups Donald Trump's overhyped cash grab
Some online are calling it grifting and a scam.
Ya, think? That's all he's ever done with his worthless existence. The joke is on us, America.
Unlike Trumpís NFT scheme, responses to Bidenís tweet were very supportive.

'The sheer insanity!' Former Trump official rages at his political judgement over trading card video
Here come the men in the white coats, asshole.

'We shelter the ignorant': Adam Kinzinger gut punches the GOP over 'lies and deceit' in searing farewell address
Nice going, Adam.

'You don't get to lead a government you tried to destroy': Democrats file bill to ban Donald Trump from office
Good for starters. Now, put his ass in stir.

MAGA Capitol rioter 'can't believe' that he is 'going to jail' for 'NFT salesman' Donald Trump
Believe it, loser. All over a cheap grifter. Now you are following another Nazi. You will never learn.

Free Speech Absolutist Elon Musk Announces New Limits on Free Speech
Another screwball. Don't we have enough already?

MyPillow Guy Demanding Ronna McDaniel DEBATE MEEE! On Steve Bannon's Show, RNC Race Going Swell
How high can they stack shit?

Voters in five Texas cities approved decriminalizing marijuana. Now city officials are standing in the way
Texas is for dimwits.

How Do We Stop Wealthy Rightwing ďChristiansĒ from Bribing the Supreme Court?
Imposing a judicial code of ethics on SCOTUS like the European Parliament is creating this week is a vital place for Congress and the White House to begin
Stop calling them Christians.

Lauren Boebert is more dangerous than ever
When Boebert isnít trying to own the libs, sheís often found advancing extreme positions, such as when in June she advised an audience, ďThe church is supposed to direct the government,Ē and complained, ďIím tired of this separation of church and state junk thatís not in the Constitution.Ē In September, she told another audience that ďwe are in the last of the last daysĒ ó thatís right, the literal rapture.
What will it mean for Colorado to have a bigoted, election-denying representative who believes the end times are imminent wielding power in Congress? You donít need to be a prophet to know the state should brace for more exasperation, threats and embarrassment.
She will get what she deserves. Make no mistake.

ďSuicide by CopĒ: How Police Present Killings as Unavoidable
American police speak in a peculiar lexicon. When an officer guns somebody down, it is an ďofficer-involved shooting.Ē When a department spokesperson speaks of ďthe use of force,Ē police violence is reduced to basic physics. ďFatalityĒ dulls a plainer reality: that somebody has been killed.
A less-discussed clause carries with it the same obfuscation of meaning: ďsuicide by cop.Ē The phrase refers to a person who provokes the policeís violence to kill themselves. But too often it has been loosely applied to excuse police killings as unavoidable.

NC Pastor Hit With 14 New Child Sex Charges
They just keep coming. Their "faith" is a failure.

Florida Christian School Student Charged With School Shooting Threat, Several Guns Found In Home
Any relation to Ron DeSantis?

Interfaith Alliance Celebrates Historic Signing of Respect For Marriage Act

Elon Musk's nudge-and-wink embrace of QAnon conspiracism signals a dark turn for Twitter
Many people I know have quit Twitter. It's become a madhouse of QAnon and fascist crazy sewer.

San Antonio Drag Protesters Outnumbered By Rowdy Supporters
People who hate drag shows and threaten them with violence have made drag shows more popular than ever.

Republicans Sick of Trump Have a Major Problem: The Trump Base
The GOP continues to rot as a political party, as a governing institution, and as a moral entity.

Robert Reich: Electoral College reform is 'urgent' as the Supreme Court considers 'bonkers' election theory
SCOTUS is the biggest danger to freedom in our country. These fascists are trying to kill democracy.

Man opens fire on St. Louis KFC because they ran out of corn?: report
This sounds more like a joke line from Mad magazine. But no. America and their gun obsession demonstrates we are sicker than we imagine.

'Pyramid scheme' promoted by Trump and Celebrity Apprentice links him to federal lawsuit: plaintiffs
There's enough on Fatso to put him away for the remainder of his life.

Republicans want to blame Club Q shooting and other hate crimes, baselessly, on police defunding
During Wednesday's House hearing, Republicans minimized the role bigotry plays in anti-LGBTQ hate crimes
More Nazi racist hate.

Nancy Pelosiís Portrait Unveiled In US Capitol
American greatness in our generation.

Tucker Carlson: California Will Use ďNazi Race ScienceĒ
Only the Nazi himself would spew out such vomit.
If he's not buying into the old adage of "one drop of blood makes you Black," he shows his stupidity. As usual.
If anyone has ever watched the ancestry show on PBS we know that many white people have Black bloodlines in their DNA. Is he saying these people are Black?

More texts from Mark Meadows' phone: Republicans in Congress spread fake 'Jan. 6 was antifa' claims
The dog.

Press Treats DeSantis's Assault On Public Health As Horse Race Story
Our useless corporate media strikes again.
Anyone can say they are with the media these days. It's never been considered as low.

'Political theater': Conservative rips Ron DeSantis for 'sucking up' to the Ďconspiracist anti-vax fringeí
And that's not all this faacist sucks.

'The guardrails are completely off': SPLC members warn of 'war' within party at GOP event
Too much DMT? Or just plain Nazi stupidity.

'He knew what he did': Adam Kinzinger explains why Donald Trump should face criminal charges

'We are being slaughtered and dehumanized': Club Q owner shames anti-LGBTQ+ House Republicans
They are the responsible party.

'It's not fair': 'Genius' MAGA pastor wants voting rights repealed because Democrats win elections
"A pro-Trump Mississippi pastor"? He worships Satan.
He's pissed because they arean't fucking idiots like him and his MAGAt pals.

Manager Of Restaurant Throws Embarrassing Fit Over Gay Couple Kissing
It's a kiss, dude. Calm down.

Ooof!: Boebert Is Angry At Homeland Security Head Over Drug Seizures
What an absolute walnut. Seizing drugs is the point, Dumbo. Or do you need it that badly?

Police Say Pelosi Attacker Had List Of His Next Targets: Gavin Newsom, Tom Hanks, Hunter Biden, Professor
Then that should be his punishement: run a gauntlet of dudes with hammers!
Typical Republican.

Super Sadz: Tony Perkins Melts Down Over Marriage Bill
Hopefully, so much he disappears!

Cotton Blocks Passage Of Press Freedom Act
We've always had a free press, you throwback.

A Fifth of American Adults Struggle to Read. Why Are We Failing to Teach Them?
Are we failing or are they failing themselves? They may think there's no good reason to read all the fake news in the world thanks to snake oil salesmen.

ĎDestroying the nuclear familyí: Laura Ingraham falsely claims new marriage law takes rights away from Christians
Christians are very insecure people. They must be worried they won't be able to marry unless they become bigger assholes.
And it's giving her the sadz about mass.

Trump Isnít Our Biggest Problem: Itís the Authoritarian Fascist Movement He Launched
The American media needs to call this movement what it is, fascism, and demand accountability and answers from the thousands of Republican politicians nationwide who refuse to repudiate it...

Texas attorney generalís office sought state data on transgender Texans
Certifiable creeps.

Musk Pledged $6B to Solve World Hunger But Gave It to His Own Foundation Instead
Well, that's not much compared to what he's going after, which is the entire world's cash supply.

COVID Vaccines Have Saved 3 Million Lives In US, If You Believe 'Science'
Seems like I may have heard of it but it was associated with "fiction," no? (sarcasm - invented by MTG)

Inside a GOP event where right-wing influencers plotted 'war'
ďEvery single thing referred to this war that they believe that theyíre in,Ē Hayden said. ďI have to repeatedly say that we are not in their war, they are at war with us, and I think itís really important to understand that there are people in this country who get together and plot in private and give each other awards who believe that theyíre at war with us. So for that sense, I felt it was very important to document it and to inform the public that itís happened.Ē
Proving how dangerous to Americans these Nazis are.

Former NFL cheerleaders left 'humiliated and incensed' after Republicans distribute 'salacious' photos of them: lawyers
I mean, really?

Inside the Jury Room for the Trump Org Criminal Trial
Jurors thought a Trump Organization lawyer was insulting. They knew the employees were liars. And the defense teamís jingle fell flat

Kari Lake's doomed legal battle: The holiday grift that keeps on giving
Arizona's biggest loser can't overturn the election. But she can raise tons of money and serve her cult leader
More American trash.

Elon Musk mulls axing severance pay for laid off workers and has stopped paying rent at Twitter offices: NYT
Don't forget, you heard he was Trump 2.0 right here in "The Land."

Cryptocurrency was always a scam ó powered by white male privilege
The downfall of Sam Bankman-Fried serves as a reminder of how many white male "geniuses" are just full of crap
They are talking about you, Elon.

Texas Records Show Musk Didnít Vote In The Midterms
After all his "division and hate" yapping. STFU!

WH: GOP Repís ďMarshall LawĒ Text Is ďDisgustingĒ
ďThat text message came from a source of frustration, on the heels of countless unanswered questions about the integrity of the 2020 election, without any way to slow down and examine those issues prior to the inauguration of the newly elected president.Ē
What a sore loser. All of the "issues" were examined and answered prior to the inauguration, numb-nuts. All because assholes like you made it so.

Right-wing judge makes the inevitable move against birth control rights
More scum to pollute America. Where do these shitbirds come from? Texas, apparently.
Nazis should be outlawed and not women's rights. And fuck Christo-fascism.

The Unmitigated Gall Of Representative Scott Fitzgerald
Representative Scott Fitzgerald partook in the attempted overthrow of government, then threatens intelligencer agents with being questioned over Hunter Biden's laptop.
"For Fitzgerald to make such wild claims and threats takes a helluva lot of nerve and an even greater lack of integrity. honesty and self-awareness. Especially when one considers that it was Fitzgerald who had reserved a room in the Wisconsin State Capitol for the 10 fake electors to commit their act of treason and other crimes. On top of that, Fitzgerald had voted against accepting the election results and against both impeachments."
The decay of American integrity is strong here.

Ten Years After Sandy Hook, 'False Flag' Lies Are Everywhere
Yes, Alex Jones is being held accountable for spreading conspiracy theories Ė but those sorts of lies now plague the US.

President Joe Biden signs historic same-sex and interracial marriage protections into law
Atta go, Joe.

How Elon Musk's anti-Fauci attacks are designed for the 'right-wing information ecosystem': columnist
Just another tw-bit Nazi.

Yeís Antisemitism: Nothing To Do With the Black Community, Straight From the White Supremacist Playbook

Qatar Accused of Bribing Leaders in Biggest Ever EU Scandal
These fucks are the definition of corrupt. They are the biggest pricks and should be boycotted by the world.

Trump has reached 'maximum legal and political risk' as his 'moment of truth' has arrived: analyst
Squirm and sweat you fat fuck!

Choir director at private Catholic school pleads guilty to more than 25 child sex crimes
Same old song, verse infinity. And the fools keep attacking LGBT and drag queens?

Neo-Nazi arrested in traffic stop had bulletproof vest and ghost gun: report
Neo-Nazi, same as old Nazi Nazi. Does same stupid shit.

ĎWAY TOO SOON TO GIVE IN NOW!í Read the Unhinged Texts from GOP Congressmen as They Tried to Overturn the 2020 Election
Talk about stupid fuckheads. They can keep obsessing on the 2020 and the 2024 will be over before they can say "WTF!"

Brazilian Extremists Riot In Bid To Overturn Election
Bolsonaro Nazis in Brazil act just like our own. Yellow shirt cowards and stacks of the shits.
Bolsonaro is being advised by Steve Bannon. Our very own Nazi nitwit. His end is coming soon.

Insurrectionists ready to ‚Äėcross the Rubicon‚Äô in their ongoing war against American democracy
Deluded idiots will be wiped out. Total war is what you will get.

At least 34 members of Congress texted Mark Meadows to declare willingness to participate in coup
All the criminals must be removed.

Trump: People 'Wanted' The Jan 6 Insurrection To Happen
Every Nazi that worshipped him did. Otherwise, not so much.

Mark Meadows Texts Published And It Smells Like GOP Sedition
What else did we expect?

Over 300 Oath Keepers Identified Themselves As DHS Employees
All are traitors.

'Corporate Greed at Its Worst': Top US Utility Giants Reap $14 Billion in Profits as Households Suffer
"Utility companies have chased higher and higher profits and enriched investors rather than keep prices stable for working families."
The people should own utitilties.

'Our last hope is Marshall Law!!': GOP lawmakers' texts to Mark Meadows revealed in new report
Did he mean Marshall Dillon or Marshall amps? ROTFLMAO!

Republicans have a plan ó to hold America hostage over the debt ceiling yet again
GOP readies another round of legislative terrorism in search of spending cuts. Biden needs to fight back hard
The Nazi Party should get some brains and stop being dicks.

A prayer before dying: On the Republican Party's terminal illness
I was a Republican for years. I can testify that GOP leaders know their party is doomed, and there's no escape

Right wing attacks on Brittney Griner are part of a larger ó and unhinged ó backlash to LGBTQ rights
As Biden signs the Respect for Marriage Act, anti-gay Republican rhetoric becomes nastier and scarier

Twitter Axes Council Tasked With Fighting Hate Speech
"Elon Musk's Twitter dissolves the Trust And Safety Council formed in 2016 to address problems like hate speech, child exploitation, suicide and self-harm"
Twitter is now a Nazi playground.

Florida Oath Keeper Found Guilty Of Multiple Felonies
Traitor bites it. They all will.

Washington Pastor And Wife Charged In Capitol Riot
Two more traitors bite the dust.

On The Rise Of Drone ďSkyvertisingĒ Over US Cities
Welcome to dystopia. This must be stopped and stopped quickly.

Negotiations over boosting child tax credits are proof we are a†crooked, crooked country
Meet the single greatest cause of child poverty in America: Republicans

Tucker Carlson regular faces elder abuse charges and stealing over $224k in Florida
Catherine Areu Jones: Another crackpot.

Former U.S. Attorney Bharara: DOJ 'On Path To Charge' Trump Next Month
Former federal prosecutor and former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara believes we're finally going to see some charges against Trump next month.
Fatso gets his.

Texas pastor openly calls on 'Christian nationalists' to 'impose their values on society'
He must need to make a payment on a mansion? Grifter DeLuxe. Get bent, Jefress.
Christian nationalists are not Christians. Write it in stone.

How parts of the 'anti-woke right' are pushing a 'secular culture war': report
All you Christo-fascists bound to lose!

Former top Twitter official forced to leave home due to threats amid ĎTwitter Filesí release
The poison that is Musk.

Special Counsel Subpoenas Georgia Secretary Of State
Takin' names, kickin' ass. Get ready all of you whiney-assed Trump toadies.

Stone: Bidens Opened ďDemonic PortalĒ Over The WH
Typical vomit from the Pinhead.
ďIf you believe the Bible, and we do, then you believe Satan exists, and he does, and you believe there are demons and therefore a portal in which demons enter this realm is not such a crazy idea at all.
Well, there's Roger to prove it!

DC insider shreds Marjorie Taylor Greene for claiming she'd have 'won' if she led January 6
Indeed, all she would have won was a trip to prison for treason.
Stupid on stupid.

'These are crimes': Jamie Raskin slams Marjorie Taylor Greene's remarks about 'winning' armed insurrection
Grand Jury time for her. Wipe her out.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's new 'endorsement of violence' could land her in front of a grand jury: CNN analysts<br> "That's an endorsement of violence."
She has violated her oath of office with this.
"This is not stuff to take lightly," he continued. "This is a country on the edge in a lot of ways and if she really means this, she should repeat it under oath. I'd love to hear it."

Michigan Supreme Court slams 'final nail in legal coffin' of Trump ally's last-ditch 'voter fraud' lawsuit
The end of Trump and his bandit gang is coming.

Man Shoots Black Airbnb Guest Walking To Grocery Store
Showing Black people that whites aren't afraid to dry-ghulch them.

Anti-trans villain brings racist billionaire on stage, and the audience erupts in boos
"Peppering his jokes with the N-word ironically, even calling Musk 'this N-word,'Ě Chappelle was obviously oblivious to the unleashed racism on Twitter following Musk's $44 billion purchase of the platform."
Chapelle is no better and has been hoodwinking all along.

Red-Pilled Elon Musk Still Loves the Chinese Communist Party
"Musk has refashioned himself into a conservative idol, strategically leaking selected Twitter communications to sympathetic journalists and spraying out a series of right-wing talking points, from accusing Paul Pelosi of lying about the attack that hospitalized him to ranting about the 'woke mind virus.' By October, he had secured a place in the pantheon of conservative heroes so rarefied that the House Judiciary Committee tweeted in adulation, 'Kanye. Elon. Trump.'Ē

'Learn how sarcasm works': Marjorie Taylor Greene quickly backpedals on 'armed' insurrection
Sure. That always works for cowards like you who run their mouths and have no backbones when they are called out.
"Some analysts have suggested that Greene's remarks could lead to a grand jury investigation."
Which should lead to her removal.

ĎTreason out loudí: Critics call Marjorie Taylor Greeneís remarks Ďfantasizing about killing her colleaguesí
She can't go on without serious consequences for her "sarcasm." That she said the mob had no weapons clearly illustrates she's not being sarcastic. She's fantasizing as usual.

'As bad as it can get': Legal expert says Trump special master case ended in 'humiliation for Judge Cannon'

Judge Cannon Forced to Toss Trumpís Special Master Bid for Mar-a-Lago Docs
Fatso loses again.

Everybody Hates Elon Musk
If Elon Musk set out to become one of the most loathed men on the planet, he's an unqualified success.

Rightwing 'Patriots' Still Acting Like Racist Scumbags Over Brittney Griner

White House Hits Back at Marjorie Taylor Greeneís ĎArmedí Jan 6 Comments: ĎA Slap in the Faceí to the Capitol Police and Victimsí Families
And she's no lady. And they had firearms you stupid bitch. The woman is illiterate.
Capitol Protesters Were Armed With Variety of Weapons

Twitter To Raise Character Limit From 280 To 4000
Why stop there? So many assholes, so little character space.

'Prosecute/Fauci': Musk aligns himself with the far-right, and Twitter is now dangerously unsafe
Fuck Musk. Long and hard.

Elon Musk Booed For 10 Minutes At Dave Chappelle Stadium Show
This asshole can shut his yapper and do us all a big favor.
Chapelle's no better.

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago conduct 'checks the boxes' for indictment on three criminal statutes
Put him on a rocket to the end of our universe.

Israel and the rise of Jewish fascism
Just when you think we won't all go mad.

'The importance of this news cannot be overstated': Scientists achieve 'breakthrough' in fusion technology

Marge: Jan. 6 Would Have Succeeded If I Organized It
And she added, "We would have been armed."
They were armed you dumbass. Next time we'll have the Guard in place. Let's see how tough you are then?
Anyone, especially one who serves in our government, that promotes treason should immediately lose their job.
They should also be investigated for criminal charges.
This miscreant is a traitor. She has very clearly betrayed her oath which cannot be denied.

Morning Joe panelists condemn Marjorie Taylor Greeneís Ďdisgustingí speech
Kick her ass to the streets where she can walk them again.

'We want total war': Young Republican group cheers on the next insurrection
This is the Nazi party of treason to which Greene adheres.

CNN Host: MTG Has Just ďEndorsed Violent SeditionĒ
ďThatís an endorsement of violent sedition. Make no mistake about it.Ē
She must be removed.

Trump Admits Rejecting Russian Offer To Trade Whelan
So STFU up bigmouths.

MTG: Bannon and I Would Have ĎBeen Armedí and ĎWoní the Insurrection
The congresswoman also claimed during a speech on Saturday that "teachers can pass around dildos, butt plugs and lube" in the classroom
She's a deeply ill person and dangerous as cancer.

Second Journalist Dies While Covering Qatar World Cup
And a security guard was seriously injured after falling at one of the stadiums on the same day.
Journalists beware. Those sand jockies may have it in for you.

Hitting the Books: America might not exist if not for a pre-Revolution smallpox outbreak

Sanders calls Sinema 'corporate Democrat' who 'sabotaged' legislation
He's very accurate about her.

Texas hits 1,000 days under Greg Abbottís public health disaster as a new COVID-19 wave and legislative session loom
After more than 92,000 deaths and 8 million reported COVID-19 cases in Texas, the state remains one of less than a dozen still under a statewide disaster or public health emergency.
Brains are at an all time low here.

Trump and John Eastman likely at top of list for Jan. 6 criminal referrals: legal expert
Well, duh.

Trump is 'very aware' he 'could end up in jail': biographer
Keep him away from sharp things.

Federal judge strikes down part of Montanaís anti-vaxx law as unconstitutional
The Montana Nurses Association, which was part of a group of plaintiffs, praised the ruling.
ďThe Courtís order is a win for all Montanansóyoung or old, healthy or sickówho no longer need to worry about government interference with the safety of their healthcare in Montana,Ē said Vicky Byrd, CEO of the Montana Nurses Association.
Brains win again.

Elon Musk: ďMy Pronouns Are Prosecute/FauciĒ
Another broken person fit for the trash heap.

Herschel Walker Shocked That He Didn't Receive 100% Of Vote

US Democracy Is in Danger and Mainstream Media Is Silent
Case in point: Moore v. Harper.

Loser Kari Lake Files Another Lawsuit Insisting She Won
Is there something in the water in Arizona?
No, it's her "wet brain."

ĎA Mere Basketball Playerí: Newsmax Host Eric Bolling Trashes Brittney Griner After Prisoner Swap
This clueless POS should not be saying anything on any media outlet in the U.S.
He wants athletes that suffer from pain to use the same drug that killed his son. He's a disgusting racist.
"Neither Bolling nor Carlson noted the fact the Biden administration secured the release of U.S. citizen, Marine, and White man Trevor Reed from Russian custody in April Ė well before Grinerís"
On the stupid meter both he and Carlson break it.

TX Pastor Charged With Sexual Assault Of 11-Year-Old
Like guns, when will God be put away?
"It's time to put God away" — Faith/Void by Bill Callahan

Pastors of defunct church plead guilty to car loan and COVID-19 fraud
More reasons to "put God away."

Why in the hell did we need cryptocurrency? The collapse of FTX and SBF explained, sort of
It's deeply surprising that investing in money that isn't money, at a bank that isn't a bank, didn't go well
Nah. The deep greed of get rich quick Americans drove this. Snake oil at its worst.

Influential Northeast Florida donor, subject of active JSO investigation, found dead Thursday
It's a start. And it should rub off on DeSantis.

ďYouíre Going To DieĒ Rioter Sentenced To Five Years
Hope he enjoys those FEW years in prison.

Judge Declines To Hold Trump In Contempt Of Court
Why do any of us want to obey any law?

Reporter Who Wore Rainbow Shirt Dies At World Cup
I smell a big fat Oatari rat.

Yep, Gen Z Won The Midterms
Near record-high numbers of young people voted during the midterms. signaling a possible shift in voting trends.
Let the fascists be warned.

Abbreviated pundit roundup: The Kyrsten Sinema Chronicles, continued
Who likes her? Absolutely nobody.

Hey Kyrsten: You Are Why 'Good Riddance' Is Trending
Critics Swing After Sinema Declares "Independence": "She's driven by which corporations and lobbyists are giving her the most money ó which makes her an elected mercenary, not an elected representative of the people."
Flush her down the toilet.

Ignore The Noise: Colorado Shooter's Motive Was Anti-Gay Hate
Red herrings aside, Colorado Springs shooterís clear motivation was rabid anti-LGBTQ hatred.
Any fool could see that.

Now that inanimate property fell victim to the right-wing insurgency, will the Republicans help end it?
What Ye's antisemitism teaches us about right-wing hate speech

'Shut force': Michigan GOP official calls for aggressive closure of public library over LGBTQ books
And then burn it down, right? "Fahrenheit 451" is happening due to some pretty fucked up turds like this. The best thing to do is get rid of scumbags like this asshole.

'A political power grab': NY Times slams Supreme Court for even considering 'dangerously radical' ISL theory
Political? Hell, it's just more treason by these fascist bastards.
"To be clear, this is a political power grab in the guise of a legal theory. Republicans are trying to see if they can turn state legislatures ó 30 of which are controlled by Republicans ó into omnipotent, unaccountable election bosses with the help of the conservative supermajority on the Supreme Court. The theory has no basis in law, history or precedent.
The idea that state lawmakers exist free of any constraints imposed by their constitution and state courts makes a mockery of the separation of powers, which is foundational to the American system of government. By the North Carolina lawmakersí logic, they possess infinite power to gerrymander districts and otherwise control federal elections. It is a Constitution-free zone where no one else in the state ó not the governor, not the courts, not the voters through ballot initiatives ó has any say.Ē

Ron DeSantis' gruesome campaign plan: I'm the genius who defeated COVID ó and let thousands die
Ron DeSantis hopes to beat Trump by running as the manly man who rejects vaccines and welcomes mass death
Hopefully, it will be him that goes first.

J6 Panel Reveals List Of Those Considered For Criminal Referrals
I'll bet there is a lot of ketchupping going on at Mar-a-Lago right now.
There are at least four individuals who are considered for criminal referrals, in addition to former President Donald Trump.
Fatso has been nailed.
"I would have been surprised if any of the miscreants listed weren't targeted with criminal referrals."

Christian Sex ďExpertĒ OKs Giving Others A ďHoly KissĒ
Funny, he doesn't look like a sex "expert." More like a pervert.
"Piper last appeared on JMG when he called for ďcircumcising the heartsĒ of atheists. Piper first appeared here in 2015 when he declared that sex is for Christians only." A-ha! Cornering the market for Jesus!

DeSantis Loses Again: Third ďVoter FraudĒ Case Tossed
The only fraud here is DeSantis.

Fox Host: ďLiberals Are The Most Intolerant PeopleĒ
Yep, most of us are fed up with your fascist bullshit.

The Top Target of Texasí Abortion Bounty Law Isnít Backing Down
After a case against him got dismissed, Dr. Alan Braid says he hopes his opponent appeals, "so that even a higher court has a chance to rule on the unconstitutionality of this law"
"But, deep down, I never ever thought that Roe would be overturned because to repeat history and expect a different outcome is insanity."
Exactly what the government of Texas is.
Get the Supreme Court out of American health care. They have NO BUSINESS THERE!

Iranian Security Forces Shooting Women's Faces, Genitalia
One physician said he believed the authorities were targeting men and women in different ways ďbecause they wanted to destroy the beauty of these womenĒ. Medics say Iranian security forces are targeting protesting women with shotgun fire to their faces, breasts and genitals. Doctors and nurses said that women often arrived with different wounds to men, who more commonly had shotgun pellets in their legs, buttocks and backs.
And the fucking UN doesn't want Iran because the US want them out? Wonder how they'd feel about finding a new home for their support of terrorism? "The Thing Muslims Fear the Most"
One cannot be Muslim and criticize the Koran. One can't be Muslim and listen to Western music, drink, smoke pot, and lead prayers if you're a woman. These old dried up, limp-dicked shitbags are not human. Fuck the swine eaters.

Tennessee Wants to Criminalize Drag Shows. Welcome to the Rightís Latest Assault on LGBTQ People
The state's bill aims to classify drag as ďadult cabaretĒ and ban it from public performance where children might see it ó violators could get jail time
Another retarded "Holy Nazi State of America." Hickwalls.

Carlson: Whelan Wasnít Swapped Because Heís White
Asswipe pushing hate and despises anyone who does not accept his hate creed.

Fox News Host: Griner Should Have Been Left In Russia
Levin should be shipped there free.

Cameron: The Pilgrims Fled A ďWoke MobĒ In England
Another propagandist for "religion." When will these folk tales be exposed for their bullshit?
These people were "Separatists." Not unlike "Sovereign Citizens" these days. England was glad they left. Thankfully, every year there are less of them here.

'No one who's done more': Eric Trump says his father saved 'religious freedom' from Barack Obama
The name 'Trump' will forever be a synonym for 'moron.'

'This is insane': Ex-GOP insider slams Republicans for assailing the Constitution they once vowed to protect
Sinema is now a part of this in her disowning of the Democrat party.

Kyrsten Sinema leaving Democratic Party to register as an independent
Don't let the door hit your cowardly fat butt on the way out. This woman has done more damage to the party than anyone besides Manchin.
Political parties stand for something, Sin. You stand for the highest bidder. You know what that makes you, don't you?

ME, ME, ME: Kyrsten Sinema Announces Switch To Independent
Way to piss on what we thought was a solid majority to protect democracy, missy.
"Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema told Politico that she will change her affiliation to independent, but will not caucus with Republicans and suggested that she intends to vote the same way she has for four years in the Senate. ďNothing will change about my values or my behavior,Ē she said."
Then why did you do it? Not enough attention being paid to your sorry ass?
She held on to that info until Herschel got dumped. Putrid woman.

Morning Digest: Kyrsten Sinema becomes independent but says she still plans to caucus with Democrats
Frustrated Democrats spent the last year talking about waging a primary challenge to the senator in this swing state, and Rep. Ruben Gallego very much had not ruled out the idea. Sinema said Friday that ďcriticism from outside entities doesnít really matter to me,Ē though several polls also showed her with terrible ratings with Democrats, Republicans, and independents in Arizona.
In other words, everyone hates her.

How one 'damning question' from Ketanji Brown Jackson 'might save the day' on voting rights: legal expert
ďIf state constitutions create state legislatures, then how can state legislatures violate state constitutions? It ceases to be a constitutionally ordained legislature at that point!Ē This is begging the question. They are too selfish, corrupt and downright stupid to understand this.

Neal Katyal uses Justice Clarence Thomas' own words against him during Supreme Court hearing
Neal is one smart cookie. Thomas is a dimwit. Impeach him.

Man Who Released 5,000 Taliban Prisoners Is Angry Griner Is Released
He genuinely is a terrible person. Coprophagian.

Putin's Puppet Throws A Fit Over Zelensky Being Named Time's Person Of The Year
Tucker Carlson railed against Ukraine and Zelensky for nearly 10 minutes straight.
Send the swine to Moscow.

GOP Rep Cites 'Bestiality' To Attack Respect For Marriage Act
Watching Rep. Good's speech, it appears that Rick Santorum has left an indelible mark on the GOP after all.

Newsmax Host Calls Griner ďDrug Addict WokesterĒ
Some people are just unmitigated pricks.
"Merchant of Death"óThat's the nickname of the prisoner Biden returned to Putin. He was convicted of conspiring to kill American law enforcement. So said Kevin McCarthy.
So were your Trump seditionist bastards on J6, hypocrite.

Trumpís Jewish Allies Are ĎBeggingí Him to Condemn Kanye. Heís Refusing
Prominent Jewish and human rights leaders are circulating a letter asking the former president to distance himself from West and Nick Fuentes. A Trump advisor responds: ďIíve seen it, and I do not care."
Anyone thinks this empty voidoid gives a shit about anything but himself is totally ill.

Chicago paper calls for 'jackhammering' controversial Trump name off of tower
Let it be so.

FBI investigating five power substations attacked in Pacific Northwest strikes similar to North Carolina
The Nazi Civil War is ramping up. These domestic terrorists should be shot on sight.

Run-off Victory in Georgia Signals Good News for Social Security Recipients
With their run-off victory in Georgia, Democrats now have a mandate to protect Social Security. Here's what they need to do next.

Republicans Want the Supreme Court to ďRewrite HistoryĒ So They Can Hijack Elections
It's what fascists do. And they do it all the time.

Fox Host Swipes at Brittney Griner While Announcing Her Release
This pasty trecherous frump has a lot of gall.

Kari Lake Goes Out With a Whimper: She Couldnít Galvanize Trumpís Jan. 6 Army
Good riddence to bad rubbish.

This Weekís Developments May Portend the Final Collapse of Trumpism
Trump's reckless behavior and rhetoric are also continuing to cause problems. Wolf noted that Trump's call for the U.S. Constitution to be nixed which has led to more of a divide within the party. With this type of divide, the party will likely find it even more difficult to move forward collectively.

US gas prices lower than they were a year ago
The average price of gasoline in the U.S. is lower than it was a year ago, after many months of elevated prices marked by Russiaís invasion of Ukraine.

Oh Damn, Joe Biden Is Bringing Brittney Griner Home
Well good morning to the Biden administration, which has apparently figured out how to do some diplomacy with the world's vilest, most garbage national leader.

Trump Had MORE Stolen Classified Docs In Storage Unit Out By The Highway? You Lie!
Portrait of a scumbag.

New DOJ special counsel wastes no time subpoenaing Trump World allies
All of them to the slammer.

For white evangelical Protestants, power is religion and Herschel Walker is their vessel
A vessel in vain.

Brittney Griner Released From Russian Prison
Welcome home, Brittney!

House Republicans Using Social Security As A Bargaining Chip
As GOP Threats Continue, Dems Told to 'Raise the Debt Limit Before It's Too Late!'
Cutthroat bastards.

WSJ: The Biggest Lesson Of 2022 Is Trump Picks Losers
Everything Trump touches dies.

Fox News Host: Teenage Girls ďLike The Alcohol SceneĒ
"It Kills Your Brain"? That's his excuse then.
57 years and going stong here. Sorry, you loser.

A boil-water notice in Houston made national news. In rural Texas, itís a way of life.
Rural communities face compounding reasons they canít improve their water infrastructure, including inflation and a lack of human resources.
Someday Texas just might realize it's the 21 Century.

No Sleazeballs Left Behind

GOP's latest Arizona election conspiracy completely 'delusional': local columnist
We are onto you nutballs. No more of your fake Trump shenanigans.

Signs suggest domestic terrorism in North Carolina power outage, but motivations still unknown
Domestic terrorism is just getting started. Their follow-up to J6.

VA Restaurant Refuses Service To Extreme Religious Group
Sincerely held beliefs work both ways you see now.

US Supreme Court Wants to Make America More Bigoted Again
Bigots are switching to "creative expression" instead of religion as the club they'll use to beat down public accommodation laws.

'They may dig their own grave': Conservative explains how 'wacky investigations' could doom House GOP in 2023
May? They're doing a great job of it with their MAGAt fascism now.

Armed Extremists Now 'Hyped' To Go After Drag Shows
Extremists appear emboldened to show up armed to LGBTQ events around the country
They're just pissed because they don't have the balls to put on their dresses themselves. Latent Nazi cowards.
Come out and join the world all you masked queers.

The History Of Drag
Dulce Sloan from The Daily Show goes through the history of drag, which goes all the way back to ancient history.
And these masked self-loathing nuts think they will put a stop to this? We are laughing at your little masks.

Ukraine update: Russia is shockedóshockedóto find that people might actually shoot back
Don't like it so much, do they?

Abbreviated pundit roundup: A†rainy night in Georgiaóyet again
Let's take a good close-up view of the Trump brand.
It's time for people to stop pretending about him.

IA Youth Pastor Arrested On Multiple Child Sex Charges
Another fake "Christian."

Ingraham ďPissedĒ At RNC Over Walkerís Loss
We are so sorry, Aunt Laura. Too bad, too bad.
Mike Lindell will make it all better. Why don't you consider the angry hickwall base you created?

Carlson: ďImmigration Destabilizes Your SocietyĒ
Proudly showing he doesn't know shit from applebutter. Or...he's just another stinking Nazi.

Lauren Boebert Still Hasnít Deleted Tweet Defending Kanye
Other GOPers are scrubbing their praise of the antisemite, but the Colorado congresswoman hasn't deleted her defense of Ye against accusations he was a "hatemonger"
If she had a brain she flushed it away long ago.

ĎHeís an Insult to the Black Communityí: Van Jones Rips Herschel Walker While Awaiting Election Results
ďTonight is about Trump picking somebody who frankly, used to be a hero,Ē Jones said during a CNN panel. ďHerschel Walker used to be an inspiration. Now it means insult. Heís an insult to the Black community. And what you may see tonight is people coming out not just to vote in favor of a senator that they love, but just to vote against Donald Trump picking somebody like this and throwing this person at the voters in Georgia.Ē

Defense bill rolls back Pentagonís Covid vaccine mandate
The continued dumbing down of America.

Sen. Raphael Warnock triumphs in Georgia Senate race against Herschel Walker
Goodbye, useful idiot!

Herschel Walker Is the New Normal
Win or lose, all the criticisms of Herschel Walker obscure a larger point: The Republicans have acclimated the American public to ghastly behavior from elected officials and candidates for high office. The result is lasting damage to our political system no matter what happens in Georgia or in the 2024 races.

GOP 'Vultures' Use Herschel Walkerís Campaign To Line Their Own Pockets
A barrage of fundraising emails from high-profile Republicans has some sneaky fine print: Some or even most of the money will never go to Walker.
The advantages of running a fool for a candidate.

Texas Judge Uses SCOTUS Ruling To Let Abusers Keep Guns
It was only in the past few decades that laws criminalizing domestic violence came to be widespread and enforced. But now, the U.S. is in danger of backtracking on that legal framework precisely because of the nationís historical legacy of turning a blind eye to domestic violence.
In, Texas, it figures.

Legal experts say Trump Organization fraud convictions will help connect Donald to the crimes
Get ready to ride the boat up the river, Fatso.

Trump Organization found guilty on all 17 counts of criminal tax fraud
Criminal he is.

Poor little Gregy got hurted by drag queens and turns to treason because of it.

'How many more need to die?' Global health experts blast US for refusing to pause COVID-19 patents
Stunning how many people this the pandemic is over. They are the reason it hangs on to us.

This judge is showing Kari Lake that the courts are 'not a toy' for 'partisan theatrics': journalist
Thank you. Now STFU!

GOP Senator: Vote For Herschel Walker Instead Of 'High IQ' People
Old tabaccer spittin' Dixiecrat knows the Land of the Happy People like to keep their Negros dumb.
Another moron that uses the word "Woke" fully knowing what it really means.

McCarthy Said He'll Defund The Military Unless Vax Mandate Lifted
If he wants to commit suicide please let him.

J6 Committee To Make Criminal Referrals To The DOJ
Too the dungeons with them!

Second GOP House Rep To Reverse Marriage Bill Vote
ďI, however, cannot support any effort that undermines religious liberties by failing to provide legitimate safeguards for faith-based organizations that object based on their deeply-held religious beliefs.Ē
One of the most disengenous statements any of the these theocrats beliefs can stand behind.
They are neither "deeply-held" nor "religious" but theocratic fascist propaganda.

Mormon Leader Had Sex With Underage Wivesí Father
He's a rapist. There are laws that should take care of the likes of yet another religious fake a good long time.

DeSantis Officials Finally Tell Us What ďWokeĒ Means
He's a bad joke. And a fraud.
Fully exposing how duplicitous this phoney, fake, fascist moron is.

Con Law: How a Fake Document Could Help the Supreme Court Diminish our Democracy

Jim Stewart, co-founder of Stax Records in Memphis, dies at age 92
The late label chief is "an important piece of American music history," and an instigator in the Southern soul movement.

Special counsel subpoenas officials from three states while looking for communications with Trump in the leadup to Jan

Welcoming Our New AI Overlords
In conclusion, Elon Musk is a joke.

Family of fallen officer snubs McConnell, McCarthy at Jan. 6 Gold Medal ceremony
Can't say I blame him.

Herschel Walker Is an American Tragedy
Commodity. Chattel. Contraband. Capital. What is a Black body in the South? What is a Black southern man, carted out to work a white-owned field?
But doesn't he seem happy?

Wouldn't It Be Nice If This Georgia Runoff Roundup Were Our Last Post About Herschel Walker?
Universe willing.

Second Day of Drone Attacks Means Invasion of Ukraine Has Now Brought War to Russia
A third drone struck military targets inside Russia on Tuesday as Ukraine takes Russiaís war right to Putinís doorstep.
Program one to blow his head off next.

ďAppallingĒ: Legal experts call out Alito for ďjokingĒ about Black kids in KKK outfits at hearing
Alito later joked about Ashley Madison, a dating site that helps people have affairs
The biggest piece of trash on our court we've had to deal with.

Kanye West Calls On Jewish People To ďForgive HitlerĒ
Lost in a dream.Totally out of contact with reality. Still, we allow him to walk the streets.
Tell Ye to get help before it's too late.

How MAGA Republicansí Hunter Biden obsession underscores a 'deep psychological need': ex-Reagan speechwriter
These feeble minded hickwalls need something to make them feel like they exist.
"MAGA Republicansí obsession with Hunter Biden laughable in light of the many lines the former president has crossed."
They have no shame. Simple.

Ex-senator unleashes on 'criminal' Republicans like Trump who lied when they swore to uphold the Constitution
Send these traitors to stir.

'Joe Biden is not legitimate': Steve Bannon doubles down on Donald Trump's attack on the Constitution
No one cares what this losing pile of dogwaste thinks.

Dummy Marsha Blackburn Argues Against Military Vaccinations
Apparently, soldiers on ventilators will make us the best Army ever. The stupid, it hurts.
"There is no shortage of service members because of vaccine rules, dummy." DUMMY!
And,brother, the stupid is strong in this one. What band of hammerheads put her in office?

Herschel Walker Believes He's Running For The HOUSE
Walker's lack of "fitness to hold office" continues to plague him.
Well, there may be a "Herschel" running for the house. Does anyone care?
It is shameful and disgraceful that Republicans have used this man as a token.

Can Someone Change Trump's Diaper, Please? He's Losing His Sh*t Again
Give him back his binky.
Please put this fool to bed.

Republican talk show host who says election was 'stolen' investigated for election fraud
Again, the only election fraud is from blank slate Republicans.

Colorado Youth Pastor Arrested On Elder Fraud Charges
They just keep proving that "religion" is one big grift.

The GOP 'never would have come to this' if they had dumped Trump: columnist
Power hunger never caused anyone to be dumped.

The Supreme Court Needs Real Oversight
And how and right now.

Even Abortion Ban States Push for Further Restrictions on Reproductive Health
What will satisfy these vampires? Nothing but Bibilical law which is unconstitutional. We are getting a lot of this as Trump is pushing it. Get rid of them once and for all.

Prison COVID Policies Fell Short. Incarcerated Activists Fight for Their Lives
"Cruel and unusal punishment." This is unconsitutional.

Fox News Host Scolds 'Expert' Who Warns Of Twitter Brain Implants
Fox News host Arthel Neville disagreed with an "expert" who said that Elon Musk plans to use Twitter as the software for chips implanted in people's brains.
So, now it's Elon Musk and not Bill Gates that's planning on this? God, what fucking fools these people are.
And we thought Hitler was a nightmare?

Even as Yeís meltdown gets him suspended from Twitter, neo-Nazis like Anglin are creeping back in
A reckoning is on its way. These turds will all have to go because someone will have to establish order in this country.

This is the price of COVID-19 disinformation: The worst flu season in decades
The Bullshit Brigade is back and Elon Musk is its leader.

GOP May Force Repeal Of Military Vaccine Mandate
The latest from the Department of Devolved Stupidity.
How about Polio? Or any other disease mandates, you retarded assholes? Drop dead.

GOP Leaders Silent After Trumpís ďTerminateĒ Rant
Little cowards. Vermin from the sewers. They have violated their oath of office. As such, all are traitors.

Why Are More Black Men Voting Republican?
The percentage of black men voting Democrat has slipped in every national election since 2012, even as the opposition party embraces the racism of Donald Trump
I believe you are speaking of the negro men from the Land of the Happy Negro.

Why SCOTUS Could Be About to Unleash Frankensteinís Monster
As the Supreme Court prepares to start hearing arguments in Moore v Harper, many believe democracy is on the line.
Are the Nazis on SCOTUS about to kill our country?

Pentagon to Spend $200 Billion on New Nuclear Bomber as Millions Live in Poverty
Read "The Pornography of Power."

Hundreds of Texas Methodist churches vote to split from denomination after years of infighting over gay marriage and abortion
"Those leaving are frustrated that the church has taken positions they feel are too liberal."
Proving none of them are Christians.

The Jerry Jones Photo Explains a Lot
Corporate racism personified.

Iowa GOP senator on DNC calendar: ĎMiddle fingerí to Ďmiddle Americaí
Wrong, Joni. They are giving it to you personally, you twat.

Iran Scraps Morality Police After Widespread Protests
It's a start. Next, they should arrest, indict and try the person or persons who murdered Mahsa Amini.
Again, the failure and damage of religion.

Nobel Peace Prize winner gives Americans a very timely wake-up call about authoritarianism

Nick Fuentes Hurls A Drink At Patrons At A Burger Restaurant
Food Fight! Wasted a good hamburger on the little prick Nazi.

Fox Host: Folks Probably Feel That Trump Deserves A 'Do-Over' Election
Anyone left that belives this shit should consider where would it end? Never. Any election would be a constant do-over.
This sort of mind set should be required to take a course in logic. But what do we do? We put their madness on TV.
Sense? If any of these idiots had any sense they would be looking for work. Instead, they are perfect for Fox News For the Mentally Ill.

'Anathema to the soul of our nation': Donald Trump pilloried for his demand to cancel the Constitution
This man will come to a bitter end.

'Full steam ahead' for DOJ after Donald Trump's 'worst legal week ever': former prosecutor
Shut this traitor up forever.

Walker, Warnock, and the Epic Battle for Georgiaís Soul
Two wildly different visions of Christianity are on the ballot in the critical Senate run-off.
And both are myth. Which is why religion needs to be shelved during election campaigns. Religion should have nothing to do with American elections.

Connect! Unite! Act! Just to be clear, Hitler was a†bad person
For all the morons that have no clue.
"Hitlerís history is littered with horrors."
At least he had the good idea to blow his brains out or have someone else pull the trigger.
And where the hell did the 1952 Republican platform go. They have no connection to that now.

WH Condemns Trumpís Call To ďTerminate ConstitutionĒ
What a POS. If anything, Trump should be terminated. He and everyone like him.

Chris Christieís Niece Arrested After Racist Meltdown
Another regular Republican. These shitbags think they have superpower now thanks to their orange shitgibbon.

Deadly heat waves engulfed the planet this year: Climate change is a national security crisis
As a U.S. Army general, I prepared to do battle with enemies and face disaster. All of humanity must do that now
If they want a future on this planet, that is.

The Hysteria Over the Trans Jesus Sermon Gets it All Wrong
In its eagerness to find a woke nail to hammer, the cultural right didn't just get the details of the sermon wrong, but showed an ignorance of history and theology.
Everywhere medievalists looked they saw pussies, apparently.

SNLí Goes Off on Kanye West for Declaring ĎI Like Hitlerí
And Jost wasnít done there. He went on to debunk the conspiracy theory that West has been espousingóand host Dave Chappelle echoed in his monologue last monthóthat Jews ďcontrol the media.Ē If that were true, he asked, ďHow are we still seeing a new interview with Kanye every day?Ē And then, ďIf Jews control the media, explain the 80-foot Christmas tree outside of NBC.Ē
Stop putting trash on television just for ratings. There's another name for this and we all know what it is.

The Never-ending Trump Era: Terrible With Raisins In It
"There never can be too much schadenfreude when it comes to the pain and suffering these men and women have caused."

Kanye West, Herschel Walker, and Why White Supremacists Love Bad Black Candidates
Even if Walker loses Tuesday, racists in the Republican ranks will still have gotten what they really wanted

Gab CEO: Kanye West Is A Great Spokesman For Jesus
The unique ways in which Nazis can use Christianity just as Hitler did.
And all of it is based on bullshit myth and folk tales.

Twitter Reinstates One Of America's Most Infamous Neo-Nazis
Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer has been reinstated to Twitter under Elon Muskís new policies for the platform.
A day of reckoning with these Nazis is soon approaching.

Boise's Police Department Has A White Nationalist Problem
As Boise officials announce an investigation into a racist police captain, extremists voice their dismay that he was "caught."
One more failure of American racism.

Manchin slammed for rejecting paid leave for union workers who 'helped build the stateís economy'
Another example of an out of touch politician who cares only about his money.

'Bench slap': Legal experts say court 'eviscerated' Trump judge for 'interfering' in Mar-a-Lago case
Corruption leads to this well deserved slap down.

'Are we free to say Jews will not replace us?' Geraldo Rivera rebuffs Jeanine Pirro's defense of hate speech
OK then, "fascist wino on the loose."
"We are not a fascist nation," said the fascist.
The stupid is strong in this one

'Judge' Jeanine Pirro goes ballistic over criticisms of fossil fuel giants
If this woman had a brain she still wouldn't know what to do with it.
The main reason the earth is experiencing climate change. These fossil fuel cons have been pulling the wool over our eyes for too long.
The good news is that the planet will survive once humans have all been murdered from their poison.

Joe Biden Called Out Antisemitism. Why Canít Some Republicans?
Do you have to ask?

Lindsey Graham Rants: Media When Judg'sBrian KempIs Out To Destroy' Herschel
It's true! Lindsey has practically moved into the state of Georgia. Just like Herschel, who actually lives in Texas.
The great fart lighter.

Manhattan prosecutor: Trump was 'explicitly sanctioning tax fraud'
Sounds like Trump, alright.

What About All the Other Nazis on Twitter, Elon?
You mean his pals?

Kanye West, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and the Mainstreaming of Nazism
MAGA and cowardly Republicans are whitewashing Hitler fans

One Abortion Rights Bad News Vs. Two Abortion Rights Good Newses, And We'll Take What We Can Get
Land of the Happy Nebro, Screwball Sheriff Dickhead, decides he's in charge of pregnacies and blood testing for damaging drugs in body that will damage zygotes. How dare he? Sue the shit out of them.

Trump Judges Eviscerate Trump's Judge, Diss His Lawyers, Sh*tcan His Special Master
"So much for Trump's DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM argument. And so much for Judge Cannon's reputation among her colleagues."
Closer, ever closer, you clown.

Watch Herschel Walker Support Trump's Border Wall By Explaining How Walls Don't Work
Astoundingly devoid of a clue.

Biden slaps down Hitler-praising Kanye West while subtly knocking Trump for his silence
And slap him again for uttering the unspeakable horror.

Federal judge orders sanctions for Kari Lakeís legal team in response to voting equipment lawsuit
And throw "I'm Miss Hot Shit" in stir.

Manchin slammed for rejecting paid leave for union workers who 'helped build the stateís economy'
The latest act of a greedy prick.

House Committee to Investigate Alito Leak, Right-Wing Lobbying at Supreme Court
That would be the politicians on SCOTUS. No justice in sight.
"It's clear that some of these justices are simply incapable of behaving ethically or putting the law before politics, and the court is unwilling or unable to police itself," said one court watchdog.

McCarthy and Freedom maniacs will play chicken over speaker's gavel, and it's going to be hilarious
Dumb-Dumb-Dumb-Dumb, Dumb-be Doobie Dumb!

Labor Dept Issues Strong Jobs Report For November

Herschel Walker Said He Got Into Law School. That Seems Highly Unlikely.
"But Walker was likely either not telling the truth or leaving out an incredibly important piece of context: It is not possible that Walker was accepted to a nationally accredited law school because he did not complete his college degree, a prerequisite for admission and enrollment. If he was accepted to a law school, and that admission was not revoked, the school was unaccreditedóa category of law school whose graduates are not eligible for the bar exam (and thus cannot become practicing lawyers) in most states."
OK. We all know this is one B-I-I-I-G-G-G lying motherfucker, right?

The Most Consequential First Amendment Case This Term
"Because the case involves a clash between Christian expression and the desire to protect LGBTQ Americans from discrimination, the culture-war frame is inevitable. But that framing distorts the analysis. This case isnít about religious liberty versus gay rights but rather about freedom of expression for all artists, regardless of their views. And every artist is entitled to decide what they will say, regardless of the identity of the person demanding their artóor to not say anything at all."
"Sincerely Held Belief" tops everyone else's again? Flush this shit down the toilet it came from.

Supreme Court leaves student debt relief program on hold after Texas judge blocked it
Texas asshole does it again. "Let's ruin lives" is their mantra.

Photos: ďWe donít feel safe here.Ē A transgender teen and their family flee Texas
Any young person that wants a future should leave now.

Justice Department tried to hide report warning that private border wall in Texas could collapse
Collapse please.

Kevin McCarthy Vows to Investigate January 6 Committee Once GOP Takes the House
Nazi Nutball makes threats as all cowards do.

If Railroad Workers Can 'Tank The Economy,' Perhaps They Deserve Sick Days?
Greedy rich folks simply don't get real life.

Aryan Mountain Steed Madison Cawthorn Bids Masculine Farewell To Masculine Political Career, Masculinely
The "Dork Dumbs Down Again."

5 charged after witness finds woman beaten, naked in dog cage in Georgia home, deputies say
Georgia, Georgia - a song of abuse of women. Walker is their candidate.

Jim Jordan Called Out Over Tweet He Just Deleted About Kanye
There's not a decent bone in this 'man's' body.
Why did he delete it? "Jacket Off" is Nazi DeLuxe.

'Rigged, dishonest bunk': Why liberal lawyers should fight back against this 'fringe legal theory'
In her December 1 column, Marcus slams ďoriginalismĒ as painfully flawed and warns ďliberal lawyersĒ against buying into it.
ďOriginalistĒ or ďtextualistĒ ideology is pure unadulterated horse shit.

'I thought he was going to beat me': Ex-Herschel Walker girlfriend comes forward with damning new allegations
Has it become traditional to elect abusers of women in the United States? We have no shame in that case.

Kanye West Tells Alex Jones All The Reasons Why He Likes Hitler
Well, that show was insane. Ye even made Alex Jones uncomfortable.
A textbook case of mental illness walking and talking when he should be gettng treatment. Nazi prick.
What's with the mask? Was he going to appear in a wresting match later as "The Dumb Secret"?

Kanye West Suspended By Musk After Posting Swastika
Putrid Puke. Does this man have a functioning brain?
"Someone please tell him that his idol, Hitler, would have sent him to the ovens right along with the jews and the gays."

Gas prices are down, oil production is up, and Russia's threat to energy markets is evaporating
"Despite Republican claims that President Joe Biden has somehow crippled the U.S. oil industry, both production and refining of oil in the U.S. is now at near-record levels. The supply of oil and gas is currently down less than 1% when compared with 2021, and though gas prices have remained relatively high over much of this time, they have now fallen to an†average price below that on the day Russia invaded."
So much for killer dick-tators.

MO Youth Pastor Sentenced To 9 Years For Child Rape
Ahhh, it's the Christian/Taliban life, right?

DeSantis And Florida Sued By Immigrant Rights Groups
Sue this fraud out of existence.

Laura Ingraham: Trans People Are ďDeeply Anti-HumanĒ
Direct from the Nazi playbook.
This is one hateful, self loathing bitch without an ounce of humanity.

Uh Oh, Florida Didn't Mean To Ban Chanukah From Schools! They Were Targeting Entirely Different Minorities!
Fucking idiot.

School officials burned out by 'bananas' MAGA parents who think they're trying to inject kids with microchips: survey
MAGAts have no nural capacity outside of reflex jerking.

New analysis explains the far-right evolution of Elon Musk

Washington Post reporter selects 2022's worst candidates ó and they were all hand-picked by Trump
Everything Trump touches dies.

Key US inflation index ticks down in October: official data

Why The Economy Is Starting To Feel Good All Of A Sudden

The GOP is preparing to learn nothing all over again with its midterms review
There's not much reason to hope that Republicans' 2022 midterms "review" will produce any more change than the 2012 "autopsy."
Did anyone expect more from the thoughtless and morally failed party?

Five More Herschel Walker Exes Come Forward to Accuse Him of Terrifying, Violent Behavior: ĎI Saw a Fist Flying Toward Meí
Five more, a thousand more. What difference will it make to a corrupt and morally vacant electorate. They would elect a walking turd just as soon.

It's Time to Rethink Our Reliance on the Supreme Court
Together we can work toward combating Christian nationalism and continue striving for a more inclusive Americaówith or without the Supreme Court of the United States.

Test Program For 4-Day Work Week A Smashing Success
The trial was also good for company earnings. Average revenue rose 38% when compared to the same period last year, according to the survey.

The Corruption of the Legal Profession
A new book shows how corporate law firms bear great responsibility for the degradation of the rule of law.

Georgia Senate Runoff Poll Shows Race Deadlocked
How can people (especially from the Land of the Happy Negro) be so fucking stupid?
They all want an idiot to represent them? What turds.

UK Teen Faces Extradition For Inspiring Buffalo Shooting
As they all should be. But will they?
Congress Seat Could Flip if Arizonaís Officials Donít Certify Election in Time
GOP officials in Arizonaís Cochise Countyís are stonewalling on certifying the electionóand it could imperil a Republican candidateís victory in the midterms.
Yet another classic example of the stupidity of certain Americans.
If "law is up to interpretation" I suggest there is no such thing as law in America. What he refers to in the article is leniency, charity, clemency, forbearance, lenience, lenity, mercifulness, mercy, quarter. Otherwise we are left with situational ethics. Luddites.

Investigating private equityís stealthy takeover of health care across cities and specialties
Needless treatments, misconduct and price gouging is on the rise as investors turn their sights to healthcare
Root canals on babies? C'mon man! Total scumbags.
Unversal Healthcare NOW!

Yes, The U.S. Has Domestic Terrorism Laws
Why do we not enforce it?

DHS: LGBTQ, Jews And Migrants Face Increased Domestic Terror Threats
Kanye West is making the already-bad situation worse, according to a senior DHS official.
Again, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Herschel Walker Ex Comes Forward: He Attacked Me in a Rage
Cheryl Parsa says she endured cheating, lying, violence, and multiple personalities during her romance with the gridiron great.
The most interesting thing about this is MAGAts don't care. They will be happy with a Trump automaton. The dumber and more violent prone, the better.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Standards
"Instead of exemplifying the best and the brightest, Walker personifies muddled willingness, nonchalant mediocrity, inexcusable indifference to truth."

Herschel Walker hit with horrible new evidence
Back in January, Walker outright admitted multiple times that he actually lives in Texas, which is obviously a problem for a candidate trying to represent Georgia.
This man is an outright fraud. The Requirements to Run for Public Office
Herschel Walker made incredibly dumb admission in speech
"I live in Texas."
Dumb? Raise your hand if this is a surprise to you.

DeSantis Tells Allies to Stay Mum About Trumpís ĎNazií Dinner. Itís Part of a Bigger Plan
Trump's response to accusations of antisemitism is to accuse his Jewish conservative critics of being disloyal

Election denier Charlie Kirk whines that Republicans lost 'because a lot of people do not trust the system'
Whose fault is that, you lamebrain jerkwad?

'A strange no-eye-contact oddball': Who is the real Ron DeSantis?
A creep is a creep.

Arrest Me': Kari Lake Calls For Law-breaking To Stop Election Certifications
Book her for masquerading as a political candidate.

Bannon's Show Goes Off The Rails After Guest Hits Him With Facts
The two-bit clown gets pantsed.

Indiana GOP Official Seeks Penalty For Doctor Who Spoke Of Ohio 10-Year-Old's Abortion
That account sparked a national political uproar in the weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.
Fuck him and the rapist he rode in on.

Interfaith Alliance: Senate Passage of Respect for Marriage Act Advances Religious Freedom, Affirms Common Values

Beware of Those Who Believe They Were Sent By God or DNA
They see themselves as standing apart from the rest of humanity, as even genetically superior to the rest of us

Young People Made It Clear: Abortion Rights Must Be Codified

It Was Sedition

Herschel Walker Once Said He Was the Target of Racism. Now He Claims It Doesnít Exist
That was one of the other Herschel Walkers.

Herschel Walker Hasnít Answered Reportersí Questions Since Start of October

'Reminiscent of fascism?' Activists fear proposal could limit protests and chill speech at FL Capitol
No, it's real fascism. The bastards.

ďSomething Needs to Change or Else We Will All Quit"
The intellect level at play here is astoundingly void.

Florida School Boards Have Begun Ousting Educators
Just who is getting persecuted here, Christian hypocrites?

Heritage Foundation Has The Marriage Sadz: This Bill Will ďUnleash The Power Of The StateĒ On Christians
How in wits end does this fuck with their "sincerely held convictions" and cause them to be persecuted?

'An existential threat': Legal expert breaks down the Supreme Court case that could radically reshape US elections<br> The U.S. is in danger of losing its democracy in a very serious way.

Critics elevate call for SCOTUS ethics probe as court lawyer defends Alito
And this guy is one the thieves.

'Consistently ruling against him': Legal experts explain how latest court rulings suggest a grim outcome for Trump
Let us rid ourselves of this cancer.

GOP's 'Normal' Choice For 2024 Just Another Racist Enabler
Anyone who thinks Trump is at the racist, conspiratorial fringe of the Republican party, but DeSantis represents a return to "normality" is delusional.
Delusional is what many MAGAts are.

Senate finally passes Respect for Marriage Act, provides federal protections for everyone's unions

Look who came to dinner: Nick Fuentes (and Ye) want to push GOP toward full-on Nazism
Nick Fuentes' Mar-a-Lago meal with Ye and Trump has the far right super excited ó but not about Trump 2024
The Hitler Youth movement is still with us.

QAnon Leader Inadvertently Outs Himself as a Groomer
QAnon leader Phil Godlewski carried on an inappropriate relationship with a minor that police records suggest turned sexual.

Texas grid still vulnerable to extreme winter weather, ERCOT estimate shows
People voted for it so let them have it.

Trump Brought Nazis Into the GOP. DeSantis Wonít Expel Them.
White nationalism is not just a Trump problem.
DeSatanis is as big a Nazi as Trump.

JUST IN: Court Orders Mark Meadows to Testify in Georgia Trump Investigation
Former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows was ordered Tuesday by South Carolinaís Supreme Court to appear before the Fulton County grand jury investigating then-president Donald Trumpís efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Senate Rejects Anti-LGBTQ Marriage Amendment
"I'm sick of 'sincerely held religious beliefs' being more important than my sincerely held rights as a citizen and human being." — comment by 'crewman."
We all are.

Oath Keepers Verdict Reached In Biggest Jan. 6 Case Yet
Two out of five defendants linked to the far-right Oath Keepers group were found guilty on seditious conspiracy charges Tuesday in what was the governmentís highest-stakes Capitol riot trial held so far.
Is there a lamppost handy?

Herschel Walker's in deep doo-doo for voting in Georgia while getting tax breaks on Texas home
"According to reporting by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) , Ann Gregory Roberts has filed a complaint asking that the attorney general's office and Georgia Bureau of Investigation 'promptly investigate'Ě Walker for an ‚Äúapparent violation of Georgia law." What a fraud.

Mitt Romney: There's No Bottom To Trump Degrading Himself
""It's disgusting to invite people like that to meet with a former President of the United States," Romney said. "I think it's been clear that there is no bottom to the degree to which President Trump will degrade himself and the nation."

'Purely Political': Judge Smacks Down Trump's Immunity Claim
"On Monday, a federal judge ruled that Trump can't claim presidential immunity to avoid a lawsuit that accuses him of civil rights violations in his efforts to undermine the results of the 2020 election."

Russian Propagandist Admits: If Russia Loses, We're All Going To The Hague
"If Russia loses in Ukraine, the Hague court will wait for everyone," said RT's Margarita Simonyan.
Justice will come for Russia, win or lose.

Newmax: Gays Have Become The Oppressors
Gays defending their constitutional right to be married was disparaged by Greg Kelly.
These whining "victims" cannot grow up.

DeSantis: Congress Must Respond If Apple Bans Twitter
Another fat ass whiner. Apple can sell or not sell what it chooses to. Stick up your fat Nazi ass.

Woman: ďJesus Told Me To Open That Plane DoorĒ
Jesus is that fucking stupid? Sue him.

Trump, Done with Democracy, Calls on Kari Lake to Be ĎInstalledí as Arizonaís Governor
Facing intense GOP pressure, Republican strongholds in Arizona are waiting until the last possible moment to certify their election results
All this turd stirrer is proving is how inept his gang of idiots are.

Kanye West Storms Out of Interview After Tim Pool Lightly Defends Jews
Ye and his entourage of far-right trolls bailed on a mostly friendly chat with Tim Pool when his antisemitic rants were given the mildest of pushback.
The insane underbelly of America continues to show itself.

Mother Of Club Q Gunman Was Arrested Last Week
Such a nice family.

Fuentes gloats, Trump doubles down, and Republicans wave white feather over dinner date
Where in hell did this little POS come from?

Suddenly, Jewish Republicans See Who Trump Was All Along
The scales have fallen from their eyes!

McCarthy explains why GOP chaos could result in Democratic lawmakers 'picking who the Speaker is'
These inept fools should lose to their stupidty.

Democracy defenders vow to sue after GOP-led Arizona county refuses to certify election
Vote tampering is a crime. Arrest, indict, convict every one of them.

Former Obama lawyer Ian Bassin: The coming indictment of Donald Trump will break his power
Former associate White House counsel says Garland, DOJ are going "by the book" and have a "rock solid" case

Walker: Young People Have No Rights As A Citizen
Herschel Walker claimed that 18-34 year olds have no right to vote for anything other than Christian nationalism. Show this douchebag the door out. What a low-down filthy scumbag. How dare he?

The Results Of Rhetoric
The reckless rhetoric coming from right wingers doesn't come without a heavy price.
Blind senselessness from the band of idiots.

'Anti-woke' MAGA bank is shutting down after mismanagement, general sucking
The things these creatures stoop to.

Herschel Walker Has a History of Standing Up For Violent Men
The Georgia Senate candidate said OJ Simpson should mento
How did the man get this sick?

Plane Tows Confederate Flag Over Florida NFL Game
Land of the Happy Negro flies their treason banner and racist towel, forgetting their Nazi history.
Will Sherman, where are you now that we need you again?

Search for Widespread Voter Fraud Finds Very Little Voter Fraud
ďThe whole concept of voter impersonation fraud is such a horribly exaggerated problem," one expert says
This won't prevent the swine from using it as a tool to poison our democracy.

Who Missed Thanksgiving Dinner This Year? Everybody Who Got Shot
America gun pornograpjy — when will we end it?

Joe? Biden Ruins War On Christmas For Fox News
The stupid fucks are back for another holiday season.

'So Gross': Meghan McCain Slams Kari Lake's Election Denials
These idiots just can't accept that Americans consider them repulsive losers.

Kristi Noem Scorches Ronna McDaniel Because Republicans 'Continue To Lose
The miscreants eat themselves because they hate themselves.

Herschel Walker tells disenchanted young Americans to 'find somewhere else' and give up citizenship
That's exactly what this two-bit moron should do and leave the rest of us alone.

'Not accidental': GOP governor admonishes Donald Trump for dining with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes
I see Nazis are still Nazis.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Melania Trump is 'just sick' over jailed January 6th defendants
She's just sick? She should feels what it's like to get the shit kicked out of her.

On Sunday, November 6, your editor was taken to he hospital for heart bypass surgery. This has, of course taken its toll on any news items that would have been posted here. Hopefully, in the weeks to come there will slowly be more content posted here. As the news of the election came it was gratifying to see that Trump candidates, by and large, were rejected by America. Happy to say your editor is recovering nicely, thanks!

Texas Churches Violate the Law Ahead of Tuesdayís Election, Experts Say
When religion trumps freedom you have tyranny. Dan Patrick is a liar. Has been for years.

House Nominee: Dems Plan To Jail Anti-Woke Parents
"Liberal Democrats" they say? These scum eating motherfuckers are as insane as a human being gets.
Anybody that believes that needs immediate mental aid.

Critics Warn GOP Midterm Victory Would Be Disaster for Working Class, Democracy, and Planet
Sure. It will be because the fucking "I don't care" dumb fuckers just don't give a fuck about the country.

Right-Wing Ballot Measure in Arizona Another Effort to Hamstring Democracy
Why don't these bastards just go ahead and hang a swastika sign at their borders.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweets that 'communists and Democrat activists' got her banned from Twitter
Proving she can't take responsibilty for anything she does. Is she suffering from encephalopathy?

RNC to stop paying Donald Trump's legal bills if he runs in 2024
He'll have plenty. He will be in prison to boot.

Watch: Herschel Walker falsely claims canceling the Keystone pipeline is the 'biggest threat to democracy'
The stupid on parade. Hey, you fucking moron, he's not talking about Republicans, he's talking about Nazis killing our sytem of government. You are aiding and abetting fascism, you bloody nitwit.

Kellyanne Conway pitches fit at Democrats for 'vomiting' out warnings about 'protecting democracy'
That's because she's a Nazi and has always been a Nazi. The only thing that's ever come out of her mouth is aternative vomit.

Watch: Michael Steele buries Ron DeSantis over 'dumbest political ad you could ever make'
Stupid people don't care how dumb the people they support are. They are too fucking stupid. We all know this now as they prove it time after time.

Economy Added 261,000 Jobs in October as Wage Growth Settles at 3.9 Percent
So, America isn't really happy with a good economy? What happened to them?

Survey: Hundreds of County Sheriffs Think Their Authority Supersedes Federal Law
Why isn't this office elimninated for good?

GOP Congressman Dan Crenshaw says election deniers know theyíre lying
They are best at lying. They are simply coddling the traitor Trump. That there are suckers that believe them is the great surprise and likely the doom of America.

So Much for Inflation and Gas Prices. House GOP Agenda Is Revenge. Just Revenge.
And not one of these Nazis is your friend.

Voter Suppression Is Keeping Students From the Polls
Less than half of Americans under 30 said they were ďcertain to voteĒ in the midterm elections. But in battleground states across the country, college organizers are fighting for ballot access
Trump Nazis suppress the vote.

The People Fleeing Austin Because Texas Is Too Conservative
Texas isn't just conservative. It's filled with fascists and corruption in their government.

Trumpís Worst Nightmare Is Here: Someone Will Sit and Watch Every One of His Business Moves
"The judge ordered the unusual move after Jamesí office argued that the Trumps couldnít be trusted not to hide assets or shift them outside of the courtís jurisdiction while the legal battle plays out. Following a hearing Thursday morning..." Put his ass in stir.

Nike Axes Deal With NBA Star Over Antisemitism
Kick the flat brain out of the league and send him back to geometry class.

Trump And Son Eric Deposed In Ponzi Scheme Lawsuit
Another Trump crime. Nail him for good.

Feds Hunt For Expensive Mementos Gifted To Trump
Congressional investigators are looking for dozens of pricey mementos gifted to former president Donald Trump and his family members by foreign governments, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Daily Wire Host Claims Democrats Are Racist Against White People
Here's an idiot that needs to go back to his logic class. The stupid is strong in this one.
"Grand Scumbag of the white nationalists," indeed.
Yes, we are against Nazis, you Nazi. He's projecting his own flaws.

Concerned About the Economy? Then Vote for Candidates Who Support Abortion Rights
Women's reproductive rights are critical to the economy. And if we don't connect that dot, we will continue to lose on both issues.

It's the Corporate Greed, Stupid!
Big corporations continuing to raise their prices above their rising costs (including their labor costs). Why? Because they can.
After all they are a person. Remember the "Citzens United" bullshit decision.

'House of cards': Twitter employees warn of 'nightmare' scenario that will make platform unreliable on election night
The Nazis will play all kinds of tools. May they rot.

J6 Committee gives Trump a new ultimatum
Throw the traitor in stir.

'Blasphemy': DeSantis slammed for 'heretical' re-election ode to himself
The swine.

Joe Biden gets SCOTUS win
President Joe Biden took executive action in August to forgive the student loans of millions of Americans, and immediately hit tremendous opposition from Republicans. Now, for the second time, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to block President Biden's student loan forgiveness program Ė at least for now.
The Slimecreatures will keep trying to kill it, however.

Help democracyócancel election night
Because it has been one of the major flaws in our election process.
Like the Electoral College, the election day night time reporting is passť. Our founders never imagined we would become the large poplulated country we are now or that we would be 50 states. Both of these things must be ended. We must have a 1 person, 1 vote system to have completely honest democracy. And we must have an election month due to how many voters we have and how long it takes to COUNT EVERY VOTE!

Fascism in a nutshell: Is America ready to trade democracy for cheap gas?
Apparenty, we have plenty of mentally dysfunctional devolvement out there that will gladly comply. We have finally devolved to the point of no return. Our future, and their future, will not be pretty for any of us if this occurs.

Did Herschel Walker Put A Baby In You?
Then you need the Oops!r app.
ďYou were responsible, you used protection, but accidents happen,Ē the voiceover intones as Erskineís character could be seen holding a positive pregnancy test. ďAnd Herschel Walker got you pregnant. Weíve all been there.Ē
With the new Oops!r app, all she has to do is click the button that says ďHerschel Walker Put a Baby in MeĒ and the candidate himself will show up within 15 minutes to drive her to the abortion clinic.

Herschel Walker Doesn't Even Know Barack Obama, Definitely Did Not Get Him Pregnant
Walker: "Obama forgot to tell people I created one of the largest minority-owned food service companies in the US, so I do sign the front of a check, which heís probably never done except when he was in the White House and that Senator Warnock has never done either."
"The Daily Beast pointed out that while the Fortune 500 has only featured 19 Black CEOs ever, not a single one of them was Herschel Walker, and that Walker also "does not appear in a list of the largest 100 black-owned businesses in the country, maintained by Black Enterprise magazine." In fact, even the smallest food companies on the list are far larger than Renaissance Man Foods, the company Walker's talking about."
That's because Herschel is one big fat liar that his MAGAt suppporters don't give a shit about because they know he will be their token negro for whatever they want.

Tucker So Mad Tyrant Joe Biden Executing Everyone For Questioning Brazilian Election Results
We guess anytime a rightwing extremist authoritarian is scorned anywhere in the world, Tucker feels it deep in his bones and in his heart and in his shrill yelping vocal cords.
Can this little sphincter get any more puckerd?

Elon Musk, Twitter Conservatives Confused About What Corporations Are
Here comes the deluge of idiots and morons from hell. They will rape and plunder as they are wont to do.
"None of this is going to work out very well for Musk. The only actual value Twitter has to advertisers or anyone else is its user base. Most people aren't going on Twitter to interact with their friends so much as they go on there to see what celebrities and politicians are saying and what is happening in the world. They're not going on there to have the hot takes of rightwing trolls forced upon them. That would be boring and no one, not advertisers and certainly not 52 million users, is going to pay for that."

Pelosi Attack Could Portend Right-Wing Violence on Election Day, Experts Warn
Have the Guard on alert. Don't let them get away this time.

Watchdog Group Sues Secret Service Over Deleted January 6 Texts
"A government watchdog group is suing several prominent defense- and security-related federal agencies, including the Secret Service and the Pentagon, over text messages sent by officials regarding the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, which were deleted after oversight officials requested to see them earlier this year."

Port Arthur pollution fight shows how Texas blocks citizen protests
"A local activist went before a judge, arguing for lower pollution limits on two new liquified natural gas facilities. The judge sided with him, but the state environmental agency sided with the companies."
The fascist hell hole: Texas.

What the GOP Is Threatening To Do to Social Security and Medicare Is Not Politics As Usual
"So anyway, yes, Republicans still want to cut Social Security and Medicareóif not for the current generation of retirees, then for the next onesóas a way to continue to undermine the programs. They also want to force major changes to other social safety programs to make more people hurt. Cruelty is absolutely the point, and they want to keep the people at the economic margins of society right where they are."
We canít let that happen.
I can hear some of these whining MAGAts saying, "I'll never get any of Social Security so why should I care about it." They must not be paying FICA wages then. Or they think they'll never live long enough to collect it. Or, they just don't give a damn about "freeloading" people that have worked all their lives and PAID INTO THE SYSTEM to receive it. They are real dumb asses.

Bill Maher and Elon Musk: Fuck 'Em Both
He's right about Musk.
The other thing that I notice so many times at the comment sections are these bullshit "I get paid so much fucking money for doing this it has changed my life so fucking much" cons. Why must these snake oil ads be posted and not deleted as trash? Do these site get paid for this? If so, hypocrite is not a good enough word to describe them. FYI: Wealth3.Com is blocked by Malwarebytes as "riskware."

Bombshell emails raise new questions about Ginni Thomas contacts with John Eastman: WaPo reporter
We will keep coddling them no matter what, won't we?

Trump fan who thinks abortion is murder ties himself in knots to justify backing Herschel Walker
The perfect example of situational ethics. A fake position.
"Warnock hasn't repented for his sins," said the man. Then what about "judge not less you find yourself in danger of the judgement"? Besides, what's Warnock got to do with Walker's murdering that this guy believes abortion is?
"You know, it's according to what you want to call murder," said the man. "I mean, if you see somebody breaking into your house and you kill him, is that murder? If you accidentally run over somebodyó"
A very circular manner of "thinking." Most idiots rationlize their "reasoning" in this manner.

Man arrested after plowing through Pentagon security checkpoints: 'I was trying to kill people'
ďF*ck America," Yehualawork allegedly said as police took him into custody. ďI hate America and I was trying to kill people."
Another routine terrorist.

Musk is managing Twitter Trump-style
And you thought I was imagining things. Don't ever think that.

Kari Lake Calls For Repealing Obamacare, Rolling Back High School Math, Science, And History Requirements
Keep them all dumb shits just like her, I guess. "Who says we have to have this many hours of science, this many of math and history?" Education itself does, you dumb fuck. Obviously, you didn't get any since you show no sign of intelligence.
ďWe need a red wave, and we need to overturn Obamacare and come up with something better,Ē
They have nothing better than "don't get sick and if you do die quickly." The swine.
Where do these heartless motherfuckers come from? She's talking to the profoundly stupid.

Elon Musk to Lay Off About 3,700 Twitter Employees on Friday: Report
What a sweet guy.

Big money is finally being directed to saving democracy in the states
The frightening thing is there are Americans who will willfully vote to kill our democracy. They are failing to answer the call to come to the country's aid.

Will American Voters Really Let the Right Destroy Democracy?
The right's decades-old strategy to divide voters has taken a dangerous turn. What can bring us back together?
Not the MAGAt bastards.

'Lies of conspiracy and malice': Joe Biden warns of right-wing extremism and its threats to democracy
Our President is right. We've never faced a filthier enemy than the MAGAt traitors.

They were trying to help run elections. Then they were criminally investigated
Paxton's one of the biggest sleezebags on the planet.

Trump Judge Rethinks Order, Decides Menacing Voters With Guns Is *Bad Actually"

North Carolina Republican wants 'rape panels' to decide whether victims can get abortions
Just like in Orwell's "1984."

Trump insists the United States is 'rigged, crooked and evil'
A former American president described the United States as ďevil.Ē This generated almost no attention whatsoever. Why is that?
As stated earlier, we have no soul any longer. The very fact that Trump is still at large proves it.

The alarming state of the American student in 2022

Data shows 23 million Americans live in places most at risk of extreme heat
Welcome to 21st Century climate disaster.

Embracing election denialism, Tucker Carlson primes his audience for post-election violence
Him and Bolsonaro.

George Conway: I'm A Single-issue Voter - 'Democracy' Over 'Misinformation'
We should all be.

Bolsonaro Mob Rallies Outside Army HQ Demanding Military Coup
Thousands of the outgoing Brazilian president's far-right supporters called on the military to intervene as Bolsonaro refuses to admit his defeat to leftist President-elect Luiz InŠcio Lula da Silva.
Beasts. Same as Trump scum. They don't believe the vote. Mob rule. They want gunplay. The worst dregs of humanity.
"Bolsonaro 'is clearly afraid of prison... so what he's trying to do is negotiate with the only card he has left, which is big street protests.' Sound like anyone we know?

The Republican Party of Violence
The GOP's gun-flaunting ads, apocalyptic messaging, and demonization of opponents are steering its followers toward bloodshed.

Obama Talked So Good It Made Mediocre White Men Go Fascist
"So much to examine here! This guy refers to 'Obama's intelligence and way of speaking,' as if it's somehow contrived and not simply how an intelligent person communicates. The white-hooded elephant in the room is why Obama made non-college-educated working-class Black people feel proud while non-college-educated, working-class white people felt 'stupid and inferior.'
Or, as the writer states, maybe you're just looking for a reason to hate the Black guy.

Supreme Court Declines To Punch Lindsey Graham's Get Out Of Testimony Free Ticket
"Let's take a wildass guess that by 'next steps' he doesn't mean 'show up as scheduled on November 17 and quit fucking around already.' We're reading that one as 'waste as much time as possible objecting to each and every question, throwing one of the senator's signature public tantrums during each session.'
In summary and in conclusion, UGHHH, WHAT A POMPOUS WANKER."

Take Your 'Border Crime Wave' Bullsh*t Back To Breitbart And Stuff It, Says Texas Lawman
A light in the forest of bullshit Texas.

In Tommy Tuberville's Great Replacement Theory, Theory Greatly Replace YOU
Here's a real frontal lobotomy looking for a place to happen.
"Let us see if we can follow this. Tubbily Beebly Bottom says Democrats are gonna be shocked in the midterms, because the Hispanics ó the ones the Democrats open bordered into America ó are part of our country now and those Hispanics are gonna want to keep America the way it is instead of making it like the places they came from, which are Democrat and liberal. Is that it?
We do not regret snatching the Senate's Dumbest Republican tiara from Ron Johnson's bigass head and giving it to Tubs. Not for one moment ever."

Advocates: Supreme Court Should Nix Legacy Admissions, Not Affirmative Action

Abortion Rights Opponents Are Targeting Patients Seeking Care in Blue States
There is nothing human about these tyrants.

As abortion access evaporates, many Texans arenít able to find care, new studies show
Davy Crockett was right when he said, "You can go to hell, and I mean Texas."

Vote Blue, for the Children, for Their Parents
"How much work remains to be done before we can think this planet is safe for children and other living things."

Is Donald Trump Above the Law?
"Garland, Willis and Bragg ó the names sound like the partners of a high-profile law office ó have an historic opportunity to breathe some much-needed life into the embattled but bedrock American ideal of equal treatment under the law. They must act, and the sooner the better. Whatís left of our tattered and very imperfect democracy hangs in the balance."
If we have forgotten that no man is above the law, then we are a former nation, filled with no soul.

The Weapon Republicans Pointed at the Heart of Our Democracy in 1964 Still Haunts Us
No democracy in the world can work if its citizens donít believe their votes are legitimately counted: This lie that started in 1964 is now a harpoon pointed at the heart of our democracy

I'm A Doctor. Here's Why We Need Universal Healthcare.
Sure. But America has lost courage to do the right thing. Just look at them, begging for lower gas prices over retaining democracy. They'll do the same with universal healthcare because they can't run their gas guzzlers on it.
Cure that, doctor.

Itís the Crime, Stupid
"Or, in other words, exactly the policies that Joe Biden has tried to enact during his first two years and will continue if left to his own devices!"
"Exactly what the people are looking for!"
"Where are the scary ads featuring 18-year-olds buying ARs? How about the drunk, abusive dad pulling out his sidearm? Per capita, violent crime is more prevalent in Tennessee and Arkansas than California and New York. Does anyone know that? I donít think so. In part because until very recently Democratic politicians and their prominent allies havenít been making the case."
Or is it because the Hoi polloi don't have the attention span, nor the wit, nor the courage to understand it?

The Myth Of Increasing Violent Crime In America
High time to address another lie the MAGAt fascists use.

Racist grocery clerks chase customers out at gunpoint for dropping loose change on counter: report
Racist scum behind counters pulling down on customers in a grocery store? Time to put a stop to this madness for good and forever. We cannot allow this shit to continue. Why, in heaven's name, is this horror store still open, Tennessee? There are ways to deal with this. That is, if you are real cops and not a part of the problem.
And never stop at Moses' Grocery in Frayser for any reason.

Stumping for Democratic Rep. Slotkin, Liz Cheney says 'we have to walk away from politics as usual'
Exactly, Liz. Just read the goddamned letter in the next article.

'They're trying to scare us away': Texas couple gets ominous threat for publicly supporting Beto O'Rourke
There are more shitty tactics than just this going on in fascist Texas.

Stephen Miller groupís ads on race abandon any sense of subtlety
The ads from America First Legal are eerily reminiscent of the kind of unsubtle messaging voters heard from the likes of North Carolinaís Jesse Helms.

Nevadaís MAGA Secretary of State Candidate Appears to Be Blatantly Ignoring Campaign Finance Law
All MAGAts are crooks like their traitor commander, Trump.

Elon Musk and Right-Wing Extremism: Part of the Problem, Not the Solution

Joe Rogan Admits There Was No Proof Behind His Story About an Angry Parent Forcing Her Daughterís School to Install a Litter Box
Wow! He feels guilty about having not a leg to stand on yet runs his mouth anyway?

Tonight: Biden Gives Speech On Threats To Democracy
Our President is fighting for our democracy. May he succeed.

The Culture War Is Alive And Well In This Pennsylvania School District
Some parents worry that if far-right Doug Mastriano wins the governorís race, an extreme book-banning measure will only be the beginning.
The swine.

Pelosi attacker 'really believed in the whole MAGA, Pizzagate, stolen election'
"This is a man who listened to prominent Republicans and far-right pundits and influencers and bought into a whole host of conspiracy theories they were pushing, to the point where he broke into the home of the official second in line for the presidency with the intent of at least kidnapping her and breaking her kneecaps with a hammer, but possibly making her the first in an effort to 'take them all out.'"
And these MAGAt bastards can live with this outrage? Goddamn them.

Herschel Has Solutions, He Just Won't Tell You What They Are
Pitiful. A completely disfunctional human running for an office in our government. My God, how we have devolved as a specie. What a disgrace to the state of Georgia.

What's at Stake in the Midterms? Electoral Democracy as We Know It
Only because so many don't have a clue what our democracy is to lose.

End 'Poverty Wages' in Schools
Education support professionals are essential to our schools. It's time they are respected and paid accordingly.
It's time we paid them the wages they deserve -- and then let them teach and stay the fuck out of it.

ĎTrump incarnateí: Biden delivers brutal blow to Ron DeSantis for his position toward the LGBTQ community
I can only hope it's one that he feels good and hard.

Ex-Capitol police officer Michael Fanone shares scathing opinion of Trump-backed Arizona candidate Kari Lake
"Michael Fanone, a former police officer for the Washington D.C., Metropolitan Police, expressed support for a campaign ad that described Republican candidate Kari Lake as 'a piece of s--t.'"
Sure. But the most frightening thing about that is that there are Americans who have a taste fort it.

Steve Schmidt levels 'corrupt' Fox News after town hall: 'Rubbed JD Vance like he was veal'
"In a lengthy twitter thread Schmidt described the Fox News hosts as ďpropagandists,Ē and a ďvillainous cast of extremist liars.Ē He labeled Fox News ďthe most corrupt institution in the United States run by the most dangerous immigrant who was ever welcomed here,Ē referring to Rupert Murdoch. Fox News on Monday reported that Schmidt is now helping Ryan with his campaign."

Tucker Cannot Believe Berkeley Hippies These Days, Hurting Poor Paul Pelosi With Hammers
Carlson is a depraved out-of-control fascist. Moreover, he lies and gets a big paycheck for it. He is the worst kind of creature since the dead, still dead, Rush Limbaugh.

Abortion Bans Are Barring People From Life-Saving Pregnancy Care
Can we yets see how the fascists on SCOTUS have severely damaged our nation? Or our we still too blind?

Teacher Exodus Proves We Are Willfully Destroying US Public Education
Due to illiterate idiots and willful fascists that don't know doo doo from poo poo.

Just Kids: The Deplorable GOP Temper Tantrum
"And despite everything, despite the kids trashing the joint, we hang suspended, facing races next week that are far too close, contests between childishly incompetent people like Herschel Walker and grown-ups like Raphael Warnock. We face hordes of brattish people seeking office intent on taking down democracy itself. We are left with the hope that enough adults will show up to counter this national nightmare tantrum, punish the spoiled kids, and put them to bed without their suppers."

Lula Is President! Democracyóand the PlanetóHas Won
Can this happen in America too? We'd better vote democracy or we'll kiss it goodbye forever.

Herschel Walker rails against cash bail reform because Adam and Eve 'were held to responsibility'
He believes in jewish fairy tales, I see. The guy can't add 2 + 2.

Jury sees texts where Oath Keepers discuss Nancy Pelosi's 'head rolling down the front steps' at Capitol
Why are any one of these people still walking our streets?

Florida's 'anti-woke' education law even worse than McCarthyism: historian
No one in FLorida knows who McCarthy was. That rquires an education. Anti-DipShit should be the case here. What the hell kind of people live in Florida? Certainly not normal.

Three Capitol Riot Attendees Could Win House Seats
We live in a screwball world, folks. These idiots are all in for the traitor, Trump. How do you get away with supporting a seditionist?

Reuters: Bolsonaro To Concede In National Address
Why can't Donald Trump do the same?

Second Woman Comes Forward Over Herschel Walker: 'Very Menacing'
This won't bother his hypocrite supporters. They want everything that Walker is entitled to including what they've been calling murder.

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Release of Trump Tax Records to Congress
Chief Justice John Roberts' interim stay comes a day after the former president asked the high court to intervene after a lower court ruled against him.
Trump's co-conspirators on SCOTUS lend him a hand.

Dr. Oz relentlessly trolled after wrongfully claiming Pennsylvania borders the Atlantic Ocean
OK. Can anyone see how these fake "candidates" have no brains? If this doesn't take the STUPID cake, I guess nothing will. What's this guy's nickname, "Meh"?

Plotting to kidnap and interrogate the Speaker of the House is the classic logic of terrorism
Hopefully, this terrorist will get the max sentence.

Michigan Republican candidate recorded saying Democrats drink the blood of children and 'sell baby body parts'
Everyone knows what this "Michigan Republican candidate" drinks. "QAnon Kool Aid."

Elon Muskís epic bumbling is a daily reminder that America is not a meritocracy
"The idea that Musk is "smart" has persisted through years of very public evidence to the contrary."
"You probably would have never heard of Elon Musk if he wasn't a white man from a wealthy family that literally owned an emerald mine in South Africa."
Some of us have known what he is for years now.

Biden Says The Magic Words: Windfall Profits Tax
ďTheir profits are a windfall of war,Ē Biden said, referring to Russiaís war in Ukraine, which prompted Western sanctions that reduced oil supply. ďItís time for these companies to stop their war profiteering.Ē
ďIf they donít theyíre going to pay a higher tax on their excess profits,Ē he said.
Goddamn right.

Brazilian Truck Drivers Block Roads After Bolsonaro Loss
Why are truck drivers all Nazis?
All very familiar right wing whining babies and pissed off that they lost.
Fuck Bolsonaro and all his Nazi supporters.

Kari Lake Laughs About Attack On Paul Pelosi After Evangelicals Anoint Her With Holy Oil In Jesusí Name
Shameless bad actress playing the role of polital candidate spreads on the horseshit.

Dem candidate allegedly brutally assaulted in Pennsylvania ahead of election: report
Pennsylvania Nazi Gestapo works over Dem candidate because Nazis.

The Supreme Court Has No Reason to End Affirmative Action. Theyíre Doing It Anyway

What Brazil Teaches America
Today on TAP: Actually delivering for working people matters. It also matters whether elites support democratic institutions.

Right-Wing Hostility to Elections Harkens Back to Jim Crow ďApartheid,Ē AOC Says
As armed vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to allegedly intimidate voters at ballot drop off locations across several states, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) is warning that the right wing in the U.S. is creating an ďenvironment of fascismĒ ó and that the only way to combat it is to build a strong movement to defend democracy.
She's absolutely correct.

Who The Hell Even Knows What A Pronoun Is? Not Herschel Walker!
Republicans have no compelling solutions for inflation, gas prices, and the not-actually-rising crime in our cities. Instead, they keep smearing teachers and queer Americans while whining about pronouns. They just won't shut up about them.

What Ron DeSantisí Silence on Antisemitic Messages Says About the GOP
They are just like some other Nazis we have known? Of course.

David DePape 'had a list of people he wanted to target' in addition to Pelosi: police
Oh, but we can't call it a "hit list"

GOP's Glenn Youngkin urged to resign over remark about Paul Pelosi assault: 'He embarrassed Virginia'
He should but you know he won't. All of these people are addicted to power.

Editorial: Once again, America is reminded that the Supreme Court is a broken institution

The Supreme Court Is Set to Kill Affirmative Action. Just Not for Rich White Kids.

Mark Levin Tears Up Pictures of MLK, Abraham Lincoln and the American Flag in Rant Furiously Insisting Republicans LOVE Those Things
A snotty little twerp.

Poll Workers Train For Confrontations With Cultists
The idiot patrol will be on high alert.
But the major battle will be stopping the assholes who will demand that the vote count be stopped before all are counted.

Here comes the gross Republican conspiracy theory about assassination attempt on Pelosi
Vile and dispicable.

GOP Rep Spreads Insane Lie About Pelosi Attack
There is just no bottom for these swine.

Yoo Hoo, Media: There Is No Real Evidence Of A Red Wave
They feed their cooked numbers to reinforce a claim it was rigged when they lose.

In PA, Four Jehovah's Witnesses Charged With Child Sex Abuse
Religion. And the Christo-fascists want us to obey their "laws"? Go to hell.

Lula's Win a Victory for Amazon Rainforest and Global Climate
Since the Amazon is a regional, hemispheric and global issue, the international community needs to support Lula's efforts.

Trump indictment expected 'weeks' after midterms ó and Bannon makes a threat
Get it done. Bannon can shit and fall back in it.
Sure, Vin Weber would think it's not a good idea. Here's a little info on him.
From Wikipedia: On August 17, 2016, the Associated Press reported that Mercury Public Affairs LLC, which Weber heads, had received $1.02 million from Paul Manafort's European Centre for a Modern Ukraine to lobby Congress to support pro-Russia Viktor Yanukovich during the Autumn 2012 Ukrainian elections and to block the release from prison of Yanukovich's rival, Julia Tymoshenko. For his lobbying Congress on behalf of pro-Russia entities, Weber received at least $700,000.

Home-Stretch Advice for Democratic Congressional Candidates
Make the final stretch drive a luminous comparison of how the lives and livelihoods of most people, of most workers and children, would be better under the Democratic Party than under the chronically lying Republican Party.

Brazil's Bolsonaro goes down in presidential election ó after saying he'd stage a coup if he lost
He won't be happy unless he can retake control. Like the traitor Trump, this is what you get with fascism.

"They cannot survive without fear": A heretic on leaving the evangelical church
In "Heretic," Jeanna Kadlec writes of the hard but necessary journey of escaping fundamentalist Christianity

'Not a prop': Herschel Walker flashes new 'honorary' police badge presented to him at a Golden Corral
Ha! Golden Corral: The Land of the Clogged Artery Hillbills.
"Not a prop," he said as he held the prop. ROTFLMAO!

Texas pastor openly calls on 'Christian nationalists' to 'impose their values on society'
As the twerp pukes again. You assholes have been doing it ever since I was a kid, so stuff it.

'Evil': Trump Is Losing His Sh*t As Legal Walls Close In Around Him
He is big mad today.
Trump should be on a spaceship to another galaxy.

Jon Stewart Seems To Have Gotten AZ Attorney AG Off The Fence
Just three days ago, Mark Brnovich couldn't bring himself to state Joe Biden won the election in Arizona.
Arizona is full of election liars.

Wingers Whine After Musk Deletes His Fake News Tweet About Pelosi
They really have gotten worse. This is beyond the pale.
They've all taken the brown acid.

Elon Musk, new owner of Twitter, tweets unfounded, anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theory about Paul Pelosi attack
Here's Musk beggining his long game. Like Trump, he'll spread disinformation and sew sedition. He's looking to become president.
Get rid of the creep now. We don't need another problem.

Nazis Flood Jacksonville With Pro-Kanye Banners And Projections Onto Downtown Building, Football Stadium
Time to put the stop to Nazis for good. They have no place in the U.S.

Watch Barack Obama Attack a GOP Senator for Eyeing Social Security Cuts
ďAnd if Ron Johnson does not understand that,Ē the former president continued. ďIf he understands giving tax breaks for private planes more than he understands making sure that seniors whoíve worked all their lives are able to retire with dignity and respectóheís not the person whoís thinking about you, and knows you, and sees you, and he should not be your senator from Wisconsin.Ē

Klobuchar says she doesn't trust Musk after Twitter takeover
That's because he's not trustworthy. This is more than plain to see.
ďI just donít think people should be making money off of passing on this stuff thatís a bunch of lies,Ē Klobuchar said.
The Democrat noted that networks need to screen television commercials for any false information before they air.
"That is not a requirement of these companies. And we have to change the requirements on these companies. They're making money off of us. They're making money off of this violence."

Musk Spreads Wild Claim About Attack On Paul Pelosi
Remind you of another asshat we know? Sure. He's another Trump dickhead. Not trustworthy.

No Person of Conscience Can Sit Out this Midterm Election
Of course not. But we have plenty of clueless Americans that don't even pretend to know this.

Is Bolsanaro Headed for Defeat
The world can only hope so. But, like Traitor Trump, he won't go quietly. There's likely to be civil war.

Churches Are Breaking the Law by Endorsing in Elections, Experts Say. The IRS Looks the Other Way
Tax the hell out of them. High time this confidence racket stops getting a free ride.

Tell Us How Religious Organizations in Your Area Involve Themselves in Elections
Under federal law, churches and other nonprofit organizations are prohibited from electioneering.
Tax them. If they won't pay shut them down.

'I don't think it matters': Chris Christie tells panel of women abortion isn't 'important'
You know who doesn't matter? This pusgut.

Paul Pelosi attacker brought bag including zip ties to break-in: report
The Trump Traitor Technique.

'It Shouldn't Happen To Me': Marge Tries To Make Pelosi Attack All About Her
Well, isn't she precious? So concerned about others.
Asswipe. She is the filthy swine that Rep. Jim McGovern calls fer.
And yes, the sign she holds is correct! "I'm not a victim. I'm an accomplice."

Republicans Want to Stop You From Voting. Hereís How to Fight Back
Voter suppression is racism in action, and the GOP is counting on it to win in November

Assassination Attempt Was Result Of Longtime Pelosi Demonization
And Republicans still won't take one iota of responsibility.
This is your America on fascism.

'You're outta luck and you're on your own': Barack Obama warns of Ron Johnson's Social Security threats
"Some of you here are on Social Security. Some of your parents are on Social Security. Some of your grandparents are on Social Security. You know why they have Social Security? Because they worked for it," a fired-up Obama said. "They worked hard jobs for it. They have chapped hands for it. They had long hours and sore backs and bad knees to get that Social Security."
And the fascists want to kill it and in turn kill you as well. The swine.

Meta and TikTok busted for 'actively pushing' 'Stop the Steal 2.0' on eve of Brazil's presidential election
Shut these lying fascist propaganda channels down forever.

'It's just unfair': Ronna McDaniel bellyaches after Fox News host links GOP to Paul Pelosi attack
They can dish out lies but can't take the truth. Cowards to the nth degree.

Rick Scott repeatedly fact-checked by CNN's Bash for suggesting the 2020 election was stolen
Kick the shit out of these poor fascist losers.

Election-denying True the Vote leaders found in contempt during chaotic court hearing
Contempt and contemptable seditionist criminals.

'I expect another congressperson to be shot': Lawmaker sounds alarm as Trump continues to incite his fans
I expect them to kill anyone that doesn't agree with them. They are Trump terrorists.

Denver Post begs readers to reject Lauren Boebert ó and lists many reasons why
BoBo should be rejected and here is why.
"We beg voters in western and southern Colorado not to give Rep. Lauren Boebert their vote," the editorial board wrote. "Boebert has not represented the 3rd Congressional District well. Almost exclusively, she has spent her time and efforts contributing to the toxic political environment in this nation."

'Dark Day for Trans Youth' as Florida Moves to Ban Gender-Affirming Care for Minors
"I cry for Florida's trans youth. This was a sham hearing with fake experts," said one activist.
The heartless bastards.

Biden cites Jan. 6 riot chant as he condemns 'despicable' attack on Paul Pelosi
The violence of the Fascist Party will not end with this POS. It will continue with miscreants in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Arizona.
This war is only beggining and will rage on until the United States is no longer a country. It will become a tribal community at constant war with each other.
Thanks to Donald Trump who is too fucked up to admit he lost an election.

Jerry Lee Lewis, Influential and Condemned Rock & Roll Pioneer, Dead at 87
"The Killer" embodied rock rebellion with songs like "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and "Great Balls of Fire," but drew widespread outrage for marrying his 13-year-old cousin in 1957
Yeah, but that's nothing. He had seven wives and he attempted to climb the gate at Graceland while carrying a gun.

GOP's Halloween horror show: Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't need a costume
Once upon a time she was a far-right nutjob ó now she's the Republican Party's biggest star. Who needs goblins?
Photo of the shit pile Trump has created.

ĎNational tragedyí: J6 committee condemns AZ GOP chair in explosive new SCOTUS filing
Ward has argued thousands of Republicans could be implicated if the select committee obtains her phone records.
Of course. They are the MAGAt party of treason.

Fox News tries to blame President Biden for violent attack on Speaker Pelosiís husband
Hitler would have loved Fox News.

UPDATED: Paul Pelosi Undergoes Brain Surgery After 'Violent Assault'
He is currently in the hospital. Reports say assailant used a hammer and was specifically looking for Madam Speaker.
Oh, hell yes. Let's not make any assumptions. That just makes an ass out of you and me.

Pelosi Attacker Has Been Identified. Here Is What We Know So Far
It's unreal that Paul Pelosi survived the brutal attack.
This is not an anomaly. MAGAt Nazi. Trump Psycho. A shitload of them out there. Who knows who will be next. And some Americans will vote for the Trump scum that are running. We are beggining to hit the critical phase of QAnon shitbrain violence.
This abominaton must be stopped by any means necessary. Vote against Republican conspiracy Nazis and election liars if you consider yourself an American. You're either a Nazi fascist or an American. Or you simply don't give a damn about your country by not voting.

Marge Sent Ominous Tweet Hours Before Violent Attack On Paul Pelosi
What in the entire hell is going on here?
And where is her get well soon card?

Georgia Senate race: Herschel Walker called abortion 'hypocrite' by second woman
Sure he is, but the people that support this empty suit are all as morally vacant as he is. We know exactly what they are — evil incarnate.
America has a serious flaw with "celebrity."

Candidate Religiosity Questioned in Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race
This is what Nazis do. Textbook shit.

CREW Asks Congress To Investigate Clarence And Ginni Thomas
It speaks volumes about where we are in this country that there hasnít already been an investigation into this couple's outrageously, corrupt and, in Ginni's case, allegedly criminal behavior. But better late than never, I guess.
It's about time, I guess! Impeach Thomas.

'A dark, undemocratic path': How Arizona has become 'Ground Zero' in the war against US democracy: report
ďFor more than two decades,Ē Thornton explains, ďI lived overseas working to advance democracy and credible elections, including leading multiple election observation teams, conducting election audits and reform efforts, and training election management bodies. In my new role at the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund, I work both abroad and at home and can view U.S. democracy through the lens of my experience and global best practice.Ē
Thornton now considers Arizona ďGround ZeroĒ in the far-right movement to undermine democracy in the U.S.
Many of us can see it.

Joe Biden: Manufacturers Investing In America Again. Let's Make Some CHIPS!
Biden also touted yesterday's good GDP report showing the economy had grown by 2.6 percent, and also noted that while "it may not feel like it for everyone, peopleís incomes went up last quarter more than inflation went up."
And the fascists want to kill it for us. Vote them out.

Republicans, Nazis THRILLED To Bring Racial Slurs And Snake Oil Back To Twitter!
Scumbags will go batshit crazy again thanks to stupid.

Kanye Westís Twitter account restored
Can we all see what Musk is now? I mean c'mon, man!

Could Today's Crises Help America Reject Corporate Personhood?
Economic crises represent social and political transition points, times of great difficulty but also times of great opportunity - We now stand at the edge of one those rare windows in time
It would be a wonderful thing to happen.

Proud Boys Protests Over Drag Performers Are Turning Violent ó And Now Theyíre Targeting Kids
Latent, self-loathing homosexuals have no choice but to be assholes.

Pro-Trump effort to hand count ballots implodes in Nevada
One of the countryís most high-profile efforts by Trump Republicans to avoid using election system computers in 2022ís midterm elections and instead count votes by hand is coming apart at the seams.
These idiots are luddites. The old days are over and done. They ain't never coming back, you fools.

DíSouza Sued By Man His Film Accused Of Being ďMuleĒ
We know who the ass is here.

Gosar Caught On Video Praising Shooting Of Migrants
"Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, the right-wing hatemonger who is loathed by his own siblings for his reprehensible actions, is seen in this video expressing his approval for two people pretending to be migrant hunters. After they tell him they shoot migrants who cross over to their family farm in Yuma, he responds, 'Say a prayer because this country needs you. Thereís a bunch of people that are ready to go into action.'"
These bottom feeders will take any action to advance their war on democracy.

Hawley: Dems Want To Destroy Our ďChristian CultureĒ
Careful, you little prick. There are still plenty of Dems who are real Christians, unlike your posing as one.
And if anyone is trying to kill the middle class it's you and the rest of the dumb fascists just like you, twerp.

'Dangerous for Us All': Elon Musk, World's Richest Man, Completes Twitter Takeover
"Musk's plans will leave the platform more vulnerable to security threats, rampant disinformation, and extremism just ahead of the midterm elections."
Quit Twitter. Why would anyone want to support this asshat?

Nancy Pelosi's husband 'violently assaulted' in their home: spokesman
America is being betrayed by scumbag members of Trump's MAGAt thugs.

'Nothing of substance there': Nancy Pelosi calls Kevin McCarthy the biggest empty suit she's ever worked with
His suit isn't quite empty. It's full of rocks.

Woman sues over ban on feeding homeless people in parks
Norma Thornton, 78, became the first person arrested under Bullhead Cityís ordinance in March for distributing prepared food from a van at Bullhead Community Park. Her lawyer said the lawsuit, filed Tuesday, is part of a nationwide effort to let people feed those in need.
"You know they refused Jesus too." "Yeah, but you're not him." — Bob Dylan

Maine begins removing those naughty license plates
Secretary of State Shenna Bellows is passionate about free speech as a former director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine. But she said obscenities should not be on license plates, which are state property.
ďWhat I would say to those who want to engage in objectionable or questionable speech: Get a bumper sticker,Ē she said.

'Homophobic Crap': Woman Goes Off During Board Of Trustees Meeting
Nazi snowflakes doing what Nazis do — destroy American freedom. They're looking at you, Maury County Commissioner Aaron Miller

The GOP And Inflation - What's Their Solution?
Trae Crowder takes on the GOP squawking about inflation and having no real solutions.
Lately, being an asshole has been their solution.

Shell Oil Hits 2nd-Highest Quarter Ever. Can You Say 'Windfall Profit Tax'?
Meanwhile, we can't afford groceries and climate change is close to irreversible.
This appears to be the pattern for all the oil pirates out there. Stop driving gas guzzlers.

'Ugly smears' against a Utah Senate candidate underscore the 'moral emptiness of todayís GOP': conservative
They'll get theirs sooner than they think.

Watch: Steve Bannon says Republicans will teach Democrats a lesson 'by bayonet'
This miscreant is one of the most dangerous creatures walking the earth. He needs to be put away for life.
So is the "Constant Startle" asshat moron next to him in the photo.

Michigan GOP candidate Tudor Dixon wants a new book ban: No divorced characters
It's a ludicrous idea that reflects the real Republican plan: Education is about social control, not learning
"Naturally, Dixon's idea of what constitutes pornography was lurid but entirely vague, such as "books describing how to have sex." Which could mean anything from actual sex education books to books that simply have sex scenes, a category that encompasses classics like "Romeo and Juliet" and also the Bible."
"Dixon complained that her daughter had checked out a book 'about having two different homes' and how the very idea of divorce 'caused an unnecessary anxiety.' Wow! She IS a snowflake! Apparently, she's the one with the problem. Throw her out.
Ban the stupid GOP. They are the problem in America.

Tom Cotton boasts about not even reading Trump impeachment evidence in new book
Illiterate as well as irresponsible, eh? No surprise here.

'The future the GOP wants for all of America': New Texas law unleashes deadly mayhem
The hell hole of America. The wild west was never like this.
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop Fascism.

Lara Logan: Biden Admin Is Tracking Children So The Elites Can Drink Their Blood To Fight Aging
This is the perfect example of a decent woman becoming radicalized. Where in the universe does someone come up with this imbecile idea? Maybe she should read the following statistics: Facts & Stats on Missing Children
The strange fact is, blood, when drank, is toxic. Could she take time to study facts? I guess not.
The problem is there are too many brainless people who think this. They all need help desperately.

Judge Reads Jan 6 Rioter The Riot Act Before Sentencing
Another one bites the dust.

Report Details ĎExtremistí GOP Plot to Nationalize Voter Suppression
"These anti-voter bills telegraph what some Republicans in Congress would like to do: make it harder for certain Americans to vote," Common Cause says in the new report.

'Worst Possible News': Scientists Urge Immediate Action as Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit All-Time High
"The brutal truth is here for everyone to see," said one researcher in response to record CO2, methane, and N2O atmospheric concentrations. "Far from emissions being brought under control, they are actually accelerating."
Did we think we could keep burning fossil fuels forever? Did we think we could keep internal combustion engines running forever? Did we think? Do we think?
Keep this up and you won't have to worry about feeding your families any longer.

The Cruel and Dangerous Path of Beating Down the Poor in America
If the U.S. is to redeem itself with a vision of justice, itís time for a deep and humble acknowledgment of the breadth and depth of poverty in the richest country in human history.
The 1 percenters are in for a real surprise sooner than they think.

Just Fucking Do It Already
"Just fucking stop negotiating with them and cut them the fuck off. They are not an ally in any meaningful sense of the term. Literally every shitty thing that has happened in the Middle East (that was not started by the Brits or the CIA, I must note), has found its genesis in fucking Saudi Arabia. You could go through and list dozens of things they are the cause of, and it does not even begin to start with the 9/11 bombers. Stop propping up this corrupt and brutal and stone age fucking monarchy, their wahabbist cult, and let them deal with their own fucking security and messes.

John Fetterman showed 'courage' and a 'more humane way forward' in Senate debate: editorial

Kanye West had Adolf Hitler 'obsession' and praised his genocidal achievements and power
Really? How could anyone ever have known?

Trump Organization fraud prosecutor: 'If we booted every juror for disliking Trump we'd have no jurors'

Ron DeSantis' former employer received millions in state funding: report
Ran DeSantis ain't cool. And Florida government is as corrupt as it gets.

The American Economy And The ĎBiden Boomí
Consider this in the context of all that you get fed with the "media spoon."
"So while keeping a watchful eye on inflation, the President is right to tout Americaís economic recovery (driven in significant part by federal spending and by judicious actions from the Fed). Even if the President is too modest to call it the ďBiden boom,Ē it deserves our attention and applause."

Fail Of The Week: Indiana Senator's Dance With A Gas Pump
Todd (guess which party) Young's attempt to score inflation political points doesn't go as planned. Then, according to the price chart, why isn't he cheering Biden for the downturn in gas prices?
He's a bit late to the bullshit party don't you think? Ooops, sorry I used that "t" word.

If This Doesn't Send A Chill Down Your Spine, Nothing Will
Mike Pence claims the First Amendment didn't establish a right to freedom from religion.
This would only apply to those with a spine so that leaves a lot out.
"We have a word for that, Mike. It's called "fascism." You don't get to use the courts to impose your religious rule on the rest of us."

Lindsey Graham: GOP cannot possibly have a racism problem because we nominated Herschel Walker
So, he admits they are to blame for this singular Trump puppet token they have shoved out. Thanks for admitting it, Lindsey.
Your party is the party of racism. You show your hand constantly with what you do.

Anxious Americans are putting prices over principles
What's up with that? Gas prices are coming down world wide.
Any why do they keep driving tanks that guzzle fuel?
Gigantic trucks aren't the most economical tanks. They burn more in a day than a hybrid does in a month.
"A regular car averaging at 25 mpg will accumulate an expense of $1,600 in fuel costs per year while the annual fuel costs of a hybrid alternative at 42 mpg would be $975." Yes, they may cost more to buy but they will save your gas bill as long as you own it. Plus, it will be fighting climate change.
I can testify to fuel cost reduction. I have owned hybirds for the last 10 years. The average battery will last for 15 years.

ĎThis theory is nutsí: Schwarzenegger fights GOP election scheme at the Supreme Court
Another reason we have to kill the Electoral College before it kills us.

Kanye West 'escorted' out of Skechers offices
Where will he get the bum's rush next?

Lying Right-Wing Pastor Claims Democrats Boil Children
Right-wing evangelical pastors are destroying America.
"For many will come in my name..."
No Christian here. Simple con man.

Don Jr's Shot At Fetterman Instantly Backfires
A swing and a miss, Junior.
"Did you know Donald Trump is my father?"
This creep's batting average is really Class C ball.

Here We Go Again: Another Woman To Accuse Herschel Of Funding An Abortion
Has anyone not had an abortion funded by Walker? ANYONE?
So, this guy never learned how to keep his dick in his pants? He didn't know what made babies?

Fox's Brett Baier grills Herschel Walker: ĎYouíre saying you donít know this person?í
He never knew many women, apparently.

'Zombie populists' and their 'extraordinary staying power' should 'worry American readers': journalist
They're in your town now.

Conservative Black pastor unnerves Trump supporters by inviting Beto O'Rourke to his megachurch
The Texas press didn't seem to notice when Beto O'Rourke, Democratic candidate for governor, got a surprising but welcome invitation to Sunday worship at Potters House, the 8,000-member Dallas megachurch pastored by conservative Black evangelical Bishop T.D. Jakes, who mentored former Pres. Donald Trump's spiritual adviser, Paula White.
The Texas Press? WTF is that?

Alito: Leaked Draft Made Us ďTargets For AssassinationĒ
When it has been suggested by the fascists of America that they are the ones that are in control of all the guns, he must be talking about his own constituancy. Odd, don't you think? Or does anyone still think?
Check the record and see which side has a history of using violence and murder against the other sideóPro-Choice or Anti-Abortion.

That Cardboard Box in Your Home Is Fueling Election Denial
Much of the cardboard and paper goods strewn about our homes ó the mail-order boxes and grocery store bags ó are sold by a single private company, with its name, Uline, stamped on the bottom. Few Americans know that a multibillion-dollar fortune made on those ubiquitous products is now fueling election deniers and other far-right candidates across the country.
Make that "election liars."

Kushner still palling around with Saudis as kingdom tries to jack up gas prices: report
Here's the slime responsible for gas pricing.

The Supreme Court Has Made It Harder to Regulate New Technologies
This new doctrine shifts power away from agencies empowered and overseen by Congress, and toward courts and industry.

Progressives Have But One Option on Election Day: Vote to Defeat the Neofascist GOP
There's nothing "Neo" about Nazis. They are the same old deadly SOBs they've always been.

Texas Republicans in tight races open to rape and incest exceptions to abortion ban
Or how about joining the 21st Century and dropping all anti-abortion laws - period!

It's Well Past Time To Free Brittney Griner
And this is all over some weed? How fucking batshit crazy is this? Stop it!

Stupid Ted Cruz Forgot To Put Any Voter Fraud In His Brand New Book About Voter Fraud
You forgot to put idiot after stupid.

Advocacy Groups File Lawsuit Against Vigilantes Intimidating Arizona Voters
Terrorism is more like it.

Secret Service Waited an Hour to Send Info on Threat Against Schumer on Jan. 6
The SS is now in deep doo doo.

Sparks fly in Morning Joe debate on GOP threat to democracy: 'If that's not fascism, I don't know what is'
"I said, my God, this is out of Germany in 1933, is it not?"
"If that's not fascism, I don't know what is."
Hasan: "Nobody is saying they don't have a right to vote for crazy ideas, nobody is saying all Trump voters are fascists."
Yes. Yes, they are. They may not realize it. But, yes. Yes they are. Just like the people of 1930s Germany were.

Proud Boys protests over drag performers are turning violent ó and now they're targeting kids
In the name of "protecting" children, homophobic protesters doxxed and attacked an 11-year-old for playing dress-up
There is nothing decent about these Nazis attacking anyone.

'Absurd': Experts say Justice Clarence Thomas 'giving the finger to the court'
Not only the court but America as well.

Donald Trump must be indicted ó and this time, I believe Merrick Garland will act
Time to get this crook out of our lives.

Former FBI counsel says DOJ's Trump investigation appears much further along than previously thought
Good news. Nail him.

'Belongs Nowhere Near the US Senate': Oz Says Local Politicians Should Play a Role in Abortion Decisions
"After months of trying to hide his extreme abortion position, Oz let it slip on the debate stage on Tuesday," said a spokesperson for John Fetterman's campaign.
This man is a fascist. This statement proves it.

ďUnacceptable, hateful and dangerousĒ: Adidas drops Kayne West while others also distance themselves
The sportswear company severs its nearly 10-year relationship with West after the rapperís increasing antisemitism
"A fool and his money are soon parted." I'm sure we've all heard that saying.
Forbes states that this fool is losing his money fast.

Former U.S. Attorney: DOJ Should Charge Trump With Manslaughter Over Jan. 6
Barb McQuade, a former U.S. attorney who served during the Obama administration, believes there is enough evidence to charge former President Donald Trump with the federal crime of involuntary manslaughter due to his inaction during the January 6 Capitol attack.
She's right. Let's get it done.

Clarence and Ginni Thomas Must Be Investigated by Congress, Watchdog Says
And be impeached off the bench.

Bannon: Itís Not Intimidation To Patrol Polls With Guns
You are so right. It's terrorism! They all should be taken in like you, you criminal.

Son Of Confederate Flag-Wielding Capitol Rioter Sentenced To Prison
Land of the Happy Negro poster boy goes to prison.

Alito Lied To Ted Kennedy That Roe Was 'Settled Law'
A reminder these "justices" are dispicable liars.

Jacob Wohl And Jack Burkman Plead Guilty Over Racist Robocall Scheme
MAGA conspiracy theorists Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl pleaded guilty on Monday to a fifth-degree felony charge for misinformation robocalls they made in Cleveland during the run-up to the 2020 election that targeted minority voters.

Garland Vows To Protect Voting Rights During The Mid-terms
He's looking at you, AZ terrorists.

Marge's Phone-In Show Goes Sideways After Woman Calls Her Out
Seriously, everything Marge said is a lie. Showing her ignorance is something she does evertime she opens her mouth.
Time to put the trash out by the curb, America.

'Democrats need to win this': PA independent Senate candidate drops out and endorses John Fetterman
The independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat from Pennsylvania has just dropped out of the race, two weeks before Election Day, and is endorsing Democratic nominee John Fetterman, hours before the debate.
And he did it to save democracy.

'Your vote should matter': Combat veteran urges undecideds to choose the 'sanctity' of democracy
My vote will matter. And thanks for reminding us, trooper.

Watch: Marsha Blackburn pushes debunked claim to accuse 'big tech' of rigging the November midterms
Great Gods, she can't even wait until the election is over to start whining about "it was rigged." What a failure as a human being.

Far-right activist proposes app to let Trump direct mobs around the country
I propose this guy gets what he deserves and it won't be pretty.

'An affront to justice': Clarence Thomas under fire after shielding Lindsey Graham from subpoena
Do we even have a justice system any longer? Thanks, for that Trump. Everything this bitch touches dies.

How a pending Supreme Court case could determine whether US democracy 'lives or dies': legal expert
Do we still wonder how in the world we got to this point? Your answer is Donald Trump telling all the racists they were the ones that should be in charge.

Charlie Crist Kicks Ron DeSantis's Butt During Debate
And it was a beautiful thing to watch!

'Put somebody with a gun': Herschel Walker reveals his plan to improve American schools
Guns. That's his answer? Great Googa Mooga. He is one spectacular idiot. Someone has been doing that, dickhead. They've tried that and the guy with the gun in school is the first to get shot to death. This guy is running for office in Georgia. What a stupid joke on them.
The fear music this moron is singing is getting very old. Someone should tell him he's a laughing stock. But he's too stupid to know what that means. ROTFLMAO!

Criminology expert takes a sledgehammer to GOP claims ďblaming Democrats for an increase in crimeĒ
Despite the apparently confident assertions of politicians, the crime rate isn't as simple as Republicans claim
This is one of their tired old tropes they drag out every election. They just can't come up with anything that's pertinent to real policy to solve problems for America. Rather, they create problems for America. Why? Because they are a former politcal party that has a well that dried up so they thought, " Hey, let's try fascism! We think that's a real winner."

Ted Cruz confronted on ďThe ViewĒ during tense segment: ďWere you lying then or are you lying now?Ē
Ana Navarro pressed Cruz on how he justified his support for Trump after personal insults
No one is afraid of the idiot deluxe.

"Variant soup": Why this winterís COVID wave may be different than any previous pandemic phase
A "soup" of COVID variants could make for a challenging winter surge unlike anything we've seen before, experts say
It should be a field day for anti-vaxxers.

'Go blow Trump. You suck': Ted Cruz heckled by New Yorkers during Yankees-Astros playoff final
Everyone would pay to pay to see that.

SCOTUS Expected To Rule Against Unions Yet Again
Union forever! Down with SCOTUS!

Bannon Threatens Dr. Fauci's Family
Typical chicken shit.

MSNBC Highlights Positive DeSantis Poll Among Hispanic Voters: ĎRepublicans Are Clearly Effectiveí in Florida
Effective at being Nazis. Yes, they are right about that.

This Supreme Court Term Is All About White Grievance
From Donald Trumpís MAGA movement, to the deadly white nationalist riot in Charlottesville, to Fox Newsí fear mongering over critical race theory, white grievance has become an animating force on the right. Now, it has officially arrived at the nationís highest court.
God knows these people have never gotten things to go their way, except always.

Lisa Murkowski Backs Democrat Over Sarah Palin

Son of Confederate flag-wielding rioter sentenced to 24 months for Jan. 6 breach
Another one bites the dust.

'An affront to justice': Clarence Thomas under fire after shielding Lindsey Graham from subpoena
Tell me, is someone actually surprised by Thomas's shit show? It's not we haven't been warning you.

Arizona MAGA Goons Stalking Drop Boxes Looking For ĎMulesí ó Totally Legal, Not So Cool
Terrorism is not legal. When the fuck is voter intimidation legal? That's WTF they are doing.
Fuck these fucking fuckers!

WAIT A MINUTE ... Did Jonathan Karl Just Actually Fact-Check Kari Lake's Lying Ass?
"If Lake wins, she will call it "fair, honest and transparent." But IF she loses, suddenly the same secretary of state that would have certified her win will have "stolen" it from her. It's Trump's pre-2020 election and post-2020 election result strategy again. As we see ourselves as this chaos goes further in Arizona, it will partly because Trump and most of his insurrectionist co-conspirators have not been held to account.If Lake wins, she will call it "fair, honest and transparent." But IF she loses, suddenly the same secretary of state that would have certified her win will have "stolen" it from her. It's Trump's pre-2020 election and post-2020 election result strategy again. As we see ourselves as this chaos goes further in Arizona, it will partly because Trump and most of his insurrectionist co-conspirators have not been held to account."

Republican senator flops when asked to specify how GOP would govern if it sweeps the midterms
In other words, said Roy, we don't have one. As usual, they don't answer the question because they have no answer.

The Oath Keepers are using the "we were just kidding" white privilege defense
The January 6 trials expose how white privilege allows domestic terrorists to hide their plots in plain sight

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan does epic takedown of Lauren Boebert
BoBo, the tinest "lesser vessel" in the world, taken to the mat.

To Boost Turnout, Sanders Says Dems Must Attack 'Corporate Agenda of the Republicans'
"What Democrats have got to do is contrast their economic plan with the Republicans'," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. "What are the Republicans talking about? They want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid."
How in hell, can one vote for killing our safety net?

Former GOP strategist: Nearly all Republican politicians are 'complicit' and 'an existential threat to our Democracy'
Vote these Nazi sympathizers out.

The backlash to Christianity: Republicans are now panicked ó but they only have themselves to blame
And these assholes are looking to form a Christian theocracy? There is no support for this lamebrain idea.
Just say no to the American Talibastards.

Losing the Weekend, Gaining the Week
The lousy bastards don't want you to spend the late years of you life not working your ass off for your living.
We've worked all our lives paying for the system that we get a helping hand from. Why the fuck do these scum eaters want to kill us off? Because they are money grubbing cancer that want to die at their desks and they want us to do the same.

About Those Anti-Immigration Ads Airing During the MLB Playoffs
More Nazi propaganda. They are lying chicken shits.

A growing number of Republican candidates are running against the First Amendment
Christian nationalism twists the scriptures and the Constitution.
You mean Christo-fascists. Tell them to go back to the place in hell they came from.

ďThere Should Be Consequences for People Who Undermine Our Democracy and Peddle the Big Lie"
Yes. Big time consequences. When will we get to it?

Idaho Bill Would Ban Drag Shows In All Public Venues
So, professional entertainers such as RuPaul; Dame Edna Everage; Bianca Del Rio; Chad Michaels; Willam Belli; Latrice Royale; Jinkx Monsoon; Lady Bunny; Jackie Beat; and Conchita Wurst will not be permitted to work in this backward state of morons and QAnon cancer? Clearly these sheltered lives know nothing of history and the world-at-large in which they live. They don't even know we have a First Amendment.

Boebert: Women Are Frail ďLesser VesselsĒ
BoBo prjects again. She's describing herself here.

Trumpers Sing National Anthem When Ex-POTUS Brings Up Jan. 6 Sedition
Everyone of these MAGAts is a traitor to America.

Liz Cheney stomps Mitch McConnell for 'political calculation' to ignore Trump's election crimes
"Obviously, the idea that we could simply ignore Donald Trump and the threat would go away is clearly wrong,"

'You were on board': Fox News host confronts GOP Senator Mike Lee for role in fake electors plot
Yes. He's been exposed as voter fraud supporter.

Trump Plans to Challenge the 2022 Elections ó Starting in Philly
The former president is fixated on challenging the results of Pennsylvaniaís Senate race, which he views ó as one source puts it ó as a ďdress rehearsal for Trump 2024Ē
The swine. Why in heaven's name do will still have to deal with the worst fucking POS in history?

Mary Trump: The Secret Service 'knew' about Jan. 6 and Uncle Donald is a 'mass murderer'
Both the FBI and the SS knew what was going to happen and did nothing.
"That alone Ė that alone should have landed this, the former, whatever the f*ck we want to call him, the mass murderer criminal Donald Trump ó in prison."

Dark Money Groups Have Pumped $1 Billion Into GOP Effort to Retake Senate
The finding comes a month after Senate Republicans tanked a bill that would have required dark money groups to disclose their donors and funding sources.
The filth of American politics.

Judge Who Ruled CFPB Unconstitutional Got Big Cash From Banks
The judge who ruled the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unconstitutional got $10,500 in campaign donations from the same businesses that just got a bigger return via his ruling.
"This is a lawless and reckless decision. @CFPB has returned billions of dollars to Americans by doing its job, and its funding is clearly constitutional. Extreme right-wing judges are throwing into question every rule the CFPB enforces to protect consumers and businesses alike."
Money. Money. Money. Money. Corruption. Corruption. Corruption. Corruption.

AZ Whackjobs Are Reportedly Harrassing Voters At Dropboxes
Some incidents have already been reported to the Department of Justice.
When one of these Nazi terrorists injures someone they will become targets themselves.
And then the shit will hit the fan on them. They should all be arrested for voter assault.

Are SCOTUS Republicans in on a plot to end Democratic presidencies forever?
They will do their best, you can believe that.

The ReAwaken America Tour is The Warped Tour for right-wing coo coo birds
The strait jacket crew are like Saruman's Orcs.

ĎSearch all his hideoutsí: George Conway drops a dime on Trump to the FBI
Don't give him a moment's peace.

Trump refuses to explain why he won't pay El Paso $500,000 he owes the city after nearly 4 years
That's because he's a chisler.
""Shortly after the Walmart mass shooting that left 22 dead in El Paso, Trump scheduled a large political rally in the city to coincide with an event hosted by then-presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke," the report states before noting, "But while O'Rourke paid back the city for the security it provided, Trump didn't pay his tab."
And the MAGAts running for office in Texas are going to get re-elected? What a deeply deluded and corrupt state.

Utility CEOs See Soaring Pay as Families Struggle to Afford Energy Bills
"This goes beyond run-of-the-mill executive greed, and it's a stark example of rewarding failure," said one critic.
This isn't a problem with democracy, America. This is a problem with regulating Capitalism.

Inside the Effort to Protect the Election ó One State at a Time
MAGA candidates are broadcasting their plans to subvert the midterm elections. A nationwide network of activists is gearing up to stop them
Nazi terrorists must be stopped.

Please, media, stop pitting abortion against inflation ó Republicans suck on both issues
Republicans have no ideas on how to fix the economy ó and what they are planning will only make things worse

'Disgusting': Trump-Backed NC Candidate Wants To Create An Abortion Panel
Another example of a Trump Nazi. Why in hell would anyone back these Third Reich terrorist bastards?

Leaked Loeffler Texts Indicate MTG Committed J6 Perjury
Leaked text messages from former Sen. Kelly Loefflerís phone contradict Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greeneís sworn testimony about Joe Bidenís win.
Just another MAGAt criminal that goes walking around destroying America.

Cowardly Chaffetz Too Afraid To Walk In Philadelphia
Trying to prove crime is out of control for Mehmet Oz, Chaffetz embarrassed himself.
And these deplorable fascists are trying to take control us?

Big money from corporate America could mean wins for "Big Lie" candidates
Wealthy donors are funding pro-Trump state-level candidates in battlegrounds like Michigan, Nevada and Arizona
America's politcal system is being raped by Nazis.

Republicans love to blame Democratic policies for violent crime ó but these studies debunk those claims
They do nothing but feed at the public trough and destroy our rights in the process.

'Masterful coverup': Watergate prosecutor links Lindsey Graham to Trump's election scheme
"If you take it as a whole, I mean, you've got Donald Trump, who's going to try and protect himself. You've got Lindsey Graham, who's a key piece in the evidence, the chain of his conversation with Brad Raffensperger in the state of Georgia, and trying to find votes to get him elected in Georgia," said Akerman. "You put those together and you've got people, I mean, Steve Bannon ó you've got a masterful coverup."
Crooks everywhere and American voters who believe them. It's pretty scary.

'Ludicrous and terrifying': Economist warns gas prices could determine 'the fate of American democracy'
Quite the childish reasoning for killing democracy. It also shows how snowflaky Americans really are if they can't manage under such conditions.
ďWill the price of gasoline ó a price that has very little to do with which party controls the government ó nonetheless determine the outcome of the midterm elections, and quite possibly the fate of American democracy?Ē Krugman writes. ďI wish that were a silly question, but it isnít. This year, there has been a strong correlation between the price of gasoline and political polls.Ē
If this were the population during WWII I can guarntee we'd all be speaking German now.
So many things were rationed then that if people had to deal with it now they'd all collapse.
We're paying for not having a public transportation system that is akin to the way Europe does it. In Europe, public transportation is clean, perfectly safe, very inexpensive and generally faster than driving. Vehicles (be they trams, subways, buses or trains) arrive every few minutes so you never wait long. There are no homeless people or gangs infesting public transportation, or trigger-happy cops either. So it's our own fault we're getting ripped off by big oil.
This is never going to happen in America because it is owned by oil companies that want you to buy gasoline. In 2020, the overall car market contracted but electric car sales bucked the trend, rising to 3 million and representing 4.1% of total car sales. It should be more than that today but that's still a disgrace that people are still driving gas guzzlers instead of low gas milage vehicles. The internal combustion engine better be on its way out. It goes or we go.

Mar-a-Lago documents held secrets about Iranian missiles and intelligence operations in China
Trump is a traitor deluxe.

Youth Pastor Arrested On Multiple Child Sex Charges
Christo-Sex Crime. It's all the rage.

Idaho's anti-drag queen bill is the next step in rolling back LGBTQ rights
Bans on public drag have historically been leveraged to police the gender presentation of queer and trans people.
Are these people so retarded they don't know anything about human history? They are so disgracefully stupid.

Yes, Oklahoma And Other Red States Have Higher Violent Crime. It's A Fact, KEVIN.
Why would he give a shit about the truth when his constituants don't give a damn about it either?

Dipsh*t Wingnut Parents Think High School Girl's Awesome Mural Full Of SATAN And GAY
What happens when bottom feeders are let out of the sanitariums.

Voter fraud charges dropped against Hervis Rogers, Houston man who waited hours to vote in 2020
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop the Fascists.

Have They Come for You Yet?
"...purveyors of cruelty, xenophobia, and callous indifference to the suffering of other."
"Prove it ain't so. Speak out. Vote. Raise good trouble. Rage against the dying of the light. The song below, plucked from Youtube, says it has nothing to do with politics, as if to prove the point I'm attempting to make."
Stop this fascism. Vote against it.

Trump rages at Ďsleazyí Bob Woodward over new audiobook: ĎThe tapes belong to meí
Says the King of Sleeze! ROTFLMAO!

'Do whatever it takes!' Bellowing right-wing pastors demand army of 'angels' to capture Arizona election win
Christo-Fascism at work here.

The Federalist Adopts Nazi Rhetoric Against Transgender Americans
Yet another example of fascism and Nazi tactics in our country.
Tell them to fuck off.

A Disturbing Number of Americans Endorse Violence to ďStop Voter FraudĒ and Return Trump to Power
That's because they are Nazis just like 1930s Germans. Trump is their Hitler. These people have been with us a very long time now. They were just looking for the leader to let them behave like the Nazis they are in public.

Stephen A. Smith Says You Can Be Against Abortion and Still Be Pro Choice: ĎItís Between Her and Her Godí
Sure. I don't know what God has to do with it. It's between her and her doctor. If you don't wnat an abortion, don't get one. If you want one, you should be able to get one. Those are the choices.
What's the fuss about?

Fmr. GOP Candidate Makes Bonkers Claim that Covid Vaccine Causes Penis Disorders
So that's what made my dick grow ten inches! Wow!

Trump Warns Pence: It Would Be ďDisloyalĒ To Run
Said the traitor.

Georgia Early Voting Up 63% Over 2018 Midterms

Boebert: Weíre In The ďLast DaysĒ Before Jesus Returns
BoBo has insider info I suppose. But she can't count to three, looks like.

Alabama Baptist Pastor Charged With Child Molestation
Another one bites the dust.

Contents Of Mar-a-Lago Docs Revealed, And It's Worse Than We Thought
Some of the docs included highly sensitive intelligence regarding Iran and China. If they were/have been shared with others, such information could expose intelligence-gathering methods that the U.S. wants to keep hidden from the world for obvious reasons.
What a thug.

'I might kill them in the church': No hate-crime charges for Idaho extremist on anti-LGBTQ rampage
Justice is becoming a joke in America.

Steve Bannon Sentenced To Four Months And A $6500 Fine
Like sending him to camp I suppose. Good God, it's only a whack on the butt. What cowards.
This is a license to lie to Congress. A bad joke on us.

Carlson Admits It: Elections Only Legitimate If GOP Wins
If you don't play by my rules I take the football and go home.
Whiny-assed cry baby. Get that fake frown off your stupid face.

New report refutes Greg Abbottís claim that his office was unaware of DeSantisí migrant stunt
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's (R) office was aware of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' migrant stunt despite previous claims that it had no involvement in helping him, KSAT-12 reports.
Pants on fire.
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop Fascism.

Please, media, stop pitting abortion against inflation ó Republicans suck on both issues
Republicans have no ideas on how to fix the economy ó and what they are planning will only make things worse
"Cable news in the weeks before an election is the ninth circle of hell."
"Everywhere you turn, pundits and reporters are treating this election as if it's a choice between fighting inflation and protecting abortion rights."
Again, the intellect level here is still underwater.

George Conway: Georgia Has The 'Smoking Gun' Against Trump
Let's hope the traitor gets what he deserves, prison-wise.

Lara Logan Dumped After Rant About 'The Left Drinking Babies' Blood'
The former disgraced CBS correspondent now adheres to the most extreme religious right conspiracy theories.
What has happened to us that we have to go to the depths of mentally ill delusions to describe fantasies.

Why Georgia's fetal personhood law is a 'Pandora's box' and a warning to the rest of the country
"This means the law empowers officials to scrutinize, surveil and criminalize not only women seeking abortion care, but also women with wanted pregnancies."

Lindsey Graham loses big at appeals court after trying to quash Fulton Co. subpoena
Of course he does. Does he think he has special powers above and beyond the pale?

McCarthy plans to abet Putin's fascist push in Ukraine if Republicans retake House majority
Stunning that an American politician would side with one of the most dangerous totalitarian regimes in the world.

The GOP Voter Suppression Machine Has a New Target: Trans People
Between voter ID laws and state rules about trans IDs, Republicans have made it a nightmare to be trans and vote

'Daylight Robbery': Pfizer Condemned for Hiking US Covid Vaccine Price by 10,000% Above Cost
"While health workers and the vulnerable continue to go unvaccinated in developing countries, Pfizer is shamelessly fleecing the public for ever-greater sums of money," said one campaigner.
And we thought Martin Shkreli was an abomination.

Bidenís Approval Up 10 Pts, GOP +2 On Generic Ballot
Of course. It would be much higher than that if people really paid attention.
Who are these disgruntled people? I've never met one. They must prefer a Nazi just like Germany did in the 1930s.

Pastor Charged With Child Rape Kills Himself At Trial
OK, how does one get a gun into a courtroom? Who's covering up here in dear old Dixie?

Donald Trump Isn't the Biggest Grifter in This Country. The Republican Party Is
When you compare Trump's cons with the $50 trillion that the GOP has swindled out of the American working class and given to the top 1 percent since 1980, Trump looks like a piker.

'Lawless and Reckless': Warren Condemns Fifth Circuit Attack on CFPB
"Extreme right-wing judges are throwing into question every rule the CFPB enforces to protect consumers and businesses alike," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Watch: Herschel Walker falls for Comedy Central show prank calling him to 'report a crime'
"Walker seems to realize that saying you have authority means you need actual resources."

Democrats close the enthusiasm gap as Biden improves his standing with base voters
You won't get a better one by choosing fascism. And that is exactly what this election is about — Democracy!

GOP keeps telling us how they'll destroy democracy, traditional media keeps ignoring the threat
Everyone talks about what they're teaching on our public schools. But WTF are they teaching in journalism and media classes? Maybe we should be concerned about that, America.

Finally: Here's What Early Abortion Tissue Really Looks Like
The MYA Network, a network of clinicians and activists who came together earlier in the pandemic when some states tried to deem abortion as ďnon-essentialĒ medical care, show what tissue in the first nine weeks of pregnancy actually looks like. Via The Guardian.

Tucker Carlson Makes A Truly Stupid Attack On MSNBC
Truly stupid? He's outdone himself them.
"We don't call Carlson's program the White Power Hour for nothing."

Oil And Gas Lobbyists Anticipating A New Republican Majority
Why vote for people who want to kill us all?

Imprisoned PA Man Charged With Threat To Kill Biden And Bennie Thompson Over Capitol Riot Investigation
Maybe we get to kill him first.

The U.S. Never Banned Asbestos. These Workers Are Paying the Price
Why are we so goddamn stupid?

'Back the Blue' school board administrator resigns after arrest for Jan. 6 assault on Capitol cops
According to KING 5 News, the director of a school board in Orting, Washington has resigned following his arrest on felony charges stemming from his participation in the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Republicans Are Coming for Your Social Security and Medicare
The party of starving grandma returns to its roots.

The Most Successful Con In American History Laid Bare
"Trump has been a con man his entire life."

If Abortion Is Murder, Then It Looks Like Herschel Walker Is a Murderer
He'd be arrested in Texas for it.

Conservative UK PM Liz Truss announces resignation after disaster-filled six-week tenure
The disaster of Conservatism.

To The 100 Million-Plus Americans Who Didnít Vote in 2018

New Study Proves LGBTQ+ Topics Rarely Discussed In Schools
But as smart readers, you knew this already.

Will A Trump Indictment Lead To 'Blood In The Streets'? Nah
There are too many keyboard warriors in the MAGA ranks, but we should worry about election deniers running for office. But it should lead to a cell and a lock-up.

Mike Pence torches Kevin McCarthy's threat to end aid to Ukraine if Republicans retake the House
Why would we want Nazis in the House anyway?

Wages are dampening inflation, not supercharging it
"Wage growth is not the main driver of inflation. A recession can easily be worse in terms of human suffering than continued inflation. If we want to lower inflation, we should do so in ways that do not immiserate workers and that make the lives of most people better rather than worse."

Trumpists want you to be cynical ó it's how they'll destroy democracy
"Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous attitude to have. In a very real sense, the biggest threat to democracy isn't the authoritarians themselves, who still represent a minority of Americans. It's cynicism. It's people who don't think democracy can be saved and therefore won't spare the time to fight for what they believe is a hopeless cause. If one believes democratic collapse is inevitable, then it becomes a lot easier to vote for election-denying Republicans or just not vote at all."
Need we say more about the lunacy of some American voters?
If they think democracy is failing wait until they get a load of a fascist dictatorship. They are acting exactly like Nazi Germany. Look at what happened there, folks.

Newly unearthed texts reveal Marjorie Taylor Greene's failed attempt to recruit Kelly Loeffler on Jan. 6 plan
Another traitor, another failure.

MAGA Republicans Gonna Investigate Biden For That Nuclear War He Started With Russia
Reminder: Scott Perry is a GOP congressman from Pennsylvania who had his phone seized by the FBI pursuant to an investigation into his participation in the events surrounding January 6, 2021, when Donald Trump instigated a terrorist attack against the United States in an effort to overturn a free and fair election and overthrow the government.

Trumps Whine As NYAG Letitia James Kicks Their Ass All Over The Docket
In fact, she put a whole lot of shit on the docket. So if anyone wants to wade through all 71 EXHIBITS in support of the motion to show cause why the court should appoint the monitor and grant the injunction, the case number is 452564/2022, and you should have at it!

Polls Show Republican Attacks on Teaching Racism Are Backfiring
This should surprise no one but the MAGAt Nazis.

Florida state Attorney suggests Donald Trump could be indicted after the elections
Stop talking about it and do it.

Biden will have oil reserve tapped for 15 million barrels to combat high gas prices
President Joe Biden said he will ask the Department of Energy to draw 15 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat high oil prices. Biden added he will draw more from the reserve in the months ahead to stabilize markets if needed.

Stone Backs Dead JFK Jr. As Trumpís Running Mate
One thing for sure is he'll be dead certain to get buried at the polls.

Circle K Signs Deal To Sell Weed At Florida Gas Stations
Fill up at Circle K.

Judge: Trump signed court document that knowingly included false voter fraud stats
Former President Donald Trump signed legal documents describing evidence of election fraud that he knew were false, a federal judge indicated on Wednesday.
ďThe emails show that President Trump knew that the specific numbers of voter fraud were wrong but continued to tout those numbers, both in court and to the public. The Court finds that these emails are sufficiently related to and in furtherance of a conspiracy to defraud the United States.Ē
Admission of a crime isn't it now.
ďThis email, read in context with other documents in this review, make clear that President Trump filed certain lawsuits not to obtain legal relief, but to disrupt or delay the January 6 congressional proceedings through the courts,Ē Carter ruled.

Our Toxic Relationship With Big Tech is Getting Worse
And you wonder why everything is costing you more.

After Biden pledges to codify Roe, Pence reminds Americans how dangerous Republicans really are
Thanks, Mike. America needed to be reminded of how much of 18th Century Schmucks you are.

'I F***ed Up' : AZ GOP Candidate Arrested For Masturbating In His Truck
When the officer approached and tapped on his window he noticed Kaufman's pants were down. "Seriously?" the officer asked when Kaufman rolled down his window. ďIím sorry,Ē Kaufman replied, according to the report. ďI fóked up. Iím really stressed.Ē
I know it always helps for that condition doesn't it? I think a couple shots of tequila and a few hits on a good doob work a lot better. Maybe he could try that in lieu of pounding the pud once in a while.
The MAGAts will still vote for the schnook. Nothing shameful here, right asshats?

Marsha Blackburn Claims Hillary Was Behind Danchenko Acquittal
Sen. Marsha Blackburn continued to prove that she is one of the dumbest members in Congress by claiming Igor Danchenko's acquittal is because of Hillary Clinton and a justice system that hates MAGA.
What is the brain failure she suffers from when we all know it was never a hoax?
From which place in hell did these sorts of people come from and why are they in our government?

Melting Glaciers Could Unleash Frozen Viruses That Fuel Future Pandemics: Study
"Spillover risk increases with runoff from glacier melt," the paper states. "Should climate change also shift species range of potential viral vectors and reservoirs northwards, the High Arctic could become fertile ground for emerging pandemics." I know the Republican MAGAt Party will be very concerned with these issues. Don't you?

The White Plague
The Post has a long piece about COVID and race. The basic insight is the pandemic death rates by race have flipped. Where once blacks were dying at greater rates than whites, the most recent data shows that whites are dying at greater rates than blacks.

Its 'not a book ban': Doug Mastriano claims while advocating for books to be banned
He doesn't get around much that's easy to tell. He should do a search on book rating systems. It seems like everyone has their own rating system. Evidently he has his too.
Many of us musicians put out records ever since the "Great Tipper Gore Scare" with "WARNING: ALL REASONS" printed on it because one never knows what might offend one these days. One would think that should be good enough for all possible and then some. But most people with intelligence understand that already without having to be warned. Maybe Doug should have that warning stamped on him.

'Constitutional sheriffs': How far-right sheriffs are abusing their powers to push Trump's agenda
These sheriffs have real badges? Or did they get theirs from Herschel Walker?
Get yours today.

Fox News CEO to be deposed in Dominion defamation lawsuit for pushing election lies: report
ďIf it were up to Fox, the more Ďnewsworthyí the lie, the greater their right to spread it,Ē a Dominion spokeswoman said. ďHowever, the First Amendment does not give broadcasters the right to knowingly spread lies or disregard the truth.Ē

The Supreme Court ignores its rulings to keep executions going
The Supreme Court seems determined to execute as many people as possible. Ineffective counsel? Clear evidence of racial animus among jurors? Violation of habeas corpus rights? According to the current Supreme Court, none of these are obstacles to executing someone.
Last weekís Thomas v. Lumpkin involved an ineffectual defense, racial bias and a mentally ill defendant. The court ignored its own precedent to keep a man on death row without hearing his appeal.
Texas. Not fit.

'Gen-X and Boomer women' are prime targets of the GOP war on Social Security and Medicare: activists
America, you are about to lose your country if you allow these Nazis to take over. Vote against MAGA fascism or lose it.

Ancient carvings discovered at iconic Iraq monument bulldozed by IS
The mindlessness of the religious zealot flatliners.

DOJ prosecutors say there's enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction: report
Then charge him and stop talking about it!

House Republicans Intro Federal ďDonít Say GayĒ Bill
Here go the Nazis, bombing the First Amendment.
Who's doing the molesting of our children? It's you fake religious bastards.

Republican Charged With Masturbating Near Preschool
Here ya go, you bastards.

ĎFailed spectacularlyí: Top legal experts call for ethics probe into Bill Barrís handpicked Special Counsel John Durham
"And now the 72-year old Republican, likely nearing the end of his award-winning career, is facing legal experts calling for an ethics investigation into his three-year long criminal review into the origins of the FBI's "Crossfire Hurricane" counterintelligence investigation into links between Russia and Donald Trump and the Trump campaign."

ĎItís All a Lie!í Joe Scarborough Mocks John Durhamís ĎFutileí Investigation After Steele Dossier Source Acquitted
"Danchenko was the primary source behind the infamous Steele dossier. Since this was Durhamís second failure to secure a criminal conviction over the dossierís origins, Scarborough mocked those who claimed that Durham would expose the ďdeep state.Ē
Russia and Trump were partners. No doubt about it.

MSNBCís Michael Steele Declares: ĎIt Doesnít Matter What Your Gas Prices Are, Babyí Because We Got to Save Democracy
Of course, Michael. But it seems that many are willing to sell our souls to the Nazis for a gallon of cheap gas.
"Democrats, Steele argued, must ďhelp people understand that without an underlying, functioning democracy, it doesnít matter what your gas prices are, baby. It wonít matter whether youíre paying $5 dollars for a gallon of gas or $2 dollars for a loaf of bread, what will matter is you wonít be able to afford anything because you canít vote, you canít freely assemble, youíre on hit lists. Our Congress is dysfunctional. All these things are linked together.Ē
But some people will do anything for a buck. Including backstabbing our democracy.

How to Help People Vote in the 2022 Midterm Elections
"Our reporters found that voting is a modern-day literacy test in many ways for the 48 million Americans who have trouble reading. Voters must navigate confusing ballots and registration processes, as well as attempts by some states to make voting more difficult, such as by putting restrictions on the assistance people can recieve. Misinformation and false claims about voting fraud have exacerbated the issue."
Ever hear anything like this anywhere before? No wonder Nazis are about to kill America.

Kevin McCarthy: Vote For Republicans If You Hate Ukraine!
Ukriaine, hell. Vote for Republicans if you hate American democracy and end our future freedoms.

'Answer the question!' Herschel Walker faces angry crowd as campaign event goes off the rails
Herschel seems to be having a big problem now. The people know what he is.

Morning Digest: New fundraising reports show Democratic candidates crushing GOP counterparts

Someone Call 911, Please. I Just Witnessed Val Demings Murder Marco Rubio
She just made Marco Rubio her new chew toy.
Little Marco seems out of his league here.

Trump-Endorsed N.C. Candidate Caught In A Whopper Of A Lie
This guy lies so casually. Well, don't the fascists all do it?

Steve Bannon: Christian Nationalism Will Destroy The Democratic Party
In fact Christian Nationalism would destroy the US Constitution and US Democracy in its entirety and the country would become a theocracy. What the fascist criminal means is that is has already destroyed the Republican Party.

Watch: Chart-armed Katie Porter proves that corporate greed is the primary cause of inflation
Those of us with a brain already know this.

'The elephant in the room': Top Fed official says corporate price hikes are fueling inflation
This is pretty clear to understand.

Kanye West is the latest ó and most famous ó example of the misogyny-to-fascism pipeline
The road to Christian nationalism often starts with anger over women's freedom ó in this case, Kim Kardashian's

McCarthy confirms: GOP will crash the economy unless Democrats agree to destroy Social Security
This is real, America. We must stop these bastards.

'Itís terrifying': Republicans facing backlash over plan to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
They will marginalize our people that need it the most. How in the world can anyone but the greedy support them?

'Campaigning with dumpster fires': CNN panel roasts GOP's refusal to disavow 'crackpot' candidates
Stunningly horrible candidates. But that's fascism for you.

Marjorie Taylor Greene visits Union Army monument ó which she says honors ĎConfederate soldiersí
This "woman" struggles with reality every day.

Lauren Boebert's legislation got blocked thanks to House panel's rule targeting 'lunatics': new book
Thanks, Jim McGovern.

Foxís Varney and Kilmeade Pan Elise Stefanikís ĎRotten Ideaí to Impeach Biden: ĎBad For the Countryí
Yes, fascists are bad for the country.
But, sorry, Trump is a criminal.

Lordy There Are Tapes: Bob Woodward Releasing Audiobook with 8 HOURS of Trump Recordings
Trumpís take on his relationship with Kim Ė and his admission that he didnít have a broader strategy behind the threats he made about having a ďmuch biggerĒ nuclear button Ė are part of a new audiobook that Woodward is releasing. Titled, ďThe Trump Tapes,Ē the book contains the 20 interviews Woodward conducted with Trump from 2016 through 2020.

Tim Ryan 'Struck A Nerve' With JD Vance Last Night, Also Struck A Dick
"If there is one thing pretty much everybody can agree on, it is that JD Vance is an ass-kissing coward."
He also got his ass kicked pretty, pretty, pretty badly.

Stacey Abrams Makes Brian Kemp Wish He Were Empty Lectern
"Kemp kept pushing the ďangry Black lady hates copsĒ narrative, and Abrams handed him his ass.

Flow of Dark Money Has Led to Record Amount of Outside Spending This Election
It's no wonder our system is in the state it's in. We have bad rules in place. And some get constanly broken.

Two-thirds of board members overseeing Texas public universities are Abbott donors. Theyíre not shy about wielding influence
High-money donors are concentrated on larger boards, including those of the University of Texas System and Texas A&M University System.
This says tons about their fans and the American electorate.
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop Fascism.

We Must Choose: Democracy or War
History shows that letting dictators get away with land grabs & genocidal attacks on nearby nations leads not to peace but to even worse wars than stopping that activity early would have done

Herschel Walker and Other "Good Negroes"
"...wasn't there a time when business folk, large and small, were considered to be somewhat "conservative" and careful about where they put their money. And though those publications nearly always sided with the worst candidates, from Nixon, to Reagan, to the Bushes, and right on down to Donald J. Trump, it now appears they are not at all concerned about competence or character in choosing candidates to support. Perhaps they never were, but the people these rich bankers and energy sector people are standing behind are now off-the-charts unworthy of holding public office."
PS: Warnock wasn't too wimpy, as characterized by the commentor. He was too Christian Pastor.

Trump's latest rant about his rape defamation case could 'blow a hole' in his defense: report
Let's hope it blows him all the way to prison.

Video shows Florida cops 'almost apologetic' while arresting man in DeSantis' 'voter fraud' crackdown
DeSantis 1984 Office of Election Crimes and Security" Gestapo in action. Shame and disgrace upon our nation.
Florida is a fascist state under DeSantis. This is not America.

Biden to announce intention to codify abortion rights if Democrats retain control of Congress
President Biden will announce that, if Democrats retain control of Congress after the midterm elections, the first bill he sends will be legislation to codify Roe v. Wade and secure abortion rights. NBC News' Kristen Welker reports on what to expect from Biden's remarks and if the announcement will stimulate any sway of momentum for Democrats in the midterms.
Here's our chance, America. Will we grab it or will we blow it?

Scott: Property Insurance Skyrocketed Under DeSantis
Huh? He admits the DeSantis boondoggle? He's looking for power here.

ĎIt Is Not a Prop!í Trump-Backer Mike Lee FUMES As McMullin Roasts Him For Waving Pocket Constitution in Jan. 6 Debate Throwdown
McMullin: "If youíre committed to the Constitution, then stand up for our free and fair elections, stand up for the peaceful transfer of power."
Mike Lee — What a snowflake.

ĎThe N-Word Is Super Big On Gabí: Jake Tapper Joins Far-Right Platform With An ĎOpen Mind,í Finds a ĎCesspool of Hateí
ďI clicked on explore, which took me to popular posts across Gab. I came in with an open mind and immediately Gab hit me with this post, quote, Ďwe are in a war time, but itís a quiet war time perpetrated by the Jew,í with a picture of Adolf Hitler. And there was plenty more where that came from,Ē Tapper said. ďThe n-word is super big on Gab. It is a cesspool of hate.Ē

How Michael Flynn goes local to spread Christian nationalism
In a meeting space inside, a banner promises ďany attempt of violence towards our children will be met with overwhelming deadly force.Ē
Where would that be, genius? Didn't see you in Uvalde, dude. Just another douchebag.

Marsha Blackburn: Dems Want Pandemic For More Mail-In Ballots
Senator Blackburn has never been the brightest bulb in the chandelier.
The shit they will say.

The Herschel Walker Exception
Herchel Walker presents a problem for Republicans with his abortion hypocrisy. Yes, the Hypocrite Party. Thanks for explaining this to us, Mrs. Bowers. But they have already publicly admitted that's who they are.

Why the book bans and censorship? Those who rule want to crush knowledge ó and freedom
The ruling class does not want us to know who we are, or to understand the struggles of those who came before us
"U.S. student loan debt, totaling nearly $1.75 trillion, is the second-largest source of consumer debt behind mortgages. Some 50 million people are in debt peonage to student loan companies."
Or: "The methods we use to keep people in systemic bondage."

Morning Joe's Mika goes off on the 'quacks and freaks' Trump has foisted on the GOP
Nominating quacks and freaks, trash and garbage candidates does nothing to advance our country. In fact, it retards forward movement.

GOP unveils plan to blow up the global economy, destroy Social Security. Traditional media ignores
These people are not our friends.

'A Policy Failure': 1.3 Million US Adults With Diabetes Ration Insulin Due to High Cost
"Universal access to insulin, without cost barriers, is urgently needed," said Dr. Adam Gaffney, the lead author of a new study on insulin rationing.
Tell it to Herschel Walker.

FACT SHEET: Cheaper Hearing Aids Now in Stores Thanks to Biden-?Harris Administration Competition Agenda
To lower the price of hearing aids and expand access, President Bidenís Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make hearing aids available over the counter, without a prescription. That is now reality. Starting today, hearings aids are now on store shelves across the countryófor thousands of dollars less than they previously cost.
This is huge for America! Biden is the greatest!

Herschel Walker, Asked About Insulin Costs, Says ĎYou Got To Eat Rightí
This is an actual candidate for our Senate. What moron got him to run? Three guesses and the first two don't count. The fascist moron, Donald Trump.
OK, letís unpack what Walker said medically. There are two issues with diabetes and insulin use that Walker appears to have overlooked, namely that there are two types of diabetes. These two types are different in many ways. First of all, Type 1 diabetes used to be known as insulin-dependent diabetes because typically the bodies of those with Type 1 diabetes canít naturally produce enough insulin. Thatís why those with Type 1 diabetes typically need insulin treatments to survive as Jasmine Clark, PhD, who earned a PhD in microbiology from Emory University and serves in the Georgia House of Representatives
"I think itís important to note, that most people that require insulin for diabetes have Type I Diabetes (formerly known as Juvenile Diabetes). Their bodies donít make insulin, usually since they were a child. They REQUIRE insulin to live. It has nothing to do with ďeating right.Ē — Jasmine Clark, PhD

ĎAbominationí: Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests Democratic senator and pastor Raphael Warnock is not a Christian
So? She's not a woman.

ĎGame Changerí: Bidenís Student Loan Debt Relief Portal Now Live
"If you haven't yet," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, "today is a great day to apply for student loan cancelation!"

DeSantis Changes Voting Rules For Red Counties After Hurricane
You knew this would happen, right?
Sure. He probably will simply count every registered Republican voter whether they vote or not.

Buttigieg Claps Back On CBS Host Whining 'Dems In Disarray'
If not every one Democratic senator votes for everything, the party is in shambles, according to Margaret Brennan.
As we know, it is never the fault of Republicans, ever.
The media aren't doing America any favors.

Trump Organization billed Secret Service $1.4 million for overnight stays it said would be 'free': report
Like Trump, they shouldn't have paid it.

'Macabre': Texas schools send DNA Kits to Parents in wake of Uvalde shooting massacre after Abbott signed law
ďTexas Gov Greg Abbott is choosing to send DNA kits to schools that parents can use to identify their childrenís bodies AFTER theyíve been murdered rather than pass gun safety laws to proactively protect their lives,Ē she wrote, urging Texans to vote for Democrat Beto OíRourke in the gubernatorial race."
"ďThe states with the strongest gun lawsólike Californiaóhave the lowest gun death rates. Thatís not a coincidence...Ē

Why does marijuana make it hard to remember stuff?
The idea that pot affects short-term memory is a stoner trope. Here's what we know about cannabis and memory

This election isn't about inflation or abortion. It's about whether democracy can survive
Of course the economy and reproductive rights are important. But in the shadow of fascism, they almost don't matter

The Supreme Court ignored reality
Reality will not ignore them.

Oath Keepers Trial Rocked by Wacky Sexts Between Militia Boss and Lawyer
The case against the far-right group for its role in the Capitol riot was already disturbing. Then came evidence of what prosecutors say is an inappropriate relationship.
In the Low Life Lane.

Texts reveal Marjorie Taylor Greeneís efforts to 'overturn the 2020 presidential election': journalist
Yep. She's a traitor.

ĎEveryone trying to trick me,í Walker says when shown a check he admits he wrote
How in the world could anyone trick Herschel?
ďBadges all over, all over GeorgiaĒ should be his campaign slogan.

Elon Musk Warns "Civilization Is Over" If Ukraine Doesn't Give in to Russia
Thanks, Elon. Maybe it will take you out too.

Docs Show Trump Org Lied About Rates At His Hotels
Oh, dear. He lied.

Prosecutors Seek 6-Month Sentence For Bannon
No wonder that no one is afraid of a contempt of Congress charge.

The End of the Good Republicans
Ben Sasse is retiring from the Senate at the youthful age of 50. We know why. Politicians who thought they could wait out Trump now see the writing on the wall.
It's the MAGAt Party now and it's not the America as we understand America.

Furrygate: A Litterbox of Lies
The insanity of fascist bullshit.

Election Administrators Are Under Attack. Hereís What That Means for the Upcoming Midterms
With the 2022 midterms less than a month away, election administrators in Texas and elsewhere continue to face a level of harassment and threats that experts say had never been experienced before the November 2020 presidential election.
Trump fascists are attacking our free elections. They must be stopped by any means necessary.

Exxon exits Russia empty-handed with oil project 'unilaterally terminated'
Exxon Mobil Corp said on Monday that it left Russia completely after President Vladimir Putin expropriated its properties following seven months of discussions over an orderly transfer of its 30% stake in a major oil project.

Donald Trump Is an Antisemite and Republicans Are Totally Cool With It

The Rightís Religious Liberty Agenda Is on a Crash Course With Labor Law
Religious employers have found a way to give themselves cover for blatant discriminationóand the Supreme Court is ready to back them up.

As the South Cracks Down on Abortion Access, Tax Dollars Flow to Fake Clinics
Land of the Happy Negro in a grift all their own.

Cops Unable To Tell Difference Between 'Getting More Money' And Being 'Defunded'
The poor souls.
"Alas, none of that is literally true. Rather, the LAPD is operating at three cops per 1,000 residents, higher than the national average of 2.5 cops per 1000 residents, and its budget has actually increased by $260 million since 2019."

After Wowing Georgia With Super Cool Cop Badge, Herschel Walker Skips Second Debate
"Weíre all still recovering as a society from watching FBI dragon slayer agent Herschel Walker ďdebateĒ Sen. Raphael Warnock Friday. We exposed our innocent eyes and ears to the incoherent ramblings of a pathological liar with possible brain damage who still has a solid chance of winning the Georgia Senate election. This is somehow a ďtossupĒ race, even though Walkerís brain consists of tossed salad."

"They are going to convict very quickly": Glenn Kirschner on the trial of Donald J. Trump
"The fact that Donald Trump is not being held accountable doesn't make sense. But it can be explained by the phenomenon of the ruling-class criminal. America has never been willing to hold them accountable."

Marcus Flowers Sent Marge Into Orbit During Their Debate
Are we even sure she's human?
There are several things about her of which we are not sure.
But she is using the Trump technique of declaring herself the winner.
"the demographics in the district"? What are they? Orcs?
She's incredibly weak. But her deplorables continue to be fools.

Welcome To The Land Of 'Maternity Care Deserts'
Poor Hit Hardest as 'Maternity Care Deserts' Grow Across US.
March of Dimes, which advocates for the health of pregnant people and babies, released the report, showing that since the group last analyzed maternal care deserts in the U.S. in 2020, 5% of counties "have less maternity access than just two years ago."
It's also odd that the writer of the article uses the terms "pregnant people" and "pregnant person" when they should be using "pregnant woman." Don't hand me that de-sexualing women bullshit. You're wasting effort with this.

Debating Empty Podium, Warnock Blasts No-Show Walker: 'He Is Not Ready'
"I think Herschel Walker, if he were here, should tell the people of Georgia why he thinks they should pay for expensive insulin and pharmaceutical companies should be able to charge us whatever they like."
Walker, who refused to attend Sunday's event, has campaigned against the Inflation Reduction Act and mocked its climate investments, asking during an August campaign event, "Don't we have enough trees around here?" -- clueless answer.
Walker has said he opposes student debt forgiveness, which surveys indicate is popular with the publicóincluding those who have paid off their student debt.
"I didn't co-sign for anyone's loan and it's not right," Walker said during a debate with Warnock on Friday. "It's not fair." — clueless answer.
He's like Elvis was with all of his "authority."

Cartoon: Space invaders
Tom Tomorrow tells us.

Donald Trump has limited options as his rape defamation deposition looms and none are good
Things really aren't looking good for Fatso.

Biden's Marijuana Plan Is Good, But More Must Be Done
Whether or not this is the beginning of the end for punitive marijuana laws remains to be seen.
One thing's for certain: We will not get any help on this if we elect Republicans into control of the House. You may take that to the bank, America.

Florida surgeon generalís COVID vaccine study is politics dressed up as science
"COVID is still with us. There are vaccines that save lives. But people such as Ladapo, with his privileged platform in Florida, can do real damage. His assertions amount to a political position disguised as science and cloaked in the state flag. The danger is that some people may forgo the lifesaving vaccine because Florida, and Ladapo, told them to."
Reminder: More than 81,000 Floridians have died of COVID.

Trump Attacks US Jews, Claims He Could Be Israeli PM
Megalomaniac, ego-first, nut ball.

Ted Cruz: Scandals And Controversies About The Texas Senator

What Social Security Should Actually Be Paying To Survive in This Economy
The kvetching about the automated increase by the fascists is disingenuous.
"But Social Security benefits have risen automatically with inflation since 1975 by design, precisely so that the livelihoods of seniors are not beholden to partisanship. This is an imminently sensible way to ensure that retired Americans, who spent their working lives paying Social Security taxes, can have a basic income."

The Nightmare COVID Variant That Beats Our Immunity Is Finally Here
The XBB subvariant of Omicron appears to be the fastest spreading COVID virus yet, and most of our treatments donít touch it.
And you thought this was over? Wrong.

ĎDeficit Hawkí Gingrich Campaign Owes Almost $5M Since 2012
Newt Gingrichís decade-old campaign debt is the latest hypocrisy from the guy who falsely takes credit for Bill Clintonís budget surplus.
Brother, can you spare a dime?

Trump's Truth Social broke the law, says former VP ó who gave the Feds the evidence: report
Another crime by the Crime Boss. It never ends, apparently.

Most Americans Back Reforms to Make Voting Easier, Poll Shows
They should. All of us should. And we should get rid of the Electoral College.

Trump is employing Hitler's 'Munich model' as he continues his war with the DOJ
Sure. He's a Nazi.

Kevin McCarthy faced with an 'utterly dysfunctional House' if Trump's candidates win in November
Which is, of course, what Trump hopes to accomplish in with his revenge "candidates." Totally inept creeps.

Roger Stone: Trump Will Get ĎF***ing Brains Beat Iní If Runs Again
Breaking: Another Roger Stone video has dropped. This time Stone is talking about Donald Trump: ďrun again youíll get your fucking brains beat inĒ
What brains?

Bill Maher Goes OFF On Herschel Walker in Blistering Rant: ĎA F**king Idiot On A Scale Almost Impossible To Parodyí
Great Googa Mooga! Yes, and how! Heed his words this time.

They finally debated: Warnock talked policy. Walker pulled out a prop sheriff's badge
Such a disgrace the fascists pulled with this idiot.

The Media Really Coddled Herschel Walker After The Crazy-Time Debate
Does the media have some sort of guilt complex? Or were they all hired by Trump? Disgraceful sychophants.

As Trump Issues 'Sharply Self-Incriminating' Subpoena Response, DOJ Urged to Act
"I think they were trying to hand the Justice Department all the evidence on a silver platter," one legal expert said of the panel probing last year's attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Walker: People Need To ďGet Off Government Health Care And Get On The Health CareĒ Sen. Warnock Has
It appears he's too dumb to know it's all government health care.
Vote Warnock.

Warnock Vs. Walker: Five Big Takeaways From Their Only Debate
Vote Warnock.

The Munich Model for Trumpís National Security Extortion

Disgustometer Off the Charts Over Herschel Walkerís Hypocrisy and Evangelicalsí (Ralph Reed) Complicity
Morality be damned.

Herschel Walker's Weirdest Moment During The Debate Was Really Weird
I spit out my bourbon when this happened. I mean, tea. I almost spit out my tea.
Walker shows us all how his lies are really whoppers. He's a total embarrassment.

Donald Trump planned and directed the whole damn thing ó why is anybody still defending him?
Final Jan. 6 committee hearing yields no blockbusters but a clear narrative: It was all planned in advance.
The people defending him are power junkies or the deplorables that have no idea what they are doing. Fascism and dictators are what they are supporting.
MAGA is fascism. The whole world knows it.

'He wanted violence': Historian suggests Trump was ready to 'sit by' during congressional assassinations
And you still want to coddle this creep? Then you are a co-conspirator.

Steve Scalise Busted: He Lied About Pelosi
Republicans looked to make Speaker Pelosi their scapegoat for the attack on the Capitol, but that just went up in smoke.
Another big fat liar. They can't tell the truth even when they are caught red-handed on a video.

Blake Masters Is Already Claiming His Election Will Be Stolen
Blake Masters isnít shy about claiming the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump. Now heís claiming Arizonaís Senate seat will be stolen from himóbefore a vote is cast.
Whine, you whiner. Sounds as if you already know you're going to lose. Fascists are just bad losers and want to cover for your failures.

Tulsi Gabbard Making Nice New Friends At 'Not A Democrat' School, They Are Not Even All Nazis

ĎBare minimumí: Herschel Walkerís child support agreement Ďgrossly inadequateí for the son he never sees Ė report
NFL star turned celebrity entrepreneur turned Republican nominee for a U.S. Senate seat Herschel Walker has a child support agreement that is being called "grossly inadequate" Ė there's not even a provision for paying for college Ė for the child whose mother he urged to get an abortion Ė twice.

This might be the dark origin of the claim that schools are letting kids use litter boxes
It plainly shows how the fascists have turned it into another bag of bullshit. That Americans actually believe this crap says a lot about their intelligence level and the lack of understanding of the world we are living in.

'This is vomit': CNN host rips apart 'unhinged liar' Trump's new response to the Jan. 6 latest hearing
The failed old man is still living in a dream world. He's all through.

'Unbelievable': Twitter users blast Jim Jordan after 'real America' post backfires
Many of these people lack the intelligence to make meaningful statements without making an ass of themselves.
This is a perfect attempt from a MAGAt fascist idiot. Vote him out.

Child Incest Victim Denied Abortion In Florida, Forced To Travel Out Of State
Florida's 15-week ban makes no exceptions for rape or incest.
The barbaric state of Florida.

ĎPlan is to literally kill peopleí: Secret Service ignored Ďsubstantial intelí about Proud Boys Ė expert asks was it ĎIntentionalí
That way Trump could declare martial law and resume his position as president and dictator of the country. What a megalomaniac.

Somebody had to do it! Jan. 6 committee wraps with a bang ó and a subpoena for Donald Trump
Laying out an irrefutable case that Trump planned it all, committee answers its own call to hold him accountable
"Our nation cannot only punish the foot soldiers who stormed our Capitol. Those who planned to overturn our election, and brought us to the point of violence, must also be accountable."

Entire Family Of 5 Sentenced For Taking Part In Capitol Riot
Family values!
"Dawn Munn indicated a federal stimulus check helped pay for the trip."
Certified morons, members of the MAGA Fascist Party (formerly known as Republican).

'Who are these people?' Morning Joe left speechless by Republicans hurting democracy for 'failed reality TV host'
They appear to be rascists at heart but also narrow-minded bigots on many levels. They see Trump as the certification of their mindset.

Conservatives are sure sounding more and more like the KKK these days.
All are living in the Land of the Happy Negro. What else do you need to know?

Judge Cannon 'has humiliated herself' as the Supreme Court refuses to steps in: Morning Joe
"...a major rebuke of Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon."
That led former RNC head Michael Steele to sum up their refusal as a curt: "Hell, no. Go back home. This isn't going to work"
"There are outliers, there are always outliers, and Judge Cannon has humiliated herself and does seem to be the aberration here."

Bingo Card From Hell: Kanye West, Kid Rock Attend Candace Owensí Documentary Premiere
The premiere also saw appearances from Ray J and known MAGA supporter Colby Covington
"They all play on the pennywhistle, you can hear them blow" — Desolation Row, Bob Dylan

'What kind of snowflake' is Trump to not testify after other people fought for him on J6: committee member
"I would say this: what kind of snowflake is Donald Trump that he's willing to send hundreds and hundreds of other people to go and do his battle and to attack police officers with Trump flags and Confederate battle flags and turn American flags into weapons, and he's very happy to do that, and he won't even come and explain himself, why he thought he had a right to do that, or what he thought that was the right thing to do," said Raskin. "What is he afraid of?"
Everything. But he fears failure most of all. And he is the greatest failure in our generation.

Refused, resigned, agreed: The history of U.S. presidents subpoenaed by congress
As the Jan. 6 committee votes to subpoena Former President Donald Trump. Michael Beschloss examines the history of the three past U.S. presidents who were subpoenaed by Congress: Thomas Jefferson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton, and discusses where Trump fits into history.

Andrew Weissmann: 1/6 Committeeís display of Trumpís repeated lies will be devastating
Former Justice Department prosecutor Andrew Weissmann reacts to the criminal case against Trump laid about by the January 6th hearing in what is likely their last public hearing.

January 6 Committeeís Finale: The Importance of Retelling the Tale of Trumpís Treachery
"Whatever happens with the committeeówhich is continuing its work for now and is expected to release a final report after the electionsóthere will remain the need to retell the story of January 6, over and over and over again."
The story of a treasonous ex-president.

Debate Audience Bursts Out Laughing After Ron Johnson Claims, ĎThe FBI Set Me Upí
ďIn response to the wild charge of Lieutenant Gov. Barnes, the FBI set me up with a corrupt Ė with a corrupt Ė briefing and then leaked that to smear me,Ē Johnson replied as many members of the audience laughed.
Johnson accused the FBI of having corruption in its ranks, which, he said, ďIím trying to uncover and expose.Ē
We know now, any corruption in the FBI (and there is likely some there as we have learned from the Trump investigation today) will be from the side that Johnson represents.

A subpoena for an insurrectionist named Donald gets reactions from Twitter
"Is Donald Trump going to testify? The chances of that happening are about as good as Donald Trump finding a single shred of evidence to support the claim that the election was stolen. But the world got to see a congressional committee do its job and present a very clear-cut case to the American public that Trump worked harder than he has ever worked on anything in his entire crummy life to thwart the will of the American voters and get himself reinstalled in an attempted coup díetat of our Executive branch."
He may be too busy with indictments now that the world knows he's guilty of obstruction of justice and treason to the Constitution of the United States which he swore to defend. He's quickly run out of bullets.

'About Damn Time': Jan. 6 Panel Unanimously Votes to Subpoena Ex-President Donald Trump
Look at what happens when you don't comply. Steve Bannon can tell you. Stick a fork in him.

These Donald Trump allies are facing criminal referrals from the January 6th Select Committee

Members of Congress stunned by Secret Service 'bombshell' at Jan. 6 hearing
Not so secret after all.

SCOTUS Smacks Down Trump's Mar-A-Lago Delay Tactic
The New York Times called the Supreme Courtís unanimous rejection of Trumpís appeal ďa stinging rebuke.Ē
"Would you like to weigh in on this case?" POTUS unanimously says "NO!"
Wow! SCOTUS gives Trump the cold shoulder. Very good!

New Jaw-Dropping Video Shows Pelosi Reacting As Rioters Ravaged The Capitol
Lumpy really needs to go to prison.
This is what a real leader looks like.

Tom Fitton Conspired With Trump To Declare Victory Before The Election
The plot was hatched in October for Trump to declare victory regardless of the results.
It was stated during the hearing that Trump planned it as early as July.
The score is now America 18, Trump 0. That's Justices and Committee members as they have subpoenaed him. He's in real trouble now and he's come to his end.

Those Patriotic Jan. 6th Tourists Sure Had A Lot Of Guns!
ďI had not seen that many weapons in one location since I was in the military,Ē said Terry Cummings, testifying at the trial of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes.
Such a surprise. Trump wanted them to cross the metal detector barrier. They didn't because they were armed. This was made obvious by the evidence produced by the Judiciary Committee today.
Tell this to Ron Johnson and the co-conspirators that support him.

Somebody had to do it! Jan. 6 committee wraps with a bang ó and a subpoena for Donald Trump
Laying out an irrefutable case that Trump planned it all, committee answers its own call to hold him accountable

Text messages reveal Oath Keepers sought 'alliance' with other far-right groups ahead of Jan. 6
ďHe wants us to make it wild thatís what heís saying,Ē Meggs wrote. ďHe called us all to the Capitol and wants us to make it wild!!!Ē
All traitors. How much proof does a sane person need?

Public records lawsuit asks court to force DeSantis to hand over documents related to migrant stunt
Everybody knows you're a stunt man, Ron.

Investment Hyped by Bill OíReilly Was Ponzi Scheme, Feds Say
Celebrity endorsers plugged a real-estate investment that seemed too good to be true. According to prosecutors, it was.

Gabbard And Rogan: Schools Have Litter Boxes Now
This is an urban myth perpetuated by morons, idiots and downright sick people.
The Liars Party is where she always belonged.

Trump supporter who accused Antifa of burning down his camper admits the plot was staged: DOJ
A Minnesota man who previously insisted that his camper was torched by members of Antifa has admitted that the entire plot was staged, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has confirmed.

Fourteen Members Of Trump-Endorsed Candidate's Family Back His Dem Opponent
They know something we don't know it appears.

Biden designates his first national monument as president: Camp Hale in Colorado

Black Hole Pukes Up Star Years After Eating It
But hereís the rub: It hadnít eaten anything in years.
Hmmm. Must be coming from the other end?

Libertarian Party Under Fire Once Again ó Now For Absurd Tweet Comparing Zelenskyy to Hitler
The nitwits just keep coming and laying their supreme lunancy on us. It should be a crime.

7 Ways Roger Stone Was Connected to the January 6 Attack
Really? You can only find 7?

'We don't hire coloreds': Wisconsin bar owner resigns after racist and anti-Semitic texts leak
Not even happy ones? Sounds like a picky asshole.

How Merrick Garland Can Put the Supreme Courtís Originalists On Notice
If Dobbs is correct from an originalist position, a wide range of Supreme Court doctrine is not.

Ruling in fluoride election lawsuit marks latest defeat for prominent Texas vote-fraud activist
They just want to live in the days of a long-gone past far from the 21st Century.

Wisconsin Paper Bashes Ron Johnson, Encourages Voters to ďSend Him PackingĒ
Why any voter thinks he has a brain is a total mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Garbage Humans Furious Biden 'Regime' Made Jury Give Sandy Hook Families 965 Million Of Alex Jones's Dollars
Hey, Alex, if you don't have it you can work it off in prison busting rocks.

Good Morning, Donald! Let's Read About The Mar-A-Lago Witness Who's Telling The Feds EVERTHANG

'Clear evidence of obstruction': CNN legal analyst says new revelations will deepen Trump's legal woes
"To Williams, this is damning proof that Trump was engaged in criminal activity."
I think we all know he's a crook by now. Even the remaining people that have supported him.

Funding Social Security Is a Lot Cheaper Than Coddling Rich Retirees
And how!

Tucker Carlsonís latest attack against John Fetterman quickly comes back to haunt him
Are they even aware this is the 21st Century?

FBI Told By Trump Worker That Ex-President Ordered Boxed Docs To Be Moved
Oh, Lordy, there are tapes.
Taylor, get a clue. No one has taken documents like Fatso has done.
"And Trump's defense is that other Presidents did it, too, even though that's a dubious claim since he was asked repeatedly to return the documents. The employee wasn't forthcoming initially, but after federal agents gathered more evidence, the individual started dishing dirt on the former President.

Alex Jones Mocked Sandy Hook Verdict: 'I Killed The Kids, Folks'
This behavior is why he has a $965 million judgment against him.
The fine is way too good for him. Anyone who behaves like this should be taken to the wall.

Supreme deceit: How Sam Alito snuck medieval state Christianity into the Dobbs opinion
Alito's opinion overturning Roe is literally built on fake history ó and a sneak attack on the First Amendment
It doesn't look sneaky to me. It looks like he's right out front with his attack on the Constitution.

Donald Trump has learned how to manipulate white rage ó that's very dangerous
Donald Trump's litany of racist grievances is petty, boring and false. The scary part? He speaks for millions
All members of the Land of the Happy Negro.

'Persecution must end!' Marjorie Taylor Greene argues Alex Jones had a legal right to torment Sandy Hook parents
She just broke the stupid meter. There will have to be a new one made that goes far deeper as this is a new standard for bat shit.
"No matter what you think of Alex Jones all he did was speak words,"
Kiddo, I have plenty of words for your ass, then.

'Ron Johnson, your armed insurrection is calling': Nicolle Wallace plays J6 clips the Secret Service will corroborat
And this miscreant is leading in the polls in Wisconsin? Must be a bunch of thick headed fools roaming around there. But I think I already knew that.

Trump Threatened to Out Confidential Sources From Russia Investigation
The former president is still itching to compromise the intelligence sources he blames for the investigation into Russiaís role in the 2016 campaign
Russian agent seeks revenge does he? Most gangsters do after they get exposed.

Pro-Trump Georgia Officials Plotted to Swipe Voting Data. We Caught Them
Emails obtained by Rolling Stone reveal how a group of county officials in Georgia tasked with protecting the election instead discussed a plan to pull sensitive data ó and have taxpayers pay for it
Land of the Happy Negro vote stealers get caught stealing.

'Lights Are Flashing Red': Study Finds 69% Average Drop in Animal Populations Since 1970
"We should care deeply about the unraveling of natural systems because these same resources sustain human life," said the World Wildlife Fund's global chief scientist.
And the mindless don't give a damn.

'Left there bleeding out': Mississippi cop shoots 15-year-old boy in the head, then handcuffs him
Land of the Happy Negro cops just wanted to make sure it looked proper. Shooting kids, I mean.

DeSantis Under Investigation Over Use Of Covid Funds To Pay For Migrant Stunt

Dennis Prager: 'There's No Secular Argument Against Adult Incest'
There it is. The new refrain from Christian nationalists everywhere. You can't be a real American unless you are a Christian.

John Fetterman Had A Stroke And The Media Is Here To FREAAAK OUUUUT ABOUT IT!
"My wife watches The Crown and Downton Abbey with closed captioning, and sheís also fully in command of her faculties. Letís see Herschel Walker actually read closed captioning in real time during an interview."

Workers Make $1.3 Million More Through Their Careers When Theyíre in a Union

How Republicans Conspire with Churches for Political & Social Control
Shameless radical religious leaders are breaking the law while living off you and me - Itís time to cut them off from the ďfree lunchĒ of tax exemption

Kari Lakeís ĎPerfect Answer on Abortioní
Does Lake really have no idea how fundamentally things have changed? Does she not realize that the car Republicans have doggedly chased after for decades is now in their jaws, weighing two tons and not slowing down?
All this makes a reporterís question about whether Lake supports an effective abortion ban a perfectly good question to ask. Itís Lakeís answer that is out of bounds.

Alex Jones told to pay nearly $1 billion to Sandy Hook families
I'm sure he can handle that like the new man he is.

Big Pharma Is Flooding Puerto Rico With Toxic Waste
"The investigation follows previous exposťs by the Center for Popular Democracy and Hedge Clippers that revealed workplace abuse and pervasive low wages in Puerto Ricoís pharmaceutical sector. As many as 90,000 Puerto Ricans work to make some of the most important life-saving drugs on the planetówhich come, as these reports make clear, at high cost to their own lives."

Judge: Trump To Be Deposed In Rape/Defamation Suit
Ah! The old rapist case is back upon him. Nail him.

Biden just made Obamacare better
"The IRS has finalized the rule change to make sure that affordabilityówhat percentage of the paycheck would have to go toward coverageóis based on family premiums as necessary. In 2022, the threshold for ďaffordabilityĒ of employer-sponsored coverage is 9.61% of household income; if insurance costs ate up more than that, then you would qualify for an individual subsidy under the ACA. Itís going to drop to 9.12% in 2023óand will apply to whole family coverage instead of individual."

'A white nationalist problem': Washington State GOP gave money to an infamous 'pro-Nazi blogger'
"Greyson Arnold, a White nationalist blogger and Nazi sympathizer, has, according to Daily Beast reporter Zachary Petrizzo, received money from the Washington State Republican Party."
Just more proof the GOP being the party of fascism and against the Constitution of the United States.

Healthy ecosystems need birds. But billions fatally strike glass windows every year
Oh noes! And here we were being told it's wind mills that take them all down.

Donald Trump Jr. says Democrats are pretending to believe in the 'tenants' of their party's platform
He means the ones that are living under it. Getting the space rent free I suppose?

DeJoy Faces Outrage Over New Postal Service Price Hikes
"We can't let the Postal Service sabotage itself by driving industries out of business and driving consumers away from using the mail," said one critic.
Why is this man still feeding at the public trough?

John Fetterman Stumbles, ĎStuttersí During First in-Person Interview Since Stroke
The Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate required the use of closed captioning to understand and answer questions.
We have stroke victims, heart attack victims, cancer victims, etc. in our government at this time doing well, thank you. Don't forget no one said a word about Rush Limbaugh doing the same thing, did they?
What does Oz say that makes sense?

OJ 'pulverizes all of Trump's arguments' in 'utterly devastating' SCOTUS filing: legal experts
"The Justice Departmentís response opposing the emergency application Trumpís legal team filed in the Supreme Court, with a stopover in Justice Clarenceís chambers, is utterly devastating," Tribe tweeted. "It pulverizes all of Trumpís arguments and leaves none standing."

Lone Pro-Putin Protester Gets What For At Washington Protest
A woman objecting to Ukraine protesters outside the Russian embassy was arrested after spitting on a member of the Secret Service.
Whoa! That's so oh too bad.

Bill Hemmer Whines His Neighborhood Is Engulfed In A Cloud Of Weed Smoke
Right on cue, suddenly legalized marijuana is responsible for the decaying of US society.
Just relax and inhale. Then put on a Hendrix record, turn it up, and listen with a good headset. Cool!

Tulsi Gabbard Makes It Official, Leaves Democratic Party
The KremlinTV favorite is auditioning for her own show on Newsmax or Fox TV.
Stopped her charade, eh? Well, the Pootmeister will have a job her on a local propaganda outlet.

A Republican midterm sweep could mean the end of American self-governance
"While criminals, as they are usually understood, break the law from inside the rule of law, these Republicans are breaking the rule of law from the outside. They are committing crimes against democracy."

Watch the Disturbing Kanye Interview Clips That Tucker Carlson Didnít Put on Air
The man is in crisis. And you know what's gonna happen one of these days.

Fascism's enforcers: A bored boomer army
Ending democracy is less about cracking skulls and more about having time to harass election workers all day
Kinda like pesky mesquitoes. We need a zapper lamp for them.

Kevin McCarthy Is A Liar, Chapter Umpty-Zillion
McCarthy lied to the police officers who protected him on January 6th, in an effort to absolve Trump.
Pardon us if you've heard this before.

Black people are 'belligerent': Colorado candidate backed by racist billionaire Mellon fortune heir
Really? Then I guess that makes you another arrogant, racist white man. As usual.

New moves show Merrick Garland's indictment of Trump is 'inevitable': analysis
"... a criminal indictment of the twice-impeached former president is "inevitable."

Tim Ryan Just Took J.D. Vance To The Woodshed, And It Was Glorious
That had to hurt.
You mean Vance, the grifter, has feelings?

Former prosecutor says if Trump wasnít a former president he would be indicted by now
That's a disgrace. Why should that allow a traitor to skate on justice?

Republican TX elections chief blasts 'nuts' peddling 2020 conspiracy theories ó and zooms in on Alex Jones
"And I donít want to give a free pass to people who are crazy enough to go out there and say theyíre going to kill somebody because theyíre doing their job."

Candace Owens Defends Kanye's Anti-Semitic Tweets
Of course she did.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste. It's sad she doesn't get help. But then she wouldn't get her picture on the internet news outlets.

Jesse Watters Laments The Days Of Straitjackets And Asylums For The Homeless
Why is there a picture of Trump in this segment? He's Nut Ball #1.
They were homeless because they were put in asylums. They could have received better care.
Dude, if asylums were still around you'd already be in one. You and the rest of your nut ball fascists. The best place for all of you.

The Question Ted Cruz Canít Answer
So I figured we should review the merits of his case together. You know, to be all fair and balanced.

Trump's rally rant was an attempt to 'poison the jury pool' and thwart any DOJ prosecution: legal expert
Nothing is beneath this miscreant. Nothing.

Columbus was a thug. But the church was the big problem
"But the real culprit behind the subjugation of non-European peoples across the globe wasn't an individual, or even a monarch. It was the Roman Catholic Church. It's time the church owned that grievous mistake."
You mean the world's largest cult?

Republicans are making no secret of their plans to shut down the government if they regain power
As election day approaches, hopeful Republicans are making plans for what they'll do if they gain power. According to MSNBC's Steve Benen, they're not interested in governing. "Rather, GOP leaders are likely to focus on gridlock, impeachment crusades, and extensive hearings into assorted conspiracy theories."

'They never want to show how massive the crowd is': Trump continues to boast about Jan 6.
"I never knew the cameras Ė because this took place right from the Ė they never want to show how massive our crowd was. You know the biggest crowd I've ever seen? January 6th. And you never hear that. It was the biggest," Trump proclaimed.
I guess he forgot the biggest crowd he said he'd ever seen was at his pitiful inaguration.

Taiwanese diplomat trashes Elon Musk's proposed 'compromise' with China: Freedom is 'not for sale'
Anything's for sale in Musk's dreamworld.

'What's he going to do when it's not windy?' Marjorie Taylor Greene fumes about Biden's clean energy plans
This numbskull shows us just how ignorant she is of facts, thnks her audience is ignorant of facts, or just being the liar she is.
How do Wind Turbines Work Without Wind
"It could be just slightly windy; it only takes a slight breeze of to turn a turbine. Once a turbine is going, it can take hours to slow back down, and that could explain why they are turning without wind. They could also be drawing power from the grid to rotate the blades during cold periods of the year to prevent the blades and gears freezing up."

Chilling Audio Provides Rare Glimpse Into Abuse at Troubled Illinois Residential Facility
A glaring example of how we've ignored the rules we used to have in place that were not ignored and saw to taking care of issues such as this.

Kristi Noem: Scandals And Controversies About The South Dakota Governor
Kristi Noem is the Republican governor of South Dakota. Noem has frequently been discussed as a likely 2024 Republican presidential candidate. Noem previously served as a member of Congress representing a district in South Dakota. This is a guide to scandals and controversies involving Kristi Noem. Noem supports a South Dakota law that bans abortion, even for victims of rape or incest.

Which Indigenous lands are you on? This map will show you
President Biden became the first president to officially recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day in 2021, and did so again this year. It falls on the same day as Columbus Day, which was established in part as a way to acknowledge the mistreatment of Italian Americans.

How Harris is listening ó and speaking ó about abortion rights before the midterms
Vice President Harris has held more than 20 events on abortion rights since May. She's been traveling the country to listen and speak about what's become a top issue for Democratic voters.
More than just Democrats care on this issue. Many Republicans do as well.

On prescription drug costs, Rubio makes a risky election year bet
Marco Rubio's effort to undo the policy is a bold gamble. Sarcasm: "I know, I'll stop Americans from getting any relief from the price gouging drug industry. That should make them love me!"
He'll miss his kickbacks, as well.

Job growth is so strong, GOP leaders remain literally speechless

Judge Blocks State Abortion Ban As Attempt ďTo Completely Eliminate The Rights of Ohio Women"
Well, yes, that's exactly what this shit show is. A fascist attempt to control everyone else, as well. Shitcan them.

Indianaís Attorney General Defends Kanye Westís ĎIndependent Thinkingí After He Calls For War on Jews
"Worship me or I will kill you all!" A fascist agent, no doubt. Dump him.
Is this really Nazi Germany in the 1930s? Could be.

North Korea: We Can ďHit And Wipe OutĒ US Targets
Do you have the co-ordinates to Mar-a-lago?
And it would also solve world problems as you will be the next to be wiped out. Then the rest of us go as we welcome in nuclear winter.

Mastriano: My Sec Of State Will Make Sure Trump Wins
He admits he will rig the election. Can you believe his head is emptier than a case of drained beer bottles?
Vote his ass back to hell.

39% Of GOP Voters: Weíll Blame Loss On Election Fraud
Get ready to whine again, you dickheads.

Audio Shows McCarthy Telling Capitol Cops Trump Didnít Know That It Was His Supporters Carrying Out Attack
Trump didn't know. Really? Doesn't he claim to know everything? He told them to march on the Capitol. Has everyone forgotten that?

Scientists Find Microplastics in Human Breastmilk
"Think plastics."

What Does Medicare Advantage Fraud Have To Do With Dr. Oz?
"The health system Kaiser Permanente called doctors in during lunch and after work and urged them to add additional illnesses to the medical records of patients they hadnít seen in weeks. Doctors who found enough new diagnoses could earn bottles of Champagne, or a bonus in their paycheck."
An easy to spot fraud in our health system. Stop it.

Proud Boys founder declares 'massive civil war' as members accuse each other of pedophilia
Hopefully, these toxic assholes will wipe themselves out.

'Going on the offense': How Gavin Newsom is taking the abortion fight to other states
Newsome should be our next president.

Trump Reduced To Holding Arizona Rally In The Middle Of A Dirt Field
It seems he's just drawing flies now.
"The failed former president isnít attracting the same size of crowd that he used to. Donald Trump has gone from arenas to fairgrounds to dirt fields, and he isnít far from holding his rallies on street corners and large booths at Dennyís."
And the ones that remain are more bat-shit crazy than they have ever been.

Trump sounded 'guilty and scared' during his latest rally rant: Former federal prosecutor
This is his permanent state. It has been all of his life.

DeSantis Fired Him Over Abortion. Now Heís Firing Back.
Tampa prosecutor Andrew Warren said he wouldnít prosecute cases against women for having an abortion. Ron DeSantis wasnít having it. Warren says thatís an assault on democracy.
DeSantis is assaulting democracy in more ways than one. It's time the voters realized this.

Why 'hack' Ted Cruz epitomizes the worst that American politics has to offer: conservative
ďThe deal Ted Cruz struck with the orange devil required him to put his conscience in a box. He can have everything he ever wanted ó short of the presidency, LOL ó as long as he keeps quiet about just a few little things: his wifeís dignity, his fatherís honor, and the results of the 2020 election."

Kanye West's Antisemitism Gets Him Restricted From Instagram And Twitter
Why don't they permanently ban his account?
Or maybe put him on the correct medication?

Morning Joe bashes Tommy Tuberville's 'blatantly racist' and 'morally depraved' Trump rally speech
"It's a combination of really remarkably stupid, one of the dumbest statements ever made," Scarborough said. "You can tell he's struggling just to get through it while inhaling and exhaling. This is a guy that didn't understand the basics of World War II."
As far as the fasists go, this Land of the Happy Negro cluelessness qualifies him. LMAO!

Republicans lean into racism, fascism, and glorification of sedition in weekend Nevada rally
"What was on display was the heart of Republicanism's new fascism. Racism; paranoia; hoax promotion; a focus not on winning elections, but on winning the power to administer and subjugate them."
Hitler would be proud.

J6 Organizer Ali Alexander: Iíll Train Millions For ĎViolent Christian Crusadeí
ďStop the StealĒ organizer Ali Alexander plans to lead a violent, fascist Christian theocracy around the world.
A little twerp with a loud mouth. We used to not pay attention to such idiots. Fuck him and his Nazi lunacy

The Disgrace That Has Sparked Civil War in a Delaware Town
Confederacy of Dunces
The town council funded a museum that insists on flying a symbol of racism. Democrats and one Republican mayor are fed up.
Take the asswiping rag and shove it. If the historical society doesn't want to, shove it up theirs.

Rambliní Jack Elliott Is Still on the Move, Thinking of John Prine, and Telling Tales
The 91-year-old folk singer is set to pay tribute to his late friend this week in Nashville

Cruz Calls Questions About His Election Denying ĎA Jokeí
Sen. Ted Cruz played the Republican victim card for being asked whether he still believes Arizonaís 2020 election results were fraudulent. We don't think it's a joke. However, we do find you a joke and a bad one.

Kari Lake: Banning Abortion Gives Women 'True Choices'
Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona, argued on Sunday that banning abortions would offer women "true choices" during pregnancy. What school of logic did demonic automaton attend?

Jim Jordan Dodges Maria Bartiromo As She Urges To Impeach Merrick Garland
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) refused to tell Fox News host Maria Bartiromo if he supports impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland.
Even Jim "Jacket Off" Jordan dodges this bat out of hell fool!

Tommy Tuberville Says The Quiet Part Out Loud At Nevada Trump Rally
Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala), who is right up there with Marsha Blackburn in a contest for dumbest member of the United States Senate, said the quiet part out loud during a Trump rally in Minden, Nevada this Saturday.
Good thing this moron knew something about football because he hasn't had a clue about anything since he quit the Gatorade.

'Tommy Tuberville can go to hell': Bakari Sellers buries GOP senator over his blatantly racist rally speech
You mean back to the place he came from?

More polling continues to put DeSantis and his cruel stunt on the wrong side of public opinion
Well, one would think the people want someone with a little piece of brain, at least.

Marjorie Taylor Greene uses her First Amendment rights to claim the First Amendment is dead
Maybe she's looking in the mirror that shows her time is up.
Amazing how they push these miserables on us..

Time for the DOJ to 'stop playing Trump's reindeer games' and indict him: former federal prosecutor
Wayyyy past time. Nail the traitor.

Trump Blames The U.S. For Russia Invading Ukraine
What a traitorous asshat.
About time we started calling him the absolute piece of shit he is. Deport him to Russia.

Trump pushed DOJ beyond 'tipping point' as Garland considers indictments: legal expert
Donald Trump has created nightmares for his legal team and may have pushed the Department of Justice beyond the tipping point as Attorney General Merrick Garland considers indictments.

Traitor Ron Johnson Betrayed By His Own Treason
Ron Johnson trips himself up in a debate when the subject turned to January 6th.
Ron seems to be more than a little worn out.

Greg Abbott: I Won't Pardon Pot Possession. Beto: Hold My Beer!
Abbott has previously expressed interest in reducing the criminal penalty for marijuana possession to a Class C misdemeanor, but not legalizing the drug.
The Draconian old codger is so backward with his brain function. He doesn't have a clue he's surrounded by a country that sees what a failure he is.
"When I'm governor, we will finally legalize marijuana in Texas and expunge the records of those arrested for marijuana possession," O'Rourke tweeted Thursday following Biden's announcement. In a follow-up tweet, O'Rourke reiterated his position on the matter, sharing a clip from his recent "Vote 'Em Out" rally where Texas music icon Willie Nelson performed his song "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die."
Texas -- Vote Beto -- Stop fascism

Richard Linklaterís Next Project: Taking Down Greg Abbott
The 'Boyhood' director and lifelong Texan has created 31 videos for a ďbadass mamas PACĒ in an effort to vote out the Republican governor
It's past time for him to go. Texas should have a 21st Century leader.

Why bees love weed ó and why it might even be good for them
New research shows the cannabis extract CBD can improve the health of honeybees, which is good news for farmers
And the rest of us too.

'Sheís not bright and sheís a bully': Voters and GOP officials in Marjorie Taylor Greene's hometown have grown 'embarrassed' by her
ďIím embarrassed to be from her district. Sheís a national laughingstock. The things that she says, she doesnít know basic words. She couples off with the worst people in Washington and is very annoying. Sheís not bright and sheís a bully. Sheís definitely not somebody you want representing where you live," she lamented."
They're right about her. They can get rid of her and they should.

In Post-Roe Alabama, the Poor Suffer Most
In an exclusive excerpt from Becca Andrews' new book 'No Choice,' a young woman navigates the health care system in Alabama, desperate to have an abortion, despite also wanting a child. 'It's a whole different ballgame when you're poor, Black, and pregnant, especially in the South.'
Such is life in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Pro-Trump Rally-Goers Blame Mysterious Bogeymen for Latest Event Flop
Speakers bent over backwards to explain the low turnout, blaming ďpaid agitators,Ē the government, and would-be attendeesí spam folders.
It's hard to get their message out because there is no message. Only echoes of an imaginary past to which they can never return.

Here's the Brutal Truth: Republicans Have Given Up on Democracy
America is polarized on what the crisis isóbut one side is dead wrong.

Proud Boy pleads guilty to seditious conspiracy
The Justice Department will now have the cooperation of Proud Boy Jeremy Bertino in its case against the extremist group's leader, Henry "Enrique"Ě Tarrio, and four other members currently facing charges of seditious conspiracy.

Scientists May Have Finally Figured Out Why ATP Powers All Life on Earth
"While the findings aren't entirely definitive, they are exciting. Humans have been wondering where we ó and, well, everything ó came from for quite some time. This research, if anything, provides a fascinating new clue."

Advocates Raise Concerns for Democracy As Supreme Court Term Begins

Bidenís cannabis pardons: a long overdue reassessment of the War on Drugs

As Ian's death toll rises, questions swirl on why more Floridians didn't evacuate
Ask their great leader DiSantis why it didn't work.

'Unimaginable' the Supreme Court won't jump in if Clarence Thomas tries to help Trump: legal expert
Nothing is unimaginable in a Nazi takeover threatening us. Thanks to Trump.
Impeach Thomas. It would be a start to stopping court fascism.

Biden to Disaffected Voters: This Is What Leadership Looks Like
Today on TAP: Much more remains to be done, but the presidential cannabis pardon is one of the most significant drug policy developments since the 1970s.

How Hitlerís Enablers Undid Democracy in Germany
The way the Nazis used ďthe politics of legalityĒ to gain absolute power after a failed coup is an ominous lesson about the fragility of a republic.

Biden Heads for the Midterms with Ten Million New Jobs
Inflation is still a cause for concern, but no other President has had this pace of job growth in their first two years in office.
Our greatest President.

Will a Jury Actually Convict White Insurrectionists of Seditious Conspiracy?
It's obvious they are guilty. Failure to convict encourages them to repeat their crime on America.

Uvalde school district suspends its entire police department, and superintendent announces retirement plans
All of the departmentís activities were suspended for an unspecified period of time, and two employees were placed on administrative leave after it was revealed this week that one of the first state troopers to respond to the deadly school shooting in May was later hired as a district police officer.
It's a start.
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop fascism.

In heated exchange, federal judge demands True the Vote identify who provided access to poll worker data
True the Vote has a lot to answe for it appears.
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop fascism.

Abortion Bans Are Making It Harder for Some Cancer Patients to Get Chemotherapy
It appears that these bans have serious side effects to our general health that run far deeper than the killers cared about. Do the assholes that support it give a damn? The answer is clearly "no."

Kirk: Attacks By Walkerís Homocon Son Are Unbiblical
Charlie Kirk, rhymes with jerk.

Dems Say Bill to Kill Price Controls Shows GOP 'Wants YouÖ to Spend More' on Meds
"If you thought Republicans were done trying to repeal overwhelmingly popular healthcare policies that bring down costsóthink again," said Sen. Patty Murray.
You have to pay more so they can get their kickbacks.

Herschel Walker is still having trouble keeping track of lies. And so he fired his political director for leaking to the press. That'll address the problems. Probably.
"Conservative Christians refuse to reckon with the fact that their preferred senator from Georgia is, by their own logic, now an accused murderer."
And here I thought they blamed it all on the damned woman. No man can possibly be associated with this sort of Jezebel,right? Ja-Ja-Ja!

ďArmy Of GodĒ Baptized At Flynn QAnon Event

Oz Holds Fundraiser In Front Of Hitlerís Car (For Real)
Sarcasm: Mein Gott! Can't ve have even ein zingle FŁhrer tribute?
How can these mindless fools be so disconnected from reality?

Jewish Women Sue Kentucky Over Abortion Ban
You briarhoppers think only your religion matters? This is your problem. Big problem.
"The next thing you know, those states will ban Judaism."

Prominent Big Lie grifter is behind huge dark money injection into state supreme court races
Thereís more dark money being poured into state Supreme Court races.
All to get more Nazis on our court seats.

Justice Department Asking if Trump Stashed Documents in Trump Tower
Investigators have quizzed multiple witnesses about whether Trump is holding sensitive government documents at other properties outside Mar-a-Lago, including at his Manhattan tower and his New Jersey club
The traitor hid America's documents everywere it appears.

ĎJust a disgraceí: Former DOJ officials express concern, call for resignation of FBI Director Wray
"...He is partially responsible for the death & destruction."
Looks bad for him.

New Walker story creates 'three problems' for Georgia Republicans: conservative
1. shit. 2. deeper shit. 3. Bloody Diarrhea!

'Holy moley': Legal experts believe FBI inquiry into possible Trump Tower stash related to looming 'criminal case'
It's amazing how his own homemade shit is rolling over him now.

Ukrainians Find Secret Russian Hotel - In A Pigsty
and swine.

Utah Rep Sorry He's 'Forced' To Take Women's Rights Away
On new abortion restrictions: "I wish as a man I didnít have to make this decision. I wish women could make this decision.Ē
So, someone is preventing him from doing this? Maybe he could go to the nut shop and get a pair. Is he saying "I'm just a helpless wimp" ? What an asshole.

These Republicans condemned Bidenís infrastructure bill as 'socialism' ó before requesting funds from it
Hypocrite hogwash.

When does pizza stop being pizza? Nonnas, pizza chefs and the Italian government all have thoughts
Perhaps mojito pie and Papa John's "Papa Bowls" are a step too far?
Capitalism at its worst. Parse the pizza parts, sell them as "new" separately, charge more than a pizza costs. Only in America.

Ted Cruz admitted to colleagues that all 'one hundred senators' knew Trump committed an impeachable offense: report
Let's examine. They knew it was impeachable yet defended the defendent? Impeachable!
Ted Cruz? Echhh!

Stewart Rhodes blew Oath Keepers dues on Ďhookersí while his family ate 'canned oatmeal': ex-wife
Was that wrong?

Judge finds DeJoy harmed the Postal Service in 2020 election balloting interference
Why is this man not in prison or at the very least been terminated?

Laura Ingraham Making Neat Free Commercials For Democrats, Share With Everyone You've Ever Met!
"Because you're not a fuckin' loser 80-year-old white supremacist who watches Laura until you fall asleep in a puddle of drool and regret each night, you might not understand that she meant that as a threat.
We, however, are just wondering if she had official permission from President Let's Go Brandon 'Joe Biden' Captain America The Malarkey Slayer to make such amazing promises."

How the debunked conspiracy film ď2000 MulesĒ became Texas Republican orthodoxy
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop fascism.

ĎReefer Madnessí: Fox News Freakout as Biden Announces Pardons for Thousands in Move Toward Decriminalizing Marijuana
All Governors that don't follow suit will show us all they are Draconian Punituve Dickwads.

'Good grief': NBC mocked for saying experts 'puzzling' over more Republicans died of COVID-19
Very clear picture why some of us lack brain power.

Trump officials removed '2.7 million' PPP fraud flags from 'the largest corporations' during his lame duck period
The crap slinger.

'Itís about flipping the Senate': New book exposes GOP efforts to bail out Trump during his first impeachment
"But according to a Project on Government Oversight (POGO) report released on Thursday, October 6, the Trump Administration eliminated an abundance of flags during its final weeks in office.
ďSpecial preference was given to the largest loans, which often also went to the largest corporations. On January 16, 2021, four days before President Joe Bidenís inauguration, Trumpís SBA wiped 99 percent of special review flags ó which were given out to every loan above $2 million for separate investigatory purposes.Ē
The stinking rat.

Adidas Puts Partnership With Kanye ďUnder ReviewĒ
America should put him "under review."

DOJ Ďclosing iní on Trump: bombshell NYT report suggests indictments are likely to Ďstart flyingí
Let one hit him smack in his big fat mouth.

'Attempting to unravel the Republic': Liz Cheney expresses concern about Arizona's GOP candidates
As every American should be with every fascist candidate the King of Treason hand-picked.

J6 Insurrectionists Whine About DC Jail, Ask For Gitmo
Oh, poor babies. They're not having fun in prison.
What were they thinking? They should have Trump with them.

Republicans Propose Eliminating The VA Healthcare System
When will Republican voters realize the GOP doesn't support the members of the military, just their government contractors? I've got a better idea. Let's eliminate them, the fascist motherfuckers, miscreants, SOBs, back stabbers, and bastard traitors for good.
Gaetz's stupidity is at a whole other level.

The GOP's 'Commitment to America' contains Confederate solutions to made-up problems
Land of the Happy Negro advocate much? One word description: Treason.

Morning Digest: Oregon Republicans threatens suit to overturn election results because of attack ad
Nazis: They are all cowards and traitors.

Russians Terrified by Putinís Bunker Mentality as He Turns 70 With His Finger on the Nuclear Button
For the first time, Russians are starting to believe that their isolated and out-of-touch leader really could launch a nuclear weapon.
Get ready to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Demands for Peace Talks Intensify as Biden Says Putin Nuclear Threats Risk 'Armageddon'
Anti-war groups called on the U.S. president to urgently pursue a diplomatic "off-ramp" to avert a nuclear catastrophe.

How a Hostile America Undermined Its Black World War II Veterans
Servicemembers were attacked, discredited, and shortchanged on GI benefitsówith lasting implications.

Herschel Walkerís Latest Abortion Denial Still Makes No Sense
While spouting off nonsensical explanations during a gaggle on Thursday afternoon, the Senate hopeful likely didn't realize he confirmed he indeed has a child with his accuser. what now?
Talk about a fraud. This guy takes all the cakes. The University of Georgia should be on all our minds.

Seattle fires cop who mocked victims, deaths on Twitter, but the cityís police problem remains
" primarily comes down to a single factor: a seething contempt for the city and its liberal politics and citizens among a hardcore right-wing political faction on the police force, one that has grown in power and strength over the past decade.
That would be their Nazis.

Trumpís Latest Revenge Fantasy: Purge the National Archives
The former president is telling confidants that the nonpartisan agency is full of ďwokeĒ operatives ó and promising vengeance if he retakes the White House in 2024
Someone please shut this criminal traitor up and stick him in solitary! What's with all the pictures of him showing us how big his dick is?
They are record keepers you shitstain miscreant. Hands off.

Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse to quit the Senate: reports
Trump Nazis drive out another decent Republican.

Legal experts say Judge Cannonís blunder proves sheís a Trump Ďlackeyí
Who would have thought that?

Against Algebra
Students need more exposure to the way everyday things work and are made.
Temple Grandin has a very good perspective on our "education" system."

Judge says Alabama cop can't be sued for shooting and killing unarmed cancer patient recovering from surgery
"Reasonable officer"? "To protect and defend"? Top notch comedy in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Ron Johnson Suffers Severe Memory Lapse Of January 6th Riot
Ron Johnson serves up a tossed word salad when discussing the January 6th riot.
Wisconsin's favorite Nazi Nut Ball. The rot of the Republican brainless.

'Next Up? Legalize It': Advocates Cheer Biden Move to Pardon Marijuana Convictions
"This is what pressure and advocacy look like," said anti-poverty activist Joe Sanberg. "This must be the first of many steps to ending our decadeslong failed policies on marijuana."
Way to go, Joe. Our greatest President!

BillO: 'Every 2 Weeks Weíve Got Another Child Fathered By Mr. Walker'
Even Bill OíReilly is fed up with Herschel Walker's shtick.
Not only that, this Christian thing he's got going for him is total hypocrite crap. He's running against a Christian preacher, folks!
Vote Raphael Warnock!

'Really dangerous': CNN panel shreds conservative after she rationalizes still voting for Herschel Walker
She deserved it.

Arizona GOP nominee caught red-handed using footage of Russian troops marching in a victory parade in her campaign ad
Then give her the marching orders she deserves.

ĎRicochet: An American Traumaí explores unseen impacts of gun violence
All you gun orgasm fetishers take a good look at what you've done to Americans with your gun abuse.

Lauren Boebert sued for libel by American Muckrakers PAC
BoBo Bobert gets it.

Watch: Rick Wilson goes off on Republicans for abandoning 'personal responsibility and integrity'
Gosh, Rick. Do you really think they're this dispciable? Good.

After OPEC Move, Sanders Says US Must 'Eliminate Military Assistance to Saudi Arabia'
Sen. Bernie Sanders accused Saudi-led OPEC of a "blatant attempt to increase gas prices at the pump."
Why do business with murderers? We have enough of our own.

She Had an Abortion With Herschel Walker. She Also Had a Child With Him.
Herschel Walker has claimed he has no idea who this woman could be. Hereís why thatís surprising.
I pity the fool.

Oz is in it for money, celebrity, and power. Democrats are making sure Pennsylvania voters know it
Duh. All of Trump's Nazi candidates qualify on this point.

'Really dangerous': CNN panel shreds conservative after she rationalizes still voting for Herschel Walker
Dear, the Nazis don't give a damn. As a famous man once said "They know not what they do." I've heard some people think he meant what he said.

'She is the worst': Former GOP insider explains why Elise Stefanik is the epitome of 'abject nihilism'
As if the obvious needs to be explained.

'This whole family values ruse is busted': Former RNC chair says GOP has 'exposed their own lie'? about abortion
Michael Steele is right. The only thing that Hersch could do to turn the Nazis against him is to shoot Trump.
And well we know Trump mentioned he could shoot someone and it wouldn't matter to his walking dead.

New documents blow up Trump's attempt to blame the General Services Administration for Mar-a-Lago docs
Amazing how Trump fails at everything he does with the exception of being an arrogant asshole.

From "grooming" to "child abduction": Right's accusations against LGBTQ advocates get even worse
A student-led group in Virginia promised to protect trans kids. That sparked a massive right-wing freakout

'The Onion' Files A Hilarious Yet Serious Brief At SCOTUS
The Onion Files 'Masterfully Written' Amicus Brief in Support of Jailed Parodist
These morons, as well as many other Americans, don't fucking get sarcasm, parody and satire because they TOO FUCKING DUMB!!!

'I Don't Care': Dana Loesch Says The Quiet Part Out Loud On Abortion
She is so tacky.
Sarcasm: She really doesn't care about being a skank herself as long as she gets her seat. Know whut I mean?

Herschel Walker Claims His Son Is A 'Left Wing' Plant
Oh boy, imagine attacking your own son.
ROTFFLMAO! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja!

Newt Praises Herschel For Having Concussions And PTSD
Wow, even for Newt Gingrich, this is a stretch.
Newt the Snoot is projecting again.

Ron DeSantis claims the media had a 'political agenda' behind Hurricane Ian
Yes. They sure did. Trying to save lives is now a political agenda.
Throw your girdle away and show us your fat gut, DipShitus. You are a fake.

Michigan Republicans beg Whitmer to zip it on abortion rights
_ichigan fascists may be the worst of the shit slingers.

Oath Keepers trial highlights the right's obsession with finding cheat codes for real life
Stewart Rhodes all but promised his followers he had "one neat trick" to evade criminal charges for sedition
Don't all of these creep motherfuckers?

Trump-loving Maine governor candidate tries to distance himself from Trump -- but fact checkers aren't buying it
"The Dead Don't Die."

Manchin and McConnell are petty and peevish, and neither should have any power in the Senate
Plenty of jobs sweeping up shit. Of course, it's their own shit.

Putinís Dueling Foot Soldiers Are Now Apparently Killing Each Other Off
Amid very public infighting between Russian groups, the Kremlin is reportedly trying to keep a lid on a Wagner mercenary shooting dead a lieutenant-colonel.
It's oh so too bad.

Coalition Representing 24 Million Workers Demands Senate Vote on PRO Act Before Midterms
"Passing the Protecting the Right to Organize Act would level the playing field for these workers, and show people which side the Senate Democrats are on," said one advocate.
This will only work if the Nazis don't rig their way in.

'When stupid people vote': Strategist offers blistering explanation for GOPís 'very low-quality candidates'
"In short, Carville described the party's candidates as ďvery low-quality candidates." On Tuesday, October 4, Carville appeared on MSNBCís ďThe 11th Hour" where he shared his opinion. According to Carville, the reason for the seemingly poor candidate selections lies solely in the hands of the party's voters."
This is what happens when their gene pool is polluted.

'Who Voted for This?': Campaigners Disrupt Truss Speech Over Fracking Ban 'U-Turn'
"Nobody voted for fracking, nobody voted to cut benefits, nobody voted to trash nature, nobody voted to scrap workers' rights," said one Greenpeace organizer.
How fascism destroys nations.

'You Don't Have To Politicize Every Tragedy,' Says Ron As He Does It
"I didn't think I could ever find another human being as repulsive as Trump, but I was wrong. I can't stand Ron DeSantis."
Only the fascists can.

Arizona students walk out of school in coordinated protests against latest Republican hate
Young people shouldnít have to worry about their basic rights, dignities, and protections from harassment and abuse, but of course, thanks to Republicans, they do.
Thankfully, the kids know fascism when they see it.

Creep GOP Pundit Matt Walsh Wants Teen Girls Impregnated
A newly unearthed rant from conservative pundit Matt Walsh calls for teenage girls to be impregnated. Matt Walsh advocates for the impregnation of girls as young as 16 because it's "technically when they're at their most fertile" in a newly unearthed rant about how teenage pregnancy isn't "the problem it's unwed pregnancy that's the problem in society."
Statutory rape is what this is normally called.

Watch: Herschel Walker says if Georgia voters donít elect him they wonít even Ďhave a chance to be redeemedí
Sadly, the babbler mindlessly babbles on.

Republican Ideas on Economics Are as Bad as Their Ideas on Abortion

The Supreme Courtís Majority Reconvenes Its Assault on Democracy

How the Police Became an Occupying Army
Riotsville, U.S.A. documents the origins and rise of what the activist George Jackson called the ďthe corporate-military-police complex.Ē

Herschel Walkerís Abortion Scandal Wonít Alienate Christian Right Voters ó Hereís Why
Very simple: All are hypocrites that don't give a good goddamn about it. They only want power over you.

Secretary Mayor Pete Not Sure What Marjorie Taylor Greene Babbling About, Is It Truck Dicks?
"Now, we know how Greene would respond to this, or at least we have a guess. She's a mouth-frothing homophobe and all-around bigot, so she'd probably start doing some kind of Neanderthal armpit fart sounds while she attempted to mock Buttigieg's sexuality. It wouldn't be the first time."

Herschel Walker, The Pumpkin Spice Dave Matthews Band Of Black Georgia Politicians
"When you're Donald Trump's hand-picked tool to oust the first Black senator from Georgia, you can probably count on Black people not supporting your candidacy."
The bigger issue is will the Land of the Happy Negro even allow Blacks to vote once more?

Warren: Student Debt Relief Lawsuit Shows GOP Prioritizes Profit Over People
Mammon is their god. That hasn't changed since I was a former party member.

The Battle for Election Integrity Heats Up in Southern States Ahead of Midterms
Can one believe the depths of treachery America has lowered themselves to?

Supreme Court May Soon Roll Back Affirmative Action and Voting Rights
Fascist bastards have turned into the greatest enemy of a free America.

Trump Wants SCOTUS To Intervene In Mar-a-Lago Docs Case
After losing bigly at the 11th Circuit over the DOJ review of the classified documents he stole, Donald Trump has appealed to the Supreme Court to intervene.
He knows those are his Nazis because he appointed them with strings attached.

Elon Musk Mocked By Zelenskyy And Told To 'F*ck Off' By Ukrainian Ambassador
Musk's Peace Plan for Ukraine was slammed for being straight from the Kremlin playbook and did not go over well on Twitter.
Why does this loudmouth baby Trump matter? Money.

What does MAGA mean in 2022? An aging movement longs for an America that never was
Trump's core loyalists are older, less educated, more Southern, more Christian ó and driven by resentment

Experts sound alarm as 'urgent and heated' threats of civil war ramp up before midterm election
The Nazis are planning to disrupt our system. They should be met with all the power of hellfire.

Rick Scott embraces national abortion ban: 'There's arguments to do it at the federal level'
This asshole should be banned nationally.

Ron Jonís Record Is ĎTarget-Richí for Demsóand Yet Heís Winning
In contrast, Sen. Ron Johnson and his Republican counterpartsí focus on crime is leaving a mark on his Democratic opponent, Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes.
Clearly illustrating the mental failure of Wisconsinites. I know from experience.

'Absolutely Shameful': Michigan Judge Drops Flint Water Crisis Charges Against 7 Officials
"This means there are currently no criminal charges over 8 years later," lamented one journalist.
One more failure to allow justice to work in America — _ichigan.
"I don't buy one drop of gas in the state of Michigan." — Woody Hayes.

ďWe Will Be on the StreetsĒ: Lula Vows to Keep Fighting in Runoff With Bolsonaro
Bolsonaro Nazis will do anything to hold power including murder.

Another National Guard soldier working Operation Lone Star dies by suspected suicide
According to documents obtained by Army Times and The Texas Tribune, the soldier shot himself with his duty weapon ó an M4 carbine.
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop fascism.

The Tyranny of the Supreme Court

Herschel Walker Allegations: Will He Drop Out of the Race?
So could Walker brazen it outóas he has said he intends to do? The answer is yes. And the reason can be summed up in two words: Access Hollywood.
Fucking Trump! The turd on America.

The United States of Confederate America
A story on the dear ole Land of the Happy Negro!

The View's Ana Navarro lists off Republican men who are only against abortion until their mistresses need one
The same goes for all the hypocrites whining about Herschel Walker stepping in shit.

Pharmacies To Face Trial Over Homeopathic Products
Snake Oil cons still work, apparently. But, no, we don't need them on drugstore shelves.

Interfaith Alliance WELCOMEs Biden Administration PLAN to END Discrimination in Healthcare

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims 'Democrats Want Republicans Dead,' Have 'Started The Killings'
Greene used two unrelated incidents to claim that Democrats have begun hunting Republicans.
Here we have the perfect example of why insane people need to be put in strait jackets. She's becoming more unhinged as the days go by. That she is dangerous is putting it very mildly.

Activision Blizzard found to have withheld raises from unionizing Raven Software workers
What brought us to this treachery we have in our country? Answer: Trump.

Supreme Court Poised to Shred What's Left of Voting Rights Act, Plaintiffs Warn
"If the court sides with Alabama," wrote a pair of plaintiffs in Merrill v. Milligan, "political opportunities for people of color will disappear."
America may be doomed by the Nazis on the court. Trump and Republicans put them there.

SCOTUS May Give State Legislatures Right To Overturn Elections
This would end our democracy and kill the America that we know and love.
We should be mad as hell about it and do whatever it takes to stop it.

Looks Like Jan. 6th Phone Logs Were Found At Mar-A-Lago
It's almost as if Trump was hiding something.

Texas GOP AG Ken Paxtonís office 'dysfunctional' with child porn and shady political dealings
Texas fascists don't care. They'll try to keep their corrupt hands on everything regardless of any moral ethic.
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop fascism.

Missouri newspaper blasts federal judge for favoring 'loyalty to Trump' over 'loyalty to the law'
Remove her from the bench now.

'Everything has been a lie': Christian Walker drops damning new video blasting fatherís 'lies' over abortion
"Christian Walker, the son of the Republican Party of Georgiaís nominee to be a U.S. Senator is out with a new video Tuesday morning blasting his father, Herschel Walker, and Republicans who he says knew about his philandering fatherís past and suggesting they even called him telling him itís important for the party that he win, despite the latest bombshell news."
Don't say we never warned you about this rat.

Noam Chomsky: 'Education and organization' are the 'only tools' to stop 'environmental destruction' and 'terminal war'
Chomsky: "Very severely. The Republican Party is openly dedicated ó itís not even concealed ó to undermining what remains of American democracy. Theyíre working very hard on it. Since the days of Richard Nixon, the Republicans have long understood that theyíre fundamentally a minority party and not going to get votes by advertising their increasingly open commitment to the welfare of the ultrarich and the corporate sector. So, theyíve been long diverting attention to so-called cultural issues."

As Fed Pushes to 'Get Wages Down,' Study Shows CEO Pay Has Soared by 1,460% Since 1978
Ordinary workers, by contrast, saw their pay rise just 18.1% in the 43 years between 1978 and 2021, a new analysis finds.
Sounds fair, right?

Morning Digest: New ad slams Maryland Republican for proposal to tattoo HIV-positive people
"Holocaust Redo" anyone?

Trump's chief of staff implicated in Mar-a-Lago docs scheme by new bombshell reporting
"All the President's Men" all over again.

Reporter reveals new detail that Ďputs Trump at the centerí of stolen docs case
Why is this criminal still at large?

'Shaken' law professors revolt as hyper-partisan SCOTUS rulings 'upend constitutional principles'
Do they finally realize these "justices" are Nazis yet?

Trump's long game: Executive privilege and the assault on historical memory
Prosecuting Trump is important ó but not as important as literacy, critical thinking and understanding history
Seems as if few Americans understand anything.

'Don't Look Up' Director Releases Savage Chevron Ad Parody
Adam McKay is taking advantage of the hurricane to make us look at oil companies.
Finally, someone takes a good healthy dump on these bastards. Thanks!

Guess Whose Profits Surged 340%
'Their Price Strategies Are Bearing Fruit': Oil and Coal Profits Surge 340%
Killing us one dollar at a time. We mean you America!

Mastriano Vows To Ban Pole Dancing In Schools
What fresh hell is this?
It's "Fairy Tales For Fascist Fucks." In your twisted, sick fuck brain.

'I hope he disappears': Bill O'Reilly advises Trump to flee country before the midterms
Don't we all? The best advice this miscreant ever had.

Trump threatens to sue Jan. 6 Committee for not investigating vote fraud claims debunked by his own officials
Can this dumb-fuck moron do anything that is dumber, stupider, siller and shittier?

ĎPro-Lifeí Herschel Walker Paid for Girlfriendís Abortion
The woman has receiptsóand a ďget wellĒ card she says the football star, now a Senate candidate, sent her.
And there will be actual anti-abortion votes that this idiot will get.

How 'deprivation of womenís rights' is 'central' to MAGA and anti-abortion ideology: conservative
Far-right authoritarians like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor OrbŠn and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Rubin notes, are known for their ďappeals to hyper-masculinity and demands for women to be limited to their roles as women and mothersĒ ó not unlike the MAGA movement and the Christian Right in the United States.

January 6th cop Michael Fanone unloads on 'weasel' Kevin McCarthy's sycophancy toward Donald Trump
ďf**king weasel b**chĒ is good but ďf**king power weasel b**chĒ is much better.
McCarthy wouldn't recognize the truth unless it had a very large cashier's check in its hand made out to him.
"Right-wing media has since claimed he is oversensitive and a ďfalse flag liberalĒ while other random people have told him that they hope his children are raped and killed."
They sound like a sweet bunch of America, don't they now?

When You Have No Choice in a Pro-Violence Society
Post-Dobbs abortion access for military dependents remains in question.

The Rise of the Right-Wing University
Despite its liberal reputation, academia is being flooded with right-wing money and ideologies.
If we don't stop these Nazis they will stop America.

A New Term Begins for This Extremist Right-Wing Supreme Court
The supermajority has made clear that judicial restraint won't stand in the way of the goals of the conservative legal movement.
So how will the bastards be fucking our rights this time?

QAnon People Once Again Profoundly Misunderstand Art
Do they understand anything? Hardly. They are the most shit-fer-brains in the galaxy.

Pat Toomey Blockades Bidenís Housing Nominees Amid Historic Rent Hikes
The Department of Housing and Urban Development is lacking vital staff during a crisis of housing affordability.
Nothing but bribery everywhere you look.

ĎScary as hellí: GOP pollster spooked by survey showing Republicans drifting away from democracy
"When you lose faith and trust in elections itself, you've lost your democracy," he added, "and we are so close to the edge..."
It should scare the hell out of all of us.

Gaetz Begs For FEMA Aid Days After Voting Against It
They never think these things will ever affect them in any way.

Iranís supreme leader breaks silence on protests, blames U.S.
Oh, hell yes. Blame them on anything but your own stupidity and moral emptiness.

Slavery descendants fight to memorialize a cemetery in Maryland
Land of the Happy Negro citizens attempt to save their graveyards in border state.

Planned Parenthood mobile clinic will take abortion to red-state borders
Good news. Put one on the borders of the Talibastards anywhere you can.

BOOK: Trump Lied About Watching TV During Riot
NEWSFLASH: Trump lies.

Teenage Girl Denied Life-Saving Prescription Under AZ's Abortion Law
This doesn't sound pro-life to me.
"This is absolute evil disguised as religion." Medical science has been using this drug for this issue for A FUCKING 100 years! The motherfucking state should be charged with accesory to murder. Fuck their vile, dispicable "religion." I shit in their general direction.

He's Baaaack! Lou Dobbs Tries To Out-Extreme The Extremists
The disgraced former Fox Business darling is back and working hard to lie to the few viewers he has left.
Who let this inmate out of the booby hatch?

Trump "will be convicted of multiple felonies": George Conway on the bumpy road ahead
Longtime GOP lawyer says Trump won't take a deal and will call for MAGA violence ó but his time is almost up

'Shaken' law professors revolt as hyper-partisan SCOTUS rulings 'upend constitutional principles'
"Dellinger told Slate, ďI have always perceived of the law as a tool for justice, and my faith that the law is being used toward that end has definitely been shaken by this Supreme Court. It is honestly hard to know what to say to students entering this profession at this time as we witness the Supreme Court upending constitutional principlesÖ. (and) stripping an entire class of people of fundamental rights without so much as a minimal effort to acknowledge the consequent harms.Ē
These fascist poltical bastards are coming after us and if we don't take direct action against them we will lose the rights we, as Americans, have held so precious.

'It's a political loser': Morning Joe says Biden impeachment chatter could doom GOP's midterm chances
These dip shit fascists will do anything for spite as they have nothing but hate for America.

San Antonio sheriff identifies mysterious DeSantis woman who targeted Venezuelan migrants to send to Martha's Vineyard
DeSantis and Abbott are both guilty of breaking laws. Why do we have corruption allowed in these offices?

Hereís What Putinís Nuclear Disaster Would Really Look Like
Russian plans for a so-called ďtactical nuclear strikeĒ in Ukraine could quickly spiral out of control.

'We Will Be on the Streets': Lula Vows Resolve as Brazil Heads Toward Runoff
"We don't have a break. We are going to work hard," said the leftist former president. "And we have 28 more days."
Kick the SOB Nazi out!

Susan Collins ďWouldnít Be SurprisedĒ If Member Of Congress Gets Murdered As Threats By Cultists Soar
She and her cohorts enabled them. They are the base of her party. Does she not understand that?

TODAY: Brazilians Vote In ďHistoricĒ Presidential Election
The Nazi Bolsonaro will lose and declare he really won because it was "rigged." He's a POS and should be run out of the country.

Two Texas Men Are Accused of Killing a Migrant. Their Governor Blames Joe Biden
"Two people were shotóone man died at the scene, and a woman was transported to a hospital in El Paso with a stomach wound. According to the affidavit, members of the group told federal agents who responded to the shooting that ďthey overheard one of the males shout something in Spanish to the effect of, ĎCome out you sons of bitches, little asses!í then revved the engine of the truck.Ē That was when the shooting started."
Texas racist miscreants have been a threat to civilization for a very long time now. Texas needs to cleanse itself of this sort of trash.
Abbott delcares he is a cowardly failure when he blames anyone but himself for this.
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop fascism.

Ted Cruz proves the GOP is now the anti-democracy party
"Recent developments inform us that being antidemocratic is now a core part of the GOPís ideology."
Of course. He's been a fascist forever.

"Tucker Carlson promoted the false conspiracy theory that President Biden was responsible for the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline. Carlsonís show blamed Russiaís aggression on the Biden administration. Fox News published an op-ed that complained about liberal criticism of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni over her fascist sympathies."

'I see no signs of them slowing down': Legal experts raise red flags as Supreme Court begins new term
These fascist bastards will do their best to kill us all.

'Enough is Enough': Hundreds of thousands march across the UK
Alrady sick of the fascist PM?

Britannia Unhinged: UK's Return to Trickle Down Economy is Suicide
As Percy Mayfield sang: "Life is Suicide." Especially under fascism.

The Rot in the Supreme Court Goes Beyond Clarence and Ginni Thomas

Republicans are the new isolationists; will US retreat from world stage?
"The world is facing the most serious threat of nuclear confrontation since the Cuban missile crisis 60 years ago. At the same time, weíre seeing a growing isolationist movement in the U.S. The Republican Party has been taken over by Donald Trump and his army of right-wing populists."
Is America intelligent enough to see this danger?

Corporations Are Spending a Ton to Stop Low-Wage Workers From Unionizing
And ripping all of us off at the same time.

Marjorie Taylor Greene deceptively tells Trump rally that Democrat 'killings' of Republicans have already started
They used to put stark raving mad people in strait jackets as they could be a threat to our society.

205 Republicans Vote Against Bill to Expand School Mental Health Services
This is the answer to the above MTG question. They are all a little off in the head.

'Mark Of The Beast' Worries Making Some Republicans Unsure About Voter ID
"For years now, Republicans have been het up about Voter ID. For some this is because they recognize that poor people are less likely to have driver's licenses. For others, it is because they really did buy into all of the nonsense about widespread voter fraud and are convinced that voter ID is necessary to prevent people from just going and voting a million times under different names."

205 Out Of 206 Republicans Agree: Mental Health Doesn't Matter
The obvious reason for this is that they are all mentally ill and in denial.

Hurricane Ian Showcases GOPís Disaster Aid Hypocrisy
Republicans want to have it both ways on disaster relief.

'Thinly-veiled incitement to violence and overt racism': Trump's Truth Social post sparks outrage
Trump? Spark outrage? Anything new you can report on the stupid idiot?
"Just a former president of the United States seeking to incite violence against the minority leader of the United States Senate and launching a racist verbal attack on the leader's wife."
"Podcaster Fred Wellman said, 'Elaine Chao was Trumpís Secretary of Transportation for 4 years and he just called her the ridiculously racist nickname 'Coco Chow.' YesÖyou are a racist if you still support this broken 'asshole.'"
He's not going to do anything but shit and fall back in it bloviating on the internet. Arrange a meeting for a street fight, Fatso.

Itís Not Just Ginni Thomas But Robertsí And Coney Barrettís Spouses, Too
The spouses of Justices John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett also likely cause conflicts of interest but the lax SCOTUS reporting requirements allow them to keep much about their spouses' sources of income a secret.
It's wayyyyy past time to investigate the crap that goes on behind closed doors with this gang. They get away with some shit.

'She's in this up to her neck': Morning Joe unravels 'demented' Ginni Thomas' role in Jan. 6 'coup'
Does it stop there?

Judge Cannon Does Trump Another Solid
Trump will no longer have to say whether he really believes that the FBI planted evidence.
Corrupted Bitches R Us.

President Biden: Vladimir Putin, Go F*ck Yourself
I don't think he's joking around, Vlad.
He forgot the "Go to Hell and Die!" part. You goddamn right!

'Bad legal analysis': Cato libertarian dismantles Ted Cruzís opposition to averting a 2024 'election crisis'
Easy to dismantle a fool.

Can plants think? The burgeoning field of plant neurobiology has a lot to say on the matter
Though they lack brains, scientists are figuring out new ways to probe whether plants "think"

"I had this nightmare, but I didn't know it was mine:" Dahlia Lithwick on Trump's crisis of law
In "Lady Justice," the longtime legal reporter interrogates how female lawyers are coping with authoritarianism
Erase fascism.

Mike Flynn and allies 'have interviewed nearly 200 election officials' to identify weaknesses in the system: report
America's "Albert Bormann," Hitler's go-fer, continues espionage freely against the United States.

Herschel Walker says forget about him holding gun to his wifeís head because Jesus
"So, the truth is, Walker did hold a gun to his wifeís head several times (and a knife to her throat) and tried to choke her. But it was over 15 years ago, so why should he have to talk about it now? Because heís running for Senate."

Federal Judge Fights Back Against Cancel Culture By Cancel Culturing Yale Law School
"Can we just cut the shit here? Cancel culture is no more real than Bigfoot. It is a rainbow unicorn invented by the wingers to paint themselves as victims when people call them out for being bigoted assholes. It used to be acceptable to be a gross, racist pig in public, and now it's not. WAAAAH! BOOHOO!"
    "Conservatives worked themselves into a veritable orgy of self pity because they can't shit on racial and sexual minorities in polite society any more. Then they took a massive snort off their own supply, slapped the label "cancel culture" on their lost privilege to be rude without consequence, and conveniently rebranded themselves the victims. Neat trick, huh?"
    Trump scumbags.

Texas Good Ole Boys Shoot Two Migrants, Killing One, Winning Big But Unspoken MAGA Love
"Now all we have to wait for will be Tucker Carlson getting very resentful that anyone would suggest that patriots like him, Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis, and Donald Trump are in any way responsible for the actions of a crazy racist who happens to agree with them, the end."
Murder is murder.

"Parental Rightsí" Groups and Christian Nationalists Spearheading Book Banning and Attacks on Libraries
Fire Chief Beatty must be their leader, no doubt.
Why not just burn all their Bibles, instead? Let's see how they take to that.

ĎStand Up, N-Wordsí: More Athletes Accuse Brigham Young University Crowd of Racism
Must have been raised in the Land of the Happy Negro.

GOP candidate tells story about confronting Black family at restaurant — and prefaces it by saying 'my wife is Mexican'
Someone needs to inform this mono-minded, thoughtless, ignoramous he should keep his big fat assuming ass out of other people's suppertime.
He is the perfect example of the Republican idiot.

Bolsonaro Questions Integrity of the Brazilian Electoral System
No shit? And who do you think he got this Nazi idea from? The poisonous snake, Trump.
This POS needs to be flushed back down the sewer he came from.

Two Million Without Electricity As Florida Power Official Says System Must Be ďRebuilt, Not RestoredĒ
"More than 2 million Floridians remained without power Friday morning as they emerged from the flooding and wreckage left by Hurricane Ian and began to plot a recovery from the stormís devastation."

72% Of Utahns Back Marriage Equality: ďSeismic ShiftĒ
"As the Senate considers legislation to protect same-sex marriage, a new poll shows nearly three-fourths of Utahns support legal same-sex marriage."

Man Shot By Rittenhouse Files To Change His Name After ďYears Of Death Threats By Right Wing LunaticsĒ
That would be the gang known as the deadly "Rittenhouse Raiders"?

Lindell Warns Republicans Not To Use Early Voting
Or better still, don't vote at all. The we'll know when any Republican ballot is cast it's FAKE! Best idea yet for proving voter fraud!

Interfaith Alliance Releases New Resource on Christian Nationalism
"Rooted in the myth that we were founded as a Christian nation and therefore enjoy special favor by God, proponents of Christian nationalism seek a fusion of religious and civil life — to the detriment of both."

Texas immigration jail warden with history of abuse toward migrants arrested for murder
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop fascism.

Italy Has a Far-Right Government, But the Real Danger of Fascism Exists in the US
At the present historical juncture, the danger of European societies becoming fascist is far less than the one facing the United States.
The MAGAts main thrust is fascism. If they don't know that they are much more clueless than we ever dreamed.

Watch: Alex Jones declares that he is Adolf Hitler and a child murderer in unhinged interview
So shooting kids goes back much farther than we think?

'Tonal whiplash': Ron DeSantis faces criticism over federal aid request for Hurricane Ian recovery
When the shoe is on the other foot, eh?

Ron Johnson called out for missing the mark on key state issues
You have to wonder about this person's mental deck.

Ginni Thomas Tells Jan 6 Panel She Still Believes Election Was Stolen
Also, she swears she never discussed her belief with her husband. No one believes this.
However, we know she believes in treason. We all know this could extend to our Supreme Court. There will be consequences.
"Just once, I would like the election deniers to explain how it was stolen. And they can't use debunked nonsense. Prove it, or STFU."
They can't accept how many Republicans voted against Trump. They are so blindly self-righteous they can't see that and have lost their moral center.
These shitbag traitors will never shut up.

Republicans don't accept election results. That's not polarization, it's GOP extremism
Fascism, in fact. They made a god out of Trump and those that did can't accept that there are Republicans that despise their failed deity.

Gallup Poll: Most Americans Don't Trust The Supreme Court
I wonder why people think the Roberts Court is illegitimate?
I can think of five reasons for sure.

ĎTarnished imageí: Gallup releases devastating SCOTUS poll Ė as conservative Justices snipe at Kaganís warning
"47% trust the judicial branch; previous low was 53%," "40% job approval of U.S. Supreme Court is tied for record low," and "Record-high 42% say Supreme Court is too conservative."
Trump loaded the court with fascists.

Yes, The WH Really Did Try To Hide The USS McCain From Snowflake Trump
Contrary to Trumpís "fake news" whine, newly released emails prove that his White House went to great pains to keep him from getting triggered by the sight of the USS John S. McCain during his 2019 trip to Japan.

Hurricane Ian washes away home of Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' law co-sponsor: report
I'm sure we all know this is the work of God. Right?

How the GOP weaponized ignorance
And then flaunted it.

He Has a 7-Point Plan for a Christian Takeover ó and Wants Doug Mastriano to Lead the Charge
ďJesus was promised nations for His inheritance,Ē says Lance Wallnau, a self-described Christian Nationalist prophet, ďnot just churches!Ē
Another whacked out, sicko nutball drunk on power. Fuck his theocracy dogshit.

Putin Suffers Most Humiliating Ukraine Defeat Yet
Thousands of Russian troops may be trapped after a rapid-fire Ukrainian counter-attack fought to encircle key strategic city on the very day Putin claims to be annexing it.
May he die a thousand deaths.

Gov. Youngkinís Anti-Trans Policies Trigger Massive Student Walkouts in Virginia
"Thousands of students across Virginia protested this week, walking out of their classrooms and schools to demonstrate their opposition to policy changes being proposed by the administration of Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) toward transgender youth in the state."
Throw the douchebag out.

Migrant encounters at the border are higher today than they were before Gov. Greg Abbottís Operation Lone Star began
The number of migrant encounters at the Texas-Mexico border has climbed from 109,456 in March 2021, the month the mission began, to 116,976 in August ó a failure of Abbottís officeís stated desire to ďstop this revolving door and deter others considering entering illegally.Ē
Texas — Vote Beto — Stop fascism.

Why Do So Many Americans Believe the Lies Pushed by the GOP?
How the science of the Big Lie " propaganda works to the GOPís advantage

Bipartisanship Is Bullshit
Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema claimed in a recent speech that voters hunger for greater cooperation in Congress.
History shows that itís a dead end.

Itís Official: America Is an Oligarchy
The Congressional Budget Office confirms that the rich exponentially increased their share of Americaís wealth over the past 30 years.
I bet America loves to hear that.

ďBillionaires Cannot Have It AllĒ Ė Sanders Calls for Redistribution of Wealth
But goddammit, they'll still try like the greedy fucks they are!

Kevin McCarthy: The Gimp Who Thinks Heís a Master
"But letís not kid ourselves, heís not swaying anything. And nobody on Godís green earth is scared of him, least of all the most extreme voices in his caucus."

Georgia conservatives are purging voter rolls with challenges allowed under GOP-passed law
Land of the Happy Negro says, "Only happy White Nazis allowed."

'Incredibly alarming': Republican poll worker in Michigan charged with tampering with voting equipment
No surprise by a proud MAGAt Nazi.

Biden launches $810M Pacific Island diplomatic initiative
Something must be done to counter the massive nuclear build-up by China.

Putin plans to formally annex 4 regions from Ukraine Friday
If he can do that we can annex British Columbia. That would certainly be a snap, right?
Is WWIII now unavoidable?

Republican House Majority Will Try to Melt Down Global Economy
They would do far more damage than just that.

As Supreme Courtís standing falters, Alito pushes flawed defense
Scalito is the one that's gone to far. The fathead is too stupid to realize it.

Pentagon Study: Fears Of Gay Troops Were Unfounded
Ya mean they didn't turn the whole batallion gay?

Scientists Use Microbots to Clear Pneumonia From Lungs of Sick Mice
Don't you just hate these scientist people for discovering new ways to save lives? I mean, really.

'Doesnít get to tell the county what they can read': Lawmaker blasts Christian attacking LGBTQ books
Honey, if "raging" was all it took to eliminate the throwback bullshit you sell, you would have been tossed in the trash heap of history centuries ago.
Americans read what they want and you will not stop us.

Experts Address Threat of Christian Nationalism Ahead of Midterm Elections, Call on Americans to Reject Dangerous Ideology.
Take a look at theocratic muslim countries.
Want to bring back the crusades, do ya?

'Absolute bottom of the barrel': John Fetterman supporters slam Dr. Ozís latest attack as 'desperation'
American is knee-deep in Nazi scum.

New poll raises series concerns about the upcoming midterm elections
Per the report: "Perhaps most unsettling: A full 21% of Americans choose at least one of these undemocratic methods as a legitimate means of challenging an election. Among Trump voters, that number rises to 29%, yet even 12% of voters who support President Biden say the same ó underscoring how an election denial 'arms race' could escalate, once neither side trusts the other to play by the rules."
Disgusting and depressing. I haved warned you time and again Americans are stupid as a sack of hammers. Get ready for an extention of our civil war.

'Total Devastation' as Hurricane Ian Tears Through Florida
"Always remember that climate breakdown is only getting started," said one climate scientist. "It will keep getting worse so long as the fossil fuel industry exists. Cause, effect."
Apparently, the fossil fuel industry has never heard the term "cause, effect" before.

Former GOP congressman has 'legitimate concerns' Clarence Thomas was involved in 'push to overturn the election'
"Questions surfaced after Justice Clarence Thomas was the only member of the U.S. Supreme Court to oppose the release of Mark Meadows' texts and information to the Jan. 6 committee. It turned out that in those text messages that the justice didn't want revealed were communications with his wife."
100% political and disgraceful to a POTUS member. Impeach him now.

Trump Wants To Lead A Group To Mediate Talks Between Ukraine And Russia
The answer is simple: STFU.
He's on Pootin's side as we all know.

Judge Warns of Justice Departmentís Gift to Trump That Could Keep on Giving
ďI think itís a legitimate concern. What the judge is getting at is the very real possibility of unforeseen consequences,Ē said Vermont Law School professor Jared Carter.
The crook can run but he can't hide. Justice will find him sooner or later. Think of it — Always!

Do You Want To Buy Top Secrets?
The unofficial theme song for Mar A Lago.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's husband files for divorce: report
So surprising! LOL! How could anyone stay with an idiot such as she is.

Biden Lowers The Price Of Medicare
"Democrats want to expand Social Security and Medicare," said one advocate. "Republicans want to cut, privatize, and ultimately end both programs."
What's wrong with the democrats that don't want Biden? They are always problems and should take a good look at themselves.

Herschel Walker Defines 'What A Woman Is' At Campaign Event
At a campaign event in Georgia, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker defined "woman" as a person created "from the rib of a man."
My wife says she doesn't need the likes of him to tell her. I won't print what she really said, Hersch, so fuck off, Hersch.
PS - Your're not much of a Bible expert.

Gavin Newsom Urges Democrats To Push Hard Against Republicans
"I'm not going to deny the substantive challenges our party has as well," the governor said. "It's not just a messaging problem."
One smart cookie, America.

Trump-loving Brett Favre's charity paid $60K to build volleyball court at his daughter's high school: report
A perfect cracker.

Brett Favreís Charity for Needy Kids Gave $60K to Another Volleyball Gym
Hayseed grifter.

Is a major bombshell coming? It sure looks like it
May it blow the MAGAt Nazis back to hell.

'They degrade our history': Conservatives throw a fit over Lizzo playing James Madison's flute
The Conservative Nazis degrade humanity. May they return to hell, all.

Roger Stone, Donald Trump and the Jan. 6 coup: Is a major bombshell coming?
Did the master of Republican "black arts" finally go too far? It may be Roger Stone's time in the barrel at last
May this Pinhead be erased forever.

Trump Saw Staffers of Color at White House, Assumed They Were Waiters, Book Says
When Democratic leaders brought a racially diverse group of staffers to a meeting, the former president assumed they were there to serve food
What else would a fathead fuckstick brain damaged idiot think?

Trump's Waging 'Secret War' In The Courts To Keep Witnesses From Testifying
Another set of Trump attorneys is working to prevent a federal grand jury from ever hearing evidence of Trumpís actions in attempting to overturn the 2020 election results, including how Trump participated in events leading to the violence of Jan. 6.
As a mob bass would.

J6 'truth' rally at Capitol flops: report
Failures as humans.

Watch: Nazis and Proud Boys clash with anti-fascists outside Texas church hosting drag queen bingo
They're just jealous.

'Blood On Your Hands' If Global Poor Hit With Covid Wave, WHO Official Tells Rich Nations
"When I hear them say, 'Well, we're so comfortable here,' it's like, 'Great, now you can really help us get the rest of the world done,'" said WHO senior adviser Bruce Aylward.
But the WHO are the ones that first said "the pandemic is over." Which is it, over or still with us?
The disparity of money among nations and people is to blame. We know who these people are and they should be made to pay for this.

What's worse than using Russian stock footage in your GOP promise to America? Let's see
These treasonous swines will do anything. Nothing is beneath them including coups on our government.

Bombshell: J6 staffer told 60 Minutes White House switchboard called rioter on Jan. 6
Here's the smoking gun, the bloody dagger, that puts the Trump White House directly in the traitor attack on our Capitol. Put the cuffs on him.

House GOP Says 'Social Security And Medicare Cuts' Out Loud
"Republicans tell us over and over again that they will hand our earned Social Security and Medicare benefits over to Wall Street if they get power," said Alex Lawson of Social Security Works.
Heartless bloated wealthy white men and women dashing the lives of our elderly Americans. A deadly cancer that will lead to the doom of many Americans. How can any American support this? They've tried this before and failed. We should force them to fail agaain.

Trump Is 'Done,' Says Presidential Historian
A history professor who has predicted every presidential election correctly since 1984 said that he believes former President Donald Trump is "done" in politics and may not escape jail time.
ďHe's done,Ē Lichtman said. ďHeís got too many burdens, too much baggage to be able to run again even presuming he escapes jail, he escapes bankruptcy. Iím not sure heís going to escape jail.Ē

Why is conservative culture so lousy?
Let's find out.

'QMaga': How QAnon, MAGA and 'Christian nationalism' have pushed the GOP into 'madness'
We've seen some lunatics before but this group of batshit-for-brains is really ready to be sent off the cliff.

Conservatives Are Lying About Schools Teaching 8-Year-Olds ĎPorn Literacyí
No, third-graders aren't watching porn in class, but a recent moral panic might have you think so
Is there anything they can be truthful about? No. They are no longer American.

ĎDilbertí Dude Declares War on Sustainable Investing, Is Terminally Unfunny About It
Says Scotty: ďfind a scientist ó just one ó who says the climate prediction models are credibleĒóa proposal that is rooted in a fundamental and deliberate misinterpretation of how scientific modeling works.
Well, then. Perhaps one could start with climate modeling."What Are Climate Models and How Accurate Are They?"
How Accurate are Climate Models?
"Despite a small amount of uncertainty, scientists find climate models of the 21st century to be pretty accurate because they are based on well-founded physical principles of earth system processes."
Study Confirms Climate Models are Getting Future Warming Projections Right
Must be at least one scientist named in this article. Of course, he'd have to agree on the definition of a scientist, right? Oh, maybe I'll end this with: Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Destroys Climate Change Deniers' Favorite Argument In 1 Tweet
Bye-bye, Scotty.

How the U.S. Supreme Court Unleashed a Corporate Criminal Takeover of This Country
Because of key decisions by the court equating money with free speech, our political system is now overrun with grifters, con artists, and career criminals.

DOJ prosecutors recommend against charging Rep. Gaetz in sex-trafficking probe
Great relief for him. Now he can put your daughter's name on his list. Nice going, DOJ.

Steve Bannon Is Going To Dissolve Democracy, In Our Butts!
"Is this a good time to call the cops? We feel like we should call the cops. Yes, we know he's already under indictment in New York, but clearly he's still a free man, and he's obviously a clear and present danger right now."
In summary and in conclusion, these people are fuckin' weird, man.

GOP Senator Plans to Force Vote to End COVID National Emergency Declaration
Think of it this way. It could kill more of his Nazi constituants.

Sanders, Warren Say Manchin Big Oil Deal Would ďSteamrollĒ Frontline Communities
As environmental groups and experts express fury and frustration over coal millionaire Sen. Joe Manchinís (D-West Virginia) fossil fuel permitting overhaul deal released on Wednesday, Senate Democrats are highlighting concerns that the deal could set environmental justice advances back by years.
You act as if they give a shit about being a big part of climate change. Or anything but money for that matter.

Boisterous agitators disrupt Hays County election machine test, badger Texas secretary of state
ďCan we go back to focusing on the testing please?Ē official pleads as crowd demands answers to conspiracy theories.
Texas Nazi Storm Trooper fools fuck around with democracy, as usual.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Americans Used To Understand the Importance of Public Schools and the Commons
"The idea of America as a true 'land of opportunity' is anathema to their ideal of a nation of ďclasses and ordersĒ where every person knows their place and morbidly rich white men are in charge"

House GOPís Stefanik Says Itís All Democratsí Fault That Voters Are Angry Over Abortion
Tell me again, what sewer did she crawl out of?
"But, yes, tell us how itís Democrats forcing voters into making abortion a thing in this election, Rep. Stefanik."

Fleeing Russian man paints scathing portrait of Putin's leadership: 'A few old men are leading us to hell'
He means Fatso's good buddy.

Reporter sounds the alarm about Trump promoting 'the most red-pilled' QAnon video yet
These Q-ers are like some dystopian tribe that came out of an ancient primitive era. They are quite disturbed humans, if they can be called that.

MAGA and the 'incels': Latest Jan. 6 arrests show how fascists target insecure young men
"When you read the arrest record, what is truly distressing is how young these five men are: All are between 21 and 23. They were barely out of their teens ó and in some cases still in them ó when they decided to storm the Capitol. But that's exactly what America First specializes in: recruiting high school and college-age boys and young men by appealing to adolescent insecurities and convincing them that the cure for the entirely normal mix of emotions they're feeling can be found in embracing a fascist movement. This is part of a much larger trend, in which authoritarians exploit garden-variety teenage-male anxieties, especially around sex and dating, to seduce young men into far-right ideology."

Iranian women burn headscarves, cut hair after woman dies in police custody
"Historic protests are continuing across Iran following the death of a 22-year-old woman who was in custody of the countryís 'morality police.' NBC Newsí Ali Arouzi reports from Tehran."
Their high muckety-muck men are about to be castrated.

Donald Trump and the Birth of QMaga: The Storm Is Coming
"Those of us paying attention the past few years know that the answer to the oft-repeated question "have we reached the bottom of Trumpism" is, there's no bottom. Donald Trump and the Republican Party proved that once again in recent days, as Trump merged MAGA extremism with the conspiratorial lunacy of QAnon, and nary a Republican batted an eye."
This will not end well.

Chris Wallace Very Alarmed By ĎWeirdí Trump Rally Amid ĎTremendous Pressureí From Probes: ĎDarker And More Extremeí
Of course. The whole world should be alarmed. It was just like a Hitler rally in 1939.

Candace Owens: Bill Gates Is Using Genetically Modified Mosquitos To Make All People ďAllergic To BeefĒ
I wondered what was wrong. Since I've been consuming pounds of fake beef I've been defecating fake beef turds!
This Bill Gates is some kinda guy. The things he's getting away with are really work of a genius it appears.
Next thing you know someone will call him out on creating automatons that go around making speeches on all the stuff he's getting away with. I suppose somebody has to do something to get folks eat the salty stuff that they pass for "meat." I doubt it is with mosquitos, however.
As a commenter states: "This is now the time to throw your Windows PCs out the window, MAGAts."
"And you can't replace them with Apple computers, because Apple is woke"

Fox Tries To Rewrite Trump's 2017 Charlottesville Comments
Anyone read "1984." This is the Minstry of Truth.
Nothing is beneath these trashbags.

Mississippi Ex-Official Pleads Guilty To Massive Welfare Fraud
Oh, no! Dear old Dixie has a fraudulent fart in the Land of the Happy Negro.

To the surprise of no one, Herschel Walker seems to be lying about his companies' charitable giving
We used to put the mentally ill into hospitals, not Congress.

Ukraine update: 'Partial mobilization' becomes ethnic cleansing in Russia's outlying areas
"Make no mistake about it, that Vladimir Putin had to go on television in Russia and announce any sort of mobilization at all is a huge admission of failure.

Tucker Carlsonís latest rant backfires when he accidentally insults Trump
Carlson's remarks appear to be an inadvertent blow to Trump and social media users did not miss it. One Twitter user wrote, "Watching him catch himself as he's about to say 'married three times' is priceless."
What a twerp.

'Only legitimate gender in his world is men': Hawley blasted for bizarre claim about 'transgender propaganda'
Once again: A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

'A victory for the truth': Judge refuses to throw out suspended prosecutorís Ron DeSantis lawsuit
The fact that this crooked fool leads in the polls illustrates the mental capacity of the people. We are in a disaterous predicament when this devolving reasoning disability strikes.

This Constitution Week Let's Stop Using Brands That Support Prison Slavery
An estimated $14 billion in wages are stolen every year from incarcerated workers across the country.

80% of US Voters Want Congress to Enact National Paid Family Leave: Poll
"Paid family and medical leave is a critical support that families need, it is what Americans want, and it is what they deserve," said one advocate.
Sure. And the fascists on POTUS want to kill your Medicare and Social Security. What's the chances of this? They simply don't give a damn about the average American any more.

Koch Network Showers Fascist Election Deniers With Campaign Cash Ahead of Midterms
"His choice is not unlike the choices that most German industrialists made in the Weimar Republic," one critic said of billionaire Charles Koch.
We are surrounded by assassins.

Ali Alexander Threatens Not To Vote Because GOP Hasnít ĎCourtedí Him
ďStop the StealĒ organizer Ali Alexander said a ďstrategic lossĒ in the midterms might be better than a win by a GOP that isnít far-right enough.
Another arrogant narcissist. He would make Himmler look tame. Good idea Little Al.

Colbert Once Again Brings Out 'Hypocrisy Hippo' For Ted Cruz
He voted against his own amendment!
Has Ted ever been accused of having a brain? Cornyn's just as bad.

Capitol rioter demands prosecutors be banned from calling him a rioter during trial
Bar prosecutors from prosecuting is what he's asking for.
Will you settle for "willful blithering idiot" numb nuts?
This fully illustrates the lunacy of these traitors. Give him an extra 20 years for that alone.

Sidney Powell skips grand jury interview in Georgia investigation of Trump's coup attempt: report
Why would anyone throw their life away for Trump?

Retired Justice Stephen Breyer issues 'bite you in the back' warning to former colleagues in CNN interview
They have fascists on POTUS appointed by a fascist. Why would they think anything but they are the masters of America? Arrogance is their trademark.

Morning Digest: Republicans just triaged the first House race of 2022. It likely won't be the last
All on Trump. That's what you suckers get for trusting a con man. You can trace all this shit back to Rush Limbaugh and all their Nazi Radio Spouting bullshit.

Zero GOP Senators Vote to Curb Dark Money's Stranglehold on Democracy
"Instead of voting for the DISCLOSE Act and cracking down on the dark money in our democracy, Republicans blocked it," said Sen. Patty Murray. "Shameful."
Proof these miscreants are all on the take and only care about their own pocketbooks.

'This Is Gross': Republican Openly Brags About Staffer Leaving to Work for Wall Street
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she "was in the room when this happened and it was just as gross and wild in person."
Another asshat doing his impression of "Jacket Off" Jordan. Pitiful.

Class Warfare Grinds On
Yesterday I had lunch in a place where you had to go to the counter, place your order, get a ticket, pay, and then wait to go pick up your order from the counter.
The clerk then had the temerity to ask if I wanted to tip. I asked "for what"? I did all the work there except to go in the kitchen and make my own sandwich.
This crap has to stop. Employers, start paying your employees a salary with full benefits or get the fuck out of business. This "tipping" is going to stop as legislation is coming down on exploiting workers like they are slaves and not any too soon.

Indiana State Judge Blocks New Law Banning Abortion
Another bunch of yahoos find out it won't be so easy to ruin people's lives.

Christian Nationalism is on the Ballot this Election Season
ďWhen we discuss Christian nationalism, we should be clear it is a anti-democratic ideology, rooted in the myth that we were founded as a Christian nation, that seeks to grant Christians a privileged position in civic life with power over others. We should also avoid conflating membership in a particular religious tradition with support for a political ideology. Americaís religious landscape is incredibly diverse, and other studies suggest that higher rates of religious practice indicate less support for Christian nationalism."
It's fading out anyway. This, we hope, is its final death rattle.

MyPillow CEO Is Under Federal Investigation for Potential Ties to Colorado Election Security Breach
Think of it. Always.

'We are working with the responsible coal producers': Big banks a letdown in House hearing
Also doing the same with responsible serial killers.

Long lines of traffic seen at some of Russia's land borders
You can tell by that they've got the traveling blues.

Bidenís approval rating is where Reagan was ahead of 1982ís midterms: report

House GOP quickly removes its ĎCommitment to America' shortly after making it public online
Of course. Why would they want anyone to see this contract on America? They just might vote your vicious, shameful asses out of office.

'Reckless and dangerous': Manchin unveils full text of 'shameless handout to the fossil fuel industry'
How many times does this have to be said?

Trump argues presidents have the power to declassify documents 'even by thinking about it'
Says the perfect Q stooge as he swims in a pool of shit. So can any other two-bit "mind-reading" con man.

'Iím thinking him into jail': The View's audience goes wild as co-hosts mock Trump's legal crisis
It shouldn't be too difficult to do.

Siding With DOJ, Appeals Court Rules Trump Judge 'Abused' Discretion by Halting Criminal Probe
The former president "has not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information contained in the classified documents," a three-judge federal panel wrote in its decision.

'Trump's worst day everí: legal experts weigh in after ex-president was Ďobliterated' in court
Put the cuffs on him.

Cooking chicken in NyQuil is 'very unsafe,' FDA warns after #sleepychicken TikToks surface
More proof of American stupidity.
"As of Tuesday, the #sleepychicken tag has garnered over 1.3 million videos on TikTok, with many users reacting to the cooking practice, and a safety warning appears when users search the tag on the app."
TicTok: where the morons hang out and are developed as China gets to watch them get dosed.

Man pleads guilty to dousing ĎBewitchedí statue in red paint
What's Elizabeth Montgomery have to do with the history of Salem, Massachusetts anyway?
More evidence: People are batty.

Alex Jones Has Screaming Fit Outside Of Connecticut Courthouse
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Wednesday went on an emotional tirade yelling at journalists outside a Connecticut courthouse. When will this asshat just blow up and disintegrate?

Federal Appeals Court To DoJ: Go Right Ahead With Investigation
The emergency intervention upends a trial judgeís order over those documents that blocked federal investigatorsí work.
Of course. Get on with it and get it done. Mango Mussolini can now lose it all.

Rep. Raskin Blasts GOP Lies About J6: ĎLetís Tell Some Truth!í
Rep. Jamie Raskin is fed up with Republican conspiracy theories and obstructionism over Jan. 6th.
So are we all.

Donald Trump's QAnon cult rally: If you thought the fever was breaking, think again
Yes, it really was that bad. Mussolini-style rants, revenge fantasies and now murderous cult symbols. With music!

Ocasio Cortez's GOP opponent under scrutiny for family's gun and drug bust at Bronx warehouse
MAGAts. They're all crooks.

GOP primary losers throwing party into chaos before the midterms: report
The losers even accuse their own party of tampering when the evidence is clearly against them.
See? These morons can't accept that they are losers. Trump taught them that.

Texas sheriff inundated with 'threats' after announcing Ron DeSantis criminal investigation
You fascists aren't going to kill anyone using email on the internet.
Get on your nag and ride over to face him.
ďWe are requesting that the Department of Justice open an investigation to hold DeSantis & others accountable for these inhumane acts. Not only is it morally criminal, there are legal implications around fraud, kidnapping, deprivation of liberty, and human trafficking.Ē

Texas sheriff to investigate DeSantis' migrant flights to Martha's Vineyard
The high sheriff is on your trail now, Dipsy.

Nazi analogies are dangerous. But they are increasingly relevant today.
Ken Burns ties the American Trump fascist movement to the Nazis of Hitler's Germany.
Perfect analogy at the end of the final installment.
It couldn't be more appropriate.

Leaked House GOP Platform Uses Shorthand For Extreme Anti-Abortion Position
The Nazis are committing suicide as we watch.

'MAGA violence' and 'domestic terrorism' are driving 'dual citizenships' among America's wealthy: report
Spineless as advertised.
On the other hand: Many fled Germany when the Nazis started their murder spree. But the Nazis got theirs.

'Theyíre screwed': Legal experts erupt after NY AG hits Trump and his family with massive fraud lawsuit
Well, we can only hope it breaks breaks the flood gates.

'A sham built on lies': CNN's John King delivers blunt summary of NY AG's accusations against Trump
"...the Trump Organization is a sham built on lies," he said. "Lies to banks, lies to insurance companies, lies to the state of New York about the valuation of Trump Organization properties."

Republican Josh Hawley proclaims there's only 'one gender' in fundraising email
A mind is a terrable thing to waste.

MAGA Candidate Campaigning as Afghanistan Vet Has No Record of Serving There
J.R. Majewski, a far-right Ohio House candidate with ties to QAnon, appears to have misled voters about his military service
The problem with sick people is they start believing their own bullshit.

Russia Implodes After Putin Summons 300,000 to Die for Him
The mass mobilization announcement from ďcrazy old manĒ Vladimir Putin is already sending Russia into chaos.
This vicious tyrant is about to be eliminated by his own generals if they know what's good for our world, not to mention themselves.

The Kremlin Must Be in Crisis
Putinís erratic actions are not those of a secure leader.
No question.

'Donald Trump will never concede': Bill Maher warns that GOP is 'much better' equipped for a 2024 'coup'
So is the United States of America, Bill.
And you know, Bill, facts are the damndest things.
Can Men Get Pregnant? Context, Bill, context.
Sorry, Bill. Maybe lay off the really heavy THC doses.

Majority of Republican Voters Say US Should Be Declared a 'Christian Nation'
Illustrating how completely out of touch with reality these Talibastards are. They should be declared null and void and summarily shipped to Iran. Total theocrat scum.

Al Gore Calls It 'Ridiculous' to Have 'Climate Denier' Lead the World Bank
"When every night on the TV news is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation, that builds demands for meaningful action," said the former vice president.
The Talibastards' days are numbered.

Watchdog Says Use 14th Amendment Against Lawmakers Who Betrayed Oaths on January 6
CREW argues there some current and future members of Congress should be disqualified from holding office, and failing to hold them accountable "imperils the very foundations of American democracy."
Why have weapons and not use them. Get it done.

Tucker Carlson Demands Violence Against Teachers
Fox News' Tucker Carlson once again called for parents to take violent action against teachers whom he erroneously claims are grooming your children to change their gender.
Any decent company would kick this fascist bastard off the air.

Florida Threatens Credit Card Companies On Gun Code
Who in hell wants to do business with a ignorant fascist country anyway? Fuck. All. The. Way. Off.
Our rights come from our Creator? In fact our creator carries a S&W .45, I heard. So our rights don't come from our Constitution? Good. Then we can put the "No Abortion" law in the shitcan too, right Big Jim? Another laughing stock.
At the link youíll see that Patronis name-checks the frequent QAnon target ďESGĒ Ė which stands for ďenvironment, social and corporate governance.Ē
In God We Trust. All others pay cash!

Biden WH Slams Trump-Backed Candidate Caught on Tape Saying Plan B Contraception Should Be Banned Like ĎFentanylí
How a leader takes on Trump sycophant, Michigan attorney general nominee (snicker) Matt DePerno who, apparantly, doesn't know shit from applebutter let alone Plan B emergency contraception is.

Trump Rips ĎRacistí Letitia James Over Fraud Lawsuit, Calls HER The Fraud: A ĎFailedí Attorney General With ĎBad Poll Numbersí
The sick fuck should look at his own shitty poll numbers. This is him projecting all that he is on someone else. He does it always and only shows how incredibly shallow he is.

DeSantis doesn't help his cause with comments about migrants, Florida
According to DeSantis, the whole point of his policy is to address Floridaís immigration problem. Except as he explained, there is no actual problem.
A fool on a fool's errand.

Team Trump tries to turn the National Archives into villains
The swine shits all over us.

Russians rush for flights out amid partial reservist call-up
It appears that Russians don't think too highly of Pooter's atomic war blurt. They are getting the fuck out without any return plans. That don't sound too good for their country. They know the asshat is a madman. What if his nukes are all duds like his army?

Russian Airlines Stop Selling Tickets To Men Aged 18-65
Ooops! You get your asses back and kiss your Pooter's ass you cowards. Go down with the ship!

Donald Trump has a dangerous mental illness ó and he is spreading it to his followers
Don't give him too much credit on this. These people were already toxic before they drank his poison.

'Could end up being World War III!' Trump hypes up Putin's nuke threat and uses it to blame Biden
Is there any doubt that Trump is a traitor?

Merrick Garland signals that Trump's threats wonít intimidate him
Why should they? Fatso is flaccid.

Iran Explodes In Protest After Woman Killed By Morality Police
It's been four days now and the protests have only gotten stronger and louder, with open clashes between police and protesters. And calls for "Death to the dictator!" We haven't seen anything like this since 2009 when another young woman was killed by police.
It's high time they get out the tar and feathers for the scumsucker ... or the swords.

The Six Things You Need to Know About the Hijab Protests in Iran
All total, their leaders are a bunch of filthy swine. One could witness that on "60 Minutes" when Leslie Stahl, on 9-18-22, interviewed their lost-in-the-dogma-shit of a repressive religious dickhead.

Donít Blame the Immigrants. Itís Our Laws That Are Criminal
That and the dumb jerks who abuse them any way they can.

Greg Abbottís Failures Mean Texas Could Suffer Another Freezing Winter Blackout
Time to put this failure to pasture.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Ex-Putin Ally Plunges to His Death ĎFrom a Great Heightí at Moscow Aviation Institute
They seem to have a problem there with their building's windows. I'd inspect those once in a while.

New York AG Sues Trump Family for Financial Fraud
"...Rampant business and tax fraud." Yes! Please fork over $250 million in fines, Fatso.
Yes, we know you will play the stall card. But if you don't settle here a cell will be waiting with "Fatso" on a shingle above it. Shove the meat thermometer in him. Done now?

Why Do You Think Iím a Threat To America?
Voting for Republicans is, tragically, voting against America — Itís really just that simple
How many times do we have to say it?
A Trump Nazi: ďI voted twice for Trump and would again. Why do you think Iím a threat to America?Ē
Answer: Because you support and enable a fascist, racist, rapist, misogynist crook violating the laws and the Constitution of America. This makes you a co-conspriator in treason. What else would you like to know, traitor? You are the same as the 1940s people in Ken Burns documentary on the Holocaust, the "America First" Nazis like Charles Lindberg.

Jan. 6 Panel Members Propose Reforms to Electoral College Certification Process
This will stop Trump fascists attempting to steal elections like they've been doing for the last two years. Keep the Nazi hands off our elections.

Meet The Men Out To Charge Women With Murder For Aborting Precious Ectopic Pregnancies
They are not men, they are swine.

Can NC Senate Nominee Cheri Beasley Beat Trumpy Election Denier? God, We Hope So.
"Sure, the Senate is 50/50 but the country isn't. The Senate is inherently anti-democratic and favors white people and empty spaces."
All the democrats have to do is go vote the fascist MAGAt candidates out. There are more of us than them so we know we can do it. Vote like our lives depend on it. Because they do.

NBC News Thought Yesterday's Ron DeSantis Delaware Stunt Was So Hot, Like Ooh, Fly Us Somewhere, Governor
"Girdle Boy" fails again.

The U.S. and the Holocaust
A new documentary by Ken Burns, Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein
A PBS flim series that should be required viewing for every American before it is too late.

DeSantis' immigration stunt echoes nation's antisemitic legacy
Ken Burns' latest series focuses on U.S. anti-immigrant rhetoric during the Holocaust, and it features striking similarities to right-wing behaviors today.

Pastor Mark Burns Declares War On Demonic, Demon-Possessed Democrats From Hell
"This is what the Evangelical movement is all about. Any person that leans left is a demon from hell. Anyone that supports Trumpís racist and horrific narcissism is an angel in service of the Lord."
The only demons here are spouting insane bullshit from the pulpit.

Bret Baier Wanted To Reverse Fox News' Call Of Arizona For Biden In 2020
And this is the asshole in their commercial for election coverage with "DEMOCRACY" in big letters on the back wall. What a hypocrite.

Newly obtained footage shows Trump allies Ďhandling sensitive voting equipmentí in Georgia: report
Rigging are they? The Kings of Rig.
ďThe footage, which was made public as part of long-running litigation over Georgiaís voting system, raises new questions about efforts by Trump affiliates in a number of swing states to gain access to and copy sensitive election software, with the help of friendly local election administrators."
Fully explaining why they can't accept a defeat because their rigs fail and they are so pissed about it.

How Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott channel segregationists with their anti-immigration stunts
Illegal stunts you mean. Kidnappers they are.

ĎThere will be violenceí: John Dean predicts Trump will attempt Ďdictatorsí playí as the walls close in
Then this time they'll get to see how the M134 GAU-17 works on them.

Ukraine update: Putin calls for 'partial mobilization' of up to 300,000 reservists
Having trouble is he? These elders probably won't like it much and could cause more harm to him than good.

Sanders Says GOP Plot to Tank Student Debt Relief Will 'Hurt Them Politically'
"I have the radical idea that good policy is good politics," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. "And it is good policy to cancel student debt in this country."

More Calls For Human Trafficking Charges Against DeSantis
Massachusetts Lawmaker Demands Federal Human Trafficking Probe Over Desantis Stunt
These people were in the U.S. legally. As such, they were kidnapped by DeSantis.
Kidnapping is a federal crime punishable by the death penalty.
Girdle Boy, you've been had!
What are we waiting for? Arrest, indict, convict, sentence, DeSatantic.

"A fascist march on the country for 5 years": How the Proud Boys got away with it for so long
In "We Are Proud Boys," author Andy Campbell details how the far-right street gang fooled media and law enforcement
Their 15 minues are up.

Trump demands that DOJ prove documents stamped TOP SECRET were really classified
"Maybe theyíll make the DOJ explain the origins of the word ďclassifiedĒ and the origins of the Phoenician alphabet."
OK. What else, you pitiful dumbass? Maybe you should keep digging. ROTFLMAO!

Special master slammed Trump's biggest defense for his Mar-a-Lago stash: columnist
Dead man walking.

A spectacular backfire? Ron DeSantis might have unwittingly helped migrants obtain special visas
That's what a halfwit unwittingly does.

Tim Ryan Roasts J.D. Vance After Trump Mocked Him During Rally: ĎOhio Does Not Want An A** Kisserí
Of course, Vance doesn't understand Ohio. You just don't stage a rally when a Buckeyes game is being played in Columbus. Show some respect, dude. Go Bucks!

The Big Bang should have made cracks in spacetimeówhy havenít we found them?
Cosmic strings' greatest power? Their ability to confound physicists.

Lula Up 16 Points Over Bolsonaro as Lead Grows Ahead of Brazilian Election
With less than two weeks to go, former leftist president ahead of far-right incumbent by double digits.
We can only hope the Nazi Bolsonaro won't pull another stunt and have him arrested and imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit like the last time he was beating the shit out of him.

Nobody Should Be Shocked by GOP CrueltyóIt's Their Whole Brand
Republicans simply don't believe that protecting the people of America is a legitimate function of government.
We've pretty well come to expect it. Now, do we have the guts to eliminate it?

Former Wisconsin Election Frauditor Calls For A Revolution
Ya say ya want a revolution?
Thomas Jefferson would piss all over you had he the chance.

Liz Cheney Quotes Colleague: 'The Things We Do For The Orange Jesus'
"ĎThe things we do for the Orange Jesus.í And I thought, you know, youíre taking an act that is unconstitutional.Ē

Thanks, I Hate It: Space Force Now Has an Anthem
You mean it's not "Up in the air junior birdmen"?

Scamvangelist Sells $1500 Course On How To Pray So That ďFinances Overflow In Your Life In Jesusís Name
There's a lot of them out there. Morons that fall for these con artists I mean.
Is this what "Many shall come in my name" means?

Rubio Refuses To Say Heíll Accept Results Of Election
Don't blame him. He has a fascist as Governor that could rig it anyway he wants.
He's always been a hapless dork, anyway.

'Will you accept the results of the 2022 election' turns out to be a hard question for Republicans
Nazis take defeat hard. Just look at Nuremberg.

Midterms wins could reinvigorate the GOP to chop these essential American benefits
If the Republicans tell you they have Social Security and Medicare in their sights, believe them.
Because meaness is their mantra. They want a country with streets filled with homeless people.

Texas Banned More Books Than Any Other State Last Year, Analysis Finds
And the illiterate are proud of this, one would assume.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Donít Just Legalize Weed. End Marijuana Prohibition.
"There is no sense in my repeating the poll numbers that show overwhelming support for an end to marijuana prohibition."
All states, of course. Especially, we look at YOU Texas!
Texas — Vote Beto.

Marjorie Taylor Greene floats inaccurate claims to introduce ban on gender-affirming care for trans youths
Greene keeps trying. Meaness is the agenda of her Nazi ignorance. Cruelty is her god. She makes up most of the bullshit she regurgitates.
Fact: "Gender-affirming surgery is currently recommended for patients who are at least 16 years old, and then only for mastectomies for transmasculine youths, but most individuals who undergo such procedures are over 18 years old, and Endocrine Society does not recommend genital surgery for minors."

Trump promotes new 'children's book' about 2020 election being 'rigged' against him
Here's one the Nazis won't burn. It's great comedy until you realize how sick it is.

The Banned Books You Havenít Heard About
We're living in a very backward environment. This should be read by us all.

How the Second Civil War Could Start
"The great cleaving could be closer than we think. Our next civil war is stalking us. We can stop it. We must stop it. Or we, as an ideal and as a spirit will, in Abraham Lincolnís words, surely perish from this earth."
This is what our November election will say about who we are and if we are to survive as a free nation.

The Cruelty and Dishonesty of the DeSantis Immigration Stunt
This is a point that must be emphasized: The Venezuelans whom DeSantis flew to Marthaís Vineyard were in the United States seeking asylum. They followed U.S. law. They are not ďillegal aliens.Ē
If Americans can't understand this then they need to take a good look at themselves because they are reflecting the cluelessness and totalitarian philosophy of the fascist crowd.

The Chaotic Politics of Lindsey Grahamís Abortion Bill
It is quite clear that Lindsey Graham is demented. Hopefully, he will be the death of "his" fascist party.

Republicans: Stand Up, Step Up, Kick a Little Ass
"It should be apparent to any conscious organism that the Republican Party has not only gone to Maximum Fascist Mode, but is still actively pursuing just how much lower it can go without the whole damn country having a collective fit of projectile vomiting..."

They Overturned Roe and, Amid the Chaos, Gutted 12 More Rights and Freedoms You Might Have Missed
"The U.S. Supreme Court is back for the October term in just two weeks, ready to wreak more havoc on the nation. "
The Trump Nazis on the court will continue to rape our Constitution.

How Texasí abortion laws turned a heartbreaking fetal diagnosis into a cross-country journey
ďIt was just a matter of time before the baby died, or maybe Iíd have to go through the trauma of carrying to term knowing I wasnít bringing a baby home,Ē said 27-year-old Lauren Hall. ďI couldnít do that.Ē
Anyone with a heart and a brain can understand this.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Arrests along U.S.-Mexico border top 2 million a year for the first time
Federal authorities are on pace to make more than 2.3 million arrests during the 2022 fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. That will far exceed last yearís record of more than 1.7 million arrests.
This can't possibly be true. All the MAGAts tell us we have wide open borders at every port in the U.S.

Tucker Saying Schools And Hospitals Doing 'Sex Crimes' To People's Kids, Telling Them To 'Fight Back'
This is typical Nazi behavior. They will take the violent path toward them. Remember Dorchen Richter in the 1930s.
"...fundamentalist Christians are the vilest groomers on the planet, and the real reason they are angry and calling others "groomers" is that they are having a harder and harder time brainwashing their own children with anti-LGBTQ hate..."

Trump's lawyers are 'painted into a corner' as they face special master grilling: former FBI agent
They are trying to separate themselves from any possible criminal liability as they know Trump is guilty.
"They have sort of painted themselves into a corner..."
The treason corner.

Trumpers Urge Folks To Flood VA Suicide Hotline With Demands For J6 Defendants
How low can they go?
As low as the Nazi traitors they are.

Team Trump refuses special master's order to list which Mar-a-Lago documents Trump 'declassified'
Fat assed chickenshit. Stalling like the criminal he is.

'He knew nothing about so many things': Trump White House staffers were 'startled' by his ignorance
His Nazi sycophants don't know anything about ignorance because they are ignorant as a mountain of lead.

Let's just all acknowledge that cruelty and death is the GOP brand
ďTrump exploited low and middle-income white peopleís anger over their deteriorating life prospects,Ē the Lancetís Commission on Public Policy and Health in the Trump Era wrote, ďto mobilize racial animus and xenophobia and enlist their support for policies that benefit high-income people and corporations and threaten health.Ē
The very reason that we need to educate our population and make college and universities more affordable, if not free, to low-income citizens.
ďHis signature legislative achievement,Ē the Lancet commission wrote, ďa trillion-dollar tax cut for corporations and high-income individuals, opened a budget hole that he used to justify cutting food subsidies and health care.Ē

Thousands without water, lawsuit filed, but Mississippi governor thinks crisis is a laughing matter
"How does a Republican governor show compassion for the more than 150,000 people left without clean water in a majority-Black city? Apparently, by joking about their misfortune."
Talk about a hayseed asshat.

ĎHow Many Women Were Abused to Make That Tesla?í
Seven women are suing the Elon Musk-led company, alleging sexual harassment

World-Renowned Economists Call for 'Emergency' Corporate Profit Taxes to Avert Global Recession
Governments have a choice, argues a new report: Impose austerity programs that harm the poor, or tax "the multinationals and the super-rich, many of whom have also benefited from the crisis."
The global collapse will happen due to greed of the wealth hoarders. Count on it because they don't give a cent, a fuck, or a shit about humanity.

Texas judge rules that people under felony indictment have the right to buy guns under the Second Amendment
By all means, give these bastards access to guns.
Texas stupid on display.
Texas — Vote Beto.

DeSantisís Contempt for Immigrants Makes Him Politically Stupid
That ain't all it makes him. It could make him gone.

'I feel duped': Republicans react as Glenn Youngkin campaigns for Arizona extremist
You believed this MAGAt POS? Wow! You deserve your screwing.

Critics torch Donald Trumpís rallygoers for their 'uncanny resemblance' to 'Nazi Salute'
Where did all this Nazi filth come from? Their local dystopian Trump trailer parks?
Better watch out for those fingers you morons.

Polls: Joe Biden jumps while Donald Trump slumps

Ron DeSantis transporting asylum seekers to Marthaís Vineyard was 'clearly not a state action
"...what happened broke federal laws."
Does Florida still support federal law or have they put themselves in harm's way?
Fascist tyrant must be prosecuted and removed from office.

It's Time To Prosecute Ron Desantis
As Migrants Confirm They Were Misled, Calls for Prosecution of DeSantis (and Abbott) Grow
"Hitler in a girdle." A monster looking for a kill. And there are the same swine as there were in 1939 Germany that will support this.
Florida, get some brains quick.

How the right-wing nurtured a 'dark' movement of 'white male resentment' long before Donald Trump
"Trump was not an exception; he was simply the next step on a path the right had started down almost three decades before.Ē
Longer than that, all the way back to 1865.

Staver: Passing Marriage Bill Will ďDestroy America"
Go back to hell and stay there this time, Mat.

Trump Rages That FBI Agents ďRansackedĒ Mar-A-Lago: ďThey Didnít Even Take Off Their Shoes In My BedroomĒ
Shows what Trump knows. Ever heard of a vacuum cleaner, Fatso? Your maid runs it for you?

Brochure Promised Migrants Cash, Jobs, And Housing
Photo is one of Alfred E. Neuman.

Boebert Wears Gun To Address Texas Youth Summit
BoBo Boebert packs her shootin' arn at gathering of deplorables.
ďto be the catalysts to win the Culture War.Ē
Oh, BoBo. You lost that ages ago. Culture is something that makes you reach for that arn yer a-carryin'.

CBS Newsí Major Garrett Warns: U.S. is Ď85 Percentí Close to Civil War
I think our military has prepared for it. Many of us knew it would come to this once again. It will be utter horror for many of us but democracy will prevail.

A GoFundMe Raises Half a Million Dollars for a Teen Girl Who Was Ordered to Pay $150,000 to Her Rapistís Family
Justice. It happens sometimes in America.

Trans Kids Finally Scored a Victory in Texas
Great. Now elect a governor that won't exploit child abuse politics again.
Texas — Vote Beto.

A new normal: More Republicans wonít vow to accept votersí will
Two years after Donald Trump refused to commit to accepting his election results, it appears he created a new normal in Republican politics.
Most of them never got reasoning capacity or logical function in their brains. Due to this condition, a serious disease infected them and turned them into automatons.

'I'm not that smart': Herschel Walker says his Dem opponent is going to 'embarrass' him at upcoming debate
This must be the "honest Herchel" speaking. We'll see which Herschel shows up at the debate.

Elise Stefanik claims Harvard discussed 'taking' her degree along with Ted Cruz's
It's not conservatives they're going after, dear. It's fascist, racist, lying, MAGAts that try to overthrow democracy. That's who you, Cruz and all the rest are. Try to understand that.

Trumpís ĎSave Americaí Scam
His PAC never launched a ďlegal defense fund,Ē despite deceitful ads that raked in millions.
"After all, why would the mere possibility of prosecution lead Trump to give up on a successful racket that lets him practically print money by hitting up gullible admirers?"
I'm tired of Trump shitting all over America. I hope you are too.

We Didnít Vanquish Polio. What Does That Mean for Covid-19?
The world is still reeling from the pandemic, but another scourge we thought weíd vanquished has reemerged.
"By the time an outbreak is detected, it may be already out of control. Going by past experience, the fear generated by polio is greater than in the Covid-19 pandemic because it suddenly cripples its victims, who are usually children."

More Awesome Political Pranks
"Since weíre now kidnapping human beings for sport, letís just go for itÖ"

At one last reunion, veterans of La Raza Unida political movement pass along their torch
Born from the Chicano movement of the 1960s, La Raza Unida helped coalesce Texas Latino power and briefly formed the stateís third political party. Although the organization is long gone, its imprint on the state is unmistakable.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Abortion Bans Could Jeopardize Cancer Treatment for Pregnant Patients
The Talibastards don't give a fuck.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Not NOT Saying He'll Ban Plan B Morning-After Birth Control
Schmuck. "Plan B only 'takes a life' if, as Nancy Pelosi said, you believe 'life begins with the candlelight dinner.'" ROTFLMAO!

I'm Sorry, But No One Can Possibly Still Be Mad About The Will Smith Oscars Slap
"So basically what they (Apple) are saying here is that he got in one little fight and Apple got scared and said, "maybe we won't release this reportedly very good and important movie because people in the United States of America, a country where many elected officials are fine with their constituents trying to overthrow the government because they didn't like the results of a presidential election, might be upset."
"Who the hell is still mad at this? Who would say, "Oh, I would specifically not see this movie because I am so mad Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars." According to that same article, probably no one..."

A Conversation* With Governor DeSantis on His Trafficking-Immigrants-to-Marthaís Vineyard Strategy
A message to Fatso wannabe, the asswipe, "Corset Boy."

Hogwash! That the US Goes Full Banana Republic by Prosecuting Endless Trump Crime Sprees
"Does such fear-mongering against simply enforcing the law not award popular demagogues automatic immunity, however infamous? Indictment and conviction are the only bulwarks against further legal/Constitutional disintegration, let alone electoral politics as vicious, open warfare."

Marjorie Taylor Greene warns Stacey Abrams to get 'the hell out of Georgia'
Let's have a cage match between them. Stacy would pound that imbecile til hell wouldn't have it.
Apparently, Georgia is the worst state for a number of reasons. One of the biggest is the retarded Green goon.

Marge At Trump Rally: 'Itís Really A Christian Revival'
The fascist party of theocracy. Disgusting and depraved. She does not know what she's talking about, as usual.
"It's declining. There is no revival."
ďReligious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise.Ē — James Madison
The Founding Fathers Were Not Christians

Bill Maher Praises Joe Biden: He's Killing It
Even the always critical Maher has taken notice.
Even the old crank?

Toxic effects of the Big Lie: Will any Republican, anywhere, ever concede defeat?
GOP's latest campaign tactic is also a fundraising grift: Never concede defeat to anyone, even another Republican
Will any Republican actually win an election? They remain a fascist party of MAGAts opposed to democracy.

A 'day of reckoning' is coming for Trump ó but he's not going to jail: Former federal prosecutor
"Trump, along with his inner circle and his businesses, operate like an organized crime family."
That's because they are.
This opinion bodes badly for the future of America. If Trump is above the law it sets precedence and will be used in future cases.
If he is above the law we will all be above the law in the future. A pretty stupid proposition for a country allegedly ruled by law.
Shameful and disgusting.

'No Regard for the Law': Starbucks to Deny Union Workers New Paid Leave Benefits
"Their goal is to retaliate against and punish union stores," said Starbucks Workers United.
Boycott them, set up union picket lines and shut all of them down. Get your caffeine somewhere else.
Sign the #NoContractNoCoffee Pledge

Trump Fumes: DeSantis Stole My Plan for Shipping Migrants
Conservative pundits are fawning over DeSantisí cruel political stunt to fly immigrants to Massachusetts. Trump thinks the "credit" should be his
What a whiney-assed baby POS he is. He, DeSantis and Abbott are all morally bankrupt.

'Where is Fauci?' GOP's Ronny Jackson blames infectious disease scientist for fentanyl
You'll have to look up above your head, shorty. He's miles higher than you and your turd stirring.
This guy is one huge laughing stock. The death rate comes from Fox News and it's only half true. He's cherry picking you see.

DeSantisí Migrant Planes Have Financial Ties To GOP And Russian Govt.
More traitors in our midst.

As Migrants Confirm They Were Misled, Calls for Prosecution of DeSantis and Abbott Grow
Get it done.

Book-Banning Attempts in US Have Reached Unprecedented Level, Libraries Report
Most of these brainless illiterates are just jealous of the rest of us who can read and comprehend.

What The Hell Is Wrong With People Who Think Idaho Is Teaching Kids Pornography?
"The Idaho Department of Health Welfare (IDHW) had to send out an actual press release this week denying that they are funding or in any way providing lessons on 'porn literacy' to elementary school students. This was because a ridiculous organization for right wing fanatics with poor reading comprehension skills called the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) has been going around saying they were."
And you thought I was being sarcastic about brainless illiterates?

Second bus with migrants arrives outside Kamala Harrisí residence
Good. At least she'll know how to care for them unlike the clueless and heartless Abbott. Get rid of him Texas.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Extremist Republican Who Never Served in the Military Wants All the Generals To Be Purged
The perfect example of Trump Trash. Toss him back in the sewer where he came from.

Sen. Graham's Proposed Abortion Ban Could Kill Thousands of Women and Children in the Next Decade
This degenerate doesn't care. Like the rest of the perverse and corrupt fascists, they don't give a damn.

Trump's new threat of a civil war makes him an 'imminent danger to our nation': lawmaker
How long WILL we put up with Trump's criminally seditious horseshit?

Mixing Christianity With Nationalism Is a Recipe for Fascism
Of course. But so many Americans are too uneducated to grasp this. Spite is their raison d'Ítre.

Migrantsí Lawyers Demand Criminal Probe Into Flights
Indict DeSantis and Abbott.

EU Leader Calls For Russian War Crimes Tribunal
Bring Putin to justice.

Mike Lindell: I Prayed Warnock And Ossoff Into Office Because It Would Prove There Was ďElection CrimeĒ
What can be said about something this totally off the rails?
Stop giving this sick person any ink. It's embarrasing to the mentally ill.

'We Don't Owe Joe Manchin Anything!' Opposition to Dirty Side Deal Grows
"The science is clear," said one climate campaigner. "If we want a habitable planet, we cannot afford this dirty deal."
Some of us don't want a habitable planet. Some of us only want money and will do anything for it.

Trump slammed for paying 'fancy' lawyer $3 million while his arrested Jan 6 followers face financial ruin
Oh, but they get what they deserve. So will Fatso.

'Off the rails' Republicans ducking debates in record numbers to avoid scrutiny: report
These miscreants are worse than Covid. They are textbook defintions of chickenshits. They can't support what they are.

Time To Stop DeSantis And Abbott In Their Tracks
Here's a suggestion for putting a stop to the cruelty we've seen from Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott using migrants as pawns to score political points.
"They KNOW theyíre transporting undocumented immigrants (or should know), so federal authorities should go after them and indict them for trafficking."
America is tired of MAGAt crooks getting passes on their crimes.

Oh Look! Herschel Walker 'All In' On Nationwide Abortion Ban
Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker says he's all in on Federal abortion ban.
LOL! Genius. He needs all potential births to happen so these chidren can be ignored.
Georgia seems to like toxic idiots that can only play football for them.

Georgia students spell out N-word at football game
This AND Herschel Walker as a candidate? What absolute hypocrite racists.
Land of the Happy Negro shows how out of touch with reality they are.

'We just couldn't stay': Confederate store with KKK merchandise causes business to relocate
Land of the Happy Negro keeps showing it's racist and treasonous history.
"Civil War Surplus"? What a disgrace to humanity.
Dear Old Dixe needs to be taught a lesson. Again.

ĎI Think All the Christians Get Slaughteredí: Inside the MAGA Road Show Barnstorming America
ReAwaken America founder Clay Clark saw himself as an entrepreneur destined for greatness. When the pandemic hit, he found his new product: culture-war spectacle
"Before last year, Clark was a provincial talk-show personality and business guru from Oklahoma; today he is a Vince McMahon frontman of a misinformation megashow."
"Religion"? What a bad joke on America. They fall for any two-bit con man these days.

Racist Governors Abott and DeSantis Deserve Jail Time
Abbott and DeSantis should be looking at jail time or serious civil fines for engaging in this heartless, racist sport.
A long jail time.

Is No One and Nothing Beyond the Pale Anymore? Are We Truly This Rotten?
Add Trump and Cruz to the photo and there are no larger rotten swine in America.
"Honestly, I never thought Americans were any better than other folk, but I guess I was just stubbornly disinclined to believe how heartless and rotten people were, even here.
And, maybe especially here."
Sadly, the truth, Jaimie.

'The worst is yet to come': Experts warn MAGA violence is spreading -- and law enforcement should prepare
Law enforcement? The military should have their protective marching orders and command posts in place as well as allied forces on alert and prepaired to join us in the battle to come. This may be the start of WWIII.
"In the United States, it is not illegal to be a part of a domestic extremist group." Well, then, there's our problem isn't it. What happened to "all enemies foreign and domestic"?

Trump accused of 'extortion' over attempt to force CNN sale to Rupert Murdoch: new book
The list of crimes on this grifter must go to the moon by now.
It's a shame and disgrace that America seems unable to deal with any one of them.

These 2 charts show America's Christian majority is on track to end
Thank God.

Texas Social Media ďCensorshipĒ Ban Goes Into Effect
Texas Nazis promote havoc as they love to do.
Food for the mindless will be plentiful and even more toxic to our survival.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Feds: ďHitler MustacheĒ Rioter Is Recruiting In Prison
We used to put the mentally ill in a mental hospital. This guy is nuttier than Georgia, New Mexico, and Texas combined.

Virginia Rolls Back Protections For Trans Students
Virginia: The heart of the Land of the Happy Negro. It's what they still do. After all they come from a long line of traitors.

Carlson: Immigrants Are Why Your Daughter Is Afraid
Turd spouting by Tucks.

DeSantis: Iíll Use Every Penny Of Fund To Ship Migrants
Showing us his stupid ass everytime he opens his ignorant mouth.
"This shows you why Desantis never takes questions from reporters. He canít coherently defend his own policies. FL law allowed him to transport migrants IN FLORIDA. He says he was justified flying them from TX because maybe some were going to FL." ó Ron Filipkowski

Markey Leads Call for Federal Probe of DeSantis Over 'Cruel' Migrant Stunt
Lawmakers from Massachusetts urged the Treasury Department to investigate the Florida governor "effectively using Covid-19 relief to score political points by exploiting vulnerable immigrants."
Grifting and grifting. The pig is a thief.

This is big: Senate confirms five Biden federal appeals court judges in a week

Trump-appointed judge made an 'ironic' admission with demand for a special master: legal expert
"She is the essence of a neutral, objective person who makes these kinds of decisions," she added. "So what we've seen her do is not just delay, but unnecessary and inappropriate process into a criminal investigation. This is, in essence, the judiciary interfering with the executive branch which is where the prosecutorial power sits. It is inappropriate, it's bad for the country and it's bad for the justice system. One hopes the 11th Circuit will put a quick stop to the madness."

They have him surrounded: Trump now faces legal troubles in three states, plus D.C.
No one can promise Trump won't get away. But he's sweating ó and he wakes up every day faced with huge legal bills

DeSantis And Abbott Use 1960's Segregationist Playbook
Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are taking a page straight out of the White Citizens Council playbook And now the country is making fun of the swine for their sheer stupid racist mistakes.

Laura Ingraham Suggests That Decency Is A 'Far Left' Ideal
Thanks, hon. We sure as hell know there is none on the right.

Where Abortion Is Banned, Children Struggle
In states where abortion is banned, children and families already face an uphill battle.
Living in the past is not going to help anyone a bit.

Immigrant Shipments
Cruelty is now officially a plank in the Republican platform.

Why Ron DeSantisí latest 'political stunt' is a form of 'kidnapping': libertarian
The SOB doesn't think immigrants are human. He will have an awakening and a reckoning on it.

J.D. Vance, Still Gross, Still A-Hole
Ohio was always filled with hillicans but I never recall them being facists as they are now.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants DeSantis and Abbott investigated for kidnapping
A very good idea. But I wouldn't stop there.

When Trump is Finally Revealed as an Agent of Foreign Governments - Will America Wake Up?
Itís hard to underestimate the damage to our nation done by Donald Trump along with the propaganda and social media efforts of Russia and, perhaps, other autocratic nations
Some "Americans" have a strange aversion to being woken. They prefer their condition of eternal sleep.

'Shocking': J6 member stunned by latest bombshell on Trump's team claiming docs were 'only newspaper clippings'
"The question is, did the ex-president's lawyers lie for him or were they lied to and then represent those lies as true? Either way, I think they're in big trouble," she explained.
The trouble cannot be any larger. Put the end to these crooks and traitors.
Think of history, America. It's time to decide who and what we want to be.

Marthaís Vineyard Migrants Leave Island as Outrage at DeSantis Grows
Like Texas, Florida doesn't appear to know what they are doing.

This judgeís powerful writing on racism could inspire US Supreme Court to hear Mississippi case
Yes, there is a reckoning coming as it did before. This time it will end far worse for them.
It will make Sherman look like a baby.

Migrants sent to Martha's Vineyard are being rehoused on a base in Cape Cod
Much nicer than Florida or Texas.

Anti-LGBTQ Trump Cultist Pleads Guilty To Email Death Threats Against Dictionary Company Over Its Definitions
Turd of the month winner.

Wallace: Trump Is Inciting Another ďViolent Protest
Then this one will be the end of him.

QAnon Backer Doug Mastriano Was Registered To Vote In New Jersey While Serving In Pennsylvania Senate
Is this weirdo really that stupid? Or just an ordinary crook?

Capitol Rioters Keep Getting Arrested For New Crimes
"The U.S. Capitol attack was a crime unlike any in American history. But for some of the defendants accused of crimes related to the riot, itís only been the beginning of their legal troubles."

Book Ban Efforts Surging In 2022, Library Association Says
The brainless wish to remain so. Fine, but why take all of us with you in your retardedness?

New analysis predicts the beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin
We've seen this ending before.

'Cave Means Grave': Jan. 6 Audio Shows Oath Keepers Emboldened By Trump Tweet
"He didn't say not to do anything to the congressmen," one member of the far-right militia group said in a recording obtained by the House panel investigating the Capitol attack.
Trump swine in terrorst attack on America.

'A form of terrorism': MSNBC's Heilemann slams Trump's 'hostage-taking' over potential indictment
Trump should be arrested immediately and thrown in prison without bail until his trial for treason.
"This is fascism -- I mean, by any definition."
Any fool can see this. He must be brought to his end. For everyone's sake.

Senator calls Ron DeSantis a 'power mad tyrant' after Martha's Vineyard stunt
We've seen this sort of scumbag many times before. In the end they always lose in a disasterous manner.

'Pure essence of judicial corruption': Morning Joe panelists 'stunned' by Cannon's ruling on classified docs
Where corruption and cronyism have led us. The shame of this is truly pitiful.
This woman is a disgrace to her profession and to the nation. She should immediately be removed from the bench.

How the Big Lie poison continues to spread ó and why it's getting worse
Reason and truth will never defeat the Big Lie ó its supporters are waging a religious war against democracy
This threat to America must be stopped by any means necessary.

GOP Candidate Joked About Choking Women, Liked Photos Of Underage Girls
Does he frequent a local pizza parlor? The degeneration and failure of the Republican Party.

ĎVoter Fraudí Activists And QAnon Have Joined Forces
True the Voteís collaboration with QAnon to wage war on democracy should be a joke but itís not. They are a bad joke. Bots from the Crab Nebula badly designed.

Why does Texas have so many elections, and why do few people vote in them?
The high number of contests contributes to the stateís low voter turnout ó but itís not the only reason.
Mostly, they are simply backward here.

Leonard Leo's Radical Agenda
Does nobody expect the Republican Inquisition? It's here, and Leonard Leo brought it.
Leonard Leo, for those who donít know, is the brains behind the Federalist Society, the lavishly-funded cabal of right-wing Ďoriginalistí lawyers committed to marching the country back to the Middle Ages.
And they say this idiot is smart? He does the same things that all Nazis try to do.
Eraditcate him and his ilk.

Florida judge appoints Trump's pick for special master: report
And the rig goes on, the rig goes on.

Lindsey Graham gets scolded on Fox News for timing of new abortion ban legislation
We thought we'd seen a stupid shit before but this miscreant mindless creep takes the turd of the century award.
How dare this brainless fool?

JFK Library Brilliantly Calls Out Abbott And DeSantis Over Latest Stunt
These people are not men. They are devo. Backward, empty cyphers. Call them out. They are cowards and not men.
They are the same Land of the Happy Negro racist slave owners abusing people of color like all cowards totalitarians have done.
Get out your tar and feathers and rails.

'The wrong debate': Robert Reich takes aim at mainstream media's affirmative action panic
My late sister, who described herself as a little to the right of Attila the Hun, used to say to me when I brought up results of a poll, "what was the question?" In other words, the questions are all rigged to pull answers that may be used as progaganda. The fascists are clever at this, but not invisible.
"My biggest regret is that the national conversation is in the hands of producers chasing ratings and advertising dollars, with no regard for how theyíre distorting the publicís understanding of whatís important or the core choices lying ahead."

How Ken Starr established 'proof of concept' for future bogus GOP investigations
Is this guy dead enough? Before you shit your pants, this means his bullshit may live on long afterward.

'Desperate for a scandal': Reporters slammed for obsessing over Joe Biden flying to Delaware to vote:
Shame is something long gone on some of these 3rd rate douchebaggers.

Watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene accused of kicking woman after telling activist to 'move to another country'
As I have implied so many times: "She's no lady."
What else does one expect from a coward that has no shame or any answers?
To her questions: Does she mean the parents in Uvalde? Who's talking about Utopia? She's confusing it with Uvalde. Perhaps crack a book or see a doctor, Margie.

Marjorie Taylor Greene botches movie reference to bash bill protecting federal workers from unjust firing
The fool on the hill. It's not too late to get an education, Margie.

'This is a new low': Ron DeSantis faces blowback after 'trafficking' migrants to Marthaís Vineyard
Amazing how this defective finds the bottomless hole over and over again. He's not fit to clean toilets.

He Who Hath Not A Uterus Should Shut the Fucketh Up - Fallopians 13:13
Some morons can't figure that simple equation out.

Blake Masters wants some good old-fashioned Stalinist purges of U.S. generals
Fuck him. It's time to take off the gloves with these Nazis.

Washington is full of lawmakers who are way past 'traditional retirement age' ó but refuse to retire: report
Thus creating a problem for progress. Some of them don't know we've passed the horse and carriage era.

Abbott Coordinates With Fox To Treat Migrants Like Cattle
Well, he's from Texas, right? Cowboy, right?
Texas — Vote Beto.

SHOCK POLL: Biden Approval Surges 9 Points in AP Survey Ahead of Midterms Amid Abortion, Trump Bombshells

Papa Johnís Founder Says US is Now Nazi Germany: If They Attack Papa Johnís, ĎTheyíre Gonna Attack Every Americaní
Here's a man that has eaten wayyyyyyy too much of his own crappy pizza. They come for that next, we're certain.
Probably another front for pedophiles in the cellars.
I suggest he go back and read some world history books. If he can read, that is.

Legal fights and loopholes could blunt Medicare's new power to control drug prices
Always some money grubbing Capitalist bastard throwing a turd in the mix.

Trump warns of 'problems' like 'we've never seen' if he's indicted
Oh, no. Does this mean he'll start projectile farting? Shitting his diapers? Worry, worry, worry, Fatso.

Inflation Is Actually Subsiding
Today on TAP: The stock market, financial writers, and the Fed have one thing in common: excessive gloom.
They remind me of the "Frightened Family," the old SNL act.

When Charlie Kirk Calls A Republican An Idiot And Charlie Kirk Is ... Right? U R NAILIN' IT

Joe Biden Makes Trains Run On Time
"The White House this morning announced it had brokered a tentative agreement between railroad unions and management, preventing a national rail strike that could have thrown supply chains into chaos and harmed the economy."

The ĎGreat Replacementí Delusion
The only thing we need is the eradication of the MAGAt Nazi Party.

Ron DeSantis Sticks It To Martha's Vineyard Libs, By Throwing Terrified Migrant People At Them
Illustrating the sort of trash we need to replace: Ron DeSantis, certifiable garbage pile.
"... all of his great-grandparents born in Italy. His maternal great-great-grandfather Salvatore Storti immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1904, eventually settling in Pennsylvania. His great-great-grandmother Luigia Colucci joined her husband in the United States in 1917.
Why does he hate immigrants so? He must be removed from office.

Isnít It Time to Challenge the Growth Paradigm?
Many of us have recognized this issue for some time now.
"We are faced with situations in which the physical characteristics of the resources are no long compatible with a capitalist system. This isnít to say that we necessarily eliminate capitalism altogether, but we canít rely on it to solve certain problems.Ē
"The damage done has been brutal. Until we as a global community comprehend this great tragedy, I donít think weíll able to pick and move beyond this.Ē

Look Out: How the GOPís Newest Anti-Voting Scam Works
Purging Democratic voters from the rolls has now gone nationwide, at least in states where voting is controlled by Republicans
Another way they run their rigging.

Dark Money School Groups Are Trying to Buy the Midterm Elections for the GOP
They do know how to rig an election. That has to be why they are so pissed about 2020. It didn't rig well for them.

Mastriano Ally: God Told Me Prince Charles Would Murder Queen Elizabeth
"Prophet" Julie Green also claimed the real Joe Biden is dead and that Obama controls his body double ó Doug Mastriano's campaign had her speak at his rally.
A very severely damaged Red Room doppleganger. Easy to spot these by looking deeply at the pupils in the eyes. The evil entity "Jowdeh" is controlling her. Can't wait until One-armed Mike pulls her back in there and burns her head out. I will only say that wasn't "God" speaking to her. Don't ask more. I've said too much already.

How Donald Trump 'lost one of his biggest fights'
The portal didn't open for him on time. The "Prophet" knows that of which I speak.
When the owls begin to take the phones you know what happens next.
The dogs begin to bark and the hounds begin to howl.

Judge in Parkland shooter's trial loses it with his lawyers: 'You've been insulting me this whole trial'
These lawyers are not what they appear to be. They are agents of another dimension.
When the time signal hits the pre-set degree, the axis changes and then will be released the floating turd of truth.
ďWeíre not playing chess,Ē she said. This should explain everything.

Hardee's pokes fun at Mike Lindell after FBI agents seized his phone at one of their restaurants
Not a phone. They took his seed. This will confuse and confound them until they realize it contains a key to the Red Room portal.
Agent Phillip Jeffries will be there to meet them with the information they are seeking when they pass into the vortex.

Hate Group Whines About Response To Abortion Lie
The incredible misinformation and outright lies that the brain dead "religious" zealots crap on this world.
Drunk on power.

Ron DeSantis Can Also Too Bribe Voters With Joe Biden's Socialist Commie Dollars!

Is the Right-Wing Supreme Court the Actual Death Panel?

Unsealed Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Shows Donald Trump Did Play a Role in Hiding Documents
Dear me. We still need more proof stacked on the pile of evidence that now reaches the moon on his crimes?

On Gay Marriage, Senate Republicans Are Out of Step With the Republican Base
They have no rhythm so how can anyone expect them to get in step?

Conservative columnist recognizes weaponizing Christianity in the GOP might not have been the best idea
No shit, Sherlock.

State Investigation Reveals Racial Disparities in Student Discipline and Police Involvement
The Illinois civil rights probe of the stateís largest high school district comes after ProPublica and the Chicago Tribune documented thousands of police tickets issued to students for minor infractions.
More systemic racism in America.

An Iowa teenager who killed her accused rapist is sentenced and ordered to pay $150K
We need no better example of the failure of the American justice system than this example of systemic racism.
"But prosecutors have argued that Brooks (the perpertrator) was asleep at the time he was stabbed and not an immediate danger to Lewis." "Not immediate"? Don't make me laugh! I guess she had to wait to kill her rapist in the act of raping her? What putrid cowardly garbage.
"Iowa is not among the dozens of states that have a so-called safe harbor law that gives trafficking victims at least some level of criminal immunity." Live in the past much?
Who conned her into pleading guilty to any crime?
Brooks got what he deserved. Justice is a bad joke in Iowa. And everywhere else if their shit show spreads.
"Stay away from Iowa" is the best advice I could give any one that even pretends to be a human being.

How Rising Rents Crashed the Stock Market
"Two reports, essentially the same outcome, totally different reactions."
What's wrong with this picture?
Answer: Capitalism and fear. Always frightened money mongers.

State and Local Taxes Make Inequality Much Worse
Let's all sing, "God Bless America."
We are so glad Capitalism works so well for all of us and is totally sustainable.

Thanks, Lindsey: Republicans in disarray after Graham introduces national abortion ban
Clown show.

Protester With 'Fart Noises' Sign At Ashli Babbit Rally When Trump Calls In
"Sorry, Trumpers, but if she broke into my home, I'd shoot her, too. I want to buy the fart noises guy a drink." We don't celebrate traitors in America. Thank you.

Big Oil PR Firms a No-Show at House Hearing on Climate Disinformation
"This week Congress is set to take on Big Oil's lies and profiteering. The fossil fuel industry has made billions fueling the climate crisis and exploiting working people. We need to make them pay."

'Pro-Putin Republicans' have become the GOPís Ďnew useful idiotsí: former Reagan speechwriter
It is truly jaw dropping how this shit show has happened to our country. These bastards need to go anyway that we can get rid of them.
Has America lost all will to fight fascist treason?

'Without the Bible, there is no America': Josh Hawley goes full Christian nationalist
What a fool. America should be fed up with these theocrats that do nothing at all for our country but push it baclward.

Doug Mastriano shredded by Philly paper for 'chilling' plans to overturn future elections
Nazi trash. Republican.

Republican county commissioner in upstate NY arrested for alleged 'voter fraud' scheme
When voter fraud is committed it will be a MAGAt Republican that does it.

Trump Lied About Secret Service Concerns to Throw Off New York AG
Trump wanted home court advantage for a deposition with the New York attorney general, so he cited Secret Service concerns with the AGís office. The Secret Service had no concerns.
Trump Lied. This is news?

'Follow the Money': Sanders Explains Why Medicare for All Stalled in Congress
"Since 1998, in our corrupt political system, the private healthcare sector has spent more than $10.6 billion on lobbying and over the last 30 years it has spent more than $1.7 billion on campaign contributions to maintain the status quo."
"The American people are sick and tired of our collapsing and dysfunctional health care system. Now is the time for Medicare for All."
"Why hasn't the United States joined every major country on Earth in guaranteeing healthcare for all?"
Stop electing crooks and liars. That might be a start to correcting this ancient policy.

?Judge unseals nine additional paragraphs from Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit
Fatso has screwed himself so badly that he won't be seen in public again for several centuries.

Trump-supporting GOP lawmaker faces scrutiny over bizarre 'MAGA King' claim
Why can't the mentally ill get help in the U.S.? Seems sad to be this poor fellow is so sick and greatly disabled.

ĎShould be game overí: DOJ Ďdecimatesí Trumpís argument in new filing, according to legal expert
"Personal records = no executive privilege Trump's lawyers' and advisors (eg Tom Fitton) have dug themselves a hole here."
A big ass hole! Cleaning up the cell now. Right next to Bannon.

Dennis Prager Defends 'Good Germans' Who Supported Hitler's Nazi Party
Here we go again.
"'There were nice people who supported, who voted for the Nazis. You think every single person who voted for the Nazis was personally despicable?' he asked."
Dear Dennis: Every Nazi is a despicable racist, antisemitic, genocidal, piece of human waste. This includes you, asswipe.

Dumb Hannity Proves Why Trump Should Never Hold Office Again
Hannity's rant had unintended consequences for his pal, Trump.
"You got all that," Hannity asked.
We did, Sean, thanks so much for filling in all viewers for us!
So did all law enforcement and miltary division in our country.
Nice going, turd polisher.

Trump files motion opposing review of over 100 classified docs he now says are his and not classified
The very definition of insanity. America you are fucked by this batshit crazy stack of fecal matter.

Libertarian Party of Virginia dissolving after national partyís Ďbigotedí turn: Ex-chair
Just like the former Republican Party.

This Is The Education Future Republicans Want

Jan. 6 Committee Member Suggests Ending Electoral College
Absolutely. Do it now.

Does a fetus count in the carpool lane? Texasí abortion law creates new questions about legal personhood
A pregnant Texas woman said her fetus should count as a person in an HOV lane. That legal question is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the thorny question of ďpersonhood.Ē
"The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced." — Frank Zappa
Texas — Vote Beto.

What Will the Collapse of Neoliberalism Bring to America & Russia?
As the world watches its 40-year experiment with neoliberalism collapse, Republicans in the US and Putin in Russia are facing a crisis they once thought would be an opportunity

How a War Correspondent Understands Far-Right Extremism

Jean-Luc Godard, 1930-2022
The last of the French New Wave.

Armed man wearing rainbow wig said he'd restore Trump as 'president king' and 'kill Democrats': police
"A Pennsylvania Trump supporter has been arrested after he barged into a local Dairy Queen and informed patrons he was working to restore Trump as 'president king' while also vowing to "kill Democrats.'" Dairy Queen. Always the place to go when making important announcements. Try the new nut ball sundae!

DeSantis Hands Out Millions In Bonus Checks From Federal Plan That Every Republican Voted Against
He's handing out his bribe money.

Manchin Calls in Big Oil CEOs to Help Ram Through Dirty Deal as Backlash Grows
The ancients are going rogue over their no longer wanted pollutant on humanity.

Manchinís Pipeline Deal Must Be Blocked, 77 Democrats Say in Letter

PA GOP Rep. Stephanie Borowicz: God Will Shoot You If You Try To Take Her Jesus Guns
"There weren't many normal citizens in attendance, which is embarrassing but organizer Rep. Daryl Metcalfe blamed the weather and the high travel costs that 'China Joe Biden' has inflicted on the population. He probably blames President Biden when no one shows up at his birthday parties.

DOJ Collects Trump Flacks' Phones Just Because They Admitted They Were Doing Crimes, WITCH HUNT!
They be findin' lotsa witches every which-a-way.

Experts Warn Supreme Court Supporting 'Dangerous' GOP Legal Theory Could Destroy US Democracy
Independent state legislative theoryóa formerly fringe right-wing notion that state lawmakers alone can regulate federal electionsówill be tested in the U.S. Supreme Court in the coming months.
"Experts including Michael Luttig, a former federal judge and distinguished conservative jurist, have warned than ISLT is a central pillar of the 'Republican blueprint to steal the 2024 election.'"
Fascism is preparing to advance on America unchallenged. Just like abortion?

ĎLooks like basic fraudí: Feds unraveling fake electors scheme because it may be easiest crime to prosecute
Good for starters but let's not stop with that. There's a long list to go.

'Out-maneuvered' Trump lawyers' 'desperation' is showing in latest filing: legal expert
" embarrassment to the legal profession."

Lindsey Graham Will Introduce National Abortion Ban Today
The name of the bill is "Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act." You should ignore it.
Lindsey will now slit his throat in a public suicide.
America can clearly see how frigging mean and dumb these MAGAt scumbags are with this act of stupid.

QAnon Dad Guns Down Family In Election-Denialist Rage
By untethering people from reality, conspiracy theories poison relationships on every level, from national to local to the family itself.
"Rebecca Lanis told Reddit readers that ďthere's a possibility she won't be able to move her legs again.Ē"
For what? Donald Trump losing an election. Poison. QAnon deadly poison.

Itís Time to Prepare for a Ukrainian Victory
The liberation of Russian-occupied territory might bring down Vladimir Putin.
Schmucker Carlson will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO upset!

Putin Bailed on Top Military Meetings After Crushing War Losses
It seems Putin is not taking well to the biggest defeats Russia has faced in the war, with the president delaying meetings with top leadership because heís just ďvery, very busy.Ē
Fatso better come and stroke him.

Phones taken by Justice Department as they roll out 40 subpoenas of Trump allies involved in fake electors scheme
More of the Trump bastard traitors will fall.

Marc Short: Trump's Lawyers Play Act Like They're On A TV Show
I'm sure the cast of LA Law could do a better job.
Sure. Some Americans love a low brow TV show better than their own lives. How many time do we have to see that shit? Endlessly.

MAGA Rhetoric Causes Death Threats To Congress
It's Stochastic terrorism, and it's coming from elected officials and media employees who have actual accountability for what they say.
Come out and fight like men instead of chickenshit pissants. You Nazis aren't gonna kill anyone blabbing about it on the internet.

'Democracy dies in book deals': Maggie Haberman ripped for withholding Donald Trump bombshell

'Heís dead to me': Furious Republicans vow to get revenge on Kevin McCarthy
The MAGAts are dying? That's a good thing.

In Florida governor's race, Crist accepts 3 debates, including 1 DeSantis declined
Florida, you can take this Nazi down for good.

Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Steve Bannon she plans to impeach Joe Biden
ROTHFLMAO! What makes this miscreant think she's gonna be around to do anything but keep fluffing Steve Bannon?
She is nobody and less than nothing.

Judge mocks Peter Navarroís complaint in contempt of Congress case
I guess everyone enjoys projectile vomiting. Settled law.

Fossil Fuel Giants Have Targeted 150+ Activists With 'Judicial Harassment': Report
"People must be able to add their voice, without fear of retaliation, to the public debates that will determine the future direction of our country and our planet."
These dinosaurs won't die without a violent bloody fight, so be prepared folks.

Florida Christian school teacher arrested after twerking on student during prom
Another one bites the dust.

Senator angered Democrats allowed to go to college and church, work in government agencies
Ron Johnson, totalitarian fascist. Remove him now.

Spit It Out: GOP Candidate Can't Answer Simple Question On Abortion
A sack of hammers.

Lindell Bankrolls ďDeath To GaysĒ White Nationalist
Hopefully, both of these moron assholes will go broke.

Outnumbered Chief Justice Roberts pretends heís still in charge of the Supreme Court
So what? Trump still pretends he's president.

People of All Faiths and None Mobilize to Pass the Respect for Marriage Act
Humanity doing the right thing.

Cultists Paralyze Election Offices With Records Requests
Trump trash continues to shit on democracy. Tell them to Fuck. All. The. Way. Off.

BOOK: Trump Vowed To Stay In White House After Loss
The Nazi isn't there now. What the fuck does he think he is? Because everyone knows what he is: A LOSER!
And the Nazis haven't yet burned all copies of these books?

Donald Trump and His Two Forms of Fascism

John Robertsí flawed defense of the Supreme Courtís legitimacy
Roberts seems to think a recent backlash against the Supreme Court is just an emotional outburst after an unpopular ruling. Heís badly missing the point.

The Fight Against an Age-Old Effort to Block Americans From Voting
"Over the last two years, the myth of election fraud, supercharged by former President Donald Trump in the wake of his 2020 loss, has fueled a barrage of new restrictions. While they do not all target voters who struggle to read, they make it especially challenging for voters with low literacy skills to get help casting ballots."
Georgia, we are looking at you.

How We Analyzed Literacy and Voter Turnout

'Everyone should be frightened': Historian waves red flag over far-right plans to alter the Constitution
Starting with the fascist state of Florida. Our war is coming.

POLL: 37% Say US Civil War Is Likely In Next Decade
Why wait?

Florida county Republican Party mulls barring FBI agents and labeling World Health Organization 'terrorists'
The fascist state of Florida should be held in contmept of our Constitution. This is an act of treason. no different than firing on Fort Sumter.

Legal expert blasts Trump: ĎKidnapped our national security and is holding it hostageí
He's holding law and order hostage as well.

Herschel Walker Is the Saddest Senate Candidate Iíve Ever Seen
Heís an unqualified, numbskull, lying buffoon. And heís got a 50-50 chance of winning in Georgia.
A regretful disgrace that will linger with Georgia for years to come. They would vote for someone in a coma if there were an R or a swastika by his name.

The Supreme Court Is Vulnerable on Abortion
Thanks to ĎDobbs,í a majority of Americans are ready to put limits on its power.
"It is plainly obvious that the conservative movement and a substantial portion of the American population have been grossly misled by anti-abortion messaging. The median position on abortion, roughly speaking, is that itís not exactly good, but that it should be widely available early in the pregnancy, and universally available in cases of rape or incest, or if the health of the mother is threatened, or if the fetus is medically nonviable. In practical terms, this covers virtually all abortionsóa fact that has been buried by decades of hysterical anti-abortion propaganda."

Elizabeth Warren Would Like To Get Rid Of Right-To-Work-For-Less Laws, Please
"Wages have certainly gone up post-pandemic, but they are still nowhere where they would be if they had kept pace with worker productivity and executive pay ó and a lot of that is due to the diminished power of unions."

QAnon People Want To Know How Tom Hanks Can Be Gepetto If He's Been Dead For Two Years
It's time to recognize QAnon is the lost tribe of turd miners.

Herschel Walker: A Word, A Salad, And A 9/11 Quote
Herschel Walker is a disaster, a mindless liar. He needs mental treatment. How can responsible voters support this?
"This is a depressing comment about the Georgia electorate, considering that whenever Walker opens his mouth, you can hear the ocean say 'Duh?'
Illustrating the continued devolvement of America and what's left of it's brain.

Scholar who saw all this coming: Americans "do not really understand liberal democracy"
Shawn Rosenberg predicted the "inexorable decline" of democracy in 2019. But he still thinks it's not too late
Do Americans relate to anything other than celebrity?

Hillary Reminds CNN's Dana Bash 'No One Is Above The Law'
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a much more measured response than Trump deserved when asked if there are any reasons he should be treated any differently than any other American for mishandling classified information that was found at Mar-a-Lago.
We need to stop treating Fatso as if he is.

Todd Beamer's Dad Veers Into Screed Against Biden During 9/11 Remembrance
Fox News allowed a man whose son died in the 9/11 attacks to use a remembrance of the day to attack President Joe Biden.
When a clueless asshole is allowed to run his irrelevent madness on TV. Dude, we had to make a sharp turn on Fatso's crash course to fascism.
A war on fossil fuels? You're goddamned right! It's one of the world's worst enemies.

Herschel Walker Tries To Stir Hate For Votes
Walker campaigns on the latest MAGA lies. Today he argues that Sen. Warnock wants men to get pregnant in order to reach the MAGA id.
He forgets to wear his football helment like B.D.from Doonesbury. Why do they even allow him out of his house let alone consider him a candidate? These people are insane.
What ridiculous crap crawls from his mouth. Being a football hero does NOT make him fit for our government. A brain does. Widespread voter ignorance is a kind of pollution of the political process. Poorly informed voters about government policy will often make poor decisions.

Michigan man 'snapped' after Trump's loss and shot his family after going down 'Q rabbit hole': daughter
Another life in ruin because of QAnonsense. Some folks just can't handle reality.

Watch Al Franken Slice And Dice GOP Commentator Over SCOTUS
Ah, I need a cigarette!
Why do news networks hire such absolute morons such as Alice Stewart?
CNN has fallen like a rock off a cliff.

Michael Flynn Now On Sarasota's GOP Executive Committee
The Sarasota Republicans welcomed insurrectionist and likely traitor steering their chapter because ďthat stuff doesnít interfere with getting our candidates elected.Ē Florida is certifiably a Nazi state. Throw them out.

The bewildering vote in Chile that rejected a new progressive constitution
Our next world war will be the one that ends humanity. All due to Nazis.
South America has been a Nazi wonderland for a very long time.

Lauren Boebert caused a scene by shirking debate rules
Saturday night's debate for Colorado's third congressional district "went off the rails"
If she didn't like the moderator she shouldn't have agreed to the debate before it went on.
This is considered crude and ignorant by rules of etiquette. The perfect illustration that this person doesn't know shit from applebutter.

Led by Tucker, Fox News amplifies far rightís stochastic terrorism against transgender Americans
Same as Hitler and his Nazis.

Jayapal Ties Trumpian Rhetoric to Violent Threats Against US Lawmakers and Democracy
"We've got to get people in government who actually believe in government," said the Washington Democrat, "and who believe in democracy, believe in voting, believe in our Constitution."
And get rid of the MAGAt Nazis.

'Serious legal water': Why this ex-Trump lawyer believes DOJís classified docs probe is connected to Jan. 6

GOP Senators Won't Discuss What Trump Cost National Security
Republicans REALLY don't want to talk about the national security cost of Trump's document theft.

Florida ranked No. 1 for "education freedom" ó by right-wing group that wants to privatize it all
Heritage Foundation report praises Florida, Arizona for big steps toward deregulating and privatizing schools
What a load of horseshit. A foundation for fascism, racism and a Nazi at the helm.

Mike Pence faces furious backlash after attacking Biden's speech: Trump 'wanted to see you hanged by a violent mob'
This man is not playing with a full deck.

Caught on Tape: Doug Mastriano Prayed for MAGA to ĎSeize the Powerí Ahead of Jan. 6
In a Dec. 2020 meeting with Christian Nationalists, the man who would become the GOP nominee for governor prayed Congress would "disregard" Pennsylvania's election results

Judge Blisters Trump, Dismisses Suit Against Hillary, Strzok
He's going to be big mad.
Too bad, too bad.

DoJ Appeals Judge Cannon's Special Master Document Review
In its filing the government says the intelligence community has paused its security review because it is impossible to segregate it from the criminal probe.
"DoJ makes it clear to the Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon that they will go over her head if she doesn't pull back her special master ruling."

'Seize The Power': Mastriano Caught On Video Praying For MAGA Ahead Of Jan 6
Another traitor caught on camera.

Chris Wallace: Republicans Don't Pass 'The Smell Test'
Chris Wallace, of all people, won't let Brianna Keillar use GOP excuses.

Michigan Supreme Court Says Suck It, Fascists, Everybody Gets To Vote On Abortion

WaPo Fact Checker Gives Hillary Clinton Emails Tweet Four Opposite-Pinocchio Un-Lies
"...not a single one of her emails was actually classified, while Trump literally took hundreds of classified documents....

Without Abortion Rights, Medical Students Face a Dangerous Choice
So do all of us.

'The environment is upside down': Republicans stunned 'God, guns and gays' no longer working for them

Army soldier under investigation for saying he joined military to become 'more proficient in killing' Black people
This sort will be rooted out of our military.

It Didnít Start with Trump: The Decades-Long Saga of How the GOP Went Crazy
"The GOP hasnít been all extremism, all the time. Goldwater, late in his career, railed against the religious right and supported reproductive rights. As president, Nixon challenged assorted Cold War assumptions and created the Environmental Protection Agency. George W. Bush warned against anti-Muslim bigotry following 9/11. But since at least the 1950s, the party has consistently boosted extremism, prejudice, paranoia, and rage. Sometimes this has led to the GOP prevailing in political battles. In other instances, voters have beaten back this cynical gambit."

QAnon Ginni Linked To Dozens Of Roe Amicus Briefs
The Thomases have to be retired.

Morning Digest: New ad slams Wisconsin Republican for funding location tracking of abortion seekers
Meddling like a misogynist does. It's none of your stinking biz, miscreant.

'Cancun' Ted Cruz brutally mocked after attacking California's Gavin Newsom: 'No shame at all'
Does this guy ever do a lick for America? No.

Trumpís conspiracy lawsuit against Hillary Clinton dismissed ó and judge hints at penalties for his attorneys
Forget your vendetta against Clinton, Fatso. You fail at everything.

If Trump-appointed judge is 'smart' she'll grab the 'lifeline' the DOJ just threw her: legal expert
Ya think?

Will America see a major renewal of the middle class? We know it can be done
Don't despair! We may be at a crucial hinge of history, like the one FDR faced in 1933. A new era is waiting

Donald Trump's Save America PAC under investigation by federal grand jury: report
Crime leader's echo chamber mob now being exposed.

The once-conservative GOP has been 'radicalized' by 'authoritarian MAGA World': Ex-Bush speechwriter
That MAGAts are Nazis is no mystery to anyone.

Queen Elizabeth Is Dead, And Right-Wing Crazies Are Having A Fit
Queen Elizabeth has died, and the reaction at some right-wing comments sections is a bit unhinged.
What rancid gene pool do these idiot comments come from?

Greg Gutfeld Smears Greta Thunberg
Really, this is how he's distracting from actual "nuclear secrets at Mar a Lago" news.
Sure. Gutless Greg Gutfield picks on a girl that knows more than he does. What a dick.

Watch Bannon Being Led Away In Handcuffs While Ranting Like A Madman
Bye-bye, Steve.
Keep up playing the victim card, you dildo. Grease up your rectum.
Good for starters. He can make a pallet on the floor for Fatso, his future cell mate.

Tucker Carlson Is Big Mad At Fetterman For Wearing A Hoodie
What a ridiculous person.
What drug is this person on?

The Queen Is Dead. Long Live The King.
The royal family is gathering to be with the Queen at her Scottish estate.
Sad. I recall seeing the first photos transmitted on TV via the Transatlantic cable June 1953.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II: Longest ruling monarch in British history dead at 96
Only days after greeting new prime minister, Queen Elizabeth dies at Balmoral Castle in Scotland
She met the new prime minister and decided to split the scene. I don't blame her.
"Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl."

'Go for it ó I can't wait': Rick Wilson profanely taunts Trump after threat to sue Lincoln Project
Lay it on him, Rick.

'Things are safer in the middle of Central Park!' Donald Trump jolted by DOJ's special master appeal
Not so fast, Fatso.

String of GOP lawmakers accused of double standard after defending Trumpís at-home storage of classified docs
"If this was Hillary Clinton, theyíd be calling for jail time."
Hypocrite bastards.

S.C. Republican Takes Party To The Woodshed Over Extreme Anti-Abortion Measures
"The fact is, I don't want anyone in this room making life and death decisions for me, my daughter, my granddaughter, or for that fact, anyone," Shealy said on the Senate floor. "I also do not want the person I choose as my medical professional to stop in the middle of a procedure and request the South Carolina code of laws to decide if he can proceed or if he may be committing a crime punishable by a fine or time in prison."
A sane person's position.

Johnson, Wisconsin GOP Rush To Defend Racism. Again.
Ron Johnson and Wisconsin Republicans are scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to attack Mandela Barnes with. This time, it's the historical treatment of indigenous people.
Please put this POS out to pasture.

Donald Trump was caught with stolen nuclear secrets. So what happens next?
Well, we could make him King eternal?
Some shit-for-brains will agree. That's our problem. There's a cure for this.

'Lock him up': Nuclear, government and legal experts call for Trump to be indicted
Hmmm. That has now become not enough to end him forever.

Legal expert: Judge Cannonís ruling contains a mistake that Ďwould be a sanctionable offenseí for lawyers
Throw her ass in the cell with her hero.

Activists prep lawsuits and legislation to bar Trump from office if Garland doesn't indict
Do you think this cancerous criminal and his criminal cronies give a flying fuck about any law you make? FUCK NO!

Conservatives, the Far Right, Fascists and How We Defeat Them All
Don't kid yourselves. History tells the story. It's them or us, kids.

Trump Lawyer: Maybe Empty Classified Folders Had 'Invisible' Docs
Alina Habba's lack of concern over classified nuclear documents makes me all throat-punchy.
"These America First people really don't seem to give a shit about America."

The Obamas Get A Standing Ovation As They Arrive For Portrait Unveiling
This has been a long time coming.

Federal judge rules that requiring companies to cover HIV prevention drug violates their religious rights
When did the insane asylum inmates start running things?
Everyone should know by now, it takes a lot of killing to make religion work.
Pretty soon any remedy for a disease of any kind will be against some fairy tale believer's "religion."
Talk about a retarded world.

Why do the Republicans keep proving their 'semi-fascism'?
Where does this "semi" come from? Biden? He's being kind.

Michigan GOP officials caught on video urging poll workers to break local election rules
Nazis doing their dirty work. Eliminate them.

AOC, Gillibrand Denounce Starbucks for 'Firing Union Leaders All Over the Country'
"We continue to stand by these workers and would like to remind you that all workers have the right to join a union," the New York lawmakers wrote in a letter to Starbucks' billionaire CEO.
What's wrong with Starbucks besides mediocre coffee.

If Youíre Into Cousin-Screwing, The Unabomber, These Republican Senate Nominees Are For You
All the best in incest.

Steve Doocy Seems *Tiny Bit Skeptical* Trump Using Stolen State Secrets To Write His 'Memoirs'
More about stupid and dumb thinking stuff.

Not so fast: Greg Abbott, Texas Republicans face a complex election landscape after abortion ruling, Uvalde shooting
Both Gov. Greg Abbott and Beto OíRourke hope to define the election on issues viewed as favorable to their own parties.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Ted Cruz says he will vote against bill to codify same-sex marriage protections
Cruz keeps showing us how big of a dumb prick he is. Let's get rid of him, please and stop moving backward.

Trump Judgeís Ruling in Mar-a-Lago Case Proves Biden Was Right: MAGA Is Fascism
Of that there can be no doubt.
"Cannon not only threw a bunch of wrenches in the DOJ's ability to investigate a former president, undergirding her decision with the same logic of the Big Lie and the January 6 insurrection, but she extended a nearly unlimited right to Trump to break the law."
Conclusion: Solid proof. She is a Trump Toady and a fascist. Trump is a fascist and a threat to democracy.

America Is a Rich Death Trap
"Some of the most immediate causes of Americaís high death rate are guns, drugs, and cars. The U.S. has more guns and gun violence than any other rich country. We have more drug-overdose deaths than any other high-income countryóboth overall and on a per capita basis. Even before the pandemic, life expectancy in the U.S. declined for consecutive years in 2015 and 2016, largely because of the opioid epidemic and drug overdoses. The U.S. has a higher death rate from road accidents than Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the European Union. Even on a per-miles-driven basis, the U.S. still has a higher death rate than much of Europe."

The Right-Wing War on Free Speech Could Backfire
Fox News is in legal trouble.

Newly Uncovered Emails Show Blake Mastersí Long History of Hating Democracy
"More than a decade later, the student of propaganda had left the classroom. He launched his campaign by calling for an America where families could get by on one income, only to provide no coherent plan for making that happen. He claimed Trump won the election, but added qualifiers to suggest to his more reality-based followers that he didnít believe voting machines had actually been rigged. He called abortion ďdemonicĒ and a ďgenocideĒ then revamped his websiteís abortion section after making it out of the primary."

Rubio Whines That Nuclear Docs Report Was ďLeakedĒ
Little Marco cares more about leaking than nuclear documents being stolen.
This was made public by Trump, not the DOJ or the FBI. Garland made it perfectly clear that his court filings would be his communication vehicle until Trump forced them to go public.

Florida Judge Faces Criticism Following Order In Trump Case
A Trump-appointed judge is in the spotlight after granting the ex-president's request for a third party to review classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.
ďThe criminal justice system is set up to try to make sure that everybody is accountable in the same way for alleged crimes they have committed,Ē Fox said. 'Here, it appears that Mr. Trump is getting special benefit' by virtue of being a former president." If she was ligit she would have recused herself.

Six Persian Gulf States Demand Netflix Remove 'Immoral' and 'Offensive' Content
This means everything. What tight rectums these people must have.

Ruling from Judge Cannon isn't just a gift to Trump, it's a threat to both law and intelligence
Anyone with a piece of brain realizes this. Just more Trump crime in broad daylight.

Bill Barr: DOJ 'getting very close' to Trump indictment decision
Get it done now.

'Miserable little weasel': Omar blasts Cruz over GOP plan to kill student debt relief
And that's putting it mildly.

The Senate is back and they've got a lot of questions about Trump's documents and national security
"Cannon's ruling to temporarily keep the documents away from the executive branch means that the Director of National Intelligence might not be able to do a threat assessment or brief the 'Gang of Eight.'" Fatso's sycophant judge is doing the job he appointed her to do. He carefully covered his ass by appointing this sort when he couuld just for this purpose.

Dr. Oz's Thoughts On Incest Will Make You Want To Hurl
More "locker room talk," right Doc?

BREAKING: Trump Had Docs About Foreign Country's Nuclear Capabilities
Just thrown into the boxes at Mar-A-Lago!
Yep, Trump Had Secret Nuke Information!

Nuclear docs at Mar-a-Lago 'hugely important for prosecution of Espionage Act': expert
Treason is Fatso's business.

The Man QAnon Think Is JFK Jr. Spotted At Bizarre Stunt For Dr. Oz
This isn't going to help you, buddy.
QAnonsensers show off their moron skills.

Hillary Tears Into Trump, And Sets The Record Straight
"Stop comparing Trump to Clinton. There is no comparison. And now we're left in the uncomfortable position of wondering if the twice-impeached loser sold us out to the highest bidder."
And put Traitor Trump in prison.

'A historic win': Judge removes Cowboys for Trump founder from commissioner post over January 6th
Cowboy Coy gets the boot up his ass! Couldn't happen to a bigger asshole! (Trump excepted)

A Democratic president who does not back down changes everything
"In the last 50 years, no one has seen a Democratic president do what Biden did. Thatís half a century of norms and expectations according to which Democratic presidents do not do what Biden did or else alienate 'moderates' and 'swing voters' (or as I like to call them, respectable white people.) It will take time for the news media to adjust to a political center that no longer centers the Republicans."

Crimes of the powerful: Why the Mar-a-Lago "special master" decision is so dreadful
Our justice system is already deeply unfair. Insisting on a higher bar for Trump's prosecution only makes it worse
Trump makes everything worse. This shit show proves it.

Steve Bannon lashes out after report of impending NYC charges: 'They will have to kill me first'
This can be arranged, Steve.

Trump calls himself 'an absolutely perfect physical specimen' in rant about FBI reportedly seizing medical records
Fatso? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Can't stop ROTFFLMAO! What time's the heart attack coming?

'January 6th All Over Again': Facebook Accused of Fueling Bolsonaro's Coup-Mongering
"Meta is actively helping mobilize an online army in Brazil that's peddling conspiracy theories about the integrity of the election and threatening a violent coup," said one campaigner.
Bolsonaro: Nazi DeLuxe.

Judge Cannon 'engaged herself in obstruction of justice': Experts sound the alarm on Trump documents ruling
This is the usual criminal con on America. The criminal appoints his co-criminals to positions that will exonerate him if he gets his ass in a sling.
Throw the book at both Trump's sock puppet judge and Fatso.

'My first-year law students would have written a better opinion': Neal Katyal slams judge's Trump ruling
"This special master opinion is so bad itís hard to know where to begin," wrote Katyal. "She says Biden hasnít weighed in on whether docs protected by Exec Privilege. Nonsense. The archives letter (which DOJ submitted to the Judge) makes it clear current President thinks none of this is privileged. Archivist says it is 'not a close' question."
"But Executive Priv isnít some post-presidential privilege that allows Presidents to keep documents after they leave office. At most, it simply means these are Executive documents that must be returned to the archives. It doesnít in any way shape or form mean they canít be used in a criminal prosecution about stolen docs."
What criminals can do — kill the process.

America is finally waking up to the fascist danger: Let's hope it's not too late
Americans see the threat to democracy at last. But it's no time to celebrate: The Trumpists aren't beaten yet

'Impossibly stupid': George Conway rips judge's decision to grant Donald Trump a special master
We are living in that sort of world these days. Will this nightmare ever end?

What Was Trump Planning To Do With Those Top Secret Documents?
I break down the document discovery and its implications for national security.
He was going to use them to wipe his ass.

Jamie Raskin: MAGA Republicans Are A 'Fascist Political Party'
If you walk, talk, and act like a fascist, then you are a fascist.
Fits the description of Trump and the assholes that worship him.

GOP Rep Tongue-Tied Defending Trump And Classified Documents
Congressman McCaul knows he's lying.
What a douchebag. What corner in hell do they find these idiots?

Industrial agriculture is pushing areas of the Amazon Rainforest toward a dangerous 'tipping point': report
Bolsonaro is the Nazi bitch that is responsible.

Meet the ďoutcast ratsĒ: Those viral, ostentatious city rats are weird loners in their rat world
A rat researcher explains why the wild rats you tend to see in public are typically "disenfranchised rats"
So, tell me, what's the difference between the rats and homeless people in our USA?
Where was it I found that loose Big Mac? Oh, yeah, now I remember.

Ukraine's armed forces poised to 'bag a bunch' of Putin's 'stupid, drunk and brutal' soldiers: military expert
Trump's buddy is not faring well in Ukraine.

This MAGA Republican used campaign funds for January 6th visit and the FEC let him off the hook
"The Democratic commissioners, in response, said, ďThere is so much that is wrong with that statement. Activities to disrupt the certification of a presidential election are in no way akin to a party event or fundraiser. The actions of those who breached the Capitol, assaulted Capitol police, and committed various forms of violence, trespass, and assault were illegal. And as the Act makes clear, a contribution may only be used for a lawful purpose.Ē

Jamie Raskin Says Jan. 6 Committee Still Wants To Hear From Ginni Thomas
The Maryland Democrat said Newt Gingrich, Vice President Mike Pence and Thomas all have "relevant" evidence to present to the panel.

Panera Bread Is Replacing Humans With AI At Drive-Thru Windows
"Panera isn't the first company to test drive-thru AI. McDonald's has also used voice recognition software at some of its drive-thru locations in the Chicago area, for instance, and even got slapped with a lawsuit for failing to alert customers that it was using their biometrics."
"That said, Panera's use of the Tori AI is taking things to a whole different level ó and bringing us one step closer to the robotic restaurant worker singularity we've all been dreading."
Inhuman. Sad, the failures of captialism.

A far-right company took over four Texas school boards, and hate is at the top of their agenda
Run these putrid fascist Talibastards back to hell where they came from.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Florida judge grants Donald Trump's request for a special master to review Mar-a-Lago documents
"Former federal prosecutor Shan Wu and other legal experts have stated appointing a special master is inappropriate. Wu calls it ďa completely unnecessary obstacle to holding the former president accountable.
He adds that Judge Cannon ďhas no business trying to oversee a federal criminal investigation.Ē
This is What happens when you control the judge in your pocket. This will do him no good in the end which is coming soon.

What a Supreme Court impeachment from 1805 could mean for Clarence Thomas: historian
"Like presidents, U.S. Supreme Court justices can be impeached in the United States."

ďAngelsĒ Block Protesters From BYU Pride Night Event
...while protesters yelled ďpedophileĒ and ďgroomerĒ.... They mean fascist and homophobe protesters.
And stop with the "God" bullshit.

Margaret Court: Iím Being ďBullied By LGBT GroupsĒ
Really? Why don't you take a look at yourself first?
"...she declared that nobody who attends her church would get COVID because ďwe are all protected by the blood of Jesus.Ē And that's just for starters. Read the rest of her warped points of view to get an idea of what clueless, preposterous positions she defends.

Youngkin To Campaign For Maine Racist Paul LePage
Great Caesar's Ghost! Can't people find better candidates than 18th Century throwbacks?

'Zombie ice': Greenlandís melting glacier to raise sea levels nearly 1 foot, double previous estimate
Most of us will be dead by then so who cares, right? Why should we care about the future.

Greg Abbott to launch television ad targeting Beto OíRourke over police funding
No, Greg. He just wants to defund you.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Washington weighs plan to let Americans wager on elections
How fucked up stupid can we get? Legal betting on elections? I guess we really want to see them rigged?
ďWhen we think about what happened in 2020, do we really want another excuse for the American people to question the integrity of our elections?Ē said former CFTC Commissioner Jill Sommers, who voted against the Nadex proposal. ďThis is not something we want to be introducing into federally regulated financial markets.Ē

'Thatís unfair': Trump complains that the FBI never raided Joe Bidenís house
Another ignorant comment. They've never raided most of our homes. Ya know why? MOST OF US AREN'T CROOKS!

Trump offered to give a lawyer a horse instead of paying $2 million in legal fees: new book
The world's greatest chisler!

'Women were always crying': Leaked video confirms disturbing history of Amy Coney Barrettís faith sect
I'll bet they did cry intensely when they heard the abusive bullshit.
More like "Church of the Presumptuous Assumption."
"...saying only that she is a devout Catholic and her faith would have no bearing on her duties as a judge."
Except for overturning Roe v Wade.

CBS YouGov Poll: 72% Believe US Democracy Is Under Threat
Americans are not buying the massive amount of lies spewing out of Trump and his enablers' mouths.
I suppose the MAGAts will say that's a fraud.

Trump Claims Zuckerberg Came To The White House To See Him 'Last Week'
Is there really anyone remaining that does not know that this man is mentally ill>
Answer: Yes, the ones that are mentally ill.

Deval Patrick Applauds Biden Calling Out Fascists
Calling out the MAGA cult needed to be done. says the former governor of Massachusetts.
"Cult" is correct. But a fascist cult that will kill us all if given the chance.

U.S. Approval of Labor Unions at Highest Point Since 1965

Unions build power and fight inequality for all workers

Watch: Wife of CPAC chairman calls Joe Biden's aviators 'propaganda' to make him look tough
ROTFLMAO! He's worn them years. And he's way cooler than you'll ever think of being.

Why did Trump choose to showcase a Nazi sympathizer as Jan. 6 prisoner at Pennsylvania rally: CNN reporter asks
Hmm. Anyone wonder why this guy might be a Nazi sympathizer?

MAGA Voter Says 'Democracy, Democracy, Democracy' Is 'Getting Really Old'
Actually, many things are settled in a democracy. So. Fuck. All. The. Way. Off.
Democracy is a weapon. One that puts an end to fascism. MAGAts are violent fascists. Don't forget it.

America Needs a Civic Group to Oppose a Cashless Society
"For over a decade the screws have been tightening to coerce people into the credit-debt economy. Both the corporations and the government are to blame."
Very soon, too.

Trump Calls Biden 'Enemy of the State' in 'Fully Unhinged' Speech
"This is, quite simply, a speech intended to incite domestic terrorists to kill FBI agents and members of the Biden administration," said one attorney.
Insanity on the podium. He should be jailed for the protection of us all.

Black family gets home appraisal $300,000 lower than white stand-ins
Why can't these Negroes be happy in their very own land when white people can screw the hell out of them?
The Land of the Happy Negro wants to know.

Bidenís Return to Form<br> In Philadelphiaís Independence Hall on Thursday, we once again saw the man who told Trump to shut up during a live debate.

A Zombie Herd of Independent Minds

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied, Right?
Put orange man in orange suit.

Tarrant Countyís Republican county judge backs Lt. Gov. Dan Patrickís Democratic challenger
"Glen Whitley, the top elected official in Tarrant County, has clashed with Patrick for years. He cited GOP-led state legislation over property taxes as a key reason for endorsing Mike Collier."
Texas — Vote Beto.

GOP Rep. Tom Emmer Compares Women's Rights To 'Chinese Genocide'
Rep. Tom Emmer (R-IN), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), accused Democrats of supporting a "Chinese genocide bill" because they are trying to codify abortion rights.
Another good Nazi. If men were birth givers abortion would be a holy right for them.

Top GOPer: Trump's 'Different Set Of Rules' Permits Document Theft
Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that he would not take classified documents from the government but insisted that former President Donald Trump "has a different set of rules."
Different because all arrogant Nazis think they do.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Note To Tim Michels: Fascism Is Not A Faith
Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels has a complete melt down after his fascist agenda is revealed. Tear them out by the roots.

The president strikes back: MAGA 'an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic'
Goddamn right it does.

Watch: Right-wing reporters ditch Marjorie Taylor Greene when they spot a more important Republican
Of course they did.

Lies, falsehoods and "vacuous truths": GOP explores a new realm of absolute emptiness
Why the media ó and formal logic, for that matter ó has been utterly defeated by the Trump era

Trump handed Democrats a 'major gift' in his Pennsylvania rally rant: former GOP lawmaker
The moron can't keep his fat mouth shut.

Trump Is Big Mad About Mar-a-Lago Search, Uses Family to Play the Victim During Rally
The former president claimed he has been persecuted "since the moment I came down the golden escalator in 2015" and complained that the FBI searched his wife and son's rooms
Too bad, too bad, so oh so bad. The poor little victim. Steal a pair, nutless ball.

Is something called 'narcissistic collapse' coming to America?
Suicide watch? Stay tuned.

Trump and consequences: After an amazing series of unforced errors, indictment is coming
Trump and his lawyers keep making things worse, and he's now the DOJ's target: The irony is dark, but delicious.
"There is a kicker in the DOJ filing. Trump is suspected of violating statutes involving obstruction of justice in his handling of the documents he took to Mar-a-Lago. But it's not the kind of obstruction where you lie to investigators or encourage witnesses to lie or avoid talking to the FBI or prosecutors. It's an obstruction law passed under George W. Bush in 2002. The only thing the feds have to establish in order to prove Trump obstructed justice under that law is that he failed to return government property, or encouraged others to avoid returning it, when it was demanded by the government. The documents Trump removed to Mar-a-Lago and refused for 18 months to give back to the National Archives, where they belonged, all fall under that category." Guilty.

'What happened to them?' Mueller prosecutor says empty classified folders are a game changer
Traitor gave or sold them to Putin, of course.

FBI seizes documents from Putin buddy's properties

Bill Barr ĎCanít Think Of A Legitimate Reasoní For Mar-A-Lago Docs
Trump staff may want to grab any ketchup bottles before he sees former attorney general Bill Barr rip apart MAGA talking points about the Mar-a-Lago search, on Fox News.
Even Barr can't see any good reason.

'Nope': Kevin McCarthy pilloried for putting Merrick Garland 'on notice' with authority he does not have
Kevin's a good Nazi.

Trump-appointed judge slams Steve Bannon's request for new contempt of Congress trial
Mr. Nobody's jig is up.

Republicans Call Biden Divisive While Equating Him To Satan and Hitler
The party that routinely casts Democrats as demonic fascists hell-bent on destroying America is suddenly worried about political unity
In their failures, Nazis are always sniveling cowards.

Responsible Gun Owner's 4-Year-Old Takes Loaded Gun To School
Don't take dad's gun to school, kid — leave dad's gun at home kid — Don't take dad's gun to school
Corpus Christi, Texas — Vote Beto.

We Need a New Language of Resistance Amid Far Rightís Calls for Civil War
Yes. But after the fascists are defeated.

The Hollowest Men

Altercation: Ron DeSantis Is an Honest-to-God Semi-Fascist
And itís past time for the mainstream media to say so.
Hey, don't say I didn't tell everyone so.

Hospitalized, Bullied, and Denied Care: Texasí War on Trans Kids
There is no excuse for Abbott's mean, abusive behavior.
Texas — Vote Beto.

A Teacher Told Students How to Access Banned Books. A State Official Wants Her License Revoked
The fascists in Oklahoma are being the abusive assholes we expected.

BREAKING: FBI Reveals Contents Seized from Trump Included 48 ĎEmpty Folders With Classified Markingsí
"Among the notable entries: ď43 Empty Folders with ĎCLASSIFIEDí Banners.Ē There are other entries that have similar descriptions bringing a sum total of 48 empty folders that had ďclassifiedĒ markings." Are these the ones he left with Putin?

FBI agents found Trump Mar-a-Lago records mixed with books and clothing
Fatso is a slob.

Morning Joe Crew Mocks Kevin McCarthyís Bizarre ĎElectric Cord of Libertyí Rant Ė Joining White House Staff and Reporters
McCarthy is a laughing stock as are all the fascist MAGAts.

Franklin Graham: Democrats Are The Real ďExtremistsĒ
The grifter wants to keep grifing doncha know.

Republicans are responding angrily to Biden's speech because they know he's telling the truth
Of course. They know who they are because Trump told them who they are.

Mango Mussolini Reacts To Biden's Speech And It's As Bad As You'd Expect
Il Douchebag is lying sack of shit when he whines about language.
Nowhere in Biden's speech did he threaten this country or mention the military.

Social Security Enemy Ron Johnson Endorses Plan to 'Coax' Retirees Back to Work
Mandela Barnes, the GOP senator's progressive challenger, said Johnson is "waging a war on our seniors and the benefits they've worked towards their entire lives."
This man has a serious thinking disorder. Please show him the door.

'Russians Are The New Jews' Claims KremlinTV Host
Olga Skabeevna made her audacious claim as Russians find it increasingly difficult to secure travel visas.
Totalitarianism looks a lot like Nazi Germany. She is,apparently, the new "Tokyo Rose."

Two Years Ago, Trump Called Democratic Party 'Fascists'
And no one batted an eye. No pearl clutching, no cable news panels. Hmm.
MAGAts eyes bat at the drop of one of their turds.

Don Lemon Drops A Truth Bomb Over Whining About Biden's 'Fascist' Remark
He's not wrong.

January 6th Panel suggests Newt Gingrich was 'involved the in fake elector scheme'
"The Snoot" is back and he's looking pretty, pretty guilty.

Tucker Carlson stumped by his segment about an 'emotional support alligator' and its 'cheesy puff corn'
The boy is confused again? Pay no attention to his arrogant stupidity.

Biden's MAGA warning drowned out: Republicans' hissy fit works to distract the media
"The Art of the Hissy Fit" never fails for the GOP
The MAGAt fascist traitors have been called out. They will scream "victim," whining and projecting their treason all the way down. Fuck them all.

Ex-NYPD cop sobs in court as he gets 10 years in prison for attacking DC officer at the Capitol on Jan. 6
Another traitor bites the dust.

Florida parents outraged after teacher tells kids that saying Trump lost the election is an example of media bias
It's an example of whiney-assed MAGAt fascism. And they say we're endoctrinating our children? THEY sure as hell are. ROTFFLMAO!

Arrested GOP candidate told cops she only had one beer before driving ó but had an open vodka bottle next to her
That bottle wasn't hers, of course.

Meet the Apostle of Right-Wing Christian Nationalism
The new Republican fringe is done with the separation of church and state. William "Dutch" Sheets has been trying to tear down that wall for decades
The wall they are tearing down will fall on them and crush them like the roaches they are.
Put your "religion" where the sun don't shine.

'Great Day for Labor': NLRB Rejects Amazon Attempt to Overturn Union Win
"This was an outrageous union-busting campaign by Amazon and we're demanding the company come to the table to bargain," said an attorney for the Amazon Labor Union.
Another asshole group that doesn't believe in election outcomes.

The Battle to Protect American Democracy Is the Most Important Battle of Our Lifetimes
There can be no middle ground in the fight between democracy and authoritarian fascism.
Remember our soldiers who died fighting it in WWII.

Most human embryos naturally die after conception. Abortion bans conveniently ignore it
You mean to tell me they didn't know in the first place? Of course, they did. They aren't that fucking stupid are they?

Ginni Thomas's attempts to influence overturning of election even wider than previously known
As we figured. And investigate her husband.

Lindsey Graham ordered to appear before Georgia grand jury to answer questions about Trump

The U.S. Supreme Court Is No Longer Legitimate. It Has To Be Reformed To Be Saved

Fascism and Fox ďNewsĒ

Mississippi To Cut Off Own Nose To Spite The 0.06% Of Students Who Major In Gender Studies
The dystopia that is Darwin's Waiting Room.

Go Home, Dumbf*ck Trump Lawyers, You're Drunk. Wait, You Did This Sober?

Russian Oil Chief Dies In Fall From 6th Floor Window; Company Blames Death On 'Illness'
It was not the fall that killed him. It was that sudden stop.

Oath Keepers' lawyer arrested in connection with Jan. 6
Another witch gets caught.

Trump Ďadmits possessioní with Truth Social post that is Ďevidence of his guiltí: analysis
Stupid admits his guilt.

This Is VERY Bad: M. Cohen Says He Knows Why TFG Took Those Boxes
The only thing that this will get him is a firing squad.

LOL Trumpers Think Lindsey Graham Is Setting A Trap
They're nervous about possibly getting arrested over at Trump comment threads. HA!
The MAGAt traitors made their own bed.

Shock Wave Election Result: Sarah Palin Loses Special Congressional Election
The mama bear of Fox News has fallen.

GOP's Sad Semi-Fascist Crying Game Goes On And On
Right now, there's so much crying from Republicans and it just won't stop. Why is everyone so mean to them?
Victim card. Eternally.

Why the most important election in the Americas is in Brazil
A certifiable Nazi POS. Flush him like the turd he is. He will probably have Lula murdered this time.

'The dictionary definition of fascism': Conservative columnist condemns Donald Trump's MAGA 'cult'
They are to be condemned. It's their own stupid fault.

Trump is a 'deranged, defective personality' we're watching 'self-destruct in real time': George Conway
Fatso digs his own grave.

The party of treason
"House Republicans like Jim Jordan will follow Trump through whatever crimes against our nation Trump wants to commit."
"Jacket Off" will get his.

GOP Officials Vote to Bar Popular Abortion Rights Initiative From Michigan Ballot
"MAGA Republicans in Michigan are attempting to stand in the way of democracy and stop peoples' voices from being heard."
Nazis in Michigan doing their dirty work.

If It Were Anyone Else, Theyíd Be Prosecuted
"Retaining classified documents is not even close to the worst thing Trump has done."

Joe Biden Approves Federal Aid For Jackson, MS Like Real American POTUS

Today In July 5, 2016, History: Wonkette Explains Why F*CK OFF About Hillary's Emails, That Is Not The Same

Ron DeSantis Dumps Some Gross Pedophile Lies On Florida Lt. Gov Nominee Karla Hernandez
Is he a bit of a liar on pedophile issues? Makes me think he's projecting.

'Nervous' Trump considers delaying campaign launch over FBI raid and his favorite Senate candidates being duds: report

Calling the GOP Semi-Fascist Is Half Right
We are well beyond the first two phases. We flirted with the third and fourth during Trumpís first term, but our democratic institutionsóweak and tattered as they areówere able to resist.

'I struck a nerve': Robert Reich lays out a case for calling Ron DeSantis a 'fascist'
MAGAts = Fascists.

Texas education board moves to delay updates to social studies curriculum after conservative pushback
Opponents of the recommended changes, including Republican legislators, complained that they downplayed Texan and American exceptionalism and didn't present opposing views on the gay rights movement.
"But opponents argued it diminished the teaching of Texas exceptionalism."
The myth of ďTexas exceptionalismĒ
Thursday Pundit Round-up: The death of the myth of "Texas exceptionalism?"
How One State History Textbook Erases the Stories of Black and Hispanic Texans
Three Texas Myths That Will Not Die
Texas — Vote Beto.

Trump World Keeps Admitting to an Ongoing Crime
"The ludicrous claim that Trump owns these documents undercuts his excuse for having any records in his home in the first place. By law, the outgoing president must turn over all records for posterity. Not just the sensitive, classified or privileged. All of them."

Doug Mastriano associate and potential secretary of state shared conspiracy theory that Flight 93 crash was faked
Toni Shuppe also claimed that Pizzagate ďis absolutely real" and QAnon is ďa very valuable resourceĒ
Mental illness is a terrible thing to be left untreated.

Arizona Cultists Must Pay $75K For ďHarassingĒ Lawsuit
"Republican Rep. Paul Gosar and two GOP state representatives must pay more than $75,000 for filing a defamation lawsuit against a Democratic lawmaker ďprimarily for the purposes of harassment,Ē an Arizona judge ruled."

Mark Levin Goes As Low As He Can Probably Go In Joe Biden Comparison
The Fox News host made an outlandish claim to respond to the president's "semi-fascism" remark about the MAGA movement.
ďThe dehumanization of your opponents, which is extraordinarily dangerous, this is what regimes do, totalitarian regimes,Ē he said. ďThey dehumanize their opponents.Ē Says the ultra sonic, screeching twerp, Levin.
This is, of course, exactly what his God, Trump, has been doing all of his life. Sorry, Levin. It's back to the Wolf's Lair with you.

When Fox News attacks LGBTQ protesters, vets take a stand in moving display of solidarity
What real American soldiers have always done — fight fascism.

Pandemic, Profit-Driven Healthcare System Blamed for Historic Decline in US Life Expectancy
"On average, Americans are expected to live nearly three fewer years than they were in 2019."
I'm sure some of us are glad to hear it.

The County Problem
"Half of the counties in the U.S. do not have a psychiatrist or an addiction medicine specialist, new data from George Washington University shows."
It's more than apparent to most of us.

F-Word, F-Word, Pardon my French, But Itís BS, BS, Canít You Feel the Stench?
ďBiden calling some Republicans semi-fascist (I would have preferred losing the ďsemi-Ē) is, of course, sending a bunch of pundits to the fainting couch.Ē

Brian Kemp's upcoming testimony could be a major problem for Donald Trump: legal experts
Trump must be feeling battle weary. But he made this bed.

Video of Joe Biden Saying 'F-15' Viewed Over 2M Times as President Mocked
Every public official in America has sworn an oath to defend our Constitution ďagainst all enemies, foreign and domestic.Ē Or did some of you domestic wise asses forget that?
Metaphor escapes people as badly as sarcasm. Joe said what he meant and what it means if anyone makes an act of war on our government. He's comparing using hand-held weapons on one of the most powerful military forces in the world. He's talkng about treasonous threats against America by punks.

Mikhail Gorbachev, who steered Soviet breakup, dead at 91
ďHard to think of a single person who altered the course of history more in a positive directionĒ

DOJ Filing Spells Out Why Trump Shouldn't Get A Special Master
The filing states ďgovernment records were likely concealed and removed Ö and that efforts were likely taken to obstruct the governmentís investigation.Ē

'These are the biggest secrets in the world:' Latest DOJ legal filing stupefies Donald Trump's Fox friends

Bombshell DOJ filing shows highly classified documents were found on floor, in Trump's desk
"The DOJ response even included an image showing how FBI agents found clearly marked, highly classified documents of the most sensitive kind: sitting in plain sight, spread across the floor. Other documents were recovered from the drawers of Trumpís desk.

DeSantis's Arrests For 'Voter Fraud' Blows Up In His Face
Florida's latest "voter integrity" con is quickly unraveling. Good.
The same trash as Trump and Bolsonaro.

Republican state attorneys general argue against saving a pregnant personís life
Is there a living woman that can justify supporting these madmen?

What abortion ban? GOP candidates abruptly ditch long-held positions in post-Roe scramble
With abruptly scrubbed websites and "well, actually" op-eds, anti-abortion Republicans claim they never meant it
Hypocrite losers of the world.

DOJís midnight filing shows ĎTrump is guiltyí of at least four crimes: ex-Mueller prosecutor
"A former prosecutor on Robert Mueller's team explained how the Department of Justice had already revealed evidence that former President Donald Trump was guilty of at least four crimes."
Of course, that's for starters. Fatso's got a rap sheet a mile long.

Arizona GOP chair says Ďthousandsí will be implicated if J6 committee looks at her phone: report
Fascists traitors in fear.

Behind Starbucks Union-Busting Stands CEO Who Got $940,000,000 Richer During Pandemic
"His personal pandemic wealth gains of $940 million alone could pay for a $3,847 bonus for every Starbucks worker," notes a new report.

'Reads more like a threat': Washington Post slams Lindsey Graham for floating pro-Trump riots
Finally. Graham shows he's no "semi" whan it comes to fascism.
Is that a threat or a promise?

A tsunami of dark money is flooding our justice system ó and it's only getting worse
Will a right-wing electronics tycoon's unprecedented $1.6B donation force us to face the tide of corruption?

CPAC Official Unravels Over 'Semi-fascist' Label Despite Viktor OrbŠn Alliance
Mercedes Schlapp of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) decried accusations that supporters of Donald Trump are "semi-fascist" even though her political event is aligned with Hungarian President Viktor OrbŠn.
She's upset because she resents the "Semi" being used.

Conservatives Have A Fit Over Armed Citizens Guarding Drag Event
Calm down there, little feller.
"Little" is right.

Why humanity's fate hinges on overcoming its outdated myths

'A Watershed Moment': CA Senate Passes Historic Bill to Empower Fast Food Workers
If Gov. Gavin Newsom signs it, one union leader said the measure "will be the most important piece of labor law to pass in decades."
Yes, but we'll still keep eating the crap they serve.

Trump Has An Idea: Let's 'Have A New Election Immediately!'
He's still doing this. ROTFFLMAO!
Stark raving mad lunatic. Get him in a hospital immediately. Undo him.
That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. There is no mechanism in the Constitution to decertify an election.
The morons show how they work. Clockwork Morons.

Trump demands to be declared 'rightful winner' of 2020 election in new attack on FBI
The last idiot gasps of a dying fool.

Kinzinger: There's Never Been A US President Who Attemped A Coup Before
It's difficult to do even for a smart person. Obviously, that leaves Trump out.
Lame brains should never attempt it.

White House says Lindsey Graham's 'riots in the streets' remark validates 'semi-fascism' label
100 percenters.

New Polls Show Biden Approval Ratings Headed Back Up
The latest CBS News poll has him at 45 percent, up 3 points since last month.
Leadership counts, baby.

DeSantis elections chief told local officials they'd bear 'no fault' for illegal voter registration: report
After you get over Trumpie, we know who the next fool will be.

Embattled Texas megachurch pastor quits after admitting to 'unhealthy' Instagram relationship
Another one bites the dust.

Justice Department responds to Trump team motion, says they've already finished 'filter team' work
They are already done with that stuff, Donnie. A little late for you, isn't it?

GA Gov Ordered To Comply With Grand Jury Subpoena
If he's like Trump it'll be nothing but 5th amendment.

'God be with you': Pro-Trump Christians flood fundraising site for MAGA-rioting Proud Boys with donations
Talibastard traitors in action with a KKK look.
They don't wear masks for Covid, do they?

How Team Trump Breached the Election System
"All the tangles of deceit."

On Fooling Far Too Many People Far Too Much of the Time

Brain Genius Herschel Walker Gonna Keep Talking Raphael Warnock Into Another Senate Term
"WALKER: The way we can become a superpower again is by coming together. Because as Pharaoh said, when I wanted to keep my slaves in order, I kept them fighting among each other. But when they came together, something gotta move."
"Huh? Itís unclear which part of the Egyptian kingís enslavement policy Walker thinks America should emulate.
Nonetheless, Walker looked really proud of himself, like a child whoíd smeared the walls with his own crap."

Trump's threats of riots and violence show he's desperate, knows legal case is weak
The fact that Trump is leveraging his power to incite violence around these legal cases is a sign of weakness
"Trump, meanwhile, has been throwing everything at the wall on this one and none of it seems to be sticking."
"He's essentially threatening the country with violence if the laws are applied to him." A common criminal.
Love our Lady of the Harbor dragging his screaming ass away.

Elie Mystal: Why Isn't Trump Already In Jail?
"Why ain't this dude in jail?" is the burning question a whole lot of us are asking.
One of the great mysteries of modern crime.

'Conspiracy theories and misinformation' running rampant among Republican candidates: report
They do it because they know their audience is as stupid as a box of rocks.

This key affidavit detail indicates the DOJ has one source very close to Trump: reporter

'Bold-faced liar' Lindsey Graham buried for riot threat as he continues to 'shill' for Trump
Time for this miscreant to go. The fascists threaten violence if they don't get their way. They whine over losing fair elections. These people are literally insane.

Morning Joe serves notice to Trump supporters what will happen to them if they riot over an arrest
Threats of mass violence over a criminal being indicted are criminal sedition.

Sanders Derides GOP for 'Squawking' About Debt Relief But Not Handouts to Billionaires
"I know it is shocking to some Republicans that the government actually on occasion does something to benefit working families and low-income people," said the Vermont senator.

Back to school in America: 8 new crackdowns on students, teachers and academic freedom
The right is pushing an aggressive attack on schools ó but teachers and students are pushing back
Fascists have a war on their hands that they asked for.

'A true danger to the public post office': Louis DeJoy moves to consolidate USPS facilities
Still at his post, someone must like what his asshat is doing to our postal system. Can Joe Biden tell us?

Chomsky: Maintaining Class Inequality at Any Cost Is GOPís Guiding Mission

The Horrific Consequences of the GOP Merging Church & State Are Here
In some distant place, Hitler must be smiling at the 6 Republicans on the Courtís growing conflation of church & state in America - because it's what helped make his horrors possible

ĎPro-Lifeí: Americaís Most Patently Absurd Misnomer
"The relationship between anti-abortion states and concern for human life is certifiably inverse."

Trumpís Truth Social Is in Trouble
"The Trump company has also stopped paying a key vendor. Fox Business reported this week that Truth Social owes a web-hosting company called RightForge $1 million and has failed to make contractually required payments since March."
"Everything Trump touches dies."

Youth Pastor Arrested On Multiple Child Sex Charges
"All of the alleged victims are boys."

Scientists Concerned About Potential Carcinogens in Your Tattoos

Intelligence agencies fear that Trump has been leaking information on U.S. spies overseas
More treason by our leading traitor.

Missouri turns back the hands of time: First an abortion ban and now, corporal punishment in schools
Guess this just shows LOTHN has been right about them all the time.

IRS Deluged With Threats Generated By Right-wing Extremists
The more the merrier, asshats.

T R E 4 5 O N
So, who wants to see that in skywriting over Washington DC?
Itís already been covered in other posts, but I think the most distressing thing may be this:

Intelligence community assessing potential national security risks of Mar-a-Lago documents: report
"Haines noted that the review is an 'assessment of the potential risk to national security that would result from the disclosure of the relevant documents' and that it will be administered so that it 'does not unduly interfere with DOJís ongoing criminal investigation.'

ĎNone of Trumpís usual excuses are going to workí: Legal experts agree former president likely to be indicted
"Dang," Weissmann added, after already stating clearly, "the former president is going to be prosecuted.Ē

Karl Rove Destroys The BS ĎNARA Just Had To Ask' For Trump Docs Excuse
Karl Rove debunked a major MAGA talking point about the Mar-a-Lago search.
How many times did they ask Trump for them? Let us count the ways.

Fox Advocates For Taxpayer-Funded Catholic Schools
Bye Bye, separation of church and state!
"Has anyone at Fox checked on the Catholic Church's record on children and sexuality? Really?"
"Let's fund pedophile preists and bishops" is his mantra. Send it back to hell.

It seems many of the 19 Floridians arrested by DeSantis' election Gestapo were told they could vote
Nice caption.

'That is the ball game': These 3 key affidavit details may suggest Trump indictment is coming

ĎNone of Trumpís usual excuses are going to workí: Legal experts agree former president likely to be indicted
"Dang," Weissmann added, after already stating clearly, "the former president is going to be prosecuted.Ē

Karl Rove Destroys The BS ĎNARA Just Had To Ask' For Trump Docs Excuse
Karl Rove debunked a major MAGA talking point about the Mar-a-Lago search.
How many times did they ask Trump for them? Let us count the ways.

Fox Advocates For Taxpayer-Funded Catholic Schools
Bye Bye, separation of church and state!
"Has anyone at Fox checked on the Catholic Church's record on children and sexuality? Really?"
"Let's fund pedophile preists and bishops" is his mantra. Send it back to hell.

It seems many of the 19 Floridians arrested by DeSantis' election Gestapo were told they could vote
Nice caption.

'That is the ball game': These 3 key affidavit details may suggest Trump indictment is coming

Kremlin TV Desperately Wants You to Move to Russia Right Now"
Vladimir Putinís war has made the dire population crisis in Russia even worse, forcing Moscowís mouthpieces to scramble for solutions on live television.
"Georgia's always on my mi-mi-mi-mi-mind."

Biden blasts 'semi-fascist' MAGA Republicans in powerful speech that defines the upcoming election
There's nothing "semi-facist" about MAGAts. They are 100% pure. They are what WWII was all about.

Trump has the Ďworst life ever lived by a former presidentí: MSNBC anchor says he is in Ďpure miseryí
"Donald Trump's living an unprotected life," O'Donnell said. "And that terrifies him."
It serves him right. He made his bed of misery.

Busted: GOP Candidate Scrubs Website Of Harsh Abortion Language Mark Kelly isn't lying about anything on this dildo. These assholes all think they're holy gynecologists. Moronologists is more like it.

Kayleigh Airs Clip Editing Out Biden's Remarks, And It's Pure Propaganda
She fits right in at Fox.
That poor little girl.

Kayleigh McEnany Claims Hillary Refused To Concede 2016 Election
Fox News can't let their Hillary bashing go.
That's odd. We all got to watch her do it on TV when they wore all that color purple.
Kayleigh, I am so sorry you are deaf, dumb and blind and can't play a mean pinball.
That poor little girl.

Political Director Of Texas Right To Life Arrested For Soliciting A Minor
Is anyone surprised?
I always heard using that stuff dialated your eyes. Whooo, buddy!

The Supreme Court is 'smelling blood' and on 'a collision course with democracy itself': journalist
Careful, boys. That might be your own blood ya smell in your borken nose.
You're not exactly the belles of the ball,

Former Obama speechwriter explains why most Americans now hold the High Court in such low regard
"Stench" describes the fascist rot pretty well.

America has a chance to retreat from madness: Will the midterms save us ó or doom democracy?
Some Trump voters are ripe for deprogramming. Instead of calling them names, let's work together to save America
"Deprogramming?" Who in the fuck deprogrammed them? They did it themseleves. You are inferring they are zombies, which they are! You don't deprogram zombies, you double tap them!

Witnesses dispute police narrative after they fatally shot man at his fatherís funeral
Fucking cops. They are dynamiting the bottom to get closer to their home in hell.
Mob execution. Nutter Fort? Oh, yeah! Almost heaven!

Biden White House smacks down Marjorie Taylor Greene in a tweet
Queen of the hypocrites. Queen of...? TBA.

Trump's 'Mar-a-Lago offensive backfires' as new disclosures point to 'serious breach': National Review writer
Deeper and deeper. Oohh! Put in him Squid Game.

MN Sec Of State Nominee Called For GOP Activists To Use ďBiblical CitizenshipĒ And Become Poll Watchers
Crackpot Christofascists are Talibastards.

The Republicans Are Lying (Quite Pathetically) About Student Debt Forgiveness
They carry the lying card next to their victim card.

Webb Telescope Just Detected Carbon Dioxide in a Distant World
"According to the ESA, 'it is the first clear, detailed, indisputable evidence' of carbon dioxide in a planet outside of our solar system."

Fox News Assclowns Whining About Student Loan Relief Very Hilarious, Please Cry More
"Obviously, Tucker Carlson ó the trust fund frozen food heir dilettante ó is super-fuckin'-outraged."

Beto OíRourke intensifies campaign on abortion rights as trigger law goes into effect
Gov. Greg Abbott signed the ďtrigger lawĒ last year, ensuring that Texas would automatically outlaw abortion if the U.S. Supreme Court ever overturned Roe v. Wade. That happened in June, mobilizing Democrats nationwide and giving OíRourkeís campaign a burst of momentum.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Texans who perform abortions now face up to life in prison, $100,000 fine
Texas, the largest state to restrict abortions, now has three significant bans on the books, setting up a potential legal minefield.
Texas — Vote Beto.

The Trump-Republican Violence Machine
MAGAts, in fact.

Five FL Militia Members Arrested On Rioting Felonies
Five more snared for their treason.

Biden To Forgive Up To $20,000 In Student Loan Debt
Well done, Mr. President.

Former Trump Official Lied To Investigators During Casino Probe
Quelle surprise!
"And now we find that he blocked Native American tribes from opening a casino. That's quite a resume of being a shitty person, Ryan."

Carl Paladino Alleges Voter Fraud After Losing Primary In NY-23
Paladino has so far refused to concede, his campaign claimed it is seeing ďstatistical irregularitiesĒ in the results.
Every loss is a ďstatistical irregularityĒ to the fascists since they are the ones doing the rigging.

Let's Look At The People Criticizing Student Loan Forgiveness
Huh. Looks like maybe they've had a little loan forgiveness themselves!
Forever the victims.

Jim Jordan ignites fury against GOP lawmakers after complaining about student loan debt relief
Jordan better have an ass cover in place. I hear someone's coming for his stinking past.

Humanity is facing a plastics paradox
"Think plastics."

Far right claims big wins in Florida school board races ó but the fight is just starting
Anti-"woke" right-wingers score major victories in Miami, Sarasota ó but elsewhere in Florida, liberals push back
The fascist state of the dictator who can't find a suit jacket to fit over his girdle, one Fatso Jr.

Data hack reveals right-wing Liberty Counsel pushed Trump in apparent violation of IRS rules
More evidence on Fatso.

Eight Sources Say Feds Are Not Done With Matt Gaetz
Itís been a quiet few months in the probe into allegations that the Florida congressman was involved in underage sex trafficking. But few involved think itís over.

Cannabis and psychedelic use spiking among young adults: report
OMG! Ring all the fucking alarms! Never has this ever happened before!

Texas bans local, state government entities from doing business with firms that ďboycottĒ fossil fuels
Great! They will all leave the stupid, retarded state of Texas.

Bidenís student loan forgiveness plan could lower debt for more than half of Texas college graduates
Put at stop to it, Greg and fuck all of them, too.
Texas — Vote Beto.

'That's not what our report said': Mueller lawyer nails Bill Barr for lying in bombshell Trump memo
Hannity will sue them as well don't you think?

Hannity Threatens To Sue John Fetterman For "Lying"
Go for it. This should be fun, Windbag.

Tea Party Group Seeks To Remove Judge In FBI Search
Nazis attempt overthrow of American law and order.
As a commenter here says, while we are removing Judges, I would like them to remove:
Brett Kavanaugh
Neil Gorsuch
Amy Coney Barrett
The ever popular Clarence "Pucic Hair" Thomas
The "Scalito," whatever the hell that is.

Graham Now Claims GA Subpoena Is Unconstitutional
Running from the law can get you shot in the back, doncha know, Lindz?
Happens to Black people often.

California ballot measure to guarantee right to abortion has strong support among voters, poll finds

DOJ says it can't trust Trump's lawyers: report
Trump made this messy bed of his.

Florida postal worker mauled and killed by 5 dogs after her mail truck broke down
Did they belong to DiSantis?

Andrew Tate Shows How Fascists Recruit Online: Men Fall Victim to the Insecurity-to-Fascism Pipeline
Ahhh, the vast wasteland that is Tiktok.

Oh FFS, That Idiot Actually Thinks State Secrets He Stole Are 'MY DOCUMENTS'
The shitshow of the dumbassness.

South Carolina Republican Decries Awful Abortion Ban He Helped Pass, You'll So Guess What Happened Next
Defying science is a bad thing.
"Because youíre a fool who didnít listen to people who knew better until it was too late."
"Fuck you and fuck every forced-birth asshole who passed this abomination of a law that tortured and almost killed this young woman."
"If hearing about just one of them kept Collins up at night, then this coward deserves to never sleep again.

After last night's stunning Democratic upset victory, the promised 'red wave' has ebbed
MAGAts spent heavily to be losers. Now comes the whine of the victim that cannot accept defeat.

Republican Who Praised Hitler Somehow Loses Congressional Primary
Carl Paladinoís campaign was so scandalous that not even endorsements from big-name Republicans like Reps. Elise Stefanik and Marjorie Taylor Greene could save him

Nicolle Wallace sounds the alarm: 'Scariest thing I've heard on this program in a long time'
"what do you need Russian election meddlers for when you have Sidney Powell?"
Traitors all.

'The horror stories are piling up;' CNN analyst explains how abortion bans are blowing up in Republicans' faces
The insanity of the MAGAts is coming home to roost.

"New America": Avowed white nationalist, LGBTQ-hater pushes vision to Catholic right
Catholic fringe group acclaims "Christian fascist" who led ugly anti-Pride protests as a "saint in the making"
Pedophile "religion" cult shows its collective ass.

ĎIím not concedingí: Tearful Laura Loomer blames Ďbig techí after losing GOP congressional primary
An example of MAGAts believing the Nazi bullshit of "I can't lose, the election must have been rigged!"

UPDATED: Dr. Oz's Campaign Just Mocked John Fetterman For Having A Stroke
Yeah, this isn't going to help you win, buddy. Lost in space.

Two Ringleaders Of Gov. Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Were Just Convicted
Bye-bye, domestic terrorists.
Two more bite the dust.

'Orwell is weeping': Kremlin propagandists say Russia is providing 'security guarantees' for 'the whole world'
Who needs security with Dips like this? Fascist shitbag.

Legal expert thinks 'justice is finally coming for Trump' after revelation he had 700 pages of classified docs
And we shoot black men that run in the back. Hypocrite bastards.

Can You Believe It? Bill Barr LIED About The Mueller Report
Shocking no one. Barr was Trump's consigliere and a traitor to his office.

Jason Chaffetz Sure Likes Talking About Enemas
The Fox News pundit gnawed, chirped, and squeaked about monies going to upgrading the IRS to monitor the very rich.
Remember this asshat?

Death-Santis Attacks Dr. Fauci
Florida covered up their COVID data so nobody knows the actual death or infection totals under DeSantis' reign. And THEN he attacks Fauci.
He should be more concerned with finding a suit that fits his girdled girth. Fatso Jr.

Texas church forced to donate to LGBTQ causes: report
Christofascists mess with "Hamilton."
"It also included a sermon stating that God could help people with their homosexuality, as well as with struggles with drugs and alcohol,"
But, apparently, only if they beg him and write him a check. Because he always needs money. God gets his 10% off the top.

'That's on us': Christian broadcaster berates churchgoers for allowing themselves to be 'seduced' by Trump
You bet it is.

Laura Ingraham DEMANDS Viewers Get Excited About Total Garbage GOP Senate Candidates, Dammit!
"Please pay no attention to the real polls that show all our fuckers losing by a country mile, and look at these polls I found, here in my butt:"

Christofascist Groyper Excited To Rip Us From Our Homes 'For Being Degenerate Liars'

The Problem With Right-Wing ĎRegimeí Talk
What the new paranoid buzzword reveals about the New Right.
"Above all, it demonstrates the rightís dangerous lack of commitment to democracy and the rule of law."
Total projection. That's what the fascists are and that's what they intend to be. Stop supporting Nazis.

Karl Rove Admits Trump Is Killing Republicans' Midterm Chances
Mr. 51%, remember?

Tucker Carlsonís attack on Anthony Fauci's retirement announcement backfires spectacularly
"The guy whose family got rich selling us salt and carb loaded frozen 'dinners' is talking about elites like he isn't one."
The schmeckle shows his dumb ass.

Mar-A-Lago docs could have caused 'massive firestorm' and 'gotten people killed' if they leaked: NBC reporter

Republicans Say Theyíll Go After Labor Movement If They Take Control of House
They'll be coming for you, American workers. As always.

Trumpís Legacy Is Convincing Idiots That They Should Run for Office
I get the appeal of having ďoutsidersĒ come in and ďshake up the system.Ē But MAGA candidates are proving the folly of the know-nothing candidate.
How long have we been saying this?

'Yikes': Experts stunned after Trump's late-night release of incredibly incriminating NARA document
"It was released by Trumpís own teamóboth a self-inflicted wound and further proof of how the government has been playing by the rules," Vladeck added.
Lawyer's letter defines Trump's crime. Amazing.

Trump facing a 'substantial criminal case' after 'theft' of NSA documents: legal expert
More than obvious.

ĎGod help usí: Morning Joe panelists debate which Trump-backed Senate candidates are worst
All of them.

Trump, golf and Saudi Arabia: A filthy cycle of "sportswashing"
New golf tour sponsored by the brutal Saudi monarchy is, of course, aligned with Donald Trump. It won't end well

The Nuclear Threat is Now at the Center of the Ukraine Crisis
Get ready for nuclear winter and world famine. Nothing else will matter if the Russian morons make this choice. Nice knowing everybody.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Kicks Off 'Trial Of The Machines' For Lindell
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) encouraged supporters of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell over the weekend to continue funding his crusade to overturn the 2020 presidential election.
One would think to hell these morons would be thinking about winning the 2022 election but it looks like they will lose that as well.
They can't even use the "THINK!" method. ("Music Man" reference for the unwashed)

Pink wave: Women rise up for reproductive rights ó and Big Lie supporters scramble to stop them
Since January 6, anti-democratic organizing has only grown more intense and effective. Abortion is the new target

Gov. DeSantisí election security team probed FL voters for fraud in heavily Democratic counties
The Nazi at work.

Evangelical church provides Pennsylvania Republican Doug Mastriano with armed 'security'
More evidence of the fake church.

North Carolina Republican: Children below 5th grade shouldn't be taught science or history in school
Just because he's ignorant why does he want our kids to be?
They're already more intelligent than he is.

Independent autopsy reveals police shot Robert Adams seven times from behind
Only took seven shots in rhe back? The very definiton of "cowards."

Oregonís Next Governor Could Be a Machine-Gun Toting Darling of GOP Megadonors
She's campaigning as a straight-shooting moderate, but Betsy Johnson despises "wokeness," blasts Portland as the "City of Roaches," and plans to keep the state's CEOs on "speed dial"
Keep them on speed dial? Sure. Where'd she come from? Mr. Thundercleese's time machine? Great clown! ROTFLMAO! Where DO these creepy creeps come from? An ancient lost culture?

Herschel Walker Poses Question on Inflation Reduction Act Climate Spending: ĎDonít We Have Enough Trees Around Here?
Does he understand his question? Talk to your coach, Hersh.

Lauren Boebert Stunned College Dems Donít Want To Hang With A-holes Like Her
"Boebert is cruel and relishes her own ignorance. College Democrats arenít intolerant for wanting to avoid people like her. They just have good taste."

White Christian Nationalism, Out in the Open
Some on the right have grown comfortable being labeled ďChristian nationalists.Ē
"White Christian nationalism knows no nuanceóit advocates for a society in which minority rule by white, conservative Christians is enshrined, democracy be damned. And when you listen closely enough, sooner or later, its defenders will reveal their true colors, as Benton does in her Federalist article, when she writes ďItís this love of God, country, and freedom trifecta that has the enemy screeching like thereís no tomorrowĒ (emphasis added). ďThe enemyĒóan odd way to talk about your political opponent in a democracy. But par for the course in white Christian nationalism, which yearns for a white, Christian, authoritarian state that puts everybody else where they belongóunder the ďbiblicalĒ rule of white, right-wing Christians."

Florida Swing Voters Arenít Sold on DeSantis or Rubio
Trump-to-Biden voters donít like the Republican incumbents in Florida.
Good news. Why would anyone with a piece of a brain?

Judge in Texas border crackdown accused of using racist slur against migrants
"...Judge Allen Amos told her the trespassing defendants werenít 'your regular wetbacks'...Ē
ďThey have phones and clothes and all kinds of other things,Ē Amos reportedly said in July to defense attorney Emily Miller, whose complaint was first reported by The Daily Beast.
Texas — Vote Beto.

Abortion vote recount proves no fraud in Kansas elections, state's top election official says
Fair elections? We have to stand for this? LOL!

ĎThatís Fascistí: Ousted Arizona Republican Slams Trump Cronies Over ĎHogwashí Idea State Legislatures Can Overturn Elections
Most certainly. But that's what we have to deal with now. Nazis. Traitors in our midst.
ďThe constitution is hanging by a thread,Ē Bowers told Pilkington while discussing the current state of the GOP. ďThe funny thing is, I always thought it would be the other guys. And itís my side. That just rips at my heart: that we would be the people who would surrender the constitution in order to win an election. That just blows my mind.Ē

Gov. Kristi Noem May Have 'Engaged In Misconduct,' Ethics Board Says
There's evidence the GOP governor may have "engaged in misconduct" when she intervened in her daughterís application for a real estate appraiser license.
The grift is strong in this one.

Insane Ted Cruz Calls To 'Abolish The IRS
Insane and going nuts at the same time. Abolish him.

'This Is Blackmail': New Orleans Denied Flood Funds Over Opposition to Abortion Ban
What else would one expect from fascists?

White evangelicals buried by conservative for abandoning 'human decency' to support Trump
Someone needs to bury them.
"Here, we have a MAGA movement that is proclaiming some sort of national emergency," he elaborated. "It is nothing on the scale of Jim Crow it's not within shouting distance of that. Yet, they have utterly abandoned, in many ways, even the most basic requirements of human decency. Again, in their interactions with each other, interactions with political opponents, in their interactions with truth. This is turning that Christian political ethic utterly upside down."

Yes, Americans Are Better Off Under Biden
Households have seen a stunning rise in employment and income, even considering inflation.

Corporate America is bringing back jobs as pandemic shows fragility of world-spanning supply chains
"Thanks, Joe Biden! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that U.S. companies are moving nearly 350,000 overseas jobs back to the United States this yearóa new recordóas companies become a wee bit more wary about chasing cheap labor overseas and look to move infrastructure a bit closer to home. Again: Thanks, Joe Biden!"

Biden has one of the 'best economic records' of any 'post-War president': business professor
ďUnder Biden, Americans are better off in other ways, too,Ē Shapiro writes. ďThe Center on Poverty & Social Policy at Columbia University reports that the poverty rate, which reached 16.1 percent in December 2020, fell sharply under Biden to 14.1 percent by May 2022. Itís the same story on health care coverage: The Department of Health and Human Services reported that from late 2020 to early 2022, the percentage of uninsured Americans fell from 14.5 percent to 11.8 percent among adults, ages 18 to 64, and from 6.4 percent to 3.7 percent among children, both record lows."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders silent on Arkansas cops allegedly beating a suspect into the ground
Hitler's children strike again.

Oklahoma GOP candidate says it is 'totally in the right' to execute gay people
The rank filth of Christo-facism naked for all to see. The perfect fucked-up Talibastard.

Will This Segment Get Jim Acosta Fired? Inquiring Minds Want To Know
Jim Acosta repeatedly calls out former Trump official Chad Wolf for spreading lies about election security. Is it a step too far?
It's nowhere near A step too far. Hell, promote him. Wolf is reading Fuks Noose. He's a MAGAt and will continue to undermine America.

GOP Lawmaker Gets Stuck On Stupid Trying To Answer A Simple Question
Spit it out.
"The 'border crisis' is just a tired old GOP talking point." They have no plan for America's future except continue to rape, plunder and grift, then screw with our lives like all the MAGAt robber barons.

Manchin Bashes Sinema For Blocking Biden's Progress
I mean really? Someone needs a lesson in self-awareness.
"I don't mind Manchin bashing Sinema, because she deserves it, but doesn't he see the irony in his remarks?
Irony escapes many people just as sarcasm does.

Beto Drawing Large Crowds In Deep Red Texas
Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto OíRourke has been holding events across the state in his 49 day Drive for Texas rallies in the hope of courting voters who don't traditionally vote for Democrats.
Texas — Vote Beto.

McConnell Reaping What His Party Has Sown With Extremist GOP Candidates
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell bemoaned the lack of "candidate quality" as he downplayed expectations that his party might take back control of the Senate. What's happening to Republicans now is the culmination of a Republican strategy that goes back decades, to a period well before Trump entered politics.

Liz Cheney Lashes Out at Election Deniers DeSantis, Hawley, and Cruz After Primary Loss
The congresswoman fumed that election deniers were ďunfit for future office.Ē
Whatever one thinks of Liz, she recognizes scumbags like DeSantis, Hawley and Cruz for the sleazy trash they are.

Roaming Charges: Dizzy Miss Lizzy, the Last Spin
But lest we forget.
(She voted for Trump bills 93% of the time.)

Omar to Democrats: 'Let's Give Working Folks a Reason to Turn Out to Vote for Us'
"For every moderate suburban Republican, there are line cooks, homeworkers, dishwashers, cashiers, farmworkers who would vote a straight Democratic ticket if they were given a reason to."
America, we can do this.

Michael Cohen suggests Trump will blackmail the DOJ by threatening to reveal secrets to foreign powers
Sure. Of course. Expand on your treason resume so the charges against you may result in execution for treason.

Moscow Car Bomb Kills Daughter Of Key Putin Ally
Blew up good! Blew up real good!

Walker: Too Many People Watching Football On Sunday, So I Can't Debate On Thursday
It would be a messy site to see if it ever happens.

The GOP Is Adapting John Eastmanís Ploy To Steal Elections
States like Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin all have Democratic presidential electorates but Republican legislatures, Amar pointed out. ďWhat is going on is a carefully laid plan, in 2024, to actually start to take power away from the voters in the presidential election and relocate them to the Republican state legislature,Ē Amar continued.
Traitors at work. America, you can stop them in November.

How Trump redefined shameless hypocrisy ó and made it politically expedient
"Trump hasn't just been a hyper-hypocrite. He hasn't just mastered it; he has redefined the very meaning of it."

Chuck Todd confronts GOPer opposing IRS agents: 'Stop cheating on your taxes, Congressman'
"... $20 billion of these audits are going to come at the expense of low and middle-income Americans."
Where does it say that in the Act?
House Build Back Better Act
The Individual Income Taxes section is pretty clear.

JD Vance's 'Anti-Drug' Foundation Tainted By Ties To Oxy Maker
Vance shuttered the nonprofit last year and its foundation in May — coincidentally, shortly after clinching the stateís Republican nomination.

How Trump redefined shameless hypocrisy ó and made it politically indispensable
if there is one recognizable element of Trumpism, it is collective, weaponized hypocrisy
King of Fools.

Here's how Rick Scott has blown millions meant for Republican Senate candidates
This week it was revealed that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was dumping in tons of money into Republican candidates that are currently losing in an election where they thought it would be a walk.
Standard behavior for grifters.

Trump and Mark Meadows planned to hand FBI file to conservative journalists three days before leaving office: report
Crooks at work.

'Flailing financially': How Trump's legal woes may finally be taking their toll
Say buddy, can you spare a dime?

Ron DeSantis Scapegoats Former Felons With Voter Fraud Allegations
As many as 20? Wow! That certainly could swing an election. Say, just who did win the vote for president in Florida?
"DeSantisí latest political stunt scapegoats ex-felons and willfully ignores the shortcomings in the implementation of an amendment to restore voting rights, which the governor himself has tried to undermine, and that has led to confusion about voting eligibility."

MAGA GOP Candidate Says Teenage Rape Victims Find 'Healing' By Having Baby
"If you think Republican men are the worst, get a load of Tudor Dixon, the Republican nominee for governor of Michigan. This Trump-endorsed candidate is a whole entire bitch."

Tribal Nations Are Under Threat as Native Families' Right to Stay Together Is at Stake at the Supreme Court
The Indian Child Welfare Actóa law that protects Native children from forced removal from their families, tribes, and cultureóis currently under attack.
White man speaking with forked tongue again?

Whereís the money, Rick?
Who could have predicted that putting a crook like Rick Scott in charge of the National Republican Senatorial Committee would make all the money go poof?

Whoops: Alabama GOP Group Apologizes Over KKK Imagery In Their Post
What in the hell?
Don't you think most people would miss the three KKK hooded figures with eyes? Sure.
Or... did someone shop them in?

Life after Trump: Someday he'll be gone. What will Republicans (and Democrats) do then?
Do Republicans understand that Trump's time is running out? What's their plan after following him into the abyss?
There will still be MAGAts around. America must be vigilant to prevent another one from attempting to subvert democracy.

Arizona GOP candidate melts down after being confronted for endorsing lawmaker who says 'Jews will go to hell'
You lie down with Nazis you wake up with a swastika armband on.
When does she start building the concentration camps?

New social media mashup proves GOP and right-wing media talking points in step with the KKK
Land of the Happy Negro headline.

Appeals Court Orders Release of Secret Memo Barr 'Used to Undercut the Mueller Report'
While the DOJ has not announced whether it will appeal, a spokesperson for the watchdog behind the case said that "the American people deserve to know what it says. Now they will."

Florida school district rejects donated dictionaries due to Republican-led book freeze
Backward morons. Scared to death of their own shadows. This is Ron DiSantis failing.

Michigan Republicans Reaaaaally Don't Want You To Vote On Abortion, Voting Rights

Data Shows States With Strictest Abortion Bans Have Higher Rate of Child Poverty

Biden, Democrats Work To Make Sure Voters Know Republicans Voted Against Everything They Want
ďIn this historic moment, Democrats sided with the American people, and every single Republican in the Congress sided with the special interests in this voteóevery single one.Ē

Trump Acted as Though the Military Swore an Oath to Him Personally
Pathological. Delusional. Why is he still at large?

Greg Abbott Bused Thousands of Migrants from Texas to DC. What Happened Once They Arrived?
They shouted for joy for being freed from Abbott's hellhole.
Vote Beto.

MTG Plans Bill To Criminalize Trans Healthcare [VIDEO]
The world's biggest and meanest nobody. She won't end well.

Joe Biden To Host Unity Summit Against Hate-Fueled Violence In September
The event is part of the president's efforts to deliver on his campaign promise to "heal the soul of the nation."

ĎI'm carrying it to bury ití: Louisiana woman forced to carry fetus that cannot survive birth
American lunacy in action. When will this idiocy end?

Federal court rules trans folks are entitled to protections under Americans with Disabilities Act
"This positions safe, age-appropriate care for gender dysphoria within the context of disability care and access, which can and should help public spaces and workplaces move along with trans rights and inclusion."

Rebranded Starbucks Opens In Russia As 'Stars Coffee'
"Surprised they didn't call it Tsarbucks..."

Trump-Appointed Judge Permanently Blocks Biden's Oil and Gas Leasing Moratorium
Fossil fuel extraction on federal lands and waters has accounted for an estimated 25% of all U.S. carbon emissions since 2005.
Trump swine are doing their best to kill us all while thinking that money will save them from doom.

'A season of substance': White House takes cautious victory lap following legislative victories
No doubt. Against all odds Biden has succeded.

'The candidates suck!' Morning Joe dumps on Donald Trump's Senate endorsements
Fascist losers all.

Open Thread: It Wasn't Just Liz Cheney Who Lost On Tuesday
Trae Crowder points out that with Liz Cheney' loss on Tuesday, the entire GOP lost.
But what's coming now is "Night of the Living Dead."

Doug Mastriano's 'Prophet' Says Pelosi Drinks Children's Blood
Pennsylvania's gubernatorial GOPer travels with Julie Green, who spews dangerous conspiracy theories on social media.
She's just pissed because she's not getting her share. Numbskull.

Judge Blocks DeSantis Attempt To Stop Company Diversity Training
Judge Mark Walker compared the law to Netflix's blockbuster science-fiction hit, "Stranger Things."
Dose of reality knocks the Dip to the floor.

After Mar-a-Lago: A panel of experts on the grave danger just ahead
Experts on the far right discuss this moment of national crisis: Are we being "carried slowly toward civil war"?
The MAGAt Nazis have to go.

Watch: Pro-Trump Maine candidate threatens to 'deck' Democratic staffer filming him
The racist Nazi bully is back with more of his bullshit.

In Landslide 1,108-to-387 Vote, Maine Nurses Reject Effort to Decertify Their Union
"They thought because we were a new union, they could manipulate Maine Med nurses and overturn our 2021 election," said one nurse. "But we just showed them the door."
Now show LePage the door.

Texas Law requires public schools to display donated ĎIn God We Trustí posters
"All others pay cash" should be added to them. What absolute arrogance.
Vote Beto.

Enough Politics Before Law: The US Must Abandon Presidential Privilege and Prosecute Donald Trump
Duh... Trump is NOT THE PRESIDENT. He's a crook.

Polio Is Back. Trust the Vaccines
We are certain we all will.

The Psychiatrist Who Warned Us That Donald Trump Would Unleash Violence Was Absolutely Right

Self-Proclaimed ďQAnon Queen Of CanadaĒ Tried To Arrest Ontario Cops And It Didnít Go Very Well [VIDEO]
Oh, dear. Did someone fuck with her majesty while she was applying her presumptuousness?
If only it would end this way with all the rest of the morons. But, sadly, it will not.

Florida Judge Says Gov. Ron DeSantisí ĎStop Wokeí Law Is Unconstitutional
Now that's awful isn't it? The Dip? Unconstitutional? Mad as a hatter.

'Let's Talk Cruditťs': Oz Asked On Newsmax If He's 'Relatable'
And have some raw vegetables while you're at it. When did they stop being called appitizers?

House Republican falsely claims to constituents that inflation is nearly five times higher than reality
They're all crooks. Simply amazing.

Florida law discriminates against Black voters to gain 'partisan advantage': DOJ filing
The fascist state of Florida fucks Americans again.

Ex-Trump DoD official reportedly vowed to publish classified documents
What's this guy looking at?

Republican House candidate says Merrick Garland 'should be executed' then tries to walk it back
The Trump SS members are getting itchy trigger fingers.

Paladino ďApologizes.Ē Paladino Lies.
"You canít give talks to religious groups on a Sunday, reinforce those points you made on three TV networks on a Monday, then ďapologizeĒ on a Tuesday. You canít and have anyone accept your apology, because who would believe it? I sure as hell do not."
Paladino is a jerk. A zero.

Herschel Walker raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars giving paid speeches as a Senate candidate
Hey, it's fine when they do it, right?
Grifting is their stock in trade. Louisiana's Republican attorney general blocks New Orleans flood funding over abortion: report
The local Nazi strategy is to abort them all. See how their "morals" work.

Liz Cheney's Replacement Known As 'Wicked Witch Of The West'
Harriet Hageman has a "record of anti-conservation, anti-government zealotry that once earned her the nickname 'Wicked Witch of the West' among environmentalistsóa title she embraced."
The MAGAts continue to scrape the bottom of their fascist barrel.

Liz Cheney releases recording that proves her rival lied on Fox News about concession call
Hageman is a lying coward, just like all of the MAGAts

Alex Jones throws his support behind DeSantis. Is Trump losing his influence over the far-right?
He knows the Dip is as big a crook as he is. He's on board with the dictators of the world.

U.S. v. Donald Trump: What comes after FBI raid? I know one thing: Be afraid
We are closer than ever to a criminal prosecution of Donald Trump. That will be a massive test for America.
Massive? If he's not thrown in prison we can say goodbye to America. He has a phalanx of evil, dumbed down, stupid voters that believe his bullshit.

'It's sexism': More than 130 women imprisoned for someone else's child abuse under 'problematic' law
The bullshit of the MAGAt Nazis.

Louie Gohmert leaves Congress having passed one law and spread countless falsehoods
Too late, Louie. You and your spawn have already been spreading your crap everywhere.

Inside the Bizarre and Dangerous ĎRod of Ironí Ministry
The AR-15 is a divine instrument of enforcing God's will ó and that will, says "Rod of Iron" ministries' leader, favors Trump
Another lame brain moron that believes he's the only one that can use an AR-15.

Abortion Opponents Donít Want You to Read News About Abortion
They promote illiteracy.

Secret Service knew Trump supporters were targeting Pelosi but failed to pass that along until hours after riot began: emails
With pals like these we don't need enemies.

Florida sheriffs caught on video briefing armed right-wing group before they headed to Capitol on Jan. 6
None of the FLC members have been arrested or charged with any crimes related to Jan. 6.
Treasonists from Florida.

America's Founders Would Have Been Disgusted By Today's GOP & Trump
No matter how hard Republicans try to reinvent the Founders & Framers in the image of their libertarian billionaire patrons, the reality is that America was historyís first great liberal experiment...
They would also be disgusted by 30% of people that call themselves Americans.

Florida Pretty Sure Teenage Girl Not Grown-Up Enough For Abortion, And Other Tales From Hell
Yes. Cut the damn thing off the country at the border.

Joe Biden Tyrannizing Hearing Aid Manufacturers Now By Letting Them Sell Over-The-Counter
Atta Go, Brandon!

Texas School District Yanks ďThe Diary Of Anne FrankĒ
These folks are pretty ignorant. ĎĒThe Diary of Anne FrankĒ is critical race theoryí is not a sentence I thought any sentient being could say, and yet ó William D. Adler (@williamadler78) August 17, 2022
You have to wonder what country these people were raised in and if they have any education in world history. These people are very obviously totalitarians as in "you will have no choice but ours." Fascism at work here. Backward and degenerate.

Texas School District Under Fire for Removing Anne Frank Adaptation From Libraries: ĎProud Boys and Oath Keepers Woní

Fox Guest Threatens $1M Suit Against Media Matters For Calling Out His Claim Vax Killed 600,000 Americans
In 338 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to human beings about 6,000 deaths might be close to the actual number. But that number doesn't mean these deaths were caused by the vaccine. Check facts please.

Low parent interest in COVID-recovery interventions should worry educators and policymakers alike
More Covid facts.

Liz Cheney Was Brave When the Country Needed Her to Be
Whatever you think of her politics, the Wyoming congresswoman sacrificed her career to aggressively confront Trump and his dangerous lies.
She'll be back and most everyone will be sorry about it.

Abortion Is Legal in This State. Thatís Not Stopping These Rogue Prosecutors
In Michigan, local officials are eager to enforce a pre-Roe abortion ban. A court case will decide whether they can
Always a mean scewball in the works.

"Hell state America": Florida court bars "parentless" 16-year-old from getting abortion
Activists outraged: "She's not 'mature' enough to make that decision. But she's mature enough to raise a child?"
The disgraceful descent into the degeneration of America. Their government is the one that's not mature enough to make decisions.

SC lawmaker chokes up after teen nearly loses uterus due to anti-abortion law he voted for
These miscreants never realized just what they were doing playing around with women's lives.

Newsmax Cries About Biden Taking A Bike Ride
The ridiculousness of the extreme right-wing noise machine knows no bounds.
Said the guy who worked for the ass that never worked. Again, whiney little bastards. These children cling to their puberty.

Mississippi GOP: Return Money To DC Instead Of Helping Renters
Despite Housing Crisis, Mississippi May Return Up to Millions in Federal Rent Aid to DC.
These dispicable, heartless bastards.

Tucker Carlson Blames Biden (Yeah) For Attacks On FBI Agents
Nothing Trump ever does is criminal or immoral in the eyes of Fox News hosts.
If he can do it, I can do it. I blame this Mother Schumcker for being the shallow showman that he is. Who in hell said he knew shit from applebutter?

Is Moral Clarity Possible in Donald Trumpís America?
It's not his America. It belongs to Americans. Donald Trump is a foreign agent.

Trump World is staring down the barrel of its own cannon
Fire it up.

Impeachment-backing Republican says he was advised to say 2020 election was stolen even if he didn't believe it
Trump should spend life in prison for all his treason.

Trump Team Illegally Accessed Voting Data In Several States
It was an organized, central effort as part of the plan to overturn the election.
More evidence on Trump scumbags.

The West's self-destructive delusion of natural superiority has led to ecological catastrophe
"The self-destructive delusion that we are the only species that has a right to life on Earth has led to the ecological crisis."
The bill is coming due for this.

Pennsylvania Democrat exposes the dangerous threat Republicans pose to the country
"Thatís all true, but what is also true is that they are dangerous. They pose a real threat to the physical safety of teachers, librarians, health care workers, LGBTQ people, Jews, and Black and brown people, not to mention their newest targets: federal law enforcement personnel."
Hitler's children.

DeSantis Waives Teaching Requirements As He Moves To Hire Retired Cops, Enlisted Military Veterans [VIDEO}
Since you're lowering standards, how about recruiting your streetwalkers. They could teach the kids a thing or two about chislers like the Dip. He's the leading "groomer."
What a dumbass! Who the fuck wants their children taught by drill sergeants?

Franklin Graham: ďIt Will Take GodĒ To Fix The DOJ
So far he hasn't done anything to fix Franklin so I doubt he'll have time to get to the DOJ>

Liz Cheneyís Staunch Constitutionalism
Which her MAGAt constituants in Wyoming apparently do not support.

ď87,000 IRS AgentsĒ: New Conspiracy Theory Proves Trumpís Encouragement of Violence Is GOP Standard
"That Republicans depend heavily on shameless lying is not new, of course. But this is a development of an even more dangerous trend: Republicans relying on the implicit threat of violence to intimidate political opponents."

Speaking Out Against the Madness.

ďWhereís this money going?Ē Millions donated after Uvalde shooting still havenít reached victims and families
Better check Abbott's re-election fund.
Vot Beto.

The Far Right Doesnít Want to Defund FBI. They Want It to Follow Their Orders.

Fox News Host Asked If Trump Tried To Sell State Secrets To Foreigns, So He's Probably Fired Now

Crazed MAGA Guys Keep Threatening Violence Even After Trump Calls For Calm ... Oh, He Didn't?

Arizona's Kari Lake celebrates BDE (um, "Big DeSantis Energy") at right-wing lovefest
Far-right Arizona candidate honors Ron DeSantis' manly attributes ó oh, and embraces his extremist agenda too
She got the "big dick" part correct.
Where do we find this trash?

Johnson: Mar A Lago Is A Safe Place For Top Secret Papers
Ron Johnson told reporters that he has no concerns about top secret documents being at Mar A Lago because it's a "safe place."
The perfect example of a serious thinking disorder.

Florida Reporter Calls Out Marco Rubio For Fox News Love
Scaredy cat Marco Rubio won't answer a local reporter's questions, but goes on Fox all the time. This reporter calls him out!
What's a matter little Marco? Is it really that tough for you to face your local area newscast? Pitiful.

Rand Paul Announces We Should Repeal The Espionage Act
Once again, he lives up to his reputation as a Russian asset.
Naturally. We need to get rid of this government and move to total Anarchy!
Could you possibly rub that egg off your face?
What a whip.

Trumpís Site Is Being Weaponized Against the FBI ó and Their Families
And Trump himself is casting doubt about a recent attack on an FBI building, floating the idea that the attacker just wanted to make MAGA supporters look bad.

80% of US Voters Across Party Lines Support Expanding Social Security
"With Republicans threatening to cut benefitsóand worse, eliminate the program entirelyóDems need to make clear they're fighting to protect and expand benefits."

Pennsylvania man charged with threats to kill FBI agents after Trump's attacks on law enforcement
"Come and get me you piece of sh*t feds" and "I am going to f*cking slaughter you," were among the comments Bies made on Gab, according to the complaint filed on Monday. He went on to compare the FBI to the Nazi SS and Soviet-era KGB saying that everyone at the FBI all the way down to the janitors should be killed. All of these scatter-brained incels seem to have lost all grasp on reality. Too bad for them.

On 87th Birthday Of Social Security, Watch Out For GOP Hatchets
Happy Birthday to Social Security. But watch out for published plans to ax the program from the GOP Senate campaign. Can you imagine the chaos and horrible disaster that would occur if the fascists would actually gut the program? It would be the end of America as we know it and people would be starving and dying at a high rate.
Vote for democracy for our country.

With Trumpian Claims of Cheating, Starbucks Demands Halt to Union Elections
"Unfortunately, it's now in vogue for the losers of some elections nationwide to attempt to reverse elections by any means they think are necessary," said Starbucks Workers United.
Union Now — Union Forever.

United States of Death? Study Shows Worrying Mortality Rates of Broken Health System
Researchers find that the nation had become an outlier among other rich countries in mortality rates long before the pandemicóand that Americans are dying younger than their peers abroad.

Rudy Giuliani told by prosecutors he is a target in Georgia 2020 presidential election probe
Poor old Rudy.

'No exit': Signs are pointing to 'a civilization in terminal decline' | Opinion
"The historian Arnold Toynbee, who singled out unchecked militarism as the fatal blow to past empires, argued that civilizations are not murdered, but commit suicide. They fail to adapt to a crisis, ensuring their own obliteration. Our civilizationís collapse will be unique in size, magnified by the destructive force of our fossil fuel-driven industrial society. But it will replicate the familiar patterns of collapse that toppled civilizations of the past. The difference will be in scale, and this time there will be no exit."

Donald Trump labeled a 'flight risk' after he revealed that the FBI seized his passports
ďTrump is still a flight risk even without passports. He could go to NYC, to the consulate of a country that does not allow US extradition (such as Russia), and ask for asylum.Ē
And lock him into an asylum..

Trumpís Investigation Miscalculation
"Trump seems to think that running for president makes it less likely that he will be prosecuted by the Department of Justice. Thatís wrong. The more Trump stays in the public sphere the more likely he is to be prosecuted."
He's not the sharpest blade for the razor.

After the Robb Elementary shooting, some Uvalde parents are choosing private or online education They should check this out and see if online is a good idea:
ĎI didnít really learn anythingí: COVID grads face college

Wealthy Donors Bankroll Christian Nationalists to Sustain Unregulated Capitalism
The fascist MAGAts use any tool they can to attept to stay in charge of money grifting.

Coup-Plotting Trump Mightíve Also Had Documents Revealing US Intelligence Sources
Intelligence? He knows that word?

Right Wing Scolds Having A Normal One Over 'A League Of Their Own' Series
Just trolls or actual stupids that have not a clue about reality. Accepting motion picutres as being accurate history is a bit stupid since the makers aren't making documentaries. Try checking out some historical facts once in a while. I know that's hard work for you.

Trump's DOJ won a 2018 case that undermines claims about his broad declassification powers
Trump case shoots down his argument on powers. He's too stupid to recall it.

Longtime GOP insider Cheri Jacobus: America is "not going to recover from Donald Trump"
Former Republican strategist says her party can't be salvaged ó and if Trump isn't punished, America is "done for"
"He's absolutely a corrupt crook. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out that he is owned by Russia and Putin. Trump is an unbelievably evil human being. I believe that he is one of the most evil people that we've ever seen in American public life."
America must remove this asshat from our future.

Miss Amanda Jones Has Had Quite Enough Of Your Attacks
The school librarian has filed a defamation lawsuit againt Qnuts who labeled her a pedophile.
A little book learnin' wouldn't hurt the QAnonsensers.

Ted Cruz 'Jokes' That Elizabeth Warren Might Have Penis
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told supporters that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) might have a penis during a screed against transgender people during a rally in Nevada this Saturday. This creep must be jealous and is totally clueless. He has certainly taken to the Trump school of throwing his shit around.

'We Will Not Stand Down': Armed Trumpers Protest Outside Phoenix FBI Building
Imagine if Black people did this.

'He didnít like to read': Missouri paper highlights a 'particularly curious' element of Trumpís document stash
"Didn't"? You mean Fatso likes to now? LOL!

Judge rejects Lindsey Graham's effort to avoid testifying before Georgia grand jury
Get off your ass, Lindsey.

Lauren Boebert's Family GOES ROGUE
aka "L-Bo's Adventures in Trailer Trashville."

Schools Are Facing Shortage of 300,000 Teachers and Staff, Major Union Says
Thanks to prudes, morons, christo-fascists and downright stupidity.

Sympathy for the Devil
Proving there are worse things.

Donald Trumpís O.J. Defense
"If Trump didnít know that the FBI had caught him with documents he shouldnít have, he wouldnít be asserting the O.J. Defense."
Always a tactic of an any attorney with no defense: Charge the prosecution as the guilty party.

ABC analyst: Trump faces '20 years behind bars' for 'serious felonies' at Mar-a-Lago
Fine. He would only be in his nineties by the time he's released. Then he would try to con us again.
And the question is "did he do this on purpose"? Does a bear shit in the woods?

Florida Has An Outrageous New Law Targeting Teachers. Here's Why I'll Be Breaking It.
"My students arenít the snowflakes Gov. DeSantis assumes they are... and neither am I."
The Dip wants to keep students as stupid as he is.

Armed Cultists Rally At Phoenix FBI Office [VIDEO}
Signs reading ďHonor your oathĒ and ďAbolish FBIĒ were seen outside the FBI office in Phoenix on Aug. 13, just days after news broke that the agency searched former President Donald Trumpís Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. Several of those who were there were armed with guns.
Nazis grow restless, need to use those penis extensions to prove their sexuality.

Sean Hannity Calls For Twitter Parody To Be Removed
Remove Hannity first.

Man Kills Himself After Crash Into US Capitol Barricade
A bizzare method of suicide. Another confused madman due to the whiner.

Trump Promotes Multiple QAnon Attacks On FBI
The whiner whines.

The complete guide to every excuse Republicans have made for Trump's theft of classified documents
or "How Donald Trump Ruined The United States."

"The FBI has a long history of corruption thatís only grown over time..." — Rep. Dan Bishop
Folks, Christopher Wray is a member of the Federalist Society and was appointed to his post by Donald Trump.
Bishop must be referring to J. Edgar Hoover, the right-wing asshole that would make a perfect MAGAt.

Herschel Walker On Kamala: 'She May Say That She's Not Black Now'
What in the entire hell?
What did she do to deserve that snotty remark, Hershit? And which one are you today?

Reporter Confronts Kari Lake, Wasn't Taking Any Of Her Sh*t
She's not having a good day.
The MAGAts have actually reached the bottom of their barrel with this one.

Open Thread: The FBI Stormed Mar A Lago Just For Nuclear Codes?!
Brent Terhune is so outraged over the events of the week, he gave us a two-fer.
ROTFLMAO at this.

John Kelly: Trump Ďdidnít believe in the classification systemí
There's a bunch of things that Fatso the moron doesn't understand.

'Sheís loaded. They all have guns': Lauren Boebert neighbors forced to call 911 over speeding and property damage
L-Bo and her old man get fucked up and lose it.

'Cult of MAGA-ism is rotting brains' as GOP remains fixated on JFK Jr: Jordan Klepper
Ha! What brains do you mean, Bob?

'This is insane': Watchdog group stunned by details in Mar-a-Lago search warrant
"This is insane. If you're not fed up, you're not paying enough attention," tweeted the advocacy group Public Citizen in response to the Espionage Act revelation.
Oh, dear. Sorry, but many are not paying attention. If they were we wouldn't be fighting a MAGAt insurrection.

FBI Recovered ĎSensitive Compartmentedí Docs From Mar-A-Lago
Here's the warrant.
Espionage goes with treason.

Dershowitz Shocked Trump Used 5th Amendment If He's Got 'Nothing To Hide'
Alan Dershowitz, a former attorney for Donald Trump, said that he was shocked after the former president invoked the Fifth Amendment at least 440 times during a deposition on Wednesday.
Alan seems to shock easily these days. Trump is guilty as sin, Alan.

Ohio GOP Congress Members Won't Even Thank Ohio State Troopers
The armed man who attacked the FBI office in Cincinnati led police to a dangerous standoff. Where was "Back the Blue" in the Ohio Congressional delegation?
Not real Buckeyes, for sure.

Ingraham Is Flailing: Calls For Defunding Law Enforcement
We'd love to see Laura Ingraham's texts from the moment she learned Mar a Lago had nuclear secrets.
Did she miss the previous cries for defunding the police? No, she mocked it and was against that.

Texas politicians seek to control classroom discussions about racism and slavery
Land of the Happy Negro wishes that everyone knew that the slaves were a happy lot.

Far-right platform Gab veers into overt antisemitism ó and only some Republicans back away
Gab founder Andrew Torba's virulent antisemitism makes GOP candidates uncomfortable ó but they still need him
For what? Cleaning the toilets?

Feds Investigating Trump for Potential Espionage Act Violation, Search Warrant Shows
The warrant the FBI executed at Mar-a-Lago on Monday also reportedly indicates the DOJ is looking into whether the former president destroyed records and obstructed an investigation

What Trump and OrbŠn want: It's fascism ó it's not a metaphor or a joke
The global right's two greatest heroes spoke at CPAC over the weekend. Take what they said very seriously
Send these asshats packing.

MSNBC's Heilemann thinks the unthinkable about Trump documents: ĎThere's a big nuclear black market out thereí
Trump's not above selling us out to the highest bidder.

FBI agents searched Mar-a-Lago for 'classified documents relating to nuclear weapons': report
Just more treason from Fatso.

Republicans Have Shown Us, Once And For All, Who They Are
You might think even Republicans would draw th