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"It is now life and not art that requires the willing suspension of disbelief." — Lionel Trilling

Land of the Happy Negro
When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it—always.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

When I press alt-right on the keyboard my screen goes white.

A Manifesto

Making America Great Again
"Making America Great Again."
Back in 2005 Lost Country recorded a song that was issued on their CD Long Gone Thrill. It was a song written by Jeff Gutcheon that was originally titled Land of the Happy Negro, subtitled Battle Hymn of the Republicans. We thought that no one would “get it.” It would be misunderstood; it might be construed as racist on our part. Of course, it was far from that. We changed the title and some of the lyrics. But today I realize that Jeff was on the money and that now everyone should recognize that he was. The teahadists, around 2011, demanded that the school textbooks in Tennessee overlook certain facts and look at the “sunny side of slavery.” So, now these “Ministry of Truth” protectors can take their proper context with the song that had them pegged from our earlier years when we tried to be kind. Now, we know they are not kind people. Now, you can hear the original track—unedited, unoverdubbed, with the original lyrics sung as a pilot vocal so we could work on the track that later became the issued recording of a kinder version, Land of the Happy People.

Land of the Happy Negro — copyright Jeff Gutcheon, 2005.

Randy Newman is in on this issue as well with an offering for you titled I'm Dreaming.
Get it while you can.

Dedicated to the Republican Teahadistas in the Senate and the House. How they long to return to the past.

For more on the Teahadistas: Americans Against The Tea Party

P.S. : It was rewarding to see The Daily Show using the title Battle Hymn of the Republicans for one of their segments. Great minds think alike. Except the greatest think of them first.

On page 97 in Jill Lepore’s book The Whites of their Eyes (2010, Princeton University Press) she states, “There was though, something heartbreaking in all this. Behind the Tea Party’s Revolution lay nostalgia for an imagined time—the 1950s, maybe, or the 1940s—less riven by strife, less troubled by race. In that nostalgia was the remembrance of childhood, a yearning for a common past, bulwark against a divided present, comfort against an uncertain future....”

As if anyone needed more proof of this retro-lunacy just look at our latest "sunny slaver" Cliven Bundy and his quotes on "happy negros." I quote Maureen Dowd in her Times column Sunday, April 27, 2014: "It’s a measure of how hallucinogenic conservatives are that they are trying to re-litigate slavery during the second term of the first African-American president." Jeff’s song could very aptly be subtitled Battle Hymn of Cliven Bundy.

Need more? Take a look at an Esquire article written by Charles P. Pierce dated April 25, 2014, Mike Pence Joins A Bad Parade.

"In downtown Indianapolis, there's this massive monument to the people from Indiana who have died in our various wars, particularly the nearly 25,000 Hoosiers who died in the War of Southern Sedition. I mention this only to point out that the National Rifle Association is meeting in Indianapolis at the moment, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence made them welcome by edging right up to being on the wrong side of the dispute that cost so many Hoosiers their lives. This, of course, is the on-ramp to the expressway to Bundyville, although Pence would be horrified if you pointed that out to him."

Governor Pence:    "Washington is not only broke, it’s broken. The cure for what ails this country will come more from our state capitals than it ever will from our national capital. Despite what some may think in Washington, our state governments are not territorial outposts of the national government. The states are the wellspring of the American experiment. It will not be enough to cut federal spending; the next generation of leaders must permanently reduce the size and scope of the federal government by returning to the states the rights, resources, and responsibilities that are rightfully theirs!"

"This view of things was litigated at the Constitutional Convention. It failed. It was litigated over the tariff. It failed. It was litigated at Cemetery Ridge. It failed. It was litigated prior to the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. It failed. It was litigated at Central High in Little Rock. It failed. It was litigated on the campus at Ole Miss in 1962. It failed. It was litigated at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It failed. It is the connective tissue that binds modern conservativism inextricably to the remnants of American apartheid because this view of the nature of the nation always was the expression of threat that the slaveholder felt about his way of life. It camouflaged itself in a number of ways involving a number of different issues, but always it was about the fear that, sooner or later, the federal government was going to come and take away the chattel from which you derived your personal economy, and so even what might be beneficial to the nation as a whole must be resisted on the pretext of sovereign states...."

Not enough yet? Here you go. Dated July 21, 2014.
Top Anti-Immigrant ‘Expert’ Says ‘Being Hung, Drawn And Quartered’ Is ‘Too Good’ For Obama.
A senior policy analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, which bills itself as the think tank of the anti-immigrant Right, told a Florida-based Tea Party group last week that President Obama not only deserves impeachment, but that “being hung, drawn and quartered is probably too good for him.” The Center for New Community’s Imagine 2050 blog first reported on Stephen Steinlight’s remarks. Steinlight also said that John Boehner’s lawsuit against the president is a ‘political loser’ and claimed that while Obama deserves to be impeached, such an effort would backfire on Republicans.

CIS describes Steinlight as “one of the nation’s most insightful voices on immigration” who provides “expert testimony” for government panels.

"A rash of opinion polls which have come out, not push polls, real polls, including one by Gallup that showed that 65 percent of the American people don’t want any part of an Obama-style immigration reform. But the idea of this [lawsuit] is vintage Boehner, it’s a political loser. There is no court that is going to stop Obama from doing anything. We all know, if there ever was a president that deserved to be impeached, it’s this guy. Alright? I mean, I wouldn’t stop. I would think being hung, drawn, and quartered is probably too good for him."

While it’s my opinion this would be “cruel and unusual punishment” I’m sure it’s merely a figure of speech the gentleman is using and doesn't seriously want lynching to return. But on the other hand, we could just ‘Blame It On Obama” as Andre Williams says.

Not enough for rational human beings? Ok:
A while back Mr. Cruz stated: “I think the reason so many Americans are upset about the Obama presidency is that they realize this wasn’t possible before, and they wanted his presidency to be bigger than it is, you know, to do bigger things. And then you have others that appreciate history. If the slaves were never freed in the Civil War, you have to wonder, where would Obama be today? Certainly not the White House, not in the capacity he’s in. And you have some in America that think that might not be a bad thing. That he not be in office, I mean.”

Another Happy Negro kind of guy! Ya gotta love the pursed eyebrow schtick!
Ted Cruz displays his acting skills.

Ah, but it goes on:
Ann Coulter is up front with her racism when in response to Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at Tuskegee University, May 2015, proudly stated on Sean Hannity’s show — "I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now.” The pundit proceeded to denounce the "predator class” in the black community and deny the existence of "peaceful protesters” in Baltimore...."Oh my gosh, this nonsense about, oh, so many blacks are in prison, well how did they get there?” Coulter asked later. "In addition to the peaceful Baltimore protester I want to put on a milk carton, — have you seen this? — I want to see the innocent person in prison.”
(Note: While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States' population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates. March 13, 2012.)
Glenn Beck stated in response to the same speech she gave with "White people in droves went out to vote for you,” he said. "You were somehow invisible so much that you became the President and First Lady of the United States of America? Tell me about the troubles that you have seen!.” Beck then argued that conservatives and Christians were the real victims of bigotry: "The conservatives have never felt it! The jobs we are suddenly bypassed for because we’re conservative, because of our viewpoint. The religious that are mocked on a daily basis and belittled. Yeah, we’ve never felt that. We don’t know what it’s like.”

An excellent playing of the "Victim Card” the Republicans do over and over as well.
76% of Americans consider themselves "Christian” yet the Republicans consider them victims?

“Yes, the long war on Christianity. I pray that one day we may live in an America where Christians can worship freely! In broad daylight! Openly wearing the symbols of their religion... perhaps around their necks? And maybe – dare I dream it? – maybe one day there can be an openly Christian President. Or, perhaps, 43 of them. Consecutively.”—Jon Stewart

Maybe Ann and Glen should read the article in the Times Magazine from Sunday, May 10, 2015, "Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us.”. Would (did) they miss the killing part or are they really that clueless?

And continues:
In the June 19, 2015 article titled Why Conservatives Still Won't Admit That Charleston Was A Racist Crime,” Aurin Squire makes several points on the sad excuses that Republicans used on the murders by Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina. “Given the history of the South, along the rise of both active shooters and gun access, we can't call what happened Wednesday night a ‘senseless tragedy.’ In fact, the Charleston church shooting is full of savage sense. Thanks to complicity at best, and outright racist at worst, the ‘inconceivable’ is still feasible. The fear tactics that were once localized in the dark backwoods of our political landscape now reach every phone and laptop. Today, xenophobia and bigotry are the daily platforms from which many conservatives speak to their shrinking base. The Charleston shooting is not a random act of violence, but part of a long litany of history culminating in a painful present.”

From Mr. Roof’s Manifesto (as stated on Tumblr) :
Mr. Roof’s Tumblr had contained photos that matched his Facebook page, but both were taken down after the killings.
The essay uses defamatory terms for blacks, whom he accused of being “stupid and violent” with “the capacity to be very slick.” It laments white flight, and suggested that the whites should instead stay behind in cities and fight.
Criticisms are levied at Hispanics and Jews, but Asians are praised for being racists and potential allies. Whites are unfairly portrayed as all having been slave owners, the essay says. In reality, the author wrote, slavery was not that bad.
(Note: Charleston, SC is racially two-thirds white, up from 1980 when it was 50%)

And, on the Stars and Bars (their “Battle Flag” and not the first Confederate “national flag”) front (didn’t the Confederacy lose the war? Guess they never got over it and are still pissed).
Outrage vs. Tradition, Wrapped in a High-Flying Flag of Dixie
Supporters of the Confederate battle flag display signaled Friday that their position had not changed. In a commentary on Friday, Michael Hill, the president of the League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed as a hate group, said that the Confederate battle flag should remain at the State House but that the American flag should be removed.

The American flag, Mr. Hill wrote, “now stands for multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity — the left’s unholy trinity.” In “sharp contrast,” he wrote, the Confederate battle flag “stands for the heroic effort our people made 150 years ago to avoid the fate” of contemporary America.

In the same article, Senator Lindsey Graham (a Republican candidate for President of the United States) told CNN that he would support a move to “revisit” the flag’s status, but he added that the flag was part of the state’s identity.
(Identity? Guess he means Land of the Happy Negro.)

Seditious Oklahoma asshats are grabbing their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” “President Obama greeted by Confederate flags in Oklahoma” show these people are too ignorant to know what racism is. Only 80 of these asshats showed up but they still display their ignorance very well. Or was it only 10? Another link to the story is here. The asshat that drove up from Texas is talking to himself I suppose.

Then we have the good ol’ boys from the remnants of the KKK demanding their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” at the Statehouse in South Carolina. These fascists crawled out of the sewers to parade their little battle flags on Saturday, July 18, 2015. Oh, sorry, they weren’t protesting the uppity negroes, they were protesting the uppity immigrants. Old, sad, diminished, disgruntled white men and some younger skin heads were, indeed, demanding their share of the sweet sunny heritage (white supremacy) of the Confederacy. Ooops! Is that a swastika on that black T-shirt? Such class.

Book About George Washington’s ‘Happy’ Slaves Shelved - Yet another wistful yearner for the Land of the Happy Negro!

Don't overlook Land of the Happy Negro's Corey Stewart’s Confederate antics. LaCivita said. "Let the idiot be the idiot." Always the best strategy.

Donald Trump openly joined “The Land of the Happy Negro” on August 15, 2017. He confirmed that he is a white supremacist supporter. He wants to blame resistance to it. You cannot serve Nazis and liberty at the same time. His attempts at being the leader of the free world have failed miserably. The events in Charlottesville have unmasked him forever as the bigoted demagogue he is. “The Land of the Happy Negro” has, in a not-so-subtle way, declared war on the United States. We should acknowledge this war exists, the enemy is among us, and fight it with all the heart and soul of those who fought and died stamping out this very same fascism in World War II. That is now our task as we have a president that is so mindless and tyrannical that he doesn't know the difference between Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. That same civil war is upon us once again. Lest our nation collapse, let us not fail to settle it once and for all this time.

American Amnesia  
Russian Roulette
Exceptional America

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Affordable College - College Degrees for Social Justice

The Second Coming of the KKK

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From "The Holocaust Explained": Between 1929 and 1932, support for the Communist and Nazi parties increased. The less extreme parties were blamed for causing Germany's problems. As these parties had been unable to work together to solve country's problems, people became more afraid that the Communists may take over. The moderate parties turned to the Nazis to keep the Communists out.

President Obama said, "We are not Democrats first, we are not Republicans first, we are Americans."
Mr. President, from your first day they never gave you that courtesy so they will not get it from me.
We oppose everything
"EVERYTHING that goes wrong, from here on out, is owned by Trump and the Republicans."

As Gregg Popovich declared, "We are Rome."

When you have elected representatives stating that Trump is unqualified, bad for the country, ignorant of the issues, and other harsh criticisms also stating that they will back him as the Republican nominee, you have clear evidence of the rot that permeates the party. They are as corrupt and power-mad as their putative candidate. They—McCain, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the toadies—demonstrate their hypocrisy and the fact that they put party power over the good of the nation.

D.L. Hughley put it in clear words, voting for Trump means "voting for a racist over a liberal." That is it, succinctly put. If you voted for Trump you have made a statement for racism, hatred, intolerance, bigotry, falsity, xenophobia, gynophobia, scapegoating and fraud. Refusal to vote for HRC does not absolve you from participation, because no vote as well as a third party vote is a vote for Trump in effect.

Let me get this straight. The "angry" American people want government out of their lives. Yet, they blame the government for forgetting about them for all the jobs that the middle-class has lost over the years. Huh? Their solution is to elect a fascist to office of POTUS. In this exchange you get a dictatorship. This has historically worked out well for how many countries? And the left get criticized for calling these people idiots? Many of these people vote against their best interest every time. What else can you call them when it is the truth?

2016 Thank You Notes by Ethan Coen

We oppose everything
"EVERYTHING that goes wrong, from here on out, is owned by Trump and the Republicans."

End the Electoral College

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
Why the hell should Florida, Ohio and a few other swing states rule our election process? We have not been 13 colonies for some time now.

I am not mad at you that Clinton lost. I am unconcerned that we have different politics. And I don't think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another.

No... I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him. I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman's worth to her appearance and got on board.

It isn't your politics that I find repulsive. It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty. You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget.

So, no... you and I won't be "coming together" to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn't disgust you that will stick with me long after this election.

—Sparrow R. Jones

You watched Trump live his entire life as a millionaire or billionaire and never earn an honest nickle in his life; you watched the man send ALL of his manufacturing overseas; you watched him rail against the auto industry bail out; you watched him hire illegal immigrants for his businesses and for his homes here in America; you watched him scam and bankrupt countless family owned businesses by not paying his bills; you watched him declare bankruptcy countless times and walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars; you then watched him not pay one dime of taxes on that ill gotten gain and brag about it to the middle class who had to pick up his slack on their taxes and you STILL thought that Donald Trump understands you and the working class and that he and he alone could "save our economy" and bring jobs back to "Murka".

And since you also believe that Bush left us with a strong and sound economy that Obama destroyed, I dislike you because you are a willful idiot.


Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to gain power. And it works too well.

"You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts." — Ted Koppel to Sean Hannity 3/26/2017

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” — Upton Sinclair

(Why do certain people vote against their best interest?):
"The masses revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed." — George Orwell, 1984

"We're closer to a nuclear war than we've been in 55 years because "someone" wanted to jail a woman for using email. — LOLGOP

"Fuck Trump.
Fuck his faux concern.
Fuck his half-assed apologies.
And fuck every POS who voted for this degenerate to lead our county."
—Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) tweeted at 5:52 PM on Sat, Aug 12, 2017

"Nazis are murdering people, farmers are going broke and the arctic is fucking melting. Maybe next time let's not hand the world's most difficult job to a toxic moron lost and wandering in a haze of dementia and untreated tertiary syphilis who can't even spell his own fucking name."
—Jeff Tiedrich@itsJeffTiedrich
Tweeted on Tue., Aug 6, 2019

We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang

Vicente Fox for U. S. President!

Follow Gollum J. Trump! He know all the Best Words!

"Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right."
—H. L. Menken (1880 - 1956)

Directed to the asshats (and their species) who wear the "Makes A Great Asshat" at public places:
Scholar Matt Sears: Someday MAGA hats will be shameful secrets, like Klan robes (and swastikas)
Scholar and Washington Post columnist says those who wear MAGA hats are "morally accountable" for Trump's actions

The Future is Here

Music of the Resistance

The Revolution Starts Now - Steve Earle

Trump Can't Have That - Greg Brown

Sand in the Gears - Frank Turner

Pussy Grabbin' Man - Men of Extinction

FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) - YG & Nipsey Hussle

No TRUMP! No KKK! No FASCIST USA!! - Green Day

Troubled Times - Green Day

Erupt & Matter - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Not Gonna Say Your Name - ENTRANCE

We The People - A Tribe Called Quest

Where's The Revolution - Depeche Mode

Interesting Drug - OK Go

Million Dollar Loan - Death Cab For Cutie

Viva Presidente Trump - Brujeria

Impeachable - Noel Paul Stookey

Can't You Tell? - Aimee Mann

Tin Foil Hat - Todd Rundgren/Donald Fagen

In This Cold Place - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Are You Lost In The World Like Me? - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Eminem Rips Fake Blonde Rat - Eminem

Tiny Hands - Women's March Chant (featuring Fiona Apple)

Land of the Free - JoeyBada$$

Locker Room Talk - Cold War Kids

Demagogue - Franz Ferdinand

Going To A Town - Lily Allen

If You Ever Got Impeached - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

One Small Voice - Carole King

I Had a Dream - Louden Wainwright III

Impeach Trump Anthem - Haile Unlikely

Camp America - Vic Mensa

Russia Ties - Randy Rainbow

Cheeto Christ Stupid Csar - Randy Rainbow

There Stands the Tower - Men of Extinction

Land of the Happy Negro Newsfeeds

Trump has aspired to and achieved the ultimate luxury – an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.
Mark Singer, Trump and Me

Trump Is a Remorseless Advocate of Crimes Against Humanity

And Now We Know EXACTLY Why Rex Tillerson Called Trump A 'F*cking Moron'
Tillerson told the truth.

Susan Collins and the Art of the Prick Tease
"Everybody up that way is getting fucked, but nobody's getting laid."

Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Trump’s economy is an absolute disaster for people and the planet
Why would the 1% give a flying fuck about that?

‘You’re a bunch of dopes and babies’: Inside Trump’s stunning tirade against generals
Impeaching this spineless, mindless lunatic is the least that we can do to the moron that never served in our armed forces—the least.

Lev Explains It All, Episode Two: How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Talking To Rachel Maddow

Three Reasons Why Trump Ordered Soleimani’s Killing
Just about everyone knows Trump is jealous of Obama.

Republicans Are About to Show Just How Low They’ll Go to Save Trump
When Trump’s impeachment trial begins next week, GOP senators will do just about anything to prevent him from being convicted.
We already know that.

Supreme Court Case Could Mandate Funding for Religious Schools
Right-wing legal institutes see an opportunity to undermine public education.
Christo-fascists attack constitution.
“The intrusion here would turn the First Amendment on its head by saying it requires that states fund religious institutions...” Not one red cent or your churches will start paying taxes like the rest of us.

Parnas Ties Ukraine Pressure Campaign To Trump’s Legal Team

Pompeo Denies Knowing Parnas Or Anything About Yovanovitch Surveillance
There's that river in Egypt again.

McConnell readies nuclear option for shielding Senate trial from public view
"We'll do it in the dark with the vampires and zombies," sez Mitch.

Martha McSally Won't Answer Laura Ingraham When She Asks 'Liberal Hack's' Question
"You can call me a conservative hack. But do you want witnesses, yes or no?" Ingraham said.
Wow! She even disses Laura. She's someone that doesn't tell it at all.

Lev Parnas Reveals Why He Turned on Trumpworld
The Soviet-born businessman at the center of Rudy Giuliani’s dirt-digging crusade in Ukraine tells The Daily Beast he’s determined to speak out despite backlash.

Rick Santorum flattened by CNN’s Berman after calling Parnas bombshell revelations ‘extraneous’ to impeachment
"Frothy Mix" is poured on the floor.

Lindsey Graham joins Devin Nunes in being implicated by Lev Parnas during Maddow interview
And here's one of the ones Lev Parnas is speaking about.

Lev Parnas Says Many GOPers Are Too ‘Scared’ Of Trump Getting DOJ To Investigate Them To Speak Out

Susan Collins Scores Highest Disapproval Rating Of Any Senator
A Morning Consult poll found that Susan Collins' disapproval rating went up 10 pts since September, displacing Mitch McConnell.
Displacing Mitch? Wow! That takes a lot of sleaze. Congratulations, Susan.

Documents Corroborate Lev Parnas Account
The president’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was engaged in a sleazy operation in Ukraine that appears to be linked to a lot more shady activities in this Ukraine gambit than we knew.

The Trump administration misled the country by saying there were ‘no casualties’ from Iran attack: report
Defense One has the story. Trump lied. Such a surprise.

11 U.S. Troops Injured in Iran’s Retaliatory Strike on January 8: Report

Lev Parnas? President Truth-Mouth Doesn't Know Her.

Republicans Take Brief Moment To Not Suck So Terribly
But only a moment. Then back to Asshatville.

The Senate trial will shape the president’s legacy and also that of his Republican Party

Every Place Is the Same Now
With a phone, anywhere else is always just a tap away.
Local culture is dead and you still can't find a copy of "The Mission" (not De Niro but the Johnnie To film) in a Blu Ray edition. Provincials. Pedestrians. Yeah, right, YouTube. LOL!

Mitch McConnell Is the Crooked Guardian of an Imperial Presidency
The majority leader has admitted he’s conspiring to thwart an impartial impeachment trial. Everyone with a brain and a conscience should be calling for his recusal.
"Everyone with a brain..." This group appears to be growing smaller as time passes.

New Documents Casually Destroy the Already-Bad Republican Case That Trump’s Ukraine Scheme Was Aboveboard
Keep dreaming MAGAts.

Lev Parnas’ lawyer releases video of Trump talking with Parnas — after president says he never spoke with him
Oh, that one! How could he have forgotten. He takes so much video with so many he must be so confused for an addled decrepit alleged drug addict.

Lev Parnas and His Powerful Republican Friends: A Photo Album
His yearbook is growing. He must have some lovely autographs and dedications in it.

Phyllis Schlafly Told Stephen Miller To Ship Immigrants Out On Trains 'To Scare Them'
The cruelty is the point, as someone once said.
"Scare them" is putting it mildly when it comes to Neos like the ones listed above.

State of emergency: Tensions rise in Virginia as right-wing gun fanatics descend
This is what our National Guard is for. To put down treasonous insurrections. You remember don't you? Kent State? You embraced it then. Real Americans are those with a cocktail and highballs. So holy it's in the heart of Land of the Happy Negro.

FBI Pays Visit To Robert Hyde's Home And Office
Investigators went to both Hyde’s home and the office of his landscaping company (which doubles as a campaign office).
"Landscaping Company." Is that what they call a graveyard maintenance service now?

Oh, Yeah! Devin Nunes Suddenly Remembers Lev Parnas!
You know, when a guy submits electronic evidence of your phone call, it has a funny way of jogging the ole memory, Devin!
He thought he might be that vacuum cleaner salesman because he's interested in something that really sucks.

The Trump Administration Doesn’t Get to Decide What’s in the Constitution
Somebody has to determine whether the ERA is valid or not, and without quite saying so, the Department of Justice is claiming that person is none other than Attorney General William Barr.
"The Constitution’s text, and the history of Article V, which lays out the process for creating amendments, center on Congress. There’s no mention of the president or the attorney general."
So, why, in fuck's name, is it going to the AG, Trump's Roy Cohn? Smells like a Trump turd.

Yup, Trump Was Pressuring Ukraine Way Before Notorious Phone Call

Ukraine Opens Investigations Into Ukrainegate
Ukraine now investigates Trump's crimes. What a turnaround.

Rand Paul threatens fellow Republicans if they don't go along with impeachment trial cover-up
Talk to Martha McSally, Rand.

BREAKING: GAO Says Trump Broke The Law
The Government Accountability Office (yeah) says Trump violated the Impoundment Control Act when he withheld Congress-approved aid from Ukraine.
Trump is a crook. Repeat until you can admit it is true.

Joyce Vance: Lev Parnas Appears To Be Fully Credible Witness
Joyce Vance gets into the legal weeds, yet makes it totally understandable to us why we should believe what Lev Parnas says about Trump, Giuliani, Pence, Barr, Nunes, the list goes on.
And the crooks go on.....the crooks go on.

Legal expert: Lev Parnas made a powerful case for impeachment that ‘fits with all the evidence’
But if the jurists ignore the smoking guns who has committed the crime here? I think someone I know wrote a song about it.

Federal agency publishes ‘bombshell legal opinion’ showing Trump’s White House violated the law by withholding Ukraine aid
Trump must resign now as well as all his co-conspirators.

WATCH: Vulnerable GOP senator flips out when CNN asks her about new Lev Parnas bombshells
Some severe asshats here. "We won't consider any of those murders that the defendants just committed" is what these fascist hacks are blabbing. In other words, we must keep our cover-up going.
Amerika, you are failures and everybody can see it. The whole world is watching.

Parnas Who? WH Still Insists Trump Doesn’t Know Giuliani Pal Despite Damning Interview, Photos
The guilt is rolling off these crooks like cheap paint rolls off a dried-up barn door.

Parnas: I’ll Release a Photo Each Time Trump Denies Knowing Me
Apparently, he has enough photos to last until hell freezes over! LMAO!

Bombshell-filled Parnas media tour implicates basically everyone on Team Trump in Ukraine plot
Not only are the ALL guilty so are the members of the MAGAt party that have been sheilding Trump as conspirators after the fact.

Lev Parnas: Devin Nunes Was Involved In The Plot To Get Dirt On Biden
During Part I of his interview with Rachel Maddow Tuesday, Lev Parnas pointed a finger at Devin Nunes.
"Lies! Lies! Pepetuated by Ukrainian cow-crazies!" sez Nunes.

Lev Parnas Implicates Trump, Pence And Bolton In The Ukraine Deal
In the bombshell interview with Rachel Maddow, Lev Parnas throws everyone under the bus
You call this evidence? Well, in two words: HELL, YES!

Here are 7 explosive claims from Lev Parnas’ interview with Rachel Maddow blowing up the Ukraine scandal
It blew up good. Blew up real good!

Devin Nunes vows to sue fellow congressman after allegation he ‘conspired with Parnas’
Lawsuit crazy dude goes off again.

New Trump revelations are a ‘fecal iceberg’ that will only lead to more damning info: Rick Wilson
Now, that's creative!

Susan Collins shows her true colors with a cowardly statement about new impeachment evidence
I'm sure they did that just to piss YOU off, Sue.

House Dems Release New Tranche Of Evidence From Giuliani Pal Lev Parnas
House Democrats on Wednesday released a second, much larger trove of documents from Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas.

How the world hears Trump's tone-deafness on democracy

Parnas Texts Expose Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Role In Impeachment Scandal

House Votes to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate

Trump Tried to Legalize Bribery. Maybe He Wasn’t Worried About Ukrainian Corruption.

Virginia Becomes the 38th and Final State Needed to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment
But the ERA still has a long way to go.
Whatever. Keep pounding the wooden stakes until the deal is done.

A New Study About the Death of 1 Million Seabirds Should Scare the Crap Out of You
We mourn the common murres.

The Houston Astros Should Be Stripped Of The 2017 World Series Title
They cheated their way to a World Series "win" in 2017, and it should be taken away.
No question about it. That season should be vacated and the title revoked. It has happened in sports before. Oh, but Las Vegas! So sad.

Donald Trump Showers Us With Deranged Nonsense At Milwaukee Rally
" your angry grandfather who is both senile and a racist."

Why The NFL Isn’t Hiring Black Coaches
The league pioneered a key diversity hiring tactic called the Rooney Rule, but that hasn’t changed how team owners hire.
In the Land of the Happy Negro the No Football League can get away with a lot of fake stuff.

Trump’s Goons Were Up to Something Very Shady in Ukraine

Senate GOPers Impose Unprecedented Press Restrictions For Impeachment Trial
Journalists say the restrictions are meant to limit coverage, and not for protection.
Transparancy in our government? Not so much if the MAGAts have anything to do with it. This will bite the bastards on their collective ass.

‘Damning’ Parnas docs are ‘what Trump has been afraid of’ — and demolish his 3 key impeachment defenses: former acting solicitor general
Donald Trump must resign!

Former White House official drops the hammer on Mike Pompeo after ‘two-bit criminals’ stalked Ukraine ambassador
‘two-bit criminals’. This must include Trump.

Rudy, You Cannot Lie When Lev Parnas Has Receipts!
"Okay, let's back up here. Are you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?"
"Yes, yes they were."

Trump’s Wisconsin Rally Was a Parade of Foreign-Policy Misinformation
A perfect cluster fuck.

These Emails Show a Trump Official Helping Her Former Chemical Industry Colleagues
“It’s highly inappropriate conduct,” said one ethics expert.
But we'll let it slide as usual, right?

Lev Parnas Adds New Details on Push to Oust U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine
Records released just before President Trump’s impeachment trial included texts that suggested the ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, was being watched in Kyiv.
You have some dangerous mobsters at work here.

Here are 7 stunning new pieces of impeachment evidence just released by the House

House Dems release new impeachment evidence related to indicted Giuliani associate
It also includes a previously undisclosed May 2019 letter from Giuliani to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Parnas documents prove ‘this was a shakedown by the president’: Ex-prosecutor

Why Didn’t Trump Tell Congress There Was Evidence Russia Hacked Burisma?
A private security firm’s bombshell report raises new questions on Capitol Hill.
Let me guess. Because he's a fucking criminal?

‘Rudy Giuliani’s colleague Parnas proving the whole impeachment case’: Shocked internet responds to new document dump
But even the Trump Zombies won't have the brains to parse this evidence that puts Trump in cell block #9. "There's a riot goin' on!"

READ: House Intel Releases Parnas Docs For Trump Impeachment
High crimes.

‘Highly inappropriate conduct’: These emails reveal a Trump official helping her former industry colleagues

Trump Is Rushing to Make His Border Wall Look Like a Success Before November
Trump's white elephant and a huge boondoggle on our country.

Sanders Official Says Script Fueling Feud With Warren Was Killed For Being ‘Sloppily Worded’
Proving Sanders is a sloppy candidate. Don't you want another one?

Falwell Vows Civil Disobedience Over Proposed VA Gun Laws: Democrats Will Learn Their Lesson The Hard Way
This asshat will shit and fall back into it.
"the death of the white patriarchy will be short but very whiny"

More bad news for McConnell: Two-thirds of voters want to see John Bolton testify

Trump Has Betrayed His Voters
By the president’s accounting, his accomplishments are legion. But the truth tells a different story.
Why would his voters care? Caring implies someone with a soul.

Meghan McCain Slams Bernie Sanders: ‘He Has a Problem With Women’
“I don’t want another misogynist as president,” the conservative host proclaimed to applause.

Yes, Marriage Equality Is The Law – Even In Tennessee

The Most Racist Thing I Saw Today Was This Campaign Ad Attacking the Squad and Kaepernick
It’s from Jeff Sessions’ primary opponent.
Land of the Happy Negro candidate upset over his negroes' attitude.

How Texas textbooks gloss over discrimination — and why it’s not surprising
Land of the Happy Negro and its tall tales of racism. You know, BIG—like Texas.

AG Bill Barr: There will be no future counter-intel investigations into presidential campaigns without my approval
Barr must think he is omnipotent. Trump's crimes will prevent anyone from blocking any kind of undercover investigation into anything, dude. You and your boy opened the box.

The Big Lies and the Big Liar

They Just Don't Make 'em like Goebbels Anymore
Ok, P.M. but they come pretty close.

That Savvy Moscow Mitch, Tossing the Constitution on the Garbage Heap to Keep His Job
The MAGATs are the underlying problem as we all know.

Nearly 150 Arrested at Protests Exposing Wall Street’s Link to Climate Crisis
We hope they enjoy the summer.

Mitt Romney announces he will vote against McConnell — and approve witnesses during impeachment: report

Space Force Bible Blessing At National Cathedral Sparks Outrage
Up in the air Junior Birdmen, up in the air upside down!
"Um. We don't swear our military oaths on a Bible, or any text for that matter..."

Grifters Gonna Grift Open Thread: Why Is the Sanders Campaign Suddenly In Need of A Big Distraction?
St. Bernie is it?

Fox News’ Melissa Francis claims Cory Booker left the presidential race because ‘he’s lazy’
And we all know why don't we Miss Land of the Happy Negro reporter.

How Democracies Die
"The more crude, irrational or vulgar the attack, the more the disenfranchised rejoice. Lies and truth no longer matter. This was the appeal of the fascists. It is the appeal of Trump."

Sneezing in the Wind Tunnel: Why We Can't Let Go

Progressives Slam Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s Decision to Refuse New Refugees

White House Says It’s Snowing in D.C. When It’s Almost 50 Degrees
They got out the ice skates and the sleds, too.

“Boys Will Be Boys” Lets Men Like Kavanaugh and Trump Off the Hook. Let’s Let It Die.
As tiresome tropes go, this one gets debunked as fast as it returns. So why does its zombie life continue?

Report: Trump Authorized Assassination Of Soleimani Seven Months Ago
Imminent? I don't think so.

Trump Is Launching A School Prayer Crusade. Americans United Will Be There To Meet It.
Better he should launch a prayer crusade for his own corrupt ass.

An Indiana Lawmaker Wants ‘In God We Trust’ Signs In Public Schools. Here’s Why That’s A Bad Idea.
Screw the American Taliban every which way but loose.

The Republican party is holding itself together by appealing to these 3 fascist evils
"... It’s that the party would hold together by itself appealing to a trinity of fascist evils: xenophobia, racism, and authoritarianism. This should worry all of us."

Conservative columnist: Hillary is the most ‘exonerated’ politician ever. Trump? Not so much

Royal Zoo Story

I am not 'non-white'
To the Land of the Happy Negro

Memo by Secret Memo, the University of Texas Kept Segregation Alive into the 1960s
Jim Crow was office work, too, a stash of long-hidden documents reveals.
Memos from the Land of the Happy Negro.

Rachel Maddow Blisters The NYT's 'Unresolved Issues' About Hillary Clinton
Slamming the New York Times for their partnership with the alt-right to destroy Hillary Clinton's candidacy, Rachel Maddow demonstrated why she is the best of the best in journalism.

Report Pokes More Holes In Dubious Claim Soleimani Was Plotting ‘Imminent’ Attack

The evolution of a Trump lie: How we got from ‘imminent attack’ to ‘four embassies’ in 9 fact-free steps

Trump spokesman tries to defend Iran strike by attacking Obama — but it completely backfires
And how they lie.

Trump snarls at Nancy Pelosi for ‘impeachment hoax’ in Twitter meltdown
Trump: "Now the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, are asking @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell to do the job that they were unable to do."
Why were they unable to do that, Big Don? Because your fat ass told those witnesses to ignore their subpoenas and didn't permit them to testify. That would be yet another obstruction of justice charge on you.

Trump Indicates He’ll Seek To Block Key Impeachment Witnesses’ Testimonies At Trial
You see what I mean about obstruction of justice? Throw this assmoron in a cell and send the key out on the next Mars shuttle.

Major red flags found in Trump’s taxes — and now New York City wants a criminal investigation

The Power of Exhaustion
And if you don't know "Las Golondrinas" here's the translation: Las Golondrinas (English translation)

Another Reminder Moscow Mitch Is an Unprincipled, Hypocritical, Power-hungry Danger to the Republic
Bi-i-i-i-ig hypocrite!

An Impeachment Trial Is Finally Coming — and It Could Be Exciting after All

Congress Finally Asserts Its Constitutional War Powers Authority
So why do so many congressional Republicans reject their oaths of office and bow to Donald Trump’s unconscionable demands?

Trump complains he didn’t get Nobel Peace Prize days after threatening to commit war crimes

Right-wing hawk attack tactics aren’t working this time — and here’s why

Missouri Republican Bill Aims to Have Cops Stop Abortions
Stone age zealot runs amok in "Show Me Nothing" state

Trump Broke It. Now He Owns It.
The president withdrew from a flawed deal with Iran, but had no realistic alternative. With that choice comes responsibility for what ensued.

Rudy Giuliani wants the Supreme Court to step in and declare the Constitution unconstitutional
This guy is still walking the streets? Wow!

The Wall Street Journal accidentally reveals the unbearable truth about Soleimani’s assassination
Illustrating the fraud that is Trump and his MAGAt party.

WATCH: Unhinged man screams at the top of his lungs at Elizabeth Warren and accuses her of loving Iran
Another Trump Zombie. See "The Dead Don't Die."

Anti-Trump Group Takes On Evangelicals
The Lincoln Project is coming for Trump and evangelical hypocrisy.
Illustrating to all the fraud that is Trump. Especially since "Slopbucket" Jim Baker opens his grifting mouth in it. LOL!
Trump is a false prophet and a con-man. The lost will drink the Kool-Aid until their end.

5 Reasons We’ve Been Given for the Killing of Qassem Soleimani
"He's insane."

Trump Hitler Rally Mostly About Adam Schiff's Nine Inches Or Something, We Dunno
Welcome to the Donald Trump Side Show Showdown.

Trump Undoing 50-Year-Old Environmental Review Law Because It's Too Old For Him Probably
"The burdens of regulations." Read: Preventing us from becoming and staying members of the 1% and not allowing continued exploitation of the 99% that are left forever.

Fox News is now a threat to national security, with guest Garrett Graff
Yes, Amerika has an underlying fascination with fascism. History will not remember us well for this.
And yes, social media has proved to be a very bad thing.

Trump Is Close to Committing a Massive War Crime in Afghanistan
President Trump’s reckless threats to escalate the Afghan War could lead to the killing of tens of millions of civilians.
"At the time, he tweeted: ...'What kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position?' Weeks later, he would clear three military service members of war crimes, one of them convicted of murdering two Afghan civilians, another charged with the murder of an Afghan man."

The Dismal Forecasts of the Dismal Scientists
How economists keep getting things wrong and not learning from their mistakes

Senate Trial Rules Now Being Drafted by McConnell: ‘No One Is Going to See Until We’re Underway’
Sounds totally fair to me. How can this be anything but honest.
How long will McConnell's upper lip philtrum actually grow before his lower jaw reaches his chest?

It Was More Than Just Soleimani
But "who knows where or when" sings Mike Pompouso.

Mike Pompeo ramps up lies about assassination, as White House adds new sanctions against Iran

Another reminder Moscow Mitch is an unprincipled, hypocritical, power-hungry danger to the republic

The Real Backstory of Why Trump Ordered the Killing of Suleimani Is Becoming More Clear

Democrats and Republicans Cross Party Lines in Contentious Vote to Limit Trump’s War Powers Against Iran
"A group of moderate Democrats, on the other hand, opposed the measure, including Reps. Max Rose (NY), Joe Cunningham (KY), Ben McAdams (UT), Anthony Brindisi (NY), Elaine Luria (VA), Josh Gottheimer (NJ), Kendra Horn (OK), and Stephanie Murphy (FL). They all come from vulnerable swing districts."
Let me guess. They will all say: "But if we lose office we can do nothing." Earth to the fearful: You are already doing nothing but taking up space.

How 4 More Years of Trump Could Send the U.S. Down the Path Toward Corrupt Oligarchy
"Where we're headed is a stupider version of Nazi Germany."

Following ‘incoherent’ Trump down the road to war will blow up in Republicans’ faces: conservative
To witness the insanity that is Trump babbling in his TV concerts is like watching a bloody horror show.

DOJ Investigation Into Hillary Clinton Ends And They Found...Nothing.
Trump and the DOJ desperately wanted to find something to charge Hillary Clinton with. They failed.
This is just more proof of a conspiracy, doncha know.

Trump Supporter Flummoxed By Question
“What is something that you believe the president has done well?” "Umm...."
The kid can't even say that Trump puts on a good clown show. Sad Amerika.

From resistance to assistance: Corporate media has offered little pushback to Trump’s Iran assassination

Winter isn’t coming — and you need to prepare for the Pyrocene

Your Right-Wing Uncle Thinks All The Fires In Australia Were Deliberately Set
Bots are spreading disinformation online about Australia bushfires.

House votes to limit Trump's war powers in Iran

Trump’s Iran speech showed that he’s clearly not well — why are people afraid to say that?
They are:
1. Like Trump, too mentally impaired to see it.
2. Too addicted to the power they think Trump brings them.
3. Just plain corrupt asshole dickheads bent on destroying America.
4. All of the above.

NYC Bar Association issues stunning rebuke of AG Bill Barr — and asks Congress to investigate him for bias

Duckworth Rips Into Doug Collins: ‘I Left Parts Of My Body Behind Fighting Terrorists In Iraq’
Full disclosure: Doug served as a U.S. Navy Chaplain at the minimum of 2 years active service in the late 1980s. He continued that path in the U.S. Air Force Reserve.

WaPo: Army Gen. Denies Special Forces Tab For Accused War Criminal Trump Pardoned

We’re Just Discovering the Price of Killing Soleimani
Grieving families around the world are already paying it.

How Supportive of a Democratic Iraq Can We Claim to Be Now?
Fifteen years after I was deployed to Iraq, I wonder how tired the Iraqis who flashed me big smiles and ink-stained peace signs must be.

Texas revoked a Fort Worth man's anti-Trump license plate. See what other vanity plates were rejected.
The state's Department of Motor Vehicles revoked the "JAIL 45" plate after someone complained it was offensive.

MalwareBytes Identifies 'Unremovable' Malware on US Government-Funded Phones
Trump and his stooges are watching you "low-income Americans."

UN Security Council declares commitment to 'international law' as tensions flare

Mexican man kills himself on bridge after being refused entry to US

White House Continues to Stonewall Over Soleimani
Pence is so convincing.

Dear Mr. Trump: FUCK YOU.
Finally. Thank you Mr. Carpenter for calling him exactly what he is.
Same goes for his deplorables.

Four Reasons Why Millennials Don’t Have Any Money
Compared to the boomers, they’re way behind.
Yes, that's right Trump Zombies—wage stagnation. It's very real and so is the prevailing wisdom of a recession this year.

Is Warren Still a Viable Unity Candidate?
One can ask the same question about Bernie Sanders. If the Bros. don't get him on the ticket then they will bail out like the sore losers they were in 2016. They are as ridiculous as the Trump Zombies.

Team Trump really doesn't want voters to know how much Trump's Mar-a-Lago trips cost taxpayers
WTF? You mean Trump wasn't paying for those trips out of his pocket? What a stunner!

New Polling: Most Americans Skeptical Iran Strike Made USA Safer
More than half of those polled found Trump's Iran action "reckless."
Really? Wonders will never cease.

By 2-to-1 Margin, Voters Say Soleimani Strike Made U.S. ‘Less Safe’

Jim Jordan Is Lying About Voting Rights
And he wants you to send him $25 because of it.

Nancy Pelosi calls out McConnell’s lies on impeachment — and Chuck Schumer details Republican hypocrisy

GOP Congressmen Go Full Racist On Democratic Women Colleagues
Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) went after Rep. Ilhan Omar on the same day Rep. Rutherford (R-FL) took aim at Rep. Pramila Jayapal. There's a pattern of abuse here.
MAGAts abusing? It's their stock in trade.

Trump’s press conference was an ‘incoherent, rambling’ mess — and his ‘bellicose’ foreign policy won’t win over voters: conservative columnist

Trump impeachment news: Pressure to start Senate trial as worldwide survey reveals lack of confidence in president
Confidence in Trump is only found in Zombie territory.

The case for witnesses at Trump Senate impeachment trial gets stronger every day: Schumer
We are asking that the president’s top advisers tell their story, and for the Senate to have access to documents that will shed light on the truth.

Lindsey Graham trashes Rand Paul and Mike Lee for criticizing Trump’s Iran briefing: ‘You’re empowering the enemy’
If you want to know the enemy, Lindsey, just look in a mirror.

Study: Medicare for All Could Save $600 Billion Annually on Bureaucratic Waste

Iran Sanctions Are Economic Warfare, and Trump Just Vowed to Increase Them

Congress Must Forcibly Limit Trump’s Power to Attack Iran

Why 'Adderall' Is Trending On Twitter
"Gosh, the so-called president sure does sniff a lot while he's speaking."
If Trump is abusing Adderall and Sudafed at his age we won't need to worry about him facing impeachment or anything else in this world for long.

Chris Matthews Slams Trump's Knee-Jerk Obama-Blame: 'An Outrageous Stretch'
After Trump's speech about the standdown with Iraq, Andrea Mitchell and Matthews cannot let Trump's lies and misplaced blame go by undisputed.
Trump is a shameless, lying POS. A mentally ill life form.

Senator Tammy Duckworth: Trump Is A Draft-Dodging Playground Bully
And on Tuesday's Rachel Maddow program she said her own toddler had more impulse control than Donald Trump.
In a sane world Trump would be institutionalized.

Lee, Paul Back War Powers Resolution After ‘Insulting’ Admin Briefing On Iran

Republican Sen. Mike Lee lashes out and spits fire over Trump administration’s ‘absolutely insane’ briefing on Iran
But Mike still thinks he's Ok. Right.

Ivanka to CES: College Is Overrated
Keep 'em stupid so they'll keep believing your fascist lies.

Iran Launches Missiles Against U.S. in Iraq, Threatens More Retaliation

Seth Meyers Takes 'A Closer Look' At Threats Of War Crimes
Trump is suggesting war crimes are appropriate.
Criminals commit crimes.

The excuses for assassinating Soleimani are illogical and stupid — and this is going to get ugly

The dark underbelly of philanthropy reveals the reality of criminal exploitation in our society

Iran state TV says the country has launched a ‘revenge operation’ on US troops at an Iraqi base
Thanks, Donnie.

Iran Says It Has Launched Missiles at US Base in Iraq
The attack is in retaliation for the killing of a top Revolutionary Guards commander in Baghdad.

Noam Chomsky: US Is a Rogue State and Suleimani’s Assassination Confirms It

Schlafly's Ghost Rises To Sue Over Equal Rights Amendment
The Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum has standing to stop the Equal Rights Amendment? Still? Again?
"The Dead Don't Die." Or "Scraping the coffin lid to be relevant in the 21st Century when you came from the 17th."

US Now Deporting Mexican Asylum Seekers To Guatemala Because F*ck Them Is Why

Meet the new war, brought to you by the sponsors of the one we're still stuck in

Trump’s Assassination of Iran’s Suleimani Was a Colossal Strategic Blunder
In one blow, Washington has strengthened Iran’s hard-liners, revived its nuke program, drawn Iraq closer to Tehran, stymied popular regional uprisings, and endangered Americans around the world.

‘What You’re Seeing From Mitch McConnell Is Disgusting’
The Senate majority leader has abandoned his constitutional duty. Democrats should not let him live it down.
He won't live it down.

Trump: ‘I Like To Obey The Law’ But Iran Will Face Consequences If It Retaliates
If there is one thing Trump does not like to do it is obey law.

Michael Flynn Deserves 6 Months In Prison, Per Prosecutors
Selling out the United States of America is six months if you're a Republican. (read MAGAt)

None Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: The New Normal Ain't Normal.

A Historian Reflects on the Return of Fascism

Trump’s Distraction by Assassination
The killing of Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani took the public’s attention away from Trump’s upcoming trial in the Senate. This new crisis, though, has no visible off-ramp.

How Long Will Australia Be Livable?
Facing a future of fire, drought, and rising oceans, Australians will have to weigh the choice between getting out early or staying to fight.
This, of course, applies to planet Earth.

Of Course This Isn’t True
Because nothing from Trump is true.

Are We Dumber Now Than We Were in 2003?
This time, let’s not do the even stupider thing.
Rhetorical question, right?

What Will Happen to The Trump Toadies? Look to Nixon’s defenders, and the Vichy collaborators, for clues.

Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden Can’t Create the ‘Energy’ Needed to Beat Trump
Said the bent-over elder who had a heart attack not long ago.

Christian Activist: If Trump Doesn’t Win, Progressives Will Do To Us Exactly What The Nazis Did To The Jews
Textbook paranoiac.

Having John Bolton testify in the Senate is likely be a disaster—which is why it should be done

Nikki Haley: 'Democrat' Leadership, 2020 Dems Are The Only Ones Mourning Soleimani Death
Nikki Haley goes full MAGA in an interview with Sean Hannity.
"Apparently, Nikki Haley is a bigger asshole than any of us thought."

Trump is no Hitler. His GOP enablers are the bigger problem
That means the MAGATs.

Legal and security experts blast Marco Rubio’s refusal to subpoena John Bolton for Trump impeachment trial: ‘Utterly wrong and utterly keeps showing us how politically astute he is not.

Opinions | The Trump administration rolls out Operation Backfire
Mike Pompous makes his dimissal of sanity.

Trump’s Rationale for Killing Soleimani Makes No Sense

Trump’s War Against Iran Is an Impeachable Offense
What the president has already done justifies a third article of impeachment.

The Fires in Australia Are Turning Distant Glaciers Brown
The demise of glaciers will raise ocean levels world wide. Get ready to go swimming.
The fires will be in the U.S. this summer.

Defense Department says it is preparing for 'onward movement' after Iraq votes to expel U.S. forces
These stooges are so fucked up they can't tell shit from applebutter.

Fox News legal analyst: Democrats should ‘reopen the impeachment inquiry’ against Trump in light of ‘newly acquired evidence’

New research reveals the sweeping costs of Trump’s trade war — and exposes his blatant lies

‘If the GOP is not yet a fascist party, it is well on its way to becoming one’: A historian reflects on the return of Fascism
The MAGAt party certainly is a fascist group.

Soleimani’s Ultimate Revenge
In his death, the Iranian general may cost the United States far more than it gained by his killing.

Ex-Apprentice Staffer Noel Casler Speaks Out: 'Trump's A Raging Drug Addict'
Noel Casler, a former Apprentice staffer, did a radio interview where he provided some truly terrifying insight into Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump
Watch out, Noel. The MAGAts will be coming for you.

David Jolly: 'I Don't Think We Can Believe Mike Pompeo' On Iran
"The risk is that if Republicans simply accept Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo's leadership without question, we could be putting the nation in greater danger, not less," the former congressman said.

The Folks Who Lied about Iraq and Afghanistan Are Lying about Iran. We Must Stop a New War.

The US Appears to Validate Foreign Policy by Assassination
Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani’s assassination demonstrates to the world the United States’ overt amorality and indifference to international law.

Trump Can’t Handle a War of Choice
He’s too polarizing and commands too little respect from critics to lead such an effort effectively.

Even in Death, Soleimani Is the Winner
The assassination only fortifies the Iranian strategist’s legacy as a counterweight to U.S. power. ‘He is as much a product as a producer’ of the decades-long conflict.

Nightmare at the Museum

House to Vote on War Powers Resolution to Limit Trump’s Authority to Wage War on Iran
Now, show of hands of anyone who thinks that will prevent an international criminal such as Trump from destroying civilization as we know it?

Trump’s One Foreign-Policy Idea Is to Make America More Like Its Enemies

Trump Administration 'Woefully Unprepared' For What's About To Happen In Iran
"And they're too stupid to realize it. People here are freaking out, and rightfully so," a government official told Iran expert Reza Marashi.

It would only take 20 Republican senators with a conscience to end this
The problem is that most of the Republicans are no longer Republicans but are members of the MAGAt party now.

‘Alarming’: Iranian-Americans reportedly detained at US Border and asked about political views

Chris Wallace Tells Mike Pompeo: It's 'Misguided' To Launch A Military Attack During Impeachment
Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Secretary Mike Pompeo on Sunday if U.S. enemies like Iran had been "emboldened" by the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
It's not misguided for the crook who is throwing smoke bombs to avoid being prosecuted for his crimes.

President War Crimer Spends Weekend Cyberbullying Iran On Twitter
"Hillary Clinton warned us all that an unstable reality TV host would make a piss-poor commander-in-chief of the world's most powerful military. Unfortunately, she shrunk the testicles of insecure men in the rust belt, so here we are."

Democracies Can Become Digital Dictators
Internet shutdowns in India prove it's not just authoritarians who repress online.
Is the whole world turning into a gang of Nazis?

Trump Threatens To Destroy Iran’s Culturally Significant Sites. That’s Considered A War Crime.
Can one expect anything less from a criminal than a crime?

Trump’s Illegal, Impeachable Act of War

Mitch McConnell Warns Members Of Congress Not To Criticize Dear Leader On Iran
Mitch McConnell, Leader of the Congressional Branch of MAGA, states with Nazi-like fealty that NO one in Congress shall dare question Donald Trump's actions in Iran (or anywhere else, for that matter).
Mitch McConnell can crawl back into his MAGAt sewer.

US officials say justification for Soleimani assassination ‘razor thin’ — undermining White House’s public line

Ocasio-Cortez calls Trump a ‘monster’ for ‘threatening to target and kill innocent families, women and children’ in Iran
“This is a war crime,” Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, tweeted in response to the president’s warning. “Threatening to target and kill innocent families, women, and children—which is what you’re doing by targeting cultural sites—does not make you a ‘tough guy.’ It does not make you ‘strategic.’ It makes you a monster.”

Mainstream news outlet headlines uncritically and recklessly repeat Trump administration’s justification for strike against Iranian military leader

An Open Letter to Rev. Franklin Graham from a “Small Church” Pastor
But don't miss "Kierkegaard’s Ghost."

The Soleimani Strike Defied the U.S. Constitution
If Congress fails to respond effectively, the constitutional order will be broken beyond repair, and the president will be left with the unmitigated power to take the country to war on his own—anywhere, anytime, for any reason.
Trump has already repeatedly raped the Constitution. The Republicans support him. At least the ones that have not yet left office.

A Reminder from the Bad Old Days: The 9/11 War Authority Is Still in Effect for Trump to Use in Iran

It Wasn’t the Law That Stopped Other Presidents From Killing Soleimani
The leader helped get hundreds of Americans killed—through two administrations. Both declined to kill him.

Pompeo gripes about European reaction to Soleimani strike
If Trump hadn't have pissed all over them perhaps you wouldn't be whining like a dumbass.

Was It Legal For The U.S. To Kill A Top Iranian Military Leader?
Well, you see, assassinations aren't allowed by law. And since Trump can never break the law as president, get the con.

Voting Rights Roundup: Missouri GOP vows to try to gut a voter-approved redistricting reform in 2020

How Donald Trump’s perverse brand of BS took over American politics
Creatures who eat bullshit helped mostly.

Trump Told Mar-a-Lago Pals to Expect ‘Big’ Iran Action ‘Soon’
Attendees of a closed-door Senate briefing didn’t get much more clarity than the club guests did. Instead, officials spun Soleimani’s slaying as a way to “de-escalate” tensions.

The War on Reproductive Care Is Preventing Patients From Seeking Help
These people belong to the middle ages. They are of no help to a world that needs them to "get out of the way if you can't lend a hand...."

Friday night owls open thread: War thug Gallagher's haberdashery a story of the rise of U.S. fascism

Trump and the GOP are sowing the seeds for the country’s unraveling
"Once Trump is gone, it will take exceptional moral and political leadership to overcome the underlying causes of our current dysfunction. The first step will be to abandon Trump’s perverse form of bullshit."
Which raises the question: Will Trump ever be gone now that he has released the worst of our social structure to continue the rot that he has caused?

Trump Thinks Attacking Iran Will Get Him Reelected. He’s Wrong.

Yes, 1.5 Degrees Celsius Is Long Gone as a Climate Change Target
Australia is just the beginning of the apocalypse

Hospitals Are Seizing Patients’ Homes and Wages for Overdue Bills
The misery of poor folks having to endure life in Amerika.

We’re regulating the wrong bodies…because Conservative White men make the rules, don’tchaknow?
"If a woman has sex with 100 random men in a year, she can still only produce one full term pregnancy. If a guy has sex with 100 random women in a year, he can produce 100 full term pregnancies. So why exactly are we only talking about regulating women?" — Brad Betts (@870South) May 20, 2019

Congress Failed to Act to Prevent Iran War. Now Trump Has Put Millions at Risk.
Trump and his fascists will be happy to kill millions if it gets him re-elected.

The Struggle to Vote in the U.S.

The Assassination of Suleimani Escalates the Threat of War
President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal nearly two years ago started the US down this path with Iran.

Killing Soleimani Was Worse Than a Crime
It was a blunder.

Who Will Stop Trump’s War on Iran?
The assassination of a top Iranian military commander could cause the conflict to spiral out of control.

Trump Just Declared War on Iran
There’s no other way to look at the killing of Qassem Soleimani.

Trump left a key position unfilled — and it may explain mistakes in the Suleimani assassination
"Putin has been briefed. Congress has not."

'Isn't it pathetic?': Trump once accused Obama of plotting Iran attack for political boost
The president struck a very different tone about Iran before he stepped into the commander in chief job.

Suleimani’s Death Changes Nothing for Iran
He was an important figure. But the Islamic Republic won’t lose influence in the region.

Pentagon Confirms Trump Ordered Killing of Top Iranian Military Leader—Experts Warn It’s ‘an Astounding Escalation’ in Conflict

What Comes Next After the Killing of Qasem Suleimani

'It's Happening': Republicans Ask SCOTUS To Overturn Roe V. Wade
A call to resist: reproductive freedom is now on the ballot in 2020.
The latest example of the assault on women's freedom by Amerikan fascists.

‘Hugely consequential breaking news’: Chris Hayes reports on the killing of Qassem Soleimani
Looks like Trump wants a war.

Iranian Military Leader Qasem Soleimani Assassinated On Trump's Orders
After militiamen in Iraq tried to besiege the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, Donald Trump took extreme measures. The fallout is expected to be swift and deadly.
"Thus begins Trump's War of Distraction."

Pentagon claims credit for Qasem Soleimani assassination — ordered ‘at the direction of the president’
This will not end well for America.

Iran state TV cuts broadcasts — and is just showing photos of assassinated General Qasem Soleimani

Pentagon confirms Trump ordered killing of top Iranian military leader — experts warn it’s ‘an astounding escalation’ in tensions
Trump will do his best to kill us all.

Amazon threatens to fire employees demanding climate justice
The end for us all isn't far away.

Illinois Sinclair Station Fearmongers Misinfo On Pot And Gun Ownership
Leave it to a Sinclair station to push false info.
What else would Trump TV do?

White House’s efforts to stonewall impeachment evidence officially crumbles — and pressure is building on Republicans

In Red America, No One Is Too Far Gone For Gun Ownership
We've been told that the church shooting in White Settlement, Texas, was ended quickly by a good guy with a gun, but the real story is different.

Happy New Year! (but not Happy New Decade, Dude!)
So, if enough people say the earth is flat, that proves it? This is what is called "conventional wisdom" and fallacious.
This is Trump Zombie dead-end thinking.
You can say any random ten years make a "decade" but it doesn't apply to the proper point here as in 10s, 20s, etc..
There is NO year zero in the common era. That's NO YEAR ZERO! The common era began in year 1. That being the case you start with 1 and end in a zero #. All Fs in math here. Say good-night, Josh. Your 15 minutes are up.

March of the Republican Zombie Ants

Australia Faces Extinction but its Leaders Still Don’t Want to Know
The apocalypse is so close that the people have to flee to the beaches but climate change denial is taken to a new level of stupidity.

Exclusive: Unredacted Ukraine Documents Reveal Extent of Pentagon’s Legal Concerns
" of many documents the Trump administration is trying to keep from the public, despite congressional oversight efforts and court orders in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation."
More solid proof that Trump is a criminal and should be removed from office.

Explosive New Emails Add To Pile Of Evidence That Trump Personally Ordered Ukraine Aid Freeze

Trump Covering Up Scheme to Use Justice Department to Punish CNN
More on the crooked crap from the head crook.

John Bolton Has To Testify Now That His Excuses Have Run Out
With deputy Charles Kupperman's lawsuit dismissed, the top legal precedent states "absolute immunity" is complete and total BS.

America Is Now the Divided Republic the Framers Feared
John Adams worried that “a division of the republic into two great parties … is to be dreaded as the great political evil.” And that’s exactly what has come to pass.
Thus: America and Amerika.

Swamp Fever: The Republican have been promoting crack-pot ideas for decades

Mitch McConnell ‘underestimated both Pelosi and the tolerance of the American people for Trump’s criminality’: attorney
McConnell: Asshole of the century.

‘CRIME OF THE CENTURY’: Trump rages against ‘Dirty (filthy) cops’ who took down his associates
Trump is the criminal of the century.

Robert Reich: Corporate social responsibility is a sham

ILLINOIS: Legal Weed Begins, Thousands Pardoned
Sanity wins.

Wonkette's 2019 Legislative Shitheel Is Moscow Mitch, Who Else Would It Be?

We Are the Majority. We Must Turn That Into Power.

In Iraq, the U.S. Gets Hit Where It Hurts
The storming of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad demonstrated that America doesn’t have a monopoly on pressure.

Georgia Anti-Abortion Supporters Used Misleading Tactics to Promote Early-Abortion Bans
Their appeals to state lawmakers were based on inaccurate medical claims and questionable constitutional arguments, opening a new front in the war on abortion rights.

Chief Justice John Roberts issues New Year’s Eve warning to stand up for democracy
Convict Trump.

Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the Future
The fire next time?

Ronstadt: Trump’s Like Hitler, Mexicans Are His Jews
Linda, you're asking people to read history. If only.

Trump is mentally ill — but our real sickness runs much deeper
Amerikan fascism gained traction so easily to a nation of zombies.

Another court ruling heightens potential for more Ukraine bombshells to drop

‘Poor Judgement’ And ‘Fear Of Reprisal’ Fueled Corrections Officers’ Nazi Salute Class Photo, Probe Finds
Nazis are abundant in Amerika.

Average US Family Can't Afford A Home In 71% Of The Country
This is the America that people want?

Joe Scarborough: Trump is a ‘threat to American democracy’ — and voters will need to confront that threat in 2020

The seeds of Theocratic Authoritarianism are being planted
It's merely the latest in a historical series of inquisitions. They all fail. It's no surprise that these fascist criminals would try it.

Daily Beast: Trumpers Carry Out Witch Hunt After Employee 'Likes' Chelsea's Tweet
Someone clicked on a Chelsea Clinton tweet from a U.S. mission, and they went all out to find out who.
Clearly, twisted and severely ill creatures.

Trump's tax cut is history's greatest daylight robbery, gutting the nation to benefit the wealthy
Why do you think the middle class is carrying record debt these days?

Everything We Know About the Church Shooting in Texas That Left 3 Dead

“President Trump Has Created an Environmental Crisis at the Border”
The water-guzzling demands of his wall are threatening some endangered fish species.

Not Just Ukraine: Giuliani Meddled In Other Foreign Affairs Too

The Suit
"So, he continues to sh*t the pants of The Suit, knowing that if he can't keep it, at least it will be unwearable by anyone else when it is taken from him."

The Biggest Business Con of 2019: Fleecing Workers While Bosses Get Rich
"The first step is to see corporate social responsibility for the con it is."

Onward, Christian Fascists

White House Uses One Weird Trick To Defeat Pesky Constitution
"Put up, or shut up, assholes."

CBS News ripped to shreds over softball interview with Ivanka Trump: ‘Pure pap and pandering’

Fiesta referee explains crucial calls that flipped semifinal
Ken Williamson and his bullshit explanation of being a Clemson fixer.
Egregious interpretation of bullshit double-talk ass-cover rules that are ruining college football.
Don't know the rule? Is that right. Take a look and listen: "receiver catches ball—makes a common football move—moving your feet a couple of steps,"— It does not say which fucking direction. I rest my case.
College football’s catch rule is officially more confusing than the NFL’s now
Don't bother watching anymore of this fixed playoff system clown show.
And more on the bunko.
College football replay is broken. The CFP Championship game is a sham. Using ACC and SEC officials to run these games? Can you spell J-O-B-B-E-D? Clemson is bogus. Officials must be accountable. These people must resign or be fired.

Casually Homicidal Republicans Share Violent Fantasies Of Killing Us All If Trump Loses In 2020
Insert "Maniacs" after the word Homicidal and you will be more accurate.

Welcome to Texas, Where 'a Nonpregnant Woman Is worth 91 Percent Less than a Pregnant Woman'
"The U.S. could join the rest of the advanced economies of the world and provide universal health care. Instead, we have a system in which women are four times more likely to die from complications of childbirth than in comparable countries."

Graham Now Worries Giuliani’s ‘Information’ From Ukraine Might Be Russian Propaganda
Oh, so now this guy is concerned about Russia? Wow!

Monsters of the 2010s: NFL Owners
They were evil, and evil was in vogue.
That's the No Football League. Turn off your addiction, please get help.

5 Stabbed in Hanukkah Attack in Monsey, New York
Franklin Graham blames the media and "Trump haters" for this.
Dude, it's domestic terrorism. It's part of your team.

Franklin Graham Blames 'People In The Media' And 'Hatred For Trump' After Hanukkah Party Stabbing
Franklin Graham suggested to Fox News on Sunday that "hatred for Trump" and "a lot of people in the media" are responsible for a mass stabbing at a Hanukkah party in New York over the weekend.

Saturday night owls open thread: 'A Gangster in the White House'
Franklin Graham, read this.

How Could A Test For Strep Throat Cost $28,865?
There's no way a simple throat swab intended to determine whether a patient has strep should cost more than a few hundred dollars (and in any other rich nation, it wouldn't).
Medical industry corruption in America must be stopped.

Trump turns back on workers as companies force employees to train their cheaper foreign replacements: report
Here you go Amerika.

Navy SEALs Call Edward Gallagher “Freaking Evil” and “Toxic” in Leaked Videos
President Donald Trump has repeatedly defended Gallagher, a former SEAL accused of war crimes.

GOP senators reportedly have ‘severe misgivings’ about Mitch McConnell’s impeachment strategy
As they should. Maybe they will take their jobs seriously. Or not.

Beware Of Anonymous Republicans 'Concerned' About McConnell's Impeachment Plans
Be skeptical. Be very skeptical of anonymous Republicans who won't stand up, but instead lurk in the background with "concerns."

Fox News Woman: 'Measles Is Not A Big Deal To Me At All'
"It’s an insignificant disease, and I think it’s stupid that people are making such a big deal out of it.”
Said the brainless Zombie.

Constitutional law expert makes the case for Trump to resign — but why have so few others demanded he step down?
It illustrates how Americans, especially the media, care so little about their government.

Disturbing New Report Zeroes in on Mysteries Still Surrounding Russia’s 2016 Election Hacking — and Why We’re Still at Risk
We're still at risk due to Russian assets being in charge of our government.

William Barr’s Police-Fueled War on Civil Rights
The attorney general’s obsession with protecting the police is a throwback to the crackdown on protesters in the 1960s.
The Right-Flap and their time machine obsession.

Friday News Dump: Jonathan Turley Says Trump Was Impeached, And Other News
Even Jonathan Turley isn't accepting Trump's silly talking point that he wasn't impeached.
Trump Zombies live in constant state of denial.

Trump Hostilely Dodges Question On Origins Of His Ukraine Conspiracy Theory
Amazing how he doesn't have the sense to understand a question.

Nancy Pelosi has every right to submit Donald Trump for ‘involuntary’ psych evaluation: Yale psychiatrist:
Our country should demand it.

Germans think Trump is bigger threat to world peace than dictators as he becomes a global laughing stock
They are, of course, correct.

The Dead Don't Die
If you thought it was odd reading on this site that Trump supporters have been referred to as Trump Zombies just take a look at what Jim Jarmusch has done.
It goes hand-in-hand with Men of Extinction's Pistol Grip Wallet CD.

More Than Half Of Those Polled Now Want Trump To Be Removed From Office
Fifty-five per cent of those asked said they were in favor of the US president’s conviction by the Senate, a figure which has shot up from 48 per cent the week before.

Georgia and Wisconsin voter roll purges raise 2020 concerns
But only with people who support democracy. Apparantly, there aren't many in the Republican Klan.

If there are no penalties for misleading the public, the public will always be misled

The Trump Presidency Is Our Second 9/11
For the past three years, Donald Trump has been a uniquely disastrous president.

Trump Rips ‘Crazy Nancy’ Hours After His Christmas-Morning Call for Unity
'Dorky Donnie' displays insanity in public routinely.

Solid majorities think Trump abused his power and should have complied with impeachment inquiry

Fox & Friends Props Up Mitch McConnell's Planned Sham Trump Impeachment Trial
“Impeachment is gonna fade away” by the election, McConnell declared. “It will all be completed sometime, I assume, in the early part of the year. We all know how this is gonna end.”
We all know how Moscow Mitch is gonna end.

President Scrooge and His Dickensian Cabal
The administration’s holiday greeting is a plan to slash food stamp benefits for roughly 700,000 unemployed Americans.

Sen. Murkowski ‘disturbed’ by McConnell’s approach on impeachment
The Alaskan Republican says she takes seriously her role as an impartial juror.

America’s Most Under-Appreciated Right
Groups of citizens regularly exercise the right to assemble, but too often American political and cultural leaders ignore it.

Giuliani Says New York Prosecutors Are ‘A**holes’ If They’re Investigating Him
This is coming from one of the pickiest assholes there is.

Top House Republican gets slammed for blatantly lying about the FBI investigation of Trump campaign aides
OMG! Not Holy McCarthy too!

The 2010s Were The Decade That Bent Democracy To The Breaking Point
"The decade that began in 2010 witnessed the gravest threats to the integrity of American democracy since the Civil War."
Must be the Land of the Happy Negro strumming on the old melodies.

Trump Tells Student Group: “I Never Understood Wind”
And that's not the only thing he doesn't understand.
And let's look at data: Wind farms are hardly the bird slayers they’re made out to be. Here’s why

Schumer Pounces On ‘Explosive’ New Emails From Key Witness On Ukraine Aid Freeze

‘Trump is terrified’ and ‘addicted to conflict’: Psychiatrist Justin Frank on the president’s mental decompensation
How many mental experts does it take to convince a Trump zombie? We have yet to reach that number.

Is Donald Trump the Second 9/11? Or Is He the Third?

We’ll See You in Hell
If we go down, we will go down fighting.

No, McConnell, Biased Jurors and No Witnesses Do NOT Make for a Fair Trial

Trump-Era Chickenshit Behavior, Press Division

Lying, cheating, and stealing are the building blocks of their American dream

New Emails Show White House Worried That Trump’s Hold On Ukraine Aid Was Simply Illegal
The Center for Public Integrity has obtained a series of emails concerning the military assistance to Ukraine and Donald Trump’s involvement in putting that assistance on hold.

How the Trump presidency is reversing history
I believe that it has been said here about the Republicans: "How they long to return to the past."
And I don't mean to the good old days but the shithole days.

Trump and Company Keep Confessing
Review the top five confessions by Trump and his henchmen.

Is This Goodbye to the American Republic?

The Athletes Who Fought Back in 2019
For a taste of political resistance and victory, look no further than the world of sports.

Trump Reelection Aide Taped Admitting GOP Has Historically Relied On Voter Suppression

New Docs Show That White House Froze Ukraine Aid Two Hours After Zelensky Call

Poll: Majority approves of Trump's impeachment
The new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll also shows an identical 52 percent would approve of the Senate voting to remove Trump from office.
Mitch doesn't give a shit. He's another Putin ally.

Michigan steel mill closure announced two days after Trump told Michigan crowd 'steel is back'
Where's the steel?

Trump Thanks Putin For His Support As Rudy Giuliani Appears On Russian TV To Promote Ukraine Scam
On Friday evening, Donald Trump found his ultimate supporter in his claims that he was completely right to extort Ukraine—Vladimir Putin

Republicans Defend Trump With "Four Facts" That Are Fake
"The Republicans’ defense of Trump, their ritual recital of “four facts” that are fake, is an unsupportable sham. But for them it doesn’t really matter. They’ve managed to muddy the waters to Trump’s benefit. And the Senate – the jury in any impeachment trial – is already coordinating with the defendant on his acquittal, the Constitution be damned."

Could Trump Supporters Have Been Wrong? No Fuckin' Way, Snowflakes!

Where Did Trump’s Ukraine Conspiracy Obsession Originate? Aides Say “Putin Told Him.”
What more can one say when you talk about Trump's thought processing. Putin? Sure.

Christianity Today editor defiant in face of angry Trump response: ‘He’s no longer fit to serve’
Poor old Trump. The dufus just can't get it right no matter how he tries.

'Morally lost and confused' Trump rage-tweets after Christian magazine calls for his removal

Mental health professionals read Trump’s ‘venomous and vitriolic’ letter: A study in ‘the psychotic mind’ at work
So psychotic that Moscow Mitch embraces him as his very own twin brother.

Trump's attorney general unveils plan to help boost the same law enforcement racism as before
Meet the new racist, same as the old racist.
Why do these idiots all love the pressed lips look?

Trump’s Pal Tulsi
"Her trajectory is to run as an independent candidate appealing to whatever cluelessness she can rouse in odd left circles, aided by the bots of pro-Trump forces—a Ralph Nader to his George W. Bush. Only Trump’s a lot more dangerous than W, and Tulsi’s vastly more dangerous than Ralph."

Rep. Jeff Van Drew Just Switched to the Republican Party and Pledged His “Undying Support” for Trump
Yes, Godfather. Trump made the sign of the pussy and Van Drew put on the knee pads. Meanwhile, the bus is waiting outside for him.

Half the military is fed up with Trump, new poll shows
They are as tired as the rest of us.

No, Ms. Grisham, Trump Can't 'Counter Punch' A Dead Person
Stephanie Grisham's excuse for Trump's horrific comments about the late John Dingell are stupid and offensive.
Yeah, but they are selling TV.

This evangelical Christian magazine just stunned readers by calling for Trump’s removal
Franklin Graham and the rest of the grifters must be shitting their holy pants.

History Will Judge Republicans for Protecting an Impeached President
It won't be pretty.

Trump goes to Twitter to propose holding trial in Senate without waiting on articles of impeachment
Why not just have it in the White House with plenty of cheeseburgers, fries and milkshakes for all.

GOP ‘deficit hawks’ have gone ‘out the window’ as pro-Trump Republicans sign off on $1.4 trillion funding deal: ‘It’s depressing, isn’t it?’
These miscreants are nothing if not two-faced.

Seething Trump plots revenge against his enemies after historic impeachment: report
It is possible his blood pressure will go so high he will blow up—blow up real good!

Nancy Pelosi Will Send Senate Trump Impeachment Articles When She's Good And DAMN-F*CKIN' Ready

Schumer Warns GOP Dismissing Impeachment Outright Sets A Dangerous Precedent
Dangerous is exactly what the fascists are.

Rep. Debbie Dingell Responds to Trump Suggesting Her Late Husband Is in Hell
Trump should know. That's where he lives.

President Trump's Facebook Ads Keep Getting More and More Fascist
We are so SHOCKED to hear this!

As He's Impeached, Trump Denies to Rally-Goers That He Always Has to Flush the Toilet 10 Times
The simple answer is "He's full of shit!"

Pelosi Will Send Impeachment To Senate When 'Evidence Of A Fair Trial' Is Shown
The Speaker will not be rushed into sending the impeachment articles to the Senate if they continue to treat it as a joke.
That means she may never send them because the Senate clowns may always be clowns from Amerika.

Tulsi Gabbard Mocked For Her 'Present' Votes On Impeachment
Twitter users had a field day, both with her votes and her self-serving "explanation".
The lunacy is strong in this one.

The GOP is escalating a historic constitutional crisis over impeachment
Fascists doing what fascists do.

Trump’s despicable behavior was on display as he was impeached — but it’s House Republicans who reached new depths of shame

President Donald Trump was just overwhelmingly impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress
Tattooed for life.

Fox News legal analyst explains why we ‘should be terrified’ of Trump — and why he must be impeached

‘These people are lunatics’: Pro-Trump congressman accused of ‘blasphemy’ after comparing Trump to Jesus Christ
Junior Christ! ROTFLMAO!

Thoughts on the Impeachment of Donald J. Trump
Never before has one been so worthy.

If GOP Senate Saves Trump, He Can Face Impeachment Again, Rep. Al Green Says
Impeach him as many times as it takes.

Protests Erupt in All 50 States to Demand Impeachment of Trump
This bastard is not on our side, America. He's on Amerika's side.

A Petrifying Reality
"But whatever the actual count was, what we do know, with high confidence, is that nearly half of American adults are reckless, irrational children."
Then a catastrophe awaits us.

The New Know-Nothings And Why We Must Impeach
Or it's back to the dark ages in the former land of the free.

Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham Must Pay for Enabling Trump
The best way to ensure some modicum of accountability for Trump’s most reliable wingmen is to boot them from office in 2020.

Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts Will Be Devastating to Trump Country
And not just for those in need of food assistance.
The devastation from Trump is only beggining.

Fox News Tirade Incites Viewers To Post Death Threats Against The FBI
Fox News host Steve Hilton’s call for the dismantling of the FBI was too extreme for his right-wing guests but plenty of viewers on YouTube thought it didn’t go far enough.
So, you think there aren't mindless Nazis out there that pose a danger?

All Over America, Citizens Turned Out Last Night To Support Trump's Impeachment
The rallies were everywhere, despite bitter cold, rain, and snow in many parts of the country.

“The Public Demands It”: Watch San Francisco Demonstrators Hit the Streets for Impeachment
They want Trump out. Will Congress listen?
The Republicans do not give a damn about the country—only their drunken power.

Impeach Rallies Ripple Across The Country As House Prepares To Vote

‘Say a prayer!’: Trump gets religious in major meltdown just hours before he will be impeached
And this chickenshit will likely be freed by his gang of conspirators to rape and plunder what was once a progressive country. He will then become a king to piss on the culture of knowledge and vision and oversee the destruction of the planet.
Thanks Amerika.

Georgia Purges More Than 300,000 Voter Registrations the GOP-Controlled State Deemed “Inactive”
Voter suppression in the Land of the Happy Negro. My, my.

A Big Connecting The Dots Moment
"Come senators and congressmen please heed the call..."
The evidence is overwhelming. You are on the wrong side of history defending these criminals.

Dem Senators Tell GOP Chairmen To Put Up Or Shut Up About Ukraine
Unfortunately, these creatures can do neither. They are helplessly addicted to power.

Pelosi Says Trump’s Unhinged Letter To Her Is ‘Ridiculous’ And ‘Really Sick’
This says it all about the idiot.

Trump Sends Pelosi Off-The-Rails Impeachment Screed For The ‘Indelible Record’
Once again, this is what a mentally ill person looks like.

Trump Writes Insane Letter to Pelosi Showing Why He’s Unfit For Office
But only to humans with intellect and reasoning ability.

South Carolina Bill Would Compensate People for Forcing Them to Give Birth
Lunatics at large.

No witnesses: McConnell declares hearing testimony in Trump's impeachment trial would be 'nightmare'
Sure—it would be a nightmare for the criminal Trump that McConnell is sheilding.

Schiff: ‘Worst Lawyer’ Giuliani ‘Continues To Make The Case’ For Impeachment
Rudy has drifted into the Phantom Zone.

'A heavy heart' and 'great pain,' but many Trump-district Democrats will vote for impeachment
Do your duty.

A ‘longtime friend’ of Bill Barr just scorched the attorney general in an impassioned op-ed
"The ominous piece warned that Webster sees an 'ominous threat to the country I love' under President Donald Trump."

George Conway, Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson burn Trump and the GOP to the ground in scathing joint op-ed
“This president’s actions are possible only with the craven acquiescence of congressional Republicans,” the four men wrote. “They have done no less than abdicate their Article I responsibilities.”
Shame is a word they have never run into.

Read the House Judiciary Committee’s Full Impeachment Report

Judiciary Committee Releases New Impeachment Report Accusing Trump Of Criminal Bribery
The new report was released early this morning.
Tell it to the Senate fascists. The country clearly wants Trump removed.

Latest Fox News Poll Shows 50 Percent Of Voters Want Trump Impeached And Removed

Lindsey Graham Makes It Clear: He Is Just So Over The Rule Of Law
"He's actually bragging about the fact that he's not going to be fair," a scornful Joe Scarborough said.
Criminal Contempt of Court. Graham is a certifiable criminal and should be treated as such.

Mitch McConnell’s plethora of political sins revealed in distressing profile
“I’d say the crowd is pretty evenly divided the way Kentucky is,” said Bennie J. Smith, a civil-rights activist and jazz musician running a long-shot Democratic campaign against McConnell. “Some don’t like him, and some hate him.”
And as the saying goes,"them are his good points."

‘A national disgrace’: Trump proposes Social Security change that could end disability benefits for hundreds of thousands
Well, what do you expect from a deplorable SOB?

He ‘was involved in the crime’: Former Watergate prosecutor explains why Trump is more corrupt and dangerous than Nixon

As the World Melts
"...We’ve known about global warming thirty years — SNL did a parody in 1990. We’ve suspected global warming for sixty years — CBS broadcast a prime-time segment about it in 1958. We’ve had plenty of time to address it, collectively, as a species, but that’s not who we are...."
We may not be ready for this—but we deserve it.

SNL tackles the political divide and the electoral college with a Christmas dinner spoof
Talk about hitting the electoral college fraud on America. "1000 votes from Wisconsin will decide the election for the rest of the country." Right, the stultified state of Wisconsin.

Trump Whines About Fox News Holding Interviews With Adam Schiff And James Comey
Among other names, Trump will be known throughout history as "The Great Whiner."

Trump’s children must undergo mandatory training to learn how to avoid defrauding charities

Would white folks vote yes to deport black Americans? Remembering Derrick Bell's 'The Space Traders'
The Land of the Happy Negro would have to find someone else to hate, let me assure you.
"One last point: I’m constantly struck by the fact that Abraham Lincoln thought DEEPLY about deporting black people, 200k of whom were fighting on his side in the Civil War. You know who he never considered deporting? The Confederates who were actually trying to kill him."

Russia and the Republicans: Vladimir Putin’s American subsidiary
"Anne Applebaum, writing in this month’s Atlantic, traces the collapse of the Republican Party into Russia’s arms to Pat Buchanan, ironically a former aide to Russia-hater Richard Nixon."

What Does Tucker Carlson Believe?
“I’ve made a complete break mentally with the world I used to live in.”
"This is in large part how a wealthy Washingtonian like Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson—with his prep-school education and summer home in Maine—convinces millions of viewers, weeknight after weeknight, that he is one of them."

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible
"Republicans have made crystal clear that they understand the nature of the President’s abuses of power and that they will not only protect him from the consequences of his actions but, in an effort to do so, bend reality to pretend that it is in fact fine and even admirable for a President to use extortion to force a foreign power to intervene in a US election. To see Republicans do this in the open and not state that fact clearly is a total abdication of responsibility."
Amerikan traitors, all.

Lindsey Graham Is ‘Not Trying To Pretend To Be A Fair Juror’ In Trump Trial
A perfect example of Amerikan fascism. This idiot should recuse himself from the process. But no, he will continue to pervert and poison our system. A certifiable traitor.

Democrat Val Demings demands Mitch McConnell recuse from impeachment — after he promised to violate his oath
Like Lindsey Graham, he has no intention of supporting justice. He should step down.

Lawmaker Says He Didn't Research Ectopic Pregnancy Procedure Before Adding To Bill
Numbskullery 101. A perfect example of right-wing intellectual capacity.
Always try to research the latest data to get a clue and not the stuff over a century old.

The Hallmark Channel pulled 4 TV ads featuring a lesbian couple kissing after a petition by the conservative group One Million Moms
Two Million Lesbian Mothers will push back.

It’s Simple
"But this is the point. It’s not really Trump who is on trial. It’s Senate Republicans."
Even they know this is truth.

Conservative Jennifer Rubin twists the knife: Trump is on the way to his 'one line' in history books
"Once there was a goof-ball fat ass that posed as POS." There it is.

Laurence Tribe: Make Trump 'The OJ Simpson Of Presidents'
Talking impeachment with Joy Reid, Laurence Tribe urges Democrats to turn Donald Trump into "the O.J. Simpson of presidents" if Sen. Mitch McConnell refuses to conduct a full and fair impeachment trial in the Senate.
Trump couldn't pick up a first down on those fat sticks of his. You couldn't count on him for a 4th-and-1.

Shots were fired in an Atlanta mall following a dispute in the food court
Food fight turns into gunfight in Land of the Happy Negro shootout. Turns out to be old friends.
Wonder who was on the bench in the food court today?

Capitalism Has Failed

The Global Plague of Fascist Flu and Corporate Kleptocracy

Trump’s Trade War Was Futile
The president’s clash with Beijing accomplished little—and bodes ill for the growing conservative movement to confront the world’s second superpower.

Barr Is Trying to Erase the Truth
He’s smearing the Russia investigation and covering up Trump’s guilt.
As such, he should be indicted as a co-conspirator in all of Trump's crimes.

Watch Trump Tell Same Story Four Times, Each Time Naming a Different Jewish Friend

Report: Facial Recognition Should Be Banned From Everyday Life

Wisconsin Republicans Just Can't Get Enough Voter Suppression
From gerrymandering to voter caging, Wisconsin Republicans will stop at nothing to suppress the voice of the people.

Wisconsin Judge Orders 200,000 Voters Kicked Off Rolls Ahead Of 2020
Rigging is Wisconsin.

McConnell’s impeachment collusion admission handed the Democrats a powerful new weapon to damage the president
"McConnell told the world he wants to rig the process to produce maximal benefit for Trump..." In a real world this would be an admission of intent to commit a crime.
It seems America has come to expect its politicians to be crooks and they have just come to accept it and be content being co-conspirators. My mother is rolling over in her Republican grave.

Melania Trump’s statement on bullying of Greta Thunberg is weird, stupid and hypocritical — just like her husband
This is shameless. How many times has that been said of these assholes?

EPA is now allowing asbestos back into manufacturing
Some things we discover late, as in this over a year old article. But we discovered this bullshit killer some time ago.
Trump, along with his EPA sock puppet and his asswipe buddy, Putin, is now giving everyone who missed out before it was outlawed as toxic and a carcinogen, a chance to get cancer and have their rightful chance to die from cancer. Because, you know, Trump's such a mystical all-seeing being that asbestos is something he will eat—I wish he would and he might—because he is one dumbass motherfucker. Trump is a clear and present danger to all humanity and the planet Earth.

House Judiciary Committee Approves Articles of Impeachment

Doug Collins BIG MAD About Coming To Work Today. Impeachment Vote Liveblog!
Land of the Happy Negro idiot pissed at having to go to work again.

VILE: Doug Collins SMIRKS As Rep. Swalwell Reminds Him Ukrainians Were Killed
Just when I thought the Republicans could not sink any lower, Doug Collins proves me wrong
Those assholes' purpose in life is to seek the deepest bottom of the dregs of humanity.

Trump’s Impeachment Advances After a Lot of G.O.P. Shouting
A report from the House Judiciary Committee’s epic markup.
Pretty much reflecting a fractured and impotent formerly decent country.

The Family That Grifts Together
While the Trumps are being fined for skimming off their own foundation, the administration’s getting closer to deporting low-income immigrants.

Kentucky’s Republican Governor Pardons Hundreds, Including Convicted Murderers and Rapists, Before Leaving Office
More Republican thuggery in Amerika. These facist morons will stand to justice some day. Meanwhile, the public will continue to suffer under their tyrrany.

Trump Has Successfully Gamed the Courts
Choosing to treat Trump-related cases as normal, even when there are signs of a national emergency, is a choice.

McConnell: Senate Position On Impeachment Will Be Identical To WH
McConnell may be the biggest thug of them all.
Talk about justice denied. This is your shithole now, Amerika.

Moscow Mitch's Assault on the Constitution Continues with Plan for Sham Impeachment Hearing

Can You Believe This? Rudy Is Conjuring Up New Biden ‘Dirt’ In Ukraine!
Rudy has nothing better to do and he's in a safe place in case he gets his crooked ass arrested.

Nikki Haley Keeps Digging Confederate-Flag-Shaped Hole For Her Dignity
The Land of the Happy Negro will rise again in her lamented mind.

Ilhan Omar responds to 'Conservative Squad': 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'
Ilhan, if a Republican had an original idea they would begin to understand intellect.

In the End, the NFL Proved Colin Kaepernick Right
In pronouncing the outspoken quarterback’s career dead, the league underscored its own unwillingness to let players exercise their own power.
That is why they are, in fact, the No Football League.

I know you are, but what am I?

Graham: Let’s Get This Whole Impeachment Thing Over With Already!
Just what kind of dirt is Trump holding over this man's head? He is extremely frightend of something.

Trump’s Weak ‘No Crimes!’ Defense Against Impeachment
And he's got "Mr. Tidy Whities" standing next to him. Watch out ladies!

Please Enjoy A Video Of Pramila Jayapal Shutting Down Jim Jordan
‘I am not yielding!’ Rep. Pramila Jayapal shuts down Jim Jordan’s attempt to hijack impeachment hearing.
"Jacket Off" Yapperjaw gets punked by a woman of all things!

Matt Gaetz Throws Stones At Glass House, Gets Cut By Glass
Twitter reacts as you'd expect when Florida's drunkest representative condemns Hunter Biden for substance abuse.
"Divorced from reality"? When were these two ever hitched in the Republicanista Dogma?

Anti-vax students say outbreak response violates civil rights—judge disagrees
The court defeat is just the latest for anti-vaccine students.
Mumps wouldn't affect these Arkansas students. They are already deaf and dumb. The rest of us would rather live without your blatant disregard for humanity.

Full Appeals Court Mulls Unprecedented Emoluments Case Against Trump

IG Will Investigate Rudy And The FBI's New York Field Office As Soon As We're All Dead

Don’t Be Like Me, a Person Who Read Chapters One and Two of Nikki Haley’s Book
Land of the Happy Negro promoter is full of bullshit.
"Don’t be like me. There are other books. Read those instead."

Trump’s Executive Order Will Violate the Establishment Clause and Hinder Free Speech – Not Reduce Anti-Semitism
Anyone with a piece of a brain knows this.

Mr President, Judaism is Not a Nationality and America is Not a Religion

Scarborough Summarizes GOP Trump Defense: 'Loud Noises! That's All They Have'
"They've not once talked about defending the substance of what the president has been accused of," the Morning Joe host said.
Talking like they have a set of balls when we know damn well they are all Trump eunuchs.

Republican calls Democrats’ allegations of crimes a "drive-by"
This is what a blithering idiot looks and sounds like.

Police Chief Blasts GOPers For Cowering To NRA, Not Restoring Anti-Domestic Violence Law
There is no question that the Republicans are the biggest blowhard cowards on the planet.

Greta Thunberg Claps Back At Trump After President’s Twitter Attack
The fragile little boy that is allegedly our president gets his comeuppance from a real woman.

Greta Slays The Orange Shitgibbon, Part 2
Trump's attacks on the Swedish teenager again backfire spectacularly.

McConnell Plans For Acquittal Vote To Avoid A Possible Tie Or Close Call
All the Putin's Men. That's the U.S. Senate. All traitors.

Pence Won’t Declassify Details Of Zelensky Call, Despite Schiff’s Demands
Trump's protector and co-conspirator.

GOP senator blocks bill aimed at preventing Russia election meddling
Fucking with our elections is OK with this Putin-Republican Bozo.

NYT: Trump Will Sign Executive Order Declaring Judaism A Nationality, Not Just Religion
This will violate free speech and the First Amendment.

In The World According To Barr, Only Worthy Americans Have Rights
"And that is both the core of Trumpism and it is the core of Barr's legal theory of running the Justice Department," Atlantic writer Adam Serwer said.
The master race. We've heard it all before.

Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour Guest: AOC's District Is The 'Least American'
Tucker and his pal Seth Barron spent some time Tuesday night wondering why AOC's district is so "dirty." Of course they had an answer for that.
Rascists of the first magnitude.

Giuliani Has A New Conspiracy Theory To Mainline Into GOP Bloodstream
These idiots will sink to any depth.

Trump Ramps Up ‘FBI Lovers’ Attacks With Baseless Claim At Rally
What a fruit.

Donald Trump Jr. Went to Mongolia, Got Special Treatment From the Government and Killed an Endangered Sheep
What a deficient human he is.

Oh The Places The GOP Will Go To Defend Donald Trump
Top notch comedy.

The Case for Multiple Articles of Impeachment
The case against Trump must not be limited to Ukraine, as Republican former representative Justin Amash points out.

Sumter Enchanted Evening
"All we know is what they’re capable of. And we know that because they keep telling us and showing us."

Inspector General’s Report Shows Trump’s “Spygate” Conspiracy Theory Was the Real Hoax
But this won’t stop the Deep State-truthers from denying Trump’s complicity.

GOP Impeachment Counsel Won’t Admit Biden Was Top 2020 Contender When Trump Targeted Him
What sort of hallucinogens are these guys on?

FBI Director Wray Breaks With Barr, Backs DOJ IG’s Findings On FBI Probe
“the inspector general did not find political bias or improper motivations impacting the opening of the investigation or the decision to use certain investigative tools during the investigations.”

Chris Wallace: IG Report ‘Didn’t Find The Things That Bill Barr And Donald Trump Alleged’
Surprise, surprise.

Trump Says DOJ IG Report Is ‘Far Worse Than What I Ever Thought Possible’
Yes, worse for Trump. Idiot.
Brad Parscale should do some studying before he stuffs his feet in his mouth.

WATCH: A Shaking Devin Nunes Refuses to Answer, Then Records Reporter Asking Him About Ukraine Connections
The faces of Republican fascism.
Hey, Trump Zombies, you are selling your country out for stagnating low wages, not a great economy! And you still love your crooks?

Republicans Embrace Strategy of Trying to Gaslight the Nation Instead of Legislating
They all should take gas.

Russia, America, and Creeping Authoritarianism
Anastasia Edel, author of Russia: Putin’s Playground: Empire, Revolution, and the New Tsar, has critiqued the Trump administration's inhumane immigration policies. The Russian-American writer warns that Americans should be on guard against what could come next.
Removing Trump will be a good start.

‘That is not true’: Manic Republican Mark Meadows shut down by CNN host for repeating lies about Ukraine
These Trump Zombies are all very sick puppies. Any literate person may read the phone call transcript and know that the aid was embedded in the damn convesation, you fraud.

Joy Reid Destroys Jack Kingston's GOP Talking Points: 'Ukraine Did Nothing To Us'
No matter how hard Jack Kingston tried, he could not make those GOP talking points magically be true.
More on the sick puppies from the Rethug fascists.

Ted Cruz Serves Ukraine Kool-Aid Even Chuck Todd Won't Drink
Even Chuck Todd won't accept a heaping cup of 'Ukraine meddled!!!' Kool-Aid served up by Texas Senator Ted Cruz.
Cruz should do us all a favor and stop drinking his own Kool-Aid.

NBC News Crew Laughs When Cruz Tries To Peddle Bogus Ukraine Conspiracy Theory
More on the latest addition to the meaning of "Idiot" to our dictionaries.

Pence Aide Provided House Intel With New Impeachment Info. Then VP’s Office Classified It
Get the cover-up going, Mike. Your ass may be next.

Nikki Haley Says Dylann Roof Ruined the Confederate Flag for Everyone Else
“People saw it as service, and sacrifice, and heritage.”
Land of the Happy Negro servant thinks their battle flag is all good and Dylan Roof ruined it—but,
"It was the flag of a treasonous government created for the express purpose of keeping humans in bondage. It was kept alive over the generations as an expression of white-power, and a perpetual reminder—like all those statues—of who the state, or the region, was supposed to belong to. Roof didn’t hijack the flag and change its meaning; he lived up to it."

We Must Overcome Our Atomization to Beat Back Neoliberal Fascism

Trump’s Friday Grievances: Light Bulbs That Make Him Look Orange And Toilets That Don’t Flush
This guy is bitching about looking orange? He's the one putting it on his face. He's either the most batshit crazy lunatic that ever walked the earth or he's the biggest clown. Either way, he's got to go.

Google accused of illegally firing workers to block unionization
The company's firing of four activist employees will be investigated.
Union Now. Union Forver.

Actually, impeachment is more important to voters than almost any other issue right now

How The Hill’s John Solomon undermined journalism

One in five federal judges now a Trump appointee — Imperiling progressive change ‘for as long as we live’
This is the poison that Trump and his henchmen have injecected into our bloodstream.

Here’s the real Ukraine conspiracy
"Like Trump, all of these dubious characters insist that they are determined to root out corruption and restore integrity. Why don’t you believe them?"
Mmmmm, could it be they are all con men? They talk, walk and smell like con men.

Other Leaders Never Get to Say What They Really Think of Trump
They should say it loud, clear and often.

Reporter Who Asked Pelosi About Hate Now Suggests She's A Liar
James Rosen was fired from Fox for sexual harassment and now works for Sinclair.
Rosen is lying about being a "reporter." He is a Trump shill.

How America’s System Of Legalized Corruption Brought Us To The Brink Of Impeachment

Who’s Really Behind a $1 Million Donation to Trump’s Inauguration?
A federal indictment raises new questions.

Barr: Concerns About My Overseas Travels For The 2016 Probe Are ‘Bullsh*t’
Said the bullshitter in Putin's pocket.

Biden Blows Up At Iowa Voter: ‘You’re A Damn Liar, Man’
"I see it on TV." He means Fox Propaganda. The POS is a Trump shill or a totally clueless moron (same thing). Biden made him look like the fool he is.

Legal experts warn Bill Barr is doing ‘the most dangerous things a prosecutor can do’
The Trump criminals are apt to do anything now. They will serve Trump and not the law. Are we at DEFCON 1 in America?

Next Time, Pam Karlan, Just Make Fun Of Donald Trump Jr.'s Face
He means the two-faced mf-kers.
"Please keep in mind the types of things the right used to say about Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls, when their dads were president."

Why Have No Republicans Turned on Trump?
That reason is a corrupted U.S. Supreme Court.

House Democrats to Draft Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
“In America, no one is above the law.”

Ho Boy, This Judiciary Impeachment Hearing Was Off The Hook
Where do we begin? Republican committee members set a new record for clowning at yesterday's Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearing.
Yep, that's Doug Collins.

Yale psychiatrist calls for mental health hearing — and says Trump’s GOP enablers like Nunes and Jordan suffer from ‘shared psychosis’
More and more doctors recognize these Trump Republicans are sick fucks. Very much like the Third Reich.

Work or Starve, Trump Administration Tells Poor People
"Yes, two dozen women have accused him of sexual harassment and assault. Yes, he is racist. Yes, he is corrupt. And yes, he hates the poor."

Former Trump Domestic Workers Detail His Bizarre Habits on Clothes and Tic Tacs
A skinflint and a cheapskate. Red hats drive him wild.

Barr: People Who Disrespect Police Should Lose Protection (Unless It’s Trump)
This man is as crazy as Trump.

Global Carbon Emissions Will Hit a Record High in 2019… Again.
“Current climate and energy policies are too weak to reverse trends in global emissions.”

Trump’s highest crime: Why Democrats should impeach the president for treason
Do it.

Trump’s delicate ego shatters as he’s humiliated in Europe, again
"Mannerless Fraud" is exactly what he is.

‘Pathetic’ GOP witness Jonathan Turley slammed for ’embarrassing’ himself at impeachment hearing

Top MAGA congressman mocked for ‘threatening to retroactively impeach Obama’
More stupidity from the stupids.

All the President’s Crooks
Again and again, Trump’s core supporters have turned out to be criminals.
Looks like there will be plenty more coming.

Psychiatrists send urgent warning to Congress about Trump’s deteriorating mental state
The Republicans are so corrupt they are happy to support a sick, demented person as the front man for their cult to unravel America.

Scholar rains hell on Republican who questioned her integrity at impeachment hearing: ‘I’m insulted!’
Good Ol' Boy Doug Collins portrays Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

“President Trump Has Committed Impeachable High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” Expert Testifies
The Democrats’ first witness Wednesday said that based on the evidence so far, Trump has abused his power.
The real question is: How far will the Republicans go to protect a criminal without becoming criminals themselves?

Here’s Nunes’ Bumbling Defense Of Those Key Giuliani, Parnas Calls

Trump Violates Diplomacy’s Golden Rule
At the NATO summit, the president publicly heaped abuse on America’s closest friends.
This is, of course, because Trump isn't a friend to our NATO allies. He's a Russian asset.

Trump to Leave NATO Summit Early After World Leaders Are Caught Laughing at Him
The president also accused Justin Trudeau of being “two-faced.”
It has been said before, "Trump is the laughing stock of the world."

Florida GOP Candidate Sends Out Email Saying Rep. Ilhan Omar Should Be Hanged
A perfect example of the Republican fascist mind.

Trump’s Biggest Impeachment Mistake
The House impeachment report accuses Donald Trump of obstructing Congress more than any president in history, capping a confrontation that began the moment Democrats recaptured the majority.

Bombshell Impeachment Report Released By House Intelligence Committee
This report lays out a damning order of events and crimes committed by the most corrupt person to ever hold the office of the President of the United States.

Former Trump administration official finally speaks — and reveals the president had little grasp of intelligence
Trump has little grasp of anything except his dick.

Here’s what the Ukraine report reveals about Devin Nunes’ shady role in the scandal
Nunes was always suspicious.

Rookie Congressman Lists UPS Store In Topeka As Official Residence
Steve Watkins continues his record of embarrassing himself and all of Kansas.

The Ukraine Scandal Is Bigger Than We Realized, Democrats’ Report Suggests
The document reveals that Trump-linked lawyers secretly represented Ukrainian officials.
Trump and his Republican co-conspiritors will need a lot better defense than "We did it, so what?"

Nobody Knows Anything
¡Andrew! comments are must reads.

Why Trump’s New Border Policy Threatens National Park Visitors Everywhere
The idiocy that is Trump.

Meet Texas GOP Idiot Rep. Randy Weber. Chris Cuomo Just Ate Him On Live TV.

Humanity Is Riding Delusion to Extinction
Visit Extinction Ranch. It's just around the corner.

Impeachment: We're Drawing near the Endgame — and, Man, Is It Gonna Get Ugly
Who will be the bigger asshole—Graham or Kennedy? It should be a hell of a match-up!

Half of America Wants Trump Removed from Office. Why Does the Press Keep Shrugging That Off?
Maybe because they are only half as intelligent as they used to be? We are devo. (See 'Nobody Knows Anything' above.)

Anti-Abortion Extremism Goes Full Psycho
An Ohio House bill would require doctors to perform a procedure that is medically impossible—or face murder charges. Other bills just as nutty are being enacted across the country.
That would be due to the devolvement of the brains of these creatures that push this horseshit on us. They will soon kill more people than have ever been aborted in history if they are not stopped.

High School Football Players Took a Knee Before a Game, and Opposing ‘Fans’ Threw Trash at Them
“Look at these [n-words] taking a knee and they don’t even know why they’re doing it,” said one person in the crowd.
Maybe because you rascist assholes were throwing shit at them?

Another Appeals Court Backs House Subpoena For Trump Financial Records
Poor boy.

More Evidence Emerges That Ukraine Knew Early On About U.S. Aid Freeze
Trump makes the sign of the pussy.

‘I Don’t Know Prince Andrew,’ Trump Says Of The Man He’s Known Since 2000
ROTFLMFAO!!! Trump is the clown of all time.

Romney Breaks With Trump, Several GOPers On Debunked Ukraine Conspiracy Theory
A Republican breaks with the cult.

Trump’s Ukraine extortion scheme began as a plot to undermine special counsel Mueller: report
The criminal Donald Trump is guilty of a multitude of crimes.

Morning Joe Host Calls Trump, Putin, And Barr 'Pretty Maids All In A Row'
Barr is attacking the inspector general's report for not helping him undermine U.S. intelligence agencies.
Barr's "I Love Putin" button is hidden under his jacket.

It's Time For Duncan Hunter To Resign, Immediately
Time to go, Duncan.
With all the rest of the Republican cultists.

'Who Is Obstructing?' Jason Chaffetz Buried In Scorn After Calling Trump The 'Victim' Of Impeachment
Former Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) argued on Sunday that President Donald Trump is the "victim" of an impeachment investigation.
Has anyone around here ever accused the Republicans of playing the "victim" card? They roll in it! Always have!

Conservative Christians Want to Make Schools Unsafe for LGBTQ Students

Klobuchar calls Trump Ukraine scandal ‘a global Watergate’
Trump and his criminal crew are a disgrace to American history.

NBC’s Chuck Todd accuses GOPer John Kennedy of being ‘duped’ by Russia and spreading their propaganda in contentious interview
Putin planted those ideas, John, and you're selling them! Facts don't matter to Trump BS spinners.

Inside the GOP cult: How House Republicans spied on, smeared and ambushed a dissenter within their ranks

Joy Reid Slams Poll That Says Republicans Think Trump Is A Better President Than Lincoln
Reid called them not a political party anymore, but "a racial and religious cult of personality."
That's exactly what they are.

Omar’s GOP Rival Permanently Suspended On Twitter Over Threatening Tweets
Danielle Stella seems to be a bit on the ultra-viloent bent lately.

Trump’s Thanksgiving speech in Afghanistan is ‘typical of dementia and lack of awareness’: psychiatric professor

He Defended the Confederate Flag and Insulted Immigrants. Now He’s a Judge.
Former state Rep. Mike Pitts made anti-immigrant and racially charged remarks seemingly at odds with South Carolina’s judicial code. He sailed through an appointment process as a magistrate nominee with little scrutiny and no debate.
Land of the Happy Negro gladly approve racist with no debate.

A Resounding Yes To Separation: AU Poll Shows Affirming Results

Let’s Not Forget The Human Cost Of Trump’s Denial Of Care Rule

America’s wealthy bust one of the biggest myths of trickle-down economics

There’s no evidence Trump’s September 9 ‘no quid pro quo’ conservation with Sondland ever happened — and that could prove far worse for the president

Here’s Where Trump Got the Idea That “Some People” Want to Change the Name of Thanksgiving

Ex- Navy Secretary: Trump “Has Very Little Understanding of What it Means to Be in the Military”

How Rudy Lost his Mind and (Probably) His Freedom

Rudy’s Scheme to Line His Pockets in Ukraine Keeps Getting Shadier

Evangelical leaders who support Trump are only speaking for ‘flatlining’ white Christians — and their worldview is dying: religious scholar

Watergate shows unwavering devotion to Trump will not end well for ‘all the president’s men’

Trump Tax Records Reveal New Inconsistencies — This Time for Trump Tower

The War-Crimes President
When violence is directed at those Trump’s supporters hate and fear, they see such excesses not as crimes but as virtues.
There will be a special Nuremberg for Trump.

Trump Learned Of Whistleblower Complaint Just Before He Released Ukraine Aid
Getting caught at commiting a crime is quite an influence on behavior.

A Fight Over Abortion Is Tearing Apart the Democratic Party of a Deep-Blue State
The Rhode Island party leadership stripped its women’s caucus of privileges after it backed an abortion rights bill.
Even some cavemen Democrats want women to return to the back alleys of repression.

61 Percent of Women Are Ready to Impeach and Remove Donald Trump
A new CNN poll finds a 21-percent gender gap, as women form the vanguard for presidential accountability.
If men got pregnant abortion would be a devine right.

‘Presidents are not kings’: Federal judge rules Don McGahn must submit to Congressional subpoena
Tell that to Alan Dershowitz. That yo-yo has forgotten the American Revolution was waged against a king.

UN report warns only rapid and transformational action can stave off devastating global climate disaster: ‘The science is screaming’

Devin Nunes Keeps F*cking That Turkey

Trump to World: Fuck You
That’s essentially what the president said when he cleared three war criminals, overriding the wishes of his own military leaders.

Trump: Why Did We Wait 100 Years to Mark a Centennial?
The president asks the tough questions.
Goofy would make a better president than this moron.

DOJ Asks Judge To Pause Her Decision Backing McGahn Subpoena While It Appeals
And if Trump inserts all his henchmen to the benches there will be no stopping his ascent to dictator.

Richard Spencer Might Not Be The Last Pentagon Official To Exit Over Trump
Trump will continue to wreck everything he touches.

Ousted Secretary Spencer Said He Acted To Preserve ‘Resiliency’ Of The Navy
An American hero.

Mick Mulvaney #BeBest At Trying To Make Trump's Ukraine Crimes Great Again

Rick Perry says Trump (and Obama) were 'ordained by God' to be president
And Perry should know because he was ordained to be a boob, I believe. LMAO!
Hey, Rick Perry, this record was made for people like you—The Message.

‘Disgusted’ lifelong Kansas GOP voter quits party after Republicans smear impeachment witnesses
Like the courageous Republicans did during the Nixon impeachment, the real heroes will stand up for America.

A Giuliani Pal’s Claim Drags Nunes Into Inner Folds Of Impeachment Inquiry
Nunes: More of the same dregs.
It's interesting that all these fascists call our media, our intelligence community and the FBI all criminal. Look in the mirror boys. We know what you are.

I Was ‘Sucked Into’ Giuliani’s Hunt For Biden Dirt ‘Without My Will,’ Oligarch Claims
The bottom of this looks venal as all hell.

Graham Tells Biden He’s Not Being Controlled By Trump: ‘I’m Fine, Joe’
Then I'd hate to see Lindsey when he's out of control. He's swimming in that Egyptian river.

What Impeachment Is Revealing About the Republican Party
Trump’s Senate trial will force voters to evaluate nihilism as the governing philosophy of a political movement.

Donald Trump and His Insane Clown Posse

The Chronicles of Nunes: How His Impeachment Speeches Created an Alternate Reality for GOP
Over the course of seven opening statements—totaling some 6,300 words—Nunes crafted a narrative that was often at odds with the facts.

House Conspiracist Devin Nunes May Be Subject to Ethics Investigation for Reported Ukraine Meeting
Lock him up!

Mitch McConnell’s Opposition to Federal Election Security Is Hitting Home
Kentucky officials say local voting systems are “one emergency away from disaster.”
Looks like they are waking up to this crook.

Trump froze aid to Ukraine, then White House went looking for a legal justification for the freeze

‘Trump’s base is a cult’: Rick Perry slammed after saying Donald Trump is ‘the Chosen One’ during Fox News interview
A cult, of course. They are as I have called them from day one: Trump Zombies.

‘Deadly serious’: Read fired Navy Secretary’s scathing letter in wake of Trump’s attacks on ‘the rule of law’
Trump is an outlaw. Outlaws don't end well.

Trump Isn't Righting A Wrong, He's Covering Up SEAL's Alleged War Crimes
Eddie Gallagher was only acquitted after one witness's suspicious last-minute change of testimony.
But that's what criminals do.

Here’s how Devin Nunes’ wacky speeches helped craft an alternative narrative for Republicans during impeachment

WH Emails Show There Was A Cover-Up Of Ukraine Aid Being Withheld
Oh, dear. Looks like there WAS a frantic after-the-fact attempt to justify the bribery and extortion of a foreign leader by the White House for personal gain.
But his EMAILS!

Lordy, There Are Tapes: Parnas Hands Over Audio And Video To House Intelligence Committee
Lev Parnas has reportedly handed over potentially damning audio and video of Giuliani and Trump to the House Intelligence Committee

Navy Secretary Fired Over War Criminal SEAL Case

EXCLUSIVE: Bud Cummins Tried To Interest US Law Enforcement In Ukraine Dirt On Bidens In 2018

Schiff Doesn’t Rule Out More Hearings But Says Evidence To Impeach Is ‘Overwhelming’
Not to John "Good Ole Boy" Kennedy.

GOP Senator Says Trump’s Deranged Crowdstrike Conspiracy Theory Might Be Correct
Loco Lunatic, John Kennedy runs amok.

‘It was Russia’: Chris Wallace issues live fact check to GOP senator who says Ukraine could have hacked election
Do these asshole Putin Parrots think our entire intelligence system is subverting us? What dangerous brainless fools do when addicted to power.
Kennedy: “We don’t know if Ukraine did that, we don’t know to what extent because they won’t let the president offer his evidence.” He's as full of shit as Trump is.

Fundamentalism and authoritarianism: How the party of ‘law and order’ become the party of crooks and crime

How the election of Zelensky threatened Trump’s plan to exploit corruption
Corruption is Trump's middle name.

Top Military Brass Threatens to Resign If Trump Blocks Expulsion of Convicted SEAL
It’s the first time that military leaders have openly pushed back against Trump.
The total disgrace that is Trump. He's attempting to destroy our armed forces.

DOJ IG Found FBI Officials Heading Russia Probe Did Not Act Out Of Anti-Trump Bias

Top Dem Says It’s ‘Quite Likely’ Nunes Will Be Investigated For Potential Ethics Violation
It had to be Nunes. Big douche.

Indicted Giuliani Pal Says Nunes Met With Ousted Ukrainian Official To Dig Up Biden Dirt
Meet the real scumbag.

Pompeo Had Several Calls With Giuliani Before Yovanovitch’s Abrupt Ouster, Docs Confirm

Friday's World-Historical News Dump Is Proof the Impeachment Probe Must Continue
There is no reason to wrap the House proceedings now that Devin Nunes and Mike Pompeo were just implicated.
"Just on Friday, we learned that Nunes and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were roped into this mess, too. It’s nowhere near time for the garbage barge to make port. Sail on, brothers and sisters. Sail on."

Trump And GOP Won't Be Happy With DOJ IG Report - No Conspiracy To Take Down Trump
For 3 years, Trump and his allies have pushed a narrative that the FBI and Deep State Obama operatives were trying to take him down.
Please —Trump will not let facts get in his steamroller on America.

McCarthy Puts New Spin On His Opposition To Impeachment
This guy could have his teeth knocked out and in a pile in front of him and deny he was ever punched. Wait a minute, that's exactly what he's doing!

Biden: ‘Even The Ukrainians Wouldn’t Yield’ To Trump Like Lindsey Graham Did
Bend over is more like it.

Marsha Blackburn Spews Dual Loyalty Trope At Lt. Col. Vindman
In a terse tweet, the Senator from Tennessee accused the decorated American veteran who testified in impeachment hearings of being a spy.
Trump, please look at Marsha. She's pretty needy.

Trump makes at least 18 false claims in ranting Fox & Friends interview
A madman can be president in the United States. We are so damned excecptional, aren't we?

Fiona Hill Shamed Every Public Official Still Aiding Trump’s Obstruction

Trump’s Crime Against America
The president’s offense is abusing his power to stay in office, not disputing Ukraine policy.

Sacha Baron Cohen Calls Out ‘Ideological Imperialism’ Of Social Sites Boosting Hate
“As with the Industrial Revolution, it’s time for regulation and legislation to curb the greed of these high-tech robber barons,” he said.

Like Clockwork, Graham Launches Probe To Further Bogus Biden Conspiracy Theory
Or like a Clockwork Graham?
Keep that corruption myth going because it is exactly what the Republicans are and this shows it.

Fiona Hill and David Holmes delivered the message America needs to hear
The question is: will America have enough sense to hear it?

Friday News Dump: Does Devin Nunes Have Mad Cow Disease? Moooo!
It's exhausting to listen to his compulsive lies, isn't it?

Top Trump officials are obligated to give impeachment testimony — and their refusal to do so is damning
The damned don't cry. It's too late for them anyway.

Fiona Hill Took Over Thursday’s Impeachment Hearing. That Was Bad for Trump.
Sondland pursued “a domestic political errand” for Trump, Hill testifies.

An Impeachment Witness Shows How Republicans Are Helping Putin
And the testimony indicates that Russia’s attack still poisons US politics.

Democratic establishment reaches boiling point with Tulsi Gabbard
Did someone ask why we thought Tootsie was a Russian asset? Here's a clue.

A Reminder: Donald Trump Has Been Credibly Accused of Rape
The president’s impeachment hearings are an exercise in selective accountability.

Fiona Hill 'Bout To F*ck Devin Nunes UP. Impeachment Liveblog, Day Five!

Prosecutors Investigating the Trump Organization Zero In on Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg
Weisselberg is one of the Trump Organization’s longest tenured employees and is now co-running the business. He escaped federal prosecution for the Stormy Daniels payments but is now a focus of an investigation by Manhattan’s district attorney.

Why Did Apple Just Host a Campaign Event for Trump in Texas?
Talk about some Trump bullshit.

Trump calls the US Senate ‘our turf’ – accidentally admitting he knows the House will vote to impeach him
If this shows just how corrupt Trump is, what does it say about the Senate? They MUST be as corrupt as Trump if they are "his turf."

The looney CrowdStrike conspiracy claims debunked by Fiona Hill during her bombshell impeachment testimony

Bribery Is Right There in the Constitution
And “attempted” bribery, even if unsuccessful, is still bribery all the same.

LIVEBLOG: Ex-White House Aide Torches GOP Conspiracy Theories

Fiona Hill Tears Down One of Trump’s Favorite Ukraine Conspiracy Theories
Devin Nunes might explode reading this one.

Parnas Assisted Nunes’ Investigations In Europe
Now we see why Nunes has whined so much about this impeachment process.
What could he be covering up?

Investigation Into Giuliani Pals Inches Closer To Trump’s Orbit With New Subpoenas

Ukraine Inquired About Hold On Military Aid Far Earlier Than Previously Known

Donald Trump’s No-Quid-Pro-Quo Defense Is Crushed. The GOP Didn’t Get the Memo.
Gordon Sondland’s dramatic testimony bolsters the Democrats’ case for impeachment.
The GOP doesn't get many things as we have seen time after time.

AOC: Stephen Miller Must Leave The White House
Because Stephen Miller Is 'A Verified White Supremacist Controlling US Immigration Policy,' Says Ocasio-Cortez, He Must Leave White
Miller can schlep Trump's bags when they go out together.

Quid Pro Quo, The Critical Backstory
“What’s quite clear though is that the President’s angry repeating of “no quid pro quo” wasn’t a statement about what he wanted. It was repeating a defense because, though Sondland didn’t know, the President knew the plot had been revealed. They were moving on from the plot to the cover up.”

Why Are Republicans So Obsessed With the Whistleblower? Here’s Why.
With idiots like Nunes it's just plain childishness.

Pompeo Gets Snippy When Asked About Sondland’s Bombshell Testimony
“I didn’t see a single thing today. I was working. Sounds like you might not have a been.” —Mike Pompeao
Then he heard it first from the guy he implied wasn't working today. ROTFLMAO!

Trump Holds Bonkers Press Briefing With Sharpie Notes
With the walls closing in, Donald Trump reads Sharpie notes declaring "I WANT NOTHING."
This is a sick man.

Ken Starr On Fox: Will GOP Senators Ask Trump To Resign?
Is it time for Fox News to prep their brainwashed audience for a Trump exit?
It would be best for all if Trump did resign.

Ken Starr: Sondland’s “Bombshell” Testimony Is Evidence of an Impeachable Offense
The man who spurred Bill Clinton’s impeachment was persuaded by Wednesday’s hearing.

Gordon Sondland’s Testimony Could Lead to Yet Another Article of Impeachment
Obstruction of justice is obvious.

The Two Most Important Sentences of the Impeachment Hearings
Ambassador Gordon Sondland delivered a bombshell this morning.
“Everyone was in the loop. It was no secret.”
“Was there a quid pro quo?” Sondland said. “The answer is yes.”
"Sondland’s testimony simply states what should be clear: The effort to extract investigations from Ukraine in exchange for helping Trump’s political fortunes was extortion, and the president directed it. Everyone knows. The question is just whether, like Sondland, they are finally willing to admit it." — David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Sondland Testifies Explicit Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Came From Trump and Everyone Was In on It

The Big Highlights From Gordon Sondland’s Public Impeachment Testimony

NYT: Sondland Reported Details Of Ukraine Blackmail Scheme To Mike Pompeo
"Who, me?" Looks like the secretary of state has a little problem!

Before Hearing, WH Distributed Talking Points Bashing Vindman, An Employee

The Constitution Says ‘Bribery’ Is Impeachable. What Does That Mean?
"There is little doubt that Trump’s conduct falls within the scope of the constitutional definition. Indeed, Trump’s attempts to use his immense foreign policy power for personal and political gain rather than the public good is a realization of the Framers’ worst fears and the very definition of impeachable bribery."

Kamala Harris, Jerry Nadler Team Up To LEGALIZE IT
Past time to get this done.

Albuquerque mayor's office to resend Trump 'overdue' $211,000 bill for rally
The two-bit chisler in action.

The Trump Presidency Is in Free Fall
A series of crises has again brought the administration below its baseline of chaos—but this time, can the president recover?

Oy! The Biggest Shifts In Kurt Volker’s Ukraine Testimony

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Trump “Clearly Engaged in Extortion and Bribery”
As clear as the water Trump longs to drink.

Bill Barr Is Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud
But he's looking in the mirror as he says it.

Vindman's military uniform becomes flashpoint at Trump impeachment hearing
Republicans, including President Donald Trump, fixated on the NSC official's decision to wear his military garb.

Impeachment Day 3: Republicans Continue Their Attack on Reason and Reality
Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman’s testimony was devastating. So GOP lawmakers resorted to spin and conspiracy theories.

Republicans claim to be happy with their morning of smearing witnesses and dodging facts

Whistleblower lawyer lashes out at Jordan: 'I AM TIRED OF YOU LYING IN A HOUSE COMMITTEE ROOM'
"Jacket Off" accused of being head-and-head in lie contest with Donnie Trump.

WHAM! Jim Jordan's Smears Flattened By Lt. Col. Vindman
Perhaps the best own of the day. Jim Jordan was no match for Alexander Vindman, who came prepared to defend himself against Republican House smears.
"Jacket Off Jordan" goes down for another pin.

Republican impeachment tactics backfire as GOP congresswoman Elise Stefanik sets her career on fire
What career?

Vindman Blows Hole In Trump’s Professed Reason For Holding Back Military Aid

Vindman Puts Nunes In His Place With Reminder Of Military Rank

Trump’s White-Nationalist Vanguard
The emails of a key presidential aide show an extremist ideology influencing policy in the White House.

Devin Nunes Lackey Kash Patel Sues Politico For BESMIRCH STATEMENTS
This is a hoot.

Exactly what Alexander Hamilton ‘darkly envisioned’: Constitutional law professor explains how Trump is sabotaging the presidency from within
Time to ditch this flim-flam con man that is poisoning our country.

State Supreme Court judge rules Trump to be deposed in Summer Zervos defamation case
Strike three, Donnie.

Tillerson Bravely Acknowledges It’s ‘Wrong’ To Ask Foreign Power For Political Favors

David Hale Testified Last Night Pompeo Called Hannity About Smearing Yankovitch
Sean Hannity is shocked that anyone would believe this about him.

Top Trump Official Who Touted Bogus Credentials Resigns
This such a surprise.

Civil Rights Groups Call For Trump To Fire Stephen Miller Over White Nationalism
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights wrote a letter demanding the senior adviser’s firing after emails revealed his alignment with white nationalism.

George Conway And Nikki Haley Get Into It On Twitter
Nikki Haley didn't like Conway calling Rep. Elise Stefanik "lying trash." Conway responded.
Poor Nikki. Twitter may expose her.

House Impeachment Investigators To Solve Ancient Mystery Of 'Is Trump Liar?'

For Trump, It's the White House or the Big House
"There is more than enough evidence to convict Donald Trump on a wide variety of federal and state criminal charges. He is no less guilty than all the other men now going to prison for him, and prosecuting the charges would be no more difficult."

The Shittiest Column I Ever Wrote

SCOTUS Places Temporary Block On Trump's Financial Records
Muddying the waters over the public's right to know if their so-called president is a crook.
If SCOTUS allows this then America is all over and done with. And it won't end pretty.

Look Who’s Trying to Seize Private Property
The Trump administration wants to use eminent domain to build the border wall.
Look who wants to start a civil war now, Texas.

This Pipeline Cuts Across a Reservation. Wisconsin Might Make Tribal Members Felons for Protesting It.
They could face fines of $10,000 and up to six years in jail.
Wisconsin is where their state criminals fuck the native Americans as much as possible.

WATCH: Apparent Rush To Take Trump To Walter Reed
Is this how anyone heads to a "routine physical"?

Trump Made A Mysterious Unscheduled Hospital Visit. Here’s What We Know.
Trump had a serious medical event over the weekend. This is why he had to go to the hospital because the basic things that have been described as the reason can be done at the White House.

House Investigating Whether Trump Lied to Robert Mueller in Russia Investigation
Trump? Lied? This is news?

Three Dead in Shooting at Oklahoma Walmart: Police
The Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Duncan Police confirm at least three people are dead after an incident in the superstore’s parking lot.
Welcome to Walmart.

Barr’s Fascist Manifesto Shows GOP Is Evolving to New Level of Authoritarianism
Fascist or Nazi, either one is what we are witness to.

Amid Blackout, a California Tribal Village Kept Lights On With Solar Energy

Pressure Mounts Against Trump as 8 New Witnesses Prepare to Testify

Humans Aren’t Inherently Destroying the Planet — Capitalism Is

Right-wing media figures demand Donald Trump pardon Roger Stone following guilty verdict
Criminals do crime. Trump is a criminal. He will pardon all of his criminal cohorts as a good criminal will.
So much for Amerikan justice.

‘Deep inside, Donald Trump is a very empty and sad person’: Psychologist John Gartner warns the president is on the verge of a ‘hypomanic episode’

The 7 best questions to ask conservatives about Ukraine
And the ones that you won't get answers for.

I Know Why The Caged Republican Sings
And we know they sing "Take Me to the Land of the Happy Negro"!

The Electoral College’s Racist Origins
More than two centuries after it was designed to empower southern white voters, the system continues to do just that.
End the Electoral College NOW!

War Crimes Are Not Difficult to Discern
The president’s latest pardons reveal that he wants his fighters unconstrained by modern laws of armed conflict.
Trump: The perfect Neo-Nazi.

WH Stands By Stephen Miller After Emails Boosting White Nationalist Propaganda
Hogan Gidley may as well support Josef Mengele as he supports this class-A fascist. Because, according to him, it is all "tongue-in-cheek" when they do this sort of thing like calling people "treasonous" when they don't applaud Trump — or encarcerate children. We live in shameful times.

Sean Hannity Smears Yovanovitch: 'Self-Important Very Narcissistic Diplomat Snowflake'
Sean Hannity seemed awfully agitated for someone who thought impeachment hearing witness Marie Yovanovitch had not provided any useful testimony.
What is this self-righteous asshat worried about if he thinks everyone is wrong about his fuhrer?

WOW: Conservative Denver Radio Host Fired DURING His Show After Criticizing Trump
Even the slightest dissent will not be allowed by Trump friendly media giants.

Chris Wallace Shuts Down Steve Scalise: 'We're Not Talking About The Whistleblower'
House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) struggled on Sunday to defend Donald Trump's attempt to bribe the president of Ukraine to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.
Scalise: "... the bottom line is he got the money." Right, Steve — after they got caught! These people don't seem to understand they are making complete nonsense out of their attempts at defense.

Jordan Brushes Off Testimony Of Diplomat Who Described Trump-Sondland Call
"Jacket Off" gets pinned for a 3-count. What a buffoon!

Report: Trump Went to Hospital for Unscheduled Medical Exam
Hmmmm, sounds to me like he has medical issues. Palpitations? Bad case of hemorrhoids?

Louisiana delivers Trump a black eye
The president lost two of three gubernatorial elections in conservative Southern states, raising questions about his standing heading into 2020.

Ambassador Yovanovitch Led by Example

Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Day Was a Total Shitshow, Even by NFL Standards
“Mr. Kaepernick requested a legitimate process and from the outset the NFL league office has not provided one.”
Typical chickenshit by the No Football League.

HBO’s Bill Maher hilariously burns down GOP’s Jim Jordan for his ‘Red Bull and crystal meth’ fueled impeachment antics
"Jacket Off" is one big joke, as we all know by now.
Also "Trump's Albino Assassin," the very jailable, Roger Stone.

Trump mocked after his Louisiana governor candidate goes down in flames: ‘The plague is more well-liked’

David Holmes’ Closed-Door Testimony Confirms What We Knew About Donald Trump and Gordon Sondland

Fox News Impeachment Hearing Video Omits Democratic Questions And Yovanovitch Statement
Although Fox News posted its video on YouTube with the title, “Trump impeachment hearing Day 2 - Ambassador Yovanovitch,” a hugely important chunk of the hearing is not included.
Fox News and its fascist propaganda message. You expected "fair and balanced"? LOL!

New Ohio Law Would Provide Religious Students With A Safe Space From Facts
Ohio has its ways of being socially stupid. I speak with experience.

Trump Sides With War Criminals
Being no different from our enemies has not been the aspiration of previous presidents, nor of our military.
This should be proof for even the hardest defenders of Trump that he is a foreign asset and a threat to our nation. He's a total disgrace to America.

Attempted Bribery Is Bribery
The Constitution’s authors had an understanding of bribery that legal scholars say “not only encompasses Trump’s conduct—it practically defines it.”

Aide Confirms Trump Asked About Ukraine Investigation, Delivering Blow to GOP Defense

The Holmes Prepared Testimony Is a Way Bigger Deal Than Expected

Trump’s Advisers Privately Admit His Tweets Attacking Yovanovitch Did Damage
Trump is too stupid to know when his mouth overides his asshole.

What Was Truly Unprecedented in This Week’s Impeachment Hearings?
We’ve seen impeachment proceedings before—but not like this. We rounded up 5 experts on the process to tell us what we should have been paying attention to.

David Holmes' Testimony Will Make Gordon Sondland's Hearing VERY Interesting
Holmes, a State Department official who overheard Sondland's phone call with Trump about Ukraine, provided the strongest evidence yet of Trump's crimes as president.

Marie Yovanovitch’s Testimony Showcases Donald Trump’s Obsession With Revenge
Day Two focused on a Giuliani-run smear campaign and Trump’s passion for settling scores—real or imagined.

Surprise! Zero Miles Of Trump's 'Wall' Has Been Built
Some number of feet of border security has been repaired, but he wall? Zero feet of "wall" has been added.

Fact check: A list of 45 ways Trump has been dishonest about Ukraine and impeachment

Ammunition Stockpiles Are Exploding As Global Temps Rise

Protestors Wearing Head-Mounted Cameras Scan 13,000 Faces in DC

People died while Trump played games with Ukraine’s military aid

Roger Stone joins the remarkable universe of criminality surrounding President Trump

Chris Wallace Lauds Yovanovitch Testimony: 'If You Weren't Moved, You Have No Pulse'
The bubble breaks for a moment as Trump just can't stop doing crimes where people can see them.
Why do you think I call them Trump zombies, Chris?

Bill Clinton to Donald Trump on gun control inaction during impeachment: 'You got hired to do a job'
And he is doing his job of defending the war on America by the gun fascists because they support their gun thugs.

Kamala Harris Flays GOP, McConnell For Inaction On Guns
Senator Harris is beyond outraged about the GOP's refusal to give a good goddamn about children being murdered in their own classrooms.

“But Laws on the Books Wouldn’t Have Stopped It!”
Another absolutely brilliant statement by someone who is part of the problem. They seem content with death by gun.
"The obvious answer is to pass laws that might actually make a difference, but unfortunately conservatives unanimously oppose them all."

Key Moments From Yovanovitch’s Testimony On Smear Campaign That Forced Her Out
"Nunes spoke for a few minutes before trying to pass the mic to Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) in a blatant disregard of the logistical rules Republicans had agreed to and voted on."
And like children who can't obey rules, "Nunes and Stefanik threw a fit."

Yovanovitch Pointedly Cites Benghazi In Robust Defense of Diplomats

Roger Stone Found Guilty On All Counts

Trump: Look, Here’s a Call I Did With No Crimes in It!
Again, the bank robbery attempt example for the slow students.
"Just committing a crime once is enough. Trump’s argument is exactly like releasing surveillance video of a bank he visited and did not rob several months before another surveillance video showed him robbing a bank."

Not Complicated
Well, Josh, it will be for some morons.

Yovanovitch Was Honoring Acid-Murdered Anti-Corruption Activist When Recalled

Trump Attacks Yovanovitch As She Appears At Impeachment Testimony
What a pile of chickenshit Trump is.

Schiff accuses Trump of 'witness intimidation' over whistleblower complaint
This is not the first time Trump has broken this law. Trump has no sense of morality therefore has no logical mental funtion. This asshole must be removed from office ASAP. The fascists who support him must go as well.

‘This is unacceptable’: Ex-congresswoman who voted to impeach Nixon says Trump is a rogue president
Anyone who wears a "Makes A Great Asshat" is a rogue.

Impeachment Hearings Confirm Republican Party Is Detached from Reality. What Does the Press Do Now?

Under Trump, We’re All Alice in Blunderland
The president has taken us—and the US empire—down the rabbit hole.

Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy Isn’t Just Cruel, It’s Illegal
As the administration continues its war on asylum seekers, a former asylum officer says forcing applicants to wait in Mexican camps violates international law.
But criminals like Trump don't care if they are breaking the law.

READ: Yovanovitch Amazed That Americans Helped ‘Corrupt’ Ukrainians Oust Her

WH Claims That Trump Will Only Watch Nunes’ Nutso Opening Statement
"Nutso." Couldn't have said it better.

Trump Suddenly Decides to Screw Yet Another Ally
Mob boss says pay more for your protection or else.

McCarthy Says Taylor’s Explosive Claim Doesn’t Change His Mind On Impeachment
Listen, the guy with the gun that tried to rob that bank is not a criminal because he never got the money because the cops ran him off. He's not guilty of a thing! ROTFLMFAO!
What a brilliant legal mind!

Matt Gaetz Asks Court To Send Protester Who Threw A Drink At Him To Prison
I guess it wasn't his favorite beverage.

Senate confirms controversial Trump judicial nominee
Chuck Schumer called Steven Menashi a “disgrace
The Senate is now "the mob" and "Moscow" Mitch is their boss.

Steve King Mixed Up His Soros and His Whistleblower Conspiracy Theories
The Iowa Republican circulated disinformation in a now deleted tweet.
That's exactly what Steve King is—a deleted tweet.

Video Shows Man Trying to Run “Piece of Shit” Tesla off the Road
The "POS" was driving the Honda and who wants to return to "don't scare my horses with that thing" days.
Another sign of the damage the pathological luddites are capable of doing.

Lindsey Graham: Impeaching Trump Over 'Hearsay Allegations' Is 'Going To Destroy The Presidency'
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) argued that the impeachment of President Donald Trump should not go forward because it would “destroy the presidency over time.”
Lindsey, we know you will vote nay on impeachment when your time to vote comes up in the trial. Hypocrisy does not become you.

Pat Robertson 'Sick To Stomach' Over Trump's Love For Erdogan
Pat Robertson vacillates between cheering Trump's judicial appointments and being "sick to my stomach" over calling the Turkish strongman "a good guy."
Pat, stop making sense.

‘Comically incompetent’ Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes crashed and burned after just one impeachment hearing: Conservative strategist
Tanked. Could it have been worse?

Graham Says He Won’t Accept Senate Trial Until Whistleblower Is Exposed
And meanwhile some Grand Old Pricks members are attempting to sabatoge the Senate Trial to help rig the election for the Russians. No accident here.

It’s No Accident That Democrats Keep Accusing Trump Of ‘Bribery’
That's because we recognized it as bribery early in the game.

Calling Impeachment a ‘Coup’ Hurts America
The Constitution matters. So does the English language.
It's only natural that guilty Amerikans would call it a 'coup'.

That Bombshell Call Taylor Revealed Was Quite Possibly Monitored By Russians
Russians: Also known as "Trumps Re-election Team."

Trump’s Ambassadors Are Uniquely Unqualified. The Ukraine Scandal Proves It.
Gordon Sondland isn’t the only envoy who purchased his position.

Dangerous When Cornered
These people have the sadz.

Trump Loses Bid For Full Appeals Court Review Of House Subpoena For His Tax Returns

Republican operative reacts with profanity to the explosive first day of impeachment hearings: report
"It’s little surprise that they would feel this way. Republicans in the committee appeared plainly contemptuous of the proceedings, and they had no ground to challenge the Democrats’ factual narrative."

‘Blather and hysteria’: Conservative columnist explains why GOP anti-impeachment ‘antics’ just crashed and burned

Sonia Sotomayor Raises the Alarm Over Border Patrol’s Lawless Brutality
The Supreme Court is poised to remove all constitutional limits on border agents’ ability to kill.
The new Trump Gestapo. How far will that go?

GOPers Largely Ignore Witnesses While Monologue’ing On Conspiracy Theories
They don't seem to be in the same room, country, planet or solar system.

Republicans Spent the First Day of Impeachment Hearings in an Alternate Reality
They countered facts with conspiracy theories to distract from the incriminating testimony of two career diplomats.

They Got Caught

Let’s Hear It for the Deep State

Congressional staffers in both parties believe Trump will be impeached: survey

Fox’s Chris Wallace: Bill Taylor Was ‘Very Impressive’ and ‘Very Damaging’ to Trump

AP FACT CHECK: GOP presses empty Ukraine meddling theory
Empty and debunked.

Like Dr. Frankenstein, Republicans Now Face the Monster They Created
A family quarrel breaks out on the right as Neo-Nazis have started heckling Republicans for not being Trumpian enough.

Read Adam Schiff’s Opening Statement in the First Impeachment Hearing
“If the president can simply refuse all oversight, particularly in the context of an impeachment proceeding, the balance of power between our two branches of government will be irrevocably altered.”

In Impeachment Surprise, Taylor Unveils New Evidence Directly Implicating Trump

Bombshell Testimony: Trump Asked Sondland About Ukrainian “Investigations”

What Zelensky Knew: The Devastating and Darkly Ironic Impact of Trump’s Attempt to Bribe Ukraine

The House Republicans’ Impeachment Defense Is Full of Holes
Holes and A**holes

Chuck Rosenberg: Nikki Haley Deserves Zero Credibility
The former South Carolina governor was supposed to be the great savior of the GOP. On Deadline White House, genteel Mr. Rosenberg rips her apart.

Nikki Haley’s plan to defend Trump is accidentally backfiring — and cratering her own credibility

Adam Schiff kicks off impeachment hearing with smackdown of Jim Jordan: ‘That’s a false statement’
"Jacket Off" Jordan has nothing to do, as usual.

The Daily 202: New deposition transcripts deepen Russia linkages to the impeachment inquiry

How Are GOP Idiots Defending Trump's Ukraine Crimes Today?

Think Capone When It Comes to Trump’s Impeachment

Nikki Haley Embodies What’s Wrong with the Republican Party

The Trump Administration Is Giving Family Planning Funds to a Network of Anti-Abortion Clinics
The Obria clinics refuse to provide contraception and are determined to make America chaste again.

Ukraine Floodgates Open and Fox News Tries to Discredit Everyone — but It Won't Work
"Character assassination is what Fox News does. The problem for Trump when it comes to the impeachment scandal is that Fox News has too many characters it needs to assassinate."

New York’s Peter King Is 20th House Republican to Announce Retirement
Rats continue to leave ship.

Donald Trump Jr Booed Off Stage At Book Launch By His Own Supporters
Trump supporters reacted angrily when told Trump Jr wouldn't be taking any questions.
As if he had any answers, anyway.

Nikki Haley Defends Trump's 'Go Back' Slur On Dem Reps: 'I Appreciate Where He Was Coming From'
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley recently downplayed a racist slur from President Donald Trump, who said that four non-white Democratic congresswomen should go "back" to their home countries.
She can always go back home to her beloved Land of the Happy Negro.

Trump faces ‘lock him up’ chants and ‘impeach’ signs as he delivers Veterans Day speech in New York

Yet another federal judge tosses Trump’s attempt to block release of his tax returns
No wonder Trump wants all the judges gone. Same as with all swindlers.

Right Wing Music Makers: The Next Great Chapter in the History of Right Wing Triumphs

“Lord, Let Your Arm Strengthen Trump”: A Televangelist Is on White House Payroll

Lt. Col. Alex Vindman's Testimony Just Reminded Us Of Something That PISSES US THE F*CK OFF

Looks Like GOP Might Run With the "Moron Defense" for Trump
The "Moron Defense" for the "very stable genius"? Truth is stranger than fiction it appears.

Giuliani Buds Pressed Previous Ukraine President For Bogus Investigations, Too!

Newly Released Testimony Implicates Mulvaney Deeper In Ukraine Scandal
We may have to build new prisons just to house all the Trump crooks.

Trump May Attend Moscow's May Day Parade
“I appreciate the invitation. It is right in the middle of political season, so I’ll see if I can do it, but I would love to go if I could,” said Trump.
While he's there he might even lick Putin's boots.

Anonymous Trump Official’s Book Says the President Sends Aides into ‘Full-blown Panic’ and ‘Stumbles, Slurs, Gets Confused’

A Crook Is Stacking the Federal Courts
Trump and the GOP are playing the long game: With every new judge appointed, they’re extending their reach for generations to come.
Congratulations, Amerika.

Live updates: Ukraine expert who listened to Trump’s call says ‘there was no doubt’ the president was seeking investigations of political rivals
Hell, yes he's the crook.

Wisconsin Republicans Kill Special Session On Guns Faster Than Most Mass Shootings
This is how it works when fascists run your government.

The Founders Would Have Called Out Trump for Bribery
There’s no need to debate “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Bribery is enough for removal.

They Are Racist; Some of Them Have Guns. Inside the White Supremacist Group Hiding in Plain Sight.
Patriot Front is perhaps the most active white supremacist group in the nation. ProPublica explores its origins, secret communications, history of arrests and outsize aims for an all-white America.
That would be your Land of the Happy Negro members.

Sen. John Kennedy Defends Pelosi Attacks: What She’s Doing Is ‘Dumb’ And ‘Dangerous’
That's exactly what Kennedy is. And them are his good points.

This Is No Ordinary Impeachment

BREAKING: Ref Told Jim Jordan The Team Doctor Performed Sex Act In Front Of Him
The referee said the response of Jordan and another former coach was, "Yeah, yeah, we know."
"Jacket Off" Jordan strikes again!

NOW Trump Gives Thumbs-Down To Public Impeachment Hearings
After weeks of GOP and Trump criticizing the Dems for holding Ukraine hearings in private, and demanding they be public, Dems give them what they've asked for. Trump doesn't like that, either.
This chickenshit is just that.

It’s Come To This: GOP Will Formally Request Public Whistleblower Testimony
The Republicans are making the U.S.A. a thing of never been, not great again. They are a greater threat than Putin.

Graham Accuses Sondland Of Conspiring With Dems To Go After Trump
Graham must resign. And Jim "Jacket Off" Jordan needs to go join the ranks of professional wrestling where his fake act as a freedom loving Congressperson would be more in place.

American Hospitals Are Way Too Expensive
In America it's your money or your life. Welcome to the Third World.

Source close to Trump: 2019 elections results are ‘totally bad’ as GOP underestimates voter intensity against the president
So they will have to get the Russians to help them again.

Paul Krugman: Republican lawmakers would rather ‘collude with foreign powers’ than see Democrats back in power

After one senator slams Nancy Pelosi at Trump rally, another says she’s the best leader Congress has had in 100 years
When the, no offense intended, Land of the Happy Negro Senator said "it 'must suck' to be as 'dumb' as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi" my response is if anyone knows how it must suck to be dumb, he's your man.

John Kennedy's 'Dumb' Attack on Nancy Pelosi Is a Reminder Every Republican Is Trump Now
In other words, every Republican is a grifting, flim-flam, con man, sex-offender, fascist. Sounds right to me.

Glenn Kirschner: Don't Call It 'Quid Pro Quo' When It's Extortion And Bribery
"Quid Pro Quo" is for small potato, non-criminal enterprises. On Stephanie Ruhle's show, Kirschner argues, the fate of entire countries hung in the balance.
Of course. It is major mob tactics.

Senate Republicans Want to Make Trump’s Impeachment Trial About the Bidens
In other words they have nothing better to do but whine.

Trump’s Attempt to Weaponize Impeachment Blew Up on Him in Kentucky
By the president's own rubric, Democrats won where it mattered in Tuesday’s election.

Graham on 'BS' impeachment inquiry: Testimony won't change my mind, because I won't read it
If the man won't do his job then it's time for him to resign.

Thanks to Rand Paul, Russian Media Are Naming the Alleged Whistleblower
“They say Trump is making Russia great. That’s basically accurate,”

3 election years under Trump, 3 decisive GOP losses

"Kill the White Niggers."

The Kentucky Governor’s Race Is a Warning to Republicans
The Republican incumbent couldn’t overcome the unpopularity of the party’s agenda. That doesn’t bode well for the GOP in 2020.
"Trump is a historically unpopular president, delivering a historically unpopular agenda. If that message failed in Kentucky, where will it succeed?"
My guess: with his Russian mobsters.

We Are Running Out of Air
One suffocating city is a harbinger of health crises around the world.
"According to the experts we are running out of air..."
— Jeff Gutcheon, Universal Sadness by Hungry Chuck, written in 1997

Violence Is in the Air
A new study shows that the rate of violent crime increases with the level of smog.

Election Night 2019 Was a Triumph for Democracy, Health Care, and the Democratic Party

WH Hangs Onto ‘No Quid Pro Quo’ Defense Even After Sondland Confirmed It
They keep swimming in that Egyptian river and keep getting all wet.

Trump Voters Unfazed By POTUS Potentially Shooting Someone: ‘Why Did He Shoot Him?’
Severe thinking disorder is a horrible affliction.

How Mike Pence’s Office Meddled in Foreign Aid to Reroute Money to Favored Christian Groups
Officials at USAID warned that favoring Christian groups in Iraq could be unconstitutional and inflame religious tensions. When one colleague lost her job, they said she had been “Penced.”

Rising health-care costs stall Americans' dreams of buying homes, building families and saving for retirement

The Right to Vote Won Big on Tuesday
Democratic victories could lead to expanded ballot access and a reversal of gerrymandering.

‘Fox & Friends’ hosts whine that MAGA hats are now stigmatized: ‘You’re hated’ for wearing it
Earth to dimwits in the next universe: "The entire sentiment of "Make America Great Again" implies that there was a time when America was great and it’s not any longer." It's the same as a swastika symbol to many people and will be remembered by history as such.

Massive Blue Wave Wipes Out Republicans In Philadelphia Suburbs
Can you say "bellwether"?

Kentucky Senate president thinks GOP-controlled state legislature could review gubernatorial election and challenge Democrat’s victory
Can you find one fucking Republican that believes in democracy in the United States these days?

Democrats win control of Virginia Legislature

RNC Trying To Jam Up Dems’ Phone Lines With Complaints About Impeachment Efforts
This is just another form of dDOS. Typical of the low-lifes.

McConnell Predicts Senate Impeachment Trial Will ‘Not Lead To A Removal’
Why is this dildo concerned about “How long do the presidential candidates want to be here on the floor of the Senate instead of in Iowa and New Hampshire?”

Bevin Goes Down Wrapped in Impeachment
Trump is toxic.

Lindsey Graham’s Trump Defense Blows Up After Transcript Shows Ukraine Extortion
After swearing yesterday that a failure to release Sondland's transcripts would be an abuse of power on the part of the house, Graham has nothing to say about the release of Sondland's transcript.
Lindsey has lost it.

'Fox And Friends First' Are Lying Liars Just Like The Rest
There is exactly zero "straight news" coverage at Fox. Fox News equals liars.
Does Trump even bother to watch these actors any longer?

Scientists Warn of “Untold Human Suffering” Without Major Climate Action
And offer 6 ways to address the calamity.

Trump Isn’t a Climate Denier. He’s Worse.
The president is withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Agreement on climate change because he just can’t quit carbon.

Trump’s Greatest Dereliction of Duty—His Disgraceful Denial of Climate Change
"In a truly Orwellian crackdown, the administration has even sought to purge the words 'climate change' from government reports."

Republicans’ favorite impeachment witness just changed his story — and now it’s much worse for Trump
"It was an illicit, clearly corrupt scheme, and Trump was at the top of it. It’s all there. The facts are damning. The only question left is whether there are enough decent people left who care."

Former federal prosecutor blasts GOP efforts to bully and intimidate Ukraine whistleblower: ‘Both reprehensible and dangerous’
That's exactly what Trump is.

David Jolly Absolutely Levels Today's Spineless Republicans
'Without the moral compass to recognize their own malevolence.'
"About as succinct and as eloquent a description of the putrescence infecting today's Republicans as you're likely to hear."

Former federal prosecutor: Trump’s demand to know whistleblower’s identity amounts to ‘witness intimidation’ and ‘retaliation’
And the Republicans know it! They are as guilty as Trump is.

Trump’s ridiculous new defense: I did it. So what?
"What they are proposing is that Trump used the withholding of military aid to pressure a foreign government to investigate his opponents, but in doing so, he didn’t have a “culpable state of mine.” (ROTFLMFAO!) That would amount to a pretty classic case of sociopathy."
The Pro is clearly a violation, asshats. Hell, they know he's guilty! The asshats that are pulling this stunt need to be shown the door out along with Trump and let that door hit them on their asses on the way.

E. Jean Carroll, Writer Who Accused Trump of Rape, Sues for Defamation
“Nobody in this nation is above the law.”
But Trump loves to think he is.

Report: America Has a Social Credit System Much Like China’s
But it was built by Silicon Valley and not by the government.
Talk about a "Shadow Social Syndicate." It's a protection racket like the mob runs. Smells like a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Fight this like the hell demons are coming for you. Because they are.

Obstruction Galore: Four White House Officials Are No Shows At Hearings
*Claiming* Executive Privilege is not the same as having it.

Volker And Sondland Hearing Transcripts Will Be Released Tomorrow, Schiff Says
Let it out, let it out, let it all hang out.

The Biggest Reveals From Ambassador Yovanovitch’s Impeachment Testimony

Highlights From Newly Released Impeachment Testimony Of Ex-Pompeo Aide
More on Trump crimes.

Schiff Says WH Staffer No-Shows Are ‘Further Evidence’ Of Trump’s Obstruction
Trump continues to be a criminal in plain sight.

Appeals Court Upholds NY State Subpoena Of Trump’s Accounting Firm

Like All Republicans, Kellyanne Has 'Benghazi Amnesia'
This Kellyanne Conway clip illustrates perfectly how Republicans were fine with closed-door hearings when Hillary Clinton was being "investigated."

‘We’re Getting F*cking Killed’: Trump’s Daily Gripes About Media Coverage Escalate
Feel that artery closing more everyday?

Trump’s self-destructive diet: Psychiatrist explains how unhealthy food choices may affect president’s mental health
The mental health will mean nothing when that left anterior descending artery closes shut.

How capitalism created the post-truth society — and brought about its own undoing

Should You Be Afraid of the Fascists in Your Community?

Newly Released Mueller Probe Docs Show Manafort Blamed Ukraine For Dem Hacks
This was explained some time ago in the New York Review of Books. If only people would read something other than Facebook comments or Tweets.

Trump Admin Rule Change Would Give Federal Funds To Anti-LGBT Adoption Groups
Trump supports hate. He supports racism. He supports all that is dark in humanity.

Trump Booed Unmercifully At UFC Event
A deafening chorus of booing greeted the arrival of Trump and his entourage at Madison Square Garden.
This is what happens when the audience isn't a heavily curated MAGA rally.
This is what real Americans think of you. Donald, this is the rest of your life.

‘Republicans have become a cult run by crooks’: Former GOP congressional staffer explains why the party ‘has become a creepy mashup of grade B totalitarianism’ and ‘Freudian manias’

Historian explains what binds Trump’s extremely rich and economically struggling supporters together

‘Donald, it’s bad’: Rick Wilson hilariously drops some terrible news on Trump about impeachment

The Nats Shouldn’t Go to the White House—Their Fans Despise Trump
What the numbers show: To love the Nats is to loathe the president.

Interfaith Alliance Blasts Impending Department of Heath and Human Services Rule for “Using Religious Freedom as a License to Discriminate”

Trump's Border Wall Is Impenetrable - Unless You Have A Cordless Power Tool
The Big, Beautiful, Perfect Wall that Mexico definitely did not pay for appears to be pretty easy to cut into and climb over

‘It’s like nothing we have come across before’: UK intelligence officials shaken by Trump administration’s requests for help with counter-impeachment inquiry
As impeachment inquiries heat up, president’s people are busy pursuing a counter offensive aimed at discrediting Mueller’s findings that Russia interfered in 2016 election.
The criminal Trump is at it again.

Jobs Data From Swing States Isn't Great for Trump
Factory employment in states that were key to Trump’s 2016 victory are declining, and that should worry the president.

Trump Pal Chris Ruddy: Call With Zelensky ‘Absolutely’ Inappropriate

TRUMP! Establishes Florida Domiciliary To Dodge Judgements Against Mar-a-Lago and Survive the MAGApocalypse!
Guilty as charged.

Trump flees to his bankruptcy-proof home in Florida as New York prosecutors close in
Trump will find no hiding place.

‘There will be no rules that would go unbroken’: Ex-GOP lawmaker warns Trump will grow more dangerous if not ousted

Trump administration argues it should be free to defy Congress — and no one can stop it
America stopped Hitler, we can stop Trump too.

The problem isn’t ‘polarization’ — Republicans have lost their damn minds

'Legal' Bribery As Trump Funds Senators Who Sign Up Against Impeachment
Sign Trump's pledge to fight impeachment and Trump 2020 will fund your re-election campaign. Quid. Pro. Quo.
Trump keeps commiting crimes in plain sight.

What on Earth Is This Statement From the Fraternal Order of Police?
FOP REJECTS due process. Did you ever think you'd live to see that from a cop?
"Impeachment is not a legal process; it is a constitutional process. But it is unfolding in a way that’s similar to a criminal case..."

Not Much Going On With Trump Impeachment Today, Except ALL THIS SH*T OH MY GOD

Be careful what you wish for, Republicans: Now impeachment starts for real
Republicans demanded a more public impeachment process. Well, here it comes — and they're not gonna like it
"... this is what Republicans swore up and down they wanted — and what they will very likely be sorry to have received."

The Era of the Voter Purge in Georgia Continues
Land of the Happy Negro zone determined to make democracy a thing of the past.

Impeachment Just Got Real
In a 232 to 196 vote, the House endorsed a formal impeachment process—because the facts compel it.

6 Ways Trump Has Sold Out America
Instead of putting America first, he has put Donald first.

Trump Jr. Says He Wishes His Name Was Hunter Biden Because He’d ‘Be A Really Rich Guy’
Poor little junior. His daddy must be hiding his tax returns because he's in bankruptcy.

A Conservative on Credit Cards
Don't mistake him with someone who cares.

Two More Signs Trump’s ‘Great’ Economy Is Failing Workers

Justin Amash votes with House Democrats to pass resolution supporting impeachment inquiry
196 Reps support fascism in America.

Conservative columnist urges the GOP to abandon the rule of law
Holy fascist, Batman!

The Creepy Thriller of Trump's Incompetence and Republicans' Fear

College Students Are Hungry and Homeless—and Not Getting Enough Help
With no federal assistance in sight, colleges are scrambling to fill the void with food pantries and vouchers. But the patchwork approach only goes so far.
This plays right into the fascists hands. Keep 'em broke and stupid.

About That Trumped-Up Economy
"It will be awfully hard for the economy to play to Trump’s advantage in 2020. If anything, the economy will be even weaker than it is now..."

Trump Considering Legal Loophole To Install Right-Winger At DHS
We can't remove this cancer too soon.

Welcome to “Cancer Alley,” Where Toxic Air Is About to Get Worse
Land of the Happy Negro state gets more toxic air in predominantly black and poor communities..

Tulsi Gabbard Drops a Big Hint About Running a Spoiler Campaign for Trump
Putin's angel.

CNN Executives Defend The Hiring Of Sean Duffy
Sean Duffy can help “share with our audience what’s important to the voters he’s represented and how that will impact the 2020 election,” said a CNN executive.
CNN and John Duffy should have a good time standing on the corner looking for paying customers.

GOP Sens. Ron Johnson and Marsha Blackburn are tied to Russian money and Trump conspiracy theories. They’re not alone
More Putin shills exposed in our government.

Conservative commentator explains how Sean Duffy’s knee-jerk attack on Alexander Vindman exposed Trumpism’s moral bankruptcy
Class A scumbag Trump shill: Duffy’s mission has been “to advance the Trump line, however stupid, at whatever the cost. So for Duffy, attacking someone of Vindman’s stature was just another Tuesday morning.”

Trump judicial nominee breaks into tears in hearing over scathing finding that he’s ‘arrogant, lazy’ and ‘an ideologue’
Trump? Trump would nominate a complete dud like that? You bet!

Nicolle Wallace Lets It Fly On Live TV: GOP Pundits Are 'Chickensh*t'
The host of Deadline White House was overcome with rage at these vile GOP talking heads disparaging a true patriot, Lt. Col. Alexander
Nicole wins truth in reporting award! Woo-Woo-Woo!

The Swiftboating Of Alexander Vindman Will Not Work
Republican so-called "media" is attempting to swiftboat Alexander Vindman. We see them put party over country.

Republican Congressman Tries To Barge Into Impeachment Hearing
Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) was told he wasn't a member of the House Intelligence Committee, and was asked to leave.
Another one who left his brain at the cleaners.

If These Scumbags Are Calling You A Traitor Spy, You're Probably Living Right

Bill Barr SWEARS Clownshow Investigation Into Trump's Deep State Fantasies Led By Actual Grownup

Trump attacks on Vindman trigger backlash
Where is all the winning, Trumpy? And what is that pointed hat you're wearing?
What will your next excuse be after the formal vote?

Booing a Lawless President Is a Patriotic Act
Americans who respect the office of the president have a duty to call out charlatans who disregard the Constitution and abuse their positions of power.

If Trump Is Impeached or Defeated, Conservatives Will Call It a ‘Coup’
That's because they are Coup-Coup! Mob tactics are typical of fascism.

GOP Rep. Clashes With CNN Reporter: ‘If You Want To Interview Yourself, Go Right Ahead’
“You know what, if you don’t want to interview me, then interview yourself,” Amodei said at the end of the interview.
I think that means the same thing as "go fuck yourself." These fascists are so clever at wordplay. The conclusion is Amodei is a king-size asshat.

Meet Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, The Purple Heart Who's F*cking Trump Up Today!

The fundamentally un-American attacks on Alexander Vindman
They defend "President Bonespurs" and attack a battle tested veteran.

How the Supreme Court and the Morbidly Rich Are Ruining Democracy in America
"Because of a corrupt Supreme Court, oligarchs and the corporations that made them rich have taken over the American political system. If we don’t take it back from them soon, the entire experiment of an American democratic republic will come to an end."

Republicans Smear Army Vet Testifying Against Trump as a Ukrainian Spy
The Fascist Party of America does what we expect it to do.

Trump’s Defenders Are Now Attacking the Patriotism of a Purple Heart Officer
Without substantive defenses of the president, and deprived of process complaints, Trump’s allies resort to toxic xenophobia and baseless accusations.

State Court Tosses GOP’s Gerrymandered Congressional Map in North Carolina

The Deep State May Yet Save the Republic

Will Missouri Become the First State Without an Abortion Clinic Since Roe v. Wade?
A hearing this week will decide the fate of the state’s only remaining clinic.
The hypocrisy of theocracy. The hole in the middle of the country.

The Wisdom of the Crowd
Read this, Joe and Mika. Trump disrespects the office and the law outrageously every day. Why should people respect the man who doesn't respect the office?

The Market for Voting Machines Is Broken. This Company Has Thrived in It.
Half the country votes on machines made by ES&S. Many experts and election officials say the manufacturer remains dominant because there’s little government regulation and almost no oversight.
"...ES&S behaves 'like a patent troll,' a company that serially sues competitors, alleging debatable patent violations."

The GOP Exodus Continues: Rep. Greg Walden Announces Retirement
The smart ones are leaving.

Pentagon Leader Doesn’t Know Where Trump Got ISIS Leader’s ‘Whimpering And Crying’
Trump probably heard himself.

You Asked For It, GOP: Full House Will Vote On The Process For Impeachment

‘Shiny furry object alert’: Trump administration ridiculed for releasing Baghdadi raid dog picture
Which one is the dog?

Viewers horrified as Chicago cops cheer on Trump’s ‘disgusting’ attacks against their city
They're shills in uniform. Relax.

Trump can’t do anything without screwing it up — even the Baghdadi announcement: Conservative columnist
Why wouldn't Conservatives think this asshole is a failure?

We Can’t Keep the Oil
Trump’s new rationale for keeping troops in Syria makes no sense.
For the deluded people who believe Trump on "we'll keep the oil." (Otherwise known as theft)

Trump supporter who interrupted Arizona city council meeting to demand immigrants ‘respect our laws’ arrested for identity theft
She was posing as someone with a soul.
"When you wear a MAGA hat, law and order is not what you are aspiring to."

William Barr and the Corruption of the Justice Department
The attorney general is using the full resources of his office in pursuit of preposterous conspiracy theories.
Did I understand Trump is good at rooting out corruption?

The Far Right Is Taking On Cultural Institutions
Theaters, museums, and other venues in Germany are facing pressure from the AfD, raising questions about the extent of artistic freedoms.
“And if you look in the history books, it’s written there in black and white—of all the mistakes that were made, it was giving him and his party power, bit by bit by bit.”

US President greeted with thunderous boos and ‘impeach Trump’ banner at World Series
"’s reassuring—restorative, even!—to know that the rest of the country hasn’t forgotten how to greet tyrants.”

America Came Together to Boo Donald Trump at the World Series

Joe And Mika Clutch Their Pearls Over 'Lock Him Up' Ballpark Chant
It's un-American, Scarborough said. Twitter shot back.
Joe and Mika have the sadz.
"The difference between “lock her up” and #LockHimUp is that he’s actually committed crimes. Joe and Mika should know this and stop demanding public respect for a corrupt piece of shit"

All of the times Trump has refused to give Obama credit for the bin Laden raid
Trump thinks he can't compete with him on pussy grabbin' either.

2 dead, at least 14 wounded after shooting at party in Greenville, Texas
There is not yet a suspect in custody, according to the local sheriff’s office.
Another slack-jawed weekend in Texas.

Catholic Bishops Recommend Allowing Married Men to Be Ordained as Priests in Amazon
AS they sing in unison — "Spread Your Little Thing Out!" (MoE: Pistol Grip Wallet)

Are Our Brains Wired to Reject Medicare for All?
Its advocates, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, need to overcome strong biases.
Our brains are wired to do many things not in our best interest. Republican voters have been doing it since they jumped from one testicle to another to keep from becoming a bastard. It appears they failed.

How Trump gabbed too much about the ISIS raid
"You know, Alice, you've got a BIG-GGGGGGGGGGGGGG! mouth!

Trey Gowdy sides with House Democrats ‘100 percent’ over former Republican colleagues on holding secret hearings

Obama photographer uses metadata to call into question White House photo of Trump in Situation Room during ISIS raid
The Trump photo was staged by 3rd rate Russian actors in Moscow. It's more than obvious.

Pelosi Hits Trump For Not Informing Her Of ISIS Raid In Advance
It's clear to all but fools Trump is a Russian agent and a subversive to this country.

Gordon Sondland Told Congress There Was Quid Pro Quo In Trump’s Ukraine Scheme

Senator Warren is Exactly Right

Trump Doesn't Have the Balls To Throw Out the First Pitch at the World Series

A Clarifying, Upending Week in the Impeachment Inquiry
Republicans can protest all they want, but the facts increasingly indicate that the President committed impeachable violations.

Trump Announces ISIS Founder’s Death in a Boastful, Rambling Press Conference
“I got to watch most of it.”
Trump is a disgusting creature. Utterly without morals.

Amazon Watch: What Happens When the Forest Disappears?
Scientists are worried about a crucial tipping point: The time when the Amazon ceases to be a carbon sink.

Trump’s chaos targets the rule of law as he dismantles our government from within

Trump’s lawless Republican mob was egged on by Sean Hannity

‘The Force of Trump’s Lying Has Ruptured the Space-Time Continuum’: Steve Schmidt on Impeachment
"... calling it “fully the party of Trump” and saying the GOP had become 'corrupt, indecent, and immoral.'"
Then what does that make the people that support him? You know the answer.

Rachel Maddow Unloads On NBC Bosses Regarding NDAs About Sexual Harassment
For years staffers at NBC have been forced to sign NDA's to prevent them from talking about sexual harassment cases.

Republicans have embraced an ideology of grievance and it’s a threat to public safety

Federal Judge Rules Impeachment Inquiry Is Legal

Republican Impeachment Panic Sets In

ACLU: 1,556 More Migrant Families Separated Under Trump Than Previously Known
Trump is the Dragon.

Air Pollution Increases Under Trump, Despite His Claim of World’s ‘Cleanest Air’
Of course, Trump doesn't mind breathing sulphur and brimstone. And you know why.

Fox News' Napolitano: Schiff Is Following GOP Impeachment Rules
Napolitano sets the record straight for Fox & Friends and their Big Viewer: Democrats actually ARE following the rules as set forth by Republicans when they held the House majority.
But they know that. It's all about the show-biz and keeping up their con on the Trump constituants.

John Cornyn Is Fine With Ethnic Cleansing As Long As Troops Out Of Harm's Way
John Cornyn doesn't really have a problem with betraying the Kurds for Putin at all. It's all about the oil, it seems.
And money in his pocket.

Pat Robertson Says Trump 'Is In Danger Of Losing The Mandate Of Heaven'
This is quite a speech. The evangelicals must be soiling their panties.

Bill Barr's DoJ Opens Criminal Investigation Into... Mueller Investigation
The Times notes it's likely to raise alarms that President Trump again is using the Justice Department to go after his perceived enemies.
Fascism at work in America.

Under Trump, Whistleblowers Have Even Less Protection Than Usual
The federal board that’s supposed to protect whistleblowers has no members.
Fascism at work in America.

Dollars for Docs
How Industry Dollars Reached Your Doctors
Find out how much your doctor gets in kickbacks.

Federal Court Holds DeVos in Contempt for Not Trying Very Hard to Stop Loan Collections From Defrauded Students
Lock her up!

Gabbard Abruptly Decides To Drop House Reelection Bid, Arousing Suspicion
Putin's candidate for sure. "She’s never broken through in the polls and has cobbled together a strange coalition of supporters that includes unsavory elements like former KKK leader David Duke."

Google Is Profiting From Notorious Hate Group’s Ads
The tech giant appears to only be enforcing part of its hate speech ad policy when it comes to anti-immigrant hate group FAIR.

How Do the Trumpists Mobilize? Around White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism
A new report by Political Research Associates lays out the connections and the key role played by the media.
Pretty much like the Nazis of old.

Why Did Republicans Storm a Closed Impeachment Hearing?
Because they're Dickheads would be my first guess.

Jared Kushner’s Company Accused of Violations Over Rodent-Infested Buildings
I guess they mean he's been hanging around the buildings too long?

Rick Wilson revels in Trump’s misery after his ‘idiotic’ plan to smear Biden falls apart
The “Ukraine Clown Posse” clown keeps trying to set the bar lower.

Bill Barr’s alternate universe ‘investigation’ has a goal: Right-wing authoritarian rule
National Fascism is his goal.

House issues subpoena for documents related to Trump’s D.C. hotel, which is housed in a federally owned building

Trump Can Be Impeached for Removing Marie Yovanovitch

Why Donald Trump — and Other Powerful Men — Love to Cast Themselves As Victims

Trump Is Almost Certainly Pushing China to Smear Biden Right Now
Our dear mob boss and Russain gopher.

Oops, Trump's Commerce Secretary Did the Hillary Email Thing
But who cares, right?

MLB Umpire Who Will Shoot People if Trump is Impeached Runs a Christian Ministry
Kill them all, God will know his own, right Rob. ROTFLMAO!

Report: Gabbard Snuggles Up To Wall St. Execs, Considers 3rd Party Run
It looks like Hillary was right, if this report from Fox Business is accurate.
Try to divide that vote, Tulsi. Make Putin certain he chose the right Moscow candidate.

We’ve officially annihilated a second strain of polio. Only one remains
I'm sure, with the help of the anti-vaxxers, we'll be able to establish more strains sooner than later.

Hillary Clinton’s prophetic warning about Donald Trump is now playing out before our eyes
Still, some remain blind as bat wearing a lead-lined bag over its head in a coal mine.

Here are the 5 stages of Republicans coping with the overwhelming case for impeaching Trump
Republicans dive into that "Big River In Egypt" first thing. Then they discover they are all wet.

Kellyanne Conway berated and threatened a reporter when she thought she was off the record
Self-esteemed starved woman searching for the meaning of her life trips over own yapper.

Trump is the price Republicans have to pay to keep their long-term grift going
"If Republicans have any remaining political smarts, and any instinct for self-preservation, they’ll remove Trump from office to protect themselves."

Trump Says No Quid Pro Quo Because OH RATS, IT APPEARS HE'S LYING AGAIN
Like a rug. "...Trump lied again, oh how shocking, time to impeach the motherfucker."

Live updates: Graham to introduce resolution condemning House impeachment inquiry
Fully displaying how much Graham is in Trump's pocket or how in the dark he is about impeachment inquiries.

Russian Trolls Are Gearing Up For 2020, And Fake News Sites Are Everywhere
Elevating these sites, along with tweets, Instagram messages, Facebook pages, and other social media drenched in propaganda, is the mission of the stacks of new troll accounts.
"And as this is happening, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell once again on Wednesday blocked a Senate vote on a bill to improve election security."

Ilhan Omar's Republican Opponent Has Warrant Issued For Her Arrest
Danielle Stella, the QAnon supporter and twice arrested for shoplifting, is challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar.
She seems easily stumped and not playing with a full deck. Where'd the GOP find this piece of work? They keep setting bar lower.

Rep. Eric Swalwell Exposes GOP SCIF Stunt For Trash That It Was
Rep. Eric Swalwell explained to CNN's John Berman exactly why storming the SCIF was dangerous and just theatrics at the same time.
Nazi tactics plain and simple.

Don’t Count the Senate Out on Impeachment
To convict Trump in the Senate, 20 GOP senators will need to break ranks. Here’s how that can happen.
Get your pea shooters ready, fascists.

CNN: Parnas and Fruman Claimed They Were Traveling To Vienna For A Hannity-Shokin Interview
Sean Fucking Hannity — one more American worshiping at Trump's feet.

Are Our Brains Wired to Reject Medicare for All?
Its advocates, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, need to overcome strong biases.
We are more than a bit backward when it comes to forward in the U.S.
Here's a Map of the Countries That Provide Universal Health Care (America's Still Not on It)

Super Trumpy MLB Umpire Tweets He’s Buying AR-15 to Fight Civil War in Case of Impeachment
Thanks for letting us know, Rob. We'll put your name on the sedition list.

The Republican Party Is as Guilty as Trump

The Squalid Totality of Trump's Betrayals

Trump is now calling Republicans who oppose him ‘human scum’
That's what a fascist thinks of American heroes.

Trump risks blowing up the devil’s bargain with Republican voters and unleashing international chaos
"Media coverage ...focused on Taylor’s confirmation that Trump withheld military aid in an attempt to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to publicly back Trump’s conspiracy theories about his Democratic rivals. But reading Taylor’s full testimony, it’s also striking how much Trump was willing to risk Ukrainian independence — a tactic experts believe could destabilize European peace — as part of his self-interested scheme to cheat in the 2020 election."

Matt Gaetz's Moron Rebellion Leaves Mark On Impeachment Inquiry. A Skidmark.

Trump Cares So Much About Corruption That He Keeps Cutting Funding To Fight It
(Trump making the "sign of the pussy" in the photo.)

Cornyn Shrugs Off Diplomat’s Explosive Testimony: ‘I Don’t Know Bill Taylor from Adam’
None of the cons in Huntsville approved testimony against them either.

Why Ambassador William Taylor’s Testimony Was So Damaging to Trump

We Have Now Arrived At The Logical Endpoint Of Trump’s Immunity Argument

The Trump-Ukraine Scandal: More than a Quid Pro Quo, It’s Extortion
And the president is again trying to gaslight the public.

New Report Undermines Trumpworld Defense On Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

Watch: GOP Rep. Yells At CNN Reporter When Asked About Bill Taylor’s Testimony
Mo Brooks, another fascist from the Land of the Happy Negro, pisses on democracy.
Mo, you have collegues in the hearings. This is not a court of law, Mo. It is a grand jury process. You get your court of law in the Senate. Try to pay attention, Mo.

OOPS. New York Times Corrects Their Hillary Clinton Lie
The "paper of record" claimed the former Secretary of State said that the Russians were grooming a Democratic candidate for a third party run. Spoiler. That is not what she said.
"But sure. Keep up that fair, honest, unbiased reporting you're doing there. We'll be a banana republic before you know it." Trump will then corner the market on bananas.

Rick Wiles: ‘There Is Going to Be Violence in America’ if Trump is Removed From Office
The very definition of sedition. Note the double cross in his lapel. He's good at shooting off his mouth. Frankly, most sane Americans are fed up with the likes of this asshat. If the people he refers to had votes that were not counted then he's proving Russia elected Trump!

We Need To Talk More About The 'Deliverable' Trump Wanted From Ukraine
"Life comes atcha fast, President Dipshit!"
(Note Trump making the "sign of the pussy" in the photo. He does it often. We all know why.)

Impeachment Just Became Inevitable
The testimony of William Taylor confirmed that what seemed improbable just a few weeks ago is now all but certain.

Pence Says State Dept. Officials’ Testimony Shows Trump Must ‘Drain The Swamp’
Let's start with Pence.

Bill Barr’s First Epistle to the Heathens
"Barr’s sectarian vision only pushes us toward a darker path."

Bill Barr, Grand Inquisitor, Crusades for an Anti-Secularist Christian State
Bill Barr should look in a mirror if he wants to ID a violator of moral law.
Of course, in Monty Python's words, "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition."

President Donald Trump, your stonewall to the impeachment inquiry is cracking
Everyone can see your crack.

Abuse of Power Is Not a Crime’: Trump’s Former Attorney General Defines His Credo
Sometimes it's hard to tell who the biggest Bozo is associated with the Trump crime syndicate but the Bozo is strong in this one.
"It fell to Whitaker to articulate the ethos of the 45th president — that he is entitled to abuse power as he sees fit." The jokes just keep getting better with these clowns.

Ukraine ambassador Bill Taylor didn’t just blow the lid off Trump’s conspiracy — he hinted at a lot more

Claire McCaskill: It's Time To Take It To The Jury
She argued the case has already been made to take impeachment to the Senate.
The crime is clear and indisputable.

‘Beyond parody’: Matt Gaetz and dozens of his GOP colleagues try to barge into secret hearing in latest anti-impeachment stunt
One of the "brilliant minds" of the 21st Century is this putz.

‘Incredibly damaging to the president’: Ambassador William Taylor’s opening statement leaves representatives gasping and shaken
Let's see how the Republicans dive into that "Big River In Egypt" on this.

‘You own this’: Internet rips Susan Collins for offering tepid objection to Trump’s use of the word ‘lynching’

Trump’s ‘lynching’ comparison shows there’s no bottom to his sense of victimhood
This is because he is not sane. And no Republican says a damn thing about it.

Crybaby Trump Just Wants Democrats To Stop Lynching Him With Perfectly Legal Impeachment
Why doesn't his family have him committed? Everyone can see that he's in an unstable mental condition.

Hillary Clinton Not Guilty Of 'Emails,' New York Times To Apologize Real Soon We Bet
Along with the rest of the fascists? LOL!

Who are the six House Democratic holdouts on impeachment?
The ones who are Republicans in Democrat disguise. They might as well get voted out.

Everything Keeps Getting Worse for Trump’s Toadies
Giuliani, Mulvaney and Pompeo are getting in deeper and deeper trouble as the impeachment push accelerates.

Donald Trump declares that investigating his crimes is a 'lynching'
It's pretty obvious it is not. I don't see him hanging from a rope yet.
He's trying to steal the thunder from the Land of the Happy Negro tradition.

A million fewer children have health care, thanks to Trump Shocker: Runs Op-Ed Arguing Trump Serves Putin First
Mary Anne Marsh explains to Fox News viewers how it is that Trump is acting in Putin's interests and not the United States.
Ya gotta serve somebody and he does NOT serve OUR country.

Here’s Proof Ole Miss Knew Identities of Two Students Who Posed in Front of Shot-Up Emmett Till Sign, But Did Little

What Emmett Till’s Bulletproof Memorial Says About Us
Land of the Happy Negro miscreants short on target practice facilities.

Mika Goes There: ‘People Don’t Like The Bedbugs’ At Trump's Doral Resort
Or the rest of the vermin either.

Trump melts down at Cabinet meeting when questioned about ISIS: ‘It was me who captured them!’
What a mentally ill person looks and sounds like.

MAGA Hat Man Carries Out Vicious Pepper Spray Attack Against Trump Protesters
David Nicholas Dempsey was booked on suspicion of prohibited use of a tear gas weapon, assault with a caustic chemical and violating parole, police said.
"I didn't do anything..." but become a civil lawsuit target. "Makes A Great Asshat!"

6 Bonkers Moments From Trump’s Cabinet Meeting
Here's what Mr. Nutball spat out of his nut.

Foiled! Trump’s Top Picks To Be Acting Head Of DHS Are Legally Ineligible
The actors are all fakes.

Potatoes Thrown at American Troops As They Depart Northeastern City in Syria

How conservatism turns to fascism: When liberal capitalist societies fail, nations turn to glory, nobility and war to legitimate the system

These unhinged far-right Christian fundamentalists believe God killed Elijah Cummings for opposing Trump: ‘Don’t mess with the Great White Hope’
Not to worry, these idiots are a dissapearing breed.

Pete Buttigieg is an ally of corporate America posing as an advocate for working people

Of course Trump should be kicked off Twitter
And kicked into a cell.

Chik-Fil-A Lasts A Grand Total Of 8 Days In The U.K. After LGBTQ Groups Tell Them to 'Cluck Off'
"Chik-Fil-A is known for two things: chicken sandwiches and ardent homophobia."

House Dems Seek Probe Into “Suspicious” Stock Trades Following Trump Statements
Smell that?

The Once-Fresh Hell of Republicanism
"I only remark that the antebellum fire-eaters of southern Democracy were also bound by devotion to country — their country, not *the* country, which is again the creed of Trumpism's hayseeds and hellraisers."

Trump Drops Plan to Host G7 at His Florida Golf Resort
“His reversal of that decision is a bow to reality, but does not change how astonishing it was that a president ever thought this was appropriate, or that it was something he could get away with.”
But Trump thinks he can get away with murder.

No, Putin Doesn’t Like Impeachment
There’s one thing the Kremlin wants even more than sowing chaos in the United States: Keeping Trump in the White House.
The Pootmeister doesn't want to lose his agent in Washington.

Mulvaney melts down as Chris Wallace rolls the tape of his quid pro quo admission: ‘You totally said that’
Yes, we are all concerned about corruption--Trump and his dupes' corruption.
My laguage is better than your language — nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

White supremacists see escalating tensions in small North Carolina town as an opportunity to radicalize armed neo-Confederates
Land of the Happy Negro traitors push their luck with rope references.
“Sweetie, I looked (in their Bible) and I didn’t see anything about the defense of the Confederacy. Are you sure you got the right version?”
They would first have to have a functioning brain to respond to the question.

Susan Collins goes into full victim mode after being politely questioned by a constituent about Trump
They always play the victim. Think of it, always.

The Trump Administration Only Serves Trump

Trump Believes He Has a Mandate for Tyranny
He will fall back into his mandate and discover just what it is.

The Electoral College continues to be an archaic mess, by the way
"The Electoral College method of electing presidents is an archaic relic of buggy-whip times and needs to be put out of its misery."
Is it a rigged system? Amen.

Zuckerberg Calls Disinformation 'Something We Have To Live With'
No we don't, Mark.
Get bent, Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg Still Doesn’t Get It
And apparently, never will.

State Dept. finds no ‘systemic’ classified violation in Hillary Clinton private-server emails
Tulsi get on this right away and let's have another several some how many on this old saw.

Tulsi Fires Back And Proves Hillary Clinton's Tweet Correct
Hillary Clinton warns against continued Russian influence in our elections and Tulsi reveals herself with Russian talking points. The Twitterverse acts accordingly.
Tulsi appears to be a Russian bot.

Gabbard Demands Clinton Enter 2020 Race, Calls Her ‘Queen of Warmongers’
Yes, a Russian bot, for sure.

Guns Owned By Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Group Leader Confiscated Under 'Red Flag' Law
Seattle police took all the guns of Kaleb J. Cole, a notorious neo-Nazi whose antics have included organizing paramilitary exercises in the woods of western Washington state to prepare for a “race war”.
More Trump supporters. Shove their asses in stir.

Mattis Roasts Trump By Invoking Bone Spurs, Meryl Streep

Trump Isn’t Just Pushing Ukraine to “Investigate Democrats.” He’s Doing Something Much Weirder.
Trump is looking for a “server”—and for a portal to a world where everyone sees that he’s been vindicated.
Let's all sing along, "It's All Right There on the Server."

Donald Trump fans in Dallas say the president just “gets” them
Their support for the president is steeped in two main beliefs: He’s done exactly “what he said he’d do,” and his remarks toward Democrats and people of color matched what they said and believed.
And in doing so they match what intelligent people say and believe about them.

Trump’s Support May Be Dwindling, but His Assault on Regulations Continues
The administration is planning to sabotage environmental oversight on public lands, privatize elements of the national park system, and stall the replacement of contaminated drinking-water pipelines.
Trump is America's greatest enemy.

Trump Writes Unhinged ‘Legal’ Letter Demanding That CNN Pay Him Money
"Trump’s authoritarian impulses frequently appear cartoonish because they are executed so clumsily, and based not in any fascist theory of government but in his literal failure to grasp separation of powers, popular sovereignty, and the rule of law as concepts."

Anti-Semitic and Anti-Muslim Murders Are Latest in String of Fascist Attacks
These white nationalists hold the belief of “accelerationism,” which says that things have to get worse (i.e., more massacres) before they get better (fascist revolution).

Trump Is Letting Turkey Bully the United States
Donald "I Surrender" Trump shows his chicken shittery.

GOP congressman 'shocked' by Mulvaney's quid pro quo admission, won't rule out impeachment
Hold on to your pearls! A GOP person? Surely you jest.

MUST WATCH: White Woman Calls Out City For Racist Policing
This is how you do "White Ally."
"What if they shot me?" says white woman about cops that murder.

Trump’s impeachment crisis is worsening before our eyes — and even Republicans have their limits
Fascists have limits? Do tell.

Trump was ‘yelling and screaming’: Reporter says GOP source fears Trump is ‘not in control of himself’ — and getting even worse
Why do we support a mentally ill person to lead our government. Maybe we are the ones that are insane.

Report: More than half of all US doctors get money from pharma each year
The payouts aren't changing despite newer disclosure requirements.
Healthcare in America is a contradiction in terms. Your money or your life.
Universal Healthcare Now!

Adam Schiff To Whiny Republicans: CALM YOUR F*CKING BALLS

Trump Defends Syria Withdrawal as House Votes 354 to 60 to Condemn His Actions
60 more traitors in the House?

The GM Strike and the Goddam South
Indeed. Where’s Sherman’s army when we need it?

McConnell drags feet, won't allow a vote on House rebuke of Trump on Syria
The Turtle drops another turd.
McConnell said Thursday he wants to do something "stronger." Undoubtedly, that means something that does not directly rebuke Trump.
Corruption runs thick in his blood.

Mulvaney Admits Quid Pro Quo, Says We Should “Get Over It”
"What Trump has done with Ukraine is very clearly not something that happens 'all the time' in foreign policy. Until now, in fact, it never happened."
Only in his corrupt criminal brain. We can show him what to get over and where to get off.

Very Important to Unpack This
Criminal cover-up for Trump crimes is the bullshit they are trying to normalize. That is what this is about.
Scumbags. Low down dogs.

Trump administration bucks Constitution by selecting Trump's Doral resort for next year's G-7 summit
More of his daily crimes against our Constitution.

Pence announces full U.S. capitulation to Turkey; Kurdish forces are given 120 hours to flee area
A black day in America.

Karma For Republicans: Clinton Rules Apply To Trump Impeachment
Andrew Napolitano reminds Fox and Friends that all the rules Adam Schiff is following were written by Republicans during the Clinton years. Womp, womp.

Closed Door Hearings BAD NOW, Declares Party Of Benghazi/Travelgate/Fast & Furious
Truly, if it wasn't for bad faith, Republicans would have no faith at all.
They have no faith to lose and they know it.

Our Mad Dog President — and His Bible-Thumping Kennel Pals

Trump’s Withdrawal From the Open Skies Treaty Jeopardizes US National Security
The president’s foreign policy isn’t “America First,” it’s “America Alone.”
No, it's "Fuck America."

We Found Over 700 Doctors Who Were Paid More Than a Million Dollars by Drug and Medical Device Companies
ProPublica has been tracking drug company spending on doctors since 2010. We just updated our database and found that companies are still paying private doctors huge sums for promotional talks and consulting.
Health care in America. Is that a contradiction in terms?

Here’s why Sondland’s testimony is devastating to Trump — whether or not the ambassador wanted it to be

Rep. Elijah Cummings was also a passionate defender of immigrant families and their dignity
America has lost one of her great defenders.

Trump's pathetic efforts to humiliate Nancy Pelosi make her into a badass meme. Again
Nancy Pelosi is more of a man than Trump is.

Gordon Sondland to break with Trump in impeachment testimony
Impeach Trump NOW!

House Lawyers: Trump ‘Obstructing Own Impeachment,’ Acting ‘Above The Law’
Our country is being raped by this maniac.

Pelosi Picture Just Latest In Trump’s Optics Snafus
Trump's mental condition worsens every day.

Trump’s Meeting With Democratic Leadership Was Apparently A Total Disaster

Mitch McConnell Wants Pelosi To Lay Off Trump, Start Passing Legislation He Can Kill
Moscow Mitch. With pals like him we really do need anti-DICK laws.

Trump appears to confirm U.S. nukes are in Turkey, an admission that would break with longstanding protocol
What could possibly go wrong with that?

Only once has Gallup seen more support for removing a president. Nixon was gone four days later.
Which, again, is why a fight with Senate Republicans is bizarre.

Disingenuous Attacks on Medicare for All Distract From Cost of a Broken System
Let's just keep our decrepit, rigged system in place so the right-wing doesn't kill us all in our sleep.

Medicare For All Might Be Paid For With Taxes? Forget It, Let's Keep CrapCare.

Gordon Sondland was identified as a risk to national security, but nothing was done about it

Trump Shrugs At Kurd Betrayal: 'They're Not Angels'
In a press conference, Donald Trump also wished the Kurds, Syrians and Russians "good luck."
Welcome to the insane asylum.

WATCH: GOP Leader Flips Out On Reporter For Remembering Manafort
Are you OKAY, Kevin McCarthy? (ha)
Another lying asshat that is no leader.

Trump spirals into deranged conspiracy theory when asked about Giuliani: ‘I want to see the server’
The ranting of a madman. Stark raving mad.

Ohio voter purge targets state’s League of Women Voters head
How do you control elections? Remove people from the list that you don't want voting.
Corruption of the highest.

Ex-Pompeo Adviser To Testify That Trump Admin. Politicized The State Department

Co-Founder of Fraud Guarantee, the Company Rudy Giuliani Advised, Has Been Arrested at JFK Airport

White Police Chief Sad Black Community Doesn't Trust Police
At his press conference, Ft. Worth Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus abruptly cut off questions about the murder of Atatiana Jefferson by former police officer Aaron Dean.
He gets an F.

Ralph Reed Is Telling Christians They Must Support Trump. Some Aren’t Buying It.
Who would buy from a huckster like Reed? Idiots, of course.

‘An absolute joke’: Debate moderators condemned for asking about Ellen and George Bush — after completely ignoring climate crisis
Disgraceful. Ignorance. Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper the world expects better of you.

So We're Back on This Bullshit Again

The True High Crimes and Misdemeanors of Donald J. Trump
“Impeach the Mother-Fucker Already.”

Trump Is Complicit in Erdogan’s Violence
Now the war in Syria has a victor. And it’s not the U.S.

When Medical Debt Collectors Decide Who Gets Arrested
Welcome to Coffeyville, Kansas, where the judge has no law degree, debt collectors get a cut of the bail, and Americans are watching their lives — and liberty — disappear in the pursuit of medical debt collection.

Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies
The president’s businesses made themselves appear more profitable to lenders and less profitable to tax officials. One expert calls the differing numbers “versions of fraud.”

Here are 5 ways to restore the legitimacy of the Supreme Court

Retired general tells Fox News: ‘What’s happened is that we’ve already lost our reputation’
"So the answer is yes. General Frost and others told you it would happen and now it has happened. And no amount of faux-spiritual head nodding by Mike Pence is going to fix serious foreign policy issues."

Critics urge Congress to ‘arrest and detain Giuliani right now’ for criminal contempt after Trump lawyer refuses congressional subpoena
The criminal is strong in this one.

Marine Iraq War veteran to be deported Tuesday to El Salvador
Why would anyone want to defend our country when our country treats its soldiers like this?

William Barr Is Neck-Deep in Extremist Catholic Institutions
His troubles don’t only involve his obeisance to Donald Trump. He’s a paranoid right-wing Catholic ideologue who won’t respect the separation of church and state.

Trump’s Middle East Policy Is a Fraud
He’s flailing. There’s no telling what’s next.

Trump’s impeachment barricade crumbles
Key witnesses are ignoring Trump and delivering bombshell testimony in Democrats’ Ukraine investigation.
The criminal is being exposed.

The Tide Is Turning Against Trump
Faced with legal and legislative setbacks and the defection of more Republicans, Trump is waging an increasingly strident propaganda war.

Letters Show How WH Tried To Limit Former Aide’s Testimony

Trump Is Being Impeached Because He Keeps Doing What Russia Wants
What else would a Russian agent do?

Russia moves to fill void left by US in northern Syria
Putin owes many thanks to his henchman, Donald Trump.

Lara Trump: Most Don’t Even Know Who The Kurds Are
Maybe so, Lara, but we all know who the Turds are.

Rudy Giuliani took $500,000 from Parnas company Fraud Guarantee for technical expertise ... in fraud

John Bolton reportedly went ballistic over Ukraine 'drug deal,' called Giuliani a 'hand grenade'
Or is he a Molotov Cocktail?

Prominent conservative legal scholar rips Trump anti-impeachment letter to House Democrats: ‘The White House counsel was sick the day they taught law at law school’
I have news for you. The White House counsel is still sick.

Under Growing Scrutiny For Misdeeds, The Trump Administration Embraces Christian Nationalism
“Church-state separation means that government cannot favor one religion over others, or religion over nonreligion,” Laser said. “It means we are governed by our shared secular values, not the privileged religious views of some...."

Here’s the dark side of billionaire philanthropy — and the threat to American democracy

Trump is guilty of everything Bill Barr decried in his Bible-thumping speech: Columnist
"Trump is guilty of every godless action he decried as poisoning American society."

Trump’s stonewalling ‘no longer seems to be working’: Maddow expects Mike Pompeo to leave the administration

Trump Is Going Ballistic Because the Walls Are Closing In
Is our system ready for a president who wants to burn it down?

The Dis-United States of Cannabis
With marijuana illegal in any form at the federal level, states are forging their own paths to medical and recreational use. Here‘s a guide to where state laws stand.
Check to see where your state stands in the evolvement of the human intellect.
Overall it looks to be improving but some are still in the dark ages.

Backlash erupts at video depicting Trump killing media, critics
Fascist propaganda film at its worst.

White House finally puts out mild statement on video of ‘Trump’ slaughtering the media — but nobody’s buying it
Nobody but the Nazis.

We Are in the Gutter with Trump
Some Americans like the gutter. They find money walking the street.

The (Full) Case for Impeachment
A menu of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Google Is Coming for Your Face
Personal data is routinely harvested from the most vulnerable populations, without transparency, regulation, or principles—and this should concern us all.
Google’s unethical facial scans must be avoided by all.

Ex-cult member imagines terrifying end game to Trump’s presidency: ‘He might take everyone with him — like Jim Jones’
And those that drink his kool-aid will have a painful end.

Poll: Majority of Dems in early voting states want Trump imprisoned
And there are those in Youngstown that willingly play into Trump's evil hands.

The United States is not a healthy democracy — here’s why
Americans are ignoring the health of their country.

Donald Trump Isn’t Julius Caesar. He’s Republic-Killer Tiberius Gracchus.
What made him so dangerous was his determined incitement of the worst and most violent tendencies of his populist mob.

Jake Tapper Exposes Pompeo, Graham and Giuliani’s ‘Stunning’ Hypocrisy
The CNN anchor said that anyone who remembers Benghazi “may find it stunning” to see Republican members of Congress “trash-talking the oversight responsibilities of the House.”
Hypocrisy that is rapidly destroying our Republic.

Things Fall Apart
"We are witnessing the catastrophic failure of our government. There’s no going back."

Defense Secretary Says Pentagon Will Comply With Subpoena In Impeachment Inquiry

Reports: Sondland To Testify Trump Told Him To Write Text Denying Quid Pro Quo

Do your duty, Congress. No one is above the law, including President Trump | Editorial
Does America even care about the law any longer? Has Trump killed it for all time?
If so, there is no crime that anyone may be indicted for any longer.

Chris Wallace shreds Trump’s defense secretary for ‘abandoning the Kurds’ to be slaughtered by Turkey
Esper is totally unprepared for his job description.

‘Are you really not capable of answering a question?’: GOP lawmaker wilts as Tapper grills him on Trump corruption
The answer is yes. An oily slug like this that just crawled from under a rock is not capable of being in government at all.

Texas Police Officer Fatally Shoots Black Woman Inside Her Own Home During Welfare Check
“If I had never dialed the police department, she’d still be alive,” one neighbor said of the Saturday morning incident.
Which is it: The Cops or The Neighbors? Or both?

Poll: Almost 80% of undergraduates support changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day
As Stan Freberg said in his album "The United States of America" when the Indians said, replying to the 'discoverers,' "What you mean you discover us? We discover you here on beach." Discoverers? Deep six it forever.

Advisory Board Members Axed by Trump's EPA Are Preparing Their Own Pollution Report
Poor Don. He is so polluted.

Alfred E. Newman: The Death Penalty Is Absolutely Biblical
Poor Pat. He misses Charles so much.

NY Times Confirms Rudy Giuliani Under Federal Criminal Investigation Over Ukraine Plot
Poor Rudy. He had such high hopes.

Sean Spicer Says Trump Has An ‘Army Of Folks’ Who ‘Will Do Everything To Protect Him’
I guess that means they will go to jail or, perhaps, sacrifice their lives for him?
Or will they deny him three times? Or 4,5,6....

Four Different Federal Courts Told Trump to Go F*ck Himself Yesterday

Henry A. Giroux on Neoliberal Ideology and the Road to Fascism

Did Deutsche Bank Shred Trump’s Tax Returns?
No, they were used for toilet paper by the bank.

Pompeo Refuses To Say If He Met With Giuliani In Warsaw
This way, when they find out that he did meet him, he can say he never lied about it.

Intel Cmte Member Says Yovanovitch Was ‘Overcome With Emotion’ During Testimony

Pence is frantically running away from Trump on Ukraine: ‘Everyone is trying to get off the Titanic’
There is no place to hide, boys and girls.

Trump went golfing ‘while America’s loyalest allies in the Middle East are slaughtered’
There was “a giant inflatable Trump rat at the entrance of the club” and signings reading “resign” and “traitor.”

Fox News poll on impeachment way worse for president than first revealed: Ex-Trump aide

Elizabeth Warren Is Calling Out Facebook’s Pro-Trump Policy…on Facebook
Warren is trolling Facebook, but the issue is very serious.
It's time to put Facebook to the test.

Attorney General Barr Rages Against Secularist “Assault” on Religion
Barr blames society’s problems, including “a deadly drug epidemic,” on a lack of faith.
Someone tell Barr, once God reveals himself to all there will be no more need for faith.

One of Trump’s Judicial Picks Released a “Whackadoodle” Opinion to Protect Him
Trump's toady, Rao, wants to overturn the powers of Congress. Like Trump, she is also a traitor to the country.

Right Wing Activist Dennis Prager: Young Men Grow Beards Because The Left Has “Crapped On Masculinity”
So this sheltered-life dumbass has never seen a bearded lady? Young men grow beards because they decide not to shave, you idiot!

Trump Had Marie Yovanovitch Removed on ‘False Claims,’ She Tells House Inquiry
Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch was recalled from Ukraine, she told impeachment investigators on Friday, despite a boss saying she had “done nothing wrong.”
What is Trump covering up here? A set-up for his criminal acts?

Sorry About Your Trump Slob Picnic, Minneapolis
I heard they were burning MAGA hats! LOL!

Lindsey Graham Got A Russian Prank Call, But They Didn't Offer Any Nakey Trump Pics :(

Senate Intel Finds SURPRISE, Trump Got A Big Boost From His Pal Putin

Turkish forces push deeper into Syria, with deaths rising
Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said 342 “terrorists” — Ankara’s term for Syrian Kurdish militiamen — have been killed so far.
Blood on Trump's tiny hands and Lindsey "THE GREAT ERDOGAN" Graham and all GOP.

Reporters call out the State Department for ‘lockdown’ on Ukraine
Questions about the department’s role in events covered by the impeachment inquiry go unacknowledged, says correspondents’ association.
A full-scale war on democracy has been launched by the Trump administration.

Trump defenders busted for going quiet about ‘no collusion’ now that he’s is openly begging for foreign help
“The silence suggests that Team Trump knows the ‘no collusion’ cry won’t work this time.”

Giuliani and Trump: Bound by Corruption From the Beginning?
To understand how the one-time odd couple became partners in political crime, you have to go back to 1980’s New York and a tale of money laundering, mortgage fraud, and, yes, an election.

Trump loses big: 8 years of his taxes are one step closer to reaching Congress
"Judge Rao needs to get bounced with prejudice for that pfaff. In fact, every judicial appointment made by Trump after the announcement of the Special Council needs to be reviewed, as they were presumptively made to keep him out of jail for crimes committed and conspiracies underway."
There must be some very nasty, revealing things in those taxes Trump has been fighting like a madman for all these years. It's high time to out this crook.

Trump Judge Wants To Severely Limit Congress’ Ability To Probe POTUS Misconduct
Rao is the shill he put on the bench specifically to protect his criminal actions.
She needs to turn in her robe and be disbarred for her lust for SCOTUS. Talk about quid pro quo.

Appeals Court Rules Against Trump, For House Subpoena For Financial Records
Hand 'em over, deadbeat.

In the Ukraine Scandal, Trump Won’t Be Taking the Fall Alone
Administration stalwarts Mike Pence, Mick Mulvaney, William Barr, and Mike Pompeo are all implicated, too.

The Impeachable Tweets
Trump’s admissions on social media alone provide enough material for Congress to remove him.
Tweets by the Twit.

Sondland Will Buck State Dept Order And Appear Before Congress Next Week

Marriage Equality Opponents Should ‘Marry One Woman,’ Warren Says, ‘Assuming You Can Find One’
Abortion opponents should also get the same answer. You don't believe in abortion, don't get one.

400 Richest U.S. Families Paid Lower Tax Rate Than Working Class, Study Finds
Systemic extortion now extends to anyone in the lower working classes. Thanks Amerika.

‘We can’t stop being horrified by things like this’: Trump attacks Omar and Somali refugee community at Minnesota rally
Trump and his Nazi and Gestapo minions defecate on America.

Trump’s legal ‘strategy’ is making impeachment more likely

The Story Keeps Getting Worse for the White House
A pair of men helping the president’s supposed anti-corruption campaign were apprehended as they tried to leave the United States.

What Ed Meese’s Presidential Medal of Freedom Says About the G.O.P. and Impeachment

PHOTOS: Giuliani Pals Were In Deep With Trump Entourage

Poll: Independents Move In Favor Of Impeachment Inquiry; GOP Stays Firmly Against
Can these Republicans see what the country thinks of them? Are they that strung out on power?

Rudy Giuliani’s financial dealings are under investigation by FBI and federal prosecutors: report

Trump Attacks ‘Absolute Scum’ at FBI, ‘Embarrassment to Alabama’ Jeff Sessions in Interview With Seb Gorka
Hmmmm, must be getting pretty frayed nerves, eh, Trumpet?

House Democrats subpoena indicted Giuliani associates
The subpoenas are separate from the indictment, in which federal prosecutors allege that Parnas and Fruman illegally funneled foreign money into US elections.

BREAKING: House Dems Subpoena Rick Perry for Ukraine Docs

'Dead Flies': Pat Robertson Quotes Bible To Say Trump's Syria Policy Stinks
And it's not "Two Corinthians", Donald!
Oh-oh! This is big. "...losing the mandate of heaven..."

George Will: No Republican who supports Trump should be re-elected
George Will, people.

Republicans have ‘no one to blame but themselves’ for Trump’s Syria disaster: conservative Jennifer Rubin
“Hold him accountable for betraying American democracy.”
So, the Trump failure continues.

Rudy Giuliani’s indicted Ukraine henchmen funneled money from a Russian businessman: Feds
I think they call this collusion, people.

Lindsey Graham dishes on Trump in hoax calls with Russians
“I like President Erdogan,” Graham told the pranksters. “I think President Trump likes President Erdogan. I think he’s a strong man and we need to deal with strong people."
Miss Lindsey likes fascists. Why?

What The Parnas-Fruman Indictment Reveals About The Trump-Ukraine Pressure Scheme

McConnell protects Trump over GOP conference, raising the question: How deep in the crime is Mitch?
How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky?

‘I just couldn’t be a sellout’: Rihanna explains why she turned down Super Bowl halftime show in solidarity with Kaepernick
Huzzah! She's not a slave to Mammon. And she knows that the No Football League needs to be taken down a couple of notches.

How To Respond When Threatened With A Gun Over Politics
"...the perpetrator, Joseph Schumacher, is facing charges of felony terroristic threats."
Fascist terrorism, you bet.

GOP’s Pete Sessions implicated by indictment of Rudy Giuliani’s foreign henchmen
The turds continue to float to the top of the swamp.

Right-wing columnist blasts the GOP for standing by Trump: ‘Conservatives have sold their souls for the sheer pleasure of partisan hatred’

Fox News: Giuliani Thinks Associates’ Arrests Tied To His Ukraine Scheme
The total collapse of Trump's scam administration continues.

Rudy Giuliani’s arrested associates had dined with Donald Trump inside the White House
What were they eating? Crow?

Looking for a Shithole Country? You Don't Have to Look Far Anymore
"Hell, this country has become so shitty now that we'll abandon our allies in the blink of an eye..."

Giuliani Pals Were Arrested At Dulles Before Flight Out Of The Country
His rats were on the run.

WH Gave Trump-Appointed OMB Official Authority To Prolong Delay Of Ukraine Aid
The bribe money.

Pence’s Repeated Denials On Ukraine Provoke Outrage
Pence is washed up.

On LGBTQ Rights, Justice Gorsuch’s Fears Of ‘Massive Social Upheaval’ Are Baseless

‘Distraught’ US Special Forces solider tells Fox News: ‘I am ashamed for the first time in my career’ over Trump’s Syria withdrawal

Trump is freaking out so much about impeachment he’s calling Mitch McConnell 3 times a day: report
Get your rigging done early, Dumbo.

‘Disgraceful’: Fury as Trump suggests ditching Kurds is justified because ‘they didn’t help us with Normandy’
As someone said yesterday: "Neither did anyone in the Trump family."

Pretending Trump Is Like Other Presidents Is Dangerous
The contempt the president showers on journalists is unmatched in modern history.

Fox News Poll: Over Half Of Voters Support Impeaching Trump, Removing Him From Office

Trump Not Worried About ISIS Fighters Escaping Syria’s Prisons Because They’ll Just Go to Europe
Oh, sure. Let them start killing our friends in Europe, that'll show them. This idiot has no idea what he's doing because he doesn't know shit from applebutter!

Note to Republicans: Trump will betray you just like he betrayed the Kurds
Under the bus, baby.

Joe Biden calls for Trump’s impeachment: ‘He’s shooting holes in the Constitution’
Anyone that is not a traitor like Trump will call for his impeachment.

Pentagon still in shock 3 days after Trump went ‘off script’ in Erdogan call and betrayed the Kurds: Fox News
National Security correspondent Jennifer Griffin noted that top officials can’t believe the president’s actions.
Having a president that is a traitor is a little shocking to us all.

‘This is ethnic cleansing’: NBC’s chief correspondent says Trump is allowing Turkey to ‘get rid of’ Kurds

Trump's administration has declared him unimpeachable for a reason—he betrayed America
"His actions were an all-out betrayal of the country and an inherent disqualifier in any functional democracy."

Oath Keepers, armed group that threatened 'HOT civil war,' to 'protect' Trump rally in Minnesota
It'll be nice to see these shitstains get taken down.

Trump Declares “War” — and, Yes, Our Constitutional Crisis Is Here
Then America declares war on Trump and his minions. The die is cast.

Americans United Joins Call For LGBTQ Equality At Supreme Court
If some of us are not equal then none of us are.

New York Times publishes Biden smear from discredited, Wikipedia-plagiarizing right-wing hack
Peter Schweizer=Smears R Us.
"So—what the fuck, New York Times? Which one of your geniuses made the decision to publish this guy’s drivel?"

There are now an additional 43 new allegations of inappropriate behavior against Trump — 26 are ‘unwanted sexual contact’
No woman in her right mind would ever want sexual contact with this creep.

Facebook Rejects Biden Camp’s Request To Take Down Trump’s False Ad About Ukraine
Zuckerberg is such a shithook.
Where are our "militias"? LOL!

CBS Publishes Version Of Whistleblower’s Memo About Ukraine Call

Progressive Dem sends warning shot to Pompeo with call to suspend salaries of Trump officials holding ‘witnesses hostage’
OMG! Shut down their feeding trough! Genius!

McConnell chooses Trump over the Constitution
Like Trump, this dickhead is backing lawlessness. Get him out.

Impeachment Liveblog: House Majority Leader Says Trump “Betrayed Our Nation”
A logical deduction since that's what traitors do.

Trump scrambles to discredit entire impeachment probe with a breathtaking show of obstruction
Kick his ass to the gutter.

Turkey launches military assault on America’s Kurdish allies after Trump orders pullback of US troops
A foreign agent, as advertised.

6 Of The Most Gobsmacking Lines From WH Screed Against Impeachment Probe
The horror...this inquiry is uniting our country against a common enemy, Trump.

The Fragility of American Citizenship
Some people are learning that their birth or naturalization certificates aren’t enough to prove citizenship—a problem that the Fourteenth Amendment should ideally prevent.
Mussolini couldn't do a better fuck job than Trump.

The New (Mob) Boss? Same as the Old Boss.

Trump-Linked Attorney Funded Ukraine President’s DC Lobbying Efforts

Did Diamond And Silk Write This Impeachment Letter To Congress?
Someone constitutionally illiterate, for sure. Trump himself?

‘Crazy’ and ‘frightening’: Memo reportedly reveals a White House official believed Trump ‘clearly committed a criminal act’

Judge warns DeVos: 'I'm not sending anyone to jail yet' but it's an option
Start with DeVos then move down a long line of grifters, your honor.

Giuliani: I Won’t Testify Until Adam Schiff Is “Removed”
Hell, no, Rudy. I wouldn't either if I was as guilty a criminal as you are. Wait for ol' Sonny Perdue to grift his way in.

USDA Launches Pro-Trump Propaganda Podcast
Ol' Sonny Perdue? You thank at ol' boy ud pull any propgander outtin his ass?

Women All Over the Country Are Suing Police for Failing to Test Their Rape Kits
But they faced a blow from the Supreme Court on Monday.
Sue SCOTUS for rape next because that's what they did to you women.

Former Trump Envoy: Syria Withdrawal Is 'Haphazard' And 'Almost Unprecedented'
If you don't know how to do it, I'll show you how to wag the dog.

Why You Shouldn’t Believe Tech Companies
The surveillance state is not inevitable.

Rudy Giuliani And Lindsey Graham Gonna Impeach The Impeachers With UKRAINIAN SCIENCE FACTS!

Companies Are Luring Mexicans Across the US Border to Donate Blood Plasma
The US has become a vampire--the undead. Slow death racism.

Critics Use Bernie Sanders’s Heart Attack to Smear Medicare for All
Misinformation by imbiciles or liars.

Senate Bill Would Cut Social Security Operations Again
Why do the senior citizens seem to favor these Republican assholes? They are bent on killing us all.

It’s Not a Coup, It’s the Constitution
Trump's exploitation of his position and its authority is precisely what presidents are supposed to be impeached for.
Earth to morons lost in the black matter. This is what criminals do when they are nailed.

House Committees Waste No Time Issuing Subpoena To Sondland
Trump breaks the law again in plain sight.

READ: Senate Intel Concludes Russia Intervened In 2016 To Boost Trump
But, but, our Great Fat Fuck Leader said it wasn't true! Oh, woe. Oh, woe.

Soviet Dystopian Horror to SKULL! FUCK! AMERICA!

The New Normal

The View’s Abby Huntsman busts Mike Pompeo’s hypocrisy with video of him ranting about Benghazi ‘obstruction’
The Teahadist speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

Trump supporter arrested for pulling gun on woman over her Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker
The asshat was lucky she wasn't packing as well. That will happen someday soon.

HSBC to cut up to 10,000 jobs in drive to slash costs: FT
Trump's economy.

NBA Defends 'Freedom Of Speech' For Employees As China Moves To Block Games
It's money that matters to the US. We sell our souls to Mammon. May freedom rest in peace.

There’s a Huge, Angry Backlash Against Fake Meat
Some argue that plant-based meats are overprocessed and unhealthy.
Unhealthy is a no-brainer. Look at the nutrition content—fat and salt: no healthier than real meat.
Drop the CO2 but still die from heart disease. Not much of a trade-off. Just stop eating so damn much meat!

Diplomat Gordon Sondland was central to Trump's extortion—that's why they blocked his testimony
Trump commits obstruction of justice daily now. He needs to be removed before the Republic is destroyed and the fascists rape us all.

New Washington Post Poll: 49% Of Americans Want Trump Out Of Office
Three out of ten Republicans now support the impeachment inquiry, a new Washington Post national poll shows.
Kick his no good ass to the alley.

Trump Bars Sondland's Testimony Before House Impeachment Inquiry
House Democrats have repeatedly warned that if the administration tries to interfere with their investigation, it will be construed as obstruction.
It is the act of a tyrant. He is saying that our Congress has no oversight. Fuck him.

Roger Stone Allegedly Contacted Militia Groups To 'Defend' Trump Against Impeachment
Roger Stone needs to be in jail for sedition.
And the "militias" seem to be absent from defending the US against a major tyrant such as Trump.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger Calls Jim Jordan's Defense Of Sondland's No Show 'A Clown Show'
Definitely a rift between two House Republicans. Sad!
Make that, Gym "Jacket Off" Jordan.

Judge-Sponsored Bible Distribution Doesn’t Belong In America’s Courtrooms
"...her job in the courtroom is to act in an impartial, even-handed manner and not proselytize for her faith."

House Democrats subpoena Pentagon for documents related to Ukraine

Trump campaign threatens to sue Minneapolis Target Center for asking them to pay $530,000 in rally-related expenses up front
Of course. Trump is a deadbeat.

Conservative writer: Lindsey Graham is about to find out if swallowing ‘every piece of dog crap on the Trump buffet’ was worth it
Miss Lindsey is a bottom feeder.

‘South Park’ banned in China after series lampoons censorship
I'm sure Trey Parker and Matt Stone are loving every minute of it.
Totalitarian knee-jerks are short people.

US Customs Officer Harasses Defense One Journalist at Dulles Airport
Trump fascists have taken over US Customs now. A free press is now at risk. The Nazi bastard.

Second whistleblower could be about to blow the top off Trump's cover-up
Uncovering Trump crimes against America now happen daily.

Trump’s Stonewalling of Impeachment Inquiry Is an Impeachable Offense

Yes, #EatTheBabies Was Stunt By Pro-Trump Trolls
And AOC says you still shouldn't rule out "mental issues." She's right.
Mental issues have been the problem with most of these shills.

Trump declares war on ‘pompous ass’ Mitt Romney for calling his China Biden overtures ‘appalling’
Trump was looking in the mirror, imagining he looked as fit as Romney but then realized he was a fat ass and was talking to himself.

House Democrats Are So Focused on Ukraine That They’re Overlooking Another Impeachable Offense
It’s an allegation that Trump committed a stunning act of betrayal.
Common Criminal.

Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Shook Everyone—Except Trump
For Trump, outrage over the slaying of the journalist was just the cost of doing business with Saudi Arabia.

Brett Kavanaugh Is About to Get His Hands on His First Abortion Case
We knew this day would come. Susan Collins should have known, too.

Volker’s Statement Points At Rudy 'Ratfcker' Giuliani
Ambassador Kurt Volker's statement to Congress outlines exactly how Rudy Giuliani poisoned the administration and Trump specifically against the newly-elected Ukrainian President in his quest for dirt on Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.
Looks like a pack of 'Ratfuckers' including that Fat Fake Blonde Ratfucker.

This quote of Hitler eerily describes Trump’s sinister worldview
Yes, he would be Hitler.

Trump gives away the game on his last possible defense in the Ukraine scandal
The dumbest, stupidest ass in the world.

Trump just launched a stealth attack on seniors’ health care
Trump doesn't give a flying fuck about Americans.
Why in heaven's name should/would any American give a healthy shit about him?

Trove of text messages makes it clear: Trump knew his Ukraine extortion was illegal
New dump of diplomatic documents suggest Trump understood he had to cover up Ukraine misdeeds — however poorly

These Are The Trump-Desired Quid Pro Quos State’s Ukraine Officials Were Pushing
The corruption lies with Trump and everyone knows it. To deny it is to be a part of the cover up.
The cover up seems to be huge now.

Richard Nixon’s WH Counsel Sends ‘Urgent’ Message: ‘Trump Wants to End American Sovereignty’
“The statute requires knowledge your conduct is a crime. After the Mueller investigation, there’s no way Trump was unaware this violates the law. Ukraine/China can you hear me is even worse than Russia, if that’s possible, because it comes from a sitting president...”
Turn in your ID cards Republicans and submit your resignations. You are providing cover for a crime.

Donald Trump’s New Lost Cause
"Civil war" rhetoric is not uncommon on the fringes of American political discourse. Now it’s also coming from the White House.
This is why Trump has already lost. Captain Ahab all over again. And this is why the fascists have their weapons of civil war.

Trump admin. likely carried out 3 distinct cover-ups of his damning Ukraine call: Ex-national security adviser
Cover-up? Oh, hell yes. In any sane world this asshole would be in prison NOW!

Incomprehensible Brazen Treachery: Trump Publicly Urges China to Investigate Bidens in Thursday Morning Remarks to DC Press Corps, More Grounds for Impeachment
"Go ahead--fuck the law, whatever the fuck that is!" says Trump. "Americans love a good crime wave."

'Just Because He Does It in the Open Does Not Make Abuse of Power OK': Outrage After Trump Asks China to Investigate Bidens
"Let's be very clear what’s happening here: Trump is openly asking foreign governments to interfere in the 2020 presidential election against his political rivals."
This lunatic violates his oath of office every day now. Lock him up.

Trump Is Going to Burn Down Everything and Everyone, and Republicans, That Means You
That press conference was terrifying. And congressional Republicans should be more afraid than anyone. Trump’s going down and taking them with him.
Let us all stand against this fascist and his toadies and do what we need to do for the survival of our Republic.

"The View" receives Hillary and Chelsea Clinton with uncharacteristic bipartisanship
The citing of Margaret Chase Smith as a "Gutsy Woman" clearly illustrates how far the Republican party has fallen.

Mike Pence busted for using the ‘Sgt. Schultz defense’ to deny knowledge of Ukraine scandal
Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Pompeo will all go to prison unless the next president, Nancy Pelosi, pardons them.

The Party of Collusion
Trump asked a foreign government for help in an election. Republicans say that’s fine.
Where is Melvin Purvis now that we need him to handle these fascist criminals as he did in the 1930s?

Trump Says China ‘Should Investigate The Bidens’
Trump no longer cares about breaking the law behind closed doors. He now does high crimes and misdemeanors in plain site.
He is a most impeachable idiot. The Fascist party thinks they can defend this reprobate. They should all be taken to the wall.
The United States now has a rougue government full of traitors. Where is Elliot Ness now that we need him?

A Federal Judge Just Blocked Georgia’s Insane 6-Week Abortion Ban

Maine senator suggests at least 20 minutes are cut from rough transcript of Trump’s conversation with Zelensky: ‘We don’t know what is missing’
Where is Edward Snowden or Daniel Ellsberg now that we could use them?

‘Absolute buffoon’ Rudy Giuliani ruthlessly mocked over threat to sue Congress for investigating Trump
'Slimeball Asshat' works better to me.

Trump Proposed Shooting Migrants to Prevent Them From Crossing the Border
A new book from two New York Times reporters contains some horrifying details.
Hitler would have been so proud of him.

Inherent contempt is the only response that can halt Trump's misuse of executive privilege

Lewandowski: The First Rat To Jump ONTO A Sinking Ship
It appears Corey Lewandowski won't run for Senate after all.
I don't think he's the first rat but he's a big fat rat.

Dem Letter Draws Attention To Perry, Who’s Flown Under The Ukraine Scandal Radar
A well-known turd from Texas shows his ass in the scandal.

House Prepares To Subpoena White House For Ukraine Docs
Turds will be the ones to break the law and not respond.

Pompeo Forced Volker Out After Giuliani Spilled That State Dept Knew Of Dirt Digging
This teahadist becomes a threat to our country. All of Trump's turds floating to the top. Their stench is now overwhelming.

Four Videos Illustrate The American Right's Lust For Civil War
The idea of civil war—indeed, the agitation and outright fantasizing in hopes of one—has its origins in the racist radical Right of the 1980s and ‘90s.
Mislead and uneducated, these terrorists are a sad bunch.

McConnell: 'No Choice' On Senate Trial If House Impeaches Trump
The Senate Majority leader told CNBC he'll have "no choice."
Moscow Mitch has no room to say word about Nancy Pelosi when he had tabled all legislation.
Screw him and the dog he rode in on.

Giuliani Is ‘Weighing’ Whether To Appear For Testimony, Says He Has ‘Tapes’ To Share
Rudy is one of the top turds to be flushed. Tapes for his latest CD "Scumbags Like Me"?

Top Republicans Defend Barr’s Global Effort To Discredit Mueller Probe
The Republican traitors, including Lindsey Graham and Liz Cheney, should be getting prison sentences.

Trump Warns Of ‘Civil War’ If He’s Removed. Some Followers Are Listening.
It will be the shortest civil war in the history of the world.

WSJ: Pompeo Listened In On Trump’s Notorious Ukraine Call
Teahadist is in on the scam.

Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in 2016>
With patriots like Barr we don't need enemies.

AG Barr personally pressed foreign intelligence to discredit U.S. intelligence on 2016 election>

Not Just High Crimes and Misdemeanors
If bribery gets mentioned, it already was mentioned here on TLOTHN.

Sekulow Believes Trump Will Emerge From Impeachment Inquiry Unscathed
I believe Sekulow is whistling past the graveyard.

Trump’s tweet threatening ‘civil war’ is a ‘basis for impeachment’: Harvard Law professor
No excuse can get him off the hook. Throw the book at him.

New report uncovers another Trump scheme to pressure a foreign country to do his bidding
So many crimes, so little judgement.

Political Hack Newt Gingrich Attacks Impeachment 'Process'
Yes, the Newt Gingrich who impeached Clinton while carrying on a six-YEAR affair with Trump's current Ambassador to the Vatican.
Stop laughing at him! The political joker card. What hoot, Newt.

'Pastor' Robert Jeffress: Impeachment 'Will Cause A Civil War-Like Fracture'
Southern Baptist "pastor" and Trump advocate Robert Jeffress first mocked Nancy Pelosi before sending out a signal to the evangelicals in the tank for Trump: This is war. (but it won't last long)
The turds are all floating to the top of the swamp.
Just think of the postive results we might get if something like this were to occur as this asshat prophesizes.

Robert DeNiro Slams Fox News With F-bomb Rant On CNN
Actor Robert DeNiro went the offensive against Fox News on Sunday by dropping the F-bomb on CNN.
In case that war Jeffress says is gonna break out you could get your chance to do just that.

In a new CBS poll, 55 percent of those surveyed support the Democrats’ moves.
Let's see, according to Turd Blossom math that's 50 + 5!

Donald Trump Told The Russians To Hack Away, And It's ALL Coming Out Now

Will This Be the Scandal That Finally Prompts Republicans to Defect From Trump?
There's no saving most of them. They somehow think he cares about them.

Houston-area police department's first Sikh deputy fatally shot
What racist idiot member of the Land of the Happy Negro killed this man?
Do they even have a clue as to what a Sikh is or what they believe? Do they think the turban means Muslim? The total lunacy is mind numbing. One more score for the gun nuts.

Impeachment Is Winning
Trump will likely be impeached. And it will likely end his presidency—if not in the Senate, then in 2020.

Rudy Giuliani’s Desperate Efforts to Clear His Name Blow up in His Face

Trump’s Big Lie About Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Ukraine Falls Apart
In pushing to oust the former prosecutor, Biden did the right thing, no matter the personal cost.

Internet buries Trump for singling out lawmakers of color and Jewish Democrats in ‘Savages’ tweet
Bitter racism by our Orangeman.

‘Shrieking maniac’ Trump is deeply ‘disturbed’ and getting worse with impeachment on the horizon: columnist
He is too stupid to know that everything he shrieks may be held against him.

Far-Right Trolls On Mission To Unmask Whistleblower
What are the fascists using for financing, Russian funds?

The Other Whistleblower: It's Time Neal And DeFazio Jump On The Trump Impeachment Train
While the House Intelligence Committee is gearing up for a full investigation of one whistleblower's complaint, and the WH covering it up, another committee sits on a whistleblower complaint that came directly to it.

Trump was impeachable from Day One
But we've all know that since day one.

Congress’ impeachment probe should include ALL of Trump’s crimes
And I suspect they will be before it is all over.

Moscow Mitch ‘spares no expense to bolster’ Collins campaign: WSJ
And now Russian strings will be attached to her.

US Envoy To Ukraine Resigns Amid Trump’s Ukrainian Scandal
Rat leaving sinking ship.

CNN: White House Also Concealed Transcripts Of Trump’s Calls With Russia, Saudi Arabia

NRA Uses Looming Impeachment Threat To Squeeze Trump On Gun Control
NRA grifting is on.

(Arizona) La Paz County deputy pulls over black man who hung air freshener from his rear-view mirror
Cop says, "'re showing signs of deception..." The cop is showing total signs of asshattery.
Check out Flex Your Rights FAQ for a traffic stop.

The Hunter Biden Timeline

Geraldo: I’d Love To Beat Up “Snitch” Whistleblower
Geraldo, you ain't gonna beat up anybody selling bullshit in a TV studio.

Megachurch Pastor: Thank God That Trump Knows There’s No Such Thing As Church And State Separation
Jeffress, Trump will throw your ass under the bus anytime he can't use you, ignoramus.

Sen. Kamala Harris calls for a House impeachment inquiry into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh
"Spread Your Little Thing Out" Brett.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo subpoenaed to appear before three House committees
Trump fascists continue to ignore subpoenas.

Racist GOP Shill Attacks Rep. Jayapal: 'You Work For ME!'
GOP = Racism Part Infinity: In this episode, we have ex-ICE Director Thomas Homan behaving abhorrently towards a House Committee Chairwoman of Color, Pramila Jayapal.
The Sergeant At Arms should have had this shitstick removed, on his feet or off.

Trump’s tax cut is failing spectacularly as the GOP’s predictions go down in flames
Republicans have never cared about a deficit if it is theirs.

Twitter Delights In Trump’s Typo-Riddled Tweet About A Supposed CNN Typo
Utterly deluded.

There are still 13 House Democrats who don't support impeachment proceedings. Why?
The real reason is they are more concerned with keeping their jobs at the public trough and country be damned. Why dis 'the squad' when you have a crew like this?

Trump’s Ukraine Plotting Has Been Happening in Plain Sight. So Why Didn’t We See It?
"... much of the hanky-panky has been happening right before our eyes."
America doesn't always believe their own eyes.

Impeachment won’t save our Democracy
Only the American people can defend it.

Researchers Assembled over 100 Voting Machines. Hackers Broke into Every Single One.
I see our boards of election have not learned a damn thing. Why does America hate democracy?

'Plainly demented’: Internet responds as Trump unleashes crazed Tweetstorm and calls on Schiff to resign

How Will It End for the Big Fat Imbecilic Cosplay President? Ceausescu? Nixon? Or Scarface?
"Mussolini if we’re very lucky."

Kremlin Expresses ‘Hope’ That Trump Admin Won’t Publish Calls With Russia
What a hoot! The Pootmeister surely doesn't want his grifting activity with Trump exposed. ROTFLMAO!

Russia’s Fingerprints Are All Over Trump’s Ukraine Whistleblower Scandal
Prominent figures on Russian TV have been openly putting out the same ideas that we now know the American president was privately pursuing.

Pence Initially Advised Trump Not To Release Zelensky Call Memo
Things are looking bad when one considers this asshat could be president.

Concerned That CIA Was Not Taking Allegations Seriously, Whistleblower Filed IG Complaint
It's like if I'm working for crime boss, Bedbug Eddie, and I want to rat on him to the cops, the cop I spill to tells Bedbug Eddie and not the Bunko Department — some policy they have at the CIA.

Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Massive White House Cover-Up

Trump’s Immigration Policies Are Working (to Make America Poorer)

Trump and His Right-Wing Allies Are Losing Their Minds Over the Whistleblower Complaint
This can't be much loss.

Giuliani Won’t Say if He Has a Security Clearance
The president’s personal lawyer was shaping U.S. policy in Ukraine, and now there are questions as to why and with what broader government knowledge.
Questions are all answered here: Manafort Is the Key

It Didn’t Take Long for Trump to Say Something That Was Immediately Interpreted as Witness Tampering
Trump has gone and lost what little mind he had left.

Trump Suggests Whistleblower Should Be Executed
A madman at the helm.
A clear and present danger.

Proud Boys Taunt Beto With Assault Rifles At Rally
Fascists should not get money for their killing devices.

Devin Nunes Forgets Trump Released The Ukranian Call Notes
Devin Nunes, Twitter cow litigator, pretends that the notes released YESTERDAY by The White House were somehow "leaked" to the librul media by the intelligence community.

Trump has a second whistleblower who is being overlooked
Corruption of an IRS audit? WOW!

Trump is unraveling — and it is a nasty, venomous, bloodthirsty mess
As I've stated before — this is going to be a bloody mess to clean up unlike any we've ever seen before because Trump will make it so.

Support for impeachment spikes dramatically as Trump’s Ukraine crisis spirals out of control

Poll: Americans Split on House Impeachment Inquiry
If it weren't for Independents we might have a shot at democracy in the U.S.
Democrats have to prove that Trump is a grifting, lying, con-man? Somebody isn't paying attention to the exhibits already on display.

Manafort Is the Key
"Rudy’s excellent Ukraine adventure began not as an effort to damage Joe Biden but to discredit the case against Paul Manafort and lay the groundwork for a pardon."

Trump, Giuliani, and Manafort: The Ukraine Scheme
M. R. Scumbags.

‘This just got much bigger’: Security and legal experts react as Trump gets rocked by release of whistleblower complaint

Not Just Ukraine: Whistleblower Says the White House Is Hiding Other Damaging Documents
The Trump administration is accused of abusing classification to bury “politically sensitive” information.
This is going to be a bigger pile of shit than any of us have seen before.

Ex-DNI Official: Never Seen A Complaint That ‘So Clearly’ Outlines A ‘Coverup’

Bombshell Whistleblower Complaint Released: White House Covered Up Trump’s Ukraine Call
More is revealed about the president and Rudy Giuliani’s alleged efforts to get Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky to do their dirty work against Joe Biden.

The Republican Party Is Going Down With Trump
The president has so thoroughly annexed the GOP that it’s going to be hard for its leaders to cut their losses—even as he flails.

Acting DNI Didn’t Think Whistle Blower Complaint Was Election Security Issue

The Whistle-Blower Complaint Is Democracy at Work, Not the Deep State

Dear House Democrats, Trump's Lawbreaking Deserves More than a Quick and Dirty Impeachment Inquiry
No restrictions, Nancy. It must be a full blown investigation as was Watergate.

Harris on whistleblower complaint: 'This is a cover-up'
"Julián Castro said the complaint shows Trump is an “active national security threat.”

Donald Trump Must Resign
If he had half a mind, he would.

5 Key Takeaways From The Summary Of Trump’s Ukraine Call

Hear it.

Conservative writer is baffled Trump defenders think he’s been exonerated — finds clear evidence of a Ukrainian ‘quid pro quo’

Quid Pro No: How Trump and the GOP Are Trying to Gaslight the Nation on the Ukraine Scandal
"All this noise from Trump and his minions is gaslighting."

‘Utterly defeated’: Internet mocks ‘slurring’ Trump for ‘impeaching himself on live TV’

Why The Trump-Zelensky Call Is Just The ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’

Zelensky Asked About Military Aid. Trump Replied: ‘Do Us A Favor.’
The crime in this one is strong.

The Truth About Trump’s Insane Ukraine ‘Server’ Conspiracy
Trump asked Ukraine’s president to help prove a bonkers, Russia-friendly conspiracy theory that U.S. intel relied on manufactured evidence to blame the 2016 DNC hack on Moscow.

Attorney General William Barr is the beating heart of Trump's whistleblower cover-up
This guy is open to be proscuted. When this collection of gangsters are removed the world will be a better place.

Trump campaign fundraises off of fake 'Official Impeachment Defense Task Force.' What's next?
Trump sets new "low life" mark.

House committee chairs say White House readout confirms worst fears: 'This was a shakedown'
"It now seems inevitable that the House will vote to send articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate. It also seems almost certain that Trump Attorney General William Barr will now face impeachment proceedings as well—possibly launched before the end of the week. The evidence of Trump’s betrayal of his office is irrefutable."

Pelosi: WH’s Ukraine Call Memo ‘Confirms The Need For An Impeachment Inquiry’
“The President has tried to make lawlessness a virtue in America and now is exporting it abroad.”

The First Line of Trump’s Obituary Has Been Written

Chuck Todd Did Journalism On Biden 'Ukrainium One' Story, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH CHUCK TODD?
"In Louisiana and Texas these things can occur..." Ouch! "The old gaslighter from long, long, ago...his snowy hair was so on fire beneath the gaslight glow."

A Republican Conspiracy Theory About a Biden-in-Ukraine Scandal Has Gone Mainstream. But It Is Not True.
Read this one, Senator Kennedy.
or this one:
Joe Biden, His Son and the Case Against a Ukrainian Oligarch

‘Trump was in disbelief’ after ‘transcript’ announcement did not stop impeachment inquiry: report

It Doesn’t Matter if There’s a Quid Pro Quo in the “Transcript” (but, in Fact, There Is)
Smacks of Vito Corleone making an offer you can't refuse.
"Does it need to be more clear? Are we all this dumb? (Maybe?)"

Tony Blinken On Trump-Ukraine Call: ‘This Is Worse Than We Feared’
"Send money, guns and lawyers, the shit has hit the fan." — Warren Zevon.

Rudy Giuliani may have just confessed ‘to a criminal conspiracy’ with transcript admission: national security attorney

National security attorney on Giuliani’s stunning transcript admission: He’s either ‘lying’ — or just confessed ‘to a criminal conspiracy’

Transcript Shows Trump Urged Ukraine President To Contact AG Bill Barr To Discuss Investigation Into Biden
Of course, anyone with a brain that functions, knows this is NOT a transcript but a summary; a memo.

Trump rages at new impeachment inquiry
It has been said that he has to change his underwear several times a day now.

UN report warns of accelerating sea level rise in a warming world
Sea levels are currently rising ‘more than twice as fast’ than in the 20th century and faster than previously estimated, according to the report.

Trump’s Low-Energy U.N. Speech Said More Than He Realized

White House makes emptiest possible threat about effect of impeachment inquiry
The fly in the ointment is Moscow Mitch. He's the one not letting any legislation get voted on. Try again.

Trump Caves, White House To Lift Block On Whistleblower Complaint
Just hours after the formal impeachment inquiry launched, the White House formally caved on their weeks-long stonewalling of the release of the DNI Whisteblower complaint

Rudy Giuliani has a foreign scandal of his very own: Meddling in Romania while on Trump’s payroll
These guys are really pitifully poor at grifting.

Americans Have Rejected Trump’s Version Of ‘Religious Freedom.’ The Rest Of The World Should Too.

Trump Is Being Impeached Because He Will Not Stop Cheating

“How Dare You!” Greta Thunberg Rebukes World Leaders

Pelosi Announces Formal Impeachment Inquiry Against Trump

Trump’s enraged Twitter rant against impeachment shows how deeply Pelosi got under his skin

‘This is rare’: Every Republican senator just joined the Democrats to stand up to Trump

Trump official breaks with the president and defends the whistleblower

Trump Posts Video Of Romney 2012 Loss After He Criticized Ukraine Call
Our little baby president puffs up like a toad.

‘Seismic change’: Democratic hold-outs rush toward impeachment

The President Needs To Be Impeached
He must be impeached. Now.

Disturbing video shows gas station owners violently assault two black women in dispute over ‘spilled gas’
Apparently, these Land of the Happy Negro ladies were not happy enough for the really tough guys that tried to beat the shit out of them but lacked any take-out punching power. Maybe they need to get a little work in the gym?
ExxonMobil, these tigers are in your tank.

Trump Blurts Out to Reporters That He Pressured Ukraine to Smear Biden

In rare proof-of-life video, Trump press secretary says daily briefings won't be coming back
The farce that is the Trump presidency is in cover-up mode. Citizen, you don't need to know a damn thing.

How Christian Nationalists Are Driving Americans Away From Houses Of Worship

U.S. Soldier Discussed Plans to Bomb News Network, Kill Beto O’Rourke: Feds
Jarrett William Smith, who was arrested Sept. 21, also allegedly talked about traveling to Ukraine to join a right-wing extremist militia.
"6 months ain't no sentence
And one year ain't no time
Guys like him ship to Angola
And serve 20 to 99"

The false choice over “Medicare for All”
We can have both private health insurance and an expanded role for government.
"The more people who get covered, the lower the cost of insurance. The goal for all of us must be universal coverage."

A psychological analysis of Nazism reveals the danger of governments led by narcissists and psychopaths

Why Would a Whistle-Blower Save This Nation of Cowards?
For nearly three years, none of our leaders have held Trump accountable—yet we expect the Ukraine scandal to be different.
America is certainly not being made great again. It has turned into a nation of chicken shits.

A Failure to Excommunicate
"It’s not just that someone was shot in the middle of Fifth Avenue, it’s that here’s the tape, here’s the smoking gun, here are the fingerprints on the smoking gun, and christ, here’s the goddamn confession."
Shit’s going down. Hard. So what?

POLITICO Playbook: Trump just poured rocket fuel on the impeachment fire

What Donald Trump did was not extortion. It was a high crime for which there is only one remedy

Republicans Continue To Pretend Trump Didn't Do What He Admitted
It would be "troubling" if Trump did what he already admitted he did, according to Mitt Romney.

Weld Calls For Trump To Be Tried For Treason And Face The Death Penalty
The former U.S. attorney said, "It's well past time for this guy, in my opinion, to be carted off to save us all."
Of course, it's treason. Get the cart.

Progressives to Pelosi as Trump lawlessness mounts: ‘Stop playing craven political games’ and impeach
Earth to Nancy... come in, come in.

DeVos threatens to cut funding for NC Middle Eastern studies programs for ‘portraying Islam too positively’
She wants everyone to stay in the Land of the Happy Muslim.

ICE to resume detaining migrant families at South Texas facility
What about this terrorism, Candace?

Candace Owens Says We All Need To Just Chill The F**K Out About 'White Supremacy'
"...the most embarrassing black woman alive."
A favorite in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Trump Threatens to Veto First Ever Congressional Action on “Forever Chemicals”
Trump should be labeled with a skull and crossbones. Mr. Toxic Moron.

Carson Doubles Down On Comments About Trans Women: ‘Nobody Gets Extra Rights’
Ben, there is no such thing as "Extra" rights. We all have equal rights, Ben. Try to get a grip.

Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats’ refusal to impeach Trump is a ‘bigger national scandal’ than him breaking the law
They are more interested in holding onto their jobs than doing their duty for their country.

Adam Schiff Makes It Clear: 'There Is No Privilege That Covers Corruption'
Donald Trump may be immune from prosecution on a litany of issues to his position, but Adam Schiff makes it clear that the protection does not extend to corruption.
Then kick his corrupt ass out.

Trump is ‘a profoundly lawless individual’: Presidential biographer tells Democrats to wake up and go after president
But sleeping is what Democrats do best. Especially Nancy Pelosi.

He Envisioned the World That Trump Is Demolishing
A fragile president driven by a fear of failure and humiliation tried to convince America, one rally at a time, to change the world. He barely survived the attempt.
It needs to change now or our future is non-existant.

Trump’s new argument: He’s immune from all criminal investigation in new tax return lawsuit
So, America seems to be saying it is OK for our president to commit crimes and be immune to prosecution until he's not our president and then be PARDONED by the next president. If you are saying that, America, you deserve no country, no freedom, no future for you, your family and anyone else—except a criminal president.

Trump Frantically Tries To Spin Ukrainian Scandal Into ‘Both Sides’ With Unfounded Biden Accusation

Farmers and Ranchers Know What Climate Change Feels Like. They Just Wrote Congress Demanding Action.
“We’re not going to solve the climate crisis without addressing agriculture.”

‘I’ve seen smarter cabinets at IKEA’: See the most memorable signs from the global climate strike

Trump: the laughing stock of the universe.

Wisconsin Lawmakers Seek to Criminalize Environmental Protests
Nutballs ready for the Nutball Ball.

White supremacy is now on Homeland Security's list of terrorist threats

Edward Snowden Is a 2020 Election Issue
The Trump administration is suing the whistle-blower over his new book. But what would a Democratic president do?

We Shouldn’t Disgrace Ourselves
Exactly. Democrats can lose sight of the prize at a moment's flim-flam.

PHOTOS: Climate Strikers Show Up In Force Worldwide
Wake up or become extinction.

WSJ: Trump Pressured Ukraine President ‘About Eight Times’ In July Call To Probe Biden
Yes, damn it! 'About Eight Times' is what it says. Now you c'mon.
Come on, man!

‘Psychedelic Nazi’ arrested on AK-47 charges attended ‘Unite the Right’ in Charlottesville: report
What? On LSD or Mescaline. Perhaps even DMT?

Wall Street Journal confirms that Trump leaned on Ukraine to investigate Biden 'about eight times'
Are you implying mob tactics? Surely, not!

Trump commits treason with Ukraine (special guest Greg Pinelo weighs in)
Treason is Trump.

The new Rambo movie is essentially a MAGA fever dream of bigotry
Me, I can't wait for "Rambo Meets Rocky."

Christian Site: Satanists And Witches Take Power Over Your Children When They Eat Cursed Halloween Candy
Most people that have these ideas are considered mentally unstable. If they are a part of a special religion, they're just fine to be in this mental state. Odd.

FINALLY! Betsy DeVos ORDERING Universities To Remake Curricula For Jesus And Netanyahu
Coercion and dirty money. This one is some special flavor of corrupt.

Colt to Suspend Production of AR-15 Rifles for Consumers
OMG! Colt is coming for your guns!

Internet torches Trump for calling his Ukraine phone call ‘dicey’: ‘The word you’re looking for is criminal’
Impeach him NOW!

Giuliani Admits He Asked Ukraine To ‘Look Into’ Biden In Unhinged CNN Interview
Does everyone that works in the Trump administration have to be either insane, drunk, or both?

Rick Wilson changes his mind on Trump impeachment: It’s ‘clearly the only way’ to hold him accountable
It's time to put a stop to Trump.

Impeachment, resignation, treason, federal charges—reaction to the stunning Trump-Ukraine news

Joe Scarborough: If Trump Held Up Military Aid to Ukraine For Biden Dirt, That’s a Crime
Just another crime by the King of Crime, our president.

Senior Adviser to Ukraine’s Interior Minister: Trump Is ‘Looking for Kompromat’ to Discredit Biden and Avenge Manafort
Turmp is doing it again. Going after dirt just like he did in the last election. This time with Russia's neighbor.
In a rational world, Trump would be impeached and likely removed from office. We no longer live in a sane universe, however.

Visa denial rates for highly skilled workers are on the rise. Small Texas businesses are taking a hit.
The Texas economy relies heavily on temporary work visas, like H-1Bs, to hire highly trained, highly skilled employees from abroad. But H-1Bs have been subject to tougher scrutiny, with denial rates on the uptick.
America continues its failure under Trump fascism.

Fox Hosts Suggest Boycotting Taylor Swift
The question is does anyone want to keep buying the bullshit these asshats serve up.
Taylor Swift is coming for your news, Fox!

Republicans Won’t Even Read Administration Background Check Proposal Until Trump Is On Board
Moral failure. Duty failure. Failure.

Interior Dept. Transfers 500 Acres Of Public Land To Pentagon For Border Wall
A moral failure of the first magnitude.
Americans oppose this bullshittery.

Trump Administration Covering Up His Disturbing Offer to Foreign Leader

Trump denies damning whistleblower charge he made troubling ‘promise’ to foreign leader: I ‘only do good for the USA!’
He thinks he controls every aspect of life on the planet. Deluded Don. And yes, he is a traitor.

Constitutional lawyer explains how whistleblower complaint puts Trump ‘gross abuse of power’ on display: ‘Gonna be ugly’
The most corrupt president in history.

Michelle Malkin Smears Cokie Roberts On The Day Of Her Death
Michelle Malkin uses Cokie Roberts as an example of early "fake news" because her network faked a SOTU liveshot during the Clinton administration.
This is about as sad as it gets when it comes to news or anything else for that matter.

Former federal prosecutor: Lewandowski ‘may have perjured himself’ during House Judiciary hearing
So? None of these criminals are ever proscuted and convicted. It they were Trump would pardon them. Devoid of justice.

Super Normal Right-Wing Talk Show Discusses Killing Antifascists In Their Sleep
Where DO these shit slingers come from?

Get A Load Of Robert O'Brien, Trump's Newest NSA Assh*le
The latest acting grifter feeding at the public trough.

NFL Teams Are Desperate for Quarterbacks—but Colin Kaepernick Remains Unsigned
As injuries mount, Kaepernick’s political exile becomes more conspicuous.
We who support the No Football League are all complicit.

Pelosi driving mixed messages from House on impeachment; it's time she knocks it off

Dear Democrats: THIS Is How You Handle A Full-Of-Sh*t Clownshow Liar Like Corey Lewandowski

The Far Right’s Embrace of White Supremacy Is Tied to Climate Crisis

Brett Kavanaugh Farce Is Proof That Justice Is Dead in America

We’re Fueling the Next Global Extinction
And it will wipe us out, too.

Christian conservatives are giving Americans an ‘allergic reaction’ to religion: researchers
Are you listening, Arizona?

White man says he was fired for reporting racist activity at Philadelphia gas company: ‘We have recordings’
Land of the Happy Negro Gas Works is upset that their negroes aren't happy about something.

Black woman confronts racist tow truck driver over slurs: ‘I bet you this goes viral’
Land of the Happy Negro tow truck asshat states "...your fuckin' nigger husband" out of his mouth in case you can't hear him at the first. "That's what I said" he sez, so sez he.
The guy is a a driver from Robert's Towing in Brighton according to the report. It seems to be a predatory service according to internet reports.

In A Troubling Decision, Arizona’s Supreme Court Blesses Religion-Based Discrimination
Stay away from Arizona. It is being bossed by the American Taliban.

Trump’s Electoral College win was not a fluke: New study says Republicans will win 65 percent of close elections where they lose the popular vote
America will never be democracy until it stops the damn rig of the Electoral College.

Corey Lewandowski wilts after CNN host nails him for serial dishonesty: ‘I’m as honest as I can be’
What he meant to say: "I am a grifting punk."
Holding him in contempt is too good for him.

Michigan Republicans thank ‘Uncle Ted’ Nugent for testifying after he says their state ‘doesn’t qualify as America’
Nugent doesn't qualify.

‘The Constitution Isn’t Finished’: Legal Heavyweights Call for Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

MAGA Judge Shitcanned For Facebook Post Of Noose

Nobel Prize-winning economist: Republicans show a total ‘contempt for democracy and constitutional government’

‘A goddamn terrifying time to be alive’: Naomi Klein explains what ‘increasingly barbaric political figures’ like Trump have figured out about the future
Trump, Salvini, Bolsonaro, Modi are the new Axis of Terror.

And Now For Something Completely Different, The President's Brain Is Broken

Black trans woman 'burned beyond recognition' in Florida is 18th trans woman killed in U.S. in 2019
"Remember: There are no protections for transgender people on the federal level. The Trump administration continues to stomp out protections for the LGBTQ community."
Trump's hands are blood stained.

Manhattan D.A. subpoenas eight years of Trump’s tax returns

Trump Keeps Contradicting Himself on Iran
“Locked and loaded.”
Trump is so senile he can't recall anything he says.

Republicans know Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath — they just don’t care
Don't confuse them with someone who cares.

We now know Senate Republicans sandbagged the FBI’s investigation of Kavanaugh

Loesch Suggests Dems Want To Massacre Gun Owners
This woman is bat shit nuts.

Trump Threatens Iran, Who Knew Saudi Arabia Was Part Of NATO?
Is Trump awaiting the OK from Saudi Arabia to attack Iran?
Trump is the greatest threat to world peace.

‘House Democrats must not delay’: Progressives, 2020 contenders demand Kavanaugh impeachment amid new sexual misconduct accusations
“The evidence that Kavanaugh committed perjury in his Senate testimony is mounting...”

Trump’s NLRB, Trying to Cut Protections for Millions of Temps and Fast-Food Workers, Trips Up Again
What is Trump's obsession with Obama trying to accomplish? Trump will never be as trim and fit or as good-looking as Obama.

Internet knocks Trump for frantic demand to investigate Obama: ‘This is not the tweet of an innocent man’
It is also not the tweet of a sane man.

Donald Trump is a deeply stupid man who routinely gets his ass kicked on the world stage
And his constituents love him for it.

Kellyanne Conway: It’s unconstitutional for Democrats to ’embarrass this president’ with impeachment
It is dumbassery that she thinks that adds up to more than a pile of horse manure. (see next article)

Mike Pence Claims Triple Crown-Winning Horse Bit Him
Maybe American Pharoah couldn't tell the difference between Pence and his ass. He was probably biting an ass itch and mistook Pence for his butt.

The Further Adventures of Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis

Republicans accused of suppressing sexual misconduct claim against Brett Kavanaugh during confirmation
"Republicans created a process which would stifle her account so that Kavanaugh could be confirmed."
Shameless asshats, as usual. What could one expect from a party that defends a creep like Trump?

The plutocracy’s war on people: Centrists and conservatives are ignoring the giant elephant in our national living room

Trump freaks out over latest Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations: ‘They want to scare him into turning liberal!’
They can do that? The scare scheme? Amazing!

Internet hilariously piles on Trump for botched ‘suing for liable’ Kavanaugh defense: ‘It’s libel, Mr. Stable Genius’
Poor old fart. His senility is taking its toll on the country now.

Growing number of Americans see climate change as a crisis, poll finds
When extermination is headed straight at you sometime people can see it too late.

Donald Trump Goes After Joy Reid After She Destroys His Pathetic Rant In Baltimore
You know, for someone he pretends he's never heard of, Donald Trump knows an awful lot about Joy Reid, and it all spells massive insecurity for the Fragile Biff.
A broken, bitter creature.

Frank Schaeffer Shreds Falwell, Jr.: 'Just Another Con Artist Grifter Cashing In'
Reports on Jerry Falwell, Jr.'s greedy, bullying, hypocritical ways did not sit well with Frank Schaeffer. John Fugelsang joined in the glorious pile-on, too.

Judge rules Confederate statues will remain in Charlottesville despite deadly white nationalist rally
Richard Moore defends the statues of traitors from the Land of the Happy Negro.

TX City Council Member: My Prayers Keep Witches and Satanists Out of Local Park
Living in an isolated village can do this to a person. Must be 1692 in his fractured area. Not to mention his violation of other people's right to their religion. Yes, Wiccans and Satanists have rights under the Constitution.

WATCH: Michael Moore got in shouting match with Bill Maher — and the comedian lost an expensive bet
Hope Michael has a good time in Hawaii!

Of Course It’s an Impeachment Inquiry
And it’s about time!

Government Reports on Aging, Inequality Tell Us What We Already Know
Inequality widens in old age, and life expectancy wanes for poorer seniors.

Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump Can Go Forward, Court Rules
A big loss for the president.

Lou Dobbs Outdoes Himself In Gargling Trump’s Balls
World's #1 toady. Is the Adderall flowing that freely?

A Minn. School Board President Demanded To Know Why Evolution Was Being Taught. This Teacher Had A Perfect Answer.
Back to school with you, Sue Kern. You missed some things.

Andrew Yang’s campaign launches $1,000-per-month giveaway — but it could be against the law
It smacks of bribery to me. $12 grand a year for your vote?

Tomi Lahren: We Need Guns to ‘Defend Ourselves’ From Immigrants
Tomi, Tomi, Tomi. You know, as well as I do, it's 'em Walmart shoppers that are the real problem.

Trump: What If We Just Did The Obama Iran Deal ... BUT STUPIDER?
Who the hell would stop him anyway?

While Trump Shrugs, North Korea’s Building Better Missiles
As new working level talks loom, Bolton was right to worry. But Kim Jong Un hated him. So will Kim have a vote on the next national security adviser? (He hates Pompeo.)

O’Rourke Calls FBI After Death Threat From GOP Rep
This guy has the look of a typical gun nut.

Even Liberty U. Students Are Starting to Push Back Against Jerry Falwell, Jr.
This grifter is getting his just desserts.

Trump claims ‘there was nobody here’ in America 25 years ago so ‘they probably had cleaner water’
Here's what a:
1. 1st grader says.
2. delusional, mentally ill person says.
3. goddamn dumbass says.

What Does the Second Amendment Really Mean?
Or How America was Hoodwinked by the NRA.

Why Are American Homes So Big?
The U.S. is in the top tier of house sizes internationally—and it’s not just because of McMansions.
This has been observed for years from this viewpoint. What the hell is up with needing a house as big as the Mojave Desert?

‘Ugly and deeply disturbing’: Trump’s DOJ appears primed to indict ex-FBI chief Andrew McCabe
Of course, this is coming from our dictator Trump.

The Meritocracy Is Making Us Miserable
Daniel Markovits explains to The Nation how elite education is destroying the middle class and exacerbating inequality.

Elizabeth Warren Just Released a Plan to Increase Social Security Through New Taxes on the Richest 2 Percent
The presidential candidate says it would be the “biggest and most progressive increase in Social Security benefits in nearly half a century.”
Can't you hear them 2% knees jerking right now?

Ocasio-Cortez apologizes to immigrants losing medical deferred action for 'dehumanizing policies'
Has America now become a dictatorship?

Trump once called him ‘my African American.’ Now he says the president has a ‘white superiority complex.’
“Republicans are too sheepish to call him out on anything and they are afraid of losing their positions and losing any power themselves.”

Coalition of major media outlets moves to unseal redactions on Trump-related Deutsche Bank document

More People Are Voting — But 1,688 Polling Places Have Closed in 6 Years
America, our country is slipping away from us.

Trump Admin Finalizes Repeal Of Clean Water Rules
This man is killing us, slowly but surely. Trump is the enemy of America.
Will someone please do their duty to America?

Media Coverage of Trump Rallies Is Completely Broken

Today’s Special: Grilled Salmon Laced With Plastic
We used to think microplastics stayed in a fish’s guts. Chilling new research suggests the tiny particles migrate into its flesh.

How Democracy Died in North Carolina
Republicans sneaking through a budget bill while Democrats attended a 9/11 ceremony exemplifies how the Tar Heel State’s political institutions have been decimated by right-wing rule.
This rape is happening to our country, America.

Ohio lawmaker wants to force Jim Jordan to testify in OSU sex abuse case: ‘He’s been accused of failing to act’

Samantha Bee Proves the Electoral College Is Garbage and Has to Go
Hell, yes! Get it the fuck out!

Musicians Don’t Want Ticketmaster Scanning Your Face at Concerts
Ban it. Or everyone wears masks.

'If I'm sent back, I will die': sick immigrants facing deportation testify before House committee
Trump will not care if you die.

Trump is incapable of creating a plan to replace ACA, even if the courts do their worst
"Trump is incapable" of doing anything other than being a stumblebum.

Court Says Religious Freedom Is Not An Excuse To Treat Someone Badly

Sports radio station tweets homophobic slur at its own talk show host
And Brees is full of BS on his statement. How well would a "Bring Your Quran to School Day" go over.
" astonishing act of ignorance...." indeed. A severe thinking disorder.

It’s time to talk about our broken democracy
Please repair the system.

Trump Thinks Using Foreign Spies Is HOW RUDE!
Trump continues to be a foreign ASSet.

Outrage erupts as ‘lying buffoon’ Trump turns Pentagon 9/11 commemoration ‘into an infomercial about himself’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Republicans: History Will Remember You Backed Trump
“They can have that stain on their careers for the rest of their lives.”
AOC, these fascists came with stain, they will go with stain.

Comcast sues Maine over a law requiring a-la-carte cable offerings
The law would let customers pick and choose which channels they pay for.
Hell, we are forced to pay for commercials as well. Why is that? There should be no commercials on pay TV. Used to be we paid for content not commercials. We have fallen so damn far with our greed.

Tucker Carlson Hilariously Declares John Bolton 'A Man Of The Left'
Because it is Carlson's White Power Hour, he couldn't resist a dig at Libyan refugees and those dirty immigrants.
Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja!

Americans recoil in disgust as Trump rages about Hillary on the 18th anniversary of 9/11
"Mr. I am a Needy Sick Fuck" vomits bile on 9/11 remembrance day.

Man Interrupts 9/11 Ceremony To Attack “The Squad”
More guests arrive from The Nutball Ball in time to stick "our Jewish-Christianist values" in the way.
More racist attacks from right-wing religious terrorists.

Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Most Corrupt Cabinet Official, Has Got To Go
Ordering weather service officials to falsely back up the president’s claim that Dorian was headed to Alabama should force Ross’s resignation—or impeachment.

Jim Bakker Guest: God Told Me He’s Giving RBG Time To Repent, If She Doesn’t She’ll Be “Removed”
Hey, James Goll, this record was made for people like you—The Message.

Open carry activists were not asked to leave Walmarts when they tested the retailer's request

Some of Trump’s allies and officials must face federal prosecution — to save the republic
"America has never before seen such breathtaking corruption in the Oval Office."
Start with Trump.

OANN sues Maddow because its "Paid Russian Propaganda" was written by ...a paid Russian propagandist
Freelance is it? This is rich. lmao!

White nationalism and crony capitalism are the sparks that started fires in the Amazon
"The man-made Amazon fires are for clearing the land of its forests and indigenous people. The benefits are for Jair Bolsonaro’s cronies, while producing a climate disaster for the world."

Pat Robertson Suggests Abortionists Might Get Leprosy
Because ...why not?
Dude, it's already here. It's called the GOP!
Leprosy can be cured. In the last two decades, 16 million people with leprosy have been cured. The World Health Organization provides free treatment for all people with leprosy. About 100 people are diagnosed with leprosy in the U.S. every year

Moscow Mitch's message to America: I don't give a damn if you are gunned down

Robert Frank Dies; Pivotal Documentary Photographer was 94

Number of uninsured Americans rises for the first time since Obamacare
"...experts said the Trump administration's efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act were partly to blame."
"...uninsured rate...rose in eight states: Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Washington state."

Internet celebrates John Bolton’s humiliating firing: ‘Rough day — he was so close to starting World War III’

Trump’s Turnberry Scandal Violates the Other Emoluments Clause
How long does this grifter get to violate law and remain POTUS?

San Antonio sued for excluding Chick-Fil-A from airport
The lawsuit by five area residents cites state legislation passed this year that outlaws government retaliation based on “membership in and support to religious organizations.”
"Texas Values Action." Whose values? Yet another right-wing religious gang that believes in destroying the wall between church and state.

The entire US federal government is becoming Trump’s glorified ‘fixer’
Trump fascism reigns. How surprised are we? We have allowed it to seep in for years.

‘Nail-biting time’: Wall Street economist warns Trump has created worst market uncertainty in 35 years
Trump destroys everything he touches.

Trump Excluded Dayton Mayor From Ceremony Honoring First Responders At Shooting
A bitter and badly broken creature.

Trump Defends Visa Requirement, Baselessly Claims Gang Members Coming From Bahamas
Trump is a thug.

New lawsuit says Trump’s contemptible Citizenship and Immigration chief is in his job illegally
They are all illegals. It's all fraud. Illegitimate.

Survey Finds Nearly Everyone Wants More Gun Control, Including Gun Owners

Wilbur Ross personally threatened NOAA firings if agency didn't back Trump's fake hurricane claims
Ross is a fascist. What do you expect?

The rank hypocrisy of marijuana prohibition advocates receiving taxpayer funding
"And my research indicates that SAM has received funding from 'faceless, deep-pocketed' government sources with vested interests in propping up the system of prohibition that is failing at every level."
Kick. Out. The. Jams.

There’s already a new investigation into Trump’s potential use of foreign meddling in the 2020 election

False Summit
Trump’s bizarre Camp David stunt has imperiled the best chance in years for a negotiated peace in Afghanistan.

Fox News and conservative media are now warning of bloodshed if Democrats win in 2020
The fascists are the ones calling for civil war. They have wanted it now for some time. If they try it, we will see how they like it.

POLL: 60% Fear Mass Shooting In Own Community
Is this the cause of the war talk the fascists are talking about?

‘Deliberate treachery’: Internet outraged at Trump’s mishandling of intel that led to US spy’s extraction from Russia
The civil warmongers could focus a bit on this.

Roy Moore Says Muslims Can’t Hold Public Office. As Usual, He’s Wrong.
Roy, Roy, Roy, put the bottle down.

‘Despicable’ Trump’s attack on John Legend and Chrissy Teigen is ‘early stage fascism’: ex-White House official
There's nothing 'early stage' about it. Wake up.

Trump’s Scattershot Tweets Are Cherry On Top Of Dysfunctional Taliban Negotiations
The pschyo went off on John Legend and his wife, Christine Keigen. She put the punk in his place. He will now be known as "President Pussy Ass Bitch" according to her. Sounds perfect. Pass it on.

Trump Starts Week Tweeting About Mark Sanford’s Affair With ‘Flaming Dancer’
"President Pussy Ass Bitch" ridicules GOP challengers again.

Trump Has Figured Out How to Corrupt the Entire Government

Analysis: Transparency can be downright hazardous to Texas lawmakers
A state senator decided to run for U.S. Senate and had to disclose information about his income and assets that isn't required of Texas officials. Just think what we might learn if Texas politicians had to meet the more stringent federal standards.

Shifting Blame Is a Favorite Habit of Polluters and This President

The Electoral College Was Terrible From the Start
It’s doubtful even Alexander Hamilton believed what he was selling in “Federalist No. 68.”
Get rid of it now.

Trump Calls Off Peace Talks, Secret Camp David Meeting With Taliban
There is no bottom for these crustaceans.

Chris Wallace scorches Trump for defiling ‘the blood of thousands of Americans’ with Taliban meeting

Gabbard: Impeachment would only tear US apart
Would someone please wake this woman give her a cup of coffee? She doesn't know that Trump has already shredded our nation to pieces? It's bad enough that we have Nancy Pelosi in full retreat.

Conservative evangelicals aren’t hypocrites — they’re sadists

‘Utter Madness’: Trump’s Assault on the Truth Continues as Weather Agency Releases Unsigned Statement in His Defense
We now live in a black hole.

The Trump Show
"...Instead we’re living in The Trump Show, where it’s not just Dear Leader whose whims must be cynically accommodated, but millions of people who share those fantasies, who have shut out reality entirely, for whom every fact is fake, every truth is a lie...."

Christian Prophetess: God Destroyed The Bahamas Due To All The Underground Sex Trafficking Tunnels
The textbook crackpot.

Congress Wants to Know If the Air Force Is Propping up Trump’s Golf Course
Trump’s money-losing Scottish resort needed some help. Is the US military providing it?
Trump's grifting makes a mockery of our former nation.

Trump represents the GOP’s warped view of masculinity — and what comes next could be even worse

House committee sets date for vote to move forward with Trump impeachment investigation

You Don’t Need a President to Know Which Way the Wind Blows
Trump needs to shut his mouth about the hurricane and let his science adviser take over.
And the same goes for Lou Dobbs.

University Of Alabama Pressures Black Dean To Resign Over Old Tweets
It shouldn't surprise anyone that when tweets surfaced telling the truth about racism in America, Dr. Jamie Riley would be encouraged to "resign" from his job as Dean at a public university in Alabama.
Alabama—always in tune with the 19th century. Ah, the Land of the Happy Negro!

University Of Alabama Dean YOU'RE FIRED For Tweeting While Black
Breitbart and Alabama—the scum of the earth. These racist assholes get a black man that speaks the truth cut down and we can't begin to kick out the biggest POS lying liar we have ever seen as POTUS? There isn't enough crap that can be cast upon them.

'This guy’s crazier than an outhouse rat’: Rick Wilson slams Trump for ‘rage-tweeting on the toilet’
Couldn't have described Trump any better than this.


Trump Lives in His Own Reality — and It Raises Serious Medical Concerns

Sorry, Trump—We Are the Real Invaders, Not Migrants
Trump’s fearmongering over immigration ignores a long history of American military interventions.

As Trump Looted FEMA and the Military for His Border Policies, DHS Bought High-End Chairs With Taxpayer Funds

Jobs Report: Economy Added Fewer Jobs Than Expected In August

McConnell ripped for allowing Trump to steal millions of dollars headed for his state
The Turdle and the Hair.

New study finds people who have low emotional IQs tend to be racist right-wingers
Really earth shaking. Who would have thought?

4 Automakers Sided With California Over Air Pollution. Now Trump’s DOJ Is Investigating Them.
Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Honda just were smacked with an antitrust investigation
Through the Looking Glass with Trump. His DOJ has been filled with Mad Hatters.

Google Is Still Misleading People Trying to Find Abortion Clinics
Big Brother is at it again.

Boris Johnson Gets An Earful From Man On The Street: 'You're Playing Games'
Hey, at least he gets out among the people, unlike President Sharpie.
Using a Sharpie saves money on re-printing costs thus controlling the deficit.

New abortion laws contribute to sexist environments that harm everyone’s health

New report details Trump’s broken promise to revive manufacturing as US factory employment hits record low

Arizona Republicans pledge to stop shooting survivor’s husband ‘dead in his tracks’
They must be the deplorables we've heard so much about.

Hitler Parodies Are Gone But Now Trump Has Made Them Real Life

Meghan McCain torn to shreds for ‘indirect terrorist threat’ on The View in brutal online column
As long as I can keep my RPG launchers, anti-tank guns and howitzers in place it'll be fine.

Trump’s Fox & Friends pals finally concede Mexico ain’t paying for that wall
"The president never should have said Mexico was gonna pay for the wall."
Ya think?

The Trump administration plans to gut food stamps, hitting red states hardest
3.6 million Americans will lose food stamps under a regulatory maneuver nobody in Congress likes. 1.9 million of them live in Trump country.

What If Trump Supporters Love Chaos as Much as He Does?
"Trump Zombies," are named such for a good reason it turns out.

“Our President Is Unstable”: Sen. Jeff Merkley Makes the Case That “It’s Getting Worse”
Senator Jeff Merkley’s blunt warning about Trump’s policies and mental stability
They are so hard on the bumbling, senile old fart.

Rep. Steve King Drinks From “Toilet” To Own The Libs
Next, he ate a shit sandwich for an encore.

Franklin Graham: I Ate At Chick-Fil-A To Own The Libs
After gagging himself and regurgitating it, he went down the street and got a swell Popeye's Chicken Sandwich!

In video message on Dorian, President Trump displays doctored forecast
Don't forget, Trump invented "fake."

Meghan McCain says gun owners will resort to violence to stop an assault weapons ban
That's a guess on her part. My guess is not enough to matter. The U.S. has had enough. As the text says, it proves that those gun owners are unworthy of owning any guns at all.

Irish journalist says Pence’s visit was so offensive it was as if he ‘s**t on the new carpet’
"...Pence urged Ireland and the European Union ‘to negotiate in good faith’ with the new British prime minister…. The local crowd raised eyebrows and wondered what he thinks the aforementioned EU has been doing for the last three years, if not negotiating in good faith with the U.K.”
He probably thinks he's dealing with a bunch of illegal immigrants.

‘You are a member of congress’: AOC slams lawmaker who admitted he lends guns to friends who didn’t pass background checks
Lock him up!

Former pastor of anti-gay church slapped with 8-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting 14-year-old boy
Tsk, tsk, tsk. What's up with this anti-gay church con?

Christian leader scorched for saying you can’t be ‘human’ if you don’t have kids: ‘So Jesus wasn’t human?
Maybe what he meant to say was "If you don't have two human parents you can still have a kid that could be considered holy depending on whom may be designated by future generations to be relatives to its mother."
That settles it and I'll hear no more on it.

North Carolina Has Won a Huge Victory in the Fight Against Rigged Elections
There is now hope that savvy legal and political strategies really can begin to upend gerrymandering across the country.

The Coming Reckoning Over the Electoral College
It's the BIG RIG. Throw it out. Throw it out forever.

Trump Administration To Halt Shift Toward Energy-Saving Light Bulbs
More evidence that Trump is killing us all.

FBI Monitoring Protest Groups At Migrant Detention Centers As ‘Extremists’
The FBI has gone deep fascist on us. How sad to watch our democracy die.

Hurricane Dorian’s nightmarishly slow pace is linked to climate change
Like Harvey and Florence before it, Dorian's biggest danger comes when it stalls over land.

A Mumps Outbreak Is Spreading in Trump’s Migrant Jails
The idea that these concentration camp victims aren't inoculated is more than stupid. It is morally irresponsible.

Donald Trump Is a Category 5 Liar
There should be a special catorgory for him.

Islands Devastated by Dorian Are on the Front Line of a Dying Planet
A new show we can watch from now on, "The Real Water Next Time."

US Journalist and Activist Brandon Lee Shot in the Philippines
One of Trump's shithole countries. At least "Dirty" Duterte is.

Stable Genius Will Fix Economy He F*cked Up By ... Just Kidding, He Has No Plan

Trump’s open corruption is completing debasing the federal government — Pence is just the latest example
You do understand that's exactly what his constiuents meant for him to do?

New Poll Shows Once Again That Religious Extremists Don’t Appreciate Religious Freedom
Religious and Freedom often don't go together.

Patriotism, truth and fascism: Donald Trump is creating a subjective reality
Or "Using '1984' as a 'how-to' Guide to Perfect Fascism."

Damning United Nations report finds the US and allies may be complicit in Saudi war crimes
Watch your president and your enemies can't harm you.

Christian Prophet: Liberals Created Hurricane Dorian As A False Flag To Distract From Coming Arrests
A brain is a terrible thing to waste.

Texas’ New Firearms Laws Are a Gift to the Gun Industry
"Texas has been the site of four of the ten deadliest mass shootings in recent decades."
Everything's bigger in Texas.

Trump campaign’s brilliant new tactic: Whining about the media — as the right wing has for decades
Playing the victim card has been their stock and trade forever.

‘White greed’: Internet destroys Pence for staying at Trump’s Ireland hotel – 180 miles away from his meetings
Grifting r us.

Odessa mass shooting gunman failed background check — but obtained an AR-style rifle anyway
And this is why we absolutely KNOW that background checks do not work, right, Rick Santorum?
Book him, Dano!

Fox News Guest Blames Mass Shootings On Fact That Evolution Is Taught In Schools.
One of the dullest knives in the drawer just jumps in the sack with the rocks.

Please shut up, Mr. President, and read some books
Trump is literate? Really? Can this be proven?

Internet humiliates Texas governor after he unwittingly makes case for expanded background checks
The genius unwittingly made the case for expanded background checks that the NRA opposes.

Texas gunman lost his job as a truck driver — and he may be a sign of what’s coming to America
What's coming to America will be the end of the morons.

Texas Gunman Who Killed 7 Had Been Fired Just Hours Before Shootings: Reports
Was he fired for sending a dick pic? Asking for a friend.

Trump ‘Not Sure’ He’s Even Heard of a Category 5 Hurricane
Oh, the intellect...the intellect...

Happy Labor Day From Donald Trump!
Screw you America. It's all about me, the Donald. Not you, you fools.

US Open Player Fined $10K For “Shooting Gesture”
Real guns that kill with real bullets, mmmm not so much.

TEXAS: Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics Now A Crime
Mass shootings daily: nothing can be done
A couple of dick pics: BAN ALL DICK PICS!!!
DICK PICS! WTF? TEXAS? WTF! Better yet, ban all DICKS. There's a lot of 'em in Texas.

Labor Rights Are Human Rights — It’s Time We Guaranteed Them in the Constitution
The US used to tell the world that strong unions were a bulwark against fascism. We should take our own advice and enshrine the right to organize.

‘The Supreme Court Is Not Well. And the People Know It.’
A new guns case reveals that the once-noble institution has died, and we’re left working with its corpse.

Trump: Latest Texas Shooting ‘Hasn’t Really Changed Anything’ On Gun Control
Enough Americans haven't been killed yet.

Trump spirals into unhinged Labor Day Twitter frenzy snarling and lashing out in all directions
America so proud of its mentally ill asshat.

Texas Is a Leader in Mass Shootings. Why Is the Governor Silent?
Greg Abbott’s failure to respond to shootings like the one in Odessa is a moral disaster.

Police never responded when neighbor of Odessa, Texas shooter called to report him last month
They were probably busy talking to Rick Santorum about it. More likely, Greg Abbott.

CNN panel explodes in anger as Rick Santorum defends assault weapons after latest shooting
Might as well defend cancer and ebola. People have a right to cancer and ebola, of course, pRick.

Texas loosens firearm laws hours after the state's latest mass shooting left five dead
Bloody Texas, the wild frontier.

Texas State Rep Rejects Any New Gun Restrictions, Calls For 'Thoughts And Prayers' Instead
Rep. Matt Schaefer (R) called for more "thoughts and prayers" to change people with evil intent. No joke.
Bulletproof Bibles. Always a good idea.

Donald Trump broke the law again and his staff happily told CNN all about it
It's time to flush this wastepile down the toilet.

‘Carnage that could have been prevented’: West Texas mass shooting provokes fresh calls for stricter gun laws
Texas answer: More easy guns, more easy often, more and more!

Tony Perkins: Mass Shootings Happen Because Kids Learn About Evolution And 'Primordial Slime'
Tony Perkins, head of the conservative Family Research Council, on Sunday said that liberals were to blame for mass shootings because they have allegedly taken God out of the public square.
God wants his publicity and stage time. If not, gun death? Totally normal thought processing here.

“The Amazon Stays, Bolsonaro Goes”: Protesters in Brazil Demand Action on Rainforest Fires
“The guy wants to rule by decrees and provisional measures, we need to stop this mess!”
Dump Bol for the planet's sake.

Disinformation is leading to the spread of authoritarianism worldwide

The Constitution’s 3 Ways to Stop a Demagogue Like Trump Haven’t Worked. Now What?

Bedbugs & Broomsticks

Health Risks to Immigrants in Trump Administration's Custody Prompt Comparisons to Nazi Camps

Everything We Know About the Drive-By Mass Shooting in Odessa
"Despite the fact that four of the ten worst mass shootings in American history have been committed in Texas, the state was hours away from enacting multiple new laws further reducing gun control measures as the West Texas shooting was playing out. As on Sunday, schools will not be able to ban gun owners from keeping their weapons in their vehicles outside, landlords and homeowners will no longer be able to ban gun owners from keeping weapons on their property, and houses of worship will not be able to ban handgun owners from carrying their weapons inside."
WT Flying F can go wrong? Thanks, Governor Abbott.

Beto On Latest Texas Shooting: ‘This Is F*cked Up’
Beto has no filters now. He's fed up. We all should be. We are fucked up.

Police: 5 Killed, 21 Injured After Shooting In Odessa And Midland, Texas
America: A Third World country with a Banana Republic dictator at the helm.

Black kids in Missouri are being shot down in unspeakable numbers
Last year, the city of St. Louis saw four killings involving children 16 years or younger, a fraction of this year's horrific tally.

Betsy DeVos Just Made It Harder for Defrauded Students to Get Their Debt Canceled
DeVos is a fraud—just like the rest of the Trump administration.

Dismantling the Myth of the “Black Confederate”
A new book explores the false—yet oddly ubiquitous—belief that black men fought for the South during the Civil War.
New storybook from the Land of the Happy Negro.

James Reardon, wannabe far-right terrorist, hit with federal charges
The federal prosecutor used the announcement to deliver a blistering rebuke of James Reardon's far-right beliefs.

Diamond and Silk Lawyer Up
Wig models have bones to pick.

In The Matter Of Diamond And Silk's Very Real Lawyer v. Wonkette: Bring It, Sh*thead

Of Course Comey Was Right to Share the Memos

Trump's personal assistant fired after comments about Ivanka, Tiffany
Physician, fire thyself! ROTFLMAO!

This Labor Day, Say No To Employment Discrimination
Oh, and pay a decent living wage while you're at it.

Bill Barr’s vague conspiracy theory about Comey was just debunked by the DOJ’s own inspector general

Mike Pence gets skewered as Trump’s ‘chief bootlicker’ and exemplar of what some ‘hate’ about religion

Voters Say Touchscreen Machines Switched Votes in Nine Mississippi Counties
Land of the Happy Negro machines have minds of their own.

Trump’s Support of Boris Johnson Should Remind Congress to Impeach
Be wary of a president who celebrates abuses of power abroad and who, at home, imagines that the Constitution “allows me to do whatever I want.”

Probe of missing Georgia votes finds ‘extreme’ irregularities in black districts
Land of the Happy Negro finds extreme irregularities? Must be some mistake.

Trump’s racism denials are actually proof of his ‘extreme’ racism: Best-selling author

Trump Jr. event so ‘sparsely attended’ that people were asked to leave seats and huddle around stage: reporter

Trump-appointed U.S. attorney directly addresses white nationalists in blistering speech

Trump’s Lawless Wall and Callous Attacks on Puerto Rico Are Connected

Trump Administration’s Court-Packing Scheme Fills Immigration Appeals Board With Hardliners
The six newly promoted judges grant a far lower share of asylum claims than the national average.
Trump's fascism will be a mess to clean up.

Christian Radio Host: Don’t Marry “Educated Women With Degrees,” They Should Be Cooking And Cleaning
Better yet, don't listen to morons on "Christian" radio.

Lawrence O'Donnell Apologizes For Running With Deutsche Bank Story
He said the story did not go through the network's rigorous process for verification.

Federal Appeals Court Allows Minn. Business To Use Religion As An Instrument Of Discrimination
This is no longer America.

Trump’s 2020 election plan is just like 2016: Break the law to win

#TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies is trending after USCIS moves to steal automatic citizenship from kids of troops overseas

Richard Painter Says Trump Should Be Jailed If Pardon Promise Over Wall Is True

James Mattis drops bomb on Trump’s racism: ‘We’ve got to address the things that put him there in the first place’

Trump attorney demands retraction of report claiming that ‘Russian oligarchs’ co-signed the president’s loans
An actual law suit would be very interesting in the discovery process, so let's have it on.

Coup-Like Suspension of Parliament Sends UK Hurtling Toward Brexit
World fascism is on the rise and must be resisted.

Trump’s Corruption Is Now More Brazen Than Ever
From his G-7 Doral heist to Bill Barr’s Christmas Party to steering wall-building contracts to GOP cronies, it’s grift all the way down.

Trump’s Unpardonable Admission About His Border Wall
The president wants to spend billions of taxpayer dollars for a project that he acknowledges is largely symbolic—even if it breaks the law.
And if he can "joke" about breaking the law then we all can — anyway we want.

‘The Bible stays’: Pence hypes false conspiracy theory that Obama ordered Christianity out of VA hospitals
Pence needs to have a serious discussion with John Pavlovitz.

Ex-Trump aide flops in court after suing publication over allegations that he drugged woman he impregnated

Kentucky principal who tried to ban books over ‘homosexual content’ busted for child porn

“We’re embarrassed”: US is close to losing measles-elimination status
Health experts blame vaccine misinformation—and themselves.

Trump moves to allow logging in the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest
Meanwhile, the Amazon burns.

The candidate wanted her town to stay ‘as white as possible.’ Now she’s out of the race.
Jean Cramer dropped out of the Marysville, Michigan, city council race after embarrassing her town and herself by saying foreigners should stay away.
And stand down she does. Thanks, Jean.

GOP woman running for House says social issues no longer matter
Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee (R-IL) decries "identity politics" while running on her own identity.
And her identy appears to be facist.

Poll: Nearly 4 in 10 would question election if their candidate loses
Trump and the Russians have succeeded. We now no longer trust our election process.

Dissent Is Being Criminalized Right Under Our Noses
Now they are coming for your rights.
"Under this definition, the Boston Tea Party itself was a terrorist act: 'Property damage, with the intent to influence a government policy.'"

Trump goes off on crazed rant against Fox News — and complains the network ‘isn’t working for us anymore!’
He gets sicker every day. Why must this go on, America?

Trump Is Ordering Crimes to Get Wall Built Before Election
Our head criminal. Public Enemy No. 1.

Trump tells aides to just 'take the land' for wall, promises to pardon any crimes
Need anymore proof Trump is a lawless renegade that is perverting justice? Of course, you don't.

‘Impeachable bribery’: Legal experts horrified by Trump’s promise to pardon aides for breaking the law to build his wall
Stop him America before we lose everything.

Russian oligarch bombshell would ‘make impeachment proceedings absolutely inevitable’: NBC analyst
Oh my, the Russians own Trump after all.

Source: Deutsche Bank Has Trump Loan Docs Co-Signed By Putin's Oligarch Pals
Lawrence O'Donnell announced this on his show Tuesday night.

The stupid merchandise conservatives buy in their endless pursuit to ‘stick it to the libs’
The latest 'Freedom' con by one of the foremost nitwits.

‘This is our country, not theirs’: Americans who obviously aren’t welcome in the Trump campaign’s exclusionary view of America

Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system
In China, scoring citizens’ behavior is official government policy. U.S. companies are increasingly doing something similar, outside the law.
Stick it where the sun don't shine, assholes. Ooops, there goes Friday's date.
A no-regulation police state. What on earth could go wrong? Can you spell N-A-Z-I?

Jakarta has sunk by up to 4 meters, forcing Indonesia to build a new capital
Ten million people live in the Indonesian capital, but the city is going under.

Thanks to Mitch McConnell, U.S. now has no functioning election commission
The Federal Election Commission will be without a quorum as of August 31 and will be powerless to enforce election law.

Alabama Republicans approve resolution calling for Omar to be expelled from Congress
Alabama fascists, what a disgrace.

Trump’s Weird Whoppers at the G-7 Summit

In a Major Shift, South Korea Defies Its Alliance With Japan
Trade restrictions, an end to intelligence sharing, heated rhetoric—it’s all rooted in Japanese war crimes, papered over by a 1965 treaty in which Washington played a hidden hand.

Clampdown on Housing Rights Activists in Bolsonaro’s Brazil
The far-right president’s violent, discriminatory rhetoric has unleashed a rise in attacks on marginalized populations.
Seems like Trump and Bolsonaro are a lot alike. Maybe they should get together?

North Carolina KKK Rally Prompts Police To Issue Warrants For Gun Violations
Land of the Happy Negro hoods flaunt firearms.

Palestinian Harvard Freshman Had Visa Revoked After Questioning At Airport
Now Palestinians are on our undesireable list.

Far-right Terrorism Is Now Worldwide, Thanks To Russia
Russia is spreading far-right terrorism. They're using the internet. How do we stop it?
Yet, Trump wants Russia back in the G8.

Trump viciously lashes out about disaster relief costs even before a new storm reaches Puerto Rico

Trump Bumblef*cks His Way Through Another G7, DO NOT CONGRATULATE

Trump skips G7 climate meeting as the Amazon burns
At the G7, climate change takes a backseat for Trump.
Fail. Fail. Fail.

The DEA just made a huge change to how the government treats medical marijuana
A bland announcement in the Federal Register on Monday may mark the beginning of the end of federal drug cops' 50-year Reefer Madness crusade.
Kick out the jams, DEA.

A Soccer Game Becomes an Anti-Fascist Demonstration in Portland
The Portland Timbers soccer fans defied Major League Soccer, team ownership, and fascism in one glorious night.

FL Man Sentenced To 15 Months Over Threat To ‘Behead’ Bernie Sanders
Look who's gonna have to tighten up who's sphincter now.

Poll: Bernie, Warren surge to tie Biden atop Democratic field
'The main takeaway,' says Monmouth University's pollster, 'is that the Democratic race has become volatile.'
Are we seeing the demise of Biden?

Senate candidate Amy McGrath blasts Mitch McConnell in new campaign ad
It comes as miners in Kentucky continue to block a train loaded with coal over unpaid wages.
“Whenever you call McConnell’s office he can’t talk to you,” Collin Cornette, who was one of the miners protesting, previously said. “To my knowledge, he has not even made a statement. He’s not pro-coal, I don’t even think he’s pro-Kentucky.”

The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials
And they won't be the only ones.

Trump’s Paradigm of the Personal
He confuses the way he thinks he is treated with the well-being of the country.

Our Food Is Killing Too Many of Us
Improving American nutrition would make the biggest impact on our health care.

‘Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio Announces Campaign for Maricopa County Sheriff
Like cancer, he's back. And he's only 87!

National Security Advisers Explain To Trump: You Can't Nuke Hurricanes
"We drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane and it disrupts it. Why can't we do that?" Trump reportedly asked.
Trump denies he is an idiot.

Scoop: Trump suggested nuking hurricanes to stop them from hitting U.S.
Old idea from stupid. "Apart from the fact that this might not even alter the storm, this approach neglects the problem that the released radioactive fallout would fairly quickly move with the tradewinds to affect land areas and cause devastating environmental problems. Needless to say, this is not a good idea."

Welcome to the Trump dictatorship
“I’ve got great melodies, and the words are all profanities...”

'We Should All Be Insulted' That The Trump Administration Assumes We're As Cruel And Amoral As Him
"The cruelty IS the point" has never been more true than when it comes to how the Trump administration views the browning of America.

Why are establishment Dems afraid of the ‘hard left’?
Because most of them are moderate Republicans.
Moderation gets your teeth kicked in a war against Fascism.

Welfare Reform Was a Disaster for the Poor. Trump Wants to Make It Even Worse.
Twenty-three years ago, Bill Clinton helped Republicans gut the program.

KING TRUMP HEREBY ORDERS Hahahahahahahahahahaha Shut Up
And we hereby order Trump to take a long walk off a short pier.

The Racist Right Has Been Searching For Trump All Along
Land of the Happy Negro has been waiting for its savior.

Trump’s mental decline compared to Reagan’s hidden Alzheimer’s in brutal MSNBC assessment

MSNBC’s Joy Reid names every Trump-loving evangelical leader who refused to take her call on Trump’s ‘chosen one’ claim
“There’s no one defending him left, except the die-hard people who want Jesus to come back and who also want, more importantly, Christian Sharia law,” said Obeidallah."

Mass rallies, crazy decisions, grandiose posturing: This is what living in a dictatorship feels like

American Carnage’ Exposes the Republican Slide Into Trumpism

Look No Further Than Brazil’s Amazon Fire for the Dangers of Deregulation
Meanwhile far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is rolling back environmental and indigenous protections.
Bolsonaro, another prick.

Understanding our bully-in-chief: Donald Trump’s ‘antisocial personality disorder’ fits a pattern
“These autocrats are simply an adolescent bully in an adult’s body...”

Paul Krugman: Trump is ‘disintegrating before our eyes’ as stocks plunge and the president barks orders to U.S. companies
A belwildered, sick man is Trump.

In the same breath, Louisiana Republican takes swipe at both gender minorities and abortion access
"And as a doctor, I can assure you there are only two genders," Abraham said.
(drum roll) And sometimes both are in the same person! Strangely Believe It! (Ba-doom! Crash!))

The Junk Food President Aims to Ruin American Nutrition
Keep sucking it down, Donnie. It will soon benefit us all.

Fox’s Chris Wallace stunned as ‘flailing’ Trump tries to order around US companies while the stock market plunges
"Only I can fix it."—Donald Trump. ROTFLMAO!

Republican who compares gay people to rapists and warns they may ‘harm’ kids running to unseat Democratic senator
Another Trump reprobate.

‘America First’ Trump suddenly needs the rest of the world
Fail. Fail. Fail.

The Presidency of Donald Trump Never Gets Any Less Absurd

Trump: Dems, media 'willing to lose their wealth' to try to beat me
Hey Fatso, our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to beat the King of England.
Should we do any less with punks like you. Chew on that for awhile, asshat.

Fox Contributor: More Women Will Be Raped And More Children Will Die If Birthright Citizenship Isn’t Ended
I think the Fox Contributor doesn't know shit from applebutter.
Who or what will be doing this raping of women and killing of children? Right-wing white terrorists? Another Trump idiot?

‘Keep Marysville as white as possible’: Michigan candidate offers shockingly racist spin on Trump slogan
“Just checking the calendar here and making sure it’s still 2019.”
Not for Jean Cramer. She moved to Marysville from the time tunnel of the Land of the Happy Negro.
Where does America find the worst of us? Jean Cramer, stand down.

'The New Normal': Conspiracy-Fueled, Red-Pilled White Male Mass Killers
The rising tide mass killers are popping up in an endless sequence now, all with common characteristics and influences.
Our very own home-grown MAGAt Nazis.

Bolsonaro Wants to Occupy the Amazon to Obstruct Multiracial Conservation Plans
Another 2-bit dictator fucking up the world.

Brazil's President: World-Wide Concern Over Amazon Fires A 'Colonial Mindset'
Environmentalists say they believe that cattle ranchers and loggers and farmers are burning new rain forestland and creating a huge haze over the region.
Until humanity stops appointing despots to power the world will suffer and die.

Trump’s Greenland Comments Follow Tradition of Violent Colonialism

NAACP: Explanatory markers around Atlanta Confederate monuments a 'profound disappointment'
Land of the Happy Negro reframe their treasonous history.

‘I Am the Chosen One’: Trump’s Delusions of Grandeur Are Truly Spiraling out of Control
Control? Is that something that Trump has any concept of?

Are Terrorism Watch Lists Expanding Under Trump?
The use of “watch lists” to harass dissidents and journalists—as well as Muslims—appears to be growing, as the author discovered when he recently got caught in the net.
Little Hitler doncha do what your Big Hitler done.

Sanders Is Trying to Have It Both Ways on Union Health Care
Isn't that right index finger getting tired of pointing, Bernie?

El caso que hizo que una exabogada de ICE se diera cuenta de que el gobierno se estaba basando en “pruebas” falsas contra los migrantes

‘Blasphemous and sacrilegious’: Texas pastor blasts Trump’s ‘second coming of God’ claim — and ‘silent’ evangelicals
All hail the new 'King of Jews'.

‘Unhinged, erratic and nuts’: Conservative warns Trump’s ‘chosen one’ outburst should set off alarms
And them are his good points.

‘Archie Bunker is in the Oval Office’ flailing around searching for a fight: columnist

Bibles but Not Textbooks: Trump’s Tariff Exemptions Pick Winners and Losers
Oh thank goodness, Christian dogma goes free.
"Although the companies that won relief may not be markedly different than the interests favored by other Republican administrations, this cycle of tariffs and exemptions is happening faster and at a larger scale than any remotely similar exercise in the past, giving far more companies reason to protest."

'Rule Of Law Republicans' Run Ads Going After #MoscowMitch Enablers On Election Votes
The ad urges four key senators to stand up to McConnell, and it's running in their home states.

Legal scholar Laurence Tribe: Framers would impeach Trump immediately
Then tar, feather and ride out of town on a rail.

‘A ticking time bomb’: How a federal court just made the Electoral College even worse
One more reason to get rid of this antiquated system.

Trump Doubles Down: American Jews Who Vote Dem Are ‘Disloyal’ To Israel
Says the self-declared new 'King of Jews'.

Donald Trump Is No Friend To The LGBTQ Community
They could have stopped at "No Friend."

Job Growth in 2018 Slower Than We Thought

Kids in border camps are 9 times likelier to die of flu. Trump’s team won’t vaccinate them.
Customs and Border Protection will not distribute flu shots to detained children or adults and has yet to respond to medical professionals' concerns.
Yet another disconnect in Trump's arid brain.

‘IDIOT!’ Fox News viewers fly into a rage after anchor says claims of Facebook being anti-conservative are ‘unfounded’
Josh Hawley is the idiot in the room.

Donald Trump’s ‘disrespectful’ Danish snub
Politicians unite in condemning US president’s decision to cancel visit.
OMG! Denmark has a female leader? How 21st Century! If only we could arrive.

Buoyed By Fresh Support, Rep. Al Green Plans New Call To Impeach Trump
Nancy Pelosi should stop pretending she's a Democrat.

Trump Says Jews Should Love Him Because He’s Almost Literally Jesus
Not much of a comedian, however.

Trump Tweets Out Conspiracist’s Quote Claiming POTUS Is ‘Second Coming Of God’
Truly, we are living in a bizzaro generation of fools, morons and con-men.

Ordered To Post ‘In God We Trust’ Signs, This Public School’s Solution Was Right On The Money
Absolutely. We all know it's "Money That Matters."

Mitch McConnell attacked from inside the party for opening the election up to Russia
Moscow Mitch.

Ocasio-Cortez lays out why an Electoral College system that perpetuates inequality is a scam
Totally. And it has to stop.

Trump’s America Is Worse Than Orwell’s ‘1984’
As global warming intensifies, our world is becoming bleaker than one of the darkest dystopias ever imagined.

Republicans start to sour on gun control laws after Trump's reversal
Throw these accomplices in murder out of office!

Tucker Carlson Returns With Fewer Advertisers And More Evil Abortion Lies!
"...pretending white supremacy isn't a problem while actively promoting white supremacy, that have led to Carlson losing more than 70 advertisers since December of last year."

The Trump administration wants to make it easier to fire women who act too ‘masculine’
May the Lord open.
In a sane world these asshats would be in strait jackets.

Everything You Think You Know About ‘Free Speech’ Is A Lie
How far-right operatives manufactured the 'crisis' of free speech with books, think tanks—and billions of dollars.

Elizabeth Warren Announces Plans to Help Heirs’ Property Owners
The Democratic presidential candidate cited a ProPublica investigation into black land loss in her proposal.

Jill Biden Tells Voters to Settle for Her Husband
In making the anemic pitch, she encouraged Democrats to “swallow a little bit” and vote for Joe Biden.
Sounds like Jill Biden is clipping off Trump and issuing ultimatums. Yep, a little bit Trumpy, Jill.

It Appears Russia Is Covering Up a Nuclear Accident Again

Everybody Hates Trump’s Twitter Addiction, and It Could Become a Campaign Issue
Could? It absolutely should!

George Conway goes off on Trump lackeys who are smearing Scaramucci: ‘These people work for a rapist!’

Republican senator heckled and booed during town hall for blaming recent mass shootings on mental illness: ‘Do something!’
They are correct senator.

Pretty Sure Diamond And Silk Are Black White Nationalists

Finally: New York City cop fired for illegal chokehold death of Eric Garner
Police commissioner said trial evidence was too compelling to allow Daniel Pantaleo to serve as an NYPD officer any longer.

White Supremacy Is Terrorism, Not a Difference of Opinion
An Indiana city learns that a weak response to white supremacists has predictable consequences.

Jay-Z Isn’t a Sellout, He’s a Capitalist
He’s a billionaire who wants to be an NFL team owner, and erasing Colin Kaepernick is the price of admission.
Take him to the Land of the Happy Negro.
"It’s not “millions and millions” who are going to be helped. It’s one person. It’s Jay-Z’s ultimate hustle—a hustle he told us, over 20 years ago, we were never to knock."

The Longer Trump Stays in Office, the More Americans Oppose His Views
The president is reshaping Americans' political views, just not the way he intended.

“Just Following Orders”: Conversations With Concentration Camp Guards at the Southern Border
Where have we heard this excuse before?

The Irony Of Conservative Christians’ Opposition To Immigration
Just for some folks to be clear: Irony.

A New HUD Rule Would Effectively Encourage Discrimination by Algorithm
The department is relying on us not to notice or care.
More Trump racism at work.

Conservatives Stage Meltdown Over New York Times’ 1619 Slavery Series
Land of the Happy Negro members get sore over the racial "lens" they seem to deny exists.

Trump backs off support for background checks for gun purchases
That didn't take long.

2084: Orwell Revisited in the Age of Trump
We know what is in Room 101: Trump.

How Much Damage Have Republicans Done in the States?
Turns out making cuts to public services to fit an ideology of small government and traditionalism is just not very popular.

“Dirtbag,” “Savages,” “Subhuman”: A Border Agent’s Hateful Career and the Crime That Finally Ended It
Border Patrol agent Matthew Bowen had been investigated for years before he used his 4,000-pound truck to assault a fleeing migrant.

Dayton mayor assigned 24-hour security detail after Trump feud prompts threats
More proof that Trump is the worst person ever born.

Trump is telling aides there is a conspiracy to distort economic data and exaggerate the prospect of a recession

Terrible news for Trump on the economy in new WSJ/NBC poll
Trump’s disastrous trade war has wiped out his polling advantage on the economy

Ohio White Nationalist Arrested After Threatening to Shoot Up Jewish Community Center

7 shot after random Snapchat invites to ‘instant house party,’ Texas cops say

Mass Shootings Are an American Epidemic. We Are Relentlessly Investigating the Culprits.
Guns. Racism. Toxic masculinity. Dark money. And more.

From One Shithole to Another in No Time At All
The human virus takes its toll.

With Trump as President, the World Is Spiraling Into Chaos

Two More Neo-Confederate School Names Challenged in Virginia
Land of the Happy Negro is the Neo-Confederacy!

Texas Officers Who Led Black Man By Rope Won’t Face Criminal Probe, State Says
The two Galveston officers have reportedly also returned to work.
Apparently, racism is alive, well and legal in the law enforcement area here in the Land of the Happy Negro!

Hong Kong protests enter 11th consecutive weekend

Trump White House tried to stop immigrant kids from attending public schools: ‘Their racist anti-immigration crusade knows no bounds’

Shell employees who skipped Trump rally lost hundreds in income while attendees made time and a half: Pennsylvania union leaders
Guess who's gas CC is getting shredded?

Trump has one playbook and very few plays left in it

Supreme Court to decide if LGBTQ workers are protected by US civil rights law
"It is a pivotal moment, and the public should be paying attention."
Yeah, and it's because, what else — Are these people actually Americans? I mean really?
Americans have equal rights, damn it.

FEC Chair Calls Out Trump’s Bogus Voter Fraud Claims: ‘Lay Your Cards On The Table’

Trump Is Reportedly Terrified a Recession Is Coming — and He Has No Plan If It Does

Trump Is F*cking Gross, Episode #456,286,057

If You Think Trump Is Helping Israel, You’re a Fool
By barring Representatives Omar and Tlaib, Netanyahu made the president happy. But he has poisoned relations with America.
The last official count of Trump fools was 62,979,636.

Police Are Collecting DNA From People Without Telling Them

Wind power prices now lower than the cost of natural gas
In the US, it's cheaper to build and operate wind farms than buy fossil fuels.

NYT On Elizabeth Warren: No We Can't!
All this does is prove that the U.S. is still a bigggg sexist nation.
We have to advance into the 21st century before it is over.

Why the Government’s Hunt for the Migrant Poor Is a Perfect Distraction From the Real Problems of Our Time

Trump Accidentally Fat Shames One Of His Own Supporters At Rally
Or maybe he saw his own reflection.

Steve King’s Views on Rape Are Inseparable From His Racism
Maybe he's talking about his own family tree? Maybe he comes from a long line of bastards? Asking for a friend.

I’ve Heard Anti-Latino Racism for Years. But the El Paso Massacre Weaponized It.
There was little in the shooter’s manifesto that doesn’t appear regularly in public discourse.

The Trump Administration Is Trying to Make It Easier to Fire Unmarried Pregnant Women
A new rule from the Department of Labor uses the guise of religious beliefs to allow discrimination.

Trump-inspired Hate Hits the Plaza
Longtime Plaza vendors say they're facing hostility from gun-toting man
These racist gun-thugs are begging for someone with a six-gun strapped on to challenge them.
It's like an old western movie where the sheriff always says, "Well, they ain't a-breakin' any law so we cain't run their bully ass in — yet."
They should be careful what they wish for because Trump fascism has destroyed all sanity.
Many of the people this idiot is messing with are from families that have been in the area since the 1500s. Stupid doesn’t work as well as stupid people think it does.

Trump launches maniacal tweetstorm after devastating Fox News poll shows his numbers near all-time worst

Trump’s unpopularity puts his presidency at risk — and he would ‘go to war with the world’ to keep it

Not Just Trump: Limbaugh, Right-wing Media, NRA Have Long Demonized Immigrants and Talked 'Invasion'

It Seems Likely Netanyahu Will Block Omar, Tlaib From Entering Israel
He's just another racist asshat. No friend of the U.S.

How Trump Is Reversing Obama’s Nondiscrimination Legacy
A new rule would allow federal contractors to make hiring and firing decisions based on their religious beliefs and practices.

Several Philadelphia Police Officers Injured in a Standoff Near Temple University
Officers were pinned down by an active shooter at a residence in North Philadelphia.
How Long? Verrrrry Long.

College Football’s Real Evil Villain
That Boy. A former 'Bama Boy. Obviously a Land of the Happy Negro resident.
Maybe activists should move next door to him.

Trump is panicked and lashing out at his own appointee as ‘clueless’ while markets nosedive
Turmp continues to stack loss on top of loss. His only hope is resignation.

‘Raw ignorance and prejudice’: Paul Krugman explains how Trump and the GOP are risking a recession

Cuccinelli’s Family Tree Suggests His New Immigration Rule Might Have Blocked His Ancestors
The immigration chief “would just as happily exclude and deport his own family,” says a leading immigration attorney.
Minions from Hell, are the Trumpeters.

What the Trump Administration Gets Wrong About the Statue of Liberty
Americans once aspired to aid the poor and oppressed of all lands. The new “public charge” statute will make that impossible.
But we can put a stop to these new oppressers.

Steve King thinks society would die out without rape and incest
He was defending his hardline views on abortion.
Inbreeding has such horrible results in humans.

Public television to bring back racist, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Semite Pat Buchanan as show panelist
The man even Donald Trump found too hateful will be a regular panelist on the revived McLaughlin Group.
Pull back your pledges.

FL Man Who Threatened Walmart Attack Had Racist FB Posts, Threatened To Pee In Cruiser
Hateful American. Wasted youth.

New Trump Admin Rule Would Strip LGBTQ Protections Against Workplace Bias
A hateful, ugly creature.

‘Absolute amateur hour’: Trump’s own officials are blasting his latest botched handling of foreign affairs

Wisconsin Republicans are straight up refusing to answer questions about gun violence: ‘Can you stop recording?’

What Will It Finally Take for Newspapers to Demand Trump Resign — the Way They Did Bill Clinton?

Dershowitz and Other Despicables: A Band That Lost the Beat

Woman Who Says Epstein Groomed Her for Sex at 14 Sues His Estate
The lawsuit from Jennifer Araoz is one of a possible flood of lawsuits his estate may face after his death by an apparent suicide.

Cuccinelli Says Statue Of Liberty Poem Was About Europeans
"Cuccinelli"? Didn't that name used to be considered "dirty beggar"?
He has evidently forgotten a lot of our discriminating against European immigrant past.
See: When Italians Were the Ones Being Called “Dirty Beggars”

Ken Cuccinelli just took his racist interpretation of the Statue of Liberty poem to another level
The poem only refers to welcoming "people from Europe," he claimed this week.

Did Trump just spill classified military secrets on Twitter?
Whether accurate or not, it's an alarming admission.
Trump does not give one whit about our security.

Lawmakers urge Trump to stop deportations to Iraq after Michigan man's death

‘It’s Like an Automatic Deportation if You Don’t Have a Lawyer’
New York has had success with a project that provides pro bono lawyers for detainees. The Trump administration is undermining it.

Militarization Has Become Our National Religion
As attitudes toward war grow dangerously worshipful in the US, quitting our endless wars becomes all the more difficult.
That's because a fascist state must have perpetual war.

As Republican Legislators Seek to Ban Abortion, Voters in Every Single State Reject That Change
A new poll shows fewer than a quarter of voters in any state favor the outright abortion bans some Republicans are now trying to enact.

Trump Admin Starts Caving On China Trade War, Removes Some Items From Tariff List
"Trade wars are easy to win." —Donald Trump.

Trump’s Trade Policy: Bluster and Cave
The winner: China. The loser: blue-collar workers who voted for Trump.

How Did News Of Epstein’s Death End Up On 4Chan First?
"If it was a medical professional who shared the information, the post would be a major violation of ethics and medical privacy laws."
Violation? No shit? Violations are all we get from the Trump administration so this is not shocking any longer.

ICE Chief Blames Crying Girl’s Father For ‘Placing’ Her ‘In This Situation’
Just following orders. Just as the good Nazis did in Germany.
Why is everyone that Trump appoints an "acting' official. Because they are just actors?

Since Charlottesville, White Supremacists Have Committed at Least 73 Murders

DHS Struggles To Deal With Domestic Terror Due To WH Obsession With Immigration

Trump Keeps Cracking Down on Legal Immigration Because His Base Loves Cruelty

Trump dismisses farmers’ concerns over trade war as his agriculture secretary insults them
Sonny Perdue reportedly got booed for insulting farmers to their faces.
But they will still vote for Trump. Go figure.

The Case That Made an Ex-ICE Attorney Realize the Government Was Relying on False “Evidence” Against Migrants

Chaos Grips Hong Kong’s Airport as Police Clash with Protesters

China Is Waging a Disinformation War Against Hong Kong Protesters

UN Warning: Food Is Going to Get Really, Really Expensive
Try to learn not to eat as a safeguard.

Is America Crazy?

The Myth of the Rugged Individual
In America today, your life chances depend largely on how you started—where you grew up and how much your parents earned.

Bill Barr blasted by rights advocates for ‘absolutely despicable’ speech

A 2008-style crash may not be far away — and once again, Republican delusions are to blame

Trump Is Too Thin-Skinned to Protect the United States
The president’s aides are reluctant even to broach the dangers of white racist violence in his presence.

Trump Two-fer: One New Policy Will Attack Both Immigrants and the Safety Net

The American Workplace Still Won’t Accommodate Pregnant Workers
Pregnant women face discrimination up and down the economic ladder—but low-wage workers suffer the most.

America Is Killing Itself
In the US there are more civilian-owned firearms than people (An estimated 120.5 guns per 100 residents).

Memo to Media: 'Congress' Isn't Blocking New Gun Laws — the GOP Is

Of Course Guns Have Nothing To Do With It
"We’re making fortresses of our schools, businesses and government offices, we now look over our shoulder in public places, genuinely in fear that we could be next. But heaven forbid anyone should mention sensible gun control of any kind, because guns, as we all know, as we must concede and pledge as red-blooded—and not yet bleeding–Americans, have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with it."

What Changed in Charlottesville
For white supremacists, Confederate monuments aren’t about the past — they symbolize a racist vision of the future.
Land of the Happy Negro white supremacists must have saved lots of Confederate money.

The Trump Administration Just Gutted One of the Most Powerful Environmental Laws on the Books
The Endangered Species Act has saved thousands of animals, plants, and insects from extinction.
Humans should soon be included on that list.

Trump Moves Ahead With Ban on Public Assistance for Legal Immigrants

‘That crosses a line’: The American Bar warns that judges face increasing threats amid Trump’s attacks

This domestic terrorism expert tried to warn us about right-wing extremism. Then he lost his job because of it

New Hampshire’s Republican governor just vetoed a bipartisan redistricting commission
The veto is just the latest sign that GOP leaders want to control the map-making process.
Is New Hampshire now a fascist state?

Why is this Texas secession group’s flag hanging in Moscow?
With years of links in Russia, the Texas Nationalist Movement pushes on.
Fascist thugs.

The NRA Is a Symptom of the Racism That Drives Violence in the US
At lunch on August 8, 2019 I saw a man with an NRA cap on wearing a Confederacy T-shirt with KKK founder Nathan Beford Forrest on it. Do we have to say anymore about the trash that are members of the NRA?

Trump Finds a Brawler for His War on Workers
America’s working class is in desperate shape, and its longtime protectors — unions — have lost much of their power.
Union Now! Union Forever!

Why Are Florida Republicans So Afraid of People Voting?

Jeffrey Epstein Was Reportedly Taken Off Suicide Watch Before He Died. Would It Have Kept Him Alive?
“Suicide watch, if done correctly, should make it very, very difficult for someone to hurt themselves.”
The stench grows stroger.

Trump Retweets Clinton Conspiracy Theories After Epstein's Suicide
New York's most infamous inmate kills himself in a cell overseen by Trump's DOJ, and Trump has nothing better to do than retweet crazy Clinton conspiracy theories.

‘The Family’: The truth about the ‘secret theocracy’ behind the National Prayer Breakfast

Legal experts ‘dumfounded’ by Epstein’s ‘unfathomable’ suicide on DOJ’s watch

How Did We Get Here?

Everything We Know About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death
Someone didn't want this guy to go to court to spill any beans.
The authorities are complicit in his death.

What the Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein Documents Reveal About Donald Trump
Smelly stuff.

Jeffrey Epstein Dead in Suicide at Manhattan Jail, Officials Say
The body of Mr. Epstein, the financier indicted on sex trafficking charges last month, was found Saturday morning.
Dead men don't say much. Or do they scream?

Was Epstein on Suicide Watch When He Died?
The disgraced financier, who was found dead in his cell on Saturday, had been found unconscious in his cell three weeks ago with marks on his neck.

Scarborough Thinks Something ‘Russian’ Is Going On With Epstein’s Death
Smells like week-old Chinese food left in your car.

Trump’s El Paso Photo Is Obscene
The president’s callousness has reached a new low: smiling, flashing a thumbs-up next to an orphaned infant.

Republican congressman silent as constituent urges assassination
Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA) did not disagree when a constituent said: "I think some of these people ought to be shot."

ICE Mississippi Raid That Saw 680 Workers Arrested Took Place On First Day Of School, Causing Chaos For Children
Trump's storm troopers at work.

Gradually, Then Suddenly: Losing Control of the Narrative
Lunatic president

No, Mr. President: Not both sides
"We are bereft of a leader who upholds American values at a time when we most desperately need one."

Arizona senator thinks mass shootings really aren’t the federal government’s problem
Appointed Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) said in 2012 that all gun control is unconstitutional.
Another moron who doesn't know what "well-regulated" means.

Senate GOP plans to raid health and education funds to pay for Trump’s wall
Instead of Mexico paying for Trump’s wall, Senate Republicans plan to use health and education funding.
Donald Trump is a traitor. His wall is a Nazi ploy.

Pentagon rebuts Trump’s claim that he defeated ISIS
A new report shows how troop withdrawals and lack of long-term planning have emboldened the group.
Thanks to Trump they will be worse than ever. Tired of all this "winning" yet?

Immigrants detained during mass ICE raids could be held in abusive Louisiana facility
Over 100 immigrants were pepper-sprayed at Louisiana ICE facilities earlier in August.
Life in concentration camp America.

Pro-Life? You Bet Your Sorry Ass They Are

We’re Raising a Generation That Views Mass Murder as Normal
There was no mass shooting in Times Square on Tuesday evening, but thousands of people feared for their lives.

Walmart To Remove Violent Video Game Displays, Not Guns, From Its Stores
No one said they had brains.

Trump Goes On ‘Hollywood Is Racist’ Rant After Touting Background Checks
Obese Hitler shows his jealousy.

The FBI Told Congress Domestic Terror Investigations Led to 90 Recent Arrests. It Wouldn’t Show Us Records of Even One.
Four days after asking for information on the FBI’s claims of 90 domestic terrorism arrests, we are still waiting. And, frankly, it got kind of weird.

Trump’s Response to Two Gun Massacres Was a Full Week of Disasters
A photo of the president flashing a thumbs-up as he posed with an orphaned baby is being widely condemned.

Sarah Silverman: Florida Pastor ‘Is Going to Get Me Killed’
Brother Adam Fannin, head of the Stedfast Church in Jacksonville, Florida, has a constipated brain.
He states, “I pray that God would give her an untimely death, and it would be evident that it’s at the hand of God. It would be obvious that God would judge her. I pray for the day.”
Another grifting asshole that is capable of violence. Here's another example of this creep's mentality.

Explosive report says the Trump admin blocked data revealing that white supremacists were responsible for all race-based domestic terrorism incidents in 2018

This civil rights lawyer shows 20 ways Trump is copying Hitler’s early rhetoric and policies

Trump In Dayton And El Paso Comforts And Consoles ... Himself

Maggie Haberman: WH Staffers Privately Think Trump’s Visits Were A ‘Debacle’
So does the rest of sane America.

Banks just handed over documents that may be related to Trump’s financial ties to Russia
The companies complying with subpoenas for the documents include Deutsche Bank, which has financed the Trump Organization.

Theocrat Texas LG falsely claims kids are barred from praying, bringing up mass shootings at school
Republican Dan Patrick again reiterated his widely-debunked claims that video games cause mass shootings.
Where do Republicans find such incompetent idiots?

Trump wants to free former Celebrity Apprentice contestant convicted of bribery, extortion
Ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich tried to sell a US Senate seat. Trump said most politicians have done worse.
Certainly Trump has done far worse. Which tells me Trump should take his place in prison.

Lawyer: Man Who Attacked Boy During Anthem Thought It Was Trump’s Orders
This is what we have become by consuming Trump's poison.

Trump campaign promotes QAnon conspiracy theory after FBI calls it a threat to domestic terror
The ad has been taken down, but the "message" is out.

Dayton Mayor Still Doesn’t Know Why Trump Took Aim At Her After Ohio Visit
Because Trump is filth. He doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Greg Abbott invoked mental illness after the El Paso shooting. There's been no indication that was a factor.
A white gunman killed 22 Hispanic shoppers at an El Paso Walmart Saturday and injured more than two dozen more. Abbott and President Donald Trump were quick to highlight mental health issues.

“There’s Blood on Your Little Hands”: Trump’s Visit to El Paso Energizes His Opponents
Tiny Hands gets ripped.

Trump Is Making the Devastating Mass Shootings All about Him
"Uncouth" of course. But he's a severe threat to all of us.

Fact Check: Tucker Carlson Falsely Calls White Supremacy a ‘Hoax’

Just exactly when did Tucker turn into a Nazi?

Tucker Carlson Takes Vacation After Getting Ex-KKK Leader David Duke’s Endorsement

White Supremacist Attacks Have Grown Deadlier During Trump’s Presidency

Whatcha Doin' Down There, Mike Pence?

North Korea keeps testing missiles, ‘playing Trump for a fool’
Pyongyang is engaging in its own maximum pressure campaign.

Biden: Trump responsible for inspiring white nationalist violence in US
Trump and the Fox News for fascists propaganda outlet.

President Trump is in El Paso today. The local congresswoman won’t meet with him.
U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar has said that Trump’s divisive rhetoric is in part to blame for a mass shooting that officials have deemed an act of domestic terrorism.

In the US Killing Fields, We're Now Way Past "Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough"

Impeachment Is Designed for Presidents Like Trump
"Fascism, too, should be considered impeachable."

Donald Trump and Lax Gun Laws Are Tearing America Apart

It’s Time to Repeal—and Replace—the Second Amendment
The meaning of the amendment has been so badly mangled that our only choice is to start over with something that allows for real gun control.

The Reason Musicians Speak Up About Mass Shootings
Artists are shaping the gun-violence discourse, and the fascinating reaction to their political speech has demonstrated the specific reach they can have.
This will include Men of Extinction's forthcoming CD.

READ: Draft Termination Notice To USDA Experts Who Refused Rapid Move To KC
More Trump fascism in action. Mulvaney is a dick.

More people are getting into debt and unable to repay their loans
These 5 states have the most commercial and personal bankruptcies per capita

As Trump Visits Dayton, Protesters Gather
The president is visiting two cities in mourning after horrific mass shootings in Ohio and Texas.
"Dump Trump!"

White Nationalist Terrorism Is a Problem. Trump Is a Bigger One.

On His Way to Commemorate Shootings, Trump Evokes His “Both Sides” Defense of White Supremacists
In the wake of two massacres, the president resurrects a familiar and incendiary moment.

“Right Now We’re Powerless”: El Paso’s Worst Nightmare Is the Chilling Result of Anti-Immigrant Hate
“The main function of a government is to protect its people,” said one mourner. “We don’t have a government.”
Our country does not have a government. Trump has disgraced and raped us.

One Of Trump’s First Actions Reversed An Obama Rule On Guns And Mental Impairment
Now the president wants to know what he can do through executive action.

8chan resurfaces, along with The Daily Stormer and another Nazi site
Epik is still helping 8chan despite distancing itself due to "lawless content."

17 million Americans purged from voter rolls between 2016 and 2018, new report finds
The most prolific purgers come from states with a long history of racial discrimination.

Several countries warn citizens about traveling to the US, amid back-to-back shootings
One country, Mexico, has even threatened to take legal action after seven of its citizens died in El Paso this weekend.
Meanwhile, we will remain in denial, thank you.

El Paso says Donald Trump still owes $569,204 for his February rally
The city attempted to charge him $470,417.05 for services related to his February rally and tacked on late fees after he didn’t pay.
Trump has always been a deadbeat.

A Reformed White Nationalist Says the Worst Is Yet to Come
Christian Picciolini discusses the mainstreaming of white nationalism, what it takes to de-radicalize far-right extremists, and why the problem is metastasizing.

Stopped, Ticketed, Fined: The Pitfalls of Driving While Black in Ferguson
Despite five years of changes in Missouri, black drivers continue to be stopped at much higher rates than white drivers in communities throughout the state
Black in the wrong place.

In Trump’s Hands, the Second Amendment Is a Threat to Our Civil Liberties

David Jolly Delivers Righteous Rant On GOP And Gun Control: 'Beat Them'
"Beat Republicans, beat them. Beat every single one of them. Even the safe ones in the House, beat them. Beat them in the Senate," the outraged ex-congressman said.

Mitch McConnell's Boys Grope And Molest A Cardboard AOC
Team Mitch outdoes themselves this weekend at Fancy Farm.
A cardboard rapin' party. Briarhopper class.

Conservatism Has a Violence Problem
‘The numbers don’t lie.’

White Nationalist Does Massacre. Now the Gaslighting Begins.
The president of the United States stokes the right-wing disinformation machine.

White Nationalism Is a Republican Crisis
There are Republicans who know that what this president is saying and doing is wrong. But they are refusing to speak up.

Right-Wingers Are America’s Deadliest Terrorists
After this weekend, right-wing terrorists have killed more people on U.S. soil than jihadis have since 9/11. So why is the government’s focus still on Islamic radicalism?

America's Last Legitimate President Addresses Nation After El Paso, Dayton Terror Attacks

Once Again, Fuck Neil deGrasse Tyson

If You Take Out Your Phone in a Movie Theater, I'm Going to Ask to Use It
"Even there, before the greatest spectacle that Hollywood can provide, people can’t stay off their fucking phones."

Another mass shooting, another wave of politicians pointing at video games
Side stepping the problem, as usual.

After the Mass Shooting in El Paso, Beto O’Rourke Asks the Right Question: WTF, Media?
Trump is fomenting a climate of racial violence. We’ve got to stop acting like he wants to fix it.

After the El Paso Massacre, the Choice Is Green Socialism or Eco-Fascism
The alleged shooter mixes standard Trumpian racism with Malthusian fascism.

McConnell Campaign Boasts Of Mock Tombstones For Garland, McGrath
"Moscow Mitch, the Perfect Bitch and his Gap-Toothed Briarhoppers."
Hey, Moscow—a big pile of manure more likely will land on the president's desk since socialism is already well-woven into our country.

Mental Health Experts: Stop Blaming Mass Shootings On Mental Illness

Report: Classmates Say Dayton Shooter Kept ‘Hit List,’ ‘Rape List’ In High School
"The mass shooter who allegedly killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio, on Sunday reportedly used to keep a “hit list” and a “rape list” while he was in high school."

OH GOPer Who Linked Shooting To ‘Drag Queen Advocates’ Has History Of Derisive Comments
Even though she looks like a drag queen herself. Either way she is a queen of some sort of draginess.
A total embarrassment to the Buckeye state. I know they can do better than this.

Republican State Rep Blames Drag Queens And Gays For Shootings
In a social media rambling that could be straight out of a mass shooters manifesto, Ohio state representative Candice Keller has come under fire.
A good example of an Ohio hillbilly.

Have We No Decency? A Response to President Trump
"After two years of President Trump’s words and actions, when will Americans have enough?"

Trump offered prayers for "those who perished in Toledo"

'May God Bless The Memory Of Those Who Perished In Toledo'
Trump gets his Ohio cities mixed up after the massacre in Dayton.

Yeah, Republicans—It’s The Guns
"And if you won’t admit this and you will not commit to doing anything about it—then yeah, it’s you too."

Trump speaks out against shootings by reinforcing his own racist immigration policies
"Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks, perhaps marrying this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform."
Total fail.

"People Can't Believe Trump Doesn't Say 'White Nationalist Terrorism.' There Is Something Going On."

White-Nationalist Terrorism Must Be Stopped
Conservatives have not been afraid to confront extremism in our world, and we must not be afraid to confront terrorism here at home.

Crowd Drowns Out Ohio Governor’s Comments After Shooting: ‘Do Something!’
Our leaders are failing. Our country is falling apart.
" we work to heal." Really? This asshat thinks we're going to heal? This festering wound has been oozing pus for decades.

Republican Nebraska State Representative: GOP Is ‘Enabling White Supremacy’

Scarborough Issues Warning To Trump 2020 Donors ‘Funding’ White Supremacy
And white terrorism.

WHCA: ‘We Stand Ready’ To Defend Reporter’s Rights After Pass Revoked
Our fascist leaders. Any wonder why the nation is gun crazy?

El Paso Shooting Suspect’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Language
Trump has worked hard to turn the U.S. into a 'shithole' country.

'It feels like something out of a bad sci-fi movie'
A top climate scientist quit USDA, following others who say Trump has politicized science.

Mass Shootings in America: The Unavoidable Facts
Mass shootings have become deadlier. Gun violence is insanely expensive. The copycat effect is real.
Americans should not have to accept this as a way of life. They should not be expected to live in an armed camp to have the illusion they are safe. It's a price they should not have to pay due to some jackass senators or congress people.

Here’s how the racist, paranoid ‘Replacement Theory’ is fueling terrorists in the US
Land of the Happy Negro believers have always included any non-whites in their hate mantra.

GOP lawmaker blames mass shootings on Obama and ‘drag queen advocates’ in absurd Facebook rant
Here's what it looks like from a world a long, long time ago in a faraway galaxy.

The El Paso mass shooting is a far-right terror attack
It's another incident which is as infuriating as it is predictable.
One thing that can be put to bed for all time is the fake statement that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." Texas is an open carry state.

Brett Kavanaugh wants to make it even easier for gunmen to obtain assault rifles
And he's probably got the votes to do it.

The House’s top Republican blames video games for mass shootings
It's the same tired excuse that's been used since Columbine.
Totally out of touch. Man up, McCarthy. The blood is on your hands.

No Heads in the Sand

The Interplay of Manifestos and Right Wing Media Dialogue
"For someone who specifically denies Trump radicalized him, he’s very focused protecting the President. He doth protest rather too much."

Beto O’Rourke: Trump Is “Racist,” Whose Words Lead to Violence Like El Paso Shooting
Trump is a White Nationalist, of course. It's his tacit army that is doing the murdering from the border concentration camps to our cities.

Abortion Pills Should Be Everywhere
I bought them online. They’re easy to get, and they’ll change everything.

When Hate Came to El Paso
The worst massacre aimed at Latinos in American history happened in my hometown, to my people.

Minutes Before El Paso Killing, Hate-Filled Manifesto Appears Online

9 dead in mass shooting in Dayton

Mass Shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Kills at Least 9
Twenty-six others were wounded, the police said. It was the second American mass shooting in 24 hours, and the third in a week.
The American civil war is not going to end soon.

Barr says the US needs encryption backdoors to prevent “going dark.” Um, what?
"The FBI says they're 'going dark.' Well yeah, because they've been staring at the sun."

20 killed, dozens injured in El Paso shooting
White Nationalism murders more Americans.
When will we stop them?

Proposed Bill Wants Tech Companies To Pay Out the Nose if DOJ Inquiry Uncovers Antitrust Violations
You bet. Required viewing is "The Great Hack" now on Netflix. Don't miss it if you value your privacy.

Greenland Lost 12.5 Billion Tons of Ice in Record-Breaking, Single-Day Meltdown

Another European heatwave, another link to climate change

White House Suspends Playboy Reporter's Press Credentials For 30 Days
Another assault on the First Amendment, this time inflicted on reporter Brian Karem for defending himself against Seb Gorka at the White House.
Trump fascism at work in America.

War Is Hell. Why Are We Waging an Endless One?
Because perpetual war is a basic tenet of fascism.

Viral Racism and the Politics of Distraction

Trump Has Brought Back ‘Conditional Citizenship’
What does citizenship mean if only white people belong in Donald Trump’s America?

Baltimore Sun: Trump ‘A Jerk, A Clod, A Dolt, A Schmuck’ For Mocking Murder Rate
Again—and them are his good points!

Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class
But, but, but, Trump is saving you so much money. Isn't he?

Trump: I Nominate People Without Vetting, and Pass the Savings on to You
Roll up your pant legs and hems. It's too late to save your shoes.

Russian Election Hacking in 2020 Could Easily Be Much Worse Than 2016
Thanks to our Russian agents like McConnell and Trump, and the lemmings that have been hoodwinked by Cambridge Analytica.

4 Booted From Baltimore Orioles Game Over ‘Trump 2020’ Banner
Trump zombies at work.

Wealthy black family held at gunpoint by rookie state trooper over traffic infraction: ‘My goal was to stay alive’
“This is not the America we left in 2013. We’ve come back to an elevated rage.”
That would be Trump's fascist state.

Neoliberalism: Political success, economic failure

‘We’re All Tired of Being Called Racists’
At Donald Trump’s rally in Cincinnati, droves of attendees made it clear that they stood with the president despite his recent comments.
Tired of being called racists? You stand with a fucking POS racist and you're tired of being called one? You two-faced bigoted assholes!
Also playing music they are not licensed to play—that's theft. Elton, for sure, wants nothing to do with these miscreants.

Will Hurd Joins GOP Quit Parade; “Moscow Mitch” Is Mad

The Grotesque Sadism Of Lindsey Graham
Senator Lindsey Graham is not only a liar and a racist like his idol Trump, he's a sanctimonious prig.
And them are his good points!

FBI warns that conspiracy theories like QAnon pose a domestic terror threat
It's first time the Feds have waded into the swamp of the pro-Trump conspiracy theory.
Book 'em Dano.

Shep Smith: Trump Is Crashing Stock Market With Trade Wars
As usual, Fox anchor Shepard Smith keeps things real for about an hour of every day.

Trump supporter deflates after reporter confronts him for telling young protester to shoot herself
Another Trump Nazi coward.

Crowd Shouts 'Lock Him Up!' As Cops Arrest Trump Supporter For Punching Protester
This is what fascism looks like. The red face of a 29-year old Trump supporter trying to beat a 61-year old peaceful protester. These thugs have no respect for anything or anyone — but Trump.
It's 1939 Germany all over again. The Trump Nazis are losing their war on sanity.

Donald Trump is running for president on some staggeringly unpopular ideas
What if cable news covered the Republicans the way they cover the Democrats?

He IS a Racist, and He Plays One on TV
Detourned subway ad, photographed in New York City, 2019.

Trump Is in an Abusive Relationship With America
The president says he loves America, but he has shattered it in two.

Deutch joins impeachment effort he says has 'already begun'

Majority of House Democrats now support impeachment inquiry

18 House Democrats, a Majority of the Caucus, Now Favor Impeachment Inquiry

Support for Impeachment Inquiry Grows in the House

A conversation with actor Malcolm McDowell: “Once you erode freedoms like this, and artistic thought, where are we as a civilized society?”
"The result will not be a more ‘inclusive’ environment, it will be a more willfully ignorant and repressive one.”

George Wallace’s Daughter Compares Her Segregationist Father To Trump

Jared Kushner Owns Many of Baltimore’s ‘Rat-Infested’ Apartments

The new Reagan tapes are ugly, but not surprising, to a lot of black Americans

Ted Cruz Urges Trump to Unilaterally Slash Taxes for the Rich
They are coming out from under their rocks now.

The Plausible Path to Medicare for All
"The flailing second-tier Democrats in the presidential debates who attack Medicare for All and its sponsors are indeed doing the work of Republicans." You mean like the fake candidate, John Delaney? Of course.

CNN Tried to Derail Sanders and Warren Last Night. It Failed.

Kris Kobach releases racist video to disprove racism allegations
The Republican Kansas senate hopeful was flagged by Trump transition for white supremacy concerns.

Lawsuit filed over rejected 'WTF' political party in Nevada
With a POTUS like Trump, these folks are concerned with someone using this name? WTF? Trump is an insult to the substantial portion of the electorate. And "prove the name was not meant to be offensive"? When are you presumed guilty before due process in America? THIS is offensive. What Total Fools!

Ocasio-Cortez pushes back on McConnell's claim of 'modern-day McCarthyism'
Turtle Boy is told off.

Last Night’s Debate Produced a Clear Winner: Medicare for All
Sanders and Warren shredded attacks on health-care-is-a-right reform as “Republican talking points.”

Trump’s Not Worried About ‘Racist’ Label Because Everyone’s Called A Racist Now
And this is the kind of world he lives in. Insane.

Trump’s Attacks on Baltimore Are Rooted in Racism and White Supremacy

Even conservatives admit the GOP lacks an agenda

Al Sharpton: 'If Trump really thought I was a con man, he'd be nominating me for his cabinet'
Somebody done hoodooed the hoodoo man!

South Dakota public schools must display ‘In God We Trust’ in a prominent place, according to law
The state isn't alone in requiring public schools to display the phrase.
It's a violation of the Constitution unless they add "All others pay cash."

Rep. Jackie Speier The immigration detention center I saw in Texas isn't just a crisis — it's a nightmare
Desperate people fleeing extreme poverty and life-threatening violence are being held in shameful conditions.

Pressure on Pelosi grows as more than 100 House Democrats back Trump impeachment inquiry: ‘This is a crooked CEO in the White House’
Momentum in America is now moving toward throwing the asshole back to the place in hell he came from.

Almost Half of House Democrats Now Support Impeachment

A gunman killed 3 people — including a 6-year-old boy — and injured 12 others at a California food festival

It sure sounds like Trump thinks America is ‘garbage’
The president took aim at yet another major U.S. city this weekend, after calling Baltimore a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess."
And this picky asshole gets his hemorrhoids in an uproar over anyone saying something he thinks is disparaging America?

The Declaration of Independence Told Us What to Do About Tyrants Like Trump
BTW, where are all these so-called 'militias' that said they were dedicated to taking care of tyrants?
Silence speaks volumes.

Trump’s Wall Gets America Nowhere on Border Security

At a Clinic Threatened by Trump’s Rules, She Asks, ‘Why Attack Women?’
A septuagenarian male president imposed regulations that cut health services for women.

What Will It Take for Congress to Protect America’s Elections?
Robert Mueller sounded the alarm about threats to the nation’s democracy, but lawmakers keep playing politics.

A Confederate Statue Graveyard Could Help Bury The Old South
Put the statues where they belong. Show they're dead, but not forgotten.

Baltimore Sun Calls Trump ‘Vermin’ In Scathing Op-Ed Responding To POTUS’ Attacks
"Trump, the Vermin".

Baltimore stands up for its city after Trump tweets 'no human being would want to live there'
Must be a burden to be the biggest asshole in human history.

Baltimore Sun rains holy hell down on Trump in epic editorial over his attack on Rep. Elijah Cummings
Hell is where Trump is from.

Why We’re Moving Forward With Impeachment
Our Constitution requires it. Our democracy depends on it.
That is, if we have a democracy left after Trump has repeatedly raped it.

The Bill for America First Is Coming Due
Two of America’s closest treaty allies have announced military efforts explicitly designed to exclude the U.S.

Blackwell tears up defending hometown over Trump attacks
Trump is not who we are as Americans. He has forsaken any right to the office he holds.

Trump smears lawmaker Elijah Cummings and his district in ugly Twitter rant accusing him of corruption
This is the worst lie that this idiot ever uttered. I know everyone that supports Trump is not a racist but you are, in fact, supporting one. This is living proof. This is ugly and un-American.

Trump’s Cummings tweets attack a majority-black city as a ‘rodent infested mess’
The president's comments are reminiscent of his prior “shithole countries” remark.
Trump has finally reached the sewer with this comment. People of America, you must put a stop to this animal.

The Trump Tax Cuts Worked (As a Scam)
"...the Trump tax cuts have been a miserable failure."

‘Compromised’ Supreme Court can’t be trusted to rise above ‘political hackery’ after handing latest win to Trump: analyst
You can't trust fascists.

Why White Working-Class Women Are Starting to Turn on Trump
It could be the 17 sexual assault allegations. Maybe it’s the open racism. Whatever the case, the women of the white working class are starting to change the channel.

The Trump Administration’s Death Penalty Cult
William Barr’s decision amounts to playing politics with death.

Trump’s bizarre tweet about alcohol is raising many new questions
Of course, he's a beer drinkin' daddy.

Fox News reporter gets thoroughly demolished on-air for saying Mueller ‘failed’ in his testimony
Chad Pergram and others in the media evidently were not paying attention in the least.

The election security threat that no one is talking about
"Public confidence is at stake, even if the vote itself is secure."
"The threat isn’t theoretical."

In restarting the federal death penalty, AG William Barr looks to Texas
The federal death penalty hasn't been carried out since 2003. Now the U.S. attorney general wants to adopt the method used in Texas executions to put five men to death.
Barr, the new "Angel of Death," wants to copy Texas, the leader of legal overdoses.

Goodbye to Free-Thought Icon and Merry Prankster Paul Krassner
Atheist, anarchist, cofounder of the Yippies, and countercultural provocateur, Paul’s greatest legacy is The Realist.

House To Ask Federal Judge For Access To Mueller Grand Jury Info

Mueller Admitted Trump’s Sworn Answers Weren’t All ‘Truthful’ — and Now Democrats Are Zeroing In: Report

Congress Will Sue To Enforce McGahn Subpoena Next Week, Nadler Says

Mueller, Impeachment, the Media, and the Democrats
Contrary to the media narrative, Mueller's testimony may have moved the House closer to impeachment.

Clergy Abused an Entire Generation in This Village. With New Traumas, Justice Remains Elusive.
Long before city officials said they had no choice but to hire criminals as cops, justice evaded the Norton Sound village of Stebbins and neighboring St. Michael.

Cannabis Can Be 30x More Powerful Than Aspirin for Inflammation, Says New Study Eyeing Future Opioid Substitute

U.S. Economy Grew at 2.1% Rate in 2nd Quarter, G.D.P. Report Says
The report indicates overall growth has slowed since last year, but consumer spending was strong.
It is still Obama's recovery. But Trump will slow it. The 2.1% rate is about what Marc Levenson states in his book "An Extraordinary Time." It is the new ordinary economy.

Five More Dems Join Team Pro-Impeachment After Mueller Hearings

Rep. Ilhan Omar's GOP Challenger Has A Bit Of A Shoplifting Problem
Danielle Stella, QAnon Conspiracist and GOP challenger to the Minnesota rep seems to have sticky fingers and a police record.
Where do they find these wackos?

Joyce Vance: The Obstruction Is What Kept Mueller From Charging Conspiracy
"It is that obstructive behavior that ultimately keeps the American people in the dark about what happened," the former prosecutor said.

Kellyanne Conway Goes Uncommonly Silent When Asked About Hatch Act Subpoena
You'd think Kellyanne Conway would welcome the opportunity to speak out about that subpoena, but her silence was deafening.
"The OSC recommenced Conway be removed from office for her repeated violations, but Trump has refused to do so. Everybody is above the law in his administration."

Trump melted down when reporters asked about Mueller’s warning that he could be indicted
He called them "fake news" and "one of the worst" for asking accurate questions.
A cell is being prepared for Trump now. One in which he can fit, hopefully.

The Millennial Left Is Tired of Waiting

Releasing Citizenship Data Threatens Representative Democracy

We Blew It All Up

Paris Records Its Hottest Day as Heat Wave Scorches Europe

Mueller: Trump Was “Generally” Untruthful
If we could all only agree that Trump is a proven liar then the country could begin healing itself.

Mueller Says Trump Gave a “Boost” to WikiLeaks’ “Illegal Activity”
“Problematic is an understatement.”

We Got A Preview Of How The Media Plans To Treat Impeachment
Instead of looking at substance, they graded the Mueller hearings as a TV reality show.
All form and fuck content. We are doomed as doomed can be.

Rep. Elijah Cummings: 'I'm Begging The American People To Pay Attention'
Mueller has given his testimony. Now, the Democratic Chair of the Oversight Committee tells us that it's time for the citizenry to act.

Mueller Has Provided Congress With Everything It Needs to Impeach Trump
Now, Congress must act.

Russians are still meddling in US elections, Mueller said. Is anybody listening?
If you are Republican you are with the meddlers.

In the US, wells being drilled ever deeper as groundwater vanishes

Nissan plans 12,500 layoffs after operating profits fall 98 percent
But the economy is great?

A Democrat on the Judiciary Committee Said “Impeachment”
Nancy, she said the word!

Let's Talk About Trump's Russian Shitshow! Mueller Liveblog Part Deux

New Hampshire Republicans embrace racist Trump rally chant
GOP senate hopeful Bill O'Brien joined in chants of "send her home" to attack Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)
Fascist Rascism at work.

A federal court just trashed the last, best chance of stopping racist voter discrimination in Texas
The Voting Rights Act suffers another deep wound.
Systemic rascism still works.

What If They're Not Coming for the Jews This Time?
Trump poses a new test for the American Jewish community.

Three Ways Mueller Says Trump Is Lying
The former special counsel directly contradicted the president’s repeated claims.
Really, Trump is a liar? A resounding "YES!"

The Most Revealing Exchange of the Mueller Hearing
A Democrat asked the former special counsel whether the president had met each of the three elements necessary to prove obstruction of justice. Mueller’s answers spoke volumes.
That cat ran around the room a good long time before they got it back in the bag!
Trump is guilty, Nancy.

READ: Adam Schiff’s Devastating Indictment Of Trump’s ‘Disloyalty To Country’

The Betrayal
"This is a massive betrayal of country."
Indeed, Trump has betrayed us.

How to stand up to the GOP’s rising wave of bigotry

A New Study Found that 15,000 People Died Because Their State Didn’t Expand Medicaid
The study found serious consequences for states that refused to comply with Obamacare.

Mueller Reminds the Public: Trump Betrayed the United States
This is the narrative Trump and his GOP defenders have wanted to obstruct and smother.

Robert Mueller Says Trump Is NOT 'Totally Exonerated'
The so-called president's claim is utterly debunked at the House of Representatives.
It's on the record, Donnie.

Robert Mueller Says Trump Is Lying About His Report
“That is not what the report said.”
Trump is a liar? OMG! This is big news.

Uh Oh! Question To Mueller Blows Up In Republican's Face
Republican (!) Ken Buck gets Mueller to admit Trump could be indicted for obstruction of justice AFTER he leaves office.

Stop Telling Me To Leave America If I Don’t Like America

‘The church was empty’: Congregation walks out of service after pastor echoes Trump’s comments
'Member that little ol' Friendship Baptist Church that put up their ultimatum last week.
Looks like the congregation decided to leave it. If American people don't like their government they can change it. Fuck Lucas.

Department Of Justice Having A F*cking Cow Over Robert Mueller's Testimony, So That's Telling

Trump is kicking 3 million more people off food stamps for the stupidest possible reason
The Department of Agriculture's perverse pro-hunger, anti-work maneuver, explained.
"The rule will also knock more than a quarter-million children out of free school meals programs."

Mail Bomber’s Trump Obsession Contributed To Radicalization, Lawyers Say

Here’s the Bullshit That Republicans Are About to Throw at Mueller
Be prepared.

Despite Rhetorical Appeals, Trump Has Accomplished Little for Working Class

The Nation’s Top State Courts Face a Crisis of Legitimacy
Judges on state supreme courts don’t reflect the diversity of their communities.

Limbaugh: Harris and Obama aren’t black — ‘this is all about making them victims’
One of the universe's biggest rascists has the nerve to bring up "victims." That's all the whiny-ass Republicans have ever made themselves out to be.

When right-wing fake news gets someone killed

Why ‘National Conservative’ Josh Hawley Wants to Enrich Foreign Banks
"The whole bonus story was a scam, choreographed in a partnership between Trump and the large multinational firms against which he is supposedly locked in a death struggle."
Flim-flam, yes.

Trump Wants Immigrants to ‘Go Back.’ Native Americans Don’t.
The president and his followers lack the moral authority to tell anyone to leave this country because they are not indigenous to this land.
One thing for sure: The president has no moral authority.

“Religious Freedom” Laws Are Unraveling Civil Rights as We Know It

As Ilhan Omar Said, Trump Is a Fascist — and His Rallies Prove It

Mueller Gave Congress All It Needs to Defend the Rule of Law
His testimony should mark the beginning of a new season of investigation.

Facebook Wants Its Own Currency. That Should Scare Us All.
Instead of embracing Facebook’s Libra, we should be rallying for a public option for digital currency.

Trump Shows Yet Again That He Can’t Even Pretend to Reject Racism

Impeachment and the Righteous Republicans

Louisiana Cop Suggested AOC Should Be Shot In A Threatening Facebook Post
American Hate served up cold.

A GOP Senator Says “Love It or Leave It” Wasn’t Racist “Back in the ’60s.” He’s Wrong.
Republicans have rushed to defend Trump’s use of a phrase with a checkered past.
He can't push that bullshit on me. I was there.

Illinois GOP chairs accuse four Democratic congresswomen of ‘jihad’
The smear by the Republican County Chairman's Association is both racist and Islamophobic.
Of course, only one of them is Muslim but the GOP liars club doesn't GAF.

Miss Michigan dethroned over racist, Islamophobic tweets
Zhu, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, has defended her tweets.
But her defense is weak.
Christians pass out religious material and proselytize at your door.
The leading killer of blacks is: 1. heart disease; 2. cancer; 3. stroke; 4. diabetes; 5. accidental; 6. Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephrosis.
In the U.S. whites commit the majority of crimes. They are also responsible for a vast majority of violent crime. She she should ask: why is white on white crime so prevalent?

Fox News host shuts down Stephen Miller’s defense of Trump’s hypocrisy and racism
Chris Wallace did not let Stephen Miller gaslight his viewers.

Ben Carson admits that black Americans are struggling in Trump’s economy
Donald Trump's Housing Secretary acknowledged that black home ownership at an all-time recorded low.

Trump’s Base Is a ‘Cult’ That May Never Be Deprogrammed: Report

The Weaponization of National Belonging, from Nazi Germany to Trump
Or "How Trump Tried to Turn the U.S. into Nazi Germany."

The G.O.P. Is Now a Personality Cult

'Very substantial evidence' Trump is 'guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,' House Judiciary Chair says
Impeach him then. What's the wait?

Rep. Elijah Cummings: Trump Is A 'Racist'
It really seems like this question has been more than amply answered by Trump himself, but in case there was any doubt, Rep. Elijah Cummings, who has spent his entire life fighting for civil rights, answers it directly.

Liz Cheney Clashes With CBS Host In Ugly Interview: 'The News Media Wants To Make It About Race'
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) accused CBS host Margaret Brennan of unfairly bringing race into a discussion after Donald Trump told four non-white Democratic congresswomen to "go back" to where they came from.
The face of fascism.

Rick Santorum Goes Down In Flames Pretending Trump's Attacks On 'The Squad' Aren't Racist
Why does CNN have Rick "Blah People" Santorum on a panel discussing the topic of racism in the first place?
Old 'Frothy Mix' you mean?

Cory Booker: Donald Trump is 'worse than a racist'
"He's a 'Donald Trump'." will be used as a synonym for scumbag throughout eternity.

‘Go back to your country,’ coffee chain employee tells Muslim couple in Michigan
Where have we heard that before?

Trump criticized the U.S. for years. Now he wants people who do that to leave.

Choice Of The 2020 Election: Either Stand With Trump's Racism Or Stand For America
With his actions this week, Donald Trump has redefined what the 2020 election will be a referendum on, as Joy Reid describes.

Trump Promotes Activist Who Called for “Final Solution” for Muslims
And he praises the “patriotic crowd” that started racist chant.
Trump is playing with fire.

The American People From 2016 to the Present: "With Such People, You Can Do As You Please"
"If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer…And a people that no longer can believe anything cannot make up its mind. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also its capacity to think and to judge. And with such people, you can do as you please." —Hannah Arendt.

Three White Supremacists Sentenced on ‘Riot Charges’ From Charlottesville Rally
Make sure Trump gets the same cell when he gets sentenced.

Trump Abandons All Pretense Of Disowning Chant, Calls Crowd ‘Patriotic’
It's like calling a pack of rabid dogs safely domesticated.

It can be hard for college students to get to the polls. Florida’s new law is making it even harder.
Gov. Ron DeSantis just signed a new law requiring "sufficient permitted parking" at early voting sites, including on college campuses.
The student ballot leans deeply left so the fascists naturally want to repress that vote.

“Love It or Leave It” Has a Racist History. A Lot of America’s Language Does.
“Historically, when people of color criticize America, they’ve been deemed un-American and unpatriotic, but when white people criticize America, it is normal.”
It is also the same as "My way or the highway." and "Do as I say, don't do as I do."
Wonder what the "Friendship" Church posts when they really get something to be pissed about?

What the Hell Is ‘National Conservatism’ Anyway?

History Will Honor the Courageous 95 Who Proposed to Impeach a Racist President
It is absolutely appropriate to check and balance an executive who employs xenophobic hatred to divide a nation.

Cummings To SDNY: Did OLC Policy Stop You From Charging Trump?
“If prosecutors identified evidence of criminal conduct by Donald Trump while serving as President — and did not bring charges as they would have for any other individual — this would be the second time the President has not been held accountable for his actions due to his position,” Cummings went on to write, referring to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s decision not to charge President Trump with obstruction, adding that the “Office of the President should not be used as a shield for criminal conduct.”
Someone is shielding the crook? Lock him up!

Elijah Cummings Just Asking SDNY If There's Anybody's Ass He Ought To Beat Right Now (Hint Hint!)?
"Specifically, Cummings would like to know if it's true, as has been reported in USA Today, that a large part of the reason the investigation ended was because of the stupid damn fucking wrongheaded DoJ policy that says you can't indict a sitting president. Did they just quit investigating because it's pretty clear that the primary person who should be rotting in prison, either with or instead of Cohen, was Trump, but because of some dumbass memo (not a law) that Attorney General Bill Barr keeps folded up inside his grundle for safekeeping, they couldn't do anything about it so fuck it?"

Elijah Cummings, AOC Tapdancing On Assholes' Faces Again
You go, Elijah!

To Protect Ilhan Omar, We Must Beat Back the March of Fascism
This includes all of them at the Trump rallies.

Sen. Josh Hawley Reaches Out To The Neglected American Herrenvolk
And this fascist as well. Audience seems a bit cool, Josh. Maybe it's your flat delivery and bullshit content.

Attacks on Ilhan Omar Rooted in Belief “America Is for White People”

President Tenderhearts So Upset Those People Chanted 'SEND HER BACK,' That's Not Christlike

White House endorses the weaponization of anti-Semitism
It wasn't (just) on Trump's Twitter feed.
Mark (Ultrasonic) Levin is one of the biggest fascists on radio.

Call it the Trump heat wave: The current scorcher is just a taste of what’s coming
Trump policies push parts of Florida and Texas to endure five months a year of a heat index over 100 degrees.

Planet of the Surreal: Turning 75 in the Age of Trump

What You Don’t Want to be in Trump’s America
"I beg you, Americans: get rid of this man before he destroys your wonderful country."

Trump, Now the Lyncher-in-Chief

Omar Explainer
What she is guilty of.
Long live Ilhan Omar.

Welcome to the Post-Post-Corruption Era of the Republican Party
"There was a time when conservatives spoke of little else besides corruption and the lessons they had learned from it. Now they never speak of it at all, while their grifter president and his family soak the government for every dollar they can wring from it."

It Seems Kellyanne Conway’s Husband No Longer Believes Trump-Hitler Comparison Is an Overreaction

That Justice Department rule has saved Trump from indictment—again
"The inescapable conclusion from all of the public materials available now is that there was ample evidence to charge Donald Trump with the same criminal election law violations for which Michael Cohen pled guilty," said Schiff.
When will Trump actually be charged with the crimes he has committed?

Rand Paul Whines About 'Guttersnipe' Jon Stewart
Awww, poor Rand Paul should get out of the kitchen because he clearly can't take the heat.
Rand Paul couldn't carry Jon Stewart's jock strap.

Donnie Deutsch On Trump Racism: 'This Is A Man With Nazi Tendencies'
"It's on white people," Deutsch said. "If you vote for Donald Trump, you're no different."

GOP: Ilhan Omar Is Un-American Because She Supports the First Amendment

Republicans Don’t Want Racist Chants to Define Them — Just Racist Policies

Yep, Michael Cohen Is A Criminal. Sounds Like His Boss And Hope Hicks Are Too!

New court docs implicate Trump in the illegal hush-money scheme that landed Cohen in jail
Hope Hicks was also implicated in a tranche of unredacted documents released Thursday.

Omar Unleashes On Trump After ‘Send Her Back’ Chants: ‘I Believe He Is Fascist’
Set "Trump is Fascist" in bold type 100 feet high!

Why Are Right-Wing Conspiracies so Obsessed With Pedophilia?
The story is the same, from the day-care panics to QAnon: It’s not really about the kids. It’s about fears of a changing social order.

Lindsey Graham: Trump Isn’t Racist Because He Wouldn’t Attack Somalis Who Supported Him
He joins a chorus of GOP lawmakers who are avoiding condemning the president’s remarks.
What dark secret does Trump have on Lindsey Graham? And when will Trump let it out of its cave?

Trump attempts to distance himself from racist 'Send her back!' chants—by, as usual, lying
He folds just like a chicken shit. He threw his supporters under the bus. They are too stupid to know it. Serves them right.
Hillary was wrong about Trump supporters. They aren't "deplorables." They are syphilitic, scum-stinking vomit that festers like a despicable mass of ignorant shit.

How a Trojan Horse Project to Rewrite Our Constitution Could Actually Happen if Trump Wins in 2020
The plot to kill American democracy by American traitors.

Jon Stewart Rips 'Bottom Feeder' Rand Paul For Blocking 9-11 First Responder Funding
Jon Stewart hightailed it over to Fox News to have a chat with their viewers about Rand Paul's little stunt.

If it walks like a racist, looks like a racist, and talks like a racist, IT’S A RACIST

Trump resurfaces degrading rumor about Ilhan Omar amid racism controversy
The president offered no proof to back his baseless claim.
This man is a low-life, bottom feeding scumbag.

Monopolies, Trump, the Border, and Fascism
Concentrated corporate giants like Amazon and the private prison duopoly are sustaining Trump’s cruelties in the migrant camps.
Or How a Nazi American may become a reality.

Trump’s Rally Seals It: “Send Her Back” Is the Official Position of the GOP
A new, racist version of “lock her up.”
This asshole and his party can't find the bottom.

Former Interior scientist calls out ‘culture of fear, censorship, and suppression’ under Trump
"The American people lose when we end up with manipulated, suppressed, or distorted information."

Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Says Less Buttsex, More Gunsmoke, PEW PEW PEW!
Dang! All that TV he's watching I can't seem to find on mine. Tell him to get interested in cooking shows and try to control his gay conflictions.

Liz Cheney Goes All-In on Trump’s Racism: Meet the Future of the GOP
The face of fascism.

The Street-by-Street Battle Against Climate Change
While the Trump administration rolls back environmental protections and flouts science, this neighborhood is actually preparing.
Advise your children to plan to emigrate to Canada in their future. It will be the last place in North America left before the end.

For Republicans, xenophobia and nationalism are completely fine—just don't call it racism
Call it fascism.

The Republican Party is Aggressively Repositioning Itself as the Party of Trump’s Racism
House Republicans could have rejected the president’s xenophobia. Instead, they went with it.

GOP Support For Trump Rises After Attacks On Congresswomen
Was there any doubt that Republicans would rally round the racist?
Any doubts that the GOP is a fascist, racist organization? "They cannot get enough of his racism, his xenophobia and his hatred of all people who are not white."

Eric Trump Rants: '95% Of Country Is Behind My Dad!'
No polls or data show this to be true, but if he's saying it, you must believe him.
Eric just has his dad's ass confused with the people of this country.

Kris Kobach Admits He Might Support Trump If He Said He Was A Racist
“You’d have to think about it?!’ CNN's Chris Cuomo exclaimed in disbelief.
You fascists own this guy.

Rush Limbaugh Flip-flops On The Deficit
"Nobody is a fiscal conservative anymore," says Rush Limbaugh.
Ain't it the truth, Flush. Matter of fact, you guys have been shysters, grifters, and con-men for years. Glad to see you finally admit it.

GOP's John Kennedy Gets The Bible Wrong Re Congresswomen
Good little footsoldier for Trump, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) calls them horsewomen of the Apocalypse. Uh, that's not a bad thing, Senator.
Oh Jowahn, Jowahn, you are such a howally mayahn! And you're a crackpot cracker! But, Louisiana.

The Tortured Madness of Donald Trump: It’s Clear the President Is out of His Mind
"It’s one thing to have a president who thinks “Out of sight; out of mind” should be an actual public policy. It’s another thing to have a president who’s clearly out of his mind."

Kellyanne Conway Asks, “What’s Your Ethnicity?” in Response to Reporter’s Questioning of Trump’s “Go Back” Tweets
The unhinged thought process of Trump's henchmen.

Unearthed NBC Footage Appears to Show Trump and Epstein Rating Women’s Looks at 1992 Party
Trump is desperately attempting to distance himself from Epstein—but the decades-old footage shows them having a good time together.
"Pussy Grabbin' Men" look over the goods.

Dozens arrested as over 1,000 Jewish activists and allies shut down entrances to ICE headquarters demanding closure of Trump’s detention camps

Rep. Karen Bass Predicts Trump Will Have 'Blood On His Hands'
The California Congresswoman spoke to Nicolle Wallace about her concerns for the safety of the four freshman Congresswoman targeted by Trump, should anything befall them.
Trump is already attempting to clean his hands.

Poll: Most Americans call Trump's tweets targeting 4 congresswomen 'un-American'
To the sheltered Dallas Republican women: Here's what conscious Americans say.
The congresswomen = American heroes. The Republicans = 0.

Texas Republican women think Trump wasn’t being racist — because ‘he didn’t say a color’
"Texas Republican women" is all you need to know here (the congresswomen are all 'colored'). They also were asked if they thought King Kong was a gorilla to which they replied, "Now that's racist."
Of course, all of their answers are typical racist statements.

Kellyanne Flaunts Her Racism: Freshmen Trump Attacked Are 'Dark Underbelly Of America'
As Kellyanne Conway fought for her President to be racist without being called racist, she put her own racism on display when she attacked the four Representatives Trump hit.

Democrat moves to impeach Trump immediately following House condemning president’s racism
We can't get rid of this cancer fast enough.

Julián Castro: Trump’s Asylum Ban Is Unconstitutional
This is such a surprise.

“What’s Your Ethnicity?” Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump With Shocking Question to Reporter
“My ancestors are from Ireland and Italy,” she added in the stunning exchange.
Is Trump and all his staff on drugs? Asking for a friend.

Americans Are Complicit in Border Camp Abuses
The conditions at border detention facilities provide irrefutable evidence of the child maltreatment that President Trump commits in our names—and state officials need to take action to end the cruelty.

A federal court just drove a final stake in Trump’s effort to rig the census
Every day, racism loses.

Fiscal collapse of coal towns all but certain, new research shows
There are, however, things that can be done to help impacted areas mitigate risk.
I'm sure Trump has some creative ideas, so far no?

Yes, Trump is a racist
The president's comments leave no doubt about his un-American view of diversity and multiculturalism.

Really? Scalise Claims GOP ‘Never Disrespected The Office’ Under Obama
Sure, in your dreams, dick head. That's all you fuckers ever did! This is truth coming back on your ass.

McConnell Says Trump Not Racist, All Sides Should Lower The Temperature
C'mon Turtle Boy. You're one of the biggest asshats in the Fascist party.

How Trump Flipped Anti-Semitism On Its Head To Deflect His Racist Tweets
Poor old failed.

ACLU Will Pursue Sanctions Against Trump Administration In Census Case

House Votes To Condemn Trump For Racist Tweets After Chaotic Floor Proceedings
Seditious boy Collins mouths off like a dick would. Civil war again? Sherman is waiting.

House Republicans go on the record on Trump’s ‘go back’ tweets.
They proudly state themselves as the racists they are on the record for all time.

Welcome to a world where the only value is the naked pursuit of self-interest and self-aggrandizement

‘Are you OK with a racist president?’ Editorial board for North Carolina’s top newspapers calls for Republicans to condemn Trump’s blatant bigotry
They are plenty OK with it as long as they can grift.

Liz Cheney calls Dem congresswomen ‘racists’ and baby killers instead of condemning Trump’s bigoted tweets
Fascism shows its face.

Illinois Town Proclaims It Has No Need For Church-State Separation
...recognizing “the biblical five-fold ministry of apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists.” Flim-flam, grifters, and con artists, in other words.
Clearly, "a violation of the First Amendment’s protection against government-established religion." Welcome to Trump's seditious world.

CNN: Assange Ran Election Interference From Ecuadorian Embassy
Ecuador concluded that Assange had ties to Russian intelligence, the CNN report says.

America is Dead

Neo-Nazi troll Anglin's celebratory mood crushed by $14 million judgment against him
Anglin said, “This is not some half-assed anti-immigrant white nationalism. Trump is literally telling American blacks to go back to Africa.”

The US Government Has Done “Almost Nothing” to Stop Cyber Attacks
“Very little has been done to protect our…weapons systems.”
You mean playing golf isn't defending our country?

“This Country Is Worse Than Cuba”: The Trump Era’s Cruel Reality for Cuban Asylum Seekers
Accustomed to preferential treatment, Cubans are growing angry at Trump’s immigration regime.

GOP strategist delivers devastating analysis of Trump’s ‘Make America White Again’ agenda on CNN
If Trump doesn't like it he can leave and make us all happy here.

America's Real Divide Isn't Left vs. Right. It's Democracy vs. Oligarchy.

Take Action Now: Stop ICE Raids
Help stop deportations in your community by calling reps and joining the sanctuary movement.

I Know What It’s Like to Be Told to ‘Go Back’ to My Own Country
"America is becoming an increasingly hostile place for women and for people of color."
We will pay dearly for this madman at the wheel.

Presidential historian: Trump now with Andrew Johnson as 'most racist president in American history'

Trump Says His Racism Is Cool, Because Many Racists Agree With Him!

Trump murdered the Iran deal — and Europe isn’t too happy about it

AOC and “the Squad” Are Actually the Sensible, Mainstream Centrists in Their Fight With Nancy Pelosi
And the women shall lead us through this facist fuck storm. They don't have to take shit from Trump. If they want any of his shit they can scrape it off his teeth.

Despite Trump’s and Tucker Carlson’s efforts, nativism is losing
Losing? Losing is for losers, isn't it?

Trump tells White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to ignore congressional subpoena
Advice for all of us. Let's just ignore the law. We don't need it any longer since our 'great dick head' is running the syndicate.

Journalist Faces Death Threats for Exposing Brazilian Judge’s Far-Right Bias
World fascism is as great a threat as 1939.

Trump’s Racist Tweets, and the Question of Who Belongs in America

Trump tries to change the subject by blaming Obama — then accidentally admits he’s putting kids in ‘cages’
"The occupant of the White House" aims to be a STUPID "motherfucker."
His aim is true it appears.

This Is Why Republicans Won’t Condemn Trump’s “Go Back” Home Tweets
For Republicans, the aim outweighs the unabashed racism.
And "the occupant of the White House" aims to be a STUPID "motherfucker."

These Americans share what it feels like to be told: 'Go back to where they came from'

Calling All Protesters!
The Trump administration gets more malicious, harmful, and absurd every day. It’s time to take back the streets!

Even neo-Nazis think Trump’s racism ‘goes too far sometimes’: Investigative reporter
This is rich.

Trump Stages Full-Blown, Racist Meltdown at “Made in America” Event
“If you hate our country, if you’re not happy here, you can leave.”
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

When Trump Is Tweeting Racist Attacks on Progressive Democratic Women, It’s Time to Impeach
Rashida Tlaib sums it up: “Want a response to a lawless and complete failure of a President? He needs to be impeached.”

Pressley, AOC, Tlaib and Omar Hit Back at Trump’s Bigotry
Kick him in his tiny nuts, girls!

Trump Doubles Down On ‘Go Back’ Attack: ‘If You Don’t Like It’ Here, ‘You Can Leave’
Let's all say it together once again: Tell Trump and his fascist sycophants (read Republican party) to go back to the place in hell they came from.

After years of decrying McCarthyism, Lindsey Graham accuses members of Congress of being Communists
"They're anti-Semitic, they're anti-America."
"Tail Gunner" Graham? ROTFLMAO!

Religious Right Silence Enables Trump’s Racism
Once again: The Relgious Right are neither religious nor right.

‘Pure cowardice’: CNN’s Frank Bruni corners GOP’s Mia Love for refusing to condemn Trump’s racism
Tell Trump and his fascist sycophants to go back to the place in hell they came from.

Republicans are ‘cringing’ at Trump’s latest racist attacks — but are too scared to say anything: report

Lindsey Graham backs up Trump after his racist attacks on Dem women: ‘They hate our own country!’
Was this ass ever a decent human being? He's a fascist now.

Lindsey Graham: ‘I Don’t Care’ If Migrants Stay in Overcrowded Detention Centers for ‘400 Days’
Too much Trump Kool-Aid. He should be in detention a million years.

Trump’s lying lawyers are doing permanent damage to the Justice Department
"Wolf! Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep!"

American Dark Money Is Fueling the Rise of Europe’s Far Right

Trump calls on minority congresswomen to apologize after he said they should ‘go back’ to their countries
Republicans are complicit in their silence on Trump's abuse of American women.

Acosta Resigned. The Caligula Administration Lives On.

This Land Was Your Land
Federal agencies have been captured by the very industries they should be regulating.

The Racist History Behind Facial Recognition
When will we finally learn we cannot predict people’s character from their appearance?

Trump Wants to Use ‘Citizenship Data’ to Gerrymander Democracy
The Census won’t include a citizenship question, but a scheme to use citizenship data for redistricting threatens representation.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." —Edmund Burke
Trump is evil. We do nothing.

‘It’s a disaster’: Chris Wallace shuts down Kellyanne Conway for lying about conditions in migrant jails

America Used to Promote Photojournalism. Now It Bans It.
Julia Le Duc’s already iconic photograph of a dead father and daughter on the Rio Grande is the latest reminder of how essential photographers are to democracy.

Farmers’ Markets Have New Unwelcome Guests: Fascists

Trump Launches Racist Attack Against ‘Progressive Democrat Congresswomen’
Just how much of this racist bullshit will we continue to take from this wanker?

Tennessee Gov. Honors First KKK Grand Wizard With Holiday, Says He's Just Following Orders

Let's Meet The Trump Administration's New Acting Secretary Of (Sweatshop) Labor, Peter Pizzella!
Another one of Trump's wise guy cronies?

Rep. Ilhan Omar: ‘We were sent to Washington to lead with our values’
Omar, along with Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Deb Haaland, stand strong after a week of intra-party controversy.
“We are not carrying the water for this cruel administration. We are doing the job that people in this country put us forward to do.”

NRA faces probe that could cost it its nonprofit status
The subpoenas add to the piling issues for the imploding organization.
"It blowed in good!" "It blowed in real good!"

Some Houston churches will open doors to immigrants during ICE raids
U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a Houston Democrat, gathered with faith leaders on Saturday to announce they would offer their facilities as places of refuge for immigrants during the deportation raids set to happen this weekend.

A judge ordered the end of migrant family separations last year. But a report says 30 kids remain in custody without their parents.
The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform issued subpoenas earlier this year after the federal agencies overseeing immigration policy refused to provide information voluntarily.

The “Pro-Life” Movement Is Silent About Children Dying at the Border
Situational ethics suit them just fine with these brown children.

Voters Don’t Want Democrats to Be Moderates. Pelosi Should Take the Hint.
Really, I wonder if she is cognizant enough to discern it.

Florida Law Throws Voter Rights Restoration Into Chaos
Systemic Racism.

Trump spokesperson boasts the president isn’t ‘going to be beholden to courts anymore’
Sounds like the former "Law and Order" party has given up and joined the "Lawless Lackluster Lugs."

In ‘Tough’ Visit, Pence Uses Crisis He Helped Create To Push Immigration Overhaul
These idiots constantly exhibit their stupidity.

‘I Was Not Surprised’: Reporters with Mike Pence Discover Migrants Confined in ‘Horrendous’ Conditions

Photos show almost 400 migrants packed in cages at Texas processing center
Vice President Mike Pence visited a migrant processing center in McAllen, Texas on Friday. According to reporters who accompanied him, the tour showed hundreds of men in cages without mats to sleep on. Some migrants hadn't showered in days.

Alabama Newspaper Editor Who Endorsed KKK Replaced As Owner
This Land of the Happy Negro rascist may now join the Tennessee Wizardry rascists.

Today Tennessee Celebrates the First Grand Wizard of the KKK
The state’s governor is not considering changing a law creating holidays for three confederate leaders.
Land of the Happy Negro state celebrates seditious rascist. Living in the 19th century so becomes them.

In most of America, it’s Saturday. In Tennessee, it’s a day to honor the KKK’s first Grand Wizard.
Nathan Bedford Forrest was also a slave trader and perpetrator of the Fort Pillow Massacre of hundreds of black Union troops.

Trump’s pick for acting labor secretary was a sweatshops lobbyist

Sadsy The Clown Bitches About His Twitter Follower Count

Barr And Trump's Flawless Victory Getting Their Asses Kicked On Census!

New Ruling Jeopardizes Reproductive Care Access for Nearly 4 Million People
Trump's new health plan: "Keep them in poverty!"

Trump praises Acosta for being Hispanic, claims he did nothing wrong in Epstein plea deal
President Donald Trump and his Amazing Almost-Exclusively-White-Male Cabinet

US Treasury warns it will run out of cash in early September
Same thing happens to families and incompetent 'business men' that bust their budgets. These fascists are going to bankrupt the country and the folks that elected them will be so confused.

We Were Already Over 350 ppm When I Was Born
The devastation is too great. We can’t simply slap solar panels everywhere and call it a day.

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Resigns Following Epstein Deal Scrutiny
Another one bites the dust. The failed list grows long.

Pompeo Already Investigated The Investigators In 2017 And Found No Malpractice
But it's a really good headline for the Trump base to say we need to investigate again, and again, and again.

Gillibrand Gives Powerful Answer On White Privilege

Border Patrol chief was member of secret Facebook group that mocked migrant child's death

Here are 5 of the darkest factors in Justice Clarence Thomas’ crusade to drag the Supreme Court to the far-right

A win for Trump's Obamacare lawsuit would end his new kidney disease program
Thoughtful of him.

Kentucky governor accidentally makes the case for McConnell to step down
Gov. Matt Bevin said last week he supports term limits at any level. In February, he backed the Senate majority leader for a seventh term.
Does this Briarhopper have a sense of reason?

Judge dismisses part of Texas' "sanctuary city" lawsuit against San Antonio
In its first enforcement action under a controversial new law, Texas sued San Antonio last year, alleging that the city had broken the law in December 2017.

The Case for Declaring a National Climate Emergency
Duhh..., said the slackjaw. Is this even real?

The Republicans Who Made Trump Possible Cannot Remove the Badge of Shame
In a new book, Paul Ryan claims he checked and balanced a president who “didn’t know anything about government.” The former speaker is lying to himself—and everyone else.
What's more, those Republicans and their deplorable minions care only about themselves and not about the country.

Trump lost on 2020 Census — but it was still a win for his ‘white nationalist agenda’: MSNBC analyst

Trump directs his administration to collect citizenship data another way, after census effort fails
The president is determined to to circumvent the Supreme Court.
Trump will find some other illegal way that will result in yet another lawsuit. Happy citizen?

Trump Backs Down On Census Citizenship Question But Vows To Gather Data
Data here, data there, we don't care who we tear! Because we are the rulers of the fucking galaxy!

Scuffle Breaks Out In Rose Garden After Trump’s Press Conference
Sebbie Gorka? The "Dipshit of the Year"? Gorka couldn't kick a mule's ass.

Quote of the Day: Bashing President Trump Not Protected by First Amendment
What Trump says is 'very dangerous' is something he practices every day of his life.

Trump ridiculously declares victory in the Census fight — even as his administration’s plan goes down in flames
This poor old fart sometimes looks so pathetic.

Trump reveals the dark purpose behind the citizenship question

Meet Robert. Robert Wants To Be Governor Of Mississippi. OH NO, EVERYBODY THINKS YOU'RE F*CKING ROBERT NOW!

Why Trump’s new attempt to rig the census must fail, in just two words
"Judicial estoppel"

Nancy Pelosi Is Not on Your Side

Trump Started His Day Bragging About How Good Looking And Stable He Is
Obese and homely idiot says what one would expect.

Revealed: Trump swore at Christian Evangelicals to GOP lawmakers – while praising himself for getting their votes

The US Has Some of the Worst Gun Violence in the World. Amnesty International Wants the Government to Give Reparations to Victims.
“Being shot was just the start of their nightmare.”

Trump’s “Natural Law” Commission Members Are All Anti-LGBT, One Calls Legalizing Gay Sex “Dangerous”
Here come the new Nazis with new concentration camps as I have predicted.

GOP mailer darkens Colin Kaepernick's skin, just in case its supporters missed the obvious racism
Land of the Happy Negro party does what it always do.

Trump declares his victory over the news media with a unbroken spew of lies

Pelosi Tells Freshmen To Stop Attacking Colleagues On Twitter
So Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez then complains to the Washington Post, calling it "the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”
Careful, Nancy. You're starting to sound like an old white man.

In A Fuss Over Flags, Fort Worth Vandals Attack ‘No God’ Banners – And Free Speech
“Our purpose is to convince both nonbelievers and believers that the motto is exclusionary and divisive.”
Let's see... Fort Worth? Sounds familiar to me.
Of course, it's exclusionary and divisive. It is intended to be.

Conservative columnist: Trump rigging the census by executive action is an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ disaster for the rule of law

Trump expected to claim unilateral power to add citizenship question to census by executive action
If Trump can ignore the Supreme Court and other judges then the American people can ignore him and his "FAKE" census form.
Remember when everything Obama did the GOP called him a dictator? Where are they all now?

Legalize it, marijuana advocates tell Congress

15-year-old migrant girl says border agent sexually assaulted her while other officers watched
She said the border patrol agents laughed at her assault.

Trump’s attempts to smear Christopher Steele just hit a roadblock
Christopher Steele, who put together the infamous Steele Dossier, apparently left investigators impressed.

NRA board member Ted Nugent tells Laura Ingraham that many states don't "qualify as America anymore"
Ted, Ted, Teddy, get a grip. That list is little off. Try Missouri, Mississippi and Alabama as ex-U.S. States, son, as I am your elder. I do realize that you have that scUM problem as well. LOL!

Another Trump administration official resigns ‘in protest’ after the White House blocked his testimony: report

Children’s charity pulls out of stripper tournament at Trump golf course
Amerika searches for the bottom.

Trump acted like a ‘total beast’ at cocaine-fueled parties with girls as young as 15 years old: report
Just at coke parties? Really?

After a parade up Broadway, Rapinoe said, ‘We have to love more and hate less.’

Betsy DeVos Tells Us What A Spiteful Dick She Is, In Her Own Words!

Megan Rapinoe Spent 24 Hours Drinking Champagne And Punching Conservative Men In The Dick. YAY!

Tucker Carlson’s Latest Attack on Ilhan Omar Is a Pack of Racist Lies
He's as looney as Trump.

What Does Nancy Pelosi Think She’s Doing?
"The times demand a more aggressive Democratic Party. Acosta stands accused of violating federal law to give an unrepentant sexual predator a light sentence. If Pelosi won’t even consider his impeachment, then she is complicit in the same culture of impunity allows Trump to prosper."

ABC News Poll Shows Support for Abortion Rights Ticking Up
According to the latest ABC News poll, support for legal abortion is at an all-time high

A Majority of Military Veterans Think the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Were a Mistake
And they’re even more opposed to Trump’s possible war with Iran.

A Republican Politician Says This Woman Can’t Cover His Campaign Unless She’s Accompanied by a Man
State Rep. Robert Foster justifies his action by the “Billy Graham Rule.”
Thought that politician was Mike Pence at first.
Sounds like the "Tag Team Rape" rule to me.

Alex Acosta Weirdly Pretends Child Rape Charges Would Involve 'Victim Shaming'
It wasn't a tough call. Underage girls were being raped. But Acosta used a fear of "victim-shaming" as the reason he gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal.

Epstein And Trump: The Cover Up And The Child Rape
The Epstein sex crimes case might help one of Trump's rape accusers bust him. But it won't be easy because multiple power players will protect him.

What Kansas’s rebounding economy tells us about the farce of Republican tax cuts

ICE Just Quietly Opened Three New Detention Centers, Flouting Congress’ Limits
The facilities are all run by private prison companies, and one experienced a violent riot.
Since they do as they damn please perhaps these will have the gas chambers and furnaces.

House Republicans spin CBO report to claim $15 minimum wage is socialism
Skip the nuance and go straight to the worst case scenario.
Keep 'em slaves and their noses to the grindstone. Ain't 'murica grand?

A Republican federal appeals court appears determined to strike down Obamacare
There was no law in New Orleans today

Fox Feeling #Blessed That So Many Americans Work Multiple Jobs And Will Never Retire
Yes, because no one is ever discriminated against due to age or even have their job description changed.

The Unbelievable Hypocrisy of Trump’s New “Unalienable Rights” Panel
One of the biggest dangers to having a fascist at our helm.
Your rights may be redefined.

The Four Biggest Conservative Lies About Inequality

Proud Patriot Trump Says He’s Joining Fight To Restore Pledge Of Allegiance
Tell Don to read the Web page below. That is if he really can read. Maybe a teleprompter? ROTFLMAO!
Talk about pandering!
School Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance: Background

Fox And Friends Thanks God That Americans Work Multiple Jobs
Touting employment, ignoring underemployment. That's the Fox/Trump way.

Seized Photos of Nude Girls Deepens Questions About Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 Deal
The new indictment of the financier could prompt a reckoning for the Justice Department, which has been accused of mishandling the case a decade ago.

Trump Claims He “Wasn’t A Fan” Of Jeffrey Epstein

Ted Cruz Refuses To Condemn Alex Acosta Plea Deal For Jeffrey Epstein
Party over principles, Ted Cruz? You don't say.
Morals? Morals? We don't need no stinking morals!

Jeffrey Epstein charged with running sex trafficking ring
Epstein and his pals will get just what they deserve.

Twitter revises rules on hate speech targeting religions
It's expanding its policies to forbid all dehumanizing talk about religion.
But it will allow fake Russian trolls to bomb our elections.
I suppose it will include protection for the religions such as of the "Nation of Yahweh" which has been designated as a hate goup. The intellect runs deep in Twitter.

Fox News' Jesse Watters says USWNT are hurting case for equal pay with 'unpatriotic' behavior
Girls, listen to this "patriotic" white man who knows just how you should act. This mental giant wouldn't know patriotism if it kicked him hard in the balls! Oh, right! He's reacting to your kicking him hard in the balls!
Yes, nobody watched the matches. You blithering sexist idiot!

Trump’s Twitter blocks violate First Amendment rights, appeals court affirms
The best response to criticism is "more speech, not less," court rules.

Chronic nuisance laws are evicting people with disabilities from their homes
Too many 911 calls or unkept lawns led to eviction, a new study shows.
Missouri is contesting Alabama for darkness champion in their search for the bottom.

Stop using the U.S. women’s soccer team as inspiration porn. Just pay them more money.
I believe that brands are capable of making equal pay a reality.

Texas is going to court to end Obamacare. It hasn't produced a plan to replace it.
During a legislative session focused on schools and taxes, Texas lawmakers did little to prepare for the possibility that Obamacare will be struck down in its entirety — even as the state leads the charge to have the law declared unconstitutional.

There Is No 'Right' v 'Left': It Is Trump and the Oligarchs Against the Rest
The center alone will not hold against this fascist putsch.

The World Cup Champion USWNT Showed America What True Patriotism Is
This World Cup has demonstrated on the largest possible stage the competing forms of patriotism that exist in the United States.

ICE Used Facial Recognition to Mine State Driver’s License Databases
"...mark the first known instance of ICE using facial recognition technology to scan state driver’s license databases, including photos of legal residents and citizens.
Trump's Gestapo is here now.

Winning state elections more important than ever after Supreme Court cave on gerrymandering

Abortion arguments at play in limiting veterans’ IVF benefit

‘F-ck Trump’ Chants Interrupt Fox News World Cup Broadcast from Bar in France
The president said he would invite the team to the White House, “win or lose,” but on Saturday, co-captain Megan Rapinoe expressed doubt that any of her teammates would take him up on the offer
"Get that racist out of the White House!" Amen!

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wins 2019 World Cup and Social Media Explodes With National Victory Dance
Congratulations to our GREAT Women Soccer Champions! They have made America great again!

As US Women’s Soccer Team Clinches World Cup, Fans Demand “Pay Them”
The fight for equal pay on the pitch continues.

Trump official defends squalid conditions in children’s detention facility
He still insists the claims are "unsubstantiated."
Just ignore all those photographs, videos and in-person testimony.

Trump’s Justice Department lawyers may soon pay a high price for lying to the courts
This is what happens when you get into bed with Donald Trump.

Leaked British Diplomatic Cables Discuss Trump’s “Dysfunctional” White House
“We don’t really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal.”

Trump Is Losing His Trade Wars
The pain is real, but the coercion isn’t.
The U.S. loses every day he is in office.

The existential threat Trump poses to the world political order is a major 2020 campaign issue
America's shaky ties with its traditional allies has become a campaign talking point.

After letter from former undocumented employees, Trump feigns ignorance
Trump claims he "didn't know" about undocumented workers at Trump properties.
After claiming he is God's gift to the U.S. Presidency he "forgot," as Steve Martin joked?
This asshole is a fraud and everyone knows it.

The Neo-Fascist Proud Boys Organized a “Free Speech” Rally in DC. It Flopped.
A botched handcuff metaphor, B-list speakers, sweltering heat, and a big police presence.

Trump's Big, Wet Fourth of July Picnic
So tired of winning?

Cutouts of J.F.K., Jr., Tanks, and Adulation at Trump’s “Salute to America”
Say, aren't those cutouts of Don and Mel? As in perpetuity.

Injuries Reported in Gas Explosion at Florida Shopping Center
Authorities say there are injuries.
Don't be surprised if regulations were waived here.

Ex-CIA director blasts Trump and Barr for ‘inappropriate and dangerous’ attack on CIA in scorching op-ed

Internet buries Trump aide for claim that citizenship question needed to stop ‘foreign collusion’: ‘Have you hit your head?’
That's why conservatives are so much smarter than progressives. LMAO!

Once again, a Republican president told us that truth doesn't matter

Trump's 'softness' toward hostile leaders is standard procedure for the Business Asshole

It’s Not Just About Deportations: Trump Wants to Create a Permanent Underclass

The Nation’s Largest Commercial Insurance Company Has Ditched Covering Coal. That’s a Big Deal.
“Chubb’s announcement is a clear sign that coal is becoming uninsurable worldwide.”
I'm sure the Darnald will take care of that.

Twitter reacts to Trump's extraordinary history lesson about airports and the Revolutionary War
"It is a well-established fact that the orange buffoon occupying the Oval Office is an idiot."

Border Patrol and Homeland Security have known about their racist Facebook group of agents for years

We Must Fight to Preserve Social Security for Millennials
Millennials, you can vote. That would help quite a bit.

Trump Commandeers the Fourth of July
Wandering the National Mall on Independence Day brought you face-to-face with a divided country.
"A Mall celebration that is normally “come one, come all” was split into haves and have-nots, as the choicest spots to watch Trump’s speech were off-limits to anyone without a VIP ticket."

Trump Says He’s ‘Thinking About’ Using An Executive Order On The Census
Wondering how many of these forms will be lost in the mail?

Arizona governor wears Nikes to July 4 party — two days after trashing the shoe maker over Betsy Ross flag

Trump’s ‘cringe-inducing’ 4th of July speech brutally dissected by conservative: Like a bad ‘Billy Joel song’

Two Americas, Celebrating Separately in One Place
On one side of the Mall, Fourth of July revelers listened to Carole King. On the other, they heard the president salute military might.

The Good News: The Job Market Is Solid. The Bad News: The Job Market Is Solid.
Friday’s numbers take some of the immediate worries off the table, but they don’t mean that all is well in the U.S. economy.
Wall Street wants its free money or they will squall like a baby Trump.

Anchorage hits 90 degrees for first time in recorded history
We won't shop our way out of this, folks.

When Will Americans Realize We’re Not the Good Guys?
Americans? Push their weight around? It's a way of life for us because we are so "Exceptional"!

Race against time: How white fear of genetic annihilation fuels abortion bans

‘I feel deeply betrayed’: Military veterans call for Trump’s impeachment in epic Fourth of July video

This Judge Said Coming from a “Good Family” Means a 16-Year-Old Couldn’t Be a Rapist
Another example of why rape victims have a hard time getting justice.

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Fascism” Claim Too Extreme?
ICE is not the SS or the Gestapo. But it has concerning similarities.
"We are heading toward fascism"? Some of us say we are already there.

‘You’re A White Supremacist, Laura’: Joaquin Castro Feuds With Fox News Host
Laura, truth is not slander. Ask Trump and try again.

Lou Dobbs scorched for attacking ‘snowflake generals’ staying away from Trump’s military-themed parade
Lou, you look a little orange around the gills. And tell Trump that he's wrong about those generals of his winning the war on Isis. LOL!

McConnell Intensifies Petty Nike Feud, Posts Betsy Ross Flag With July 4 Tweet
Land of the Happy Negro grifter attempts deal with Nike for shoes he will never wear.

This July 4th Has Everything: Tanks, Trump—and Scandal
“I’m a little concerned that the optics may not play very positively for the fireworks industry,” said Julie Heckman, executive director of the American Pyrotechnics Association.

Thomas Jefferson Blasted Despotism. Trump’s Holding a Celebration of It.
Among the complaints against King George in the Declaration of Independence? That he “has obstructed the administration of justice.”

On July 4, Amash Leaves GOP: ‘I’m Declaring My Independence’

True patriots are rebels, not bootlickers

35 Cents Cheap
A time to reflect

Shouted down: Voters give Indiana Republican an earful on Mueller and Medicare for All

Mike Pence’s mystery turnaround remains unexplained — and it’s creating a tone of WTF in Washington

Massive Anti-Fascist Coalition Rebuffs Far-Right Proud Boys in Portland
Nazis unable or unwilling.

AMA Abortion Lawsuit Puts Doctors in the Thick of Debate

Unconstitutional ‘heartbeat’ abortion bans cost states thousands in legal fees
Arkansas and North Dakota spent more than half a million dollars defending unconstitutional laws. Seven other states are following suit.
In Dawin's Waiting Room they really don't care about spending money.

Democrats, This Isn’t Politics as Usual

The New Fourth: An Extraordinary Extravaganza of Shame

The Supreme Court Is One Vote Away from Changing How the U.S. Is Governed

The Supreme Court Just Legitimized a Cornerstone Element of Voter Suppression

Trump’s July 4th event is costing taxpayers millions. We made a payment plan for him.
The $2.5 million was supposed to be spent on National Park Service upkeep, not Trump's very special episode of Independence Day.
Your money is being spent on a military show so Trump can masturbate to it.

The Shame of Our Border Cruelty
This is a call to action.

Trump Posts Cryptic Tweet On Citizenship Question Just As DOJ Backs Down For 2020
This man is a cancer upon our nation.

The Biggest Threat to America Is Us
If we fail, China, Russia and Iran won’t be to blame.

Fox News buried in mockery for asking why Americans are ashamed of US under Trump

The Surprising History of Nationalist Internationalism
The far right is less parochial than we think — and that’s dangerous.

You Know Who Agrees With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez About “Internment” Camps? People Who Actually Lived Through Them.
Imprisoned as kids, Japanese Americans are fighting for children locked up in immigration detention facilities.

Rush Limbaugh Says Toilet Water 'Is A Step Up' For Some Migrants
"She's addicted to getting noticed," he said about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's trip to a migrant center.
SHE'S addicted to getting noticed? C'mon Flush, you were never clean on that charge.

It’s not just tanks: Controversies engulf Trump’s unprecedented ‘Salute to America’
Trump's fascism now extends to our military.

‘The market has spoken’: Trump promised he’d save coal — but two more producers just went bankrupt

Border agents confiscated lawmakers’ phones. Joaquin Castro captured photo and video anyway.

How the US women’s soccer team helped me rediscover my patriotism
It's okay to cheer the good.

Trump is mad that Mueller is testifying ‘again’
It's actually the special counsel's first time answering questions about his report publicly.

American Concentration Camps, Then and Now
And hell, yes, America has a lot to answer for.

Europe Tried To Trust Trump. But That’s Becoming Impossible.
The American president’s repeated embrace of tyrants, most recently at the G-20 and with Kim Jong Un at the DMZ, shatters what little confidence in the U.S. Europeans had left.

Former RNC chair blasts Trump’s ‘offensive’ plan to use tanks to ‘show his masculinity’
Masculinity is it? ROTFLMAO!

OPEC Formally Embraces Russia, Other Non-Members In Expanded "OPEC+"
Trump's buddies embrace the Pootmeister. Just like Trump does.

Trump Administration Drops Citizenship Question From Census

“The Whole Facility’s Culture Is Rotted From the Core”: What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Saw Inside the El Paso Camps
In an interview with Mother Jones, AOC describes the cruelty and impunity she glimpsed at the border.

Scientists: June Was Hottest Month In World History
But not for long.

Shocker: Trump administration admits defeat in push to add citizenship question to 2020 census

Political Cartoonist Reacts To Losing Job After Scathing Artwork Of Trump Went Viral
Jake Tapper had Michael de Adder on to react to his firing for his scathing cartoon of Trump that went viral and led to his termination.
Surprise! Nazis in New Brunswick!

Colin Kaepernick Just Showed How We Can End Corporate Welfare

Arizona GOP Governor Pulls Tax Credits For Nike Over A Shoe
Colin Kaepernick reminded the shoe company that Betsy Ross' flag was also, you know, a little bit associated with slavery, and Nike took his wise counsel given the times. Then the Republican Governor of Arizona had a fit.
Land of the Happy Negro Governor a bit upset about a shoe he will never wear.

By Disparaging LGBTQ Pride Month, West Virginia State Senator Makes The Case For It
"Alas, Azinger describes a country that has never existed. The U.S. is a secular nation, governed by our Constitution, not religious doctrine."

House files lawsuit against the IRS demanding Trump’s tax forms

Ocasio-Cortez blasts Fox News host for comparing migrant camps to ‘a house party’: Where did you drink ‘out of a toilet?’
Maybe where he works?

Trump’s latest Fourth of July celebration demand is something else
Taxpayers will pay and infrastructure may suffer.
P.T Barnum all over again and screw America.

The 'Trump Doctrine' Is Sinking Fast

Trump Now Also Wants Tanks At His Over-The-Top 4th Of July Celebration
Make America more like Russia and China. This man is a psycho. No tanks, Trump.

Tucker Carlson Is Fine With Trump Praise For Kim: Running A Country ‘Means Killing People’
This is a dangerous creature.

Choice Requires Access: Abortion and the Democratic Debate

How Do You Celebrate a Flawed Nation?

Online Database Is Tracking and Exposing Police Officers’ Racist Facebook Posts

Brett Kavanaugh is exactly who we thought he was
What goes around, comes around.

The Women Who Won the Debates Are the Democrats’ Best Hope

Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris stole the show at the debates — so why can’t we have two women on the ticket?
It's time for the women to run the country.

Trump Fast-Forwards American Decline

Officials Warn of Wasp ‘Super Nests’ in Alabama
"... With our climate becoming warmer, there might be multiple surviving queens producing more than 20,000 eggs each.”
Hmmm...maybe they can take over the Alabama Statehouse and return sanity.

Kamala Shotguns Joe Sixpack

Julián Castro Labels Donald Trump Jr. a “Coward” For Racist Kamala Harris Attack
“A right-wing effort to delegitimize an accomplished and powerful black woman.”

‘Dumbest of all Trump children’ Don Jr. clobbered for trying to lie about his birther attack on Kamala Harris

2020 Democrats defend Kamala Harris as false claims on her race resurface
Trump Jr. must have forgotten about the "one drop of black blood" rule his racist kind created.
More hateful hatefulness from haters. It's the best they can do.

PA GOP Go Batsh*t When Democrat Reads Letter From Formerly Homeless Man
Republicans wanted to end a program that provides $200/month for those deemed unable to work.
"If you are not here fighting for the most vulnerable then why are you here?"
Answer: He's there to promote money in HIS pockets for eternity.

Yes, Joe Biden really hated busing in the ’70s: His response to Kamala Harris wasn’t true

Trump Is the Perverse Personification of American Exceptionalism

Charlottesville murderer James Fields sentenced to life in federal prison
Defense lawyers argued Fields came by his neo-Nazi politics honestly, and should receive a lighter sentence.

Trump just publicly proved he couldn’t pass a middle-school civics test
He thinks "Western liberalism" literally means liberals on the west coast.
And he thinks orange make-up over white paste is a natural look.

Behind Oregon’s GOP Walkout Is a Sordid Story of Corporate Cash
Industry and belligerence won out over climate legislation.

Clarence Thomas, the Court’s Trumpiest Justice, Is Having the Time of His Life
If Clarence doesn't want to get an abortion, by gosh, he doesn't have to!

Lawsuit Delays HHS Implementation Of Rule Allowing Healthcare Workers To Refuse Patients Because Jesus

Jeff Flake Flakes Out On Jimmy Carter For Calling Trump 'Illegitimate'
"Trump is a credibly accused rapist, so we're fine with people saying 'awful things' about him. The president isn't even a rapist whose election was on the up and up."

In Which Junior Briefly Attempts To Accuse Kamala Harris Of Not Being A Black Person
Again: There is NO bottom for these deplorable idiots.

Kamala Harris Upsets Dem Primary By Rudely Revealing She's A Black Woman

Kamala Harris Shows America What She'll Do To Trump, If You'll Let Her

Democrats, It’s Time to Believe in Women Again
We need to get past the trauma of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, because Warren and Harris are our best hope.

US Supreme Court declines Alabama bid to restore abortion restriction
Dark Alabama shut down for now.

‘Spinelessness’: Schumer and Pelosi under fire after Democrats join GOP to give Trump $4.6 billion in border funding without protections for children
The fools on the hill.

This lawsuit shows abortion foes’ newest tactic in the Kavanaugh era
Catholics for Life is suing Rhode Island for codifying Roe v. Wade.
Then counter-sue the Catholic cult for all the damage its pedophile preists have done.

Buttigieg used the debate to call out GOP’s religious hypocrisy
Pete Buttigieg says Republicans have "lost all claim to ever use religious language again."
Amen and Hallelujah!

As Immigrant Deaths Pile Up, We Need to Find Our Moral Compass
“We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.”

Carlson: Democrats Want To Ban Speaking English
Has Tucker Carlson become the biggest brainless idiot on TV?

Florida Haters That Bullied Library Into Canceling Teen Pride Prom To Protest Against Drag Queen Story Hour

Consumer Confidence Collapses To 2 Year Lows
But, but, the Trump economy!

A Pregnant Woman Who Miscarried After Being Shot in the Stomach Is Being Charged With Manslaughter in Alabama
There is NO BOTTOM in darkest Alabama.

Four Years Later, The Religious Right’s Hysterics Over Marriage Equality Look Really Foolish
Just make that "The Religious Right’s Hysterics Look Really Foolish"

Trump reportedly wants the ability to deport active duty troops’ family members
Families are scrambling to secure legal protections while they last.
How mean will this man get before he is stopped?

It was a terrible day for democracy in the Supreme Court
Don't let the census case fool you.

Andrew Napolitano: Census ruling is a significant defeat for Trump personally

Justice Roberts called out for pro-GOP gerrymandering ruling: ‘He’s absolutely doing politics’
Grifters keep on grifting.

The Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Ruling Is a Doomsday Scenario for Voting Rights
The court found that partisan gerrymandering can’t be blocked by the judiciary, even in extreme cases.

John Roberts Says Partisan Gerrymandering Is Not His Problem
The chief justice acknowledges that unfair maps are an issue, but says they have to be addressed at the ballot box and in state courts.
"...a crushing blow to voting-rights advocates..."
"Huge victory for Amerikan fascism."

Justice Kagan pens blistering dissent after Supreme Court approves ‘election rigging’ in gerrymandering case
Blisters are too good for these assholes.

‘None of your business!’ Trump lashes out when reporter asks him about meeting with Putin
Frothing Orange Dick states that what he says to Pootin can't be heard by press. Note the madness in his eyes.

Trump Explodes After US Soccer Star Says She Won’t Go To ‘F*cking’ White House
Bet that made a mess. Has Pence been sworn in yet?

Trump Will Now Murder Iran For Hurting His Feelings And Calling Him 'Retarded'

Trump believes Google is trying to ‘rig the election’
It isn't.
Trump thinks everything is rigged against him unless he's done the rigging. Text book paranoia.

A widely circulated photo shows the bodies of a man and his toddler daughter who drowned trying to seek asylum in the U.S.
It's simple to separate the human beings from the fascist animals here. If you don't break up reading his mother's comments you will know who and what you are.

Trump Thinks Migrants Should Have No Rights
Including the baby that drowned.

Trump Accuses Mueller Personally of Illegally Deleting Evidence
Without producing any evidence of his own, Trump makes a serious accusation against Mueller ahead of his testimony to Congress.
Trump will now lie any lie and throw any shit he can to prevent justice from grabbing him by his tiny hands.

House Committee Subpoenas Conway To Testify On Hatch Act Violations After No-Show
Lock her up!

‘This is what solidarity looks like,’ says Ocasio-Cortez, as Wayfair workers vow walkout to protest company for working with child detention centers

GOP’s Jim Jordan gets shut down after raging at Trump appointee who called for Kellyanne Conway’s firing
Sleezebag gets pinned by Cummings in 2 out 3 fall match.

Robert Mueller's back-to-back hearings likely to be a defining moment for both Trump and Congress

American Bar Association decries ‘inhumane and illegal’ conditions at child detention centers: A violation of ‘common decency’

There Are People in Concentration Camps. Why Aren’t We in the Streets?
It’s one thing to protest the immigration crackdown. It’s another to resist it.
Like the Germans during WWII we may be complicit.

Elizabeth Warren to visit Florida prison camp jailing 2,300 migrant children

Euphemisms cannot disguise the concentration camps America operates, then or now

America now has concentration camps, so why should anyone apologize for calling them what they are?

‘The Investigation,’ The All-Star Mueller Report Play, Fails To Make Trump Tweet (So Far)
The play's the thing to prick the conscience of the prick.

Capitalist Workplaces Set Bosses Up to Be Authoritarian Tyrants

Trump administration’s insistence on citizenship question may skew US Census by 9 million people
Meanwhile, a federal judge says new evidence suggests the Trump administration might have had discriminatory intent in seeking to add the question.

The New York Times’ disastrously empty rape apology
But her emails.

The LGBTQ Struggle Has Always Been Intertwined With the Fight for Voting Rights
Now, as the right wing intensifies its attacks on voting rights, LGBTQ allies are needed more than ever.

2020 Democrats Must Address Our Addiction to Military Spending
They should take a stand at the debates against the Pentagon’s bloated budget.

Conway Says Watchdog Trying To Put ‘Big Roll Of Masking Tape’ On Her Mouth
If there are 28 million Americans without health care it's because the Trump administration did away with the individual mandate, stupid. People need health care that isn't provided by an industry but by a service.
What Happens if I Don't Have Health Insurance in 2019?

Acting Border Chief To Resign As Outrage Grows Over Immigrant Conditions
As long as Trump is running things you can count on it getting worse.

Trump flips out and threatens ‘obliteration’ after Iran calls him retarded

Indicted GOP lawmaker spent campaign cash on affairs with three different lobbyists and one of his own staffers: DOJ

It’s official: Illinois legalizes marijuana
“The state of Illinois just made history, legalizing adult-use cannabis with the most equity-centric approach in the nation,” Pritzker said in a statement upon passage of the bill. “This will have a transformational impact on our state, creating opportunity in the communities that need it most and giving so many a second chance.”

Donald Trump Is America's Shadow

19 States Still Allow Schools to Beat Their Students

Inside a Texas Building Where the Government Is Holding Immigrant Children

Sunday Reading: The Challenge to Reproductive Rights in America

George Conway: Republicans Who Believed Juanita Broaddrick Should Believe New Claims Against Trump

Trump learns it’s not always easy going it alone

Alabama governor signs law allowing church to have its own police force
Alabama is a bottomless hole.

So many gray whales are washing up along our coasts the government is asking private owners for help
Today, the gray whales—tomorrow, us?

Pence Dodges Questions About Poor Conditions At Child Migrant Centers
The Congress needs to appropriate more funding for our concentration camps.

Woman who turned over husband's guns to police after saying she feared for her life gets arrested
This should teach threatened women not to get the crazy idea they can take charge of their lives.

Religious group demands Netflix cancel Good Omens… which is a show on Amazon Prime Video
More cowards and extremely stupid ones at that.

Our View: Cowards will be our downfall

Springtime for Hitlers
"We’re calling it fascism because we don’t know what else to call it. We don’t know what else to call places where brown asylum seekers are held in deliberately inhumane conditions than concentration camps. We don’t know what else to call shit than what it is."

Trump’s Persecution of His Investigators Follows Authoritarian Playbook

Surprise! The ‘center’ in US politics is very progressive

Seething Senators Call Trump’s Environmental Plans Literally Toxic and “Dangerously off the Rails”
Once more the administration favors the chemical industry over the health of Americans.

Jason Miller Shuts Down His Twitter Account After Calling Jerry Nadler 'A Fat F*ck'
Seems Trump's former communications chief isn't that good at communicating.

In U.S., 71% Support Transgender People Serving in Military

They Are Concentration Camps — and They Are Also Prisons

Roy Moore, accused child molester and twice-removed judge, announces 2020 Senate run
He's back.
Alabama keeps lowering the bar.

A 100% renewable grid isn’t just feasible, it’s in the works in Europe
Europe will be 90% renewable powered in two decades, experts say.

The Voter Suppression Chronicles
When the Roberts Court all but nullified the Voting Rights Act, it said the pre-1965 practices were long gone. New hearings by the House make clear: They’re back.

Reparations Are Not Just About Slavery But Centuries of Theft and Racial Terror

Senate votes to confirm man with anti-LGBTQ rights record for lifetime federal judgeship
Matthew Kacsmaryk has opposed anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people.
U.S. Senate establishes itself as an official hate group.

Trump’s Re-election Campaign Launches on a Loud Fascist Note

Let’s Shut Down the Authoritarian Machine

This isn’t the first time concentration camps have appeared on American soil
From the annexation of the Philippines to Japanese-American incarceration, concentration camps aren't something new in the U.S.

The Trump tax cut bonus boom never materialized
Worker bonuses shrunk 24% in the last year, the largest decrease since at least 2005.

Trump’s “Deep State” is Trump’s Corrupt State
And they all run pretty shallow.

Can Donald Trump Hold Off an Economic Crash Until the Election?
"And a crash before the election could offer our nation an opportunity, should Democrats nominate an actual progressive who will take us off the neoliberal Reaganomics we’ve suffered under since 1981."

In Orlando, Trump Kicks Off His Reëlection Campaign with an Old, Divisive Message
But it's the only message he's ever had or ever will have.

Judge Wants Another Crack At Census Case After Revelation Of New Evidence

Democrats Think Older White Man Is Best Bet to Beat Trump
Sexist? Democrats? Dohhhh!

Joe Biden’s Segregationist Nostalgia Is Even More Ignorant Than It Sounds

Republican activist and former Colorado candidate accused of flashing revolver at U.S. marshal
Lucky for her she was white.

Top Republicans demand Ocasio-Cortez apologize to the entire world over ‘concentration camp’ comparison — she refuses
Tell them to watch "Camp America" by Vic Mensa in music links above if they think they are so smart.
And please don't ask a Japanese American about how they feel about their camps.

Rep. Ted Lieu on Hope Hicks testimony: ‘I’m watching obstruction of justice in action’

Texas Baptist pastor who advocated executing women for abortion faces child sexual assault charges
Another one laid low.

Legislative Invocations Should Include All Americans

Justice Thomas just admitted he wants to burn down the very idea that courts should obey precedent
Arson, but for the rule of law.

Democrats Say They’ll Support a Woman for President. Here’s How We Know They’re Lying.
"If you believe someone can’t be president because she is a woman, then you’re sexist. That’s a plain fact. You don’t get to hide behind 'other people aren’t ready.'"

Biden: If We Can’t Work to Compromise with GOP, We Might as Well ‘Go Home’ or Start ‘Real Physical Revolution’
There are more than two choices. Biden can 'go home.' The rest of us will do what must be done.

ACLU: Police must get warrants to obtain personal data from cars
It's telling a court that black boxes are covered by the Fourth Amendment.

McConnell goes Berserk — claims granting Puerto Rico statehood, voting rights and representation is ‘full bore socialism’
"Red Baiting" is what the GOPers have always done best.

Trump fires the polling firm Kellyanne Conway built over leak of polls he said didn’t exist
“They’re giving out phony polls."

We’re Less Prepared For The Next Recession Than We Were For The Last

Trump Kicks His Chief of Staff out of the Oval Office for Coughing in His Presence
“You just can’t. You just can’t cough.”

SCOTUS Punts Again On Gay Wedding Cake Case

‘Men trying to tell women how to control their bodies’: College students discuss anti-abortion laws
“I knew things weren’t guaranteed. Nothing is a given to me in America.”

As Corrupt As It Gets
Read the next article.

Even More Evidence Emerges Linking Deceased Consultant To Trump Census Push
Does this hole we're in have a bottom?

GOP Rep. Stewart: ‘It Would Be Foolish’ For A President To Turn Down Foreign Dirt
This man states he is a potential law breaker and criminal. No surprise.

Pressley Slams Mnuchin For Letting Trump’s ‘Racism,’ ‘Misogyny’ Sway Tubman Bill Decision

Trump Accuses New York Times Of Committing ‘Virtual Act Of Treason’
Nuttier than a fruitcake.

The following two articles demonstrate just how insane Trump is and how very dangerous he is to our stablity as a country.
Trump moves to take unchecked power: Article II of the Constitution ‘allows me to do whatever I want’

Trump boasts voters will ‘demand’ he remain president after his second term ends in bonkers tweetstorm

Trump Celebrates Birthday With His Only Friends: Dumbass 'Fox & Friends' Idiots

Donald Trump Just Found Another Infuriating Way to Undermine Science
He signed an executive order directing agencies to eliminate a third of expert advisory panels.
Why is this man destroying our country and getting away with it?

Pastor Confronts Protesters Outside “Death To Gays” Conference, Wishes “Every Homo Would Die” [VIDEO]
More "Christian" love. No terrorism possiblities here.

The 24 times Trump has accused somebody of "treason"
Pot meet kettle.

The one man most likely to turn the U.S. into a theocracy
Under his eye.
And y'all thought Trump was a dick.

The US Senate of Mitch the Impaler

Trump Welcomes Foreign Election Interference—but McConnell Makes It More Likely

Fear of Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections Dates from Nation's Founding

Federal elections chair lays out just how illegal it is for Trump to take foreign election help

Trump makes it clear he can't speak under oath because he just can't stop lying

Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump’s mental health an ’emergency’

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Seems Trump ‘Is Prepared to Commit a Felony to Get Re-Elected’
‘There’s no wiggle room with respect to dirt,’ the judge noted.
Oh, Donnie!

‘It is pointless to expect him to act presidential’: Brutal WaPo editorial rips Trump over his ABC interview
Well, cut him some slack. How can a douche bag act presidential?

Pelosi Pegs McConnell: ‘Grim Reaper’ Killing Bills That Help Americans
Mitch McConnell has called himself "the grim reaper" as he blocks one House bill after another. Nancy Pelosi pointed out in her presser Thursday that these bills are for things voters want.
McConnell is just another name for "This is your brain on drugs."

Dallas To Pay $650,000 For Banning Porn Convention
At $650 grand a pop, how many years returning will it take Exxxotica to wipe out Dallas forever? We will find out.

Liberty Counsel: Taylor Swift Wants To Ban The Bible
Mat Staver? I guess he's grifting for dollars?
Read the "Fuck Off." meme, Mat.
"Stupid people saying stupid things to get rich off of even stupider people."

‘Will anyone even notice?’: Ridicule surrounds Sarah Huckabee Sanders as she flees White House for Arkansas

Trump to America: Who’s Going to Stop Me?
An unbound president invites more foreign election interference.
We thought we had checks and balances in place to prevent a lawless dictator destroying our Republic. So far the system has failed.

To Reassert Its Lost Power, Congress Must Join the 21st Century

The President Just Outlined the Most Damning Article of Impeachment
When Trump says he would collude with agents of foreign governments to influence US elections, he places himself in conflict with the Constitution.

Trump says he’d collude to win in 2020, after years of claiming ‘no collusion’
"It’s not an interference, they have information. I think I’d take it."

‘Follow the money’: Nancy Pelosi names the source of all Trump family scandals

Slim Majority in U.S. Favors New LGBT Civil Rights Laws
Majority=50%+1. Just ask Turd Blossom.

Office Of Special Counsel: Kellyanne Conway Should Be Fired For Her Repeated Violations Of The Hatch Act
But who is going to take her away in cuffs?

Mississippi Politicians Vow To Defend ‘In God We Trust’ License Plate
They should add "All others pay cash."

Mitch McConnell has turned our greatest deliberative body into a corpse — and it’s only getting worse

'Sex-starved males’: Democratic congresswoman calls out right-wing Republican crusaders who are obsessed with a woman’s right to choose

Jon Stewart Blasts Congress for Failing 9/11 First Responders in Emotional Testimony: ‘they Did Their Jobs — Do Yours!’
Stewart is the kind of leader the U.S. needs.

Could a weakening US economy imperil Trump’s trade war against China?

‘My support is very strained!’ Fed-up rural Trump supporters ‘tired’ of getting hammered by his trade war
Sorry about the screwing you're getting folks. But you can do something about it.

Trump praises Kim Jong Un as having ‘tremendous potential’
"He gets it. He totally gets it."
Sure. He's a fascist dictator like Trump.

How The Politics Of Religious Freedom Got Turned On Their Head
Over the last several decades, Conservative Christians have gone from thinking of themselves as a Moral Majority to a Persecuted Minority.

TX Passes ‘Save Chick-fil-A’ Law To Shield Chain From Backlash Over Anti-LGBTQ Donations
Texas supports hate group.

Catastrophe Is Coming, and We Can’t Kill Our Way Out of It

As New Pipeline Battle Looms, Texas Moves Toward Criminalizing Pipeline Protest
Moving closer to fascism.

This Is Exactly What Privacy Experts Said Would Happen
CBP’s trove of biometric data is catnip for bad actors.

The 7 Biggest Failures of Trumponomics

Sarah Sanders accidentally proves the Mueller report was not a waste of time
She contradicted herself in the same breath.
Also: "Trump continued to insist that 'all crimes were by the other side' — a claim that doesn’t explain why Cohen and so many other Trump associates are currently in jail."

Trump offers a corrupt bargain to the Supreme Court
Donald Trump's lawyers aren't even hiding their appeals to the court's self-interest.

Trump repeatedly contradicts himself about Mueller’s report

Texas Tried to Mess with Voting. It Failed.

The Same Old Scare Tactic about Socialism

Even Compared To Nixon, Trump's Polling Numbers Are Really Bad

George Conway To Donald Trump: 'Resign And Seek Psychological Treatment'
George Conway is an unlikely member of the resistance.

Doctors and nurses demand AMA ‘get out of the Way’ in fight for Medicare for All

How Trump Made Dr. Ruth Break Her Political Silence: ‘It’s So Sad What’s Happening’

Trump Finally Admits His Behavior Is “Not at All ‘Presidential'”
But then, of course, justifies it anyway.

White House blocked intelligence agency’s written testimony saying climate change could be ‘possibly catastrophic’

Ari Melber To Laura Ingraham: 'Ruh Roh'
Ari Melber fact checked Laura Ingraham's ludicrous claim that her interview with Donald Trump delayed D-Day events in Normandy
Dude, her audience doesn't give a damn about "facts."

The Verdict Is In: Trump’s Evening Wear Is Hideous
C'mon man! It hides his gut! Sure.

Civil Rights Leader Rev. William Barber Finally, Uh, Brought To Justice
"Considering it's North Carolina, however, we also won't be surprised if the state legislature decides to impose 5 years hard labor for second-degree trespassing, just to keep the dangerous rabble-rouser in check."
Land of Happy Negro lawsters go light on the Reverend and his "constitutional rights" whatever they are.

Democrats on the defensive as abortion foes ask if party tolerates their views
Pelosi:"“Most of those people — my family, extended family — are not pro-choice. You think I’m kicking them out of the Democratic Party?”
Said a member of the "spread your little thing out" cult.

Over 40 State and Local Prosecutors Say They Won’t Enforce Abortion Bans

Trump’s Meetup With the Royals Reminds Us He Wants to Be a King
Pasty white guy rubs on orange face to cover his vampire skin.

Republicans don’t want to see the pride flag flying
Trump and other Republicans push back on displaying pride flag

Dammit, Democrats! Organize a Climate Debate!
The DNC has made a morally and practically wrong choice with its rejection of proposals for a debate on the existential issue of our time.

‘Whitey’ Bulger Wrote Letters Praising Trump to a Juror Who Convicted Him

Doublethink Is Stronger Than Orwell Imagined
What 1984 means today
I can hear some of them now: "What the hell? 1984 was 35 years ago. Get with "Machines Like Me" by Ian McEwan."

The Mueller Report Sounded the Alarm on Election Attacks. Will Congress Act?
Beyond his findings of presidential misconduct, the special counsel made it clear that lawmakers cannot ignore the ongoing risk to the nation.

4 Disturbing Details You May Have Missed in the Mueller Report
Some troubling-to-outright-damning episodes have been lost in the noise around its release.

Trump On Mexico Tariffs: JUST KIDDING!
Donald Trump, the best deal maker ever, continues to be all bark and no bite.

Washington State Flower Shop That Wants To Use Religion To Discriminate Loses – Again

Missouri Just Doing State-Sanctioned Sexual Assault To Women Who Want Abortions, That's All

Trump’s EPA Is Letting “Forever Chemicals” Into Our Food, Experts Say

Trump’s New Travel Restrictions Harm Both US and Cuban People

Trump’s tariff threats are putting Mexico in a terrible position
The National Guard troops Mexico proposed to send to the border don't exist just yet.

Trump Destroys American Greatness From Within
From the Justice Department to the military, the president is corroding and destabilizing the institutions of democracy.

Utah Trump Supporter Arrested For Calling In 1000s Of Threats To Members Of Congress
Why did it take two years and thousands of phone calls before Scott Brian Haven was arrested?
Behold the face of American Hate.

Trump's D-Day interview is a low point in a career that's been nothing but low points
"Because 'Donald Trump is an ass' isn’t news to anyone."

54 Years After Birth Control Advocates Won An Important Victory, We’re Still Fighting For Reproductive Rights
The U.S. can be a very backward nation. Progress is not its most important product.

Trump's Airport Auntie Anne's Pretzel Stand Summit With Irish PM Went Well
"But no big deal, Mister President, you just keep running your fucking mouth!"

Rev. Barber is on trial over a health care protest he led 2 years ago
"What is the decibel level for free speech?"
Looks like someone in the Land of the Happy Negro wants the Reverand to get Happy fast and stop being so uppity.

Abbott vetoes popular domestic violence bill because of an unrelated provision about radioactive waste fees
The bill would have required domestic violence survivors to be notified when offenders are released on bond. But the Republican governor nixed the legislation over a provision by Democratic state Rep. Poncho Nevárez that would have delayed a West Texas waste facility's increase in state fees.

The GOP’s White Supremacy Now Has a Smoking Gun

Kamala Harris Has a Brilliant Idea on Abortion
Other candidates should expand her plan to prevent bad laws from going into effect.
Interesting that the two most progressive Democrat candidates trail in the polls to old white men. America, time to look at yourselves.

MISSOURI: Restaurant Refuses Rehearsal Dinner For Lesbian Couple Over Their “Unhealthy Relationship”
Any relationship is "unhealthy" in a climate such as Missouri suffers.

Alabama Banned Abortions. Then Its Lawmakers Remembered Rapists Can Get Parental Rights.
A new law will finally change that—but it only goes so far.
Alabama: Darwin's Waiting Room.

Devastating report on Trump’s economy shows the rich are hoarding cash instead of creating jobs
And we wonder why there are more homeless people in an unsustainable system?

I Want to Live in Elizabeth Warren’s America
The Massachusetts senator is proposing something radical: a country in which adults discuss serious ideas seriously.

Trump’s flippant talk about the Vietnam War

Why We Need to Talk About Biden’s Support of the Hyde Amendment

Abortion rights advocates criticize Biden over support for Hyde Amendment

Back on his BS: Steve King complains about mistreatment at the hands of his fellow Republicans
If anything, GOP lawmakers have allowed the avowed white supremacist to skate by, if not thrive, as a counterfeit martyr.

Analysis: What’s a botched voter purge between friends?
Gov. Greg Abbott added David Whitley to his state staff after Texas Senate Democrats refused to confirm Whitley as secretary of state. Whitley's handling of a botched voter citizenship review undermined his Senate support. But isn't the hiring a sign that the governor didn't mind?

Trump administration cancels English classes, soccer, legal aid for detained migrant children
Trump is doing his best to breed future terrorists and enmemies of the U.S..

TRUMP: A Perfect Symbol of What We Have Become

Duckworth Rips Trump Over Vietnam Comments: ‘No One Believes’ You Couldn’t Serve
He could do KP and latrine duty for sure.

WATCH: Texas school cuts mic on valedictorian after she says names of black men killed by alleged racists
Don't worry Rooha. Despite your idiot principal you will be heard.

How Payday Lenders Spent $1 Million at a Trump Resort — and Cashed In
Shake Down Artists and Con Men meet at Trump's Place.

Leader of Mexican Church La Luz Del Mundo Charged With Sex Crimes in Los Angeles
Spread your little thing out, kiddies.

Truckers Notice Their Taxes Under Trump Have Skyrocketed $8K A Year
So the Trump Tax Scam scammed average Americans? Don't say liberals didn't warn you.

Trump administration nixes federal funding for HIV treatment testing research over fetal tissue usage
Trump will got down as the most anti-human POTUS in our history.

Activists debunk Republicans’ misinformation at House hearing on abortion bans
After a wave of abortion bans were passed in states across the country, Republicans continue their anti-choice campaign.

Texas governor ‘got caught with his pants down’ orchestrating voter fraud
The secretary of state resigned last week, but it was Abbott who was behind the purge, news reports said.
Abbott must go.

187 Republicans vote against the Dream and Promise Act
"We've waited long enough. It's time for us to pass the Dream and Promise Act in the House of Representatives."

The US Cult of Bombing and Endless War
"U.S. bombing has surged, not only against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq but in Afghanistan as well."
But Trump said the Caliphate has been destroyed.

We Are Being Embarrassed by Ugly-American Grifters on an Ego Trip to London
The Trumps need a distraction. So, at our expense, they are trading toasts with the current occupant of King George III’s throne.

Trump Administration Announces New Cuba Travel Restrictions
The Treasury Department said it would crack down on the most popular ways for Americans to visit the island.
Stupid and regressive. Say it again, please.

Roman numerals, anyone? Poll suggests bias against Arabic numerals
Illustrating the intellectual capacity of the average American of any political persuasion.

Trump Companies Accused of Tax Evasion in Panama
In the latest chapter in ongoing litigation, the private equity fund that bought what used to be called the Trump Ocean Club claims the Trump entities pocketed money that should have gone to the Panamanian government.
Your grifting POTUS.

UN commissioner had some tough words about US abortion bans
Abortion bans don't stop people from terminating their pregnancies.
Of course not. They only make criminals out of constitutionally protected citizens.

Trump’s Attack on Working People Demands a Bold, Progressive Response
Piecemeal reforms won’t do the job.

Thousands of Brits Protest Trump’s Visit Alongside 16-Foot Farting Presidential Robot

Warren’s Astonishing Plan for Economic Patriotism
The Massachusetts senator presents by far the most serious proposal to bolster American industry.

‘Extremely Past Due’: Trump Campaign Still Owes $470K To El Paso For February Rally
Trump walks another tab.

WATCH: Black man ripped out of his car and abused by several cops over loud music
Fascists in blue tell negro he is being way too happy.

White House Orders Hope Hicks, Fmr. McGahn Chief of Staff to Not Turn Over Subpoenaed Documents
The Trump defiance of law and continued obstruction of justice continues.

Tens of Thousands of Protesters and a Giant, Diaper-Clad Baby: Trump’s London Nightmare Has Begun

Courts And Police Wrestle With Spate Of 'Red-Pilled' Domestic Terrorists Radicalized Online
For the better part of two decades, Americans have generally ignored their quietly mounting problem of homegrown domestic terrorism committed by white far-right extremists

Memo To Franklin Graham: Defenders Of The Constitution Aren’t Going Anywhere

‘Angry political toady’ Franklin Graham is an ‘abomination’ to Christianity: Former Bush speechwriter
Why not just leave the "to Christianity" out of it.

The State Department Wants To Base Human Rights On ‘Natural Law.’ Here’s Why That Should Alarm You.

Tennessee DA: Gay people not protected by domestic violence laws because marriages aren’t recognized by God
How does this asshat know? And don't tell me, I can guess—government by the Bible. Unconstitutional.

London mayor to Trump: ‘You’re a poster boy for the far-right movement around the world’
Mr. Mayor, you said it.

The Trump administration escalates its war on reality
The reality about climate change isn't convenient, or comfortable. So the administration is pretending it isn't there.
He's the Great Pretender.

Mulvaney: 'Let's not get too deep into politics too soon' after shooting
Oh, dear. Mick the Prick thinks it's too soon to talk about it.

There’s a giant hole in the Mueller report — and that means the special counsel must testify

China has made its trade war demands ahead of the G20 summit: tariffs have not 'made America great again'

Lowering the Barr

Looks Like the Trump Administration Lied About the Census
The administration said it needed citizenship data to protect voting rights. New documents tell another story.

Clarence Thomas’s Dangerous Idea
Does anything link the eugenics of the past to abortion today?

Laredo, Texas, Now No. 1 U.S. Trade Hub, Braces For Trump's Mexico Tariffs
"There are some companies that 5% is what their margin is going to be, so you're talking about companies that are not going to be able to ship anymore," said Gaytan. "It's going to shrink the capacity, it's going to shrink the market."
Trump is giving you the royal screw.

Chuck Woolery Asks What Founders Would’ve Thought Of Mueller, and Twitter Does Not Disappoint.

What's behind the abortion bans? White supremacy requires white babies—lots of them

Costco Says ‘Prices Will Go Up’ Because of America’s Trade Wars. Here’s What Will Cost You More
C'mon America. You can dig deeper into those pockets can't you? Economy? Tax-cuts? Donnie needs your help so badly.

There Are Cameras Everywhere. It’s Time to Reject the Surveillance State.
"If we are to be free within and without our person, the total surveillance state must be dismantled."

‘A Request Was Made’: Navy Admits Someone Wanted USS McCain Hidden For Trump Visit

Here’s another way Georgia Republicans could keep black voters from voting in 2020
Land of the Happy Negro state feels that their negroes are happiest when they don't vote.

Trump’s poised to crash the global economy and leave a Democrat holding the bag
Suckers fall for a flim-flam man.

‘Leave or be impeached’: Longtime House member James Clyburn warns Trump that hearings would make the public turn on him

Virginia Beach Shooting: 12 Killed in Rampage at Municipal Center
And here's a few words on the latest mass killing in the good ole USA.

EX-GOP counsel makes devastating case for Congress to impeach Trump now: ‘It’s time’
“It’s the right thing to do — you honor your oath,” she added. “This is about the Constitution, not about politics.”

Dowd Blasts Mueller After Release Of His Obstruction-y Voicemail To Flynn Lawyer
But it's just obstruction of justice. It means nothing to Trump.

Prosecutors just released the transcript of a suspicious voicemail Trump’s attorney left for Mike Flynn’s lawyer
Obstruction seems to be a routine way of doing business for Trump.

Stunned Trump aides are scrambling to defend his surprise Mexico tariff announcement as allies desert him: report

Black voters sue Mississippi over Jim Crow-era laws that benefit white candidates
The plaintiffs are being represented by former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder's group tasked with helping re-envision the U.S. electoral map
Clearly, these negroes are not happy! Is there a problem Mis'ip?

Elton John: 'I am a European – not a stupid, imperialist English idiot'
Elton, you mean you have a crop of them as well as we do?

Laura Ingraham Is Upset Paul Nehlen Is Censored On Social Media. Here’s Who He Is
Is that what she is? Asking for a friend.

The Last Abortion Clinic In Missouri Wins Temporary Restraining Order Until June 4
Missouri temporarily stopped from returning to dark ages. They will still thirst for regression to the stone age.

Lindsey Graham gets hammered for reversing himself on Trump tariffs: ‘Go get your shinebox — hypocrite’
Can you imagine? Lindsey Graham? A hypocrite? Well, I never.

Black man ‘beat to a pulp’ by racist family after going to a Florida bar with his white wife
Land of the Happy Negro miscreants object to negro not celebrating 'Africa Day' in Africa.

Remember when Republicans used to put country first? Yeah, me neither.

Donnie Deutsch: Stop Talking About Impeachment, Start Saying 'Criminal Activity'
"Here's the answer. You take it from a binary choice of two lanes, you create a third lane. You take the word impeachment and you change it to 'criminal activity,' " the marketing pro said.
'Criminal Activity'? How about just 'Criminal'?

Mueller bears witness: His dispute with Barr is a turning point on the road to impeachment
'Impeachment' is one of Trump's favorite words. Say it often, and say it loud to make Trump happy.

Laura Ingraham Defends White Supremacist ‘Censored on Social Media’

Louisiana’s Dem Governor Signs Anti-Abortion ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Bill Into Law
He's no Democrat, he's a Birtherat. But he is also looking for trouble for his state.

South Korean Report: Kim Executed Top Official After Failed U.S. Summit
Trump's BFF.

Bill Barr’s Trump-Toadying Lickspittle Ways, Explained

Mueller’s Seething Message: This Isn’t a Hoax, This Is a Crime

New study confirms ordinary Americans got fleeced by the Trump tax bill
The Congressional Research Service underscores all earlier findings about the bill, pointing to a massive giveaway to wealthy corporations.

Republican consultant bashes his own party for siding with Russia against America
"...He betrays his oath every day."

Impeachment Would Affirm the Will of the People
Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. Can we stop imagining that holding him to account would overturn the country’s general will?

President Yap-Stupid Handling Robert Mueller's Press Conference Pretty Well

A dead man just revealed the Trump administration’s plans to rig elections for white Republicans
They don't believe in democracy. At all.

Steve King: Treating All Cultures As ‘Equal’ Devalues Contributions Of Founding Fathers
It's a deal, Steve. I'll start with treating you like a nitwit because your culture is ignorance.

New Poll Shows Americans Don’t Want Project Blitz’s Bible Classes In Public Schools

Voter Registration Is Surging—So Republicans Want to Criminalize It
Turnout by voters of color went up by double digits in Tennessee and other states last year, prompting a spate of GOP bills designed to shut down voter registration drives.
Fascists in action.

Impeachment Would Affirm the Will of the People
Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. Can we stop imagining that holding him to account would overturn the country’s general will?

Bill Barr has gone to ‘impeachable lengths’ for Trump — and now he’s a target: MSNBC’s John Heilemann

Here’s the crucial element Mueller got wrong about indicting a sitting president
“The text of the Constitution doesn’t prohibit the indictment of a sitting president,” Rizzo tweets, “and the Supreme Court has not ruled on this question.”
So, he's merely following company policy not the Constitution.

How Mueller is making himself a symbol for elite impunity
"...he is acting as if he is above any public congressional review of his work. While, of course, he gets to decide what answers he gives, it’s not up to him what questions he should face."

Robert Mueller Just Begged Congress To Impeach The Living F*ck Out Of Donald Trump

If Women Are Even Half As Evil As Clarence Thomas Thinks We Are, We Shouldn't Be Having Babies In The First Place
Poor Clarence. He don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies.

Missouri’s Last Abortion Clinic Faces Closure. OB-GYNs Are Fighting Back.
They may as well close down the state.

Nadler Says House Will Act: Mueller ‘Clearly Demonstrated That President Trump is Lying’
Ya think, Jerry?

Mueller Reminds the Nation That Trump Betrayed the USA

The Hidden Consequences of the New Abortion Laws
They will force women to carry pregnancies to term despite the detection of painful and deadly fetal anomalies.

I Thought I’d Seen the Worst of Trump
Then I learned about his plans to take away health care protections for transgender Americans.
Are you kidding? He's just getting started.

Mueller Is Admirably Apolitical. That’s the Problem.
He is serving a vision of America that no longer exists.

Former GOP congressman calls on Republicans to break silence on Trump impeachment

Pelosi Says Impeachment Hinges On Making ‘Compelling Case’ To Americans
Mueller just told you to do your job. The best thing you can say is we need a 'compelling case'?
How much is enough, Nancy? Too much?

Robert Mueller Just Told Congress to Do Its Damn Job
Mueller came as close as possible to saying that he would have indicted Trump for obstruction of justice, if Justice Department policy allowed him to do so.

WATCH: Trump Supporter LOSES IT on Justin Amash, Then Amash Brings the Receipts
Local losers show their "Makes A Great Asshat" mental processing. "BUT CLINTON!"

Jeffries calls McConnell 'shameless' for saying he'd confirm a justice in 2020
'The Prince of Darkness' cannot know shame.

Robert Mueller Would Like To Say A Thing!
"Bob Mueller didn't tell us anything new, but reaffirmed that DOES NOT EXONERATE, and furthermore re-confirmed that Russia committed sweeping crimes to help Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton."
That's "...hurt Hillary Clinton." Got that now?

Fox News anchor Bret Baier: Mueller’s statement on obstruction is ‘the exact opposite’ of Bill Barr’s spin

WATCH: Mueller destroys Trump’s claim he was vindicated – and says he was ‘bound’ by policy prohibiting charging president

Mueller: ‘If We Had Confidence’ That Trump ‘Did Not Commit A Crime, We Would Have Said So’
He said, "If we were certain Trump wasn't guilty we would have said so."
Impeachment is the process that is left to those of us with a spine.

‘Devastating’: Internet reacts as Mueller blows a massive hole in GOP’s ‘no obstruction’ claims

The Future of Real Jobs: Round Two

The secretary of state in Texas is gone. Sadly, his successor probably won’t be any better
Acting secretary of state David Whitley had tried to purge nearly 100,000 names from Texas voter rolls.

With No Wage Growth, Study Shows Trump Tax Cuts Are for Oligarchs

Trump's tweets having less impact, analysis shows
Boorish is the word.

Trump Bullies Dems, Other Foes into Cowardice. Without Courage, America May Be Lost.

Trump falls short on infrastructure after promising to build roads, bridges and consensus

America’s Original Sins
We live in a corrupt state.

Support for abortion rights grows as some U.S. states curb access: Reuters/Ipsos poll

No, China didn’t steal our jobs. Corporate America gave them away

Pastor at suburban West Palm church won't turn over $1.7 million
Grifter calls it 'God's Blessing." We all must try this the next time we receive stolen funds to see how it works out.

Jon Voight: Trump Is Greatest President Since Lincoln
"Jon Voight is estranged from his own family. So he’s really the perfect asshole to defend this president."
It takes a "perfect asshole" to defend a perfect asshole.

Nancy Pelosi and Facebook's Dirty Tricks
This latest doctored video proves that Facebook as we knew it is over.
Right. There will still be lost souls wandering its vast wasteland for millennia.

Trump’s big, stupid mouth just blocked construction of his border wall
Trump just doesn't know when to shut up.

Trump defies Congress to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia
Congress had previously voted to end US military support for the Saudis -- but Trump vetoed that as well.
One of the 'Masters of War" that Dylan wrote about.

‘The president’s insane’: Senior Trump official confides in insider account of White House
Ya think?

Chuck Todd fillets Sarah Sanders: Trump is ‘siding with a murderous authoritarian dictator over’ Joe Biden
Trump sinks to the bottom feeders. As low as one can go on Memoral Day weekend.

Abortion clinics report 'alarming' rise in picketing, vandalism and trespassing
Last year, trespassing hit highest level since 1999 while vandalism occurred at highest rate since 1990
Reproductive freedom is a basic human right.

Trump and Ben Carson: King and court jester of our new Idiocracy

You Could Get Prison Time for Protesting a Pipeline in Texas—Even If It’s on Your Land
“We’re going to fight this in the higher courts.”

Pipeline Activists Challenge Louisiana Law That Criminalizes Protest
Only criminals criminalize protest.

Socialism Is More Popular Than Donald Trump
The president is campaigning against socialism. New polling suggests he is failing.

The Rose Garden Infrastructure Massacre
Trump is all about his own drama, even when presented with a chance to build projects that can save Americans’ lives.

Judge Orders Voter Fraud Alarmist To Be Deposed Again After Docs Raise New Questions
More Trump fraud.

‘The Kraken Has Been Unleashed’: Trump Loyalists Ecstatic Over His Barr Order

The Other Shoe Dropping
"There’s hardly any way to overstate just how big a deal this is or how dangerous it is in the hands of a corrupt official like Bill Barr."
—Josh Marshall
More fascism at work.

WNBA’s star players speak out against anti-abortion bills
"The fact that it is illegal to have the right to your body, it's asinine to me."
It should be asinine to anyone with an ounce of intellect.

Facebook refuses to delete altered video of Nancy Pelosi
The decision is the latest in a long line of troubling and confusing moves by the social media giant.

Watch This Very Carefully
" I suspect this isn’t just some random hoaxster. I suspect there are bigger players behind it."
—Josh Marshall

William Barr could take aim at Trump opponents with his broad new powers
The investigation into the investigation has arrived.

Yes, Trump Needs an ‘Intervention’—It’s Called an Impeachment Inquiry
And America needs more than thoughts and “prayers” from Speaker Pelosi.

Ala. Town School Board Member Wants To ‘Investigate’ Kids Who Don’t Stand For The Pledge Of Allegiance
Alabama? Again?

The Texas Republican Party platform supports some marijuana expansions. So, why doesn’t Dan Patrick?

Texas Republicans double down on voter suppression push as session ends

Team Trump Tries To Weaponize Deceptively Edited Videos Of Nancy Pelosi
Russian tactics, no doubt.

Team Trump turns to doctored videos after Pelosi questions the president’s mental fitness

An Attack on Iran Would Violate US and International Law
Is there any reason a despot like Trump would care?

Health Department announces new rule weakening nondiscrimination protections for trans people
The rule makes revisions to the chief nondiscrimination provision of Obamacare, known as "Section 1557."

Why migrant children are dying at the border in record numbers
It wasn't always like this.

Abortion Bans and the Beast the GOP Would Feed Us To

Police Stifled Dissent During Near-Total Abortion Ban Debate in Georgia
Fascism at work.

Leaked Chats Reveal Violent Plans By Proud Boys

Trump Mocked For Insisting He Wasn’t Mad During Schumer, Pelosi Meeting: ‘I SAID I WAS EXTREMELY CALM!!!’

Paid sick-leave ordinances likely survived the Texas Legislature. But businesses still want to kill them.

Texas expansion of medical cannabis nears finish line after Senate approval
If the House approves changes made by the upper chamber, the bill will head to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk.
But will he sign it?

‘Go back to the ghetto!’ Raging white woman attacks black man as he drives home from church
Apparantly, he wasn't behaving "Happy" enough for her when she was busy fooling around.

‘He’s afraid’: Nancy Pelosi says Trump is clearly triggered by accusations of a ‘cover-up’

Lawmakers in Texas just concocted a new way to keep Democratic voters from the ballot box
"It is voter suppression pure and simple,” one Democratic official said about a new ban on mobile polling stations.

Impeachment Is a Refusal to Accept the Unacceptable
Taking action against Trump is a rejection of the idea that nothing matters.

Trump’s War on the Constitution Has Reached a Breaking Point

Nancy Pelosi Showed Once Again How She Can Easily Manipulate Trump — and He Fell Right into Her Trap

Ben Carson guts homeless shelter gender protections 24 hours after telling Congress he wouldn’t
Tuesday the HUD secretary was "not currently anticipating changing the rule." Wednesday, he rolled out changes.
You can't trust any of them.

Robert Reich: Legalizing marijuana is more than just good economic sense
Oklahoma has legal medical. Poor old Texas wants to stop CVD oil. Who woulda thunk?

‘No amount of legal advice will stop the lawlessness and lies’: Democratic congressman says House is mulling jailing Mnuchin
Stop your mulling. Start your culling.

Republicans want a war on women? Georgia's women say 'You got it'
"We live in a free society. No one has the right to take choice away from women—ever."

Rich white men rule America. How much longer will we tolerate that?
Minority rule has always been a feature of American democracy. These days, however, it is getting worse

Alabama shows no signs of slowing attack on reproductive rights, passes ‘born-alive’ abortion bill
"Infanticide” is a manufactured controversy started by anti-choice conservatives who want to limit reproductive freedom.
Evoloution takes a nose dive in Alabama aka "Darwin's Waiting Room."

Republican lawmakers are furious Trump’s Bureau of Prisons is about to release John Walker Lindh

Pelosi After Dem Meeting: We Believe That Trump ‘Is Engaged In A Cover-Up’
An incredible revelation that everyone else in the world has somehow missed!

After a Flood of Donations, an Alabama Group Can Now Fund Three Times as Many Abortions as Last Year
Just a month ago, the Yellowhammer Fund couldn’t get a call back. Now, after the state’s abortion ban, presidential candidates are tweeting about them.

Trump Loss In Financial Records Battle Sets Stage For Future Fights With Congress
Let Impeachment begin.

There was spying in the presidential election — and it was from Trump: Ex-FBI deputy

Internal IRS Memo Says IRS Must Hand Over Trump Taxes

‘We’re not going to have this’: Nationwide protests of extreme abortion bans draw thousands
"We're going to stand up and fight back."

Alabama Senate hopeful who authored an ACA repeal sells ‘free’ pro-life stickers — for $4 each
Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL) is trying to scam abortion rights foes into giving his campaign money.

Carson probably shouldn’t be in charge of HUD, as exchange with Katie Porter shows
Without more adult supervision the secretary might attempt to foreclose on a cookie.
Uncle Ben shows the depth of his arrogance.

Russians Have Meddled in 36 Elections. The US Has Meddled in 81.

Just This Week, Trump Has Already Committed 5 More Impeachable Acts

Alabama Faces Deadline To Address Dangerous And Deadly Prison Conditions
These poor dopes really are screwed up.

Alabama PBS Refuses To Air Gay Wedding 'Arthur' Episode
Yep, the same month they pass a law requiring 11-year-olds to give birth to their rapist's spawn, Alabama decides a cartoon gay wedding isn't up to "community standards."
"Community standards" in Alabama is an oxymoron.

How Our Republic Could Die in the Age of Trump — in a Stunning Parallel to the Fall of Rome

Let’s Shut Down the Economy to Fight for Abortion Rights
Laws that ban abortions do not stop abortions; they just sentence women and trans people to death by unsafe and illegal abortions.

Deutsche Bank Has Rolled on Donald Trump

Texas House passes bill allowing handgun owners to carry weapons in church
Because Jesus always packed.

Texas law firm reveals it is working with Russia’s ally in the Balkans
Republika Srpska's government is run by a party helmed by a man sanctioned by the United States. McGinnis Lochridge is helping it.
Not a surprise to us in Texas.

Trump is embracing climate destruction

The House Now Has a Constitutional Duty to Impeach Trump
When the framers designed the Constitution to protect against tyranny, they had a moment just like this in mind.

Red States Are Paying Planned Parenthood Millions for Suing Them
If they really want to defund Planned Parenthood, maybe they should stop passing unconstitutional abortion laws.

Racist Voter Suppression Made Alabama’s Abortion Ban Possible
One of their many tools in the LotHN.

Stating the Obvious: Tyranny R US

AG Barr's FBI investigation, President Trump and the threat from within
By perpetuating Trump's falsehoods about the FBI and Mueller's report, Barr has become the kind of threat capable of doing severe harm.

Trump Instructs McGahn to Defy Subpoena and Skip House Testimony
The piss king in action.

‘Disgusting subhuman s***’: Court case exposes a border patrol officer’s bigotry — but his lawyer says his views are common
Common among fascist, homopobe, rascist, haters whom should not be employed by the border patrol.

A Cartoon Rat’s Marriage Has Franklin Graham In A Tizzy
Graham asks: “Why should our government be financing PBS programming that promotes what the Bible calls sin?”
For discussion let's assume that the program actually does promote it. Because our goverment has no religion it officially supports. Get a grip, Frankie.

The Unchecked Corruption of Trump’s Cabinet
The lavish spending of top officials rarely makes headlines anymore, but that doesn’t mean the problem has gone away.

CNN: Feds Reviewing ‘Tens Of Thousands’ Of Trump Inauguration Docs

Fifth Minor Has Died In U.S. Custody At The Southern Border Since December
Trump's concentration camp claims one more victim.

After AL Abortion Ban’s Bad Press, Some GOPers Change Tune On Abortion Access

A war with Iran would require all US troops, and then a draft
President Trump said war will mean the "official end of Iran." But what would that take?

Susan Collins just proved she’s the most willfully ignorant person in the Senate
Golly gee, I just have no idea why this thing I voted for is happening!

Why Are American Schools So Segregated?

The forgotten history of the women who performed illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade
Ask for Jane is a movie about "bravery and courage and empowerment because it is women doing it for each other."

Deutsche Bank Staff Flagged Suspicious Activity With Trump, Kushner

Trump Calls Representative Justin Amash a ‘Loser’ Over Impeachment Talk
We all know who the loser is.

The President and His Power to Pardon
Donald Trump’s use of executive clemency may be lawful, but it is in no way normal.

Trump expected to pardon US war criminals who killed unarmed civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan
"What message is he really trying to send to the military?”

Bernie Sanders Wants to Destroy the Best Schools Poor Urban Kids Have

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Republicans for Trying to Turn America Into a “Far-right Christian Theocracy”
“At least be forthright about your desire to subvert and dismantle our democracy into a creepy theological order led by a mad king.”
“If they were truthful about their motives, they’d be consistent in their principles. They’re not.”...
A known fact since my days of being a Republican activist. Oh, yes.

Missouri Republicans Rush to Criminalize Abortion Care
More 'Birthluddites' race to the cliff side.

America was never a Christian nation: Constitutional attorney demolishes right-wing myths about the Founding Fathers

Ocasio-Cortez joins billionaire Warren Buffet to wage war on overpaid CEO’s of failing banks

Trump has put himself in a hard place with Iran saber-rattling because he has alienated all our allies: conservative columnist

Millions of Americans are just one paycheck away from ‘financial disaster’
Capitalism is becoming unsustainable.

SCOTUS Wife Ginni Thomas Floated Anti-Fraud Campaign For ‘Questionable’ Precincts

Comey Urges Barr To ‘Stop Sliming His Own Department’

Trump administration ignores federal law that gives Congress access to the president’s tax returns
What happens next?
He pisses on more law?

Ocasio-Cortez calls out GOP hypocrisy on abortion and climate change
"The GOP doesn’t care about babies at all - especially brown, black, or poor ones."
And they don't care at all for them in Alabama according to their infant mortality rate.

Republicans say their goal is to stop abortions. Their policies say otherwise.
If GOP lawmakers really want to stop abortion, they're going about it in exactly the wrong way.

‘We have lost Australia for now,’ warns climate scientist in wake of election upset
The unexpected victory of conservatives in Australia's election is bad news for the future of global climate action.

GOP Congressman: ‘Trump Has Engaged in Impeachable Conduct’

An Open Letter To Those Who Are 'Concerned About Women Using Abortion As Birth Control'
But these people don't give a fuck about finding another argument. Bible.

Alabama governor’s belief in sanctity of life doesn’t seem to extend beyond the womb
Alabama has the fourth worst infant mortality rate in the country.

Chris Wallace: AG Barr 'clearly is protecting' Trump

Bolton and the Road to the War He Wants

Abortion Bans Have No Respect For Life, Fairness, or Equality
Why a spate of restrictive new bills will hurt poor and minority women the most.

Trump Claims He Couldn’t Have Known About Flynn’s Sketchiness. Well, He Did.

Report Couldn’t Say If Jordan Knew Of Sex Abuse At OSU. He Still Claims Vindication.
Yes, you Jim.

Is America Tired of Losing Yet?

The GOP is on a terrifying path — and it will end with mass lockups for women who have miscarriages

Trump Accidentally Raised Taxes on the Children of Dead Veterans
Why, of course.

White House won't rule out using Insurrection Act to deploy military against undocumented immigrants
Who might he use it against next?

Fox's Brian Kilmeade Pimps 9-11 Comparison To Gin Up Anger Against Migrants
It's not like Fox and Friends has any interest in helping brown people enter our country. Trump says the "crisis" is the brown people "invading," and like trained dogs, the sycophants at Fox follow right along.
Caution: Morons at Work.

South Dakota Students Get What Their Lawmakers Don’t: ‘In God We Trust’ Doesn’t Belong In Public Schools

Pennsylvania voters on immigration reform
Ilegal immigration slowed to a 13-year low in 2016. It continues to lower.
Why don't these voters know this? Maybe they could read more? See "Does the United States Need to Invest More in Border Enforcement?"

Senate won’t take up any legislation to protect elections from interference
Not that the Senate is doing much these days anyway.
Welcome to the Thud World, America.

Trump’s Prodigious Lying Threatens Our Democracy
Even after 10,000 falsehoods, many in the media find themselves unable to call a president who lies a liar.

Trump Administration diverted $62 million from struggling US farmers to corrupt businessmen in Brazil: report
P.T. Barnum axiom proven again.

Republicans Abandon Election Security
Republicans used to back election security, but now GOP leaders are taking their cue from the White House.

Trump Grumbles About Bolton, Pompeo Getting ‘Ahead Of Themselves’ On Iran
Trump just remembered that he is the POOTUS. But the tail is wagging the dog.

Chick-fil-A Foundation says anti-LGBTQ giving is part of its ‘higher calling’
The fast food company's charitable arm makes clear it does not care about stopping anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

The very political pattern of Trump’s pardons
The president pardons his own hagiographer and a family ‘friend’ who criticized Mueller

John Bolton: He's The One Who Sucks! Wonkagenda For Thurs., May 16, 2019

Here’s the punishment for actual rapists in Alabama
Alabama's abortion ban would penalize doctors more severely than a lot of actual rapists.
It's what happens when sexist Christo-fascists run the asylum

John Bolton, Far Worse Than You Realize
You talking to me?
John Bolton is one of the biggest turds-that-walk on the planet. He's been one forever. He's perfect for Trump.

White House takes stonewalling to new level — and instructs 81 Trump associates to ignore Congress: report
Fascist dictator and cowardly Democrats put us in an extreme position.

Donald Trump Is Not America
His designs on Independence Day show his confusion about that.
How can a foreign agent be America?

How to Stop the March to War With Iran
Congress, Europe and business leaders can stand in John Bolton’s way.

Voter Purges Show Why We Need a Constitutional Right to Vote

Donald Trump Is a One-Man Foreign Policy Catastrophe

Outrage and Dire Warnings After Alabama Effectively Bans Abortion
“This ban is dangerous and exceptionally cruel.”

‘I’m off the Trump Train’: Ohio voter says trade war and ‘waffling’ on Putin permanently turned him off

As promised, ACLU sues Ohio over 'fetal heartbeat' law slated to take effect in July

Alabama Senator Bobby Singleton Blows Through Republican Hypocrisy On Abortion Law
Emotional state Senator Singleton told Alabama Senate they told his daughter, "You don't matter to the State of Alabama" with passage of draconian abortion law.
"Oh Alabama
The devil fools
With the best laid plan
Swing low Alabama
—Neil Young

GOP state senator: Every life is precious "even if its origins are in very difficult situations"
Land of the Happy Negro white male sings "Every Sperm is Sacred."
Then let him give birth to babies.

Courthouses And Crosses Just Don’t Mix
Especially the double cross.

Kamala Harris just delivered the perfect response when asked about people viewing her as Joe Biden’s ‘dream’ VP pick
"The media has a fascination with subordinating black women to Joe Biden to lift him up – first obsessing with Stacey Abrams for VP and now Sen Harris."
—Amy Siskind (@Amy_Siskind) May 13, 2019

A Brief Update On Donald Trump Jr. Begging His Mom To Write A Note Excusing Him From 'Senate'

Trump Throws The LGBTQ Community Under The Bus – Again

Lawmaker likens opposing Chick-Fil-A to an ‘all-out assault on our freedom to worship’
Oh, no—not another one!
Maybe this will help him (and others) out.

Texas lawmaker says Chick-fil-A has a fundamental right to have a store in every airport
"You can't argue with Chick-fil-A's food and I don't think you should be able to argue with the organizations that [it] chooses to support either."
Well, you can try to argue with Chick-fil-A's food. But it doesn't say much when it tries to talk back to you (Its bock-bock-bacack has been removed).

The Divider-in-Chief
Trump and his enablers would rather opponents focus on the ethnic, racial, and gender differences he uses to divide and conquer. Don’t fall for it.

CO2 Levels Hit 415 Parts Per Million for First Time in Over 3 Million Years
Trump kicks golf balls while the earth heats.

With Casino Tweet, Trump Uses His Racism to Cover Up His Corruption

They did their time. They regained the vote. Florida is taking it away again
“It’s not what the people voted for. It’s not what people supported. It’s heartbreaking.”

Spirited Opposition To The Agenda Of The Religious Right Is Not Persecution

Trump Tower condo prices crash as the president’s toxic brand drives occupancy rates into the ground: No one wants to buy ‘in that building’

Sen. Perdue Poo-Poos Threats To Stop Filming In GA After Extreme Abortion Law
"Heaven help the South when Sherman comes their way"... again.
—Elton John and Bernie Taupin, "The Union"

A quick look at the transcript disproves Republicans’ new smear of Rashida Tlaib
Why are you all doing this? Here's a transcript.

Dem Leaders Defend Tlaib: Republicans ‘Owe Her An Apology’
Apology? What is that—4 syllables? Can they possibly grasp the word?

The Attacks on Rashida Tlaib Are Dishonest and Disgraceful

Dem Rep. Says Ways And Means May Even Hold Mnuchin In Contempt

17 of the ‘best people’ Trump hired — and then attacked
The pathology of Trump.

Trump Proves the Tax System Is Rigged to Reward the Rich

North Carolina Republican primary takes place in the shadow of massive election fraud scandal
After Republicans tried to steal the last election, voters get another crack at the ballot box on Tuesday.

Georgia senator shrugs at his state losing film business over abortion law
"Rhetoric is more important than the reality," Sen. David Perdue declared on Monday.
A third-world state.

By Trump's Own (Birther) Standards, There Is 'Something' on Those Tax Returns 'He Doesn't Like'

How Does Donald Trump Keep Getting Away with It?
Hint: From Congress to the courts, people keep treating Trump like a ‘normal’ president. It’s time to stop.

David Cay Johnston: How the Trump administration plans to cut Social Security benefits

This top anti-Trump group is working to blow the lid off the GOP’s voter suppression racket

Trump’s Trade War Escalation Will Exact Economic Pain, Adviser Says

Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Contradicts Trump, Admits Tariffs Do Hurt American Consumers

Julian Assange: Sweden reopens rape investigation

CO2 levels are the highest since humanity began
The last time Earth hit 415 ppm, sea levels were 82 feet higher.

Lawsuit by 44 states accuses pharma giants of ‘Multi-Year conspiracy’ to hike drug prices by over 1,000 percent
Note these are your states and not Trump going after Big Pharma.

Rigged: How the US tax laws prop up frauds like Donald Trump — while screwing over everyday taxpayers

Killing the Pax Americana
Trump’s trade war is about more than economics.

Trump’s Tariffs Are a New Tax on Americans
President Trump is undermining the credibility of his trade policies by falsely claiming that China is paying the bill.
Oh, my! Americans get duped again.

Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020

As Capitalism Fails, We Need a Roadmap to Survive Climate Change

Deadly flooding is rocking Texas. Scientists say this our future under climate change.
What's happening in Houston is the future, according to climate scientists.

Border detention cells in Texas are so overcrowded that the U.S. is using aircraft to move migrants
“This is the worst I have ever seen it, by far,” said one veteran Border Patrol agent in South Texas.
And you thought I was joking about Trump using abandoned malls?

Just When Did America Go Nuts?
A recent topic of discussion with friends. Can it be pinpointed?
Certain people vote against their best interests every time.

BUSTED: Christian pastors nailed for bilking $2 million from congregations in get-rich-quick crypto scam
Cristo-grifters caught in their usual routine.

Public service loan forgiveness is in trouble. If Trump has his way, it will end completely

Look At These Assholes

Texas Senate passes bill to end the shackling of pregnant women in prison
Just how long have these idiots been doing this? Don't count on the law passing in these parts.

Jim Jordan Instructs Don Jr. To Obstruct Congress
Not only does Jim Jordan enable traitors to the USA, he's a traitor to his own legislative body.

Which Religious Group Wants To Base U.S. Law On Its Faith? The Answer May Not Surprise You.
Not a surprise to most of us.

Americans' support for impeaching Trump rises: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Paul Krugman: Rural Trump voters are in for a major shock
I didn't realize they cared if they were being used.

Republican lawmaker ‘visibly shaken’ after pro-life conservatives troll her for being a rape victim
It's getting nasty out. It will get worse before it gets better.

Rudy Giuliani is undercutting American interests abroad to help Trump
From pushing Ukrainian conspiracies to hanging with sanctioned Russian officials.

Better late than never: House bill would pause statute of limitations on presidential crimes
"The presidency is not a get-out-of-jail-free card."
It is waaaaaay past time for this law to go into action.

New Georgia abortion law draws Hollywood backlash
Land of the Happy Negro is simply not fit.

House Dems Subpoena Trump’s Tax Returns

More contempt citations ahead for Trump advisers: senior U.S. Democrat
Trump and his toadies have nothing but comtempt for our government.

Trump’s latest round of tariffs will hit US consumers hard
Experts say Americans — who have been footing the bill for the president's trade war — will be hit even harder this time around.

Georgia's six-week abortion ban reveals the cruelty of the anti-choice movement

‘Reckless, impulsive, self-destructive’: Psychiatrists warn Mueller report gives more evidence Trump is mentally unfit

Trump gets ruthlessly mocked after he humiliates himself with an utterly ‘clueless’ rant about tariffs

New Round Of Tariffs Takes A Bigger Bite Of Consumers' Budget
Trump's deals seem to be a screw job.

Trump Is Getting Dangerously Close to War With Iran
The administration has drawn a dubious red line that could be easily crossed.

James Comey on why he isn’t Republican anymore: ‘You cannot have a president who is a chronic liar’

The President's Brain Fell Out Again, Anybody Got A Bucket And A Mop?

Trump's Most Nakedly Corrupt Tweet Yet
As the president props up lobbyists and cronies, Democrats must respond with aggressive oversight.

Donald Trump, King of the Losers
If he can’t build, he can definitely borrow.

Julián Castro Just Called Trump “a Grade-A Idiot” Following the President’s Latest Rally
“To continue to foster the flames of division like that, that is unbecoming of a president.”
Trump gets his first passing grade as village idiot!

Alabama Republicans Tried to Pass a Blanket Abortion Ban. Then Chaos Erupted.
The bill would be the most restrictive abortion law in the country.
Land of Happy Negro goes haywire on ban making women and their doctors criminals.

Sarah Sanders leads "mass purge" of White House reporters with new press-room rules
New rules on press access, imposed by Sanders, could disqualify "almost the entire White House press corps"
Joe Stalin couldn't do it any better.

Old survey of anti-abortion physicians from Kellyanne Conway leads to Trump regulation
This is what it is like to be ruled by a tyrant and a fool, America. Anybody home?

Trump regime exaggerated Iran threat, and lied about carrier task force's deployment to Persian Gulf
Don't forget, the reason that Iran is free to make a nuclear weapon is because Trump killed the treaty we had with them.

Trump fans suffer from a mental disturbance — we need a psychological cure as much as a political shift

Colorado shooting: Student died tackling college killer to let friends escape classroom
As a nation, we have become so numb to these shootings that this one didn't appear until page 12 of the local newspaper. Shame, America.

PSA: We Still Don't Know If Trump Is A F*cking Russian Intelligence Asset!

GOP Senate majority isn’t even pretending to legislate
All of those legislative promises Republican Senate candidates made in 2018 — forget them.

Trump’s lawlessness is an unfolding Shakespearean tragedy
The president runs roughshod over our democratic values because he (thinks he) can.

Trump Has Just One Trick—And It’s Not Working Anymore
The president has a single negotiating move: Take an aggressive position, and then retreat when the bluff is called.

‘Billion-dollar loser’ Trump exposed as a fraud by yet another former ghostwriter

Fox "hard news" anchor allows Sen. Rick Scott to falsely blame Sen. Chuck Schumer for failure to pass disaster relief bills
Did you ever notice how Fox News reporters speak to their audience as if they are talking to 5th graders? It's not a mistake. That is the intellectual level of their viewers. They know who their audience is.

Yep, it's a constitutional crisis, Pelosi and other Democrats accept the obvious
"The administration has decided that they're not going to honor their oath of office..."

Trump lies again about aid to Puerto Rico, pits Florida disaster survivors against fellow Americans
Trumps lies soon to be measured in light years.

‘Only the lord God almighty is in control’: Texas lawmaker calls vaccines ‘sorcery’ in attack on renowned pediatrician
Wingnuts like this should be removed from office the moment they reveal their vacuousness of being.

Thanks to Trump, War Is in the Air
Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and a weak Congress are setting the stage for unlawful conflicts.

Schiff Makes Good On Threat, Subpoenas Mueller Report, Underlying Intel

Did McConnell know Trump Jr. was issued a subpoena two weeks ago when he declared Mueller ‘case closed?’

‘He is a con artist, he is a criminal, he is a fraud’: David Cay Johnston explains why Trump’s ‘business model is the same as a mob boss’
Trump compared to a mob boss. Now, where have I heard that before?

Republicans are now openly feuding as a top GOP senator turns up the heat on Trump’s family
Junior, is your ass in as big a stew as daddy's?

As a Businessman, Trump Was the Biggest Loser of All

Trump’s tweet derails House bill opposed by lobbyist with close White House ties
Aka: How morons shoot themselves in the ass.

McConnell is fundraising with ‘Cocaine Mitch’ t-shirts as drug deaths skyrocket in Kentucky
Kentucky has one of the highest rates of drug overdose deaths in the nation.
Get rid of Mitch. He's trafficking in human souls.

House Republicans pretend that following the law would require Barr to break the law
But the attorney general is breaking the law by not complying with a subpoena.

Georgia’s New “Fetal Heartbeat” Bill Criminalizes Women Who Seek Abortions

New York Times Report on Trump’s Taxes May Prompt Fraud Investigation

Nearly Half Of White GOPers Say It Bothers Them To Hear Foreign Language Spoken In Public
Talk about snowflakes. It would drive them mad to visit Europe where everyone in buisness speaks at least three languages.

It’s Time To Pass The Equality Act

DOJ Will Ask WH To Invoke Executive Privilege To Block Release Of Full Mueller Report
But the President said the report 'exhonerated' him. How could he not want the full report to be...ooooh, I got it.

How Authoritarians Manipulate Elections
From Russia to Venezuela, the strongmen who have destroyed democratic institutions won high office at the ballot box.

Georgia congressman backs state’s new abortion ban because doctors check patient’s pulses
Rep. Barry Loudermilk said his state's ban on nearly all abortions balances "women's liberties."
Another cracker from the Patriarchal Land of the Happy Negro. Does he have a sign of a brain beat?

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
Patriarchy is violence.

‘Did it for sport? Isn’t that tax fraud?’ The internet busts Trump’s possibly felonious excuse for $1 billion losses
This is a sad excuse for a human being.

Rep. Jerry Nadler declares ‘constitutional crisis’: ‘The president is disobeying the law’

‘Big attack on working people’: Trump moves to redefine poverty in order to slash social programs and services for millions

Report: Trump Suffered $1.17 Billion in Business Losses Between 1985 and 1994
Crook or Failure? How about both? A loser as we all knew.

Inside Mitch McConnell’s shocking power grab

Inside the Falwell, Cohen, Granda ‘Totally Normal Nothing to See Here’ Den of Iniquity

Michael Cohen Said He Helped Jerry Falwell Jr. Bury ‘Personal’ Photos in 2015: Report
Anyone know what kind of photos he's talking about? Yep.

No Triple Crown: Kentucky Derby Winner County House Out of Preakness
Country House will be forever known as the 'World's Greatest Loser.'
Maximum Security will be known as the 'World's Greatest Robbery Victim.'
The Kentucky Derby? To be continued...

Don McGahn won't comply with House Democrats' subpoena
Another one to hand-cuff and lock up.
Trump wasn't elected to be king or dictator or criminal-in-chief. Lock them all up.

One Million Former Prosecutors Agree Trump Is A F*cking Criminal

Trump Promised Restraint but Has Delivered More Calamitous Intervention
He is sowing chaos and intervening from Yemen to Iran to Venezuela and beyond.

Police: Man Patrolling With Border Militia Suggested Going ‘Back To Hitler Days’
Nazis are alive and well in the U.S.

Trump’s support comes almost entirely from Fox News viewers: report
They also think the world is flat, the sun revolves around the earth, and Elvis is alive and well in a nursing home.

Most of America’s rural areas are doomed to decline

Sorry, Steve Mnuchin. Congress Has a Right to See Trump’s Tax Returns.
The Treasury secretary is defying the law and Supreme Court precedent.
Someone from the Trump admin defying the law? Let us count the ways.

Mitch McConnell Tries To Whitewash The Mueller Report, End Discussion
Remember, this is the same man who threatened President Obama over exposing Russian election interference.

Mitch McConnell argues 'case closed,' time to move on from Mueller report
McConnell draws himself into criminal collusion with this posturing.
He has denied his duty to his country enough. He must be replaced.

Investigation Shows Televangelists Living Lavish Lifestyles
Grifters manhandle reporter when she asks a Scamvangelist a question.

Economists flee Agriculture Department after facing retaliation for criticizing Trump’s trade war

Why Is Trump Hiding His Tax Returns?
As the president fights to postpone the inevitable, he risks convincing voters that they do not need a subpoena to read his guilt.

Congress Should Be Ready to Arrest Attorney General Barr if He Defies Subpoena
How lawmakers can counter the president's most dangerous power grab yet.

Public Schools Should Not Give Academic Credit For Bible Study

Legal expert lays out the ‘serious error’ Barr made about the Mueller report

Former JAG officers makes a great case to immediately begin impeachment proceedings

Arson attempt, trespassing, and harassment: The consequences of extreme anti-abortion rhetoric
"This kind of language is an invitation to that radical fringe."

Trump Retweets Falwell’s Call For Two Years To Be Added To His Term As ‘Reparations’
Here is why Trump is such a danger to our country and to our democracy.
And Falwell is just as bad, if not worse. The GOP reinforces this garbage.

Trump Opens New Fronts In All-Out War On Congressional Accountability

The Fall of Democracy in America: An Oral History

POLL: 57% Of Voters Say Trump Is A Criminal

‘I’m confused’: Chris Wallace sends Mike Pompeo down in flames over Trump’s failure to confront Putin

Among the DC Neo-Nazis

On social media, Trump promotes white nationalists while advocating a ban on news outlets
The president is gaslighting about social media to silence his critics and promote his more hateful supporters.

Trump blames Kentucky Derby result on ‘political correctness’
Trump sticks his nose into everything. He's the biggest whiner on the planet.

Sen. Klobuchar on Russian interference: Trump ‘makes it worse by calling it a hoax’

The Constitution Is on the Side of Jerry Nadler, Not William Barr
The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is prepared to restore the system of checks and balances.

What Happens to Abandoned Malls?
Trump will use them to house more immigrants he doesn't like.

The untold story of Trump’s ‘booming’ economy

Bill Maher: Explaining The Law To Trump Is Like Playing Monopoly With A Hyena, He Just Shits On The Board

Embracing Jim Crow-era rules, Florida GOP passes poll tax that could ban up to 1 million from voting
Land of the Happy Negro proves time travel is possible. There is no 'forward' button on their "Makes A Great Asshat" machine.

'Our President Is Finding Comfort And Solace In Our Adversary'
Frank Figliuzzi joined Nicolle Wallace to discuss that adorable phone call Trump had with Putin after the Mueller report was released.

Trump’s Denial Of Care Rule Endangers Our Lives And Our Religious Freedom

Trump’s bipartisan infrastructure plan already imperiled as Mulvaney, GOP lawmakers object to cost
You can drive on broken roads for many more years citizens.

The Rot In The Republican Party Started Long Before Fox 'News' And Trump
Sorry James Comey, but William Barr didn't need to spend time with Donald Trump to become who he is now.

Zircon And Burlap Call Dem Rep “Racially Insensitive” For Eating Fried Chicken To Mock AG Bill Barr

Will Trump order Bill Barr to sabotage Joe Biden?
Barr may have a difficult time doing it from prison.

After the 2018 Blue Wave, Republicans Are Making It Harder to Vote
Key battleground states like Florida are adopting new voter suppression laws before the 2020 election.
Fascist party suppresses voting, as usual.

Americans reject ‘heartbeat’ abortion bans once they learn the truth about them.
One-fourth of supporters change their minds after hearing these bans restrict abortion before many people know they are pregnant.

White Supremacy and Christian Hegemony Came to a Head in Poway Violence

Trump’s attempted dig at Kamala Harris proves he’s out of insults
The president employs one of his favorite epithets against the senator, whose questioning of William Barr went viral.
Has Trump run out of turds?

What happens if Barr is held in contempt of Congress?
Subpoenas, contempt, and potential impeachment loom for the attorney general.
Hopefully, he'll be put in stir with his buddy, Trump.

Texas Senate advances bill requiring pre-abortion counseling
Because, you know, women are so inherently stupid, especially in Texas.
Remember, the great Bill Clements said Texans only have be given an average education by the state.

Reports: House Judiciary Speaking Directly With Mueller Team About Potential Hearing

‘We are not a presidential monarchy’: Judiciary Democrat scorches Trump for lack of ‘constitutional literacy’
Literacy? But that means reading. Trump does not read.

The Trump Administration Just Said Religious Doctors Can Refuse Medical Treatment for Patients
The rules are the latest “conscience protections” by the Trump administration.
Our hefty pork-man just dick-tated agin. They are neither "religious" nor "doctors."

Evangelist Declares White House To Be “Holy Ground” And Commands “Demonic Networks To Be Scattered”
Scamvangelist Paula White. And I thought it said Scumvangelist. How did we fall apart?" Here's your answer, dear hearts.

Later, Losers
A bunch of Nazis get the goose boot.

Kellyanne Conway Better Lawyer Up
She's constantly breaking the law right there on the White House Lawn, notes Lawerence O'Donnell
Oh, well, we all know that's just a front. She's really the person behind the letter that said they are the one keeping Trump on the straight and narrow. LMAO.

Hitler Apologist Candace Owens Is Out Of A Job
Candace Owens, whose only big issue with Adolf Hitler was that he took his brand of nationalism out of Germany, is unemployed, largely due to those comments.
Turning Point USA's "communications director?" Isn't that like latrine duty? Couldn't have happened to a nicer Nazi.

Trump Uses National Day Of Prayer To Announce Discriminatory Measures

Creeping Authoritarianism Watch

Nadler tears into Trump and Bill Barr for refusing to show up to House hearing: He will soon ‘face a reckoning’
Barr, Graham, Trump and all the rest of the fascists will face one very soon.

Guatemalan teen falls ill, dies after being detained at center with history of abuse
The U.S. is on track to detain the highest amount of youth immigrants in ORR history.
One more death in a Trump death camp.

Barr Rigged Trump’s Acquittal
He invented four rules that guarantee the president won’t be prosecuted.
Welcome to the "Road to Tyranny."

Pelosi: Barr Committed A Crime By Lying To Congress
Finally, a light goes on in someone's central cortex. Nancy, we've been witnessing Trump crimes since at least 2016.
But, of course, we no longer take punitive measures to fascist traitors as is the new Trump norm.

Bill Barr Is a Fanatic
The attorney general’s theory of executive power places presidents above the law.
Like Trump, he's a miscreant.

The Catastrophic Performance of Bill Barr
The attorney general misled the public in seven key ways.

FEC Dysfunction Now Threatens Democracy
As House Democrats call in witnesses to answer the questions raised by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report, Federal Election Commission officials should be at the top of their list.
Trump cancer eats our country alive as we watch.

Barr's Senate testimony showcases his huge, fundamental lies about the Mueller report

Barr decided to clear Trump of obstruction before reading Mueller’s report
"We had done a lot of thinking about these issues even before we got the report."

Barr confirmed the president directed a felony in a pending case
The attorney general just confirmed that Trump is "Individual 1," and therefore involved in a felony.

Senate Democrats don’t have the power to impeach Barr — but they can make him look like a blubbering fool
Not to worry. Hes doing a good job of that by himself. He's chosen to serve Trump and not law and order. History will not remember any of them well.

‘That’s a red flag’: Ex-US Attorney reveals the disturbing details of how Barr overruled Mueller on Trump obstruction

‘He has a problem’: Fox’s Andrew Napolitano says Bill Barr may have committed ‘felonies’ by misleading Congress

Lindsey Graham’s stunningly fact-free, pro-Trump spin of the Mueller report

Barr lies when asked if Trump ‘fully cooperated’ with Mueller probe
The attorney general's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning was full false claims.

Barr Bends Over Backward To Defend Trump Over His ‘Flipping’ Remarks

Perjury on the Mind?

Despite Trump declaring ‘game over,’ Wednesday’s Barr hearing shows the Mueller report spin is falling apart

Democrats Demand Probe Into William Barr Amid News of Robert Mueller Criticism

Just a Reminder: Hate Goes to Washington
Meet the members of Congress who traffic in hate and extremism.
We heard at least one of these haters attack our justice system during the Barr hearings in the afternoon session on 5-1-2019.
Special haters put people like these in office.

GOP senator tells Bill Barr: ‘The real crisis’ is an FBI agent’s text complaining about smelly Trump supporters
Trump supporters are kinda smelly, eh Josh?

Democrats Demand Probe Into William Barr Amid News of Robert Mueller Criticism

Trump and Bannon: Busting Up the World
Each in his own way, the president and his former White House strategist continue their global realignment project, tilting toward Putin.
Foreign agents, subversive sadists.

In New Gambit, Barr Blames Mueller For Delay In Release Of Report
Sniveling little rat faced git.

William Barr has a whole lot of explaining to do

House Democrats Just Released Robert Mueller’s Letter to William Barr
“There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation.”

Attorney General William Barr should have only two choices: resign immediately or be impeached
The same goes for Trump.

MSNBC breaks into live coverage of Barr's Senate hearing to fact-check Sen. Lindsey Graham's lie about the Mueller reportlind
Trump stooge is called out as the fucking liar he is.

OOPS: Lindsey Graham gets Bill Barr to admit Trump can be charged for obstruction — even if there’s no collusion

Lindsey Graham kicks off AG hearing by lying through his teeth: ‘Mueller said, Mr. Barr, you decide’

‘Trump is a f*cking idiot’: Lindsey Graham reads brutal uncensored text at Bill Barr hearing — then quickly apologizes
He's not the only 'fucking idiot'. The brain reels.

Warrantless searches of Americans’ data spiked 28 percent in 2018
The number of foreign citizens targeted by the NSA also jumped.
Do you know where your Fourth Amendment is tonight?

The President Is Not the Front-runner
In normal election cycles, incumbent presidents are favored to win. But 2020 is no normal election cycle.
"Most people in this country do not support Donald Trump and never have."

Congressional Democrats’ emoluments lawsuit targeting President Trump’s private business can proceed, judge says

Mueller Wrote To Barr To Complain About ‘Confusion’ After Barr’s Report Preview
Mueller is complaining about Trump's AG who is, by no accident, not the AG of the U.S.

NYT: Mueller Not Happy With Barr’s Russia Spin

AG Barr ‘lied to the American people’ and downplayed the threat of Russia: Judiciary senator

New report suggests Bill Barr might have lied to Congress about the Mueller report
Trump's AG a liar to Congress? But that's what Trump has been looking for ever since he wedged his way into office.

10 Incredibly Fake Facts That Trump Supporters Believe Are True

Impeach His Sorry Ass Now

Take Action Now: Oppose Trump’s Abortion Extremism
Organize this week against the Hyde Amendment and phony crisis pregnancy centers.

AOC Defends an American Socialist Success: Veterans’ Health Care

‘Gloriously irrelevant’: Franklin Graham’s ‘fringe’ views on gays are ‘moral manure’ to even his hometown paper

Outrage grows as Trump moves to impose fees on asylum seekers

Republican lawmaker declares: ‘Nobody goes to sleep wondering if they’ll be able to feed their families’
Another GOPer who is intellectually impaired.

Biden says there is ‘no alternative’ to impeachment if Trump blocks Congress from investigating him

Academic who was targeted by neo-Nazis explains what is literally killing white people in red-state America

Graham: ‘I Don’t Care’ About Trump Misdeeds In Mueller Report
Does this make Miss Lindsey an accessory after the fact?

Constitutional hardball: How Republicans and Trump are playing with fire and pushing the country to the brink

Republicans somehow manage to blame Ilhan Omar after California synagogue shooting
They didn't even express their own condolences before criticizing Omar.
Shame, thy name is GOP.


The new age of chain terrorism: White far-right killers are inspiring each other sequentially

Trump ridicules weather forecasters for getting it ‘wrong the most’ when they made a spot-on prediction
The president said forecasters were calling for a "big big snowstorm" in Green Bay, when there was no such prediction.
Trump is the "snowman." He sells snow jobs to the suckers that are his base.

New Study Exposes Hypocrisy Of The Religious Right

Measles Cases Surpass 700 as Outbreak Continues Unabated
Outbreaks have been reported in 22 states. Children under age 5 account for about half of the cases.
U.S. now competes with Third World countries to help make America infected again.

The Politics of Impeachment May Be Debatable, but Congress’s Duty Is Clear
Impunity always breeds more lawlessness, and there’s plenty of evidence that Trump plans to continue to act without regard for the law.

‘The president committed crimes’: Comey ally says Mueller report leaves no doubt Trump is a crook

Legal experts torch Lindsey Graham for saying ‘I don’t care’ if Trump tried to fire Mueller

Not Impeaching Trump Is Riskier than Impeaching Him

What We Have Learned From the Trump Tax Cut

Nick Bosa and the NFL’s Double Standards

Hate-Filled Letter Posted Online Claims to Be From Synagogue Shooting Suspect
“Once again, a young white male has apparently been influenced by dangerous online white supremacist propaganda. And once again, we see how this propaganda can lead to terrorist acts...”

Woman Killed in California Synagogue Was Shot While Protecting Rabbi

How bad does Trump have to get before he’s forced from office?

Graham: 'I don't care' what happened between Trump and McGahn
Miss Lindsay doesn't care that Trump obstucted justice. He'll do it, as well.

Trump Repeats a False Claim That Doctors ‘Execute’ Newborns
The president has made “executing babies” part of his refrain on abortion, but the evidence does not back him up.
This is totally irresponsible.

Trump’s anti-abortion rhetoric is getting out of control
His latest lie is that the mother and the doctor decide whether or not to "execute the baby" after it's born and wrapped up in a blanket.

Kellyanne Conway refuses to answer Jake Tapper's questions on how Trump views white nationalism
White nationlists don't give a shit about anything but control.

Attorney General Barr threatening to cancel House testimony if questioning is done by lawyers
He was hoping to be questioned by Fox News nitwits.

Bill Barr Doubles Down on the Coverup

White House approves official’s testimony after contempt threat

Kansas Supreme Court Guarantees Right to Abortion

Is It Time to Take the Abortion Battle Hyperlocal?

A New Socialist Movement Must Oppose Both Capitalism and Imperialism

Congress has the power to stop the ‘imperial presidency.’ Now it’s time to act.

Climate Denier Trump Can’t Handle the Tuth About Why Central Americans Flock to U.S.
"The president only listens to the narcissistic rantings of his damaged psyche -- and that is creating a human rights crisis on this continent."

Resisting Trump’s Politicization of the Census
Trump’s intention is to undercount noncitizens, and Supreme Court conservatives appear on board.
Well, yes. Doesn't the Court have some grifters that rival Trump?

No Surprise: Trump’s “Buy American” Policy Is a Sham

Donald Trump Shows a New Level of Contempt for Congress
Many presidents have resisted congressional demands for testimony and documents. But not quite like Mr. Trump.

Here’s why Trump’s cultists don’t care about his boundless hypocrisy

Nick Bosa’s news and views make him risky 49ers pick
Welcome to the No Football League, Nicky. Let's see how long you can keep rushing the QB and not a team mate.

President Praises Second Pick in NFL Draft, a Trump Supporter Who Had Called Kaepernick a “Clown”
It's a perfect fit since the No Football League is run by "Clowns."

Hard-line views made Lou Dobbs a Fox powerhouse. Now he’s shaping Trump’s border policy.

Ousting Trump, by impeachment or election, won't mean the end of the resistance. On the contrary

Oh Nothing, Just The FOX NEWS JUDGE Calling Trump A F*cking Criminal

Trump Did What Nixon Did, but Today’s GOP Won’t Convict
The Fascist party of America.

Connolly threatens to jail Trump officials who won't comply with subpoenas
Trump continues to commit obstruction of justice by telling these people not to respond to subpoenas, an impeachable offense for all to see.

Trump: “I Am So Young, I Am A Young Vibrant Man”

No Donald, The Charlottesville Neo-Nazis Were Not 'Just Historians'

Trump Administration Refuses To Accept That You Don’t Gotta Have Faith
"Many Americans believe in the power of prayer and the grace of God, but plenty of others don’t. That’s why blanket statements about what Americans believe about religion are bound to be not just wrong but offensive..."

‘Landmark’ victory for First Amendment as court strikes down Texas anti-BDS law

Without Impeachment, We’re Lowering Standards for All Future Presidents

It’s Not Just Obstructing Justice: Here Are 5 Additional Impeachment Charges Trump Could Potentially Face

Trump’s Twitter attack on McGahn will backfire — and could be used against him in court’: Ex-White House official

Trump uses conspiracy theories to foster fear and anger — and to gaslight America

Trump Admin To Retract Protections For Trans Patients, Claiming Religious Freedom
Shameful and disgraceful and Un-American. Trump is turning the U.S. into a theocracy much like the middle-east. He must be stopped.

Evangelical Christians have gone from being moral crusaders to enablers of the ‘porn star president’: political scientists

Most Americans Have Never Trusted Trump.

Trump’s ‘lawlessness’ makes the case for impeachment ‘better than some of the Democrats could’: Conservative columnist

Scathing editorial says ‘hostile’ Trump is defying Congress to save him from ‘political jeopardy’
The last days of Trump are at hand.

Trump’s retaliation against witnesses could get him 10 years in prison: Ex-Nixon lawyer
10 isn't enough.

Deutsche Bank begins process of providing Trump financial records to New York's attorney general

Impeachment: the False Choices
Why the Democrats’ intramural argument about whether to impeach Trump is miscast

Trump Says He’d Turn to Supreme Court to Block Impeachment. That’s Not How It Works.
Trump doesn't know how anything works.

White House plans to try to block testimony from McGahn ... and everyone else, for that matter

More than half of Trump’s new Twitter followers are fake

The 5 crimes Mueller suggests Trump could be charged with

Anti-Choice Protests Explode as State Lawmakers Protect Abortion Rights
This war will not end well but it will end.

Trump Officials Want to Veto UN Measure Opposing Rape as Weapon of War
Hatred of women and world fascism in one move.

Elijah Cummings drops the hammer on White House official for defying House subpoena
“The White House and Mr. Kline now stand in open defiance of a duly authorized congressional subpoena with no assertion of any privilege of any kind by President Trump,” Cummings said. “Based on these actions, it appears that the president believes that the Constitution does not apply to his White House.”
Of course, Trump doesn't believe the Constitution applies to him especially.

Lindsey Graham prepared to ignore Mueller report’s findings
Miss Lindsey displays how logic works.

Lindsey Graham blasted as ‘gutless sycophant’ for mindlessly parroting Trump’s ‘no collusion, no obstruction’ denials

Extinction Rebellion arrests pass 1,000 on eighth day of protests
Extinction Ranch is starting to catch on.

Pelosi’s impeachment dam has been breached

Trump’s authoritarianism can never be treated like business as usual

Most Devastating of All: Mueller's Indictment of Trump's Character
Even though Mueller apparently doesn’t believe a sitting president can be indicted, he provides a devastating indictment of Trump’s character.

Militia patrolling U.S. border was allegedly training to kill Hillary Clinton, George Soros
Larry Hopkins of the United Constitutional Patriots was arrested on Saturday.

Remember when honesty and integrity used to be things we valued?

What Happens If Trump Breaks All the Laws?
This is what fascism is all about, kids.

Elizabeth Warren Read the Mueller Report—and Thinks It’s Time to Begin Impeachment Proceedings
The presidential candidate was clear: “The House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States.”

The Bad History Informing the Impeachment Debate
Cautious Democrats seeking to avoid impeaching Donald Trump are making a mangle of the past and misreading the present.
Do your duty.

Why Democrats Can't Punt on Impeachment
Dems' reluctance to take action is getting harder to justify.

The Gaming’s Afoot

Giuliani: ‘Nothing Wrong’ With Accepting a Hostile Government’s Election Help
An extraordinary example of a jackass.

After a caller suggests there would have been a "revolution" if Mueller accused Trump of crimes, Rush Limbaugh says "the Trump people are the ones that have the guns"
LOL! Yep, 'em lefties never fired a weapon in their lives. None of 'em ever been in armed forces.

McConnell ready to 'move on' from high crimes and misdemeanors he sought to impeach Clinton for

Mueller Documented Probable Cause That Trump Obstructed Justice

Trump Appointed Fossil Fuel Insiders to Federal Agencies. It’s Backfiring.

After the Barr hoax, press has no reason to ever believe Trump team again

Church Of Holy Bleach Drinking Offering $450 Seminars. We Say NO THANK YOU!
And you thought Jim Bakker's Slop Buckets were the way to go?

Trump Thought Mueller Would Be 'the End of My Presidency.' It Should Be

Internet batters Trump for mistaken ‘138 million killed’ in Sri Lanka claim: ‘A real math wizard’
Too many scalp reductions, Donnie.

You Know Who Else Mueller Couldn't Exonerate? The Mainstream Media
Robert Mueller detailed very specific ways that GRU exploited the stenography tendencies of our mainstream media and how well it worked.

It’s Not the Collusion, It’s the Corruption
What the Mueller report says about our world.
“If you come upon a steaming pile of shit on the ground, and you decide to lay down on it and roll around, when you stand up you will be covered in stinking shit. That is how that works. It is a law of nature.” — Trance Vanderpoot, Fat Chance Ranch.

Mr. Mueller’s Indictment
The special counsel’s report reveals a pattern of deceit and dysfunction. What comes next is up to Congress.

The Mueller Report and the Danger Facing American Democracy
A perceived victory for Russian interference poses a serious risk for the United States.

A second man is arrested after making threatening phone calls about Ilhan Omar
He also called Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and made several Islamophobic comments.
The spoils of Trump's plundering.

FBI, Local Police Arrest Vigilante Border Militia Member
"Makes A Great Asshat" gets popped.

What Will It Take For Trump to Get His Due?

The Mueller Report Is a Road Map for Congressional Investigation
We now know that Mueller’s team concluded that many of the president’s actions could satisfy ordinary legal standards for obstruction of justice.

Warren, Castro are the first 2020 candidates to call for Trump’s impeachment
"The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty."

No More Excuses. Donald Trump Must Be Impeached.

After Mueller, White House Press Secretary Is Toast
Liars R Us.

The Mueller Report Is An Impeachment Roadmap
"Impeachment has to be on the table now. If it isn't, our democracy is gone."
I fear it is already gone.

In William Barr, Donald Trump Has Finally Found His Roy Cohn
With the release of the redacted but still damning Mueller report, Attorney General William Barr will go down in history for his attempts to shield a corrupt president.

Robert Mueller Obstructed his Own Investigation as Much as Donald Trump
Even under the standard Mueller set for himself, he didn’t finish the job.

‘This is cowardice’: Outrage boils over after top Democrat declares impeachment is still ‘not worthwhile’
Many Democrats are cowards, without a doubt. They will pay the price. Our country is now unstable.

‘It is our job’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez signs on to the movement to impeach Trump

Jimmy Carter: US is the ‘most warlike nation in history of the world’

How William Barr misled the public about Mueller’s decision not to charge Trump
Deceit wrapped in rank partisanship.
The darkness descends.

The Mueller report is definitive: Russia meddled in the election to help Trump win
The 448-page report clears up any doubt that Russian efforts had one goal in mind: electing Trump.

GOP lawmakers stick to Barr’s talking points, despite Mueller report contradictions
The echo chamber of "No collusion, no obstruction" continues despite damning allegations.
GOP fascists show true colors. Red, white and black swastikas.

Armed vigilantes apprehend hundreds of asylum seekers near Mexican border
Video shows the heavily-armed group taking hundreds of migrants into custody.
Nazis move in. The Constitutional Patriots are neither Constitutional nor patriots.

William Barr just did Trump another huge favor

Read the full Mueller report

Barr's 'frustration defense' of Trump is bizarre, weak, and genuinely unprecedented

Fox News’ Chris Wallace explains why Barr was ‘acting as a counselor’ for Trump instead of as the attorney general: ‘Making a case for the president’
The cancer on this Presidency goes far deeper than Watergate.

Legal experts ‘flabbergasted’ by AG Barr’s ‘deliberate political performance’: He’s ‘too far into the tank for’ Trump
Don't forget Republicans impeached Clinton for lying about a blow job!

Mueller report listed 10 episodes of potential obstruction — but Barr cleared Trump because of his ‘non-corrupt motives’

“Total Exoneration?” Not So Fast.
There’s already ample evidence that Donald Trump violated the campaign finance laws, and the core question of whether he received illegal election help from Russia remains unanswered.

Everything We’ve Learned From Robert Mueller’s Investigation (So Far)

The only press conference William Barr should be giving is one at which he resigns

Ecuador: Assange’s Poop-Smearing Was The Final Straw

Four Days On The Job, Trump's Interior Sec Already Charged On Ethics
Hey, an oil lobbyist was confirmed as Trump's Interior Secretary four days ago, so he's not "acting" secretary. Though it looks like he's STILL a lobbyist, because why would anyone give up their "business" to take a "job" in the Trump White House?

Pelosi and Schumer Urge Mueller to Testify Publicly
“The American people deserve to hear the truth.”

Tucker Carlson's New Bonermaker: 'Pete Buttigieg Dressed As Can Of Slutty Dinty Moore Beef Stew'
Tucker just keeps digging in the shallow end.

Getting Serious About Power
Can we learn something about the right’s strategic coherence without emulating either their ideas or their contempt for democracy?

Ken Starr Fears Mueller Report Will Not Be ‘Fair and Balanced’
This asshat has a lot of room to talk.

Gym Jordan Says House Oversight Engaged In 'Abuse Of Power'?
"I know you are but what am I" Ohio Republican calls looking at the so-called president's financials is an "abuse of power." Benghazi said what?

In Tennessee, Opponents Are Battling The Religious Right’s ‘Slate Of Hate’

Quack Economist Blames Obama For Great Recession
Seems the financial crisis that began in 2007 was all Obama's fault. Who knew?
Dude, we have enough people producing bullshit. Produce a little less yourself.

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Understand the Direction of Her Own Party

Trump’s Racist Policies Make 2019 Look Like 1919

There’s also nothing in the Bible that talks about the Green Bay Packers; hmm….could it be a conspiracy??
“There’s nothing in the bible that talks about vaccines.” A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
"Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine for stupid."

Evangelicals Flip Out Over Medical AI: We Deny That “Disease Can Be Eradicated Apart From Jesus Christ”
"Don't fuck with God's plan to kill you."

Trump ‘not at all’ concerned that his tweet triggered death threats against Ilhan Omar
The president's recent attacks on the Minnesota congresswoman have prompted a rise in violent threats against her life.
"SHE'S got a way that's very, very bad for our country?" The hell you say, Donnie.

Majority of Republicans think evangelical Christians are more discriminated against than minorities
Hate crimes against minorities have in fact risen under the Trump presidency.

Woman Behind Ohio Heartbeat Abortion Ban Gets Disinvited From Bill Signing
It won't be long before the new American Califfs will be moving religion across the land just like the middle east.
You were worried America would become like Europe? You were worried about Sharia law? Think again.

Trump Says He’s ‘Always Liked’ Jimmy Carter Despite Insulting Him for Years
Typical Trump bullshit.

Trump Renews Attacks on Omar: ‘She’s Got a Way About Her’ That’s ‘Very, Very Bad For Our Country’
Look who's talking. What a laugh.

Scientists: Tech Is Giving Humanity a Shorter Attention Span
Now, what was it again? I was fooling with my phone.

Guess Who Wingers Blame For The Notre Dame Fire?
There's never a bad time for bad-faith "media" outlets like Breitbart to stoke fear and loathing by blaming imaginary Muslims.

Green New Deal Could “Remake Not Just a Broken Planet, But a Broken Society”

How Mitch McConnell is Killing the Senate

Trump Takes Dividing the Nation to a New Level
The president of the United States says he wants to intentionally harm Americans who didn't vote for him, for no reason other than retri