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"It is now life and not art that requires the willing suspension of disbelief." — Lionel Trilling





Land of the Happy Negro
When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it—always.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

Forgiving those who show no remorse is injustice. There will be no meeting Nazis halfway in the name of "unity."

When I press alt-right on the keyboard my screen goes white.

A Manifesto

Making America Great Again
"Making America Great Again."
Back in 2005 Lost Country recorded a song that was issued on their CD Long Gone Thrill. It was a song written by Jeff Gutcheon that was originally titled Land of the Happy Negro, subtitled Battle Hymn of the Republicans. We thought that no one would “get it.” It would be misunderstood; it might be construed as racist on our part. Of course, it was far from that. We changed the title and some of the lyrics. But today I realize that Jeff was on the money and that now everyone should recognize that he was. The teahadists, around 2011, demanded that the school textbooks in Tennessee overlook certain facts and look at the “sunny side of slavery.” So, now these “Ministry of Truth” protectors can take their proper context with the song that had them pegged from our earlier years when we tried to be kind. Now, we know they are not kind people. Now, you can hear the original track—unedited, unoverdubbed, with the original lyrics sung as a pilot vocal so we could work on the track that later became the issued recording of a kinder version, Land of the Happy People.

Land of the Happy Negro — copyright Jeff Gutcheon, 2005.

Randy Newman is in on this issue as well with an offering for you titled I'm Dreaming.
Get it while you can.

Dedicated to the Republican Teahadistas in the Senate and the House. How they long to return to the past.

For more on the Teahadistas: Americans Against The Tea Party

P.S. : It was rewarding to see The Daily Show using the title Battle Hymn of the Republicans for one of their segments. Great minds think alike. Except the greatest think of them first.

On page 97 in Jill Lepore’s book The Whites of their Eyes (2010, Princeton University Press) she states, “There was though, something heartbreaking in all this. Behind the Tea Party’s Revolution lay nostalgia for an imagined time—the 1950s, maybe, or the 1940s—less riven by strife, less troubled by race. In that nostalgia was the remembrance of childhood, a yearning for a common past, bulwark against a divided present, comfort against an uncertain future....”

As if anyone needed more proof of this retro-lunacy just look at our latest "sunny slaver" Cliven Bundy and his quotes on "happy negros." I quote Maureen Dowd in her Times column Sunday, April 27, 2014: "It’s a measure of how hallucinogenic conservatives are that they are trying to re-litigate slavery during the second term of the first African-American president." Jeff’s song could very aptly be subtitled Battle Hymn of Cliven Bundy.

Need more? Take a look at an Esquire article written by Charles P. Pierce dated April 25, 2014, Mike Pence Joins A Bad Parade.

"In downtown Indianapolis, there's this massive monument to the people from Indiana who have died in our various wars, particularly the nearly 25,000 Hoosiers who died in the War of Southern Sedition. I mention this only to point out that the National Rifle Association is meeting in Indianapolis at the moment, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence made them welcome by edging right up to being on the wrong side of the dispute that cost so many Hoosiers their lives. This, of course, is the on-ramp to the expressway to Bundyville, although Pence would be horrified if you pointed that out to him."

Governor Pence:    "Washington is not only broke, it’s broken. The cure for what ails this country will come more from our state capitals than it ever will from our national capital. Despite what some may think in Washington, our state governments are not territorial outposts of the national government. The states are the wellspring of the American experiment. It will not be enough to cut federal spending; the next generation of leaders must permanently reduce the size and scope of the federal government by returning to the states the rights, resources, and responsibilities that are rightfully theirs!"

"This view of things was litigated at the Constitutional Convention. It failed. It was litigated over the tariff. It failed. It was litigated at Cemetery Ridge. It failed. It was litigated prior to the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. It failed. It was litigated at Central High in Little Rock. It failed. It was litigated on the campus at Ole Miss in 1962. It failed. It was litigated at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It failed. It is the connective tissue that binds modern conservativism inextricably to the remnants of American apartheid because this view of the nature of the nation always was the expression of threat that the slaveholder felt about his way of life. It camouflaged itself in a number of ways involving a number of different issues, but always it was about the fear that, sooner or later, the federal government was going to come and take away the chattel from which you derived your personal economy, and so even what might be beneficial to the nation as a whole must be resisted on the pretext of sovereign states...."

Not enough yet? Here you go. Dated July 21, 2014.
Top Anti-Immigrant ‘Expert’ Says ‘Being Hung, Drawn And Quartered’ Is ‘Too Good’ For Obama.
A senior policy analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, which bills itself as the think tank of the anti-immigrant Right, told a Florida-based Tea Party group last week that President Obama not only deserves impeachment, but that “being hung, drawn and quartered is probably too good for him.” The Center for New Community’s Imagine 2050 blog first reported on Stephen Steinlight’s remarks. Steinlight also said that John Boehner’s lawsuit against the president is a ‘political loser’ and claimed that while Obama deserves to be impeached, such an effort would backfire on Republicans.

CIS describes Steinlight as “one of the nation’s most insightful voices on immigration” who provides “expert testimony” for government panels.

"A rash of opinion polls which have come out, not push polls, real polls, including one by Gallup that showed that 65 percent of the American people don’t want any part of an Obama-style immigration reform. But the idea of this [lawsuit] is vintage Boehner, it’s a political loser. There is no court that is going to stop Obama from doing anything. We all know, if there ever was a president that deserved to be impeached, it’s this guy. Alright? I mean, I wouldn’t stop. I would think being hung, drawn, and quartered is probably too good for him."

While it’s my opinion this would be “cruel and unusual punishment” I’m sure it’s merely a figure of speech the gentleman is using and doesn't seriously want lynching to return. But on the other hand, we could just ‘Blame It On Obama” as Andre Williams says.

Not enough for rational human beings? Ok:
A while back Mr. Cruz stated: “I think the reason so many Americans are upset about the Obama presidency is that they realize this wasn’t possible before, and they wanted his presidency to be bigger than it is, you know, to do bigger things. And then you have others that appreciate history. If the slaves were never freed in the Civil War, you have to wonder, where would Obama be today? Certainly not the White House, not in the capacity he’s in. And you have some in America that think that might not be a bad thing. That he not be in office, I mean.”

Another Happy Negro kind of guy! Ya gotta love the pursed eyebrow schtick!
Ted Cruz displays his acting skills.

Ah, but it goes on:
Ann Coulter is up front with her racism when in response to Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at Tuskegee University, May 2015, proudly stated on Sean Hannity’s show — "I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now.” The pundit proceeded to denounce the "predator class” in the black community and deny the existence of "peaceful protesters” in Baltimore...."Oh my gosh, this nonsense about, oh, so many blacks are in prison, well how did they get there?” Coulter asked later. "In addition to the peaceful Baltimore protester I want to put on a milk carton, — have you seen this? — I want to see the innocent person in prison.”
(Note: While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States' population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates. March 13, 2012.)
Glenn Beck stated in response to the same speech she gave with "White people in droves went out to vote for you,” he said. "You were somehow invisible so much that you became the President and First Lady of the United States of America? Tell me about the troubles that you have seen!.” Beck then argued that conservatives and Christians were the real victims of bigotry: "The conservatives have never felt it! The jobs we are suddenly bypassed for because we’re conservative, because of our viewpoint. The religious that are mocked on a daily basis and belittled. Yeah, we’ve never felt that. We don’t know what it’s like.”

An excellent playing of the "Victim Card” the Republicans do over and over as well.
76% of Americans consider themselves "Christian” yet the Republicans consider them victims?

“Yes, the long war on Christianity. I pray that one day we may live in an America where Christians can worship freely! In broad daylight! Openly wearing the symbols of their religion... perhaps around their necks? And maybe – dare I dream it? – maybe one day there can be an openly Christian President. Or, perhaps, 43 of them. Consecutively.”—Jon Stewart

Maybe Ann and Glen should read the article in the Times Magazine from Sunday, May 10, 2015, "Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us.”. Would (did) they miss the killing part or are they really that clueless?

And continues:
In the June 19, 2015 article titled Why Conservatives Still Won't Admit That Charleston Was A Racist Crime,” Aurin Squire makes several points on the sad excuses that Republicans used on the murders by Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina. “Given the history of the South, along the rise of both active shooters and gun access, we can't call what happened Wednesday night a ‘senseless tragedy.’ In fact, the Charleston church shooting is full of savage sense. Thanks to complicity at best, and outright racist at worst, the ‘inconceivable’ is still feasible. The fear tactics that were once localized in the dark backwoods of our political landscape now reach every phone and laptop. Today, xenophobia and bigotry are the daily platforms from which many conservatives speak to their shrinking base. The Charleston shooting is not a random act of violence, but part of a long litany of history culminating in a painful present.”

From Mr. Roof’s Manifesto (as stated on Tumblr) :
Mr. Roof’s Tumblr had contained photos that matched his Facebook page, but both were taken down after the killings.
The essay uses defamatory terms for blacks, whom he accused of being “stupid and violent” with “the capacity to be very slick.” It laments white flight, and suggested that the whites should instead stay behind in cities and fight.
Criticisms are levied at Hispanics and Jews, but Asians are praised for being racists and potential allies. Whites are unfairly portrayed as all having been slave owners, the essay says. In reality, the author wrote, slavery was not that bad.
(Note: Charleston, SC is racially two-thirds white, up from 1980 when it was 50%)

And, on the Stars and Bars (their “Battle Flag” and not the first Confederate “national flag”) front (didn’t the Confederacy lose the war? Guess they never got over it and are still pissed).
Outrage vs. Tradition, Wrapped in a High-Flying Flag of Dixie
Supporters of the Confederate battle flag display signaled Friday that their position had not changed. In a commentary on Friday, Michael Hill, the president of the League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed as a hate group, said that the Confederate battle flag should remain at the State House but that the American flag should be removed.

The American flag, Mr. Hill wrote, “now stands for multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity — the left’s unholy trinity.” In “sharp contrast,” he wrote, the Confederate battle flag “stands for the heroic effort our people made 150 years ago to avoid the fate” of contemporary America.

In the same article, Senator Lindsey Graham (a Republican candidate for President of the United States) told CNN that he would support a move to “revisit” the flag’s status, but he added that the flag was part of the state’s identity.
(Identity? Guess he means Land of the Happy Negro.)

Seditious Oklahoma asshats are grabbing their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” “President Obama greeted by Confederate flags in Oklahoma” show these people are too ignorant to know what racism is. Only 80 of these asshats showed up but they still display their ignorance very well. Or was it only 10? Another link to the story is here. The asshat that drove up from Texas is talking to himself I suppose.

Then we have the good ol’ boys from the remnants of the KKK demanding their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” at the Statehouse in South Carolina. These fascists crawled out of the sewers to parade their little battle flags on Saturday, July 18, 2015. Oh, sorry, they weren’t protesting the uppity negroes, they were protesting the uppity immigrants. Old, sad, diminished, disgruntled white men and some younger skin heads were, indeed, demanding their share of the sweet sunny heritage (white supremacy) of the Confederacy. Ooops! Is that a swastika on that black T-shirt? Such class.

Book About George Washington’s ‘Happy’ Slaves Shelved - Yet another wistful yearner for the Land of the Happy Negro!

Don't overlook Land of the Happy Negro's Corey Stewart’s Confederate antics. LaCivita said. "Let the idiot be the idiot." Always the best strategy.

Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Confederate Monument Removals
Land of the Happy Negro stronghold joins 21st Century.

Donald Trump openly joined “The Land of the Happy Negro” on August 15, 2017. He confirmed that he is a white supremacist supporter. He wants to blame resistance to it. You cannot serve Nazis and liberty at the same time. His attempts at being the leader of the free world have failed miserably. The events in Charlottesville have unmasked him forever as the bigoted demagogue he is. “The Land of the Happy Negro” has, in a not-so-subtle way, declared war on the United States. We should acknowledge this war exists, the enemy is among us, and fight it with all the heart and soul of those who fought and died stamping out this very same fascism in World War II. That is now our task as we have a president that is so mindless and tyrannical that he doesn't know the difference between Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. That same civil war is upon us once again. Lest our nation collapse, let us not fail to settle it once and for all this time.

Worse Than Treason
No amount of rationalizing can change the fact that the majority of the Republican Party is advocating for the overthrow of an American election.

American Amnesia  
Russian Roulette
Exceptional America

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The Second Coming of the KKK

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As Gregg Popovich declared, "We are Rome."

From "The Holocaust Explained": Between 1929 and 1932, support for the Communist and Nazi parties increased. The less extreme parties were blamed for causing Germany's problems. As these parties had been unable to work together to solve country's problems, people became more afraid that the Communists may take over. The moderate parties turned to the Nazis to keep the Communists out.

President Obama said, "We are not Democrats first, we are not Republicans first, we are Americans."
Mr. President, from your first day they never gave you that courtesy so they will not get it from me.
We oppose everything
"EVERYTHING that goes wrong, from here on out, is owned by Trump and the Republicans."

When you have elected representatives stating that Trump is unqualified, bad for the country, ignorant of the issues, and other harsh criticisms also stating that they will back him as the Republican nominee, you have clear evidence of the rot that permeates the party. They are as corrupt and power-mad as their putative candidate. They—McCain, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the toadies—demonstrate their hypocrisy and the fact that they put party power over the good of the nation.

D.L. Hughley put it in clear words, voting for Trump means "voting for a racist over a liberal." That is it, succinctly put. If you voted for Trump you have made a statement for racism, hatred, intolerance, bigotry, falsity, xenophobia, gynophobia, scapegoating and fraud. Refusal to vote for HRC does not absolve you from participation, because no vote as well as a third party vote is a vote for Trump in effect.

Let me get this straight. The "angry" American people want government out of their lives. Yet, they blame the government for forgetting about them for all the jobs that the middle-class has lost over the years. Huh? Their solution is to elect a fascist to office of POTUS. In this exchange you get a dictatorship. This has historically worked out well for how many countries? And the left get criticized for calling these people idiots? Many of these people vote against their best interest every time. What else can you call them when it is the truth?

2016 Thank You Notes by Ethan Coen

End the Electoral College

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
Why the hell should Florida, Ohio and a few other swing states rule our election process? We have not been 13 colonies for some time now.

I am not mad at you that Clinton lost. I am unconcerned that we have different politics. And I don't think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another.

No... I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him. I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman's worth to her appearance and got on board.

It isn't your politics that I find repulsive. It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty. You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget.

So, no... you and I won't be "coming together" to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn't disgust you that will stick with me long after this election.

—Sparrow R. Jones

You watched Trump live his entire life as a millionaire or billionaire and never earn an honest nickle in his life; you watched the man send ALL of his manufacturing overseas; you watched him rail against the auto industry bail out; you watched him hire illegal immigrants for his businesses and for his homes here in America; you watched him scam and bankrupt countless family owned businesses by not paying his bills; you watched him declare bankruptcy countless times and walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars; you then watched him not pay one dime of taxes on that ill gotten gain and brag about it to the middle class who had to pick up his slack on their taxes and you STILL thought that Donald Trump understands you and the working class and that he and he alone could "save our economy" and bring jobs back to "Murka".

And since you also believe that Bush left us with a strong and sound economy that Obama destroyed, I dislike you because you are a willful idiot.


Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to gain power. And it works too well.

"You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts." — Ted Koppel to Sean Hannity 3/26/2017

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” — Upton Sinclair

(Why do certain people vote against their best interest?):
"The masses revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed." — George Orwell, 1984

"We're closer to a nuclear war than we've been in 55 years because "someone" wanted to jail a woman for using email. — LOLGOP

"Fuck Trump.
Fuck his faux concern.
Fuck his half-assed apologies.
And fuck every POS who voted for this degenerate to lead our county."
—Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) tweeted at 5:52 PM on Sat, Aug 12, 2017

"Nazis are murdering people, farmers are going broke and the arctic is fucking melting. Maybe next time let's not hand the world's most difficult job to a toxic moron lost and wandering in a haze of dementia and untreated tertiary syphilis who can't even spell his own fucking name."
—Jeff Tiedrich@itsJeffTiedrich
Tweeted on Tue., Aug 6, 2019

"White people have nearly completely gone mad. Think about it. The people of VA voted for a republican candidate who's only platform is that he would save them from CRT and or the teaching of American History. CRT is a university level cirriculum and is not taught on grade school levels. American history is impossible to teach without discussing slavery, the massacre and land theft of the first Nations. Since slavery starts with the country's formation, how do you teach American history without it? Do you start at the civil war? How do you explain why Americans were killing each other over "state's rights"? Rights to do what? Ok, maybe we teach the bible. But the setting of the Bible is in Africa and the middle east and slavery is discussed all through it. See what I mean. The battle against truth is the path to self termination on a macro scale."
— Real Truth stings 11/3/2021,

We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang

Vicente Fox for U. S. President!

Follow Gollum J. Trump! He know all the Best Words!

"Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right."
—H. L. Menken (1880 - 1956)

Directed to the asshats (and their species) who wear the "Makes A Great Asshat" at public places:
Scholar Matt Sears: Someday MAGA hats will be shameful secrets, like Klan robes (and swastikas)
Scholar and Washington Post columnist says those who wear MAGA hats are "morally accountable" for Trump's actions

Red Hat of the Red Death
"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
"In October, 25 out of every 100,000 residents of heavily Trump counties died from Covid, more than three times higher than the rate in heavily Biden counties (7.8 per 100,000). October was the fifth consecutive month that the percentage gap between the death rates in Trump counties and Biden counties widened." — NYT article by David Leonhardt
The Covid cull is doing as it is allowed to do.

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”
—Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress

"It's odd. The same people who declare that wearing a mask is a 'personal choice,' are the SAME people who want to take away a woman's right to choose."
—E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll)

Captain Beatty’s Speech
(For the 21st century book burners who think they make some sort of statement.)

"With school turning out more runners, jumpers, racers, tinkerers, grabbers, snatchers, fliers, and swimmers instead of examiners, critics, knowers, and imaginative creators, the word `intellectual,' of course, became the swear word it deserved to be. You always dread the unfamiliar. Surely you remember the boy in your own school class who was exceptionally 'bright,' did most of the reciting and answering while the others sat like so many leaden idols, hating him. And wasn't it this bright boy you selected for beatings and tortures after hours? Of course it was. We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against.

So! A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon. Breach man's mind. Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man? Me? I won't stomach them for a minute...

You must understand that our civilization is so vast that we can't have our minorities upset and stirred. Ask yourself, What do we want in this country, above all? People want to be happy, isn't that right? Haven't you heard it all your life? I want to be happy, people say. Well, aren't they? Don't we keep them moving, don't we give them fun? That's all we live for, isn't it? For pleasure, for titillation? And you must admit our culture provides plenty of these ...

Coloured people don't like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don't feel good about Uncle Tom's Cabin. Burn it. Someone's written a book on tobacco and cancer of the lungs? The cigarette people are weeping? Burn the book. Serenity, Montag. Peace, Montag. Take your fight outside. Better yet, into the incinerator. Funerals are unhappy and pagan? Eliminate them, too. Five minutes after a person is dead he's on his way to the Big Flue, the Incinerators serviced by helicopters all over the country. Ten minutes after death a man's a speck of black dust. Let's not quibble over individuals with memoriams. Forget them. Burn them all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean ...

Luckily, queer ones like her don't happen, often. We know how to nip most of them in the bud, early. You can't build a house without nails and wood. If you don't want a house built, hide the nails and wood. If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the Government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it...

Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of non-combustible data, chock them so damned full of 'facts' they feel stuffed, but absolutely `brilliant' with information. Then they'll feel they're thinking, they'll get a sense of motion without moving. And they'll be happy, because facts of that sort don't change. Don't give them any slippery stuff like philosophy or sociology to tie things up with. That way lies melancholy. Any man who can take a TV wall apart and put it back together again, and most men can nowadays, is happier than any man who tries to slide-rule, measure, and equate the universe, which just won't be measured or equated without making man feel bestial and lonely. I know, I've tried it; to hell with it. So bring on your clubs and parties, your acrobats and magicians, your dare-devils, jet cars, motor-cycle helicopters, your sex and heroin, more of everything to do with automatic reflex. If the drama is bad, if the film says nothing, if the play is hollow, sting me with the theremin, loudly. I'll think I'm responding to the play, when it's only a tactile reaction to vibration. But I don't care. I just like solid entertainment."
Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, 1953

The Future is Here


A Princeton sociologist spent 8 years asking rural Americans why they’re so pissed off

It's a conspiracy theory that they believe. What else?

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Trump fascism will destroy south Texas and begin the destruction of the U.S..

Amend the 13th Amendment.
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A Beginners Guide to Election Rights, Rules and Regulations

Social Work Degrees

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A course most Americans should take.

The Ongoing History of Musicians Saying ‘Hell No’ to Donald Trump Using Their Songs

Endnote 2: White Fascism

The Gods that the "Christian" God displaced in America.

"God ordained our great nation"? Upon reading a remark that was stated on Face Book that "America was ordained by God." I couldn't help but wonder which 'God' as there are so many. Of course, I knew to which "God" this person was referring. But the case of this country being ordained by "God" is a case that is wide open as you can see for yourself. The statement itself is not based on Biblical history as this is unprovable by actual historical events. It is, more likely, based on "educators" such as Rush Limbaugh or his like. Biblical history that is taught by accredited institutions will not dabble in "miracles" or claims which have no evidence.

The Discovery

In 1492 the natives discovered they were indians,
they discovered they lived in America,
they discovered they were naked,
they discovered there was sin,
they discovered they owed obedience to a king and queen
from another world and a god from some other heaven,
and this God had invented guilt and clothing,
and had ordered burned alive all who worshipped the sun and
the moon the earth and the rain that moistens it.

—Eduardo Galeano, from Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History, 2013

“Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colors.” — Charles Bukowski

Forgiving those who show no remorse is injustice. There will be no meeting Nazis halfway in the name of "unity."

"We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!" — Greta Thunberg

"Maybe it's time for women to go on strike and stop having sex with men until this is straightened out. There are many other ways of enjoying your body, women, than sex with men. Who is willing to take the chance of getting pregnant and having a daughter to be abused by self-professed owners and handlers of her body? " — Luisa

On September 17th, FBI director Christopher Wray testified in front of the House Committee on Homeland Security. At that time, he stated that the biggest domestic terror threat the U.S. currently faces is from white supremacists. During his testimony, Wray never once mentioned Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Why? Because unlike the ignorant of this world, Wray knows the difference between hard facts and partisan propaganda.
Granted, the director of the FBI isn't nearly as credible a source as Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. Just ask any plumbing-supply salesman. Presenting certain people with facts is like giving medicine to a corpse.

During a recent pro-Trump demonstration in Washington, D.C., four members of the so-called "Proud Boys" ganged up on a Black man, who defended himself by pulling out a knife and stabbing his attackers. The right-wing media ran with the story, claiming this was a prime example of how Black Lives Matter is a violent terrorist network. Never mind that the man in question never claimed to support, much less belong to, BLM. Never mind also that conservatives claim to fully support the right to defend yourself. Clearly, they only extend that right to their brother and sister fascists.

Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies

Godwin's Law is fellacious. It is said to end all discussions when Hitler arrives. It denies Hitler as having any valid reality—it's just too simple to use, is what it implies. You only have to look at Hitler's atrocities to understand his reality. The idea that there could not be anything comparible or greater to Hitler is what I call "The Great Denial." We all know that is a river in Egypt. If you swim in it, you just get all wet.
I hereby invoke "The Law of Law." Nothing can be denied that is real. Reality isn't what you make of it. It is what reality makes of it and you.
I will now use the "Atilla the Hun" analogy and see if some egghead will declare that a law. As I have been told so many times by right-wingers, "I'm a little to the right of Atilla the Hun." So much for theories. "What is reality?" Let that be the wall.

Trump's drive to the Hamptons is over and there is no house there (Seinfeld fans will understand). It cost us a lot of money. It took a lot of time. But the son of a bitch is a walking dead man now. Many, many of us knew how this would end—not pretty—and it has not been. But this is the bitter end of the con man, the flim flam man, the megalomaniac that is Donald J. Trump. What happens to him next will be interesting to see. He cannot go without serious punishment. He must pay and pay dearly for his insurrection.

Music of the Resistance

Going Down to Sing in Texas - Iris DeMent (Official Lyric Video)

All You Fascists Bound To Lose - Resistance Revival Chorus with Rhiannon Giddens

The Revolution Starts Now - Steve Earle

Trump Can't Have That - Greg Brown

Sand in the Gears - Frank Turner

Pussy Grabbin' Man - Men of Extinction

FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) - YG & Nipsey Hussle

No TRUMP! No KKK! No FASCIST USA!! - Green Day

Troubled Times - Green Day

Erupt & Matter - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Not Gonna Say Your Name - ENTRANCE

We The People - A Tribe Called Quest

Where's The Revolution - Depeche Mode

Interesting Drug - OK Go

Million Dollar Loan - Death Cab For Cutie

Viva Presidente Trump - Brujeria

Impeachable - Noel Paul Stookey

Can't You Tell? - Aimee Mann

Tin Foil Hat - Todd Rundgren/Donald Fagen

In This Cold Place - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Are You Lost In The World Like Me? - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Eminem Rips Fake Blonde Rat - Eminem

Tiny Hands - Women's March Chant (featuring Fiona Apple)

Land of the Free - JoeyBada$$

Locker Room Talk - Cold War Kids

Demagogue - Franz Ferdinand

Going To A Town - Lily Allen

If You Ever Got Impeached - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

One Small Voice - Carole King

I Had a Dream - Louden Wainwright III

Impeach Trump Anthem - Haile Unlikely

Camp America - Vic Mensa

Russia Ties - Randy Rainbow

Cheeto Christ Stupid Csar - Randy Rainbow

There Stands the Tower - Men of Extinction

The Day Democracy Died - The Founding Fathers

No Rules for Donald - Randy Rainbow

American Idiot - Green Day

Wasteland - Iris Dement

Fuck These Fucking Fascists - The Muslims

In Your Path - War On Women

You Better Not Fuck in Texas - Jill Sobule

Rising Seas - Midnight Oil

Evolution's Not Fast Enough For Me - Men of Extinction

Land of the Happy Negro Newsfeeds

Trump has aspired to and achieved the ultimate luxury – an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.
Mark Singer, Trump and Me

Anti-Vax Republican On Ventilator In ICU
Another anti-vax Trump lover is suffering from COVID

New South Africa Variant Could Be Much Worse Than Delta
More than 1,200 cases were found on Wednesday, a figure that jumped to nearly 2,500 on Thursday.
Deniers beware.

The GOP's murderous new normal

Famous ex-neo-Nazi shifts focus: America is becoming "the skinhead's dream of the 1990s"
Individual "deradicalization" is pointless, says Christian Picciolini — if we can't change society, we're doomed
I think we have already stated what the swastikas and red MAGAt hats will be good for.

'It destroyed me': Woman hurls the N-word at elderly Black veteran after he makes a simple request
The Land of the Happy Negro strikes again.
These people need to be taken to the "Twilight Zone" where they can experience being black.

Former cop fatally shoots teen after harassing his friends for ‘careless driving’: report
Guilty of being Black in the wrong place: the U.S.

'Dangerous' Trump will disrupt coverage of the 2024 election: ABC's Karl
He'll do anything by any means necessary. He needs to be locked up.

'It Was Entirely Avoidable': Rich Countries Blamed as New Covid Variant Sparks Global Alarm
"Allowing new variants to emerge and spread, 13 months into the vaccine era, is a policy choice by the rich world."
"Rest assured that as people move in the next coming weeks, this [variant] will be all over," he warned.
Get ready for another mass infection and death surge.

Televangelist And Anti-Vaxxer Marcus Lamb Gravely Ill With COVID
Marcus and Joni Lamb own Daystar Television Network, the second-largest Christian network in the World behind CBN.
That is, if you can believe him.

What exactly has gone wrong in America? Frat boys, light beer or the Prosperity Gospel?

Is that a good guy with a gun or bad guy with a gun?
He's a dumbass looking for trouble.

Ilhan Omar fact-checks 'buffoon' Lauren Bobert's lie: 'This whole story is made up'
BoBo is a liar. Sorry, that's not news.

Cowboys' Dak Prescott confirms COVID vaccination status, will not vilify Amari Cooper after positive test
"It's just an opportunity for other guys to step up and make plays," Prescott added.
Did you like all those plays your "other guys" made against Kansas City, Dak? Personal decision, eh? How far do you carry that, Dak? All the way to not giving a shit? My personal decision on you is that you are a little tetched in the head, company man.
We have heard that Covid has now spread to coaches on the Cowboys.
2 coaches in COVID protocol vs. Raiders
Thanks to an irresponsible asshole just like A. Aron Rodgers thinking selfishly. All of these typically selfish people passing the virus to other possible irresponsibles should all be looking for jobs. But who would hire a virus spreader? Another selfish and irresponsible firm.
Jerry must be happy. But that's life in the No Football League when you have company policy that is inconsistant with reality.

Ray Davies - "Thanksgiving Day"

A Thanksgiving Toast: What Is Good about America

The Fine Art of Giving a Shit

The conviction of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers is an important warning to racists that ‘lynching will be punished’
"We can say that in plain English now, with no hemming and hawing, following Wednesday's jury verdict finding Arbery's killers guilty of murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment — the same crimes that White lynch mobs once regularly committed against Black Americans with impunity."

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery
Were it not for a graphic video and intense pressure from activists, the killers of an unarmed Black man in Georgia may have been acquitted.

How 'Machiavellianism, psychopathy and collective narcissism' help explain COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs: study
In other words, just plain dopes.

This far-right Confederate flag defender is running for Congress in a heavily Black South Florida district
Land of the Happy Negro hopeful could return the Land to its glory days when lyching was a devine right.

Right-to-privacy? Here are 5 landmark Supreme Court rulings that could be in danger if Roe v. Wade is overturned

This Tribe Helped the Pilgrims Survive for Their First Thanksgiving. They Still Regret It 400 Years Later.

Newsflash: Not Everyone Is Equally Thankful At Thanksgiving
The real story of Thanksgiving is not one most white people like to tell.
Especially, here in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Lara Trump: Liberals Want To Eliminate Thanksgiving
Wrong again, Lara. We just want to eliminate morons like you.

The Rittenhouse Verdict Will Backfire on Republicans
As it should.
"The strategy of lionizing vigilantes like Rittenhouse may deepen Republican support in hard-core Trump country. It will be a gift to Democrats in suburban swing districts where the 2022 midterms will be decided."

Those Whiny Nazis Are Now Broke Nazis, Too
A victory for plaintiffs in Charlottesville is a warning to other blockheads looking to import white supremacist violence to diverse cities: It will cost you.

We Should All Read This Review Of Jim D's & Oliver Stone's New JFK Film "Through The Looking Glass."
"The film is so important to us all and the entire world really, and (in the least) this particular review is an extremely thought provoking read that really draws you in to want to see the film."
This is the short version that has been edited to two hours so it doesn't linger deeply on points as some critics whine about. But the full four hour film will be forthcoming and should pack a very large whallop.
The two hour film is or was on Showtime as of 11-23-2021.

District That Banned LGBTQ Books Relents After Pressure From Students, ACLU
Gone. The way of all tyrants.

The Republicans Are Taking Their Terror Campaign to the Next Level

Chick-fil-a executive appears to have been manipulated by Russian spy Maria Butina: report
Dig that crazy Russian chick!

Behind the Tweet That Became the Rallying Cry for the Insurrection
“I underestimated how crazy certain people could get.”

Tucker Carlson Blasts Media for Ignoring Waukesha Tragedy ‘Completely’ (It Led All Three Network Newscasts)
You would think Fox would test for drugs once in a while.

Labor Dept: New Jobless Claims Fall To 52-Year Low
People are working? They have jobs? Someone tell the fascists.

Airport Mask Refuser Screamed “Let’s Go, Brandon”
Where are her cap and bells?

South Dakota Supreme Court Rules Against Pot Legalization
The court overruled a voter-passed amendment to the state constitution that would have legalized recreational marijuana use.
Democracy is dead in South Dakota. It is now a fascist state. As such it is now open to occupation by Federal troops.

Waiting for JFK Jr.: QAnon cult’s followers create a deeply unsettling spectacle at Dealey Plaza

Five Reasons To Be Thankful For Separation Of Church And State

Psaki Whacks Doocy's Attack On Biden For Celebrating Thanksgiving
Fox’s Peter Doocy may have asked his stupidest “gotcha” yet and Press Secretary Jen Psaki smacked it down accordingly.
Peter Douche.

'Cover-up artist' Jim Jordan blasted after revealing he had COVID
"He hides his status like he hid the molestation at Ohio state."
A professional disease spreader. He's not fit to clean toilets.

The Republicans are taking their terror campaign to the next level
The fascist is shameless.

We may be at an inflection point for political violence in the U.S.
Like the swastika, the red hats could make good targets.

QAnon Dallas squatters have 'walked away from their lives' like Medieval Crusaders: historian
These are the same as the Hale-Boppers and the Jonestown suiciders. Don't be surprised at anything they pull. Why are they on the streets? Mental illness is totally ignored in America.

Seven Magnificent COVID Deniers Somehow Get COVID After Florida COVID Denial Conference

The GOP Now Stands For Trolls, Vigilantes & Death
All the Republican Party has left, now that they’ve abandoned any pretense over the past 40 years of supporting working people or even basic infrastructure, is hate, fear and death

What’s So Twisted About the QAnon Vigil (Still) Awaiting JFK Jr.’s Return
They have walked away from their lives and become more radicalized.

How Trump Repeatedly Duped the GOP Elites
Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new book, in describing the end of Trump’s presidency, offers a modern tale of the definition of insanity.

How Kyle Rittenhouse Walked Free
"He had this vision of himself that did not match the reality of the situation. And, ultimately people die because of it."

Franklin Graham: Jesus Helps You Win Football Games
Locked in. "Let's give Jesus Christ the football, let him even up the score..." — Martin Mull

Shelves aren't empty, oil prices are heading down, but Republicans are locked into a disaster story
Did they lose their victim and fear cards?

Jan. 6 Committee hits Roger Stone, Alex Jones—and others—with subpoenas
This should be interesting.

'Stop The Steal' Lawyers Fined $187,000 For Frivolous Lawsuits
The MAGA grifting attorneys are guilty of "abuse of the legal system and an interference with the machinery of government.” Not so much punitively but a very good verdict. Now get Fatso.

Jogging in Broad Daylight Should Not Be a Death Sentence
Whatever the verdict, the murder of Ahmaud Arbery has once more laid bare the entrenched racial barriers to equal justice that still exist in Georgia and in America.
And the Land of the Happy Negro.

It Turns Out We Are the Martians Sent to Destroy Earth With a Powerful and Deadly 'Heat-Ray'
Our world is increasingly like a science-fiction novel.
With MAGAt monsters at every turn.

Blasphemy Laws Remain An Impediment To Religious Freedom Worldwide
"Freedom of belief, by necessity, also includes the right not to believe."
"This means we have the right to criticize the beliefs of others."

Charlottesville defendants found liable for civil conspiracy and ordered to pay millions in damages
The Nazis will have to get a job if they can find one.

'What's wrong with you?' Attorney shames Arbery killers' lawyers for 'horrific' closing arguments
The problem is these people are looking for fame and fortune and not justice.

Trump issues stunningly false statement criticizing Biden for 'attack' on US oil reserves
It's past time that we all said stop to his insanity. Get his sick brain to a doctor and then get him in a mental institution or a cell. But get him the fuck off the streets.

Conservative brutally mocks MAGA 'soy boys' who want to make Kyle Rittenhouse and his 'a hero'

Manchin, Sinema chase after Republican mega-donors and betray their impoverished states
Giving a whole new meaning to "bipartisan" grifting.

Pastor tells congregation 'the best person to rape is your wife'
Does this fool know that this is a crime? I guess he doesn't.
What other lies has he told his "flock."
Marital rape in the United States

'You were gullible': Federal judge torches Trump's election lies — and a rioter who believed them

The Rittenhouse syndrome: Has America crossed the Rubicon?
Those who celebrate the Rittenhouse verdict don't understand the chaos they've invited — but they crave it

Residents Of Va. County Pour Cold Water On School Board’s Book-Burning Scheme
"My favorite comment came from a county librarian (naturally!) who said, 'If you have a worldview that can be undone by a novel, let me suggest that the problem is not the novel.'"

Republicans Proactively Win More Elections With Grossly Partisan Redistricting
Bitch about rigging? The GQP are the Kings of Rigging!

Census Undercounts Mean Less Medicaid Funding For Most Southern States "As a result, Texas is expected to lose out on $247 million in Medicaid funding over the next decade, while Mississippi is expected to lose out on $20 million for its Medicaid program."

Congressional gerrymandering by Texas Republicans cut out the heart of Houston’s Asian community
Asian and Pacific Islander populations surged in Texas over the past decade, but their political power is weakened under new congressional maps. A northwest Houston neighborhood offers a case study in how that was done.
Texas, where rascism is their most important product — next to bullshit.

Uninformed Juries Produce Incorrect Outcomes
"His acquittal is a springboard, and the public is now at increased threat."
"This is not justice, and it does nothing for healing."
"The verdict only affirms that the US remains committed to its long history of vigilantism, an ugly bloodlust embedded throughout the American mythology promoting white supremacy."

How Did Trump's Misogyny Become so Appealing to the GOP Base?
There is no depth to which they will not descend.

America’s Decline Started at Home
When will shifting geopolitics and climate change fully cripple Washington’s current world order?

'Vigilante' driver plows into group protesting Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal
Here are some Rittenhouse Nazis at work now.

Democracy watchdog warns of 'serious problems" with 'fundamentals of democracy' in US – and points to Trump
Really? We havn't noticed any trend like this...have we?
"...a "backsliding democracy," yes, without doubt.

Trump supporter brought Taurus revolver loaded with shotgun shells and hollow-point bullets on Jan 6: prosecutors

Embattled Mesa County clerk Tina Peters appears with militia supporters in video call that included endorsement of violence
More asshats to watch very carefully. Note the masterbation sign. Or maybe the age or IQ sign.

Right-Wing Climate Denial Is Being Replaced—by Nativism
The world may be headed toward “more walls, more borders, more exclusion.”
The only exclusions we need to make are these brainless fucked-up assholes. Shove their asses behind the walls.

Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes Both Called Out Mollie Hemingway’s Pro-Trump Propaganda Before Leaving Fox News

Howard Stern Rips ‘F*ckhead’ Aaron Rodgers: ‘Did He Go to the Doctor’ for His Toe Injury or ‘Joe Rogan?’
The NFL? The No Football League? Ashamed of themselves? When did they ever do anything wrong?
“Now I hear he has a toe injury. When he had the toe injury – did he go to the doctor or did he go to Joe Rogan? Who fixed his toe?” Stern asked. “I bet you he went to a doctor, so he goes to doctors for everything else, but on the vaccine he’s listening to Joe Rogan.”
Covid toe? " can last 10 to 14 days. Some patients have COVID toes for months." — Amy S. Paller, MD of the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago

Automation and the radicalization of America

Two Fox Contributors Quit Over Carlson Riot Special
They won't be the last. But it's good to see someone found a set.

Uber Eats Begins Taking Weed Orders In Ontario
Hmmm. Civilization appears to our north. Too bad we are centuries behind in some areas.

Getting Tired Yet Of New York Times' Nice Polite Headlines?
The New York Times makes the outrageous seem normal — and the normal outrageous. Perfect example of American "journalism." What good is when it is nothing but propaganda?

SUV Plows Through Waukesha’s Christmas Parade, Killing Five
Chaos and tragedy erupted after a SUV plowed through people marching in the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade. The casualty numbers are expected to rise.
So far, thoughts and prayers haven't done much to prevent these incidents. Maybe we should try something else?

MAGA 'Tourist' Brought Loaded Gun On January 6
Mark Mazza told police he thought he thought "Nan and I would hit it off." REALLY.

Psst, gas prices are falling, partly thanks to President Biden. Someone alert the GOP

The US was ill-prepared for a pandemic. A medical anthropologist explains why capitalism and government deregulation are to blame
The only thing the U.S. is prepared for are long foreign military campaigns that result in wasting trillions but enriching corporations.

Manchin and Sinema are raking in GOP donor cash as they derail Biden's agenda: report
A friend actually told me that to get rid of these two we would then have to deal with two Republicans.
Such deep insight.

NAACP President calls Rittenhouse verdict 'a warning shot that vigilante justice is allowed'
Which does not mean it is justice.

Texas grid vulnerable to blackouts during severe winter weather, even with new preparations, ERCOT estimates show
The most severe scenario considered by ERCOT for this winter — very high demand for power, extensive fossil fuel outages, and low renewable power production — does not capture the amount of power lost during February.

'Carries Shamelessness to a Higher Level': Noam Chomsky Delivers Brutal Assessment of Republican Hypocrisy
"He then noted the Republican Party's abrupt shift on the Afghanistan withdrawal. Although they supported the initiative when Trump spearheaded it, they completely abandoned that perspective once President Joe Biden took the White House."

Pregnant Woman Gunned Down in Philly After Her Own Baby Shower
Life in the United States.

Living in Oblivion
"And then we remembered the highway, the highway lined by beautiful billboards, blocking out the desolation beyond. That’s your lane if you’re white in America, that’s the road you grow up traveling, the road you’re free to take for granted. Many white folk — let’s say, 55 percent — never see anything but that, living happily inside the walls that were so expertly built for them, denying the world that exists outside the blinders."
Eventual extinction will cleanse it all.

Madison Cawthorn flattened by gun-owning former GOPer over 'be armed, be dangerous' boast
"You know, how many times do we have to see the Republican Party debasing themselves this way?" she asked. "This is so antithetical to everything that Republicans believe."
The media thrives on it. The fascists know that many in the media are dumb as a sack of hammers. They only have interest in getting their names on a by line.

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses Democrats of plotting a 'race war' in Twitter meltdown
The perfect example of what I meant by the Rittenhouse verdict would be a starter for the madness of the fascist party no matter what it turned out to be. It will be used to attempt to start a shooting civil war. She is so typical you can read her like a comic book.

As Georgia grows more Democratic, its members of Congress will not
They won't be there forever.

Kevin McCarthy's rambling 8.5-hour speech really summed up the GOP
The House minority leader's showstopping efforts achieved ... nothing. Literally nothing.
They've been that way for some time. We are all in danger because of it.

Republican NH Gov. Chris Sununu Goes After GOP for Voting Against Gosar Censure, Threatening Moderates: Their Priorities Are ‘Screwed Up’
Can't we all see how very screwed up these fascists are? Or are we that blind?

The Dangerous Impact of the NRA’s “Guns Everywhere” Law on Airport Security
Gunfire at a TSA checkpoint in Atlanta was just the latest alarming incident.
The continuing degeneration of the United States.

Ted Cruz Refuses To Say 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen
If this lying clown is allowed to be on TV then he must be treated like the lying clown he is.
Any doubts that a segment of our country has any doubts about the integrity of any election in our country was put in them by low-down seditionists like Cruz and Fatso.

Peter Navarro Subpoenaed By House COVID Panel
The former Trump adviser is about to go through some things.

Trump Urges Peter Navarro To Defy Subpoena In COVID Probe By 'Communist Democrats'
The former president has ordered Navarro to "protect executive privilege" in regard to Trump's handling of the coronavirus.
Protect a lard-assed crook is what he wants. Navarro is dumb enough to get his ass in deeper trouble.

Acosta Awards Carlson 'Fox Bullsh*t Factory Employee Of The Year'
Tucker Carlson wins the coveted "Bullshit" winner of the year, quite the honor indeed.
Proving no one is absolutely useless. Even the worst of us can serve as horrible examples.

Kyle Rittenhouse Didn't Act Alone: Law Enforcement Must Be Held Accountable
The massive show of force from 40 law enforcement agencies in Kenosha didn’t make anyone safer.

The Corporate Demolition of Our Pillars of Freedom
As cases of corporate violence increase, company executives escape fines, admissions, and often are promoted or let go with huge multi-million-dollar severance payments.

Trump's grip on the GOP is 'slipping' as advisers scramble for reasons to bail on 2024 run: report
Maybe he's getting a bit ripe in the smell department now that so much is showing how big a crook he is.

Wiley: 'Peace Is A Choice. Justice Is A Requirement For Peace.'
Maya Wiley explained why Judge Schroeder was the legal heft behind the Rittenhouse acquittal, and why no one but white supremacists consider the outcome justice.

Kevin McCarthy whines: AOC and other Dems tried to 'shut me down' by 'heckling' during 8-hour floor speech
Always better to be swung at and missed than shit at and hit, Kev.

Pride and prejudice: Forget critical race theory — let's talk about critical race facts
Real history isn't designed to make white people feel good — and they can't hide from the truth forever
Yes. Thankfully we can all return to the Land of the Happy Negro for solace.

Proud Boys call for 'stacking up' bodies 'like cord wood' after Rittenhouse verdict
We all knew this would happen after Rittenhouse no matter what the virdict.
Gang-bangers looking for shit.

Legal jeopardy is far from over for Kyle Rittenhouse — here's why
That's how they got O.J. Simpson.

INFINITE SIEG FUCKING HEILS: Alas, Kyle Rittenhouse Is An American
So called.

Right-Wingers Turn on Glenn Youngkin Over His LGBTQ Staffer and Vaccine Rules
Once regarded as a “brilliant” Republican candidate, Glenn Youngkin is already being called a fake conservative by many right-wing media figures.
Oooops! The fascists didn't know their candidate at all, did they? Typical American voter stupidity.

Kyle Rittenhouse Redefined What “Active Shooter” Means
His defense team argued that he was acting in self-defense. The jury bought it, which will have consequences for the rest of us.
And we will pay.

'Knowingly lying': DeSantis torched after falsely claiming the COVID vaccine is 'not preventing infection'
Better to be thought a blithering idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

'Saddening, Infuriating, and Utterly Unsurprising': Rittenhouse Acquitted
The verdict, said the Huber family, sends the "unacceptable message" that armed vigilantes can "use the danger they have created to justify shooting people in the street."
Best advice I can offer is stay the fuck out of Wisconsin. Sadly, that goes for a lot of the former U.S.

Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty On All Charges
White supremacists found their new hero.
3.5 days to reach a virdict? Do we think somebody had to have their arm(s) twisted that long?

Top health associations band together to support mandates, calling them 'reasonable and essential'
I know, I know. What do these "health associations" have to do with public health?

A Quarter of U.S. Roads Could Be Regularly Flooded in 30 Years
The findings were part of a multi-year study analyzing the impact of flooding and increased rainfall over the next three decades.
So why worry about a white supremacist getting away with murder? Install flotation devices in your motor vehicles.

‘There Was No Justice Today’: Family of Man Killed by Kyle Rittenhouse Slams Verdict
"...Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed
To live in a land where justice is a game" — Bob Dylan, The Hurricane.

‘He’s Not a White Supremacist’: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyer Takes Shot at Biden
Of course he's not. There's never been such a thing and never will be in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Kyle Rittenhouse trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill
The shooter’s homicide acquittal coddles conservatives and may lead to even more violence.
May? It was designed to open the door for it no matter what the virdict was.

There Will Be More Rittenhouses The forces that created a vigilante also exonerated him.
Most medics don't carry long rifles in their medical bags. But they do carry Covid 19 with many of them.
"It is obvious — it has been obvious — that the forces that produced Rittenhouse and his forgiving jury and his lenient judge are all the same. They are endemic to American society. There will be other Kyle Rittenhouses."

The lionization of Kyle Rittenhouse by the right
A not guilty verdict wasn’t needed to turn the 18-year-old into a conservative cause célèbre. But he got one still.
Thou anointest his head with bullshit.

3 female senators have Kyrsten Sinema's back: They say focus on what she wears to vote is "sexist."
What she wears and what she says are identically bullshit. And so is what these women are saying.
They mean I can wear my speedo and tank top to vote if I'm a Senator?
Situational ethics clearly at work here.

DeSantis signs limits on vaccine mandates one day after Legislature approved them
A fascist state has no standards.

Rittenhouse verdict flies in the face of legal standards for self-defense
A fascist state has no standards.

GOP Lawmakers Fall Over Each Other to Offer Jobs to Kyle Rittenhouse
At least three MAGA Republicans reacted to Rittenhouse’s acquittal by fawning over the Kenosha shooter and offering him internships.
Like killers much? We've got you Cawthorn. You can now be certain we will all be armed.

Kyle Rittenhouse Has Gotten Away With Murder—as Predicted
Rittenhouse’s acquittal is not a “miscarriage” of justice, as some might claim. It is our white justice system working as intended.
A filthy situation and one that will prove deadly to our civilization.
"There is no justice. And there is no peace. And if you complain about that, white people will show up to shoot you. Just like a majority of white people want them to."

Canadian Cops Unleash Assault Rifles, Helicopters Against Indigenous Protesters
Humans have gone completely banana brain. There is no future for human beings as the human part of our being is vanishing.

This Is Legal Now.
America may now be officially declared insane.
"Everyone knew in their bones Rittenhouse would be acquitted, after he crossed state lines with a semiautomatic weapon it was illegal for him to carry, and then shot the people who were trying to disarm him after he shot someone who threw a plastic bag at him."
"We have come to an era in our country, ushered in by the NRA, in which fear for your life is grounds to kill someone who is trying to defend themselves from you threatening their life."
This is scraping the bottom of rationality and civil discourse. All contentions will now be settled by gunplay. Prepare yourselves. Never take a knife to a gun fight.

Will This Far-Right Journalist Prove Pols Are Getting High Off The Blood Of Children?

Fox News 'Let's Be Racist F*cking Misogynistic Garbage At Kamala Harris' Contest Still Going, Apparently

RNC chair contradicts Trump: 'Biden won the election'
That took awhile.

The Withering Away of the States Can’t Happen Soon Enough
It’s time for a new federalism that brings suburbs and central cities together to promote equity, growth, and sustainability.

'The writing is on the wall': Legal expert explains why Arbery defendant is reportedly seeking a plea deal

No, the Steele Dossier Did Not Invent the Russia Scandal The report was faulty, but Trump was very, very guilty.
Prison for him — now.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lauds McCarthy Speech Despite ‘One of the Lowest Vocabularies’ Ever Seen
“It is stunning to me how long a person can talk, knowing and exhibiting and communicating so little.”
I have to agree. McCarthy is pretty low on the intellect scale. Has he ever said anything worth noting?

Hillary Clinton Unleashes on Cryptocurrencies: They’re ‘Undermining’ the Dollar, ‘Destabilizing Nations’
Hillary Clinton is saying this. Yes, she is correct. It is absolutely happening before our very eyes. We are embracing it, in fact.

Despite Low Approval and Negative Press, NYT’s David Brooks Announces ‘Biden is Succeeding’ in Buzzed-About Column
Looks like someone is full of shit here. I'll give you three guesses who it is and not one of them can be Brooks.

GOP State Rep: Gays Beaten For Holding Hands Are Getting The “Normal Consequences For Their Choices”
Just who the fuck thinks these twerps can stand in judgement of what is righteous or perverse? These creatures are totally without a functioning brain. Keep your hateful religion to yourselves and leave the rest of us out of it!

Marco Rubio Smears Biden Nominee As “Communist”
Naturally, a sawed-off Marxist would do that. He's from a communist country himself.

Trump attorney Eastman went directly to Arizona’s House speaker with his insurrectionist scheme: report
It just keeps getting darker.

Texts show Kimberly Guilfoyle bragged about raising millions for rally that fueled Capitol riot
We're gonna have to build a special prison just to hold all the criminals in the Trump coup.

Texas court sides with Fort Worth hospital — rules it cannot be forced to treat COVID patient with Ivermectin
Texas does something right?
Just pull him out of the hospital and feed him all the worm medicine he wants.

DeJoy’s future in jeopardy as Biden plans to replace key USPS governor: report

‘An outrageous affront to the First Amendment’: Judge slammed for blocking NY Times from publishing Project Veritas materials
Fascism at work in America.

Kevin McCarthy Derided Over 'Unhinged' 8-Hour Speech Against Build Back Better Act
"McCarthy has now shown more anger about making child care affordable than he has about the insurrection on January 6th," said Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones.
It will be a great day for America when this idiot gets tossed in the dumpster.

'I Did!': Ocasio-Cortez Interjects After McCarthy States 'Nobody Elected Joe Biden to Be FDR'
"Effective heckling is a lost art," said one observer, "but AOC managed to silence McCarthy for at least a few seconds."
It would be difficult to elect him as anyone but Joe Biden. But I get the point. He's now already there.

The Ugly New Charges Against Jan. 6 Rioter ‘Baked Alaska’
“No more ‘Happy Hanukkah,’ only ‘Merry Christmas,’” racist livestreamer Baked Alaska allegedly said as he tore down a Jewish group’s signage.
Disguntled fascist.

‘Wait a minute — that’s a crime’: Bob Woodward reveals what evidence could unravel Trump’s Jan. 6 scheme
"... You can't step in and put your hammer down on a process which is in the Constitution."
Only Nazi traitors do that.

Tide is turning against Trump as GOP heavyweights increasingly call him out: CNN analyst
And prison awaits.

House Democrats overcome last-minute right-wing campaign, pass Build Back Better bill
Despite a flood of negative campaign ads and a late-night Kevin McCarthy stunt, Democrats pass Biden's big agenda

Trump used mass death as a political weapon — and it's the country's reaction that is truly shocking
"Ultimately, Donald Trump and his regime are responsible for many of the deaths — probably a large majority of them — caused by the coronavirus pandemic."
He must pay.

Newly unearthed video shows teen shot and killed by police had his hands in the air
Another murder by "law enforcement"?

'Christianity is shrinking into a rump': Conservative pens scathing review of right-wing pro-Trump conference

Judge Schroeder Bans MSNBC From Rittenhouse Trial
Schroeder has banned MSNBC from the courthouse because he believed they were following a van with the jury, but really, their freelancer was getting a traffic ticket near where the jury van was.
He saw it once in a cartoon and thought he could do it.

Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sen. Kennedy?
We haven't seen such vile behavior toward a president's nominee since the days of Joe McCarthy.
A natural response from a fascist. Should we call him a Senator or a Cracker? Or perhaps just Dickhead.

Fired Ferguson Police Officer 'Maserati Mike' Comes To Kenosha Armed
The armed man pacing around Kenosha courthouse where Kyle Rittenhouse's fate is being decided was identified as fired Ferguson police officer Jesse T. Kline.
"Of course, they let him go. He isn't an unarmed black kid with a toy gun. Then police would have a problem."
Are we sure this guy isn't named "Yugo Yuri"?

Stephanie Ruhle, Don't Let Nancy Mace Get Away With Her B.S.
This congresswoman bends the truth on a regular basis. Don't let her perform this schtick!

Say goodbye to swing districts. Lawmakers are drawing easy wins in dozens of states.
In states where legislators drew the lines this decade, nearly 90 percent of congressional races were easy wins for one party or the other.
And we thought we had elections that meant something.

'Sacrifice and Solidarity' Pay Off as Striking John Deere Workers Win Bigger Wage Hike
"Our members' courageous willingness to strike in order to attain a better standard of living and a more secure retirement resulted in a groundbreaking contract."

Donald Trump Continues to Stoke a Domestic Terrorism Movement
The ex-president is pushing his most brazen lie yet about the January 6 insurrection.

This Texas County Shows Exactly How Republicans Are Rolling Back the Clock on Voting Rights
Galveston is a microcosm of the racial gerrymandering playing out throughout the South.

NFL QB Joe Flacco Reveals He’s Unvaccinated: I Like to ‘Talk About this Topic More Than Anybody’
Must be why he's with the Jets now. Are they still in the NFL? Most adults in the U.S. are vaccinated.

Human Brains Are Shrinking, Scientist Warns
Remember that movie "Idiocracy"?
Do what now?

The New Inflation Scare Is Dumb—Don't Fall for It
Elites are sounding the alarm over threats of inflation in order to block Biden's social spending plan. We shouldn't fall for it.

Only Public Schools Educate Everyone. That’s One Reason Why Only They Deserve Public Funds

Head of federal agency responsible for wildly inaccurate jobs numbers is Trump holdover
Dispicable that the media has failed us so badly on this.

U.S. jobless claims drop seventh straight week to 268,000
Proof that the media is complicit in lies.

Evangelical warns Christians have 'erected a graven image' of Trump and let it corrupt the faith
"You had no faith to lose and you know it..." — Bob Dylan. Positively 4th Street

Ilhan Omar rips Lauren Boebert for calling her a member of 'The Jihad Squad' during bizarre House floor rant
Boebert gets pegged on target. She deserves it.

Trump and his allies are just as guilty as the QAnon Shaman: op-ed
Then throw their asses in stir. What are you waiting for, signed confessions?

Paul Gosar Boasts of His ‘Thug Life’ Cred as His Own Family Demands His Ouster Over Violent Murder Video

The Pattern of GOP Voter Fraud
In case after case from 2020, it turns out that Republicans were the ones misbehaving at the ballot box.
These reprobates can't win without rigging something.

The evidence we have now about the blueprint for Trump's coup attempt is utterly damning
And so...

Steve Bannon is a Leninist who is not that unlike the radical leftists in the Weather Underground: author
A similar species to a Dung Beatle.

Steve Bannon and MAGA Martyrdom
A practitioner of Leninist tactics, he can be expected to make the most of the contempt of Congress charges he faces.

Torturous abuse by Pentecostal parents — and the daring escape that saved these sisters' lives
Thou shalt beat the shit out of thy daughters because...holy book says to?

Americans are united in belief Trump shouldn't run again — but GOPers want him anyway: report
Proof that the GQPoopers are fascists.

Censure 'Not Enough': Rights Groups Call For Expulsion of Gosar After House Vote
"Anyone who shares content of themselves murdering a coworker on social media would be fired without hesitation in any other workplace."
Expulsion is a good start. But we shouldn't stop with him. There's a sack full of hammers just waiting to go out the door.

Lunatic Taylor Greene Threatens 'Civil War' Over Biden's Agenda
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Wednesday raised the possibility of a "civil war" if Republicans help President Joe Biden pass his Build Back Better agenda
I'm sure she'll love it since she's such a gunslinger.
She might not want to mention debt issues since her "party" doesn't give a shit about debt when they are in office. History proves it. Everything she says is bullshit.

QAnon Rep: I’m Getting My Committees Back Next Year
"...and i'll be Homecoming Queen, Queen of the Hop and Lady Godiva. My band and I will make a #1 record and I'll begin my movie career, continue my own way of Cancel Culture, all the while still being a total fucking moron!"

The media must refuse to be complicit in another Republican attempt to steal the presidency
Good luck with that. It would require a soul.

FBI raids homes of Colorado MAGA county clerk and Lauren Boebert’s former campaign manager: report
Take that psychopath along as well.

'Angry librarians’ are fed up with Texas Republicans’ war on books: columnist
All Americans should be fed up with this fascism in Texas.

What Does One Serve After Daddy Dearest Stages A Coup?

Michigan GOP’s Voter Restrictions Could Eliminate 20 Percent of Polling Sites
All in primarily Democrat districts?
And they have the nerve to call themselves American. MAGAt Nazis killing our country.

GOP Billionaires Who Never Donated to Democrats Are Funding Manchin and Sinema
The turds that float to the top.

U.S. Department of Education investigates claims of racial and gender discrimination at North Texas school district
The inquiry comes after several high-profile controversies at Carroll ISD, including an administrator's call for teachers to provide an "opposing" view of the Holocaust.
Fascists attempting to take over school boards

QAnon Shaman's lawyer says smoking crack 'is not bad on occasion' while defending his client
Like what occasion? When you have to make a crack about crack?

House censures Paul Gosar for video depicting murder of AOC — and only two Republicans vote yes
The Fascists all support murder by proxy.

'A real man would defend his wife': Liz Cheney thrashes Ted Cruz after he says she has 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'
Of course we know what Cruz is.

Trump supporter arrested after threatening to execute Connecticut’s governor
Another MAGAt eats the dirt.

Sinema: We’re All Trying to Find the Guy Who Did This to Biden’s Agenda Senator concerned about promises that can’t be delivered (because of her).
What a douchebag.

Why Biden's record on jobs has been 'dramatically underestimated'
As one senator put it, "I guess I'm not exactly sure why what's happening isn't being characterized as a booming recovery from a worldwide shutdown."
"The senator's point is sound: The U.S. economy has already created 5.8 million jobs this year — far above any year in recent memory — and it's currently on pace to finish 2021 with nearly 7 million jobs created this year."
Journalism ain't what it used to be.

New Revelations Emerge on How Donald Trump Killed 400,000 (or More) Americans
We keep learning more about Trump’s deadly mishandling of the pandemic.
They're coming for you, Fatso.

Climate change will pose a huge disruption. Are the world’s banks ready?
The banks? They'll run with the money. That's when you'll see how many people own weapons and will use them.

Newsmax Guest Michael Savage Brandishes Guns As “The Solution” To Rittenhouse-Related Unrest [VIDEO]
Interesting that this SAVAGE person brings up the defense of Rittenhouse not firing his AR-15 like a machine gun which means the weapon would be an automatic. The AR-15 is semi-automatic. An automatic gun is defined as a gun that continuously fires bullets until the trigger is left. In the United States, civilians are allowed to keep machine guns that were made before 1886. Under the Firearm Owner Act of 1886, a civilian cannot legally buy this weapon. The AR-15 may be converted to automatic in some ways but it would then be an illegal weapon. So what is his point? To use his own words "Who the hell does he think he is?"
They want vigilate murders made legal, that's very obvious.

Rittenhouse Lawyers Seek Mistrial Over Video Quality
OMG! It wasn't in 4K! They must be worried about the verdict, whining at this point in deliberation.

US Bishops Drop Effort To Deny Communion To Biden
It appears these cult leaders want to continue to have their pedo raping parties.

'QAnon Shaman' is sentenced to over 3 years in prison for role in Capitol riot
Jacob Chansley had pleaded guilty in September to a single count of felony obstruction of an official proceeding.
So long, my little shame man.

Canadian Pastor Says It Was “God’s Plan” After COVID Outbreak Kills Three Following Violation Of Protocols
One thing these morons have proved beyond a shadow of doubt is that "God" is a fucking idiot.

Man “Patrols” Kenosha Courthouse With AR-15 [VIDEO]
This terrorist Talibastard is looking for trouble even though all he wants to do is get his face in the news. If anyone thinks that he's intimidating anyone they can think again. Intimidation in and of itself can provoke an act of violence. So, yes he is a terrorist. And if he has a license and it's an open carry state, bet your ass he ain't the the only one packing heat. America IS in deep shit.

Massive COVID Surge Rattles Europe, Putting US at Risk Ahead of Thanksgiving
But that can't get to us can it?
And here we thought the Covid thing was over.

Just Another Day in a Place Known as... The Twilight Zone

It’s No Surprise Our Water Infrastructure Is So Bad
You’d think the wealthiest country in the world could supply its own population with drinkable water. But you’d be wrong.

Adam Schiff’s Insider Account of the Fight to Save Our Democracy
What it was like for the congressman to investigate and impeach—and get called juvenile names by—Donald Trump.

US Catholic Bishops to vote on banning Biden from Communion over abortion
But they will keep raping young boys?

Nazis are too busy throwing each other under the bus to notice they're incriminating themselves
Flag code: Since the flag the ass in the center is holding is not crossed with another, he's holding it for the photo incorrectly. Stars top left of the viewer is the rule unless crossed with another banner and only then it's top right.
Flag Etiquette:The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery as the dip in the rear is doing. And yes, we know the clothing issue is broken constantly.

Jim Acosta: We Don't Need More Evidence, It Was A Coup Attempt
"We had a coup attempt in this country. We just have to come to grips with that, deal with that reality. And we have to get to the bottom of it," Jim Acosta said.
Apparently, we don't have the courage to do it.

Steve Bannon and the Deadly Implications of 'Deconstructing the Administrative State'
It may sweep away the last barrier against political barbarism
X Bannon.

'Whole case is a mess': Internet stunned as judge lets Rittenhouse choose final jurors in raffle system
Why not throw darts? Or flip a coin? Justice is a game in America.

Ted Cruz’s mocking limerick toward Biden backfires when Twitter users turn the tables on him
When will this ignorant fool stop trying to prove he is a clever wit?

'Repugnant and offensive': Anti-vax protesters display Nazi symbols outside Jewish lawmaker's office
"... to openly display Nazi symbols outside the office of a Jewish legislator is despicable."
Yes, these miscreants are dispicable. But they don't care as they have no moral center. They roll in dispicableness.

New Poll Shows Americans Support Legal Abortion
Does anyone think the fascists care what Americans support? They don't even care about legal elections any longer.

Rittenhouse Attorney's Abhorrent Closing Argument
The defense attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse tried to use one shooting to justify one of Rittenhouse's murders.

Radicalized Republican Party goes to blows over infrastructure bill supported by 63% of Americans
The Fascist Party is totally unhinged.

Scientists May Have Accidentally Spotted an Extra Planet in Our Solar System
Okay, that's fascinating.
"Extra"? How is that determined when we don't know how many are in the official system in which we agree to define as planets to start with? Can we use "additional" instead?

Coffee and Tea Linked to Lower Risk of Stroke and Dementia in 11-Year Study
Those who reported drinking a "moderate" amount of coffee and/or tea daily were less likely to be diagnosed with stroke and dementia, according to new research.

JPMorgan Wants $162 Million From Tesla Because of Elon Musk's Tweets
An infamous 2018 Twitter quip resulted in some major financial fallout between the bank and automaker.
Pocket change for him, right?

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Elon Musk?
"...has the emotional capacity of an 8-year-old boy attempting his first prank phone call."

Conservatives in Trump country attacked a library for hosting a LGBTQ meeting — it massively backfired
It is no wonder that the fascists are brainless idiots. They've never cracked a book except possibly the Judaeo Christian myths in their lives. Fear the books! Fear the libraries!

Homo longi: extinct human species that may replace Neanderthals as our closest relatives found in China
Not extinct! Look at the videos on the article's link below. These screaming numnuts look the same to me.

Trump supporter outside Rittenhouse trial courthouse tells Black man: 'Move your Black [expletive] back!'
Where was Kyle? He could have murdered a few more.

Dems grow increasingly frustrated with Merrick Garland's 'apolitical' style: report
If he can't do the job fire his ass--now.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Pretty Sure Her Middle-Aged Immune System Can Handle COVID-19 Without Any Help

Six Colorado High School Students Take Bullets For Gun Freedom
Gun orgasms. Now a feature of America.

Stay Outraged, Patriots!
Why run on policies when you can run on misplaced fury?

Progressives Can No Longer Cede School Boards to the GOP
They should treat them as political arenas in which to fight—and win.
No fascists on school boards. Ever.

Innocent Man Killed During Vigilante Search for Abducted 1-Year-Old, Police Say
Vigilante gunplay. Why was the boy in the SUV? Was he kidnapped or had he been "forgotten" when the SUV was stolen.

How Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Starts to Fix the Racist Legacy of “Bulldozing and Bisecting”
We used to call the cautious approach to fixing long-term problems “governing.”

The American right's actions are right out of the Nazi playbook
"The authoritarian fervor behind these actions has been promoted by Donald Trump..."

US auto factories swung back into gear in October: govt

Trump could face 3 years in prison for political coercion in office: watchdogs
And that's just for starters.

Bannon's shady 2016 dealings still under investigation — but his billionaire backers may have already abandoned him
Someone could give him enough to find a decent barber.

Steve Bannon comes unhinged on podcast after surrender to FBI: 'This is the war that they've brought to us!'
Loudmouth. The only war he's got has been brought on by his dirty seditious dealings.

Sherri Tenpenny Says Giving Children COVID-19 Vaccines Is a Form of ‘Very, Very, Very, Very Late-Term Abortion’
Here's a new flavor of stupid. Batshit crazy and still walking around when she should be institutionalized.

The mystery of Tucker Carlson
His mother left him when he was six. Good advice for all of us. Just leave him.
"If we can figure out how an intelligent writer and conservative can go from writing National Magazine Award–nominated articles to shouting about immigrants on Fox News, perhaps we can understand what is happening to this country, or at least to journalism, in 2018."

Tucker Carlson Hosts Notorious Anti-Vax Nutbag [Video]
"...there’s worse things than death."
Yes, like extinction. We are well on our way.
The nerd forgets all the Americans that died long before we had a vaccine.

Anti-Vax Woman In Ivermectin Suit Dies Of Something
She could have left the hospital and got the worm medicine she wanted. Why didn't she if they believed so in it?

Ex-White House Staffer Infuriates Trump With Claim That He Admitted Election Loss
Former communications director Alyssa Farah detailed how the former president began to embrace the big lie.
Could he get so pissed that he could blow up? Blowed up real good?

Tax Money Lost to Abuses by the Rich Could Pay to Vaccinate the World 3 Times Over
"We must reprogram the global tax system to protect people's wellbeing and livelihoods over the desires of the wealthiest, or the cruel inequalities exposed by the pandemic will be locked in for good."

Right's cynical attack on "critical race theory": Old racist poison in a new bottle
White supremacy keeps rebranding itself — but the song remains the same
And the fascists have been singing it for centuries.

The Trial Of The Pasty Mama's Boy
Trae Crowder dissects the joke known as the Rittenhouse trial.

Delusional GOP lawmakers are melting down over Steve Bannon’s indictment
Defending their own criminals is a bad habit they have carried for decades.

Katie Porter decimates Louis DeJoy's tenure as postmaster in just 90 seconds
No wonder so many checks don't make it to the payee on time, or at all, and the payer gets a stop payment check fee and hit with a late payment fee to boot.
Why is this idiot still sucking us dry?

‘I’m not vaccinated’: Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to stand up for anti-vaxxers
Who may very well expose themselves to Covid and could eliminate themselves. That's not all bad.

'Submit your resignation': Angry parent shreds right-wing school board member who proposed book burning
More books will be printed than the fools can burn.

‘He broke down crying about himself’: Prosecutor accuses Kyle Rittenhouse of having ‘no concern for anyone else’
He's playing the Trump card. Donnie will be upset someone is playing his game.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial will end in a verdict – the nation’s trial by ordeal won’t
Broken people.

Republicans now openly embrace violent fascism
You heard it here in the Land of the Happy Negro years ago.

Pentagon: Oklahoma Guard must comply with vaccine mandate
"It is a lawful order for National Guardsmen to receive the Covid vaccine. It is a lawful order," Defense Department press secretary John Kirby told reporters.
And here is their next step. You WILL get vaccinated.

Manchin keeps arguing Build Back Better will lead to more inflation. Manchin is wrong
Has Manchin ever been right?

Naturalization numbers go up, a good sign after pandemic and politics disrupted services for many
I'm certain they will all be welcome here now, right?

When 'Let's Go Brandon' is chanted from pews at Texas megachurch, tax-exempt status is questioned
Why should any of these false institutions be exempt?

Yes, Michael Flynn Is A Theocracy Grifter
Michael Flynn is willing to sell out America on a regular basis. This time with an eye on the collection plate at your local evangelical church.
I thought we used to call this sort a whore as well? The "Christians" are now whoremongers? Asking for a friend.

Mike Flynn’s Outrageous Statements Contradict the Constitution, Threaten U.S. Democracy
Former Trump advisor’s comments calling for “one religion” demand unequivocal denunciation from Republicans
Anyone think they'll get that from these totalitarian assholes?

Steve Bannon Sends A Message To MAGA: Stand By
Steve Bannon screamed a lot of words outside the courthouse Monday, and none of them matter.

COP26: 'Walking Inches When We Must Move Miles'
Climate vulnerable countries were bitterly disappointed with the watering down of language on coal and lack of finance to cover permanent losses from climate change they are already suffering.
It's like Covid not caring about human opinion. The future will not care about the utter failure that we have become.

Fox Business Anchor Blasts 'Low-Rent' Gosar For Tweeting 'Snuff Film'
Fox Business anchor Liz Claman on Sunday accused Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) of sharing a "snuff film" on Twitter.
Nicely done.

Why We Should Reject Mark Zuckerberg's Dehumanizing Vision of a "Metaverse"
We should not trust Mark Zuckerberg or any other members of the corporate elite with self-serving agendas to guide us through an increasingly precarious future. We should not be willing to accept Big Tech's and the WEF's dehumanizing vision of the future.
I suppose this only matters if humans think of themselves as human any longer.

Dubious $56,000 Alzheimer’s drug spurs largest Medicare price hike ever
The drug that could cost Medicare tens to hundreds of billions of dollars.
Isn't Capitalism scamming wonderful?

Christian Nationalists Ramp Up Calls For Banning – And Literally Burning – Books They Don’t Like
Living in a Fahrenheit 451 dystopia.
Yes, you can read Captain Beatty’s statement to Montag in the Comments section.
They can never burn the truth away no matter how hard they try. "Christian" in this case is a misnomer.

'Personal goon squad': Why a newly-reported memo by a Trump loyalist is 'cause of considerable alarm' for US democracy
Nazi goons.

'Close to questioning evolution': Rittenhouse judge blasted for claim enlarged videos are 'so-called scientific evidence'

Kyle Rittenhouse hopes to capitalize on white panic

Alex Jones handed a devastating loss in lawsuit filed by Sandy Hook parents
We can only hope that's the case. Some snake heads are hard to chop off.

Some GOPers Who Backed Bill Won't Appear At Biden Signing Today
Mostly because of the death threats they received for their part in the infrastructure bill.
So nice to be living in what used to be a civilized country.

Yellen says COVID-19 pandemic is 'responsible' for inflation increases
Which, in turn, clearly points out that anti-vaxxers are causing inflation. Why aren't we attacking them and putting a stop to their treason?

Are You Craven, Cowardly, Criminally Inclined, or Otherwise Fucked Up? The Republican Party May Be Right for You

Ted Cruz gets mowed down by Adam Kinzinger and Eric Swalwell after attacking Liz Cheney
He doesn't get that he and the other fascists are the ones that should be joining the Republican Party.

“Band-Aid on a Bullet Wound:” Flint Locals Seethe Over $626 Million Water Settlement
“Man-made disaster” left thousands of families exposed to toxic lead.
The future seems to get darker as the days pass.

‘This is Not What Our Democracy is About’: GOP Rep. Fred Upton Condemns Death Threats, Trump Defending ‘Hang Mike Pence’ Chants
Proof that there are a few Republicans that have some brain function left.

Sen. John Barrasso Completely Fumbles When Confronted on Trump’s Defense of ‘Hang Mike Pence’ Chants
The stupid is very strong in this one.

TX Woman Charged With Assaulting Flight Attendant.
Another Texas trend in the bizzare world of Covidiots.

Anti-Vaxxers Battle White Supremacists At NYC Rally
Madmen on our streets. Morons declaring themselves morons. This is a madhouse of mindless maniacs who will eventually be destroyed by the fascisim they are themselves creating.

Michael Flynn Demands 'One Religion Under God' At Far-Right Rally
Trump's former national security adviser called for the nation to have a single religion.
"Such a vision is completely contrary to the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of religion, and the separation of church and state."
Of course. But to a batshit crazy fascist, religion means one way only — his way and the fascist way.
But which "God" is he referring to as there are many. Let me guess and I might get it on one try.

Virginia Supreme Court rejects GOP's slate of redistricting experts, citing conflicts of interest
It's obvious they are victims ÿ again.

St. Jude Hoards Billions While Many Of Its Families Drain Savings
While families may not receive a bill from St. Jude, the hospital doesn’t cover what’s usually the biggest source of financial stress associated with childhood cancer: the loss of income as parents quit or take leave from jobs to be with their child during treatment.

Texas AG Attacks State Bar Over His Own Election Fraud Lies
Like every other MAGA GOP-er, Ken Paxton worships Trump and thinks the rules don't apply to him. Even the State Bar of Texas'.
Texas. Try not to laugh so hard. Fox Plays Conservative Victim Card For Rittenhouse Judge
The hosts of Fox & Friends pretend that Wisconsin Judge Bruce Schroeder, who is presiding over the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, hasn't done anything to deserve the ire of his critics. The victim card! Think of it! They ALWAYS play it! It's very close to being a comedy routine.

Trump’s endorsements of 'incredibly damaged' candidates has GOP strategists in a panic: report
You have to consider the 'incredibly damaged'that endorses them as a starting point.

Rittenhouse Judge Confirms He Is A Complete Idiot
Incoherence is unbecoming in a judge.
"...Judge Bruce Schroeder reinforces his own self-assessment that he is a complete and total idiot when it comes to technology."
Or "I am a complete fucked up idiot that is supposed to be a legal person but I don't even have the brain to figure that part out. Now, what about this fucking phone?"

Authoritarian Coups Are Gradual then Sudden

WTF? A Saturday Sermon to a Very Disgruntled Choir

'Isn't it time for the AG to target Trump?' CNN's Jim Acosta calls on Merrick Garland to indict former president
Wayyyyyy past time. Indict the criminal.

Trump joked and encouraged staffers to feel free to break the law: White House insider
A co-conspriator in any crime.

Kayleigh McEnany’s notebooks could be a smoking gun in Capitol riot probe: analyst
That poor little girl.

New Leader of Oklahoma National Guard Rejects Federal Vaccine Mandate
Of course, it's Oklahoma which has always been just OK.
Is this a first step to secession? I can only guess what the next step will be.

Shapiro Host: Shooting People Is Not Against The Law
It's raining in outer spaceville. America is the batshit leader of the world.

The New Face Of The GOP?
Paul Waldman is right about Kyle Rittenhouse.
But they also have as faces of their facsist party: Benito Mussolini, Attila the Hun, Giovanni Gentile, Engelbert Dollfuss, Corneliu Codreanu, Léon Degrelle, Gyula Gömbös, Chuck Crate, Antonio Avendaño, Alfonso Serrano Vilariño, Marcus Garvey, Gustavo Sáenz de Sicilia, William Dudley Pelley, Father Charles Coughlin, Seward Collins, Robert Henry Best, Ezra Pound, and on and on, ad infinitum.

Now evangelicals want to depict "social justice" as un-Christian: I hope God will forgive them
In demonizing the "social justice gospel," evangelical hypocrites are literally rejecting the teachings of Christ
"Many shall come in my name." Ooops!

The Senate Cannot Be Reformed—It Can Only Be Abolished
The Senate is a deeply undemocratic institution where white power thrives and the popular will goes to die.

As the Supreme Court Weighs the Future of Abortion, Women Are Already Suffering
Attacks on reproductive rights have metastasized well beyond abortion in recent years, endangering women’s health and lives.

Democrat issues warning after Bannon’s indictment: 'I hope Mr. Meadows will come to his senses'
He'd better find them first.

Staggering racism of defense attorney in Ahmaud Arbery trial on full display
A defense attorney claimed that having "high-profile members of the African American community” in the courtroom was “intimidating,” drawing swift backlash.
Turns out the snowflakes are the racists. Always. Think of it. Always.

Suddenly the Far Right Wants to Fix the DC Jail. It Just Took Locking Up Some White Insurrectionists.
“It’s never been humane, it’s never been acceptable, it’s never been right.”
Just make sure that some of them are padded cells.

Rogan: “I’m Super Flexible, I Can Suck My Own Dick”
Who wants to go here? So many places to go on this. Take your time.

Joe Manchin Wants to Sabotage the $12,500 EV Tax Credit
The West Virginian senator has already scuttled some of the most effective climate proposals in the Build Back

Marjorie Taylor Greene whines about being in Congress: 'I don’t want to have anything to do with politics'
And we don't want your stinking hands on it either, Marge. How soon will you be resigning?

QAnon Rep: The US Capitol Is “Basically A Glass Castle Just Waiting To Be Shattered By The American People”
They used to call this a threat. But now it's just all in a day's fucking.

Steve Bannon gets indicted for contempt of Congress
Will this one still remain the douchebag?
Thank you, Attorney General Merrick Garland.

'Our growing, authoritarian nightmare': MSNBC host sounds the alarm about the right's 'book-burning stage'
"This is America where we're supposed to give a damn about, I don't know, freedom of speech and thought an open society. But hey, welcome to our growing, authoritarian nightmare."

Fox News host says Kyle Rittenhouse 'did the right thing'
Of course that's what a vigilante would say. Taking law into your own hands is in fashion with the Nazis.

The Real Source of Inflation? Consolidated Corporate Power and Greed
This structural problem is amenable to only one thing: the aggressive use of antitrust law.

Gene Simmons Blasts Unvaxxed 'Evil,' 'Delusional' Aaron Rodgers
"You are not allowed to infect anybody just because you think you've got rights that are delusional," the frontman for KISS said, as he ripped all anti-vaxxers.
Can it be put any more understandable even to fools?

Ron Johnson Asks Wisconsin GOP To Commit Election Fraud
Ron Johnson met privately with Wisconsin Republican lawmakers to urge them to take over federal elections.

Covid vaccine holdouts are caving to mandates — then scrambling to 'undo' their shots
As mandates spread, anti-vaccine groups have been trafficking in pseudoscience treatments meant to remove or counteract the vaccines. Experts say it's like trying to "unring a bell."
"In Looking Glass House." "Jabberwocky."

Kyle Rittenhouse Doesn’t Need to be Acquitted to Win
Whatever the jury’s verdict, he will be celebrated.
"But let’s say Rittenhouse is acquitted. That’s easy. The message to 17-year-olds with an attitude and a gun is that crossing state lines to attack racial justice protesters is the right thing to do. (Even not crossing state lines.) The country already has an outsized problem with vigilante “justice” and an acquittal will only embolden those who are so inclined. On the other hand, a conviction likely would end the same way."
"In the end, this is what America is. It’s not a matter of if there will be more political violence and more protests, but when. After the trial, somewhere out there, the next Kyle Rittenhouse will be waiting for his chance to kill and claim self-defense. The script is already written."
America is at the end of the line. There is nowhere to go from here but down.

Beneath the Rittenhouse trial: Grim truths about the state of America
"Vigilantism, extrajudicial killings by federal authorities, violent insurrections, threats and harassment of public officials, and rejection of election results and the democratic process are all hallmarks of authoritarian movements. Coddling the gun fetishists and allowing right-wing extremism to fester over many years has brought us to the point when we must ask ourselves if we're no longer a country where politics is war by other means — it's just plain old war."
This "trial" will lead to murder being allowable anywhere to anyone, anytime.

Long Island Man Charged For Threat Against Republican Who Voted For Infrastructure Bill
These jokers will reap what they sow.

Texas abortion law complicates San Antonio group’s mission to help undocumented immigrants — even those raped en route to the U.S.
Unsure of how broadly the “aiding and abetting” portion of the law could be applied, Sueños Sin Fronteras — which helps women with an array of basic needs — is launching a legal defense fund.

Trump Pretty Sure Screaming 'Hang Mike Pence!' Just Normal Part Of Overthrowing Government For Trump
A blithering pile of garbage.

Tucker Just Asking Why We Can't Support Mother Russia's War Efforts Against Ukraine
Paid pissant.

Coronavirus and Vaccine News
News for those who believe the pandemic is over.

No, Senator Manchin, Build Back Better Won’t Create Runaway Inflation
Covid created this inflation spike. Ending Covid will curb it.

Activists Slam 'Weasel Words' in New COP26 Text as Negotiators Water Down Climate Deal
"The oily imprints of fossil fuel influence" are all over an updated draft text, climate leaders warned.

Joy Reid: Rittenhouse, Zimmerman 'Little Kings Of Their Own'
Vigilantism is the rule, not the exception in the American legal system, and always has been. At least for white men.

Friday Book Chat: David Pepper's Laboratories Of Autocracy
The book is called "Laboratories of Autocracy" and it's a chilling look at the takeover of state governments.
The U.S. continues to commit suicide.

Appeals court temporarily bars release of Trump White House records to House Jan. 6 committee
The appellate courts working for the traitor Trump. "The core of democracy"? How interesting.
If anything is "rigged" in this country it is our legal system.

New audio reveals Trump expressing support for Capitol rioters who threatened to 'hang' Mike Pence
Why is this man walking around anywhere besides a cell?

Trump just handed 'more disturbing evidence' to riot committee in interview with ABC's Karl: impeachment attorney
America would rather use words like "disturbing" and "troubling" instead of "acting" and "executing."

‘Disgrace’: Kyle Rittenhouse trial judge slammed for ‘joke’ about ‘Asian food’
A perfect example of why there is no longer law and order in America. The lunacy, decay and corruption has destroyed us.

'Arrogant Insensitivity': Defense Lawyer in Arbery Murder Trial Ripped for Bid to Bar Black Pastors
Attorney Kevin Gough, who said that "we don't want any more Black pastors in here," was called out for "fearmongering" and "reprehensible bigotry."
Another example of the failure of our legal system. When bottom feeders are allowed in courtrooms.

Republicans aren't just in disarray—they're at war with each other
If only they used real bullets.

Rittenhouse defense incorrectly claims iPad pinch-to-zoom modifies footage
This crap reminds me of Firesign Theatre routines. "Everything You Know Is Wrong."
We live in a mad world where nothing is real any longer.

Jesus and the Billionaires
"You teach your religion on your own time, not on the taxpayers. You already have a building subsidized by the taxpayers to peddle your wares tax free, you have no business in schools." Check out David Glenn Cox's essays on

Federal Judge Overturns Greg Abbott's Ban on Mask Mandates in Texas Schools
"No student should be forced to make the choice of forfeiting their education or risking their health, and now they won't have to."
Just say no to fascist leaders like Abutt

White House mocks Trump's 'active imagination' as he tries to conduct his own fake foreign policy
The mocker gets mocked.

The truth about 3 core lies of American fascism
"The US has a fascism problem. In its culture, in its hero worship, in its ideological makeup. Donald Trump was the culmination of that."
It is most rewarding that the Land of the Happy Negro began calling Trump and his band of cutthroats, fascists before everyone else saw the turds floating.

Native LGBTQ adults report high levels of depression, economic stress, and abuse
Welcome to the free world that is free to hate and abuse. Is it now a part of our Constitution, America?

SCOTUS Has Made It Practically Impossible To Sue a Rights-Violating Federal Officer
A new case asks whether a Border Patrol agent may be sued for alleged First and Fourth Amendment violations.

White Supremacy on Trial: From Rittenhouse in Kenosha to Killers of Ahmaud Arbery, Will They Go Free?
Another George Zimmerman? Racism is peaking in the Land of the Happy Negro. There will be Hell to pay in time.

What The F*ck Happened At The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Yesterday
This is a TV show. There is nothing about it that is a trial. Except for our civilization level.
"Fuck this trial"

Texas said delta-8 is illegal. But state troopers haven’t made a single arrest.
Texas health officials insist delta-8 is an illegal substance and has been for 40 years.
Texas: Third Century thinking.

GOP’s Banning of Books and Attack on Teachers Expose the Party’s Rising Fascism

Expel Paul Gosar From Congress
The Arizona Republican, who has a history of consorting with neo-Nazis and insurrectionists, shared a video Monday depicting him killing AOC. It’s time to expel this twisted fiend.
In a sane world this would already have happened.

Trump is 'running his own shadow government': Experts shocked after ex-president announces he has overseas ‘envoy ambassador’
And he is walking around because? We are too fucking scared of him? We are too fucking dumb to stop him? What will it take to get rid of this arrogant traitor trash?

Ten States Sue Biden Over Mandate For Health Workers
Stupidity is always the best policy.
They will allow the cull to continue taking them out.

Neo-Nazi Man Arrested For Texas Synagogue Arson

Man Wants Charges In Allen West Mask Incident

Capitol Rioter Gets 41 Months - Longest Sentence So Far
Scott Fairlamb of New Jersey received 41 months in prison for assaulting a police officer during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Still waiting for a life on Devil's Island sentence.

Judge Refuses Stay, Trump's Jan. 6 Docs May Be Released Tomorrow
The documents are likely to be in the hands of the Jan. 6th committee by tomorrow afternoon, Laura Jarrett said.

Rachel Maddow, At Long Last, Tells Trump How She Really Feels
President Bone Spurs denied wounded soldiers the Purple Heart to protect his fragile ego.

American History: Let’s Face the Truth
I think of the current Critical Race Theory controversy more as a Ziploc bag: a quick, easy place to stuff American history and get it out of the way, so we don't have to think about—and therefore atone for—the criminal harm caused by four centuries of structural racism.
"When you're losing the game, summon the commies!"

It’s Time to Expose and Upend That Damaging Myth About Spending
Polls say Americans should love the Build Back Better Act—but most are only hearing talking points about its price tag.
Hell, yes.

GOP governor bans LGBTQ book in school library as 'obscene' and 'pornographic' – orders law enforcement investigation
When's the book burning party, Fire Chief? As has been stated here many times, these people live in a long past century.

Virginia school board members call for book-burning amid planned purge of 'sexually explicit' books
Here's your book burners. The Fire Chief will have fun. The Department will only burn books they don't like from now on.
Welcome to a new world of regression and devolvement of the human species. Can you imagine a more dumbed down creature than those in Virginia?

Trump is in legal peril due to this key detail in conspiracy law: analysis
Trump has been in legal peril his entire lifetime. The question is when will the law apply the punitive measures to him he so deserves?

MSNBC host slams 'right-wing activists' for promoting violent conflict in the streets: 'Is that the society we want?'
It looks like that's what they want. They will get it if that's the case.

Newsmax host Eric Bolling wants audience to know Kermit is the original communist
I can just picture a complete idiot like this being on TV when America had a sense of sanity.
It wouldn't have been pretty for him.

'Potential for bias': Civil rights attorney stunned after Rittenhouse judge’s phone blasts 'God Bless the USA'
Ya think?

'You need a little education': GOP lawmaker rips Tucker Carlson to his face during heated live debate
He's needs "an education." is what should be said about this meathead.

Criminologist: Rittenhouse 'Arrogant' Testimony 'Bordering On Sociopathic'
Criminologist Casey Jordan reacted to the testimony of Kyle Rittenhouse on Wednesday by suggesting that the 18-year-old defendant displayed "sociopathic" tendencies. And the judge isn't much different.

Wisconsin judge faces ‘nationwide scrutiny’ as Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial winds down: report
Speaking of Franz Gürtner, this guy is more than obviously acting as the Rit's legal finagler.
A mockery of justice is on display here.

'Strange' judge in Kyle Rittenhouse trial has previously been accused of overstepping his authority
Really? He's been worse than a pile of manure dropped on your head before?

FAIL: 'QAnon Shaman' Tries Forrest Gump Defense
It doesn't help that his attorney apparently can't spell "Forrest Gump." Prosecutors are asking for YEARS in jail for this guy.

'Strangely AWOL': Legal experts express concern about DOJ’s handling of the Trump investigation
The Peter Principal rears it ugly head.

Gun-loving Trump supporters are amassing 'shock troops' to attack democracy: former firearms exec
Obviously, they expect to take on one of the world's greatest armed military forces with total success.

Trump attempting to keep Jan 6 committee from seeing outtakes of his address to MAGA rioters: report
He isn't ashamed so what's his problem?

Person Too Bugf*ck For Newsmax Gets Twitter Privileges Back, Loses Them Forever

Insurrection by Other Means: Republicans Are Ready to Die of Covid to Spite Biden and Democrats
The cull will do what it will do. It matters not one whit to the virus.

McCarthy Refuses to Act as His Deplorables Try to Get Their Colleagues Killed

Big cities aren’t dividing America. They hold the key to our collective future

POLL: 76% Say Facebook Makes US Society Worse

Texas’s new social media law is likely to face an uphill battle in federal court
A fascist that wants racist and hate speech to flourish in privately held companies.

Reuters Tracks Down Callers Who Threatened Election Officials
Law enforcement agencies have made almost no arrests and won no convictions.
Nazi threats. Another fine example of how law and order have vanished in the U.S.

For Republican Voters Tired of Being Called “Racist”
How is it possible to drive fascists any deeper into Trump's rectum by calling them what they are and what they own?

Trump Inaugural Case Likely To Ensnare Ivanka And Don Jr.
Ivanka and Don Jr. may well have some ‘splaining to do, under oath, now that the corruption case against the Trump inaugural committee has taken a big step closer to trial.

Big Bird Strikes Back!
Cancun Cruz loses again to the giant muppet.
Cruz is the perfect dork.

Top historian explains how Gosar's disturbing anime video underscores the GOP's real threat to US democracy

'New level of insanity': DC insider warns GOP 'thought police' targeting House members for abuse
Taking us to new levels of insanity appears to be the GOP's #1 job.
Perfectly illustrating how low these creatures have descended.

Campaigners Rip New COP26 Draft as a 'Polite Request' for Climate Action Amid Existential Crisis
"This draft deal is not a plan to solve the climate crisis, it's an agreement that we’ll all cross our fingers and hope for the best."
Amazing failure to act on the crisis our planet is facing.

Paul Gosar's Sister Says He Is Mentally Ill And Must Be Stopped
Arizona Representative Paul Gosar isn't just tweeting anime, says his sister Jennifer. He's sending a signal to madmen.
As I have stated many times on this site, we used to be able to take them off the streets. Now, we are more than a little confused about the mentally ill in our society. Families used to be able to have these people committed.

The dark reason Trumpers are willing to die of COVID
Pretty dark? It's pitch blind.

This Texas town's first Black principal was fired over CRT — which the district admits was never taught
Life in fascist America.

Rep. Paul Gosar tweets altered anime video showing him killing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Biden
"The left doesn’t get meme culture." Now there is one of the most clueless statements ever uttered by a living creature.
Really? Remember that when you see a Mifune samurai meme on Gosar.

The United States Of Free Dumb
The wrong people think that their rights supercede ours.
Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, explains why her free dumbs comes before the rest of our freedoms.

North Dakota Lawmaker Catches COVID, Will Miss His Anti-Vaccine Rally
Rep. Jeff Hoverson (R) said he tested positive on Nov 5 and is now taking ivermectin, but will miss his own rally today.
Covid doesn't>

Maddow: FL Surgeon General Didn't Treat UCLA Covid Patients
UCLA members of the covid treatment team said he never worked with them

Trump schooled by judge in overnight denial of attempt to block National Archives docs
Schooling doesn't work on this moron.

AOC fires back at 'creepy' Paul Gosar for posting disturbing anime clip that depicted him killing her
"This dude is a just a collection of wet toothpicks anyway. White supremacy is for extremely fragile people & sad men like him, whose self concept relies on the myth that he was born superior because deep down he knows he couldn't open a pickle jar or read a whole book by himself."
Gosar is a collection of wet toothpicks.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Sure Understands Both Epidemiology And Communism

The ‘Super Friends’ Were Always ‘Woke.’ It’s Conservative Hearts That Got Small.

The GOP under Trump is a hostage situation
Yet another report indicates Trump threatened to switch parties. And the denials aren’t adding up.
Trump loves only himself.

Self-Sacking and Monday Morning Quarterbacking

DOJ Sues Texas Over Its New Voting Restrictions
Here’s a look inside the lawsuit—and a look at the stakes.
"That these shenanigans continue 151 years after the Fifteenth Amendment was ratified and 56 after the Voting Rights Act became law is a sad reminder that the protection of the franchise can never be settled definitively but must always be guarded with vigilance."

House GOPers Insist They Love Infrastructure—Just Not The Very Socialist And Bad Kind In The BIF
Those miscreants wouldn't recognize socialism because their electorate is too uneducated to notice.
Socialism is alive and well in our country and benefiting these very same people. E.G.: Guaranteed public education; Public transportation; Fire departments; Police departments; Public libraries; Every branch of the US military; Roads & highways; Social Security; Medicare/medicaid; Public, not private prisons & jails; Public hospitals;The Veterans Affairs Administration; Public universities; Public parks; Public toilets; Public drinking fountains; Public parking; Public everything.

Proof That Vaccine Mandates Work

More Texas voters unhappy than satisfied over power grid, abortion and property taxes
Oh, dear. How can this be? If only they just keep electing Republicans we are certain to change this, no?

Molestation Scandals Threaten GOP Attempt To Rebrand As Party Of “Parents”

Why Biden succeeded on infrastructure (and Trump didn't)
On infrastructure, Trump failed twice — first when he tried to pass his own plan, and then again when he tried to sabotage Biden's plan.

In the Middle of Infrastructure Talks, Joe Manchin Has Pursued a Book Deal
It’s a busy time for the senator—but not too busy for a side gig.
Working title: How I Fucked My Country and Got Away With It.

Joe Scarbrough Suggests Support For Long-Term Mask Mandates: ‘It’s Been Really Nice Not Having the Flu’
Most with brains realized this in 2020. The people working in retail who wore masks didn't get the flu or colds or Covid during the year.

Adam Kinzinger Bashes Tucker Carlson: ‘Manipulative Son of a B*tch’ Who ‘Abuses’ Viewers for Profit
Tucks learned it all from his dad.

Cruz Lays Out Why Texas May One Day Secede
Great. All military bases will be closed. Ports will be closed. If fools like Cruz try to seize them then American Federal troops will invade, occupy and set up a provisional government. Then Cruz can be indicted for sedition and be locked up for life. Win, win, win.

COVID Deaths In Red Counties 3X Higher Than In Blue
"...(If weather or age were a major reason, the pattern would have begun to appear last year.) The true explanation is straightforward: The vaccines are remarkably effective at preventing severe Covid, and almost 40 percent of Republican adults remain unvaccinated, compared with about 10 percent of Democratic adults."
“The gap in Covid’s death toll between red and blue America has grown faster over the past month than at any previous point...”
Darwin wins again.

Big Bird is just the latest piece of children's culture to trigger Republicans
They long for the return of Hitler's Children: Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi by Gregor Ziemer

Howard Stern blasts Aaron Rodgers for lying about vaccination status: 'They should throw him out of the league so fast'

'Choke artist' Aaron Rodgers chokes again

NFL denies telling Aaron Rodgers vaccinated people couldn't get or spread COVID-19
Looks like he's a pathological liar.

Aaron Rodgers Fooled Us And it’s on us for wanting to believe he was different.
"The vast majority of them have been doing everything right, doing what they can to keep the games going and value the safety of the people around them. It’s only a handful of people like Rodgers making it look otherwise.

State Farm Stands By Its Anti-Vax NFL QB Pitchman
"“We don’t support some of the statements that he has made, but we respect his right to have his own personal point of view...."
"Even if it fucks up the lives of others," they should add.
"...Our mission at State Farm is to support safer, stronger communities." That rings hollow in light of the situation.

Fox NFL Analysts Pound Aaron Rodgers For Lying And Spreading Vaccine Nonsense
Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long and Michael Strahan rightfully blitzed the Green Bay Packers quarterback, who falsely said he was "immunized."
“It would have been nice if he had just come to the Naval Academy and learned how to be honest. Learned not to lie. Because that’s what you did, Aaron. You lied to everyone," said Hall-of-Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw.
If only everyone would just not turn on the No Football League. We could make Sundays great again.

Chuck Todd Sucks At His Job — Part Infinity
In 2018, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd proclaimed that he wasn't going to give climate change deniers airtime. This Sunday, a Republican who banned the use of the term "climate change" was welcomed as a guest on Todd's show.
Todd has, of course, been beaten to death on this subject. Will anyone ever do anything about him but whine?

When Are We Going to Talk About the Outrageous Cost of NOT Passing the Build Back Better Act?
For months, the nation has witnessed a debate taking place in Congress over how much to invest in this plan. What hasn’t been discussed, however, is the cost of not investing (or not investing sufficiently) in health-care expansion, early childhood education, the care economy, paid sick leave, living-wage jobs, and the like.
The fascists will never talk about it.

Legal group calls on AG Garland to resign — citing failure to prosecute Trump and his cronies

Former labor secretary breaks down 'the cruelest form of capitalism in the world'
"We're now in America's second Gilded Age, just like the late 19th century when a handful of robber barons monopolized the economy, kept wages down, and bribed lawmakers."
This is very bad news for most of us.

Josh Hawley claims a man isn't really 'a man' if they play video games and aren't married with children
"Either way, Hawley's analysis seems to be that any man who can't have children, like those who can be sterile as a result of cystic fibrosis or other diseases, aren't real men."
Senators should be real men or women and not children who are deluded.

'Barely concealed bloodlust': Claremont Institute laid out detailed plan for using cops to overturn Trump’s election loss
"Either way. It's as if they're steering into the violence instead of trying to avoid it," he adds. "The message is clear: do whatever it takes to crush your opponents and all will be forgiven in the second Trump term."
Fuck Trump.

Rodgers Gets Dumped As Spokesperson For Health Care Provider
Prevea Health ends relationship with Aaron Rodgers after he spread COVID misinformation.
Some of us care if people around us are vaccinated.

Life Would Be Better If It Were Always Daylight Saving Time
If Build Back Better Fails, AOC Warns, 'We May Have Just Locked in US Emissions' The U.S. will be at risk of throwing away its "biggest chance to combat climate change" if conservative Democrats tank the reconciliation bill, said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Our disregard for our planet's future is very much mass suicide.

Politicians in Washington and Florida have passed laws aimed at moving their states to DST year-round. Congress should seize on this momentum to move the entire country to year-round DST
This is long overdue. Get it done.

Dana Bash Conducts The Most Cringe Interview On Race
Honestly, no one who showed their faces on that screen is in the position to discuss anything about race, other than to admit they're racist.
Stop abusing a word. "That it has become an insult, a pejorative is, in and of itself, problematic."
The media, like Dana Bash, is playing everyone for a sucker. They don't give a damn about right vs. wrong. They just want ratings.
"Republicans are lying to them about what is being taught in schools about race." They play the fear card. They have done it ever since I was a member of their fascist party. But I recognized it and left them with their bullshit tactics.

'Pro-death cult strikes back': Right-wing judges block Biden’s vaccine rule for big companies
They are allies of the virus and co-conspriators in murder. Time will take care of them.

Still hate Hillary? She was right about Trump then — and she's right now
Only the deplorables cling to their dead-end myths.

DOJ officials offer reasons why Steve Bannon’s criminal referral is languishing
Apparently, we no longer have a DOJ. Someone has to anwer for this.

I was one of the lawyers who helped win marriage equality. And yes, the GOP can take it away
And they might not even need another landmark legal battle to do it
They can also bring back concentration camps and removal of any resistance to their fascist world.

‘I’m done’: Trump threatened to destroy GOP in temper tantrum over election loss — and start his own party
His Bullshit Party.

Big Bird Got Vaxxed, And Ted Cruz, Usual Assholes, Being Usual Assholes About It
Cruz is the King of Assholes — and dumbasses.

Public Banking Has the Potential to Truly Revolutionize Our Economy
That only means the crooks will have to kill it.

Biden's COVID-19 vaccine rules for big businesses temporarily blocked by federal appeals court
The order followed a joint petition filed by a handful of states, including Texas, several businesses and advocacy groups that argued overreach by the administration.
The Texas Handmaiden Horrors have the balls to whine about overreach?

Cosmic Hypocrisy: Unqualified Embrace of Its VA Win Exposes GOP’s Whopping Big Lie

She Betrayed Us: Kyrsten Sinema's Angry Constituents Left Shocked and Dismayed
"...Kyrsten used to be a fierce fighter for the people. But once she got to Congress, she turned her back on the very same people who helped her get her in office."

Landmark Agreements at COP26 Put Nails in Coal’s Coffin
At least 25 countries agreed to end public subsidies for overseas oil and gas development, and more than 23 have committed to ending coal altogether.

House GOPers Turn Against 13 Colleagues Who Voted For Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill
This is what fascists do. Especially lying cowardly fascists.

Knowing What’s In It
"Political journalism in America is not just a failure, but a cancer, ignoring the issues to dwell on the personalities."
"Why should we give a shit that their careers are in peril when they don’t do shit to serve us, when instead all they do is provide a noisy distraction from our national institutional collapse?"

Liz Cheney unloads to Chris Wallace: Tucker Carlson is 'un-American' for 'false flag' lie about Jan. 6

New Report Details How and Why Routine Traffic Stops Turn Deadly

One Year Ago, Biden Won. Republicans Still Won’t Accept It.
More than 70 percent of Republicans say fraud affected 2020 results.
More that 70 percent of Republicans are frauds.

Trump didn’t invent racism; racism invented Trump and other elected hopefuls
Racist Nazis you mean.

Lindell Claims “Tons” Of State Attorneys General Will Sign His Election Overturn Petition To Supreme Court
Once again: Sad that we can't get the insane in instututions that may help them. In this case only a padded cell and straitjacket is the solution.

Eighth-grader recorded teacher's seven-minute rant about vaccines and Joe Biden
This fascist liar was had by a little girl. Nice job, dear.

Carlson's Gaslighting Is About More Than The Insurrection
When the November 2021 election results end up with eight people who participated in the insurrection elevated to public office as Republicans, the cold reality hits: Disinformation works.
The fascists who would be kings.

The Cruelest Form of Capitalism in the World
Wealth inequality is worse than it has been in a century—and it has contributed to a vicious political-economic cycle in which taxes are cut on the top, resulting in even more concentration of wealth.
It has reached unsustainability.

Merrick Garland under fire for dragging his feet on Steve Bannon indictment: CNN
If he can't do his job he needs to be fired.

'Brainwashing children!' Right-wingers outraged at Sesame Street's 'Big Bird' for promoting COVID vaccines
Big Bird has always been far more intelligent than raging fascists.

Aaron Rogers got caught in a lie that violates his employer’s policies — so he’s blaming the 'woke mob' for 'cancelling' him
"... no one questioned it, because no one thought that he'd be a lying piece of shit."
But don't forget, it's the No Football League.
Let us not forget how the fascists went after Colin Kaepernick telling him to shut up and play football.
Not a peep about Rogers.

Yes, Aaron Rodgers, I'm canceling you
"Personal choice is a great thing, and it’s part and parcel of an abiding American virtue. Freedom is precious, yes. But that includes the freedom to live in a safe and sane society. We’ve lost that amid a rancid stew of selfishness and fake liberty."

Biden And Democrats Deliver Huge Infrastructure Win
It's finally Infrastructure Week in Washington, D.C.! But Biden knows it really begins when there are "shovels in the ground."
God Bless America!

Charlie Kirk: Joy Reid Represents 'Childless, Metropolitan People'
Scumbag Charlie wants Republicans to be branded as the 'party of parents' because they have a racist trope they can use at school board meetings.
Has this "human" lost all contact with reality?

Texas conservative refuses to support renaming a federal building currently named after a Klansman
Another Klan supporter and Nazi fails decency test.

GOP lawmaker issues chilling warning about what may lie ahead in 2024
Here's what my wide receiver says. Go Bucks!

Newsmax announces upcoming vaccine mandate for all of its employees
Thank you, Newsmax.

She 'betrayed' us: Kyrsten Sinema's angry constituents left shocked and dismayed
She betrayed America.

More Than 100,000 Take to Streets on Global Day of Action for Climate Justice
"We can either intensify the crisis to the point of no return, or lay the foundations for a just world where everyone's needs are met."
We only need another seven billion to do the trick. Well, maybe less.

QAnon followers return to Dealey Plaza four days after JFK Jr. failed to materialize
Seriously, why aren't these mentally ill folks not institutionalized? We're not allowed to.

Anti-Vaxxer Nurse Who Claimed The Vaccine 'Kills People' Dies From COVID
Steve Shurden, 58, from Tulsa, battled the virus for three weeks and eventually passed away on October 19.
Biden gets his infrastructure win and an education on a new Washington
The bill represents the largest single infrastructure investment in American history.

The cull continues to do its job regardless of human resistance.

Rick Santelli Can't Deny The 'Biggie' Jobs Report, But He Tried
Never forget Rick Santelli's antics of 2009, when he blamed the losers for getting screwed by Wall Street and ignited the tea party.

Youngkin’s Son Tried Twice to Vote Illegally on Election Day
And these bastards have the nerve to say "the election was rigged." To Hell with them all.

CNN's Jake Tapper slams 'cheesehead' Aaron Rodgers after he goes on scientifically illiterate rant
"This is the guy we thought was so smart and well-read, and turns out that he doesn't even have the courage or guts to say he wasn't vaccinated,..."
"I think we're seeing a very different side of Aaron Rodgers, and seeing a side of Aaron Rodgers that people are really, really disgusted by.""
Only if one has a brain.

At Least 8 Dead After Panic at Astroworld Festival in Texas During Travis Scott Opening Night Set With Drake
Brains are a thing of the past it seems.

Trump sells $25,000 photos to support Arizona Republican at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser
"But it's really a good bag of shit, Mrs. Yockamoto." (from Firesign Theatre)

'This is the thanks we get': Trump leaves Census workers holding the bag in $7M 'accounting mess'
What happens when you put your trust in a low down dirty criminal.

Marjorie Taylor Greene launches furious attack on the 13 GOP 'traitors' who voted for Biden's infrastructure bill
The goon goes off.

Aaron Rodgers Thinks He's Martin Luther King, Jr.
In a thoroughly despicable interview, Rodgers fires off every single Right Wing Nut Job lie about COVID and vaccines there is. If State Farm fires him, Newsmax can scoop him right up.
"You racist, privileged piece of sh*t."
All respect for him has been lost. But I'm certain the MAGAts love still love him. That says a lot.

Texas Now Wants To Ban Books
Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is happening right before our eyes.
Texas is now a part of "Darwin's Waiting Room." Probably ever since the pirates stole the land.

How the Supreme Court's defense of expansive gun rights was 'invented' from false history
“There was never any absolute 'right' to carry guns. As the Bill of Rights (1689) made clear, this was only 'as allowed by law.'"
In other words, for a militia. We don't require "militias" any longer. The National Guard replaced this antiquated myth.

University of Florida backs down — will now let professors testify against DeSantis policies
Fascists back down. Thank you.

Judge deals massive blow to Ahmaud Arbery's killers — allows their Confederate plates as evidence
Could it be these Happy Negro boys are gonna burn?

GOPer Claims Trump Tax Cuts Did More To Lift Kids Out Of Poverty
Rep. Kevin Brady is either a liar or a dumbass. Or both!
Congratulations for figuring that out for us. Is he a bigger liar or a bigger dumbass?

Ron DeSantis Proposes An SS Type Election Force
This is another assault by Republicans on our democratic form of government and an attack on the U.S. Constitution.
Well, I see the Nazis are finally coming out of their closets. We know what DipShitus is and everyone should know it now.
The coming war is getting closer to explosion level.

Adults Do Nothing As Students Chant Sex Insults At Female Goalie
MAGA supporters have turned much of this country into despicable a-holes.
The brainless Trump zombies are in your town. They will eat you alive soon. Remember — Double Tap.

Trump Takes A Shot At Ending Accountability For All Presidents, Ever
Nice. An at large criminal pukes up this swill. You are a failed bunch, Ex-America.

Expert fumes over slow pace of Trump investigations: ‘We might get him for a parking ticket’
Nope. We are even too dimwitted to do that. Very failed country that has forgotten. Only one way out and we are too cowardly to do it.

Anti-vaxx Chronicles: This guy REALLY thought Ivermectin was the answer
100% of MAGAt morons have their heads firmly planted in their assholes.
That's why they are full of extra shit.
"If you really believe China infected the world … why would you be opposed to countermeasures to protect us from that supposed attack?"

Citing Failure to Prosecute Trump and Cronies, Legal Group Calls On AG Garland to Resign
"As long as Trump and his co-conspirators walk free, American democracy is in danger."
If he can't get the world crime leader in prison he needs to resign so we can get the job done.

America is a Poor Advertisement for Democracy
America is a former country. Now it's a lost cause. A failed experiment. A new Nazi dictatorship.

The Sad, Weird, and Hilarious QAnon Gathering in Dallas
They thought a resurrected JFK and JFK Jr. would show up to make Trump president—and then some.
More on the morons walking our streets.

COVID is still crushing parts of the U.S., as the holiday season approaches
It's no mystery. Just witness our behavior.
By January 4th there may be a record number of unemployed fools.

QAnon Meets And Insists Trump Is Patton's Heir
Sure we laugh, but they also don't believe in just, you know, electing people.
Have they emptied all of the insane asylums yet?
"When Americans are looking to magical thinking rather than elections, that's dangerous."
We allowed it to happen so we have no one to blame but ourselves that this horseshit is running wild in the streets.

Is There a Republican Alive Who Still Believes in Democracy?
Republicans should heed Churchill's warning about appeasing authoritarians: "Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, it will eat him last."

Most Americans Appreciate Religious Diversity. White Evangelicals Don’t.
Do tell.

California 'QAnon' history teacher is recorded telling eighth graders that Hunter Biden had sex with his niece, hospitals steal babies from unvaccinated parents and that Donald Trump is still president
Perfectly normal behaviour in a batshit crazy Trump QAnonsense world. Puke.

Democrats Can‘t Fail to Govern and Expect to Win
Democrats in Washington have bungled the past several months. And their failure to govern boldly—and effectively—has cost them dearly.
WTF? Really, John? The Republicans (Fascists) don't believe in government at all. They believe in dictating. They piss all over government. Are you really paying attention at all?

America 'loves white supremacy': Black women on how and why Republicans won Virginia
It has loved it all of my lifetime so why would it change now even in "enlightend" times? It's worse than ever due to Trump and his Nazi Party.
Welcome to the Land of the Happy Negro.

COVID-Infected Aaron Rodgers Suggested He Was Vaxxed. Reports Say That’s BS
The Green Bay Packers quarterback said in August he was “immunized,” but reports emerged Wednesday that he was unvaccinated.
"If he is unvaccinated, Rodgers has not followed the NFL’s safety protocols for unvaccinated players even as recently as this weekend."
This guy would put his teammates at risk? That's a really chickenshit thing to do.

'Disingenuous nonsense': McConnell mocked for 'plainly silly' case against voting rights bill
The biggest clown act in the Senate shows his ass again.

Showing 'Green New Deal Is a Winning Issue,' Michelle Wu Wins Boston Mayoral Race
"We are ready to become a Boston for everyone," said the mayor-elect. "And yes, Boston is ready to become a Green New Deal city."
"Your old road is rapidly agin', Please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand, 'cause the times they are a-changin'" — Bob Dylan

Thumbs... Up: Kyrsten Sinema's Hometown of Tucson Approves $15 Minimum Wage by Nearly 2-to-1 Margin
"Those chamber-of-commerce types will always oppose paying workers more."
Please send her packing.

The Leaf Blower and the Robocall: America's Social Predicament
If we can't even do the easy things, has the very concept of progress in America died?
No gas mowers and weed eaters here for two years now. Robocalls are never answered on the land line. On the cell phones they get blocked. Need to relay info? Leave or text a message. What else do you need to know? Change has never been easy for hard-headed Americans.

Virginia GOP Racism Isn't A Dog Whistle, It's A Bullhorn
The mere mention of "slavery as a cause of the Civil War" in schools is now being canceled by MAGA.
The Land of the Happy Negro appears to be where these traitors want to go now.

Right-wing vehicle ramming attacks on protesters spread, thanks to green light by authorities
This is domestic terrorism. "...what’s the difference between plowing your car and planting a bomb?”
None. We seem to be finding this acceptable like treason.

'It's better to be born rich and white than smart and poor in America,' new report finds
The hell? They had to do a report on this to figure this out?

Ohio GOP introduces most egregious near-total abortion bounty law, goes further than Texas
Great Caesar's Ghost! The Ohio hillicans are at it again. Who let them out of Darwin's Waiting Room?

Megachurch Pastor Busted In Underage Hooker Sting
The Christo-Religious nuts are the ones that our kids must beware.

Anti-Vax Man Lobs Racist Slur At San Diego Official, Wishes For Supervisors To Be Killed Or Kill Themselves
Reality is a bitch, Jason. Keep showing up and being a dumbass. It's great entertainment.
CDC Now Reports COVID Cases and Deaths by Vax Status
COVID-19 Vaccine Related Fatalities Updated
"Since more than 338 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the USA, this data reflects a vaccination-death ratio of 0.0018%." Any fool can see that vaccines are extremely low in causing death compared to the extremely high cause of death by Covid.

Lauren Boebert Says She Had a Baby in Her Truck So Pete Buttigieg Didn’t Need to Take Family Leave
"We got a world to save here" she says? Then she should get her truck off the blocks it's on and go ahead and drive it off a cliff.

‘Either Admit The Election Wasn’t Stolen Or STFU’: Erick Erickson Rants At 2020 Election Conspiracists After GOP Wins in Virginia
The morons will do nothing of the kind. They love to roll in their own shit.

So What The Hell Happened In Virginia?
Nothing. These people have been oddballs forever.

Here's What Republicans Really Mean When They Say They're Fighting for 'Parents' Rights'
Land of the Happy Negro members clearly want history to not be discussed at any level.

Republicans Simplify Their Defense of Texas Abortion Ban: Women Are Too Stupid to Have Rights
I'm pretty sure American women all agree with that genius conclusion.

American Politics Are Controlled by Voters With the Memory of a Golden Retriever
America is no longer the country where sane people grew up in.

Republicans Say Trump Helped Them in Virginia. The Polls Say They’re Wrong.
Glenn Youngkin triumphed by winning over a large number of voters who don’t support the former president.
But these polls must have been rigged according to Fatso's fat brain.
The Land of the Happy Negro devolves once again.

Trump goes off on ‘terrible’ Fox News: ‘All they do is put on commercials from the Lincoln Project’
He doesn't know everyone but his Nazi followers that he is the biggest threat to world peace since the Axis?
He's a sick fuck. Throw him in prison.

Ivermectin Study Retracted After Data Found To Be Completely Wrong
A major study reported by 90 media outlets, mainly right leaning sites, has been retracted after critical flaws to data collection and analysis were identified.
"The problem was that their data was seriously flawed." Like the people that bought it. I guess these folks are in for some law suits?
"But keep taking horse dewormer, you dumb Trump supporting sheep. The vaccine is free - and effective."
Yes, maybe they can keep up the cull that is terminating their lives and eventually rid the planet of the virus.

Trump insists he helped win Virginia race -- but this analysis suggests he's very wrong
Fatso has a big mouth. What, no recount? LMAO!

REVEALED: Fox's Judge Jeanine orchestrated payments for ‘command centers’ that could blow up Trump’s defense
What's this? A traitor in the traitor's midst?

Extremism expert warns that unhappy QAnon believers are now being lured into far-right extremist groups
You mean these dumbasses aren't far-right extremists already? What's next for them? Mass murder?

Woman Billed Nearly $700 For ER Visit Where She Didn't See Anyone
Taylor Davis went to an ER in Atlanta but left after waiting seven hours, without receiving any treatment. A few weeks later a bill came in the mail: $688.35.
As Woody Guthrie stated, "Some people rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen."
American healthcare can be as big a mob as the Trump mob. In fact, perhaps they are one and the same?

QAnon Deeply Disappointed In JFK, Jr's No-Show In Dallas: 'Keep The Faith!'
Faith? LOL! I think they ought to take this up with Jr's campaign manager. He may tell them that he was always a Democrat and that would really piss the morons off. That is if a certified dead man could run. Che Guevara is really the man for the job and they should wake up and get on his bandwagon. That's right Don Jr.!

Justice Alito's comments about abortion reveal what right-wingers really think about women
"Women are simply too stupid to be allowed rights."
We know who the stupid ones are here.

'Her Heart Was Beating Too!' Protests Erupt in Poland After Woman Dies as Direct Result of Abortion Ban
Vigils and demonstrations followed death of 30-year-old woman known only as Izabela who was refused an abortion by doctors

Donald Trump may not be able to escape criminal charges in Georgia — here's why
Must be that he's a crook.

Trump pleads with judge to 'slow down' Jan. 6 probe — falsely claiming the FBI ruled out 'coordination'
He's not ready for prison yet, I suppose?

Expert: Trump’s ‘wild’ tweet sparked ‘exponential rise’ in violent threats before Capitol riot
Well, Trump knows an idiot when he sees one. They all respond to his dog whistles and drool at the thought they will be rewarded by their savior. But he doesn't give a damn for any one of them. That keeps them in their holy state of denial.

WATCH: QAnon supporters chant ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ while holding ‘Trump-Kennedy’ banner
Theater? Or are these idiots certifiably insane. I'll vote the latter in either case.

Are Trump and his cronies guilty of mass murder?
Among other things? Yes.

Here's what Republicans really mean when they say they're fighting for 'parents' rights'

Louis Gohmert On Climate: People Like Slightly Warmer Temps
Gohmert wonders if the US can manipulate our weather temperatures like we do at home using thermostats — everything will be perfectly fine?
Hell's open 24/7 Louis. I suggest that's just the place for you.

Tom Cotton Smears Randi Weingarten With Homophobic Dogwhistle
Sen. Cotton attacked Terry McAuliffe for campaigning with gay teachers’ union president Randi Weingarten by “asking,” “What in the hell does she know about raising and teaching kids?”
Probably a hell of a lot more than this nitwit dickhead does.

Texas Woman Arrested After Pointing Gun At 7-year-old For Trick-or-treating
Monica Ann Bradford, 35, reportedly exited her home with a loaded weapon and pointed it at a 7-year-old child who was walking in front of her property.
Shocking that happened in Texas!

Majority of Republicans Already Say They Can’t Lose in 2024 Unless the Vote Is Rigged
This is always what Nazis believe.

University of Florida faces investigation after blocking professors from voting case

Can Air Pollution Cause Cancer? What You Need to Know About the Risks.
Does Air Pollution Cause Lung Cancer?

GOP-led Michigan Senate passes measure slamming DOJ probe of school board threats
Of course. The Nazis have to protect themselves.

Today on TAP: Being more swayed by big-money contributions and an anti-mother bias are far better descriptors.
How about two-timing sleezebags.

Celebrating the Day of the Dead, 2021
One of the greatest of all celebrations.

Tucker Carlson Is Stirring Up Hatred of America
His new documentary is designed to sow mistrust of the country’s most important institutions.
One of the greatest turd stirrers in history.

Obsessive Strip Club Regular Paid Texas Dancer Thousands Then Killed Her, Cops Say
"A handsome man look good no matter what he throw on." — Albert, the alligator from the comic strip "Pogo" by the late, great Walt Kelly.

Greg Abbott Is In Texas's School Libraries, Stealing All The Porns
"By next month, Ted Cruz will be screaming at random people testifying in the Senate and demanding they remove all the anal sex instruction manuals from school library bookshelves."

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals She’s Unvaccinated, Maskless, Ready To Spread COVID-19
An extremely ill woman.

Oath Keepers Bench-Slapped After Trying To Get Out Of Jail Based On Non-Existent Vaccine Mandate
Bench-Slapped? Dang! That must hurt like hell.

Georgia Official: Trump Demand to “Find” Votes to Overturn Election Was a Threat
Like a mob boss, he made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Fights over the Alamo persist as George P. Bush seeks higher office
The redevelopment of the Alamo, which Bush oversees as land commissioner, has prompted pushback across the political spectrum.
"Forget the Alamo."

Republicans Name Joe Manchin Employee of the Month
“When I work hard to keep benefits out of the hands of poor children, I’m not doing it to win a prize,” he said. “I’m just doing what I love.”

Manchin Refuses to Support Reconciliation Bill If It Contains Words
"How many new and novel ways are there to say it? THE MAN WANTS TO DESTROY THE BUILD BACK BETTER ACT, period, and he will keep moving the goal posts until he (and his coal-soot paymasters) gets what he wants."
He'll get his, that's for sure.

There’s Always Someone out There Willing to Make GOP Fascism Seem Respectable
Yes, other Nazis.

The GOP's Number One Issue Is the Survival of White Supremacy
He means the Nazi party.

The Capitalism Winner
All hail the one rich guy, our lord and master.

Newt Gingrich Pretty Sure Terry McAuliffe Stole VA Election, Unless Republican Youngkin Wins It
This is the mantra of the fascist thugs from now to forever. They will never allow democracy to work any longer.

For God's Sake, Virginia, Get Out And Vote Tomorrow!
For Virginia's sake. For America's sake.

Gov. Greg Abbott chastises school board group with vague accusation of “pornographic images” in library books
Abbott’s letter comes on the heels of an inquiry launched by state Rep. Matt Krause, a Fort Worth Republican running for Texas attorney general. Krause sent a letter to certain school districts with an 850-book list that included novels about racism and sexuality.
Here he goes again. Is he a pornography expert too? Just another member of the "Ministry of Truth."

Red Flags Were Everywhere: Bombshell Report Finds the Trump Administration Ignored Warnings of Jan 6 Violence
Trump must be found guilty and imprisoned.

Voter Suppression Isn’t Just a Problem Down South
Three measures on the ballot tomorrow give New Yorkers the chance to defend and extend access to the ballot right here at home.

These Republicans are literally talking about setting off explosives in the Capitol
GOP Reps. Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert love to “fantasize” about blowing up metal detectors meant to protect lawmakers.
Again, this is what Nazis do.

Federal Charge For Man Who Assaulted Flight Crew
See how quickly that was done. Why can't we do the same to Trump and his mob? They are no different.

Glenn Youngkin’s Right-Wing Allies Are Ready To Claim Virginia’s Election Was Stolen
Donald Trump and his supporters, including surrogates for Republican Glenn Youngkin’s campaign for governor, have already begun spreading lies about election fraud.
This is now what the Nazis will do with every election.

World Leaders Mocked for Flying Private Jets to Climate Conference
An estimated 400 private planes flew into Glasgow for the event.
No wonder we will all be going extinct. With leaders like this we don't need enemies.

Joaquin Castro leads lawmakers in calling on DHS, DOJ to investigate Greg Abbott's border scheme
It's about time.

250 Millionaires to Congress: 'Now Is the Time' to Tax Billionaires
"A Billionaires Income Tax is not only an overdue tax reform, but also... smart politics."

Josh Hawley Claims Men Watch Porn Because 'Masculinity'
And Twitter has opinions about Josh Hawley's porn habit (alleged!).
Well, this little boy should know.

Roger Stone Ratf**ks Ron DeSantis
It couldn't happen to a 'nicer' guy.
Zombies eat their own. ROTFFLMFAO!

‘Some geniuses': Justice Kagan wryly mocks the architects of the Texas abortion ban in oral arguments
Oh, she is so right. Very precious 'geniuses.' Justice Kagan, they want to live in a very different world than we live in today. That world is called "Despicable." That's where they originally came from. Maybe we can teach them a thing or two someday soon.

In blow to Biden, Joe Manchin will not commit to backing $1.75 trillion spending bill
Will someone please tell this dick that's been jerking everyone off to seat himself with the fascist party and stop stomping on the American people?

Manchin infuriates critics as he pulls the rug out from under Biden
A damn good blanket party is what he needs.

There’s always someone out there willing to make GOP fascism seem respectable
That would be Joe Manchin. He and Trump should get married.

Marjorie Taylor Greene faces four additional fines as her mask violations top $15,000
Does she suffer from middle-aged Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
Asking for a friend.

'This one is particularly shocking': Racial slur found after Black city councilman's house is set on fire
No surprise to me. I played many gigs in Connersville when I was a young white boy in my first band from Ohio.

'I mean, what?' Jake Tapper astonished by new survey showing GOP voters' belief in conspiracy theories
Of course these numbskulls wouldn't know the truth if it ran up their assholes and tore them a new one.

'Diabolical': CNN analyst slams Trump over new revelations about his actions during MAGA riot
Just the kind of filth and rot the "independents" love, I hear.

‘A threat to democracy’: Survey finds 30% of Republicans think they may need violence to ‘save our country’
And this is the swill that "independents" say are saving democracy? May I laugh?

Poll Reveals Which Party Independents Say Is the 'Bigger Threat to Democracy'
If this were true we know who the bigger threat to democracy is — the invertebrates that call themselves "independents." They have no convictions and don't give a flying turd about America. It's all about them and how cool they think they are because they think no one "owns" them. They aren't worth a good goddamn either way.

The Super-Rich Have Taken Almost All of It
The cruelty and greed of the super-rich shows just how detached these corporations and people are from the notion of shared prosperity.
Greed is now God.

G20 Summit Deemed 'Abysmal and Total Failure' on Vaccine Equity, Climate Action
"The bottom line is that this summit failed to deliver much of anything for people, planet, or prosperity."
Too many brain dead zombies.

'Step it up or step out': Dem lawmaker gives Merrick Garland ultimatum on prosecuting Trump officials
Good advice. You'd better heed it Merrick. We are more than tired of the bullshit.
If law and order doesn't work we know what will.

'You've got guns — use them!' Report claims Lindsey Graham wanted to shoot MAGA rioters
The one thing Lindsey was right about.

Right-wing media and the pandemic: A toxic feedback loop that nurtured fascism
American ignorance and paranoia were already there. Then Trump, Fox News and the virus exploited them to the max

'Red flags were everywhere': Bombshell report finds the Trump administration ignored warnings of 1/6 violence
This is fascism, America. Stop acting like it's the victim. It's a deadly disease to be eliminated.

Excerpts: The Hidden History of the Supreme Court and the Betrayal of America

Florida University Blocks Professors From Testifying Against DeSantis’ Prized Voter-Suppression Law
Again, the Nazis are running the state of Florida. America should invade.

Darien LWV Letter Supporting GOP Candidate Unauthorized And Withdrawn
The Darien League of Women Voters had to withdraw their letter caping for the racist, dog-whistling GOP candidate, but the damage was already done, and the GOP is still using it to their advantage. Elections are Tuesday.
Too bad the internet always remembers. They didn't think of that.

Fox Contributor Busts Trump For 'Gaslighting' On Russia Collusion
Fox News contributor Marie Harf reminded viewers — and her colleagues — on Sunday that many of the allegations claiming that members of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign colluded with Russia turned out to be true.
Always and ever the traitor.

Anti-vaxxer Screams For Schools, Town Halls To Be 'Burned To The Ground'
A speaker at a protest against vaccines in Staten Island suggested that town halls and schools would be "burned to the ground" unless vaccine mandates are reversed.
We know who should be burned to the ground — Covid denying Nazis.

Here Come the Abortion Bounty Hunters
In this unequal economy, Texas’s harsh new anti-abortion law pits desperate people against each other.
Guess what will be waiting for them.

Anti-abortion attacks are linked to other attacks on civil rights
"Why do old white men get to decide?"
"... the only 'freedom' being 'taken away' from straight white 'Christian' men is the 'freedom' to oppress others."
Well, we can only hope.

In Montana, conservative propaganda shows how close the nation has teetered toward fascism
Walking zombies. The dead don't die.

Ron Johnson Gets Shut Down By Law Professor
Dr. Mary Anne Franks takes Ron Johnson to school about social media.
More of these miscreants like Johnson need to be taken to the woodshed and whacked just like this moron got it.

Plan B pills and trips out of state: South Texans adapt to near-total abortion ban
In South Texas, poverty and immigration status compound the obstacles facing pregnant people seeking abortions.
Life in a Christo-Nazi state.

Texas Cops Thought They Were Real Cute Ignoring Calls For Help From Biden Bus
And more on the Nazi state in Texas.

Whatever Happened to the Party of Limited Government?
"No, the Republican Party has morphed into a highly-disciplined advocate of intrusive government — intrusive, that is, where it seeks control over American society."

The Attack of the Killer Co-Pays
"A great many Americans who vote for Republicans need or will need these increasingly expensive drugs. Republicans, however, will never, ever help keep these drugs affordable."

Are We Ready for the Next Trump-Led Coup?
A succession of societies in the grip of a traumatic loss of global power have suffered coups, successful or not—and that includes the United States.
Hopefully, we have our M2 .50 Calibers, the M134 GAU-17 Gatling Guns, the M240Bs, the M249s, and the MK-15 Phalanxs all ready to blow them back to the place Hell where they came from.

The Most Damning Jan 6th Revelation Yet
New Emails Show Trump and Eastman Saw the Insurrectionists as the Foot Soldiers of the Coup. They Cheered Them on and Used Them in Real Time.
Yes, Nazis doing what Nazis always do.

Texas’ New Abortion Regime Sends Shockwaves Through Neighboring States
What happens when Nazis are permitted to take control.
Don't let on like you weren't warned.

Southwest Airlines Under Fire After Pilot Says “Let’s Go Brandon” Over Intercom
"Southwest immediately said that it “takes pride in providing a welcoming, comfortable, and respectful environment” and that 'behavior from any individual that is divisive or offensive is not condoned.'"
But it's OK for your dip-dork pilots, eh?

More drugs for the lamebrain addicts.

Trump and his lawyers have handed investigators what they need to charge them with 'seditious conspiracy': former prosecutor
Then let's get their filthy asses in a cell where they belong and stop with the pussyfooting.

Trump’s Truth Social platform is headed for 'embarrassing failures' and 'a very boring fizzle’: cybersecurity expert
The world's worst failure. The Universal Nitwit.

Chris Wallace stomps Rick Scott's spending hypocrisy: 'Should the Trump tax cuts be repealed?'
Rick Scott's whiny-ass bullshit is second only to the Grand King of Bullshit Lies, Trump.

Rick Scott blames Joe Biden after his mom 'struggled to put food on the table'
Whiny Rick Scott blames somebody because he can't be self responsible as all Holy Republicans believe.
Rugged individualist NOT.

Are Conservative Christians the Real ‘Secularists’ Now?
"But there is growing evidence that America’s conservative believers need to look in the mirror to see the most pervasive “secularist” threat."
Why would any of these self-rightous morons care?

University of Florida Bars Professors From Testifying Against Ron DeSantis’ Voting Law
It’s a chilling assault on academic freedom.
Close down the University of Florida. This is proof they are a fascist institution and must closed.

Kinzinger: The GOP Has A “Cancer Of Dishonesty”
Here we don't refer to them as cancer for no reason, that's for sure.

Trump Does Racist 'Tomahawk Chop' Gesture At World Series
The former president joined in the degrading cheer for the Atlanta Braves.

Jan. 6 'Influencer' Who Said She's 'Definitely Not Going To Jail' Should Go To Jail, Feds Say
Jenna Ryan, a Trump-loving real estate broker, called Jan. 6 "one of the best days of my life" and bragged that she wouldn't go to jail because she's white.
The mindlessness of traitors.

QAnon Voting Clerk Suspected Of Stealing Voting Equipment
Michigan State Police are investigating the disappearance of voting equipment under control of Adams Township clerk and QAnon supporter Stephanie Scott.
The QAnonsensers are a bigger threat than Isis or Al-Qaeda ever were.

Court Filing Details Jan 6 Documents Trump Is Desperate To Hide
The list sheds light on exactly what documents Trump is trying to hide - and it raises even more questions.
He is terrified. And guilty.

Dim Prospects for Climate Mitigation
Irreversible climate change seems destined to be our fate. The nation-state system is posing the greatest barrier to common sense and global community thinking.
On the road to extinction.

Searching for solutions to a crisis decades in the making
A readable book on a depressing subject: the ongoing challenge of plastic pollution.
It seems we are obsessed with commiting suicide.

Ex-prosecutor says 'so much evidence' proves Trump and his allies committed 'seditious conspiracy'
The question is: Does the U.S. give a damn about law and order?

'The Supreme Court could destroy the planet': Critics sound alarm over a new EPA case

The Retiring Democrat Shedding Tears as Paralysis Grips Congress
The Kentucky representative John Yarmuth fears for the country’s democratic—and Democratic—future, but expresses some hope for President Biden’s legislative agenda.
"Paralysis" caused by two of the biggest cowards to ever serve in our government.

Howard Dean Takes Down Ted Cruz's 'Comfort For Nazis'
Howard Dean notes that voters are sick and tired of the nonsense from right-wing performative racists.
Fuck Cruz!
"Sick and Tired"? Hell, we put the scum on trial at Nuremberg! What the hell happened to "Never Forget"? We've got some of the greatest Hitler cadre trying to kill democracy this day in our country!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Loses Big On Trump Social Network Buy
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) could be out thousands of dollars after she purchased SPAC stock linked to former President Donald Trump's future social media platform.
Losers, Inc.

Anti-Vaxxer Of The Day: Paul Kendall, Dead At 74
"Paul will now be remembered for his unhinged rant in an assembly meeting, and then subsequently dying just two weeks later."
The cull continues to do its job.

JFK Flight Diverted After Anti-Mask Violence [VIDEO]
This POS should have had his nose broken in exchange before being taped in the seat.

Upcoming Carlson Series Claims Riot Was False Flag
Goebbels Jr. will present his shitshow for all of his fellow traitors to swallow. Hope they all gag themselves on the swill.

Judge On Complaining Rioters: It’s A Jail, Not A Hotel
Whiny little dorks.

News Roundup: Texas slashes Guard pay during border stunt; TPUSA audience pushes for violence
The latest on "Stupid."

Trump-loving sheriff vows to present ‘proof of statewide election fraud' at Thursday press conference
Another "watch me show my ass" shitshows

The Republicans have dug up Jim Crow's corpse — and now they've married it
Everything about the GOP's current assault on voting rights is a throwback to the worst years of white supremacy
We know they are zombies.

Psaki Bashes Anti-Choice Reporter For Asinine Abortion Question
Owen Jensen is an evangelical right-wing Catholic hack and a pathetic one-trick pony.
"Throat-punch him"? These asshole dickheads should be taken out and flayed in public.

Charlie Kirk Asked When They Can Start Killing People Over Election Lies
Instead of condemning the act of murdering fellow Americans, Kirk told this agitated person not to play into the left's hands.
American terrorists just a shot away from being exterminated and retuned to Hell.

Congressman Chip Roy Whines He Can't Get Ivermectin At Pharmacy
If a MAGA idiot claimed rat poison was a new COVID cure, people like Chip Roy would promote it.
It's veterinarian medicine. Why should a drug store be selling it, you moron?

Mazie Hirono Shuts Down Tom Cotton's Lie-Filled Screech Fest
Sen. Cotton has a true Nora Desmond moment when hurling lies and accusations at AG Merrick Garland about his memo addressing threats of violence against school boards and teachers.
Always with the Bullshit,Tom. Tom should go back to the place in Hell where he came from.

Catholic Bishop Goes Full QAnon: The Storm Is Upon Us
Twist that collar around, Bishop.
"The speakers also included Couy Griffin, a pastor and founder of Cowboys for Trump who has said he believes former President Donald Trump was “ordained by God.”
What alottahooey! Last I heard it was these "clerics" doing the child raping bit.
But "Cowboy" Couy seems to not agree with Fatso these days.
Founder of ‘Cowboys for Trump’ Finally Realizes Ex-President Is a Massive Grifter

British Anti-Vax Leader Hospitalized For Something
Did Dumbo forget and eat a poisoned apple? Sounds like something she ate didn't agree with her.

Eastman Spins Wild Tales Of Jan. 6 As A Trap Sprung By Media And FBI
Fairy tales and low IQ takes off in the imanginary imagination of one John Eastman.
The bullshit never ends. I suppose he's never heard of the Zen trap. That's the one you set for someone else and you end up being caught in it. Here's a good example. All explained by Larry Stone in his recording of Oneida Jump.

Kentucky faculty, staff got lap dances from students at high school event, photos appear to show
Well, thank God they weren't trying to force them to get vaccinated. That would have been deplorable!

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema wore a denim vest to preside over the Senate. Here's why that matters
She wanted to prove to everyone that she doesn't give a flying fuck for the U.S.?
It was grunge day? She's just an airhead bimbo that we don't need fucking with our government?
Back to Hell with her and the ass she rode in on.

New video of pro-Trump lawyer is 'completely damning': legal expert

A crime against humanity: Dr. Deborah Brix admits Trump's campaign distracted from COVID response
Damming new testimony from Dr. Deborah Brix suggests a lot of people died so that Donald Trump could get elected
She could have stopped the monster in his tracks. Trump must pay for his murders.

Crackpot Auburn Vaccine Protester: 'My DNA Will Be Changed!'
Who knew COVID was basically just the common cold? This Auburn student seems to know more than the CDC. "Brilliant" idoits in the Land of the Happy Negro" don't even know what's in the vaccine yet they know it will change their DNA? How fucking irresponsibly moronic can a human being be? They keep searching for a lower level.
This is why we will have to deal with Covid for a very long time with many more needless deaths. Dumbasses!

Neil Cavuto Reads Hate Mail On Fox News
Wishing he was dead was not the welcome back from COVID Neil Cavuto would have hoped for from Fox News viewers.
The ugly depths of hate in the country that used to be filled with human beings.

I've witnessed a coup attempt before — and history bodes poorly for America's future
America has no future as a "shining city on a hill" as Reagan once said.
Trump is attempting to establish a dictatorship in America. He must be stopped by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!.

The Trump-packed Supreme Court is on the fast track to ending abortion rights for everyone
And on the fast track to committing suicide.

Meghan McCain cuts 'family' ties with Lindsey Graham: 'He certainly doesn’t speak for me'
It's high time to cut all ties with Trump Nazis. We either fight them to the end or surrender our country to white supremecy.

The Gravity of the Situation
The same way the fascists go about their sedition.

Trump called Willard Hotel 'war room' as allies plotted coup on 'eerie' night before Capitol riot: author
More on the criminal Trump.

John Oliver Roasts Cops Protesting Vaccine Mandates: ‘If an Officer Wants to Quit Over This, F*cking Let Them’
See if they can find meaningful employment.

Trump Rages At Fox For Running “Horrible” Ads That Are Baiting Him To Stump For Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin
Trump shows he is a blithering mental case.

Madison Cawthorn: If You Don’t Believe The Election Was Stolen Then You Are “Against The Constitution”
Cawthorn gets his ass handed to him and he doesn't have the sense to know it.
Neither do his constituents.

Florida Pols Erupt With Calls To Deny Confirmation For Wacko Anti-Vax State Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo
Yes, he is a threat to human life and should be taken out. But so is his moron boss.

FL Surgeon General Refused To Wear Mask For Cancer Patient
Can you say selfish a**hole?
"That's the point where I would have punched him." That would be good for starters.

We Need to Tax the Billionaires Right Now
This moment may not last, so we must act fast to make sure these outrageously wealthy individuals and families pay their fair share.
I wouldn't hold my breath.

Dear Texas, Please Say No To This Dangerous Proposition
Talking to Texas about law is like telling your cat to stop pooping in corners of your home.

Not just Sinema: This Democratic senator took $1M from pharma — and shoots down bill to lower drug costs
Another "dirty money" taker posing as a Democrat.

EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in ‘Dozens’ of Planning Meetings With Members of Congress and White House Staff
Two sources are communicating with House investigators and detailed a stunning series of allegations to Rolling Stone, including a promise of a “blanket pardon” from the Oval Office
Much of this we already know. The question is what will we do with these traitors?

Republican Paul Gosar told Jan. 6 rioters they'd get a blanket pardon from Trump: report
The traitors keep exposing themselves. Shoot them into the Phantom Zone.

DeSantis Explains His 'Scientific' Plan To Hire Anti-Vax Police
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has invited law enforcement officers around the country to come to Florida if they lose their jobs because they refuse to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.
This dick has never been near anything that's 'Scientific'in his life.

Neil Cavuto Praises Fox News's Vaccine Mandate On-air
After battling Covid-19, Fox News host Neil Cavuto returned to the airwaves on Sunday, where he spoke in favor of vaccine mandates.

Fox Liar Jesse Watters Accuses Biden Of Lying About Fox's Own Mandate
The lying hosts on Fox "news" seem pretty desperate to pretend their employer hasn't had a vaccine mandate in place for months, while railing to their lemming viewers about the evils of vaccine mandates.
Somebody tell "stupid" that he should pay attention to reality or continue to look like the fool he is.

Steve Schmidt dropped the mic explaining the big difference between Donald Trump and Colin Powell
"...(General Powell) He's a great man,' and no one in the next 5,000 years, if human beings make it, is ever going to say that about Donald Trump and I suppose that's the difference between the two of them."

Fox News host reveals his company's vaccine mandate on-air: 'I know it's going to get me in trouble'
A sensible statement from a sensible man.

The Right to Vote Should Be Available to Everyone — Including Prisoners Like Me
Of course. Prisons are in place to perpetuate systemic slavery. They should be employed to put the real crooks that hoard the money and power behind the problem. Trump's mob is the perfect example of the cancer.

“Unaccountable and Unaccessible”: Sinema’s Green Supporters Feel Jilted
“The climate crisis has already arrived in Arizona.”
Sinema and Manchin could not care less about the country. They are only interested in their bank accounts.

'Rust' Assistant Director Accused Of Having History Of On-Set Safety Issues
"He did not maintain a safe working environment," said a prop maker who worked with Dave Halls in 2019.

How Manchin Just Positioned China to Dominate Green Energy in the 21st Century
"The power system must be transformed, that is the provision of electricity. That is exactly what China is pushing full speed ahead on, and which Manchin just foiled in the United States."

Don't Mistake School Board Protests for a Grassroots Campaign
Conservatives are disrupting school board meetings by shouting, using Nazi salutes, and even physically assaulting anyone they disagree with. But these attacks are anything but spontaneous.
Nazi tactics. All recorded by history.

'Cruelty is a feature': Tapper slams GOP leaders' reaction to Baldwin shooting
These assholes go to the bottom and dig it out to make it lower than any human would ever descend.
Crulety is a features of all the deranged scum of the MAGAt fascist party. There is nothing decent about any of them.

Plastic industry pollution to overtake coal in US by 2030, report says
Supply chain for plastic production is rife with carbon emissions.
"Think plastics."

Ron DeSantis provides a 'sneak preview' of how the GOP plans to disrupt Biden initiatives
The Dip is at it again.

Fox Doctor Likens Vaccine Mandates To Using A 'Ruler' On Kids
Dr. Marc Siegel lies about whether mask and vaccine mandates work to help stop the spread of coronavirus while likening them to beating school children during a segment with Fox's Jeanine Pirro.
Maybe Dumbo should read this:
State-by-State: Vaccinations Required for Public School Kindergarten

AT&T has yet to answer for its support of OAN, and customers have had it
Of course they have. It's been that way a good while now.

Gohmert Whines Gitmo Prisoners Are Treated Better Than Insurrectionists
Gohmert has a screw loose.
Don't worry Whinin' Boy. We'll fix that for you.

Workers are Walking Out
"Forty years of punishing austerity and a two-tiered labor system pitting new, temporary, or part-time workers against regular workers have finally found the lowest pay and conditions workers will tolerate."
Better pay real wages or suffer.

'Ghoulish' Lauren Boebert branded a 'sociopath' for attacking Alec Baldwin
And that is one her many "good" points. What an idiot. Why must we suffer such fools?

Trump's Big Lie is the new Lost Cause — and it may poison the country for decades
Trump has embraced the narrative of the defeated South: Lie about everything, and double down on vicious bigotry
Fatso and his Land of the Happy Negro fantasy.

Brazil's Leader Faces ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Charge Over COVID
Reckless policies are to blame for Brazil’s high death toll: 5 essential reads
It looks like Brazil knows what to do with arrogant criminal assholes. America should follo suit.

New Coke Or A COVID Vaccine? MO Rep. Billy Long Wants To Know
Rep. Billy Long's Stupid Hurts So Much
The only fix here is for Billy to have his cognitive faculties checked.

MAGA Threats Are Driving Election Officials Out Of Office
It’s yet another way Trumpers are working to undermine our elections and our democracy
Another reason Steve Bannon needs to be in prison.

Only Nine Republicans Voted To Hold Bannon In Contempt
There is no bottom for Congressional Republicans, who won't even enforce the subpoenas of their own body if it makes Trump angry.
Anthony Gonzales was one? How disappointing. He dropped the football.

Marge Taylor Has Meltdown During Bannon Contempt Vote
Marge Taylor has another irrational meltdown, going after Reps Cheney and Raskin. It did not go well for Taylor.
She trys so hard to be relevant but she always ends up being a jackass.

Joe Manchin slammed in hometown paper: He 'wins' — we 'lose'
Must be nice to be loved by your homies Joe?

Self-Proclaimed Pro-Climate Corporations Have Been Giving Thousands to Manchin and Sinema
"As if it wasn't enough that wealthy polluters have bankrolled Sen. Manchin during his fight against common-sense climate solutions—now companies that claim to value protecting the environment have opened their pocketbooks as well."

As 'Unhinged' Sinema Blocks Corporate Rate Hike, Demand Grows for Billionaire Tax
"It seems truly unhinged to look at a country full of working people struggling to get by... and decide that it's more important to preserve low tax rates for billionaires and corporations than it is to make significant investments in our families."

'Texans Deserved Better Than This': Supreme Court Leaves Abortion Ban in Place
The nation's high court set a date to hear a pair of legal challenges to the "horrific" restrictions.
We all deserve better than the miscreants who are doing the screwing. "Better not fuck in Texas."
The reason why Texas is doing OK economically is due to Houston, Austin and Dallas where the blue population reside. It’s those economic power centers that support the vast rural red leeches. The only major city that hasn't voted blue just went blue in the 2020 election — Fort Worth.

Dennis Prager: The Breakup Of The US Could Happen And The Side Ruled By Christian Values Would Prosper
Mental midget talks about himself and his own projections.
In a hundered years at least we all won't be around to fuck things up like Prager has.
Science will win every argument that's for certain.

“These Findings Boggle My Mind”: Audit Rips Apart Florida Program Created to Aid Brain-Damaged Kids
An audit found families got little support from NICA, a program set up to help care for brain-damaged kids. A Miami Herald/ProPublica investigation previously showed that NICA amassed a fortune while arbitrarily denying children care.
Florida appears to be a third world country.

F*ck Around And You Gonna Find Out, Fa-La-La-La-La, La-LOCK HIM UP

Watchdog Exposes Huge Conflicts of Interest Missteps With DeJoy Appointment
He's starting to cost a great deal of Americans money when they have to stop payments on bill payment checks that are lost and credit card payments go the same route. This toxic idiot has to go.

The Evolution of Trump's Big Lie: Republicans Retool Their Conspiracy Theory for the Mainstream
"We are likely just beginning to see this racist conspiracy theory spread wildly on the right."

Could Vice President Harris Follow Richard Nixon and Challenge the Filibuster?
"The filibuster is not in the Constitution. It’s not part of any law. And it’s damaging America."
"The filibuster is just a rule the Senate has decided to impose on itself and that it can change anytime it wants."
What a crazy screwed up world we make.

Crazy Rich Negroes and The New York Times Style Magazine
Yes, but aren't they happy!
"Alice Walker, the novelist who wrote The Color Purple, recently commented: 'This is a wonderful planet being destroyed by people who have too much money and power and no empathy.'"

The Guns of North Carolina: Training for the Next January 6?

Amazon Warns Sellers: Marketplace Could Shut Down If Congress Tries to Regulate It
Direct email communications seek to motivate third-party sellers to lobby their representatives.
Time to play the fear card, eh?

Le Gasp! Biden Finally Embraces Changing The Filibuster
Get it done. And I mean now.

Biden Doesn’t Spare Manchin, Sinema In Reconciliation Remarks
"Manchin singlehandedly killed the largest climate-friendly provision in the bill. It’s still very unclear what will take its place, or if anything can."
Manchin must pay for this. He must be driven out of office forever.

Trump has a big problem as he attempts to hide potentially embarrassing or incriminating documents from Congress

Sotomayor blasts fellow Justices after SCOTUS agrees to take up US case against Texas abortion ban but not block law
Let's punish as many women as possible while we study if it's legal. What a farce.

Pro-Trump lawyer John Eastman goes down in flames trying to defend his infamous 'coup memo'
The corruption drips from him.

Yet another Facebook whistleblower comes forward as the social media giant is rocked by allegations

Billionaires who killed the GOP are now turning it into an anti-American insurgency -- along the lines of the Confederacy
OMG! You don't mean the Land of the Happy Negro? Amazing no one's been talking about this for the last ten years! ROTHFLMAO!

'Just like Watergate': Bob Woodward reveals 'seven conspiratorial actions by Trump and Bannon' to destroy democracy

Manchin Discovers There Are NOT Ten Good Republicans
GOP tanked even Manchin's compromise voting rights bill: "Senate Democrats can no longer divorce the filibuster from the promises and issues they ran on."
"To understand the high costs of inaction, look no further than Texas," Berman wrote. "One month after passing one of the country's worst voter suppression laws, Texas Republicans enacted new redistricting maps that lock in power for white Republicans by denying fair representation to communities of color."

Why Condoleezza Rice Was Trending On Twitter
The former Secretary of State's appearance on The View had people talking on Twitter.
"Whoopi Goldberg put forth that CRT isn't taught in lower grades or high school, and Rice said, "I sure hope not, because I'm not sure 7-year-olds need to learn it."
"Well, they aren't. Not in the form in which it was conceived and is meant to be taught - it's law school curriculum."
When will the dimwits (including Condi understand this? Never, I guess?

Sinema's giant flip-flop: She once campaigned on issues she now wants dropped from Biden’s plan
Sinema now pushing to save Trump’s tax cuts, after calling for corporations and the rich to “pay their fair share”
She's the one that is going to get dropped.

The Unconscionable Hypocrisy of the Federal Spending Debate
Why is it controversial to spend on social programs but not the Pentagon? Or to subsidize the poor but not the rich?

The reckless demands of Sinema and Manchin will cost us in the long run
They are doom for Americans.

It's October 2021 And Stupid Dipsh*ts Are Still Being Stupid Dipsh*ts About Masks

Trump Argues For Absolute Right Of Presidents To Loot And Pillage In Copyright Lawsuit
Law only works for morons?

Dear Democrats: Joe Manchin Is Not Your Friend

Manchin Admits His End Game: Kill Build Back Better, Get His Fossil Fuel-laden Bill Passed
A clueless, selfish, idiot.

“Pick Me” Girls and the Identity Politics of Kyrsten Sinema
The Arizona senator seems bent on proving to the world that she is Not Like Other Democrats.
How hard is that? Seems pretty simple when you do as if you are a Republican as she does.

What the Hell Is ‘Day X’? Far-Right Berserker Clan Was Prepping Uprising Across Several Cities, Police Say
Officials say they found spears and knives among a cache of weapons and ammunition being stockpiled by militants preparing to attack state institutions and workers
Batshit crazy Nazi terrorists.

Franklin Graham’s Hangouts with Sanctioned Putin Pal
Russia continues to cultivate relations with American conservative Christians.
Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

Republicans attack swing-district Democrats for failing to overturn a policy the GOP implemented
The jerks hate no matter what. Total insanity.

Voting Rights Legislation Filibustered By Republicans For A Third Time
Will Democrats now finally change filibuster rules to protect voting rights?
They have to show a spine.

'Nightmare scenario': Substantial majority of Americans don't trust Supreme Court, want reforms
"The sentiment actually represents a rare moment in these times when Americans across the political spectrum agree, with 60% of Republicans, 66% of Democrats, and 63% of independents all saying the political views of the justices drive the decision-making of the nation’s highest court."
If the Democrats weren't so spineless they could fix the problem. But the fascsists will surely make us a totalitarian state.

Charles Barkley Blasts Kyrie Irving For Refusing Vaccine
"You don't just get vaccinated just for yourself."

Kenny and the rest of you jackasses, if you wanna be like Ali, set out playing for three years and see how you do when you try your comeback.

'This Is Sick': Cable Companies Refuse to Air Ad Criticizing Corporate Donors to Florida's Abortion Opponents
"Corporate America protecting itself from being called out for supporting candidates that want to ban abortion in Florida," is how state Rep. Anna Eskamani summarized Comcast and Spectrum's decision.
Many sickos in this part of the Land of the Happy Negro.

Any Democrat Who Stands Against Lower Drug Prices Should Be Primaried in 2022
If you happen to be a constituent of one of these four Democrats, don't vote for them when they’re up for reelection.

'Bombshell': Total Knew About Climate Threat From Fossil Fuels for Decades, But Denied It
"The dire consequences of climate change we are now experiencing could have been avoided if Total executives 50 years ago had decided that the future of the planet is more important than their profits."
Did someone think they cared? Think again.

Don't Blow Up Our Future, Senator Manchin!
What a shameful situation for these policymakers to abdicate their responsibilities as elected officials even as climate change, economic inequity, and environmental injustices strike at the hearts of communities all over the country in both red and blue states.
He just looking out for himself, that's all that there is to see here.

'Vile and provable corruption': Bestselling author blasts 'Senator for sale' Joe Manchin ?in damning new video
We've heard rumors that this dickhead is going to leave the Democratic Party and go Independent. But he says "BULLSHIT!" to that. He'll just stick to sucking the money out of West Virgina for another 40 years. What a stinking crumb.

Flustered Jim Jordan just can’t seem to remember when or how often he talked to Trump on Jan. 6
Well, your phone calls are on record, dude. Let us remind you.

Jim Jordan Mocks Himself In A Tweet
Making a pun on what's "contagious" is not something this Congressman should be trolling about.
Let him continue to make a fool of himself. It's what he does best.

Contemptible Bannon Voted In Criminal Contempt Of Congress
We are one step closer to holding one of the architects of the January 6th Insurrection, Steve Bannon, accountable.
I'l believe it when he's in cell where he belongs.

Liz Cheney drops bombshell — and suggests Trump 'was personally involved in the planning of January 6th'
We are shocked! Absolutely shocked that this miscreant would be involved. ROTHFLMAO!

Trump under yet another criminal probe — this time for his Westchester golf course: report
Trump will go down as one of the greatest criminals of all time.

'He Isn’t Negotiating, He Is Killing the Bill': Ilhan Omar Slams Joe Manchin
"Thanks to the butchering of Manchin, Sinema, and the greed of their corporate lobbyists," said one critic, the Democrat's Build Back Better plan has been slashed down to just $1.9 trillion in spending.
Why does the United States tolerate a couple of dickheads that are working only on their own behalf and not the public's. Why, when the vast majority of America voted for this, are they allowed to fuck with us. These asshole should be dismissed from their robbing us blind positions and sent home. We really screwed up by allowing this system failure to happen.

Brazilian Senate Report Calls For “Mass Homicide” Charges Against Bolsonaro Over Coronavirus Response
Why not Trump as well?

Rule of law takes a big hit during COVID-19

Iowa Democratic Chair Says He Got Racist Messages, Lynching Threat After Op-Ed Condemning Trump Ahead of Rally
Trump Brutes.

Yes, Colin Powell Was Fully Vaccinated. He Was Also Seriously Immunocompromised.
Anti-vaxxers are having a field day with Powell’s death.
Like Trump, they are perfect fools.

Trump admonishes Colin Powell the day after his death
In the wake of Colin Powell's passing, all Donald Trump had to do was nothing. That proved too difficult for the former president.
Illustrating this asshole is the lowest of the low. A perfect pile of fecal matter.

Biden Holds Office Hours As Manchin Takes Axe To Reconciliation Bill
With "friends" like him we don't need any Talibastards.

Manchin ‘Pro-Life’ Right Up Until Birth
Today on TAP: If Medicaid is expanded in the BBB, the senator doesn’t want it to cover abortions.
The bitch of the year.

Steve Bannon Out in the Open
The erstwhile Trump adviser is refusing to talk to the Jan. 6 committee, but most of his energetic anti-democratic activities are in plain sight.
Sure, but that only applies to those who have eyes that work and a brain that can process what they see.

Bernie Sanders Shows Democrats How to Deal With Joe Manchin
In a Sunday opinion piece, Sanders reminds West Virginians that their senator is blocking Medicare expansion and policies that lift children out of poverty.
Oops! There goes the endentured servants.

Manchin's Native Con
"What Manchin represents is nothing more than a spiteful politics of scapegoating to mask his own corruption. He pretends that his Wall Street values are those of West Virginia. We can only hope that his latest native con falls flat for the fate of his state, the nation, and the world."

Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and the Proud Boys: How the Fragility of the Male Ego Fuels the Far-right
"In the space of a minute, it was a perfect illustration of the two-step process that the far-right has used for years now to recruit new followers: First, bait insecure men with fantasies of female submission. Once they're in, recruit them to white supremacy.
Pudgy and dumpy incels, as well.

Week Ahead: The “We Can't Afford It” Bullshit
"Note that she starts by asking me: “The big question is whether Democrats can afford all of this.” By making this her first question, she’s already framing the debate around the cost of the plan. And by phrasing it as “whether Democrats can afford,” she’s making it a partisan issue.
Everyone knows Erin is a fascist sympathizer.

This Is A Very Nice Post About Maggie Haberman
Yes, we know who the trash of which she speaks is if she loves traitors.

Dennis Prager Gets His Wish For Natural Immunity, Proudly Declares He Has COVID
Dennis Prager has railed against vaccines and mandates, hoping for a goal of natural immunity.
Anothe Covidiot.

NHL Hockey Player F*cks Around And Finds Out
San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane was suspended without pay by the NHL for 21 games after submitting a bogus vaccine card.
Are these folks just afraid of needles or what? Do they even get flu shots?

'If we can't get to the bottom of Jan 6th, then Congress is useless': CNN's David Gregory
They've been pretty useless for some time now and in turn have made America itself vulnerable to fasicsts like Trump.

'He's no longer in control': Reporter says Trump's Capitol riot committee lawsuit reeks of panic
Guilty as guilty can be.

GOP congressman appears unaware of how unemployment insurance works — so Ocasio-Cortez helps him out
Stupid is as stupid does. And stupid does a pile here.

'Indefensible': US Billionaires Became $2.1 Trillion Richer in 19 Months of Pandemic
New analysis shows that just 745 individuals have combined $5 trillion in wealth—most of which will never be taxed—as nations reels from pain inflicted by Covid-19.

GOP Senator Shreds Trump's Historic Losing Streak In Axios Interview
Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana predicted recently that Donald Trump will never be president again because he left the Republican Party in shambles.

Ron Johnson: 'Pray' For 'Gridlock' In Congress
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Sunday encouraged Americans to invoke supernatural powers to stop members of Congress from passing laws.
Shit and fall back in it you fruitcake.

Fascism or freedom? America is stuck in an ugly and dangerous in-between
We are caught between a dying world — which we cannot save — and a new one being born. We must face that choice
We will fight these Nazis until we win or we die.

'You know nothing about us': Ted Cruz humiliated by Australian leader for lecturing them on COVID-19
The Dunce of Texas knows nothing about anything.

Joe Manchin wants to limit who can get child tax cuts — and block retired guardians from getting any
What a curse to bear. What a fool.

Right-wing loudmouths have made their madness clear to all -- and it is truly terrifying
"Instead of calls for unity from those who have fallen under the sway of a mad, bitter orange grifter intent on a coup d'etat, we get nothing back but noise, recklessness and an embrace of conspiracy and lies."

Roaming Charges: Supply Chain of Fools
The exploitation of workers by the ultra rich will kill us all in the end. Even them.

I'm Getting Really Angry, Damn It!
"It pisses me off, for instance, to see the main stream media consistently referring to Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema as "centrists" or "moderates" when, in fact, they are neither. Not even close."
There are many things to be very much more than pissed off about America today. We have a critical Nazi problem.

Kinzinger defends not supporting voting rights act: 'Democrats have to quit playing politics'
A part of our Nazi problem. He wants to be dictator like his hero, Trump.

The political fight over vaccine mandates deepens despite their effectiveness
Photo of child abusers who never knew that children have always had to be vaccinated for various disesases before attending school.
All of these people must be prosecuted for their crime.
When Did Mandatory Vaccinations Become Common?

Russia Reports Record COVID Infections And Deaths
Too bad for your people, Pootmeister.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Wealthy Brazilians With “Upscale Luggage” And Clean Shoes Are Scamming Border Patrol
Which is it Lindsey? Rapists and drug users or upscale luggage and clean shoes. You can't claim both you rascist lamebrain.
"Trump Only Wants Rich Immigrants Living in the U.S." headline from 2019. We know who the scammers are Linds.

Acosta Reminds Us That Trump Knows He Is A Snake
Donald Trump warned them all that he was a snake, but the Republicans continue to pretend like it isn't true

Why Record Numbers of Workers Are Quitting and Striking

Trump and His Dead-Enders’ Hateful Plan Revealed

Ted Lieu snaps at DOJ spokesperson for pushing back against speedy Trump indictments
They need more than a snap, Ted.

‘Bannon is up to his eyeballs’: Watergate’s John Dean reveals why his testimony could implicate Trump

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz’s Big Fundraising PAC is Nearly Broke
The two firebrands have their own fundraising problems, too.
Failures at large.

When he claims he's not a climate science denier, Joe Manchin is lying through his teeth
He has teeth?

WI brewery sues school boards for indulging 'Tucker Carlson-watching zombies,' ignoring science
What do they brew? Goeringbrau?

MO Gov. Threatens Reporter Who Found Database Flaw In State Website
Gov. Mike Parson took a page straight out of Trump's playbook when he threatened a reporter who exposed vulnerability in a Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Department web application.
Mizzou has been treacherous for some time now.

Dangerous Zealots Escalate Tactics, Thanks To New Anti-Abortion Laws
It’s not just abortions that are endangered by the new anti-abortion laws but women’s health care and those who provide it.
"Anti-abortionists “go after doctors. they go after the staff. they go after the patients that are trying to access these clinics with harassment, with stalking, with interference with their access. and it is only increasing with every one of these laws that these states are passing, to interfere with access.”
Remember what they did with zealots in old Jerusalem?

Manchin Threatening Key Climate Provision: Reports
"To take it out is to decide that climate change isn't a problem."

Cherry-Picking Polls to Mask Public Support for Biden's Reconciliation Package
Olsen presented a red herring argument about how many independents think the plan costs too much—all the while ignoring all the other polls showing support for the plan.

Independents are wishy-washy dupes in the first place. I have more respect for Republicans which should say a lot.

Gunman 'out of nowhere' shoots 3 deputies outside Houston bar, killing one, authorities say
America is now regressing to a lawless gun fetish state.

Florida withholds school board salaries for an entire county due to mask mandate
"All in all, just another brick in the wall"
A total chickenshit bunch that gives no fuks about their kids let alone their teachers. They should be sued back to the stone age.

A QAnoner wielding a tomahawk is now crashing school board meetings
A terrorist wielding a deadly weapon. There is a very quick cure for that. It should be used.
America is now scraping the bottom with this bullshit. Tell them to fuck all the way off.

The 'race to the bottom: Conservative commentator slams ‘absolutely bats--t crazy’ GOP
Charlie knows his stuff.

Media Refuses To Cover What's In Build Back Better
They won't talk about the very popular items in Build Back Better because why? BIAS for popular things?
Yes. Because it's not controversial enough. They look for dirt only. Very few real journalists, many opportunists.

Darien's Board Of Education Has A Racism Problem
Even the Darien chapter of the League of Women Voters is in on protecting David Brown, the GOP candidate who flashed the "white power" signal during his closing remarks.
America has a fascism problem.

Natasha Tiner, 35, RN And Anti-Vaxxer - Dead From COVID
Danesh (@thatdaneshguy) made Natasha Tiner his "Anti-Vaxxer of the day" and was about to report her social media disinformation campaign against COVID vaccination and get her fired. But she died.

The Sausage Making: Manchin And Sinema Continue To Be Difficult In Their Own Special Ways
"Difficult" is not the word for these selfish assholes.

Ignore the Naysayers. A Full-Employment Recovery Is Possible.
Critics of the American Rescue Plan made two dire predictions. Both proved wrong.

Trump supporters hurl profanities at Joe Biden as he meets with young kids: report
Double Dick Fuck Trump Nazis.

How Facebook’s algorithms promote hate and drive toxic content

'Holocaust Denial Has No Place in Our Society': AOC Reprimands Texas School Official
"I am offended as hell by somebody who says I should have an opposing view to the Holocaust in my library," said one teacher.
As any American should. Just say no to fascism.

It's finally dawning on Republicans that gifting their party to Trump was a strategic misstep

Judge rules MAGA-supporting Colorado election officials can't work in upcoming election
Of course, Nazis should not be allowed near any election in the United States of America. We fought a world war against them.

Conservative Democrats pit vulnerable communities against each other, as usual
They would have been popular in Germany 1939.

Hatred on display as Texas House passes anti-trans youth athlete bill
No surprise. It's Texas.

Unvaccinated People Are Way, Way More Likely To Die From COVID, CDC Data Shows
And yet, what should be an obvious conclusion remains a matter of debate for some.
The virus continues to thin the herd as is it intent. It matters not what the unvaccinated think, the virus does not care.

Hacked Data: Dozens Of OR Cops Are Oath Keepers
As the commenters say: "Fire them immediately and then arrest them.

Does Trump Want Me to Think He’s Into Golden Showers?
"...then why is the former president still bringing it up in the most suspicious way possible?"
Duh, three guesses and the first two don't count.

The Jan. 6 Committee Has The Right Idea: Now Congress Should Subpoena Zuckerberg

The Jan 6 Investigation Puts the Legal Profession on Trial Too
Indeed, it puts America itself on trial.

The Crux Of Democrats’ Climate Plan Is Hovering Somewhere Between Life And Death
When the end of life sustainability finally arrives, as it surely will, will we remember how arrogant we were toward our doom.

Tucker Carlson Having Normal, Healthy Reaction You'd Expect To Pete Buttigieg Being A Dad
"To Tucker Carlson, it is yet another grave threat to his masculinity, because by all appearances most things threaten Tucker's masculinity."
This dick is just like his old man.

QAnon's Possible Secret Identity Running For Congress In Arizona
We may as well allow people like Joseph Stalin to run for Congress in America. What has become of us?
"Big words coming from a guy who was previously the administrator for a site known to host child pornography."
"Watkins also said that he was specifically inspired to run for Congress after attending a sermon by Jeff Durbin of the Apologia Church in Mesa, Arizona." The hell you say! "Durbin was notably featured on an episode of VICE's "Hate Thy Neighbor" about anti-choice extremists, and has also been known to secretly tape his congregants' confessions of sin and repentance for the purpose of retaliating against them later should they step out of line or criticize him in any way, and posting these recordings to YouTube. He also seems to direct many of his attacks towards teenage girls."
Sick as a dog that's swallowed anti-freeze.

Jan 6 Committee Will Hold Steve Bannon in Contempt for Violating Subpoena Order
Then put his ass in stir with an unreachable bail amount like 3.5 billion. There's your money for the BBB bill.

Ocasio-Cortez Slams GOP for Lying About Effects of Unemployment Insurance

Typical bullshit by the bullshit party. "Most people who quit their jobs aren’t eligible to collect unemployment benefits — and the unemployment insurance program that Burchett is likely referring to has already ended."

With surgical precision, Republicans draw two congressional districts that dilute power of Hispanic and Asian voters
The GOP is losing its hold on suburbs of Dallas and Fort Worth as they grow more diverse. Two proposed districts show how far the party is reaching to entrench rural, white electoral power.
Denying power to the diverse is the dirty business the White Power Fascist Party is in.

Our Long Neoliberal Nightmare: Congress Should Not Begrudge $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Package for the People
There are many things the Congress should not begrudge the peoples. But they all seem to be in it for the money and not the people.

Why the Hell Are Democrats Keeping Your Drug Prices High?
"Not because this policy is unpopular with the public. To the contrary, 88 percent of voters favor allowing the federal government to negotiate lower drug prices, including 77 percent of Republicans."
Idiots and flim-flam men come in all sizes, sexes and flavors.

The QAnon Playbook: Republicans Make School Board Meetings the New Battleground
As the commenter says: "the nazis have been corrupting school boards for decades in their quest to prevent the teaching of altruism and history... to keep white kids stupid and more likely to be limbic-dominant and, thus, become nazis."

Texas school leader suggests balancing Holocaust with 'opposing' views
"Make sure that if you have a book on the Holocaust, that you have one that has an opposing, that has other perspectives," Peddy said. Bullshit. The Southlake group is apparently full of Nazis since the Nazi view is the only opposing view on the Holocaust.
They better get their shit staight and muy pronto. Is book burning next for you morons?
"Close your classroom libraries until they can be vetted"? Text from an email — fascism incarnate. Stop them right now citizens.
This is a movement by a group of moron authoritarians who want to block diversity and progressive education in favor of their racist view of America. The vapids know nothing of critical race theory unless they are law students.

Southlake school leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with 'opposing' views
Teachers in the Carroll school district say they fear being punished for stocking classrooms with books dealing with racism, slavery and now the Holocaust.
This is how fascism takes over a country. They start with the schools and election boards. Don't be fooled by these goose stepping swastika lovers. Read your history which is another thing they fear. Texas has become a breeding ground for fascism. Watch Dan Patrick use the Nazi tactic of scapegoating the immigrant on Fuks News."Let me tell what's gonna happen, Laura. There's going to be massive violence at some point in the future if Biden continues to let this happen..." said one who sounds much the same as Goebbels.
All American flags should be displayed upside down. We are in deep, deep danger.

75% of Democrats Want Party to Go Big on Social Spending, Climate Action: Poll
"The people delivered Democrats the House, Senate, and White House. Now it's time for us to deliver them paid leave, child care, climate action, lower healthcare costs, pre-k, community college, affordable housing, and so much more."
And so does the vast majority of the American people. Now get off your lazy asses and get it done.

LISTEN: Texas schools official tells teachers they must offer 'other perspectives' when teaching the Holocaust
“There are no children's books that show the 'opposing perspective' of the Holocaust or the 'opposing perspective' of slavery. Are we supposed to get rid of all of the books on those subjects?"
They want some Nazi racist books in the class rooms I suppose? The depths to which we have fallen.

Jim Jordan, Grand Wazoo Of The Anti-Vaxxers
Jim Jordan wants to ban all vaccine mandates, because liberty.
Sleezeball. The great falling away from sanity continues.

A star’s trek to space obscures deadly desert treks below
The shame and disgrace of a former country that pretended to care.

Trump's latest statement may show the authoritarian Republicans have lost their last best hope for power
"The authoritarian collective that now constitutes the foundation of the GOP would rather give up on democracy than share political power with people who refuse to stay in their place in 'the natural order.'"

Trump-loving restaurateur's anti-Biden 'only serving patriots' sign backfires bigly
"But Cerabino concludes that the restaurateur's "myopia is a result of the right-wing media bubble he lives in."
Ya think?

Jen Psaki mows down reporter's question on if Biden will regret handing over Trump Capitol riot docs
"I think it is ultimately important for people to understand and remember that January 6th was an incredibly dark day — one of the darkest days in our democracy," she explained. "There was an insurrection on our nation's Capitol."
No comment from the "reorter."

Manchin Has Received $1.5 Million From Corporate Interests Attacking Biden Agenda: Report
Large corporations "have given Senator Manchin over a million reasons to avoid paying their fair share," said Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig.
Just another traitor.

There Are Clears Signs That Sadism Is the Driving Force of the Republican Party

Georgia School Suspends Black Kids But Not White Kids For Protesting Racism, Which Does Not Exist
Land of the Happy Negro gets their black kids into a happier mood.

WATCH: New video shows Trump supporter pulling Michael Fanone into Capitol riot mob

Anti-Trump Republicans troll him with billboards — and back Dems in 2022 races
As anyone with a slice of brain would do.

US jobless claims dip below 300,000 in pandemic breakthrough
Great news for most of us.

Graham: Connect The Dots, Commies Are Taking Over
A perfect example of projecting by a lamebrain that expects no one can see through his bullshit.

Anti-Vax Evangelist Flat Earther Dies Of Something
You mean he didn't fall off the edge?

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert Ridiculed Over Response To Norway’s Bow And Arrow Killings
Critics pointed out major flaws with the conspiracy theory-endorsing Colorado Republican's reaction.
BoBoebert is at it again doing her false equivalents.

Why Is Kyrsten Sinema Fundraising In Europe This Week?
Seriously, what the hell?
How in name of Jehovah is this even legal? Have we gone that batshit crazy?
Get this fucking idiot out of our government!

Dan Patrick Promotes Violence Against Immigrants
And of course, Laura Ingraham lapped it up like a puppy.
Textbook Nazis.

No one deserves Trump more than Republicans, who are too damn cowardly to jettison him
A bunch of sick fucks alright.

Police are howling about vaccine mandates ... as they die of COVID-19 by the hundreds
In other words they are defunding themselves.

Black 'American' flags at right-wing protests, on front porches vow ‘no quarter’ against liberals
"People flying them are essentially signaling that they’re prepared to kill their liberal neighbors."
Well, well, well. America is prepared to whack back, jerk-offs.

Corporate Power Is 'Real Culprit Behind Rising Prices,' Researchers Say
"The more sway mega-corporations have over our economy, the more power they have to gouge customers, squeeze Main Street, and exploit workers."
They need to get some control over their greed. But it's the same old fascist story.

'Some Things Are Worth Fighting For': 10,000 Unionized John Deere Workers Now on Strike
"John Deere is shutting down... because they don't want to pay their workers a fair wage or pension."
Union Now! Union Forever!

'Shameful and Dangerous': Oklahoma Woman Faces 4 Years in Prison for Pregnancy Loss
Brittney Poolaw was "charged and convicted of a crime without basis in law or science," her advocates said.
Why should we be concerned with women's rights in Afghanistan when we have Talibastards like this in our own country. These people are certifiable religious nutballs and are no longer capable of thinking beyond the Bible for their law. That ain't the way we do it here you Talibastards! You are the ones that need to go to prison for life! Now do you want me to tell you what I really think of you?

Our Long Neoliberal Nightmare: Congress Should Not Begrudge $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Package for the People
To set themselves apart from Republicans, Democrats must demonstrate the political will to choose the common good over allegiance to corporate wealth.

There Can Be No Compromise on Voting Rights
The effort to roll back voting rights is unconscionable, and the federal government has a duty to act—now, before the next election.

'Playing the long game': A slow-motion coup by death-threat squad is happening underneath all of our noses
The great rig that is the fascist Trump MAGAts. These idiots must be stopped at any cost.

Christian Nationalists Embrace Belief In A ‘God-Ordained’ America
"... the “Christian nation” myth." There’s no support for this idea in our Constitution.
Editorial from the LOTHN site: "God ordained our great nation"? Upon reading a remark that was stated on Face Book that "America was ordained by God" I couldn't help but wonder which 'God' as there are so many. Of course, I knew to which "God" this person was referring. But the case of this country being ordained by "God" is a case that is wide open as you can see for yourself. The statement itself is not based on Biblical history as this is unprovable by actual historical events. It is, more likely, based on "educators" such as Rush Limbaugh or his like. Biblical history that is taught by accredited institutions will not dabble in "miracles" or claims which have no evidence.

MAGA Gun Church That Worships With AR-15s Has Bought a Giant Mountain Property in Tennessee
"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition"?.

Woman Busted With 21 Fake Vax Cards In Traffic Stop

Study: 90K COVID Deaths Since June Were Preventable
Don't miss the tweet comment on the two faces of Abbott.

Trumpers Force Out Elections Administrator In County Trump Won
What the hell? It's about persisting in stealing elections.
Another wonderful definition of madness. Who died and made Trump the King? Screw Trump and the ass he rode in on.

Who Secretly Bankrolls The National Prayer Breakfast?
Although the National Prayer Breakfast bills itself as nonpartisan and ecumenical, its sole benefactor is anything but: Franklin Graham.
So, not so secret then.

Gym Jordan yaps about vaccine mandates, gets shut down by Rep. Eric Swalwell
"Unfair arguments with existence." Long monologues that stutter on, going nowhere. This is your brain on vapidness.

ICE's workplace raids have devastated workers for years. Biden admin says these sweeps will now end
It's about time.

Herschel Walker fumbles, cancels fundraiser after pressure over host’s swastika profile pic
Poor ole Hersh. He hasn't a clue how he's being used.

Violent seditionists are being arrested by SWAT teams and it's making them very upset
"Nobody cares. You wanted to take on the government, here ya go. Home delivery and everything."
Another bunch of assholes thinking they would get away with it. Yes, there are many of us with real weapons willing and ready to take you on if you keep up your fascist bullshit.

Economist Paul Krugman: 'Increasingly radical' Republicans are scaring businesses in GOP-led states
The fascists committing mass suicide is a good thing in this case.

'The crazies have taken over': Florida county’s multi-million dollar fine for vaccine mandate sparks outrage
The morons don't have the brains to recall all the other vaccine mandates we've had in our history.
Concern and outrage are not the solution to a fascist threat.

Head Of Christian Nationalist Legal Group Worked To Overturn 2020 Election Results
Holy Fascist, Batman!

'We'll never know how close we came': Journalist lays out dark details of Trump's attempted election theft
The low down on the thief, Trump the Traitor.

There's Embarrassing, And There's Mollie Hemingway Writing About Spending Five Hours With Donald Trump
Can any human bear five hours with that pile of delusion? You have to be as warped as he is, like Hemingway.

GOP: If Biden Won’t Let Violent Parents Threaten School Board Members, Is This Even America?
"We are not men, we are Devo."

2 Airlines Plan to Defy Greg Abbott’s Ban on Vaccine Mandates in Texas
Abbott worships Trump now. It's more than obvious. The mark of the beast.

Manchin and Sinema Obstruct Reconciliation With No Proposal of Their Own
Simply put these creatures are obstructionists with no serviceable use.

How Far Down the Road Towards Fascism Has America Gone?
"This is, of course, just a partial list but the American political landscape has become so toxic that we can’t even pass simple legislation that is overwhelmingly supported not only by the majority of the populace but by the President whose party controls both houses of Congress."
Way too goddamn far. But we've heard it all that is listed here. Trump must answer for his sins.

The Restaurant-to-Cannabis Pipeline
For many service workers, COVID-19 provided the opportunity to leave food retail and take up employment in the cannabis industry.
Casualties of the moron MAGAts' attack on reason.

The Undignified Demise of Centrism
Centrist Democrats may force changes to the Build Back Better Act, but their rationale as a political orientation has disintegrated.
For the worse for all of us. Because of this America can't think big any more.

Cheney Reiterates Jan. 6 Panel’s Threat Of Criminal Contempt For Uncooperative Trump Administration Witnesses
As any American should.

Is Garland Up the Job?
"If they don’t, they are prepping a huge backlash from a lot of people who are tired of seeing Trumpers make the law an object of contempt." Goddamn right.

Trump-loving cousins 'clearly celebrated' the Capitol riot – now they’re headed to prison
Trump and all his traitors to prison.

US Marshals may be called to round up former Trump aides who disobey Jan. 6 subpoenas: House investigator
Why is the word "may" in this sentence? Do we think these traitors will surrender themselves? Don't make such a joke.

WATCH: GOP lawmaker derails extremism hearing with rant about hamburgers — then gets scolded by witnesses
Another public exercise in insanity. Watch out for those hamburgers.

'Like your worst nightmare': Video captures shooting of Black man who asked white motorist to slow down
Yet another tragic incident in the Land of the Happy Negro. It looks like this fellow just wasn't happy enough. As usual.

Texas House passes proposed new map for chamber’s 150 districts, aiming to protect Republicans’ majority for the next decade
Now, tell me once again, who's rigging elections? Only a moron couldn't answer this question correctly.

'Devastating news!' Marjorie Taylor Greene melts down after Georgia court denies election audit
The poor sore loser.

'Trump somehow hypnotized the country': Maryland Democrat thinks jailing ex-president's allies might break the spell
Screw their spell. Apply justice!

Judge dismisses Georgia ballot inspection case after investigation finds no evidence of fraud
As we all should know doing the same thing over and over again to expect different results is madness.

Morning Joe drops the hammer on Greg Abbott for 'bullying' Texas businesses
Banning a ban? Wow! Does he even have a brain? The tiny Trump wannabe.

Ted Cruz, 'Proud Italian-American'
What the f**k, Ted Cruz?!
Enablers can't call anyone out.

Lincoln Project: AT& T Funds OAN's Call For Mass Executions
"Funding sedition, oppression, and of course, One America News Network."
"When your cell phone carrier supports a "news network" that calls for mass executions, maybe you want to switch."

FEMA Ignores Puerto Rico's Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Build a Clean Energy Grid
FEMA plans to spend $9.4 billion on fossil fuel infrastructure instead.
How fucking ignorant can we be?

'Pure insanity': Analysis breaks down Trump and allies’ insidious effort to ?spin his voter fraud lies
Then why isn't this cancer in an insane asyslum? I mean besides the one we're all living in.

Trump won this Texas county in a landslide. His supporters still forced the elections administrator to resign
Hood County fascists will not stand for democracy even if their fascist minions already are a majority. They fear freedom.

Exterminate All the Brutes
In Honor of Columbus Day it's time to own up.

Analysis: Intentional loopholes in Texas abortion law draw a judge’s rebuke
The judge who blocked enforcement of the new abortion restrictions in Texas said lawmakers knew it was unconstitutional and tried to prevent federal courts from saying so — and said he wanted to keep other states from copying the idea.
Fascism doesn't recognize the U.S. Constitution.

The Real Reason the Economy Might Collapse

Trump’s Coup Attempt Is Far From Finished
Trump's preparing to run in 2024, but a new Senate report detailing his sedition gives officials the evidence they need to disqualify him from completing the coup.
And disqualifing him for anything but cleaning toilets.

The Long Shadow of Anita Hill’s Testimony
Three decades after Anita Hill brought sexual harassment allegations against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, Black women are still waiting for justice.
Waing for justice in America is like waiting for Godot.
"Mr. Justice isn't coming today." Maybe tomorrow. We wait.

Cheney Slams Scalise For ‘Perpetuating’ Big Lie: It’s An ‘Attack’ On ‘Constitutional Republic’
Nicely done.

GOP sadism is out of control — when will respectable white people wake up?
Yes. Some of us have been waiting a good long time for respectable white people. Show of hands please.

Call to ban neo-fascist groups after violent protests in Rome
Ban them in the U.S. as well. No to Nazis!

Steve Bannon's Jan. 6 committee delay on Trump's behalf can't succeed
Bannon's "executive privilege" defense shouldn't protect him from being held in contempt.
Stop coddling Nazi criminals, America.

Hate Group: We’re Suing Biden Over Vaccine Mandate
Babbling retards. Yes, retards. It's a fucking word. Words mean something and that's what they are: to delay or impede the development or progress of : to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment"
Now, fuck all the way off!

Thank the Great Pumpkin! Fauci Says Trick-or-Treating Is Fine This Year
"Go out there and enjoy Halloween."
Since Fauci said it does this mean you'll keep your kids at home?

New report shows 25% of all US infrastructure is at-risk because of climate-change related flooding
Manchin and Sinema don't give a good goddamn.

Manchin and Sinema play a dangerous game with the planet's future
They have no fucks left to give.

When is the House select committee going to enforce subpoenas?
Apparenlty when Hell freezes over seeing as how so far a subpoena seems to be a mere slap on the wrist.

Facebook Exec Says Use His Product 'In Moderation'
Facebook is going full Tobacco Defense: make your product addictive and then blame the user for having a problem
Use his propaganda machine in moderation is like saying drink cyanide in moderation.

Chris Christie Says Sometimes Teachers Should Be 'Threatened'
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) asserted on Sunday that there are times that public school teachers deserve to be the target of verbal threats.
Christie is a typical bully and a corpulant one at that.

Steve Bannon And Rudy Giuliani Mock Prospect Of Prison
Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon on Monday mocked the idea that they could go to prison for flouting a House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Perhaps these chunks of garbage will live long enough to see that particular justice carried out. Maybe not.

Raskin Raises Prospect Of Jailing Bannon For Contempt
I'd love to see that! Please apply the LAW!

Infrastructure Bill Would Help Protect Bees and Butterflies
The new infrastructure bill would fund new habitat for pollinators—and help people and wildlife in the process.
If you think pollinators aren't important to our life you'd better think again.
Planting gardens to attract pollinators is something we can all do.

Plight of the Bumblebee

'Biden, Can You Hear Us Now?' Ask Indigenous Leaders Amid Arrests at Fossil Fuel Protest
One activist had a message for the president: "If you're claiming to be a leader for our climate crisis... then you need to start living up to your word."

'Code Red' for Climate Means Reducing US Oil and Gas Production Now
Code red for humanity has to translate into a red light on fossil fuels.

US Must Stop Backing Regimes That Displace Indigenous Peoples From Their Homelands
Many would-be migrants, like the Garifuna, would love nothing more than to stay in our homes. It’s Washington that's making it difficult.
Too bad they didn't start with themselves 500 years ago.

Straight out of Dickens
"... the kids were charged with a made-up crime on the say-so of an all-powerful juvenile court judge’s halfwit minion."
Halfwits are way too prevalent these days.

Gasoline-powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers to be banned under new California law
Law targets small engines, which can pollute more than passenger vehicles.
Of course, those are relics of a bygone era.

Christopher Columbus, The Pledge Of Allegiance And ‘Under God’ – Yes, There’s A Connection
And the beginning of the hateful white supremecy that vanishing white America still believes in today.

These 15 Bible texts reveal why 'God’s Own Party' keeps demeaning women
The Bible was written by misogynists. What, you didn't know? Having no knowledge of it is no excuse.

Hillary Clinton warns US is in 'full constitutional crisis' from 'continuing high level attack' by Trump
Which is 100% true and no one has the guts to put an end to him — yet.

Here’s how to fight enforcement of Texas’ 'unconstitutional' anti-abortion law: legal expert
"Texas is no more law-abiding than an underworld crime boss who employs artful street urchins to steal for him and then claims immunity from criminal prosecution."
Unconstituional is Texas from its concept.

John Oliver slams 'business daddy' AT&T for role in creating 'toxic far-right' OAN: 'You’re a terrible company'
They are guilty as charged.

An obscure piece of Biden's agenda could deal a big blow to Trump's right-wing nationalism
Blow Trump back to hell by any means necessary.

'Stop this madness': Outrage after appeals court reinstates Texas abortion ban
Devolvement of intellect in the U.S. is decaying into totalitarianism, anarchy and the end of America.

Trump promotion of Michigan rally decried as 'childish, petulant' and 'downright dangerous'
And them are its good points.

Shooting In Downtown St. Paul Bar Leaves 1 Dead, 14 Injured
No arrests were immediately made in the attack, which is believed to have involved multiple shooters, authorities said.
Continuing failure of the U.S.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Troops Still Unvaccinated
Continuing failure of the U.S.

Alabama Will Spend Nearly 20 Percent of its Federal COVID Relief Money to Build Human Cages
“This is opportunism.”
Back to the jungle in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Jill Sobule: “You Better Not F*ck in Texas”
The singer-songwriter takes aim at the extreme anti-abortion law in Texas
And people think MoE's songs on "Pistol Grip Wallet" are not radio friendly, LOL!

US Lags Behind Most of the World When It Comes to Plastic Pollution Regulation
The country continues to lead the world in failure.

Allen West, GOP candidate for governor, says he has pneumonia caused by COVID-19
West, the former chair of the state Republican party, tweeted that his oxygen levels are low and he will likely be hospitalized, but says his condition is "not serious."
Oh, it's serious alright. He's an arrogant fascist doing his best to fuck over the people of America.

Thinkin' Without Knowin' Nothin': The Roots of American Division
Life in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Merrick Garland Thinks He’s Being Neutral in the Face of Trump’s Crimes. He’s Wrong — He’s Being Complicit.

GOP School Board Candidate Flashes 'White Power' Hand Signal At Forum
I know, I know, shocking from an affluent Connecticut suburb, but David Brown, GOP Candidate for Darien's school board flashed the signal throughout the entirety of his closing remarks.
I thought that was "3 Points!" Or his IQ.

Missouri newspaper torches Josh Hawley for defending angry mobs amid school threats
Again, back alley trash.

GOP governors who ended unemployment benefits failed to spur job growth: September numbers
And civilization continues to devolve.

A New Confederacy: Trump and the Republicans have already seceded
Now they’re preparing to fight a new civil war. In fact, they're already doing it in all but name
The Land of the Happy Negro is what they strive for. They want to turn us into a white supremecist dictatorship. They must not succeed by any means necessary. Where's Will Sherman now that we need him.

'Cruel and Unfathomable': Sinema Pushing $100 Billion in Climate Cuts From Reconciliation Bill
A Sunrise Movement leader said the Arizona Democrat's reported proposal for the Build Back Better package is "not surprising since she's been meeting nonstop with corporate executives."
If she wants to commit suicide why doesn't she just get a pistol and stop trying to take the rest of society with her.

Arizona Republican has a meltdown after audit liaison tells Congress that Biden was the legitimate winner
How did these people get so fucked up? One word: Trump. She's needs to see a brain doctor.

Texas anti-abortion law is back in effect after order from appeals court: report
The process of law in this country has now degraded into a "Yes, you can," "No you can't" endless exchange.
We are a horribly failed experiment.

Journalist wonders 'how dumb' America can get during a pandemic 'and still survive'
It looks to me like most of the dumb ones aren't surviving. The cull is working.

'The end of shame': Politics reporter shreds GOP for letting Trump shatter 'the basic norms society follows'

We Are Being Robbed Blind by Big Pharma
Big Pharma's obscenely-priced drugs developed with tax dollars will continue to drain working people of income, savings, and—ultimately—their health until America recognizes healthcare as a right.

Biden Restores Protections for Bears Ears National Monument

Biden Rejects Trump’s Plea To Withhold Riot Docs
Trump has no executive privilege. He's a mere common citizen and even that's in question. Padded cell for him.

“Shouting Match” On Senate Floor After Debt Vote
Ha! Fuck Manchin and the rest of the deplorable fascist bastards. Poor widdle babies had they feelin' hurt?
"The Republicans are utterly devoid of honesty, integrity and decency. They should always be treated as the lying nazi cockroaches they've proven themselves to be." — Judas Peckerwood.

Mark Harris for ProPublica
Black Children Were Jailed for a Crime That Doesn’t Exist. Almost Nothing Happened to the Adults in Charge.
In the Land of he Happy Negro they "secured juvenile petitions for 10 children in all who were accused of failing to stop the fight.

'To say I'm livid is putting it mildly': Rick Wilson slams the 1/6 committee for blowing their chance to nail Trump
""This is staffed wrong, led wrong, and a gutless exercise to get back to talking about infrastructure. They're not taking the risk seriously, they're not taking the data before them seriously, and they're eager to run out the clock."
Gutless is what the traitors expect from the flaccid committee and it looks like they may just be right. How did America become so weak-kneed at defending its laws? This trickles down to no one having to obey the law. Especially if they have money, or access to dirty money.

Jan. 6 committee will 'swiftly consider' criminal referral for Steve Bannon over subpoena defiance
This asshat has been defying the law for some time now. Send him to Devil's Island.

NC GOPer Threatens To Break Into Elections Office, Looks Ridiculous
This is what it's come to in our country? Clown acts making goofball threats to our legal processes frivoulous for attention like a spoiled brat?
Wake the fuck up!

Treat Trump Like the Common Perp He Is
"We appear to be moving toward a critical moment for rule of law in the United States, where it will finally be vindicated or a mockery."
"But according to American law up to this point at least, Donald Trump can’t invoke executive privilege." Goddamn right.
How many times have you read this same statement here on LOTHN? Thank you, Josh.

This Is How You Smack Down Texas’s Abortion Ban
On Wednesday, a federal judge in Texas suspended SB 8. His ruling offers a step-by-step legal guide to striking down the law for good.

Lara Trump, Grade-A Dipsh*t

'The Republican Party needs to be crushed' to save America: columnist
They are doing a pretty good job of crushing themselves. It's the Fascist Party now.

Marjorie Taylor Greene rants that Fauci won't prescribe ivermectin 'even though it won a Nobel Peace Prize'
Here's a good example of the self-destruction of the Republican Party.

If Tucker Carlson Really Hates Vaccine Mandates Why Hasn’t He Quit Fox?
While Tucker Carlson plays a tough vaccine freedom-fighter on TV, he doesn’t even have enough courage to criticize his own employer’s vaccine mandate.
We know why and what he is. It's one of the world's oldest professions.

Guess Which Party Thinks AR15s Are 'Gifts From God'
The Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina says God Gave humans AR-15's just like he gave us garden slugs.
Is this guy working to get a comedy show on TV?

Manchin Plan to Gut Biden Agenda Would Support 2 Million Fewer Jobs Per Year
"Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema's efforts to scale back Build Back Better can only leave working families worse off."
These asshats are a bane on America.

Arizona Republicans testify that Biden’s victory was 'free, fair and accurate'
Ouch! That must chap Trump's bohunks.

If You Work in the U.S., You Don’t Know How Bad You Have It
"It’s no secret that United Statesians are more ignorant of the world beyond their national borders than the peoples of other countries."
"As one of the few countries on Earth without a national health care system, health care is a commodity for those who can afford it, not a right as it is almost anyplace else."
It would be nice to see the U.S. join the 21st century.

Michael Flynn to QAnon Believers: I’m Not a Satanist!
Michael Flynn is finding out the hard way that surrounding himself with QAnon followers can have a pretty sharp downside.

Republican John Cornyn doesn't know the debt ceiling is from previous US debt — not new spending
Is anyone surprised? Please don't be.

We’re Losing Our Humanity, and the Pandemic Is to Blame
“What the hell is happening? I feel like we are living on another planet. I don’t recognize anyone anymore.

Bernie Sanders Lets Manchin Have It Over 'Entitlement' Remarks
Sen. Manchin happens to represent a state that is the 4th highest recipient of federal funds
Good, Bernie. Someone needs to let that creep have it.

The Sound of Silence: In the Age of Covid, Where Have All the Heroes Gone?
Because Covid-19 is the third leading killer of Black folks in America, silence or worse—acquiescence to mumbo-jumbo uttered by miseducated celebrities on social media—is unconscionable.

People Don't Become Homeless. This Cruel Society Makes Them Homeless.
It's clear we have lost our humanity when so many are cast aside.
It's very clear. Just look at what they've done with the homeless in Austin.

'Trump is guilty': Bombshell Senate Judiciary report offers frightening new details on effort overturn the election
Of course we know he's guilty and so are the Republican co-conspirators. The issue is what will we do about it?

REVEALED: Cops knew Trump supporters planned to 'kill public officials and carry out a coup' ahead of Capitol riot
And yet the cops did zero about it? Treason.

'Stop the Steal' organizer to start the squeal by sharing private social media messages with feds
Let's have it all and send these traitors to prison.

Maryland anti-vaxxer murdered his pharmacist brother because he believed vaccines were poison: prosecutors
Still don't believe these morons are murderers?

'This Is Not the End': Dire Threat to Abortion Rights Remains as Judge Blocks Texas Ban
"The Senate must join the House in immediately passing the Women's Health Protection Act so we can end cruel bans and guarantee the right to abortion care for every pregnant person throughout Texas and across America."

Fox News: 25 years of making everyone's lives progressively crappier
Conservative media was going to birth a network eventually. But Fox has made life worse, even if you never watch
One of the many reasons Americans have been radicalized.

New Twist In Matt Gaetz Sex Crime Probe
Gaetz's buddy, Joel Greenberg, wants more time to cooperate with the feds before sentencing.
Gaetz the braggart is in really hot water.

Trump Sycophant Matt Schlapp's Group Faces FBI Probe
CPAC's sponsor, the American Conservative Union, is under scrutiny for violating campaign finance laws.
Another Trump mob crook is getting his.

'Disgraceful': Florida faces questioning from Biden admin after failing to submit COVID funding plan
This asshole should be in prison for accessory to murder.

Top DeSantis donor criticizes Florida governor for prohibiting mask mandates: 'I’ve been frustrated'
So are all the dead in Florida.

'Completely soulless': Ted Cruz slammed for 'nauseating' pivot from Texas school shooting to 'Biden border crisis'
Completely ignoring Ted Cruz crisis.

If You Want Reproductive Freedom, Work For Church-State Separation

Senate Must Pass Voting Rights Reform So States Can Protect Democracy
The John Lewis Voting Rights Act would shield voters from racial discrimination at the ballot box.
There are many things the Senate must do but protecting American rights is something that they can't seem to be able to do. Someone must do it for them and right now.

Ana Navarro Flattens Mike Pence; What A Bootlicker
Pence trying to pretend he's "cordial" with Agolf Twitler.
He's one of the country's best bootlickers. Be sure to get yours shined while you can.

Conservatives Want To Arrest Librarians Over Sex Ed Books
Move over critical race theory and face masks, the latest trend in right-wing fascism seeks to throw librarians in jail for including sex ed books and other material deemed “pornographic” on their shelves.
Goddamn it, they grew up in a cloistered life why can't the rest of America be as backward as they are?

Hospital Says It Won’t Do Organ Transplants on Unvaccinated People
It doesn't want the organs to go to waste.

Donald Trump Justifies Capitol Riot, Says Election Was The 'Real Insurrection'
The former president is continuing to tell the same kinds of lies that incited the Jan. 6 attack.
Trump projects his guilt showing he is guilty. The world's greatest at projecting everything he does on something other than himself.

Pope Expresses “Shame” After French Catholic Church Acknowledges 300,000+ Cases Of Child Sexual Abuse
Refer to Spread Your Little Thing Out — Men of Extinction on their CD Pistol Grip Wallet.

‘Playing with Fire’: Citi CEO Warns During Virtual Roundtable About Defaulting if Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised

I Drove More Than 1,000 Miles to Help a Texan Get an Abortion
“Abortions don’t stop just because you made it more difficult.”
Abortions won't stop for anything.

Anybody Fighting Joe Biden Is Helping Trump’s Next Coup All Republican politics is now functionally authoritarian.
How many times have we already said this? How many times has anyone heard it and understood it?

'Nothing changes': Joe Manchin refuses to consider filibuster reform despite debt ceiling emergency
Is this man COMPLETELY useless?

New York City police union leader resigns after FBI raids his office and home
Yes, unhinged is the word for this character.
But there are many more just like him.

...and here is more:
‘Fuck These People’: Bodycam Shows Minneapolis Cops Praised for ‘Hunting’ Protesters After George Floyd Death
Amid chaotic George Floyd protests last year, Minneapolis officers unleashed rubber bullets on bystanders without warning and joked about targeting the media.

Stalking Schools and Scaring Kids Is the New Anti-Vax Trend
A deranged attempt by anti-vaxxers to scare schoolchildren away from the COVID-19 vaccine left kids “in tears” at one school in England this week.
“This is just a complete and utter disgrace. The word ‘Covidiot’ doesn't even begin to describe how inappropriate the actions of these wack jobs are. It’s unacceptable in the extreme”
Land of the deranged and demented.

Multiple Injured After Student Opens Fire at Texas High School
“This is not a random act of violence... this is a student that got into a fight and drew a weapon,” Assistant Police assistant chief Kevin Kolbye said.
More on life and deadly gunplay in the "land of the free."

Austin’s homeless residents left with nowhere to go amid camping crackdown
Months after Austin voters reinstated the city’s public camping ban, authorities are clearing many of the largest encampments. Their former residents are going “anywhere it’s safe and out of sight, out of mind,” one man said.
If they are arrested then we get to support them anyway. More American insanity on display.
Why can't we get a society big enough to care so they can have a safe place to stay? We just aren't big enough as a people it appears.

Arizona Won't Give Schools COVID $$$ If They Require Masks To Stop Spread Of COVID
"The GOP is a Death Cult: Part 2,379,802."

Biden Bans GOP Gov From Giving COVID Money To Anti-Mask Schools

The political craziness in Idaho
The futher deterioration of U.S. sanity.

Report: Trump’s Former Aides Plan to Defy January 6 Commission’s Subpoenas
It's what criminals do.

A Massive Fail on Crime Reporting by The New York Times, NPR
Sensational stories about a “spike” in murders offer a model of how not to cover criminal justice.
"This kind of “justice” reporting is not just false; it is dangerous, widespread, and long-standing...."

The Whole Judiciary Branch Has a Credibility Crisis
The Supreme Court is back in session but hasn’t brought legitimacy with it.

One-third of Americans would abolish a radical Supreme Court, so expanding it is the moderate choice
Stephen Breyer Is Getting Paid to Play Hamlet
Rather than retiring, the justice is milking his moment in the sun—publishing a book, giving interviews, and defending his decision not to step down.
"The book is incredibly wrong and self-serving. He doesn’t really convince anybody that the court is apolitical; he just states that it is and argues that it’s important for the rest of us little people to think of it that way. If you didn’t know the author was a sitting Supreme Court justice, you’d think the book was written by a law clerk trying to impress one."

Far-Right One America News Network Gets 90% of Revenue From CNN Owner AT&T
Telecom giant also played major role in creating and funding the network, Reuters investigation finds
Break up AT&T again.

Dallas Morning News torches Ted Cruz for blaming Trump's debt crisis on Democrats
The ultimate hypocrite.

MSNBC Goes To Town On GOP Sen. Josh Hawley With A Stinging Supercut
Chris Hayes’ damning montage shows why the Missouri Republican’s latest indignation is “frankly kind of astounding.” What do we expect from an asshat fascist?

One-third of Americans would abolish a radical Supreme Court, so expanding it is the moderate choice

Mississippi now has country’s highest rate for COVID deaths
There is no other way to put this. These people are retarded.
New Zealand Covid Deaths.
Clearly shame on Mississippi.

Biden Gives Democrats a Green Light to Weaken the Filibuster for Debt Ceiling Votes
"Do it, Democrats," said one progressive organizer.
It must be done.

McConnell: Debt Ceiling Needs To Be Raised But I'm Just Not Doing It
McConnell is sh*tting all over the Foundering Fathers, the democratic process, and the US Constitution with his level of partisan blockades and inaction.
He's a spiteful little POS. Flush him. America is tired of his mindlessness.

Fox Host Flips Out Over Facebook Whistleblower: 'Are We Next?'
Ben Domenech gets very sensitive when Congress pays attention to "disinformation." Go figure.
We've already figured who these miscreants are. And yes, they should be next.

AOC, Other Progressives, Have Three Words For Facebook: 'Break It Up'
"It's almost as if Facebook's monopolistic mission to either own, copy, or destroy any competing platform has incredibly destructive effects on free society and democracy," said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Break up the cesspool that it is.

Republicans are assimilating corporations into an authoritarian collective — giving Democrats a big opening
We live in the Nut Ball Age.

Norm Ornstein on the crisis of democracy: "This is the same roadmap we saw in Germany"
Widening crisis means all Americans may see elections as illegitimate, Ornstein warns. That would be the end
The Nazis are only a breath away. All of this has been building for some time starting with Rush Limbaugh. Now we have a pack of idiots that are completely berserk.

Trump will direct Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon to defy subpoenas from Jan. 6 panel: report
Mob leader does it again. He incites crimes that these people will be committing if they don't show and they will hopefully all go to prison with Trump.

Arctic sea ice hits its minimum as climate change drives a relentless decline
"When the ice fields melt we'll all need gills" — Evolution's Not Fast Enough For Me — Men of Extinction

NC Democrat Compares MAGA To The Klan Because It’s True
"You're gonna reap just what you sow, that old saying's oh so true..."

Democrats Can Take McConnell's Most Powerful Weapons Away, and Do It Pretty Easily
If only they had the courage.

Hungarian-Style Soft Fascism is the GOP’s Ruthless New Brand
Soft compared to what, Thom? Graphene? Kevlar? Diamonds? Because the former GOP is pretty, pretty strong on their Nazi matter.

Man who gunned down Ahmaud Arbery asks court to ban evidence of his support for Confederacy
He doesn't want it known he was associated with the Land of the Happy Negro and was just trying to make Ahmaud feel a little more at home there.

Johnson: There Is No FDA-Approved COVID Vaccine
This man isn't in a mental instituion yet? Someone has their head deeply up their asshole.
"FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine"
Please get this man to the help he needs and get him off the TV screens.

Justice Department Addresses Violent Threats Against School Officials and Teachers
You dickheads are going to be prosecuted as you should be.

Guilty Capitol Rioter Sobs Before Sentencing Hearing
Will these asshats ever realize that Trump is getting off free from his inciting of their crimes?

Anti-Masker Threatens To Shoot Pet Store Employees
See? These assholes get off with a mild slap and we are shocked when they attack our Capitol.

Yellen warns we're headed for economic catastrophe in debt ceiling game of chicken
The GOP wants suicide for all of us all because of one POS,Mitch McConnell.

In a 'major victory for patients,' Biden lifts Trump-era abortion gag rule

Marsha Blackburn Says 'Follow The Money'; Took $10K From Facebook
Eleven out of twelve Senators asking questions at the Facebook hearing today took THOUSANDS of campaign dollars from Facebook. That doesn't count donations from Facebook executives totaling millions.
That would lead to your pocketbook, Marsha.

We Need Biden to Fulfill His Climate Promises—Now
We desperately need the president to direct his Cabinet secretaries to move more aggressively to use the "whole of government"—as he said in his Jan. 27 climate executive order—to protect our endangered planet.
It appears no one in American government gives a good goddamn.

So-Called 'Centrists' Are Really Incredibly Dangerous Extremists
Their supposed "seriousness" poses a serious threat to everyone but the small group of elites whose short-term interests they actually represent.

Kyrsten Sinema's Approval Rating Craters Among Democrats
Just 46% of Arizona Democrats now approve of her job performance, down 21 points.

Religious Exemptions To COVID Vaccines Threaten The Health And Welfare Of Others
Because "special rights," as they are always called by the right wing to any minority group they hate, are what "the religious" get without any argument.

Covid Vaccines Prevented Nearly 40K Deaths Among US Seniors From January to May: Report
"The vaccines were transformational," said one doctor. "It was sort of a very visible miracle."

A GOP-sponsored bill in Idaho would 'jail' or fine anyone who enforces COVID-19 vaccine mandates
What kind of vicious sicko would come up with this horribly irresponsible act? Asshole morons in Idaho it appears.

Investigations of Trump for 'potential violations of Georgia law' are heating up: report
Georgia Fry him.

Steve Bannon Threatens America With '20,000 Shock Troops'
Bannon utters another BiG Lie that MAGA controls this country. 82 million Americans would disagree.
Mob tactics from a mobster.

Fox Attacks Sen. Duckworth, A Disabled Vet, For Using Vet Benefits
Fox News faced backlash over the weekend due to a report about Sen. Tammy Duckworth's taxes.
Fucks News does it again.

Facebook whistleblower exposes a dark reality: Right wing disinformation is popular — and profitable
Lies are profitable on social media because millions want to be radicalized
Again — Like a moth to a flame.
Nothing else matters but money! What a vapid, empty society.

Individualistic societies managed the pandemic worse than communal ones, study says
The U.S.'s disjointed COVID-19 response may be due to our hyper-individualistic culture
Ya think?

The Facebook whistleblower has exposed a dark reality about right-wing radicalization
More on our God, Mammon.
"It's part of a larger problem, in which huge numbers of Americans are excited to embrace fascism..."

Here's How Trumpism Continues to Erode the Republican Party

"Health Providers" and Other Hustlers
Grifters run it all. And one of their names is Manchin family.

This Abortion Fund Is at the Front Lines of the Struggle for Access in Texas
"Someday I hope I have as many rights as a gun." (sign in protest)

COVID-19 must be eliminated, not become endemic, if America is to survive

US Denounced as 'Biggest Peddler of Financial Secrecy' After Pandora Papers Leak
"U.S. President Biden must match his own rhetoric on shutting down global illicit finance, and start with the biggest offender—his own country."

Intel expert warns domestic extremism is only getting worse: 'Every failed coup is just practice'
These terrorists are making it unsafe to be anywhere in our country at any time.

A former Trump strategist hopes to make election-reversal possible at 'precinct level' — and the GOP is on board
Fascism to the nth degree. How sick are these miscreants? They want to kill democracy and are proud of it.

'God’s will is being thwarted': Hard-liners seek more partisan control of elections — even in solid Republican counties
Here we have the perfect example of the Talibastards.

Blackburn Spews Unhinged Conspiracy Theories About Infrastructure Bill
Tennessee GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn tossed out the unhinged conspiracy theory that the Build Back Better bill is an evil plot by Democrats to "demoralize the military," close churches and "institutionalize socialism."
Spoken like a true Nazi. These asshats are desperate.

Lewandowski Bragged About 'Stabbing Man In The Back Of The Head'
More ugly details have emerged following the report that now former Trump campaign worker, Corey Lewandowski drunkenly assaulted a married Trump donor in Utah.
Trump always "knows the best people."

Boebert Says She Trolls 'When I Don't See A Headline Attacking Me'
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) explained recently that she often tries to troll the media when she doesn't see headlines "attacking" her. But it seems that people that don't have the intellectual capacity to deal with life fall into this pack.
That's a pretty sad position to take that you can't find meaning and purpose in life if someone isn't attacking you.

Sanders: Sinema Is ‘Wrong’ To Call Delayed BIF Vote An ‘Ineffective Stunt’
Stunts are all some people can do to get attention. She's ineffective at everything except making America a failure.

Kyrsten Sinema's antics may come back to cripple her political future — here's why
Sorry, she's already there.

Watch: Kyrsten Sinema dashes to the bathroom after being approached by protesters
And she's a coward to boot.

Pat Robertson’s Legacy Of Extremism Will Follow Him Into Retirement
So sorry to hear, Pat. Buh, bye.

Whistleblower: Facebook Chose Money Over Our Democracy
Frances Haugen told 60 Minutes that Facebook removed protections after the election because it was costing them money.
Fuck democracy? Well...
"It's money that matters, you hear what I say? It's money that matters, in the U.S.A." — Randy Newman
They don't give a flying fuck at FaceSchnook.

“God’s Will Is Being Thwarted.” Even in Solid Republican Counties, Hard-Liners Seek More Partisan Control of Elections.
The Talibastards that want us to become a religious state -- their religion. No difference between them and all the other "relgious" zealots.

Supreme Court will likely kill Roe v. Wade and gun restriction laws this term
The court is likely to exacerbate America's already existing fault lines.

Another Hospital Sued For Refusing Use Of Ivermectin
"Covidiots are turning hospitals into restaurants where they can custom order their treatment." — Bambino comment.

Chris Christie Compares Negotiating With AOC To The Taliban
Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) faced off with a panel on ABC News on Sunday after he compared Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to the Taliban.
Christie shows how he can't take on an aggressive woman and how he is not part of the 21st century but part of the dying White Male Priviliged centuries.

Jim Acosta Decimates Fox News And Tucker Carlson Again
The CNN host mocked the FOX (not) News network for mandating vaccines and masks for their own employees, but pushing deadly lies on their viewers.

New Levels of Ambition Are Mandatory at Glasgow Climate Talks
Failure to halt greenhouse gas emissions is not an option—though it's frighteningly likely.
Heading for extinction as a moth to the light.

Texas schools have reported more coronavirus cases in two months than they did in the entire 2020-21 school year
These children will remember what the fascists in their state did to them when they become voters.

Women rally for abortion justice amid 'unprecedented attack' on reproductive rights
The mjority of America backs these women as well.

A Republican Senate candidate's remarks reveal the party's slide into authoritarian
"This freedom, you may have noticed, is upside down, backward and prolapsed. It's also a key feature of authoritarian collectivism."

Alex Jones fumes after judge rules he must pay for his Sandy Hook conspiracy theories
Looks good on you.

'Unprecedented': Ted Cruz accused of 'undermining' America's national security

Top Bernie Sanders Aide Details Just How Popular the $3.5 Trillion Package Truly Is
"Opposing these policies doesn't make you a moderate," said Warren Gunnels. "It doesn't make you a centrist. It makes you an extremist."
America is full of assholes like them.

The media's 3 big failures are concealing the reality of Joe Biden's agenda
Journalism in the 21st century appears to be failing.

Alito's Fee Fees Hurt; Polls Show SCOTUS Losing Public Trust
Judge Alito throws a fit in a public speech over shadow docket complaints on Texas anti-choice law
"Having reached the heights of the legal profession, it must be deflating for the justices to recognize that the public is not obligated to reflect their self-regard. In truth, the public is simply reciprocating the contempt that the justices show for the people every time they insist on lying to their face about how the Court works, or why it looks the way it does today." — Adam Serwer
Scalito has been a dick from start. Shaking his head "nope" against an Obama remark in a State of the Union speech.

Ken Paxton Is A Douchebag, Part Infinity
Look on the BRIGHT side of canceling all abortions in Texas, ladies!

'Made up the numbers': Experts find Arizona's 'hoax' audit was even worse than it looked
Fraud as usual by the Trump traitors.

Joe Manchin has made $5.2M from his coal company — and gets big donations from fossil-fuel industry
Senator blocking Biden's agenda has gotten rich off coal, and takes more fossil-fuel money than any other Democrat
It's guys like this that give us the problems the world suffers with.

Climate Critics Warn Joe Manchin 'Holding a Gun to the Planet's Head'
Don't be fooled, warned Bill McKibben, the Democrat from West Virginia is "doing the work of the fossil fuel industry."
Yes, this asshat.

NYT unmasks researchers who discovered Trump computers talking to Russian bank in 2016
Tell it to Russell Brand.

Manchin admits getting his bill passed and then tanking progressive package was always the plan
Just a common scumbag.

Texas governor calls for stiffer penalty for illegal voting — weeks after he signed a bill lowering it
This man has lost his mind or has been talking to Trump again. When did he decide to become King?

Progressives Hold the Line as 'Manchema' Side With Oligarchy Against Biden Agenda
"We won't let massive corporations, billionaires, and a few conservative Democrats stand in the way of delivering transformational progress for millions of working people," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal. "Stick to the plan. Pass both bills, together."
"...a small band of corporate Democrats in Congress...". This is your on the take, corporate grifters that do not represent the American people. This is just plain wrong.

White terror: Millions of Americans say they'd support violence to restore Trump to power
"Justice for J6" was a flop — but the Jan. 6 insurrection has fueled growing support for white extremist violence
Trump's Nazi's are thirsty for blood.

Jen Psaki shoots down a reporter comparing Biden to his predecessor: Trump suggested ‘people inject bleach’
Unamed Reporter? Who is in charge of credentials? I mean c'mon people, not naming someone is not credible. Sorry, that is silly, not to mention that the "unnamed reporter" is full of crap. Someone knows who this idiot is.

Justice Alito lashes out at a journalist's criticism as 'ridiculous'
Another judgie-wudgie gets it wrong.

Anti-Vaxxer Brags About Fake Vaccine Card On TikTok, Gets Reported To The FBI
Showing the fake card and lip-synching to "'What You Gonna Do About It?", the TikTokker got her answer quickly and a visit from the FBI.
i was under the impression that forging documents was a crime. Ok, people can't be this stupid, right?

Hitler-Loving Cawthorn Promises He's Up For 'Spiritual Battle' In DC
At an evangelical conference in North Carolina, Rep. Madison Cawthorn promised if everyone just prayed, he'd take care of the "evil" in DC.
So, no thoughts and prayers from the peanut gallery? What have these people been doing? Oh, right -- They have been reisisting the vaccine and committing suicide.

Protesters Shouting Threats Shut Down Meeting With New Hampshire Guv And Top Officials
Of course, these morons are dong their best to kill themselves.

96-year-old former Nazi concentration camp secretary caught after fleeing trial
Nazis always will be brought to justice in time. Remember this, American fascists.

Kristi Noem Did Not Do Things And If You Say She Did Things You Are A Disgusting Liar?

Republicans Show They’d Rather Risk Recession Than Allow Democrats to Pass Bills
Fascists in action.

Joe Manchin, America’s Climate Decider in Chief, Is a Coal Baron
The pivotal Democratic senator owns millions of dollars in coal stocks. Shouldn’t he recuse himself from US climate talks?
Grifter. Been grifting for years. He is a selfish grifter only interested in his contined grifting.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Attempt At Religious Humor Gets Holy Hell
The far-right lawmaker targeted the Catholics for Choice organization.
More lunatic garbage from "Empty" Greene.

In 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' the U.S. is lapping the world when it comes to COVID-19 deaths
America is world leader in throwback selfish irresponbility. What is there for us to take pride in here?

Trump Republicans lose interest in prosecuting Jan. 6 rioters
Traitors lose interest in prosecuting themselves. What is wrong with this picture? Infinite lunacy.

Anti-Ron DeSantis Group Releases A Killer Ad
The group is called Remove Ron, and the ad is called Florever Purge.
This is what you get when you elect a nitwit dumbass to leadership at any level.

Pro-Slavery, Pro-Rape Cult-like Church Takes Over Idaho College Town
Doug Wilson’s domineering evangelical church is built on a fundamentally misogynist worldview that permits male members to rape their wives, and threatens any women who object.
Can you believe there are creeps as crazy as this in America?

Idaho Republican Urges Vaccine After Unvaxxed Mom Dies From COVID
“Frankly, there’s some anger,” Chaney said. “I think there are people in our political realm … who are essentially killing people with misinformation."

Republican lawmaker pushes resolution to make the Bible Texas’ official state book
American Taliban at work in Texas. And they also qualify as Talibastards.

Ending abortion rights and voting rights are part of the right's long-term plan
America is on the brink.

Coward Lauren Boebert blasted for turning charity event into QAnon pedophile conspiracy attack against Biden
A coward of the lowest degree.

Four more GOP Reps. under scrutiny for potential stock trading violations
GOP: Grifters Only Please.

Trump DHS Only 30 Minutes Behind Mommyblogs In Assessing What Was Happening At Capitol Jan. 6

The evidence is building: Vaccine mandates work — and well

For the First Time, Most Americans Say Global Warming Is Currently Harming US

GOP Threatens Economic Disaster by Refusing to Raise Debt Limit Before Shutdown
Disaster is their middle name.

'Fire DeJoy' demand intensifies as 10-year plan to sabotage postal service takes effect
Stop pussyfooting with this dick. Hit the road and begone with him.

WATCH: Ohio Republican gets destroyed by Gen. Milley after twisting the truth over China call
Another sack of hammers that can't pay attention.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: The Federal government should ban abortions because ‘they scar your soul’
Is she admitting she's had an abortion? How can she know ‘they scar your soul’ without the experience?

New Daily Kos/Civiqs poll: Americans Do Not Want SCOTUS to Overturn Roe v. Wade
These fascists don't care what Americans want anymore.

New Daily Kos/Civiqs poll: Americans Do Not Want SCOTUS to Overturn Roe v. Wade
These fascists don't care what Americans want anymore. They proved that when they attacked our Capitol in an act of Civil War.

You Love To See It: General Milley Smacks Down Tom Cotton
Seriously, Tom Cotton needs to keep the word "resign" for himself and his fellow traitors.

Laura Ingraham's Crazy New Claim: Overwhelmed Hospitals Are 'A Lie'
Apparently Fox News doesn't promote enough conspiracy theories so Ingraham threw out a new one.
What about the people that have died of other issues that can't get into a hospital because they have no room? If she's too stupid to know about these incidents she should be taken off the air as she is contributing to deaths of Americans.

Kristi Noem Under Fire For Getting Daughter A State License
After Noem's daughter was rejected for a real estate appraiser license, Noem summoned the head of the agency to change the decision. That's an abuse of power.
Grifting. That's all these crooks know how to do. Kristi, they go after criminals where they find them. It's just that you and your fascist party make up the mountain of politcal criminals that start with Trump.

Sen. Joe Manchin draws a backlash for attacking Biden's agenda as having an ‘entitlement mentality’

With Klan Mom Greene, The Stupid Never Stops
Marge believes that communism works best with corporations.
Box of rocks. Sack of hammers.

The Supreme Court's fall from grace gives Democrats a big opening
Maybe so. But the SCOTUS is a big bunch of Dicks since Trump stacked it with assholes.

"Workers are very scared": Union head says state employees fear reprisal for bucking Ron DeSantis
Florida state workers are "very scared" of being demoted if they complain about Gov. DeSantis' COVID policies
You mean the prick assho Rondick DipShitus? Fear the virus, fear cancer, but don't fear this fake human. He will vanish like dust in the wind.

Texas reduces Black and Hispanic majority congressional districts in proposed map — despite people of color fueling population growth
Racist scaredy cats. Showing how FUBAR they are.

'Stay in your hood': White 'Karen' fired after allegedly assaulting Black couple at Brooklyn dog park
Apprantly, this Karen doesn't have the cognitive sense to know who was speaking what to whom.
A bigger idiot than most of them. Bye, bye.

Trump's coup memo deserves 'the greatest possible outrage' — but it's not getting enough attention: Ex-GOP strategist
Too many Nazis that ignore it? Or too many chickenshits?

Trump's planning to run again in 2024: Will his supporters ever realize he hates them?
Trump claims to love his supporters — but his malicious and careless actions speak louder than his empty words
Too stupid to know they are the suckers.

Greg Abbott shredded by Texas judge for giving Trump his voter fraud 'audit': 'He caved in minutes!'
He's a part of the traitor coup now.

'Mar-A-Lago Three' broke law with scheme to monetize veterans' medical records: House investigators
Aww, don't tell me. Some more Trump crooks on the grift. What a surprise.

Kevin McCarthy has his old words thrown back in his face after trying to stop the government from paying its bills
Duhhh, he didn't know he was recorded? How stupiddumb can these idiots get?

'I'd rather see this school in ashes!' Anti-mask woman screams at school officials in Mike Flynn-endorsed video
The latest "Karen" showing her dumb ass in public. Dumber that the dumbest.
"Sovereign-citizen" is total bullshit. Anyone who believes the county sheriff is the most powerful law-enforcement officer in the country needs to find a brain very quickly. These people are some of the lowest miscreants on the face of the earth. White-extremism to the max.

Time to start firing the unvaccinated: Trump fans are overdue for a lesson in consequences

Why Dentists Oppose Democrats’ Plan to Add Dental Coverage to Medicare
Why would they give a crap, anyway? They would never accept it if it passed.

The Vaccine Vampires Are Now Lurking in Broad Daylight
Our political leaders are in the thrall of pharmaceutical interests who have blocked efforts to share lifesaving vaccines with the world. They, and we, are draining wealth and life from the poorer countries of this planet in the relentless pursuit of profit.

Brexit Panic-Buying Gas Freakout Has Europe Saying: We Told You So
A rep from one of Europe’s biggest trucking unions said EU workers are in no mood to “help the U.K. out of the shit they created themselves.”

‘It’s a Nightmare’: Teen Wrestling Champ Gunned Down While Sitting in Her Car
Bring the murderer to justice. Let's find out WTF was going on here.

Peculiar Institutions

‘Time to prosecute Donald Trump’ says New Hampshire newspaper columnist calling GOP ‘fascist threat to Democracy’
Waaaaaaaay past time.

Dozens Of MA State Troopers Resign Over Vax Mandate
Bye, bye and good riddence.

John Hinckley, Who Shot Reagan, To Be Freed From Oversight
A federal judge says the man who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan can be released unconditionally from the restrictions he’s been living under next year.
"... if he continues to follow those rules and remains mentally stable."
Pretty big "IF."

COVID Patients Tell Doctor Coronavirus Is Fake, Then All Die
A pulmonologist who previously wrote about combative patients says most have now died.
Some war when the enemy all commits suicide.

The Pandemic Has Torpedoed Life Expectancy Across the Globe, Study Finds
Life expectancy dropped in 27 out of 29 countries studied last year, with some places experiencing the largest declines since World War II.
The cull seems to be working.

Mitch McConnell's hijacking of the Supreme Court is backfiring bigly
What did you expect from the assholes that Trump stacked in there?

Biden receives his Covid-19 booster shot: Vaccines 'can save your life and ... can save the lives of those around you'
And we got ours today, as well. Do the same if you are eligible.

Collapse Of Republican Party Driving Mob Rule In America
In a profoundly detached fit of magical thinking, GOP leader Mitch McConnell told journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa that the Trump era was on the wane.

COVID Patient Who Left Hospital With Anti-Vaxxer's Help Has Died
Joe McCarron has died roughly 10 days after a video of him leaving the hospital with the help of an anti-vaxxer went viral. McCarron was buried today.
As previously stated, they are killing themselves off.

Trump's planning to run again in 2024: Will his supporters ever realize he hates them?
Trump claims to love his supporters — but his malicious and careless actions speak louder than his empty words

Matt Gaetz boosts neo-Nazi 'Great Replacement Theory' as Republicans turn full fascist
Need more proof that these idiots are wanna-be dictators?

Matt Gaetz's legal lineup suggests he's expecting a trial — possibly on 'grave' charges: report

A Texas Republican urged people to 'read the bill' to prove voter suppression — so John Oliver did it
And here is more proof of the facist suppression: Rigging the system by hook and by crook.

Fox News host says he's under 'attack' by Trump fans after reporting results of Cyber Ninja's audit
""Raising questions about possible errors & fraud is not the same as proving them, and was reported. This is our tribal politics today."
Rotten to the core.

These GOP grifters will be the death of this republic
Racist, fascist, white supremacist, anit-vaxxer, and corrupt to the bone.

'Carrying Water for Big Corporations': Sinema Faces Backlash for Opposing Tax Hikes
"Make no mistake, if she sides with her wealthy donors and kills popular investments to jump-start the economy, everyday families—including across Arizona—will pay the price."
The country is being destroyed by grifters like her.

Donald Trump Jr. gets blown up in barbed exchange with Ana Navarro
Poor little boy is out of his league with Ana.

21 Million Americans Say Trump Should Be Restored to the Presidency by “Force”
They are all batshit crazy and should not be considered anything but traitors. They are irresponsible and a threat to humanity.

Christianity Is Empty If It Doesn’t Address the Racist Carceral State
Empty? Does it even have a fuel gauge for its tank?

‘Shit Show’: GOP Insiders Panic Trump Will Lose Them Georgia Again
With the King of Shit.

Anti-Vax Mob Storms Staten Island Food Court [VIDEO]
Another bunch of useless idiots that are two-faced and dumber than dirt.

The Entire United States Is Now the Reichstag Building
The Republicans smell blood in the water. Is it possible to overstate how dangerous this situation has become?
America is on the brink due to these Talibastard fascists.

Chris Wallace grills Greg Abbott for his hollow pledge to stop rape after signing strict abortion ban
"Are you saying, sir, I don't mean to interrupt, but are you saying that you will not sign an exception for rape and incest?" Wallace pressed.
"You're making a hypothetical that's not going to happen because that bill is not going to reach my desk," Abbott replied.
In other words, we will stop that because we don't give a crap about women and their rape problem.
Abbott is a very sick man among a host of sick men.

Texas Gov Vows To Hire Any Border Agents Fired For Mistreating Haitian Migrants: “You Have A Job In Texas”
If you are a low down rotten to the core dispicable trash bag, Texas will always have a place for you, sez the miscreant puppet.

Trump Pressured Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to Keep Up the Election Audit Sham. Abbott Caved.
Of course, he did. He works for Fatso.

Chris Hayes: Carlson's More Racist Than Former KKK Leader Duke
MSNBC's Chris Hayes rightfully compared Fox's Tucker Carlson to former KKK grand wizard David Duke, and pointed out that Carlson is a lot more overt with his bigotry than Duke was back in the day.
He may as well be wearing a swastika. "...not just racist, but stupid as well." The worst person in the world. Remove him from broadcasting.

UN Chief Warns Humanity Is 'Unacceptably Close to Nuclear Annihilation'
"Now is the time to lift the cloud of nuclear conflict for good," United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said ahead of the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.
Mankind is still living in a world of doomsday threats without any advancement in intellect since the 1940s.

Trump increasingly losing favor with Michigan Republicans who don't care who he endorses: report
Who gives a crap about Fatso?

Arizona's fake election audit accomplished one feat: Shutting up Paul Gosar
But he's still at large and a threa to the United States.

The Record-Breaking Failures of Nuclear Power
Paul Gosar should read this.

Trump gushes about Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'She's really, really smart!'
Tell us more good jokes, Fatso!

Texas law restricting access to abortion medications goes into effect Dec. 2 after governor signs bill
The new law narrows the window in which physicians are allowed to give abortion-inducing medication to patients from 10 weeks to seven weeks after conception, bucking FDA guidelines.
Just plain mean and evil miscreants.

These Cities and States Are Fighting the Tide and Expanding Abortion Access
For decades, the anti-choice movement has focused on state- and local-level victories. Now, the abortion-rights movement is too.

The Arizona “Audit” Was Election Subversion
The subversion will continue until morale improves.

'Drop the act': Susan Collins mercilessly buried by columnist for lying about supporting women
She can't. It would cost her too much in her take.

'Ridiculous' Lauren Boebert buried by former prosecutor for claiming rape victims should have had a Glock
I know every time I plan to get raped I always carry my Glock. Because you know everthing goe better with a Glock.

Tiffany Cross Blames ‘White Women’ Who Voted Republican for ‘Ridiculous’ Abortion Laws
Bible Beaters are responsible.

QAnon Rep. Marjorie Greene’s Chief Of Staff Resigns
Someone "effective because he 'was really willing to go after people, skirt the truth, say things that weren’t true'" is gone is a good thing.

Voting Rights Roundup: ACLU sues over Ohio GOP's new maps after governor’s startling admission
Miscreant traitors in Ohio.

Tucker Carlson Curses Out ADL: 'F*ck Them'
As he embraces racist and anti-Semitic white replacement theory fully.
This asshat would have been the perfect Nazi for Hitler's staff.

$3.5 Trillion Is Too Expensive, But $10 Trillion for War Is Business as Usual
The massive expenditure for war is not merely a fiscal issue. It reflects a system of governance that values war. That system was produced by a failure of political vision and an electoral process corrupted by corporate money.
The pornography of power.

These GOP Grifters Will Be the Death of This Republic
Perhaps the 2022 election will bring Democrats a large enough progressive majority that they can work around their own grifters—or maybe it’ll signal the death knell of the republic.

Tell Your Member Of The House To Vote To Protect Abortion Access Today

AU Reminds Tenn. County Public School That Coaches Can’t Lead Prayer – And The Crowd Goes Wild
They never learn anything.

'A scary space': Steve Schmidt stresses the importance of confronting the GOP's assault on democracy

'He knows he lost': Trump flattened by Georgia's Raffensperger before rally
Tell it to his Zombies. Fatso has a fragile ego. He won't get help with his illness because he's insane.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's chief of staff quits — only hours after her public meltdown on the Capitol steps
Who would want to work for a moron?

How the myth of 'border security' empowers American fascists
Border Patrol's job is regulating flows of people in and out of the U.S. But that job is impossible

Lauren Boebert's attempt at damage control falls flat after 'impeach Biden' blunder?
At least she could use spell check. Putrid.

Jen Psaki Forces Peter Doocy To Explain His Border Obsession - Again
Doocy has absolutely nothing to offer by way of explanation of why he is asking the questions about the southern border.

Tulsi Gabbard Blames Her 2020 Failure On Hillary Clinton And ‘Deep State’
Funny how every time the subject of Tulsi Gabbard’s very suspicious relations with Russia pops up, she deflects to attacking Hillary Clinton.
"It's not my fault." The anthem of American failure.

Texas GOP Congressman Goes Neo-Nazi On Fox And Friends
Texas Rep. Brian Babin invoked the Great Replacement Theory against the Democratic Party. How precious!
I've never seen a person projecting as much and as bitter as this dude.

David Simon Pulling HBO Miniseries Out Of TX, Citing Abortion Law
The Wire's creator said, "I can't and won't ask female cast/crew to forgo civil liberties to film there."
Texas should be ashamed but doesn't give a crap.
And one can learn some good witty comebacks from the story.

'Try being a Christian!': Marjorie Taylor Greene lashes out at Democratic lawmakers during press event
As if she had a clue. She must be thinking she's rolling through the money changers in the temple.

The Conservatives Who’d Rather Die Than Not Own the Libs
Rarely has so significant a faction in American politics behaved in a way that so directly claims the life of its own supporters.

CDC Panel Outlines Who Should Be the First to Get COVID-19 Boosters
The panel limited the additional dose to people who have already been vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

On heels of Arizona embarrassment, Texas announces 'full forensic audit' of 2020
They are only doing this in counties that are blue. Talk about a silly move by some spiteful creatures from way out Theresville.

Trump's hope for audit to distract from subpoenas dashed as Cyber Ninjas find he's an even bigger loser: report
Fatso lost by an even larger margin.

Fascism is a mind-killer — and Trump's version is destroying Americans' grasp of reality
Trumpism goes full Orwell: "Democracy" is when Republicans win, and reality is replaced by fascist fantasy
It's good to see that everyone sees these assholes as FASCISTS now. I've been calling them that for many years now.

Matt Gaetz' sex trafficking allegations leaked to Dilbert cartoonist before becoming public: report
Even by Florida standards, the saga of Rep. Matt Gaetz is getting weird
Which one is the cartoon in the photo on the right?

Idiot 45 Tells Court His Twitter Account Is 'Federal Government'
Agolf Twitler's lawyers tell the court their client's suit against Twitter is special, because he's "the 45th President."
Fatso is too stupid to know he is not the president.

January 6th Committee Drops A Slew Of Subpoenas On Trump Inner Circle
The subpoenas dropped late Thursday and get right to Trump's inner circle, including Mark Meadows, Steve Bannon, Dan Scavino, and Kash Patel.
Don't let these miscreants off the hook. Bust their asses!

Did Boebert Use Campaign Funds For Personal Rent? Or To Pay Off A Friend?
Lauren Boebert is using Venmo, the weak FEC, and the short attention span of her Republican base and mainstream media to get away with using campaign money for whatever she wants.
Who's trying to cover this up?

Tucker Warns About Joe Biden's Plan To Dilute White DNA
Tucker is very, very worried about the white people who watch his show.
If he's any example of white DNA they are in HUUUUUGE trouble.

Bet You Don't Know That GOP Is BLOCKING Vote On Debt Ceiling
They're not just refusing to vote to lift the debt ceiling, they're filibustering it. Yes, they really do want to blow up the economy so they can blame Democrats.
Any surprise what sewer level these miscreants can descend to?
"...The problem in this country is that Republicans have been radicalized like the people in Jonestown. It's impossible to reason with them or deal with them honestly."
When will they drink the cyanide? Oh, right. They already are with drinking the COVID!

Kayleigh McEnany gets mercilessly mocked and deletes a tweet when her attack on Biden backfires
That poor little girl.

Tucker Carlson attacks Biden with same words found in 'manifesto' of accused El Paso mass shooter
Frowney Tucker, do you know how to use a firearm? If you do we had better watch your stupid ass very closely.

Far-right pastor says there are more gays than ever thanks to a ‘demonic spirit’
And every day there are fewer assholes like you, Oh believer in your little book of myths.

How COVID is changing Trump country
Their deaths will not stop because they aren't equipped to stop them. Evolution is too fast for them to comprehend.

Capitol riot committee slaps four former Trump officials with subpoenas
Fatso's mob takes a hit.

Hillary Clinton tried to warn us — and paid the price. Let's at least call Republicans what they are
Still, America's political class is unwilling to call the fascist, white supremacist Republicans what they are

Bannon Admits Plotting Jan 6th 'To Kill Biden Presidency In The Crib'
Conservative broadcaster Steve Bannon admitted on Wednesday that he had plotted with President Donald Trump to "kill the Biden presidency in the crib" ahead of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
OK then to plan to "kill him" anywhere?

Psaki Gives Doocy Room To Fail Spectacularly
Jen Psaki should invite Peter Doocy to explain himself more often. It may lead to more clips they play on Fox of him saying what a great president Biden is! LOL
Must we suffer fools like Doocy constantly?

Violence emanating from far-right anti-vaccine/anti-mask contingent keeps ratcheting higher
This Civil World War will not end well for many of us — if it ever ends.

Big Pharma, medical firms donated $750K to Kyrsten Sinema — then she opposed drug bill
Democrats who now oppose the plan to lower prescription drug costs accused of "carrying water for Big Pharma"
Grifting all the time.

Republicans ‘desperate’ to find fraud evidence to explain Trump’s loss — but ‘that smoking gun doesn’t exist’

The infamous 'Eastman memo' shows how close Georgia GOP chair came to enabling Trump coup

The shocking new evidence of the GOP conspiracy against the U.S.
Nothing shocking about fascists being fascists.

Mitch McConnell packed the Supreme Court with right-wingers. The American public no longer trusts it

Democrats Are at War Over Joe Biden’s Agenda. Here’s One Big Idea That Could Save It.
Progressives want to spend more on climate. Moderates want to spend less on everything. There’s a smart way both sides can win.
Republicans have become Fascists. Democrats have become Republicans. American people have been forgotten. What a fucked-up country.

Houston firefighter put off getting vaccinated — now he needs new lungs to survive

WATCH: Ted Cruz BECLOWNED By Trio of Congressional Witnesses Over ‘Racist’ Voter ID Laws
It's child's play to make a fool of Cruz. He could be a bigger dumbass fool than Fatso Trump.

Asthma group warns against social media trend of inhaling hydrogen peroxide to treat coronavirus
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation calls the practice “concerning and dangerous," emphasizing that it is harmful to the lungs
Yet another way the Covidiots are running off the cliff. Please hurry it up and eliminate yourselves.

TX Man Bites Hospital Security Guard Over Face Masks
Another moron in Texas.
"Their use of "my body my self" Is particularly galling. You know that every goddam one of them is against a woman's right to control her own body. Unless of course they get their mistress preggo, then they can't get her an abortion fast enough." — Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Hospital Forced To Give Dewormer: Patient Got Worse
The dystopia that is the United States.

Internal Trump campaign memo shows that Giuliani and Powell knew everything they pushed was a lie

Alejandro Mayorkas says reporters are ‘assuming the facts,’ border agents use reins not whips
Let's see, "long reins." A rein is a strap. Whip defined: "verb (used with object), whipped or whipt, whip·ping. to beat with a strap, lash, rod, or the like, especially by way of punishment or chastisement; flog; thrash:"
They are whipping them by the facts. Stop with your silly semantics.

A third poll finds the Supreme Court's approval rating plummeting
"...the court's center of gravity is now too far outside the mainstream to be trusted."

'Enough Is Enough': Report Shows Big Oil's Offshore Tax Loopholes Cost US at Least $86 Billion Per Year
"We continue to bankroll the very fossil fuel companies responsible for the climate crisis, then wonder why our planet is on fire."

Republicans Are Refusing To Raise Debt Ceiling But Mainstream Media 'Both Sides' It
When Republicans alone shut down the federal government, the beltway press prints, 'Democrats in disarray.'
"There shouldn't be any clash when it comes to the debt ceiling. It's Republicans that are dooming the nation if they block it, not Democrats."
The fascists mean to kill us all.

Michael Flynn Is Insane: Says Vaccine Is In Salad Dressing
Michael Flynn's Latest Crazy: Deep State Spiking Your Salad Dressing With COVID Vaccine.
We let insane people walk our streets in this dystopian hell in which we find ourselves.

Uma Thurman Shares ‘Darkest Secret’ to Protest Texas Law: Abortion When She Was 15
Actress shares personal story to draw “the flames of controversy away from the vulnerable women” affected by draconian Texas anti-abortion law
The "men" in Texas that got these "laws" enacted should rot.

'I need help': Michigan health official troubled after almost being run off the road by anti-maskers
"There is a sickness in America far more insidious than COVID."
Yes, it is mentally impaired fascist morons.

The 'Rosetta Stone of the far right' just got hacked — and its secrets are being revealed
Nazis have been exposed. The monsterous creatures behind the curtain have the lights on them now.

Boris Johnson says working with Biden is 'a breath of fresh air’
The Trump stench has cleared out finally?

Anti-Vaxxer Quits Anti-Vaccine Mandate Group After Catching COVID
Chris Wikoff co-founded Aloha Freedom Coalition, to protest vaccine mandates and COVID rules. Then he got it and almost died.
Funny how that works.

GOP Recipe For Sedition: 'Leave Out' 7 States In Electoral College Count
Republicans' Jan. 6 plan called for Pence to declare Trump the 'winner' leaving out seven states?
The fascist scum are the same Nazis we fought in WW2. The children of Mussolini and Hitler.

2 GOP Operatives Indicted In Russian Trump Campaign Finance Scheme
It's looks like this whole "Russia" thing wasn't a hoax after all.
The Trump mob is very real. The Trump mob must be eliminated.

Eric Trump Will Headline Anti-vaccine Conference In October
The organizers of the conference have called the vaccine a “SHOT OF POISON!” and the “COVID kill shot.”
These people are the killers. Their hands are covered in blood and still they lie.
Everyone I know has been vaccinated for the last nine months. They are all alive and healthy.
Eric Trump has been vaccinated! This is the Trump Bullshit Spreader doing its filthy work.

DeSantis hires a new surgeon general: A hydroxychloroquine pusher who appeared in ‘demon sperm’ doc’s video
Morons at work. Where is the bottom of this pit?

Where is #TheResistance now? Democrats should fear their base now more than ever
Democrats aren't in disarray — they are being held hostage by so-called centrists who are operational Republicans
Corrupt and on the take. As crooked as the day is long. Dumb and dumber.

'We Are Trying to Save It,' Progressives Say as Right-Wing Dems Sabotage Biden's Agenda
"The Biden agenda—our Democratic agenda—is at stake. It's progressives who are fighting to pass it in its entirety."
Our country and our way of life is at stake. If we fail now there will be no saving the United States.

Children Of Dad Who Died Of COVID Blame His Death On Tucker Carlson
It's time these right-wing media outlets face criminal charges for knowingly and repeatedly promoting misinformation on the virus that results in the deaths of Americans.
It's way past time to make these irresponsible fools to pay for their disinformation that caused wrongful death.

Breitbart Editor: Liberals Promote Vaccines As Plan To Kill Off Trumpers
The brain-dead Breitbart editor-at-large concocts a silly conspiracy theory that THE! LEFT! are promoting vaccines so Republicans will refuse it and die.
No. You stupid fuckers are doing a good job at it yourselves. No one else has to do anything but watch you commit suicide.

A Rolling Insurrection, Perfectly Normalized
A showdown will come.

Trump Quietly Unleashes His Mob
"He is using the 'authority of the mob' to chase his perceived enemies in the GOP out of politics and to send a message to all the other Republicans that they will be subject to the same treatment if they cross him."

Eat Shit and Die: Drug Pricing in America

Justice Department Fights Back Against Texas Anti-Abortion Law
"Outlawing abortion will not prevent abortions. It will prevent safe abortions from occurring within the state. Some pregnant people who can afford to travel out of Texas will get safe abortions elsewhere. Poor, rural, undocumented and non-white women in Texas will be those most directly harmed by S.B. 8."
Anyone with a brain knows this. Unfortunately, the phony moral racists who pretend they are superior will pay in the long run.

White Christian Nationalists Are Increasingly Detached From Reality. That’s A Threat To Democracy.
When were they ever anywhere near reality?

CA Anti-Vax Mom, 40, Dies Of You Know What And Leaves Four Kids
The U.S. is ranked No. 4 for the number of children orphaned by covid. Here are four more
We'll soon be #1 America. How proud you must be.

Tampa Officials Shocked To Learn Evicting Black People For Basically No Reason Miiiiight Be Considered Racist
Land of the Happy Negro tries so hard to keep their negroes happy.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gonna Blow Up Biden’s Socialist Agenda With GUNS, Not Votes, GUNS!
Do us a favor and shoot yourself, Margie.

Justice Department Fights Back Against Texas Anti-Abortion Law

The Great Silencing

Freedom Isn’t Free
"But before you check out, know this: We’re ringing a bell for you. Not a church bell, because we’re no angel, but one of those desktop bells, the kind you used to see at hotels, the kind salesmen used to ring when they bagged another patsy. Ding! Ding! Ding! One less idiot plague-spreader! Let freedom ring!

Trump Tries To Install Election Officials Who Will Steal Election For Him
This is what the Talibastard is doing. Fucking with our system like the felon he is.

US Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic
Think of how many are left to go!

A Trump Lawyer Reportedly Came Up With an Absolutely Bizarre Six-Point Plan for Pence to Overturn Election Prior to 1/6

Missouri Cultists Face Loss Of Their Law Licenses
And send them to the Valley of the Lepers.

Hundreds Of Covidiots Rally At Oregon State Capitol
"Hundreds"? Covid is doing its job very well.
Wait, the one is wearing a mask? ROTFLAMO!!

Supreme Court Announces Date for Case Directly Challenging Roe v. Wade
"The fate of Roe v. Wade and legal abortion is on the line.
This is the fuse to start the final conflict.

South Dakota Governor Claims She’ll Allow Students To ‘Pray In Schools Again’
I claim she will shit and fall back in it.

Here's why the media is ignoring the violent Republican crime wave that no one is talking about
What happened to law and order in this Nazi movement?

‘Let me explain to you again': Jen Psaki shows frustration as she answers Peter Doocy's immigration question
No more 'splainin' to this dickhead. Tired of him? Never look at him again, please.

This far-right evangelical pastor actually debunks the so-called 'religious argument' against COVID vaccines
The grifting supporter of the Anti-Christ (himself).

Marjorie Taylor Greene's impeachment rant goes off the rails: 'God will no longer provide protection'
As if she knows. The Queen of Rant Off the Rails! LMAO!

State lawmakers file brief urging Supreme Court to uphold Roe v. Wade as it risks full reversal

Rev. William J. Barber II: America is now at the "most critical time, between life and death"
Founder of Poor People's Movement says focusing so much on Trump and racism was a mistake — but "the fight is on"
"If American democracy were a patient, its current status would be critical and unstable. To heal and recover will require more than treating the evident symptoms, but also confronting the deeper ailments that afflict our nation."

Madison Cawthorn said he 'always' has a knife on him — then dodged questions about it
Someone remind him to never take a knife to a gun fight.

Texas restaurant kicks out family because they were wearing masks to protect at-risk infant
Hang Time restaurant in Rowlett. If someone comes over to me in a restaraunt and tells me what that waitress said, I would tell her to tell her ignorant boss to go fuck himself and leave the place.
His place is a threat to public health.

Elie Mystal Finds The Bright Spot In Right-Wing Extremism: 'THEY'RE COWARDS'
They don't just wear white hoods, they wear black robes on the highest court in the land, and police officer uniforms. But at least they crumble when they 'get got.'

Kemp's Bold-Faced Lie: AIDS Vaccine Mandates Failed! Huh?
Lying with no conscience is the cornerstone of the Republican Party.
Clueless? No — lying asshole.

Bumbling Mississippi Governor Grilled By Jake Tapper Over COVID Deaths
Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves had nothing but empty platitudes and attempts at distraction when asked about the terrible vaccination rates and deaths per capita in his state by CNN's Jake Tapper.
Fearmongering is all these Land of the Happy Negro morons can do.

J6 Rally Flops Completely
There may have been more reporters than protesters at the J6 rally in DC..
"Nothing but pencil neck geeks" — Freddie Blassie, King of Men.

Trump supporter wearing dead animal refuses to believe Jan 6 was violent — even after CNN showed him video
The parade of fools, morons and traitors.

Architect of Texas Abortion Ban Takes Aim at LGBTQ+ Rights While Urging Reversal of Roe
"Make no mistake, the goal is to force extreme, outdated, religious-driven values on all of us through the courts."
Make no mistake this is the Talibastards that crawl in our country. They are the enemy and we don't have to go overseas to fight them. They are right here at home and must be defeated by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

'No hope of turning the party around': Lawmaker who fled GOP rips leadership
The party is dying out. Who wants to be part of fascism and treason? Total idiots.

Why has Republican rhetoric gotten so unhinged? It's pure projection
South Carolina's governor recently vowed to fight Biden to "the gates of hell." Where is this even coming from?
It's where religious zealots live. Henry McMaster is one of them. They are the tyrants and they must be stopped.

Kristi Noem Trying To Erase Separation Of Church And State
Because imposing religion on public school kids never goes wrong, correct?
Better zealots than her have tried to erase that wall. We will all die defending against her Talibastard idea before that happens.

'Alabama Pickers,' Staunch Anti-Vaxxers, Both Dead Of COVID
YouTube stars Tristan and Dusty Graham, known for reselling found treasures, have both died within a couple of weeks of each other.
Alas, they are all bringing death on themselves. Pitifully sad.

Insurrectionist Pauline Bauer In Custody After Bonkers Hearing
Bauer refused to follow pretrial release court orders, wrote her own court filings that echoed sovereign citizen ramblings and erupted during actual court hearings.
It will be a relief when the U.S. stops allowing insane fools to run rampant in the country.

Anti-Mask, Anti-vax Teen Councilman Now 'Deathly Ill' With COVID
“Maybe this will clear up soon and the symptoms of this sickness shall not progress as I can tell you, it feels terrible not to be able to breathe.” I bet.
What's the score now?

Trump's wealthy kids and former administration officials rack up $1.7 million for frivolous use of Secret Service: report
The fascist favorite TV show "The Grifting Family" will next be broadcast from prison.

Top gymnasts blast FBI for bungling sexual abuse probe of Dr. Larry Nassar
"The FBI did not take the gymnasts' complaints seriously," Alesia says.
And they do it over and over again. Why do they hate women?

Supreme Court justices find themselves getting defensive
Because, you know that none of these folks are all above politics.

Doctor who told patients that face masks cause carbon dioxide poisoning loses his license
The morons will still see him.

Matt Gaetz proposes Trump 2024 ticket with Nicki Minaj after she threatens reporters on social media
A good example of where Gaetz is coming from. Trump and a titty rapper?

667,000 and Counting: In America, Fucking Remember
In order to remember first one has to know.
"..America's staggering, unholy, largely preventable COVID death toll, which just passed the record mass casualties of the Civil War and is now surging to over 1,800 deaths and 170,000 new cases every day".
"...the stubbornly, stupidly unvaccinated, fueled by Delta and maskless kids going back to school, is concentrated in southern GOP-run states..." That means the Land of the Happy Negro. Covid is doing a better job than Will Sherman could ever have done.
They are 90% unvaccinated and anti-vaxxers. Covid doesn't give a shit about their so-called freedom. That freedumb is killing them off.

The Real Criminals General Milley Exposed? Every Republican in the US Senate
If the GOP had the courage of the Senate Republicans in 1974, Milley never would have been in a position to worry that an American president might start a nuclear war just to hang on to power.

This Police Department Is So Bad, a Cop Reported It to Black Lives Matter
A new lawsuit accuses a police department with a history of alleged horrors—KKK magazines left for a Black cop, racist slurs—of firing a policeman who finally blew the whistle.

The man behind the Texas abortion law says women can 'control their reproductive lives by refraining from sex'
Guess who will never get laid again, little Jonnie?
Get out the old Playboy Magazines you've been hoarding for this.
Dicks like this don't give a good goddamn about women unless they deliver fellatio on demand.
If the ad that states "What happens when you take a testosterone supplement" is true in its illustration, then you will turn into a large breasted woman. He should try it and see how he likes being a woman.

New Lincoln Project ad brutally rips Texas Gov. Abbott's botching of the COVID-19 crisis
Master of the Dead.

Dan Patrick, Indicted Crook, Says Dems Out To 'Take Over Nation'
He also Pushes The Klan/Nazi "Great Replacement Theory," on Laura Ingraham's White Power Hour, of course
Hey Dumbo! IT'S NOT SILENT! IT'S CALLED DEMOCRACY! The take over you don't like is an election you can't rig for yourself. Eat it!
The King of the Racist Scaredy Cats. You've already lost on that one. Try paying attention once in your life.
As Jeff Fecke said on Twitter, "Great Replacement Theory isn't true, and that's too bad, because I'd much rather live in a country that was full of the children of Haitian immigrants than a country that was full of Dan Patricks."
They are dying of Covid everyday, anyway.

Traitor Trump Wants Jan 6 Insurrectionists Freed From Bondage
Just two days before an Insurrection 2.0, Trump put out a statement expressing sympathy for the criminals.
That's because he's a criminal like them.
"Persecuted so unfairly"? Prison on Devil's Island is where you and they all belong. How's that for justice, Fatso.

Joy Reid To GOP: Your ‘Creepy Little’ COVID Cult Killed Your CA Recall
Joy Reid hilariously mocked Republicans’ love for COVID that is killing their politics along with many of their followers: “You may want to ingest horse dewormer and attend far too many funerals, but we, we don't.”
And too much horse shit.

Dweeb Ben Shapiro Proposes Texas Secede For GOP 'Win'
An odd reaction to the California shellacking of the Republican Party.
Sure. Then they will become an occupied state of traitors.

Anti-vax doctor who described the COVID vaccine as 'needle rape' now appointed as a state public official
Brilliant moron move. Where are they dying and have no hospital rooms? IDAHO!
Doctor of Death! You don't give one fuck about kids! These people come from the sewers.

‘Cut him off now!’: Newsmax host totally loses it when a veteran criticizes Trump’s Afghanistan policy
Yes, we know Stenchfield very well.

Patient Group Targets Pair of Democrats for 'Selling Us Out to Drug Companies'
"It makes me so angry that members of Congress are choosing Big Pharma over patients. It's unforgivable.
Grifters know no party, only the grift cash.

Trump is at the mercy of Biden as he tries to keep his January 6th communications away from investigators
If America has draconian "unprecedented legal territory about the treatment of former presidents" we have a country that is not worth saving. It is too constipated with dogma to save it's own ass.

It's no wonder police think it's okay to joke about Black men dying: Courts keep protecting cops

Some COVID-19 survivors are refusing vaccines — and even suing over mandates
In Oregon, six workers are suing because they say — having already had COVID-19 — they should not need a vaccine
May I suggest dart guns?

'Shut down the government — who cares?' Marjorie Taylor Greene's interview with Steve Bannon goes off the rails
Just what is the platform of these miscreants? They are not helping America in any way, shape or form.
Shut these sedtionists down forever.

Trump smacked with list of former associates warning he's mentally unstable in brutal CNN segment
Oh, dear. Did anyone realize this? He's wacko? This is not really news but it's as if anyone cares.
America is no longer a law and order country thanks to these Talibastards like Fatso.

Newly unredacted documents reveal a litany of allegations from Mike Pompeo’s time at the State Department
His pompousness.

Alabama GOP governor faces primary challenge for not doing enough to stop yoga: ‘There’s a culture war brewing!’
"... and the use of yoga as exercise in public schools..." WTF? Is he that crazy?
Oh, Dear God! Please don't teach my child about breathing and living a calm life.

WATCH: Preacher with sign saying ‘women belong in the kitchen’ gets decked by college student
And turds belong in the toilet. That gal kicks provacateur's ass.

Kavanaugh probe must be reopened after FBI allegedly ignored thousands of tips about him: ex-federal prosecutor
We knew the FBI probe was a scam, a farce, a joke on us. But that must be reopened and give this fraud what he deserves.

Trinidad And Tobago Call Nicki Minaj's Claims Bogus
After an exhaustive search, they could find no evidence of swollen testicles after getting the COVID vaccine on Trinidad and Tobago.
Penis envy obsession?

Psaki Drills Context Into Thick Heads Of Beltway Media
No, GOP stenographers, I mean reporters, President Biden is NOT the same as The Former Guy. Gen. Milley doesn't have to worry about, ya know, military coups with Biden.

Fox News Attacks Kamala Harris For 'Spending Carbon Dioxide' To Support Newsom
How dare Kamala Harris have an opinion about a Republican recall in her HOME STATE?
Hypocrites to the nth degree.

Mollie Hemingway: Worst Person In The World
The Fox News Trump apologist claimed Biden wants to continue the pandemic for power.
No, dear. That would be your idol, Trump.

CARTOON: Recall Of The Wild
Wasting more than a quarter-billion dollars was so fun and productive for the American Fascist Party.

Josh 'Hawley’s threat to our republic is real': Missouri newspaper bashes 'insurrectionist' senator
He should resign in disgrace immediately.

Texas woman murdered over Biden flag and 'doll of Trump hanging': police
The scum that comes from Trump hell.

Who Had 'Dan Quayle Saves The Republic' On Their Bingo Card?
Mike Pence was under pressure from Trump not to certify the electoral college votes. He turned to former vice-president Dan Quayle for advice.
We'd better give Dan some credit here. Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

Whew! Watch This Angry Mom On TikTok Do The Covid Math
"Go get the f*cking shot!" she concludes.

Rep. Ted Lieu: "˜Donald Trump Surrendered To The Taliban"
Rep. Ted Lieu explained how Donald Trump laid the groundwork for the Taliban's inevitable takeover of Afghanistan.

Tucker Carlson Is Obsessed With Nicki Minaj's Cousin's Friend's Testicles
Tucker Carlson seems to be obsessed with swollen testicles.
Oh, my!

'Call Them Now': Ire Aimed at 3 Democrats Endangering Plan to Lower Drug Prices
"Any politician standing in the way of lower drug prices is on a short path to losing their job."
And losing everything if possible.

'It's Gonna Be $3.5 Trillion": Sanders Holds the Line Against Right-Wing Democrats
"That's the compromise that's already been made," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. "The truth is $3.5 trillion is not enough."
Right-Wing Democrats? You mean like Manchin and Sinema? Blanket parties for both.

House Dems Unveil Bill to Stop Wall Street From Destroying the Planet
"The Federal Reserve's role is not to surrender our planet to corporate polluters and shepherd our financial system to its destruction," said Rep. Rashida Tlaib, among the Democrats urging the Fed to end fossil fuel financing.

Trump Calls Allies to Demand Gen. Mark Milley Be "Arrested" for "Treason"
"DUMBASS" — Milley is a hero. Trump is "The Ameirican Traitor" as any sane human knows.
The former president hit the phones, and then went on his former press secretary's Newsmax show to make the case himself.

'Exit TX': Republicans' extreme politics send Texas-based tech companies into crisis mode
The Gov. is failing and flailing.

A new book's troubling revelations make Mike Pence look much worse than originally thought
Bad for the douchebags? Imagine that.

There's only one reasonable response to the GOP losers who undermine democracy
"In the post-Trump era, Republican losers follow a simple formula: Cry fraud, file frivolous lawsuits and fundraise off of them. You will lose in court, because there is no fraud, but it doesn't matter because every loss burnishes the GOP's "stabbed in the back" narrative. "It's one more piece of evidence showing that Republicans have given up on elections. It's not a free and fair election if you don't intend to concede if you lose."
Chickenshits DeLuxe.

'A colossal miscalculation': Conservatives explain how Trumpism failed the GOP in California
It wasn't enough to beat the chickenshit's ass once. They had to try to fuck it up again — and were handed a big bag of shit that America has had enough of.

Security expert shuts down Trump's claim Milley committed 'treason' in just four words
"Trump is a moron."

The dirty secret behind Texas' anti-abortion law

Abort the Illegitimate Court: End the Filibuster and Pack it
"If you find this acceptable, you are too disoriented by a culture of winner-take-all politics, sports, and game shows to know what’s good for a plural society, or even really to call yourself pro-democracy."
Read it and get it done. Now.

'Absolutely terrifying': CNN's Jake Tapper reacts in horror to new revelations about Trump and Capitol riots
The fecal pile called "Bannon."

A clear repudiation: Larry Elder's mammoth defeat may signal the death rattle of Trumpism
Dead is exactly what it should be. And they are doing their best to commit suicide by Covid-19. They bring death on themselves. But, by God, they show us they are not liberals. They show us they are dead dumbasses.

Newsom Urged to Deliver on Climate, Single-Payer as California Voters Defeat Recall
Defeating "...right-wing radio host Larry Elder—a longtime climate denier who recently said the ideal minimum wage is $0..."
Tell him to work for nothing. That's what the Land of the Happy Negro minimum wage is. ROTFLMAO!

Mike Lindell And Jim Bakker Team Up For 3-Day Election Lie 'Telethon'
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has joined forces with televangelist Jim Bakker for a 3-day telethon filled with election conspiracy theories and pleas for pillow purchases.
What is happening in La La Land. Way past time for these sick grifters to be put away for good.

Newsom Rips CA GOP For 'Literally Trying To Dismantle Democracy'
Governor Gavin Newsom was blunt about Larry Elder's refusal to accept the results of the recall election and the larger implications for the country as a whole.
Elder is just another bullshitting grifter like the miscreant Trump and his Fascist party.

Right Wingers Cry 'Treason!' Over General Milley's Promise To China
General Milley protected the nuclear codes just in case Trump had a total mental breakdown, and promised China he'd give them a heads-up if Traitor Trump decided to create a "wag the dog" scenario. Right wingers are not happy.
The whining Nazis. What Milley did is what you traitors can't do. You are all Talibastard Traitors.
They aren't happy because they are the enemy of America and are heading back the place in hell they came from.

'A jaw-dropping level of cynicism': Washington Post editorial board says DeSantis has reached an all-time low
Trying harder to be the dictator he has always dreamed of being. Time to stop this dickhead for good.

DOJ files for an emergency order to block the Texas abortion ban
And throw their grifting asses in stir while you're at it.

WATCH: Enraged ‘Karen’ attacks Navy sailor at a pizzeria as he calmly endures her physical and verbal abuse
One day, one of these fucktards is going to end up with a round in their skull if they think continue to think they are bullet proof.

Architect of Texas Abortion Ban Takes Aim at LGBTQ+ Rights While Urging Reversal of Roe
"Make no mistake, the goal is to force extreme, outdated, religious-driven values on all of us through the courts."
Make no mistake this is the Talibastards that crawl in our country. They are the enemy and we don't have to go overseas to fight them. They are right here at home and must be defeated by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

Texas doctor publicly admits violating GOP's anti-abortion law: 'I had a duty of care'
As opposed to the Talibastards who hate women, care nothing for anyone but themselves and their superstitions and fairy tales.

'No hope of turning the party around': Lawmaker who fled GOP rips leadership
The party is dying out. Who wants to be part of fascism and treason? Total idiots.

So your religion doesn't allow the COVID-19 vaccine? Here are some other medications you can't take
The peron holding the "Vaccine mandates violate bodily autonomy" must support women's control over their bodies?
Insanity defined.

'Lining the body bags up': GOP governor issues chilling warning to the unvaccinated in his state

Constitution allows Biden to mandate COVID vaccine. Federal government can do even more.

Arizona Republicans' attempt to hide 'audit' documents from the public goes down in flames
The once great state will now reside in shame forever in U.S. history.

Amy Coney Barrett, Queen Of Gaslighters, Cries Hot Tears Over Being Called 'Partisan Hack'
And that is her good point.

Welcome To Lauren Boebert’s MAGA Funhouse, With The Guns And The Lighters!
Bobo, answers twice to Bo. The dumbest broad on the planet earth.

First Texas Came for Abortion. Now It’s Going After Voting Rights.
Just a week after Texas’s abortion ban went into effect, Governor Greg Abbot signed a draconian voter suppression bill into law.
He will pay for it, don't worry.

Trump-Era Corruption Eclipses Even Teapot Dome
That legendary scandal, which originated 100 years ago, involved Americans paying off Americans. Trump’s corruption is transnational.
From Hell He Came.

Florida teens face judge after being accused of plotting Columbine-style school shooting
Byrd's mother, Carrie Tuller, defended her son at the hearing. "He's just a little boy," Tuller said. "He didn't think this was really serious. He didn't think they were serious." I guess he knows they are damn serious now, mom. Maybe you do too?

Trump rages at George W. Bush's criticism: 'He shouldn't be lecturing anybody!'
And you should be cleaning toilets in stir.

Long-Secret FBI Report Reveals New Connections Between 9/11 Hijackers and Saudi Religious Officials in U.S.
“This validates what we have been saying,” says an attorney for families of 9/11 victims who are suing the Saudi government over alleged support of the 2001 terrorist attacks.
We fought the wrong war. Most of us knew these Saudi bastards were the culprits.

Amy Coney Barrett and Mitch McConnell Want You to Believe the Unbelievable
The Supreme Court justice—and the man responsible for pushing through her hyper-political nomination—insist the high court isn’t political.
They are mostly Talibastards.

QAnon Rep Flat Out Calls For US Christian Theocracy
Oh dear BoBo, and you think we don't know how to take care of a little shit like you.
You got an awful lot of killin' to get done here, dearie. Do us all a favor and take gas now.
QAnon Rep Flat Out Calls For US Christian Theocracy. She thinks she's the new Talibastard priest. We know what you need, BoBo.

Texas Gov: “We Need To Restore God To Reduce Crime”
So you're the Talibastard who robbed his powers and locked him in the Phantom Zone? No wonder you're so fucked up. I command you to release him now and restore his power of love to all! Grifter heal thyself!

Hershel Walker +70 In Georgia GOP US Senate Poll
Mental defectives stick together. Card Carrying Chickenshits.

Twitter Rips Anti-Vax NFL Star For Dropping Pass: Well, He Did Tell Us That He Can’t Catch Anything [VIDEO]
More in the failed sports star column.
"The man who wants to die while living."

Scientists Find Tissue Deformities in Seafood Linked to Deepwater Horizon Spill
“The differences we found between the oysters were devastating.”

Alabama Man Dies After 43 Hospitals With Full ICUs Turned Him Away
Ray DeMonia, 73, died in a hospital in Mississippi, as no beds could be found in Alabama.
The Trump death rallys take another soul.

Larry Elder And FoxQ Lie About Voter Fraud In California Recall
Any bogus story will do. Another chickenshit.

California Voters: This Is Who Larry Elder Is
California recall candidate Larry Elder defended the murder of Trayvon Martin back in 2013, and told CNN's Piers Morgan he'd be happy to have George Zimerman living in his neighborhood.
We know what Elder is. He's another one that has to be kicked back to the place in hell he came from.

Unions can rebuild the middle class and narrow the racial wealth gap

Houston paper shreds Greg Abbott's 'outrageous' refusal to fight COVID-19 as deaths mount and economy sputters
We believe we all have the freedom to die for our right to die and also help others to spread our deadly virus from COVID-19 variables.

COVID Denialist Who QAnon Demanded Be Treated With Ivermectin Has Died
Veronica Wolski, a popular QAnon advocate best known for hanging banners from a bridge in Chicago, died in the early hours of Monday morning after spending weeks in hospital with COVID-19.
Dying like flies.

'Next level BS': Barrett tried to claim the US Supreme Court isn’t full 'of partisan hacks.' Critics brought the receipts
We have pretty low standards with the Talibastard party.

North Carolina governor shoots down GOP anti-Critical Race Theory bill as 'conspiracy-laden politics'
More from the brainless Talibastards and their so-called thinking on such subjects as CRT. They should be studying "Brainless Idiot Theory."

Greg Abbott blames 'crime' on poor parenting and not enough 'God'
The Talibastard's leader pukes out their pissant propaganda. We don't need to send the military to Afghanistan. We should be sending them to Texas.

Fox News host storms out of restaurant after he's asked for photo ID with his vaccine card
Another chickenshit.

Funeral worker details devastating toll of COVID on 'unrecognizable' bodies

'No time for idiots': Howard Stern slams Joe Rogan for taking 'horse dewormer' instead of COVID-19 vaccine

Befores & Afters

'We're the outcasts of the country': Conservatives attending Kentucky rally whine about Trump's loss
No, you are the shitbags of the country. Get it straight.

"“Impeachment” pokes at the enduring myth of conservative feminism through Paula Jones' mentor
The FX series shows that beneath shallow empowerment rhetoric, conservative “feminism” is really just conservatism

Alabama man dies of heart complications after being turned away from 43 hospitals due to inundated ICUs
Due to the Anti-Vax scum.

Christian nationalists in support of California recall are advocating for for a far-right candidate
Christian nationalist = Nazi.

I'm Angry At Anti-maskers & Anti-vaxxers
The federal government should spend resources NOW to arrest people for violating public health laws.
How long will we contnue to whine about our enemy and let them get away with their treasonous antics? Remember WWII.

Elie Mystal Eviscerates GOP Over Vaccine Mandate Mewling
"Of course vaccine mandates are legal, and of course forcing women to give birth is not."
Defining the American fascist cowards.<>

GOP governors proved Biden right with their tantrums against vaccine mandates: conservative
Three chicken shits.

Trump administration's 'accidental disclosure' includes 'explosive' evidence of Saudi involvement in 9/11 attack: report

Public Health Experts Praise Biden's New Vaccination Requirements
Addressing those who call such policies attacks on personal freedom, one doctor said that "people also have a right to be able to go to work and not get infected and not get sick and not die."

9/11 and the birth of the Big Lie
Those attacks, and how we reacted to them, tore us apart as a nation — by destroying our shared sense of reality

Twitter Tells Jake Tapper: Both Sides Don't
Jake Tapper tries to blame Joe Biden for "scolding" anti-vaxxers.
Jake Tapper doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Tea Party Patriots Are Funding ‘Demon Sperm’ Anti-vax Doctors Group
Some very serious right-wing money and muscle are behind the group of pro-Trump doctors pushing fake COVID cures. You have to wonder why.
"There’s little doubt AFLD are grifters."
And there is little doubt that we are living in a mumbo jumbo quack crazy grifting world. Sanity has vanished.

8 Tennessee School Employees Now Dead From COVID
Two more teachers died this week in the first month of school.
And we allow this to happen. We are insane failures.

Doocy Comes For The Queen And Misses — Again
This time Doocy asks an asinine question about Fauci that gets him exactly nowhere in Jen Psaki's briefing room.
That poor little boy.

Hannity Suddenly Hates 'So Called' Doctors Discussing COVID On TV
How quickly Hannity forgets that Fox News endlessly promoted frauds like Dr. Scott Atlas and COVID denier Alex Berensen.
Another shyster conning people and getting loads of money selling misinformation. Grifters like him are killing Americans.

'Culture war BS': Rand Paul's gun wall tweet backfires when Twitter flips the script on him
This idiot can't help himself from displaying his idiocy on a regular basis. Playing to the suckers that eat his shit.
His butt overides his mouth everytime he opens it.

The Republican Party overplayed its hand in Texas
The Talibastards. We no longer have to go to Afghanistan to fight them. They are right here.

What year is it in America, anyway? How complacency and naiveté brought us to this crisis
Roe v. Wade is dead.The assault on democracy is unrelenting. Our worst enemy may be the sense of disbelief
Third century, 235. "The Texas forced pregnancy law also creates a barbaric system under which $10,000 bounties may be paid to private citizens who win lawsuits against anyone who helps a woman or girl get an abortion after the six-week mark."

'The Tide Has Shifted': Harvard to Divest From Fossil Fuels After a Decade of Pressure
"This is what they told us for a decade they couldn't do, and today, the students, faculty, and alumni have been vindicated."

Conservationists and Locals Praise Biden EPA's Move to Protect Bristol Bay From Pebble Mine
"Today we celebrate. Tomorrow, we get back to the hard work of seeing this through."

'Deliberately misled a nation': Susan Collins held to account for voting in conservative Supreme Court justices
It's fascism at work. The country is under assault in this Civil War by fascists.

Historian: QAnon’s ‘partisan murder apocalypse fantasy’ provoked Jan. 6 violence — and now it’s threatening local government
We are too soft on these traitors.

Lauren Boebert allows 8-year-old to play alone with cigarette lighters -- next to a possibly-loaded firearm
BoBobert fails again. Love the photo with her gun thugs. Why does she live in fear in the United States? Because one drone can take her and her gun thugs out in seconds.

'That can't be true!' Former Fox News employee horrified after learning network has vaccine mandate
Another fucktard coward.

F*ck Robert E. Lee, His Corpse, His Horse, And His Monuments (Of Which There Are One Fewer Today)
Oh, the poor Land of the Happy Negro takes another welcome to the 21st Century.

Mexico Supreme Court Issues Unanimous Ruling Decriminalizing Abortion
Victory for the 21st Century! Viva!

Ocasio-Cortez fires back after Palin labels her a 'fake feminist': 'Call 1-800 CRY NOW'
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Are you so needy that you have to show your dumb ass in pubic once again?

The Filibuster is Unconstitutional
Does any MAGAt give a shit?

The Daily Madness: Featuring Today's Loon, Wendy Rogers.
"Honest to God, the insanity being puked up by Republicans and served still warm to us by the media damn near every day is impossible to anticipate."

Greg Abbott Is Not Ignorant — He's a Liar: Why the Difference Matters for the Future of Democracy
Big fat liar.

Trump, Texas, and the MAGA Drive for Power
Fuck Trump.

Eight Pregnant Women Die of COVID in Mississippi as Child Deaths Double
The death of a baby was also announced as health officials revealed the grim new figures.
Who will the Talibastards target for these abortions?

Why Won’t the NFL Let Players Use Medical Marijuana?
A guy who hurts his back working in a warehouse in Cleveland can get a prescription and use medical marijuana to manage the pain. A guy who hurts his back playing for the Cleveland Browns can't.
The No Football league fails again.

The Conspiracy Theorists Are Coming for Your Schools>
QAnoners and anti-maskers are embedding themselves into our political and civic life.
Find them and kick them back to hell.

Anti-vaxxers throw live fireworks and garbage at Colorado clinics — forcing them to shut down
They should have received bullet fireworks back at them instead. They are the death threat.

Megyn Kelly Rips NFL for Shoving ‘Race Based’ Messaging on Fans: ‘Average Americans’ Don’t Want the ‘Black National Anthem’
Sorry, girl.They don't need to play ANY "national anthem." Remove them all.

America’s shrinking white population needs to value youthful diversity
The Land of the Happy Negro? Diversity? What is that? We are privileged white superiors.

“Coughing Karen” Fired After Abusing Mask Wearers
Do we think the morons will ever get it?
“fuck around and find out.”

Fox Host: I Keep GOP Election Deniers Off My Show “Because I Don’t, Frankly, Want To Hear Their Crap”

Elizabeth Warren To Amazon: Stop ‘Peddling Misinformation About COVID-19’
That goes for all the liars.

MIT Announces “Major Advance” in Fusion Power
"It's really a watershed moment, I believe, in fusion science and technology."

Proud Boys’ violence spirals in Olympia as street hunt for ‘antifa’ culminates with Toese shooting
Why are we putting up with street terrorists? Fuck them and mow them down or be mowed down.

WATCH: Katie Porter Sticks It To Joe Manchin
Joe Manchin cuts the IRS enforcement funding out of the reconciliation bill and then bitches about pay fors? Come on, Joe.
Manchin is a stupid coward and a liability to this country.

Agolf Twitler Afraid To Say 'Get Vaxxed' On Fox
Trump is caught between promoting vaccines and supporting anti-vax wackos that support him.
Why is he not in an insane asylum? Our civilization has collapsed.

As World Burns, Morrison Says Australia's Sticking With Coal
"Of course we'll keep on mining."
With imbeciles like this we have little hope for a future.

20 Years of Wasted Money and Missed Opportunities Since 9/11
For just a fraction of what we’ve spent on militarization these last 20 years, we could start to make life much better.
We could start by ganging up on the fucking virus. Apparently we don't have the guts for that war.

Student whose grandma died of Covid-19 mocked at school board meeting while he advocated for masks
And you wonder why these idiots are all dying at rapid rates?

Who’s Going to Pay for the Long Haulers and Orphans?
Sure as hell won't be Manchin and his bullshit.

America’s ultra-wealthy are responsible for 28% of unpaid taxes in US — $7 trillion in lost revenue: report
They will be the downfall of our country in an already dystopian world.

Conservative insider slams the 'wacko freaks and geeks' trying to unseat Gavin Newsom in California’s recall election
Conservatives CAN have a conscience.

'Unjust, patriarchal laws': Alabama pastors protest Texas abortion law with 'Handmaid’s Tale' costumes
Protesting the Talibastards. In Alabama!

Christian construction company fires man who says the 'Holy Spirit' made him 'confront' women over bathing suits
Don't tell me, they weren't sexy enough for him. He's obviously lusting in his heart and hates himself.

Ron DeSantis Can't Understand Why Masks Are Political!
DeSantis has jumped on the Fox News bandwagon of the murder cult that has kept his state in a death spiral as new COVID cases ravage Florida.
The Dip doesn't understand anything but Bullshitting and getting us killed.

Pelosi's Very Simple Question For Joe Manchin: Why?
The House Speaker is way too busy to waste time bargaining with one West Virginia Senator over a price tag.
Fuck Manchin. Get a set of balls you asshole.

QAnon Lovin' Covid Denyin' Pastor Now Deathly Ill With COVID
Fred Lowry, a city councilman from Volusia, FL, who back in May preached that “We did not have a pandemic ... We were lied to” is now learning that the pandemic is real after all.
40.6 million cases.653,000 dead. Who will the next fool be?

Texas Is 15th In Sex Assaults. Abbott Claims He'll Eliminate All Rapes
Has Greg Abbott ignored rape victims until now?
"Misogynist Fascism is now a part of the American way thanks to MAGA and scum like Abbott and the Texas legislature."
The cliff is waiting for this miscrant Talibastard.

'They’re on the backs of the people who took the vaccine': Miami doctor refuses to treat unvaccinated patients
No treatment period for anti-vaxxers.They can take the horse crap.

Biden DOJ to sue Texas over abortion ban: WSJ
What was it? 9 years and then a failed Republic?

Marine in Congress skewers Trump over his inflammatory Robert E. Lee comments
Fuck Fatso and the Anti-Vax jackass the MAGATs rode in on.

'Tax These Moochers': Top 1% Dodge $163 Billion in Taxes Each Year
"We can no longer tolerate a rigged tax system that allows the top 1% to avoid $163 billion in taxes that they owe," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.
There will be no future for America if these people aren't put under control.

Bill O’Reilly predicts he will ‘wind up in prison’
No! That only happens if you get pregnant and help someone terminate a pregnancy in Talibastard Texas.

Republicans got wiped out the last time they ran a 'war on women'
Back in 2012, Republicans were on one of their tears against women's rights, thinking that it was the ticket to win

Brawl erupts as Missouri school board unanimously votes for mask mandate
Send them to Guantanamo, that's the place for terroiststs.

CNN's John Avlon does epic takedown of the post-Trump trend of Republicans saying one thing while doing another
These fucked-up idiots have nothing but BULLSHIT!

Trump spins new 9/11 tale about 'two big firemen' pulling him to safety after he 'heard creaks'
It must have been Shit Creek.
And he heard these at Ground Zero? Big ol' Bullshit on the BS detector!

Lincoln Project ad mocks Trump's falling popularity: ‘DeSantis is running away’ with your party
And DipDhitus is dumber than Fatso!
Unexplicable here in the third century idiot era.
You can't ridicule these dumb fucks enough.

DeSantis loses again in lawsuit over his schools mask-mandate policy
Need I say more?

Larry Elder ends campaign event after someone in 'angry' crowd threw an egg at him: report
I'll have bacon and fascist over easy for breakfast, thanks.

Pandemic unemployment benefits have now expired. The pandemic, however, is still going strong
The idiots will figure it out or be dead soon.

Texas Guv Named a Law After This Rape Survivor. Now She’s Furious.
Lunatic Gov. has been covered too many times. Get rid of him.

Playing dumb: The cruel lies of Gov. Abbott about abortion are much worse than ignorance
Land of the Happy Negro Gov. dumber than a box of rocks? A sack of hammers? Nothing to see here. This is all well established.

Klobuchar Urges Senators To Bust Filibuster: 'Get Something Done!'
Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar is on a completely justifiable rampage.
She's talking to Land of the Happy Negro chickenshits.

Howard Stern ROASTS Anti-Vax Radio Hosts Who Died, Says Make Vaccine Mandatory: ‘F*ck Them, F*ck Their Freedom’

West Virginia Gov. Goes Off on ‘Crazy’ Vaccine Conspiracies: ‘How Difficult Is This to Understand?’
Apparently pretty damned difficult for slack-jawed idiots killing us all.

Jen Psaki and Peter Doocy Clash Over US Response to Taliban’s New Terrorist Cabinet Member: ‘We Have to Engage With Them’
Peter needs to find a life that has some meaning. That poor little boy.

Rep. Jim Jordan accidentally shows the true face of the American fascist
No accident here. He's that fucking stupid.
"Real America is done with #COVID19. God bless!" They may be done with Covid-19 but it is NOT done with them!

Marjorie Taylor Greene gets hit with a $2,500 fine from the Office of the Sergeant at Arms
Kick her back to the street.

Your memory of 9/11 is probably wrong
History has revealed how memory is a pliable thing — especially when it comes to catastrophes
Why don't you just take a look at Spike Lee's documentary on it?

'Biology 101': AOC torches Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for misinformed rape claim and 'deep ignorance' on abortion
Do you think Abbott gives a shit about women? Abbott is underwater without a breathing device. Living in the third century will do that to you.

MSNBC's Morning Joe shreds Greg Abbott's 'preposterous' comments about rape: 'I don't know where to start'
" Texas fares when it comes to rapes — more reported in the state of Texas than any other state in America,..."
You can start by labeling him a Talibastard.

Why Culture Wars? This Is Why
For years the culture war has driven Republican turnout in the South, the Mountain West, and (in recent years) the Midwest.
In other words, the Land of the Happy Negro.
"It's money that matters, you hear what I say, i'ts money that matters in the U.S.A." — Randy Newman.
No truer words were ever spoken. It keeps the Talibastards in power.
When we will grow up and eliminate the real problem?

TikTok Creator's Dying Plea For Others: 'Get The Vaccine!'
“I did not get vaccinated. I’m not anti-vax; I was just trying to do my research. I was scared," said Alexandra Blankenbiller in her last video. Nine days later she died.

House GOP Fantasizes About Revenge For Jan 6 Investigation
So if the January 6 commission gets Republican telecom records? Republican House members are already fantasizing about fake investigations so they can get phone records of Democrats. That's all they've got.
They still have their assholes. They've got that.

Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers now present a real threat of violence
Across the country, more anti-vaccine extremists are turning violent. It's time to take the threat seriously.
And you wonder why the Covid deaths keep rising? Or maybe you don't give a damn. Their hate should be aimed at Covid because it does not give one flying fuck about what they think. They have been total failures at fighting that.

‘Exponential’ Increase: More Than a Quarter Million Children Contracted COVID Just Last Week – The Most Ever

Ted Cruz slammed for telling unemployed Americans to 'get a job' as unemployment benefits expire: 'What do you do again?'
He occupies space. And take a ridiculous amount of our tax money. That is all that he does. He should never open his clueless mouth.

Marjorie Taylor Greene did not report the source of $3.5 million in fundraising — the FEC has questions: report
The other thing about these grifters. Stealing and not getting punished is their greatest accomplishment.

'Not going to get everything': Some Jan. 6 evidence may be hidden behind encryption
Try decrypting? No privacy when it comes to treason. You are copping out.

'Beyond disrespectful!' Trump sparks backlash with 'utterly deranged' agreement to call boxing match on 9/11
Trump only cares about the con to mask his coup.

Miami newspaper slams Ron DeSantis for misleading comments about COVID-19 vaccines: 'A profile in selfishness'
He sure gives Dumbo a run for the moron crown.

Jim Jordan gets a badly needed fact-check after claiming that 'vaccine mandates are un-American'
"Jackit Off" Jordan makes his own facts in his imaginary world of lust for power.

New Customs for Courtin' Gals in Texas

As a Nurse Practitioner, I Know the Texas Abortion Law Is a Blow to Health Care
It's a blow to humanity and to the country they claim to love so much.

Stephen A. Smith Destroys Hypocritical Pro Athletes for Taking Supplements and Refusing the Vaccine: ‘Biggest DAMN LIE IMAGINABLE’
“It’s shameful when athletes talk about, ‘oh it’s a private matter.’ It is not a private matter!” Smith fired back on ESPN’s First Take. “Because it effects anybody that’s standing right next to you! You’re not living a private life!”
Hell, yes!

Texas AG: The Founders Intended Abortion Bounties
Nope. They had in mind that seditionists would try to form some corrupt shithole with laws of your own, then be invaded by our great union and be occupied forever. Watch it happen.

POLL: Two-Thirds Of Parents Support Masks In Schools
This doesn't matter to MAGAts because all polls are incorrect unless they decide the votes.

Texas Governor Signs Sweeping Law Restricting Voting Rights
Gov. Greg Abbott signed GOP-led legislation in Texas that bans 24-hour and drive-through voting, creates harsher voter ID requirements for mail-in voting, and more.
This is chicken shit fascism in action. Where are the swastikas? The Red Hats.

TX Gov Signs Sweeping Voter Suppression Bill Into Law
American slowly bleeds out democracy because some jackasses can't take getting beat in an election.
Here's a photo of one big jackass. These jerks will never win.

Judge Reverses Order That Forced Hospital To Administer Ivermectin
Public policy doesn’t support “allowing a physician to try ‘any’ type of treatment on human beings,” the judge ruled after a coronavirus patient’s wife sued the hospital.
A win for sanity. We'll see how well he does in his future.

Abortion Bounty Hunters in Texas Are Not "Whistleblowers"—They're Cruel Vigilantes
Calling those who exploit this law "whistleblowers" is a way to turn the true meaning of whistleblowing on its head. We might as well have history books referring to enforcers of the Fugitive Slave Act as "good Samaritans," or monitors of Jim Crow compliance as "civic activists."
We already know what they are. Just like the Stasi, the East German secret police.
This will not end well in the Texas Republic of Coat Hangers.

'A dumpster fire': Texas Lt. Gov. loses it over 'depraved' Portland leaders after city floats plan to boycott state
Patrick is a complete joke. "A city led by depraved officials allows lawlessness, putting their citizens in grave danger..." That's what he said and didn't have the brains to know he was talking about himself and his own." Everyone and everything should boycott Texas. They have already seceded from the United States with their unconstitutional laws.

Proud Boys Try To Storm Vancouver, WA High School Over Mask Mandate
Proud of being morons.

Some Asshole Hotelier Sends Big Scary Lawyer After Your Wonkette!

GOP’s Promised Jan. 6 Probe Has One Problem: No One Wants It
“I have nothing to hide, but I have nothing to add,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told a local TV station when asked about his conversations with Trump on Jan. 6.
In other words he has nothing. As usual.

'Intoxicated' passenger growls at flight crew like an animal in racist meltdown
And led away like a lost puppy.
I think that flight authority told the pitiful critter, "If you don't have a parachute, sit down and shut up."

UN Human Rights Experts: Texas Abortion Ban Is a Violation of International Law
By refusing to block the Texas law, "the Supreme Court of the United States has chosen to trample on the protection of women's reproductive rights," said one expert.
They always wanted their slaves. No wonder Santa Ana wanted them out.

Joe Rogan And Tucker Carlson Are Enemies Of Public Health
Jim Acosta calls out the two disinformation sources by name on CNN.
You could just stop at "Joe Rogan And Tucker Carlson Are Enemies."

Timeline: How Corporate America Has Helped Decimate Unions
The declining bargaining power of unions contributes to the crisis of extreme income inequality in the United States.

AG Garland: DOJ Will ‘Provide Support’ For Abortion Clinics ‘Under Attack’

Sinne Eaters Wanted in Texas, Apply Now

One Hundred Duck-Sized Horses
"No, there’s nothing we can think of quite like the new Texas law criminalizing abortion, but keeping government actors out of it."
"As it happens, we finally found a comparison that suits us — to the Stasi, the East German secret police, that relied on neighbors spying on each other, state-sanctioned informers."
This is the monster that Texas has turned into.

Texas Abortion Law Will Chill Online Advocacy Efforts for Reproductive Rights
Texas goes to hell in a handmaiden's basket.

'This makes me sick': Viral video shows brazen anti-LGBTQ attack in Georgia high school
Self-loathing latent homosexual. Or just a dickhead bully that needs the shit kicked out of him.

The Senate’s new cannabis reform bill can do more for drug war-targeted communities

A Texas Judge Temporarily Halted Abortion Ban Enforcement. That Won’t Stop the GOP in Other States.
One Republican lawmaker dismissed all the concerns as Democrats just trying to “gin up their base.”
"Uncharted Ground?" These terrorists have been charting the ground since the 1970s. Pay attention.

'Plain false': Fact-checker thoroughly debunks Joni Ernst live on-air over lie about Biden and Afghanistan War vets

TN Poison Control: Horse Paste Causing Mental Issues
You sure it's the paste and they weren't already rabid?

Graham: The US Will Eventually Re-Invade Afghanistan
"The Taliban are not reformed, they’re not new. They have a view of the world out of sync with modern times.”
Neither are you, Dumbo. Since when have you had a new cogent thought float through your brick head? Get your sorry ass right to the front when you start it again. And get your fucking party in sync with the times!
The Taliban are not reformed, they’re not new. They have a view of the world out of sync with modern times.”

Indiana University Football Team Can’t Spell ‘Indiana’ And Fans Are Shook
The gaffe capped an embarrassing opening game for the Hoosiers. Mistakes or merely the continuing dumbing down of America?

Treasured Western Trout Streams Wither Amid Heat, Drought
Climate change continues to wreak havoc across the American West.
Water is vanishing. Life will not continue in many areas.

U.S. marks Labor Day by letting unemployment aid expire for 7 million people
The pandemic will continue and more people will die needlessly for this.

Chris Christie: Women Should Lose Abortion Rights Because Of 'Science'
Former Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) on Sunday pushed back against former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) after he suggested that women should lose reproductive rights due to advances in science.
Fatso, we've been having a conversation about it since the 1970s. But you have only listened to one side of it, if at all. When you get pregnant you can talk about it.

The Texas Taliban Wing of the Republican Party
In total control of the state, Republicans have a free hand that they’ve used to enforce extremism.
We're fighting them here so we don't HAVE to fight them over there.

Desperate anti-Biden business owner tells Fox News: 'I'm willing to compromise and give you a living wage'
"I haven't heard one thing from these people, not one thing! Where are them [sic] for us? Where are they now on the podium speaking for me?"
I guess you are glued to Fuks Noose. Try other sources. You might be surprised at what's going on.

She thought the pandemic was 'political' – then she watched in horror as her husband died of COVID

Don’t Talk To Me About 9/11, If You’re Still Ignoring 1/6
"Real patriots condemn all terrorist attacks on America."

Democrats announce probe into potential 'abuse' of Supreme Court's 'shadow docket'
Turn the light on the cockroaches.

CARTOON: Texas State Property
Don't mess with Texas's messin' with pregnant rape and incest victims.
The Talabaptists take control of their chattel.

Alex Jones Pretends To Take Ivermectin On The Air During Crazed Rant
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones continues to prove that he's a public health menace.
Shysters like Jones have been making a living conning suckers for 10,000 years.

Newly Released Documents Show AZ Fraudit Even Worse Than We Knew
The fingerprints of Donald Trump’s allies are all over communications among those running what is supposed to be an independent audit of Arizona’s election results.
Speaking of shysters.

'Red List of Threatened Species': A Grim Tally of Those Facing Extinction
“It’s hard to watch the rise of nationalism in the face of a global threat that requires global cooperation, global action”
Most Americans don't give a damn about the environment. They only want a good paying job and high bandwith internet so they can get their latest dancing "entertainment" and propaganda fix.

'I was too damn stubborn': Unvaccinated Georgia man leaves message for friends before Covid death
Yes. Too damn stubborn and empty headed as they all are.

Mike Lindell vows to 'go after' reporter the MyPillow CEO branded 'an enemy of our country'
Aren't we tired of this grifting idiot yet?

Only one presidential election has provoked civil war — at least until now
Dude, it's the same war. It has never ended. Yet.

'A disaster': Texas Republicans blasted by conservative for their latest 'reckless political stunt'
Texas Talaban will fail and fall.

Kirshner: Kevin McCarthy Should Be Arrested For Witness Tampering
The House Minority Leader is breaking the law in plain sight.
Law and order is gone in the U.S.

Conservative explains how Kevin McCarthy went from Trumpian 'groveler' to 'demagogue in his own right'

Lawlessness is a feature of the GOP — not a bug

Florida Reports A Record High 1,338 COVID Deaths
This is Ron DeSantis's fault.
Thinning the herd. The virus is clearly doing its job.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb Warns Next Delta Wave Will Be In Northeast
The former FDA commissioner thinks delta has peaked in the South, but will break out in the Northeast next.

Tucker Carlson Claim Fraudulent Vaccination Cards Aren't A Criminal Act
As each day passes, Tucker Carlson and Fox News continue to destroy the health and safety of their own viewers.
Money is what matters you see.

Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy have good reason to be 'nervous' about the Capitol riot investigation: former House member

Labor unions vs. vaccine mandates: The workers drawing a line in the COVID battle
Police unions are leading the opposition to vaccination mandates for public workers
This is how stupid we can get. The head of the Fraternal Order of Police? Dumb as a rock.

Alex Jones takes ivermectin — and launches crazed rant about Joe Rogan: 'You think I'm easy to kill?'
Actually, you are. The fatter, the easier.

Missouri Paper’s Editorial Board Compares Removal Of LGBT History Exhibit To Taliban Destruction Of Artifacts
Yes, of course. Anyone with a half-brain knows these religious zealots are exactly our very own Taliban. We won't have to go as far as Afghanistan to stop them.

Texas Anti-Abortion Snitch Line Already Getting Tips
More of the American Taliban in action.

Texas’ draconian abortion ban
Taliban in Texas.

Texas abortion law a 'radical expansion' of who can sue whom — and an about-face for Republicans on civil lawsuits
They are not Republicans any more. They are radical religious fascists who piss on the constitution.

Supreme Court sanctions GOP's vigilante strategy to stay in power
No Law, No Order.

Cops Summoned After AZ Man Threatens To Zip-Tie Elementary School Principal Over Child’s Quarantine
What in heaven's name has happened to sanity in this country?

McCarthy's 'gangster' threat signals 'dark future' of Putin-style shakedowns if GOP takes House: columnist
The fascists have been a bunch of gangsters for many years now. Just look at the Roe v. Wade mugging.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Shouts Against Masks: 'Kids Don't Die Of Covid!'
Um, some DO, Rachel.
Two kids age 4 and 15 died here in Texas last week of Covid.
Why won't you let us help our kids?
Isn't it so relaxing living in a world of mindless morons?

'Dr.' Joe Rogan Has Covid, Elects Ivermectin 'Treatment'
Joe Rogan canceled shows and announced he tested positive for Covid. Thoughts and prayers.
Ditto the mindless comment.

Jim Jordan Says He Never Questioned 2020 Outcome, But There's Video
Rep. Jim Jordan lied to Rep. Joe Morelle about "never questioning" the 2020 election results. Mehdi Hasan put together a compilation of the many times he did just that.
Proof doesn't mean a thing to these miscreants.

'Stunning': Justice Sotomayor writes a furious dissent as the Supreme Court lets Texas violate Roe v. Wade
"... a flagrantly unconstitutional law engineered to prohibit women from exercising their constitutional rights..."
It is clear Texas circumvented the law. They will pay dearly for this outrage.
They need more than a furious lecture here in the Land of the Happy Negro over this flagrant robbery.

The anti-abortion myth about when life begins

Madison Cawthorn’s home-state newspaper calls on Republicans to 'censure' his ‘alarming’ behavior
Disabled in more ways than it appears.

Lauren Boebert Demands Congress Impeach Kamala Harris
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on Tuesday called for the impeachment of Vice President Kamala Harris because she has not invoked the 25th Amendment to remove President Joe Biden from office over his handling of the Afghanistan war.
BoBoebert is the one that should be impeached. She's a grifting fool.

‘AntivaxMomma’ Charged With Selling Fake COVID Cards To Frontline Workers
Jasmine Clifford, aka @AntivaxMomma, allegedly used her Instagram account to sell forged COVID vaccine cards to 250 people, including 13 frontline workers in hospitals and nursing homes.
We live in a world of grifters.

'$83B Left Behind In Afghanistan' Gets Three Pinocchios
Another big lie on right-wing media. Afghanistan WAS a money pit for the US taxpayer and that ended yesterday.
The War Dogs have the sadz they lost all their profits. Good riddence to bad rubbish.

Former federal prosecutor says Kevin McCarthy's 'threatening' response to Jan. 6 committee could be criminal
This coward? Could be? Ha! Ya Think?

Mike Lindell's meltdown begins: He recently sold a MyPillow plane to fund Dominion lawsuit
Exclusive: MyPillow guy has sold $2.5M private plane, is now "raising money" for legal defense, source tells Salon
Is this snake oil asshat finally done? Time will tell.

Roe v. Wade in Grave Danger as Supreme Court Lets Texas Abortion Ban Take Effect
"Access to almost all abortion has just been cut off for millions of people. The impact will be immediate and devastating."
Welcome to the Fascist Taliban state of Tejas. They want this to go to the Supreme Court. It's all about controlling their women. White men are the biggest chauvinist pigs in the known universe.

Criminal history of ‘angry white man’ revealed after he attacks on-air NBC reporter in Mississippi
Seems like there are a lot of angry white men. They are losing their power and won't go quietly. But go they will.

Ex-FBI official reveals why Jim Jordan has no way to save himself — or Trump — from Capitol riot committee
A step forward for America. Clean house.

Disinformation caucus of Kansas GOP spreads dangerous falsehoods about COVID-19
Truth decay.

Religion expert slams 'laughable' Christian anti-mask rhetoric: It's all just a 'persecution complex'
It goes hand-in-hand with the "victim card" the GOP always plays.

DeSantis administration blows off court ruling and strips funding from schools defying mask mandate ban
Looks like the GOP is no longer the party of Law & Order. They can stop using that lie.

Sidney Powell gets brutal grilling from Australian reporter: 'Do you ever hear yourself and think it sounds ridiculous?'
Finally, a reporter asks the right question.
"I'm saying that thousands of Americans had some role in it, knowingly or unknowingly. It was essentially a bloodless coup where they took over the presidency of the United States without a single shot being fired," Powell said.
Does she realize that's exactly what elections were created to avoid? I guess not.

Even as Afghan War Ends, GOP Attempts to Add $25B to Military Budget
"They want billions more for war even as we withdraw from Afghanistan. We have to stop this amendment."

Will the Afghan crisis finally bring down the U.S. empire of war, corruption and poverty?
After this disorienting defeat, Americans may be ready to give up on global domination — and build the future

Veteran Rips 'Media Propaganda Machine' For Exploiting Marine Deaths
Army veteran Marie Triplett warned that the media "propaganda machine" is using the death of 13 Marines in Afghanistan to gin up anger.

Ohio State Still Awaiting Ruling on Palaie Gaoteote's NCAA Eligibility with Just Three Days to Go Until First Game
They have had all summer to review this case. A simple yes or no cannot be that difficult to say. "This shit is beyond ridiculous."
This is another reason why we must end the NCAA now.

Conservative radio host who called himself "Mr. Anti-Vax" dies of COVID-19
Consistent until the end, Bernier's last tweet compared vaccination outreach efforts to Nazi Germany

Ohio Judge Orders COVID Patient Treated With Ivermectin
Butler County Judge Gregory Howard ordered West Chester Hospital to treat Jeffrey Smith, 51, with Ivermectin after his wife Julie filed a lawsuit against the hospital.
Moron has right to kill himself, sez judgie.

Texas abortion law that bans procedure as early as six weeks set to go into effect
I see the Taliban is taking over this week in Texas.

'How you get stuff done': Anti-mask GOP nominee threatens to use '20 strong men' to physically remove school boards
Violent threats to school boards? That's where the fascists are going? It is not a surprise. I would suggeet school to prepare to defend themselves by any means necessary.

Know Your Rights! Religion And Government Don’t Mix In Public Schools – And That Means ALL Religions

The End of the Parade
"...the world they’ll have left us when Darwin has finished with them."

U.S. Strike Against ISIS Reportedly Kills 10 Civilians
This is called collateral damage and we don't care about this side of American atrocity.

Why Do We Work Too Much?
In the modern office, stress has become a default metric for judging whether we are busy enough.

Texas Anti-Mask Covidiot Dies Of COVID-19
The Texas anti-mask "freedom defender" Caleb Wallace was finally "free" to die from the disease that he helped others to die from as well, due to the lies and misinformation he spread.
It can happen.

Graham: 'Whose Decision Was It To Pull All Of The Troops Out?'
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) seemingly forgot on Sunday that it was former President Donald Trump who set a deadline to end the U.S. war in Afghanistan and then began the drawdown of U.S. troops.
Not all of us are the fools Graham takes us for.

Chris Wallace Challenges McConnell's Desire For 'Full-scale War'
Fox News host Chris Wallace questioned Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell about his desire to fight an endless war in Afghanistan.
McConnell did not explain why the Afghan government and military could not support itself after 20 years of U.S. help.
War Dogs don't need logic for their answers.

Tate Reeves Says Mississippeans Are Less Afraid Of COVID Because GOD
"When you believe in eternal life - when you believe that living on this earth is but a blip on the screen, then you don't have to be so scared of things," said Mississippi's Governor.
The Governor of Darwin's Waiting Room is very slow with his evolving. Another blip on the screen is what Tate is. Not helping your fellow man in this world should be his mission, not helping getting them to the exits.

The Unspeakable Cynicism Behind, and Exploitation of, the 13 Dead Service Members

Anti-Choicers Fail to See That Overturning “Roe” Will Impact Their Own Rights
"Just because you don’t see yourself getting an abortion does not mean that you are exempt from the consequences of restricting other people’s rights."
Can they see anything at all?

Trump's Supreme Court Just Showed Why Court-packing Is Necessary to save U.S. Democracy
Breyer should read this.

Breyer, the optimistic justice, shakes off defeats but warns of threats to Supreme Court’s authority
Court packing? I guess he's talking about Trump's packing? Is he paying attention at all to what he's saying?

U.S. and 97 other countries announce deal with Taliban to continue evacuating allies

Christian 'Free Speech' Nonprofit Protects Fires Spokesman For Promoting Vaccines

Why COVID-19 Makes It Hard To Remain Friends With Our Anti-Vaccine Phoebe Buffays

If This Texas Abortion Ban Takes Effect, The State Will Pay Citizens To Enforce It
Advocates and providers worry if S.B. 8 becomes law on Sept. 1, it will become a blueprint for other red states looking to end legal abortion.
Welcome to the Fascist Nation of Texas.
Washington sould cut all funding to the Nation.

Voting Rights Roundup: House Democrats pass historic bill to restore and expand Voting Rights Act
But the Nazis in the Senate will kill it.

People under 50 making up larger share of Texas COVID-19 hospitalizations than at any point in the pandemic
Those in the 30-49 age range were hospitalized this month at nearly double their rate in January, the pandemic's previous peak in Texas.
This is what happens when you think you're bullet proof.

Reversal: US Open To Require Fans Show Vax Proof
You won't see any of Rev. McCall's flock of morons.

Pastor Hands Out Exemption Letters For “Unclean” Vax
More Dumbos getting people sick. His "information" is unclean.

Kansas Man Dies Waiting For ICU Bed As Hospitals Overwhelmed By COVID-19
Van Pelt died waiting three days for a bed in the ICU as unvaccinated patients overwhelmed ICU rooms across the state, his family said.
All the purposefully unvaccinated have blood on their hands.

Billionaires Need to Get on Board With More Taxes or Expect the Pitchforks
The super-rich have made a killing off of the pandemic. It's time to tax the hell out of them to pay for programs that serve the working class.
Pitchforks that are high caliber.

Vaccine mandates work, especially when they’re done right
Requirements always have to be achievable and equitable.
"...but somewhere around 30 percent of Americans haven’t got their shots. Carrots didn’t work; here come the sticks."

The Supreme Court has gone too far — and left Democrats with only one option
"...Democratic dream killers Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, both of whom apparently love the filibuster more than human rights."

Georgia cop who pushed people to take horse dewormer instead of vaccine dies from COVID-19
Manning: "If we lose on vaccines we will completely lose our right to sovereignty over our own bodies."
I'll bet he felt the same about women having the same right to terminating a pregnancy?
He just didn't use it as prescribed. Ask brain dead Louis Gohmert about it. He recommends it.

Louie Gohmert Pushes Horse Paste At Texas Event

Wisconsin school district opts out of free meal program to avoid 'spoiling' hungry children
Even for kids who can't afford to eat. I guess they'll have to go to work? Relax, it's the usual systemic racism that they all deny.

40 million people rely on the Colorado River — and it's drying up fast
Too bad no one paid attention before this.

Biden Schools Doocy In Front Of The World
"It's time to end a 20-year war," Pres. Joe Biden told Peter Doocy and the press corps, after Doocy asked question after question showcasing his abject ignorance.
See what I mean about "journalists." But this punk is a special flavor of stupid POS.

Anti-mask Covidiot 'Desperate For Miracles' As Condition Worsens
Caleb Wallace of San Angelo's 'Freedom Defenders,' head of an anti-mask group, has run out of options after nearly a month in hospital.
The sorrow of stupidity.

The Madness Of Anti-Vaxxers
Jordan Klepper of The Daily Show set off to interview some anti-vaxxers. He was not disappointed.
Examples of American stupidity. So many false equivilancies and cognitive logic failure.

Lauren Boebert admits to campaign finance problems: “I under-reported a lot of stuff” to the FEC
Gun-toting Colorado Republican's 2020 campaign reports spending $2.6 million — which went to just 32 people

Senate's Dumbest Republican Down For Some Hot Horse Deworming Action!
Dumbest Republican is leading the team of dumb.

John Lewis Voting Rights Bill Passes House With Zero Republican Votes
Those bastards are fascist scum. Never forget they started this civil war.

Herschel Walker's embarrassing Senate bid
Trump's backing of the ex-NFL star is both ridiculous and casually racist
To which Herschel is he referring?

Analysis: When the Texas state seal doesn’t signify trust
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is using the state seal to shield himself against accusations by former top aides. And former Gov. Rick Perry is using it as well — as a backdrop for a sales pitch.

Could the “Monarchs” on the Supreme Court Tank Democracy?

Afghanistan Is Turning Our Brains to Mush
"As I write this, I've come to this conclusion, perhaps this singular realization: We — all of us writing about Mr. Biden and Afghanistan — are becoming idiots. If it can happen to E.J. Dionne, it can happen to any of us."
Becoming an idiot is fashionable in so-called "journalism" these days.

Should the Government Impose a National Vaccination Mandate?
Despite claims to the contrary, there are many routes to legally requiring COVID inoculation.
The whole world should if we actually want to stop it.

“The Clock Starts Ticking Today”
The FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine triggered a whole bunch of vaccine mandates.

You do not have the 'constitutional right' to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine
"The Constitution is not a suicide pact guaranteeing a right to harm others. The government has latitude to protect citizens from deadly conditions, especially when the science supporting vaccination is so clear.

Is the media treating 'sane' Biden worse than 'insane' Trump?
"the mainstream media only describes roughly half the media landscape." "The other half of the media is a right-wing messaging apparatus that makes no effort to follow traditional journalistic norms,..."
That's due to the fact that they are shills, entertainers and interested in being a personality instead of being a reporter. They promote only themselves.

Pro-Trump 'Kraken' attorneys sanctioned for 'historic and profound abuse of the judicial process'
Grifters and con artists get a take down.

Larry Elder Explodes At Anchor Who Asks About His 'Anti-Women' Remarks
Larry Elder, a Republican candidate for California governor, lost his cool this week after a local television news anchor asked him about his history of remarks about women.
Larry Elder knows nothing about women or anyone for that matter. He's another no-nothing.

Majority in US—Including 90% of Democrats—Back Spending Trillions on Infrastructure
"Poll after poll shows that the overwhelmingly majority of voters support bold action."

FCC seeks $5M fine for robocalls telling Black people that voting helps “the man”
Robocalls claimed mail-in voting is used to track down warrants, collect unpaid debt.

COVID hospitalization averages $20K—and insurers want unvaccinated to pay up
Delta surcharge is "necessary to address the financial risk" of not getting vaccinated.

Sturgis was a major 'superspeader' event — just as warnings predicted: report
Kristi has done nothing to protect the people of her state.

Florida hospitals are suffering dangerous oxygen shortages as COVID-19 surges: report

DeSantis is failing Florida on COVID-19. New polling shows Floridians know it

Journalism after 9/11
“Are we now supposed to make news, or just cover it?”

Carlson: Trans People Think They’re God, That’s Satanic
Stop telling people they don't believe in God unless they're Christian. You sound like the Taliban or Isis.
America has no national religion. So get bent.

McCarthy: Budget Bills Will Pass “Over My Dead Body”
The screw that wants to zoom America. "Talk about adding perks to the bill."

Kristi Noem Vows To 'Protect' South Dakotans From Federal Government
The Governor of South Dakota was mocked and ridiculed for her stance against the non-existent threat of Federal vaccine mandates.
She's responsible for killing people there. The moron keeps at it.

'Now the Senate Must Act': Progressives Applaud House Passage of John Lewis Voting Rights Bill
"As long as we let the filibuster stand, this necessary bill will be stuck in the Senate," warned Congresswoman Jayapal. "It’s your right to vote or the filibuster."

Supreme Court Ruling on Asylum Policy Denounced as 'Nothing Short of Cruel'
"We put an end to the Trump presidency but we still need to put an end to his cruel, harmful, and deadly policies including this xenophobic one."
A result of Trump's racist fascism.

Tucker Carlson Calls Ben Sasse 'Guiltiest White Man In America’
This is how a Neo-Nazi talks to his clan about any white person who they feel has betrayed their skin color.

63% of US Veterans Support Afghanistan Withdrawal: Poll
"Veterans know the cost of war, so it should come as no surprise that they strongly back President Biden's decision to end the war in Afghanistan."

New Poll: Most Floridians Reject DeSantis Covid Policies
But Republicans see mask wearing as a matter of personal Freedumb!
"You will not be shocked to learn that Republicans stand alone among all groups in saying by 58 - 39 percent that the issue of mask wearing is primarily about personal freedom. The freedom to need a ventilator! Patriotic choking noises!"

'What planet' is Kayleigh on? McEnany's latest mind-boggling claim has critics offering a history lesson
She added, "I shudder to think about what COVID would have been like under Joe Biden."
The greatest Trump joke I've ever heard! I guess she thinks drinking bleach and taking Hydroxychloroquine was good advice. ROTFLMFAO!
That poor little girl.

I Will Build A Great Wall That Will Be Impenetrable, Except For Saws, Wind, Breaches, Ladders and Now Monsoons
“I will build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me," said the clown, though, even then, hardly anyone did.

ConservaDems Cave After Nearly Tanking Infrastructure Bills
Conserva-dems tried to slow the roll of the Biden agenda. The Progressive caucus held firm.
As they should.

Why Some Republicans Will Not Sleep Well This Week
The January 6 Commission is asking telecom companies to preserve phone records from January 6, including from...gasp...members of Congress!

Jim Jordan Called Out For Lies During Election Hearing
More of this please, Rep. Morelle.
Jordan is the low.

A Democrat calls out and dismantles the media's 'fantasy' on Afghanistan
Next, try to get the media's fantasy dimanteled. They seem to be ignorant on America's history since the 1970s.

Alex Jones turns on Trump: 'My god, maybe you're not that bright'
How come he's not in prison?

'I don't like being told what I have to do': Libertarian explains vaccine refusal as he struggles to breathe
What a depressing outcome. It is horrible.

Wisconsin newspaper slams Ron Johnson: A 'con artist' whose 'grifting' made his billionaire cronies even richer
Everyone knows what Ron Johnson is. If they don't they are whistling past the graveyard.

Science quietly wins one of the right’s longstanding culture wars
A new survey reveals a resounding victory for advocates of evolution and a setback for purveyors of pseudoscience
Think of it...always.

National Review editor roasted for writing 'fan fic' about how Trump would have made the Taliban do his bidding
Don't even talk about that propaganda shit of your rag. All Trump ever did when confronted with a bully is he caved.

Neo-Nazi gets three years in prison for threat campaign that targeted Jewish journalists
The swastika makes a good target.

Trump supporter accused of threatening to murder former wife announces Georgia Senate campaign
Here's HersChel attempting to run for something he is not qualified to do.

Five Ways the US Created and Prolonged the Afghan Crisis
The United States was involved in Afghanistan long before 9/11, fomenting Islamist revolt and paving the way for its own defeat.

Anger Mounts at Handful of Right-Wing Dems Still Threatening to Kill $3.5 Trillion Plan
"Can't be long 'til Trump tweets out his support" for the conservative House Democrats, said progressive Rep. Mark Pocan.
With guys like these around we don't have to worry about the Taliban, Al Queda, Isis or Q. They are a larger threat to our country than all of them put together.

Mississippi health officials say 70 percent of recent calls relate to people using livestock drug to treat COVID
Perfect cognative power. Using horse medicine and not approved vaccines. Sure, that's genius reasoning.

'We’ll look at everything': Jan. 6 House committee to subpoena phone records of lawmakers and others — possibly Trump
I'd say definately Trump. All the evidence is right there.

Lauren Boebert’s gas problem: Far-right lawmaker concealed blatant conflict of interest
Colorado congresswoman's husband stands to earn $1.7 million from gas drilling, a fact she didn't mention till now
Grifting and scheming.

Report reveals the reason Lindsey Graham cannot divorce himself from the ‘far reaches of Trumpism’
"Tap Dancing With Trump: Lindsey Graham's Quest for Relevance."

Fox News: FDA Vax Approval Was Too Fast But What Took So Long?
The talking heads at Fox News went for the "let's have it both ways" gambit.
"Fox News is your source for disinformation and their new chyron should be: Killing 628K people and still counting!"
Oh, these guys are brilliant.

Explaining 21st-Century Capitalism in a Way Everyone Can Understand
Maybe. Don't give them too much credit.

The US and UK Got Things So Wrong in Afghanistan Because They do Not Understand the Afghan Way of War

GOP congressman denounces Speaker Pelosi with a Nazi slur
Another Texas casualty of being brainless.

Tucker Carlson's arguments are maddeningly stupid on purpose. He's trying to destroy rational discourse itself

Expanding the Military Draft Is Not Feminism. Abolishing Draft Registration Is.

FL Teens Now Have Higher COVID Positivity Rate Than Other Age Groups In The State Amid DeSantis’ Mask War

Canary in the Cold Mine
When we are in denial about the climate change that will kill us all. These forever wars mean nothing when we can no longer breathe, are under water, or dying of thirst. Then nothing else matters.

'This is the smoking gun of all time': Mike Lindell promises 'nationwide injunction' on voting machines
Pillow quack moves closer to the booby hatch all the time.

Marjorie Taylor Greene unloads new anti-vaccine rant: FDA approval is conspiracy to distract from Afghanistan
She's only one step behind Mike Lindell in her trip to the nut house.

Marjorie Taylor Greene ridiculed for insisting the 'Taliban would have NEVER said no to Trump'
Deluded beyond a doubt. Impeach her.

GOP Covid vaccine mandate bans are a legal, terrible idea
"Freedom" doesn't mean the same thing for state and local elected officials, apparently.
Arrogance moves to a new level in Tejas.
"What these politicians are pushing isn’t the right to make personal choices; it’s the right to make personal choices with which they agree."

Despite Trillions Spent, the US Military Hasn't Won a Real War Since 1945
And if the American people don't benefit from these endless losing wars, why do we keep fighting them?
Some fantasy in which we live. Keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Our Progressive Agenda Is Popular and Our Candidates Can Win
If Democrats want to govern for a generation instead of winning one-off races by slim margins, we will need to mend the deep tears among the American electorate and reckon with the injustices that were sewn into the fabric of our flag.

Surgical tech compares herself to a Holocaust victim because of hospital’s vaccine requirement — quickly gets fired
Well, I'm sure pissed that they didn't tatoo my arm! Matter of fact I don't think I know anyone who got a tatoo. Let's go over this again. Covid is like the halocaust. The vaccine is like the liberating army. And this bullshit she's spreading is her brain on scarmbled eggs in the frying pan.
BTW: Fizer has been approved by the FDA. No exuses remain.

Tucker Carlson’s 'unpatriotic' Viktor Orbán fetish makes him an 'apostle of authoritarianism': conservative
What a shock.

Vast majority support mask and vaccine mandates as FDA grants Pfizer full approval: poll

Portland Police Disappear As Proud Boys Take Over Town
Why did the mayor have them stand down?

CNN Guests Slam Network For 'Over-The-Top' Afghanistan Coverage
During an appearance on CNN, former White House adviser Matthew Dowd and columnist Amanda Marcotte criticized the media coverage of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan as being "over the top."
But this is what we get when media hires "newsreaders" and not journalists and reporters. We get a celebrity dog and pony show.

Lindsey Graham: Married To The Game
The Life and Times of Lindsey Graham - In love with the game, married to political power.

Jim Acosta Reads Right Wing Media For Filth Over Afghanistan
Giving Tucker Carlson the new title of "Ayatollah of Paranoia" is just one of the many gems in this segment calling out the GOP and its loyal state TV stations on their foreign policy hypocrisy.

Will Americans who were right on Afghanistan still be ignored?
"But very little of the criticism goes to the root of the problem, which was the original decision to militarily invade and occupy Afghanistan in the first place."

'They’ve lost control of the mob': Trump booed at rally after telling supporters to 'take the vaccines'
Trump actually speaks the truth and his mob rejects him. The morons won't even listen to their leader.

Why Americans hate and fear the poor: Joanne Samuel Goldblum on the price of inequality
Another side effect of the pandemic: Many more Americans are aware how stressful and exhausting it is to be poor

‘Disgusting’: Jim Acosta snaps at Darrell Issa after he defends sexist jokes about women
"'We have peace in South Korea and we have 28,000 troops there.' Issa said, making an argument to maintain a base in Afghanistan."
True, but we don't have a base in North Korea which is the same as keeping a base there—not equivalent.
Elder is a radio host. We have to get over our fetish with entertainers being our leaders.

'Stay the hell out of Fulton County': Georgia official issues warning to Marjorie Taylor Greene on CNN
And everything else.

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene fan says Taliban win could be used as model for 'patriots' to take over US
This is exactly what Greene and the rest of the Trump MAGAts are doing. It's projection.

Attacking Those Who Protest Racism Is How Trumpers Deflect the Blame Away from Where It Belongs
Projection in the Land of the Happy Negro. How convenient.

Texas Gov Candidate Allen West “Highly Pissed Off” After Wife Is Arrested For DUI With A Child In The Car
Piss off, Allen.

Alabama Rally Cultists Boo Trump For Pushing Vaccine
Land of the Happy Negro deniers get sore with their Orange Monster.

Texas Governor Now Testing Negative, Credits Vaccine
Let's sing along: "Well, I saw I'm a believer..."

For the Seventeenth Time, Afghanistan Was Never “Winnable”
Yes, but we'll try doing it over and over and expecting a win.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The New York Times and The Washington Post have the morning off again
Keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. This is insanity in a sentence.

America’s Merchants of Death Then — and Now
More Afghan-like tragedies will be inevitable until we squeeze the personal profit out of prepping for war.

Wisconsin Rep. Calls Afghan Refugees 'Terrorists'
US Representative Tom Tiffany makes another bid to be the dumbest man in Congress when he calls Afghan refugees "terrorists"
We know who you terrorists are, Tom.

Josh Mandel Praises Sick Waitress, Restaurant Faces Furious Backlash
Mandel single handedly caused a restaurant to face online backlash after praising a sick waitress who came to work.
Where did this idiot get hisr education? The schooling failed.

New Bill Proposes Cutting Pentagon Spending to Fund Vaccines for Poor Nations
"We can't bomb our way out of a global pandemic," said Rep. Mark Pocan, the sponsor of the legislation, "Shifting funds from weaponry and military contractors to producing Covid vaccines will save hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of lives around the world."
If we don't stop it in poor nations the variants will only mutiply and return to us post paid.

How Capitol riot-related charges against Infowars co-host could lead to big problems for Alex Jones
Big assholes normally have big problems sooner or later.

Ted Cruz raises eyebrows in Washington after hiring family members to Senate staff
Well sure, but who else would work for him?

Maine Lawmaker Buries His Wife Who Died From COVID, Attends Anti-Vax Rally
"Chris Johansen, who has been a fierce opponent of pandemic restrictions, joined a rally at which a colleague compared the governor to a Nazi." - The Daily Beast
I was wrong. There is a vaccine for stupid. It's called death.

Talk Radio Host Phil Valentine Dies From COVID
Conservative talk radio host Phil Valentine has died following a lengthy battle with COVID-19. He was 61 years old.
Again. Death was chosen as the cure.

FDA Comes In SCORCHING Hot For The Anti-Vaxxers
The FDA Twitter account - the REAL one - went there and we are totally here for it.
The Orange Monster worshipers sure act like they have the brain of a horse or a cow.

Maddow Tears Into 'Snake Oil' Salesmen At Fox News
"Don’t take the vaccine, but do take this horse de-worming medication. Trust us, it’s proven," said Rachel Maddow, derisively.
Why don't these geniuses take it and do us all a favor?

Fox Guest: I'd Just 'Kill Everyone I See' And 'Grab The Americans' In Afghanistan
I guess indiscriminate killing of Afghan civilians is what passes for tough guy speak on Fox "news."
News Flash: He's not killing anyone by flapping his jaws on Fux Noose.

FDA: “You Are Not A Horse Or Cow, Seriously, Stop It”
And here I've been told you can be anything you want to be in the U.S. of A.

Twitter Erupts Over Patagonia Cutting Off Resort That Hosted Marjorie Taylor Greene, Other Trump Allies
Looks like Patagonia could smell the fascists coming. Facists go back to the place in hell where you came from.

Matt Gaetz critics stunned after he posts 'creepy' photo of his fiance sleeping
"Bill Cosbyed"!! ROTFLMAO!! What a douchebag this creep is.

'The party is in ruins': Minnesota GOP reeling as sex and money scandal consumes the leadership

'Absolutely moronic': Ron DeSantis flattened by Miami Beach mayor over his latest COVID comments
Caution: Asshole at work! It's the Dipper!

AP fires back at Florida's Ron DeSantis for 'bullying' its reporter

Why Are We Minimizing the Story of the Would-Be Capitol Bomber?
A terrorist kept police in Washington, D.C., in a six-hour standoff on Thursday. Why wasn’t it bigger news?
Only one domestic terrorist, I suppose. We need crowds of storming southren Nazis to get attention from the bored media.

The Tragedy of Afghanistan
We’ve known for years that Afghanistan was lost. Until Joe Biden became President, no one had the guts to admit this. Why?
As previously stated, Americans can't grab the truth right away about it when it faces them.

Trump's Capitol Riot Continues: Bomb Threat Proves GOP's Big Lie Is Still a Big Danger

Texas House finally makes quorum, but Democrats say Republicans cheated to get there
There were 99 members registered as present Thursday evening, the exact number needed to end the 38-day Democratic quorum break over the GOP’s priority elections bill. But not all of those members were physically on the floor.
Ghost members are allowed by whatever you call the government in Texas.

Will the Voices of Those Who Were Always Right on Afghanistan Still Be Ignored?
More than likely because America could never face the truth--right away.

Right-Leaning Columnist Calls Forever War a “Myth”
Let me get up from laughing on the floor at this winger-forever comedy.

TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick Found The Real Origin Of COVID, And It Is Black People
White Supremacist, Miss Dan, shows his true coloreds. The Land of the Happy Nego just got happier.

Will Media Ever Remember How To Scold Republicans?
Before the news went wall-to-wall Afghanistan, the media devoted quite a bit of time to scolding President Biden (and Democrats and liberals in general) for not being nice enough to the unvaccinated. Will that ever change?
Will the media ever learn to be journalists rather than trying to be show-biz personalities?

Florida Man Identified As AntiSemitic QAnon Influencer 'GhostEzra'
39-year-old Robert Randall Smart lives in Boca Raton, FL, and counts more than 400K anti-Semitic conspiracy wingnuts among his followers

Look How Well Gov. Ron DeSantis Is Handling The Covid Crisis
He'd rather have seriously ill people huddled on a floor than tell everyone to wear masks.

Ohio Senate Candidate Rages About 'Unconstitutional' Postal Service
Josh Mandel idiotically claims the Post Office is unconstitutional. Good lord. Clearly he has never read the actual Constitution. Why do we keep nominating idiots? Answer: Idiots nominate them.

Ex-Official: Trump Knew Afghan Army Would Surrender, Made Deal Anyway
Former Natl. Sec. Dir. John Ratcliffe said that Trump knew that the Afghan military would fall to the Taliban within 48 hours but negotiated a deal to pull U.S. troops out of the country anyway.

Man Hospitalized In Mississippi After Taking Livestock Ivermectin From Feed Store For COVID
"You wouldn’t get your chemotherapy at a feed store," said Mississippi State Health Officer Dr Thomas Dobbs.
One more for the "Too Stupid to Live" list. But what else can you expect from "Darwin's Waiting Room"?

EMS Director In Tennessee Offers Firefighters Horse Dewormer As COVID Treatment
It would seem that Bradley County Emergency Medical Services Director and Fire Chief Shawn Fairbanks has some 'splainin' to do, offering up Ivermectin for "anyone who wants to try it."
"...but 60-70% of people in the hospitals with Covid are vaccinated**." This is a bald faced lie and the reason we are in the shape we're in.
Looks like "Darwin's Waiting Room" added a north wing.

MAGAite Planning September 18th Rally At Capitol
Former Trump campaign staffer Matt Braynard is planning a September 18th rally across from the Capitol, called “Justice for J6,” to protest the “grave violation of civil rights” of the January 6th insurrectionists.
Nazi Traitors have no civil rights.

'Ron DeSantis owns this': Outrage erupts over 'horrific' photo showing COVID-19 patient on floor of treatment center
A lot of people would be going to jail in a sane country.
Flush the Dip.

Do Republicans still support American democracy? Here's who reporters should be asking

US senator from Mississippi 'fed up' with masks contracts COVID
Darwin's Waiting Room Senator at last gets what he wanted.

The Crimes of the West in Afghanistan and the Suffering That Remains
As in Iraq, as in Libya, as in Mali. It is time to finally bury the doctrine of the so-called "responsibility to protect", which was coined at the time of the beginning of the Afghan war, and to brand it as what it was from the beginning: a neocolonial project.

Just Look At These Anti-Vax Assholes In San Diego!
"Petty tyrants," is exactly what these whiney-assed anti-vaxxers are. They don't support protecting the citizens of their country.
Matt Baker is pathological. Watch him closely or he'll kill you quicker than Covid Delta.
It's dickheads like him that are causing us the trouble we're in right now.

The GOP is losing the argument on coronavirus mandates
The Republican Party has rather clearly marched itself into a minority position, from masks in schools to targeted vaccine mandates

Two arrested at Nashville airport after reportedly refusing to wear masks on separate flights
Drunk Nazis can really be a problem.

Texas can ban common abortion procedure in second trimester, appeals court rules
The ruling is yet another blow to reproductive rights advocates after Texas passed a law this year that goes into effect Sept. 1 banning abortions as early as six weeks. That law is also currently being challenged in court.
Another victory for the white supremacist misogynists.

A Dead Presidency and His Zombies

The Bush Appointee Still on the Job Making Bankruptcy Even Harder
The director of federal bankruptcy oversight is creating more hurdles for Blacks and the poor.

"Vice News notes that Greene was one of just 16 GOP lawmakers who last month voted against increasing the number of visas for Afghans who helped U.S. troops."
Does this woman have a cognitive cell in her brain? No need to answer, it's "NOPE!" We know who the POS is and that P is for PILE!
Put her in a quiet padded cell when she's finally committed.

Conservatives' belief that herd immunity will protect them gets a reality check from former RNC spokesperson
"For the contrarians, the elusive herd is always right there, just across the horizon. There is no reason to listen to those dastardly, idiot experts. No reason to mask or distance or get jabbed if it impinges on your freedom. Because herd is so close (yet so far away)."

Conservative brilliantly explains what is wrong with angry middle-aged white men
They want it to be 1969 again? Wrong. They want it to be a child's garden of fantasy where white supremacy has eradicated and exterminated all the brutes.

Anti-Vax SC Tea Party Leader Dies Of Something

Anti-Vax Husband Of GOP State Rep Dies Of Something

Man In Truck Outside US Capitol Claims To Have Bomb
Probably just a tourist.

Last month, 16 Republicans voted against helping our allies in Afghanistan. Let’s name names

Traitor Trump Claims COVID Was 'Virtually Gone' When He Left Office
Liars gotta lie, but the former guy is the worst.
Why is he still walking our streets in broad daylight?

GOP Senate Candidate Calls For 'GUNZ!' To Combat 'Mask Tyranny'
Ohio Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel on Wednesday called for increased gun ownership as a response to the "tyranny" of mask mandates.
And that's why gun nuts have to get out of the road to recovery.

Unhinged Parent Rips Mask Off Teacher's Face At Back-To-School Night
A parent in Austin, Texas has allegedly ripped a face mask off of a teacher’s face during a back-to-school event, while others yelled at a different teacher to remove her mask, claiming they weren’t able to understand her while she wore it.

Nikki Haley Is Not Too Terribly Bright, Part Infinity
Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is very distressed about negotiations with the Taliban.
It's only OK when a Republican does it.

Lauren Boebert FORGOT To Report $460K Hubby Got For Consulting
Who among us has not forgotten close to half a million dollars?

Right-wing Supreme Court may be looking to deal 'massive blow' to freedom of the press: report

America's Political Opportunists Are No Longer Hiding Their White Supremacy

Biden proposes long-awaited overhaul to U.S. asylum system
The proposed changes aim to end a years-long backlog in immigration court cases and cut the time migrants seeking asylum wait to hear if their request has been granted.

The NFL Should Require Fans to Get Vaccinated

Afghan women's rights are threatened — but the GOP isn't their champion
The Taliban aren't the only ones trying to impose their will on women's bodies and choices.
Republicans have been attempting to control women's bodies and rights much of my lifetime.

Biden's Hypocritical Afghanistan Critics Prove Ignorant About Afghan History
After years of ignoring it, pundits and reporters have rediscovered Afghanistan.
Afghanistan 101: If you care to read it.

Alabama Physician Tells Patients Get Vaccinated Or Find A New Doctor
"Effective Oct. 1, 2021, Dr. Valentine will no longer see patients that are not vaccinated against COVID-19" read the sign posted on his door.

Texas Won't Allow Masks, They'd Rather Put The Dead On Ice
The mortuary trailers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be stationed in San Antonio and sent around the state at the request of local officials.
It's not quite as bad as Afghanistan but it's getting closer every day.

Rocklin Church Hands Out COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption Letters
The church handed out hundreds of exemption letters on Sunday for people who do not want to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
Mullahs attempting to set religious controls.

Chuck Todd Channels Rudy Giuliani
Meet The Press host Chuck Todd used the most odious right-wing meme to attack President Biden's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.
"What Chuck Todd did there was despicable. Also predictable."
Todd's been a dickhead for years.

'Anxious and scared': ICU doctor lifts the veil on Texas Gov. Abbott's reaction after learning he contracted COVID

A Wisconsin Republican's bewildering vaccine claim reveals how racism has warped the GOP
Dumber than dirt.

Texas school district cleverly finds loophole in Gov. Abbott's executive order banning mask mandates

Ron Desantis and Regeneron: Is a GOP donor the reason why Florida's governor won't promote vaccines?
DeSantis has not held an event promoting vaccines since May but plugs Regeneron drug as hospitalizations skyrocket
All these grifters are on the take.

Biden asks Americans to act like grown-ups — but Republicans are too addicted to being brats
From Afghanistan to vaccines to the 2020 election, Republicans petulantly pick childish fantasies over reality
They haven't always been that way but they sure as Hell are now.

A Wisconsin Republican's bewildering vaccine claim reveals how racism has warped the GOP
Like Afghanistan, is our country even worth saving and longer?

'Loudest Alarm Bell Yet': Unprecedented Water Shortage Declaration for US West
"Climate change is an emergency," said Judith Whitmer, Nevada state Democratic Party chair, over the Lake Mead and Colorado River crisis.
With no water and polluted air nothing else will matter.

The final act of George W. Bush's deceptive reelection strategy is playing out before us

If Liz Cheney’s Assigning Blame for an “Epic Failure” in Afghanistan, She Can Start With Her Father
Dick Cheney created the mess Joe Biden is cleaning up.

Rick Scott So Mad Biden Gave Afghanistan To Trump's Taliban Buddies
"There are craven whores, and then there's Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott."

Celebrate the Heroes Who Warned Us That Afghanistan Would Be a Disaster

The Truth about the Withdrawal from Afghanistan Is Hard for Partisans to Admit

When Will We Stop Letting Our Presidents Lie America Into Wars?
"When President Ford withdrew US forces from Vietnam (I remember it well), there was barely a mention of McNamara’s and LBJ’s lies that got us into that war. Similarly, today’s reporting on the chaos in Afghanistan almost never mentions Bush’s and Cheney’s lies and ulterior motives in getting us into that war in the first place."

Everything's Bigger In Texas, Including COVID Mask Mandate Sh*tshows

Texas’ controversial new social studies law prompts McKinney school officials to cancel Youth and Government class
One of the Republican authors of the so-called critical race theory bill said the district is misinterpreting the new law’s ban on political activism. A school official called the language “vague.”
A little like the Taliban?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tests positive for COVID-19
He spoke Monday night at a GOP event in Collin County, later tweeting photos of him addressing a maskless crowd. Less than three hours before his diagnosis was announced Tuesday afternoon, he tweeted pictures of a meeting with guitarist Jimmie Vaughan.
Meanwhile people are free to choose as long as they do what the Governor dictates.

Republicans Panic, Run Away From Trump's 'Historic Peace Deal' With Taliban
The Republican National Committee (RNC) decided it no longer wanted to claim credit for the "historic peace agreement" the Trump administration brokered with the Taliban.
That has been deleted on every Web site by the RNC Ministry of Truth.

Election officials exhausted as they continue to receive a flood of Trump-inspired threats
The mob boss does what a mob boss does. Why do we put up with petty crooks?

Media's Shameful Afghanistan Blame Game
New York/DC media diligently did the GOP’s bidding by omitting key context in its rush to pin the blame for a 20-year, extraordinarily complex and heartbreaking military and foreign policy failure on a single man who took office just seven months ago.

President Biden On Afghanistan: 'The Buck Stops With Me'
President Biden will address the nation on the state of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and Taliban takeover.
We should have pulled out ten years ago when we whacked Bin Laden. Even the mob relaxes after the vendetta is completed.

'I didn’t even like voting for you': Black West Virginia voters vow to hold Manchin accountable
Manchin is underestimating Blacks in his state.

Biden administration set to announce new position on Covid booster shots
This should come as a surprise to no one. It was never definite how long efficacy would last with the first round. It was not a secret.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace brilliantly sums up Biden's Afghanistan speech

Lay off Joe Biden: He didn’t “lose” Afghanistan — we are finally leaving it alone
We spent 20 messed-up years in Afghanistan flexing our muscles and money, and now we are making a messy exit
Did someone expect this to be a piece of cake?

One Year of Afghanistan War Spending Could Fund Resettlement of 1.2 Million Refugees
"We've spent billions on war. Now, let's spend to bring Afghans to safety."

Diplomacy, Not Bombs: Anti-War Voices Say Afghanistan Shows Need to Stop Any Further March to War
"The only thing that we 'accomplished' by going into... Afghanistan was to put trillions of taxpayer dollars into the military-industrial complex and destroy millions of lives."

The Afghanistan blame game begins — and the media immediately ignores what triggered this disaster
As Afghanistan falls, the mainstream media shows no self-awareness of how a pro-war bias helped lead to this mess
The War Dogs in the media are still as biased as ever. There must be a scapegoat so they can't be blamed for anything.
"Still, this larger media outrage over the withdrawal is a dark reminder of the pro-war bias in the press that helped create this mess in the first place: luring the American public into thinking a war in Afghanistan could ever end in any other way."

GOP lawmaker's attack on Biden Afghanistan debacle backfires after old tweet shows he praised withdrawal plan
All the War Dogs forget the skeletons in their closets.

Trump’s June speech comes back to haunt him after he slams Biden over Afghanistan
Dumbo barks like a War Dog even though he "started the process" and Biden wanted to stop it but couldn't.

RNC busted for deleting campaign page touting Trump’s ‘historic peace agreement’ after Afghanistan implodes

'Moron' Marjorie Taylor Greene brutally mocked as Twitter informs her that she doesn't know what 'segregation' means
No,Marjo. In this case it means "no brains, no service." Just think, if it becomes public policy everywhere, where will you ever go for a big fat triple cheeseburger?

Trump’s Tax Cut Helped 82 Ultrawealthy Households Save More Than $1 Billion

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Americans deserve assault weapons like the Taliban
She's calling for barbarism, regression to the stone age.
People like her are killing America. I can feel that slow death seeping into every crack and corner.

Nothing I learned as a historian over 45 years prepared me for this moment
"But a mass cult built around an old man known for lying and grifting who bronzes his face each day? Didn't see that happening. Nor did I anticipate that tens of millions would refuse a free vaccine that could save others' lives – and their own."

A New Variant of COVID Denialism Has Emerged
"SubDumb" is what it's called.

McCarthy Demands Probe Into Afghanistan Withdrawal
This mother really thinks he's not a part of the problem? What an egomaniac!

Your Beliefs May Be Sincere – That Doesn’t Mean You Can Ignore The Law

Trump scrubs his website of statement bragging about Afghanistan withdrawal plan
It's already been recorded, Dumbo.

RNC removes 2020 page praising Trump's 'historic peace agreement with the Taliban'
They are onboard the Ahghan Denial Train.

Dallas school superintendent vows to keep mask mandate despite state Supreme Court ruling: 'This is not over'
GrAbbott, we already personally know children that have been infected by your policy.

Angry Parent Assaults Teacher Over Mask-wearing Policy In School
A teacher ended up with a hospital visit as the altercation became physical.
We are turning into a country of barbarians.

Mike Pompeo blames the 'fall of Afghanistan' on critical race theory
Wow! This guy goes to the latest dog whistle for racists to defend his flaccid ineptness.

Top Taliban leaders are among the 5000 that Trump released last year over everyone's objections
Another Trump failure.

Republicans claim to fear left-wing authoritarianism — but there's no such thing
Yes, dictators sometimes cloak themselves in "socialism." But tyranny, here and elsewhere, is always right-wing

Trump ridiculed for 'resign in disgrace' demand to Biden: 'President Kamala Harris? Sounds good'
Trump is stupid enough to think that the succession runs to the most recent ex-president.

'Huge mistake': Obama's defense secretary reveals Trump's tragic blunder in Afghanistan

'Did you actually tweet this?': Lauren Boebert's attack on Joe Biden blows up in her face
BoBoebert tweets first, get facts later.

Colo. Clerk Accused Of Allowing Access to Vote Machine Passwords That Ended Up With QAnon Leader
"In the latest battle over former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat, a Republican county clerk in Colorado has been accused of allowing unauthorized access to voting machine passwords that ended up on the social media account of a QAnon leader."
My, my there was some vote fraud. And it was, guess who? — A Republican county clerk allowing QAnon access!

Thousands Of Fake Vaccine Cards Seized On Way To New Orleans From China: Feds
Buying, selling or using a counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination card that features an official government agency seal can result in a fine and up to five years in prison.

Liz Cheney Blames Trump And Pompeo For Afghanistan Failures
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) on Sunday suggested that former President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo share responsibility after the U.S. faced difficulties while withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Chris Wallace Confronts Pompeo Over Trump Admin’s Afghanistan Approach: ‘Do You Regret’ Giving Taliban ‘Legitimacy’?
"Wallace kept up the pressure by noting that Pompeo struck an agreement with the Taliban last year to pull U.S. forces out of Afghanistan by May. Wallace also rolled footage of Trump complaining about the U.S’ “ridiculous” continued presence in the region."

Tucker Carlson Uses Census As Excuse To Stoke Racial Tensions
The racist fool. Has he finally reached bottom.

The Far Right's Deadly Embrace of Anti-Vaccine Stupidity
COVID-19 is a deadly virus. Why on earth would anyone go to bat for a pathogen?
Reason does not exist in their brain systems.

Why do Republicans want children to die?

Study finds DeSantis and Abbott are responsible for at least 4,700 unnecessary deaths in FL and TX

Ron DeSantis flattened by Biden's former COVID advisor in brutally candid interview
"Abbott and Costello in Florida and Texas... "
And half of America wil say — who?

Louisiana and Mississippi health systems on brink of collapse as low-vaccinated regions suffer
This shows the deadliness of ignoring safe protocols.

Trump slapped down for ranting he left Biden a 'plan' for getting out of Afghanistan
Harrowing videos capture Proud Boys' violence at anti-vaxx rally in downtown Los Angeles: reports
German Nazi mobs in WW2 along with U.S. Nazi photos.

The Fraud farts again.

Fox Guest Bursts Network's Bubble On TX And FL COVID Cases
Fox really doesn't want anyone on their network talking about how badly things are going in Texas and Florida right now, especially with the overflowing ICUs.
No one sells bullshit better than Fox. That's because its audience eats it up.

Did Louis DeJoy Buy His Support From USPS Board Chair?
The Washington Post may have gotten to the bottom of why USPS board chairman Ron Bloom mysteriously continues to support corrupt Postmaster Louis DeJoy, even after he awarded a $120 million contract to a company where he still has financial ties.
Get rid of him.

Dallas official defends mask mandate: Right now 'your child will wait for another child to die' to get ICU bed
Gov. Abbott has not only refused to institute mask or vaccine mandates, he has banned any local government or agency from ordering one.
The blood is on his hands.

Child Hospitalization for Covid-19 Hits All-Time High in US: Report
"This is not last year's Covid," said the former head of the American Academy of Pediatrics. "This one is worse and our children are the ones that are going to be affected by it the most."

How the pandemic laid bare Ted Cruz and other Republicans' hypocrisy on their key policies
Texas has to stop electing morons.

'Governor of Florida is violating the Rule of Holes': CNN doc slams DeSantis' appearance on Fox News
"The governor of Florida is violating the Rule of Holes," he explained. "You know the Rule of Holes, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging...."
DipShitus is the "most significant threat to freedom" since the fall of the Berlin wall.

More Workers Are Saying That Minimum-Wage Jobs Just Aren’t Worth It Anymore
They haven't been for a long time.

COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing in Texas nursing homes, and nearly half of workers are unvaccinated
Texas ranks 46th nationally for vaccinated nursing home residents and 33rd for vaccinated nursing home staff.
The failure that is Texas.

Mike Lindell, the Dastardly Doofus Who Claims Ownership of Your Pillow
Please move on to the next fool. This one is worn out.

Oregon Gov Deploys National Guard To Help Hospitals

ACLU Sues DC, Cops, On Behalf Of Journalists Covering BLM Protest
"Black Lives Matter" painted on the street does not compensate for police brutality against protestors and journalists.

'DeJoy and Bloom Are Bandits': Top Dem Calls for Removal of Postal Service Chiefs
Demand follows new reporting that DeJoy purchased up to $305,000 in bonds of company where Bloom—described as his "quasi-boss" and overseer at USPS—is a managing partner.

Tucker Carlson torched for escalating white supremacist rhetoric
Why do we put up with idiots fomenting hatred?

Trump supporters relentlessly mocked on Twitter over bizarre presidential 'reinstatement' conspiracy theory
Why not? They'e the biggest boobs in the country.

'The new McCarthyism': Conservative group slams 'gaslighting' Kevin McCarthy in new ad

Biden extends vital lifeline to Florida schools, and a giant middle finger to Ron DeSantis
DipShitus gets the bird.

The Four Tortured, Pathetic Arguments Republicans Use to Downplay January 6th
GOP pols went from holding Trump “responsible” for the insurrection to blaming… Nancy Pelosi?
In a sane world these crooks would be run out of town or thrown in stir.

The surreal rule of white Christian men
It's easy to call yourself a "Christian." The proof is in the pudding here. And what they practice has a vile taste.

Remove AIPAC's Islamophobic Attacks Against Ilhan Omar
"If something happens to Congresswoman Omar both AIPAC and Facebook, for allowing the ads to run, will have blood on their hands."
"Hate will put the world in a flame, what a shame." —Percy Mayfield, Please Send Me Someone to Love.

Mike Lindell's ridiculous 'cyber symposium' melts down as it becomes clear the con man was conned
What did the cyber Spyder tell the Times about Lindell’s data? "We were handed a turd."
But that's what the public has been buying from him all along.

Fox News' Laura Ingraham has a solution to unemployment: More ‘hunger’
If a hungry dog gets too hungry he'll rip out your throat and eat.

Scumbag Tucker Carlson Uses AOC To Demean Sexual Assault Fears
It's obvious what is going on here. Plugging in AOC as a way to promote rape culture. Hey Tucker, we know the history of your workplace.
What else do you expect from a flaccid chicken shit.

The doomed far-right prophecies of Trump's so-called 'reinstatement' are collapsing before our eyes
The prophets of doomsday have been re-setting their date for centuries. Why not these MAGAt fools?

Staver: The Vaccine “Prevents People From Procreating”
Do you think it will prevent double-fucking crazy religious numbskulls from being born? GOOD!

9 Moderate Democrats Threaten to Tank Entire Biden Presidency The party has managed to work together, until now.
Just think, 9 spoiled brats can fuck up the greatest deal since the New Deal. What a bunch of useless losers.

Map: See Which States Have Restricted Voter Access, And Which States Have Expanded It
Land of the Happy Negro seems to be involved as well as their cohorts in the west.
Texas is working on restrictions one.

Trump's shared psychosis is destroying the fabric of society
He's obviously been using too much Adrenochrome.

The Next Gerrymandering Nightmare Has Begun
With the release of 2020 Census data, GOP legislators will rush to draw new maps. If they get their way, they’re likely to flip the US House.

It's Ok to Blame the Unvaccinated — They Are Robbing the Rest of Us of Our Freedoms

The DOJ Should Have Cuffed Trump by Now
It looks like they are inept at their duties. His crime spree has gone on much too long.

DeSantis and Abbott Count on Reelection Despite Letting Tens of Thousands Die
Americans in these states don't give a damn about their families, evidently.

Will DeSantis and Abbott Be Held Responsible for Mass Dying of Adults and Children?
The answer, my friend, is floating in the windbags.

Across Texas, frantic parents search for options to keep kids safe in school
For the second straight year, schools must worry about keeping their staff and their children safe and ensure that they’re providing the best possible education during a pandemic that has killed more than 50,000 Texans.
And these are the people that will re-elect the man responsible for the failure to protect their families?

The Census Numbers Just Came Out, And Whitey's On The Wane
Yes, but how long can they use the rigging systems known as gerrymadering and filibuster to their advantage? Maybe forever? Get rid of these rigging tools and we might come close to a democracy in the U.S.A.

UK's First Mass Shooter In A Decade Is Trump-Loving Incel Who Claims To Be American
"...a 22-year-old Trump supporter who was angry about being a virgin and not having a girlfriend killed six people, including a 10-year-old girl."
Maybe if he tried to not be a fucking idiot and an asshole he might have gotten laid, but noooooo! Better kill people for your failures and forget about shooting your own dumb ass first.
Everything Trump touches dies.

Texans Deserve Better Than Abbott
Trae Crowder lays it to Texas Governor Abbott

It's Not Violating Press Freedom To Sanction Fox For Lies
Right-wing misinformation is now killing people and tearing our country apart. Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and other Fox News pundits spread their poison nightly. The US needs to take action, like Australia and the United Kingdom. The FCC must sanction broadcasts that spew misinformation and even take the network off the air if it doesn't comply. There must be consequences.
All fascist propaganda must be taken down. Sedition is not protected.

Louie Gohmert Something Something Birds Exploding Green Stuff
We're just positive that Rep. Gohmert's MENSA's invitation got lost in the mail. Instead, he's on OAN saying solar farm mirrors cause birds to explode, and geez, what a mess to clean up, gol-dang it!
These idiots can't even find a lie that hasn't been debunked.

Family of John Lewis Joins Demand That Biden Kill Filibuster to Defend Voting Rights
"If President Biden and Senator Schumer truly care about ending the war on voting rights they have to use their political will to abolish the filibuster and pass the For the People Act immediately," said one organizer.
Kill the filibuster. Kill gerrymandering. They are both rigging devices.

Our Not-So-Slow-Motion Apocalypse
We're no longer just reading about the climate crisis; we're living it in a startling fashion.
Welcome to dystopia.

What Is Penn State Thinking?
One of the largest universities in the nation has a patchwork response to the coronavirus pandemic.
After the shitshow that the Big Ten football games put on you'd think to Hell they would require vaccination. All programs should. Otherwise, we get a repeat of the 2020 farce.

Marjorie Taylor Greene shrugs off surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations: 'We can't live forever'
That being the case would she please drop dead.

Former federal prosecutor calls for SDNY criminal insider trading probe into Rand Paul

Despair Not! Vaccination Rates Continue to Rise
More Americans are now vaccinated than not.

Column: Major study of Ivermectin, the anti-vaccine crowd’s latest COVID drug, finds ‘no effect whatsoever’
Now, just who is bullshitting who, you suckers?

California surf instructor accused of killing his children with a spear because of a QAnon conspiracy theory about 'lizard people,' according to the FBI
Yes, the Lizard people, the Clay people from the Valley of Desolation, the Rock people, the Hawkmen in the Sky City are all very troubling. Why can't we defeat their likes?
Don't forget to indict the Watsons for starting this shit.

‘Scared’ Farmhand Found Bodies of QAnon Surf Dad’s Babies in Mexico

Mississippi Asks Feds To Send Military Hospital Ship
Land of the Happy Negro sends out an S-O-S.
And I thought they wanted the Federal Government out of their lives.

Broward County hospital admissions lead US, as Florida COVID cases hit another daily high at 24,753
Fascist Republicans failing across the country.

Kevin McCarthy is selling shirts that say 'moron' so everyone knows who his supporters are
At least he's admitting what the rest of us think of him.

'Warped priorities are allowing an extremist minority to worsen the pandemic': Op-ed slams Texas Gov's handling of COVID
"Abbott and Texas Republican legislators have undermined virtually every effort to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus."

Texas children and children’s hospitals are under siege from two viruses: RSV and COVID-19
More children are being treated in Texas hospitals for COVID-19 than ever before, and an unseasonable outbreak of respiratory syncytial virus is adding to the stress on children's hospitals.
GrAbbott is trying to get our children killed.

Texas Senate outlasts 15-hour filibuster by Sen. Carol Alvarado to pass GOP voting-restrictions bill
Texas Fascist Party passes law to help screw our voting rights.

'Nazi Propaganda': Tucker Carlson Leans on Anti-immigrant 'Replacement Theory'

Why Conservatives Want Government To Fail Everywhere

Ministers of death: Republican governors leave kids 100% defenseless against delta surge

Mike Lindell's supposed bombshell about the 2020 election blows up in his face
Lindell can go back to the place in Hell he came from.

Pro-Trump GOP governors are facing intense push back from local officials over their handling of COVID-19

‘Indictment is ready’: Matt Gaetz ‘will face charges’ says former NY prosecutor

WATCH: Mike Lindell hurries offstage at Cyber Symposium minutes after losing major Dominion lawsuit case
Fuckwit fails again.

Legal experts say latest Trump scandal leaves DOJ ‘no choice’ but to indict the former president
Get it done now.

'DOJ has no choice now': Legal experts are stunned by new evidence of Trump's post-election corruption

Psaki Chokes Off Doocy's Effort To Blame Vax Hesitancy On Biden
Shorter Psaki: "Your guy told people to inject bleach, idiot."
The insane were fewer and far between in political discourse when I was growing up. Now we let them roam the streets and spout bullshit at will.

Tucker Carlson: Vaccine Mandates Could Lead To Forced Sterilizations
Ever on the lookout for ways to kill Americans, and further polarize them in the meanwhile, Tucker Carlson urged viewers to “ask” why COVID vaccine mandates won’t lead to forced sterilizations or lobotomies.
Let's start with Tucker.

Sidney Powell's Bizarre Ask Of Reporters: Swear You Like Me!
The "Kraken" lawyer banned a newspaper from an event in South Dakota after journalists refused to reveal their opinion of her or submit the story for her approval.
What model of insanity does she fit? All of them.

Abbott and DeSantis playing 'game of chicken' in balance between killing their constituents and owning the libs: columnist
No one is listening to them any longer.

If Mike Lindell's claims were correct (they're not), he likely broke wiretapping laws
Lindell's "absolute proof" almost certainly isn't legit. But if it were, he could be in serious legal trouble
Pillow Guy needs padded cell.

Without Single GOP Vote, Senate Approves $3.5 Trillion Budget Blueprint
Sen. Bernie Sanders slammed Republicans for complaining about Democrats' use of budget reconciliation, noting that the GOP recently used the same process to force through massive tax cuts for the rich.

Texas Judges Sign 'Eff Greg Abbott' Orders, Allow Mask Mandates In Dallas, San Antonio

Texas cancer patients and people with PTSD will soon be able to join state’s expanded medical marijuana program
A new law going into effect Sept. 1 will also increase the cap of THC in medical marijuana to 1%.
Progress is slow in this part of the Land of the Happy Negro. Apparently it always has been. (As of Aug. 9, about 44.5% of Texas’ 29 million people have been fully vaccinated.)

“I am frightened by what is coming”: Texas hospitals could soon be overwhelmed by COVID-19 caseload, officials say
The number of COVID-19 patients in Texas hospitals is rising too fast for hospitals to keep up with, hospital leaders told state lawmakers Tuesday.

Trump: Justice Delayed and Denied
"Hell, they shot the shit out of Bonnie and Clyde for stealing infinitely less than Trump and his associates have done. Isn't it way past time this arch criminal was called to account?"
Most of us think it is.

How Will the Coronavirus Evolve?
Delta won’t be the last variant. What will the next ones bring?

Wages rise in US as companies scramble for staff

Vaccine disinformation and partisan politics are killing us — literally

Susan J. Demas: We’ve coddled ignorance for years. Now we’re all paying the price with COVID.
Lesson: Stop the idiots that deny reality and shut them the fuck up.

CNN confirms ventilators were sent to 'overwhelmed' Florida after DeSantis claims 'I did not know about that'
Is anyone surprised at this?

Mike Lindell's 'complete gibberish and nonsense' will get hilariously destroyed in court: MSNBC's Charlie Sykes
Hopefully, someone makes a documentary film on this disturbed con artist. It will make for great entertainment to future generations if there are any.

COVID-infected children in Arkansas arriving at hospitals with 'wrecked lungs': report
The wages of lunacy.

DeSantis says he's 'happy' with COVID trends in Jacksonville even as ICU beds hit capacity
What will he say when the first child dies of Covid on his watch?

Dozens of Texas hospitals are out of ICU beds as COVID-19 cases again overwhelm the state's capacity
"This surge is by far the fastest and most aggressive that we've seen," said the health authority for Austin and Travis County, who urged eligible Texans to get vaccinated.
Abbott is reaping the wild wind he's created.

Anti-Vax Nutbags Flood Missouri City Council Meeting
Everyone's invited to the Nut Ball Ball.

YouTube Suspends Rand Paul For Posting COVID Lies
They don't have to broadcast his lies if they choose not to.
Reaping what he sows.

Trump is lashing out as his plan to torpedo Biden's bipartisan bill goes down in flames
Everything Trump touches dies.

Queen Of Trump Lies McEnany Blames Deep State For Leaking COVID Data
Claiming Biden is the biggest contributor to vaccine hesitancy shows how morally bankrupt Kaleigh is.
That poor little girl.

Conservative Radio Host Hospitalized With COVID
Marc Bernier of WNDB in Daytona Beach often made anti-vaccine comments on air. It's believed he was unvaccinated.

Texas Supreme Court allows for arrest of Democrats who don't show up to Legislature
You get arrested for trying to stop crooks who won't defend the people and blocking the right to vote? Abbott and his grifters are the ones that should be arrested, indicted, convicted and sent to Mars.

Dominion sues Newsmax, One America News over their rampant spread of baseless 2020 election lies
For every penny. Put them on the street.

BREAKING: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Resigns

Fox News Anchor Claims Karl Marx Wrote 'Mein Kampf'
Bill Hemmer gave a confused history lesson to Fox News viewers.
Why do they put these carnival barkers on TV?

Senator Has 'Grave Concern' Over Trump Plot To Overturn Election
Senator Whitehouse told Joy Reid there are connections between the insurrection and the efforts inside the DOJ to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
The U.S. Army should keep the M249s, M240s and M2s well cleaned, locked and loaded.

Abbott Begs For Help As Texas Hospitals Overflow With COVID
Wait, what? The Texas Governor wants more responsible states to send their DOCTORS to TEXAS?
"Anyone who is not playing right-wing political games and being subservient to the MAGA cult knew this was coming.
He should be removed from office immediately as should all who are failing to protect our citizens.

Anti-Masker Freakout At Atlanta Airport: 'Rise Up! Rise Up!'
"You want a revolution, stand up!" the man yelled. "Take down your mask!"
They have already revolted against mindless, brain-damaged idiots who shout in airports.

Tom Hanks’ Idiot Son Launches Into Deranged Anti-Vaccine Rant
Have we really not learned anything?
Idiots are not capable of learning. Again, no vaccine for stupid.

July’s jobs report shows Black teens struggling with the highest unemployment rate
Black in the wrong place: America.

Cruz Bill Would Ban Vax And Mask Mandates, Passports
Of course. They've already banned brains.

Twitter Again Suspends QAnon Rep For COVID Lies
Ban her permanently from everything. She is an enemy of our Republic, not a friend.

Hawley Seeks To Defund Schools For COVID Mandates
The Attorney General needs to take action against these asshole seditionists.
Send this little prick back to the place in Hell he came from.

Voting Machine Tampering Is Coming From Inside The MAGA House
Colorado County Clerk Tina Peters May Have Committed The Very Crime She Accused The Left Of Committing
Election tampering. Conspiring with sedition. Jail.

Chuck Grassley Defends Trump's 'Right' To Overthrow The Government
According to Chuck Grassley, Trump had "every right" to toss around ideas on ways to overthrow the government after he lost the election.
Chuck, no one has the right to overthrow the government by fomenting a coup. We call this treason, Chuck. Is anyone at home?
Chuck, say what you want but say it to yourself when you get the fuck out of our government. Please retire. It's past time.

Capitol Rioter Arrested Again For Strangling Family Member
Joshua Dillon Haynes, 39, assaulted the family member while he was on home incarceration for his criminal conduct on Jan. 6.
And now, wecome to prison, Josh. Grease up.

Comedian Bill Burr Rips 'F*cking Piece Of Sh*t' Ron DeSantis
“These f*cking piece of sh*t politicians! He knows that that’s what his fanbase wants him to do so that’s what the f*ck he’s gonna do. Unbelievable,” said Burr of Florida's Governor.
He's talking about DipShitus.

Federal judge suggests prosecutors are being too lenient on Capitol rioters
Their message is they are soft on treason.

Lauren Boebert's midnight run: Capitol tour happened after she attended "Stop the Steal" rally
Boebert was in D.C. to attend "Million MAGA March" when she took her family on unexplained midnight Capitol tour
"Tour" my ass. It was a casing for a crime.

Corporate Polluters and DeSantis Face Ire as Hundreds of Tons of Sea Life Dead in Florida
"The governor could declare this red tide an environmental emergency and free up funds for people hurt by the event."

Religious Exemptions To Vaccine Mandates Undermine The Fight Against COVID

Schumer signals Tuesday morning final vote for Senate infrastructure package
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday that the package is on a "glide path for passage tomorrow morning."
This bill passing will signal what path America's future can be.

Viral video shows white DC cop punching black man 12 times as other officers do nothing to stop him
The return of the Pig.

'We have a conspiracy': Ex-federal prosecutor connects the dots after new Trump DOJ revelations

Tucker Carlson mocked after claiming Hungary isn't 'repressive' — then having his own interview censored
"The Idiot" is what his "show" shold be titled.

'Coward' GOP Sen. Todd Young blasted for flip-flopping on infrastructure bill after threat from Trump
Afraid of a failed demagogue? He's a bigger coward than the usual failure.

The Biological Civil War

COVID Compassion Fatigue
How long can we keep caring about the unvaccinated?
"Medical staff did not sign up for a self-inflicted, voluntary pandemic of the unvaccinated. Vaccines are now readily available at no cost. There’s absolutely no reason for the medical community to be going through this again."
"What does the 'freedom to choose' mean for the children who had no choice at all in this matter because they don’t have vaccines ready for them yet?"
It's no wonder we will stop caring about the people who won't get vaccinated.

More Foe Than Friend
The Supreme Court and the pursuit of racial equality.

White Right Fright Jeopardizes the ‘Endangered’ Dominance It Can’t Abide Losing

Analysis: The pandemic breaks into Gov. Greg Abbott’s special session agenda
The business of the new special legislative session is like that of the failed first one, with some big items added in apparent response to the rise of the delta variant of the coronavirus in Texas.
Abbott is a huge failure.

Austin judge signs order to block arrests of Democrats who refuse to return to Texas Capitol for special session
A state district judge has granted a temporary restraining order blocking the arrest of House Democrats who have broken quorum, paving the way for those who remain outside the state to return home without threat of arrest.

Travel to and From Florida Would be Banned if State Was a Country, Expert Says
If they secede we can occupy the state with Federal troops and set up a provisional government to solve that problem.

Appeals Court: Parole Officers Can't Force Parolees To Accept Jesus Christ As Personal Savior
Some folks simply don't know WTF they are doing when it comes to the church and state.

Kentucky’s Worst Senator, Rand Paul, Declares War On CDC, Public Health
They won't have to arrest you. You'll all be dead.
"You just sound like an asshole.:

At Least 27 Million US Workers Can’t Afford All the Basic Necessities of Life

'It’s never looked like this': Tiny Arkansas county reeling as dozens of children hospitalized with COVID
This is what's coming everywhere after Labor Day.

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Rename The Delta Variant “DeSantis”
So be it. DeSantis variant strikes Florida!

Trump: “Can You Imagine If I Were President Right Now And We Had This Massive Attack From Coronavirus?”
Yep. It was just last year and we didn't imagine it, you sickwit.

Candace Owens Calls Rioters “Grandmas Taking Selfies”
Don't hold your breath, Candy. It could get very much worse than the Civil War and sooner than you think.

Time to remove unscientific restrictions on abortion access for good, first with the 'abortion pill'

Buttigieg busts Fox News over uninformed question on electric cars: 'Tesla doesn't even have tailpipes'
Pete, the fools that watch Fox news don't know that. They watch Fox to get their "education." That's why America has become a third world Covid dump.

Legendary GOP Strategist trashes Tucker Carlson for claiming to be a 'patriot' while kissing up to Hungarian autocrat
He knows a piece of treasonous trash when he sees one.

Fox News accused of refusing to air a powerful Democratic super PAC ad on Jan. 6
Their audience might have heart attacks if they saw it. So, of course they didn't.

'Severe cognitive decline': Trump stuns critics with Fox News comments on coronavirus

Very few Americans oppose a vaccine mandate – including many who are not vaccinated: report

More Trump Org indictments loom as investigators turn to CFO Weisselberg's son: report

Republicans Ramp up the Racism to Deflect Blame for Covid Surge
Photo is of three well-known racists.

Enough with the Bullshit, Already

Carlson Calls Immigrants 'Filth' While Broadcasting From Hungary
As usual, it's the projection. Why does Tucker hate America so much? He's the true filth.
"The true hate and filth in this country comes from cultists who blindly and slavishly follow the narcissistic buffoon."
Any sane world would put this guy away.

'This Ain't Right!': Top US Insurers Made $11 Billion in 2nd Quarter
"It's time to break up Big Pharma," said Our Revolution. "It's time for Medicare for All."

'Long Past Time to Fire DeJoy': Postmaster General's Ex-Company Gets $120 Million Contract
One congressman said that his "14-month run as postmaster general has been a masterclass in cronyism and deception."
Who is responsible for this outrage?

Ron DeSantis tries to blame immigrants for his state's COVID surge — then gets debunked
These fools constantly scapegoat the immigrant, the very thing that made America great from the start.
DeShitis doesn't have the nuts to admit it's his policies that are our problem.

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests Republicans use their 'Second Amendment rights'
Then the Fascist Party she's in better look out when they canvas for voters at doors. Or are they afraid to do that?

It's Time To Keep Mike Lindell Off Of Credible Media
The multimillionaire My Pillow CEO is a danger to US democracy.
For starters, but he ain't the only one.

'So, now it's serious?': Twitter users give Hannity a history lesson after he attempts to blame Biden for COVID surge
Talk about Lindell, Hannity's been doing it for ages.

USPS moves forward with new plan that will continue to slow first-class mail delivery
Why is our USPS failing? Can it only be blamed on DeJoy who remains on the job? WTF?

It's Time To Keep Mike Lindell Off Of Credible Media
The multimillionaire My Pillow CEO is a danger to US democracy.

Florida Shock Jock Who Railed Against Vaccines Dies From COVID
Dick Farrel, a far-right talk radio host who described vaccines as "poison" just over a month ago has succumbed to complications from COVID-19.

Anti-vaxxer Dies Of COVID After Posting It 'Was Nothing To Be Afraid Of'
Leslie Lawrenson’s partner says he "paid ultimate price" for making a "terrible mistake" over the dismissing the jab.

Trump forced to return almost $13 million to supporters this year after donation scam: report

WATCH: Sturgis biker bursts out coughing as he tells CNN why he won’t get the COVID vaccine
Oh my — another genius.

‘Nothing to be afraid of’: Anti-vaxxer said he was ‘glad’ to catch COVID – it killed him days later
Fools are called fools because they can't learn.

Better than expected jobs report shocks Fox's Maria Bartiromo: 'Wow, big beat!'

The 'adamant insurrectionists': New data reveals the widespread 'radical beliefs' of aggrieved Trump fans

New report unveils the truth about Trump's Arizona loss — and why the 'hoax' audit is a threat

CNN Hosts Mock Ted Cruz For His 'Papers Please' Hypocrisy
Ted Cruz insists that you shouldn't have to show papers for "basic activities of life." Except you do, many times every day.
These idiots like Cruz forget how you have to produce forms of ID and proof of insurance. They are hypocites deluxe.

Jen Psaki Stomps Newsmax Reporter's Rude Behavior
Jen Psaki must feel like a pre-school teacher, with all the rudimentary government information she must explain to these "reporters."

Pharmacists Fight Off COVID Truthers Demanding Horse Medicine Instead of the Jab
But some of these "pharmacists" will provide the drug while rejecting pregnacy termination medication.
The insane world in which we live.

'Sideshow lunatic' Mike Lindell's 'bizarre and untrue belief system' picked apart by Morning Joe panelists
Snake oil salesmen are all the same person. Except Lindell may be the mark in this case.

Damning timeline shows Mark Meadows may 'face significant criminal exposure' for trying to overturn election

Four cops 'drag' man from Kevin McCarthy press conference for asking question about Jan. 6 committee
Facism at work in America.

Texas GOP Official Who Mocked COVID Dies From COVID
H. Scott Apley, 45, regularly filled his Facebook page with anti-mask, anti-vaccine memes. Then he caught COVID. Hospitalized on Sunday, he died on Wednesday.
They would all rather die from Covid than be proven wrong about it. Which, of course, their dying from it proves.

Watch: Rand Paul tells vaccinated Americans to 'mind your own business'
Shove it up your ass. "'Cause if you mind YOUR own business then you won't be minding mine!" —Hank Williams

Ron DeSantis Does Not Appreciate Joe Biden Telling Him To GET THE F*CK OUT OF THE WAY
"Which border is DeSantis blaming his surge on, Georgia or Alabama? This is predictably racist, and it's the GOP go-to maneuver. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas also blamed immigrants for the COVID-19 surge in his state."

Tucker So Mad Everybody Calling His Dirty Fascist Hungarian BFF A Dirty Fascist

Most Voters Think Trump Running in 2024 Would Be Bad for the Country, Poll Finds
Anything Trump touches dies.

The Anti-Vaxx Herp Derp

Not My Party: Vax Don’t Care About Your Feelings
Our Hot Joe Summer is at risk!

The New Pro-Abortion Generation
As Roe v. Wade faces its greatest challenge yet, young people are taking the reins to protect abortion access.

Jen Psaki smacks down Ron DeSantis for calling Joe Biden a ‘power hungry tyrant’
He's projecting. That's exactly what DipShitis is. He won't protect the vulnerable.

Trump's 'disturbing' plot to use the DOJ to steal the election appears to have broken at least two federal laws: legal expert
Indict, convict and throw his useless ass in prison.

‘Demented clown’ Trump blasted for ‘rooting against America’ with unhinged statement attacking US women's soccer team
This ugly bottom feeder must be shunned from our society if we want to continue to call ourselves civilized.

‘We’re going to hang you’: Trump supporters bombard elections official with death threats over ‘inappropriate joke’
"It feels like we live in a third world country, like a developing country with a developing democracy, not a long-established democracy."
They are third world people that have no reason. And they won't hang anyone over the internet.

Trump Ridicules US Women Soccer Team Getting Olympic Bronze Medal: ‘Woke Means You Lose’
Trump is a loser—and a rotting stinking loser. He projects his failures on others because he lacks humanity. He's not worthy of anything.

‘It’s Time That We Put the Burden on Them’: CNN NatSec Analyst Makes Case for Banning Unvaccinated From Flights
Don't stop at Airlines.

The Senate infrastructure bill puts America closer to another New Deal

Vaccine Hesitancy Among Fox News Viewers Drops to All-Time Low Following Shift in Coverage: Poll
Display of courage certainly welcome.

NJ Governor Phil Murphy Yells At Anti-Vax 'Knuckleheads'
The New Jersey governor rightly blames the willfully ignorant who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID for loss of life
Well played.

Biden White House Dismisses WHO Call for Moratorium on Vaccine Boosters
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki touted U.S. vaccine donations to poor countries, but public health advocates have warned the Biden administration isn't doing nearly enough.

As Right-Wing Dems Balk at Price Tag, Poll Shows 66% of US Voters Support $3.5 Trillion Package
The new survey shows Democrats' $3.5 trillion reconciliation proposal is slightly more popular than the far smaller $550 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill.

'Star witness' emerges as hearings over Trump's attempt to delegitimize election grow closer: report

A neuroscientist explains how the far-right's most fanatical followers could lead America to societal collapse

Anti-vaxxers are engaging in the same 'freedom-destroying nanny statism they're supposed to be against': conservative
This is "How so?" Tucks.

Tucker Carlson Slammed For Bear-Hugging Hungary's Orban
MSNBC national security expert Frank Figliuzzi slapped Tucker Carlson for amplifying Hungary's white identity politics and threatening our democracy, before he absolutely ethers Carlson at the end.

Want to Make Jim Jordan Sing About the Capitol Attack? Ask Jefferson Davis.

A Trump Bombshell Quietly Dropped Last Week. And It Should Shock Us All.
It should put him in prison.

The War on COVID and the Enemy Within
This has been stated here on LOTHN serveral times.

Why did Lauren Boebert lead a late-night Capitol tour three weeks before Jan. 6?
FYI it's called casing the joint.

QAnon follower to plead guilty after threatening 'crazy stupid' attack in DC tied to Trump's 'reinstatement'
"... a 'brief psychotic disorder,'?
I suspect it will linger a bit longer.

Most Unvaccinated Americans Still Think Shots Are Riskier Than COVID
A new poll tells us more about who isn’t getting the vaccine — and why.
" odds with reality. Nine in 10 say are not worried they will get seriously ill, according to the Kaiser poll, and three-quarters believe the shots are more hazardous than the disease."
"...65% are white adults and 58% describe themselves as Republican or Republican-leaning.
Surprise, surprise.

Tired Of Losing Ground To COVID? Blame Christian Nationalists And The Politicians Who Placate Them.

Conservative GOP governor now regrets signing law forbidding local mask mandates in Arkansas
Too late to learn.

'Maxed out or close to capacity': Oklahoma hospitals on the brink of collapse as many run out of ICU beds

Scared Of The Vaccine, A Family Gets Ravaged By COVID
Tiffany Devereaux lost her 35-year-old fiancé, Britt McCall, her 65-year-old mother and her 85-year-old grandmother to COVID-19 in just five days.
That is heartbreaking because it didn't need to happen.

Yet another bogus claim made by Trump-backed Arizona 'auditors' just went down in flames

Cori Bush, Progressive Lawmakers and Activists Hailed for New CDC Eviction Moratorium
"I think the message here today is clear," said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. "It's that everyday people can make a change. We can always demand better."

Madison Cawthorn's screed brings to light the dire predicament authoritarians pose for democracy
This man is as insane as Trump.

Florida Docs Speak Out Against DeSantis: 'Angry And Ashamed'
The medical community says if Governor DeSantis actually took COVID seriously, Florida would be doing much better battling the virus and its variants.
A dimwit can't do anything but look like a moron.

Moron McCarthy Is A Misogynist, Part Infinity
His latest comments about hitting Nancy Pelosi with a gavel trend with his vote against the Violence Against Women Act. Go figure.

Psaki Drop-Kicks Doocy's Absurd Cuomo Questions Like The Pro She Is
Enjoy Psaki's daily Doocy dunk, wherein he demonstrates an impressive inability to retain any information whatsoever.
If it weren't for his dad, this idiot would not find a job anywhere.

Greg Kelly Lobs Racist Attacks On Obama As 'Lazy Black Man'
Kelly claimed Obama was a billionaire (He's not.) who never worked a day in his life. (He has.). So much projection when Kelly's favorite so-called president held maskless rallies before a vaccine was available.
A racist moron seditionist who does not have a clue should not be on any media (so-called) outlet.

Abbott And DeSantis Are Locked In A COVID Death Match
Florida and Texas lead the way with new COVID cases, but their governors only care about 'owning the libs.'

Fourth cop who fought to protect Capitol on Jan. 6 dies by suicide

Republican members investigating Jan. 6 zero in on two GOP subpoena targets

New poll sheds light on who Americans really blame for the latest COVID resurgence
""If this had happened 30 or 40 years ago, we wouldn't have the same problem," but "we're in a world that's extremely polarized. We're dealing with a serious misinformation wall at this point that's clouding facts" for a "recalcitrant group ... The only way to get to them if you're going to get to them is hard policies, hard mandates.""

Proud Boys come creeping back out of the woodwork — one hijacked local event at a time

GOP Leader: Vaccine Mandates Lead To Gas Chambers

San Antonio built a pipeline to rural Central Texas to increase its water supply. Now local landowners say their wells are running dry.
A pipeline helped secure water for San Antonio for decades to come — at a potentially high cost to some rural residents who are losing groundwater to the big city. Is it a preview for the rest of the state as climate change brings more water scarcity and cities keep sprawling?

Kevin McCarthy Publicly Fantasizes About Hitting Nancy Pelosi, Who’d Kick His Ass For Real

Fox News Guest: 'I Prefer The Old-Fashioned Racism'
A Fox News guest said on Sunday that he prefers "old-fashioned racism" over critical race theory, a study of racial justice in America.
My guess here is that he prefers segregation, cross burnings and lynchings.

Texas Surpasses New York's Death Totals From COVID
For Gov. Greg Abbott, "owning the libs" is more important than saving Texans' lives.
Yes, and so does DeSantis.

Trump Loyalists Are Behind Lawsuits Excluding Farmers of Color From Debt Relief

What Did Jim Jordan Know About the Insurrection and When Did He Know It?
“That fucking guy Jim Jordan. That son of a bitch,...” —Lynne Chaney

The Anti-vaccine Con Job Is Becoming Untenable
Why targets of deliberate deception often hesitate to admit they’ve been deceived.

Racism by Other Means

Dem Rep Who Survived Jonestown: The Only Difference Between Jim Jones And Trump Is Social Media [Video]

AG Garland blasts Texas Gov. Abbott's 'dangerous and unlawful' legal directive
You act as if he's someone who cares.

Texas AG Ken Paxton backs away from Trump's fraud claims to keep his law license

'It just went boom': Florida ICU's swamped with younger COVID victims

More Miller Fear-Mongering: Dreamers Deprive Americans Of English!
Stephen Miller is the architect who has helped turn much of the MAGA cult into out and proud racists.
It's not immigrants. We are destroying our language from within. We now can't pronounce some English words correctly. The dropping of consonants in words such as the contraction of "did not" to "di-un't" and "Clinton to "Cli-in" is ignorant, lazy and devolvement. Even some newscasters are guilty of this regressiveness.

Steve Schmidt goes scorched earth on 'titanic frauds' Elise Stefanik and Marco Rubio in brutal takedown

What Happens When All the Bugs Die?

Tenants Prepare For Unknown As Eviction Moratorium Ends
The federal eviction moratorium expiring could lead to millions being forced from their homes.
This will be very damaging to our country.

DeSantis Happy To Let Children Get COVID In Schools
Nothing seems more urgent to Gov. Ron DeSantis (Death-FL) than preventing schools from taking steps to stop the spread of the surging Delta variant of the coronavirus.
DipShitus does what dimwits do.

Conservative Talk Show Host Phil Valentine Put On A Ventilator
The COVID skeptic's condition took another turn for the worse this week.

Missouri Man 'Strongly Against The Vaccine' Now Pro-Vax Once He's Sick
“I was strongly against getting the vaccine,” Barker said through labored breathing. “Just because we’re a strong conservative family.”

Michael Steele Drags Jim Jordan For BS Claims Of Amnesia
Behold the level of credence Michael Steele places in the utterances of Jim Jordan, for it is low.

'Has he had a severe head injury?': Ron Johnson ripped for denying COVID is a 'deadly disease'
It has been well established that this man is a complete mental case.
Again, he shows no respect for the dead.

'I don't understand the question': White House spokeswoman baffled by Newsmax reporter's scientific illiteracy
How do we know this moron is a journalist?

This Trump phone call may have led to the attempted coup at the Capitol
The very definition of a traitor.

Is Elise Stefanik Really This Ignorant Or Is It An Act?
Someone needs to look up the history of Medicare and Medicaid, and also the definition of "socialism."
America is suffering from nitwitism.

Texas Rep: Americans Shouldn't Comply With New CDC Guidelines
For Rep. Dan Crenshaw, rules are only to be followed if it helps Republicans politically.
Americans should ignore nitwits like Crenshaw. Many unvaccinated dead Americans and their families wouldn't agree with him. He shows no respect for them. "I should have gotten the damn vaccine" — the late Mike Freedy.

Capitol Rioter Who Called It 'The Best Day Of My Life' Now Under Arrest
Donald J. Smith bragged to a coworker and showed pictures of himself in Nancy Pelosi's office, "storming the Capitol."
Only 6? Feh.

Republican star Lauren Boebert spins fables about her childhood — but the real story is better
The strange saga of the gun-toting GOP congresswoman, her single mom, the pro wrestler and the corrupt phlebotomist

Bush, Pressley, and Omar Sleep Outside Capitol to Demand Extension of Eviction Moratorium
Rep. Cori Bush, who was formerly unhoused, slammed her Democratic colleagues who "chose to go on vacation early today rather than staying to vote to keep people in their homes."
These Congress people taking early vacations seem to think they are above the conditions Americans are stuck in.

Both the Delta Variant and Thin-Willed Democrats Are Lethal to Our Society

Josh Hawley's Deranged "Love America Act" Is a Testament to Racist Hatred

The Delta Variant Is Contagious as Hell—and People Are Selfish
As fierce as the variant is, we could slow its course. But first, Republicans would have to learn basic decency and wear a damn mask.

Altercation: Toying With Treason
A short history of Republicans’ long history of selling out the U.S. to help them win the White House

GOP's Madison Cawthorn admits he 'erroneously' tried to bring his Glock onto a plane
Why must we suffer fools?

NBC News, NY Times, Washington Post Roundly Called Out for Horribly Irresponsible Framing of Covid Cases in Fully Vaccinated People
Can these sources hurt us just a little more? I'm sure they'll do their best to try.

Fox Host: “All The Hot Spots Are In Huge Dem Cities”
And furthermore his shit does not stink. In fact, he doesn't defecate at all!

Oklahoma GOP Compares Vax Mandates To Holocaust
More racist pissants.

Mediocre White Man Launches Attack On Powerful Black Woman
That's right kids, Tucker KKKarlson slanders our vice president, Kamala D. Harris, in an act of media violence.
It looks like the "sentient pustule" is failing worse than ever.
Really, these asshats cannot find the bottom.

'I AM TALKING': Capitol riot hearing goes 'off the rails' as judge loses patience with defendant and attorney
Just another terrorist playing the victim card.

New report says Kyrsten Sinema insists on taking vacation even as Democrats rush to finish infrastructure
She's a lot of help.
America certainly wants her to be happy at all costs.

'Planning to foment a coup': Legal experts say new evidence shows Trump trying 'to overthrow the government'
If this isn't a red hot smoking gun there is no such thing that exists.

DeSantis spending $3.6m of Florida taxpayers' money for checks his Logo to go to cops and teachers
Brainless moron does what a Trump worshiper would do.

Memo To Sen. Kennedy: Religious Tests Are Illegal In America
Of course it is. Kennedy is not an educated man in reality.
Will he apologize?

'Just Say That the Election Was Corrupt,' Trump Told DOJ in December
"It was a failed coup. Call it what it was. It didn't work! But they sure as hell tried."
Those that don't know that's what it was are in denial. Too much proof exists that prove it was.
Co-conspirators cannot hide either.

'About Damn Time': DOJ Says Treasury Department Must Give Trump's Tax Returns to Congress
"This case is now bigger even than Donald Trump's crimes. Neither the courts, nor the machinery of our government, exist to bodyguard a corrupt private citizen from transparency."

Madman Trump Pressed DOJ To Declare Election Results Corrupt
Notes from Associate AG Donoghue summarizing calls Donald Trump had with the head of the DOJ show a high pressure campaign to get the DOJ to publicly declare the 2020 election "corrupt" in an effort to sway public opinion and give credence to The Big Lie.

'A Very Serious Threat': CDC Document Warns Delta Variant Is as Contagious as Chickenpox
"People need to understand that we're not crying wolf here," said the CDC director. "It's one of the most transmissible viruses we know about."
The Deta variant is going to kill many Americans.

'Worse than nothing': Texas Gov. Abbott under fire after his baffling response to the state's Covid surge
Failure. Why is this man in office?

Younger Americans report declining national pride as the United States faces a 'reckoning': report
A reckoning is coming because this country is at a crossroads.

'Mad he’s not being allowed to kill kids': GOP lawmaker blasted for opposing special session
Yes, a reckoning.

Marco Rubio burned to the ground by CNN's Keilar after he 'punched himself in the face' with mask rant
"...The problem is the Philippine government has mandated that everyone must wear both face shields and face masks while in public places," she explained before sarcastically adding, "Why? And I know this is scandalous, they're trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus which, let's not forget, has killed more than 610,000 of our fellow Americans."
The traitors have forgotten this, of course.

Legal expert ticks off a list of Republicans who could be hauled before the Capitol riot committee
The co-consirators in treason.

America is 'on a precipice' and in danger of 'losing our democracy' thanks to Trump and his extremist supporters: top scholar
Trump and a long list of fascist Republicans.

US economy reaches pre-pandemic size, but not as quickly as expected

Kevin McCarthy blurts out QAnon reference during press conference: 'The storm is coming'
QAnonsense? Ask not for who the storm comes for, Kevin. It comes for thee.

GOP lawmaker challenges McCarthy over 'bulls---' mask mandate enforcement
There's mounting fury on the right about efforts to enforce the new House requirement as Covid's Delta variant spreads.
Their intellect deficiency is showing. Also their high level of chickenshittery.

Trump Vows To Primary McConnell Over Infrastructure Vote: He’s Giving The Democrats Everything They Want
Fatso, the Whining Boy, is shooting his own bone spurs and doing a good job of it.

GOP Senator “Grateful” For Cop That Shot Ashli Babbitt
Any terrorist in a mob of terrorists attacking a goverment building is liable to be shot. They should know that. Ignorance is no excuse.

GOP Sen. John Kennedy Demands To Know If Justice Department Nominee Believes In God Or Not [VIDEO]
Which God is referring to? There are a number of them.
"Sure, and she just told me to say "go fuck yourself."
This old cracker needs to be tossed due to ignorance of church and state separation.

Mo Brooks Reveals He Was Wearing Body Armor On January 6th
As he was encouraging rioters to "start taking down names and kicking ass,” the Alabama congressman happily revealed that he was also wearing body armor under that yellow windbreaker.
I know, I know, it's something we all do everyday in the U.S..

After 65 Years Of ‘In God We Trust,’ The Problems With The National Motto Have Never Been Clearer
In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash.

St. Louis County health director calls out 'MAGA' anti-maskers over threats and 'racist slurs'
Another answer to people that claim we are not a racist country. Maybe we are not completely but certainly a big part of us are.

'Traitors And Rapists': Protesters Derail Gaetz-Greene Distraction Presser
Several Republican members of Congress, including Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, faced protesters on Tuesday as they held a press conference to defend suspects who are being held in jail after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Laura Ingraham Takes Gold In 'Sh*t On Capitol Cops' Contest In Stunning Upset Over Favorite Tucker Carlson

Wingnuts In Full Stupid Mode Over New CDC Mask Guidance

Supreme Court’s job approval rating dipped over last year, poll finds

The Unraveling of the Trump Era
The Trump administration desperately wanted to cut government benefits, and it had outside help to do so. But very few of its new rules held up.

Trump should be forced to testify and respond to body cam video from Jan 6: columnist

Lauren Boebert throws 'mask in the face of a floor staffer' as she fumes over 'totalitarian' House rules: report
If this were a totalitarian nation, she would be emprisoned.

The Real Source of America’s Rising Rage
"It is Fox News that has torched the American political system over the past two decades, and it is Fox News that we have to continue to fight."

Cultist Rep Defends “Tourists” Claim In Fiery Exchange
This creature has a severe thinking disorder.
His statement is the statement of a person with a mentally defective perception function.
Is this a guy preparing for a tourist visit?

George P. Bush Sold His Soul To Trump – And Got Passed Over For Paxton
Candidate George P. Bush brushed off Donald Trump’s racist attack on his own mother to grovel before Trump – only to have TFG endorse rival Ken Paxton for Texas attorney general.

Sociopathic Tucker Ridicules Testimony By Capitol Hill Hero
If only Tucker's mother hadn't abandoned him...
"I don't know how many different ways I can say it: TV dinner heir Tucker McNear Swanson Carlson is a deeply damaged person, and he takes it out on anyone who doesn't validate the bubble he lives in."

Capitol Attack Inquiry Reveals the Extraordinary Influence of White Supremacist Ideology
Without racism running deep in their DNA, Trump's supporters would not have listened to a raving maniac president encouraging violence in order to remain in power.

'Fascism in its pure ideological form': Experts dismantle Trump's 'big lie'

Trump should be very worried about the signals the Justice Department just sent in a new filing
America is not going to protect criminals.

Texas Republicans reject Trump’s preferred candidate in special House race
Everything that Trump touches dies. Or they turn into rabid beasts.

What the Jan. 6 Committee Could Mean for Trump
As the right wing attacks the four officers who testified in the first hearing, the new Capitol Police chief says he is proud of them.
“We don’t blame victims. We go after criminals,” Kinzinger proclaimed.
The Trump miscreant fascists are the lowest life form on our planet.

Cheney and Kinzinger Are Too Late
It’s great that the Republicans on the January 6th Committee have seen the truth. But what did the delay cost?

'A Hit Man Sent Them': U.S. Capitol Cop Harry Dunn
Brave USCP Officer Harry Dunn was clear that we need to arrest the hitmen from January 6th AND the people that ordered the hit.
The bastards that are calling these officers disgracful and filthy epithets on Twitter need to look at themselves in a mirror. These are the same people who "love" the police so much.

Reality Check: Yes, Vaccine Mandates Are Constitutional
"If unvaccinated patients are uninsured, they get treatment. If they are on Medicare or Medicaid, the taxpayers pick up the tab. And premiums will go up for the rest of us," John Avlon pointed out.
But the morons refuse to cash their check.

Jim Jordan Freaks Out With Recycled 'But His Emails' 'Scandal'
It's re-run of Rudy Giuliani's staged and choreographed Hunter laptop "October surprise." Who knew they had such a lack of originality?
They have never had an original thought. Only the "victim" card.

Should Lauren Boebert Visit Auschwitz?
For our leaders to casually drop Nazi and Holocaust references as insults for their opponents is both morally obtuse and dangerous.
She's no leader.

Congress and the States Are Constitutionally Empowered to Crack Down on Trump and His Seditionists
Just as Speaker Pelosi has excluded members of Congress’s “sedition caucus,” from the January 6 inquiry, so state officials have the right to exclude Trump and his co-conspirators from the ballot.
They should use the power vigoriously against these criminals.

Capitol cop praised for mic drop answer on why he refers to pro-Trump rioters as 'terrorists'
Some members of our Congress support domestic terrorists. They are Republicans. They are co-conspirators. They have no defense.

Arizona taxpayers could be on the hook for a $9 million bill after GOP subpoenas routers: report
That could turn out to be a wild goose chase for them.

Here’s a Long List of Top Republicans the 1/6 Committee Should Question
There’s no telling yet how much of a fight there will be over these witnesses?
To their demise we hope.

“You Will Die on Your Knees”: As Cops Recount Capitol Violence, Republicans Boycott and Blame Pelosi
“The indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful,” Officer Michael Fanone testified.
We know the Republicans are co-conspirators in the attack on our Capitol.

Montana ‘Red Pill Festival’ manifests how far-right conspiracism is mainstreamed in rural U.S.
Zombie Jamboree.

'Disgraceful': Capitol police officer fights back tears as he calls out Republicans for 'betraying their oath of office'

Litigation Over A School’s Name Change Displays Christian Nationalist Paranoia At Its Finest

Republicans are laying the groundwork to 'overturn results' of elections: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Their fascism will do far more damage to us than only that.

Boebert’s casual Nazi reference used 'millions of murdered souls' to score 'cheap political points': conservative
These people know no shame.

The Billionaire Space Race Is An Indictment Of Capitalism
The handful of billionaires dreaming of unbridled wealth on the red planet do not outweigh the needs of the eight billion mere mortals living out their far less brazen dreams on the blue one.

Newsmax Jackass Roots For 'Woke' Team USA To Lose
If they're on your cable lineup, you should call your provider and ask why.
It's one thing to have an opinion but it's another to not know what you're talking about.

Texas Republican Brags: 'Even Taliban' Are Against Abortion
As if aligning with the Taliban is a good thing. He's getting dragged for his tweet.
Texas Republicans and the Taliban are pretty much one and the same. I'm happy to hear him admit it.

Vaccine opponents appear increasingly confused about HIPAA
Vaccine opponents keep referencing HIPAA, but the law doesn't say what they think it says.
They are equally confused on CRT because — stupid.

Rep. Taylor Greene calls exclusion of unvaccinated people 'segregation'
The first-term Republican has drawn backlash for repeatedly comparing vaccination requirements and mask mandates to the Holocaust.
Madwoman of Milledgeville upset about "No Vax, No Service" sign. I guess she never saw the old "No shoes, No Shirt, No Service" signs that no one ever complained about except the brainless. What the signs should say is "No Brains, No Service."
And watch out for the Staff. They sure can infect you!

WATCH: GOP congressman rants about ‘massive revolts’ after he gets fined for not wearing a mask
Land of the Happy Negro Rep. gets busted for revolting as his constituants have been doing for the last year and a half.

'Spineless wonder' Lindsey Graham blasted for crediting Trump for vaccines as COVID-19 spikes in conservative counties
Another glob of ectoplasm.

In the Long Run, We’re All Dead

How Right-wing America Is Breaking the Fundamental Bargain of Political Life

Will You MAGA Babies Get Vaccinated Already?
Once a fool, always a fool.

According to the conservative commentator, Republicans are "screwed" unless someone in leadership stands up to Trump.
'We're screwed': Conservative accuses Mitch McConnell of going into 'hiding' as Kevin McCarthy destroys the GOP
Too late.

The Stupid Is Killing Us: You Do Not Know What You Are Talking About, Quite Frankly

Trump's Arizona Theme: Hate America, Love Me
Making Americans hate everything is his only goal.
It won't work, Fatso.

There Is No Way To Pass ANY Progressive Legislation While The Filibuster Exists
"We cannot afford to continue to allow the United States Senate to operate under a set of rules that was literally designed to keep the wealthy and the powerful, powerful and wealthy at the expense of the rest of us." —Erica Smith for NC Senate
Welcome to a failed system. It is no longer sustainable.

GOP Rep Proves Pelosi Right For Ousting Him From January 6th Committee
Flame-thrower Republican Jim Banks made plain why he has absolutely no business serving on the January 6th committee during an interview on Fox News Sunday, and why Pelosi was right to give him the boot.
The perfect example of the perfect idiot. He missed his logic classes.

Maine Lawmaker Who Downplayed Virus, Mocked Vaccines, Contracts COVID-19
Republican Rep. Chris Johansen told a reporter he had the virus despite publicly trivializing the severity of the pandemic over the last year.
What goes around, comes around — literally.

Howard Kurtz Whitewashes His Network's Anti-Vax Propaganda
Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz did his best to pretend that his network isn't a cesspool full of anti-vax hysteria and propaganda while whining about criticism from other outlets.
He's probably vaccinated.

DeSantis Under Fire as Florida Now Accounts for 1 in 5 New US Covid Cases
"While hospitals in our state were filling up, DeSantis was shouting about 'Freedom over Faucism,'" said one Florida physician.
The Dip has lost control.

Hillsong Founder Considers Vaccines A 'Personal Decision,' No Matter How Many Congregants Die
So they are pro-life but don't care how many die in this manner because this is "personal choice."
"Except it's not. Those who don't get the vaccine are making a decision that affects more than just themselves, so it is our business."
That they can pass their sickness to someone that doesn't want to die is the part they don't see for some deeply ill reason.

Michigan Republicans will return Covid relief funds used to pay own bonuses

The Mask-Mandate Debate Is Back. Here’s What to Know.
Thanks to all the fools who haven't got the vaccine and who never masked and still won't here we are again.

Vax Passes Spark Protests, But Have Their Desired Effect In France
New requirements for COVID-19 vaccine passes have sparked protests in France, but they've also had their desired effect as well over a million immediately signed up to get vaccinated after the announcement was made.
Congratulations, France.

Texas man sets house on fire after concluding the family living there didn't follow the Bible
Yep, Bibles need a disclaimer in the front.
Bibles and guns are both deadly in the wrong hands.

Americans demand arrest of Michael Flynn after he 'jokes' about assassination in Washington, DC with his new gun
He's a joke, alright — a very bad one. And the joke is on us.

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls Air Force veteran a 'traitor'
Said the Madwoman of Milledgeville.

Laura Ingraham Attacks US Women's Soccer Team
The purpose of these right-wing attacks on our awesome women athletes is to sow hate and discontent against them for their own freedom of speech.
Taking a stand against racism and homophobia is now considered an insult to our nation by these Fox News cretins.

MSNBC Analyst Ticks Off Reasons Kavanaugh Is An Impeachable Sleaze
"[Kavanaugh] does not belong on the Supreme Court," says Elie Mystal. Also: Democrats, and Democrats alone can fix it.
It's certain that the pause in his confirmation hearings to look into the rape allegation was absolutely failure of the DOJ to do it's job. He was whitewashed.

Was this Barack Obama's finest hour? His 2011 roast of Donald Trump warned us what was coming
Ten years ago, Obama ridiculed Trump in front of the D.C. press corps. Trump has proved him right over and over.

Anti-vaxxer warns doctors and nurses of execution by hanging for administering life-saving vaccines
Ask not for who the noose swings. It swings for thee.
As a culture we have reached our "level of incompetence" and have now reached our "final placement." Refer to the Peter Principal.
But you can still do a great deal of damage when you reach that "final placement." Donald Trump for example.

Arizona Republican 'booed off stage' before Trump speech at 'protect our elections' rally
These are not young people that are into politics. This is a mob of automatons. Trump is their mob boss.

Republicans freak out because the delta variant they fostered is killing ... Republicans

It's been 12 years since the federal minimum wage went up. Republicans are still standing in the way
You'll see many more employed when the wage goes up.

Carville Calls Kevin McCarthy 'A Pathetic Bag Of Protoplasm'
And then he told us what he really thought.
Or maybe ectoplasm since it has no nucleus.

Forrest Dumped (Nathan Bedford, That Is, From Tennessee's Capitol)
The Land of the Happy Negro says goodbye to another one of their traitors.
"...slave trader, Confederate general, war criminal, and early Ku Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest."

Texas veterans homes overseen by George P. Bush were often the deadliest places to be during COVID-19 pandemic
Seven of the state’s nine veterans homes had a fatality rate of 25% or more, far higher than the statewide average of 11% for nursing homes. Bush has vowed to not renew the operators’ contracts.

As Texas COVID-19 cases surge again, some local officials urge everyone to wear masks and unvaccinated residents to stay home
Officials in Dallas, Harris and Travis counties want residents to take stronger precautions as the delta variant drives an increase in coronavirus infections across Texas.

“Don’t You Work With Old People?”: Many Elder-Care Workers Still Refuse to Get COVID-19 Vaccine
Amid a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” more than 40% of the nation’s nursing home and long-term health care workers have yet to receive vaccinations.

DC Police Chief Says Marijuana ‘Undoubtedly’ Linked to City’s Violent Crime Spree
I know I've have had the urge to kill quite a bit over the past 50 years every time I've smoked a doob.
Note he uses the words "illegal" and "unlawful" quite a bit. It is fully legal in DC. What is he talking about, selling without a license? Then at the end he mitigates his argument to "'some' of the violent crime."

QAnon AZ Senator Declares Support For Confederates
Land of the Happy Negro Congress person must hate herself.
Yes, she does leave out a lot of the rest of her "idols."
Does she know that words have meanings?

WATCH: White woman accuses Black neighbor of 'dealing drugs' as she delivers hair care products to a customer
Another Karen let's her hate for Blacks out when they exercise their rights.

Dak Prescott Uses Marjorie Taylor Greene’s HIPAA Response When Asked If Vaccinated. Twitter Pounces.
“I laughed so hard my HIPAA hurts,” one user wrote.
And where did Dak go to school? Mississippi State. Even he should know better.
Maybe he understands football a little better. But sometimes I wonder. Leaders don't punt on important issues.

Strangers on a train: The dark bargain that destroyed the Republican Party
Old-line Republicans signed on to an unpleasant but temporary plan. Hitchcock's classic explains what happened next

Ted Cruz tried to slam the MLB over Cleveland mascot change — Twitter grabbed the bat and hit a home run slamming him
He was so hurted.

The dark truth behind the White House's sham investigation of Brett Kavanaugh
Investigation? We don't need no stinking investigation!

GOP lawmaker defies Trump by defending Capitol cop who killed Ashli Babbitt
Trump falsely claimed Babbitt was "innocent" and called her a "wonderful, incredible woman" despite the fact the QAnon conspiracy theorist and Air Force veteran violated her oath to defend the Constitution by attempting to overturn the 2020 election results.
Cops never shoot people, ya know and if they do they usually just get their pay docked and suspended a bit.

WATCH: Angry constituent curses out Rand Paul during town hall meeting
Rand? Getting cursed? Again? The ancient curse wore off?

3 States Were Responsible For 40% Of New COVID-19 Cases Last Week
The governor of Alabama, which is also seeing a sharp rise in cases, said “it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks.”
We all knew this would happen if we didn't hit the goal. At least those with a frontal lobe.

Branson mayor’s ‘reckless idiocy’ helped turn Missouri into a COVID-19 superspreader hotspot
Anyone who has ever been to Branson know this is not surprising.

Madison Cawthorn attacks Dr. Fauci: : 'We want to prosecute this guy'
Land of the Happy Negro has pushed another fuckwit on us.

GOP Gov. confesses the 'unvaccinated' are likely to blame for the latest COVID case surge
This is a real surprise.

WHAT? FBI Received And Ignored 4,500 Tips About Kavanaugh
Democratic senators are demanding answers about the 4,500 tips the FBI received about then-SCOTUS-nominee Brett Kavanaugh that were never followed up on.
His "investigation" was another Trump scam as we all knew.

No Blacks At Missouri Invite-only Hearing On Racism Teachings
The invite-only hearing was mostly critics of critical race theory. The state NAACP president called it "ridiculous."

Scumbag Tucker Carlson Attacks Hero Capitol Police Officer
Tucker Carlson, who has never served a day in his life in the military or law enforcement, launched a vile and racist attack on a hero US Capitol Police Officer, Harry Dunn.
"A man called Tucker Carlson..." We aren't sure if that's his real name.

Republicans invoke ‘policy secession’ to ‘nullify’ Biden’s victory in GOP states: analysis
Land of the Happy Negro continues Civil War they started 160 years ago.
Destroying democracy is what these traitors are doing. They must be stopped by any means necessary.

Texas considers blacklisting Ben & Jerry’s ice cream: report
"However, as the newspaper notes, Texas appears to have no contracts with the ice cream manufacturer."

Rep. Ronny Jackson tries to play gotcha with the press on Democrats and vaccines — but it backfires
All these birds are playing games now.

State Rep. Bill Kidd joked that he didn't get a vaccine because he’s a Republican — now he has COVID
Well, that's another one that backfired.

We Better Control Machines Before They Control Us
'I’m Sorry, But It’s Too Late': Alabama Doctor On Treating Unvaccinated, Dying COVID Patients
Dr Brytney Cobia's Facebook post went viral this week, as she relayed the tragedy of her dying patients begging for vaccine.

New report thoroughly discredits GOP's claims of widespread voter fraud
This will make no difference to the Trump Zombies.

Oh, the Places You Will Go; Oh, the Things Your Money Can Buy

Republicans Hate Voting Rights Because They Threaten White Power
It’s no accident that the current assault on voting rights started not with the failed reelection of Donald Trump but with the successful election of Barack Obama.
It started with the Civil War. We are in a coninuation of that war. Until we finally settle it, it will continue.

Artificial intelligence wants you (and your job).

New Progressive Coalition Pressures Senate to Pass the PRO Act
The new group came as one expert told senators that "meaningful policy changes like the PRO Act are crucial for restoring a fair balance of power between workers and employers."

Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas Abortion Ban, Calling Law 'Categorically Unconstitutional'
"Abortion remains legal in Arkansas," said the ACLU, "as it is in all 50 states."
Stick that ban where the sun doesn't shine. A woman has the right to choose.

Rejecting Calls to Abolish the Filibuster, Biden Insists Republicans 'Know Better' on Voting Rights
"Republicans aren't going to wake up and 'know better' than suppressing the vote," said one critic. "The filibuster encourages them to obstruct and our reluctance to end it emboldens them to do worse."
Absolutely. Biden is naive and maybe a bit of an idiot to think otherwise. HE knows better.
And if he doesn't we've been had.

Trump’s PAC Grifted $75 Million From His Cultists For “Ballot Reviews” But Has So Far Spent It On Himself
Grifting and screwing everyone while he's at it.

Hospitalized Man Says He’ll Go Through It All Again And Won’t Get Vaccine: “Don’t Shove It Down My Throat”
Then stop using our hospitals to help with your halfwit decision. Take your own medication and die in your own bed.

Another Surfside Condo Evacuated After City Warning
The "con" in construction appears to be showing.

Cops Say TX Pastor Charged Church For Motel Room Where He Smoked Meth, Had Sex With Underage Girl
I guess they'll get a lot of applicants for that job.

Today It’s Critical Race Theory. 200 Years Ago It Was Abolitionist Literature.
The common denominator? Fear of Black liberation.

Democrats Want To Hold Social Media Companies Responsible For Health Misinformation
Yes. They are the ones selling the smoking guns.

NFL: Covid outbreaks among unvaccinated players could mean forfeits
The prospect of canceled football games is a major step toward nudging players to get vaccinated without making it an outright requirement.
Watch 'em line up for the shots now.

FBI Admits It Got 4,500 Tips on Brett Kavanaugh—Then Punted Them to Trump Team
“This long-delayed answer confirms how badly we were spun by Director Wray and the FBI in the Kavanaugh background investigation and hearing,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said.

New Ad Hits Ron Johnson Squarely In His Treasonous Face
A new major ad by a coalition of progressive groups and unions takes aim at the treasonous Ron Johnson.

Now Even Ron DeSantis Is Persuading Floridians To Get Vaccine
It's officially a trend.
The virus has come home to roost.

Fox News Edits VP Harris Words To Justify Anti-Vaxxers
Editing a lengthy comment to suit their needs is what Republicans do, especially when they need a scapegoat.

'You crack me up': Marjorie Taylor Greene bursts out laughing when asked about Covid deaths
Marge missed the polling data. It appears the fascists are tanking big time.

'Like Nixon drunk rambling': Anderson Cooper shocked by new Trump recording blaming Capitol police for Jan. 6
Trump is a very sick man. He appears to have no one to help him.

Mitch McConnell pleads with Trump supporters to get vaccinated — and they bombard him with rage
How do you like it, Mitch? And you helped create these zombies.
And to stupid: Vaccinated people are still getting it because assholes like you won't get vaccinated because YOU are giving the virus time to mutate, thus creating variants that can get all infected! Some, like you, will die on ventilators.

'A Death Sentence for So Many': Rich Nations Once Again Block Progress on Vaccine Patent Waiver
"The pandemic is a test and the world is failing," said the head of the World Health Organization.
We are such a stupid lot. "Money is the root of all evil."

Young adults are getting vaccinated behind their QAnon parents' backs
Bravery and Hope.

Rep. Swalwell: GOP Lawmakers Treat Politics Like The WWE
Rep Eric Swalwell compared GOP lawmakers to professional wrestlers - all fake drama for the camera - and he could not be more on point.
And most of them are bad guys because that's what they really are as well as bad actors.

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses a reporter of violating her rights for asking a simple question
More proof that this woman is dumb as a sack of hammers.

GOP doctor running for Minnesota governor denies he's an anti-vaxxer — he's just anti-vax-curious
Scott Jensen spread COVID conspiracy theories, and has appeared with top anti-vaccine activists many times
Quack, quack.

Probably Time To Get Your Masks Out Again, Yes Even If You're Vaccinated
Those with a brain will wear a mask when they go out where other humans will be. Very simple. Very easy.

DeSantis Lies Again: Rise In Florida COVID Is Just 'Seasonal'
If Floridians have tested positive for COVID, how does this compute?
DipSo is the fraud. He's not really capable of being a governor.

Anti-vaxxer Trump Supporter Dies From COVID
Linda Zuern, anti-vaxxer, Trump supporter, and QAnon adherent, hit the trifecta for ignorant stupidity and paid the ultimate price for it. RIP.

Trump friend and Newsmax CEO comes out with surprising praise of Biden

Feds arrest close Trump ally Tom Barrack on charges of an illegal foreign influence campaign in 2016: report
Trump should get popped on the same charge — foreign agent.

'You do not know what you are talking about': Fauci destroys 'lying' Rand Paul over COVID conspiracy theory
And once again, that is one of Rand's good points.

This ex-Fox News reporter goes off on Tucker Carlson and reveals why he's fearmongering about vaccines

Texas Republicans push to remove a requirement that students learn the KKK and eugenics are 'morally wrong'
The Land of the Happy Negro want it all to go their way and not let anyone know what they are up to.

Brian Kilmeade Trending: 'Not Government's Job' To Keep You Safe
Brian Kilmeade Rants It's Not the Government's 'Job' Protect You From Danger, which would be a BIG surprise to the Pentagon.
"Go to hell, you bloody bastard."
It seems that Kilmeade's job is not only NOT to protect us but to help us get and spread the virus. A perfect example of a dumb cluck and the very reason we are losing the battle againt the disease. Get him off the air now. He is a coward.

Trump's new statement makes it clear: The GOP sees its constituents as sacrifices for the cause
And they are so smart they can't see it. Shooting themselves is what they are best at doing.

Republican appointed to Capitol riot commission immediately blames Nancy Pelosi for riots
Banks went on to accuse Pelosi of creating the committee "solely to malign conservatives and to justify the Left's authoritarian agenda."
Don't you love the projection the Nazis use? Projecting exactly what they are onto others. Bullshit is their stock in trade.

Trump fan went to 'protest' Democratic event in rural Texas — and almost immediately began assaulting people: police
Trump turds in Texas.

Ted Cruz's racist lie about undocumented immigrants and COVID-19 gets debunked
Get this asshole the fuck out.

With Abortion Under Assault, Time for Pro-Choice Men to Break Their Silence
Anti-choice men are loud and clear on this issue, so it's time pro-choice men step up and make some noise.

Christian Nationalists Are Hard At Work Rewriting The History Of The Jan. 6 Insurrection

Corey Lewandowski admits Trump hired actors for escalator campaign launch — then blames Michael Cohen

Three in 10 Trump voters believe the feds are using the vaccine to microchip Americans
Chipping people to track locations would require a lot more clunky technology than just the chip, dear hearts. But your cellphone is already doing it right now, suckers.

It Ain’t Over
In fact, it may just be getting started.

High Hurdles for Commonsense Cannabis Reform
The plan unveiled by the Senate majority leader is doomed to languish despite massive public support for legalization.
Another reason the U.S. is a broken country.

Texas foster care crisis worsens, with fast-growing numbers of children sleeping in offices, hotels, churches
Increased oversight and lack of funding mean hundreds of children spend their nights in hotels and churches and on office floors.
So pitiful.

What’s The Most Polite Way To Ask COVID-19 Anti-Vaxxers Not To Be F*cking A-Holes?

Trump Keeps Losing Arizona Presidential Election
There's never been a bigger loser.

Georgia GOP Elections Official Gabriel Sterling Doesn’t Want Stacey Abrams ‘Diluting’ His Vote With Democracy
Very sad watching the decay and devolvement of the U.S.

Lindsey Graham Such A POS, He Gets His Own Sunday Show Roundup Again!

'An army of holy MAGA warriors': How Trumpworld is becoming a full-fledged death cult
"...the former president is "determined to create a narrative that his idiot insurrectionists are in fact part of an army of holy MAGA warriors."
Card-carrying zombies.

'Why not leave office too?': Lindsey Graham buried for boasting he'll flee DC to avoid infrastructure vote
Lindsey will get a lot of support on his new idea. He can leave DC for good.

Josh Hawley hits a new low for hypocrisy
It's a contest with them to find the bottom. But with them it appears to be bottomless.

Dr. John Gartner on America after Trump: "Dystopian science fiction ... is actually happening"
Former Johns Hopkins professor on the aftermath of Trump's coup — and whether he was a Russian stooge after all

In Gift to Rich Tax Cheats, Republicans Strip IRS Funds From Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill
"Republicans can always be counted on to help billionaires not pay taxes."

CNN interview with right-wing LA County sheriff gets weird after he doesn't appear to understand COVID data
Has he learned fecal matter from apple butter yet? I guess not.

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani could face criminal investigation in Arizona over their attempts to overturn election

Surgeon general: No 'value' to locking people up over marijuana use
Past time to legalize it in ALL states.

Republican Self-genocide — and Darwin

The rise of a new America — and the last gasps of the dinosaur of white supremacy
Resist the arc of progress if you will. But we all know what happens to things that don’t bend.

Politico Brutally Fact-Checks Trump’s AZ “Fraudit” Lies
Everything Trump touches dies.

With Disasters Mounting By The Day, The U.S. May Finally Enact Real Climate Policy
But there are some big “ifs.”
The first one would be "confusing them with someone who cares."

Texas GOP Vote To 'Cancel' Teaching Women's Suffrage And Civil Rights
Here's what Texas Republicans were busy doing after Democrats fled the state in order to stop their voter suppression bill from becoming law.
Texas has a history of cancelling truth and supporting bias.

McEnany Attacks Psaki Over 'Misinformation' At Press Briefings
Says the Queen of misinformation.
That poor little girl.

Ana Navarro On Gov. DeSantis: 'Grotesque And Irresponsible'
And them are his good points.

The War of 1812 vs. Jan. 6: Which was the worst attack on the U.S. Capitol?
We think we know the answer.

New Jersey Woman Faces $250-Per-Day Fine For Her 'F*ck Biden' Signs
Judge Gary Bundy ordered the Willow Avenue homeowner to remove the signs with profanity within a week or face a $250-per-day fine.
What about code compliance, Campagna? Have a little respect for your neighborhood.
"Patricia Dilascio is the property owner but her daughter, Andrea Dick had the signs, three of which include the F-word, on display." We'll just call you DICK!

Here's why your Chipotle burrito costs more
"This is free-market capitalism at work…which Republicans claim to love."
Yes, those Chipolte executives just couldn't get by on a mere $38 million. They needed more.

Why is Tucker Carlson still on the air?
Honestly, a better question might be “Why is Tucker Carlson not in jail?”

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene ridiculed for poor rally turnout: 'Y'all look pretty canceled to me'
And you look like the pitiful chump you are. A couple of never-beens.

A Supreme Court ruling that's right out of the 19th century
How many times have we said "That's where these bastards live!"

Watchdog says AT&T gave over $100K to Abbott, GOP lawmakers after vowing to support voting rights
"In a statement shared with The Hill, Accountable.US President Kyle Herrig said, 'What’s happening in Texas is the latest shoe to drop in a widescale voter suppression scheme carried out by desperate and dishonest embracers of the Big Lie.'"

'Its time to move on': Trump voters at 2024 kick-off event want him to stay out of the race
"Move on actually implies moving ahead. None of these folks ever do anything but move backward.

'Take a hint, dummy': Matt Gaetz goes down in flames after whining about third rally cancellation
Between them and the Trump/O'Rielly stink show not selling tickets one would think these asshats are actually being seen as the frauds they are.

Fox Host: COVID Disinfo Hasn’t Killed Anybody [VIDEO]
Charge them and let's see if they aren't co-conspirators in wrongful killings.
"...We don’t have anything to do with the content.” Since when did reporting lies stop qualifying?
I mean just because they said somebody said drinking bleach was OK, and hydroxychloroquine, and Ultra violet lights, and it's all a hoax, and masks don't work, and it's no worse that the flu, and testing only leads to more cases reported, and endless other misinformation that actually led to deaths, does that even matter?
Let's see what an actual jury says.

LA County Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Mask Mandate
Add this to the charges listed above, you assholes. Since when is a fucking Sheriff a science major?

Cyber Ninjas fall into eternal funk, as actual review of Arizona ballots turns up nothing
Well, maybe just another mis-count. I think they should try it again, don't you? The perfect example of insanity:
Keep doing the same thing expecting different results than the one you get every time.

Fox News Hosts: Let Right-Wing States Secede From The Union
We had a Civil War over the idea of secession, but sure, let's do a "trial separation."
Good idea. Then the U.S.A. can send our military in to occupy them to set up provisional governments and install sanity at long last.
Gutfield and Boothe are both mindless fools.

Tucker Carlson guest tells Fox viewers that COVID vaccines are “declining in effectiveness very quickly”
Alex Berenson is “declining in effectiveness very quickly” because he's full of bullshit.

The GOP has become the death wish party

Anatomy of an insurrection: How military veterans and other rioters carried out the Jan. 6 assault on democracy
Only about 250 or so traitors to go! America will get all of you!

Texas Judge Halts DACA, Sends It On Fast Track To SCOTUS
Reactionary federal Judge Hanen ruled that DACA cannot continue in its current form, though he did hold off on deporting the more than 600,000 recipients already covered.
Stop appointing fascists to the bench!

Fox's Next Big Lie: Biden 'Colluding With Facebook'
Remember, falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic is not protected under the First amendment.
Like the rest of bullshitters, this bullshit factory needs to be shut down.

Psaki Boxes Doocy's Ears Over 'Loaded, Inaccurate Question' Jen Psaki's gloves finally came off in the briefing room today, as Peter Doocy went full Tucker Carlson, coming at her with aggressively incendiary questions accusing the Biden administration of things he knows damn well it is not doing.
You would think he'd get tired of having his ass handed to him.
This poor boy would have trouble finding work if it weren't for nepotism.

Ted Lieu slams Megyn Kelly after she told him to 'grow up' amid his concerns about the Capitol riots
If she's still walking and talking he didn't slam her nearly hard enough.

?Prosecutors 'astonished' after witness directly implicates Trump in 'explosive interview': report

Gallup: Only 45% Of Republicans Believe In Science
That number sounds high to me. Maybe 10%?

Columnist reveals the new mythology Republicans are creating around Trump

'We were just there to overthrow the government': Report shines light on Trump's 'most hardcore rallygoers'
They are still at work trying to do it.

Tucker Carlson Hyped These Fringe COVID Theories. The Science Just Fell Apart.

Delta variant takes hold in U.S. as coronavirus cases rise nearly 70 percent
Looks like due to your reluctance to vaccines the pandemic is only beginning, America.

Republican governor says anti-vaccine rhetoric is ‘killing people’ and denounces ‘propaganda’

Texas man who called vaccines 'poison' dies from COVID-19 after spending 17 days on a ventilator
By his logic the ventilators must be poison as well.

By Sheer Coincidence, Joe Manchin Made Half A Million Dollars Last Year Off Of Coal

Joe Manchin headed to Texas fundraiser hosted by oil billionaires and wealthy Republican donors
Walks like an elephant, trumpets like an elephant, smells like an elephant. Time for Manshit to go find someone else to fleece and leave the American people alone..

For Minimum Wage Workers, Rent Is Now Unaffordable in Every County in America
Meanwhile, at least 7.5 million people are at risk of eviction at month’s end.

Two Men Were Just Charged With Planning to Bomb a Democratic Party Building to Avenge Trump
“Ok bro we need to hit the enemy in the mouth,” one of them wrote in a text.
He said right before stepping in fresh dogshit.

Friday News Dump: 2/3rds Of Southern GOP Want To Secede, And Other News
With some giggles to offset the pain...
No vaccine for stupid. Only a brain will help there.

Nicolle Wallace: Republicans have become ‘addicted’ to propaganda — and it’s destroying democracy

'I'm done with Fox!' Trump supporters rage after watching Alan Dershowitz tell Hannity Biden won the election
Trump Zombies have a fit when they get double tapped.

Explosive Interview Directly Implicates Trump in Tax Scheme
Your favorite crook.

Trump hammered after saying he wouldn't use Gen. Milley if he 'was going to do a coup'
"Do a coup"? What's he talking about -- a dance step?

Donald Trump's military coup didn't (quite) happen — but it was much closer than we knew
The military's top general thought he might have to save the country from Trump. Nothing about that is good news
Prison please.

FBI Arrests Roman Gladiator Who Went To Capitol Riot
Nathan Wayne Entrekin of Arizona wore the Gladiator costume to the Capitol riot, recording his lawbreaking on video which the FBI found, of course.
He's not playing with a full deck.

Idaho Man Seen In Viral Photos Pleads Guilty In Capitol Riot
Josiah Colt, 34, was seen hanging in the Senate gallery and posing in the presiding officer's chair.
Another traitor bites the dust.

Psaki Stuffs Doocy Into A Locker Again
Peter Doocy trying to talk down to Jen Psaki? It's like a 13-year-old boy who still eats paste and scribbles with crayons talking down to Frida Kahlo.
Fox News is a brick wall when it comes to understanding that nitwit reporters aren't something that make for good headlines unless they are gluttons for punishment. Evidently, Doocy can't get a job aywhere else because STUPID.

'The pee tape is real': Critics claim Kremlin leak confirms 'every awful thing said about Trump ends up being absolutely true'
Which explains why Trump was and is a Russian asset. Or asshat, whichever.

Texas’s Voting Restrictions Are a Multi-Level Grift
It's not about “election integrity”—here’s how you can tell.

McCarthy To Meet With Trump Today At NJ Golf Club
Trump will try to find bigger balls to play with.

Schumer Proposes National Pot Legalization: It's About Money
There's just too much money on the table to let pot remain illegal at the federal level.
C'mon Man! Indeed! Some of us are getting old. We've been fighting the insanity for nearly 60 years!

Trump was planning a coup, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs feared
He was right.

Montana bar close to where Matthew Shephard was brutally beaten sold shirts supporting anti-gay violence
Interesting how some fools don't mind announcing how brainless they are.

Experts warn of 'national emergency' after bombshell report reveals top general feared Trump would stage military coup

Former Mike Pence aide slams Texas voter suppression bill as shameless ‘grift’

Leaked Kremlin documents reveal Putin holds blackmail leverage over Trump — and that's why Russia backed him

'Absolutely bizarre': Lindsey Graham torched for declaring he will 'go to war' for what 'Chick-fil-A stands for'
Graham is still searching for the bottom where he can feed.

Justice Alito's voting rights ruling is plunging the Supreme Court back to the segregation era
Scalito wants to be there. That's where he works best.

Peter Doocy Begs Jen Psaki To Smack Him In The Face
Peter Doocy trolls the White House Press Secretary for the lulz and fails miserably.
This goofball seems to love getting carved to pieces in public. Someone should have a talk with him.

CNN Exposes Extent Of Fox, Newsmax Insidious Anti-Vax Propaganda
Why does conservative media want their viewers to die?
Death wish.

'You did this!' Liz Cheney angrily chewed out Jim Jordan after MAGA 'maniacs' stormed the Capitol
"Jackit-Off" Jordan taken to the mat by "Crusher" Cheney in Loser-Leaves-Town grudge match!.

From the APL to MAGA in No Time at All

Tucker Carlson's first grade teacher busts him for lying about her: 'That's the most embellished thing I ever heard'
Carlson, as all Republicans ever do, plays the victim card but very badly.

I Talked to the Guy Who Makes Papel Picado That Says “F*ck Greg Abbott”
A San Antonio artist brings new meaning to the Mexican decoration.

Hate Groups Are Helping Cultists Take Over Library Boards To Axe Books On White Supremacy, LGBT Issues
Orwellian groups form "Ministry of Truth" squads. All backed by fascist organizations.

Conservative legal expert explains why Trump’s latest ‘frivolous lawsuits’ show his ‘appalling constitutional ignorance’
"I'm just so damned stupid!" said Trump.

Biden blasts GOP's attack on voting rights — Fox News doesn't air it
President blasts "21st-century Jim Crow" attack on voting rights — Fox News airs right-wing outrage, but not speech
As if there are no other outlets where people can see and hear him. These morons live in the stone age.

'A Big Deal,' Says Sanders as Dems Agree to Pursue a $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill
Sanders, chair of the Senate Budget Committee, described the spending agreement as the "most significant piece of legislation... since the Great Depression."

Trump believed the pandemic would let him indefinitely delay the 2020 election until whenever he wanted: Michael Wolff
The idiot thought he was a king. He didn't know the Constitution prevents that. Dumbo.

MSNBC shows just how horribly Trump is gaslighting America, and it's a thing of pure horror
Trump is a terrorist.

Joe Biden Just Gave A Damn Good Voting Rights Speech

Interior Department To Investigate Racist Atrocity Many Americans Have Never Heard Of
"American Atrocity." The name for our U.S. History text?

Republicans Really Don’t Like It When Democrats Put Up A Fight

Democrats Agree to Return to Texas if Greg Abbott Leaves

Texas Democrats Have the Right Sense of Urgency for the Fight Against Jim Crow 2.0
They left Texas to deny Republicans the quorum needed to pass voting restriction legislation and flocked to Washington to plead for action.

Gorka’s New Gig: Hawking Patriot Bunker Food
What? He's doing Jim Bakker Slop Bucket grift? Doesn't he know what happened to Bakker? LMAO!

Fox News guest: American slavery 'was not a racist thing' even though only Blacks were enslaved
Hey, others were doing the same thing. Why blame us all the time? Why do you think we're worse than they were?
How they always find a lower level to which to descend. This hole has no bottom.

Judge throws out Roy Moore's $95 million suit against Sacha Baron Cohen
The former Alabama chief justice alleged the comedian defamed him in a trick interview.
Roy defamed himself long ago.

At Least 841 Manatees Have Died in Florida in Just the First Six Months of 2021
Florida wildlife officials attribute the mass deaths to pollution-induced algal blooms and collisions with watercraft.
Now, let's see. Who is the Governor of this state? OMG!

TikTok Censored the Words “Black Lives Matter” But Not “White Supremacy”
TikTok's algorithmic moderation has a long history of harming marginalized groups.
AI is racist? How surprising.

Tennessee has gone “anti-vaccine,” state vaccine chief says after being fired
Vaccine chief says she was fired for noting state's 34-year-old policy for vaccinating teens.
Total dereliction of duty and one step closer to a Third World country. This is clearly no longer the America I knew.

The surprising and cold rationality of white evangelicals' destructive ideology

Trump goes off on Justice Brett Kavanaugh in a new interview: 'Totally disgraced'
Poor Donnie. He's so inept at everything he does. He can't even get hiring a SCOTUS candidate right. LMAO!

'I was there': Reporters sharply rebuke Megyn Kelly for claiming the media exaggerated the insurrection
Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey. Trump's mob attacked our Capitol. TV proved they did.

Love Fest? Don't Believe Your Lyin' Eyes
Fox News on Monday let Trump lie and claim there was a "love fest" with Capitol Police. This video shows just how much of a lie that is.
What drugs are these assholes on?

Greg Abbott Vows To Arrest Democrats Who Fled Texas To Block Voting Restrictions
“As soon as they come back in the state of Texas, they will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas capitol until they get their job done,” Abbott said
"Come out with your hands up!" "Now, shoot them!"

Blaire Erskine: Statement From Communications Director For TX Gov. Abbott
Another parody winner from Blaire Erskine.
Well, maybe it's a parody. They all seem that stupid.

TX State Rep: Republicans Changed The Messiah From Jesus To Trump
Senfronia Thompson said she's not going to be a hostage while her constituents voting rights are stripped from them.

Our Cracked and Broken Base
"And wasn't it easy for Fox and the rest of them to conflate peaceful protesters with rioters to make it look as though lefties couldn't tell the difference. It wasn't a difference the right could see, anyway. They could, however, see the difference between people unpatriotically taking a knee as the Star Spangled Banner was being played, and the true "patriots" who were using the flagpoles to beat up cops in an attempt to overthrow our system of government."

This Time Trump Is Right: He’s Only Getting Worse
On a weekend publicity bender he praised the Jan. 6 violence as a “lovefest” and continued his quest to make slain rioter Ashli Babbitt a martyr.
Desperation makes a rat dangerous.

Donald Trump May Already Be Violating Campaign Laws
Even before Trump is an actual candidate, his games over running could run afoul of election laws, experts say.
Dumbo is going to shoot himself in the foot? Sounds like par for his course.

Kristi Noem’s National Guard Deployment Is America’s Future
The private sector has long been absorbing duties that belong to the government—and that pattern is intensifying.
This may not just be fascism. It could quickly become anarchy if it hasn't already.

There’s a Word for What Trumpism Is Becoming
The relentless messaging by Trump and his supporters has inflicted a measurable wound on American democracy.
Abbott and Patrick follow suit in Texas.

Biden to say US democracy in worst peril since Civil War
I submit this is the SAME war as it has never really ended.
The Land of the Happy Negro sedtionists have been champing at the bit ever since Appomattox.

QAnon-backing Capitol rioter granted release because he mistakenly thought he was storming the White House
Of course he didn't know what he was doing due to STUPID! Pretty much like the rest of them.

'It's devastating': Unvaccinated woman thought she could ‘escape’ COVID-19 – now she says she’ll ‘never be the same’
Tell it, Linda. Maybe they will listen to you.

Trump is dangerously close to breaking the law as he teases 2024 run: report

Texas Gov Vows To Have Dem Lawmakers Arrested
Another brainless megalomaniac.

Fight breaks out after far-right protesters disrupt Rep. Katie Porter's in-person town hall
Brown shirts had to show how fucking mindless, reckless and unwanted they are.

Furious Trump demanded leaker who revealed he fled to his bunker during protests be executed: report

'Ahead of his time': How astrophysicist Carl Sagan predicted 2021's problems — 25 years ago

'He Is Deranged': Author Concludes Trump Too Dumb To Plot Jan. 6th
Author Michael Wolff interviewed Donald Trump following the events of Jan. 6 and concluded that the former president was too "deranged" to understand that he was inciting violence at the time.
Wolff told the magazine that "not one single person" in Trump's orbit — including his family — believed that he won the 2020 election.
And they are correct.

WATCH: Ex-Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis quits GOP live on air — and slams McConnell on her way out

Trump is living 'in the land of absurdity' and Giuliani is always drunk: Michael Wolff
"Pass that bottle me." — Drinkin' Wine Spoli-Oli

'Drinking too much' Rudy Giuliani hatched Trump’s ‘big lie’ on Election Night: new book
"Take another shot of courage" —Tequila Sunrise

Meet Katie Porter's Fascist Opponent Nick Taurus
Nick Taurus is a special kind of fascist who trained for his current crusade in hard-right Hungary. A self-professed American nationalist and Roman Catholic, he used hard-right brownshirt tactics to interrupt a family event and town hall meeting.

There's A New Big Lie In Town
Trump media and their GOP acolytes are moving quickly to peddle the next Big Lie, claiming that the January 6 insurrection never happened.
Yes, we didn't see this. It wasn't visible to anyone. The Big Bamboozle!

Trump's defense secretary hoped election loss would be 'clean and clear' in fear of troops being called in: new book

The Doctor Carl Sagan Warned Us About
Dr. Christiane Northrup, a medical doctor, uses her intuition to tell her fans that medicine is wrong and magic is real.
How did we miss this one? Quack, quack!

Newsmax host dangerously declares vaccines go ‘against nature’: Diseases are ‘supposed to’ wipe out people
Newscasters are 'supposed to' report the news, too, not issue instructions on how to commit suicide. Thankfully, he's not an "ANTI-VAXXER!"
"Natural and acquired immunity"

Conservative Anti-Vax Movement Straight-Up Killing People
How many of them have killed themselves today?
Hmmm, looks like the Land of the Happy Negro is taking a beating here.

The stampede away from Trump’s voting-machine claims continues apace, as legal liability looms for allies

Facing Threats Over Critical Race Theory, Educators Across the US Are Quitting
Thus keeping America as dumb as the dimwits and morons have longed to see.
"... to avoid facing the sometimes dangerous rage and rhetoric of conservative activists, who often demonstrate a total misunderstanding of CRT." Really?
Yes. These "intellectual giants" frequently mistake fecal matter for applebutter.

If They Can Tear Down This Highway in Texas… Yes, Texas!
Texas planned to spend $25 billion widening highways to relieve congestion. But a movement to tear them down instead is growing in influence—even here in the Lone Star State.

Southern Baptists come home from annual gathering with COVID-19: 'Do we assume there are more? Yes'
God will protect the.. oh!

Noem Attacks Fellow GOP Govs Over COVID Mandates
It's a personal decision just like a woman's decision to have an abortion, can't you see, people? Thanks for settling that for everyone.

Texas AG Unblocks Twitter Critics After ACLU Lawsuit

No One Knows What's Killing These Wild Songbirds
Common diseases caused by germs like salmonella and avian influenza have been ruled out so far.
The Canaries in our collective coal mine?

Richard Branson Didn’t Go to Space Yesterday, He Just Cruised Through the Upper Atmosphere
The entire crew got their "astronaut wings," but didn't actually enter space.
Anyone with a lick of "space flight history" knew that was bullshit yesterday.

White evangelicals are in decline and now find themselves ‘outnumbered’ by mainline Protestants
"...they realize that it turns young Americans off to religion.
You can drop the word "young' and arrive at the truth.

'Jesus, guns and COVID denialism’: How CPAC’s Dallas gathering was an unhinged mix of ‘ and ‘voice-in-your-head stuff’
Yes, Ted Cruz doesn't even know what the Grand Old Prick Party is anymore.

‘Trump’s Jesus fascists’ worry experts following report on Christian GOP churches
The Church of Jesus Christ without Christ?

Ben Carson: Welfare 'Hurt Black Communities' More Than Slavery
Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson suggested on Sunday that the modern U.S. government has undermined Black families more than legalized slavery ever did.
Poor Ben. He doesn't know systemic slavery still exits. And how about those lashings the happy slaves used to get? And, dare I say, those lynchings?
US Prison Population By Race

Wallace Nails Gov. Abbott For Suppressing 'Voting By People Of Color'
Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday grilled Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) about new voting restrictions that reportedly could suppress Black voters
Abbott can't answer questions. He's full of bullshit.

Advisor To Major Pro-Trump Group Runs Racist Newsletter
Turning Point USA advisor Rip McIntosh remains unapologetic about the anti-Black screeds he has published.
He's got it backward. Like all of the fascists do. Fact is, America is fucking tired of your ass.

An edition of the Bible aimed at right-wing evangelicals has quietly scrubbed references to slavery and 'the Jews'
Ahhh. 1984's Ministry of Truth in action. LMAO!

Trump embraces Capitol rioters and rewrites Jan. 6 history during Fox News appearance
Prison for life suits him fine.

'Screw you Murdoch': CPAC attendees lash out at Fox News because network turned its back on Trump
CPAC fascists upset about being called out.

Republican Party chief blocks Trump's former lawyer on Twitter after shocking book exposes internal spat
...Ellis said, "I guess she doesn't want to be confronted about the RNC lying."

'It’s coming soon and they won’t be able to stop it': Americans concerned after latest Trump CPAC speech
His large wave of bullshit? We've seen it from this mental defective before.

Capitol rioter who demanded Pelosi be turned over to be lynched cites Bible in court defense
10 commandments that God gave man dominion over the law of their choice. There it is, chisled in stone.
Proving once again all 'Bibles' must have a disclaimer printed as its frontispiece.
"This book may have serious side effects on your brain. Exercise caution when reading. Many have been fucked-up beyond all help by these folk tales."

Texas Republicans Advance New Voter Suppression Bill
Keeping the white power is their mission.

Chris Wallace nails Greg Abbott for racist election law: 'The point is to suppress voting by people of color'

Could genocide really happen here? Leading scholar says America is on 'high alert'
Don't say you never heard it here before.

Texas Is Being Invaded—by Republican Governors
Nativists have long warned that the border states are undergoing an invasion. They’re not lying.
"Securing the border is now, has always been, and will always be the responsibility of the federal government. It doesn’t take a village of idiots."

The Amazing Racists
"But it also shows why spirited civic debate is impossible when one side is devoted to manipulative bullshitting. You can’t argue with liars. You can only crush them."

Alaska GOP Breaks From Murkowski After Trump Vowed Vengeance
Murkowski has more guts than any ten Trump traitors put together.
They are all cowards like their hero.

Fauci: 'Horrifying' to hear CPAC crowd cheering anti-vaccination remarks
It is. But the virus will have its way with them because of their stupidity and selfishness.
Unfortunately, it will get others sick or killed who believe their bullshit.

Texans testifying on GOP voting bill faced a 17 hour-wait to be heard by lawmakers in the dead of night
Members of the public arrived at the Texas Capitol as early as 6 a.m. to sign up to speak before lawmakers considering the legislation. In the House, public testimony wouldn't begin until early the next morning.

A Texas man was arrested on charges that he voted in the 2020 Democratic primary while on parole. He could face as much as 20

These five undervaccinated clusters are putting entire US at risk
"It is everywhere now," one unnamed official told Politico. "The risk really is in the unvaccinated community. We're starting to see more and more people get sick and need medical attention."
The cull will have its way.

Trump's followers are trying to turn Ashli Babbitt into their movement's martyr
Pitiful that they keep trying to paint themselves some kind of American hero. History will tell us exactly what they were.

Four arrested in Denver over fears of 'Las Vegas style shooting' at MLB All Star game: report
Gun orgasms.

'A Great Day': Biden Fires Trump's Social Security Boss Who Refused to Resign
'Andrew Saul and David Black were appointed by former President Donald Trump to undermine Social Security.'

Lauren Boebert created her own sockpuppet to like her tweets, defend her nonsense and follow AOC
What is it? "John Barron"? LMAO!

Campos-Duffy Attacks Kids Wearing Masks: 'It's So Many More Germs!'
The Fox & Friends host apparently believes kids are going to get sick from breathing their own germs.
Another brilliant stupid fucking idiot. What about the kids on Mars?
With fuckwits like this humanity has its work cut out for it.

Jen Psaki had the perfect response to a GOP governor's attacks on Biden's vaccination campaign
Why do we have so much bullshit bullshitters in positions to spread the bullshit they do?
They are fucking idiots or are purposefully fucking with our lives. Either way they must be ELIMINATED!
Intellectually, like Trump, they are losers!

GOP Pols Forced to Admit the ‘Big Lie’ Is BS During Farcical Texas Showdown
Protesters filled the Texas State House on Saturday for a hastily organized special session to debate Gov. Greg Abbott’s restrictive “election integrity” measures.
Abbott has no integrity at any level.

Evangelical snowflakes censor the Bible
Good. It needs censoring like forever. If you want to protest have the balls to be like the Buddist monks in Vietnam. Self-immolation please.

Lauren Boebert faces furious backlash after calling for mass firing of teachers
Dumb-dumb opens her mouth and shows ... no one is home.

The Roberts Court Is Like Strom Thurmond in Judicial Robes
You mean the old peckerwood?

Con Law expert reveals obscure 1800s law that could take care of Trump for good
Exiled to Phantom Zone?
"The law's the law! The law's been broken!" —Coalhouse Walker, Ragtime

It’s Not Too Late to Prosecute Trump-Era Crimes
The Biden administration, like its predecessors, has been reluctant to grapple with questions of executive accountability.

'This is sedition': GOPer Mo Brooks accused of attempt to 'incite violence' during CPAC speech

Texas Senate bill seeks to strip required lessons on people of color and women from “critical race theory” law
The bill would also remove a requirement to teach that white supremacy is "morally wrong." One Democratic lawmaker said the bill’s attempts could lead to a “frightening dystopian future.”
The white supremacists that wrote the bill are without any morals. Time will run out on them sooner than they think.

Hundreds of Texans line up to testify over GOP's voting bill in the special legislative session
Beto O'Rourke was among those at the state Capitol on Saturday to testify against the bill which would enact sweeping voting restrictions across the state.

New Texas Abortion Law Enlists Activists to Harass Providers in Court
Their low state education rating proves that they care nothing for women's rights and even less for children's
"Critics say the Texas law amounts to a kind of hack of the legal system."
Hackers are not respected by anyone.

Biden Unveils Bid to Reform Economy Through Executive Power
The Great American President.

The Canadian Heat Wave Has Been Devastating for Billions of Marine Creatures
“Walking out on the shore, the first thing that I noticed was the smell.”
The end times will be most difficult for us all.

Obeidallah and Guest Say Trump Copying Mussolini, Hitler in Attempt to ‘Make Martyr’ of Ashli Babbitt
He's even a failure at that.

Did Trump damage American democracy?
Do a fat dog fart?

Arkansas COVID Cases Higher Than This Time Last Year
Wow! There are still people living in Arkansas? The Delta will take care of that.

MS Health Officials Call For Masks, GOP Gov Refuses
Land of the Happy Negro Governor convinced he knows more about science and fucking guarantees nothing is there.
"Are we really expected to care all that much about people who clearly don't give a shit about themselves?"
The cull will continue to do its job.

Cawthorn Idiocy: Door-to-door Vaccine Info? Hide Your Guns And Bibles!
"They could then go door-to-door to take your guns. They could then go door-to-door to take your Bibles," said Cawthorn of Biden's plan to inform low-vaccinated areas of the nation about the efficacy of COVID vaccines.
Using this vacuum headed logic they could also take your home and your first-born.
Attention moron: He's not proposing taking anything. He is proposing giving something. There is NO MANDATE FOR TAKING YOUR GUNS OR YOUR 'BIBLES'." Although I'm not sure which is deadlier.

No, Tucker Carlson isn’t being spied on by the NSA

Capitol rioter lawyer argues for a lighter sentence because it could 'heal the nation'
This suggests the nation is in need of healing. Someone seems to know something is wrong. Like the seditonists themselves.

DOJ did not prosecute 82% of hate crime suspects reported from 2005 to 2019: report
Which, in turn, perpetuates and advances the crime. Clearly someone hasn't thought this through.

Experts beware: America may be headed for a Scopes moment
The slack-jawed are still with us. This obviously is a blow to evolution theory. These asshats keep breeding after 10,000 years of human progress.

John Fetterman: All 2020 Pennsylvania voter fraud was committed by Trump supporters
Universal truth.

Bizarre feud between GOP senator and pop singer Taylor Swift intensifies
Dear girl, if the state becomes socialist, as you, for some fucked up reason think, it will make her music part of the only playlist you and the other facists will hear!
Poor Marsha. "...You're not getting younger now, even though you'll try somehow..." —"Leave It To Me" by Men of Extinction.

'Warning lights are blinking red': Pollsters sound the alarm on shocking data on GOP voters
No debate any longer: The Nazis will get what they are looking for—deep trouble.

Texas attorney general arrests man who had been praised for staying in line for 7 hours to vote
Aren't we proud racist Nazis in Texas?

Democrats, heed the warnings: 18 months to a Republican Congress — unless you fight
A GOP win in 2022 isn't inevitable. But it's extremely likely — unless Democrats act boldly, and right now
Do you think the Nazi voter repression laws the fascist bastards are installing in some states will have anything to do with that? Duhhh!

Right-wing anti-vaccine hysteria hits fever pitch as Nazi comparisons grow
Projection runs rampant among the racist Nazi Republican "victims."
The neo "No-nothings."

Dan Crenshaw Wants Freedom Of Choice For Vax, Not Abortion
Given Crenshaw's opposition to having private lives intruded upon by government agents, you might imagine that he'd be furious about a recent Texas law that will allow ordinary citizens to police the private conduct of Texans. Nope.
Fascist wants to eat his fascist cake and have it too!

Friday News Dump: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Infrastructure, And Other News
Remember how Republicans said climate change had nothing to do with infrastructure? Good times!
They say a lot of stupid. Because VICTIMS!

Trump immediately bristles when Bill O'Reilly shatters his view of himself
In a sane world Trump would be considered "the village idiot."

Tucker Carlson's 'NSA Spying On Me' Claims Fall Flat
Stupid Tucker emailed Russian operatives for an interview with Putin, rather than going through regular channels? Something smells.
We know who does.

US-Backed Haitian Government Reportedly Requests American Intervention
One observer noted that Wednesday's assassination of President Jovenel Moïse "has left Haitians at home and in the diaspora conflicted and uneasy about what could come next."
They could have real elections where the people actually cast votes. This last "president" won with a small amount of the eligible voters. Elections in Haiti are a joke.

Unvaccinated Americans are catching COVID-19 and telling doctors they're 'shocked' the virus is real
My, how shocking.

Toyota To Stop Supporting ‘Certain’ GOP Election Deniers ‘At This Time’
Toyota left enough wiggle room to drive a car through in its statement that it would stop donating to election-denying members of Congress.

Whoops! Turns Out Candace Owens Is Pro-Choice
Candace Owens lets loose a very pro-choice tweet, as scores of replies pointed out.
And this is what we mean by "dumb." When push comes to shove they are two-faced.

Trump's Social Media 'Lawsuit' Is Ridiculous, Part Infinity
Some of Traitor Trump's "attorneys" have AOL email accounts. What?
The whiner will stop his whining someday. We can't wait.

Ingraham Hosts Anti-Vax 'Doc': Don't Vaccinate Anyone Under 30
The prime-time death cult on Fox News continues to promote anti-vaxers and COVID disinformation.
Stop putting people with no brains on TV. Again: DUMB.

Dershowitz Pilloried For Defending Bogus Trump Lawsuit
Dershowitz' embarrassing downfall continues as he pretends Traitor Trump "has a first amendment case" against the social media giants.

Here's how extremism not only goes unpunished in today’s GOP — it is encouraged
The former Republican Party has become the Fascist Party.

There's an important political lesson in the Surfside condo collapse disaster
Government neglect by a totally imcompetent moron.

With Amazon Rainforest at 'Tipping Point,' Big Banks Told to End Fossil Fuel Financing
"If banks have Arctic exclusions to protect biodiversity and fragile ecosystems... then why don't banks have exclusions for the Amazon?"

Trump Organization Indictment May Spell Trouble for Trump Spawn
The indictment against the Trump Organization named seven specific companies within the overall business. Guess who’s connected to those companies.

Weisselberg out in Scotland: First indication that indictment affects Trump Organization operations
"As I read it, the indictment hints at future charges against Trump's two oldest sons, Ivanka Trump and Weisselberg's son Barry, who runs the ice rink and carousel in Central Park for Trump."

Ohio School Forcefully Rejects Claims That It Teaches Critical Race Theory
The complicated reality behind a story going viral in conservative media
This will not matter to the morons who already believe in this bullshit lie.

'MAGA Bride' candidate warns of 'civil war' in bid to unseat GOP incumbent who voted to impeach Trump
News flash for this moron: You and your fascist cohorts already started the war. Don't act so coy.

The Billionaire Playbook: How Sports Owners Use Their Teams to Avoid Millions in Taxes

Delta variant surges in Colorado as the bands play on
Sorry, America. We are not done with the pandemic.

Delta variant said to be far more widespread than federal estimates
The reality on the ground is likely much higher because states and private labs are taking weeks to report testing results to the CDC.

Texas Is the Hardest State to Vote In. It Could Soon Get Much Harder.
Democrats are desperately trying to act before Republicans can revive a restrictive voting bill.
Texas is and has been a corrupt land ever since the slave owners came to plant their cotton.

Texas Republican Party Explodes In Ugly Infighting
We knew that when West showed his fascist face in Texas it was bad news for everyone.

White Evangelicals’ Religion-Based Science Denialism Is Slowing Vaccination Rates

Tucker Carlson was trying to get a Putin interview – and may have been talking to a Russian 'foreign agent': report

A 'sham': Pennsylvania AG torches state GOP's push for Arizona-style election audit
They keep up this charade they'll soon be auditing the 2024 election.

Fascist Rep. Andy Biggs Spews Bile Against Dems: 'Enemies Of The State'
The Arizona rep. is caught making outrageous accusations against his Democratic colleagues.
Nazis are always outrageous. "...said the man who voted to overturn a presidential election."

FBI Infiltrates VA Bible Study Group That Wanted To Make Bombs
The FBI infiltrated a group led by a Capitol riot suspect in northern Virginia and members of that group talked about surveilling the Capitol and testing homemade bombs.

Entitlement and delusion are the driving force behind the GOP's preposterous tantrums

Tucker Carlson, Other Asshole Want Cameras In School To Stop Critical Race Theory
How would they know what they were seeing? They have no brains.

More Than 700 Republicans Running in 2022 Have Pushed Trump’s Election Lies
This should tell everyone all they need to know about them and their relationship with one of the biggest fascist criminals alive.

Teachers’ Unions Are Pushing Back Against Attacks on Anti-Racist Education
"For months now, right-wing outlets and operatives have conflated critical race theory, an advanced field of study developed by Black legal scholars decades ago, with broader conversations around systemic racism, racial justice, anti-Blackness and United States history in K-12 education."

Houston-area COVID-19 outbreak — including delta variant cases — should be a wake-up call for Texans, health expert warns
It should be but it won't because "arrogance."
The latest, most transmissible coronavirus variant is spreading rampantly in countries with low vaccination rates, and health experts are bracing for impact in Texas.

QAnon Florida High School Football Coach Arrested In Capitol Riot After Tipster Sends Feds His Parler Posts

Psaki Bombs Marjorie Greene
Another Psaki bomb, this time against the stupid Klan mom from Georgia.

Tucker On Covid: Seniors Would Be Dead By Now Anyway
Tucker Carlson takes "life expectancy" numbers and claims that senior citizens who died of Covid simply put off their already past due expiry date.
But we will outlive him either way

A Texas Judge Scraps A Justice Of The Peace’s Attempt To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples
"It’s about time this junk lawsuit was trashed."

How a policy rooted in racism and respectability politics robbed a US track and field star of her lifetime achievement
You're confusing racists with someone who cares.

'It sickens me': Longtime GOP voter disgusted by the 'corrupt and ridiculous' Republican antics in Arizona
It sickens most people with a brain.

'Not Competent': Legal experts pan Trump's 'clown show' attorneys over alleged lawsuit against Twitter and Facebook
A total surprise.

Trump 'stunned' chief of staff John Kelly by praising Hitler: new book
And where did money to help reconstruct Europe come from, Herr Trump?
It didn't come from your hero, Hitler. Try again, dumbass.

Morning Digest: Trump brigades fan out in races for governor across the country
Evidently, the trash was not removed. Let's do a permanent job this time.

Mitch McConnell just admitted Democrats are to thank for the $4 billion in funds Kentucky is set to receive

Nothing Says FreeDumb Like Mandatory Patriotism
Wisconsin Republican lawmakers want to make it mandatory to play the national anthem at any tax funded ball park.

In Win For Activists, Oil Pipeline Through Memphis Cancelled
The oil pipeline was supposed to run through poor and brown neighborhoods in Memphis. Real community activism stopped

The failed legacy of the 50-year War on Drugs started with a lie
"...Erlichman added, "Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course, we did."

More than 700 Republicans running in 2022 have pushed Trump’s election lies
More than 200 federal candidates — and 500 more at state level — have spread election lies, offering no evidence

Maryland Says 100% of Residents Who Died of Covid in June Were Unvaccinated
According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, more than 99% of all U.S. coronavirus deaths last month were among unvaccinated people.

In Leaked Video, GOP Congressman Admits His Party Wants 'Chaos and Inability to Get Stuff Done'
"Chip Roy says what we all already know: there is no intent of working across the aisle. It's all posturing."
Fascist Party states Chaos is their intent. Of course it is. Fucking the U.S. is their stock in trade.

Republican Attacks on Voting Rights Are Racist and Hostile to Democracy
Resistance to these Republican assaults can and should take a number of forms.

GOP Just Can't Decide How Much Democracy To Steal When It Redraws Congressional Districts

Unvaccinated Americans Make Up 99% of Current COVID Deaths, Fauci Tells NBC

Exxon Lobbyists Tricked Into Naming Senators They Use to Block Climate Action

The GOP's main voter bloc is shrinking
The electorate is shifting — and not in the Republican Party's favor

Amarillo was vaccinating people at double the state’s pace. Then the effort hit a wall.
Local health officials are trying to boost vaccinations in this Panhandle city and its surrounding counties, which rank near the bottom of the state’s population centers in the percentage of residents fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Fear and loathing in West Texas.

Trump's 'big lie' was enabled by years of Americans being 'force fed' ?lies from religion: columnist?
Religion: The opiate of the people.

'JFK Jr. is still alive': Trump fan says dead Kennedy will take over White House with Trump in 2021
And Roy Cohn will be their new legal rep.

"An Ohio Republican with a criminal rap sheet and little-to-no experience has a good chance of being elected to Congress in 2022..."
Republicans don't care about crime. They're all about being criminals and fixing elections. Trump brought new criminals to the party.
Rep. Anthony Gonzalez will beat him like a stepchild.

4th Of July Shootings Across The Country Killed More Than 180 People
Gun orgasms.

Analysis: COVID Cases On Rise In Nearly Half Of States

Our Family Got Vaccinated. Then We all Got COVID.
This is whan can happen with the Delta variant.
Imagine you are only feeling like you have a "bad cold." Then you go out to the store for something and you become a spreader. Do you still think this pandemic is over? Think again, as John points out.

Cultist Rep: Soldiers Will “Quit” Over Mandatory Vax
It is obvous that this asshat was never a soldier of the U.S.
Troop, you will take a shave and you will recite the first general order of a sentry. Then you will join the GI party in the latrine.

Graham: Hobby Lobby’s Critics Are “Enemies Of God”
God really needs Hobby Lobby to help him out.
"I wonder if it ever occurs to these folks that they sound exactly like Islamic fundamentalists, just with a Christian cover." — Sarah.
Nothing occurs to them that is not in their "holy" book.

Biden Quickly Nominates Diverse Slate Of Federal Judges
Thus far, Biden has tapped 32 judicial nominees, maintaining a rapid pace for both nominations and confirmations that is putting even what Sen. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump did on behalf of the Federalist Society to shame.

Texas Governor Trashed Over Fake Border Wall Politics
A Texas newspaper said to stop the charade, Gov. Abbott.

Get the hell out of our great country': Marjorie Taylor Greene claims rage-filled rant speaks for all Americans
She can go ahead and get the hell out of our great country! We already have way too much trash.
Polly is a cracker? LOL!

Poor People's Campaign Announces 'Season of Nonviolent Direct Action' Targeting US Senate
"If our actions result in the system believing it has to arrest us, then so be it. Civil disobedience is a badge and banner we will proudly wear," said Rev. William Barber.
That's the great Rev. William Barber.

Mo Brooks throws Trump under the bus in response to lawsuit that accuses him of inciting MAGA mob
Must have been quite a lift for the traitor.

Pew's postelection poll of validated voters paints fuller picture of Biden's 2020 win
What Trump and his treasonous followers are so afraid of.

Texas Governor Trashed Over Fake Border Wall Politics
A Texas newspaper said to stop the charade, Gov. Abbott.
I'm sure that request will put a stop to him.

Florida newspaper editorial urges Senate to kill the filibuster 'for the sake of democracy and our future'
If we put it to a public referendum and it passed with ease, Mitch McConnell would fuck us all and keep it.
The epitome of arrogant white power.

Allen West announces he is running against Gov. Greg Abbott in Republican primary
The Texas GOP chairman made his campaign official Sunday.
We have now been warned. The interloper makes his move.

Real Patriotism on this July 4th

The Government Provided Child Care in World War II. We Need It Again.
Women worked then, women work now. It’s time for national child care—permanently.

WATCH: Jim Acosta Confronts Madison Cawthorn for Supporting Trump and His Stolen Election Lie
Severe thinking disorders on display.
Trump was most effective in your lifetime? At what? Being a liar? Being a dope? Feeding you bullshit and you eating it?

Did Trump Admit to Tax Fraud Charges During Saturday Rally? CNN’s Brianna Keilar Argues He Did
The insanity of Trump on display. He never knows anything.

McConaughey: America Is Just “Going Through Puberty”
Illustrated by his insightful blabber.
The US is not the youngest country that has evolved through their puberty period much faster.

POLL: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott +1 Over McConaughey
Or How Bullshit Politics Work in Texas.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Releases Whites-Only July 4th Video
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Sunday released a July 4th montage that predominately featured white people.
And all the while the background music playing is on an African instrument!

Fireworks Are Stupid
The Daily Show explains why fireworks are dangerous and stupid.
Espcially when they are against private use by city ordinance and fools fire them off anyway. Fire hazards, frightening to pets (not just dogs!) and they keep people from sleep.
They appear to be an addiction for some.

Humanity Needs to Declare Independence From Fossil Fuels
We have the technical know-how as well as the available economic resources to make the transition to a clean energy future. Now it must be done.

Mistaken for an election official in Kansas? You could be charged with a felony and imprisoned
What Amerikan Fascism has done to free elections as we knew them in the U.S. Democracy is dying a slow death unless the Nazis are stopped.

'The epitome of hypocrisy’: 17 Tennessee Republicans accepted PPP loans — but want to slash unemployment benefits

Here's why Tucker Carlson is 'the new Alex Jones' — and Fox News is sounding more and more like Infowars: CNN
New Nazi on the block.

'They're not thinking right': GOP governor rips anti-vaxx Republicans for trying to win 'death lottery'

Trump biographer explains Ivanka Trump 'is in peril' along with Allen Weisselberg

White Supremacists Chased Out Of City Of Brotherly Love
The racist Patriot Front, based out of Texas, thought they could march in Philly. The locals had other ideas.

Viral MAGA Moment Turned Into T-shirts For Muslim Charity
Donie O'Sullivan's witty reaction to a MAGA supporter in Ohio has been made into t-shirts in Ireland to benefit the charity Muslim Sisters of Eire.
Get one now!

How a Far-Right Militia Infiltrated an Island in Washington
From an anti-mask rally to a potential takeover of the local school board, residents in this once idyllic community are spooked.
“The racism and division of the right-wing militias really has no place in our community,” Mayor Scott Chaplin told the crowd.
In the meantime, residents described extremists quietly tearing the very fabric of their community apart.

GOPer says Dems are trying to 'muck up' America: 'I worry they're going to expand health care and education'
Yes. Health and education. Two of the most dangerous things on our planet. The GOP fear them so much.

20 States Meet Biden’s 70% Vax Goal, Nation At 67%
MIA: Texas.

ABC/WaPo Poll: 38% Of Republicans Still Refusing Vax
And the reason we are a failed state.
The virus neither cares about them nor will it have mercy upon them. The cull will do its work.

CDC: 15 Million Have Missed Their Second Vax Dose
"Some people also want to avoid the sometimes-unpleasant side effects that come with the second dose."
Such as death by suffocation when you contract the virus because you have no resistance to it.

Antivaxxers Want You To Believe Vaccines Don’t Work Against the Delta Variant. They’re Wrong.
There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Let’s set the record straight.
"In the United States, outbreaks caused by the Delta variant are likely to be clustered in areas with low vaccination rates."
"What's going to happen, basically, [is] anyone at this point who has not been vaccinated, and doesn't plan on getting vaccinated, or has not been infected and recovered, is going to get COVID from Delta variant."
"The pandemic isn't over anywhere until the pandemic is over everywhere."

They Were Not Tourists: The Radicals At The Heart Of The Capitol Riot
On the six-month anniversary of the insurrection, Republicans are trying to convince America it wasn’t that big a deal.

Texas state museum cancels event on the real history of the Alamo following right-wing whining
"Of course, it’s almost certainly not a coincidence that Gov. Abbott and the GOP-dominated Texas legislature recently created something called “The 1836 Project,” an obvious riff on Nikole Hannah-Jones’ The 1619 Project, which seeks to regard the history of our nation through the wide lens of slavery."

This is why a conservative Supreme Court is bad for America

Tensions Flare as White Supremacists March in Front of Philly City Hall
Patriot Front, which is based out of Texas, is described by the Anti-Defamation League as “a white supremacist group whose members maintain that their ancestors conquered America and bequeathed it solely to them"
What is this? A new KKK uniform? Another Texas disgrace.

'This Is Our Future' Without Climate Action, Advocates Warn After Pipeline Causes Fire in Gulf of Mexico
"Having to put out a fire in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico feels just too difficult to believe. And yet..."
It is also our 'now.'

Sheriff Finalist For Idaho’s Largest County Blames Jews For Communism
Doug Traubel, a finalist for Ada County Sheriff, embraces the "constitutionalist" beliefs in the supremacy of the county sheriff as the law of the land. He was not appointed to the position.
Eliminate the position of "County Sheriff" everywhere and the world will be a better place.

Judge's Racist Comments Results In 10 Years Off Black Man's Sentence
Retired Judge Frank LaBuda made racist comments to Black defendant. Defendant gets 10 years shaved off his sentence.
Why not put that "judge" in to take the 10?

This July 4, Fireworks Bans Are Widespread Due To Fire Risk
No, Kristi Noem, this isn't cancel culture.
It won't deter the locals who can't seem to get past a 4th without breaking ordinaces and keeping sleep in the hood to a minimum

MSNBC Host Tears Into Noem For Selling Natl Guard To Billionaire MAGAt
"This is a stunt that's more about securing a photo op than the border." — Tiffany Cross
Noem and photo ops go together like a panhandler and their mark.

'Literally 10s of people coming out to see the crazy lady': Marjorie Taylor Greene buried over tiny turnout parade videos
They came out to see the geek.
"Literally 10s of people coming out to see the crazy lady."

49 Trump insurrectionists accused of destroying evidence after documenting their Capitol attack: report
Real heroes. Send 'em up the river for good.

Fox News accused of throwing up a smokescreen to hide their plummeting post-Trump ratings
As Steve Schmidt says, "There is no lie they will not tell."

Southern pastors are scared to promote vaccines as white Evangelicals reject science: report
"White Evangelicals" = No connection to anything close to reality.
"When you believe in things you don't understand then you suffer. Superstition ain't the way." — Stevie Wonder

4 kids shot in Virginia shooting: report
Thank God for the 2nd Amendment!

Exxon Lobbyists Caught Saying Quiet Part Out Loud On Climate Obstruction
These revelations should indeed be shocking to all of us as they lay bare the true reality of Exxon’s dangerous views as a corporation and how they work the political system to allow them to continue their damaging ways.

Top Texas elected official accused of ‘punishing dissidents’ after bragging about ‘canceling’ history discussion
The man that serves as the "worst example of all time."
"Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth," points out the pirates that raped Mexico. "As uncomfortable as it may be to hear for some, celebrating the Alamo has long had an echo of celebrating whiteness."

Olympics Marred By Olympic Levels Of Racism And Stupidity
Protest all you want but don't let us catch you doing it during working hours.
Disingenuous as ever. They will never move into the time they occupy.

When Will Politicians Start Caring about People’s Actual Problems?
Maybe when they are certain they have enough funds in their coffers to not worry about getting re-elected every term. This, of course, never occurs for them. Therefore, stop asking silly questions.

Supreme Court Drives a Stake Through the Heart of the Voting Rights Act
They must have thought it a vampire that could come for them in the middle of a free election.

CNN doctor fires back at Tucker Carlson with damning questions about his segments on COVID-19

‘This isn't the Olympics’: GOP transgender laws head to court
Many of the states advancing restrictions say they were motivated to counter President Joe Biden’s executive order aimed at promoting transgender inclusion.
Change just comes at some folks too fast. For example these fearful people that won't accept transgenders until eons have passed. Dumber than a sack of rocks.

Armed “Sovereign Citizens” Block MA Interstate [Video]
Heavily-Armed Anti-Government Men Taken Into Custody
The men belong to a group called "Moorish American Arms," and claimed to be on their way to "training."
Best comments: "So they claim they are not US citizens... Time to remove them just like any other illegal immigrant.. Where's ICE when you need them!!"
"We don"t recognize your laws. But we will use your roads, bridges, water supplies and occasional rest areas on an as-needed basis."

Dozens Of DC Rioters Accused Of Deleting Evidence
Nazis will pay higher price for their sedition with this.

As Protesters Face Felonies, Minneapolis City Council Joins Opposition to Line 3
"The world needs to pay attention to what's happening here in Minnesota right now."

Voting Rights Roundup: Supreme Court guts the last critical protections of the Voting Rights Act
Fascism has found a friend in the Supreme Court.

Analysis Reveals the Profound Damage Wrought by GOP-Packed Supreme Court
"This Supreme Court is dominated by Trump-appointed justices, with predictably disastrous results for voting rights as well as workers, consumers, and immigrants this term."
Stop appointing these assholes. Put them on a ballot for America to decide.

Sha'Carri Richardson's Olympic Penalty Sparks Calls for Changing Cannabis Rules
"Sha'Carri's suspension serves as a cautionary tale and a reminder of how insidious the drug war is in our everyday lives, far beyond the carceral state."
"Changing Cannabis Rules"? WTF? We have been trying to change these dumbass rules since I was in my 20s. Morons at work prevent change.

The Trump Organization has a long history of ducking taxes and skimming money: report
Should read "The Trump Crime Syndicate."

Liberal Redneck: Benghazi People Vs The January 6 Committee
The Liberal Redneck takes on the Republican hypocrisy of Benghazi vs. January 6th Commission.
"Hypocrites R Us"

June Jobs Report Destroys GOP Talking Points
The US economy added 850,000 new jobs in June, beating Wall Street's predictions and crushing Republican talking points.
Doesn't matter. They will find ways to twist truth to lies. No one does that shit better or more shamelessy.

Those January 6 'Patriots' Are Fast Becoming Snitches
The FBI had its largest number of arrests related to January 6, this week. Those weekend warriors for Trump are flipping, fast.
The Great Traitor Flip.

The next insurrection: They don't have the votes, but they've got the guns
Republicans don't want an investigation of Jan. 6 — because they hope it will happen again. With more violence
The Civil War they have started will be bloody. And they don't have exclusive ownership of guns.

'Nature and Physics Will Not Fall for It': Greta Thunberg Rips Into Climate Theatrics of World Leaders
"Let's be clear—what you are doing is not about climate action or responding to an emergency. It never was."
Theater. It has always been theater. And yes, we know we have failed miserably. It may now be too late.
Unfortunately, she is correct. The posturing is now the chickens coming home to roost. You can't kid yourselves much longer.

Report finds extremist right-wing rhetoric in the US is going down a darker path
Light scares the crap right out of them.

'Utter betrayal': Angry activists who helped elect Kyrsten Sinema say 'she has no values'
Only her own ass.

Massive ransomware attack strikes as Americans leave town for Independence Day celebrations: report
IT Departments caught playing pocket pool. Hmmmm...this has never happened before. Utter failure of American tech.
No one thinks we are in a cyber war. Amazing obstruction by Fascists!

'They didn't know what they were doing': The Arizona election results fight reaches a dramatic turning point
The Institutional disorder of dysfunctionalism is what the enemy in our Civil War is looking to install in us.

Mainstream Democrats Try to Crush Left Front-Runners in Buffalo and Cleveland
This could very well turn into a major battle in our country's Civil War.

Louisiana governor signs abortion pill 'reversal' bill
"The new law states promotes the distribution of details on “reversing” a medication-induced abortion, a claim which has been disputed and which professional groups like the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say is not backed by scientific evidence."
Please tell me when miscreants like these good ole Loosianna boys ever gave a flying fuck about "scientific evidence"?

Alabama police: Nearly two dozen shots fired into Democratic state senator's home
More shots fired in America's Civil War.

Bigots Have Finally Accomplished Their Goal of Gutting the Voting Rights Act
The Supreme Court’s decision upholding voter restrictions in Arizona paves the way for widespread disenfranchisement of voters of color.
History will not absolve them.

How Worried Should We Be About Our Election System?
Malevolent intent is now a given. But will the pushback be strong enough?
As strong as it needs to be. By any means necessary.

Texas Republicans take credit for killing book event on the Alamo and slavery
Of course these filthy miscreants will cover up anything that shows the world what kind of assholes they really come from.
They have no history to brag about. That's all tall tales as you might expect.

'Idiot' Ted Cruz brutally mocked for his Biden-bashing Breitbart column: 'Shows how hopelessly out of touch he is'
"... and it took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan."
And it took George W. Bush to give us Ted Cruz. Stop laughing your ass off!
Jimmy Carter is beloved. Ted Cruz is not and will never be.

Oath Keepers Seek Dismissal Of Conspiracy Charges Because Certifying Election Wasn’t “Official Proceeding”
The problem with shit-fer-brains and attempted thinking by allegedly using them.

Ammon Bundy Convicted In Idaho Capitol Incident
This is a real shocker. Should get him elected easily in Dumb-Dumbsville.

Ohio Police Chief Resigns After Being Caught On Video Placing “Ku Klux Klan” Sign On Black Cop’s Office Desk
Land of the Happy Negro Police Chief just wanted to make sure his cops knew what their correct uniform was.

The fastest woman in America can’t run in the Olympics due to rule everyone knows is BS
She gets betrayed like the rest of us do. It's what America has become--a country filled with betrayers in our so-called "justice" arena.
The Prohibited List is the SAME OLD BULLSHIT LIE list we've lived with for 10,000 years. It's a total maufactured lie to control a free people. Kick out the jams and tear down the fake walls these liars have constructed. What? Are they fucked up on beer or somethin'?

Sha’Carri Richardson Deserves So Much Better Than This Bullshit
The American sprinter received a 30-day suspension for smoking marijuana after learning that her biological mother had died, and will now miss the 100-meter dash. It’s an outrage.

Ari Melber Destroys Notion Of 'Teflon Don'
"This is one of the worst days that Donald Trump has had since January 6th, and legally up on par with some of the Mueller indictment days," the MSNBC host said.

Coward McCarthy Suggests Liz Cheney Is, Possibly, A Democrat
You can't make this up. It's the art of the dodge as Kevin McCarthy pretends no one "but the Democrats" are responsible.
How stupid can a stupid idiot be? McCarthy tests the question.

'They increasingly look like dupes': Historian draws a damning parallel for the future of Trumpism

Supreme Court Ruling Delivers 'Dark, Dark Day for Democracy'
"We are now on a clear path to enshrining a constitutional right to anonymous spending in our democracy, and securing an upper hand for dark-money influence in perpetuity."
America betrayed by more Trump traitors.

The right's attack on "critical race theory": Another battle in the Orwellian war against democracy
For the right, "critical race theory" is all-embracing but meaningless. Its sole purpose is to scare white people

Trump: ‘One law for hungry pizza thieves, another law for me’
Robbing us blind for years, eh?

'Cancel-free' social media site GETTR suspends notorious neo-Nazi Baked Alaska within hours of launch: report
Half baked Nazi.

Gov. Greg Abbott says more apprehensions, drug seizures justify a border wall. Advocates say he's misrepresenting the numbers.
Misrepresenting. Pretty much describes him.

Biden, Democrats have no choice: Fight the Supreme Court or consign American democracy to history
By any means necessary! 20 more justices!

Lauren Boebert proposes useless cure for delta variant; reality-based Americans respond
A Chin-a-dontist? William W.D. "Bud" Prize had a good one.

This Guy Is the Reason Bill Cosby Is Out of Prison
The same lawyer who bumbled through Trump’s impeachment defense

The Constitution, Says the Court, Favors Republicans
This Court Kills Democracy!

Justice Alito’s New ‘Guideposts’ Chart A Treacherous Course For Voting Rights

Kyrsten Sinema Is Using an Outdated Political Playbook
She doesn’t think she needs the Democratic Party. Her Democratic constituents beg to differ.
18th or 19th Century thinking?

Why an Indictment of the Trump Organization Really Is an Indictment of Trump
The indictments against the former president’s eponymous business do not name him. But Trump has never drawn a distinction between himself and the entity that made him famous.

The Rule of Law Means Prosecuting Trump’s Crimes The criminal-in-chief has his own right-wing version of critical race theory.
In America there is no "Rule of Law." SCOTUS just proved there is none.

Dark Money Is About to Get Much Darker
The Supreme Court’s conservative majority just gutted donor disclosure rules.
The Court is the Dark Side therefore they are rolling in Dark Money. 15 more justices. EXPAND!

NFL Fines DC Team $10M In Sexual Harassment Probe
This outfit just can't keep its nose clean.

Watch a police officer admit to playing Taylor Swift to keep a video off YouTube
‘You can record all you want. I just know it can’t be posted to YouTube.’
Will this idiot still be a sergeant tomorrow?

Delta Variant Surge Spurs Mask Advisory In St. Louis
Fuckwit bait.

After SCOTUS Upholds Arizona Limits, Congress Urged to Protect Voters and Expand Court
"Without swift action from Congress, GOP-controlled state legislatures will continue to pass racist anti-voter laws to pick and choose who votes and who doesn't."
You Nazis want to see how fucking fast your "court" can get stacked? 50 or 60 should be enough.

Still Standing, But For How Long? Justice Barrett Takes Aim At The Wall of Separation
Talk about someone spoiling for the final fight.

More than half of House Republicans stand with Confederate traitors in the US Capitol
All are Land of the Happy Negro Dear ol' Dixie miscreants.

GOP Congressman blows off COVID mask mandate on commercial airline
There's always the Delta variant. The cull isn't over. Roy's not out of the woods yet.

Legal experts warn of 'grave peril' after the Supreme Court's latest rulings affecting the heart of democracy
Alito and his Nazia. America did not appoint them. They can be removed.

A Supreme Court justice's awful ruling reveals he has internalized Trump's 'Big Lie'
The high court's decision pretty much guts Section 2 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that forbids discrimination based on race.
The U.S. is officially a racist country. This proves it. A half dozen justices support racism.
If they can write their own set of rules I can do the same thing. And so can millions of others in the USA.
"If we want to fix the problem, we have to find ways to cut back on courts' ability to intervene in our democracy." We know who they are.

'Flip like a flapjack': Trump critics rejoice after CFO surrenders in wake of indictments
Only a pawn in Trump's filthy game.

Michigan Republican spooked by Trump fans openly threatening violence against Biden-voting neighbors
Republican Michigan State Sen. Ed McBroom tells The Atlantic's Tim Alberta that he's become very disturbed by hearing from Trump supporters who are mulling talk of violent retribution against their Biden-backing neighbors.
Nazi threats should be met with resistance of the first order.
McBroom, who led a probe of election fraud allegations in Michigan that concluded Trump allies were "purposefully defrauding people" with lies, now says that he's worried about the way Americans have sealed themselves into social media echo chambers where they only hear what they want to hear.

Carlson piles lie upon lie claiming white supremacist terror is no threat, but NSA is spying on him

'Bombshell' Secret Footage of ExxonMobil Lobbyists Sparks Calls for Action by Congress
"We demand Congress immediately investigate Exxon and fossil fuel companies' climate crimes, and make polluters pay for their destruction," said a campaigner.

Florida lawmakers 'dumbfounded' after Desantis vetoes bipartisan bill that would have expunged minors' records
This is what fascism brings to America — Straw Man arguments from Nazis like this douche.

SCOTUS Takes Dump On Human Rights: Indefinite Detention Of Migrants OK
"Today, six Supreme Court justices... sanctioned the United States' use of punitive, prolonged, and arbitrary detention as a means of immigration enforcement and deterrence."
We are the Fourth Reich.

Rep Rips GOP For 'Political' Thumbs Down On 1/6 Committee
Rep. Jackie Speier shreds her fascist GOP colleagues for voting against the Select Committee to investigate the insurrection, comparing them to the Jonestown cult members who shot her 40 years ago.
I think Jackie is pissed as all Americans should be. These Nazis can't hide.

WATCH: Off-duty 'Vigilante Cop' Punches And Beats Black Man
Cell phone video recently made public shows a White off-duty New Rochelle police officer brutally assaulting an unarmed Black man as on-duty officers restrain the man and then the officer.
Knock the shit out of them, get them down and try to cut off their air so they could suffocate. This is the book on them now. We all know it. Why don't they? They just want to show out how tough they are. It no longer works. This is what should be defunded.

Bill Cosby and the Second Trauma of Assault Survivors

Bill Cosby's Conviction Overturned By PA High Court
Can't wait to see his new show on OAN
Fascist corruption. Justice in the United States is a farce.

Bill Cosby Walks Free From Prison After Conviction Is Tossed
The law is totally misogynist. No question. Not excuse. Case closed.

CNN's Acosta celebrated for asking Trump if he'll apologize for Jan. 6: 'Looks like Trump got Acosta'd'
Did the old fat fuck have a stroke? Asking for friends.

Iraq veteran warns of 'flashing red light' about terrorists who have infiltrated the US military
All Trump traitors, I suppose.

South Dakota's governor raises the bar on Republican crazy
Apparently, there is no ceiling for these Nazis.
They must be considering the gas chambers.
Please make note of one Willis Johnson, a resident of Tennessee and founder of auto-salvage company Copart.

Loony Economics: Republicans Blame Democrats for the Rise in Chipotle Burrito Prices
It would have been possible for Chipotle to avoid raising its burrito prices by paying its executives less. But Chipotle decided otherwise.
A new kind of insanity has infected these already batshit idiots.

Herschel Walker, Texas Resident, Running For Senate In Georgia ... Because?
There's one voice clamoring for a Walker run, and it's the voice of Donald Trump.
And again I ask — which Herschel will be running? Or do we get them all?

Opinion | I've Been a Critical Race Theorist for 30 Years. Our Opponents Are Just Proving Our Point For Us.
Seemingly overnight, my obscure legal specialty became a national lightning rod. What would CRT say about that?

The Right’s New Reason to Panic About ‘Critical Race Theory’ Is Centuries Old
These people are right in the place they have always been — the distant past.

GOP Governor Allows Billionaire Donor To Use National Guard As Anti-Immigrant Militia
I'll bet those troopers are happy campers.

Elvis Costello Defends Popstar Olivia Rodrigo from Plagiarism Claims: ‘It’s How Rock and Roll Works’
Sounds like the old hippie code: "One good rip-off deserves another!"

Trump Says Herschel Walker Is Running for U.S. Senate
Which Herschel Walker?

Trump Ranked WORST Living Former President — But He Did Beat Three Dead Ones
"...he ranked dead last among living ex-presidents, far below top-ranked former President Barack Obama."

Florida's Shameful, Recent Past Echoes in Desantis War on Academic Freedom
Campus 'red scare’ takes Florida back to the '50s.

Fox To Pay $1 Million Fine For Violating Human Rights Law
Fox News has agreed to pay $1 million, the highest fine in the history of NYC's Commission on Human Rights, for repeated violations of its employees’ rights.

Reality Check: This Is End Times For Climate Change Denial
"Short-term thinking helped get us into this mess. Long-term thinking and action will help get us out," John Avlon said.
Thinking. What a quaint idea.

How right-wing Christians are using COVID-19 to amplify religion 'above just about every other right'

Watchdog says insurrectionist lawmakers should be barred from public office — including Trump
A voice of sanity in the wilderness. It's a disgrace on our leaders and the future of our country that we cannot follow our Constitution.

Latest Northwest US heatwave presents mounting challenge to GOP climate denial: report
Death cult remains mum on apocalyptic disasters.

120 GOP Reps Vote To Keep Confederate Statues
Land of the Happy Negro grifters continue being traitors.
Good ole sons of Dixiecrats remain in the dystopian state of denial.

More than half of House Republicans stand with Confederate traitors in the U.S. Capitol
Land of the Happy Negro traitors keep up their seditious way.

Fauci Warns Vax Divide Will Create “Two Americas”
I'ts too late to worry about it now, Dr. Fauci. But he's right about "entirely avoidable, entirely preventable." Darwin will sort it out now.

Famous Loser Predictably Leaps On NYC Mayoral Mess
When you finally stop laughing at "Needi Amin" let me know.
Clown of the 3rd millennium.

'Klan Mom' Greene Doxes Museum Official For 'Talking About Race'
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene incited her fans to crash the National Children's Museum website on Tuesday because it described efforts to teach children about racism.
The High Priestess of the Land of the Happy Negro. Not only does she not understand "context" but she has no ability to think beyond a racist context. If she thinks everyone is equal in real life she's as dumb as a sack of hammers.
Marge was carefully taught to be a racist. That's why she doesn't realize she is a racist. You have to be carefully taught to be a racist. And you have to be carefully taught to NOT be a racist. She wants no part of that concept.
"Let's keep that website crashed" sounds like Holden Caulfield trying to erase every "fuck you' written on every wall. She fears "fuck you" will be written on her tombstone as Holden did.

Morally Bankrupt McCarthy Turns Congress Into A Farce With New 'Policy' Panels
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is apparently going to try to answer the new House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection with a bunch of task forces, elevating some of the very members who could become targets of investigation.
They now have the fear flowing through them like the Nazis at Nuremberg.

Tucker Carlson sounds increasingly frantic as Fox News refuses to corroborate his claim about the NSA

Why Is Tucker Carlson Still On The Air?
Most advertisers have dumped Tucker Carlson — why he’s still on TV ?
Dirty money and fascism.

Does Tucker Carlson want race war?

Tucker Carlson prepares white nationalists for war: Don't ignore the power of his rhetoric
White nationlists should read: White Supremacists.

New reports reveal a much larger plot and conspiracy by Trump before the Jan. 6 coup attempt
"The flood of "revelations" about the Trump regime's attempts to overthrow American democracy continue."

'The singularity of stupid': Trump blasted for claiming NYC ballot mistake somehow proves 2020 election fraud

'We're gonna be in a civil war': Trump supporter warns of more violence if the ex-president isn't reinstated
We are in a civil war. It was started by the group of Trump's fascist traitors of which this asshole is a member.
For his information, the ex-president will remain an ex-president. We have a president who will remain the president until he decides not to run for re-election or he is voted out of office by an American election process. This is something this fascist neither understands nor believes.

'This Is the Climate Emergency': Dozens of Sudden Deaths Reported as Canada Heat Hits Record 121°F
"This is not the new normal. Normal is going to keep changing until we stop emitting greenhouse gas emissions."
And I suppose there are still people going on about why this is happening?

Riot Suspect Collared After Coworkers Spot Her On TV

Republican Paul Gosar Attended Holocaust Denier's Fundraiser
Fundraisers with literal white nationalists while serving in Congress.
The man whose family thinks he is mentally ill, acts like mentally ill man.
"Rep. Paul Gosar is trying to officially merge the Republican Party with white supremacist factions -- and it's not a hard climb."

Ohio GOP ends attempt to ban municipal broadband after protest from residents
Axed plan's 10Mbps standard could have banned public networks in 98% of Ohio.
Protest? Really? A perfect illustration of why the Fascists of the GOP are totally out of touch with America and the 21st Century. Someone said in a comment on this story, "some politicians are dumb." And gravity keeps us from falling off the earth. Newsflash: Capitalism is failing.

Fox News host suggests Florida building collapse is 'God's plan'
A shame that "press people" are so stupid they know nothing about that which they report. "Defund does not mean abolish policing. And, even some who say abolish, do not necessarily mean to do away with law enforcement altogether. It's all about rearrangment: remove the rot and plant a clean crop."

'There is a God': Trump brutally mocked after he's denied permit for July 4th weekend rally
And he wants nothing to do with this loser.

After His Rally, Some Trump Supporters Warn Of A Civil War
Many Trump believers have pinned their hopes to the Arizona audit. What happens next?
Warn us? A state of war already exists between the Trump Terrorists and the U.S. as they started it already. What are you gonna do, try it again? You folks really do have some loose screws.
The militia will be taking over? They will shit and fall back in it like they did January 6, 2021.
Will you so called "media people" please read the article "'It's a failure': Arizona audit appears to be backfiring on Republicans – and could haunt them at the ballot box" from

John McCain's Son-In-Law Disses Military: 'We Deserve To Lose'
Ben Mr. Meghan McCain Domenech subs for Laura Ingraham and what he says about the US military would make John McCain spin in his grave. Shame.
Just another traitor. He's already the loser.

Watchdog Says Insurrectionist Lawmakers, Including Trump, Should Be Barred From Public Office
"If you want to be elected president, you have to be 35 years old, you have to be a natural-born citizen, and you cannot take an oath of office and then turn around and incite an insurrection."
And when you do, as he has done, throw his treasonous ass in stir!

Enough Highway Robbery: Secularists Challenge Mississippi’s Religious License Plates
Land of Happy Negro thinks if you don't trust in God you'll have to pay the state a little more. Tell them that God has all the money he needs. He's God, for Christ's sake!

'It's a failure': Arizona audit appears to be backfiring on Republicans – and could haunt them at the ballot box
Like everything that Trump touches, it dies.

'Not Going to Happen': Progressives Slam McConnell Effort to Sabotage Reconciliation Bill
"The last person who should have a say on our agenda is Senate MINORITY Leader Mitch McConnell," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal.
The Snake.

'Spray and pray': GOP cries foul on nearly everything Biden does as they struggle to take down the popular president

Ted Cruz's attack on Jen Psaki for 'gaslighting' blows up in his face in spectacular fashion
Blowed up good. Blowed up real good!

Trump has now blamed both Barr and McConnell for Biden's victory — and a presidential historian just published a hilarious response
He just can't blame himself, now can he?

Hate Pastor: Sex Trafficking Tunnels Exist Under Capitol And WH, Biden, Oprah, Pope, Tom Hanks Are Pedophiles
I think our world has grown weary of these side show geeks. Who really gives a shit what flavor of snake oil the grifter is selling. Let's move on to better things because THIS baby ain't gonna be saved.

Trump's Ohio Speech: 'Scores Of People Left Early' — SAD!
Dozens of people walked out of a rally in Ohio over the weekend as former President Donald Trump was speaking.

Revealed: neo-Confederate group includes military officers and politicians
Land of the Happy Negro reveals rosters. Still fighting the Civil War.

WaPost gives Biden four 'Pinocchios' for saying Second Amendment bans cannon ownership
"To keep and bear arms" means I can have all the howitzers I want in my backyard and all the dirty atomic bombs I can store for whenever I need them." Now think about that, America.

Toyota Disappointed In Us For Being So Judgy Of GOPers Who Didn't Certify 2020 Election
You can thank Citizens United for these corporations thinking they are people.

Toyota Leans In Amid Furor Over Donations To GOPers Who Challenged Election Results
More on these miscreants.
Buh-Bye Toyota.
"What a coincidence @Toyota I do not believe it is appropriate to buy cars from companies that fund politicians who try to overthrow our Democracy."
"So much for ever buying anything from @Toyota ever again."
"I am so feeling this. Our WHOLE family of drivers have Toyotas (9 cars), largely on my and my husband’s input. We’re talking years of legacy ownership. Done."

Alarming survey finds American conservatives 'uniquely inclined' toward authoritarianism
Amerika leads world in Authoritarian nonsense. Land of the Happy Negro applauds their standing.

Trump Yelled at Gen. Mark Milley ‘You Can’t F*cking Talk to Me Like That’ During Heated Situation Room Fight; Report
General Bonespurs was told by his AG. What more would the clown want? The uniform of a dictator with medals all over the tunic? ROTFLMAO!

The Pandemic is Over, Says 57 Percent of Republicans — And 4 Percent of Democrats
They ae the ones filling the hospitals and morgues.

White supremacist ‘executed’ two Black victims after crashing truck into building
Doctorate? From where? "Dollars 4 Degrees U."?

Documents Show Ivanka Trump Didn’t Testify Accurately in Inauguration Scandal Case
She said she played no role in planning inaugural events. These records suggest otherwise.
What would we do if we didn't have the eternally grifting Trumps to read about?

'We should be ashamed': Yale public health scholar warns COVID wasn't the worst-case plague. Not by a long shot

How Bill Barr's 'clean-up exercise' to save his reputation reveals he's far more corrupt than anyone realized: columnist

'He's broken': Trump ridiculed for 'utterly deranged' attack on Bill Barr for betraying him
This is not news to us. "Utterly deranged" people are usually put somewhere when they can't harm us. So far, we can't seem to do that with this fuckstick. What does that say about us as a civilization?

Republican Congressman can't understand why Trump supporters went to 'worship a loser' at Ohio rally
A lot of serious thinking disorders in our society has caused this fiasco.

Prof. Dyson Teaches Master Class On Importance Of CRT
"Critical race theory was invented for cases like this, for the law." - Dr. Dyson, putting the Derek Chauvin sentencing in historical and moral perspective.
Here in "Whitemanistan."

Fox News Hosts Freak Out Over Sex Ed Classes
Fox News hosts Pete Hegseth and Rachel Campos-Duffy lashed out in anger over the weekend about a Planned Parenthood flyer that informs students of their options for using birth control.
Someone tell these lamebrains sex ed has been around since the 1960s. They act like it was just invented but what else can you expect from the uneducated?
History of Sex Education in the U.S.
"From the 1960s on, support for sex education in schools began to gain widespread support."
Laura Ingraham and Florida governor Ron DeSantis dismissed warnings from actual medical doctors who know what they're talking about that maybe we should still be careful about COVID variants, calling them "COVID-Doomers."
Deep thinkers.

Fox News' Chris Wallace asks GOP rep: Who's really defunding the police — and he brings the receipts

D.C. Prosecutors Set Their Targets on Don Jr.’s Posse
“These kids were doing events for themselves... by them, for them, with them... with other people’s money.”

Toyota leads the way in donations to GOP sedition caucus: report
"...Toyota led the donors by a substantial margin..."
"We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification," a Toyota spokesperson said in a statement emailed to Axios.
No U.S. Constitution for Toyota.

GOP Isn’t Holding Back on Voter Suppression. Democrats Must Go on Offensive.

Tomorrow’s Hellscape Today

Toyota Defends Funding The 1/6 Attack On American Democracy
They don't believe in the U.S. Constitution? Even Mike Pence does.
Get ready to lose a shitload of auto sales. Fuck Toyota.

'Our One Big Shot': After Biden Walk-Back, AOC Warns Against Being 'Limited' by GOP
The president shouldn't let Republicans obstruct the possibility of enacting sweeping measures, the New York Democrat said, "particularly when we have a House majority, we have 50 Democratic senators, and we have the White House."

American Democracy Will Remain a Mirage Without a Dramatic Overhaul of the Political and Economic System
The progressive forces fighting for a democratic future have a truly herculean task ahead of them.

Demanding 'Transformative' Climate Policy, Sunrise Movement Gears Up for White House Rally
"The people are on our side and they know what’s at stake."

Almost all COVID-19 deaths now are among the unvaccinated: analysis

Historians slam Texas governor for 'patriotic education' law that promotes propaganda over facts
What has happened to Abbott? He just keeps getting dumber and dumber.

Josh Hawley demands Canada be added to religious freedom watch list
Worry about your own dumb ass, nutball.

Watch Sen. Bill Cassidy's bizarre explanation for why 'roads and bridges are a woman's problem'
I know I avoid bridges and roads at all costs. I can see he's fed up with our infrastructure.
Like our buildings they may collapse any second.

'Barr belongs in prison': Critics of former AG furious over new behind the scenes Trump revelations
In the cell next to Trump's.

Bad News For People Who Like To Use Socialism As A Scare Word
"The pandemic put the failures of free market capitalism on display, while socialism came to the rescue and saved a lot of lives."

Trump Resumes His ‘Big Lie’ Rallies While Biden Focuses on Getting Things Done
Stupid is as stupid does. Trump is a total waste.

Terrorism expert: Trump remains a major ‘national security’ threat to the United States
And so do his Q supporters.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls AOC a ‘Little Communist’ and ‘Not an American’ at Trump Rally in Ohio
Still clinging to the "communist" scare tactic of the 1950s. Very old hat and nothing new about this. Fascists, like Greene, have never embraced American ways, genius.

BOOK: Bill Barr Called Trump’s Election Lies “Bullshit”
He was always Trump's lawyer, never America's.

Before Florida Building Collapse, $9 Million In Repairs Needed
An engineering firm in 2018 uncovered “abundant cracking and spalling” of concrete columns, beams and walls in the parking garage.
Someone suggested that this event was due to terrorism. I guess you could say that it was — Capitalism Greed Terrorism.

Wisconsin GOP leaders call Trump 'misinformed' after the he claims they're hiding election corruption
A nice way of calling him a liar.

Malcolm Nance: CIA Reject Tucker Carlson Not Fit To Shine Gen. Milley’s Shoes
Former Navy Senior Chief Malcolm Nance had some choice words for Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson after he called Gen. Mark Milley “stupid” and “a pig” for supporting efforts to study and combat “white rage” and racism.

SHOCK: Carlson Asks All The Wrong Questions About FBI
The FBI's intelligence failures leading up to the Jan. 6 insurrection were more likely the product of the agency's historical refusal to prioritize investigations of right-wing extremists—and not a conspiracy within the FBI to create the event, as Tucker Carlson claims.
No vaccine for stupid.

The GOP’s Sharia Law Liars Are Hyping Critical Race Theory Now
This is the only script Republicans know how to act out now, the same one that they’ve used to demonize Muslims. Here’s how it works, and how to counter it.

GOP Candidate Bankrolled Jan. 6 Riot Trip With Campaign Cash
Derrick Van Orden barely lost his race to be a Congressman. But then he used campaign funds to get to D.C. for the Jan. 6 riot. Now he’s running again.
Remove grifters.

'Biggest loser': Critics slam Trump's '90 minutes of rage' in Ohio
Fat Ass Loser goes on "Biggest Loser in History" tour!

Jim Acosta hilariously previews Trump's MAGA rally: 'A clown car full of lies'
Amazing that someone that fat can get in that tiny car.

Charlie Sykes Slams Tucker Carlson Over Gen. Milley Comments: ‘Pampered Man-Child Trust Fund Baby’

Lauren Boebert's tweet about 'disaster presidency' blows up in her face in spectacular fashion
Margaret Hamiton II.

'I don't know where the Republican Party is going anymore': Ohio GOP mayor trashes Trump's 'revenge tour'
Dave, I can tell you where they are going — back to the place in Hell they came from.

Three Years Before Collapse, Engineer Warned of “Major Structural Damage” at Florida Condo
Evidently, we pay no attention to warnings of any kind. See climate change issues that are now causing us serious problems.

Chauvin Is Sentenced to 22.5 Years. But Who Killed Winston Smith?
In early June, law enforcement in Minneapolis killed a 32-year-old Black man named Winston Smith, three miles from where George Floyd was murdered.

Trump Wanted Military to Take Aggressive Action Against George Floyd Protesters
Trump — a real tough guy when he's got someone else to do his dirty work.

Bishops Back Down On Banning Communion For Biden
Because of course they do.

Carlson Calls Top Pentagon General A Racist [VIDEO]
Says the leader of American racism.
It's the old communist stratagy: discredit or assassinate the intellectuals. We know which one is the pig.

Graham: Biden Made GOP Look Like “Fucking Idiots”
Trump lap dog gets the "Fucking Idiots" part right.

Florida’s Oceanfront Cities Are Not Prepared for Sea Level Rise
South Florida is sinking and threatened by sea level rise. It's never been more clear its buildings are in danger.

Proposed ‘Abolition Amendment’ would close a major 13th Amendment loophole
Stop slavery of women for good.

AP: Nearly All US COVID Deaths Are From Unvaccinated
The vaccinated now account for less than 1% of deaths from COVID-19.
More unvaccinated will be getting sick and dying from the variants.
The cull is doing its work.

Newsmax Hypocrite Attacks Beaten DC Officer Michael Fanone
Calling Officer Fanone a "drama queen," clearly Greg Kelly has a projection problem, as does all of right-wing nut job media.

The Real Fraud: Republicans’ Voter-Fraud Scare
Setting the record straight is our duty to democracy itself.

The more frustrated Trumpworld becomes, the more dangerously ‘radicalized’ it becomes: Rachel Maddow
Sounds a lot like the Hitler Hailers to me.

More Americans ‘socially liberal’ than conservative for first time – huge swing over past 20 years
Then why are we putting up with the Grand Old Pissant fascist con?
And "moderate" means "please don't blame me for anything as I have no opinion." Total bullshit con.
Therein lies the American problem.

It’s Time to Talk About Michael Flynn and His Cronies
At this point, he should clearly be disciplined, and severely—so why isn't he?
A question we must answer if we are to continue to be the United States we believe in.

Buffalo's Next Mayor Is Putting Electeds on Notice
India Walton is poised to be Buffalo’s next mayor, the first woman, the first nurse, the first socialist in a big U.S. city in decades.

Canada Classifies Pro-Trump Militia As Terrorist Group
More and more of these seditious bastards will become identified as terrorists because that's exactly what they are!
And Fatso is their crime boss.

Fox News Host Roasts “Leaker” Tucker Carlson [AUDIO]
The fuckwits eat their own. ROTFFLMFAO!!!

'Disgusting' Tucker Carlson slammed after calling top US general ‘stupid’ and ‘a pig’ for urging military members to be well read
Something should be done about this miscreant because he's going to get into a real pile of shit soon.

How Dare You Prevent Us From Screwing You, GOP Cries
In a real world these idiots would be run out of town.

Susan Collins Sums Up Her Scorching Cynicism With a States’ Rights Defense of Voter Suppression
The alleged moderate defends assaults on voting rights by claiming states should “determine which election rules work best for their citizens.”
Even if it is fascism, right Sue? Recall when lynching was a states right?

Few Texans believe voting fraud is common, UT/TT poll shows, undercutting GOP rationale for tightening voting rules
With no evidence of widespread voting fraud to cite, Republicans are shifting their argument to insist that new voting restrictions are needed to forestall even isolated instances of ineligible voters casting ballots.
But allowing people to vote would ruin the fascists chances of controlling these "voters."

Texans oppose permitless carry, but support expanding Medicaid and restricting transgender student athletes, UT/TT Poll finds
The Legislature gaveled out at the end of month after passing bills on abortion, guns, police budgets and the Texas power grid. Here's how Texas voters feel about the results.
Well, that's just too bad, people, say the fascists. They are going to screw you over anyway as long as they control the vote count."

Normal Human Gen. Milley Shot Down Trump’s ‘Skull-Cracking’ Solution To Civil Unrest
He also cracked Laura Ingraham and Matt Gaetz's numb skulls.

Laura Ingraham Demands Congress Defund Military Over Race Theory
Is she illiterate? She's outraged by someone so vastly more intelligent? This Anti-American threat that is Fox News is the problem.
"In other words, she's a carnival barker. She has one job: to get the rubes into the tent, and keep them from leaving."
She's far lower than that. Critical thinking is not in her wheelhouse.

Trump wanted military to take aggressive action against George Floyd protesters: report
Hitler would have been so proud of this pissant.

Missouri is the Show-Me State, and it's showing everyone how to keep dying needlessly
Regressive thinking can get you killed.
The cull continues to take its toll.
"I would rather spend a week in Hell than 10 minutes in Branson...."

Low Vax Rates, the Delta Variant, and a Huge Music Festival Make for a ‘Perfect Storm’ in This Colorado County
The level of stupidity in the U.S. is staggering.

Congressmen Squirm as ‘World-Class Sleazeball’ Gaetz Continues to Roam
Members of Congress—Democrats and Republicans—are pretending nothing is wrong, that their colleague isn’t credibly accused of paying for sex with a minor.
He'd better be confined in a prison where the inmates can't get to him. Most of those fellers don't take kindly to child abusers.

Lindsey Graham melts down over GOP 'idiots' who worked out an infrastructure deal with Biden
Trump's lap dog. Arf! Arf!

Defund the military? GOP’s anti-woke crusade dips into dicey territory.
Your Nazi heroes. The Grand Old Pricks.

The “Tea Party” Is Long Dead — but a New Fake “Protest Movement” Is in the Making

Stonewall Manchin

'Horrible and Unconscionable Betrayal': Biden DOJ Backs Trump Line 3 Approval
"You are siding with a handful of corrupt corporate elites over honoring treaty rights, climate, water, and the future of life on Earth."
It's increasingly difficult to tell Biden's DOJ from Trump's.

America loves to-go cocktails. This state won't allow them anymore
Poor New York. It used to be a nice place to live.

Video shows Homeland Security threatened to arrest people passing out water to people in 100-degree heat
Not a drop for DipShitus.

Kevin McCarthy is too much of a 'weasel' to appear before Jan. 6 committee: Eric Swalwell
"Be a weasel, that's what he always does,..."

‘We Have a Deal’: Biden Endorses Senators' Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan
Everyone gets a new doormat! Hooray for 'Merica.

Condo Collapse Near Miami Leaves One Dead: Photos
But 100 people are unaccounted for. It sure looks like OK, City.
Can any building be that defective?

Michigan Republicans Confirm the Obvious: Trump Lost Fair and Square
A GOP-led investigation found “no evidence” to doubt Biden’s win.
I'm sure this settles it for all time.

‘Pay Them More!’ Biden Sends Message to Businesses Concerned About Worker Shortages
But, but...they've always worked for slave wages.

Will Biden deliver for rural America? The potential of the proposed Rural Partnership Program
They'll probably consider it communism and say they don't need any help.

Texas Cultists, Cops Sued Under Ku Klux Klan Act For October 2020 Attempt To Run Biden Bus Off The Road
Wendy Davis, others sue law enforcement and Trump supporters over “Trump Train” harassing Biden bus in Texas The plaintiffs argue the Trump supporters engaged in political intimidation when they surrounded the Biden campaign bus in October, in violation of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, and that police "turned a blind eye to the attack."
Typical of the moron pirates in Texas. Can they even spell "intimidation"?

99% of Americans Dying of Covid-19 Were Not Fully Vaccinated
Of the 18,000 Americans who died of covid-19 in May, only 150 were fully vaccinated.
The cull continues to do its job.

We’re Planning Moon Missions But We’ve Only Mapped 20 Percent of the Ocean Floor
We should probably finish exploring our own world first.
We don't give a shit about the planet Earth.
If we gave a good goddamn about our own planet we wouldn't be in the fix we're in today.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, embarrassed by a general’s testimony, makes it worse on Twitter
"Assalottahooey," she said to me.

DeSantis stokes far-right conspiracy theories as he yet again tries to out-fascist Trump
DipShitus: "If anyone needs me I’ll be in my anti-communist bunker sobbing about Sesame Street's emphasis on 'sharing.’"

Brian Williams Breaks Down Greg Abbott's War On Dogs
“If Abbott wants to, say, run for President, he must be more further ensconced in a particular area of Trump’s anatomy than even Ron DeSantis of Florida. And that won’t be easy.”
It's pretty obvious Abbott isn't human.

Lara Trump Flips Out Over Fox Poll: Biden 56% Approval
How DARE Fox News show Joe Biden's high approval numbers!

At Last, Rudy Giuliani's Law License Suspended
Maybe we've reached the point of "Had Enough fo This Shit?"

Christian Nationalists See Illiberal Hungary As A Model For America
Of course they believe religion is the same as the state. The U.S. does not and never will.

Matt Gaetz Is PWNED By Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff
Matt Gaetz's stupid question about "teaching critical race theory at military academies" is completely outgunned by simple statements of fact from a US General, whose FACT-BASED remarks immediately went viral.
The pussy-hound gets told to go suck eggs.

Fox Tries For Tea Party 2.0, This Time With School Board Meetings
So Fox News gives publicity to a bunch of parents in Virginia going insane over "trans" issues in the schools. Who convinced them that they needed to go ballistic over this? Fox News.
The Nazi propaganda outlet.

Parkland Parents Trick Former NRA Pres. Into Fake Graduation Speech
NRA bigwig David Keene gave a graduation speech at a fake high school where the 3,044 empty seats represented students from the class of 2021 who were killed by gun violence.
NRA = No Reasonable Argument.

DC Mayor Schools Ron Johnson On Whether DC Residents 'Deserve Statehood'
Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser pushed back against Sen. Ron Johnson's suggestion that residents of her city don't deserve statehood because they have a greater interest in the federal government than other Americans.
Let's face it. Correcting Ron is sort of like swatting a fly. It's a constant battle. The putrid old fool.

QAnon fans thrilled after OAN host floats mass 'execution' for people who 'stole' election from Trump
The hate is strong in this one. They should be careful about projecting on mass executions.

Fox News triggered after highest-ranking military officer calls out fake new culture war: 'Go after their budget'
Oh, but these idiots loved the General walking with their fat fuck god to the Bible fiasco.
Ever like the communists they purport to hate, these traitors go after the intellectuals first. Low-life cowards.
These people should find honest work and stop their street walking.

‘This is incredible’: Viewers stunned as ‘showboating idiot’ Matt Gaetz gets ‘completely decimated’ by top US general
Gaetz gets what he deserves. The twit. Indictment is coming soon.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vetoes slate of Democratic-led bills
One of the measures would have required a middle school course on how to identify domestic abuse

Morning Digest: How a socialist underdog just unseated the mayor of New York's second-biggest city
They'll have crosses everywhere so one will be handy to nail her to, I'm sure.

Republican leader nailed after freakout over a fake IRS poster actually made by an activist
If you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.

'We're Not Going Away!' Nonviolent Protest Over Voting Rights Ends With Arrests in DC
"We're saying across this country, it's time for people... to march on these Senate offices," declared Rev. William Barber.
The great American, Rev. William Barber. And we will not go away, Reverend.

Bakker Ordered To Pay $156K For Fake COVID Cure
Returning some of his grifting take.

GOP Senator Apparently Unaware People Actually Born And Raised In Washington DC
Stupidity Illustrated.

French Spyware Executives Are Indicted for Aiding Torture
The managers are accused of selling tech to Libya and Egypt that was used to to identify activists, read private messages, and kidnap, torture, or kill them.
Notice has been served.

The Decline of Butterflies May Bring Dire Consequences for Life on Earth

How Does America Solve Its “Fake News” Crisis?
And we say: Want to stop fake news? Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine

The Delta Variant Is a Grave Danger to the Unvaccinated
One half of America is protected. The other is approaching a perilous moment in the pandemic
They don't care. They'd rather die while they are living, we've heard.

Woman charged with a hate crime after she and her boyfriend cornered Black Amazon driver and blocked him from
More racist white trash who think they are specially entitled.

Make Election Day a national holiday
This no-brainer should have been done a century ago.
But — fuckwit stupid.

Students Sue Indiana University Over Vaccine Mandate
"Youth is wasted on the young." — man on porch in "It's a Wonderful Life."

DeSantis: Defund Universities That Promote ‘Indoctrination’
Defund state governments that do the same first.
Oh, the Slotted Serpent Eyes from the next article, certainly does fit Old Squinty doesn't it?

Christian Prophet: Biden Has “Slotted Serpent’s Eyes”
Oh brother, is this guy in for a long shit whip.
Lots will be mocking him because he deserves it, the fuckwit.
...being gay is “just a coverup for being evangelists.”
Nope. It's the other way around, Einstein.

Bail Denied For Cultist Who Threatened To Kill Warnock
Arrest and indict the co-conspriators in Congress, too.

Indiana Woman Is The First Capitol Defendant Sentenced
Anna Morgan-Lloyd told the court she “felt ashamed that something meant to show support for the President had turned violent.”
Merely a slap on the wrist. She won't be the last.

Ron DeSantis Goes Full McCarthyism
Polling faculty --AND students-- on their political views to "ensure diversity"? They all hate you, Ron.
Bozo the Clown, wannabe Jr. but too stupid to get there.
"Ron DeSantis is a stupid wanking fascist, but you knew that."
Yes. Yes, we all know that.

Ignoring Climate Goals, Biden Administration Greenlights Oil Drilling in Alaska
You cannot approve massive oil drilling projects if you want to swiftly reach net-zero emissions.
It appears Biden will learn the hard way...if he can learn at all.

Report on ICE Reveals 'Cruelty and Coercion' Against Hunger Strikers
The U.S. agency's systemic response of "coercion and violence," said an ACLU attorney, "speaks to the inherently abusive and inhumane nature of immigration detention."
All on has to do to see is open their eyes.

Majority of Americans believe GOP 'election audits' are a sham designed to undermine election processes
Yes, you scumbags. America sees right through your fascist "fuck you" to us.

New poll reveals deep, widespread fears over future of U.S. democracy
American can see you Nazis. You'll get yours.

Editorial in major paper declares 'the filibuster must go' after GOP senators’ shameful reaction to Manchin’s voting rights bill
Along with the rest of the GOP miscreant traitors.

Ohio GOP official hit with felony charges for illegal voting during 2020 presidential election
There you have it. GOP = crook.

Sanders Rips GOP for Remaining 'Loyal to the Big Lie,' Says Filibuster Must Be Abolished
"Not a single Republican in the United States Senate has the courage to even debate whether we should protect American democracy or not."
The very definition of a spineless coward traitor

Republican Senators Filibuster The For The People Act
Activists picketing Senator Kyrsten Sinema's refusal to kill the filibuster are being arrested for peacefully protesting.
We are watching democracy being stolen from us by fascists. This will not end well.

Psaki Bombs Dumb Republicans Trying To 'Gum Up' Legislation
Jen Psaki suggested maybe Bernie Sanders could explain how a bill is passed and becomes a law.
Republican and stupid are synonomous.

Arizona audit is finally falling apart

Video shows cops tasing Black teen boy as he arrived at his girlfriend's house — he was then held for 21 days
Black in the wrong place — Amerika.

Trump issues unhinged new statement about 'winning' Georgia — and gets quickly shot down by fact checker
When did this fat fuck ever care about facts?

If Catholic Church Wants To Use Communion To Influence Policy, Maybe Tax Exemption Is Not For Them
No maybe about it.

What is critical race theory? Explaining the discipline that Texas' governor wants to "abolish"
Those who study the discipline say attacks on it are targeting any teachings that challenge and complicate dominant narratives about the country’s history and identity.
It would be good if every American read this but for the fact that so few could wrap their heads around it.
We really are that stupid.

Believe It or Not, Some States Are Making It Easier to Vote
We know. Only the states run by the Nazis are making it next to impossible.

QAnon Rep: My Election Win Was Ordained By Jesus
When did it become fashionable to show the world your are a lamebrained stupidfuck moron?

Vatican Opposes Italian Bill On LGBT Hate Crimes
World's largest cult decides it is a state. A state eh? That means they get to pay taxes. Yes, tax them.
The comments say it all about these two-faced asshats.

Connecticut Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
It’s the 19th state in the union to allow recreational cannabis use for those who are of legal drinking age.
We will get to all of them some day soon. Even Texas.

Georgia's Senator Reverend Brings Fire Over Voting Rights
Reverend Raphael Warnock doesn't sugarcoat it.
Reverend, you're Black and they will never forgive you for it.
The Land of the Happy Negro has always been the same and will only change if they can ever grow up.

Biden And The Bishops: The President’s Job Is Not To Enforce Theology

Georgia GOP quickly moving to oust Democrats from local election posts
GOP Nazis doing what Nazis always do.

'Pivotal' new video evidence released in Capitol riot investigation
The Trump coup attempt was a grand failure. Now he and the rest of his toadies must pay the price.

Respectable white people continue to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt. Why?
Sorry, we have to assume that if they are giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt there is nothing respectable about them.

Josh Hawley invoked MLK to grandstand against 'critical race theory.' It did not go well
Mental defectives should learn to keep their mouths shut.

Watch: DC mayor smacks down 'incorrect' Ron Johnson after he says residents don't deserve statehood
And speaking of mental defectives...

'Coward': Dad of Parkland shooting victim slams Marco Rubio's remarks on 'fatherlessness'
Scapegoating the minorities has been a fascist strategy since forever.
"Closer to home, are you saying the impact of gun violence on Americans is because of a lack of dads. No Marco, it is because of cowards like you."

Mississippi wrongly paid out almost $118 million in unemployment claims: auditor
Well, so many in the state don't never work no how so how do you tell the difference?

To the Man Who Shouted at Me About Stolen Elections
A poll worker responds to an angry heckler.
There have always been disgruntled and disturbed people in our country. It's just that some big fat asswipe created more of them to fuck with us so his ego can be massaged. Have any of these fuckwits ever been a poll worker during an election? Let's have a show of hands.

The Republican Party has Turned Fascist and is Now the Most Dangerous Threat in the World
"...the transformation of the Republican Party in the US into a fascist movement."

Sinema Op-Ed Defending Senate Filibuster Slammed as 'Delusional'
Rep. Mondaire Jones said Sinema is effectively arguing that "we should let Republicans destroy democracy now because at some indeterminate time in the future they may try again."
Here's a real mental giant. ( A facetious comment. The terminally helpless, like Sinema, can get someone to look it up for them.)

Trump Wanted His Justice Department to Stop ‘SNL’ From Teasing Him
“SNL” amounted to “nothing less than unfair news coverage and Dem commercials,” Trump tweeted in 2018, pondering whether his thought “should be tested in courts, can’t be legal?”
A real legal whizbang. The dumbest ass in the universe. The perfect Nazi.

'Despicable': Chuck Schumer Rails Against GOP Fascism
Using Traitor Trump's lies, Republican state legislatures are using QAnon conspiracies to try and strip away the will of the voting public.
Throw the Nazis in the gutter.

SHAME: 'Violence Against Women Act' Leaves Out Indigenous Women
Lawmakers in the nation’s capital have an opportunity to fix a longstanding problem with the landmark legislation to prevent domestic violence: its failure to protect Indigenous women.
Typical American response. Doh! I forgot!

Ammon Bundy Declares He/His Pronouns As Confused Cardboard Reagan Looks On
Not making this up. He thinks it's funny.
Yes, America loves its felons and con men for office. LMAO!

Psaki Bombs Jim Jordan
Does Gym Jordan have amnesia or is he just a liar?
This is a rhetorical question, for sure.
Jackit Off Jordan would rather fight than be a rational human.

GAO Busts Trump's Lies About Building Border Wall
Building only 69 miles of a border wall was a failure of enormous magnitude.
It will be told in his Trump Library. By the way, where is that Trump Library? In an empty Mar-a-lago ballroom?

Remember Who Tucker Carlson Is
When a flagrantly unreliable narrator narrated his own story, people across the media spectrum responded as if he could be trusted. Why?

Trump rails against Mike Pence in new interview: 'You would have a different president right now'
In other words, "If Pence had only broken the law, as I did in so many cases, I would still be in power and breaking more laws."
The monkey speaks his mind.

Quack 'archbishop' claims Trump drank bleach to cure coronavirus
Too bad these idiots didn't swallow more of it.

Ted Cruz Pretty Sure Critical Race Theory Same Deal As KKK Burning Crosses

Dead Men Thieving

How Far Will the GOP Go To Steal the 2022 Election?
All the way to the Hamptons.

We Can’t Be Heroes

Living in fear and unemployable: Far-right extremists are finding themselves doxed and out of work
Fear has been all they've ever been lectured on by the bullshit artists they have put their faith in.
Victims have been all these people have ever seen themselves as. They were had by the con artists.
The terrorism they have perpetuated is their own fault.

Despite Court Order, Mark McCloskey Shows Off A New Gun
Missouri US Senate candidate Mark McCloskey tweets about getting a new gun despite a court order.
"The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also editorialized the the guilty pleas and ad hoc campaign stunt were more than enough grounds disbarment."
Walking sphincter that blurts out more bullshit.

Sanders Says Congress Must Combat GOP Attacks on Voting Rights in 'Any and Every Way'
"What Republican legislatures and governors are doing in the most disgraceful way imaginable is to try to deny people of color, young people, poor people the right to vote."

ACLU Alarm as Amazon Activates Sidewalk Surveillance System
This is a nightmare for civil rights and civil liberties.

Study Shows Government Support Harms Christianity
"Oh blinding light, oh light that blinds, I cannot see, look out for me." — Firesign Theatre

Critics denounce Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick's 'invasion' rhetoric on immigration

'Craven cynicism': St. Louis paper slams pro-Trump GOP for preaching law and order while honoring 'anti-democracy thugs'
Pefectly describes the Republican Fascist Party.

Trump's tour with Bill O'Reilly conflicts with August reinstatement theory — driving QAnons bonkers
What about August? WTF?

'Half-baked': Greg Abbott scorched by major Texas paper for 'ludicrous' plan to finish Trump's border wall
"The governor should focus on those problems, and the needs of all Texans, instead of propping up his political ambitions with a wasteful border wall."

The Unique Terror of Being a COVID Scientist After Jan. 6

The Race to Replace Liz Cheney Is a Trump Sideshow
Or "The Amazing Insanity of the Trump Wing-Nuts."

Cartoon: Attack of the critical race theory!
They always have their finger on the pulse! LMAO!

'Final straw': Priest warns Catholic bishops their parishioners are furious church is choosing Trump over faithful Biden
The world's largest cult grows smaller with each exposure of their hypocrisy.

Capitol attacker's mother sobs talking about how Trump doesn't care about her son — or his jailed followers
"... Trump doesn't care about any of those people that stormed the Capitol for him. He doesn't care one iota about them."
Of course now. Trump cares only for himself and the cons he can put over on the suckers that fall for his bullshit.

Why Tucker Carlson loves UFOs: Jason Colavito on the hidden links between conspiracy theories
There's immense overlap, Colavito says, between QAnon believers, UFO enthusiasts and Donald Trump's superfans

Maria Bartiromo erupts defending Jan. 6 lies: 'Keep trashing me — I'll keep telling the truth'
My, my. A woman proud of her lies. This is totally new on the Nazi propaganda network.

'Bipartisanship isn't working': Chris Wallace busts Lindsey Graham lying about Joe Manchin's voting bill
Of course not. The fascists want no part of "bipartisanship." That's for the suckers.

Trump's announcement of rallies with Bill O'Reilly sets off furious backlash among QAnon supporters: report
Oh, Joy. More Nazi rallies.

RNC's McDaniel tries to claim credit for Juneteenth holiday — and it doesn't go well
Always amazing to watch the children of the Dixiecrat Party try to get in on the action.

Wingnut World Crumbles Over Macy Gray Suggesting We Change The Flag

Ron DeSantis urged to investigate why so many Floridians took part in Trump's insurrection: report
Is he actually going to acknowledge it?
"Florida is reportedly tied with Texas for providing the most number of insurrectionists, with 47 Floridians facing charges."
Nice going, Texas. We knew you could do it!

Jim Acosta Awards Tucker Carlson ‘Bullsh*t Factory Employee of the Month’: ‘Congrats, Tucker…No One Bullsh*ts Like You When It Comes to the Insurrection’

We're laughing at you now, Tucks.

Georgia To Purge 100K Voters From Registration Rolls
Why stop there, Nazis? Purge everyone, start registration over, arrest every person that doesn't match your fascism and put 'em to labor on the New Chain Gang!

Facebook To Update Its Policies On Satirical Content
Did we say something about AI and satire? Damn right.
Now are you going to do it to your AI or your human AI?

Of Assault Rifles and Swiss Army Knives
Since 1931 there have been four mass killings in Switzerland resulting in the deaths of 35 people. In none of those massacres was the Swiss Army Knife used.

Buffalo Bills' Cole Beasley says he'd rather retire than get Covid-19 vaccine
We'd rather he did both.
The only people that are scared of you, Cole, are just maybe some of the people like you that have not been vaccinated. The rest of us just think you're another chump in a long string of fools.
"I'd rather die living" is one of more ironic statements that has come out of a mouth in a while. I'm pretty sure after you die you won't give a damn about it anymore, Cole.

'Surreal' and 'distressing': Climate experts' dire predictions come true with US heatwave
As previously stated — it's not like we weren't warned. We simply chose to ignore it and let it all burn.
Apparently, we will continue to do the same.

The efforts to make text-based AI less racist and terrible
One thing, if possible, it should be taught to recognize, which is does not now, is satire. "Literal" is all the intelligence it has.

Mike Pence's whining about 'cancel culture' leads to epic blowback on Twitter
The asshat doesn't realize that he and his toxic partners have created the situation he's so fucking upset about.
"Efforts to marginalize "Christians and Conservatives" have all been created by asshats like him and his dumbed-down Dumbos.

Georgia Republicans purging Black election officials as they eye 2022 midterms: report
Land of the Happy Negro fascists make certain their Negroes will remain happy and off election boards.

Texas governor defunds the legislature after Dems walked out to block voter suppression bill: report
"Texas has a governor, not a dictator," Turner said in a statement. Oh, but he thinks he's a dictator. He's really a spiteful little twit.

'Epic Failure of Humanity': Global Displaced Population Hits All-Time High
"The tragedy of so many children being born into exile should be reason enough to make far greater efforts to prevent and end conflict and violence."

Anti-Critical Race Theory and Neo-McCarthyism
"...the guano pile, that is contemporary cultural conservatism."
Dumb as dirt. And yet we tolerate brainless fools like Fowler Arthur spreading fascist bullshit.
The implication that "common good" is "communism." But striking it creates "common connivance" and basic grifting. Oh, these are some low scumbags.

Donald Trump and the New Lost Cause

Meet Putin's New Puppet: Tucker Carlson!
"The goal is to identify people with outsized audience inside the target (the United States) who can then amplify your message. No one does that currently better than Tucker Carlson does for Putin and his message."
Everyone that possesses a modicum of a brain knows Carlson is toxic to America.

This woman thinks she's the secret Queen of Canada — and she has a following among Trump-loving QAnon fans
Shit-fer-brains should get tossed in the fucking insane asylum. Fuck this shitwit!
Someone will get killed because of this shitwit.
SHUT DOWN THE FUCKWITS! This includes ANY of the pissant dipshit QAnonsense fuckwits! Mass insanity. Shut it the fuck down!

QAnons Are Harassing People at the Whim of a Woman They Say Is Canada’s Queen
Shitwitsville! Does this motherfucker think she's bullet proof? Why hasn't this brain-fucked asswipe been thrown in prison? And all of her potential killer folowers? Are we a civilization or not?

Democrats open new front investigating 'a broader criminal conspiracy' within the Trump administration: report

'They just decided they didn’t want Trump people': Ex-Trump admin lawyers struggle to find jobs
They want the best people not the worst.

Vladimir Putin and GOP apologists for the Capitol rioters are sharing the same bogus talking points

Holiday Celebrating End Of Slavery Very Divisive, Say Assholes

Bishops Move Towards Barring Biden From Communion
And continue fondling little boys. The world's biggest control cult.

Cultists Chant “Traitor” At Pence During Christian Event
"Christian," my ass. These are dupes of the fascist lies that Trump has provided them. But they deserve all the shit they can eat.

Republicans Declare War on Biden’s Nonexistent Plan to Grab Farmland
Right wingers are calling the 30X30 conservation plan a threat to property rights.
Another perfect example of Republicans and their obsession of the fear of being a victim.

What’s the ‘critical race theory’ uproar really about? The right-wing need to fabricate enemies
They need to fabricate proof of their illusion that they are victims.

Texas’ 1836 Project is a big bag of BS, and we all know everything’s bigger in Texas
Especially bullshit.

Politically Correct Racism
A major component of the latest manifestation of racism is that white people are its victims.
This has been the mantra of the right ever since I have been aware of the Republican Party -- "WE ARE VICTIMS!"
It has no ring of truth. None at all. It is hollow.

Racial Bias Makes White Americans More Likely to Support Wars in Nonwhite Foreign Countries
Social scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that white people who hold such views are also likely to hold negative views of other nonwhite U.S. populations, including Latinos, immigrants, Muslim Americans and Asian Americans.
Why? Because they see themselves as victims of the other.

Twitter Bashes Candace Owens For Juneteenth Tweet
Candace Owens suggests Juneteenth isn't "American" like July 4. Twitter is not impressed.
Self-loathing Black woman stumbles again.

New Book Reveals Trump Denigrating 'The Blacks' In White House
In a forthcoming book, a look at Donald Trump's irritation that "the Blacks" don't appreciate him enough. Really.
"I am pretty sure that Trump being angry at The Blacks is called critical racist theory." -- Mr. Newberger

New Body Cam Footage From Jan 6 Shows A Lack Of 'Tourists'
Newly released by the Justice Department, body cam footage puts the lie to right-wing whitewashing of the MAGA sedition riot.
You mean Americans don't traditionally visit D.C. for a tour on the day they certify our election?

It’s Not Just Voting – Election Officials Are Under Attack, Too
While Republican legislators are seizing power away from election officials, their lives are being put in jeopardy, too.
Two can play that game you suckers. Wipe the fascists out first.

Fox News' Leo Terrell Blames George Floyd For Brazen Shoplifters
It takes some seriously twisted logic to blame George Floyd for the rash of shoplifting crime in San Francisco.
It appears that Leo Terrell is the cause of cancer. Thankfully, the disease can be prevented by putting him away.

Rep. Greene files bill to eliminate ATF then attacks Biden over drug cartels – which ATF targets and investigates
No brains - no service.
How dumb does one have to be before they get taken out with the trash.

GOP Congressman: FBI 'participated' in insurrection to 'entrap' harmless protestors and 'frame the MAGA movement'
Poor Louie. He's grasping at straws that aren't there. The dumbest.

Why Trump must be prosecuted.
For the same reasons as Hitler, Mussolini, Hussein, Bin Laden and other world-class murderers.

Military expert: Russians will eventually 'leak' what they 'had to control Trump'

'You didn't watch all the videos!' MAGA rioter squirms when CNN reporter confronts him with damning evidence
"He then showed footage of Pruitt walking into the Capitol with other rioters just 70 seconds after other rioters broke windows to enter the building." Now what you got for us, Dumbo?

GOP's Matt Gaetz could be charged within weeks: report

Thanks, Tucker! Fox Insanity Forces MSM To Fact Check Jan 6
Just when the mainstream media was all set to erase "Republicans" from the January 6 insurrection, Tucker claimed it was the FBI. Fact check: It was Trump-supporting Republicans.
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Oh, damn it.

Gov. Greg Abbott says power grid better than ever as Texans asked to cut back electricity use
It looks like Greg needs to take the cognitive test more than Biden does. Poor feeble guy.

To Pave the Way for Medicare for All, We Need to Overcome “Citizens United”
“Citizens United” must be obliterated by any means necessary.

Democrats Prepare $6 Trillion Infrastructure Bill That Sidesteps GOP
But kick them in the nuts as you pass!

Critics denounce Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick’s “invasion” rhetoric on immigration, saying it will incite violence
“If people die again, blood will be on your hands,” U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-El Paso, wrote in a tweet.
Which raises the question, just how many have to die to have blood on the hands? These two are doing the math right now.

The Media Is Being Duped by Republicans on the "Lab Leak" Theory
They'll show up for a free buffet anywhere.

The GOP’s Alternate Reality Industry
Plus, Eric Swalwell’s restroom run-in with Ted Cruz.

Juneteenth is a 'hollow' victory as Republicans like Josh Hawley push racist oppression: analysis
We must put an end the racist cult called Republican.

Few Cops We Found Using Force on George Floyd Protesters Are Known to Have Faced Discipline
ProPublica compiled 68 videos that seemed to show officers using disproportionate force on protesters. A year later, police have disclosed discipline for a total of 10 officers.
Fascist racists protect their own.

Charlie Kirk Pummeled for Calling Juneteenth An ‘Affront’ to Independence Day: ‘How Are You So Racist You Don’t Want an Extra Day Off?’
Holy Holidays, Batman! This could mean something horrible just like...just like...just like...Christmas and New Year's Day!

A year after George Floyd’s murder, corporate promises haven’t made Minneapolis more equal
Gee, it's just too hard to do this, right?

Cultist GOP Rep Demands Cognitive Test For Biden
Sorry, Ronny. Trump and his Toady henchmen (includes you) have already formed a line long enough for Hell to freeze over for Biden to ever get tested.

DeSantis To Send FL Police To Mexican Border [VIDEO]
Yep. Texas is pretty dirt poor when it comes to its cops.
They probably begged for help. Talk about "Bullshit Theater."

Riot Suspect Collared After Boasting Post: I’m On TV

Woman Who Never Lies Lies About Biden Speech
OMG! That poor little girl!

SCOTUS Foster Care Decision a Blow to Civil Rights, Endangers Children and Religious Freedom

Fox News Fraud: Republican Strategists Impersonating Concerned Parents
Fox’s anti-“critical race theory” parents are also GOP activists
Why does this outlet still have a license to broadcast as a news source?

Majority of Florida residents disagree with DeSantis as he continues to rail against the CDC: poll
Howdy Doody's second cousin doesn't seem to have any brains at all.

Brothers of white nationalist congressman apologize for his false claim insurrectionist was 'executed' by police
We used to not allow mentally challenged people to be elected to our government posts.

Ohio Republicans close to imposing near-total ban on municipal broadband
Bill's 10Mbps standard could make 98% of Ohio ineligible for municipal networks.
Cave people mentality.

The Corruption That Overwhelmed the GOP Has Reached a Crisis Point — and It’s Killing People

Here Are The 14 Garbage White Male Congressmen Too Racist To Vote For Juneteenth
" are the 14 absolute garbage piece of shit white men in the House who couldn't bring themselves to vote to recognize a celebration of the end of slavery."
Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala.
Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.
Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn.
Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wis.
Rep. Doug LaMalfa, R-Calif.
Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala.
Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C.
Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas
Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz.
Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif.
Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont.
Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas
Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky.
Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Ga.

GOP Cowards Just Twiddling Thumbs, Waiting For Trump’s Next Insurrection

Biden Hammers Home Danger To Democracy At Home And Abroad
President Biden: "Every generation has to reestablish the basis in this fight for democracy."

Teachers Push Back On GOP 'Critical Race Theory' Nonsense
As GOP tries to stop students from learning about the nation's history of racism, thousands of teachers across the U.S. have signed a pledge refusing "to lie to young people" about the past—or the present.
The rascist traitors will be denied.

Capitol Rioter Running For Governor In Nevada
Republican Joey Gilbert made the announcement over the weekend to wild cheers.
Nazi Amerika keeps rearing its 18th century head. Just another con man.

'Neoliberal proto-fascism': Noam Chomsky explains how Trumpism has made the GOP a 'white supremacist' cult
Nazi by any other name.

US bishops set collision course with Vatican over plan to press Biden not to take Communion
World's largest cult of proven child molesters. They can go back to the place in Hell they came from.

Progressive Warnings Grow as Big Oil-Backed Republicans Endorse Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework
"The Senate GOP members participating in these talks on infrastructure have accepted a career total of $15,896,919 in campaign contributions from oil and gas companies."
Grifters on the take.

Federal government files brief that could relate to military charges against Michael Flynn advocating a coup

QAnon Rep Gets Fact-Check On Her Lies About HIV
Yep, it's been covered but the memes and shames are the best here.

Texas governor's border wall fundraiser is a lot like the effort Steve Bannon was indicted for doing
The Texas whatever-he-is is a lot like Steve Bannon. Indictments could be waiting for him.

Republican lawmaker calls Juneteenth holiday bill a left-wing plot
How is this a threat to you, you poor baby?
Explain Critical Race Theory to me, sonny boy. We will wait, numbnut.

Weird Even For Tucker: 'FBI To Blame' For Jan 6 Insurrection
Carlturd is a Nazi propagandist. A lying coward.

Rep. Paul Gosar Demands To Know Who 'Executed' Ashli Babbitt
Gosar characterized the shooting this way: “The Capitol police officer that did that shooting appeared to be hiding, lying in wait and then gave no warning before killing her.”
Why isn't this man in a mental institution? He's no patriot and it could have been the other way around. "Disgusting and despicable" are words being far too kind to him. He's trash.

Leaked recordings reveal Joe Manchin's real thoughts on filibuster and Jan 6 commission
Two-faced game player. Get out now, Joe.

The media is being duped by Republicans' 'lab leak' theory
Right. Journalism ain't rocket science.

GOP pushed for probe into Biden's border wall halt. Government watchdog rules his move was legal
The fucking wall is a boondoggle failure, you fuckwits.
And just think, these people that laugh at your shitty wall actually vote for the fascism some of you assholes support! How fucking dumb can a shitwit get?

Jim Jordan ridiculed after demanding DOJ investigate whether Italian satellites hacked the vote count
Jack-it Off ridiculed? OMG, wonders will never cease.

Trump to pretend he's still president during Texas visit
Shows how warped and sick Texas is. Get that FAT FUCK out of the state!

Nicolle Wallace calls the right-wing's bluff on Antifa being behind the Jan. 6 attack
Tell it to the fascist traitor, Gosar!
If it was Antifa then why don't the Republicans want to investigate? You chickenshit motherfucking traitor bastards! Because you walking turds have nothing and you are the enemy! The internet has turned into an open sewer and you bastards have made it so!

Florida Leads Nation In Capitol Insurrection Arrests
The answer to my question "What's wrong with Florida?"
It's full of traitors.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Orders Moment Of Silence For First Amendment He Just Shivved
"What's important for schools to provide each student is a nutritious meal so their rumbling stomachs don't drown out their teachers. They can receive prayer time anywhere. You don't have to buy a moment of silence at the Piggly Wiggly. It's free. The state isn't providing a service or filling a public need. This is all performative, as people more religious than I am, like Nietzsche, would probably agree."
Some people stand for nothing and fall for anything.

Hot Take: People Don’t Deserve To Die For Enforcing Mask Mandates
Some Americans can't grow up.

QAnon Followers Are Likely Planning More Violence Against Lawmakers, Warns FBI
These psychopaths are capable of mass murder.

How Trump Made Being a Psychopath Fashionable
or "How Trump Made the Republican Party Psychopaths Like Him."

Lauren Boebert says liberals made it legal to knowingly spread HIV -- and gets torn apart by CNN fact checker
When will this snotty child learn to keep her fat mouth shut?

Mo Brooks obtains arrest warrant for man who served his wife with Eric Swalwell's Jan. 6 lawsuit
Whining seditionist, Mo Brooks doesn't like getting it dished out to him.

Whose Side Are They On? Fox & Friends Pushes Biden ‘Weakness’ Narrative on Day of Putin Summit
They aren't on America's side. This we know. Why the FCC doesn't revoke their license is beyond reason in a sane world.

SC Couple Charged In Capitol Riot: “This Is War”
Two more traitors charged. Still a lot more to go.

Anti-Vax Nutbags Protest Foo Fighters Concert [VIDEO]
The insane come out to show they are no longer part of civilization.

Marge Greene Rips AG Garland For Calling Domestic Terrorists White Supremacists
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Tuesday lashed out at Attorney General Merrick Garland after he announced a plan to combat domestic terrorism.
That's exactly what they are. Just as she is.

'A Deeply Dangerous Order': Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Biden From Pausing New Oil Drilling Leases
"The judge's order turns a blind eye to runaway climate pollution that's devastating our planet."
Trump appointed him so it's very obvious he doesn't give a good goddamn about devastating our planet. He only cares about money and power as do all fascists.
Judge Terry Doughty of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana. He must be overridden.

Florida Public School Moment Of Silence Law Doesn’t Advance Religious Freedom
"Moment-of-silence laws exist in several states, and they are almost always about currying favor with religious voters, not protecting students’ rights.
False institution.

Biden White House highlights infrastructure nightmare in Mitch McConnell's Kentucky: 'We deserve roads and bridges'
Just because the McConnell's have indoor plumbing doesn't mean the rest of the state does.

'Moron' Tom Cotton slammed after bizarre remarks suggesting China might take DNA from US Olympic athletes
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. Stop showing your ass in public.

House Democrats demand to know why the FBI wasn't better prepared for Jan. 6: 'This is a shocking failure'
Who's department was it? Trump's. Wray must resign.

As Grand Jury Investigation Heats Up, Will Allen Weisselberg Still Protect Trump?
Prosecutors will continue to press the Trump Organization executive to testify against his boss.
Trump crime syndicate is in deep heat.

Memo to "respectable" Republicans: Stop looking for GOP heroes to fight Trumpism from the inside
When traditional Republicans try to appeal to reason within the party, who do they think they are talking to?

After Far-Right Marchers Chant 'Death to Arabs,' New Israeli Government Bombs Gaza
"The problem is bigger than Netanyahu—it's apartheid."
"This is a genocidal chant. Let's call it what it is." — U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Here are the 21 GOP supervillains who voted against giving Capitol Hill police officers gold medals

'I've got lots of ammo': NC conservatives express 'real fear' elections are being stolen — and they want action
Federal troops have a lot more.

'Trump betrayed his oath': WaPo editorial sounds alarm about new DOJ bombshells
Treason of the highest order. Time to put Trump away for life.

US tops 600,000 COVID deaths, New York and California drop curbs
With the new Delta variant more unvaccinated fools will be making trips to the hospital.

Texas Governor Signs Law To Stop Teachers From Talking About Racism
“The idea is to whitewash American history of any legacy of racism,” said state Democratic Rep. James Talarico.
The land of the Happy Negro takes pride in their stupidity and racist arrogance.

Parler Warned the FBI of Potential Violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6 More Than 50 Times
The FBI acknowledged that it had received those emails, but declined to specify why no direct action was taken.
Anyone smell a big pile of shit at the Trump FBI?

Prosecutors aren't just going to indict Trump — they'll make sure the case is bullet-proof: ex-DOJ aide
Trump's crime syndicate is about to be popped.

Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg could face indictment as soon as this summer: NYT
Who will the next rat be?

Capitol rioter who made over 100 threatening calls to 911 dispatch will be sent for psych evaluation: report
Yes! We will finally send one for nutball testing!

Florida Congressional Candidate Claims Her Opponents Are Trying To Have Her Killed
Anna Paulina Luna obtained a stalking injunction against one of her potential Republican opponents in FL-13.
Another one that will do anything for publicity. How swell for us. What is it that is wrong with Florida?

Democrats Unveil Decriminalization Plan to End 'Mass Devastation' of Failed US Drug War
"50 years. That's how long our government has waged a war—not on drugs, but on people."
Yes. End the madness now.

Loser Trump Can't Get Book Deal, Can't Blog, Not Allowed To Tweet, Is Basically Worthless

Vaccine Refusal in Trump Country Makes It a Sitting Duck for COVID Delta Variant
Yes, but something has to take these people out because they won't learn.

'Do your job': Texans blast Greg Abbott for 'embarrassment' sovereignty resolution as they face more blackouts
Keep posturing for a Civil War, Greg. You'll get it sooner or later.

This is why the bizarre panic over 'critical race theory' is the perfect right-wing troll
These latahs can't tell you where this CRT is being taught let alone explain what it is.
"...the biggest sports stars are African-Americans." And if they take a knee they get persecuted for protesting your facist racist party.

The Civil War They Seek
A MAGA neo-Confederate intellectual wants black Americans to just move on.
Seek and ye shall find, dumbasses.

Alabama Republican unable to explain ‘critical race theory’ he’s trying to ban
In the Land of the Happy Negro it pays to be ignorant.
Slack-jawed cave dwellers are tearing the country apart you ignorant moron.

DeSantis Signs Bill Requiring Minute Of Prayer In Public Schools: “You Can’t Push God Out Of Every Institution”
We'll see what the courts say, DipShitus. They already have this ability you twisted twerp!
“Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them.” — Barry Goldwater
Maybe some of you "conservatives" remember him?