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"It is now life and not art that requires the willing suspension of disbelief." — Lionel Trilling





Land of the Happy Negro

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it—always.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

Forgiving those who show no remorse is injustice. There will be no meeting Nazis halfway in the name of "unity."

When I press alt-right on the keyboard my screen goes white.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." — Edmund Burke

ďWe donít take an oath to a king, or queen, or a tyrant or a dictator. And we donít take an oath to a wannabe dictatorÖ we take an oath to the ConstitutionÖ and weíre willing to die to protect it.Ē
ó Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley, at his retirement ceremony.

A Manifesto

Making America Great Again
"Making America Great Again."
Back in 2005 Lost Country recorded a song that was issued on their CD Long Gone Thrill. It was a song written by Jeff Gutcheon that was originally titled Land of the Happy Negro, subtitled Battle Hymn of the Republicans. We thought that no one would “get it.” It would be misunderstood; it might be construed as racist on our part. Of course, it was far from that. We changed the title and some of the lyrics. But today I realize that Jeff was on the money and that now everyone should recognize that he was. The teahadists, around 2011, demanded that the school textbooks in Tennessee overlook certain facts and look at the “sunny side of slavery.” So, now these “Ministry of Truth” protectors can take their proper context with the song that had them pegged from our earlier years when we tried to be kind. Now, we know they are not kind people. Now, you can hear the original track—unedited, unoverdubbed, with the original lyrics sung as a pilot vocal so we could work on the track that later became the issued recording of a kinder version, Land of the Happy People.

Land of the Happy Negro — copyright Jeff Gutcheon, 2005.

Randy Newman is in on this issue as well with an offering for you titled I'm Dreaming.
Get it while you can.

Dedicated to the Republican Teahadistas in the Senate and the House. How they long to return to the past.

For more on the Teahadistas: Americans Against The Tea Party

P.S. : It was rewarding to see The Daily Show using the title Battle Hymn of the Republicans for one of their segments. Great minds think alike. Except the greatest think of them first.

On page 97 in Jill Lepore’s book The Whites of their Eyes (2010, Princeton University Press) she states, “There was though, something heartbreaking in all this. Behind the Tea Party’s Revolution lay nostalgia for an imagined time—the 1950s, maybe, or the 1940s—less riven by strife, less troubled by race. In that nostalgia was the remembrance of childhood, a yearning for a common past, bulwark against a divided present, comfort against an uncertain future....”

As if anyone needed more proof of this retro-lunacy just look at our latest "sunny slaver" Cliven Bundy and his quotes on "happy negros." I quote Maureen Dowd in her Times column Sunday, April 27, 2014: "It’s a measure of how hallucinogenic conservatives are that they are trying to re-litigate slavery during the second term of the first African-American president." Jeff’s song could very aptly be subtitled Battle Hymn of Cliven Bundy.

Need more? Take a look at an Esquire article written by Charles P. Pierce dated April 25, 2014, Mike Pence Joins A Bad Parade.

"In downtown Indianapolis, there's this massive monument to the people from Indiana who have died in our various wars, particularly the nearly 25,000 Hoosiers who died in the War of Southern Sedition. I mention this only to point out that the National Rifle Association is meeting in Indianapolis at the moment, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence made them welcome by edging right up to being on the wrong side of the dispute that cost so many Hoosiers their lives. This, of course, is the on-ramp to the expressway to Bundyville, although Pence would be horrified if you pointed that out to him."

Governor Pence:    "Washington is not only broke, it’s broken. The cure for what ails this country will come more from our state capitals than it ever will from our national capital. Despite what some may think in Washington, our state governments are not territorial outposts of the national government. The states are the wellspring of the American experiment. It will not be enough to cut federal spending; the next generation of leaders must permanently reduce the size and scope of the federal government by returning to the states the rights, resources, and responsibilities that are rightfully theirs!"

"This view of things was litigated at the Constitutional Convention. It failed. It was litigated over the tariff. It failed. It was litigated at Cemetery Ridge. It failed. It was litigated prior to the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. It failed. It was litigated at Central High in Little Rock. It failed. It was litigated on the campus at Ole Miss in 1962. It failed. It was litigated at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It failed. It is the connective tissue that binds modern conservativism inextricably to the remnants of American apartheid because this view of the nature of the nation always was the expression of threat that the slaveholder felt about his way of life. It camouflaged itself in a number of ways involving a number of different issues, but always it was about the fear that, sooner or later, the federal government was going to come and take away the chattel from which you derived your personal economy, and so even what might be beneficial to the nation as a whole must be resisted on the pretext of sovereign states...."

Not enough yet? Here you go. Dated July 21, 2014.
Top Anti-Immigrant ‘Expert’ Says ‘Being Hung, Drawn And Quartered’ Is ‘Too Good’ For Obama.
A senior policy analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, which bills itself as the think tank of the anti-immigrant Right, told a Florida-based Tea Party group last week that President Obama not only deserves impeachment, but that “being hung, drawn and quartered is probably too good for him.” The Center for New Community’s Imagine 2050 blog first reported on Stephen Steinlight’s remarks. Steinlight also said that John Boehner’s lawsuit against the president is a ‘political loser’ and claimed that while Obama deserves to be impeached, such an effort would backfire on Republicans.

CIS describes Steinlight as “one of the nation’s most insightful voices on immigration” who provides “expert testimony” for government panels.

"A rash of opinion polls which have come out, not push polls, real polls, including one by Gallup that showed that 65 percent of the American people don’t want any part of an Obama-style immigration reform. But the idea of this [lawsuit] is vintage Boehner, it’s a political loser. There is no court that is going to stop Obama from doing anything. We all know, if there ever was a president that deserved to be impeached, it’s this guy. Alright? I mean, I wouldn’t stop. I would think being hung, drawn, and quartered is probably too good for him."

While it’s my opinion this would be “cruel and unusual punishment” I’m sure it’s merely a figure of speech the gentleman is using and doesn't seriously want lynching to return. But on the other hand, we could just ‘Blame It On Obama” as Andre Williams says.

Not enough for rational human beings? Ok:
A while back Mr. Cruz stated: “I think the reason so many Americans are upset about the Obama presidency is that they realize this wasn’t possible before, and they wanted his presidency to be bigger than it is, you know, to do bigger things. And then you have others that appreciate history. If the slaves were never freed in the Civil War, you have to wonder, where would Obama be today? Certainly not the White House, not in the capacity he’s in. And you have some in America that think that might not be a bad thing. That he not be in office, I mean.”

Another Happy Negro kind of guy! Ya gotta love the pursed eyebrow schtick!
Ted Cruz displays his acting skills.

Ah, but it goes on:
Ann Coulter is up front with her racism when in response to Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at Tuskegee University, May 2015, proudly stated on Sean Hannity’s show — "I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now.” The pundit proceeded to denounce the "predator class” in the black community and deny the existence of "peaceful protesters” in Baltimore...."Oh my gosh, this nonsense about, oh, so many blacks are in prison, well how did they get there?” Coulter asked later. "In addition to the peaceful Baltimore protester I want to put on a milk carton, — have you seen this? — I want to see the innocent person in prison.”
(Note: While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States' population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates. March 13, 2012.)
Glenn Beck stated in response to the same speech she gave with "White people in droves went out to vote for you,” he said. "You were somehow invisible so much that you became the President and First Lady of the United States of America? Tell me about the troubles that you have seen!.” Beck then argued that conservatives and Christians were the real victims of bigotry: "The conservatives have never felt it! The jobs we are suddenly bypassed for because we’re conservative, because of our viewpoint. The religious that are mocked on a daily basis and belittled. Yeah, we’ve never felt that. We don’t know what it’s like.”

An excellent playing of the "Victim Card” the Republicans do over and over as well.
76% of Americans consider themselves "Christian” yet the Republicans consider them victims?

“Yes, the long war on Christianity. I pray that one day we may live in an America where Christians can worship freely! In broad daylight! Openly wearing the symbols of their religion... perhaps around their necks? And maybe – dare I dream it? – maybe one day there can be an openly Christian President. Or, perhaps, 43 of them. Consecutively.”—Jon Stewart

Maybe Ann and Glen should read the article in the Times Magazine from Sunday, May 10, 2015, "Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us.”. Would (did) they miss the killing part or are they really that clueless?

And continues:
In the June 19, 2015 article titled Why Conservatives Still Won't Admit That Charleston Was A Racist Crime,” Aurin Squire makes several points on the sad excuses that Republicans used on the murders by Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina. “Given the history of the South, along the rise of both active shooters and gun access, we can't call what happened Wednesday night a ‘senseless tragedy.’ In fact, the Charleston church shooting is full of savage sense. Thanks to complicity at best, and outright racist at worst, the ‘inconceivable’ is still feasible. The fear tactics that were once localized in the dark backwoods of our political landscape now reach every phone and laptop. Today, xenophobia and bigotry are the daily platforms from which many conservatives speak to their shrinking base. The Charleston shooting is not a random act of violence, but part of a long litany of history culminating in a painful present.”

From Mr. Roof’s Manifesto (as originally stated on Tumblr) :
Mr. Roof’s Tumblr had contained photos that matched his Facebook page, but both were taken down after the killings.
The essay uses defamatory terms for blacks, whom he accused of being “stupid and violent” with “the capacity to be very slick.” It laments white flight, and suggested that the whites should instead stay behind in cities and fight.
Criticisms are levied at Hispanics and Jews, but Asians are praised for being racists and potential allies. Whites are unfairly portrayed as all having been slave owners, the essay says. In reality, the author wrote, slavery was not that bad.
(Note: Charleston, SC is racially two-thirds white, up from 1980 when it was 50%)

And, on the Stars and Bars (their “Battle Flag” and not the first Confederate “national flag”) front (didn’t the Confederacy lose the war? Guess they never got over it and are still pissed).
Outrage vs. Tradition, Wrapped in a High-Flying Flag of Dixie
Supporters of the Confederate battle flag display signaled Friday that their position had not changed. In a commentary on Friday, Michael Hill, the president of the League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed as a hate group, said that the Confederate battle flag should remain at the State House but that the American flag should be removed.

The American flag, Mr. Hill wrote, “now stands for multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity — the left’s unholy trinity.” In “sharp contrast,” he wrote, the Confederate battle flag “stands for the heroic effort our people made 150 years ago to avoid the fate” of contemporary America.

In the same article, Senator Lindsey Graham (a Republican candidate for President of the United States) told CNN that he would support a move to “revisit” the flag’s status, but he added that the flag was part of the state’s identity.
(Identity? Guess he means Land of the Happy Negro.)

Seditious Oklahoma asshats are grabbing their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” “President Obama greeted by Confederate flags in Oklahoma” show these people are too ignorant to know what racism is. Only 80 of these asshats showed up but they still display their ignorance very well. Or was it only 10? Another link to the story is here. The asshat that drove up from Texas is talking to himself I suppose.

Then we have the good ol’ boys from the remnants of the KKK demanding their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” at the Statehouse in South Carolina. These fascists crawled out of the sewers to parade their little battle flags on Saturday, July 18, 2015. Oh, sorry, they weren’t protesting the uppity negroes, they were protesting the uppity immigrants. Old, sad, diminished, disgruntled white men and some younger skin heads were, indeed, demanding their share of the sweet sunny heritage (white supremacy) of the Confederacy. Ooops! Is that a swastika on that black T-shirt? Such class.

Book About George Washington’s ‘Happy’ Slaves Shelved - Yet another wistful yearner for the Land of the Happy Negro!

Don't overlook Land of the Happy Negro's Corey Stewartís Confederate antics. LaCivita said. "Let the idiot be the idiot." Always the best strategy.

Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Confederate Monument Removals
Land of the Happy Negro stronghold joins 21st Century.

Donald Trump openly joined “The Land of the Happy Negro” on August 15, 2017. He confirmed that he is a white supremacist supporter. He wants to blame resistance to it. You cannot serve Nazis and liberty at the same time. His attempts at being the leader of the free world have failed miserably. The events in Charlottesville have unmasked him forever as the bigoted demagogue he is. “The Land of the Happy Negro” has, in a not-so-subtle way, declared war on the United States. We should acknowledge this war exists, the enemy is among us, and fight it with all the heart and soul of those who fought and died stamping out this very same fascism in World War II. That is now our task as we have a president that is so mindless and tyrannical that he doesn't know the difference between Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. That same civil war is upon us once again. Lest our nation collapse, let us not fail to settle it once and for all this time.

Worse Than Treason
No amount of rationalizing can change the fact that the majority of the Republican Party is advocating for the overthrow of an American election.

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As Gregg Popovich declared, "We are Rome."

From "The Holocaust Explained": Between 1929 and 1932, support for the Communist and Nazi parties increased. The less extreme parties were blamed for causing Germany's problems. As these parties had been unable to work together to solve country's problems, people became more afraid that the Communists may take over. The moderate parties turned to the Nazis to keep the Communists out.

President Obama said, "We are not Democrats first, we are not Republicans first, we are Americans."
Mr. President, from your first day they never gave you that courtesy so they will not get it from me.
We oppose everything
"EVERYTHING that goes wrong, from here on out, is owned by Trump and the Republicans."

When you have elected representatives stating that Trump is unqualified, bad for the country, ignorant of the issues, and other harsh criticisms also stating that they will back him as the Republican nominee, you have clear evidence of the rot that permeates the party. They are as corrupt and power-mad as their putative candidate. They—McCain, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the toadies—demonstrate their hypocrisy and the fact that they put party power over the good of the nation.

D.L. Hughley put it in clear words, voting for Trump means "voting for a racist over a liberal." That is it, succinctly put. If you voted for Trump you have made a statement for racism, hatred, intolerance, bigotry, falsity, xenophobia, gynophobia, scapegoating and fraud. Refusal to vote for HRC does not absolve you from participation, because no vote as well as a third party vote is a vote for Trump in effect.

Let me get this straight. The "angry" American people want government out of their lives. Yet, they blame the government for forgetting about them for all the jobs that the middle-class has lost over the years. Huh? Their solution is to elect a fascist to office of POTUS. In this exchange you get a dictatorship. This has historically worked out well for how many countries? And the left get criticized for calling these people idiots? Many of these people vote against their best interest every time. What else can you call them when it is the truth?

2016 Thank You Notes by Ethan Coen

End the Electoral College

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
Why the hell should Florida, Ohio and a few other swing states rule our election process? We have not been 13 colonies for some time now.

I am not mad at you that Clinton lost. I am unconcerned that we have different politics. And I don't think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another.

No... I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him. I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman's worth to her appearance and got on board.

It isn't your politics that I find repulsive. It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty. You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget.

So, no... you and I won't be "coming together" to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn't disgust you that will stick with me long after this election.

—Sparrow R. Jones

You watched Trump live his entire life as a millionaire or billionaire and never earn an honest nickle in his life; you watched the man send ALL of his manufacturing overseas; you watched him rail against the auto industry bail out; you watched him hire illegal immigrants for his businesses and for his homes here in America; you watched him scam and bankrupt countless family owned businesses by not paying his bills; you watched him declare bankruptcy countless times and walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars; you then watched him not pay one dime of taxes on that ill gotten gain and brag about it to the middle class who had to pick up his slack on their taxes and you STILL thought that Donald Trump understands you and the working class and that he and he alone could "save our economy" and bring jobs back to "Murka".

And since you also believe that Bush left us with a strong and sound economy that Obama destroyed, I dislike you because you are a willful idiot.


Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to gain power. And it works too well.

"You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts." — Ted Koppel to Sean Hannity 3/26/2017

ďIt is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.Ē — Upton Sinclair

(Why do certain people vote against their best interest?):
"The masses revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed." — George Orwell, 1984

"We're closer to a nuclear war than we've been in 55 years because "someone" wanted to jail a woman for using email." — LOLGOP

"Fuck Trump.
Fuck his faux concern.
Fuck his half-assed apologies.
And fuck every POS who voted for this degenerate to lead our county."
—Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) tweeted at 5:52 PM on Sat, Aug 12, 2017

"Nazis are murdering people, farmers are going broke and the arctic is fucking melting. Maybe next time let's not hand the world's most difficult job to a toxic moron lost and wandering in a haze of dementia and untreated tertiary syphilis who can't even spell his own fucking name."
—Jeff Tiedrich@itsJeffTiedrich
Tweeted on Tue., Aug 6, 2019

"White people have nearly completely gone mad. Think about it. The people of VA voted for a republican candidate who's only platform is that he would save them from CRT and or the teaching of American History. CRT is a university level curriculum and is not taught on grade school levels. American history is impossible to teach without discussing slavery, the massacre and land theft of the first Nations. Since slavery starts with the country's formation, how do you teach American history without it? Do you start at the civil war? How do you explain why Americans were killing each other over "state's rights"? Rights to do what? Ok, maybe we teach the bible. But the setting of the Bible is in Africa and the middle east and slavery is discussed all through it. See what I mean. The battle against truth is the path to self termination on a macro scale."
— Real Truth stings 11/3/2021,

We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang

Vicente Fox for U. S. President!

Follow Gollum J. Trump! He know all the Best Words!

"Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right."
—H. L. Menken (1880 - 1956)

Directed to the asshats (and their species) who wear the "Makes A Great Asshat" at public places:
Scholar Matt Sears: Someday MAGA hats will be shameful secrets, like Klan robes (and swastikas)
Scholar and Washington Post columnist says those who wear MAGA hats are "morally accountable" for Trump's actions

Red Hat of the Red Death
"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
"In October, 25 out of every 100,000 residents of heavily Trump counties died from Covid, more than three times higher than the rate in heavily Biden counties (7.8 per 100,000). October was the fifth consecutive month that the percentage gap between the death rates in Trump counties and Biden counties widened." — NYT article by David Leonhardt
The Covid cull is doing as it is allowed to do.

ďSocialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.Ē
—Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress

"It's odd. The same people who declare that wearing a mask is a 'personal choice,' are the SAME people who want to take away a woman's right to choose."
—E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll)

Captain Beattyís Speech
(For the 21st century book burners who think they make some sort of statement.)

"With school turning out more runners, jumpers, racers, tinkerers, grabbers, snatchers, fliers, and swimmers instead of examiners, critics, knowers, and imaginative creators, the word `intellectual,' of course, became the swear word it deserved to be. You always dread the unfamiliar. Surely you remember the boy in your own school class who was exceptionally 'bright,' did most of the reciting and answering while the others sat like so many leaden idols, hating him. And wasn't it this bright boy you selected for beatings and tortures after hours? Of course it was. We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against.

So! A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon. Breach man's mind. Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man? Me? I won't stomach them for a minute...

You must understand that our civilization is so vast that we can't have our minorities upset and stirred. Ask yourself, What do we want in this country, above all? People want to be happy, isn't that right? Haven't you heard it all your life? I want to be happy, people say. Well, aren't they? Don't we keep them moving, don't we give them fun? That's all we live for, isn't it? For pleasure, for titillation? And you must admit our culture provides plenty of these ...

Coloured people don't like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don't feel good about Uncle Tom's Cabin. Burn it. Someone's written a book on tobacco and cancer of the lungs? The cigarette people are weeping? Burn the book. Serenity, Montag. Peace, Montag. Take your fight outside. Better yet, into the incinerator. Funerals are unhappy and pagan? Eliminate them, too. Five minutes after a person is dead he's on his way to the Big Flue, the Incinerators serviced by helicopters all over the country. Ten minutes after death a man's a speck of black dust. Let's not quibble over individuals with memoriams. Forget them. Burn them all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean ...

Luckily, queer ones like her don't happen, often. We know how to nip most of them in the bud, early. You can't build a house without nails and wood. If you don't want a house built, hide the nails and wood. If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the Government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it...

Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of non-combustible data, chock them so damned full of 'facts' they feel stuffed, but absolutely `brilliant' with information. Then they'll feel they're thinking, they'll get a sense of motion without moving. And they'll be happy, because facts of that sort don't change. Don't give them any slippery stuff like philosophy or sociology to tie things up with. That way lies melancholy. Any man who can take a TV wall apart and put it back together again, and most men can nowadays, is happier than any man who tries to slide-rule, measure, and equate the universe, which just won't be measured or equated without making man feel bestial and lonely. I know, I've tried it; to hell with it. So bring on your clubs and parties, your acrobats and magicians, your dare-devils, jet cars, motor-cycle helicopters, your sex and heroin, more of everything to do with automatic reflex. If the drama is bad, if the film says nothing, if the play is hollow, sting me with the theremin, loudly. I'll think I'm responding to the play, when it's only a tactile reaction to vibration. But I don't care. I just like solid entertainment."
Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, 1953

The Future is Here


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It's a conspiracy theory that they believe. What else?

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Trump fascism will destroy south Texas and begin the destruction of the U.S..

Amend the 13th Amendment.
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Endnote 2: White Fascism

Field Negro Blogspot

The Gods that the "Christian" God displaced in America.

"God ordained our great nation"? Upon reading a remark that was stated on Face Book that "America was ordained by God." I couldn't help but wonder which 'God' as there are so many. Of course, I knew to which "God" this person was referring. But the case of this country being ordained by "God" is a case that is wide open as you can see for yourself. The statement itself is not based on Biblical history as this is unprovable by actual historical events. It is, more likely, based on "educators" such as Rush Limbaugh or his like. Biblical history that is taught by accredited institutions will not dabble in "miracles" or claims which have no evidence.

The Discovery

In 1492 the natives discovered they were indians,
they discovered they lived in America,
they discovered they were naked,
they discovered there was sin,
they discovered they owed obedience to a king and queen
from another world and a god from some other heaven,
and this God had invented guilt and clothing,
and had ordered burned alive all who worshipped the sun and
the moon the earth and the rain that moistens it.

—Eduardo Galeano, from Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History, 2013

ďSlavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colors.Ē — Charles Bukowski

Forgiving those who show no remorse is injustice. There will be no meeting Nazis halfway in the name of "unity."

"We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!" — Greta Thunberg

"Maybe it's time for women to go on strike and stop having sex with men until this is straightened out. There are many other ways of enjoying your body, women, than sex with men. Who is willing to take the chance of getting pregnant and having a daughter to be abused by self-professed owners and handlers of her body? " — Luisa

"Atheisim is to religion as sobriety is to drunkeness" — unknown

"Faith is like fire. It can cook your dinner or it can burn down your home." — unknown

On September 17th, FBI director Christopher Wray testified in front of the House Committee on Homeland Security. At that time, he stated that the biggest domestic terror threat the U.S. currently faces is from white supremacists. During his testimony, Wray never once mentioned Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Why? Because unlike the ignorant of this world, Wray knows the difference between hard facts and partisan propaganda.
Granted, the director of the FBI isn't nearly as credible a source as Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. Just ask any plumbing-supply salesman. Presenting certain people with facts is like giving medicine to a corpse.

During a recent pro-Trump demonstration in Washington, D.C., four members of the so-called "Proud Boys" ganged up on a Black man, who defended himself by pulling out a knife and stabbing his attackers. The right-wing media ran with the story, claiming this was a prime example of how Black Lives Matter is a violent terrorist network. Never mind that the man in question never claimed to support, much less belong to, BLM. Never mind also that conservatives claim to fully support the right to defend yourself. Clearly, they only extend that right to their brother and sister fascists.

Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies

Godwin's Law is fellacious. It is said to end all discussions when Hitler arrives. It denies Hitler as having any valid reality—it's just too simple to use, is what it implies. You only have to look at Hitler's atrocities to understand his reality. The idea that there could not be anything comparible or greater to Hitler is what I call "The Great Denial." We all know that is a river in Egypt. If you swim in it, you just get all wet.
I hereby invoke "The Law of Law." Nothing can be denied that is real. Reality isn't what you make of it. It is what reality makes of it and you.
I will now use the "Atilla the Hun" analogy and see if some egghead will declare that a law. As I have been told so many times by right-wingers, "I'm a little to the right of Atilla the Hun." So much for theories. "What is reality?" Let that be the wall.

Trump's drive to the Hamptons is over and there is no house there (Seinfeld fans will understand). It cost us a lot of money. It took a lot of time. But the son of a bitch is a walking dead man now. Many, many of us knew how this would end—not pretty—and it has not been. But this is the bitter end of the con man, the flim flam man, the megalomaniac that is Donald J. Trump. What happens to him next will be interesting to see. He cannot go without serious punishment. He must pay and pay dearly for his insurrection.

Music of the Resistance


Going Down to Sing in Texas - Iris DeMent (Official Lyric Video)

All You Fascists Bound To Lose - Resistance Revival Chorus with Rhiannon Giddens

The Revolution Starts Now - Steve Earle

Trump Can't Have That - Greg Brown

Sand in the Gears - Frank Turner

Pussy Grabbin' Man - Men of Extinction

FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) - YG & Nipsey Hussle

No TRUMP! No KKK! No FASCIST USA!! - Green Day

Troubled Times - Green Day

Erupt & Matter - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Not Gonna Say Your Name - ENTRANCE

We The People - A Tribe Called Quest

Where's The Revolution - Depeche Mode

Interesting Drug - OK Go

Million Dollar Loan - Death Cab For Cutie

Viva Presidente Trump - Brujeria

Impeachable - Noel Paul Stookey

Can't You Tell? - Aimee Mann

Tin Foil Hat - Todd Rundgren/Donald Fagen

In This Cold Place - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Are You Lost In The World Like Me? - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Eminem Rips Fake Blonde Rat - Eminem

Tiny Hands - Women's March Chant (featuring Fiona Apple)

Land of the Free - JoeyBada$$

Locker Room Talk - Cold War Kids

Demagogue - Franz Ferdinand

Going To A Town - Lily Allen

If You Ever Got Impeached - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

One Small Voice - Carole King

I Had a Dream - Louden Wainwright III

Impeach Trump Anthem - Haile Unlikely

Camp America - Vic Mensa

Russia Ties - Randy Rainbow

Cheeto Christ Stupid Csar - Randy Rainbow

There Stands the Tower - Men of Extinction

The Day Democracy Died - The Founding Fathers

No Rules for Donald - Randy Rainbow

American Idiot - Green Day

Wasteland - Iris Dement

Fuck These Fucking Fascists - The Muslims

In Your Path - War On Women

You Better Not Fuck in Texas - Jill Sobule

Rising Seas - Midnight Oil

Evolution's Not Fast Enough For Me - Men of Extinction

Found - Fucked Up

Donald In The John With Boxes- Randy Rainbow

Land of the Happy Negro Newsfeeds

Trump has aspired to and achieved the ultimate luxury – an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.
Mark Singer, Trump and Me

ďWe donít take an oath to a king, or queen, or a tyrant or a dictator. And we donít take an oath to a wannabe dictatorÖ we take an oath to the ConstitutionÖ and weíre willing to die to protect it.Ē
ó Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley, at his retirement ceremony.

Lindsey Graham Warns Liz Cheney to Get On Board With Trump 2024 Or Else ĎThe World Will Be Truly On Fireí
Not because of Liz, you idiot. It will be all due to your false face.

'I donít think there is a Republican Party': Former GOP governor trashes 'cult' of Trump
Of course not. It was taken over by the MAGAt Nazis some time ago. Why is this just being realized by some?

'Stunned' former Trump official alarmed by his 'lack of sharpness' at Iowa rally
His Alzheimer's disease is rapidly advancing and no one seems to care.

Donald Trump 'headed directly to conviction' after Chutkan ruling: Harvard law professor
Do not pass Go, go directly to jail.

Fox News host demands 'honest conversation' about how Dems are 'communists and fascists'
Stupidity and ignorance on display. Perhaps the dumbest, most contradiction laiden and weakest utterance from a lying media shit show. Projection while claiming projection. Totally unequivocal statements from her. In what grade did she drop of out of school?

Florida professors leaving in droves blame 'very dystopian' environment: report
"According to a Sunday report in the New York Times, the newspaper "interviewed a dozen academics ó in fields ranging from law to psychology to agronomy ó who have left Florida public universities or given their notice, many headed to blue states."
Red states will fall into a wasteland as their human resources leave them empty-handed.

Florida GOP Chairman Defies Calls For His Resignation
The perfect fascist.

Texas GOP executive committee rejects proposed ban on associating with Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers
Why wouldn't they? They are all Nazi scum. We should know this and accept this truth. We must reject them if we are American patriots.

Killer Kyle Plays Holier Than Thou Card Against The Pope
They were all upset because the Pope had a luncheon with some transgender women.
WTF does he care about what the Pope does? In all eternity the Pope will always be a better man than that little no-dick asshole.

Wisconsin Unions File Lawsuit To End Scott Walker's Folly
"The lawsuit, filed by the teachers and other public workers on Thursday, alleges that the law's exemption of some police, firefighters and other public safety workers from the bargaining restrictions violates the Wisconsin Constitutionís equal protection guarantee. The complaint notes that those exempted from the restrictions endorsed Walker in the 2010 gubernatorial election, while those subject to the restrictions did not."
Great news as he's one big DICK!

Hate Pastors To Debate: ďIs The Earth Flat Or Round?Ē
Is this to distract from all of the pedophile crime you get nailed on constantly?

Greg Gutfeld: Fox News Fired Tucker Carlson Because Advertisers Were ďCowed By Special Interest GroupsĒ
Hey, Gutless. Advertisers are paying your salary. Hopefully, you're next to kiss the sidewalk.

"Trump Georgia plea deal is out because Fani Willis has evidence the J6 committee lacked
Appearing on MSNBC early Saturday morning, the Guardian's Hugo Lowell followed up on his reporting that Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows will not be offered plea deals by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis by noting the Georgia prosecutor is sitting on a mountain of evidence."

Rioter: Trump Wanted Violence At The Capitol
A perfect discription of the traitor Trump. He's going down hard one way or the other.

Buttigieg Reacts To Anti-Gay Book Backed By Johnson
"As reported by CNN, the book which Mike Johnson promoted and which includes his fawning foreword, is laced with QAnon battshittery and anti-gay slurs, including references to Buttigieg as ďobnoxiously gay.Ē
Johnson appears to be a self-loathing homo and simply, obnoxious.
"Heterosexuality isn't normal, it's just common." -- Dorothy Parker

California Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
"An East Bay pastor is under arrest accused of sex crimes with an underage member of his church and police believe there may be more victims."
Another one bites the dust.
"If drag queens or gay men were doing this, we'd be in camps by now. But since it's America's favorite delusion, religion..." — HZ81 (comments)
Still waiting for a drag queen to commit one of these religious pedophile crimes.

Bannon Vows GOP Civil War Over George Santos Expulsion
Bannon raged at Kevin McCarthy, Fox News and establishment Republicans for expelling the lying, fraudulent crook George Santos from Congress.
"ďThis is the uniparty,Ē Bannon claimed. He meant that Wall Street, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley and ďthe American eliteĒ are all one. I guess he thinks weíre too stupid to know or care that Bannon is as fake a populist as his lying, treasonous, p***y grabbing hero, Donald Trump. In 2017, Bannonís net worth was between $9.5 million and $48 million, according to financial disclosures while he was in the White House, most of it in real estate and entertainment companies. Just like the rest of us little guys!"
May this Nazi swine be the first casualty.

'Holding things together by a thread': PA county election officials quit after 'being abused'
Exactly what the Nazis want.

Sinema got $27K from student loan industry after helping GOP kill Bidenís debt forgiveness plan
Where I come from we dare call this treason.

Texas must remove floating barrier from Rio Grande, Fifth Circuit Court orders
"The appeals court upheld an earlier ruling by an Austin federal judge to remove the 1,000-foot-long barrier the state deployed near Eagle Pass."

The Supreme Court May Be Poised to Kill the Voting Rights Act Once and for All
They prefer a dictatorship of the SCOTUS?

Report: Israeli Officials Knew of October 7 Attack a Year Ago, But Didnít Act
Same as Bush knew about 9/11.
"For over a year, Israeli officials had detailed knowledge of the plan for the October 7 attack by Hamas forces ó but, despite knowing about the devastation the incursion would cause, Israeli leaders declined to act, a new bombshell New York Times investigation reveals."

Jim Jordan demands Jack Smith hand over Trump indictment documents: reporter
He thinks he's Javert. He should end exactly as he did.

Our "Golden Bachelor" reality check: It's not the first time a lapse in vetting led to juicier TV
"Gerry Turner isn't a perfect gentleman. Oh well. But the "Bachelor" franchise let worse into the house before"
When it gets down to stupid TV you can't get lower than this. But they will keep trying.
Johnny Otis was correct when he said, "America has a tatste for shit."

Ingraham: Dems Are Trying To Get Trump Assassinated
They seem to be projecting on Hitler.
Dear girls, Hitler was not assassinated.

Why The Media Avoids Talking About Trump As Hitler
When Hillary said "deplorable" it was a festival of coverage, but Trump calls his opponents the Nazi term "vermin" and...crickets. There's a reason for that.
Who the fuck said the media was biased to the left?
This site returns fire.

At Long Last, A Bill To Tax The Rich
Billionaires Income Tax Targets Ultrawealthy 'Schemes'

Parents slam 'unelected extremist from Tennessee' behind book-banning campaign in school districts
Are we getting fed up with the Nazis fucking with us? HELL, YES!

Texas grid faces winter after failed attempt to get more power online
"Industry experts continue to argue over whether the electricity market in Texas needs to change to make the grid more reliable in winter and summer."

Texas is on the verge of making illegal border crossings a state crime. Hereís what you need to know
Abbott is a fascist.

This is Not Acceptable: A Scream From a Diehard Liberal
ďAnyone can be a barbarian; it requires a terrible effort to remain a civilized man.Ē ó Leonard Woolf

Trolls trick QAnon Queen followers into signing up to execute opponents: report
All of these "Dildo Diludo" pricks should take gas.

Former Melania adviser slams Trumps for keeping employees 'silent for far too long'
The further adventures of "Fatso and Stiffneck."

Tommy Tuberville showing signs of folding on his military promotion holds
"Alabamaís blowhard Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville seems to have seen the writing on the wall regarding his hold on military promotions: There is a growing sentiment among his Republican colleagues that it must end. A temporary rule change that would bypass Tubervilleís one-man blockade is ready to come to the Senate floor, and it would appear Tuberville has been hearing from fellow Republicans that theyíre ready to vote with Democrats against him."

Good Fucking Riddance: HK Finally Kicks His Bucket of Blood
In gratitude, we mark the death of Henry Kissinger, America's peerless war criminal. As U.S officials laud an "elder statesman" and "erudite strategist," the rest of us, and surely millions of brown-skinned people, celebrate the end of an "iconic napalm rights advocate" whose lies, hubris, towering inhumanity and many blood-soaked foreign policy follies left a legacy - in Vietnam, Chile, Cambodia, Argentina - of an "enormous pile of corpses" that may number four million. The consensus: "Burn hot, Henry."

Appeals Court: Trump Can Be Sued For Inciting J6 Riot
A federal appeals court has ruled that Donald Trump *can* be sued for inciting the Jan. 6 crowd. He is not ďimmuneĒ because he was president, the circuit rules.
Please, let's show the traitor he's a dork.

House expels GOP Rep. George Santos over ethics violations
Oh, dear. Another one bites the dust.

Newsom humiliates DeSantis on Fox News
California Gov. Gavin Newsom not only stood up for his state but made a great case for Joe Biden on Fox News

Newsom Roasts DeSantis During Fox Debate: Neither One Of Us Will Be The Nominee For Our Party In 2024
Not much of a contest: brain vs brainless.

Marine Pleads Guilty To Firebombing Abortion Clinic And Plotting To Bomb LGBTQ Pride Night At Dodger Stadium
"The few, the proud," needs to be re-worked.

X Advertisers To Elon Musk: We Will Indeed F*ck Off
"Advertisers said on Thursday that they did not plan to reopen their wallets anytime soon with X, the social media company formerly known as Twitter, after its owner, Elon Musk, insulted brands using an expletive and told them not to spend on the platform."
He's a real genius, eh?

Trumpís Extreme Agenda Is a Problem for Republicans, Too
"He has been releasing policy papers and videos on what he calls 'Agenda 47' for months, and he and his advisers are openly bragging about their radical plans for a second term. Some of the worst elements of Trumpís first-term agenda were thwarted by scrupulous government officials, legal challenges, and the Trump teamís general ineptitude. But the former president and his well-funded allies in the conservative movement are already working to make sure theyíll be more successful if he winds up back in the White House."
That's Hitler Jr.

Biden administration proposes strictest lead pipe rules in more than three decades
"Most cities would have to replace lead water pipes within 10 years under new rules proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency aimed to prevent like the ones in Flint, Mich. and Washington, D.C."
Get it done, Joe.

'Game over': Expert says Trump attorney just landed a 'bullseye for prosecutors'
"A Donald Trump attorney provided damning evidence against the former president in the Mar-a-Lago documents case ó and a legal analyst said it will almost certainly lead to a conviction once the case finally goes to trial."
"If you're a prosecutor and you have to prove obstruction, you have to show that the defendant, in this case Donald Trump, knew he had a subpoena, knew he had to comply and intentionally did not do so, and this witness, Trump's former and, by the way, current lawyer, has told the grand jury straight up, no ambiguity, 'You have to comply, if you don't, it's a crime,' and he said, 'I got it, I understand.'"

Abortion Confusion in Texas
State courts must now decide how to handle life-threatening pregnancy issues that state attorneys, lawmakers, and medical officials refuse to clear up.

Why Don't Americans Believe in Science?
Did they get a science class in school? Or did they not bother to attend?

Republican Border Theatrics Go Into Overdrive
"Senate negotiations over immigration policy have become a proxy for warmongering foreign policy rhetoric."

Henry Kissinger, 1923Ė2023. War Criminal
"An appropriate response to Kissingerís death would be for the U.S. to own up to the entirety of what Nixon and Kissinger wrought."

Climate change, costly disasters sent Texas homeowner insurance rates skyrocketing this year
"Texas rates have increased 22% on average so far in 2023, twice the national rate. More billion-dollar disasters have occurred in Texas this year than any other year on record."
It's robbery with a fountain pen by the shakedown artists in Texas.

More than 1 million older Texans are struggling to cover housing costs
"A new Harvard University study found a surge in the number of Texas households headed by people 65 or older spending more than 30% of their income on housing. Advocates say keeping older adults housed will require substantial public investment and reforms."
Or concentration camps made by the Texas Nazis in their government.

Trump Calls for Government to Punish MSNBC Over Reporting on Him He Doesnít Like
Fuck the demented Nazi shitbucket.

Is Mike Johnson An Even Cheaper Trump-Sniffer Than Kevin McCarthy? A Science Investigation
"Hereís a thought for you about new loser Christian extremist lunatic creep Speaker Mike Johnson: is Johnson even cheaper than Kevin McCarthy, as Trump-sniffing sycophants go?"
"Hahahaha, go fuck yourself with a laptop computer equipped with Covenant Eyes anti-porning software."
"How many lies can this pathetic liar for Jesus get into just a few sentences? They love what theyíre doing, thatís obviously the first lie. And the fact that he was able to say Republicans are the ďrule of law teamĒ with a straight face is a pretty good indicator of how bereft Johnson and his fellow mediocre white Republican men are of dignity, integrity, love of country, or souls."

A Dog Bit Jesse Watters On The Peener And The Dog Was A Democrat Because Its Mom Had An Outback
"Does anybody want to talk about Jesse Watters last night suggesting that kids are dying in school ó nay, that Black kids are beating white kids to death ó somehow because of the teaching of critical race theory? Letís just note that he said that and consider the timeslot heís in, and that thereís probably a lot of pressure emanating from the very walls of the studio to be a babbling limp-dicked white supremacist during that hour. (A LOT of pressure.)
Instead, itís the holidays, so weíll talk about Jesse whimpering and crying this week because a dog bit him over Thanksgiving, awwwww."

Will the GOP Launch Their 2023 Catfood Commission Tomorrow?
Both the MAGA faction and the old-line ďconservativeĒ members of the GOP are dead serious about killing off this vital and important part of FDRís legacy.
Scumbag Talibastard Nazis.

Busted: Newly unveiled recording blows up key Trump defense at fraud trial
He just keeps losing because he's guilty.

'Pathetic even for her': Critics slam Elise Stefanik over latest Trump brown-nosing
Where do they find these stupid people? In mountain caves?

Trump Vows To Force MSNBC Off The ďFree Airwaves
First it's "I took no oath to defend the U.S. Constitution" to "I don't know what the hell 'airwaves' are."
This man constantly admits to being mentally inept.

Fox Hosts Exult Over High Winds Toppling WH Xmas Tree (In 2021 Foxís Corporate Tree Went Up In Flames)
Why does Fox hate Christmas?

Ohio Supreme Court Wonít Hear Objections to Latest District Maps, Despite Partisan Gerrymander
The fascist state of Ohio fucks democracy again.

Trump slammed Russian election interference as a 'hoax' ó but now uses it as a 'defense': analysis
He's drowning in his lies.

Biden to take on Boebert after she attacked 'garbage' bill that brought 'investments, jobs' to Colorado
The Biden White House, Hussein and Megerian report, said that in Pueblo, the president will promote his green agenda and argue that "self-described MAGA Republicans like Rep. Lauren Boebert are threatening those investments, jobs, and opportunities."

Liz Cheney sounds alarm on Trump: 'Cannot survive a president willing to terminate our Constitution'
"Mar-a-Lago? What the hell, Kevin?" Cheney asked him.
"Theyíre really worried,Ē McCarthy responded. "Trumpís not eating, so they asked me to come see him."
I'll bet that really whetted his appetite! ROTFLMAO!

Donald Trump Says He Never Swore Oath 'to Support the Constitution'
In that case he was never our president. Anything that was done during his time pretending to be our president is hereby vacated. He can easily be convicted. This is the "I don't have a dog" argument. Case over. Stick his ass in prison. Let's move on.

Economist Paul Krugman details how Republicans are still waging war on Social Security
"Anyone hoping that (Haley) would govern as a moderate if she should somehow make it to the White House is surely delusional," Krugman warns. "Haley has never really shown a willingness to stand up to Republican extremists ó and at this point, the whole GOP has been taken over by extremists."
"The first thing you should know about Social Security is that the actual numbers don't justify the apocalyptic rhetoric one often hears not just from the right, but from self-proclaimed centrists who want to sound serious," Krugman explains. "No, the exhaustion of the system's trust fund, currently projected to occur in roughly a decade, wouldn't mean that benefits disappear. It would mean that the system would need additional revenue to continue paying scheduled benefits in full." Krugman argues that any Republican who, like Haley, wants to raise the Social Security age "is being oblivious, perhaps willfully, to the grim inequality of modern America" ó as the poor are more likely to die younger.

Experts to Examine a Controversial Forensic Test That Has Helped Convict Women of Murder
Fascism has tainted our court system.

'A boxer past his prime': Morning Joe marvels that Trump keeps picking the wrong fights
There is little to no cognitive ability left in this idiot's brain. His supporters are vanishing. What are left are as disabled as he.

'How dare they?' Robert De Niro slams removal of anti-Trump attack from awards speech
According to Pulver, De Niro "refused to thank the film's backers, Apple." The veteran actor, referring to the removal of his anti-Trump comments, said, "I don't feel like thanking them at all for what they did. How dare they do that, actually."
During the missing section of his speech, De Niro said, "History isn't history anymore. Truth is not truth. Even facts are being replaced by alternative facts and driven by conspiracy theories and ugliness. In Florida, young students are taught that slaves developed skills which can be applied for their personal benefit."
The "Taxi Driver"/"Raging Bull" star went on to say, "Lying has become just another tool in the charlatan's arsenal. The former president lied to us more than 30,000 times during his four years in office, and he's keeping up the pace in his current campaign of retribution. But with all his lies, he can't hide his soul. He attacks the weak, destroys the gifts of nature, and shows disrespect ó for example, by using 'Pocahontas' as a slur."
A fine statement on the turd bowl in which we now find ourselves living in.

'He wasn't even that sharp then': The View's Alyssa concerned about Trump's cognition
He's demented as all hell and his supporters think it's cool.

Nobody is coming to save us
"Evil has crashed ashore, and now it is waiting to be served ...
Thatís a helluva thing, it really is.
Our major media outlets have completely failed us, as they naively and dangerously search for both sides of this earth-shattering event that ironically could well end with the loss of their freedoms.
They refuse to report what the terrible end of our Democracy will look like, and instead feed us worthless polls, because there is big money in scaring the hell out of people by lazily amplifying unsubstantiated numbers that indicate the end is already upon us.
It has been 2,575 days since the United States of America cracked in two, and we have to know by now that nobody is coming to save us."
We have to do the work ourselves or die trying.

Three Palestinian College Kids Learned Getting Shot Is as American as Thanksgiving Turkey
America was once a pround country. Not anymore.
There are Nazis everywhere. We seem helpless to get rid of them.

Here We Go Again: Trump Touts New Push To Repeal Obamacare
"Donald Trump is once again living in the past, trying to resurrect a Republican political debacle that even the Freedom Caucus has abandoned: Obamacare repeal. ďThe cost of Obamacare is out of control, plus, itís not good Healthcare. Iím seriously looking at alternatives," he spewed on Truth Social on Saturday."
The motherfucker returns to his "Repeal and Replace" mantra which means "kill it and forget about it."
Reject him overwhelmingly!

Tuberville: Biden policies will result in 9/11-style attacks 'every few weeks'
Specifically on Tuberville. That will get his dumbfuck ass out of town. HE IS CREATING HIS OWN FANTASY PROBLEM!

Mike Pence Testimony To Jack Smith Is The Stupidest Damned Hallmark Christmas Movie Ever
'ďNot feeling like I should attend electoral count,Ē Pence wrote in his notes in late December. ďToo many questions, too many doubts, too hurtful to my friend. Therefore I'm not going to participate in certification of election.Ē
Then, sitting across the table from his son, a Marine, while on vacation in Colorado, his son said to him, ďDad, you took the same oath I tookĒ ó it was ďan oath to support and defend the Constitution,Ē Pence recalled to Smithís investigators, sources said.
Thatís when Pence decided he would be at the Capitol on Jan. 6 after all, according to the sources.

Why Does Tommy Tuberville Hate The Troops So Much?
"At this point is there any other explanation for Alabama GOP Senator Tommy Tubervilleís continued crybaby tantrum crusade against the military? (Aside from how Tuberville is the dumbest pigfuck ever to escape a football field and become a United States senator.) Is it now reasonable to conclude that he must just really hate American troops as much as his slobbering superhero Donald Trump does?"

MSNBC's Mika sticks knife in Donald Trump's mental decline 'sarcasm' defense
Fuck the sick Nazi Trump.

Fox News Idiots Pretty Sure Dems Taking Your Gas Stoves Because They Hate Happiness And Pie
"The fascist propaganda was strong on Fox News this weekend, because obviously. Gotta keep the rubes grunting mad and rage-shitting their turkey-eatiní trousers."

An Even Worse Nightmare Lies Ahead
"Never falter, never fail. Even if it means confronting our Trumpy friends or kin, we must talk some sense into these Fox-fueled fools. Or grow weak with trying. We must not only defeat Trump or his heir, we must do so by a large enough margin to repudiate all that he stands for."

Was the Trump White House selling pardons?
The Nazi will do anything for a dime.

Trump's 'America sucks' Thanksgiving weekend meltdown torn apart by Morning Joe panel
The Nazi runs his filthy mouth. He should be slammed into prison very soon.

'A catastrophe': Expert pulls the lid off Trump's next-term 'master plan'
The Nazi is exposed.

Fox Desperately Tries To Paint Johnson's Abortion Views As Mainstream
Media fascism.

Donors Aren't Coughing Up For The Republicans This Cycle
America doesn't support Nazis.

'Breathtaking dysfunction': How the media is quietly helping Trump and his Republican allies
"Why isnít the mainstream media reporting on Trumpís increasing senescence?"
"Voters who are turned off by politics are less aware of Bidenís accomplishments ó and the media is hardly reporting on them."
"As if the ďus-against-them politicsĒ is the fault of Democrats as much as it is Trump Republicans. In fact, Trumpís GOP is the party of dysfunctional politics."
"As we head into the critical election year of 2024, the mainstream media must adapt to a new political reality: The contest is no longer between Democrats who want more government and Republicans who want less. It is between democracy and fascism."
They would have loved these Nazi bastards in Germany in the 1930s.

Tax the Damn Churches, for Christís Sake: A Secular Sunday Sermon
"We have a huge problem with religion in this country, brothers and sisters, a problem that has gotten entirely out of hand in ways lots of people in earlier generations fretted over. Many of those early Americans worried that taxing religion could be used to put religions out of business. And let us bear in mind that religion was a business, and it remains a business, with a business plan that essentially depends on a tax rate of zero. If you doubt it, just look at the amount of property owned by religious franchises in every city and town in this country, all those big salvation-and-solace dispensaries with big spires serving as logos on expensive real estate everywhere you look, from 5th Avenue to Rodeo Drive."

GOPer freaks out over 'Satanic Christmas tree' in his district
Some people just hate it when someone they don't like attends their open house party.
The comments are some of the best on this subject.

Do Young Voters Actually Prefer Trump to Biden?
If they do they are dumber than anyone ever thought they were or anyone ever was before.
Maybe it's a good thing that birth rates are at the bottom of the barrel.

Mike Johnson Has Long Fought For More Christianity In Public Schools
"Itís one thing to be a devout, conservative Christian and itís a whole Ďnother thing to be the kind of Christian who demands the right to shove his views down other peopleís throats without concern for their views or faith." Like all Nazis, these people don't give a fuck what you think.

'Boo!': We're Pretty Sure Trump Wasn't Expecting This At The Game
"Former President Donald Trump hyped up the "Palmetto Bowl" to upstage rival Nikki Haley in her backyard. Still, even though some people found it within themselves to cheer on the twice-impeached disgraced former President's entrance at the game, his support appears to be waning. Trump was met with a chorus of boos as he pulled into the arena. Haley did not attend the game."

'Failed actors and comedians': Analysts slam wannabe 'famous' GOPís 'perverse incentive structure'
They want to be something that they can never be. The hicks that want to be a media star are all failing at it because they don't have the skills or talent and are trying it on the wrong stage.

'Authoritarian lunatic' Trump aiming for 'something resembling Nazi Germany in the 30s': GOP strategist
"Longtime Republican strategist Tara Setmayer sounded the alarm Sunday on the potential "dangerous" repercussions of another term for ex-President Donald Trump during a conversation with MSNBC analyst and guest host Charles Coleman Jr."
More and more Republicans are onto Trump's fascism and will not vote for it. They did it in 2020 as well.

Meta Accused Of Collecting Data On Underage Users
It must be a Pastor's paradise.

Univision Anchor Rips Network: Donít Normalize Trump
There is nothing normal about Fatso. He's as sick as a human can be.

America 1st: MTGís Flop Book Was Published In Canada
Disingenuous poser fails again.

Chris Christie: Blame Trump For Rise Of Antisemitism
"Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reiterated his claim that former President Donald Trump has fueled the increase in antisemitism and hate across the country Sunday, saying Trumpís ďintolerant language and conductĒ has given people ďpermissionĒ to act the same."

Judges 'are beyond' Trump lawyers' latest 'nonsensical claim': former prosecutor
Then throw the criminal in jail and throw away the key. America is tired of the old fuck head.

Trump faces historical 'hurdles' in his White House comeback attempt: analysis
"The odds are against Donald Trump as he fights to take back the White House, according to an analysis from NBC News."
Only morons want "old shit for brains."

NYPD: Drunk Man Tried To Drive Down Subway Stairs
He saw it once in a cartoon and was sure he could do it.

Victims Identified In Fatal Niagara Falls Border Crash, UK Automaker Has History Of Stuck Accelerator Recalls
Who was covering this up? This should cost them some money..

Dean Phillips: Itís ďDelusionalĒ To Believe Biden Can Win
This is what desperate insanity does to oddballs like Phillips.

C-SPAN Callers Smacked Down For Whining About SNAP Recipients Buying Steak
Two C-SPAN callers faced backlash after they complained about people using Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to buy steaks.
It occurs to me that they are the ones that can't have steak due to their exclusive failure in the world.

Rep. Moskowitz Has Hilarious Response To Comer Calling Him ĎA Smurfí
ĎHe took the bait!í Rep. Jared Moskowitz gloated about Rep. James Comerís meltdown last week.
Does anyone know that the MAGAts are all considered clowns by anyone with a brain?

Former federal prosecutor describes Trumpís latest legal filing as 'tired and laughable'
Exactly what the old dried-up fuck is.

'Executioner for God': school board member detained over 'kill your children' comments
"The Modesto Bee reports that 50-year-old Jason Vassar, who serves on the Belleview Elementary School District Board, is currently still in custody and undergoing a mental health evaluation in response to 93 pages of comments Vassar sent to school administrators. Vassar allegedly claimed to be the messiah in the documents, and made numerous comments alluding to anti-government conspiracies and espousing racist beliefs."

House Speaker Mike Johnson Spent Years Defending Christian Speech In Public Schools
ďThe ultimate goal of the enemy is silencing the Gospel," the Republican said in 2004 after Jewish parents sued a school for pushing Christianity on their kids.
Stop pushing your superstitions on us. Keep them to yourselves, thanks.

'They hate pies': Fox News contributor rants about Kamala Harrisí gas stove photo
Why would they hate pies? We all love to throw them in your dumb faces.

Dolly Parton slammed by conspiracy theorists after Dallas Cowboys performance
Paranoid pussies whose party is MIA due to deaths from Covid whine like you'd expect from "persecuted victim" complex.

If Democrats ran red states fewer people would die
Sounds like backward thinking on the red states part. They are the ones complaning about low birth rates and forcing women to have unwanted children.
Maybe it's their position on healthcare?

Trump Has a Plan for Massively Increasing Inflation
I understand that America really doesn't like inflation. So why would his supporters back him when they now know this?

'Squid Game: The Challenge' Players Allege Injuries, Threaten Legal Action
Two players, represented by a U.K.-based law firm, claimed they suffered from hypothermia and nerve damage after taking part in a game for the show.
I thought when I first saw this they got injured from watching it.

The red state 'brain drain' is well underway ó here's why
Many liberal and progressive pundits have been predicting a "brain drain" from red states ó skillful, college-educated doctors, university professors and teachers leaving because of oppressive MAGA policies. OB-GYNs are worried about draconian anti-abortion laws; teachers and librarians are under attack from the far-right Moms for Liberty.
The way of fascism.

Republicansí views of the economy are completely detached from reality
In the latest Economist/YouGov poll, a full 75 percent of Republicans said the economy is ďgetting worse,Ē despite it being the strongest itís been in years.

'Never seen a number like this': GOP pollster says Trump is uniquely poised to lose
Trump is terminal cancer to our country.

'We needed to leave Oklahoma': New report shows MAGA abortion laws are displacing doctors
It appears the idiots that killed a woman's right to healthcare didn't think it through. But what did they expect — peace and love in their repressed, backward world?

BOOK: Trump Called Evangelicals ďReal Pieces Of ShitĒ
The ultimate in projection!

Nazi Flags Found In Home Of Walmart Mass Shooter
"Officers found Nazi flags during a search of his house in Dayton."
"He believed in right-wing conspiracy theories, including that the Holocaust did not happen..."
Isn't it great that there is no truth anymore?

Ceasefire takes hold in Gaza ahead of hostage release, aid enters enclave
But the killing will start again as soon as the morons can lock and load.

Small-town Americaís never-ending struggle to maintain its values hasnít always been good for democracy
The epitome of culture? Lynching and discrimination is its history. Vigilantism and arrogance.
"Choate was then tied to the back of a car and dragged across town, and eventually hanged in front of the Maury County Courthouse."
God bless our small towns. /s

Letitia James Has Found 'Smoking Gun' Against Donald TrumpóAttorney
"I can't think of a bigger smoking gun than having a fraudulent document, allegedly, that is what the state is saying, this document is the one that exaggerated Donald's worth by over $3.5 billion," Gallina said. "Letitia James must have looked at this and danced because there's not much better evidence you could get."

Voters Scoff At SCOTUS's 'Ethics Rules' BS
"Nearly three-quarters of U.S. voters want federal lawmakers to pass a stricter ethics policy for the nation's Supreme Court, according to polling results released Tuesday by the progressive advocacy group Demand Justice."

Anti-Abortion Groups Undeterred by Election Losses, Press On in Courts
We should all know by now anything legal will not stop Nazis. Other methods always need to be employed.

What Argentina's New Grand Experiment Means to the World
Milei's victory is an international marker, of sorts, for Americaís billionaires and largest corporations, who share his desire to end liberal democracy and the so-called ďwelfare state.Ē
Fuck Nazis by ANY MEANS necessary.

What Happens When Real People Play Squid Game
(As if the people who played the first time weren't real people.)
Shirley is right about this alledged "Squid Game" remake -- almost. It's as stupid or more stupid than any stupid thing I've seen passed off as entertainment. Having seen the original I agree on all her points about the lameness of this burning bag of shit. But I have to question her sanity about watching anything beyond the second chapter. It's a complete and total waste of your life. Watching dust gather is far more interesting and worthwhile, dear.
(You can always get a free trial to the Atlantic to read this.)

The Trump ruling in Colorado is wrong. The judge all but said so herself
"That is all the more reason to deploy the self-defense mechanism at the heart of Section 3. Scant legal means remain by which to protect the Constitution from the cancellation Trump intends for it. Section 3 is a strong shield, crafted precisely to ward off enemies like Trump. Itís left now to the Colorado Supreme Court to wield it."
We must fight and win this war against the deadly Trump fascism or we must all die.

Nazi-loving Ohio gunman motivated to shoot by racist hate: report
Just another example of Nazi America's biggest products.

OpenAI Was Never Going to Save Us From the Robot Apocalypse
"But the concern that animated OpenAIís corporate structure wasnít that authoritarian governments might use artificial intelligence to consolidate their power. It was that humans might develop a nigh-omnipotent superintelligence before we figured out how to discipline it, thereby bringing about our own extinction."

Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Swarm UN Treaty Talks on Plastics Pollution
Good. Tell the motherfuckers to stop spewing their poison on our world or else.

After Fox News erroneously reported that ďan attempted terrorist attackĒ had taken place on the border between the United States and Canada, and that ďa lot of explosivesĒ were involved, Cruz tweeted:
"This confirms our worst fear: the explosion at Rainbow Bridge was a terrorist attack.
Both attackers are dead, and one law enforcement officer is injured.
I am praying that officer makes a full recovery and is able to spend Thanksgiving surrounded by family and loved ones.
Thank you to our law enforcement officers who are remaining vigilant and working to protect Americans traveling for Thanksgiving."
WTF? This loser has been smoking some pretty strong weed or has gone over the edge to total breakdown.

Eric Swalwell Trolls Ted Cruz After Rainbow Bridge Incident Ruled Not to Be ĎAttempted Terror Attackí
Swalwell replied to Cruzís post with an image of the FBIís statement.

Cultist Pastor: Itís Un-Christian To Say ďTurkey DayĒ
Another Xianaist projecting.

Convicted Cultist Jenna Ellis Flips To Endorse DeSantis
And in today's funny papers...

The Hole in the Ozone Layer Is Getting Bigger Again, Scientists Say
Between this and the AI threat, humans should be gone much sooner than expected.

Scientists Warn That AI Threatens Science Itself
Sure, nobody believes in it anyway. /s

NASA Receives Laser Signal From 10 Million Miles Away
It said "help, being held captive in a fortune cookie factory."

30 Screen Shots of Republicans Who Spread Lies About a "Terrorist Attack"
Receipts? As usual, we got them.
And Charlie, we've got a pretty good idea of who's in our country by just reading your Nazi bullshit.

NY Trump Judge And Clerk Get Hundreds Of Threats
Nazi hoods won't do anything threatening. They will get what they deserve before it's over.

Fox Attacks Target For Selling Pride-Themed Nutcracker
Incel "reporter" doesn't know shit from applebutter about nutcracker collectors.

New poll shows significant confusion on how pregnancy works
These dimwits are confused about definitions. They are mistaking "heartbeat" and viability. These are not the same thing. A heartbeat does not mean the fetus is viabile. They get this idea from reading fairy tales.
"When you believe in things you don't understand then you suffer. Superstition ain't the way." — Stevie Wonder.

Report Shows DeSantis Has A Private Fascist Army
A new report warns that DeSantisí private army is a potential hotbed of extremism.
Invade and Occupy Florida Now! Put these Nazis out of our country forever.

Evolution Of The Twitter-X Logo
Elon Musk has brought a hateful new X-tremism to his platform.
End fascism or kiss your ass goodbye.

Georgia high court issues a 'blow' to GOP gov and party seeking to 'punish' Fani Willis: report
"Because we are under no legal directive to take action..."
Go back to the place in hell you came from, Fatso.

Prison Inmates Graduate From Top University For First Time
Boy, we needed this inspiring story. Students from the Northwestern Prison Education Program made history as they received their bachelorís degrees from inside Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois yesterday. Via Northwestern:
"This is the first time in U.S. history that incarcerated students have been conferred a bachelorís degree from a top 10 university."

'It's getting scary': Ex-RNC chair warns democracy is now a 'foreign concept' to Trumpís MAGA army
They are all Nazi automatons running on their drugs.

New York Times Calls A Fascist A Fascist. Sort Of.
OMG! You're telling me that the Times is regaining a consciemce?
"Itís a bit adorable that the Times is acting like thereís really been some new development here, regarding the man who incited a terrorist attack against America to steal the 2020 election and overthrow the Republic.
But baby steps and positive reinforcement! Everyone congratulate the Times on a job slightly less shittily done!

Florida Bill Aims to Mandate ďDonít Say GayĒ in Many Workplaces
Tell these Nazi turds to do us all a favor and drop dead.

In Texasí Panhandle, a long-awaited oasis for mental health care is springing up
The region that includes Amarillo, a Panhandle city of more than 200,000 people, and surrounding towns has long been a mental health care desert. Officials hope a new $159 million hospital can help reduce a massive spike in suicide attempts.
Thankfully, a place we can put Trump.

Dear Republicans: We Tried Your Way and It Does Not Work
The bottom line is that we ó voluntarily or involuntarily ó have now had the full GOP experience. We're no longer listening to the GOP politicians who are continuing to sell us this bullshit
But, but,'s very good bullshit. The best that money can buy

ĎThat Is Not the Lawí: Analyst Slams ĎFirst Amendment Freakí Trump Lawyerís ĎInsaneí Argument
Let me guess. It's due to his fucking insanity.

Itís the Social Media, Stupid
Today on TAP: Americansí economic views are at odds with Americansí economic behavior. So, whence those views?

'Vicious' Trump is 'only getting worse' as allies plot authoritarian takeover: Morning Joe
The deterioration of what's left of his brain is a deadly threat to all of us.

Jan. 6 tape drop is about to blow up in MAGA Republicans' faces: analyst
Blow 'em up real good.

60 years after JFK's assassination, the agent who tried to save him opens up
"Yet one image, taken directly after Kennedy was shot, captured the attention of news outlets all over the United States. It showed a Secret Service agent jumping onto the back of the presidential limousine to shield the president and first lady."

Mexico Has Become a Haven for Americans Seeking an Abortion
America is driving its citizens to this with their repressive ways.

Ingraham: Dems Are Plotting To Steal 2024 Election
ďAll of these characters sound like people who are prepared to cheat, or at least justify cheating next year. After all, if Trump really is what they say he is ó the man who will end democracy, a Hitlerian figure ó then how could he possibly be allowed to be able to run for office, be approaching the White House?
This is what Americans are saying, you dumb shit. He can't run because he's EXACTLY as you've described him.
What Nazi writes this garbage for you? You love a man, not our country. All of you MAGAts do the same.

Trump: ďPsycho NY Judge Will Find Me Guilty As HellĒ
That's because he's the psycho and he's guilty as hell.

Woodbury County supervisor's wife found guilty of 52 counts of voter fraud
Prosecutors say Kim Phuong Taylor wanted her husband to win elections in 2020 ďby any means necessary.Ē

Aunt Lydia Appoints ďDeath To GaysĒ Former State Senator/Christian Nationalist To State Library Board
Agents of hate.

Larry Summersí Ascent to OpenAI Board is Awful News for Humanity
ďThere is no greater indication that OpenAI is unserious about the interests of humanity than their elevation of Larry Summers to its Board of Directors. Summers energetically promotes cryptocurrency, inflation hysteria, and himself with equally misplaced ardor."

JPMorgan Controlled Company Source of 1 Million Gallon Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico
Polluting the environment as always.

Trump Goes Off The Deep End, Lashes Out At Judge And Clerk Again
The old shitbag is getting boring. Lock him up already.

Trump explodes against 'psycho judge' and 'seething' law clerk in civil fraud trial
The Alzheimer's is progressing with each passing day.

Nikki Haley Gets Pwned By A 9-Year-Old In New Hampshire
ďI love your hat,Ē Haley said to the girl, not knowing she was setting herself up.
Nine-year-old girl: ďThanks. One of your guys gave it to me for free.Ē

Cassidy Hutchinson keeps it simple: A vote for Trump is a vote against our democracy's survival
And that means anyone going there is a traitor to America.
Sorry, former Americans but you ain't us.

Fox Host Comes Up With New Lie: COVID Intentionally Sent To U.S.
Maria Bartiromo comes up with a whole new conspiracy theory of her own.
Just a passing fad or have some people really gone into outer space like this.

Economist Robert Reich: Trump is 'going full fascist' with 'the backing of prominent billionaires'
"Who's bankrolling all this? While Trump's base is making small contributions, the big money is coming from some of the richest people in the U.S."

House GOP marks 'third-lowest fundraising month' as infighting persists: report
As House Republicans' infighting persists following the speaker debacle, the Monday filing confirmed the NRCC raked in "slightly over $5 million in October," which is only "about half" of what the committee pulled in 2019 and 2021.

Fox Host: Turkeys Cost $90 Because Of ďBidenomicsĒ
People actually believe this propagndist?
There's so much proof he is lying. Read some facts, Dumbo.

Walsh: Society Was Better When Everyone Smoked
Another great example of "Look how stupid I am, everyone!"

Iowa State Universities To Abolish Diversity Efforts
No need to be diverse when we have a white Christo-fascist dictatorship. /s

Hate Group: Boycott Target Over ďWokeĒ Ornaments
Celebrate your holiday like you want to and let others do the same, you horse's asses!
Go back to the place in hell you came from.

Biden Administration Makes More Free Covid Tests Available
"Starting Monday, Americans can use to request four free tests. Those who have not ordered any tests this fall can now place two orders for a total of eight tests, according to the website."

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Is Dead At 96
"A small-town working woman with an airtight bond to her husband, Carter represented a new type of first lady: She toted a briefcase to the White House, traveled often and picked up the nickname 'Steel Magnolia' as she pushed for human rights abroad and at home."

Former Trump officials believe he is putting America 'in a dangerous zone': report
Hitler Jr.? Only ignorant fools support the end of America.

5 ways Democrats are coping with Bidenís terrible polls
It's really this simple, you fools.

'Wake up!' Rick Wilson says Americans must grasp horror of Trump's 'fascistpalooza'
Oh, dear God! Then they would be consdiered "woke"! These fuckheads can't wake up. They are already dead.

Moms for Liberty leader turns out to be a convicted sex offender
"A Republican pastor who coordinates the faith-based outreach for the Philadelphia chapter of Moms for Liberty was convicted a decade ago of sexually abusing a teenage boy."

'You know you're wrong': Liz Cheney torches GOP senator spreading J6 conspiracy theory
"You didnít object to electors on J6 because you knew what Trump was doing was unconstitutional and you know what youíre doing now is wrong," she said.

Jamie Raskin nails DeSantis for pleading ignorance about anti-Semitism comments
Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" moments after a combative Gov. Ron DeSantis went back and forth with host Jake Tapper over anti-Semitic comments made by Elon Musk, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) smirked and needled the Florida Republican for pleading ignorance.
DeShitus is a very stupid street walker.

DeSantis Refuses To Condemn Muskís Antisemitic Posts
The idiot simply doesn't know anything.

Texas board rejects many science textbooks over climate change messaging
"The Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Education this week rejected most of the proposed textbooks that include climate science for eighth grade students. Five of 12 were approved."

Now We Know How Hitler Did It
There are few Americans alive today who remember Hitler, the details are lost to the mists of time. But Donald Trump is bringing it all back to us with a fresh, stark splash of reality.
"Authoritarianism and religious extremism always go hand in hand." — SuZieCoyote (comments)
Fatso is in deep dementia for all you geniuses that think Biden is too old.

Mike Johnson's litigation history displays a disturbing pattern: analysis
Christo-Fascism. Another threat to America along with the MAGAt slime.

Biden campaign facing heat over plans to deal with his age
"...not enough is being done to remind voters that former President Donald Trump is just three-and-a-half years younger."
"You can lead an MAGAt to culture but you can't make him think." Fully illustrating how fucking stupid this age issue is. My answer to them is they are too stupid to vote. They prefer fascism.

Nazis With Swastika Flags March On Wisconsin Capitol
"A group of nearly two dozen people waving swastika flags and chanting antisemitic rhetoric marched on the Wisconsin state Capitol grounds Saturday afternoon, performing a salute originally used by Nazis at political rallies, often called the 'Hitler salute.' The group was dressed in red shirts with 'Blood Tribe' written on the back. The Blood Tribe is a neo-Nazi group that promotes hardline white supremacist views and ďopenly directs its vitriol at Jews, Ďnon-whitesí and the LGBTQ+ community.Ē Little creeps.

Musk Threatens ĎThermonuclear' Suit Against Media Matters For Exposing Truth
Goodness gracious, yes. The media's job is not to reveal any truth in a dictatorship. /s

'This is lawfare': Election deniers face defamation suits from groups ensuring they 'think twice' next time
Right-wing election deniers are seeing consequences of their efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election by facing a slew of defamation lawsuits, The Guardian reports.

'Thatís just insulting': Legal expert suggests SCOTUS ethics code an effort to 'gaslight' the public
Grifters and con artists working their con on America.

This evangelical company believes that finding oil in Israel is part of Godís plan: report
"Holy Oil! Batman." You mean to tell me God has nothing better to do than fuck around with shit like this?

States Require Health Coverage; Insurers Break The Law
States have passed hundreds of laws to protect people from wrongful insurance denials. Yet from emergency services to fertility preservation, insurers still say no.

Matt Gaetz Worries NSA Is Spying On Him Due To His 'Whiteness'
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) suggested the NSA could be targeting people like him for being white
That has nothing to do with it. It's because he's a scumbag.

Musk Vows ďThermonuclear Lawsuit Against Media Matters And ALL Who Colluded In AttackĒ On Twitter
He could drop dead.

New To X Exodus: Sony, Paramount, Warner, Comcast
Bye-bye Musk Rat.

A Terrifying Letter Written By A Possessed Nun In 1676 Has Finally Been Translated
It says, "Fuck off! I'm sick of getting blamed for all of your own stupid lameness and moving to another sector of the multiverse."

'Disoriented in a new way': Former federal prosecutor raises fresh worry about Trump
Duh. Wonder why no one ever noticed this? LMAO!
"While neither Trump nor Biden projects John F. Kennedyís vigor, Trump, 77, has been even more bizarre of late ó doddering and disoriented in a new way," he wrote before suggesting a recent speech by the former president should raise concerns."

Ohio Catholic Priest Gets Life On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust. Still no drag queens or transsexuals.

Judge just struck down Trumpís 'inflammatory' motion to exclude Jan. 6 riot references from trial
"If Trump is found guilty on all four charges and sentenced to the maximum penalty under federal statute, he could face 55 years in prison."

Tuberville Worried About 'Abortions After Birth'
Tuberville obviously failed basic health class in junior high.
That's not all he's failed. Like Trump, he's disgraced his country.

Texas lawmaker calls out Gov. Abbott's school voucher plan as a giveaway to the wealthy
Even some Republicans aren't on board with this hornswoggle.

Axios: Apple To Suspend Advertising On Twitter/X
Apple has been a major advertiser on the social media site and its pause follows a similar move by IBM.
Like crime, Fascism does not pay, folks.

DC Archdiocese Sues To Block MD Child Victims Act
Oh, Fuck! I wonder why? I guess "someone" has now covered all of their own tracks?
"It's almost like they're afraid they have child rapists in their ranks." -- Stogibear (comments) Put these frauds out of their con business for good.

Pastor Gets 12 Years For Raping Unconscious Woman
Another one bites the dust. Keep it up until they are all wiped out.

Russian general who ripped Putin for Ďthird-rateí air force found dead with wife in mysterious circumstances
Golly Ned! I wonder who did this? Trump's butt buddy?

Scientists warn of catastrophic sea level rise, unless major climate change action is taken
A new study by the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative reveals sea level rise is more serious than thought
Who cares? We all die anyway./S

Ex-FBI agent voices frustration over evangelicalsí devotion to 'anti-Christian' Trump: 'I just donít get it'
Did he ever hear the word "hypocrite"?
"It is under all circumstances an advantage to be in full possession of one's personality, otherwise the repressed elements will only crop up as a hindrance elsewhere, not just at some unimportant point, but at the very spot where we are most sensitive. If people can be educated to see the shadow-side of their nature clearly, it may be hoped that they will also learn to understand and love their fellow men better. A little less hypocrisy and a little more self-knowledge can only have good results in respect for our neighbor; for we are all too prone to transfer to our fellows the injustice and violence we inflict upon our own natures." — Carl Jung

MSNBC Panel Blasts Johnsonís Attack On LGBTQ Youth
Self-loathing creep.
Willie Geist: "Where to begin there, Joe. Thereís so much. America is ďirredeemable,Ē itís ďdark and depraved.Ē
And he's part of the reason for that.
Joe Scarborough: "Willie, he ran the Big Lie on Capitol Hill! Preach about that, Jimmy Swaggart! Right? And then go to your motel room and start like, faxing around, you know, conspiratorial documents."
Because he's another traitor.

ĎThe IQ of a Turnip!í Mary Trump and Kathy Griffin Savage Joe Rogan ó ĎTerrifyingí Heís So Influential
Are you quite certain it's that high?

Trump's Secret Service boast puts him at new risk if he testifies in Jan. 6 trial: expert
Fatso can't stop telling us how guilty he is.

Jesse Watters Making Steady Progress Toward 'Way Worse Than Tucker' Goal
It's a thankless job but some asshole had to do it.

Can We Keep Gen Zers From Fleeing America?
Preply did a national survey of Gen Zers that was published last month & found that more than half of them were seriously interested in or actively considering permanently moving out of America.
Sure. But first we have to maintain a democracy and educational opportunities open for all Americans. And establish Universal Healthcare for all.

How the Media Can Atone for Enabling the Rise of Trumpism
"If youíre noticing a pattern, it's this: Democracy suffers when a commercial media system showcases fascist demagogues for profit."
Street walkers, in other words.

Biden Skillfully Handled Xi Jinpingís U.S. Visit in Ways Trump Simply Never Could
"Had Donald Trump been the U.S. president hosting this weekís APEC meetings, I have no doubt that the headline from the event would have been unchanged. It would have been: 'Heís a dictator.' The only difference is it would be Xi Jinping who was saying it to describe Trump."

What People on TikTok Are Missing About That Osama bin Laden Letter
"It would be better if the users, and the many more like them, had read the entire letter before posting such embarrassing reactions. For the excerpts, which have been widely circulated, grossly misrepresent what the terrorist leader wrote, not long after masterminding the 9/11 attack."
Reading and reading comprehension is not America's strong point these days. Asking to 'please read it again' assumes it was read the first time. Hearing some of the responses indicates it was neither read nor understood.

ďOur public school system is our townĒ: Why this rural Republican is voting against school vouchers
"Despite intense political pressure, Republican Rep. Gary VanDeaver said he wonít support a bill that includes school vouchers. Rural Republicans like VanDeaver have long opposed school vouchers because of the unique role public schools they play in their communities.

Texas Republicans: Maniacs and Megalomaniacs
Today on TAP: The legislature already stopped cities from passing laws they donít like; now theyíre claiming they can supersede federal law, too.
Exactly as dictataor fascists do. They have no regard for any law but their own tyranny. Texas is no longer a democracy. Many of us recognize this now.

Get Out of Texas as Soon as Possible
"The migration to Texas could soon become an exodus. And there are powerful reasons people should get out now."
Fascism is the best reason to vacate it.

Why Trump's authoritarian language about 'vermin' matters
"The former president called his political opponents "vermin" and said immigration is 'poisoning the blood' of the U.S., echoing language used by Adolf Hitler, raising questions about authoritarianism."

Dueling, Shoving, and Threats in Congress. Why Are Republicans Like This?
Do you have to ask? Evolution has cast them from the gene pool long ago.

Republicans Have an Antisemitism Problem. The Democratic Party Doesnít
Of course. They haven't the tools to see this.

White House Slams Elon Musk For Repeating ĎHideous Lie Behind the Most Fatal Act of Antisemitismí in US History
That's what Nazis do, of course. That's why they must be stopped.

Fox News Runs Indignant Segment on Gay Nutcrackers and Black Santas on Sale at Target: ĎGone Way Too Farí
Anything that they consider diverse they consider "woke," a word that the cowards created as an affront to their capacity of thinking. They don't have the ability to go deeper than their retarded brains allow.
Fox News went too far a long time ago. They can fuck off. All the way off.

Joe Scarborough Goes OFF on Mike Johnsonís ĎDepravedí America Claim: ĎWhy Do Republicans Hate America So Much?í
The simple answer is because they hate themselves.

UnitedHealth uses AI model with 90% error rate to deny care, lawsuit alleges
"UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurance company in the US, is allegedly using a deeply flawed AI algorithm to override doctors' judgments and wrongfully deny critical health coverage to elderly patients. This has resulted in patients being kicked out of rehabilitation programs and care facilities far too early, forcing them to drain their life savings to obtain needed care that should be covered under their government-funded Medicare Advantage Plan."
Isn't this par for healthcare in America. We must change this shakedown medical racket that rips us off for everything we need to stay alive? Universal Healthcare Now!

Former RNC chair explains why Nikki Haley doesnít fill MAGA Republicansí thirst for 'retribution'
Then she must not be a real NAZI bastard.

Biden Signs Bill Funding Government Until February
"The goal is to give Congress more time to negotiate long-term spending bills."
Happy Holidays!

Decline in local news outlets is accelerating despite efforts to help
Another BIG reason why we are so misinformed and ignorant.
"Studies have shown that the decline in local news has increased political polarization, led to more political corruption and let outlets that spread misinformation fill the void."
And Fox News, the biggest PROVEN liars in the world, is still broadcasting. More proof of STUPID!

The Economist names Trump #1 'biggest danger' in the world: 'Will wage war on any institution'
"The Economist ó a respected British newspaper nearly two centuries old ó recently put former President Donald Trump at the top of its list of the world's greatest dangers heading into 2024."

Conservative legal scholar calls for impeachment of Judge Cannon: 'Member of the Trump defense team'
She's just a Trump shill and a danger to our country.

Charlie Kirk: Itís ĎAbsolutely Trueí That Jews Are Anti-White
Charlie Kirk gives a big thumb's up to Ďgreat maní Elon Muskís antisemitic tweet.
Kirk and Musk are such poor, poor victims.

Will the GOP ever break up with MAGA Republicans?
Not with "Smirky," the self-loathing gay boy at the helm.

Ethics Committee Chair Files Motion To Expel Santos
"He faces 23 federal criminal charges."
Being in drag isn't one of them.

In New Experiment, Young Children Destroy AI at Basic Tasks
So much for AI. LMAO!

Researchers developed a gene-editing technology that reduces 'bad' cholesterol
Some people may even live to see this. Maybe.

How 'aggressive behavior' in Congress 'echoes' pre-Civil War tensions: historian
According to Freeman, "It's always dangerous to say, what happened in 1850 is just like now. One thing you certainly saw in the 1830s, '40s and '50s, is there was one component within Congress ó southerners ó who were so adamant about defending the institution of slavery and silencing anyone opposed to it, that they pretty routinely used threats and occasionally violence to silence their opponentsÖ. One of the interesting things that happened (on November 14) was when Sen. Mullin jumped to his feet, seemingly about to engage in a fight, and Bernie Sanders told him to sit down ó you're a U.S. senator. It made me think of a lot of moments in the 1840s and '50s."

Georgia Republicans are rushing to Fani Willis' defense against 'Trumpian high jinks': report
Fatso is doomed. And that's a good thing for all of us.

Watch Out Pollsters, Youth Voters Prioritize Stopping Trump
As they should. But they better not fuck it up.

Shapiro Host: The Right To Contraception Is Imaginary
Shapiro is wrong. He's the imaginary one. Obviously, he can't get laid. His breed is rapidly fading.

Biden Jokes About Gavin Newsom Replacing Him in 2024 at APEC Event Where Both Spoke
Don't be concerned. Newsom will replace Biden in 2028 and be our next president.

In new poll, Jewish voters express strong support for Biden on Israel
Nearly three-quarters of Jewish voters surveyed say they support President Biden's handling of the Israel-Hamas war, even as a majority express disapproval of Israel's prime minister.

Damning Report on George Santos May Finally End His Time in Congress
Truth-allergic freshman Rep. George Santos (R-NY) will not run for re-election in 2024 after the House Ethics Committee released a blistering report on Thursday which found ďpotential violations of federal criminal lawĒ in his expansive record of lies, scandals, and misdeeds.
Now if Trump would just follow his lead.

George Santos used campaign funds on OnlyFans and Botox injections: ethics report
It didn't help.

When was Bribery Legalized in America?
Why wonít Congress act? Because theyíre on the take. Courtesy of Citizens United and its predecessors voted into law by five corrupt Republicans on the Supreme Court.

Higgins Pushes QAnon Conspiracy Theory During Hearing
"During a congressional oversight hearing Wednesday, Representative Clay Higgins (Q-LA) started rambling and asking FBI Director Christopher Wray whether there were FBI agents and informants at the January 6 insurrection. To his credit, Wray managed to keep a straight face as he denied Higgins's accusations."
There were plenty of you Nazis there, however.

Schumer blasts Senate GOP after failed attempt to stop student debt relief: 'The hypocrisy is glaring'
"Senate Democrats narrowly defeated a Republican effort to block President Joe Biden's student debt relief plan largely on party lines late Wednesday night. USA Today reported that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) called the vote "a real victory for our young people and for the future of America." However, Schumer also tore into Senate Republicans for their vote against the measure." Government to spite the American people by the MAGAts.

Nevada AG 'quietly' probing GOP efforts to overturn 2020 election: report
Scraping the loose turds up.

GA GOP Official: Jesus Gives My Enemies Brain Tumors
And here we were told he was nice guy. Jesus is a disease and not cure.

Texas Secessionists: Our Day Is Coming Very Soon
You're damn right yout day is coming, motherfucker!
The mentally ill are running things in Texas.
"Sure. Of course, half of your citizens will leave, and you'll need a new currency, and your electrical grid is useless and say goodbye to federal help after a hurricane, and so on and so forth, but other than that, fill yer boots." -- glenn_story (comments)

Musk Hit With Backlash For Praising Antisemitic Tweet
Everyone knows he's Nazi by now.

Trump may have broken law by demanding 'citizen's arrest' of judge and prosecutor: expert
Trump? Break a law? ROTFLMAO!

Trump attorneys argue for mistrial in NY fraud case to 'salvage what is left of the rule of law'
The Trump crime syndicate has killed law and order in our country. Now we can do any crime we can think of without consequences..

Mike Johnson says separation of church and state is a 'misnomer'
He would have been good for the Spanish Inquistion.
There's more than one church, Mike. He must mean the "Church of No Return." Your church has fewer members every day, DoDo. Someone please tell him views regarding "God" vary considerably.

'Reagan is rolling over in his grave': GOP speechwriter bemoans current state of Republican Party
"Trump hijacked the GOP and Iím almost certain that Reagan is rolling over in his grave at the very thought," said Elmets, who spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
Fatso is a criminal that should be in prison.

Johnson Defends Trump Coup Efforts: Believes ĎDeep In His Heartí He Was Cheated
Speaker Mike Johnson is also fine with Trumpís coup attempts because the guy with 91 felony charges ďdoes believe in the rule of law.Ē
"Smirky." Another inmate running the asylum.
These people live in a separate reality.

He-Man Markwayne Mullin Challenges Teamsters Boss To A Fight
Here is exhibit A on how men are too emotional to govern.
Just have a cane-fight and get it overwith.

Mullin: The Senate Used To Be Able To Cane People
Let's all return to the dark ages. Caning and dueling. That will solve all our problems. Morons.

U.S. political violence driven by new breed of Ďgrab-bagí extremists
A new breed of extremist has sparked the deadliest wave of U.S. political violence in decades. These self-made radicals, mixing right-wing conspiracy theories and marginal beliefs, forgo logic and coherence in favor of personal grievances.

MTG Gets Scorched After Attacking Dem Repís Age
Marge left what brain she has left somewhere in the closet with this ignorant shit.

Republicans in Congress are throwing an institutional tantrum
It's hard to see how this ends well ó for any of us
This is what happens when you put a bunch of ancient flatheads in a room together.

On one Ohio campus, young voters split on 2024 election
Don't expect young people to save the Republic. They don't even know gas prices have dropped signficantly as has inflation in November 2023.
They don't know what fascism is and that Trump is leading that movement.
Kids, let's keep our democracy alive for another 4 years when a younger person WILL be running and we are sill allowed to vote!

Why Did NBC Go Along with GOP Lies About Social Security?
"Why did NBCís Kristen Welker use an incomplete frame for her question about Social Security at last weekís GOP debate, and why didnít Lester Holt or anybody else correct her?"
Wild guess: Trump offered her a job in his make-believe administration?

Rep. Tiffany Is Delusional With MAGA Swamp Fever
Sure. He never got the vaccine!

Bannon Ready To Toss Mike Johnson Overboard: 'Next Man Up, Right?'
Shithook Steve fucks around again. Why isn't this crook busting rock somewhere?

Chip Roy Cut The Perfect Ad For House Democrats
"One thing," he shouted. "I want my Republican colleagues to give me one thing, one, that I can go campaign on and say we did."
They hosed McCarthy! Otherwise totally useless Nazis.

Texas Board of Education Urged to Reject Climate-Accurate Textbooks
The morons are running the asylum.

'She lacks the maturity': GOP lawmaker gives brutal assessment of Marjorie Taylor Greene
"Greene has long been a controversial figure who has endorsed conspiracy theories ranging from the United States government orchestrating mass shootings to the Rothschild family funding space lasers to start wildfires in California."

Red N*****s, Sand N*****s and Palestinians: An Analogy
"If the comparison between the treatment of Native Americans and Palestinians seems exaggerated, inexact, or false, then feel free to ignore it. But there are more than a few similarities, and those similarities are worth mentioning now while the babies are dying, the blood flowing, and the killing still being done. Better to raise our voices about that now than later when the dead have been buried and this moment in time is relegated to the "dust bin of history." We know what happens when that happens, don't we?"

WATCH: Full Context Of Trump ĎVerminí Remarks That Are Being Compared To Hitler
As Collins noted, ďHitlerís biographer once quoted the Nazi dictator as saying, ĎShould I not also have the right to eliminate millions of an inferior race that multiplies like vermin?íĒ

Trump threatens to handle the "vermin": MAGA has got a hold of the Nazi playbook
It's clear that Trump and his henchmen are planning a Nazi-style administration and they aren't trying to hide it.
Fatso's supporters are the same people that supported Hitler. They'll meet with the same fate.

More women join lawsuit challenging Texasí abortion laws
Twenty women are challenging the stateís abortion laws, saying they were unable to get the health care they needed for their medically complex pregnancies.
Where are the rest of us? We should all be challenging the fascism.

Criminalization of First Amendment-Protected Pro-Palestinian Speech Is Spreading
As Israel ramps up its genocide of Palestinians, the critical voices that most need to be heard are being silenced.
Freedom. It is being usurped everywhere in the U.S. now by the fascists.

After Election Day Defeats, Ohio GOP Begin Hearings Targeting Trans People
The legislature is considering bills that would ban drag performances, gender-affirming care and bathroom access.
Wake up and smell the Fascism.

'Entire existence will be crushed': Trump spokesperson threatens critics
MAGAt Nazi can go back to hell where he came from.
Steven Cheung is your huckleberry.
"Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung, who also worked on the 2016 campaign and in the Trump White House, told The Post, 'those who try to make that ridiculous assertion are clearly snowflakes grasping for anything because they are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and their entire existence will be crushed when President Trump returns to the White House.'
To Steve: "The wheel's still in spin, There's no tellin' who that it's namin'" — Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A-changing.
That crush can fall right on you, big boy.

Jen Psaki Shines Light On Trump's Plan To 'Unravel The Rule Of Law'
MSNBC host Jen Psaki warned Democrats that "hand wringing" about President Joe Biden's weaknesses was missing the more significant problem that Donald Trump would "unravel the rule of law" in his next presidency.

Trump Throws Massive Pity Party: 'I Am The Victim'
This is so embarrassing.

Far-Right Archbishop Rages At ďTyrannical, CowardlyĒ Pope Francis After Removal Of QAnon Cultist TX Bishop
Cult leader admits to all he's a fraud when he calls Francis "cowardly."

Fox News Host Suggests Trump To Blame For Election Losses
Of course. Everyone but brainless Nazis hate the Nazi.

ĎShocking!í ABCís Jon Karl Reveals Stunning Trump Tapes On Belief Heíd Be ĎReinstatedí After Losing To Biden
More evidence of Trump's madness.
Please eliminate this sick person from our 2024 election ballots.

Trump Plans To Round Up Immigrants, Put Them In Concentration Camps
And you thought I was joking about this.

Ohio GOP Plots To Sabotage Popular Abortion Rights Amendment
Our country is now on the verge of a bloody Civil War due to this MAGAt fascism.

How Our Media Fail Us Every Fucking Day
ďBecause the Republicans refuse to simply pass a bill to raise the debt limit to pay for money that was already legislated and spentÖĒ That is the necessary information. Not the hoops and rings that Johnson has to jump through to appease the various nutters in his own party. Simply state that this is a problem THEY FUCKING MADE and now they are trying to fix the problem THAT THEY FUCKING MADE AND ARE MAKING. All of this could end tomorrow if they just passed a clean debt limit increase that they used to do for my entire fucking life until recently.

Hobby Lobby Dumps Hanukkah Items From Shelves
Christians really want to pretend like Jews don't exist in America anymore.
Fuck Hobby Lobby back to hell where they came from. They have always been Nazis.

GOP: We Lost On Tuesday Because Of Money, Not Abortion
Scott Walker is still dumb and a liar.
Close the lid on this POS.

MI GOP Sues To Overturn Abortion Ballot Measure
No votes count in a Nazi run state.
Do they really want to settle this via fascist dictators? That's a sure way to start a shooting war.
"Republicans: We don't care what the voters want, they must do as we say when we say it...Fucking fascist pigs...stick em all" — Thewolflam (comments).

Trump Echoes Hitler In Veteranís Day Rant: ďVerminĒ
The racist pig is coming clean. A Nazi, through and through.

Trump: Orban Wants ďPresident ObamaĒ To Resign
One of Trump's Nazi buddies. Alzheimer's has destroyed his brain for good.
His supporters are just as retarded.

Trump's mental stability increasingly an issue in 2024 presidential campaign: report
Please eliminate this sick person from our 2024 election ballots.

Louisiana lawmakers have until Jan. 15 to enact new congressional map, court says
Land of the Happy Negro has 60 days to get their racist shit together.

Cracks on the road to Christian Dominion: Is the shadowy "City Elders" group collapsing?
Oklahoma-based "City Elders" group talks big about political takeover. How much of that is smoke and mirrors?
Talibastards: Do us all a favor and vanish from the face of the earth.

Trump 'has nowhere to turn' as D.C. trial defense headed for failure: ex-prosecutor
"Donald Trump has nowhere to turn on this one," he pronounced.

Questions raised about the origins of Stefanik's Trump trial letter
Law and order do not apply to Fatso's crime syndicate.

NYT: Trump Is Planning To Summarily Deport Millions
And if that doesn't work there is always the gas chambers.

RNC To Candidates: Donít Attend Hate Groupís Debate
Fearing the Christo-Fascists will grasp the reins to the Party. Too late.

Hawaii Hotel Buys Out Trump, Will Scrap His Name
No Nazi hotels, please. Fatso needs lawyer money.

Fox Hosts Complain Biden ĎToo Afraid To Kill Iraniansí
Thereís just never enough death and dying for Fox News chickenhawks.
They have to stop hiring alley trash as mouthpieces for their propaganda.

'Completely unacceptable': Johnson gavels House out for 3-day weekend to attend far-right event in Paris
"Smirky" does't care because he works for God and not America.

'Broken doll' Ivanka buried for covering for Donald Trump's crimes
"In a brutal column for the New York Times, the author of ďThe Trump Women: Part of the Deal,Ē buried Ivanka Trump for willingly covering for the crimes of her father and looking the other way in her drive for power and popularity."

Trump is doubling down on his threat to take 'revenge' on 'critics and opponents': analysis
His mental disability is getting worse with each passing day.

Senate To Vote Tuesday On End Run Around Tuberville Block
An attempt to get the threat to our military out of our government.

Can We Stop Pretending Trump 'Will' Weaponize The FBI And DOJ?
"During an interview on Univision, journalist Enrique Acevedo asked Trump if he would weaponize the FBI and the DoJ on his opponents in the same way he claims federal law enforcement agencies have been weaponized against him -- proving his own cognitive impairment, because he's already done countless times. Why does the media never call him out on it? THIS IS NOT NEWS."
Either the media is supporting fascism or they are headline whores — or both.

Jimmy Kimmel finds perfect way to troll Ted Cruz over new book
ĎI just want to say out loud right now: the book is boring,í one of the children said of Ted Cruzís new book Unwoke

MTG Is Telling GOP Reps That Beetleboob Is A ďWhoreĒ
Oh, dear. The "ladies" are at it again.

Trump Loses Bid To Delay Stolen Docs Trial (For Now)
How about forever?

Speaker Johnson Attends Far-Right Conference In Paris
"Funny how the House GOP just happened to adjourn for the weekend yesterday, huh?
A regular whoís who of crackpots and extremists. Per a press release, focuses of the conference will include 'free speech, globalism, election strategy, illegal immigration and combating 'wokism'.Ē

Mike Johnson displays symbol of spiritual warfare outside his Capitol office: report
Anyone pushing this hogwash is a danger to America and its democracy.

Inside Mike Johnsonís Ties to a Far-Right Movement to Gut the Constitution
Christo-Fascism is a real threat to us. It must be resisted at every level.

ĎFascismí: Critics warn after Trump says he could order DOJ indictments against opponents
"Focused on Trump's promise to order DOJ indictments, former Tea Party Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, now a strong Trump critic who hosts "White Flag with Joe Walsh," called it "fascism."
"This is what a fascist dictator does. This is fascism. In his own words, heís telling you how fascist he will be," Walsh warned.
Max Boot, the Washington Post columnist, writes, "Donít say you werenít warned. Like many aspiring dictators, Trump makes no secret of his authoritarian agenda. But many people either donít believe him or donít care."

ďIím So Tired of These PsychosĒ: Moms for Liberty Is Now a Toxic Brand
"It's remarkable how swiftly Moms for Liberty became such an albatross organization."

Biden expands veterans' health care coverage
"Starting this month, all living World War II veterans can access health care services from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) at no cost, including nursing home care, the White House said in a press release."

Mike Huckabee So Mad Devil Grannies Always Tricking Women Into Having Abortions
"Letís dive right in, we all know who Mike Huckabee is and why weíre talking about abortion a whole lot this week. (It is because Americans love abortion so much and vote every chance they get to protect it, and vote against the garbage Republican fascists who are destroying their bodily autonomy and reproductive rights.)"
There is no reason to give a rat's ass about what this dildo thinks. He can take care of his own buisiness and women will take care of theirs. Full stop here.

Your Stupid Republican Congressman Clip Of The Day
Berman expressed confusion given that (screams in reality-based community) Hunter Biden isn't an elected official.
"Yeah but Joe Biden argle bargle!" said the not-too-bright Republican.
We've got to take back the House and hold the Senate and White House next year, folks. Dummies don't get to run the country.

"Itís not a contest of which extraneous white conservative loser coward MAGA man is having the funniest conniption over America handing the so-called 'pro-life' movement its ass Tuesday night and forcing it to eat it."
Fact is, Charlie is less than nothing. A very lost incel.

Keep Telling People What To Think About Abortion, Greg Gutfeld. You Guys Are NAILING IT
"If this week has taught us anything, it is that Americans are extremely eager to hear some more white guys theyíve never met telling them how to think about abortion. So our next entrant in the 'MAGA idiot dudes having temper tantrums over the world leaving them behind forever' sweepstakes for the week is Greg Gutfeld, from yesterday on Fox Newsís 'The Five.'"
"Obviously Greg Gutfeld is just pigfucking ignorant. And we donít need to lean into those tragic situations to rebut his babbling. Letís debunk his entire mouth with one fact: 60 percent of people who have abortions already have children, you stupid motherfucker."

Poll Finds 70 Percent of Americans Back Legal Recreational Marijuana Use
And medical marijuana is a must for anyone that has no idea how it works.

The Last 12 Months Were Hottest the World Has Experienced in Last 125,000 Years
The fire next time.

Forced-Birther Republicans in Ohio, Michigan Refuse To Accept Votersí Will on Abortion
The Nazis illustrate the absurdity of human beings ever being able to abide with each other. No law can ever be held as all law is subject to situational ethics and humanity collapses there. Nothing may be litigated.

Why Is America So Vulnerable to Charlatans Like Trump?
Donald Trump is a confidence man, a charlatan, an unrepentant liar whose deceits have cost at least a half-million Americans their lives. Why do so many American support him?

Jan. 6 rioter used Confederate flagpole to smash his way into Capitol: court docs
Land of the Happy Negro flag pole was used. From what area of the treasonous Land did he get it? Texas? Oh, my!

Republican spending bill implodes over 'embarrassing' birth control spat
This idiot's memory is so damaged that he can't recall a damn thing. Time to replace him with someone that has a working memory.

Huckabee: Women Have To Be ďTalked IntoĒ Abortions
No one gives a shit about what you and your stupid views are.
You're already as offensive as any human on the planet.

Trump: My Dead Parents Are ďSo ProudĒ Of My Crimes
You're welcome, Mr. Deluded. Won't you please go to prison for us too?
Thanks in advance.

Ramaswamy: Build Wall On Canadaís 5500-Mile Border
And we think Trump is insane, addled and separated from reality?

OOPS: James Comer Also Paid His Brother $200,000
James Comer desperately needs to get a life.

One Million Moms: Boycott The Queer Macyís Parade
What traumatized these women so badly that they have rejected hapiness and replaced it with hatred in their lives?
Boycott One Million Moms until they figure it out.

Nikki Haley Rips Vivek Ramaswamy: 'You're Just Scum'
She certainly got that right!

Whose life expectancy is dropping ó and what this has to do with the rise of Trumpism
"Today I want to examine a root that hasnít gotten nearly the attention it deserves: the remarkable reversal in life expectancy among those without college degrees, many of whom comprise Trumpís base.
Research by economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton shows that life expectancy did not reverse course for the 30 percent of Americans with four-year college degrees.
It reversed for people without college degrees.

Young Americans are losing faith in democracy — educators must act now
"Part of the blame for youthful disillusionment rests with educators at all levels, who have for too long failed to be advocates for democracy. Afraid of being caught up in culture wars or seen as politically incorrect apologists for racism, sexism, homophobia and the like, they have given up on civic education. Only seven states now require a full year of civics in the K-12 curriculum."

'Positively Stalinist': Legal expert warns 'if Trump wins we lose the republic'
Joyce Vance warns: ďIf Trump wins in 2024, we lose the Republic. Thatís not drama, and thatís not overstatement. Thatís what Trump is promising.Ē
ďItís the stuff of banana republics,Ē Vance writes. ďItís a menu for the end of democracy.Ē
ďDonald Trump plainly wants to end democracy. Thatís not being alarmist,Ē Vance says, ďitís just the truth.Ē
The Republic will Strike Back.

GOP blasted for 'fiscal commission' that would fast-track Social Security cuts
They have no interest in keeping our Senior Citizens solvent as they roll in cash.

'Literally your job': Tuberville mocked for saying he read up on 'the big game' instead of election results
The nitwit pays no attention to anything that doesn't go with his line of stupid.

Ramaswamy Attacks Debate Moderators As Liberals: ďThis Should Be Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Elon MuskĒ
And the swami should be wise rather than a blitering idiot.

Texas AGís Crony Charged With Four New Felonies
The lies of Texas are upon you.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba objects to her own documents in courtroom stumble
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) got wrecked in a one-on-one debate on the House floor with Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD). It didn't end well for her.
Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum.The story you have read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty.

OK Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Porn Charges
Another one bites the dust. Still no LGBTs or drag queens to nail for this stuff?

Notorious Anti-Abortion Activist Sues DOJ For $4.35M, Claims Arrest At Clinic Protest Caused Wifeís Infertility
As we all know, benig arrested is the common cause of fertility.

Ivanka Pleads Amnesia 30 Times In NY Fraud Trial
All of Fatso's kids have short memory problems. Probably runs in the family.

Dems Win Big, Cable TV Struggles To Cover Its Collective Ass
I'm sorry, cable bobbleheads. You should have had an alternative narrative prepared.

'Cut ties completely': Marjorie Taylor Greeneís exhausted GOP colleagues say sheís 'embarrassing herself'
She has no idea of what you're talking about.

MTG Blames ďWeak RepublicansĒ For Election Blowout
ďPeople are losing hope and canít see a way out and think itís all going to get worse," she said.
As long as fascists like her have their hands in our government things will get worse.

'Absolute disgusting': Trump-loving Christian broadcaster melts down on Ohio abortion vote
"It's not JUST the left. JUST HORRIBLE." That's because you Cristo-Fascists hate America. Can't you figure this out yet?

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Voters reject Republican extremism across the board
" From school boards to referenda, turnout was strong, and it was decisive."

Trump May Be On Verge Of ĎGross Paranoid Psychosis,í Top Psychiatrist Says
Itís not your imagination: Donald Trump really is cracking up before our eyes.
Typical behavior of an Alzheimer's patient. I have witnessed this before.

Marijuana Legalized In Ohio; GOP Already Plotting Against It
They just do not know how to read a room.
Or anything else for that matter.

Ohioans Now Free To Get High Before Their Legal, Safe Abortion Care
Issue 1 passes! Go suck it, Gov. DeWine!
But, for God's sake, LET HIM FINISH! LMAO!

Joe Biden Refuses To Resign After Democratsí Humiliating Night Of Wins
Probably too old to know there was an election.
"TRANSLATION: We, the Beltway Political Pundits Of America, hate Joe Biden and think he is old, and we are not able to examine American politics any deeper than asking the World Almanack Of Facts which guy is the oldest, but honestly for real, for real? We miss covering Donald Trump, because he honked horns and made balloon animals, and sometimes he hurt us but thatís OK we like pain. Why do Democrats just keep winning elections? We would investigate what weíre missing here ó maybe ask questions like ďAre there voters for whom there are more important issues besides whether Nate Silver thinks Joe Biden is old?Ē ó but we donít wanna!"

'Political heroin': Morning Joe rips GOP primary voters for getting hooked on Trump
A bad drug to get hooked on. It rots the brain.

Voters aren't fooled by Republican lies on abortion ó and Democrats are benefiting at the ballot box
In Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia, polls showed Americans will turn out to protect reproductive rights
Up yours. Alito!

Democrats Flip Virginia House And Hold State Senate
Thus be it ever...

McEnany Wails About Anti-Abortion ďLosing StreakĒ
Drat. That poor little girl. When WILL she realize she's on the wrong side of history? You're in charge of your own body in America.

Frothy Mix: Democracy Is ďNo Way To Run A CountryĒ
A Nazi that is proud to be a Nazi. Fuck him.

GOP Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves Wins Reelection
Meanwhile, in the deep, dark, nutball, inbred Land of the Happy Negro...
Ran out of ballots? So poor they could only print so many, eh? So, convenient for white supremecy.

Far-right 'Moms for Liberty' school board candidates lose races in 5 states
Thanks, America. These busybodies need to get a life now.

Moms For Liberty Gets Clobbered In Pennsylvania
Good News! But these Nazis won't go away. We must never stop fighing them.

Moms For Liberty Lose 12 Iowa School Board Races
"The highly contested Linn-Mar school board race had eight candidates vying for four open spots. All the candidates supported by Moms for Liberty failed to get in the top four."
The Nazis lose big. America dodges them this time. They must forver be eradicated.

Election 2023 shows that defenders of democracy 'shouldn't despair': ex-federal prosecutor
No, but keep fighting MAGAt fascism.

'Time to be very very afraid': Columnist warns Trump plans to carry out acts of vengeance in 2nd term
Sorry about the old man with advanced Alzheimer's and his rage. He could vanish at any time at this stage.
Rage is common. I saw it in my sister when she went out on us.

'Gotta cut something': Republican tries to gut $505 million from housing for people with AIDS
Cut your throat and stop trying to repress education in America.

'Utter Failure': Trump Lawyers' Hope For Appeal Disappears
Joyce Vance notes that Trump's "strategy" to goad the judge so the case could be appealed? Was a fail.
The poor fascist sucker. He's all through. He looks whipped and confused. Decrepit.

House GOP Votes To Cut Pete Buttigiegís Salary To $1
Talk about a bunch of motherfuckers. They fear anyone with intellect.

Trump Lawyer: Iím Filing A Mistrial Motion On Thursday
I agree. It is all coming from you Nazi nutsuckers.
Maybe if you work it right you can get his dick up.
The judge confirmed this type of trial is by judge - not jury in NY. Have a drink, Melania Jr.

Charlie Kirk: ďJewish Dollars Fund Marxist IdeasĒ
Who funds your little shit show?

AZ Republicans appear on QAnon conspiracy theorists' TV show
It's "Dancing with Conspiracy Theorists," the new extravaganza by and for lost incels.

Mike Johnson's evangelical 'persecution complex' is eating his movement alive: analyst
As if this is shocking. Routine stuff. Think of it—always.

Ramaswamy To Intro Pledge To Abandon US Allies
Here's one that's not playing with a full deck. He's got some broken circuits for sure.
Abandon him.

Steve Martin Mocks FL County For Banning His Book
Tell the morons, Steve. None of them can read anyway.

Why Isnít Daylight Saving Time Permanent? Experts Weigh In.
Too many people hate this out-of-time and place ceremony. It must be stopped and DST made standard.

Texas Republican Charged With Child Pornography Possession Hours Before Election
"Brad Benson, who's running for city council in Granbury, was arrested on two felony charges on Monday."
Does he happen to be a youth pastor?

Operator Of Christian Youth Facility Sued For Child Sex Abuse, Huckabee Arranged His 2019 Pardon By Trump
Aha! Looks like we do have one here. Bite it!

Youngkin Keeps Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud About Abortion
"It finally hit Republicans that ripping women's bodily autonomy away from them isn't wildly popular. Imagine that. After electoral losses, they even tried to come up with a word or phrase to use to substitute for pro-life."
They are too far gone into the shit now.

Rachel Maddow: Trumpís unhinged courtroom 'rambling' was designed to undermine 'the whole legal system'
And create an attack on the U.S. very similar to the way Hitler worked.

'Ho hum thatís just America': Top Dem furious over report of man with AR-15 near US Capitol
After Maine the failed gun policy that is sposored by MAGAt Nazis will be met with whatever it takes to fix it and them.

'Itís a serious crime': Moms for Liberty school board hopeful urges police to probe and arrest librarian
Why did these busybody women never grow up? Don't they think it's time? It clearly states "Grade level? : ? 10 - 12 \"
Storm and Fury. Get your copy now.

Donald Trump Bakes a Dictatorship Cake
"Again, weíve been warned. Trump doesnít just want to be president. He wants to be prosecutor, judge, jury and jailer, too. Why doesnít he just come clean and announce his campaign for dictator?"

Special counsel Jack Smith blasts Trump's claim of 'vindictive prosecution'
Apparently, facts and law don't apply to this ape.

'Utter failure' of Trump defense strategy leaves his company 'at an end': MSNBC analyst
She then elaborated, "If you are Trump's lawyers, sitting at the counsel table, you are watching your only hope of surviving this case ó which is the appeal ó you're watching it fade away."

Trump's 'lizard brain' on full display as his 'empire of fraud' crumbles: conservative
"The former president of the United States strutted his hour (actually several hours) on the witness stand. In this case, Donald Trumpís rage testimony actually signified quite a lot," wrote Sykes. "Here was the former president under oath in a trial that threatens to unravel his empire of fraud. And it went about as you might expect: the belligerent vitriol, bravado, grievance, and insults; the filibustering, logic-rapes, tangents, boorishness, bulls---, and, of course, the lies. Trump seethed and exploded."

Texas GOP city council candidate arrested for child porn just hours before election
Another one bites the dust.

'Sociopath' Trump grows dangerous as his entire life is exposed as a lie: psychiatrist
"Trump alternates between being a malignant, malicious narcissist and a sociopath," Goulston said. "From his narcissist side, he is all about control and power and the two things that trigger his rage and reckless abandon are when he is feeling out of control and powerless. When that happens, he is like a mortally wounded animal, which can be the most vicious and dangerous animal of all."

Trump Lawyer Attacks NY AG: ďJust Not That BrightĒ
Like a circus, eh? Then what is the Melania look-alike? A clown, of course. Now who's not bright?

Kayleigh McEnany Hates Courtroom Sketch Of Trump, But Gutfeld And Watters Say They Got His Penis Right
"We hit the lowlights of the day at halftime, at which point Trump had spent most of his day embarrassing himself and getting in trouble with the judge. Afterward, his lawyer Alina Habba, the one who looks like the Melania double, came out and stomped her feet because the judge! yelled at her! just because she! was being! an asshole too! She! Wonít! Tolerate! It!"
"Oh boy, they were having some feelings over on Fox Newsís ďThe FiveĒ afterward, though. Kayleigh McEnany was upset that the courtroom sketch made Trump look ugly and said it was a ďtravesty,Ē just like the trial is a travesty. (The artist nailed it.) Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld said they got his hands right if you know what they mean, we think you know what they mean, but if you donít know what they mean they mean his penis."

Mike Johnson and His Son Monitoring Each Otherís Porn Intake Is Worse Than You Think
"Aside from the weirdness of having your son watch your porn intakeóand vice versaóthe implications of having one of the most prominent leaders in government under the watchful eye of an intrusive software have not been lost on some, who believe the app could pose a national security risk."

Lawrence OíDonnell Reveals The 1 Word From Trump That ĎDestroyedí His Defense
ďBecause Donald Trump is one of the very stupidest people to be charged with business fraud, and because his demonstrably ineffectual lawyers obviously do not have the skills to prepare their client for even the simplest and most obvious questions, Donald Trump incriminated himself and his children with the only one-word answer that he gave all day,Ē OíDonnell said on Monday night.
The word came in response to a question about who in the Trump Organization was responsible for preventing and detecting fraud."
ďEverybody,Ē Trump said.

POLL: 76% Of Israelis Call On Netanyahu To Resign
So should the rest of the world.

NC Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Porn Charges
Another one bites the dust. The same people that support Trump support "pastors" such as this.
I would'nt be very happy if I were NC State.

Trump Lawyer: ďI Wonít Tolerate A Judge Yelling At MeĒ
"Why exactly am I being paid as an attorney?"
Dear stupid rookie: Your client is one of biggest fucking liars known to mankind. That you don't realize that illustrates how lame you are at your job. He isn't going to pay you because he doesn't pay anyone! You'll get his shitty wine and steaks along with some stupid cards with his fake images on them.

Trump's 'disaster' testimony verges on confession: legal experts
Should Trump continue to spew "word salad" on the stand, Engoron said he'd ďdraw every negative inference,Ē Lisa Rubin reported from the court.
"Disaster Testimony." Leave it to Fatso.

Trump admits in court he wasn't president in 2021 when he was 'keeping our country safe'
No. He was working the courts to overthrow the election.

Laughter in courtroom after Trump says 'I've got more money than you thought': report
He should know that a fool and his money are soon parted.

'The fraud is her!' Trump explodes at NY AG Letitia James in 'unbelievable' court tantrum
Listen, you stupid shit. Everyone knows everything about you. You can't hide a damn thing since you are such a whiny nincompoop.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba busted over her 'no jury' meltdown by legal experts
Dear stupid, go back to law school. She's a creep as is her client.

Democracy and Reproductive Rights Are on the Ballot in Pennsylvania
Well, duh. This is the mission of Nazis!

Moms for Liberty Members Call the Cops on Librarians Over YA Bestseller
These Nazis can stick this all up their ignorant butts.

Johnny Cash's Taylor Swift Cover Predicts the Boring Future of AI Music
With covers of ďBlank SpaceĒ and Aqua's ďBarbie GirlĒ going viral, Johnny Cash is suddenly the voice of AI. The choice is telling.
This is no "brave new world." It's a
As the late Johnny Otis once said, "America has a taste for shit." Truer words were never spoken.

Trump's New York Testimony Going About How You'd Expect
The fascist fool on display for the world to see.

GOP Governors Desperately Try To Claim Dems Are The Real Abortion Radicals Ahead Of Tomorrow's Elections
"Every time I look and expect to see something new, but each time itís really just that they are claiming that, actually, they are very reasonable and Democrats are the real abortion radicals.
If you want the truth, Iím not actually super clear how this is ďnew,Ē especially given that it has involved the spread of ridiculous old canards like accusing Democrats of supporting insane things like ďabortion up until the moment of birth.Ē These GQP Governor creatures are swine.

Zelenskyy Can Demonstrate What A Moron Trump Is In 24 Minutes Or Less
ZELENSKYY: Former President Trump said that [in] about 24 hours, that he can manage it and finish the war. For me, what can I say? So heís very welcome as well. President Biden was here, and he ó I think he understood some details which you can understand only being here. So I invite President Trump, if he can come here, I will need 24 minutes ó yes, 24 minutes. Not more. Yes. Not more ó 24 minutes to explain [to] President Trump that he canít manage this war. He canít bring peace because of Putin.
The only thing Trump can do is fraud and failure.

Yet another attempt at cleaning voter rolls goes badly wrong
America is full of fascist traitors.

'He wants revenge': WaPo reporter reveals dark threat of another Trump presidency
The same as Hitler did.

Americans seem alarmingly open to Trump's 'revenge' campaign: ABC's Jon Karl
There's nothing "American" about them.

'I canít elect a criminal': A Trump conviction could cripple his re-election
No one in their right mind, would. We would become the laughing stock of the world.

'How sick do you have to be?' Morning Joe warns Trump is only getting worse
"How sick do you have to be to actually go to an event and boo somebody for criticizing Donald Trump at the, quote, Freedom Summit?" he added. "How sick do you have to be to praise a man who supports rioters who beat the hell out of cops and led to the death of four police officers, if you ask their families, led to the death of four police officers. Yet they say they support freedom? It's the opposite. They support a tyrant, a guy who promised he wants to suspend the Constitution, and a guy who has said, 'I'm going to start arresting people after I'm elected president of the United States.'"

'White Christian nationalists' have a 'troubling' appetite for violence ó and we're in for 'a rough ride': expert
Don't be so certain they won't be.

100+ Fake News Studies Canceled Due To X Changes
"X," the lying machiine.

Johnson And Son Used Same Porn Filter As Josh Duggar
Paranoia strikes deep.

Shame On 60 Minutes For Platforming J6 Insurrectionist John Eastman
While they did a good job of discussing the fact that the man is a danger to democracy, they didn't need to give this nut job airtime to make their point.
They now have aided and abetted far too many traitors on their show.

'Wildly out of step': Fox News host hits Mike Johnson on birth control crusade
"Smirky" is full of shit as are all Christo-Fascists.

'MAGA' Mike Johnson busted by Christian columnist for using the Bible to shield his lies
Touching on "Mike Johnsonís refusal to answer a question about the effort to overturn the 2020 election," French wrote, "There is a reason that effort is called the Big Lie. It was one of the most comprehensively and transparently dishonest political movements in American history. And Mike Johnson was in the middle of it."

Trump Flunks Simple Geography Again: Hungary/Russia Edition
Remedial classes might help the boob.

Speaker Mike Johnson: 'I Refuse To Put People Over Politics'
Johnson's first fundraising e-mail garnered jeers.
And talks about gay sex more than any gay person.

Trumpís 2024 Plan: Prosecute Critics, Unleash Troops
Seig Heil, you Nazi bastard!

GOP Rep: People In Gaza Are ďPretending To Be KilledĒ
And he's pretending he cares because he's not getting killed.

Christie Rages At Florida Republicans For Booing Him: Your Anger Against The Truth Is Reprehensible
As vampires can't stand the sunlight, the Nazis can't stand the truth.

Rallygoers try to drown out ex-GOP lawmaker as he tells them Trump will be found guilty
Another example of the Nazis reaction to truth.

Trumpís violent rhetoric echoes the fascist commitment to a destructive and bloody rebirth of society: expert
The question is: Is this America? Is fascism what we want? Do we want to shit can our Constitution? We had better stand up for it.

Inexperienced legal 'expert' closes out Colorado trial for team Trump
And all that will happen is our fascist SCOTUS will say "we don't like the 14th Amendment!"

Residing In A Red State Is Hazardous To Your Health
Red states are a great place to die young. Literally.
"Evolution's Not Fast Enough For Me."

RFK Vows To End Research Into Infectious Diseases
Thus becoming an infectious disease himself. Erase him. Obliterate him. End him. He breeds death.

Alabama Pastor/Mayor Dies By Suicide After Right Wing Sites Dox Him With Photos Showing Him In Drag
Copeland was a pastor at First Baptist Church of Phenic City.
Being in drag is not a crime, you animals.
"Murdered by the Christian Death Cult Belief System." --TexasBoy (comments)

Voldemort Claims NASCAR Is Racist Against White Men

More Alarm Raised Over GOP Christian Nationalism
The New Crusades. Fuck these bastards.

Right-wing fake history is making a big comeback ó but it never went away
We're a Christian nation! The Civil War wasn't about slavery! Fighting Hitler was a mistake! The lies run deep

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Decides To Keep Obviously Innocent Man In Prison At Least Six More Years On Top Of 30 He's Already Served
"Sarah Huckabee Sanders explains why she isnít using her $19,000 lectern. There is new information in the unbelievably tragic case of Charlie Vaughn, an Arkansas man who has spent the last three decades in prison for a crime that another man confessed to committing all by himself. Journalist Radley Balko, who has been covering Vaughnís case for some time now, shared this week that Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has refused to grant clemency."

ďExecute Mike PenceĒ Rioter: Itís My ďGreat HonorĒ To Go To Prison Today For 19 Months For Glorious Leader
Rot there, you traitor.

Ted Cruz Agrees: God Had Texas Team Win The World Series Because They Alone Refused To Hold Pride Night
What a horrible, pandering, bigot this creature is.

Right-Wing Billionaire Wins the World Series!
"So it was a win for the Rangers last night, and congrats to all the players. However, no matter which way this series may have gone, it would have been one right-wing billionaire or another holding the trophy in the end."

What Do You Know About Israelís Role in the Origin Funding of Hamas?
"While there has been much discussion since the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas about its attack funding sources, little has been written about its genesis and where it got its start-up money."

Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, Johnson: The Neo-Fascist Spectrum
"At a time when America is involved in two wars ó both of which are at this moment killing thousands of innocent people, and either of which could spiral out of control and cost many American lives ó the leaders of the Republican Party are holding the nation hostage to their own reactionary agenda."

Marjorie Taylor Greene Hilariously Self-Owns With Simple Dictionary Definition
The far-right Republican summed herself up perfectly with her post, said Twitter users.
I know you are but what am I, you goofus?

FL Pastor Accused Of Beating Third Graders With Belt
"A parent told News 6 that his son was one of eight students struck by the pastor at St. Mark Preparatory School. According to the parent, a teacher at the school pointed students out to the pastor, who then whipped them."
Christo-Fascism at work in America.

Texas activist who wants to end the separation of church and state has Mike Johnson's ear
Christo-Fascist can jump off a cliff. He can have as much hogwash as he wants in his life. Just leave the rest of us out of it.

A 'prophetic' Alexander Hamilton note described Trump almost to a T
"Ultimately, Sykes concluded, founders like Hamilton would have no difficulty seeing Trump as the embodiment of the threat to liberty they feared. And "if the Founders are, in fact, watching all of this, I imagine that George Mason would like to have a word with James Madison" ó as Mason was the one to warn that the president having pardon powers could give them a blank check to commit crimes and cover it up, as some experts fear Trump appears intent on doing."

Amy Kremer When Pressed On Who 'Stole The Election': 'We Don't Know'
Activist Amy Kremer testified in a Colorado court Thursday that supporters believe that the 2020 presidential election was "stolen" ó though she had no idea who did it.
I do. She was one of those that aided and abetted the coup on January 6.

Trouble In Paradise: Trump Dumps The Federalist Society
Apparently, he wants the Department of Justice to be even more fascistic.
FASCISM is Trump.
"Fascism. The word the Times is looking for but cannot find is "fascism." This is not a loaded word but a plainly descriptive one. It refers to a movement of supposed national "rebirth" that believes a nation's existing laws are too hindering and a nation's internal enemies too entrenched and devious to dislodge except by national purge, legal or not."

Court Tosses EPA Ban On ďBrain DamageĒ Pesticide
Fuck our children, we need to make money first!

Dem Rep Informs MTG That Robert E. Lee Was Not A Founding Father In Exchange On MTGís Monuments Bill
The stupid is strong in this one. But what can you expect from one who grew up in a treasonous and racist state of dear ol' Dixie, the home of traitors.

GOP Rep: It Was 29 Degrees When I Took My Kids Trick Or Treating, Therefore Climate Change Is Fake News
ďYou know, we may have had a hot summer, but I just went trick or treating with my kids, and it was like, you know, the low that evening was 29 degrees, so temperatures change, alright?" — Randy Ogles.
In fact, the hottest summer in the history of our planet, Einstein.

Nancy Mace learns the lesson of Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene: MAGA is not for ladies
GOP women are supposed to be sexy but chaste, aggressive but submissive. It is a conundrum that can't be beat
Casting your bread upon the water...

GOP senator rebuked by Fox News reporter for 'insulting' comments on Marines
Tuberturd won't last much longer. He works for Putin.

Trump betting that being jailed for contempt of court will help him get re-elected: analyst
Yes, because we love crooks that screw us over constantly and get away with it. We love it when the rest of the world hates our Nazi criminal leader. As crooked as the Col du Chaussy, and the Three Level Zigzag.

'100 percent wrong': How Johnson stirs House fight over 'countryís largest anti-Hunger program'
"Smirky" should be made to live on stew bones and beans for a few years.

Did Arizona GOP Use Campaign Funds To Attend J6 Riot?
Arizona Republican Anthony Kern is accused of using campaign funds to attend the January 6 insurrection.
The MAGAt Nazi Party will do anything to end our democracy.

Angry GOPers Let Tuberville Have It On Senate Floor Last Night
Defense Department officials have repeatedly said the backlog of officials needing confirmation could endanger national security.
"Let him have it"? Are his eyes black and is he walking with a limp?
"Rep. Adam Kinzinger was on Late Nite with Stephen Colbert last night and he said something very interesting.
(Paraphrasing) He said "Neither he nor any Member of Congress (House or Senate) elected to office does NOT swear an oath to follow the fickle wishes of the 700,000 or so constituents for the House or the whole of any state's constituents for the Senate nor of those who actually voted for them or funded their campaigns. Each takes an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution. PERIOD!
He is a foreign agent and should be arrested. The goddamn Nazi Party hates our military!

House Votes To Tie Aid To Israel To Spending Cuts
The MAGAt scumbags are holding a ransom on us for this. They should all be dragged through the streets by wild horses.

Beetleboob: Over-Regulation Cost Me My Restaurant
And they also regulated the free swashing. Damn!

Mark Levin Claims Wolf Blitzer Lied About His Familyís Holocaust History, Calls Jake Tapper ďSelf-Hating JewĒ
We know who the ďSelf-Hating JewĒ is.

Michael Knowles: ďPrejudice Is A Very Good ThingĒ
If you're an asshole.

Target CEO: We Pulled Pride Month Merch Because Threats Made Our Employees Afraid To Come To Work
Intimidation is one of their tools. Taking it out on the workers shows they have no regard for their lives.

Ivanka Trump complains she can't testify at civil fraud trial during a 'school week'
What school would that be? "How to Dodge the Law"?

Trump leveled profane 30-minute 'tantrum' at his own lawyer over D.C. trial date: report
His Alzheimer's has advanced now.

Jack Smithís team blasts Trump lawyers after they 'failed to disclose' 11th-hour motion to halt trial
Of course they did, they're all crooked. Get rid of Fatso forever!

Newsmax Covers The Serious Issues: Jill Biden's Halloween Cat Whiskers
These people make me feel all stabby.

Just 12% of voters approve of how congressional Republicans are doing their jobs
Congressional Republicans are currently 60 percentage points underwater, with just 12% of registered voters approving of the way they are handling their jobs, while 72% disapprove.

Audio Shows Mike Johnson Promoting Ex-Gay Torture
A real motherfucker. Christo-Fascist. Like the rest of the Nazis.

OH Senate Candidate Claims Ballot Issue Allows Rapists To Force Abortions By Minors Without Parental Consent
Another motherfucker. That rapist should be in jail, you fucking moron!

Mike Johnson's Christian nationalist 'snake oil' torn apart by Princeton historian
"House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) not been shy about espousing claims associated with Christian nationalism, which is the idea that the United States must be subordinated to Christian law ó or more specifically, a right-wing interpretation of Christian law."
"Smirky" can get bent.

Are/Were Mike Johnson And His Teenage Son Each Otherís No-Pornin' Cops? Because Thatís Weird
"There is a lot of talk right now about AI and deep fakes, so let us be clear, we WANT to believe that this clip of new Speaker Mike Johnson talking about being accountability partners with his teenage son using the anti-masturbation software Covenant Eyes is fake/doctored/scary Halloweíen hallucination.
But we donít think it is.
In the clip, Johnson says some technology is great, like Bible apps. But some technology is EEEEEVIL."
Sure. The fascist totalitarian technology.

Mike Johnsonís Theocratic Gay-Hating Lunatic Extremism VERY LOVING, Says Mike Johnson
"Another day, another opportunity to please the Lord by exposing new Speaker Mike Johnson to the American people as the disturbed religious extremist creeper he is. And to do that, all you have to do is just find new examples of him opening his little Christian fascist mouth.
Corn (see David Corn article "SCOOP" below) finds a strong record of Mike Johnson believing there should be an explicit religious test for politicians. He cites a 2019 seminar Johnson did with his wife Kelly ó the ďChristian counselorĒ whose practice sounds just as abusive as ďChristian counselingĒ pretty much always is ó where he said ďbiblical ChristianityĒ is the only ďvalid worldview.Ē Fundamentalist fascist trolls love the phrase ďbiblical ChristianityĒ because they think it makes them sound like theyíve studied the Bible harder than other, more studied theologians have, or that such ancient texts are really so easy to understand that even some idiot white hick from Bossier City, Louisiana, can interpret them."

SCOOP: Mike Johnson Urged a Religious Test for Politicians
"The elevation of Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) to House speaker was a shocker. Not since John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate has a heretofore little-known politician been lifted so quickly to a position of prominence and importance."

A slow killer: East Texans are diagnosed with diabetes at a higher rate than the national average
"Health care workers in East Texas said easier access to health insurance ó such as Medicaid ó could help drive down the number of people living with uncontrolled diabetes."

Universal Basic Income: If it Works for Billionairesí Children, Why Not the Poor?
Americaís oligarchs have always known that their warnings about making people ďdependent on governmentĒ and ďlazyĒ were a scam.

Guess What, Glenn Youngkin? The GOP Makes Gun Crime Worse
"New research shows that the gun death rate is highest in states controlled by Republicans." (the Nazi Party)
Virginiaís GOP governor wants voters to give him control anyway.

GOP Rep Torches Party on His Way Out the Door: ĎWe Lost Our Wayí
ďWe have an identity crisis in the Republican Party,Ē he told the Times. ďIf we canít address the election denier issue and we continue down that path, we wonít have credibility with the American people that we are going to solve problems.Ē
Yes. Your former party surrendered to the Nazi Party.

Republicans claw back control of elections in key states
Republicans they are not. MAGAts they are. Fascists destroying democracy in America. They must be eliminated if America is to survive.

GOP Rep. Ken Buck Announces Heís Leaving Congress: ĎDisappointed That Republicans Continue To RelyíÖ on The Big Lie
The rest of them should do the same.

GOP accused of 'hypocrisy' over efforts to gut IRA while cheering money 'flowing to their electorates'
"In a report published on November 1, The Guardian's Oliver Milman describes Republicans who are vocal critics of the law yet hypocritically take full advantage of it."

Trump: Nice Business, NY Post. It'd Be A Shame If Something Happened To It
"He sounds like a mob boss."
Because that's what he is.

Does New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson Have a Bank Account?
Speaker Mike Johnson has never listed a bank account on his financial disclosure. In fact, on his newest disclosure he doesnít list a single asset at all.
Poor guy.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba says Secret Service will stop him from going to prison
They can stand outside his cell 24/7.
This woman is full of bullshit. Fatso is worried as hell.

Thereís Bad News In The New NBC/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll For Trump
"And starting in January, His Lowness is going to be distracted. His Manhattan criminal trial is scheduled for late January, and his DC federal trial is scheduled for March 4th. For as long as they last, The Cheeto Prophet will be required to be sitting at the defense table every day, and not out on the campaign trail. And while a criminal conviction in New York would hurt, a federal conviction in March could be fatal with soft Trump voters."

Check Out Bidenís Rapid Fire Account Tearing Into Trump. Long Overdue
"Make no mistake: not only is democracy v. fascism on the ballot next November, but truth v. lies is. It is that black and white."

The fraught debate over whether the 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump, explained
Could this save democracy from a dangerous threat? Or would it imperil democracy further?
All of the arguments over our Constitution are rendering it useless.
Apparantly, anyone can now disregard any of it. This makes cowards of us all.
If Al Capone were still living he could be president it appears.

Voters In At Least 10 States Are Trying To Protect Abortion Rights. GOP Officials Are Throwing Up Roadblocks.
Republican officials are undermining citizen-led ballot initiatives that seek to protect the procedure. Ohio is the latest state to get protections on the November ballot.
There is no "Republican" Party. Fatso and his MAGAt mob of Nazis have replaced them.

Josh Hawley's attempt to corner Mayorkas over DHS official's anti-Semitic posts backfires
Hawley probably thought Mayorkas was an illegal Mexican. He's that dispicable.

Trump supporter indicted for threats against Fani Willis
Fatso, you have no hope.

Top Marine Corps commander hospitalized as Sen. Tuberville continues to block second in command
American enemy strikes us again.
"Because of the ongoing hold on military promotions from Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville, there is no confirmed assistant commandant of the Marine Corps.
Instead, Lt. Gen. Karsten Heckl, the deputy commandant for combat development and integration, is currently serving as the acting commandant of the Marine Corps as a 3-star general."

Jesse Watters Loses His Mind Over Biden Check: 'I Was Promised A Smoking Gun!
Jesse, you've shot yourself too many times as it is.
You're welcome.

Buffalo Diocese Offers $100M To Settle Abuse Claims
Cover it up as soon as the bribes are paid.

Hate Group: Mike Johnson Doesnít Want A Theocracy, He Wants Us All To Live Under The ďBiblical WorldviewĒ
How considerate of the con man preaching his authoritarian bullshit.

Kayleigh McEnany Goes Full Dear Leader Praising ĎKind, Joyful, Humbleí Mike Johnson and His Belief in ĎGod Leading the Wayí
I can only imagine the pandering worship going on here.

ĎThis Is Chillingí: CNN Anchor Thanks MSNBC Guest For Sounding the Alarm on ĎTerrifyingí Rise of Antisemitism In the U.S.
It goes hand-in-hand with the Nazi surge.

House Republicans aim to pay for Israel aid with cuts to IRS funds
This is called "screwing Peter to pay Paul." Dumbos.

MAGA Mike Johnson's controversial move on aid to Israel
"Johnson wants to offset the $14.3 billion Israel aid package by cutting an equal amount from the IRAís boosted IRS enforcement. He wants to force Democrats to take a divisive vote: Choose aid for Israel or one of their major policy accomplishments. Killing the additional funding for tax enforcement agents would help super-rich people cheat on their taxes, which is just a cherry on top for Johnson. Itís also a ridiculous policy for a supposed deficit hawk since the extra money the IRS collects from people cheating on their taxes reduces the deficit."
"Some men rob you with a fountain pen..." --Woody Guthrie.

Testy N.Y. judge snaps at Trump lawyers: Iíve explained this 'ad nauseam'
Of course. No one said they were smart, just greedy.

Ex-GOPer slams fame-hungry former colleagues for allowing 'slide to authoritarianism'
If becoming a Nazi saves their jobs they'll gladly go along and fuck the country.

Lawyers are ditching top Trump allies for not paying their bills: report
Fatso is a big chisler and we all know this to be true.

Pharmageddon: The Pharmacists Are Walking Out Again!
"Pharmacists at CVS and Walgreens stores around the country are walking out again this week for three days, as the chains have still yet to make the entirely reasonable changes they have demanded. Changes not just for themselves, but for our safety."
"As stupid as I believe it is that we do not have fully subsidized public college tuition, it is grossly irresponsible and ridiculous that we charge people at all to go into the healthcare fields that are necessary to our basic survival. Do we have a death wish of some kind? Why do we do this to ourselves? If anything, we should be paying them."
This is where Capitalism fails and loses all cred.

GOP Rep: We May Have The Votes To Expel Santos
Be sure and let us know when you do. It will be welcome news.

Texas Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Porn Charges
Another of Texas' biggest products bites the dust.

Speaker Mike Johnson Lies About Cutting 'Woke' Federal Funding
"Speaker of the House Mike Johnson told Maria Bartiromo Republicans want to "decrease the woke and weaponized federal government." He didn't mention holding Israel aid hostage to IRS funding cuts, however, or how that would benefit wealthy tax cheats."

Mike Johnson sees himself and other Christian nationalists as 'victims' of endless 'persecution': analysis
It's the same with all "Xianists." They don't get it because they are always attempting to remake our country in their own image and we will not stand for it because we don't have to. Therfore they are being "persecuted" as they have imagined ever since their creation by Saul Paul.

GOP may soon regret making Dems' 'dream candidate' Mike Johnson their leader: analysis
Soon? They don't already? They will.

'It's over': Chris Christie predicts Mark Meadows will prove 'deadly' to Trump
"Look, this is a guy who was velcroed to Trump's hip for the entire 2020 campaign and all the post-campaign nonsense, so this is deadly," Christie said. "It's done, he's going to be convicted Ė it's over. I don't think he can delay it. I don't have the impression this District Court judge in Washington is amenable to delay."

Johnsonís Wife Takes Down Anti-LGBTQ Business Site
"Smirky's" wife and her beastiality propaganda site .

Ha, Ha! Last Laugh's On Dumb Old Poopy Head Laura Ingraham
If it's not on Fox, it must not have happened!
Yes, this woman is as stupid as she sounds. Why are these people laughing? Dum-dums. Fact is, they had to apologize because, yes, they are that fucking stupid.

Fox Business Host Rips Chip Roy Over Looming Government Shutdown
Fox Business host Stuart Varney confronted Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) after the congressman suggested he would vote to shut down the federal government.
The Nazis don't want a federal government. They can fuck off.

Wisconsin GQP: To 'Save' Free Speech, We Must Destroy It
Wisconsin Republicans are trying for the fourth time to limit free speech at universities and tech colleges. Doublethink. As predicted by Orwell. Nothing new, in fact, very old.

ďHugeĒ Rioter Attacks Agents When Judge Revokes Bail Over Anti-Gay & Anti-Semitic Doxxing Of DOJ Officials
The Bailiff should have just done him in.

Rumble Host: Execute Workers For Catholic Charities
Start with him.

Here's why "concierge medicine" is coming for your family practice
More doctors are turning to concierge medicine, but the reasons are complex. Here's what you need to know
No wonder health care in America is a fucking failed mess. Universal heath care for all as in the rest of the world.
Learn to read your bloodtests. We live in a retarded country.

It's 'chilling' Trump thinks he's not responsible for supporter violence: legal expert
A sick brain can't tell the difference. This is why he's a great danger to us.

Guess Which Agency Republicans Conveniently Want to Cut in Order to Fund Israel
House Republicans have a dangerous new proposal that would throw the entire budget out of whack.
The Nazis do this with some regularity and we all suffer from it. It's a fact.

VP Kamala Harris Shuts It Down: 'I Don't Have Time For Parlor Games'
"60 Minutias" trying to make news instead of reporting it. Caught in the act this time.
"(I put this in the same category of Andrea Mitchell's insulting question to Hillary Clinton: "Why don't the voters like you?" Pure projection.)
Very blatant and snotty by "60 Minutias."

Oops, They Did It Again! GOPers 'Accidentally' Purging Voters
The scumbags don't want anyone to vote for anyone but them.

Inside Mike Johnson's close ties to 'extreme Christians' who cheered J6
"Yet from a policy standpoint, Jordan and Johnson aren't far apart. Johnson is a far-right Christian fundamentalist known for his-gay and anti-abortion views as well as his efforts to help former President Donald Trump stay in office despite losing the 2020 presidential election to now-President Joe Biden."
"Smirky," the traitor.

Far-right Evangelical leader accused of 'serious allegations spanning several decades'
"In a statement released over the weekend, Dwayne Roberts and Brian Kimm ó who are former leaders of Bickle's organization ó along with the Rev. Wes Martin, allege that Bickle used his position to sexually abuse several women. Roberts, Kimm, and Martin said there were "serious allegations spanning several decades," and that the victims, who have not yet disclosed their names, "have always been viewed as credible, trustworthy, and courageous."

'Blatant and open loathing': Trump attacks Judge Chutkan after she re-imposes gag order
Lock him up for good. This asshole deserves it more than anyone ever did.

Staffer Rushes Onstage At Rally To Remind Trump Of Which City He's In
As has been reported before, he is in early stage Alzheimer's.

Anti-Vaxxers Pour In To Sh*t All Over Matthew Perry's Death
How low can you go? Oh, geez. They'll see that as a challenge.
Idiots, morons, buffoons, nitwits and dumbasses living in your country.

George Conway: NY Case Puts Trump ďOut Of BusinessĒ
ďThis puts him out of business. This case is putting him out of business. And thatís his essence. And I think that heís just heís terrified that, you know, heís not going to have the Trump Tower, and heís not going to have all the things that he has bragged about for decades, for six decades."

NRA Ad Shows Johnson Opposing Background Checks
"Smirky" doesn't like them? No surprise here. Let all mentally mad people have guns.

"Sexual anarchy": New House Speaker Mike Johnson showcases the incel-ization of the modern GOP
The Louisiana congressman's career has been centered around his bitter obsession with other people's sex lives
Another sick fuck.

Mike Johnson deeply linked to 'dangerous, anti-democratic' extremists: scholar
The MAGAts are so intellectually disfunctional.

Itís the personal economy, stupid
"Some of the media are preoccupied with a baffling question; Why are Americans not celebrating the economic accomplishments of the Biden administration?"
"It has been suggested that it is the result of a mass ďmenticide,Ē a scientific term from Latin meaning ďa killing of the mind.Ē Websterís defines it as ďa systemic and intentional undermining of a personís conscious mind.Ē Perhaps Americans are susceptible to the pathological normalization of lies spread by Mr. Trump and his collaborators."
Interesting. Some of us simply call it what it is--stupidity.

Texas Tests 1A With Public Schools And Faith-Based Chaplains
Making the state a church are we? Par for the course in Texas.

Police Were Warned Weeks Ago About Maine Shooter
"Police across Maine were alerted just last month to ďveiled threatsĒ by the U.S. Army reservist who would go on to carry out the worst mass shooting in the stateís history, one of a string of missed red flags that preceded the massacre."

WATCH: Deion Sanders Throws Several of His Players Under the Bus in Tense Presser After Losing 4th Game Out of 5
This arrogant publicity hound will end up having two players on his squad--both named Sanders.

Taking the 5th won't save Trump family members in Judge Engoron's courtroom
"It's not that they're going to be incriminated here, it's that anything they say under oath could be used against them in some subsequent criminal case," she added. "If they believe they have exposure, they can invoke it. But what's different about a civil case from a criminal case is that in this case, Judge Engoron could use that invocation to draw an adverse inference against the witness."

Chris Christie says Trump guilty in Georgia: 'He did what they're saying he did'
Fatso is a huge traitor to anyone that doesn't worship him.

Thousands March for a Gaza Cease-Fire, Demanding Protection of Palestinian Lives
"The day after Israel unleashed its most intensive bombing campaign against Gaza since October 7, hundreds of thousands of protesters marched in cities around the world calling for a cease-fire and the protection of Palestinian lives."

Trump-Era Ruling Weakened Unions at Religious Colleges. Labor Is Fighting Back.
"Kenneth Davis, an associate professor at Edward Waters University (EWU) ó a private Christian and historically Black college in Jacksonville, Florida ó says he was shocked and dismayed when he received a letter informing him that the collegeís administration was withdrawing recognition of the labor union that had represented the schoolís faculty for more than three decades."

Two Dead And 18 Injured In Tampa Shootings [VIDEO]
How sick can we get? The wild west is alive and well. When will they clean up the town with a new marshal?

Prominent Evangelical ďCredibly AccusedĒ Of Sex Abuse
Routine as gunplay. Sexplay by a "Xianist."

Johnson And Wife Led Christian Nationalist Seminars
And here's another potential accident looking for a place to happen.
Soon they will all be sex offenders.

'Complicity': Ivanka Trump's testimony could ruin it all for her dad and brothers
"When Ivanka Trump finally takes the stand in Judge Arthur Engoron's Manhattan courtroom, she will be put in the position of providing devastating testimony about financial deals which could take down the Trump Organization ó and her father and her brothers with it."

Trump snaps at Wall Street Journal over op-ed by ex-supporter calling him 'an old felon'
He prefers "old Nazi fart" better.

'Far from benign': Jen Psaki slams House speaker as more dangerous than Jim Jordan
Atrocious is more like it.

Mike Johnson Conducted Seminars Promoting the US as a ďChristian NationĒ
Never was. Never will be. The cult grows smaller with each passing year. Try to get an education, Mike.

Mike Johnson Believes Dinosaurs Were On Noahís Ark
Along with Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. How sweet of him to remember his ancestors.

Ohio Secretary Of State Purges 26,000 From Voter Rolls During Early Voting On Abortion Rights Ballot Measure
The Nazi rig is on here. The democracy killers we've allowed to be at large.

Today's GOP: Christofascism And Chinese Communist Kidnappers
"Like into all that fundamentalist weirdness like "covenant marriage" and using the Bible to justify aggression (too bad he missed his window for The Crusades! But there are other things he has in mind). Which goes nicely with the creepiness of George Santos, who in his newest claims, says Chinese Communists kidnapped his niece."

Tuberville Blames Democrats For Wars In Ukraine And Middle East
"Tommy Tuberville, a friend of Hamas and Vladimir Putin."
Like Shingles, the putz doesn't care.

Citizens United has Destroyed America: Why Is Nobody Talking About It?
If America is to recover any semblance of meaningful democracy in our country, we must cut out the cancer of big money in our political system by overturning Citizens United.

Bill Maher: Mike Johnson Is ďComing After Your AnalĒ
ďHe absolutely hates gay sex, especially when he's having it. He wants to actually criminalize gay sex because it makes it hotter. Oh, this is a beaut, this guy. He has written in favor of reinstituting sodomy laws. Sodomy laws? That's laws against anal and oral. I've never understood this about the Republicans. If you're so against abortion, why would you be against the two places to do it where you can't get pregnant? Right? Well, I think this is actually a giant gift to the Democrats because, I mean, oh, wow, forget about Republicans coming after your Social Security. Now they're coming after your anal! Finally, something to get the young people to the polls.Ē Ė Bill Maher, ranting about House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Louisianaís ĎIn God We Trustí law tests limits of religion in public schools
Christofacism is trying to take over our freedom of religion and must be stopped.

'How many cheerleaders did he grope?í Fans share outrage at Trumpís Iowa State game visit
As many as he could get away with. lol.

Kari Lake won't sever ties with white nationalists: Columnist
Enough with her racist fascism. Toss her out.

Colorado Supreme Court smacks down Trump's last-ditch bid to stop insurrection trial
So sad, Fatso.

Johnson Signals Opposition To Expelling George Santos
"Smirky" knows his own kind.

Texas GOP Chair Defiant About Links To Neo-Nazis
An attribute of Nazis.

Mike Johnson once agreed to speak at 'Kill the Gays' pastorís conference
He loves the way they molest our children?

Mike Johnson's Wife Runs Counseling Service That Compares Being Gay To Bestiality, Incest
The newly elected Republican House speaker and his wife, Kelly, have long intertwined their political and business lives.

'Smeared with humiliation': Columnist calls out 'grifter' lawyers who 'tarnished their profession' for Trump
Not to mention the vampires in the House.

Biden administration calls BS on new House speaker's weak gun statementótwice
Thanks, Joe. The new idiot in the village is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Fall COVID shot uptake is an ďabysmalĒ 7%; wastewater testing impaired
The U.S. is definately a lost country. You can thank the ignorance of Fatso's followers.

CDC Data Shows New COVID Variant Now Dominant
Another epidemic looking for a place to happen. It will soon find it.

The Big Lie is expanding: Majority of Republicans now insist Trump never tried to overturn election
As Trump's legal saga unfolds, his followers are sticking their heads in the sand
Nothing but scumbags.

Does MAGA Mike Johnson's Election Prove All the GOP has Now is Hate?
In Johnson, the GOP have found the perfect embodiment of their deplorable basket of hatreds - the only ďlovesĒ are rightwing billionaires, the fossil fuel industry & of course Trumpís buddy, Putin.

Facing enrollment declines, Texas Catholic schools are leading supporters of school vouchers
Are they looking for more children to molest?

Trumpís Defense Imperiled as 5 More Co-Defendants Seek Fulton County Plea Deals
A legal expert described the potential deals as a ďsignificant winĒ for District Attorney Fani Willis.

Republicans One Big Happy Family Now Wait Is Matt Gaetz Outing Colleagues?
"Jason Smith is not some Democrat. He is the Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. In the video, Gaetz plays a clip of Smith saying some mean things about Gaetz. The context is so fucking unimportant, it is just childish Republicans bitching at each other about whatever is up their asses today:"

Sean Hannity Will Do MMA To Mass Shootings Like WHOMP! POW! CRACK! BOING!
"Have you heard Sean Hannity talk about how he is the most famous MMA fighter in the world? It is his thing. If you havenít heard about it, can you really say you know Sean Hannity? Wethinks not."
The idiot lives in a fantasy world.

No one wants to go to Trump rallies anymore
Except fools and derelicts.
"Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin holds a different theory: She believes the Trump campaign is holding fewer rallies and purposefully holding them in small towns, as most of his supporters have grown 'bored' with hearing the same bluster from the ex-president."
How can anyone listen to Fatso bragging on himself 24/7? He's a traitor and should be treated as such.

GOP insurgents have attacked democratic institutions for years. One of them is now speaker of the House
Another Christofascist traitor.

Maine Rep. Apologizes For Supporting The NRA During Passionate Speech
"I have opposed efforts to ban deadly weapons of war like the assault rifle used to carry out this crime," Golden said. "The time has now come for me to take responsibility for this failure, which is why I now call on the United States Congress to ban assault rifles like the one used by the sick perpetrator of this mass killing in my hometown of Lewiston, Maine."
Someone came to their senses at last.

Fox Promotes Glock-Toting Whackaloon Right After Telling Audience 'Don't Be A Hero!'
The hosts of Fox & Friends can't seem to decide whether they like vigilantism or not.
The definition of insanity: Keep repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results.
The praying has been going on since Columbine and not a damned thing has changed. Zero. Get real for a change!

DeSantis Blames Mass Shootings On ďLiberal PoliciesĒ
Gun laws aren't ďLiberal PoliciesĒ you jackwagon.
You and yours are too cowardly to go there and have been for years as you watch people get murdered.

Johnson Claims Amnesia On His Anti-LGBTQ History
The seditious chicken shit.

More mass shootings like the one in Maine? Supreme Court will soon consider unleashing the violence
A case made to appeal to Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito may end mental health and domestic violence gun restrictions
What a future awaits us with nitwits like this as "judges."

'What an idiot!' Morning Joe mocks Trump for trashing the American dream
"'The American dream is dead,'" he added, quoting the former president and current Republican frontrunner. "A huckster, a huckster from Queens can suck in business, declare bankruptcy 87 times, piss through $4 million of his father's money and today and still get elected president of the United States, and still be walking around free after stealing nuclear secrets. If that is not the American dream, my friend, I don't know what is."
Fuck Trump.

'They're going to steal this election': Morning Joe issues dark warning about Mike Johnson
Sure. They are traitors just like their mongrel leader. They are Nazis and should be treated as such.
"GOP lawmakers jeered and booed a reporter this week for asking Johnson about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, and Scarborough said that showed their disdain for democracy."

Matt Gaetz Says Mike Johnson Putting House On 'Bayou Hours.' What The Hell Is That?
"We had a deadly serious post today about new creepy coup-plotting religious extremist House Speaker Mike Johnson. Now weíll do a fun one, about creepy human ice cream van Matt Gaetz talking about creepy coup-plotting religious extremist House Speaker Mike Johnson."

Sorry My Wife Couldnít Make It, She Blew Out Her Knees Praying: The Creepy Religious Extremism Of Speaker Mike Johnson
"Weíve been talking about how new House Speaker Mike Johnson is a bizarre religious extremist whose lunatic theocratic tendencies render him unfit for the job he thinks God chose him for.
But really, yíall, this guy is goddamn weird.
Yesterday, while he was doing his little tiara dance after the speaker vote, he made a weird crack about how his wife couldnít be there that day because she had been on her knees for the past two weeks ó praying! ó and oh boy is she tired. Donít you hate it when you blow out your knees praying?
'Sheís spent the last couple of weeks on her knees in prayer to the Lord. And, um, sheís a little worn out.'
Just a little Christian humor for ya!
Except no. Dude is a fucking creep. If anybodyís got resting 'Donít report your sexual assault to me unless you want us to pray about what you did to deserve it' face, he does."

America Mysteriously Hit a Deadly Climate Tipping Point & No One Knows Why
Itís so dramatic & so shocking that scientists ó typically not prone to hyperbole ó published in the journal BioScience: ďLife on planet Earth is under siege. We are now in an uncharted territory.Ē

Trumpís GOP Wants to Burn the Country Down and Rule the Ashes
"Sometimes the right wing in this country seems like a riddle wrapped in an enigma encased in a conundrum."
And wrapped in a bag of shit.

Court strikes down Georgia GOP's gerrymanders for discriminating against Black voters
The Land of the Happy Negro gets repremanded for ignoring their Negroes.

Rep. Aguilar Rips GQP On Why They Chose Speaker Johnson
"Has this been about a focus of House Republicans, to find the person who can pass their extreme litmus test to oppose marriage equality, enact a nationwide abortion ban without exceptions, gut Social Security and Medicare, and support overturning a free and fair election?" Aguilar asked to jeers from Republicans.
Why of course. They have told us who they are so we believe them.

AFL-CIO: Speaker Mike Johnson Does Not Stand with Workers
Nazis have never liked workers. This one is no different.

'He has gone crazy': Trump launches tirade against New York judge who has him under gag order
Sorry. He's been there for years now.

House Republicans privately warned Mike Johnson of 'populist rage' the day before January 6
Officially, a scumbag traitor.
"Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) was not only one of the key architects of the scheme to contest the results of the 2020 election in the House of Representatives, but he was also aware of the dangers of doing so before pushing forward anyway."

Charlie Sykes: The Houseís new 'full MAGA speaker' is a 'Kraken-level conspiracy theorist'
Then Krack him open.

Federal judge joins bipartisan group of legal scholars to end Supreme Court 'arms race' with term limits

Koch network pushes Supreme Court to 'undermine workersí rights' and 'consumer protections'
All of these pricks want to fuck Americans. Why are they such greedy, hateful motherfuckers?

Mike Johnsonís victory shows that GOP moderates will ultimately 'cave' to 'far-right' pressure: analysis
What moderates are you talking about?

Tuberville concocts massive falsehood about whoís responsible for Wars in Ukraine and Israel
This egomaniac is a disaster machine.

'A different standard of law': Expert says legal system struggling to rein in Trump
If Trump is found guilty of his crimes, which he should and must be, he must forfeit all perks of being a former president. In other words only prison guards will become his protection. Why are we such dumbasses when it comes to logical thinking with this pile of shit?

Imprisoned Megachurch Pastor Charged With Child Porn
Another "Xianist" bites the dust. The same people that are represented by the new Speaker.

More Neo-Nazis Linked To Right Wing Texas PAC
The "Don't Worry, We're Not Jews" gang of shitbags.

ABC News: US Economy Grew At ďBlistering PaceĒ In Q3
Something else to blame on Biden?

Mike Johnson Became Speaker On Same Lies Fox News Paid $787M For Telling
Nicolle Wallace and Charlie Sykes take a look at the Republican Party who elevated election denier Mike Johnson to Speaker of the House.
Religious zealots have no place in our government.
"In every election in American history, there's some small element of fraud, irregularity, error.", he says. He's the perfect example of this. Fucking corrupt Neo-Nazi.

'An idiot': GOP senators privately unload on Trump in new Mitt Romney biography
Fatso carries an "idiot's Club Card."

How Trump is tearing apart the GOP
What GOP? That party was murdered by Trump and no longer exists. Tyrants, Nazis and religious zealots have taken its place.

Ohio's GOP Governor Is Gaslighting His Own Voters On Abortion Vote
The DeWines (Governor and Mrs.) are gaslighting Ohioans in their dishonest anti-Issue 1 ad.
Just another con man like Fatso. We need to flush these turds.

Speaker Mike Johnson is a Clear and Present Danger to Americaís Environment and Public Health
Most of the free world knows this.

MAGA House Republicans Lean Fully into Election-Denial
Yep. Pretty much a declaration of war on our Constitution.

Mike Flynn Suggests There May Not Be A 2024 Election
Insane man makes allusions to law and order being eradicated.

?? Trump Storms Out Of Courtroom Amid Michael Cohenís Testimony
The prick won't do that when he gets sentenced to prison. He'll walk in.
"Shortly before Trumpís outburst over Cohenís remarks, Engoron handed down a $10,000 fine against the former president, ruling that he had violated a gag order banning him from discussing the judgeís staff when he spoke to reporters earlier during a break in the trial."
Who can he get 10 grand from to pay his fine? Everyone knows he's a stiff.

Johnson Goes Christian Nationalist In First Speech
You mean Nazi Saditionist. A clear line in the sand has been drawn for America's future. It is now on.
He's full of shit. This is my belief.

NYT: Clarence Thomasís $267K RV Loan Was Forgiven
Impeach him. Now.

House Republicans Find Coup-Plotting Religious Extremist Creeper They Can Agree On
"Our long national nightmare is over. May a new national nightmare begin, and then end no later than next Novemberís election.
Republicans voted unanimously and on the first ballot to elect Mike Johnson, coup-plotting insurgent religious extremist of Louisiana, an interchangeable and undistinguished white man, as the new speaker of the House. He has zero experience for this kind of thing, but he was a chief congressional architect of the plan to overturn the 2020 election to illegally install white nationalist fascist Donald Trump in power, so heís cool. Also he used to work for anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups.
Oh who gives a damn? Republicans arenít a party of people who govern. They are simply extremists who beg, borrow and mostly steal power from an American people who increasingly would never give it to them if asked fairly for their consent."
Another traitor. How proud the bastards must be.

Trump's Stages Of Grief Over Mark Meadows Blabbing To Jack Smith: Denial, Fear, Wall Ketchup, Denial, Denial.
"As for that unhinged Truth Social screed from Trump above, it will be lost on no one, including the judge in DC, that itís a massive violation of the gag order in DC thatís currently technically on hold, because Trump has appealed. Kyle Cheney from Politico ticks through the ways: 1) Trump attacks the special counsel; 2) Trump attacks witnesses and people who do cooperate/flip; 3) Trump tries to discredit witnessís testimony.
Yeah, we reckon Judge Tanya Chutkan heard that one loud and clear."

Is Mike Johnson The Nerd Bigot Religious Extremist Seditionist House Republicans Have Been Waiting For?
"Letís fuckiní do this again, hell yes.
Last night, Republicans met behind closed doors, and chose Mike Johnson as their speaker designate. There will allegedly be a vote today, and Politico Playbook thinks he might get it. So does Punchbowl.
Of course, the running joke right now is that if Elise Stefanik congratulates you ó for anything ó you will surely die. And Ö "

Gov. Greg Abbott, House at impasse over school voucher bill as special session winds down
"Vouchers are the governorís top legislative priority. But he has signaled opposition to a proposed House compromise that would tie them to increased funding for public schools."
He wants to kill public schools because they are anti-fascist and cater to the public.

As Texas bans diversity and equity offices at public colleges, Rice Universityís inclusion efforts march on
Nazis in Texas keep doing their fascist stunts.

How Trumpís MAGA GOP Increases the Risk of WWIII
Republican-aligned rightwing billionaires are gleeful at the prospect of further government dysfunction gutting social programs while Putin, Xi & the leaders of Hamas are reveling in the chaos.

Trumpís Plan to Destroy NATO Would Spark Untold Chaos
"If America reneges on its treaty commitments, the result will be mass rearmament and likely nuclear proliferation."
That's not surprising coming from American's version of Hitler.

FLASHBACK: Mike Johnson Warned Radio Host in 2020 of Angry Voters Taking to the Streets to ĎResolve Their Disputesí
"The latest candidate for Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), is a known election denier who refused to certify the 2020 election of President Joe Biden. And back in 2020, Johnson appeared on a local radio show and actually warned of angry voters who would 'want to resolve their disputes in the streets.'
Yet another Trump Nazi in our midst.

Tubervilleís unending military holds demand Senate process reform
"Tubby" is a Nazi traitor.

Lubbock County becomes latest to approve 'abortion travel ban'
Nazis in Texas will enforce this in what way? Beheading?

Paul Krugman: FBI figures expose GOP 'politics of fear' on US crime rates
Exposing the Nazi bastards.

Trump threatens retribution against Biden as he returns to court for fraud suit
Fatso doesn't have a clue about what's going to happen to him.

Republicans Shout Down Question About Speaker Designate Mike Johnsonís Election Denial: ďShut Up!Ē
Nope. We won't shutup when it comes to Nazis like these from the sedition caucus.

The real reason Biden isn't getting credit ó and what to do about it
"When I mention some of Bidenís accomplishments ó his steady hand in foreign policy, for example, or his creation of tens of thousands of good jobs through investments in wind, solar, electric batteries, infrastructure, and semiconductors ó they tell me they didnít know."
This is what we mean when we say these people are stupid. They are uniformed or misinformed or they simply like to whine because they are unable to pay attention because all that gets their attention is violence.
"...Americans in the 1950s were able to process non-emotive messages."
"This is no longer the way the media transmits information or how Americans process it. Now, a message has to pack a wallop to be heard."
Another reason we are as screwed up as we are is due to the fact that "news commentators" today all deliver "editorials" when they report. It never used to be this way. All editorials were clearly marked as such. Now, all content is an editorial, personal opinion and not straight reporting.
"And ask Americans the following question: Do they want a psychopathic infant at the helm again, or a sane grown-up?"

Ted Cruz Complains About Catching More Terrorists At The Border
That awful Biden!
An example of the stupid misinformation that is spread by the know-nothings.

Trump 'literally making the case a gag order is necessary' with late night Mark Meadows rant
"After former President Donald Trump recently unleashed a barrage of attacks on both key witnesses, prosecutors and a judge on his Truth Social platform, one legal expert is predicting Judge Tanya Chutkan's paused gag order will be reinstated."
Such an obvious scumbag.

5,000 GM Workers Walk Out After Company Beats Forecast, Posts Billions in Profit
"On Tuesday morning, General Motors (GM) announced their latest quarterly revenue, reporting billions of dollars in profit and beating Wall Street expectations. In response, just hours later, 5,000 workers at GMís largest and most profitable plant walked out, joining over 40,000 other workers who are picketing as part of the United Auto Workers (UAW) historic ďStand Up StrikeĒ in its fifth week."

'Just like Watergate': Ex-prosecutor says 'Trump himself' will fall after his lawyers
And may his bust his fat ass in the fall.

'Lie after lie': Trump lashes out against ex-lawyer serving as witness in fraud trial
Whine, you filthy bitch.

Cohen Testifies: Trump Ordered Me To Cook The Books
That's one thing Fatso is an expert at.

Anti-LGBTQ TN Mayoral Candidate Shut Down By City After Claiming That Voting Machines Are Malfunctioning
Another traitor eats dirt.

'New record': Hereís what may have caused 'shortest lived speaker-elect bid'
The spineless chicken shit party must have a Nazi to lead them. They all need to get the fuck out.

Mark Meadows flips on Trump
"Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has been granted immunity by Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is prosecuting Donald Trump for a myriad of crimes including for his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election and for crimes under the Espionage Act."
"ABC News adds that ďMeadows informed Smithís team that he repeatedly told Trump in the weeks after the 2020 presidential election that the allegations of significant voting fraud coming to them were baseless, a striking break from Trumpís prolific rhetoric regarding the election,Ē according to sources familiar with the matter. Those sources say, ďMeadows also told the federal investigators Trump was being Ďdishonestí with the public when he first claimed to have won the election only hours after polls closed on Nov. 3, 2020, before final results were in.Ē
Fatso is fried meat.

'Globalist RINO': Trump comes out against latest GOP speaker nominee
The traitor Trump is responsible for America's missing government. These Nazi bastards must pay for their failure. Especially, the traitor Trump. Life in jail for him.

'Sheer insanity': NC Republicans on track to pass gerrymandered map erasing 4 Democratic districts
Fascism at work in the Land of the Happy Negro.

After This Clip Of Trump, Y'all Can STFU About Biden's Mental Acuity
Of course they should. But they can't because they are as brain-dead as old Fatso.

Sen. Tim Scott: ďI Donít Think Trump Can WinĒ In 2024
He's certainly right about that.

Gay Porn Star/Proud Boy Pleads Guilty To Riot Charges

Knowles: Civil War May Result If Trump Kept Off Ballot
We are already in Civil War you numbskull!

Voters 'can't believe we're this bad': GOP lawmaker
Wanna bet?

Republicans Take Knife-Fight Politics to Its Logical Conclusion
"The House Speaker mess is an extension of a culture of dirty tricks."

Without the Infrastructure of Democracy, America Will Slide First into Oligarchy and then Fascism
"Voters who believe in democracy, a free press & a public education committed to honest inquiry & intellectual integrity must also step up and let their reps how important these things are to them."

James Comer Wishes Theyíd Elect A Speaker So He Can Play More Pin The Tail On Hunter's Wiener
"House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer is having withdrawwwwwls. Before Matt Gaetz decided to throw the House of Representatives all cattywampus by deposing Kevin McCarthy as speaker, Comer was having a great time investigating Hunter Bidenís penis and finding rock solid evidence that Joe Biden may have possibly received money from someone at some time for something.
HuffPost has a longer explanation of what Comerís got a his tailfeathers whipped up about this time, and surprise, itís just another matted turd."

Donald Trump Had A Good Day Yesterday And His Brain Is Just Fine
"Yesterday, Donald Trump had a big epiphany and/or revelation onstage, as he discussed how 'U' and 'S spell both 'US' and 'Us.'
TRUMP: Iím for us! You know how you spell 'us,' right? You spell 'us' 'U-S!' I just picked that up. Has anyone ever thought of that?
He just picked that up.
I just picked that up, couple of days Iím reading, and it said 'us,' and I said, you know, you think about it, 'us' equals 'U-S!' Isnít that Ö Now if we say something genius theyíll never say it.

Texas judge fighting for Ďrightí to not marry gay couples cites ĎThe Scripturesí
ĎThe Scripturesí DO NOT govern this country. When WILL the idiots get that straight?

We're witnessing 'the possible collapse of the Republican Party as we know it': Historian
Of course. The MAGAt party is the new Nazi Party of America. Time for them to go straight to hell.

'Disloyal wench': Trump supporters seethe as Jenna Ellis accepts plea deal
Another one who won't take the rap for the traitor Trump.

Jenna Ellis' plea is piling 'pressure on Rudy Giuliani to flip'
C'mon Rudy. We know you don't want to go down defending your FŁhrer

Life on Earth under 'existential threat': climate scientists
"Climate change poses an "existential threat" to life on Earth, prominent scientists warned Tuesday, in an assessment on this year's avalanche of heat records and weather extremes that they said are hitting more ferociously than expected."
""We must shift our perspective on the climate emergency from being just an isolated environmental issue to a systemic, existential threat," the authors said."
Does anyone believe the jackwagons that keep holding us back will do anything else but ignore this? All the Trump idolators don't believe it. May they be the first to go.

Republicans Gonna Keep Holding Speaker Elections Until Weíre All Dead, Buried, Risen As Zombies
"Republicans ended last week without a speaker, and thereís seemingly no end in sight to this mess. Friday afternoon, CNNís Jake Tapper unloaded on Rep. Steve Womack: 'We need a speaker! The country needs a speaker! This isnít about prom king!' Or is it? 'We need a functioning legislative branch.'"

Judge Chutkan is 'giving Trump enough rope to hang himself': MSNBC legal analyst
Let's hope he does just that.

Republicans are warming up the jail cells they want to put American women into
Women must love this retarded bullshit.

Ivanka must choose 'between perjury and daddy' if she loses subpoena fight: Legal analyst
So sad.

Tennessee AG moves to shut down NAACP lawsuit over restoration of voting rights
Land of the Happy Negro loves their Negroes so that they want them to stay at home on election day to protect them.

Trump Again Attacks NY Judge Despite Gag Order
Time to put the crook in jail. He's had more than enough chances to behave and can't do it.

Trump keeps stepping on the GOP's so-called bombshells
House Republicans are out with a new report on President Biden's alleged corruption ó but it's buried by Trump news

Are we the dinosaurs of the 21st Century?
"Letís admit it: We are indeed mad creatures."
"Consider all of this, then, the deepest form of human madness and just hope that somehow, from the Middle East to Ukraine, Beijing to Washington, we can wake up to what weíre doing to ourselves before itís too late."
Why bother? The human virus is bound to end itself.

Carbon capture pipeline nixed after widespread opposition
Fine. Their population with cease to exist with continued climate disaster.

Diner Closed After Workers Quit Over Abortion Rights
"The really crazy part is how indoctrinated the public is to the corporate mentality. The report ended with customers saying that the owner had a right to put up the sign but that the people didn't have a right to quit."
These are the "educated" that don't understand the U.S. Constitution.
With "citizens" like these America doesn't need any enemies.

BREAKING: Leaked Audio of Australian Billionaire Talking Trump Secrets Released By 60 Minutes Australia
"Former President Donald Trump was more open with state secrets than previously reported, according to newly-leaked audio recordings published by 60 Minutes Australia."
"The news segment, which ran early Sunday morning U.S. time, revealed Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt talking about his experiences and relationship with the former president. Pratt is the central figure in the ABC News report from earlier this month that Trump casually discussed classified information about nuclear submarines."
This traitor should rot in jail until he's dead.

Oklahoma Teachers Donít Know If Itís Legal to Teach ďKillers of the Flower Moon"
The fascists have made cowards of us. They are on the wrong side of history along with anyone that supports them.

The dispiriting truth about why many evangelical Christians support Israel
For Christian Zionists, what happens to the Jews and Palestinians is, to put it very mildly, collateral damage.

Venezuelans become the largest nationality for illegal U.S. border crossings
"Venezuelans replaced Mexicans for the first time on record, according to new figures that show September was the second-highest month for arrests of all nationalities."

Trump on Trial: The Limits of MAGA Legal Are Exposed
"The case against Kenneth Chesebro was all about Donald Trump ó even if his own trial hasn't started yet. The NY case is ongoing and it's driving him crazy, mostly because he can't stand having anyone question his net worth. And that's just the beginning. The saga of Trump on trial has begun."

Gov. Abbott directs Texas schools to resources for teaching about Israel-Hamas war
Herr Abbott will direct his "Ministry of Truth" to our children.

How "woke" went from a social justice term to a pejorative favored by some conservatives
Yes, this is an older article. But it's high time we revisited the current perverse use of the term "woke."
"You had White people who had never heard the phrase before hearing it everywhere in pop culture.
They begin to use it in a context in which they donít understand the long history of anti-Black oppression. They donít understand the ways that weíve used linguistic mechanisms to name our realities. They use it in weird ways to talk about things such as diversity and inclusion efforts. The meaning morphs and shifts, but it still has a positive valence in peopleís minds."
But now it has been weaponized to the point it is as offensive to use as the 'N*****' word. It's time to stop it.

Next Trump co-defendant expected to flip in Georgia trial singled out by former prosecutor
"Some of the defendants whose names aren't dinner table conversation are likely to plead now that both Sidney Powell, who was involved there, has pleaded as well as Scott Hall, the first person to plead."

Trump Loses Again In Colorado 2024 Ballot Battle
"A judge has rejected three more attempts by former President Donald Trump and the Colorado GOP to shut down a lawsuit seeking to block him from the 2024 presidential ballot in the state based on the 14th Amendmentís 'insurrectionist ban.'
As all states with a conscience should.

Foiled AGAIN: Fake Elector To 'Cooperate Fully' With Michigan AG
That's a shame.

What's really behind MAGA: Wealthy individuals yearning for more power
If this study is true the only ones that the media interview at fascist rallies are only the dumb percent.
How do they do that? Have some kind of dumb detecting device?
If it doesn't square with reality then it's not reality, only partial truth. It's treason perpetuated by a coterie of seditonists who are described in the study. You can have a college degree but still be as dumb as a rock and a traitor to your cou

Jim Jordan 'tensed up' during WaPo grilling on wrestling doc's 'disturbing behaviors'
According to the report, "The Post interviewed 11 former wrestlers from the Jordan era at Ohio State who saidStrauss used medical exams to perpetrate molestations or worse. Eight said they had clear recollections of team members protesting Straussís conduct either directly to Jordan or within Jordanís range of hearing. All considered it inconceivable that Jordan did not know about Straussís disturbing behaviors."

House Republicans so frustrated with lack of leadership that some are threatening to quit
That'll be the day.

Anti-Vax QAnon End Times Prophet Dies Of Something
"I'll stand at your grave til I'm sure that your dead." — Bob Dylan, Masters of War

Lawyer: Chesebro Is Willing To Testify Against Trump
Let's see if someone tries to off him.

"Putin's Western fan club" wants to force Eastern Europe into a Russian bearhug
Arguing Eastern Europe should be left under Russia's influence makes liberty a privilege of the powerful and mighty
The moral authority of Putin supporters illustrates the decay of Western moral authority. They will pay for this failure someday.

Trump is telling loyalists to kill new speaker candidate's prospects in the cradle: report
Time to get out the tar and feathers.

House Republicans so frustrated with lack of leadership that some are threatening to quit
They should all resign. They have no moral authority.

Rep. Byron Donalds Enters Race For House Speaker
"Now in his second term, at 22 years old Donalds was pleaded no contest to a felony bank fraud charge. His record was later expunged. If he were a Democrat running for Speaker, you can bet that would be front and center for the GOP. An election denier, Donalds voted against certifying the 2020 election. He is a member of the far-right Freedom Caucus."
These shitbags are nothing but TRASH!

George Santos: Yes, I Lost 99 Pounds Taking Ozempic
Why does this moron still walk the halls of our government?
He should be in a prison cell with Trump.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Why are we doing this?
The short answer is Trump, the mob boss criminal who is supported by half-wit America.

The GOP Can't Govern Themselves, Much Less The Country
Trae Crowder takes a look at the clusterf*ck going on with the House GOP.

Arizona Republicans convene a COVID hearing chock full of misinformation ó again
Mental illness is a horrible and dangerous thing.

MAGA Pastor: Jews Can Only Survive War By Converting
The arrogance of fascism.

Robin Vos Holds Thousands Hostage In The Name Of Racism
Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos is withholding money from University of Wisconsin employees, because he wants to force the schools to drop DEI.
Nazi bag of shit.

Hannity Annoyed Bidenís Speech Lacked Enough ĎBarbaric Brutalityí
Thereís never enough meanness for MAGA world.
He will reap just what he sows.

Jan. 6 rioter loses appeal in ruling with major implications for Trump prosecution
"The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled 2-1 that there were multiple ways to prove corrupt intent in the statute for obstruction of an official proceeding, the charge that ex-police officer Thomas Robertson and other rioters were convicted of violating. Trump was also indicted on that charge."

Pro Golfer Brooks Koepka Opens Up About Saudi-PGA Merger and Confirms a Massive Contract Got Him to Defect to LIV Golf
Only the most powerful drug in the world.

Amazon driversí urine packaged as energy drink, sold on Amazon
Guess what the next "energy snack" will be? LMAO!

Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza
"As Israeli forces continue to intensify their cataclysmic assault on the occupied Gaza Strip, Amnesty International has documented unlawful Israeli attacks, including indiscriminate attacks, which caused mass civilian casualties and must be investigated as war crimes."

Baptist Pastor Gets Three Years On Grooming Charges
Another one bites it in the endless parade of "Xiantist" pedophilia.

Jack Smith Mocks Trump Argument In Brutal Smackdown Of Trumpís Demand To Dismiss Election Crimes Case
Knock his dick in the dirt.

Some Major Newsrooms Tell Reporters: Donít Say ďTerrorism"
Last week, a leaked staff memo from the director of journalistic standards and public trust at Canadaís largest broadcaster drew wide attention for instructing reporters, ďDo not refer to militants, soldiers, or anyone else as Ďterrorists.íĒ
Especially, terrorists!
If we don't say it, it will no longer exist. Logic in the moron world.
"Voiding the word assumes, and acquits, a view from nowhere." The same goes for voiding all other words.

Utilities Have Been Lying to us About Gas Stoves Since the 1970s
"It turns out gas stoves have much more in common with cigarettes. A new investigation by NPR and the Climate Investigations Center found that the gas industry tried to downplay the health risks of gas stoves for decades, turning to many of the same public-relations tactics the tobacco industry used to cover up the risks of smoking. Gas utilities even hired some of the same PR firms and scientists that Big Tobacco did."
I can hear the Nazis' groaning now.

Judge threatens Trump with jail for violating gag order in New York fraud case
He doesn't understand threats, only actions. Throw him in stir.

Jim Jordan loses third speaker vote as chaos continues to grip Congress
Checking to see if your death threats worked?
Strike three, you asshole.

BRANDON ALERT: Biden Campaign Already Has More Truth Social Followers Than Trump Campaign

Trump is about to be held accountable for violating a New York judgeís gag order
Another hand slapping?

'Here To Support Trump': Court Employee Arrested After Outburst
But they're not in a cult.
"But don't tell these people they are in a cult, OK? They get mad."
Mad as in mentally ill. They are certainly devoid of brains.

GOP Just Can't Get It Together To Elect An Actual Speaker
And the interim speaker won't agree to let them use him as a human continuing resolution.
Inept and incompetent. Not fit for governing. Throw them in the trash.

If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You
Drew Magary wants a word with anyone who's about to be on the wrong side of history.
The MAGAts get told exactly what poor excuses for humans they are.
And most of them aren't literate enough to read this.
"Trump is human waste."
"If you vote for him, youíre not making America great again. You are killing it. You are telling the world that America isnít worth it."
They aren't worth their America.

Aunt Lydia Bans ďWoke Anti-WomanĒ Words
Nazi bitch is crazy as a box of rocks and so are the Karens behind her.

CNN Airs Vulgar Threat Sent To Wife Of GOP Rep
Trump can really get his zombie mob to come up with some shit.
He's really a bad loser. But he's a loser.

Fox Political Analyst Hails Bidenís Speech Last Night
Brit Hume. Who would have figured?

Trump on trial: The limits of MAGA legal are exposed
At the eleventh hour, Sidney Powell folded. Her co-defendants should be very worried with trial set to start Friday

A crisis of moral clarity: There's no contest between Trump and Biden ó why are Americans confused?
In the Age of Trump, Republicans now believe that presidential moral leadership is increasingly unimportant

Polls show Americans agree with Biden on US foreign policy on Israel
"But while a few of his Democratic colleagues in Congress may not agree with Biden on Israel, most voters overall and Democratic voters do. Itís one of his strongest issues among voters. The same can be said of his policy on Russiaís war on Ukraine, which is another subject of Thursday nightís speech."

Florida 'Donít Say Gay' lawmaker sentenced to prison in federal fraud case
"Former Florida Republican state lawmaker Joe Harding, author of GOP Governor Ron DeSantisí ďDonít Say GayĒ law, was sentenced Thursday on federal felony fraud and money laundering charges after fraudulently obtaining $150,000 in COVID funds."

Jim Jordan is 'second most popular' Republican in US says ally ó heís not even in the top 100
Nazi prick. Like Trump, an egomaniac.

Alex Jones must pay $1.1 billion of Sandy Hook damages despite bankruptcy - court
Pay up, steroid boy!

Michigan Fake Elector Flips, Will Tattle On Everybody
Lock the traitors up!

Jim Jordan's curious rise: A tale of how Christian nationalism consumed the GOP
It's not really about Jesus, so much as a belief that only members of their lily white tribe are "real" Americans
Fuck Jordan and fuck Zinke. Both are zealot fascists. Jesus said they would have a tough time passing the eye of a needle.
"It also tells us quite a bit about what Christian nationalism is ó and how, despite the name, it has little to do with sincere belief in God or in the teachings of Jesus Christ."

GOP lawmaker reveals four death threats and an office eviction after opposing Jim Jordan
Extra time will be tagged onto Trump's sentence for this. He's the party leader and responsible for it.

GOP antics could cause 'mass staff exodus' of House workers: reporters
The Nazi swine want to destroy our government.

Steve Bannon Says Jim Jordan Is Mail-Order Bride, Is That True?
"What we imagine Bannon is alluding to is that under the current working plan (WHICH HAS JUST NOW BECOME DEAD, BREAKING NEWS), if it had passed, Patrick McHenry would be the substitute teacher speaker of the House until January 3, but Jordan would remain the ďspeaker designee,Ē because heís the guy running for speaker. So in theory he could get a constipation at any point and call a vote to make him speaker, and then lose again.
So Bannon is saying that what this (DEAD) plan really means is the House Republicans ordered Jim Jordan out of a catalog and had him shipped on the Pony Express to them at a saloon in the Wild West and now that heís arrived theyíre going to settle up with the bartender and Yosemite Sam their guns in the air few times before going through the swinging saloon doors with Jim Jordan over their shoulder to go make Frontier Coitus."

Michigan Football Under Investigation for Allegedly Stealing Opponentsí Play Signs
Oh, dear. I guess they will have to slap Jim Hairball's hands.

Doctors Recommend Not Hitting Your Face With Hammers, Regardless What You Saw on TikTok
As prophesized by Hungry Chuck on the extro of their track of Hat's Off America! at the 2:00 minute mark from their LP Hungry Chuck in 1972.
Except the hammer user would be a member of the TV audience hearing a commercial's character that told them to do it thus breaking their own TV.
N.D. Smart will be so proud they have extended it to hitting themselves.

San Marcos forced to pay $175,000 to Wendy Davis, other Democrats after 'Trump Train' incident
The fascist rednecks are pretty stupid in the territory.

Judge Nicely Tells Trump To Shut The F*ck Up, Please
"And the attorneys probably rolled their eyes, thinking, Motherfucker, we've been trying to get him to shut the fuck up for ages. Good luck with that!"

Jim Jordan Will Stand For Third Round Speaker Vote After Brawl Behind Closed Doors
Here comes the "you want your arms and legs broken?" moment.

Pfizer Spikes Paxlovid Prices to 100 Times Cost of Production
Greed will destroy America if it hasn't already.

'Biggest FóU to Republican voters': Chaos erupts as far-right moves to block temporary speaker plan
These critters are all mentally inept and total failures.

Trumpís unhinged 'tirades' are an 'imminent threat to his rhetorical targets': legal
He's too addled to know that. His mind is jelly.

White House urges House Republicans to 'join this president at the adults table'
Whiney little dicks can't do that. Compromise isn't an art they know.

Demand Progress Applauds FCC for Advancing Rulemaking to Reclassify Broadband Under Title II, Restore Net Neutrality
"When Trump's FCC Chair Ajit Pai led the repeal of net neutrality and rolled back Title II classification for broadband access, it was a huge win for the telecom industry and its executives. We applaud the FCC for not giving up this fight in the face of the seemingly endless effort by corporate giants and their lobbyists to block commonsense and broadly popular open internet protections."

More GOP Reps Get Death Threats For Opposing Jordan
This is the traitor Nazi Donald Trump in action. He is the same failed coward swing states seem to favor. They must have a very sick and twisted society in those states.

The Mississippi Supreme Court Moved to Ensure Poor Criminal Defendants Would Always Have a Lawyer. Itís Not Working
Land of the Happy Negro territory doesn't care what the law says. They will keep minorities busting rocks without counsul.

Trump's rage-filled rants are 'going to get someone killed': legal expert
Will it be himself? He'd love to be a martyr.

'Trump should be very concerned': Legal experts react to Sidney Powellís bombshell guilty plea
The traitor should be removed from every ballot in America. He should serve a lengthy sentence in prison and very soon.

ĎKrakení Lawyer Sidney Powell Avoids Jail With Guilty Plea on Eve of Election Interference Trial
More of the rats are turning on traitor Trump to see he is put away for life.

'Devastating for Trump': Legal analysts expect others to follow Sidney Powell to plea deal
"Powell, who previously called herself "The Kraken" during the 2020 election overthrow attempt, must cooperate with Georgia prosecutors and has already met with them overnight to give information, according to the reports."

Ron DeSantis Reminds America That Harvard and Yale Graduated An Ignorant Bigot
He can't be the only one.

Trump Trial In Manhattan Going Great, Wait Who Pleaded Guilty Where?
It's more than obvious he's suffering from Alzheimer's. Don't forget his father struggled with it.

Jim Jordan Learns Being A Failure Isnít Just A River In Egypt
"BREAKING ACHTUNG. Jim Jordan has at this late hour decided he is NOT going through with a third day of ritually letting hundreds of people stomp on his dick on live C-SPAN."

Texas Installs Barrier Along New Mexico State Line
To lock yourselves in I hope. Cowardly Nazis. Walls can fall.

Texas Police To Pay $175,000 For Refusing To Respond To Reports Of Cultists Menacing Biden Campaign Bus
They are all part of the fascist movement as we well know.

GOP Rep. Receiving Death Threats Over House Speaker Vote
I've heard the source of these threats come from the Charlie Kirk asshole Nazi gang.

GOP lawmaker accuses law school of anti-Christian bias after it confirms he lied about attending
Another self-ordained lawyer?

'A loser and a spoiler': Kyrsten Sinema raises almost $200K from major GOP donors
"Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-Arizona), who has not yet announced if she's running for reelection in 2024, is cleaning up in campaign contributions from well-heeled Republican donors."
And a jerk to boot.

BREAKING: Jim Jordan On Track to Lose Speaker Bid On Second Ballot
"Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) failed a second time on Wednesday to secure enough GOP House member votes to become speaker of the House."
Fascist loses.

Kari Lake's lawsuit over metro Phoenix's electronic voting machines has been tossed out
When will this idiot come to grips with the fact that no one wants her around their government?

MS ďMedia MinisterĒ Arrested On Child Porn Charges
Another one bites the dust. Or are all these asshats the same bastard?

Far-Right Texas PAC Ousts Leader After Nazi Meeting
One down, untold numbers to go.

Maddow tells The View making Jim Jordan speaker is like putting Giuliani on Supreme Court
"MSNBC host Rachel Maddow appeared on Wednesday's episode of "The View" to promote her new book that details the American fight against fascism over the years Ė but she started with a discussion of the state of Congress."

Former Ohio State wrestler takes down Jim Jordan: ĎI always wonder who heís fighting forí
For Trump and his own glory. A stupid fascist.

Why It's Impossible for Right-Wing Governments to Handle a Crisis
Why right wing crises face incompetence or cynical exploitation. Bush and ďheckofajob BrownieĒ; Netanyahu and Gaza; Trump and Covid, or his cynically tossing paper towels at hurricane victims.
Trump can't even handle his own. Don't expect him to handle our country.

On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Fuckin' Dumb Were We?
"But really, people, on a scale of 1 to 10, and given a gazillion factors as bad or worse than those mentioned above, how fuckin' dumb would a country have to be to still have this creepy cretin dominating the national news, a twice-impeached former POTUS facing more criminal charges than Al Capone, with most of those crimes pretty much captured on tape or on national television. (Insurrection? What insurrection?) A scale of 1 to 10 doesn't go low enough to measure how dumb that all was, has been, and, incredibly incredibly, still is. We're going to have to retire the Polish jokes. America's now Number 1 in the stupidest-people-in-the- world joke category."

Hot New RFK Jr. Poll Says He's Screwing Exactly Who We Thought He Would
"Strap in for a newsy surprise nobody coulda seen coming! The first major poll has come out since Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stopped 'running' for 'president' as a 'Democrat,' and started running as just an independent ratfucker whose true motivation here is God-knows-what."
"(Weíre saying that MAGA Republicansí chess moves right now are so goddamned stupid youíd almost think they were secretly working for the Biden campaign.)"

LIVE: Jim Jordan Fails Harder With A Vengeance!
"The gossip right now is that Jim Jordan has even fewer votes to be House speaker than he did yesterday, which is basically what we were hearing just after they adjourned after Jimís failure yesterday.
So heís having another vote at 11 today just to check!"
Playbook says Jordanís people really thought the intimidation from conservative media ó like that hilariously stupid little yipyap dog letter Sean Hannity was sending ó was going to work. It didnít work. When it turned out that Hannityís intimidation was just annoying the shit out of people, and not actually affecting them, he queened out on his show, whining about ďa few sensitive little snowflakes in Congress,Ē and saying, ďI offer no apologies for doing my job and seeking answers from those elected public servants. Again, keyword, servants.Ē

'Funny': Analyst calls out 'the fighter' Jim Jordan over whining to Trump after 2020 election
Like Trump, Jordan is a traitor to America.

Trump Posts Link To New York AGís Home Address
Typical of his low-life scumbag criminal brain.
The fact he is not in jail is disgraceful to our country.

GOP Repís Wife Gets Threatening Texts About Jordan
Tell the caller to eat a sack of dicks.

Day of the goons: Win or lose, Jim Jordan marks a new low point for the GOP
Jim Jordan's threats and empty promises may not be enough to end all-out Republican chaos
They are a bottomless hole. A pit that goes straight to hell.
"This is truly crazy, folks. Itís not politics. Itís just self-mutilation and destruction on a larger stage than the Jim Jones electric Kool Aid cyanide test."
The House has been without a speaker for close to two weeks. Thatís never happened before in our history. And these shithooks want to blame it on anyone but themselves.

Trump's Cognitive Decline: OH NO THEY BANNED FLYPAPER! Edition
"Our eyes today have been on Washington and the pathetic failures of Jim Jordan. But Jordanís mentor, hero, lord and savior Donald Trump has been out there running for president, at least between his court dates (heís back in New York today), and heís revealing some terrible things in the process. Not real things, of course, just things being bandied about by the syphilitic raccoons who live in his brain."

Here Is How Swamp Creature Jim Jordan Is Flipping 'No' Votes
Trump's lap dog.

Rep. Pete Aguilar Rips 'Legislative Terrorist' Jordan To Shreds
He's worse than that. Ask a few wrestlers from Ohio State University.

The Reckoning
"Kasich is pretending not to know that a radical Repub minority is imposing its will on the US House GOP majority. This is a state of affairs we ordinary citizens know all too well, thanks to the cowardice of Repubs like Kasich."
Another example of a severe thinking disorder. Who contols the House, John? Your clique. So, guess who you should be blaming for your shit show? The ones that keep stepping in it.

Pelosi delivers devastating response to Jim Jordanís failed speaker vote
"In 2016 Roll Callís Jonathan Allen called Speaker Pelosi an ďUnequaled Vote-Counter.Ē In 2022, CNNís Chris Cillizza wrote Pelosiís ďSecret SauceĒ was ďCounting votes.Ē Keep slitting your throats as well.

Elise Stefanik ripped for 'ridiculous and hilarious' speech praising Jim Jordan before failed speaker vote
Try not to be a stupid idiot with the "wrestling mat" comment. I know, you can't help it. Your party keeps electing idiots like you.

'A lot of folks followed you': Failed GOP candidate who rioted on Jan. 6 sentenced to prison
A losing 2022 GOP gubernatorial candidate in Michigan was sentenced Tuesday to 60 days in prison and hit with a $5,000 fine over his involvement in January 6, The Associated Press (AP) reports.
"I think you misused the platform that you had as a candidate for elected office to minimize, and frankly, to lie about what happened,Ē United States District Judge Christopher R. Cooper told Ryan Kelley, which NBC News reports is a reference to " "'fundraising appeals' he "made years after the riot where he referred to the 2020 election as stolen and called the Jan. 6 riot an 'FBI set-up.''

Fact-checker destroys Trumpís latest furious rant against fraud trial
"Judge Arthur Engoron has already ruled on the merits for James in summary judgment, and the current trial is purely about determining damages. James is seeking $250 million in fines and a ban on Trump from doing any business in the state."
Fuck Trump, the criminal traitor.

Scamvangelist: The Bible Is True Because It Says It Is
"It was written by the holy spirit...." Sorry, Paul and all the rest of you forgers that wrote using Paul's nane.
This guy has the answer because he's the real authority.

Hannity Mocks Complaints About Pro-Jordan Pressure
So he's a member of the House now?

PA State Rep: The Bible Says Climate Change Is Fake
She ignores the words "as long as the Earth endures." Our planet isn't doing well at all.

Trump Declares Heís ďWilling To Go To JailĒ
Perfect. Send the traitor for life.

Hate Pastor: People In Wheelchairs Lack Faith In God
"ďChurches in the American culture ó you know one of the largest expenses we have in buildings? The amount of handicap parking and handicap accessibility that we have in our churches."

Iran Threatens Pre-Emptive Strike On Gaza Ground Invasion
And here comes WWIII right on time.
Nuclear war is finally coming to our neighborhood.

'Thug' Jim Jordan is following in his mentor's footsteps
"How is Jim Jordan rounding up votes among House Republicans to make himself speaker? The same way Trump maintains Republican support for his dangerous lies: by threatening to unleash the rage of the partyís MAGA base and far-right media ecosystem against any lawmaker standing in the way."

Trump spending 'tens of millions' on legal bills as donations pour in at a 'prodigious pace': report
A fool and his money are soon parted. This is a perfect example of the old axiom.

'Collapse of the republic': Rick Wilson warns 'goon' Jim 'Jordan will burn down the world for Trump'
"Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is by no means universally loved by conservatives. Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) blamed him for the January 6, 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol Building, and former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) slammed him as a 'legislative terrorist.'"

MD Priest Fired Over Secret Sexual Abuse Settlement
Another one bites the dust.

LMAO This Dumb Candygram Hannity Is Sending To Republicans Who Won't Vote For Jim Jordan
"HOT BREAKING UPDATE on the very serious and adult Republican process for choosing a new speaker of House: dunno. Donít really fuckiní care, to be brutally honest.
As of this morning, it wasnít looking great for the dumb white coach who escaped from the Ohio State wrestling gym. Itís being said that there will be a challenger tomorrow when they all try to vote, and this morning Punchbowl said there are still ď'ouble-digit' number of Republicans hellbent committed to opposing Jordan, enough 'Never Jordans' to make sure he doesnít get to be speaker, now or ever."

Trump Gagged Some More
"The gagging is 'limited' and 'narrowly tailored,' says the news. He is not allowed to '[make] public statements attacking the witnesses, prosecutors or court staff involved in the federal criminal case in which he stands accused of conspiring to overturn the 2020 election.'
This will leave him free to ó bless his heart ó speak freely on matters pertaining to his 2024 presidential run.
Yes, aliens from the future, the man who is on trial for trying to overthrow the Republic and overturn the election he lost in 2020 is the leading presidential nominee for one of the major political parties for 2024. Yes, this is allowed.
He will obviously violate this if he hasnít already. We just checked Truth Social and heís babbling incomprehensibly and posting memes literally every minute, and also posting tributes to Suzanne Somers, but so far no attacks on the judge or the case since the order came down. That is of course subject to change at any time"

Lindsey Graham Grew A Spine For A Second, But Donít Worry, It Went Away
"Uh huh. And why did Trump issue that statement that he was standing with Bibi and Israel? Because he had just attacked Bibi and Israel, reportedly because heís extremely upset Bibi called Joe Biden to congratulate him on winning the election and because he recognizes Biden as the legitimate president."

Over 2,700 Wildfires Reported in the Amazon in the First 11 Days of October
The destruction of our world is going on now in diverse places. The question is how long can we last with so many fronts slowly killing us?

'Let's tone this down': Trump lawyer admonished by Judge Chutkan after 'thug' comment
Could be they all will be serving time for contempt of court. That would suit them just fine.

Trump is following 'the fascist playbook to the letter': historian
This is more than obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.

A 6-Year-Old Palestinian American Boy Was Fatally Stabbed Inside His Home
The world has gone amok. It will only get worse for all of us.

As Climate Risks Mount, the Insurance Safety Net Is Collapsing
More to the previous point. It's going to get worse.

Abortion opponents are trying to deter people from traveling out of state for care
Stop these Abortion dictator Nazis by any means necessary.

Trump Supporter Says Space Force Will Fix 'Stolen Election'
"The cognitive dissonance in some people is something to behold. This woman has made up an unbelievably complex scenario in her mind just because she couldn't believe that the majority of Americans rejected Trump and his fascism. The only question is whether this woman will have a breakdown or run for Congress."
Is there something to make us believe she is not already batshit crazy as all of them.

Israel readying emergency regulations allowing arrest of journalists for factual reporting
So, Isreal is in fact really another bunch of Nazis.
No free press? Then no support from U.S.

Judge orders partial gag order barring Trump from 'public smear campaign'
The Shitgibbon does not care. Lock him up.

'Will America survive?': Trump launches tirade over gag order hearing
It will if you go away, you asshat.

Jim Jordan likens House Republicans to the Mafia
Sure. And he marches in lock step with the traitor Trump. Jordan is trying to bully his way to becoming speaker
That's all the coward has. He not a leader.

"Keep her legs closed!": Republicans are mad one of them said the quiet part out loud
Republicans definitely want to punish women for having sex ó but they don't want voters to figure that out

Louvre Museum and Palace of Versailles evacuated; Paris under terror alert
After a teacher is murdered by a suspected extremist, French landmarks face alleged threats
Time to send all the Nazis back to hell where they came from.

The gang that couldn't shoot straight: Will the GOP's baffling "ignarrogance" be its undoing?
Even if Jim Jordan wins, the speaker's chair will still be vacant. What the hell happened to the Republican Party?
One word. Trump.
Take him out.

Fundraising report shows MTG received donations from McCarthy prior to vote on removing him
McCarthy's Majority Committee PAC made two donations to Greene in the amount of $5,000 each
We know what she charges for her services now. Just as we thought, she's cheap.

Crenshaw Shrugs At Jordanís Bid To Overturn Election
This asshole would support mutiny, treason, murder or rape to get what he wants.
Who says he has friends in the GQP? Who says he has friends of anykind>
He wouldn't know democracy if it put his eye out.

CNN: Up To 40 GOP Reps Plan To Vote Against Jordan
ďThe approximately 20 Iíve talked to know we must be prepared,Ē the member said. ďWe cannot let the small group dictate to the whole group. They want a minority of the majority to dictate and as a red-blooded American I refuse to be a victim.Ē
"Refuse to be a victim." Damn! A sign of a backbone!
Glad to see they have someone interested in the future of our country.

Graham On Trumpís Hezbollah Praise: ďHuge MistakeĒ
Here's Miss Lindsey.

Lauren Boebert blew campaign cash at Beetlejuice groper's bar
Oh, no. Does this mean she and Marge will be back to street walking again?

'All Arabs are Semites': CBS host schools DeSantis for calling Palestinians anti-Semitic
Doh! The dipshit actually has a degree but he don't know shit? Revoke his diploma!

Advocates slam Kari Lake's 'blatant lies'
Sick of arrogant liars like this one.
"But actual pro-choice advocates say that her assertions are far from true, and studies show that the vast majority of women still feel their abortions were the right decision five years later."
Kari says:"ďI donít know any mother who says, ĎI wish I wasnít a mother,íĒ she said. ďI challenge you to find one. They donít exist, because itís the greatest gift ever."
She's dead wrong and there are vast amounts of data to prove her pandering ignorance.

Red state conservatives are dying thanks to the people they vote for
Not surprising considering how retarded these people are.

Cargill-MacMillan Family Rebukes Visiting Indigenous Leader
Nazis in South America serve to remind us just how dangerous they are to humanity.
Mathew Jacobson, campaign director with, said: ďThe Cargill Macmillan family has demonstrated that they are unconcerned with the impacts of the companyís actions on those victimized by them. And they are dismissive of all attempts to bring it to their attention. We knew that the company didnít care, but we expected more from the family. Itís high time the family intervenes. We hope that the family will choose to be remembered as one that made the world a better place, not a worse one.Ē

Jim Jordan allies 'threatening retribution' against GOPerís refusing to elect him speaker
Notice how the Trump MAGAT traitors work. Threaten if they don't get their way. Just like the Nazi scum they are.

George Santos threatens to quit Congress if GOP works with Dems on speaker deal: reports

Trumpís Israel comments 'giving prosecutors new material' for Mar-a-Lago trial
Can this idiot get any dumber?

Sentencing For FLís ďDonít Say GayĒ Author: Oct 19th
Another two-bit crook gets chopped.

Far-Right Louisiana AG Jeff Landry Elected Governor
Land of the Happy Negro elect Nazi in the retarded area of real swamp land.

What we talk about when we talk about terrorism ó in Israel and right here at home
If the Hamas attack in Israel was terrorism ó which it was ó how do we describe the annual carnage in America?
Easy to answer.

The contemptible thievery of gentrification
Hearing aids will only work on people who hath an ear to hear.

The disaster that is Jim Jordan
"Jacket-Off" is a mistake about to take place. An accident looking for a place to happen.

Robin Vos Threatens: Rule The Way I Want You To Or Else
Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos is back to resorting to extortion in a futile effort to get his way on redistricting case.
This Nazi can go back to the place in hell he came from. No place for him in America.

Dancin' David Gregory Blames Dems For GOP House Mess
Very Serious David Gregory informs us that "Washington" is broken and Democrats have to stop "playing identity politics" and bail Republicans out.
Why is this shit fer brains smiling? Does "we" have a mouse in his pocket? LMAO!

GOP Rep On House Chaos: 'Makes Us Look Like A Bunch Of Idiots'
Hard to disagree with Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA).
At last, one of the morons wakes up!

Former GOP Advisor: We Are Not A Party Fit For Governing
Brendan Buck, former communications advisor for John Boehner and Paul Ryan, says that the Republicans are more fit to be the party of the minority.
Yes, the Peter Principle is alive and taking no prisoners.

Santos Throws Screaming F-Bomb Tirade
He has only so many fucks to give.

House Speaker Race Descending Into 'Lord Of The Flies But Stupid'
Oh, dear. All of those books have been burned. Whatever will the fools be able to relate this to?

Cheney amps up Jordan criticism: GOP will lose House and 'deserve' it
"Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) doubled down Friday on her criticism of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), saying if he becomes Speaker, Republicans will lose control of the House in the next election ‚ÄĒ and rightly so."

Ohioís Abortion Debate Mired in Misinformation
Reproductive rights advocates must counter erroneous claims about abortion to pass a proposed state constitutional amendment.
Tyrants like DeWine rig the vote any way they possibly can. Proof is here:"Whitesell expects that there would be some ďcrossoverĒ between voters who support legalization and reproductive rights. Young people are one group where some crossover would certainly be expected. But earlier this year, Gov. Mike DeWine signed a photo ID requirement into law. Previously, students could show a letter from their university attesting to residency. Now they must present an unexpired Ohio driverís license (which effectively means giving up home-state residency, which can affect other college-related matters like financial aid if a student pursues that option) or other state-issued ID, U.S. passport, veterans, or other U.S. military ID to vote in person or vote by mail.
That change was widely understood to be expressly designed to suppress the student vote, particularly among out-of-state students who under state law can vote in the communities where they live. In the 2022 midterms, the overall Ohio youth vote (ages 18 to 29) was nearly 22 percent. But in 2020, Ohio youth turnout was about 50 percent, raising the question of whether the one-two combo of abortion and cannabis legalization will motivate this critical segment of voters."
The cowardly swine.

Judge Chutkan must prepare to jail Trump if she's serious about a gag order: legal expert
It doesn't take a legal expert to know this.

'Itís time to stop pretending' Trump hasn't become 'profoundly unhinged': columnist
No one is paying attention. They are as crazed as he is.

Amazon's Alexa Goes MAGA, Claims 2020 Election Was Stolen
Did we ever think we were going to actually live in a world where a "ministry of truth" would be re-educating us with propaganda that was delivered by fascists? Guess again. Oh,"they were quickly fixed when discovered." Blow up this sort of horse shit!

67 X Accounts Are Churning Out Disinformation About Israel War
Researchers have uncovered a propaganda network of 67 accounts on Twitter that are coordinating a campaign of posting false, inflammatory content related to the Israel-Hamas war.
And who is in charge of this wretched garbage?

Judge shoots down Trump effort to halt lawsuit trying to disqualify him from ballot
"Trump's allies were hoping that a lawsuit trying to keep him off the 2024 ballot would be thrown out in court, but in Colorado, Judge Sarah Wallace has ruled that the lawsuit can go forward."

Trumpís 'overplayed' witch hunt claims may have destroyed best chance with jurors: experts
"It's not impossible for Donald Trump to face a fair trial in his criminal cases, according to jury experts Ė but he may have already overplayed one hand in his defense."

Republican NYC Councilwoman Arrested After Wearing Gun To Counterprotest At Pro-Palestine Rally
Setting the standard for the Civil War that will be in your neighborhood soon.

Kirk Staffers Accused Of Assaulting Queer AZ Professor
Sniveling little rat-faced git.

'America wants me': Jim Jordan infuriated GOPers as he undercut Scalise's speaker bid
America wants you thrown back in the sewer you came from, dumbass.

How criminal cases are boosting Trump with some voters: 'It helps me like him more'
Perfect examples of shit for brains. We have far too many of these failed creatures. Logic has completely eluded them.

House GOP in total chaos: So much for fascist order and discipline!
Aren't far-right movements supposed to make the trains run on time? GOP can't elect a speaker from its own tribe

NYPD Steps Up Readiness After Call For ďDay Of RageĒ
The MAGAts are doing their best Gestapo impression. Do they want to eat hot lead?

GOP May Give Temporary House Speaker More Power
Give the sawed-off Nazi more power? That's just what we need, you dumb shits.
How America needs Nancy Pelosi to kick the shit bags out!

Trump Keeps Confusing Biden With Obama
This and the speech slurring indicates he's had a stroke and, like everything else, he's trying to cover it up.

End To Junk Fees: Biden Saves Americans Billions
Biden Applauded for Fighting 'Billion-Dollar Rip-Off' With Proposed Junk Fees Ban
"Consumer advocacy groups on Wednesday applauded new efforts announced by the Biden administration to rein in banks and other companies that make billions of dollars per year charging Americans what President Joe Biden called "outrageous" hidden fees when they make purchases or use basic financial services."

Suburban Moms Push Back Against 'Moms For Liberty'
Yes! Moms for Liberty's school board takeover strategy is meeting pushback.
Push them back to the place in hell where they came from.

'Tipping point': GOPers reportedly admit it's time to work with Dems on House speaker
Good idea.

Highest drop out rate in Florida collegeís history fueled by DeSantisí 'censorship'
What a Nazi shit bag this stiff is.

Idiot Tuberville Warns Against 'Picking Sides' In Israel-Hamas War
ďWhen you start picking sides in the Middle East, it can get really messy very quick,Ē said Sen. Tuberville with his usual homespun dipshittery.
What dingbat this moron is.

Sen. Fetterman zings GOP: 'America is not sending their best and brightest to Washington'
Of course not. American's best and brightest know better than to waste their time there.

Former Pence aide says Trump is a phony Christian who 'disparaged' his supporters in private
Ha! Trump make joke, of course. He didn't mean that did he? HE HATES EVERYONE!!!!

Kirk: Biden Hates You, ďBring Guns To Public PlacesĒ
Be careful of what you wish for, you little Nazi traitor.

Before Torchyís incident, group in Nazi gear escorted out of Fort Worth gun show
A group of people wearing swastikas and other Nazi insignia were escorted out of the Original Fort Worth Gun Show on Saturday, the day before the viral video of a group eating at Torchyís.
In America, there should be no Nazis to be seen or heard. The Republicans are bad enough as it is.

October Inflation Report: Inflation Levels Off, Run For Your Lives!
Tweet by Paul Krugman: ĎThe war on inflation is over. We won, at very little costí

This Time Fani Willis Just Called Jim Jordan ĎIgnorantí And Closed The Tab
The dickhead gets a smack in the face from a real American.

Georgia DA Ponders Whether Jim Jordan Is ďIgnorantĒ or Abusing His Office
Why not both? Fuck the demented dumbass.

De Niro warns democracy 'won't survive' Trump reelection
Robert De Niro is issuing a dire warning against the country reelecting former President Trump, saying ďdemocracy wonít survive the return of a wannabe dictator.Ē Of course not. This is why he must be defeated by any means necessary.

Ted Cruz busted for false claim about Biden taking 'days' to say US stands with Israel
Who told this dumb shit he could open his lying mouth?

'Nail in the coffin' for Trump's Truth Social after nearly $200M investment cancelled
Hopefully, he'll be living on the streets soon.

Trump corrected by Fox News host as ex-president appears to confuse Biden for Obama
Fatso is so senile he can't tell the forest from the tress. What a sick douche.

'Donald Trump respects terrorists': Critics slam ex-president for Hezbollah comments
Exactly what a terrorist like Trump would say.

'We might never elect a speaker': Republican House in complete disarray after meeting
Hopefully, we will be through with this sack of dicks forever after this shit show.

Trump Deceived Deutsche Bank, Former Exec Testifies
Of course. That's what criminals do.

Trump: Scalise Is Too Sick With Cancer To Be Speaker
Trump is too sick with every disease known to man to be anything but a bad example.

Baptist Pastor Gets 10-23 Years For Making Child Porn
Another one bites the biggest bag of dust. The Baptist shit certainly earned it.

Judge Frees All Trump Campaign Staffers From NDAs
This should be the death of Fatso.

Asked 4 Times About Nick Fuentes, DeSantis Can't Answer
"Most of us wouldn't let that human garbage pile clean our toilets, but he's been seen with a fuckton of Republicans."
CNN's John Berman asked Florida Gov. and presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis, "Should Republicans be eating with Nick Fuentes?" You'd think that's a pretty simple question, but DeSantis couldn't seem to answer it.

'False dichotomy': Fox News omits a key detail to blast Bidenís Israel response
Shut these stupid Nazi motherfuckers down for good.
They are STILL the #1 misinformation trash in our country.

Scalise may drop out after winning speaker nomination: report
MSNBC will surely blame the Demorats. ROTFLMAO!

MSNBC Hosts Still Trying To Blame Democrats For McCarthy's Ouster
You bet. These assholes have all of a sudden gone right-wing. Which of their Nazis is responsible?

Biden buries Trump for Hezbollah remarks: 'The right time to praise terrorists is never'
That there are Americans that support this Trump bag of shit is a disaterous disgrace on our country.

Israel Shreds Trump For Pro-Hezbollah ďPropaganda
Maybe they can take him out. The U.S. doesn't have the guts to do it.

ACT test scores for U.S. students drop to a 30-year low
Is it education's fault or are the students as dumb as a box of rocks because their stupid parents are keeping them that way?

Will the United States Be the Next Israel?
"Thereís another reason American should be worried."
"The failure of Israel to accurately assess the threat posed by Hamas is a cautionary tale of what happens when elected officials view their own government as part of a ďdeep stateĒ instead of professionals trying their best to provide useful intelligence and advice. If Republicans do well in the 2024 elections, Americans could view what is happening in Israel now as the same sneak preview that Brexit provided in 2016."
A new halocaust looking for a place to happen. And it's right here at home.

ĎAlmost diabolicalí: Haley slammed for Ďugly liesí claiming left supports Ďthe beheadings'
Indicative of a bunch of ghouls. The Republicans have become totally irrelevent except as new domestic terrorists.

Hamas attack on Israel a fatal miscalculation, analysts say
"In its bloody assault on Israel, Hamas was aiming to break a stalemate in Gaza, analysts say, but with its neighbor now determined to eradicate the Islamist group, it may have made a fatal mistake."

Bipartisan bill aims to protect actors, singers from AI recreations
"A bipartisan bill introudced Thursday aims to protect the likeness of actors, singers and other performers from generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology."

GOP Picks Scalise for Speaker ó But Vote Is Delayed Due to Intraparty Squabbles
What used to be the Republican Party is now a bunch of sewer rats.

Gazans Fear Israeli Army Is Preparing for Mass Ethnic Cleansing to Egypt
There are a big bunch of assholes in the world right now. Netanyahu is just one of many. But Hamas is right there with them.

MAGA Podcaster Fantasizes About Trump As Chief Justice
ďIt would be very charming if he could be the president and the Speaker of the House. ... If he does somehow manage to make it back to the White House, he's gotta nominate himself for the Supreme Court ... ideally for chief justice.Ē
Go back to the place in hell you came from.

TX Lt Gov To Keep $3M Donation Despite Nazi Meeting
Of course, we all know he's a Nazi who gladly accepts Nazi money.

Four TN Pastors Indicted In COVID Relief Fraud Scheme
Four more bite the dust.

Nazi Group Confronts Diners In Texas Restaurant
The comments tell us what the answer should be!
"Free speech does not mean your free to turn our country into a fascist state" - (comments)
"In a country that values free speech what do we do about Nazis.... WIPE THEM THE FUCK OUT LIKE IN WW2 ... why is it even a question that has to be asked" - (comments)
"Even in Germany, wearing of the NAZI arm band or making a sieg heil salute are banned...but in the US with it's insane unlimited 'free speech' laws, it's perfectly OK!" - (comments)
You know one can open carry in Texas. Why are any of these guys still walking around? Because Texas is filled with Nazis like these bastards.

Hamas and the GOP are both terrorist groups ó it's just a matter of degree
Most Americans understand the truth about Donald Trump and his followers: They're deranged, violent and dangerous
Same as Nazis, same solution as Torchy's

'Frankly insane': Morning Joe startled by Trump's 'absolutely crazy' remarks on Israel
Trump is a Nazi traitor. Only one thing to do with him.

'Beyond disgusting': Trump buried for heaping praise on Hezbollah
Why is this man still walking around and not in a cell for life?

The Real Reason Tommy Tuberville Hates The U.S. Military
Then-Coach Tommy Tuberville of the Cincinnati Bearcats arriving near Annapolis, Maryland for the 2014 Military Bowl.
"Old people fall all the time. Here's 60 year old Tommy Tuberville falling down some stairs in 2014 before losing to UVA in... wait for it... the Military Bowl."

Godfather of AI Admits He Fears His Creation Could "Take Over From Humanity"
Maybe it already has.

AI's Electricity Use Is Spiking So Fast It'll Soon Use as Much Power as an Entire Country
"AI chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard consume an astronomical amount of electricity and water ó or, more precisely, the massive data centers that power them do.
And according to the latest estimates, those energy demands are rapidly ballooning to epic proportions."

DeSantis Repeatedly Refuses To Condemn Republicans Who Associate With Self-Declared Nazi Nick Fuentes
Gee, I wonder why? Could it have anything to do with fascism?

Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to vote against Steve Scalise because he has cancer You are all cancer, Margie.

Tantrum-prone GOPer hits Jewish rep with F-bombs during Israel intelligence brief: report
Class A asshole, needs to get a good shit-kicking.

Regretful Republican looks back on support of party Ė and despairs
He should. Fascism is a shit system. Just look at its history.

Two GOP lawmakers give away donations after influential PAC leader met with white supremacist Nick Fuentes
White supremacist Nick Fuentes was seen visiting the office building associated with Defend Texas Liberty Pac President Jonathan Stickland. The revelation has roiled the party, leading to many Republicans calling on their peers to return donations from the PAC.
At least there are two men with spines among them. The rest appear to be Nazi sympathizers and cowards.

This Is Fucked, Y'all
"There will no longer be any comments on any posts about Israel and Palestine. Because you ó you in particular? just maybe, could be! ó have decided itís more important to ďwhat aboutĒ than to just say ďIT IS WRONG TO CHOP BABIESí HEADS OFF.
There doesnít need to be a second part to that sentence. It is a full stop.
I guess it could be the second part of the sentence: 'I am really sympathetic toward Palestine and have been angry at Israel a long time, BUT IT IS WRONG TO CHOP BABIESí HEADS OFF.' That could work too.
Raping people to death and chopping babiesí heads off is not 'resisting.' It amazes me that this needs to be said. And in no universe do I want to hear your acerbic asides about what Israelís done to deserve it. Listen to your fucking self."

Some Asshole Signing Fifth Circuit's Name To Stupid Opinions
"And speaking of lawless, the United States Supreme Courtís six conservatives vacated the stay of execution and let Texas execute Murphy last night. Because we are a bloodthirsty, violent nation, afflicted by jurists who have the power now, and intend to use it."
The lawless arm of the Land of the Happy Negro.

Future Medicines May Be Threatened by Plant Extinction, Report Warns
"Forty-five percent of the worldís known flowering plants and 68 percent of cycads, or cone-bearing plants, are at risk of extinction, a new report warns. ďWeíre looking at over 100,000 species that are threatened ó thatís more than the total number of species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, all of our vertebrates put together,Ē said Matilda Brown, a conservation analyst..."
Like Shingles: Nutball brains don't>

Viral video: Men seen wearing Nazi clothing, accessories at North Texas restaurant
One of the men allegedly chanted "white power" in the Fort Worth location of Torchy's Tacos. Men in Nazi gear were seen at multiple DFW hotspots last weekend.
Nazis openly wearing Hitler Nazi insignia. These motherfuckers need to be run in and locked up or die. We fought a war against the murdering bastards. Have the uneducated slipped on this issue? There was ONE female hero in the crowd. Shame on Fort Worth citizens. Torchy's, if, as you say, you don't stand for hate and do not tolerate hateful behavior and the group is not welcome at either business, then why didn't you kick their motherfucking asses out. Warn them to get out or get the SWAT team out! Swastika arm bands should not be protected by the 1st Amendment, goddamn it! This is the same way it got started in Nazi Germany!

Americaís Dumbest Senator Calls The Cops Because Former CIA Chief Made Fun Of Him
"Well, we guess theyíre just not making them very tough in Alabama anymore. Wait, Florida. We keep forgetting that Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville lives in Florida.
The stupidest P.E. major ever to escape from a locker room and start rubbing his jock strap on the US Senate took a quick break this week from his war against the United States military to cry to the Capitol cops that somebody was mean to him on Twitter. Specifically Michael Hayden, the former head of the CIA, was mean to him on Twitter.
It stands to reason that a guy who used to run the CIA and the NSA might be more contemptuous than most of a pigfuck redneck putting America in harmís way because his undeveloped windsock brain thinks Godís mad about the Pentagonís policy on abortion."
Stop laughing, you need to understand exactly how stupid it is before you start laughing at Senator Dumbshit.

Did Hamas Somehow Get Inside Information About Israelís Defenses from a Trump Leak?
I have a few questions in trying to make sense of Gaza.

Moms for Liberty Meets Its Match: Parents in This Swing Suburban District Are Fighting Back
Fighting the Nazis in our midst.

Itís No Mystery Why Racists Have Fallen in Love With Trumpís Republican Party
The KKK did not choose to support Donald Trump because he was a Republicanóbut because they agreed with the ideas that he and other far-right politicians spout.

Book Bans Spread As New Texas Law Takes Effect
The moron minds of Texas trying to make our children dumber than they are.
Suppression works in the opposite every time.

House GOPers To Choose Speaker Today: Beevis, Or Butthead?
Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh! They need TP for their bunghole.

New IEA Report gives President Biden sufficient justification to declare a climate emergency
Well, we got one.

House Republicans fear they don't have enough votes to confirm a new speaker: 'No one is close'
A mistake that just took place. An accident that found a place to happen. That's what these failures are.

Ex-CIA director 'stands by' statement after Tuberville reports 'assassination' call to Capitol Police
Hayden is right. The chicken shit "Tubby" should resign. He's a threat to American security. We all KNOW this!

Anti-LGBTQ TN Mayoral Candidate Refuses To Condemn Literal Nazis: Thatís What You Get, You Deserve Threats
She's a Nazi and no American. She will reap what she has sown.

'Fractured' Republicans are 'increasingly untethered from reality' amid daunting foreign crisis
This includes the coward, Tuberville.

George Santos Slammed With Updated 23-Count Indictment
A week after his former campaign treasurer pleaded guilty to a felony related to Santos' campaign, he was charged with almost two dozen new charges.

Lectern-Gate Gets Worse For Sarah Huckabee Sanders
'The State Republican Party reimbursed the Governor's Office with private funds' isn't the flex you think it is, Sarah.
Stupid is as stupid does.

Thank Republican Sens. Cruz, Vance, and Paul for lack of Middle East ambassadors
Don't forget Tuberville is keeping the Navy from having a commander.
With traitors like these we don't need any other enemies.

Megachurch Pastor: Hamas Is Bringing The End Times
Once again, for the ten-millionth time: THE END!
Why is it that of all the books written about the end of the world are never referred to? Only the Bible has the answer that no shyster is ever correct about. It gets rescheduled.

Dems Seek DOJ Probe Into Virginia Voter Rolls Purge
Investigate their obvious chicanery.

Ex-CFO confesses he certified Trump's financial docs so boss wouldn't default on loans
The Trump Crime Syndicate at work.

Red States Kicking Millions Off Medicaid, Including Kids, Because They Can
"In the rest of what we jokingly call the civilized world, to one degree or another, countries make sure their citizens all have access to healthcare at little or no cost to the individual, because healthcare is considered a basic right, a government function as basic as having roads and schools and a taxation system to pay for it all.
In the United States of America, nearly eight million low-income people have been kicked off Medicaid so far this year, following the end of a pandemic policy passed by Congress in 2020 that prohibited states from disenrolling Medicaid recipients during the healthcare state of emergency."
Forget the drugs. This is what happens when you have no brains.

Elon Musk Is Personally Undermining Xís Efforts to Curb Israel-Hamas War Disinformation
"Xís Trust and Safety team says itís working to remove false information related to the Israel-Hamas war. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is sharing conspiracies and chatting with QAnon promoters."

Why the Full Employment Created by Bidenomics Should Be Celebrated
"The economy has many problems. But the labor market hasnít been doing this well in many decades."

Jim Jordan's 'hallucinatory' shutdown threat would cost billions and is illegal: column
The swine.

'Shame on you': Hamas massacre survivor buries GOPer's attempt to sell out Ukraine
"What a cynical move," Tibon said in response to Hawley. "Shame on you Senator. Iran is sending drones to Ukraine and guns to Gaza, to murder Ukrainians and murder Israelis. God help us if USA can't support both countries against this brutal anti-democratic axis. Glad Biden is in charge." The little prick, Hee-Hawley doesn't think Ukraine is existentially threatened? He's a totally fucked-up failure as a human being. He and Vance can both drop dead.

Josh Hawley Uses Israel Attacks As Excuse To Slurp Putin's Bathwater
"There is functionally no United States Congress right now, because Republicans are no longer a real political party, just a bunch of mediocre white conservative dudes much too busy playing with their own excrement to elect a speaker or govern. They havenít really earned the right to open their mouths to comment on the Biden administrationís response to Hamasís terrorist attacks on Israel or Israelís response, but here we are."

'Air of havoc': GOP terrified House 'dysfunction' could bury party in 2024
Reinish argued, "Every Republican owns this. To me, one of the most ridiculous and most fallacious arguments that I've heard is Republicans trying to blame Democrats for the dysfunction that they own."
Then bury them.

Suburban parents mobilize in effort to smack down right-wing Moms for Liberty
Knock one of these morons down for me, please.

Jack Smith asks Judge Chutkan for order to stop Trump from 'intimidating' jurors
The only way to shut this dickstick up is to throw him into solitary confinement. Do it.

North Carolinaís new 'secret police force' is a 'recipe for government abuse': expert
Hitler's children.

'Dishonest': Critics slam Fox News over 'attack-Biden-at-all-costs garbage'
Fox News? Dishonest? ROTFLMAO!

Republicans are 'saying literally nothing' in response to best jobs report 'in several decades': analysis
You mean they aren't taking credit for it? LOL!

Morning Joe shreds 'lazy and stupid' GOP attempts to blame Biden for Israel onslaught
"Every time somebody brings it up, what they don't understand is, if this is a terrorist fund, it is the Trump terrorist fund," Scarborough continued. "The Trump administration saw a spike in Iranian oil revenue flooding in. Even in 2018, when he finally said, okay, they're terrorists, we're going to get out of the deal. Maybe we should. Then this money comes from a waiver, and who did he give that waiver to so they could continue flooding Iran with money?"

If Republicans Were Ever Honest With American Workers
An eye-opening take on Republicans' true opinion about the working class.

Big GOP donor won't pay bills after cyber security firm failed to find 2020 voter fraud
"Bill Bachenberg is being sued by New York-based cybersecurity company XRVisions for refusing to pay for their services after hiring them. This is the fourth known cybersecurity firm that investigated the 2020 election. Trump hired two firms off the books, Simpatico Software Systems, and Berkeley Research Group, but it was unknown until about a year after the fact. They found no fraud in the 2020 election."

Nancy Mace Destroyed Unearned Reputation And All She Got Was Lousy T-Shirt
"Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina has been sold by some in mainstream news media as an example of a ďgood/normalĒ Republican. But, in what has continued to be an evergreen Wonkette axiom, there is no such thing as a ďGood Republican.Ē Mace has benefitted from lowered expectations for her party while revealing time and time again she is just as bad as people like Gaetz or frenemy Majorie Taylor Greene."

How Is PE Major Tommy Tuberville's Anti-Abortion Crusade Hurting The US Military Today?
"One of the most horrifying aspects of the war thatís broken out between Israel and Palestine has to do with the children, on both sides of the conflict. Half the population of Gaza is children, and many children have been killed. Meanwhile there are reports of Hamas kidnapping Israeli children. Itís bad.
So of course US Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is going to keep his anti-abortion crusade going against the US military, because he got in his small little coach brain that Jesus is just real mad about the Pentagonís policy of paying for travel for troops who need abortions, which the Pentagon had to institute because the illegitimate partisan hack Supreme Court decided Americans werenít mature enough to be trusted with their own bodily autonomy."
Genuine pile of fecal matter is "Tubby."

The Israel-Hamas War Is Drowning X in Disinformation
"People who have turned to X for breaking news about the Israel-Hamas conflict are being hit with old videos, fake photos, and video game footage at a level researchers have never seen."
Why the hell anyone thinks X is anything but propaganda has to be having a brain meltdown.

Americaís Healthcare System Is a Failure
"Despite spending more per capita on health care than any other wealthy country, the US struggles to match other nationsí life expectancy and health outcomes."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.ís Family Already Decrying His Independent Candidacy
"We denounce his candidacy and believe it to be perilous for our country,Ē Kennedy's sister, Kerry Kennedy, said on social media.

Far-right surge upends German state elections
Hitler: Round 2. I'm starting to see the end of humanity on this planet.

Georgia GOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Fani Willis
To paraphrase Bo Diddley: "Before you accuse her, take a look at yourselves."

Jack Smith Filing Opposes Delay In Trumpís Docs Trial
Get the treasonous criminal to trial or hell won't have it.

'I would vote for Biden even if he was dead': PA Republican weighs in on possible Trump nomination
Hell, yes!

Fact check highlights House speaker hopeful Jim Jordanís 'vocal' support of Trumpís 2020 election lies
Jacket-Off is a huge ball of shit.

Maceís endorsement of Jordan for speaker revives allegations he ignored sexual abuse at Ohio State
She says "It's OK that I'm a dumbass on this subject. This is fine!"

No, Biden did not fund Hamasí attack on Israel
The MAGAt Nazis are trying to move from Civil War to WWIII as fast as they can.

Texas lt. gov. calls for resignation of speaker who condemns 'Hitler apologists'
ďThis not just a casual misstep. Itís indicative of the moral, political rot that has been festering in a certain segment of our party for far too long. Anti-Semitism, bigotry and Hitler apologists should find no sanctuary in the Republican party. Period. We cannot Ė and must not Ė tolerate the tacit endorsement of such vile ideologies.Ē "KDFM adds that ďPatrickís denunciation of Fuentes comes after Fuentes met with Defend Texas Liberty PAC leadership, from whom Patrick accepted $3 million.Ē
Patrick is the one who should resign.

Texas GOP Megadonor Meets With Nazi Nick Fuentes
"During his time in the Texas House, Jonathan Strickland appeared here several times for his bizarre pronouncements such as 2020ís 'if aliens exist, they need Jesus' and his 2019 rant that all vaccines are created by 'communist sorcery.'
FOAD, motherfucker.

Psaki Makes A Fool Of GOP Lawmaker Over Lies About Biden And Israel
Fools will be fools. Rep. Mike Lawler is forever the fool.

Haley Refuses To Say Trump's Call For Milley To Be Executed 'Disqualifying'
Disqualify her as she is a domestic terrorist like Fatso the Nazi.

Texas Republicans busted at meeting with white nationalists
Texas Nazis, that is.
"White supremacist influencer Nick Fuentes and acquitted Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse met with an ultraconservative fundraiser and Republican Party officials in Texas."

Trump's Chaos Agenda
"And that fervor has become the basis of a strategy ó led by Trump ó for seeking to persuade the rest of America that the nation is ungovernable as a democracy and therefore in need of an authoritarian strongman."
This is the underlying agenda of Trump and his enablers as we head into the terrifying election year of 2024.
Itís behind Trumpís increasingly wild ravings. It animates the House nihilists (such as Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Biggs, and Nancy Mace). It fuels the zealotry of Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy. Itís behind Steve Bannonís and Tucker Carlsonís incendiary agitprop. (Itís also basic to Putinís maneuverings.)"

The World Faces a Great Unraveling. If We Ignore Indigenous Wisdom, We Are Lost.
"We are living amidst Earthís hottest year ever recorded. Given the severity and acceleration of climate breakdown, we are in an unprecedented time of crisis. While it has been known for a long time that Arctic Sea ice is melting rapidly, recent data show sea ice in the Antarctic, which scientists believed would be shielded from climate impacts for decades, at dramatic all-time lows."

Book Flagged Because Authorís Last Name Is ďGayĒ
Paranoia strikes deep in the Land of the Happy Negro!

Tuberville Refuses To Lift Block On Military Promotions
Nazi American. Enemy of our Republic. Treat him accordingly.

There's not a chief of naval operations to help Israel due to Tommy Tuberville's protest: Retired Commander
Anti-American. Flush him.

'There is no worse human': Ohio resident warns GOP against making Jim Jordan speaker
Worse than Trump? It's possible.

Executing Gen. Milley has now become part of the Republican Party line: authoritarianism expert
Then every one of these Trump fellators should also be executed for high treason. See how that works?

Rally Pastor Asks Jesus To Strike Down Trumpís Enemies
Not gonna be silent, you dickhead. Not gonna stop fighting Nazi religion that supports treason. Let's see if you turn up in child abuse case.

Data Shows 95% Of Recipients Of Arkansas School Vouchers Already Attend Private Christian Schools
Aunt Lydia and her scum of the earth cohorts.

Mace: Iím Unaware Of Sexual Abuse Coverup By Jordan
She doesn't know the sexual abuse he was involved in? Why is she in Congress? Dumbass voters.
Jim Jordan and the Ohio State sexual abuse controversy, explained.
More than 100 former Ohio State students say they were sexually assaulted by a former university athletic doctor. Jim Jordan maintains he knew nothing.
That he knows not a damn thing about his moral brain is true but that doesn't absolve him of being a co-conspirator.
"He says he didnít know anything about it, but many of those around him at the time say thereís no way he didnít."

Denver Gave Homeless People $1,000 Per Month and It Got Them Off the Streets and Working Full-Time
You mean they didn't just want to lay around on the streets and be handed free money like the Republican ALWAYS SAY?

Thanks to backward policies, Republicans are killing their own
"Republicans arenít just at war with each other in the U.S. House of Representatives: Theyíve been quietly at war with their own constituents for decades. The Washington Post has a lengthy case study of what this has meant for one state taken over by Republicans: Ohio. One study the Post cites estimates that roughly '1 in 5 Ohioans will die before they turn 65Ö. a similar life expectancy to residents of Slovakia and Ecuador, relatively poor countries.'"

Is MAGA poisoning the world?
It's doing its best. Let's kick it right where it hurts the most.

'Faulty' GOP spending cuts agreement 'doesnít exist' now that McCarthy is out: report
Now we get a whole new pile of shit from these bastards who are trying to destroy our nation.

'Alice in Wonderland politics': How GOP went from 'disciplined machine to dysfunctional malaise'
"In a Sunday, October 8 report from The Guardian, Washington DC Bureau Chief David Smith points to the Republican party's regression over the last 13 years ó going from lawmakers 'effective at wielding power and pushing through laws relating to everything from foreign wars and domestic surveillance programmes to Medicare and the No Child Left Behind schools policy,' to lawmakers at the center of 'chaos.'"

Trump Shows Love To 'Hannibal Lecter' In Killer Blunder At Iowa Rally,
Trump claimed "The Silence of the Lambs" killer threw his support behind him in an awkward flub on Saturday.
Shit for brains.

Voters have 'made up their minds about Trump' despite his 'hold over' the GOP
The party formerly known as Republican is now a MAAGAt gang that promotes fascism and dictatorship. They are Un-American as all hell. We must defeat these Nazis and their supporters.

FL Man Charged With Planning School Mass Shootings
Another moron has been put out of the killing business.

Trump: ďI Have A Much Better BodyĒ Than Biden
He refers to the corpse that that eats the flesh of everyday. He is such a ghoul for fat rancid shit.
Flush this useless pile of shit back to the sewer he came from. Shutup and die.

Catholic League: ďSo-Called IndigenousĒ Americans Were ďSavagesĒ Who Actually Migrated Here From Asia
Then what are the white savages that are here now?

Joan Baez reflects on remembering trauma, activating her voice and the "wrecking ball" of politics
This singer discusses her new documentary "I Am a Noise" Ė an "honest legacy" of her activism, career and problems

'She wants a ceasefire! No!' Kayleigh McEnany blasts Ilhan Omar over call to end Middle East violence
That poor little girl.

'Alarming': Amazon's Alexa reportedly says 2020 election was stolen from Trump
Find the traitor that programmed the bot and you'll find a Trump suppporter.
Then de-program the goddamned misinformation bot and get a brain.

A Lab Test That Experts Liken to a Witch Trial Is Helping Send Women to Prison for Murder
"In investigations across the country, the lung float test has emerged as a barometer of sorts to help determine if a mother suffered the devastating loss of a stillbirth or if she murdered her baby who was born alive. The test has been used in at least 11 cases where women were charged criminally since 2013 and has helped put nine of them behind bars, a ProPublica review of court records and news reports found. Some of those women remain in prison. Some had their charges dropped and were released.
But the test is so deeply flawed that many medical examiners say it cannot be trusted. They put it in the same company as the discredited analysis of bite marks and bloodstain patterns, 911 calls and hair comparisons, all of which lack solid scientific foundations and have contributed to wrongful convictions."

Banned Black History Can Teach Us How to Fight Right-Wing School Censorship
"The American Library Association (ALA) recently reported there have been 695 attempts to censor library materials and services, as well as documented challenges to 1,915 unique titles over a seven-month period in 2023."
All of a sudden we hate freedom of the press?

Liz Cheney issues a new warning about Jim Jordan ó and Trump
ďWe need to remember that what Donald Trump did is as evil as you can imagine and as much a dereliction of duty from an American president as weíve ever seen,Ē Cheney said.
"She said the situation is difficult to explain, but she also said it is due to ďa complete lack of courageĒ in members of the Republican party choosing Trump over the Constitution."
And still there will be people who call themselves "American" that will support the Nazi.

Gutfeld: Dems Want To Put MAGA Cultists In ďCampsĒ
Where's your evidence, oh ye who have never been in combat?
But I would like to see how well you'd react under heavy fire.
You merely project just as your traitor leader does. You and your garbage do exactly that which you project. You want the FBI to stop coming after you? Then stop being a terrorist.

FL Sunday School Teacher Guilty Of Child Porn Charges
Another one bites the dust. But where are the drag queens you say do this all the time?

Florida AG Seeks To Block Abortion Rights From Ballot
Welcome to Nazi Germany 1939. Fuck these Nazi bastards!

'Complete disgrace': Legal experts bury Judge Cannon for granting Trump docs trial delay
So we have co-conspirators in treason on the bench. Take a look at yourselves, America.

'QAnon queen' moves cult to remote town and threatens locals with 'publicly broadcast executions': report
The Queen thinks this is gonna be a good thing? Not for these terrorist motherfuckers. You're gonna fall back in that pile of shit you made Queenie! DROP DEAD! ROTFLMAO! Another Jim Jones.

'Heartbeat of authoritarianism': Scholars see McCarthy ouster as a warning sign for US democracy
What? We need yet another warning sign? We haven't been paying attention to any warning signs for the last 20 years!

Trumpís 'poisoning the US blood' rhetoric echoes fascist propaganda of the 1930s: columnist
Benen explains, "Laura Barrůn-Lůpez, White House correspondent for PBS, told viewers last night, 'I checked with a historian, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, and she said that language that he's using.... echoes language used in Nazi propaganda by Adolf Hitler when Adolf Hitler actually said that Jewish people and migrants were 'causing a blood poisoning' of Germany."

ĎShockingí Study Finds Amazon Rainforest At Tipping Point
More stuff nobody gives a fuck about. We do nothing because we only believe in lying assholes that piss all over our government and Constitution.

Fox's Gutfeld Floats Civil War As Solution To Civil Unrest Because 'Elections Don't Matter'
"Here we go again with Fox and the stochastic terrorism. Sadly, we've seen way too much of this sort of stuff from the right wing propaganda network that loves to constantly rail against BLM, social justice groups, liberal DAs in Democratic cities across the country, to George Soros, to you name it."
And this piece of shit keeps running his evil mouth. You can see there is no hope with shits like him.

150 Dolphins Die as Water Hits Hot Tub Temperature
"In fact, the waters are so hot that the dolphin carcasses are decomposing at a speed such that scientists barely have any time to bring them to a lab to figure out what their exact cause of death was, per WaPo.
"Weíre provoking this ourselves," Adriana Colosio, a veterinarian from the Humpback Whale Institute, told WaPo. "If something bad happens to the dolphins, we are next."
Of course, but, like Shingles, no one cares. We will end in a whimper, not a bang.

Milley: Bidenís Alert, Sound, Engaged On Military Issues
ďI engage with him frequently and heís alert, sound, does his homework, reads the papers, reads all the read-ahead material. And heís very, very engaging in issues of very serious matters of war and peace and life and death. So if the American people are worried about an individual who is, you know, someone whoís making decisions of war and peace and has access to, you know, makes the decisions of nuclear weapons and that sort of thing, I think they can rest easy.Ē Ė Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, speaking to 60 Minutes.

Scatology Today, and Down Through the Years
"Folklore has it that scum always rises to the surface. Shit does, too, popping up daily, with those whose names we hadn't known before those pieces of shit rose to public notice, stinking things up even more than they'd stunk before. These shitheads just keep on coming, giving regularity a bad name."

VA Dems demand 'immediate investigation' after voters mistakenly listed as felons purged from rolls
"There must be an immediate investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice into how this happened in the run-up to a very consequential election next month," Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.) told Axios.
More voter suppression by Youngkin and his Nazis.

Lawmakers, law breakers: 26 members of Congress have violated a federal conflicts-of-interest law
A corrupt Congress indicates a corrupt nation. It's money that matters in the USA, as Randy Newman once sang.
We are a sick bunch.

'Banality of crazy': Trumpís increasingly violent rhetoric is being underreported by journalists
"Journalists" don't have a fucking clue about what is going on. Clueless fools.

The Supreme Court is increasingly putting Christiansí First Amendment rights ahead of othersí rights
"But contrary to these claims, the Supreme Courtís decision does not protect the freedoms of all Americans. Rather, it represents the culmination of a decadelong strategy by conservative Christians Ė known sometimes as the Christian right Ė to use the courts to limit the freedoms of groups of Americans of whom they disapprove. On issues where the Christian rightís First Amendment claims directly threaten the equal citizenship of sexual minorities, for example, the court left no question about which side it was on."
Deluded and ignorant as we all know.

Alabama poised to have two Black Congress members for first time thanks to new map
"A federal court on Thursday chose a new congressional map to impose in Alabama for the 2024 elections, finally creating a second district where Black voters can elect their preferred candidate."

New Details On Trump Spilling Nuclear Sub Secrets
The dumb fucks that support this traitor should get a brain transplant. He's worse than Hitler, Stalin and Attila the Hun combined.

Payrolls increased by 336,000 in September, much more than expected
"In addition to the powerful September, the previous two months saw substantial upward revisions. Augustís gain is now 227,000, up 40,000 from the prior estimate, while July went to 236,000, from 157,000. Combined, the two months were 119,000 higher than previously reported."

Cops Deny Ramaswamyís Claim His Car Was Rammed
He also claims he's God's gift to humanity. The most brilliant creature on two legs.
They all try to be the better liar. Lies are their brand.

The hidden casualties of the GOP's civil war
How can funding for Ukraine survive the fight to replace Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House?

"The Donald Trump show is over": Trump's attempt to turn his trial into a campaign spectacle fails
Sorry, Donald: Trump wanted to look tough, but instead New York Attorney General Tish James ran him out of town
Trump is an accident that found a place to happen.

'Traitorous activity': Former GOP lawmaker hammers Trump for dishing nuclear secrets
Time for Trump to be put away for good.

'We've lost everything, every dime': Mike Lindell explains why he can't pay his legal bills
Ask your lover, Fat Fuck Floogie Trumpbutt. I'm certain he has plenty of money to bail your stupid ass out. ROTFLMAO!

Love It When The American President Throws His Ketchup At The Wall SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK
"On January 6, 2021, according to the congressional testimony of American hero Cassidy Hutchinson, when Donald Trump found out they werenít going to let him go to the Capitol to personally incite his followers to commit terrorism against the American government to overthrow the election he lost, he threw a temper tantrum so melodramatic that he lunged forward from the back seat.
"I'm the fucking president, take me up to the Capitol now!" And he lunged at the steering wheel. "Sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel," said Bobby Engel, his driver."
The fuckwit is psycho.

Whiny-Mouth Bowtie Nerd Who Kicked Nancy Pelosi Out Of Her Office Was Just Obeying Kevin McCarthy's Orders
"Human ĎKick Meí sign Patrick McHenry. There are important updates on mewling bowtie-wearing dork Rep. Patrick McHenry, who became the (acting) speaker of the House and immediately banished Nancy Pelosi from her hideaway office in the Capitol while she was at the memorial for her friend and colleague Dianne Feinstein. (He also kicked Steny Hoyer out of his office.)
Turns out sad loser Kevin McCarthy orchestrated the whole thing. Because heís BIG MAD at Democrats for refusing to save him in his hour of need, even though heís been nothing put a two-faced piece of shit to Democrats this whole time. Example: Remember that time Kevin kicked Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee based on lies he literally made up in his dumbass wigstand of a brain? Or when he got House Republicans together to kick Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee, also for made up reasons, to mask the real reason, which is that pretty much all House Republicans these days are white supremacist bigots?"

Trumpís Jesus Court Sketch Is Somehow Way Worse Than It Looks
Really, who's the hippie in the sketch seated next to "the Beast"? "Pinkie" Christ or "Blondie" Christ?

Putin: Prigozhinís Crash Was Caused By Hand Grenades
Playing the old "Catch the Grenade" game, eh? Always fun on an airplane, right?
And I'm certain this is all true. How about you?

NC Lawmakers Exempted From Public Records Requests
Another dark Nazi state. When will this bullshit end?

ABC: Trump Spilled Nuke Secrets To FL Club Member
Ever the traitor. Life in prison is the only cure for this cancer.

Trump Already Claiming Dems 'Trying To Steal 2024 Election'
Starting early on his next attempt at overthrowing the people of the United States after he loses in a landslide?

Eric Trump Says Daddy Can Be Speaker And Daddy Will Have The Biggest Gavel And Maybe Daddy Will Let Him Bang The Gavel And
"Axios is out this morning with the shocking scoop that the House GOP is 'quietly panic[king] over how to escape its self-inflicted mess.' Yeah, you think? Itís in especially stark relief since theyíre supposed to be voting on a new speaker next week.
The 'moderates' in the party ó LMAO, the media really needs to learn that words have definitions ó wonít support somebody who wonít get rid of the rule that says that if Matt Gaetz is constipated that day, heís allowed to oust the speaker. Meanwhile, some of the ďconservativesĒ wonít support anybody who supports Ukraine aid against Mother Russia, or who doesnít support impeaching Joe Biden for no discernible reason."

Biden Condemns ďPoisonous AtmosphereĒ in Congress Following McCarthyís Ouster
No wonder Fatso fears being poisoned!

Trumpís Violent Rhetoric Is Designed To Get Someone Killed
Perhaps even himself.

Is Non-Accountability for the Crimes of January 6th at the Root of Chaos in Congress?
Sunlight and accountability are still the best disinfectants and America needs to close this ugly chapter in our history with a sense of both finality and justice.

'Not a defense': Arkansas lawyer shreds Sarah Sanders' excuse for $19k podium purchase
Poor old Aunt Lydia. What ever will she do now?

Cassidy Hutchinson: Trump has a 'very potent fear of being poisoned'
He's a Psycho, so sure. Still, doesn't mean it can't happen. You'd be paranoid too if everyone was out to get you. ROTFLMAO!

Eleven Activists Arrested in Senator Bernie Sanders' Office Demanding Diplomacy Instead of Funding More War in Ukraine
Diplomacy only with works with someone who is diplomatic. Putin's killers have no diplomacy in this case, idiots. They would shove each one of you out a window just as soon as look at you.

Gaetz Gets Cawthorned As GOPer Drops Some Dirt On The Florida Rep
Gaetz would serve much better behind bars.

AP Does Deep Dive Into Nonreligious Americans
"They. Really. Donít. Like. Organized. Religion. Nor its leaders. Nor its politics and social stances."
Good and very good.

Judge Orders Trump Not To Attempt To Hide Assets
Why bother, Judge? He pays no attention to you and yet you do nothing to him.

Man With Assault Rifle Tries To Confront Wisconsin Gov
Another insane Incel. Or is he?

Court Orders Alabama To Use Redrawn US House Map
Try once again to keep your Negroes happy 'Bama-Lama Land.

The biggest unreported success of Bidenomics
"But under Joe Biden, thereís been a monumental shift. Antitrust enforcement has surged. Efforts to form unions have been protected and encouraged.
This shift has gotten lost under the mainstream mediaís fixation with government spending, taxing, and the federal debt."

Acting Speaker McHenry did not have authority to evict Pelosi: top Democrat
Then kick the little Nazi's ass!

Florida GOP Activist Charged With Voter Fraud
Robert Rivernider Jr. is facing accusations that he forged the signature on his dead fatherís mail ballot in the 2020 election.
Another MAGAt Nazi is apprehended.

CNN Host Lists Brutal History Of Republican Speakers
ďPerhaps the issue isnít actually Democrats..Ē
Ya think?

McCarthy behind move to kick Pelosi out of her office, sources say Ė so he can move into it
Total scumbag tactics.

Holy entitlement, Batman! Republicans are furious Democrats didn't save Kevin McCarthy from himself
Democrats are sick of bailing the GOP out of their own messes, and boy, are Republicans whining about it
Total whine experts.

Congress descends into comedy and chaos ó but America's not laughing
Kevin McCarthy's downfall would be hilarious, if it weren't a sign of America's serious political dysfunction

GOP candidate says he smeared 'fecal matter' on daycare center because of Obama: report
We know they deal in shit constantly.

'Hated' Matt Gaetz faces multiple sordid allegations: Morning Joe panel
Both he and Trump need to be cell mates.

MAGA Sheriff Charged With Selling Deputy Badges
Why do these fucks always look like cartoon characters?
Culpeper County, Virginia Sheriff Scott Jenkins.

WI Youth Pastor Gets 20 Years On Child Sex Charges
Oh, dear. Another one bites the big dust.

Republicans Should DEFINITELY Try To Make Trump The Next Speaker. What Could Go Wrong?
"Here it comes, everybody, itís time for the Republican Creeperstakes Speakerstakes! Open wide!"
"Some people have said Jim Jordan. That would go great, Democrats would win 100 extra seats next year, go for it."
"Ryan Zinke of Montana said, ďRight now, Iím not sure Jesus could make it through.Ē
"This is not a real political party weíre dealing with."
Of course not. It's a gang of MAGAt traitors that serve Fatso.

God Closes Kevin McCarthy Door, Puts ĎKick Meí Sign On Some Dork Patrick McHenryís Window
"Look at this bow-tie-weariní-ass dork."
"Yíall remember how Eric Swalwell got up in Kevin McCarthyís face recently on the House floor and called him a pussy and Kevin was GRR SO MAD like SAY IT TO MY FACE! and Swalwell was like UM I JUST DID and so on?
We cannot speak for the genteel congressman from California, but we will not be surprised if one day he has a similar encounter with Rep. Patrick McHenry, the new (acting) speaker of the House, some kind of bow-tie-wearing incel-looking fuckiní nerd who is just a little bit too excited the Lord picked him to shine in this moment in history."

Trump Wants Shoplifters to Be Shot
Trump has always fetishized violence. Now heís calling for extrajudicial violence to be meted out in retail stores.
Also too, people guilty of fraud. Don't forget that, Fatso.
"The law be damned, the ex-president and his supporters are saying: If Trump wills it, itís OK. Itís tempting to ignore these tirades, to simply chalk them up to Trumpian bluster. That would, however, be a terrible mistake. Trump is blasting his intentions from the rooftops these days. And those intentions involve stampeding away from the rule of law. As a society, we ignore them at our peril."

And Baby Makes Three
"MSM: Which depraved, degenerate, lying shit-for-brainz will be the next Greatest Republinazi House Speaker of all time?"

Trump Rages Outside Court That Not Having Jury in Fraud Trial is ĎBeginning of Communismí: ĎYou See Whatís Happening!"
Yes. America is seeing how big a dumbass fraud you are as you step in every pile of shit you make.

TN Youth Pastor Gets Six Years On Child Sex Charges
Yes, another one bites the dust. No drag queens so far?

Jim Jordan Confirms That Heíll Run For House Speaker
"Face Biter," their snippy little mongrel dog is trying to chaw his way up.

Floridaís Republican House Reps Trash Matt Gaetz
They caught on to his grift.

Trump Just Received Another Massive Blow To His Ego
"Donald Trump is no longer rich enough for the country's most exclusive club," according to Forbes.
So sad that he's pissing all his money away trying to stay out of prison. Too bad, too bad.

75,000 Kaiser Permanente Employees Are On Strike Today
"The unprecedented strike comes at a time of heightened labor activity across the United States, with tens of thousands of workers across multiple industries taking to the picket lines for better pay and benefits. In the wake of pandemic, however, health care workers in particular have been fighting for safer and more secure work environments. They are demanding improved staffing levels, arguing that current staff shortages are compromising patient care and taking many workers to a breaking point."
Who said slavery was gone forever?

Senate Republicans call out MAGA 'insurgents' following McCarthy ouster: 'They have no plan'
Oh, they have a plan. Kill American government is their plan.

Pelosi strikes back after new House GOP leadership immediately targets top Democrats in act of 'revenge'
Kicked Steny out too? Well, isn't he a special dick eater?

'Absolute chaos': Morning Joe trashes GOP for inability to run half a branch of government
He means the clown car at the circus. What turds.

Kevin McCarthy's embarrassing lesson: MAGA torches everything it touches ó and will destroy itself
Democrats get it: Don't get in the way when your opponents are self-destructing
"There are many flavors of fascism, and MAGA is an especially nihilistic one."
Wipe them out.

Minnesota Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
And another one bites the dust.

Acting House speaker orders Pelosi to vacate Capitol hideaway office in 'sharp departure from tradition'
Acting House Speaker Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) on Tuesday ďordered Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to vacate her Capitol Hideaway office by Wednesday,Ē in a move described by the former speaker as a ďsharp departure from tradition,Ē Politico reports.
This is Nazi pipsqueak dictator COWARD shit. The motherfuckers dont' know how government works and they dont care. It is more than obvious, they cannot govern.

Nancy Pelosi delivers brutal response after McCarthyís acting replacement orders her to vacate her office immediately
The little Nazi twerp. Put him in the urinal.

'Radical left Marxists': Trump launches attack hours after judge imposes gag order
This piece of shit must be put in jail. Now.

Nazi Germany Had Admirers Among American Religious Leaders Ė And White Supremacy Fueled Their Support
Americansí support for Nazi Germany is best explained by belief in white supremacy.

John Kelly Confirms Trump Despises The Troops Exactly As Much As We Thought
"So to emphasize it again: Donald Trump called for the execution of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And as we have seen, when Trump calls for violence, he sometimes gets it. It is not normal. It is not banal. And it is far more important than a German shepherd who thinks all cops are bastards."
"Trump also recently gleefully, maniacally told his pigfuck fascist followers that when heís president again, heís going to direct cops to execute shoplifters."
"And weíre sure heíll probably soon be on Truth Social inciting hatred against his former chief of staff John Kelly, because Kelly just went on record in an interview with Jake Tapper and confirmed stories weíve heard in the past ó particularly from that 2020 expose in The Atlantic from Jeffrey Goldberg ó about exactly how much contempt Trump has for the US military."

Residents in one of Texasí most populous cities are working to decriminalize marijuana
Home to more than 260,000 people, the West Texas town of Lubbock is no stranger to passing local laws by petition. In 2021, residents overwhelmingly approved a local ban on abortion.

North Carolina Shuts Government Off From the People
"A change to public records laws, which takes effect today, allows legislators full discretion to retain, sell, or destroy their own documents."
More fascism.

Virginia Law Allows the Papers of University Presidents to Stay Secret, Limiting Public Oversight
No oversight for the arrogant.

Idaho Banned Abortion. Then It Turned Down Supports for Pregnancies and Births.
Hope it all burns to the ground.

We shouldnít let courts decide Trump's 14th Amendment eligibility
The debate reveals how juristocratic our legal culture has become.
If we can't enforce our Constitution then we may as well stop calling ourselves America.

Trump has now 'crossed the line into criminal threats': top legal scholar
There's a cure for that if we only have the nuts to end him.

Legal expert predicts Trumpís 'empire' will 'fold like a stack of cards'
It had better. The alternative will be disaster for the world.

RNC issues a warning to Chris Christie and Vivek Ramaswamy about Fox News
They are truly the fascist party.

Trumpís 'violent' rhetoric is having real-life consequences: columnist
Lock the shithook up! Have we finally submitted to organized crime? America, are you at last a coward?

Trump Team Demands RNC Cancel ďAll Future DebatesĒ
Just as a Nazi dictator would do. Fuck him. He's one sick fuck.

Trump Goes On Threatening Rant Against New York Judge
Couching his threats in ďsome people sayĒ language didnít minimize the threat.
Put the SOB in a cell now!

FBI interviews ex-members of extreme Christian group associated with Amy Coney Barrett
"Barrett herself is Catholic, as are most members of People of Praise. But the group's practices are way outside the mainstream of Catholicism."
Sure. They are likely "holy" sex abuse criminals such as all the sick "pastors."

Fox Pundit Praises Trump's 'Brand' In NY During Unhinged Rant Over Civil Fraud Case
Fox regular and Outnumbered panel member Tammy Bruce wants us to believe that Trump's "brand" in New York City has some great value during an unhinged rant over his civil fraud case.
Like Trump, his stupid brand is worthless.

Ramaswamy Touts ďFaithĒ Not Drugs For Mentally Ill
This asshole should keep his stupid mouth shut and do everyone a favor.

Scammers Are Using AI to Sell Ripped Off Versions of Other Peopleís Books
The crime spree that AI is bringing will be the death of all decency.

As ĎPodiumgateí roils Arkansas, governorís office accused of criminal cover-up
"One of the hallmarks of New Republicanism, the thing that Donald Trump so expertly latched onto, is an insistence on lying about everything, all the time, even in situations where the lies can easily be disproven or aren't even advantageous to begin with."
Talk about a fucking idiot!

'Screw-up' by Trumpís fraud case lawyers leaves experts baffled: 'Mind-blowing'
Some kinda stupid! Anything he touches dies. ROTFLMAO!

Matt Gaetz Rips Into Republicans And Is Right For Once
"I'm not sure what Rep. Forehead means about Ukraine, but more Republicans want financial assistance for Ukraine than don't. It's only that pro-Putin faction of the Republican Party -- the Crybaby Caucus. And now, Republicans are looking to oust Gaetz from Congress. And Gaetz is trying to oust McCarthy. Fight amongst yourselves, guys."

Lunatic North Dakota GOP State Rep Says Congress Must Do The Following Calisthenics For Christ
"JoeMyGod found us all a good crazy person. It is North Dakota Republican state Rep. Brandon Prichard, who is obviously a Christian fascist and a gigantic dork."
"He really wants to ban porn. He says it 'destroys men.' He says, 'Conservative states should start banning OnlyFans, for everyone.' Heís been yapping today about how states need to 'combat pornography addictions,' as if that is not in large part a problem specifically related to and created by conservative Christianity. He wants 'Cheap state services to block inappropriate content on personal devices.' Nothing like begging the nanny state to protect fundamentalist Christians from themselves."

North Dakota Rep: Every Red State And All Congress Members Must ďSubmit To The Gospel Of Jesus ChristĒ
Shove your theocracy up your ass, motherfucker. Leave people out of your sick agression.

Former MI Catholic Priest Guilty In Child Sex Sting
Pay attention, Brandon Pritchard.
Another one bites the dust.

Trump Scared Of Electrocution But Sharks Are Scarier, He'll Tell You Why, Wanna Know Why?
"Trumpís irrational fear of sharks isnít new. Itís well documented. Itís the fact that right now he feels the need to babble about it. This is not a person whose brain is functioning. And to be fair, we never thought it was functioning in the first place. We know heís still excited about the dementia test he says he aced five years ago, but weíre not particularly impressed."
"The last time we had one of these posts, Trump was talking about how windmills affect whalesí mental health, and genuinely asking whether American veterans have cell phones. Truly in his brain, electric cars are something from 'The Jetsons' and everybody having a cell phone is a newfangled idea from the future."

Psychedelics plus psychotherapy can trigger rapid changes in the brain - new research at the level of neurons is untangling how
Read "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" by Rick Strassman. Explains it all.

Republicans give themselves 'secret police force' in North Carolina: 'This is scary'
More Nazi scum from the Land of the Happy Negro. Piss on them.

'Part of the authoritarian playbook': Trumpís courthouse rant slammed by fascism scholars
Fascism expert Federico Finchelstein, a historian and history department chair at New Yorkís New School for Social Research, responded to Trumpís comments: ďFascist lies are about the projection onto others of what fascists are/do. Trump today as usual displayed his wannabe fascist mindset.Ē
Trump is such a whiney little bitch.

These MAGA Republicans long for a 'Red Caesar' to 'impose a dictatorship' on America
Linker told The Guardian, "Thirty years ago, if I told you that a bunch of billionaires and intellectuals on the right are waiting in the wings to impose a dictatorship on the United States, you would have said that I was insane. But it's no longer insane. It's now real. There are those people out there. The question is: Will they get their chance?"
They can't think beyond their nose. They are semi-human toxin.

Attorney General Merrick Garland on the independence of Trump and Hunter Biden investigations
"Merrick Garland: We do not have one rule for Republicans and another rule for Democrats. We don't have one rule for foes and another for friends. We don't have one rule for the powerful and another for the powerless, for the rich or for the poor, based on ethnicity. We have only one rule; and that one rule is that we follow the facts and the law, and we reach the decisions required by the Constitution, and we protect civil liberties."
Protecting all Americans.

'Jurors are under attack': Additional protections sought as Trump stokes violence
"Self-serving assaults on institutions and individuals are what Trump and his enablers do," the letter added. "These attacks threaten centuries-old American institutions designed by the Framers to hold to account any leader who would be king."
What an asshole. Get rid of him for good.

MI GOP Sues To Roll Back Early And Absentee Voting
More MAGAt Nazi obstruction of voting.

Trump's latest rambling rally: 'I will take electrocution every single time'
And all this time I thought he wanted to be crucified.

Trump rants: 'I'm going to court tomorrow morning to fight for my name and reputation'
Sorry. Those were gone long ago.

Manchin On Third Party Run: ďWhy Not Have Options?Ē
You certainly are an option for dismissal.

Congress passes 45-day funding bill to avert government shutdown
"There will be no government shutdown."

'McCarthy has really played them': Dems hail speaker for defying 'MAGA cult'
Rep. Eric Swalwell, a Democrat, said that he "really admires" McCarthy for putting clowns like Biggs and Gaetz "in an absolute box."
"Theyíll never have the courage to try and remove him. McCarthy has really played them," Swalwell added.
Rep. Daniel Goldman, a fellow Dem, said he agrees with Swalwell.

'Will try to kill people': Expert warns Trump is using a known tactic to pass down marching orders
Then guess what we get to do in response?

How We Break The Electoral College
New polls find broad support for electing the president by popular vote. Here's how it could happen.
If America is to have a free future this dinosaur must go.
(Notice the large collection from the Land of the Happy Negro that aren't interested in joining our Union and are still fighting the Civil War. Dear Ole Dixie.)

Marge Gets Schooled For Saying No One Cares About A Govt Shutdown
What a babbling idiot.

'Exceedingly dangerous': Why the rise of Christian nationalism is 'entirely out of our control'
I would not say "entirely." Enemies of America can always be eliminated.

Spineless GOP Rep Refuses To Condemn Trump's Call For Milley To Be Executed
All CNN's Abby Phillips was treated to instead from spineless MAGA Rep. Cory Mills were weasel words and both siderism in response to her question on whether Trump "crossed the line" when calling for the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to be executed.
Fascists are all cut-throat killers.

Angry Ramaswamy Calls For ďTrue ShutdownĒ Of Govt
The Swami needs to be shutdown bcause of the irritating noise that keeps coming out of his Nazi mouth.

'You're responsible for your behavior': Kevin McCarthy won't stop push to expel Matt Gaetz
Why would anyone stop that push? But don't stop with him, there're more to get the heave-ho!

'Sleepwalking through the past 7 years': 'Panicked' GOP blasted for failing to ditch Trump
"Christina Bobb, an attorney for Donald Trump, said she is now treated as a "crazy conspiracy theorist" because she pushed claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged."
That's exactly what she is along with all the other MAGAt traitors.

As new term begins, Supreme Court faces fallout from its rightward shift
So sad for the fascist racists on the Supreme Clowns of the U.S.

NC Radio Station Refuses To Air ďNon-BiblicalĒ Opera
I guess they will only broadcast "Bible" fairy stories, and bigoted hogwash broadcast.
Deborah S. Proctor is a coward and fears any contradiction to her fairy tale book as they all are.
As a commenter stated: She can aways say to God, "Hmm! For some reason I pictured you as a white man."

Texas Christian Taliban Bans County Roads For Abortion Travel
Then put a trade blockade around the county's borders. Nothing in, nothing out. See how they like that.

LOL: Stefanik Claims Dems Showed Zero Leadership To Avert Shutdown
What cesspool did they drag her from? She has lost all contact with reality.

CBS Host Laughs As Kevin McCarthy Claims Dems Wanted Government Shutdown
Of course. The truth escapes the deluded.

'Letís be honest': Gaetz struggles to explain how heíd successfully oust McCarthy
This asshat struggles with anything except hunting for pussy. And he's not great at that.

A literal witch hunt: Kansas prisons censor mail from this Topeka ministry
Clearly, a literal witch hunt. So much for religious freedom in Kans-ass. An exposure of the intolerance of "Xtianists" when they have anything to do with the government.

Donald Trump, Stochastic Terrorist
We know where to put terrorists, don't we?

Jack Smith Seeks Gag Order On Trump For Claiming Milley Committed ĎTreasoní and Suggesting He Should Be Executed
We could suggest something else for Trump, too.

ĎThe Word Sh*tter Has Now Been Entered Into the Congressional Recordí: Abby Phillip Interviews House Democrat Teed Off On Republicans In Hearing
"And so sometimes youíve gotta make sure that they know that you can bring it as well.Ē
So sorry to hurt your delicate ears, Abby. Do you ever pay attention to what the motherfucking MAGAs say and do? "Fuck 'em long and hard until their rectum hurts." — Dean Damron.

Trump Offers Californians a Solution For Wildfires: ĎDampen Your Forestsí
Then Trump will piss all over it. He's full of it and shit.
"The Idiot Bastard Son."— Frank Zappa

Marjorie Taylor Greene"s Boyfriend LOSES IT On Trump Heckler: ėThrow His Ass Outta Here!"
Trump greeted a throng of supporters in Santa Monica and signed autographs. At one point, a man asked, ďDonald, why are there only a hundred people here? I thought you were popular.Ē
MTG's "boyfriend"? ROTFLMAO!
The so-called "Christian" motherfucker is a pile of shit. This is proof. I've never heard Joe Biden use it.

Trump Declares, "Let's Indict the Motherfucker" In Raucous Speech to California Republican Party
The "motherfucker" has already been indicted and we will see his goddamned Nazi motherfucking ass in prison for life.

Major Insurer Drops Another 100,000 FL Homeowners
The former state of Florida.

Ramaswamy Threatens Mexico: Iíll Be Your New Daddy
Spoken like a true dumbass.

Hard-right judicial activist spills Trump agenda: Firings, deportations, and fascism
"You're allowed to not know who Mike Davis is, but the short version is that he's a particularly well-connected member of the conservative campaign to fill federal court benches with hard-right judges willing to scrub out a century or two of societal progress."

NEA blasts extremist Republicans in Congress for government shutdown
"The National Education Association has been clear in the days leading up to this point that any shutdown is the result of the House Republican majorityís unwillingness to govern and to live up to the bipartisan funding agreement reached a few months ago between President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy that averted a default on the nationís debt. On behalf of NEAís 3 million members, I implore Speaker McCarthy and his majority to stop the dysfunction, do their jobs, and keep the government open.Ē
These Nazis will do exactly what dictators do. They will fuck us as hard as they can.

Friday Evening Bad Faith Open Thread: RFK Jr. And His Fellow Ratf*ckers
People will be happy to flush their vote down the toilet on this wreck of a candidate.

Fox's Joe Concha Clutches His Pearls Because ĎTrashí Taylor Swift Yelled an F-Bomb at a Football Game: ĎMouth Like a Teamsterí
Fuckin' A, Taylor!

Baltimore Archdiocese Files For Bankruptcy Protection
I believe they have always said you can't escape your sins.
A big bite in the guilty dust dodged.

4 Texas Republicans join ultraconservatives to sink GOP attempt to keep federal government open
Nazi crime syndicate criminals.

If You Thought Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Would Unify America, We Have Some News for You
Anyone who thought this is living a fantasy world. And what business is to any busy-body anyway?
There are Americans and there are Nazi fascists. No in-between and no uniting with Nazi MAGAts.

Far-right Republicans kill GOP bill to keep government running in Ďembarrassing f?ailureí for McCarthy: report
Like cancer and shingles, the Nazis don't care! Fuck our military.
Keep slitting your own throats.

First Trump co-defendant pleads guilty in Georgia election case: report
Got a squealer in the photo on the right but how many songs can he sing.

RIP Dianne Feinstein
Nobody will be monstrous, because we're better than that as a nation.
Don't count on that.

Hunter Biden's Penis Must Resign The Presidency! Your Make-Believe Biden Impeachment Liveblog!

"An unmitigated disaster": House GOP's first impeachment inquiry panned by Republicans
The Republican witnesses' testimony appeared to hurt more than help as frustration set in in the chamber

Trump's retribution plan: Becoming America's first dictator
Trump is not exaggerating, posturing or just being hyperbolic. Take his threats seriously

Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Protecting Doctors Sending Abortion Medication Elsewhere
The new law offers ďa lifeline to people in statesĒ where abortion medication is regulated, the billís author said.

Newsmax Host Chris Plante: Biden Is Inciting Civil War
This dumb fuck forgets that his party moron, MTG, has been one of his leaders pushing civil war.
This is an example of a "news" Nazi that is already in Civil War against our country.

NBC: Shutdown Could Hurt GOP In Virginia Elections
Hopefully it will wipe the fascists out for good.

National labor leader rips into Trump 'lies': 'Catastrophic for workers'
Fuck Trump and his Nazi philosophy.

Afghan woman sprinter sends message of defiance at Asian Games
Fuck the Taliban and its American version.

Rumble host Stew Peters airs segment calling for the executions of Taylor
Swift and Travis Kelce
Advertising for the NFL has been placed on Petersí X account
Something has to give here on this "execution" garbage. It could backfire easily on the "executioners" big time.

Trump must be covered as 'a cheat and a rapist': Ex-White House reporter unloads on press
Like Shingles, the press doesn't care. They will be happy to work for a Nazi.

'You're lying': Republican steamrolls MSNBC reporter's fact-checking of his Biden accusations
This asshat is what a Nazi sounds like. He stinks to high heaven.

Watch AOC perfectly get to the point in sham impeachment hearing
The MAGAt clown show. Worthless bastards.

Gen. Mark Milley responds to Trump's threats while the press largely looks away
The press might as well be working for Putin.

Testify! Dem Rep Flames Republicans During Inquiry
Texas Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett is on fire.
Trump should be the one being impeached for the third time. One of our nation's biggest criminals.

New York Pastor Arrested On Child Porn Charges
Another one bites the dust.

Fox News Host Lists Trump's 'Cognitive Beauties'
As expected, Fox News had a field day with Axios' article on Biden working to not fall. That is, until their "liberal host" Jessica Tarlov set them all straight. Who the fuck doesn't wear tennis shoes, aka sneakers, aka sports shoes?

Reagan Library Trump Wing
This may have been the home of the Gipper, but it's the party of the Orange Mussolini now.

ĎA Sledgehammer to Trumpí: Legal Expert Says Former President Is in a ĎWorld of Hurtí
If he isn't then America is.

Mika: Why Didn't Anyone Talk About Trump's Milley Death Threat?
Chris Christie was annoyed to be questioned.
Because they are all sucking Trump's cock.

DeSantisí 'anti-woke' obsession is costing Florida taxpayers 'millions': report
Why is he still walking around lying and destroying lives?

Trump Planted Fake Autoworkers At Michigan Event
The criminal traitor continues to fuck with American. He should be removed from society for life and this charade he's going through must end. He's a crook and now we all know it. Those that are in denial aboutt it are either uneducated or have a mental disorder like Trump.

Ramaswamy Declares Trans People To Be Mentally Ill
One of the most clueless and arrogant morons on the face of the earth.
His statement indicates he has the mental issues.

GOP Rep Gets Snippy as Reporter Presses Him on Biden
ďIím not an expert on the timeline,Ē Rep. Jason Smith said after he was asked about a text message sent before Joe Biden was a presidential candidate.
Actually, not an expert on anything but conning people.

Guilfoyle: Biden Is On ďSlip And Fall Suicide WatchĒ
These poor dumb-fuck pretenders such as KG love fairy tale takes because they are such losing shits.
We all know what she is.

California County Rescinds ďChritian Heritage MonthĒs
Code for White Suprematism

Axios Can Now Confidently Report That Joe Biden Wears Tennis Shoes
Politico and Fox had the scoop in July, but Axios wanted to make sure.
White House Comms Director Ben LaBolt replied to Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates to confirm that this is ďThe single greatest scandal in presidential history (since President Obama wore a tan suit).Ē
"We are all stupider because Axios went to work this morning."

Cassidy Hutchinson Says Trump Sang Along To 'Hang Mike Pence' Chants Like It Was The Damn Wiggles
Plus DRUDGE SIRENS Matt Gaetz is gross.

Auto workers warned Trump to keep his distance: report
Trump can eat a sack of dicks.

MAGA pundits declare war on 'homely' Taylor Swift
What dumbasses. They really do want to commit suicide.

Trump committed fraud and deceived banks while growing his real estate empire.
He is a crook, you see.

Senate unveils stopgap bill in bid to avert shutdown, setting up showdown with the House
The heartless MAGAt bastards in the House will fuck Americans anyway. Those snakes deserve whatever hell comes to them.

Federal Judge Tosses Texas Ban On Public Drag Shows
Texas is not interested in the U.S Constitution. Only their own utterly ridiculous parchment.
They only refer to the U.S. version if our federal goverment does something they don't like, which is all the time.
"Just keep the law but amend it to read youth ministers instead of drag shows." — (comments)

Carrie Prejean: Megan Rapinoe Ruined Womenís Soccer
Trailer trash speaking.
Show us your honest data on "normal people" dissing Megan. Definitions please.
If she can't do that throw her ass back in the gutter and stop putting stupid on TV because you're just filled with hate.

Threats and Extortion as a Winning Campaign Strategy
"But he's added a whole new line of extortion and fear based on the idea that if you don't re-elect him, if you don't contribute to his appeals for cash, and if you don't turn off right-wing media just long enough to get your butts out of your recliners to vote for him, he'll be coming for you himself. And if you thought blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, or femi-Nazis were going to do you harm, you ain't seen nothing compared to what the very stable genius will do if he goes down to another rigged election, and you let that happen."

Actor Kevin Sorbo Issues Anti-LGBTQ Childrenís Book
"Xtianists" are shitty arrogant actors.
Fuck Sorbo and his bullshit. It's an honor to be woke, you retard.

Florida County Axes All Books With LGBTQ Characters
Very narrow minded assholes.
Next, they must axe all the ones that mention Christian pastors that rape our children.

SCOTUS Smacks Down Alabama On US House Map
Land of Happy Negro told to make their Negroes happier!

Trump: Rioters Were Antifa Wearing ďMAGA MasksĒ
Antifa don't need to wear masks, you dumb fuck. Your red MAGAt hats are your maskers, Nazi pig!
Only your filthy thugs do that, you traitor.

IA Pastor Guilty Of Drugging And Raping Pre-Teen Girl
Another "xianist" bites the dust. These people are incel misfits.
When will these "holy" people put their house in order?

Cassidy Hutchinson DRAGS Matt Gaetz: ĎI Have Much Higher Standards In Mení
Matt Gaetz WISHES he could have dated Cassidy Hutchinson.
Who in their right mind would trust Matt Gaetz with anything? He's the biggest creep in the world.

Morning Joe: Trump's The One With The Cognitive Decline
And they bring the receipts!

JD Vanceís 'childfree-shaming tweets' show how 'dumb' the 'intellectual new right' really is: journalist
Sure, but only to people who have the sense to read and comprehend this.

How do we stop the 'Putin GOP' from tearing down democracy?
"Get ready. Between our corrupt Supreme Courtís Citizens United decision and the successful efforts of Republicans to prevent the Biden administration from even discussing disinformation with social media platforms and other websites, combined with Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia all working hard to get Trump re-elected, itís going to get wild."
Fuck Trump and his scum eating gang of swine.

Trump Bought A Gun! JK No He Didnít, He Was Just Jingliní Keys For His Dog-Brained Followers
Good doggie!

Merrick Garlandís DOJ indicted a Democratic senator. MAGA pundits responded with wild conspiracy theories.
Of course. Nitwits of the first order but like Shingles "They don't care"!

Senate Dems Want to Cancel All Student Lunch DebtóA 'Term So Absurd That It Shouldn't Even Exist'
U.S. Sen. John Fetterman said the aim of the bill is to "stop humiliating kids and penalizing hunger."
"School lunch debt' is a term so absurd that it shouldn't even exist..."

Mouths Full of Blood: Trump and His Backers Spread Lies, Violence and Fascism
"The legacy of fascism may have shown us what the future and end of humanity would look like. But such a future is not inevitable. As Alain Badiou once noted in his 1998 book Ethics, ďthe space of the possible is larger than the one assigned,Ē suggesting that history is open, making the call for building solidarity and social change all the more urgent, and the demand for mass resistance all the more necessary. The times in which we live are too dangerous to be giving up on civic courage, the radical imagination and a vision of a society that is never just enough."

A Few Thoughts on This Admission: I Am Old
ďAgeismĒ is an attitude people inflict on themselves. Old people are what almost everyone will become. But somehow, this part of existence is treated as something that must be actively ignored, as if old age were an infectious disease transmitted by acknowledging it. Or a misfortune that can be averted by denying it. ďYouíre only as old as you think you are,Ē said my son recently. ďOnly young people think that,Ē I snapped. Contemplating dying and death is, it seems, more appealing than imagining being old.

Trump Campaign Denies He Bought Glock Handgun
Amazing that this criminal mob gets away with the shit they do.

Knowles: ďRacistĒ Is An Inherently ďAnti-White TermĒ
Who's rectum did this turd pop from?

Trump Argues Free Speech In Colorado Ballot Case
It doesn't apply to an indicted crook. His lawyers are desperate.
"Wait didn't the fucktard say he wanted to get rid of the Constitution? Now he wants the protections of it? Yeah fuck that...But hey Trump if you don't like it you can always drop dead. I don't think most would object if you did." — Thewolflam (comments)

How Samuel Alito 'invented an entirely new rule' for himself: law professor
Nazis consistantly do that. They rape law and order.
"Instead of applying statutory law or Supreme Court precedents, Alito invented an entirely new rule, never before invoked by any justice. Claiming that recusal is simply the 'personal decision of each justice,' Alito announced that he would recuse himself only on the basis of a so-called 'sound reason' ó an undefined, and previously unknown, rationale that has no inherent meaning."

Experts sound alarm after Trump floats executing his former general
This man is a homicidal maniac. A prison cell is too good for him.
America is "not just careening toward a significant risk of political violence around the 2024 presidential election. Itís also mostly oblivious to where itís headed."
Americans are not afraid to vote. It is their right and any attempt to stop them will be met with equal resistance to insure democracy. If we have to we will all die together on that hill.

Trump Calls On Every Democrat To Resign From The Senate
Oh, is that all? Is there anything else you'd like, sir?
Eat shit and die in jail, Fatso!

Marjorie Taylor Greene Puts Out A Menorah On Yom Kippur
Happy Yom Kippur to all the space laser people out there.
Are her constituants embarrassed by her or are they as fucking stupid as she is?

'Shocking GOP proposals' for overhauling federal government ripped as clueless and dangerous
Why in hell does anything shock us? We live in a fucking shock zone!
"The reporters note that ultra-MAGA candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, for example, wants to 'slash a million civil servants in his first year as president ó and by 75 percent in his first term.'"
This isn't shocking. It's fascist dogma. "Swami Simpleton" is a Nazi of the first order.

Taylor Swift Registers 35,000 Voters In One Week
Taylor rocks! Think how many she can do in a year!

Man-Karen Spotted On A Golf Course, And He Is Big Mad
Stop taking so damn many testosterone pills, you idiot!
"He has quite a criminal past, including drug arrests, 'intent to riot,' and threatening behavior. Reeb previously threatened a neighbor while only wearing his underwear. He likes to strip down. And why did he do all of this? Over a golf ball, of course. He took someone's golf ball and didn't want to return it."

Stand Up America Renews Calls for Passage of Supreme Court Ethics Legislation Amid Newest ProPublica Investigation
ďThere are few things in todayís world more predictable than yet another Supreme Court ethics violation. With Propublicaís latest report on Justice Thomasís inappropriate relationship with ultra-conservative MAGA donors, it begs the question: when will enough be enough?"

MS Pastor Guilty Of Sex Crimes Against Autistic Child
Ehhh! Another one bites the dust. Have a double helping, asshole.

Trump Hated Masks Because They Smeared His Bronzer
When we stop laughing we'll take the time to breathe. "Doc Savage" he is not.

Texas Judge Who Tried To Kill Abortion Pills Is Now Out To Kill Free Speech (For Drag Queens)
"You may remember Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk as the Trump-appointed judge who tried to outlaw medication abortion, but that (unfortunately) is not all there is to him. In addition to having ridiculous and untrue ideas about abortion, he also has ridiculous and untrue ideas about drag ó namely, that he does not consider it 'free speech,' which it very obviously is."
Typical of a fascist asshole.

America Gets a Civilian Climate Corps
This is an idea whose time has come.
And it's not a "seasonal" corps.

Judge in Trump's NY fraud case pounds bench while warning about false statements
Klasfeld reports: "Engoron literally pounds the bench as he articulates this principle: 'You cannot make false statements and use them in business.'"
Klasfeld made a separate post to emphasize that Engoron was extraordinarily passionate in the moment he pounded the bench.
"The judge pounded the bench *multiple* times while making this remark," he added on Friday.

Judge hits Trump with order banning threats and intimidation in Colorado case
Your little force threats will be met with greater force.

Matt Gaetz praises GOP congressman who echoes his call for change 'through force'
Famous last words from a Nazi punk that will get what he deserves.

Trump's 'fanciful' defenses for fraud are not going to fly in court: ex-prosecutor
The evidence against Trump is overwhelming.

Jack Smith taps war crimes prosecutor to help put away Trump: report
Put him in the same cell with Putin.

Road rage judge shot at 5 cars before ramming woman's vehicle: report
He must be fun on a Saturday night cruise. (Road Rage Saturday Night — Pistol Grip Wallet, Men of Extinction).

Republican congresswoman comes up with most bizarre defense yet for Jan. 6
Vying for "Queen of the Clowns."
"... this is the first anyone has heard of the rioters supposedly wheeling in baby strollers so that their toddlers could get their own taste of the violence."
"...if there's footage out there of rioters bringing their children into the rioting mob, none of us have found it yet."
"Also, Garland wasn't in charge of the Justice Department back then, so if "proper security wasn't provided," then maybe Spartz should devote some of her apparently voluminous free time to figuring out who the hell did keep "proper security" away from Trump's armed rally mob."
Starved for attenion, she is. Stupid is obviously a requirement of the MAGAt mob.

Busted: Clarence Thomas secretly participated in Koch Network donor events
Impeach him now.

Unending 'chaos' among House Republicans could doom their majority in 2024: report
The cancer eats itself.

Ron Johnson Busts Politicians For Catering To Constituents
According to Ron Johnson, today's economic woes are the fault of politicians helping their constituents instead of megadonors.
The pride of MAGAt cancer. What an SOB.

Giuliani Defies Judge, Stiffs Georgia Election Workers
"Thinking about my friends, losers in the end
They all died in jail." — Pecos River Trail - Jeff Gutcheon

USMC Pilot Called 911: I Donít Know Where My Jet Is
Thankfully, we had Yoda to raise it from the swamp.
It's good to have a Jedi on your side. May the force be with us.

GOP Rep: At Least Pelosi Knew How To Whip Votes
ďI have my doubts right now because Iím seeingówe need leadership, maíam. We donít need someone just to say weíve got 218 votes or whatever that jumps on the train after it leaves the station."

Autoworkers File Labor Complaint Against Tim Scott
Sounds like a Reagan thug. Send him home without pay.

Allegations against Rudy Giuliani and Russell Brand show sexual abuse is a selling point for MAGA
The quickest way to be a hero to Donald Trump fanboys? Face multiple, credible sexual assault allegations
A Hallmark of MAGAts.

'What is the theory?' CNN anchor baffled by Trump supporters who believe JFK is still alive
"It changes depending on the day and who you ask," he said. "But the general theme is that they believe JFK Jr. did not die, he faked his own death and he is working with Trump somehow and is going to come back and save the U.S. from an evil cabal. Some believe that JFK himself is potentially alive or was reincarnated. A lot has weird biblical overlaps."
And these pitiful brain-dead are walking our streets? Did they escape from the Phantom Zone?

'Who revels in such cruelty?' Conservatives flatten Trump after reports of wounded vet comment
A pile of shit.

'Enormous peril': 4-star Army general warns of Trump's 'Mafia-like' view of military
Yes, he is a mobster. We have most certainly established that.

Matt Walsh: You Have No Actual Right To Vote [VIDEO]
Nothing in our Constituion is "God-given."
Is he speaking to American citizens? Then he's so misinformed and wrong.

U.S. Constitution
Fifteenth Amendment

Section 1

The right of citizens of the United States to vote (who are eighteen years of age or older) shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitudeĖ

Section 2

The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
I'm gonna say that pretty much says we do.

It turns out telling a 12-year-old she must have her rapist's baby isn't good politics
It isn't good anything.

Trump mistakenly believes a government shutdown will shut down prosecutors
Even his supporters know by now he's dumb as a sack of bricks.

Eric Swalwell Taunts Jim Jordan With 'Subpoena Evasion' Clock
The "Jacket-Off" Kid goes out in a pouty baby huff.

Musk Demanded NM Gov Be Arrested Over Gun Suspension Order
"Instead of demonstrating the kind of restraint one would hope from Twitter/X owner and worldís richest man Elon Musk, we got disinformation and lighter fluid."
All of these fascists are potential terrorists. This proves it beyond all doubt.

Pete Buttigieg just testified before Congress. It did not go well for Republicans
Naked moronism from very dumbed-down fools. He must know "climate" and "season" are not equivocal. Do they even remember the horse and buggy being replaced by the first automobiles? Let us remind them.

Get A Horse! Americaís Skepticism Toward the First Automobiles
The inventor who claimed the first U.S. car ever sold recalls the birth of the industry and the general public skepticism about automobiles.
For the Congressional numbskulls who couldn't afford an education. Or did they merely waste their money on one?
"In 1896, he (Alexander Winton) founded the Winton Motor Carriage company, and soon began turning out cars at the dizzying rate of four per year. He would sell his first car in 1897 ó arguably the first automobile sold in the U.S. ó for the princely sum of $1,000."

'Burn the whole place down': McCarthy rails against House Republicans as GOP conference explodes in chaos
ďThis is a whole new concept of individuals that just want to burn the whole place down,Ē he lamented. ďIt doesnít work.Ē
Best thing he's ever said.

Medicaid ďUnwindingĒ Is Largest Loss of Health Coverage in US History
"After the uninsured rate fell to an all-time low of 8 percent in 2022, nearly 6.8 million people have lost their Medicaid health coverage since the so-called unwinding of federal pandemic protections began earlier this year."
Thank the MAGAt fascists in Trump's mob for it.

Giuliani groping allegations latest example of 'sick culture' surrounding Trump: Morning Joe
"Cassidy Hutchinson, the former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, claims in her new book that Giuliani ran his "frozen fingers" up her skirt to her thigh, and she says Trump legal adviser watched with a "leering grin," and the "Morning Joe" host found the allegations disgusting and wholly unsurprising."

The Shutdown is the Two Santa Clauses Scam Rearing its Ugly Head Again
Hopefully this time Democratic politicians and our media will, finally, call the GOP out on Wanniskiís and Reaganís Two Santa Clauses scam and put an end to it once and for all

Millionaire Republicans condemned for pushing huge cuts to Medicaid and food benefits
Strictly mean and evil asshats.

'Guam isn't America': Trump reportedly shrugged off possibility of US territory getting nuked

Then Trump isn't America either.

Kansas Pastor Arrested On Child Rape Charges
William Keith Dodd, the former pastor of Lewark Church of God, has been charged with two counts of rape of a minor. His first appearance in Montgomery County Court was Friday. Court documents say Dodd allegedly raped a 12 or 13 year old two times between January 1st and September 11th of this year. He was arrested after an investigation by the Coffeyville Police Department. If convicted, Dodd could face life in prison, with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.
"Xianists" are the biggest threat to our children yet they lie about it being drag queens who are to blame. They should take stock of themselves before they have all been condemned.
Another one bites the dust.

Anti-LGBTQ Tennessee Mayoral Candidate Has Arrest Record For Money Laundering, Promoting Prostitution
Hypocrites are perfectly welcome in the fascist party.

Some House Republicans know they'll 'get the blame' for 'stupid' government shutdown: report
But, of course, stupid idiots will go ahead for spite.
You get the blame because you are the blame, moron.

Extremists have turned Texas into a hotbed for hate: report
Tell me somethin' I don't know.

Charlie Kirk: Retirement Isn't Biblical, So Cancel Social Security
This bozo also thinks you should be able to opt out of Social Security payments.
"I wish I was going to be around when Charlie Kirk is looking for part-time work to supplement his retirement. He won't be."
What does retirement have to do with an ancient story book of rehashed folk tales?

Matt Gaetz Whines: 'Why Am I To Blame For The Chaos?'
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Tuesday denied he was to blame for fighting among Republicans after he pushed for shutting down the government instead of passing a temporary funding measure.
Why does the fool have to ask?

Democrats pummel Republicans at Jim Jordan's circus hearing
Like shooting fish in a barrel. Especially that clueless "Jacket-Off."

Tennessee Pastor Arrested On Child Rape Charges
Another dear ole Dixie "groomer" bites the dust.
"Xianists" seem to be nothing but child groomers and child rapists. What on earth? Don't they know it's the drag queens to blame?

Choose Your Own Adventure! Merrick Garland Or IRONMAN Secretary Mayor Pete?
"Neither of these men is Merrick Garland OR ARE THEY? (Stoled from Chastenís Instagram)
We guess the biggest hearing of the morning is in the House Judiciary Committee, where Attorney General Merrick Garland will be confronted by chair Jim Jordan and his team of clown-brained skidmarks, who will force him to answer for why Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are free men, while Donald Trump was executed this morning at dawn. (RIGGED AND STOLLEN.)"

Judge Boxwine Knows What Causes MURDERRRRRR, It Is Participation TrophiesJudge Boxwine Knows What Causes MURDERRRRRR, It Is Participation Trophies
"Good morning, boxwine drinkers and the people who hold their hair back!
Itís time to see what Judge Jeanine Pirro, the patron saint of boxwine, said on Fox News yesterday. Was it very ďOK, wine-soaked BoomerĒ? Yes, how did you know?
Is this like when she said 59 percent of Black voters in South Carolina are Republicans? Or when she was appalled to share that before Roe was overturned, there were 63 million abortions per year in America? Of course. It was like jury duty. When you got your abortion summons in the mail, you showed up at your latest Democrat Party Partial-Birthing Factory And Ballot Stuffing Parlor and you did your job as a citizen!"

Can We Stop the GOPís Big Pharma Rip-Off?
For todayís bought-off GOP (and a handful of bought-off ďproblem solverĒ Democrats), as long as Republicans on the Supreme Court keep the corrupt payola machine running, there simply is no bottomÖ

The Government Finally Puts a Number on the Discrimination Against Black Colleges
ďUnacceptable funding inequities have forced many of our nationís distinguished Historically Black Colleges and Universities to operate with inadequate resources and delay critical investments in everything from campus infrastructure to research and development to student support services.Ē

Biden Is Taking a Step Toward Legalizing Pot
What rescheduling marijuana will actually mean for the weed industry and the people who patronize it.
The greatest since FDR.

Outrage as Ohio court lets GOP-backed Ďpropagandaí stay on ballot for abortion rights referendum
Nazis find using a lie to stack the deck, as usual. America will overcome these bastards.

'Worst nightmare' Trump witness can prove he committed 'textbook obstruction': former defense lawyer
"Caroline Polisi, a former white collar criminal defense lawyer and current lecturer at Columbia Law School, told CNN on Wednesday that she thinks former President Donald Trump will have a hard time beating the testimony of former aide Molly Michaels."

Nikki Haley and Tim Scott Are Here to Remind You Republicans Hate Unions
Hooray for the Union! There is Power in the Union!

Rep. Nadler Goes Right After Jim Jordan to Kickoff Blockbuster Garland Hearing: Everything You Just Said Has Been ĎCompletely Refutedí
The Nazis want to control the narritive. They do not want to engage in a being refuted contest which they will lose "bigly."

ĎBadgering the Witness!í Merrick Garland Hearing Plunges Into Chaos After Matt Gaetz Goes OFF on Biden and China
"Mr. I Am A Trump-Fellating Bully," wastes time asking questions when he thinks he already knows the answers.
The punk needs to be taken to the woodshed and given a damned good lesson.

Cultist Lin Wood Has Flipped In Georgia RICO Cases
Trump is in very serious trouble. His rats are all turning on him.

Kelly: Automatic Voter Registration Is ďUn-AmericanĒ
Tell me, Mr. Genius, what American does not want to be a registered voter. There is no law that makes voting mandatory, such as the Saddam Hussein example you use out of context, you dumbed-down idiot.

Merrick Garland 'will not be intimidated' by House Republicans
Tuesday was an absolute debacle for the Republican-led House.
What did anyone expect from a mob completely devoid of progressive ideas.

Looks Like GOPers' Dream Witness In Biden Probe Is Falling Flat
Just like MAGAts have fallen.

George Conway: House Republicans Are Just Nihilists
And bullies.

'An absolute joke': Joe Scarborough urges Kevin McCarthy to stand up to Freedom Caucus 'clowns'
"House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) has been trying to avoid a federal government shutdown without alienating members of the far-right House Freedom Caucus, some of whom have been threatening to oust him as House speaker."
If he had stones he would work with the Democrats.

GOP Senators Say Looser Dress Code 'Disrespects The Institution'
ďThe world watches us on that floor and we must protect the sanctity of that place at all costs,Ē they wrote in a letter to Chuck Schumer.
Nothing disrepects the Senate more than the MAGAt fascists that pollute it.

TODAY: Biden To Launch ďAmerican Climate CorpsĒ
"These recruits, they said, will be ďdoing the important task of conserving and restoring our lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, deploying clean energy Ö implementing energy efficiency technologies that will cut consumer costs for the American people, and advancing environmental justice.Ē

Tim Scott: Workers Who Go On Strike Should 'Absolutely' Be Fired
What is the last thing Republicans have done for the middle class? ANYONE?
They've made them second class citizens. Fire Tim Scsott for being a clueless jerk.

Sunday: NASA Asteroid Lander To Return With Samples
An asteroid NASAís been tracking for nearly 25 years could impact Earth in the future, a new report reveals.

AZ Students Greet ďFascistĒ Kirk With Middle Fingers
Poor little Charlie. He, and idiots like him, are the reason some fools are turning into morons like him.

WA Youth Pastor Gets 14 Months For Child Rape
Another "groomer" bites the dust.

GOP slammed for Social Security 'death panel' plan
May they all get slow stomach cancer.

Trump is lying about his "moderate" abortion stance ó he will ban it nationwide
Trump lies constantly, and history shows he and the GOP will repay evangelicals with a national abortion ban
Fuck Trump.

Revised Protect Musicians Act could empower artists against streaming platforms
"This legislation will help give small, independent music creators a level playing field, empowering them to stand together for fairer compensation and giving them a voice in important negotiations that will determine the future of the music industry,Ē Ross said.

Biden warns Trump is an existential threat to democracy. The media whiffs it
Proving anyone can get a journalism degree.

House Democrats introduce bill to undo Supreme Court's gutting of Voting Rights Act
Someone has to do what's right.

House Republican Budget Reflects Disturbing Vision for the Country
"House Republicans are pursuing a damaging agenda at every turnófirst threatening the nation with default, and now demanding deep cuts in an array of priorities in this yearís appropriations debate, risking a government shutdown, and proposing a budget blueprint that would take the country in the wrong direction."
Life under fascism is what we'll get if we keep being stupid and clueless. This should sober some of us up.

House GOP unveils budget with trillions in cuts to medicaid, food benefits and more
The thieving bastards will put it in their goddamned pockets and fuck Americans.

'Clown show': House Republican slams McCarthy and GOP 'lunatics' as clock ticks toward shutdown
The Shit Show under the Big Top. If America wants this sort of crap they can stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

'On a baby changing table': Reporter finds possible Gaetz resolution in House restroom
Classless trash.

'Trump told me to do this': Analyst predicts ex-presidentís aidesí conflict 'only going to increase'
"When Melber asked Katyal whether their argument stands, he replied, "There's no world in which overthrowing an election, Ari, is part of your job duties. Look, I worked at the Justice Department twice. Everyone at the Justice Department knows there's a strict prohibition against employees engaging in political activity as part of their job. So, leave aside that engage in coup ó just the claim that Meadows made today is, 'Well, there's no way to have a line between politics and the regular work of a government official,' and that is just totally wrong. There is no Donald Trump exception to the Hatch Act, which is the act that forbids political activity by people in the Justice Department, and with respect to Meadows ó I think the most important thing ó this is why he lost his removal motion. The judge in a 49-page opinion said the Constitution cuts out the executive branch from one thing ó which is presidential elections ó for the most important of reasons."

World Laughs At 'Matt Gaetz For Florida Governor'
Clown. What else can you but laugh?

Busted: Tommy Tuberville invested in defense contractor while blocking military nominations
"The senatorís personal financial position is directly tied to the financial position of specific companies that receive billions of dollars in taxpayer funded government contracts," Hedtler-Gaudette said. "I canít think of anything more inappropriate and unethical than that, especially given the role that the Armed Services Committee plays in authorizing defense spending toplines and priorities around specific defense projects and programs."
What a douche.

Trump trashed by UAW president as an enemy of the working class
Fatso has no vision for the future of America or humanity. He's all about saving his own stinking ass.

Biden impeachment already collapsing as new evidence destroys GOP theories: report
Spiteful inepts failing. Why must we put up with these flatliners?

Pennsylvania's automatic voter registration applauded as 'antidote' to MAGA election denial
The model for a democratic America.

'Grabbing the hog during a live musical': John Fetterman hits back at GOP critics with brutal Boebert slam
""I figure if I take up vaping and grabbing the hog during a live musical, they'll make me a folk hero," wrote Fetterman."

The GOP Is the Party of Corrupt Oligarchy
In Texas, Attorney General Ken Paxton escaped conviction after being impeached.
We all know why.

President Zelenskyy Is At The UN, So Thatíll Piss Putinís American Fanboys Off
"Sorry, Tucker.
Sorry, Glenn Greenwald.
Sorry, other bad people.
Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, is addressing the UN General Assembly. We know Putinís asslickers in America donít like that, but we guess theyíll have to deal with it."

Trump Drew Dicks On Classified Flash Cards He Stole, Because Of Course
"Whenever you think youíve learned all the appalling things there are to know about Donald Trump and his various criminal schemes and enterprises, his betrayals of and utter lack of regard for the United States, another shoe drops. But sometimes the shoes are just so damn stupid.
Who wrote random to-do lists on the backs of classified documents? Donald Trump did. We imagine he did it in that mangled demented moron Sharpie script of his, the one that looks like it comes from one of historyís greatest madmen who was at the same time never taught to read and write."

The Bill Maher Story: Too Big for His Britches and Not Worth What He's Paid
"I don't mean to be doctrinaire or, God forbid, politically correct, but attitudes toward working people like those expressed by Bill Maher make it clear that he ain't a progressive. Hell, he ain't even a liberal. And that isn't even counting his blubbering about what a genius Elon Musk is."

A single dose of psilocybin boosts neuroplasticity and reduces depression symptoms
Many of us have known this for 40 years or more.

'Unbelievably stupid' Trump actions keep making Mar-a-Lago docs case 'more outrageous': Morning Joe panel
Why is this criminal constantly pampered?

'Incredibly dangerous': Trump thrashed for attacking US Jews on Rosh Hashanah by CNN's Dana Bash
This Nazi needs to be taught a lesson. Problem is, he's too stupid to learn anything.

Texas school suspends Black student more than two weeks for purportedly lengthy dreadlocks
Texas: An extremely regressive and unaware state filled with racist idiots from the past. They want their Negroes to be as happy as they were when they were slaves.

Republicans clutch pearls over Fetterman's gym shorts, stay mum on Boebert
ROTFLMAO! What fools.

These frustrated Oregon Republicans are determined to become part of Idaho
Frustrated? They would rather serve fascism. That's what they are.

'Grow a spine': Kevin McCarthy urged to stand up to 'extremists in the House'
It will help because all the Nazis are spineless bastards.

Trump: The Banks Were Warned Not To Believe Me
This asshole is some kind of deeply brain damaged idiot.

FL Pastor Sentenced To 60 Years On Child Sex Charges
Wow! Another one bites the dust -- hard!

DeSantis Slams Fetterman ó ĎWhoís Got a Lot of Problemsí ó for ĎDisrespectfulí Senate Wardrobe, Democrats for ĎDumbing Downí Standards
Wearing a suit does't make you respectable, dumb ass. It's the person in the suit that counts. And you lost that game a long time ago.

Dirtbag Texas AG Ken Paxton Slithers Out Of Accountability In Impeachment Trial, Surprise
Paxton was immediately reinstated to his position.
Because the law just doesnít apply to white MAGA Republicans. At least thatís what theyíre trying to preserve down there in Texas.
Corruption is their business in Austin.

'A Nazi movement ó all the way to the topí: critics denounce Trumpís antisemitic attack on Ďliberal Jewsí
Of course. Most Americans know Trump is a Nazi and beyond any redemption.

Busted: Tommy Tuberville invested in defense contractor while blocking military nominations
Isn't EVERYONE sick of this asshole by now?

ĎLeopards Eating Peopleís Faces Partyí: Kevin McCarthy and far-right Republicans mocked as GOP divide grows even greater
Send them all to Phantom Zone.

Itís Now Clear: ďCop CityĒ Is About Democracy
Land of the Happy Negro needs more cops to keep their Negroes happier?

ĎA Disgrace to This Country!í Howard Stern Dumbfounded By Lauren Boebertís Behavior at ĎBeetlejuiceí Musical
She's just the tits of the iceberg.

ĎIíve Seen Enoughí: Conservative Radio Host Distances Himself From Trump Over Recent Stances On Abortion and Trans Rights
Real humans do have a limit. They eventually catch on to being hoodwinked.

Missouri Gov Candidate: Next Time Iíll Burn Real Books
Don't forget the Buddhist monks. Self-immolation would be more fun to watch. They had real balls.
Missouri is a lost cause for certain.

Confused, stammering Trump calls Biden 'cognitively impaired'
This treasonist cannot speak in complete sentences. Only the alien beings can comprehend his stupidness.

Trump Blames 'Liberal Jews' For Voting To Destroy America
Into the cell, please or no one has to listen to any judge in America -- EVER AGAIN!.

Trump Brags About Tampering With Paxton's Jury
Why is this traitor not in a holding cell?

High School Band Director Tased By Police In Front Of Students
"In Alabama, it is apparently a crime to continue playing music when police tell you to stop. Or, put another way, music is criminalized for no apparent damn reason."

ProsperUS Condemns Partisan Short-Term Funding Proposal: ďDeeply unpopular and doomed to failĒ
ďThese last-ditch efforts to slash critical investments in workers and families are deeply unpopular and doomed to fail. Extreme House GOP members should accept reality: The majority of Congress is with the American people in rejecting hostage-taking and painful and irresponsible cuts.
ďThe House majority should set aside this latest failed proposal and allow the full House to vote on government funding bills at or above the floor set in the bipartisan debt limit deal. Anything less would be a clear step backward for our economy and hurt the most vulnerable communities we represent.Ē
Fascists please pay attention.

Trump acknowledges he was told 2020 election lies were false in wide-ranging interview
So, he admits he knew the election wasn't rigged then tried have it overturned.
He's admitted he's guilty, now sentence him. We don't need a trial. Everyone knows he's a criminal anyway.

Brennan Center and GIFFORDS Law Center Find Holes in Laws on Guns and Voting
"Today, GIFFORDS, the gun violence prevention organization founded by Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law released a new report titled Guns and Voting. The report highlights the need for states to address the growing threat that the use of guns to commit political violence poses to Americans and their right to vote safely."

Why the 14th Amendment may not disqualify 'loathsome' Trump from running for president
If we don't accept the language of our Constitution then we are, in fact, a lost country.
It's either all acceptable or throw it in the dumpster fire we have created by these pussy-footing cowards.

GOP Youth Conference Adds Lauren Boebert As Speaker
One day after GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was tossed out of a performance of Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre, a Republican youth conference decided it was a good idea to add her to their list of speakers.
"How to dress and act appropriately for the theater" will be one of her speaking topics.

Doesn't Anyone Understand White Trash Culture?
How dare they harass Lauren Blowbert like that!
They don't call it trash because it's recyclable.
"Be prepared to watch this clip a few times. You don't want to miss a second because you were busting one from laughing so hard."

Missouri Republicans Use Flamethrowers On Empty Boxes Meant To Represent ďNaughtyĒ LGBTQ Books
Which one is Chief Beatty?

Proud Boys Rally At Trump Tower In Trump Logo Hats
Trump incels with no lives.

We need to stop mocking people from the South and Midwest
What do you mean by "we"? You got a mouse in your pocket?
And I was born and raised in the midwest and I live in the south, so fuck off.

'Even Henry Ford understood' that underpaid workers 'donít have money' to buy things: ex-labor secretary
Slavery is in style these days for the overpaid gluttons.

Trump flunks fact-check after Meet the Press interview goes off the rails: analysis
Her's your senile, brain-dead candidate. He's an embarrasment to morons.

Super Genius Trump Claims He Beat Obama
And every other president that he never ran against.

Pence Repeatedly Dodges Question On CEO Pay Fairness
Not the man for the job.

Texas Far-Right Vows Revenge After Paxton Acquittal
He's referring to himself and his fascist ilk.

Boebert: Theater Threw Me Out For Being ďEccentric
No. You haven't any social skills. You're a fucking moron hick which is more than apparent. So is OAN.

New Report: One-Third of States Have an Election Denier Overseeing Elections
These fascists will still get the shit kicked out of them.

The Covid Bump
The coronavirus has long since lapsed as a primary concern for most Americans. Can we make progress on a problem when so few seem to care?
Progress doesn't seem to be our most import product any longer.

End Wealth Supremacy
"Eighty-five percent of Americans already get their water from public utilities instead of for-profit companies. Now thereís a growing movement from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Maine and New York for publicly and cooperatively owned energy utilities. Such companies could be more willing than for-profit utilities to transition quickly from fossil fuels and make investments to prevent sparking wildfires."

GOP Attacks on DOJ Are About Ensuring the Rule of Republicans, Not Rule of Law
This means Nazi scum. Republicans have been replaced by them.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Acquitted on All 16 Impeachment Articles
If you live in Texas this is no surprise. Especially to the rest of the crooks in Austin.

Texas Republicans put Ken Paxton above the law
The Texas Senate acquitted suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton on Saturday of all charges of abusing his office.
They are all grifting fascists.

Sarah Huckabee Thinks Everyone Is Way Jealous Of How 'Normal' Arkansas Is
"In fact, she says her plan is to phase out income tax in the state entirely, which is certainly a bold choice given the fact that it is the 5th poorest state in the nation. Call me crazy, but if I ran a state in which 22 percent of children were living at or below the poverty line, I might tax some rich motherfuckers in order to correct that situation."

How Do You Spell Relief?
Today on TAP: After an FDA finding that a popular decongestant is worthless, Biden could direct that agency to fast-track approval of a miracle drug for colds used all over the world.
Except the anti-vaxxers will think it's a tracking device of some kind. They'll stick to their horse pills.

'Will not turn out well': Trump may be facing 'considerable financial fines' from Judge Chutkan
Here's stupid wearing his Red Nazi hat.

'Heís probably guilty, but it doesnít matter': Trump fans aren't scared off by 4 criminal indictments
They are the biggest bunch of dumb fucks to ever crawl on the planet earth. This includes all the ancient creatures who were more intelligent. You think Shingles doesn't care? Ha!

The potential first transgender member of Congress says sheís ready to Ďeducateí the GOP
Sitting outside a coffee shop blocks from Joe Bidenís favorite beach, the 33-year-old said she sees "the importance of representation. But it's also my job to make clear to people that I'm more than just one thing, that I am a multi-dimensional human being.Ē
I'm certain she won't have any problems with the illiterate book burners.

Mexico extradites son of former Sinaloa cartel leader 'El Chapo' to the U.S.
"Ovidio GuzmŠn Lůpez, a son of Joaquin "El Chapo" GuzmŠn, faces drug trafficking, money laundering and other charges in the United States. Mexican security forces captured GuzmŠn Lůpez in January."

ĎTake A Look At What Heís Done!í Elizabeth Warren Hits Back At CNN Poll On Bidenís Age ó On CNN
These people should worry about their own age. They could die of a heart attack tomorrow no matter their age.
The U.S. has a system that takes care of a vacant office. Shutup, muckrakers!

Trump: ďCognitively Impaired Biden Will Cause WW2Ē
Cause it to be remembered by people with brains? Sorry, that leaves Dumbo out.

Pence: ďTuberville Is Right And The Pentagon Is WrongĒ
On day one? LOL! He will shit and fall back in it.

Biden: Big Three Auto Makers Should Share Profits With Workers
"On Friday, President Joe Biden made some comments about the UAW strike. Biden said that no one wanted to see a strike but added that it was well within the workers' rights to do so. Biden also added that the Big 3 auto makers had record profits and that they should be sharing them with the workers."

Patriotic Millionaires Support Striking UAW Workers
"The Patriotic Millionaires offer their wholehearted support to the striking UAW workers. Over the last decade, the Big Three automakers have made record-shattering profits, but you wouldnít know it by looking at workersí paychecks. The Big Three have sent billions of dollars to investors through stock buyback schemes and given generous executive compensation packages, but have completely shafted the employees that made their profits possible. The strikersí demands for better pay, benefits, and working conditions are entirely reasonable, deserved, and long overdue. As UAW President Shawn Fain rightly said: ĎRecord profits mean record contracts.í"

Muskís X revokes paid blue check from United Auto Workers after strike called
Flush this turd down the toilet.

Why 'Judge Chutkan is ultimately going to win' the 'power struggle' against Trump: legal analyst
Judges usually do that with crooks.

Republican 'hostage-taking' condemned as shutdown nears
Deport them all.

House Republicans threatened FBI agent after he showed up with two lawyers
Must have scared the shit out of little "Jacket-Off."

Kansas Librarians Sue After Being Fired for Displaying Rainbow Autism Symbol
Fuck bigoted Nazi scum.

Three-Quarters of Americans Back Plan to Negotiate Drug Costs Through Medicare
"A new poll demonstrates that the vast majority of Americans support the Biden administrationís policy of Medicare negotiating with pharmaceutical companies to lower prescription drug prices."

Dear Media, Do Your Job!
Remember when the media used to actually report the news? Yes. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Wisconsin GQP Can't Quite Grasp The Concept Of Voting
Despite not having the authority to do so, Wisconsin state senate GQP vote to oust elections administrator, Meagan Wolfe. Lawsuits are already flying.
Of course, Nazis won't have it.

Mark Meadows and Kevin McCarthy: Where do Republicans get these worms?
There is a reason why they were put into positions of power by this Republican Party
At the "Clueless Loser Store." One million worm species on sale.
"In politics, it's an axiom if not a flat-out rule that you should have, if not a soul, at least a brain."

'Cornered' Trump has 'lost before he started' in $250 million NYC fraud case: legal expert
ďHeís doing everything he can to provoke some kind of animosity and hostility with the judge...Ē
It's the only way of life he knows. "When the coffin is closed, he drills a hole..."

New Jack Smith filing accuses Trump's lawyer of rule violation: Mueller prosecutor
He would violate a rule? Ha!

'A bit more complicated': Fox News and GOP voters seek 'off-ramps away from Trump'
They found the way themselves they can find the way off.

ĎSick and disturbingí: Critics slam Ďfamily valuesí Kristi Noem over alleged affair with former top Trump aide
South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem has been engaged in a "years-long clandestine" extra-marital relationship with former top Trump aide Corey Lewandowski, according to the Daily Mail. Governor Noem, who celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary last year, is 51 and has three children. Now she is the target of critics who are blasting what they see as her "hypocrisy."
More trash like BoBo.

FL Baptist Youth Pastor Charged With Sexting Minors
Hard to keep track of these groomers. What is it about "Xianity" that turns them out so often?
Another one bites the dusts.

Aunt Lydia Signs Ban On Vax Mandates In Arkansas
Retards in Razorbackville. Nazi government is only natural.

Conservative Oregonians advance plan to secede and join Idaho: 'By foreign I mean Portland'
Nazis try to join another Nazi state. Who in their right mind wants scum like this around?

Trump is trapped in his own 'MAGA doom loop' Ė and it will cripple him: analysis
"Sargent begins by arguing that Trump and Republicans' efforts to stifle democratic processes — whether by inciting a riot to prevent the certification of a presidential election or nominating candidates for secretary of state who had vowed not to certify 2024 election results if Trump didn't win — have proven to be unpopular with voters."
Trump's rigging system is coming home to bite his own dumb ass.

Hate Group Summit Speaker Calls On Christians To Indoctrinate School Children Into ďBiblical WorldviewĒ
And also too, they are the worst of groomers that abuse children in the name of "god."

Trump indictments are crucial for saving the Constitution and preventing 'future coups': historian
"In the early republic," the historian writes, "few laws existed to protect citizens' rights, to secure the balloting process, or to secure the transition from one administration to the next. Instead, precedents and norms had to be taught; citizens had to learn to cherish the peaceful transfer of power as a bedrock of American democracy. Over the next 200 years, states and the federal government legislated to protect ballots from interference, ensure increasingly equal, if still imperfect, access to voting, and prohibit attempts to manipulate the counting of votes."

Americaís Short-Lived Safety Net Has Almost Fully Unraveled
"The American Rescue Plan created unprecedented programs protecting parents and young children, renters, and childcare providers. Now they are almost entirely gone."

End This Witch Hunt Against Teachers and Librarians
"This authoritarian assault, funded by a clique of far-right billionaires and coordinated by their front groups, has been popping off across the country. But leave it to Texas Governor Greg Abbott to push it from extreme to totalitarianism."

Could President Mike Pence Eat Alone With A Woman VP, Or Is Mother Still 86-ing That?
"So it is lunchtime in 2025, and President Pence is hongry and VP Lunatic Anti-Abortion Lady is hongry. Is Mike Pence allowed to eat lunch alone with her, or must he have a policeman or a grownup chaperone, to make sure nothing inappropriate happens in anybodyís Down-Theres?"

Is Joe Biden Indicting Hunter To Distract From Joe And Hunter Biden's Real Crimes? Let's Ask Stupid People
"We made the joke in the chatcave yesterday as the breaking news came out that Hunter Biden had been indicted on some dumb gun charge. (One wonders what happened to SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.)"

Rural Georgia voters are now demanding answers in Trump election indictment: report
So are the rest of the fascists going to start calling them "woke"?

Biden Assigns A Nickname To Trump, Ex-POTUS Is Going To Hate It
Perfect — almost. Just add "asshole" to the end of it.

Hillary Clinton Blasts Dem ďNaysayersĒ On Bidenís Age
ďWe just got to get the naysayers and the whiners and the snipers, you know, to just go to the back of the room because theyíre not helping at all.Ē

'Soldiers of Christ' starved and beat woman before she died: police
According to police, the suspects are members of a religious group called "Soldiers for Christ" and the victim was a woman from South Korea who had traveled to the U.S. to join the group.
Why does God's little boy need an army?

GOP's 'toddler caucus' is sending party over the cliff: CNN panel
Exactly where they need to go.

Your Congress Boyfriend Dan Goldman Is Already Kicking The Sh*t Out Of Republicans' Fake Biden Impeachment
"So it was a hell of a pleasant surprise in 2021 when Mitt proposed a genuinely good plan to cut child poverty by giving parents a monthly child allowance ó just like in one of those European socialist countries he used to warn Barack Obama wanted America to become. It was especially astonishing considering that it was proposed by the guy who in 2012 railed against "free stuff" and condemned the lazy 47 percent of Americans who supposedly "believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it" and didnít pay any federal income tax ó because theyíre children, disabled, retired, or so poor they donít make enough to have taxable income."

Six out of nine planetary boundaries already crossed, study warns
Not surprised. Humanity really is clueless.

ĎYears to recoverí: Navy chief warns of long-lasting crippling impact from Tuberville's military blockade
The Tuberville cancer.

Violent threats from Trump supporters now target Fulton County officials: report
Trump and his thugs will get theirs in a way that these idiots have never expected.

Kim Davis is ordered to pay $100,000 to same-sex couple she denied marriage license
Nice to see her get nailed. Appeal all you want, you'll still be an asshole.

QAnon Rioter Sentenced To 30 Months: Iím Like Jesus
The batshit insanity that has infected America.
Get thee to a psychiatrist ASAP.

Florida Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust.

Wisconsin GOP votes to remove stateís elections chief
ďThe Senate's vote today to remove me is not a referendum on the job I do but rather a reaction to not achieving the political outcome they desire,Ē Wolfe said on Thursday. ďThe 2024 election cycle begins in less than three months. There is such important work ahead, and my hope is that we will quickly get the clarity that we need from the courts.Ē
The Wisconsin Nazis destroy free elections. As such, they are traitors and must be dealt with.

House GOP advances bill to block Bidenís student loan repayment program
Here come the Red Reprobates again.

Alito pauses order banning Biden officials from contacting tech platforms
Thank you so much, dear great lord. Tell the Confederate judges to fuck off.

Congrats on making millions of kids poorer, Congress
The Census Bureau reported this week that childhood poverty more than doubled after the expanded Child Tax Credit expired.
"The expanded Child Tax Credit expiring was a choice from Congress and Joe Manchin in particular to not prioritize raising kids out of poverty."

New Documents Show Exxon Executives Cast Doubt on Climate Science to Protect Profits
You mean an oil company would be scumbags? Oh, dear! Such a surprise.

As Rent Inflation Peaks, Homes Guarantee Makes Case for Federal Rent Regulations in New Memo
Capitalism is a motherfucker.

Louisiana GOP Endorses Accused Child Abuser
They endorse child abusers. That shold tell you exactly who they are.

CA Baptist Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
"A Banning church faculty member was behind bars Wednesday on suspicion of inappropriate acts with a child, police announced.
Another one bites the dust.

How Right-Wing Groups Are Plotting To Implement Trumpís Authoritarianism
These low-life, crustacean Nazis could die trying.

The ridiculous effort to blame Schumer for Tubervilleís blockade
Republicans want the Senate Democratic leader to share in the blame for Tommy Tuberville's blockade. New research shows how foolish this argument is.
"Itís why, as regular readers know, the GOP lawmaker has been condemned by military leaders. And every living former Defense secretary. And retired military leaders. And veterans. And congressional Democrats. And the White House. And military spouses."

Tommy Tuberville's Military Hold Isn't Really About Abortion
Surprise! It's a Trump strategy for control.

'Sincerely crazy': Mitt Romney shamed fellow GOP Senator for believing almost 'any conspiracy'
Just like their gun thugs in the next article.

'They're going to turn to the bullet': Extremism expert sounds the alarm over MAGA rage
Then we can shoot back in self defense.

McCarthy drops F-bomb, venting frustration with GOP members
Gaetz is the one that should be getting impeached.

Did Kevin McCarthy Think Impeach! Would Distract Chaos Caucus From Government Shutdown?
"Just this week, after he finally announced an impeachment inquiry into Joe Bidenís many very bad but indefinable crimes Tuesday, House Republicans repaid him by threatening to remove him as speaker because they still doubt his commitment to Sparkle Fascism."

The Swiftboaters are Back with the Biden Impeachment
Slander campaigns like this must instead be hit head-on with outrage and ferocity.
"House Republicans have revived the infamous Swiftboat lie strategy that helped defeat John Kerry in 2004. In essence, it involves relentlessly lying about a candidate and smearing his or her name and reputation in the hopes itíll shave a few points off their popularity with independent voters."

Joe Bidenís IRS Stormtroopers Coming For The Poor Tax-Dodging Millionaires
Is this even America if rich people pay taxes?

'Dramatic increase' in public neo-Nazi demonstrations in the last year: analysis
They will soon make their way to the cliff and we can watch them fall.

Boebertís 'Beetlejuice' boot came after she refused to quit vaping near a pregnant woman: report
We know who the "sad and miserable person" is, BoBo.

Romney: Biden Impeachment Will Go Nowhere
Sen. Romney didnít come right out and call the House impeachment of President Joe Biden a load of BS but thatís clearly what he meant.

'It's a joke': These Republicans fear Biden impeachment will be GOPís downfall
Of course it's a joke. But the Republicans already brought themselves down with a long list of fails.

Expert fears 'more racist terror attacks' from 'pathological white right'
They will face the consequences of their ignorance.

Great News: Florida Group Raises $193,000 To Save Abortion Clinic
"We've never been so proud to be part of this movement and community," said SWAN of Orlando.

'We're not a communist country': Tuberville explains why he's still blocking military promotions
We're not a fascist country either, dumbo. But you and your MAGAt cohorts are doing their best to make us one.
Tell me, do recruits get any kind of vaccines? Yes. If you can read, read this, asshole:
Military Vaccine List: 18 Shots You Get In Basic Training / Military
Troops do their duty or they get out. So should you.
Do your job or get out, you chickenshit.

Hundreds of Scientists Endorse Demands of March to End Fossil Fuels
ďScientists are here to say that our data support the demands of this march: President Biden, stop approving new fossil fuel projects, phase out drilling on public lands, declare a climate emergency and provide a just transition to renewable energy.Ē
Do we think anyone will listen to a scientist — or even hundreds — thousands?

Christian Youth Center Worker Charged With Child Sex
How long is it going to take for Americans to understand that the groomers are "Xianists."?

Pastor Resigns From MO School Board After Preaching That Children With Autism Are Possessed By ďDemons
Good riddence to bad rubbish.

Sky-high CEO pay is in focus as workers everywhere are demanding higher wages
Stop paying these CEO thieves that are robbing us blind. Pay their employees instead.

Oregon sues Fox News over false election claims
Oh, dear! Faux News sued again. They will NEVER learn.

Christie knocks Putin's 'endorsement' of Trump
"ďMeet Vladimir Putin. Brutal, mass-murdering, KGB hitman who thinks our system is Ďrotten.í Trump thinks Putin is a Ďgeniusí ó he clearly needs new role models,Ē Christie wrote on X. ďGet it straight. Trump is under indictment because of his conduct. He played with fire and is getting burned. And now his best buddy is coming to his defense. If you are on the same side as Putin, you might want to rethink your positionÖĒ
Why the hell didn't Brazil have the nuts to arrest this motherfucking war criminal when they had the chance?

If Senator John Kennedy Starts Reading To You, Call The Cops.
"It was John Kennedy Story Hour yesterday on the Senate floor. Thatís the Republican senator from Louisiana who pretends to be the stupidest yokel ever to grace that august body since the days when it had open slaveowners in its ranks, but actually he went to Oxford so heís probably faking."
"Yesterday, the Senate Judicary Committee had a hearing about the conservative book-banning/book-burning trend, which is part of the 'family values' conservative Christian crusade to eradicate the LGBTQ+ population. As we have discussed before, these people are pig-ignorant enough to believe that if kids are never exposed to anything LGBTQ+, they will never themselves be LGBTQ+. They have swallowed like a dick their big lie that kids only become LGBTQ+ if they are ďgroomedĒ into such things."

Unionization is stabling our politics
Union forever.

Watch: Surveillance video shows Boebert booted from 'Beeltejuice' show for 'causing a disturbance'
"The incident report states that after receiving the intermission warning, about five minutes into the second act security officials received 'another complaint about the patrons being loud and at the time (they) were recording.' Taking pictures or recording is not permitted at shows."
Yank that strapless dress top up, BoBo.
Once again these idiots know nothing about intellectual property law. BoBo doesn't get out of the trailer enough.

Trump Privately Talked To House GOPers About Biden Impeachment
What a shocker.
Just as much trash as BoBo.

Tuberville: I Wonít Budge On Pentagon Abortion Policy
Show this Confedrate dickhead traitor the door!

Ron DeSantis Doubles Down On Shooting Migrants
Both evil and stupid. He will keep fucking around until he lands in jail.

Ramaswamy: I Will Fire One Million Federal Employees
Real smart, Swami. Now one million votes will be cast against your stupid ass.

Kevin McCarthy secures Trump's payback ó but at what cost?
House Republicans may be split on a Biden impeachment inquiry but Donald Trump is plenty pleased
It's easy to see who America's enemies are here.

ĎAn epidemicí: Syphilis rages through Texas, causing newborn cases to climb amid treatment shortage
Not the only thing raging through Texas. Lots of MAGAt stupid, as well.

ĎThreatened to slit my effing throatí: Election officials who have faced threats back reforms
Nazi scum who threaten must be eliminated.

'Does he think everybody is stupid?' Morning Joe shreds Kevin McCarthy's reasons for impeachment
A lot of us are, Joe. They bank on that.

'It's not an impeachment unless you bring it to the floor for a vote': Dem pours cold water on McCarthy plan
I guess any goofball can get into Congress these days.

Trump faces yet another legal effort to boot him from ballot for 'insurrection'
"Trump is facing a new lawsuit charging he is ineligible to run for president in 2024, CNN reported on Tuesday ó this time filed in the state of Minnesota."

Tenn. Mayoral Candidate Claims She Can Post Whatever She Wants
Just another ignorant asshole that doesn't understand intellectual property law.

Toxic algae blooms are the new normal as CO2 levels keep rising
We continue our sucicide march.

Tuberville 'doesn't know what the hell he's talking about' after missing Joint Chiefs chair retirement date: analysis
Why does he hate our troops so much?

Kari Lake blasted for exalting Trump as a '9/11 hero'
"Donald Trump? A hero of 9/11?.... Like the 343 New York City firefighters and paramedics who died as the World Trade Center collapsed on them? Or the 341 firefighters, paramedics and civilian support staff who later died of illnesses that were the result of their tireless work that day?" — The Arizona Republic's Laurie Roberts
More of a sniveling coward sucking down a soft drink while his coup was at work terrorizing our Capitol.

Chris Christie Sees No Evidence to Support Biden Impeachment Inquiry: ĎWeíre Cheapening Impeachmentí Doing This
They won't listen to you, Chris. It's all for spite.

Trump super PAC makes 'brazen' and 'deceptive' attack on Judge Chutkan: legal reporter
Did you expect Fatso to not throw all the shitfits he could?

Did Ken Buck Mention MTG Is A Flaming Idiot About Impeachment? He Should Mention That.
"Here is your next update in the saga of Ken Buck, House Freedom Caucus Republican who hates Marjorie Taylor Greeneís guts so much he cannot stop going on TV right now and calling her a fucking clown ass idiot. Because itís funny to watch these people fight."

Watch: Nancy Mace called out on CNN for pushing bogus narrative on Biden and Ukraine
Expect the same thing to happen to the Republicans when they pull their spite charade on Biden.

Republicans try an abortion rebrand ó but it will just backfire
Republicans think they can trick voters with abortion word games
As usual.

Notoriously Anti-Vax NFL Star Needs Doctors After All
You've been making fun of us for a good while, pal. Now it's your turn in the barrel.
Probably weakened the ankle making that over-the-top glory run with that flag.

Trump has mystery office near Mar-a-Lago, reportedly with Ďboxes everywhereí
Trump's a hoarder but not a steward.

Yep, Seniors Are Screwed By Insurance Company Monopolies
Congressional watchdog finds that private insurer's "rebate" system increases drug costs for seniors.
Haven't we been saying this for years now?

'Nothing gets better for Trump' in 'hot mess' Georgia racketeering trial: legal expert
"Put it all together, she explained, things are not looking up for Trump."

Right-wing pastor doubles down on belief that autism is 'demonic': report
"Well, my God doesn't make junk. God doesn't make mess-ups. God doesn't make people that way."
Then what's your excuse, you lunkhead?
Mehta added, "Oh. And heís still on the local public school board."
Richland, Missouri — the heart of Amercan stupidity.

Ron Johnson: Clouds Will Stop Global Climate Change
RoJo the Climatologist strikes again!
Maybe this dimwit should take one of Trump's "tough" acuity tests.

Neo-Nazi American extradited to Netherlands over anti-Semitic message on Anne Frank House
Like the Confederacy, the Nazis have yet to go away forever.

Christian School Teacher Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust. Will these "Xianists" just go away already?

Fascist versus free: Comparing red state regimes with blue state control
The Nazi states won't be with us much longer. They will have no population to support them.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?
It's either "own the libs" or "we are as dumb as a used turd."
Yeah, they recall something that only happened in their nightmare world. Some joke.

'Indefensible': Expert argues Alito is 'wrong on the facts' about Congressí oversight of Supreme Court
Though "Alito identifies as an 'originalist' ó someone who ostensibly makes decisions based on the original intent of the Framers and their historical context," Ornstein writes, "no genuine originalist would make an astonishing, ridiculous, and utterly ahistorical assertion like the one in the Journal interview.
The man is a danger to the Republic.

Missouri editorial board dismantles the facade around 'supposedly centrist' No Labels group
"According to the board, despite the idea that the third party group claims to be 'looking for solutions in the neglected middle of the ideological spectrum by bringing together Republicans and Democrats who can see beyond their own partisan interests,' it's actually a dark money group financially backed by 'Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomasí patron Harlan Crow, the Dallas billionaire who collects Hitlerís table linens and other Nazi niceties."

Never Forget 9/11? What About Students Too Young To Remember?
You mean they don't even know about Pearl Harbor? Fort Sumter? Where are they getting educated?
No wonder our youth doesn't know who we are. If you don't know history you are compelled to reapeat it.

Big Donors Know You Pay Ginni To Get Clarence
Crime Inc.

Kayleigh Spins Insane Theory About Trans Individuals
These poorly educated people had no idea they've been around these people for a century.

Captain Caps Lock Is Panic-Posting On Truth Social Again
Screaming like a maniac on speed. Projecting again.

'We're Going To Lose': Chris Christie Scolds Trump Defender On Fox News
"Yeah, how did those people get persuaded in the first place?" Christie shot back. "I mean, let's face it, Howie, this is a guy who's going to be sitting in a courtroom for all of March and most of April defending himself for trying to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power rather than making the case against Joe Biden."
That and not being on state ballots. He's in over his head already.

Right Wing Pundits: Trumpists Are Violent Psychopaths Who Will Kill Us All If They Don't Get Their Way
"If there is one thing that conservative pundits can agree on, it is Ö well, itís everything. Theyíre honestly not all that original. But this week, at least two of them are out here warning us all that if the fact that Trump broke the law all over the place prevents him from being president (or, letís be real, if he is not elected president for any other reason), that his voters will be so mad that they will be forced into civil warring the rest of us."
Then it will mean the end of their sorry fascism. The dead end. Democracy will fight. Make no mistake.

Thereís Nothing Patriotic about Todayís Republicans

Tommy Tuberville Tears Down the Last Pillar of the GOPís Claim to Patriotism
The fascist must be removed and sent back to his treasonous state.

Red States Are Rolling Back the Rights Revolution
"Since 2021, Republican-controlled states have passed a swarm of laws to restrict voting rights, increase penalties for public protest, impose new restrictions on transgender youth, ban books, and limit what teachers, college professors, and employers can say about race, gender, and sexual orientation. Some states are even exploring options to potentially prosecute people who help women travel out of state to obtain an abortion."
Disgusting swine.
They are abandoning democracy and should not receive any federal funding.

Newsom: Trumpism Includes A ďFetish For AutocracyĒ
ďI worry about democracy. I worry about the fetishness for autocracy that weíre seeing not just from Trump, but around the world, and notably across this country. Iíve made the point about DeSantis that I think heís functionally authoritarian."
He's being polite with this.

Biden, Modi, and G20 allies unveil rail and shipping project linking India to Middle East and Europe
Joe, haven't they told you, you're too old to be making such great deals the way you do?

Trump Greeted With Boos And Middle Finger Salutes At Iowa Game
As it should be.

Brent Bozellís Son Convicted Of Multiple Jan. 6 Felonies
"Bozell IV, is the son of perpetual conservative victim Brent Bozell III, founder of the Media Research Center and other conservative media organizations. I have no doubt Daddy Bozell, who condemned the violence on January 6, will find a way to make his convicted-felon son a victim, too."

In unprecedented commitment, G20 leaders agree to tripling renewable energy capacity by 2023, but gaps remain on fossil fuel phase out and finances
"The final communiquť of the 2023 G20 Summit in New Delhi contains promising outcomes for the global transition towards a renewable energy economy."

Nikki Haley dodges reconciling the GOPís 'law and order' bravado with Trumpís frontrunner status
Please note she never asnwered the question that Tapper asked. Typical coward.

Why we need to be able to call what we're witnessing "fascist" and a "cult"
Because its the truth?

'Two-tiered justice': Republican presidential candidates slammed for floating MAGA rioter pardons
They're all crooks. They themselves will be wanting pardons later

Rep. Smith Calls For Senate To Change Rules, Block Tuberville
Smith, who served as a state senator in Washington in the 1990s, called the House Freedom Caucus and Tubervilleís approach to governance ďincredibly destructive.Ē
Our government certainly puts up with a lot of shit from its members. Why in hell is so hard to figure out how to handle SOBs like this?

FL Youth Pastor Gets 35 Years On Child Porn Charges
Another one bites the dust.

Fox Host: Climate Protesters Should Just Be ďRun OverĒ
Trying his best to be the biggest shit in media.

Trump looking at Judge Chutkan placing him under house arrest: DC insider
Do it.

How 'MAGA cultists' and 'white evangelical cruelty' are making young American Christians avoid church
"It is becoming harder to find mature young Christians who want to become pastors."
From the record, they all seem to become child abusers.

Trump rally highlights GOP division with booing of absent prominent SD Republicans
They won't support Fatso. Many of them everywhere will not.

Fox Host: Post The Names And Addresses Of Protesters
OK, Mr. Gutless. I'll show you mine if you show me yours first.

American Family Association VP Sues American Family Association For Alleged Same-Sex Sexual Harassment
"Ball of confusion."

Trump targets Jack Smith and current and former top DOJ officials by name in latest attack
Trump is a habitual criminal. He can't stop committing crime. The slime drips off the swine.
He will only be on red racist state ballots.

RFK Jr. Gives Speech To Crowd Containing German Neo-Nazis, Sues Blogger For Noticing
You can't write the truth without a nitwit suing you? Disgaceful.

Is Elon Musk too powerful?
He's a threat to democracy. Break him up.

Streaming Has Reached Its Sad, Predictable Fate
" Itís a notion both timeless and distinctly modern: A fundamental experience of being alive on the internet in 2023 is getting everything you asked for and realizing that the end product is not what it seems."

Trump-aligned group publishes plan for 'biblically based' government
The American Taliban is pushing their wagon of bullshit around. They are the same bastards as the scum in Afghanistan.

Warren wants to 'turn up the heat' on Tuberville's military promotion block
Every American should.

Evangelical self-described 'prophet' tells Eric Trump his fatherís 4 indictments will 'all fall apart'
"One of Trump's evangelical supporters is Pastor Julie Green, a self-described "prophet" who heads Julie Green Ministries International."
Con men are everywhere these days. Especially those that refer to themselves as a "pastor."

Colorado Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
And another one bites the dust.

How MAGA Republicans are determined to 'trample' the 'pillars and foundations of democracy'
"MAGA Republicans' efforts to undermine Willis' prosecution and their campaign to impeach Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz, Tomasky warns, underscores their total disdain for the rule of law."

'Semi-loyal politicians': Harvard professors detail 'four decisive' ways GOP 'fatally weakened' democracy
"Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, professors of government at Harvard University and authors of How Democracies Die, on Friday detailed ďfour decisive momentsĒ where Republican leaders favored authoritarianism over democracy, comparing the modern-day GOP to 'the French right of the 1930s.'"

Republicans Continue To Threaten Student Debt Relief
"Just as the Biden administration announced this week that 4 million people have enrolled in its new income-driven repayment plan for student loan borrowers just two weeks after it was launched, Republican lawmakers in Congress announced plans to rip the debt relief away from Americansósaddling them with a continued financial burden that has left many working people unable to purchase homes, provide for a family, and save money."
Like Shingles, MAGA doesn't care!

Biden finally gets FCC commissioner confirmed, ending 32-month gridlock
"The delay in getting a Democratic commissioner through the Senate was the result of Republican anti-consumer leanings, supported by millions of dollars in dark money spent attacking Bidenís previous nominee, longtime consumer advocate GigiSohn. Sohn withdrew her nomination in Mayóafter 16 months, three confirmation hearings, and attack ads paid funded by the telecom industry. Biden nominated Gomez in June."
MAGA did their usual dirty work of holding back progress. "Gomez also represents the first Latina commissioner in over 20 years, adding to the diversity already seen in Bidenís other nominations to federal offices."

New York AG: Trump Lied About Net Worth By $3.6B
Well, if you're going to lie about your net worth, lie big. Trump is a big liar after all.

SCOTUS Has Placed Itself Above Congress, the Constitution, and the Founders
The Court itself has been corrupted by a handful of morbidly rich ďfriendsĒ whose affiliated groups are constantly bringing cases or amicus briefs to the Court. Congress needs to act.

Fulton County grand jury recommended charges against Lindsey Graham, Georgia senators
"Included among the list of recommended indictments were two former senators from Georgia who ran for reelection in 2020, former Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, as well as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), and Georgia Lt. Gov Burt Jones."
This list of scumbags makes Nixon's crimes look like child's play.

Georgia grand jury listened to Lindsey Graham and 'decided he's a criminal': legal analyst
"He came out, he said he answered all the questions he was asked, which suggests he did not take the 5th [Amendment]," he continued. "And the special grand jury listened to him under oath and then decided he was a criminal."

Fani Willis Roasts Jim Jordan's Dick Over Open Fire
"Recently, Jim Jordan tried to start some shit with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. As we all know, the first two laws of trying to start some shit with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis are ďDonít Start No Shit Wonít Be No Shit,Ē and ďFuck Around And Find Out.Ē
ďI wish a bitch would try,Ē Wonketteís Liz Dye said at the time. Well, a bitch tried, and now heís finding out.

Praying Football Coach Gets Job Back, Immediately Quits, Will Probably Whine About It At Next CPAC
"We canít help noticing that Kennedy has a book coming out in October about his ordeal. Heís giving paid speeches around the country. What are the chances he purposely tanked the coaching job he allegedly yearned to get back in order to boost his book sales and his speaking fees, and giving himself a nice little new story of his martyrdom that he can spread to the faithful about how the godless heathens of Bremerton High School are still persecuting him for his faith?"
"Weíll say 100 percent, and take the over."

'A big, blinking "Welcome Nazis" sign': Elon Musk shredded by veteran tech observer
"You donít even need to look at any of their tweets ó both of their usernames should be sufficient on their face to just delete them. No warnings, no suspension, just nuke them. There should be no more question whether these accounts should be deleted than there is whether a turd ought to be scooped off the sidewalk."
And that's exactly what Musk is.

Christian influencerís arrest points to Religious Rightís history of 'oppression and cruelty'
"In a scathing think piece/essay published by Salon on September 8, journalist Amanda Marcotte emphasizes that Franke's arrest should not be viewed as an isolated incident but rather, as one of many examples of alleged abuse coming from the Religious Right."
They are neither religious nor right. This is just one example of what these idiots want to do with all of us.

Employees who refused to pray during company's Christian services score $50,000 discrimination settlement
"Two ex-employees, atheist John McGaha and agnostic Mackenzie Saunders, were fired after declining to participate. And they filed a civil discrimination lawsuit in response."
Same as any cult. They demand everyone's obedience regardless.

Trump's 'racist political stunt has been an ineffective waste of billions of American taxpayers' dollars': watchdog
"A U.S. government watchdog agency on Thursday released a report exposing how former President Donald Trump's wall construction along the nation's border with Mexico negatively affected cultural and natural resources, as critics have long argued."

Ron DeSantis Blows Up At Black Guy Speaking Truth
Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis became angry with a constituent who accused him of enacting policies that hurt the minority community. DeSantis is a weak and ineffective leader. He uses power perversely.

Republicans Seek Replacement Term For ďPro-LifeĒ
How about "Cult Tyrants? Says it all.

Tommy Tuberville tears down the last pillar of the GOP's claim to patriotism
Republicans are simply too impotent to stop Tuberville's attacks on the military. MAGA is their only loyalty now
As such, the greatest enemy America has had since WWII Nazi Germany.
Their Red Hat is synonymous with the swastika.

'Wrong on both fronts': Georgia's Raffensperger slapped down for dismissing attempts to keep Trump off the ballot
"The state's top election official published a Wall Street Journal op-ed on Wednesday stating that he 'can't keep Trump off the ballot,' but MSNBC columnist Hayes Brown argued that Georgia law gives Raffensperger both the power and the responsibility to remove the former president as a primary candidate."
He's succumbing to the fear of a mob boss that's going to prison. In short, this makes him a co-conspirator.

'Checkmate': Ex-FBI official says Fani Willis just nailed Trump for fans' threats to jurors
" The threat is real. As removed as Russia might seem, if they're hosting this it doesn't mean that the bad actors are over there. It means they're here and they've got GPS coordinates on where she is and where her family members are and they can do it to jurors as well."
These Trump tyrants are all scumbags.

Trump goes off the rails in attack on the 'fascist monsters' who convicted 'the great Peter Navarro'
When has this douche bag ever had rails to roll on?

Mean Judge Making Greg Abbott Move Fun Orange Human-Killing Obstacle Courses From Rio Grande
"Quick update on Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott and the 1,000-foot-long centipedes of orange killer buoys he illegally stuck in the middle of the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas, to kill migrants. Just kidding! He only means them to deter the so-called ďinvasionĒ of immigrants Texas Republicans are always having such a shitfit about. Yep."

Poll: 1 in 2 Americans Have Experienced Extreme Weather Events in the Past Month
Golly. That's almost 50%!

Florida Education Board Set to Approve Christian-Centric Alternative to the SAT
I can't wait to read the questions on this "Xianist test."

Mexicoís Supreme Court Rules to Federally Decriminalize Abortion
Viva Mexico!

'This is nuts': Peter Navarro lashes out at 'woke Marxists' after conviction
This is the sort of logic that we have to fight against.

Jim Jordan launches probe into 'abusive tactics' DOJ used to force Trump aide to flip
Your masculinity is slipping tough guy. Stop whining like a baby.
How about the Ohio State abusive tactics connected with the wresting team you were involved with?
Jim Jordan and the Ohio State sexual abuse controversy, explained
"With Jordan, Republicans face a new test. He says he didnít know anything about it, but many of those around him at the time say thereís no way he didnít.

Tommy Tuberville Bemoans Poetry In The U.S. Military
"America's Worst Senatorģ was given a platform on Fox News to spout his ignorance, as Laura Ingraham and others are all too willing to give him one. The usual assortment of garbage was spewed out about liberalism and "wokeness" infecting the U.S. Military, which he uses as justification to block promotions, a practice which secretaries of the Navy, Army and Air Force have called "dangerous." "Tuberville, who has never served in the military himself and has no idea what he's doing for readiness, is somehow allowed to do this by weak Republican leaders who are looking the other way."
Top Military Poems
Here, you ignorant and illiterate asshole. Get someone to read this to you.

Completely Without Merit, Every Time, On Every Level
Jail Trump forever.

Itís really fóing hot, and itís really our fault
Then we can't whine about it. We've known this for decades and ignored it. We are "the grasshopper and a few ants."

'I am not going to take that': Ron DeSantis lashes out
Fascist can dish it out but can't take it. Snowflake. Fani Willis blasts Jim Jordan's 'illegal intrusion' in scathing rebuke
ďYour letter makes clear that you lack a basic understanding of the law, its practice and the ethical obligations of attorneys generally and prosecutors specifically,Ē Willis told Jordan in her Thursday letter, also published by the paper. Jordan has a law degree but says he never took the bar exam (This means he is not a lawyer).
Jackass Jordan.

Trump trade adviser Navarro convicted of criminal contempt of Congress
Let's see what he pays for his contempt.

Descendants of enslaved people battling Georgia developers for control of their land: report
As Woody Guthrie said, "Some men rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen."

Bidenís Belief in a ĎCulture of Democracyí
If America doesn't believe this any longer I am happy I am making my way to the exits.
"Can a man compromise with an Orc swarm? Can a party win if it scrupulously upholds norms when the opponent ruthlessly flouts them?"

Authoritarians are the reason we still have 9/11 conspiracy theories
At least 911 of them.

Drought now encompasses 91% of Iowa
The "Xianists" will tell you it's punishment from God.
And some people think the left is crazy.

GOP's elite are trapped in a Trumpian 'prison' of their own making: Bush official
"But reserve the lion's share of blame for the conservative movement as a whole, which acceded to the purge of anti-Trump leaders like Liz Cheney and stifled criticism of the January 6th riot."

No labels, no fables: All Americans who believe in democracy must unite behind Joe Biden
Tell it to a Trump Nazi.

Huckabee slammed for 'calling for civil war' and saying elections may be decided by 'bullets' if Trump loses
In that case he needs to shop for body armour.
Those weight loss pills must be doing some brain damage.

Fetterman Calls Republicans' Impeachment Efforts 'A Big Circle Jerk'
ďIt would just be like a big circle jerk on the fringe right,Ē the senator added. ďSometimes you just gotta call their bullshit."
They might understand that comparison.

Trump Helped Pay For Big Poll Showing Biden Is 'Too Old To Run'
Fuck Trump. He's no spring chicken but a chicken he is.

Liz Harrington: Nothing Wrong With Trump Threats On Social Media!
Trumpís spokeswoman is ticked off that Trumpís social media posts are being used against him by prosecutors.
Dumb as dirt like all Trump garbage. Did she ever hear the phrase "anything you say may be held against you"?

Presidential Libraries Warn US Democracy Is Fragile
Tell it to the Trump Nazis. They are the destroyers.

Trump Claims That Heíll Testify In His Own Defense
Great. This will insure his conviction.

DeSantis: Iíd Consider Pardons For The Proud Boys
Duh. No surprise coming from another fascist Nazi.

Georgia's Raffensperger slaps aside bid to block Trump from ballot
In the end he's a coward to use our Constitution. Fascist fools can never be pleased by anything so stop sucking their beef bayonets.

'Ironclad': Legal expert says latest effort to throw Trump off ballot is strongest yet
"Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a lawsuit challenging Donald Trump's candidacy on the 2024 ballot in Colorado using the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.
And Harvard constitutional law professor and legal analyst Laurence Tribe tweeted on Wednesday that he thinks this case is the strongest he's seen thus far. There are similar lawsuits in Arizona, Michigan and New Hampshire.
This is the strongest of the suits filed to compel [secretaries] of state to apply the 14th Amendmentís Disqualification Clause to Trump," Tribe wrote. 'The 6 plaintiffs clearly have standing under Colorado law and ironclad legal and factual research backs up their complaint.'"

US slips to fifth in 'best country' list
"U.S. News and World Report on Wednesday released its new annual Best Countries rankings, which this year saw Switzerland winning the top ranking and the United States slipping from fourth to fifth place.
The fall of the U.S. in the rankings is the first time the country has slipped since 2018.
"Despite that slippage, Richard Wike, director of global attitudes research at the Pew Research Center, told U.S. News and World Report that the U.S. is still benefitting in surveys such as this one from more favorable opinions worldwide of President Biden than former President Trump.
'Biden is more popular than Trump in nearly all of the countries we survey, and thereís been more support for his policies,' Wike told U.S. News and World Report. 'As a result, people are more likely now to say they have a favorable opinion of the U.S. overall.'
And yet Joe is tied with the criminal traitor Trump with voters? Someone's feeding us a shovel full of shit with these fake polls. Or am I right about vapid Americans willing to disengage with the reality that Trump won't even be on ballots because of his crimes?

As GOP threatens shutdown, US childcare catastrophe just weeks away
Like Shigles, the GOP doesn't care.

Miami Herald Warns Readers About Democracy Under DeSantis In Searing Editorial
"Thought Trumpís Big Lie was a problem? DeSantisí is even scarier," the editorial board titled its piece about the Florida governor.

Sarah Palin Remembers When Lady Justice Was Too Blind To Even See January 6 Attacker Dudes
"Sarah Palin has thoughts on the real victims of the January 6 attacks, by which she means the perpetrators. Know what Sarah Palin thinks? Well sheíll tell ya. Back in the day, Sarah Palin had thoughts about everything. We donít receive her wisdom so frequently anymore, so when she appears on Newsmax looking like they caught her in the middle of doiní some yardwork, weíd best listen."
It's apparent she doesn't know we have a Constitution. The same goes for many "Americans."

Tommy Tubervilleís Babbling Alabama Translations Of Russian Propaganda Are The Duolingo Course Literally Nobody Asked For
"Alabamaís Stupidest Export Tommy Tuberville has no problem spouting off Russian propaganda, whether or not heís aware heís doing it. Heís an incredibly dumb fucking idiot, and we imagine any Russian spy within 100 miles of Tubervilleís morning cheese grits would be more than eager to drop Father Putinís message in his bowl to see how eagerly heíd lap it up."

Megyn Kelly, Just Asking Questions: Are the Obamas Running a ĎShadow Puppetí Govít?
And did you pick up your brain at the local meat market? Just asking questions.

The Metaphor That Explains Why America Needs to Prosecute Trump
"Yet this harsh medicine wouldnít be necessary if Trump hadnít brought this challenge to American democracy in the first place. And letting the challenge go unanswered would have far more destructive effects. The idea of the body politic, and the risks of its decay, is a very old one. Trumpís actions are the source of its current illness, and though the treatment may seem extremeóand have unpleasant side effectsóitís whatís needed to stop the disease from taking over."
Let's not turn into pussies about fighting naked Trump fascism. Don't let our troops that gave their lives fighting it during WWII be in vain. Don't let America turn into another Germany that fell under it's own stupidity.

GOP tries to impeach liberal Wisconsin judge before she's even heard a case: report
Fascism plays its hand in Wisconsin.

Alabama City Defies Gov On LGBTQ Library Books
Dear ol' retarded Dixie.

Judge: Trump Liable In E. Jean Carroll Defamation Case
Get some of your co-conspirators in your crimes to give you the money, you chisler. You always do.

Joe Biden Tests Negative For COVID As Deaths And Hospitalizations Trend Upward
Sorry to inform you but Covid does not care if you think it's done with us.

Dining While Black: 'We Just Wanted To Order Some Food'
A waitress refused to wait on two Black truck drivers at a Denny's in South Dakota.
Yes, she was terminated.
I guess she forgot her job description?

Ramaswamy Gets Hit With The Truth
God does work in mysterious ways.

Anticancer vaccines are stunning
Let's see how the morons react to this one.

'Reprehensible': Top FL newspaper blames Miami for allowing Enrique Tarrio 'to exist in plain sight'
"The attempted overthrow of our government must be met with serious consequences, and that's what happened Tuesday," the board writes. "Tarrio deserved every year he got. Still, Miami let him flourish."

Vance Introduces Bill To Ban Mask Mandates
The return of the mask cowards.

The Real-World Effectiveness Of Face Masks Against Covid-19
Vance is full of bullshit, as usual with fascists.

Moderna: New Booster Effective Against Latest Variant
ďWe think this is news people will want to hear as they prepare to go out and get their fall boosters,Ē Moderna head of infectious diseases Jacqueline Miller said in an interview, adding that the data should also help reassure regulators.

WI Pastor Gets Life Sentence On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust.

The Proud Boys aren't sorry
Proud Boys faked remorse, but the truth slipped out as one yelled "Trump won!" after being sentenced
Too bad they can't be sent to Devil's Island for the rest of their miserable lives.

Jack Smith is seeking evidence of 'big grift' from Trump's stolen election claims: Jan. 6 investigator
Trump will never learn. He is brain damaged and a major threat to our country.

'Black voters were shut out': Georgia trial focuses on accusation GOP tried to deny minorities' vote
And I've read where Blacks are forsaking Joe Biden? They will really love Nazi fascism.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio gets longest Jan. 6 prison sentence yetOpen link in new tabRaw
"Enrique Tarrio, a key member of the Proud Boys, has been sentenced to 22 years following his conviction for seditious conspiracy in connection with the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.
It is the longest sentence given to a January 6 defendant so far. He joins other major leaders of far-right groups in receiving a lengthy sentence, with Oath Keepers head Stewart Rhodes and Proud Boy leader Ethan Nordean, who both received sentences of 18 years."
Thus be it ever with terrorist traitors!

'Why so much hate from you?' Mark Cuban smacks down Stephen Miller, twice
And Stephen Miller deserves all the smack downs he can get.

'Police violence is flourishing' ó and would figure prominently in new right-wing authoritarian state: columnist
"Critics of former President Donald Trump, from progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) to right-wing Never Trump conservatives like attorney George Conway and the Washington Post's Max Boot, have been warning that if Trump wins the 2024 election, his second administration will do everything it can to destroy the United States' system of checks and balances."
Does America really want more Nazis in their future? I don't think so.

Fox Host Gets The Vapors Over Biden 'Joke' About His Age
"From the network that never said a peep during the Trump years while he was on vacation constantly, here's Outnumbered cohost Tammy Bruce on Fox this Monday, griping that Biden hasn't personally visited every place there's a disaster in the United States quickly enough to suit them, before going into a tirade about comments the president made during a visit to Sheet Metal Workers' Local 19 on Labor Day in Philly."
"THE PRESIDENT: (Laughs.) (Makes the sign of the cross.) Oh ó (laughter).
I tell you what, someone said, 'You know, that Biden, heís getting old, man. I tell you what.' Well, guess what? Guess what? I can ó and, you know, the only thing that comes with age is a little bit of wisdom. I ó but I ó (applause) ó Iíve been doing this longer than anybody. And guess what? Iím going to continue to do it with your help. (Applause.)" Joe's the best leader we've had since WWII.

Navy, Air Force, Army secretaries call on Tuberville to end hold on promotions
Stop fucking with our military you chickenshit.

Good Morning, Marjorie Taylor Greene And Kari Lake Hate Each Other Now
"Two of the worst, most extraneous humans on planet earth have turned on each other, so thatís too bad. Rolling Stone reports that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kari Lake are in the worldís stupidest death-match to be Donald Trumpís running mate.
Kind of ridiculous, since heís not actually going to be president of anything ever again, except maybe some white prison gang, but heíd have to steal that election too probably. Lake is as used to losing as Trump is, so sheís a good fit. Greene actually wins her races, so if pointing that out helps drive a wedge further, Wonkette is happy to help."

Georgia Republicans turn on 'grifter' Colton Moore for 'stupid' defense of Trump
ďIím old school,Ē posted Eric Johnson, a Savannah architect and longtime GOP Senate leader. ďSen. Colton Moore should get a crappy office, a worthless secretary, harmless committees and no bills or budget items. Some people have a right to representation ó but that doesnít mean they should be rewarded for stupid choices.Ē

FBI searches for growing number of Jan. 6 fugitives
Traitors on the run. Not so much fun now is it?

"Recovering from Gonzo Governance": Media scholar on how journalism can get over "Trump, the meme"
Professor David L. Altheide on "Gonzo Governance" and "the media logic of Donald Trump"

Economist Tells CNN ĎItís Almost Pointlessí to Poll Republicans on the Economy Because Their Dislike for Biden Slants Their Answers
And there are so few Republicans left to poll. The party has been taken over by MAGA fascists and Nazis. Why bother asking them anything except "how've your bowel movements been?"

Wait, are you a doctor? ĎTruth in advertisingí in medicine
After 50 years of conversations with "doctors" and multiple surgical procedures, I think I know nearly as much about medicine as a few of these "white coats."

Breitbart Commenters Call Jimmy Buffett... A Stalinist Nazi?
Confusion in name-calling. When will they figure it out? I know you are but what am I?

Elon Musk Threatens To Sue Anti-Defamation League
This jerk, like Fasto, blames anyone but himself.

Biden is selling an economy on the rise. Voters aren't buying it so far
And they're so astute they once bought a chisling financial idiot narcissist to be our "leader."

About 441,000 Banquet TV dinners got recalled. The chicken might have plastic.
I'll bet this chicken can be stretched into a couple of meals.

Trump is 'already disqualified': Ex-prosecutor predicts what's next in constitutional debate
Many have made this case by now with more coming every day. It's time for Trump to withdraw from the game.
And even if this IS resolved in the courts Trump will still whine "They stole it from me!".

Biden ridicules Trump as Ďgreatí developer who Ďdidnít build a damn thingí: report
If he touched any of it, it was closed and sold very soon.

'Zealots' are crippling Florida's schools with political crusades barely anybody supports: editorial
Zealots, fascists and theives are crippling all America right now.

'Significant evidence': RICO expert says Trump racketeering case is almost unsinkable
"Former President Donald Trump has little hope of getting the charges against him dismissed, argued Etan Mark, a Miami-based lawyer who focuses on civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) cases, to Law & Crime."
As in absolute zero.

'Truisms about his own behavior': Ex-GOP rep says Biden accusations are Trump projection
I think the majority of us know this already.

As Hunger Grows Across US, GOP Shutdown Threats Imperil Food Aid Programs
Like Shingles, MAGA doesn't care.
"Republican threats to shut down the federal government if spending isnít drastically cut have put funding for a critical nutrition aid program at risk as hunger grows across the nation, with the recent lapse of pandemic-era assistance leaving many low-income families struggling to put food on the table."

New Report Shows Major Banks Continue to Fund Climate Chaos in Global South
"Since the international community promised to limit global heating to 1.5įC above preindustrial levels, the worldís major banks have funneled 20 times more money to climate-polluting industries in the Global South than Global North governments have given those same countries to address the climate emergency."

Bill Maher Pushes Back on Joe Rogan: Trump Is a ďCrazy Stupid CriminalĒ
But he's wrong about Fatso's looks. He looks like a faded rose and much older than Joe Biden.

VICTORY: Judge Says Florida Must Redraw Redistricting Map
"A state judge ruled Saturday that a Florida redistricting plan pushed by Ron DeSantis violates the state constitution and is prohibited from being used for any future U.S. congressional elections since it diminishes the ability of Black voters in north Florida to pick a representative of their choice."

'You will be removed in Jesusís name!': Christian nationalist megachurch behind takeover of California school board
America is getting tired of these Nazi "Xianist" cultists taking over their schoolboards.
"For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." Here's a few.
Look at yourselves, deluded into supporting The Beast.

The Five Biggest Corporate Lies About Unions
Unions are actually good for everyone, except for the wealthiest and greediest.

Greene: God Sent Flooding To Punish Burning Man
This is the sort of horse shit we get from "Xianists" being anywhere near our govenment.
Did she forget Malachi? What is it about "the fire next time" she doesn't understand?
The Fire Next Time: A Meditation on the Second Letter of Peter

Ramaswamy: The Espionage Act Is ďUn-AmericanĒ
Bad judgement is not an excuse. It is all about "intent." This miscreant doesn't know shit or applebutter.

Biden Shows DeSantis How To President During A Crisis
Also too, sharp answers from our CEO. Nicely done.

ĎI Read Through That Bull-Junk You Wrote!í Deion Sanders TORCHES Skeptics in Wild Presser After Remarkable Debut Victory as Colorado Coach
His kid throws a pretty nice pass. His defense is bottom of the barrel and eked out a 3-point win.
And he will never be at peace because he doesn't have the tools for that.

Marsha Blackburn: Biden not 'capable of leadership' but Mitch McConnell 'on top of his game'
This poor woman is as ill as McConnell. Please help her get home.

'The Trump brand just doesn't work': GOP governor blames Trump for losing school board members
You would think we all know this by now.

Nikki Haley says Americans too 'smart' to vote for 'convicted' Trump after she vows to support him
Obviously, she doesn't know the word "contradiction."

'You can't eat the food here': Newly-sentenced Proud Boy leader rants about prison conditions
No cheeseburgers and fries?
Also he projects the fear his party tries to sell us.

ĎHope is not a strategyí: former 2016 Rubio adviser says GOP rivals must engage Trump
The fear they sell is feeding back on them.

Burning Man organizers telling attendees roads too dangerous to complete ĎExodusí
Like all cults they add to the dumbed-downness of a vanishing civilization.

Is Trump blocked from the 2024 ballot? The Constitution could keep him out of the running.
ďDonald Trump cannot be president Ė cannot run for president, cannot become president, cannot hold office Ė unless two-thirds of Congress decides to grant him amnesty for his conduct on Jan. 6.Ē

Inside the re-emergence of the Old Confederacy
The Land of the Happy Negro has been nothing but the Confederacy since their inception.

Dozens Of Nazis Sieg Heil On Orlando Area Overpass
"Never Forget" has lost all meaning with America.

Home Insurers To Cut Natural Disasters From Coverage
This has been going on for some time really. They want to pay little or nothing for claims. They are robbing us with a fountain pen. We are entering a period of tribulation.

Ramaswamy: Iíll Back Trump Even If Heís Imprisoned
It's more than obvious this charletans is a wannabe crook just like his dark lord.

Tuckerís Recycled Racist Whopper: Gay Obama A Crack Smoker
It's pretty obvious who the crack smoker is.

'Edgelord' Musk accused of 'insidious efforts' to ban the Anti-Defamation League from Twitter/X: report
Darth Musk must be resisted.

Florida judge blocks DeSantisí redistricting map 'that targeted Black voters with precision': report
Rascist Nazi is stopped.

CPAC accused of 'racial discrimination and defamation' in new lawsuit: report
"The Conservative Political Action Committee and its chairman Matt Schlapp have been accused of "racial discrimination and defamation" by a former female employee, The Washington Post's Maegan Vazquez and Beth Reinhard report."

The More You Criticize Right-Wing Media, The More They Scream
"Right-wing media and Republicans simply get to make up whatever they want and spread it across the internet for free. What's really obnoxious is that the more reporters put out the truth, the louder the right-wing ecosystem screams. The only good news is that the more people share honest, fact-based reporting like in this video, the more we can fight back and the better chance we have of overcoming the lies."

Dobbs Is White Men Controlling Black Women's Reproductive Rights - Again
Slavery legal again in the U.S. due to Nazi swine.

Ron DeSantis Sics Goons On 15-Year-Old Child Who Terrified Him With With Substantive Question
Apparently Ron DeSantis has met the Javert to his Valjean, the Deputy Sam Gerard to his Richard Kimble, the Brock Samson to his Monarch ... and itís a 15-year-old kid who has to have a parent drive him to campaign stops.

Don't Go Looking For Assassination Co-Conspirators On Craigslist
Still don't think the MAGAt Nazis are dangerous?

New Poll Shows Massive Public Backlash To Anti-LGBTQ School Policies
Somebody shows some sense?

Trump and his MAGA movement are reeling as the courts do their job: former federal prosecutor
Bankrupt every last stinking one of them.

Watters Complains Remote Work Stifles Office Affairs
Don't be shocked if we find out about this players' shady fucking around.
Let us hear from the female employees that work with him.

New York Priest Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Another cult member bites the dust.

New Jersey GOP Official Arrested On Child Porn Charges
I assume the Nazi groomers are proud of their abusive politics.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is making Kevin McCarthy look really, really pathetic
Confronted by the abundant evidence of former President Donald Trumpís widespread criminality, Republicans have demonstrated consistent outrage Ö at law enforcement.

Itís come to this: The anti-vax movement is now after your dog
The anti-vaxxers are now going to war against rabies vaccines for dogs
There is no bottom for these critters.

'Gotta blame Trump': Marjorie Taylor Greene buried for blaming Biden for J6er's death
She's just another traitor and not fit for her position.

Habba's Slip: Trump 'Doesn't Do What's Right'
You don't say.
Dear me, another damaged brain from east Europe. The only women that Trump can control. That's why they al work at his hotels.

Tennessee police hit with judgeís restraining order ahead of Pride celebration

4-Year-Old Killed After Caregiver Demonstrates Gun Safety
Breanna Gayle Devall Runions, 25, was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the death of Evangaline Gunter in Tennessee.
1. Why do 4-year olds have to be taught gun safety?
2. Why do they have to be subjected to brain dead gun morons for training?

Fox News' efforts to deny climate change are getting comical
What else would one expect from a comedy show?

Woke Beer Company Ships Emergency Water To Florida
Sorry. No "Woke" water will be allowed in Florida by the "Sleeping" Governor. Right, "Sleepy"?

Matt Schlappís CPAC Team-Building Exercises Sound Fun, If You're Into Exorcisms
"OK so you know how CPAC conservative family values hero Matt Schlapp and his Christian wife Mercedes ďMercyĒ Schlapp are having a fucking shitfit this week? There are new allegations that say Monsieur Schlapp tried to yank additional peens besides the one in the ongoing lawsuit from the former Herschel Walker staffer who says Schlapp tried to pummel his junk without his consent. Oh yeah, and we just found out Schlapp reportedly tried to settle with that dude.
This whole time Schlmatt and Schlmercy have been pretty sure this is a coordinated attack on them from the Daily Beast and Dark Lord Satan himself, who is definitely real and not just a character from an extremely long childrenís fantasy book called ďHoly Bible.Ē

Some Idiot Tennessee DA Thinks Heís Going To Enforce Drag Ban Even A Trump Judge Called Stupid
"Yíall remember earlier this year when the garbage bigot Republicans of the Tennessee Legislature had one of their little Christian fascist tantrums and tried to ban drag shows? A group of drag performers in Memphis called Friends of Georges sued because, as written, the law made no sense, was absurdly overbroad, and was a First Amendment nightmare. God didnít make Tennessee Republican lawmakers very smart, yíall." You see, Christian conservative Republicans are so high on their own rage against imaginary bullshit, they thought vaguely banning ďadult cabaret entertainmentĒ would somehow ban drag shows ó even though they didnít actually mention drag in the law ó because arenít drag shows basically porn? (Weíve said it a thousand times, but weíll say it again: If drag shows get you hard, thatís about you.)
Of course. How can one have "personal responsiblity," as the facists say clam we all should, if they are always the "victim" for whatever it is they are against?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Vows to Oppose Fed Funding Bill Unless Biden Is Impeached
It must be a sad life being brain damaged.

The Shocking GOP Plan to Dismantle the American Government Revealed
The merger of billionaire wealth with Republican governance ó the public be damned ó threaten the integrity and future of the American experiment.

Bidenís Bold Move on Drug Prices Gives the GOP Two Choices: Change the Subject, or Lie
They will do what they've always done best: LIE.

Maine is fighting to stop a Nazi group from building massive HQ in the state: report
The .50 calibers should take care of the arrogant bastards and their swastikas make great targets.
ďThe cops being there definitely gives you the leeway to be as insufferable and obnoxious as possible. I can say whatever to encourage the most emotional response,Ē Pohlhaus said.
What has happend to the mantra "Never Again!"? We have disgraced ourselves.
Christopher Pohlhaus
His political partners are no better than KKK murderers. The Nazis are reponsible for the Halocaust. This alone makes them inhuman swine. Why does America tolerate these bloodthirsty killers? If, as he states, "there will be blood" it will likely be his own.

Proud Boys member Dominic Pezzola sentenced to 10 years in Jan. 6 riot case
Down goes Pezzola.

Trump Withholds Legal Aid To Georgia Co-Defendants
Any reason to believe the chisling, most arrogant asshole in the world would do anything other?

US employers added a solid 187,000 jobs in August in sign of a still-resilient labor market
"The nation's employers added 187,000 jobs in August, evidence of a slowing but still-resilient labor market despite the high interest rates the Federal Reserve has imposed."

A 'risky' 14th Amendment strategy to get rid of Trump could have unintended dire consequences: legal expert
Kowtowing to criminals and seditionists has never been a good idea. This is succumbing to the fear card that these worthless traitors play constantly. It didn't work for Neville Chamberlain.

Trumps LNG Bomb Trains Rule Suspended
Today, the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that it suspended a Trump administration rule that allowed liquified natural gas (LNG) to be transported by rail, a policy that would have put countless communities at risk of fires and explosions.
Making America Safe Again.

Bought And Paid For Marsha Blackburn Says Lower Drug Prices Bad
"Polling data released this week shows that nearly 90% of Republican voters support allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices directly with pharmaceutical companies."
Looks like America is on board. But not Marshmellow Blackburn. She might lose some of the kickback cash she gets for fucking over Americans. "Yout money or your life" she says.

MAGA media outlet isn't sure whether caller was the real Trump ó or a fake
Is there any difference? A big fake is all Trump has ever been.

How Vivek Ramaswamy Pumped And Dumped His Way To Millions
"The smarmy Vivek Ramaswamy thinks he can grift his way to a Republican nomination by mimicking the same business tactics beloved of Trump:"
Will the MAGAts ever stop selling frauds as their con on America? He's the worst kind of grifter: Selling fake hope to desperate people.

'America became stupid' with Ronald Reagan and the 'corporate mediaís' help: journalist
Most of us realize this.

'It will get worse': DOJ ramps up 'punishments' as threats to 'lynch' and 'hang' election workers persist
You will have plenty of takers due to stupid.

Pastors call out 'far-right Christian nationalism' as a source of 'white supremacist' violence
"This distorted Christianity is at the core of our nation's deep history of racism," Jones and Walrond warn. "Starting from the very beginning of European settlement, colonists used the Bible to claim Christian explorers had a divine right to seize lands that were not inhabited by Christians. They also argued that they had a godly duty to bring the Bible to native lands."

Trump Vows Revenge: ďItís Called An Eye For An EyeĒ
Bigger scumbags than he have tried and fallen back in their own shit. So will Fatso.
They aren't doing it to our country, fuckhead. That's what you don't get, asshat. It's for our country and democracy. You don't know shit from applebutter.

Philadelphia Proud Boys Leader Sentenced To 15 Years
Zachary Rehl wanted Ďfiring squadsí over 2020 election lies and pepper sprayed police at the Capitol

The Trump Proceedings WILL Be Televised and Streamed Live on YouTube, Judge Rules in Georgia
Oh, no one will pay any attention to that!

When Plants Can No Longer Stand the Heat, Weíre in Trouble
How long? Not long.

Clarence Thomas Acknowledges Undisclosed Real Estate Deal With Harlan Crow and Discloses Private Jet Flights
They all have a "Get-Out-of-Jail Free" gift card!

LIV Golf brings on some more political muscle to deal with congressional probe
The Saudi Golf Syndicate will eventually get what they deserve despite swinging their club.

Proud Boys' lawyer asks why Trump hasn't been charged with seditious conspiracy
It's not too late, dude.
And a "misconception of the law" is no excuse for the traitor you defend.

Biden Takes First Step Toward Making Marijuana ĎA Little Less Illegalí
Today on TAP: The Health and Human Services Department recommends loosening federal restrictions on cannabis.
People in America need it for medication. Get with it.

Biden Administration Seeks to Expand Overtime Pay to Millions of U.S. Workers
If you earn less than $55,000 a year and work more than 40 hours a week, you could be eligible for time and a half.

The Emptiness of the Ramaswamy Doctrine
"Like Trump before him, Ramaswamy tries to disguise his apparent animus toward democratic countries by scorning what he maintains is Western Europeís piddling military spending. But Central and Western Europeís military outlays reached $345 billion last year, almost 30 percent higher than they were a decade ago. The obstacle to real reform, we are told, is an ossified NATO bureaucracy that is pushing liberal internationalist missions whenever and wherever it can. Ramaswamy claims that he would transform NATO into a ďstrictly defensive military allianceĒóas though it were an imperialist power marauding around the world looking for wars to wage."
You would think to hell we have had enough of a charletan bullshitter.

Certain Texas counties must increase voting locations despite a lack of buildings and workers
Elections officials say finding new buildings and volunteers will be difficult ahead of the 2024 general election.
What did you use before you closed them all down?

Texas Supreme Court Rejects Attempt to Block Ban on Youth Gender-Affirming Care
Mean, creepy and clueless.

Texas Judge Rules That State ďDeath StarĒ Law Is Unconstitutional
At least the totalitarian movement has been stifled.

Nearly 90 Percent of Young People Support Unions, Poll Finds
More unions, more power to the people.

John Eastman Clarifies: I Wanted Mike Pence To Break The Law. Wait Hold On. Ohhhhhhhh Fiddlesticks Again!
"We are beginning to think the television is not a good place for John Eastman to appear, especially when he is under criminal indictment as Donald Trumpís co-defendant for his efforts to steal the 2020 election and overthrow the American government."

Tucker Carlson: 'We're speeding toward' Trump assassination
Fully exposing the madness that is Tucker Carlson. He'll probably be the one to shoot him just for the publicity.
He can't imagine thiat not occurring here because we aren't Russia, the country he serves.

Mark Meadows' 'uniquely dangerous failure' signals disaster for second Trump term: author
"For Mr. Meadows, his place in history is secure as a primary enabler of a president who tried to overthrow democracy," concluded Whipple. "But his example should serve as a warning of what will happen if Mr. Trump regains the White House. All guardrails will be gone."

The GOP zombie: Why the media refuses to let the myth of a "good" Republican die
You don't give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a zombie

Cardinal Escapes Sexual Abuse Trial Due To Dementia
A new method to escape biting the dust.
But still, it's the "Xianists" that are doing the grooming.

Dark Brandon Isn't Scared Of Big Pharma
Pharma Lobby Furious Over Wildly Popular Effort to Curb Drug Prices. President Biden isn't impressed.
"But advocates and experts have long argued that the pharmaceutical industry dramatically overstates alleged threats to innovation to justify driving up costs to pad their bottom lines."
The darkness of the American drug industry. It should be a service and not a business racket.

Republicans devise a new scheme to undermine ballot initiatives
Low down snakes. They need to start using if anyone ever did.

HHS Recommends Easing Federal Weed Restrictions
The nationís top health agency is recommending easing restrictions on marijuana in what could portend a landmark shift in federal policy on cannabis.
Let's hope so.

Capitol Rioter Hit With Felony Charge For Lying To FBI
Fuck you, fascist traitor.

RNC fundraising is 'in the toilet' ó even with 'cash draw' Trump
"..Trump remains "the top Republican cash draw," adding that his popularity with GOP voters "doesn't do the RNC itself as much good as it once did."

We Are the Real Legacy of Oppenheimerís Bomb
Hundreds of Cold War-era nuclear tests have left a trail of death across the country.

John Eastman Dares You To Find ONE EVIDENCE Of A Criminal Conspiracy Oh You Found More Than One?
Eastman: ďI challenge them to find a single email or communication that supports that implausible theory!Ē
Hurst: LMAO. Go to prison, crazy assfaced fuckface.
Hey, remember that time Eastman emailed Rudy Giuliani after the Capitol terrorist attack to say, ďIíve decided that I should be on the pardon list, if that is still in the works?Ē Fani Willis and Jack Smith and God remember.

How lawless MAGA Republicans are trying to overthrow democracy
"...a lot of journalists continue to treat the Republican presidential contest as if it were a regular political event instead of the lawless authoritarian movement it really is.
A tragic situation that only makes things worse for all of us. A result of the first wave of the uneducation movement by the fascists.

Alabama GOP State Rep Arrested For Voter Fraud
"Madison-area State Representative David Cole was arrested Tuesday afternoon and charged with voter fraud, according to Madison County jail records. Cole, a Republican, won 52% of the vote in the House District 10 race in November 2022."

Giuliani Found Guilty Of Defaming GA Election Workers
"A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Rudy Giuliani is legally liable for defaming two Georgia election workers who became the subject of conspiracy theories related to the 2020 election that were amplified by Donald Trump in the final weeks of his presidency."

Why right-wing billionaires and the GOP want a nation of uneducated, compliant serfs
"Republican politicians and the rightwing billionaires who fund them want a nation of uneducated, compliant serfs in their workforce, not a nation of well-educated union-conscious people who are willing to strike to get better pay and benefits.
Which means Job One is to get Americaís kids out of the clutches of those evil unionized teachers. Education, after all, is a liberal value. The conservative vision is ďquality education for the children of the wealthy, while ending child labor laws for all the rest.Ē

Bomb threats hit California library after Moms for Liberty group kicked out: report
This goes hand in hand with the destruction of education by the right-wing fascists.

The End Will Come for the Cult of MAGA
"But Young believes that the only thing that will truly end Trumpism is what ends everything, eventually: the icy hand of death."

How Plastic Created One of the Most Dire Crises Humanity Faces Today
ďThe researchers found that the particles had begun to bioaccumulate in every organ, including the brain, as well as in bodily waste.Ē
"I have one word for you, plastics."

For the next time some idiot tries to tell you the GOP is 'The Party of Business'

'I just hope it ends': Arizona election official shares emotional story as his harasser is sentenced to prison
ďThose dissatisfied with election results cannot threaten public officials and election officials,Ē Lanza said. ďThis is an unambiguous and uncrossable line, and there need to be serious consequences.Ē

MAGA Lawyers And Elections Don't Mix Well
Another Trump-loving attorney is convicted of election fraud and sentenced to three years in jail.

Marge To Hold Impeachment Inquiry When She Finds Out What That Is
She is painfully stupid.
Impeach thyself.

No Labels: No party, no policies, no candidates
No hope, no future, no anything.

GA State Rep Predicts Civil War If Trump Goes To Trial
A Portrait of their insanity which is what MAGATs throw on us daily.
ďWeíve got 19 people who are facing the rest of their life in prison because they spoke out against an election?"
He needs a functional brain. As a comment that was made explains: "No, it's because they actively worked to commit a fraud and tried to overturn a democratic election, asshole."

Christian School To Pay $100M For Child Sexual Abuse
Another "Xianist" group bites the dust.

GOP voters can't cope with Trump charges ó so Republicans double down on anti-democratic attacks
Republicans aren't handling Trump's indictments well
Fascism is always at odds with justice.

Wisconsin Republicans unleash 'world of crazy' in bid to remove election administrator
Some of the wackiest weirdos in our world are in Wisconsin.

RNC member: State parties should develop 'options' to deny Trump nomination if he's a convicted felon
They will do just that.

'Careful what you wish for': Trump issues new threats against rivals over criminal charges
This dispicable douche should be in prison right now. He's a menace to all of us.

White Fox News Racists Know What Black People Love, It Is Mugshots
"Any time you think the Fox News white hoods canít get any pointier, their white supremacist beliefs more overt, Jesse Watters prematurely ejaculates his opinions all over the floor.'
Watters is a limp-wrist.

NEW LAW: If Hannity And Kilmeade Both Pants You The Same Week, You Have To Let Nikki Haley Beat You Up Again
"If you are a Republican presidential candidate and you go on Fox News and lose a foreign policy debate to Brian Kilmeade;
And if you then go on Fox News and are forced to eat your own dick by Sean Hannity, again, on foreign policy;
And this all happens in the same space of seven days that started with Nikki Haley stuffing you in a locker and stealing your lunch money and squirting you with a Super Soaker right on your blue jeans and then getting all the other kids to call you PEE-vek Rama-SWAMPY;
Then you have to go to Nikki Haleyís house and offer to let her beat the shit out of you a second time, just for fun.

Alabama cops investigating after swastikas were painted on cars and houses in Black area
Land of the Happy Negro fuck-nuts pushing to their end times.

Far-right lawmaker wants to defund Fani Willis: 'I don't want to have to draw my rifle'
I pity the fool.

Trump aides who claimed confidentiality on Jan. 6 are now spilling the beans: columnist
Beans upon Fatso!

Christian Coalition Plots To Dismantle Federal Govt
Maybe this will be the end of them (the terrorist Xiansists) for good.

Five Anti-Abortion Activists Guilty Of Blocking DC Clinic
Rain on the cult.

Are We Ready For This Site's Endless Feed of AI-Generated Porn?
So, what happened to the dog fucking and Trump's golden showers?
Who cares, so much money to be made!

Huge Crowd of Gamers Boos Elon Musk for Ruining Twitter
What did Bozo do this time?

There is no place for No Labels this presidential cycle
"Third parties are just not a thing in American presidential politics. The first-past-the-post nature of our system means that without supplanting one of the major parties, the best-case scenario for any third-party candidate is to play the spoiler."
This time they aid and enable the fascists.

With Losses, Russia Turns To Horses To Send Troops Into Battle
Is this true? C'mon man, they are regressing into a major failed bit.

Tapper And Christie Prove Useless Media Is Useless
Why you need Land of the Happy Negro.

Medicare Negotiation Is a Huge Defeat for Big Pharmaóand a Big Win for Seniors
This is the way it works when we have a real leader that is patient.

'Problematic': Charlie Sykes details GOP push to defund Trump prosecutions while impeaching Biden
In a column published by The Bulwark on August 29, Never Trump journalist Charlie Sykes observes that part of the GOP game plan is trying to defund Trump-related prosecutions while pushing for an impeachment of President Joe Biden.
The swine.

Witnesses told Jack Smith Giuliani consumed 'significant quantities of alcohol' on the job: report
Enough to make him use the mascara?

Tennessee House Speaker silences one expelled Democrat, pushes another
Land of the Happy Negro idiot can't help but show how much of a Nazi he is.

'Thatís the hell of her': Author slams 'pathetic' Nikki Haleyís inconsistent Trump support
Why is she so out of it?

How far-right groups like Moms for Liberty can 'spiral quickly out of their control': historian
"Moms for Liberty, founded in early 2021 and based in Melbourne, Florida, has been together less than three years. But the far-right MAGA group has had a major influence on Republican politics."

'I WILL APPEAL!': Trump Shocked Judge Isn't Taking His Sh*t
Arrest him.
The boob can't appeal it.
"Trump is running to stay out of prison. He fucked around and found out."

Watch: Markos Moulitsas shreds Ramaswamy on 'Meet the Press'
The obnoxious little chihuahua gets a dose of reality.

WH Names 10 Meds Subject To Medicare Negotiations
If you get put on any of these meds you will understand this.

Former GA Lt Gov Compares Trump To ďAx MurdererĒ
There it is.

Trump 'at a real disadvantage' and 'doesn't have enough lawyers' to cover his trials: NBC News reporter
Fuck Trump.

1 wounded as 'armed and dangerous' suspect prompts lockdown at University of North Carolina: report
What a shithole these bastards create for us to try to live in.

Vaseline Woman: Cultists Will ďStreet FightĒ For Trump
What other news does she have that's obvious to a rock?
She won't be out on the street fighting, that's for damned certain.

WH Reporter Confronts Jean-Pierre With Poll Showing Vast Majority Believe Biden is Too Old for His Job
When will people realize this is a very negative argument considering all the circumstances that face our nation at this critical time? Biden's job performance is the best since Roosevelt.
They must hope for fascism to dictate us.

Matt Gaetz pushes censure vote for Judge Chutkan after she sets Trump's trial date for March
Why is this man not doing time right now?

How a 2011 Sam Alito opinion could doom Trump in D.C. election fraud case
"Former President Donald Trump's attorneys have signaled that they will defend him by claiming that he could not have been trying to defraud the United States in the wake of the 2020 election because he sincerely believed he won.
However, a Supreme Court opinion authored in 2011 by conservative Justice Samuel Alito could knock this defense flat on its face."
Please. 62 courts told him he didn't win. A brain with common sense would realize this.

Trump has few options for defending himself against Jan. 6 charges: legal expert
"Donald Trump will likely argue that he sincerely believed that he won the 2020 election to justify his efforts to overturn the results, but legal experts warn that defense is risky and ineffective."

Mark Meadows Georgia testimony implicates Trump
Goodman explained: "I think he's toast."

The Limits of Vivek Ramaswamyís Racist Con Game
"While the emerging GOP star benefits from the rightís version of affirmative action, his ugly response to the Jacksonville shootings shows the costóand constraintsóof his strategy."
"Star"? Please indicate that's sarcasm. This is what gave us Trump.

Rising Sea Levels Will Displace Nearly a Billion People in Coming Decades
Combine that with rising heat and we're left with escape areas that may not be there when the time comes.

Joe Biden's Gonna Secretly Replace Your Ceiling Fan With Commie Crystals. Let's Watch!
"That all seems reasonable and constructive, so Republicans arenít having it. They are flipping out!"
Of course. Their backwardness is their trademark.

There Are Only Bad Days In Donald Trumpís Future, And One Of Them Is March
"Donald Trump might have spent the morning mashing his grundle business all over the keys of his Jitterbug phone so he could Truth Social Tweet his rapid-fire deranged bullshit out into the world. But his lawyers were busy in DC, being bad at it.
First, the headline breaking news: In federal court, Judge Tanya Chutkan has scheduled Trumpís election-stealing Republic-overturning case for March 4, 2024. Good a time as any! Just kidding, ELECTION INTERFERENCE! Just kidding, Trump is only running so he can scream ELECTION INTERFERENCE!"

Rural conservatives push to dissolve local library that ignored their book ban demands
The pitifully retarded.

Q: Why Do We Need Empathetic Politicians? A: Tempus Fugit. Q: Why Are There So Few? A: Tempus Fugit.
"John Lennon has been dead now longer than he was alive. When he was still alive, he wrote and sang the words "Lord, you know it ain't easy/You know how hard it can be." He suffered, as we all do, but he didn't live long enough to know the half of it."

Trump drops 6 points in post-debate GOP poll
And it's still not the bottom for him.

The GOP is a shambles, unable to nominate anyone electable
Fascism isn't the answer. We should all understand this.

Nikki Haleyís Classy POTUS Platform: 'Biden Old, Already Dead, Pick Me, I'm Still Alive!'
She has no idea. We just had a newly married couple who were friends of ours die in a horrible auto accident. Little do we know about these things.

ABC Poll: 50% Say Trump Should Suspend Campaign
Sorry, too much ego for it. A prison cell will cure that.

Anti-Migrant Cultists Spark Brawl In NYC
ďAmericans first! Migrants to the back of the lineĒ
How far back can they go? They were born at the back of the line.

DeSantis Gets Loudly Booed At Jacksonville Vigil
They all see through you now, fascist dipshit.

"We call that kind of love a cult": Experts on the latest disturbing poll of Trump supporters
New poll reveals that members of the MAGA cult trust Trump most: He "provides the kind of love they crave"
The cult of the crazed. "To a large degree, they have lost the ability to engage in what psychologists describe as 'reality testing.'"

'I don't think the evidence exists': GOP lawmaker frets about party's new Biden impeachment push
Of course, there is no evidence for a case. But they have to do it just to pacify their fascist leader.

Georgia residents demand 'justice' after local officials indicted in Trump's election scheme
And they will get it.

Expect 'multiple cases' of Trump allies flipping on him: Former White House official
No one will crawl under the bus for Fatso's sake.

Why are red state 'welfare queen' oligarchs allowed to mooch off of blue states?
Do we all realize the Civil War never ended? The old Confederacy has never been taken down. Why can't we end it forever?
Lincoln himself said "a house divided against itself cannot stand." But he was quoting Jesus.
"They use the power of political bribery given them by five corrupt Republicans on the Supreme Court ó with Clarence Thomasí tie-breaking Citizens United vote on behalf of his sugar daddy Harlan Crow ó to lord over their Red states, regardless of the will of those statesí citizens."

Pence Responds To Jacksonville Shooting In The Most GOP Way Ever
You knew this was coming.
Does he realize he's a fool with this garbage? We are not defunding the police, dear stupid.
"What a coward. We need serious elected officials who aren't afraid to buck the party line -- especially when it comes to the fact that people are being killed in the streets and in schools, and now at a Dollar Store."
They are all cowards and we know it. They were literally asked "raise your hand if you're a coward" on Wednesday night. They all did.

Ramaswamy Emerges As KremlinTV's #2
ďWe should take a closer look at this Mr. Ramaswamy. The last time, we had installed President Trump for Americans, but our bet didnít quite work out. Why not try again?" quipped host Evgeny Popov.
Just another traitor in our midst.
"When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead." — White Rabbit, by Grace Slick, Jefferson Airplane

Carlson: Democrats Hate Russia For Being Christian
This man is not helping matters for any of us.
He does not represent the U.S.A. in any capacity other than shitbag. A severe thinking disorder will only result in his end. This poor little boy.
MAGA = "My ass got arrested" you dumb fucking fucks.

Santos: I Lost 97 Pounds On Ozempic And Can ďBeat Romneyís ButtĒ Since I Studied Jiu-Jitsu For Five Years
And he can "block the left hook from a .45." — The Knockout (J. Colegrove) from The Joint's Jumpin' LP.
Republicans have no character whatsover. That's why this ton of turd is still puking.

Fake electors' claim they were just following orders is bad for them and for Trump: Ex-prosecutor
That was the Nazis' excuse at Nuremberg as well.

'Blood on his hands': Sobbing Florida lawmaker blames DeSantis' 'woke war' for Jacksonville shooting
But will he ever pay for it?

ďRich Men North of RichmondĒ Singer Says Itís Ironic His Song Was Played at GOP Debate
Oliver Anthony singer says he wrote the song for the very people on that stage.
Did he really expect the squares would get that part?

Americans Rally in Washington, Marking 60 Years Since March for Civil Rights
Tens of thousands of Americans converged on Washington Saturday to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, a turning point in the 1960s U.S. civil rights movement at which Martin Luther King Jr. gave his galvanizing ďI have a dreamĒ speech. Organizers say todayís march was not a commemoration but a continuation of the demands made in 1963.

Who Ya Gonna Trust? You Make the Call.
"I don't much like hating people, but I can't deny that all too often I do. Worse still, though I sometimes have a twinge of guilt about it, I have little trouble rationalizing my feelings when I see so much ugly hypocrisy from people who benefited from expensive educations in schools largely reserved for the sons and daughters of the wealthy."

Ted Cruz singled out by Colorado official accusing the GOP of letting election violence spread
"But, honestly, this political violence, the atmosphere of threats, will only stop if Republicans stand up to Donald Trump. People like Ted Cruz, people sitting in the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress, who have decided that they don't have a spine and that it's okay to threaten a grandma who's executing an election and providing the oversight that she should be doing."

Sanders hits at Cornel West over criticism of Biden
ďWhere I disagree with my good friend, Cornel West, is I think in these really very difficult times, where there is a real question whether democracy is going to remain in the United States of America. Ö I think we've got to bring the entire progressive community to defeat Trump or whoever the Republican nominee will be, [and] support Biden,Ē Sanders said on CNNís ďState of the Union.Ē
Keep your eyes on the prize, in other words. Anyone who considers themselves to be fighting against fascism should keep it in mind.

ĎThey Lynched People!í CNNís Dana Bash Confronts Vivek Ramaswamy on Calling Black Lawmaker the ĎModern KKKí in Fiery Interview
CNNís Dana Bash had a fiery battle with Vivek Ramaswamy ó pressing the Republican presidential candidate for calling Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) one of the ďmodern grand wizards of the modern KKK.Ē
Rmamaswany claimed Pressley spoke ďthe words of the modern grand wizards of the modern KKKĒ back in 2019 when she said, ďWe donít want any more black faces that donít want to be a black voice. We donít want any more brown faces that donít want to be a brown voice.Ē
Pressley's quote in context:
"I donít want to bring a chair to an old table. This is the time to shake the table. This is the time to redefine that table. Because if you're going to come to this table, all of you who have aspirations of running for office. If youíre not prepared to come to that table and represent that voice, donít come, because we donít need any more brown faces that donít want to be a brown voice.
We donít need black faces that donít want to be a black voice. We donít need Muslims that donít want to be a Muslim voice. We donít need queers that donít want to be a queer voice. If youíre worried about being marginalized and stereotyped, please donít even show up because we need you to represent that voice."
Ramaswamy cherry picked. Or is his reading comprehension poor? Or both?

The Hollow Men (and Woman)
"What to say on the surreal spectacle of the eight tawdry GOP cranks, morons, misanthropes and 'political pygmies,' minus their dark overlord, who gathered this week to spew hate, lies and ugly talking points - migrants! teachers! Soros! Hunter! abortion up to birth! Trans Marxists in bathrooms! - as sorry also-rans in a bleakly unpresidential race to the bottom. For Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, today's GOP evokes T.S. Eliotís The Hollow Men: 'This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a whimper.'"

From quashing teachers unions to pardoning Trump, voters reject GOP positions: poll
"Polling results released Friday in the wake of the first 2024 Republican presidential debate this week show that majorities of Independent voters and those across the political spectrum disagree with key GOP positions addressed during the event."

Rick Wilson brutally dismantles Ramaswamy's pitch to the 'weird tech-bro incel demo'
Like Fatso, the Swami has no comprehension of shame.
But none of them do. Fascism.

'He can't control himself': Trump put on notice judges may be forced to jail him
Stop talking about it and get it done. It appears that U.S. law is flaccid and useless.

Alabama Seeks To Execute Man Via ďNitrogen HypoxiaĒ
The Confederacy strikes again.

Florida Nazi Kills Three Black People In Store Shooting
Occupy Florida.

Cultist Ex-Navy SEAL Arrested In Texas For Assault
Another fascist. Fake American.

Backers blast approved ballot language for Ohio's fall abortion amendment as misleading
This is what happens when fascists are in charge of our governement.

Marsha Blackburn Mocked Over Her Dumb Mugshot Question
She is embarrassing herself. Again.
How did this box of rocks ever get involved with our government?

Former FBI Deputy Director Hits Palin For Threatening Political Violence
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe called out Sarah Palin for essentially proposing extortion over prosecuting Trump with her threat of "civil war" on Newsmax the previous day.

Trump is still Russia's favorite -- but one GOP rival has second place: report
The Swami.

Constitution's disqualification clause fits Trump 'like a glove': ex-prosecutor
His con has run its course.

'No one sympathizes with you': Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized for bad shooting comparison
This is called a serious thinking disorder. She's been sick with it for a long time and can't find any help.

'Anybody else would be in jail by now': AZ independent voters ditch 'delusional' Trump
Is he "that easy to forget"? "Guess they'll got out and find someone new"?

Florida Republican Is Fighting For His 'Right To Rock' And You're Really Gonna Wish He Would Not
"...personally believes that a bunch of liberals recently used Eventbrite to ruin their ďGod, Guns and Less GovernmentĒ tour." Ahem, isn't that following their ďconscience,Ē numbskull?
I see. Just like I have the right to shove his bills up his gigantic stupid ass and tell him to fuck all the way off.

Vivek Ramaswamy will appoint Elon Musk if elected 'because he laid off 75% of the employees at Twitter'
That ends his run. You can't get any lower.

Surprise: Swing Voters Just Hated The Republican Debate
What was there to like about the Eight Stooges Show?

Vivek Ramaswarmy Aspires To Be Trump's Mini-Me — Only Worse
"[Ramaswamy] is an interesting experimentóhe believes none of this," Dan Pfeiffer, former Obama White House communications director, said in a post-debate breakdown on ďPod Save America.Ē He noted that Ramaswamy didn't even vote in 2012 or 2016. "This is some sort of experiment in reverse-engineering a candidacy where you go see what the voters want and then you build a campaign platform to fit that," Pfeiffer added.
During the debate, Ramaswamy rattled off 10 political and philosophical positions of his campaign. They range from the declaration that "there are two genders" to hits against the media and so-called ďreverse racism.Ē And altogether, they sound like a succinctly articulated version of Trump's vision for the Republican Party."
The MAGAts sure know which alleys to look in to find candidates.

FL Lawyer Files Civil Suit Seeking To Disqualify Trump
Expect to see this more and more now by lawyers and Secretaries of States.

Iowa Town Caves And Repeals Ban On Ex-Gay Torture
A ray of sunlight in a dark age.

Man Screaming About ďHomosexuality And SatanismĒ Gets Hauled Out Of Fort Worth School Board Meeting
Hopefully, they have removed all the "Holy" Bibles, one of the the most sex-ridden tomes on the planet.
Keep 'em clueless just like their parents.

'Cash-poor' Trump is hanging his allies out to dry as he sells mugshot t-shirts to 'stop the bleeding': analyst
People will buy any pile of shit that's well wrapped and has "Trump" on it.

Said it Before; Saying It Again. It Ain't Rocket Science
"If I ruled the world, I would feel morally confident to take some of the following measures (in no particular order of priority) to fight the forces of evil."

Is Vivek Ramaswamy a Different Kind of Republican Cat?
Instead of wanting to transform the agencies of government to dominate and control the American people like DeSantis promises, he wants to simply destroy them.

Texas ban on puberty blockers and hormone therapy for trans kids will go into effect despite legal fight
The heartlessness of fascism.

On Climate, GOP Presidential Contenders Are Out of Step With Women Voters
"When Vivek Ramaswamy denounced human-caused climate change as a ďhoaxĒ Wednesday night in Milwaukee during the first Republican presidential debate, the responses from undecided independent voters participating in a real-time focus group revealed a gender gap.
Also a vacuum gap in his brain.

Bidenomics Isnít New Deal 2.0. Itís About the Restoration of US Global Hegemony
"President Joe Biden has made ďBidenomicsĒ the centerpiece of his reelection campaign, touting it as an explicit break with Ronald Reaganís ďtrickle-down economicsĒ and a return to FDRís New Deal policies. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan calls it ďthe new Washington consensus,Ē while Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen terms it ďmodern supply-side economics,Ē a post-Keynesian development..."

Our military is being held as political hostages
Then remove the hostage holder.

Biden to request funds for another COVID vaccine amid rising cases

Flat out 'false': NYT fact-checker slams Vivek Ramaswamyís 'unorthodox' GOP debate claims
He should produce his credentials. If he went to school he needs to prove it because of some of the irresponsible nonsense he spouts.

Busted: Miami newspaper cracks the 'real story' on DeSantisí abortion tale
He isn't fit to clean toilets.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: A majority think Donald Trump is being treated fairly and is guilty
The MAGAts are going to be eradicated if they stick with Fatso.

White Wingers Turn On Viral Singer After Fox & Friends Interview
Oliver Anthony's Rich Men North of Richmond viral tune was the talk of conservatives — until he dared to step out of their lane for a minute.
As expected from deplorables.
They should try Men of Extinction's records. Plenty of "diversity" there that some folks have missed.
A right-wing comedian? That's what they all are.

Gingrich: Dems Want To Kill Babies 30 Days After Birth
When will this stinking fart dissipate?
"Much of where we are now can be laid at his cloven hooves. Pity he's still around." — (comments)

"Hit list": Trump grand jurors face violent threats after names and addresses shared on QAnon forums
Experts warn of "chilling effect that personal targeting can have on jurors, on voters, on elected officials"
Our Civil War is upon us. Fix bayonets.

'A multitude of ways' exist to stop Trump from becoming president again: legal expert
Apply every one of them.

Poll Porn: More Americans Ready To Say 'Lock Him Up!
The MAGAt party is holding a fat bag of shit with this.

Republicans Want Us to Be Afraid of Everything but Guns
That's because they mistakenly think they have cornered the market on them.

Republicans Are Wrong on Abortionóand They Know It
This is not news. The world already knows it.

Arizona Amps Up Fake Electors Probe Into Giuliani
Things are looking worse for Rudy.

Nikki Haley: Biden Wonít Live To Finish Second Term
Wow! She doesn't know we've had presidents die in office before and the world kept turning? And how in hell does she know Biden won't make four more years?
Scare tactics. But it also is a tell that she realizes he will be re-elected. Obviously, she's jealous of Harris!

Youth Pastor Rearrested On More Child Sex Charges
Eating double dust.

Rumors That Trump 'Sold' Mar-A-Lago To Don Jr Debunked
Update and correction: "Zillow has since updated the posting to show that the property is not currently on the market and hasn't changed hands since 1995 when Trump turned the residence that he originally purchased in 1985 for $2 million into The Mar-a-Lago Club." So apparently this was fake? Though Zillow hasn't said how that listing appeared.

Trumpís mugshot embodies a 'diabolic manipulator' and 'fascist' peddling 'rage': ex-labor secretary
"But a defiant photograph isn't 'news.' It's a symbol, an image. Which is exactly what Donald Trump is," Reich contends. "He has no political platform, no specific policy agenda, no new ideas, and no plan for what he'll do if he gets a second term. He exists as a symbol for the anger, discontent, bigotry, and vindictiveness he has unleashed in America. He is as close to America has come to a fascist leader, who doesn't want his followers to think or analyze. He wants them only to feel."

'As biased as possible': Ohio Republicans attempting to 'rig' November ballot proposals
An "unborn child" is just that. Not a child at all. Get a brain, please, before you start killing women for your stupid arrogance. Same as a fascist is not at all an American. Conniving bastards.

Tim Scott buried for 'odd' attack on Merrick Garland
"Garland is, after all, a political appointee. A Democratic president ó in this case, Joe Biden ó took office in 2021 and chose officials for his White House cabinet, tapping the attorney general to lead the Department of Justice," Benen writes. "Biden didnít have to fire Donald Trumpís cabinet secretaries because theyíd already left: In nearly every instance, new presidents, especially those replacing a successor from a different party, replace old political appointees with new ones. Itís just how the process works."
Tim's not the brightest flame in the candlesticks.

Charges filed against neo-Nazi ally who harassed drag shows and attacked the U.S. Capitol
"William Beals, a violent Three Percenter who was involved in the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol, went on to link up with neo-Nazis in Tennessee to harass drag shows."

Cultist Pastor Wears Clerical Collar For GA Mugshot
"One hour before the deadline to surrender expired, Illinois pastor Stephen Lee became the last of the 19 defendants accused in the sweeping election racketeering case to surrender to the Fulton County Jail."

Kayleigh McEnany So Mad Biden Spinning At Spin Class While Prigozhin's Plane Was Spinning OUT OF SKY!
"KM: Think about this as you go to the polls next November!
LMAO, okeydoke, sure thing. In what context, though?
Perhaps while weíre waiting in line to vote, randomly laughing to ourselves about how DumpFuck Trump literally told those Georgia jail workers he was 6í3Ē and 215 pounds, which set America to laughing all over again?
How 77-year-old BigMac McTreasonFuck is allergic to exercise, while the other old one, the 80-year-old who beat him by eight million votes, goes on bike rides and does spin class and Pilates?"
If I were her, I would demand my money back that I paid for my 3rd rate education.

Republicans Debate: A Shit Show for the Ages
"In case you're not a masochist or an idiot, you may have missed Wednesday night's "special" on Fox featuring eight dipshits spouting bullshit, horseshit, batshit, apeshit, and chickenshit, cheered and/or booed by a mob of Wisconsinites with shit for brains. Altogether, they really stunk up a big auditorium in Milwaukee."

Why did wealthy Trump need a Georgia bail bondsman for $200K
1. He prefers using other people's money.
2. He has no money.

When Antarctic sea ice melted last November, it took more than 9,000 emperor penguin chicks with it
The penguin in the defrosting freezer.

The Biden-era energy policy Republicans keep pretending not to notice
Republican presidential candidates keep saying itís time to ďunlock American energy,Ē but thereís no need to unlock something that isnít currently locked.
Typical fascist irresponsible brain failure.

Pennsylvania Pastor Gets Six Months In Child Sex Sting
Another one bites the dust.

Republican Activists: GOP 'Deserves To Lose' Over Climate Change
Incompetent and clueless.

Zillow Reports Mar-A-Lago Was Just Sold. Junior's Corp Is New Owner
"While Junior has appeared as an agent of record for the corporation for quite a number of years, it's the appearance of the date of property transfer on Zillow - on August 4, just days before his arrest - that is raising eyebrows."

From Nixon to Trump: The decline of the common good in American politics
"Americaís failure to hold Richard Nixon accountable for his attacks on democracy when he was president undermined the common good and paved the way for Donald Trump to mount even worse attacks."

MSNBC producer rips apart Trumpís bogus Hillary Clinton/Stacey Abrams claims
One must remember, Al Gore conceded the 2000 election.
"Gore initially requested vote recounts in Florida, making it clear he would gladly concede to Republican nominee George W. Bush if recounts confirmed that he lost the Sunshine State. And eventually, Gore conceded, congratulated Bush and fully acknowledged Bush as the legitimate U.S. president-elect."

Poll: Americans say DOJ was right to indict, Trump is guilty and should go to prison if convicted
Of course. One would expect Americans to be law abiding citizens. Fascists, not so much.

'I expect a bunch of them to flip': Legal expert says Trump has too many co-defendants to avoid conviction
Rats will leave the sinking ship.

Republican lawmaker rips House GOP tactics: 'Nobody is paying attention' except 'people obsessed with Trump'
In other words, the brain-dead zombies.

Kayleigh McEnany furious Biden took a Pilates class the day of the debate
The flailing we are seeing from these clueless dregs of America is the shameless pandering of a party that has lost all meaning.
That poor little girl.

Hey Ainsley, Your Network Banned Christie From The Spin Room
Would someone please let Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade know that Ainsley's boyfriend, Sean Hannity, just said their network banned Chris Christie from the spin room on his radio show the day before they spouted this nonsense?

Palin Calls For Civil War: ĎWe Need To Rise Upí
You and what army, Sarah? Someone's a little cranky over the Trump indictments.
She's concerned about law and order, her party's platform forever, being conducted as it should.
It's everything that her party has attacked in our country.

Trump Offers ďFreeĒ Mugshot T-Shirt For $47 Donation
"Inmate No. P01135809" should be printed on it.
Most sane people wouldn't call that a "free" T-shirt. Another con from the master con.
It's also a photo of him surrendering. He looks like a criminal because that's what he is. What a douche.
"Good for him MAGA are some of the dumbest on the planet." — (comment)

CDC Warns Of Spike In COVID-Related Hospitalizations
Here it comes again. As many of us expected.

Ingraham: ďYouíre Seeing Election Interference NowĒ
The seditious bitch. Can she actually be that fucking stupid?

Most recent ex-president arrested for fourth time: What the hell country is this?
Republicans can't escape an accused felon ó who keeps nudging his supporters toward violence. How did we get here?
By a failed public education system and the vast wasteland of television. Insert fascist talk shows on radio and social media on the internet and you've got a tsunami of poison.

Long Time Coming: Prisoner Number P01135809?
"Oh yeah. The way-too-long awaited and historic mug shot of Donald J. Trump, now listed in the Fulton County Jail database as prisoner number P01135809, has been released to joyful applause by beleaguered Americans who never thought we'd get here. We thank God, Fani Willis, Jack Smith and all the other tireless, principled defenders of democracy who ignored the lies, threats, feints and bluster to teach a lifetime crook what happens when you fuck around and find out."

Tennessee Lawmaker: 'Shame On Us!'
Never forget dear ole Tennessee was the mother of the KKK.

Ex-Trump Adviser: You Don't Need Trump To Have A Sh*t Show Debate
"The GOP debate was incredible last night. I don't think anyone won. There were quite a few lies about the economy and climate change denialism, and the candidates seemed to be missing their spines. Just more of the same. And they offered zero solutions to the problems America is facing."
A mistake that just took place. An accident that found a place to happen.

House Republicans swiftly act to obstruct on Trumpís behalf
The Nazis in Congress both in DC and Georgia will rewrite every law to overturn Fatso's trial.
These people are all co-conspirator traitors and deserve what traitors get.

Hereís Trumpís Mugshot. Do Your Thing, Internet
Portrait of the mobster.

ĎHeís Lost 25 Pounds?í CNN and Twitter Users Do Not Buy Trumpís Self-Reported Weight At Jail Booking
What sucker wouldn't buy it. They buy any bullshit that comes along.

'Doesnít look like they put him on a scale': CNNís Dana Bash questions Trump's weight
They used a carnival guess-your-weight scammer for his reading. LMAO!

'Was it under oath?' Internet skeptical of Trump's weight reported at arrest
"Specifically, Trump was said to have weighed 215 pounds and stood at 6'3'' ó which is both much lighter and slightly taller than the figures given when he was booked in Manhattan in the business fraud case earlier this year."
If he's 215 pounds they better have their scales calibrated.

Tucker Pretty Scared 'They're' Gonna De-Plane Trump, Just Like 'They' Did To Prigozhin
I thought Tucker was already departed. We sure it's him?

DeSantis Flops and Ramaswamy Flails in First GOP Presidential Debate
What else could they do?

Is it time to mask up again?
It won't be far off. By October it should be for people with a working brain.

Preachers Scream ďYou Deserve HellĒ At TX Students
Child groomers and molesters scream outside McCullum High School in Austin.

Chris Christie Rips Into Ramaswamy After Debate Tussle: ĎCanít Even Remember What Heís Plagiarizingí
Too stupid to even laugh at.

Vivek's Closing Threw ALL The Jello At The Wall
Are you sure that's what he threw?

Ramaswamy is trying to outsmart white power. It wonít last
"His moment wonít last, though, and he will guarantee its end."
That's what they always do. Think of it. Always.

Trump unleashes angry attack on Atlanta and DA: 'People are afraid to go outside to buy a loaf of bread'
That's because they are afraid of what your criminal fascism will do to their future in this country.
Or maybe they make their own. Not everyone is a stupid as Fatso.

Dark Brandon takes on Kevin McCarthy
"McCarthy is from California, but he toured a Syracuse factory while in town to raise money for Rep. Brandon Williams. Syracuse.comís Glenn Coin did a stellar job covering McCarthyís visit, from the headlineóďHouse Speaker McCarthy tours Syracuse factory benefiting from legislation he voted againstĒóto a write-up that included pertinent information like the specific 'Buy American' provision of the infrastructure law that JMA Wireless is benefitting from. The article additionally noted that McCarthy also opposed the CHIPS and Science Act, which Micron Technology said is essential to its plan to invest up to $100 billion in a semiconductor plant in the town of Clay.Ē
Can McCarthy spell hypocrite?

A Trump supporter indicted in Georgia is also charged with assaulting an FBI agent in Maryland
The daily activity of the blind-eyed bigoted numbskulls who have sold out America to the Trump Crime Syndicate.

'A dark moment' for the Republican Party
"Vivek Ramaswamy may have best summed up the inaugural Republican debate on Monday night with this distinctly grim assessment during an exchange with former Vice President Mike Pence.
'It's not morning in America, we live in a dark moment,' Ramaswamy observed as Pence futilely defended good governance to an audience of Republican nihilists."
And he only adds to their darkness.

Last Night's Debate Was A MAGA Rally Without A Headliner
"Not surprising. Vivek. He did the best Trump impersonation and was, as a result, the most loathsome and annoying. So, naturally, GOP voters here said he won the debate. This is where the party is, folks. Time to acknowledge it. They're gone."

So This Is Why Secret Service Agents Wiped Their Messages
Yes, Nazi traitors in our midst.

'Fight this wicked ideology': Evangelical fundamentalist declares war on white Christian nationalism
"In its extreme form," the reporter warns, "the ideology claims special privileges for Christians ó including the right to rule, no matter what the outcome of elections ó and often views Jews, Black Americans, immigrants and progressives as God's enemies. Early forms of Christian nationalism were outspokenly antisemitic and racist and were especially opposed to interracial marriage."
We should be thankful for this.

'Critics wincing': DeSantisí 'odd smile attempt' during GOP debate brutally mocked by detractors
"DeSantis' odd facial expressions and mannerisms have often been turned into jokes and memes on social media," Mazza writes in a HuffPost article published after the debate. "In spring, his awkward laugh cracked up his critics on X, then known as Twitter. After Wednesday night's debate, his odd smile attempt had many of his critics wincing."

What if Donald Trump's conspiracy is even more sinister than we suspected?
"Evidence is growing, however, that the leadership of this conspiracy to end our form of government and replace it with a Putin-style strongman oligarchy wasnít limited to Trump, Stone, Giuliani, and a few dozen militia members." When Christie dissed Putin at the first debate, the audience booed him. Make no mistake. These people are no longer Americans if they ever were. They are a foreign power walking among us.

Why do Republicans even bother with this whole farce?
Trump wasn't there, but we saw why he's leading: GOP voters don't care about substance, just unjustified grievances
Forever victims. Victims of their own stupidity.

Aunt Lydia Requests Socialist FEMA Aid For Arkansas

Russian Mercenaries Vow To Avenge Death of Prigozhin
What does this mean for the Death Master of Russia?

'He'll probably die in prison': George Conway predicts grim future for Trump
It still won't be enough to clean the stench he left on our country.

'What are we doing?' Tennessee Democrat demands Republican apology over treatment of grieving moms
What are they doing" Being arrogant Nazi bastards, as usual.

Tennessee GOP Messed With The Wrong Moms
The GOP messes with America.

Jessica Tarlov Shuts Her Fox News Colleagues' Mouths For Them, Biden In Maui Edition
"While we agree that the best policy for Democrats and Fox News is to stay off it unless you are Secretary Mayor Pete and youíve come to shove a piece of shit in a locker, the thing is that historically, Fox News has only hired liberals to be excessively weak foils for its white rage hosts. But Tarlov on 'The Five' is actually kicking Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, and Judge Boxwine in their dicks, and the network is airing it."
"Ohhhhh Boxwine was so angry, though."
"OK, please try to walk your words in a straight line, Judge."

A prebuttal of the GOP's debate trashing Biden and progressives
"So, to help keep you sane through all the lies and BS ó and the fog you may be in by the end of the debate if your drinking game involved the word ďwokeĒ ó hereís a quick summary* of the things that Biden has accomplished (with a little help from Democrats in Congress) in his first two-and-a-half years in office."
Evan a half-wit with a 5th grade education and reading comprehension can get through this.

'Disqualify Trump' ad calls out GOP enablers
Disqualify them all.

"Wrong on the law, wrong on the facts': Fani Willis smacks down Jeff Clark
"Ultimately, it concludes that Clark "seeks to avoid the inconvenience and unpleasantness of being arrested or subject to the mandatory State criminal process, but provides this Court no legal basis to justify those ends. Defendant is wrong on the law, wrong on the facts, and the Motion should be denied."

Kari Lake confesses she lied about local official
"Failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake confessed that she knowingly lied about Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, but it's not that big of a deal.
According to the Arizona Mirror, Lake claimed it doesn't matter if she lied because she has a First Amendment right to do so."
Think of what can be freely said about her strange habits then.

North Carolina Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charge
Another one bites the dust.

One Million Moms Vs ďVulgar, ProfaneĒ Sonic Drive-In
That's a damn shame!

Report: Microsoft is ďexperimentingĒ with ways to work AI into bedrock Windows
They just might fuck it and us up for all time with there little "experiments."

Trump-supporting ex-IRS attorney jailed on two felony counts of voter fraud
The crumbling just keeps on happening.

Tuberville turns Pentagon abortion policy blockade into war against individual US military officers
Another American cowardly traitor.
"ďThere is nobody more military than me,Ē ďCoachĒ Tuberville infamously said last month, when his hit list holding up promotions requiring Senate confirmation had just reached 265 U.S. Military officers. Senator Tubervilleís remarks were not well-received, especially since, as multiple news outlets reported, he had never served in Americaís Armed Forces, and had been caught misrepresenting his fatherís World War II military record."

Fox: Ramaswamy Was Already Millionaire When He Took Soros Grant Money He Said He Needed For Law School
The Swami is just another con man like Fatso.

Here Come All The Trump Losers Surrendering To Fani Willis. Smile For Your Mugshots, MFers!
"We hope they all die in prison after extremely fair trials."

New Trump Poll Proves Obama and Clinton Were Right: The GOP Base Are Deplorable, Bitter Clingers
"The irony here is that this stubborn unwillingness to face the truth about Trump is a big factor in the MAGA deplorability. Having the humility and grace to let liberals be right about Trump would crack open the door to the possibility there are other things liberals are right about, from the facts of history to vaccines to climate change. Republican voters aren't really the dead-eyed zombies DeSantis invoked. But it may be something worse: Millions of grown adults slamming their hands over their ears and singing loudly, "nah nah I can't hear you."

The Return of ĎWhites Onlyí Signs?
A ruling in Illinois from a Democratic-approved judge would invalidate the Equal Credit Opportunity Act in actions taken before the application stage.
It appears what we need are "No Brains, No Service" signs.

MTGís boyfriend slams opponents as 'classless trash' after Iowa and Georgia voters give her the finger
Shooting the bird at Nazi youth? Ha! I'm certain he was looking in the mirror when he said that.

Far-right extremists keep making the Michigan GOP lose key elections: report
This has become their life goal.

Texas Supreme Court ruling gives Republicans power to 'undermine' and 'steer elections their way': report
The fascist corruption of government in the state of Texas makes Trump look like a guy that stole a pack of Life Savers at the local drug store.

GOP impeachment witness: Retraction of employee 4ís testimony 'another ominous sign' for Trump
Things get worse for Fatso everyday.

How Killer Kyle Got His Grift Back
Killer Kyle Rittenhouse has got a new grift going on and is living high off the conservative welfare hog.
Looks like "hog" is appropriate in more ways than one.
"He doesn't have to do anything but make some appearances and say some stupid shit. Not bad for someone who couldn't hold down a real job if his life depended on it."

Proud Boys Menace Tennessee Anti-Gun Prayer Vigil, Activists Removed From Hearing For Holding Signs
Fuckstick terrorists at-large.
"Peaceful demonstrators forcefully removed while terrorists are allowed to roam free; is it too early to call it fascism yet?" — (comments)
"No, it's fascism. Tennessee, Florida, Texas and enough other places to list." — (comments)

Roger Stone's hubris exposes Trump's plan: New video shows lawyers faked distance from Capitol riots
Tapes suggest Trump knew the insurrection was coming, but carefully avoided having his fingerprints on the planning
Definately this guy goes in the same cell with Fatso.

Eastman attorney put on the spot over 60 election fraud courthouse failures
The oil drips off this co-conspirator.

Professor Suggests Replacing Elections in US With Lottery System
Professor of what? How could anything ever go wrong with this?
Jurors? A random process to select possible jurors is how it begins. These people must be empaneled and interviewed to get placed on a jury. The public doesn't vote on the jury members. Voir dire does. Some will be stricken from service on a jury based on the number of strikes a lawyer has.
And who says these rando people have "personal superiority." We know damn well that's fellacious thinking.
"A lottery would also improve our odds of avoiding the worst candidates in the first place," Grant writes. "Thatís because the people most drawn to power are usually the least fit to wield it."
Then you would have to have rounds of drafting people because no one would throw their hat in the ring if they didn't want power. Tell it to the Trump MAGAts! ROTFLMAO!
Anyone who believes that there would be no "competitive ugliness on display on social media" doesn't know history of human behavior. Read Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti.

John Eastman strolls out of Fulton County jail and immediately declares election stolen
Yep. Another one that could plead insanity.

Vivek Ramaswamy Busted By Actual Tape After Claiming He Was Misquoted on 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Why is it that so many of these jackwagons don't understand there are video records of their bullshit?

CNN Brutally Mocks ĎClowní Vivek Ramaswamyís Topless Tennis ĎDebate Prepí
Swami beats Trump as best Clown award!

Right-Wing Judges Are Allowing Alabama Trans Health Care Ban to Go Into Effect
Land of the Happy Negro judges should no longer have health care as well. See how they like it.

Trump campaign further implicated in Georgia scheme by new court filing
Meanwhile Georgia GOP co-conspirators are trying to fuck with overturning the DA.

Is Mississippi Afraid To Let Citizens Vote On Abortion?
Land of the Happy Negro's motto: "Be afraid! Be very afraid!"

Vivek Ramaswamy Tries Mansplaining To Kaitlan Collins
The Swami speaks. Everyone goes ho-hum.

Fox Blames Biden For 'Letting' Hurricane Into The Country
Then they should blame Trump for letting Covid into the country.
Blithering lame-brains with nothing to do but whine.

This 'creepy' men-only group is feeding an 'apocalyptic view of America' to a conservative think tank
"Conservative think tanks" always turns to radical fascist thinking.

Newsmax Host On Death Threats To Judge: So What?
Newsmax host Greg Kelly is a threat to democracy. How can he possibly be anything else working for MAGAts?

Mark Meadows 'decided to trust' Jack Smith and cooperate against Trump: NYT
He'll talk already.

Eight Losers Qualify To Sit At Losers' Table At First GOP Debate (There Are No Other Tables)
But the biggest loser has chickened out.

Big Surprise: Creep Who Killed Lauri Carleton Over Rainbow Flag Was 'Pro Life' 'Christian' Gay-Hater
Here's the goods on the killer. No surprises.

Renewable Energy Jobs Are Coming to Appalachia
"Despite the many questions ahead, Glyptis of the United Steelworkers said he feels hopeful that the battery plant could help hard-hit Appalachian communities recover from years of disinvestment. He said the Weirton steel mill is an attractive site for developers, located close to highways, a river and an airport, and within a community of skilled tradespeople."

This Economy Is Breaking All the Rulesóand Thriving
A COVID-driven recession with temporary inflation is now followed by a strong recovery that follows no standard models.

Fear of an Awkward President
"Awkwardness, then, might be a sign of a candidateís unease in his role, a subtle clue that heís only pretending to get it. ďAwkwardness is the feeling we get when someoneís presentation of themselves Ö is shown to be incompatible with reality in a way that canít be smoothed over with a little white lie,Ē writes Melissa Dahl in Cringeworthy, her book on awkwardness. Voters had trouble buying Dukakis as a macho tank gunner; they donít believe that DeSantis would genuinely enjoy small talk. If a candidate looks out of place among presidential contenders, we think, maybe thatís because he is."

Trump Thirsting Out Loud About Fleeing To Russia To Be With Daddy-Mir Vladimir
"Have fun getting mugshotted at the Fulton County Jail on Thursday, loser.
If they really thought he was a flight risk and not just a pant-shitting coward, the bail would have been muuuuuuuch higher."

'Fly far away': Trump jokes about fleeing to Russia in bizarre rant against Fulton County DA
So you think he's joking?

SF Archdiocese Declares Bankruptcy Amid Abuse Suits
A fraud? That's exactly what the cult is.

Kevin Sorbo: Iíve Been Blacklisted For Loving Jesus
Nope. More like he's a Nazi asshole playing the victim card.

New Trump poll proves Obama and Clinton were right: The GOP base are deplorable, bitter clingers
First rule of MAGA? "Never admit a liberal was right." Unfortunately, their conniptions are getting people killed.
"The word that comes to mind is 'cult.'"

'Why not now?' Former Trump attorney wants to know why MAGA, Inc. isnít paying for her legal bills
Because Trump is a chisler. Now you know.

You Kids' Abortion Pills Not The Same As The Abortion Pills Your Father And I Used To Do
"Liz Murrill, who wants to be the AG of Louisiana, with some guy Meet Liz Murrill. She is a whole goddang idiot who would like to be the attorney general in Louisiana, which is a real state in America, which means it would affect other peopleís lives if she were the attorney general. Currently she holds the title of solicitor general. She is part of the Federalist Society, that outfit that churns out all the smart people, and a top pal of Jeff Landry, the wingnut running for governor."
More on one of our favorite nut balls.

Fine, Let's Talk About Vivek Ramaswamy
By all means. But can anyone still read?

Members of Little Rock 9 Blast Decision to Restrict AP Black History Course
"Surviving members of the Little Rock Nine, a group of students who faced extreme harassment and threats of violence for integrating Little Rock Central High School in 1957, have spoken out against Arkansas education officials who decided last week not to recognize an Advanced Placement (AP) course on Black history.

Is West Virginia University's gutting of liberal arts a sign of more to come?
An attempt to become leader of the retarded movement.

Trump mocked as experts predict meeting bail conditions beyond his ability: 'Confiscate his phone'
"Former President Donald Trump was promptly derided by social media on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, over the new terms of his bail in the Georgia elections case Ė and his ability to abide by them."

Javier Milei Says Heís the Future of Argentina. He Looks a Lot Like Its Past.
As in "Runaway Nazi Dog"?

Legal Expert Predicts Challenges to Trumpís ĎRight to Appearí on The Ballot Based on Conservative Interpretation of 14th Amendment
Legal? What the fuck does a criminal charlatan care about that?

Five Dead In Florida Due To Flesh-Eating Bacteria
Well, we most certainly know this is a Biblical curse from God. /s

Vivek Ramaswamy Triples Down On 9/11 Trutherism
I wonder how many brainses the Swami has to make "rational" a word that he understands.

Freedom Caucus: Weíll Shutdown Govt For ďWokenessĒ
Nazi morons will shit their pants and roll in it.

A right-wing sheriffs group that challenges federal law is gaining acceptance around the country
Members of the new double cross burners?
They represent the picture perfect example of the very tyranny they resist. All are blatantly treasonous.

Trump Voters Trust Him Over Their Own Family And Friends
Can't wait for the moment when they roll the big Kool-Aid barrel out.

Chat GPT Is Choosing Which Books Get Banned In Iowa
Apparenty, the mechanism that controls the airplane to flap its wings malfunctioned. Again.

Chat GPT Is Choosing Which Books Get Banned In Iowa
Again, the gene pool is so shallow in Iowa it's causing severe illteracy in the deep end.
And some of us are worried about AI?

GOP Candidate Claims Abortion Pills Laced With Fentanyl
Yes, because that's really what causes a woman to abort anyway. Same with aspirin which is why it works so damn well.

Fox News tells viewers 'they' let Tropical Storm Hilary into the US 'because itís Bidenís America'
When "they" say "they" are "they" referring to "them" or "themselves"?
I gotta tell you I don't know who is really in charge of tropical storm traffic.

Majority of likely Iowa GOP caucusgoers believe Trump has not committed serious crimes
The gene pool in Iowa is pretty shallow. But this isn't news.

This 'clearcut' section of the Constitution bars Trump from running for office: conservative legal scholars
Fatso can run for head of animal control only.

Former Trump officials are shattering a key Mar-a-Lago documents defense
Seems to be simple enough.

'Terrifying': Election officials describe bombardment of threats after 2020 vote
This terrorism alone should send Trump to prison for life.

Ron Johnson Needs To Quit His Job
Senator Ron Johnson has a list of complaints about government, all of which are things he has done and is part of.

Levin: ďHillary Should Be In Prison For Her Entire LifeĒ
This man is living in a hell he made by his own stupid.

Trump Confirms: ďI Will Not Be Doing The DebatesĒ
Very well. He can yell at TV then.

'I can do whatever I want because I was the chief of staff' isnít the way it works: Ex-Fulton Sr. DA
"'That I can do whatever I want because I was chief of staff. I can do what I want because I was president of the United States. And that's not the way it works.'"

Revealed: Top GOP donors are making 'secret overtures' to dump Trump
"Looking For a New Nazi" should be the headline.

'Pure communism': Marjorie Taylor Greene says 'Arizona is next' in 'grand conspiracy' to get Trump
Is this woman Roger Stone in drag?

Inside the Big Pharma Playbook Making Prescription Drugs Unaffordable in the US
"Americaís pharmaceutical giants are suing this summer to block the federal governmentís first effort at drug price regulation. Last yearís Inflation Reduction Act included what on its face seems a modest proposal: The federal government would for the first time be empowered to negotiate prices Medicare pays for drugs ó but only for 10 very expensive medicines beginning in 2026."
Your money or your life.

Bigots Are Literally Killing People Over Pride Flags Now
California boutique owner Lauri Carleton was shot dead this week by a person who was reportedly very upset over the fact that she displayed a pride flag in the front of her shop, Mag Pi.
According to the San Bernardino police, the suspect "made several disparaging remarks about a rainbow flag that stood outside the store before shooting Carleton." Following the shooting, police found the suspect, still armed and apparently quite riled up.
"When deputies attempted to contact the suspect, a lethal force encounter occurred and the suspect was pronounced deceased," an update read.
Same people that are doing this rainbow flag killing are the ones that groom with hate. They exist because they were previously groomed with hate.

Judge Cannon may be removed 'if she continues to make questionable rulings': former prosecutor
Just remove her.

Trumpís chief of staff told prosecutors he 'could not recall' a 'standing order' to declassify docs: report
Oops! Trump fails again.

Mike Pence backs Mark Meadows after he tells investigators Trump did not declassify documents
Double Oops!

Indictments and post-Civil War history make it clear: Trump is already disqualified from the presidency
Will America ignore this law as they seem to ignore so many already?

'Be prepared': Ex-labor secretary warns Trumpís reelection bid is 'phase four of his attempted coup'
See what I mean about the previous article? What happened to our spine?

States are banning LGBTQ+ subjects in schools. Students say they were never taught about them anyway
Showing all the idiocy of this fascist crap.

Russiaís Luna-25 Mission Crash Lands On The Moon
"To the moon, Alice."

Trump Spox: House Republicans Who Donít Vote To Defund Special Counsel Will Get Primaried Next Year
Whining Brat Party can stop their obstruction of justice right now or indict them all.

Aunt Lydia: Black History Course Is Leftist Propaganda
Erase her history of hate and see how she likes it.

California Shop Owner Murdered Over Rainbow Flag
Murdering Nazis will keep doing this until we put a stop to them forever.
"Thanks, DeSantis and your nazis. Thanks, Chaya Raichik. Thanks, every fucking Fox host. Thanks, Musk and everyone else who gave legitimacy to eliminationist rhetoric and conspiracy theories. This woman's innocent blood is on your hands." — (comments)

Ramaswamy Condemns Trumpís Charges As ďShamefulĒ
Ding-Dongie strings a great deal of words together but says nothing.
He doesn't know shit from shinola. If he wants him to be convicted first then he should be cheering for his trial.

'Useful American idiot' Trump facing furious backlash for boasting about Putin closeness
Tell it to Rama-Swami Baloney.

Did Barbie Speed Up the Collapse of Trumpís Macho-Based Hate Movement?
Whether itís Barbie or the Trump prosecutions that have brought about what feels like the a sea-change in the American zeitgeist ó or the combination of them both around the same time ó Iíll take it!

Trump is already 'ineligible to serve as president ever again': top legal scholars
Then let that be the end of it.

'Hire more attorneys': Trump may be put under the gun by Judge Chutkan
Now, how does he do that if he is broke? The court going to appoint them?

Bookmakers Take Bets On Trumpís Weight At GA Arrest
Best use a scale from a grain elevator.

Ramaswamy: Iíll Run America Like Musk Runs Twitter
A dire warning straight from Swami-Ding-Dong's mouth! LMAO!
This would, of course, mean total devastation of America.
The Peter Principle illustrated.

Who are Trump's unindicted co-conspirators in Georgia?
Everyone who supported him or voted for him.

Trump's Crimes Are Even Leaving His Allies Broke
"The latest catastrophe that Donald Trump has brought to all of his supporters is that his crime spree is leaving them flat broke. News emerged in the last 24 hours that Rudy Giuliani literally went to Mar-a-Lago to beg Trump to cover his seven-figure legal costs — because he's going bankrupt."

Trump On Putin: 'I Was The Apple Of His Eye'
You bet. His road apple.

Little Rock Nine members condemn Arkansas Department of Educationís 'attempts to erase history'
Arkansas Republican lawmakers and the state Department of Education are receiving significant backlash for attempting to place restrictions on the state's Advanced Placement (AP) African American high school course.
Are the state fascists afraid to take it themselves. Sure.

Former Trump-supporting Iowans donít think he stands a chance: report
He stands a good chance of being fucked up.
But please don't lose sight of the rest of the Red Hats fucking us all up.

Busted: Kid Rock seen drinking right-wing boycotted Bud Light
He's now an LGBTQ+?

Christian missionary imposter who used $30 million donations for personal gain wanted by IRS
Aren't they all?

Virginia Republican Official Posts Obscene Anti-Biden Banner At Little League Game, Invites Boys For Selfies
Who's the groomer here? This asshole or drag queens? No contest. That dick shows he's the one that sucks.

Christian School Director Arrested Over Child Porn
Another one bites the dust.

Fani Willis' secret weapon: Trump will face "the Michael Jordan of RICO"
John Floyd, a special assistant D.A., is described as the "last person" a RICO defendant wants to encounter
Let's see what he does with Fatso.

'Wake up': Trump-loving Evangelicals warned they've been 'taken in by a hoax'
They've been taken in for centuries.

Why Bidenís Summit With Japan and South Korea Is a Big Deal
No American president has managed to wrangle a meeting like this before.

ĎI donít careí: Tommy Tuberville digs in on blockade of hundreds of military promotions
Remember: "Shingles doesn't care" either.
"Overloaded," he says. We are certainly overloaded with his arrogant stupidity.

Trump Loses Fourth Bid To Halt E. Jean Carroll Case
Loser keeps up his skill of showing us he's the best ever at it.

MTG Condemns Proposed Sentences For Proud Boys
"Marjorie Taylor Greene is upset that DOJ is seeking a 33 year prison sentence for Enrique Tarrio ó the leader of the ĎProud Boys.í When a member of Congress sympathizes with a convicted domestic terrorist, they should immediately be expelled from Congress. Expel Marjorie Greene." ó Dash Dobrofsky (@DashDobrofsky) August 18, 2023
The worst fake American of our times.

Ramaswamy: ďOur Goal Shouldnít Be For Putin To Lose
Rama-Swami-Ding Dongie-Baloney deals in bullshit for bullshit eaters.
"But despite his only campaign points being battling ďwokeness,Ē taking away rights, and, apparently, allowing authoritarian governments to do whatever they want, Ramaswamy is somehow rising in the polls."
Rising in polls of the lame, mindless fascists who would turn the country into a swine wasteland.
His view of black history is totally fucked up. Anti-American in a bigly way.

Don't Ever Let MAGA Grifters Tell You They're Opposed To Violence
OMG—- a pastor?
"For anyone who is not already familiar with 'pastor' Greg Locke, this guy is a real piece of work. He has attacked Biden while calling for a holy war. He's a lying anti-vaxxer who has spread lies about COVID vaccines. He went after Pence and called him a 'Judas' for refusing to steal the election for Trump. He's spread conspiracy theories about supposed child trafficking tunnels under the White House."

Oh So Now It's Illegal To Leave Voicemails For Judges?
"Letís check in with the fine upstanding MAGA folks who just want their country back. Are they behaving like good citizens ever since their beloved lord and savior Donald Trump started getting indicted a whole bunch of times? Or are they being little white supremacist terrorist garbagefuckers?"
According to a criminal complaint filed last week, on the night of Aug. 5, prosecutors allege that Abigail Jo Shry left a voicemail for Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is Black, that said in part, "You are in our sights, we want to kill you."
In the message to Chutkan, Shry alleged that if Trump were not to be elected president in 2024, "we are coming to kill you," and "you will be targeted personally, publicly, your family, all of it," per the complaint.
An intellectual voidoid.

Trump's Crimes Against Democracy Tower Far Above His 4 Indictments
Thereís a deeper truth here: the Trump/MAGA faction of the GOP hasn't just committed electoral crimes -- they've declared war on democracy itself...

How an Ohio court case gives a playbook for convicting Donald Trump
"A high-profile political court case in Ohio could provide a playbook for how Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will try to convict Donald Trump and his co-defendants of racketeering charges, USA Today reported Friday."

Georgia school board fires teacher for reading a book to students about gender identity
Fear lives in the throwbacks.
"ďThe district is sending a harmful message that not all students are worthy of affirmation in being their unapologetic and authentic selves," Rinderle said in the statement. "This decision, based on intentionally vague policies, will result in more teachers self-censoring in fear of not knowing where the invisible line will be drawn.
Digusting fear of truth.

Ken Paxtonís team said there was no evidence to support impeachment. The House published 4,000 pages.
I guess he thinks there should be more.

'Coward' Trump Mocked After 2 Backpedaling Announcements In A Row
"Donald Trump is getting mocked on social media after making two announcements in a row on Thursday."

Our collective malady: Donald Trump's mental health crisis is America's problem
Experts: Trump's "denial of reality" and "primitive projections" are imploding. He's even more dangerous

CDC Warns Of New ďHighly-MutatedĒ COVID Variant
Get ready for more stupid spreaders.

These Iowa Republicans say they'll support 'perfect' Trump no matter what ó 'until he dies'
Perfect unamed co-conspriators in crimes against America.

Feds to MTG: Tell us more about that anti-Islam, Nazi-adjacent provocateur who used your credit card
"The Federal Election Commission has questions for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) about a credit card charge that ties her congressional campaign to far-right agitator Milo Yiannopoulos and and rapper Kanye West."

Mike Lindell Speaker Claims Massive Voter Fraud In Deep Red State
Does Mike Lindellís presenter know that Donald Trump won Missouri by 15 points?
Perhaps the fraud they refer to was why Trump won their state.

The threats of violence against Trump judge and grand jurors have begun
Trump Nazis going about what we all expected from the terrorist party.

Prosecutors Seek 27-33 Years For Proud Boys Leaders
"Now you don't talk so loud, now you don't seem so proud..." — Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan

Ingraham Blames Maui Wildfires On ďRenewablesĒ
The Stupid Channel's chief moron. She's saying Bush WAS guilty.

Southern Baptist Leader Resigns Over Faked Resume
Another phoney from the "Xianist" cult.

Trump judge's actual argument for abortion bans: Doctors are harmed without cute sonograms
Judge James Ho argues women must be forced into pregnancy so others can "cheer at the sight of an unborn child"
Numbskull fascist fuck.

'Truly scandalous': Jim Jordan slammed by former top DOJ official
Jacket-Off shows brainless void in head.

'The end is near': Karl Rove dismantles Texas AGís 'forgiveness-doctrine defense'
"But, according to Rove, 'the Texas Supreme Court has held in three cases Ö that this so-called forgiveness doctrine doesnít apply when a Ďproceeding for removal is authorized by the [Texas] Constitution.íĒ

Matt Gaetz says 'the quiet part out loud' about true 'purpose' of Biden impeachment
And just why is this swine still not in a cell himself?

FPF Statement on Withdrawal of Kansas Search Warrant
"Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) welcomes the withdrawal of the search warrant issued against the Marion County Record and return of the equipment and other items seized by law enforcement. But authorities canít undo the harm theyíve done or give Joan Meyer her life back."

Transgender Women Are Now Barred From Womenís Events In ... Chess
I'm guessing they saw The Queen's Gambit film. Fake women will not embarass our men if we can help it!
How enlightening.

Georgia Rep Demands Special Session To Impeach DA
Land of the Happy Negro Nazi pukes into Trump slop bucket.

Texas woman accused of threatening to kill judge overseeing Trump election case and a congresswoman
Where you find one, you will find many. Texas.

'He's mapping out the entire conspiracy!' Morning Joe reacts to 'staggering' Roger Stone video
Truly, this is a total description of Trump's crimes. Total admission revealed on TV for everyone to hear.

Rudy Giuliani's 'hubris' in Georgia RICO case torn to pieces by former prosecutor
"Former federal prosecutor Barbara McQuade takes stock oof Giuliani's complaints in her latest MSNBC column Ė and concludes that the man who was once dubbed 'America's Mayor' after the September 11th terrorist attacks on New York City has only himself to blame for his predicament."

Mark Meadows Surfaces at Last ó And It Sure Looks Like Heís Flipped on Trump

The Constitution bars Trump from holding public office ever again
"The Disqualification Clause has already been used successfully to promote accountability for the insurrection, and, in the coming months, it will be used again to prevent Trump and others from serving in public office."
So, go ahead and waste your vote if you are that stupid.

Trump Maaaaaay Not Do TOTAL EXONERATION Press Conference After All. Sorry If You Got A Babysitter Already
"Yesterday, Wonkette had a jolly little post about poor Axios, having a panic attack and about to throw all its bullet points out the window, because it was freaked out over Donald Trumpís busy schedule. Court dates! Campaign events! Five things on his schedule in two weeks! What kind of meta-human can pull off such a feat!
Of course, one of those events he definitely didnít have to go to, and another one Wonkette rated as ďLikelihood of Trump canceling: We are guessing high.Ē Why? Because it was some dumbass MyPillow-esque press conference at Bedminster, announced on Truth Social, where Trump was allegedly going to BLOW THIS WHOLE THING WIDE OPEN!"

Fifth Circuit Allows Abortion Pill, But Only With Written Consent Of Embryo
"Just to remind you, this is the completely crap case out of Texas in which a group of antiabortion doctors sued in a handpicked jurisdiction to have the FDAís 2000 approval of mifepristone thrown out on the grounds that the approval process was bad.
None of the doctors have ever prescribed abortion pills, but their flimsy claim for standing was the possibility that if lots of patients start having adverse reactions to mifepristone, the docs and the medical system would be overwhelmed with patients. This is damned unlikely since only a tiny percentage of patients using mifepristone have any negative side effects and mifepristone is safer than penicillin and Viagra."
Amazing how many brainless people have a position of power.

GOP 'going down in flames' in 2024: DC insider
They lit the funeral pyre themselves.

Hey, Republicans! It's Trump who "criminalized politics" by turning GOP into a two-bit mafia
Ron DeSantis complains that RICO is for "organized crime." Sorry, dude ó that's exactly what a coup conspiracy is

The 'bad behavior' that might finally put Trump behind bars
When is enough, enough with this wretch?

'Judge' Jeanine Pirro, Being Ridiculous
"I want to rob a bank" versus "I'd like to rob a bank" is apparently a huge difference. Does this sound legal, judgie wudgie?
"This is a bank. Banks have money. I just need to find $11,700. I bet I can get them to fork it over if I show them my gun."

Search warrant withdrawn in Kansas newspaper raid
Total cluster fuck.
To top it off JFK, jr. is suing Daily Kos to unmask a user who wrote a story critical of Kennedy's attendance at a rally in Berlin that was organized, promoted and attended by neo-Nazis. The jerk is as bad as the jackasses that raided the Kansas paper. Relegate him to the trash bin.

GA Republicans Reject Calls To Change Pardon Rules
No more conning for you, Fatso.

Trump went on 'a multiyear crime spree' and GOP voters are finally noticing: Georgia Republican
His rig is up.

Brands Ditch Twitter After Ads Appear In Nazi Posts
The "X" is nothing more than straightened lines of a swastika.

Hate Groups Exult After NC Republicans Override Govís Veto Of ďDonít Say GayĒ And Two Anti-Transgender Bills
NC Nazis destroy freedoms for some of us. The usual crime.

Phillies Pitcher: I Threw A No-Hitter Thanks To Jesus
Yes. He's always been a baseball fan. He spends most of his time looking out for pitchers and ignoring people that burn to death in hurricane fires and kids getting shot to death in school/

Mike Lindell's voter fraud 'summit' derailed when he accidentally played Kimmel clip
The lack of brains is stunning in these miscreant fools.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveals Marjorie Taylor Greeneís Plan To Get Rid Of Marjorie Taylor Greene
ďIs it possible that Iíll be VP?Ē Hahaha, maybe in hell.
Trumpís Cabinet? Is he going to make an imaginary ďCabinet,Ē in prison?
Cool ideas, all, we encourage Greene to pursue them all.

13-year-old girl emerges as new leader of QAnon cult Ė and vows to indoctrinate kids: report
How sick do we have to get before we apply a cure to this absolute nonsense.
"Q" isn't coming anywhere. "Q" is a myth that lives rent free in your pitifully stupid brain.

LISTEN: Trump supporter ties himself in knots trying to argue with podcast host
"John from Staten Island called into NYC podcaster Michael Signorile's SiriusXM show on Monday, but things didn't work out the way he seemed to have anticipated."
"I donít even know why I engaged in a discussion on my SiriusXM program with this guy, as he had no facts ó literally didnít know the names players or politicians, just referring to them as 'that guyĒó but he is emblematic of many in MAGA world," wrote Signorile on his Substack.

Warrant for Kansas newspaper raid withdrawn by prosecutor for Ďinsufficient evidenceí
How corruption works in America.

Hundreds March On Miami School Board In Protest Of Floridaís New Racist Black History Education Standards
Where are the rest of the decent people? MIA.

The names of the grand jurors who indicted Trump are now public. Whoís protecting them?
Who's fucking brilliant idea was this? Dick Dumbass?
"But it also means Trump's base of violence-minded insurrectionists immediately knows the identities of all of the private Georgia citizens who were summoned to grand jury duty and, after hearing the case and witness testimony presented by the district attorney, agreed that there was evidence Donald and friends committed a whole lot of crimes."

San Antonio Police Arrest Father After Handgun Found In Preschooler's Backpack
"Ever vigilant, Texas authorities have now outlawed backpacks for preschoolers and they will only be allowed to bring needed school items in a clear plastic baggie. And no, I'm not making this shit up."

'Straight up communism': Nikki Haley echoes Marjorie Taylor Greene rhetoric to attack Democrats
And Nikki and Margie are straight up Nazi swine.

Meet the pastor who was indicted with Trump in Georgia
Oh, I think we've met before.

Texas GOP's plan to place armed guards in every school is already falling apart: report
Did someone already shoot themselves by accident?

Trump's Busy Court Date Schedule Eating Into His Wall Ketchup Time And Axios Is STRESSED
"When you are a hustler and a bustler like Donald Trump, you get used to a busy schedule. Heís always been like this, including back when he was president, juggling his important schedule of watching Fox News all morning and then going to work at noon."
"Oh, but he also has to ďcampaignĒ for ďpresident!Ē Which he is definitely only doing because he wants to steal the election in 2024 so he can pardon himself from all his upcoming criminal convictions.
This has been a Wonkette post making fun of an Axios post about how Trump definitely has to show up for exactly one (1) thing in the next two weeks, or maybe two (2) but they are not on the same day."

Stupid Inflation Reduction Act, Growing Economy And Decreasing Emissions And Capping Grandma's Insulin And
Today is the one-year anniversary of Joe Biden signing the Inflation Reduction Act into law, and thereís plenty of reason for the administration to take a victory lap. The IRA is the single biggest step the USA has ever taken to address climate change, and a recent analysis projects that it will cut Americaís carbon dioxide emissions significantly..."
And still voters question Biden? Voters aren't paying attention it's clear to see.

Inflation Is Falling. So Why Are the Fiscal Austerians Back in the Headlines?
The latest scare was over the Social Security trust fund. The endgame is not to get rid of inflation, or to protect American workers, but to destroy their power.
"After almost half-century of economic gains for workers, the countryís elites remain frustrated that the economy refuses to fall into recession. From their perspective, one of the scariest things has been the relative success of the Biden administrationís fiscal policy. In contrast to President Obamaís paltry response to the 2008 financial crisis, the rebound from the pandemic-induced recession of 2020 has been nothing short of remarkable."
And voters are having second thoughts on Joe Biden? Good God! No wonder we have grifters getting elected.

Historian Jon Meacham Calls Trump Attempt A 'Coup DíEtat'
Anyone with a reasonbly functional brain would do the same.

Kayleigh McEnany Is Big Mad Over Hillary Clinton
Still spreading the bullshit over your croooked man-who-would-be-king, hurted little girl?
ROTFLMAO at you and your POS clown.

Ex-DOJ officials: Trump 'deliberately distorting' 1st Amendment to 'advance the theme of political victimhood'
Really? He would play the victim card? It is the Republican platform. Has been forever.

'Good chance' it becomes 'evidence against him': Report Trump says will exonerate him mocked by his ex-lawyer
What is it about "anything you say may and will be held against you" that he doesn't get?

'Scared to death': Morning Joe says Trump 'doesn't have the guts' to take part in first GOP debate
Maybe he can steal some?

"Teflon Don" is a collective fiction ó it's time to tell the story of Trump in jail
Trump still believes he's untouchable, and so do his dangerous followers. It's time for consequences that count

Kyle Rittenhouse launches nonprofit with far-right Texans as he ramps up political engagement in the state
Oh, good. A killer with shit fer brains. He'll be perfect for Texas.

George Santos misses deadline to disclose finances after receiving extension: report
Why is this lying miscreant still walking around anywhere near our government?

Fox Legal Hack Accidentally Validates GA Trump Indictment
ďYou look at this indictment and every call, every tweet, every speech seems to be a separate criminal act that composes this conspiracy,Ē Foxís Jonathan Turley whined.
Accidentally on purpose.

Maggie Haberman Tells CNN Trump ĎWould Be In Jailí For Attacks on Courts If He Was Any Other Defendant
"He is really pushing here in a way that could really hurt him in terms of how this trial is conducted, when this trial is conducted."

Marge Greene Says Fani Willis Should Be Going After Rapists
Not Trump! I guess she forgot that Trump was just found liable for a rape.
A mind is a horrible thing to waste.

Lindsey Whines: Holding Trump Accountable Will 'Damage Presidency'
Sure thing Lindsey. You'd better hope you're not next.
Earth to Lindsey: Trump is not the president and neither are you.

Sunday School Teacher Gets 50 Years For Molestation
Another one bites the dust.

Multiple Outlets Debunk The Maui Wildfire ďTruthersĒ
We know it was Ming the Merciless from the plant Mongo!

Jeanine Pirro: Trumpís RICO Charges Are ďJust TheaterĒ
The septic tank is backing up again.

'Melania has had her fill': Ex-senator unloads on Trump family's distance
The loser loses again.

Trump's allies are already demanding Georgia laws be changed so he can be pardoned
Rigging the system is the MAGAt stock in trade. What buffoons!

We Canít Keep Being the Human Beings Who Live to Destroy
With some large-scale tweaking and significant reorientation, could our species have a similarly big impact in a positive way?

7 things people who say they're 'fiscally conservative but socially liberal' just don't understand
Anyone know a few of these people?

Which Trump Idiot's Seething Rage Is Funniest Today, Alina Habba Or Alina Habba?
"Oh, these motherfucking babies, how they are raging."

Oh So Now Itís A Crime To Do Totally Legal Things If Theyíre Part Of Massive Criminal Conspiracies To Overturn Elections
"Wow. Is that the closest heís come to just accidentally and/or not accidentally typing what he probably really really really wants to type?"
"Anyway, that comes after last night, when the loser bitched that 19 people had just been 'indicated.' Indeed, Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis and her grand jury have released a great big set of indications, and also some indictments. The purpose of the conspiracy was to ďunlawfully change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump.Ē
"Los Angeles Times legal guy and former US attorney Harry Litman helpfully broke down a few of the broad brushes of this newest indictment against Donald Trump and one million of his closest criminal confidantes, so weíll cheat off his cheat sheet."

Newest ďAnti-WokeĒ Tantrum: Right-Wingers Donít Think Kids of Different Races Can Be Friends
Duh. Rascism does strange things to otherwise sane people. They get carefully taught to hate and want everyone else to hate the same way they do.
"These days, it's almost never just one nutty lady at a school board meeting. It's about a movement with a committed ideology, that has deep connections to Donald Trump's campaign to end democracy."

Lock Him Up
Donald Trump has been indicted for a fourth time. Good.

11 ways Donald Trump doesnít become president again
Maybe more.

Trump Maximum Sentences Add Up To Staggering 712 YEARS and 6 Months In Prison For All 91 Counts
He'll do only about 100 years with his good behavior.

Giuliani: ďThis Indictment Is An Affront To DemocracyĒ
Project much?

Trump Lawyer Furious About Georgia Plan For Mugshot
If he loves his country so much he should leave it forever.
Oh, and take Habba with him.

Texas wants Planned Parenthood to repay millions of dollars
And people in hell (and Texas) want ice water.
"Elberg said it is ďhard to understandĒ how Planned Parenthood was knowingly filing false claims at a time when it was in court fighting to stay in the program and Texas was still paying the reimbursements."
ďThis just isnít what the False Claims Act is supposed to be about,Ē said Elberg, faculty director at Seton Hall Law School's Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law.
Screw Texas. Rinse. Repeat.

Drug makers have tripled the prices of top Medicare drugs
"For nearly all the drugs, the price hikes far outstripped the rate of inflation, with increases ranging from 20 percent to 739 percent during the drugs' lifetimes on the market."
Your money or your life. Robbing with a fountain pen and not a gun. These capitalist swine are contributing to mass genocide, a crime against humanity.

Thirty-plus news organizations condemn 'chilling' police raid on Kansas newspaper
"Donnie, these men are cowards." — Walter Sobchak

Ex-U.S. District Court clerk: 'Significant evidence' that fake electors knew 'Trump had definitely lost'
"Joshua Stanton, a former clerk for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee, said thereís ď significant evidenceĒ that Arizonaís fake electors ďwere aware that [former President Donald] Trump had definitely lost,Ē the Arizona Republic reports."

Trump next week: 'Major' news conference, GOP debate and arraignment on 13 felony charges including RICO
"If Donald Trump decides to appear on stage at next weekís first Republican 2024 presidential debate, he will be standing center-stage, in the middle of about a half-dozen other candidates, none of whom have been indicted on 91 felony charges in four different jurisdictions for alleged crimes including racketeering, conspiracy, and obstruction."
What WILL it take to prove to humans that this man is no longer in touch with reality?

To Stand Out and Be Us: We Are Done Dying In Silence
America is so done with racist swine who are lower than garbage.

GA Fake Elector Hit With 11 Charges Including Perjury
"In the surveillance video, which was obtained by CNN, Cathy Latham, a former GOP chairwoman of Coffee County who is under criminal investigation for posing as a fake elector in 2020, escorts a team of pro-Trump operatives to the countyís elections office on January 7, 2021, the same day a voting system there is known to have been breached."

How Trump, associates 'directly violated the law' by 'unlawfully' conspiring to overturn 2020 election: indictment
They did everything they accused someone else of doing.

The fourth indictment ó and Trump's willful refusal to stop intimidating witnesses
"It is another step in Americaís slow but steady process of criminal justice, another illustration that no one is above the law. Fani Willis and her staff deserve the nationís thanks, as do Jack Smith and his staff, and Alvin Bragg and his staff in Manhattan."

'Iíve never seen anything like it': Economic analyst breaks down origin of Jared Kushnerís $3 billion profit
".What we know for a fact is that he raised $3.1 billion and only about $30 million of it actually came from investors in the United States all the rest of it is foreign money. And of that foreign money, $2 billion came from the Saudis."

Watch: Bodycam video appears to prove Texas sheriffís version of confrontation with GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson
Down goes Jackson, Down goes Jackson, Down goes Jackson!

Geoff Duncan Urges Republicans To Boot Trump Out Of Race
The former lieutenant governor of Georgia is a lot more worried about Republicans losing than about saving democracy.

Hillary Clinton: 'A Terrible Moment For Our Country'
"I don't feel any satisfaction, just a profound sadness," she told Rachel Maddow.

Trump Seeks Halt To Riot Suit: Too Busy Being Arrested
Whatever his problem is, he should have thought of it before he committed the crime.
Too bad, too bad.

Some Georgia Republicans get it: Fani Willis just did them a huge favor
Whopping Trump indictment in Georgia could begin to undo the massive damage Trump has done to his own party
But some of them will never get it.

Trump's co-conspirators facing two choices -- flip or get caught 'holding the bag': legal expert
That's the bag they're in.

Trump's own press statement is used as evidence of 'solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer'
Fatso fucks himself.

'They're all trapped': GOP insider says there's almost no way for Trump's rivals to beat him
All MAGAts will now be considered co-consprirators in the biggest crime wave we've ever seen.

Mark Meadows, Trump and 17 others charged on 41 counts in Georgia 2020 election probe: report
"A Fulton County Superior Court grand jury indicted former President Donald Trump and 18 others on 41 counts Monday night 'related to their efforts to overturn' the 2020 presidential election, The Washington Post reports.
According to The New York Times, "The 41 counts named in the indictment ó from racketeering charges, to conspiracy to commit forgery, to perjury ó are by far the most sweeping set of accusation Trump has faced in any of his other three indictments to date."
"Former New York mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani and ex-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows are among the 19 charged."
This is the biggest crime spree in the history of nation.

Right-wing Wisconsin Supreme Court judgeís edits to Wikipedia page may be 'conflict of interest': watchdog
"Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley recently logged into her personal Wikipedia page and made a few edits, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel watchdog columnist Daniel Bice reports."
"According to the report, @arizonasunblock on Twitter last week wrote, 'Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justice @JudgeBradleyWI is currently engaging in an edit war on her Wikipedia page under an anonymous username that she also uses in her personal email. You cannot make this stuff up.'"
"Bice discovered the Twitter user was correct, with the username 'rlgbjd,' standing for 'Rebecca Lynn Grassl Bradley, J.D.'"
Wowie Zowie!

Texas Is ďHell-BentĒ on Preventing Pregnant Patients From Getting Life-Saving Abortion Care
"Hours after a Texas judge ruled in favor of expanding abortion access to patients facing life-threatening complications, the state appealed the decision, blocking it from taking effect."
Texas is very much a Talibastard state.

11 prominent Republicans file amicus brief that Ďflies in the faceí of Trumpís trial delay demands
It's time to cut off the head of the snake. The party will not let this sake kill them first.

Third Military Branch Now Without Confirmed Leader
This man really hates America and apparently there's nothing we can do as he kills our American military.
Have we, at last, become this spineless as to allow this to continue?

Trump Loses Bid To Remove Judge In New York Case
Big fat loser.

Does Trump WANT To Go To Jail?
Then make it life without parole.

Trump's Late Night Attack On Jack Smith And Judge Chutkan
This fool is looking for a life in prison. He's trying for a mentally ill excuse.

Stephen Miller Flips Out Over 'Gay' Pop Tarts
Satan's Son-in-Law.

Two Dozen Riders Attacking Wildlife, Endangered Species, and At-Risk Habitats in House Spending Bills Must Be Removed
The evil that men do.

Youths Win Historic Montana Climate Lawsuit; MEPA Limitations Declared Unconstitutional
"Today, Judge Seeley ruled in the plaintiffsí favor, writing, 'The [Montana Environmental Policy Act] Limitation is unconstitutionally contributing to the depletion and degradation of Montanaís environment and natural resources and contributing to Plaintiffsí injuries. The MEPA Limitation deprives Plaintiffs of their constitutionally guaranteed rights.' Such a ruling in this landmark case shows that Montanaís government is indeed infringing on the constitutional rights of its citizens and causing direct harm through the proliferation of fossil fuels and refusal to consider climate impacts."
A meaningful victory for America.

Wisconsin GOP threatens to impeach liberal justice: 'What authoritarianism looks like'
Grifting bastards. They have been treasonous for quite a while now.

Pro-Trump Republicans aiding Georgia company seeking to 'aggressively cancel voter registrations': report
Voter suppression in full daylight by Confederate traitors.

'Blatantly unlawful': Legal experts warn Trump attempting 'witness tampering in real-time'
Trump continues his crime spree.

Newest "anti-woke" tantrum: Right-wingers don't think kids of different races can be friends
A bizarre racist outburst at a Texas school board isn't an isolated event ó it's part of a national pattern
They could have stopped with "Right-wingers don't think."

Michigan conservative caught on tape: ĎWeíre going to have a civil warí if election prosecutions continue
News flash: Due to crooked assholes such as you we are already in one. It's mostly whining from grifting facsists such as you.
"Maddock, Facchinello and their 14 co-defendants each face multiple felonies including election law forgery, and conspiracy to commit election law forgery."

Free press defenders decry 'deeply disturbing' raid on Kansas newspaper
"Joan Meyer "died in the line of duty," Kansas City Star columnist Melinda Henneberger wrote Sunday. "It is not hyperbole to say that this attack on the people's right to know appears to have killed her."
Nazi bastards that are responsible must be prosecuted.

FL Abortion Rights Activists Pushing For Constitutional Amendment
Unlike Ohio, though, Florida already requires 60 percent approval for the constitutional amendment to pass.
"Ain't that just like Republicans? They can't win on the issues, so they just keep changing the rules until they work in their favor."

GOP Fears Turnout Disaster If Trumpís Not On Ballot
There is no GOP, only the MAGAt Nazis that raped the party.

Trumpís Co-Conspirators Are Turning On Each Other
They always do to save their own ass.

DeSantis Family Shuts Down Bumper Car Ride So They Can Play
The DeSantis dazzling political instincts were on display yet again, as the man-o-the-people allowed folks to watch from afar while his family enjoyed the bumper cars at the Iowa State Fair. His ride. Watch how privileged a fascist dictator will be.

House Republican admits bank records 'are not' evidence of President Bidenís alleged corruption
"United States Representative Mike Turner (R-Ohio), the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, conceded on Sunday's edition of Face the Nation that Republicans still lack direct proof that implicates President Joe Biden in a scheme spanning his entire career to personally profit from his son Hunter's professional relationships."
"CBS News moderator Margaret Brennan noted to Turner that these same GOP lawmakers are the people parroting Trump's counternarrative that he is a target of political persecution by the DOJ."
Why don't they get a plan to move their country forward instead of fucking around working on their rigging systems?

Fani Willis Can Prove Trump's Team Behind Georgia Voting Systems Hack
Exclusive reporting from CNN this morning shows Georgia prosecutors have text messages showing Trump and his team were behind the voting systems breach in Coffee County.
The biggest crook since Al Capone.

Tennessee hospital faces civil rights investigation over release of transgender health records
"Vanderbilt University Medical Center is facing a federal civil rights investigation after turning the medical records of transgender patients over to Tennesseeís attorney general, hospital officials have confirmed."
State where KKK began sticks nose in rat trap.

Haley: You Donít Go To Jail For Stolen Election Claims
You do if you're the one trying to steal it, such as your boy Trump did.
Now, wake the fuck up because you ain't goin' nowhere.

Naked Pastor Arrested Masturbating Outside Walmart
"The person saw a male white, fully naked, standing next to a black truck and appeared to be masturbating."
"According to its website, Bartmer is a pastor at Lighthouse Church in Antioch, IL."
Another "Xianist pastor" biting the dust hard! Pardon the expression.
Always ministers. Think of it.

Nevada GOP To Defy New Law On Holding Primary
The Republican party is not the party of law and order. They are a crime syndicate.

'Maui is my home ó you don't speak for me': Lauren Boebert slammed over Hawaii fires attack on Biden
The brainless bottom feeder is her — a dispicable swine like the rest of the Trump MAGAts.

CNN election breach bombshell connects dots for federal indictment: legal expert
A lot of dots being connected lately.

Right-wing hate no longer confined to the fringes: conservative columnist
This is news?

Scientists Puzzled to Find Plastic Fragments Inside Human Hearts
"Think plastics."

Disgraced General Mike Flynn Blames Jews For Being Exterminated
And who is he blaming for his own demise?
The swine describes what Trump did with immigrant families at the border. The same thing Hitler's people did with the jews.

Two Federalist Society Originalists have Independently arrived at the Same Conclusion as Jack Smith
"These authors are not democrats, progressives, or liberals. They did their fact-based research and arrived at their conclusions ó from the perspective of ďConstitutional Originalists.Ē
Of course, they will only enforce the Constitution based on their situational ethics.

CNN: Trump Team Behind GA Voting Machines Breach
"Atlanta-area prosecutors investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia are in possession of text messages and emails directly connecting members of Donald Trumpís legal team to the early January 2021 voting system breach in Coffee County, sources tell CNN."

Arkansas Ends Credit For AP Black History Course
Nazi thugs stamp out Black history. We can't call them Americans any longer.
The retarded state wants to stay that way.

Trump repeats 'grotesque' smear of Fani Willis after new report of grand jury reconvening
Keep fucking around, digging your own grave, Fatso.

'That's how fascists talk': Matt Gaetz flattened for threat of violence in support of Trump
Gaetz talks a good fight. Drop him like a bad habit.

Man Pleads Guilty To Sending Bomb Threat To Election Official Across The Country
James W. Clark demanded an Arizona election official's resignation, or else a bomb he'd supposedly planted would go off.
This poor moron didn't know which state was which. Thus illustrating the low mental capacity of fascist terrorists.

Nick Cave Unloads on Musicians Using ChatGPT to Write Songs
Why wouldn't that be considered plagerism?
Whatever, Nick is right.

Fox's Bartiromo And Sen. Ron Johnson Continue Pushing Dangerous COVID Lies
Batshit crazy people still at large shoveling bullshit on TV.

Religious Trauma Syndrome: How some organized religion leads to mental health problems
Only some? LOL!

House Republicans Embed Anti-LGBTQ Provisions Into Must-Pass Funding Bills
These assholes act as if they were all members of the KKK.

The Shocking Voter Purge Crisis of Democracy Revealed
An increasingly desperate GOP is doing this because they know their policies are unpopular: racism, pollution, privatizing Medicare, ending Social Security, criminalizing abortion, etc.
Fascism, plain and simple.

Trump launches over-the-top attack on Fani Willis as Fulton County indictment looms
Whine you bitch. It will do you no good. In fact, you will sink deeper in the quicksand you created.

'Blood on his hands': Abbott under fire for busing migrants to Chicago after 3-year-old dies
He can't get the blood off his hands. It's been there a long time now.

Trump is 'playing with fire' if he pushes his 'garbage argument' in Judge Chutkan's courtroom: biographer
Let the stooge keeping running his fat mouth. Fuck around and see what happens, Fatso.

Watch: Far-right activist Ammon Bundy arrested at high school football fundraiser
"Bundy, who was slapped with 8-figure damages by a jury in July in a defamation trial brought by an Idaho hospital he harassed, was arrested on a contempt charge at an event for Emmett High School football. He was arrested on a warrant for contempt charges during a legal battle with St. Luke's Health System, KTVB reported."
Nothing but contemptable.

Team DeSantis has paid $95,000 courting a religious leader in Iowa: report
"DeSantis "has spent far more than any rival on courting an influential Christian conservative leader and his following in the key early voting state of Iowa," Reuters reported on Saturday."
Trying to buy votes, are we Dipster?

Ramaswamy: U.S. is scared of China Ďbecause we depend on themí
The United States imports more from China than from any other country but China is one of the largest export markets for U.S. goods and services. Chinaís exports suffered their biggest drop in more than three years in July as global demand slowed. So, what point does he have here? Clearly, he's talking out of his ass.

Trump blames left for legal costs
Well, certainly he can't be blamed, he's the victim of the world.
If he's so rich why is he bitching?
Anyway, the left must be rolling in the bucks now which is very bad news for Fatso.

'This cannot be allowed to stand': Police raid on local newspaper a grim threat to Kansansí First Amendment rights
They have no business raiding a newspaper without any legal credentials that state a specific reason.
If so, this is fascism at work.
"Small government conservatism is a HUGE myth." (comments)

'Flip-Flop Fest': GOP mocked for after demanding Hunter Biden special counsel 'be appointed'
"Republicans expressing outrage after Attorney General Merrick Garland on Friday elevated the Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney investigating Hunter Biden to special counsel status are now being mocked and chastised after it was revealed they have been demanding the Attorney General appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden for over a year."
What a bunch of brainless old farts.

Federal Judge Issues Protective Order In Trump J6 Case
Let's see if the moron has the brains to keep his fat mouth shut.

Wisconsin Fake Electors Lose Bid To Dismiss Lawsuit
Ye fakes must be judged!

Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Assault Weapons Ban
"The Illinois State Supreme Court found a strict assault weapons ban passed after the Highland Park shooting to be constitutional in a ruling issued Friday. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit that claimed that the ban violated the equal protections clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

Texas School Board Members Say Racially-Inclusive Posters Are ďTraumatizingĒ Students And Possibly Illegal
Their dysfunctional parents are the ones who were offended. LMAO!

Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro blows off J6 court hearing to guest host for Steve Bannon
Keep fucking around and see.

'Hope Trump is paying attention': Experts draw parallels after high-profile defendant jailed
His disability won't help him.

Is Trump Following the Same Well-Worn Path Blazed by Past Terrorist Leaders?
No former president in American history has encouraged such violence or tried to inspire stochastic terrorism. Outside of the Confederacy, no politician has worked so hard to tear America apart.

Fani Willis 'has evidence to charge multiple' Trump allies with breaching voting machines: report
"A new report from The Guardian's Hugo Lowell claims that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has enough "evidence to charge multiple" Trump allies with breaching voting machines in the state.
Two sources tell The Guardian that several of Trump's allies could get hit with felony computer trespass charges as soon as next week, although the list of charges and defendants has yet to be finalized."

House Democrats call on Clarence Thomas to resign over 'stunning' corruption
Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement that Thomas' "alleged actions are not just shocking, they are illegal."
"Disclosure laws like the ones Justice Thomas allegedly violated are meant to provide transparency and prevent corruption," Lieu added. "Justice Thomas' alleged actions don't just appear corrupt, they are corrupt because of the unprecedented scale of his ethical and legal violations. Justice Thomas has brought shame upon himself and eroded the credibility of the Supreme Court. Justice Thomas should resign immediately."
Let me guess. Here comes his "politcal lynching" defense again.

Ingraham Hints FBI Killed Extremist For Backing Trump
ďIt kind of amounts to a smear, implicit, at least, of millions of Americans who may have supported President Trump or other conservatives implying that they canít be trusted or, I donít know, is it when in doubt, shoot first, ask questions later?" — Laura Ingraham.
Then why haven't they killed you yet, Laura?

House Republicans Cite Noahís Ark In Motion Backing Texas Using Circular Saws, Razor Wire On Rio Grande
Deep thinking by failed logic section of MAGAt brains.

Federal Judge Sides With DOJ On Protective Order And Says Trumpís Right To Free Speech Is ďNot Absolute"
"The former president has a right to free speech, but that right is ‚Äúnot absolute,‚ÄĚ the judge said at a hearing Friday. ďMr. Trump, like every American, has a First Amendment right to free speech, but that right is not absolute. In a criminal case such as this one, the defendant's free speech is subject to the rules,"Ě Chutkan said.

Republican coalition shrinks as suburbs, businesses flee
"Issue 1 would have raised the threshold for amending the state's constitution from a bare majority of voters to 60%. State Republican lawmakers sought to sneak it through in what they believed would be a sleepy August special election. Unfortunately for Republicans, they missed the memo that a group of high-turnout erstwhile GOP loyalistsósuburban momsóare actually deeply committed to keeping abortion legal while many are also fleeing the Republican Party."

The TV streaming apps broke their promises, and now theyíre jacking up prices
Shake down artists as we all know.

Inside One ĎEgregiousí Mistake From Trumpís Florida Judge Aileen Cannon
"Judge Aileen Cannon barely has any courtroom experience, but in her limited time on the bench she appears to have flouted hundreds of years of legal traditionójust because."

Robert Reich: Donald Trump and Ayn Rand
The idea of ďthe common goodĒ was once widely understood and accepted in America. After all, the U.S. Constitution was designed for ďWe the peopleĒ seeking to ďpromote the general welfareĒ ó not for ďme the selfish jerk seeking as much wealth and power as possible.Ē

Leaked recording reveals Michigan Trump ally ranting about 'civil war' after fake elector wife is indicted
Stuff it where the sun don't shine.

GOPer accusing Biden of 'treason' say heíll file impeachment resolution related to 'drugs an prostitution'
Mr. Steubid? ROTFLAMO!

Truth Social Tipped Off FBI To Threats By Man Killed In Shootout
"The social media company owned by Trump tipped off the FBI in March about threats made by a Utah man who was fatally shot Wednesday by FBI agents as they attempted to arrest him for threatening to kill President Joe Biden, NBC News reported.
Now who did you MAGAts say you wanted assassinated?

'Not a single peso from Mexico': Chris Christie taunts Trump fans for broken wall-building promise
"Trump did not finish building the border wall during his four years in office, let alone get the Mexican government to pay for any of it."
Another part of Trump's total failure.

'Abundant evidence' shows Trump engaged in insurrection and cannot hold office: conservative scholars
"Two conservative constitutional law professors have concluded that Donald Trump cannot be president again unless two-thirds of Congress votes to give him amnesty for leading an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021."

Why the Justice Department must prosecute the lawyers who conspired with Donald Trump
The legal field is in need of serious redemption

Trumpers Threatening Violence And Civil War Over Indictments
More MAGAts are willing to sacrifice themselves on the foot of Trump's indictment altar. Good luck with that. Still they spew debunked conpiracy theories.
It will be America's pleasure to see them vanish.

Dennis Prager: What's Wrong With Masturbating To Child Porn?
This is the guy providing ďeducational resourcesĒ to Floridaís children.
"Apparently, a pedophiliac is A-OK at PragerU, so long as youíre a conservative."
This is the party that is led by Donald Trump. America, do what needs to be done with these toxic piles.

Jack Smith Proposes Lightning Fast Timeline For Trump's Jan 6 Trial
Jack Smith's office wants to get this trial started right at the beginning of January 2024, well before the election.
Trump's only hope is stalling it and rigging the election so he can pardon himself. But would he even have that power?

Feds indict white supremacist 'reverend' for threatening jurors in Pittsburgh synagogue shooter trial: report
Another witness intimidator faces justice.

News Corp To Lean On AI After Profits Plunge 75%
And it won't be any better than the trash they failed with.

Brett Favre Loses Appeal In Mississippi Welfare Lawsuit
Still getting sacked.

MAGA Sides With Deceased Man Who Wanted To Assassinate Biden
No one is surprised MAGAts support assassination. They really are spoiing for a reckoning. Fuck around and see what happens.

House Republicans invoke Bible defending Greg Abbottís 'barbaric' razor wire and circular saw buoys
They have invoked the Bibleís Book of Genesis, including Noahís Ark, to make their case.
From the Torah? A Jewish tome? Do they understand this?
"Democratic U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas called the buoys 'barbaric,' and in video showed they are constructed of circular saw blades. In that video Congressman Castro also points to Governor Abbottís razor wire fences."

Utah Mormon Leader Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Abuse and assault hold no "religious" bounds.

Feds Collar Fugitive WV Neo-Nazi After He Threatened Witnesses And Jurors In PA Synagogue Mass Shooting
Another Nazi nabbed.

Cops punch Black man and tear child from his arms after wrongly accusing him of hit-and-run: video
Hmmm. Guess they all look the same to cops. But what about that deadly possession of grass! OMG!
I guess that means kicking the shit out of him was fine. They got high on it later, I suppose.

Trump adviser accused of molesting women at Arizona nightclub: report
Like boss, like gopher.

Manchin Is ďThinking SeriouslyĒ About Ditching Dems
Coming out as a fascist pig? Nothing to see here.

Trump tried to steal Pennsylvania. Here's how we stop him from succeeding next time
"And if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee once more, there's every reason to think he'll try to steal Pennsylvania's electoral votes, just like he sought to do in 2020óand was just indicted for."

'We fear for their union': Dutch MEP blasts US gerontocracy ó and warns 'Trump is a serious threat'
As stated here before, Trump is a cancer on the world.

Idaho loses its 'Teacher of the Year' after right-wing parents chase her out of state
Now they can shutup their complaining about "cancel culture."

Catholic school football coach threatened to call 911 on reporter investigating racist comments
Could he be a "pastor" on the side at Cardinal "Afred E."Newman High School in Santa Rosa?

'I believe he has gone mad!' Trump snaps at Biden in over-the-top Truth Social meltdown
So, Fatso's now projecting his own insanity? It's so over for him and his leeches.

'I won't be getting more quiet': Lauren Boebert fires back after Joe Biden slams her
Of course, sarcasm is a word she thinks means "snarkasm."
If we could only harness her eternal windbag think of the energy source we could enjoy.

ĎCrook, plain and simpleí: Bombshell Clarence Thomas Ďsugar daddiesí report leaves experts calling for his resignation
"ProPublica's latest report into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' lavish billionaire-funded lifestyle has again forced experts to allege he violated federal law as some call for the embattled jurist to resign or be impeached."

Matt Walsh Has Thoughts About Hummingbirds. They Are White Supremacist Thoughts
"Why is Matt Walsh trending today? Is it because he said something extremely creepy about childrenís genitals as part of his anti-transgender crusade? It it something about those creepy groomer pervert babydolls he sells of himself?
Nah, heís just being a mediocre white supremacist, bitching and crying about white people going 'extinct.' Because thatís a thing educated people who have actual skills and talents to contribute to the world bitch and cry about." "But yes, for mediocre white MAGA fascist Christian types whose existence is a net zero for American society, but who for mystifying reasons literally believe in their hearts that they are superior to other people, we understand that pretty much all their politics is rooted around their pant-shitting fears that nobody will be required to obey them ever again.
Has he even bothered to visit "Extinction Ranch"?

In federal trial, Galveston County challenged on efforts to undo Black and Latino voting power
"The coastal county faces a drawn-out trial over claims of intentional discrimination in its 2021 redistricting of commissioners court precincts. The only district in which Black and Latino voters could meaningfully influence elections was dismantled."
And the racist on and here comes Abbott up the back stretch.

Texas state troopers are routinely stopping motorists of color in Austin, data shows
Troopers moving up the inside.

How Many Indictments Will It Be, DA Fani Willis? MORE THAN A DOZEN? Trump Must Be Terrified
"A storm is raging as we type this, and if youíre also in the southern United States, that might be true for you when you read this. Which seems appropriate, as, for the moment at least, this internet website seems to have become the Countdown To Fani Willis Flying Out Of The Sky At Donald Trump Like Landshark And BITE HIM internet website."
When are the indictments coming, DA Willis? Next week, probably.

DeSantis Cites 9/11 In Ad Boasting Of His Naval Service
DeSantis needs to read "Better Lying For Political Scamming."

Ohio Yanks License From ďVax Magnetizes YouĒ Doc
"Tenpenny has been a star at many QAnon conferences and was hosted by Robert Kennedy Jr. at an anti-vax event in June 2023. She has probably made millions selling her $623 anti-vax ďboot camp.Ē

GOP congressional candidate 'wildly plagiarized' and 'entirely made up' portions of his honors thesis: report
"Florida Politics reports Sabatini ď has run on a far-right platform, associating himself with figures like former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.Ē
Just as the rest of the Nazis have done.

Judges may 'have no choice' but to jail Trump if he keeps up attacks: legal expert
Wow! Ya think?
"Now, we're into this situation where a person with lifetime Secret Service protection, can they be jailed? How will the Secret Service react? How will the marshals react."
Simple: Remove his protection. He forfeits it.

Marge Greene's New Boyfriend Threatens 'Full Scale Riot' In 2024
A TV host who is dating Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) predicted a "full-scale riot" during the counting of votes in 2024 if it looks like a repeat of the 2020 presidential election, which Donald Trump lost.
There is a solution for this know-nothing's little coup.

Don't be fooled by the spin: Republicans are banning courses and harassing teachers out of their job
The confusion is the point: Educators can't figure out what's allowed, and are forced to give up teaching entirely Patriot Front members buried over lawsuit complaint they lost their jobs after their identities were exposed
"As the editors wrote, the five who are suing are experiencing the consequences of their actions that they know are so reprehensible that they choose to wear masks when they appear in public."
Same people that refused masking to prevent Covid?

Trump is 'a serious threat' to American unity on par with the Confederacy: European lawmaker
Traitor for sure. More like Jim Jones. There's always the Kool-Aid.

Philly Archdiocese Settles Child Rape Suit For $3.5M
A BIG dust bite! Good thing they weren't selling pizza.

Jack Smith Got A Secret Search Warrant For Trumpís Twitter Account
According to a newly unsealed court filing, special counsel Jack Smith's office secured a search warrant for the thrice-indicted former president's Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump. The search wasn't known, and Twitter was barred from telling Lumpy anything about it. Do you know how conservatives always falsely say Big Tech is biased against the right? Welp, Twitter was fined $350,000 because it failed to comply with the records sought under the search warrant.
Keep fucking around and find out.

FBI neutralizes Utah man who allegedly called for 'presidential assassination' ahead of Biden visit
FBI agents on Wednesday shot and killed a Utah man they were investigating for allegedly making death threats against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris just hours before the President is scheduled to arrive in Salt Lake City for his first presidential trip to the Beehive State. According to court documents the man was seen wearing a ďhat bearing the word ĎTRUMPí on the front.Ē
I guess the Nazis will be pissed about that.

FBI agents shoot, kill Provo suspect connected to Biden threats
"Documents filed in U.S. District Court on Tuesday allege Robertson threatened to "inflict bodily harm" on Biden during his visit to Utah in a social media message sent on or about Aug. 7."
"In March, Robertson had also claimed he was heading to New York to kill New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who was overseeing the criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump."
He fucked around and found out.

'Nothing more important': Advocates say Biden 'practically' declaring climate emergency 'not enough'
"There's nothing more important than what happens today," said one environmental lawyer. "And there's no person in the world with more power to do good than Joe Biden."
In an interview with The Weather Channel Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden signaled he has no plans to formally declare a climate emergency, claiming that his climate policies are sufficient and that, "practically speaking," a national emergency has already been declared.
When asked if he will take the unprecedented step in order to unlock executive powers to drastically cut fossil fuel emissions, Biden told correspondent Stephanie Abrams, "I've already done that."

'More equal': Journalist explains how Trump pal Leo 'manipulates' free speech to 'set himself up as the victim'
How the lame work the victim card.

Trump-Appointed Judge Orders Airline Lawyers to Take ďReligious LibertyĒ Course
We all know what that means. Christofascism will become our law and all other religions will be rendered extinct.
Talk about a chickenshit move this one is totally shameless and probably unconstitutional.

More People Die Young in US Due to Health Care and Welfare Cuts, Study Finds
"From 1930 through the middle of the last century, the mortality rate in the United States was lower or commensurate with the mortality rates of other wealthy nations, such as Canada, France and Britain. However, in the late 1970s through the 1980s, U.S. health outcomes and mortality rates began to diverge from those of its peers."
If we can't indoctrinate them to Nazi thinking, kill them off!

Guess Donald Trump Is Full-On Panicking About Fani Willis Now
"Truly Donald Trump is losing his mind, truly he can feel the walls closing in on him, and clearly he knows the fourth indictment ó or numbers 79 to infinity and beyond, if youíre counting by charges ó is likely coming very, very soon.
So heís lashing out, with conspiracy theories heís decoded from the smells of his own farts, and with pure, unbridled fear, the kind that might yet end up being a more efficient source of energy than those windmills Trump hates so much. Science should do some experiments on that."

How Can We Ban Trump & His Cultists from Public Office?
Trump cultists are already calling for death to people who oppose his efforts to capture the White House in 2024: Itís time for the 14th Amendment.
Indeed, stopped by any means necessary.

If This Ain't a Mess, It'll Do Until the Real Mess Shows Up

The Small Town That's Connecting America.
Hickory, North Carolina, is home to nearly half of the countryís fiber-optic cable production, which is growing because of the Biden infrastructure law.

Why Should CEOs Make 300 Times What Their Workers Make?
Today on TAP: The UAW is asking the Big Three automakers to raise wages by the same percentage that their CEOsí pay has risen.

Pastor alarmed after Trump-loving congregants deride Jesus' teachings as 'weak'
And he's even depicted here as a young, handsome white man (no, not the guy on the right). Just what do these alien beings want from earth?

WHO tracking new EG.5 coronavirus variant spreading in U.K. and U.S.
And you thought this was over?

'There is no Republican Party': Conservative judge warns Trump's MAGA movement has America 'in grave peril'
How did the Republcan Party become the new Nazi Party? Obedience to a fraud named Fatso.

Judge Aileen Cannon bars media from using courtroom electronics in Trump documents case
How does a person as shallow as her get to the bench? Grift for Fatso!

'These are blowouts!' Steve Bannon panics over anti-abortion movement's string of losses
You're next, shitpile.

House Dems 'sharpening their knives' as GOP threatens government shut down over abortion pill
Tell these Nazis to take gas.

ĎFascistí and Ďtyrantí DeSantis under fire after removing another black elected Democratic state attorney
It's time for the host to remove this virus that is infecting us.

Who is sneaking fentanyl across the southern border? Hint: it's not the migrants
The couriers and the mules, dearie. Some of them are desperate for the money, some are addicts themselves.

Trump blows off deadline set by judge in Jan. 6 case
Fuck around and find out, Fatso.

Not just Trump: The Ohio abortion vote exposes the bitterness fueling the GOP war on democracy
Republicans want to impose their policies on unwilling voters, just like they'll force childbirth on women

'Keep removing them': Arkansas GOP repís wife shredded for 'swapping' library books with Bibles
What about other fairy tale books?
"Christian values"? You mean like the ones that are actively molesting our children?
"Christians" are just mean.

Kentucky Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Oh, dear. Another one bites the dust. Did he get his bible from the Arkansas jerk?
It's what Jesus would want.

Trump Says He Will Defy Judge's Orders: 'I Will Talk About It!'
This isn't going to go down well.
A glutton for punishment.

Trump Says He'd Prefer To Live In The South Of France
Don't let the door hit ya!

Morning Digest: Collapse of Ohio's Issue 1 opens door wide for abortion rights
The fascists will still try to revoke it. Democracy is dead in Ohio.

Voldemort Sues Target For Selling Pride Merchandise
Sue him for impersonating a human.

Ted Cruz Implores CNN To Move Out Of The U.S. After Reporting On Family Moving to Italy
And Cruz should move back to the place in hell he came from.

'Just absurd': Shakespeare is latest casualty of Floridaís book ban law
"The Tampa Bay Times reported Monday that schools in the stateís Hillsborough County will allow only excerpts of William Shakespeareís works to be studied."
Then study this one:
"I have of late, wherefore I know not, lost all of my mirth. And indeed, it goes so heavily with my disposition that this goodly frame the Earth seems to me a sterile promontory. This most excellent canopy, the air, look you, this brave o'er-hanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire. Why, it appeareth nothing to me but a foul and pestilent congregation of vapors. What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason! How infinite in faculties! How like an angel in apprehension, how like a God! The beauty of the world, paragon of animals! And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me: no, nor women neither. Nor women neither..." — Hamlet, William Shakespeare.
Florida consists of illiterate fools, DeSantis being the biggest and fattest.

Who Is This Little Boy Saying Mike Pence Will Be Trumpís Star Witness?
"Again, it was no dumber than anything Trumpís current crop of lawyers have been saying. Trumpís lawyers are always the remainders bin of the legal profession, and right now is no different. The current crop has been fucking up so hard ó John Lauro on literally every Sunday show this weekend, anyone? ó so we just figured there might be some resignations coming from Trumpís legal team, like there usually are, and maybe the temp agency had gone ahead and dispensed a new Trump lawyer in the meantime, just in case."
"Remember Trumpís bonkers LOL-suit RICO case against Hillary Clinton, which got dropkicked out of court, and for which he and his other lawyer Alina Habba got sanctioned to the tune of $1 million? Binnall represented Trump and Habba in appealing that."

'It's like crack': George Conway laments Trump supporters are 'addicted to lies'
That's more than obvious.

How Social Media Apps Could Be Fueling Homicides Among Young Americans
"Violence prevention workers described feuds that started on Instagram, Snapchat and other platforms and erupted into real life with terrifying speed. 'When I was young and I would get into an argument with somebody at school, the only people who knew about it were me and the people at school,' said James Timpson, a violence prevention worker in Baltimore. 'Not right now. Five hundred people know about it before you even leave school. And then you got this big war going on.'"

Tommy Tuberville Proclaims Ukraine ĎCanít Winí Over Russia: ĎItís a Junior High Team Playing a College Teamí
Tommy's just pissed that his Russian team can't score well against his team's opponent, Ukraine.

ĎMy Blood Ran Coldí: Ex-Trump Official Horrified By ĎCriminal Plotí to Have Military ĎTurn Their Guns on Civilians to Facilitate a Losing Candidateí
Trump is a terribly disgusting fascist.

Frank Luntz Bashes Trump for Leading His GOP Followers to Be ĎPro-Putiní: ĎThis is Not the Party That I Joined 40 Years Agoí
Hell, no. It's the new Nazi Party now.

Texas Judge: Airline Must Take Training By Hate Group
Now Texas is teaching "Xianist" hate. They are good at it, for sure.

Christian School Principal Gets 12 Years For Child Sex
"Former First Baptist Church of Danville School Principal and Church Deacon Robert Lazzell has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to Criminal Sexual Assault against former student Michael Young."
Another one bites the dust. Must have been a drag queen on the side?

REPORT: New Orleans Archbishop Shielded Abusers
"A board which helps the Roman Catholic archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, evaluate abuse allegations against priests and deacons in six cases found clergymen to be credibly accused only for Aymond to ignore the findings and conceal them from the public, a Guardian investigation has found."
Must be drag queens disguised as clerics? LMAO!

Ari Melber Throws Down With Trump Co-Conspirator's Lawyer Over 'Very Easy Question'
John Eastman's attorney wouldn't give a straight answer to the MSNBC host's first question.
Not the brightest bulb available.

Just when you thought Florida's educational system couldn't get any worse ...
"Dennis Prager, a founder of PragerU, told Moms for Liberty, ďI really wanted to hear what evidence do you have that I am despicable? And all I heard was, ĎWell, because you indoctrinate kids.í Which is true. We bring doctrines to children. That is a very fair statement. I said, ĎBut what is the bad of our indoctrination?íĒ

Explanation from Wikipedia: "The precise boundary between education and indoctrination often lies in the eye of the beholder. Some distinguish indoctrination from education on the basis that the indoctrinated person is expected not to question or critically examine the doctrine they have learned. As such the term may be used pejoratively or as a buzz word, often in the context of political opinions, theology, religious dogma or anti-religious convictions. The word itself came about in its first form in the 1620s as endoctrinate, meaning to teach or to instruct, and was modeled from French or Latin. The word only gained the meaning of imbuing with an idea or opinion in the 1830s."
The BAD Prager, bad!

PragerU Videos Compare Climate Activists To Nazis
"Climate activists are like Nazis. Wind and solar power pollute the Earth and make life miserable. Recent global and local heat records reflect natural temperature cycles. These are some of the themes of childrenís videos produced by an influential conservative advocacy group."
"School children in Florida could soon learn that climate activists are like Nazis, that renewable energy pollutes and that global warming is not a serious threat thanks to the approval of PragerU materials for the classroom."

Republican candidates of color pretend the party doesn't embrace racism
"We're now at the stage of the presidential election cycle where the media gently attempts to probe the question of why nonwhite Republican politicians support Republicanism despite, you know, the party being a toxic sludge of racism and white supremacy with "tax cuts for rich people" tossed in there to give rich people a reason to keep shoveling money into Republican coffers."

Scarborough: Why Are Trump Supporters Willing To Destroy Democracy?
"Let's say the same thing about my brothers and sisters that i grew up with in the evangelical church. They are now fiercely fighting for and backing a rapist according to a judge who said by the common definition of the term, Donald Trump raped E. Jean Carroll. That's in the court of law. That's not in -- again, the pages of some left-wing journal. And these are the same people who all collapse on their fainting couch because Bill Clinton had a relationship with an intern back when he was in the White House and said he was unfit to be president of the United States."
A seriously delusional pattern.

'Everything will get worse': Former Republican predicts dire future for GOP
Failed fascism. This always happens.
"...conservatives were willing to follow Donald Trump all the way to rock bottom."

Christie: I Think Meadows Is A ďCooperating WitnessĒ
"Many have speculated that Mark Meadows has cooperated with prosecutors, with some pointing to the fact that Meadows Ė who was a key figure in Trumpís inner circle after the election Ė is largely absent from the indictment. Appearing on Mondayís AC360 on CNN, Christie was asked if he thinks Meadows will be called to testify as a government witness."

'Itís also a coup': Legal experts blast Fox News host for claiming Trumpís actions were 'not a crime'
ďHatching schemes to stay in office after you know you lost the election for that office is, in fact, a crime. And when itís the presidency, itís also a coup díetat,Ē Luppen said on social media.

Christie: 'We Have A Frontrunner Out On Bail In Three Jurisdictions'
"When you're let out ... there are restrictions placed on you for you to stay out. And one of the restrictions that was placed on him was no contact or intimidation of potential witnesses," the former prosecutor said.

Kayleigh McEnany claims she 'watched' Devon Archerís non-public closed door testimony and 'learned a lot'
Lying like a rug is these asshats stock in trade. That anyone would believe them says a lot about that person.
That poor little girl.

Judge Eileen Cannon May Have Just Made A Fatal Error
It is clear that Judge Cannon is an unpaid member of the Trump defense team.
Another Trump crook.

Former Georgia Lt Gov Subpoenaed In Trump Probe
"Former Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan has received a subpoena to testify as a witness before a Fulton County grand jury that could deliver indictments against former President Donald Trump and his allies this month."

"Anti-woke" darling Richard Hanania is exposed: What this says about the "intellectual" right
While Trump feeds red meat to the base, the alt-right grifts educated conservatives with "respectability" packaging

The Grace of the American Republic: Looking Forward To the Appropriate Catastrophe
"In his latest encounter with reality - SAD! - America's disgraced, lying, multiple-indicted "perpetual defendant" was charged in a 4th jurisdiction with a 4th grievous crime of trying to overthrow democracy. Astoundingly, he's still whining and criming: Sack the judge, move the trial, attack the four prosecutors (coincidentally, 3 of them black) doing their jobs. But belated accountability looms. Former Capitol cop Mike Fanone: ďDonald Trump spent his entire lifetime fucking around and heís about to find out."

New Judge Cannon order opens door for DOJ to ask for her Trump case removal: legal experts
Show her the door and tell her to never come back.

'The motion for recusal stage': Cannon blasted after she 'comes out swinging at' Jack Smith
This is not the brightest judge in the bench package. But look who appointed her.

Alina Habba Says Trump Will Spend His 'Own Money' If He Has To
That'll be the day.

PragerUís Columbus To Teach Florida Kids That Slavery Wasnít So Bad: ďItís Better Than Being KilledĒ
Sam Phillips once said the same thing about Bill Monroe's remark to him about Elvis's version of "Blue Moon of Kentucky."
Only he said, "It's better than getting your throat slit."
In the case of slavery it might only be a matter of time until you WERE killed because they owned your life as well as your body.

DeSantis Reaffirms Support For Racist Slavery Lessons
Potential slave driver knows just how to keep his Negros happy in the Land of the Happy Negro!

Judge Dismisses Trumpís Suit Against E. Jean Carroll
Of course. He's nothing but a loser.

Workers forced by employer to attend 'cult-like' prayer gatherings awarded $50K in lawsuit
A victory over abusive superstition at last. They are all cults.

Florida Church Deacon Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust.

Cops: Florida Pastor Ran Massive Home Depot Theft Ring, Sold The Goods Online As ďAnointed Liquidators"
A "holy" trio bites the dust.
"Authorities say Robert Dell, the founder of The Rock Church and runs a halfway house for people recovering from drug addiction, is accused of working with four accomplices to shoplift branded products from Home Depot stores throughout Citrus, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Sarasota Counties and sell the stolen items online through an eBay store called "Anointed Liquidators."
ROTFLMAO! Common grifters.

'Itís also a coup': Legal experts blast Fox News host for claiming Trumpís actions were 'not a crime'
A Fox News daytime anchor is under fire for defending Donald Trump by declaring his allegedly illegal efforts to stay in office are not crimes. One legal expert says not only is what he did a crime, it was a coup.
Yet one more defective brain that can't grasp the difference between lying about something and then acting on it.
ďWhy bother having an election? I think @JulieBanderas just came out in favor of allowing Joe Biden to declare himself the victor in 2024. Like, right now. Before any votes were cast.Ē
Get it now, Dumbo?

Patriot Front sues left-wing activist who infiltrated the hate group and named members
"Patriot Front" my ass. What were they hiding from?

Wow, Trumpís Legal Fees Are Enormous. Theyíre Only Going to Get Worse.
May he spend himself and his traitor companions to prison.

Buybacks Are Down, Production Is Up
Bidenomics has begun to de-financialize the economy.
"I donít mean to overstate this. The forces that elevated finance over production, and shareholders over workers, still remain dominant, to the ongoing detriment of the common good. But in a way thatís largely unappreciated, Bidenomics has tilted American capitalism more toward production and workers than itís been, at least since Ronald Reagan became president. Thatís no small thing."
Biden is a heroic force for America.

Biden Admin to Restore Labor Rule Gutted in 1980s
The Department of Labor plans to reverse the neoliberal-era gutting of a law that stopped contractors from bidding down wages in federal procurement.
Atta go, Joe.

Eagle Pass residents sour on Texas Gov. Greg Abbottís Operation Lone Star
After initially supporting the governorís efforts to stem illegal immigration, many residents say Operation Lone Star has gone too far.
Give them an inch, they take your rights.

Post-ďRoe,Ē Itís More Important Than Ever We Still Fight for Procedural Abortion
Itís been more than a year since Roe v. Wade was overturned. More than 20 states have banned abortion at some early stage, most with total bans in effect. For pregnant people across vast swaths of the South and Midwest, accessing a safe, legal abortion has never been harder.
All because of the idiot SCOTUS monster and his legion of alien creations.

Detroit Facial Recognition Software Results in Wrongful Arrest of Pregnant Woman
Recent reports have revealed that the Detroit Police Department wrongly arrested a pregnant Black woman for a crime she did not commit after she was misidentified by the cityís facial recognition software. The woman, Porcha Woodruff, was arrested at her house in February and held for 11 hours at the Detroit Detention Center, during which time she had contractions.
AI? It NEVER lies. /s

DeJoyís 10-Year Plan Could Gut USPS. He Doesnít Want You to Know the Details
Why is this reprobate still at large?

North Korean News Lady Jesse Watters. Thatís It, Thatís The Headline.
"Weíve been making fun of Fox Newsís Jesse Watters ever since his lord and savior and true father Donald Trump, the best-quality man Jesse could ever aspire to be, was arrested and arraigned for the one millionth time.
Jesse is taking it hard, and he really comes off as one of the ones who actually believes the things heís saying in his heart. He doesnít appear to be like a lot of the Fox News anchors who are almost certainly just parroting Trumpís bullshit for ratings, just like they spread Trumpís lies about a stolen election and Dominion Voting Systems even though they knew they were lies.
What can you expect from trash but trash.

Does Trump Want To Live In Jail Until His Trial?
Since we last left Donald Trump he has been just begging the judge to give him another hard dose of Fuck Around And Find Out.
How about the rest of his useless life?

'Retire!' Mitch McConnell loudly booed and heckled at event in his home state
Land of the Happy Negro traitors are soooooo mad Mitch didn't back the Trump treason.

Fox News host challenges Trump attorney on Fani Willis: 'Are you referring to her as corrupt?
"They're backed by [George] Soros."
What will these retards do when George Soros is dead? Dig his decaying carcass up and still blame him for all their own crimes?

How Republicans are trying to make sure abortion isnít directly on the ballot
Then let's make sure none of them are on the ballot. Vote suppressors do not deserve to govern at any level.

Two Buildings Collapse In Juneau In Flood From Glacial Melt
By all means we should destroy climate progress. /s

GOP Plans To Destroy Climate Progress If They Win In 2024
May they be the first to be eliminated from the planet.

Trump reminisces about 'beautiful, nice, wonderful suds' and recalls nixing water efficiency standards
Babbling, confused, addled, insane man rambles in public.

'Extremely bad omen' for Trump in Jan. 6 case dropped this weekend: former Watergate lawyer
Even his lifeboat is sinking now.

'Start the clock': Mehdi Hasan itemizes Trumpís 'list of firsts that no one should want'
And his scumbags say he did nothing wrong. May they all get slow stomach cancer.

Trump Fan Who Threatened Poll Workers And Officials Sent To Prison
He even advocated for killing their children.
Thus it should be with all Trump Nazis.

Raskin Takes Apart Trump Lawyer John Lauro's 'Deranged' Argument
Rep. Jamie Raskin: "A technical violation of the Constitution is a violation of the Constitution."
Lauro's brain came out of an "Abbie Normal" jar.

Trump Lawyer: Heíll Never Take January 6 Plea Deal
Has anyone ever seen this guy's credentials? He's actually a lawyer?

Trump Blames Biden For Loss Of ďWokeĒ Soccer Team
Gasbag is a traitor to his own team. He's a walking turd.

Holocaust scholars explain why Trump has ramped up his Nazi-style rhetoric: "Words can kill"
"Preserving democracy requires unmasking and countering these deceptions"

BUT THE SHAME OF IT is that his demential is so far advanced that heíll never notice it:
"Notice the alertness in piece-o-shit Trumpís eyes in this photograph:"

'Did you see what happened on Jan. 6?' CNN's Bash stunned by Trump lawyer's baffling claim about 2020 election aftermath
Fatso is scraping the bottom of the "lawyer barrel."

'This is insane!' Fox News host flips out over blackout of Trump's post-indictment spin
Yes. Fatso is insane. 'That is deranged!' Jamie Raskin blows up GOP's 'three-card monte' defense of Trump
That's Fatso and his Legion of Doom.

Florida Backs Down On AP Psychology Course Ban
Finally, they see that what they are doing with these insane ideas.

Ocean Hits Highest Recorded Temperature, Still Rising
"As the BBC reports, new data from European Union climate change authority Copernicus shows that our oceans, at a staggering average of near-70 degrees Fahrenheit, have officially broken all previous heat records. And unfortunately, according to the sobering report, scientists are only expecting those temperatures to keep rising ó likely spelling dire consequences for the marine plants and animals that call the briny deep their home."

Trump Goes Off Over Pelosi Saying He Looked Like 'A Scared Puppy'
"So, Trump, a 77-year-old man, admits that he's only lashing out at Pelosi because she said he looked scared. And honestly, Pelosi's remarks made the thin-skinned one-term President look human. She wasn't vicious. I swear, sometimes I think he will go for the insanity defense."
Insanity is the only thing that could save him.

'Simply deranged': MTG lambasted for claiming 'Biden administration is a communist regime'
Has this woman ever cracked open a book in her life? I wonder if she is literate let alone sane.

Mike Pence: Iíll Testify In Trumpís Trial If I Get Called
He's been kicked around by Trump idiots once too often.

Christian Site: Taylor Swift Is Helping Unleash Demons
"Xianists" are the demons.
Attacking a woman that puts them to shame.

Questions Arise Over Clarence Thomasís $267,000 RV
Grifting and grinning. Anita Hill was right.

"Larger than life, but still true": Where Pee-wee Herman fits in the history of American clowns
Following in the footsteps of Chaplin, Skelton and Radner, Paul Reubens created a modern, classic clown
Trump tried to do this too.

'Weird switch': Ex-GOP lawmaker says Tuberville stunt shows Republicans no longer pro-military
They are no longer pro-American.

Texas A&M leadersí text messages reveal desire to counteract perceived liberal agenda in higher education
Adolf & Mussolini?

Trump: ďMost Republicans Look Like Weak Jerks NowĒ
Easy to understand when they have a jerk like him claiming to be their leader. ROTFLMAO!

CNNís Daniel Dale Knocks Down Staggering 21 Lies From Trump Indictment In Epic Fact-Check
Oh, please! That's all he could find? Must be at least 100 more!

'No wonder Trump is kicking his ass': Newsom camp hits DeSantis on debate proposal
ďWhat a joke,Ē Newsom spokesperson Nathan Click said in a statement. ďDesantisí counterproposal is littered with crutches to hide his insecurity and ineptitude ó swapping opening statements with a hype video, cutting down the time he needs to be on stage, adding cheat notes and a cheering section.Ē
ďRon should be able to stand on his own two feet,Ē he added. ďItís no wonder Trump is kicking his ass.Ē

'Donald J. Trump poses a significant threat to homeland security': national security expert
He's a total threat to the U.S.

Trump has 'met his match' after judge slams him with a Monday deadline: ex-prosecutor
She'll have his tiny balls in a vise.

Republicans Continue Their Shocking "Class Warfare" Against Workers
They consider them all slaves now. They make no pretense at hiding their fascism.

Trumpís Jan. 6 Defense Strategy: ďFlood the Zone With ShitĒ
Easy for Fatso. All he has to do is walk into the zone and its flooded with shit.

Streets Near Atlanta Courthouse To Shut Down As 4th Trump Indictment Looms
It's like the Scopes trial in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Republicans Are Making It Harder to Pass Citizen-Led Ballot Measures on Abortion
The danger of religious zealots. Tell them all to fuck off.

Trump will be found guilty in all three criminal cases he is now facing: ex-Trump attorney
Good. It is imperative to eliminate his cancer from society.

How to 'reverse the spread of extremist narratives' pushing global 'conspiracy thinking': author
Tell them to drink the Kool-Aid? Wooden stakes through their hearts? Frontal lobotomies?

Trump should be detained pre-trial due to latest threats: experts
ďIf as the judge has admonished, a president is not a king, the odds are pretty significant of Trump facing a pretrial detention moment based on his inevitable violation of the conditions of his current freedom,Ē Jolly wrote.
Detained for the rest of his days.

Jack Smith seeks protective order citing Trump's threat on Truth Social
Lock the stooge up.

GOP Reacts To Trump's Indictment And Itís Not Pretty
The Lincoln Project gives us a fabulous montage of GOP reactions to Trump's 3rd indictment Not pretty? Is cancer pretty? They all say the same thing, "I am a fucking stupid idiot."

Watters: An Attack On Trump Is An Attack On America
How novel. What Nazi scumbag wrote this for the automaton Watters?
His Nazi boss cares for no one but his own sorry ass. Watters is a pawn in his game of treason.

YouTuber Sparks Mayhem In Manhattanís Union Square
Perfect example of the mental illness that is sweeping America.
So many incels.

You canít make this up: Trump as a fictional character
A novelist looks at Trump as a fictional character
Except he's as real as cancer and heart disease.
There's a cure for this Trump disease, however, if we just have the guts to use it.

'Deadly risks': Trump's latest Truth Social threat raises red flags for legal experts
Clearly a violation by Trump, stated like a mob boss. Lock him up until his trial.
"Not addressing this will only cause it to metastasize with undue deadly risks."

Republicans Keep Being Charged for Meddling With Voting Equipment
And there was no pilfering with our right to vote? They should all be jailed right along with their mob leader.

Vivek Ramaswamy Canít Say If He Would Have Certified Election On Jan. 6th Like Pence
Well, we can't say you won't be flushed like a turd down the toilet.

Charlotte Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust.
Any of you "Xianists" see a pattern here? Of course you don't. You want to project your dysfuntion onto drag queens.

Idaho Youth Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust.

Florida students can't take AP Psychology thanks to DeSantis' anti-LGBTQ+ crusade
He should be recalled and replaced.

Newsmax Host Goes Full Potato Over 2020 Election Results
Fake newsmen spread their fake news.

Kari Lake Wants Trump Reinstated 1004 Days After The Election
And, as we know, people in hell want ice water. Also too in Texas.

Aileen Cannon made 'multiple errors' in June trial ó including one that 'could have invalidated' the case
Are we sure this person has a law degree or is she some election quid pro quo that was in error?

McConnellís health fuels talk of possible replacement as GOP senator notes heís 'totally paralyzed sometimes'

'Careers and lives are now in limbo' after Marine Corps and Army left without leadership: report
Just another traitor sucking cash from our country while abusing our troops.

'Unconstitutionally vague' Texas drag ban challenged by ACLU
Texas can be a drag, alright.

'No proof': Fact-check reporter thoroughly debunks Trump defendersí Jan. 6 indictment claims
Whiny "victims" whine but do nothing but claim bullshit.

Repub Stupidity Open Thread: Senator ĎCoachí Tuberville F*cks Around, Finds Out
"Good for VoteVets!"

Trump's Defense Attorney Told Laura Ingraham Trump Did It
In what Lawrence O'Donnell called a "shockingly incompetent slip," Trump criminal defense lawyer John Lauro, in his first interview after Trump pleaded not guilty to conspiring to trying to get Mike Pence to break the law, said this.
LAURO: "Professor Eastman laid out a series of options that we discussed with Vice President Pence. Vice President Pence disagreed on certain issues but ultimately what President Trump said is, let's go with option the, let's just halt, let's just pause the voting to allow the state legislatures to take one last look and make a determination as to whether the elections were handled fairly."
Everyone knows Trump is guilty. The evidence is overwhelming against him.

House Dems Argue That Trump Trial Should Be Televised
It must be televised for the sake of our history. There should be no argument!

Trump 'Irked' That Arraignment Judge Didn't Call Him Mr. President
You mean she didn't call him "Mr. Shithole"?

MI Youth Pastor Gets 25-40 Years On Child Sex Charges
Big bite of dust but he'll live to abuse kids again.
The real "groomers" of our children.

35-year-old former church youth leader charged with sexually assaulting child
"Channel 9 learned Justice was a youth leader at New Life Family Worship Center in Kings Mountain. The church said Justice stepped down from her role as youth leather days before her arrest."
One of Prager's grifters by any chance? It's more than evident these "Xianists" are more dangerous to our children than any drag queen.

Prager: Dems Are Bringing Us To ďBrink Of Civil WarĒ
You certainly don't want to blame yourself, do you flim-flammer?
"What does lying mean?" Anything you say, con boy, as the garbage all runs out of your mouth.

History Must Record Trump's Plan for a Nationwide "Kent State" Massacre
The bottom line here is that Trump and his co-conspirators were not only willing but planning to recreate Reaganís and Nixonís Kent State slaughter on a nationwide basis.

Some child care providers expect to shutter after Texas lawmakers leave $2.3 billion proposal off final budget
But, hey! They got the river all blocked up so maybe all crossing with just be killed.
Totally backward.

DeSantis Says He Will ďStart Slitting Throats on Day OneĒ as President
Of what country?

Jim Jordan Says Indictin' Trump Done UPSET THE HILLBILLIES
"According to the new Reuters/Ipsos poll, fully 45 percent of Republicans will not vote for Trump if he is convicted. Take that as you will! Additionally, were he to be in prison, 52 percent of Republicans say they wouldnít vote for him. Only 28 percent for definite would."
"Jim Jordanís gut is dumb. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Trump, the most loathed and mocked man on planet Earth, has some kind of hidden groundswell of support thatís not reflected in the polls when that genius theory hasnít been borne out in any other damn election."

LIVE: America Makes Self Great Again, Begins Holding Donald Trump Accountable For Crimes Against Republic
"Today is a day for somber reflection on how America ever got to the point that we must indict and arraign a former president for trying to literally overthrow the government.
LMAO just kiddiní, we should have buried Richard Nixon under the jail back in 1974. Maybe if we had, Republicans wouldnít feel so free to be be such fucking goddamned traitors now.
'Blah blah blah,' you will hear pundits saying with their idiot mouths, 'Crossing the Rubicon, doy doy doy doy doy.' Nope. Shut up. This is literally Americaís chance to actually prove that we are still a country that can handle its shit.
If we cannot do this, if we cannot give a man who literally tried to destroy the Republic and conspired to steal the votes of the giant majority of Americans who voted against him the consequences he deserves, then we are far further gone than we knew."

2 Dead Bodies Found Stuck to Buoys Texas Officials Were Ordered to Take Down
"The Mexican government has reported that officials found two dead bodies stuck to buoys ó installed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to make it more dangerous for asylum seekers to cross the southern border into the U.S. ó which the Biden administration ordered to be taken down last month."
More blood on Abbott's hands.

Sanders: Itís Time for DOJ to Treat Fossil Fuel Giants Like the Liars They Are
"As temperatures reach over 100 degrees in South America in the middle of winter, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is calling for federal officials to finally take the fossil fuel industryís long-standing lies about the climate crisis seriously and prosecute the industry the same way the Justice Department prosecuted Big Tobacco decades ago. In an op-ed published by MSNBC on Thursday...

19 Attorney Generals Challenge Idahoís Dangerous ďAbortion TraffickingĒ Law
"A coalition of attorney generals from nearly twenty states, led by Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D-Washington), filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of several abortion rights organizations that are suing Idaho for its implementation of the countryís first ďabortion traffickingĒ law. Idaho has had an abortion ban in place since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last summer."

'I'm having a cocktail': Reactions pour in as Trump is arraigned
Michael Steele, a former Republican National Committee chair and harsh critic of the current GOP, had some blunt words. "Republicans, as you watch the man you tout as better than John McCain, more successful than Reagan and stronger than Lincoln get processed for the 3rd time, perhaps now you agree Donald Trump must immediately suspend his campaign and Republicans must choose a better leader."

History must record Trump's plan for a nationwide 'Kent State' massacre
"Although itís generally only mentioned in passing in the mainstream media, there are two particularly chilling passages in Jack Smithís indictment of Trump.
Both, to my mind, invoke Kent State, but on a much larger scale."

'He knows deep down that he's full of it': Columnist warns Trump that acting like a '7-year-old' won't work with a judge
"Donald Trump has mostly escaped consequences from a lifetimeís worth of falsehoods, but the former president could soon face a reckoning, a columnist writes."

Trump speaks after Jan. 6 arraignment: 'This is a very sad day for America'
"And just exactly who is responsible for that, Don, the Con?"

Black football players at Northwestern forced into watermelon-eating contests: suit
"The lawsuits reportedly further state that, "This behavior is especially despicable coming from a coach who recruited kids and teenagers out of their homes and living rooms, promising parents that their children, many of whom would be leaving home for the first time, were going to be taken care of while at Northwestern."
Northwestern may be where all the eggheads go but the football program recruited all the would-be racist dumb-butts. Great Googa-Mooga!

Florida Bans AP Psychology Because ďDonít Say GayĒ
Florida bans because DipShit is a crude and ignorant fool.

Florida Baptist Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust.

Fox Host Claims ďLock Her UpĒ Chants Were ďSarcasticĒ
Then what's the problem, snowflake?

Jordan: ďHillbillies Are So Sick Of Attacks On Trump"
And, as a descendent of those hillbillies, I'm sick and tired of them perpetuating his goddamed lies and supporting a traitor. So are the rest of honest Americans, "Jacket-off."

45% Of Republicans Wonít Vote For Trump If Convicted
Here ya go, "Jacket-off." These the polls you're looking for? You and the rest of your pipsqueaks should love it.

NBA Playersí Union Condemns Donation To DeSantis
As they and every American should.

Orlando NBA Team: Our $50K Donation To DeSantisí PAC Was ďIn Support Of Floridaís Continued Prosperity"
Always donate to a wannabe dictator for prosperity? Who is the brain-dead that decided this?

Is Earth close to another 'Great Dying'?
"The climate emergency is here. We canít wait any longer for major and dramatic worldwide action."

Poor Dumb Eric Doesn't Understand What's Happening To Daddy, Needs Policeman Or Grownup
"We think maybe somebody ought to buy little Eric Trump some sort of book with big pictures and easy-to-read words, a la 'What To Expect When Daddy Is Arrested.' Maybe something with some kind of furry woodland creature talking animal in it, to guide him through the process."

AI Wonít Overthrow Us, But It Will Optimize the Capitalist Death Machine
ďHow are these tools going to be used to increase the power of employers and of management once again, and to be used against workers,Ē asks Paris Marx.
Newsflash: It's already going on.

LGBTQ+ advocates sue to block Texasí new law that could criminalize some drag performances
Stupid fascist discrimination. If they want to protect children they are after the wrong people. They need to watch the pedophile priests and pastors. They are the problem.

The Biggest Issue for 2024: Can Humanity Survive Trump and the GOP?
So, yeah, letís take seriously the existential threat a GOP president represents to our nation, the nations of the world, and all life on Earth. The stakes have literally never been higher.

'He's so dumb': Morning Joe and Mika mock Trump's strategy for beating Jan. 6 charges
"You don't do illegal things and expect to be able to B.S. your way out of an indictment and a charge that could send you to jail for life."
So are the idiots that support him. They will all be shunned for the remainder of their lives.

Bill Barrís 'ominous' message to Trump
Speaking with Barr, CNN host Kaitlan Collins asked, "You think Jack Smith has more?"
"Oh, yes. I'm — I would believe he has a lot more," he replied.

Homeowners trying to get out of 'We Buy Ugly Houses' deals find little relief in state or federal laws
Beware of hoodwinkers such as this.

DeSantis allies abolish all diversity, equity and inclusion programs from Disney World district
Nazi dictator shows he's a domestic enemy. He and his cutthroat gang must be eliminated by any means.

'Involved in every step': Why Americaís mayor 'now faces a reckoning with the law'
"Rudy Giuliani ó once renowned as "America's mayor" after leading New York City through the trauma of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks ó is reported to be the individual listed as unnamed "Co-Conspirator 1" in United States Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith's four-federal-felony-count indictment against former President Donald Trump for allegedly concocting a conspiracy to supplant American democracy and remain in power following his defeat in the 2020 election."

Text messages show RNC chair pushed indicted Trump's voter fraud conspiracy with AZ's Kelli Ward: report
"In particular, they reveal that Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and former Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward were among those who played key roles in elements of the alleged conspiracy from the moment Smith said it began."

Oh Lord, Here Comes A.I. Jesus
How do we break it to the "artificial intelligence" that Jesus wasn't northern European?
Once again we prove that if "God" didn't exist, human kind would create him.

It's Official: Junior Wants To Break Up With Mike Pence
How sad:(
Maybe it's because Mike has fingered his pappy.

No, Republicans, Trumpís indictment isnít about free speech
Little Marco has to open his mouth again to show how ignorant he is.

Gaetz: Congress Has Authority To ďImmunizeĒ Trump
Onl a sleezeball like Gaetz would come up with abuse of our Congress like this.

Louisiana ďIn God We TrustĒ Law Goes Into Effect
And "All others pay cash" has been added.
Amazing the garbage these idiot superstitions preach gets plastered in our public schools.
It's clearly unconstitutional.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen outlines evidence that Jared Kushner flipped
"Rudy has no interest in spending his remaining days on this planet behind bars for Donald trump," Cohen said, also noting that it's important to look who is missing from the indictment.

Trump supporters issue new calls for violence against Mike Pence: report
Too late, traitors. He's already spilled it all to the law.

Trump fake elector prosecutions could soon ensnare members of Congress
I see Rojo is looking over his shoulder already.

'Toddler who found a pistol': Tommy Tuberville roasted by Alabama columnist for costing state jobs
Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) was called out this week by Alabama columnist Kyle Whitmire after his antics cost his home state the opportunity to be the new headquarters of America's Space Command.
This is why we should elect people with a clue about what it means to be a politican.
But, Alabama?

Chris Hayes Nails It: 'We Watched Him Do It On Television'
"Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey. TV proved he did." — Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine, Homer Henderson

Pastor Jazz Hands: Send Money For ďChristian Nation"
Another grifter. That's all the fuck these clowns do other than abuse children.
"The Exodus is the founding myth of the Israelites whose narrative is spread over four books of the Torah (or Pentateuch, corresponding to the first five books of the Bible), namely Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy."
The pastor is preaching from the Torah, a Jewish tome. The Book of Psalms is an ancient anthology of poetic prayers originally written in Hebrew.
Blame Paul for much of that "Christian" myth.

GOP insiders fume as MAGA 'clowns' bankrupt state parties
Which side are you on?
The failed MAGAts are at the end of their rope. They must now declare if they are partisan or patriot. They cannot now be both.

'Monsters': Farmer says drive-by shooting at Florida farm kills 5 'pet' cows
A drive-by shooting on a Florida farm last month killed several cows and wounded others, WINK reported. Domestic terrorism moves to bovines. Still it's terrorism.

Q&A: How Corporate Medicine Destroys Doctors
Wendy Dean, who co-authored a new book about moral injury in American medicine, says working in todayís health care system is Ďnot the agreement that we thought we were making.í

Indicting the System That Bred Trumpism
These overdue charges take us only partway back to functioning democracy.

Trump Indicted: The Big One
"But each indictment and civil verdict has given the rest of America further confirmation of how dangerous and loathsome Donald Trump really is, and how far the Republican Party has gone in rejecting the rule of law."

Kevin McCarthy Continues To Prove Heís the Worst Speaker in History
"They arenít bucking leadership on the stuff that is so damaging and polarizing: the abortion bans, the LGBTQ persecution, the book bans. They helped pass all those poison culture war pills in the defense authorization, massively complicating getting that bill done with the Senate. Their refusal to fight the extremists on those issues show that they wonít fight when it comes to funding the government. That makes them just as liable for blame as the Freedom Caucus when the government shuts down this fall."

Why American Fascists Label All Who Oppose Them as Communists
Is it to distract us from the actual Republican agenda, which bears a much closer resemblance to fascist states like Russia and Hungary than communism in Cuba?

Itís Time to Rethink Digital Ownership
In his quest to watch every Nicolas Cage movie in chronological order, law professor and author Aaron Perzanowski confirmed that he owns nothingóand that you probably donít, either.
More fucking over the American consumer by the greed pig merchants. They are theives themselves when they pay pennies in royalties to the artists who make the art.

America's National Pastime Is Watching Rudy Giuliani Cry About Trump Indictment On TV And Laughing At Him
Already one of the most popular sections of the new January 6 indictments against Donald J. Trump is early on when it describes Trumpís as-yet-uncharged co-conspirators. It doesnít use their names, but it didnít take long before people had figured out who five out of six of them were. Nķmero uno was Roodles the Clown himself, the accused sex pest with the heart of a slobbering old pervert, the guy willing to travel to Ukraine multiple times to find fake dirt on the Bidens, or travel to plant nurseries in greater Philadelphia to tell verifiable lies about election fraud, all in service to his Dear Leader.

Ethical Clusterf*ck? In Samuel Alito's Supreme Court???
When physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the ďfather of the atom bomb,Ē famously said, ďI am become death, destroyer of worlds,Ē he was expressing regret over the impact his creation would have on the world. You donít get the same sense of humility from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alitoís latest power-mad rant in the Wall Street Journal.

Criminal indictments are not enough: Donald Trump must be defeated at the ballot box
But even defeating Trump at the polls will be insufficient to secure the future of American democracy

Jack Smith is prosecuting the 'most dangerous threat' Americaís 'transfer of power' faced: ex- prosecutor
Trump: Scumbag of the Millennium.

'More, please': Twitter eggs Pence on after he skewers Trump over 2020 election indictment
Pence tweeted, "Today's indictment serves as an important reminder: anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be President of the United States."

9th Place GOP Candidate In Campaign Finance Hot Water
The Party of Grifters: A $500,000 contribution to help GOP presidential candidate Francis Suarez draws FEC complaint.

J6 investigator shreds Tim Scott's 'poppycock' attack on Trump indictment
"This is poppycock pandering to the base," wrote Riggleman. "But mostly itís a bat signal to the once again indicted Donald Trump that heís all in for VP. Easy to read."

Jesse Watters Calls New Trump Indictments ĎPolitical War Crimesí
Jesse Watters turned into a pretzel pretending Donald Trump is a victim for being prosecuted for stealing classified documents and trying to overturn an election.
Whiny-ass, say-nothing punk. What good would this guy be if he didn't have the victim megaphone to bitch with?
He could also say "A lot of people don't even know what the Halocaust was." Don't tell me he and his crowd aren't stupid.

Illinois Pastor Arrested On Child Sex Charges
Another one bites the dust.

Media Identifies Co-Conspirators Cited In Indictment
Their day in court is coming.

Ohio Republicans Want to Rewrite the Rules to Thwart Abortion and LGBTQ Rights
"Once synonymous with Midwestern placidity, Ohio has become the epicenter of an unprecedented assault on civil and reproductive rights. Bills banning gender affirming care for LGBTQ youth and trans athletes from participation in womenís sports have been introduced in the statehouse, and House Bill 245 would prohibit drag performances from being held in public."
Now they embrace facism. It was never placid during the first 25 years of my life I spent there. They've gone mad.

Senior DeSantis Aides Were Thrilled With Nazi Video
The DipShitus is a Nazi in a very big way.
His "career" is dead.

"Trump has no way to escape at this point": Ex-DOJ prosecutor says new charges spell real trouble
Kenneth McCallion is a former Justice Department prosecutor who also worked for the New York State Attorney General
Like a turd spinning in a toilet whirlpool.

Trump-loving Texas rep 'briefly detained' by cops during chaotic rodeo emergency
Someone confused him as a "doctor."
"...served as a White House doctor to multiple presidents and came under controversy after he was accused of drinking on the job and prolifically dispensing drugs."
Trump's Adderall (commmonly know as "Speed.") connection?

Dem lawmaker dumps cold water on GOP claims: Hunter Biden pal 'completely absolves' president
How many times will they go around in the same circle and end up where they started on their new "Benghazi" obsession?

US 'doomsday' mother sentenced to life for murdering children
"Faith is like fire. It can cook your supper or it can burn down your house."
In this case, the latter.

Hey, Let's Talk About How Kamala Harris Whooped Ron DeSantis's Racist Ass!
Itís good to see Kamala Harris righteously pissed. When news broke about Florida's horrible African American social studies standards for public schools, the vice president dropped the hammer in a searing speech denouncing the ahistorical and straight-out racist efforts to minimize slaveryís impact.

The Indictment of Donald TrumpóAnd His Enablers
ďEach of these conspiraciesówhich built on the widespread mistrust the Defendant was creating through pervasive and destabilizing lies about election fraudótargeted a bedrock function of the United States federal government: the nationís process of collecting, counting, and certifying the results of the presidential election,Ē the indictment said.

Bidenomics Refutes the Canard That Government Is Slow
Today on TAP: Americaís industrial renaissance is happening faster than almost anyone anticipated.

Trump Compares Latest Indictment To ďNazi GermanyĒ
"Tapper: Obviously comparing this to Nazi Germany is beyond the pale in terms of offensiveness and ignorance. Iíd like know what the person said. Who is the one?"
"Collins: This is coming from a trump spokesperson."
Sure. It's 'Judgement at Nuremberg." It's the trial of all the Trump Nazis.

Cultist Reps Renew Demand To Defund Jack Smith
Poor widdle victims. America will supply Jack Smith with all the funding he needs to complete the job.
Margie says, "Jack Smith is a terrible attorney with a lot of failures in his career."
Then you have nothing to worry about do you, Margie?

'Leave us alone': Space Force spouse demands Tuberville end military blockade
"Sarah Streyder, whose husband serves in the United States Space Force, is the executive director of the Secure Families Initiative, a non-profit that helps military families participate in democracy to benefit their communities. On Tuesday, Streyder shared how Senator Tommy Tuberville's (R-Alabama) ongoing blockade of Pentagon appointments and promotions is affecting American servicemembers."

Trump indicted for alleged scheme to overturn the 2020 election
We all know there's nothing alleged about it. Even now we have seditionists still trying to do the same in Arizona.

Try That In A Small Town Where Good Ol' Boys Are Raised Up Right To Lynch and Stuff
"Currently stirring the culture war pot is a new, incendiary, 'almost comically offensive' pro-lynching anthem by country singer Jason Aldean, who posed with his redneck band at the site of an infamous Tennessee lynching to flash videos of protesters and bray that if you 'cuss out a cop' or 'stomp on the flag,' 'See how far you make it down the road, which isn't threatening at all so why is he being 'cancelled'? Maybe 'cause he's a racist 'garbage fire of a human being?
Hmmmm — could be.

Who Is Clapping Back At Alito? Everybody Except...
Grifters in the cracks everywhere.

Goldman Demands That Comer Release The Devon Archer Transcript
"Rep. Daniel Goldman, the only House Democrat who attended the House Oversight and Accountability Committee's closed-door meeting with former Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer on Monday, has a different version of events than GOP Chairman James Comer does, so the Democrat came up with a solution: Release the full transcript of Archer's interview." Let's see what Mr. "I Can't Find Anything" says about this.

Jack Smith: Trump Conspiracy 'Fueled By Lies'
"With his customary even, understated tone, special prosecutor Jack Smith announced the devastating charges against Donald Trump and six co-conspirators for his attempt to subvert the 2020 election."
Looks good on him.

Trump Indicted On Efforts To Overturn 2020 Election
AND HERE IT IS! You can read the entire document below.
4 counts:
Obstruction of an official proceeding
Conspiracy to defraud the United States
Obstruction and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding
Conspiracy against rights
Not shocking at all.

DA Fani Willis Said The Fun Will Begin In August. Guess What Month Starts Tomorrow, Donald Trump?
"Weíve been sayiní, Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willisís Fuck Around And Find Out Summer Concert Series And Fireworks Spectacular is gonna start any day now!"

Guess Everybody Hates Angry Loser Weenus GOP Congressmen Who Yell At Teenage Senate Pages
He reportedly screamed at them words like ďWake the fuck up you little shits!Ē and ďWhat the fuck are you all doing?Ē and ďYou are defiling the space you pieces of shit!Ē And so much more. Just a really emotionally mature guy.

GOP Lawsuit Asks Ohio Supreme Court to Block Abortion Rights Measure
Why don't they just call themselves "The ChickenShit Party."

Republicans look to eliminate congressional office of diversity, equity and inclusion
We are so much better off with the racist Nazi MAGAt grifting that takes care of all of that.

The War on Libraries
Today on TAP: Far-right state governments fear allowing children to think for themselves.
How they envy those have their own brains.

Biden decides to keep Space Command in Colorado, rejecting move to Alabama
Get fucked, Tubbyville.

Only 4 In Trumpís Former Cabinet Say He Should Be Re-Elected
That's 4 too many.

Alitoís chattiness is damning
"The more he talks, the more his words will be used against him."
Sound like anyone else you know?

ďThe Era of Global Boiling Has ArrivedĒ: July on Track To Be Earthís Hottest Month Ever
ďThe era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived,Ē United Nations Secretary-General Antůnio Guterres declared this week in a speech at UN headquarters in New York on Thursday.

Trump Hereby Demands Joe Biden Do Him A Favor Though, Or Ukraine Gets It (Yes, Again)
"Donald Trump is easily the stupidest man on the planet, and one of the most amoral, a person who cannot conceive of a world where rules apply to him, or where he should not be allowed to simply grab whatever he wants and make it his. (Grab them by the presidency, grab them by the Ö you know. )"
"The sooner he is locked under a prison, the better."

Suspect appears to intentionally strike migrant workers with his vehicle before speeding off
New sport for Nazis.

The GOPís Nazi Problem Has Deep Roots
"To build their popular front on the right, Republicans are happy to recruit white nationalists."

'Right out of Mein Kampf: Michael Cohen unloads on Trumpís 'asinine' grievance politics
"It's right out of Mein Kampf, which allegedly Donald used to keep on the side of his table. This is not a joke," Cohen said. "And to anybody who thinks for a quick second that, 'Listen, there's no way he's going to win,' that was a pretty packed audience last night in Erie, Pennsylvania. And shame on each and every one of them for going there after you start hearing, even like the stupidity from the DeSantis who's trying to be a Donald Trump 2.0 about slavery and then the Holocaust. I mean, they are all out of control. And if guys like Donald Trump or Donald Trump 2.0 retake the White House, the America ó and I'm not trying to be hyperbolic here ó the America that we know is going to be more like The Handmaid's Tale than the United States of America. That my daughter should have less rights than my mother is appalling. We are going backwards as a country and it's why ó look Ali, in all fairness ó why your show and so many others are so important in order to explain, explain to the people who don't want to be explained to what's really going on here."

Russia's Medvedev: We'd have to use a nuclear weapon if Ukrainian offensive was a success
Why don't you just make peace you stupid, arrogant, son-of-a-bitch rather than take the rest of the world with you and your proposed suicide act?

'It may be too late': Chuck Todd says Trump is dooming ignorant GOP voters
It was too late the day he was born.

'He doesnít have the energy': Trump's 'dead' Erie rally speech panned by GOP lawmaker
"Trump got a warm reception, but it was without a doubt, and I think anybody in that room would tell you it was the worst speech. It was the worst ten minutes. He came out, he read, he read from a binder. He didn't look up, he didn't smile. It was ó it was an absolute dead speech," Sununu said.
"This is not the Donald Trump of 2016. Don't fool yourself. And as more and more folks realize that he doesn't have the energy, he doesn't have the fastball, he basically is droning on for ninety minutes on his long-form speeches about his legal battles as opposed to talking about the future of this country, solving the problems of this country, which is what all the other candidates are doing," Sununu observed.

'An exercise in futility': Trump fake electors furious over being 'duped' by his people
"In interviews with USA Today, a bevy of conservatives who are either under investigation or are facing election fraud charges for participating in a fake elector plot, lashed out at associates of Donald Trump for getting them into the mess they are in."

'I want all of this to go away': Nikki Haley still wants to pardon Trump despite obstruction charge
Why don't you just go away and leave the rest of us out of it and stop playing in Trump's pile of shit.

'One man crime wave' Trump has 'earned every one' of his charges: Chris Christie
Trump is a one-man crisis center.

Latest Mass Shooting In Gun Crazy Country Leaves 5 Injured In Seattle
Because today ends in a Y, there has been another mass shooting.
Ahh, the pride of America.

Pharma Greed Leads To Over 300 Active Shortages Of Generic Drugs
Blame capitalism? Why hundreds of decades-old yet vital drugs are nearly impossible to find
Ahh, the greed of America.

NBC: Only Four Out Of 44 Former Trump Cabinet Members Have So Far Publicly Endorsed Him For 2024
They aren't stark raving mad like the rest of the MAGAts.

Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp can teach Jason Aldean a thing or two about small towns
It is not only easy to find better politics in small towns, but also better music than Billboard's No. 2 song
Not to mention Small Town Talk, Bobby Charles.

Trump uses profane remark to describe Biden at rally
He's a low-class bastard projecting himself.
He can go to hell and stay there.

'You can't witch hunt with people you hired': Jan. 6 chair hits back at Trump
Now what's he gonna do with all the witch hats he got for them?

Black Republicans Arenít Happy With DeSantis About Floridaís New Teaching Guidelines on Slavery
Gee, I wonder what upset them so much there in their Happy Land? /s

Ohio Pastor Gets Two Years For Molesting His Daughters
Another one bites the dust.
When will the real "groomers" be stopped?

More Indictments? Michigan Voting Machine Tampering Is Next
"One of the primary suspects in a case involving Republican officials who tampered with voting machines in multiple counties says that she has been indicted. This case could potentially involve some of the biggest names in the state Republican Party."

Wagner mercenaries in Belarus move closer to the Polish border, Poland's prime minister says
We all know what happens when they cross it. Poland will step on them like a cockroach then invade Belarus.

Los Angeles man arrested after FBI search found explosive devices, Nazi propaganda
"Ryan Bradford, who is believed to be associated with the white supremacist Peckerwood prison gang, plastered his home with white supremacist and Nazi paraphernalia, investigators said."
Lo, the Peckerwood gang has been a threat to us ever since they introduced "The Peckerwood Shuffle" at one of their Peckerwood festivals. /s

Conservative Barbie Culture War Fails Miserably ó Film Soars to Box Office Records
"Conservatives were apparently intoxicated by a modicum of success with its boycott of Bud Light for having the nerve to feature trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney in an advertisement. However, despite all the rumbling and ranting, the Barbie movie boycott has clearly fallen flat as the film continues to break box office records."
People actually paid to drink Bud Light?

Trump 'may die in prison' if he doesn't strike a deal after 'shocking' new charges: legal scholar
At least he'll have something to do on weekends.

Wall Street Journal urges GOP to dump Trump over his 'truly stupid' Mar-a-Lago cover-up
The end of the road is in sight for this felon.

'Youíre not bringing your idols into our country': Christian Nationalists balking at Vivek Ramaswamy GOP presidential bid

Trump lashes out at 'racist D.A. in crime ridden Atlanta' ahead of looming charges
The mad man is crying out for help with these childish outbursts. He's not helping himself or anyone else with them.
A very severe case of OCD.

Judge pauses Montana bill banning 'a drag queen or drag king' from reading to kids: report
Montana seems to have a mind that is barely wide enough to turn on a water tap.

Trump Employee In Latest Indictment Identified
"The Mar-a-Lago employee referenced in the superseding indictment adding major accusations against former President Donald Trump and a new co-defendant to the case has been identified by two people close to the investigation as Yuscil Taveras, an information technology worker. Taveras oversaw the surveillance camera footage at the property."
The mob at work.

'Extremist' Moms for Liberty group hit with IRS complaint probing nonprofit status: report
Oh, dear. Now the IRS has been weaponized. THAT's never happened before! LMAO!

'Coward' Tommy Tuberville 'whoís never served' slammed by ex-Marine general: report
"I have a huge problem with what Sen. Tuberville is doing. He's a coward, in my book...." — retired two-star Marine Corps Major General Arnold Punaro.
Rolling Stone notes the Marines are without "a commanding officer for the first time in over 150 years because of Tuberville's blockade, which Punaro described as a 'pathetic' push to prioritize fundraising over national security."
And the dickwad is proud of that? America is proud of that? Disgraceful.

'Religious' Men Promise Murder Charges And Civil War Over Abortion
Male anti-abortion religious leaders mull murder charges for pregnant people at a national event.
Here are photos of members of America's Taliban. All are religious zealots from the Land of the Happy Negro.
"An all-male panel of anti-abortion religious leaders from around the country met Friday night to discuss the strategies that should be used to end abortion in every state at any stage of pregnancy, without exceptions for rape and incest, and with criminal punishment for the pregnant person in line with existing criminal penalties for murder, which includes the death penalty."
America has been warned by many from its inception about ruthless assholes such as this. They must quckly be dispatched. They are turning our country into a shithole.
They are not men. They are devo.

Owens: Women Are The Cause Of All Of Societyís Ills
We know one that this applies to for starters. She's fallen for every con and bullshit lie that's been uttered. How she hates herself.

Fox Host: Whatís Wrong With Destroying Evidence?
Textbook example of "serious thinking disorder."

Trump Bleeding Support Amongst Republicans, and This Was Before Superseding Indictment

Former Trump administration lawyer on Mar-a-Lago investigation: 'The evidence is so overwhelming'
Just get the damned thing done.

Trump will go full-blown 'fascist' as his legal problems worsen: journalist
That's going to help him?
Here's the thing, son. Mussolini was dragged through the streets by horses. Hitler blew his brains out. For a while they looked tough. In the end they died like insane killers always do — a violent death.
The rest of the Nazis met their justice at Nuremberg by the hangmen's noose.

'No educational value': Florida permits schools to use right-wing PragerU materials in classrooms
Nazi "education." This should be run out of the country.
The first state to do so, per Tampa Bay Times, a PragerU news release distributed earlier this week says the group aims to get "as many states as possible" to allow the implementation of its curriculum.
You describe your Nazi youth agenda perfectly. We're onto Dennis Prager's bullshit.

Mission Undoable: The plan to erase Trumpís server was better than any Tom Cruise stunt
"Put away ďMission: ImpossibleĒ for a moment and cue the ďDragnetĒ theme, because the story you are about to read is true. Only this time, no names have been changed to protect these criminal muttonheads."

Alito: Congress Lacks Power To Impose Ethics Code
Is this prick getting too cocky?
"Dear Justice Alito: Youíre on the Supreme Court in part because Congress expanded the Court to 9 Justices. Congress can impeach Justices and can in many cases strip the Court of jurisdiction. Congress has always regulated you and will continue to do so. You are not above the law." — Congressman Ted Lieu
U.S. Constitution
Article III
Section 2
"In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make."
Alito was absent the day that was discussed in law school. But he thinks like the rest of the Nazis: "We can make up anything we want."

Texas Church Firebombed After Visit By Extremists
These Civil War skirmishes are just getting started.

Franklin Graham: Pray To End Censorship Of RFK Jr.
WTF is wrong with this guy? He doesn't know shit from applebutter.
RFKJ is running his mouth like a leaky toilet. Who the fuck is stopping him showing his ass to us? They aren't doing a good job at it. Same goes for Frank.

Hate Group Petitions Target: Stop Selling Pride Merch
When you stop selling your stinking, mindless bullshit!
That'll be the day, motherfucker.

Mastercard Move at Cannabis Shops Intensifies Call for US Decriminalization
"An industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people, provides billions in economic benefits, and promotes safer alternatives to pharmaceuticals and commonplace vices continues to be treated like a pariah," said one cannabis entrepreneur."
Will Un-American Mastercard go the way of the draft cards? If I had one I'd burn it as I smoked a doob.

'July Should Be a Wake-Up Call': Senator Says Biden Must Stop Approving New Fossil Fuel Projects
"We are in a climate emergency," said Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley. "We can't take a piecemeal approach to the massive crisis we face."
We are being held hostage by this decrepit and deadly industry.

'Nothing in the Constitution' says I canít run for president if 'convicted and sentenced': Trump
I'm sure the United States would be so proud to have their president running our country from a jail cell. If that's the case there's no country any longer worth fighting for. The thinking behind this concept is beyond sick and needs to be examined.

'Weird' detail in latest Trump indictment flagged by Washington Post reporter
"Regardless, Bump argues that it should be concerning that the resort where Trump allegedly kept American nuclear secrets can be accessed 'by slipping through the bushes.'
"Weird"? Crooks usually slither around covertly so they won't be seen, dude. And, yes it is concerning that we have so much criminal activity around Mar-A-Lago.

New indictment forces Judge Cannon to let Trump tape into evidence
"Special counsel Jack Smith secured a superseding indictment charging Trump with three new counts related to his alleged efforts to destroy evidence in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, and the new charges make note of his recorded interview with a writer and publisher, for which two aides were present, discussing a "highly confidential" military record that he admitted he wasn't authorized to share."

No Mercy: We Have Stepped Over A Line Into the Inhumane
"Zealously following the GOP dictate to inflict mindless, bloody cruelty on vulnerable people, Texas' Greg Abbott has created a hellhole state that tortures migrants - razor wire "death traps" in the Rio Grande, troops pushing children back in the water, no drinks in extreme heat, bussed out of sight. It's also killing workers and inmates, stripping health care and boosting harrowing, nonviable births, all in the name of "preventing (imaginary) bad things from happening." To the ghoul in charge: They already are."

Threats Spur Capitol Police To Open More Field Offices
Hopefully, they will all be heavily armed.

Wrecked DeSantis Motorcade Was State Govt Vehicles
Naked fraud. Trump flips out on 'radical lunatics' attempting to 'destroy our country' as charges pile up
This man is suffering a psychotic break.

Tiny South Carolina town officials at odds over eating $40K in costs after Trump visit
They baked the cake. Let them eat it.

'House of cards is coming down' for Trump as henchmen reveal election lies: columnist
It's very clearly happening — and about time.

Ancient pathogens released from melting ice could wreak havoc on the world, new analysis reveals
Whatever it will be we have a fix for. We'll simply call it "hoax."

Judge delivers swift smackdown to MAGA rioter's lawyer: 'He didn't plead guilty to trying to help!"
The MAGAt logic fails bigly here.

Alcohol-linked death toll rising among US women, medical body says
When women become oppressed and have their futures put in doubt by drunker asshole male control freaks, they can turn to the bottle to cope with being made second-class citizens.

'Get off my lawn': Cursing congressman doubles down after yelling profanities at teenage pages
Doesn't this soused no-neck punk look tough with kids who were on break?

Foxís Gutfeld Trolls Jews, Says They Survived Camps By Being ĎUseful.í Most Jews Didnít Survive!
Gutfeld is useful as well. He serves as an example scumbag of a human being.

Is Earth Close to ďThe Great DyingĒ?
Are the Great Conveyor Belt and the ďClathrate Gun HypothesisĒ about to throw the planet into an existential crisis?

One in five Texans lives in a floodplain, stateís first-ever analysis shows
20% of Texans could be all wet.

DOL cracks down on child labor while states loosen laws
The failure of the U.S. to protect their children is a disgrace.
Considering them getting educated the same as their "Happy Slaves."

Southern Lawmakers Devise Discriminatory Measures That Undermine Disabled Voters
"Turnout among voters with disabilities hit record highs in the 2020 presidential election. Approximately 62% of voters with a disability participated in the 2020 election, compared to around 56% in the election four years earlier ó primarily due to policies implemented by states that made it easier to cast a ballot during the pandemic."
Land of the Happy Negro wants their voters on their feet -- maybe count as half a vote?

For-Profit Hospices Often Aim for Return on Investment, Not Death With Dignity
"It was something of a radical idea: that the terminally ill deserve a guide to shepherd them peacefully through lifeís final transit, and that a special care service might help confront the ubiquitous anguish of death. Hospice is an ancient Roman Catholic tradition, but in its recognizably modern form, it dates only to the 1960s."
"Your money AND your life."

Economy Good
"The US economy is doing pretty darn good, according to data released Thursday by the Commerce Department. Economic growth in the second quarter exceeded economistsí expectations, with the Gross Domestic Product rising by 2.4 percent (Bloomberg gift link, good for six days) after a first quarter rate of two percent."

Black fisherman repeatedly confronted by white neighbors, who ask what heís doing there
Land of the Happy Negro wants to be certain one of their Negroes is happy with his fishing.

Trump supporters' 'warped bizarro world reality' exposed in new survey: political scientist
"Astonishingly, only 52% of Republican voters surveyed indicated that they believed that Trump ever brought classified documents to Mar-a-Lago, even though Trump himself admits doing so."
It's very clear that this group is a cult. They have no connection to reality and are mental defects.
Newspeak has to be shut off, now.

"These people are admitting they lied to you": Trumpís own men undermine his ďdelusionalĒ defense
Rudy Giuliani and Mark Meadows revelations show the Big Liars can't hide behind "delusional" defense
"For those that still believe there was widespread voter fraud, these people are admitting they lied to you."
I know, I know. You still think THAT"s a lie too.

Trump Iran doc incident 'so much worse' with newly filed charges: legal expert
"But the new indictment contains far more details that could be even more devastating for Trump. Former federal prosecutor Elie Honig noted on CNN that the indictment also makes clear Smith has in his possession the Iran war plans document Trump was boasting about at his New Jersey golf club ó eliminating one of the only defenses he had to his actions there."

'They were in each otherís faces': Report details bitter fight between Speaker McCarthy and Eric Swalwell
"If you ever say something like that to me again, I'm gonna kick the s**t out of youÖ. Call me a p***y again, and I'll kick your a**." said McCarthy.
He had the chance to back it up as Swalwell came back with "You. Are. A. P***y.". ROTFLMAO!

Paul Gosar Demands That Faith Should Be Part Of Drug Policy
Rep. Jamie Raskin called it "preposterous."
Gosar, this isn't church. And it's not even the child rapist cult you claim to belong to.

GOP Senate Candidate: Iím Running To Stop Witchcraft
Life in the days of Nutballs.

Indictment: Trump Shared Highly Classified War Plans
Any fake dick pics involved?

Hannity: New Trump Charges Are Death Of Justice
What a dumb fuck. They didn't have to raid Biden's home. He voluntarily allowed access, unlike your criminal pal.

Hawley Rants About New Trump Charges: Itís So Brazen
The little snot hasn't a clue. Your fucking criminal leader brought it all on himself, dumbass.
And in saying what you say could make you a co-conspirator.

Reporters bust RFK Jr.'s historically illiterate complaint about not being given Secret Service protection
He really is pitiful.

Angry Little White Guy Wisconsin GOP Rep. Being Very Angry Little White Guy!
So he is some piece of shit who was elected in 2022, after being present at the Capitol on January 6 during the Donald Trump-incited seditious terrorist attack against America. In 2021 he was arrested for trying to bring a loaded gun through TSA at the airport. The same year, he had a great big little tantrum at a teenager working at a library in southwestern Wisconsin because he didnít like the gay pride display. He was reportedly really upset about John Oliverís book A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo. Yes, the one where Mike Penceís gay bunny rabbit gets gay-married."
"Hmm, I'm not seeing the words 'I'm sorry I drank heavily in my office and then screamed obscenities at teenagers' in Derrick Van Orden's statement here. Am I reading it wrong? Thanks to everyone for helping us get this guy fired!"

'Unusual': Ex-Jan. 6 investigator says Trump's main argument already dead in election case
ďThese were people that worked very hard for him, yet they will be the star witnesses in a criminal trial. That is unusual, most of the time there is some arguable bias and there's some fodder for defense lawyers to work with when they're cross-examining witnesses. I don't really see that here, and that really is what strengthens Jack Smith's hand here.Ē

Trump charged with additional count in Mar-a-Lago documents case
"A new defendant was also added the indictment against Trump and his aide Walt Nauta. Carlos de Oliveira was added to the obstruction conspiracy charged in the original indictment."
The indictments just keep on coming.

Michigan Gov Candidate Pleads Guilty To Riot Charges
Another traitor ensnared.

House Recesses Until Sept 12 Without Funding Govt
Such a MAGAt fail. Have we witnessed the likes of this utter loss of responsible government since Nixon?

Barricades Go Up Outside Georgia County Courthouse
The disgrace of America brought upon us by the criminal Trump.

Black Fraternity Moves Florida Convention Because Of Ron DeSantis
This will be happening in all Nazi states of America but with people of all persuasions.

X placed ads from Discovery, Showtime and USA Today on a neo-Nazi account
"Itís clear that not only is X still allowing hate groups to exist on the platform, it's allowing them to monetize their tweets. The National Socialist Groupís leader Thomas Sewell was found guilty of "recklessly causing injury and array" following a 2021 attack. Other members of the group have pleaded guilty to "possessing documents and records of information for terrorist acts." Yet, the groupís Twitter account is still active."

For clergy abuse survivors, Sinead O'Connor's protest that offended so many was brave and prophetic
"More than 30 years later, her ďSaturday Night LiveĒ performance and its stark collision of popular culture and religious statement is remembered by some as an offensive act of desecration. But for others ó including survivors of clergy sex abuse ó OíConnorís protest was prophetic, forecasting the global denomination's public reckoning that was, at that point, yet to come. O'Connor, 56, died Wednesday."

Houston schools eliminate librarians and 'repurpose' libraries into 'discipline centers'
"Mike Myles, the state-installed schools superintendent and former charter schools CEO, earlier this month announced cuts of up to 600 central office positions."
Houston now is living in a Nazi state. It has a dictator running people's lives now.
Like Florida it will be doomed to disaster. Disgusting and un-American.

McCarthy caves and caves, then caves some more
As expected.

How Trumpís New Big Lie-Filled Fascist Ad is Damaging Our Democracy
It follows a fairly ancient pattern of destructive Big Lies that goes back to Renaissance Italy and even the Roman republic and ancient Greece.

Merrick Garland Is Letting Texas Get Away With Sadism
Nah. They've been getting away with it forever.

ĎArthurí Book Facing Ban in Florida Over This One Wacko Complaint
These morons have gone totally to batshit fucked brains.

Conservative cries bitter tears after Trump allies admit election lies: 'It was all BS'
"How many people in this audience sent money to 'Stop the Steal' three years ago?" Deace continued. "How many shows did I waste your time talking about this three years ago? How many? I still have not recovered. Between election fraud and COVID, I probably have the lowest Facebook following of any major show in this industry. I will routinely post things on Facebook and get, like, two or three comments. It's, like, Facebook is like, 'We won't ban you because you'll whine about it and generate a bunch of publicity, so we'll just make it so no one sees your material at all."
We know. It was more than obvious to anyone with a piece of brain. But we do appreciate your honest admission.

Humans Ďnever experienced a world so hot in modern history,í scientists say
Itís not even the end of the month, but July is set to break global heat records.
That is to say, relax. It will only get worse.

What my $30 hamburger reveals about fees and how companies use them to jack up prices
Fee-flation, America. Ain't it grand. To the tune of $65 billion a year.

How Florida Undermined the ďBenefitsĒ of Newly Free Black People
Land of the Happy Negro has a plan for their Negroes.
"You know who benefited from slavery? White people. That was the point."

Fox Is Upset Billionaires' Efforts To Indoctrinate College Students Failing
Oh, dear. Let's not get Fox upset about anything else. They are already at capacity.

GOP Senators Meet With Advocate For Even More Fossil Fuels
Lets speed this up and put a stop to any "slow death" for humanity. /s

Comer Complains Media Want Evidence Of Biden's Alleged Crimes
Damn it to hell, why do they always want evidence? Why can't we just take them out and shoot them? /s
Fatso laughs at evidence.

Christie levels 'coward' Trump for 'eating his well-done hamburger' during the Capitol insurrection
Did he order out for it or did he get it from the kitchen? Plenty of ketchup? Asking for a friend.

Mitch McConnellís health scares raise questions about his future as Senate GOP leader
Too bad. Mitch is such a nice guy.

This Right Wing Lie Of The Day Is A Doozy
Today's lie is one that tries to back into the theory that we're a Christian nation, but fails miserably.
This is one of the biggest crocks of bullshit that some of us cling to.

Feds To Issue Heat Wave ďHazard AlertĒ For Workers
"President Biden has asked the Department of Labor (DOL) to issue the first-ever Hazard Alert for heat, and DOL will also ramp up enforcement to protect workers from extreme heat. For years, heat has been the number one cause of weather-related deaths in America."
Thanks for caring, Joe. We know somebody that doesn't.

Largest Power Grid Declares Emergency For Eastern US
When the grid fails in heat such as we're having, the death toll will likely be high.

Glenn Beck: Itís Only Hot Because The Sun Is ďOn FireĒ
And also too, water is wet. Deep thinking by Beck who has not, apparently, been told what a vacuum is.

'They lied to you': Georgia Republican begs MAGA voters to see the truth after Giuliani admissions
"Rudy Giuliani admits that he lied about Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman," Sterling wrote. "We've known for years that he lied about them and the events at State Farm Arena. For those that still believe there was widespread voter fraud, these people are admitting they lied to you."

'Putinís enabler': House Democrat torches MTGís amendment to defund NATO
"United States Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) on Wednesday introduced a motion to cut contributions to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization by $73 million. Greene belongs to a cohort of right-wing House lawmakers who oppose arming Ukraine in its struggle against Russian President Vladimir Putin's illegal invasion."
The MAGAt's Jane Fonda.

Rudy Concedes He Maaaaaay Have Said Wee Tiny Falsehoods About GA Election Workers Whose Lives He Ruined
"Remember instead Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, the wonderful mother-daughter team of Georgia election workers whose lives have been utterly destroyed by the pigfucking lies of Donald Trump and his band of merry fascist election stealers, particularly Giuliani."

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To... Though I Don't
"Whenever I go pick up a prescription, the pharmacist wants to know my date of birth. I have become self-conscious about saying the year out loud. It's not vanity; I look my age, more or less. But the people who want to know the year I was born are always 50 or 60 years younger. 1943 must sound to them the way1863 sounded to me when I was their age."
"Two lifetimes like mine (and Mick's) make up 160 years, in case you're not doing the math. Historical, literary, scientific, or sports figures who once seemed remote now seem like my contemporaries."
"Is there a point to this? If there is, it's about time. Time was once on our side, as Mick sang when we were both in our '20s. That was back when we could not have conceived of a time it wouldn't be anymore. As remarkable as anything else about it was that it hardly took any time at all."
I say, When you get to your 80s your tribe considers you an elder if they have any sense of pride in themselves.

Will America Face ďNarcissistic CollapseĒ as Trump Descends into Legal Hell?
Heís already using the language of narcissistic collapse, priming his cult followers to experience rage and act out revenge fantasies on his behalf in a clear call to stochastic terrorism.

America Is Putting Up Memorials for a Lynching Victim, While Minimizing Slavery
This country is honoring a Black child lynched by a white mob, while one of its major parties wants to teach the ďbenefitsĒ of slavery.
That would be the Land of the Happy Negro. It is their history.

The Dictator Myth That Refuses to Die
"Admiration for autocracy is built on a pernicious lie that I call the ďmyth of benevolent dictatorship.Ē The myth is built on three flimsy pillars: first, that dictators produce stronger economic growth than their democratic counterparts; second, that dictators, unswayed by volatile public opinion, are strategic long-term thinkers; and third, that dictators bring stability, whereas divided democracies produce chaos."
100% bullshit by criminals and murderers.

ĎThe Countryís Already Been Destroyedí
"Where does that leave us? The truth is that no one knows. Which made it hard to disagree when, the morning after the Knesset vote, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert gave voice to our worst fears. Israel, he said, 'is heading into civil war.'Ē
Trump and his MAGAts have been promoting this as well here in the U.S.

Trumpís Legal Woes Mount
The disgraced former president is now facing probable racketeering charges.

Ohio Republicans and lobbyists donít trust a majority of voters but want us to rig the game for them
Typical fascist behavior.

'Modern day lynching': Father hits out at cop who shot son after suspected fruit theft
The return of the "Pig."

Teen MAGA rioter who sat in Pence's chair gets jail after 'marathon' sentencing hearing
Another Trump traitor bites the dust.

ĎEverybody Does It. Itís Like Wine at This Pointí: NBA Superstar Kevin Durant Reveals He Urged Commish to Remove Weed from Banned Substance List
Why has it not? Whose asshole is still that puckered about it?

Booksellers Sue TX Over Law Mandating Book Ratings
Very good. Force them to certify their own brain sanity first. And don't say "Abbott."

It Turns Out Facebook Also Owns a Trademark to "X," Specifically for Social Media
Why, pray tell, did ANYONE think Musk had any business sense?

Experts Say AI Girlfriend Apps Are Training Men to Be Even Worse
Meet the new girlfriend. Same as the old girlfriend.

Scientists Say Recycling Has Backfired Spectacularly
The continued failure of humans.

Tennessee teachers sue over state restrictions on race and gender education
Tennessee teachersare suing over the stateís 2021 law restricting teaching about race, gender, and oppression, arguing that the law is unconstitutionally vague. The Tennessee Education Association and five educators joined in the lawsuit, which was filed in federal court on Tuesday."

Biden's son Hunter pleads not guilty to 2 tax crimes after agreement with prosecutors falls through
Let's not hear anymore from Republicans about weaponization of law, mm-kay? That's a Trump appointed judge blowing things up.

That DeSantis ad that closed on a Nazi symbol? It was created by a campaign staffer
"That new video wasn't subtle. After a meme-riddled barrage of images, the video closes out with a prominent Nazi and neo-Nazi symbol, the sonnenrad, superimposed over the Florida state flag and DeSantis' head as lines of soldiers march towards the symbol. There's no non-Nazi interpretation of the ad; it's an overt utilization of white supremacist themes. Axios reports that the ad was created by DeSantis campaign speechwriter and (of course) former National Review writer Nate Hochman.
"Hugging fascism tight and promising the Republican base he can bring it to fruition better than anyone else is DeSantis' whole sales pitch."
Proud Nazis.

Giuliani admits to making false statements about Georgia election workers suing him for defamation
But just the two? No others?

'Could be a world record': South Florida ocean temperature hits 101.1įF
Life in the southern zone could quickly become unlivable.

'Odd moment': McConnell returns to presser after 'abruptly' freezing
ďOdd moment,Ē reports Nexstarís Raquel Martin. ďMcConnell freezes at start of Senate GOP leadership press conference and is escorted to the side by his colleagues.Ē

Elon Musk's absurd Twitter rebrand: Has the far right finally broken his brain?
Musk ditches a once-beloved brand for a dopey new edge-lord logo. But an alliance with the far right won't save him
The act of a paranoiac. Very much the same as Fatso.

'Most alarming political ad': Pro-Trump activists release disturbing campaign message
Here's my reaction, Frank: Did I just mention Fatso and Musk? Need we say more?

Tuberville Lied About Fatherís Service During WWII
Lobes lies. Disgraceful.

Fox Guest: Feds Want Remote Control Over Your Stove
So far, their button that shuts your stupid mouth doesn't work. So much for control, dick.
This is right wing radio host Mark Simone. He doesn't mind putting his stupid on public display.

Ramaswamy: ďIím Confident Iíll Be Our Next PresidentĒ
Ha! Not as long as I'm the leading candidate, Rama-Swami Ding-Dongie! And I'm not even running!

Democrats Want To Again Censure Rep. Paul Gosar
Censure? He should be in a nut house. Maybe that's what the GOP is today.
He's connected to the Ministry of Truth, I see.

Marsha Blackburn Seems Terribly Confused. We Hope She's OK!
She's always wrong ó every single time.
"So, we're not coming for their guns anymore? It's the appliances! I knew it all along."
And, of course, we don't want the fentanyl seizures increased?
Her stupid might be the strongest here.

Mayor: Trump Needs To Pay In Advance Of His Rally On Saturday
Welp, he didn't pay them the last time.
Chisler and con man continues his criminal way.

Texas University Suspends Professor For Criticizing Elected Official
Aww, did the lady hurt his feelings?
Great shot of Patrick (and his gut) trying to look butch.

Pro-Paxton PAC Gives $3M To His Impeachment Judge, Dan Patrick
'Defend Texas Liberty' gave Texas' Lt. Gov a $1M donation and a $2M loan in June, despite not being up for re-election until 2026.
Texas grifting at its worst.

'Weíve fallen off a cliff': Scientists warn Atlantic currents could collapse as early as 2025
Meteorologist and climate journalist Eric Holthaus called the study's findings "incredibly worrying."
It's so upsetting we weren't warned about this. /s

'That has to change': Law professor rips Supreme Courtís 'hollow rationalizations' of ethics concerns
At least 6 of them are out and out grifters.

Pro-Paxton PAC Gives $3M To His Impeachment Judge, Dan Patrick
'Defend Texas Liberty' gave Texas' Lt. Gov a $1M donation and a $2M loan in June, despite not being up for re-election until 2026.
Naked Grift.

Gen Z expected to take 2024 electoral baton in shift that will last for decades
Are they as stupid as this article makes them sound?

Rep. Ted Lieu Enters Into The Congressional Record Judgeís Finding That Trump Did Rape E. Jean Carroll
"...especially painful forced digital penetration." Rapist!
Hereís the exact quote from Judge Kaplan:
ďAnd since the juryís answer to Question 1 demonstrates that it was unconvinced that there was penile penetration, the only remaining conclusion is that it found that Mr. Trump forcibly penetrated her vagina with his fingers Ė in other words, that he Ďrapedí her in the sense of that term broader than the New York Penal Law definition.Ē

Many Christians are 'almost in despair' over what Trump has done to their faith: evangelical leader
Their faith in Trump got their ass in the sling it's in.

A New Kind of Fascism
"Unlike previous fascist leaders with their cult of war, Trump still offers appeasement to dictators abroad, but he now promises something much closer to dictatorship at home. For me, what Trump is offering for his second presidency will meet the threshold, and the label Iíd choose to describe it would be ďisolationist fascism.Ē Until now, such a concept would have been an oxymoron, a historical phenomenon without precedent. Trump continues to break every mold."

Hello? You Canít Be President if Youíve Tried To Overthrow the U.S. Government
Well, it appears only a sane person would go along with you. And we're running short on them.

Charlie Kirk Wants Biden Executed, For Crime Of 'Bumbling Dementia-Filled Alzheimer's Corrupt Tyrant'
"We finally figured it out who he looks like. Meatwad is of course far more intelligent and pure of heart.
Well, folks, Charlie Kirk, that grand wizard of human intellect, thinks President Joe Biden should be executed for his crimes against America."
"Sometimes people ask how dog-brained MAGA people have it both ways, insisting that Biden is simultaneously an evil dictator genius and also a big DementiaFarts McOld. This is how. Nothing they say is required to make any sense because their beliefs arenít real. Their ideas donít have to be intellectually consistent, because theyíre not intellectual in the first place. Theyíre just screaming racial slurs at clouds and demanding they stay white."

DOJ slams Jim Jordanís 'unjustified and premature' subpoenas in Hunter Biden probe
Jacket-Off needs attention worse than Fatso.

Texas A&M suspended professor accused of criticizing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in lecture
"For free speech advocates, health experts and students, Texas A&Mís investigation of Alonzo was a shocking demonstration of how quickly university leaders allow politicians to interfere in classroom discussions on topics in which they are not experts ó and another example of increasing political involvement from state leaders in how Texas universities are managed."
The only thing Patrick is an expert on is being an idiot.

Peter Navarro: Democrats Are Forcing Us Into Civil War, Weíll Take Back America From Your ďCold Woke HandsĒ
Peter, you're not taking anything from me running your tiny mouth on the internet. Get on your horse and meet me in the street.

Bernie Kerik strikes deal with Jack Smith to turn over Trump records: report
It gets worse for Fatso everyday.

Georgia prosecutors looking to charge Trump with election fraud and conspiracy: sources
Georgia prosecutors are considering a pair of election fraud charges against Donald Trump, who falsely claimed that's what caused him to lose the state during the 2020 presidential election.

Kevin McCarthy appears ready to impeach Biden: 'It's rising to the level'
Go ahead, stupid. Suicide may be your only way out.

"In case you were not present this weekend, Barbie shattered all kinds of box office records, making $162 million domestically and $337 million worldwide. Itís apparently extremely popular in red states. (And also the blue ones.) Together with Oppenheimer ó 'Barbenheimer,' you might have heard it called ó it created the fourth biggest box office weekend in history. And unlike the fake child trafficking movie starring the QAnon Jesus clown, those numbers donít involve letting people buy tickets for hypothetical strangers."
I was ahead of you on this one, Evan.

North Carolina GOPís Plan to Hijack Elections Should Concern Voters Everywhere
Land of the Happy Negro fascists and their election stealing machine only keeps us in slavery.

'Get out of the race, stop wasting our time!' Ex-RNC head goes off on Nikki Haley over latest Trump comments
'You know better than me trying to parse this bubblegum speak coming out of the mouths of these people," Steele began. "It's just banal attempts to sort of placate. It's frustrating because, do you want to be president?"
Michael, she's not running for president. It's easy to see she's playing for veep.

POLL: 32% Of GOP Voters View Trump As ďUnfavorable
They probably think he's a fraud, con man, traitor, rapist and a lying SOB. But they'll vote for him anyway.

The Creators of Floridaís Black History Standards Get an F on Their Homework
"Many of the figures they cite as slaveryís 'beneficiaries' were never enslaved."
So, is Dr. William B. Allen, full of gas with his position: ďThe intent of this particular benchmark clarification is to show that some slaves developed highly specialized trades from which they benefitted. This is factual and well documented,Ē the pair wrote. ďAny attempt to reduce slaves to just victims of oppression fails to recognize their strength, courage and resiliency during a difficult time in American history.Ē
Who is saying they were "attmpting to reduce slaves to just victims of oppression" besides you, Dr. Allen?
Who's gaslighting who?

Far-Right Figures Are Behind Floridaís Slavery Lessons
Land of the Happy Negro fails history once again. Freedom does wonders for your choices in life.
"As critics were quick to note, many of the ďexamplesĒ listed in the statement were never slaves, or they launched their respective professions only after gaining their freedom. The Tampa Bay Times pointed out several examples, including Booker T. Washington, listed in the statement as a teacher. ďWashington was enslaved but did not gain his skills until after being freed at age 9,Ē the paper notes."

Florida Republicans strip renter protections in latest bid to make state unlivable
Utterly anazing to watch fascist fools break an American state into trash heap.
Expect to see their population shrink to the size of Eswatini.

Trump Just Asking Why He Wasn't Criminally Charged Years Ago, How Many More Indictments Coming Before He Dies
"Friday, Wonkette had a check-in on where things stand with Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis, who it looks like is going to make her move in Atlanta in the next three weeks. Special Counsel Jack Smith is going to start raining down January 6 indictments whenever he fuckiní feels like it."

The Longer Trump Lasts, the Greater the Damage, the More Degraded Is America. Is the End in Sight?
"As with his first run, who really believes Trump wants to (or expects to) be president: heís always had other fish to fry, either ego and image ('I can do this') or, more relevantly now, deflect convictions, sentences and unspeakable fines. Hey, itís a plan Ė and no worse than other scams heís concocted. It all comes down to whether Americans will again back a fu-k-up Ė and let a rampant, criminal ex-pres get off easy. These trains have left the station."

Republicans Against Private Enterprise
In their view, business should be forced to be transphobic and ignore climate change.

GOP 'risking a political wipeout' because it hasn't learned lesson about Trump: columnist
"If it seems fantastical, even unimaginable, that a party would put itself in such a position," she concluded, "Maybe itís time to acknowledge that, barring an epiphany, the GOPís self-delusion is risking a political wipeout that will take out more than its disastrous nominee. And it wonít be able to claim it wasnít warned."

TX Gov: I Have ďSovereign AuthorityĒ To Use Razor Wire
Famous last words.

Justice Department Faces Off With Texas: No, You Can't Drown Immigrants For Their Own Safety
ďThis floating barrier poses a risk to navigation, as well as public safety, in the Rio Grande River, and it presents humanitarian concerns. Thus, we intend to seek appropriate legal remedies, which may include seeking injunctive relief requiring the removal of obstructions or other structures in the Rio Grande River,Ē the letter states.
"The letter, sent by Assistant Attorney General Todd Kimm and Jaime Esparza, US Attorney for the Western District of Texas, advises that the buoys violate the Rivers and Harbors Act, which bans obstructing navigable waters in the US. Whatís more, the feds note that Texas didnít ask for authorization from the Army Corps of Engineers, as also required by law. Texas, Wy U Fuckn Up So Bad?"

Oppenheimer's Atom Bomb Apparently Spread Fallout on 46 US States
How could it not?

Elon Musk officially kills Twitter

CNN panel shreds Ron DeSantisí 'disgraceful' historical illiteracy
He has no excuse for this. He actually went to school. He's either a liar or a dumbass — or both.

Climate Clock drops below six years as 'summer of hell' scorches Earth
"Activists around the world held a day of action on Saturday as the "Climate Clock" for the first time ticked below six yearsósignaling how far away humanity is from using up the remaining carbon budget to limit global temperature rise to 1.5įC."
Pay attention or bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Early votes cast in Ohio August election are blowing expectations out of the water
And so it will be the bed that the fascists made for themselves.

Arizonaís State Republican Party Is Practically Broke
Another casualty of Trump's con on America. There will be more.

Trump threats will only backfire on him ó they prove Jack Smith's entire case
Republicans struggle to pretend Trump's an innocent angel while he begs his followers to commit violence

Ramaswamy: Trump Is Innocent Of J6-Related Crimes
Rama-Swami Ding-Dongie is a Trump bootlicker. He's not running against him. He's a fraud and a shill.

RFK Jr.: Media hitting me harder than Trump
"Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blamed the media for dragging his campaign Sunday, saying he has been slammed ďeven more than President Trump was slammedĒ by mainstream media outlets."
This is because people are tired of the constant bullshit that Trump has covered over the country. Just shove it back up your ass.

'Sound of Freedom' breaks $100M in revenue, reaches milestone
In both show business and the music business (or any business where you sell a product) this is referred to as "papering the house." If you're providing free tickets to shows for customers to assure a crowd, or free CDs and LPs to record customers and counting them as a "sale" or "revenue" it is a bogus count. It's promotion for the product. It's an expense to get bogus numbers to get the mark's attention. It's commonly done.
In layman's language, it's bullshit.

Christian Groups To Press For Abortion Death Penalty
It's just never enough for these "Xianist" hypocrites.
Try keeping your "youth pastors" away from raping children first, you dickheads.

Lawsuit: Crypto Lobbyist Wanted To Buy Pacific Island Nation To Build Apocalypse Bunker For Tech Billionaires
The stupid is strong here.

'A brilliant move': Jack Smith praised by legal experts for deploying game-changing statute

'Everyone saw the evidence': McCaskill wants Trumpís criminal trials televised like OJ Simpsonís
It's history and we are obliged as a nation to have it televised to us.

Ex-prosecutor: Convicting Trump 'like proving that fish swim and birds fly'
""Katie, I don't often like to go where I'm about to go, because people are forever saying that it's so hard to prove Donald Trump's corrupt intent, his criminal state of mind, his guilty mens rea, I do not agree with that," he replied.
"I proved corrupt intent for 30 years in courtrooms, both military and civilian with far less evidence that has been amassed against Donald Trump," he continued. "I think proving Donald Trump's corrupt intent is like proving that fish swim and birds fly."

White Leaders Prevent an Alabama Townís First Black Mayor From Serving
Again, Alabama secedes by default. Occupy the state.

Floridaís Magical Negro History Standards
"An entire system based on terrorism and repression is magically transformed into a sensitive evolution of a white supremacist culture that did so much to allow Blacks to find themselves and their tormentors to pat themselves on the back. Naturally, racism is over. Naturally, Free Florida is Godís gift to Blacks. This is history in the land of DeSantistan.
Praise be, massa."

Jack Smith urged to 'detain Trump pending trial' after new threats of violence
Put his traitor ass in stir now before he gets us all killed.

Putin warns Poland an attack on Belarus would be an attack on Russia
Russian president appeared to be responding to Warsawís decision to re-station military units closer to the Belarusian border.
NATO has a right to defend itself. Any attack on Poland by a two-bit, shit-fer-brains killer would mean the start of WWIII and the end of civilization.

Youth Pastor Gets 5 Years On Child Sex, Porn Charges
"According to an agreed statement of facts, the pastor ran a mental health outreach program for young adults and asked a teenage member of the churchís congregation in 2017 to co-preach a sermon series with him."
"Dahr had sex with the girl, whose identity is protected by a court-ordered publication ban, and they exchanged intimate photos and videos of themselves."
Xtianist grooming again.

Christian Sports Ministry Leader Charged With Child Sex
The former executive director of Full Count Ministries is facing child sex crime charges. Xianist child groomer, 40-year-old Jacob R. Oldham, gets popped.
Another child groomer goes down. When will we put a stop to this pedophile "religion"?

Idaho judge sentences 5 from white nationalist group to jail for conspiracy to riot at Pride event
Pride in being a jerk.

All You Need To Know To Understand Every Strongly-Held GOP Belief
They ride a blazing asshole!

Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Rally Was A Complete Flop
"If you hold a pro-gun rally and no one comes, is it really still a rally?"
Here's another dick that Marge can wave around.

Complaint Filed Against Marge For Waving Hunter's D*ck Pics Around
Some told me that waving dicks around is pretty common behavior where she comes from.

If You Fuck Around With Us
"You're gonna reap just what you sew..." Further On Up the Road — Bobby Bland

Tennessee Now One of Three States With Permanent Felony Disenfranchisement After New Administrative Guidance Torpedoes Voting Rights Restoration
Doing your time isn't enough for these Nazis.

The eco collapse we were warned about has begun
"In 2023, different climatic anomalies have been recorded that set new historical records in the tragic progression of climate change at the global level."

Justice Department orders Texas to remove deadlyóand illegalóRio Grande traps
Oh, no! Do they mean Abbott can't kill colored people anymore? /s

Trump says Biden treats Catholics 'like the enemy' in blathering response to question about his faith
"You had no faith to lose and you know it..." — Positively 4th Street, Bob Dylan

Trump On His ďFaith JourneyĒ: I Know So Many People
He doesn't know shit from Shinola. And I don't mean wrist watches.
"There is no universe where I accept that 50% of people believe this isnít the stupidest thing that has ever been said since time began." — Be My Wambsgans (comments)

Nebraska teen sentenced to 90 days in jail after self-managed abortion
A teenager? These motherfuckers have lost all contact with reality. They are amoral.

Russia Arrests Pro-War Putin Critic Igor Girklin
Igor Girkin called Vladimir Putin president a "lowlife" and a "cowardly bum" earlier this week.
Exactly what Putin is. Trump is the same scumbag.

Just A Good Old Boy In A Small Town
Just stay out of the small towns where you hear banjo music.
The "small town" he describes here is merely a crossroads junction rest stop on a lost highway.

Texas Abortion Law Is On Trial. Women Are Amazing Witnesses
Women harmed by Texas abortion law give emotional court testimony.
Their misogynist fantasy will soon become their nightmare.

Harris Rebukes Florida Over History Lessons On Slavery
ďAdults know what slavery really involved. It involved rape. It involved torture. It involved taking a baby from their mother. It involved some of the worst examples of Ö depriving people of humanity in our world,Ē she said.

Around 2,000 penguins wash up dead on Uruguay coast
A snapshot of our future.

Sen. Chuck Grassley put American lives at risk to spread a document he knew was a lie
Did he know that? Really? And you say Biden is too old? ROTFLMAO!

Alabama GOP shows little willingness to follow court orders for 2nd Black congressional district
Land of the Happy Negro state secedes by default with this action.
Time to send federal troops in to occupy the state, remove their current government, and set up a provisional government that will follow the law.

'Stupid': Scarborough Appalled By Trump's Newest Threat To Jack Smith
Addled ancient man runs his mouth again.
"On Thursday, former President Donald Trump shared a threatening video clip on his Truth Social platform in which he appeared to try to intimidate Special Counsel Jack Smith. And now, he's doubled down. Has Lumpy even taken a good look at Jack Smith? I don't think he's easily intimidated. Smith prosecuted war crimes in The Hague."
What a frump.

Republicans Who Oppose All Gun Control Laws Call On Media To Limit Their Reporting About Mass Shooters
Fascist party loses all semblence of sanity. How can they hide their swastikas after this shit?
We're back to the Reagan bullshit of blaming the press for everything they are responsible for.

Texas University President Forced Out Over Diversity
"Texas A&M University said on Friday that its president would retire ďimmediatelyĒ after fallout surrounding political pushback of a new director of its journalism program because of her work promoting diversity, equity and inclusion."
A&M: University of Fascism.

DeSantis Craters Among Women In New Yahoo Poll
So sad.

Why Trump 2.0 Would Be Much Worse
For those who must have things spelled out for them.

Maternal Mortality Is Rising, and Pro-Lifers Donít Care
Is it God's punishment, dear hearts? /s

Confusion and stress abound for 500,000 Texans bumped from Medicaid
"Continuous Medicaid coverage ended in April. Many of the roughly half-million people stripped from the rolls donít even know theyíve lost coverage yet."

Jesse Watters Can't Believe Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Not Even Allowed To Ask If COVID Was Chinese-ly Engineered To Spare The Jews
"Well, goddammit, when will this censorship of mediocre white men who just like to ask questions stop? After yesterdayís totally fucked up hearing of the Jim Jordan committee to weaponize itself against America, which featured wackaloon shithole Robert F. Kennedy Jr. getting the shit kicked out of him by every Democrat present, Jesse Watters had to go on the Fox News version of 'The View' where itís Judge Boxwine instead of Whoopi Goldberg saying the words at that one corner of the table. And he had to say some very good smart words!"

Old Handsome Joe Goes To Philadelphia For Infrastructure Year, Bidenomics Speech
"Joe Biden gave a speech Thursday afternoon to talk up the success of the economy during his presidency, speaking to union workers at a shipyard in Philadelphia. Itís another of his appearances to tout the success of 'Bidenomics,' a term he clearly enjoyed pointing out had been coined by conservative critics at the Wall Street Journal."

Georgia prosecutors are preparing a massive racketeering case against Trump: report
Mob boss will get his.

Votersí distaste for 'dangerous,' 'nutjob' RFK Jr. is growing: report
Repulsive is the word that comes to mind.

Wagner Group Reports Staggering Losses In Ukraine
A total of 22,000 Wagner Group mercenaries have been killed in Ukraine, with a further 40,000 wounded, according to a Wagner-affiliated Telegram channel.

Ha Ha, Marge Records Another Ad For Biden
She just can't help herself.
Showing the skills of her masters degree in Stupid.

Pop Music Legend Tony Bennett Dies At Age 96
What a loss for the world. A most remarkable musician.

Fox Host: Shooting Intruders Is ďThe American DreamĒ
Be careful what you wish for.
Living in fear is not what you call a dream for anyone. The fascist Republican mob lives in a world of fear.

Aldeanís Video Uses Old Protests From Other Countries
"PolitiFact dissected the video and found that although many of the clips we were able to verify do come from news footage of real events, many of the scenes depicting crowd violence are from outside the U.S., including Ukraine, Germany and Canada, with one dating as far back as 2010."
Of course, he's a victim.

Judge Aileen Cannon sets Trump trial date in Mar-a-Lago case
The Department of Justice had asked to bring the case to trial in December, while the former president's lawyers had sought to delay it until after the election. Cannon essentially split the difference and set the start date for May 20, 2024.
Still, it's just a stall. But Trump will have his day in court.

Laura Ingraham So Mad 'Barbie' Making Men Do Pilates While They Wait For Their Welfare And Their DoorDash Orders
"Full disclosure: We do not understand why the Barbie thing is a such a thing, so we cannot comment on it from a perspective of understanding the Barbie thing. [Editrixís note, this is clearly Evan speaking for himself, because I absolutely understand why the Barbie thing is such a thing.]
We also do not understand how empty and dead inside a person would have to be, what a waste of a sad and useless human life, to be upset about the Barbie thing. (Or the Snow White thing. Or the Bud Light thing. Or the Target thing. Or the Cracker Barrel thing.)
So anyway, Laura Ingrahamís new show ďBackground Noise For Your Cats While They Wait For You To Get Home From WorkĒ is going well. She had one of her weird walking nervous tic guests on last night, Raymond Arroyo, and they were talking about the Barbie."

Infant Deaths Rose by 12 Percent in Texas Amid Abortion Ban
"In the first year of abortion being nearly fully banned in Texas, infant mortality rose for the first time in seven years, nearly entirely undoing years of progress on infant mortality in a single year, new data shows."

The Self-Serving Derangement of the Rich
"Whence this conspiracy-minded paranoia in Muskville, Krugman wondered. Why canít our economic overlords handle the truth?"

Florida Board of Educationís New Guidelines Imply Slavery Benefitted Black People
After all they are "The Land of the Happy Negro." Or have they just been reading it here?

New Florida History Guidelines Require Teaching Upsides Of Slavery, Like Learning Job Skills, Getting Free Slop For Dinner
Take me to the Land of the Happy Negro. I'll even ride in a crowded hold of a shitty boat.

Judge Shoots Down Tucker Carlsonís ĎCherry-Picked Videosí of January 6 in Scathing Ruling Tossing QAnon Shamanís Bid to Dismiss Conviction
I just thought it said "Judge Shoots Down Tucker Carlson..."

ďBleach ChurchĒ Family Guilty Of COVID Cure Scam
And another "WTF" bites the dust.

Groundwork's Lindsay Owens Applauds White House for Tackling Corporate Price Gouging
Meanwhile, Biden keeps working for the people.

'He vaccinated all his children': House Democrat blows a hole in RFK Jr.ís anti-vax arguments
He forgets what he says most of the time. There's more to just lying at work here.

RFK Jr: I Did Not Say Those Words You Heard Coming Out Of My Mouth
"Somehow, Kennedy denied that he said what we've all heard him say, that Covid may have been 'ethnically targeted,' affecting Jewish and Chinese people the least. RFK Jr. seems unaware that all of this is documented in video clips.

'Dead as fried chicken': Senate Republicans lash out after Supreme Court ethics bill clears committee
The crooks in the House sure as hell don't need no fuckin' ethics bills getting in their fuckin' unethical ways.

White House wants 'desperate' GOP held accountable after Grassley publishes 'uncorroborated FBI record'
Did someone say something about being "too old" to govern?

Retired meteorologist names heatwaves after fossil fuel companies: report
"Walton "has already christened two previous heatwaves this summer" as 'Amoco and BP,' noted The Guardian. Walton's latest, the paper revealed, is 'Chevron.'"

QAnon Shaman Loses Attempt To Retract Guilty Plea
Bless his little double-pointed, treasonous head.

Democrats Dick-Kicked James Comer And His Hunter Biden Whistleblowers For Whole Day Yesterday, And It Was Televised!
"In case you missed it, yesterday, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a serious person, decided to deal with Joe Biden once and for all by showing Congress pictures of his sonís weenus."

Union Warns House GOP Proposal May Put Social Security Administration in Crisis
More theft on working Americans by the wealthy greed disease.

RFK Laughably Declares ďI Have Never Been Anti-VaxĒ
Just how many sides to his mouth does he have?

California Pastor Arrested In Underage Sex Sting
Another Xianist groomer bites the dust.
"...this servant of Christ is a fan of Christian nationalist Charlie Kirk."

Trump Threatens ďDangerousĒ Result If Heís Imprisoned
Dangerous for him. And Jack Smith won't put him in jail. The jury will.

Stanford Scientists Find That Yes, ChatGPT Is Getting Stupider
"This study affirms what users have been saying for more than a month now: that as they've used the GPT-3 and GPT-4-powered ChatGPTover time, they've noticed it becoming, well, stupider."
Just like American human beings.

Law professor: Trump indictments may be last chance to save 'American democracy' from authoritarian takeover
There's no "may" about it.

Analysis reveals GOP spending cuts would kill 500,000 jobs
Thnk of how much that means for the super wealthy class.

A vote to 'expunge' Trump impeachments could be 'poisonous' to vulnerable Republicans in Biden districts
Everything Trump touches dies.

Accused war criminal Putin skipping August BRICS summit over ICC arrest concerns: report
Murderer faces arrest if he shows his face outside his safe spot.

'Immune to both shame and common sense': Molly Jong-Fast slams GOP lawmakers
She means "turd stirrers," which is the agenda of the "party."

DeSantis attacks on Florida's New College hit home as faculty flee
A lot of this is going on in Florida. It will soon become a third world banana republic.

'Zero proof': Dem mocks GOP after Marjorie Taylor Greene displays nude photos at hearing
MTG is the textbook definition of "white trash."

Republicans claim they love America ó but they sure don't seem to like the American people
"Itís time to stop letting Republicans claim the mantle of patriotism without actually being patriots."

JD Vance Joins Forces With Marjorie Taylor Greene On Trans Genocide Bill
"Vanceís bill would criminalize gender-affirming care as a Class C felony. Taxpayer funding for these critical procedures would end, including under the Affordable Care Act.
The bill would also ban higher education institutions from instructing anyone on the procedures, as well as prohibit anyone whoís performed gender-affirming care procedures from obtaining a visa or entering the United States."
So, yes, this is a straight-up trans eradication bill.
And Vance is a dirty rat-faced git.

TV Ad in Ohio Tries to Scare Voters With Drag Queens to Thwart Abortion Rights
MAGAts rig the game constantly.

7 in 10 Americans Support Passage of Pro-Union PRO Act, Poll Finds
Stick with the Union.

Trump Loses Bid For New Trial In E. Jean Carroll Case
Fatso will spend the rest of his life in both court and prison.

Boy, 16, Dead In Accident In Chicken Processing Plant
Thankfully, he wasn't an LGBTQ+. That's all the fascists in the Land of the Happy Negro would be concerned about.

Louisiana GOP overrides governorís veto of 'needlessly' harmful gender-affirming care ban: report
Brain dead will see that as many die as possible.

'Dangerous denials of reality': ex-NYT editor regrets taking RFK Jr. call
Free speech is one thing. Screaming "fire" in a crowded theater when there is no "fire" can get people killed.

Mystery Solved: GOP Candidate Who Reported False Federal Filing
...turned out to be his own campaign who didn't get the memo he'd changed his mind.
The answer for these morons is to lie to you.

Trump Praises Chinaís Xi For Ruling ďWith An Iron FistĒ
The Nazi shows us he's a Nazi. Believe him. He doesn't lie when it comes to his Nazi ego.

Watters Asks McCarthy To Stop Trump Indictment
Two "Shit-fer-brains" babble incoherently. They wouldn't know a law if it bit them on what they call their dicks.

Hey Republicans (and RFK Jr.): Nobody wants to see you do push-ups
RFK Jr. and other GOP stooges think their fitness videos are impressive, but it's really quite sad
It's sad that they can convince a voter they have a brain. He could barely make the last two push-ups.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Ordered Troopers To Push Children Into The River
And worse. Gird yourselves.
"Texas state troopers assigned to Gov. Greg Abbottís border crackdown, Operation Presidential Bid, have been ordered to ďpush small children and nursing babies back into the Rio Grande, and have been told not to give water to asylum seekers even in extreme heat,Ē according to reporting by the Houston Chronicle, based on an email from a Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper working as a medic. CNN has also obtained the same documents."
Such a nice guy, eh?

What We Should Have Learned from the Rats, but Didn't
"I wish I could convince myself I'm just having an old man's mood, a moment of geriatric hysteria. But it we're not living out a ratty doomsday scenario now, with "end of times" symptoms everywhere to be seen, this will have to do until that day of doom shows up. It doesn't really feel like it can be all that far away, does it?

Trump will be charged as 'leader' of Jan. 6 conspiracy: J6 investigator
What's the temperature in Mar-a-Lago? Fahrenheit 451?

Heat Index Breaks Miami Records: 13 Days Over 106º
How ya likin' it so far? Get used to it. It will get worse.

Ramaswarmy Calls January 6 ďJust A Friendly PreviewĒ
ďMy concern is unless we reconcile ourselves with what the truth of the matter was that led to Jan. 6, that's really just going to be a friendly preview of what's to come in this country. I think every American has to look, especially much of the Left in this country that denounces Jan. 6 and the supposed threats to our democracy. Everyone in this country has to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves what role each of us played in getting to that day.Ē
Is this a threat or a promise, Ramalama Ding-Dongie?

Notorious Tiki Torch Nazi Charged With Riot Felonies
1 + 1 should make for about 40 years in this case.

GOP Seeks To Undo Billions In Infrastructure Funding
All chislers like their dear leader.

Cultists Melt Down Over Trumpís Looming Third Arrest
They should save it until the fourth one that's coming. ROTFLMAO!
Dear Stefanikgreeners: There is one set of laws. Your fat boy idiot has broken every one of them.

Brooklyn Priest Sentenced To Five Years For Child Porn
Another "pastor" groomer bites the dust. It has become more than evident that Xtianist "pastors" are the groomers of our children. They are the ones that should be shut down, not drag queens you dipshits.

Florida CFO Vows To Investigate ďWokeĒ Home Insurer For Leaving The State, Compares Them To Bud Light
Who does this Nazi pusgut think he is? Martin Bormann?

Ketchup Thrower Loses It, Busts Out In All-Caps Tirade
Here he goes again. Trying to start another riot just like the one he started on January 6.
It's almost over Fatso.They are coming for you and you're running out of steam.

Loser Trump Loses 9-0 In Stupid Effort To Fire Fani Willis
Fatso, you will soon be a four-time loser.

Common Cause Urges Support for the Freedom to Vote Act
ďAmericans expect and deserve a democracy where every one of us has an equal say in the future for our family and community, regardless of our political party, background, or zip code,Ē said Marilyn Carpinteyro, Common Cause Interim Co-President. ďThe Freedom to Vote Act will help ensure that Ďwe the peopleí determine the course of the nation instead of the billionaires, special interests and politicians who are pushing legislation to put up barriers to voting and silence the voices of everyday Americans.Ē

Freedom to Vote Act Would Blunt Multi-Pronge