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Land of the Happy Negro

When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it—always.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

Forgiving those who show no remorse is injustice. There will be no meeting Nazis halfway in the name of "unity."

When I press alt-right on the keyboard my screen goes white.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." — Edmund Burke

“We don’t take an oath to a king, or queen, or a tyrant or a dictator. And we don’t take an oath to a wannabe dictator… we take an oath to the Constitution… and we’re willing to die to protect it.”
— Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley, at his retirement ceremony.

A Manifesto

Making America Great Again
"Making America Great Again."
Back in 2005 Lost Country recorded a song that was issued on their CD Long Gone Thrill. It was a song written by Jeff Gutcheon that was originally titled Land of the Happy Negro, subtitled Battle Hymn of the Republicans. We thought that no one would “get it.” It would be misunderstood; it might be construed as racist on our part. Of course, it was far from that. We changed the title and some of the lyrics. But today I realize that Jeff was on the money and that now everyone should recognize that he was. The teahadists, around 2011, demanded that the school textbooks in Tennessee overlook certain facts and look at the “sunny side of slavery.” So, now these “Ministry of Truth” protectors can take their proper context with the song that had them pegged from our earlier years when we tried to be kind. Now, we know they are not kind people. Now, you can hear the original track—unedited, unoverdubbed, with the original lyrics sung as a pilot vocal so we could work on the track that later became the issued recording of a kinder version, Land of the Happy People.

Land of the Happy Negro — copyright Jeff Gutcheon, 2005.

Randy Newman is in on this issue as well with an offering for you titled I'm Dreaming.
Get it while you can.

Dedicated to the Republican Teahadistas in the Senate and the House. How they long to return to the past.

For more on the Teahadistas: Americans Against The Tea Party

P.S. : It was rewarding to see The Daily Show using the title Battle Hymn of the Republicans for one of their segments. Great minds think alike. Except the greatest think of them first.

On page 97 in Jill Lepore’s book The Whites of their Eyes (2010, Princeton University Press) she states, “There was though, something heartbreaking in all this. Behind the Tea Party’s Revolution lay nostalgia for an imagined time—the 1950s, maybe, or the 1940s—less riven by strife, less troubled by race. In that nostalgia was the remembrance of childhood, a yearning for a common past, bulwark against a divided present, comfort against an uncertain future....”

As if anyone needed more proof of this retro-lunacy just look at our latest "sunny slaver" Cliven Bundy and his quotes on "happy negros." I quote Maureen Dowd in her Times column Sunday, April 27, 2014: "It’s a measure of how hallucinogenic conservatives are that they are trying to re-litigate slavery during the second term of the first African-American president." Jeff’s song could very aptly be subtitled Battle Hymn of Cliven Bundy.

Need more? Take a look at an Esquire article written by Charles P. Pierce dated April 25, 2014, Mike Pence Joins A Bad Parade.

"In downtown Indianapolis, there's this massive monument to the people from Indiana who have died in our various wars, particularly the nearly 25,000 Hoosiers who died in the War of Southern Sedition. I mention this only to point out that the National Rifle Association is meeting in Indianapolis at the moment, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence made them welcome by edging right up to being on the wrong side of the dispute that cost so many Hoosiers their lives. This, of course, is the on-ramp to the expressway to Bundyville, although Pence would be horrified if you pointed that out to him."

Governor Pence:    "Washington is not only broke, it’s broken. The cure for what ails this country will come more from our state capitals than it ever will from our national capital. Despite what some may think in Washington, our state governments are not territorial outposts of the national government. The states are the wellspring of the American experiment. It will not be enough to cut federal spending; the next generation of leaders must permanently reduce the size and scope of the federal government by returning to the states the rights, resources, and responsibilities that are rightfully theirs!"

"This view of things was litigated at the Constitutional Convention. It failed. It was litigated over the tariff. It failed. It was litigated at Cemetery Ridge. It failed. It was litigated prior to the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution. It failed. It was litigated at Central High in Little Rock. It failed. It was litigated on the campus at Ole Miss in 1962. It failed. It was litigated at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It failed. It is the connective tissue that binds modern conservativism inextricably to the remnants of American apartheid because this view of the nature of the nation always was the expression of threat that the slaveholder felt about his way of life. It camouflaged itself in a number of ways involving a number of different issues, but always it was about the fear that, sooner or later, the federal government was going to come and take away the chattel from which you derived your personal economy, and so even what might be beneficial to the nation as a whole must be resisted on the pretext of sovereign states...."

Not enough yet? Here you go. Dated July 21, 2014.
Top Anti-Immigrant ‘Expert’ Says ‘Being Hung, Drawn And Quartered’ Is ‘Too Good’ For Obama.
A senior policy analyst for the Center for Immigration Studies, which bills itself as the think tank of the anti-immigrant Right, told a Florida-based Tea Party group last week that President Obama not only deserves impeachment, but that “being hung, drawn and quartered is probably too good for him.” The Center for New Community’s Imagine 2050 blog first reported on Stephen Steinlight’s remarks. Steinlight also said that John Boehner’s lawsuit against the president is a ‘political loser’ and claimed that while Obama deserves to be impeached, such an effort would backfire on Republicans.

CIS describes Steinlight as “one of the nation’s most insightful voices on immigration” who provides “expert testimony” for government panels.

"A rash of opinion polls which have come out, not push polls, real polls, including one by Gallup that showed that 65 percent of the American people don’t want any part of an Obama-style immigration reform. But the idea of this [lawsuit] is vintage Boehner, it’s a political loser. There is no court that is going to stop Obama from doing anything. We all know, if there ever was a president that deserved to be impeached, it’s this guy. Alright? I mean, I wouldn’t stop. I would think being hung, drawn, and quartered is probably too good for him."

While it’s my opinion this would be “cruel and unusual punishment” I’m sure it’s merely a figure of speech the gentleman is using and doesn't seriously want lynching to return. But on the other hand, we could just ‘Blame It On Obama” as Andre Williams says.

Not enough for rational human beings? Ok:
A while back Mr. Cruz stated: “I think the reason so many Americans are upset about the Obama presidency is that they realize this wasn’t possible before, and they wanted his presidency to be bigger than it is, you know, to do bigger things. And then you have others that appreciate history. If the slaves were never freed in the Civil War, you have to wonder, where would Obama be today? Certainly not the White House, not in the capacity he’s in. And you have some in America that think that might not be a bad thing. That he not be in office, I mean.”

Another Happy Negro kind of guy! Ya gotta love the pursed eyebrow schtick!
Ted Cruz displays his acting skills.

Ah, but it goes on:
Ann Coulter is up front with her racism when in response to Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at Tuskegee University, May 2015, proudly stated on Sean Hannity’s show — "I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now.” The pundit proceeded to denounce the "predator class” in the black community and deny the existence of "peaceful protesters” in Baltimore...."Oh my gosh, this nonsense about, oh, so many blacks are in prison, well how did they get there?” Coulter asked later. "In addition to the peaceful Baltimore protester I want to put on a milk carton, — have you seen this? — I want to see the innocent person in prison.”
(Note: While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States' population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates. March 13, 2012.)
Glenn Beck stated in response to the same speech she gave with "White people in droves went out to vote for you,” he said. "You were somehow invisible so much that you became the President and First Lady of the United States of America? Tell me about the troubles that you have seen!.” Beck then argued that conservatives and Christians were the real victims of bigotry: "The conservatives have never felt it! The jobs we are suddenly bypassed for because we’re conservative, because of our viewpoint. The religious that are mocked on a daily basis and belittled. Yeah, we’ve never felt that. We don’t know what it’s like.”

An excellent playing of the "Victim Card” the Republicans do over and over as well.
76% of Americans consider themselves "Christian” yet the Republicans consider them victims?

“Yes, the long war on Christianity. I pray that one day we may live in an America where Christians can worship freely! In broad daylight! Openly wearing the symbols of their religion... perhaps around their necks? And maybe – dare I dream it? – maybe one day there can be an openly Christian President. Or, perhaps, 43 of them. Consecutively.”—Jon Stewart

Maybe Ann and Glen should read the article in the Times Magazine from Sunday, May 10, 2015, "Our Demand Is Simple: Stop Killing Us.”. Would (did) they miss the killing part or are they really that clueless?

And continues:
In the June 19, 2015 article titled Why Conservatives Still Won't Admit That Charleston Was A Racist Crime,” Aurin Squire makes several points on the sad excuses that Republicans used on the murders by Dylann Roof in Charleston, South Carolina. “Given the history of the South, along the rise of both active shooters and gun access, we can't call what happened Wednesday night a ‘senseless tragedy.’ In fact, the Charleston church shooting is full of savage sense. Thanks to complicity at best, and outright racist at worst, the ‘inconceivable’ is still feasible. The fear tactics that were once localized in the dark backwoods of our political landscape now reach every phone and laptop. Today, xenophobia and bigotry are the daily platforms from which many conservatives speak to their shrinking base. The Charleston shooting is not a random act of violence, but part of a long litany of history culminating in a painful present.”

From Mr. Roof’s Manifesto (as originally stated on Tumblr) :
Mr. Roof’s Tumblr had contained photos that matched his Facebook page, but both were taken down after the killings.
The essay uses defamatory terms for blacks, whom he accused of being “stupid and violent” with “the capacity to be very slick.” It laments white flight, and suggested that the whites should instead stay behind in cities and fight.
Criticisms are levied at Hispanics and Jews, but Asians are praised for being racists and potential allies. Whites are unfairly portrayed as all having been slave owners, the essay says. In reality, the author wrote, slavery was not that bad.
(Note: Charleston, SC is racially two-thirds white, up from 1980 when it was 50%)

And, on the Stars and Bars (their “Battle Flag” and not the first Confederate “national flag”) front (didn’t the Confederacy lose the war? Guess they never got over it and are still pissed).
Outrage vs. Tradition, Wrapped in a High-Flying Flag of Dixie
Supporters of the Confederate battle flag display signaled Friday that their position had not changed. In a commentary on Friday, Michael Hill, the president of the League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed as a hate group, said that the Confederate battle flag should remain at the State House but that the American flag should be removed.

The American flag, Mr. Hill wrote, “now stands for multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity — the left’s unholy trinity.” In “sharp contrast,” he wrote, the Confederate battle flag “stands for the heroic effort our people made 150 years ago to avoid the fate” of contemporary America.

In the same article, Senator Lindsey Graham (a Republican candidate for President of the United States) told CNN that he would support a move to “revisit” the flag’s status, but he added that the flag was part of the state’s identity.
(Identity? Guess he means Land of the Happy Negro.)

Seditious Oklahoma asshats are grabbing their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” “President Obama greeted by Confederate flags in Oklahoma” show these people are too ignorant to know what racism is. Only 80 of these asshats showed up but they still display their ignorance very well. Or was it only 10? Another link to the story is here. The asshat that drove up from Texas is talking to himself I suppose.

Then we have the good ol’ boys from the remnants of the KKK demanding their share of “The Land of the Happy Negro.” at the Statehouse in South Carolina. These fascists crawled out of the sewers to parade their little battle flags on Saturday, July 18, 2015. Oh, sorry, they weren’t protesting the uppity negroes, they were protesting the uppity immigrants. Old, sad, diminished, disgruntled white men and some younger skin heads were, indeed, demanding their share of the sweet sunny heritage (white supremacy) of the Confederacy. Ooops! Is that a swastika on that black T-shirt? Such class.

Book About George Washington’s ‘Happy’ Slaves Shelved - Yet another wistful yearner for the Land of the Happy Negro!

Don't overlook Land of the Happy Negro's Corey Stewart’s Confederate antics. LaCivita said. "Let the idiot be the idiot." Always the best strategy.

Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Confederate Monument Removals
Land of the Happy Negro stronghold joins 21st Century.

Donald Trump openly joined “The Land of the Happy Negro” on August 15, 2017. He confirmed that he is a white supremacist supporter. He wants to blame resistance to it. You cannot serve Nazis and liberty at the same time. His attempts at being the leader of the free world have failed miserably. The events in Charlottesville have unmasked him forever as the bigoted demagogue he is. “The Land of the Happy Negro” has, in a not-so-subtle way, declared war on the United States. We should acknowledge this war exists, the enemy is among us, and fight it with all the heart and soul of those who fought and died stamping out this very same fascism in World War II. That is now our task as we have a president that is so mindless and tyrannical that he doesn't know the difference between Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. That same civil war is upon us once again. Lest our nation collapse, let us not fail to settle it once and for all this time.

Worse Than Treason
No amount of rationalizing can change the fact that the majority of the Republican Party is advocating for the overthrow of an American election.

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For those who have no idea what World War II has to do with anything:

The Chaplain's Speech to the troops in the 1949 WWII film Battleground

"Now it’s nearly Christmas, and here we are in beautiful Bastogne enjoying the winter sports. And the $64 dollar question is: ‘Was this trip necessary?’ I’ll try to answer that, but my sermons, like everything else in the Army, depend on the situation and the terrain. So I assure you this is gonna be a quickie! ‘Was this trip necessary?’ Well, let’s look at the facts. Nobody wanted this war but the Nazis. A great many people tried to deal with them, and a lot of ’em are dead. Millions have died for no other reason except that the Nazis wanted ’em dead. So, in the final showdown, there was nothing left to do except fight. There’s a great lesson in this. And those of us who’ve learned it the hard way aren’t gonna forget it. We must never again let any force dedicated to a super-race, or a super-idea, or super-anything become strong enough to impose itself upon a free world. We must be smart enough and tough enough in the beginning to put out the fire before it starts spreading. My answer to the $64 dollar question is, yes. This trip was necessary. As the years go by, a lot of people are gonna forget, but you won’t. And don’t ever let anybody tell you you were a sucker to fight in the war against fascism. And now, Jerry permitting, let us pray. Let us pray for this fog to lift. Almighty God. The organist is hitting those bass notes a little too loud for me to be heard. So let us each pray in his own way, to his own God."

As Gregg Popovich declared, "We are Rome."

From "The Holocaust Explained": Between 1929 and 1932, support for the Communist and Nazi parties increased. The less extreme parties were blamed for causing Germany's problems. As these parties had been unable to work together to solve country's problems, people became more afraid that the Communists may take over. The moderate parties turned to the Nazis to keep the Communists out.

President Obama said, "We are not Democrats first, we are not Republicans first, we are Americans."
Mr. President, from your first day they never gave you that courtesy so they will not get it from me.
We oppose everything
"EVERYTHING that goes wrong, from here on out, is owned by Trump and the Republicans."

When you have elected representatives stating that Trump is unqualified, bad for the country, ignorant of the issues, and other harsh criticisms also stating that they will back him as the Republican nominee, you have clear evidence of the rot that permeates the party. They are as corrupt and power-mad as their putative candidate. They—McCain, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the toadies—demonstrate their hypocrisy and the fact that they put party power over the good of the nation.

D.L. Hughley put it in clear words, voting for Trump means "voting for a racist over a liberal." That is it, succinctly put. If you voted for Trump you have made a statement for racism, hatred, intolerance, bigotry, falsity, xenophobia, gynophobia, scapegoating and fraud. Refusal to vote for HRC does not absolve you from participation, because no vote as well as a third party vote is a vote for Trump in effect.

Let me get this straight. The "angry" American people want government out of their lives. Yet, they blame the government for forgetting about them for all the jobs that the middle-class has lost over the years. Huh? Their solution is to elect a fascist to office of POTUS. In this exchange you get a dictatorship. This has historically worked out well for how many countries? And the left get criticized for calling these people idiots? Many of these people vote against their best interest every time. What else can you call them when it is the truth?

End the Electoral College

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
Why the hell should Florida, Ohio and a few other swing states rule our election process? We have not been 13 colonies for some time now.

I am not mad at you that Clinton lost. I am unconcerned that we have different politics. And I don't think less of you because you vote one way and I vote another.

No... I think less of you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him. I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him. I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country. I think less of you because you watched him equate a woman's worth to her appearance and got on board.

It isn't your politics that I find repulsive. It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty. You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget.

So, no... you and I won't be "coming together" to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn't disgust you that will stick with me long after this election.

—Sparrow R. Jones

You watched Trump live his entire life as a millionaire or billionaire and never earn an honest nickle in his life; you watched the man send ALL of his manufacturing overseas; you watched him rail against the auto industry bail out; you watched him hire illegal immigrants for his businesses and for his homes here in America; you watched him scam and bankrupt countless family owned businesses by not paying his bills; you watched him declare bankruptcy countless times and walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars; you then watched him not pay one dime of taxes on that ill gotten gain and brag about it to the middle class who had to pick up his slack on their taxes and you STILL thought that Donald Trump understands you and the working class and that he and he alone could "save our economy" and bring jobs back to "Murka".

And since you also believe that Bush left us with a strong and sound economy that Obama destroyed, I dislike you because you are a willful idiot.


Gaslighting: Know It and Identify It to Protect Yourself

Gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to gain power. And it works too well.

"You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts." — Ted Koppel to Sean Hannity 3/26/2017

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” — Upton Sinclair

(Why do certain people vote against their best interest?):
"The masses revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed." — George Orwell, 1984

"We're closer to a nuclear war than we've been in 55 years because "someone" wanted to jail a woman for using email." — LOLGOP

"Fuck Trump.
Fuck his faux concern.
Fuck his half-assed apologies.
And fuck every POS who voted for this degenerate to lead our county."
—Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) tweeted at 5:52 PM on Sat, Aug 12, 2017

"Nazis are murdering people, farmers are going broke and the arctic is fucking melting. Maybe next time let's not hand the world's most difficult job to a toxic moron lost and wandering in a haze of dementia and untreated tertiary syphilis who can't even spell his own fucking name."
—Jeff Tiedrich@itsJeffTiedrich
Tweeted on Tue., Aug 6, 2019

"White people have nearly completely gone mad. Think about it. The people of VA voted for a republican candidate who's only platform is that he would save them from CRT and or the teaching of American History. CRT is a university level curriculum and is not taught on grade school levels. American history is impossible to teach without discussing slavery, the massacre and land theft of the first Nations. Since slavery starts with the country's formation, how do you teach American history without it? Do you start at the civil war? How do you explain why Americans were killing each other over "state's rights"? Rights to do what? Ok, maybe we teach the bible. But the setting of the Bible is in Africa and the middle east and slavery is discussed all through it. See what I mean. The battle against truth is the path to self termination on a macro scale."
— Real Truth stings 11/3/2021,

We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang

Vicente Fox for U. S. President!

Follow Gollum J. Trump! He know all the Best Words!

"Morality is doing right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right."
—H. L. Menken (1880 - 1956)

Directed to the asshats (and their species) who wear the "Makes A Great Asshat" at public places:
Scholar Matt Sears: Someday MAGA hats will be shameful secrets, like Klan robes (and swastikas)
Scholar and Washington Post columnist says those who wear MAGA hats are "morally accountable" for Trump's actions

Red Hat of the Red Death
"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
"In October, 25 out of every 100,000 residents of heavily Trump counties died from Covid, more than three times higher than the rate in heavily Biden counties (7.8 per 100,000). October was the fifth consecutive month that the percentage gap between the death rates in Trump counties and Biden counties widened." — NYT article by David Leonhardt
The Covid cull is doing as it is allowed to do.

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”
—Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress

"It's odd. The same people who declare that wearing a mask is a 'personal choice,' are the SAME people who want to take away a woman's right to choose."
—E. Jean Carroll (@ejeancarroll)

Captain Beatty’s Speech
(For the 21st century book burners who think they make some sort of statement.)

"With school turning out more runners, jumpers, racers, tinkerers, grabbers, snatchers, fliers, and swimmers instead of examiners, critics, knowers, and imaginative creators, the word `intellectual,' of course, became the swear word it deserved to be. You always dread the unfamiliar. Surely you remember the boy in your own school class who was exceptionally 'bright,' did most of the reciting and answering while the others sat like so many leaden idols, hating him. And wasn't it this bright boy you selected for beatings and tortures after hours? Of course it was. We must all be alike. Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal. Each man the image of every other; then all are happy, for there are no mountains to make them cower, to judge themselves against.

So! A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon. Breach man's mind. Who knows who might be the target of the well-read man? Me? I won't stomach them for a minute...

You must understand that our civilization is so vast that we can't have our minorities upset and stirred. Ask yourself, What do we want in this country, above all? People want to be happy, isn't that right? Haven't you heard it all your life? I want to be happy, people say. Well, aren't they? Don't we keep them moving, don't we give them fun? That's all we live for, isn't it? For pleasure, for titillation? And you must admit our culture provides plenty of these ...

Coloured people don't like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don't feel good about Uncle Tom's Cabin. Burn it. Someone's written a book on tobacco and cancer of the lungs? The cigarette people are weeping? Burn the book. Serenity, Montag. Peace, Montag. Take your fight outside. Better yet, into the incinerator. Funerals are unhappy and pagan? Eliminate them, too. Five minutes after a person is dead he's on his way to the Big Flue, the Incinerators serviced by helicopters all over the country. Ten minutes after death a man's a speck of black dust. Let's not quibble over individuals with memoriams. Forget them. Burn them all, burn everything. Fire is bright and fire is clean ...

Luckily, queer ones like her don't happen, often. We know how to nip most of them in the bud, early. You can't build a house without nails and wood. If you don't want a house built, hide the nails and wood. If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the Government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it...

Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of non-combustible data, chock them so damned full of 'facts' they feel stuffed, but absolutely `brilliant' with information. Then they'll feel they're thinking, they'll get a sense of motion without moving. And they'll be happy, because facts of that sort don't change. Don't give them any slippery stuff like philosophy or sociology to tie things up with. That way lies melancholy. Any man who can take a TV wall apart and put it back together again, and most men can nowadays, is happier than any man who tries to slide-rule, measure, and equate the universe, which just won't be measured or equated without making man feel bestial and lonely. I know, I've tried it; to hell with it. So bring on your clubs and parties, your acrobats and magicians, your dare-devils, jet cars, motor-cycle helicopters, your sex and heroin, more of everything to do with automatic reflex. If the drama is bad, if the film says nothing, if the play is hollow, sting me with the theremin, loudly. I'll think I'm responding to the play, when it's only a tactile reaction to vibration. But I don't care. I just like solid entertainment."
Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, 1953

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Trump fascism will destroy south Texas and begin the destruction of the U.S..

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A course most Americans should take.

The Ongoing History of Musicians Saying ‘Hell No’ to Donald Trump Using Their Songs

Endnote 2: White Fascism

Field Negro Blogspot

The Gods that the "Christian" God displaced in America.

"God ordained our great nation"? Upon reading a remark that was stated on Face Book that "America was ordained by God." I couldn't help but wonder which 'God' as there are so many. Of course, I knew to which "God" this person was referring. But the case of this country being ordained by "God" is a case that is wide open as you can see for yourself. The statement itself is not based on Biblical history as this is unprovable by actual historical events. It is, more likely, based on "educators" such as Rush Limbaugh or his like. Biblical history that is taught by accredited institutions will not dabble in "miracles" or claims which have no evidence.

The Discovery

In 1492 the natives discovered they were indians,
they discovered they lived in America,
they discovered they were naked,
they discovered there was sin,
they discovered they owed obedience to a king and queen
from another world and a god from some other heaven,
and this God had invented guilt and clothing,
and had ordered burned alive all who worshipped the sun and
the moon the earth and the rain that moistens it.

—Eduardo Galeano, from Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History, 2013

“Slavery was never abolished, it was only extended to include all the colors.” — Charles Bukowski

Forgiving those who show no remorse is injustice. There will be no meeting Nazis halfway in the name of "unity."

"We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!" — Greta Thunberg

"Maybe it's time for women to go on strike and stop having sex with men until this is straightened out. There are many other ways of enjoying your body, women, than sex with men. Who is willing to take the chance of getting pregnant and having a daughter to be abused by self-professed owners and handlers of her body? " — Luisa

"Atheisim is to religion as sobriety is to drunkeness" — unknown

"Faith is like fire. It can cook your dinner or it can burn down your home." — unknown

On September 17th, FBI director Christopher Wray testified in front of the House Committee on Homeland Security. At that time, he stated that the biggest domestic terror threat the U.S. currently faces is from white supremacists. During his testimony, Wray never once mentioned Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Why? Because unlike the ignorant of this world, Wray knows the difference between hard facts and partisan propaganda.
Granted, the director of the FBI isn't nearly as credible a source as Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. Just ask any plumbing-supply salesman. Presenting certain people with facts is like giving medicine to a corpse.

During a recent pro-Trump demonstration in Washington, D.C., four members of the so-called "Proud Boys" ganged up on a Black man, who defended himself by pulling out a knife and stabbing his attackers. The right-wing media ran with the story, claiming this was a prime example of how Black Lives Matter is a violent terrorist network. Never mind that the man in question never claimed to support, much less belong to, BLM. Never mind also that conservatives claim to fully support the right to defend yourself. Clearly, they only extend that right to their brother and sister fascists.

Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies

Godwin's Law is fellacious. It is said to end all discussions when Hitler arrives. It denies Hitler as having any valid reality—it's just too simple to use, is what it implies. You only have to look at Hitler's atrocities to understand his reality. The idea that there could not be anything comparible or greater to Hitler is what I call "The Great Denial." We all know that is a river in Egypt. If you swim in it, you just get all wet.
I hereby invoke "The Law of Law." Nothing can be denied that is real. Reality isn't what you make of it. It is what reality makes of it and you.
I will now use the "Atilla the Hun" analogy and see if some egghead will declare that a law. As I have been told so many times by right-wingers, "I'm a little to the right of Atilla the Hun." So much for theories. "What is reality?" Let that be the wall.

Trump's drive to the Hamptons is over and there is no house there (Seinfeld fans will understand). It cost us a lot of money. It took a lot of time. But the son of a bitch is a walking dead man now. Many, many of us knew how this would end—not pretty—and it has not been. But this is the bitter end of the con man, the flim flam man, the megalomaniac that is Donald J. Trump. What happens to him next will be interesting to see. He cannot go without serious punishment. He must pay and pay dearly for his insurrection.

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." — Isaac Asimov

‘This was intentional’: AOC blasts Republicans on IVF ruling

"But I want to be very clear that this was intentional and that this is exactly what Republicans have been going for. We've seen it. You have the Heritage Foundation, you have lots of folks who are on record saying, you know, not only do they want to go after abortion, not only do they want to go after reproductive freedom, they're going after IVF. They're going after contraception. And we have the mifepristone ruling that is coming down from the Supreme Court, and Clarence Thomas, enriching himself from the same folks who are saying that they are trying to control women's bodies quite explicitly.
And going beyond that, they also want to control recreation--what they call recreational sex. This is so clearly a patriarchal theocracy that has embodied itself in the DNA of an entire political party in the United States of America. And as women, and as any nonbinary and queer person in this country—they must be defeated. There should never be room for this kind of control by force over another person's body in this country.
And they can walk it back as much as they want. They have done this. Who put those judges there? Not Democrats, not independents. Republicans put those judges in there. Republicans are taking women's bodies by force and we cannot let them do it. It has to come to an end."
— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Reading the numbers: 130 million American adults have low literacy skills,
but funding differs drastically by state

Shocking Online Manifesto Reveals Project 2025’s Link to a Coordinated ‘Christian Nationalism Project’

Music of the Resistance


Going Down to Sing in Texas - Iris DeMent (Official Lyric Video)

All You Fascists Bound To Lose - Resistance Revival Chorus with Rhiannon Giddens

The Revolution Starts Now - Steve Earle

Trump Can't Have That - Greg Brown

Sand in the Gears - Frank Turner

Pussy Grabbin' Man - Men of Extinction

FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) - YG & Nipsey Hussle

No TRUMP! No KKK! No FASCIST USA!! - Green Day

Troubled Times - Green Day

Erupt & Matter - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Not Gonna Say Your Name - ENTRANCE

We The People - A Tribe Called Quest

Where's The Revolution - Depeche Mode

Interesting Drug - OK Go

Million Dollar Loan - Death Cab For Cutie

Viva Presidente Trump - Brujeria

Impeachable - Noel Paul Stookey

Can't You Tell? - Aimee Mann

Tin Foil Hat - Todd Rundgren/Donald Fagen

In This Cold Place - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Are You Lost In The World Like Me? - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir

Eminem Rips Fake Blonde Rat - Eminem

Tiny Hands - Women's March Chant (featuring Fiona Apple)

Land of the Free - JoeyBada$$

Locker Room Talk - Cold War Kids

Demagogue - Franz Ferdinand

Going To A Town - Lily Allen

If You Ever Got Impeached - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

One Small Voice - Carole King

I Had a Dream - Louden Wainwright III

Impeach Trump Anthem - Haile Unlikely

Camp America - Vic Mensa

Russia Ties - Randy Rainbow

Cheeto Christ Stupid Csar - Randy Rainbow

There Stands the Tower - Men of Extinction

The Day Democracy Died - The Founding Fathers

No Rules for Donald - Randy Rainbow

American Idiot - Green Day

Wasteland - Iris Dement

Fuck These Fucking Fascists - The Muslims

In Your Path - War On Women

You Better Not Fuck in Texas - Jill Sobule

Rising Seas - Midnight Oil

Evolution's Not Fast Enough For Me - Men of Extinction

Found - Fucked Up

Donald In The John With Boxes- Randy Rainbow

Land of the Happy Negro Newsfeeds

Trump has aspired to and achieved the ultimate luxury – an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.
Mark Singer, Trump and Me

“We don’t take an oath to a king, or queen, or a tyrant or a dictator. And we don’t take an oath to a wannabe dictator… we take an oath to the Constitution… and we’re willing to die to protect it.”
— Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley, at his retirement ceremony.

Trump Claims He's 'A Better Physical Specimen Than Obama'
Then let's see a one-on-one game between them. That should take care of the Trump problem.
He's referring to a drunk's comment on his health. ROTFLMAO!

Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
"The harm Trump and his followers have done and are still hard at work to do will take a long time to set right even if we manage to avoid seeing the son of a bitch re-elected with the support of re-invigorated fascist throngs seeking preferment in all branches of government, most frighteningly in the military and in the halls of justice.
At this juncture, it seems the last best hope left to us is to ensure Trump’s defeat. We’d do well to take that option rather than dither. It’s hard, and yet not excessively hard, to imagine anything worse."

Marco Rubio shouts over Kristen Welker in cringeworthy interview about election fraud
Another declared Nazi loser.

'This is cray-cray town': Insider stunned by Republicans humiliating themselves for Trump
The whores line up.

Elise Stefanik goes berserk on Fox News host for noting she called Trump a 'whack job'
Not only is he a whack job but so is Stefanik. Double duty warped fascist.

'Confused Trump' ridiculed by Biden for 'glitches' in his 'bizarre slur-filled NRA speech'
Trump is fading away both mentally and with his support.

'Glitched out': Internet erupts as Trump 'blacks out for a beautiful 2 minutes' at event
Trump over the weekend gave a speech for the National Rifle Association in Texas, and was criticized for appearing to mess up his words as well as some key facts.
It was at the end of the speech, though, that something strange appeared to happen that made Trump completely stop speaking.
He's merely attempting to be dramatic with the background music. He's a fool playing the suckers for the fools they are.

Don't fall for MAGA's "election integrity" con job
Journalists — and the rest of us — need to quit parroting Republicans' transparent lies about voting

Fellow Republicans Mock Carpetbagger Eric Hovde
Former Sheriff David Clarke openly laughs at Eric Hovde for his many blunders.
When you have the "Badge King" dog barking about one of his own team's candidates you've got a real problem.

How 'Trump’s effort to delegitimize' NY trial 'leans heavily' on Fox News: columnist
Of course. Fox News is fascist propaganda.

No Wonder Republicans Are Afraid of a Debate — Donald Trump Is Barely Holding It Together at Trial
Trump is far worse now, even to the point where he forgets what he's talking about halfway through sentences and literally babbles to fill the time.
Why in the name of all that exists why is this fucking failed creature held in exhaltation by so many ignorant creatures like himself?
Into retirement with him if not jailed for life.

70 years ago, many believed school integration could happen. It hasn’t
"Seventy years ago this week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled separating children in schools by race was unconstitutional. On paper, that decision—the fabled Brown v. Board of Education, taught in most every U.S. classroom—still stands.
But for decades, U.S. schools have been re-segregating. The country is more diverse than it ever has been, with students more exposed to classmates from different backgrounds. Still, around four out of 10 Black and Hispanic students attend schools where almost every one of their classmates is another student of color."
It's hard to teach an old racist dog new tricks.
"The arc of the moral universe, in this case, does not seem to be bending toward justice."
In fact, America is a corrupt wasteland that works to undermine our democracy.

VA Gov Vetoes End To Tax Break for Confederacy Group
Land of the Happy Negro Governor Jackass wants them to save their Confederate money.

Dems: MI Senate Candidates Faked Ballot Signatures
Dimwit Fascists at work in Michigan.

Anti-abortion group is behind ‘scam’ calls, South Dakota election official says
Fascists fucking around.

Ungaggable: Costumed Clowns and Lickspittle Surrogates 'R Us
"This week saw a seedy, craven parade of MAGA stooges trooping into court to pay fealty to their two-bit mob-boss on trial for cooking the books to hide hush money payments to a porn star so he could get elected to a job he was stupefyingly unfit for, and still is. Then 'God's most pathetic Republicans' - from Mike Handmaid’s Tale to the Beetlejuice Lady - brazenly violated his gag order for him to declare the rule of law "a sham." Nope, nothing to see here."

GOP candidate for governor exposed in KKK cross-burning photos can stay on ballot: judge
More proof the MAGAt Party has abandoned law and order in our country.

'A bad sign': Trump is openly embracing 'convicted criminals' and 'conspiracy theorists
He's been doing that his entire life.

Trump 'surrendered his leverage and made a bad deal' in agreeing to Biden debate: analysis
The fart of the deal.

Samuel Alito's snide denial of his Jan. 6 flag is just as ugly as flying it in the first place
The Supreme Court justice views his fellow Americans with contempt, and not as citizens he's serving
Both Alito and Thomas must go.

GOP Bill Would Ban Gag Orders Against Defendants
A bare naked corruption bill to help criminals out. These frauds constantly attempt to kill law and order!
Kid, Trump has broken the "gag order" at least 10 times. You can't shut the motherfucker up! He pisses on law and order in our country. Wake up, you shady sleezeball! Fascists don't defend America!

Missouri Democrats score major win to clear path for abortion amendment
"The victory paves the way for a ballot measure that would restore abortion rights to pass with just a simple majority this fall."

It’s time for the Senate to do something about Supreme Court corruption
The fascists on SCOTUS must be removed.

Scott Accuses Biden Of Enabling Fentanyl Smuggling After Voting Against Two Anti-Fentanyl Smuggling Bills
America has to stop enabling frauds in our government.

Desperate House Republicans Want To Give Trump A Medal
They can't fund their re-election campaigns without him, but he's already stolen so much!
How about a golden ball and chain?

The 'Court Of Public Opinion' Isn't Going For Trump
New poll shows Trump is losing in the court of public opinion.

'Partygoers started screaming': Giuliani served with indictment during his birthday party
You can run but you can't hide.

Are Our Oligarchs Going to Drag Us Into Civil War?
The billionaires who own the GOP are now actively promoting the same sort of revisionist history the Confederacy did. That did not go very well.
Leave it to the Land of the Happy Negro.

Greg Abbott Wants To Live In A World Where Killing Black Lives Matter Protestors Is Acceptable
"I don’t think, if pressed, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott would be able to imagine a scenario in which he would have a problem with a far-right white supremacist killing a left-wing protester."

Durbin Calls On Alito To Recuse From Trump Cases
His resignation is preferred.

Man Who Attacked Paul Pelosi With a Hammer Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison
"In addition to the 30-year sentence doled out in federal court, DePape also faces state charges in California that include attempted murder. He could face a life sentence if convicted."

Dobbs Had the Opposite Effect Conservatives Intended
"Something curious has happened since the Supreme Court handed down the Dobbs decision in June 2022: More people have obtained abortions, despite increasing barriers to access."
Fuck fascist dictators on SCOTUS.

'This is where GOP chaos matters': AOC sets record straight on MTG House turmoil
MTG isn't fit to wipe the floor with. She's not fit for American government.

'Admit you're a coward': Trump taunted as new viral ad drops
“Take the stand, Donald, or admit you’re a coward,” says the new ad, pointing toTrump’s past comment that “if you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”
“He has talked tough for years about how only guilty people and mobsters take the Fifth...”

Far Right Billionaires Are Waging a War to Capture State Courts
Aristocrats, remember the late 18th century in France.
"The revolution abolished entrenched privileges based on birth, imposed equality before the law and opened the door to emerging forms of democratic involvement for everyday citizens."

Video Shows California Cops Violently Attack Black Man Who Was Filming Them
"In the nearly four years since Minneapolis police choked George Floyd to death as he begged for his life, police brutality appears to have increased.
These "protectors" are in reality provocateurs.

Why are Republicans Quicker to Steal Our Votes than to Take Our Guns?
“Both Texas and Georgia are actually Blue states; the only reason Republicans have as much power as they do in each is because of massive voter roll purges and voter suppression laws.”
Add corrupt kickbacks.

It Could Happen Here Too
"Trump’s depredations have driven many otherwise smart, even-keeled people to the point of irrationality if not insanity. Is it a stretch to imagine that a victory for Trump in November—or a repetition of his election-denialism from 2020 and 2021—would push some Americans with access to guns right over the edge?"

'Just horrible': Shocking stories emerge from Sarah Huckabee Sanders-run Arkansas
Giving Texas a run for their money on the descent to hell.
Said state Rep. Jim Wooten, "I don’t know how many people I’ve had say to me, had I known what [state government] was going to look like under Gov. Sanders, I wouldn’t have voted for her." How many have said the same about "Agent Orange?"

Greg Abbott's Favorite Murderer
"But can you imagine Gov. Abbott coming to his defense? Issuing him a pardon? A Black Lives Matter marcher? Not in a million years. For way, way too many Republicans, political violence has become a matter of shirts and skins."
This explains why what is coming down will come down hard on the nation.

‘Horrible’ and ‘beyond F'd up’: Texas Democratic lawmakers outraged by Abbott pardon of Daniel Perry
But mostly human beings with a conscience.
“'Texas is leading the way in the [descent] to hell,' said Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas)".
Well, after all, it was the alternate choice of one David Crockett.

Greg Abbott Declares Open Season on Protesters in Texas
"But this is not just about Daniel Perry. Abbott’s pardon and its accompanying rhetoric fits into a pattern of sanctioned violence or threatened violence against undesirables. In this case, it was an Air Force veteran protesting police brutality—there is not even a cursory mention in Abbott’s statement of Foster, the victim. In January, it was migrants. 'The only thing that we are not doing is we’re not shooting people who come across the border,' Abbott told former NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, “because, of course, the Biden administration would charge us with murder.” And he would be correct. But that's the only reason Texas isn't doing it — yet.

Justice Alito Claims His Wife Hung Coup Flag Because Neighbor Called Her a C***
Well, are they right?

Fox's Ingraham Finds Religion On Athletes Having Political Opinions
Is it "Shut up and dribble" or "God bless kickers speaking out"?
He was OK until he got to the " in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, gay pride marches, 'degenerate cultural values,' abortion, and President Joe Biden..." part. He removed all doubt that he might have been thought a fool prior to that.
On the other hand, Laura removed all doubt the first time she opened her trap on the "Nazi Lies Channel."

Greg Abbott Pardons Man Found Guilty Of Killing BLM Protester
Abbott is an evil, evil man.
I find it odd that "common-law wife" had to be cited here, as if it is a stigmatized institution. The law still reqires a divorce to end it. I've never heard of a "common-law divorce" cited.
Take the pardon power away from state and federal leaders and end the death penalty. Reducing sentences in extreme cases should be the only allowance but no pardons.

Reporter Spots Trump Editing Comments For His Surrogates
All of them, swine.

Mark this article readSam Alito Flew Reversed 'Stop The Steal' Flag After Biden Won
A tale of despicable Nazi swine.

'Partisan insurrectionist': Calls mount for Alito's ouster after 'Stop the Steal' scandal
Kick the bastards to the alley.

The Alito flag controversy 'makes an ugly situation worse': analysis
Yes. Nazis make everything worse.

Trump’s game plan for 2nd term would make DOJ an 'attack dog for conservative causes': report
Noem has shown us how to handle an attack dog.

Ex-prosecutor explains one 'big problem' for Trump's defense team in criminal case
"Donald Trump's defense will likely have to come up with an alternate scenario if the former president is going to escape conviction in his hush money cover-up case, a former federal prosecutor said on Thursday."
"Does it really matter? The fucking Speaker, officially if not in fact the most powerful member of the GOP, has publicly taken the position that the law and the concept of justice is illegitimate, by definition, if a member of his party commits a crime. That's an attitude, and it is the core of the GOP, that can't be fixed.
I hate to think it, much less say it, but the Patriots of this country are going to have to execute a bunch of these muther-fuckers. Hanged or shot on the Capitol steps seems appropriate. The question is, who will prosecute the members of the judiciary that are part of the cult? They have to be the first on the docket." — LHbalderguy ( comments ).

MAGA symbol was visible on Samuel Alito's property as Supreme Court weighed election case
And he blamed it on his wife? Take him out and horse whip the tar out of him

"'Do it properly': Judge orders Trump lawyer to clean up mess left by questioning
Blanche professed himself willing to clarify any misconception, but Merchan seemed unwilling to take Blanche's capacity on trust.
'Why don’t we see if you’re able to address it,' Merchan told Blanche. 'If you’re unable to do it properly, the prosecution can do it on readdress.'
When prosecutors again raised concerns about the misleading nature of Blanche's questions, Merchan added to Blanche, 'Try to clean it up yourself.'

House Committee Votes To Hold Garland In Contempt
One step closer to a bloody civil war.
"Also, I’m so sick of this moron refusing to wear a suit jacket. It’s disrespectful to his position, to his colleagues and to the entire US government. The entire right wing establishment gave President Obama such shit for daring to wear a light colored summer suit during the dog days of August 2014. Jordon wears no suit jacket at all, not even when running congressional hearings, yet we hear not a peep from these hypocrites." — DevilDog ( comments )

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Pardons “White Power” Killer
A killer is free to kill again. I suppose this means all the MAGAt Land of the Happy Negro afflicted can stand up and cheer for their fascist leader. Texas is a Nazi controlled territory.
Excuse me while I vomit.

PA Man Charged With Threat To Decapitate Biden
In those videos, Gee made several threats to the President and others, including, “Joe Biden: I’m going to kill you and your whole cabinet,” and, “If you come to my city in Scranton, Pennsylvania, I’m cutting your f**king head off in front of everybody; I promise.”
Jordan Gee, a name that will live in infamy.
Let the punishment for him be the same.

Newsom: Trump’s Big Oil Offer Is “Open Corruption”
"He's literally selling off our planet to the highest bidder."
Yes. The biggest crook America has ever seen polluting our government.

House Votes To Force Weapons Shipments To Israel
So direct you protests toward the real enemy of America: MAGA!

"I wonder whether the jury is getting bored": Expert blasts Trump lawyer's "meaningless" questions
“The defense is engaged in a theatrical play that has little bearing on the facts,” says law Prof. Bennett Gershman

By asking if Biden is responsible for Roe’s fall, the Times misinforms the public
They are no longer an American newspaper because 'No news fit to print" is their new motto.
They may as well be pubilished in Moscow.

GOPers 'emasculating' themselves for Trump 'might as well be carrying pitch forks': ex-Republican rep
"I don't think that anything could animate the phrase 'do-nothing Congress' more than missing votes and cancelling hearings to go up and be a spectator at your cult leader's trial," he added. "That is the very definition of 'do-nothing Congress.'"
"No one defended Trump's conduct," Wallace said, "and now they're defending the crimes he committed to cover up the conduct."
And for a "done nothing" failed ex-presdent.

'Hangable offense': MAGA fans inspired by Trump’s 'rhetoric' call for judges to be 'executed'
Tottaly inappropriate. A double insane madman. If this POS has supporters they all need to go down with him.

Robert Reich: Hush money trial exposes Trumpworld’s depravity and 'ethical loathsomeness'
"I am not naive about how the world works," Reich writes. "I've spent years in Washington, many of them around powerful people. I have seen the seamy side of U.S. politics and business. But the people who inhabit Trump World live in a more extreme place, where there are no norms, no standards of decency, no common good."
Reich continues, "There are only opportunities to make money and the dangers of being ripped off. It's a place where there are no relationships, only transactions."

Hey MTG, You Can Have Mike Johnson Now. Pretty Sure Democrats Aren't Saving Him Again
"Uh oh, maybe hanging-by-a-thread House Speaker Mike Johnson shouldn’t have gone up to New York to diddle Donald Trump with his tongue, by trying to violate Trump’s gag order on his behalf and babbling Republican conspiracy theories about the judge’s daughter."
"Multiple senior House Democrats. Not a couple of aides or “people familiar with the thinking of Democratic leadership.” They’re all tripping over themselves to tell Axios that they hate Mike Johnson and next time MTG is free to fuck him however she wants. Womp womp."

Supreme Court Threatens Access to Mailed Abortion Pills Used by 8,000 Per Month
Terminate the obviously guilty rogues of SCOTUS.

Bribery Unleashed: The Supreme Court's Wealth-Driven Corruption Crisis
Congress must stand up for what’s right and consistent with American values: Legally bribed politicians and judges isn’t that.

Republicans Audition To Become Donald Trump’s Next Michael Cohen
"Perhaps the most shocking performance of the group so far was Speaker Johnson, the man who is second in line to the presidency, who called the trial a sham and, like most of the others, even lied about the judge's daughter putting her in the cross hairs of the crazy MAGA followers in defiance of the gag order. What a low, low moment for American politics."

GOP 'cult members' prove Michael Cohen's point by 'debasing' themselves at court: analyst
Behold. The Trump Chorus.
This is the audition, right?

The way we talk about immigrants has changed. Now the country could too.
The myth that immigrants, documented or otherwise, drive wages lower and crime higher thankfully seems to be petering out. That's not enough.

Former WH Official: J6 Rioters Came 'That Close' To Killing Pence
"In an interview with ABC News, former White House Situation Room officer Mike Stiegler revealed that Jan. rioters “came that close” to murdering Mike Pence."

"Trump derangement syndrome": Hush-money trial suggests it was MAGA projection all along
Michael Cohen testifies about "the cult of Donald Trump" — while Republicans in matching outfits flock to the court
And every one reading a script that Trump wrote for them. Repulsive swine.

NFL Disavows Kicker’s Anti-LGBTQ, Sexist Speech
"The NFL wants to make it clear that, unlike a certain Kansas City Chiefs kicker, they do not believe that women belong solely as homemakers, nor that LGBTQ+ people constitute 'the deadly sins.'"
"A black man, Kapernick took a knee for injustice and he was run out of the NFL. This white man a-hole spouts nonstop hatred and the NFL says we agree to disagree." -— architect_tim ( comments ).
The No Football League pisses again.

Hannity Demands No Fact-Checks During Debates
Who died and put this shitbag toadie coward in charge? I demand he go jump in the Grand Canyon!

Laura Ingraham Complains About Trump Courtroom Odor
"The air is musty," Ingraham said.
She smells herself.

George Conway speaking directly in camera to Trump: 'You are a wuss'
"You, Donald — and I hope you're listening to me — you are a wuss. You are scared of actually doing what Stormy Daniels had to do. and what Michael Cohen had to do and what every other person who is called -- you know, you can't call these people liars, Donald, unless you go on the stand and tell your truth. Let's hear it. Are you afraid, Donald? I think you are."
The leading chickenshit in the universe!

God's Most Pathetic Republicans Spend Week Taking Fluffer Shifts Outside Trump's NY Trial
"Every day this week, there’s been a small parade of MAGA idiots showing up outside the Trump trial in New York to pay their respects and worship their god, and for no other discernible purpose. On Monday, it was Republican Senators JD Vance and Tommy Tuberville. Vance didn’t say anything of substance, as piles of shedded human butthair rarely do. Tuberville bitched and moaned that it was too depressing inside the courtroom, and nobody would call Donald Trump 'Former President Trump.'"
"It was exactly the kind of impotent whining we’ve come to expect from MAGA men in the year of our Lord 2024."
One thing Evan points out here that is overlooked is this: "Every time Cohen has lied to the authorities, he did it at the direction of the defendant."
This means that everytime the defense says Cohen is a liar they are saying Donald Trump also is a liar. He's the puppet master.

Former far-right hard-liner says pro-voucher billionaires are using school board races to sow distrust in public education
Until such time as we kill the fascist cancer that has infected America at its core there will be no real Democracy for us.

Which "Nobody Knew at the Time" Will it be This November?
The GOP has gotten really good at stealing the White House.
It's the only way they can get in.
"Which is why the GOP will again count on getting away with their crimes against electoral democracy this fall. The big question for America will be, 'What did we miss that we should have known at the time?'”
The fact is we all KNOW now. We have no excuses this time.

Republicans Ready for a Trump Loss
"The sad reality is that the worst of all possible worlds is that Trump wins the election in November. But Trump won't go quietly into this good night if he loses and neither will his followers. Either way, the election itself is just the beginning."
The saddest reality is there is no co-existing with Nazis.
And from the comment block there's this jewel:
"Or, and this is what I think Trump will do if there's any way he thinks he can pull it off, passports be damned, Mr. Trump makes sure his jet has full fuel tanks and a pilot that'll point her toward Dubai when ordered to do so." — Madhoosier

'Hinky septic tank' of 'skeezeballs': Devastating NY Times attack skewers Trump hangers-on
"Today, we know too much about what we would be getting ourselves into by putting Mr. Trump back in charge. He and his rotating rogues’ gallery should not be anywhere near the levers of power."
"In other words, she said, 'This time, we have no excuse.'"

'One-man crime wave': Jamie Raskin demands Trump be held accountable for oil baron grift
"We know that the ex-president pocketed nearly $8 million from foreign governments, including China, Saudi Arabia, and other autocratic regimes in violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause when he was president," he said.
"But now, amazingly, he goes to the CEOs and executives of gas and oil companies and says, you guys should raise me $1 billion because you're gonna get a lot more back from me in everything that I'm going to give to you in terms drilling rights, and changing the pro-environment policies of the Biden administration."
"Raskin asked for an investigation, calling it, 'Very clearly a quid pro quo arrangement that was advanced by Donald Trump, who remains a one-man crime wave. We will follow the investigation and see where it goes.'"
Bribery. Charge. Arrest. Convict. Sentence. Jail.

Dr. Stabby: Communists Have Taken Over Teachers Unions And Are Indoctrinating Students “Under Cover”
Things must be getting slow for the old stabber. Education is now referred to as "indoctrination."
Must be time to promote a book that someone gave him a pile of cash for.

Drug Overdose Deaths in America Have Finally Stopped Climbing
"For the first time in a long while, America’s drug overdose crisis has not gotten worse. New preliminary data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that total overdose deaths took a slight dip in 2023, including deaths tied to fentanyl and other synthetic opioids."

Louis DeJoy backs down from plan to consolidate USPS facilities after national backlash
But don't count on it being settled.

5 reasons why Tuesday’s primaries were a 'warning sign' for Trump
Of course. Just where will these votes go by November? No shows? 3rd Party? Biden? Anyway you look at it, it spells a world of shit for "Agent Orange."

'This isn’t a joke to us': Far-right evangelicals aim to enlist Trump in 'censorship regime'
"One of the pet projects of the Christian right has been total prohibition of online pornography. And evangelicals are hoping to get former President Donald Trump on board despite his record of cavorting with sex workers and Playboy models."
These delusionals remind me of Holden Caulfield trying to erase every "Fuck You" from every wall. He ended up in a mental institution. That's where these assholes belong. They aren't a joke to many people. If any of you who can read think votes will settle all of this you have a another think coming.
"Fuck You."
"It may sound good to create age-verification laws, but what these people are really trying to do is create a larger censorship regime so that you have to show who you are to access sensitive content," Stabile said.

'Why attract attention?' Expert shares surprising reason Republicans stormed Trump's trial
"New developments in former President Donald Trump's criminal hush money trial have far-right commentators leaping to cover the case they once treated only as a joke, spurring a mass migration of Republican lawmakers from Washington to New York City, a media analyst says."
The sensationaliists must stop referring to the trial as a "hush money" trial. It is an "Election Interference" trial.

Trump seen editing angry speeches before allies gave them outside court: reporter
Bullshit by proxy.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham scolded as she breaks rules in Trump trial courtroom
What else would one expect from a klutz?
"Legal analyst Bradley Moss shared a clip of Ingraham's remarks via X, writing, 'Wait, is Ingraham admitting that Trump had the affair? Because Trump certainly hasn't admitted that.'"

“Zombie” Haley Takes 18% From Trump In NE Primary
He shouldn't be running for this job.
"This should spell disaster for Dump in November. I guess we'll see if America wants Freedom and Democracy or Trumpublican fascism." — Dave B (comments)
Yes. The idiotic view: "Trump is an agent for change." So was Hitler. Or is he "Agent Orange."

Tuberville Admits Republicans Are Showing Up At Trump’s Trial To Violate The Gag Order On His Behalf
" Couldn't this be RICO charges of witness tampering and / or to influence an election?" -- SkokieDaddy - wiener dog dad (comments). Hell, yes. They all need to spend a night in jail for starters.
Everyone a Nazi cutthroat. The mythical "Law and order Party."

Bad Faith: Documentary On Christian Nationalism Is Nightmare Fuel
"Bad Faith" is a documentary on Christian Nationalism that is nightmare fuel. Every American needs to watch this doc to understand the dangerous extremism coming from within our country.

'Clownish': Trump allies mocked for donning matching suits for court
"They were dressing to impress an audience of one."
These idiots have no souls.

'Did not happen': GOP release of new Jan. 6 footage blows up their 'biggest lie': reporter
"Yet another false claim by Trump supporters in defense of the January 6 rioters has been blown to pieces after House Republicans released their latest batch of footage of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, according to longtime congressional reporter Jamie Dupree."
"Courtesy of House Republicans, I went to watch 3 more hours of Jan. 6 security tapes from the Capitol today," wrote Dupree in a post on X. "The tapes show the biggest lie about Jan. 6 is that the cops 'opened the doors' to let Trump supporters in. That did not happen."

Swing Voters Prefer Democrats. Just Not Joe Biden.
Today on TAP: The party’s message wins strong support. Not so its top messenger.
Let me get this straight. They love Democrats but not the one that is now one of the best Presidents this country has ever had.
Should we just go ahead and call them misinformed or just fucking stupid uneducated idiots?
Oh, dear. He hasn't spoken any elequent lines that they can remember. Maybe that's because they haven't listened! They prefer the Trump inspirational intellect do they? LMAO!
Trump will have no mercy on them. So, they may deserve him. But America doesn't you ools.
Biden's up to it, Harold. You seem to be up to it in bullshit. Did you forget the last SOTU speech and the 1964 election?

Poor Dumb Eric Trump Thinks Daddy Is Bigger Star Than Bruce Springsteen
"Poor Eric Trump. As the well-documented stupidest of all the Trump spawn, it’s natural that he makes us worry about him. Like for instance, we worry that when his dad is lying and saying 100,000 PEOPLE came to see him speak on the boardwalk in New Jersey, Eric actually believes it.
He thinks dad is more popular than Springsteen, because we guess that’s what his dad told him."
He's broken the stupid gauge.

Video Trump Lawyers Hammered Cohen For — Saying Trump Belongs in a ‘F*cking Cage’
He already is in one. One that he made himself.

Christians Blame Madonna For Fatal Flood In Brazil
"Evangelical Christian pastors and digital influencers with ties to former President Jair Bolsonaro have attacked the concert and posted dozens of videos on social media with analysis pointing out purported diabolical behavior and attacks on the Christian faith. They have connected the concert’s licentiousness with unprecedented floods that have devastated cities in Rio Grande do Sul state and killed 147 people."
Cristo-Nazis have no reason so they have to manufacture one every time.
Fuck Bolsonaro Nazis.

Economic experts 'confident' a key component of Trump’s platform could spark a recession
This is a dangerous probable felon not only to America but to the free world.

‘Did Trump ask you?’ CNN host puts Trump ally on spot as he attacks judge’s daughter
What's Burgum doing but masking witches himself? Pot meet kettle.

Biden Claps Back At Trump Criticism After Leveling Sweeping New Tariffs On China
“Today I’m announcing new tariffs on key sectors of the economy that are to ensure that our workers are not held back by unfair trade practices,” Biden declared at the White House...
After his remarks, a reporter yelled toward Biden, “Trump said today, ‘China is eating our lunch.’ What do you say in response? He said, ‘China is eating our lunch.’ That’s what Trump said that today.”
"Biden quipped back, 'He’s been feeding them a long time' and walked off stage."
Feeding shovels of his "Golden Calf" diaper shit.

Jurors 'can absolutely see' Trump 'dozing peacefully' at trial: courtroom reporters
"Former President Donald Trump reportedly can't keep his eyes open during his criminal trial proceedings in Manhattan, even with his former personal attorney taking the witness stand to testify against him."
Appears to be a decrepit old fart.

Alina Habba brings up Michael Cohen during Fox News interview despite gag order
Trump trash have no respect for the law.

Trump Meets Three of the Four Criteria for Fascism
Don't give him the chance for that last one. Or you will be very sorry.

Donald Trump’s Obsession With Control Is Backfiring on His Lawyers in Court
"This stuff matters outside of the realm of this sordid court case, as well. Trump is both cowardly and controlling, a toxic combination that leads to his authoritarian politics. He's someone who wants to hide in a bunker while sending out minions to force his will by fiat, which is exactly what happened on January 6, 2021. These kinds of leaders are misleadingly called 'strongmen,' when in reality, they tend to be weak people who use fascism to hide their own frailty. And, as Trump's management of his defense shows, their egos tend to cause incompetence. Hopefully voters will grasp that a man who can't even understand how to defend himself has no business running the nation."

Trump campaign allegedly took ‘excessive’ contributions by the nickel and dime
Trump is deadlier than cancer to our country.

We're Detecting No Alien Civilizations Because They Were Destroyed by AI, Astrophysicist Proposes
This could explain a lot about our own intellect.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Leans Toward Democracy In Dropbox Case
"Ballot drop boxes have been popular in Wisconsin for decades. And like every other state, there was a tremendous surge in their popularity in 2020 during the COVID pandemic. Then Trump came along with his Big Lie and tried to cast dispersion and doubt on drop boxes, saying they allowed tremendous amounts of fraud...."

Absurd Conspiracy Theory Claims HAARP Science Experiment Triggered Global Auroras
Perfect examples of dumb stooges that missed out on critical thinking class.
But isn't that what makes America so exceptional? /s

Judge may hold hearing on whether Trump is directing officials to break gag order: expert
Throw everyone of his filthy stinking mob in jail.

'Mouths of Sauron': Observers blast 'mobster tactic' of Trump surrogates 'violating' gag order
All criminals. I see "Smriky" showed for his photo op.
None of these scum suckers give a shit for the law. Fuck Trump.

Mike Johnson skips out on getting must-pass bill through House to praise Trump in Manhattan
Serving his "Golden Calf" instead of his country.

Tuberville Whines Prosecutors Are Causing Trump 'Mental Anguish'
MAGAts are certainly whiney bitches.
Did anyone think that Tubby would be anything but whiney with the Trump trial?
"When was a criminal trial ever an uplifting experience for the defendant? Maybe, just maybe, he shouldn't have tried to conceal his payoff to a porn star and a Playboy model so he could interfere with the election and get elected in 2020."
Fuck Trump and fuck the Tub of Shit, too.

Massive Campaign Will Connect GOP To Right-Wing SCOTUS Tilt
"Here's some good news! United For Democracy is gearing up to launch a $10 million campaign centered on “the MAGA Supreme Court.” They plan to spend $1 million on ads in Arizona and Pennsylvania, as well as in the Washington, D.C., area."

Late Night Schadenfreude Open Thread: Clarence Thomas Is Not Happy
"And you know ‘Just Us’ Thomas really means it, because the original AP story was printed by both Politico and NBC News."

'Wannabe fascist': How Trump’s campaign meets the 4 'primary characteristics' of fascism
"As Finchelstein ably argues, it's only in properly defining Trump — and properly understanding his historical context, American and otherwise — that we can truly understand the threat he poses and navigate the world he’s ushered in," Michel explains. "Indeed, much of the book is devoted to definitions, and to identifying where the lines between populism and fascism truly lie."

Eric Trump Flouts Order On Phone Use During Trial
J.D. Vance did the same. These MAGAt crooks get away with murder.

Eric Trump: Daddy Is More Popular Than Springsteen
Shall we put that to the test, nitwit?

Elie Mystal exposes the 'incredibly well-funded' GOP group 'lying' about states’ rights
Protecting the Constitution is a big fat lie.

JD Vance days after Trump misstated Barron’s age: 'Cohen can’t remember how old his son is'
I didn't realize a human could be this stupid and live.
He's broken the scale.

Tuberville slammed for berating 'supposedly American citizens' in Trump hush money courtroom
Giving Vance a run for his money on breaking the stupid scale.
And what is Tubby's Super Bowl record?

Louisiana likely to keep unconstitutional definition of marriage
Goddammit, if we're in a war here, occupy the state with federal troops and set up a provisional government.
This is treason.

Trump Wants to Deport Pro-Palestine Protesters—and GOP Lawmakers Are Filing Bills to Make It Happen
You see? They want a Nazi dictattorship. All of you. Drop dead.

Eric Trump breaks judge's rules by attacking witness Michael Cohen from courtroom
Blood will tell. And he's tired of being thought the dimwit. He's out to remove all doubtt!

Clarence Thomas put on the spot over which corruption allegations are 'lies'
It appears the shady members of SCOTUS are getting bright lights shined upon them.

Aileen Cannon's 'judicial malpractice' puts national security at risk: columnist
Trump and his Toadies are putting us on the brink of destruction.

J.D. Vance attacks judge's daughter while attending hush money trial to support Trump
Both Vance and Tuberville are sickening and reprehensible.

Alito leaves Supreme Court 'out on limb' with 'puzzling' judicial approach: legal experts
Girgis describes Alito as "the most MAGA Republican justice," adding, "and that is a horrible, horrible thing to say about any jurist."

'Morally deformed': Conservative slams top evangelist for excusing Trump's 'lawlessness'
What else would one expect from a scamvangelist like him.

A New Georgia Law Makes It Easier to Challenge Voter Registration
"Ten months after Georgia officials said they would take steps to ensure that counties were correctly handling massive numbers of challenges to voter registrations, neither the secretary of state’s office nor the State Election Board has done so."
More MAGAt retardedness.

Guy On Boardwalk In Jersey Babbling About Hannibal Lecter Says He's Running For President
"Normally the appearance of a ranting lunatic on a boardwalk in New Jersey would not be worthy of comment. Everyone just gives him a wide berth and goes about their day eating cotton candy and buying cheap t-shirts. Eventually the lunatic maybe wanders onto the sand and passes out in the shade of the boardwalk, or he gets in his car and drives home to Philadelphia to resume his daily life of drinking and yammering incessantly about the Eagles."
Another of his heavier dumb shit rants.

Louisiana Law To Rank Abortion Pills Right Up There With Opioids
Reason vanishes in a fascist America.

America’s second civil war? It’s already begun
It's time to put it where it belongs. In the trash with the MAGAt treason.

New Ad Eviscerates “Shapeshifter” Rick Scott [VIDEO]
You mean he has guts to remove?
“For over a decade, Rick Scott has made it clear that there is no plan too extreme for him to support, or favor for the wealthy corporate elite too shameful for him to do, at the expense of Florida’s working families and seniors. Whether it is ending Social Security and Medicare as we know it, slashing funding for public education, the environment, and health care, or supporting a national abortion ban, Floridians deserve to know that Rick Scott has a long history of attacking their freedom to be healthy, prosperous, and safe.”

'Bordeninriviv': Conservative George Conway calls out media for ignoring Trump's 'aphasia'
" Conway shared that quote, suggesting the media isn't treating the two presidential candidates the same way.
"More aphasia every day, as many mental health professionals have continually been pointing out. But hey, MSM, let’s talk about Robert Hur’s report some more," he wrote on Sunday. "C’mon guys, do you really think this is normal? And how much coverage would you be giving to Joe Biden if he slurred gibberish like this?"
Journalism has been set back centuries by the current class.

Secret Service notified as Trump aide brags about 'causing innocent people to be arrested'
Typical mob tactics. All Trump's hoods should get what's coming to them soon.

Banks Move On WV Gov For $300M In Defaulted Loans
Between Justice and Manchin it's no wonder the state suffers so.

Public School Tried To Ban A Kid's Painting Because It Was Mean About Christians Being Mean
Don't expect a Christo-facist to understand it.

'He can't help himself': Trump under fire for bringing 'registered sex offender on stage'
A mind is a terrible thing to see wasting away.

'His deterioration is accelerating': Psychologists express alarm at latest Trump gaffes
"Two professional psychologists this weekend explained why they are growing increasingly alarmed at what they say is former President Donald Trump's 'deteriorating' mental state."

Roger Corman, the B-movie legend who launched A-list careers, dies at 98
"Over some five decades, Corman filled America's drive-ins with hundreds of low-budget movies. Many of Hollywood's most respected directors have at least one Corman picture buried in their resumes."
An American motion picture legend.

'Reagan did the same thing': Fox News host corners Rick Scott on Biden's Israel policy
"As Scott was criticizing Biden for not providing enough support to Israel, Hall noted that he was not the first president to withhold arms from Israel."
Scott is either as dumb as he looks or he knew it and figured everyone else was the numb skull.

'Trump Theory of Electoral Savings': Columnist lays out 'a cheapskate’s plot to destroy faith in democracy'
"What we’re seeing play out is a cheapskate’s plot to destroy faith in democracy for no better reason than to save a few bucks (although, in fairness, it’s not just a few)," Brown adds.
A two-bit swine.

'Carry-dite-bye-raye-sigh-en': Trump mocked as rally shows his 'slurring is getting worse'
The man is destitute and without a functioning brain. Why is he allowed to continue running his ugly and fetid shit show? The fools that support him should be deeply ashamed.

Trump Rants That Biden Is “Surrounded By Fascists”
Projected the man who is the head of the fascist party.
The retard tells you who he is with every breath.

Trump Celebrates “The Wonderful Hannibal Lecter”
Why is this insane shit still walking around in our country? This is as abnormal as it gets for humans.

Every Trump 'Prediction' About Biden Was Wrong
Hey gang, let's see just how wrong Trump's predictions about Biden have been!
A brain would help.

'Who's going to tell him?' Trump mocked online after appearing to say O.J. is at his rally
It wouldn't do any good. Trump is long gone from reality. A rest home is waiting somewhere.
As the meme says, "Now we have two presidential candidates with brain damage."

'His cult followers are nuts': Eruption after fact-check confirms Trump rally diaper story
Only his "Golden Calf" brand diapers will do. They may be worshipped after use!

Ingraham Producer Posts Racist Rant About Police
"Clegg appears on a Turning Point USA show to rant about Sodom and Gomorrah. Just before that is a 2018 report on his ouster as student body president at Texas State."

Giuliani Goes On Wild Rant About Being Fired From Radio Show, Blames “Trailer Trash Little Creep” Biden
Here's Rudy attemping Fritz Von Erich's famous "Claw."

Kennedy: I Offered My Children Fake Vaccination Cards And Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Done The Same
Another one that was close friends of MLK and can tell you everything about him.
Dude, it's not your place to say what MLK would have done.
Calling bullshit.
"Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?" -- Joseph Welch (to Joe McCarthy, 1954).
"We are living in an era when a candidate for President can admit to a crime and people will still vote for him." -- Joe in NM (comments)

Giuliani’s Radio Show Canceled For Spreading Election Disinformation
You’d think Rudy Giuliani would have learned his lesson by now.
Trump is the cause of his insanity as well as the rest of the fascist pricks.

'Mighty damn corrupt': Senate likely to investigate Trump’s 'quid pro quo' with oil lobbyists
"The phrase that instantly came to mind as I was reading the story was ‘quid pro quo,’" Whitehouse said, adding that he was also concerned about a series of proposed executive orders oil lobbyists drafted for Trump and to have ready to sign on day one should he win a second term in November. "Put those things together and it starts to look mighty damn corrupt."
"Mighty Damn Corrupt" is D. Trump! Only fit to shovel shit!

How is this not soliciting a bribe?
It is a bribe. Any fucking idiot can tell that except the Trump idiots. They are special idiots.

Intuitively Shredding Democracy
"Because it's an election year and lying white guys gonna lie, Repubs are feverishly working to cheat their way to power by getting rid of all the pesky 'voters,' real or imaginary, who don't like them. In their demented campaign for 'election integrity,' they're hounding 'illegals' - who already can't vote and aren't - 'busting' Biden for trying to 'rig' the election by registering voters, shrieking we're 'devolving' into a democracy and otherwise, per Jamie Raskin, mindlessly, scarily 'fingerpainting on the Constitution.'"

‘THAT’S What Pisses Me Off!’ Chris Wallace Gets Earful When He Asks Whoopi Goldberg Why She Rejects ‘African-American’
"But we have fought against this institution of racism, only to find ourselves back in the same trick bag where we’re saying, wait a minute. What do you mean you’re not going to teach Asian history or Black history? What do you mean 'woke?' What does that mean?"
"You know, and whether it’s with women or people of color, it’s all of these adjustments we all decided to make as Americans to each other. And now I see that being eroded and it– doesn’t scare me, it– That’s what pisses me off!"

Trump is Willing to Trade Our Children’s Future for a Billion Dollars
The willingness to destroy our collective home in exchange for riches is one of the most extreme examples of greed run amok.
“Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed…” – Jesus (Luke 12:15)
“My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy. I’ve grabbed all the money I could get. I’m so greedy.” – Donald Trump

'Scammers gonna scam’: Social media melts down at news of latest Trump scandal
"In 2010, the report states, Trump moved the company that owned the tower into a new partnership — which was still controlled by him — and made another claim."
“Because he controlled both companies, it was like moving coins from one pocket to another,” according to the Times.
This criminal should be put away for life. He is not fit for anything but a prisoner.
He is indefensible. Do not permit his campaign for president.

A Kansas Republican voted for a gender-affirming care ban. But then she flipped
"For changing her vote and halting a gender-affirming care ban from taking effect in Kansas, Concannon has received messages and emails accusing her of being 'despicable,' 'evil' and 'sick.' She has spent her legislative career trying to make kids safer, working to overhaul the state’s foster care system. The accusations that she’s somehow harming kids have been hard for her to read. They’ve also made her think about the youth who would have been most hurt by the legislation."
Her humanity woke up. The moron messages she's been getting are from the dregs of humanity.

In-depth CNN review casts doubt on big Trump trial gripe
"But, CNN found that, on almost all of the 12 court-free days he’s had since the trial started in April, he's spent his time on his golf resorts spent his time on his golf resorts in New Jersey, New York and Florida.
Barely any time has been given to campaign events or travel, the review showed."
And the suckers buy his bullshit and eat it.

Katie Britt shredded for 'Handmaid's Tale'-type proposal to 'register' pregnant women
Straight from Hitler's cabinent.

Alina Habba: It’s Unconstitutional To Make Me Nervous
We are knee-deep in insanity. All Trump does is "speak."
The stupid is overwhelming in these morons.

Trump Accused Of More Secret Payoffs To Women
"... Delgado also claimed to have “information and reason to believe” that other campaign payments have hidden settlements with women “who raised complaints of gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, and sexual harassment.”
So surprising!

Thomas Bemoans Washington DC As A “Hideous Place”
And he makes it worse for all of us. He can always leave and go back home to hell.
Once he's impeached it will be a much nicer place.

Meanwhile, Michigan Sues Big Oil
While Trump tries for a billion-dollar bribe to keep big oil destroying the planet, Climate Movement Cheers Michigan AG's Plans to Sue.

Mind-blowing corruption — with more to come
A front man for the aristocracy.

Prosecutors unearth Trump tweet from 2018 that contradicts the core of defense’s argument
"On Friday, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's team entered a years-old tweet from former President Donald Trump into evidence, which appears to both confirm the facts of the indictment and undermine the core of defense lawyers' main argument."
So surprising that Loudmouth Bullshit would leave a major confession.

'Playing with a loaded gun': Democrat calls out Mike Johnson's election fraud lies
"A Democratic lawmaker called out House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for spreading baseless claims of election fraud just days after helping to save his job.
Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) Friday shamed Johnson — who claimed this week he knew "intuitively" that undocumented immigrants vote illegally — for parroting election lies similar to those made before the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
'These false claims of widespread election fraud echo the Big Lie that inspired the January 6th attack,' Beyer said. 'Repeating them on the Capitol steps - where that attack unfolded - as we head into the 2024 election is like playing with a loaded gun.'"

Laura Ingraham Calls Stormy Daniels 'Angry Shrew.' That's It, That's The Joke.
"We feel like there is a word for the thing Ingraham is doing, and we invite every psychologist and mental health professional who ever lived to identify it."
"We only wrote this post so we could repost our picture of that time we met Stormy Daniels 100 years ago at an event for the fabulous Abortion Access Front. She was as kind and funny as she could be, and Laura Ingraham can go fuck herself while we all try to remember the word for that thing she was doing when she called Daniels an 'angry shrew.'”

Presidential Morality at Stake: Is Trump America’s Political Harvey Weinstein?
Even if Trump isn’t put back into the White House this fall, the damage he’s done to our nation’s moral fabric will take at least a generation to heal.
And that's all the people need to know.

Mar-a-Lago is now Trump's safe space as he's 'ridiculed wherever he goes': MAGA fan
"...he whined 'no one is defending me' and pouted over the fact that there wasn't a big crowd of protesters outside. He lied about that, of course, and said on camera that there were hundreds of people blocked from protesting."
No one's coming meathead except the chickens coming home to roost.
He deserves ridicule and so do his MAGAt toadies.

More Than a Million Adults Have Legal Guardians. Seven States Won’t Let Them Vote
These would be the fascist states who don't know shit from applebutter.

Dobbs Has Created a Health Care Apocalypse
Is someone actually surprised at this? Only the clueless.

POLL: 61% Back Florida Abortion Rights Ballot Measure
Only the DipShitus' fascists oppose.

Trump To Oil Tycoons: Give Me A Billion, I'll Give You Everything
Still in the bribery buisness we see. And threatening our ecology at the same time.
Lock him up.

Arizona Fake Elector In Trouble For Going On Nazi Podcast
Make hime watch Drag Queen Story Hour for months.

Bannon will be 'going to prison' after criminal contempt conviction upheld: experts
"A federal appeals court panel of three judges has upheld the criminal contempt of Congress conviction of Steve Bannon, the far-right provocateur and former Trump chief strategist and senior White House advisor. Legal experts say he can appeal but ultimately he will he headed to prison."
Have a good time, asshole.

'I would have given her an F': Trump lawyer's 'rookie mistake' singled out by expert
And Trump looks like he spent the night sleeping on the street.

Lara Trump: It’s Obvious Trump Accepts Election Results
And that's the reason he's been saying the election was rigged for the last four years, right moron?
The only people who don't have trust in our elections is your fascist MAGAt party. Go back to hell.

DOJ Sues Over Iowa Law Letting Cops Arrest Migrants
The stupid is strong in this backward nut house.

Hillary Clinton Makes An Urgent Plea To The Media About Trump Coverage
“The world has been here before,” Mrs. Clinton warned, when journalists and the public did not take Hitler’s threats seriously enough.
The stupid is strong in journalists and other media pretenders.

Medicare Fraud Fungus Rick Scott Joins Trump At The Trial
Another corrupt MAGA creep who is afraid of his reelection chances shows up hoping for an endorsement.
Low down and dirty grifter.

Guess What Happened When Utah Opened An Anti-Trans 'Tip Line'
Many, many people called in to give "tips" to anti-trans homophobes looking for tattletales.
"Go fuck yourselves." would be the best advice they could get.

'Why would we stop that?' Missouri Republicans oppose bill to end child marriage
Because a civilized society doesn't support raping children.

Economist Paul Krugman: War on 'woke washing machines' shows America’s 'political sickness'
"In a biting New York Times column, liberal economist Paul Krugman slams Lesko's Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act as performative nonsense — stressing that GOP lawmakers' crusade against "woke washing machines" shows how devoid of substance their party has become."
"...But the silliness is a symptom of political sickness that isn’t funny at all."
Pity the fools.

How Trump’s ongoing feuds with GOP governors could throw a massive wrench in his campaign
It's getting messy for him now.

They Walk Among Us: Mississippi Goddamn, Still
The Land of the Happy Negro.

Jamie Raskin Schools Glenn Grothman On American History
As was stated in a previous article, the Republicans don't us their best. Grothman continutes to prove it.

Voters credit Biden and Trump equally on infrastructure. Only one got it done
"Donald Trump's administration became infamous for routinely declaring it was 'Infrastructure Week,' only to make exactly zero progress on his pledge to 'put millions of our people to work' rebuilding highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, and hospitals. In political circles, mentioning 'Infrastructure Week' not only drew surefire laughs, it also became synonymous with Trump's pervasive governing incompetence. In the end, Trump and his alliesnever even got around to unveiling a bill on the matter."
Biden got it all done. Again, where do our morons come from?

RFK Junior Threatens to Eat "Five More Brain Worms"
"I offer to eat five more brain worms and still beat President [Donad] Trump and President [Joe] Biden in a debate," the son of the late Robert "Bobby" Kennedy posted on X-formerly-Twitter. "I feel confident of the result even with a six-worm handicap."
"I have cognitive problems, clearly," Kennedy said in the 2012 divorce deposition, which involved him arguing that his earning potential had been impacted by his strange brain issues and that he should therefore pay less alimony to his second wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy. "I have short-term memory loss, and I have longer-term memory loss that affects me."
Yep. And he seems to be looking for more. Do it, you fruitcake.

Judge Aileen Cannon set herself up for failure
"To say that Cannon finds herself in an entirely avoidable situation is an understatement. The primary speed bump preventing a swift speedy resolution of the issues she cites in explaining her delay is none other than Cannon herself....What is clear though is that Cannon has made what should have been one of the most straightforward cases against Trump into a quagmire of her own creation."

The New York Jail Cells Trump Could Soon Call Home
At least it's not "The Tombs."

Medical residents are starting to avoid states with abortion bans, data shows
Let's see how the mental morons sustain their health care as this tragedy continues.

'Failing act of political theater': Greene ostracized after Johnson ouster push
The end is coming for this clown.

'Best point she scored': Experts hail Stormy Daniels' reply to 'ludicrous' Trump questions
"Trump attorney Susan Necheles hammered Daniels with repeated questions trying to disprove one small detail of the adult film star's account of her sexual encounter with Trump in 2006: that she never ate dinner."
"I didn't think I'd ever say this sentence, but they're actually arguing over who the orange turd is," Cooper informed viewers. "She has said, 'Oh, I absolutely meant Mr. Trump,' so Stormy Daniels has now clarified that is who she was in fact talking about... flushing down the toilet."

Trump attorney's dogged pursuit of Stormy Daniels is blowing up in her face: experts
As it should go.

Kristi Noem Can't Be On Your Show Today, Stuck In Terrible Blizzard With Kim Jong-Un!
"If you haven’t seen our piece from yesterday about how even such hallowed journalistic institutions as Newsmax and Fox Business are taking Noem to the gravel pit — over her ridiculous lies about meeting Kim Jong-Un, and also for her grotesque truths about killing God’s furry friends — you need to read that one for context.
Then you can catch up on how Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld — another hard-hitter journalism man! — wanted Noem to come on the other night, and she declined because “snowstorm.” Yes, in May.
She could have said the dog ate her homework, we guess, but uh-oh, what dog?"

Pardon Me, Boys? Is That The Chattanooga Choo Choo? Tabs, Thurs., May 9, 2024
"What if Democrats stopped talking about the 'broken border' scaring all the MAGAs, and started shouting, like me, YAY IMMIGRATION WE NEED MORE IMMIGRANTS, WILLKOMMEN BIENVENUE WALLCOME! That’d be cool. Or even if they didn’t do that, but stopped calling the border 'broken' because it isn’t. There are border patrol officers catching the people all day every day." (Oliver Willis)

“He Was Bigger and Blocking the Way”: Stormy Daniels Takes the Stand and Reminds People Who Trump Is
"Mostly, however, Daniels matters for reasons outside of the courtroom and the specifics of this hush-money trial. Daniels' story is yet another reminder of what may prove to be Trump's electoral downfall: His bottomless misogyny."

Why America Needs to Know about Trump Getting Spanked in Silk Pajamas
When it comes to seizing power, Republicans apparently believe the rule of law, and thus our democracy, is merely an inconvenient impediment to be brushed aside.
Mike Johnson can kiss my ass.

'Humiliating details' from Stormy Daniels are physically 'impacting' Trump: reporter
We can only hope so.

'Not just bad but vile’: Expert warns Trump’s coded campaign tactic is about to turn ugly
"The Times Thursday exposed what they describe as the coded anti-Semitic messaging Trump uses to quietly signal his support to White nationalists nationwide."

Stormy Daniels testimony reveals the triumph of #MeToo
The media's coverage of a key witness against Donald Trump has been surprisingly nuanced and thoughtful
Anything would be beat the moron white male comments.

Fox Host Greg Gutfeld: Trump “Screwed The Brains Out” Of Stormy And “That Makes Him A Sex God”
Great meme, Greg. Be sure to have them use this on the campaign, you stupid fuck.

Biden: I'll Cut Off Arms Shipments If Israel Invades Rafah
Biden said while the US would continue to provide defensive weapons to Israel, including for its Iron Dome air defense system, other shipments would end.
“But it’s, it’s just wrong. We’re not going to – we’re not going to supply the weapons and artillery shells.”

In Former Confederacy, GOP Wasn't Careful What They Wished For
Republican women get abortions, too.
And in the Land of the Happy Negro!
"From South Carolina to Texas, the South is now a virtual abortion care desert—a once unthinkable reality that could sway votes this November."

Violent arrest of Emory professor spotlights brutality of police crackdown on campus protests
Cracker cops use Nazi tactics. May I remind you that these fascists are not in Democrat states when one tries to pin this on them. It's the Land of the Happy Negro.

Judge said he won’t tolerate Trump’s cursing and headshaking during Daniels’ testimony, transcript shows
“I understand that your client is upset at this point, but he is cursing audibly, and he is shaking his head visually and that’s contemptuous,” Judge Juan Merchan said to Trump’s defense attorney Todd Blanche during a mid morning break. “It has the potential to intimidate the witness and the jury can see that.”

Ex-DOJ Official Stunned By Trump Hand Gesture In Court: ‘Can’t Begin To Fathom’
“Yeah, I can’t begin to fathom what that fist pump is doing,” said Katyal. “I mean, McConney was very bad for Trump.”

'Something I said?' Lawrence O'Donnell laughs after Trump profanely trashes him
"I spotted Ratings Challenged Lawrence O'Donnell, of MSDNC, in the Courthouse today," reads Trump's post on TruthSocial. "I haven't seen him in years. He looked like s---, a real loser."
Once again, the boob projects. ROTFLMAO!

RFK Jr: A worm ate part of my brain and then died
Well, we knew that something was askew with him.

Trump's trial paints him as a clown — but MAGA sees a boss
Donald Trump contains multitudes and none of them are good

"He was bigger and blocking the way": Stormy Daniels takes the stand and reminds people who Trump is
Daniels tells a story that echoes what E. Jean Carroll told the jury in Trump's sexual assault trial

GOP Rep Rants That Sharia Law Is Coming To America
This asshat should pay greater attention to the threat of MAGAt fascism that is more of a danger to us.

No One Wants To Talk About Cannon's Husband's Mob Connections
Maybe it's time to connect some dots.
"Can we start connecting some dots here? What if Aileen Cannon was put on the bench for a specific reason -- namely, her husband's mob connections? In what planet should this woman even be a federal judge? I know: Planet Florida!"
Welcome to the fetid stench of Trump's putrid world.

Trump appointee Judge Cannon’s latest move amounts to an 'indefinite trial delay': expert
The fix is in, apparently.
"He is close to pushing the nuclear button," Palm Beach County state attorney David Aronberg told MSNBC. "Cannon seems to be daring (Jack) Smith."

'Bizarre timeline': Columnist laments 'political madness' of Stormy Daniels’ lurid testimony
...He (Benen)commented on a New York Times report in which young voters who will be casting their first ballots in 2024 (an 18-year-old today would have been nine when Trump first announced his presidential campaign in 2015) can't remember politics without Trump, and lamented that "folly has become normal."
"Many have gotten so used to Trumpified politics that it becomes easy to lose sight of the fact that we’re confronted, on a daily basis, with insanity that would’ve been unthinkable in the recent past."

'How mortifying': CNN's Gloria Borger says lurid testimony must have Trump cringing
But it was what everyone was waiting for. Admit it.

Far-Right Arizona Senator Banned From Using State Broadcast Studio After Appearance On Pro-Hitler Show
"A Glendale Republican lawmaker is no longer allowed to access legislative broadcast equipment after the Arizona Mirror reported on May 3 that he used the Senate’s broadcast studio to appear on a far-right talk show last week with a host who has declared Adolf Hitler a “hero.”
Forever a hero to Nazis.

Judge Tosses New York Abortion Rights Ballot Measure
Oh, dear. Don't tell me someone is attempting democracy in New York? How dare they?

Elise Stefanik Bravely Protects Our Gas Stoves From President Biden
"Republicans are good at doing nothing. They've been outraged for months since a Biden administration official suggested the Consumer Product Safety Commission could ban gas stoves because they have been linked to childhood asthma. However, the Biden administration made it clear in January that our gas stoves are safe. But they chose to disregard that."
Take gas, Elise.

'Weak, sleepy and docile': Conservative says Trump sleeping in court tarnishes his image
"On Monday, April 15 — the day Donald Trump's hush money/falsifying business records trial got underway in Lower Manhattan — the New York Times' Maggie Haberman reported that he was falling asleep in the courtroom."

The Great GOP Purge Continues Apace
1. Three Little Purges

Elizabeth Neumann and Geoff Duncan: Republican Voters Against Trump
"Two conservatives describe their break with Trump. Former DHS official Elizabeth Neumann saw both the mafia culture up close and Trump's disinterest in doing the work of being president."

Letitia James Sues Crisis Pregnancy Centers For Being Weird Liars
"James alleges that “making false and misleading claims about APR to convince pregnant people to get the treatment constitutes fraud, deceptive business practices, and false advertising under New York law,” all of which is very literally true."

Donald Trump Threatens Us With A Good Time
Oh, yes. Please do it!
"Donald may want to be tossed in jail to grift off it. It's hard to say, but it's hilarious that he thinks that anyone will believe that he's ever glanced at the Constitution."
"Can you imagine former President McHamberders eating jailhouse food?"
They'll order delivery for him.

Watters: 'Trump Is Going To Come Out With A Prison Body'
I hate to break it to Jesse Watters, but no amount of time in jail is ever going to give his buddy Trump a "prison body."
Sure. You can tell that right away with just one look, Einstein. He can just will the cholesterol and artery plaque away!

The number of religious ‘nones’ has soared — but not the number of atheists
Anyone whom they refer to as 'nones' being separated from atheists indicate they are still religious. They are just undecided about who their God is and how they will serve it.

FACT: Democrats restore economies that Republicans wreck
"Democrats have been bailing out these obnoxious loudmouths for going on a century, and it’s about time they at least had the decency to say, thank you."

Conservative States Say They Won’t Comply With Rule Against Trans Discrimination
The Nazi States of America. We know how it ends. We've heard about it the last time.

'I thought they were finished!' Trump complains hush money trial is taking too long
Sleepy Don. Doesn't know what time it is!

Axios: Noem Offered To Resign To Get Top NRA Job

Poll: Rise of fascism and extremism is voters’ top concern
Do we think this is true?
If so, Trump is a pimple in history — IF these people happen to be voters.

Grumpy Trump Cries About Threat Of Jail
Whiney little coward. He doesn't know anything of Constitutional rights. Disgrace to America and humanity.

Noem Whines About Being 'Interrupted' During Disastrous CBS Interview
The whiner's ditto.

Four Years Ago Today: Trump Acts Like A Jerk To Medical Professionals
Need we be reminded of what an asshole this fuckwad is?

The 2024 Trustees Report Shows that Social Security is Benefiting From a Strong Economy
But the Nazis want to kill it — and us as well.

Legal expert offers 'most recent evidence' hush money trial 'isn’t the witch hunt Trump paints it as'
Of course not. But it is a SCUMBAG TRAITOR HUNT!

'Corrupt': Trump post highlights Dick Van Dyke slamming him on video
This suports my next entry. Van Dyke added, "I'm beginning to feel a little manipulated."
One viewer appeared to agree.
"There is no Justice anymore since 45 (Trump) broke all kinds of laws and split this country apart," replied elida_7. "Our Justices are his puppets and it really saddens me." Perhaps not all of us know but most of us know where this is going.

Trump threatens to violate gag order and go to jail: 'I’ll do that sacrifice any day'
Will he even die for his country?
Read all the articles being published. They are nothing but an endless tape loop.
History tells us what the solution is. The U.S. doesn't have the stomach for it. We keep thinking our law will solve it. Take a look at Trump's SCOTUS and you will see the answer.

The stunning reason Donald Trump thinks he’s going to win
This is one sick motherfucker.

WaPo Board Calls For Trump-Proofing Insurrection Act
"Having gone unused since 1992, the Insurrection Act is perhaps obscure to the public today. It deserves more attention, given that there could be a second term for former president Donald Trump, who not only lacks respect for democratic norms but also actively encouraged a mob to descend on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
The law grants a president the power to “take such measures as he considers necessary” to suppress “any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy.” It does not define those terms. Nor does it require the president to get permission from state leaders.
The best vehicle would be an amendment to the must-pass national defense reauthorization bill, as Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) have discussed. It would be wise to modernize this law even if there were no chance of Mr. Trump’s election. Since there is a chance, it seems essential."

Bill Kristol and Andrew Egger: Lying Is the Price of Admission
"Any apprentice who wants to join Trump's ticket has to prove they won't accept the election results unless Trump wins—and Tim Scott shows he is a willing collaborator. Plus, most students aren't on the side of the protesters, the threat to Biden from the sense of disorder, and the pathology of Kristi Noem. Bill Kristol and Andrew Egger join Tim Miller."

Trump Tells 40 Percent Of America To F*ck Off, You Dang Moochers
The biggest known whiner in the universe.

Judge Merchan Finds Trump In Contempt — Says He Will Jail Him Next Time In Blistering Ruling
Here comes the lock-up.

Judge Finds Trump In Criminal Contempt For 10th Time
Lock him up.

'Slash and burn': A 'grim mood' hovers over DC as insiders fear Trump 2.0
"De Niro and Milley, unlike Cohen, haven't talked about seeking political asylum in another country. But the New York Times' Peter Baker, in an article published on May 5, reports that some Washington, D.C. insiders are flirting with the idea of leaving the United States if Trump defeats incumbent President Joe Biden in November."
Like Nazi Germany, many will leave our country if we stupidly put the traitor back in office.

Trump says GOP is the ‘party of fertilization’ — seems unaware of MI abortion amendment
He has lost all sense of reality.

Tim Scott Repeats Infanticide Smears Against Democrats
This man is spouting a lie.
Here is his source.
Lies are their stock in trade.

Ole Miss Student Kicked Out Of His Frat For Racist Heckling
May it always be.

Trump's bid to bolster 'softening support' among voters 'a head-scratcher': analyst
"In his column, Aleem called the move "a bit of a head-scratcher," adding that it is odd for a nominee of a major party to waste time catering to fringe voters "who in most states will rack up only tiny percentages of the vote."
Internals are showing that he's in trouble.

'Double-edged sword': Expert shows how Trump's own request led to 'gems' for prosecutors
A showcase of Trump stupidity and mindlessness.

Trump's lawyers are trying to use his trial to generate conspiracy theories — but it's not working
Even the most MAGA-deluded voters struggle to pretend Trump is the victim in the Stormy Daniels plot
Fuck Trump.

White House Condemns Trump’s “Gestapo” Comment
That anyone in the U.S. would support this sort of Nazi scum is an admission of treason to their birthright.

Axios: 6% Of Voters In Six States Will Decide Election
Total disgrace. This is what's wrong with the Electoral College and the lack of sense with the American voter.
That anyone is willing to "sit this one out" is what put the Nazi in office the first time. Installing another Hitler as our leader raises the question: Is this country even worth saving?
The Electoral College must go. By any means necessary.

Trump’s 2024 campaign is his most 'extremist and authoritarian' yet: analysis
America degrades itself by even considering such Nazi trash.

Reproductive Rights Advocates Close in on Abortion Ballot Measures in Missouri and South Dakota
"Reproductive rights organizers in two states with near-total abortion bans, Missouri and South Dakota, submitted roughly double the signatures needed to allow ballot measures that would put abortion before voters."

Tim Scott Refuses SIX TIMES to Commit to Accepting Results of the 2024 Election in Utterly Surreal Exchange With NBC’s Kristen Welker
“I expect President Trump to win the next election. Listen, I’m not going to ask to answer your hypothetical question,” Scott said — leaving unclear which part of Welker’s question he viewed as a hypothetical.
A perfect example of insanity. There is no "if" in the question. There will be an election. Will the declared winner be accepted by him? The answer is binary. Affirmed or denied? Nothing hypothetical exists here.

RNC co-chair Lara Trump: 'You cannot have ballots counted after elections are over'
That must be what Tim Scott is thinking.
Duhh. Elections aren't over UNTIL ALL BALLOTS ARE COUNTED! Sometimes not until YOUR party recounts them time after time. Another damaged brain.

Gov. Burgum’s Interview With Jake Tapper Goes Sideways After He Bizarrely Claims CNN ‘Challenged’ the Results of the 2016 Election
A good example of the use of the hypothetical and the wonderland to which it can lead.
And, yes, Nixon challenged the election.
"The result of all the Republican lawyering and politicking had been a net loss of three electoral votes. 'The recount in the one state the Democrats asked for turned from Republican to Democrat,' Kennedy press secretary Pierre Salinger noted dryly, as if suppressing the temptation to gloat, 'and nothing happened at all in the 11 states that they were going to seek recounts in.'”

Trump Lies That Democrats “Get Welfare To Vote”
Wounded animals can be dangerous. This one is suffering from "panic projection."

Vegan Cafe Owner Appears With Trump, Lies About Business Doing Worse Under Biden
What rocks does he have to turn over to find the idiots that shill for him?
"On Wednesday, vegan restaurant owner Shana Gray joined former President Donald Trump on stage for his rally in Waukesha, Wis., where they claimed that her restaurant, which opened in 2023, did better when Trump was in office."
OK, class: What makes this statement a lie?

Lawrence O'Donnell Takes Hope Hicks To The Woodshed And Shreds Her
What's so amazing is this: Someone has to explain it to them.

Can You Believe This Smug Asshole? I Mean, Really, Can You?
"It's a Foxy oversimplification to argue that being against the war is synonymous with being against American servicemen or our very country. Equally so, it's just plain stupid to assume that anyone who hates what Netanyahu has done, ipso facto, hates Jews."

Trump WILL be convicted in the New York Case
"Sarah Longwell and George Conway take on Trump's New York criminal trial: Hope Hicks' testimony and a story about Trump glaring at George across the courtroom. Don't worry — George explains it all."

Progressives decry repression of student protests on Kent State massacre anniversary
An all too strong memory for me.

Fifth 'God's Misfit' accused of murdering KS women declared extremist beliefs last year
More idiots in the news. Religion can be deadly.

ABC host confronts Tom Cotton after he says rioters were 'just wandering' on Jan 6
This man should have nothing to do with American government.

ADL warns of global surge in anti-Semitism
Too many Nazis at large.

New Trump Ad Praises Campus Counterprotesters
Watching the sewers back up. Sadly, many of us have seen this all before.

Trump Compares Biden To “Gestapo” At Donor Event
“Once I got indicted, I said well, now the gloves have to come off,” Trump said.
What a fucking idiot. His critical analysis of Joe are all projections of himself. He's a filthy SOB and this is more proof of his wasted, failed life — a fart maniac shitting his pants. Repulsive, disgusting and vapid.

Driver Dead After High Speed Crash Into WH Gate
Suicide by White House gate. The results of stupid.

The Republicans Are Not Giving Us Their Best
Wisconsin Republican college kids threw a party but it was really dead.
Exploitation of zombies in America.

Greg Abbott Won't Implement Title IX Protections
Gov. Greg Abbott orders Texas to ignore Biden administration’s new federal protections of LGBTQ+ students.
A very hateful man that, obviously, hates himself.

'Needs the hammer': Fox News host laughs about attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband
These twisted asshat's sense of humor is pretty morbid. But that reflects their so-called "morality."

Donald Trump: Drenched in tabloid sleaze
That's what he is.

"More credible": Legal experts say Hope Hicks' testimony "ties everything more closely to Trump"
"The DA’s office is going to argue that all of these puzzle pieces add up to a crime," law professor says

Don't like this economy? OK, just wait for Trump and the GOP to ruin it
Authoritarians always screw up the economy — come to think of it, GOP presidents have done that for decades
Many voters are too stupid to know this. Therein lies the problem. In fact, too many are illiterate.

Cultist Indicted For Death Threats About Fani Willis
"“Sending death threats to a public official is a criminal offense that will not be tolerated,” said U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan."
Life behind bars for him then.

Alabama Supreme Court Refuses To Rehear IVF Ruling
Proud Retards of the Land of the Happy Negro.

Fox anchor pushes back on Mace’s claim of George Soros funding student protests
One would think the old saw of making George Soros responsible for anything abd everything would be a mark of ignorance and laziness in our culture by now. It should be the mark of the irresponsible lout.
“I want firings. I want people to be expelled...." That's exactly what she deserves.

Congressman pummeled for praising students mocking Black protester with monkey sounds.
Sounds like these racist Nazi punks need to attend class once in a while to learn to act in a decent manner.
I guess that's asking too much of Darwin's Waiting Room.
As for the dumb shit that sets bad examples let him tell us about the dear traditions of lynching in your state.
Mississippi Lynching Victims Memorial

Biden Bestows Medal Of Freedom Honors
President Joe Biden will honor 19 people with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Friday, the nation’s highest civilian honor.
The diverse group of names from politics to activists and entertainment include Biden’s 2020 Democratic primary opponents and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Vice President Al Gore, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Jim Clyburn, Elizabeth Dole and recent Biden Climate Envoy and former Sec. of State John Kerry.
The “grandmother of Juneteenth,” Opal Lee, and Judy Shepard, the mother of Matthew Shepard who was abducted and brutally killed in 1998 because he was gay will also be honored.
Thank you, President Biden.

NH Rep Objects To Child Marriage Law Because “Ripe And Fertile” Underage Girls Might Opt For Abortions
Really? He thinks that deeply? All the way to the end of his nose? A BY GAWD GENIUS!
"This is the frickin’ mentality that we have to deal with in New Hampshire. Children (girls) should be allowed to get married because they are “ripe and fertile.”
"Looking for groomers? Look no further."
— NH State Rep. Wendy E. N Thomas (@WendyENThomas) May 3, 2024
Or dumb as a sack of hammers' morons. Really, you can't make this dumb shit up.

Why Project 2025 Will Ruin Your Life
Andra Watkins discussed her Substack newsletter, "How Project 2025 Will Ruin Your Life," on Rick Wilson's podcast on April 22. The growing threat of the Republican Party's ties to Christian Nationalism and Project 2025 is terrifying.
Except for ones whomTrump has already ruined.

'Perry Mason moment': Hope Hicks 'broke down crying' after realizing she may have 'sunk' Trump
"Hope Hicks realized after she said all that that she had just likely sunk [Trump], made this case stronger for the prosecution, and that is when she broke down crying," Reed recounted. "This source inside, one of our colleagues said this is the closest thing to a Perry Mason moment there is in a white-collar case."
Poor Hamilton Berger.

Trump Supporters Show Their Love: 'Real Men Wear Diapers'
MAGA is just as bad as we always knew, as supporters at a Pennsylvania rally pay tribute to #VonShitzInPantz.
But only if they are authentic "Golden Calf Diapers." They can be worshipped after use!

NC Republican Drops Out Of Runoff After Trump Endorses Her Opponent
Wow! Does he shit his diapers and pass wind constantly like his leader does?

SC GOPer: Trump Trial Is 'Just Absolutely A Crucifixion'
"Way to go, Chuck! Beautiful classic mixed metaphor of Jesus, war, football and America! Fuck, yeah!"
Do these sort of mouth runners have any idea how they sound to normal humans?

Quelle Surprise!: Gov Puppy Killer's Book Contains Big Fat Lies
Her story's a work of fiction and her 15 minutes are now up.

Donald Trump Appears To Reveal His Plan If He Loses Election To Joe Biden
He'll commit the same treason as he did the last time. America will be ready to take him down this time.

'Just not accurate': Trump's latest falsehood about gag order shut down by CNN reporter
"Yeah, that's just not accurate," she replied. "The gag order does not say he cannot testify at all. Also, remember, Donald Trump just last week was saying, 'I want to testify' and he knew he had a gag order then."
Bullshitting as he usually does.

Trump’s Big Lie is hurting Republicans' efforts to get out the vote
Mail-in-ballots used to be the GOP's best election weapon. Trump's lies have Republicans now second-guessing voting
Bury Trump in his own lies.

Truth Social keeps shrinking despite the Trump trial and looming election
User growth is failing and so is the traitor Trump.

Man who bragged that he ‘fed’ an officer to the mob of Capitol rioters gets nearly 5 years in prison
Jack Whitton expressed remorse for his ‘horrible’ actions.
Another of Trump's traitors bites the dust.

Megachurch Pastor: No Such Thing As Mental Illness
Then what's your excuse? Religion is mental illness.
He'll use this toxic bullshit to make money.

Cowboy Eric Hovde Keeps Shooting Himself In The Foot
Eric "Choade" is struggling with an ongoing unforced error in his campaign.
There's a danger he could get it mixed up with his head

Pillow Salesman Says All Biden Democrats He Knows Are Voting For Trump
No one believes this.
Does he actually know a Democrat?
Does he actually know anything?

Kim Guilfoyle's Kristi Noem Conspiracy: Someone Slipped It In Her Book
Sure, we believe you
Yes. The truth slipped it in. Ask Freud.

Economist Paul Krugman: 'Trump-stalgia' is a 'powerful force'— but painfully short on facts
"Soaring deaths aside, four years ago, more than 20 million Americans were unemployed; Trump left office with the worst job record of any president since Herbert Hoover. Also, the country was in the grip of a violent crime wave, with murders soaring. Today, by contrast, we've just experienced the longest stretch of unemployment below 4 percent since the 1960s, and the violent crime wave — Trump didn't cause it, but it did happen on his watch — has been rapidly receding."
Want to see headlines from 2020 to remind you of the shitshow?
How about that Great Covid Failure?

Trump team's latest defense dismantled by Stormy Daniels' lawyer's timeline: legal experts
Bullshit story short: "So, Cohen couldn't have orchestrated the whole ordeal out of anger for not getting a White House job. The election hadn't even happened when the documents were signed and notarized."
These asswipes are using the "Racehorse" Haynes defense: Put witnesses for the prosecution on trial.

Arizona House Speaker Rages Over “Deceptive” Drag Story Hour Held For Adults In Capitol Meeting Room
Another one that has no knowledge of American history and art. Arizona, close the hell portal!
I continue to wonder if any of these stooges grew up in America?
Do I have to list films and shows that have drag being presented without comment in the U.S. for the last 120 years?

Blake Masters Attacks Opponent For Being Unmarried
Another one squeezed through their portal from hell.
Anyone who is an American has skin in the game you fuckstick! Read the Constitution if you are literate. We don't need assats like you!

Arizona Gov Signs Repeal Of 1864 Ban On Abortion
This motherfucker didn't get away.
"The Arizona Republic reports: Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs on Thursday signed into law a repeal of the state’s 160-year-old abortion ban, rescinding one of the nation’s most restrictive abortion laws after weeks of hard-fought political negotiation at the state capitol."

Arizona Rep Rages About “Pedophiles” In State Capitol During Appearance On Podcast Of Holocaust Denier
Where in hell do the vile and disgusting Nazi shits in Arizona come from? Please shut that portal!

Trump Lies That He’s “Not Allowed To Testify”
"The world’s most famous liar, backing down on his vow to testify for the umpteenth time."
Can this cowardly shit be any less of a man?
A total disgrace to America and the American way. Putid puke.

Raskin Warns 'Industry Deceit' Delayed Climate Progress
Big Oil knew since 1959 what they were doing to the climate, according to a new report.
Crooks and liars. Why do we put up with the scum eaters?

UN Summit Looks To Form International Tax On The Rich
UN Tax Convention Presents Historic 'Opportunity to Create Well-Being for All'
This will really piss the goddamned Nazis off.

Noem sparks new backlash by insisting 14-month-old dog she shot was 'not a puppy'
"... appeared on Fox News Wednesday night and blamed the “fake news” for publishing excerpts from her book, which she has not claimed were inaccurate."
Now how many chances do you get? You're 52 years old and there are newer models with less miles.

'Definition of fascist': Yale historian details how SCOTUS is 'flirting with' the 'Nazi tradition'
Since when is coitus referred to as "flirting"?

Trump's brain exposed as a 'series of hazy corridors filled with dead ends': analysis
"Reading the whole interview, though, it’s clear that Trump does not know anything about anything," he contends. "His mind is a series of hazy orange corridors filled with dead ends, open pits, and trip wires. He stumbles through the maze, thunking gently off the walls, every so often belching forth a random quasi-anecdote or catch phrase."

Donald 'Von ShitzInPantz' has now formally been entered into the public record at Trump's hush money trial
A good chance to watch him play air accordion.

Red States Sue To Protect God-Given Right To Harass, Discriminate Against Trans Kids
Stop using "God" as an excuse to be a hateful son-of-a-bitch!

Kristi Noem Clarifies: That Dog Was Just The Hired Help, And Then I Killed It With A Gun
Hannity is a disgrace to humanity one-hundred times over.

Two (2) AZ Republicans Help Repeal Terrible 1864 Abortion Ban, Leaving Only *Normal* Terrible Abortion Ban!
"You know what’s really not a great idea? Taking any medical advice from a time period in which people put up arsenic wallpaper, treated tuberculosis (sorry, consumption) with strychnine, and huffed formaldehyde when they had a cold."
There are too manu stupid shits in the world.

House Passes Bill That Defines Criticism of Israel as “Antisemitism”
Jewish-led groups slammed the legislation as a tool for silencing the movement for Palestinian rights.
"Today the House votes on the gag legislation they're calling the 'Antisemitism Awareness Act'.
"Antisemitism is a serious problem, but codifying a legal definition could have dangerous implications for free speech."
People are really, really stupid. Hating Jews is Antisemitic. But a manic dictator that happens to be a Jew should be criticized, you morons.

Trump-Appointed Judges Grant DOJ Request to Toss Landmark Youth Climate Case
Tyrant "judges," appointed by fascists, should be criticized as well. To the point of removal.

Ex-Trump official shut down by CNN hosts for defense of J6 rioters as 'patriots'
Both Donald Trump and his seditionists are traitors. That goes for anyone that supports the traitor Trump. These people are NOT PATRIOTS!

Trump ridiculed for having 'complete meltdown' over malfunctioning rally teleprompter
The man has batshit for brains.
People either know this or are in denial.

Conservative judge with record of knowing what's next predicts Trump Supreme Court verdict
The retired judge said that listening to the analysis from "court watchers that the Court will remand the case to the trial court for determination."
"That means that the Supreme Court will rule that the lower court must decide which of Trump's decisions were 'official' acts as president and which were personal ones. The lower court has already dismissed Trump's demand for immunity, which is why the appeal has gone all the way to the top."
"If I receive that remand, I wouldn't have a clue where even to begin in distinguishing between these acts, which were taken in an official capacity, and which were taken in the former president's private or personal capacity," Luttig confessed.
This is why SCOTUS has a few stalling cowards in it.

"Losing all credibility": Trump's hush money lawyer the latest to torch his reputation for nothing
Todd Blanche was once regarded as a great lawyer, but now he's making embarrassing arguments to please his client
Everything Trump touches dies.

CNN Anchor Gloriously Busts Vance On J6 Hypocrisy
“OK. So you agree that people who break in and vandalize the building should be prosecuted?” Collins countered, to which Vance replied: “Exactly.” Collins then brought up Vance’s past support for the pro-Trump rioters who did just that on Jan. 6, 2021.
The stupid is thick in this one.

Would "Dictator" Trump Kill his Rivals?
Trump has unleashed his inner psychopath and if he wins this election it’s going to get uglier here in America than most people today can imagine.
An ugly killer looking for a place to kill again.

Five Red States Sue Over “Tyrannical” Move To Require Background Checks When Guns Are Sold At Gun Shows
Why did I know stinking Texas would be one of them. Sell as many as you want to felons and killers. Wall-Eyed Warren had to be a rep.

DeSantis Signs Bill Banning Sales Of Lab-Grown Meat, Claims Leftists Are Plotting To Make Everyone Eat Bugs

I Do Not Say That Lightly’: CNN’s Dana Bash Warns Rising Anti-Semitism Is ‘Hearkening Back to the 1930s in Europe’
Another pile of shit you can lay on Lumpy.

Anchor Confronts Trump On Abortion — Brings Up ‘Pro-Choice’ Past: ‘Are You Following Your Convictions’ Or Polls?
Does he even have that much sense?

Steve Bannon Appearing Before Juan Merchan Ahead of Trial for Allegedly Defrauding Trump Voters
I heard he even bathed before this act of treason.
"While Bannon continues to profit off of Trump’s supporters and present himself as their hero, he stands accused of defrauding them. He has been charged with committing two counts of money laundering in the second degree, two counts of conspiracy in the fourth degree, one count of scheme to defraud in the first degree, and one count of conspiracy in the fifth degree for raising money to build a wall at the southern border in 2019, but then using the funds raised to enrich himself and others involved in the scheme.
Trump pardoned Bannon, who was indicted on federal charges over the matter in August 2020, on his last day in office, but the pardon does not apply to state charges."

United Methodist Church repeals ban on gay clergy, same-sex marriage
If such a thing exists this church, or crutch if you will, is the best of them all.

'In Jesus' name': Trump rally speaker demands God punish 'those subverting justice'
Doe she know that Gawd will send Lumpy to hell for this? Because subverting justice should be the story of his miserable life.

'Trump glitches': Internet scorches ex-president for failed attempt at four-syllable word
"Former President Donald Trump's decision to attempt a four-syllable word during his Wisconsin campaign address Wednesday did not go according to plan.
Trump tried to deride the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure legislation passed under President Joe Biden's administration but video shows he said something rather different.
"[It didn't] work out too well—$1.2 trillion for their fake infra-trucker-sher bill," Trump declared
Why does the fried and demented brain of this freak even try to speak?

Trump Hates His Lawyer Now, So That's Right On Schedule
"Well, not Alina Habba. She’s great, obviously, a veritable genius "But he hates his lead lawyer Todd Blanche, the one who’s supposed to get him out of this porn peener payoff stick-’em-up witch hunt once and for all, the one who stands in the background while a haggard-looking Trump shows reporters the stacks of Fox News articles the blonde lady prints out to make him feel better."
Sit fer brains is the problem.

Kansas Bigots Succeed At Bigotry, Fail At Veto Override
Hell attemps to manifest in Kansas but gets told to go fuck itself.

Mitt Romney's Car Roof Dog Transporting NOTHING Like Kristi Noem's Dog Face Shooting, Says Romney
For one thing, he wasn't taking his dog to the gravel pit.

The Supreme Court Justices Colluding With Trump to 'Catch and Kill' Insurrection Case
"They haven’t gotten there yet. Democracy can prevail in the coming election, and Trump may yet face jury verdicts on the full range of crimes with which he has been charged. But in their nonsensical efforts to help Trump escape judgment, the corrupt rightists of our Supreme Court have confirmed the need to end their suzerainty."

The Crabbed Smallness of American (and Australian) Fascists
"As ugly as it is for those of us anywhere on the spectrum of the left, we must pay attention. We can’t look away. Fascism grows faster in darkness."

The Supreme Court Is Ready to Look Past the January 6th Attack
The conservative justices in the Trump immunity case declined to consider the actual charges against him. The Nazis they mean.

Trump's plans for women 'right out of Handmaid's Tale': Morning Joe guest
America losing rights. This is a signal we could be approaching our end. Stop it now.

White-majority parish secedes from predominantly Black Louisiana capital
America has lost any semblemce of intellect. It will be our udoing. Stop lunatics now.

Trump's 'ridiculous' argument shredded by woman who was nearly killed by abortion laws
He doesn't care who lives or dies.

U.S. private sector job growth higher than expected: ADP

Another FL College Forced To Shutter Its LGBTQ Center
It appears to me that we already have fascist states in our country. This points to no good for the future.

'Outrageous' Jack Smith ethics complaint shows how 'low' Elise Stefanik will 'stoop' for Trump: analysis'Outrageous' Jack Smith ethics complaint shows how 'low' Elise Stefanik will 'stoop' for Trump: analysis
"To sum up her latest bonkers move," Rashid argues, "Stefanik simply wants attention — probably from Trump himself."
We know what she is.

Amid Columbia protests, Speaker Mike Johnson is wrong that hybrid class plan tells Jewish students to stay home
Virtual access to classes was offered as an option for any student who felt uncomfortable with the continuing protests
Lying prick.

'Irreparable breakdown': Trump campaign law firm suddenly retreats from years-long case
Rats leave sinking ship.

"The Bible is one of the worst books ever," says Brian Cox because "it is not the truth"
In a podcast interview, the "Succession" star discussed how the Bible is written as propaganda for the patriarchy
He's right about most of it but parts of it are ancient folk tales and parts of the new testament weren't Saul/Paul but forgers and counterfeiters.

Appeals Court Refuses To Pause Trump’s NYC Trial
This prick thinks his shit doesn't stink. It stinks the most.

Commission Rejects Trump’s Call For Earlier Debates
Lumpy is at the end of his rope.

Famous Liar Lies That Crime In Venezuela Is Down 72% Because They “Moved All Their Criminals Into The US”
Trump is so full of shit it's draining out of his eyes.

A supreme failure: How the most corrupt high court ever is getting cover from the press
"The morally busted majority on this court is now using its unbridled power with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer as it swings hard to nail the door shut on 248 years of an evolving Democracy, while pushing us back to a hopeless time when crooked kings ruled with impunity and were above it all."
"Everybody who truly loves this country and what she stands for should be absolutely terrified, because we simply cannot continue to sustain this punishing attack and expect to survive."
There is only one thing we can do here.

'Terrifying but so important': GOP strategist raises alarm over new Trump policy report
Most Americans know what has to be done with Trump.

Historian says Trump lawyer "deliberatively misleading" SCOTUS: Ben Franklin "would be horrified"
Franklin's actual speech cited at immunity hearing "says exactly the opposite of what John Sauer was implying"
Who in heaven's name knows who Ben Frankin was? But he ain't the only one horrified with the POS that work for The Orange POS.

FL Cops Seek Teen Boaters After Viral Video Showing Them Gleefully Dumping Trash Into Sea Spurs Outrage
Must be real top of their class and volunteers for Hitler Youth. Legal experts shocked by Supreme Court’s 'inconceivable' arguments in Trump immunity case
It would be laughable if it weren't such a disgrace to our country. Fuck these lickspittles. We know which ones are Nazis. You will never hide. Eventually, justice will find you.

The Wyoming Republican Party was having a hard time having its precinct committeemen and women actually show up for meetings — but its new solution is likely to be thrown out in court.
Anything the Trump Nazi Party does is illegal.

'Freezing' Trump Lies About His Both Sides Charlottesville Comments
"One has to be a sociopath of the highest order to lie like that. A few minutes later, Traitor Trump whined about the freezing courtroom.
So I'm going to go into this trial. I'm going to sit in a freezing cold ice box for Eight hours, nine hours or so, they took me off the case.
Here's a hint ole' diminished one, you can dress accordingly if you are cold.
Whiners gotta whine, and liars gotta lie.
Here's the video of Trump defending white supremacists."

DeSantis Claims NYC, LA, Denver “Reek Of Marijuana"
And he reeks of stupidity.

Save the Puppies: Democrat Degenerates for Doggos.
"Which brings us to this bitch below, another heartless Republican who can be utterly callous even when it came to killing her own little doggy, Cricket, a 14-month-old pup the Governor of South Dakota said she "hated." I repeat, "hated." Her word, not mine."

79 arrested amid second crackdown on UT-Austin campus
Abbott is to blame with his Nazi tactics.

Trump Slapped With Fines, Warning of Jail Time If He Keeps Violating Gag Order
He can go back to the sewers he came from.

Trump Says He Would Let States Prosecute Anyone Who Violates an Abortion Ban
Fuck Trump.

The Biden Administration Is Reportedly Moving to Reclassify Marijuana
The proposed reclassification would recognize that cannabis has medical uses and less potential for abuse.
It's was past time. Let's get this done.

Newsmax Saw Joe Biden Eating Salad, And They Are MAD
"But Bolling was begging, pleading with Comer to produce SOMETHING those goatfuckers who watch Newsmax could hang their hopes on. These MAGA idiots have been waiting for a miracle! They want to see Democrats rounded up and put in camps! They want to see all the pronouns confiscated, and the only vaccine they want is one that’ll kill the Woke Mind Virus!"

Sounds Like Trump Prefers Running Mates Who Didn't Shoot Their Puppies In The Face
'Here is Judge Jeanine “Boxwine” Pirro on Fox News, History’s Sloshiest Monster, explaining what kind of political feat Noem has really pulled off here, the one where we all lay down our swords at least long enough to agree that Kristi Noem is a piece of shit:
Boxwine said:
“I have four rescues, and I have a puppy. I gotta tell you, you know what she’s done is, she’s sabotaged herself, whether or not it was to, you know, buttress what was coming down the road. She also managed to unite the Right and the Left. Because America — if nothing else, we are dog lovers.
And don’t tell me you shot a puppy because it wasn’t used to hunting. You know, maybe you’re not a good teacher. Maybe there’s a problem. And this whole thing with the chickens, you know, were the chickens dead?"
“Was your dog on their property? Should you have had your dog on a leash? Should your farm have been fenced? I could go on and on because I love dogs.”

What's That? You Say That Crime Is Actually Going Down *Dramatically* And Republicans Are *Lying*?
Yes, for some time now.
The only criminal we know of at this time is being tried in court.

Shut Out: A guide to help the owner — the public — have access to open records
Part Two of a report from a Poynter ethics symposium explores increasing public records denials and how journalists can push back

Supreme Court justice said 'quiet part out loud' at Trump immunity hearing: analyst
These fascists should be made to go to law school — again.

Appeals Court Hears West Texas A&M’s Drag Show Ban
Being offended is not protected by our Constitution.
As a commenter says, "Let's ask Geraldine!"

Yes, Indeed, You Can Indict The President
Maybe one of these days we'll end up thanking Ken Starr for something after all.
“It is proper, constitutional, and legal for a federal grand jury to indict a sitting president for serious criminal acts that are not part of, and are contrary to, the president’s official duties,” the Starr office memo concludes. “In this country, no one, even President Clinton, is above the law.” — Ken Starr

James Carville: Young People Need To Vote Democrat Like Your Entire Future Depends On It
"We're going to sit here and make a historical distinction as John Roberts wants you to do between private and public acts? Are you kidding me? Is this the United States of America, the nation that was founded on the principle that no person is above the law? And then you tell these young people if you don't get involved right now in this election, they're going to be involved in your life for the rest of your life."
A lost generation. A gap in the tape. MIA. They won't have any issues to think about when they have no rights. And that's heading at them like a getaway train.

Arizona Republicans Select Indicted Fake Elector to Represent Them at RNC
Crooks will always be crooks and so will Nazis.

Gov. Greg Abbott orders Texas to ignore Biden administration’s new federal protections of LGBTQ+ students
This man is a fascist and dictator to boot. Right out of office.

Supreme Court justice said 'quiet part out loud' at Trump immunity hearing: analyst
It appears that more than a few of these "lawmen" get easily confused. Is that a requirement to be in their mob?

Governor Puppy Killer's Book Is 'Team Trump Approved'
I figured the puppy killing manual was already included in the Gilded Lily Bible.
Trump still wants to filch $35 from his suckers.

Dark Brandon MOCKS The Living S*t Outta Trump, Everyone Piles On
Lumpy will have a psychic break. That is if he hasn't already.

Every report on Trump’s trial requires this basic explanation of the charges
“...a crime for a candidate for elected office to pay someone to remain silent about an issue that may affect the outcome of an election.”

'His argument is absurd': Experts shred Trump attorney's 'poison pill' immunity claim
Tell it to the Nazis on SCOTUS.

'Trump appears to be dementing' as court naps raise new concerns with psychologist
According to the psychologist, it is fairly common for dementia patients to "pass out" and explained, "... this may be the first criminal trial I’ve been aware of where the defendant appears, in my opinion, to have dementia. Is it a coincidence that it’s also the only one I’ve ever known where the defendant can’t remain awake most days? Trump appears to be losing control of his basic biological functions. One is sleep-wake."

RFK is now openly gunning for Trump voters — and Republicans are starting to worry
Kennedy wants more marks for his anti-vaccination grift — he'll find way more of them by marketing to MAGA
Brain damaged.

International Court May Issues Charges Over Gaza War
"The Israeli officials, who are worried about the potential fallout from such a case, said they believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is among those who might be named in a warrant."

BLOCKED: Cruz Loses Bid For Airport Police Escorts
It's a good start. Now let's lose him.

WHO: Measles Cases Nearly Doubled Globally In 2023
Stupidity rules when it comes to disease prevention.

Eric Trump Talks Of The Great 'Stamina' His Sleep-Fartin' Dad Has
Gee, I wonder if he said this because President Biden called his father 'Sleepy Don'?
"Well, as for his bodega visit in Harlem, it was found out to be organized by a pro-Trump Republican group. The Black people attending his visit to a Chick-fil-A were arranged beforehand. It was not a spontaneous as Trump would like you to believe. I've changed my mind. I hope he's farting on all of his Mar-a-Lago guests."

Trump Jurors Are Being Stalked & Threatened
What are these fascist stalkers afraid of? Fear itself?

MSNBC Gushes About Biden’s WHCD Performance: ‘Proves That He’s Sharp, And Gets it’
“I think that he showed that he was the adult in the room,” said Zerlina Maxwell — a host on SiriusXM’s Progress channel. “That age is not something that is hurting him. That it is actually one of his assets because of the experience that he has.”

Law professor reams SCOTUS for moving to 'protect Donald Trump' with immunity ruling
"If the court chooses to create one in this case, it really does sound as though they will be creating it in order to protect Donald Trump rather than because anything in a text or structure or history of the Constitution supports that kind of doctrine."
Thus proving SCOTUS is as big a traitor to America as Trump is. If so, they need to be removed.

'A criminal enterprise': Former David Pecker exec blows whistle on covering up for Trump
"During an appearance on MSNBC's 'The Weekend,' the former executive editor of the National Enquirer admitted that during his tenure his boss was running the organization like a 'criminal enterprise" while working hand-in-hand with Donald Trump."

Trump’s Isolation Deepens After His Coup Crew Is Hit With Arizona Criminal Indictments
"Are Republicans finally starting to learn that Trump will never return the loyalty he's shown? His loneliness at trial is a promising hint that they may, finally, be starting to get it."

The Disgraceful Supremes: Wankers, Hairsplitters, and Angels on Pins
"What we witnessed this week was an obscene defiling of the very meaning of the rule of law as Clarence Thomas, a man who clearly has no legal justification to sit in judgment on a case in which his wife is clearly involved, did that very thing. If there has ever been a judicial proceeding that demanded a judge recuse himself, it would be this one. Conflict of interest doesn’t get any clearer than this."
"Must we shut down the grinding gears to stop what is being done? Alternatives are being stripped away as we bear witness to the unfolding overthrow of our system of government in favor of absolute tyranny of, by, and for the venal and amoral rich."

“Chaos” As Michigan Christians Attempt To Drown Out Satanic Temple’s County Meeting Invocation
Clearly illustrating that religion destroys the brain.
Talk about yanking a moron's chain.

Indicted Lawyer To Keep RNC “Election Integrity” Job
Talk about corruption. Here it is in spades.

Viral Video: Pastor Blasts Trump’s “Blasphemous” Bible
"Some of you bring politics into the Church," he lamented. "You think that politics is spiritual stuff."
They don't think. They simply react like Pavlov's dog.

Self-Proclaimed Prophet: Angels With Battering Rams Will Break Satan’s “Protective Barriers” Around The WH
Just another way to proclaim he supports treason.
Fuck these grifters.

White supremacist group Patriot Front marches in Charleston, West Virginia
What is it about this hillbilly state that produces so many racist Nazis?
Evidently, Manchin either supports them or has no control over them.

Comer and GOP 'delivered what Zelenskyy refused to' — and 'hoping you forget all about it': columnist
"You might recall that [former President Donald] Trump was first impeached for pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to open a sham investigation of Biden in order to discredit him ahead of the 2020 election," Weldman writes."Comer and House Republicans delivered what Zelenskyy refused to."
This is the sort of scum that gives politicians a bad rep.

Campuses across Texas had pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Why did only UT-Austin crack down?
Because it's a facist state with a personal government Gestapo?
Asking for a friend.

Are Presidents Above the Law?
The short answer is "NO!" Otherwise we are a totalitarian nation.

Is SCOTUS in on the Coup and Trying to End American Democracy?
The simple reality is that conservatives throughout modern history have viewed democracy with a jaundiced eye, and the Supreme Court’s Republican appointees are no exception.

Dark shift in Trump’s tone is 'how fascists campaign': expert
Only the blind cannot see Trump's fascisim.

Cultist Insists God Is Named In Constitution
Another "deep thinker" from beyond the pale.

Judge Tosses Flynn Family’s QAnon Suit Against CNN
Toss Flynn along with it.

Bill Barr Is Happy to Debase Himself for Donald Trump Again
"Once again, there’s not much love lost between Bill Barr and the man he accused of betraying the Oval Office, Donald Trump. When the former attorney general confirmed this week that he would support the Republican presidential ticket in November, his former boss took the opportunity to mock Barr as “slow-moving” and “lazy.”
A swine describes a swine.

Barr: Trump Sometimes Ranted About Executing Rivals
Certifiably a moron.

Tag Team: Raskin & Moskowitz Humiliate CLUELESS LIAR Comer
"James Comer's so pathetic, so easily owned by Jared Moskowitz & Jamie Raskin, it really makes you wonder if he has an actual fetish for rhetorically getting his ass kicked."

These Moves By Biden Administration May Make You More Money
"Under the new rule, employers will be required to pay overtime premiums to salaried workers who work more than standard full-time hours if they earn less than $1,128 per week, or about $58,600 per year."

'A national disgrace': Ex-DOJ prosecutor goes off on the Supreme Court's immunity hearing
"But you know, I want to talk about the American people very briefly here," he continued. "At Politico we polled people's opinions on this question. headed into the argument. 70 percent of Americans said that they reject the position that U.S. presidents should be criminally immune for conduct while in office. 70 percent. That's like Beyoncé levels of approval."

Trump Allies Plan To Dismantle Science Agency NOAA
Lumpy's morons keep wanting to return to the mistakes of the past. They are fools. Truly ignorant and dangerous.

LOL Polls Show Americans Hate The Republican House
Welp, there's a solution for that, and it's voting them out.

Republican Senators Are Delusional, Part Infinity
Delusional Senate Republicans still believe they can control Trump.

'In bed together': How Christian nationalists and big donors are 'demolishing democracy'
"The ideology of Christian nationalism is centered around the erroneous belief that the United States was founded as a Christian nation (many of the framers were actually Deists). Its proponents want to elect explicitly Christian conservative leaders to firmly establish a government that establishes a hierarchy in which white, Christian men are at the top, with women, minorities, the LGBTQ+ community and practitioners of other faiths forced to live under their rule."

New York Times Not Biden-Hating Petty Twinks, They Are VRY SRS JOURNALISTS
Man, every time the New York Times disappoints you, it’s like “HOLD MY BEER, I’LL SHOW YOU DISAPPOINTMENT,” and you’re like “you just did,” and they’re like “I’LL SHOW YOU AGAIN,” and you’re like “I believed you the first time,” and they’re like “I SAID HOLD MY BEER.”
"The Times comes off like a brat throughout, but they’re like NUH UH, the Biden White House is the real brat! They seem to have amnesia about the previous administration they spent four years sniffing the pantlegs of for access. Or rather, they’re still sniffing those pantlegs and fucking that chicken, like nothing has changed from one administration to the next. Meanwhile, the White House is — shockingly! — perturbed that the Times is like this."
"... their asses are sore about that. Wait, did we say their asses? We mean publisher AG Sulzberger’s delicate ass:..."

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Would Back Federal Abortion Rights Protections
Then you know who to vote for. No excuses, please.

Alabama House Passes Bill That Could Be Used to Criminalize Librarians
An act that should be considered a crime in itself.

Southern Autoworkers aren’t Listening to the GOP’s BS Any More
The problem for Republicans is that unions are “democracy in the workplace,” and the GOP hates democracy as a matter of principle.

Managing Our Monsters: Name That Republican!
Who dat say who dat when I say who dat?

Framers Would Be Rolling Over: Historian Explains Absurdity of Trump’s Immunity Claim
Lumpy isn't very smart and never has been.

The Supreme Court’s Farce and Ruse
"Yesterday’s oral argument before the Supreme Court about Trump’s claim of immunity from prosecution for inciting an insurrection was a farce and a ruse."
Reich agrees with my analysis on Alito.

Investors admit shorting Truth Social stock to crash Trump's dream of cashing in
Speaking to AP's Bernard Condon, Idaho ad executive Elle Stange claimed she has already made $1,300 betting against the company and stated, "This company makes no money. ... It makes no sense. He’s not as great a businessman as he thinks. A lot of his businesses go belly up, quickly.”

'They have no idea': Trump insiders say his advisers rocked by 'salacious' trial details
They didn't realize they were defending filth? How enlightening on the lawyers.

On targeting Hillary Clinton, Trump rewrites recent history
Donald Trump now says it would’ve been “terrible” if he’d tried to prosecute Hillary Clinton after the 2016 election. But that's exactly what he did.
"To the extent that reality still has any meaning, let’s review the receipts. In Trump’s first year in the White House — after the 2016 election was over and Clinton largely withdrew from public view — the then-president publicly pleaded with the Justice Department to go after Clinton."
"The problem, of course, is that Trump targeted Clinton after the 2016 election and tried to have her prosecuted. It’s not a matter of opinion; it’s simply what happened, whether the Republican assumes we’ve forgotten or not."

Jesse Watters Vows He’ll Tell Fox News Viewers Biden Won in November ‘If He Wins Fair and Square’
All this means is he will say Biden stole the election. Get ready.

Judge Upholds $360,000 Judgment Against Kim Davis
Dude, she wasn't exercising religion. She was exercising hate for people that aren't like her.

Christians Rage Over Taylor Swift’s “Hateful” New Album
Sounds to me like she's telling it like it is.
And if kids today are anything like kids were when I was one they will listen to whatever the hell they want to one way or another.
Some people smashed rock 'n' roll records, some people burned Beatles records. That did nothing to stop the listening.
“Life in Lubbock, Texas taught me two things: One is that God loves you and you're going to burn in hell. The other is that sex is the most awful, filthy thing on earth, and you should save it for someone you love.” - Butch Hancock

Democratic grassroots fired up and ready to give a lot of money
"President Joe Biden's fundraising has also roundly eclipsed that of Donald Trump's, who has fallen $75 million behind Biden, according to analysis by the Financial Times."

Kavanaugh Bizarrely Praised Nixon Pardon As Great Moment In History
"During the Supreme Court hearing that will likely determine whether or not Donald Trump is tried before the next presidential election over his attempt to steal the last one, Justice Brett Kavanaugh asked a question that should alarm everybody.
Speaking of President Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon, Kavanaugh correctly noted that it was 'very controversial in the moment' and probably why Ford lost the 1976 presidential election. Then Kavanaugh claimed that the pardon is 'Now looked upon as one of the better decisions in presidential history, I think by most people.'"
(Some people would be closer to reality. If he was immune why did he have to be pardoned?)
"Actually, there’s a good argument that it was one of the worst. If nothing else, it has allowed Trump and the MAGA Supreme Court to stall the prosecution of his coup attempt and gotten us into the exact pickle we are in today."

Jamie Raskin: Move Supreme Court Over To RNC Headquarters
They certainly are beholden to Trump and his motley traitors.

Nixon White House lawyer flags case that proves Trump has 'no criminal immunity'
John Dean: "To do so, they must get around Nixon v Fitzgerald (1982), which clearly states there is no criminal immunity for presidents."
But that's the reasonable answer. Opposite answers come from the mindless.

Trump's isolation deepens after his coup crew is hit with Arizona criminal indictments
The January 6 co-conspirators are likely too wrapped up in their criminal cases to help Trump with another coup

TN Gov To Sign Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns
The fascist answer to the gun problem is always more guns.

Noem: I Had To Shoot My “Untrainable” Hunting Dog
Is there a race to win the "Most Disgusting Dumbass" award.
Talk about insane.

Super-patriotic GOP candidate forgets words to the Pledge of Allegiance
And this shitbag attempts to portray a patriot?

Republican Gov Defends Bill That Denies Access To Information
The Louisiana bill would allow governments to withhold records on how they make decisions, including texts, e-mails, and calendars.
Please return to Russia, you asshat.

Why Do My Groceries Cost So Much?
Giant corporations want to keep their taxes low and the prices we pay high. We can’t let them win.
These corporations are practicing fascism.

Elena Kagan Asks If POTUS Could Stage A Coup. Guess What Trump Lawyer Said?
"I think it would depend on the circumstances whether it was an official act," Sauer said cautiously. "If it were an official act, again, he would have to be impeached...stage a coup, and you're saying that's an official act."
Mr. Brilliant, coups ain't no legal act!

Samuel Alito Has a Very Strange Theory for How to Protect Democracy
"I’m sure you would agree with me that a stable democratic society requires that a candidate who loses an election, even a close one, even a hotly contested one, leave office peacefully, if that candidate is an incumbent? All right. Now if an incumbent who loses a very close, hotly contested election knows that a real possibility after leaving office is not that the president is going to be able to go off into a peaceful retirement, but that the president may be criminally prosecuted by a bitter political opponent, will that not lead us into a cycle that destabilizes the functioning of our country as a democracy? And we can look around the world and find countries where we have seen this process where the loser gets thrown in jail."
The logic in this statement works against Trump. It removes power from the "candidate," as he puts it, to prevent the president from going after the ex-president on some sort of whim vendetta. Putting this in place actually creates the situation that Trump deosn't want. He wants power ad infinitum. If you give Trump the power of immunity you get what he describes. Reverse the situation: Trump is president, Biden the ex. Besides, we aren't other countries.

Emergency flights for pregnant patients up sharply in Idaho under strict abortion law
Escape from Idaho!

Conservative judge scolds SCOTUS for missing the 'only question' on Trump that matters
Please. The Trump sock puppets can't help being ignorant and messy.

Arizona House Repeals 1864 Abortion Ban, Almost Joins Current Century
"Congratulations Arizona, and welcome to 1944."

Supreme Court Just Asking: If You Prosecute Presidents For Violent Coups, Won't They Do More Violent Coups-er?
"Today, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of “Donald Trump may be ugly, but he’s Jesus, therefore you can’t hold him accountable for anything he does ever,” vs. “No.” Because the current Supreme Court is largely made up of unqualified partisan Republican hacks sitting in stolen seats, Trump’s lawyers didn’t get laughed out of the Court and sent down the stairs on their asses as dramatically as any patriotic American would have preferred."
Never heard it put any better or honest and true.
Trump's lawyer thinks he should be immune from selling nuclear secrets, employing the U.S. military to assassinate a political rival, and launching a coup.
Sounds like he believes Lumpy should be declared a dear dictator.

All Trump’s Crime Friends Just Got Indicted For Trying To Steal 2020 Election. Again! In Arizona This Time
"A grand jury in Arizona just indicted 18 people — 11 fake electors and seven Trump associates — for their efforts to overturn and steal the 2020 election in that state from its rightful winner Joseph Robinette Biden, the Democrat. Donald Trump is not indicted, not yet anyway, though he is referred to throughout as an unindicted co-conspirator. He could always be indicted later. We imagine he might be."
String 'em up alongside Lumpy Yellowstain.

Legal Experts: Expect More Delays Following SCOTUS Hearing on Trump’s Immunity
The Supreme Court may delay rendering an opinion in the case until as late as July 3.
Sounds like they support coups and acts of treason.

Sanders Sharply Rebukes Netanyahu’s Claim That Campus Protests Are Antisemitic
"Jewish U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders issued a scathing statement Thursday pushing back against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s characterization of burgeoning protests on American university campuses as “antisemitic,” declaring, “It is not antisemitic to hold you accountable for your actions.”

Judge Upholds Trump’s $83 Million Defamation Verdict
"A federal judge in New York upheld a defamation verdict against Donald Trump, keeping him on the hook for the $83 million he owes E. Jean Carroll, the writer who accused him of sexual assault.
Trump had motioned to receive a new trial, but Judge Lewis Kaplan rebuffed that effort, determining nothing was wrong with the first one that ruled against him."
The hook will stay set.

Trump demands Jack Smith turn over 'functional video' of FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid
In other words: "Turn over the evidence that will convict me." LMAO!

Alito complains 'special' Trump shouldn't be 'subject to criminal laws like anybody else'
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito complained Thursday that a "special" former officeholder like Donald Trump could be expected to be "subject to the criminal laws just like anybody else."
Of course.

MAGA faithful starts to doubt Trump's ability to serve another term: columnist
"Donald Trump has seemingly locked up the Republican Party's presidential nomination, but a veteran White House reporter said some of his allies are growing concerned that he's incapable of serving another term."

How Trump Lit Up a Fascination with Fascism
Trump's vision of fascism, supported by the neofascist ideologues behind Project 2025 and Project 47, is claiming the Democratic Party is so extreme it’s a threat and needs to done away with.

Trump Lawyer: Trump Has Right To Create Fake Electors
Only crooks would claim it so.
< Fraud is illegal and if "Fake Electors" ain't fraud "GRITS AIN'T GROCERIES, EGGS AIN'T POULTRIES, and MONA LISA WAS A MAN!"

Pecker Testifies To Knowingly Breaking Campaign Laws
"Pecker reiterated that he never intended to publish Karen McDougal’s story, rather, he was motivated by a desire to prevent the story from getting out and influence the 2016 presidential election."

'Fundamentally evil': Sotomayor rips attorney who says Trump could assassinate rivals
There it is! If so, Biden can legally assassinate Trump.

'Insane': Trump lawyer's SCOTUS argument leaves legal experts amazed
"Faced with withering questions from both conservatives and liberal members of the Supreme Court, Donald Trump's lawyer went so far as to suggest that a president could have a political rival killed or order a coup as long as it was an "official act".
In one exchange, attorney John Sauer was asked if a president felt his rival was "corrupt," would it be allowable for him to order the military to kill the opponent.
Sauer replied, "That could well be an official act."
Getting closer to Trump, Sauer was asked by Justice Elena Kagan if a president "staging a coup" to remain in office by using the military would deserve immunity, the ex-president's attorney replied, "It depends on the circumstances," and then added, "It could well be.”
Looks like Biden will get the drones ready.

'It makes no sense': Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson loses patience with Trump lawyer
He's promoting the idea we are a dictatorship!

The GOP’s “Election Integrity” Lawyer Was Just Indicted for Election Subversion
"The attorney running the Republican National Committee’s 'election integrity' effort has been criminally charged by the state of Arizona for her efforts to help Donald Trump steal the 2020 election. This turn of events highlights the Orwellian meaning of the phrase 'election integrity,'” as used by Trump and the Republican Party: An effort to win at all costs."
The Trump dominoes continue to fall.

Bannon Just Named Co-Conspirator In Fraud, Racketeering Case
Nail him to ten walls.
"In a little-noticed court filing recently, feds described sleazy former Trump advisor Steve Bannon as a “co-conspirator” in a massive criminal fraud and racketeering case against a flamboyant, far-right Chinese fugitive — you know, the guy with the yacht where Bannon was hiding out?"

Alina Habba: Trial Not Looking Good For Trump
"Trump attorney Alina Habba told Newsmax Trump devotee host Greg Kelly that the signs don't look too good for Trump's acquittal."

Gag order breach? Trump targeted Cohen in taped interview hours before contempt hearing
Let him spend a night in stir.

'To do God knows what': Local elections official reads Lara Trump the Riot Act
"The county clerk for Ingham County, Michigan blasted Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump after the ex-president's daughter-in-law bragged the RNC will have people to “physically handle” voters' ballots in polling locations across the country this November."
"“Poll observers are NEVER permitted to touch ballots. She is suggesting the RNC will infiltrate election offices,” Elias warned on Wednesday.
It's the way all Nazis work. They all fuck the law.

Supreme Court Hears Immunity Case
"If they rule in his favor, Biden could immediately have his vehicle targeted by one of those spinning blades Hellfires, save the country and declare immunity." — Wintercat (comments)
Yes. Biden becomes 007 with a license to kill.

‘I’m kind of shocked’: Amy Coney Barrett backs up Sonia Sotomayor in abortion case
Well, well, well. Someone is shocked on SCOTUS.

Unveiling the Actual, Shocking Driver of Crime in America
Our entire popular understanding of the cause of much crime — enough to “tipping point” a society into crisis — is usually wrong.
"As usual, Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about."

'So hot you can't breathe': Extreme heat hits the Philippines
Something for us to look forward to, eh?

Recycled 'zombie' misinformation targets U.S. voters
Dumbells can't remember the lies they've digested were all bullshit.
The depth of their stupidity runs deep.

Iran sentences popular rapper to death for supporting Mahsa Amini protests
Their religion is murderous. These people are dangerous totalitarian zealots.
Iranian leaders live in the stone age. All of them should be run off the planet.

No more noncompetes, FTC says; Tenessee bill would allow teachers to carry guns
This is a mistake looking to take place.

Churches Don’t Have to Be Accessible. That’s Bad News For Voters
"...religious entities are exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act, key civil rights legislation that helped establish that protection."
More church bullshit. It's time to tax the pricks.

FBI Director Wray Refutes Trump on January 6 Rioters: ‘Criminal Defendants Who Are Being Charged With Federal Crimes’
NBC News’s Lester Holt conducted a one-on-one interview with FBI Director Christopher Wray on Tuesday in a wide-ranging conversation that included his disagreement with former President Donald Trump on those arrested for their actions on January 6 were “hostages.”

Ex-Trump Attorney Tells CNN New Trump Rant To Local News ‘A Direct Violation’ Of Gag Order
"Former Trump attorney Tim Parlatore told CNN’s Kate Bolduan that former President Donald Trump’s rant about key trial witness Michael Cohen in a local news interview is a “direct violation” of the gag order and a problem for Trump’s legal team."

Supreme Court to Determine Whether Politicians Can Deny Emergency Medical Care to Pregnant People
How did we sink this low? Lumpy MAGAts, of course.

Tesla profits drop 55% as Elon Musk dodges cheap car questions
"Tesla had a terrible first quarter of 2024, according to its financial results, posted yesterday. We already knew that it was a bad three months in terms of delivering cars—the automaker built tens of thousands of cars it couldn't sell as deliveries dropped by 8.5 percent, year on year. If anything, the quarterly results paint an even worse picture."

DeSantis slams Republicans for 'capitulating' to Biden on foreign aid: 'He got everything he wants'
Another big pissy snit by the MAGAts of Florida and their Führer.

Nikki Haley Got 16.5% Of GOP Primary Vote In PA
"Donald Trump took another hit to the ego in the PA primary on Tuesday, as tens of thousands of Republicans voted for Nikki Haley instead."
"More to the point, are Republicans feeling a need to hedge their bets? They have to wonder if Trump will be in jail by November."
This is a whopping tell on the candidate Trump.

'His colorful personality turned gray': MSNBC's Mika sees 'subdued' Trump draining away
Just like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Donald Trump has neutered Republicans' power to sabotage Joe Biden
It also doesn't hurt that Democrats in Congress have held unprecedentedly united

Biden administration makes it easier for flyers to get refunds
The rule comes after more than a year of promises by the administration to shore up protections for air passengers.
"Passengers whose flights are canceled or “significantly” delayed won’t have to fight to get a cash refund from the airline under a new Biden administration rule issued Wednesday."

Trump Laughably Lies That “Thousands Of People Were Turned Away From Courthouse In Lower Manhattan”
Lumpy the Whiner, leader of the coup on America, can always make up something his creep mob will believe.

Sen. Thom Tillis: MTG Is “Dragging Our Brand Down”
“I think she is uninformed, she is a total waste of time, and I’m embarrassed to have actually lived geographically in her district at one time before she was there. She is a horrible leader. She is dragging our brand down. She, not the Democrats, are the biggest risk to us getting back to a majority.”
True, but she's not the only one. Your ex-party has too much trash that took it over.

Biden Lands Endorsement Of Major Trade Union
"In making one of their earliest ever presidential endorsements, NABTU leaders are kickstarting an eight-figure organizing program to try to deliver their 250,000 members in the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin for Biden."

Aussie Senator Accuses Musk Of Encouraging Terrorism
Musk encourages stupidity.

Texas congressman openly blasts fellow Republicans as 'scumbags' and klansmen
“These people used to walk around with white hoods at night. Now they're walking around with white hoods in the daytime...”

BFD: The FTC Just Banned Non-Compete Clauses
Lina Khan's FTC has done it again!
Good for them and us.

How 'nihilist' House Republicans 'castrated their own power': analysis
These assholes are just plain dumb. Open your eyes.

Ex-federal prosecutor compares Trump’s hush money case to a 'mafia trial'
Trump and his close allies are known for making "Godfather" references. And in an MSNBC opinion column published on April 23, former federal prosecutor Joyce White Vance argues that Trump's hush money/falsifying business records trial has, in fact, resembled a "mafia trial" — especially when it comes to the fears of some of the jurors.
"The idea that a former president and his followers could pose a threat to Americans performing their civic duty is something we must not forget amid the chaos," Vance warns.
If he's that big of a threat to private citizens he deserves to be locked up.
Joyce is right. But Trump is all bark and a coward at heart.

Louisiana Vows to Defy New Pro-LGBTQ Title IX Rules
Nazi traitors at work.

McConnell Mocks Tucker Carlson After Senate Breaks Republican Filibuster On Foreign Aid With 80-19 Vote
"The Senate voted Tuesday to advance the $95 billion aid package to provide critical aid to Ukraine and a provision that could lead to a nationwide ban on TikTok."

New U.S. home sales pick up in March
A good sign.

'Logistical nightmare': NY Times reveals Secret Service is planning for Trump to be jailed
Tell it to "Newt the Fruit."

'Goading the judge': Expert thinks Trump is trying to distract from David Pecker testimony
Ya think? How in the world did he figure this out? LMAO!

'It was really funny!' Teens who sat in on Trump trial decimate lawyer's performance
The world is laughing at these clowns.

Biden mocks Trump's Bible money grab: 'What the hell is in it?
"Biden explained why the decision to overturn abortion rights was 'no miracle.'
'It was a political deal to get rid of Roe,' Biden said. 'A political deal he made with the evangelical base of the Republican Party to look past his moral and character flaws in exchange for his commitment to appoint justices to the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe.'"
"Don't think he's making a deal right now with MAGA extremists to ban nationwide abortion in every single state because he's making it."

'Can't look weak': Expert says Trump lawyer stuck between a 'crazy' rock and a hard place
"Former president Donald Trump's attorney Todd Blanche is stuck between a rock and a hard place in the form of a "crazy, unreasonable client," according to former federal prosecutor Harry Litman."

Why Homelessness Stalks America Like the Grim Reaper
Both homelessness & inflation are the result of America allowing housing to become a commodity that can be traded & speculated in by financial markets & overseas investors.

Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocks Harris County’s guaranteed income pilot program
Nazis hate helping poor people.

More Than 20 Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Die in Iowa as Legislature Adjourns
"In the latest in a series of victories for trans and queer people in statehouses across the United States, Iowa’s legislature has adjourned sine die without passing a single piece of explicitly anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. This is despite more than 20 bills being introduced targeting LGBTQ+ individuals, including some introduced and prioritized by the governor herself."

Can Someone Please Explain To Tommy Tuberville That Killing A Newborn Baby Is Homicide?
Forget opinions of idiots. It's one reason they are idiots.

AZ Gov. Katie Hobbs Vetoes Actual Buttload Of Bad Republican Bills
Puglickin' aka Fascist MAGAt tripe-faced.

Read This Delicious Newly Unsealed Evidence In Jack Smith's Stolen Documents Case Against Trump
"But now we can read some newly unsealed filings from Special Counsel Jack Smith, to get more of an idea exactly what kind of evidence Judge Aileen Cannon has in front of her. It’s the kind of stuff that, in a reasonable world, would make it very hard for even a shitty judge like Cannon to choose to be derelict in her duty."

Newt Gingrich Worried Judge Gonna Jail Trump, Just Like One Of Those 1960s Civil Rights Workers
"But leaking colostomy bag Newt Gingrich was terrified on a whole different level for Trump last night on Fox News. He’s just really scared Merchan is going to put Trump in jail, like a civil rights worker in Mississippi in the 1960s! Isn’t Trump always reminding you of one of them?"

Jesse Watters Says Trump Much Too OLD For Criminal Trials. Much Too Who What Now? OLD, He Said OLD
And both he and Trump are still at large.

Biden administration issues new rule to protect privacy of those seeking reproductive health care: ‘No one should have to live in fear’
"Patients have a right to privacy when it comes to their medical information, even when they travel to another state for an abortion, IVF, birth control or other types of reproductive health care, federal officials declared in a new rule."

Trump Suffers a Major Loss Just Minutes into Hush-Money Trial
"Donald Trump won’t be getting his way in his New York hush money trial—at least, not without consequences."

Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'goldfish' brain is incapable of strategic thinking: conservative
"Conservative Jonah Goldberg dumped all over Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) crusade to oust Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) during a Monday appearance on CNN."

'That's not it': Maggie Haberman shreds Trump's excuse for absent hush money protesters
"Former President Donald Trump's most recent excuse about why hell has yet to break loose outside his criminal hush money trial was shredded Monday night by the New York Times reporter covering the case."

Trump's humiliation deepens: In court, he can't hide from his tabloid roots
If there was a hell, Trump's punishment would be a trial where people tell the truth about him all day

NH GOP Moves To Erode Polio And Measles Vax Law
Live Free and Die.
Polio. "Yes, polio is highly contagious. It spreads easily from person to person."

No, Really, Trump Has A PLAN To Cut Social Security
It's called "Starve the Beast."
Let him rot.

Trump in a 'tenuous' psychological place as his 'alternate reality' crumbles: expert
"With the 77-year-old former president confronting the first trial in his life that could lead to prison, ex-prosecutor Kenneth McCallion told Salon's Chauncey DeVega that 'the alternate reality Trump lives in is crumbling.'"

Europe is warming up faster than any other continent, and the heat is deadly
"The number of heat-related deaths in Europe increased 30% in the last 20 years. Climate change is to blame."

Oncologists' meetings with drug reps don't help cancer patients live longer
"Drug company reps commonly visit doctors to talk about new medications. A team of economists wanted to know if that helps patients live longer. They found that for cancer patients, the answer is no."
More conning of America.

With This Week’s Abortion Case, Supreme Court Faces Grim Reality of Overturning Roe
Welcome back to our old dystopian world.

'This guy couldn't get a job at the local mall': Brutal new ad shows Trump's unfitness
Not even with the custodial department?

Trump: My Payoff To Stormy Was A “Legal Expense”
Sure. Bribes are always legal. And Alvin Bragg, who has totally lost control of Violent Crime in New York."
NYPD Announces January 2024 Citywide Crime Statistics
Someone tell Trump he's bullshitting us — as usual.

SF Sues Oakland Over Proposed Airport Name Change
Who is so stupid that they don't know where Oakkand is?
“The feedback we get [from airlines] … is, because there is lack of name recognition … it is hard to sell tickets inbound,” said Danny Wan, executive director for the Port of Oakland. “People do not know that Oakland is by the San Francisco Bay. That has been one of the Achilles’ heels of our marketing.”

Women Miscarried, Babies Died Because Post-Roe ERs Refused Treatment
Pregnant patients are now ‘radioactive’ to hospitals in states with extreme abortion bans.
There are scumbags at work here.

The stunning rebirth of the American labor movement
"We are witnessing a historic rebirth of the labor union movement in America. Labor unions are not just an interest group. They are gaining the heft, solidarity, and passion to become what they once were — a movement.
And it’s about time."

'He's a liar': Governor Gavin Newsom blasts Trump over abortion stance
California Governor Gavin Newsom joins Jen Psaki for an exclusive interview to discuss the rollback of reproductive rights, the start of Dona'd Trump's criminal trial, and the state of the 2024 race. Governor Newsom's PAC new abortion ad that will air in Alabama as part of their effort to raise awareness of their "extreme" abortion laws, debuted exclusively on "Inside with Psaki."

Excused Trump jurors point the finger at his lawyer as a problem
Hmmm, well the newspaper editor, Major Rufus Cobb, said it all about lawyers in the 1939 film Jesse James

'They want him killed': Alan Dershowitz says Trump would be murdered in prison
Al, are you keeping up with anything? He'll be serving his time in a country club getting his smallest whims seen to with an order of steak with ketchup.
"People like you" are typical Trump fascists.

Letitia James may start 'seizing Trump's properties' as he sits in criminal trial: expert
And she may not. Lots of "seizing talk" but, so far, all talkie talk.

Students Sue Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Silencing Black History
But she's big on the "Hillbilly Hatred History."
Keep the Land of the Happy Negro history quiet, please.

Experts Call for Community-Based Health Care to Raise Indigenous Life Expectancy
"Katherine Goodlow is only 20, but she has experienced enough to know that people around her are dying too young...."

Bill Maher Reheats Beef With Barbie
He's been taking wayyyy too many "Get Rich and Belligerent" pills.

Poll: Growing majority of Americans want Congress to restore Roe v. Wade protections nationwide
Trump and the fascist MAGAts put the goons on SCOUTS that killed our rights. Trump should be punished for that. Vote against him and clean out SCOTUS.

Poll: Growing majority of Americans want Congress to restore Roe v. Wade protections nationwide
'I'm dying, you're not': Terminally ill ask states to legalize physician-assisted death
The U.S. can be a very cruel country.

Pessimism growing in Trump's inner circle that a hush money guilty verdict is inevitable
"In a deep dive into how the Manhattan hush money trial is affecting Donald Trump emotionally, the New York Times' Maggie Haberman is reporting that members of Trump's inner circle are starting to accept that he will be found guilty."

Idaho doctor who worked at closed maternity ward says abortion ban harmed recruiting
"A hospital in a rural area outside of Idaho’s capital city of Boise closed its labor and delivery and neonatal intensive care units April 1, citing declining birth rates and staffing issues."
We are now seeing the damge being done to America by the SCOTUS morons.

Civil rights attorney: Action to ‘hollow out’ Brown v. Board moves at deliberate speed
"Ifill, speaking to a diverse audience Friday at the University of Kansas, warned the upcoming May 17 anniversary of the decision declaring racial segregation in public education to be unconstitutional would be celebrated during an era in which forces dedicated to derailing growth of multiracial democracy and citizenship were gaining ground."
The racist movement will destory all human advancement if they can.

'The devil himself': Trump high-rise residents call for building name change
The news outlet reports the 40-story building owners "are in the middle of a vote which would further erase Trump’s name – something which would not just have implications for the people who live in the building," but also for the "residents and workers in" the "racially diverse city" of New Rochelle.

‘I Serve With Some Real Scumbags!’ GOP Rep. Goes SCORCHED EARTH on Far-Right Colleagues, Claims Gaetz ‘Paid Minors To Have Sex With Him At Drug Parties’
Yes, it is a pain-in-the-ass job but someone has to do it, Tony.

Vaseline Woman Rages Over Dems Waving Ukrainian Flags: I Don’t Even Know What Country I’m In Anymore
She should find one she likes better and emigrate to it.

Where's George Orwell today? Texas!
"If you think the GOP's Congress of Clowns represents the fringiest, freakiest pack of politicos that MAGA-world can hurl at us — you haven't been to Texas."

Trump’s Save America PAC hits cash crunch while backing ex-president’s legal fees: report
Financial idiots as well.

Cops: FL GOP Official Had Child Porn On “Patriot” USB
"Lake Alfred City Commissioner Charles Lake has been arrested on charges of possessing child pornography."
"The Lake Alfred Republican now faces 300 counts of possessing child pornography. The 90-year-old possessed pictures, based on the charges, of children between the ages 2 and 12 engaged in sex acts."
Dang it! But it won't disturb the MAGAts. They will still vote for 'em. Besides, it was only 300 photos.

”Confederate Heritage? Really?’ Former Mississippi Gov Slams State’s Plan to ‘Celebrate’ Confederacy
There's nothing to celebrate about treason and slavery.
"The Mississippi Delta is where I want to be." — Land of the Happy Negro, Jeff Gutcheon

In Eagle Pass, Fewer Migrant Crossings Leave Law Enforcement Idle
"...experts and US government officials say the changes have less to do with Texas than with seasonal migratory patterns and more stricter crackdowns from Mexico."

New Hampshire’s GOP Is Taking a Stand—Against the Polio Vaccine
When did New Hampshire decide to return to the Dark Ages of health care? We will ALL pay for their retardedness.

Biden administration restricts oil and gas leasing in Alaska's petroleum reserve
"The administration said it will restrict new oil and gas leasing on 13 million acres in Alaska to help protect wildlife such as caribou and polar bears as the Arctic continues to warm"
Thanks, President Biden.

Senate passes surveillance law renewal right at deadline
The Senate extended an expiring foreign surveillance law early Saturday morning, an last-minute breakthrough that avoided a weekend expiration of a key program.
Good for America.

'He's going to pop': Warning given about Trump's age and stress during hush money trial
"He is going to violate the gag order in grand fashion in front of the media and I think it will come sooner rather than later because it is not a position he is used to being in," he added before suggesting, "If I'm the prosecutor in this case, I'm going to sit back and let it happen."

Trump on the verge of handing Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg a big 'win': former prosecutor
"As much as I’d like to see this, it’s a sure thing Trump’s lawyers will do everything they can to keep him off the stand," she wrote. "But the decision about whether to testify belongs to the client, and Trump has proven to be a client who is uniquely incapable of listening to the advice of his lawyers."
Trump (like his supporters) is his own worst enemy.

Trump demands removal of Judge Merchan in meltdown before contempt hearing
It's very clear this man has no concept of the American justice system and the deep hole he is in. He is deeply mentally disturbed.
He's redundant statement "I did nothing wrong" is what is being determined in the courtroom.
And these trials he must face are only beginning. This is a person that has lost control.

Want to Die Young? Bathe Yourself in Right-Wing Media & Vote Republican
We should have known, but, still, the science is shocking: when conservatives run governments, suicides and homicides go up; when liberals run governments, suicides and homicides go down.

O' the Troubles He's Seen. He's Cold. Give Now!
"Don’t delay, order today. Order online from FART (Free America Right Today). Keep Trump warm, and yourself, too. Just $99.99, plus shipping and handling."

Trump has 'finally met his match' after Judge Merchan put him on a 'short leash': experts
"Attempts by Donald Trump to derail and create chaos at his Manhattan hush money trial have been promptly shut down by Judge Juan Merchan who is earning praise from legal experts."

A prehistory of MAGA: "Mainstream" conservatives never really purged the fascists
Author David Austin Walsh says "respectable" conservatives have tolerated racists and neo-Nazis all along
From hell it came.

Catholic League: No Institution Has A Better Record On Combating Child Sex Abuse Than The Catholic Church
Because that's what happened to him.
And water is not wet.

Posobiec Calls On Cultist Jurors To “Sabotage” Trial
Nazi scum at work attempting to destroy our system of law and order where freedom's just another word for permission to sabatoge. Saboteurs should be arrested and charged.

Man Who Voted Against Infrastructure Repairs Attacks Biden For Letting “Our Roads And Bridges Fall Apart”
Here's a Nazi moron that doesn't know infrastructure from voting to fix it.

Video: GOPs Project 2025 Is Real And It's Terrifying
The comparison between the GOP's Project 2025 and "The Handmaid's Tale" may seem far-fetched, but it's not. Project 2025 is a terrifying blueprint for Donald Trump's second administration. Even former GOP Rep. Liz Chaney warns that America is "sleepwalking into a dictatorship."
Christo-fascism no idea how much resistance they will meet.

AZ Republican Who Cried About Election Fraud Drops Out Of Race
...after committing election fraud.

Trump was 'fuming' after Judge Merchan made him sit 'like a man addressing his dog': report
Lumpy has no idea about court etiquette.

Jesse Watters Continues Personal Attacks On Trump Jurors
Arrest this man for jury tampering and intimidation.

Tax Evasion May Be Trump’s Next Criminal Charges
So many charges, so many to come.

HORROR: Man Set Himself On Fire Outside Of New York Courthouse
"The last reports we have are that this man is in critical condition. It's a wonder he survived at all. There have been some tweets with suggestions that this man wrote a manifesto that is, frankly, derived from the deepest conspiratorial corners of the internet, if in fact he wrote it, something that is unconfirmed. I'm not going to post it here because it looks to me like the ravings of someone who has been misled and is suggestible."
Apparently not a Buddhist Monk.

‘Our future is on the ballot’: A bunch of Kennedys cut a new ad for Biden
"On the heels of more than a dozen Kennedy family members’ endorsement, the Biden campaign released a new ad Friday featuring a handful of the most prominent descendants of Camelot sharing their endorsement of President Joe Biden over their own relative, Robert F. Kennedy Jr."

New FL Law Lets “Patriotic” Groups Recruit In Schools
The Nazi state of Florida and their "Minstry of Truth."

Trump Money Beg: “I Could Be Locked Up For Life”
We can only hope.

Megachurch To Shutter Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal
"The International House of Prayer-Kansas City, plagued for months by sexual abuse allegations against its founder Mike Bickle, plans to close its doors and open a new, smaller organization."

Trump Co-Defendants Lose Bid To Dismiss Docs Case
"U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon rejected arguments in an order filed Thursday from Trump’s co-defendants seeking to dismiss their charges in the classified documents case."

Newt Gingrich Perfectly Describes How Everything Is His Fault
Do you ever look at the House and think, “If I was speaker, I could get these knuckleheads in line?”
"You can’t keep them in line, because the technology’s changed. They have the ability to make noise, they have the ability to go on television, and they have an ability to use the internet to raise money from [people] who only know who they are because they saw them on television, so what do they care?"

Judge urged by prosecutors to reject Trump's civil fraud bond as lacking 'trustworthiness'
He certainly lacks that.

Trump’s covid response was even worse than you remember
In a sane country, it would disqualify him from ever again holding office.
That's if you have a memory at all.

ANARCHY NOW! Republicans From Lincoln to Greene
From this ... to this.

Hospitals 'so scared' of GOP abortion laws that they're turning away pregnant patients
We have Trump's SCOTUS to thank for this.

Donald Trump turns the GOP into a protection racket — and demands Republican candidates pay up
To "be seen favorably," the Trump campaign threatens, Republicans must give 5 percent — or more — to the boss
Now everyone can see the grifter at work. Or they are blind as Ray Charles?

Jesse Watters Again Attacks Prospective Trump Jurors
Again — Jury tampering. Arrest and charge him.

Lara Trump: Don’t Buy The Lie Biden Got 81M Votes
Queen of the Tropes. Failed Frump.

Matt Gaetz attended 2017 party where minor and drugs were present, woman's sworn statement obtained by Congress claims
Ethics Panel Investigates Gaetz For “Illicit” Drug Use
Ethics panel? Better get the FBI involved.

Trump campaign says it will deploy thousands of election workers to monitor poll sites
The program underscores Trump’s fixation with election security, which he deployed in an effort to undermine results of the 2020 election.
Which means the con man will attempt intmidation of American rights — again.

'Can't fault them for that': Judge backs DA's refusal to give Trump lawyer witness list
Let's all watch Lumpy play Air Accordion! TA-DA!

Jury selected in Trump hush money trial
And away we go!

'Twisting my words': GOP Senate candidate denies saying elderly people shouldn't vote
This is what he said:

'It's in print so believe it!' Internet roasts Trump after rambling paper-clutching rant
He's so mockable and a huge loser.

Trump awkwardly brandishes printed news stories after full day of criminal trial
"Look Over Here!" the new Donald Trump Show!
Throw him in a cell and stop fearing the lying, insane criminal.

China's cities are sinking, putting tens of millions at risk
"Nearly a third of China's urban population lives in areas that are subsiding, according to a sweeping national survey of 82 major Chinese cities. In coastal areas, that makes sea level rise worse."

Dismissed Trump Juror Had Been Targeted By Watters, Judge Tells Reporters To Stop Publicizing Jurors’ Jobs
And arrest Watters for jury tampering.

“Constitutional Sheriffs” Hold Conference On Using Militias And “Citizen Armies” To Stop Migrant “Voters”
“Constitutional Sheriffs.” Now there's a contradiction in terms.

Louisiana Panel Repeals Lunch Breaks For Child Workers
Might as well call them the "Oliver Twist Swine Party."

Once again, Arizona Republicans block efforts to repeal the 1864 abortion ban
A full Nazi state. Stop any federal funding to them.

Joe Scarborough To Trump: Stop Trashing America
"Where are you from? Because you may claim to be from where I'm from, but you were not raised by the same teachers I was raised by, and you don't read… I'm getting tired of saying this to people who claim to be patriotic but hate America because they're always running America down," Scarborough said. They're always trashing America. They're always saying America is horrible, its democracy doesn't work, we need a dictatorship if Donald Trump doesn't win."

NY Times Reverses Stance: Biden NOT Losing Latino Voters
"A newly released New York Times/Siena poll shows a wholesale reversal from its previous February poll that suggested President Joe Biden wasbleeding support among Latino voters.
The Times/Siena poll released Saturday showed Biden gaining significant ground with minority voters, including opening up a 9-point lead over Trump with Latinos, 50% - 41%. That's a 15-point turnaround since February, when theTimes/Siena survey gave Trump a 6-point advantage among Latino voters, winning 46% of the group to Biden's 40%."

Yet another House Republican announces retirement — and says 'dysfunction' has 'taken a toll'
No one in their right mind would stay in the madhouse that the House has been turned to by fascists.

'They want Russia to win so badly': GOP congressman blasts far-right House Republicans
Snake Plisken tears out the cassette tape.

GOP Candidates Now Have To Pay To Use Trump's Name, Image
Just say no. He's a grifting loser.

Tesla Moves Employee Across Country, Then Fires Them
Not a nice thing to do.

U.S. Produce Still Contains Unsafe Levels of Pesticides, Consumer Reports Analysis Finds
Organic is the only way to go.

Biden to receive Kennedy family backing against RFK threat
"The legendary Kennedy clan will endorse U.S. President Joe Biden during a campaign trip to Philadelphia Thursday — underscoring the election threat posed by family black sheep and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr."

Biden Rent Increase Cap Shows the Tenant Union Movement Can Win Nationally
"Winning these conditions and ensuring that the new rent cap is fully enforced are the next steps for the tenant union movement looking to build on the momentum of this win."

Raging Against White Rural Rage
"I don’t like to slam books, especially those ahead of mine on the best seller list. It might seem like petty jealousy. But one recent release, White Rural Rage by Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman, is seriously flawed."

Mindfucking for Fun and Profit: A Chronology
"Mindfucking, also known as gaslighting, also known as lying, is so ubiquitous now that it could be seen as just another word for nothing left to lose, a synonym for how we live now in the age of social media, a source for things people would prefer we believed that most often just ain’t so. Hell, perhaps the most watched news outlet in the country is FOX, fucking our brains out since Reagan promised that if we gave all the money to the rich, we'd be rewarded when they trickled some of it down on the rest of us."

The Party’s Over
"The death of the Republican Party is not to be celebrated. It is a tragedy. It is testament to how fragile our democracy has become. It illustrates what happens when presidents are not held accountable. It is evidence of what occurs when decades of economic gains go mainly to the top. It shows that many Americans have lost sight of our history and ideals, or have become so cynical and hopeless that they are willing to chuck it all in favor of an atrocious human being who claims to be on their side."

How Many Times Does Trump Get To Violate His Gag Order Before Judge Merchan Jails Him?
How many times does he get to break any of our laws and go unpunished?
"Of course, Jesse Watters is lying, because Jesse Watters is a liar. He stared at the camera yesterday and said, “they are trying to rig this jury,” followed by the part Trump quoted about liberal activists trying to sneak onto the jury. Of course, Watters conceded that prospective jurors are getting tossed when defense attorneys find (and read out loud in front of Trump) their hilarious memes about how Trump should die in prison."

A one-shot vaccine for COVID, flu and future viruses? Researchers say it's coming
New RNA-based vaccine strategy could be a breakthrough: No boosters, no needles and far more rapid effects
The brainless need not bother to read this.

MTG Bill Would Fund “Space Lasers” To Stop Migrants
"They're coming to take her away today!"

Trump Defies Gag Order In Attack On Prospective Jurors
How many lwas does this asshat get to break before he's jailed for life?
Liar Watters isn't any better.

Criminal tax evasion complaint filed as Trump heads back to court
"The FBI and the Department of Justice should investigate and, if the facts support it, act to ensure accountability for this lawlessness. Donald Trump’s habit of lying and placing himself above the law has no place in a republic governed by the rule of law."

'We got you': AZ Republicans mock activists after voting down repeal of controversial 1864 law
This is what a totalitiarian system looks like.

'Coming for them': Ex-prosecutor says Trump is promoting 'fake allegations about jurors'
Pay no attention to that failed man behind the curtain.

Nugent: “Anyone Against Trump Is Against America”
Dude, can you still bend a G-string?

Kirk: Trump Should “Defy The Judge And Get Arrested”
The elte brilliance.

Bragg Wants To Cross-Examine Trump On Civil Lawsuits
The man he refers to "wants the most powerful position in the country, but cannot take the stand because he will relentlessly lie and self-incriminate." — Darrel Cj (comments)

RFK Jr.’s Running Mate Posts Batshit Anti-Vax Claims
It attracts its own.

MTG’s Boyfriend Is Disappointed NYC Isn’t “Chaotic”
Village idiot has the sadz.
It's the Hispanic males. Dude, they've been there like for ages. Get out of town once in awhile and see the world, hillican. Almost 9 million living there and they ain't all white.

George Santos Wants More Liars And Frauds In Congress
Hey George there are too many like you in the Republican party already.
"Let George do it!" Or is it Jack? Or is it "Shit fer Brains"?

PowerPoint 'accidentally sent to Dem lawmakers' reveals Arizona GOP strategy to 'dilute votes'
Well, they'll just settle it with "Strap on a Glock" that will be provided by the Vaseline Woman. ROTFLMAO!

Mayorkas impeachment trial ends before senators even voted for acquittal or conviction
Send out the clowns. Don't bother they've left!

Poor Idiot Trump Thought He Could Just Veto Jurors Forever And Ever
Trump truly believes he knows it all. Sad.
"Also sounds like he’s harboring the same delusions his dumbest lawyer Alina Habba is harboring, that the trial is being held in New York because it is RIGGED AND STOLLEN, and not because that’s where Alvin Bragg is the DA and where Trump committed the crimes."

Fox News Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene Idiot As Mike Johnson At Last Moves Ass On Ukraine
"Well, they’re not wrong! Except one thing: the GOP is wrecked and done for already. It’s nothing but a permanent parasite inside Donald Trump’s anal cavity, the exact kind of insurgent, insurrectionist domestic threat officials’ oaths of office speak of."

Former D.C guard leaders testify that Trump could have stopped Jan. 6 — and chose not to
"The testimony came from Michael Brooks, the senior enlisted leader of the D.C. guard on Jan. 6, and Brigadier Gen. Aaron Dean, the adjutant general of the D.C. guard during that same time."

‘Big journalism fail’: Mainstream media blasted over coverage of historic Trump trial
I believe this has been more than obvious for a very long time now.

'Hitler was influential': Elise Stefanik buried after being named to Time's top 100 list
So was Pol Pot. And cancer still is.

Oklahoma county GOP chair arrested in alleged murder-kidnap plot
It appears Oklahoma is definitely not OK.

Conservatives Suddenly Realize Tucker Carlson Is a Lying Russia Dupe
Conservatives are suddenly realizing a load of things.

‘Someone Needs Therapy!’ House Oversight Hearing ERUPTS When Comer and Raskin Unleash Hell On Each Other
In the form of a brain transplant!

Trump Promises Big Oil Donors He’ll Stop Wind Power
This will really benefit humanity in what way, you asshat? You are a huge threat, not only to America, but to the planet earth and it's inhabitants.
“I hate wind,” said Trump. Then stop breaking it.

Plasma Physicist Warns That Elon Musk's Disposable Satellites May Be Damaging the Earth's Magnetic Field
Then we should dispose of him. It's only more space junk.

'Did You Get My Letter?': Jon Ossoff Hands Louis DeJoy His A**
"Postmaster General Louis DeJoy did not have prior experience in his job. Still, he was appointed by former President Donald Trump anyway, maybe because he was a major Republican Party donor and Trump fundraiser. But he can't do the job. Again, DeJoy was the first postmaster general in two decades without prior USPS experience, and it shows!"

AG Garland Smacks Down MAGA ‘Biden Impairment’ Smear
MAGAt gamesmanship is lousy.

A chunk of metal that tore through a Florida home definitely came from the ISS
Space junk can be a risk to us.

'Disastrous consequences': Columnist warns this 'destructive' Trump plan could tank economy
If you don't like inflation and taxes going up you will reject this disasterous clown.

'Unprecedented' chaos in House GOP if Johnson gets the boot: CNN data reporter
The MAGAts have effectively murdered the Republican Party.

Trump showing jurors 'he's a bad guy who doesn't respect anything': George Conway
"That's one of the reasons why I think he was hit with the $83.3 million verdict during the second E. Jean Carroll trial," Conway added. "He sat in front of the jury and showed contempt for the entire process and contempt for the jury, which dovetailed nicely that the other side was trying to prove: This is a bad guy who doesn't respect anything."

Trump just 'touched the third rail' in hush money trial: former prosecutor
Mr. Loudmouth will only convict himself.

Sleepy Don's dilemma: Napping in court could help Trump win the case, but it hurts him with his base
Trump trial tantrums get MAGA wallets to open, but could turn a jury against him

Texas Putin Fan Reportedly Arrested As Spy By Russia
Have we ever seen the likes of the bullshitters we are seeing these days?

New Docs Contradict Senate Candidate’s Gunshot Story
More on the fruit cake.

Trump attorney said judge won’t allow jurors time off for religious holiday — which isn’t true
They are all liars. Trump will be allowed to go to his son's graduation if things don't get bogged down and stslled by this lawyers. Fox makes all this shit up because the bosses tell them to spew it for their suckers.

Does Trump Want To Kill Schoolchildren?
Trump should make RFK Jr., his running mate.
"During his rally in Schnecksville, PA Trump told his cult members he will cut all funds to schools which implement a vaccine and or mask mandate to protect students from other diseases.
When will Diminished Don start selling MAGA crystal balls that can predict when a new epidemic might appear?"
He probably doesn't want to but he doesn't give a damn if he does.

What A Big Difference: The Bidens Release Their Tax Returns
And no one had to pressure them. Imagine that.

'Keep confessing': Trump appears to corroborate allegations against him in impromptu remarks
"Trump's impromptu remarks appear to be a tacit admission to the precise allegations against him described in the indictment."
Was it he that marked it down or an unknown accountant?

'Something’s fishy here': Trump’s latest $175 million bond filings questioned by experts
Just more tomfoolery from Trump's shady doings.

Supreme Court takes its deepest plunge into Jan. 6, with possible implications for Trump
This should show us if SCOTUS is honest or not.

Alvin Bragg formally asks for Trump to be held in contempt for violating gag order
It's interesting that whatever gets requested gets put off until next week.

Trump is paying ex-accountant hush money to avoid aiding prosecutors: report
Pretty sure there are laws against bribery.

'Take off the Gag Order!' Trump spits hot rage at Judge Merchan in early morning rant
Dude, if your lawyers aren't good mouthpieces then you are hopelessy lost. Shut the fuck up!

Morning Joe disgusted by Tom Cotton for advocating torture and murder of protesters
Cotton's the one to be thrown off the bridge.

US Infrastructure Is Broken. Here’s an $830 Million Plan to Fix It
WIRED spoke with US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg about recent grants to fix ancient roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure before it’s too late.

Audit says Arkansas governor’s office potentially violated laws with $19,000 lectern purchase
Oh, so sad. Wherever will she prop her elbows?

Maine To Join Multi-State Popular Vote Compact
It's past time for the U.S. to get this done.

No One Is Pushing Bill Maher Right, He Got There All On His Own
"The main ways we are being horribly extreme this time are “wokeness” (just in general), pushing for rights for trans people, immigrants, and, now, universal healthcare, which he claimed has been a disaster in Canada.
Why has it been a disaster? Well, one of the reasons he cites is that Canadians now spend 13 percent of their GDP on healthcare. That’s a pretty big number! You know what’s a bigger number? 17.3 percent. You know who spends 17.3 percent? That would be the United States."
Smart guy, eh? LMAO!

Collapse of White Nationalist Party Offers Lessons for Anti-Fascist Strategy
They always bring about their own end. Think of it — always.

Sterilization Procedures Have Surged Among Young People Following “Dobbs"
And you thought we already had a newborn problem? The genius of Nazi swine!

Biden administration agrees to provide $6.4 billion to Samsung for making computer chips in Texas
"The planned manufacturing and research cluster is expected to create at least 17,000 construction jobs and more than 4,500 manufacturing jobs."
Guess who'll take credit for that? Right.

Chris Sununu Is Either a Mountebank, a Coward, or a Fool
Or all three!

'Audacious': Expert stunned by Trump's latest SCOTUS argument for presidential immunity
"In this new filing, Trump's attorneys build their case on the experiences of two other former presidents: Richard Nixon and the man who pardoned him, Gerald Ford."
"Gerstein's analysis of Trump's claim frustrated several of his readers who argued there was a gaping hole in his case."
As X user @RationalLeft replied, "Um... if Nixon had been immune from prosecution, why would he have needed a pardon?" Duh.
This has been said many times. Why is there any doubt about it to anyone?
Conversley, if he is deemed immune then the current president can have him legally assassinated.
The problem is settled either way.

Elise Stefanik's brag about humble origins busted by new investigation
OMG! She's a liar too? What a shocker!

Iran's leaders insist the attack against Israel was a 'victory'
Using the old Vietnam stratagy. Leave and say we won.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Attempts Trump Legal Defense, Fails Very Badly
"Yes, there is a signed statement by Stormy Daniels denying that she had an affair with Trump. Trump paid her to make the statement. The payments for that statement is what the case is about."
She's just not cogent enough to understand this.

Eric Swalwell Accuses Fox Host Of Jury Tampering
Another sucker bucking for jail time.

Kirk: It’s Time To Put Dems In Handcuffs And Leg Irons
Charlie, the wagon is going to roll up on you in your dreams and you will never tell another joke again!
You don't understand a major losing factor of your political gang. But you will.

Trump Orders His Poll Watchers To Get Violent On Election Day 2024
Already admitting to the crime of voter suppression. What a Nazi POS. Rotting before our very eyes.

Trump Whines That His Criminality Is 'An Assault On America'
The old man looks like he's had the shit kicked out of him.
What a whiney dork.

Judge halts Texas probe into Media Matters’ reporting on X
Foiled again.

'Sit': Animated Trump lawyer ordered to take seat by hush money judge
Good doggie.

'There will be an arrest': Trump gets stark warning from hush money judge
"If you deliberately fail to appear in court when required, then any proceeding in your case, including hearing, trial and, if you are convicted, sentence, can and will continue in your absence," Merchan told him, according to a court transcript.

Maggie Haberman: Trump 'appears to be sleeping' in courtroom
Seves him right for posting all night long. Doing it in All Caps makes it easier to not have to hit shift for one. And he loves yellling.

Clarence Thomas missing from Supreme Court during oral arguments — with no explanation
Playing hookey or simply ill.

Tesla to lay off more than 10 percent of its workers as sales slow
The "genius" makes lemons.

Cybertruck owners allege pedal problem as Tesla suspends deliveries
Cyberlemon is a bit problematic.

'Scared to death': GOP ex-congressman brings hammer down on 'weak' Trump
“It’s really easy not to get in a war, if you just surrender everything,” Kinzinger said Sunday evening in what he called an “emergency” video (below). He called the ex-president now on day one of the first criminal trial of any former U.S. president, “the worst foreign policy president of my generation,” and “a week, small, tiny man who was scared to death.”

Why has America tolerated 6 illegitimate Republican presidents?
Only 6?

Trump's lifetime of 'debauchery' has put him in 'peril' — and he knows it: biographer
"Donald Trump's lifetime of "debauchery" might be finally catching up with him, according to his biographer, and the former president seems to know it."

GOP blasted by conservative for refusing to admit 'elderly buffoon' Trump is unfit to run
But he's a really great at buffoonery!

Trump Media Stock Plummets In Pre-Market Trading

Ouch: Whitmer Calmly Takes Welker To The Woodshed And Clobbers Her
She said what all of us are thinking.
Kristen Welker may as well be wearing her MAGAt "Vote Trump" button. If anyone is offering "false hope" she is.

How Republicans are ramping up for mass voter challenges ahead of the 2024 election<vbr> They can't win honest elections so they've decided to fuck them up as much as possible for everyone.

'Sad little man': Trump mocked online for response to Iran attack on Israel
"He’s such an ignorant, pathetic narcissist," he wrote. "He makes everything about him. What a sad little man he is." — Joe Walsh
"Fun Fact: Iran attacked U.S. military sites in Iraq while Trump was president," Timmer wrote.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste. But he has been mindless most of his life.

Can't we get a nationwide gag order against Trump's violent threats?
The First Amendment wasn't meant to cover a public figure's dangerous, damaging lies. But there's an answer
We all know what it is too.

Kentucky Republicans Override Dem Gov’s Veto Of Bill Removing Him From Role In Filling Senate Vacancies
Nazis overthrow Kentucky democracy.

Turns Out Voters Actually Care About Porn Star Hush Money
Pundits might be dismissing Trump’s hush-money case, but voters aren’t.
Who said pundits had a brain?

Jesse Watters Very Upset CA Fast Food Workers Earn $20 An Hour
It’s not even a living wage but the multimillionaire is 'very unhappy' the pay hike might raise the price of his Happy Meal.
Looks like he's upset that they make more than he does.
He had a hard time trying to get a six-figure income out of it. Math is not a strong point here.
No one told him there would be math on this test.

53% Say Trump Committed “Serious Federal Crimes”
"A majority of voters believe former President Donald Trump has committed “serious federal crimes,” according to the latest New York Times/Siena College poll.
Fifty-three percent of likely voters said they believe this, while 39 percent of those surveyed said they did not believe that Trump committed serious crimes. Nine percent said they didn’t know or didn’t answer the question.
The numbers broken down by party affiliation show that 90 percent of Democrats believe he has committed serious crimes, while 17 percent of Republicans fall in this category. Forty-nine percent of independents shared this sentiment."

'Doomed': Republicans 'smoking themselves out' in upcoming vote to raise credit card fees
The bastards love to fuck the American people.

We Need a Democratic Revolution to Overcome the Rightwing Media Machine!
Autocrats & fascists, know the importance of media ownership (Hitler &Mussolini also took over radio & newspapers during their time). Why this simple lesson is lost on progressives is confounding.

Trump is barrelling towards the 'worst day in his public life': former prosecutor
You mean so far.

Donald Trump: Scandals And Controversies
Wins scumbag of the century award.

Kamala Harris Isn’t Letting Trump Dodge on Abortion
Kick the liar's butt!

Texas Republicans Form New Group After Nazi Scandal
"Months after a scandal over his ties to white supremacists, far-right political operative and former state lawmaker Jonathan Stickland has created a new group — with help from outgoing Texas GOP Chair Matt Rinaldi."

Late Night Open Thread: In Case You Missed Lawrence O’Donnell’s Latest…
The five-minute clip is all over twitter, but of course some of you don’t read twitter… Lawrence O'Donnell may have just delivered the most brutal and humiliating takedown of Donald Trump ever aired on national television
— MeidasTouch (@MeidasTouch) April 12, 2024

Bonus goon content: Kevin McCarthy feels confident enough about his party’s current disarray to publicly threaten Matt Gaetz. Interesting to wonder what favors Kevin is looking for…

Kevin McCarthy refers to Matt Gaetz:
"I'll give you the truth why I'm not speaker. It's because one person, a member of Congress, wanted me to stop an ethics complaint because he slept with a 17-year-old … Did he do it or not? I don't know."
– via @MoElleithee @GUPolitics

— Howard Mortman (@HowardMortman) April 10, 2024
… and what's stopping Mr. McCarthy from naming them now?
— Andy (@trtx84) April 10, 2024

Let’s Flush the Rural ‘Resentment’ About Immigration
"In November, millions of rural voters will mark their ballot for a man who has pledged to “close the borders”. In interviews and in rallies, this group of white voters will pretend that they don’t need immigration, yet the evidence of their deep need of immigrants to work on rural farms is all over the heartland."

Pro-Trump media landscape 'utterly collapsing' compared to last election cycle: report
"In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, a slew of far-right websites popped up and cashed in on content propping up then-candidate Donald Trump. And those sites continued to rake in millions of dollars during Trump's time in the White House. But since 2020, the right-wing media cash spigot has effectively slowed to a trickle."

'He's not even clear on what he's doing': New Trump stumble draws mental acuity concerns
When, in heaven's name, has he ever known what he is doing?

Trump mocked after insider admits ex-president 'couldn't get his head around' basic fact
Former President Donald Trump was ridiculed Friday after his former adviser admitted he "could not get his head around" a basic fact.

"Key player": Legal scholar says Hope Hicks' hush-money testimony could be "devastating" for Trump
"If the jury believes her, it would be devastating evidence against Trump and make a conviction much more certain"

Florida Bans Police Misconduct Oversight Boards
The state of Florida is a disgrace to humanity.
Fascism is king and DeSantis is the Nazi that worships it.

Judge Blocks Texas AG’s Probe Into Media Matters
Texas dirt bag gets emptied.

One Million Moms Vs “Sin-Glorifying” Hill’s Dog Food
There they go again, meddling with marketing. No dog food for you homos and your homo dogs!
If God thinks homsexuality is wrong why has he tolerated it since time immemorial? Sounds like someone bought a bag of bullshit on this.

'The Family' Forces Zelenskyy To Cut Deal For Aid From U.S.
If you see evangelical House Republicans softening their opposition to military aid for Ukraine, don’t assume it’s divine intervention.
Here is some really stinking bullshit from "religious" asshats trying their best to grab power they have no right to.

Newsmax Host Attacks Biden For Not ‘Knowing’ Africa Is A Country
It was another embarrassing bellyflop for the never-ending MAGA effort to smear Biden as mentally impaired. This is what you get when you install morons to pretend to be "newscasters."

New 'red flags' raised over Trump’s bond money after link to Grand Caymans revealed
“This just stinks to high heaven."
"That is the opinion of one former insurance expert when shown documentation showing that the company that is backing Donald Trump's $175 million appeal bond has backed their own bet with funds supposedly held in the secretive tax haven of the Grand Caymans."
Another Trump scam.

Busted: GOP Senate candidate running on rural roots grew up 'three miles from a Trader Joe’s'
Another slime creature from the MAGAt sewer.

Biden Administration Rule Improves Accountability For Big Oil Corporations That Profit From Public Lands
“The Biden administration deserves our thanks for holding accountable the companies who have gotten a sweetheart deal to drill public property for far too long. Anyone who wants to profit from resources that belong to all American taxpayers should pay their fair share. This is an important step toward fixing a wildly irresponsible system that has given so much to massive corporations at the expense of everyone who enjoys the great outdoors.” —Chris Marshall spokesperson for Accountable.US

Maine Republicans Censured After Blaming Lewiston Shootings On Abortion Access
Don't stop with Maine.

Swalwell Compares Standing With Trump To Standing With Terrorists
Don't forget traitors as well.

Meet The Men Behind Arizona's 1864 Abortion Ban
These the scumbags that robbed our rights? I got this for them. And I guarantee I wipe my ass with this hand.

Morning Joe On New Polls: Trump May Want To Jump Off The Brooklyn Bridge
No harm to hope.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: I'm Not Full Of Sh*t, You're Full Of Sh*t
I know you are but what am I?
Where's Pee Wee now that we could turn him loose on her.

Trump’s Viral Chick-Fil-A Scene Was Staged Photo-Op
Incredibly shocking!
Hitler's children at work. They are devils for certain.

'She's so good at this': Stormy Daniels issues Trump burn on eve of hush money trial
Nut cuttin' and bitch slappin'!
"I love this woman," replied X user Leon Kings. "Say it how it is! No-one would peddle a bible, gold sneakers, bits of an old suit, playing cards, unless they're desperate. Yet, here we are, the man is running for President ! Billionaire, my a--- !"br>

'Pathetic and unAmerican': Liz Cheney goes on attack against 'Moscow Marge' Taylor Greene
Thanks, Liz. She deverves it.

'Sounds like a veiled threat': Jim Acosta highlights troubling part of recent Trump tirade
"Remember... he tweeted [about the January 6th 'Stop the Steal' rally], 'Will be wild!'" Eisen recalled. "In that context, with the repeated history of his words leading to risk and danger and violence, that's why this gag order is in place. Contrary to what he said, it's not unusual. And when he says his people get angry, that should be a flashing red light."
Referring to his terrorist traitors, no doubt.

'Kill case with kindness': Expert suspects motive behind Aileen Cannon's pro-Smith rulings
"In his column for the Bulwark, Rotner suggested Cannon is all too aware that her "bizarre rulings" — predominately in favor of the embattled Trump — have not only been the subject of ridicule but also have been piling up in such a way that the sheer volume could lead to her forced recusal by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals."
She can read the handwriting on the wall.

Trump shares post slamming stock market for not getting his 'Michelangelo'-level genius
"Former President Donald Trump Friday made a new addition to his list of institutions that are conspiring against him: the stock market."

Truth Social shares hit grim milestone as price sinks again
Trump junk.

Lauren Boebert: Scandals And Controversies
Tracking scandals and controversies involving Rep. Lauren Boebert, Republican congresswoman from Colorado.

Leonard Leo: Scandals And Controversies
Tracking scandals and controversies involving Leonard Leo, a conservative judicial activist and major donor to conservative right-wing causes.

Kristi Noem: Scandals And Controversies
Tracking scandals and controversies involving South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Noem Claimed Native American Tribal Leaders Have An Alliance With Drug Cartels.

Supreme Court: Scandals And Controversies
Tracking scandals and controversies involving the US Supreme Court. Justices Samuel Alito And Clarence Thomas Accepted Gifts From Conservative Donors.

Why a Porn Star-Payoff Is Exactly the Right First Criminal Trial for Donald Trump
"This caper did not arise from an abuse of power; it did not concern a serious governmental matter. But it casts a light on an important slice of Trump’s origin story: his cultivation of a sordid and crude celebrity infused with misogyny. Trump’s fame—which led him to his reality TV gig with The Apprentice which led to his political career—was a product of schlock media that fed on his well-orchestrated bad-boy behavior and sexism. The jury’s job will be to decide whether Trump violated New York State law by attempting to hide the payment to Daniels as a business expense. But the trial will mean more than that and put on the witness stand the trashy world of Donald Trump."

Fox News, Far-Right Podcasters Sued For Linking Wrong Man To Neo-Nazi Shooting
Podcasters Tim Pool and Steven Crowder and Infowars host Owen Shroyer are listed as defendants, among others.
Why are these Fox idiots still allowed to broadcasting?

O’Donnell Tees Off On Trump’s “Horror Movie” Makeup
Trump can't seem to find a good makeup artist. His ears and the area around his eyes are always white as snow while the rest of his face looks like a dead banana slug.
It's very surprising that all men that think he's the tits don't wear the same clown face that Trump does. Says a lot about them.

Ohio Church Sues “White Lives Matter” Nazi Group Over 2023 Firebomb Attack After Hosting Drag Show
"A church in Ohio that suffered an arson attack last year after it agreed to host drag shows has sued the guilty party and members of the extremist group he is affiliated with for damages."

Trump Lawyer Leaves Team, Expected To Testify For Prosecutors
Donnie can't seem to win for losing. Yes, he is a loser.

Shame Shame Shame: On the Hovering Glory Of A Forced-Birth God Almighty
The definition of retarded.
"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell.

Nice Old Joe Biden Announces Even More Student Debt Forgiveness
"The same people who loved the $14 trillion in tax cuts from Bush and Trump are having conniptions. They didn't mind that particular kind of public spending, did they?"

The Not-So-Hidden Reason For Republicans’ Student Loan Anger
"We mustn’t underestimate that a good portion of the white tears shed after Biden’s historic announcement also came from the jealousy of not being given another tax break. Because Republicans actually love welfare - as long as it favors them. They enjoyed four years of handouts under Trump and never complained. Hell, why would they? They were winning."
“I don’t hear any of these Republicans squawking when we give massive tax breaks to billionaires,” Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), told George Stephanopoulos, on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning program.

Conservative ex-governor slams bombshell Arizona Supreme Court decision — from justices he appointed
"Passed when Abraham Lincoln was president and Arizona was still a territory, the law was rendered unenforceable by the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling 109 years later. But with Roe having been overturned in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization in 2022, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled, 4-2, that the 1864 law is enforceable once again."

MAGA fan tells CNN: 'Trump is so doggone close' to Jesus
These people are so small minded. They don't seem to realize is that anyone can pray anytime and anywhere they want.
What was removed from their "prayer memories" is the organized practice of any sort of religion in public school--it is unconstitutional. Would they like it if organized Muslim service was held in public school? Or Judaism service was held? None of that in a public school. Go to your church, temple or mosque to do it. You are free to do so. The fact is if you want to pray, pray.
The fact is Trump is nothing like Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was a Jewish zealot. Trump is a criminal con man.

'Gibberish': Trump's rant about 'Letitia Jones' causes 'mental decline' uproar
"...It was a veritable showcase of the three 'D's' - desperation, delusion, and dementia."
He has become an embarrassment to America.

Latest "masculinity influencer": Another dudebro guiding followers into deeper loneliness
Self-described "alpha male" Nick Adams is offering young men "advice" that will only alienate them even further

CO GOP Rep Leaves Loaded Gun In Capitol Restroom
What on earth did he think he needed a gun for in the latrine of the state capitol?
These gun nuts are the defectives of our world.

US Embassy Warns Of Possible Iranian Strike On Israel
This could start the big one.

Leonard Leo Rejects Subpoena On Gifts To Justices
This is what Trump fascism has led us to: rejection of law and order. Nazi despotism.

Senate Republicans furious over Trump trying to derail FISA bill
The moron keeps sticking his stupid nose into places he has no business.
And the only reason is to show power. He doen't care about anyone or anything but himself.

British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I’ve Read
"If being a twat was a TV show, Trump would be the boxed set."

Watch Seth Meyers drag Trump's desperate lies about his abortion policies
"Donald Trump is desperately trying to convince people that he's not an extremist on abortion, after proudly taking credit for overturning Roe v. Wade,” he said, “which has now led to a horrendous ruling in Arizona outlawing almost all abortions in the state based on a Civil War-era law."
The definition of "Shit For Brains!"

Trumpworld allies oppose threats to oust 'MAGA' Mike Johnson: report
It doesn't take a pschyiatrist to know these people are mentally ill.
How many laws must they make on top of the same law to believe in law?
They waste America's time and take our tax money because of it.

GOP lawmaker: Maine mass shooting 'consequences' from God for allowing reproductive rights
I don't know why anyone with a heart and soul would follow that "God."
A pile of garbage is more useful than these lame idiots.

Joe Biden 2024 Accomplishments
Tracking accomplishments made in 2024 by President Joe Biden.
In PDF document you may download freely.

'A new level': Trump mocked for pushing law to ban something 'already against the law'
Stupidity personified.

Ex-prosecutor reveals the 'most devastating witness' to Trump's hush money defense
"Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman, who now serves as a legal analyst for the Los Angeles Times, pinpointed one witness he believes will be the 'most devastating' in Donald Trump's hush money criminal case."

'Scared' Trump has 'something deep to lose' at hush money trial: ex-president's biographer
"O'Brien went on to say that he thinks the fact that Trump can't use this case to his benefit is only now dawning on him."

Americans Have Enjoyed Imagining Civil War for a Long, Long Time
The “What if we had a big ol’ fight?” genre is back, this time on the big screen.

The GOP Is the Party of Putin
Of this there is no doubt. Few Americans can be counted among this cult.
"The Republican party is now poised to let a brave, democratic ally be defeated by the power that the last GOP presidential nominee save one called “without question, our number one greatest geopolitical foe.” One member of Congress has sworn to introduce a resolution to vacate the speaker’s chair if Johnson puts aid for Ukraine on the floor. And the entertainment wing of conservatism—most egregiously Tucker Carlson—has gone into full truckling mode toward the ex-KGB colonel in the Kremlin."

Is the Anti-Democracy Movement Reaching a Tipping Point in the US & Around the World?
The real question at the core of the Ukraine conflict, is simple &straightforward: “What’s the best way for humans to govern themselves?”
Then let's go ahead and push the motherfuckers right over the side of the tip they've created.

Pastors respond after Trump says Christianity is under attack
Real Pastors set the record straight for a change.
Trump is a Christo-fascist taking advantage of the same Nazis and should be shunned by Christians.
"When I was young we were allowed to break laws by praticing only our real religion in a public school." sez an ignorant fascist.
Fascist Mega-preachers will get what they deserve.

Missouri Republican: What If You Had To Have A Unanimous Jury To Kill Someone?
Why does it matter in a shithole state like Missouri where a judge could have anyone he wants murdered?
More vicious than a Hitler Nazi?

Biden Campaign Getting Good At Tweeting Like Common A-Hole Liberal Viral Video Guy
"No sooner had we hit “publish” than the Biden campaign tweeted another fun video, this time of that creeper bigot Michael Knowles from Ben Shapiro’s wife-drying operation The Daily Wire, reminding us all EXACTLY who to thank for the overturning of Roe v. Wade."
“Donald Trump did it. He gets the credit for it!”
Nicely done, stupid. We hope this gets your boy stomped to death at the polls.

Biden to close ‘gun-show loophole’ and expand background checks for firearms
"The Biden administration is moving to expand background checks for gun purchases, fulfilling a key demand of advocates following the deadly shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas."
It's time to get this done.

Ohio police release body camera video of officer shooting 15-year-old boy who family says had toy gun
We'd have all been shot to death when we were kids. We played with cap guns all the time. No one cared. I even had a facsimile of a Russian pistol. But I am white.
Racist cops are a threat to the Black race.

FBI concerned about possible coordinated attack in US after Russia massacre
In the crosshairs.

'The best people': Trump drowned in mockery after his lawyers subpoena the wrong person
"Former President Donald Trump's efforts to prepare for his New York hush money trial in a few days have hit a humiliating snag, as his attorneys tried to subpoena former D.A. investigator Jeremy Rosenberg — and accidentally brought in a different person with the same name."

CDC Reports Recent Doubling In New Mpox Cases
Does it infect Orange Shit Gibbons?

Trump: I Know The Chick-Fil-A Menu Better Than Staff
Something that we look for in a president? I'm sure he gets a salad every time.
The Lord eats chicken on Sundays? What dumbass! ROTFLMAO!

Iowa Gov Signs Bill Allowing Cops To Arrest Migrants
Migrants have been performing labor for America forever and getting screwed for doing it.

Cartoon: Tom the Dancing Bug presents Trump's Illustrated Bible
Says it all.

Why are we still suffering inflation? Monopoly power!
When there's no competition they can can rob us blind. Take them down by changing the laws that allow it.
"Corporate profits reached a record high in the fourth quarter of last year. And they’re keeping their prices sky-high."
These are the crooks we should ALL be angry with! "The only thing that’s popular these days seems to be corporate price gouging."
"Just four companies now control processing of 80 percent of beef, nearly 70 percent of pork, and almost 60 percent of poultry. So of course it’s easy for them to coordinate price increases."
"Kudos to the Biden administration for enforcing antitrust more aggressively than any administration in the last 40 years. It’s taken action against alleged price fixing in the meat industry — which has been a problem for decades." Screw these corpratons.

'Alarmed': Legal expert says ex-president is showing 'desperation' over criminal case
Criminals are always desperate.

'No way that is happening now': Judge Cannon effectively eliminates July trial schedule
This fascist must be removed from the bench.

"They're still playing games": Ex-prosecutor warns Trump may face asset seizure over invalid bond
Judge Arthur Engoron is "going to have very little patience here," predicts ex-assistant NY AG Adam Pollock
Throw him and his Nazis in jail.

RNC Robocalls Claim “Massive Fraud” In 2020 Election
Totally top notch humor! We know who the fucking frauds are. They can't hide their fraud because they are so proud they can do SOMETHING!
And Lara keep your mouth shut! It's only a photo.

Johnson To Hold “Election Integrity” Event With Trump

Trump Loses Third Attempt To Delay NYC Criminal Trial
And you'll have to be there every day, Shit Gibbon.

Lawsuit Claims Truth Social Director Hacked Investors
I'm guessing that's a crime.

Tuberville: Ukraine Takes US$ And Buys 'Beach Houses All Over The World’
"These people can't buy any more houses than what they've bought. They've got beach houses all over the world," said Tuberville on Newsmax.
He couldn't have said it any better than Valdimir Putin. What a Russian asset piece of shit.

'Open season to kill': GOP leader wants to 'deputize' civilians with guns in case of emergencies
Careful what you want, Nazis. You might get it.

Maine GOP lawmaker doubles down on comments defending Nazis
"Let’s talk about the Nazis," Libby said. "I would like to know what they did that was illegal...."
Can she be that fucking stupid? Many of us find the genocide of the Jews pretty fucking awful. Did you forget that one? You won't equivocate that will you? These fucking bastards are the same scum. You're as deluded and stupid as Hitler. Nazis should never have any Constitutional rights IMO. They

New York Times Couldn't Possibly Guess How Voters Will React To Arizona Abortion Ruling, It's A Mystery
"This week, Arizona’s extremist partisan hack state supreme court ruled that the state’s batshit 1864 total abortion ban, which was passed long before Arizona was even a state, can be enforced.
And the New York Times just doesn’t have a darn clue what voters are going to do about that, in this extremely swingy/trending blue state. It’s a shame we don’t have any data to look at to light our path of understanding. You know, except for all this data."

Will the Congressional Putin Caucus Give Ally Ukraine to a Bloodthirsty Dictator?
If we fail to aid Ukraine and Russia succeeds in overwhelming that country, expect Putin to head to Moldova and Poland or the Baltic states next: his generals and his #2, Dmitry Medvedev have said so.

Do the Right-Wing Grifters Ever Actually Pay?
A reckoning is coming for them.

The Future of the Federal Judiciary Is on the Ballot This November, Too
"Who is on the bench matters in a major way for the life of our nation. Republicans know this—which is why the Federalist Society and the broader decades-long conservative legal movement exist, and why Mitch McConnell has long been focused above all else on remaking the judiciary. When Americans go to the polls this November, they should remember that they’re voting not just for a president but for the direction the federal judiciary will take long into the future.
Take a moment to share this article with your friends and acquaintances on social media."

Fascist State
There are degrees of political insanity. After its recent Republican primary elections, Texas approaches a psychotic break.
We knew it would happen.

So, Fake Images of Trump With Black Voters Are a Thing Now
And this is just the beginning.
"What is reality?" We can now all begin to wonder if we haven't already.

Trump camp dismayed as RFK Jr. starts aggressively courting MAGA voters: report
There's a new Nazi in town.

'Cowardice': Foundation accused of snubbing Liz Cheney because it's terrified of Trump
"Presidential scholar and former White House photographer David Hume Kennerly issued a scathing letter of resignation criticizing the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation after it repeatedly refused to give Liz Cheney its annual award, he says, because the trustees are afraid of possible retribution if Donald Trump wins the presidential election."
None of these idiots deserve to leaders if they are all cowards, which they are.

Arizona Senator Mocks “God-Haters” Over Criticism After Leading “Tongues Prayer” Against Abortion Ruling
Dear boy, no one hates God. But he has a knack for pissing people off with his arrogant complex.

Trump Rages That DOJ “Animals” May Get Him Jailed
Whiney baby! He looks better in this alternate mug shot.

GA Dildo Shop Replaces RNC Minority Outreach Center
What a bunch of dicks!
Will she please keep her mouth closed?

Ohio Republican Accused In Massive Bribery Scandal Dies By Suicide, Second Republican To Do So In Case
Setting the example for the remainder of the MAGAt crooks.

Biden Announces New Student Debt Plan, Of Course GOP States Sue
The only way stupid can get government funds it appears since they refuse it honestly.

Clueless FBN Guest: 'Not The Worst Thing In The World' Women Forced To Travel For An Abortion
"What if he had to travel to get a prescription for erection drugs?
Gloria Steinem had it right. 'If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.' Someone needs to tell these clueless sexist idiots that if they remain this out of touch with most of the country on abortion and women's reproductive health, a storm is coming for them in November."

Fox Guest: Arizona Abortion Ruling 'Almost Seems Scripted'
"The law — which was codified in 1901, and again in 1913 — outlaws abortion from the moment of conception but includes an exception to save the woman’s life."
That Civil War-era law — enacted a half-century before Arizona even gained statehood — was never repealed and an appellate court ruled last year that it could remain on the books as long as it was “harmonized” with a 2022 law, leading to substantial confusion in Arizona regarding exactly when during a pregnancy abortion was outlawed."
Again — retards.

Speed of AI development is outpacing risk assessment
Matrix, here we come!

GOP senator gloats: 'Republicans and Trump worked hard to overturn Roe v. Wade'
There's no escape for Trump here.

Trump legal news brief: Trump motion to delay hush money trial rejected by second appeals court judge in two days
See you in court, Donnie.

TX Gov. Abbott Claims Credit For Strong U.S. Jobs Numbers
Abbott is the definition of a classic shameless liar.
It's all about Texas according to him. Sorry, but I have been a Texas resident for half a century. Bullshit is what Abbott shamelessly deals in. He's emulating the King of Lies, Trump.

Newsrooms should treat the electorate like the hiring committee it actually is
At its core, the electorate is a hiring committee for public servants. Yet very few of the best practices for hiring are followed in the process.
"At its core, the electorate is the hiring committee for the public servants who hold some of the most important offices locally, regionally and nationally. Yet very few of the best practices for hiring are followed in this process."

Trump bumped from Bloomberg's list of billionaires as Truth Social stocks plummet
Trump was never fit to be a leader of our country.

Trump's GOP is 'actively pro-Russian': Financial Times columnist
He's actively in it for himself, the worst creature walking.

Trump busts the myth behind the MAGA rich
Trump's "nice countries" comment proves rich MAGA voters share the prejudices of the cheap seats
Just say no to these miscreant swine.

GOP Michigan Senate Candidate Busted Living In Florida
Another one fails his country.

Top RFK Official Attended J6 Rally, Posed With Kraken
Shame, shame. Kennedy is a Trump supporter wearing his brother's clothes.

TODAY: Ex-Trump Org CFO Gets Sentenced For Perjury
The end is nigh.

McCarthy: Gaetz Ousted Me To Stop Sex/Ethics Probe
Only 17? Really? Why stop there?
Gaetz is just another scumbag. Throw them all out with the trash.

Biden Ad Goes For The Gut: This Is Trump's Fault
Biden's new ad on abortion reveals horror of 'letting the states decide'.
Trump is a swine and the world knows it.

Gingrich Lies To Justify Trump's Hackneyed Abortion Policy
There is no bottom for bottom-feeder Newt Gingrich, who lied on air about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's comments regarding Roe v. Wade.
Nice try, you lying prick.
Trump and RBG are not on the same side and never were.

Judge Cannon 'resents' having to protect witnesses against Trump: Former prosecutor
This should show everyone how much of a Nazi this woman is. She should be disbarred.
"Judge Aileen Cannon appears to "resent" having to take steps to protect witnesses against former President Donald Trump from threats in his Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance told MSNBC's Joy Reid on Tuesday.
This comes after Cannon, a South Florida judge appointed by Trump himself, agreed to protect the names of certain government witnesses against Trump — after special counsel Jack Smith demanding protection for several witnesses he warned would be vulnerable."

The Republican plan for US workers
"The last time the right wing was this organized was probably back in 1994, when Newt Gingrich published his 'Contract with America.' Some of us were so appalled by its contents that we referred to it as a plan for a gangster hit, a 'Contract on America.'
This year, they’re back with a vengeance. All of which is to say that if you work for a living, or if you know and love people who do, there’s a lot on the line in this year’s election. We can’t sit this one out."

Florida Christian School Cancels “Demonic” Autism Awareness Week Because It Doesn’t Acknowledge Jesus
A Nation of clueless fools wil lead us to our downfall.

Poll: 44% Of Recent Gun Buyers Back Political Violence
What's the polling on their casualty list?
"About 42% of owners of assault-type rifles said political violence could be justified, rising to 44% of recent gun purchasers, and a staggering 56% of those who always or nearly always carry loaded guns in public."
That means that 58% don't and only the ones that admit they carry are in this polling. The smart ones keep their mouths tight. No one knows for sure about them, eh?

'Incredible showdown' as ex-military leaders warn SCOTUS Trump 'immunity' threatens national security
Finally. An ultimatum. We know what this will lead to.

Ted Cruz slapped with campaign finance laws violation complaint
The fascists are getting what they deserve, finally.

Courts are losing patience with 'dead loser' Trump’s 'flailing' delay tactics: legal experts
Then try him regardless of any attempted stall tactics.

'Arming up for anticipated civil conflict': Study says gun buyers prone to 'political violence'
Generals, here are your domestic enemies now.

Trump’s Legal Argument Threatens Constitutional Democracy
Of course it does. He's bound and determined to take this country down or die trying.
Which would you prefer?

Trump Voter Claims 'Putin Wants To Go Back To Good Morality'
Back when? I'll wait for the answer but will not hold my breath.

Jack Smith Urges SCOTUS To Reject Trump's Absurd Immunity Claim
I just heard our former Generals do too. I would say that also means current miltary leaders. That doesn't look good for the Nazi future.
Looks like our final war will begin sometime in July. Get your affairs in order. Helter Skelter will come down fast.

Georgia Woman Shoots Florida Drivers Because God Told Her To
Now, now. Which was it? Because of the solar eclipse or because God threw the moon in front of it?
His choice of sharpshooters was a little off the mark.

The Top 12 Signs God Is Raining Down Judgment On Us All (One Is Just Some Purring Cat!) Tabs, Tues., April 9, 2024
"Donald Trump begged the appeals court to stay/delay his criminal trial coming up in New York, starting April 15. They told him to fuck off.

Arizona’s Abortion Ban and 10 Commandments Bill Are Peak MAGA Madness.
These people don't live in the 21st Century. What esle do we expect irresponsible Sahelanthropus tchadensis to do?

‘It’s Crap. Pure Crap’: Senators Look To Quickly Dismiss Mayorkas Impeachment
If it comes from MAGAts it is the worst form of it that can be found in our universe.

White Rural Rage: The Secret Political Force Shaping America's Future
Is the GOP’s cynical manipulation of religion, gender, and race enough to keep them voting to hurt themselves and enrich Republican fat-cats?
"The astonishing paradox, though, is how Republican politicians regularly crap on their own voters in rural America. Instead of offering help or solutions to rural problems, the GOP and conservative media instead feed them a steady diet of xenophobic and racist fear and hate."

Thoughts for the Day After the Apocalipsical Rapturing
"I put these thoughts through the keyboard to anyone still on this planet tomorrow, the day so many were raptured off and are now looking back at us poor souls still marooned here trying to make sense of our earthly existence. With so many gone who had it all figured out, the sun might just rise on a brighter day for those of us left behind."

'He's just so stupid': Morning Joe panel can't hide disgust with latest Trump 'crazy lies'
Very true. But what is stupider is the idiots that can't see through the filthy lies the trashman perpetuates.

'Judges didn't have time to stop laughing': Trump's failed hush money trial bid mocked
"Former President Donald Trump was dealt a humiliating blow on Monday when a judge immediately dismissed his push to delay the April 15 date of his Manhattan hush money trial."

Are you finally with her? The Hillary Clinton paradox
Ignore Hillary Clinton at your own peril
Yes, Hiil. People are really that stupid.

Senate Candidate Eric Hovde: Nursing Home Residents Shouldn’t Vote Because They Are Too Close To Death
This whining little shitstack can fuck off. Why do these cowards want to stop people from voting? Because the swine bastards can't win elections otherwise! He's too stupid to run for office or vote!

Fox's Tarlov Hits Trump For Trying To 'Have It Both Ways' On Abortion Issue
"He wants to be responsible for getting rid of Roe v. Wade and then he also wants to be able to say it isn't me, right?"
The cowardly traitor is never guilty of anything according to him. Swine.

'Disinformation': Greene pushes pro-Putin propaganda in 'war on Christianity' rant
No love of country here. Total love of self. She lies like a rug.

The End of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Marks the End of an Era
"But David is not only the last of the 'Jewish comedians'; he is also one of the last comedians whose work defies Hollywood’s increasingly awkward embrace of 'wokeness.' Awkward not because endorsing racial and gender diversity is an unworthy goal, but because the entertainment industry seems to believe wokeness is primarily about avoiding offense."
Great essay. But the author is wrong in his opinion of Larry's conclusion with "betrays the humanistic elements." He amplifies them.

Anti-MAGA Republicans urged to form 'GOP in exile' to overthrow Trump from outside party
"Constitutional expert Jonathan Rauch and Peter Wehner, who served in the administrations of Ronald Reagan and the governments of both Bushes, wrote if Trump wins, Republicans who oppose him need to learn from Charles De Gaulle’s Free France government that operated from London after the nation fell to the Germans in World War II."

Trump’s 'baffling' bond with evangelicals reaches 'level we haven’t seen before': expert
The false institution of religion at work.

MAGA groups plot new campaign to 'intimidate and harass voters and election officials'
In other words so they can rig the vote. The swine.

This Land Is My Land: Inside the Growing Movement to Fight Conservation
"Google “America’s Best Idea” and you’ll find there’s a clear frontrunner: our national parks. The United States has 63 now, including southern swamps and deep mountain canyons and forests of saguaro cacti, a collection of beloved landscapes that stretches, to quote the familiar song, “from sea to shining sea.”

Fox & Friends Amplifies — And Fails to Fact Check — Trump’s False Claim That Democrats Want to Execute Babies
All are certifiably insane.

Fox News Anchor Shakes Her Head as Republican Refuses to Commit to Accepting 2024 Election: ‘If Trump Wins, It’s Fair. If Biden Wins, It’s Not Fair?
The same response you'd get from spoiled kids: "It's my ball, therefore my rules." Fuck the Nazis.

Trump: I Only Want Immigrants Coming From “Nice” Countries Such As Denmark, Norway, And Switzerland
White only need apply sez the asswipe.

'Set things straight': Chilling poll shows how far Republicans are willing to go
This shows just how dispicably diseased these zombies are even if it's made up.

Trump Claims Biden Defecated On Oval Office Desk
Trump's forgotten he did that himself. He's so demented.

Trump’s $175 Million Fraud Bond Has Shady Loophole
"The little-known insurance company that rescued Donald Trump by providing a last-minute $175 million bank fraud bond isn’t just unlicensed in New York; it hasn’t even been vetted by a voluntary state entity that would verify it meets minimum “eligibility standards” to prove financial stability."
Back alley Don.

Feds Nab Suspect In Arson At Bernie Sanders’ Office
Throw the book at him.

Abbott Blames Biden For His Own Shipping Of Migrants
Ever the irresponsible coward.

'I must disagree': Trump's own fans reject his latest GOP endorsement on Truth Social
Donald Trump took to Truth Social on Sunday to endorse a Republican lawmaker, but the former president's own fans rejected the suggestion.
They're bigger Nazis than he is.

'Confidence trick': Internet calls out Trump over unverified $50 million fundraising night
His lies are catching him.

Big Oil Ignores Millions of Climate Deaths When Billions in Profit Are at Stake
"Human activity in a profit-driven world divided by nation-states and those who have rights and those who don’t is the primary driver of climate change. Burning fossil fuels and destroying forests have caused inestimable environmental harm by producing a warming effect through the artificial concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."

Tennessee GOP Wants to Ban Reparations. Black Tennesseans Are Fighting Back
Land of the Happy Negro is upset that their Negroes are so uppity.

'That bank has problems': New questions raised about Trump appeals bond insurer
"Questions raised by New York Attorney General Letitia James about the man who stepped in to finance Donald Trump's $175 million appeals bond took center stage on MSNBC's "The Weekend" on Sunday morning with even more questions being raised."

‘Mischief and problems’: rightwing activists ramp up drive to hand-count ballots
MAGAt Nazis fucking around.
Retarded hand count recalls 19th Century Luddites. This is anti-democratic larceny in action.

'It gets worse': Former prosecutor slams Trump's newest 'utterly astonishing message'
The nitwit is behaving like a wounded animal.

'Trump is threatening violence on Americans': Internet pounces on ex-president's new video
Attorney Daniel Miller said, "Trump is threatening violence on Americans."
He has no other recourse. This is the naked truth on a mentally ill failed brain.

'Put his behind in jail': MSNBC host pounces on Trump after new 'unhinged' judge attack
He's not alone. We all want to know why the former president hasn't been jailed for making threats.
We are either a country of law or a country of crime.

WaPo: GOP Senate Candidate Lied About War Wound
If you won't believe their first lie they will try another one.

CO GOP Chair Ejects “Unfair” Reporter From Event
"A Colorado Sun politics reporter was escorted out of the state GOP assembly by a sheriff’s deputy Saturday after being told that party Chairman Dave Williams found her “current reporting to be very unfair.”
MAGAt Nazi trash ejects veteran reporter because she knows he's a liar. In America. How did we get this low-down?

Fox Biz Claims Trump Lead In Early Polls Explains Great Jobs Report
It's never Trump's fault when things are bad and always attributed to him when Bidenomics rock
This is how we know Trump is losing and losing badly.
Don't forget, this is from the "Great Horseshit Channel."

Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry Threatens Female Athletes Because Did You Think He Wouldn't?
"Don’t criticize Mr. Landry for rushing to condemn a protest that didn’t happen, just because the thing that didn’t happen involved Black women who bounce balls! He has seen Black girls bounce a basketball once or twice, back in the day. His mother even let one use the locker room once!"
How ignorant can a human be?
Government has never been worth a fuck in this backward state.

So, What Can We Do About the Naked Corruption of the Supreme Court?
Replacing Thomas, Alito, and Kavanaugh would take the balance of the Court back to where it was in 1973, before Nixon decided to drive Fortas out with bogus charges. There may be a way.

"Locker Room Talk" and Unquestioned Loyalty to Trump
Is it any wonder that Trump has said “I love the poorly educated.”
"Something is wrong with people so resistant to even the evidence of things they saw with their own eyes or heard with their own ears. We may not be able to persuade them with enough evidence to change their minds, but we can’t pretend they aren’t there. We can’t shrink from speaking out against their willed ignorance. We can't afford such airy dismissal of the clear and present danger these fascists and their friends at Fox represent to democracy, to the rule of law, and to the U.S. Constitution."

RFK Jr. Statement Claims Rioters “Carried No Weapons”
Yet another lying shitbag defending treason.

Biden Campaign Reports Record $90M Raised In March
The Biden campaign on Saturday announced a staggering haul of $90 million in the month of March, buoyed by a major New York City fundraiser and another strong month of grassroots donations.

March fundraising numbers show Biden significantly outpacing Trump
The Biden reelection campaign and Democratic National Committee significantly outraised former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party last month, new fundraising numbers show.

Biden-Harris campaign raised historic $187 million in first quarter of fundraising

Giuliani: God Sends “Communist States” Earthquakes
He also sends subpoenas to persons of interest and sticks some of them in a courtroom and jail.

Trump's health questioned by expert after his latest doctor refuses to reveal details
I'll bet his doc doesn't want his health report made public.

Trump's 'rambling incoherence' sets off alarms as his rally 'craziness' ramps up: analyst
But, but his doc says he's fit as a fiddle with a broken string.

'Dumpster fire': Experts predict swing state ballot chaos due to DeJoy’s USPS overhau
Then throw the fascist bastard DeJoy into it.

Trump’s bizarre, vindictive incoherence has to be heard in full to be believed
Not for people who are as crazy as he is.
What's left of his mind is barely working.

'You're ignorant': Joe Biden's granddaughter 'curb stomps' billionaire investor's claims
She's being nice about it.

Fox Host: “If Trumpism Is A Cult, So Is Oktoberfest”
Said one of the many cult leaders. They've not learned how to make an argument. Rather, they are an example of Palov's Dog routine and are not under conscious control.

TX Supreme Court Justice: Dems Will Cheat In Election
MAGAt using more Trump tactics. Trump has made crooks of all his worshippers.

Rioters Claim They’ve Sued Cops For Excessive Force
Now the traitors are using Trump publicity tactics. Disgusting trash.

Alabama GOP Arresting...Librarians
Alabama Republicans Try to 'Criminalize Librarians Simply for Doing Their Jobs'
Land of the Happy Negro retards at work.

A Karen Loses It In Kansas City Airport Over Gender-Neutral Bathroom
Imagine getting upset over this. This poor little punkin:(
I guess she's never been out of her house before. Completely unaware and clueless.

'The worst flop ever': How Texas’ MAGA governor ruined Eagle Pass’ solar eclipse weekend
It's time to show this creep the door.

Indigenous reservation bans Kristi Noem after accusing her of spreading 'gossip and lies'
This is a good start. Keep it up America!

Sacramento Diocese Files For Bankruptcy Amid Lawsuits
"The Diocese of Sacramento announced that they had officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It comes months after the diocese announced its intentions to file for bankruptcy in the wake of more than 250 lawsuits claiming sexual abuse by clergy and other staff."
Anoher one bites the dust.

Televangelist: Pray In Tongues To Stop Witch Attacks
“Let me give you three primary signs that either you’re operating in witchcraft or the spirit of witchcraft is operating against you. Number one, manipulation, number two, intimidation and number three, domination."
He's describing Trump. Trump is a Warlock!

RFK Jr. Fundraisers Tied to J6ers, QAnoners, Christian Nationalists, and Far-Right Extremists
Really bright move, Jr.

'You are well aware': CNN host debunks ex-Trump lawyer's docs argument live on air
What Trusty (some name) means is it all depends on what "WTF" means.

RFK Jr. sugar daddies exposed as MAGA-loving anti-vax extremists
Bamboozler and Hoodwinker. Go home, Jr.

'Girl you are insane': MTG slammed for claiming earthquake was sign from God
We all know it was the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Maybe Marge is the one that should pay attention.

Worried about threats to workers and voters, states move to restrict guns at voting sites
At least a half-dozen states have introduced legislation this year that would either explicitly ban firearms at polling locations or expand existing restrictions.
No gunfighters. Only voters needed.

No, crime has not ‘skyrocketed’ under Joe Biden, as Rep. Nancy Mace claimed
Overall violent crime and homicides are down during Biden’s presidency. Some property crimes are also down, though motor vehicle theft notably rose
The people that claim crime has ‘skyrocketed’ under Joe Biden are cowards.

Judge Aileen Cannon Files Her Dumb Response To Jack Smith, It’s Super Dumb
"Wednesday, we discussed Special Counsel Jack Smith putting federal judge/MAGA den mother Aileen Cannon on notice that he was getting to the end of his rope with her judicial idiocy."
This wild Cannon cannot be trusted.

What if the Person the Majority of Americans Voted for Became President?
Yesterday, the State of Maine took America one giant step closer to ending the antidemocratic grip the GOP’s had on our presidential elections.
It's the way we should be — one person, one vote. End the goddamn rigged Electoral College.

Dirty Rotten Bastards and Bimbos: Why I Have No Friends at Fox
"So on it goes, with Republicans installed in strategic positions of power throughout the land, and Fox made that possible. Which is why I can find no friends at Fox.
Nor should you, unless you want people like them to be writing the history of these times a century or so further down the drain, explaining to us all how America was saved from collapse, chaos, and carnage by Trump-following Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, patriots and patriarchs willing to shit on congressional desks, not to mention the U.S. Constitution."

'There will be a civil war': Trump fans rage after Georgia judge orders trial to proceed
And it will be their undoing.

"Screws up female brains": MAGA leaders are conditioning Republicans to back birth control bans
Charlie Kirk says the pill causes "angry, bitter young ladies" who vote for Democrats to get "free stuff"
These people are all sick traitors to the U.S.

Kennedy Money Beg Calls Capitol Rioters “Activists”
So, he's joined the traitors. A total hypocrite. He and Trump are two of a kind. A disgrace to the Kennedy family and America.

Florida Man Carrying Bible Climbs And Trashes 150-Foot Cell Tower, Causes Up To $500,000 In Damage
Need we speak any more about the reason a disclaimer should be at the front of the book he carries?

Israel agrees to increase humanitarian aid delivery to Gaza under U.S. pressure
"Why it matters: The U.S. had asked Israel to implement those steps months ago but Netanyahu, who is in a tenuous political position in Israel, has been under pressure from his political base and ultranationalist members of his coalition to limit aid into Gaza."

Labor Dept Reports 303,000 New Jobs In March
"The unemployment rate edged lower to 3.8%, as expected. In the key average hourly earnings measure, wages rose 0.3% for the month and 4.1% from a year ago, both in line with Wall Street estimates."

The Bible - The Donald J Trump Version
Not just your average, run of the mill Bible.
I wonder just where did this rube attend an education course of any sort. Must be that Butthurt U. he refers to?
He pays $60 for a book that's free in any hotel room and seems proud he did.
And he's still hiding behind it down to the "lie berry."
It's got the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance, none of which he probably has ever read due to illiteracy. Plus he says the book is "easily avoidable"! And how, brother! ROTFLMAO!
If this is best endorsement Trump can get he's also "easily avoidable" this fall.
Top notch moron humor!

Trump’s Bond Insurer Doesn’t Seem To Have The $175M It’s Guaranteeing
It sure looks like Team Trump tried – and failed – to pull a fast one on NY Attorney General Letitia James and the courts.
The usual con from a con. Jail will be the only solution for the traitor.

'Cannon caves': Legal experts say Judge Cannon’s latest ruling is 'a big loss for Trump'
I heard Lawrence Tribe saying she's playing a dangerous game with her gambit.

'I want a drug test': Trump floats idea President Biden is using cocaine
Why? The whole world knows Trump is a drug abuser. It's been exposed time after time. At his age he could drop dead at any time due to his abuse.
Trump administration was ‘awash with speed’ and prescription drugs, says report
Drugs including Ambien and Provigil were dished out without verifying the identities of patients, according to a report from the Defense Department’s (DoD) inspector general.
Tom Arnold Claims Donald Trump Snorted Adderall on 'The Apprentice' Set
"Donald Trump abused Adderall on the set & it made him crazy. He even snorted Adderall. Mark Burnett knew it. It's scary," he wrote in a tweet, accusing The Apprentice creator of knowing that the president took the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug.
Trump’s White House Was ‘Awash in Speed’ — and Xanax
Under Trump, the White House Medical Unit was “like the Wild West,” and staffers had easy access to powerful stimulants and sedatives, sources tell Rolling Stone

'Apocalyptic bloodlust': Conspiracy theorists push misinformation 'onslaught' over eclipse
"Our knowledge of eclipses predates our knowledge of gravity, algebra and toilet paper," Dickson explains. "We are well aware of their existence, and we are well aware of what causes them…. What the ancient Assyrians could not have possibly predicted, however, was the singular stupidity of the current incarnation of the American right.""
Alex Jones has been exposed as the fraud he is by the documentary "The Truth vs. Alex Jones." It is more than apparent he hasn't a clue about how guilty and stupid he looks. He's a pitiful excuse for a human being. How can idiots like him exist?
Answer: A steady stream of uneducated inbred nitwits.

'Democrats are coming after me': Ted Cruz reportedly 'getting nervous' about Senate seat
America is coming after you, you jerk.

'Positively pummeled': Cannon allows constitutional lawyers to trash Trump in new brief
Stick a fork in the scumbag.

Legal experts: DA can now use "highly relevant" evidence after judge rejects Trump's "absurd" motion
The immunity motion shows Trump legal team's "incompetence," law professor says
The dumbass and his shills are going down.

Ron DeSantis predicts Florida voters will reject ‘radical’ ballot measures to protect abortion rights, legalize recreational weed<br> Amen. Reject this jackwad and make him get a legitimate line of work.

Pastor Accused Of Drugging/Raping Teen Goes On Lam
We have a Christo-rapist runner. A bonefide groomer. Send out the robot hounds.
"I do not EVER want to hear some Jesus-bot lecturing me about morality. If you can't - or won't - police your own, you sure as hell don't have the moral authority to tell the rest of us what to do. That goes double for those in political office."— Ann Kah (comments)

Trump Rages As Truth Social Stock Continues To Slide
Mr. Zero kills everything he touches.

DC Bar review finds Jeffrey Clark broke ethics rules in helping Trump
All the Trump Crooks!

Delicate Little Manlet Donald Trump Lashes Out Over Criticism Of Truth Social<
The site has lost billions.
A sound investment for him.

Family of Hamas captive says Trump calling Jan. 6 defendants 'hostages' is 'painful'
These people are all thugs as Carl Rove called them.
Trump has no human empathy. He's a cipher of the worst kind.

New Rule Protects Civil Servants, Keeps Federal Workforce Independent
Our great President supports and protects American workers.

'Stupid': Billionaire investor says people buying 'scam' Trump media stock are 'dopes'
The tresonous confidence man created these suckers. They deserve skinning.

Trump's Lawyers Flunk Constitutional Law, Part Infinity
"But as a constitutional law scholar, I know that those writings, in fact, say the opposite. They say U.S. presidents are not absolutely immune from criminal prosecution.
If a student of mine had submitted a brief making the arguments that Trump and his lawyers assert in their Supreme Court filing, I would have given them an F."
We all know this. And therein lies the rub. Are these "judges" honest law-people or dispicable Nazis?

Trump Explodes As Jack Smith Calls Out Aileen Cannon
Has he had the deadly stroke yet?

The Orange Aberration Is Now Targeting The Judge's Wife
"Trump is trying to claim that Merchan's wife is biased, which he believes would disqualify Merchan. OK, so to put this in perspective, I'm the only Democrat in my family, so since there is a MAGA side of my family, that means that I'm a Trump supporter. I can't stop laughing. I fucking hate that delicate manlet. His thinking to disqualify the Judge is flawed, and attacking a man's wife and daughter isn't going to help Trump's case."
Haven't we had enough of the social cancer that he's spreading into our nation's lifebood?

Gosar And Biggs Subpoenaed In AZ Fake Electors Probe
Couldn't happen to a couple of crazier asshats.

Texas Gov. Abbott Says Americans Killed By Migrants Are Being Murdered ‘By Government Policy’
Greg Abbott is a dangerous liar. He's put America at risk with his fascist propraganda.
Read the next article below, please.

The truth about illegal immigration and crime
"Never mind that violent crime rates, especially for homicide in large cities, have fallen sharply during Biden’s presidency, after a surge during the pandemic. Trump, as he often did during his presidency, is using anecdotal evidence to make an emotional case against undocumented immigrants."
Greg Abbott is a dangerous liar.

Roseanne Barr: Drop Out Of College, It’s Nothing But “Devil-Worshiping Blood-Drinking Democrat Donors
"Madam Queen" calls for students to be a drop-out. Just emulate her path to successful loudmouth. She wants to corner the baby blood for herself!
"Sure, the college students I teach are eager to take advice from a drunk, washed up has-been. Hell, they'd have to ask their grandparents who she even is." — Ryan in Illinois (comments)

Biden Calls For “Immediate Ceasefire” In Gaza, Warns Netanyahu To Better Protect Gazan Civilians Or Else
Your time is up Bibi. No more malarkey!

No Labels Drops Plan For 2024 Presidential Ticket
Now they've come to their senses.

Judge Rejects Trump’s Bid To Dismiss Docs Charges
Wow! An honest judge.

Audience Laughs At LibsofTikTok Lady: She Can't Define 'Woke'
Is there anything she can define?

South Carolina Coach Dawn Staley Not Apologizing for Saying ‘Something’s Wrong With You’ to Those Who Don’t Believe in God
She's the perfect example of a brainwashed idiot.

Roseanne Goes Full QAnon in Deranged Rant About ‘Baby Blood-Drinking’ Democrats At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Party For Kari Lake
Yet another example of defective DNA in humans.

Academic freedom declining globally, index finds
Retardation is a world illness. No wonder we are so infected in the U.S.

Burger King diner pulls gun on worker because he didn't believe food was so cheap: report
Another zombie that's pissed off he has to pay too little. Ahh, the brillant MAGAt mind.

Trump Has Now Lost to Biden in Wisconsin... Twice
"While Biden faced organized opposition in the Democratic primary, Trump did not. Yet, Biden got more votes and a higher percentage of the total."
Trump is the biggest loser in human history.

‘1984’ in 2024? Trump Is What George Orwell Warned Us About
George Orwell wrote 1984, but his words are a warning for 2024: “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.”

QAnon Believer Who Crashed SUV Into FBI Building Wrote ‘I Love You’ to Trump
"Earlier this week, Navy veteran Ervin Lee Bolling rammed his SUV into a barrier outside the FBI headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The alleged perpetrator of the attack's motivation have not yet been publicly revealed, but a deep dive into his social media history suggests he was a strong believer in numerous far-right fringe conspiracy theories."
The world will be a better place when these terrorists are gone from the planet.

Donald Trump Jr. Says The Bank Is Tracking Your Bible Purchases For The FBI, Is That True?
"Uh oh, Junior’s brain is deteriorating in the same pattern as Father’s. The idiot right-wing conspiracy theory propagated by seditionist trash like Senator Josh Hawley about Joe Biden going after Catholics — LOUD WHISPER: Joe Biden is Catholic — has been defined down in Junior’s confused, easily panicked skull to “If you were a practicing Catholic, you were a domestic terrorist!” Sure thing, Junior. Hugs not drugs, OK?"
The Trump DNA is dysfunctional.

Only 57 companies produced 80 percent of global carbon dioxide
Humans don't care about abuse of our planet. The planet will strike back in a very deadly manner.

On Easter, Florida Man Strikes Walgreen Manager With Bible
I've always contended that there should be a disclaimer printed at the front of each copy.
"Warning: Reading this book could lead to brain fuck and violent reactions."

Grifter Bannon: Trump Is 'An Instrument Of Divine Providence'
How would this fuckbrain know? He can fuck all the way off with his broadcast to his incels.

How Trump is following Hitler’s playbook
"Within a democracy, we may often have leaders we don’t like. But we have the power to change them — at the ballot box and through public pressure. Once fascism takes hold, those freedoms are gone and can’t easily be won back.
We must recognize the threat of fascism when it appears, and do everything in our power to stop it."

Karl Rove is calling out the Trump’s campaign 'critical mistakes' — and telling Biden how to exploit them
During an early April interview appearance on MSNBC, Rove told host Ari Melber and former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois), "I worked in that building as a young man. To me, the Congress of the United States is one of the great examples of the strength of our democracy and a jewel of the Constitution. And what those people did when they violently attacked the Capitol in order to stop a constitutionally mandated meeting of the Congress to accept the results of the Electoral College is a stain on our history. And every one of those sons of b*****s who did that, we ought to find them, try them and send them to jail."
Damn right, Carl.

Judge denies Trump's 'presidential immunity' claim in criminal hush-money case
"That failed," Rubin said. "The judge saying that was laughable. So, he's known, at least with respect to that case, that the argument's been dead for a long time, nevertheless, trying to delay the inevitable, as you said."
Trump is nothing but a failure.

'Clown': Trump supporters melt down after judge tells ex-president he can't claim immunity
"Aside from the fact that the alleged offenses happened before he even became president, Merchan found Trump had exhausted the window of time when he could even raise such objections. This comes as Trump has launched a volley of attacks against Merchan and his family."
What a moron.

FRC: We’re At War Against Satan’s Religion Of Leftism
Prove it. You whiining idiots have been accusing a myth for centuries and have never offered any evidence except your own delusions. You are a bad joke. Grow up!
"There is no hate quite like Christian love." — Sashineb (comments)

Ty Cobb Believes 11th Circuit Will Boot Judge Aileen Cannon
From your lips to God's ears, Ty!

Arizona Legal Analyst Compares Kari Lake's IQ To An Empty Beer Can
Kari Lake is in a lot of trouble.

Trump Still Losing Heckuva Lot Of Primary Votes For Guy Running Unopposed
"Wow! That is a lot of Republicans coming out to vote for candidates with zero chance of winning, long after the party has thrown in its lot with the loser with the million indictments and the liability for rape.
Know what we see? We see a 'winner' who can’t keep his dick hard past around 80 percent or so."
Obviously, someone isn't counting votes that are rightfully his. BECAUSE WHO WANTS TO VOTE FOR AN IGNORANT NAZI WHINE-TURD?

RFK Jr. Gets VERY ANGRY! When You Remind Him Of Every Wackjob Thing He's Ever Said
"Independent presidential candidate, Kennedy family reject, and bona fide wackjob Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hates getting called on his delusional, deranged, bugfuck shit. His sideways face and unnaturally dead eyes scrunch up and seethe and rage. He gets so mad. It is hilarious."
"How, praytell, did Kennedy get taken out of context there? Did the media neglect to mention Kennedy setting up the bit, saying something like, 'OK, here is my impression of a brain that has hemorrhoids'? And then he said the thing about Joe Biden?"

Bookselling While Black Latest Danger Occupation In North Carolina
"The first Black-owned children’s bookstore in North Carolina will be shutting down this month after the owner received anonymous death threats aimed at the shop and her family. Victoria Scott-Miller and her family opened Liberation Station bookstore in downtown Raleigh just before Juneteenth last year, after selling kids’ books out of their car at pop-up events around the Raleigh-Durham area for several years."
This Land of the Happy Negro state must have been upset about this Negro of theirs upsetting their happiness. Simply racist morons. When will the world be rid of their low-life ilk?
"Unfortunately, that seems to be the platform of one of our major political parties."

Rehab for Hypocrites
It begins when you say “Hello, my name is (your name here) and I’m a hypocrite, powerless over hypocrisy, my own, and that of others.”

‘More Con Artistry’: Experts Mock Trump’s Claim America Will ‘Cease To Exist’ if He’s Not Re-Elected
Of course, that's exactly what will happen if this pile of fascist shit is elected.

Jack Smith’s ‘blistering’ response to Judge Cannon may ‘remove her from the case’: experts
Blow her ass off the bench.

'Daisy chain of innuendo': Alvin Bragg slaps back against Trump's recusal demand
"This daisy chain of innuendos is a far cry from evidence," Bragg's assistant district attorneys wrote. "There is simply nothing new here."
Same old Trump horseshit.

'Sit this one out': Blowback hits Elise Stefanik after she demands Trump judge's recusal
"Pissing in the wind" example.

Trump's own argument used against him as Bragg trashes claim trial should be dismissed
"D.A. Bragg slams Trump's constant delay efforts in this filing. It’s so obvious! Trump is getting more & more desperate because he knows he's likely going to be convicted and sentenced to JAIL," Eisen wrote on the social media site X.

Judge shoots down MAGA rioter's leniency bid after he makes bragging call to podcast
"To Lamberth, this suggested that Johntakis was willing to change his story "based on his audience," thus undermining any pleas for leniency based on the fact that he regrets his actions and had no criminal record prior to violently storming the United States Capitol on behalf of the one-time host of "Celebrity Apprentice."

POLL: 20% Say Violence May Be Necessary To Fix USA
This is the Trump Nazi Party.

Investor Predicts Tesla Could "Go Bust"
You know who will make off with the cash.

The FCC will vote to restore net neutrality later this month
Let's get it done!

Voters Oust Nazi From Their City Council In Enid, OK
"He might be a Nazi but he's not wrong either about the connection with Trump."
Of course. Both he and Trump are Nazis.

George Conway Donates Nearly One Million Dollars to Biden Campaign
Conway regularly appears on cable news as a critic of Trump, during which he has referred to Trump as a “psychopath,” “morally obscene,” and “sadistic.” He has also stated that he wants to “make amends” for his past support of Trump, saying, “I am ashamed that I supported him in 2016. It was a mistake of judgment. It was just to make a moral judgment. It was an intellectual mistake.”

Trump's 'Harebrained' move in hush money case proves he's 'running scared': legal expert
"Trump is running scared," Bennett Gershman, a Pace University law professor and ex-New York prosecutor told Salon. "He faces four major criminal trials that threaten his liberty, just as the last two recent civil trials inflicted a huge cost on him."
A reckoning is awaiting him.

Why the police are providing Trump cover for Jan. 6
Trump is running on a platform that says both he and law enforcement across the land should be immune from the law
I hope we can now all agree this man is a fascist Nazi threat to our country. He shows it day after day. A thief and a coward.
Donald Trump, who is currently facing 88 felony charges: “We have to get law and order back.”

Trump Lied About Speaking To Killed Woman’s Family
Trump? Lied?
The men that stand behind him can't be considered honest either. Especially with that garbage sign in front of them.

RFK Denies His History Of 9/11 Trutherism Claims
Using fear has been a poliical tool since the first crook tried to steal power. Bobby you're just the latest threat. And a binary choice does not include a third choice. I guess you were absent that day in school.
Prepare to hear all the lies he's left in his wake.

Franklin Graham Declares RFK Is “Biblically Honest”
WTF does that mean? This grifter isn't even fit for pig food.
America, federal agencies have been weapons against crime since their inception! Come up with something original.
Biden censored his opponent? Censored Trump? Don't make me laugh! Even Trump believes in "total immunity." If you buy Trump with that bullshit you have to acceot Biden can't commit a crime. Can't you see how fucked your logic is?

Trump: Election Day Will Be “Christian Visibility Day”
Oh, good, because "Christianity" has never been visible in this country. Did you khow we used to make us salute the "Christian Flag" in summer Bible school?

Exclusive: Trump Media saved in 2022 by Russian-American under criminal investigation
Trump’s social media company went public relying partly on loans from trust managed by person of interest to prosecutors
"Donald Trump’s social media company Trump Media managed to go public last week only after it had been kept afloat in 2022 by emergency loans provided in part by a Russian-American businessman under scrutiny in a federal insider-trading and money-laundering investigation."
The swine.

Christian Fascist Lunatics Will Never Stop Saying Biden Literally Canceled Easter To Appease Big Trans
"Easter canceler.
Right-wing Christian nationalist fascist scumbags — whose ongoing tantrum over their loss of cultural supremacy and relevance we all have to live within — have decided that Joe Biden spent Easter Sunday personally stuffing Jesus back in His holy tomb and forcing the savior to adopt They/Them pronouns. This because, after Biden made his Happy Easter declaration, he also issued a proclamation for the Trans Day of Visibility, which happened to fall on the same day as Easter this year. (Trans Day doesn’t move around, obviously. Easter does.)
They are never, ever letting this one go. It’s an election year, after all, and these people are remarkably lazy. This is too easy for them."

Man behind Dobbs decision now complains women being left to 'back-alley abortion butchers'
Here's a really deep genius. What the fuck was he thinking?

'I will kill you': Trump supporter arrested as Letitia James and judge get death threats
One member of the "Trump Incel Assassin Squad." The maniac moron doesn't get that he could kill many and there would still be a plethora of judges left to put Lumpy in prison. Besides, he won't kill anyone using text messages. But he should get his ass shoved in stir.

'Incredibly unpopular': Strategist says Trump talking point is digging his political grave
Dig it deep and wide so it fits him properly.

‘Shortage of cash flow’: Arizona GOP admits financial disaster
They can always call a "Trump Chump" for a quick buck.

'Find a federal prison': GOP ruthlessly mocked for plan to rename Dulles airport for Trump
"Trump Federal Prison." The place where all demented, disillusional, dummies spend to mend.

Daily Caller retracts Biden 'War on Easter' story that sent MAGA into meltdown
Grown-ups in charge, I see. As opposed to the little snot-nosed brat that is Lumpy.

'If Trump was a toddler this is the kind of discipline you'd use': Expert on gag order
"If Trump was a toddler, and I think we all often have suggested he behaves like one, this would be the sort of progressive discipline you would use to try to contain a toddler's misbehavior," said Vance.
He's a good way on the too large size to be acting like a toddler. This should suggest he's got toys in the attic.

Ivy League psychologist warns Trump's late-night rants suggest serious health issue
He MAY be sundowning? Cut with the pussyfooting.
We don't need a psychologist to know Trump's mind is on vacation.

Tesla's "Nightmare" Year Off to a Horrible Start: "Only One Person Responsible For This
Tesla has posted its first-quarter earnings — and the numbers are even worse than analysts predicted.

Fringe Republicans Want To Rename Dulles Airport For Trump
And this is what the dump will look like after it fails.

Trump Has Gone Way Too Far, and He Needs to be Stopped
The only way Trump will stop this shit is if his bail is revoked. And of course, he thinks he wants that, too, because he gets to play the victim.
To normal people, someone playing the victim is both unattractive and unappealing. What is wrong with these people who look at Trump and think he’s strong?
It seems that the judges are ready to say “I’ve seen enough."

How Republicans Screw Workers
Efforts by Obama and Biden to enforce labor laws have been systematically undermined by right-wing courts and legislators. This should be a prime election theme.

Trump’s Threats Against Opponents Are Getting Increasingly Violent
The former president’s rhetoric is characteristically over the top. But his agenda for a second presidential term targets an array of personal enemies.

Trump Already Owed the Billionaire Who Just Helped Him Post Fraud Case Bond
"One month after Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Donald Trump to pay $464 million at the conclusion of his New York civil fraud trial, a panel of New York Appellate Division judges last week granted the MAGA hopeful ten days to post a $175 million bond instead.
Trump attorneys previously claimed it would be "impossible" for Trump to put up the half-billion judgement."

1.7 million Texas households are set to lose monthly internet subsidy
The Affordable Connectivity Program provides a $30 monthly subsidy to help low-income households pay for internet service. The program is slated to run out of money at the end of the month.
Not a good idea.

Let’s say it plainly: Fact-checking is not censorship
Fact-checking adds to the public debate; it doesn’t suppress it

House Republicans push to name major D.C. airport after Trump
These people really are crazy. Can you imagine? Welcome to "Shit Pile International Airport"?
Notice the AI generated images here? What's up with that?
This is just more evidence of the MAGAt fascist party replacing their former savior, Reagan, with Trump.

'I can't talk about them???' Trump rages at strengthened gag order
He's such a cowardly chicken shit. Maybe this will cause him to have a stroke?

Fake right-wing panic about "trans" Easter is part of Trump's push for Christian nationalism
Phony claims that Democrats “mock your faith” are a cynical excuse to strip Americans of religious freedom

Trump’s net worth drops $1 billion after Truth Social stock plummets: report
Trump's stake in the company is worth a lot less now than it did just last week
It's easy to see this fraud has hoodwinked his way through life.

RFK: Biden Is The Bigger Threat To Democracy [VIDEO]
The Kennedy family must be sad they've lost another child. He's become the threat to demoncracy.

Jenner Spreads Debunked Lie About WH Easter Event
Bunk is all this person has ever been and has no idea WTF it's talking about — ever.
Try to learn some facts about a subject before you open your mouth and show the world you are a certified dumbass! How stupid do these idiots have to prove they are before they are laughed off the planet?

Trump Rages At NYC Judge For Expanding Gag Order
Keep raging, you asswipe. We can't wait to see you in prison, crying like the little baby you are.

Steve Bannon: There Is “Empirical Evidence” Proving Trump Is “An Instrument Of Divine Providence” [VIDEO]
Nope. None. Nada. There is evidence everywhere that you are a pile of talking shit.

NCAA Coach Credits God For Team’s Win: “If You Don’t Believe In God, Something’s Wrong With You”
Physician, heal thyself.

Florida voters will decide whether to protect abortion rights and legalize pot in November
Only if their Nazi government decides it's OK wth them.

World Central Kitchen Workers Killed In Gaza Airstrike
Chef Jose Andrés said he was “heartbroken and grieving” to learn about the tragic loss of several colleagues
It's time to arrest Netanyahu for war crimes. There's nothing lower than these murders.

Watch Bible Salesman Donald Trump Try To Say The Lord's Prayer
You will be shocked to learn that he doesn't know the words.
If this sack of shit is a Christian, I am the Pope.

Fox News Edited Clip Of WH Press Secretary's Remarks To Stoke Fauxtrage
What a shocker, huh?
What else would one expect from a sewer?

Did Trump go to church on Easter Sunday?
Trump: “All Americans need a Bible in their home and I have many. It’s my favourite book,” he claimed. “It’s a lot of people’s favourite book, I’m proud to endorse and encourage you to get this Bible, we must make America pray again.”"
Does he know how many were burned in the trailer fire in front of the church Easter morning?
"Make America Pray Again"? With all the scumbag shit he's done, does he really have to go there? America prays for his demise every day at least once!

Trump-loving Roseanne Barr hints at violent revolution if he loses 2024 election
Everyone of you will lose. In fact your Vaseline Woman already is a loser.
The army you will go against won't be coming from across the Atlantic or from Canada. They already have you surrounded. I suppose you don't realize that.

Neo-Nazi leader charged with child abuse, domestic violence
And he's not a "Pastor"?

Trump fan says his golden sneakers pushed her over the edge: 'I'm not voting for him'
But, according to Barbara, it was Trump's $399 golden sneakers that he marketed as a fundraiser that pushed her over the edge. “I ain’t voting for him. That’s the Golden Calf right there as golden sneakers," she said.
Oh, my! You don't want your very own golden sneakers to walk around Trump heaven all day?
He's like "Seminole Sam," from Walt Kelly's comic strip "Pogo," selling life-sustaining "Genuine H20" to the suckers.

J.D. Vance Mocks Report Tying Russia to Havana Syndrome in Bizarre Rant: ‘Putler Working with Drumpf… Attacking with Invisible Lasers
Sounds like J.D. has already been zapped by something. He makes lots of people sick.

Major-Market Newspaper Editor Publishes Stunning Rebuke of Trump: ‘The North Star Here is Truth’
“The truth is that Donald Trump undermined faith in our elections in his false bid to retain the presidency. He sparked an insurrection intended to overthrow our government and keep himself in power. No president in our history has done worse,” Quinn argued, defending the need for the press to remain highly critical of Trump."

‘It Pains Me To Come Out Against Him’: RFK Jr.’s Sister Tells MSNBC Why She Can’t Support Her Brother in 2024
When asked why she’s not backing her brother, Rory Kennedy said, “I’m a huge fan of President Biden’s. I think he’s done fantastic job and doesn’t quite get the credit he deserves over the last four years in terms of policies that he’s enacted and changes that he’s made that I think have been enormously impactful and positive.”
Also too, her brother is brain-challenged.

Rick Scott Attacks Biden Over Lack Of Military Service
Evidently, Rick doesn't mind showing the world just how fucking dumb he really is. Apparently, Rick's miitary carrer was peelimg potatoes while in the Navy. Also too, Scott was pressured to resign as chief executive of Columbia/HCA in 1997. During his tenure as chief executive, the company defrauded Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal programs. (Sources: Wikipedia)

Trump's "Truth Social" Stock Is Already Crashing
"As we drafted this story, we kept having to update just now much its stock had crashed: 9 percent, then 15 percent, then 18 percent, then 22 percent, then 24. Overall, shares are down almost 34 percent over the last five days, dipping to below $50 after rallying to over $66 following the merger.
The crash, which was widely predicted by experts, highlights a massive discrepancy between Trump Media's considerable $7.5 billion valuation and Truth Social's inability to generate pretty much any kind of meaningful revenue, hence why TMTG shares are being referred to as "meme stocks."
Anything that Trump touches, dies.

Fox News Host Slams Network's Easter Coverage Of Biden
Again, turnng the lights on low-level and shallow thinkers that can't tell shit from applebutter.

Lee Greenwood Turns The Bible Into A Right Wing Political Manifesto
"Greenwood's "Bible" is so immoral and toxic that he lost Harper Collins, who were to originally publish it. The current desecration is still shrouded in mystery since the publisher is not known at this time, but Greenwood defended it on Easter Sunday.
"I have to mention the fact that people have gotten on us and Donald Trump about the God Bless USA Bible," Greenwood said. "I have here right in front of me, and this one is signed by the former president Donald Trump."
(The holy book to millions of people just took a back seat to Traitor Trump.)
Do you really expect him to understand this?

Republican BS Has Risen!
Happy Belated Transgender Day of Visibility! Oh and Easter, I guess. Huh. This year that happened on the same day. I’m sure nobody made a big deal out of that.
But as we suffer the first April Fools’ Day with people having widespread use of AI, let’s take a look at Easter Day’s fools.

Heathen President Biden Acknowledges Both Easter AND Trans Visibility Day, Wingnuts Flip Out
A day for people to mark the resurrection of the Savior after his crucifixion. A day to dress in bright gay-in-the-not-referring-to-homosexuals-definition-of-the-word colors, to attend church, to get together with family for a nice meal; for the kids to run around the house seeking the painted eggs you have not-so-carefully hidden; to frighten small children by dressing up in a demented bunny costume and shouting “Someone bring Uncle George a beer, it’s hot as fuck in this goddamned thing” or whatever Uncle George shouts when he’s stuffed into a suit of fur on a hot day and Aunt Margaret has hidden all the booze so he won’t get drunk and embarrass her in front of her family."
"This year March 31 also happened to fall on Easter Sunday. Which meant that in addition to Easter greetings to the nation, President Joe Biden on Friday also released a proclamation reiterating that Sunday was Trans Visibility Day, as he has done every year of his presidency."
"This gave all the conservatives an excuse to cry like a bunch of whiny titty-babies about how they were being persecuted worse than Jesus Christ, the man who spent the first Easter putting Bactine on his still-fresh puncture wounds."
April Ghoul School Grads.

Will Voters Hear About Donald Trump’s Deranged Health Care Agenda?
"A second Trump term means tens of millions of people losing insurance and chaos in the hospitals."
Only the mentally ill will vote for America's death.

Republicans Attempt to Invalidate Democratic Policy Because It’s Democratic
"The latest student debt lawsuit targets a program that’s been in place for over 30 years and is mandated by statute. It would effectively make it illegal to implement a law as a Democrat."

Clinical social worker: "With the Trump Bible, one must consider dementia"
"A person who isn't cognitively impaired should be doing a cost-benefit analysis"
"Replacing the real Bible with Trump Bibles is a too-perfect symbol of what has happened to evangelical Christianity. The mistake is in believing Trump's followers are confused or ashamed about their devotion to a godless creep who laughs at true believers. In Trump's hands, the Bible is not a text for prayer and reflection, it's just a weapon. It's much easier to beat people down with a book if it's closed."
And if you think this is demented what about the "gold" sneakers? ROTFLMAO!

'Anti-woke not especially lucrative’: Filing shows Truth Social lost millions last yea
It's where the mental defects find a home.

'Carnivalesque grift': Trump blasted for campaign's hijack of religion over Easter holiday
The swine and spawn of Satan. A common criminal.

Gov. Larry Hogan Was Warned About Dangers Of Megaships In Harbor
"Unlike the media talking heads, I assumed there was more to the Key Bridge collapse than "an accident." Well, turns out that former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who's now running as the Republican candidate for the Senate, was a significant factor. The Lever has done a remarkable job putting together the background on this disaster, go read the whole thing!"

Trump has already laid out his 5-step Fascist plan
Another Hitler we must stop dead in his tracks. This one is a domestic terrorist.

MAGA Pastor Says ‘200 Bibles’ Set Ablaze Outside His Church on Easter Morning
It's not like they didn't bring this on themselves.
These people are conning Christo-fascists and get pissed when someone dumps on their psychotic babble.

MAGA Christians are following Trump on 'a miserable march to hell': MSNBC's Mika
The only hell is the one they create for us.

'Bring your toothbrush': Ex-judge puts Trump on notice that he will 'sit in a jail ell'
I look forward to the day.

Germans Celebrate Legal Weed With Smoke-In [VIDEO]

"Stand where he tells you to stand": Why the GOP is doubling down on misogyny in 2024
Republicans placate an evangelical base that's getting nastier with sexism — even if costs the party women's votes
Handing out more throat-cutting, single edge blade razor blades for their suicides? Why would anyone support such hatred?

Axios: Trump Allies Plot Laws On “Anti-White Racism”
Raise your hand if you've expereienced “Anti-White Racism.” Oh, I see one. It's the Nazi, Stephen Miller.

'Land of the stupid': Ex-Trump campaign adviser debunks MAGA's Biden Easter 'lies'
Remove him.

Fox News hosts claim Biden turning U.S. 'pagan' after hyping Easter with bunnies and eggs
The White House has been doing Easter celebrations for half a century, you lying bastard.

'They must be stopped': MAGA outrage erupts over Biden Easter Egg Roll
More clueless misfits who aren't conscious entities. Disgraceful and contriving.

MAGA Influencers Falsely Claim Trump Paid Mortgage for Slain NYPD Officer's Family
MAGA misinformation takes flight following Trump's photo op at NYPD officer's wake
These creatures are the scum of the earth.
Trump never pays anything.

Michigan Congressman Calls For Nuking Gaza
"It should be like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Get it over quick."
Why do we continue to put clueless morons in office?

Killer Kyle Visits Another Campus, Gets The Same Results
Killer Kyle Rittenhouse can't figure out that people don't warm up to cold blooded killers very well.

'Trump in 2028': GOP-aligned organization calls for abolition of presidential term limits
This is a declaration of war on the United States of America.
Don't you think we should put a stop to these mindless motherfuckers?
Because if we don't they will kill everyone of us who won't salute them.

How Fascism Typically Takes Over a Nation by Rhetoric…
Words. Speeches. News conferences. Rallies. Media. Money. And they all point in one direction: violence in service of the fascist leader.

'You're a liar': Nancy Mace brutally fact-checked for crime spree claim
Just what we need: Another psychopathic liar!
And morons are born every minute, apparently.

Christian Site: Bridge Collapse Is Warning From God
Self-proclaimed prophet Joseph Z, quoted by Charisma News. Z is for Zealot.
You wouldn't believe how high I am right now, Joe.

Woman: Starbucks Fired Me For Being Anti-LGBTQ
You mean it wasn't for being an asshole? The Devil made them do it? Get thee to a nunnery! ROTFLMAO!

Former Trump Lawyer Accuses Biden Of Coordinating To Prosecute Trump
Sorry dear. It's the shitbag you defended that threw you under the bus.

Alina Habba Hit With Humiliating Allegations In Lawsuit
Habba's now being sued for fraud. And she's in, to use a technical term, serious sh*t.

This Is a Felony: Experts Call on Secret Service To Arrest Trump Over Kidnapped Biden Post
"The Secret Service (not Trump's protection detail but criminal investigative agents) should be knocking on Trump's door with a complaint and arrest warrant," she tweeted. Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch called on judges to "revoke his bail."
"Trump incited AT LEAST 2 mass shootings, an El Paso Walmart and a Pittsburg synagogue resulting in the murders of 33 innocent people AND incited the deadly Jan. 6th Insurrection. Unlike Charles Manson who also inspired killings, THIS criminal has yet to serve ONE day in prison," Amato wrote.
Put him in prison now and throw away the key.

Will the Law Enforcement or the Secret Service Investigate This As They Would If Anyone Else Did It?
"I won’t link to the post or even put up a screen capture of the photo, but if anyone else posted an image of any elected official tied up in a truck let alone the President of the United States – law enforcement would be on it in a hot minute.  This is so far over the line that you can’t even see the line from there.
Trump is a menace. If Trump isn’t above the law, he will receive a law enforcement visit in response to this."
The guy that owns the truck should get the visit. But the scumbag Trump posted it.
"And if any judge in any Trump case doesn’t think they will be the next person in a similar image, they aren’t good at connecting dots."
We Need to Talk About This
Joyce Vance tells it like it is about the criminal, Trump. Stop the talking. Time to put a full stop to Trump and his stooges for good.

'We are in danger as a nation': House and Senate aides consider leaving 'broken' Congress
The Democrats are fighting fascism touted by the Trump Nazi MAGAt party.
Trump Nazis are responsible for this disaster. America has been warned of this again and again since 2016.

'They’ll never vote for Trump again': Voters in GOP strongholds souring on ex-president
Why would an American vote for misfit, crook and menace to our country?

'Ghosts' from Trump's past 'are coming back to haunt him' as lawsuit gets new life: report
"With that finding made and their lawsuits at a seeming standstill, the Buchanan plaintiffs had one avenue left: A new amended complaint approved by a judge," Law&Crime's report stated. "And that is exactly what’s unfolded quietly in the background of Trump’s many other pressing legal dramas in recent weeks and months. Though the merits of the plaintiff’s amended claims have yet to be decided, a judge has granted the parties the right to serve Trump."
More laws broken by Trump the traitor.

Trump Posts Image Of Biden Bound And Kidnapped
Disgusting Nazi swine.
So does this mean the images of the Trump suicide bleeding out in the gutter can be published now?

Tommy Tuberville: “The Democrats Are A Satanic Cult”
Ignorant and stupid people's garbage. The moron goof-balls eat this shit for breakfast.
Was there a bunny at the crucifixtion that laid eggs everwhere that the crowd found?
The Easter Bunny started in Germany.

Fox Host: “We’ve Always Seen Honesty With Trump”
"Homocon Tammy Bruce, speaking on the network that had to pay $787 million for promoting Trump’s lies."
If there was ever a lie, here it is! Direct from the Whopping Lies Department.
She must live in an alternate universe. It's crazy for someone to say this stinking bullshit and a disgrace.

Steve Bannon Demands Democrats Be Put In Prison Post-Election
Fascists do what fascists say.
The swine will meet with a dire end.

Trump Has A 'Foreign Envoy' In Richard Grenell
This is a violation of the Logan Act but apparently there are never any consequences for you-know-who.
We will see.

'Malicious': Columnist reveals how bridge collapse exposes this 'feature of MAGA politics'
"espite the Biden administration's push to quickly rebuild the bridge and get Baltimore's port reopened as soon as possible, some hard-right Republicans are threatening to hold bridge repair funding hostage and are turning it into a hot-button culture war wedge issue."
This is the Nazi response, "Fuck the people unless we get our way." This is totalitarianism in spades.

'Going backwards': Tennessee gov signs bill blocking police reform passed after Tyre Nichols death
Retardation is the hallmark of Tennessee, the heart of the Land of the Happy Negro. They mock the law as badly as Trump does.

Nicolle Wallace Throws Out Script In Disgust After Trump Attacks ‘Judges and Their Kids’ Don't blame her. It's high time to put Trump in prison. He mocks law and order and is a danger to anyone that doesn't see the world as he does.
"And Judge Luttig, I think it’s time…Donald Trump broke the rule of law. We should cover a broken judiciary in this country. Donald Trump managed to delay every federal criminal trial based on facts that he barely denies. Donald Trump managed to enlist the Supreme Court in a delay process, the highest court in the land.
Donald Trump brazenly and repeatedly attacks not just judges. I’ve had the privilege of sitting across not just from you, Judge Luttig, but from Judge Esther Salas, whose son was assassinated by a crazy person. Judges don’t have Secret Service protecting them. They don’t even always have — I mean her child answered the door. What are we going to do different, because Donald Trump sure as hell isn’t changing."
“Acquiesce, meaning no one, not a single person in a position of responsibility to address this issue, has done so for want of courage and want of will. And until or unless we as a nation address this issue, then we’re careening toward the effective end of the rule of law in America,” Judge Luttig said.
Put him away now. Before he gets someone in your family is killed. Before America is destroyed beyond the damage he's done to us so far.

Evangelical Halts Sermon On “Eclipse Prophecy” After “Evil Spirit Manifests” In Screaming Woman [VIDEO]
I think this was one of the MAGAt vampires. That or a Trump worshiper. Or MTG.

Trump Hosts Screening Of QAnon/Pizzagate Films That Claim Democrats Kidnap Children And Drink Their Blood
The MAGAt vampires sound like they are upset someone has "stollen" their feeding source.

Footage Shows Whales Fighting Off Orcas Using Explosive Diarrhea
Sounds like a weapon that could be used on Alito and Thomas.

Alito and Thomas nudge abortion foes to lean on law from 1873
They should fall on their swords.

Watch TX GOPers Discuss Death Penalty For Women Who Have Abortions
Wallowing in the garbage like the radical swine they are.
Worse than the Taliban or Isis.

Newsmax Host: Many Workers 'Probably Aren't Worth $20 An Hour'
This is good. These late-arrivals to the 21st Century assholes can do the jobs themselves and the wokers they're laying off will get better jobs. Works for all of us.

Biden Administration Finalizes Long-Term Truck Pollution Standards
“Despite the truck and oil industries’ relentless lobbying to weaken and delay these life-saving standards, the Biden Administration’s new emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks and buses are an important step to address this harmful pollution. In combination with the recently announced federal charging investments in trucking and the clean transportation investments in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, these standards will help to move the needle on electrifying our biggest, dirtiest vehicles."

RNC weighs restricting NBC’s convention access following McDaniel firing
Good. They'll both get what they deserve — no viewers.

USA Bible founder says Trump endorsement means he believes 'same thing' as every American
Lee finally admits what we all thought of him. He's a opportunistic, hack song writer.
"Greenwood, speaking on the far-right media outlet Real America’s Voice, also says that Trump’s endorsement merely telegraphs that he believes the “same thing” that every other American believes."
Wishful thinking, Lee. You must believe the last election was "stollen."

'I didn’t think he would do it': Trump may have quietly put Jeffrey Clark in charge of DOJ
Corrupt to the core.

'Hillary was right': Lifelong 'straight-ticket Republican' lays out reasons for leaving GOP
Of course she was. And she still is.

Leslie Jones Begs America Not To Vote For Trump Again
“Do you really not remember?” the former “Saturday Night Live” cast member asked. “I know we don’t have the attention spans anymore but how can you forget the man who wanted to nuke a hurricane?”

Last Night's Biden Fundraiser Topped $26 Million In Donations
"Three presidents... and none of them are here [in New York] to go to court," joked comedian Stephen Colbert, alluding to Mr Trump's legal troubles.

Texas Republicans Meet With Extremist Group To Plot Murder Charge For Women Who Have IVF Or Abortion
Their day will come too. Think of it— always.

‘Wow! Amazing!’ Daniel Dale Stuns Anderson Cooper With Quick Fact-Check Of Pro-Trump Republican’s ‘Illegal Invaders’ Attack
Yes, indeed. That bus was filled with invaders, most certainly.

Tensions rising in Congress over how to fund rebuilding of Baltimore's collapsed bridge
Yet another example of the MAGAt fascist short-sightedness and stupidity.
When shortages start popping up you'll know who aided and abetted them.

Judge: Kari Lake has lost all rights to litigate defamation case
They found the witch.
Now do the same to Fatso.

Why Are the People Brave Enough to Hold Trump to Account Mostly Black & Brown?
There is no movement advocating political violence on the American left. It is entirely confined to the American right & the media needs to admit that, and the FBI needs to recalibrate their efforts.

James Comer Gonna Make Joe Biden Sit In This Chair ‘Til He Tells Congress What He Did!
"Rep. James Comer has invited President Joe Biden to testify in Congress about, um, whatever it is that Rep. James Comer has been hallucinating that Joe Biden did. Nobody knows. It’s not like he has any actual evidence of literally anything. Nobody’s really sure what the allegation even is.
Just look at the last hearing. And the ones before that. And every Fox News appearance he’s made. And every time he’s stapled his own dick to the wall trying to make “impeachment” happen, because we guess that is his kink.
We are physically unable to compile all the important James Comer Shits The Bed stories we’ve written, here is a sampling and just hit that search bar above if you need more Comer crack."

Liz Cheney slams 'depraved' Trump for encouraging violence against judge's daughter
“Trump is repeatedly and maliciously attacking a judge’s daughter on social media,” Cheney wrote on X. “He knows this will bring threats of violence against her and the judge. Trump is depraved and unstable. This unconscionable behavior shows yet again why he is unfit for any office.”
How right she is.

Lara Trump's Big Lie hiring: Republicans stick with loser strategy that failed them in 2020 and 2022
Election denial doesn't impress voters, but it sure attracts massive defamation lawsuits
And also too, what the hell is that on Fatso's head? A "hair rat"? A "Victory Roll"? LMAO!br>

Virginia Gov Vetoes Bill Allowing Retail Weed Sales he took a long hit on a doob.
Looks like some people aren't paying attention.
"Nobody can seriously argue that the widespread legalization of marijuana has had a positive impact on society." — Matt Walsh
Let's see. No more young black slaves going to prison? No more people's lives being ruined by pompous racist white dicks? Tax revenue? Have another shot of bourbon, asswipe.

State-Level Marijuana Legalization Has Been a Stunning Success
"It’s been over a decade since Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize marijuana for adults. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s fair to ask: Has this policy been successful?
Absolutely. A policy of legalization, regulation, and education is preferable to a policy of criminalization, stigmatization, and incarceration.
Let’s be clear. Legalization didn’t create or normalize the marijuana market in the United States. The market was already here."

RFK’s Running Mate Calls IVF “Big Lie,” Says Women Can Improve Their Fertility By “Exposure To Sunlight”
Like the idiot tanning his family jewels? Don't make me laugh. Here I grew up thinking we had adults leading our country. Crackpots attract crackpots.

Texas Woman Acquitted After Serving 5 Years For Voting Error
This conviction was really a brutal application of the law.
This is the Nazi idea of "election fraud" in Texas--deeply shameful and dispicable.

Trump Lashes Out At Judge's Daughter Again, Takes It A Step Further
He called her out by name because, of course.
This ball of used toilet paper should be busting rock in prison.

James Comer accuses the media of conspiring with the 'deep state' to protect Joe Biden
This is one stupid motherfucker that is a glutton for being a dumbass.

'Spectacular stupidity': MAGA lawmaker thrashed for accusing NCAA team of being migrants
Wait! This asshat is from Shitbackistan and was smuggled into the country by the Trump mob. This is commonly known as "Shit, Back and Fall in It!"
The man is covered in merde!

"He's worried": Expert says Trump attacks on judge's daughter shows he's "running a bit scared"
"You don't have to attack a judge if you're confident in your case," legal scholar says
"Stupid" doesn't know that. He gets off being a shit bag. He knows nothing. Backward mental defective.

MTG: I’ll Soon Provide Proof 2020 Election Was Stolen
The most backwardly defective woman in the history our planet.

South Carolina To Use US House Map Ruled Racist
Land of the Happy Negro defies anyone telling them this isn't normal in their sector.
"The panel of three judges last year concluded that South Carolina’s Republican-led legislature “exiled” 30,000 Black voters from the district to make it safer for a White GOP incumbent, Rep. Nancy Mace."
Oh, yes, please make it safer for the defective bot.

Cultist Suspected In Random Assaults On NYC Women
Sad to say, the moron is BLACK!!!!! He deserves a broken nose for his effort.

Kentucky Lawmakers Approve Bill Stripping Democrat Gov Of Power To Appoint US Senators During Vacancy
Briarhoppers at work trying to be Nazis. They've been that way forever.
Most have nothing going for them except tooth decay. Always have been slack-jawed fools.

RNC May Restrict NBC’s Access At GOP Convention
Good. We hope they won't even show your dog and pony show.

California is preparing to defend itself — and the nation — against Trump 2.0
And always remember, don't forget to FUCK TRUMP!

In Attack On Voting, 3rd Circuit Says Pennsylvania Undated Ballots Don't Count
In a tight race, this could make a big difference.
Nazis don't play by rules. This just proves it.

'Hater': Trump attacks Judge Merchan’s daughter again — this time by name
This POS is going to get his nose broken if he keeps up his chicken shit bully con. He ain't tough, baby.
Each and everyday he proves to us he's a criminal mobster.

'Nazi judges!' Trump's Georgia hearing triggers heated meltdown from right-wingers
The ones crying are the damned Nazis. Run their swine asses out of the country.
Nothing in the First Amendment gives anyone the right to commit treason, including you, Bannon!

Biden To Raise Record $25 Million In NYC Fundraiser
Kick ass, Joe!

March 27, 2024 - Baltimore Key Bridge collapse
Some joker didn't do his job of inspecting it. If he did it should never have left port.

WaPo: How Grenell Is Undermining Biden Overseas
Another Trump Nazi traitor at work.

Catholic League: New York Wants To Erase “Christian Heritage” By Striking Down Law Criminalizing Adultery
Jerkwad, your Bible doesn't overrule our Constitution. Go back to hell where you came from.

Ted Cruz wants taxpayers to fund airport escorts for top officials like him
And he wants it soon, otherwise he'll never get to enjoy the luxury he lusts over.

Paul Ryan Warns GOP They Will Lose With Trump Topping Ticket
They don't know who in hell Paul Ryan is. Disjointed brains can't fuction.

3rd Circuit Upholds PA's Dated Ballot Requirement
Arbitrary and totally guess work. Just another brick in the wall. Put it in the cylindrical file.

Charlie Kirk's Quirky Priorities: Embryos Over Living Children
This asshat should be named "Lout of the Century."

Georgia Republican Party’s Vice Chairman Guilty Of Voting Illegally
Oh, my! And they chastise anyone doing such a thing!

A criminologist explains why Judge Cannon must step away from Trump trial immediately
She's nothing but a useful idiot.

Trump Bibles make a mockery of Christianity — and that's exactly why MAGA will eat them up
Faith without morality or theology, much less that "soyboy" Jesus? Sign MAGA Republicans up!
" Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."
“...many false prophets will appear and deceive many people”
“Then the Lord said to me, ‘The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds’” — Jesus of Nazareth, the zealot carpenter
This is one of the most revealing acts that the pitifully insecure crackpot has ever done. He is so extremely insecure he has to "endorse" the words of Jesus first. This is a sick joke played on his worshipers.

QAnon NC Schools Nominee Was Spox For Extremist Group That Claims Obama Has A “Hitler Bloodline”
Get the fuckin' straitjacket and get it on her,NOW!
Allegedly, I am the Queen of fucking Siam! Now fuck off as I am in charge here!

Trump tells Judge Cannon 'he’s got scheduling conflicts now': report
A huge load of horse manure is his cnnflict. A snotty child with a group of failed parents.
These "conflicts are his own making and nothing but stall tactics..

An *Alabama* Democrat Just Won Election By Running On Abortion, Let's All Be Shocked Again Like Goldfish
"On the same day Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s wife Erin Hawley stood in front of the extremist hacks Donald Trump appointed to the Supreme Court and explained why fascist Christians’ put-upon feelings and irrelevant religious beliefs should trump pregnant people’s ability to access abortion pills; and in Alabama, the state whose supreme court literally just tried to take fucking in vitro fertilization away from people, a truly shocking thing happened: A Democrat flipped a Republican state legislature seat, and bigly."

Single-Payer Healthcare Would Save Money and Lives
"Healthcare could be established as a basic human right, the way it is in every other developed country, by replacing our for-profit system with a single-payer system, which would both dramatically reduce costs and save tens of thousands of lives per year. Our current way of doing things is inhumane and unsustainable, and it is essential that we transition to a system which prioritizes patient care over profit. The cost of not doing this is other people’s pain and lives."

How Billionaire's Privilege is Taking Down Our Republic
Hundreds of working class people who answered Donald Trump’s call on January 6th are sitting in prison today, but the ringleader, the guy without whom those people would not be in jail, walks free.

Trump Loves To Play the Victim — NY Appeals Court Bailout Shows He’s the Most Coddled Person Alive
Until he's not. Which is coming soon.
"Trump's privilege is a social construct, not a law of nature. All it takes is a willingness to buck the pressure to give him the red carpet treatment. Hell, you don't even have to treat him fairly. As the original fraud trial showed, even when Trump is given lots of handicaps and perks, his guilt is so immense that it overwhelms his protective bubble. But it clearly takes courage to hold the line against this baffling assumption that Trump should be able to do whatever he wants. Too bad this appeals court didn't have the spine, but there are still plenty of people in the mix who aren't getting wobbly."

Trump's 'knee-jerk reaction' to fight court orders has him 'backed into corner': columnist
We should all know by now his arrogance and ego have wiped out any logic ability he's never had.

Donald Trump Is Not the Victim of ‘Lawfare.’ He’s a Crook. Republicans used to be very aware of this.
They did until they became fascist crooks themselves.

View Hosts Taken Aback By Trump Selling Bibles: ‘It’s Blasphemous
The former president announced this week that he’s selling the God Bless the U.S.A. Bible in partnership with musician Lee Greenwood in an effort to “make America pray again.”
He has no idea how many of us have been praying constantly and he's always in those prayers! :)

Axios: Truth Social Is Doomed To Become Penny Stock
"Truth Social — the Trump-owned social media platform that started trading yesterday — currently has far fewer users and less income than any social network that has gone public before. While the app does sell some ads, its business is practically non-existent."
"For now, Truth is trading like a meme stock, meaning its market value is completely divorced from its financial reality. But once retail investors tire of the penny stock, its fate will be left to institutional investors who want to see high-growth opportunities and profit margins. Meme stocks like GameStop and AMC that soared during the pandemic-era retail investor bump have since crashed."

Gallup: US Church Attendance Continues To Decline
"New from Gallup: only 3 in 10 Americans say they attend religious services every week (21%) or almost every week (9%)."
How often does the #1 Christian quoter of Biblical scripture, Donald Trump, attend?
21% of a cult group is influencing our laws in the U.S.? How long do we put up with that crap?

Christian Site: Eclipse May Bring “Massive” Earthquake
Why not the Rapture? Go all the way, man.
Just to be safe get out the pots and pans to scare the evil dark spirit away by beating on them loudly. It always works.

The 7 Dumbest Conspiracy Theories About the Baltimore Bridge Collapse
"When the Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed in the early morning hours of Tuesday, there was almost immediately chatter on social media about potential conspiracy theories. In reality, the bridge collapsed because a container ship lost power and crashed into a column, causing it to tumble into the river below. "
Who could have ever guessed conspiracy theories would arise? Here are some of the dumbest.

Trump is snubbing Haley voters—and it could cost him the election
Just one of many things that add up to a LOSER!

Morning Digest: Democratic landslide in Alabama is massive warning for GOP on IVF
Here's another thing.

No Place For Bad Actors, Thanks
"This isn't about red versus blue. This is about truth versus lies."

Alabama Special Election Flips Seat To Abortion Rights Dem
Not much surprise here. The MAGAt fascists are all losers.

Jon Stewart Explains Why Trump Crimes Aren't 'Victimless'
Fatso always needs something explained to him as he has no control over his blabbermouth.

Judge In Trump's NY Criminal Trial Issues Gag Order - ONLY Gagging Trump
His biggest problem is his mouth that has a mind of its own. It consistantly shows how mentally challenged he is.

Justice KBJ Smacks Down Alito's 'Scientific Knowledge' Of Abortion Drugs
Alito is a puckered-ass creep.

'A lifelong crook': Columnist takes a hatchet to GOP claims of Trump victimization
"Before he won the Republican nomination the first time, Republicans were perfectly aware that his decades of bilking customers and counterparties, lying to everybody, and surrounding himself with known criminals posed a series legal risk," he said. "Now that that risk has gone from theoretical to actual, and it is being shared by the Republican Party, they seem to believe it’s not fair to hold him legally accountable."
The swine.

'Not the actions' of a wealthy man: CNN panel roasts Trump for Bible-hawking stunt
"After watching video of Trump pushing his own brand of Bibles, Frum argued that the former president would have spent the last decade selling "reverse mortgages and dietary supplements" had he lost the 2016 presidential election."
If you've haven't seen it, see the documentary movie "Salesman." It's Trump to a T.
Typiclal dead-beat chisleler that he has always been. And he's not finished being indicted yet.

Hugh Hewitt Pretends Ronna McDaniel Has Grounds To Sue NBC
Hugh Hewitt continues to prove that his law degree hasn't done him an ounce of good.
Maybe he could chase ambulances?

Nancy Mace blames Biden’s infrastructure law after ship strike collapses Baltimore bridge
What happened to this woman's infrastructure? She needs a brain replacement ASAP as she's in crtical condition.
"Mace later touted funding in her district provided by the infrastructure bill." ROTFLMAO!

The Mainstream Media Is Burying Trump's Very Evil Project 25
Bury it deep and do the same with Stephen Miller attempt to take over every aspect of both the Federal Government and also our personal lives. Lots of potential Nazis and traitors listed in this piece of shit.

Justice Samuel Alito Falsely Implies Mifepristone Could Cause “Very Serious Harm
HE already has caused serious harm. He has no justification in saying that.
Plus the fact that there are possible bad side effects from many prescription medications, up to and including "sudden death." Hemakes a fool of hiimself which is pretty easy to do in his case

Fox News Host Claims Trump Does Not 'Disrespect' The Court
Emily Compagno twisted herself into a pretzel to make this claim.
Wow! Just got up off the floor from laughing my ass off at this!

'Absurd & dangerous'?: Truth Social made Donald Trump billions today
Absolute Bullshit, Horseshit, and Goddamn lies. He about to swindle a shitload of suckers.
If that's the case fork over the cash you owe, you chiseling motherfucker!

Will the GOP's Ukraine Aid Block Kick-Off Another Worldwide War?
Putin's language of escalation highlights the danger that the GOP’s embrace of Trump and Trump’s ties to Putin have put the US and the entire democratic world in.

How Did Everything Get This Fucked Up?
"I am desperate to believe I'm not at all rare as an American citizen who asks himself that title's question damn near every day. It's truly not a rhetorical question. I truly can't make head nor tail of how this country could have wound up with a guy like Trump monopolizing our attention so consistently and abusively for so long now, saying stupid shit, racist shit, misogynistic shit, arrogant and ignorant shit, and every category of shit from chickenshit, to horseshit, to bullshit. We've been unable to avoid this sludge at least since he rode down that escalator with his Eurotrash bimbo on the way to defiling the dignity of the White House with their presence for four pretty damn miserable years."
Trump brought out all of the worst traits of America.
The song that is censored here is "Bourgeois Blues" by Odetta. Typical racism to block it.

Trump Spox: We’ll Have “Soldiers” At Polling Places
Sure YOU would, you Nazi swine. Those you refer to are not soldiers. They are voter suppressors.

Ooof!: Former President Big Brain Tries To Say Words
Hello, 911. I'd like to report a murder. Yes, the Stable Genius murdered the English language:(
This is a very sick person. He's always the most hilarious when he starts talking about the Constitition.

Why the RNC’s 'dire financial straits' are 'even worse' than you think
"Interviewed on condition of anonymity, a GOP source close to the RNC fears that the organization's financial woes will only get worse as the organization tries to please Donald Trump in 2024."

‘Inexplicable': Rachel Maddow Goes On 29-Minute Tear After NBC Hires Ronna McDaniel
“I want to associate myself with all my colleagues, both at MSNBC and NBC News, who have voiced loud and principled objections to our company putting on the payroll someone who has not just attacked us as journalists, but is part of an ongoing project to get rid of our system of government,” Maddow said during an impassioned 29-minute monologue Monday night."
Fair and balanced is it?

Which Side Are ‘We the People’ on—Democracy or Fascism?
It occurs to me that many of us don't know the difference — or even care.

Who Owns Donald Trump?
The former president’s financial troubles open up rich opportunities for political attack.
"I got debts that no honest man can pay." — Bruce Springsteen, Atlantic City

Georgia judge sets hearing to consider dismissing Trump case on free speech grounds
Our laws appear to be failing to do their job. There is only one alternative and we all know what it is.
More failure by the United States of America to defend herself.

Trump slammed after claiming FBI search of Mar-a-Lago was illegal
What a thug usually claims.

‘Travesty of justice’: Legal experts stunned over unexplained ruling helping Trump
Justice can't handle the extortion that Trump is threatening. Apparently nothing more than chickenshits.

'White wealthy privilege': Trump's lowered bond 'bail out' spurs widespread outrage
There's that plus the out-and-out failure of our Republic to defend itself against organized crime.

Chick-Fil-A Reverses, Will Allow Antibiotics In Chicken
It's what Jesus would do and will personally heal all sick chicks.

More and More People Leaving Twitter as Elon Musk Ruins It
No surprise this is happening. He'll be messaging himself before it ends.

Six Mississippi “goon squad” cops get lengthy prison sentences for torturing Black men
"In Mississippi, six former sheriff’s deputies have been sentenced to between 10 and 40 years in prison for raiding a home and torturing, shooting and sexually abusing two Black men, Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker, in January 2023. The six former deputies, all of whom are white, called themselves the “Goon Squad” and have been linked to at least four violent attacks on Black men since 2019."
Land of the Happy Negro Cops get to meditate on their acts for some time.

Trump’s Truth Social posts 'beautiful' comparison to Jesus during court hearing
One hundred Psalms identify their author with an introduction along the lines of 'A prayer of Moses the man of God' (Psalm 90). Of these, 73 name David as the writer. Fifty of the Psalms do not mention their author, but many scholars believe David may have written some of these as well."
Jesus did not write one of them. He did say many would come in his name.

Economist Paul Krugman: How Trump will make life worse for his own voters
Krugman told Sargent, "I get really annoyed at the way everybody now calls Trump a populist. Because he hasn't actually done anything you would call populist in the normal sense…. He basically outsourced actual policy to ideological hardline right-wing Republicans in Congress. So, what you actually got from the Trump Administration might as well have been a Paul Ryan Administration plus tariffs."

A running list of RFK Jr.'s controversies
The 2024 presidential candidate has had no shortage of scandals over the years
This guy is at least as sick as Trump. There's no place to hide with this jerk as your candidate.

Forensic psychiatrist fears Trump’s 'changes in gait' may signal a form of 'dementia'
"Salon's Chauncy DeVega has written a series of articles on Trump's mental state, and some of the medical professionals he has interviewed have even alleged that he is showing signs of dementia.

Trump Gets 'Good' News And Very Bad News
Trump's Bond Cut To $175 Million If He Pays Up Now — He's got ten days to come up with $175 million. Meanwhile, Stormy trial is set for April 15.
It's like giving Hitler the Sudetenland.

Stormy Daniels: Trump Thinks He's Samson, Power In His Hair
This makes a lot of sense when you remember Trump is an egomaniacal infant.
Hopefully, he'll take his temple down on top of him.

What are ‘sex’ and ‘gender’? How these terms have changed and why states now want to define them
Although they’re sometimes used synonymously, ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ have different meanings to medical professionals.

Newly released transcripts reveal a MAGA betrayal: Donald Trump never cared about Ashli Babbitt
Trump now hypes her as a January 6 martyr, but when he was told of Babbitt's death, there was "no, like, reaction"

RFK’s Nevada Ballot Petition Void Without VP’s Name
His dad must be rolling over in his grave at his idiot son.
And this is more proof that some American voters cannot tell shit from applebutter. A vote for this fool is a vote for Trump.

QAnon Mastriano Proposes Bill To Outlaw “Chemtrails”
Did any of these shit for brains ever take a class in science? Dumbnation!
"Chemtrails in the moonlight."
Great Googa Mooga! This is one stupid motherfucker!

Trump appears to undercut his own defense in new rant: 'So you don't want full immunity?'
Stupid gets torn apart for showing he doesn't know what the word 'logic' means.
Fatso reveals to all of us just how fucked up his sense of reason is. Get rid of him.

PA Drag Story Hour Canceled After Emailed Threats, Two City Blocks Evacuated Over “Suspicious Package”
And the motherfucking Nazi MAGAts get pissed when their events get cancelled or moved. Their knowledge of American history leaves a lot to be desired.

The Evolution Of The Art Of Drag In 33 Stunning, Historical Images
Dressing in drag was once just a means of fulfilling female parts in plays — and now it's become a worldwide phenomenon.
As American as apple pie and hot dogs.

Fani Willis: “The Train Is Coming” For Trump
"Come on, Jack, that son of a bitch is comin' — Guy Clark, Desperados Waiting For A Train

Murkowski Won’t Rule Out Leaving Republican Party
“I just regret that our party is seemingly becoming a party of Donald Trump. I wish that as Republicans, we had … a nominee that I could get behind. I certainly can’t get behind Donald Trump.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle Displays Her GOP Family Values
Actually, she was flaunting something quite different, two somethings, to be precise.
The Christo-fascists support this sort of gallivanting?

'He perjured himself': Trump biographer says ex-president just did 'the dumbest thing'
That's because he's never aware of his lies. He's badly demented.
"And then he takes to social media a day or two ago and says, 'I have $500 million. I am really rich.' From a legal standpoint, it is about the dumbest thing he could've done. Because the court now has to wonder about his truthfulness and his track record of statements he has made about the money. I think they will scrutinize it and hold him and his lawyers accountable for all of the variations of what he has been saying about what he has."

Senate Candidate: Charge Obese More For Healthcare
Tell him that that's exactly what they are going to do and charge fatheads like him more. "The Fathead Health Care Tax."
We didn't have to deal with the nutball Palin, but what she says is exactly what the fascists are doing to women right now.

Fox Host: Trump’s Out Of Luck Even If He Wins Appeal
Trump is done. Stick a fork in him.
Absolutely no one is afraid of retribution because he's broke. It's a myth he has any power for anything else than attempting to assemble dysfunctional mobster gangs.

Axios: Republicans Are “Livid” Over US House Chaos
"Republicans were left fuming over the early resignations of Gallagher and Buck, with some suggesting it’s now within the realm of possibility for the House majority to flip to Democrats mid-Congress. Everyone should be that is an American.

'Three strikes': Ex-prosecutor wants Cannon removed from Trump case over 'unusual' filings
"You generally deal with pretrial motions first and jury instructions were later. Her instructions are based on this faulty premise that Donald Trump's designation of records under the Presidential Records Act matters. It doesn't. He is charged with violating the Espionage Act. The Espionage Act applies regardless whether the records he had were categorized as personal or presidential."
She's got her nailed.

'It's not worth anything': Former Trump lawyer blows a hole in 'hype' over Truth Social
'Most of us that aren't ignortant media propagandists know this.

Gingrich: “The Freedom Caucus Has Been A Disaster”
He (Newt) taught them everything they know. He wrote the "Contract on America."

Biden Admin Changing 'Cruel' Policy On Social Security Overpayments
Per SSA Commissioner Martin O'Malley, the agency will limit the clawback to 10% of an overpaid beneficiary's monthly benefit.
If they were overpaid it wasn't their fault. That money is already spent. Clawing it back was mercenary meaness.

'Carry that with me for the rest of my life': PA election worker lives under constant threat
"It would be lying if I said I didn’t take it personally," Cook said. "I know exactly who made those comments and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life."
"[Cook has] been through some s---," Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith told the Guardian. "Some serious s---."
All because of the traitor Trump and his Nazi follwers. Put him in prison where scumbags belong.

The End of Anti-Woke Politics?
It turns out most Americans are "woke," with even Republicans rejecting Ron DeSantis's efforts to "Floridize" the country.
Of course. That's what the lame asses don't get.

More for Them, Less for Us
Tesla, Ford, Netflix, and T-Mobile are among scores of profitable U.S. firms that pay their top executives more than they pay in federal taxes.
One of America's biggest problems.

Lev Parnas: Sean Hannity And Fox News Are Acting As Russian Assets
"Then, after specifically calling out Rep. Pete Sessions, former Rep. Devin Nunes and Sen. Ron Johnson as culprits, Parnas said, 'The same goes for John Solomon, Sean Hannity, and media personnel, particularly at Fox News, who used this narrative to manipulate the public ahead of the 2020 elections.'”
These bastards are traitors along with Trump. All certifialble POS.

Trump ally’s stunning request: ‘If this election doesn’t go our way the next day we fight’
The little Nazi prick is not bullet proof. But none of them are.

"He'll never leave": Why Trump's dynasty, built on corruption and violence, won't end with him
Fascism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat says MAGA violence is a grave danger — no matter how the 2024 election turns out
Trump will certainly come to an end. It's the MAGAt terrorists that Trump created that will linger until they all are eliminated. And they will be.

ISIS claims responsibility for attack in busy Moscow-area concert venue that left at least 40 dead
Surely, you don't mean that terrorist gang that Trump said he'd eliminated?

Biden Targets Latinos With Trump’s “Poisoning” Claims
The motherfucker is poisoning us all. It doesn't take much to see this.

Even George Santos Is Leaving The 'Embarrassing' Republican Party
Well, this is different.
Nope. A "fabulist" is just another lying bastard.

Johnson loses top committee chair after far-right budget bill outrage
The fascists are fading away. Their control is melting. Think of it, always. Ghandi told us.

'Handmaid of American fascism': Ronna McDaniel’s new NBC News gig sparks fury
Remember when no one was calling the fascists a fascist except yours truly?

Humiliated Comer: 'Criminal Referrals' Instead Of Impeachment
Making criminal referrals is a joke, but Comer and Jordan are trying to save face to the MAGA cult. Chairman Comer and Jordan are only working for one narcissistic traitor and not the US."
"MAGA Republicans are so desperate to try and soil President Biden with the same feces-laden rag that Trump has bathed himself in, they've spent millions of taxpayer dollars and spent months and years trying to do Trump's dirty work."
"If anyone should be impeached it's the Republican clown car Congress."

Joe Biden Isn’t Just a Good President, He’s Good People
On the other hand, Trump is the lowest life form that exists on our planet.

CDC Report Underscores Need for Medicare For All
Wise up, and let's get it done.

Women Ditching The Pill Over Social Media Misinformation
"Physicians say they’re seeing an explosion of birth-control misinformation online targeting a vulnerable demographic: people in their teens and early 20s who are more likely to believe what they see on their phones because of algorithms that feed them a stream of videos reinforcing messages often divorced from scientific evidence. While doctors say hormonal contraception — which includes birth-control pills and intrauterine devices (IUDs) — is safe and effective, they worry the profession’s long-standing lack of transparency about some of the serious but rare side effects has left many patients seeking information from unqualified online communities."
The misinforming swine will pay dearly for this.

AOC and Bernie Sanders Aim to Tackle Housing and Climate Change in One Bill
The retards will prevent it. But not forever.

It’s a Good Time to Start Worrying About Christian Nation
There's never a bad time. Wipe it off the face of the earth by any means necessary.

Biden has an answer to the ‘better off four years ago’ question
Donald Trump wants voters to ask, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Oddly enough, Joe Biden is focused on the same question.
"Reality leaves little doubt that the country is better off than it was four years ago by practically every relevant metric. The Democratic president has 227 days to refresh voters’ memories and bring this truth into focus."
Of this there is NO DOUBT!

'Republicans are so stupid': Josh Hawley attacks his own party over Social Security
This guy seems to be drifting toward awareness of his own gang of grifters.

'The dumbest thing he could have done': Ex-prosecutor laughs at Trump's new cash boast
It won't be the last dumb thing he does.

'One of them is lying': Experts warn Trump his $500M claim directly contradicts lawyers
I couldn't possibly guess which one. Or could I?

Judge Cannon hands Jack Smith a victory in Trump's classified document case
"Upon review of the Motion, relevant filings, arguments raised during hearings, and the full record," writes Cannon, "the Court GRANTS the Special Counsel’s Motion as to Categories 3 and 4 in their entirety, as well as most of the Category 2 requests as set forth in the Court’s Classified Order."
"Cannon's concession to Smith's demand comes as she faces mounting criticism over a perceived bias toward the former president responsible for her appointment to Florida's Southern District court."

How Republicans Caused "Missing Americans"
Welcome to the 2024 GOP and their plans to “deconstruct the administrative state” and drag America back to the 19th century.
Outrageous. We shall not be moved.

Supreme Court Grants Gov. Greg Abbott’s Wish To Turn Texas Into a Far-Right Dictatorship
Alito is the leader of the Nazi coterie in the Super Supremes.
"Late last week, the Supreme Court allowed West Texas A&M University to proceed with its ban of drag shows hosted by on-campus groups, even though the school's censorship violate decades of First Amendment precedence. This week, the Supreme Court did it again, allowing Texas to temporarily go forward with a clearly unconstitutional claim that state law supersedes federal jurisdiction when it comes to immigration. Neither decision constitutes the final word on whether Texas can flout the constitutional order so openly, to be clear. But even letting it get this far represents the Supreme Court's eagerness to bless Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Tex., in his quest to turn his state into a far-right dictatorship."
And it's all so ignorant and stupid of these apes. Drag has been aroung since humans started walking the planet. Absolute proof they are fascist Nazis. They have made some serious mistakes that will be their undoing.

How plans for a West Texas drag show turned into a war over the First Amendment
Classic example of fascism denying human rights. Texas is overflowing with these Nazis.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Files a Motion to Oust House Speaker Mike Johnson
No one can be Speaker in this cluster fuck.

Trump canceled a rally in Arizona because his campaign was too broke: report
Nobody wants to see this asswipe traitor anywhere.

'Can you believe this guy?' Wall Street insider claims bankers are laughing at Trump
He's a laugh, alright. On the other hand, he's as bad as terminal cancer.

Martyrs to the MAGA cause: Trump follows Hitler's steps with glorification of Jan. 6
Making martyrs out of red hat rioters is a well laid out plan
Send the traitor to prison.

Republicans Object To IVF Services For LGBTQ Veterans
This is just pure meaness from the holier-than-thou turds.

MO GOP Sues To Block KKK-Linked Man From Ballot
They want to block one of their own? LMAO!

MTG: “Our Republican Majority Is A Complete Failure”
And it can no longer stand.

DeSantis Denies Having Criminalized Homelessness
One of the whiniest little jerkwads the country has ever had to endure.

Trump: “I Currently Have Almost $500 Million In Cash”
Then fork it over, you stupid, fucking asswipe!

Lewis Black's Wit Versus Artificial Intelligence
The only thing that can stop artificial intelligence is super intelligence, but we got Lewis Black instead.
Top notch, Lewis!

It Looks Like Letitia James Has Already Started Putting Liens On Trump Properties
If reporting is correct, Letitia James has already started to place liens on Trump properties in Westchester County, NY
All of his properties must have liens on them. He would have no way to sell them and dead in the water.

'Work until you drop dead': House GOP plan takes axe to Social Security, healthcare and civil rights
They really think Americans will vote for this disaterous walk off a cliff proposal?
They may as well take a bullet to the head. Fuck around and find out you bags of shit!

Problems pile up for Trump as Biden team preps 'avalanche' of attacks: report
"After making marginal gains with Latino voters, Trump on Saturday said some migrants were 'not people,'" they write. "His campaign scrambled over the weekend to push back on coverage of his remarks predicting a 'bloodbath' if he loses in November, explaining that he was only talking about the auto industry. And then Trump ignited another controversy, saying Jews who vote for Democrats 'hate everything about Israel' and their religion."
A loser is what the traitor is.

We have met the enemy and he is us
And with no sense of humor, the joke is on us
"America has lost its collective mind."
At least a portion of us.

REPORT: Spending Deal Bans Pride Flags At Embassies
Fuck off, asswipe.

Conway: Whites Won’t Say “Thoughts And Prayers,” They’re Jogging And Having Brunch Instead Of Church
Who put this obnoxious idiot in charge of Americans church attendance?

Fox Host Reads Prayer Sponsored By Christian App
Is Fox turning into a church now that they have failed at being a news source?
Put your hand on the TV. LMAO!

Rittenhouse Flees The Stage Amid Protests
"The event was sponsored by Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA and he is extremely upset."
Do we Charlie will blow up? We cah hope.
I see Kyle was wearing the Nazi hat.

Nebraska Republican Inserts Colleague's Name While Reading A Rape Scene
"Nebraska State Sen. Steve Halloran (R-Hastings) is facing bipartisan calls to resign after he interjected a colleague's name into a reading of a graphic rape scene multiple times."
Back to hell with him.

Profiles In Courage: Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos
Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos doesn't have the spinal fortitude of even Mike Pence
Lots of Nazis fucking around in Wisconsin.

'Wrong you idiot': The judge Jonathan Turley claims just 'slammed Michael Cohen' died in 2021
Additionally, Michael Cohen himself reacted to Turley's comment, writing, "Wrong you idiot (@JonathanTurley). Judge Pauley didn’t make the statement, Judge Jesse Furman did. Pauley is deceased. You’re as sloppy as the corrupt SDNY and MAGA morons. Read the decision of Judge Engoron (pg 43) that emphatically stated Michael Cohen Told The Truth. #PUTZ"

X Suspends Journalists For Exposing Nazi Cartoonist
Anyone doubt this prick is a Nazi? Send him to Gitmo.

Trump Asks Court To Pause Capitol Riot Civil Lawsuits
The King traitor should just be thrown in prison. Who gives a fuck about the loser?

GOP Calls For Rise In Social Security Retirement Age
America: Work until you DIE!

Freedom Caucus Votes To Eject Retiring Rep. Ken Buck
They are real sweethearts, eh? What a bunch of dicks.

Selling Mar-a-Lago is Trump's best hope of meeting $464M bond deadline: real estate expert
Who would be the chump?

Judge Cannon could be 'removed from the case altogether' after latest stunt: report
Don't hold your breath.

These 9 House Republicans voted against a resolution condemning the Russian abduction of Ukrainian children
The House passed a resolution on Tuesday condemning the Russian abduction of Ukrainian children.
Nine Republicans voted against it.
It comes as a majority of the party has firmly turned against providing further US aid to Ukraine. Scumbag Nazis.

Zieglers sue to stop release of rape investigation records
"Former Florida GOP chairman Christian Ziegler and his wife Bridget Ziegler, a Sarasota School Board Member and cofounder of the conservative group Moms for Liberty, have filed a lawsuit seeking to bar the release of records involved in the husband’s criminal rape investigation."

Trump Asks Supreme Court For “Absolute Immunity”
If that's the case then our current President will have him assassinated. Game Over, chump!
"He's not king. He's not even holding an office right now. This is how stupid this nation has allowed itself to become." — Chicago Dyke (Comments).

CNN: “Panicked” Trump Is Trying To Sell His Assets
This is what happens with your reputation of not repaying your debts, chisiler. No cash for you!

19% Of FL Republicans Vote Against Trump In Primary
This is happening in primaries across America. Trump is going to be buried in a landslide in November.

Scott: Canadian Politicians Are Not Welcome In Florida
Who wants to go to your shitty fascist state? Let me see your papers, Nazi!
"And lest we forget, Scott, himself, is a criminal, having stolen millions of dollars from Medicare." — barryearle (comments) Arizona State Senator Needs An Abortion; Calls Out Colleagues
Eva Burch sadly has a non-viable pregnancy. Republicans in her legislative body get an earful.
Give them an earful that won't clean out.The men (and women?) who make these thought laws need to get a brain.

Texas Law Blocked After Surprise 5th Circuit Decision — For Now
No one will blame you if you're confused.
Texas will do it anyway. They don't consider themselves a part of the U.S.

Trump’s 'astounding' SCOTUS Jan. 6 immunity brief blasted by legal experts
Don Demented keeps opening his stupid mouth and planting his foot in it.

New docs shed light on 'inner workings' of 'shadowy' far-right Christian nationalist group
"The documents, Wilson reports in an article published on March 19, address "methods for judging the beliefs of potential members on topics such as Christian nationalism, and indications that its founders sought inspiration in an apartheid-era South African white men-only group, the Afrikaner-Broederbond."
Super Nazi Christo-fascist group can go back to hell where they came from.

There Goes Trump, Seething At American Jews Again
The One-Eyed Jack revealed. Get rid of him.

What Americans and the Media are Missing About the TikTok Crisis
It’s time for “truth in labeling” laws like the processed food industry complies with to apply to social media. The life — and democracy — that gets saved could be your own.

Christian Nationalists’ Using Goebbels-esque Tactics to Brand Critics
In doing so they brand themseves Nazis.

Liz Cheney: This story of Trump's Jan. 6 'depravity' shows why he must be defeated
"He was not only sitting in the dining room next to the Oval Office watching the attack on television, we know he was doing that because of the testimony of individuals inside the White House who were with him," she said. "We also know that, while that attack was happening and he was continuing to refuse to tell the mob to leave, we know that he knew the mob was armed when he sent them to the Capitol, and we also know that, while the attack was happening, he was handed a note. And the note said on it that a civilian had been shot at the entrance to the chamber of the House of Representatives."

Tommy Tuberville calls liberalism 'a satanic cult' that has 'ruined' American schools
Don't point that finger at me, Daddio!
He's just jealous because he never got any when he was in school. We know why.

Trump’s warnings of violence must not be ignored
The most certainly won't by his base of gun thugs.

Jair Bolsonaro Indicted On COVID Vax Fraud Charges
Another fascist bites the dust. Think of it, always!

DeSantis: I Will Send Haitians To Martha’s Vineyard
Why doesn't he just move to Martha's Vineyard and leave the Haitians alone. Let's see if he can even buy a home there. Who will protect Florida from the swine DeSantis?

Wisconsin Republicans Want Voters To Vote Against Democracy
Nazis at work in America. Get rid of them ASAP.

Trump Threw Alina Habba Under The Bus In Sexual Harassment Deal
He's very good at that. That and being the stupidest asshole alive.

State senators demand Republican’s resignation for inserting Dem names into violent book scene
Time for this scumbag Bozo to bottle up and go.

Trump slammed for 'completely wacko' suit against ABC News and George Stephanopoulos
What else would you expect from the demented cluster-fucked brain of his?

Supreme Court Allows Anti-Immigrant Texas Law to Go into Effect
There's a target on the back of every brown person': SCOTUS slammed for 'show me your papers' ruling
"The legislation is one of the most extreme anti-immigrant laws ever passed by any state legislature in the country and would permit local and state law enforcement to arrest, detain, and remove people they suspect to have entered Texas from another country without federal authorization. The law’s implementation would lead to racial profiling, separate families, and harm Black and Brown communities across the state. The American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU of Texas, and Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) filed a lawsuit on behalf of Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, American Gateways, and El Paso County, arguing that S.B. 4 violates the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution and is preempted by federal law."
Take your papers and wipe your ass with them, Nazi pigs. Hitler's concentration camps are closer than ever.

Trump uncorks multi-post early-morning meltdown on 'Crazed, Trump Hating, Rogue Judge'
Perfect example of "Crimnally Insane."
"In fact, people who lose civil lawsuits are routinely asked to post bond as a condition for their ability to appeal."

Trump blows the MAGA whistle — and his signal is heard loud and clear
Trump is escalating his rhetoric. How far will he take it?
All the way to life in prison.

Trump: Bonding Companies “Never Heard Of Such A Bond” And Couldn’t Help Me “Even If They Wanted To”
Looks like he's broke and has no money of this own. Such a lying bastard. Put him behind bars.

Jewish Groups Blast Trump’s Latest Antisemitic Rant
Run this shit bag back to hell where he came from. He should not be a presidential candidate.

Court: Pharmacist Illegally Refused To Sell Birth Control
Does the moron fill prescriptions for Viagra?
"Again, if your personal choice to join a religion conflicts with your other personal choice of how you'd like to earn a living, it's on you to reconcile your conflicting life choices... it's simply not our problem." — Buford (comments)

Incompetent Judge Aileen Cannon Tries To Give Trump A Lifeline
She's basically saying she wants the jury to excuse Trump if he really, really, truly believed the records were his. I guess "Ignorantia juris non excusat" is not recognized by the judge. She's as corrupt as Trump.

'I am phoning a friend': Legal experts slam Cannon’s new Trump order as 'unclear' and 'utterly nuts'
Conservative lawyer and analyst George Conway chimed in, writing, "Okay, I’ve seen enough. Not only should Aileen Cannon not be sitting on this case, but she should not be sitting on the federal bench at all. This is utterly nuts."
The fix is in here. Talk about a rig.

Pro-Trump lawyer arrested after DC hearing about her leaking Dominion Voting Systems emails: report
They're all crooks.

A Trump Manhattan hush money conviction would punch a hole in his election hopes: report
Prepare his cell.

Menacing MAGA outburst at Arizona government meeting 'a dress rehearsal for the election'
Hot lead is the only thing Nazis understand. Give it to them. Let the swine have it.
When they announce they are an "insurrection" they should take fire because it's more Trump treason.

Adult MAGA rage is making schools more dangerous for students
Despite the Ethan Crumbley and Nex Benedict cases, a GOP nominee to run schools wants a "firing squad" for liberals
Firing squads work both ways. Nazis usully get hanged. A reckoning is coming.

Cheney Hits Back At Trump’s Call To Prosecute Her
Get bent, you lying old man. Your 15 minutes are just about up. Your con has run out and you are dead meat.

Russia Complains About “Traitors” Protesting In DC
Who is this guy? Some cheap hood? Tell him to get fucked.
His foot don't fit no limb in the USA.

Biden Order To Bolster Women’s Health Research
American women knows Biden is on America's side.

Infamous Liar Busted Lying About Zelensky “Tape”
Demented Liar. With insane and dangerous gangs that back him up. Time to eliminate them all.

Trump May Bring Back Manafort As Campaign Advisor
Fatso reassembling his mob of crooks for his next mugging of America.
Show these assholes the way back to prison.

Jen Psaki Drops A Truth Bomb On Trump Defenders Over 'Bloodbath' Remark
There is no excuse for his violent rhetoric, but Trump defenders are giving him a pass.
These dumb shits will never learn. Don't expect them to, ever.

'Why are these three Republican senators so upset?' Expert slams GOP’s defiance of new judicial rule
The Nazis don't like it. They can't rig so eaasily if it's in place.

Hilarity Ensues As RNC Labels MAGA Mike Johnson As A Biden 'Handler'
And the winner of "The Stupidist Fuckheads of the World Award" is the RNC Research morons!

Climate-Science Deniers, Right-Wing Think Tanks, and Fossil Fuel Shills Are Plotting Against the Clean Energy Transition
Inside the conspiracy to take down wind and solar power
More scare tactics and flat-out lies against energy transition by the fascists.
Stop the bastards.

Trump: You Can’t Use Public Airwaves To Criticize Me
Another demented comment from the world's worst.

Trump Calls for Liz Cheney and the Entire Jan. 6 Committee to Be Jailed
A brain is a terrible thing to waste. He'll be serving time in psyche ward first.

Why the Big Lie Is Still Dominating Wisconsin Politics
Because the state is full of Nazis.

Trump's struggle to finish sentences at Ohio rally 'raises a number of flags': MSNBC host
When has he ever been able to finish a complete sentence? He's on brain-dead alert now.

Fox News issues correction after Trump claims Dems perform abortions after birth
Well, well, well. I bet that retraction hurt. But what about the rest of them?

These Companies Pay Their Executives More Than They Pay in Taxes
Tesla, Ford, Netflix and T-Mobile are among scores of U.S. firms that pay their top execs more than they pay the IRS.

Rural America Is in the Midst of an Eviction Crisis
New research found that Black rural households have eviction rates four times higher than white households.
Return with us now to the Land of the Happy Negro where slaveowners are now mercenary landlords.

Trump Is out of His Mind and Desperate
Of this we can be certain.

Voters now 'questioning Trump's sanity': conservative pollster
Of course he's insane. But so are the people that are supporting him.

Fox News introduces sponsored prayers to Jesus: 'Thank you again for this partnership'
Fox Christo-Fascist News. They are offending many people with this fake religion sham.

Internet shreds Trump after ex-president warns of 'bloodbath' if he loses election
"Trump just threatened a 'bloodbath for the country' if he’s not elected," Li wrote. "Let’s be VERY clear what this thug is doing — Inciting stochastic terrorism against the United States He is issuing marching orders for his MAGA terrorists This is 'Proud Boys, stand back & stand by' redux."
The whiny, cowardly, terrorist shit bag should be tarred, feathered and rode out of the country on a rail. He's threatening our country the same as any foreign invader. We've had enough of this son-of-a-bitch. There's only one solution for that.

Republicans are worried as the Ohio Senate primary breaks out into an all-out brawl
The three-way race has turned brutal in the final stretch.
Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney speak truth to this Nazi sham.
The Nazi death party may just kill itself. We can hope.

Cultist Senate Candidate: In Heaven You’ll Meet All Signers Of Declaration Of Independence Like Lincoln
They will all be in for a big surprise, dude. And the demented Trump salutes his mob of violent traitors
"This guy calls the rioters who beat up cops in an attempt to overturn a legitimate election “unbelievable patriots.” That this doesn’t disqualify him within the GOP or among the tens of millions of voters who have voted for him shows how deep the rot goes." — David Corn

Trump Threatens A 'Bloodbath' If He Loses In November
During a rally in Ohio on Saturday night, Trump threatened a BLOODBATH if he loses in November. "Donald Trump cannot get anywhere near the Oval Office again. He continues to get closer to an insanity defense after every rally, with a true display of mental illness taking hold during a Saturday afternoon rally in Ohio. He cursed, threatened immigrants, ranted about Biden beating Obama in an election and then, and most frighteningly, threatened a BLOODBATH if he loses in November."
Guess what, Fatso. It will all be yours. American Republicans must vote against this maniac criminal to save the Republic. I know it will be hard but THEY MUST!

Oops: RNC Chair Says We’re “Better Off” Under Biden
America agrees he was right with the first answer.
And they say Biden is slow.

Don’t give Trump a 2nd chance to destroy American democracy
"Recently my partner and I had brunch with some old comrades, folks I first met in the 1996 fight to stop the state of California from outlawing affirmative action. Sadly, we lost that one and, almost three decades later, we continue to lose affirmative action programs thanks to a Supreme Court rearranged or, more accurately, deranged by one Donald J. Trump."
This is what a mentally impaired racist President can do to a free country.

Trump fanning flames of Jan. 6 could be 'a real problem' for Republicans in 2024: analysis
It's as if he wants to keep it in front of America's eyes because he thinks it's a winner. He's totally clueless about his precarious legal position which clearly shows his mental state. Demented, addled, confused, and evil as all hell. Not fit to be dogcatcher.

Abbott’s Migrant Busing Stunt Cost TX Taxpayers Approx $150 Million
"That means that taxpayers have paid close to $150 million to “own the libs,” or about $1,500 per bused migrant, CNN estimated. If right-wing donors don’t want to cough up the money, I’d love to see a poll showing how everyday Texans feel about being stuck with the bills."
Most Texans don't even know busing ever happened let alone cost them money.

RBG’s Family Furious Over Namesake Award For Musk
"The family of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and some of the Supreme Court justice’s former colleagues have denounced this year’s slate of honorees for an award that a philanthropic foundation bestows in the name of the liberal icon." The award is disingenuous and the family should do something about the fraud being perpetrated upon them by fascists.

NYT: Trump Is Scrambling To Raise Campaign Money
His crooked lawyers are bleeding him dry. Keep up the good work you're doing for America. LOL!
“But some top donors remain hesitant. Among their privately expressed concerns is a fear that large donations could wind up covering Mr. Trump’s legal fees, even as his advisers have publicly said the R.N.C. won’t do so.”
Probably not paying his mouthpieces. Is that why Habba is so pissed off?

The GOP Is Too Scared to Let South Dakota Vote on Abortion
They can blame Trump for that.
"As they’ve done in other states, Republicans are trying to stop the amendment from going before voters: On Friday, Republican Gov. Krisiti Noem signed a bill to allow people to revoke their signatures from ballot initiative petitions."
Nazis at work in our America. Shame!

It’s Not Just Sandy Hook. Aaron Rodgers Has Some Very Strange Thoughts About…Buildings
"This is just kind of who Aaron Rodgers is: An incurious person’s idea of a curious person. And it seems to be a terminal condition."
He's either an ego maniac playing word games or he's batshit crazy — or both.
He and Kennedy appear to be very much the same mental cases.

Bolsonaro presented plan to reverse 2022 election, Brazilian military leaders say
More proof Nazis love to fuck with elections.

'Working-class people aren't lazy, they're fed up,' UAW leader tells Senate
"United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain on Thursday made clear to a key U.S. Senate panel that working-class people nationwide are deeply frustrated with the "epidemic of lives dominated by work" and the fight for livable wages while executive compensation continues to climb."
"Donald Trump is a scab," Fain declared in January when the UAW officially backed Biden—who, during the union's walkouts, became the first sitting president to join striking workers on the picket line. "Donald Trump is a billionaire, and that's who he represents... Donald Trump stands against everything we stand for as a union, as a society."

Trump cutting back on rallies to save money as cash shortfall hobbles campaign: report
No money, no TV, no fans. Life is hell for the fascist fuck. May it be so eternally.

Peter Navarro Files Emergency Supreme Court Appeal in Last-Minute Attempt to Avoid Prison
Trump Crime Syndicate member appeals to the SCOTUS arm of the gang to get let off the hook.
Peter, watch the the movie Hunger. That's prison. You get to go to a country club for a few months compared to that, you wuss.

Why Trust is the Thing Enemies of Democracies Always Target First
Trust is the single most important thing any government has; it is truly what makes a nation viable.
"In 2016, Russian intelligence hacked both the RNC and the DNC. They never revealed the dirt they got on the RNC, but, at Donald Trump’s request, they handed off DNC data including Hillary’s emails to the media with the (successful) goal of destroying America’s trust in her.
Yesterday, we learned from reporting by The Guardian that Alexander Smirnov, the Russian agent who began peddling lies about Hunter and Joe Biden and Ukraine in time for the 2020 election and was recently arrested for lying about that to the FBI, was paid $600,000 by people affiliated with Donald Trump. All to destroy our trust in the Bidens."
Indeed. Trump and his Organized Crime Syndicate has sucessfully destroyed trust in our system which ialways has been the goal of totalitarianists. Is Merrick Garland a wolf in sheep's clothingt?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants To Talk To You About The Black Market Of Baby Organ Harvesting
We can't wait for this. Should be very enlightening and even illuminating. So much one can see right through it.

Tuberville: “We Are Losing Our Kids To A Satanic Cult”
What ancient universe does this dumbass live in? He has no morals to lose. Fuck him.

Vaseline Woman Asks SCOTUS To Ban Voting Machines
Send this scatter-brained power addict straight back to hell where she came from.

Noem: Native SD Tribes Are In Cahoots With Cartels
Looking for new ways to eliminate Native Americans, you numbskull?

NYT: Trump Is Scrambling To Raise Campaign Money
When he should be in prison for treason.

Corporations Paid Execs More Than They Paid In Taxes
"Both kinds of corporate misbehavior—underpaying taxes and overpaying executives—ultimately make working families the victim through smaller paychecks and diminished public services."

Inside the constitutional apocalypse on the horizon
"And now we have what might be the most important Supreme Court term in American history. The justices have to decide cases concerning presidential immunity (which might be directly relevant to the next presidential election and the very existence of our democracy), gun control, abortion, state regulation of social media, administrative law and the death penalty, among other important cases. (Obviously, a ruling granting Trump immunity would be catastrophic for the country and the court. I do not expect that to happen.)"
Don't count on it with the gang of Nazi cut-throats that we now have.

'We have to worry about physical violence': AZ elections chief preps for threats from MAGA
Nazis have a tendency for violence. History says so.

All 119 Teachers In Flint, Michigan, Called In Sick This Week And The Reason Will Devastate You!
But only if you're human.
"On Wednesday, 119 teachers in Flint, Michigan (which is all of the teachers in Flint, Michigan), called in sick. Was there a mass food poisoning situation? Another deadly Legionnaires outbreak? Nope. The teachers called in sick to protest the Flint Board of Education rejecting the agreement teachers and administrators had come to that would have raised wages for teachers in Flint, which boasts some of the lowest teachers salaries in Michigan."

Weird How Katie Britt Turns Off Her Fundie Baby Voice When She's Just Blabbing On Ted Cruz's Podcast
"You’ve heard it, whether or not you grew up in conservative Christian weirdoland. It’s the voice Michelle Duggar speaks in, which she teaches her daughters to use. It’s meek and mild and submissive to husbands and all other men, and all the other things extreme right-wing Christians believe women should be."
"Piper notes in her post and in the video she referenced that psycho cult Christian House Speaker Mike Johnson’s psycho cult Christian wife uses the voice. Yes, the person with the Christian counseling service that compares being gay to bestiality, or did until people started digging into who she was and they deleted that from the website. She, like Katie Britt, is a serious professional! But yet, there is that baby voice when she’s being interviewed with her husband."
"Weird, then, how in the immediate aftermath, the only people we saw who were really into it were creepy conservative white men. Or maybe that’s not weird, when you think about it for four seconds."
"Love how Clay Travis conservative dude-splains how Britt’s presentation wasn’t for dudes, even as he’s the one leaving dude-stains on his pantleg.
Because if there’s one thing conservative white MAGA guys understand, it’s what appeals to women voters."

Social Security Chief Martin O'Malley Decides To Get Agency Out Of The Life-Ruining Business
"Here, have another case in point: Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who was sworn in in December as the new head of the Social Security Administration, pledged this week that he will put an end to the agency’s practice of trying to “claw back” money that it says was incorrectly sent to beneficiaries (sometimes because of SSA’s errors), because it 'just doesn’t seem right or fair.'
"So yes, that’s a lot of costly errors, but if vulnerable people are being thrown out on the streets in the effort to get the money back, we say the hell with it. Do partial payments, or just write the overpayments off and cover it by eliminating oil subsidies."
Hell, yes!

Bernie Sanders Wants 32-Hour Work Week So We Can Become France.
“The sad reality is that Americans now work more hours than the people of any other wealthy nation,” he said, citing statistics that workers in the U.S. on average work for hundreds of hours longer each week than their counterparts in Japan, Britain and Germany.
"When adjusted for inflation, a fact sheet on the proposal notes, Americans are in fact making far less per hour than we were 60 years ago, although CEOs are now making about 400 times more than the average worker. It’s pretty unlikely the CEOs are working 400 times the hours, either, what with your laws of physics and all."
To Hillary Vaughn: Without a problem! Let's get this done!

New Far-Right Conspiracy Claims Boeing's Accidents Are Intentional
This bullshit takes the MAGAt shit cake and then some.

Rent Increases Are Driving Inflation — and Pessimism About Economy Under Biden
A MAGAt landlord tactic that might be working on some. Do you really believe that Trump is the cure for this? Then welcome to the crowd in America's Great Wastland of thinking. (See below)

No more 6%? Home buyers and sellers will soon negotiate their own commissions with agents.
Then maybe it's best time for you renters to buy a home?

Attempted Book Bans Last Year Targeted More Than 4,240 Titles, an All-Time High
Books to Nitwits, Nutballs, Batshit crazies, Idiots, Lamebrains, and Morons are as mirrors are to vampires.
These creatures are our Great Wasteland.

COVID: This Month 4 Years Ago Trump & Kushner Put Together a Deadly, Evil Plan
Their diabolical plan, for purely political purposes, was virtually ignored by the American mainstream media.

Judge Scott McAfee mulls gagging Fani Willis after 'legally improper' speech at church
Trump shill throws more shit to stall for his master.
"Judge Scott McAfee is considering issuing an order effectively gagging Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' office from talking publicly about her case against Donald Trump — and the idea left a legal expert shocked."
Why is shilling for a traitor a shock from a Georgia MAGAt?
"In fact, Atlanta defense lawyer Andrew Fleischman said of the suggestion, 'I've never seen that before.'"
The Land of the Happy Negro shouldn't surprise anyone by their "legal" charades. I'd be surprised if lynching her isn't an option.

Gov. Ron DeSantis' war on 'woke' appears to be losing steam in Florida
It is. It and the Trump con on America. Too many holes in it now and America is tired of the bullshit it spits at them.

The Christian Right’s Imaginary Nation
"The left can offer a stronger vision of what America could be. It offers more than fantasy, more than hope. It promises justice. The Christian right would deny us that. In its pursuit of the imaginary, it sacrifices real people and causes real harm. The country it’s building isn’t real yet, but with the help of the Supreme Court it soon could be. To save our reality — and improve it, for all — the people will have to fight.
Fight we will. Most of us have been fighting these brain-washed tyrants for decades.

Tesla Is Getting Absolutely Destroyed
"The Elon Musk-led company's future is uncertain as ever, CNN reports. As we approach the end of Q1, Tesla has remained the worst-performing stock on the S&P 500 for over a month now.
The company is down almost 32 percent since January, hitting a ten-month low — and the forecast for the rest of the year isn't looking much better. According to a scathing new report by Wells Fargo analyst Colin Langan, Tesla is a "growth company with no growth."

New Federal Lawsuit Challenges Use of Artificial Intelligence in U.S. Elections to Undermine Voting Rights
It will continue to exploit people's stupidity which has become prevelent in our society.

Economist Paul Krugman: Trump will 'wreck' Social Security and Medicare if he wins
That's not all he'll wreck.

'Pay-per-view in front of firing squad': GOP candidate called for Obama's public execution
And we can't even put Trump shit bags like this behind bars? They consider this an "empty threat"?
And you want this garbage heap near your kids? You are nuts!
Talk about murdering people in public media, even in America, is dangerous. Someone might hear it and do it even if the speaker does not. A reckoning is coming.

Is it a crime to threaten someone in North Carolina?
"Often, people are under the impression that their online behavior carries no consequences in the offline realm. However, this is not the case. Making threats to another person online is taken very seriously in North Carolina. In fact, if threats are made to a person in another state, this can even be treated as a federal offense."
Loophole: However, it only applies if the alleged victim believes the threat would be followed through. Tell that to the unbelieving dead victim.

'$200,000 gone to waste' as Arizona county buys unusable 'fraud-proof' ballot paper: CNN
"...this is taxpayer dollars down the drain based on lies." That's lies that people believe. That's our real problem. Trump is to blame for this stupidity.
Who put the inmates in charge of the asylum?

Millions of Americans overseas can vote — but few do.
For the paranoiacs in Arizona.
"For the 2.8 million who are eligible voters, the right to vote is protected by the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act of 1986, which requires that states allow military service members, their eligible family, and other overseas Americans to vote absentee in federal elections."

Ingraham: Biden Will Allow In “Unvetted Haitians” And “Cancel Out Native-Born Americans With Newcomers”
How dare this white supremacist, gob of spit?

Franklin Graham: God Will Punish France For Abortion
What is it about ‘My Body My Choice' that you don't understand?
And just because you say it definitely doesn't make it right.

Russians Vote In Election To Give Putin Six More Years
"Moscow authorities have threatened to criminally prosecute those who take part in election-day rallies aimed at expressing opposition to President Vladimir Putin."
Shall we talk about rigged elections, MAGAts?

Georgia Judge Rules Against Disqualifying Fani Willis
This was mere stalling tactics by Trump sychophants.

Trump sneakers and the MAGA uniform: Merchandising fascism to the mainstream
MAGA merchandise is a way of creating meaning among the faithful just as the walls close in on Donald Trump
His suckers love to give him cash for his bags of shit.

Trump’s RNC Looks Like A ‘Massive’ Election-Rigging Operation
The Trump RNC has begun what it promises is an aggressive effort to purge voter rolls in swing states.
This is why "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied."

Fox News Suddenly Worried About Foreign Propaganda
This is pretty rich given who controls Fox “news.”

Morning Digest: New scandal engulfs GOP Senate candidate Democrats already hoped to face
Where shit backs up happens you will find Trump.

'Just put the damn terrorist on trial': Social media enraged after Bragg delays Trump trial
America has had enough with this kid glove treatment of a traitor.

'Constitutionally unforgivable': Ex-federal judge rips SCOTUS’ Trump disqualification ruling
"They argued that the nation's highest court 'dramatically and dangerously betrayed its obligation to enforce what once was the Constitution’s safety net for America’s democracy,' adding that SCOTUS 'has now rendered that safety net a dead letter, effectively rescinding it as if it had never been enacted.'
"If the Court upholds the state’s disqualification decision, then it will be binding nationwide, in the manner and to the extent decided by the Court. If the state’s disqualification is held to be invalid, then it will be invalid in that state, as well as nationwide. It’s as simple as that," they argued. 'From the outset, the hand-wringing about how no state should be empowered to rule over its sister states on the national question as to who might run for president was all smoke and mirrors, manifestly predicated on a demonstrably false premise about the way our judicial system works.'"
"In doing so, all nine justices denied 'We the People' the very power that those who wrote and ratified the Fourteenth Amendment presciently secured to us to save the republic from future insurrectionists—reflecting a lesson hard-learned from the devastation wrought by the Civil War," they added. Situational ethics by fasicsts appointed by a fascist. They forgot how they held "states rights" holy. If they think they won't pay for this they are sadly mistaken.

Kevin Sorbo ‘Read On The Internet’ 800,000 Terrorists Entered US Last 3 Yrs
Yes. And they are all Republicans! I read on the internet that Kevin is a fucking idiot!

OK Rep: Federal Regulations Are Against God’s Law
Fuck off, Christo-fascist!

REPORT: Trump Associates Paid Lying FBI Informant
"Back in 2020, Alexander Smirnov was paid $600,000 by a company called Educational Transformation Technologies (ETT), prosecutors said. That same year, Smirnov began lying to the FBI about the Bidens, according to his indictment. ETT Investment Holding Limited was registered in the UK on 6 March 2020.
Shah Khan, an investor who purchased the Plaza Hotel in 2018 has ties to Donald Trump through Trump associates and Damac, a major Middle East developer that has partnered with Trump for a decade.
Former Damac chairman Hussain Sajwani is also close to Trump and has been described as his friend in multiple news reports. Trump has called the billionaire a 'friend' and a 'great man,' and his family 'the most beautiful people'."

Aaron Rodgers Is Thinking About Becoming a Full-Time Conspiracist
Injury prone A. Aron Rodgers "has gotten used to getting pummeled on the field and in the media, but over the past 48 hours, he has been hit in a way that would shake even a quarterback with 19 seasons in the NFL."

Trump campaign blames faulty 'algorithms' for placing ads on Nazi videos
How can you elect a man who ALWAYS blames someone else for fucking up?

Fani Willis 'has a habit of swinging back hard' and will refile Trump charges: professor
Kick McAffee's ass hard for me.

“How Come Everything the Republican Party Stands for Involves Other People Dying?”
Is there something in the GOP’s core beliefs and strategies that just inevitably leads to these outcomes?

Does Anyone Care What Boomers Think Anymore?
"The world isn’t at all what so many of us dreamt it would be by the time we got old. Maybe tie-dye and weed just weren't ever going to "get 'er done." We were Hippies, Yippees, and Yuppies, Students for a Democratic Society and Young Republicans, but I never imagined so many of us were likely to become fascists."
Who could have? Many of our elder family members fought and died to defeat the them. Otherwise the wise-asses would be speaking German now.

Neglected and exposed: Toxic air lingers in a Texas Latino community, revealing failures in state’s air monitoring system
This is the reward they get for voting for fascists.

Expuestos y en el olvido: El aire tóxico en una comunidad latina de Texas revela los fallos del sistema estatal de control de calidad del aire
"Los datos públicos de una red de monitores de la calidad del aire alrededor del Canal de Navegación de Houston son difíciles de interpretar y a menudo son insuficientes, dejando a vecindarios de mayoría latina, como Cloverleaf, sin saber si el aire que respiran es seguro."

How Is Trump Playing Tickle Monster With Dictators This Week?
"There’s been a lot of news this week, so it’s easy to forget that it was just this past weekend that Donald Trump and Hungarian fascist dictator Viktor Orbán had their playdate at Mar-a-Lago, where they braided each other’s ass hair and talked about which other world dictator they’d love to get stuck in an elevator with. (Putin. For both of them.)
Here are a few things that have happened since then:"

Newt Gingrich Likes Presidents Who KNOW They're Stealing America's Secrets, Unlike Senile Old Joe Biden Ha Ha!
"Last seen on Wonkette declaring that the conspiracy theories Fox News has been making up about Michelle Obama becoming the Democratic nominee are crazy because she’s too “racially intense” for the position, Gingrich weighed in this week on Joe Biden and his mental fitness, and oh boy.
See if you can identify the wee problem with Newt Gingrich’s “defense” of why what Donald Trump did with classified documents is OK, whereas what Biden did is not:"

Trump's MAGA movement is causing Republicans in Congress to hate each other
Fewer than half of House Republicans bothered to attend Speaker Mike Johnson's retreat

Musk “Could Care Less” About Hate Speech Criticisms
Another malaprop by "the genius." When one uses the phrase using "Could" it means they still have some care. Take a course in language, numbskull.

RFK Hails Anti-Vax Aaron Rodgers As “Critical Thinker”
That'll be the day. Get off the steroids, dude.

RFK’s Potential Running Mate Spread Sandy Hook Lies
Junior seems out of touch. When did A.Aron become "critical" with his "thinking"?

Senate Dems put Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on notice
"Shit fer brains" is finally getting put on the carpet.

Seriously, how dumb is Trump?
"I don’t mean just run-of-the-mill stupid. I mean extraordinarily, off-the-charts, stupifyingly stupid."
So dumb he thinks he's untouchable.

Far-right commentator says President Biden should be executed
Well then, that means I can fairly say I hope you get if first.

'Jealousy of Biden': How Trump showed his insecurity during conversation with Putin
Sure. He was and is a cowardly little shit.

'Serial liar': Stefanik roasted after taking credit for federal money she voted against
Stinking. But that's your MAGAt traitor party.

Creepy Texas Father Wins Right To Deny His Daughters Birth Control
"Though he’s won for now, Deanda should probably be aware that while the state of Texas may now force his daughters to get his permission before getting on birth control, that doesn’t mean they’re actually going to wait until they’re married to have sex. It doesn’t even mean that they won’t have sex as teenagers. All it means is that, if they do have sex, they will be more likely to get knocked up."
If that's not a picture of dumbass, egotistic stupidity none exists.

Robert Hur's Testimony Did Not Exonerate Him From Charges He's A Slimy Partisan Hack
"Hur, if he were truly evenhanded, could have just nipped all that in the bud with a prosecutorial explanation of why prosecutors don’t like to use the word “exonerated.” Because certainly, in layman’s terms, he exonerated Biden, by saying explicitly from literally the first line in his report that “We conclude that no criminal charges are warranted in this matter.” (Compare that to the weak-ass shit Robert Mueller did in his report, when he pointedly failed to conclude Donald Trump obstructed justice, but failed to not conclude it either!)"

Lincoln Left Us Warnings: Here's an Early Example
"Whatever he (Trump) meant, whatever he now means as he babbles on, it is the duty of real lovers of this country to oppose him and his benighted followers in every way we can. To quote the Insurrectionist-in-Chief, 'if we don't, we won't have a country anymore.'"

Why Trump's Backtrack on the TikTok Ban is Deadly to Democracy
With TikTok, he is bowing to president Xi. With Ukraine, he is bowing to President Putin. And in both cases, he and the GOP are bowing to big money.

Republican Women Don’t Care About Rape Victims
" It's rare for a male journalist to handle himself as Stephanopoulos did. He held a Republican woman to account for her misogynist views. But as this past week reminded us, Republican women can be just as cruel to women as the men can be, even if they deliver the hateful message from their kitchens."

Tesla paid no federal income taxes while paying executives $2.5 billion over five years
Robbing with a fountain pen.

Ben Shapiro: 'Retirement Itself Is A Stupid Idea'
Then work until you die, asshole. Some of us have another life.

The science behind why people hate Daylight Saving Time so much
Can we use research and policy to change (or not change) the clocks for the last time?
All I can say is I wait out the winter watching the eastern skies when I'm having coffee in the morning. By CMT when the first of March hits we have beautiful sunlight on the sunny mornings. As soon as DST hits and we fall back, its like a dark winter morning again when you roll out of bed for nearly the rest of the month.
Standard time should be our starndard time.

Judge McAfee just dealt a blow to the Fulton County Trump indictment
Georgia starts fucking around. More stall tactics.

'Deep trouble': Mary Trump says Jim Jordan and James Comer could face 'criminal charges'
More MAGAt Nazis doing dirty work.
"Donald Trump's niece is convinced Reps. James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) are in "deep s---" and could be investigated for peddling fictitious FBI witness testimony to sully President Joe Biden and his son Hunter as a basis for impeachment."

'Judge Cannon has a lot to answer for': Expert furious Trump witness wasn't heard in court
"That's sort of my main reaction to this, you know, Judge Cannon has a lot to answer for."
This Trump defender may yet be removed from the bench.

The pure emptiness of Katie Britt
The Republican way of life has emptied her of anything even marginally recognizable as real
A Land of the Happy Negro story.

Trump's new "Honest Don" nickname can't distract from his obvious decline
We're entering a new phase in the dishonesty and corruption of "Honest Don" Trump

Trump Now Claiming ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Was Used By House Dems in ‘Cognitive Decline’ Gaffe Supercut
It's all AI's fault! You can't believe anything anymore! Especially, the TRAITOR TRUMP MORON!
AI is light years ahead of Trump's low IQ.

QAnon/OAN Host To Run RNC “Election Integrity” Unit
More on the traitor Trump's destruction of the Republican Party.

Secret Service Told Trump That Rioters Were Armed
The traitor didn't care. He wanted them to use those weapons on Americans.

'Trump’s toilet and slush fund': Ex-GOP rep says RNC deserves to lose for 'capitulating'
Is Trump's hand in the till or is America shutting them down?

'Minority outreach' will be casualty of the RNC’s 'full-on MAGA makeover': report
"An RNC source, interviewed on condition of anonymity, told the Beast that the RNC's new slogan might as well be "Make the RNC white again."

'There’s going to be a criminal conviction': Ex-Trump attorney predicts guilty verdict in NY
"Former President Donald Trump's first criminal trial is due to begin in less than two weeks, and one GOP-aligned attorney doesn't think Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will have a difficult time securing a guilty verdict against his former client."

Hate Pastor: My Critics Are “Literal Cancers” Like Hitler
“They’re doing exactly the playbook of Karl Marx: Label your enemy by intimidation and cause them to become embarrassed so they’ll be silent.” — Hate pastor Jack Hibbs.
Brother, that'll be the day when you motherfuckers go silent. It could happen.

GOP Seeks Wage Freeze For Visa Agriculture Workers
Aka: The Geeks Of Pussy-grabbers.
U.S. Sen. Rick Scott is among the 15 signatories to a U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo letter seeking a “freeze” to the Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR). This rate applies to “temporary nonimmigrant workers under the H-2A visa classification,” according to the federal Department of Labor.
While Florida’s $14.77 compensation rate for these field workers is among the lowest in the country, Scott and the other Republicans on the letter seek a moratorium.
The Labor Department justifies that nominal salary escalation on the grounds that “agricultural employers play a vital role in our nation’s economy and that obtaining a reliable workforce is critical to producing the U.S. food supply.”
Let's get rid of these mindless assholes.

Weird How It's Always The Young Republicans Getting Arrested For Murder And 'Sexual Torture'
"For the last few years, faced with a significant dearth of actual, real things to get mad about, the Right has been all a-tither over the horrific crimes they believe LGBTQ+ people and prominent Democratic politicians and celebrities must be doing. Not to mention all the baby-eating. (So much baby-eating!)
And yet! Here we are again with yet another wholesome, god-fearing Young Republican getting arrested for sexual torture and murder, just like Ted Bundy before him.
Kyle Lewter, 36, was arrested last week for having allegedly killed an acquaintance, Derek Franklin Walls, 54, during a physical altercation that, at some point included an element of 'sexual torture.'”

Republicans Still Unable To Sell Women On Upside Of Losing Their Reproductive Rights
"Over the last year and a half, the American people have made it abundantly clear at the ballot box that they very much do not want abortion to be illegal. Every time they’ve been offered the opportunity, they’ve chosen to keep it legal or elected those who would. So now, Republicans are starting to get real worried that those people might not want to elect one of them to lead the country if abortion is on the table — which it very obviously is."

UCLA Republicans Go Batsh*t Racist, Sure To Be Condemned By GOP Any Minute Now
"The group, which bills itself as the “premiere right wing political organization on campus,” says it prides itself on “offering conservative students an outlet for their opinions and a niche for their values.” What values? According to recent posts, that appears to be normal conservative values like rejecting the First Amendment and democracy itself, because the most important value of all for these creeps can be stated with 14 words."
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

House GOP Prepares To Embarrass Itself With More Biden Impeachment Nonsense
These people are not helping America by doing this crazy horseshit.
"House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan has grasped at every straw in his quest to avenge Donald Trump and impeach President Joe Biden, including the one straw held out to him by an alleged Russian mole. That having blown up embarrassingly in his face, Jordan appears to be leading his committee into another fiasco."

'Not a smart man': Ex-Trump aide warns of 'civic tragedy' if he returns to power
"On a more simple level, Donald Trump has apparent repeated memory lapses, difficulty synthesizing complex information, disinterest in nuance, and an obviously low IQ. He’s not a smart man, and some would say he shows clear signs of decline. If it were a screenplay, a wannabe gangster with dementia might be an oddball comedy. But on the national stage, it’s a civic tragedy."

Nancy Mace calls on Donald Trump to sue ABC host for 'rape-shaming' her
Did her case ever go to trial? Nope.
If he does, he'll have to borrow more money and go deeper in debt. Good idea, Nancy.

We Must Now Wonder: Is Nancy Mace Right in the Head?
The Republican representative is pretending she’s being shamed as a rape victim, just because she was asked about her support for Donald Trump.
"Obviously, survivors of sexual assault should never be shamed for the attack. But Mace’s mental gymnastics here are just the latest demonstration of the congresswoman’s stunning hypocrisy.
According to Mace, it only counts as rape if the attacker is found guilty in a criminal court, not a civil court as Trump was. By this logic, sexual assault isn’t such a big deal, because out of every 1,000 instances of rape, only 13 get referred to a prosecutor. Only seven actually result in a felony conviction.
In fact, by her own logic, was Mace even attacked? Because she did not report the assault to the police. Again, that is her completely within her right, but she can’t then argue that being found liable for rape doesn’t count."

Trump campaign hit with new warning about taking illegal donations
The reprobate doesn't care about warnings. He's a criminal.

Former Texas GOP official sentenced to 4 centuries in prison for child sex abuse
Well, at least he didn't get life.

OpenAI Ridicules Elon Musk's "Incoherent" Lawsuit
Oops! Now what?

Jamie Raskin Takes Republicans To School In Biden Documents Hearing
"The desperate quest to invent an issue is a distraction from the 91 federal and state federal charges that Donald Trump faces now, his staggering civil court losses in New York now totaling more than a half a billion dollars, and his full-blown embrace and romance with authoritarian dictators and communist tyrants all over the world, from Viktor Orban in Hungary to Vladimir Putin in Russia, the former head of the KGB, to the communist dictator of North Korea."
"This, my friends, this is a memory test, but it's not a memory test for President Biden," he added. "It's a memory test for all of America."
Trump represents the tyrants of the world, indeed!

'Wholly unfit for office': House Dem plays montage of Trump’s gaffes during Hur hearing
It's obvious what Trump is. It's a shame that any one that calls themselves an America doesn't realize what he is.

'A disgrace': Reporters and experts say transcript reveals Hur 'lied' about Biden
Par for the fascist course.

‘Like the Nazis did’: Critic slams Trump plans to remake U.S. education system
"Trump claimed colleges and universities are "turning our students into communists, terrorists, and sympathizers of many, many different dimensions."
He'll make sure they are all brainless Nazis like him.

Trump's brain can no longer construct a sentence - even to lie
"The dotard’s brain has given up on syntax, grammar, and sentence structure."

'Incomprehensible': Trump decimated for 'word salad on crucially important policy question'
This person couldn't state an honest fact if his life depended on it. And it does.
The man is a mental defective as are the mental defectives that support him.

How Trump has once again 'exposed' himself as a 'small minded bully': analysis
"Hendrickson continues, "He mocks Biden’s disability because he believes the voters will reward him for it — that there is more to be gained than lost by dehumanizing his rival and the millions of other Americans who stutter, or who go through life managing other disorders and disabilities. I would like to believe that more people are repulsed than entertained, and that Trump has made a grave miscalculation. We have eight more months of this until we find out."

Biden Says Debate With Trump Will Depend on the GOP Nominee’s “Behavior
Biden should not debate with Trump. American doesn't want it. He's an illegitimate candidate.

Cities Are Quietly Waging War on Marginalized Food Truck and Street Vendors
City leaders are clamping down on small entrepreneurs to protect the profits of their wealthy business allies.
Leaders? Is that what they call racist Nazis in Parksley, Virginia?
"The official returned the next day and interfered with grocery deliveries. He said he had authority to enter the property and take “remedial action” because his council duties included oversight of the town’s public works department. Yet law enforcement is a job for code enforcement officers or the police, not policymakers."
Sounds like a bully MAGAt Nazi to me. But it's the Land of the Happy Negro so that's routine.
A level playing field is not something you'll get in traitor land.

'Moral squalor': Conservative blasts GOP for missing its last chance to dump Trump
MAGAt Nazis lack any moral authority and Amercans know that.

The MAGA Aesthetic Is Beginning to Rot
Yes. Americans have grown weary of the rotting stench of a dying fascism. This will bring them and their con man leader to his bitter end.
It all now looks like the childish moron screaming about nothing but the idiot that it, in fact, has always been.

Newt Gingrich Hangs Up on Reporter Asking About Katie Britt — After Hyping Her as Trump’s Potential VP Prior to SOTU
ROTFLMAO! How fucking stupid can Newt the Snoot get?

QAnon Extremist Wins Nomination To Run NC Schools
These Dear Ole Land of the Happy Negro morons are promoting their treasonous legacy.

Fox News Gives Voting Machine Companies More Ammo For Lawsuits
The talking heads on Fox & Friends apparently have learned nothing from the Dominion lawsuit as they continue to push Trump's Big Lie about the voting machines supposedly being rigged for Biden.
The morons can't help their inability to do anything positive for their untenable positions. They will continue to slit their own throats.

Polls Show Huge Jump For Biden After State Of The Union
This trend is just getting started.

Trump yet again opens door to new E. Jean Carroll lawsuit during Monday interview: expert
He's the gift that keeps on giving to E. Jean Carroll.

Jamie Raskin trashes GOP's new impeachment strategy: 'Star witnesses' are all criminals
What else would a mob boss have around him?

For Ukraine, Oscar victory shows 'Russian terrorism' to the world
"They were smuggled out — along with 30 hours of mostly unseen video footage — by Ukrainian soldiers in mid-March 2022, crossing 15 Russian checkpoints before arriving in Ukrainian-held territory, Chernov said."

How Trump has once again 'exposed' himself as a 'small-minded bully': analysis
And raw sewage.

Trump puts GOP on the 'pathway to loserdom': Morning Joe
"This is the pathway to loserdom," Scarborough said. "We've been seeing that over the weekend. You've been seeing the reaction to [president Joe] Biden's State of the Union address. You've been seeing really stupid reactions from people who said he was going to be asleep. Now, it's like, he's too jacked up. Oh, like, that's all certain networks had."

Trump Calls For Cuts To Social Security And Medicare
This man is out to kill Americans.
May he die soon and rid us of his poisonous existence.

Apocalypse Now: They Are Coming For Our Books, Kitchens and Children, Especially the Ones Not Wearing Pants
"With a shambolic GOP House flopping at everything - no evidence of a "Biden crime family," Hunter's laptop info came from a Russian spy, they can barely manage to fund the government - zealous patriots and lawmakers in multiple states have eagerly taken up the ugly task of stripping someone's rights somewhere in the name of "freedom." In don't-say-woke Florida, a handful of enthused cranks, bigots and "Moms For Liberty" have challenged hundreds of books - including almost anything with an LGBTQ character and dictionaries, though DeSantis denies it. A recent, witless target was Maurice Sendak's classic In The Night Kitchen, which they dubbed "pornographic" because little Mickey is naked as he bakes a cake."
Lots more to read here.

John Oliver smacks down Holocaust-denying GOP candidate and 'racist' Trump
All Nazis should be smacked down and very hard. Especially one that's as dumb as Robinson.

Biden beaten in effigy at Kansas GOP fundraiserr
Nazis in Kansas show mindless hate to the world.
"On Saturday, former GOP chairman Mike Kuckelman condemned the Biden bashing in a post on Kuckelman’s personal Facebook page. Other Republicans joined him in comments on the post.
Kuckelman said guests at the event were invited to beat the Biden effigy in exchange for a donation. He called for the resignations of Brown and Johnson County Republican Party chairwoman Maria Holiday."

'Like an 8th grader': Nancy Mace scorched on MSNBC for her 'shameless' Trump rape defense
8th grader? That's giving her too much credit.

John Kelly: Trump Said Hitler “Did Some Good Things”
He means like setting the genocide record.
Also suicide was his best moment.
Fuck the Nazi traitor Trump. The slug must be stopped forever.

Multiple States Set To Place Chaplains In Public Schools
Stupid rears its head again in "Stupidville." More potential rapists in schools isn't progress.
"Church attendance is falling off, so they want to expand preying to public schools." — ScottC (comments)
No damned religion in public schools!

Trafficking Victim Blasts Britt For Twisting Her Story
Here come the MAGAts with their cowardly death threats.

Youth activist groups jointly endorse Biden. They say his achievements matter more than his age
Fifteen youth activist groups have announced that they are jointly endorsing President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, backing the oldest president in U.S. history despite polls consistently showing voter concerns about his advanced age

Mike Johnson Hits All-Time Low in Stupidity With Latest IVF Comments
The House speaker is doing some serious mental gymnastics to explain why Republicans are doing nothing to protect IVF.
The poor boob is so out of it. He shouldn't hold the position he's in. They need to remove this stupidness.

'Ugliest thing you can do': MSNBC host emphasizes 'real danger' in Katie Britt's SOTU response
Menendez continued, "It is unfair to the survivor who has been brave enough to come forward to share the story. Because the reason you sit on a panel with lawmakers is so that they can do something about it. So that they can understand the root cause of what it is that you have suffered, so they can then go back to their jobs and create legislation that will stop it from happening."
The MSNBC host emphasized, "Not so that your story can be weaponized on the national stage to the opposite effect. So, to me, I'm so grateful for this fact check. I'm so grateful that we are talking about this. Because here is real danger in what Katie Britt did. And I want to take a moment and sit in the danger and talk about the fact that she weaponized someone's story, not to actually get something done, not to make someone's life better, but to score political points. It's just about the ugliest thing you can do in American politics."

Former Sexual Predator-In-Chief Proclaims He 'Protects Women'
I'm not sure just how stupid his voters have to be to fall for something like this, but I'm guessing somewhere between brain dead and comatose, or you spend your entire day watching either Fox, OANN, or Newsmax, which amounts to the same thing.
At least as addled as the brainless fool that utters it.

‘Modern Day Hitler’: Experts Sound Alarm Over Trump Heaping Praise on Autocrat Orbán
"Hungarians of my generation fled for the US and Canada to get the hell away from authoritarianism," Adler said. "Now this decaying Mar-A-Lago conman is huckstering Hungarian authoritarianism. It's as if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is producing this s---show."

Will the Supreme Court Now Review More Constitutional Amendments?
Who knows what this "Court" will do.

'Get her before a grand jury!' Did Trump's daughter-in-law just destroy 'immunity' claim?
"Lara Trump called the effort to register voters "unbelievable."
"Imagine Donald Trump using taxpayer money to influence the outcome of an election when he was president," she said. "People would have gone berserk over it. But this is very, very problematic."
The former president has claimed immunity from prosecution for an insurrection because his actions on Jan. 6, 2021, allegedly were on the outer perimeter of the scope of his official duties. "Legal expert Marcy Wheeler pointed out that Lara Trump's admission could be problematic for her father-in-law."
"Lara Trump offers to be a witness attesting that none of Trump's actions in the January 6 indictment — not a single one — is an official act," she wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "Glad this is on video. Now get her before a grand jury!"
Please do. We need the mental defective in a mental institution as soon as possible. Do your duty, America.

Britt Defends Sex Tracking Lies To Fox News
"And here's why my lying is OK," she seems to be saying.
She's far more pitiful than was first thought.

Nancy Mace explodes at ABC host for rape 'shaming' her for supporting rapist Donald Trump
"Rape shaming"? Funny, her knee jerked so hard when she was alledgely an sexually abused claimer.
"Women won't come forward because they're defamed by those who perpetrate rape," Stephanopoulos remarked.
"It was not a criminal court case, number one," Mace fired back. "Number two, I live with shame. And you're asking me a question about my political choices, trying to shame me as a rape victim. And I find it disgusting." This is weak tea, kid. You seem to be equating your alleged shame with Trump's liability of it. Unequivalent.
So go ahead and get in bed with Trump. Nothing more shameful than that. And that goes for the rest of your jackwagons too.

Trump’s E. Jean Carroll bond in danger after he hands her lawyers new ammo: expert
The snotty little shit can't keep his cretin mouth under control.

Judge could 'be looking to toss' Trump’s docs case: legal expert
Cannon is another traitor to our country. This is obvious.

Buttigieg Knocks Britt For Sex Trafficking “Falsehoods"
“I’ll leave it to her to explain the falsehoods, but I think it illustrates the bigger issue. She’s a United States senator and the United States Senate right now could be acting to help secure the southern border.
“We have a very clear choice between congressional Republicans who seem to prefer that this issue remain bad so that they can attack the president over it and those who would actually like to solve it or at least improve it and address it.
“Will 2024 go down in history is yet another failed attempt with bipartisan compromise or will congressional Republicans follow the lead of their own negotiators and the President of the United States and actually do something about it?” – Sec. Pete Buttigieg, speaking on ABC This Week.

Legal expert says Trump 'certainly' just welcomed a new defamation suit at Georgia rally
The stupidity displayed by Lumpy illustrates just how mentally damaged he is.

'GOP has no bottom': Internet erupts after Trump starts rally by mocking Biden's stutter
Nazis never have.

Trump Mocks Biden’s Stutter At Georgia Rally
We expect this rotting shit bag to say mentally impaired words. But what about his worshippers applauding him? They are worse than Hitler's children. America will never surrender to these animals.

Pope Francis Calls On Ukraine To Negotiate End To War
Tell the cult leader "Nuts." Drop dead. Death before dishonor. And shut that Nazi child rapist cult down.
Same goes for our own Trump Nazi enemies.

2024 House Republicans Create 'Death Panel' For Social Security
No, Really! It's like they want a death panel for their re-elections, too!
Do these people, Does anyone, know what this would do to the people of our country?
If we don't stop these idiots people will suffer perhaps starve.
"We saw just how willing Republicans are to sell out American families in order to continue giving trillions in tax cuts to price-gouging corporations and the ultrarich," Boyle said. "And we saw just how hellbent they are on gutting critical programs—raising the cost of living and pushing the middle class out of reach for hardworking families." American's paychecks paid for the programs by their hard work. These motherfucking Nazis want to rob American workers. I say get rid of these rats first.
Death will run rampant as many people live on very small checks. These shit piles want us to starve to death. "Backward" doesn't touch what these Nazis are. They are as evil as Hitler's death camps.

Biden Took In Record $10M In First Day After SOTU
Our President is fighting for America. His opponents are fighting to kill us.

'Matter of national security': Mysterious entity that guaranteed Trump’s $91M bond questioned
"But one thing’s sure: Trump is beholden to someone for a lot of money," Weissmann wrote.
More corruption on courruption. How did America fall so low?

'It happened under George W. Bush': Katie Britt shamed by MSNBC guest over ugly Biden lie
The bottom might just have been found by this lying trash fascist.
"However an alert Jonathan Katz busted the freshman senator by pointing out 'These events didn't happen in the United States. These crimes didn't take place in the United States. Or even near the border. They took place in Mexico,' before noting they also took place under President George W. Bush."
This shows everyone how dispicable liars the Trump Nazis are. These people all must be taken to the woodshed.

If Trump Denies Election Results Again, It Will Be Harder to Fight Back in Key States
Since he already knows the election will be rigged against him, he'll be working hard against this. "Keep the Steal!"
He's got a big whine working for him now with the cretins that follow him.

QAnon/GOP Arizona Rep: If Slutty Women Want Birth Control, They Should Put Aspirin Between Their Knees
An idiot incel that never got laid in his miserable existence? Then just keep masterbating and leave women alone as you always have because none of them will put up with your whiny bullshit. Stick a bottle of aspirin up your QAnazi ass.

Secret Male Christian Group Plots “National Divorce
Talking Points Memo reports:
A secret, men-only right-wing society with members in influential positions around the country is on a crusade: to recruit a Christian government that will form after the right achieves regime change in the United States, potentially via a “national divorce.”
It sounds like the stuff of fantasy, but it’s real. The group is called the Society for American Civic Renewal (the acronym is pronounced “sacker” by its members). Sackers and looters and Nazi supporters. Fuck'em.
It is open to new recruits, provided you meet a few criteria: you are male, a “trinitarian” Christian, heterosexual, an “un-hyphenated American,” and can answer questions about Trump, the Republican Party, and Christian Nationalism in the right way.
That's far-r-r-r-r right. Nazis for Christ. A contradiction in terms.

Let’s Not Take Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pills for Granted
The Nazi pigs are coming for it. They are hungry to be in control of the world.

This Week’s Episode of Reveal: Catholic Hospitals Are Thwarting Access to Abortion—Even in Blue States
Is someone surprised by this? Is ANYONE shocked by this? These cultists have treated women like dirt for centuries.

Dem lawmaker who sat next to MTG dishes on her 'muttering' during Biden address
Marge was wearing her "I Kiss Trump's Ass" outfit. It's against the rules. Why do we let these bastards get away with breaking rules and law?

Trump warned by pollster that wavering voters 'hate him a little bit more'
They can't hate him enough. He is deadly cancer to all of us.

Voters now 'questioning Trump's sanity': conservative pollster
This is good news for our country. But let us follow through and eliminate any chance for the Nazi to kill us.

'Stop donating': Ex-Trump White House official urges RNC boycott after family takeover
Anyone with a working brain and the power of reason should work to stop Trump!

Trump Embraced an Authoritarian the Day After Biden Fiercely Defended Democracy
The 2024 campaign began this week with a frightening distinction between the president’s promise to fight for fundamental American values and the ex-president’s villain worship.
"Then, late Friday, Donald Trump hosted Hungary’s authoritarian ruler, Viktor Orban, in the kind of pro-Putin, anti-democracy summit that perfectly captured the true nature of today’s MAGA Republican Party."
The Nazi loving, democracy hating, would-be dictator, traitor Trump must be stopped for good

Hate-Filled Republican Pathologies: No New Thing
"On Thursday night, Joe Biden took off the gloves, took the fucking Republicans to the woodshed and whupped their sorry asses to a fare thee well. It was long overdue, but it was well-timed, a stern reminder of just how fucked up those ill-disguised fascists have become."
"From Nixon to Trump, we've obviously gone from bad to even worse; we're long overdue to repudiate the pathology and begin the process of getting healthy again. Fight the sickness before it swallows the whole damn country. And if you can't tell the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats by now, you may be needing a checkup yourself."

Supreme Court's Trump Ruling Reveals a Deep Weakness in Our Constitutional Democracy
"For this week the Supreme Court chose unanimously, via the logic supplied by Elena Kagan, to both promote a fiction about the Constitution and, in so doing, to empower MAGA Republicans to continue the lie that their assaults on democracy are done in the name of “election integrity” and the return of democratic sovereignty to “the people.”

Voters are 'questioning Trump's sanity': conservative pollster
"Look, whether it is fair or not, voters don't question Trump's mental capacity, they are questioning his sanity," she replied. "They question whether he is fit enough to be commander in chief from a moral and ethical standpoint."
MAGAts are all sick fucks. An insane person created them.

Carlson: Democrats Are Plotting To “Steal The Election”
"Frowny Boy" runs to the old saw because the losers have nothing to present other than old news.
If anything, these asshats have done all they can do to rig it for the idiot bastard.

Watters: Biden Was On “Speed Or Something” At SOTU
ROTFLMAO! We know who the drug users are. There is a ton of proof!
Isn't America great? A stupid fuck can still make a living by showing his illiteracy on TV ervery day.
What a mindless turd this flatliner is. Keep underestimating our great Presdent.

Ron Johnson: Most Inept Traitor In American History
Newly released documents show that Senator Ron Johnson knew for a fact that the papers he was trying to pass were fake elector slates. They also show he might have foiled their fake elector plot inadvertantly.
A dumb Nazi traitor? They all are.

'What a piece of work': Marjorie Greene's 'childish' SOTU response trashed by Senate Dems
“My head got to hurting,” Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) told Raw Story after the president wrapped his speech.
“You guys didn’t even stand up at all,” Raw Story asked of Biden’s calls to increase teacher pay, defend democracy, and protect American allies. “None of that was worth it?”
“No,” Tuberville replied. “Hell no.”
Get the fuck out, you shitbag. No one gives a shit what you think.
Apparently, these Nazis have hearing problems. That's no surprise. They never know what's going on.

'Where do I begin?' Another GOP senator now refusing to endorse Trump
"There are now three Senate Republicans who are declining to endorse former President Donald Trump's candidacy in the 2024 election, and that number may grow larger over the next eight months."
I suspect it will.

Joe Biden Smacked Down the Supreme Court at His State of the Union
"On Thursday evening, President Joe Biden delivered the final State of the Union address of his first term, and he used the occasion to administer what could only be read as a pointed rebuke to the Supreme Court justices—assembled in all their black-robed glory, sitting stone-faced in front of him. Biden said plainly that the upcoming election will see payback for the court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, paraphrasing Dobbs’ claim that “women are not without electoral or political power.” (Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote that line, did not attend the speech because he’s still all in his sad feelings about another presidential rebuke from years earlier.) Then, looking straight at the justices, the president declared: “You’re about to realize just how much you got right about that.”

Biden Calls Out SCOTUS To Their Faces: Women Have Political Power
Old Joe also took on the Supreme Court last night during his barnburner.
"In his third State of the Union address Thursday, Joe Biden did what was once unthinkable: directly challenge Supreme Court justices about one of their opinions, addressing them personally.
Biden brought up the conservative majority’s landmark reversal of Roe v. Wade. He had begun to read an excerpt of the decision when he began a brief aside, looking right at the justices sitting in the front row.
“With all due respect, justices, women are not without ... electoral or political power," he said.
Then, in what appeared to be an ad-libbed moment, he added, "You’re about to realize just how much …” before Democrats in the chamber jumped to their feet and cheered.

ITEP Statement & Resources: Tax Fairness and The State of the Union
“When it comes to tax fairness, President Biden has a clear and compelling vision. Make large, profitable corporations and the wealthy pay their share, reduce taxes on low-income and working families with robust refundable tax credits, and use the trillions of dollars in new resources to create the kind of America we all want to see. As the President’s tax agenda makes clear, we can strengthen this country’s communities, care for all our people, and restore balance to our tax system. Our lawmakers just need to find the will to do it.”

Biden’s State of the Union ‘Illegal’ Comment Deserves to Be Seen in Context
OK. Here's a little context for you.
Laken Riley’s suspected killer Jose Ibarra illegally entered US in 2022 — and was cut loose due to lack of detention space: report
Suspect in murder of Georgia nursing student entered U.S. illegally, ICE says
I was taught to believe that anything opposed to our law was considered illegal.

Marjorie Taylor Greene 'in direct violation of the rules of the House' at State of Union
"MTG in direct violation of the rules of the House by wearing campaign insignia on the House floor," Rep. Jamie Raskin, a Democrat, wrote.
"I'm really surprised that she is not being asked to remove that hat," said Claire McCaskill. "It makes me think that Speaker Johnson is really afraid of her."
MSNBC anchor Joy Reid agreed with McCaskill:
"The hat is an incredibly tacky choice, by somebody who, it shouldn't be surprising at this point, there's nothing that she does that is surprising but it's open me for the dignity of the office that she holds, regardless of you know, the QAnon stuff, she's a member of the United States Congress, at some point, one would think you would aspire to have a minimal amount of dignity in your presentation, and she has no such aspiration."
We've come to expect her disregard for rules and decency with anything. This is why America should never elect alley trash to any office.

‘A Complete Embarrassment!’ Hakeem Jeffries Presents Show-and-Tell of GOP’s Lack of ‘Decorum’ at SOTU
“Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s basically running the House Republican Conference, shows up in campaign paraphernalia. And then these people want to lecture Joe Biden because he delivered a strong and forceful speech that made them uncomfortable because they exposed their lies and shamelessness? We have one message for extreme MAGA Republicans who want to lecture us about decorum: Get lost! You’re a joke,” he said.

The State of 'Shrinkflation': Why Biden called out skimpy bags of potato chips
Most of us beyond the age of 40 can testify to the smaller portions in bags of the same sizes fro just about anything. Less for more, the American rip off.

RNC member who nominated Lara Trump as co-chair appears to cast doubt on qualifications
Just like the rest of the family.

Trump posts $92 million to appeal E. Jean Carroll verdict
He had to borrow it. What a shithook.

'Don't repeat this': Biden caught on hot mic after SOTU
Video shows the president saying, "I told him, Bibi, and don't repeat this, but you and I are going to have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting."
After his bodyguard stopped Biden, the president said, “I’m on a hot mic here. Good. That’s good.”
Bibi better watch his ass.

Judge Cannon 'on thin ice' after latest ruling in Mar-a-Lago case: expert
Be a shame if she fell through it and got all wet.

Ex-Trump aide says GOP women disgusted that Katie Britt was put in the kitchen
No shit?

Trump's $91M E. Jean Carroll bond was put up by company linked to fraud trial
"The company underwriting the $91.6 million bond former President Donald Trump paid Friday in his civil defamation case is part of the insurance group whose appraisal of Trump’s triplex in 2010 was foiled because “Mrs. Trump was sleeping,” court and federal records show."
Doesn't that emit a fowl odor?

2023-24 winter warmest on record for mainland US
What are the odds on the coming summer being hotter than 2023?
Get your AC inspected now. Or plenty of fans and a good ice house then pray for the power to hold up to the stress on it.

At the State of the Union, Joe Biden Brings It and Bests Another GOP Speaker
"In a high-energy address, Biden championed his record and defended himself against claims he’s too old for the job. It was just the speech he needed to give."

The Vile & Un-American Reason Viktor Orbán is Manipulating US Politics
If you want to see Trump’s and the GOP’s vision of America’s future, just visit Hungary.
No thanks. Why doesn't Trump move there so he can be with his Nazi pal and closer to his master, Pootin?

Nikki Haley Never Had a Chance — As Republicans’ Bonkers Candidate for North Carolina Governor Shows
Regarding the two fat Nazis in the photo:
"The relentless whining doesn't reflect reality, of course. In real America, crime is low, employment is high, and the world's respect was restored when Biden was elected. (Though we could lose that respect if Trump wins, bringing shame upon us once again.) Trump is a liar, of course. But his lies resonate with his audience not because they feel the U.S. is losing, but because he speaks to their more personal fears of being unable to keep up in a society where the boot on the neck of women and minorities is ever so slowly being lifted. Projecting their own anxieties onto the country also creates the rationale for what they ultimately want, which is to tear democracy down to the ground and replace it with a MAGA dictatorship that will restore their unearned privileges by fiat."
And that says nothing about the empty headed self-loathing racist misogynist that's next to him in the photo.

‘Unqualified Twerp’: Experts Mock Mike Johnson’s Constant Pained Expression During SOTU
"During President Joe Biden's State of the Union address Thursday night, Republican lawmakers either remained silent or boo'd the president's comments a few times, as several political experts and journalists pointed out that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) managed to remain unmoved while wearing the same "smirk" nearly the entire hour."
Yes, she's referring to "Smirky."
"MSNBC legal analyst Andrew Weissmann wrote, "Mike Johnson needs an expression other than a smirk."
USA Today columnist Rex Hippie said, "Mike Johnson, with his facial expressions, is perfectly encapsulating the d—ck-ish, smug, unjustified sense of superiority of the Trumpian right. An unqualified twerp thrust into a position of power."

My Name Is Katie Britt, And I Am Singing ‘Tomorrow’ From ‘Annie’ In The Style Of ‘Birth Of A Nation’
"OK was that good enough or should I do it again? I can do it again! Should I cry more? When are callbacks? Are we going to get a call back either way? I can do a different song! Why are you asking me to leave? No! My mother is going to call the director and he is never going to work in this town again! Do you know who I am? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"
ROTFLMAO! Read the entire essay.

GOP candidate: 'I don't know the facts' about Biden infrastructure law I want to repeal
"A Republican Senate candidate called to repeal President Joe Biden's infrastructure law but admits he doesn't actually know much about it."
Admitting MAGAt stupidity 1.

Laughter erupts in House when Trump-tied lawyer declares 'I have no awareness of anything'
"Rep. Jerry Nadler burst out into laughter Thursday when a legal group leader with close political ties to former President Donald Trump testified to complete ignorance on all matters."
Admitting MAGAt stupidity 2.

Joe Biden's State of the Union shocked and delivered
Biden came out swinging and knocked the Republicans so far back on their heels

Trump Claims Biden Was On “Drugs” During SOTU
Major drug addict projects, of course.
We all know how drugs were pervasive in the Trump clusterfuck adminstrtion.

Johnson Rolls His Eyes At Biden’s J6 Mentions
Co-conspirator in insurrection seems upset about the mention of Jan. 6 Trump's attack on America.
"Skippy" is just another traitor.

Labor Dept Reports 275,000 New Jobs In February
"Someone was asking if anyone actually uses that kitchen; not even a toaster, coffeemaker, or even a hand towel in sight." — Uncle Mark (comments)

Lankford Mouths ‘That’s True’ As Biden SOTU Talks Of Border Deal
It was a refreshing change from a Republican heckling a Democratic president during a State of the Union address.
In his feisty and energetic State of the Union address Thursday night, President Biden called out Republicans and “my predecessor” for tanking the bipartisan border bill. Biden called it “the toughest set of border security reforms we’ve ever seen in this country." He added that it would have provided 1,500 more border security agents and officers, 100 more immigration judges, 4,300 more asylum officers and new policies “so they resolve cases in six months instead of six years.”
Lankford also knows that it's all Trump's fault that his stooges refused to vote for the border bill.

Trump Lawyer Begs For Mercy Over Paying E. Jean Carroll
Who knew that Alina Habba was still employed by Trump after all of the money she cost him. More stalling and delays from team Trump trying to avoid having to come up with the money in the two civil cases he just lost. The man is broke--must be as poor as a church mouse. Pay up, chiseler! Or be tarred and feathered! He can do the crime but can't do the time. He's selling trash to come up with cash. Huge loser!

Even Republicans are slamming GOP senator’s SOTU response: 'One of our biggest disasters ever'
"...her speech’s intense tone — with an over-the-top dramatic cadence that was delivered in a kitchen — left political operatives and observers struggling to make sense of it. In particular, some Republicans watched the high-profile speech with a grimace."
They want women to stay in the kitchen? So why did they pick her? The usual poor judgement with MAGAt mentality. At least they didn't put her in a "Handmaid's Tale" outfit! LOL!

Mike Johnson Told Republicans Not To Act Like Pigs During Tonight’s SOTU. Good Luck.
"Ineffective loser Christian extremist shitbag House Speaker Mike Johnson told his caucus Wednesday to try not to act like total fucking livestock during tonight’s State of the Union address. So we bet they’ll get right on that, because of how they respect Johnson so much."

'Let’s do this': Ex-Republican calls Elise Stefanik's bluff on 'are you better off today?
Let's show just how fucked up a human you really are, Stuffanik. You've got a whole lotta bullshit running out the cracks in your person. You and Comer should start a bullshit duet.

'Upset Trump' fumes over steamy details in criminal case he 'really hates': report
More on the traitor Trump. He so hates his criminal escapades being revealed in public.

'Toxic at the ballot box': Conservative shows why 'Trump is in for a major defeat'
"The GOP will come to regret those failures when Trump loses in 2024, according to conservative columnist Reed Galen, in "what is likely to be a devastating electoral defeat."
MAGAts are who he means. The GOP was murdered by Trump and his gangster mob.

Trump denied stay on E. Jean Carroll verdict — judge cites 'his own dilatory actions'
"Former President Donald Trump has lost his bid to get another extension on having to pay the judgment in the E. Jean Carroll verdict."
This is what an asshole loser gets, Lumpy. Learn to behave like a human being.

Judge Shields Info On Trump’s NYC Jurors Due To The “Likelihood Of Bribery, Tampering, Or Physical Injuries
This is what happens when mob bosses get popped.

Trump-Backed Murder Suspect Surrenders To Police
One of lame-brains endorsements

Trump Hit With Huge Bill In Failed Steele Dossier Suit
"The High Court was told last year that Mr Trump was bringing a data protection claim over two memos in the dossier which claimed he had taken part in "sex parties" in St Petersburg and engaged in "golden showers" with prostitutes in Moscow.
Mrs Justice Steyn said Orbis has estimated its costs to be more than Ł600,000."
That's over $768,000.
This ignorant dumbass is trying to set a new personal debt record.

Trump has a problem with 'country club Republicans' who 'aren’t sold on him'
And that's just for starters.

Trump’s former White House doctor caught lying about military rank — and he’s still doing it
Too much speed can make you a megalomaniac.
Anyone that's been into that could tell the first time you saw him.

Stephen Colbert Gives Flawed NYT's Poll The Treatment It Deserves
"...It’s another grab from the New York Times/Siena College poll they published on Saturday that is so outrageously flawed, a cottage industry has sprung up to pick apart its methodology and point out its glaring contradictions and straight-up bias."
Most of us can understand horseshit when smell it and read it.

Biden: US To Build Port On Gaza Shore For Aid Delivery
"US forces will build a temporary port on the Gaza shoreline in the next few weeks to allow delivery of humanitarian aid on a large scale, Joe Biden will announce in the State of the Union speech."

Voldemort Sues VA Schools Over Pro-Trans Policies
"A right-wing legal group led by Stephen Miller, a former advisor to Donald Trump when he was president, is challenging Fairfax County Public Schools over its policies supporting transgender students."
Hitler's student opens his Nazi mouth.

Sweden officially joins NATO as worries grow over Russian aggression in Europe
"Sweden on Thursday formally joined NATO as the 32nd member of the transatlantic military alliance, ending decades of post-World War II neutrality as concerns about Russian aggression in Europe have spiked following Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine."
Welcome to the team.

The View Hosts Declare Biden Shouldn’t ‘Lower’ Himself to Debate with Trump Because ‘He Is an Illegitimate Candidate’
Of course. He shouldn't even be on ANY ballot. SCOTUS proved they aren't interested in law and order. They are a fraud.

Ageism in health care is more common than you might think, and it can harm people
"Assumptions that older people are one big, frail, homogenous group can lead to problems, says the author of Elderhood."

'They're criminals!' Dem explodes at Jim Jordan for hearing she says whitewashes Jan. 6
"So basically, he's trying to tell us that everyone who's been indicted and prosecuted for January 6th did not engage in criminal conduct," she continued. "That's the logic of what he's saying, and we've just come so low in this House."
"They're not! They're criminals!" Plaskett exclaimed. "And a jury of their peers found that when so many of them have been prosecuted in our court of law, not by brown shirts, not by Nancy Pelosi, not by Biden's Justice Department, by a jury of their peers."
Fuckin' A. Treat them as such.

The Great 2024 Voting Purge Has Begun - Can Anything Be Done?
Using arcane laws & loopholes, GOP affiliated groups are challenging the right to vote of thousands of democratic voters across the states most likely to determine the outcome of the 2024 election.
Yes. Purge the goddamned Nazis that are responsible for it.

Trump Is Degenerating Before Our Eyes — MAGA Voters Don’t Notice or Don’t Care
"Despite the best efforts of the Beltway press to present him as a spry young man next to 81-year-old Joe Biden, it's getting harder by the day to ignore that 77-year-old Donald Trump is decompensating rapidly. He wasn't all that healthy or coherent to begin with but, lately, watching him speak has the feel of getting cornered by the weird creep at the nursing home. "

Hunter Biden Might Get To Watch James Comer Staple His Donger To The Wall In A Public Hearing!
"Yesterday, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer — AKA what we imagine it would sound like if a banjo had late-stage syphilis — sent invitations to Hunter Biden, plus his former business associates Tony Bobulinski (you have to shriek his name like a Fox host on bath salts), Devon Archer, and Jason Galanis, to testify in public on March 20.
Comer says they want to "examine inconsistencies among the witnesses’ testimonies in order to get the truth for the American people.” Hunter Biden’s closed-door testimony was such a hickory smoked fail-turd for Comer, we guess he wants to eat his next serving more loudly, in public next time.
The hearing will be called “Influence Peddling: Examining Joe Biden’s Abuse of Public Office,” because James Comer is not mentally capable of understanding when he is embarrassing himself."

Elon Musk Went To Mar-A-Lago, Let Trump Sniff Around His Butt For Spare Change
"Immediately we notice the weasel words. He didn’t say he wouldn’t be donating gabillions to a PAC working on behalf of one of the candidates, and he hasn’t replied to an email asking that very question, says CNBC."
"So up there, are those weasel words? Or is that Elon flexing his muscles and reminding Trump who’s the billionaire here? As we’ve all seen from his Twitter, Elon seems closer and closer every day to quitting the pussyfooting and just openly declaring himself an white supremacist incel. Could that make him more likely to give alms to poor Trump? We’ll see!"

I’m a climate scientist. If you knew what I know, you’d be terrified too
2024 has already set heat records in it's first two months.

A Texas petition that outlaws ‘aerosolized spraying’ doesn’t prove chemtrails are real
The conspiracy theory claims that condensation trails behind aircraft are part of a secret program to poison the atmosphere with toxic chemicals.
Can Texas elected officials outlaw something that doesn’t exist? Social media users baselessly claim Texas might be the first state to get rid of so-called “chemtrails.”
Real enough for ignorant Americans who love to fight dragons that don't exist.

Steve Bannon’s Refusal to Pay His Bills Is Costing Him Big
Bannon has refused to pay his legal bills for two years. Now he and his current lawyer are facing fines over Bannon’s refusal to make good on his debts.
I see a pattern here, don't you?

Dr. John Gartner: The world is watching "a fundamental breakdown in Trump’s ability to use language"
Experts say Trump's decline may be "caused by his incapacity to manage the stress caused by multiple indictments"
Why don't we just come right out and say the man has always been insane and untreated?

FL Senate Passes Bill Banning Worker Heat Protections
What happens when asswipes run things. May they all drop dead in the fire next time.

Kennedy Group Claims Polio Vaccine “Doesn’t Work”
Why does this man get pleasure from being a crackpot? He's a disgrace to humanity.

Pro-Haley PAC Relaunches As “Haley Voters For Biden”
“This is an effort from people who have actually supported Nikki Haley to try to guide as many of them as possible toward the candidate that respects democracy, even if they may disagree with him politically,” said Primary Pivot co-founder Robert Schwartz.
Srategic voting. America will see a lot of that in November.

Ramaswamy: Trump Doesn’t Need My Money [VIDEO]
He doesn't trust him either! ROTFLMAO!

LOL: When A Texas County Counted All Votes By Hand
Attention: Geniuses at work. Their time machine only goes backward.

'Trump could be having difficulty' as Alina Habba begs judge for 'mercy' on payout: expert
"Mr. Magnificent" can't come up with the cash. He's broke and broken.

Elise Stefanik's Magnificent Self-Own
Seriously, what kind of response do you suppose this question would spark?
A lesson in what stupid looks and sounds like.

GOP Candidate Says To MAGA, Women Shouldn't Have The Right To Vote
This guy is a real piece of work.
He hates himself and I don't blame him for that.

"Irresponsible": Rachel Maddow slams MSNBC for airing Trump's Super Tuesday victory speech "lies"
Fact-checking Trump "does not fix the fact that we broadcast it, honestly," Maddow said after cutting away
Most news outlets do the same these days. It's as if "It doesn't matter to us who wins, we'll still be making up news the same ways. We'll still have a job." Don't be too sure, slugs.

New York Times comes out swinging at Trump amid accusations of favoring him
Do they land any of those "punches"?
"Neurophysiologist and science writer Barbara Tokay pointed out that the Times should look closer at itself if it wants to find solutions for those glorifying Trump."
"In which the @nytimes Editorial Board sees the dangers Trump poses while the @nytimes news reporting continues to glorify Trump's destructive power," she posted on the social media site X.

'Bad night for Trump': Experts say Super Tuesday signaled election night trouble ahead
The cold daylight reality shows he needs to be working day and night on his "Save the Steal" plan because that's the only way the traitor can win. Throw his ass in the clink.

Cultist Rep Defeats Cultist Rep In US House Race
This happened where? In "Darwin's Waiting Room."

Florida Approves Kindergarten Classes On Communism
No fascism? Better include it so the kids can understand your non-government.

Pitchfork-Wielding Rioter Sentenced To 70 Months
Now jail the traitor Trump.

CA City’s Voters Ban Pride Flags On Public Property
A little Nazi burg shows their ugly rectums. Black Swatikas on red fields OK with you?

Karl Rove Infuriates Diminished Donald
If any right-winger is not kissing the ring, then you're not allowed to exist in Trump world.
Fuck Trump.

You'll Never Guess: Democrats Like Old Joe Biden After All
"If Trump has a 96% approval rating in the Republican Party and MAGA is now 100% of the party like he claims, why did 25-40% of the people in virtually every Republican primary vote against him?" — Ron Filipkowski
“Trump has been losing roughly a third of Republican voters in all the early primary states to Haley….[and] many Haley supporters said that if she isn’t the nominee they will either vote for Biden or just stay home.” — Tim O'Brien
And you can add a large percentage of real Republicans will not vote for the traitor.

Did The Russian Army Just Attack In Golf Carts? Why Yes They Did
This really doesn't look good on dickhead Pootin's so-called "greatness."

France Adds Abortion Rights To Their Constitution
“We’re sending a message to all women: Your body belongs to you, and no one can decide for you,” Prime Minister Gabriel Attal told lawmakers assembled in Versailles.
"The amendment referring to abortion as a “guaranteed freedom” passed by a vote of 780 in favor and 72 against, far above the required threshold of support from three-fifths of lawmakers, or 512 votes."
"Well done France, I wish we were so lucky to have that kind of support, instead of having fetus-fondlers arguing that Zygotes are people."
France will inherit those who are fed up with the Nazi SCOTUS.

Biden is right: The US generally pays double that of other countries for Rx drugs.
“If I put you on Air Force One with me, and you have a prescription — no matter what it’s for, minor or major — and I flew you to Toronto or flew to London or flew you to Brazil or flew you anywhere in the world, I can get you that prescription filled for somewhere between 40 to 60% less than it costs here,” Biden said Feb. 22 at a campaign reception in California.
Of course he means civilized countries.

Trump is sounding like the 'weird creep at the nursing home': analysis
"Despite the best efforts of the Beltway press to present him as a spry young man next to 81-year-old Joe Biden," the liberal journalist explains, "it's getting harder by the day to ignore that 77-year-old Donald Trump is decompensating rapidly. He wasn't all that healthy or coherent to begin with, but lately, watching him speak has the feel of getting cornered by the weird creep at the nursing home."

'There's not a big enough shower' to wash out the stench of Trump: Ex-GOP Lt. Governor
Nor enough soap and deodorant.

Texas GOP sounds alarm after voter roll purge hits Republicans on Super Tuesday
The Nazis in Texas slice their own throat. Keep it up.

MAGA groups lit millions on fire failing to find voter fraud: report
And they wonder why they are starved for cash.

Trump's big con is a flop
Trump's only legislative accomplishment was a massive tax cut for the rich — and the results are now in
Biden's economy has rubbed Trump's nose in his own conniving piss.

Holocaust Denier Wins NC GOP Gubernatorial Primary
How far American has fallen. Certifiable Nazi turd.

RNC Rejects Vote To Ban Paying Trump’s Legal Bills
Confirmed: Republican Party is dead. MAGAt has replaced it officially. The new American Fascist Party.
And now Trump drains the same party of all its funding. These are some real brains at work.

Fox Analyst: Presidents Deserve “Absolute Immunity”
Just as long as they don't have you assassinated, right? You deserve a bowl of brains.
Biden can have Trump assassinated immmediately according to your logic. Also he can have SCOTUS removed and your studio bombed out of existence.

MTG To British Reporter: “Why Don’t You Fuck Off?”
Marge, white trash personified, continues her journey to nowhere.

MAGA Texans Working To Sabotage Abortion In NM And Everywhere Else
Texans are literally dictating anti-abortion measures in NM localities, with the likely goal of getting SCOTUS to outlaw abortion pills under the old Comstock Act.
This is what Nazis do. They can all drop dead.

Fox News Panel Has North Korean News Lady Contest For Trump, Everybody Wins
"But this post isn’t about that. This post is about the people below receiving Trump’s holy spirit like Pentecostals, bibbity-bobbity-boo-ing and rolling around on the floor in worship like goddamned lunatics."

Study of Human Placenta Samples Found Microplastics in Every Single One of Them
It's a plastic world all the way to the placenta.

Federal Appeals Court Calls Florida’s “Stop WOKE Act” a “First Amendment Sin”
"A three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — including two Donald Trump appointees — voted Monday to block a key portion of Florida’s controversial 2022 “Stop WOKE Act” from going into effect. In doing so, the panel upheld a previous lower court ruling that prevented the law from going into effect in 2022. "
Nazis at work in your so-called "free country."

Today's Dastardly Ruling by the Supreme Court
"Recall that these Fourteenth Amendment provisions have been bulwarks against states that have discriminated against Black people, against LGBTQ people, and against women. The due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment was the foundation for Roe v. Wade."
In other words, these fascist bastards don't give a fuck about America. They only care about how the crooks can get away with murder.

Revealed: Trump Co-Defendant’s Texts and Emails Show Plans To Overturn Election After Jan. 6
He can try because he's going to go down under a Biden landslide. Let him try from his prison cell.

The Corrupt Supreme Court Bails Out Trump Once More
America does not have to be ruled by an unelected council of high priests.

NOAA warns world's coral on verge of 'worst bleaching event in history of the planet'
"Driven by sustained climate-fueled oceanic heating, the planet is on the brink of another mass coral bleaching event that marine biologists warn could kill large swaths of tropical reefs including significant areas of Australia's Great Barrier Reef."
Scientists are sounding the alarm following months of record ocean temperatures exacerbated by the planetary emergency and the El Nińo climate pattern in the Pacific Ocean."
Humanity will not take well to this.

Millions of Americans Will Soon Lose Internet Access. That’s a Disaster For Rural Health
Yet another chance for Republicans to commit suicide.
Will all those rural MAGAts get their internet or will the MAGAts in DC decide they don't need it anymore.

House Republican Says He’s Retiring So He Doesn’t Have to ‘Lie on Behalf’ of Trump and the GOP
An honest man. Shocking.

Super Tuesday Voter Lets Loose with NBC About Why He’s Not Voting Haley: She ‘Doesn’t Have No Balls to Scratch’
Emmett Martin of Graham, North Carolina. One of the many wasted minds of MAGAtry.
“Let me hear it!” Brewster replied only to seconds later be listening to Martin describe why Haley would not make a good president because she doesn’t have “balls to scratch.”
Neither does Trump.
"Things were a whole lot better when he was our president,” he said.
Name one, I would ask.

Mark Cuban Blasts “Snake Oil Salesman” Trump
Tell it, Mark. That's exactly what he is and his suckers love his snake oil.
Nice Republican Lady Explains Why She Would Never Vote For A Woman
She must hate herself. Thanks for the news flash that Michelle isn't on the ticket.

Diminished Donald Can't Answer A Simple Policy Question
"Earlier this morning on Fox and Friends, traitor Trump was unable to explain to viewers what policies or actions he would use to help fight inflationary costs on food and energy instead focusing on MAGA supporters at an Allen, Texas diner broadcast before the interview."
He had no answer because our President has little to do with controlling inflation.
Which is, as most of us know, is now slow and steady.
His answer is to glorify himself.

In Major Setback for Democracy, Insurrectionist is Allowed to Stay on Ballot
"This decision sets a dangerous precedent for the permissible conduct of future presidents. By allowing Donald Trump to put himself above the law, this ruling declares that the Constitution of the United States can be selectively enforced. In failing to hold the former President accountable for attempting to destroy a 200-year history of a peaceful transfer of power, SCOTUS puts the survival of our democracy at risk."

Watchdog: Final Biden Credit Card Late Fee Rule Will Lower Costs for Americans Over Industry Objections
“The Biden administration’s latest crackdown on needless junk fees won’t just lower costs for millions of Americans, it will put billions back into the economy to be spent on goods and services instead of padding profits of greedy banks.” Thanks, Joe.

Amy Coney Barrett: Tone Police
"All nine Justices agree on the outcome of this case," Barrett wrote. "That is the message Americans should take home."
In other words, don’t worry your pretty little heads about the fine print, even if it leverages congressional dysfunction to shield Trump from any conceivable electoral consequences for the coup attempt, and even as the same court’s decision to slow-walk the immunity case will effectively exempt him from timely criminal liability.
Barrett also had the nerve to admonish Justices Kagan, Sotomayor and Jackson to watch their tone:
"In my judgment, this is not the time to amplify disagreement with stridency,z" Barrett wrote. "The Court has settled a politically charged issue in the volatile season of a Presidential election. Particularly in this circumstance, writings on the Court should turn the national temperature down, not up."
Shrill. She means the liberal justices were being shrill about their disagreement with the corrupt majority’s overreach in the opinion. It’s grotesque enough that we’re expected to pretend this preening fraud has shreds of integrity and legitimacy she definitely doesn’t possess. Now she wants to be the tone police too. It’s too much. Fuck her and the high horse she rode in on.

Staffers behind Mayorkas impeachment outed as veterans of Christian nationalist groups
The assholes HAVE to impeach somebody, for God's sake.

Trump has just one answer when asked how he will bring food prices down
And it's the wrong one.
"... groceries got slightly more expensive last year, with particularly sharp jumps for beef, sugar and juice, among other items.”
Beef: Contributes to heart disease which causes heart attacks. Sugar and juice: All sugar. Contributes to obesity which contributes to type 2 diabetes. It has been said in the United States, the average adult consumes an estimated 17 teaspoons of added sugar each day. That accounts for 14% of total calorie intake in adults following a 2,000-calorie diet. Don't we think it's time to modify our diet?
Shit just rolls out of this SOB's mouth.

Former Trump White House deputy press secretary: 'I don’t think we can survive a second term'
"But that was already after much of the violence had already happened and the Capitol Police had already regained control of the building…. I think he didn't speak up because he enjoyed what was happened."
Don't worry. He won't get elected to rain death on Americans again.

'Laugh behind their backs': How 'performative' Republicans insult rural voters
"Much of Trump's hardcore support comes from rural areas, especially rural areas that are predominantly white."
"n their new book, "White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy," authors Tom Schaller and Paul Waldman describe the link between MAGA authoritarianism and the economic and health problems plaguing rural areas. But unlike others who have written on that subject, Schaller and Waldman hold white rural voters accountable for their actions and do not pretend that rural Americans are somehow morally superior to urban Americans."

Trump warns he could be open to blackmail if U.S. Supreme Court doesn't grant immunity
Not if he's in prison where he should be.

Ingraham: Dems Plan To Use Mail-In Ballots To Cheat
Sure. Push lies and fear on America. How can you sleep at night?
Drug or booze overdosing, obviously.

Employers Beg For Help: We Need 9 Million Workers
Still need proof that American people are uneducated?

Trump: I’ll Give Cops Immunity To Rough Up Migrants
This will come back on the Nazi traitor in spades. Seriously impaired. He should be treated as the mad dog he is.

George Conway: SCOTUS Opinion Doesn't Even Make Sense
"The plain text of the Constitution from here says that Donald Trump is disqualified. So, you know, that was the real problem with today's decision," he said.
Every one of them is a cowardly traitor just as Trump is. Political capital does not exist for someone appointed for life, sorry dude.
Their decision means every president, that's EVERY PRESIDENT can commit treason and get away with it!
This is your so-called "nation" as of now. Indeed a lost country.

Ex-Trump White House Doc Lashes Out Over Report On Drug Abuse
So it's true then, eh, Ronny Jackson?
Looks like he's been kicked in the nuts.

Harris calls for Gaza cease-fire; France to constitutionally enshrine abortion rights
Time to apply for citizenship in France.

First over-the-counter birth control pill heads to stores
Unitl the Nazi pigs put a stop to it.

Trump Promises To Turn America's Schools Into Old-Timey Sanatoriums
It is so sad to watch this maniac destroy our country and no one can lift a hand to stop him.

Supreme Court shoots down Colorado bid to keep Trump off ballot
SCOTUS ignores our Constitution. They are now traitors like Trump.

A fraction of Texans will vote in Tuesday’s primary. They’ll decide who runs the state
The Nazis in Texas figured out a way to depress the populace so badly that no one has the will to vote any longer.

Psychologist breaks down 'neurological smoking gun' of Trump's 'cognitive decline'
Will someone please put this sick person in a hospital? He's a threat to the world and should be taken out of our lives.

NYT: Cultists Target Dem Voter Rolls In Multiple States
High time to take these MAGAt Trump Nazis out for good.

Trump: I Lost DC Primary To Nikki Haley On Purpose
GOOD GOD! ROTFLMAO! What a complete fuckhead!
So he's admitting he didn't drain the swamp. What a failed criminal.

Biden: Trump Won’t Concede, Losers Aren’t Graceful
Losers like Trump are worse than the average loser. Trump's a danger to the planet.

Ex-Trump Org CFO To Plead Guilty To Perjury Today
And speaking of Trump losers.

REPORT: Trump’s White House Was “Awash In Speed”
As one of the former officials tells Rolling Stone, the White House at that time was “awash in speed.”
I have been (snuff) waiting for this shoe to drop (snuff) ever since I first saw Ronnie Jackson speak to a news camera (snuff).
Your hero is a speed addict.
This should be no surprise to anyone that is experienced.

Trump: Hateful NC Gov Candidate Is “MLK On Steroids”
Naturally, Trump would say that. Because Mark Robinson is 100% Nazi just like Trump.
Both of them must go if America is to have a future.

Today's Supreme Court is a threat to democracy — but activists plan to fight back
After Dobbs, many Americans woke up to the Roberts court's dangerous power. But history offers lessons — and hope
The Supreme Court is a supreme threat to American democracy.

Psychologist breaks down 'neurological smoking gun' of Trump's 'cognitive decline'
Donald Trump is slipping into dementia and experts in the field are unable to sound their alarm for fear of their jobs, according to one psychologist.
The "neurological smoking gun," he said, is the "phonemic paraphasia" Trump experiences.
Why would anyone be afraid of this peckerwood?

Dozens of 'licensed professionals' sign petition diagnosing Trump with dementia
I can hear the Trump Nazis now, "They aren't experts, let's see their license. Show us the proof. And we don't care anyway!"

NBC host accused of 'jeopardizing democracy' with Trump election subversion coverage
More failure of a free press that won't be free if Trump grabs the reins.

Sandra Day O’Connor is too ‘undistinguished’ to warrant a statue, Arizona Republicans say
Conservatives saying that the idea of honoring O’Connor, a moderate Republican and the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court, was offensive.
"The statue would not have been placed at the Arizona Capitol, but instead inside Statuary Hall in the nation’s Capitol in Washington, D.C."
Not enough of a Nazi for them, I see.
Proving for all-time these dysfunctionals aren't fit for manure.

Welcome to Willy’s AI catastrophe
Many are worried about drastic societal changes brought about by AI, but the misuse of Willy Wonka and Selena Gomez showed other terrible use cases
P.T. Barnum was right about suckers. He's even more correct with today's world with it's mental failures and swindling con artists.

'Really unusual' Supreme Court notice raises questions about Trump case
"If it turns out to be true that the court is issuing the 14A opinion tomorrow—& [Vladeck] is a guru here—it's completely inappropriate."
"Why pick the day before Super Tuesday to give Trump a likely big judicial win?" he asked. "It's like an in-kind campaign contribution!"

A Large Percentage of Republican Primary Voters Can’t Stomach Trump
The AP reported on Sunday that even though a huge majority of Republicans appear to be enthusiastically on board with Trump, a significant fraction of those who voted in the first three GOP nominating contests say they will never vote for him in the general election.
Same thing happened in the previous Presidential election. Just no one talked so much about it. But now it's even larger than it was then.

It's A Cult: Kid At Trump Rally Wants 'Fani And Nikki In Jail'
If that's the best they can do they'd better get smarter liars so their kids can tell better bullshit. Neither of the women the kid threw up is guilty of a crime. These people are so fucking stupid — all the shit they make up is fool's pap.
They could ruin a child's life this way. They don't know, don't care, or both.

'Not the same RNC': Nikki Haley ditches GOP presidential pledge after Trump takes over
She finally gets it. No, they are not the same as my parents were part of. Not the same as the party I was in when I was young. They have become the party of the oppresser.

'Crowd goes silent' as Trump again confuses Biden and Obama at Virginia rally
"And Putin has such little respect for Obama that he's starting to throw around the 'nuclear' word. You heard that, nuclear. He's starting to talk nuclear weapons today," Trump said Saturday. "I was waiting for that to happen. But we have a fool as a president."
Demented for sure. He wanted so to run against Obama. Why? He would have been beaten 10 times as bad.

Trump served notice he has a 'helluva math problem' after latest primary results
"That is a helluva math problem for Donald Trump, especially when you look back in 2020 it was only 5 percent of Republican voters who said they were never going to vote for Donald Trump — he has a real math problem here," he continued. "He has a ceiling that keeps coming down every week when he shows us and reminds us who he is. Every day that Nikki Haley stays in this race, it shows Joe Biden who the voters are that are gettable for him in the campaign."

The vasectomy boom: After Dobbs, younger men are stepping up
Planned Parenthood clinics in some states are providing vasectomies — and plenty of younger men want them
And the idiots will continue to wonder why our population is shrinking.

Habba: Biden Will Let In 10 Million “Illegals” To Vote
Already working on their bullshit story when Biden wins by a landslide.

WaPo: NC Gov Candidate Is Most Vicious Of Cultists
Mark Robinson is vying for the most "Ignorant Scumbag in the World" award against Pootin and Trump in (where else) the Land of the Happy Negro!

Anthem And Pledge Botched At Trump Rally [VIDEO]
Crackers on Trump.
They really have to keep showing how fucking dumb and illiterate they are to the world.

Georgia GOP Bill Allows Arrests Of “Suspected Illegals”
The MAGAt Gestapo and Secret Police. Concentration Camps? This is what our country wants? It will fail and fall. Of that you may be certain.

The artist formerly known as Previous Guy continues his descent into disorder
We used to help the mentally ill. Now we glorify one and think he should lead us. How did we fall so far?

New Missouri Bill Makes Teachers Who Use Pronouns Into Felons
If passed, it would put teachers on the sex offense registry if they “contribute to social transition” of a trans youth- including pronouns, haircuts, information, and more Missori lives in the 19th Century. What else would an intelligent person expect from them?
What's next you bastard? Concentration camps? Rot in hell.
If the Red states had their own country. They would go on foreign aid in the first week.

Feds Investigating OK School’s Treatment Of Nex Benedict
The U.S. Department of Education is looking into the role of the Oklahoma school where nonbinary Nex Benedict was reportedly bullied and assaulted, before dying the next day.
Turn the light on them. Nazis and motherfuckers galore will be uncovered in this territory.

'Venezwheregullah': Trump's most ridiculed 'short circuits' from North Carolina rally
A popular account called Spiro's Ghost wrote, "Wow. Seriously folks. I am not being mean here. This man has a rapidly deteriorating brain."

More than 75% of AZ voters use early ballots — and every House Republican just voted to take that away
Caution: Nazis at work.

Trump Throws A Fit After Hate-Watching This Clip Of Bill Maher's Show
Don't forget: Fuck Traitor Trump!

It Can Happen Here
A new project tracking creeping authoritarianism.
Pay attention? Hell, if people had been paying attention we wouldn't be in this Nazi shitpile that is Trump. He would have been run out of the country or locked up for life years ago.

Beware: Trump supporters getting conned with worthless currency
I feel badly for the man who lost $2,200 on a Trump con. Maybe it was all the money he had but I doubt it. The really sad thing is it won't stop the suckers that worship the con man. They'll still swallow the swill he pukes out on them. I still believe that Ghandi was right and we will see the snake oil man fall to his end. Think of it .-—.always.

Trump Justice Delayed Is Democracy Denied
With grifters in charge of justice it's not a surprise.

Grasping At the Last Straw
Maybe the last straw's the one we've been looking for.

Tom Joad, the Voice of a Better America, Has Been Silenced
"If this country is to regain some of its old Colossus footing we need a little less Trump and a bit more Debs, a lot less Tucker Carlson and a lot more Tom Joad. We have precedent. Debs and Steinbeck are as American as Lazarus. A resurrection would be nice. Not having to believe in the impossible would be better."
I sometimes wonder if anyone does still remember Tom Joad.

Is It Time to Hold Possible Co-Conspirator Ginni Thomas Accountable?
Will Jack Smith & the Department of Justice do battle against Ginni Thomas & a group of people who are openly working to manipulate our system to the benefit of Trump and his fascist cronies?
Why use "possible"?

Jordan Peterson Whines Over ‘Woke’ Report on Drop in Traffic Deaths
To the culture warrior, limiting parking spaces are considered a dire infringement of individual liberties, and not worth the obvious benefit to public safety and human life.
"On Saturday, the Associated Press reported that since implementing “daylighting,” the removal of parking spaces near intersections seven years ago, the city had seen zero traffic deaths. The news incensed the conservative psychologist, and he took to X to slam the outlet for reporting the story. “You have become pathetic beyond comprehension @AP and the woke death will soon visit you,” he wrote."
Anyone have a clue as to WTF he's talking about? Oh, but he does have a nice clown suit.

Far-right group seeks to raise $108M to 'clean house' of swing state election officials
"Turning Point USA (TPUSA) — a youth-focused group led by far-right activist Charlie Kirk — isn't just hoping to elect more Republicans to office. The group is specifically hoping to replace the public employees in charge with overseeing elections in hotly contested battleground states with MAGA acolytes."
Rigging the system is what Trump Nazis have been working on for years. They are failures at it because we watch them and prevent them from doing it.
Having worked as an election presiding judgel along with others of same or different political persuations I found them all to be serious at the job they were working at and working honestly. The fact that these creeps from the Nazi farm thinks getting their fascists to control election boards proves they are totally un-american and must be stopped immediately if not sooner.

'Stop lying!': Kari Lake buried by Michael Steele over latest flip-flop
"But here's my point on all of this: you already told us who you are, Kari, stop lying," he continued. "We know if you go to the Senate, we know what you're voting for. So, come on, just be honest, what changed? What changed? Because you weren't in this space when [Republican Sen. Lindsey] Graham was out there, 'now it's like we're gonna do a national ban. While the states were pushing and moving in that direction."
"So yeah, campaigns are campaigns, but you know, at least be honest with Arizona and let them know where you really stand," he advised. "Don't be like some of those Supreme Court justices on this issue who tell the hearings folks one thing and then do something else, a little bit later on."
This is the problem with MAGAts.

Trump's claims of being a 'prophet' appears to be a sign of his 'mental disorder': experts
"As part of a survey by experts on the crossover between religion and politics, the question was asked about how Donald Trump went from TV pitchman to president and now, in the eyes of some of his followers, to a "messiah" who is battling for the soul of America came about."
In her interview with DeVega, she explained, "As for Trump’s claims about being a prophet or some type of messiah, I think we have here a convergence between what appears to be Trump’s mental disorder and the needs of a base that has been primed for fascism. The only surprising thing about Trump’s claims is he has not yet said he is better than Jesus. That is sure to come! "
Matthew 24:11
"...and many false prophets will arise and mislead many."
Matthew 24:24
"For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible."

Jack Smith 'visibly shocked' as Aileen Cannon doubles down on order he calls 'clear error'
Clearly she's been caught with her hand in the Trump cookie jar. Trump corruption runs deep.
"Smith argued Cannon's ruling — ordering unredacted documents to appear on the public docket — not only defied an 11th Circuit Court precedent, but put people's safety at risk.
As evidence, Smith pointed to the onslaught of threats that have slammed court officials involved in cases involving Trump."

LOL: Comer Says Biden Investigation Is “Huge Success”
He's using the Vietnam strategy, "leave it and say you won!"
Fuck Comer and his MAGAt SOBs. ROTFLMAO!!

Manchin Nearly Comes To Blows With Climate Activist
Joe's a little long in the tooth for fisticuffs.
But he is a sick fuck. It's too bad one gets manually assaulted for saying words in this country. Why not just escort him out as usual?
All Manchin does is exploit his state of West Virginia and do his best to fuck with our government.

A Very Confused Donald Trump Mumbles Something About Languages
When is Trump's home planet coming back to reclaim him?
"We have nobody that even speaks those languages," he added. "They're truly foreign languages. Nobody speaks them."
Oh, for fuck's sake. How can anyone continue to defend this guy?
Just look at the dumb shits in the video of the article below and you will know the answer.

Trump Voters' Crazy Talk: 'Russia Is Not Our Enemy'
Vaughn Hillyard interviewing MAGA people repeating Kremlin talking points word-for-word is the scariest shit you'll see this week. Wanna see some batshit crazy talking shit piles? Look no further.
Do they recall Neville Chamberlain? Do they know anything about WWII? Clearly, they do not. Russia won't stop with Ukraine. He wants all of Europe.

GOP's 'Confusion' Over IVF: 'They're Just Stupid'
Jasmine Crockett explains the Republican "stand" in IVF in simple terms even they can understand.
Unfortunately, stupid can vote stupid.

Charlie Kirk: Democrats Are Replacing “Rural Whites”
Huh? Then sound the alarms, tooth grinder. How the fuck did you fail so badly? They are coming for you with hot tar and dried cat shit!

Court Blocks Paxton’s Demand For PFLAG Documents
Fuck Paxton. Germany, 1934.
"If this is Republican 'freedom' you can fucking keep it" — JackFknTwist (comments)
"Well, I certainly hope you'll die soon." — from Broadcast News, 1987

'Fate worse than death': Anti-Trump conservatives will soon have no home in right-wing media
Why would they give a fart in the wind about the motherfucking Nazi media unless they are Nazis as well?

The Supreme Court Must Be Stopped
Or at least be told to hurry the fuck up!
"The court is fundamentally anti-democratic—and the only way to limit the damage it can do is to reduce its power, budget, and lack of accountability."
Maybe the MAGAts want it destroyed just as they do the DOJ. Then they can do what they want, when and where.

No, Biden Didn't ‘Admit’ Texas Wildfires Were Caused by Directed-Energy Weapons
Comments made at the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday are being taken out of context
These goofball idiot fools must have gone to Texas Tech with the football player in the next article.

NFL Prospect Believes Outer Space Isn't Real
"I don’t think there’s other planets and stuff like that."
And yet he occupies space. Probably thinks photographs of the earth taken from the moon aren't real and the sun, moon and stars are painted on a black canvas that gets pulled up every so often.
Good thing these morons are good at sports.
And he is proof that morons exist in our country.

Football Man Pretty Sure Space Is Fake
Have you ever been to Lubbock? If so, you know.
"I'm real religious, so I think we're alone right now." Sure, that explains it.
"Honestly, I feel a little badly for this kid. He’s young, he seems nice, and he can still learn. I hope that someone can take him aside and explain that, no, the flat earthers do not have valid points and space definitely exists. Venus and Mars are supposed to be visible next week, so perhaps that someone can get him a telescope and literally show him the other planets. That would be nice!"
Don't hold your breath.

NFL Prospect Doesn’t “Believe In Space Or Planets”
Attention Morons: Texas Tech has scholarships galore for degrees in "Moronism."
"Meanwhile teachers are living the profession because they don't make enough money to live in the area where they teach and put up with shit all day long.
Yes, our system is backwards." — Houndentenor (comments)

Biden and Trump both spoke at the border. Only one looked presidential
"So here's what I would say to Mr. Trump," Biden said. "Instead of playing politics with this issue, instead of telling members of Congress to block this legislation, join me—or I’ll join you—in telling the Congress to pass this bipartisan border security bill. We can do it together."
Biden reiterated that instead of politicizing the issue, "why don't we just get together and get it done."
Trump is a very sick man. How can he do anything?

Kentucky Bill Would Eliminate Workers' Rights To Lunch Breaks
Land of the Happy Negro states want you to know they want their slavery back again.

Hunter Biden Hits Gaetz Over Questions About His Drug Abuse
Gaetz needs to watch his own dirty ass.

Hunter Biden absolutely owned Republicans in his testimony
"Ever since they launched their “investigation” into supposed misdealings by members of President Joe Biden’s family, Republicans have clamored to get Hunter Biden behind closed doors. On Wednesday, that finally happened, but those same Republicans can’t be too happy about the results."
MAGAts had an "ass showing contest."

Hannity Wants Border Campaign Appearances Limited To Trump
People in hell want ice water, you fruit cake.

'Hard Evidence' Not Needed In Biden Probe? Fox Cuts Guest Off
The MAGAt Nazis case lacks ANY evidence because it is nothing but spite.
Miranda Devine is looking like the fool she is.

Federal Court Blocks Extreme Texas Legislation That Would Overstep Federal Immigration Law
Texas needs to rejoin the United States.

As Millionaire Earners Stop Paying Into Social Security for the Rest of 2024, New Polling Shows Americans Want the Wealthy to Pay Their Fair Share
New Polling Shows Americans Want the Wealthy to Pay Their Fair Share
"Today, Social Security Works and Data for Progress released new polling showing that voters overwhelmingly reject Social Security cuts, as well as the idea of a closed-door “fiscal commission” to determine Social Security’s future. Instead, they want Congress to raise taxes on wealthy Americans to protect Social Security."

Texas is on fire while oil companies are fueling the flames of climate chaos
Ian Duff, Head of Greenpeace’s Stop, Drilling Start Paying campaign said:
“These fires are an unfolding tragedy. Our hearts go out to those who are experiencing loss across the state.
The blazes we’re seeing in Texas are not just fueled by high winds and exceptionally dry weather. As emissions from burning more oil and gas makes the climate crisis worse, we can only expect to see more of these out of control disasters...."

Judge mocks X for “vapid” argument in Musk’s hate speech lawsuit
It looks like Elon Musk may lose X's lawsuit against hate speech researchers who encouraged a major brand boycott after flagging ads appearing next to extremist content on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter.
Nazi speech is always hate speech.

Liz Cheney has handed Dems a 'weapon' to use against Trump and the Supreme Court: analysis
"Delaying the January 6 trial suppresses critical evidence that Americans deserve to hear," she said. "Donald Trump attempted to overturn an election and seize power. Our justice system must be able to bring him to trial before the next election. SCOTUS should decide this case promptly."

A single sentence signals Supreme Court will toss Trump's 'crazy' claim: experts
The sentence is also the question the Supreme Court has limited itself to answering: “Whether and if so to what extent does a former President enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office.”
They certainly can't conclude he's allowed to commit treason during his tenure!

"Like someone pulled the metaphorical plug": Dr. John Gartner on Trump's "accelerating dementia"
"Trump looks blank, stops in mid-sentence (or mid-word), his jaw goes a little slack"
He's turning into a mouth breather.
As to the experts who are in "fear and exhaustion." Suck it up. This is no time to be slacker. Afraid of losing your job? Shit, our nation is at stake!
"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." — Benjamin Franklin.
True Americans will take care of the traitor Trump. One way or the other. America wasn't founded by cowards.

Sen. John Cornyn Launches Bid For Senate GOP Leader
Only if Trump gives him his holy blessing. He's begging Trump for it first.

Trump: Roe Allowed “Killing Babies Literally After Birth”
One of the most vile lies the shitbag ever uttered.
Keep digging your grave, stupid. You'll look your best in it.
The moron expects no one has the sense to research facts. He's right about that with his slack-jawed supporters.

GOP candidate for governor outed as KKK member after cross burning photo emerges
Land of the Happy Negro cheers! Nation should kick his ass all the way to Perdition.

'There’s no evidence': Experts debunk Trump’s claims of 'migrant crime' wave in US cities
"Former President Donald Trump has made immigration the centerpiece of his 2024 campaign, and pledged to launch "the largest domestic deportation operation in American history" if elected to stem a supposed wave of crime from migrants. But experts say that Trump's assertions are a 'myth.'"

Someone Remind Steve Doocy It's Republicans, Not 'Congress' That Cut Off COVID Child Care Funding
"Who knew that anyone on Fox is actually interested in what happened to working families after the COVID relief funds for child care expired last fall. Of course, Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy couldn't bother to point out who the actual culprit is. During a segment that aired this Wednesday morning, here's how Doocy started an interview with a woman who runs a day care center out of her home in Arkansas."

Jack Smith fires a shot across Aileen Cannon's bow over 'clear error'
"Special counsel Jack Smith is apparently still not happy that Judge Aileen Cannon ruled against his plea for secrecy when it comes to the identities of witnesses in the Mar-a-Lago documents case."
Who could blame him?

'It's brutal': Shock and awe follows E. Jean Carroll's court response to Trump
"This is page one, 'There is absolutely no basis in law for Trump’s requested relief."
Don't be sure. SCOTUS will likely write one up over the weekend like they are writing a decision that he can kill anyone he wants at anytime with total immunity. They'll do whatever their mob bass tells them.

E. Jean Carroll asks court to reject Trump's 'trust me' promise on $83M verdict
She has faith in his mob?

Verdict in election interference case can still be reached before November: legal experts
It "could still mean a verdict before the election," they wrote.
And hell could freeze over.
Again, don't be so sure this SCOTUS team is working for America.

The Supreme Court Could Decide This Term’s Big Gun Case on the Basis of… Grammar
"Justices like Neil Gorsuch are doing all they can to make sure “bump stocks”—which turn regular guns into machine guns—are legal."
More garbage from the Nutwits.

Why Won’t Our Media Say Donald Trump is America's Modern-Day Benedict Arnold?
How much more damage are we willing to take? Garland and the DOJ need to get some answers and share them with the American people soon
How in hell did everyone get so afraid of a mindless fascist geek? Cowardice is all.

Goodbye, Mitch: You Were the Worst
"He will be remembered as one of the most dangerous politicians in living memory. He helped transform the Republican Party into a cult, worshiping at the altar of authoritarianism. He’s damaged our country in ways that may take a generation to undo."
No question about it. We will be able to say the same about the current SCOTUS.

Biden and Trump expected to make dueling appearances at the Texas-Mexico border
Loser leaves the country match?

State of US Journalism Is “Worst I’ve Ever Seen It,” Says Sarah Kendzior
“The public domain is being purchased, and it is being purchased in order for it to be destroyed,” says journalist Sarah Kendzior. In this episode of “Movement Memos,” Kendzior and host Kelly Hayes discuss the decline of journalism in the U.S. and how we can resist the erosion of our shared history, our values and our shared reality.

Arizona Republicans Advance Bill Allowing Property Owners to Kill Migrants
"Republicans in the Arizona state legislature have advanced a bill that would grant property owners the right to shoot and kill anyone who trespasses on their property, so long as they claim they were doing so in self-defense."
Are you having problems with people trespassing? Define it in context.
Define self-defense in this context. This can't just mean "get off my lawn, because you're attacking me!"
Sounds like you all want to return to the 17th Century.

Sounds Like James Comer Stapled His Donger To The Wall Again With This Hunter Biden Deposition
"There will of course be time to look at more hilarious reactions to Comer’s latest embarrassment, and his next one, and the one after that. In this post we want you to read Hunter’s opening statement to Congress, because it’s really all you need to know about all this. Bonus: He called Comer and the others he shares a pigpen with Russian dupes to their faces."

Illegitimate Partisan Hack Supreme Court Joins Trump's Attack On America
"To be clear, all the judges who have heard this case so far have laughed it out of their courtrooms. That’s what these partisan hacks feel the need to consider. In the eyes of this joke of a Supreme Court, trying to overthrow the Republic because you’re panty-pissing angry at the American people for not giving you a second term might possibly be construed as 'official duties.' Or at least the president currently having the tantrum might sincerely believe that. Or at least it’s worth considering the question at length."
Fuck Trump.

Idiot Mississippi Senator Ain't Gonna Have Y'all Rustlin' Up No 'Human-Animal Chimeras!'
"Yesterday, we told you that Republican senators might very well block Democratic Senator Tammy Duckworth’s bill to protect IVF, even though many of them are currently jumping up and down swearing to Jesus that they aren’t going to steal your IVF. Because why would you need to protect IVF? It’s not like Republicans are coming for your IVF, ha ha just kidding, yes they are.
Well, they done blocked it!"
"In her speech announcing why she wouldn’t protect IVF from Christian fascists, Hyde-Smith said Duckworth’s bill would do other bad things, but we are sorry, you lose the argument when you say it’s going to legalize “human-animal chimeras” and you pronounce it like that. (“Chim-chimera, chim-chimera, chim-chim cheree,” says Dok in the chatcave, LIKE A DICK.)"

Romney On Voting For Trump “Absolutely Not”
Says it all.

Ted Cruz To SCOTUS: “Put A Stop” To Trump’s Cases
If everyone one of you Nazi motherfuckers step down first.
"Hey Ted we haven't forgot you were part of Trump's coup to overthrow the country you treasonous piece of shit. Justice for you won't come via the judicial system but it may come by street justice...You should go hide maybe in Cancun traitor boy." — Thewolflam (comments)
You are not well liked, Ted Cruz — anywhere.

Texas Executes Man Despite Doubts About His Guilt
When did the law ever give a shit? America must put a stop to capital punishement. It's barbaric and mindless.
"So it’s okay to kill a man who may not even be guilty but it’s wrong to hold Trump responsible for his crimes? Got it." — kaydenpat (comments)
"Republicans are depraved. This should lay to rest any stupid ideas about them caring about "life". It's power and control they care about." — MargaretPOA (comments)

Hungary’s Orban To Meet With Trump At Mar-A-Lago
Stay out of our country. You have no business here. Especially with our demented traitor.

Reuters: Trump Judges Deluged With Violent Threats
Everyone of them a Nazi MAGAt and bound for trouble.

How Does Winning The Primary Hurt Biden And Other BS
Even though the presidential election isn't exactly a horse race, that doesn't slow down the crazy season.
More proof of an insane country.

'His wife participated': Clarence Thomas urged to recuse himself in Trump immunity case
Urge all you want. I doubt this reprobate will go along with that idea.

'130 days!?' Angry legal expert flags hypocrisy of Supreme Court's Trump immunity delay
"So it's 45 days when a ruling could hurt Trump, but 130 days when a ruling — when the delay can help Trump."
"That is the essence of this Supreme Court," Mystal added. "And every single Democrat who is not onboard for expanding the Supreme Court and reducing the power of these Republican theocrats in robes is in some way complicit in today's failure."
They are bound to make this one of the biggest fucking messes in U.S. history. One from which we may never recover. History will not be kind to them.
And for what? One cheap crook. The fix is in.

'There are some tells there': Expert explains 'upsetting' part of Trump SCOTUS ruling
The worst bastards in the known universe. Framing an escape clause for their crime boss.
Anti-American as any enemy America has ever known.

'Chaos': Experts say Trump's legal calendar made 'wacky' by Supreme Court's ruling
It is apparent that SCOTUS is not on America's side but on the side of the Nazi.
They are fools as are all of his supporters. He doesn't give a fuck for them but only what they can do for him. Otherwise he'd behead each of them.

'Just doesn't happen': Sen. Kennedy schooled after asking 'inflammatory' abortion question
Senator Foghorn Leghorn shows the depths of hell he came from.
"If the mother is healthy, and the baby is healthy, do you support abortion up to the moment of birth?" Kennedy wondered.
"I think that's a really hard question to answer, because that just doesn't happen," Myers explained. "You're asking me about something that simply doesn't happen."
Insanity defined. We are living in an insame asylum thanks to the traitor, Trump.
This is DEVO! We are devolving at a rapdid rate thanks to morons like Foghorn.

Bragging “Brawler” Rioter Sentenced To Nine Months
Too short.

Newsmax Host: Biden Has “Weird Ice Cream Fetish”
When did it become weird to like ice cream in America?
Why do these shitwad motherfuck-shitsticks exist? Where in hell did they come from? They should go back and stay as soon as possible. They know they sit around and eat it in their underwear at home in hell.

SCOTUS Enables Trump's Effort To Delay Justice
Unbelievably, SCOTUS grants Trump's request to review his claim of presidential immunity and to take their sweet time doing it.
"In unbelievable breaking news, Trump's friends and lackeys on the Supreme Court of the United States have defied all logic and common sense by granting Trump's request that they review his claims of presidential immunity. Adding insult to injury, SCOTUS is also obviously ignoring Special Counsel Jack Smith's request to expedite the matter by taking weeks just to decide to look at the case..."
We always knew that they were going to support Trump in his treason. They know exactly what they are doing to us.

'Political and traitorous decision': Experts outraged by SCOTUS taking Trump immunity case
The point of this is to make Trump win. They have outdone the nation by abducting our constitution.
"[SCOTUS] will prematurely hear a completely frivolous claim that if sustained, would allow any POTUS to commit crimes with almost unbridled immunity," tweeted Richard Signorelli, a former assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. "This will delay his federal 1/6 trial indefinitely. A political and traitorous decision from a totally discredited SCOTUS."
Talk about legal supression. How can this even be possible? Sorry, Ben Franklin. We tried.

GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Blocks IVF Protection Act
Swine shitbag.
They WERE being protected you stupid shit from dear old dixie poison traitorLland of the Happy Negro.

The next goal of the forced birth lobby: Attacking prenatal screening for fetal abnormalities
The swine.

Court denies Trump request to pause $454M bond requirement amid his cash liquidity claim
Pay up.

Alina Habba's 'billionaire' boast bites her as she admits Trump can't pay cash bond
So much for her bullshit.

Judge In Trump’s Fraud Case Gets Sent White Powder
The Trump Criminal Syndicate begins their Nazi dirty work.

Chairman Sanders Releases Report Exposing Depth of Retirement Crisis Facing Working Class Americans
"Ahead of this morning’s hearing in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee on the retirement crisis in America, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), chairman of the committee, released a stunning new report exposing the depth of the crisis, while also exploring solutions that will allow all Americans to retire with dignity and security – not just the very wealthy."

'Service of evil': Mitch McConnell critics react to bombshell resignation announcement<br> Oh, my!

The 17 worst things Mitch McConnell did to destroy democracy
"Mitch McConnell announced Wednesday that he will be stepping down as Republican leader of the Senate in November. And, for the sake of the democracy he’s spent decades trying to destroy, that moment can’t come soon enough.
Here are just a few of his career lowlights."

Trump swore under oath he had $400M cash – now he’s telling the court a different story
The New York Times reported earlier this month, “Mr. Trump claimed under oath last year that he was sitting on more than $400 million in cash.” Once again, he's got a big mouth.
“Trump says he doesn’t have the cash that both he and Habba told everyone he had, and that ‘properties would have to be sold’ to come up with the money.” So what? Come up with the cash or throw the fraud in jail. See how he likes it. He'll get the cash in a flash.

'Must be held accountable': Arizona AG sues corporate landlords over 'astronomical rent hikes'
"Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes (D) is suing some of the state's biggest corporate landlords and a Texas-based software company over what she calls "astronomical" year-over-year increases in apartment rent."
Gotta watch out for them thar Texican pirates.

Billionaire roasted for complaining to Treasury Secretary about $14 O.J. in 5-star hotel
More top notch comedy:
"Texas billionaire hedge funder Kyle Bass took to the internet to complain about paying $14 for orange juice while having a room-service breakfast in a five-star hotel in New York City."
""That this rich guy's outrage is fake is obvious to anyone who ever ordered room service on an expense-account at a nice NYC hotel. Multiple-item orders have been producing very large bills for a very long time," wrote journalist John Harwood.
Note: A Texan would just complain about the size being smaller than the ones you'd get in Texas.

Senate Republicans Might Kill IVF Protection Bill, Who Needs Some Silly Law Like That?
"In case you were curious what kinds of stranger danger might deign to block such a bill, here’s JD Vance. Readers might have noticed that ever since the unsupervised extremists on the Alabama supreme court ruled that embryos are entitled to daily afternoon juice boxes and a Netflix account, many Republicans have been absolutely falling all over themselves to reassure Americans that they are not coming for their IVF. Why would you think such a thing? P-SHAW! They cannot control what a couple wild and crazy guys in Alabama do with their judicial gavels."

Study: 50% In Some States Back Christian Nationalism
We'll be having none of that let me reassure the Land of the Happy Negro.

Jesse Watters Is A Whiney Little B*tch Over Dark Brandon
This Watters incel shows us he doesn't understand context.

LGBTQ+ media broke details about Nex Benedict’s gender identity. Mainstream media reacted slowly
‘It’s shocking because this is a kid in Oklahoma, which is right at the center of this incredible debate about the humanity of LGBTQ people’

Boebert post on 'Biden Crime Family' comes back to haunt her when son arrested hours later
Welcome to "The Boebert Crime Family Show." It could be a hit!

Biden Wins Michigan Dem Primary With 81% Of Vote
Nice going, Joe.

Watters: “Manly” Men Don’t Eat Ice Cream In Public
They just make asses out of themselves like you do, little creep? Go get some ice cream. It's OK.

'This case is over!' Trump declares himself off the hook after inconclusive Willis hearing
"Donald Trump vastly oversold evidence uncovered at a new hearing to declare himself off the hook in his Georgia criminal case."
He's got a big, stupid mouth.

'Lights out': Legal expert says Fani Willis disqualification effort is fading fast
"Legal experts argue that the efforts to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from prosecuting former President Donald Trump on election racketeering charges effectively died in the water Tuesday."
Tell it to Trump.

Man Pleads Guilty to Making Threat to Michigan Election Worker
"An Indiana man pleaded guilty today to sending a communication that included a threat of violence to an election worker in Michigan."
Popped like a pimple on his ass.

Former Aussie PM Calls Trump's Love For Putin 'Creepy'
"When you see Trump with Putin, as I have on a few occasions, he's like the 12-year-old boy who goes to high school and meets the captain of the football team. My hero!"
Trump is a world wide loser.

Laura Ingraham Blames Unvaxxed Migrants For FL Measles Outbreak
Only 91.7% of Florida kindergarteners received the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, short of the 95% vaccination goal. But okay, Laura! How can an educated human make such a blithering, idiotic statement?

Good news for Biden: Trump keeps doing worse than the polls say he will
"After a gusher of coverage about horse-race polls in which President Joe Biden is losing to Donald Trump, it's worth making note of a nagging asterisk: Trump keeps underperforming hispolling in the Republican presidential primary. Here’s a quick breakdown of the first several high-profile GOP contests, comparing Trump’s polling margin over his nearest rival to his margin of victory."

Joe Biden Went On Seth Meyers Last Night, Knew Where He Was And Everything
"We’re as disgusted as you are, but President Joe Biden went on the Seth Meyers show last night, and he didn’t even break down crying and resign because he’s so senile. In fact, he was wearing sunglasses like some sort of cool guy, and he made jokes like some kind of cool guy, and he said hey, he might be old, but so is the other guy, and at least he can remember his wife’s name, like some kind of cool guy."

Americans say immigration most important national issue for first time since 2019 in Gallup poll
Don't forget, "House Republicans recently tanked a bipartisan border bill advanced by the Senate, with Speaker Mike Johnson declaring it dead on arrival."
"Former President Donald Trump, the likely GOP nominee for president, pushed members of his party to block the bipartisan proposal, denying President Joe Biden a signature immigration policy achievement ahead of the November election."
Fatso. That's who your target is for your dissatisfaction.

Donald Trump's growing debt from fraud trial passes eye-popping milestone
Sounds to me like he could expect to be hit anytime if he stiffs.

'My patience has run out': Josh Hawley aims tantrum at GOP leadership
Can you believe it? Even Josh is pissed at the MAGAts.

'Inexperienced zealot' Mike Johnson blasted for not being up to job of speaker
But he's very experienced in being clueless at it.

Mike Johnson says Biden must use executive orders after calling them ‘gimmicks'
A perfeclty fine position for a dimwit like him to take.

Less Than 60 Percent of the Vote in South Carolina? Sheesh. Trump Continues To Do Poorly in Republican Caucuses and Primariesv
A good sign for American and a bad sign for Fatso.

Lara Logan: Christianity trumps Native Americans' beliefs because 'they just didn't win'
Lara, you're apparently asking for your cowardly team to be massacred.
Get an education about your stupid bullshit on being founded as a "Christian nation" and study Thonas Jefferson.

Tommy Tuberville gets a brutal fact check from Alabama reporter on 'crime-ridden' New York
Stupid redneck falls back in it.

Reporter: I Was Harassed By Nazis Attending CPAC
The bastards are crawling all over CPAC. Put a stop to it.

Wasserman-Schultz Calls For Ousting “Super-Spreader” Florida Surgeon General As Measles Outbreak Widens
The damage done by mental illness is staggering in American now.
Replace the moron.

Republicans dug their own grave on IVF. Now they’re trying to lie their way out
Let them stay in those graves. We'll all be better off.

Tennessee GOP votes to keep Confederate flags in classrooms but ban pride flags
“This legislation is immoral and unjust. I’m against it in its entirety,” said Pearson. “I believe that what is doing and the signal that it is sending is evil and wrong.” But he had a proposal: If the legislature is going to ban pride flags from the classroom, shouldn’t it at least ban the display of, as Tennessee still cringingly calls it, a “war between the states” flag? Also known as a Confederate battle flag.
It took Republicans literally seconds to cut off debate and crush the amendment. If there’s one time the Tennessee legislature feels strongly about protecting free speech rights, it’s when those rights involve a symbol promoting racism and treason against the United States.
Occupy Tennessee. Land of the Happy Negro traitors.

Be Not Afraid: All Glory to God, Trump, Newsmax and Bigots
CPAC is back! Weirder, shriller, fringier, more paranoid than ever, with many empty seats but God allegedly still on the side of the cranks and zealots. Cue vapid, vicious, fear-mongering goons who, now saying the ugly part aloud, bray about evil trans people, stampeding "aliens," looming communists and pet-marrying while heralding Christian nationalism, "cool" dictators, the "Bible Uncancelled" and the glad "end of democracy." A republic if you can keep it: Welcome to today's forsaken, brutish GOP.
The swine.

'Deranged bucket list': Ex-Bush official details Trump’s plan to 'give authoritarianism a try'
"Wallace told "Deadline: White House" viewers, "Donald Trump will give authoritarianism a try if reelected. That's not hyperbole. It's not Trump derangement syndrome. And Donald Trump keeps hinting at and outright telling us it is on his deranged bucket list."
Ben-Ghiat explained, "One of the things my research shows is that from the Germans in the early 1930s to the Chileans in the early 1970s — who said, 'We're not going to have a coup' as (countries) all around them were having coups — people are always in denial. They're always unprepared. And very often, they think it can't happen here."
Fuck Trump.

Watch: Ex-RNC chair likens Trump’s empty Black voter outreach to a '1950s redneck'
Trump told the crowd, "The mug shot, we've all seen the mugshot. And you know who embraced it more than anybody else? The Black population. It's incredible. You see Black people walking around with my mugshot."
The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson, who is Black, slammed Trump's comments as "cringeworthy, cynical, infuriating, insulting, racist, super-racist" in his February 26 column. And some more scathing criticism came from former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele the next morning.

'Chickens coming home to roost' after Trump shrinks GOP to MAGA loyalists: conservative
Donald Trump's supporters seem to believe he's invincible, but a conservative columnist laid out his electoral weaknesses.
"Based on the way things are headed, come November, Donald Trump could very well receive a similar message from the people he dismissed as 'human scum,'" Lewis wrote. "The chickens, as they say, are coming home to roost."

"A doomsday scenario": Former DOJ prosecutor warns Trump could profit from classified docs trial
"Trump is going to be running a fire sale" for top-secret documents, Ken McCallion tells Salon

Biden: Gaza Ceasefire May Happen During Ramadan
"President Biden said Monday that Israel has agreed to halt its Gaza offensive during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan if a deal is reached to free the remaining hostages being held by Hamas."

Trump Pays New York Times $400,000 In Failed Lawsuit
"A judge last month ordered the former president to pay up after his case was dismissed in May 2023 on the grounds that the reporting had been protected by the New York Constitution."
He's against anyone's constitution. He's an arrogant Nazi. Fuck him.

Biden: 500 New Sanctions On Russia After Navalny Death
The Biden administration will impose a new round of economic sanctions targeting Russian fuel exports and military-industry imports.

Abbott Calls On Public To Report Parents Of Trans Kids
"Turn in your neighbor." A typical Nazi tactic. What could go wrong with this? Getting rid of Abbott is the solution.

Kid Rock: Kill All Gazans “Forty Thousand At A Time”
I guess he's never been in military combat.

Chuck Todd Doesn't Understand Why Biden Has 'Faith In' His Son
It's not that hard to figure out.
Chuck Todd is a massive chickenshit. He's been a thoughtless asshole forever.

Trump Faces Ticking Clock On Massive Civil Judgments
"Tick Tock, Motherfucker." — Skokie Daddy (comments)

How Russia is 'already spreading disinformation' in the 2024 election
"U.S. President Joe Biden has been a major thorn in the side of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin."
"Putin is clearly hoping that Trump will win the 2024 GOP presidential nomination and defeat incumbent Biden in November."
Re-Elect Joe Biden.

Vaccine-laced lettuce and tomatoes? Tennessee GOP lawmaker worried
Don't stop with that. Every food available is vaccine-laced you fool!

'He's gotten more unhinged': Former Trump aide points to new signs he's getting worse
As if we hadn't noticed.

GOP lawmakers backtracking on fertility treatments get confronted with voting records
By the way, human embryos are non-binary.
Also too, you can't tell if someone identifies as non-binary just by looking at them.

Thomas Hires Clerk Accused Of Sending Racist Texts
"Antonin Scalia Law School"? ROTFLMAO!
Formerly worked for Charlie Kirk's, Turning Point USA?
Thomas appears to be a glutton for self-flagellation. IMPEACH HIM!

Megachurch Pastor: Attending Same-Sex Weddings Is “Celebrating Stepping Into Fury Of God’s Judgement”
And you can't help but attend these often? Again, who has the problem here?

Trump Loses Bid To Stay $83 Million Carroll Judgment
The loser keeps his record going.

Trump's 'rambling and incoherent' South Carolina victory speech leads to new questions
Don't you love how news items never grow old and are constantly recycled as "new" news?

Raichik: I Don’t Care About My “Trans Mass Shooters” Lies, Being Called A Terrorist Makes Me Feel Important
Another twisted and sick fuck. Claiming terrorism makes her so. She can "go to hell and die."

Pastor: Women Wearing Shorts Deserve To Be Raped
Another pastor preoccupied with women that deserve being raped. Where do these ignorant fools come from?

Gavin Newsom Lays it on Thick After Kristen Welker Asks if It’s ‘Responsible’ for Dems to Run Biden, Calls His Presidency a ‘Masterclass’
“So, no, from my humble prospective, not only have the last three years been extraordinary, I’ve been out, as you know, on the campaign trail. I was just out in California. I’ve seen him up close, I’ve seen him from far. But here’s my point: it’s because of his age that he’s been so successful. It’s because of the wisdom and the character that’s developed over the years…so the opportunity to express that for four more years, what a gift it is for the American people.”

Alabama’s Targeting of IVF Is the Christian Right’s Attempt To Control Motherhood
"Ultimately, theocracy, like all authoritarian systems, loves imposing arbitrary and cruel rules on the most private parts of people's lives. It's the ultimate expression of power, after all, to micromanage something as personal as how and when someone has a baby. If they could litigate the sexual positions you were "allowed" to conceive in, they would. (And don't rule it out yet!) It's about enforcing gender hierarchies, yes. But it's also about not permitting people any sense of ownership over their own lives and bodies. Every ovum must be accounted for in this religious right version of Big Brother."
Every Sperm is Sacred — lyrics by Michael Palin and Terry Jones
Fuck Christian Dominion.

If We Can't Be Navalny, We Can Still Be a Helluva Lot Braver Than We Are
"But I still must fight pessimissm, especially in the week following the murder of Navalny, that there are anywhere near enough Navalnys to stem the tide of tyranny. Here at home, Republicans, have set the template for craven cowardice, lacking the courage to stand against a tin-pot dictator wannabe, let alone the Russians in Ukraine, or the Israelis on their murder spree in Gaza."

The Hunter Biden story has done a total 180 but the MSM is in denial
"The story is no longer whether Joe Biden committed high crimes and misdemeanors by maintaining relations with his ne’er-do-well son. In fact, there has never been any credible evidence to support that conclusion."

Noem And Ramaswamy Tie In CPAC’s Veep Straw Poll
The MAGAt Nazi Party vote.

GOP plan would make amending Missouri constitution harder for liberals but not conservatives
Giving the uneducated a little more power so they can fuck over the state even more.

That's A Lot Of White People At The 'Black Conservative' Gala
OK, what did they do with all the Black people?
"Trump, who has been a racist for his entire life, appears to be speaking to a majority white audience. That probably explains why he said so much racist shit at the event. Also, he is painfully stupid."

Joe Biden gives Joe Biden gives the media a desperately needed lesson about Donald Trump
The president has to break the news to journalists that Trump plans to jail us
"It came from Joe Biden. Speaking with reporters in California on Thursday, the president said this about Donald Trump. “Two of your former colleagues not at the same network personally told me if he wins, they will have to leave the country because he’s threatened to put them in jail,” Biden told Katie Couric. “He embraces political violence,” Biden said of Trump “No president since the Civil War has done that. Embrace it. Encourages it.”
Kick the swine's ass, Joe.

Lou Dobbs At CPAC: This Is No Longer A Free Country
Another jerk that clings to the Big Lie. Nazi of the Trump Reich.
"But you know what? I’ll take applause no matter where I get it."
You'll whore for anything? You're an illigtimate human, you fascist pig.
“They don’t like to use real words. To describe real objects.” – Hair dye spokesmodel Lou Dobbs, who now has an audience of tens on Lindell TV (don't make me laugh) after being shitcanned by Fox.
No, they are not dealing with reality.

NY Civil Judgment Against Trump Now Accumulating $111K in Interest Every Day
The chiseler continues to chisel at will.

Rob Reiner’s “God & Country” Doc Exposes Toxic Political Power of Christian Nationalism
“Christianity does not and cannot unite Americans under a national identity. As we learn more about Christian nationalism, how it debases Christianity, and how it threatens to destroy American democracy, we are even more convinced of the need for a national commitment – from religious and secular groups and individuals – to furthering the American ideal that our belonging in society is not in any way conditioned on or connected to our religious identity.”

Trump Tells Black Conservatives: People Say Blacks Like Me So Much Because Of All My Criminal Charges
The only person that said that besides Trump, is a flaming racist.

German Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Recreational Weed
Progress. Too bad we still have the backward part of America.

Oklahoma Rep On Death Of Nonbinary Teen: We Are A “Christian State And Will Fight To Keep Out That Filth”
Too late. You've already been infected by "Asshat Motherfuckery Disease." Christian by mputh, Swine at heart.

Texas AG Threatens To Shut Down Migrant Shelters
Yes, put them on the streets by all means, you heartless asshole.

Axios: Christian Extremism May Sink GOP In November
There's no "may" to it. If they don't the rest of the MAGAt Nazis will.

Oops! Alabama AG Says He Won't Prosecute IVF Families, Providers
Exactly! Not until it does.

10 stunning moments from Trump's late-night speech to religious broadcasters
"Time was when media outlets would have been well advised to ignore the nonsense that regularly disgorges from Trump’s nougat-y noggin, but since he’s now on a glide path to the GOP nomination, it makes sense to put this shit front and center. Because Americans need to see it. Voters need to witness him decompose in real time so they can see that all the things they never liked about him are even worse now, and that he needs to be stopped tout de suite before he starts picking out asbestos drapes for his volcano lair."

Rep. Nancy Mace Says She Trusts Russian Asset Over The DOJ, FBI And The Bidens
Then why doesn't she move there like Arend and Anneesa Feenstra?
Jane Fonda made a similar controversial statement in 1972 about North Vietnam.
Regarding Fonda, Del. William Burkhead, a Democrat from Anne Arundel, said, “I wouldn’t want to kill her, but I wouldn’t mind if you cut her tongue off...”
Where are the knives for Mace? Bigotry is still going stong with the Russian assets in our country.

Fox News Pundit Claims Trump Never, Ever Lies
"Friday on Fox News' Outnumbered, Fox News contributor Johnny Joey Jiminy Cricket Jones pretended Trump never lies because he's bombastic and uses hyperbole. He said that with a straight face. I kid you not."
Some special shit-shoveling here.

Trump PAC, Allies Recommended For Felony Charges In Wisconsin
"The Wisconsin Ethics Commission has recommended that prosecutors file felony charges against Trump's Save America PAC, State Representative Janel Brandtjen, former GOP candidate Adam Sheen, and others for a scheme to avoid state campaign finance laws in order to flood Sheen's campaign to oust Speaker Robin Vos in 2022. The commission is so adamant that these people face charges that they have warned that if the charging process hasn't started in 60 days, the will make referrals to other district attorneys and/or the Attorney General."
More crime based on Trump bullshit.

We Are All Catholics Now
The hell you say!
"There was a discussion in the comments on my post on the Alabama IVF debacle about which forms of contraception would be allowed by our new Jesuitical overlords. Let me cut to the chase on this one: the answer is none, not a single one."
These motherfuckers can go back to the place in hell they came from.

Trump can’t outrun the consequences of Roe’s fall
And he can't hide. No Nazi can for long.

'Essence of authoritarianism': Expert warns 'Project 2025' would create a Trump 'autocracy'
"The essence of authoritarianism is removing restraints on the leader and making him immune from prosecution by domesticating government," Ben-Ghiat said. "And so some of what Project 2025 proposes, like abolishing the DOJ and the FBI is designed for that end, to make it impossible to prosecute Trump and allow him to commit crimes with impunity."
Most of America prefers death to fascism. Read it either way or both.

Michigan Republican duped into reading the plot of 'E.T.' as an illegal immigrant story
The stupid is strong in this one.

Conservative Family ‘Disappointed’ After Moving To Russia To Escape LGBTQ Ideology
The stupid is stronger in this one.

'I‘ve seen bigger Tupperware parties': CPAC's crowd size ridiculed<br> "The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) — an annual summit of far-right activists, pundits and elected officials — used to be regarded as the beating heart of the conservative movement. However, one columnist recently said CPAC has now become a "joke" given its meager attendance."

QAnon Bishop At CPAC: Alabama IVF Ruling Is Correct
What more do you need as proof of QAnon yokel, goofball logic than this from a cult member?
" QAnon parlance, the “storm” is when Trump’s secret military force arrests and executes hundreds of Democrats and celebrities for their supposed Satanic child abuse rituals."
And these Talibastards are the ones abusing our children. Burn, you bastards!

Does Donald Trump Believe In God?
Trump believes in God in the same way Tony Soprano does.
A lesson taught in Lubbock, Texas:
"God loves you and he's going to send you hell.
Sex is bad, dirty and awful. And you should save it for the one you love." — Butch Hancock.

'Dereliction of duty': GOP slammed for ignoring warnings about credibility of FBI informant
The MAGAts ignorance is their agenda.

The Rent Is Still Too High
Housing prices are spiraling alongside homelessness. To solve this crisis, we need to recognize housing as a human right.
The new Gilded Age,America.

Trump asks judge to delay his $83.3 million payout to E. Jean Carroll
Seize all his property NOW! He won't pay, as usual.

Kristi Noem: “Joe Biden And Kamala Harris, They Suck”
Nowhere good as you do.

Fox Host: GOP Looks Like “Keystone Cops” On Border
They are nowhere near that good. More like a blundering pile of Ivermectin overdosed.

Fox Host Cuts Off Trump’s Stupid Lies: “He’s Entitled To His Own Opinions But Not His Own Set Of Facts”
That is correct.

Trump calls his fraud case ‘a form of Navalny.’ That distorts the cases.
Trump compared his civil fraud fine with the punishment of Russian opposition leader Alexei A. Navalny, who died Feb. 16 in a Russian prison.
He is a swine.

Gannett’s 2024 priorities include ‘rebooting’ small newsrooms and keeping voters informed
Will they accept information or continue believing in lies?

'Bad for Trump': Law professor explains Supreme Court's delay on immunity ruling

Ex-NRA head found liable for $5.4 million in civil corruption case: report
Big loser, like Trump.

No, migrants do not receive $2,200 each month from the federal government
FACT CHECK: Have 7 Million Illegal Immigrants Received Free Cell Phones And Airline Tickets At The Border?
Does anyone vet things they hear before deciding they are true?
People believe the lie that we (America) give cell phones and money to illegal immigrants. You need context, if you know what that means.
Stop being idiots and do honest fact checks on bullshit you are swallowing.

Expert flags 'odd thing' about Trump's 'substantive' changes to Fani Willis filing
"The desperation is embarrassingly thick with these filings," replied @RyanWhitingVO. "He loves a good circus!"
"Desperate for a delay," added @Raaamonnn. "He'll do anything to delay this case."
"Grasping at straws," added @spicedrop71. "Of course."
The swine.

How Alito’s 'disingenuous concern for democratic participation' opened a Pandora’s box: analysis
The idiots cut their own throats and think they are brilliant. Keep it up assholes and and we will bid you all "Well, — Bye!"

TX Judge Rules School Can Punish Black Student For Hairstyle
Meaness personified.
Once again, it seems that cruelty is the point in Texas. In this case, it’s racial cruelty.
This stupidity came to an end in the 1960s. Some morons don't realize what time it is.
Pure 100% racism. No surprise in the Land of the Happy Negro. Vote the Nazis out.

Tesla Screws Small Business by Canceling Order for 2,000 Pies
The electric carmaker Tesla is facing community backlash after the company suddenly canceled an order for 2,000 pies — allegedly leaving a charitable small business out of a few thousand dollars, local San Francisco outlet ABC7 reports.
Following in the steps of the chiseler, Trump. All vendors should put him on credit hold and demand payment in front of any deal.

Ethics Commission alleges Trump joint fundraising committee, Brandtjen involved in campaign finance scheme to benefit Vos challenger
"The state Ethics Commission alleges Donald Trump’s joint fundraising committee and GOP state Rep. Janel Brandtjen schemed to evade campaign finance limits as part of an effort that steered at least $40,000 to the 2022 primary challenge of Speaker Robin Vos, according to records obtained by WisPolitics."
Trump and his dirty work continue.

'I'm a very proud Christian': Trump courts religious right
Neither right nor christian. Con man, fraud and grifter are the terms to describe him.

Trump's hometown newspaper lays into ex-president — and urges his neighbors to vote Biden
As we all should.

Fundraiser to pay off Trump's $355M fine will take 6 years to reach its goal: report
If he's still living he'll be 83 and still saying the election was rigged. ROTFLMAO!

‘Insultingly stupid’: Trump’s move to toss out classified docs case torn apart by experts
‘Insultingly stupid’ is what Trump's campaign should be called. What a dork.

How Far Will Republicans Go To Bring America to Her Knees on Behalf of Putin & Trump?
How Putin seized control of the Republican Party.

Quack FL Surgeon General OK With Sending Unvaccinated Kids To School During Measles Outbreak
Retards pushing us back to the 1800s. Stop the bastards now.

Stephen Miller loses big in racially-charged lawsuit to restrict voting in Arizona
"Miller was the brainchild behind many of Trump's harshest policies targeting immigrants when he was in office."
Hitler would have loved this joker.

Dr. John Gartner on a tale of two brains: "Biden's brain is aging. Trump's brain is dementing"
"This is a fundamental breakdown in the ability to use language," the renowned mental health expert says of Trump

A New Orleans magician says a Democratic operative paid him to make the fake Biden robocall
Dean Phillips’ presidential campaign denounced the alleged actions of one of its consultants and said it may take legal action against him.
The great Dean Phillips, eh?

MTG “Really Could Care Less” If Putin Killed Navalny
Too busy pounding the concrete? What a shitbag.
And when will people realize using "could" when that means they could care somewhat? The term they mean is "couldn't."

Traffic Has Plummeted For Right Wing Sites Since 2020
Tired of the shitty lies they throw at them.

Roundup Of Dumb Rednecks
Russian operatives and Republicans, Trump and truckers and Alabama's baby prevention plan.

A poll found 1 in 5 believe in a covert Taylor Swift effort to help Biden win. What does that mean?
The majority of respondents who believe the Swift-Biden theory are Republicans and plan to vote for Trump.
Of course, it's the lame-brains who believe this shit. Just how in fuck's name does it work and who cares? Are you really that FUCKING STUPID? So far we can still vote freely unless a Trump Nazi tries to sap you going to the polls.
ATTENTION: ALL ADVERTISING IS A PSYOP! SURPRISED? Now don't you feel better knowing that psyop doesn't mean shit?

Trump’s claim that Biden directed the New York civil fraud investigation is baseless
Letitia James said in 2018 that she would investigate then-President Donald Trump. In March 2019, she began. Biden was elected later.

Is local news access tied to how much money you make? A new report identifies the disparity between the haves and have-nots for local journalism — and household income plays a big role.
A good reason why we have ill-informed citizens in our country.

It's CPAC! Here Are Some Weird Republican Fantasies About Kamala Harris And Michelle Obama.Open link in new tabWonkette
The Club for the Criminally Insane!

Lawrence O'Donnell Ends The Argument On Biden's Age, Period
MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell took a hammer and absolutely nailed in on the ageist attacks. "The job is to make decisions, not speeches," he said. "History writes about the decisions. That's what matters."
Fuck Trump Losers.

Russian Mil Blogger Shoots Himself After Revealing Horrific Losses
Well —- Bye!

Tennessee Gov Signs Bill Allowing State Officials To Refuse To Perform Same-Sex Marriages Because Jesus
And James said, "Let the MAGAt Pharisees all fuck off!" -—"The Holier Bible."

Florida House Approves Chaplains For Public Schools, Bill’s “Tongues-Speaking Exorcist” Sponsor Celebrates
In the Christian network video below, she explains that her primary role in life is as a “demon buster.”
Everyone of them a MAGAt.

GOP Pundit Wants IVF Doctors Arrested
People in hell want ice water. Fuck off, assholes.

Alabama Families Blast GOP’s Unpopular Push For IVF Ban
Families in Alabama are now speaking up in opposition to bans on in vitro fertilization (IVF), which are now being pushed by the Republican Party.

GOP Pundit Calls For ‘End Of Democracy
A conservative pundit and top ally of Donald Trump, Jack Posobiec, called for the end of democracy at the 2024 CPAC conference for conservatives.
Proud Nazi.

MTG's fashion advice for conservative women blows up in her face
"If you are conservative and a Christian you know you don’t have to express yourself in sexual ways and you know you are attractive by dressing nice and feminine, and you can be beautiful and modest at the same time."
Of course, she can do neither.

'Bigger losses for the GOP': Ex-official says Trump's new plan will 'bankrupt' Republicans
Their own fault for going steady with a criminal traitor.

GOP 'increasingly alarmed' by 'dysfunction, debt, and disarray' in state parties: report
This is typical of Red states. Without our help they would be goners.

Right-wing county board comes to regret hiring ultra-MAGA administrator: report
Go to bed with dogs, expect to wake up with fleas.
The Trump Plague.

Judge warns Trump won't accept defeat if he loses in 2024: 'America is in trouble'
Not for long. We don't fear a fraud.

'Made no sense': Tuberville's 'spectacular' CPAC rant leaves onlookers stunned
It appears that even he knows that frozen embryos cannot live outside a uterus. What is about people in law that think they are in the medical profession? Stupid is as stupid does and these Bammy SC Boys are pretty stupid.

Church for 'praying patriots' baptizes Proud Boys into Christian nationalism: report
He can talk all he wants. Once he acts he's accountable.
There is no Christian standard when it comes to U.S. Government and there never has been.

'No one wanted to talk': Report finds GOP silent on massive new political headache
Because anything they say will be held against them.

'Deep trouble': Mary Trump says Jim Jordan and James Comer could face 'criminal charges'
Only if we lived in a sane and normal world. These guys are prime prison candidates.

New Matt Schlapp Subpoenas Target Document-Shredding at CPAC
New subpoenas in the sexual assault lawsuit against CPAC leader Matt Schlapp have gone out to key witnesses, including one official who allegedly oversaw shredding in the office.

James Comer and Tucker Carlson aren't fooled by Russian lies — they're complicit
It would be easier if we could believe Republicans were being played by Putin. The truth is much worse

WV Secretary Of State: The CIA Stole The 2020 Election
No one stole the 2020 election, asswipe.

Gutfeld Calls On Fox To Move Headquarters To Florida
Move it to Russia, asshole.

Lara Trump: Voters Want RNC To Pay Trump’s Legal Bills
And people in hell want ice water. Stop feeding on America's public to pay for Fatso's crimes.

FL Rep: Letting Parents Consent To Kids Using Social Media Is Like Letting Them Consent To Kids’ Drug Use
What? You want to be their kids parents too? Florida fascism at work.

15 times Ted Cruz shamelessly pushed GOP's false allegations about Biden
Out with him.

Court Orders Mike Lindell To Pay Contest Winner
Mike Lindell tried to stiff contest winner out of $5 million for disproving The Big Lie, but the court stepped in.
You stirred the pot, Mike. You had money until you supported Fatso.

Republicans Can't Govern - Wisconsin Edition
Republicans claim late counting of ballots equates to ballot dumps and The Big Lie, but refuse to fix the problem.
That's because they are the problem.

Biden tears into Republicans: 'I’ve served with real racists' but 'these guys are worse'
They aren't Repblicans. They are MAGAts, the worst fascists you can find.

GOP strategist predicts Alabama IVF ruling will hurt Republicans 'badly' in 2024 election
The blithering idiots deserve such.

GOP hardliners could shut down government in 9 days if Mike Johnson doesn’t grant demands
These are your Nazi scums on power. Their agenda is "DO NOTHING !"

Trump Is Preying on Low-Information Voters
OMG! Ya think?

Trump Could Still Lose Trump Tower After All
Oh, no. Where will he sleep ever again?

Alabama's largest hospital says it is halting IVF treatments in wake of court ruling
Welcome to the Stone Age — again.

Republicans rush to delete any reference to Biden impeachment informant accused of lying
It will be difficult to impossible to clean all of it off the internet. An exercise in futility.

'Disobedience to God': Evangelicals freak out as statue pays homage to Ruth Bader Ginsburg
How dare they call themselves "Christian."

The “Acceleration” of the New Reich
The racist Trumpsters who want a second civil war call this an “acceleration,” & hope they can create enough chaos that they can finally fulfill their fantasies about fighting in a noble civil war.
There is nothing noble concerning Nazis except eliminating them.

Gab’s Racist AI Chatbots Have Been Instructed to Deny the Holocaust
The proliferation of generative AI chatbots on extremist platforms could lead to increased radicalization, experts warn.

‘Truly Stunning!’ CNN’s Paula Reid and Kaitlan Collins Shocked By Busted Anti-Biden Witness Lies ‘That Could Impact Election’
Discovered as all rats are.

Tucker Carlson Is So Desperate for Attention, He’s Promoting Notorious Hate Site VDare
"Just when you think he can’t sink any lower, he plummets again."

Oklahoma Schools Chief Rants About Latest Ranking Of US Presidents: Our Kids Will Learn That Trump Is Great
Your kids are being schooled by Nazis. They will eventually come to know your lies. You should be ashamed but Nazis never are.

Biden in Action: Serious Crimes in the Military
"This is one more big fucking Joe Biden deal that demonstrates that Joe Biden is here to change the world. He’s been preparing for this his whole life, and it’s pretty clear that he intends to make every minute of presidency count. Biden has a vision and he must be really great at delegating, because if he tried to micromanage everything, he couldn’t accomplish even a tenth of what the Biden Administration is accomplishing."

Never Surrender the Gold Lamé
Fresh off his latest legal triumph - payment due of $355 million - and his yuge win in historians' annual presidential ranking - dead last as Worst. President. Ever. - the "greatest con artist in world history" has unveiled his latest trashy, loutish grift: $400, ugly-ass, gold-spray-painted "Never Surrender" high-top sneakers, "Bold, gold and tough, just like President (sic) Trump." And just like his steak, water, vodka, airline, deodorant, board game, casinos and mugshot mugs, he says, "I think it’s gonna be a big success."

Legal Chaos In Wake Of AL Supreme Court Embryo Personhood Decision
“First you had the Dobbs decision and now this. What does this even mean?”
That you are living in a retarded state.

Biden Administration Forgives Another $1.2 Billion In Student Debt
The Biden administration has approved another $1.2 billion in student debt discharges for more than 150,000 borrowers. The latest loan forgiveness, announced by the Education Department today, targets a specific group of longtime borrowers enrolled in the Education Department’s much-touted repayment plan.
Good thing to get done, Joe.

'Keep on losing': Morning Joe cheers Trump pushing more 'extreme MAGA stupidity'
"Keep on keeping on if you're going to hurt extreme MAGA Republicans, keep on clapping at the stupidity," Scarborough added.

Donald Trump may not believe in God, but he still plans to turn America into a Christian theocracy
Like any cult leader, Trump's goal is to get power — and the religious right is ready to take advantage
He will shit and fall back in it.

Trump: I Was “Absolutely Allowed” To Keep Those Docs
Who in the hell told him that? Nobody.
Former Presidents Are Not Allowed to Take Home Official Records

TX Gov Floats Anti-Woke Wall On Oklahoma Border
The National Guard has zero legal jurisdiction over border enforcement, which is a federal jurisdiction.
The Texas Nazi dictator is one stupid POS.
Will America have to stop these fascists with force?

Russian Helicopter Pilot Who Defected Found Dead In Spain
Kuzminov defected to Ukraine in August last year and reached the country in a Russian Mi-8 helicopter.
Another Putin murder?

Is JD Vance A Closet Nazi Or Just A Coward?
Marc Thiessen called out JD Vance's cowardice, but is it really cowardice or something more evil?
He's both. Just another asshat of the MAGAt Nazi Party.

Nominating Trump would be 'political suicide' for GOP: National Review conservative
It will be. Already the criminal is a shameful disgrace to the party and the country.

Aileen Cannon Might Actually Get Herself Kicked Off the Trump Classified Docs Case
"Why do we think Smith might be headed to the court of appeals? In part because he has already sought reconsideration for the latest of Cannon’s unlawful orders. This is a step that is warranted only in rare circumstances, including when a judge has made a 'clear error' that led to 'manifest injustice.'"

Keeping Up With the Trump Trials: There Will Be a Criminal Trial Next Month—Just Not the One We Were Expecting
The Hush Money Case Is Going to Trial Next Month
All Trump's Trials will not be forgotten!

Mary Trump Claims ‘Probability’ Trump Will Pay Bombshell Fraud Judgment By Selling Classified Secrets To ‘Highest Bidder
If so he will be much deeper in crimnal activity. Names could be traced and people could be murndered. The blood will be on Trumps tiny hands. More treason by the traitor of our times.

Lindsey Graham designated a terrorist by Russian authorities: report
Whatever you think of Lindsey, the Russian mobsters and killers will remain eating shit until they vanish from the face of the earth first.

Tish James ready to seize Trump buildings if he can't pay $355 million fine: report
"If he does not have funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek judgment enforcement mechanisms in court, and we will ask the judge to seize his assets," James told ABC News.
"We are prepared to make sure that the judgment is paid to New Yorkers, and yes, I look at 40 Wall Street each and every day," she said.
And if this is how big time real estate works in New York City it's time to clean house on every damned crook in town with the same treatment!

WV House Approves Bill That Could Jail Librarians
Nazi Talibastards. West Virginia has the lowest intellect slack-jawed mouth breathers in the galaxy
They want to ruin everyone's life and make it as miserable as theirs!

Samuel Alito: I Was Right To Predict That Christians Would Be Labeled Bigots For Opposing Homosexuality
Is he looking for some kind of major award? So the fucking what? That is your problem. Do something about it. Get help. They ARE fucking bigots. We all knew this before you crawled onto the court. You aren't getting your Christian reputation back if you ever had one.

Trump Campaign Spox: Nikki Haley Will “Drop Down To Kiss Ass When She Quits, Just Like She Always Does”
And who's ass will you be licking, Conehead?

Supreme Court Smacks Marge Over Challenge On Mask Fines
Three House Republicans just got some bad news. Maybe next time they should adhere to the simple rules of the House.
Shove it, Marge.

Speaker Jesus Freak Slammed For Mar-a-Lago Pilgrimage
"You’re both traitors," came back the tweets in disgust.
And stinking turds.

Conservative rips Trump defenders’ 'grotesque' comparison to Russian opposition leader
Haven't these stupid shits been embarrased enough? I guess they don't have the brains to figure that out.
No matter how hard they try to make 2+2=5 it ain't gonna happen, boys.

'Putin’s puppet': Critics blast Trump for comparing Navalny death to his own legal crisis
Zombies devoid of reasoning process. Has Trump died in prison yet? Alas, no.

Ouch! Pelosi Torches Trump Over His Remarks On Navalny's Murder
"Well, now he's gone below sea level, below ground level," she added. "And this statement should disqualify him from running for anything, much less president of the United States."
She wasn't done. She also tore into Trump for not having any values. She called him a "person without dollars," too.
Fuck Truimp.

Measles erupts in Florida school where 11% of kids are unvaccinated
The fruit of stupidity.

Biden Campaign Raised Record $42 Million In January
Easy for a great President!

Twitter Suspends Account Of Alexei Navalny’s Widow
Musk has to anser for this.

Calls For Republican Mike Turner To Resign Over Intel Leaks
GOP House Intel Chair Urged to Resign Over Russian Space Nuke Scare.
"it appears you exploited your privileged access to intelligence to scare your colleagues in an effort to undermine reform of warrantless surveillance laws—and in so doing have undermined your credibility, your committee, and national security."

'Abomination': Fox Hosts issue stunning Trump legal judgment critiques
“No one trusts elections anymore after they appended the system during a COVID virus almost as deadly as the flu as they append to the process that with mail-in balloting and trying to take Trump off the ballot. No one trusts the rule of law anymore. It doesn’t exist, as they’ve used it weaponized it against Donald Trump. The media’s debased itself lying about Donald Trump.”
What a fuckhead. Anyone that said that is a brainless fool.
The truth is "It is untrue that 'No one trusts elections anymore.' It is false that COVID is deadly than the flu. Mail-in balloting is a safe alternative to in-person voting." Only Nazis push that shit.
What a disgrace. America, it looks llike your boys died in vain in WWII.

What Happens If Trump Doesn't Pay His Judgements?
What's her name said not to worry. He'll have all the cash he needs. All from OPM. Suckers.

Don't Miss This Powerful Video Pushing For Assault Rifle Ban
"Needless to say that you don't want to vote for the Republican who has an A+ rating with the NRA (Nuts, Rednecks and Assholes) or the creep who actually does commercials showing how "tough they are" by shooting an AR-15 at a picture of Nancy Pelosi, or say, anyone who needs to hold a gun so bad that they give their boyfriend a hand job in a theater where children are present.."

Kanye West Declares “I’m The New Jesus, Bitch”
This explains the current assemblng of a large cross.

Hate Group Uses Alabama “Frozen Embryos” Ruling To Try And Block Florida’s Abortion Rights Ballot Measure
They and the SCO Bammy can take gas.

‘This Woman Should Be Ashamed of Herself’: Stephen A. Smith Slams Writer for Column Implying Fani Willis Was a DEI Hire
Smith especially took issue with Davis describing Willis as “sour,” “angry,” and “stupid.” Those characterizations have historically been used to stereotype Black women.
Obviously, she's a Trump homer.

Biden: House Republicans 'walking away from the threat of Russia'
You're being too kind to them, Joe. This is what Nazi traitors do.

'We are not liable': Fine print says Trump gold sneakers won't ship for months
Trump is selling vaporware.

'We’re getting slaughtered': Ann Coulter rips religious 'zealots' for sinking GOP
You let the vampires in.

Eviction Filings in Major Texas Cities Soar Above Pre-Pandemic Levels
"As more renters struggle to afford housing, Texas landlords are filing more evictions than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic — and tenants have few, if any, protections to keep them housed. Landlords filed more than 177,000 eviction cases in the Houston, Dallas, Austin and Fort Worth areas in 2023, according to records tracked by Eviction Lab, a research center based at Princeton University..."
Time to change the fascist government in Austin.

Russia is plotting new ways to manipulate 'stupid' Trump: former lawyer
Trump is such a trashy disgrace to us.

John Oliver Offers Justice Clarence Thomas $1M A Year To Resign
"Come on, Clarence. You hate your job, and we hate how you do it. Make America happy!"

Israel must end its occupation of Palestine to stop fuelling apartheid and systematic human rights violations
Stop it.

Lawmakers slam Mike Johnson for honoring 'radical Christian' who 'helped fuel' J6
"But Biden, Pelosi and Obama, unlike the Religious Right, don't use religion as a litmus test. The problem that many Democrats, including veteran strategist James Carville, have with House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) isn't the fact that he's religious — it's that he embraces a radical strain of evangelical white Christian nationalism they find troubling."
The number of denominations illustrate even religion can't agree on itself.

Trump finally breaks silence on Navalny — and makes it all about himself
"The Pussy Grabber" can go to hell.

"We are worse than a third world country": Trump claims his "persecution" will lead to demise of US
At a campaign rally in Michigan, Trump sharply criticized a judge's order for him to pay a $355 million penalty
What's he plan to do? Take us all down with him? When's your next trial, fuckstick? Pay up, chiseler!

No Labels Chair: We’re Still Looking For A Candidate
We have one for you. He's a Democrat.

GOP Rep Lies That “Illegal Alien” Is KC Mass Shooter
One of Trump's chickenshit lying weasels.

Liz Cheney: 'Moses' Mike Johnson Taking 'Path Of Cowardice' With Trump
Former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) on Sunday blasted House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for following Donald Trump's "path of cowardice" on Russia.

Fox News Reporter: Busted Impeachment Witness Is 'Huge Problem' For GOP
Fox News host Howard Kurtz suggested his network had not provided enough coverage after an impeachment witness, former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, was found to be lying about President Joe Biden.

The difference between leaders and thugs
"Days before Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny died in prison, Tucker Carlson gushed over Vladimir Putin, saying, “Leadership requires killing people.”
"Well, I’m sorry, Tucker. You’re wrong."

Expert flags part of Engoron's Trump ruling that could make it 'appellate proof'
Oh, dear. Trump is in real trouble. Too bad, too bad.

'Wrong answer': MSNBC's Michael Steele schools Lara Trump over her plans for RNC cash
He should know.

MAGA freaks out after Fox News reports Obama in top 10 presidents — and Trump in dead last
"Trump in dead" is what I am waiting for. LMAO!

GOP Rep: Trump Ruling Is “Threat To All Businesses”
It's a threat to you and all other grifters. American law is something that is like sunshine to vampires.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Urged To Hold Exorcism After “Scandalous” Funeral For Trans Activist Cecilia Gentili
This is a silly pack of conceited dumbasses.

Wealthy Florida Scientologist Couple Raises $300,000 With GoFundMe Drive To Pay Trump’s $355M Penalty
The Space Cadet grifters will have to do a lot better than that. And "Go Fund Me" will soon be out of business.

FBI Collars Man Who Smashed Pelosi’s Office Sign
No surprise here. That nutfuck made his own bed. David Medina, 34, of Sherwood, Oregon. Fuck him long and hard.

GOP Rep. Promises 'President Johnson' Will Save Ukraine
Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) mistakenly called House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) "president" during an interview about the importance of defending Ukraine.
That numbskull can't even save himself. And Mike Turner is a dickwad fuckstick for suggesting it.

Trump was never a successful businessman — he was always a con artist
Mobster con is what he means. Just the same as his followers.

Top Arizona election official forced to resign as threats get 'worse and worse': report
This is the toilet that Trump has put us in. Jackwagon cowards making threats they haven't the guts to carry out. They know the only way they can win is to cheat.
Fuck Trump and fuck his cowardly minions.

Fox News host suggests Trump is like dead Russian activist Alexei Navalny
This is a very dumb suggestion. I think this person better go study comparisons again and get her facts in order. Rachel Campos-Duffy is very confused. Her opinion is pure, grade-A fascist bullshit. Her words reek of support fro treason.

Cultists Call For Trucker Boycott Of New York City
Cultists, sure. But Nazi Numbskulls for certain.
You fuck around and find out, Ray. And you're right. You are a motherfucker. Your Union may have something to tell you about it.

Nazis March Through Downtown Nashville
Deport these Nazi bastards.
"Not welcome? They’re more welcome than BLM protesters. The police never have any problems with Nazis marching around." — kaydenpat (comments)
It's a disgrace that America allows Nazis of any kind to walk the streets masked and carrying swastika flags.
Read WWII history! Remember what the shitbags did to Europe!

Trump 'booed off the stage' while promoting his golden sneakers: reports
The end of a criminal's career is never pretty.
One example of many comments: Baldy Banks wrote,"Orange Jesus was booed off stage in Philly this afternoon. This might’ve been the shortest appearance ever for him."

Republicans vote to end early voting. Democrats cheer (at least, they should)
Opinion: A Republican panel votes to strip Arizonans of our right to vote early. It's almost as if they're begging the Democrats to win control of the Legislature this fall.
Fascism is, was and always will be dumb, stupid and conceited numbskullery.

Alina Habba: They’re Not Going To Get Away With This
Here's her first clue: "They already did already." — The Department of Redundancy Department.

KS Bill Ends Reporting Contagious Disease Outbreaks
Perhaps he'll be the one to take sick and die a horribly painful death from stupidity?
This idiot is most certainly confused as his sign indicates.
"So tracking infectious diseases is socialism, but tracking those who have abortions for any reason is perfectly fine?
I’m seeing a pattern. And what they pattern is, is red states are already abandoning democracy in real time.

Trump Shows At Philly Sneaker Convention To Launch $399 Metallic Gold “Never Surrender” Trump Sneakers
Constantly selling junk to the suckers like the medicine shows of old. What a con artist!

John Fetterman Doesn't Hold Back On 'Peckerhead' Rand Paul
Sounds about right!
"With the tragedy of Putin's murder of Alexei Navalny, it's LONG PAST TIME to have less patience for traitors among us. For the Tucker Carlsons, Mike Johnsons & Donald Trumps--the over half of the Republican Senate Caucus who voted against aiding Ukraine in its existential fight for survival."

'Impossible to see how he survives': Ex-prosecutor says Trump’s legal woes have just begun
A vote for Trump is a vote for a criminal traitor.

Journalist: GOP’s 'cowardly' approach to Trump means 'many Republicans will be wiped out'
"Will the Republican leadership now begin to talk truth to Trump the way three Republican leaders in Congress did when they went to tell Richard Nixon 'it's over,' and he resigned the next day from the presidency?" Johnston said. "If Donald Trump continues to hold this sway and these people continue to cower in front of him — and that's what's going on here, this is cowardly behavior — then the Republican Party is going to suffer terribly at the polls next year."

Fake Elector Throws Trump Supporters Under The Bus
Is he looking to make himself less guilty than he already is? It will fail.

Anti-Abortion Group Tracking Planned Parenthood Visits Via Phones
MAGAt swine would do that alright.

Bill Nye Issues Warning for the World
"A damning new climate report is warning about Greenland's massive ice sheet melting — and the world's premiere science guy is sounding the alarm."
"If that melting continues unabated, the territory will keep getting greener — yes, like its name — as its permafrost melts and releases climate-destroying greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere."

Oppenheimer's Grandson Signs Letter Saying AI Threatens “Life on Earth”
"J. Robert Oppenheimer's grandson is among the star-studded signatories of a new open letter about the dangers artificial intelligence poses to the planet."

A New Study on Medication Abortion Refutes the Arguments Conservatives Are Taking to the Supreme Court
"A key argument from anti-abortion activists bringing a case to the Supreme Court is that medication abortion—which accounts for more than half of all abortions nationwide, according to the Guttmacher Institute—is unsafe and ineffective.
A new study provides even more evidence that this is not true and that medication abortion is just as safe when it’s prescribed virtually as in person. Published Thursday in the journal Nature Medicine, the study examined more than 6,000 medication abortions that people from 20 states and Washington, D.C. obtained from three virtual clinics between April 2021 and January 2022. Researchers found that about 98 percent of them were effective in terminating pregnancies without any additional interventions and that 99.8 percent were safe and “not followed by serious adverse events.”

Trump Pulls New 16-Week Abortion Standard Out of Thin Air
No. He pulled it directly out of his ass.

Trump’s brand is now 'synonymous with fraud and failure' after $450M judgment: columnist
And you want this POS to represent your country? Talk about dumbassery.

Letitia James handcuffed Trump's ability to bail himself out after fraud fine: expert
"Now that Donald Trump has been saddled by Judge Arthur Engoron with a massive financial fraud penalty that could cost him upwards of $450 million, MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin pointed out that the former president has limited options on where to turn for money.
Not a problem. He'll use your money and you'll give it to him." LOL!

Trump Reportedly Favors Nationwide Abortion Ban, Despite Previous Claims
Fuck the traitor.

Oklahoma GOP Advances Bills That Would Ban Emergency Contraception
The just OK state becomes totally retarded which makes it un-OK.

Judge Engoron Scorches Trump's Ass In Fraud Ruling And He Can't Even Afford Bactine Now
"Donald Trump got his ass kicked in every borough of New York City in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. Except Staten Island, of course. Conventional wisdom holds that New Yorkers at that point had had nearly half a century to learn that the man was a giant elephant turd of a human being and sent the world a message that if we were smart, we’d have blown all the bridges leading off of the island of Manhattan to keep Trump contained like he was the monster in Cloverfield."

Eric Trump Rants: “My Father Built The Skyline Of NYC”
The only peope that will believe that never attended a U.S. History class.

FTC seeks to ban impersonation fraud as AI enables deepfakes
Trump should love it.

'Art of the Deal' author: Trump has 'been a fraud all his life' but now it’s 'official'
"Right now he's being asked to pay an amount of money he does not have."
Then it's bankruptcy and all his properties must be auctioned off.

Zelensky has a message for Republicans who went on vacation without approving Ukraine aid
"Please remember everyone that dictators do not go on vacation," Zelensky said, according to a tweet from New York Times reporter Peter Baker.

Haley pounces on Trump: 'Hasn’t said a word' about Putin after death of Russian activist

Drug Prices Should Be Controlled
Pharmaceutical companies shouldn’t get to gouge American taxpayers for drugs we paid to develop.
It's a crime.

Woman after woman 'breaking down this myth that Trump's invincible in court': expert
Slowly melting into the past. A very good thing for our country.

Trump: “Despicable People” Are Making Me Appear Fat
Exactly who are you talking about, Fatso?

New York Judge Engoran: Trump’s “Complete Lack Of Contrition And Remorse Borders On The Pathological”
I say it is pathological.
“Yet, defendants are incapable of admitting the error of their ways. Instead, they adopt a ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ posture that the evidence belies.” – Judge Arthur Engoron, in today’s 92-page ruling.
Two convictions down. How many more do you "Crime Conviction then not eligible" clowns need before you say he's gone?

New York AG Letitia James Spikes The Ball
Spike it down his troat and shut him up!
“We proved just how much Donald Trump, his family and his company unjustly benefited from his fraud,” she added. “Today, the court once again ruled in our favor and in favor of every hard-working American who plays by the rules,” she said.

Hannity On Busted FBI Informant: I Guess I Was Stupid
Doh! So refreshing to hear him admit it.

Tucker Goes Grocery Shopping In Russia
Russia is better off than the U.S. because you can get $400 worth of groceries for around 100 bucks Tucker Carlson gushed.
I hope his skill at interviewing is better than his economic skills. What a fuckwit!

Oops! Ethics Committee Has Matt Gaetz's Sex-Text Messages
This woman told prosecutors in 2021 that she had sex with Gaetz at a drug-fueled party that she was paid to attend, according to the woman’s attorney.
Too bad it's too bad.

'But he’s qualified to be president?' Trump fraud ruling’s revelations stun experts
"Legal experts are stunned by many of the revelations in Friday’s 92-page New York civil fraud trial ruling fining Donald Trump and his executives $364 million, and barring him from running a business in New York for three years.
Some are pointing to portions of the actual ruling, while others are expressing shock at the magnitude of the judgment and its implications for not only the former president and his real estate empire but for the future of the nation."
Hey, you geniuses — if the can't run a buisness in New York he can't run the office of the U.S. Presidency. End of story. He's done. No votes will count for him now. He's just too damned stupid!

Matt Gaetz text messages, photos handed to House by woman in sex traffic investigation
"Members of the House Ethics Committee investigating Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) over accusations of having sex with underage women, drug parties, and public corruption are in possession of Gaetz texts and photos from a woman who was part of a sex trafficking investigation."

Judge Cannon denies Trump's delay demand in classified document case
Snapping to reality, eh?

Russian activist and Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in prison
"The Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died in jail, the country’s prison service has said, in what is likely to be seen as a political assassination attributable to Vladimir Putin."
Another Pootin murder.

Raskin Demands End To Biden Impeachment Probe: “Key Evidence At Heart Of Inquiry Is Based On A Lie”
That's what they do best: LIE!

Cohen: Trump Will Be Found Guilty In Hush Money Case
And how.

Fani Willis in testy exchange: I’m not the one 'on trial for trying to steal an election'
"You’re confused. You think I’m on trial. These people are on trial for trying to steal an election in 2020. I'm not on trial, no matter how hard you try to put me on trial," Willis said.
Kick ass, Fani.

Unless Willis’ hearing is 'an episode of Divorce Court' — she won’t be disqualified: ex-federal prosecutor
Wu adds according to Georgia law, "lawyers who are married to each other cannot be disqualified, even if they are on opposing sides of a case." He notes, "Willis and Wade are on the same side of the case, so the possibility of conflict is even less than if they were adversaries in the case."

Critical readers are increasingly furious about the way political journalists are doing their jobs
"Writing for magazines, in opinion columns, and especially in newsletters, these media critics are particularly upset at how political reporters continue to use the same both-sides constructions that served them in the distant past — effectively normalizing the anti-democratic extremism of Donald Trump and the modern Republican Party. They express concern that the mainstream media is underestimating and underreporting the threat to democracy."

Republican bill would see 10 Commandments taught in U.S. history classes in Utah
Which set? Xianist Nazis can kiss my ass. The world's biggest con gang.

Fani Willis stood up against 'proctological exam' in ethics hearing: expert
Her asshat opponents didn't look good.
She kicked ass and did it again and again.

Tennessee GOP Bill Would Outlaw Sales Of Cold Beer
What I love about idiots is that they are so fucking unconscious of the world in which they live. They are so damn sure they've got it nailed as they slit their own juglar. LOL!
"What the Christian nationalists really want is a return to the 1850's
Think of what a paradise it was, when women couldn't vote, run for political office, hold most jobs, slavery was legal, child marriage was common, and public lynchings were celebrated occasions /s"
"Nobody in Tennessee ever met an English or Irish beer drinker?"

Florida Moms For Liberty School Board Member: Ban LGBTQ Books Because Jesus Says They Are “Perverted”
I know Jesus better than this one. He told me buring books is what Satan used to do on cold nights in the wilderness. And raping kids again.

Right Wingers Trash Carlson’s Praise Of Moscow Store
The boy fucked around and found out. Dominion must be smiling.

Dozens Of Democrats Send Johnson Scathing Letter For Inviting Pro-Insurrection Hate Pastor To Give Invocation
The devious little fart. He has shit and will fall back in it.

Ex-FBI Informant Charged With Lying About Bidens
"JUST IN: Special counsel charges FBI confidential source for allegedly providing false, derogatory info on Pres. Biden and Hunter Biden."
The lying scumbag.
What will the losing MAGAts say? FYI: That was the guy that Comer was relying on in his "case" against Biden!

Shapiro: Endless Chaos Will Cost GOP House Majority
More than that.

Greek Parliament Votes To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
Thanks folks!

DeSantis Complains Cultists Have “Hijacked” Book Bans
Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday came out in support of a proposal to limit book bans in schools—the direct result of his own stupid policies.
He one of biggest "Cultist" in government in the U.S.

Fox News Analyst Brit Hume Warns 'Do-Nothing' GOP Congress
He says Republicans are losing their advantage over Democrats by refusing to pass the border bill and Ukraine aid.
They have lost their shit. They've never had an advantage.

House Republicans flee DC for early vacation amid national security 'crisis'
The usual "Run Away!" tactic when the going gets tough. Why do we want spineless cowards to have anything to do with our government?

18 Percent Of Americans THAT Stupid
"We have reached the point in our national mental deterioration where pollsters are asking people if they believe Taylor Swift is a Deep State plant to rig the election for Joe Biden. Good pollsters too, not like Rasmussen or Trump’s favorite poll unskewer lunatic John McLaughlin. It’s Monmouth, so we can at least hope the pollsters asking the questions did so with a dry sense of humor, personally judging anybody who answered like a DSM-V patient.
According to their results, 18 percent of Americans do indeed believe Taylor Swift is a PsyOp. That’s right, one out of five. You can guess where these people are concentrated, or you may already know if you live near too many white conservatives."
The stupidity does not come by accident. Our schools are not preparing our youth for the future of the planet.

‘Jesus Christ!’ Reporter on Hot Mic Stunned By Trump Courthouse Rant About Hush Money Trial
Big Fat Criminal rages as a madman usually does when he gets caught commiting his Big Fat crimes.

Canada Warns Of Anti-LGBTQ “Extremist Violence"
Terrorists must be met with like violence from Federal troops with any weapon needed to do the job.

Judge rules Trump's first criminal trial will start March 25
"The decision sets the stage for a case centered on years-old accusations that Trump sought to bury stories about extramarital affairs that arose during his 2016 presidential campaign. It will be the first of the four criminal prosecutions against Trump to proceed to trial.
Other cases charge him with plotting to overturn the results of the 2020 election and illegally hoarding classified documents at his Florida estate."

New Report Makes the Case for Legal Action Over the Fraud of Plastic Recycling
Stop using plastic containers for your and our own good.

Fix the Insurrection Act Before Trump Uses it to Create a Police State
During the January 6th attack, militia members were glued to Trump’s Twitter feed, anxiously awaiting Trump’s proclamation of the Insurrection Act and instant deputization of them.

Vladimir Putin Delivers Damning Assessment Of Tucker Carlson Days After Interview
"Tucker Carlson’s interview last week with Russian President Vladimir Putin was so soft that even Putin thought it was a letdown."
Serves the asshat right.

'Gun-loving' GOP governor reportedly seen 'running scared for his life' from mass shooting
"Someone who says they ran away from the mass shooting at the Chiefs parade on Wednesday says they saw someone else running: a GOP governor who frequently touts his support for firearms."
Buck Fever strikes again.

New GOP conspiracy theory: Babies are getting abortions!
State senator Bill Eigel claims a "1-year-old could get an abortion" if Missouri allows a rape exception to its ban
This is how stupid this Nazi idiot is. If he had any education on how sex works he would know better. This is the most obscene idea a moron ever had.

Stolen Election Group To GA Judge: We’ve Got Nothing
Just a bag of bullshitters like their traitor idol. Nothing is what they all are.
"The group that Dinesh D’Souza replied upon for his 2000 Mules movie that Trump hyped was ordered by a judge to produce their evidence under oath in a court of law. They had nothing."

Notorious NYC Anti-Vaxxer Charged In Capitol Riot
Disease spreading ends now for disgusting, traitor idiot.

Watch: Louisiana GOP senator's attempt to smear Chicago massively backfires
A mind and an "education" is a terrible thing to waste.

Election truthers admit in court they don't have evidence for Georgia voter fraud: report
Then why don't you leave the rest of us alone, goddammit! Put your lying traitor idol in jail!

Which twin is the waxen idol? AI is so lame. 7 fingers and still counting.

Report: 210 Jan. 6 Defendants Say They Answered Trump’s “Call” to Attack Capitol
"A new report from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) provides further evidence for critics of former President Donald Trump who say the former president should be constitutionally disqualified from being able to run for office again."
If only SCOTUS was America's friend.

Report: Threats to Federal Judges Have More Than Doubled Since 2020
Rapidly being overrun by Trump Nazis.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter Reacts to ‘Sickening’ Chiefs Parade Shooting: ‘This Is Our Country Today’
Dude, this is what Donald Trump is telling us to get over!

JUST IN: At Least One Dead and Many Injured After Shooting Near Chiefs Super Bowl Parade
"Several people were reported wounded following a shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade celebration on Wednesday. “Fire official says 8 to 10 people injured” due to the shooting, reported the Associated Press in the immediate aftermath.
One person has reportedly died and at least nine other individuals have been injured. The Kansas City police department detained 3 suspects in relation to the shooting, according to Fox’s Marcus Officer."
I'm sure they were pissed off at the KC close first down in OT that wasn't reviewed. I mean WTF? America you once had healthy brains."

GOP Senate Candidate: Jews Killed JFK And Lincoln
Didn't Hitler commit suicide?

Johnson Lies That Report Found Biden “Broke The Law”
Not a surprise from a guy that compiles masterbation stats.
Why do they put a child in a man's job?

POLL: 18% Of US Adults Believe In “Taylor Swift Psyop
Not as shocking as some of the brain vomit stated here!

Ohio Video Shows Two Men Pissing On Home’s Pride Flag, Banging On Door, Shouting Homophobic Slurs
The only shocking thing here is they didn't take a few rounds. Pop-pop-pop — no more piss boys.

ABC: Ethics Panel Has Texts From Gaetz To Sex Worker
This jackwagon is not looking well..

'We’ve already won': Trump blows up at judge days ahead of expected fraud ruling
The insane babbling of a very sick human. Sad that he is being used by many and feared by few for no reason whatsoever.

FL may copy a TX law bringing chaplains to public schools — despite First Amendment concerns
The Land of the Senile. Very sad.

George Will rips 'ignoble' Republicans for willingness to 'hand Putin a victory'
"If Putin swallows Ukraine," Will warns, "he will have a combat-seasoned military and a revived military industrial base to serve his undiminished revanchism…. Ukraine's survival, as well as perhaps the prevention of wars in the Baltic states and the Taiwan Strait, depends on Johnson's desire and ability — neither might exist — to prevent House Republicans from compelling Ukraine's capitulation."

Poor Coward House Speaker Mike Johnson Just Ain't Know What To Do About This Here Ukraine Aid!
"Is weak and cowardly Trump-serving House Speaker Mike Johnson going to get this Ukraine aid through the House? Or is he going to side with Donald Trump MAGA extremists in his caucus, the people who literally support Vladimir Putin’s genocide on innocent people, who truly in their hearts want Putin to win, to destroy Ukraine and put our European allies in grave danger?"
"MAIN IDEA: If people want to get this shit done bad enough, they can.'
They just have to give enough fucks about not selling American, European and Ukrainian security as playthings for Vladimir Putin’s delusional murder fantasies.
Do they?"

Mayorkas Impeached, Reason TBD At Later Date, Or Never, Whatever
"Might as well use a picture of this idiot, since she’s the human ass pimple the Republicans are all inexplicably scared of.
They did it. Mike Johnson counted on his fingersies and his toesies and his Covenant Privates until he got to 214 and they impeached the motherfucker Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. For what? They cannot explain using words. He just is bad at border. Didn’t they just have an opportunity to do something about border?"

Michigan’s Historic “Right-to-Work” Repeal Goes Into Effect
Michigan is the first state in nearly 60 years to repeal the anti-union law.
"Oh, you can't scare me, I'm sticking to the union,
I'm sticking to the union 'til the day I die." — Union Maid by Woody Guthrie

Insurrectionist Trump vs. the 14th Amendment
"From the day Donald Trump took office, he had no intention to “preserve, protect, and defend,” no less “support” the Constitution. Instead, he essentially ran roughshod over much of that document. And the issue was never simply his ignorance of the Constitution (though that should be taken for granted), but his outright hostility to it. That he has not yet been held accountable for that should be considered a disgrace in this era and will undoubtedly be seen as such by generations to come. Today, as in the years after its passage to defend the rights of the newly freed, the enforcement of the 14th Amendment remains as much a political question as a legal one.

How The Richest Democracy in the World Abandons Americans
America is now the most unequal society in the developed world. Our billionaires are the richest, and our poor people are the poorest of any functioning democracy on Earth.

Hobby Lobby-Funded Jesus Super Bowl Ads Can’t Hide the Hate That Fuels the Christian Right
"Evangelicals claim to believe in the "truth and the light," and yet here they are, using duplicitous techniques borrowed from the world of con artists. But this is sadly not surprising, in an era where white evangelicals have convinced themselves they're at war with the larger culture. The framework of "holy war" creates permission to violate all sorts of moral codes. Over 60% of white evangelicals back Trump's Big Lie about the 2020 election, and nearly one-third say they believe political violence is justified to get their way. (Odds are that the real number is much higher, but there's a reluctance to admit as much to a pollster.) White evangelicals feel entitled to use lies and violence in order to gain political power. So of course they are fine with using deception to trick more people into becoming warriors for MAGA Christ."

'Threat environment is very high': Feds warn election officials of 'alarming' 2024
The MAGAt threat should be met with high resistance.

Russia gearing up for decade-long duel with West, Estonia warns
Intelligence service notes significant rise in Russian military production.
Putin is preparing to launch an attack on Europe. This will be the war to end war. Perhaps end the world.

Trump: Send Me $47 To Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Shameless and lowdown beg.

‘He IS Unhinged! Nikki Haley Tells TODAY That ‘Diminished’ Trump Is Suffering His Own Cognitive Decline
When Melvin asked for her reaction, the former South Carolina governor said, “You know, to mock my husband. Michael and I can handle that. But you mock one member of the military. You mock all members of the military.”
“But the reality is, he’s talked about the military for years now in disparaging ways,” the TODAY show anchor noted. “Suckers, losers, John McCain, gold star families. What’s different now? What’s different this time?”
Sounds like he doesn't card for our troops, kids.

Ohio indictments provide a better picture of squalid relationships that spurred massive scandal
It used to be somewhat of a decent place to live and grow up in.

ICE may be forced to release thousands of immigrants after Republicans kill border bill
Why don't you just take the honorable way out, MAGAts?

First look: Film dives into threats of Christian nationalism
New Rob Reiner Doc Examines Christian Nationalism
"The film, produced by Rob Reiner, follows the rise of white Christian nationalism, from its role in fighting racial desegregation in the 1950s to its influence on the Jan. 6 insurrection in 2021. The film includes footage of rallies where attendees wave Christian nationalist and Confederate flags, and sound bites of Christian leaders denouncing diversity programs and immigrants."

Tuberville Claims US “Forced” Russia To Attack Ukraine
Stick to what you know, little boy. Which turns out to be nothing.

Dems Win Special Elections Last Night In New York, Pennsylvania
Perpetual loser Trump of course jumped in to reassure everyone it was not his fault...
"Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, ad infinitum."

'You're A Joke': The Internet Smacks Marge Over Mayorkas Impeachment
She's so proud of herself.
The world laughs at you and farts in your general direction.
If you get hit with a bag of shit don't forget to close your eyes.

GOP super PAC hires snow plows in NY-3 — but only in 'key Republican precinct areas'
These scum eaters will do ANYTHING for power. It will bounce back upon them.

Tennessee Approves Bill Allowing Anybody To Refuse Officiating At Same-Sex Weddings Because Of Jesus
Fuck these backward mean-ass zealots.

Judge Throws Out Suit Against Medicare Drug Negotiation
"Big PhRMA is so desperate to stop the Biden administration from lowering drug costs for seniors that they’re clogging the judicial system with spam lawsuits even in courtrooms where they have no jurisdiction."

'Couldn’t care less about moral obligations': 3-star general slams Trump as a 'mafia type'
And you know how the "mafia types" end up.

Fox News Panel Really Mad At Taylor Swift For Drinking A Beer
Please confirm that "container" was filled with beer and she downed it. Prove it.
And also too, the girl on the left is not wearing an upside down cross, you hateful, envious, insufferable fuckwits.
Who gives a flying fuck except pricks with no lives?

Supreme Court All But Ignores January 6 During Trump Disqualification Argument
They work for traitor Trump, not America.

Insurrection and the Hypocrisy of Originalism
"If judicial decorum had permitted, Murray might have taken the next logical step and called out the justices for the hypocrites they undoubtedly are."

'He doesn't understand the treaty': Ex-Trump official reveals his total ignorance of NATO
Tell me what the fuck he does understand besides his own ego? And it's demented!

Trump is 'slapping his supporters in the face' with attacks on military service: ex-aide
Looks like they are too stupid to recognize it.

'Trove' of newly obtained docs detail Trump lawyers’ scheme to keep him in power: report
"We've known about the outcome of their work for three years now: how it led to the violence of January 6, and fed the dream of Trump's supporters that he might continue to serve after January 20, 2021. But TPM can now reveal the ways in which their theorizing, in early stages, went even further than previously known, imagining a January 6 that lasted for not hours but days, an intervention by Supreme Court justices that they presumed to be loyal to President Trump, and a vice president who upended his constitutional duties, allowing the U.S. to descend into chaos."

GOP's star witness in Biden impeachment probe linked to Russian oligarch: report
High-profile investor Tony Bobulinski has links to Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg, a Ukrainian-born energy magnate who’s been a longtime close ally of Vladimir Putin’s, according to the report.
MAGEts and Putin crooks are butt buddies.

Sen. John Cornyn Brutally Shreds Texas AG Ken Paxton for Criticizing Foreign Aid Bill: ‘Your Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Calling’
All the way from Gitmo.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips ‘Nasty Commies From California’ In Wild Review of Curb Your Enthusiasm
ROTFLMAO!! Marge is one sick Nazi fuck. I'm sure Larry appreciates your publicity.

US Marshals: 457 “Serious Threats” To Judges In 2023
So you still think we live in a "peaceable country"?
Thank Stupid Lumpy and his team of traitors for that.

Trump's threat to abandon NATO allies is worse than it seems
We already know it could be death to the EU. What gets worse than the traitor Trump fucking around with it?

Michigan Republican Goes Directly To The 'Find Out' Stage
On Monday, Schriver woke up and found himself in the middle of Find Out City...

Trump Endorses His Daughter-in-Law To Co-Chair The RNC<br> Shameless nepotism. He's gotta have a family member to cover for him. The traitor.

Jon Stewart is back — and he's got the videos of Trump's memory problems in interviews
"The segment goes on to show Trump's bizarre comments about magnets being destroyed in water. Trump also warned that whales are being killed by windmills."
What a great intellect.

Axios: GOP To Hold Hearings On Biden’s Mental State
LMAO! These mental idiots have to make their little circus and show us who's brain-dead. No need, it's them.

Newsmax Host Rages About “Satanic Super Bowl”
You mean she gave you the finger, asshole?

Hobby Lobby-funded Jesus Super Bowl ads can't hide the hate that fuels the Christian right
The "He Gets Us" ads are an expensive bait-and-switch trying to trick people into believing in MAGA Jesus

Lindsey Graham Yells At Tweet From Poland’s PM
Lindsey is one of the biggest cowards America has ever produced.
Your mother knows.

Dark Brandon Dominates The Internet After Chiefs Win
"Just like we drew it up."

‘It Literally Is Insane’: Christiane Amanpour Stunned By Trump’s NATO Comments
It most certainly is insane. It seems some people don't know what insanity is any longer.

Violent crime is dropping fast in the U.S. — even if Americans don't believe it
"In 2020, the United States experienced one of its most dangerous years in decades. But in 2023, crime in America looked very different. That change may have gone unnoticed."
Trump's Nazis will remedy that.

RFK Jr. apologizes to family for Super Bowl ad
"Bobby Shriver, the son of the former president's sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver, said his mother would be 'appalled' by Robert Kennedy Jr.’s health care views."
“My cousin’s Super Bowl ad used our uncle’s faces- and my Mother’s. She would be appalled by his deadly health care views,” Shriver said in a post on X of Kennedy’s stance as a longtime vaccine skeptic. “Respect for science, vaccines, & health care equity were in her DNA. She strongly supported my health care work at @ONECampaign & @RED which he opposes.”

Inside the Special Counsel's smear of Joe Biden
"... Hur clearly violated Justice Department protocols and has earned investigations of his own misconduct by the department's Office of Professional Responsibility and inspector general."
A special counsel failure.

Trump allies training MAGA 'shock troops' to take over government: report
"The Association of Republican Presidential Appointees will host a two-day "boot camp" on Feb. 19 and 20 to prepare potential government appointees insight into the "operating context" of these roles and tactics they could use to help Trump "gain control over the levers of power."
Hitler's great-grandson thinks he's some kind of military commander. Deluded as a bitch.
Dickwad, it takes a couple of months of hard training just to be called a trooper.

'At least 10 minutes of incoherent rambling' in every Trump speech: CNN's Phil Mattingly
The old fart has just played out.

Busted: PA activist the source of false election claims gaining traction across the U.S.
Pretty simple to figure. 4,216,030 were cast on election day in PA in 2020. She's full of shit, as they usually are.

Rick Wilson blisters GOP for silence on Trump as he slips 'deeper into mental illness'
It's actually possible he could go deeper into insanity?

The media making Donald Trump's threats personal
MSNBC's Lawerence O'Donnell is one of the few members of the mainstream media treating Trump's escalation seriously
Some so-called Americans aren't.

Judge Cannon facing threat the 11th Circuit will 'politely recuse her': Ex-DOJ official
"Appearing on MSNBC early Sunday morning, former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew Weissmann claimed U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida Judge Aileen Cannon is in danger of having the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ask her to recuse herself from overseeing Donald Trump's obstruction of justice trial."

Haley Misstates 9/11 Attack Date After Calling For Cognitive Tests
Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley seemed to forget the date of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, moments after calling for mental fitness tests for presidential candidates.
Thanks for pointing this out to us, Nikket.

Texas State GOP Resolves To Affiliate With Fewer Nazis
How about NONE, you idiots.

'Sick individual': Conservatives bury Trump for attacks on deployed service member
"Trump asked where Haley's husband is, but it turns out that where he is, is deployed fighting for his country. And the internet was quick to point that out."
Trump has no respect for American military. He's in this only for himself.For that alone he must be banished from our country.

Trump's latest 'breathtaking' rally comment has experts sounding the alarm
Trump spoke at a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, telling attendees that he wouldn't defend NATO allies from Russia. Specifically, he said, "One of the presidents of a big country stood up and said, 'Well, sir, if we don't pay and we're attacked by Russia, will you protect us?' I said, 'You didn't pay? You're delinquent?... No I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want.'" He ended by saying you, "gotta pay your bills!"
This man must be destroyed.

Haley Blasts Trump’s Attack On Her “Missing” Husband
“But if you mock the service of a combat veteran, you don’t deserve a driver’s license, let alone being President of the United States.” – Nikki Haley
Sure, but he's too arrogant to understand. He'll never learn.

WH Condemns Trump “Encouraging” Attack On NATO
The traitor Trump keeps his sedition level on high alert.

Ramaswamy: Michelle Obama Will Replace Biden
And UFOs will reveal that he is an alien outcast.

Missouri GOP Votes To Ban Abortion In Cases Of Rape And Incest
Missouri GOP votes to make rape victims carry pregnancies to term: 'Bad things happen'.
The "Show Me" state will soon be shown exactly what they are.

What Is This Man Trying To Say?
"Since Biden's mental acuity has been brought up, it's important to note that at Trump's campaign event last night, he suggested once again that he is beating his predecessor, Barack Obama, in the polls and even claimed he won an election against the popular President. Trump has done this several times and even mentioned Obama three times in the short clip above."
Stop trying to tell me he's doing this as a joke. The man is demented.
And the "media" says not a thing.

4-term House Republican announces retirement, joining growing GOP congressional exodus
The MAGAt Party is losing blood fast. Seems to be they are fed up with their "Nothing Agenda."

Take That, MAGA: CBO Reports Immigrants Boost GDP By Billions
"So immigrants helped grow our economy? Sure doesn't fit the narrative that Republicans are selling," said Rep. Delia Ramirez.
Fuck MAGA dogs.

Elections remain 'dangerously unprotected' against pro-Trump state legislatures: scholars
All these miscreants are doing is leading us to dystopia. I'm sure we will all be dissaponted once we get there and won't have a clue how it happened.
As Lincoln stated, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Red-Caped Loons Vs “Blasphemous” Taylor Swift Swag
"For those unaware, the red-caped Catholic loons are a far-right “traditionalist” outfit calling themselves the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property."
An SPLC-certified anti-LGBTQ hate group, the loons regularly issue money begs to send teenage boys to “Chivalry Camp” where they cosplay in chain mail and reenact attacks on “Muslim hordes” during the Crusades.
I guess you motherfuckers want to put her in the Magdalene Laundries. Look it up.

Boris Johnson: Tucker Carlson’s Vladimir Putin Interview Was “A Display Of Bum-Sucking Servility To A Tyrant”
That's bum-sucking, Nazis. And he called the bitch a traitor. Take it, bastards.

Hawley To Garland: “Invoke The 25th” Against Biden
There are two tiers of justice. One for honest law practice and one for traitor scumbags that protects them..
Fuck off.
"Historians will be very tough on any Republican who hasn't categorically condemned what happened on 1/6. Who hasn't called it what it was — a traitorous, seditionist attempt, spurred on by Donald Trump, to subvert American democracy and the rule of law." — another_steve (comments)

Marge Gets Spanked For Wanting To Invoke 25th Amendment To Remove Biden
What a doofus.
Like this guy, Marge?Orban is Hungary’s authoritarian leader. — Republicans against Trump (@RpsAgainstTrump) February 9, 2024

When talking about Jan. 6, Trump confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi. Trump also mistook a photo of his sexual abuse victim, E. Jean Carroll, with his ex-wife Marla Maples, even though he claimed the author wasn't his type. My favorite: He thought we had airports during the Revolutionary War.

And then there's Marge, who testified for three hours in 2022 while repeatedly answering that she couldn't recall anything that happened on Jan. 6.
Aren't we tired of mental defectives running our government?

Wisconsin Election Board Member In Hot Water Again
Wisconsin Election Commission Board Member Robert Spindell really is a tactless lout.
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, Fuck up time after time!

Maybe Fox's Jesse Watters Needs A Cognitive Test
Just moments after another hit job on Joe Biden where they want their viewers to believe he's senile, Jesse Watters called the Governor of South Dakota the "Governor Of South Carolina."
The stupid fart of the internet. The reason Fox hired him.

Judge Cannon’s 'mind boggling' move could put witnesses at risk, experts warn
"U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon appears poised to ignore urgent pleadings from Special Counsel Jack Smith, and possibly, experts warn, put confidential witnesses at risk."
She's a Trump toadie. Therefore a crook. Disbar her. Why do we put up with this goddman organized crime?

Investigators in Gaetz underage sex allegations probe obtain star witness cooperation
Only a matter of time for this POS.

Joe Biden Had A Press Conference With Your Mom Last Night
"President Joe Biden held a brief press conference last night to comment on that partisan hack report by special counsel Robert Hur, which found that Biden hadn’t done anything even resembling a crime in his handling of classified documents, not that that stopped anybody, including the report’s author. To the surprise of nobody, the press’s questions had virtually nothing to do with the report’s actual conclusions, and everything to do with Hur’s politically motivated claims that Biden is a nice old man who is losing his mind."
"Honestly, it’s so much horrible bullshit, but there we go making excuses for the senile guy again. Let’s elect the fascist rapist instead."

Yes, because that brain-addled loser is certainly so stable has been found guilty of an actual, real crime which should eliminate him according to a group of quoted voters who said this very fact.

"As for Biden’s personal notebooks, in which he had scribbled some things that were classified, Hur finds Biden was aware he had them. But importantly, Hur adds at the last minute, 'Contemporaneous evidence suggests that when Mr. Biden left office in 2017, he believed he was allowed to keep the notebooks in his home.' Hur says he thinks Biden is wrong, but also admits that Ronald Reagan did virtually the exact same thing. Regretfully, he thinks jurors might be sympathetic to Biden’s and Reagan’s interpretations, even if misguided."

Speaking of Reagan, Old Dutch was as brain-addled as Trump with his "I don't recall" button.

"Peter Doocy asked Biden last night if he was just too darn forgetful to continue as president. Biden told Doocy to go fuck himself."
DOOCY: "President Biden, something the special counsel said in his report is that one of the reasons you were not charged is because, in his description, you are a well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."
BIDEN: "I’m well-meaning, and I’m an elderly man, and I know what the hell I’m doing. I’m the president and I put this country back on its feet. I don’t need his recommendation …
DOOCY: "How bad is your memory, and can you continue as president?"
BIDEN: "My memory is so bad I let you speak."
(microphone drops)

Robert Hur Is A Partisan Hack Piece Of Sh*t Who Wishes He Had A Case Against Joe Biden
"The bottom line and all that matters is that there ain’t dick this guy can charge Biden with, or he would. And that little partisan hack is mad about that."
"Robert Hur would like us all to know that Joe Biden is simply too old and forgetful to charge with crimes. Does this mean since Donald Trump is currently charged with 91 of them, he must be fit to stand trial? Hur does not say." {Because he is a coward at heart)
"Hur also acknowledges that there are 'other innocent explanations for the documents that we cannot refute.' That’s on page 10 of 388. Can you believe he jacked off for 378 more pages?"

Will SCOTUS Remove the Threat of Trump or be as Political & Corrupt as Bush v Gore Was?
Odds are, however, that this decision will be as political and corrupt as the 2000 Bush v Gore was. But I’m more than willing to be surprised.

Is the Government Finally Abandoning Its ‘Flat Earth’ Cannabis Policy?
Perhaps. But Texas will remain in the 19th century until Greg Abbott leaves for good. He has no idea about the medical benefits it gives us.

Optimism about the U.S. economy sends stocks to a new record
"The S&P 500 index hit 5,000 for the first time ever, propelled by Wall Street's optimism the Federal Reserve is going to cut interest rates."

Good thing, wings cost less and beer's flat: Super Bowl fans are expected to splurge
"Super Bowl food: Chicken wings are a bargain this year, but beef prices are climbing. Here's a playbook for staying well fed without having a your wallet thrown for a loss."
Give me to eat!

Trump Finally Had a Good Day in Court
The Cowards of SCOTUS. History will remember them endorsing a convicted criminal.
"In the United States, almost all persons formally charged with sexual abuse are prosecuted under state laws, which vary in their definitions of sexual abuse and assault and in the penalties they assign to those crimes." — Britannica.
And sedition doesn't get a "clutch your pearls" gasp and that's all, folks.

Arizona Bill Bans “Satanic Displays” On Public Property
The Nazis just keep violating our Constitution. What a shitwit.

Poll Workers Nationwide Train For Election Violence
Train everyone of them in infantry combat and arm them the same.

GOP Rep Sends Garland Letter Calling On Cabinet To Remove Biden Under Constitution’s 25th Amendment
This, on the basis of Hur's ridiculous, inappropriate, dumbass statements? God, these fuckwits have nothing better to do but masterbate to bullshit. Biden is lightyears more comeptent than any goddamn Nazi.

Tucker Carlson Nods Along As Putin Claims Poland “Forced Hitler” To Invade Them And Begin World War 2
Poor Adolf. Always got the shaft from the Poles. It was those ugly Jews that holed up in the ghetto that caused it.
What stinking diarrhea running out of his mouth. And his understudy, Tucker, laps it up.

Elon Musk Is Going to Make People Pay $8 If They Want to Call Him
You can call me for a buck! Just don't call me Late for supper.

The AI Deepfakes Problem Is Going to Get Unstoppably Worse
"The world is being ripped apart by AI-generated deepfakes, and the latest half-assed attempts to stop them aren’t doing a thing. Federal regulators outlawed deepfake robocalls on Thursday, like the ones impersonating President Biden in New Hampshire’s primary election."

Texas conservatives test how far they can extend abortion and gender-transition restrictions beyond state lines
Stop kidding us. These are no longer Conservatives. They are fascists of the first order and a threat to America.

Elise Stefanik is going to 'cringeworthy lengths' to 'impress Team Trump': analysis
Tempted by the Devil himself and swooned over to the dark side. So sad.

Weisselberg perjury allegations could put Alina Habba’s career at risk: attorney
"According to MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin, attorney Alina Habba's curious response to a letter from Judge Arthur Engoron over perjury allegations levied against Allen Weisselberg, the ex-chief financial officer for the Trump Organization, should be raising eyebrows."

MAGA media pushed "great replacement" theory to turn Republicans against their own immigration bill
The myth that "Biden won't enforce the law" has its roots in a white nationalist conspiracy theory
Toxic bastards.

Stefanik: I Wouldn’t Have Certified The 2020 Election
She admits she would have broken a Constitutional law. Then she would have become a criminal. As it is now, she is a criminal-in-waiting. Kick her ass back to the street where she belongs.

Florida GOP Moves To Restrict EV Charging Stations
How to live in 1860 again.

Kansas AG Orders Schools To Out Trans Kids To Parents
Another perfect piece of shit Nazi who thinks he must replace parents.

Increasingly cultish Trump rallies aim to shield him with 'armor of God'
Just like it shielded the Jews during WWII? Photo of Nazis in their treason shirts.

'Brainwashing': Nevada Republican shocked at Trump's 'mind-boggling' power over party
His followers are automatons trained as one would train an animal.

The Tucker-Russia relationship draws intense media scrutiny
Critics called Carlson a ‘useful idiot,’ ‘a vessel for foreign poison’ and ‘a propagandist, with a history of helping autocrats conceal corruption.’
“Unbelievable! I am like hundreds of Russian journalists who have had to go into exile to keep reporting about the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine. The alternative was to go to jail. And now this SoB is teaching us about good journalism, shooting from the $1000 Ritz suite in Moscow.” — Yevgenia Albats

‘Straight News’ Anchor Perino Promoted The ‘Shoplifting Migrant’ Lie
The Red hat swastika gang terrorizing as usual.

‘You sound like an idiot’:' Anti-Trump protester schools GOP senator on insurrection
"...tried to compare the riots on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, to migrants who daily cross the southern border."
That's the best this moron could do? What a fucking dumbass.
“Why wouldn’t we call 10 million people crossing the border illegally an insurrection?” Marshall demanded. “Why wouldn’t we call the situation when we take away your freedoms of speech, your freedoms of religion, your freedoms to bear arms, why wouldn’t we call that an insurrection as well?”
Because those people are not yet American citizens attempting to overthrow a Constitutional process that we have followed throughout our history that Trump interfered with. What a moron.
And she says to him, "“To try and like confuse people by trying to say the stuff on the border is an insurrection, it makes you sound like an idiot,” the woman declares, as Marshall scurried to pick up a paper he left on his podium. “When you're a white man in this country you have so much power, you don't even have to be educated, you can just say s-—.”
And they all say shit! Great God, what happened to reason in this country?

'Let our country heal!' Trump begs Jack Smith to drop 'all litigation' against him.
You're the one that's wounded it so bad, POS!
Our country will heal when you are imprisoned for the remainder of your miserable life.

Girlfriend-beating white supremacist throws tantrum as he's sentenced to life in jail
And why haven't they done this to Trump? Cowards! As E. Jean Carroll said, "He's nothing!"

Alito rushed in to save 'failing' Trump lawyer during hearing: legal experts
Oh, did this monkey rush in just like fools do.

Republicans are sticking to Trump — they're about to reap the whirlwind
Rep. Jamie Raskin on the "fascistic strategy" that's turning the GOP dangerous, incompetent and irrelevant

Missouri Rep Votes Against Abortion Rape Exception Because Being Forced To Give Birth Is God’s “Healing”
Amazing that these "Rick Brattin" people exist. Damned disgrace to our country and freedom.
Is everyone from Missouri a POS? And stop with the "God" did it excuse.

Trump Has 30 Days To Post Bond On Carroll Judgment
"I'm gonna give you 30 days to pay your bond..." — Chuck Berry (alternate lyric)

Cultist Scamvangelical: Civil War Would Be “Worth It” Because That Would “Turn This Nation Back” To Jesus
Right. He's your greatest promoter of Mammon.
"You can't turn America back to your religion, because it was never based on your religion to begin with. That's a lot like saying the South will rise again. It never rose in the first place, it was a hand-to-mouth agrarian society that employed brutal forced labor for want of adopting existing technology. "— evanedwards (comments)
He means the Land of the Happy Negro! I got your ice-cold NuGrape.

'Historic betrayal': WSJ calls Republicans 'morally complicit' if they 'fold to Trump' on foreign aid
America has falied itself. They just can't take the bull by the horns.

'Colorado will lose': Legal analysts shocked by how bad Supreme Court argument went
The American Constitution is dead. Our great experiment has ended. Chaos will be our future. We have lost our country unless we vote to stop the fascist rot that is killing us.

Thomas refusal to recuse from Trump case called a 'giant middle finger' to democracy
They will royally fuck us all. Their holy "State's Rights" position is now flushed away for good.
Hypocracy is SCOTUS.

Clarence Thomas’ 'impartiality' questioned over refusal to recuse himself from Trump election case
Why hasn't this grifter been impeached? Why does it take us so long to realize our problem and fix it?

Cultist Rep’s Bill Would Force Members Of Congress To Serve In Ukraine War If They Voted For Aid To Ukraine
Only Nazis like this one will be forced to serve. Fuck 'em long and hard.
These cracker wackos have no regard for law. Stop them cold.

Jan. 6 tweet could doom Trump in Supreme Court — and in Jack Smith's case
"Donald Trump's lawyers have hung their defense of his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection on a line from his speech at the 'Stop the Steal' rally at the Ellipse, but a trio of legal experts say the broader record of his statements and actions undermines that argument."

Alito rushed in to save 'failing' Trump lawyer during hearing: legal experts
Why doesn't this miscreant just recuse himself from the bench and become Trump's mouthpiece?

Lubbock group pushes forward with marijuana ballot question despite Paxton lawsuit
"The Texas attorney general has sued five other cities that have passed similar policies decriminalizing marijuana."
Make it legal and send Paxton to Gitmo.

IRS Estimates $561B Tax Revenue Rise With Crackdown on Corporations and the Rich
"The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stands to collect an additional hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes over the next decade that would otherwise likely be dodged, thanks to the agency’s new efforts to crack down on corporations and the wealthy enabled by Democrats’ infusion of funding after a steady decrease in funding over past decades by conservative lawmakers."
Now we're talking.

Trump Says If He Can’t Commit Crimes, Bush, Obama, And Biden Will Go To Jail. Is That True?
"He’s just trying to warn us all. Be careful what you wish for. If you put Donald Trump in prison for massive crimes he committed while in office — the ones he’s indicted for involve plotting to overthrow the literal fucking Republic in order to stay in power after he lost re-election — then it just stands to reason that Barack Obama will go to jail and George W. Bush will go to jail and Crooked Joe Biden will go to jail."
"Has any former president before Donald Trump been indicted, much less for 91 felonies including stealing and concealing state secrets and trying to overthrow the Republic?
And did the new president indict Trump to somehow blackmail and extort him?
No, the new president wasn’t involved, despite how much murderous, hysterical screaming we hear from MAGA-world."

'Another one bites the dust': 200-member Moms for Liberty chapter collapses
From the weight of their own bullshit.

Jack Smith reveals threats to Mar-a-Lago witness after Judge Cannon rules in Trump's favor
"Federal prosecutors asked U.S. District judge Aileen Cannon in a filing late Wednesday to allow them to file an exhibit under seal, one day after she had ruled against their request to keep some evidence redacted to protect witnesses and investigations, reported ABC News."
She's a Trump shill.

'Disturbing': Legal expert says Judge Cannon might get 'forced recusal' for tipping scales
Do it now.

FBI foils plot by militiamen to 'start a war' at the Texas-Mexico border
These terrorists keep fucking around and putting lives in danger. Life in prison for them all.
The bring nothing but shame to our country. Talking to you, Greg Abbott.

Trump: Without Immunity Obama Would Be In Prison
ROTFLMAO! Most former Presidents are working on their library. What has this ass got? One modified weather map? What a stupid shit bag. He's obviously so brain-sick he doesn't get the immunity thing working for only when you hold office.

Lankford: Prominent Host Threatened Me On Border Bill
A common MAGAt shakedown artist who will be pulled from behind his curtain.
It could only be one guy and we all know who.
"If Democrats and THEIR supporters had ever threatened our democracy in this fashion, with these FASCIST methods, is anyone here naďve enough to think the media would have shrugged their shoulders over it the way they have, relentlessly, for these goddamned NAZIS??" — billbeara1961 (comments)

Carlson Could Face EU Sanctions For Putin Interview
“As Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well.”
No travel in the EU for you, asshat.

House GOP exploded in outrage over Trump trial delay denial. Then the judge got a bomb threat
Threat? Get on your horse and ride to the judge and call him out there.
Fuck around and find out, asswipe.

'This ends one of two ways': Biden plans offensive against GOPers who tanked border bill
"A Biden adviser, quoted anonymously, told NBC News, 'This ends one of two ways. One, the strongest border legislation in decades passes and everyone wins — most importantly, the American people. Or two, MAGA Republicans kill this breakthrough for expressly political reasons.… in which case, the American people lose and the Republicans who opposed it get blasted every time they say 'border' for years.'"

Trump threatens to 'blackmail' Biden if he doesn't make charges go away
Did anyone tell the moron blackmail is a crime? Obviously, he doesn't care since he's already a big crook.
If he's immune then so is Biden. What a numbskull.

GOP voters are 'happily consuming' Trump's pro-dictatorship 'Kool-Aid': pollster
"That means 74 percent of polled Republicans link the words 'dictator' and 'good' poll co-director and UMass Amherst professor Alexander Theodoridis noted in a press release.
“Most rank-and-file Republicans,” Theodoridis added, “appear to continue happily consuming Donald Trump's Kool-Aid.”
Which means these polled are all morons against democracy.

These Morons Can’t Even Get One Single Alejandro Mayorkas Impeached
"They managed to do it. Those idiots (House Republicans) had one job, and it was to follow human toenail Marjorie Taylor Greene down her yellow brick road paved with armpit farts and impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for literally no reason besides they're mad they can't find anything to impeach Joe Biden for, and they did it.
They managed to fuck it up.
This is what happens when you elect all the used urinal cakes at Mar-a-Lago and call it the Republican caucus.

‘That's a crime': Election co. accuses pro-Trump OAN of hacker scheme in civil suit
"An election technology company has accused a pro-Donald Trump cable network of soliciting “stolen” passwords from hackers after the 2020 election, according to a new CNN report."

'No path' to Supreme Court for Trump and 'lawful thing to do' is put him on trial: expert
"A federal appeals court strongly rejected Donald Trump's claims of broad presidential immunity, and MSNBC's Chuck Rosenberg believes that ruling will stand."

Trump 'caught in a trap of his own making' and running for president made it worse: report
"Donald Trump is facing another potentially ruinous penalty for decades of bank fraud, after he was socked with $83 million in penalties for sexually abusing and defaming E. Jean Carroll, and his status as the Republican presidential frontrunner could make it impossible to borrow money to pay off those judgments."

Republican Party suffers the most humiliating 24 hours in recent memory
"Every party loses an election now and then. Both parties have spent whole decades on the outs, railing from the sidelines while their opponents controlled the agenda. However, it’s hard to think of a 24-hour period where any party has suffered so many self-inflicted disasters as the Republican Party experienced on Tuesday."

Right-Wing Fraudsters Wohl And Burkman Get More Of What They Deserve
"If ever there were two people deserving of legal trouble, it’s Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman. The two were already fined $5.1 million by the FCC for their fake robocalls designed to suppress Black votes in the 2020 presidential election. They also pleaded guilty to telecommunications fraud, were sentenced to two years probation, fined an additional $2,500 each, and were required to do 500 hours of community service registering voters in Washington, D.C."

Let Us Pray: God's Gullible, Ugly Army Limps to the Border
Or is it "Let Us Prey"? Parade of fools.

Biden Administration Strengthens Health Standard for Soot Pollution
"The Environmental Protection Agency finalized a rule today to tighten one national limit for soot pollution in the United States. It set the annual health standard for soot, otherwise known as fine particulate matter air pollution, or PM2.5, at 9 micrograms per cubic meter. The standard defines how much soot pollution is medically unsafe to breathe and sets the level to which this pollution must be reduced across the country."
Another step in progress for Joe Biden.

Doubts swirl around Speaker Johnson’s abilities after 'embarrassing' losses: report
Who's embarrassed? Certainly not the Trump toadies that put him in there. Government is not their forte.

Republicans royally botch their one election year play
The border was meant to be a trap for Democrats — but the GOP's antics this week are a real gift to the Democrats
They are the Trump MAGA Party. Full of cowards afraid of their criminal Nazi leader.

Biden Wins NV By 89 Points, Phillips Not On Ballot
"At the time the race was called, Biden led with about 89% of the vote, with “None of these candidates” a very distant second at about 6%."

Missouri Sec Of State Candidate Uses “Liberal Tears” Flamethrower On LGBTQ-Themed Public Library Books
Great photo of a brain dead, 1930s' Nazi moron. When did burning property that is not your own become legal?
Ray Bradbury would be surprised at this.

Appeals Court Rules Trump Does NOT Have Immunity
The Federal Appeals Court just ruled that Trump does not have Presidential immunity in January 6th case.
You mean the same as all the previous guys? LMAO!

Someone Is Whining Because She Couldn't Get Mayorkas Impeached
The dumassery always floats to the bottom with the rest of the garbage.

Civil fraud ruling could be a 'financially devastating nightmare' for Trump: experts
Cough it up, chiseler. Pay up or go to Gitmo.

'He’s completely unhinged': Why Trump’s bizarre Indiana obsession is a 'distortion of state law'
Fatso doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Hannity Suddenly Concerned That A President Said A Bad Word
Hey, you arrogant snowflake: It's a perfect description of Fatso Farty.
Your MAGAt scum always can get away with swearnig like drunken sailors and you love it then.

Social Media Users Don't Hold Back Over Trump Immunity Ruling
"Former President Donald Trump is unhappy after discovering he isn't a king with immunity for any alleged crimes he committed. And the crime that Trump is probably throwing Ketchup over is when he incited an attack on the Capitol because his narcissistic brain could not handle his 2020 defeat by Joe Biden."
The dickwad can't handle anything.

Pentecostal “Prophets” To Launch Pro-Trump Tour
Here come the con men and women to threaten our democracy.

GOP Resolution: Trump Did Not Commit Insurrection
And in doing so, they all admit being guilty of treason after the fact. Arrest them all, indict them, convict them and send them to Gitmo.

AI Taylor Swift Porn Images Traced To 4chan Board
Oh, my! A real shocker. The home of Qanonsense idiot screwball trash.

Appeals Court Hears Claim Of Jury Bias Against Rioters
Right. Being an eyewitness to one of the biggest attempts at an American politcal coup can't be unseen. This is implying that a participent in an act of treason can't be tried. Bullshit, Hooie, and warped.

Judges Smacking Down Trump Immunity Say Trump Himself ‘Conceded’ Key Points In Blistering Ruling
"Three judges wrote in a blistering appeals court decision denying former President Donald Trump’s claim that Trump and his legal team conceded several key points that helped knock down his arguments."

‘It’s Absurd’: Christiane Amanpour Slams Tucker Carlson For Whining Western Journalists Don’t Interview Putin
The turd is a fraud. Putin only grants interviews to freinds of his butt buddy, Fatso.

Critics say border bill would send $60B to Ukraine. Here’s where it’s really going
No. Read the article. If you can read.
"If passed it would be a boon for the defense industry that both President Joe Biden and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell have touted as a job creator in the push to pass aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan that’s been stalled for months."

Republicans are ‘caving’ — Biden blames Trump as border deal falters
“All indications are this bill won’t even move forward to the Senate floor. Why? A simple reason: Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump thinks it’s bad for him politically," Biden said in remarks from the State Dining Room.
“Frankly, they owe it to the American people to show some spine and do what they know to be right,” he added.
Mostly cowards. They stall at Trump's orders.

AI-generated Biden robocall linked to Texas companies, officials say
Texas, the "Deep Fake" state.

Key Trump delay tactic 'hamstrung' by D.C. appeal court ruling: analysis
"Former President Donald Trump's efforts to delay his federal election interference case were effectively "hamstrung" by an appeal court ruling slapping down his presidential immunity defense, according to a new analysis."

MAGA 'bloodbath' predicted for crucial Montana primary
We can only hope the blood will be their own.

'Lied under oath in my courtroom': Judge Engoron email suggests massive penalty for Trump
"Judge Arthur Engoron — who is overseeing proceedings in former President Donald Trump's civil fraud trial in New York — may be considering a harsher-than-expected penalty for Trump as he prepares to issue a final ruling in the bench trial"
You're digging your grave a little deeper, Donnie.

'I have no immunity!' Trump begs fans for cash after court rules he can be prosecuted
You ain't got shit, loser. No cash for you! And YES, the MAGAts need to be buried.

'Shame on you!' Marjorie Taylor Greene melts down about being called 'insurrectionist'
No matter how many times you say bullshit, the facts are still there, indickter.

"Conservative states have now taken to blocking liberal cities from even thinking about legislating on behalf of their residents."
Totalitarian plutocracy is on the way if you support these "conservative" fascists.

Two-Thirds of Voters Want Verdict in Trump Trial Before Election Day
"A new poll shows that nearly two-thirds of United States voters want a verdict to be issued before the 2024 election commences in the trial weighing former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election."
Of course they do.
This is the spread of America on the traitor.

Blinken in Middle East Reportedly Pushing for Pause to Israel’s Assault on Gaza
"Secretary of State Tony Blinken is on his fifth trip to the Middle East since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, reportedly pushing for a pause to Israel’s assault on Gaza and for Hamas to release all remaining hostages."

Georgia Senate Approves Bill That Would Criminalize Charitable Bail Funds
"Last week, the Georgia Senate approved a bill aimed at expanding the state’s cash bail system while simultaneously criminalizing charitable bail organizations."
Fascism, racism at work.

The Real Reason Your Grocery Bill Is Still So High
Good ol' greed.

Chemical industry throws temper tantrum over ‘polluter pays’ tax to cover cleanup of its toxic sites
“The chemical industry and their apologists in Congress have treated American taxpayers like the cleanup crew for decades, leaving them to cover the costs of remediating these contaminated sites,” said EWG President and Co-founder Ken Cook."
“It’s high time the culprits, not the public, foot the bill for mopping up the toxic waste plaguing countless communities across the country that pose substantial threats to human health and the environment," said Cook.

Even The WSJ Is Ripping Mike Johnson Over Killing Border Bill
Serious thinking disorders.

MAGAs Hilariously Turn On Each Other At The Border Protest
"It was inevitable that violence and screaming in each other's faces would occur at the Southern border after a bunch of religious zealots and Trump supporters converged in protest of migrant crossings. People dressed in religious garb and t-shirts with anti-LGBTQ messages met up to display their hatred toward complete strangers who just wanted a better life. Still, then things took another inevitable shift as they turned on each other."

JD Vance And Republicans Don't Think Democrats Are 'Real Americans'
Of course. Why would Nazis think anyone but themselves are real anything?

Habba To E. Jean Carroll: Don’t Buy Anything Expensive
Is she pissed because she got stiffed by Trump? LMAO!

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas settle suit over bogus voter fraud claims cited by Trump campaign
"Mr. Hopkins has since come to learn that he was wrong — neither Mr. Weisenbach nor any other USPS employee in Erie, Pennsylvania engaged in election fraud or any other wrongdoing related to mail-in ballots," O'Keefe said.

Mike Johnson Won't Bring Senate Border Bill Up For A Vote
"Smirky" hasn't even read the bill. Dork.

Over 200,000 Protest in Berlin Against Rise of German Far Right Party
"Up to 300,000 people took to the rainy streets of Berlin, Germany on Saturday as nationwide protests against the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. Protests were also taking place in dozens of other cities such as Freiburg, Dresden, Hannover, and Mainz, a sign of growing alarm at growing support for the AfD."

Jack Smith 'eviscerated' Trump's security clearance claim in latest filing: ex-prosecutor
"In a late Friday filing, special counsel Jack Smith brutally shot down a claim made by Donald Trump and his lawyers that the Department of Justice is hiding evidence that the former president received a special security clearance that would have allowed him to keep secret documents belonging to the government."

Elon Musk Was Reportedly Asked to Go to Rehab
"Last month, the Wall Street Journal dropped a bombshell investigation into SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk's alleged use of illegal drugs including cocaine and MDMA.
Now it's back with a doozy of a followup, including the explosive claim that people close to Musk became so concerned around the winter of 2022 that some of them asked the billionaire to go to rehab."

Biden rallies Democrats in Las Vegas: ‘Imagine the nightmare’ if Trump is reelected
"Biden also highlighted the benefits of the expanded child tax credit, which during the pandemic assisted 380,000 Nevada families. The expanded child tax credit reduced Black child poverty in half and Latino child poverty by 43%, said Biden, before Republicans refused to support it and allowed it to roll back to pre-pandemic limits."

Morning Joe buries 'pathetic' Speaker Mike Johnson for latest lie at Trump's bidding
"According to Scarborough, Johnson is only doing it to appease Donald Trump who wants the border issue to remain a problem for Preoisdemt Joe Biden."
Fascist scum.

FL Sues Biden Admin To Kick Children Off Medicaid
Women must give birth so we can remove their kids away from health care.
This is the kind of government we want? I don't thnk so.

Iowa Gov Launches New Attack On Trans Residents
These people act as if they care about women even as they destroy their rights. What hypocrites.
Fascism at work in the U.S. These hateful people will end up using Hitler's Final Solution.

Experts fear 'violence and chaos' if Supreme Court blocks Trump from election ballot
Nazi supporters need to get a brain. Supporters of the Constitution will lock and load.

Fox News forced to censor Trump as he rants about Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama
"His mind is on vacation and his mouth is working overtime." — Mose Allison

Trump rants 'The Federal Government must take over D.C.' after former aide killed
He doesn't know they already control D.C.? For some time now? Brain addled.

Delicious Foods Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
Is your mind going? Could be your diet. Maybe that's Trump's problem.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: To be or not to be a banana republic...that is the question
"We begin today with Timothy Snyder writing for his “Thinking About...” Substack that arguments seeking to maintain a place for Trump on the ballot are in bad faith and not in keeping with the plain language of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

Ex-Montana Supreme Court justice joins top judges in support of keeping Trump off ballot
"Another notable Montana leader has joined a group of retired state Supreme Court justices throughout the country to urge the United States Supreme Court to uphold the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to disallow former President Donald J. Trump from appearing as a presidential candidate on the 2024 ballot."

Humans are living longer than ever no matter where they come from
Disease outbreaks and human conflicts help dictate regional differences in longevity.
"Whether the US will stay in that top longevity bracket is also unsure, especially if maternal death rates keep rising and there aren’t significant improvements made to the health care system."
"The US also has the most expensive health care system among high-income countries, which was only worsened by the pandemic."

How fringe anti-science views infiltrated mainstream politics — and what it means in 2024
"Rates of routine childhood vaccination hit a 10-year low in 2023. That, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, puts about 250,000 kindergartners at risk for measles, which often leads to hospitalization and can cause death. In recent weeks, an infant and two young children have been hospitalized amid an ongoing measles outbreak in Philadelphia that spread to a day care center."
A total disgrace to America.

Surge in syphilis cases leads some providers to ration penicillin
"For decades, rates of the sexually transmitted infection were low. But the Hamilton County Health Department in Chattanooga — a midsize city surrounded by national forests and nestled into the Appalachian foothills of Tennessee — was seeing several syphilis patients a day, Miller said. A nurse who had worked at the clinic for decades told Miller the wave of patients was a radical change from the norm."
The dumbing down of America will cull out the idiot tribes.

Possibility of wildlife-to-human crossover heightens concern about chronic wasting disease
Yet another possiblity humans have a bleak future on this planet.

South Dakota tribe bans governor from reservation over US-Mexico border remarks
“Due to the safety of the Oyate, effective immediately, you are hereby Banished from the homelands of the Oglala Sioux Tribe!” Tribe President Frank Star Comes Out said in a Friday statement addressed to Noem. “Oyate” is a word for people or nation.
“They don’t need to be put in cages, separated from their children like during the Trump Administration, or be cut up by razor wire furnished by, of all places, South Dakota,” he said.
I quite agree.

'Doubling down on things that aren’t true': RNC ripped over 'fake electors' resolution
A good explanation for the loss of RNC revenue in 2023.

Elon Musk Goes All In On Great Replacement Theory
It's almost as if Elon Musk is proud of his white supremacy.
Start replacment with him.

'I’m not satisfied': Speaker Johnson facing growing rebellion for ignoring GOP caucus
The report notes that the general consensus about his performance is that he "talks out of both sides of his mouth, telling members what they want to hear, and then doing what they don’t want."

Biden sweeps South Carolina with 'loser' taunt at Trump
"US President Joe Biden cruised to victory in the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday, vowing afterwards that he would make Republican rival Donald Trump a loser for a second time in November's election."

'An avalanche about to hit him': Trump official warns ex-president about what comes next
May it be eternal.

'What do you think?' Trump asks social media if he looks like Elvis Presley
Yes. Dead Elvis.
"Trump's family really should intervene," another Truth user wrote. "He's totally unwound now."
What family? He has a bunch of people that are related to him. But they are NO family!

Remember the rules, liberals: Only the right gets to mock America
Chase CEO Jamie Dimon offers words of wisdom from Davos: Be nicer to MAGA "deplorables," bow down before Trump
Ooh! I can hear the CCs being cancelled now, dumbass idiot, Nazi fuckwit!

NM Man Pleads Guilty To Shooting At Dem Officials’ Homes After Being Paid By “MAGA King” Candidate
Dissent all you want, Nazi. Someone will shoot back sooner or later.
Trujillo gets custody. Trump gets nothing. What's wrong with this picture?

Lauren Boebert Is Sick Of 'Bending Over To The Democrats'
Boebs seems to have forgotten that Republicans have a tiny little majority of 2 votes.
You know what happens every time you bend over, Bobo? You show your ass.

Trump Accuses His Fed Chairman Of Trying To Help Biden: 'I Think He's Political'
The perfect definition of a paranoiac.

'Fine with me': Trump’s small donors don’t care he’s using their money to pay his lawyers
They all worship their golden calf.

Viral photos of politicians jetting off to a tropical hideaway during a deadly cold wave might become a lot rarer under legislation being pushed by Sen. Ted Cruz
He wants to be incognito anywhere and everywhere he goes. No wonder.

'Obviously insane' Trump is making himself unelectable: conservative
"We have an expanded range of voters who are responsive to an anti-Trump message than we did in 2020," he reported to the host. "In 2020, depending on the state, we modeled between three and eight percent of Republicans and independent-leaning voters who could be reached and moved by our message."
"In the environment where we are now where Trump is obviously insane and an adjudicated rapist, he is the guy who planned a coup over the U.S. election, he helped kill half of a million people by fumbling Covid. — people get it..."
But not with his fuckwit toadies. Their golden calf is their sword and sheild.

Exxon and Chevron Announce Record Shareholder Returns in Hottest Year on Record
"ExxonMobil and Chevron announced their second-highest profits in a decade on Friday, with both companies paying out a record amount to shareholders in 2023, which was the hottest year on record due largely to the burning of fossil fuels."
There's good return in destroying our environment.

Fani Willis just killed any chance Trump had to kick her off his case: legal expert
"The existence of a relationship between Willis and Wade, in and of itself, would not pose any legal conflict of interest, because the two of them are on the same prosecutorial team and their professional interests are aligned regardless."
As if they are the ones on trial for something that Trump is light years ahead on criminal activity he wants ignored! FUCK TRUMP!

Texas Gov Has Spent $124 Million To Ship Migrants
They vote against their best interests every time.

Catholic League: The Unreligious Are A “Social Liability”
"If you want to know why young Americans are running away screaming from Christianity take a look in a mirror, hamhead." — Sam_Handwich (comments).
Go back to the place in hell you came from.

What Taylor Swift is teaching us now
"In a calmer time, anyone who persistently shouted such lurid nonsense would have been a candidate for long-term residence in what was euphemistically called "a nice home," without access to sharp objects. With deinstitutionalization, they are now paid astronomical salaries to declaim their fantasies on Fox News and its cable competitors. (This is considered progress.)"
She may be teaching but nobody does homework anymore. "The craziness is so stupid that it's almost funny."

Grad Students Furious United Auto Workers Endorses Biden
It's more than obvious these people are fuckwit Nazis and have no knowledge of labor union history.

Judge nixes Trump’s March 4 trial date in federal election subversion case
Either Trump or one of his SCOTUS thugs threatened her life would be my guess.

What if lawless GOP lawmakers in the House refuse to certify the 2024 election?
Arrest anyone that does. Indict them for treason. Give them a trial. Convict them. Throw them into Gitmo.
Does one have to ask a question about law enforcement in our country now? Then grow a pair.
What else would you like to know?

Another January 6? Experts fear unrest in Texas as extremists flock to Abbott's blockade
Hopefully, Austin won't be bombed too badly by the Federal military.

Some MAGA Beta Try-Hard Gonna ‘Punish That Bitch’ Taylor Swift If She Endorses Biden
"Recall being a child on the playground, and a bully was abusing somebody. Remember what happened when a teacher would intervene, send them to the office and tell them they were going to call the bully’s parents? If you’ve witnessed it, you know there would be about four seconds when the bully was about to break out into overwhelming theatrical tears, their face contorting as the fear rose from their gut, and they’d tuck tail and run because they didn’t want the whole school to see them bust out crying.
Brenden Dilley is the human personification of that four seconds."

Texas Republicans back Abbott in razor wire, river buoy border disputes with DOJ
May they all get cut by it.

More Than 150 Democrats Urge Biden to Help Stop the Criminalization of Pregnant People
The best way to stop the swine that caused it is to replace every Nazi in the SCOTUS that murdered it.
To do that get every Nazi in Congress replaced and impeach the culprets.

Trump’s J6 Trial Postponed Pending Immunity Ruling
SCOTUS is playing on Trump's team. Don't forget it. His stalling appointees too are traitors.

GOP Rep: All Americans Will “Serve And Praise Jesus”
You fucking Talibastards keep watching for a SWIFT kck in the ass.
Precisely forbidden by our Constitution, tyrant mothers!

This Is Why Healthcare Should Be A Public Service
"Some services should not be privatized, ever. Healthcare is at the top of that list for many people. And in Milwaukee, there just was a glaring example why it shouldn't be."

Long Time Wisconsin Resident, 'Gerry-Manders,' Is Dead
Good riddance.

Groundwork Calls for Rate Cuts Following Another Stellar Jobs Report
"The first jobs report of 2024 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the economy added 353,000 jobs and unemployment remained at 3.7%."
“Today’s stellar jobs report marks two straight years of unemployment below 4% and 18 months of cooling inflation, an achievement many economists did not think was possible. The data is very clear that we never had to sacrifice jobs for lower prices."

Republicans in Congress try to kill FCC’s broadband discrimination rules
How useless are these pricks? This damned useless.

'Jumbled mess': GOP’s chances of pulling off a Biden impeachment tumble
The MAGAt are NOT fit for any government, much less for the most powerful naion in the world.

'Critical that Congress understand': Dems want Tuberville’s military blockade investigated
Hey, short stuff, are you paying attention?

Critics slam Jim Jordan’s Fani Willis subpoena: 'Frivolous waste of time'
Jordan's a waste of a human.

Ex-Watergate prosecutor: Texas gov’s 'unconstitutional' border moves threaten America’s 'existence'
This is what fascism does to a democracy. I destroys its soul.

'We're reaping what we sow': Trump's ex-aide says he'll be too broke to beat Biden
"Trump's third White House run is a political sprint to stay out of prison and he's burning millions of donor dollars to do it."

Ken Paxton sues five Texas cities that decriminalized marijuana
Homo absurdus DA says no one in Texas will be using THC on their sore joints nor smoking any of it either!
“I will not stand idly by as cities run by pro-crime extremists deliberately violate Texas law and promote the use of illicit drugs that harm our communities,” Paxton said.
That way he can get it all for himself.
The total loser. Run him and his MAGAts out of Texas.

Is the media marching us to war (again)?
The bloody ignorance of the inept media.

Judge Cannon 'screw up' may gift Jack Smith his first grounds for appeal: legal expert
"In particular, Weissmann detailed the delicate dance Cannon must do in protecting national secrets."
"If she screws this up, to be blunt, this is the kind of issue that I would imagine the government would take an appeal so that they could have the 11th circuit hear it," Weissmann said.

GOP Rep Calls For Dropping Migrants From Helicopters
Drop MAGAts dead.

Former Trump Org CFO To Plead Guilty To Perjury

Kirk: Rioters Wouldn’t Have Been Charged If They Had “Stripped Naked & Filmed Themselves Having Gay Sex”
Are you sorry you missed out on that gay sex, Charlie? ROTFLMAO!
I watched it live. Charlie, yuo stupid fuck, you are so full of shit your shit is running out of your eyes.

Ukrainian Drones Sink Russian Warship Off Crimea
The "Ivanovets" went down with all hands.
"The ship had its hull punctured, sinking like the Titanic."

Gaetz investigation widens: House Ethics Committee reaches out to another ex-girlfriend
Another one that will not end well.

Donald Trump’s Steele dossier lawsuit dismissed by London court
Former US president’s attorney argued his client ‘suffered personal and reputational damage and distress’ through the dossier’s 2017 publication.
"Nothin' but a one-man losing streak! Nothin' but a pencil neck geek! — Freddie Blassie, King of Men.

MAGA World Is About to Meet Taylor Swift’s Fandom. It Won’t Go Well.
'Nuff said.

Killing shows Trump losing control of fans triggered by violent rhetoric: analysis
Donald Trump is losing control over the unstable MAGA base his violent rhetoric pushes past the brink of sanity, and the proof is a decapitated federal worker’s head, a new analysis contends.

Republican Party reveals it's had the worst fundraising year in a decade
Who wants to give money to a bunch of fasists? Tell them all to go home and hook rugs.

Mississippi’s Direct-Democracy Con in Progress
The ballot measure process died three years ago, but some Republicans working on a new, more restrictive framework hope that voters won’t notice.
More Nazis at work in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Let’s Talk About The Extremist Lunatic Christian Creep Mike Johnson Invited To Pray In The House This Week
"The National Prayer Breakfast was this morning, and President Joe Biden spoke at it. We don’t have much to say about that, except that we think the Breakfast is a creepy Christo-fascist ritual started by creepy Christo-fascists, and we wish Democrats, including Biden, didn’t feel obligated to go pay respects to Right-Wing Jesus Inc. once a year like this.
The Breakfast is no longer run by “The Family,” the secretive uber-weirdo right-wing cult that started it. They split last year, and now it’s run by the National Prayer Breakfast Foundation, which is run by members of Congress themselves. (Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan has questions about how real the alleged schism is.) But sorry, it’s still creepy in a nation that isn’t and never was supposed to be a Christian theocracy."

Trump Looks Back On His Latest Week Of Winning, Where Nothing Bad Happened To Him And Everything Was OK
"You could look like that too if your life was running as smoothly as his. We are still waiting for the ruling to come down from Judge Arthur Engoron in the New York civil fraud case against the Trump Organization. New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking up to $370 million in damages there, so it could be very, very hilarious when the verdict comes out to watch MAGA howl.
Obviously, a jury just awarded Trump $83.3 million in his latest E. Jean Carroll defamation trial."

Why are Too Many Americans Ignoring the Ongoing Collapse of Democracy in the US?
This year’s election may be our last chance to push back against the oligarchy that the GOP has been constructing for the past forty-three years
"Like an alcoholic family that won’t discuss alcoholism (proving Don Quixote’s warning never to mention rope in the home of a man who’s been hanged), far too many Americans are unwilling to acknowledge or even discuss the ongoing collapse of democracy in the United States."

The Zeitgeist: Worry, Worry, Worry
"And now here I am, a worry wart grown old and still worried sick. Will we go to war in the Middle East again, as we did so misguidedly in Iraq, or will we go to war with one another again, only much worse this time? Will we manage to hold onto our democracy which, flawed as it is, still seems preferable to a ball’s-out dictatorship? Will Donald Trump escape the long arm of the law, finagle a way to become POTUS again, then go after his many enemies, locking up Hillary, Nancy, and E. Jean, among countless other tormentors, male and female?"
Don't give the motherfuckers the chance.

'What penalties?' Trump confused when asked about campaign funds to pay E. Jean Carroll
Oh sure. More proof this old fool is inept.

'Definitely smells': Nevada Republicans accuse party of 'rigging' caucus for Trump
The traitor is at it again. Get him put away!

Right-wing violence hasn't disappeared, it's just gone local
A gruesome murder in Pennsylvania reminds us of the dangers of movements like MAGA and QAnon on a personal level
A small sector of America is moving in the direction of Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Stop them cold.

Trump's enduring success is fueled by disdain for Democrats
Beyond MAGA, the Republican coalition is held together only by an opposition to multi-ethnic democracy

Quinnipiac Poll: Biden +22 Over Trump Among Women
That's +22. Don't let up.

GOP Rep: Killed Gazan Babies Aren’t Innocent Civilians
Justifying killing children? And they say "no" to abortion? These people are unbalanced as all hell.

Grassley: F*ck Families And Their Stupid Child Tax Credit
Chuck Grassley signaled Republicans will scuttle the bipartisan tax bill because they don't want to give Biden a win. Biden looks better than all of them put together!
All these pig fuckers do is prevent progress. That's their agenda for America. You must keep giving birth but damned if we'll help you feed the kids. Frauds.

MAGA Judge Dismisses Disney’s Free Speech Lawsuit Against DeSantis
Disney says it will appeal.
Fascism rears its ugly head again. Yes, Trump fascism.

Hungary’s Orban Caves On $54B In EU Aid To Ukraine
Poor Nazi.

That Truck Convoy To Block Texas Mexico Border Is Just Sad
‘God’s army’ promised to bring 700,000 trucks to the border. They’re 699,950 short.
What Jackwagon thought of this exericise in futility>

Trump's 'living in fairyland' if he thinks he's not getting convicted: conservative pundit
Host John Roberts noted during a panel discussion on Fox News that a Trump conviction "could really swing people's preferences in terms of who they vote for for president."
Then he's King of the Fairies!

Oh Fiddlesticks, Did Trump Find Out Alina Habba Was Only Faking Smart?
"We guess Trump could be trying to find lawyers of equal caliber to Habba to join her on his Elite Strike Force. But one thing we know for sure is that Trump starts with dogshit lawyers and then trades down. Nobody who’s anybody or who is good at life wants to work for him, and if they don’t know it now, they figure it out eventually. So Trump “interviewing various law firms” is about as valuable as saying he’s opened up the yellow pages to see which lawyers have a full-page ad and then narrowing them down by which ones have boobies."

There Is No Overstating How Frightened White Loser MAGA Republicans Are Of Taylor Swift
"We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say we’ve never seen anything quite like the absurd meltdown right-wingers are having about Taylor Swift — who has said zero words about about the 2024 election — potentially endorsing Joe Biden and thus causing her army of Swifties to do tyranny to America, with votes.
We’ve seen right-wingers lose it, but this is on another level. It’s breathtaking, and it’s so funny. It’s clear that this is flicking directly upon some of MAGA Americans’ most exposed nerves. We don’t think we’ve ever seen them more frightened of one single human woman."

Silence Is Dangerous in the Current Age of Rising Fascism in the US
This week’s revelation that Donald Trump is already plotting new ways to try to put himself permanently above the law is just the latest reminder of the looming threat of lawless and emboldened right-wing forces in the United States.

Will the US and Argentine Flirtation with Libertarianism End in Disaster?
Just turn everything over to the morbidly rich and let them and their companies run the entire country along the profit motive lines? What could possibly go wrong?

New York State Passes Law That Could Have Counted Trump’s Actions as Rape
Next time he does it in NY, it's the slammer for him.

Maggie Haberman Breaks Bad News For Trump — Donors Can’t Pay $83M He Owes E. Jean Carroll: ‘It Will Have To Be From Him
Can Trump secure a loan for this? He could pay it off by doing time in prison. You do the math.

Fox Sports Personality Calls Out Misogyny Over Taylor Swift
"COLIN COWHERD: There's a lot of really weird, lonely, insecure men out there.
The fact that a pop star, the world's biggest pop star, is dating a star tight end who had one of his greatest games ever, and a network puts them on the air briefly? That it bothers you? What does that say about your life? Judge people sometimes on the silly stuff that bothers them. It'll tell you a lot about them."
"Lonely"? You're being kind, Colin.

Sean Hannity Warns Taylor Swift DON'T Endorse Joe Biden - Or Else
As if she's going to pay any attention to that gasbag.
He's showing out for his deplorable fans.

Franklin Graham’s Border Tour Gets The Criticism It Deserves
The biggest grifter next to his golden idol.

'Growing number of conservatives' are speaking out against GOP’s 'vague' impeachment push
It has become more than obvious that it is the MAGAt members who are at the root of this agenda with which they waste our Congress

Biden vs. Trump: What Kind of Leader Do We Want on the World Stage?
Biden builds coalitions and acts with steady seriousness. Trump’s motto seems to be ‘Ask not what is good for the country. Ask what is good for me.’

'Don’t be ignorant': Senate Republicans bristle at Trump calling negotiations a 'betrayal'
Even they know his mind is a wasteland.

Georgia Bill Would Ban RICO Charges Faced By Trump
RICO is a Federal Law, you stupid fuckwt. Ignore it at your own risk. Get your Civil War ready to be your end. Behold your corruption, son.

Notorious Cultist Disbarred After Robocalls Conviction
"Washington lawyer and Republican operative Jack Burkman is poised to lose his law license after pleading guilty to telecommunications fraud in Ohio. The D.C. Board on Professional Responsibility said Tuesday that Burkman earlier this month consented to disbarment."

Donohue Outraged Over Blowjob Advice On Yahoo
Well, well, well. He should ask a few of his priests for advice on that.
Also, does he want his dick bitten?

Justin Mohn 'decapitates his father', 68, and brandishes his severed head during gruesome 14-minute long anti-Biden YouTube rant
A whack job that was living in a made-up world. There are plenty of them hanging around waiting their turn.

'I hate this': George Conway whacks New York Times for projecting 'rationality' onto Trump
"This is not a well man," he said in a recent CNN interview. "And we have not — as a country really dealt with that fact."
One of the many reasons I canceled my subscription. It's turned into a fascist propaganda rag.

Trans people in Florida can no longer update their driver’s licenses
A new state rule may expose trans people to criminal or civil penalties if they try to update their documentation.
This is similar behavior by Nazi Germany with the Jews. Is the next thing concentration camps and gas chanbers? The world is watching closely.

Tucker Carlson is wrong when comparing migrants illegally entering the US and US births
Even the closest measure of accounting for migrants who illegally crossed the border is significantly lower than US births for August 2023.

Tennessee GOP Twists All The Rules To Protect Andy Ogles
Tennessee Republicans twist rules into pretzel to protect scandal-plagued incumbent from challengers.
The state is run by racist Nazis. So this is no surprise.

How Trump’s private ploy to expand immunity would transform him 'into a King George': report
"Let's make it simple: Presidents, police officers, and pedophile priests are not immune from criminal prosecution. No court has ever ruled that they are. Nor does the Constitution grant such immunity. Trump appears to think that the doctrine of qualified immunity — which is a form of immunity that protects government officials, including police, judges, legislators, and prosecutors, from being sued civilly in lawsuits over the performance of their duties — also protects these categories of officials from criminal prosecutions. But he's wrong."

'Highly unusual': Trump spent $50 million of supporters’ donations on his own legal bills
Who would be such a sucker as to give "Mr. So-Rich Man" money?

“Doxxing Truck” Shows Names Of CO University Faculty
Nazis doing what Nazis have always done.

Hate Pastor Who Says Jews Can Save Themselves From Hamas By Converting To Jesus Gives US House Prayer
Stow it, asshat.

Anti-Vax Influencer Stew Peters Has a New Fixation: “The Jews
“Could he have been a terrible person and a dictator and a ruthless murderer and a genocider? I don’t know, because there is so much propaganda.”
This man is a lazy, ignorant lout. He is in denial or knows better and is looking for trouble.

Fox News pundit slammed after blaming Black service members deaths on diversity push
These drooling idiots are such desperate cretins.

'Go look it up': Dan Goldman schools GOP rep. for distorting Trump impeachments
"Go look it up, Mr. Bishop, it did not," Goldman shot back.
"It started with Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine doing Donald Trump's bidding to try to extort the president of Ukraine to open an investigation that would help Donald Trump's political re-election chances," he added.
These MAGAts are as lame as the loser Trump.

Ego-bruised Trump insists to aides he's 'more popular' than Taylor Swift: report
How many records has he sold so far? What about all the failed products that once carried his loser name?
What about all the imporoperly provided drugs not accounted for in the White House Pharmacy distrubuted during his administration?

Trump under 'enormous financial strain' as new report reveals legal fees are 'staggering'
That' why going bankrupt is the path he will take.

'Not a serious party': Ex-Republican buries senators for letting Trump derail their work
Not since the MAGAt Party took it over.
"It's not a serious party," Kinzinger continued. "Linking the issue of Ukraine and the border is very bad and very wrong. They're very different issues."
But they are serious as cancer about making America a fascist dictatorship.

Rick Scott: My Dem Challenger Is A “Complete Liar"
"Once again, Rick Scott is lying about the border and spreading disinformation to score political points because he’s on the ballot this November. If he wants to do something about the border, there is a bipartisan bill he can vote on. Instead, he’s making it an issue he can run…
— Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (@DebbieforFL) January 28, 2024"
Everything Scott accuses his challengers of are a projection by him. What a total asswipe.
How else could he get attention? Otherwise no one would notice. He disappears when he turns sidways.

DeSantis: “Expel, Denaturalize, And Deport” Ilhan Omar
You first, windbag.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Contestant Wins Libel Lawsuit After Being Called “Pedophile” By Right Wing TV Host
We have seen this so many times. The accuser projects and then gets caught being the guilty party. Just look at the failure of Donnie Trump, the eternal loser.

Disturbing Bill Would Let Arizona Legislators Ignore Election Results
"An Arizona lawmaker who signed on to be a “fake elector” for Donald Trump after the former president lost his bid for a second term has introduced a bill that would allow members of the statehouse to overturn future election results that they don’t like."
"The bill, formally known as Senate Concurrent Resolution 1014 and sponsored by state Sen. Anthony Kern, seeks to bypass the popular vote altogether."
This is exactly what we DO NOT need. Kill the Electoral College! All power to the people.
More treason will only bring greater danger to our citizens and our country. The Nazis must be stopped.

GOP Border Theatrics Have Escalated to Threats of Civil War
"Republican states have pledged to mobilize National Guard troops to defend the placement of razor wire at Texas's southern border."
They just might get what they are looking for — blood and deaths — again.

Texas Is Spoiling for a Civil War
"As Governor Greg Abbott escalates his border fight with the Biden administration, he is sounding a lot like an old Confederate."
"Texas is violating the Constitution, as well as a court order, and it's doing so in order to continue to hurt desperate people.… This is not a legal crisis: This is a rebellion against federal authority and the basic human decency that it's trying to provide…. If Gov. Abbott tries to further obstruct the operations of the federal government and continues to violate the Supreme Court's order, he should be arrested for treason."

Texas governor 'should be arrested for treason' over border 'rebellion': columnist
A provisional government must be put in place.

Far Right Forces Are Attempting to Generate a National Emergency at the Border
"Since the end of 2020 there has been an increase in attempted immigration, but this should not be coded as a “crisis.” Immigration rates fluctuate based on different factors. Since 2000, for instance, attempted crossings went from a high of 1.6 million to a low of 300,000 by 2017 — an 80 percent decline."
The MAGAt Nazis keep pushing us toward a Civil War.

How Reagan's Embrace of “Greed is Good” Brought Us Broken Airplane Doors & Being on Hold for Hours.
Yes, prior to the Reagan Revolution American companies actually invested in their workers, their communities, and their business. They attended to the needs of their customers, by in large.
"The good news is that the Biden administration is the first of either party since 1981 to seriously try to regulate corporate monopolistic behavior and stock share buybacks."

"Stripped for Parts" Doc Reveals Predatory Hedge Funds Buying and Destroying America’s Newspapers
"The numbers are gob smacking: “Since 2005, the U.S. has lost more than one-fourth of its newspaper and has seen a 57% decline in newspaper employees, according to reports by the Medill School of Journalism and the Bureau of Labor Statistics,” Frances Dinkelspiel recently reported in the San Francisco Chronicle."
A lot of us remember newspapers and we miss them. I'm sure many yougsters have never seen one.

The ‘Take Our Border Back’ Convoy Is Already a Complete Mess
"Instead of immigrants, the group of extremists mostly battled each other, paranoia, and their GPS systems."
WTF did anyone expect?

Alina Habba Faking Smart Again
"The newest fresh turd Habba is casually tossing at the judicial system is her discovery, based on the intrepid journalism of the New York Post (said no one ever), that Judge Lewis Kaplan and Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan were sittin’ in a tree a long time ago, therefore IMPEACH!"
She has assumed her client's delusion of "I can never lose at anything." What a wasted life of bullshitting.

Fox News Idiots In Pantloading Panic Over Taylor Swift Going To Super Bowl, It Is Hilarious
A group of wounded animals. Dolts.
"Please, please, please, they are begging Taylor Swift fans, please do not listen to her. The way of Taylor Swift is death, whereas the way of Fox News and the white supremacist unfuckable Nazi pig garbage that watches it — especially the criminal they’ve selected to run for president — is life."

Newsmax Host: Idolizing Taylor Swift Is Against Jesus
The list of things against Jesus just got longer and sillier. It's all about being a control device.
"Idolizing Taylor Swift: bad!
Idolizing Don the Con: divine!" — Coxygru (comments) "Elvis, The Beatles and Taylor Swift. The holy trinity of sin." — glenn_storey (comments)

Economist Paul Krugman: GOP’s 'dystopian visions' are meant to 'frighten voters'
Fascists should be stood up to and eliminated. Always.

Iowa Republicans Forward Bill to Force Students to Stand for National Anthem
I won't stand for Nazis pushing people around. I watched "Shoah" over the weekend on TCM. Everyone should watch it. They just might get a clue about who these "Republicans" are. Let their populace take a knee.

Oddly scheduled meeting’ raises questions about Judge Cannon’s pro-Trump bias: expert
The "stalling mouse" in Trump's pocket.

Tuberville delivers startling military analysis: 'I don’t know who’s running our country'
I'm sure YOU are not running it by any stretch of the imagination.
Maybe you got a cancussion when you went through the infiltration course with all that TNT going off.
Oops! Forgot you never served with any American military! LMAO!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. defends using campaign donations to pay family members
Sure. Nothing wrong with paying your family with donor money so they can pocket it all before you bow out.

'God's Army' border truck convoy falls flat amid right-wing 'honeypot' paranoia: report
"'No we are not militia friendly,' wrote Christina Holbrook, aka 'Thought Criminals,' who is an admin for the convoy’s Texas Telegram channel. Holbrook has also asked participants to leave their long guns at home."
But I see you took your double dildoes with you so you could fuck yourselves.

'I'm wearing the armor of God': New Arizona GOP chair vows more anti-voting lawsuits
I'm sure it won't work any better for her than it did the Jews in Europe during WWII.

Super Bowl RIGGED And STOLLEN By Taylor Swift, And Vivek Ramaswamy Knows Why
"These people are not well. They are physically unable to look at themselves in the mirror and deal with the devastatingly simple Occam’s Razor fact that all normal people, including Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, loathe MAGA fascist Nazi ice cream van creepers, and will vote against them. They can’t handle that Taylor Swift is the most culturally powerful woman in the world, whose very status is kind of a negation of the existence of MAGA dudes. And they really hate that she says 'Vote' and her fans do it."
"They’re upset that Travis Kelce is vaccinated and cooler than them and hotter than them and better than them, while their chosen anti-vax football dipshit Aaron Rodgers is an object of mockery."
ROTFLMAO! Top notch comedy!

How Hard Is Trump Getting Punched In The Wallet Right Now? Let's Tally It Up!
"If you’ve been wondering whether all these judgments against Donald Trump are really going to ruin his life, the Bloombergs say that’s a solid maybe."
The $83.3 million in the latest E. Jean Carroll defamation case is amazing, almost as amazing as watching historically bad lawyer and enthusiastic dipshit Alina Habba melt down after the jury’s decision came down. (If you missed that, please fix yourself a refreshment and watch it.)
But wait, isn’t Trump also about to get super fucked in the New York fraud case against his businesses? Isn’t that trial another foregone conclusion, we’re just waiting to see how big the number is?"

News Flash: Maybe They Were All Blood Suckers
"God damn these vampires, anyway. If you listen carefully, you can hear the flapping of their wings throughout his history, seeking blood. Or retribution."

The Supreme Court Blessed an Experimental Execution in Alabama. It Went So Wrong.
"Alabama claimed that this would be a painless execution. It was not."

Big Trump secret about to be revealed
We will now see just how much cash Trump has on hand.

Flustered Republican put on spot after taking credit for bills she voted against
Just as long as her pay gets to her account on time.

CDC Issues Nationwide Alert Over Measles Outbreak
At one time this was nearly eliminated from our world. Idiots and morons brought it back.

Email sheds new light on Texas House candidate Jared Woodfill’s role in Southern Baptist leader’s sex abuse scandal
Woodfill has been endorsed by Attorney General Ken Paxton despite his connection to Paul Pressler, a prominent religious figure accused of rape.
"A copy of the aide’s email was filed in Harris County district court last year as part of a massive lawsuit in which a former member of Pressler’s church youth group, Duane Rollins, accused Pressler of decades of rape beginning when Rollins was 14. Rollins also alleged that other defendants — including Woodfill, the Southern Baptist Convention and Pressler’s longtime church, First Baptist Church of Houston — of enabling or concealing Pressler’s behavior."

'Mentally disordered' Trump needs to be dragged to the nearest neurologist: George Conway
"I'm not just talking about the possibility that he has dementia. I mean, if he were a relative of mine and saying some of the things he was saying and confusing Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, saying that Barack Obama was president, I'd drag him to the nearest neurologist."

Smartmatic Accuses OAN Of “Criminal Activities”
The criminal stench is always heavy around MAGAts.

Paxton Demands Medical Records Of GA Trans Clinic
Sticking his nose into medical records of American citizens seems more than a little unethical if not criminal.

Starting To Think This Donald Trump Guy Doesn't Want To Be President
I'm starting to think he's a little bit crazy, you guys.
This miscreant cares for no American, only himself.

'Bombshell' report raises questions about new possible Trump tax evasion: experts
"Jordan Libowitz, of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) claimed the conflicting information suggests something is not right."
“When you fill out your personal financial disclosures, you attest under penalty of the law that the information is true. Trump had to know that his Chicago business never gave him a loan of more than $50 million, as he claimed, repeatedly,” he told Sollenberger before adding, "While the reasons behind claiming this fake loan are still unknown, at the very least he misled the government for years about his finances. It appears that Trump knowingly and intentionally broke the law. The only question is how many laws.”

Fox News host: 'Taylor Swift backlash' means trouble for KC Chiefs championship
What world do these people live in? Are they pissed-off because a succesful pop star, that happens to be a woman, attends a pro sports team game? Are they pissed because a member of that team has been said to have a relationsup with that woman? They haven't bitched about all the media and movie stars that attended Lakers games before. Is it because they're misogynists and despise women geting public attention? You can blame the media for that. Is it jealous men because of their fantasy of having her all to themselves getting exploded? If it's pissed-off women it's damn certain jelousy. But their attitude towards Swift is something that goes much deeper and is sick as all hell. This shows extreme childishness in the people that participate in this ridiculous social exercise.

'Catastrophic!' Ex-GOP lawmaker warns one-third of Republicans won’t vote due to Trump
"During an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday morning, former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) warned his party that it is headed for a big collapse in November because Republican voters will stay home due to Donald Trump being at the top of the ticket."
The same thing happened in 2020. But there were more Republicans that voted for Biden. There will be more this time around.

Utah Passes Bill To Ignore Federal Laws
Like Texas and the rest of the traitors, this is secession. Intervention is called for.

Oklahoma Gov. Argues States Can Just Defy SCOTUS
Like Utah and Texas and the rest of the traitors, this is secession. Intervention is called for.

Vanishing Ants, Waning Forests, and Fading Hope for Brazil’s Amazon
"In the Amazon, the climate crisis is hitting hard. As welcome as the slowdown in deforestation has been, it is not enough and even this is threatened by new roads and oil projects. If the political drift continues, it will not be just the trees, the cows and the ants that start to die off."

Trump Colorado disqualification ruling backed by Civil War historians in new filing
"According to a Sunday, January 28 report from The Guardian, a group of Civil War and Reconstruction historians are backing the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling to disqualify Donald Trump from political office under the 14th Amendment's insurrection clause."
This filing spells it out and draws a picture for even the most jaded fascist jurist to grasp.

Child Labor Could Solve Alabama’s “Labor Shortage,” Says GOP Group
So could immigrants and migrants. Why the barbaric notion of child labor>

Can we send Trump into exile? It worked (sort of) with Napoleon
Tolstoy describes sending a defeated leader with no "human dignity" far, far away — and it sounds like a great idea
Yes, but he's in serious need of mental treatment. Find a hospital for him.

'Huh?': Trump's multiple 'misfires' at Nevada rally raise questions from onlookers
The dementia is showing. The guy is firing blanks. Sad. Get him medical attention quickly.

Rick Perry Parrots Trump's Nazi Rhetoric: Migrants 'Dilute' America
Oops! So do statements like this.

'Trump will be convicted so fast it will make his head spin': former federal prosecutor
"Once Trump’s criminal trials commence — and the rules of evidence and the rules of procedure control the proceedings — Trump will be convicted so fast it will make his head spin," Kirschner added.

Elise Stefanik caught deleting statement calling for January 6 rioters to be prosecuted
Already copying her Golden Calf Trump in corruption.

Beetleboob’s Ex-Husband Hit With Six Criminal Charges
"Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert ‘s ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, has been charged with assault and other counts in connection with two domestic altercations, including an argument with the congresswoman in a restaurant that spiraled out of control, and a fight with the former couple’s son, authorities said."

'He slurs his words, he gets confused': Columnist makes case Trump has 'a screw loose'
"According to the journalist, even Republicans are starting to admit the former president is not all there — something that has become a major talking point in South Carolina Republican Nikki Haley's campaign."
"Adding, "I think there's a lot of things that we don't normally credit with for President Biden, and the last is that it's becoming pretty apparent, even to Republicans, that he [Trump] has got a screw loose."
Someone had to notice sooner or later.

'People at his rally are laughing at Trump': Audience erupts after Abraham Lincoln remark
"Donald Trump on Saturday said he was treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, prompting laughter from the audience at his rally in Nevada."
Has he been shot in the head yet?

The road to death penalty abolition runs through Alabama and Oklahoma
"Countless cases lay bare the raw injustice of the death penalty in the United States. The case of Richard Glossip is certainly one of them. He’s been on Oklahoma’s death row since 1998, facing nine separate execution dates. He’s been given his final meal three times, and, in 2015, was saved from death just hours before his execution only after prison officials admitted they had ordered the wrong drug for their lethal cocktail. Richard Glossip has always maintained his innocence in the 1997 murder of Barry Van Treese, who employed him as a motel manager in Oklahoma City. The flawed prosecution had no physical evidence linking him to the crime. Only the testimony of the actual killer, Justin Sneed, another motel employee who had already confessed to the crime, implicated Glossip. In exchange, Sneed was able to avoid the death penalty."

Alina Habba’s antics make her a candidate for Bar Assoc. disciplinary action: attorney
"Donald Trump lawyer Alina Habba's "flagrant disregard" for courtroom rules could pave the way for Judge Lewis Kaplan to refer her to the State Bar for a hearing and investigation."
"According to former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance, the E. Jean Carroll judge would be completely within his rights to ask the New York State Bar Association to review the former president's attorney's conduct after Kaplan repeatedly was forced to admonish her during the two-week trial."

Wisconsin GOP Lawmaker Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: Women Are Breeding Stock
Women don't need men to have children. And assholes like this shouldn't replicate. Get over yourself.

Greg Gutfeld’s Sexual Obsession With AOC Accidentally Reveals the Insecurities of the MAGA Man
Is he the one with "Penis Envy"?

US warship, escalating Mideast crisis
Incident in Gulf of Aden is the first time the Iranian-backed group has directly targeted an American military vessel.
They want to commit suicide it appears.

'That's actually not the case': Ex-Trump campaign adviser shut down by Anderson Cooper
One no longer gets time to lie to the people automatically.

Trump wants Americans to pay up for his crimes
The former president had already spent more than $57 million of other people’s money on his legal fees
Aren't you tired of writing checks for this treasonous lout who doesn't give one fuck for you?

UT Lawmakers Pass Ban On College Diversity Programs
One size fits all. No one else need apply. This is America now? We should have no part of this.
America rascism has removed its mask.

Perry: We Should Literally Be Up In Arms Over Migrants
Another Confederate traitor. Please be on the front lines when the gunplay starts.
2011 - Rick Perry: "Oops!"
The list of our Mercun traitors:
1968 - Nixon colludes with North Vietnam to not sign the Paris Peace Treaty before the election to help him win.
1980 - Reagan colludes with Iran to not release the hostages prior to the election to help him win.
2024 - Trump colludes with MAGA House Republicans to not secure the border prior to the election to help him win — Wash Spin (comments>

Schlapp: Carroll Judgment Signals The End Of America
Hopefully, it's the end of con men like him.
His smarmy golden calf has shot his fake wad and so have cretins like him!

'This is the Achilles heel': Experts say Trump’s 'undisciplined' rage could doom campaign
""[The victory speech] was essentially a train wreck and exhibited all the worst tendencies of Donald Trump. It was an undisciplined Trump and this is what turns off independent voters," Schiller said. "This is the Achilles heel for the Trump campaign and they know it."
These people know a lot about Trump and are deniers. They make it all political and they continue to ignore his lack of morals, lack of a conscicence, and no empathy, it's all about him and no one else. He's a dangerous predator.

Trump threat to bar Nikki Haley supporters backfires as cash floods in
He keeps showing how his mind is gone.

'He stiffed Rudy': Trump faces 'new potential legal problem' in Giuliani bankruptcy case
The same day Donald Trump was hit with a massive defamation verdict in E. Jean Carroll's defamation case, it was reported that the ex-president could be sued on behalf of Rudy Giuliani in connection with the former mayor's bankruptcy.
This person is not fit to be our president. Anyone who thinks so should check their reasoning.

'Simply false': GOP's latest witness in impeachment inquiry blows apart Biden accusations
“To be clear, President Biden — while in office or as a private citizen — was never involved in any of the business activities we pursued,” Rob Walker told the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees.

Habba's closing 'did the seemingly impossible' and made Trump's 'position worse': expert
Think of the clients she'll be getting after her "performance."

Angry Alina Habba cut off mid-rant by CNN's Jake Tapper: 'Not particularly effective'
Not finished? Oh yes, finished is exactly what she is.

Newsom Hits 'Shameful' Republicans For Ditching Bipartisan Border Deal
California Gov. Gavin Newsom whacked the spineless Republicans who are again capitulating to Trump on the one issue they keep pretending they actually care about so that Trump can have it as a political issue for the election.

Pirro Pulls A Trump, Confuses Him For Jason Miller
It's time for the former judge to take a mental acuity test, no?
"On Fox News' The Five, co-host Jeanine Pirro took a page from Trump's confused and mentally disturbed state of mind when she thought James Carville referred to her lord and savior as a Nazi, when the former Clinton advisor specifically attributed that to Trump advisor Jason Miller.
James Carville did describe Trump as a "wretched human being" to Ari Melber for being convicted of rape and on that we can all agree."
Trump lost the 2020 election but I guess she got confused. Take another drink.

New Law Would Illegalize AI Taylor Swift Porn Flooding Internet
AI abusers get busted right quick. It won't be the last time.

GOP senator who voted to acquit Paxton wants Senate to consider reopening impeachment proceedings
Remember, it ain't over, til it's over. It looks like it ain't over.

Trump is an ‘oath-breaking insurrectionist’ who shouldn’t be allowed to run, challengers argue
Every one knows this. They just won't admit it.

Heartless’ Statue Thieves Steal Everything but Jackie Robinson’s Shoes
Find them, indict them, convict them and sentence them to 20 years in prison without parole.
“Our community is devastated,” local police wrote.

Police Arrest Teen Said to Be Linked to Hundreds of Swatting Attacks
A California teenager who allegedly used the handle Torswats to carry out a nationwide swatting campaign is being extradited to Florida to face felony charges, WIRED has learned.
This should also carry a terrorist charge.

Jury hits Trump with massive amount of damages in E. Jean Carroll defamation trial
"The jury has reached a decision in Donald Trump's second defamation trial involving E. Jean Carroll, according to Inner City Press."
"Jurors awarded the author and columnist $7.3 million for compensatory damages, $11 million to restore her reputation, and $65 million in punitive damages for defamatory statements Trump made against Carroll while serving as president after she accused him of raping her decades ago in a Manhattan department store dressing room. The total amount is $83.3 million."
CNN called it a "significant victory" for the defamed columnist.

'Massive mistake': Trump's allies are turning against him for his latest blunder
"Yeah, I think there's quite a few Republican members that are very concerned that the opportunity to pass what many would consider to be the most conservative border package in a generation, if they just allow that to go by the wayside because of presidential politics, would be a massive mistake," confirmed Nobles.

The Uber Rich Are Funding “National School Choice Week” to Attack Public Schools
These fascists want to have "Hitler's Children" schools.

Conservatives in Tennessee, Oklahoma Introduce “Abortion Trafficking” Bills
The Nazi Volunteer state. As Jonathan Winters used to say, "Just a hood with a badge."

Colorado Voters Press SCOTUS On Trump Ballot Ban
Back the Constitution or resign, dudes.

Trump Was Secretly Behind RNC Plan To Crown Him
“An ally of Donald Trump is now withdrawing a proposal to make the former president the presumptive Republican nominee before he has even got enough delegates to be the Republican nominee. It's a withdrawal that came just hours after Trump distanced himself from the effort."
Arrogance to the nth degree.

Joe Biden Just Stopped A Huge Methane Gas Export Plant. It's A Big Not-Fracking Deal
"Climate guy Bill McKibben’s headline shortly after the Times story went up pretty much encapsulated the stunned/happy reaction of climate activists: ”Um, I think we all just won.” McKibben, still hedging a little, wrote, “if it’s true, and I think it is, this is the biggest thing a U.S. president has ever done to stand up to the fossil fuel industry.”

Texas Wants A Hot War With Joe Biden, And Republican Governors Want To Help!
AI just can't re-create a human hand to save its intelligence.

UAW Endorses Fellow Picket Line Walker Joe Biden
“Donald Trump is a scab. Donald Trump is a billionaire and that's who he represents. If Donald Trump ever worked in an auto plant, he wouldn't be a UAW member, he'd be a company man trying to squeeze the American worker.” — UAW President Shawn Fain

Texans face a bigger burden than ever to pay rent, study finds
Texas - the Rip-Off state.

‘Bratty’ and ‘megalomaniacal’ Trump mocked for walking out of court after being criticized
He's a snot-nosed loser and will be forever in eternity.
He'll never be able to pay her the fines he keeps heaping on himself so he will eventually serve time in prison. It's unavoidable for him.

'God's Army' trucker convoy heading to southern border on 'biblical' anti-migrant crusade
They're going to stop God from delivering the people to freedom? When did these fruitcakes get their commission?

What Happens When Trump Isn’t Allowed to Lie
Google will take his place.

Google’s New AI-Powered Browser Could Mark the End of the Human Internet
I never thought I'd say this but Google could very well become a serious problem to world stability.
Big Brother will soon arrive.

Massive Global Study Shows “Rapid and Accelerating” Groundwater Loss
“Groundwater is one of our best buffers against climate variability and change in the future,” said Jasechko. “Managing it wisely is in our best interest, given the inherent uncertainties of what comes next.”

Tillis: It’s “Immoral” To Bow To Trump On Border Deal
"Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., urged his colleagues not to make it all about politics at the behest of another candidate."
“I didn’t come here to have the president as a boss or a candidate as a boss. I came here to pass good, solid policy,” Tillis said. “It is immoral for me to think you looked the other way because you think this is the linchpin for President Trump to win.”

WSJ Condemns Trump For “Sabotaging” Border Deal
Read the full editorial.
The @WSJ asks: Does the GOP really want to solve the border problem? Or is it all just posturing?

SD Gov: I’ll Personally Drive More Razor Wire To Texas
Another member of the Confederacy.

Kirk Staffer Suggests “Armed Revolt” Against Jews
"Turning Point USA Ambassador Evan Kilgore appeared on the show of virulent antisemite Stew Peters, where the two alleged that Jewish people are behind the world’s problems and advocated for armed revolt. After claiming that the government is “Jewish-controlled,” Kilgore said that people “have to be willing to stand up and use their firearm, use the Second Amendment to protect themselves against this tyranny.”
Nazis threaten to murder Jews as usual.

Abortion Bans Resulted In 65K Rape-Related Pregnancies
"And which states should be hanging their heads in shame? Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia."
All memebers of the Land of the Happy Negro. What has happened to our "civilzed society"?

Can you deprogram your Trump cultist friends and family?
"We are living in James Madison’s nightmare."

Trump keeps digging himself deeper into abyss in Carroll defamation lawsuit: legal expert
"Rubin noted that Carroll and her attorneys have demonstrated that she has received "rape threats and death threats…. almost daily since his defamation began four years ago, roughly — four plus years ago."
The loser keeps losing.

Not just Trump: GOP voters cheer and applaud Boebert and 5 GOP rivals for arrest records
Which makes them criminals too since Trump is a rapist. And all of them are victims of the law.

'It rattles him': Source claims Biden's 'loser' taunt is getting under Trump's skin
Trump is a loser. The only reason he was elected in 2016 was James Comey's email stunt.

Greg Gutfeld's sexual obsession with AOC accidentally reveals the insecurities of the MAGA man
Donald Trump's brief "testimony" Thursday was more of the same: MAGA tough guys run away when confronted

RNC Withdraws Plan To Crown Trump As Its Nominee
The MAGAts attempt to throw out rules and dictate.

Watters: We Need A Dictator “To Get Things Done”
It won't be you, twerp. Mindless fascist moron.
The same Nazi policy Americans fought in WWII. America has forgotten. Big mistake.

Oklahoma Gov: Red States Would Send Troops To Texas
More Nazi cult traitors threaten America. They want a Civil War where most of them will be erased. And they use our southern border as their excuse for their violence?
If any of these states secede they can't vote for Trump because they lose their voting rights in America. Trump loses automatically.

EU Threatens To Suspend Hungary’s Voting Rights
Too bad America can't handle Nazis like the EU.

Hate Group Fires Pastor Over His Gay Wedding Advice Because Attending Is Like Driving An Alcoholic To A Bar
The shallowness and ignorance of so-called "Christians."
"Always remember that the far-right hates "cancel culture" ... except when they do it." — Right Wing Watch (comments)

Peter Navarro's Presser Interupted By 'Commie' Hecklers
"None of these people would know a commie if they came up and bit them in the butt."
Dude, you're a convict.

Trump's running mate checks all the 'awful' boxes
The female equivalency to Trump. A pure Nazi. "Stefanik fits the bill perfectly."

Trump Calls On States To Deploy Troops To Texas
Trump calls for treasonous Civil War.
Get him in prison now.

FL University To Close “Indoctrinating” LGBTQ Center
Naked fascism. NAZIS will not be tolerated.

Iowa Bill Would Ban Ballot Challenges To Hair Furor
The Nazi scum must be stopped. These bastards are pissing on the Constitution.
Time to do what is necessary to preserve it.

How the “Limited Government” Scam Rolls On
“Limited government” means to take power away from governments elected by and answerable to the voters and hand that power off to massive, monopolistic corporations and the morbidly rich.

Florida Republicans Advance Bill To Make Kids “Start Working Full-Time”
These Nazi MAGAts are too lazy to work so they have to get kids to do it for them?
No college opportunity for these kids? Fuck these retards.

Georgia GOP declares war on 'Marxist' American Library Association
America will then make war on the Georgia MAGAt Nazi Party.

More states are pushing to stop legally recognizing trans people in public life
Them America will stop recognizing the shit pile doing this.

'Most ridiculous direct examination I’ve ever seen': Trump testimony bemuses experts
""I expect Trump will now go out and tell the press that the judge wouldn't let him talk and he's a victim — and he'll fundraise off that, and then post in all-caps on Truth Social about his victimness," legal analyst Allison Gill observed.
This is the moron that the morons want as leader of this country. Playing the eternal victim card which is all we ever get from the MAGAts. Putrid.

Trump has 'miscalculated' the impact Carroll trial will have on election: ex-GOP rep.
This is all because of his mental condition. He should be in therapy but he's too far gone.
The vapid stare to nowhere in the photo. Observing the void in his warped brain.

Cruz: Trump Would “Whip Biden’s Ass” In Cognitive Test
Cruz couldn't knock his way out of a wet paper bag. Did he say "Whale"?

Trump 'stumbled' in deposition when asked which years he was married to second wife
Ted, this idiot is a lame-brain deluxe! You must be related!

Trump Secretly Pressured Several GOP Senators To Kill Bipartisan Border Deal So Biden Can’t Chalk Up A Win
So, the criminal tries to rig another one. What a lame-brain.

Iowa Bill Would Force Students To Sing Anthem Daily

Florida Advances Bill Forcing Public Schools To Set Aside Time For Student Recruiting By “Patriotic Organizations
The Nazi shitpile that is Florida.

Florida Advances Bill To “Legally De-Trans” Individuals
The Nazi shits should go under and get fronal lobotomies. They deserve it.

Trump Loses Yet Another Bid To Dismiss Carroll Case
The criminal is a loser.

BREAKING: Peter Navarro Sentenced To Four Months
Another Trump mobster thrown in jail.

US economy surges with 3.3% growth last quarter
"The nation’s economy grew at an unexpectedly brisk 3.3% annual pace from October through December as Americans showed a continued willingness to spend freely despite high interest rates and price levels that have frustrated many households."
Joe Biden is a winner. America is a winner with Biden.

Groups That Scammed Seniors Funded Event For Turning Point USA
"When Trump fan club Turning Point USA hosted a four-day extravaganza last month featuring prominent extremists, it was partially funded by two groups the feds say bilked millions from elderly Republicans and anti-communist émigrés from China"
The Trump mob freely feeds on America at will. The mob names are all listed. There is no longer justice in America.

UAW President Shawn Fain: Trump Is A Scab
The beggest, festering scab that ever lived.

Study Estimates 26,000 Rape-Related Pregnancies In TX Since Abortion Ban
"The nauseating stats come from a study published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Although the study focused on 14 states that implemented total abortion bans following the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the statistics for Texas stand out."
That's a lot of violent crimes even for the great fascist state.

'Horrified' insiders don't want 'mentally unfit' Trump on a stage with Haley: Morning Joe
He has lost contact with all reality

'Like a dirty old shoe': Internet laughs at Trump's apparent makeup job gone wrong
"Like a well-meaning, slow-witted lunkhead who couldn’t resist when he saw an open jar of Nutella. He should not be president again but he should be allowed to have goofy adventures like this."
Lipstick on a pig still leaves a pig.

Who are No Labels’ donors? Democratic groups file complaints in an attempt to find out
The Monkey Wrech Gang.

Trump Secretly Pressured Several GOP Senators To Kill Bipartisan Border Deal So Biden Can’t Chalk Up A Win
Scumbag. Throw him in the sewer where he belongs.

Nitrogen hypoxia: Why Alabama's execution of Kenneth Smith stirs ethical controversy.

SCOTUS Allows Alabama To Use Nitrogen Execution
These creatures are barbarians.

Hate Group Sues CVS Over Catholic Clinic Nurse Fired For Refusing To Fill Woman’s Birth Control Prescription
"They didn’t fire her for her religious beliefs." Nope! Nope! Nope! Do your job, quit, get fired, or kill yourselves morons! This ain't your cult church. Nope! Nope! Nope!
Florida: Hell's back yard.

Dem Rep: Biden Should Nationalize TX National Guard
“Governor Abbott is using the Texas National Guard to obstruct and create chaos at the border,” Castro said in a statement. “If Abbott is defying [Monday’s] Supreme Court ruling, President Biden needs to establish sole federal control of the Texas National Guard immediately.”
Absolutely. Occupy Texas! Abbott's treason is second only to Trump's treason.
He speaks with forked tongue. He can handle border but the border is the problem? Someone is full of shit. That is more than obvious it is Abbott and his failed toadies. They've been waiting and hoping to become martyrs.
"Will anyone be charged for the deaths of a migrant mother and her two children whom the TX NG deliberately ignored at the Governor's request?" — Max-1 (comment)
Abbott must pay! He's asking for it.

The Internet Cringes As Trump Publicly Humiliates Tim Scott
There used to be places to put mentally ill people like this. Now we just put them on TV.

Ohio Pastor Who Helped Homeless Brave Ice Storm Is Suing
GOOD. Ohio Pastor Files Federal Lawsuit Over Charges for Helping Homeless. An attorney for Pastor Chris Avell said city officials have launched a "smear campaign of innuendo and half-truths" to get him to stop hosting homeless people in his church.
So much for hyocrites.

Putin-connected businessman loaned $8M to Trump entity involved in alleged insider trading
Trmp swine don't care.

When White Flags Turn Red in Gaza
Pervasive Impunity Fuels Unlawful Killings
This is murder by any definition. You don't shoot at a white flag. The guilty must pay.

Hunter Biden's friend schools Republican Andy Biggs during impeachment hearing
Morris, who is admitted to the Bar in California and New York, explained that he researched the ethics of loaning money to clients. "I'll just clarify, Congressman, that the California rules of professional procedure, which I've looked at, there's nothing wrong with a loan to a client when the client is fully informed and has complete knowledge."
Biggs replied, "Yeah, I've read the rules in California as well, and I'm choosing not to get into that right now. I mean, we might get into —"
"Yeah, becaue I'm right," Morris interrupted Biggs.
"We might get into that later, I don't know, but we don't need to get into it now," Biggs said.
Sounds like someone was castrated here.

Uh Oh, Kayleigh McEnany Gonna Have To Put Dollar Bill In Fox News 'Told The Truth' Jar
"He wasn’t even on the ballot, because New Hampshire was being a real New Crampshire in Biden’s and the DNC’s ass about giving up its “first in the nation” primary status, blah blah blah, if you want all the details, click here. The point is, Biden wasn’t on the ballot, and he still won. (Dean Phillips, meanwhile, was a giant fucking loser. More on that later!)"
McENANY: "This was actually a fairly good night for Joe Biden."
“Why is he so angry?” asked Haley’s people, to Politico Playbook. “For someone who’s not threatened by Nikki, he sure talks about her every chance he gets."
He likes to do it with anybody at anytime. He's an arrogant jackwad.

Texas Goes Full Fort Sumter On Supreme Court
"Border enforcement is not the state’s job, and federal supremacy doesn’t exist only when Republicans are in the White House (usually against the popular will)."
There is prececdent for Federal troops to occupy the state. Are they actually prepared for anther Alamo?

EPA Can’t Enforce Civil Rights Protections, Trump-Appointed Judge Rules
"A ruling in Louisiana by a federal judge appointed by former Republican President Donald Trump will make it even harder for communities to fight environmental racism and the establishment of “sacrifice zones,” said one advocacy group on Tuesday. U.S. District Court Judge James Cain, Jr., appointed in 2018, ruled in favor of Louisiana eight months..."
This is what you get when you put Nazis in justice enforcement.

More Texans than ever before enrolled in ACA health plans in 2024, feds say
And they really want to kill it? Then keep voting for the fascists, suckers.

Trump’s Poor Showing in New Hampshire
As to the comments on percentages of party members, the latest I found was up-to-present.
49 million Democrats, 38.8 Republican, and, at least, 39 million Independents. (est.)

Jon Stewart Returns to ‘The Daily Show’ Through 2024 Election
Voice of America returns.

Big Funeral Exploits Consumers Under Guise of Inflation
Reduced inflation across the economy magnifies the sectors where high markups persist.
It's a great service. I understand people are dying for it.
On the other hand one may will their last remains as a doner to the medical industry for zero, nil, nada, nothing. They come and take you away as well.

'Bad night for Trump' as New Hampshire revealed 'cracks in the armor': MSNBC's McCaskill
Donald Trump may have won New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation Republican primary, but MSNBC's Claire McCaskill said his tighter-than-expected margin of victory over Nikki Haley revealed some "cracks in the armor."
We all know he's cracked.

Biden Wins a Double Victory in New Hampshire
"The contrast with the glowering Trump and the Republicans who are on a white-knuckle ride with him should be richly rewarding for the 46th president."

'Improper medical practices': White House pharmacy was a 'hot mess' during Trump’s presidenc
"The report is 80 pages long and takes a close look at the pharmacy's condition during Donald Trump's four years in the White House."
Another Trump failure. But I'm sure he got his.

CNN panel 'shocked' by New Hampshire exit polls showing red flags for Trump
Some are even black with skulls and crossbones.

The Smiths’ Johnny Marr To Trump: Stop Using My Song
Thieves will be thieves.

Court Upholds Pharma Douche’s Ban From Industry
Paying attention, Donnie?

Trump Has Spectacular Meltdown As New Hampshire Results Roll In
Trump got beaten up by a girrrrrl!
The majority of the votes she gets, if not all, will be Biden votes in November.

Charlie Kirk Demands TX Gov Start A Civil War Over Razor Wire
I noticed he didn’t say a word about putting his own fanny on the line
They already have, you jerk. It's just a matter of the Union troops occupying the state.

Trump Threatens Haley During Victory Speech In New Hampshire
Donald Trump threatened his last remaining rival during his victory speech in New Hampshire, telling supporters that she'd be under investigation just like he is for “stuff she doesn’t want to talk about.”

Trump’s 'immunity' argument is a recipe for a 'dark American future': former federal prosecutor
Of course it is. Trump himself is a "dark American future" for any reason.
The cowardly opposition doesn't want to offend the most offensive asshole. Trump is going to lose in the end because there will be more unafraid Americans against him than anyone the criminal imagines.

Dean Phillips Condemns Whoever Said Thing About Running With No Labels, Man, Fuck THAT Guy! (It Was Dean Phillips.)
"Maybe next time just start all sentences with “I’d be a clown-boning batshit if I said the following words.” Or end all sentences with, 'I’m Dean Phillips, and do I approve this message? Perhaps I don’t.'
But again, this just goes to show that with egotistical whack-a-mole Dunning-Kruger spokesmodels like Dean Phillips, it behooves us to kick the shit out of them early and often."

MAGA Idiots Pretty Sure Nikki Haley Not Brown Enough To Experience Racism, Is Faking It
It goes against the conventional wisdom to suggest that anybody could give Donald Trump a run for his money in the Republican primary. After all, what more do Republican voters want if not a deranged, demented criminal white supremacist authoritarian with self-esteem issues and pretty obvious brain damage who resents and hates the same people they do? He’s a reflection of them in some ways, and also they really think he’s as rich as he says."

MTG threatens any Republican not supporting Trump will be 'eradicated' from the GOP
There's your "swath" creator. We'll just call her the "Eradicator, Swisher of Swaths."

'Absolutely hate him': Analysts find 'whole swath' of Republicans will 'never' vote Trump
Is it a 'whole swath," a 'half-swath," or a "quarter-swath"? Just wondering where you get a 'swath measuring device.'
I'd say it was "100 million."

Six-Fingered Trump Boasts About His “Pole Numbers"
The age of AI. Isn't it wonderful America? Or is it merely copying audio and doing clever editing of Biden voice tracks?

Email sheds new light on Texas House candidate Jared Woodfill’s role in Southern Baptist leader’s sex abuse scandal
Woodfill has been endorsed by Attorney General Ken Paxton despite his connection to Paul Pressler, a prominent religious figure accused of rape.
Emails Suggest Notorious Anti-LGBTQ Activist Helped Provide Victims To Accused Southern Baptist Pedophile

Michael Knowles: Feds Should Pay Trump’s Legal Bills
This Bozo is more scatter-brained than Trump.

GOP Rep Urges Texas To Defy Supreme Court Ruling As State National Guard Rolls Out More Border Razor Wire
Occupy the fascist state with Federal troops and set up a provisional government.
These Nazis think they are a separate country. Well then, America must occupy them. There is precedent for it.

Texas Hit With UN Complaint Over LGBTQ Rights
The fascist state was behind 1 in 5 of all anti-LGBTQ plus bills introduced nationwide in 2023

Patriot Front Nazis Stymied By New York City Subway Turnstiles
Automatons programming fails.

'You think we’re the enemy': Fox News hosts scoff as Haley chides them for trying to 'coronate' Trump
She thinks that because that's exactly who Fox has been since Rupert Murdoch created it in 1996. America's favorite fascist propaganda source.

'Lingering courtroom questions' could 'doom Trump’s general election chances': legal expert
"The results in Iowa last week were a win for Donald Trump," Khardori explains, "but they also underscored that the former president's ongoing legal troubles are among his biggest liabilities in a rematch with Joe Biden. Nearly a third of Republican caucus-goers told pollsters that Trump would not be 'fit' for the presidency if he is convicted of a crime — a sizable defection that, if it held, would likely doom Trump's general election chances."
It's either Trump goes or America dies. No question who goes here.

'Losingest loser': Journalists say 'Trump’s in big trouble'
“Donald Trump has a problem no matter what happens in New Hampshire tonight,” Politico’s White House Bureau Chief Jonathan Lemire wrote on X, quoting a piece from Politico. “There’s a whole swath of the Republican electorate and a good chunk of independents who appear firmly committed to not voting for him in November if he becomes the nominee.”

GOP rep celebrates infrastructure bill funding he voted against and called 'socialism'
The very defintion of a fascist. Scammers and con men who hate the people.

Donald Trump has a big problem ahead
"There’s a whole swath of the Republican electorate and a good chunk of independents who appear firmly committed to not voting for him in November if he becomes the nominee."

'My conscience won't let me vote for a criminal': NH voters speak out against Trump
"I was a lifelong Republican until President Trump," said Kathryn Wood. "I would like to get the Republican Party back to its normal conservative values."
"My conscience won't allow me to vote for a criminal," said Jack Wolber. When Treene asked him what compelled him to vote for Haley, he replied, "She's not Trump."

Trump Challenges Nikki Haley To Pick Out Which One Is ‘Camel,' Bet She Can't
"Today is the New Hampshire primary, and when Republicans go to the polls there, they will be pulling the lever for a man who is still bragging about the dementia test he (allegedly) aced six years ago."

Donald Trump Challenged Nikki Haley To An ‘Aptitude Test’ And You Know What Happened
A 5-year old emerged. A brain wasted.

Morning Joe predicts doom for GOP: 'If Trump wins tonight Republicans lose in the fall'
"You can't elect a guy who is obsessed with 2020," Scarborough added. "You've got to elect a guy or a woman in this case who can help you move forward over the next four, five, 10 years. All Donald Trump does is talk about himself. You need to elect a president who talks about you and your family. Trump will never do that, ever! But if you want that, if you want to lose again, thank you, Jesus, for giving us free will, Republicans lose again, it's in your hands. But that decision is made tonight, it's made tonight. If Donald Trump wins tonight, Republicans will lose ag