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Biden Sworn In As 46th President Of United States

China Sanctions Ex-Trump Admin Officials Including Pompeo, Bannon Within Minutes Of Inauguration
Even China recognizes a scumbag.

Goodbye, Trump! Parting Is Such Sweet Joy
For four years, those of us who care about justice have fought from a defensive crouch. Now, with Biden, we can at least fight standing up, pushing for actual progress.

'Pretty Repulsive': Wolf Blitzer Smacks Trump Holding A Campaign Rally On The Way Out
Trump was classless in, classless out.

'He's Gone': Celebrations as 'Worst and Most Dangerous President in American History' Departs White House
"Goodbye and good riddance Donald Trump. See you at your trial," said Sen. Ed Markey.

On Four Straight Years Of Never Calling That Hot Garbage 'President Trump'

Even After an Insurrection, Corporate Media Can't Let Go of False Balance
If editors learn anything from the events of the last four years, it should be that "balance" is a dangerous substitute for fairness and accuracy.

Latinos For Trump Wants Election Tossed Because Congress DOES NOT EXIST
From Texas, wouldn't ya know.
We are setting remarkably high watermarks for BATSHIT CRAZY NUT BALLS!

It’s A New Day For The Nation — And For Church-State Separation

Calls grow for expulsion of 'insurrectionist' Josh Hawley after he roadblocks Biden DHS pick
Get his ass out.

Georgia lawyer hit with string of criminal charges after bragging about being first to kick in Pelosi's office door
He bought that door but didn't get a price quote first. That was a mistake.

'The ultimate loser': Conservative breaks down all the ways Trump has been a total ‘disaster’ for the GOP

SCOTUS faces bomb threat amid Biden inauguration
The scum are still with us. Don't forget that.

QAnon believers refuse to give up even after Trump leaves White House — here are their craziest theories
A special flavor of batshit.

Trump Scurries Off To Florida Ahead Of Biden Inauguration
Good riddence. May we never see your sorry ass again ever.

Trump Privately Weighs Abandoning GOP To Start His Own ‘Patriot Party’
Good. That way we'll know where the 33% deplorables are at all times and the Republicans will be a smaller party.

Chuck Todd: Biden's Presidency 'Will Have Failed' If He Doesn't Deliver 100 Million Doses In 100 Days
MSNBC host Chuck Todd suggested on Tuesday that President-elect Joe Biden will have "failed" if he is unable to deliver 100 million vaccine doses during his first 100 days in office.
Todd is one of the top assholes. He should find meaningful work.

Fox And Friends Says Good Bye To 'Hard-Working' Donald: 'He Watched All The Shows'
Really, Ainsley, your sendoff for the Donald is over the top, even for you.
So sadz for Fox Fascist Propaganda Channel. They'll be so lonley.

Trump aides hid him from public during his final days because he was 'too volatile' to be around reporters: report
The bottom of the sewer.

'Good riddance you fascist white supremacist': Trump farewell gets cold shoulder

Full list: Trump pardons corrupt Republicans, rapper Lil' Wayne, and 143 others -- but not Rudy Giuliani
Trump opens doors to Phantom Zone to release deplorables on America for another round of their raping party.

Florida locals complain as Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle prepare to move in: report
There goes the neighborhood.

Trump's last two betrayals
Ya think? We'll be lucky if that's all.

'None of it has come true!' Disillusioned QAnon follower admits she's starting to lose faith
"You have no faith to lose and you know it." — Bob Dylan

'Start up the firing squads!' NYC conspiracy theorist charged in threats against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Dems
One more shame and disgrace in America.
Ask not for whom the firing squad aims....

Trump's unhinged, tone-deaf list of "American heroes" is a fitting emblem of his presidency
From Muhammad Ali and Dr. Seuss to Columbus and Edward R. Murrow, the list of names is baffling & poorly researched
Of course, it's from a lunatic that started a civil war. A working third grade education doesn't help.

U.S. surpasses 400,000 coronavirus deaths on Trump's final full day in office

The signs that our American empire is crumbling
It was nice while it lasted.

New report reveals multiple GOP lawmakers sought pardons for their roles in the Capitol riot
Need any more convincing that our country is crumbling?
There is no penalty large enough for these fucking "patriots." What a disgrace.

McConnell Points The Finger At Trump: 'The Mob' Was 'Provoked By The President'
On the eve of his transition from Senate Majority Leader to Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell admits Trump incited a mob to armed insurrection.
Here’s the alarming reason the Capitol rioters were so easily captured — according to experts
Dude, we know they are as dumb as a box of rocks. But we also know there is nothing harmless about them. They are a gang of the world's most wanted murderers. Nothing will change them because they want an all white America. That ain't going to happen no matter what these fools do. That's not every Republican. That's just the FUBAR crazy motherfuckers who are still riding the Trump train to Hell.

McConnell is positioning himself by using a term that gives him wiggle room.
He didn't use the word "incite." Sorry, folks. Bullshit is called.

WATCH: Fox's 'Hannity' Is Now Just One Long Ramble Of Right Wing Trigger Words
He got the memo that the meme of the hour is "deprogramming" but he didn't bother to write a script.
The lead facsist racist pukes again. He's already killed your brain and ruined your kids. He did it without you even knowing it.

Feds Say Oath Keepers Planned Group’s Role In Capitol Breach
Such a surprise.
Goodbye to your little Afterbirther Army. The trap you set was set for yourselves.

Bartiromo Keeps Up Trumpy Lie: Dems Dressed Up In MAGA Gear And Attacked Congress!
What happened to this woman. One time she was a decent reporter.
Sad to see how she has fallen. A very sick human—a disgrace.
Once you start lying all you can do is tell bigger and bigger lies.

Here's why Trump will be remembered as 'the worst president America has ever had': historian

How two friends' farcical, failed schemes ended with the biggest fail of all: Stop the Steal
Ali Alexander's seven-year friendship with aspiring actor Daniel Bostic failed upward, all the way to the Capitol

Trump Jr destroyed for sporting swag from militia group under FBI probe for Capitol riot
Wow! Really, WTF! No brains at all? None whatsoever! Genetically inbred moron?

Trump's final address ridiculed as only Newsmax airs it: 'Tomorrow can't come soon enough'
Newsmax may join the rest of the seditionists now.

'Going full white supremacy': Pompeo hit with furious backlash for saying 'multiculturalism' is 'not who America is'
Pompusness goes full bullshit. Tell him to go home with the rest of the deplorables.

The Inside Story Of Trump's Delusional Three-Month Slide Into Outright Fascism And Eternal Loserdom!

Yes, Trump Can Be Impeached, Convicted, Barred from Ever Holding Office Again—even after He's Gone

Republicans Must Confess Their Complicity in the Big Lie
Dominion Voting Systems goes to court to get an apology from the right-wing conspiracy mongers. Where does the country go for its apology?

Big Retailers Drop MyPillow In Aftermath Of Pro-Trump CEO’s Election Fraud Falsehoods
Another one bites the dust.

Digital Fingerprints Are Identifying Capitol Rioters

Texas man fired from his job after being arrested for storming the Capitol
And another.

Members of anti-gay group 'Super Fun Happy America' arrested for storming Capitol
And more marginals.

Missouri paper urges disbarment proceedings against Josh Hawley: 'He must answer for his treasonous misdeeds'
So should Ted Cruz but Texas has a few more in office that support extremism.

Years of impunity for right-wing extremists began with the Bundys and led to the failed Capitol Hill coup

WaPo Publishes Column Calling on Cable Companies to Shut Down Fox News, Newsmax, OAN: ‘Incited Sedition’
I believe we've already called for that from this site. Let's get it done.

U.S. files conspiracy charge against Oath Keeper leader in alleged plot against the Capitol

Experts Say More Lockdowns Possible As U.S. Covid Deaths Reach 400K
"It's more transmissible, spreading to more vulnerable populations, even casual interactions with people are much more likely to lead to infections," Dr. Sanjay Gupta said.
Get vaccinated, people.

Riley June Williams Apprehended By The FBI
The Capitol Hill rioter and (alleged thief of Nancy Pelosi's laptop) was taken into custody late last night.

Historian delivers brutal takedown of Trump commission's '1776 report': 'It's a propagandist hack job'
The Ministry of Truth, The power of Minitrue, of course. Please refer to George Orwell's novel 1984.

Robert Reich: Here's why Biden must drive a stake through the heart of dead-end 'centrism'

Ken Burns Says U.S. Has 3 Viruses: COVID-19, White Supremacy And Misinformation

FBI Warns That QAnon Followers Have Discussed Infiltrating National Guard At Biden Inauguration
This has been pointed out here before. It's a bit too late to start sorting them now, don't you think?

REVEALED: Trump spent flight to Georgia Senate rally asking allies if his coup would succeed
More sedition.

Trump planted his own 'deep state' partisans in government agencies to undermine Biden: report
More sedition.

Cartoon: The end of an error
To sum things up.

Inside The Capitol Riot: What The Parler Videos Reveal
The trove of more than 500 videos recovered from a largely pro-Trump social platform provides a uniquely immersive account of the violence and confusion as seen from inside the insurrection.
The Reveal: Look at how stupid we are providing tons of evidence for our crimes. These idiots are as stupid as advertised.

White Supremacists Who Stormed US Capitol Are Just The Most Visible Product Of Racism
There is so much more under the surface, and will continue to be unless white people recognize their responsibility to undo it.
You mean the vanishing ignorant that's so pissed about it that they want to destroy us all?

National Guard Activated in 21 States Over Fears of Inauguration Violence
The real question is: How many seditionists are in this crowd who will violate their oath to protect and defend our Constitution?

Republican Party seeks to replace GOP board member who voted to certify Michigan election results
Purging all the wrong people. Digging their own graves deeper. Talk about the no-nothings.

At least 5 anti-vaccine groups received $850,000 in federal bailout funds as pandemic raged
Our country is totally FUBAR due to these fools.

She Was Fired From Taco Bell for Being in Porn
This is America, the Ugly.
What was a "God-fearing Christian" doing watching porn, to start with? Bullshit detector just broke on this one. I smell a big fat rat.
It also appears that they hire people with bi-polar disorder as well as ex-sex workers, regard labor as indentured servitude and that they still live in caves in Arkansas.

The treasonous face of white supremacy has been laid bare

Pentagon confirms it will not hold traditional farewell ceremony for Trump as president vies for military-style parade: reports
No parades for traitors. He's not? Well, let's find out.

WATCH: Viral video calls for GOP senators to be prosecuted for 'aiding and abetting acts of terrorism'
"They need to be expelled from the Senate immediately and prosecuted for aiding and abetting acts of terrorism..."
Let's see what the jury says about the proof. It will be worth a look.

Rep. Steve Cohen Confirms Rep. Boebert Gave Tour Right Before Capitol Insurrection
Sometime between January 3rd and January 6th, Rep Boebert gave tours to visitors and friends in the days leading up to the attack on the Capitol.
Dead woman walking? She'd better be good with that pistol.

Wanted Rioter Identified, Now Running From The FBI
Riley Williams, 22, is wanted by the FBI but is refusing to turn herself in.
This is a huge mistake. But what can one expect from a traitor. Oh, you mean she was just a tour director? Let's find out.

James Carville Chortles At Trump's Latest Pardonpalooza Scandal
"Does anybody really think Trump is not getting his cut?" Carville said.
Anyone says they are, know they are putting up cover. Or they are just quibbling over the price.
I can hear them crying, "You can't indict all of us." Just watch us.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Won't Attend Joe Biden's Inauguration
She's concerned with her security? Asking for a friend.

3 in 4 Republicans Don't Think Joe Biden Won Election Legitimately: Poll
They serve no function in America.

Trump to pardon a corrupt NY politician -- prosecutor says it is proof of his empathy: report
All Trump's pardons may very well be rescinded. We are no longer 13 colonies and this power needs amending.

Trump supporters were ‘doing Putin’s bidding’ with failed coup attempt: Speaker Pelosi
As such, imprisonment for all. The private prison companies need their cells filled since all the Black marijuana victims must be released. It's just good economy practice.

Lauren Boebert: Two weeks in, and ready to give Louie Gohmert a run for America’s Dumbest Congressperson

Denial of American Fascism Has Cost Us Dearly
"What we're now seeing is the consequences of years of “Fascism Denial” by conservatives, liberals, and many progressives."

Freedom Ain't Free, and It's Past Time We Paid Our Dues
"Rust never sleeps, and neither does the disease of fascism. Fight it wherever you find it. Fight it now or fight it later, but the longer we wait, the stronger it tends to get."

A $2,000 Check Is a Good Start, but Struggling Americans Need $2,000 Every Month
Dr. King taught us that direct cash payments are a smart response to poverty and mass unemployment. In this crisis, we need to heed to call.

The Coming Republican Amnesia
How will the GOP recover from the Trump era? Pretend it never happened.
And continue coddling fascism.

This, Too, Is America
American exceptionalism died on January 6th, when the Second Civil War began. African Americans were not surprised.
Many of the rest of us expected this was coming for years. We say that it must now be finished by any means necessary. As we have already stated here "That same civil war is upon us once again. Lest our nation collapse, let us not fail to settle it once and for all this time."

Democrats have compiled an 'open and shut' case for the Senate to convict Trump: legal expert
Bu the traitors there will still be on his side as they live in fear of him.

CNN host blasts Trump sycophant: 'The shell that occupies the space that Lindsey Graham once did'

Mika Brzezinski RAGES at Zuckerberg For Misinformation, Calls for Facebook’s Shut Down: ‘You Have Destroyed This Country!’
It's a good start at building back better.

Freshman GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Agrees Hawley and Cruz Should Face Consequences for Stirring Up Capitol Riots

Records: Trump Allies Behind Rally That Ignited Capitol Riot
The riot at the Capitol, incited by Trump’s comments before and during his speech at the Ellipse, has led to a reckoning unprecedented in American history.

Rep. Lauren Boebert Faces Lawsuit After Blocking Constituents On Twitter
Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado is facing a lawsuit for allegedly violating the First Amendment rights of her constituents, including a former lawmaker.
This woman appears to be bad news for anyone. Put her out to pasture.

The Money Trail For Insurrection Rally Leads Directly To The Trump Campaign
The National Parks permit granted to the group lists more than half a dozen people in staff positions for the event who just weeks earlier had been paid thousands of dollars by Trump's 2020 re-election campaign.
Deplorables. Absolutely correct. Putrid.

Indigenous-Led Movement Credited With 'Huge Victory' as Biden Plans to Rescind Keystone XL Permit on Day One
"Our communities have been fighting KXL for over a decade, tooth and nail, in the dirt and in the courts."

Fearing Possible 'Insider Attack,' Feds Vetting 25,000 National Guard Troops Ahead of Biden Inauguration
"The very people assigned to protect the city over the next several days could present a threat to the incoming president."

Off the rails: Behind Trump's post-election meltdown

'Cowboys For Trump' Leader Arrested By FBI For His Role In Capitol Hill Riot
Couy Griffin was arrested by the FBI in D.C. on Sunday afternoon on federal charges connected with the Jan. 6 protest-turned-riot at the U.S. Capitol.
Cowboys for Trump? We used to require a course in Civics to graduate from High School. We need to make sure we are still doing it because it appears that most of these miscreants have no idea how our nation's political system works.

Confirmation That Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) Gave Tour of Capitol to Insurrectionists, January 5th.
This doesn't look good for the Sarah Palin wannabe.

Capitol Rioter May Have Stolen Pelosi’s Laptop and Tried to Sell It to Russia, Says FBI
An informant, who claims to be the woman’s ex-lover, told the FBI that she tried but ultimately failed to pass on the device to Russian intelligence.
Whatever, this woman is wanted for sedition. She will be apprehended and get what she deserves

In photos: Protests outside fortified capitols draw only small groups
The Army of the Afterbirth seems a bit disconnected.

Trump plans over 100 pardons on his last day in office amid reports his allies are selling them: report
Pardon anyone? The line forms on the right, babe.

Twitter Just Suspended QAnon-Boosting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
The Georgia congresswoman has been booted from the platform for 12 hours.
How many times? Let us now count the ways. This person must be a realtive of Trump. This person exhibits the same skills at lying.

‘I Believe I’ve Been Cleared’: Florida Man and Alleged Capitol Hill Insurrectionist Who Bragged About Acing FBI Interview Is Charged With Multiple Federal Crimes
Ya gotta see how it plays out before saying you Aced it.

Adam Schiff Says Trump Shouldn’t Get Intel Briefings After He Leaves Office: He ‘Can’t Be Trusted’
We can keep being stupid idiots or we can put a stop to one. Which will it be, America?

Trump's allies have been marketing themselves to wealthy felons seeking last-minute pardons

Bundy warns he will 'walk towards guns' if Biden tries to collect 28 years of unpaid grazing fees
Good joke, Cliven. What makes you think they'll need to use guns on your sorry ass? What an entitled moron.

Presidential pardons: Settled Law, unsettled issues, and a downside for Trump

ABC/WaPo Poll: 28% Support Trump Pardoning Himself

Alan Dershowitz: I'll Represent Kayleigh McEnany For Free If Harvard Rescinds Her Degree.
Law professor Alan Dershowitz announced on Sunday that he would offer free legal representation to any person who has their college diploma revoked after supporting President Donald Trump's election lies.
How quaint. He's so precious. Schools do rescind degrees for various reasons. Lawyers get disbarred routinely for bad behavior. People of any profession can and do lose their jobs for policy violation. History will record, and is already recording, MAGA as equivalent to Nazi. Half of the electorate use hate speech or extremism in some manner. There is trainload upon trainload of proof these things are true. There's nothing chilling about it. It simply demands honesty, uprightness and loyalty to our country's laws in exchange for the honor bestowed as well as the work that must be done to earn it. This is grandstanding as usual in defense of bad judgement at the miminum and likely criminal behavior at the highest. Otherwise, the old excuse that "I didn't know it was illegal to ..." would get you off the hook every time. The courts may well set new precedents. Let's see how this plays out.

From Paul Ryan to Nikki Haley: GOP Nightmare of Senate Budget Chair Bernie Sanders About to Come True
"When Republicans controlled the Senate they used the reconciliation process to provide huge tax breaks for the rich and large corporations," said Sanders on Saturday. "We're going to use reconciliation to protect working families, the sick and the poor."
As it should be.

Karl Rove: 'Strong likelihood' Trump will be convicted in Senate if Giuliani defends him
I guess Karl doesn't put much faith in Rudy because "there couldn't have been incitement because all the charges of widespread voter fraud are true." And that is backed up rejection. I don't blame him.
Btu you can't dismiss the number of seditionists in the Republican Senate ready to commit treason for Trump due to their...fear? Fear of the biggest chicken shit in the world?

Woman Who Took Private Jet To Capitol Riots Will Have To Manage Her Life Coaching Website In Jail

Who Loves America? Inciting a Riot to Sack the Capitol Gives Us the Answer
"This is where we are, folks. Remember the two-party system? It's over. One of our political parties, the Republican Party, has allowed itself to be taken over by revolutionaries and insurrectionists. We now have one political party and a mob."

Why Trump Must Go on Trial
The insurrectionists whom the President directed to the Capitol have, in a sense, been redeployed in an effort to secure impunity for him.

Trump’s History of Inciting Violence
The president now says that he abhors mob violence. That's not what he's been saying for the last four years.
As usual, Trump is a liar. He's just covering his own ass.

Donald Trump’s Masculinity Is an Empty Spectacle
The president ended his term in office the way he began it: by invoking a perverse vision of manliness.

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

'His conduct was seditious': House Democrats from Texas demand Ted Cruz be expelled from Senate
Sadly, he has a truck load of sedtitious MAGA Nazis to support him in Texas.

Rand Paul slammed for 'breathtaking political cowardice' over fear of impeaching Trump

Uncovering the #MAGA plot against America

With Vaccines and Stimulus on the Way, Banks Brighten Their Outlook
The biggest banks in the United States have begun to pare back the enormous reserves they had socked away in case of an economic disaster.

Poll: Majority blame Trump for Jan. 6 rioting, but not most Republicans
Partisan divisions are seen in assessments of the attack on the Capitol.
As you can see, Ben Sasse, the party has already destroyed itself by choosing sedition.

Ben Sasse: QAnon Will Destroy The GOP From Within
If we don't eradicate QAnon we'll never see peace in the United States again.

Ted Cruzifictions
Being in the United States Senate does not imbue a person with wisdom, common sense, or integrity. If you doubt that, just look at the junior Republican Senator from Texas.
You can get away with a lot in Texas politics.

'A Jim Crow Relic That Must Be Abolished': Demand to End Filibuster Grows
"Do Senate Democrats want to keep the filibuster or do they want to pass comprehensive democracy, anti-corruption, and voting rights legislation to realize the promise of a multi-racial democracy?" said one progressive organizer. "I don't see a way they can do both."

'Talk About a Super Spreader': Analysis Finds Online Election Misinformation Fell by 73% After Trump Barred
After Trump's lies disappeared from Twitter and Facebook, the dissemination of falsehoods and the conversations based on them fell dramatically.

CNN Poll: Republican Party favorability dips as most want party to move on from Trump
As fast as their little legs can carry them.

Josh Hawley planned a Florida fundraiser to fatten his PAC. It's definitely not going well
Rebuke him at every turn.

Sotomayor dissent argues 13 people executed during Trump killing spree 'deserved more from this court'

Trump Targeted the Mentally Ill With His Lame Duck Execution Spree

'Pro-Life' SCOTUS Justices Best Ever At Killing People

GOP lawmaker says Black people are glad their ancestors were brought to US as slaves
Lawsy, Ise so glad to be in de Land ob de Happy Negro!" sez all de happies.
We know this to be true because some "doctor" said it in Africa 40 years ago. Oh yeah, it was so easy for him to say, too.

"In America you get food to eat
Won't have to run through the jungle
And scuff up your feet
You just sing about Jesus and drink wine all day
It's great to be an American

Ain't no lion or tiger, ain't no mamba snake
Just the sweet watermelon and the buckwheat cake
Ev'rybody is as happy as a man can be
Climb aboard, little wog, sail away with me

Sail away, sail away
We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston Bay
Sail away, sail away
We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston Bay

In America every man is free
To take care of his home and his family
You'll be as happy as a monkey in a monkey tree
You're all gonna be an American

Sail away, sail away
We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston Bay
Sail away, sail away
We will cross the mighty ocean into Charleston Bay"

Sail Away by Randy Newman

Land of the Happy Negro (aka Battle Hymn of the Republicans) —Jeff Gutcheon

Fringe right plots new attacks out of sight
Get your knives, swords and brass knuckes ready to join the fight. A state of Civil War exists.

'His conduct was seditious': 3 House Democrats from Texas demand Ted Cruz be expelled from Senate
3? That's all that have a spine I suppose. No wonder, we're failing so as a nation.
The Texas fascists will protect him. There are tons of them.

'Thoughts and prayers to the NRA' as reviled gun lobby group files for chapter 11 bankruptcy
Movin' to Texas where corruption doesn't stop at the top.

Donald Trump Is Leaving, but American Fascism Is Just Getting Its Boots On
We’re in for a long fight. To fully defeat fascism, we have to change the system of government that allows a fervid minority to seize control.
The Constitution should not apply to fascists. There should be an amendment that says so. Too many Americans have died to defeat them.

Report: Lawmakers Were Not Informed About Police Request For Backup Ahead Of Capitol Attack
Forget the election that's all over, but who's responsible for this rig? Here's the big crime.

'Horrified' hotel boots Josh Hawley fundraiser after widespread outrage
This traitor can't show his face anywhere. Nor should he.
This guy is done and so is Ted Cruz because they knew better but fucked the pooch anyway.

GOP senator rips the 'cable-news fantasies' that destroyed his party in brutal new essay
Wine box lady is having a good time, I'm certain.

QAnon congresswoman urges her supporters to call the police on people incited by her lies
Another whack-a-doodle-doo. Mad as a March Hare. What cesspool did they drag her from? It's only a matter of time, dear.

Episode 1: A premeditated lie lit the fire

Report: Boebert’s Comms Director Is Resigning After Capitol Attack
The end is in sight for this fascist seditionist.

New Details Cast Arrest Of Virginia Man At D.C. Checkpoint In Different Light
Ya got a live one here, Broderick, 10-4 (Dan Mathews, Highway Patrol).

States Ill-Prepared To Deal With Vigilante Militias Invading Their Capitols This Weekend
Vigilante militiamen are preparing to descend on the nation’s Capitols this weekend—both in Washington, D.C., and at various state capitals around the country.
If the NG has the proper ordinance it shouldn't be a problem. Set up fields of fire with M240s, have your RPGS in place, have your armored vehicles stationed in strategic positions. That should be a good start. Assuming the CO's have a lick of sense. General Honore can help if you need tactical advice.

Desperate To Absolve Trump, Wingnuts Find Fake Antifa Member To Blame For Insurrection
Here's the latest nonsense coming from Giuliani and others who are continuing to claim that it was some false flag operation and a member of Antifa forced all of those poor helpless Trumpers to storm the halls of Congress.
This guy is a Tommy Davidson doing some guy on crack type character. We continue to live in a live theater full of mentally ill actors being coached and used by treasonous scumbags. These fuckers need to get a new writer. These chicken shits act as if they are the first ever group to lose an election. That's right, motherfuckers -- LOSE!

Rep. Jason Crow Torches Qanon Loving Congressional Members
Qanon congressional members will be investigated regarding their possible involvement in the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.
The gallows await. Crucifixion? No, a firing squard! Oh,my! No, just kidding, crucifixion. Good. Try getting a brain that is functional.

Capitol Police Are Investigating Whether Lawmakers Gave Tours To Rioters Before Capitol Attack
Let's find out.

Longtime GOP insider Mike Lofgren on his former party: "Going easy on these people will not work"
Lofgren spent 28 years on Capitol Hill. Now he says Republican zealots should be crushed, banished and ostracized
Dragged through the streets by horses.

White House Getting a Historical Deep Clean to Be Rid of the Trump Residue — Literally
Serious contamination there that can hopefully be removed after the rats are gone.

Vaccine Skepticism And A Failed Coup: How Disinformation Is Striking Back
It was one thing to know data, but it’s quite another thing to know how to interpret it. That requires critical thinking or experts to explain statistics, two elements lacking on social media.

GOP insider urges harsh crackdown on GOP zealots who should be crushed and banished
Start with the two asses in the photo.

Ahead of Biden’s Inauguration, Extremists Trade Bomb Making Instructions and Tactics Guides
Far right online forums are awash in calls for violence—and instructions on how to carry it out.
Students of Timothy McVeigh? Remember him America? How did that turn out for you and him?

Pentagon Confirms Military Will Not Hold Traditional Farewell Ceremony for Trump
As is should be. He deserves nothing from America but imprisonment.

Sotomayor Slams Trump Administration for Execution of Dustin Higgs: ‘This Is Not Justice.’
The disgrace of Trump and SCOTUS will live on in American injustice which is a long and disgraceful story.

Ingraham: Dem “Tyrants” Created A Police State In DC
This is the perfect example of a stupid media whore. Lying for Dollars.

'Pack Your Sh*t And Go!': Bill Maher Gives Trump Send-Off With Profane Children's Book
Bill Maher with an appropriate send-off for Trump as we await his departure from the White House, which can't come soon enough for most of us.
Tell it to the Trump Zombie deplorables as well. Get the fuck out!

Krazy Karen Gets Arrested: 'You're Violating My Personhood'
These Karens are really getting out of control.
Cindy Dicorrado: the perfect example of an American fool, dunce, Dumbo, moron, idiot, and MAGA indoctrinated fuckhead.
As they say: Stop squealing like a pig and tell it to the judge.
These people are responsible for the spread of Covid-19 and are co-conspirators in the death of Americans.

No, Open Sedition Is Not a First Amendment Right
The right to protest is not in dispute. If that's all the mob had done, its rights would certainly be defensible and protected.
So why is the idiot, DeSantis trying to create unconstitutional laws in Florida to stamp out protest? Answer: He is a racist MAGA Nazi and must be removed from office immediately.

Meet the GOP State AGs Who Spread Election Lies That Fueled an Insurrection
Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) never acknowledged its role in fueling Trump supporters' ire by sharing repeatedly debunked lies about the outcome of the presidential election.
The lowdown on these traitors. Have we ever been surrounded by such a large group of assassins?
Look at these motherfuckers closely.

As Democrats Confirm They Did Not Host Pre-Insurrection Capitol Tours, Which GOP Members Can Say the Same?
"I can say with 100% confidence I didn't give any Capitol tours to anyone last week," said Rep. Ocasio-Cortez on Friday. "Any Republicans out there who want to join us in answering this question?"
Let's find out, shall we?

'Deception!': Oregon governor slams Trump — revealing 'there is no federal reserve' of vaccines
And there you have a big part of the Trump failure on Covid-19 and why we are in such dire straits due to his bloody ineptness.
Dragged through the streets, I say.

With Trump’s vaccine rollout in chaos, Biden unveils five-point plan
"We will manage the hell out of this operation," Biden vowed.
And my idea is #3 on Biden's list. Thanks, Joe. Fuck Trump for preventing these points.

She Only Has One Good Lung. She Can’t Get the Vaccine.
“None of my doctors across two different hospital systems can tell me when or where I’d be able to get a vaccine.”
America is such a backward thinking country on this vaccine roll out. Stop asking people to register for it. Most are already registered with their pharmacies as they have all the records of the ages and the medications their clients are on. The record of age plus medications will automatically tell them who needs to get it first. Hell, their age should be enough! They should have the vaccine and contact these clients with an appointment to get their vaccine. Simple no-brainer, but yet we don't have the imagination to get it done.
Take a look at Joe Biden's plan above.

'Resign': It looks like Josh Hawley is in big trouble with voters in Missouri
Both Hawley and Cruz must go. They both know better than to pull the shit they tried to pull.
These traitors must not be allowed to slide by on "but we were just doing our job." Bullshit.

WATCH: Texas insurrectionist asks Trump for pardon
Not one of you bastards deserve anything but a prison sentence. Any Trump "pardon" won't be worth the paper it's printed on.
Oh, she didn't know what she was doing was wrong? Since when has that worked in a court of law, especially on sedition.

Speaker Pelosi Calls 'Camp Auschwitz' Capitol Trespasser A 'PUNK'
Though CNN anchor Dana Bash would have been fine with even more crass language than "punk," she was just fine with the Speaker using such terms to denounce the Trump-supporting anti-Semite who rioted at the Capitol last week.
That's what he is, among other things. But the good news for America is Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré is on patrol.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The insurrection fallout continues

Texas realtor who flew on private jet to the Capitol arrested after filming herself breaking in
They all did the same fool actions and were all recorded in the act. IDIOTS!
All these traitors must be issued an official Idiot Card and be registered as Idiots for the rest of their lives.

Trump’s Pentagon chief stuns reporters in 'incoherent briefing' and says: 'I cannot wait to leave'
This is a good example of Trump's "all the best peple." This guy is a barely functional illiterate.

MyPillow Guy Presents Trump With ‘China’ Election-Fraud Theory, Lawyers Send Him Packing
Following a roughly two-hour wait, according to Lindell, he finally met with White House attorneys who dismissed his claims but said they would “look into it.”
When did they release this lunatic from the booby hatch? And when did America lose it's mind and why? These answers are blowing in the wind but misinformation from sources that turn out to be media whores stand out as perpetrators. The people that shoveled the shit out to these cult morons that believed it for a profit. We know who they are.

Tucker Carlson faces backlash after mocking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's fears during Capitol riot
He should face far more than a backlash. No more liars can work on television, ever.

Photo raises alarms about a Trump ally still pushing election conspiracies at the White House
These turd stirrers are at large and must be terminated by any means necessary.

Trump ends his presidency in disgrace
How else could it possibly end?

MyPillow CEO Spotted Bringing Notes To WH That Appear To Reference ‘Martial Law,’ Installing New CIA Director
What a dochebag of hammers. The levels of idiocy have been redefined by the Dumbo regime.

A Common Line Keeps Emerging From Capitol Rioters: Trump Asked Us To Be Here
There will be no reconciliation until someone surrenders their sword. Then we can talk about terms of surrender. Victory for America or let no man return alive.

My Pillow guy's notes on 'martial law' captured by WaPo photographer -- as he entered the West Wing
He can shove that pillow up his seditious ass.

Seattle cop given 'written reprimand' for tear gassing of reporter that was broadcast live on TV
Did you slap his wrist really hard?

Pro-Trump pastor mercilessly mocked after video reveals his unhinged rant attacking 'baby-killing socialist' Biden
Where do these miscreants come from? Nutty as a fruitcake. This religious conman game has to stop. Revoke their license to bullshit.

Trump supporter pitched her real estate business to fellow rioters during Capitol insurrection: prosecutors
"We are going to fucking go in here," Ryan declared in the video. "Life or death, it doesn't matter. Here we go."
How are things going for her now? Asking for a friend.

Doctor who breached US Capitol is on a crusade to spread misinformation on COVID vaccine: report
America, do you have any shame for producing morons such as this?
We have allowed these creeps to fuck us over to the point we may not survive this shitstorm.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota is done interviewing Trump supporters: 'There's nothing anyone in this delusional group can teach us'
They can serve as a bad example of an American and a human being. That should teach us.

We Think This Mikie Sherrill Story Might Be 'Bout To Blow The F*ck Up
"This investigation needs to continue until we have all the answers, and if actual GOP members of Congress aided and abetted the attack, they need to be expelled and prosecuted and LOCK THEM UP, THAT'S RIGHT, MICHAEL FLYNN, LOCK THEM UP."

Most Americans — including a fifth of Republicans — say history will view Trump poorly

Sedition Is Not a 1st Amendment Right, and There’s No Comparison With BLM Marches

How Did He Shame Us? Let Us Count the Ways

MAGA Is an Extreme Aberration
All movements adjust their tactics over time. The president’s most extreme supporters have concluded that violence is useful.
Let's see how that works out for them, shall we?

Boebert Offers ‘Thousand Apologies’ After Assuming Dem Accused Her Of Aiding Rioters
OK. Then hand it over, "Space Force."

Justice Department Filing Says “Strong Evidence” Capitol Rioters Intended to “Capture and Assassinate” Lawmakers

Media suddenly shifts its tone on Trump — but that's not courage, it's cowardice

An FBI Agent Went Undercover to Study White Supremacists. He’s Now Speaking Out About Racist Police.
Michael German says the FBI needs to do much more to root out biased cops

Don Lemon’s Remarks About Trump Voters and The Klan and Nazis Are a Slap in the Face to 74 Million Americans
They deserve a slap in the face. Maybe it would wake them up.
But the right-wingers always claim appeasement is never the answer in a negotiation.
Appeasement Has Never Worked and It Never Will: Addendum

DC Cop Brutally Crushed In Capitol Doorway Condemns Rioters As “True Believers In The Worst Way” [VIDEO]

White Christian Radicalization Is A Violent Threat
There was a distinctly Christian nationalist presence at the U.S. Capitol riot. Some leaders are trying to publicly reject it — but others are staying silent.
Pledging allegiance to the Christian flag? I remember it well from summer Bible schools as a child.
"Onward Christian Soldiers" is no longer a metaphor, if it ever was.

Pro-Trump Extremists Got $520,000 in Bitcoin a Month Before Capitol Coup Attempt: Report
Almost half of the $520,000 was sent to MAGA Nazi Nicholas Fuentes

Leaked Parler Data Contains Stunning Details About Capitol Attack
MAGA Nazi plans revealed.

For first time, federal prosecutors label Jan. 6 'violent insurrection,' and 'armed revolution'
This is now certified Civil War. The domestic enemy will be taken by any means necessary. Let our nation now put an end to this Trump creation. Any Trump pardon will be declared null and void.

Vigilante militias organizing to invade state Capitols this weekend operate outside the law
Militias? Nope, they're armed domestic traitors. It's the big Vigilante Hoedown celebration. See if you can avoid taking hot lead as you do the dance of disgrace.

GOP Rep. Receives 'Threat' For Not Objecting To Impeachment
Rep. John Curtis tells Katy Tur about flier accusing him of treason taped to his office door just moments before his on-air interview with her.

Lynching Political Correctness
Are we in a state of national emergency?

Why is Peter Navarro still a professor at UC-Irvine?
"Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro went on Fox News and repeated the same lies and angry rhetoric that helped lead to violence in the first place."

Franklin Graham slammed for 'inciting violence' after comparing Republicans who voted to impeach to 'Judas'
Old Judas is the eternal scapegoat for doing what Big Daddy planned him to do. No, no, it wasn't Old Nick's doing. That would mean Old Nick was working for Big Daddy in the plan to get his son killed. Dad had to get him killed for three days so the tale has the immortal son ending.

Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt: Trump’s ‘fascist’ movement ‘must be crushed’ and 'annihilated'

US rioters sought to 'capture and assassinate' lawmakers at Capitol: prosecutors
Jake, I hope your diet suits you. You'll be eating it a long time.

QAnon congresswoman alerts FBI on Keith Olbermann -- because he predicted she is 'going to prison'
These "tough" 2nd Amendment fanatics are the biggest snowflakes on the planet and the dimmest bulbs in the box.

Alabama senator suggests delaying the inauguration — not realizing the date is in the Constitution: report
Tommy: Shit / Applebutter.

The post-Trump GOP, gutted

This Republican fiercely believed in Trump. Now she doesn't 'believe in America anymore'
"...many of the president's loyal followers like Sandra still believe there is a conspiracy against him."
Sandra, there is no conspiracy to remove Trump. There is, however, a movement to remove him from office. Movements to change our course in the United States have been going on throughout our history. This is what happens in a Democratic Republic. We don't live in a MAGA dictatorship. That you don't understand this clearly illustrates your ignorance of American history and a lack of any intelligence on your part. Go home and do some studying before its too late for you.

A psychopathic president's last act
"What should now be clear to everyone is that Donald Trump does not love democracy or our country."

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Sorting through a week of chaos

Far Right Finds One Another In Darker Corners Of Internet As Mainstream Platforms Crack Down
Smaller social media and chat platforms such as Gab have seen an increase in users since major mainstream platforms began cracking down on far-right extremists following last week's Capitol riot.
MAGA Nazis move communications to back alleys.

Navarro Says Impeachment 'Did Violence' To Trump
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro revealed on Thursday that he's "never been more pissed off" after the U.S. House of Representatives made President Donald Trump the first president in history to be impeached twice.
He can find work cleaning toilets.

Maloney Wants Criminal Charges For Rep Who Gave MAGA Rioters A Prep Tour Of Capitol
NY Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney believes coordinating with rioters and aiding sedition is beyond Congressional investigation. "The hell with the Ethics Committee. These people need to be charged criminally."

Bernstein: 'Delusional, Dangerous, Seditious' Trump Needs A 'Constitutional Straitjacket'
"The gravest danger to the United States and our national security interests have been the President of the United States himself." -- Veteran journalist and Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein
The head Turd Stirrer. A real straitjacket wouldn't hurt either.

Whoa, The Daily Show Compiles Violent Rhetoric Of 'Heroes Of The Insurrection'
The reason MAGA rioted on January 6 is they were TOLD TO. Here's who told them.
Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, our lead seditionists. Goodbye, boys.
Gosar looks to be mentally impaired. His Republican brother wants him out.

Tucker Carlson: Forget MAGA Riots, Dems Are Using 'Force' To Change America
Forget about Trump causing a violent insurrection at the US Capitol, Democrats impeaching Trump is the real outrage.
You're the ones brandhishing loaded weapons and killing people. Get fucked.
There's a war you motherfuckers started. You will pay.

Why DHS Failed To Warn The Country About Jan. 6
Duhhh...jeez what could it be? It couldn't be an inside job, of course. Some seditious Trump scumbags? Jesus Henry Christ, we don't want to offend the motherfucking MAGA Nazis? BULL D FUCKING SHIT!!!! These motherfuckers started a Civil War!!!!!

Fox News Reporter: U.S. Capitol Looks Like Baghdad's Green Zone
This is truly a sad moment in the history of our country.
These fuckers ought to know it's a war zone. They helped create this war with their goddamn misinformation that the Zombies ate like fools.

Rick Wilson Unloads On The Whiny Bitch Victimhood Of The Republican Party
"Twitter and Facebook aren’t banning you because you’re a conservative. They’re banning you because you suck. They're banning you because you say evil shit," said Wilson to Joy Reid.
Whiny bitch is dumb as a sack of hammers. We have a big sack of hammers in the U.S.
The Nazis were all executed or imprisoned. The same goes for these Nazis.

At Least 28 Cops Were Attendees at Pro-Trump Rally Preceding Attack on Capitol
And you wonder why we have a hard-on for fuckin' cops?

Secret Service spent $3K a month on rental toilet after Jared and Ivanka wouldn't let them use their bathroom
Special turds

Arrested Capitol rioter claims he thought officer he beat with US flagpole was 'antifa': report
Really? He's claiming he thinks? He's claiming he has a brain with frontal lobes functional?
If he thinks he was beating 'antifa' he's as delusional as Winnie The Pooh and all his friends.

QAnon shaman accidentally unravels GOP impeachment defense: ‘He came at the request of the president’
Horny Boy spills the beans.
"If you don't fight like hell you're not going to have a country anymore." Anyone that doesn't think that's treason is playing with their pecker or twiddling with their pussy.

Arrest warrant issued after far-right personality 'Baked Alaska' skipped court hearing: report
On the run? Any reward for dead or alive? Asking for an armed friend.

QAnon was at the center of the Capitol assault, and could get worse after Trump is gone
Not if they can be terminated at a rapid rate.

White Evangelical Christians Sticking With Trump Until The Bitter End
The lost tribe of white supremes.

George Will: Josh Hawley has surpassed Lindsey Graham as the most 'ludicrous' US senator

Georgia GOP state senators stripped of duties after backing Trump's coup to overturn the election
Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Lindsey Graham Only Supports Impeachment For Seditious Blow Jobs, Not Violent Insurrections

America and the Mob
For the next four years, prepare for the mob and its political representatives to rely on street power to identify, campaign for, and put into office their next Great White Hope.
Level the Karma of the Mob. Eliminate them by any means necessary or that's what they will do to us.

There Can Be No ‘Unity’ With Seditious Republicans
There can only be accountability from them.

Reanimated Corpse of Antonin Scalia Tries to Stop Student Debt Cancellation
Almost every citation in an Education Department analysis on why debt cancellation would be illegal comes from the late conservative jurist.
Fat Tony, the Zombie Creep.

‘No One Took Us Seriously’: Black Cops Warned About Racist Capitol Police Officers For Years
Allegations of racism against the Capitol Police are nothing new: Over 250 Black cops have sued the department since 2001. Some of those former officers now say it’s no surprise white nationalists were able to storm the building.

GOP Rep. Who Backed Impeachment Is Purchasing Body Armor Amid Death Threats
Good. We'll all need this soon. He should get a weapon as well and return fire when fired upon.

The Supreme Court Won’t Explain Why It Just Greenlit New Abortion Restrictions
The court issued its first abortion decision since Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed.
Our SCOTUS may very well be soon expanded and relegate these misogynists to irrelevancy.

Trump supporters who harassed Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham at airport placed on Delta's no-fly list
Consequences, Dumbos.

Trump supporter who brought Confederate flag into Capitol arrested in Delaware
Land of the Happy Negro flagman busted. His name is Kevin Seefried. Let him live in disgrace. So sad.

Outrage as former Michigan GOP gov hit with just 2 misdemeanor counts over role in Flint water crisis
Law and order in a failed country. It will be no surprise when the United States turns into a vast wasteland.
It is "beyond disgusting and insulting." We are not men, we are devo.

'We have receipts': Analysis details $170 million in corporate gifts to GOP lawmakers who voted to overturn Biden win
Convict the traitors and imprison them in the Phantom Zone.

Pelosi Calls For Lawmakers Refusing New Metal Detector Screening To Be Fined $5K
MSNBC's Morning Joe says Qanon cultists pose violent threat to their Democratic colleagues
Terminate them by any means necessary. If we don't, we will regret it.
$5K, Hell! They should be immediately terminated and kicked back to the place in Hell they came from.

Trump Rants in Near-Empty White House: I’ll ‘Never’ Say Biden Won
While the president rages at his second impeachment, his staff has lost the will to fight.
A complete and total lunatic, the same as the traitors in Congress. All will go.

Rick Wilson Unloads On The Whiny Bitch Victimhood Of The Republican Party
"Twitter and Facebook aren’t banning you because you’re a conservative. They’re banning you because you suck. They're banning you because you say evil shit," said Wilson to Joy Reid.
Dumb as a box of rocks.

Marjorie Taylor Greene feels exactly as bad as you'd expect for safe room COVID-19 outbreak
More moron thinking from one of the foremost idiots in the country. By holding the "Stop the Steal"mask she proves she's an American traitor and must be expelled from Congress.

Supreme Court goes 6-3 in favor of the forced birthers and unneeded rule on abortion by pill
This is an attempt to shame women and make chattle of them. It will not suceed. These misogynists can go fuck themselves.

Trump administration executes Lisa Montgomery, first woman put to death in 67 years
Will we get the chance to execute Trump? Perhaps. He's a killer.

Sword-Packing MAGA Fanatics Busted in Philly Vote Scheme Joined Capitol Riot, Prosecutors Say
The fringe duo appear to have promptly rejoined their Virginia-based political clique after getting out on bail over the most dangerous alleged threat to the 2020 vote count.
Great. Do we need Mifune wannabes? Book 'em, Dano.

WATCH: Trump supporter brags about stealing Capitol cops' riot shield in selfie video posted on Parler
Seditious scum. Prison awaits you.

Fascism expert: Strongman Trump radicalized his supporters -- turning this back will be very hard
"Calls are also growing for Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to be expelled or to resign for supporting Trump's effort to overturn the election...." By any means necessary it must be done.

QAnon Congresswoman says she’ll impeach Joe Biden less than 24 hours after he takes office
"...not be the brightest crayon in the box..." America certainly has a big sack of hammers.
File it on your own seditious ass and save us the time, you cracker nut ball. Send her back to the Georgia asylum where she came from. They probably don't want her either.

Lindsey Graham hammered for 'hostage crisis' demand to end impeachment or violence will continue
Lord, this guy is a brown-nosing hoser. Very weak, dude. South Carolina what were you thinking?

Democrat Ayanna Pressley's office reveals a disturbing detail discovered during the Capitol siege
There is a stinking rat in our government. More that Trump and more than meets the eye. This treason will be brought to light and the rat will pay.

Two Cops, Including a Trained Sniper, Arrested for Taking Part in Capitol Insurrection
A handful of cops around the country have been outed for attending the violent, anti-police attack on the Capitol.
Proud boy, are we now? All you fuckers did was shit and fall back in it. "Keep poking you"? You should face a firing squad.

Secret Service Warns the Boogaloos Are Coming to D.C., States
The insurrection is not over, according to an intelligence bulletin acquired by The Daily Beast that warns a coming wave of MAGA demonstrations may turn violent.
Not if we have a good group of federal sharpshooters looking for some target practice in place.

Trump’s Defenders Get Orwell Backwards
The president is more like Big Brother than Twitter ever can be.
Trump supporters never get anything but their own self-pity.

Feast of False Equivalency
The fuckers already forgot unless they never realized it in the first place.

Backlash Begins: House GOPers Petition To Oust Cheney From Leadership
These are the same whiners that bitch about "cancel culture." Two-faced, as usual, Jim Jordan.

America's oldest conservative magazine comes out in favor of Trump's impeachment

Federalist Society Cofounder Joins With Top Dem Lawyer To Call For Impeachment

Trump deadenders rush to give Apache sacred land to a mining company
The treachery that is the white man. Trump will pay for this in ways he's never dreamed.

'Classic case of crisis opportunism': Republicans in three states introduce bills criminalizing protest in wake of Capitol attack
Clearly against the Constitution. Simply look at the states who are doing it: Florida, Mississippi and Indiana. All good ole Land of the Happy Negro. Yes, Indiana. They might be in the north but their heart lies in Dixie.

Swalwell Compares Trump to Bin Laden: He Has ‘Inspired and Radicalized People’ in the Same Way
“Osama bin Laden did not enter U.S. soil on September 11, but it was widely acknowledged he was responsible for inspiring the attack on our country,”
But someone left the door open. That's what some of the traitors are saying about the Capitol, so they must be just like Bin Laden then? Remember what happened to that sweetheart?

FBI Arrests TX Woman Who Broke Down Pelosi’s Door
Two more traitors go down.
I'll remember the "open doors" defense the next time I happen to walk into bank safe that is standing open and there's a pile of cash on the table.

Sen. Mitch McConnell Won’t Convene Senate This Week For Impeachment Trial
The Republican leader has rejected a Democratic push for him to call the Senate into an emergency session.
The dickwad has spoken. America, let's hope this is the end for him and his lost party.

Scientists Warn of “Ghastly Future” for Global Environment
Things are going to worse than they are now? This should be some shitshow then. Because the miscreants we are now at war with have no concept of the end times coming for them and their families. And they fear Trump? What a joke on us all.

Evidence shows Republican leaders directed occupation of Capitol, and provided details for attack
Evidence? Why do we need evidence to say someone broke a law? Right, Republicans?

‘It’s time to rise up, Americans!’ Pennsylvania state senator told to resign by colleagues
None of these asshats understand they are hanging by a thread.

QAnon congresswoman is really trying to get someone killed with her latest incitement
If this sick swine isn't expelled from Congress the United States has abandoned its future.
We'll see who gets billed on this account, QAnonsenser.

'Idiot' QAnon congresswoman ridiculed for House floor stunt: ‘Irony is officially dead’
Idiot is putting it kindly. "A legitimate crazy person."

Tucker Carlson Is Forced To Agree That Trump Is 'Radioactive'
Tucker Carlson nodded his head up and down in agreement with Hume's scathing rebuke of Trump

The Irony Of Calling America A 'Banana Republic'
The history of the banana republic reminds us that the notion of the United States as a beacon of human rights and democracy is, for all too many across the globe, a lie.

House GOP can't quit Trump
None of them can. They are all spineless fakes.
The ones that have had to literally fear for their lives from day 1 on their job in Congress are Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, AOC, and others like them. But, noooooooooo! The 2nd Amendment preachers are the victims. Bullshit. You made your choice. Fall on your swords.

'Cancel Jim Jordan': GOP rep mocked for whining about 'cancel culture' during debate over Trump impeachment
Gym rassles with words.

Make. Them. Testify.
Call the Trump officials who resigned in protest to testify at the impeachment trial.
Every damn one of them.

Lawmakers fear more violence after Capitol attacks
"What do we do to protect members of Congress and the staff and the police from this insurgency?”
It seems all these 2nd Amendment preaching "gun men" really don't have any guns to use on a threat from one of Trump's hit men. You "tough guys" made a play you couldn't back up. Your check bounced. Your mouth overloaded your asshole. Figures!
We hunt down every member of the Army of the Afterbirthers and do what must be done.

McConnell Thinks Trump Committed Impeachable Acts — and Wants Democrats to Move Forward: Report
"The report does not expressly say McConnell would be looking to fast-track impeachment or that he would even vote in favor of removal himself."
But McConnell loves the Senate and he wants his party back. This is his last chance to save it.
But we just heard he will remain the chicken shit he has always been. This won't even get to the Senate. Cowards have the wheel it appears. Another failed moment of the United States.

Poles on trial for 'desecrating' Virgin Mary with rainbow halo
This is what happens when folk tales and fairy tales become the goverment policy.
Superstitous stupidity must be eliminated from every nook and cranny the same way Covid-19 must be removed.

'Trump voters will not vote for him now': Fox Business host scolds Trump adviser after DC riot divides party
"Cortes, however, argued that Republicans lost the Senate due to November's 'stolen' presidential election."
This is, of course, the 'Big Lie' position the sedtionists take. Cortes must be prosecuted. He's a traitor.

DC Police: 20k Nat Guard To Deploy Amid ‘Major Security Threat’
Let's see how the Army of the Afterbirthers like eating hot lead.
This is, of course, assuming these are troops haven't been infiltrated.

GOP Reps ‘Afraid For Their Lives’ In Impeachment Vote, Dem Colleague Says
We always knew they were devo. Why be scared of a corpulent cripple that will have no cred for anything but latrine duty in his future? Liz Cheney has bigger balls than any of you punks.
I thought you 2nd Amendment preaching "tough guys" were loaded down with guns. WTF, you were bluffing? Figures! Never bring a bluff to a gun fight, losers.

‘Camp Auschwitz’ Hoodie Guy Arrested Over Capitol Riot
Robert Keith Packer was arrested in Newport News, Virginia, according to media reports.
Another terrorist bites the dust.

I No Longer Trust Law Enforcement to Keep Biden and Harris Safe on Inauguration Day
The siege of the Capitol revealed what most Black people already knew: Law enforcement is in league with Trumpism.

Cops and Fascists? Cops Against Fascists? Which Is It?
The Capitol takeover may signal a rift between the far right and groups of cops, but these affinities aren’t going away.
They'd better go away or we'll still be in big trouble from it.

4 Ways to Prevent a Future Insurrection
The country will not survive this twice.
Let's crush this one first.

MAGA-land’s Favorite Newspaper
How The Epoch Times became a pro-Trump propaganda machine in an age of plague and insurrection

Desperate not to take responsibility for what they’ve set in motion, pro-Trump media pivot to conspiracy theories
They're scrambling for a narrative after months of stoking anger and paranoia over the election results
The MAGA media enemy forces must be dismantled as well as their Army of the Afterbirth.

Attack on Capitol was a victory for white supremacy — can Joe Biden rise to the challenge?
White privilege blinded many Americans to the danger — and white supremacists struck a blow against democracy

Top Republicans want Trump done — forevermore
And so be it.

Nazi, Schmatzi!
The explicit argument being made by Fox News Republicans is that the health and unity of the Republic is most deeply endangered by trying to hold those who attack health and unity of the Republic accountable.
Fuck Fox, the propaganda outlet of MAGA sedition, and the rest of the MAGA Nazis.

GOP Reps. Herrera Beutler And Upton Back Impeachment
More join America's side in our battle against the MAGA.

Pence Puts The Kibosh On 25th Amendment As House To Begin Impeachment
"Political games"? Spare me. Pence has forsaken America for a piece of trash.

Mike Pence's new letter to Nancy Pelosi saying he won't remove Trump leaves out a notable point
History will not be kind to him.

New York City is 'severing all contracts' with Trump for 'criminal activity' over insurrection: mayor
If Trump doesn't end up in prison, as he should, he will have to leave the country and head to his pals in Russia.

Mark Meadows could face criminal exposure for his role in Trump's Georgia phone call
The biggest bunch of crooks since Nixon.

Watch: House hearing derails after Jim Jordan defends objecting to Biden’s certification
Here's one of the biggest assholes in the known universe showing out his "jacket off" dumb ass.
One of the reasons we don't have a healthy nation is dips like him.

Matthew McConaughey Keeps Flirting With Alt-Right Darlings
Here's another asshat that will be trouble for America sooner or later.

The Absurd Ways Desperate Old People Are Getting Vaccines
Left to beg their younger relatives—or random strangers—for help, older Americans say the rollout is going even worse than you think.
This is an American disgrace. Line it up with the others we've seen for the last four years.

Why Are Republicans Being So Divisive?
This is a moment for healing and unity. The GOP should put country before party, and hold the president accountable.
Yes, however, they are a lost cause to our country. Their destiny awaits them.

'Did you vote for Donald Trump?' Pro-Trump mob asks before attacking Black woman
MAGA Nazis in action.

Finally! Tech and social media companies impose restrictions on Republicans, hate groups
Problem is it has been reported they are now using illegal communications channels to plan their next attack on America on January 20th. The Army of the Afterbirth must be met with the military power of the United State with all weapons on the table. Use any means necessary to wipe them out.

Watch Don Lemon's epic response to claim Trump is 'most masculine' president
A corpulant chicken shit mysogynist? Good joke.

‘Have they ever had a job before?’: Rep. Cori Bush slams GOP refusal to go through metal detectors
Evidently they've never taken an air flight since 1955 which is where they all still live.

In ad, lawmaker vows to carry her Glock around D.C. and on Hill
This one is not fit. It's high time to end the charade of these gun addicts and traitors. Call their hand. Call her out. It's time. High time. She's the one that doesn't understand how we live in real America. Just another fool with a weapon.

Trump allies retaliate against VOA reporter who dared ask Mike Pompeo a question
Turd stirring swine.

Donald Trump Threatens Joe Biden's Life — Again
Trump's saying that Joe Biden is the one who needs to worry about the 25th amendment is his not-so-subtle way of saying Biden won't survive his term.
Gang banger talk. Watch it Donnie, it can work both ways.

CNN host reveals the damning evidence that Republicans knew how dangerous Trump was all along
Using the monkey for a sucker. The monkey in his costume, show and dance, thinks he's the the important one so be becomes useful for the owner's power grabbing. If you don't get it watch "Mank."

McConnell thinks Trump committed impeachable acts — and wants Democrats to move forward: report
Yeah, but will he vote to impeach?

Republican Liz Cheney issues blistering statement on Trump — and says she'll vote to impeach
Good for Liz.

Trump Authoritarianism Denial Is Over Now

Tech’s Crackdown on Extremists Isn’t a First Amendment Issue

'This is treason!' The View's Whoopi Goldberg brings the hammer down on Clarence Thomas' wife for supporting Capitol coup
Apparently, it's a new fashion statement and makes a great reality show. This is, of course, how low the United States has fallen in the delusional world in which we have been made to live.

Texas officials worry Trump's trip could turn violent
Some officials outright pushed for Donald Trump to not visit for fear that it will incite more violence and could result in further coronavirus outbreaks.
Don't allow his plane to land or place him under arrest for suspicion of attempt to incite a riot.
Because that's likely what the result of this will be.

Deutsche Bank cuts ties with Trump after Capitol attack
Trump owes the bank more than $300 million.
Trump is on his way to ruin.

MSNBC cuts off Trump broadcast after he says pre-riot speech was 'totally appropriate'
The scumbag. He will get what he deserves. No mercy upon him.

Trump supporter found dead in Georgia after being charged in Capitol riot
Was it suicide or was he whacked?

Judge Kicks Lin Wood Off Carter Page Case Due To ‘Mendacity,’ ‘Incompetence’
Fine, but when will he be placed in a padded cell in a mental ward?

Help! Trump Has Given Me Constitutional Amendmentitis
We need new limits on our chief executives. Let’s start with the pardon power.
This bullshit must die until it is dead.

Unsanitized: The Capitol Riot Was an Infection Point
Also, the one tax trick that saved local budgets. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for January 12, 2021.
Meanwhile, back at the Bar Covid-19 Ranch.

The Plague of Fascist Cops
The mob storming of the Capitol creates an opportunity and an urgency for federal authorities to crack down.

How MAGA Extremism Ends
If Trump keeps losing, the risk of future violence will abate.
Nah, these people want to resort to terror more than you suspect.

The Alt-Right Is Now the Entire Right
The voices of reason, reality, and responsibility are a cowering minority in the Republican party.
It pretty much always has been from my experience when I was in the party.

NY Judge’s Son Pictured at Capitol Riot in Fur Pelts, Police Gear Is Arrested
Aaron Mostofsky was photographed inside the breached building carrying a Capitol Police shield and a bulletproof vest.
What is this, a rerun of "The Road Warrior"? These people are certifiable lunatics.

What Those Animal Pelts Tell Us About the Future of the Far Right
The seditionist frontiersmen of the Capitol riot certainly meant to send a message through their clothing. But what was it?

Fox’s Kilmeade: Dems Shouldn’t Impeach Trump Because Republicans Might Get Violent
“You understand, too, a lot of people want him to, number one, continue to be a force in the Republican Party. Believe a lot what he believes. He has 75 million supporters!”
And I suppose we are to believe this is an intelligent human?

We Need a Reckoning With Trump’s Enablers
Those who for years turned a blind eye to his repeated assaults on democracy share moral culpability with Trump for what unfolded in the Capitol.

'Home-grown Fascism': The Storming of the Us Capitol Was Even More 'Sinister' Originally Thought
Just think, we fought these very same fascists in WWII. They are back for more so let's give them the same treatment we did then.

Christian-Right Council for National Policy Linked to Violent Breach of Capitol

Capitol Mob Reveals Ongoing Refusal to Accept Black Votes as Legitimate

Multiple Capitol Cops Suspended For Getting Too Friendly With Terrorists

Being Hunted In The Capitol Riot Not Enough? Congrats The GOP Just Gave You COVID!

Manchin Says Senate Will Torpedo ‘Ill-Advised’ Effort to Impeach Trump: ‘They Know the Votes Aren’t There’
The easy reason is that they are all seditionists or they are scared of Trump or, most likely, both. Either way they are not fit to serve. They must resign or be removed from office.

Ted Cruz’s Communications Director Resigns Amid Fallout From Deadly Capitol Riot
Lauren Blair Bianchi reportedly was “not comfortable” with the Republican senator’s efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s election win. C'mon, Ted. Step up and step down.

Ron Johnson Is Unfit For Office
People from all over are calling for Senator Ron Johnson to be finally held accountable for his actions, favoring Trump over the country.
He's not the only one. The list has been published. All must go.

After Positive Covid Test, Jayapal Demands House Sergeant at Arms Remove GOP Lawmakers Who Refuse Masks
The Washington Democrat accused Republican lawmakers of "creating a superspreader event on top of a domestic terrorist attack."
By any means necessary.

These 63 Billionaires Who Bankrolled Trump All the Way to Insurrection Have 'No Right to Feel Shocked'
"Will there be any accountability for these recent billionaire enablers of Donald Trump, who saw what damage he caused and still stood by him?"

'Absolutely Chilling': House Democrats Briefed on Disturbing Assassination, Coup Plots by Trump Supporters
"The coup attempt is ongoing."
Which is why we must meet this threat the same way we met the Nazis in WWII. Take them out by any means necessary.

Christian Nationalists Are Now Blaming Trump’s Insurrection On Progressives
No surprise here. "...they take their marching orders from the Gospel of Tucker Carlson and look for ways to exonerate Trump and shift the blame for his treasonous acts onto innocent parties."

Too Many Dead Capitol Cops for Josh Hawley to Pretend He’s Innocent
In this episode of The New Abnormal, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman offers some choice words for the “reprehensible” senator. Plus, Twitter and Facebook’s Trump ban.

This far-right Trump supporter has ‘no regrets’ about breaking into the Capitol
If they ever were, these people are no longer Americans. They are MAGA, the enemy of America. Sedition, in any form, must not be tolerated.

The threat of violence continues. Republican lawmakers are directly responsible

'This is sedition' Democratic effort to remove GOP members for inciting attack on Capitol gains steam
"This is sedition. We must hold these Republicans accountable for their role in this insurrection at our nation's Capitol as part of a racist attempt to overturn the election results," said Bush (D-Mo.) in a statement. "There must be consequences."
All traitors will be removed from office.

House Democrats worried about newly-elected QAnon lawmakers being near Biden: Morning Joe co-hosts
If they won't come clean about QAnon they must be removed. They cannot serve. They are all enemies of the United States.

Trump supporters plotting horrific violence against Democrats ahead of Biden's inauguration: Capitol police
They'll find it a bit harder this time. Let the counter attack against MAGA begin.

Experts: Trump is not mentally fit to be president: He should not remain in office — even for one final week

Report: Trump Blamed ‘Antifa’ For Capitol Insurrection He Incited On Call With McCarthy
More of the Trump insane blithering idiocy.
At least there is some hope for McCarthy here.

Hey Proud Boys And MAGA 'Patriots'... What The F*ck Is It That This Country Hasn’t Given You?
Corey "The Buttercream Dream" Forrester's righteous rant earned big plaudits this week.
MAGA = Nazi.

Governor Larry Hogan Blames Donald Trump For The Insurrection That Left 5 Dead At The Capitol
Maryland's Gov. Hogan did not hold back, placing the blame for the insurrection riot firmly where it belongs, at Donald Trump's feet.

Does The Average Trump Supporter Think Riot Was 'Not That Bad'?
I’ve been watching, as has much of the world, the events even now still unfolding from the invasion of the Capitol Building by Trump fanatics. To my dismay, I’ve discovered that I have a few friends who aren’t all that active politically but have loyally supported Trump and voted for him... and they aren’t letting go.
The polls show that we have 33% that still support Trump. That means that 1/3 of our nation consists of racist fascists. We have failed as a nation if these people are allowed any access to power. This includes anyone that is a QAnonsenser.

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Declines Presidential Medal of Freedom From Trump
An American hero. Glad we had one left.

Sarah Sanders humiliated by her high school government teacher for not understanding the 1st Amendment

Twitter suspends 70,000 QAnon accounts in crackdown on extremist delusions by Trump supporters
That's all? The MAGA army must be crushed by any means necessary.

Trump Organization in crisis as his banks shun him -- and his brand may never recover: report
Sounds like a good idea. Freeze him out.

Here's how right-wing media is already gaslighting us about the attack on the Capitol
Shut them down. No more lies from sedtionistl liars.

Jake Angeli, Shirtless Horned Rioter, Refuses to Eat in Custody Due to 'Organic' Diet
Maybe he should have thought of that before he committed treason. Mom, your kid was already 'very sick.' Sounds like you are too, Mom.

No, The Internet Didn't Murder The First Amendment. It Finally Grew The Hell Up.

Trump And Pence Remain Out Of Sight Since Riots
When your putsch fails you usually end up in prison.

Proud Boys Followers Vote For “Total War” In Poll
They will get what they wish for.

Capitol Cop Arrested, Two Others Suspended After Riots
This along with the 'Stop the Steal' article reveals just how deeply this putsch runs. Our country has a very serious problem to deal with.
We have been infiltrated by traitors at every level of our democracy. They must be held accountable. And they will be.

'Stop the Steal' leader names Republicans who allied themselves with his insurrection
The ringleader comes clean. The axe will fall soon on a large groups of traitors.
"... Congressman Gosar, Congressman Mo Brooks, and then Congressman Andy Biggs." Traitors named.
This is very clear indictment of these traitors. All must be removed by any means necessary.
Same for Cruz and Hawley.

FBI warns of 'huge uprising' planned by Trump supporters
Their putsch will fail. It's sad that so many Americans have fallen to the dark side.
They will lose everything they have to stupidity.

Immediate outrage after Fox News host compares Parler going down to treatment of Jews in Germany
Have another box of wine, Jeanine.

US Capitol Insurrection: The More We Know, Worse It Gets
As we know more about the pro-Trump US Capitol insurrection, the worse it gets. As the mob headed to Capitol Hill, the Trump family danced celebrated. Nancy Pelosi told 60 Minutes the attack was a well-planned, organized group.

Denouncing Republican Evils Can’t Do Much for the Biden Presidency Without Demanding Progressive Policies
The Sanders prescriptions for antidotes to right-wing poisons are absolutely correct.
"Many have said that what transpired on Wednesday was not America. They are wrong. This is the America that Black people know. To declare that this is not America is to deny the reality that Republican members of the U.S. House and Senate incited this coup by treasonously working to overturn the results of the presidential election."

47 Lawmakers Join Rep. Cori Bush's Resolution to Remove GOP Members for Inciting Attack on Capitol
"This is sedition," said the freshman Democrat. "We must hold these Republicans accountable for their role in this insurrection."
Every single one must go or there will be no peace in America again.

$5,000 Reward Offered for Info on 'TRUMP' Carved Into Florida Manatee’s Back

Only 39% of Americans can afford a $1,000 emergency expense
The continued failure of the United States.

Reporter reveals how top House Republican Kevin McCarthy 'left McConnell twisting in the wind'
McCarthy must be removed from office as a sedtionist. America must cleanse its house.

'We could have stopped them': Capitol Police officer reportedly says he and others were sent home early
"Why don't you boys take the afternoon off. I was told they had plenty of security on the Brownshirt crowd over at the beer hall."

Conservative site suddenly retracts op-ed denying there was a 'riot' at the Capitol

Trump's enablers are now being threatened by the MAGA menace they encouraged
MAGA and Nazi are now synonymous.

NY Post: Cop Killed By Trump Supporters Was Trump Supporter, Ergo ... Something

Confederates in the Capitol: The Re-enactment of a Lost Cause
Land of the Happy Negro: The Battle Hymn of the Republicans.

January 6, 2021: The Day of the Locust

Democrats: The Time to Act Is Now.

The Gun-Rights Movement Fed America’s Insurrectionist Fever Dreams
The NRA and its allies have argued for years that citizens need to arm themselves for a fight against tyranny.

Denial Is the Heartbeat of America
When have Americans been willing to admit who we are?
We have always been willing to admit to how exceptional we are. Of course, there's very little to that after all. Read the book "Exceptional America."

6 Shocking Details In Criminal Charges Against Pro-Trump Insurrectionists
American fascists in action! This is your country on stupid!

GOP congressman deletes tweet saying he met with 'Stop the Steal' and told them to 'keep fighting'
January 11, 2021
Will they all be in hiding soon? It won't help.

Clarence Thomas' wife cheered on anti-democracy rally before rioters stormed the Capitol
This is no surprise to most of us.

Merkel among EU leaders questioning Twitter’s Trump ban
European leaders said governments should regulate social media platforms, not the companies themselves.
I suppose she would be happy to allow Hitler — yes Hitler, Godwin — to throw his turds anywhere he would want as well.
"Today, your putsch will be brought to you on Twitter. No need to go to your local beer hall. Today we storm the U.S. Capitol and take prisoners!"

Schwarzenegger: Capitol Attack Like Kristallnacht: Facts And Photos
That's correct. So, get it right, Janine Pirro. The Capitol Attack is, not equal to the shutting down of your fascist communication system of the lies that caused this.

Covid-19 Live Updates: Average Daily U.S. Death Toll Exceeds 3,000 and Keeps Rising
The collapse of the United States continues.

Trump Approval Hits All-Time Low of 33 Percent, Nearly Two-Thirds Say President is ‘Undermining Democracy’: Quinnipiac
Down, down, down.

Biden Says He Was ‘Appalled’ by Video of GOP Lawmakers Declining to Wear Masks During Lockdown: ‘Irresponsible’
It's all a part of their seditionist movement.

A cynical ploy like Hawley and Cruz’s looks harmless. Until it isn’t.
Eliminate them.

The role of misinformation in Trump’s insurrection
Fascist radio and televison. It must all be shut down.

The US must now repair democracy at home and abroad
And we can start by eliminating all the fascist traitors. They must go by any means necessary.

Washington Monument Closed Due To Cultist Threats
U. S. now in full Civil War state.

FBI Warns Of Potential Boogaloo Violence During Jan. 17 Rallies
Federal authorities say there could be violence by right-wing extremists at upcoming protests.
The Civil War the fascists wanted is only going to heat up and many more could be killed.

Michigan Bans Open Carry Of Guns Inside State Capitol
The move comes after last week’s deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol.
Abusing guns gets you to the same place as abusing drugs.

Trump's Pentagon officials look increasingly complicit in a deadly serious coup attempt
Ya think?

GOP seditionists are suddenly worried about divisiveness
Right. Your check is in the mail; we'll get it in the mix; and I promise I won't...

Alysin Camerota Is Done With Caring About Trump Supporters' Feelings
The CNN host was always willing to listen to other points of view, but even she has had it with Trump supporters.
The vast majority of Americans are as well.

QAnon Congresswoman Faces Calls For Arrest For Tweeting Speaker Pelosi's Location To Rioters
Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), a gun-toting supporter of the QAnon movement, is facing backlash after she was accused of live-tweeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) location during the attack on Capitol Hill last week.
A mental institution would be more appropriate.

Can A Felon Run For President?
The answer is yes. But ex-cons may or may not be allowed to vote according to the specific state law. Why does this contradition exist? All of this sedition shows that America has some mighty FUBAR laws. No wonder we are failing. These laws should all be examined and revised to make sense for the security of our nation.

Impeach Trump. Then Arrest Trump. Then Prosecute Him for Sedition
Unless all who participated in or abetted the attempted overthrow of the United States government are held accountable, it will happen again. Next time it may succeed.

Talk-radio owner orders conservative hosts to temper election fraud rhetoric
Cumulus is directing its on-air talent to state the truth or leave the company.
Can any of them state the truth? It appears to be something they cannot possibly do.

Loyalty Oath?
"... isn’t one solution to that to ask them to affirm under oath that Q Anon is a baseless conspiracy theory, and that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected President of the United States? They can probably be expelled under section 3 of the 14th amendment (stating that no Member of Congress can engage in insurrection or rebellion, or given comfort to enemies), but better to get them on the record first, right?"
If they cannot affirm under oath they must be expelled.

Sen. Whitehouse Calls For Senate Investigations Of Capitol Breach

House Introduces ‘Incitement Of Insurrection’ Impeachment Charge Against Trump

AOC Demolishes The GOP's Ridiculous Demand That We Simply Move On And 'Unite'
The only way to move forward is to hold accountable those that participated in the violent insurrection on the Capitol on January 6th.
January 6, 2021 is a day that will live in infamy.The fascists that are responsible must and will pay.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The traitors and seditionists are looking for a way out
Once in Hell there is no exit, traitors.
Arnold Schwarzenegger tells them what for.

'Always the victim': Critics slam Melania Trump's self-centered statement on Capitol Hill riots
'Always the victim' has always been the leading whine from the fascist party.

Is the Republican Party fascist? An expert explains the 7 themes that dominate fascism movements
Does a bear shit in the woods?

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are truly in danger of getting booted from the US Senate — here's why
Traitors cannot serve. Both must go and go now.

Growing GOP problem: Powerlessness
They created their own problem by their lies. Try telling America the truth for a change.
What is the liar Carlson whining about? The fascists just raped our Capitol!

Outgoing Capitol Police chief: Pleas for National Guard repeatedly denied
Who is responsible? None dare call it conspiracy.

Fox Friends erupts as hosts spar over holding Trump accountable for riots
Brian Kilmeade can do us all a favor by taking a long walk off a short pier.
The match was already thrown by your butt buddy. I guess you forgot that part?

Devin Nunes Complains on Fox News 'Republicans Have No Way to Communicate' if Parler Taken Down
If you guys stopped engaging in scumbaggery then you might not get your asses kicked so often.
RICO? Isn't that what you guys got busted for? Asking for a friend.
The RNC has a RICO Problem

There's No Single Domestic Terrorism Statute. But Those Involved in the Riot at the Capitol May Still Be Prosecuted Under These Laws
The failed nation of the United States of Laughable.

Alan Dershowitz previews Trump impeachment defense: Riot incitement is 'protected by the First Amendment'
Anyone can incite an insurrection against a federal institution and have clean hands?
"The speaker must intend to and actually use words that rally people to take illegal action. The danger must be imminent—not in the indefinite future. And the words must be uttered in a situation in which violence is likely to happen." There's the law. It's rather obvious Trump has broken it. If it ain't gonna apply now, it NEVER will. There's nothing tricky about it. It's a joke. We can incite treason anytime we want. We only have to use the appropriate language. What a farce. His only defenders will be the co-conspirators in his crime. This is law and order? Again, we are a failed nation.

Marco Rubio crushed for accusing Biden of using Trump's Capitol riot to divide the country
Little Marco is another one that needs to resign.

Cop union joins Parler — just as the Twitter competitor for extremists gets deplatformed
The disgrace of the Fort Worth Police force. They can no longer be trusted.

PGA to strip Trump golf club of 2022 PGA Championship: report

'Blood on his hands': GOP governor agrees Trump to blame for Capitol riot deaths

Jim Jordan Follows Up Election Challenge By Saying Impeachment 'Not Healthy For The Nation'
After trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Sunday argued that impeaching President Donald Trump for inciting a riot is "not healthy for the nation."
Jordan is wrong again, of course. He's a consistant thorn in the side of the country.

'You didn't have the spine': Chris Wallace chews up Mick Mulvaney for resigning at the last minute
Spineless it is. Therein lies the reason for us being in this position. We all seemed to have lacked the spine to stop it.

Trump won’t lower flags for slain officer — even on ‘Law Enforcement Appreciation Day’: report
No surprise. He is selfish, heartless and vain to his bitter end.

America's long road to fascism: GOP path goes from Nixon to Trump and his true believers. Neoliberalism didn't stop it
That's because it refused to recognize it and then admit what it was. Hopefully, the naivety will be pushed aside now.

Charlie Sykes Calls Lindsey Graham 'Donald Trump's FLUFFER For The Last Four Years'
The conservative analyst made the comment with the pornographic connotations on Joy Reid's show.

Angry Trumpers Berate Lindsey Graham As 'Traitor' And 'Human Garbage' At Airport
The monster Graham helped to create is coming back to bite him.
Traitors and Human Garbage is exactly what Trumpers are.

Amazon is cutting off Parler's servers
Unless the app can find an alternate host, it will go offline on Sunday.
No sanctuary for this trash.

YouTube Kicks Steve Bannon’s War Room Podcast Off the Platform
So long, Slobbo and good riddance.

Secret Service Tells Mediaite They’re Aware of Threats Lin Wood Has Made Against Pence On Parler
If we are to believe anything about the alleged corruption connected to law enforcement knowing about the attack on the Capitol before it happened, how does having awareness of this asshole guarantee something will be done about him before it's too late?

Jeanine Pirro Slams ‘Outright Criminal,’ ‘Bunch of Freaks’ Responsible for Capitol Riots: Stop Trying to Blame Antifa!
What did she do, drop acid?

Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. Charged: Facts and Photos
Another Trump thug bites it. Why should we pay expenses for the likes of him to be incarcerated for years? Terminate him.

Doug Jensen Capitol Riot Arrest: Photos And Facts
Another Trump thug bites it.

Maryland's governor still baffled by delay in approval for National Guard help
"All I know is that we were trying to get answers and we weren't getting answers."
Those were Trump traitors you were talking to, Governor.

CNN's Tapper drops the hammer on Capitol 'terrorist-loving' Trump in brutal opening
Too bad that's all he could drop on the SOB.

Before Mob Stormed the Capitol, Days of Security Planning Involved Cabinet Officials and President Trump
A Pentagon memo offers one version of events — six days of preparation for a rally that quickly spiraled out of control.
There are traitors in our midst. As I have said before, they have been infiltrating for some time. Isn't it time we got rid of them?

Worst Revolution Ever
Attacking the U.S. Capitol is not an act of patriotism. Obviously.

A disgraced Donald Trump will leave office as one of the biggest losers in history
And so should every traitor in Congress that supported him.

The pandemic is causing a surge in pet abandonment
Our pets get abandoned and the traitors in Congress thrive.

'Kevin McCarthy must resign': House minority leader slammed for enabling Trump's 'most destructive acts'
As every traitor should. Resign or be removed.

How Trump Rallies Foretold the Capitol Attack
Those following the president’s events around the country for the past four years were not surprised by the mob violence that unfolded in Washington.

Ignore Trump's Manipulative Damage Control: He Must Be Impeached Again.

New “Day of Infamy,” Centuries Old White Supremacy
"Remember our Capitol."

Donald Trump visiting Texas' Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday as his administration rushes to award more border wall contracts
The president's visit comes a week after Department of Homeland Security officials touted the “historic” completion of 450 miles of border fencing during his administration.
Like Trump, his wall will fall. Anyone who aids him is a co-conspirator in sedition.

The Reckoning
"This is what happens when there is no consequence. This is what happens when actions lack reaction. This is what happens when you create a world where anything goes, where excuses and reasons prevail for doing nothing, where civility is used to undermine civil society."

Sen. Josh Hawley becomes public enemy No. 1 on Capitol Hill

Cruz And Hawley Disappointed In Biden For Tearing Country Apart, Noting Their Role In Attempted Coup

US Daily Deaths
Meanwhile, back at the Bar Covid-19 Ranch.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update – U.S Vaccination Rates Should be of Concern
Vaccination rates are raising eyebrows, as new COVID-19 cases continue to spike. Failure to materially ramp up vaccinations should be of concern.
Even if you are in a group open to vaccination it's difficult to get it.
More failure by the so-called "Great Again" nation.

The Second Impeachment of Trump Will Begin on Monday

Rubio Claims Efforts To Silence Trump ‘Will Only Stoke New Grievances’
Sometimes a clear and present danger needs to be eradicated, Marco. You, of all people, should realize that. You're a fraud like the rest of your party.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have set themselves up to be expelled from Congress: Historian Beschloss
"...No one will say that Trump did not authorize and possibly plan this."
"... if you're a member of Congress — senator or representative — and you have aided an insurrection, you can't sit in Congress. As far as I'm concerned that may well define Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, others involved with this,..."
Our great historian, Mr. Beschloss, is correct. They should all be expelled.

Members of Several Well-Known Hate Groups Identified at Capitol Riot
A ProPublica-FRONTLINE review of the insurrection found several noted hardcore nativists and white nationalists who also participated in the 2017 white power rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A Domestic Terrorism Law Can’t Solve Right-Wing Violence
"Some experts have argued for years that federal law lacks the teeth to prosecute domestic terror." Then the experiment that is the U.S. has failed. Forget the future, there will be none.
If we can't take care of our own we don't deserve a peaceful civilized country.
It will be a dog-eat-dog dystopian nightmare. Maybe the whole world will be at the rate failure is going.

As 176 House Members Back Article of Impeachment, Watchdog Says 'Future of American Democracy Is on the Line'
The resolution co-led by Rep. David Cicilline says Trump "will remain a threat to national security, democracy, and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office."

Shirtless, Horned Capitol Rioter And QAnon Enthusiast Has Been Arrested
Jake Angeli, aka Jacob Anthony Chansley, was taken into federal custody on Saturday, days after he stormed the U.S. Capitol building.
Horny Boy Jake goes down. I'm guessing he could be fingered pretty easily in a line-up?
He also implicated Trump in the crime: "The document stated that Angeli said he had traveled to Washington “with other ‘patriots’ from Arizona, at the request of the President that all ‘patriots’ come to D.C. on January 6, 2021.”

Man Who Drove Through Crowd Of Racial Injustice Protesters Avoids Prison
Michael Ray Stepanek sped his car through demonstrators, hitting several, and told police it was because they needed “an attitude adjustment.”
Justice denied. He'll be back.

Senator asks social networks, carriers to preserve evidence from Capitol riot
Facebook, Twitter and Parler are some of the companies under pressure.
Any evidence that it is destroyed wil be considered co-complicity in the terrorist treason.

Some Insurrectionists Weren't Just Invaders. They Wanted Hostages.
The people who besieged the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday were not merely rioters and insurrectionists.
Treason and attempted kidnapping. Death penalty.

At least one of the 'Zip Tie Guys' has been identified, and he wants you to know he's a good guy
Sorry, retired Lt. Col. Larry Rendall Brock, Jr.. And AI can ID even when you wear a mask. Treason and attempted kidnapping. Death penalty for each and any.

Tucker Carlson’s Pathetic Response To CNN Shredding His Racist Insurrection Denial
CNN’s Brianna Keilar must have hurt some major fee-fees when she smashed to smithereens “propagandist, liar, parasite” Tucker Carlson’s effort to whitewash the MAGA sedition riot.
Here's another one that needs to be permanently banned. He has nothing.

Big Tech Further Mutes President, Far Right Megaphone as Demands for Trump Removal Swell
Google yanked Parler from its app store Friday in light of "continued posting... that seeks to incite ongoing violence in the U.S."
By any means necessary.

Google bans Parler from Android app store
Mainstream social media sites have banned Donald Trump and others on the right.
Ban Parler world-wide.

Twitter banned Trump, Kayleigh McEnany should be next

Ex-prosecutor raises concerns about Trump possibly pardoning Capitol rioters
This is why he needs to simply be taken into custody and hidden in parts unknown until the 20th. Let his lawyers bitch and moan about it for the next 11 days. This isn't about an election any longer it's about treason. A President that engages in seditious terrorism against the United States must forfeit all power. It's that simple. Moral law should take charge. Precedent? You damn right.

BUSTED: Man in viral photo carrying Speaker Nancy Pelosi's lectern identified and arrested in Florida
This traitor will get to spend plenty of years regretting losing his children.

Trump regrets committing to a peaceful transfer of power and will not resign: report
He's going to leave us no choice to remove him but the final solution. It won't be pretty for him.
An insane man must be met by the usual force it takes to put him away.

Steve Bannon's podcast channel now banished from YouTube after repeated election falsehoods
That fascists are going down and that's a good thing for America.

Texas newspaper calls for 'cynical' Ted Cruz's resignation in scathing editorial
Cruz must resign or be removed from office.

No, Looting Is Not Akin to Overthrowing the Government

Even Trump Loyalists Can No Longer Defend His Legacy
“That behavior was unconscionable for our country.”

Fox scrambling to reel back advertisers considering fleeing host Maria Bartiromo after Capitol siege: report
Fox News should the next to be shut down. They bear the bulk of the crime of misinformation.

Trump, canceled
Kevin McCarthy facing revolt from party members for botching fallout from Trump insurrection: report
This is another fascist that needs to be shown the door.
All of these people are "on the make." That is, they are looking for nothing but advancement in position and power with no regard whatsoever of the consequences for our country.

The termination of Trump.

A Snap Impeachment Should Be Done Within 24 Hours
In a functioning society it would be. But it would require a spine. Most of the fascists are Crustaceans. They have no backbone

Illinois Rep Tries To Make Nice After Saying 'Hitler Was Right On One Thing' To MAGA Rioters
Brand new Congressperson, Mary Miller, made a statement attempting to polish the turd she dropped when she quoted Hitler — admiringly — regarding his view of children.
The motherfucking bag of shit that was Hitler wasn't right about anything, bitch! And neither are you!

CNN Host Shreds 'Propagandist, Liar, Parasite' Tucker Carlson’s Racist Insurrection Denialism
Brianna Keilar smashed to smithereens Tucker Carlson’s refusal to admit that the MAGA sedition riot at the Capitol was anything more than a “political protest that got out of hand.”
He should submit his resignation immediately. He serves the fascist threat.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The deadly insurrection cosplay requires impeachment and accountability
Interesting that anyone other than a fascist would support the Trump putsch. They should be brought in for questioning.
Impeaching Trump again is, as Bernie Sanders stated, to set a prededent.
We fought a world war against fascism. Some of these children have forgotten. We vowed "never again." Fascism in America must be elimnated by any means necessary.

Arrested Proud Boys leader has history of business failure -- and apparently lives with his mom
"...appears to have ties to a Republican mega-donor as well as the owner of a landmark Washington nightspot popular among conservatives."
We are at war. The fascist conspiracy started this war. Martial law should be declared so all fascists may be brought in for questioning. We know who they are.

Here's where the Senate GOP stands on impeachment
The good news is the fascists will no longer have power. They should never have been granted it in the first place.

Georgia woman trampled to death in Capitol riot was obsessed with pro-Trump conspiracies
Those that live by conspiracy shall die by that conspiracy.

Thomas Klikauer and Nadine Campbell for BuzzFlash: Right-Wing Populism Will Continue to Be a Threat to Democracy as Long as the Media Echo Chamber Dominates
"Right-wing populism assures power – to the detriment of the people."
Think of it — always.

The Whole Story in a Single Photo
An image from the Capitol captures the distance between who we purport to be and who we have actually been.
In case you're as stupid as Tucker Carlson, this is why it had something to do with systemic racism.
Tucks, it's the flag of The Land of the Happy Negro.

Republican lawmakers caught helping pro-Trump mobs at U.S. Capitol, Oregon statehouse
One West Virginia Republican live-streamed with the mobs in DC, another was caught opening doors to them in Oregon
Collusion defined.

'An assault on democracy': Canada's Justin Trudeau condemns Trump's incitement of the Capitol siege
Has the world lost all faith in America now thanks to Trump?

'Incitement of insurrection': Democrats unveil damning new impeachment articles against Trump
Trump will only leave feet first.

Websites For The Coup Rally Organizers Have Quietly Been Erased From The Web
The reckoning is coming down fast.

Proud Boy Who Posted Selfie Smoking In The Capitol And Others Now Facing Charges
"Now you don't talk so loud, now you don't seem so proud..." — Bob Dylan.

Trump permanently suspended from Twitter — ‘due to the risk of further incitement of violence’
Whatever will Fatso do at 3 am? No, he won't do that!

Joe Manchin condemned for refusal to back $2,000 survival checks after Democrats win the Senate
He's been a DINO forever.

Law enforcement manhunt for US Capitol rioters moves online
Hunting them down as predicted.

David Plouffe rejects calls to 'move on' after GOP coup attempt: ‘These people need to burn in hell’
Too bad there is no Hell to burn in but we can make it nearly as hot for these bastards.

Lisa Murkowski unleashes on Trump – first GOP senator to call for resignation says she may exit party

MAGA World Is Splintering
Following the riot at the Capitol, Trump supporters are having an existential crisis on Twitter.

Self-Described White Nationalist Who Posed at Pelosi’s Desk Arrested for Storming Capitol
Richard Barnett bragged about breaching the House speaker’s office—and even posed for a photo with one of her personalized envelopes.
"Bigo" bagged.
"Barnett previously described himself as a white nationalist who was prepared for a violent death."
Good. Let's give it to him but let's make it as slow and painful as possible. I am familiar with several Shawnee methods.
Also charged: "...West Virginia state delegate Derek Evans, who live-streamed the riot."
In a statement to WVNS, Evans’ lawyer: “He was exercising his First Amendment rights to peacefully protest and film a historic and dynamic event,” (John) Bryan said in a three-page statement to WVNS. “He engaged in no violence, no rioting, destruction of property and no illegal behavior.”
John, I'll remember to use that plea the next time I get popped for allegedly documenting an attempted Federal coup on Federal property that I had previous knowledge of that included what turned into possible murder or the wrongful death of 5 people.

Derrick Evans (politician - per Wikipedia)
"Before attaining elected office, he was known as a local anti-abortion protester. Evans' harassment led a woman to file for and receive a restraining order over "alleged stalking and repeated threats of bodily injury", an order which Evans subsequently violated.

Evans was embroiled in controversy during his campaign stemming from his membership in a Facebook group chat in which homophobic and Islamophobic language was used. Fellow Delegate John Mandt, an alleged participant in the group chat, claimed that the messages attributed to him were fabricated but nonetheless announced his resignation. Evans not only confirmed his own participation in the group chat, but said that he stood by his comments calling Nihad Awad a "terrorist."

Hawaii Proud Boy Leader Nick Ochs Busted in Capitol Riot
The far-right provocateur and failed state candidate posted at least one selfie of himself at the deadly assault.

These Elected Republicans Joined the ‘Protest’ That Became a Deadly Riot
At least one of them, a West Virginia delegate, appears to have joined the attack, and is facing charges. Others pregamed with fringe QAnon- and Proud Boy-tied figures.

Clogged phone lines and ethical dilemmas: Texas health providers scramble to roll out vaccine with little state guidance
More than 8 million Texans qualify to receive COVID-19 vaccines, but fewer than 2 million doses have shipped. Providers are facing clogged phone lines, crashing websites and tough decisions about who will get the first shots.
This appears to be a major clusterfuck.

Sasse says Trump was 'delighted' and 'excited' by reports of Capitol riot
Orgasm after orgasm I'm sure. Now 5 are dead.

Fox News Weirdly Worried About Trump Supporters' Feeeeeelings Instead Of That Cop They Killed
"Fuck Your Feelings"? You're the ones that are fucked.

Far Right Rallies at Capitols Across US Show DC Mob Was Not an Isolated Incident
The Army of the Afterbirth has been in training for a while now.
We have only ourselves to blame for this.

The Enablers of Insurrection Should Be Ostracized
A corrupt and seditious president has constructed a system of impunity. But there are still ways to punish those who helped him.
Down with them all.

Ginni Thomas Sends Aid And Comfort To MAGA Rioters
The wife of Clarence Thomas aids and abets the MAGA riots. Calls for her husband to resign or be impeached ensued.
These traitors must go out with the rest of the trash. Impeach Thomas now! They've been in the way of progress too long.

Hello, Consequences Of My Own Actions! Rioters Shocked To Face Firing, Arrests
Here's your round-up of people who are being fired, arrested, or both, for committing gleeful insurrection and sedition.
Another way of looking at the old adage: "Elections have consequences."

Shaquille O'Neal: White Privileged Rioters Should Get 25 Years In Jail
Shaq calls out the injustice and double standard that let white seditionists go home from their riot.

Washington Post: Biden in Danger of Having No Confirmed Cabinet Secretaries on First Day of Presidency

The Constitutional and Moral Imperative of Immediate Impeachment
The process need not be long and drawn out. And it need not be limited to current officeholders.
It simply must be done. And immediately.

Assault on democracy: Sen. Josh Hawley has blood on his hands in Capitol coup attempt

Don't Let Smarmy Calls for "Civility" Fool You — Most Republicans Still Side with Insurrectionists
And it is clear who they are.

A Christian Insurrection
Many of those who mobbed the Capitol on Wednesday claimed to be enacting God’s will.
The famous quote that Sinclair Lewis never said is still true: "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Of Course we were warned. We've done all the warning.
Republicans Have Been Coddling and Protecting Far Right Extremists for Decades

Hold All the Trump Enablers To Account
Each and every one of them. Each and every supporter of this madman. Contrition or banishment.

'Hang Mike Pence!' Trump supporters intended to execute vice president during Capitol riots
It was never wrong, nor will ever be wrong, to characterize these pieces of shit as zombies.

‘Coward’: MAGA internet turns on Trump
The president acknowledged his defeat and urged for political reconciliation. His online faithful didn’t take it well.
Now they realize they were being played for suckers. Will this end similar to Mussolini's demise?
These people have no faith to lose and they know it.

Lebanon's Full Hospitals Turn Away Coronavirus Patients Amid Record Daily Cases
The world is in full collapse. The end may very well be upon us as we appear to no longer be a functioning society.

London Mayor Says City 'At Crisis Point,' Declares 'Major Incident'
The world is in total collapse.

Capitol Police Officer Dies After Sustaining Injuries in Riot
And just who will be charged with his murder? There is a price to pay.

“Those of Us Who Don’t Die Are Going to Quit”: A Crush of Patients, Dwindling Supplies and the Nurse Who Lost Hope
“The bottom line is it was too expensive to protect us.”
We got what we deserve -- Donald Trump's America. We are now a Third World Country.

Capitol Rioters Planned for Weeks in Plain Sight. The Police Weren’t Ready.
Insurrectionists made no effort to hide their intentions, but law enforcement protecting Congress was caught flat-footed.
Collusion, what else?

This impeached, one-term president refused to go to his successor’s inauguration. Now Trump will do the same.
As expected. Trump can never show his face again wherever decent people gather. He can only appear before a rally of his seditious deplorables. Hell now has them.

Happy now, Trump supporters? | Editorial
I can bet that there are many of the Trump deplorables that are thinking this was the greatest thing since toilet paper.

Hannity Claims Trump Joined Extremist Site Parler
Hannity finally has the nerve to show his face?
So Trump has an account on the Nazi Parler site. This is not a surprise.
Simple trash.

Why Was Gov. Larry Hogan Denied Permission To Send The National Guard?
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan pleaded for authorization to send in the Guard. For 90 minutes, he didn't get it.
Collusion in treason by the White House.

Cowardly Cabinet Quits To Avoid 25th Amendment Duty
"At this late a stage, resignations help little beyond serving as late attempts at self-preservation," argued Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Cowards they will always be. But they will also be remembered by history as co-conspirators in the attempt to overthrow a democratic election.

Civil Society Groups Warn Against Anti-Protest Legislation Following Siege of US Capital
"We have to make sure this moment is not used to further anti-protest legislation."
Of course. This wasn't a protest. This was a terrorist attack on our nation. There's a huge difference even a blind man could see.

100+ Civil Rights, Racial Justice, Labor, and Grassroots Groups Demand Trump Be Immediately Removed from Office, Co-Conspirators Held Accountable
Redemption is drawing nigh.

6,500+ Lawyers Sign Open Letter Calling for Trump to be Impeached and Removed from Office
In total, over 12k lawyers and supporters call for Trump, complicit lawmakers to be held accountable for insurrection at Capitol
Then indicted, tried, convicted and sent to Federal prison.

'Dumbest man in America': Joe Scarborough mocks Josh Hawley after Simon & Schuster cancels his book deal
The greatest failure in political history. The laughing stock of a nation.

Experts demand immediate action as Dems move to impeach Trump

Trump must not be allowed to live down the ‘horrifying insurrection’ of January 6: journalist

Here's a list of charges the pro-Trump mob could face for storming the US Capitol

Dominion Voting Systems slaps Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell with massive billion-dollar lawsuit

'We don't need a long trial': GOP lawmakers breaking ranks and saying they will consider impeaching Trump
It's high time to remove the cancer. Get it done.

America in danger
This on top of a deadly pandemic. How America has descended into Hell under the Trump fiasco.

Attack on Capitol Affirms Trumpism Will Live On After Trump Leaves White House
America must realize we are at Civil War now. All domestic terrorists in the Army of the Afterbirth must go on wanted lists and be arrested on sight.

Trump Officials Rush to Keep Him From Sparking Another Conflict—at Home or Abroad
Trump is increasingly unhinged. Top national security officials are trying to keep the whole world from paying the price.

'He is a traitor': Furious congresswoman explains why Trump must be impeached again

Trump national security officials called 'Hitler youth' as they are denied jobs: report
Taking employment for a swine looking to become a dictator does carry a stigma. It's bad judgement on their part. They could have bailed much earlier and come out a bit cleaner. They bear the mark of Trump.

Donald Trump has no conscience, no shame and no self-control — and the whole world sees that now
Well, not the whole world. Hawley and Cruz are still holdouts along with the rest of the traitors in our Senate and House. They have no shame and no self-control and have no conscience. They will all be remembered in our history books as traitors to their country and bear the responsibility for the lies that created the monster that killed four people in the attack on our nation.

The ball was dropped: Right-wing websites included insurrectionists' plan to storm the US Capitol
You see what I mean. This was a known mission of insurrection. There was collusion that aided it. The criminals involved in this will be found and get what they deserve.

Mental health expert predicted Trump-fueled 'violence in the streets of Washington -- in an interview last week
Anyone with a piece of brain could see this coming. But no one acted to stop it. The fact that we are so polarized is the major reason.

Report: Trump Agreed To Condemn Insurrection Only After Being Warned Of Potential Criminal Probe
Fuck him and the scum Senate and House traitors. All must be held accountable for spreading the Big Lie that the election was stolen. They created the monster. They must pay and they WILL pay one or the other. They deserve what's coming their way.

Stephen Colbert Wonders Why Pro-Trump Senators Didn't Hang Out With Insurgents
Hey Marsha Blackburn, Josh Hawley, and Ted Cruz! I thought these were your people!
Nah, they just want to use them to their own ends.

Pat Robertson Admits Donald Trump 'Goes Crazy', Incites Riot
The 700 Club's Pat Robertson finally was forced to admit the truth about Donald Trump after being a dutiful sycophant for the last four years.

Legal Weed No Longer A Pipe Dream
Time to legalize cannabis nationwide.
Herb up!

'Domestic Terrorists': An Angry President-elect Joe Biden Condemns Trump's Sedition
Joe Biden introduced his nominees for the Department of Justice with an angry denunciation of Trump's effort to overthrow the will of 160 million voters.

So Who Actually Participated In The Siege Of The Capitol?
American trash, that's who. "QAnon Shaman"? Spare me the bullshit. C'mon dude, we've all used psychedelics. Most of us could handle it and benefit from it. Not this one. That guillotine that they had at one of their protests should used on him and the rest of scum.
"Baked Alaska"? Yep, too much acid can this to folks. Seen it with my own eyes.
These motherfuckers are so stupid they live stream themselves in the act of their crime so there is plenty of proof to put them away for 10 to 20.
America, you have allowed the insane inmates of the nut house to run loose. This is the whirlwind you are reaping.
Republican fascists, you are to blame for lying to these unstable morons. You all bear the blame for this. You will never get the stench of Trump off of you.
All QAnons need to be placed in an interstellar spaceship and shot into the cosmos for eternity. It's the least we can do for them.

Yesterday Was Just The Beginning
While the election of Joe Biden as President was confirmed, the country will need to brace for conflict left in Trump’s wake.
The real war has only begun. We must stand ready to take these domestic enemies down by any means necessary. They all must be terminated by any means necessary.

Who Controls The D.C. National Guard? By Delegation, It’s The Pentagon
When D.C. and Puerto Rico become states they will control their own Guard and that's the way it should be.
If D.C. had been a state they would have given these traitor terrorists what they deserved.
The failure of law enforcement that we are now seeing in the light of day will live in disgrace. These people must be held accountable for their deplorable response to the attack on our country by domestic terrorists.

The Atlantic Daily: What the Mob Said About America
Plus: More than 4,000 Americans died today of COVID-19. The outbreak continues to reach new heights.
The U.S. appears to be in severe peril.

The Next Phase of Vaccination Will Be Even Harder
Getting vaccines to hospitals and nursing homes was supposed to be the easy part.
Getting vaccine anywhere seems to be a nightmare. It very sad hearing some of the stories in Texas. The elderly standing in line for hours in cold weather at some location that is nowhere near their home? This isn't going well at all.

A Self-Pardon Won’t Save Trump
The idea might sound good on paper, but in the real world it could backfire.
It will not be honored.

WH Officials Discuss Need To Resist Unlawful Orders
Our country is on a high state of terrorist alert. A Trump terrorist attack could happen at any moment for the next 13 days and foreseeably longer.

Shopify Shuts Down Both Of Trump’s Merch Stores

Mike Pence could have been killed
"Not enough attention has been paid to the fact that Mike Pence, his family, and every member of Congress, could have been killed in Trump’s terrorist attack on the US Capitol building this week."
This could very well have been Trump's motivation for the attack.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demands Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley resign — or be removed
These traitors must resign or be removed.

Josh Hawley's mentor says supporting the senator was the 'biggest mistake I’ve ever made'
He said it.

Yes, it can happen here: The insurrection threat isn’t over
Since this recent assault was a test to make sure the fix worked the next one will be on the 20th at inauguration.
Trump won't be in attendance so his Army of Afterbirthers can target anyone on the stand without worry as to whom takes a bullet or a Molotov cocktail. This would take out the principals and put the country in a world of shit. There will be no military to defend against these domestic enemies that our troops have sworn to defend us against if they betray their oath and desert the country in time of need. We'd better consider this possibilty. The fact is our country has been infiltrated by traitors for some time at every level. This could very well be their time to strike. You only have to have eyes to see.
"What is clear is that a failure of imagination was one factor that contributed to the previously unimaginable and extremely dangerous events that unfolded in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6."

Could the Capitol Riot Become a Superspreader Event?
How could that be doubted?

How Police Unions Responded to the Assault on the Capitol
Some used it as a chance to slam Black Lives Matter reform efforts.
That would prove the argument that they are racists and seditious to boot.

Trump 'preparing list' of potential pardons that includes family members — and perhaps himself: report
Do we believe anyone will honor any pardons that these crooks and traitors get granted? LOL!

Mega-donor who bankrolled Josh Hawley calls for senator to be censured: 'We owe it to our children'
Hawley is looking worse every minute.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos resigns, citing violence at the Capitol
She is the second Cabinet member to resign after a pro-Trump mob stormed the building. DeVos told the president: “Impressionable children are watching all of this.”
The rats leave the ship to prevent invokement of the 25th Amendment.

Exclusive: Officials Bypass Donald Trump to Protect DC from Insurrection After Capitol Riot
The military is either on the side of America or on the side of the traitors. Which is it Generals? Or do you expect the people to defend our Republic? Make the right choice for our history and yours. This isn't about an election any longer. America has an army of seditonists to defeat.

'It's time to get violent': Far-right extremists are promising more violence after the U.S. Capitol invasion
Get the M240s ready and make mincemeat of the Trump rebels. The Army of the Afterbirthers must be terminated.

Rioter With 11 Molotov Cocktails ‘Ready to Go’ Charged in Capitol Chaos: Feds
An armed rioter and another man who slugged a cop were among the first charged in connection with the Capitol coup attempt.
They will be hunted down like the wild animals they are.

Wall Street Journal to Donald Trump: 'Take personal responsibility and resign'
Don't hold your breath.

Behind The Putsch: Video Of Trumps Jamming To ‘Gloria’ Before Inciting Mob
Stink, did I say? Whew!

How Far Did Mike Pence Step Into Trump’s Leadership Vacuum During Riot?
A lot of shit stinks to high heaven.

Woman Shot During Riot Imbibed Steady Stream Of Trump World Conspiracy Theories
Sic Semper Tyrannis to her and her fellow traitors.

Joe Scarborough Slams Capitol Hill Police: 'You Opened The F*cking Doors For Them!'
"Why are you known as badasses around the capitol, but then Trump supporters come in and you hold open the fucking doors for them? You open the doors for them? And let them breach the people’s house! What is wrong with you?”
All must be taken to account. It's a great failure and very likely collusion.

UPDATED: Rep. Adam Kinzinger Calls On Cabinet To Invoke 25th Amendment
He says it's necessary to keep the country safe for the next two weeks

WATCH: White House Reporters SCREAM as Kayleigh McEnany Flees Podium After Reading Terse Statement
It appears she has been crying all day.
“The violence we saw yesterday at our nation’s Capitol was appalling, reprehensible, and antithetical to the American way,” McEnany said. “We condemn it — the president and this administration — in the strongest possible terms. It is unacceptable. And those that broke the law, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”
This includes the trigger man, Donald Trump.
That poor, poor, poor, poor, etc., little girl

Simon & Schuster Cancels Josh Hawley’s Book on Big Tech, Citing ‘Dangerous Threat to Our Democracy’
Dude, you're toxic. That's how contracts get broken!
"When I get my shot I'm gonna take you down — little creeps" — from "Little Creeps" by Rob Caslin / Lost Country.

'Bunker' Trump mocked as a 'coward' for fleeing to Camp David amid talk of 25th Amendment
Trump has been given an ultimatum: Resign by Monday or be removed from office.
The turd stirrer is still a big douche bag. He must go like the crook he is. Watch out for his Army of the Afterbirth on January 20th.

Trump may issue sweeping pardons for everyone who committed insurrection at the Capitol: Neal Katyal
We ALL know what the solution for this is.

College Football Coach Fired For Racist Tweet Aimed at Stacey Abrams
Land of the Happy Negro football coach takes a shot and shoots himself in the ass.

How Josh Hawley's political ploy backfired massively
This is what occurs when you send a little punk to do a man's job.

Trump telling aides he wants to pardon himself on his last day in office
The bullshit artist at work. He'll get his. He can run but he can't hide.
He will still be subject to state law crimes committed and a world-wide war criminal on a wanted list. I hope he won't make any travel plans.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are so toxic that business leaders may cut off political donations: report
That's not all they should cut off these SOB's. Then tar and feathers and a ride out of town on a rail.

Trump insurrectionists refused to wear masks — now they keep getting identified for arrest
Indict, try, convict, execute, using firing squads or public hanging. Treason must demand the death penalty.
"Trump supporter Richard Barnett was recognized back home in Arkansas as the insurrectionist photographed with his feet on a desk in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office.
As the Trump supporter was not wearing a mask, he was recognized back home in Arkansas and interviewed by 5 News.
That's Richard "Bigo" Barnett. If he doesn't have a record already he's about to.
Barnett, nicknamed "Bigo," was asked if he was worried about federal charges.
"Am I scared? Hell no. But yeah, there's a possibility."
I'm sure these bastards were all looking for a bathroom. They should have been scared shitless they'd be shot to death. You should have been. Something was rigged here for certain.
Federal prison then you should count on. You are very lucky I won't be your judge.

Three-star Air Force general: The assault on the Capitol was worse than 9/11
Agreed. Now what will we do to take these terrorists out for good?
We need a leader to prepare a battle plan to defeat them.
The Army of the Afterbirthers will return on the 20th for more. This time they may have weapons.

Trump supporters traveled to DC for insurrection — and may return with COVID after super-spreader event: NYT
This domestic terrorist enemy must be stopped by any means necessary. We must realize we are at war for our very way of life. Stop pretending this isn't so before it's too late.

President-elect Joe Biden condemns Trump as calls mount for his removal from office
The time for talking is over. It is time for action. Do it or forget it forever because if we don't it has proven worthless and a failure to protect the nation.

Even John Kelly thinks the 25th Amendment should be invoked to remove Trump from office
It's a no-brainer. But someone has to ask why we have these amendments if we cannot enforce them? It shows a deep weakness in our system. We have already lived to regret this and it will only get worse as time passes. Something must be done to install a failsafe against dictators such as Trump AND his henchmen (we all know who they are) in Congress.

Don't Dismiss Trump's "Stop the Steal" Tantrum: The Gop Is Trolling Our Democracy to Death
These "sedition caucus" creeps all need to go. They disgrace our world.

Mitt Romney Wants To Teach Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley How They Take Out The Trash In Utah
Trash is right.

Florida's DeSantis moves long-stalled protest crackdown on heels of Capitol riots
The fascist state of Florida takes the attack on our Capitol to further their fascist agenda.

Capitol riot forces UK Tories to ditch Trump
Brexiteers stuck with Trump even as he became more erratic — but even they have gone cold now.
He's a wanted world-wide war criminal now.

Where Was The Security When A Mob Stormed The Capitol?
In Trump's back pocket. Treason of the highest order. Polish up the death penalty.

4 Dead, Police Injured, Dozens Arrested After Siege At The U.S. Capitol
And so our war begins. The red MAGA hat becomes equivalent to the swastika as predicted.

Former AG BIll Barr Condemns Trump’s Conduct: ‘Orchestrating a Mob to Pressure Congress Inexcusable’
Even BilBar knows what the score is here.

Facebook Blocks Trump For Remainder Of His Term
Stick a fork in this motherfucker.

Editorial Board: Patriots Do Not Storm Their Nation’s Capitol
Attention Little Pete Hegseth. Take a gander, dude.
GOP Congressman: ‘This Is A Coup Attempt’
They are talking about you, Pete.

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Defends Capitol Rioters: They Just Love Freedom
“I recognize that people feel like the entire system is rigged against them,” the host said on “Fox & Friends.”
Next to Trump, Pete Hegseth is the biggest fraud on the planet. He's a total rig.
As for the "born-again Americans" it would be a good idea to give them the chance to really be born again in some other age than ours.

Capitol Rioters Planned for Weeks in Plain Sight. The Police Weren’t Ready.
Insurrectionists made no effort to hide their intentions, but law enforcement protecting Congress was caught flat-footed.

Threats to 'Storm the Capitol' were public. Why did police let it happen anyway?
Duhhhhh...they were part of the attack?

Van Jones: ‘This Is Treason, This Is Insurrection ... Period’
Van Jones said what a lot of us were thinking when we saw armed MAGAites storm the Capitol to prevent the ratification of Joe Biden's win: “We are a glide path … to look down the barrel of a possible civil war.”
Sorry, Van. You can drop the word "possible." They started the war yesterday.

'Unacceptable!': Probe Demanded After Footage Shows Capitol Police Standing Aside for Pro-Trump Mob
"The images of police officers calmly allowing barricades open, letting the crowd enter, and taking selfies inside the building with those who have stormed it cannot go without investigation and penalty."
Co-conspriators are what we have here. Trump sedition runs deep.

13 More Days Is 13 Too Many. Invoke The 25th Amendment Now
Where is the Cabinet, invoking the 25th amendment to remove this deluded narcissist from office for the unprecedented threat he poses to American democracy?
America will now be weighed in the balance. Let us hope it is not found wanting. No mercy should be granted.

Carrying Death Sentence If Convicted, Iraq Issues Arrest Warrant for Trump on Murder Charges
The U.S. president is now wanted by law enforcement in the Middle East nation for ordering the assassination of Iranian Gen. Qassim Soleimani and Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.
A wanted world-wide war criminal. I pity him and his family. Remember how Hussein went.

They're Not Going Anywhere. Trump Has Created Right-Wing Beast He Cannot Control
When Biden takes the oath of office later this month, Trump’s presidency will be over. White supremacy, however, will not be.
And their fascist terrorist attack on our nation must be answered with a force the likes of which they have never imagined. The Land of the Happy Negro flag being carried into our Capitol must be avenged.

In The Wake Of Yesterday’s Coup Attempt, Our Nation Needs Accountability
This is very much needed if our nation is to survive.

Devices found near RNC and DNC headquarters were actual explosives: report
Ask Mo Brooks about them. He must have known since he and the police had all the inside data on the attack.

Delusional GOP lawmakers, Trump supporters now blaming 'antifa' for Capitol Hill chaos
Mental defectives cannot be representatives of our people. Mo Brooks is another Donald Trump. If this liar had so much warning why was there so little resistance to the attack? This bullshit makes it appear to be an inside job that Mo Brooks was a part of and indicates he is more deeply involved in sedition than he already is. And using the straw man 'Antifa' is weak tea.

The End Game
Once again, American democracy survived Donald Trump, but barely. Now, let’s get Trump out before he does more damage.
"Since 2017, the United States has been run by fools." The next time we may not be so lucky.
Trump must be removed from office immediately!

'Co-conspirators in sedition': Here are the names of every Republican who voted to overturn election results
Here is the list of American traitors. All are fascist servants of the traitor Trump.
All must be forced to resign NOW, be charged, indicted and tried for treason.
If we are reluctant to do this expect it to happen again and again. There will be no country to defend.

Hawley scorched by Democratic Missouri Congresswoman: 'You do not speak for us'
Hawley must resign. He's a threat to our nation the same as Cruz and the rest of them. Many are saying the same today.

One Hell Of A Day
When you incite angry mobs with a rhetorical flamethrower, this is how democracy gets torched.
And criminals spend time in jail.

Lou Dobbs Haz A Sad That Violent Mob Wasn't Handled Gently
Lou Dobbs is upset that violent mob was treated like a violent mob
Lou doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. He needs to get his head examined. He's lost focus much like he is in the photo.
These people are nothing but trash.

Jim Acosta Reports That GOP Source Says Trump Is 'Out Of His Mind'
CNN's Jim Acosta reports very disturbing statements made to him by a source close to Donald Trump
Folks, this isn't news. Trump's been out of his mind way before he was ever in the office of U. S. President.

After Pro-Trump Siege Attempt, Biden Certified Election Winner
Four people are dead because of Trump and the House GOP members are upset?
In the end, six Republicans in the Senate and 121 in the House — a majority of the House Republican caucus — voted to object to the election’s results in Arizona. And seven Republican senators and 138 members of the House voted to object to the results in Pennsylvania.
Treason cannot be tolerated at any level. Arrest them all and charge them with sedition. They may never hold office again in this country.
If this isn't done do not expect to have a country much longer.

Trump Diehards Already Have New Conspiracy Theory For Capitol Siege
Here are the names of future terrorist leaders. Be sure to place them on watch lists. They are a dangerous threat to our Republic.
Matt Gaetz is a certifiable spineless jellyfish coward. He's not man enough to own his complicity in the crime. He must go.
The chickenshits that use the 'antifa' charade are all terrorist sympathizers. The terrorists in the Capitol that are pictured are lucky they weren't shot dead. Some people are just too stupid.

What We Know About The Insurrection Shooting
Why weren't more of the terrorists gunned down? Kid Glove treatment of white privilege. If these had been BLM there would have been bodies all over the place and no one would have ever questioned authority to do so. The police must be investigated.

A new era of political violence: This expert reveals what the siege on Congress tells us about US politics
Those that 'feel stunned' have not been paying attention. This has been forecast by the Land of the Happy Negro for years.
It is the same as when Fort Sumter was fired upon. The war has now been declared by this seditious attack by a band of lunatics. We must take the fight to them and destroy them as we did with the Confederacy. As previously stated on this Web site, this time we do it right so it can never happen again.
One of the simple things we can do is stop electing mentally ill people to the office of President. Unfortunately, morons are allowed to vote.

Shocked by the Riots? You Were Warned.
From murder in Charlottesville, Virginia, to the president telling Proud Boys to stand by, this did not come out of nowhere.
Of course. When you underestimate your opponent you usually lose the game.

Capitol rioters planned for weeks in plain sight. The police still weren't ready
It looked to me like the police were complicit. A group of 10-year olds would have been as effective.

Screaming Joe Scarborough demands Trump, Giuliani and Trump Jr. be 'arrested today for insurrection'
I couldn't agree more. It's time to stop these seditionist promoters.

The ‘Oh Fuck’ Moment Is Finally Here for Trump’s Enablers
His mob wasn’t there to find evidence of fraud, or force legislators to listen to their grievances; they were there for the lulz. They were there because Trump had sent them.
Trump should stand before one of his firing squads along with the rest of his trash.

Republicans enabled Trump. Then, a few strangled him
But not long enough.

Trump targets Liz Cheney and other Republicans as "weak" in new escalation of GOP civil war
Yes, it is now war. They must pay as all other traitors have paid.

The New Progressive Left Shows How to Deal With Sedition
The Squad, both old and new, immediately drafted a series of steps to deal with Republican insurrectionists directly, rather than hoping they’d just be nicer.

Mass Delusion in America
What I heard from insurrectionists on their march to the Capitol
Next time have the M240s waiting for these Q nut bastards.

Trump’s Internet Is Celebrating
The movement behind today’s attempted coup delivered exactly what it has promised for months on social media.
Yes, social media must shoulder its share of the blame for this. If it can't correct itself it has to be banned and discarded for good.

Remove Trump Tonight
Republicans must distance themselves from the president, and join their colleagues in ending his tenure.

The Narcissists’ Coup
How has the U.S. come to resemble an emerging democracy more than the greatest, oldest example of it in the world?
The photo is of a terrorist, not a protester. I imagine he will be easy to track down, arrest, indict, and convict with the ink markings and the horns that are growing out of his head.

The President Is a Danger to the Nation. Remove Him from Office.
Impeachment would be better. But the 25th Amendment might have to suffice.

Impeach. Convict. Indict.
Trump incited the mob that overran the Capitol and caused Congress to flee.

Trump Supporters Breach Capitol Building
Public hangings will be suitable for these traitors.
How many were carrying bombs? You will be hunted down. Count on it.
One GOP Rep Does About-face On Challenging Biden Win
These fascists traitors need to be prosecuted and sent to prison, every last one of them. Shall we name them?
Who Is In Charge?
Don't forget Trump announced there would be something in store for January 6. He was right. He's one of the most infamous criminals in our history. The firing squad should be his punishment.
Events tonight surrounding the deployment of the D.C. national guard to the Capitol building raise an unsettling question: just who is in charge?
Is this beginning to remind anyone of the Lincoln assassination? Something is rotten here. We will find out and there will be Hell to pay.

Texas AG promotes theory Capitol violence was false flag staged by 'bus load of Antifa thugs'
This idiot was last in line when brains were handed out. It's obvous they ran out.
How much damage has been done to our holy museum by these vandals? Our Capitol? Stop and consider that you disgusting wretch.

President's coup deserves prosecution: Pulitzer Prize-winning Trump biographer
Anyone that goes along with opposition to the Electoral College verdict must be arrested and taken into custody for treason in light of the Trump terrorist attack on our Capitol today. They all have blood on their hands. Each and every goddamned one of them. The good news is we don't have to worry about the failed Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz any more.

Woman shot during Trump riot inside capitol has died: report
What Trump hath wrought. He's complicit in wrongful death. There must be no escape for him.

Ted Cruz begs Trump's mob to stop after they break into the House and Senate chambers
He holds as much responsibility for the terrorism as Trump does.

Nicolle Wallace: 'I dare Ted Cruz and Mr. Hawley to go on with their shenanigans'
"I mean, what they were doing was trying to overthrow an election that was vetted, that was investigated, that was counted, that was recounted. So if they have the audacity to go ahead and do that today, I think it's a stain that will be on them for the rest of not just their careers but their lives."
And there will be a cell for their treason as well. Who's the patriot now, motherfucker?

The terrorists won't win: Congress is set to resume certification of Biden's victory tonight
That's tonight you motherfuckers!

Impeach Trump Immediately
The President incited his supporters to invade the Capitol and disrupt the certification of the 2020 election. That is too high a crime to ignore.
You really do want to wait until he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue?

Impeach Trump Again

Trumpism in Action!
Trump’s Republican Convention, armed and dangerous, convenes at the Capitol to overthrow democracy.
His Nazis followed his orders. They are terrorists.

Remove Trump Now
Impeachment is the only way to stop what he did in Washington on Wednesday.

Conservative trade group calls on Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment 'to preserve democracy'

‘This is not America’: Europe reacts as Trump supporters wage chaos in US capital
National and EU leaders call for democracy to be respected.
Photo is of mentally defectives and genetic mutations--Zombies. You've seen them before in many films.

Rep. Omar Says She Is Drafting New Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump

Impeach and Remove Trump Now

Every Trump Loyalist Is Complicit in the President’s Incitement of Sedition
Of course. This is a no-brainer.

Donald Trump Is Now a Terrorist Leader
The attack on the Capitol is the culmination of Trumpism, and the GOP owns this.
As such, his cronies in the Congress cannot support him without becoming terrorists themselves.
Trump must be taken into custody and charged with terrorism.

Explosive Device Found at RNC, Safely Detonated as DNC Evacuated
Please use on the clowns in the photo.

Twitter Censors Trump Tweet “Due to Risk of Violence”
Traitors are always censored. They are also put into prison, or worse.

Trump's fascist allies still occupy Congress as Trump turns full traitor
They too, may be reduced to pen pushers.

Stand Up America Calls for Congress to Immediately Impeach and Remove Trump
Seat Ossoff and Warnock immediately.
Impeachment will be effective immediately by decree of the Congress without discussion.

This Is a Dark, Dark Day for America
Trump and his enablers have generated a quasi-fascist movement that is poised to perpetuate racist street violence, conspiratorial thinking, and serious perils for a functioning democracy.

This Is an Insurrection Incited by Trump
"This coup attempt was entirely predictable. In fact, it was predicted."
In fact, there were people in DC that knew it was going to happen. They saw to it that they were not prepared for such an event at the Capitol.

Trump tells his ‘very special’ supporters to 'go home' after they terrorize DC
This links to the next two stories here. It is easy to spot if you have had a security clearence and been in meetings regarding troop movements and telecommunications. But would Trump know anything about that without help from a cronie in the service?

Officials had to beg Trump to issue a stronger condemnation of DC rioting: reports
This goes hand-in-hand with the above and the next article. Collusion was involved.
"I know your pain, I know your hurt," Trump said. "We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election. And everyone knows it, especially the other side. But you have to go home now —" "Go home" was the code phrase. Code and cover for him.

Capitol Police member caught on camera taking selfies with insurrectionists
This raises a question I was thinking about earlier today as I witnessed very little police support and armed backup by law enforcement. If this had been a BLM crowd you would have seen paratroopers, armored cavalry and special forces deployed in an instant and, most likely, many dead. It raises the issue of why? This could be an arrangement made via Trump cronies to make certain little resistance would be made available. This then insures the dispersement of the Congress certifying Trump's defeat. Stranger things have happened/

Reince Priebus blasts rioting Trump supporters as ‘domestic terrorists’: ‘Pure insanity and disgusting’
Yes. Everyone of them are Federal criminals and must be arrested, indicted and tried.

'Got a mirror handy?' Twitter scorches Lindsey Graham's call to identify and prosecute DC rioters
While I completely agree with this sentiment he cannot escape being a party to it himself.

Jon Ossoff wins — Mitch McConnell will no longer be Senate Majority Leader
OK. No more blocks from Mitch. Trump has reached his end and some of his Toadies should be gone as well on charges of treason. Sure.

GOP congressman blames 'ANTIFA fascists in backwards MAGA hats' after Trump supporters storm the Capitol
Another sedtionist that must be removed from office immediately! We've already got your name down Mo.

‘This is a coup’: Calls grow for Trump to be removed from office via the 25th Amendment
Immediately! Terrorism!
We know who's responsible for this. We know. He must be taken down.

Entire D.C. National Guard to be activated following breach of Capitol
And armed with live ammo with orders to shoot to kill, I hope.

Please compare the police response to Black Lives Matter and a white mob storming the Capitol
There has been some question about the lack of action to this attack. Investigation is coming.

Congress under siege; gunfire as fascists breach House
Another one that made it out alive, eh?
At least some of the traitors were arrested and will stand trial.

New Congresswoman Mary Miller Praises Hitler In Trump Rally Speech
Rep. Miller of Illinois states that "Hitler was right on one thing," when speaking to Trump supporters in Washington, D.C.
New Nazi in Washington we see. Isn't that just fucking ducky.

'Call it off! It's over!': Republican lawmaker loses it at Trump after his supporters assault the Capitol
Trump is now a wanted Federal criminal. He may be responsible for at least one death in his putsch. In any event he should be removed from office immediately, arrested and face the death penalty for naked treason.

‘Where are the police?’ Lawmakers don gas masks, evacuate the US Capitol as Trump supporters storm the building
The Trump putsch now very clearly makes Trump a Federal criminal. He should face the death penalty for it.

Congress desperately needs the National Guard — but the Trump administration is standing in the way: reports
I saw some men with guns in the Capitol on TV.

‘A Dark Moment for America’: A Stunned Nation Watches as Chaos Engulfs the U.S. Capitol
A clear picture of the trash seditionists raping our Capitol. They must pay and they will pay. By any means necessary.

Trump Supporters Waving Confederate Flags Breach the Capitol, VP Pence Evacuated, Senate in Lockdown
Seditionists will all be hunted down like dogs. They can run but they can't hide. Forver traitors, forever enemies of America.
Can we shoot them now? Is this not terrorism? Of course it is. We just don't have the stomach to say it.
Make no mistake, this was no protest.

'The rule of a mob': Chris Wallace condemns DC protest after Trump incites violence
Round them up. Condemn them all to the death penalty. They must pay for their treason.
Make no mistake, this was no protest.

Trump throws fuels on the fire as a violent assault from his supporters threatens Pence and Congress
This shitbag now shows everyone what a mob boss is like. It's not pretty is it? You were alll warned, but no, you couldn't do anything about the rabid, raving, fucking shitbag lunatic could you? The whole world is watching and the whole world knows.
America there are insurrectionists in our chambers of Congress ripping through its papers! This is a goddamn Trump coup. These criminals should all be shot to death by now. We are no longer the United States of America thanks to one punk ass crook, you fools!
The new Civil War has begun. They will now get the war they've asked for. It won't end pretty. Ted Cruz had a major hand in this too. He must stand trial for inciting insurrection.

U.S. Congress Under Attack, Trump Supporters Enter Capitol Building
And these people call themselves Americans? What a fucking joke! TOILET SCUM!
Trump must be removed from office immediately!

Live Updates: Pro-Trump Protesters Storm the Capitol
The son of a bitch incited a Federal riot. High Treason! The worst crime that an American can commit!
The disgrace of treason. These traitors must pay and pay dearly.

Violence erupts in DC as Trump supporters attempt to storm the Capitol building
Trump coup attempt becomes violent. Where in the Hell is the National Guard? Do your duty.
The U. S. has become a Third World Banana Republic now, you stupid fuckhead Trump fascists. Die!

At President’s Urging, Some Supporters Storm Capitol Grounds
This is an attack on a Federal installation. This is a Trump coup attempt.

Congressional Offices Evacuated as Furious Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Hill
Vice president Pence says he won’t contest the Electoral College results.
If they break into the Capitol then break out the M240s and take care of our Trump problem.
The entire U.S. Capitol is now contaminated with Covid. This is a Federal crime and must be taken care of by any means that is necessary.
Trump is responsible and must be arrested.

Two Capitol Complex Buildings Evacuated As Trump Supporters Storm Capitol Grounds
This is an attack on our Federal Government. Break out the M240s and commence fire.
We have every right to do so in a sedtious attack on our Federal buildings let alone our Congress.
Those that survive must be rounded up and tried for treason.
Trump created the problem. He should be arrested now.

Trump Lost Everything for the Republicans
In four years, Trump has led the Republican Party from unified control of Washington to the wilderness.

Trump winds up DC protesters: 'If Mike Pence does the right thing, we win the election'
This is so sad. This poor, demented old man doesn't know the election is over. I hope he gets some help in the Federal Prison Hospital.

'Go Ahead And Spread It': Speaker At DC Rally Leads Group Hug At 'Mass-Spreader Event'
A speaker at a pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C. encouraged mask-free protesters to hug each other while bragging that it was a "mass-spreader event" on Tuesday. The certifiably insane can walk the streets and spread disease at will
And I hope there will be no more questions about why the U.S. is the world leader in Covid-19 as well as moronism.

Georgia's A Sweep: Sen.-Elect John Ossoff Declares Victory
Right now, Jon Ossoff is ahead by 16,000 votes.

Democratic Control of the Senate Is a Victory for Social Security

Cannabis stocks soar, Big Tech sinks following Georgia elections
Has more sanity finally arrived in the U.S.?

“Shkreli Award” goes to Moderna for “blatantly greedy” COVID vaccine prices
Moderna used $1 billion from feds to develop vaccine, then set some of the highest prices.

Being Violent, Misogynistic And Racist Is Nothing To Be Proud Of

James Comey faces backlash for arguing Trump should not be prosecuted after leaving office
This one has a lot of room to open his yapper. He carries a lot water for the situation he helped put us in.

Fox News host claims Blacks were 'captured' and blames 'African-American culture' after Georgia runoffs
White supremecy rascism shows its ugly ass. Yecccccch!

Fox News Cuts Away From Don Jr. Speech After He Starts Screaming Profanities
Little Donnie shits his pants in public.

Georgia’s Runoffs Were a Tool of White Supremacy. But Black Voters Turned Out in Record Numbers.
The election results were the product of extensive organizing in Black communities.
Thing are a bit topsy-turvy in the Land of the Happy Negro.

Republicans Challenge Electoral Vote Count in Congress: Live Updates
Here are the traitors in action in today's arena. We are Rome.

2 Louisville Police Officers Connected To Breonna Taylor Shooting Have Been Fired
But of course, no charges on these killers. Only in the United States do we have systemic murder of Blacks.

To Cast Doubt On Election Results, Republicans Lean On Conspiracy Theories
Evil has raised its head in America. And it is us. We are a failed civilization.

WATCH: Rudy Giuliani calls for ‘trial by combat’ at unhinged pro-Trump rally in DC
We know who the criminals are you dingbat!

WATCH: Eric Trump asks Congress to overturn the presidential election as a birthday present to him
Has America ever seen such a clown shitshow as these Trump miscreants have created. You never got this much slapstick at a circus. Dude, your old man is full of shit.

'We have never seen anything like this': Chris Wallace unloads on GOP for Electoral College challenge
Open sedition by American members of our government? These traitors must held accountable for their crime. Just a bunch of big baby spoiled snot nosed brats.

A Column Written Just as the Shit Was About to Hit the Fan

Nebraska's Governor Vows That No Undocumented Workers Will Receive The COVID Vaccine
"Illegal immigrants are not permitted to work in those facilities, so I don't think that will be a problem," said Pete Ricketts.
In this way we'll make sure that only those worthless people will carry and spread Covid. When did we start electing morons?

Why does Mardi Gras season start on Jan. 6?
It's time to party, America! The darkness has been defeated and the light is returning.

Georgia’s Senate Results Mark a Sea Change in American Politics

Georgia Revolution Is a ‘Fuck You’ Aimed Right at Trump
On an unbelievably heartening night for America, Georgia put an end to the pathetic career of Kelly Loeffler and ushered in a bright new era.

Angry Republicans blame Trump for their party's Georgia implosion
Like a classic horror film, the mad doctor that created the Zombies that were wreaking havoc on the countryside at last turn on their creator and rip him to shreds.
A happy ending.

Watch: Mitt Romney confronted by crazed Trump supporters on plane to Washington
The Trump Zombies will go down hard. But go down they will.

The Trump implosion
He blowed in good.

Raphael Warnock Pulls Off Shock Win Over Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Georgia Runoff
Warnock’s victory puts Democrats within one seat of taking control of the U.S. Senate.

Rev. Raphael Warnock defeats Sen. Kelly Loeffler in Georgia runoff
Bad news for the fascists.

Warnock Clinches Historic Win In GA Senate Runoff As All Eyes Drift To Perdue-Ossoff Race

Democratic control of the Senate will put some progressive heroes in new positions of power
They deserve it.

'The arrogance is breathtaking: Milwaukee newspaper slams Ron Johnson for defying the will of Wisconsin voters
He's a real arrogant bastard alright and more than a bit deluded.

This could have been prevented: How mainstream media silenced mental health experts who sounded the alarm on Trump

Intel Community Rebukes Trump: Russia, Not China, Hacked U.S. Govt.
The intelligence community tiptoed around its findings that point the finger solely at Trump’s buddy Putin, but it is what it is.
The Pootmeister has shit his pants?

Georgia runoffs cap a Democratic comeback: Last election of the Trump era may lock GOP out of power
One of Donald Trump's final legacies in office appears to be leading the Republican Party to defeat in Georgia

'There are consequences to chaos': Ex-GOP lawmaker burns Trump for costing his party the Senate
History will remember Trump as a loser. He lost the Presidency, the House, the Senate and will be indicted after he leaves office. One of the great losers.

Robert Reich: Seven Ways 2020 Exposed America
"6. The Electoral College must be abolished." America, we MUST DO THIS OR DIE!

More GOP Senators Oppose Contesting Biden's Win on Eve of Election Certification
They don't care. They are traitors to the U.S. We can watch them commit mass suicide over one impotent old man.

Chaos breaks out in Pennsylvania as GOP state senators block a Democrat from being seated
There is a clear fascist revolt by traitors and they will be stopped by any means necessary.

WATCH: Trump supporters chant 'Victory or Death!' at DC rally
It is time to give the traitors the death they ask for and deserve. America must survive or let no man return alive!

USPS delays could disenfranchise thousands of Atlanta voters in critical Georgia runoffs
Thousands of mail voters were already disenfranchised in November — and this time the margins could be even closer

House Democrats make a criminal referral to FBI over Trump's Georgia election shakedown call
Rep. Ted Lieu asks FBI to open a criminal probe into Trump phone call to Georgia’s elections chief

'Fort Trump': President wants to rename base honoring Confederate general for himself
It will be called "Fort Chump," the Fort where UCMJ convicts get assigned.

Trump Goes out with a Whimper
Whiney bastard.

No charges against Wisconsin officer who shot Jacob Blake
The Blake shooting happened three months after George Floyd died while being restrained by police officers in Minneapolis.
America never grows, American never learns. America keeps doing the same things and expecting different results. The definition of insanity. It's all fine if the insanity doesn't interrupt your life.

Wednesday’s Protests Are Primed to Turn More Trump Supporters into Dangerous Extremists
Proud Boys, white nationalists, and other far-right groups will be in the streets signing up new Republican members.
As I stated before be sure your weapons are cleaned and in working order. You may have to use them against these armed treasonous idiots.

The Pentagon has 3 years to strip Confederate names from bases. Here's what comes next
The National Defense Authorization Act mandates the removal of Confederate names from Defense Department-owned property within three years.
Land of the Happy Negro must make changes.

Josh Hawley Claims Candlelight Vigil Outside His Home Threatened His Family
The group, ShutDown DC, stood outside of the home of the senator, chanted, lit candles and left a copy of the constitution at the senator's door.
Josh doesn't understand what the word "threat" means. He's every bit as stupid as he sounds.

VA Police: Protesters At Hawley’s Home Were “Peaceful”
See, Little Joshie. We know who the scumbag is.

Donald Trump Will Not Be Allowed To Enter Scotland
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon makes clear that Donald Trump is not allowed to come to Scotland this month to escape the inauguration of Joe Biden due to lockdown rules.
He should be taken into custody and be extradited so he can stand trial for treason.

Pennsylvania GOP Refuses To Seat Dem State Senator, Citing Bogus Ballot Challenges
Democratic State Senator Jim Brewster was not sworn in, because Pennsylvania Republicans insist the mail-in ballots cast on his behalf should be tossed out. Courts disagree.
Sedition in Pennsylvania. The democracy is falling and failing at the hands of scum.

Top CEOs Sign Letter Asking Congress To Certify Joe Biden As President This Week
Their love affair with Trump is a thing of the past.

Republicans In Disarray: Will Pence Show Up For Electoral College Vote?
Chuck Grassley's staff wasn't watching him closely and he tweeted!

Trump and His Allies Cannot Ignore the Will of the American People
Statement of Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn
They are already doing it. Are you paying any attention?
It's time for us to put a stop to it by any means necessary.

Christian Nationalists May Extend Our Coronavirus Misery
Misery is what they believe in.

Trump’s coup attempt just got a whole lot more dangerous
It's time to end this fascist charade. I would suggest you get your weapons ready.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are the US Constitution’s 'most dangerous domestic enemies': George Will
And here's hoping they meet with the same fate as every American enemy has. The sooner the better.

'Judgment day': Schwarzenegger blasts Trump's 'un-American' call to Raffensperger in blistering op-ed
Where's the Terminatior now that we need him?

'The entire society is rigged': Fox News host throws tantrum after failed election challenges
These Fox seditionists have torn down all semblence of democracy with their garbage. It's time to end this one way or the other. The whole world is watching.

'Could be a civil war': Trump supporters refuse to accept Biden will be president
Be careful what you wish for. Sherman's march to the sea will look like child's play when bodies lay splattered across the nation, like you tresononus bastards deserve. What fucking fools. They wouldn't believe anything but the trecherous lies from their Trump God. They are no longer Americans.

Ted Cruz will contest Joe Biden’s Arizona victory: report
Ted Cruz is an American traitor and should be arrested on sedition charges.
This stupid traitor can't seem to understand we've had dozens of court hearings in lawsuits that have been thrown out for lack of any evidence. Does he have an attention span problem? He needs a doctor, I suppose because he appears to be a very sick person.

From profiles in courage to profiles in sore losing: The GOP's open sedition and clumsy coup is a crime
The photo is of one of the biggest assholes in the world.

Mail Delays Threaten Late Arrival Of Runoff Ballots In Atlanta
More of the Trump USPS sabotage. The crimes that this moron has committed are beyond the pale.

Donald Trump's silver lining: Will his last-ditch coup rip the Republican Party apart?
Assuming the republic withstands this assault, Trump may have done us a favor — by demolishing the Republican Party
And if he doesn't complete the crime there are more nut ball fools left over that will do the job.
The future does not look bright for our country with the criminal fascists that are waiting in the wings.

'OAN was extremely easy to hoodwink': Borat director reveals how film crew snuck into the White House
Clearly illustrating how easy it is to fool the fools.

Trump Threatens Pence On Electoral College Certification At Last Georgia Rally
The lunatic will go whining and bitching but go he will.

Republican sabotage of Social Security has left tens of thousands of eligible recipients without pay
The slime of fascism. Why are any of these people holding an office in the U.S.? Whoever voted them in are fools.
The Republican Party should go the way of extinction. These criminals must be replaced by a modern party of human beings.

From psychedelics to asset forfeiture reforms: Here are the top 10 drug policy stories of 2020
Some parts of our nation are still very backward—third world. Of that there is no doubt.

New woes for the unemployed in 2021
We are really fucking stupid or we are really fucking mean? Which is it, America? Or is it both?

GOP congresswoman ignites Twitter firestorm after releasing bizarre ad
Another Nut Ball attends the Nut Ball Ball.
"blah, blah, blah...since that would've violated D.C.'s strict laws limiting the carrying of concealed weapons."
Do we really think morons like this give a flying fuck about gun laws? And how in the Hell can a person that is under investigation for “unlawfully providing a handgun to a juvenile” run for any office? America has a serious thinking disorder.

Wisconsin pharmacist who destroyed vaccines was a 'conspiracy theorist': police
What these pathologically defective humans have in common is this: "There's so much I don't know anything about so they obviously must be a conspiracy against me and our way of life."
There should be no downgrading of charges. He's a sick and dangerous person that should be locked up for the rest of his life as every conspiracy nut should be.

Trump supporters vow 'swift vengeance' on Republicans who don't support president's coup: report
These fascists have gone stark raving mad. As a nation, we are at a crossroads. Do we allow the insane to run the nut house? Why have they turned into this unstable society? There must be a reckoning. It must come or we will not go forward.

U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Hits 350,000. Experts Fear Another Surge
This is your country on Trump.

Trump's Georgia shakedown call is the same scheme that led to his impeachment — only worse
Sorry, Susan Collins, Trump learned nothing from impeachment: He's doing it again, except it's even more dangerous
Exactly why he was impeached. He's a dildo scumbag mobster. Prison is where he should be living. That's where he will be soon.

Fox host lashes out at Republicans who are speaking out against Trump's coup
Mark Levin: “If we don't fight on January 6 on the floor of the Senate and the House, that is the joint meeting of Congress on these electors, we're done”
You got a mouse in your pocket? You are done, that's certain. Your 15 minutes are up.
"We're standing at the precipice and we're looking into the abyss." Please take the first step forward. Fuck the Confederacy.

Meet the Trump saboteur in charge of undermining Biden — and America

Unsanitized: America’s Vaccine Rollout Should Infuriate You
A host of problems have hindered our national response in inexcusable ways. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for January 4, 2021.

The Bungled Vaccine Rollout Is a Bad Omen
America’s disastrous response to Covid-19 is an unsettling preview of how it might respond to the climate change crisis.
Has Trump paid one bit of attention to this disaster? No. He's only worried about his stupid ass. Prosecute and convict him of his crimes.

Why Mike Pence Can’t Overturn the Electoral College Vote
Inside the 1887 law that took the power to invalidate an election away from the vice president.
Why should that stop a Trump Zombie?

‘Team Treason’: Internet mocks Trump’s Georgia guest list including Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump, Kayleigh McEnany
Cartoon characters.

The Republicans refusing to join Trump's coup attempt are making a stunning admission
In other words: we will bear witness to a mass political suicide.

Dismally Slow Vaccine Distribution Sets Up A Long 2021
"It’s becoming increasingly clear that it will be many months until the U.S.’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign reaches the general public, as government data shows severe delays in the effort amid a lack of planning by the Trump administration."

Here's the truth behind the chaotic and faltering COVID vaccine rollout

Dominion plans to sue Sidney Powell, doesn't rule out Trump

Trump-loving hate group leader may have been arrested ahead of DC rally: report
"Proud Boys" not so proud after all?
Also on Monday, the Proud Boys were sued by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.
Incredibly stupid professional convict.
Hope you find dungeons comfortable, you creeps.

Republican Josh Hawley blasted by a key supporter for contesting Biden’s victory
"It is the opposite of conservative; it is radical."
It's about goddamn time this twerp gets taken apart.

Trump’s Solicitation of Election Fraud Is His Highest Crime
If Trump’s pressuring of Georgia’s secretary of state to “find” votes to overturn an election result isn’t impeachable, nothing is.

Ainsley Earhardt Says Conservatives ‘Feel’ Election Was Rigged After Co-Hosts Repeatedly Point Out There is No Evidence
Well, I 'feel' like Ike is still president but they tell me there is no evidence of that either.

‘There’s No Proof!’ Kilmeade and Doocy Reject Trump’s Election Fraud Claims, Call Out Trump’s Planned Protest as ‘Anarchy’
OK. I guess Hell has frozen over.

Fortunate Randos Receive Moderna Vaccine From Pharmacy Just Before Doses Expire
The failures of dispensing the vaccine Part 1,029 and counting.
Why are they sitting on shelves? Shouldn't they be stored in a chiller?
And yes, the way they are rolling it out in Texas is a tragedy for the elderly. Go stand in line for an hour with other people in cold weather during a pandemic?

Sen. Ron Johnson Calls Chuck Todd ‘Offensive and Unprofessional’ in Fox News Recap of Fiery Meet the Press Segment
Typical lamebrain comment from the dimwit Johnson. Investigate the real criminal, Ron.

Trump Tried Calling 18 Times Before Georgia’s Secretary of State Finally Picked Up
The brute force, robocall campaign finally succeeded—and delivered his newest scandal.
18 times. God, this man is sick.

The Never-ending Coup Against Black America

Trump threatens GOP senator Tom Cotton and warns his voters will 'NEVER FORGET'
Tom supports the Constitution and this is the thanks he gets.

WATCH: Chaos erupts as anti-maskers harass and assault people while storming California shopping mall
The corpulantly crippled woman seems to be having a problem. It's a good thing she didn't do this in Texas where a open carry zealot would have laid her dead on the floor. This will happen sooner than later.
The mental illness grows in our country. Soon it will be too late for most of us. Another form of lurking death may very well be forthcoming. The "big dumb white cunt" is holding his camera.

Fox News host confronts David Perdue for enabling Trump: 'The ballots in your state were counted three times'
But if they just count them again over 11k more times they might flip for Trump. This will give him a meaningless victory and he would still be a loser. This is the definition of criminally insane which is not surprising coming from deeply sick people.

'Disgusting': Perdue hammers Georgia secretary of state for recording Trump call
Perdue also downplayed the significance of the hourlong call.
Since when is reporting a crime the wrong thing to do? Ever since Trump told his minions they could have Carte Blanche on crime.

Donald Trump Should Be Prosecuted for His Shakedown of Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger
All we ever get is "Trump should be prosecuted." If we say it long enough will we make that happen? Asking for a nation of worn down and out citizens.

GA Election Official Urges Raffensperger To Investigate Trump’s Pressure To ‘Find’ Votes

Worse Than Treason
No amount of rationalizing can change the fact that the majority of the Republican Party is advocating for the overthrow of an American election.

Trump 'may have wandered into a criminal violation' with Georgia call: GOP election lawyer
He's been violating the law all his life. He seems completely at ease doing it as no one seems to be able to end it.
Is this the future of our country? Accepting leaders that have no regard for law? What do you think that will lead us to? Disaster.

All 10 living former defense secretaries condemn GOP attempts to overturn the election
As if this matters to the fascist criminals that continue to commit treason.

'Open-and-shut crime': Members of Congress demand prosecution of Trump for election tampering
Sorry, but with accomplices such as the Senators that cover for him, we can't kick him to the gutter where he belongs. But someday soon both he and his Toadies will pay.

Ex-Speaker Paul Ryan Denounces Fellow Republicans' Coup Attempts Over Biden's Win
Rarely heard from since retiring from politics, Republican Paul Ryan forcefully denounced the seditious acts of his fellow nutjob Republicans in their attempts to mollify Dear Leader.

QAnon Whackaloon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: It's 'Possible Trump Loyalists Will Overturn The Election
Now that Georgians have elected a certified Qanon-loving, gun toting nut job to the United States' House of Representatives, expect Fox to ignore the fact that she's a complete whackaloon, and happily prop her up as the new face of the Republican party as they did this Sunday on Maria Bartiromo's show.
Can she define "enemies"? This is very disturbing and also very telling. It's also possible that I could be pregnant. Folks, we are pissing up a rope with this one.

This is just in case you believe Jake Tapper's criticism of Jon Ossoff for claiming Loeffler campaigned with a former KKK.
Kelly Loeffler Poses With Former KKK Leader, Now Claims She Had No Idea
The Georgia senator has decried the Black Lives Matter movement, and accused Black people carrying legal firearms of practicing "mob rule."
Sorry, Jake but you're not perfect either.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Mitch McConnell loses control of the treason and sedition party

McConnell Party vs. Trump Party
The Trump Camp clearly defines the traitors who must all pay for their actions against America.

KKKelly Loeffler Keeps Up The Gross Lies About Raphael Warnock
As far as the section 230 issue goes, the interesting thing is, it seems to be OK for politicians to defame others but if someone else does the same thing it's a defamation lawsuit. We've slid a long way down, folks.

Hogan says lawmakers' 'scheme' to overturn election results 'makes a mockery of our system'
That's exactly what it does Governor. They want it that way.

McCarthy says he supports effort to challenge Electoral College results
" else do we have a way to change the election problems?”
The election problems are the ones you, your fuhrer, and your fellow fascists have created. We hope you are all prosectued for treason and go to prison.

Income Inequality In 2021
I feel so sorry for the rest of you.

Did Trump Break the Law in Call to Pressure Georgia Official to ‘Find’ Votes?
Do a fat dog fart?
I can hear them now: "It could." But it won't. Spinelessness rules us. You can see how absolutey flaccid our laws are. Trump pisses on them with great regularity.

Jon Ossoff Slams Trump’s Call with Georgia Sec of State as a ‘Direct Attack On Our Democracy’
Jon, he's being doing it for years. He was caught before and his Toadies let him off. They are to blame for this as much as he is. They all must be prosecuted for treason or complicit in treason.

Trump To Award Presidential Medal Of Freedom To GOP Reps Devin Nunes And Jim Jordan For Kissing His Ass
The American Medal of Freedom award has now been totally disgraced and degraded so much that it will never be worthy to award to anyone again. Trump has debased it by giving it to such sycophant toadies as Limbaugh, Holtz, and now Nunes and Jordan. It may as well be used for toilet paper from now on.

All living former defense secretaries condemn GOP attempts to overturn election, involve military
The military should be used against Trump and his Senate Toadies. All must stand trial for attempted overthrow of our government.

Sen. Ted Cruz, a traitor, defends Republican attempts to nullify the election
The traitor, Cruz, must stand trial for sedition.

Rep. Chip Roy objects to seating of fellow Republicans in states Trump falsely claims to have won

The Ted Cruz crowd is trying to destroy democracy, not protect it

Prosecute Trump
The country is so divided because Donald Trump keeps committing crimes with impunity.
We are a failed nation all thanks to Trump and his Nazi supporters.

American Inception

Trump to sue Georgia secretary of state for recording a call where he demanded a crime be committed: report
All that this idiot can do is file a lawsuit. He is pitiful. The good news is one day he will die just like the rest of us.
"I'm suing you for recording a phone call I made to you where I asked you to commit a crime for me, OK?" Just another normal insanity day in the former United States.

Republicans ought to be calling for Trump's resignation or end the GOP: Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein
Republicans are helplessly controlled by QAnonsense ignorance and mindless fascism.
Forget a Civil War. We are in a World War now. Trump asswipes are world wide. Perhaps it is the final one.

'I’ve had enough of hearing this': Chuck Todd snaps at Ron Johnson for pushing debunked conspiracies
America has had enough of Johnson.
Nice going, Chuck. A whole lot of Americans want a piece of this guy. Count me in.

Pay Close Attention to This
Worse than Hitler. How many innocent Americans has he put to death? He must pay for his crimes.

All living Defense Secretaries call GOP election overthrow 'dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional'
Public hangings for all of them. Then dragged through the streets by horses.

GOP leaders are angrier about Trump being recorded than his demand that votes be 'found' so he can win
They are as treasonous as their douche bag Nazi leader is! The gallows awaits them, too!

Trump's powers fail him
That's because he's one big fucking crime boss failure.

Trump’s ‘Perfect Call’ to Try and Change the Georgia Election Result Is a Crime Against Democracy
The egregious and consistent mob-like behavior of Trump and his administration can’t go unpunished. An example has to be made so that this doesn’t happen again. He's killed enough of us for free.

Ted Cruz Says 'Everyone Needs To Calm Down' About His Seditious Plan To Delay Biden's Win
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Sunday encouraged his critics to "calm down" and "relax" about a plan to delay President-elect Joe Biden's 2020 victory by officially objecting to Electoral College votes on January 6.
What's this, Ted? You're backing a fraud and you're telling me to relax? They will be coming for you to place you in irons and a dungeon if there's any justice left in a Trump-raped country. There is audio of Trump committing voter fraud on tape. The least you could do is say "I'm not sure that's right." Dumb Dora. America won't be relaxing until Trump is in prison and you have been spanked in public for your dirty double talk.

Mitt Romney Calls Plot To Overthrow Election Results A Dangerous Ploy That Threatens Our Democratic Republic
“The egregious ploy to reject electors may enhance the political ambition of some, but dangerously threatens our Democratic Republic," said Senator Mitt Romney in a released statement.
Look. This is called sanity, Ted.

Ted Cruz doesn't want to 'throw lit matches' into election dispute. Instead, he's pouring gas on it
All Ted has to do is stand next to the fire and the oil that drips off him will feed it. It's natural for a snake.

"They must openly choose democracy or fascism."
These scums must face the full penalty of the law.

‘I just want to find 11,780 votes’: In extraordinary hour-long call, Trump pressures Georgia secretary of state to recalculate the vote in his favor
Our police force kills Black men for less than this. What is our law enforcement waiting for?
This is wide open treason. Any moron knows this. Trump's Republican traitors that support this are as guilty as he is. This is absolutely an impeachable crime. The Republicans know this but they won't stop him. All that are in on this crime with Trump must be punished as well. Damn them all.

Steve Schmidt Predicts GOP Will Be Destroyed January 6 Just Like Whig Party Went Under In 1854
It’s a well known axiom that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Steve Schmidt has a very interesting forecast for where the Republican party is headed in just a few days.
The gallows of history.
“there are but two parties now, traitors and patriots.”

All passengers forced off plane after 2 grinning Trump supporters refuse to wear masks, spew n-word
Isn't it great to live in America where we have to put with Nazi swine?

SEDITION? 12 GOP Senators Announce Plans To Fight Election Certification On January 6th
‘Sedition is a precise word’: GOP ripped for their ‘brutal betrayal of their oaths of office’
Exection by hanging is the punishment. They've been warned. They will reap the whirlwind.

Trump advisor lies on Fox News that President-elect Biden’s inauguration can be postponed
Another traitor pukes in public.
The American Generals must call the troops out on these criminals and end them for good.

George Conway only needed 11 words to sum up Pence's embrace of GOP scheme to overturn the election
Traitors must dealt with in the traditional manner. Treason must be punished by the death penalty.

GOP Senators continue to kiss the ring of Donald Trump, promising to disrupt and fight the certification of Joe Biden's win on January 6th.
They have lost their case in EVERY COURT! These people are traitors and must be dealt with in the same extreme manner as the traitors are exhibiting.
We used to take people like this out and hang them. We should reconsider doing this. Execution should be waiting for them.
They will reap the whirlwind.

Sen. Murphy: Anyone Who Supports Sen. Hawley Is Engaging In "The Attempted Overthrow Of Democracy"
Read this Hawley, you little twerp. Do you want gunplay? Keep jacking your seditious jaw.

Hawley: When Millions Of Americans Have Concerns About Election Integrity, We're Supposed To Sit Down And Shut Up?
After the election results in every state your whining ass has complianed about has been audited multiple times and the results are the same? Yes, you little motherfucker STFU and do your job!

Rep. Gohmert Calls for Street Violence as Another Legal Loss Sends MAGA World Spiraling
“In effect, the [court] ruling would be that you gotta go the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM,” Gohmert, a former judge, said.
OK, Louis since you're so gamey. Bring your weapon and we'll meet in the street. May the best man win. Louis? Louis? Why are you running away so fast?

Here's a video reminder of how morally bankrupt Sen. Ted Cruz and the Republican Party are
The oil that drips off the weasel Cruz could supply the world indefinitely.

Multiple senators oppose certifying election results
And more on why Ted Cruz is the scum of the earth.
These creatures are all trash. The names are all the old familiar grifters.The shame and disgrace.
These are the people attempting to disenfranchise voters who voted against Trump that might have voted Republican with a sane candidate. The truth.
These traitors can stick a dildo up their collective ass.

In 2020, COVID Put a Mirror Up to Our Society

'Hollow and meaningless': NYU professor criticizes NBC's Chuck Todd for 'malpractice'

Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, Profiting Off Pandemic Pain, Are the Ugly Faces of GOP Corruption
Washington’s turned a blind eye to their self-dealing and alleged insider trading, but Georgians have not.

Trump 'diehards' threatening to 'kill all the D.C. traitors' on day of the president's rally: report
Bring it. Let's see what your criminal body count will be at the end of the battle.

Trump Org. declares losses of $90 million on his European Golf clubs: report
Everything Trump touches dies.

'Trump without the stupidity': Columnist warns Josh Hawley is the president's heir apparent
And far more dangerous to our country. A scumbag on the make.

Crookie Award: No One's Senator But Trump's
Each Republican Senator has been despicable but none has been the faithful servant to the impeached president like Ron Johnson
Turd of the year?

Republican group nails Sen Josh Hawley using interview where he denounces his own election overthrow
Clown and Johnson's heir.

Proud boys clash with Oregon cops — and ends in arrests
Bring back public flogging.

'Just me, Mike': Pompeo unabashedly kicks off New Year with religion-tinged tribute to himself – and his 'swagger'
This guy is a teahadist. He's just another Taliban religious bigoted asshat. He should be relegated to cleaning toilets.
He's one of the reasons that the Land of the Happy Negro exists. We oppose critters like this.

Sen Whitehouse: We can't just 'move on' ‘ we need accountability for Donald Trump's misdeeds
Absolutely. Every crime accounted for. Every stain he put on our country must be paid for.

'Straight up Jim Crow racism': Longtime GOP strategist calls out Republican Josh Hawley
The Land of the Happy Negro will welcome him with open arms. Yassah, boss!
Thus disenfranchising even some constituants. This is a full view of how stupid he is.

Trump goes on delusional New Year's rant as coronavirus deaths spike to highest level ever
Another Hitler-like rant.

Why the mutant coronavirus is ‘a potential catastrophe’: report
What's the old saying? Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

Trump-loving attorney Lin Wood declared himself the second coming of Jesus Christ: Former associates
Hmmm...well, he could also be the first coming of the Choad Eating Shit Beast of the Swamp Sucking Dildo Fuckers!
How can you possibly prove that wrong? I might be Ga Ga Gabor! Don't laugh, there's a story that will tell all about her.

'Incredibly embarrassed and humiliated' Trump 'can't even face his folks at Mar-a-Lago: CNN
Oh, those poor suckers at Marlagostan.

Bernie Sanders 'Stuffs Mitch McConnell In A Locker' Over $2000 Checks
'Tired of That Hypocrisy': Sanders Blasts GOP for Claiming $2,000 Checks Are Too Costly After Passing $1.5 Trillion in Tax Cuts
Too bad he couldn't stuff him in a body bag.

David Perdue Can't Think Of One Thing He Accomplished In Six Years As Senator
Sen. David Perdue proclaims campaigning for the 2020 runoff as his highest achievement as a US Senator for the people of Georgia? What?
Did he forget that time he shit and fell back in it? That was an accomplishment. Credit where credit is due.

Sen. Perdue To Quarantine After COVID Exposure With Critical Runoff Days Away
This is it.

MAGA Retirement Enclave Is Ground Zero in Florida Vaccine Shitshow

Rogue Pharmacist Arrested After 57 People Get Compromised Vaccine
Yes, arrested as we said he should be.
The hospital system originally credited the damage to 500 doses—which were not believed to be harmful—to human error, before revealing employee sabotage.

'Now you're just sounding insane': Trump fans freak out after attorney Lin Woods claims Jeffrey Epstein is alive
Wow! Trump supporters are starting to see this? Wow! I'm on the floor!
It's easy to see what these Trump imitators are doing. They saw what spreading insane bullshit did for Trump with his base and now they want a part of that action for themselves. It's really amusing.

What Did We Know and When Did We Know It?
It appears to me that we've never known a damn thing.
(Is Trump's belly going to explode? No wonder he can't find his dick.)

Crimes, Crises, and Coup
The longing to belong that has led Trump’s supporters to forgive his failings and embrace his misdeeds.

Our Democracy Is Still in Danger Even With Trump Ousted
As we can clearly see by reading the next article below.

Cowards Are Destroying the GOP
Senator Josh Hawley isn’t just engaging in civic vandalism—he is an emblem of a weak and rotten Republican Party.
Yes, Little Josh — the new Trump Fascist Turd.

It’s Rudy! The Melting Mayor Beats Cunningham To Become TPM’s 2020 Duke Of Dukes
The fool of fools.

Wall Street Journal drops the hammer on 'embarrassing' GOP for allowing Trump to undermine the election

WATCH: Joe Biden Overruled Democratic Objections to Electoral College Certification for President-Elect Trump in 2017
The interesting difference here is that we had proof that the 2017 election was tampered with by the Russians. It was so stated in the Mueller Report. No such proof exists on the 2020 election which has been made clear by the numerous failed lawsuits lack of evidence.
STFU Little Josh Grandstander.

Anthony Fauci “Disappointed” By Vax Rollout [VIDEO]
This is going to be another huge American failure. They now have the elderly standing in lines to wait for a vaccine that on one hand they say is "95% effctive" and on the other say "but keep wearing masks and social distancing" and "we don't know if you could still shed the virus or not" clearly indicates not only failure on the delivery system but failure on the effecacy of the vaccine. Apparently, we are still testing and this time it will be on the expendable elderly.

Ken Paxton sues after Austin bans late on-site dining for New Year’s weekend amid COVID-19 surge
Mayor Steve Adler said the severity of the COVID-19 situation in Austin requires more drastic measures. El Paso County announced a similar order earlier this month.
Ken Paxton and his fascist cohorts who consistantly violate law pull this on our citizens? God help us because the fascists will not. They have nothing but contempt for humanity. Just take a look at the death toll for proof.
Gov. Abbott is going against his own guidelines. This is how lunatics run the state of Texas. Pitiful.

Biden's victory 'is inevitable': GOP senator admits objecting to certification process is all for show
It's all fascist show, perhaps. But these Nazis are real. Make no mistake of underestimating the treason that they support.

Donald Trump's vilest legacy
"Their acceptance of Trump's behavior will be his vilest legacy."
I regret that I actually used to know a few of these simpletons.

‘Embarrassment' Matt Gaetz and other Florida GOPers slammed in scathing hometown editorial
"...calling them a "national embarrassment" and a "danger to democracy." Ya think?

Hospital worker in Wisconsin intentionally destroyed 500 doses of COVID-19 vaccine
"a deliberate act of sabotage" "...could be regarded as attempted murder several times over."
Insanity perhaps but criminal in any case. This person must be prosecuted. There is precedent for this crime.
The United States has entered an era of mass stupidity where safety cannot be assured. Thanks, Amerika.

Rep. Kinzinger: Trump's Campaign Claims Are 'Just A Scam, It's A Big Grift'
"Where I feel really bad, though, is just the people that are, you know, struggling during the pandemic that are giving President Trump's campaign money for this recount because they believe him," he said.
A big fat grift by a big fat grifting megalomaniac.

Proud Boys' Attacks On Black D.C. Churches Leave Community Ready To Fight Back
When white supremacist groups like the Proud Boys desecrate churches and set Black Lives Matter signs aflame, it triggers generational trauma, but determination to resist, too.
Desecrate a few of the boys and see how they like it.

Trump DOJ Lets Off Cleveland Cop Who Killed 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice
No justice from the Trump Justice Department.
This is what we get from the racist death squads.

VIRAL VIDEO: Covidiot Karen Throws Fit At UPS Store
Dumb as a sack of hammers. Dim as a box of rocks. And that's insulting to hammers and rocks.

Lawyer schools Josh Hawley on what will really happen when he objects to the electoral college vote
Little Josh is grandstanding. He and Ted Cruz have a lot in common.

Trumpist Lawyer Lin Wood Goes on Unhinged Rant Suggesting Justice John Roberts Is a Murderous Pedophile
Wood has recently been in touch with President Trump, who has encouraged his election-stealing lawsuits and behavior.
Is there anyone alive that can still recall when the law used to protect us against raving insane maniacs walking the streets?

Josh Hawley Is Madison Cawthorn Is Marjorie Taylor Greene
There's not a dime's worth of difference between the "crazies" and the Very Serious People in the GOP.
"We should never forget exactly who and what these people did in this moment. There is no difference—none, at all—between the Josh Hawleys of the world and the Marjorie Taylor Greenes and Madison Cawthorns."

Sen. Josh Hawley is saying 'Black people voting is fraud' with his election overthrow: Tyranny expert
Little Josh wants you to know that he is as big a racist as Trump. He is the fraud and everyone knows it.

Minneapolis cops shoot and kill suspect at traffic stop -- then try to shoot onlookers throwing snowballs
The insanity of the fascists just keeps digging deeper.

'Sadistic and amoral': Mental health expert performs postmortem on the 'pathological' Trump presidency
One deeply sick, perverted asshat. History will not be kind to him even though he is insane.

Fourteen Million: Trump Admin Releases Final 2020 Vaccine Distribution Total
Trump fails again. Good that he'll be going. LOSER.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Claims Public School 'Communists’ Brainwashed AOC
Rachel Campos Duffy said that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist today because she was brainwashed in elementary school.
Yeah, right. All of us communists all got our politics handed to us in elementary school. So where did she get her fascist brainwashing?
Oh, maybe she was home schooled?
I've heard this shit since I was an actual member of the Republican Party in the early 1960s. It took a while, like getting out and seeing the world, to figure out how much bullshit these morons crap out. "Corporate prostitutes" about sums it.

'Err on the side of helping people': AOC slams Blue Dog Democrat for opposing $2,000 relief checks
You can leave the 'Blue' off. They are simply Dogs in the worst sense. They always have been the same.

Mitch McConnell lied that $2,000 checks would only go to rich Democratic pals: Bloomberg reporter
Feed him to the pigs.

Buying off fascist voters : What Josh Hawley is teaching us
This twerp snot is teaching us he as big of a dick as Trump, only not as fat.
"Look at me, look at me. I'm running for President and I'm as big an asshole as the insane douchebag you've been fellating."

'This is warp speed?' At current pace, US will take 10 years to adequately vaccinate the public
America is truly blessed, are we not?

Hey, America, You Want a True Conservative Party?

Can We Finally Stop Marching to Disaster?
Under a Biden presidency, perhaps the horrors of 2020 can force a real conversation about national security in 2021.
But the fascists, the QAnonsensers, the terrorists will all still be stirring the turds. They must be stopped before progress can ever happen.

Ted Cruz's Georgia Runoff Fundraising Is Actually Going to His Campaign. He's Not Alone
The runoff is a gold mine for politicians. And now that they can run Facebook ads in Georgia, they’re rushing for it.
Grifting in America. What else is it good for? Absolutely nothing! We know who the radicals are here.

Hawley Is First Senator To Join Electoral Challenge
This is no surprise. If you follow the reports on the Land of the Happy Negro, we have had this asshat pegged as a major turd-stirrer for some time.

Federal Commemoration of Thomas Becket’s Martyrdom “deeply concerning” to Religious Freedom Advocates
"It is yet another example of this administration tarnishing the basic tenets of our democracy by conflating American identity with Christian identity."

Hey God, Coupla Things

'I'm going to shoot her': Officer under investigation for alleged threat against Phoenix mayor
Our Nazi law enforcement in action. Normal life in America.

Argentina to Legalize Abortion After Landmark Vote in the Conservative Catholic Country
What's wrong with the United States? Why are we so world retarded?

The War at Home

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy under fire after newly elected Republican dies from COVID-19
What a hypocrite. A Covid denier like the rest of them. Let them all vanish from existence, please.

Trump’s indifference and racism kills 1 in 1,000 Americans
Trump must pay for his crimes.

Even If It's 'Bonkers,' Poll Finds Many Believe QAnon And Other Conspiracy Theories
It's no wonder that the U.S. is failing in so many ways. This is a perfect example of the dumbing down of America.
QAnonsense should be stopped by any means necessary. They are destroying America. A civilized society cannot be maintained with a pathology on the loose like these sickos are. We cannot remain a functioning society with this cancer at large. The QAnonsense pandemic is as bad as Covid. They have made things much worse than neeeded.

Voting machine company behind so many surprise wins this year raises some questions
Funny the Republicans aren't looking at their own voting fraud, eh? Pay no attention to that man behind the curtains.
Could it be that's why the Republicans are whining so much is a smokescreen for their own crimes? Why, of course.

Texas’ 'Deadbeat Dan' Patrick Refuses To Pay Promised Voter Fraud Reward
PA’s Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) is demanding Texas’ Dan Patrick (R) make good on his offer of reward money for uncovering voter fraud – now that three Trump voters have been caught in the act.
We knew he was a fourflusher. Like Trump, he's a deadbeat. Pay up!

McConnell Blocks $2,000 Survival Checks For Americans Scraping To Get By
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell personally blocked Sen. Chuck Schumer's request for an up or down vote on $2,000 survival checks on Tuesday.
Can we all agree that this asshole is the biggest useless jerkoff in the country? America, he hates you. And he hates himself, deep inside. He hates himself, he's got no pride.

Everybody Hates Pence
It isn't just Louis Gohmert who believes it's Mike Pence's job to steal the election for Donald Trump....

LA Congressman-Elect Dies From COVID Days Before Swearing In
The QAnonsense cave people will still believe something else killed him.

In the final days of Trump's reign, his minions are fighting over who is least loyal to America
The name "Gohmert" should become synonomous with that which is considered the lowest scum in the known universe.
Bob Dylan said it best in his last stanza of "Masters of War." It is perfect for all "Gohmerts."

Michael Flynn is now selling QAnon merchandise
Such a pitiful creature. How could he have fallen to utter degredation?

Nashville bomber's ex-girlfriend warned authorities of planned attack last year: report
No surprise. Law enforcement often knows and does nothing.

Proud Boys Are at War With Their Female Extremist Wing
A transphobic MMA fighter has announced herself to be the “Den Mother” of the Proud Girls, but some members of the extremist, misogynistic Proud Boys don’t want her in the ranks.
Hopefully, these seditious bastards will destroy each other for all time. What a gift for the rest of us.

Trump-loving anti-maskers storm California grocery: ‘I don’t want underwear over my face!’
Would all these people please stop their childish mindless whining and drop dead? MAGA = Swastika.
How many deaths are these people responsible for? They don't give a damn about that, do they?

Louie Gohmert's 'crackpot lawsuit' is 'going straight into the trash can': CNN White House correspondent
Please flush this stupid, nut ball traitor down with the crap he's dishing out. America will be better for this.

Adviser Says Biden Will Invoke Defense Production Act To Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccine Production
While Donald Trump golfs and pouts, not always in that order, President-elect Joe Biden's office is taking it upon themselves to offer up some leadership previews. On CNBC, Biden pandemic advisory board member Dr. Celine Gounder let it be known that Biden will be invoking the Defense Production Act to accelerate vaccine production.

Trump Is Humiliated and More Dangerous Than Ever
The United States has been reduced to rationing healthcare, THAT'S RATIONING HEALTHCARE!, because of this pigshit.

Attorney for Blackwater murder victim: Trump's pardons 'a slap in the face' to US justice
Trump will pay. He must pay.

Biden: Trump's mishandling of transition is 'nothing short' of 'irresponsibility'
That's being kind, Joe. We all know he's a traitor and should be tried for treason.

The Newest Trump-Boosted Viral MAGA Star Has Ties to The Epoch Times
The president has pushed out a video from Seth Holehouse. Not mentioned is Holehouse’s ties to group that thinks Trump will bring on Judgment Day.
Just what we need—another fruit cake. Holehouse? You sure it's not "Shitholehouse?" When will these creatures who are nothing more than exploitation frauds vanish for good?

Trump supporters seethe after hotel cancels their reservations ahead of January 6th protest
Too bad. They could have converted the hotel to a federal prison right after they had checked in.

Right-wing conspiracy theories are leading to ‘radicalization’ and ‘violent extremism’: security experts The terrorists will try their weapons sooner or later. At which time they will finally be exterminated.

President-Elect Joe Biden Rips Trump's 'Hollowed Out' 'Sidelined' National Security Agencies
Biden delivered his remarks after receiving a national security briefing from his team of advisors
This is your nation on Trump. We are in a Civil War due to Fatso's fuckery.

CNN Fact-Checker: Many News Outlets Still Reluctant To Use The Word 'Lie'
CNN's fact-checker Daniel Dale bemoaned the fact that many news outlets are still reluctant to use the word "lie" when it comes to Donald Trump and others, even after we've watched the serial-liar-in-chief for the last four years.
The media's cowardice is part and parcel of the pit into which our country has fallen. They have a lot to answer>

Bomber To Neighbor: The World Is ‘Never Going To Forget Me’
Sorry, your 15 minutes are up.

Biden Says That Trump Admin Has Put Up ‘Roadblocks’ To Transition At OMB, DoD
I know exactly what it takes to take out roadblocks. We must be prepared to do it by any means necessary.

The 'moderate' rot at the top of the Democratic Party
Let me ask you a question, Progressives (so-called). Didn't you want to beat Trump?
For the sake of the country could we please fucking get Biden in office before you start your crucifixtion? There is a reckoning coming.

#TrumpIsNotWell trends again as president faces his political end
Not well "trends again"? Is this something someone is just coming to terms with? I mean where did intellect go in humanity?

Trump's ham-fisted and harmful extortion effort blows up in his face
His fuck face. We do no longer live in a civilized country.

Rep. Louie Gohmert files lawsuit claiming Mike Pence has ability to overturn election results
The House Fascism Caucus is pressing for the November elections to be nullified based on hoaxes and proven-false conspiracy theories. Treason? Hell, yes! It's fine to do this in the open. Gohmerrhea should be flushed down the shithole he lives in. The problem is these shitbags never will. And they should. We should remember them and do what we should do to them.

'Dumbest member of Congress' Louis Gohmert mocked for 'insane' lawsuit against Mike Pence
Did this rank fuckstick actually get through school without cheating? Asking for a friend.

Of Course, MAGA Q-Nuts Think Nashville Bomb Was Chinese Plot To Overturn Trump 'Win'
These people are completely mental.
Ya think???????

Rasmussen Quotes Stalin To Argue Trump Can Still Win
“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." – Stalin
Stalin and the Republicans are very much the same these days.

President Nutso Thinks He Can 'Line-Item Veto' The Bill He Just Signed
That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.
This fully illustrates just how fucking stupid Fuckhead is. He doesn't know shit from applebutter about the way our government works.
Does that sound bad? Sure. But what's worse is none of the moron dimwits that support him know any better. That's disaster for us.

White Woman Attacks Black Teen, Accuses Him Of Stealing Her Phone
Every iPhone in the world belongs to her, or, the Black kid HAS to have stolen mine. Pathetic.
Welcome to Trumplandia.
Trumplandia? OK, that's been at the top of this site since 2016. Thanks for catching up.

Fierce battle erupts on MSNBC after GOP lawmaker defends Trump supporters who won’t accept his loss
Fierce battle? These traitors should all be arrested and tried. Why can't our Constitution be enforced?
Dude, just because I believe in the Blue Fairy it doesn't make it true. It would make me a nut ball you seditious dick!
And, who made these delusional people believe this bag of shit you're preaching? None other than your seditious crime boss, Donald Trump!
Don't expect us to make your little crime of treason acceptable.

There's a secret message buried in Trump's pardons everyone seems to have missed
That he's a crime boss. Doesn't matter what kind.

Trump Shouldn't Be Tried For Tax Fraud, He Should Be Tried For Mass Murder
Trump deserves to be taken to the The Hague and tried before the International Criminal Court for genocide and crimes against humanity.

Republicans made their own worst nightmare come true in the most lurid way imaginable
We were warned. We were told this could happen if we weren't vigilant. Of course, we couldn't do it. We had to have our lives be free to spread the disease. Hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday get-togethers. Let's watch the case mount and the death count mount together. Happy New Year.

They’ve Got Biden Fever—and Will Risk COVID to See Inauguration
What happened to our culture? I know television has been a great bearing on our failing but how did we ever grow so stupid.

Sen. Pat Toomey: Trump Going Too Far With Pardons, But Michael Flynn Never 'Committed A Crime'
Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania on Sunday slammed President Donald Trump's use of the pardon power even though he agreed with the pardon of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.
"But Michael Flynn Never 'Committed A Crime'"? And a bear doesn't shit in the woods.

Watch: Bodycam footage shows Ohio cop killing unarmed Black man sitting in his own car
Another cop murders a Black man. And we wonder why we have protests. And we wonder why there are fires and lootings? And we do diddley squat. This is the definiton of insanity.

Relatives, activists and attorneys demand justice for unarmed Black man killed by Columbus police
You won't find this in the U.S.A. Sorry.

Ted Cruz helped Texas fracking billionaires reap millions in COVID aid relief: report
This will be the start of a new series: Public Whipping Post Candidates.
Time to bring back the public whipping post. There are many who deserve to be taken out and get a taste of the lash, LaRue.
#1 Ted Cruz.

The Rampaging of the Rich White Trash

Unemployment Benefits Run Dry For Millions As Trump Turns On COVID Deal
Trump's contract on America.

Trump has descended into 'Crazy Town' as he trashes the GOP from Mar-a-Lago: ex-adviser
"Goin' down to Crazy Town where all the wingnuts stay, Goin' down to Crazy Town where I'll forever stay."

The Biden Administration Should Restore the Endangered Species Act To Full Strength
Just consider the moral argument that other species have the right to exist.
Those moral arguments seem to not work with anyone who considers their own morals are the best.

Ex-WI Gov Scott Walker Busted In Weird Lie About Pizza
You have Scott Walker confused with someone who gives a damn.

#QAnon Nutbag Vows To Disrupt Electoral Certification
This megalomaniac psychopath ran unopposed. Maybe next time you could get a drunk off the street to run against her?

A breakdown of all 126 seditious Republicans who signed on for a coup d'état
All must be charged and tried.

Trump Attorney Goes On Twitter Tirade Attacking Justice Roberts, Pence, Meadows And McConnell
As someone accurately described in response to this madness on Twitter, "Lin Wood fell out of the crazy tree and hit *every* branch on the way down."
Why is this man at large?

'Out-and-out Communists': Fox & Friends Host Throws A Tantrum Over Joe Biden's 'Centrist' Label
Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy on Sunday called the Democratic Party "out-and-out communists" after The New York Times noted that President-elect Joe Biden has picked a "centrist" cabinet to lead his government.
This is how badly things have gotten completely wacko with "entertainment news." These people have sold out entirely as both Americans and humans.

Trump can go to jail for his pardons — and it may make it easier to prosecute other crimes: expert
Marvelous! This is exactly what he deserves! Prison for his natural and unnatural lives!

Trump rips GOP senators and vows to overturn the election: ‘WE WILL WIN!!!’
Big fat stooopid. Big FAAAAT STUPID!

DeSantis Spokesperson Deletes Twitter Account Amid Backlash For Tweet About COVID-19 Victims
Fred Piccolo cited "stress" for his reason for deleting the much-reviled Twitter account.
"... it shouldn't come as any surprise that one of the worst governors in the United States has people on his staff that are loathsome human beings as well."
Piccolo is a turd stirrer. Loathsome. That it is.

Crookie Award: Public Menace Of The Year, Proud Boys And White Nationalists
Supported and egged on by Trump, these "very fine people" represent an ever-growing threat to our democracy and our national security that will remain long after Trump leaves office.
The scum of the fascists lickspittles.

Crookie Award: Ted Yoho's 'F*cking Bitch' Slam On AOC
As we hear Republicans falling on their fainting couches everywhere over Jen O'Malley Dillon's "f*ckers" remark, we remember Ted Yoho spewing forth on AOC before issuing a non-apology apology.

Hate merchandise still readily available at mainstream online websites, excuses notwithstanding

After 50 years of riding waves of hate, the GOP must finally decide if Trumpism is its future
Read "Nazism."

Republicans Plotting New Ways To Make It Harder To Vote
American fascism in action. Aren't we lucky to have these bastards.
You voters have gone too far! There are way too many of you now. You must be stopped.

Trump appears to back plan to overturn election result in Congress amid more false claims of fraud
President seems to be banking on Republican politicians disrupting the vote-counting session on 6 January
Committing crime in the open. Destroying democracy in the open. Open sedition and treason. And America does nothing? Will this end with a bang to Trump's brain or with a whimper of our will and our resignation.

Franklin Graham: Pray For A “Miracle” To Save Trump
I will glad to see this seditious bastard floating out to sea in a leaky dingy and no oars.

Some said the vaccine rollout would be a ‘nightmare’ -- and they were right
This is due to Trump's ineptness and some States failure to understand what needed to be done. More evidence of the U.S. being a failed state.

Trump rages at 'incompetent' Supreme Court and DOJ for not supporting his 'corrupt election' claims
Aren't we all fed up with this bullshit?

Wisconsin Chief Justice publicly slams ‘threats of actual or proposed violence’ from Trump supporters
American terrorisim and sedition will get what it deserves.

Anti-vaxxers have a dangerous new approach to fighting against the COVID-19 vaccine

Yuma Prison Warden Dies From COVID-19 After Dismissing Safety Concerns
Warden Edwin Jensen died several days ago from COVID-19. He had previously warned nurses not to criticize their lax standards of PPE among staff.
Sometimes the dead do die.

Democratic legislators introduce bill forcing ICE and CBP to report COVID-19 numbers

Trump-loving lawyer unleashes bizarre conspiracy attack on Justice John Roberts, Mike Pence and Mark Meadows
When will the men in the white coats pick this idiot up and stash him away for good?

'Going to get ugly': Trump supporter uses his work email to threaten ‘mass execution of public officials’
'Going to get ugly'? WTF? It's been ugly since Trump took office and began his reign of terror.
This will only end with the end of Trump and the remainder of his fascists such as this asshat traitor.

'We celebrate the defeat of the worst president in U.S. history'

A deepening democracy crisis: More than 70 percent of Trump voters distrust the best-run election in years
If they are Trump voters why would anyone think they have the power of reason to begin with?
Understanding how democracy works is not one of their best skills.

The neediest holiday season

Trump leaves key offices vacant across the federal government as Biden prepares to take over
President Donald Trump has left widespread vacancies in watchdog offices across the government.

Trump met with Pence before calling on the vice president to thwart the Electoral College: report

Crookie Award: America's Dumbest Almost-Senator Tommy Tuberville
We thought Ron Johnson was the dumbest man in the Senate, but he has a serious rival in Alabama's Senator-Elect, Tommy Tuberville.

Compare And Contrast: 1.7 Billion People Woke Up Today In Countries With Near Zero Virus
Dr. Ali Khan compares how we handled the virus with other countries that used appropriate measures

Dems Say They’ll Hold Vote On $2,000 Checks Monday As GOP Rejects First Attempt
All of these people on both sides of the aisle need to understand: PEOPLE ARE IN TROUBLE AND YOU KEEP FUCKING OVER THEIR LIVES!

The Treasonous Pardon of Paul Manafort
Trump, Russia, and the swamp won. America lost.

Trump’s pardon of Paul Manafort brings full circle the undermining of the Russia investigation

Trump puts dead Confederate traitors ahead of pay raise for troops
Land of the Happy Negro Emperor Keeps His Seditious Heroes Alive.

A top Republican's pathetic reply to Nancy Pelosi shows how the GOP got caught in her trap

Jail Break! Trump Pardons Manafort And Stone In Latest Clemency Blitz
The mob boss releases his hoodlums.

'Mob boss' Trump has transformed pardons into 'a naked vehicle for patronage': columnist

Trump hammers Georgia airwaves with his anti-election conspiracy theories as voters cast ballots
It's high time to ignore this shithook that has wreaked disaster upon us.

Trump's COVID-19 task force will stop sending weekly recommendations to states: report
The Trump prescription: "We will do nothing."

I Sued Blackwater for the Massacre of Iraqi Civilians. Trump Just Pardoned Those Convicted Killers.
Trump’s pardon of the Blackwater mercenaries who murdered 14 Iraqi civilians at Nisour Square shows the world what justice means in the United States.
All because of Pete Hegseth.

Over 1 million people in U.S. have received the COVID-19 vaccine
America, we're counter punching now.

Trump leaves office historically disgraced in the eyes of the public — while Biden gets high marks

Trump's 11th-hour betrayal: Republicans get what they deserve
Crimes against humanity.

This Is Just What Jared Does’: Kushner Bails on Trump’s Mission to Destroy the 2020 Election
The president’s son-in-law has developed a reputation in Trumpland for being conspicuously absent when things turn rocky.
"His Twerpness" is pretty much the same icon as Peetie Wheatstraw — the Devil's Son-in-Law! ROTFLMAO!

Pastor Who Urged 'Faith Over Fear!!' Loses Both Parents To Covid-19
Just weeks after Todd Dunn posted that "Leftist forces were using the pandemic to keep churches from assembling," both his parents would die in hospital within a few hours of one another.
Very sorry to hear this. With a little sense they might still be alive.

'Brain' Kilmeade Embraces Right-Wing Rioters In Oregon: 'They Love America'
The only faces Brian Kilmeade sees in those rioting in Oregon are white faces. He vehemently attacks all Black Lives Matters protests and wholeheartedly supports the murderous cops.
Figures. These fascists would murder their parents for a buck.
The spawn of Trump.

FBI: Iran Was Behind 'Enemies Of The People' Website That Targeted U.S. Election Officials
Many of these officials in one way or another have attested to the security of November’s election, saying they had not seen evidence of widespread fraud.
Shut down the shit shoveling, America.

Trump's latest pardons are moves to corrupt laws that he stands accused of breaking himself
The smiling stooges left and right.

'The Sidney Powell of Geraldo Riveras': Fox's Maria Bartiromo mocked after 'punked' interview with fake CEO
What else? Great God, aren't we fed up with this shit?

Trump Pardons Bring Christmas Hope To Child Murderers, Traitors And Other Garbage Humans Everywhere!


GOP's Kelly Loeffler fought changes to credit reporting — as her husband made $10 billion deal off it: report
Enough of GOP corruption. Please stop these grifters.

The Trump Administration Keeps Awarding Border Wall Contracts but Doesn’t Own the Land to Build On
The government’s strategy of awarding contracts before acquiring titles to land in Texas has led to millions of dollars in costs for delays. Things could get even more complicated if President-elect Joe Biden stops border wall construction.
Like Trump, the wall will fall.

Ex-Army Major Richard Ojeda Slams Trump For Blackwater Pardons: ‘They Did Not Give Two Sh*ts’ About Who They Killed
Neither does Trump.

Sen. Rand Paul Doubles Down in Opposition to Covid Relief Bill: ‘A Bunch of Socialist Spending’
Another lout from Kentucky.

Feds to Purchase Additional 100 Million Doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine, Enough to Vaccinate Every American by June

Arizona GOP May Face Sanctions for Filing Lawsuit Contradicted by Audit, Judge Suggests

Trump administration staffers receive departure instructions
The internal communication contradicts the ongoing public effort by the president to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election.
He may not go quietly but go he will — walking or feet first.

Trump has plunged America into a 'full-blown legislative crisis': Politico reporter
And into his shithole.

Trump's chaos ploy
The turd stirrer.

'I can't even describe it': Dem lawyer stunned by Trump supporters' 'really dumb' lawsuit against Mike Pence
The degrading and filthy levels to which Trump descends.

US Deaths In 2020 Top 3 Million, Far Exceeding Most Ever Counted
Another number the U.S. should be ashamed of.

Trump Issues A Slew Of Pardons, Including 4 Blackwater Murderers
With 29 days to go until Joe Biden takes office, Trump is using his pardon power to reward friends, loyalists, murderers and war criminals.
Organized crime chief sets free a gang of criminal cronies for unknown amount of cash in return. Welcome to the entrepreneurial United States.

Trump Goes Whole Hog, Grants Pardons For House Allies And Russia Probe Figures
More on the disgrace on our country.

Christians Desecrate Native American Site For Jesus
Stupid rubes show their stupid asses at one of the great sites in America.
The ancients were there before your Jesus walked the earth.
They can take gas in the name of Jesus but they will never take that land under anyone's name.
I guess these rubes would be happy to have someone desecrate their "church." These fuckers are the "dark energy."

Dominion Worker Sues Trump Campaign, Newsmax, OANN Following Death Threats
Trump is America's mortal enemy. Only a fool would believe otherwise.
This is what his muckraking has led us to — threats of murder.
“It’s terrifying,” Coomer said. “I’ve worked in international elections in all sorts of post-conflict countries where election violence is real and people are getting killed over it. And I feel that we’re on the verge of that.”
We are a banana republic now.

WATCH: Trump vows to stop 'theft of the election' in 9-minute Twitter manifesto
If this isn't the time to use the 25th Amendment there will never be a time. We may as well get rid of it.
What a bunch of cowards we have become to allow a two-bit nut ball bully to piss all over our democracy.

Trump's pardon spree begins
What will Trump do about his hair when he's in prison? Likely, he gets a crew cut? No one will be there to do it for him in the mornings.

It's time for the media to stop downplaying GOP misconduct: Conservative columnist
Waaaaaay past time for these fascists to be put out to pasture — or prison. The cells need them.

FL radio station changes from "Trump Country" to "Hell Yeah," listeners react badly
Hell, yeah.

Breaking: Trump's Private Bankers at Deutsche Bank Resign
And who could blame them?

Report: Trump Throws Sidney Powell Under The Bus — Again
She's got so many tire tracks on her back already!

Karl Rove goes off on Sidney Powell: 'Any idiot with access to Google' can debunk her lawsuits
Turd Blossom speaks.

Florida Democrat files petition to disbar Matt Gaetz over his efforts to throw out millions of votes
Disbar him is the least you can do. He's seditious and should be indicted.

"It isn't even really a stimulus in my opinion": Economists lament paltry $600 checks to citizens
Economic experts aren't bullish on the just-passed stimulus package that promises $600 for most Americans
A shot of good Tequila would serve just as well--or maybe a fifth.

Kayleigh McEnany flounders when asked how Trump will stay in the White House
"...we will see what happens with the president's litigation."
You mean that .45 he's got in his hip pocket?
Dear God! That poor little girl.

Columbus Cop Fatally Shoots Unarmed Black Man, Turns on Body-Cam After
Officers had responded to a complaint that the man was sitting in his SUV, turning it on and off again.
OMG! When will this "scary thing that scares our scared cops so bad that they get scared," be stopped! I know — we can longer allow Black people in our White Streets, right racist Trump Amerika?
So, when will the killer be indicted for murder? Or do you want more protests in your streets for fucking ever!

The most despised man in the Senate once again proves his title
Yes, but I've heard that Covid reduces life expectancy by three years. So, there's that, at least.
(Rand had it, ya know.)

Look At These COVID-Denying, Republican Assholes Getting Their COVID-19 Vaccines!
Hypocrisy of the highest order! LOL!

NAACP files suit accusing Trump, GOP of violating KKK Act
Another rebellion in the Land of the Happy Negro? I guess they gave him a chance and he was found wanting.

Good Riddance to Robert E. Lee
…and to “very fine people on both sides” apologias for Confederate infamy.
The Land of the Happy Negro says goodbye to another enabler.

Lindsey Pretends Trump Still Has A Chance; Biden Calls Graham 'A Personal Disappointment'
Meanwhile, Lindsey is in big trouble with investigators looking into his interference with the Georgia election results.
Graham must be removed from office.

Trump Is Guilty of Sedition and Must Be Brought to Justice
He’s violating his oath to protect the Constitution, and every day that he’s allowed to remain in power, the threat to our democracy grows.

Outgoing GOP Rep. Accuses Colleagues Of ‘Mindless’ Obedience To Trump
How they lost their minds should be looked into in order to avoid it in the future.

Tensions erupt as Proud Boys show up to defend right-wing pastor defying COVID restrictions
"Preaching what's in the Bible." The Bible should have a disclaimer printed in the front of every edition that warns people who read it to take it with a grain of salt--maybe a shaker full.
There's a lot of killin' goes on in that book. It seems to take a lot of killin' to make religion work.

Michael Flynn should face court martial for 'incitement to insurrection': Ex-Colin Powell chief of staff
Do they still have the firing squad like they did for Eddie Slovik?

Judges Are Locking Up Children for Noncriminal Offenses Like Repeatedly Disobeying Their Parents and Skipping School
Michigan’s juvenile justice system is archaic. Counties act with little oversight, and the state keeps such poor data it doesn’t know how many juveniles it has in custody or what happens to them once they’re in the system.
Leave it to the U.S. to create a farm system for future White prisoners to fill our nation's prison cells. Can't tell us we're systemic only on Black kids.

Gingrich: Why I Won’t Recognize Biden As President
Does anyone really give a flying fuck what this old clown vomits? Take a look at his shit.
Proof Pompeo, Pence And Newt Gingrich Are Traitors: How Trying To Link 9/11 To Iran Instantly Proves Lies & Treason
The Man Who Broke Politics
Gingrich Continues to Lie About Telling the Truth Under Oath

Far-right Protesters Storm Oregon Capitol, Are Met With Mace And Pepper Balls
The revolution was thwarted by a handful of officers and by nobody in the crowd much feeling like spending a few hours in jail.
And they are not even arrested for inciting a riot? No wonder the country is full of open sedition.

The Antisemitism Behind Kelly Loeffler’s "Open Letter To the Jewish Community"
After posing with a neo-Nazi for a photo, Loeffler claims to speak for American Jews.

Pentagon officials fear Trump will order the troops to help him steal the election: CNN's Barbara Starr
The Pentagon should order the Generals to tell Trump to go to Hell and turn our troops on him. Biden will pardon any legal issue.

Trump turns on everyone
How swine end up. Think of it — always.

How every member of the fascist cabal should be remembered after January 20, 2021, in perpetuity.

Thune Says Any Challenge To Electoral College Tally Would ‘Go Down Like a Shot Dog’

The Trump administration appears to be falling apart as Republicans ignite deliberate mayhem

'Hell freezes over': Internet stunned as top Evangelical tells Trump to concede defeat
Alfred E. Neuman says "Hang it up, loser!"

'Stay tuned': Trump's chief of staff says lawmakers are planning to help 'fight back' against voter fraud
Said the biggest fraud in the eternity of the universe.

After Legal Threat, Fox Shows Aired Identical Fact Checks Of Election Conspiracy-Mongering
These dipshits are still gonna get sued anyway and everyway which way but loose. Hopefully it kills their con for good.

What a Miserable 2020 Revealed About America
It exposed an impotent political system, a deadly mythology of rugged individualism, and a Republican Party without shame.
And a malignant crowd of mindless zombies that couldn't care less about the country.

Ana Navarro Rips Rubio For Jumping Vaccine Line, And GOP For $600 Checks
Marco Rubio, "who is 50 years old and healthy," shouldn't jump the line for a vaccine - especially after being so servile to Donald Trump. Added Navarro, "$600? That's like four hours of hush money for Stormy Daniels!"

'Newsmax is so WEAK': Right-wing viewers are furious after pro-Trump outlet debunks election fraud claims
Fascists get the sadz.

‘We were complicit’: Lawyer who worked for Trump administration pens op ed apologising to US
Guilty as charged.

Sidney Powell Serves Up Rotting Squid Carcass To Supreme Court

Critics Blast $600 Stimulus Checks That Won’t Cover 1 Month’s Rent for Most
Don't confuse these people with somewho who cares.

As More Red States Legalize Marijuana, Some Officials Try to Stymie Efforts
These people need to get out of the way and stop the blocking of weed for everyone.

Heavily Armed Far-Right Mob Floods Oregon Capitol
The crowd was a loose collection of members of the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and others far-right groups, many of them are armed with pistols and rifles. It got ugly fast.
Oregon State Troopers did their job and dispersed the sedtionists.
Despite the chaotic protest, some protesters managed to continue selling pro-Trump merchandise at a tent set up outside the Capitol—including “Stop The Steal” sweaters.
What stinking little farts.

Video from Republican Christmas Party shows Trump fans dancing a maskless conga-line
"Can't Conga with Mask On-ya."

Congress has 'grave concerns' Trump team is trashing White House records
I have always suspected Trump would initiate a scorched earth policy upon his departure. Burn all evidence of his crimes.

Fox Poll: 42% Say Trump Among Worst Presidents Ever
"Worst Ever." Let that sink in.

The First Major U.S. Climate Law in a Decade Is on the Cusp of a Senate Vote

Trump Wants An Airport Named After Him
May I suggest "Trump's Fly-By-Night Airport and Douche Bag Company."

Wisconsin Republicans Demand Their COVID-mas Tree
Wisconsin Republicans, led by Rep. Paul Tittl, are demanding they be allowed to erect a tree that no one will see.
"It's good to know that we Wisconsinites are less important than a fake tree that started out as a pagan symbol and was taken when the Romans usurped Samhain as a holiday."

Biden receives first dose of Covid-19 vaccine on live television

Americans live in '3 distinct realities' — causing 'enormously dangerous' fractures: op-ed
"So, how do we communicate, when we're not even speaking the same language anymore?
'3 distinct realities' doesn't begin to describe us.

American carnage: Let's never forget the Republicans who enabled this catastrophe

'We don’t need stories about these people': Kansas City newspaper confesses to tradition of racism

Anti-LGBT Activist: If You Vote For “Those Two Clowns” In Georgia, You May As Well Just “Spit In Jesus’ Face”
This goofball has a "Load in his Levis."

Trump-loving lawmaker forced to sit in plexiglass box for defying Virginia legislature's mask mandate

Barr Shoots Down Trump Allies’ Wild-Eyed Idea To Seize Voting Machines

The Trade: Meet the New Red Dog Democrats
The two parties have traded voters—whether the old political class likes it or not.

Lou Dobbs Debunks Himself
Fox was forced to issue a correction. The New York Times did so willingly.

Trump Brings Tantrum To Supreme Court. Merry Christmas, Justice Barrett!

Lin Wood Explains Plan For Trump To Enact Martial Law: 'Our Military Could Do It'
Election attorney Lin Wood on Sunday praised the idea that President Donald Trump could declare "martial law" in an effort to remain in office.
After the first of 2021 these seditious asshats will no longer be practicing law. They will all lose their license. It will happen.

Federalist Hack Calls Reports Of Trump's Attempted Coup 'Fake News'
Never mind the fact Trump's minions have already said the quiet part out loud, The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway wants us to believe Trump didn't really discuss having using the military to overturn the results of the presidential election he lost.
More scum.

Trump Administration Rolls Back Water-Saving Standards For Showerheads
In a last-minute rule change, Donald Trump finally got his water-wasting showerheads.
You can afford higher water bills, America.

Kyle Rittenhouse, Family Monetize His Crimes
Kyle Rittenhouse and his family have monetized his crimes and are selling branded merchandise to "fund his legal defense."
Is there a cell large enough for all of them? Asking for a friend.

Trump and Death

Trump Is Covering for Russia Again. We Deserve to Know Why.
Money, power, cowardness.

EU Nations Ban Flights From UK As New Coronavirus Strain Spreads In England
We couldn't do that in the U.S. because we reserve the right to spread the virus anyway we please.

Mitt Romney calls out Trump for his 'sad and embarrassing' attempts to overturn the election

Is Trump Cracking Under the Weight of Losing?
Getting the boot from the White House is an undeniable ego blow for a man who has never admitted defeat.
He was cracked from the start. He's been cracked much of his life.

Day After GOP Senator Blocked Direct Payments Twice, Poll Shows 88% of Likely Voters Support More $1,200 Checks
"Maybe—just maybe—it's time Congress listened to the American people," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Is that a thing they can actually do?

Chris Wallace Rips Fox News For Attacking Jill Biden: Dr. Martin Luther King Wasn't A Physician Either
Fox News host Chris Wallace took a shot at his own network on Sunday after conservative pundits suggested that future First Lady Jill Biden does not deserve the title of "doctor."
Sexism is still with us.

Fox News airs point-by-point fact check of wild election fraud claims during 3 of network's most pro-Trump shows
The liars are being forced to come clean. It was all bullshit and they have to admit it.

Trump's increased absences have associates worried about his declining mental state: report
How much more can it decline? A jellyfish has more intelligence.

Former Trump official: President will face legal jeopardy for campaign cash that went to his businesses
Ok, add some more crime to his resume. Right now he has enough that it will take the rest of his lifetime and 2000 other lifetimes before any of these will get prosecuted. We need something much faster.

Republicans Right On Schedule With The 'Are There No Workhouses?' Spiels
Sorry. All closed due to Covid.

Tucker Carlson Thinks The CDC Wants To Deprive White People Of The Vaccine So They All Die
He's wrong. It's only him that they want dead.

Homeland Security told Trump attorney DHS can't seize voting machines: report
The seditous bastard and his fascist band of traitors were going to try to seize our voting machines.
If these people aren't arrested and charged we have a serious problem with law and order in our banana republic.

Trump’s Bonkers Oval Office Meeting With Sidney Powell Was Even Too Much for Rudy
Her claims of mass election fraud have fallen flat. But it didn’t stop Trump from inviting conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell to the White House for a brainstorm.
Fuck those fucking fuckers.

4Chan Nonsense Is Stupid, And People Believe It
P.T. Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute. The birth rate is much higher in the United States.

Trump Doesn’t Care About America’s Crises Because He Isn’t Normal
For different reasons, everyone knows this is true.

Under Threat Of Lawsuit, Dobbs Suddenly Fact Checks His Voting Conspiracy Theories
Lou Dobbs got a sudden urge for facts about his many claims that Smartmatic voting technology was part of a conspiracy to rig the election for Trump. Dobbs didn't bother to tell viewers he and Fox had been threatened with a lawsuit by Smartmatic.
Lou Dobbs—a failed old fart.

GOP Effort To Kneecap Economic Recovery Under Biden Jams Up COVID Relief Deal
The Trump Nazis keep failing.

Trump Once Again Gives Russia A Pass After Massive Cyberattack
At least everyone can agree that Trump is a traitor now. No? Oh, so precious are we?

Republican defends Trump's talk of a military coup: 'It was a conversation -- not a revolution'
It always starts with a goddamn conversation, you coward.

Trump officials 'increasingly alarmed' he may abuse power to overturn the election: report
Why wouldn't they be? He's the biggest piece of shit to fuck over our country in our lifetimes.

2.7 Million Jobs in the Arts Have Been Lost Since the Pandemic Began

Peter Navarro Insists on One Final Humiliation
"fawning, lickspittle garbage" is exactly what he is. So are Loeffler and Perdue.

Georgia Senators Loeffler and Perdue Are Campaigning Against Democracy
First, they embraced Trump’s scheme to nullify almost 5 million Georgia votes. Now, they’re trying to suppress absentee voting in their own runoffs.
These people should be run out of the country like the flim-flammers of old. They don't belong here.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and the Liberating Power of Music
Netflix’s new adaptation of August Wilson’s play understands the singular magic of the blues.
10 Stars awarded. Not to be missed.

Minnesota Republican dies from COVID-19 linked to large GOP dinner party

A complete mess: States push back against Pence's claims of strong vaccine rollout??

Pence Said Pfizer Vaccine Distribution Was Going ‘Strong.’ States Are Calling Bullshit.
First states heard they were getting less vaccine than expected. Then the finger-pointing started.
Bullshit will be the word most associated with the Trump dictatorship by history.

New tool watches for voter purges ahead of Georgia runoffs
Will it look at the Trump suppressors? That will be a starting place.

Legal experts lambaste 'Kraken' lawyers for attempting to blame filing error on SCOTUS clerk
"I cannot express how relieved I am that such evil is presented with such stupidity."
Think of it...always.
Their new career will be bussing tables for McDonald's.

Debate should have never been allowed to happen due to Trump’s 'mental health': violence expert
Debate? The motherfucker should never been allowed to be POTUS!

Tucker Carlson Wants To Know Why THEY Are So Insistent On Giving You Corona VACCINES
No wonder the U.S. is full of idiots. That's all they see on Fox News.

Harvard Law Grad Kayleigh McEnany, Would You Like To Spout Some Absolute Horse Sh*t About 'Law'?
That poor little girl.

Trump Failed to Protect America
The president’s decision not to push back aggressively against Putin’s meddling seems only to have encouraged it.
You are mistaking Trump for someone who cares.

The Jill Biden furor is about more than titles. It touches on gender, race and civility.
This is for some people I thought were better than turns out.

GOP congressman vows he won’t take coronavirus vaccine: ‘I’m an American’
This is good. One more dose available for someone who deserves it. Nothing to see here.

Only Seven of Stanford’s First 5,000 Vaccines Were Designated for Medical Residents
Stanford Medicine officials relied on a faulty algorithm to determine who should get vaccinated first, and it prioritized some high-ranking doctors over patient-facing medical residents.
Is everything in the U.S. a total failure?

Space Force Personnel Will Be Called 'Guardians' Because Sure, Whatever
"Space Cadets" is a more appropriate name.

Nicolle Wallace Has Had Enough Of Snakes - Like Marco Rubio
After four years of Trump's debasement of the presidency, Marco Rubio got his panties in a twist about a Biden appointee referring to Republicans as "fuckers" in a print interview. Nicolle Wallace let him have it.
He was pissed because he wasn't called "Senator Fucker."

WATCH As Anti-Maskers Invade A Target Store, Shouting 'Freedom!'
The United States has become a nation of dumbasses.
Fuckers on parade.

Because 'It Is the American Healthcare System,' Experts Anticipate Surprise Medical Bills for Covid-19 Vaccines
"The vaccine must be free and available for everyone," said Medicare for All advocate Rep. Pramila Jayapal. "But we also need to fix a broken, for-profit healthcare system that allows loopholes and surprise bills to happen."

No, Dr. Jill Biden isn’t too educated
"Illegitimate, unworthy, arrogant, whore. Like clockwork, a new Democratic administration faces a Republican party re-energized at the prospect of demonizing yet another Democratic woman and her husband."
And the worst is the punk, Tucker Carlson.

Bill Barr's years-long charade falls apart in an accidentally revealing interview

Trump now has real reason to be worried
Coming for you, asshole.

Disgraced former GOP governor given early COVID vaccine — after Alabama’s supply was cut by 40 percent: report
Fuck him — long and hard.

Biden Team Puts Foot Down Over GOP Effort To Handcuff Fed As Trump Leaves Office
The traitors must be taken down by any means necessary.

Trump gave ‘green light’ for Russia to hack into Pentagon computers: National security reporter
The Russian asset. Or is it asshat?

BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell’s re-election don’t add up
Say what, mother?

This may be the real reason Trump won’t get vaccinated on live TV: NYT’s Haberman
Nope. This chickenshit does not want anyone to see his flabby, pasty white arm.

Judge unloads on Michael Flynn: ‘I can’t hide my disgust’
This critter should be locked up and the key thrown away.
The sooner, the better.

Thank God At Least The Vaccine Rollout's Going Smoothly ... Oh F*ck
Trump continues to fuck the United States. He will never stop until he falls dead.

Oh Nothing, Just Russia Literally Declaring War On America While Trump Beats Off To OANN
Trump has always been a Russian asset and a traitor.

The Veterans Organizing to Stop Trumpism

Fake COVID-19 Vaccines are Already Being Sold Online
Several vaccines are already listed on the Dark Web but they are a scam. Trump probably has a share in it.
You knew it had to happen. And people will buy it.

Trump Again Targets Kemp As Georgia Guv Reveals Death Threats Aimed At His Family
What life becomes in a fascist environment. These cowardly Trump traitors must be eliminated.

“Crisis Mode”: Mass Vaccination Could Get Very Messy Without Major Funding From Congress
State and local health departments need billions, even if the administration says otherwise.
This is what happens when your nation becomes a banana republic. Trump has purposely set us on a failed course. That more of us will die; that we may never win the fight against Covid for years is all on him. He must pay.

Wisconsin Justices Receive Threats And Hate After Elections Ruling
After a last minute ruling in favor of democracy, some of the Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices were bombarded with hate mail and voicemails.
We are very familiar with these Wisconsin fascists.

Last-Minute GOP Push to End Emergency Lending Programs Condemned as Effort to 'Sabotage the Economy,' Undermine Biden
"Republicans are threatening to blow up an agreement to provide basic relief to Americans now if they can't cripple the ability of Biden administration and the Fed to offer more help next year."

Michael Flynn suggested Trump use military to 're-run' the election in swing states
Open treason. This is not the country in which I grew up.

Scoop: Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings
The United States is under attack by Trump Nazis. Open treason. Clearly they want a Civil War.

Trump demands McConnell help him undo election loss ‘or you won’t have a Republican Party anymore’
Open treason. There is no Republican Party. It is now a gang of Nazis and Trump is the biggest one.

Here's why the whole GOP devolved into a conspiracy theory cult
Peddlers of bullshit.

OAN Announces That Joe Biden Is Not President-Elect
One America News announced that they will officially not be calling Joe Biden the President-Elect. (And that the moon is indeed made of green cheese.)
Just another fascist news bullshit sinkhole.

Trump Bows to Reality, Asks Confidants: Should I Do ‘The Apprentice’ Again?
And the show’s creator Mark Burnett is intrigued by the money-making potential of a post-presidency reboot, too.
More bullshit peddling to the addicted.

New York Times Admits Its Caliphate Podcast Fell for ISIS Hoaxer’s Bullshit
The newspaper says it didn’t properly scrutinize the claims of Shehroze Chaudhry, who has since been charged with making up his terrorism past.
Bullshit is so popular it is accepted routinely as truth. No vetting allowed.

Allen West goes biblical on Democrats moving to Texas from NY: ‘Same as when God was destroying Sodom and Gomorrah’
They (Sodom and Gomorrah) still make the rounds as gospel quartets and they will on the "Side Show Showdown" tonight! (Hear "Pistol Grip Wallet" by Men of Extinction.)
Allen will be the barker for the show.

Disturbing factions of Trump supporters are joining forces to defend his false claims of election theft
If we run out of prison cells for these dumbass traitors we know we can give them the Covid vaccine which they are certain will kill them.

States say federal government cutting COVID-19 vaccine allocations
Trump continues killing American citizens. He deserves the death penalty.

Fox News facing advertiser headache after host called Jill Biden ‘illiterate’: report
This assole is not a rational person.

Trump ripped for ‘astounding retreat from the principles of international law’ — by Reagan chief of staff James Baker
Proud Boys torch their claims to nonviolence with hate crime attacks on Black churches in D.C.
Hitler Youth shits all over themselves.

US Senate to convene on a Sunday in 2021 — because Trump can’t be trusted: report
Exemption for what? Being mentally impaired? See a doctor.

Right-wing militant leader pledges violent support for Trump dictatorship
One-eyed old fat slob fuckstick plays with his dick and thinks it makes him a thinker.
I'm a veteran too, you traitor. When did the sewers open up on us? This is the result.

Marco Rubio Hates Being Called A 'F*cker'
Deeply wounded that Jen O'Malley Dillon, Joe Biden's likely Deputy Chief of Staff referred to the GOP as "f*ckers," Marco Rubio called for the smelling salts and civility police to come to his aid.
Your party has tried to destroy democracy and disenfranchise Americans of their right to vote. Fuck you, you little twerp!
Is he being called a motherfucker yet? Asking for a friend.

Ron Johnson Unsure Whether He'll Keep Pledge To Retire
It has been reported that Ron Johnson is unsure whether he'll keep a campaign pledge to retire in 2022 or if he'll run again.
Do us all a favor and vanish.

What Has Happened To The Promised Doses Of The COVID Vaccine?
Trump has absconded with them so his entire sick family may be vaccinated.
Again, America...if you paying attention at all... WE ARE UNPREPARED THANKS TO THE MOTHERFUCKER TRUMP!!!

Peter Navarro Puts Out ‘Immaculate Deception’ Report Rehashing Debunked Trump Complaints
This grifting motherfucker is still shitting his pants? Fuck him.

ISIS Fanboy Applies for Job at FBI. Guess What Happens Next.
Anti-Semitic sh*tposters, believe it or not, don‘t fare particularly well in bureau background checks.

The GOP’s latest election lawsuit bites the dust in just one hour

Senator Chris Murphy Completely Dismantles Senator Josh Hawley’s Sowing Election Distrust in 67 Seconds Flat
Sen. Josh Hawley: "74 million Americans are not going to shut up. It's not a recipe for success in this country, nor for unity."
You know what, Josh? Neither will another group of 81,281,502 million Americans.

McConnell warns Senate Republicans against challenging election results
His guidance comes one day after the Electoral College officially affirmed Biden's win.

Tuberville Suggests He’ll Challenge Electoral College
Mo Brooks and Tommy Tuberville are both committing treason before our very eyes.
They must pay for their sedition.
If they want a civil war, by God, they will get it. And this time Sherman's march will look like child's play.

3,400 Dead
"The U.S. reported precisely 3,400 deaths from covid-19 on Wednesday, a new record in a long list of new records this month. And there’s not much more to say that hasn’t already been said about this avoidable tragedy—the greatest failure of American political institutions to protect human life in recent U.S. history."
Hope you enjoyed that Thanskgiving get together.

Trump Advisor: Trump Is 'Throwing A F**king Temper Tantrum' Over Leaving
But he will leave, one of his advisers told CNN.
There's always the straitjacket solution.

'A political toy': Texas critical care doctor says nurses won't get COVID vaccine for 'politically motivated' reasons
Consider the source is Texas. Were people this stupid with the Polio vaccine? The answer is NO. America wasn't under a storm of misinformation then. We have been diluted and deluded now.
The Vaccine Everyone Wanted

The delusions of MAGAworld are starting to crumble as right-wing outlets acknowledge Biden’s victory

MSNBC’s Morning Joe rips Rand Paul for telling election lies that Trump’s own lawyers won’t say in court
Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell. Do we see a pattern here? Kentucky appears to be a great breeding ground for asshole morons. Too much Mountain Dew consumption?

GOP ex-lawmaker warns that $600 aid to workers will turn America into communist China
Yahooo!!! When I get that $600 I will spend it all on Opium and ignore buying groceries for my family for a week or two.
Sean Duffy, thanks for warning me what a total burden on America our people have become during this great pandemic.
With friends like Sean, we don't need enemies.

‘Amazing dereliction of duty’: GOP’s Ron Johnson bashed for ignoring Russian hack to focus on bogus voter fraud
As said before, RoJo needs counseling for his decrepit mental state.

National Review ripped after trashing Dr. Jill Biden for teaching in community college where ‘slow’ students go
It is more than obvious that her critics are in desperate need of her services.

‘Suck it up buttercup’: Rick Wilson bludgeons GOP whining about ‘incivility’ of top Biden aide
I couldn't have stated it better, Rick. These pricks deserve all the turds flying in their direction after the way they've been throwing them for the past eon.
And they still haven't stopped. They know who they are and so do we.

Trump HHS Official Admits ‘We Want Them Infected’ With COVID-19
It sounds like something out of a Nazi experiment but a top Trump appointee at HHS, Paul Alexander, urged other health officials to “flood the zone” with coronavirus and infect “kids and young people” in order to develop herd immunity.
At the very least these people should be charged with accessory to manslaughter—if we plan on having a civilized society. Or has that gone completely out the window now?
The bastards. They MUST answer for this.

Listen: Moyers & co. break down the 3 reasons GOP leaders are letting Trump 'poison the political process'
1. Traitors 2. Seditionists 3. Chickenshits. Tell me, what else could it be?

Ron Johnson Brands Colleague a Liar, Airs Election Conspiracies in Unhinged Senate Hearing
Numerous judges have dismantled election fraud claims, but the Republican senator gave them airtime again on Wednesday.
We hope RoJo gets to a mental counselor soon and he'll be back to reality in no time. But he can't have anything to do with our government again—ever!

Pro-Trump election lawyer makes racist attack on Mitch McConnell’s wife after he accepts Biden win
These ghouls eat their own. What a bunch of sickos.

‘Trump could be inaugurated’: Newsmax’s Greg Kelly breaks from network by refusing to accept Biden’s victory
They think this is a show. They think this is an entertainment. It is not. It is treason. They must all be warned they are being seditious.
Who appointed Greg Kelly master of masterbaters for the fascists? Take him away to authorites, please. This is beyond news or entertainment.

Senate Republicans Consider Challenging Joe Biden's Win Despite Mitch McConnell's Warning
Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are from states that Trump won. They get to cast votes for Trump anyway. They are just bullshitting like the grandstanding punks they are.

'Prepare for war': GOP state rep pushes dangerous pro-Trump conspiracy theory over Biden win
One more seditionist. Watch him very carefully. He is full of pig crap.

Trump’s Last Stand Is a Lost Cause
The president is threatening to veto a military funding bill because it would rename 10 Army bases that honor Confederates.

Conservatives Clutch Their Pearls After Biden Aide Calls GOPers ‘Bunch Of F*ckers’
Finally, the truth is spoken! And, of course, it hurts the fuckers.

‘You lied repeatedly!’ Ron Johnson’s sham election hearing goes off the rails as shouting match breaks out
Johnson is on his way out. Good riddence to a total asshole.

The Republican Party has morphed into a dangerous anti-American faction
He had plenty of help from former Americans.

Hitler started planning to attack the United States as early as 1928
Trump started his first day in office as POTUS.

Lie of the Year: Coronavirus downplay and denial
Lying Trump liars on Covid-19 win Liar of the Year award.

#1 Religious Identity For Young Adults: “None”

Mike Pompeo can cry if he wants to: Only a few people showed up to his big holiday party
Prince Prospero couldn't talk them into the Red Death?

Palm Beach Neighbors To Trump: No, You Can't Move Into Mar-a-Lago
Under the terms of his zoning agreement, he can't use his club as a permanent residence.
Then he'll just say he's a permanent guest because he can't go back to New York. He's on their most wanted list. The grifter will grift on you until he's in prison.

Denny's Waitress Has Had It With Your Religious Exemption To Masks
She quits on the spot.
Who can blame her. And fuck that "religious" bull. Go eat your own crap.

Kansas Mayor Resigns After Death Threats Over Mask Mandate
A public servant leaves office because violence from the Right. Look at yourselves, Republicans.
How can anyone feel safe in the United States these days. If Covid doesn't get you then the Fascist Zombies will. It used to be good to live here but no longer.

DeSantis faces renewed scrutiny following report of mysterious gap in Florida's COVID death tally
What, me worry?

Months After AOC Demand and Federal Suit, USPS Releases DeJoy Calendar That Is 'Almost Entirely Redacted'
"Haul Louis DeJoy in front of a criminal grand jury for his postal sabotage and subversion of our elections," said Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr.
The fascists don't say a word about this criminal. Prison should be in his future.

New ‘Trump Lame Duck Temper Tantrum’ tracker will document final gasps of nation’s ‘hateful’ outgoing president
This will be helpful when he's prosecuted for his crimes against the United States.

Innocent Texas man held at gunpoint when cop thinks he was hired by Republican donor to find ballot fraud
When will the morons and maniacs finally all get put in the asylum?
Is Dr. Steven Hotze still at large?

GOP lawmaker says Trump should ‘invoke the Insurrection Act’ to stay in power
This is what chickenshit Nazi fascists do. Just another POS.
Take your 'table' and shove it up your ass.You're the big boob, Boobala, in the universe. I hear this all the time. All the time. Go back to the place in Hell you came from.

Every Republican Is A Roy Cohn Republican
There's a perception that Donald Trump brought something extra to the job of being a Republican politician because he'd been mentored by Roy Cohn, but the GOP has been like this for decades.

Trump Tells McConnell It’s ‘Too Soon To Give Up’ After GOP Leader Finally Recognizes Biden’s Win
Sounds like a song title.

DOJ lawyers admit the Trump administration is openly defying a court order to stop deporting migrant children
Seditious criminal continues his corruption.

A year of monumental change in the workplace

Maddow shows new court documents proving man taking over for Bill Barr has serious ethical problems
He will be perfect for Trump's final days of freedom. Plenty of corruption to be done.

Ron Johnson gambles his political future on Trump
The Wisconsin Republican is holding a hearing on alleged election “irregularities” even after Biden secured an Electoral College victory.
Wisconsin sedition. The fascists all need to be investigated. But Johnson is washed up.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Was One Vote Away From Flipping the State to Trump
Why is Wisconsin so filled with sedition?

‘Girl, Bye!’ Don Lemon Tells Off Former CNN Contributor Kayleigh McEnany for Attacks on Media as WH Press Secretary
That poor little girl.

Report: Florida Is Botching Its COVID Vaccine Rollout
When you put a moron in charge you get what you deserve.

Desperate Pat Robertson Prays Biden Is Indicted By January 6
Pat Robertson tried to resurrect a tiny glimmer of hope for his deluded viewers.
Alfred E. Neuman continues his insanity.

Betsy DeVos gave a disturbing message to department staff to undermine Biden on her way out: report
The smallness of these bastards is unbelievable.

Kayleigh McEnany slammed for claiming Biden’s electoral college speech was ‘divisive’
Well, just think... we won't have Kayleigh to kick around anymore.
That poor little girl.

Local paper slams Nebraska Republicans who joined a 'dangerous and undemocratic' election lawsuit
More traitors.

After voting for Donald Trump, Texas electors ask swing states to reject results that assured victory for Joe Biden
Electors across the country affirmed Biden’s victory, but the Texas electors refused to admit Trump’s defeat.
This will come home to the traitors.

It’s Time We Called It What It Is: Fascism
A few of us have been calling it that for years. And this war is not over but will continue.

Report: Massive Russian Hack Effort Breached DHS, State Department And NIH
Still incapable of security measures, I see.

Lock Them Up: Trump Retweets Call For Kemp And GA Sec Of State To Be Thrown In Jail
We'll see who gets locked up, Slick.

Conservatives need to create a new party if the GOP continues on its ‘mad king’ path: Evan McMullin

Trump supporters despair at ‘pathetic’ turnout at their Michigan ‘Stop the Steal’ rally

Police Say Seizing Property Without Trial Helps Keep Crime Down. A New Study Shows They’re Wrong.
Civil asset forfeiture laws, which allow police to seize property without trial, are frequently justified as tools to seize millions from kingpins. A new study reveals the median amount taken is as low as $369 in some states.

'Disgusting And Demoralizing': Conservative Congressman Resigns From GOP
Rep. Paul Mitchell is done with the Republican party after they attempted to subvert American democracy and the U.S. Constitution.

Senate GOPers In The Acceptance Phase: They Admit Biden Is The Next President
Well now, that was not so hard to do, was it?

Mitch McConnell slammed for repeatedly sabotaging stimulus negotiation efforts

Biden's "very, very, very dark winter"
Thanks to Trump, his fascist crew and his Zombie crowd, this is where he's left us.

‘History-making loser’ Trump brutally mocked for his ‘doomed crusade’ by veteran Canadian journalist
He should be mocked by everyone and shunned forever. Above all, he must pay for his crimes.

Public Distrust in Science Made COVID Worse. It Will Also Harm Climate Policy.
Stupid makes anything worse. It is truly stunning how many morons are alive in the U.S.

The 126 GOP House Reps Who Tried to Overthrow Democracy Must Not Be Seated
Traitors may not govern our country. They must be charged with sedition. They must not be allowed to get away with their crime. We know who you are.

A GOP senator tied himself in knots with a ridiculous answer rather than say Biden is president-elect
This is how ridiculous it is when reason is thrown out the door.
I fear for the future of the country with idiots like this hanging around. And there are more than enough to keep inflicting damage upon us.

‘Barr ended up just being like Trump’: Morning Joe writes political epitaph for ‘resigning’ attorney general
But he's still walking around. Still very dangerous it seems to me.

‘What a failed state looks like’: GOP under fire for blocking necessary funds as COVID vaccine distribution begins
The fascist party has failed and betrayed our country.

Nicolle Wallace says Republicans aren’t denouncing violence in Washington because they’re complicit in it
They are and they will push for more.

‘The electors are already here’: Watch Michigan State Police refuse entry to GOP’s ‘alternate electors’
Stupidity, Foolishness, Mindlessness, Doltishness, Nitwittedness, Idiocy, Imbecility, Ineptitude, and Batshit Crazy are a few of the words to describe the utterly sad dumbness of these what-ever-the-fuck you call them. Did they think the wingnut Stephen Miller was calling them? We have a serious wingnut problem.

Biden Clears 270 Electoral College Vote Mark As Trump Eggs On Fake Fraud War
Trump, the loser, continues his baby pooping and girlie manner.

Lin Wood Calls For Trump To Declare Martial Law, 'Patriots' To Prepare
Donald Trump's election attorney's dangerous rhetoric is largely performative, but no less dangerous.
What do you want the NFL football team to prepare for, Lin? Have you got a deal worked out with them for a game?

Trump Flips Out: 'This Election Is Under Protest'
It's just about time that MAGA stops sending five-dollar checks, Donnie.
It's only under protest in your fucked up brain, shithead. You really have no sense.

MI GOP Leader Slaps Rep On Wrist For Suggesting Violence During Electoral Vote Count
I've never seen worse losers in my life. Which is, actually, pretty long now since I remember VJ Day. I know, I know, what's that? Right?

Trump Announces Barr’s Resignation
I understand his resignation letter fellates Trump pretty heavily

Proud Boys' party is over: Trump fans throw tantrums because they know they're losing
Land of the Happy Negro vigilantes will dress and cover in formation and charge over the cliff of death. We should cheer.

Newsmax WH correspondent agrees that it’s time to get ‘2nd Amendment supplies’ ready for 2020 election fight
Nazi news is a joke. Many of us have "2nd Amendment supplies" idiot. If you need any we'll be happy to give 'em to ya!

Democrats Need To Start Treating Republicans Like Gangsters They Are
Do it.

Azar Predicts General Population Can Start Getting Vaccine By End Of Feb, Early March

‘Dangerous fanaticism’: Conservative fears Trump has fatally corrupted evangelical Christianity
Trump had something to do with it but that gang was fucked up a long time ago.

C-SPAN caller with the ‘flu’ says she won’t get COVID test because it’s a plot to steal the election
The intellect level of America might be the lowest in the civilized world.

Watch: First New Yorker Vaccinated Against COVID-19
D-Day in America: Death to Covid 19 begins.

Americans United’s Agenda To Restore Religious Freedom: Enforce The Johnson Amendment

How right-wing conservatives and their insidious 'trickle-down' philosophy inflicted 50 years of damage on the US
The photo shows two criminals. The one who started all the problems and the one who turned them all loose on us.

Here's the case for indicting Trump for federal crimes — even if he pardons himself: attorney

Ron Johnson Brings Fringe Science to the US Senate
At a Senate committee hearing on Covid-19, the Wisconsin senator favored the voices of quacks over those of his constituents.
Too many nitwits like this are in our government. Time to toss them for good.

Texas Republicans want to secede over Trump’s loss — but they’re fighting another losing battle of their own: GOP strategist
"...the last gasp from a dying majority."
Good riddance.

Tulum Braces for Zamna Festival, a 17-Day Dance Music Fest and Potential COVID Superspreader Event
Free Covid came with every ticket. How did humans become so confused, selfish and out of touch?

Inside the Neo-Nazi Scheme to Exploit Anti-Vaxxer Panic and Spark Chaos

Michigan House and Senate offices close due to 'credible threat' as Michigan electors meet
This is what America has become: a nation of fascist terrorists.

Trump golfing and ranting about election conspiracies while the US government is attacked by Russia
Fatty Dumb Butt plays with his wedge pecker while Shorty Poot Fartfucker fucks with us again. (Spits in general direction of the swine.)

Russian government spies are behind a broad hacking campaign that has breached U.S. agencies and a top cyber firm
The Pootmeister is fucking around again. Someone needs to smack the little poot farter down.

Trump allies in Wisconsin legislature are stiffing Dane, Milwaukee Co's $3 million recount costs
Grasping pearls in shock.

US COVID Deaths Top American World War II Casualties
"But we don't care anymore..."

GOP Congressman-Elect Calls Pandemic 'Phony' During Trump Rally
Bob Good appeared at the second "Million MAGA March" in support of Trump
Was he wearing knee pads when he delivered his message?

GOPers Won’t Tell Trump To Halt Fizzled Lawsuits Even On Eve Of Electors Sealing Biden’s Win
These poor old fascist farts are scared shitless by a fat fuck dumbass and his zombie followers.

Armed MAGA fanatics spread politics of violence around the country with shooting in Olympia
The response, of course, is return fire. The MAGA fascists will escalate and they must be met with equal force.

We should treat these Republicans like the fascists they are

Let Everybody Vote, Even If They're Incarcerated
What value is a democracy that actively seeks to silence the voices of its most vulnerable citizens?
That's a great idea but we've got to get the rest of America allowed to vote first. The Republicans have been suppressing us all too long. And it looks like they can't quit suppressing.

Alex Jones At DC Rally: “The Reanimated Corpse Joe Biden Will Be Removed One Way Or Another”
Said the reanimated pile of shit that does nothing but excrete stink.

Texas AG explains his ‘Plan B’ to overturn election ‘state by state’ after Supreme Court rejection
An evil, seditious traitor until the end. There will come a special justice for him.

Michael Flynn, who pushed for Trump martial law, says Americans will ‘not allow’ Biden inauguration
What does Michael Flynn know of Americans? He is no longer one of us. He should be institutionalized. If not the first one, from which he has escaped, but the second one with a padded room.

Hell is Other Republicans

The G.O.P. Can No Longer Be Relied On to Protect Democracy

Sorry, GOP, You’re The Party Of President Klan Robe Now, Not Lincoln
They may not be a party of anything long if what the MAGA Nazi party is attempting really happens.

Paper Ballots Played a Key Role in Defending the Integrity of the 2020 Election
This is the part that Trump and his Nazis overlook in their insanity. The proof he is a rabble rousing fart knocker.

Four stabbed in clashes after pro-Trump rally in Washington, DC
Trump's Nazis being the dumb and dangerous asshole gang we all know they are.

Republicans plotting attempt to deny presidency to Biden on floor of the House if Trump gives the word: report
If this occurs every Trump fascist traitor will be taken into custody and charged with treason. Their day in court will make Nuremberg look like child's play.
These fascists must be cleaned out for good and their disgrace wiped away. Any other alternative is an unimaginable horror for America.

SNL Mocks ‘Desperate Old Man’ Trump for ‘Pretending’ He Won
“Nothing is over as long as Donald Trump can make money on it,” Colin Jost said. “Even when he dies his tombstone is just going to have his Venmo on it.”
Trump's legacy is already being written. The greatest failed American president in our history and the biggest criminal.

Wave of GOP ‘kooks and crackpot’ candidates are following Trump’s lead and refusing to concede their elections
These traitors must be taken care of by any means necessary. Too bad we don't have a backbone any longer.

The American Petroleum Institute Is Working to Kill Voting on Local Measures
Amazing how many fascists are trying to destroy democracy in the United States. There will be a shooting war very soon.

Pelosi could use the 14th Amendment to avoid seating GOP politicians who supported Trump's election steal
Use it. Then arrest the bastards. If you don't you're as big a chickenshit as they are.

These Are the Final Numbers
It is over and it was not close. STFU.

Windfall IPO profits exceed dot-com bubble record
If this isn't going to bite us on the ass soon you can kiss my ass and call me shorty.

Members of both parties hail Supreme Court decision

Murphy Baldly Names GOP’s Attempt To ‘Overthrow Our Democracy’ On Senate Floor
To Allen West: “You cannot at the same time love America but hate democracy,” he continued. “But as we speak, a whole lot of flag-waving Republicans are nakedly trying to invalidate millions of legitimate votes because that is the only way they can make Donald Trump President again.”
And even talk secession. These people are mad.

The GOP’s ‘utter garbage’ Supreme Court lawsuit set the stage for violence from Trump dead-enders: columnist
Sad. This can't end well for the seditionists. For them there is only victory or let no one return alive.

Fox News poll: Majority say US worse off than it was 4 years ago
But the Trump grifters that have raped the country are doing very well, thanks.
42 percent said he will be viewed as one of the worst presidents in history. 26 percent said he was average or above average. 22 percent said he will be remembered as one of the greatest. Really? That's a total of 90%. Did the remaining 10% not understand the question or did they think Ike was still the president?

Texas GOP Chair Suggests Secession After Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit
Allen West released the statement late last night, "Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution."
There is nothing about Allen West nor this frivolous law suit that abides by the Constitution. He's nothing but trouble for America. He is an Article 32 rabble rouser from Georgia, formerly rabble rousing in Florida, and now running his con in Texas.

'It's not over': NewsMax has a bizarre response to SCOTUS rejecting Texas' election lawsuit
A new Nazi party for America? It must be resisted and flushed down the toilet like the fecal matter it is.
Greg Kelly is among them and NewsMax is their vehicle.

'Ammon's Army' Shuts Down Idaho Health Board Vote As COVID-19 Rages
Hyper-patriotic followers of “Ammon’s Army”—the “resistance” to the state’s public-health measures led by far-right provocateur Ammon Bundy—turned out in force Tuesday to protest, and ultimately shut down, a state health board’s meeting to discuss stronger steps to rein in the pandemic.
Shutting down a state health board during a pandemic? What a dickhead! Public Enemy #1. Slam his seditious ass in stir for about 20 years.
Both he and his fascist thugs are cowards and nut balls to boot. The problem here is they have law enforcement that is as bad as the fascist thugs.
The Covid cull have its way with these idiots. It will thin the herd.

Rep. Pascrell: Don't Seat The 126 Republicans Trying To Overturn Election
Rep. Bill Pascrell calls on House leadership to sanction the 126 anti-American Republicans trying to overturn the election by refusing to seat them. Here's looking at you Speaker Pelosi.
This is precisely what must be done. The traitors must be shunned. Then they must be arrested, indicted and be tried for treason. If only she had the spine.

Psycho secession: Texas' lost-cause lawsuit was the first shot in a new Civil War
Even the right-wing Supreme Court blanched at outright sedition by 126 members of Congress. We must not forget
Texas has no idea what kind of Hell they are bringing on themselves.
"...bring back their rightful way of life." What kind of manic fantasy is that shit? It could prove to be very deadly—as deadly as Covid but totally avoidable. This is not patriotism, it's sedition.
Sherman's march will be nothing compared to what devestation secession would bring this day and age.

John Cornyn accused of “partisan stunt” and blatant “hypocrisy” for threatening Biden picks
Cornyn may try to block Biden's picks — after slamming Democrats for stalling Trump's swamp-dwelling nominees
These boneheads will fuck us up as long as they are able. Not surprisingly, this one is from the seditious state of Texas.

‘I WON THE ELECTION IN A LANDSLIDE’: Trump continues freakout on Twitter after brutal Supreme Court loss
Deluded and sick, this person must either be prosecuted for treason or placed in a facility for the mentally ill. He can no longer roam the earth at will.

SCOTUS Rejects Seditious Texas Lawsuit Out Of Hand
The United States Supreme Court denied the state of Texas a shot at usurping the November elections.
Will you fascists shut the fuck up and go back the place in Hell you came from?

SCOTUS Shoots Down TX Election Reversal Gambit Praised By Trump As ‘The Big One’
The Big Shit! And he fell back in it.
Trump will now have to beg for money in the raw and not mask his con.

'Delusions of fools': Conservative slams the GOP for 'beclowning itself' with a Supreme Court election case
Delusions of traitors. All must pay for their crime of treason.

A Guide To Who Wants SCOTUS To Destroy Democracy For Trump And Who Doesn’t
Your Nazi traitor scorcard.

McCarthy joins 125 House Republicans in backing Texas lawsuit challenging election
Here are more of the fascists that must answer for their treason against the United States. The shame and disgrace. They must not go unpunished.

Diamond and Silk call for military coup after Supreme Court rejects Trump’s efforts to overturn the election
Where is the military? With the Supreme Court and the rest of Americans that believe in democracy.
Oh dear. The grift is over, girls. Time for you to look for a real job now.

‘A Miracle Taking Place’: Pat Robertson Declares Texas Suit Is God Intervening In ‘Stolen’ Election
Televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday said that the state of Texas is following God’s plan by suing to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
Looks like God has forsaken you again, Alfred.

CDC Director Illegally Orders Trump Administration Email Deleted
Director Redfield broke the law when he tried to cover up requests from the White House to lie to the public about COVID.
Get another cell ready for this one.

Wisconsin State Rep Blasts Ron Johnson As 'Delusional Scum' For Challenging Electoral College Results
"This delusional scum continues to crawl further into 45's asshole instead of representing the people of WI who need survival checks and relief," wrote Francesca Hong in a tweet.
Pretty good. In fact, you took the words out of my post. You can't call these motherfuckers anything that's low enough.

Neo-Nazi Trump supporter accused of skipping out on $14 million debt: report
Just another deadbeat like Trump.

Lord of the Flies: Too Many Unruly Children; Too Few Adults

‘New’ Nevada And ‘New’ California Ask Old Supreme Court To Overturn Election
'New' Bullshit!

‘It’s not a raid!’ Gov. Ron DeSantis snaps at reporter for asking about search of data scientist’s home
If Gestapo fits, and it does, wear it, dimwit.

‘Harebrained’ Texas election lawsuit a serious GOP attack on democracy: experts
That's putting it nicely.

GOP Admits That Handing Out Free Money Creates Jobs

Conservatives Love Law Enforcement Until They’re the Ones Being Policed
Don’t tread on me, tread on those other people instead.

QAnon/GOP House Candidate Busted For Child Porn
Another conspiracy theory: Child Porn is Best Solution for Vaccine Prevention?

In Historic Vote, Argentina Chamber OKs Bill Legalizing Abortion
"The world is unjust, but the answer is not in our uterus," Deputy Gabriela Cerruti said via Twitter. On the contrary, she added: "The world is unfair because it was built 500 years ago on a system based on the exploitation of women."

GA Anti-Abortion Group: Reject All COVID Vaccines
As the old junky said, "That just leaves more for me." In this case, everyone with a brain that wants hope for our future. And, hopfully, the morons will die off.

Wisconsin Judge Rules Against Trump Overturning State’s Election Results
The president is expected to quickly appeal the ruling, even though his chances of success there appear to be long.
Trump will forever be the traitor that tried to destroy our system of democracy and free elections. It will be his epitaph.

Georgia Republicans are going to war with democracy to prevent another election loss
Their treasonous war on America will end in a way they are not expecting.

Republicans are engaged in an act of sedition, and no one should pretend this is just politics
The only ones pretending it isn't sedition are the seditionists.
Prison for all at the very least.

‘A Miracle Taking Place’: Pat Robertson Declares Texas Suit Is God Intervening In ‘Stolen’ Election
Televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday said that the state of Texas is following God’s plan by suing to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
God? You mean Ken Paxton is God? Alfred, are you fucked up on beer?

AOC Slams House Republicans for Spending Their Time Trying to Overturn Trump Loss While 'People Are Starving'
More than half of the House GOP caucus has endorsed a likely doomed-to-fail Texas lawsuit seeking to undo the results of the November presidential election.
These bastards have likely screwed America beyond recognition. They must pay for their treason.

The case of the missing president

Trump sets off alarms with ‘very weird statement’ about stopping the ‘world from killing itself’
Do us all a favor and whack yourself before that stroke takes you out.

Here’s how ‘Trump could end up in jail’ over ‘intensified’ Manhattan investigation
A padded cell will be provided. He'll need plenty of cigarettes for trade. But I don't know about the Big Macs.

GOP lawmaker who said there was a ‘political agenda’ behind COVID coverage prays for a ‘miracle’ from his hospital bed
The Pastor in the next article could sure help with your miracle. Talk with him.

‘There’s no pandemic!’ Tennessee pastor explodes at CNN reporter asking if he’ll take COVID vaccine
Really, Pastor? Keep swimming in the river in Egypt. It just makes you all wet.

Loeffler And Perdue Brag That Toothless Senate Ethics Committee Cleared Them Of Insider Trading
Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue keep self-righteously telling voters that they were exonerated of insider trading. That doesn't mean a whole lot when that supposed exoneration is coming from the Senate Ethics Committee.
Corruption runs deep in this sewer.

An open letter to Texas Attorney General Paxton, on the occasion of his Supreme Court filing
As Texas attorney general, you should know your effort to overturn the presidential election will fail.

The appalling reason why Republican lawmakers may have joined the Texas lawsuit
"... some of them seem to believe Trump has a path to victory."
These would be the seditionists, the traitors who must be removed at any cost. Otherwise America is toast as we once knew it. It's already too late that we are so divided. Trump could appoint any scumbag he wanted and the fascists want to stop anyone from doing anythng in Biden's administration. Already, we've lost what we once had. Youth must look to leave this country now. There is no future in a fascist country.

Indicted TX AG Insists It’s ‘Ridiculous’ To Accuse Him Of Fishing For Pardon With SCOTUS Lawsuit
We know who you are, Kenny. You carry a lot of luggage.

Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson explains why Steve Bannon 'must be destroyed'
Good luck with that, Rick. After him start on Mitch and the rest of the traitors. They have already declared war on America.

Jumping the line for a vaccine will be pretty easy
My question to these "educated" pundits: Do you think someone with no record of any medication prescription at a pharmacy can get the vaccine no questions asked? Most people with health issues have years of records of medication prescriptions with their pharmacies. Diabetes, heart disease, asthma, they are all in medication records of people that have been using for years as proof. Their PCPs can also issue summaries that qualify them. I don't know about others but all of my doctors give me a summary of every visit I have with every issue and medication stated on it and why. Why are you all so short sighted?

Mitch McConnell Confirms Even More Batsh*t Trump Judges
The best thing I can say about this is that someday he'll be dead and so will all the judges.

Every Republican in Congress May Have to Vote on Trump’s Coup
We'll soon find out who the traitors are. They won't be able to hide anywhere.

Here’s Why the GOP Doesn’t Care About Pumping More Relief Money Into the Pandemic Economy
"This is mostly income lost by those who have been furloughed, which amounts to something like 10 million workers. That comes to an average of about $4,000 each, which is why a one-off $600 stimulus payment is laughable to these folks. Conversely, an extra $300 a week for three months would make them nearly whole."

McConnell threatens to block COVID-19 relief again
Kentucky, you are proud of this man? You should be ashamed to call yourselves Americans if you are.

Michigan AG Nessel Has A Message For TX AG: 'Stay In Your Own Lane'
Michigan AG Dana Nessel tells Texas AG Ken Paxton to "stay in his own lane" and stop trying to disenfranchise Michigan voters.
He's looking to get a pardon from Trump for whatever crime he's committed that he thinks it will work for.

'Pass the Damn Covid Relief Bill': Shoplifting of Essentials on Rise as Millions Struggle to Feed Families
"This state of austerity is an artificial cruelty designed to redistribute wealth, enrich the obscenely wealthy, and keep us under the thumb of employers and politicians."

41 days of pure hell: Donald Trump can't handle the emotions triggered by his defeat
This lunatic isn't any worse than the mental morons that have contributed to an attempted coup. They are all traitors and should be charged with treason. Of course, there are few men with backbones these days to do their duty and indict these seditious bastards. A sad time for our country.

We Found Them! We Found The 17 Stupidest States!
Truth be told this is all about Ken Paxton bid for a pardon from Trump for whatever.

A Passel o' Pricks: Staying Focused on Those We're Told We Must Now Forgive

The “Intellectual” Right’s Assault on Democracy
Politicians have constituents to please, but what about the “thinkers” of the Trumpist right?
"What is surprising, however, is how few conservatives are willing to stand up to the most direct threat against electoral democracy in living memory."

Sen. David Perdue Sold His Home to a Finance Industry Official Whose Organization Was Lobbying the Senate
The same year FINRA was lobbying the Senate on a bill, one of its board governors paid Perdue $1.8 million for his D.C. townhouse. Perdue sits on the Senate Banking Committee, which oversaw the bill.
Is this corruption in some way? Asking for a friend.

Trump Is Growing the GOP’s ‘Anti–Rule of Law’ Wing
19th Century vigilante thugs. Fuck 'em.

Georgia Republicans Are Using Fake Claims of Fraud to Make It Harder to Vote
GOP leaders who have rebutted Trump’s falsehoods are still using those claims for voter suppression.
Voter suppression is what the GOP stands for. Fascism at work in a failing country.

How to get rid of the Electoral College
It must go by any means necessary if we are to preserve our freedom.
And we could finally join the 21st Century with the rest of the world. But the Republicans want to stay in the 19th Century.

Giuliani leaves hospital after getting drug 'cocktail' so rare states distribute it by lottery
And what is so special about this bird?

Rush Limbaugh Argues For Secession: 'There Cannot Be A Peaceful Coexistence'
Suddenly Rush Limbaugh doubts two different outlooks can exist in the same country while ignoring that he has stoked the fires of hate and division for decades.
This person and persons like him started this bullshit. They should remember what happened the last time secession took place. The states that did were burned to the ground by our military.
Is this guy actually still alive or is it an AI bot they have online now?

Seeking 'Biggest Incident of Voter Nullification' in US History, 18 Republican AGs Back Texas Effort to Overturn Biden Win
"Were the Supreme Court to agree to hear this meritless suit brought by Texas, we might as well toss the Constitution."
That's exactly what these fascist traitors want. Totalitarian government run by them and them alone.

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine data hacked from European Medicines Agency breach
Not only do we have a deadly virus to fight we have a deadly team of SOBs that want to fuck-up the vaccine delivery system.
When did we enter Hell?

Middle America is still racking up a ton of new coronavirus cases
As if the Covidiots care.

Biden To Have Entire WH East And West Wings Showered With Disinfectant Right After Trump Leaves
As he should.
Get the cooties as well.

U.S. Will Delay Shipping Half Of Initial COVID Vaccine Supply
Looks like warp-speed pooted out. Figures.

The Jet-Setters Scheming to Break All the COVID Rules
Interesting how they refer to those not on their side as fascists. They have a bonifide fascist at their helm.

Trump tells White House Hanukkah party there might be a Jewish ‘miracle’ that helps him ‘win this election’
Has he talked with his local rabbi on this issue?
Trump keeps flim-flaming his marks until the end.

Trump-loving AGs’ lawsuit could massively backfire and make America ‘ungovernable’: CNN’s Errol Louis
But this is exactly what the fascists want. They mean to destroy America and they are doing a damn good job of it.
They must be stopped before they incite more violence.

Incoming GOP New Hampshire House Speaker found dead in his home — just after being elected
Is this another dead denier?

Law professor shreds Texas’ ‘offensively cynical’ legal ‘stunt’ to overturn the election
"Bribery Boy" gets his ass kicked.

Kelly Loeffler asks Trump supporters for money on Parler — and it massively backfires

Here’s why we need to call Donald Trump’s treasonous acts what they are
And it includes one Lindsey Graham. Espcially him.

How Kelly Loeffler’s Firm Facilitated an Enron-Like Scandal
Intercontinental Exchange provided a platform for “excessive speculation” that cost Georgians millions of dollars.

“Voter Fraud” Conspiracies are a Fraud: 2020 Election Edition

Trump’s Last Gasp Is a Scheme to Disenfranchise 20,756,421 American Voters—and He’s Getting Help
By embracing a Texas lawsuit to cancel results form Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, the president pushes the ultimate voter suppression.
Proving he is a traitor and should face his own rehabilitated firing squads.

The pandemic and the normalization of death

Sean Hannity's gross hypocrisy on a Staten Island bar and Black Lives Matter
Hannity defended a bar co-owner who was arrested for hitting a police officer with his car after conflicts over COVID-19 restrictions -- but he’s also called Black Lives Matter a “racist group threatening to kill cops and kill white people”

State Attorneys General Agree: Texas AG Ken Paxton Can Go Eat A F*ck

Blueprints for American Renewal & Prosperity

Trump may have undermined Texas’s Hail Mary election lawsuit with a single tweet: law professor
Where did Ken Paxton get his legal education? Of course, none of this has anything to do with law. It has everything to do with "how childish can we be at grandstanding to get our names on the intertubes!"

Conservative writer explains why 'the soul of the Republican Party' has been lost
Allow me to submit, the Republican party has not had a soul since 1980. Simply watch the Showtime series "The Reagans." This is where it all went wrong. Ed Meese.

From frivolous to frightening: 17 Republicans states join Texas, ask the Supreme Court for a coup
These syphalitic slimeballs want a civil war. A shooting war. They better be careful what they wish for.
"Don't point that finger at me, Daddy-O. I'll cut it off."

Georgia's third-largest county to slash voting precincts by more than half ahead of runoff
Golly gosh, this seems perfectly fucking normal, right?

Tapper Slams Trump’s ‘Disgraceful’ Attempts At A ‘Clownish Non-Violent Coup’
Jake Tapper and guests had some choice words for the “Trump Rigged-Election Caucus” that keeps signing on to BS efforts to overturn the presidential election results because it’s politically expedient.
Classless, no character, seditious assholes.

Trump Admits Idiotic 'Herd Immunity' Was His Only COVID Plan To Stop The Virus
To hell with trying to keep the American people safe from spreading the pandemic as long as we got the herd immunity going. That's not leadership, it's cowardice.
And Trump is the biggest coward since that dirty little Bob Ford.

Michael Flynn Threatens President Obama
Convicted felon (who Trump recently pardoned) Michael Flynn told FBN's Maria Bartiromo that President Obama should still be afraid of him.
Mike, Barack will pick you up and spit in your ass. And you will squeal like a pig.

The Senate’s Latest COVID Stimulus Won’t Solve the Hunger and Housing Crisis
The Senate won't solve anything. They will, however, fuck things up as much as possible.

Maddow does takedown of corrupt Texas AG pushing Trump’s lawsuits to score a pardon for all of his scandals
Exposing Paxton for what he is. Thanks, Rachel.

Russian media suggests the Kremlin grant asylum to Trump so he can’t be prosecuted in America
Putin must save his agent.

Florida Guv’s Backyard MAGA Fest Could Be Next ‘Superspreader’ Event
Two days before the notorious raid on the home of exiled data scientist Rebekah Jones, Ron DeSantis crowed about victory in the Sunshine State to maskless old people.
Another area where brains are scarce and the leader is a "What, me worry?" slack jaw.

'Reckless and irresponsible': GOP lawyer resigns from Florida government after raid on data analyst's home
He's not working for Nazis anymore. This is an example to follow for any decent person left on staff.

Rep. Katie Porter 'pulls back the curtain' on McConnell's COVID stimulus sabotage: 'This must be exposed'
Covid's main ally — Mitch McConnell.

Newsmax Scores A Ratings Win Against Fox News For The First Time Ever
Newsmax won the 25-54 demo last night against Martha McCallum at 7 pm.
New Nazi propaganda outlet beats former Nazi propaganda outlet.

Idaho Anti-Maskers Delay Local Vote On COVID Measures By Swarming Home Of Health Official
Covidiots run amok in Covidiot country.
“This has gone too far,” per the Statesmen, McLean said later on Tuesday at a Boise City Council meeting with regard to the anti-mask demonstrations. “We’re at a point now that we need to remind ourselves this is not who we are.”
Apparently, you have quite a few morons, Ammon Bundy for one, who have lost touch with reality.

Total Breakdown: There’s Still No Money For Mass COVID Vaccinations
The Trump administration,along with Mitch McConnell, has completely failed our people.

Biden wants 100 million COVID-19 vaccines in 100 days — but Trump just made that really difficult
With friends like this douchebag who needs enemies?

Pennsylvania AG tells Trump to ‘move on’ and give up on his ‘sad’ election ‘lunacy’
Time to face justice, you asshole.

Call Trump's treasonous acts what they are
Crimes against humanity. Life in prison or mental instituion. Time to put him away.

Over 1500 Attorneys Call For Sanction Of Trump Legal Team
"Giuliani and certain Trump campaign lawyers have either been lying to the public or believe frivolous and unfounded claims, calling into question their fitness to practice law." —Cheryl Niro, LDAD
People with brains and spines are taking over, thankfully.

How A Lawyer For Eastern European Oligarchs Fueled The Fever Dream Of An Election Reversal
One of Fatso's toadies?

SCOTUS Shoots Down GOP Bid To Disrupt PA Election Results
My,my. The seditionists have failed again.

‘Look! Trump Didn’t Poop Himself! Yay! Good Job, Donald!’
Some people are still normalizing Trump—despite all evidence to the contrary.
“Trump hasn’t worked this entire time. So it wouldn’t be odd for him to start now?”

Trump-loving protesters who terrorized Michigan secretary of state linked to county GOP group
You mean the party of fascism, racism and sedition? That's right.
All of these traitors must be picked up and thrown out.

‘Alito is deep state now!’ MAGA fans mocked over conservative Supreme Court refusing to save Trump from election loss
What a laugh! Pushing Vaporware! These miscreants can all drink the Fool-Aid now! Screw them long and hard.


Kristi Noem hails South Dakota as a coronavirus success story — using badly cherry-picked numbers

Dickens, Christmas, and the Wretched of the Earth

Trump’s Attacks on Local Officials Are Spreading Hatred and Inciting Violence

Federal regulators and West Virginia agencies are rewriting environmental rules again to pave the way for construction of a major natural gas pipeline across Appalachia, even after an appeals court blocked the pipeline for the second time.

Most Americans won't get Pfizer vaccine until June, because Trump passed on opportunity to buy more
Many but probably not most. There should be more available than we might think due to the Covidiots who will pass on the vaccine.

Chief OWS Adviser: ‘I Literally Don’t Know’ What Trump Is Talking About On Vaccine Order
More Trump failure to communicate.

Gottlieb confirms Trump administration struck down Pfizer's offer to produce more COVID-19 vaccine doses
Trump is a bad joke on us.

Texas sues states Biden won in Supreme Court, seeking to delay Electoral College vote
Ken Paxton? Why is this idiot still in office? What a disgrace and a shame to have to deal with crap like this. Sedition before your very eyes. This is no longer the United States of America.

Howard Stern On Trump: 'This Is Treasonous, Telling People To Go To Rallies'
Stern is furious over Trump's non-handling of the pandemic.
Yes, Howard. But you are talking about a lunatic here.

Pfizer and Moderna reject Trump's invitations to White House ‘Vaccine Summit’

AZ GOP Asks If People Are Willing To Give Their ‘Life’ For ‘Fight’ Against Election Results
Sedition by American citizens. A disgrace to our country and the world.
The U.S. is no longer a shining city on a hill nor a beacon of light for freedom.

Former DHS Official Krebs Sues Trump Att’y Who Said He Should Be ‘Drawn And Quartered’
For diGenova that should only be starters.

Detective Trump Is on the Case
So many people to pardon, so little time.

We’re Now Facing Both a Public Health and a Poverty Catastrophe
Trump’s malevolent mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis has been compounded by ineptitude at the state level.
And this is the way seditionists like Ted Cruz want to keep it.

Ted Cruz Wants to Toss Out 7 Million People’s Votes. Appalling.
The ‘constitutionalist’ senator volunteers to help make the case at the Supreme Court.
This is one more dispicable human. A grifter of incredible proportion.
Why do these people hate America?

Conservative law professor slams Ted Cruz’s push to throw our out 6.9 million Pennsylvania votes

Get Trump Out Before He Blows Up the World

CNN’s John Berman destroys Trump for ‘masquerading’ as a victim while ‘literally trying to undermine democracy’
He and all his toadies that are attempting a coup in our country.
This list includes:Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Rep. Steve King (R-IA), and Ted Cruz (R-TX).
All are involved in the Trump coup attempt. Will they ever face justice?

Republicans urge Supreme Court to overturn Pennsylvania’s election — but know the scheme has a flaw
The coup criminals are listed.

Lindsey Graham lays it out: Georgia Republicans have to back Trump’s conspiracy theories to subvert voters and get re-elected
The guy that's going to go under investigation for voter suppression? He's as insane as Cheetolini.
You don't deserve to be re-elected, you chickenshit.

Christopher Krebs unloads on Trump disinformation "threat"

Most employers didn't pay furloughed workers' health premiums

A Black man was shot three times for carrying a Subway sandwich outside of his home in Ohio
OMG! Just how did this guy get his hands on a Subway? Was he brandishing it at someone? That salami could have gone off and killed somebody!
And..."We don't need no stinkin' body cameras!"

Grieving son tells South Dakota Gov. Noem she 'lost another vote for president in 2024' over her handling of COVID-19
Another megalomaniac that thinks they will follow in Trump's sordid footsteps. Another one complicit in manslaughter.

Harvard psychiatrist explains Trump's deepening paranoia and why he'll live in 'fantasyland till the day he dies'
Preferably in a metal care institution.

Cartoon: Corruption coddlers
They are crawling out of the sewers now.
Lou Dobbs even got mad at Stephen Miller.

Sick Leave. Housing Aid. Unemployment. Congress Has Our Lives in Its Hands.

Lame duck Trump rushes to go down in ignominy before being booted from office
How to make scumbaggery worse.

Trump launches 'despicable' last-minute attack on Social Security
80 years old? Get out and get a job. Cafeterias are great! Wait, whatever happened to them? OK, be a greeter at Walmart.. what the fuck?

A pernicious legacy: How Trump put the U.S. on a path for cataclysmic war

Trump’s core supporters have been ‘radicalized’ against democracy — and winning them back is a lost cause: documentary filmmaker
Of course.

Biden may have to wait extra time before entering Trump’s disease-ridden White House next month
Trump: This filthy gob of dysentery should rot in Hell. But we know that's where we live now.
He will be the cause of anyone getting a Covid vaccine later than they should in 2021.

Exposé: How FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Deliberately Misled Residents About Covid
The Sun Sentinel verified what many Floridians already suspected.
Arrest this man.

‘DeSantis is out of control’: Florida governor ripped for ‘Gestapo tactics’ after raid on whistleblower’s home
"Out, damned spot!"

Agents raid home of fired Florida data scientist who built COVID-19 dashboard
A video posted online shows FDLE agents in vests at the front door with guns drawn.
These aren't police. They are Gestapo Nazis. DeSantis needs to be taken into custody.
"These Men Are Cowards" - Walter Sobchak
'They pointed guns at my kids': Florida police raid home of fired data scientist who built state's COVID-19 dashboard
This isn't a drug raid, Nazis. Point a gun at my kid? Bye-bye.

‘Pointed a Gun in My Face’: Florida Police Raid Home of Fired COVID-19 Dashboard Architect
DeSantis is a criminal. He hates truth. So are the Nazis that pulled guns and entered the house.
America has become a haven for Nazis.

DeSantis went off on COVID data manager who feared for the truth. What a big bully! | Editorial
He should be jailed along with his gun thugs.

Pat Robertson Plays The Jesus Card To Overthrow Joe Biden's Election
Pat Robertson is playing with holy fire here, and it's not going to end well for him.
Does Jesus really want that, Alfred?

Ted Cruz volunteers to argue overturning the election before the US Supreme Court
This chickenshit thinks so highly of himself.
Listen. We voted. Fuck you forever!

The Neverending Coup

Trump’s Most Malicious Legacy
The outgoing president leaves behind a tribalistic, distrustful, and sometimes delusional political culture.

What If Trump Is Trying To Break the GOP?
The future of the Republican party is an endless series of loyalty tests and Trump family vendettas. Good luck.

The A B C's of Donald Trump and His Legacy

Covid-19 Is Feeding the GOP Addiction to Conspiracy Theories
Radicalized by Covid disruptions and incited by Trump and his party, an alarming number of Americans refuse to accept the election results.

Even So-Called ‘Good’ Republicans Can’t Fully Reject President Sore Loser

‘You should be swinging from a rope’: Michigan lawmaker gets lynching threats after grilling Rudy Giuliani
American racism. It's a special flavor of stupid.
One more reason for the next article link being necessary.
"These Men Are Cowards" - Walter Sobchak

Experts: It’s possible — and necessary — to stop Trump from running in 2024
By any means necessary.

Americans' mental health takes a huge pandemic hit
Anyone surprised?

Tulum’s Burning Man Became a COVID Superspreader Event
When did human brains become a scarce commodity?

Bombshell Sun Sentinel investigation reveals DeSantis ordered Florida health officials ‘not to discuss’ COVID with public
Another one guilty of being complicit on manslaughter charges.
If I'm driving a car with passengers and I have an accident for which I am responsible I will be charged with manslaughter if someone in my car is killed. Same for this asshat and all the others like him, including the biggest one, Trump.

Judge doesn't just reject latest Republican effort to overturn Michigan vote, she sees through it
This is nothing more than abuse of our system. How can these frauds keep this charade going for a sick man that can't admit defeat?
The judge stated this was , “more about the impact of their allegations on people’s faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government.” They are attempting to destroy America's faith in the system. As such, it is an act of sedition.
All of these "lawyers" should lose their license to practice law.

MI SOS Says ‘Dozens’ Of Armed Individuals Swarmed Outside Her Home While Shouting ‘Graphic’ Threats
Why weren't the terrorists arrested? America is losing its grip on reality. The berserk are no longer held responsible for their criminal behavior.
"...terrorizing children and families at their own homes is not activism,” they said. “This disturbing behavior masquerading as protest should be called out for what it is and roundly condemned by citizens and public officials alike.”
"These Men Are Cowards" - Walter Sobchak

Rudy Giuliani Hospitalized With COVID-19, Karma Does Its Thing
Trump announced on Twitter that New York City's greatest mayor is down with the Hoax.

‘Part Of The Election Coup’: Fox News Viewers Go Berserk After Chris Wallace Calls Biden ‘President-Elect’
Fox News viewers expressed outrage at Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace on Sunday after he repeatedly insisted that Joe Biden is the rightful president-elect.
When did some Americans go batshit nuts?

Subject Of Trump 'Pardon-for-Pals' Scheme Has Apparently Been Revealed, But Mysteries Remain
Elliott Broidy rears his ugly head in connection to this "Pardon For Pals" scheme that's been going on for some time in Trump's White House.

'I Will Shoot You If You Do': Man With Gun On Seat Flees Tense Traffic Stop
Police pulled over a white man in Ohio for speeding. He had a gun. He sped away. He wasn't shot
Yes, this shows they don't shoot white men but it raises another question.
If Ohio is an open-carry state, how does one wear a firearm in the open and then use a vehicle? Must the bearer of the firearm then anchor his weapon to the top of his vehicle in order to travel, or does he have to walk everywhere?
Asking for a friend.

Trump Shamelessly Attempts To Pressure Georgia Gov To Overturn Election Results
This is a crime. One more of many that we charge Trump with come January 20, 2021. He should go behind bars for the remainder of his life.

Infowars' DeAnna Lorraine Wants Trump To Challenge Biden To A 'Rally-Off'
A portrait in stupidity.

We Are in the Greatest Cataclysm of Our History
"This isn't just a tragedy. It's a crime."

Fascism Expert: Donald Trump Has Turned Destructive and Vindictive — Like All Dictators
A scorched earth policy. A repugnant creature.

The Violent Story of American Whiteness

Trump Demands Names of 27 Congressional Republicans Who Acknowledged Biden's Victory
Two right-wing lawmakers insist Trump won the election, while 220 GOP members of the House and Senate—roughly 88 percent of congressional Republicans—refuse to say either way. "Send me a list," Trump tweeted, "of the RINOs" who recognize Biden as the winner.
The vindictive Nazi.

Trump bashes GOP's Brian Kemp at lie-filled rally hours after governor refused to overturn Georgia's election results
Trump is a failed human being.

Of Course Trump Made Georgia Rally All About Himself

The Fine Art of Not Giving a Flying Fuck

Not Just ‘Standing By,’ Proud Boys Bring Politics Of Intimidation To Streets In Defense Of Trump
The violence following the November 14 "Million MAGA March" in Washington, D.C., helped establish a pattern for Proud Boys violence that's now expanded to other American cities.
Here come the Trump Nazis. They'll make easy targets in their red hats.

President-elect Biden Warns Of 'Dire Straits' If McConnell And GOP Doesn't Go Big On Stimulus
When a reporter asked Joe Biden what happens if the Republicans don't cooperate on economic relief, he let her know that's not how he negotiates.
Just the fact that the prick is still around puts us in dire straits.

New 'Heaven's Gate' series looks to Christianity to explain the method to the cult's madness
Same thinking disorder as the fascist Republicans. What a laugh.

More than 200 House Republicans still refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden's election victory
These people are all guilty of treason and should be prosecuted and removed from office.
We don't need trash like this around. In time they will pay.

The GOP’s QAnon Faction Is Waging War on Republicans
Bozos are eating their own.

Federal judge orders Trump administration to restore DACA

Cult massacre survivor compares Donald Trump to notorious leader: ‘The rhetoric is so similar’
Jonestown all over again. We are waiting for the drinking of the Kook-Aid. It will solve a lot of problems.
Trump is responsible and must be tried for this massive manslaughter crime.

Oregon doctor faces suspension after boasting at Trump rally that he never wears a mask
"...Oregon doctor who boasted that he never wears a mask and compared COVID-19 to the “common cold”...
Right, we get a quarter million dead from common colds annually. This guy is the very definition of "quack."

Calls for legal consequences mount as Trump campaign lawyers keep pushing baseless election fraud claims
I believe we have laws in place to throw out frivolous suits but they only apply to "civil" suits. It's interesting how we create the distinction between "civil" and "criminal." But all of the Trump suits are frivolous and should be tossed before they get started.

Kansas Town Abused Doctor For Months; Now They're Overwhelmed With COVID
Fredonia, Kansas. The County Medical Officer is abused by the town's residents over Covid.
America has become a sci-fi horror story with these Covid Zombies on the loose. All these Covidiots are doing is creating PTSD for our medical community while aiding the spread of the disease.

Friday News Dump: Not Ready To Make Nice, And Other News
It's not going to be easy to move past this Trump era.
The fascists will only try to keep it more difficult to exist in the United States.

Kyle Rittenhouse Ordered Bound Over For Trial On All Counts
Kyle Rittenhouse, the white terrorist from Illinois who killed two people in Kenosha during a protest, is bound over on all charges. Furthermore, he may lose one of his attorneys.
As he should be.

Trump Loyalists Lewandowski, Bossie Installed At Pentagon Advisory Board
More Trump Nazis setting up a stage for a military coup?

Trump Pentagon Nominee Boosted Calls For Martial Law This Week
Trump Nazi making a fool of himself like the twat he is.

McConnell's Answer to Schumer/Pelosi Covid-19 Concessions: Eff You
He's killing America.

Anti-lockdown protester: I’d rather ‘put a bullet in my head’ than take COVID vaccine
How soon will he be needing the pistol? Is he asking for a donation?

Pennsylvania lieutenant governor: ‘Officials’ are ‘receiving death threats’ for supporting the fair election
Amerikan fascism reaches the state of devine madness. They now believe they are God.

Ohio House Passes Bill Requiring Fetal Abortion Remains To Be Buried Or Cremated
Human decency is someting Right to Lifers will never have.

The Change We Need: Stop Whining About Activists
Why Obama is wrong about “defund the police.”

Limbaugh: “It’s Getting Hard Not To Look Like A Kook”
“And the left is doing everything it can to make every one of them appear to be right out of Kookville."?
And, of course you are doing nothing at all that's batshit crazy. Did anyone notice he said "Everyone of them"? He's not counting his own words of turd stirring batguano.

'50 Years in the Making': In Historic Vote Against Failed War on Drugs, House Passes Marijuana Decriminalization
"Don't let anyone tell you that organizing doesn't matter."

STATEMENT: Historic Passing of MORE Act Will Take Restorative Steps Toward Communities of Color Affected by Current Marijuana Enforcement Policy
But we all know the fascists led by Mitch will piss all over it. What a sad moment for America.

A pro-Trump lawyer's 'epic fail': Sidney Powell makes a hilarious mistake in election lawsuit
Does everyone realize what this means? It means the Domininon Voting System has the power to switch lawsuit terms! AMAZING!

Michael Cohen reveals the endgame of Trump’s post-election hysterics: 'He can't go back to real estate'
All of Trump's shitshow is to milk his suckers for cash. Serves 'em right.

No longer ‘standing by,’ Proud Boys bring politics of intimidation to streets in defense of Trump
Trump's Nazis keep showing their asses and displaying their stupidity.

Republicans created a MAGA monster — and now they're paying the price: report
They are very happy with their monster.

Digital Consulting Group made $42 million in eight months for media and marketing services. But who's behind it?
Legal expert explains why a Donald Trump self-pardon wouldn’t hold up in court
Depends. If one of Trump's cronies is an appointed co-conspirator on the bench, he'll wipe Trump's ass for him.

Coronavirus death rates rising across the country
Still think it's a hoax, MAGATS?

Americans are suffering a hidden ‘depression’ and economic hell in 2020 — and it could get even worse: report
It's no wonder. Trump hasn't made it easy for most of us.

Report: Trump Is Considering Preemptive Pardons For Up To 20 Allies
This is what Trump calls "draining the swamp."

Report: Trump Associates Tied To Alleged Bribery-For-Pardon Scheme
More crime from our Trump Crime Syndicate.

Denying Covid Relief, The GOP Has Left 'Children Begging Santa For Their Basic Needs'
A series of letters to Santa that will break your heart.
"We can either have billionaires, or we can make sure all children are fed, with warm beds to sleep in," said Agro. "Pick one. We cannot have both."
Mich McConnell and the fascists don't give a flying fuck about your problems.

Sen. Durbin: McConnell Never Bothered To Sit In On Stimulus Talks
"We're hopeful that some of the Republican members that have told us privately they're upset with the decision by McConnell will step up," the senator said.
More proof that McConnell crawls on his belly.

Trump Threatens To Fire Bill Barr Over Election Fraud Comments
Bill Barr's only hope is to reverse his comments about election fraud. Then maybe he can stay, says Trump.
Even Bilbar has forsaken the Orange Gibbon.

Trump Aide Banned From DOJ Building After Pressuring Staff To Hand Over Case Info
The treachery just keeps on giving.

Trump's outrageous lies used to be terrifying — now they're just pathetic
Trump is the same BS artist as always, but with no power to enforce his lies, he's becoming a shabby punchline
A digusting creature.

Pompeo ignores raging pandemic — invites 900 people to indoor holiday party
Happy Holidaze.

Gingrich: 'Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are totally destructive'
What a shitshow.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood File Midnight Brief Asking Appeals Court to Decertify Presidential Election
Yes, Sid, we do suspect voter fraud now that you have mentioned it.
Trump never got 74 million votes. That's what all the voting “dumps” were—fake votes for Trump. Mitch McConnell was not the winner in Kentucky. The voting must be probed there and in Florida and Texas, as well. In South Carolina there is the tampering that Lindsey Graham is guilty of. We are pretty sure there is evidence that has come in now that will show none of these results are honest. Get on it now, girl.

Found The Voter Fraud! It Was Some GOP Florida F*cker Named Bill The Whole Time!

Texas may receive initial coronavirus vaccine doses for 1.4 million people this month, Gov. Greg Abbott says
The governor said a vaccine could start arriving by mid-December. The state has said health care workers will be the first to receive voluntary vaccinations.

Mitch McConnell's Dark Pivot: Wreck the Economy — and Sabotage Biden's Presidency

Trump Is Acting like a 'Sore Loser' — and Deceiving His Supporters to Build up His Own 'Slush Fund'

Vaccines Don’t Protect People. Vaccination Does.
Implementation. Implementation. Implementation.
As the UK head of the vaccine team stated when asked about how history will note this, he responded with "the beginning of the end of the pandemic." Stirring words, indeed.
For those of us that have sense enough to follow protocols to stay alive, and follow the paths to immunity, by this time next year it will all become a memory. There's nothing we can do about the ones that decide not to participate.

A Deputy Prosecutor Was Fired for Speaking Out Against Jail Time for People Who Fall Behind on Rent
Arkansas prosecutor Josh Drake called the state’s criminal eviction statute “cruel” and “unconstitutional.”
Americans used to come together in times of crisis. Not anymore though. As a nation we are a failure.

Twitter Erupts Over Massive Protest Outside Staten Island Bar That Violated Covid Rules: ‘Drunk On Freedom, High On tupid’
Bringing death on yourself is stupid enough. But bringing about an enviroment of death for others is insanity. Americans are mentally ill and have no idea how to deal with it. These people are not "patriots" by any shake of the imagination. As always, there is no vaccine for stupid.

Sanders Slams McConnell for Pushing '3-Martini Lunch' Deduction and Zero Relief for 26 Million Hungry Americans
"The Republicans l-o-v-e corporate socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the rest. Ain't gonna happen."
Hypocracy defined.

By Backing Election Conspiracy Theories, Christian Nationalists Have Sided With Trump Over America
But, of course, we know none of them are "Christian."

Authorities tie viral 'protesters needed' Craigslist ad to registered Republican voter
Antifa is a Republican hoax we see. It always was.

COVID-19 Deaths and Hospitalizations Set Records In New Single-Worst Day

Former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton Would Take COVID Vaccine Publicly To Prove It’s Safe

Trump’s blizzard of election lies should trigger 25th Amendment: MSNBC’s Morning Joe
Why do we have this tool in our bag if we are too cowardly to use it?
Now is the time if there was ever a time. We are under attack. The reason: our country is full of seditious fascist nut balls.
Limbaugh, Beck, Boortz, O'Reilly, Hannity, Levin, Prager, Savage and all the rest of the turd stirrers created these monsters.
"Things may go bad in Georgia?" That's all they care about? Our leaders have abandoned their posts.

'Sedition': Lawyers condemn call for Trump to declare martial law and hold new election
Shove his sorry ass into a straitjacket and gag him until January 20. Then let him rant until he collapses.
And Flynn is working on a new crime charge himself. Does he realize that America has done exactly what he states in his "manifesto" of treason? That is exactly how America voted you fuckstick! Lin Wood's insanity has already been pointed out. It's what criminals do.
Why do we let the criminally insane walk the streets? They'll throw a Black man in a cell if they find a marijuana stick on him but they let these treasonous bastards walk around. What the fuck is up with that? What a waste of our time.

Donald Trump is acting like a spoiled toddler — America must give him a permanent timeout
America's unhealthy fascination with our damaged president must end. He desperately seeks attention. Let's move on
Trump has reached the end of his drive to the Hamptons.

Lock Him Up!' Trump Attorney Incites Violence Against Georgia Governor
An attorney who says he is representing President Donald Trump encouraged a group of angry supporters to target Gov. Brian Kemp (R) at a “Stop the Steal” rally in Georgia on Wednesday.
Trump fascist rants as if he's another madman. God, where do these fools all come from?
His name is Lin Wood and if anyone needs to be locked up it is this nincompoop.
All this shit is directly from the Rush Limbaugh playbook. They've been sucking on his bullshit for years.

Republican shames Sen. Ron Johnson for being too afraid of Trump to uphold Wisconsin election
Yep, he is a big sissy alright because he knows better.

The far-right has embraced an election conspiracy theory so absurd the Army came out and denounced it
Absurdism is a way of life for some these days. It's easy when there's a madman on the loose.

Watch: Rep. Katie Porter slams Steve Mnuchin for 'play-acting' as a lawyer
"Are you a lawyer?" he asked Rep. Porter. This guy has what job now? The Head of the Dumbass Department?

Kayleigh McEnany and the Trump team are running out of voter fraud tricks
Really—this poor little girl.

Much of the U.S. Could Be Uninhabitable by 2050
Since this has been said over and over again for years do we actually think we can convince deniers?

How Trump Hurt America’s Reputation for Truth
Four years of dishonesty at home and praising lying dictators abroad.

Minority Rule Cannot Last in America
It never has.

Perdue, Loeffler ‘Won’t Apologize’ For Playing Up Trump’s Election Conspiracies
Real sedition. Show them the door, Georgia.

Alarm bells sound after Mike Flynn endorses military coup: ‘Actual fascism’
And it took this much to get you to at last admit this?
Teahadist, Tom Zawistowski bears watching night and day.

A More Extreme Gun Rights Movement Is Emerging in the NRA’s Wake
Meet the right-wing gun groups eager to take its place.
Is civil war inevitable in this country?

UN Removes Weed From List Of Dangerous Narcotics
It's a start.

Republicans suddenly want norms, ethics and 'civility' — even as Trump actively tries to steal the election
Hypocrites to the nth degree.

Over Last 30 Years, Wages for Top 1% Soared by 160% While Wages of Bottom 90% Actually Went Down
It is way past time to remake wage pattern with economic policies that generate robust wage-growth for vast majority.

Trump Will Be Evicted, but Trumpism Lives On
The Democratic Party’s future must be built around class-based issues in order to reach working people.
Trump's fascism must be resisted by any means.

Crime gangs threaten COVID-19 vaccine campaigns, Interpol warns
As if things weren't bad enough. We had to add this.

Trump Accuses DOJ Probe Into Alleged Bribery-For-Pardon Plot Of Being ‘Fake News’
There is no bigger fake in the world than Fatso.

GA Republican: Trump ‘Complicit’ In Threats Against Election Officials
Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling, a Republican, is fed up with GOP silence on the incendiary attacks on the 2020 election he says will lead to someone getting killed.
These people are trash--scum of the earth. Yes, it will be Trump's fault. He's already guilty of being complicit on Covid deaths.

‘Playing with fire’: CNN segment exposes all the death threats Trump fans have made to election officials
They should be careful 'playing with fire'. They may get badly burned.

Betsy Devos Calls Student Debt Forgiveness 'A Truly Insidious Notion'
The Education Secretary called the idea of providing free college to lower-income Americans “a socialist takeover of higher education.”
If Betsy said it, that clnches it. We do it.

CNN host rains fire on a Republican's attack on a Biden nominee after ignoring Trump's misdeeds
CNN's Brianna Keilar emphatically called out Cornyn's hypocrisy by noting some of the many inflammatory things that Cornyn's ally, President Donald Trump, has said about both Republican and Democratic senators.
Keilar stressed, "Sen. Cornyn is an imperfect messenger here, clutching his pearls in Donald Trump's oyster bar."
Trump nominated and the Senate approved miscreants of the planet over and over. It's too bad Texas didn't get rid of Cornyn. He's a part of the Trump fascists and, as such, is a threat to our country. No shame, not one whit.

Court Order Reveals DOJ Investigation Into Suspected Bribery-For-Pardon Scheme
Crooked to the bitter end.

NY Republicans Host Sarah Palin at Gala—in a Damn Pandemic
The brainless Nazi Youth in New York demonstrate they have nothing to offer our world but chaos.

The Extremists Knocking on Doors and Claiming People’s Homes
We need to take charge of insane people and put them where they belong. The Moorish National Republic is a gang. If they were called MS13 would we react the same? I think not. There are laws that the police need to enforce. Clean them out.

Lou Dobbs Accuses Bill Barr of Being ‘Compromised’ and Part of the ‘Deep State’
It's time to take idiots like this off the air. No more broadcasting for senile fools. Go home. Get it done. Bye-Bye morons.
This came hours after the Attorney General said there was no evidence of widespread, election-changing fraud in the 2020 race.

The broken pipeline for Latino executives

Nasdaq's ultimatum

‘Nothing’s off the table’: Trump pressing his GOP allies to take one last shot at overturning his election loss
These treasonous bastards can't believe that former Republican voters voted against the scumbag they want to protect.
They should watch out for Trump's new firing squads.

Legal experts shocked by ‘pardon bribery scheme’ under DOJ investigation: ‘That’s a lot of warrants’
Shocking, I say! Yes, they are preparing his cell at this time. It might be padded!

DOJ investigating funneling of money to the White House — for a pardon: report
No pardon for the biggest criminal in American political history. There is no "potential" anywhere near this POS.

Giuliani Raises Risk Of Disclosing Bad Acts With Pardon Discussion
The crooks keep on destroying law and order in a democracy.
Vile and disgusting.

Ohio Republicans Trying To Impeach Mike DeWine Over COVID-19 Measures
A group of four Republican state lawmakers filed a dozen articles of impeachment again Republican Governor DeWine on Monday.
Ohio fascists show their twisted logic and stupidity, as usual.

AG Barr Finds No Evidence Of Election Fraud, Heads To White House
The DOJ tried valiantly to find widescale fraud that would swing the election back to Donald Trump and came up short.

The Media Hasn't Learned A Thing, Part Infinity
Here we go again.

Fox And Friends Hosts Shocked To Learn That Masks Work Against COVID
Watch these idiots on Fox and Friends sit there and finally agree that apparently masks work is an offense to the scientific community and the entire country.

The Future of the United States Is at Stake in Georgia
The two U.S. Senate races there are a microcosm of America’s struggle to find a way forward.

Rand Paul Wants Dr. Fauci To Apologize For Being So Goddamn Right All The Time

Removing Trump Is Not Enough. He Must Be Prosecuted.
He has declared total war on American democracy, and for that, he must be brought to justice.

Dangerous’ DeSantis hammered by Florida mayor for listening to ‘fringe’ kooks on COVID-19 as people die
“I’m opposed to mandates period. I don’t think they work.” says Governor Nincompoop. In your case, it's obvious.

Americans were infected with COVID-19 far earlier than ‘first’ US case: CDC study

‘Hateful moron’: Trump supporter’s business faces the internet’s wrath after her anti-gay tirade goes viral
or "Botox Goes Berserk!"
Always amazing how the morons don't mind playing the fool in public.

States With Few Coronavirus Restrictions Are Spreading the Virus Beyond Their Borders
Lax states are attracting shoppers and students from stricter neighbors — and sending back COVID-19 cases. The imbalance underscores the lack of a national policy.
Americans are too selfish to have or even follow a national policy.

Biden planning massive stimulus, flurry of executive actions to start erasing stain of Trump

Lyin' Lou Dobbs Eggs On Trump By Saying 'Crimes' Have Been Committed Against Him
“This is no longer about just voter fraud or electoral fraud. This is something much bigger," Dobbs said.
"I don't know about people like Sidney Powell, because she appears to be mentally ill. But the rest of them are shredding our democratic norms to give an egomaniacal thug like Trump one last shot at his GoFundMe campaign."
Sidney Powell, sure. But crank Lou Dobbs is as mad as a March Hare.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire
Or what it means to fall on a failing planet.

Trump Voters Aren't Owed Empathy And Media Should Stop Saying They Are
Beltway media, don't absolve dangerous, anti-democratic behavior.
They've earned their scorn.

Playboy Reporter Takes Apart Gaslighting PressSec For Demanding WHCA Investigate Him
White House Spokes-liar Kayleigh McEnany played the conservative victim card this morning on Fox & Friends, whining that Playboy reporter Brian Karem was being a misogynist for daring to ask her questions at her sorry, lie-filled excuses for press briefings.
That poor, poor little girl.

Donald Trump tests the limits of pardon power by absolving Flynn of all crimes known and unknown
It's like having a cloak of invisibility! He can fuck over anything/anyone he wants with no punishment allowed. What a great country!

Trump admin is pushing rule changes on its way out attacking vulnerable populations
"Mass leaders in power have one concern which overrules all utilitarian considerations: to make their predictions come true.
The Nazis did not hesitate to use, at the end of the war, the concentrated force of their still intact organization to bring about as complete a destruction of Germany as possible, in order to make true their prediction that the German people would be ruined in case of defeat."
— Hannah Arendt. The Origins of Totalitarianism. 1967. iBooks.

Trump Lawyer Calls For Chris Krebs To 'Be Shot At Dawn' After 60 Minutes Interview
Appearing on Howie Carr's show on Newsmax TV, Trump lawyer Joe DiGenova called for the public execution of Chris Krebs for his interview on 60 Minutes Sunday night.
Think we could get away with saying this without a knock on our door? These people are dangerous.

Dr. Death Scott Atlas, Head Of COVID White House Death Cult, Resigns
Dr. Scott Atlas, a "doctor" with zero experience in dealing with virus or infections, resigned on Monday after overseeing the deaths of over 260,000 Americans.
Finally, some good news.

Maskless Lady To Bank Teller: 'I Am A Scientist! There Is No Corona!'
This woman does a public performance in an Englewood, NJ Citibank branch.
Your Public Theater Presents: "Dumb Science" - Part 40 Million

QAnon sympathizer elected to Congress failed to disclose fundraising ties to Sen. Ted Cruz, FEC says
Cruz gave Lauren Boebert $70,500 on the same day that he asked the DOJ to probe Netflix for alleged child porn
Bribery? Gee, these creeps have never done that before.

QAnon has a bizarre new conspiracy about Biden's broken foot
All of you—out of the country by sundown.

FBI stats show border cities are among the safest
Is it because their populations are all sick with Covid?

Sean Hannity: Donald Trump “needs to pardon his whole family and himself”
Which crime(s) will he be pardoning himself for, Hanny? His family? Yes, that list is wayyyyy too long!

Trump Is About to Hand Over Sacred Apache Land to a Mining Company
Trump officials are rushing to hand over Oak Flat in Arizona to Resolution Copper by next month, a full year ahead of schedule—while they still can.
Trump is a shit.

QAnon In Congress: Facts You Need To Know
Is this really a ...?

Far Right Conpiracy Theorist Rick Wiles Predicts Trump Administration is Planning to Execute Democrats and Media ‘Traitors’
Nut Ball of the day!

Why a 41-Year-Old Record About Fascism Matters Now
Elvis Costello’s 1979 album, Armed Forces, has been reissued at a moment when it feels more frighteningly vital and relevant than ever.

It’s Not Just Trump: COVID-19 Is The Test That Conservatism Was Built To Fail
Focusing solely on the ousting of this particular president and his friends — and on their considerable failures as leaders — risks missing a deeper, more fundamental point: that though Donald Trump lost reelection, the ideology and belief system underpinning so many of the debacles of his presidency prevails, and was always doomed to fail the country in the face of a disaster like this one.

The Supreme Court Knows Trump’s Nativist Census Scheme Is Unconstitutional
But the conservative justices might not intervene until it’s too late.
Yeah, they know a lot of things Trump has pulled are unconstitutional. Intervention is a last resort with those jokers.

‘Looking at you, Senate majority leader’: 87 million could lose paid leave without urgent action from congress
Mitch the Bitch could slice his own throat unless he's paying Kentucky under the table.
“Many struggling Americans will lose access to aid at the end of December...” Merry Christmas, suckers!

Fascism expert: Trump has turned destructive and vindictive — like all dictators
Think of it — always.

GOP group under criminal investigation after auctioning MAGA hats with fake Trump signatures
Digital Signatures? Ooopsie!

The Zaniest Pro-Trump Conspiracists Are Making Life Hard For the GOP In Georgia
Top notch comedy brought to you by the nut ball party.
These clowns have set a trap with which they have snared themselves.

"So one way or the other, they are always highly destructive to the last and vindictive."
And so are his gangs. We all know who they are.

Trump’s rant on Fox Business offered a ‘panoply of dementia signs and symptoms’: psychiatrist
Same with his gangs. They are all running off their mouths now, threatening violence if their fuhrer is not declared our leader.
That poor little Nazi.

Supreme Court hearing gets awkward as conservative Alito runs roughshod over chief justice Roberts
Scalito is bidding to be the new "Fat Tony," the asshole of the bunch.

Trump and his allies won't drop claims of stolen election — because they're cashing in
"But as is usually the case with right-wing politics in the 21st century, a lot of this is about money. Trump's voting base is a sea of suckers. He and the various grifters who make up most of the right-wing media are eager to drain those suckers dry. Stoking anger over the lost election and feeding people's fantasies about stealing it is, by all appearances, a cash bonanza."
Trump will leave office on Jan. 20 — but in the meantime, right-wing grifters make bank by pretending otherwise
Grifters r us.

Instead of working on COVID-19 pandemic, Trump's HHS is laying landmines for Biden
Trump's best interests, suckers, not yours or the country's.

In closing weeks of Trump administration, William Barr rewrites rules to allow firing squads
That being the case we know exactly who to use them on.

The ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit Was Released And It’s Way Dumber Than You Realize

There Aren’t Serious-Enough Consequences for Those Trying to Break American Democracy
What the president and his lawyers have been attempting to do deserves punishment that will likely never come.
You mean the guillotine is out of the question? Sigh....

Social Distancing
The wealthy have pulled out of the orbit of the rest of the country. Can they be leashed back?

Trump administration wages last major Supreme Court fight
They are population you rascist fuckheads! No undocumented immigrants count, eh. Why not go all the way back. No one that doesn't own real estate will count. No one with a net worth of less than $5 million will count. Let's just go all the way, you fascist racists — you inhumane miscreants. Just keep pissing on the promise of America.

Georgia Republicans turn on Gov. Brian Kemp: He ‘will be primaried’
Fascists have bought into Trump's fraud attempt in Georgia and are pissed that the Governor believes in democracy. Perhaps Denazification will be the answer for them.

“We Don’t Even Know Who Is Dead or Alive”: Trapped Inside an Assisted Living Facility During the Pandemic
What it’s like to stay alive as the virus charts its fatal course through a home for the elderly in one of the worst-hit neighborhoods in the Bronx.

Goodbye, Ajit Pai. The Senate Should Reject Nathan Simington and Let the Fcc Get Back To Work.
Good riddance to both.

Conservative slams 'propaganda princess' Maria Bartiromo for fawning over Trump’s election lies

The social media addiction bubble
The worst thing since cancer. An otherwise "fluff" essay.
This very naive author doesn't seem to understand it has become a dangerous tool for propaganda. I would suggest he stops making excuses.

Wall Street wonders how bad it has to get
Maybe when everyone starts robbing banks? Or...commiting suicide?

‘Delusional’ Trump deserves to be treated like a flat-Earth conspiracy nut: CNN’s Avlon
Sure. Will he now be committed to a mental instituton where he should have been for years?

Kayleigh McEnany forgets about her own deputies when whining Trump has all female-press team like Biden
Counting might be something she missed in her "education"?
That poor little girl.

Fox News host claims Trump no longer needs to prove his case in court to overturn the election
Will Cain is talking to the Trumpists but he's acting as if this is a "normal" thing. We do have 1st amendment rights but when a "news"source characterizes a seditious act as "normal procudure" they need to be questioned. He's talking disenfrancisement on a mass scale. He's talking sedition. Someone needs to get their shit straight on Fox.

Rick Wilson urges ‘humiliation and incarceration’ for the GOP’s ‘grubby sellouts’ who propped up Trump for 4 years
Start with that twerp, Will Cain.

Sidney Powell’s new election lawsuit cites election experts she won’t even name: legal expert
Is this woman a self-ordained lawyer? She doesn't appear to know shit from apple butter.

Delusional Trump Says He’ll Waste ‘125%’ Of His Energy Into Already Low Energy Election Lawsuits
Trump = waste.

New Day, New Shooter, New Casino

GA Sec Of State Calls Out GOPers Who Won’t Condemn Death Threats: ‘Really Complicit’
Same Nazis as WWII. Why would we expect rational behavior from them? There is always Denazification but I suppose we will have to allow them to carry out a few atrocites to put it in place.

Top Dogs

In first interview since loss, Trump goes off the rails and suggests FBI is ‘involved’ in stealing election
“We go to judges and people don’t want to get involved,” Trump remarked to Bartiromo. “The media doesn’t even want to cover it. I mean, you’re doing something. You’re actually very brave.” said the batshit-crazed luncatic.
The media is beating us to death covering it, you brainless fool!

Why the next Congress is unlikely to legalize marijuana
Despite support for legalization in the House, the Senate is expected to keep holding up federal marijuana change next year.
"But the Senate operates under a different reality." No shit?
These people are the backward dickwads of our time. The least the morons could do is take it off Schedule I. That's as backward as a cave dweller in the 21st Century (of course that's what most of them are--the Senate is their cave). It shouldn't even be scheduled, for God's sake. Stop farting around and wake the fuck up. Doh! I forgot — we have to keep filling our prisons with Black folks, don't we. But we don't have systemic racism, do we?

Trump expresses doubt on whether Supreme Court will hear election cases
Why does this idiot keep complaining about mail-in votes that got in late in the day on November 3. He had his Postmaster General do everything possible to delay the mail so they would be late! Everyone knows you both are crooks and you both should go to prison for subverting an American election. You are the voter fraud here, Dumbo!

'We Need To Get Together': Fox News Doc Urges Christmas Parties Because COVID Is 'Like A Biblical Plague'
Fox News doctor Marc Siegel on Sunday encouraged people to have gatherings for Christmas and Hanukkah because COVID-19 is "almost like a biblical plague."
We aren't cancelling Christmas, you creep. We are cancelling asshats like you.

Scientists explain how to fight back against anti-maskers, climate deniers and anti-vaxxers
Giving them scientific information presumes they have the intellect to understand it.
The ability to know truth from lies is in the failure of education to sink into them in the first place.

CNN host cuts off GOP senator to fact-check him on Trump lawyers’ voter fraud claims
This is "the one who smiles" in every photo when you see Mitch spewing his bullshit. So, this is Roy Blunt who, bluntly, is yet one more of the assholes who walks on two feet.
Said Blunt, "I think there was some element of voter fraud as there is in every election..." I think we know who the fraud is here. They've checked the motherfucking ballots you twot! So watch this asshat very closely when it comes to checking electors. Listen to this mother doubletalk!

‘We will exterminate you’: Proud Boys and other right-wing Trump diehards clash with counter-protesters at Raleigh rally
Big talk from a gang of Nazi thug terrorists. We used to arrest punk criminals like this and apply justice to them. Another American failure.

Assassination Of Iranian Scientist Likely An Effort To Kill Biden’s Chance For Peace
The assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist, presumably by Israel, was probably aimed at saddling Joe Biden’s presidency with a war, a U.S. bombing campaign against Iran’s nuclear sites or, at the very least, preventing him from re-joining the Iran nuclear agreement.
Whomever is responsible for this will be found out. And they must be dealt with as any enemy of the U.S., foreign or domestice.

Deputy Prosecutor Fired For Speaking Out Against Jail Time For People Who Fall Behind On Rent
Only in Arkansas is being behind on rent considered a crime. Attorney Josh Drake spoke up about the cruelty of prosecuting renters. He was fired for it.
But Arkansas still lives in the 18th Century. How do they handle Witchery?

Environmental activist calls damage that Trump's wall has inflicted on the land 'incalculable'
Useless for anything but damaging our world. Thanks, Amerika.
"That’s why we need to charge, try, and convict all of the people that were enablers and supporters of DiaperDon. There are thousands just in his administration. Very sad reflection on American values."

It's not the first time that an outgoing president refused to work with an incoming one
... it's just that the last time this happened, a civil war broke out in the aftermath
We are already in a civil war, one that appears to have no end.

What could Trump do to tank the economy out of vengeance? What Republicans have done for years
Republicans have a long history of hurting the economy for political gain, though Trump may also be driven by spite
Spiteful assholes.

'Massive grift': GOP rep says party's refusal to acknowledge Biden win is 'just money-making for the 2024 election'
Grifing and greed: The Republican way.

GOP congressman casts doubt on his own legitimacy with failed lawsuit to overturn PA election results
And here's one of those Republican grifter exposing his warped sense of reality.

Anti-vax advocacy groups online are helping to radicalize the QAnon movement
Lunatic, meet Batshit Crazy.

Recount in Wisconsin county demanded by Trump increases Biden's margin

Why the 2017 Las Vegas massacre was an act of right-wing domestic terrorism, and why it matters

Reminder: GOP Has Falsely Shouted 'Voter Fraud' Years Before Trump Was Elected
If the name "True the Vote" sounds familiar, it's because the group was one of several right-wing organizations that whined incessantly during Barack Obama's presidency about the IRS's reluctance to grant them tax-exempt status as a non-political organization.
Fascists have been trying to subvert democracy for ages. They will continue to do so due to the dumbed-down audience they attract.

America just dodged the Trump bullet — but what did we really learn so that it doesn't happen again?
I'm not sure America can learn anymore. They are all too occupied with more important things like TV talent shows.

Kelly Loeffler's husband dumped his own stock this spring, breaking years-long pattern
Jeffrey Sprecher's unusual trades suggest couple made significant changes to third-party broker arrangement

There's nothing 'normal' about this: Even if Trump reluctantly leaves office, immense damage has been done

Trump Refuses To Concede, But Finally Admits He'll Leave The White House In January
Today in things that should in no way be news, but are, Donald Trump said he would leave the White House if (when) the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden.
How sporting of him. Doing what every other loser in history has done. A bitter, bitter creature.

Fox Would Rather Just Kill People Than Save The Restaurant Industry
Fox "news" has been feigning concern for the restaurant industry, but rather than taking on Mitch McConnell for refusing to allow a vote on bipartisan legislation for a bailout, they're attacking Democrats over health orders and restrictions on indoor dining.

Court rejects Trump campaign's appeal in Pennsylvania case
Now will these idiots go home and leave the rest of us alone?

Covidiot Arrested After Pummeling BC Walmart Staffer
Who are the idiots standing around watching this? No baseball bats in the store? If these mentally ill terrorist animals don't get with the program PDQ we must make them understand they will no longer be tolerated by any means necessary. They don't belong among humans any longer. This shithook should be charged with attempted murder not assault.
THERE IS NO MASK DEBATE! "These Men Are Cowards" - Walter Sobchak

Trump demands that Biden prove the election fraud his own lawyers cannot: ‘He’s got a big unsolvable problem!
His delusions worsen every day he's closer to leaving office.

Enraged Texas man threatens to set priest on fire after seeing that Pope Francis congratulated Biden: affidavit
Texas and lunatics — a special breeding ground?

Here Are the Various Ways Donald Trump Could Be Prosecuted
Tax fraud and obstruction of justice are just the start.

Trump To Reporter: 'Don't Talk To Me That Way, You're Just A Lightweight'
It was a very Trumpy Thanksgiving.
We know who you are: a whiny-assed little bitch.

How Mitch McConnell's Do Nothing Republicans Are Killing You
To them I ask: How much death and suffering must the American people endure before you act?
The darkness on our country is theirs.

Parler brings together mainstream conservatives and white supremacists as millions of Trump supporters join platform
The new Nazi Web channel. Where the Anti-Amerika resides. The fantasy league of Amerika. It will make the terrorists easier to track.

Cleaning up Trump's mess: The job begins Day One. Biden is ready
That bad taste is already starting to fade, isn't it? Biden can deal with some of the worst stuff right away

Trump's effort to suppress Black votes could be sued as a 15th Amendment violation: legal expert
One more crime. And there's still time for more, Fatso.

Senate GOP quietly pushing pay freeze for federal workers amid deadly pandemic: 'Cruel slap in the face'
Criminal syndicate. Happy Hold-up Days, America.

Horrified Retail Workers Dread the Worst Black Friday Ever
The insanity of America.

Newsmax CEO Admits Airing Conspiracy Theories As News
The cynicism of Chris Ruddy, that he can put any conspiracy theory on the air and call it "news" for profit. We must change the law about using the word "news."
"Step and Fetchit" are good for the suckers in the Land of the Happy Negro. They are what the supremecists think a "happy negro" should be. And he doesn't mind being a carnival huckster selling a load of shit to the snake oil users.

Trump rages at Twitter as users mocking his tiny desk meltdown send #DiaperDon into the top trends
Fatso gets mocked and throws a fit over issues that he is responsible for. 55 days to go, Don.

'This is what communist countries do!' Trump fumes after Twitter suspends Republican who spread bogus voter fraud claims
And this is what whining sissy losers do.

Cold December as safety nets expire

Donor sues Tea Party group for $2.5 million after it failed to show evidence of widespread voter fraud
Put them out of business.

Pennsylvania judge halts further certification of election results — Gov. Wolf vows to appeal
And this is Trump fascism suppressing the vote and fucking democracy. I can still recall growing up in a country that fought a world war against these very same people.

Trump Isn't the Reason We Can't Quit Trump — the Obsession Is Really about His Followers
The MAGA red hats will take their place in history with swastikas, jack boots and hoods. Their disgrace can never be purged.

Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’ lawsuit suffers setback as Georgia GOP county chair demands to be removed

Exiled Trump lawyer Sidney Powell misspells ‘district’ two different ways in purported ‘epic’ Georgia lawsuit

How Mitch McConnell’s Do-Nothing Republicans are Killing You
Between Mitch and Covid we have a very severe situation. Fuck Mitch McConnell — long and hard.

Wholesome American Guts: Your William S. Burroughs Thanksgiving Prayer 2020

This Thanksgiving holiday, we "celebrate" America's departure from reality
Donald Trump's delusions and conspiracy theories are only one aspect of a distinctive American bias against reality.
"A pandemic is dangerous, frightening and chaotic enough in the best circumstances. Throw in a population given to superstition, hatred of experts as diabolical elites and hostility toward science, and reasons to give thanks — other than the ability to breathe without the aid of a ventilator — will rapidly diminish."

'Abject failure of leadership': Kentucky law professor blasts McConnell for refusing to acknowledge Biden win in blistering op-ed

‘The darkest days in modern American medical history’ are coming after Thanksgiving: doctors
America would never have won WWII with the idiots we now abide. Hospitals will be crushed and there will be more deaths due to American selfishness.

US Supreme Court sides with religious groups on virus rules
SCOTUS approves Covid super spreading by believers in fairy tales. America doesn't stand a chance with friends like this. "Give me liberty or give me death!" Then you'll get both.

WATCH: Trump-loving father-son duo throw tantrum over masks — and whine as cops escort them from store
A couple of dildoes. These law and order people constantly help increase the Covid pandemic. We know who needs a damn good beating here, kid.

Comedians buy Trump 2024 campaign website — and turn it into a mockery of his election loss
Trump invented "fake" so he should really love these sites. It serves him well.

Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor hilariously destroys Giuliani’s ‘Amway convention’ to spread election lies

GOP Voters Have Been Telling Themselves For Years That Democratic Votes Aren't Legitimate
None of this is new. No one should be surprised Republicans are perfectly willing to overturn the results of an election.
I believe they really want to settle this issue with bullets. Fascism is the cancer they have chosen. They are frauds.

The Flynn Pardon Is a Despicable Use of an Awesome Power
The president’s abuse of his clemency power is an assault on one of the few truly humane aspects of the American legal system.

Dems Will Welcome One Of The Most Diverse Groups Of Elected Officials To Public Office In 2021. GOPers Will Get A Little More Diverse Too
The GOP caucus became less white and male in 2020, adding conservative pro-life women to Congress and state legislatures.

Joy Reid: What’s the point of having laws if the president’s friends can break them without consequence?

‘I Don’t Want to Be South Dakota’: WV Gov. Jim Justice Calls Out Fellow GOP Gov. Kristi Noem for Refusing Mask Mandate, Spiking Covid Deaths in Her State
“Look, we’re not one to take anybody’s rights, my good Lord, I get it wholeheartedly. We don’t want to do that in any way. But you gotta help me right now. Please, please help me.”

COVID-19 vaccination doses set to roll out next month — but normal life may still be a year away

The criminal case against Donald Trump is just waiting to be made

Travel Quote: Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.
This quote is not only in reference to traveling. It may apply to any dream you wish to live.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Most Number of People In Need of Food This Thanksgiving Since Great Depression, Data Shows

Trump pardons Flynn. Judge Sullivan will love that as he considers case against Trump

In Thanksgiving remarks, Joe Biden reminds us what a president sounds like

'Equivalent to manslaughter': This governor ignored pandemic mitigation efforts. Her state has the highest COVID death rate in the world
Getting tired of saying this over and over. Do something about it. Indict her.

New evidence shows GOP’s David Perdue might have lied about his knowledge of stock trades: report
Business as usual for Republican dickheads. You can take him out, Georgia.

OANN Suspended And De-monetized From YouTube
One America News Network, one of Donald Trump’s favorite propaganda outlets, has been suspended for one week by YouTube after posting a video with misinformation about COVID-19.
OANN: The REAL fake news.

Trump Announces Pardon For Mike Flynn
Flynn is free to piss all over us again.
He'll get him a little radio show to start spoutin' his bullshit.

Trump Pardons His Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for Lying to FBI
It could be the first in a raft of pardons by the lame-duck president.
Here come the Godfather's blessings.

Bill Barr called dangling pardons to Mike Flynn a crime during his confirmation hearing
Some of the worst SOBs we've ever had in government.

‘The triple crown of counterintelligence concerns’: Andrew McCabe details how Flynn concealed ‘contacts with the enemy’

‘Dangerous’: Mitch McConnell just engineered a lifetime judgeship for an ‘unqualified’ 33-year-old
Is McConnell Swamp King?

Jake Paul Believes COVID Is ‘a Hoax’ and ‘98% of News Is Fake’
And you are...? Already a never was.

Gaetz Urges Trump To Go Wild With Pardons, Including A Self-Pardon, To Own The Libs
The questions are: What would Trump be pardoning himself for? Which crime is he admitting to? Or are we to assume it is a blanket for anything in his future? Is any of this even in the realm of legal?

Trump Rushing Rule To Bring Back Firing Squads

Georgia Secretary of State Speaks Out in Op-Ed: My Family Voted For Trump, Donated to Him, and Are Now Being Thrown Under the Bus by Him

Wisconsin attorney general slams GOP lawsuit to overturn election results and ‘disenfranchise’ voters

‘Flat-out sabotage’ already underway as Mnuchin tries to put $455 billion in COVID funds out of Biden team’s reach
Little rat-faced git.

Scoop: Israeli military prepares for possibility Trump will strike Iran
Trump plans to leave us with a war on our hands. One more crime he'll get away with.

Biden Urged To Clean House Of Trump Loyalists On Day One
"The next administration must consider all possibilities, including unconventional but legal removals, to get the federal government working for the public interest as quickly as possible."

Golf, Sitting On The Can, And Rage Tweeting, All Day Long
NYTimes is shocked at what we all knew.

Limbaugh: A Lot Of People 'Wouldn't Mind' If GOP Lost Georgia's Senate Seats
Rushbo gives airtime to the Republican War on the Republican Party.
His dying wish?

Ammon Bundy accuses government of 'conspiracy' during Idaho court appearance
It's astounding how many lunatics aren't in the asylum.

There has been a successful coup in the United States. It foreshadowed the rise of Trump

Gen. Mattis Calls on Biden to End ‘America First’ Policies: It Means ‘America Alone’

Truth decay: 58 days until hypocrisy once again becomes a thing again on the Far Right

The GOP: Grotesque, Outrageous Putschists
It’s high time we call Republicans what they have become, and give the Grand Old Party a much-deserved name change

Rubio calls Biden's national security team 'polite & orderly caretakers of America’s decline'
The Florida senator said he has “no interest in returning to the ‘normal’ that left us dependent on China.”
The very definition of "little man." A perfect little Nazi. He and his fellow fascists in the Senate will continue to do their best to keep America the trash heap that Trump made it.

Rubio Receives Swift Dunking For Poor Attempt At Painting Biden As An Elitist
The little fascist fart. Do you need a drink of water, little Marco?

Trump Push To Invalidate Votes In Heavily Black Cities Alarms Civil Rights Groups
That fascist racism of Trumpism must be eradicated from the world forever.

The Biden Administration Must Beat Viral Misinformation Influencers at Their Own Game
Science communication expert Jessica Malaty Rivera has a few pandemic messaging tips for the incoming president.

Every Day Trump Repeatedly Emails His Supporters a Dangerous Message: Democracy Doesn’t Work
Be outraged, don’t accept the election results…and send money.
So he can continue to bilk the suckers.

Pennsylvania Officially Certifies Joe Biden as State’s Election Winner

750,000 Georgians have already requested their ballots

Laura Ingraham Finally Admits That Yeah, Joe Biden Is The Next President
"If I told you that there was an excellent, phenomenal chance that the Supreme Court was going to step in and deliver a victory to President Trump, I would be lying to you,” the Fox yakker said.

A N.J. School Wins The Right To Teach Objectively About Religion
Teaching religion is teaching history of religion. History is fact-based. History does not teach religous miracles which are not fact-based. That's a matter of "faith." That's what churches do. That is their territory and theirs alone.

Wisconsin voters frustrated with GOP's 'ridiculous' push to throw out votes: 'I don't understand what Republicans are thinking'
They have promoted the myth of voter fraud where none exits for so many years they actually believe it is everywhere now. Unless, of course, they happen to win as many of them did downballot. Also proving their so-called "fraud" was very selective.

Corporate America starts to leave Trump for dead

‘Are you listening Republicans?’ Trump promotes Randy Quaid tweet demanding a re-vote of 2020 election
"We need an in-person-only-paper ballot re-vote, especially in the States where flagrant irregularities have occurred. No accuracy, no democracy!”
"Is that true, Clark?"
I don't know about Little Randy but when I voted the machine spit out a paper copy of the candidates I voted for. It was proof that every one was correct as I chose. Then that paper ballot was tabulated by a machine. The paper ballot of everyone is on record and exists. Please pay attention you goofball(s). Stop it and STFU.

More Than 85,000 COVID Patients Hospitalized In New Record High

Anti-masker mom defends 250-teen homecoming party: ‘Conservatives are ready to embrace freedom again’
Any questions about why the Covid patient number posted above is a new record? This is your brain on stupid.

The Right's Descent Into Authoritarianism Is Not The Fault Of Liberals
What happened on the right is the result of a confluence of the long-term resentimental strain in American life, a corrupt and power mad GOP establishment backed by big money and an unparalleled propaganda network that created an atmosphere allowing Donald Trump to rise to the apotheosis of American politics.
It doesn't help when you have a segment of society that doesn't know how facism differs from democracy either.

Trump-loving Newsmax CEO cornered for spreading misinformation in trainwreck interview
Christopher Ruddy admits he's in the turd-stirring business and not the news.

Business leaders rejecting Trump’s delusions that he may still win — and embrace President-elect Biden
Trump is still drving to the Hamptons.

GSA Finally Certifies Transition To The Biden-Harris Administration
Emily Murphy tried to drag her feet for weeks, refusing to release the funds and authorize the transition, but she finally gave in.

Michigan Board Of Canvassers Certifies Biden As The Winner
After hours of public comment and foot-dragging by the Republicans on the Board of Canvassers, the deed was done, cementing Joe Biden's win.

Pat Robertson: Calling Joe Biden The President-Elect Is Nazi Propaganda
Televangelist and Trump mega-supporter Pat Robertson claimed that by calling Joe Biden President-elect, Americans are succumbing to Joseph Goebbels propaganda and being brainwashed.
We'll accept "Mr. President" from you, Alfred E. Neuman

Exiled Trump lawyer Sidney Powell vows ‘epic’ lawsuit to stop America from being ‘stolen by communists’
“We will not allow this great Republic to be stolen by communists from without and within and our votes altered or manipulated by foreign actors in Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela, or Serbia,” ....nor Donald Trump! Now STFU Joe McCarthy, Jr.!

This Gun Coffee Brand Was MAGA Royalty. Then It Turned on Kyle Rittenhouse.
A pro-military, pro-cop coffee company declined to sponsor the teenager accused of murder, and all hell broke loose.

The Doctor Who Just Didn't Give That Much of a Shit

Georgia GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler Just Got Caught Violating the Law
Will the Senate’s richest member be held to account for her blatantly illegal solicitation of campaign cash?

Trump Faces Growing Calls From Biz Leaders To Concede After Legal Battles Fall Flat

Biden Will Nominate First Woman to Lead Intelligence, First Latino to Run Homeland Security

Trump quits treaty allowing US to fly reconnaissance missions over Russia – will destroy planes
Meanwhile, Putin's partner tosses his buddy a big favor in hopes there will be a place for him to hide when he inevitably will have to.

Maskless Trump Supporter Charged After Blowing On 2 Women At Trump Golf Course
Raymond Deskins faces misdemeanor assault charge for an altercation at Trump National Golf Club, where the president was playing.
Misdemeanor assault? Deskins has been tested then? Well, then I guess there's 0 chance of it being assault with a potentially deadly virus.

Trump is finally getting kicked to the curb by elected Republicans, big donors

Terrorism expert details the rise — and fall — of Trump’s death cult

Supreme Court declines to take action on Trump’s Pennsylvania appeal prior to certification of Biden win

Epidemiologist: Violence is like a contagious disease — and our current president is a super-spreader

Terrorism expert details the rise — and fall — of Trump’s death cult

‘Hilarious clown car’: Critics slam Trump legal team as they throw right-wing attorney Sidney Powell under the bus

Two cheers for the Never Trumpers: At least they're speaking up now
While most Republicans remain silent during Trump's coup attempt, don't brush off conservatives who've stood up

A Few More Hill GOPers Push Trump To Accept Reality As More Legal Battles Fall Flat

Lincoln Project issues new video attacking the new Republican Party ‘treasonous, unpatriotic and despotic’

Ex-Russian chess champion says Putin already has a his teeth sunk into Republicans in Congress
Well, something is sure as Hell wrong with Republicans because Trump was a Putin puppet and it looks like some of the Republicans are as well. See what I did there?

‘Irresponsible’: Chuck Todd crushed for saying ‘it looks like Joe Biden is going to be the apparent winner’
Time for Toddy to go home and stay.

Home of the Sick, Land of the Tired

Trump Is Staging a Comically Incompetent Coup
But that's what you get from a clown.

‘National Embarrassment’: Christie Blasts Trump’s Legal Team As Election Challenges Fizzle

White House adviser Peter Navarro: ‘President Trump is going to get a second term’
Yet another Trump psychopath. There may be enough to fill a mental facility.

Kelly Loeffler’s latest attack on Democrat Warnock will blow up in her face in spectacular fashion: MSNBC guest

‘I Have COVID’: Police Looking for Man Who Spat at Women in Confrontation over Masks (VIDEO)
"We’re still not used to spitting incidents becoming a new crime subgenre, and yet here we are."
I told you it would come to this.

When Coups Come Home
"As the solution to every foreign election that didn't turn out the way the American government wanted it to was a coup, so when the American election didn't turn out the way the American government wanted it to, the solution was an attempted coup."

Republican governor drops the hammer on Trump’s ‘banana republic’ attempt to steal the election
Trump will got out as an ememy of freedom. One of the world's most notorious fascists in history.

Adult film star and three Marines — all white supremacists — charged in federal gun conspiracy
More Nazis. This is what misinformation and lies do to our culture. That and plain dumbed-down idiots.

Michigan lawmaker who met with Trump pushes ‘constitutional crisis’ to overturn election on Fox News
This is the way a so-called American pisses on our democracy. How many scumbags does Michigan have in their fascist government?

Trump ‘exploring ways to make money for relatively little work’ after leaving the White House: report

Utah Bill Will Legalize Drivers Running Over Street Protesters
Guess which party wants to make it okay to run over a protestor if you're "in fear of your safety" while inside your car.
Ahhh! Finally, now I can drive to Utah and pick off everyone I see that wears a MAGA hat! Well, they put a lot of folks in fear for their safety. This is a swell Nazi law.

Wisconsin Election Officials Accuse Trump Observers Of Jamming Up Recount
When did Wisconsin become filled with Nazi fascists?
Note the idiot that doesn't know how to wear a facemask in the photo.

Trump supporter threatens to boycott Georgia runoffs if Republicans don’t overturn the will of the voters
You'll refuse to cast your ballot? That'll show 'em, Lin. You're a pretty smart cookie.

WATCH: Trump supporter — wearing a flotation device — makes a scene over masks outside his golf club
Yes, it is assault IMO. Self-defense as a Legal Defense in Virginia might be looked at more closely if coughing on someone during a viral pandemic period is considered assault. I consider it assault. There will be a test case if an asshole like this keeps pushing his luck. You won't have to "call the cops" as he says. He IS a dispicable shit.

To Push Biden Left, We Must Build Movements to Challenge His Corporate Backers

Kangaroos, an Australian icon, are being butchered to feed the pet food industry
Kangaroos are "shot at night and beaten to death" — before having their meat sold to pet food retailers
Humans are not in tune with their environment, AT ALL. What cheek!

Treason: Republicans tacitly endorse Trump's fascist power grab
The Nazis admit they are Nazis. Another American failure.
We used to "kill these bastards by the bushel." — General George Patton.

Flood of eliminationist hate speech from far right follows Trump’s refusal to concede the election
As above.

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Says She Has 'a Lot of Evidence' of Voter Fraud and Witness Protection May Be Necessary
Jerkwater. Nazis have become blatent hucksters and frauds. Even Tucker Carlson thinks you're a fraud. She has a bag of really good shit. Stinko!

Trump's Massive, Lawless, and Immoral Legacy to Our Country Will Continue Unless...
We recognize that mental illness must be treated and not ignored.
"It is difficult to overestimate the continuing harm to our beleaguered democracy and its people, should Trump and his cohorts not be brought to justice."

Experts: There's still time -- and reason -- to invoke the 25th Amendment
Look, if we can't invoke the 25th amendment after all the shit that Trump has thrown over us, when in Hell would we ever invoke it? May as well throw it in the dumpster with the Electoral College.

Ever-Growing Millions of Americans Face Eviction and Hunger. Will Congress Act?
I'm sure Mitch will help...kill them all.

Psychiatric Expert: Trump Will Not Hesitate to Cause Violence to Stay in Power

Trump's Legal Coup Is in a Shambles, so Now He's Turning to His Mob

Inside a Gun-Smuggling Neo-Nazi Cabal Tied to Marines
The evidence includes a sickening video of live-fire weapons training that ended with the masked participants giving “Heil Hitler” salutes.

Emily Murphy is still savoring her time in the spotlight, even at the cost of American lives
The definition of recalcitrant. Show her the door, please.

Plaintiffs in Trump's lawsuits embrace conspiracy theories — one has even violated election laws
One of the plaintiffs was once accused of election fraud and fined for multiple violations of campaign laws
The cancer that has infected our country.

Watch: AOC excoriate Mitch McConnell on House floor
McConnell will do nothing to advance life in America. He never has.

Historian: German denazification has lessons on how to deal with post-Trump America
Co-conspirators in a crime must be brought to justice. As it was for Hitler's henchmen so should it be for Trump's Zombies. Otherwise they will believe they are above the law in the future and will piss on our country again.

Kelly Loeffler’s offshore tax shelter scheme
More Georgia grifting. Send money to Ossoff and Warnock. Get the crooks out of Georgia.

BUSTED: Georgia Senator David Perdue privately pushed for a tax break for rich sports teamowners
Grifting for the sport of it.

Trump’s legal team humiliated after confusing Michigan with Minnesota in election fraud affidavit
Well, they both start with 'Mi' so there.

Viral video destroys Kayleigh McEnany’s false claim Obama did not provide Trump with an ‘orderly transition of power’
Why is this poor little girl so misinformed? Would someone please help her. She'll have a tough life if she's left without aid.
I'll leave the obvious comment out.

IT manager at NC State fingered in lawsuit as a Proud Boy who doxed thousands of left-wing activists
Land of the Happy Negro Proud Boy doesn't look so proud.

Trump Takes Another L: Michigan GOPers Say No To Election Steal

'That's not doing your job': Kayleigh McEnany storms out of press conference as reporters shout questions
Kaleigh has been doing the job Trump wanted her to do since she took over. Her job was to reinforce propaganda and humiliate the press as much as possible. That's what she's been doing and her 15 minutes are up.
That poor little girl.

Wisconsin’s Recount Will Only Serve to Confirm Donald Trump’s Humiliating Defeat
Trump’s desperately racist and antidemocratic challenge to results from Milwaukee and Madison will reveal no fraud—merely that he lost.
This has all been a stall for him to make a deal to save his crooked ass.

Report: Biden Is Considering Merrick Garland For Attorney General

Even Retiring Sen. Alexander Won’t Dare To Call Biden President-Elect As He Urges Transition
Watch the door doesn't hit your dumb ass on the way out.

Trump Is No Longer the Problem. His Army of Followers Is.
From the people who go to MAGA rallies all the way up to Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, the Republican Party’s embrace of a coup attempt is the biggest threat we face.

Trump Is Sowing Chaos in His Wild Bid to Cling to an Unsalvageable Presidency

Texas County Caves After Putting Only Black Official In Basement Office, Past ‘Negroes’ Sign
Constable Curtis Polk Jr. learned his new office was going to be in the basement of the historic courthouse building, where the word "Negroes" was painted on the wall, still there from the original days of Jim Crow.
Land of the Happy Negro shows new Constable his office. They were upset he wasn't happy about it since they thought that "Negroes" meant that's where he was to be placed so he would be happy.

As Stimulus Runs Out, 56% of US Household Are Worried About Affording Food
Are the fascists now saying "Let them eat cake?"

The Madness Is Damn near Everywhere

Trump's Michigan Con: His Supporters Are so Blinded by Racism They Keep Falling for It

Reckless Homicide Prosecutions: For Suckers and Losers Only
Indeed. They should all be prosecuted for complicity in murder.

The Final Pandemic Surge Is Crashing Over America
For the first time, the U.S. recorded 1 million COVID-19 cases in one week.
Sadly, we watch America needlessly allow their fellow men to go down in vain.

Trump Still Trying to Deport Migrant Children
Another 28 are set to be deported this weekend, after spending months in detention.
"The evil that men do..." in this case is the legacy of Trump.

Rick Scott Becomes The 6th Member Of Congress To Test Positive This Week
And still the morons think this is all a hoax. These people are ciphers.

‘We Can Wait No Longer’: House Dems Demand Briefing On Trump Appointee’s Refusal To Begin Transition
Put up or shut up. Shit or get off the pot. You are aiding and abetting a criminal.

MI GOP State Canvasser Says He May Try To Delay Election Certification
He will shit and fall back in it. It's time for you fascist bastards to stop helping Trump make a deal before he leaves.

‘Undemocratic’: Romney Rebukes Trump Effort To Overturn Will Of Michigan Voters

New York Investigations Into Trump Have Reportedly Expanded to Cover Millions in Questionable Tax Write-Offs

‘Numbers don’t lie’: Georgia’s Republican secretary of state confirms Joe Biden has won

Texas Trump supporters say they’re ready to take up arms the minute the president gives the order
Commanding a field of wheat seems typical of the fascist fantasy. A good splash of Napalm will settle their hash.
If not, section 18 will put them all in prison for sedition.
You have to wonder how these mental dysfunctionals have survived day-to-day this long.

14 men charged in kidnapping plot of Michigan governor had plan to televise executions of gov’t. officials: report
They must have watched "Bamboozeld." Anyway, they should be the ones that get televised executions—their own.
Domestic terrorists must be eliminated, same as foreign, same as Timothy McVeigh.

‘She never sent us any evidence’: Tucker Carlson swats down Trump lawyer’s voter fraud conspiracy theories
Ooops! Tuck isn't on the fascist side in this case. Bad for them.

Trump pal suggests on MSNBC the president had a nervous breakdown after election loss
You mean even already pathetically insane people can have a physchotic break?

‘It’s all said and done’: Michigan GOP congressman calls on Trump to concede the election
Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) believes President Donald Trump should concede the election and acknowledge Joe Biden as the winner.
Representative Upton, I commend you on your wisdom.

Trump's Michigan con: His supporters are so blinded by racism they keep falling for it
Ordinary GOP voters can't even tell Trump is hustling them — their minds are clouded by bigotry and paranoia
"...relies heavily on everyday Republicans being too blinded by their own racism and hatred for democracy to really grasp the ways Trump is using them, as he uses everyone."
Trump is driving to the Hamptons. The lengths he is going to defy sanity at every model. It's so astounding that this insane person is allowed to do as he pleases. The shit will hit the fan soon. And that is as astounding as his numbskullery.

CA Covidiot Arrested After Scene In Costco [VIDEO]
Another co-conspiritor in murder. Obviously she can't count. Back to school with these miscreants.

Pompeo Tramples on International Law, Free Speech, and Human Rights With His Support for Settlements and Attack on BDS
“This is about shielding the Israeli government from accountability for its apartheid rule over Palestinians.”

Constitutional scholar warns that Republicans are a threat to democracy
Washington Post columnist and constitutional scholar Edward B. Foley argues that if Republicans in Congress cannot accept perfectly legitimate election results, U.S. democracy is in serious trouble.

Sen. Tom Cotton Demands Accurate Veneration Of Pilgrims, Just Like In Third Grade Pageant
Another intellectual giant.
This has to go here, one more time.
The Discovery
In 1492 the natives discovered they were indians, they discovered they lived in America, they discovered they were naked, they discovered there was sin, they discovered they owed obedience to a king and queen from another world and a god from some other heaven, and this God had invented guilt and clothing, and had ordered burned alive all who worshipped the sun and the moon the earth and the rain that moistens it. —Eduardo Galeano, from Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History, 2013

Welcome Your Newest Federal Judge, It's This Batsh*t 33-Year-Old Who Will Live Forever
We will have to face facts: Florida is no longer a part of the sane world. They appear to be a banana republic if they can even be considered that high on the political intellect scale.

New RSC chairman sees 'Trumpism' as future
Nazi Youth movement. Here's one of their seditious leaders.

Rudy Giuliani’s Hair Dye Streaks Down Face After ‘My Cousin Vinny’ Performance
“It’s one of my favorite law movies,” Trump’s lawyer said, before acting out a scene from the 1992 film as evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election.
What a putz. But that's what Trump is. What did you expect?

State legislatures do not have the power to veto the people's choice in an election

No, Judges Don’t Overturn Elections Because of Isolated Irregularities

Survivor of the Jonestown Massacre compares Trump to Jim Jones: 'The rhetoric is so similar'
Will they roll out the barrels of cyanide laced Kool-Aid? But then Trump takes a mystery bullet in the end if the story is followed correctly.
Of course none of them have the guts for that. But they do have the dimwit brains.

Michigan Republicans Are Helping Trump Try to Steal the State’s Election
Meanwhile, the legistlature’s top GOP officials plan a White House trip on Friday to meet the president.
All must be indicted and charged with a section 18 violation. So long, traitors.

‘Raise the alarm’: Experts warn of ‘sedition’ and ‘coup’ attempt as Michigan GOP leaders fly to DC to meet with Trump
The Pentagon will have to do their duty of protecting the Constitution against a domestic enemy. Roll out the troops and surround the White House and demand surrender from the seditionists.
18 U.S. Code § 2384. Seditious conspiracy
"If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both."
End of story.

Trump’s last-ditch play to stay in the White House is the ‘full realization of his contempt for democracy’: op-ed
This will end very badly for Trump.

Trump campaign dismisses its own Michigan lawsuit in latest courtroom flop
Fuck you, Cheetolini!

Read-it: Arizona secretary of state releases statement in response to right-wing threats
"It is about the integrity of our delicate democracy and a testament to the courage that our officials are meant to show when our Constitution truly is threatened by a minority of mobsters and well-funded bullies."

Religious Groups Want The Supreme Court To Grant Special Exemptions From Coronavirus Rules
"God wants us to continue to be super spreaders!" said the religion formerly known as Christianity.

Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Calls for Trump Supporters to Form New ‘MAGA Party’: Republicans Just Aren’t ‘Cutting it’
C'mon morons. You already have an American Nazi party. It's called the "New Order." But you know that as well as I do.

Republicans are committing political ‘murder-suicide’ by backing Trump’s efforts to take down democracy: columnist
Are they even too stupid to know that? Probably.

‘Starting to get embarrassing’: Even some Trump loyalists admit his attempted coup is floundering
Go, you lunkhead! Go! Get the fuck out!

Trump Has Abdicated in the Face of Disaster
The nation faces an unprecedented crisis, and the president has left a void.
Trump must pay for this. And he will when he least suspects it.

Will Trump’s Attempted Electoral Coup Succeed?
Does everyone see why the Electoral College must be eliminated now? It really is a no-brainer.
Biden's victory grows with each passing hour. Trump is a despot. He is a chicken shit.

Who Needs Zombies When We Have Republicans?
Agreed. They are far worse than they appear to be in "The Dead Don't Die."

GAO Study Shows How Taxpayers Subsidize “Starvation Wages” of Corporate Giants

Wayne County GOP Idiots Decide Detroit Black Votes Don't Matter After All, Want Do-Over
Throw the traitors to the lions in the pit. America loves a good reality show.

Trump's back up plan: Leave the nation such a wreck that Joe Biden can never fix it
Defeat Facism. Remove Trump for good.

Arizona secretary of state releases must-read statement in response to right-wing threats
Fascism must be stopped by any means necessary.

The coming Thanksgiving massacre
The war that America continues to lose.

MAGA Truthers Make Desperate Last Stand at Miami Church Vigil
The election’s over, and oh yeah, the coronavirus is real. Just don’t tell this crowd.
More on the religion formerly known as Christianity.

Sen. Perdue Helped Defense Contractor—and Sold Off Its Stock
Sen. David Perdue had never invested in the Navy supplier BWX Technologies until right before he assumed control of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Seapower.
You mean Georgia has another crook in its pocket? So shocking! But you have a cure for the disease.

Trump challenges cement Biden triumph
We will never forget what the trash in Michigan has tried to do to our election process. Money is the Root of All Evil, but Fear Is What Got Us Here

Republicans in key Michigan county try to rescind election certification under pressure from GOP
Here come the Nazis, doing what Nazis do. The Nazis twisted an arm or two. They will be remembered by history.

Republicans fear Trump will make ‘risky policy decisions’ out of spite if they publicly concede he lost: AP reporter
As usual, there are no men with a spine among the Republicans. Real men would walk into that douchebag's office and tell him what to do or put him in irons. Lke the douchebag, they are a shameful disgrace to our nation.

Mueller prosecutor explains why Biden will be forced to indict Trump whether he wants to or not

U.S. Surpasses A Quarter-Million COVID Deaths
Trump sets a new record as he whines his ass off.

This Is How You Talk About Republicans
Both Sides Don't attempt to throw out Black votes. Only the RACIST Republican Party does.
These assholes are walking on a razor now. One slip and the blade will do the talking.

GOP Sen After Trump Fires DHS Official: ‘I Don’t Even Know What’s Normal Anymore’
Really, John? You are that confused? Then turn in your badge and go home.

CEOs abandon Trump

‘Lindsey Graham must resign’: Outrage grows over GOP senator’s alleged assault on election integrity, voting rights

Kayleigh McEnany ripped as ‘national disgrace’ after Fox News appearance: ‘Looking forward to her being unemployable’
That poor little girl.

Trump-Approved Christian TV Host Taunts The FBI In Celebration Of FL Bill Allowing Citizens To Kill Looters
Don't worry. Your name is at the top of their list. Hopefully you won't be mistaken for a looter and accidentally killed by your new killin' law.

Trump Fires Guy Who Made 2020 Election Too Hard To Steal. That's It, That's The Headline.

The first big test of Trump’s attempt to steal the electoral college was a failure
Local Republicans dipped their toe into it and, amid widespread backlash, pulled back.

McConaughey says he'd consider running for Texas governor
"...what do we say in America is successful? What do we give credit and respect? The top two things are money and fame."
Sounds like Trump version 1.5. What happened to honesty and integrity, Mattie? Your ideals are what's wrong with the country.

Coronavirus cases in Texas are soaring again. But this time Gov. Greg Abbott says no lockdown is coming.
The last time case numbers were this high, Abbott closed bars and urged Texans to avoid summer holiday gatherings. This time, he's staying the course, relying on a 2-month-old blueprint to claw back reopenings regionally based on hospitalizations.
Everything is big in Texas. Especially Covid. Watch it get even bigger due to the idiots that run this hellhole.

The GOP: A Soulless Party Headed for Hell

While We Were Making Other Plans…
I often post Jaime's essays. There is usually a story of a time we shared in America in them that brings a wistful feeling. I don't know him. But I feel as if I do when I read what he has to say about things.

The Remaining Shreds of the Covid-19 Safety Net Are Dissolving, and McConnell Refuses to Act
Why does McConnell despise America?

Lindsey Graham Is the Worst
A former staffer explains why Graham is everything that’s wrong with American politics.
You're preaching to the choir here, Nicholas.

Trump's effort to overturn the election results may be inept. But it's still a scandal.
First Read is your briefing from "Meet the Press" and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter.
"But being unsuccessful doesn’t erase the magnitude of the scandal — or the fact that the president of the United States has cheered it on every step of the way."
Trump must pay for this crime.

Taliban praises Trump’s decision to slash troop levels in Afghanistan as McConnell warns of a ‘humiliating departure’
This is the old Vietnam strategy. Simply pull out the troops and declare>

Ivanka Trump Praises Her Dad for Vaccine Research Started Under Obama
Brains are on short supply in the Trump gene pool.

With only 11 weeks, a transition delayed is a transition denied
Trump has become as large a threat to our country as Covid. Trump must obey our laws or be thrown into prison.

More than 3 million people in U.S. estimated to be contagious with the coronavirus
To put the 3 million-plus figure in perspective: It is close to 1 percent of the population. It is about equal to the number of public school teachers in the entire country, or the number of truck drivers.
“We’re going in the wrong direction,” Shaman said.

Nursing Homes See Record Number Of New COVID Cases
Nearly 50% Of New Cases In Nursing Homes From Midwest States
Another Trump landmark for history.

Pfizer reports final vaccine results: 95% efficacy
Experts are eager to see the full data, but the top-line results are very positive.

If You Want To Understand Where Christian Nationalism Stands, Read These Two Articles
It should be called "the religion formerly known as Christianity."

FBI is investigating Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: AP report
It's high time for this to happen.

Fox News' Brian Kilmeade urges Trump to cooperate with Biden's transition team

Trump-allied House Republican is now openly calling for the end of U.S. democracy
Nobody said fascism was a movement of intellectuals. Photo is of four prominent fascists in our government.
"So anyway, that's where we're at now: House Republicans advocating for the overthrow of the United States government based on conspiracy fictions they saw on fringe websites."
Sedition is what they are preaching. How do these dumb fuckers keep getting elected? "Gas Station Urinal Cake" describes these creatures very well.

PTSD expert Seth Norrholm: To heal from Trump's abuse, we must end "catastrophic thinking"
Leading PTSD expert on Trump and America: It's "like an abused person now at least seeing the start of the breakup"

Calls Mount for Lindsey Graham to Resign Over Alleged Interference in GA Recount
This person has no business being a Senator in the U.S. Congress.

Pennsylvania attorney general slams Rudy Giuliani amid Trump's legal battle: 'It's sad to watch'
"I see a man who clearly forgot what he learned in law school," Shapiro said. "And I see a man who's got absolutely no evidence to back up the ridiculous claims that his client makes on Twitter every day."

Pompeo torched for lecturing other countries about ‘free and fair’ elections as Trump refuses to concede
His Pomposity can take it to the outhouse with the rest of his fascist criminals.

Delusional COVID Truthers Try to Invade Hospital Where This Mom Died Too Soon
The staff of the ICU needed these fucking morons to put more shit on them?
What kind of trash are these Covidiot creatures? They most certainly are not human beings. But they are more Trump criminals.
The sooner these criminals go the better the world will be.

Congressman demands investigation of Donald Trump's ‘innumerable crimes against the United States’
"Donald Trump and members of his administration have committed innumerable crimes against the United States..."
No immunity for Trump. He must be brought to justice.

A disturbing Trump plot to steal Michigan votes abruptly falls apart
The party is going down a dark path, and it's chilling to think of where it will lead.
Our resident criminal fails again.

Hey, Republicans — your guy lost. Can you please take the coronavirus seriously now?
Coronavirus denialism was entirely about helping Trump win the election — so can his voters move on now it's over?
Looks like these fucksticks can't even wipe their own asses. So, they need the Trump Victory Roll "Wipe Your Ass With Old Glory" commemorative tissue. You can't find it since America is hoarding their Tipi — again.

Graham's pressure campaign to throw out ballots may have violated federal law, legal experts say
After Georgia's top election official says Graham suggested he toss votes, Graham admits he called two other states
Violating the law appears to be the stock in trade of the greatest gang of criminals we've ever known.

Trump says he fired top cybersecurity official Christopher Krebs
Trump is the greatest traitor ever known to our country. He has made our country as insecure as any ememy, foreign or domestic, that we have ever known.

MSNBC host torches Trump adviser as 'responsible for more death than any single policymaker in recent memory'
Dr. Death should answer for his crimes against humanity.

COVID-infected GOP senator attended leadership meeting with McConnell — one day prior to testing positive: report
Stupid is as stupid does.

Trump accused of ‘innumerable crimes against the United States’: Congressman demands DOJ investigation
“Donald Trump and members of his administration have committed innumerable crimes against the United States,..."
Is there enough room on his rap sheet to get all them down?
Joe Biden does not have to pressure anyone that is honest to indict Trump. The DOJ will take care of that without Biden's help in an honest department. If Biden intervenes it will be his end.

Biden's big mistake: Trump can't be allowed to escape legal consequences
Of course, if Cheetolini's 'self-pardon' is legal, Biden's off the hook (which makes a joke of our so-called laws, as Trump has done for four years). But New York is waiting their turn. Nothing will save him from their justice.

White woman with Taser threatens family: ‘You’re acting like Black people and you shouldn’t’
Another 'Karen' goes ballistic.
What is it with privileged snowflake white women? Some sort of DNA problem? Exactly who is acting like "they are not normal?"

Charles Payne Says Real Family Separation Is COVID-Restricted Thanksgiving
Payne uses a term for children permanently separated from their parents at the border, to whine about Thanksgiving recommendations in the age of COVID.
Weak-kneed and lily-livered.

Progressive Wins And Democrats’ Losses: Who And What Are To Blame?
Trump’s victories in many states, as well as the success of Republican candidates in areas that Democrats were expected to win, may have had less to do with fear mongering about socialism and more to do with another factor: Republican-sponsored voter suppression.
How about all of the above?

Joe Biden And Washington Post Agree: Time For Scott Atlas To STFU, GTFO
And get the fuck out he will.

Allen West takes sharp-elbowed approach as Texas GOP chair, raising intraparty tension ahead of legislative session
West has protested outside the Governor's Mansion and called the likely next speaker of the Texas House a "political traitor." The upcoming legislative session will put his influence within the party to the test.
How in Hell did this asshat get to this position? Couldn't they find anyone with a brain?

Mitch McConnell Is Sacrificing the Entire Economy to Impede Biden Administration
Our dysfunctional system on display.

Lock Him Up! If Trump Refuses to Leave the Scene after His Defeat, There's an Obvious Solution

They Are What They Say They Hate
Trump is a triggered loser who embodies every trait conservatives spent decades decrying.
(As pointed out below: "I Hate Myself")

The only way to ‘heal’ America is to investigate and prosecute Donald Trump: columnist
As quickly as possible starting at 12:01 on January 20, 2021.

Georgia secretary of state had witnesses on call when Lindsey Graham plotted to ‘throw out’ ballots
Lindsey Graham must be prosecuted.

GA Secretary Of State: Lindsey Graham Pressured Him To Toss Legal Ballots
Senator Lindsey Graham reached across state lines to Georgia's Secretary of State, pressuring him to "toss as many ballots as he can."
Lindsey Graham needs to be charged with attempted voter suppression. He has clearly committed a crime here.

Now We Need To Know If Lindsey Graham Interfered In His Own Senate Election
If he'd try in Georgia, why wouldn't he do the same in South Carolina?

Christian Nationalists Claim It’s The End Of The World – Again!

Trump over-performed the polls twice. This could be the reason why
"The hidden deplorables aren't Republican. They aren't even conservative. They're apolitical, otherwise ignoring politics, because their lives legitimately suck. They live in meth country, with dim job prospects..."
Dimwits that make dimwit choices. Trump would bring everyone else down to their level. Precisely as we pegged them.
To quote my late freind, Jeff Gutcheon from his song "I Hate Myself." "I hate myself deep inside. I hate myself, I got no pride. It ruins everything I do and that's the reason that I hate you."

'No bombshells': Lawyer in Trump's PA election battle admitted lawsuits? ‘will not reverse this election’

Our politics isn't about left vs. right anymore — it's about reality vs. dreadful fantasy
More than 73 million Americans just voted for a dangerous, delusional fiction. Our only choice is to defeat them
And they all come from areas that still live in the 18th Century. Either education or therapy needs to be done there.

Trump Fed nominee is an 'unqualified partisan quack' who's been 'condemned by hundreds of economists': columnist
Always "the best" from Cheetolini.

Here’s the definitive debunking of Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ conspiracy theories

Frustrated Republicans see Trump already destroying their 2024 presidential hopes: report

‘It’s Horrifying’: Pro-Trump Caravan Protests Outside Of Clintons’ NY Home
Miscreants that think it's still 2016. They just keep showing us their pathology.

‘Outrageous’: Legal experts call for Lindsey Graham to be investigated by DOJ and the Senate Ethics Committee
This should be done as Graham has been shady for some time now.

'I'd like to report some voter fraud': Democrats respond to Graham's effort to toss Georgia votes
Miss Lindsey makes a play for Dan Patricks $1 Mil offer. He will accept his bribe. Bribery is illegal, no?

Somehow, Trump keeps making his obvious electoral loss even more obvious

The Black People Who Voted for Trump Know He’s Racist
Trump’s nonwhite support suggests a gulf between how the “woke” left processes racism and how many people in the real world do.

Fauci Denounces Scott Atlas’ Attacks On MI Guv: ‘I Totally Disagree With It’
I think pretty much everyone disagrees with this fraud, Atlas. Time for him to turn in his rectal probe.

Eight Weeks a Day

More than two-thirds of UN members embrace global plastic pollution treaty—but not the US
Again, US fails to join the 21st Century.

‘Gutless’ GOP leaders scorched for ‘hiding in the shadows’ while Trump spews lies about the election

Violence breaks out after nightfall in D.C. as MAGA marchers bring thug tactics to the capital
Nazis even lose street fights.

It’s Not Trump’s Country — Even in ‘Trump Country’
Progressive ballot initiatives passed handily across the country, even in so-called red states.

"No You Didn't" Trends After Trump's Latest Election Result Lie
"It is a sad failed pathetic coup attempt," wrote one critic, "but it is still [nevertheless an] attempt to overthrow democracy."

Justice Alito’s Speech Was Inappropriate – And Inaccurate
"Does Alito live in a cave?"

'A disservice': John Bolton and Jeh Johnson slam Trump for refusing to share vital intel with Biden

More good news on the COVID vaccine front as Fauci says 'it would be better if we could start working with' Biden
Oh, I see why Trump is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo upset. Fauci one-ups Trump.

More Good News: Moderna Vaccine Data Finds Close To 95 Percent Effectiveness
“It’s extremely good news. If you look at the data, the numbers speak for themselves,” said Anthony S. Fauci.
How can this be good news when Trump wants to fire him?

#25thAmendment Trending On Twitter As Trump Insists He Won The Election
The emperor has no clothes — as in, not enough votes.
This is an affront to America and a disgrace to the Trump family. He has cloaked his heritage in shame.

The coronavirus is now a rural threat

Winter COVID surge is upon us — Trump and the Republicans are just ignoring it
Chasing electoral delusions and holding his entire party hostage, Trump is condemning thousands more to death
This is the lunatic world that Trumpism (Neo-Nazis) has bestowed upon us.

'There's a potential for blood in the streets': Here's what 2 top election lawyers think of Trump's lawsuits

Violent Pro-Trump Marchers Destroy Business-owned Black Lives Matter Signs
A group of President Donald Trump's supporters were caught on video destroying property owned by Washington, D.C. businesses which have expressed support for Black Lives Matter.
Whoa! Whoa! That has to be the Antifa gang. Certainly this can't be Trumpists? They are only sweet defenders of our liberty?

Lawrence Tribe Calls Out Ken Starr's 'B.S.' To His Face: 'It's Nothing Like Bush V. Gore'
Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe called out conservative attorney Ken Starr on Sunday over his claim that the 2020 presidential election is similar to the contested 2000 election.

John Oliver: 'Trump Lost This Election, And He Knows It'
“So the allegations here are complete nonsense. Who knows why Republicans are entertaining this?” the comedian said.
They are afraid of the Trump Crime Syndicate.

Trump Walks Back Factual Admission Biden Won, Returns To Falsely Claiming Victory
He can run his Lego White House with his grandchildren as toadies and he can get them to sign NDAs.
This poor sick, deluded child continues to put the country at risk. Is his family just too blind to see he needs help? Such a tragedy.

Trump’s top COVID adviser is either ‘dumb or dangerous — there’s no other explanation’: CNN’s Camerota
How about both.

South Dakota ER nurse tells horrific stories of patients near death — and still denying COVID is real
The Trump insanity is real and deadly. And it is horribly sad but it doesn't make death vanish. This is all at Trump's feet.
Reality matters not one whit to Trumpists. Trumpism is just another sickness that is killing us.

‘Glossy grifters’ Ivanka and Jared threw it all away for Trump — and now they’ll pay: NYT columnist
Grifters will find a way. They always do. Suckers await.

Chuck Todd: 'Every Single Republican Senator' Refused To Appear On Meet The Press Today
Republican Senators' silence is deafening, and shows their total cowardice in the face of Joe Biden's winning the presidency.
Yes, indeed. They all know how to spell C-O-W-A-R-D.

Mitch McConnell is standing in the way of desperately needed support for the American economy

Trump Is US History's Biggest Loser

Trump Is Going out the Way He Came In: A Loser, a Liar and a Cheat

GOP Governors Suggest That Trump Stop Delaying Biden’s Formal Transition Process

Trump’s return in 2024 will ‘break the back of the Republican Party’ ex-GOP lawmaker warns
Yes, because they will be supporting a felon.

Trump is desperately backpedaling after accidentally admitting Biden won
Thanks, Don. A weary nation accepts your gracious concession. Now, let's move on. Backpedaling is a bridge too late.

Donald Trump’s Disastrous Presidency Was A Conservative Failure
This is what happens when you don't heed warnings on a package.

Only White Conservative Lives Matter To The Media

Racist Trump Rally Sign Halts Fox Interview [VIDEO]
IQ on display. A mind is a terrible thing to waste but if you don't have one to being with, well...

Trump Tried to Scoop Up a Popular Birding Preserve for His Border Wall, But You Don't Mess With Birders
"Construction on President Donald Trump’s racist vanity project has wreaked havoc on the surrounding desert ecosystems and is considered the 'greatest threat' to eight endangered wildlife species in the region, according to officials at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition to killing off wildlife, the administration has also proven it has zero qualms about blasting through archeological sites and national monuments to build its senseless border wall."
The scumbag.

How the Green New Deal Can Save Joe Biden and America
There is no other policy construct on the horizon that has any chance of delivering so many salutary outcomes.

To truly recover, US needs 400% more coronavirus relief than McConnell is offering, economists say
GOP-led delays “will increase the amount of money necessary” to save workers, economist Joseph Stiglitz told Salon

More Than 130 Secret Service Officers Are Out Of Action Thanks To Team Trump's Superspreading Habits
It seems like half of Team Trump has COVID-19 at any one time, but Donald Trump’s traveling superspreader bubble doesn’t just affect people who are choosing to participate in it.
And who put 'em there? Donald Fucking Trump's ego.

Jeanine Pirro epically self-owns herself on Fox News — in a single sentence
Why does this woman dress as if she's attending a cocktail party everytime she goes on TV? I mean, she's 69 years old.

This phenomena explains what’s wrong with Trump’s supporters’ brains: report
"...But before that came COVID denial, science denial, climate denial, ‘alternative facts,’ the inability of Trump’s most devoted fans to see him for the obvious con man that he is, and, at the movement’s very core, denial of the social and demographic changes that are transforming America.”
Swimming in the river in Egypt does nothing but make you all wet.

Poll: Majority of Americans find inequity in our education system
Start here America. Your education system sucks.
And the European Americans (white folks) are content? Gimme a break.

The Thousand MAGA March, LoL
Is it possible they can purge this disease from their systems? In no way.
Trump didn't even stop. What a dick. But he was sure he could sell them something. Like a streaming service where he can talk about himself in perpetuity.

Dear Leader Drive-By: Trump Motorcade Parades Past Million Meh-AGA March
It's a little sad. Nah.

BUSTED: Judge rules Chad Wolf was illegally impersonating the acting Secretary of Homeland Security
I guess this masquerade is over and so is love.

Sarah Palin snaps at Obama for linking her to the ‘anti-intellectual’ wing of the GOP
Really, Shotgun Sarah? "...want a smaller, smarter government...." This is not a thing, sweetie. It exists only in your mind. Smaller ain't smarter unless you're talking about a street gang. We actually have a country. A big country. An influential country. A responsible country. Something you could never imagine. And yes, she had no idea what the hell she was talking about.

‘I’m glad he lost’: Ann Coulter tells crowd ‘a second term of Trump would have killed us’
Juxtaposed to Shotgun Sarah. Ann would have liked far more blood.

After Jan. 20, Trump Loses Protection from Prosecution — and Can't Pre-pardon Himself out of It

Senate Republicans prove to be nothing but a scrap heap of moral rot following Trump's defeat
McCONell is the rottenest of all.

Ice was on the ballot last week--and lost big in the new South

'That's the plan': Pence offers delusional response to MAGA crowd chanting 'four more years'
"The Great Delusion." Don and Mike will leave their posts on January 20, 2021. Goodnight, Donnie. Goodnight, Mikey.

Here's where Donald Trump's recount fundraising could really be going
Conning the suckers until the end.

Kayleigh McEnany busted after boasting ‘More than one MILLION marchers’ showed up in DC for the MAGA rally
Of course it's small. Alex Jones organized it. A little more than a thousand Nazis in one place. Hmmmmmm.
That poor little girl.

How Trump’s Voter Fraud War Room Became a Fart-Infused ‘Room From Hell’
The president’s campaign built a tip line that left its own staff feeling traumatized, then hung out to dry by Team Trump.

Giuliani Time: Trump Taps Rudy To Lead Legal Challenges That Are Going Nowhere
Trump's lawyers have all dropped him like a bad habit. Rudy is the only grifter left.

Donald Trump's Joe McCarthy Moment
The moment cable news, at long last, had a sense of decency, cutting off the liar-in-chief.
Trump's Captain Queeg rant. Nutty as a fruitcake. the real lunatic is the idiot that wrote the text he's reading. His own notes? Ya think?
To paraphrase Don: I've seen a lot elections and I've seen nutball losers scream like a bitch many times.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Blood of Liberty’ PAC formed by right-wing political operative looking to rebrand himself as a ‘center right’ post-Trump player
All the failed gangsters are changing their clothes and rebranding themselves in sheep's clothing.

Trump Has Proven That All Future Candidates For President Should Submit To A Psychiatric Exam.

As Trump Fumes and Tweets, Trashing Democracy Has Never Looked Dumber
The president’s brute stupidity gets an assist from his closest allies.
Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum, Dum-be-Dooby-Dum

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Trump loses presidential election 306-232
Someone tell old Lou Dobbs so he can live a happy life in the pasture.

Report Finds Over 100 Rebellions in Jails and Prisons Over COVID Conditions

Trump is going out the way he came in: A loser, a liar and a cheat
Indict, convict, sentence, lock-up, throw away key. One disease down.

Proud Boys’ Post-Election Crackup Offers Revealing Glimpse Of Their Deep White Nationalist Nature
Internecine warfare is a natural state for right-wing extremists; they are, after all, uniformly paranoid, suspicious, confrontational, and narcissistic (not to mention deeply unpleasant) people. Their latest internal dustup, however, is more revealing than most.
Looks like she didn't get the memo that no one gives a shit about the official propaganda line.
Another disgrace to America.

Mental health experts: Trump’s been out of sight because he’s been out of his mind
And he's been that way forever.

John Kelly: Trump's delay in transitioning "hurts our national security"

The far right is cracking up as fantasies of Trump's fascist takeover evaporate
Even the Nazis think he's crazy.

Mitch McConnell is already preparing to torpedo Joe Biden's Cabinet picks
A source close to the majority leader tells Axios that the GOP won't approve any "radical progressives" from Biden
Anyone who is not a Nazi is a radical to that old turtle.

One-Time Stimulus Checks Aren’t Good Enough. We Need Universal Basic Income.

The catastrophic failure of the Electoral College has brought us to the brink
To the shitcan it must go. Get into the 21st Century you morons.

Trump argues he gets to overturn the will of Pennsylvania voters — and falsely claims victory
And while he's at it, he will declare himself King of England, Prime Minister of Pississtan, and Head Chef of Choadville.

Trump Camp Forced To Shut Down Absurd Voter Fraud Hotline Due To Ceaseless Prank Calls
This dick is now getting the shit kicked out of him and it looks good on him.

Sad! Disgraced Trump Demands Fealty From Cuomo Before New York Gets COVID Vaccine
King of scumbags, Donald Trump will be in stir before he gets fealty from Cuomo. ROTFLMAO!

Pathetic Peter Navarro Claims He's Preparing For A Trump Second Term
Of all Trump advisors, Peter Navarro has been one of the most evil.
He means terminaiton.

FINALLY: Georgia Called For Joe Biden
And with that incredible feat, Joe Biden wins with the popular vote AND the electoral college in a landslide victory for Democrats.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Is A Terrible, Virus-Promoting Creep
Princess Prospero.

Trump Ousted. The Spirit of Insurgent Democracy Is Rising.

As Soon as Trump Leaves Office, He Faces Greater Risk of Prosecution
The president is more vulnerable than ever to an investigation into his business practices and taxes.

Multiple GOP Govs Vow To Defy Biden On Face Masks
Dumbos ruin the world for everyone, especially themselves. Delusional to the bitter end.
Unenforceable — like auto insurance, seat belt wearing, licensed drivers, etc.. Thank God we didn't have wimps like this in the 1940s. We'd all be speaking German now.

Officers from department that killed Breonna Taylor hid at least 738,000 records of sexual assault

Trump's plan to sabotage the election backfired — and he's awakened a sleeping giant instead

Watchdog group calls for SEC probe: Pfizer CEO dumped $5.6M in stock on day of vaccine news
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold off millions in stock as the company's share price peaked following the vaccine news

Centrists lose again — and mainstream media blames the left again
Mainstream Democrats are eager to blame losses on "socialism" and "defund the police" — but where's the evidence?
They can't blame themselves can they? So, pull out the old whipping boy "socialism." I guess they are ignoring the history of the 20th Century.

Mike Pence stayed loyal to Trump to the end — and now the joke's on him
Poor Mike. He didn't think Trump didn't give one fuck about him. In this way Trump will destroy anyone's hopes for running in 2024 since they would piss the Orange Shitgibbon off.

Trump campaign abandoned by law firm defending its Pennsylvania election lawsuit
Con man runs out of cons.

Biden Wins Arizona, Officially Flips GOP Stronghold Blue
Trump has been pounded.

Justice Alito Makes Shocking, Petulant Speech To The Federalist Society
White supremacists aren't the only ones feeling empowered by Trump.
"He wasn't called 'Scalito' for nothing, although "the right wing assh*le" is pretty on target."
The Federalist Society can go to hell.

John Stossel’s Transformation Into A Polluter Apologist
John Stossel has purposefully and wrongfully denied much of the scientific data that we currently hold to be true regarding our planet’s changing climate and its potential consequences
Hard to believe this guy once appeared to have a brain.

3 Florida Senate Candidates Were Shills Funded By Dark Money
In three Florida Senate district races, two of them in Miami Dade County, shill candidates were used to syphon votes from Democratic candidates.
Always play fair, right? Fascism has never heard of "play fair."
And these assholes are calling the election illegal. It sure as hell was — and they are the crooks!

Rand Paul Owns Self Once Again Over Election Security
Sen. Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican probably voted most punchable by his colleagues in the Senate, had another embarrassing self-own on Twitter this week.
Quack, quack!

Envoy departing Donald Trump admin brags about misleading the White House: ‘There was never a Syria withdrawal’
"...his team routinely misled senior leaders about troop levels in Syria,..."

Biden set to erase 4 years of Trump's abysmal civil rights record at the Justice Department

STOP THE TIRES: Thousands of Trump-loving truckers are threatening to strike over Biden’s win
This would be a great benefit to America. They wouldn't be on the roads contributing to our carbon footprint. They wouldn't be the threat to automobile drivers any longer and the air would be much clearer to breathe. The railways and airlines could pick up the slack as they need the work. Please go ahead and strike forever.

Republicans urging Trump to give up — and step aside for Biden: report

GOP senator-elect doesn’t know why America fought in World War II
Alabama. What did you expect?

Here's the real danger lurking in Trump's world-historical tantrum
It's a threat to democracy in this country, a threat to democracy around the world, and a threat to the health of our people as he ignores the pandemic and thinks only of himself. As usual.
"Coups are hard, and they tend to fail. Donald Trump and a bunch of Nunes toadies sure aren't organized and focused enough to pull it off in the face of nearly insurmountable obstacles."

A Landslide Brought Him Down

Donald Trump Has Suffered a Defeat of Historic Proportions
The president may deny reality, but he cannot change the fact that he is now losing the popular vote and the Electoral College by momentous margins.

Trump Suddenly Decides Race Projections Are Legit After AP Calls Alaska For Him
Situational ethics work for Dumbo.

Trump Won Florida After Running a False Ad Tying Biden to Venezuelan Socialists
A Trump video targeting Florida’s growing Venezuelan American population falsely claimed that Venezuela’s socialist regime wanted Biden to win. But President Nicolás Maduro has said that he opposed both candidates.
Suckers are born every minute.

Military Wary That Trump’s Shakeup Could Upend Its Apolitical Nature
Trump will regret any hanky panky he has in mind. It will not end well for him or his Nazis.

Veterans swung heavily toward Joe Biden this year. Democrats need to keep that forward momentum
Keep this in mind all you Trump Fascists.

What Planet Is AOC On?
Left and center agree on something: Democratic leaders don’t have a clue.
The Democrats must learn to stop living the past as well as the Republicans.

Jim Clyburn Warns Of Frightening Parallels With Hitler's Rise To Power
"I've been telling people for a long time now, I'm beginning to see what happened in Germany back in the 1930s," Clyburn said.
We still have allies that will come to our aid with their military and we'll destroy these Trump Nazis just as we did in 1944 and '45 in Europe.

Sen. Angus King Says Republican Silence Is Putting National Defense In Danger
"My colleagues, by being silent, are just — they're not serving the country," he said.
That's because they are not serving America. They are serving Trump Fascism.

PA's Lt Governor Claims $1M Reward From Texas' Lt Gov For 'Proof' Of Voter Fraud
John Fetterman shared an example of a Pennsylvania man voting for his dead mother. "I’d like mine in Sheetz gift cards pls."
Fork it over Dan. ROTFLMAO!

Trump Supporter Attacks Elderly Couple Over Biden Yard Sign
Mark Anthony Ulsaker got out of his pickup truck and attacked the couple with a golf club, incensed over their homemade sign in support of Joe Biden.
Good photo of a dickhead. 15 years would serve him right. He might have a cell next to Trump.

State Dept. Is Refusing To Convey Messages To Biden From Foreign Leaders
Seditious, as always. It will be such a happy day in America when these scumbags are gone forever.
The good news is our next president is already in touch with our friends and allies as they all know and respect him, unlike Dumbo Donnie.

Legal experts fear the White House will violate the Presidential Records Act during the transition
This man will always violate the law of America. He represents Amerika, the party of the Nazis in our country. This war they speak of against America is unavoidable and inevitable. If we don't realize this we will repeat the cycle of insanity. There will be no peace in the United States until this battle against white supremecy is won.

Grassroots Organizing Defeated Trump. Now We Must Out-Organize Trumpism.
The fight against fascism depends on it. White supremecy must be wiped from the earth.

GOP Commissioner Debunks Conspiracy Theory About Dead Voters Casting Ballots In Philly

Trump Camp’s List Of ‘Fraud’ In NV Is A Bust: Includes Hundreds Of Absentee Military Voters
Why does Trump hate our troops?

Biden Will Move Quickly To Dismantle Some Of Trump’s Signature Immigration Initiatives

Texas Surpasses 1 Million Coronavirus Cases, According To Johns Hopkins University
Everything is big in Texas.

Biden Names Longtime Aide Ron Klain As White House Chief Of Staff

Trump Wants to Throw Out Legal Votes from Detroit
Michigan’s attorney general assails the president for a racist strategy targeting Black voters.
The idiot wants to purge all Black voters, even the ones that voted for him. The dude is FUBAR!

Cultist Jon Voight: This Is A “Battle Against Satan”
Is he looking in the mirror?

Another Superspreader Event
Ben Carson and Mark Meadows are among those infected in this second outbreak.

Biden Names NASA Transition Team

‘Million MAGA March’ Saturday will commingle white nationalists, conspiracists, Trump fans
Here come the Covidiot Nazis, America, spreading disease to all corners. This will not end well for them. Seditious to the end.

'Finally': In Potential Nod to Biden Win, Federal Reserve Applies to Join Climate Network for Central Banks
The move came after the Fed, for the first time, formally acknowledged the threat climate change poses to the global financial system.

World leaders urged to refuse to meet with Mike Pompeo after he denies Biden's win
The world will no longer tolerate Trump fascism. It has moved on.

Trump’s narcissism is more than a character flaw — it's a clarion call for an authoritarian state
This is damaging the United States as well as the rest of the world. He's acting as if democracy is a joke. And the same goes for the rest of his supporters.

Civil war brewing inside Proud Boys as top leader says he’s done pretending he isn’t a Nazi
You have no civilization to lose and you know it.
You gave up on civilization a long time ago. You may join the beasts of the wild and relegate your ass to the dustbin of history.

GOP Commissioner Debunks Conspiracy Theory About Dead Voters Casting Ballots In Philly

Congratulations, Alabama, You're About To Have America's Dumbest Senator
Wisconsin, Kansas, and Oklahoma, eat your heart out.
The Land of the Happy Negro welcomes the dumbest Senator to its ranks. The dumbness abides!

Mississippi Lawmaker Tweeted That State Should 'Succeed' From The Union
Precious Price Wallace is none too happy over the election result, but pulled the tweet.
Giving the Land of the Happy Negro's Alabama tough competition for dumbest dumbass.

Kayleigh McEnany Provides 234 Pages Of Phony Voter Fraud Proof. Remind You Of Anything?
We've seen this act before. It's old and tired.
Yes. That poor little girl.

Postal worker recants false claim about ballot tampering
I guess the bribe wasn't large enough?

A Fla. Woman Is On A Crusade To Bring Back School-Sponsored Prayer
Which "God" will they be praying to, pray tell? There are many of them floating around the universe.

When Centrists Lose, Corporate Media Blame the Left
Clearly the 2020 election contains many lessons, but it's unlikely the right conclusions will be drawn from the fact-free centrist narrative that has already emerged.
God forbid they would look at themselves for a change.

Trump is officially a loser — and his desperate attempt to steal the election won’t work

The Republicans' So-called 'Evidence' of Voter Fraud Is Already Crumbling Before Our Eyes

Trump’s Election Mess, in the Eyes of the World
There are no good-faith explanations for the decision of Republicans to play along the president’s delusion.

Republicans Continue to Cower Under Phony Strongman
At least the Soviets had the gulag to fear.

STINQUE TO COMMONWEALTH AND EU: Pull the Embassies and Refuse to Land Freight From Ships of Any Flag Carrying US Goods!

Say Goodbye, America
"Either America will part ways with this president or we will part ways with democracy."

Biden’s vote lead hits 5 million. Trump’s loss shifts from ‘spanking’ to ‘shellacking’ – official.
What kind of person would be kvetching about a loss so large? A piece of shit like Trump, that's who.
America doesn't want the SOB. He is too fucking sick to grasp this.

How many different ways will Trump poison the ground on his way out the door?
Trump is "burrowing" right-wing loyalists into government positions. And what the hell's his plan at the Pentagon?
The fascist has corrupted the country beyond imagination. He will be remembered as the worst thing in history since Hitler.

Military wife in shock after Trump campaign accuses her of voter fraud in baseless lawsuit
Why does Trump hate our troops? There's all kinds of proof of that. On the other hand, none on voter fraud.

NYT shuts down Trump with epic front page banner: ‘ELECTION OFFICIALS NATIONWIDE FIND NO FRAUD’
When our children are taught what it means to be a "sore loser" the example that will be used will be Donald Trump — for eternity.
"Think of it — always."

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is back in hot water. He’s escaped before.
Texas, where the Attorney General is accused of crimes by whistleblowers he then fired. Now, he, along with another scumbag, Dan Patrick, are trying to take away your healthcare. Patrick is also offering bribes to anyone to produce some fake evidence to prove voter fraud. All he needs to do is look in the mirror. Texas is loaded with crooks at the wheel. It's past time to clean out this sewer.

Why Are Democrats Shielding Republican Liars?
Democrats who say their conservative colleagues confess their anti-Trump feelings in private have a choice: Burn your sources or stay complicit in the lie.

Joe Lieberman Defends Pompeo's 'Second Trump Administration' Comments
Yeah, he wishes they'd be more accepting of Joe Biden's win, but he defends giving Trump time to cry it out.
Of all people! What a dick.

Why America Needs a Reckoning with the Trump Era
aka "the Trump Shithole Era."
What it has revealed to us is how easy it is for some people to follow a Nazi. You know who you are.

‘Unpatriotic, Demented, and Disgraceful’: Pompeo Sparks Blistering Backlash By Promising Transition to 2nd Trump Term
His Pompousness. None of them will cross Trump. They they are all lost without the "Turmpkins." They are scared to death by these Zombie Nazis.
No class. All of these assholes will be remembered by history as having no class. Pitiful disgraces to America and humanity.

No Votes Which the White Man Was Bound To Respect
Trump never wanted to be a president for all Americans. Now he’ll be president for none of them
Trump didn’t see the punch coming, or acted like he didn’t, because he was fighting an opponent he didn’t see.

Texas Lieut. Gov. Offering Up to $1 Million for Voter Fraud Evidence

Trump's coup is morphing into a grift — but Mitch McConnell sees it as a power grab
Trump can't steal the election now — but McConnell is seizing the chance to undermine Biden before he takes office
Go to Hell and stay there, Mitch, the fucking Bitch!

Martha McSally refuses to concede Arizona Senate race even as math shows she can’t win
The senator joins fellow GOP losers Donald Trump and John James in refusing to admit defeat in races they can't win
They all failed math in school.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Sally, John and Don-dah-Don-Don.

Grassroots Organizing Defeated Trump. Now We Must Out-Organize Trumpism.
Tumpism is fascism and has no place in America.

'It's an embarrassment': President-elect Biden scorches Trump for his refusal to concede
Yes, he is an embarrassment. He should go to his room until he can learn to behave.
Thanks, Mr. President Biden.

Trump Is Fundraising For Legal Help Fighting A ‘Stolen’ Election. Nearly All The Money Is Actually Going Elsewhere.
Fats needs money. He's probably laundered it into his personal account. After all, he's one of the biggest mobsters in the country.

The Award For Most Bad Faith Refusal To Acknowledge Biden’s Win Goes To… Ron Johnson
This is not much surprise. He's a great dickwad.

‘Ivanka will go to jail before Trump’: Michael Cohen reveals how the president will triage his kids
Maybe they can share a cell. "On a share-a-cell-el."

Chief Justice John Roberts is over Obamacare: ‘We spent all that time talking about broccoli’

'This is a five-alarm fire': Why this reporter is disturbed by the election messages on right-wing media
The problem children of Amerika will continue their fascist ways.
Until these fascists are eliminated we will continue to regress and devolve.

'The brink of a constitutional crisis': Trump is escalating the effort to overturn Biden's win

COVID Hospitalizations Soar To Record 59,000 By Reuters’ Tally

Even After Biden Win, Our Obsolete Electoral College Must Go
For days, Americans fretted over just a few thousand votes in swing states.

Texas heads to US Supreme Court in bid to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Here's what to expect
Texas is out to fuck America.

The American People Decided The Election. Religious Right Groups Are Ignoring Them.
Religious Right Groups are neither right nor religious.

Joe Biden gave a great speech — but we're not ready to make peace with fascists
In a speech that deliberately recalled Lincoln, Biden extends a hand to the Trumpers. It's not time for that yet
Never with fascists. Not now, not ever.

Team Trump Shits on Barr’s Bogus Voter-Fraud Crusade
“This will give the president [and others] something to play with for a while, but until Bill Barr actually puts up or shuts up, we’re still where we [have been].”

Trump’s entire world is being consumed by his fury at losing the election: report
Always living in a fantasy world. A very sick man that doesn't get therapy he needs.

Critics outraged after Bill Barr’s ‘naked political ploy’ aims to bolster baseless Donald Trump fraud allegations

Concede? I Don't Think Trump Will Dare
It's highly unlikely that Trump will concede — not now, not even after the courts rule on his lawsuits... because he can't bear the thought of being a loser.
Cancer can be difficult to get rid of. And Trump, Barr and McConnell are cancers on America.

As Trump Whips Up Hysteria, Barr Tells DOJ It Can Probe Election Fraud Claims
Trump's Nazi assistant needs to be taught a lesson.
These miscreants clearly want to destroy America.

DOJ Head Of Election Crimes Branch Resigns After Barr Allows Baseless Voter Fraud Probes
As any decent American would do when the Nazis attempt a coup.

‘Let’s all stop lying’: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson says it’s time to stop ‘lying about everything that matters’
Do you include yourself, Tucker? I doubt it.

Dear Republican lawmakers: Trump lost. Get over it
"...they are still too spineless to embrace the transition to a post-Trump era."

Trump's coup attempt is very real — but there are several gaping holes in the plan
You mean like the gaping hole in his head?

Be Alarmed
Things are probably going to work out okay. But complacency in the defense of democracy is not a virtue.
You can be sure that Trump and McConnell will try a coup. They have already started it.

'A Dangerous Attack on Our Democracy': McConnell Backs Trump's Refusal to Concede to Biden
"There is no decisive pool of 'illegal' ballots, and Republican Party messaging on this score is at best a cynical attempt to delegitimize a decisive presidential defeat."
The shame rests on the throwback morons of Kentucky. They are a part of our National Nightmare.

Lawyers Can't Reunite 666 Seized Migrant Children With Parents—121 More Than Previously Believed
The children were separated from their families under the Trump administration's widely condemned "zero tolerance" immigration policy.
More Trump fascist news on the horror show in his Nazi concentration camps.

'Concede And Get The Hell Out': Anger Grows As Trump Refuses To Admit Defeat
"Pack your sh*t."
The United States Military will show this fascist asshole pig and his fucking toadie AG to the street.

Ben Carson Tests Positive For COVID
The Trump administration is a walking, breathing, coughing, incubation and infectious operation of COVID19, and Ben Carson is the latest victim.

Neil Cavuto Cuts Kayleigh McEnany Off When She Lies About 'Illegal Votes'
Fox News host Neil Cavuto had enough of Kayleigh McEnany's lies and cut them off
That poor little girl.

No, You Don’t Owe Hateful People Unity
"You don’t owe hateful people unity—ever."

Church-State Separation Has Taken A Beating Over The Past Four Years. Americans United Has A Plan To Fix That.

Mike Pence Lies About Pfizer Vaccine, Claims Credit For The Trump Administration
Pence claimed that Pfizer were part of Trump's 'Operation Warp Speed.' They weren't.
Liars to the end. Pfizer refused their money. Anyway, it's still months away from the public.

Biden’s Win Means Liberals ‘Own’ The Right
"It’s far past time to stop being nice about all of this. To quote conservatives after the 2016 election, 'you lost, get over it.'"

Republicans won’t admit Trump lost because they’re afraid of his supporters: Reporter
"...this is a pretty good example of how fundamentally afraid Republican elected officials are of their own supporters back home.”
That would be the Zombies—the walking dead as depicted in the Jim Jarmusch film, "The Dead Don't Die"

Trump is devouring fast food — and aides are ‘lighting scented candles’ to cover up the stench: report
Dude, that stench you smell isn't coming from fast food.

The Revenge of John McCain and John Lewis
The two heroes’ legacies might be visible in the 2020 map.

Putin Is Doing One Last Favor for Trump and Refusing to Recognize Biden as President-Elect
Trump was the Kremlin’s favorite—and Russia is expecting “nothing good” from Biden.

Voting Trump Out Is Not Enough

Rest Today. Soon We Begin the Work of Clearing Trump’s Wreckage.

Flashback: Trump accused Ted Cruz of election theft
The fascists always use election theft as an excuse. That's because invented it.

These A-Holes Just Can’t Stop Spreading Coronavirus

President Sore Loser Has One Last Parting Grift For His Supporters
"But it's a very good bag of shit, America."

Mitch McConnell rushing to confirm more Trump judges after Biden’s election win
This fascist will continue defecating on America until he is no more.

Orange Julius Caesar's Reign Is Over!
So, our work is not done Having Biden and Harris in the White House will stop the bleeding but this country needs major surgery and we can't do it with the Grim Reaper (McConnell) standing in the way.
The Covidiots are still infecting us.

Melania Trump Reportedly Tells Husband To Accept Defeat: ‘The Time Has Come’
First Lady Melania Trump is the latest person in President Donald Trump’s orbit to encourage him to accept the reality of defeat in the 2020 presidential election.
Even the old lady wants you toasted, Dumbo.

Delusional Gov. Kristi Noem Prefers Attacking Election To Discussing SD's Exploding COVID Rate
South Dakota's Republican governor, Kristi Noem, continues to be in denial about COVID and science, focusing instead on baseless election fraud claims.
Pity the people of South Dakota with a dumbed-down Covidiot in charge. It is carnage of the first order.

‘Truly unconscionable’: In desperation mode, Trump planning to hold rallies and display obits of supposedly dead voters
Are there enough trucks available for the load it will take, and are their enough election officials availble to certify those loads?
Trying to destroy our democracy is what Trump has been doing since day one. He is the lowest of the low. Trump is a buffoon. In two months he'll be in the trash bin of history.

Psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump's election meltdown is "most dangerous period of this presidency"
Author and psychiatrist warns that public "should not underestimate" Trump after his electoral defeat
That Trump can become MORE dangerous is a terror beyond imagination. Think of this dimwit's mind and what disasters he can create.

A little-known Trump appointee is in charge of handing transition resources to Biden — and she isn’t budging
They will ALL be dragged out as they wish.

Mr. Trump, Tear Down This Wall
The president showed nearly as much disrespect for the White House as he did for the presidency itself.

Trump World clings to conspiracy theory from ‘hoax artist’ that secret supercomputer changed votes
And they found it in the trunk of Giuliani's car.

George W. Bush Congratulates President-Elect Joe Biden

Joe Biden Won. Republicans Won’t Admit It.
The world has moved on, but Trump and his allies haven’t.
In case stupid doesn't remember, these are the same media outlets that declared his election win in 2016.

Trump To Face Crumbling Business After Leaving WH

Trump stomps on Obamacare open enrollment launch with approval for Georgia to end it
Just like the mean wounded beast that he is.

Lindsey Graham: Overturn This Election Or 'There Will Never Be Another Republican President'
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned on Sunday that there will never be another Republican president if the current 2020 elections results are allowed to stand.
Trump is going to tell his dirty little secret he's been holding over you like the sword of Damocles isn't he, Lindsey?

'Concede and Get the Hell Out': Anger Grows as Trump Refuses to Admit Defeat
"You lost, you miserable self-entitled infantile f**ker," said famed American novelist Stephen King.

A Good Man for a Wounded Country
After years of Trump, Biden’s decency and normality are a balm. Now he must turn toward the enormous challenges ahead.
But America still has the dark side we can't seem to convince. The "Amerikan" sector that resides in an imaginary, nostalgic, mythical past that does not exist and never has.
"That schism defies resolution in a single election—or anytime soon. It is not merely geographic, economic, or educational; it is profoundly cultural and racial—a conflict between fundamentalism and secularism; white identity politics and the embrace of diversity; xenophobia and openness to immigration; equity for all and race-based resentment. For Trump’s followers, the wall was not merely a thing but a metaphor: a barrier against the cultural and racial “other” who threatened their vision of an Edenic America populated by insular white Christians."

Attention Deprivation

Donald Trump's Day of Reckoning

Chris Wallace: Ted Cruz is like a Japanese soldier who thinks the war is ‘still going on’
You mean he's holed up in a cave on Iwo Jima?

In India, firecrackers and prayers to celebrate Harris’ win
“We will request her to come here. She would have heard our voice and she may come.”
The planet welcomes America's return to sanity. At least more than half of it.

We Just Saw the Beginning of the Biden-Harris Era, and It Couldn’t Be More Different
“Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end here and now.”

Fox News Suspends Jeanine Pirro's Show After She Planned To Air Baseless Voter Fraud Claims: Report
Fox News reportedly cancelled Jeanine Pirro's show over the weekend after she was set to make the baseless claim that widespread voter fraud took place in the 2020 election.
These folks look very pitiful now.

'Great News for Progressives Around the World': International Applause After US Voters Fire Donald Trump
"It's time to get back to building bridges, not walls." Leaders from around the world congratulate the Democrats, but say much damage done by Trump requires repair.

'Hold on to your seats': Trump facing reality of ‘2 avenues’ of criminal charges after loss to Joe Biden

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Address Nation For First Time As President- And VP- Elect
The race having been finally called, the dream team of Biden and Harris appear from Delaware to help the reality sink in.

Harris Emphasizes Her History-Making Moment In Victory Speech

A Victorious Biden Pivots To Governing A Divided Nation: ‘This Is The Time To Heal’

This is the face of radical-Republican contempt
"Welcome to the consequences of split government. Witness the power of one man—elected by just a portion of the people in a state with fewer than 5 million people—to thwart the will of the more than 71 million who voted for Biden."
The fallacy of the American promise. It's one huge lie.
Just one more reason to kill the Electoral College. It prevents the American promise. It does nothing to protect it.

GOP pollster Frank Luntz explains how Trump’s delusions are fracturing Republicans: ‘There is no middle ground’
And there is where Mitch McConnell lives. With a man like him in the position he's in, America has little chance to acheive its promise.
Again, this is possible only because of the Electoral College. That college awards nothing but fractures.

Trump-loving police chief in Arkansas out of job after calling for ‘death to all Marxist Democrats’
The deluded Trump Nazis will still be a threat to our country.

SNL Host Dave Chappelle Gives White People a Valuable Trump Lesson

Losing is "like psychic death for Trump": Psychologists warn Trump may provoke violence after loss
"We are entering a very dangerous period," one psychologist warned

Photos: Celebrations in City Streets After Biden Win
America celebrates an exorcism.

I’ll Never Let Go, Jack! Faced With Trump Defeat, Some GOPers Vow Election Probes
Supressor, heal thyself!
Don't forget your fascist leader is the one that caused the flap over mail-in ballots that have been with us for many elections. Don't forget it was your fascist leader that didn't want all the votes to be counted. Don't forget your stupid leader told your party to only vote on election day. Don't forget it was your party that failed to control the Covid epidemic that caused so many voters to want to vote early. Don't forget it was your party that attempted all the voter supression. Don't you ever forget what trash you are.

Kimberly Guilfoyle offered lap dance to big-ticket fundraiser who gave Trump the most money: report
Junior's girlfriend, right? His taste runs in the family, I'm guessing.

With President-Elect Joe Biden, ‘the Long National Nightmare Is Over’
“I am writing this with tears of joy streaming down my face,” a reader told us. And he is not alone: a sampling of the early reaction.

How Trump Lost
The president, as always, was incapable of rising above his failings.

Joy Reid: Trump Supporters Decided All of His ‘Cruelty’ Was Fine, So ‘Yeah, We’re Gonna Dunk on Y’all’ Today

A fitting legacy for George Floyd: Vice President Kamala Harris

Biden Celebrations Erupt On Streets Of USA [VIDEO]

Scoop: Biden to announce COVID-19 task force Monday

"Eternal fuck to this perennially dick-measuring Facehugger. Don’t let the coffin lids hit you on the way out."

America is celebrating like a cloud has left the skies and a weight is off our hearts

Allies! We have allies again! Foreign leaders rush to congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Adios Motherfucker

The GOP has a decision to make: It's either Trump or America
The fascist party already chose Trump. They seceded from the United States when they refused to convict him in his impeachment. They have no connection to America. They are not American. Get them get the fuck off our land.

‘Math is math’: GOP senator buried for refusal to accept Trump lost to Biden
My, my, my. Josh Hawley failed his math classes. Now we know why he's such a jackass from the jackass state.
Remember, Josh, what your hero Trump tweeted about how to lose when he was appointed pres.

U.S. Sets Another Single-Day Record For Coronavirus Cases
Another reason that Trump lost.

Trump’s concession: Undermining Biden, attacking elections
Trump is not expected to give a concession speech, and it’s not clear whether he will assist Biden with the transition or appear with him on Inauguration Day.
Trump is a turd — a shameful disgrace to our country. Joe Biden doesn't need him with transition because Joe Biden has been there. America has never needed him.

The nation reacts to Joe Biden's win
Scores of people took to streets in cities across America on Saturday to celebrate after Joe Biden triumphed over President Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Cheers Erupt on N.Y.C. Streets After Biden’s Victory Is Declared
People honked horns, danced and celebrated in the city, which is President Trump’s hometown but had turned its back on him.

Donald Trump has been resoundingly defeated. Enjoy it.
Break out the tar and feathers! The White House will have to disinfected before President Biden moves in.

BREAKING: CNN Calls Election For Joe Biden
Will the chickenshit have the balls to attend the larger-than-his inauguration of President Joe Biden? Nah.
MADAM Vice President Kamala Harris! America makes history! God Bless America! Merry Christmas!

Goodbye And Good Riddance: Trump Consigned To One-Term Presidency
Goodbye, you shithook. You filthy blight on America! We will now drag your shitty ass out the fucking door, you douchebag!

Joe Biden elected president - Joe Biden elected president - Joe Biden elected president!
Goodbye Fatso!

As states count votes, some of Texas’ most prominent Republican politicians are spreading misinformation about the election
A Texas Republican? Spread misinformation? These precious angels? Big liars>? Yes, the biggest liars in the world. Because, you know, EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS, MOTHERFUCKERS!
You're goddamn right. You motherfuckers, we want our pilfered money back from the crook you gave the keys to.

Black Voters at the Polls in Georgia: “Everybody We Know Is Ready for Trump to Get Out”

Black People Repudiated Trump Like He Was a Piece of Used Gum
It’s time for centrist Democrats to stop whining about Black Lives Matters protests and start recognizing that Black voters literally saved the election.
Do you hear this Abigail Spanberger? Get with the program or STFU.

An Embarrassing Presidential Display That Will Live in Infamy
Other presidents’ worst moments didn’t involve tantrums about valid vote counting.

‘It’s over, man. Shut up and leave’: Trump buried in derision after Pennsylvania vote freak out

The Election That Broke the Republican Party
By lashing themselves to the president’s desperate conspiracies of fraud, GOP officials have undermined their own legitimacy.

Will the Trump-Biden election disaster finally convince us to scrap the Electoral College?
The margin between the popular-vote winner and the winner of the Electoral College has only grown. It's time to make a change.
It's past time. Throw it in the toilet now to stop this infernal torture we go through for no reason at all.
Stop favoring real estate parcels over people of one nation.

Meet the Right-Wing Trolls Behind “Stop The Steal”
Just who is pushing the ballot count protests on Trump’s behalf?
Exposed as the deplorables they are.

Trump’s Pennsylvania Lies Are Too Desperate Even for Twitter
No, late-arriving ballots weren’t illegal, and no, they’re not changing the results.

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Tests Positive For Coronavirus
Oh, dear! You mean his gas mask didn't work? It was probably all that Trump butt licking.

If The ACA Is Struck Down, Millions Of Lives Will Be At Risk — Including Mine
And there are voters who don't give a damn about your life — or theirs. Amazing, isn't it?

Voters rejecting the war on drugs is a win for public health
On Tuesday, several states passed ballot measures to relax drug laws.
Rays of light do exist in a backward-thinking country.

President Trump, Haven’t You Put America Through Enough?
Trump will remain a festering wound in America's side until he's in the grave.

Dear Wisconsin: If Trump wants a recount, make him pay up front
Trump has demanded a recount after losing the Badger State. OK then — but given his track record, it's cash only
The deadbeat is broke and everyone knows it. He can't even repay his failed campaign debt.

Joe Biden won, but we lost: There's no doubt who we are now, and it ain't pretty
I thought our country had come a long way since re-electing a shameless crook in 1972. Maybe I was wrong
Lucian is correct.The deplorable scum will stll be floating around us. We'll never be able to clean it out completely. And never forget: The scum voted to keep the deplorable scum in offce.

3rd White House outbreak grows to 5 coronavirus cases — and they tried to hide it from the public: report
Don't forget, they surrendered to Covid and Mark was the guy that held the whte flag.

Bill Maher gets his revenge on ‘whiny’ Donald Trump with a brutal parting goodbye
"Two-ton whiny little bitch..." Oh, yes!

Trump campaign lawyers may have violated law in Nevada voter fraud lawsuit
That didn't take long. The Trump Syndicate breaks more law.

Countries Where U.S. Promoted Democracy Now Mock the 'Banana Republic' Amid Trump Voter Fraud Claims
Thanks, fatass. You have disgraced America like no other. Rot in jail.

Friday Night Owls: Exit polls show most people want climate action. Why did so many vote for Trump?
Because they are fools.
"The disconnect between popular opinion and public policy on this subject isn’t surprising. The same organizations and think tanks that have spent decades spreading climate denial also worked to insulate their corporate funders from democratic majorities."

QAnon Lost and Confused After Trump’s Election Showing
The conspiracy theorists have been forced to reckon with something they didn't expect. And some have begun simply advancing more conspiracies.

Colbert Breaks Down As Authoritarian Trump Attempts To Murder Democracy
We knew he would do this, but it still hurts, because this is the United States of America.

PA GOP Won’t Get The SCOTUS Intervention It Asked For Just Yet
Here comes Nazi Amerika.

'They should be thanking us': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and allies fire back at critics after tense race
Exactamundo, AOC. Abigail Spanberger, especially, should stop her whine and be thanking her lucky stars because she's part of the problem with the Dems.

Con man to the end: Most of Trump’s 'official election defense fund' to be used for his debts

‘Utter clown’ Trump ridiculed as a ‘pathetic little man’ for latest shenanigans on Twitter
He's been a clown his entire life. Why would he change now?

‘Political dead man walking’ Trump is leaving the national stage as a ‘pathetic loser’: conservative

Racist QAnon Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene launches a string of conspiracy tweets
One more QAnonsense moron showing just how out of her mind she is. Would therapy help? ROFLMAO!

Newt Gingrich Demands Bill Barr Arrest Election Workers
Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity with more dangerous, desperate rhetoric hoping the Pennsylvania legislature will break the law and steal the election for Trump.
Here come more failing Trump Nazi thugs.

Biden Jumps Ahead In GA And PA As Reelection Continues To Slip Out Of Trump’s Grasp


Stick a Fork in’Em. He’s Done.

Two Men Arrested In Alleged Plot To Attack Philly Voting Center, Vehicle Had QAnon Stickers And AR-15 Rifles
Domestic terrorists arrested. QAnonsense stickers defines them as what they are: DUMB SHITS!

Donald Trump doesn't need to concede
But it would show class and real American integrity. Trump has neither.

HISTORIC: Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Win The 2020 Presidential Race
With the third-highest popular vote total since FDR, Joe Biden is the next president.

Stacey Abrams Mourned Her Loss, Made Her Plans, And Turned Georgia Blue
“I sat shiva for 10 days. Then I started plotting.”

'Cult leader' Trump is 'our greatest presidential embarrassment' as re-election hopes fade: conservative

As Trump’s electoral prospects grow dimmer, Fox News stars have begun throwing every baseless conspiracy, debunked lie, and undemocratic demand at the wall to see what sticks.

Biden takes lead over Trump for first time in Georgia

Joe Biden pulls ahead of Donald Trump in Pennsylvania

BUSTED: Republicans caught conspiring to commit election fraud in Pennsylvania

Trump's last stand against the truth

Right Wing Media Threatens Violence, Riles Up Base By Calling For Beheading Foes
As the election crawls through day 3, right wing media is really becoming unhinged with their threats.
Better watch out who you target--it may turn out to be yourself, Fatso. Gorka? An idiot without a logical thought that ever touched his brain.

Jake Tapper Decries Trump's Unhinged Speech As 'Feast Of Falsehoods' And 'Pathetic'
Tapper and Anderson Cooper had choice words for this imploding nightmare of a "president" seeing his power slip away.

Pro-Trump Alabama police captain says Biden voters deserve ‘a bullet in their skull’
Trump deplorables are exactly who we think they are. Add this to the mountain of evidence that says so.

‘I’m done. I’m out’: Conservative officially leaving the GOP after the party fails to repudiate ‘sociopath’ Trump on Election Day
Leaving a corrupt, sinking ship.

Ted Cruz receives brutal fact-check after Fox News appearance: ‘The dishonesty here is breathtaking’
The weasel needs to follow Trump to the exit. What's wrong with Texas? Don't get me started.

‘Just Pathetic’: Trump Widely Condemned For Wannabe Dictator White House Statement
“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it — always.”
—Mahatma Gandhi

Trump Declares War On American Democracy
The dumb shit finally did it. He screwed the pooch bigly. What an ugly loser he is.
Hell awaits you, you fucking twerp.

The American System Is Broken
It should not take the largest voter turnout in U.S. history to guarantee that a president rejected by the majority of the American people actually stops being president.
"3. American society is more divided than ever, but not along expected lines."
It is divided between Americans and fascist Amerikan illiterates that are not only QNonsense uneducated but slack-jawed throwbacks to another century. America, as previously stated, is entertaining the same fate as the old Soviet Union.

Chin-masked man in ‘BBQ and Beer’ tank-top interrupts presser to shout Biden is ‘stealing’ the election
The chin mask is popular with some Trumpists as is the slack mouth mask. The chin must block errant whiskers being thrown through the air. Or is is a cheap device from a chin-odontist.

Trump made his predictable authoritarian move — and it flopped

Trump campaign files with U.S. Supreme Court to stop late-arriving ballots from being counted
Voter supression is a federal crime. Trump is a criminal. By his action he has confessed. Arrest him and throw him in a federal prison where he belongs.

Voter suppression is unconstitutional and fascistic and only one political party engages in it

Drudge Report: Joe Biden Gets Most Votes In American History
The Drudge Report highlights Biden's historic voting totals.
Real democracy wins the day.

Everyone Needs to Be More Furious Right Now
Trump and gangster Republicans are now very openly trying to steal a presidential election.
What else did you expect from the Trump Criminal Syndicate. He's in danger of going to go to prison now!
"The Repub­li­can Par­ty is, in aggre­gate, a den of gang­sters cur­rent­ly try­ing to aid and abet the utter­ly cor­rupt theft of a pres­i­den­tial elec­tion by one of the worst peo­ple in the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca."

Paris Agreement: Don't Count the US Out Just Yet
The vast majority of people in the United States support the Paris Agreement.

Here's how we ended up with the Electoral College — and why it 'embarrassed' some founders
This outdated and illogical system must go in the shitter for good -- and damn soon.

Trump is taking a thrashing in the popular vote — despite Electoral College tightness
With over 101 million early votes cast, projections that Tuesday's election would be the highest turnout—around 160 million or 67% of the eligible electorate—in American history seemed secure. As of Wednesday and the time of this story, Joe Biden has received 70,037,467 counted votes, or 50.2% of the popular vote, to Donald Trump's 67,013,920 . So far, 3,023,547 more people voted for Joe Biden than Trump.
America rejects Trump by record vote tally! History will show it forever.

'Step back!': Rowdy crowd trying to stop vote counting forms at Detroit election center
Fascists attempt naked election supression, a federal crime.
We don't stop counting votes in America.

Recounts Rarely Reverse Election Results
It appears Biden will win Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada which will give him exactly 270.

Trump Foot Soldiers Get Marching Orders: Counting Ballots Is Now ‘Stealing’ The Election!
Yes, counting votes has always been stealing. Trump is an insane beast.
That votes were routed out of the channels indicates severe voter fraud by the fascists. That America can't have a free election is a abomination for the country. That we are this divided bodes for nothing but a terrible future for this country. The American Dream could very well be dying, killed by Republican fascism.

Trump's Craziest Speech Ever

This Election Proves the Need for a Right to Vote
And yes, but the commenter here is also very spot on when he asks, "What you should really be asking is what does the continued growth of the nazis, of stupidity, of anti-truth, of trumpism, of the shithole mean? What will the rest of the world do to react?

Will the American Fever at Last Break?
In a blatantly anti-democratic speech, Trump demands states stop counting ballots. As of early morning, though, Biden still has a chance to win.
"So meaningless to Trump is democracy that he is openly scheming to discard ballots, preempt election returns, and convert the Supreme Court into ward heelers in robes who exist to help him steal the presidency. This transcends incipient autocracy—it is one man’s mental pathology imposed on a constitutional order which, to him, is no more real than the death and suffering wrought by COVID-19."
This is what America has cast votes to support? You people need to look at yourselves and what you have become.

America has shown a fidelity to white supremacy we can’t dismiss — regardless of the election’s final outcome
We live in a fractured country. It can't go on like this.

Trump snaps the tether: He calls for end to vote count, threatens appeal to the Supreme Court
We knew he would do it, and he did: Trump claims he's already won the election, with millions of votes uncounted
Trump can go to hell.
The American dictator does what a dictator does. This is what happens when a madman is your head crook, Amerika.

Jim Crow Wins Florida for Donald Trump
More than anything else, it was the Florida legislature’s naked voter suppression that tilted the state for the Republicans.
Land of the Happy Negro still has their racist card to play. That and a very ill-informed crowd of rabid fascists, as expected, as usual.

Trump’s Supreme Court is hearing new ‘religious freedom’ case that could ‘radically reshape’ US law
The U.S. is preparing to step backward once again. America is looking like the old Soviet Union. I expect we will see the collapse of this country due to the fracture that is now beyond healing. How can America survive when half of it is so very sick?

DeJoy delivers stunning response after failing to meet judge’s contempt deadline on hundreds of thousands of ballots
And we are expected to believe that these "Rupublicans" stand for law and order. America, you've been had again. Shame on you.

Congresswoman whisked from NC polling precinct after ‘maskless white man’ shows up with gun
The garbage that festers in America. Putrid. How did we turn into a cesspool?

‘This is unreal’: Raging Trump supporter accuses random people of being ‘antifa’ near Brooklyn polling place
More garbage. Fat Nazi Trump wannabes. What shitstains.

Group with Confederate flags confronts liberal voters as they march to the polls in North Carolina
Americans are a sorry lot. Americans are not the same folks as when I grew up.

‘Call the police’: Video shows ‘poll watcher’ being denied entry to Philadelphia polling station

The depressing truth about America — no matter who wins tonight
America will remain a loser no matter what happens. The reason? It is a racist, fascist country that needs a damn good cleansing.

Zoomvangelical: Christians Must “Release The Aroma Of Christ” In Polling Stations So People Will Vote For Trump
Has anyone got casualty reports on this yet? I mean combining this along with the Covid threat I can't imagine our healthcare system won't collapse under the strain.

An election that lays bare America’s soul — and the rot goes well beyond Trump

No Matter Who Wins, It’s Time to Get Rid of the Electoral College
We should be moving toward a national popular vote to choose our presidents.
Get in the 21st Century, America. Whoever gets the most votes wins elections in a free country.

Do Not Lose Sight of the Fact That Every Aspect of This Is Absolutely Insane
"Other countries—the ones we like to think of as our peers, even if they see us more like a tragic, strung-out uncle these days—don’t do this to themselves. In normal, advanced presidential democracies, the candidate who gets the most votes actually wins. We’re the only one where the person who comes in second can still somehow end up in charge. There is no good argument for it, in this year of our collective misery 2020. It is nuts."
How long have I been preaching this? Too goddamn long. It is past time to get rid of the the "Electoral College" rig.

Trump truckers who tailed Biden bus were armed and organized on far-right Facebook group: report
Nazis? Golly, I bet no one expected that!

Police, experts monitoring extremist groups to see if poll watchers try to disrupt voting
Domestic terrorists threathen our election. They must be stopped by any means necessary.

10M Gets Robocalls Urging Them To “Stay At Home”
Trump fascism at work on your American election. What a bunch of scum punks.

Exclusive: Tired of Trump, Deutsche Bank games ways to sever ties with the president - sources

Candace Owens FINALLY Speaks The Truth: 'I'm For Mob Rule'
Candace Owens joined Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour on Monday and finally said the quiet part out loud.
These fascists deserve credit for openly admitting to being the low-life scum we know that they are.

Philly DA warns 'wannabe fascists' who dress 'up like GI Joe' to intimidate voters will be prosecuted

The Time Is Now: Dump Trump!
Herewith a short—very short—list of his most egregious crimes. And why there’s no room for anything but a thumping, indisputable Biden victory.

The Plague and the Mad King

FBI warns of possible US election violence in Portland
Photo of Trump thugs. "These Men Are Cowards" — Walter Sobchak

Nevada Judge Blocks Republican Lawsuit That Sought To Halt Mail-In Ballot Count
They will count the votes, thank you.

Video shows Pinellas deputies repeatedly punching, elbowing Biden supporter during political rally in Palm Harbor
Land of the Happy Negro Trump thugs don't like someone that takes their battle flag in vain.
Wouldn't ya know—the fucking sheriff's office.

White House Coronavirus Adviser Warns Of ‘Deadly Phase’ As Trump Downplays Risks: Report
Deborah Birx urged White House officials in an internal memo to take “much more aggressive action” to curb the spread of COVID-19, per The Washington Post.

Federal Judge DENIES GOP Effort To Disqualify 127K Ballots In Texas - UPDATED
The Republicans effort to disqualify 127,000 ballots voted in Texas drive through early voting centers was denied by a Bush appointed Republican judge late on Monday.

Civil Rights Group Bashes 'Highly Politicized' Trump DOJ Election Monitoring Plan
"This plan appears to be nothing but a thinly-veiled effort to deploy federal government personnel to communities in so-called 'battleground states.'"
In other words, more Trump terrorism.

What we know about the shooting in Vienna
The fascists went batshit crazy. Let's hope we can avoid this here.

Historians of fascism stress 'it is not too late' to avoid the descent

Republicans have been plotting for election chaos and confusion every step along the way

‘The ugliest closing message I’ve ever seen from a politician’: CNN’s Jim Acosta slams Trump’s threats
The ugliest president I've ever seen. And I go back to Truman.

WATCH: Bill Barr prays with radical right-wing activist who wonders if vaccines make kids gay
Whew! Is this guy for real? Barr is an uber-conservative Catholic who supports dominionism. Yes, he is nut ball.

‘You shallow little hypocrite’: The View’s Ana Navarro shreds Marco Rubio for mocking Biden-Texas bus assault
Shorty is still around? Amazing. I didn't know there were that many fools that supported the likes of him. But that's what we expected from him. Cluelessness.
Need a drink of water, Marco? You sold your country out.

Why Clarence Thomas is a clear-cut case for impeachment from the Supreme Court
It is never too late to do justice

Caravan of Trump supporters blocks people from voting in Southern California
More of Trump's fascist terrorists attempting to disenfranchise American voters. This is what we have feared would happen. Nazis fucking around with us like the fascist scum they are. They should be arrested for voter supression. By law, polling places are not the place for demonstrations. Of course, these people only pretend they care about law and order.

Trump LOUDLY ANNOUNCES Plan To Steal Election, Declare Victory, Build Wall
"I think it's [a] terrible thing when ballots can be collected after the election." Dear stupid, that's what we do after everyone has voted and the polls are closed. We've been doing it for a long time. Fuck off, dickwad.
"...Because we don't want to have Pennsylvania, where you have a political governor, a very partisan guy,..." You're saying you're not a partisan guy? Get the fuck out, dimwit! You're a stinking wannabe dictator! You're fucking over our election by throwing your turds in every directon!

Dan Rather: No one 'confident that all votes will be counted' in Texas
Of course. It's one of the most corrupt states in our nation.

Reuters is equipping journalists covering the U.S. election with flak jackets, helmets, and gas masks
Yes, folks—this is the United States of America and what Trump and his Zombies have brought upon us.

Trump’s Most Sinister, Ultimate Scam: Warring Against Causation, the Bedrock of Reality

Pissing Up a Very Long Rope: A Last Tinkle Before Election Day

Be Prepared to Defend Democracy
Be prepared to fight domestic terrorism by the Trump fascists.

‘America Is a Republic Not a Democracy’ Is a Dangerous—and Wrong—Argument
Enabling sustained minority rule at the national level is not a feature of our constitutional design, but a perversion of it.

Gunfire erupts as Trump train clashes with protesters in Virginia
Trump terrorists commence firing on Americans.

Trump says FBI not investigating supporters who endangered Biden bus: ‘They did nothing wrong’
Yes, they did do something very wrong. It's called domestic terrorism. They must be prosecuted to the limits of the law. Trump doesn't know right from wrong.

Ballot rejections, Trump sign-stealing scandal sow distrust in SC county election
And we thought we lived in a country that allowed free elections. Not since the Trump fascists have destroyed us.

“Non-Scalable” Fence To Go Up Around White House
Is that anything like "unsinkable"? Sure. Trump is now on the Titanic. He still has the bunker left.

Democrats shift in-person event to Zoom after ‘militia’ threat; Abrams tries to calm nervous supporters
Terrorism rears its head in America.
Rome City Councilwoman Wendy Davis invoked a recent Stanford University study that estimated Trump campaign events were responsible for more than 700 COVID-19 deaths.
“We can’t take another reckless Trump visit or another four years of his administration’s failures," she said.
Fascist terrorists threaten American political campaign. Shameless bastards.

'Attempted Judicial Coup in Progress': Alarms Sound as Texas Republicans Ask Federal Judge to Toss Nearly 130,000 Ballots
"This lawsuit is another desperate and ludicrous attempt by extremists to block the will of the people and disrupt democracy."
Fascist totalitarianism is destroying us. Stop them now or suffer a worse fate than we can imagine.

Amnesty Slams Trump for 'Condoning Violence and Intimidation' as President Praises Texas Mob for Harassing Biden Campaign Bus
"This aggressive, abusive conduct by his supporters results from Trump continuing to incite acts of intimidation and violence."
Amnesty International had to say this about the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, PEOPLE! We are a third-world banana republic under this idiot and his gangs of thugs. These fascists must be stopped for good.

Top Republican adviser warns party to stay far away from Trump’s efforts to hijack the election

GOP election law expert: ‘My party is destroying itself on the altar of Trump’

Election Day is almost here: What are the chances of serious political violence?
Counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen on "the extreme worst-case scenario" after a disputed election: Civil war
If the fascists start it there will be a reckoning.
You think you've seen protests in 2020? Better think again before the gutters run with blood.
Nearly every shop in Washington, DC is boarded up. This is America? Trump caused this. Trump and the fools that follow him. Trump must go and he will go.

COVID Is Trump’s Undoing. He Truly Thinks He Nailed it.
The missteps were early and numerous. They’ve led the country to a terrible point and Trump to the precipice of political defeat.

Rick Wilson has a final plan to keep Trump from stealing the election
“If votes are still out when Trump declares himself the false winner, the answer is simple: ‘F*ck you. Keep counting.'”

EXCLUSIVE: Renowned expert charges ‘sadist’ Trump with ‘malignant neglect’ and says he deserves ‘permanent quarantine on November 3’
And how.

The White House is about to be officially on lockdown with new ‘non-scalable’ fence: report
The chickenshit is scared to death and this is the proof. What a dickhead. This is what he has brought to our country--fear and loathing. This is classic fascism. This country will not survive with this idiot in the White House.

Election officials fear ‘powder keg’ Trump will incite violence against them: reporter
Exactly what you will get from a fascist. Please don't expect this Nazi to stop at anything.

Exercise Your Right To Vote With the Knowledge That Voter Intimidation Is Against the Law
Voters should go to the polls expecting only to find friendly election workers and fellow engaged citizens.
Vote. If Trump wins this will be the final time America will be able to under a fascist government.

Video Shows Donald Trump Jr. Urging Supporters To Harass Kamala Harris In Texas
Donald Trump Jr. suggested that his father's supporters should harass members of the Biden campaign during their recent visit to Texas.
Nazi Jr. has a big mouth. This is fascism at it's worst. How can an American support trash like the Trumps? Please, let's not have a North Korean style dictatorship.

Rallies Led To 30K COVID Cases, 700 Deaths. Make Trump Pay For Holding Them
Make Trump pay a huge price beyond the ballot box for holding his rallies in your City. Demand payment from his Campaign NOW!
Trump is out spreading Covid everywhere like the Beast he is. Unless you're a sadist like Trump, you'll vote this bastard out for killing us the way he's done and is doing.

Fauci: 'We're In For A Whole Lot Of Hurt' With Coming Covid Surge
Fauci warned the United States needed to make an “abrupt change” in public health practices and behaviors.
The Trump shitheads won't listen to anything that resembles reason. And his Zombie hoards love his killing.

Labor leaders propose a general strike if Trump loses but does not accept the results
The United States has never had a nationwide general strike. Here's what that would look like
Trump must go and go he will go. Otherwise, America will never see peace until he does go.

The FBI is now investigating ‘Trump train’ that surrounded Biden campaign bus
If you don't fine everyone of these miscreants at least take away their driver's licensce. Then lock up Allen West for aiding and abetting attempted assault. Oh my, Allen you will be bothered.

Buttigieg denounces Trump campaign for 'suppressing voters' calling it 'a stain on that campaign forever'
Wanting to stop the counting indicates Trump doesn not care for our military. He merely hides behind them with fake support like he hides from reality day in and day out.

What Do We Want? Many Things! When Do We Want Them? P.D.Q.

‘Vile’ Trump is inciting his supporters to commit violence because he knows ‘he can’t win legitimately’: Mary Trump

The Trump Campaign Is Working Overtime to Delegitimize Tens of Millions of Ballots
No, counting mail-in votes is not the same as stealing the election.
The day will come when Trump will pay for his Nazi shit and he will pay dearly. So will his Nazi followers.

TV Hosts Confront Trump Advisers On President’s Smear Against Doctors
Corey Lewandowski admitted he hasn’t seen “evidence” for Trump’s claim that doctors are being paid to inflate COVID-19 deaths. Trump claimed without evidence at a campaign rally Friday that doctors were falsely reporting coronavirus-linked deaths for monetary gain.
Trump is the biggest piece of shit that ever stained the White House.

Republicans Seek To Toss Out 127,000 Ballots In Democratic-Leaning Texas County
The scum that call themseleves "Republican."

Texas Republicans Try To Invalidate More Than 100,000 Drive-Thru Votes In Harris County
A small group has issued a legal challenge in the state's largest and mostly Democratic county.
Here are the Nazis in Texas pulling their bully bullshit. Time for them to go.

North Carolina’s Police Attack on Election Marchers Had a Long History Behind It
A racist sheriff and a system of voter suppression meet in a cloud of pepper spray.
Time to rid our country of these miscreants. Sheriff positions should ALL be elminated for eternity.

Citizens Marching To The Polls In N.C. Saturday Got A Taste Of Voter Suppression And Pepper-Spray
Sheriff’s deputies and local police in Graham, the county seat of Alamance County, North Carolina, pepper-sprayed a crowd of people participating in a peaceful “I Am Change” march to the polls Saturday.
Land of the Happy Negro fascists tell their negroes to get happy or go home.
These "authorities" are the Trump fascists in action. These Nazis must be defeated and eradicated from a free country.

How Our Politics Came Undone
Under Trump, our notion of shared truth has been shattered. In its place, monsters have swarmed.
If America does not stop this hideous criminal then we will have doomed our country to the trashbin of history.

The Real Cancel Culture: Trump Rallies Sicken 30,000, Kill 700, and Trump Train Prevents Biden Gathering in Texas
The American people have it in their power to stop this cancellation of our health, well-being, and basic constitutional rights. On Tuesday, they can cancel Trump.

Lindsey Graham's closing message to women: ‘There’s a place for you in America’ if you ‘follow traditional family structure’
All you girls just listen to Lady G if you want to be a good girl. Behave just as Lady G says because Lady G knows how a woman should behave.

Stanford study links 18 Trump rallies to over 30,000 cases and 700 deaths: 'Killing Americans' to 'serve his own ego'

As the United States hits 100,000 cases in a single day, this really is Trump's idea of a victory
This is proof that this ugly creature cares not one whit about Americans. He only wants to deify himself. And his Nazis are crazy enough to endorse his death machine.

Businesses Around the Country Are Boarding Up Ahead of Election Day
At least the protest-proofing industry is booming.
The Trump Nazis are the cause of it all. They have turned American into a third world country.

It All Comes Down To This: Days Left To Preserve American Democracy

Biden Team Cancels Texas Event After Highway ‘Ambush’ by MAGA Cavalry
Dozens of pickup trucks, many with Trump flags, surrounded a Biden campaign bus as it traveled from San Antonio to Austin.
Nazis in Texas are no surprise. It's like Argentina after WW2 here. They haven't arrested anyone because the state government is a bunch of fascists. Like much of the Land of the Happy Negro, Texas is a sanctuary state for>

Kentucky governor condemns use of Hitler quotes in uncovered police training material
Here's your cops, America. It happens more often than not.

Founded on Inequality, Can the US Ever Be Truly Democratic and Inclusive?

A wave of reports expose Trumpworld corruption as the president's allies point fingers
More Trump corruption that America doesn't need. Kick this asshole out!

‘Very tired’ president shocks with short speech: ‘I’ve never seen Trump look less interested’
He's upset that Hitler had larger crowds.

‘Chaotic’ Trump has only himself to blame for impending re-election loss: Wall Street Journal

BUSTED: Texas GOP senator didn't graduate' from Oxford law program — as claimed in prior campaign
He does have an education, however, so why doesn't he use it?.

The “hanging chads” of 2020: More than 1 million mail-in ballots could be rejected this election
“Rejecting thousands of ballots would be enough” to swing a close race, says Columbia professor Richard Briffault
Why has America made it so difficult to vote? It's sheer stupidity. Just look at the model that Harris County, Texas has implemented and see what easy voting in American should look like. It's a no-brainer.

There Already Is a Republican Plan for Pre-Existing Conditions: It’s Called Obamacare

Trump is on a final crime spree of negligent homicide
Is it even possible that there are some people out there who have not voted yet that are missing this point?
Pennsylvania? Florida? Arizona? Surely, this can't be you can it? You have family to think of? Healthcare, if no other reason.

'The last stand of a demagogue’ — Rowdy MAGA rallies are Trump’s ‘last best hope of clinging to the presidency’: journalist

First combined flu and COVID-19 cases emerge in United States

Nearly 90,000 cases in a day: Pandemic skyrockets in third, highest peak yet
Peak in new cases will be followed by new peaks in hospitalizations and deaths.
Trump might become the biggest mass murderer in history.

'This Is Trump's Failure': US Reports Record 90,400+ Covid Cases in Just 24 Hours—Equivalent to One New Infection Every Second
"Another record day of Covid cases. Not because of testing—but because President Trump has given up on controlling the virus and his administration has failed the American people."

Two members of ‘The Base’ arrested for terrorizing Michigan family in case of mistaken identity
Fully exposing how dangerous terrorist dimwits can be.

Trump Gutted Post-2008 Financial Safeguards. Can We Avert Another Crash?
An expert weighs in on the looming crisis and what a new administration can do to stop it.

Millions Still Haven’t Gotten Stimulus Checks, Including Many Who Need Them Most
As many as 12 million Americans didn’t get their stimulus payment. Usually it’s because their income was too low. Here’s what they can do: Apply through the government’s glitchy platform (if they even qualify), and do so before Nov. 21.
Another Trump failure.

Philadelphia Cops Attack and Beat Woman, Steal Her Two-Year-Old, and Post Photo of Themselves “Comforting” the Child

How A Last-Minute Appeals Court Order Has Injected Mass Voter Chaos Into A Swing State
The corruption of Donald Trump reaches all the way to Minnesota. Make the shitstain pay for his fuckery, people.

The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani
He accuses others of influence-peddling—but look at who he’s been representing.

Denialism, Dishonesty, Deflection: The Final Days of the Trump Campaign Have It All

Noam Chomsky Believes Trump Is “the Worst Criminal in Human History”

In the Last Days of the Campaign, Trump Wallows in His Contempt for His Supporters

Can You Believe This Shit? Really, Can Ya?

Donald Trump's election mayhem is coming: Journalists must be ready to fight back
We know Trump will try to swamp this election in lies, rumors and lawsuits. Political media must be prepared
The world's greatest turd stirrer will be throwing them left and right so get your turd shields ready.

Trump’s ‘attempted purge’ of late ballots could screw over military voters: CNN’s John Avlon
Trump hates our "loser" troops. This is just more evidence of it.

‘I’ve got a jail cell’: Trump and his ‘goons’ threatened with arrest by angry Philly DA if they disrupt Election Day
You see, we are fed up with this shitbag and his goon squads.

As U.S. Hits 87,000 Daily COVID Cases, Trump Claims ‘You’re Gonna Get Better’
We'll commence healing on November 4 after the cancer has been removed.

Corrupt Florida Judge Resigns From Election Board After Discovery He's Full MAGA
Judge Brent Shore is also helping to count the votes in Florida on a canvassing board. Who trusts him with their ballot?

U.S. tops 88,000 COVID-19 cases, setting new single-day record
And your dear leader says it's over. How fucking deluded are you Trumpist killers?

Donald Trump and the American descent toward failed-state status

'Signs of a coming conflict are everywhere': Why a 2nd Civil War would be quite different from the 1st
This won't end well for the American Trump Taliban Terrorists.

Trump cancels North Carolina rally after outbreak from last rally — but he blames the wind
You mean his farts or is it the wind blowing his bullshit back in his face?

At least 6 Trump cabinet secretaries are accused or under investigation for violating federal law
Looks like Mrs. Whooopsie! is one. This is the most corrupt crew of cuthroats since Nixon's crime wave. The oil drips off them.

‘Shoot Black people’: Leaked chats show far-right activists fantasizing about killing random civilians
Americans know them. If they don't shoot-in-the-back, the American people will shoot back. These would-be terrorists will get what they're looking for somewhere.

How the ‘Trump Effect’ will live on: Openly fascist ‘Patriot Front’ haters gear up for next phase
Masked "Patriot Front" marchers brought their message of creating a fascist America to Washington, D.C., in January.
Fascist terrorists must be defeated by any means necessary. If they view their targets as fascist they have a serious thinking disorder. Freedom Fighters they are not. Their freedom is for the racist middle-aged white man that has the biggest chip on his shoulder and want to be just like their hero. If Trump isn't in prison, he'll be for hire, speaking anywhere some group of lost morons will pay his flim-flam price.
As I have always said, they are the American Taliban.

Why We Must Be Ready To Protect The Results
Trump is laying the groundwork to dispute the valid election results. That’s not hyperbole, Trump has said it clearly.
By any means necessary. Nothing less than our democracy is at stake.

The Far-Right Militias Supporting Trump
The armed, angry far-right men—and ex-military men in particular—who are already doing more than just standing by.
These men are potential terrorists and any action they take against citizens of the United States exercising their right to vote will be met with prosecution to the limits of the law against terrorism.

‘I regret voting for him': Ohioans hit by GM plant closure reflect on Trump

New jobless claims still exceed 750,000 in last week before election

Trump Quashed Probe Into Crimes by Bank in Turkey, Which Is Paying Trump
Grifting and corrupt to the end.

Herd immunity isn't possible, will lead to millions of deaths, and is White House policy
And that said, the economy will not be saved by ignoring the virus. It will only grow worse and take more of us with it.

Your Vote Is Your Voice – Lift It Up!

'Drop It Off or Vote in Person,' Advocates Plea as Supreme Court Suggests It Could Toss Out Late Pennsylvania Ballots After Election
"Don't leave your vote in the hands of the Supreme Court."
Exactly. The court is acting like, "go ahead and count the vote but we might change our mind about the count if we don't like the way it goes." What a fascist hoodwink that would be. They pull that scam and they will be forever disgraced and never again trusted.

Sanders and Klobuchar Explain to Trump: 'In America, We Count the Votes to Determine Who Wins'
Their joint statement came after the pair led a Senate report last week summarizing what Americans should expect on Election Day and reinforcing Democrats' call for everyone to vote.

'Dangerously Authoritarian': Trump Says 'Hopefully' Courts Will Stop States From Counting Ballots After November 3
"He's saying it out loud: he wants courts to block legally cast ballots from being counted."
This is the insanity that is Trump. The ballots are always counted. Trump, take a long walk off a short pier.

QAnon is Supposed to Be All About Protecting Kids. Its Primary Enabler Appears to Have Hosted Child Porn Domains.
Archives document Jim Watkins’ links to domains suggestive of underage sexual material.
QAnonsense is coming apart before our very eyes--collapsing under the sheer weight of its load of bullshit.

Regretful Trump voters feel betrayed after factory closure: ‘Maybe he’s not such a good businessman’
Many of Trump's former supporters now understand they have been hoodwinked by a flim-flam man.

How ‘America First’ Became America Alone
In his desperation to restore and showcase American strength, Donald Trump has made the country weaker.

Loeffler Makes Baffling Claim She Is ‘Not Familiar’ With Trump Access Hollywood Tape
Kelly, ever heard the phrase "Asleep at the Wheel"? Didn't think so. Buh-bye.

Trump Tries to Lay the Groundwork to Take This Election to the Courts — Let's Shut Him Down

Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes Standing By To Defend Donald Trump From Democracy
"It's 1860 all over again!" Does he want to lose the other eye?
These miscreants are such children. They've never grown up and imagine themselves to be on some great crusade. What failures.

Here’s how Trump could flee the country if he loses the election — and continue sowing political chaos

A look inside sports owners' political donations
So, they expect the athletes who don't support their ends to stay on the job? We'll see.

Coronavirus cases are at an all-time high ahead of Election Day
Congratulations, Fascists! You've done your superspreading assignments very well.

The Five Big Lies Beltway Press Can't Quit — And Must
5 big lies the press corps must stop laundering.
"Though varied, they share a common purpose: creating a system that’s separate but not equal, a lawful republic in which the very rich are free to choose while the rest of us are held responsible for their choices."

Former Supreme Court justice’s son helped Trump get Deutsche Bank loans: report

Federal judge compares pro-Trump robocall scammers to the KKK in furious order
Book 'em, Dano.

Philadelphia Riots, Looting Breaks Out As Walmart and Other Stores Ransacked
The law keeps doing the same thing and expecting different results: Ignoring the peaceful protests and focusing on the looters who are striking back because they get no reaction from the peacful protests. This is the definition of insanity. It will never change until everyone realizes this truth. If we do not understand this we will repeat this loop eternally.

What happens when a narcissist loses? Expect "rage" and "terror," psychologists warn
"A truly significant loss… may trigger not only a reign of terror but destruction without limit," one expert says

What the 2020 election means for science

Experts fear America is on the brink of civil war: ‘Millions of people are actively prepared to murder their countrymen’
The Trump terrorists are capable of extreme criminal actions against our country.

In ‘extraordinary step,’ international crisis group issues report warning of US election violence
"The report warns that “the ingredients for unrest are present” in the United States and puts the onus for that squarely at the feet of the president and his right-wing supporters."
We've always known who the aggressors are in this charade.

Trump’s Omaha rally disaster may have tanked his chances for a single electoral vote in Nebraska

Dow Plunges 600 Points On Third Day Of Losses As Market Panics Over Covid Resurgence
Did some dimwit say the pandemic was over? Who ya gonna believe, The Dow or the Don?
America, remove the dimwit.

‘Nothing short of evil’: Trump campaign’s latest voting lawsuit torched by veteran Nevada journalist
Evil is what Trump is. Evil is what his supporters do. Evil is what Trump's Supremely Evil Court is planning for us.

Ah Crap: The Arctic Is Releasing a Ton of New Greenhouse Gas
"... but the point is that this process has now been triggered.”

Antibody Study Shows No 'Herd Immunity' For COVID-19
The British study shows a drop in antibodies once the infection passes. You apparently aren't "immune" after you get well. Wash your hands!

Hospitals Buckling As COVID Admissions Soar By 46%

Older voters may secure a Biden victory in 2020’s swing states

Joe Biden TRIPLES His Wisconsin Lead Over Trump in ABC News/Washington Post Survey

"We Work. We Don't Think"
There is no vaccine for stupid.

If there’s a conspiracy to swing the election, it’s one alleging, not committing, voter fraud

The Stench of Trump’s Racism Will Cling to His Enablers Forever

Biden’s Path to 270 Widens, Trump’s Path Narrows, as Texas Moves to Toss Up

He tried it: Texas governor’s attempt to legalize discrimination is overturned
Help bring Texas into the 21st Century. Vote Democrat down your ticket.

Top Federal Election Official Corrects Trump: 'Counting Ballots—All of 'Em—Is the Appropriate, Proper, and Very Legal Way to Determine Who Won'
"An election is not a reality show with a big reveal at the end," said FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub.

'We've Made Such Progress, It's Incredible,' Trump Lies as US Hits Record 500,000 Covid Cases in One Week
"Trump's anti-science attitude is why 225,000 Americans are dead and why the pandemic is surging nationwide," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Trump makes the biggest gaff he could ever make to America.

‘Pure BS’: White House Torched For Peddling Fantasy Of Trump Ending COVID Pandemic

Donald Trump's existential threat to Social Security should be disqualifying

WH COVID Testing Czar Clashes With Trump’s ‘Rounding The Curve’ Claims, Says Rising Cases ‘Are Real’
More proof of Trump's insanity.

Trump burned to the ground by his own White House experts for ‘mind-boggling’ claim he ended COVID-19 pandemic
The virus does not care what Trump thinks. The virus does not care what anyonw thinks. The virus is here until it can be defeated by real men with real science.
This is simply more evidence of Trump's failure.

Experts: Justice Kavanaugh’s ‘sloppy’ opinion is an embarrassing mess riddled with errors
Just like the rest of the Trump mess.

How America Became a Country Full of Assholes

Trump Fans Left Stranded In The Cold For Hours After Omaha Rally
This shows how much concern Trump has for his base. He couldn't care less about exposing them to the elements. He only cares about his ego getting stroked. He's a gutless jerk.

Trump Predicts Biden Will Be Assassinated Just Weeks Into His Presidency
If any other citizen spoke these words, they'd be rightly investigated and arrested by the FBI.
Fully illustrating the pile of shit this shit pile is. No morals here.

Anti-Trump Republican Scorches The GOP Trump Enablers: 'They Didn't Save Anything!'
Former RNC spokesman Tim Miller raged against Republicans who justify their alliance with Trump by claiming they’re a backstop against his worst impulses: ‘You didn’t stop anything!”

Why the risk of election violence is high
Here's the reason: Trump and his Supreme Thugs insisting the vote count at midnight on November 3rd determines who the winner is. The rest of the ballots will be declared void by his Supreme Thugs. Got your weapons handy militias to stop this tyranny? I didn't think so.

Records show Trump’s border wall is costing taxpayers billions more than initial contracts
As the presidential election nears, a review of federal spending data found modifications to contracts have increased the price of the border wall by billions, costing about five times more per mile than it did under previous administrations.
Good thing the economy is so good, eh?

Militia leader denies that flying a Confederate flag is racist in NBC News exposé
Land of the Happy Negro militia leader sez his flag merely boosts the morale of the local Negroes.

Evangelical Group: The COVID Vax Is The Mark Of The Beast, You Will Suffer “Fiery Torment In Burning Sulfur”
When will these pitiful creatures ever get a life and get something right? The so-called "Mark" is Donald Trump's signature of the shark that bites.

Trump Continues Bid To Get MI Governor Killed
He won't stop with her.

20 former U.S. Attorneys—all Republicans—join stampede of former GOP officials backing Biden
Trump has nothing left but the disgruntled, disillusioned middle-aged white men who have been jerks all their lives and think that Trump gives them authority to be gun-toting bullies.

Judge: Trump Can't Pretend He's Above The Law In E. Jean Carroll Case
His statements regarding the woman who is accusing him of rape don't fall under the category of "government employee doing his job." DUH.
Nail him.

Sunrise Movement Teams Up With Texas Democratic Party to Turn Out Young Voters and Flip Texas Blue

Mitch McConnell gets torn to shreds as 'evil' and cruel' in local paper column
Kentucky paper slams Mitch McConnell for gloating over Supreme Court while residents of his state suffer
This miscreant should be thrown out of office as far as possible.

They Did It. In Seven Days, It's Our Turn.
They won this battle. They did not win this war.

Barrett And Senate Republicans Prioritize Her Religious Freedom Over Mine

Patriotic Millionaires Blast SCOTUS Nomination Process as Illegitimate and Anti-American
“Republicans in the Senate have revealed their true colors. They are concerned with the accumulation of power at any cost, and nothing else.”

370 "Count Every Vote" Rallies Planned On Nov. 4 If Trump Contests Results, Prematurely Declares Victory
Bipartisan coalition grows to 135 groups as organizations prepare for massive post-election mobilization.

Republicans collapsing in Georgia

Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation is an “Affront to Our Democratic Processes”

Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Is Proof That Norms Are Dead
And history will show who is responsible for this — the Republicans.

The oil industry actually hasn’t done that well under Trump
Energy executives say the White House has set up a system where only a relative handful of favorite energy executives have access to people who can shape policy.

Biden’s Economic Edge

Judge Smacks Down DOJ Role In Defending Trump From Rape Claim

When the QAnon Apocalypse Doesn’t Come
The aftermath of failed end times.

Republicans Do Not Expect Trump To Lose. That’s a Problem.
"There is not much Democrats can do about this. It falls on responsible Republican leaders–if there are any left–to attempt to break through the wall of disinformation and shine the light of reality onto the GOP base before it’s too late."

Here's the Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas — the Most Corrupt Supreme Court Justice

Time to dump the presidential dilettante — he's a cruel and incompetent failure
Donald Trump is blindingly cruel and stupid, and has done immense damage to America. This is our last chance

The coronavirus is starting to crush some hospitals
When cases surged earlier on, “our governments reacted,” Megan Ranney, an emergency medicine professor at Brown University, told the Washington Post. “We closed bars. We closed restaurants. We enforced mask mandates. And I’m not seeing a lot of that nationally right now.”
And there's a reason for that. The Trump government has surrendered to the virus.

Our military is up to something in South America
Is a war something Trump would start as a distraction? He'll do anything.

Brett Kavanaugh caught lying in SCOTUS opinion against voting access during the pandemic: report
Trump fascist on court shows the color of his trousers.

One of Trump’s justices just suggested blocking state courts from protecting voting rights: analysis
Trump's fascist court is alread at work fucking over the country.

Exclusive: 600 U.S. Groups Linked to Chinese Communist Party Influence Effort with Ambition Beyond Election

Harvard just released a poll that should give Trump’s campaign heartburn

Trump has become ‘The Incredible Shrinking President’ as Americans tune him out: Pennsylvania AG

Trump’s DHS prepares to send federal agents to cities for election: ‘We have teams ready to go’
Trump's Nazi storm trooper thuggies ready to attack citizens attempting to vote. They will fail bigly.

Biden Offers Timeline For COVID Response As Country Reels From Fall Wave

A Weapon Against Trump's Fake 'Army' Of Poll Watchers
Postcards4USA has printable documents for each state on WHO can be in a polling place...and who cannot.

Ivanka And Jared Brag About Casting Their Votes By Mail
For MAGA supporters and Trump family members voting by mail is just fine. But if you want to vote against Trump then it's a fraud.
I'll attempt a logical statement to Trump voters one last time. Do you see how this is counter to Trump policy? Just try to use your brain, please.

Whiner: Crybaby Trump Thinks Walking Out On Lesley Stahl Looks Strong
'Why's everybody always picking on me?'
Who does he think he is? Charlie Brown?

Coronavirus may dull the body's pain receptors, helping the unsuspecting spread it, study says
Researchers at the University of Arizona describe how the novel coronavirus cleverly hijacks pain receptors

Nicolle Wallace takes down conservative Peggy Noonan’s anti-Kamala Harris hit-piece: ‘You don’t know jack-bleep’
Another one doing her best projection. If anyone is insubstantial and frivolous it's this yo-yo. You like it when your fat boy fucks around looking like a bloated balloon.

Biden Takes Aim At WH’s ‘Deadly Admission’ That It Won’t Be Able To Control COVID

The GOP under Trump now resembles authoritarian parties in Hungary and Turkey: study on Senate Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett
“...a direct assault on our climate and our communities."

FBI Sits on Report Detailing White-Supremacist Terror Threat

Biden has solid lead in Wisconsin, narrower edge in Pennsylvania: Reuters/Ipsos poll
Keep voting until the polls close on November 3rd. It ain't over till it's over.

NY Times calls out Trump’s broken promises on creating a manufacturing renaissance in America
Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail.

Texas GOP Governor Abbott to deploy 1000 National Guard troops for election
Hopefully they are on the voters side. But it just makes us look like a third-world country.

Pompeo Facing Yet Another Ethics Probe, This Time For Jerusalem RNC Speech
His Pompousness — crooked as a snake.

This Is What It Feels Like to Live Under Minority Rule
The powerlessness is the point.
And our government having "rules" that are constantly changed always helps as well.

Trump’s promise to save Carrier jobs from moving out of the country was a big bust: report
Another Trump failure. And the market went south today on report of increasing virus cases. This is what America wants to continue?

Trump supporters revolt against surgeon general over warning about COVID affecting Thanksgiving
The virus does not care about your Thanskgiving celebration. This is the part you are too stupid to interpret. He used the word "caution." You are too egocentric to understand this.

Trump is dragging down Republicans in Pennsylvania — and Democrats could take the Assembly: report
But they love an addled Adderall abuser who is stoned out of his mind.

In rural America, resentment over COVID-19 shutdowns is colliding with rising case numbers
The virus does not care about cultural collisions.

As Senate Dems hold talkathon in protest, Elizabeth Warren condemns GOP vote on Barrett as ‘last gasp of a desperate party’
A party of which I was once a member. But it ran into a sewer. A sewer named Trump.

New Yorkers Brave Depressingly Long Lines on First Weekend of Early Voting
I'll one-up AOC. It's a national outrage right now.

Trump plans to purge every last vestige of competence from the federal government if he wins
And when that happens democracy will be dead and Trump will assume his role as dictator for life. Say goodbye to what the United States was once upon a time.

Trump Spreads Hate With Extra Helpings Of Coronavirus Everywhere He Goes
Everything Trump touches dies.

Nearly 10,000 eviction notices issued across five states in past month: report
And Trump calls his economy great? The joke's on us.

Ted Cruz BUSTED For Lying: Trump DID Campaign On Cutting Deficit In 2016
Sen. Ted Cruz once again exposed himself as a liar and a charlatan as he made-believe Trump didn't campaign on cutting the deficit.
Another jerk that should be escorted to the exit.

Trump appointee resigns over the president’s order removing job protections for many civil servants
Ronald Sanders—a man with a spine and a man who recognizes a fascist when he sees one.

The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers
Fewer and fewer reporters cover the local institutions whose decisions most directly affect their neighbors’ lives.
Another in a series of great failures starting with the internet generation.
"An internet is a horrible thing to waste."

Trump’s Legacy is COVID and QAnon
A poisoning of the American body and the mind.

Jared Kushner ripped to shreds for Fox News comments on Black Americans

Asylum Is Dead. The Myth of American Decency Died With It.
Donald Trump took a broken system and turned it into a machine of unchecked cruelty.

Trump Asks SCOTUS To Limit NC Absentee Ballot Count
Here's the whiny baby election rigger at work. Send him home so he can be sent to a cell.

With Covid-19 Rife Among VP Staffers, Democrats Says Pence Presiding Over Senate a 'Violation of Common Decency'
"Your presence alone could be very dangerous to many people—not just Senators, but to all the truly essential staff—both Democratic and Republican—who must be physically present inside the U.S. Capitol for it to function."

Ralph Nader's election wisdom: 'In the swing states, you have to vote for Joe Biden'
"Trump has at least 3,400 conflicts of interest."

Here's what psychologists say about Trump's overly large, narcissistic signature

Trump Wants COVID-19 Media Coverage To Be Illegal: ‘Should Be An Election Law Violation’
I've heard some really stupid, idiotic garbage from this motherfucker but he's gone about as nuts as he can go with this.
This should prove to anyone that has a clue that this failure doesn't give a shit for anyone but his own sad suckass selfish self.

GOP voter suppression tactics are blowing up in their face in Georgia: report
America is fighting Trump fascism.

Trump doesn't have a second-term economic plan
His only plan ever was to line his pockets.

Trump's EPA refuses to reduce pollutants linked to coronavirus deaths
The EPA actually loosened reporting requirements for coal plants and other polluters, dismissing the risk
These assholes are not environmentalists. Throw their ass in the gutter.

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: In the homestretch, Republicans smell the stench of defeat

Ditching The Donald: Trump’s largest voter base is fleeing at an alarming rate
The single largest segment of Trump's base admits they have become embarrassed by his actions

Will Trump supporters accept defeat? If he loses, it could get really ugly
Trump's been telling his fans for weeks that there's no way he can lose. So they're primed for a vicious backlash
The Trump Criminal Syndicate will try any means to throw the election his way. Any means.

You Cannot Decarcerate by Using the Tools of Incarceration, Says Mumia Abu-Jamal

To Defeat Fascism, We Must Recognize It’s a Failed Response to Capitalist Crisis

70-plus science journalists pen open letter condemning Barrett for enabling 'ecological crisis of our times'
We will pay for decades for the failures of this Trump action. But Trump and his henchmen will pay as well. It's only a matter of time.

'Victory for Humanity': Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons to Take Effect as Honduras Becomes 50th Nation to Ratify
The United States has not ratified the treaty and the Trump administration is actively urging nations to withdraw from it.
Trump continues his tradition of Americanbringing up the rear.

Rick Perry argues ‘Texas is not a battleground state’ — after Dallas Morning News poll shows Biden leading
Rick has three reasons that's the case. 1. It's Texas. 2. It's always Republican 3. It's...He forgot the 3rd.

Amy Coney Barrett confirmation will destroy the court’s ‘legitimacy’ for years to come: former Anthony Kennedy clerks
That the "America First Policies, Inc." bought TV ads for this candidate is unusual. Since SCOTUS candidates are an appointed position why are endorsment advertisements necessary? They have been connected to racist and Nazi activity in the past. This organization needs to be probed.

Conservative New Hampshire paper breaks 100-year tradition of GOP presidential endorsements with nod to Biden

Fox News report crushes Hunter Biden smear after network investigation ‘found no role for Joe Biden’
The last bullet is a blank.

Senate Republicans preparing for ‘potentially catastrophic’ election blowout with 12 seats now in play: report

Every second another American gets COVID as 100,000 new daily cases are predicted by election
"...It was in the blue room where stood the prince, with a group of pale courtiers by his side. At first, as he spoke, there was a slight rushing movement of this group in the direction of the intruder, who, at the moment was also near at hand, and now, with deliberate and stately step, made closer approach to the speaker...."

The 'Q' movement is a pro-terrorist Trumpian cult
"...But from a certain nameless awe with which the mad assumptions of the mummer had inspired the whole party, there were found none who put forth hand to seize him; so that, unimpeded, he passed within a yard of the prince's person; and, while the vast assembly, as if with one impulse, shrank from the centres of the rooms to the walls, he made his way uninterruptedly, but with the same solemn and measured step which had distinguished him from the first, through the blue chamber to the purple — through the purple to the green — through the green to the orange — through this again to the white — and even thence to the violet, ere a decided movement had been made to arrest him...."

The 'Q' movement is a pro-pedophile, pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic Nazi-adjacent Trumpian cult
...It was then, however, that the Prince Prospero, maddening with rage and the shame of his own momentary cowardice, rushed hurriedly through the six chambers, while none followed him on account of a deadly terror that had seized upon all....

Several People in Vice President Mike Pence’s World Now Have Covid-19
Why wouldn't they. They don't try to protect themselves because they are Covidiots.
"...He bore aloft a drawn dagger, and had approached, in rapid impetuosity, to within three or four feet of the retreating figure, when the latter, having attained the extremity of the velvet apartment, turned suddenly and confronted his pursuer...."

How Did We Get Here? And How Do We Get Out?
"...There was a sharp cry — and the dagger dropped gleaming upon the sable carpet, upon which, instantly afterwards, fell prostrate in death the Prince Prospero...."

As Trump Downplays the Third Wave, Another COVID-19 Outbreak Strikes the White House
"...Then, summoning the wild courage of despair, a throng of the revellers at once threw themselves into the black apartment, and, seizing the mummer, whose tall figure stood erect and motionless within the shadow of the ebony clock, gasped in unutterable horror at finding the grave cerements and corpse-like mask which they handled with so violent a rudeness, untenanted by any tangible form...."

New coronavirus type found in Norway: It is transmitted at large distances
"...And now was acknowledged the presence of the Red Death...."

Trump has revealed that ‘truth and reason’ don’t matter to politics: political scientist
"...He had come like a thief in the night. And one by one dropped the revellers in the blood-bedewed halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall...."

Darkness at Midnight
"...And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay...."

Americans Are Losing Sight of What Fascism Means
Many Americans who brand Trump and his allies as fascists are paying too little attention to abuses in Hong Kong and cultural genocide in Xinjiang.
"...And the flames of the tripods expired...."

"...And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."....

Meadows: “We’re Not Going To Control The Pandemic”
The Trump administration has officially abandoned America. It's every man for himself now. They have washed their hands of all you and all of your family. Now, can someone tell me how in the world they can cast a vote for so-called leaders that surrender.
“Because it is a contagious virus just like the flu.” Just like the flu? Since when does the flu bog down health care and hospitals to the breaking point where they can't take anymore cases—where they can't take care of any other kind of health care need because they are swamped with only one pandemic? Over 100 years ago, I suppose. Meadows is admitting to us that they have failed. These people and their followers have turned into a cult. They are now forcing people to become infected.

CBS Poll: Biden +2 In FL, Biden +4 In NC, Tied In GA

White House’s White Nationalist Ties Are Exposed, And Its Fox Defenders Go On The Attack
White nationalism is injected into the veins of this administration at every level, and Tucker Carlson won't stand for anyone who dares expose it.
It's called fascism. And we fought a world war against it.

Trump Debt To Deutsche Bank Reason Enough To Throw Him Out Of Office
David Cay Johnston explained why Donald Trump’s $200 million debt to Deutsche Bank, “a criminal organization in America with a banking license,” is "rife with corruption."
Well, sure. The McConnell Syndicate of Crime is the only protection the dickhead has. Otherwise he'd be fitted for a cell by now.

Pres. Barack Obama Rips Trump AGAIN: 'Florida Man Wouldn't Even Do This Stuff'
Early voting is on the agenda with President Obama stumping for his former VP, Democratic nominee Joe Biden!

MJ Hegar Bites Back With Kick-A**, Profanity-Laden Response To Cornyn's Tone-Policing
John Cornyn's fragile azz can't handle MJ Hegar's colorful language on campaign trail.
John doesn't like getting his ass kicked by a woman. So, John, take if from me, you deserve all the shit she'll hand your ass.

Voting Rights Roundup: Supreme Court poised to upend federalism itself to gut voting protections
The rape of our country will be at our doors in no time. Prepare for the war.

The Art of Packing
While accusing Democrats of wanting to "pack the courts," Trump has appointed almost a quarter of all active federal judges in the United States.
Prepare for the coming war for the next generation.

NPR and the Corporate Criminal Element
Suffice it to say that the corporate criminal element has infused NPR with millions of dollars of donations.

Barrett Poised to Be Sixth SCOTUS Justice Hand-Picked by Federalist Society
When the Federalist Society of Fascism is declared dead and buried forvever, it will be a great day for a new dawn in America.

What "Civil" Debate? The One I Watched Revealed Donald Trump as a Cold-blooded Psychopath
One sick fuck.

Critics laugh at GOP’s boastful tweets about Trump’s ‘accomplishments
His greatest accomplishment was to shit and fall back in it.

Trump Sues To Stop Count Of Nevada Mail-In Votes
Trump is an abusive fascist traitor that must be taught a lesson. He's worse than trailer trash.

The only Chicagoan of the Chicago 7 just wrote a memoir and says he's a fan of the Netflix movie 'Trial of the Chicago 7'

Trump's America gets caught with its pants down in 'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm'
Trump's America wears pants? I thought they wore diapers.

'We're Rounding the Corner Beautifully,' Trump Lies Just Before US Hits Another Record: 85,000+ New Covid-19 Cases
"Trump's lies and his rejection of science have cost us tens of thousands of lives. We need a new president," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Why isn't Trump in prison?

Donald Trump Has Been Even Worse Than Everyone Expected
Separating migrant children from their parents. Using the presidency to line his pockets. Encouraging conspiracy theories.
It's quite stunning how many Americans hate America. They show their hate by supporting this fascist criminal.

SurveyMonkey poll: Trump improves, but not enough
I don't know about you but I don't understand why Trump performs in blackface. It is a clear picture of his sickness. The color of his hands show him to be a pasty white man in blackface. Something that should offend everyone except his racist Zombies.

Newsmax TV Is Coming for Fox News by Hiring All the Crazies. Is It Actually Working?
Just what America needs -- another open sewer where the turds float freely.
That this sort of putrid carnival sideshow crap flows in the U.S. clearly illustrates how sick a certain portion of our population has devolved.

Here's the list of white supremacist and extremist Trump donors the president's campaign refuses to denounce
A list of smug seditious scumbags.

The year of constant sorrow: Defeating Donald Trump won't heal the damage of 2020
In a year of worsening pandemic and avoidable tragedy, we must find the strength to rebuild and go on

Trump’s smile falls from his face as his attempt to get a foreign leader to attack Biden backfires
It should indict Trump as the criminal he is.

'Epic Level of Corruption': Postal Service Quietly Awards $5 Million Contract to DeJoy's Former Company
"Reminder that Louis DeJoy still needs to be fired."
These miscreants have turned our country into an open sewer.

First-Class Mail Missing Arrival Dates as Millions Vote by Mail, USPS Data Shows
Fascist election rigging might just fuck us over again. These bastards must answer for this.

Jared and Ivanka threaten to sue the Lincoln Project for ‘enormous’ damages over Times Square billboards on COVID: report
The brats are upset. They've had their brains occupied.

Trump gets schooled by a historian for comparing his achievements to Abraham Lincoln’s

Is Republican Voter Suppression Starting to Backfire?

Another Record: US Reports 82,600 New COVID Cases
We continue to pay for Trump's failures.

Airlines Put Hundreds Of Covidiots On No Fly Lists
Lamebrains get grounded.

Why It's So Hard To Buy A New Refrigerator These Days
Something else that the pandemic has caused. We experienced it today. We were lucky on a couple of items but not on one other. The salesclerk told us how bad it had been for sales this year because the pandemic screwed up supply. Thanks for that, Trump. I guess he never had to worry about getting laundry done.

Quinnipiac poll finds Biden, Trump tied in Texas

Biden Makes the Strongest Case Yet for His Presidency

Militias Pose High Risk of Election Violence, New Report Says
Domestic terrorists will meet with their usual fate.

Trump family ally and Giuliani speechwriter taken into federal custody in New York
The masquerade is nearly over. The Red Death is in the castle now.

Trump buried in mockery after trying — and failing — to get Israeli prime minister to slam Biden
One day he's dumb, next day he's dumber.

Doctor in Trump 2020 ad is actually a Russian actress: CNBC
And here's dumber dumber.

Trump still looked like a callous psychopath despite his relatively calm demeanor at the final debate
Impossible for him to look any other way.

Judge orders Postal Service to restore high-speed mail sorting machines
You've got mail!

The Attorney General's Office has sidelined four of the seven whistleblowers who reported Ken Paxton to law enforcement
Two were fired and two placed on leave — moves employment attorneys say will likely spark a whistleblower lawsuit. A spokesperson for Paxton said the personnel changes were not related to the whistleblower allegations.
Coincidental, of course, Ken.

Trump’s voters loved him in the first debate — but on Thursday, he seemed sour, flattened and all but defeated

Joe Biden +7 Over Trump In New Pennsylvania Poll

Trump says the nation is 'turning a corner' as COVID-19 cases reach a new single-day record
This is the lunacy of the Trump lie. This is the disgrace of his supporters. Each one complicit in his murders of Americans.
And they bitch about former felons being able to vote.

Another Plot To Assassinate Joe Biden Discovered By FBI - North Carolina Man In Custody Since May
Donald Trump is the inspiration for these domestic terrorists. "He is the chief radicalizer. He is inciting people to violence," says Elizabeth Neumann.
"This is what Fox State Hate TV has wrought. This is what Donald Trump has wrought. This is what an education textbook industry based almost entirely in Texas has wrought. This is what a thoroughly anemic civics education and a desperate need for media literacy education has wrought. This is what systemic and openly sanctioned racism and sexism has wrought."
This is why Trump must be eradicated.

Friday News Dump: Trump Order Guts The Civil Service, And Other News
Just because he's a clown doesn't mean he's not dangerous.
Trump has damaged more American lives than any other president.

'Cruelty Was Always the Plan': Pressed on Mass Family Separations in Final Debate, Trump Smears Victims as 'Bad People'
"The Trump immigration agenda is defined by cruelty: it's responsible for six children dying in cages, forced women into unnecessary surgeries including sterilizations, continued deportation flights in the middle of a pandemic."

Our long national nightmare may soon be over: Critics and voters dump on Trump after final 2020 debate

Dutch Hacker Gains Access To Trump's Twitter Account
The hacker breached security on his fifth attempt. Trump's password? "maga2020!"
Cheetolini: Security Expert. ROFLMAO!

Pete Buttigieg To Fox News: Let's Talk About The President's Secret Chinese Bank Account
Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum's viewers got a giant dose of truth served up to them about Trump's sleazy smears and the real stench of corruption.
I'm surprised they even allow Pete on any longer. He's devestated their fantasy world.

Trump Mocked For Taking ‘Full Responsibility’ For COVID And Also None At All
“I take full responsibility,” Trump said, before quickly adding: “It’s not my fault it came here. It’s China’s fault.”
What a statement. A zero conclusion. Intellectually devoid. Total nonsense. Typical Trump bullshit.

Trump’s Last Hurrah Was Saturated With Racist Appeals
America needs this guy like we need an atomic bomb barrage on us.

‘How Are You All Still Doing This?’: Pundits Roasted For Painting Trump As A Newly Tamed Beast
There's a word for what these pundits are. We all know what it is. It starts with the letter "W."

WATCH: Biden destroys Trump for claiming 545 kids forever separated from their parents were trafficked by ‘coyotes’
"Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were the creators of the policy to separate children from their parents, many of whom were seeking asylum, as a method to harm the families."
Eveyone of these bastards should be convicted of child abuse.

‘Serial dishonesty’: CNN fact checker says Trump spewed falsehoods from ‘his very first sentence’ at debate
Liars gonna lie.

WATCH: Trump immediately caves at debate after moderator fact checks him on having vaccine ‘within weeks’

Trump tried to give Joe Biden the Hillary Clinton treatment — and it fell totally flat: NYT’s Haberman

Whoops, Trump did it again — the same blackmail scheme that got him impeached
Trump was impeached for blackmailing Ukraine's president. Now he's trying the same scheme on his own FBI director
What do you expect from a lamebrain?

Trump Needed a Big Break. His Fox News Brain Got in the Way.
There’s no way to spin it. Trump’s in trouble. Thursday night’s debate didn’t appear to give him the lifeline he needed.

Trump’s “Unfair” Closing Argument
It’s a family matter.
Throw the bitch out.

More than 47 million ballots cast in U.S. election, eclipsing 2016 early turnout

Arizona Is Ready to Toss Trump — and the Rest of the GOP
“Trump’s coalition is in a state of collapse.”
Trump and his team have nothing. No ammo. No hope. They are swinging in the darkness they have created themselves.

‘This guy is a dog whistle’: Biden lights Trump up after he claims to be ‘least racist’ person at debate
Biden carved Trump to pieces. He'll never be the same again.

Fantasies are not facts’: Trump ridiculed for his meltdowns at final presidential debate

Trump Speaks At Length During Debate In Indecipherable Code Of Far-Right Fever Swamps
A very sick man.

Joe Biden just wiped the floor with Trump
But you still have to vote Trump the fuck out.

Trump Forced Republicans into the Dumbest Corner
You mean he shit and fell back in it.

QAnon Is Becoming a Republican Dog Whistle
Even some candidates who don’t openly support the conspiracy theory are using Q-related talking points to attack their Democratic challengers.
QAnonsense is dumbassery to the nth degree.

Trump Is Toast
Two new pieces of data are the final nails in the coffin.
There is no skew, no shyness, no conspiracy that can overcome numbers like that.
Which clearly means Trump must resort to criminal acts to overcome it. Which he is most willing to do.
Get ready for a shit throwing contest.

How Racist Are Republicans? Very.

Fox News host predicts impeachment for President Biden — right after inauguration
Fine, Gutless. We will move on to President Harris in that case you dipshit. And brother you'd better wear your cup everyday cause those testicles will be in a bottle on her shelf.

Trump’s Supreme Court gambit killed his last chance of defeating Joe Biden: Conservative columnist

New Poll Confirms That High Youth Turnout Would Doom Trump
C'mon kids, you can do it. For the team.

Everyone Is Tired of Donald Trump
Sick and fucking tired.

Biden +10 In Third Straight Quinnipiac National Poll

NC Man Arrested In Terror Plot To Kill Biden, Vehicle Found With Explosives, Assault Rifle, $509,000 In Cash
Land of the Happy Negro zealot carries $509,000 in spare change. "... If anything I have to save bernie.” Not surprised.
Ever notice that Trump's signature looks like "David Dummy"?

Trump Supporter Arrested For Requesting Absentee Ballot For Dead Mother
The president accuses Democrats of “voter fraud,” but one of his supporters became the first person in a Pennsylvania county charged with the crime in 30 years.
You mean to tell me that they finally arrested a fascist crook? Don't stop with him!

Russia remains a bigger threat than Iran, has hacked into 'state and local computer networks'

Trump's 60 Minutes Interview Reveals Him To Be A Whiny Brat
Between his decision to end the interview rather than answer hard questions and his lies, it's clear the entire 60 Minutes interview is a waste of time.
Really? I had not heard he's such a whiny little bitch. A real stunner.

Wrecking America: How Trump’s Lawbreaking and Lies Betray All
If you don’t want such a person as your neighbor, why would you want him as your President where he’d have exponentially more power to harm you and your family?
Duhhh...because you're illiterate?

Iran behind supposed “Proud Boys” voter-intimidation emails, Feds allege
FBI and senators all beg Americans: please do not fall for shady disinformation.
Tell it to Cheetolini.

Amy Coney Barrett Is The Wrong Choice For The Supreme Court
Of course, but the fascists will ram her down America's throat for the rest of her life.

Explosive report reveals Russian hacking that could presage electoral chaos to help Trump
The Russian asshat is at it again.

Anthony Scaramucci is on a mission to stop Trump: "Something's wrong with him mentally"
Salon talks to the former White House comms director about why he and other Republicans have turned against Trump
As if anyone that's not already batshit crazy can't see he's mentally impaired.

The pandemic is getting worse again
Contrary to what Cheetolini pisses out.

‘Misinformation and lies’: Cindy McCain tears into pro-Trump conspiracy theorists

Armed guards at Florida polling site say they were sent by the Trump campaign
"Fatso sent me."
As previously stated, these Trump criminals seem to get away with anything.

NC Neo-Confederates face investigation for illegal campaign donations to GOP candidates

Expert: Trump’s ‘forward-leaning posture’ and ‘body tics’ are cause for serious concern
The fascists aren't concerned. Constant twitching like a spastic? That's a normal look for them.

‘Humiliating self-own’: Trump mocked after touting binder full of his ‘accomplishments’ — but photo shows blank page
Fatso was exposed as the fraud he is and it upset the poor baby.

This Doug Collins Campaign Ad Is A Military Crime
For years Doug Collins has attacked DoD regulations to make them conform to his Christian dominionist agenda. Now, he's flatly ignoring regulations he doesn't like. But campaigning in uniform is a flat-out crime that calls for court martial.
Funny how our fascist criminals never bear any consequence of their crimes. And they preach "Law and Order!"

Stupid 'Court Packing' Question
"The Court is already packed." says the South Carolina Congressman. And there's more...
Exactamundo! Who already packed the court? The moron Orange Gibbon.

Pres. Barack Obama Rips Trump Hard At Philadelphia Rally For Joe Biden
President Barack Obama just let 4 years of frustration and anger at Donald Trump's wastrel presidency fly at a Philadelphia car rally.
What a real president sounds like as opposed to incompetent babbling fool that has polluted our country.

"Hypocrisy is rank": Catholic newspaper urges Senate to "reject" Amy Coney Barrett in scathing op-ed
"Americans deserve better than a relativist dressed in originalist drag," the National Catholic Reporter staff says

“Disturbingly Kafkaesque”: Judge rips Betsy DeVos for denying 94% of student debt forgiveness claims
DeVos rejected thousands of applications from defrauded students without adequate explanation, judge says
I'm sure you're challenging poor Betsy on the "Kafkaesque" remark. She probably thinks you're complaining about her throat clearing.
"Kafkaesque" merely scratches the surface of this fucking nightmare we're in.

Trump slammed as 'mass murderer' after White House docs show he lied about recent COVID surge
As previously stated, he's giving Hitler a run for his money.

Rudy Giuliani faces questions after compromising scene in new Borat film
Trump’s personal attorney has indiscreet encounter with actor playing Borat’s daughter in hotel room during pandemic
And THEY talk about pedophelia? Again—projection. ROFLMAO!

Maryland man arrested over plot to kidnap, beat, sodomize and murder Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on national TV
The scum just keeps getting thicker and stupider.

Trump superfan proven right in alcohol-related crash: ‘I have a better chance of dying in a car crash than I do from COVID’
How do we know he didn't already have Covid 19? Did they do an autopsy? In any event, The Twilight Zone strikes again.

Trump's war on voting is backfiring — but that could change with Barrett on the Supreme Court
Trump is failing to keep people from voting. But if Barrett is confirmed, he still has a shot at stealing this

Trump's '60 Minutes' Interview Is Looking like a Disaster Before It Even Airs
Making sense is not Trump's forte. Everything Trump touches dies.

What Amy Coney Barrett Means For the Climate
Roe v. Wade and Obamacare aren’t the only things endangered by Republicans’ rushed Supreme Court nomination.

‘Borat 2’ Exposes the Insidious Racism of Trump’s America

Fifty Trillion Reasons Why
How to understand the massive transfer in wealth to the top 1 percent—and what to do about it.

Trump’s Taxes Show the President Has an Awful Lot of China-Linked Financial Interests
Is he kicking the gong around? Trump is a huge fraud.

Scott Baio attacks ‘Happy Days’ reunion: ‘I don’t believe in socialism and Marxism’
Neither Democrat candidate believes in them either. But Scott believes in murdering Americans and racism.
Nobody gave a shit about Chachi anyway.

USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 7 points in pivotal Pennsylvania

QAnon And The Long History Of 'Satanic Panic'
It's a tale as old as "blood libel" and "satanic cult hysteria." Also, selling QAnon merch on Etsy.
Did you know they are building a special institution for all these freaking morons? They'll all learn to hook rugs.

Donald Trump Throws Massive Twitter Tantrum After Walking Out On 60 Minutes Interview
Donald Trump is never one to shy away from media interviews, yet Tuesday he seemed to be really unhappy with a 60 Minutes interview, sharing that bizarre tantrum on Twitter.
Did the widdle baby spill his Pablum? What a meathead.

Voters In At Least Two States Received Threatening Emails To ‘Vote For Trump Or Else’
The stratagy of losers. Are they going into the booth with you to make sure?

5 Points On The Short Term PA Voting Rights Win That’s Stoking Long Term Fears About SCOTUS And Elections
The fascists will be making life harder on all of us as time passes. You can count on it.

The overwhelming aftershocks of the pandemic
Watch the documentary "Totally Under Control" to see how "dear leader" fucked it up and is responsible for thousands of American deaths. He's giving Hitler a run for his money.
It's running on Hulu at this time. It's a must see.

Feds to Let 15,000 Worship on National Mall—Masks Be Damned
I'm sure we all love living in this fucking insane asylum.
"But let’s be clear, there is no way to host an event like this without putting people in danger.”
Sean Feuchts is one more simple-ass moron to contend with.

Chris Evans and (Certain) Avengers Assemble to Slam Trump: ‘The Fish Rots from the Head’
The Avengers assembled for a Biden fundraiser, with Kamala Harris joining Captain America in a plea to stop the sowing of division, and for voters to unite to save the world.

Progressives unite for last-ditch effort to delay Amy Coney Barrett vote — by impeaching Bill Barr
By any means necessary. ANY!

These Trump voters explain why they finally turned on him — and will now vote for Biden

Fascism in America
Words matter. We must call what is happening in the US by its true name.
Now we are all calling it what it is. The fascists already knew who they were.

Ice Cube Burns Eric Trump For Tweeting Fake Photo Of Him And 50 Cent
The rapper slammed the president’s son with just two words.
"Things will continue to get dumber." Meaning anything with "Trump" or the Nazi sign "MAGA" scrawled on it.

Trump Judges Pretty Sure Abortion In Kentucky Is Illegal
"The worst-case scenario — and one that Judges Larsen and Readler seem to be pushing for with their terrible decision — is that this case is used by our new, fascist Supreme Court to restrict abortion rights everywhere."

The more ‘Boogaloo’ activists at Michigan rally spoke, the more ominous-sounding they became
Give the fools enough rope...and you can retrieve your previously desecrated Hawaiian shirts.

Even if they haven’t heard of QAnon, most Trump voters believe its wild allegations
Proving they are as sick as Trump is.

Trump's Road to Tyranny Runs Through the Supreme Court
"The question then becomes: What (if anything) will the Democrats do about all this? Or, more importantly, what will YOU do about it?"

Don't Let Trump and His Minions Get Away with This — or It Will Happen All over Again
"The Republican Party has become radical, corrupt and power-mad and America is now seen as a rogue superpower around the world, unpredictable and dangerous."

Firm Sued For Recruiting Former Special Ops To Patrol Minnesota Polling Places
Who is that in the photo? Santa Claus in his sniper outfit? ROFLMAO!

Reporters Push Back On Trump’s Campaign To Smear Kristen Welker
We really don't like wannabe fascist bully dictators in America, Trump.

Breonna Taylor grand juror issues blistering statement accusing prosecutors of misleading public about the case
Justice denied again in systemically racist America.

Will American elections ever again be legitimate?
Not if the fascists can help it.
"Increasingly, this election is coming down to the simple question of how effective 40 years of concerted Republican voter suppression efforts will be."

The GOP’s Former Top Election Lawyer Warns Trump Has Reached a New Low
Florida-recount veteran Benjamin Ginsberg blasts the president’s anti-democratic disinformation.

Twitter Crackdown on Hunter Biden Story Caused Massive Spike in Interest: Study
The power or Russian propaganda meddiling in our election, America. I know it, you know it, and the fucking Russians know it.

‘Believe what you see’: Dem senator explains how ‘Rudy Giuliani is effectively a Russian asset’

Sacha Baron Cohen Calls Trump An ‘Overt Racist’ and ‘Fascist’ Who’s Allowed People To ‘Reveal Their Inner Prejudices’
And them are his good points.

Voters Prefer Biden Over Trump on Almost All Major Issues, Poll Shows
Joe Biden leads President Trump, 50 percent to 41 percent, a New York Times/Siena College poll shows, with voters favoring him by wide margins on the coronavirus and law and order.

Voting rights hanging on by a thread in the Supreme Court, with Barrett poised to cut it

Reality Check: Trump's Accusations Are Always Projections About Himself
John Avlon lays it all out.
Just like Cowboy Derek Rogers of the Cowboy Church of Corsicana, Texas.

GOP In Disarray! Trump Plots Retribution On 'Disloyal' Senators After Election
As Republican Senators attempt to build a lifeboat away from Trump's Titanic (#BurnTheLifeboats), Trump plans...REVENGE!!!

Since Pandemic Began U.S. Billionaires’ Net Worth Jumps $931 Billion, or Nearly One-Third, as Working Families Suffer
Remember this when you go to the polls, America.

Texas ‘Cowboy’ Pastor Rustles Up A Blatant Violation Of Johnson Amendment
Projecting like hair on fire!

50+ intel experts say Hunter Biden e-mail story has all the marks of ‘Russian involvement’
The Russians know a patsy when they see one.

Barr claims Trump cannot be sued for denying writer's rape accusation: Using DOJ 'to crush a victim'
BilBar should pay very dearly for this outrage.

'Trumpcare' doesn't exist. That doesn't stop Big Tech from cashing in on ads for 'garbage' health insurance
And "No Care" will exist if Trump continues. A good reason to stop him right now.

Trump’s Health Secretary Paints False, Rosy Picture Of US Response To COVID
With just over two weeks until Election Day, Trump’s surrogates have taken to the airwaves to pretend everything is going according to plan with US handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pompeo facing investigation after alluding to the possible release of Clinton emails 'before election day'
His Pompousness investigating someone who is not a candidate? Wasting America's time and tax money. Really smart. Is Dean Rusk next?

USA Today breaks tradition by endorsing Joe Biden

This Nun Makes The Best Pro-Choice Argument Ever To Oppose Barrett
Simone Campbell argues for religious freedom AND caring for mothers and babies. That's REAL pro-life!
Look in the mirror, Christians. I'll bet you don't see Sister Simone.
The 18th Century is where the pro-abortion and gun lovers live. They believe in a pile of American myths. They ignore the reality of the time which they are in. They do not live in the "now."

Party switcher has Republicans panicked they are going to lose another Senate seat

Leader of effort to recall Wisconsin governor boasts she plans to ‘make up’ lies to trick the media
What? Is this supposed to be news? These fuckers lie about everything. They follow Cheetolini's methods. Nothing to see here.

‘Idiot’ Trump ‘going out of his way to lose’ in final weeks of campaign: Morning Joe contributor
Someone who is mentally ill, as Trump is, doesn't have any concept of reality.

How ‘Daily Show’ Contributor Jordan Klepper Became the King of Humiliating Trump Fans
Humiliating Trump fans? That should be a challenge. I didn't they had the sense to be humiliated.

Axios-Ipsos poll: Trump's sickness makes him harder to trust
I didn't think it possible but he's actully HARDER TO TRUST!
And anyone who says they trust him is a liar just like he is.

The birth of American supremacy — and the carefully constructed myth of 'isolationism'

Amy Coney Barrett's "originalist" doctrine may sound good — but it's incoherent
Originalists like Barrett claim to rely on the objective "public meaning" of legal terms. Is there such a thing?
Since when is a fascist coherent?

This single sentence from a federal court's ruling exposes the dark right-wing view of voting

I Wrote Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal.’ And I’m Terrified of What He’ll Do Next.
"For Trump, and for so many men desperate to hold onto control they fear is slipping way, the tactics include disparaging rather than encouraging others, reacting harshly rather than reasoning calmly, seeking certainty rather than struggling with complexity, and blaming others in a conflict, instead of first reckoning with their own responsibility. As the psychologist Terry Real puts it, “We raise boys to live in a world in which they are either winners or losers, grandiose or shame-filled, perpetrator or victims.”

Let’s Pause To Appreciate The Highlight Reel Of Buffoonery By Whitmer’s Would-Be Kidnappers
I know Scott Adams appreciates good humor so he'll love this. His humor comes from maliciousness so he must love this.

Pompeo Faces Investigation After Teasing Clinton Email Release ‘Before The Election’
The Teahadist Traitor? About time. Investigate his crimes and throw his ass in stir.

As Pandemic Surges In US, Trump Says 'People Are Tired Of COVID'
Trump is falling way behind with female voters. His response? "Lock her up!"
Misogyny helped Trump in 2016, and he wants to repeat by attacking Gretchen Whitmer — but so far it's not working

Tired of COVID? We're also tired of the idiot-in-chief.
We're tired of the super bullshit spreader.

Ammon Bundy Is Building A Far-right Theocratic Army In Anticipation Of Civil War
All the time that Ammon Bundy has been gathering media time and headlines, he’s been building a massive army of volunteers—a network called People’s Rights—intent on imposing a far-right authoritarian state, all under the guise of defending individual rights.
The Turd that Walks will shit and fall back in it. His scum followers are all terrorists and will be treated as such.
We've seen Randy Weaver's punk shit before. Tom Metzger's scum. Bundy will fall as history shows.

Coronavirus Surges To 56,000 Cases A Day As Trump Holds Maskless Rallies
"Things would have to get really, really bad for a national lockdown," Dr. Anthony Fauci said.
Trump continues to kill Americans, Scott Adams. Maybe he'll kill you next. Wouldn't that be great comedy!

DOJ argues Trump’s denial that he raped E Jean Carroll was an official presidential act: report
Raping has always been official for American douchebags. Oh, sure.

‘Have you no decency and respect?’ Conservative Democratic senator explodes over Trump’s attacks on Dr Fauci
That's right, Joe. Trump has nothing but comtempt for Dr. Fauci and our country.

Auditor: Iowa’s GOP governor misallocated at least $21 million in COVID-19 funds
Another Trump crook. Lock her up with her lover, Trump.

'No Wonder the US Leads the World in Covid Deaths': Trump Mocks Biden for Vowing to 'Listen to the Scientists'
The president also claimed the economy is rising "like a rocket ship," a claim belied by ongoing layoffs and widespread economic suffering.

Donald Trump's Hatred of Women

It looks like gun owners' personal data was being given away by Trump’s buddies

Long Lines As Floridians Turn Out For Early Voting
As a commenter mentioned, this long line situation clearly illustrates how the fascists have broken America. It's time to rid ourselves of these pests along with the virus they brought in.

Steve Bannon: If Trump Loses, He’ll Run Again In 2024
Big talk from a punk that's up on charges right now.
What makes him think that if Trump loses the election and then gets convicted of any of his many crimes he could run for any office in the future?

Rudy Giuliani admits he gave Hunter Biden story to NY Post because it wouldn’t be fact checked
Plus they paid him in Jack Daniels.

Professional Liar Kayleigh McEnany Can’t Spread Russian Disinfo On Twitter, Is Oppressed
That poor little girl.

Trump Is Charging Ahead With Cataclysmic Deregulation in Case of Election Loss
Destroying America till the last dog dies.

Analysis: It's harder to vote in Texas than in any other state
Voting laws in Texas are the most restrictive in the country. And voter turnout here is among the lowest, too. Maybe those facts are related.

The Public, the Personal, and the Utter Hypocrisy of the GOP
Hypocrisy of the highest order, my fellow Americans. Why should these fascist bastards get away with it?

The Chicago 7 Revisited: A Recommendation
Highly recommended as a reminder to those of us who lived through it, to those who don't know about it, and to remind us all this fascism isn't new.

Amy Coney Barrett: Just Another Pro-Corporate Villain on the Court
"As the judiciary heads further to the right it is evident it no longer serves the values of the majority of the people. Equal justice under the law is now just a reminder of how wildly the federal judiciary misses the strike zone."
And he forgot to say how it will continue to destroy our country.

Perdue’s Mocking Of Harris’ Name Gives Dem Rival Ossoff A Big Fundraising Boost

Elon Musk Again Calls For COVID-19 Lockdowns to End in Great Barrington Declaration Discussion
Obviously, this guy is a fake genius. Having shitloads of money does not a mastermind make. Like Trump, it only makes a loudmouth.

Don't let Trump and his minions get away with this — or it will happen all over again
Historian Jill Lepore thinks a post-Trump "truth commission" isn't needed because America's doing A-OK. Hello?

The pandemic is destroying energy efficiency

Trump headed to ‘devastating’ defeat thanks to his botched COVID actions: MSNBC’s John Heilemann

Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘originalism’ is complete nonsense

WATCH: Mask-free Trump Cultists Cough On Biden Supporters On Purpose
Fans of President Donald Trump on Sunday were seen coughing on supporters of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
Since there is a pandemic these people should be charged with assault. Bottom feeders just as we have always said.

Trump-loving Florida businessman tells workers they may lose their jobs if Biden wins the election
There are laws against politics in the workplace. But no surprise Trumpists would break a law.
He could also lose his business.
Laws regulating politics in the workplace of which employers should be cognizant:
"Florida. Employers may not discharge or threaten to discharge employees for their voting activities with respect to any local election. Coercion of an individual with respect to the individual's registration to vote or other voting activity is prohibited."

Extradition-Free Vacation Spots
Since Trump said he may have to leave the country if he loses.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Silence Is an Expression of Extremism
The conservative judge’s refusal to answer fundamental questions at her Supreme Court confirmation hearings demonstrated just how far Trump has moved the margins of our political culture.

Evangelicals Made a Bad Bargain With Trump
People of faith should embody moral and intellectual integrity.

Jake Tapper Cuts Off Lara Trump's Interview After She Claims Stuttering Is Sign Of 'Cognitive Decline'
And you are interviewing this woman because...... her last name is Trump? She's obviously another out of touch with reality.
These assholes are as dumb as a sack of hammers, just incredibly mean, or both.

Ammon Bundy is building a far-right theocratic army under the guise of defending ‘rights'
King of the FLoating Turds builds a Cowboy vigilante herd fantasy. This will not end well for him.

Man arrested in plot to kidnap and murder Wichita, Kansas mayor over COVID-19 protections
What a sad hill to die on. What is this sickness that Americans have demonstrated that runs so deeply in their systems refusing to fight a common enemy? We not only have a disease trying to kill us but our own nutball people are as well. How did we become such a fractured and cowardly nation?

Mark this article read'Dr. Johnny Bananas': The White House is pushing a fraudulent medical petition to let COVID-19 run rampant

With "The Trial of the Chicago 7" we get a history of civil disobedience that's very relevant today
Aaron Sorkin's anti-war era courtroom circus lets Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne & Yayha Abdul-Mateen II shine

No, I Won’t Agree To Disagree. You’re Just Wrong.
And you have always been wrong.

Trump Is Taking Down Names as Republicans Begin Jumping Ship on His ‘Totally Off the Rails’ Campaign
That's so he can tweet about them from his jail cell.

Rural voters explain why they’re leaving Trump: ‘I went from being a pawn — to collateral damage’

Trump’s collapsing campaign is crippling Lindsey Graham’s re-election hopes: report

Damage control? Trump hints at leaving the country if he loses the election
Exile would be better than prison and he knows that.

Black Civil Rights Leaders Fear Barrett “Invites a Return to a Racist Past”
Back to the Land of the Happy Negro in the 18th Century where these idiots live.

History Will Damn Trump & Co. for Betraying the Vision of Our Founders

Barrett Is Poised to Become the Most Radical Right-Wing Member of Supreme Court

“Record-Shattering” 22 Million Have Already Voted

Republicans Distance Themselves From Sinking Trump

Voting Rights Roundup: New report finds felony disenfranchisement bans 5 million people from voting
America: Land of voter tampering.

Trumper Printing Company Massively Screws Up Absentee Ballots
More fascist tampering.

Trump facing a 'crushing loss' on election day as he scrambles to save states he won in 2016: report

Trump staffers worry choosing to work for an authoritarian might not look so great on a resume
These folks are just now realizing that working willingly for a criminal might not look so good for their future?

Undoing the damage done: What will it take to rebuild what's left of our government?

Trump's reign of corruption has left the federal government in ruins. Necessary repair work may take many years
We won't get out of this Trump shithhole easily.

Trump’s reign of corruption has left the federal government in ruins

Watchdog group accuses Amy Coney Barrett of “unconscionable cruelty” in teen rape case
Barrett decided to overturn a $6.7M jury award to a teen allegedly raped in a jail run by ex-Sheriff David Clarke
David Clarke? Yes, that scumbag!
The fascists in the Senate are going to confirm a piece of trash like this? The swine!
Show these asswipes the door!

McConnell Has Written Off Trump, So Now It's About Crippling The Future Biden Administration
Mitch McConnell doesn't want a deal and his refusal to pass anything without poison pills are all the proof you need.

WATCH As New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister Shuts Down COVID-19 Denier: 'Sorry Sunshine, Wrong Place’
Winston Peters just had no time for an American trying to promote idiotic conspiracy theories.
Any place is the wrong place for morons like this.

Watch: Trump rallygoers offer bizarre explanations to defend president’s failure to condemn QAnon
Trump Zombies display cognitive breakdown as the ignorant slugs they are. We don't have enough mental institutions to house them all.
Pedopheila IS a problem. But these NCDs are minimizing it by their irresponsible actions.
What will we do with these idiots who are conspiracy theorists? They are a HUGE danger to the country.

Trump's NBC Town Hall Immediately Goes off the Rails as He Berates the Host
The bullshit that Trump spouts is going to take him down.

Trump Is Urging Republicans to Break the Law
He not only applauded the California GOP’s illegal use of mail-in ballot drop-boxes; he’s urging Republican officials elsewhere to do the same thing.
What else does one expect a criminal to do? The criminal must be removed from society.

‘Trump belly-flopped’: Researcher shocked at how badly the debate hurt the president

Trump on the verge of being ‘canceled’ by voters after his ‘defensive’ town hall: conservative

‘Cancel the show’: Trump mocked for losing ratings matchup against Biden

‘Incredible snowflake’: Kayleigh McEnany’s ‘everyone is against us’ tweet is mocked by critics
That poor little girl.

Flailing Susan Collins Backs Two Local QAnon Nutbags
QNonsensers can shit and fall back in it.

Michigan Bans Open Carry In And Near Polling Places
Do we think the local fascists will obey their laws? They haven't so far.
These people have a very serious thinking disorder when it comes the 2nd Amendment.

Trump Lost In Ratings, And His 'Nice Smile' Lady Is Voting For Biden

Fascism: As polling turns against him, Trump lays groundwork for mass violence

In Trump’s America, there is death before due process

Trump is playing a dangerous and cynical game with QAnon

Every Major Republican to Speak Out Against Trump Just Days Before Election
Sasse agrees that Trump aligns himself with the dictators of the world and offers the proof.
Time for the asshat to pack his orange paint and get out of our lives.

Trump's town hall stunt backfires: NBC's Savannah Guthrie gives him the grilling voters wouldn't
Donald Trump made the wrong choice when he refused to appear for a virtual face-off against Joe Biden
The failures are stacking up now.

Outraged Conservatives Cry ‘Interrogation’ Over Trump’s Town Hall Moderator Asking Tough Questions
Poor baby. Did he fall down, go boom?
"The silver lining is the American people can easily see who can handle the heat!"
You're right, Rona. We know who is corrupt. And we are coming for you and the rest of your enablers.

The Best Damn Get Out And Vote Video Ever

Russia used Trump's personal lawyer to feed misinformation to the president -- and the White House knew
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Everyone knows you're a dupe.
Say goodnight to everyone.

Internet erupts after Savannah Guthrie compares Trump’s conspiracy retweets to a ‘crazy uncle’
Well, she got the "crazy" part right.

Giuliani’s Daughter Pleads For Public To Vote For Biden To ‘End This Nightmare’

Trump's NBC town hall immediately goes off the rails as he berates the host
The bully shows his ugly ass again.

Biden warns that Amy Coney Barrett is a threat to LGBTQ rights
A warning doesn't seem to be something people heed any longer.

Trump slammed for celebrating extrajudicial killing: ‘This is so beyond the pale’
What else do you expect from one of the world's foremost killers?

GOP senator caught on tape in angry tirade against Trump's character, corruption and failure

Malcontents ‘R’ Us! Ammon Bundy Unites Anti-Vaxxers, COVID Truthers, Sovereign Citizens
Ammon Bundy, King of the Floating Turds.

The Most Shameless Promoters Of The Bogus ‘Biden Emails’ Disinfo Campaign

Steve Bannon pushes for Trump to claim an early election victory — but there's a huge hole in the plan
You mean like today, you fascist dickhead. ROTFLMAO!

Lindsey Graham Called Out for Illegal Campaign Soliciting in Senate Building
This guy is scraping for a vote somewhere. Like the rest of the fascists, does not care if it is legal or not.

We Got Ourselves a Situation Here: The Blitzer/Pelosi Match
"Speaker Pelosi kicked his ass all over the place, told him that 'with all due respect' he didn't 'know what he was talking about.' And it sure seemed clear that he didn't."
Blitzer has been around waayyyyyyy too long at the fair.

There’s a Fraud at the Heart of Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation Process
"The only remaining question is: Who is being defrauded? Who is the mark?"

‘Roe v. Wade’ Is Non-Negotiable
Don’t believe the hot takes that say we can do without it.

New WSJ/NBC News Poll Puts Biden Lead Over Trump at 11 Points

‘We are not dealing with reality’: Dick Durbin patiently fact-checks Ted Cruz’s history lesson
“What are we dealing with here?” Durbin added. “We are not dealing with the reality of who this person is and what she believes, but some kind of artifice we have constructed between the nominee and our questions. I would be afraid to ask her about the presence of gravity on earth. She may decline to answer because it might come up any case in a court someday.” The depths of degredation that Trump has gone to.

‘She wants to be a dictator!’ Trump goes after Michigan governor who was target of kidnapping plot
A perfect example of Trump projecting. A dictator is exactly what imagines himself to be. The dumb cluck.

Amy Coney Barrett Has Spent Her Entire Life in a Conservative Bubble. That’s a Problem.
It’s not a place known for its empathy.
In this way she is a willful idiot for the fascists.

California GOP Refuses To Remove Illegal Drop Boxes
Naked crime in America. Who would have ever dreamed? These cheap criminals should all be arrested locked up and indicted.

Notre Dame calendars show more events not listed on Amy Coney Barrett's Senate paperwork
More info on the scam the fascists are running on America.

The bottom's falling out for Trump—and everyone's running for the exits

Report: NBC Employees 'Livid' Over Trump Town Hall Competing With Biden's
NBC decided to air a town hall with Trump the same hour as ABC had already scheduled one with Biden? So much for their duty to democracy, it's all about ratings.
Whores will be whores.

Republicans Won't Do Stimulus Because They're Deliberately Wrecking The Economy
They want to demand austerity if, as seems likely, there's a Biden administration.
They are already laying the ground work to fuck with the Biden administration the same as they impeded the Obama administration. A1 scumbags.

One county tried to make voting easier during the pandemic. Texas Republicans fought every step of the way
Voter suppression is regular business in Texas. Someday we may join the free world.

Probe into suspected foreign campaign contribution for Trump mysteriously shut down
The shitpile that is Trump.

Graham blows up Judiciary Committee rules and proceeds with Barrett’s confirmation hearing sans Democrats
The ways of fascism. Make these bastards pay.

Another 1.3 million Americans file for initial jobless benefits as economic pain just keeps coming
How's the Trump economy working for you?

Joe Biden +15 Over Trump In New Virginia Poll

Judge says absentee ballots in North Carolina must have witness signatures
Fascists changing rules in the middle of an election?
What the hell? Anyone can be an alleged invalid witness just as any alleged invalid voter can fill out a ballot. Let's imagine then that the witness needs a witness, needs a witness, needs a witness... When does the idiocy stop?
As Woody Guthrie said, "Some people rob you with a six-gun, others with a fountain pen." Here's a good example of thievery.

Can America be saved from Donald Trump's black hole of lies?
Media critic Eric Alterman warns that Trump's lies are a black hole which has sucked in the country and news media

House Report: Trump Allowed Aviation Companies To Take Bailout Funds And Lay Off Workers
Well well, so this is what a Republican/Trump "Stimulus Deal" looks like. Take notes, Wolf Blitzer.

Twitter locks Kayleigh McEnany Out of her account after spreading fake news
That poor little girl.

‘Screw you’: Devin Nunes defies state officials as Trump continues to urge California GOP to engage in ‘illegal’ activity
Trump criminals do their dirty work in the light of day for all to see. Arrogant corruption.

Leaked footage exposes Trump allies boasting about ballot harvesting
Naked crime.

Bar owner who hosted Donald Trump Jr is now in ICU with COVID — and wants to punch the president
Who doesn't?

This former pro-Trump reporter was fired from an FDA position — but she never really left the agency

Amy Coney Barrett’s threat to Social Security and Medicare is ‘what right-wing extremism is all about’: Progressive senator
This is what you reap when you sow the seeds of fascism.

Trump's court pick Barrett calls presidential self-pardon an 'open question'
No one is above the law but self-pardon is an open question? Where did this woman study logic?

Trump-supporting Navy SEAL fumes after the president pushes fake news about Osama bin Laden killing
Trump may have found the bottom here.

Trump urges California GOP to continue using 'illegal' ballot drop boxes
America, isn't it high time to show this shameless crook the door?

Barrett Sparks Outrage With Claim That She Has No “Firm Views” on Climate Crisis
Good God. Why do we keep getting saddled with morons?

The U.S. Shouldn’t Be a ‘Sleazy Offshore Principality’
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse wants to curb the influence of dark money on American politics—and for good reason.

Donald Trump’s son had coronavirus — White House outbreak was even bigger than thought

Trump’s Comeback Strategy: Deliver Same Old Message, But Louder

Ted Cruz Reveals He Didn’t Know Charles Manson is Dead, Stonewalls on Whether He’s the Zodiac Killer
Poor clueless Ted. At least he's moved up to the 20th Century and no longer in the 18th Century like so many of his colleagues.

Right Wing Crowd Cheers After Charlie Kirk Suggests Closed Campuses Might Reduce Voting By Students
Nazi youth supports voter suppression. Shocking!

Biden +7 Over Trump In New Quinnipiac Georgia Poll

Sen. Klobuchar busts out receipts for Amy Coney Barrett's anti-choice, pro-corporate legacy
"The Republican Party is clear in its determination to create a fascistic, paternalistic, white supremacist oligarchy even if the majority of Americans do not want it. They confirmed the very unhinged and equally unimpressive Brett Kavanaugh, for Chrissakes."

Trump campaign ad used image of the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman ‘without his consent’: report
Trump thinks he owns rights on everyone in government. He's shown the same with music rights.

Originalist' Barrett Can't Name The 5 First Amendment Protections
Senator Ben Sasse lobbed a softball at Judge Barrett, and she missed by a mile.
Pulling a Rick Perry. She's a fraud. Illustrating how much of a disgraceful fraud the fascists are putting over on our country.

Fox News Host: Wearing COVID Masks Turns Kids Into Chinese Communists
How many of our children and their families are these Trump propaganda lackeys willing to sacrifice during COVID19 in order to try to reelect Trump?
As many as it takes it appears.

Barrett’s Evasions Show Why Expanding the Court Is Necessary
The Republican deal with the devil to tolerate Trumpian corruption in exchange for a supermajority deserves both scorn and redress.

Day 2 of Barrett's Supreme Court Hearing Revealed Her as Opaque, Disingenuous, and Frightening

Trump Looking ‘a Good Deal Worse’ in These 7 'Critical' Rust Belt Swing Counties Compared with 2016: Analysis

The Secret Code of the Amy Coney Barrett Hearing
Pay attention to phrases such as settled law and stare decisis, and a whole other layer of meaning will come to the fore.
"Barrett might be happy to call Roe, Obergefell, or Planned Parenthood v. Casey precedent, but she won’t call them settled law. That’s not an accident. Conservative social movements know the difference between the two, and when Barrett joins the Court, they will celebrate."

Court Throws Out Texas GOP Lawsuit Targeting ‘Drive-Thru’ Voting

WATCH: Dick Durbin exposes the double standard in Barrett’s refusal to address election delay
“It strains originalism,” Durbin said, “if the clear wording of the Constitution establishes a right and you will not acknowledge it.” Broke her dark money ass right in two.
She has been exposed as a facsist fraud. Throw her out like we threw Bork out.

New Maps Show How Climate Change is Making California’s “Fire Weather” Worse
You mean it's not due to "not sweeping the floor of the forest"?

Golden Dawn: Leader Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison
And one more numbskull down.

Bill Barr Buries Report That Exonerates Obama
Tar and Feathers on the front page; exoneration next to the want ads.

CAUGHT: Barrett Concealed Her Talks To Anti-Abortion Groups
What else is Amy Comey Barrett hiding?
Whatever, it will soon come to light.

Lindsey Graham Talks About The "Good Old Days Of Segregation" During The Amy Coney Barrett Hearings
South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, seems to think the days of segregation were "the good old days"
Lindsey is singing "Take me to the Land of the Happy Negro" aka "The Battle Hymn of the Republicans." Of that, there is no doubt.

Amy Coney Barrett Wants To ‘Better Organize’ Religious Freedom. Let’s Pass On That.

Joe Biden Widens Lead Over Donald Trump as Election Enters Home Stretch

‘This is a loathsome lie’: CNN’s Avlon tears apart Trump for smearing Joe Biden as a ‘communist’
Trump wants to bring back Joe McCarthy? What a laugh. That's the best the moron can pull out of his Covid ass?

QAnon letter carrier raided by federal agents — who found undelivered mail in trash bags: report
One more numbskull down.

Trump’s COVID Task Force Is Now Openly Rebelling Against Him
From Fauci, to Birx, to Redfield, the president’s top health officials appear to be at their wits’ end.
Yes, tired of their nimwit boss.

'Totally Under Control' : Film Shows Trump's Failure To Respond To COVID-19
'Totally Under Control' documentary exposes the reason the American government failed in its response to the COVID-19 crisis. The film shows a system-wide collapse caused by a profound dereliction of Presidential leadership by Donald Trump.

"Totally Under Control" shows all the ways the Trump administration let a virus win
Alex Gibney's powerful new documentary lets health professionals spell out Trump's dereliction of duty to America

Hey Mitt Romney, Both Sides Don't!
Senator Mitt Romney tries to both sides Donald Trump and Keith Olbermann. Oh no you don't, Mitt!
To the holier-than-thou bullshitters may I remind them of a quote that Barry Goldwater once used: “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

You'll NEVER GUESS What The Anti-Abortion & Stem Cells Crowd Thinks Of The President's Stem Cell Smoothie!

Trump Needs To Stop His Jim Jones Coronavirus Rallies

Amy Coney Barrett Refuses to Answer If Trump Can Delay the Election or Not
This woman is so crooked that if she swallowed a nail she’d spit up a corkscrew..

Amy Coney Barrett Displays Her Twisted Views on Voting Rights
Coney Barrett offered a “virtue-based” defense of why some felons should be allowed to own guns, but not to vote.

Another pro-Trump ad uses footage from Russia
This is the fourth time a Trump-affiliated group has used Russian footage in an ad.
Four times a Russian asshat.

Barrett apologizes for calling sexual orientation a 'preference'
"I certainly didn't mean and would never mean to use a term that would cause any offense to the LGBTQ community," she says.
Like asshole orientation is a preference?

Pentagon Leaders Reject Trump Call For Poll Watchers: ‘We Don’t Police Streets’

Whistleblower Hired To Screen Workers For COVID-19 Exposes Meatpacking Corporation’s Oppressive Conduct

Conservative Think-Tank Finds Biden Tax Hike Only Hurts the Rich
"Biden’s tax hike on the rich might lighten their wallets, but the economy will do just fine."

Packing the Courts: How Republicans Spent Decades Installing Judges to Cement Minority Rule

Watch Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse School Amy Coney Barrett on Dark Money
Senator Sheldon has done a lot of work exposing the subversion of our democracy that Donors Trust is at the heart of.
The fruits of their corruption will now be controlling our laws with no one to stop them except the conscience of the resistance.

The Supreme Court Just Allowed the Trump Administration to Suspend the Census
I guess that answers all questions about our country turning to fascism and killing democracy. Trump may yet destroy the United States even if he's kicked out and locked up.

Amy Coney Barrett's position on Obamacare is quite literally unbelievable
Another of Trump's worthless bullshitters.

Dozens of Amy Coney Barrett's Notre Dame colleagues ask her to stop her nomination
I'm sure this will stop her.

‘God intended it as a disposable planet’: This pastor pushes a dangerous Biblical assault on science
We can be thankful that this asshole is also intended to be disposable.

The Nomination of Judge Barrett: Another Denigration of Honor

Trump Is The Most Crooked President in American History. That Should Matter.

New Revelations Show Whitmer Plotters Are Guilty Of First Degree Buffoonery
And you wondered why I call these people morons.
“Here’s the reality: President Trump called upon his supporters to ‘LIBERATE VIRGINIA’ in April — just like Michigan,” Yarmosky said. “In fact, the President regularly encourages violence against those who disagree with him. The rhetoric coming out of this White House has serious and potentially deadly consequences. It must stop.”

EXPOSED: The Long Con That Culminated With The Amy Coney Barrett Nomination

Amy Coney Barrett Says Judges Shouldn’t Make Policy. That’s Nonsense.
Conservatives often claim judges shouldn’t make laws, only interpret them. The people who wrote the Constitution would disagree.

How Did 2009’s Swine Flu Really Compare With COVID-19?
"The thing is that the federal government under Obama knew that swine flu was rarely lethal at the time and factored that fact into its decision-making in order to ensure that there wouldn’t be much disruption to the economy."

‘Just say you hate Jews’: GOP senator blasted for tweeting ‘anti-Semitic dog whistles’ during Barrett hearing
This is what America is up against.

Amy Coney Barrett’s Judicial Neutrality Is a Political Fiction

A Marxist Explains Why the Middle 20 Percent Is So Important
Theoretically, this is true. But here's the rub. This 20% middle they speak of is always in a state of change as time passes. The issues that affect them change. Their position in life changes. Their education and awareness changes. The effect takes its toll on their view of their world. And they will vote against their best interests much, if not most, of the time.
Why Do People Vote Against Their Best Interests?

Amy Coney Barrett Keeps Insisting She Has “No Agenda” When It Comes to Abortion Law
Her actions say otherwise.

Amy Coney Barrett Refuses to Say She’d Recuse from Trump Election Cases: ‘Gross Violation of Judicial Independence’
Legalizing voter subversion and election theft. The reasons she was nominated.

Hamilton Cast Reuniting for Biden Campaign Fundraiser

A Supreme Court decision to strike down the ACA would create chaos in the health care system

SCOTUS Won’t Hear Emoluments Appeal By Democrats
Now that they will have a fascist majority you can see what our future will be.

Militia Terrorists Also Plotted Kidnapping Dem VA Gov
Trump's subversive flunkies are anywhere and everywhere now.
And some people think Keith Olbermann is an extremist?

VA Voter Registration System Goes Down On Final Day
When nothing else works, cut the cable. Just extend the deadline, a very simple fix.

Why the Democrats must fight to stop Barrett: With her on the court, the ACA is toast
Sure, Trump wants Barrett on the court for the election. He also expects her to drive the final nail into Obamacare

How Amy Coney Barrett would change the way the Supreme Court works
Here you go, boys and girls, read this and see how the fascists are going to fuck up what's left of your future.

Fact-checking goes mainstream in Trump era
"There's been a 200% increase in the number of fact-checking organizations that have launched worldwide since President Trump was elected in 2016, according to data from the Duke Reporter's Lab."
"It's definitely a response to the extraordinary propensity for falsehoods that President Trump has exhibited as President and before that, during the campaign,"

Did Trump’s “LIBERATE MICHIGAN” Tweet Inspire Militia Plot Against Gov. Whitmer?
It didn't tell them it was a bad idea.

Fox News Pushing ‘Brain Room’ to Lend Credibility to Trump’s Voter Fraud Paranoia, Insiders Say
The Trump regime will have every gun blazing and will not surrender power. They won't go peaceably.

Trump takes one more step toward becoming an autocrat — and it hardly makes a ripple
"...this is absolutely batshit crazy..."

Joe Biden Breathes Fire In Toledo, Ohio: 'Trump Turned His Back On You!'
Unions and auto workers in Ohio.

WEIRD: Trump Boards Air Force One Through Cargo Hold Instead Of Normal Stairs
En route to a Florida MAGA rally, Trump boards AF1 via cargo steps to the cargo area of the plane.

TURTLE SOUP: Amy McGrath Shreds #MoscowMitch In Last Night's Senate Debate
“Sen. McConnell built a Senate that is so dysfunctional and so partisan that even in the middle of a national crisis he can’t get it done,” she said. “For that reason alone he should be voted out of office.”

Elie Mystal Cuts Through GOP Lies About Amy Coney Barrett
Amy Coney Barrett was nominated for two reasons: To gut the ACA and to overturn Roe v Wade.
"Intellectually dishonest"? Let's just stop at the word dishonest. The fascists don't know what the word "intellect" means.

As GOP politicians continue to flout pandemic precautions, do restaurants have to serve them?
After catering a Trump fundraiser, 13 restaurant employees are quarantining. How many more will risk their health?
Just watch the bar action in Texas now that the geniuses opened them back up.

Trump ‘knows he’s losing’ and is desperate to soak up a last round of ‘adulation’ from his rallies: John Harwood
Trump is dancing the death dance.

‘I’ll just give you a big, fat kiss’: Trump vows to walk into rally audience to smooch the ‘beautiful women’
Give it to 'em, Cheeotlini. They all deserve it. Grab 'em by the pussy while you're at it, you nutheadk.

Yup, Trump 'Supporters' At The White House Were Paid To Be There
According to ABC, they got travel expenses and a free "blexit" shirt from Candace Owens. There are rumors they were also paid $150 and had to sign an NDA.
Land of the Happy Nego ships a paid load of their happiest to shill for Trump. ROTFLMAO! Candace Owens proves you don't have to be white to be a Nazi—a really stupid Nazi.

Democrats Coalesce Behind Central Argument At Barrett Hearing: The ACA Is In Peril
You goddamn right it is.

As They Rush Through Another SCOTUS Nom, GOPers Play Up ‘Court Packing’ Hysteria
It's like these fuckheads saying we're talking about her religion. We're talking about the ACA killers.

Rogue Pandemic Preacher Brings ‘Superspreader’ Terror to Nashville
Sean Feucht took his roadshow to the Music City—and immediately earned local ire.
Get a new writer, Fuckt. What a grifter.

Sen. Whitehouse exposes the truth about the right wing attempt to use Amy Coney Barrett to destroy Obamacare
"Then he moved on to connect Cornyn—despite his denial that the ACA is motivating Republicans here—with the exact case that threatens health care for millions."
Cornyn should have gone the way of the Dodo years ago. Whitehouse is correct. I've seen the bullshit ads Cornyn's running in Texas.
And they don't use the courts to make policy they say. Lying bastards.

The End of Trump’s Fifth Avenue

President Quack Is Ready to Hawk His Magic Elixir
Trump’s claim to personal victory over Covid-19 is a dangerous lie both for himself and the nation

Chris Wallace slams Fox News pundit for whitewashing Barrett’s future Obamacare vote

The Senate Judiciary Hearings Could Be Amy Coney Barrett’s Second Superspreader Event
Maskless GOP officials rush to get Trump’s nominee on the court in time for a case that could take healthcare from millions.

Border Wall Desecrates Native American Lands in Southern California and Arizona
Tribes protest and litigate in an ongoing bid to halt construction of the notorious project.
Since when has America given a damn about Native American desecration? Genocide is all America has done for them and their land. In this sense America is much like the Taliban. Trump's just the latest killer.

In Tweet Spree, Trump Says States Have Gone To Hell, Tells GOP To Hurry Up SCOTUS Hearing
Nope. It is the Hell that Trump has created. Get rid of him and his damned court stacking.

Supersize the Supreme Court to Save It
A new way of thinking about depoliticizing the judiciary

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg blows up GOP’s whining about judicial activism: We wouldn’t have the right to vote without it
Of course. That's why we are so pissed by the fascist move to stack the court now. The bastards want to play by their own rules. They will pay dearly for this tyranny.

Did Amy Coney Barrett Lie to Congress in 2017 or Is She Just Clueless?
Maybe she thinks the anti-LGBTQ agenda of a group she worked for is “defending biblical principles.”
Or is she both?

‘This Hearing is a Sham’: Amy Klobuchar Buries Barrett Confirmation Proceeding in Blistering Opener
It's worse than that, Amy. It's goddamn fuck America, fascist shitshow.

Washington has given up on big-ticket reform
Of course, Trump doesn't want reform and progress, he wants regression.

Majority says wait on the SCOTUS seat; 6 in 10 favor upholding Roe: POLL
Americans say they prefer to wait to fill the vacancy until next year, 52%-44%.
They don't give a shit what Americans think as our fascist government does not.

‘Haven’t seen this in any other country’: Video of huge line of Georgia voters waiting to cast ballots goes viral
The fascist party has turned America into a third world banana republic. It is a disgrace and they must be held accountable.

'Court Packing' ? Once Again, Media Lapdogs Take The GOP Bait
"Our national political press corps acts like Mitch McConnell is their assignment editor."
The press corps? That's the Trump committee for re-election, right?

Pete Buttigieg Warns About Amy Coney Barrett 'Forcibly Divorcing' LGBT Couples
Mayor Pete Buttigieg was plain-spoken about what Trump's illegitimate nominee to SCOTUS wants to do as she "cloaks her judicial activism in judicial humility."
The Republican fascist party loves to live in the 18th Century and wants all to join them. Fuck them long and hard.

We Have Some Questions For Amy Coney Barrett

‘Violation of state law’: Legal experts blast California GOP’s ‘fake’ voter ballot drop-off boxes
Fascist are trying to suppress our election. They must be held accountable.

Violent militias and ‘white power’ groups were ‘effectively called to arms’ by Trump’s comments: expert
More of Trump's Nazis will be hopped up to violence soon enough. Hopefully, we are prepared to take them out.

Voting Rights Roundup: Using Jim Crow logic, federal court greenlights age discrimination in voting
These bastards should get what they deserve: Removed from the bench as they are unfit due to their support for voter suppression.
Indiana and Jim Crow have been pals for a long time since they are still a part of the Land of the Happy Negro.

Michigan senator shares family's abortion story: ‘The mental anguish someone goes through is intense’
I just heard a Republican Senator whining to Barrett about the tales her opponents tell on her Christian zealotry as being such a pursecution. I wonder what he would say to a Muslim judge nominee. You know what they would be whining and bitching about as they already whine and bitch about Muslim Congresspersons already in office. Two-faced hypocrite scumbags is what they are.

These 4 GOP Governors Refused to Sign Letter Supporting Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation

My sister died needlessly of COVID-19 — and bias
Despite our pleadings, my older sister Dr. Julie Butler could not access timely care. It didn't have to go this way

The Far More Dangerous Trump Plague: The Psychopath Trumpdemic

Markets ride the blue wave

Trump’s ‘decimated” campaign staff ‘has no clue’ how to stop his re-election death-spiral: John Heilemann

Experts: ‘Rageful’ Trump’s ‘inability to distinguish fact from fiction’ make him ‘unsuitable to be in command of the nuclear arsenal’
Anyone with a brain has known this for years now.

Trump demands FBI focus on ‘radical left’ — one week after right-wing militants arrested for plotting kidnap of Dem governor
Cheetolini certainly will ignore his fascist thugs while spreading Covid.

Ronna McDaniel Suggests '82% Of Americans' Make Over $400,000 — And Gets Buried On Twitter
Ronna Romney McDaniel, the chairperson of the Republican National Committee, on Sunday faced backlash after suggesting that "82% of Americans" make more than $400,000 per year.
It's gonna cost me $260 a year to get Trump out? I'll pay it upfront. LOL!

Donald Trump would never look right in a Superman outfit. Uncle Marvel is exactly who he is.
For those who can't remember the fake "Uncle Marvel."

California GOP accused of operating fake 'official' ballot drop boxes: 'Appalling criminal conduct'
Rupugnate Republicans will do anything to suppress voters.

Pinkerton Guard Charged In Shooting Wingnuts Tried To Pin On Anarchists. Did We Time Travel?
A Pinkerton gun thug, no doubt.

Trump still refusing to wear a mask to keep the press from saying ‘I told you so’: report
Spite is the reason Trump does anything.

Trump’s re-election ‘in trouble’ as his base deserts him: Fox News polling analyst

Whitmer Says Alleged Plot To Kidnap Her Signals ‘Serious Threats’ Heading Into Election
These terrorists have been waiting to use their weapons against the United States for years.

CBS Poll: Biden +6 In NV, Biden +6 In MI, Tied In IA

New SCOTUS nomination won't stop the fight for reproductive justice
No, it will not. It will only make matters worse and more violent.

PLEASE Stop Calling Boogaloo Bois, Patriot Prayer, Etc. 'Militias'
As Dr. Erroll Southers, former FBI SWAT Team member and national security expert tells Jonathan Capehart on AM Joy, these groups are NOT militias. They are illegal, and they are "armed mobs."
Exactly. Call them what they are: "Domestic Terrorists."

'Railroading of the American people': Inside right-wing activists' effort to install Trump's Supreme Court pick

Delaware man charged in plot to kidnap Michigan governor was previously pardoned on weapons charge
A gun nut. What a surprise.
"...take violent action against multiple state governments that they believe are violating the U.S. Constitution.”
And they didn't look at Trump first?

En Route to Autocracy in America
Masha Gessen of the New Yorker concludes that United States is in the first stage of an autocratic transformation
That we must make a choice couldn't be clearer.

Republicans Are Abusing ‘Precedent’ to Justify Their Hypocrisy
The concept of precedent isn't valuable just for the guidance it provides but for the confidence it instills in political and legal systems. Republicans are treating it recklessly.

It’s time the GOP was burned to the ground and used for mulch

Worry, Worry, Worry

White House Aides Fear Trump's Drugs Have Triggered Manic Behavior: Report
Always has been that way. Give an unstable human the wrong drug and you've got a more serious problem on your hands. But they are usually confined to an instutuion and not allowed to be POTUS.

Chaos at the White House as Trump’s ‘amateur hour’ staffers botch crisis after crisis: report
The super fail of a super spreader.

‘We’re Coming Guns Loaded, Packed’ To Confirm Barrett, Says Mississippi Senator
Cindy Hyde-Smith with the unfortunate violent metaphor, speaking to American Family Radio Host Tony Perkins.
Interesting how the fascists get away with violent threats. They are as empty as their promises. Vote Espy.

OOPS! Amy Coney Barrett 'Forgot' To Disclose More Critical Info About Her Extremism
Another "disclosure failure," this one again relating to her thoughts on abortion from Amy Coney Barrett, Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Trump doctor busted on CNN for ‘cherry-picking’ info to get president back out on the campaign trail
Anyone with a brain could see this guy was covering up from the start. It was as plain as the nose on his face.

Maybe Attempted Whitmer Kidnappers Were Just Trying Throw Her A Surprise Party, Huh?

50 Richest Americans Have More Wealth Than Poorest 165 Million Combined
The richest got even richer this year while the poorest struggled even more.

2 Students, Teacher Tested Positive At School Attended By Amy Coney Barrett’s Children
School parents learned of positive tests for COVID-19 12 days after Barrett and her children attended the Rose Garden event.
The lunacy never ends.

The Taliban Endorses Trump: “We Hope He Will Win”
There ya go, America. How you like him now?

‘Murderer in Chief’: Blue Check Twitter Flips Out At Report Trump Blocked CDC Mask Requirements for Travel, Transportation
If he doesn't kill us all he will damn well make us all sick. How's your health insurance? Paid up?

Trump examined as an authoritarian ‘strongman’ in brutal NYT analysis of his strategy to stay in power
He will stop at nothing including inciting riot and murder.

Fatal shooting during dueling protests in Denver — two taken into custody
Further investigation has determined the suspect is a private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.
This is the Trump breakdown of the social order.

White House Refuses to Say if Trump Still Contagious Before First Event Since Diagnosis
Super Spreader will strike again.

Federal Judge Rejects Trump Camp Lawsuit Targeting PA Ballot Drop Box Use
Trump is losing his war against drop boxes.

Trump Has Yet To Publicly Confirm Negative COVID Test Ahead Of Second Balcony Stunt
Trump has lost all contact with reality. He's gone completely mad.

The CDC was prepared to issue a mask mandate for planes, trains, and buses—Mike Pence killed it
Isn't it great to have assholes like "Flyhead" on our side?

Amy Coney Barrett Submits Additional Anti-Abortion Docs To Senate After Scrutiny
The Supreme Court nominee turned over more information “out of an abundance of caution” — but raised questions about what else she failed to disclose.
She could be Attila the Hun and get approved by the snakes in the Senate.

Christie Prescribed Same COVID Drug Given To Trump
Oh to be wealthy, white, fat and arrogant in the U.S.
You get the good drugs every time. Fuck the rabble.

Newt Gingrich: Abolish The Biased Debate Commission
Yes, let's get rid of assholes just like you, Newt the Poot.

WATCH: Joe Biden Tells Local Reporter Court-Packing is ‘A Legitimate Question’ — Then Gives Almost Perfect Answer
It's not the serum it's the truth that hurts you "journalists."

Donald Trump intends to weaponize the Supreme Court against ordinary Americans — here’s how

The Constitution Is On Pause in America’s Courtrooms
Seven months into the pandemic, courts around the country are beginning to restart their criminal dockets. But the practical obstacles are staggering.
America at the precipice.

Texas counties can have multiple absentee ballot drop-off locations, federal judge says, blocking Gov. Greg Abbott's order
Abbott sought to limit counties to one drop-off location for absentee ballots heading into the Nov. 3 election. U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman said the governor's order confused voters and restricted voter access.
Stop with the voter obstruction, Greg.

This Is Becoming a Habit with Her: Barrett Hides More Critical Information from Senate, Public

Trump Intends to Cling to Power at All Costs
This is what all despots, demagogues, tyrants, dictators and criminal assholes do when cornered.

It’s Time to Put Some Muscle Behind the 25th Amendment
Representative Jamie Raskin has long advocated for structures to assess the fitness of presidents. Now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi agrees.

Trump’s Captain Queeg Crackup
Yesterday’s bonkers behavior—from his paranoid tweets to his f-bomb on Rush Limbaugh’s show to his bizarre pseudo-checkup on Fox—show he has gone utterly around the bend.

The Trumpist Death Cult
The president is an egotistical, narcissistic shaman who promises his adoring worshipers that he will right all wrongs.

Trump broke debate rules and didn't get tested: White House stonewalling gives it away
Sometimes refusing to answer is an answer: White House still won't tell us when Trump last tested negative
"Everything Trump Touches Dies."

The GOP Is Pursuing a Strategy of Public Slaughter
And they have been doing it for the better part of a century.

Rambling Trump flops hard after Limbaugh asks how he will protect people with pre-existing conditions
Zombie creator interviews a speed freak. This is rich.

The week Donald Trump lost the election

Bill Barr battles the rule of law: In this war, there are no bystanders
More on the Trump Crime Syndicate.

In Alleged Plot To Kidnap Guv, Confidential Sources Captured Every Word
"...they’re going to be facing long jail terms." is the least they should face.

As Vaccine Before Election Fades, Trump Falsely Touts New Drug As COVID “Cure”
Really? Do we need any more evidence that this man is insanne?

Trump’s Closing Argument: The Unfairness Never Ends
"This is your brain on Rush."
Oh, right. It's that "brain tumor."

Attorney General Ken Paxton's office said it's closing investigation into donor's claims, which top aides linked to criminal allegations
Top aides have accused Paxton of using the agency to serve the interests of the donor through the investigation — which has involved subpoenas related to the donor's financial interests.
Can anyone still breathe in Texas? The stink must be intolerable.

This Is How Authoritarians Nazis Get Defeated
People around the world have stood up for democracy and truth. Now it’s our turn.

Michigan’s Attorney General Will “Pounce” If Militias Mess with Voting
Dana Nessel says she’s keeping an eye on threats to Election Day while prosecuting plotters who targeted the governor.

Trump continues his death march on America.

Trump Coughs And Hacks His Way Through Hannity Interview
In a wild and conspiratorial interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday, Donald Trump refused to directly answer twice when the Fox News host asked when he was tested for COVID-19.
The old man is sick as a dog.

Michigan Sheriff Excuses Threat To MI Governor As 'Citizens' Arrest'
The domestic terrorists planning to kidnap Michigan's governor have a champion in Sheriff Dar Leaf.
Sorry, dipshhit. It's domestic terrorism, attempted kidnapping of a state official and attempted murder — all Federal crimes. These terrorists must get the death penalty. Throw Dar Leaf in with them.

Trump Flat Out Swears On Limbaugh's Show: 'If You Fuck Around With Us...'
We're sure the Right Wing Evangelical Christians will be denouncing this language ASAP, because what would they say if Hillary Clinton said that on live radio?
"...we will shit and fall back in it!"

Jaime Harrison-Lindsey Graham Debate Tonight Scrapped After Graham Refuses To Take COVID Test
What are you hiding, Lindsey?
He's resigned to losing.

New report warns of Bill Barr's devious voter suppression gambit

One Third of Americans Can’t Pay Their Bills as Stimulus Talks Stall

Drugged-Up Trump Ready To Do All The Rallies
Always remember: It's the drug talking.

Amy Coney Barrett Has No Business Ruling on This Election
This woman will do the United States no favors.

Be Prepared for Violent Fascists and Political Violence
Nice thought, Wim. It won't stop fascist lunatics. Only one thing will.

Not a Single Instance of Voter Fraud
Republicans claim voting by mail will lead to fraud. But a Montana federal judge’s groundbreaking ruling says that’s a bogus argument.
This article ignores the fraud being perpetuated which is the suppression on voting by the Republican fascists on the American voters. It's real and it should be addressed.

Invisible Wounds
A second wave of COVID may be underway. We have to choose between flattening the curve or flattening our health workforce.

Strength Does Not Beat Viruses
The metaphors that Trump and others use when talking about COVID-19 are making the pandemic worse.
How many times do we have to say there is no vaccine for stupid.

Trump Attacks Whitmer After Feds Foil Plot To Kidnap Her, Complains She Hasn’t Thanked Him
Thank her? For being the reason she was attacked by his own Nazi supporters? LOL!

Ohio’s Hard Line On Ballot Drop Boxes Prompts Judge To Greatly Expand Their Use

McConnell pours cold water on Trump’s plea for an election-saving stimulus deal
Kentucky, please toss this turd down the toilet for the good of humanity.

Debate commission co-chair: ‘No evidence’ Trump is clear of Covid
The remarks from Frank Fahrenkopf come amid confusion over the timeline for the two remaining presidential debates.

Trump campaign ready to unleash thousands of poll watchers on Election Day
Doing so would inject further chaos into the contest — and could set off a Democratic counteroffensive.
Trump's attack strategy in his war on the United States. We will muster our troops to defeat him.

Barr Tried to Prove a Deep State Plot Against Trump. He Failed.
BilBar could be in big trouble.

Video Shows Wisconsin Police Allegedly Beating Daily Caller Reporters
Wisconsin Nazis in action.

Fox News Quack Who Suggested Biden Takes Speed To “Medically Evaluate” Trump In On-Camera Fox Interview
This could be called: "New Benchmarks in Insanity." Trump will never let an honest medical report on him to be released by an honest pyhsician. A fake medical exam by a quack—sure. It's a laugher and crazy as a crackhead would think. Imagine how many times the video will have to be edited to take out his coughing fits.

Lindsey Graham all but calls Jaime Harrison 'uppity' for requesting a COVID-19 test before debate
Sounds like this Land of the Happy Negro feller thinks his negro opponent should be a little bit happier for the privilege of being onstage with his cracker ass.

Trump’s COVID ‘Cure’ Developed From Aborted Fetal Tissue
Trump's coronavirus "cure," which he wants to provide free to any patient who needs it, was developed via stem cell research — a practice the Trump administration opposes as “one of the very top priorities.” appears to me that Trump is now tainted by his own hypocrisy.

Trump Fundraising Letter Explicitly Threatens Joe Biden
[Biden] "got caught and needs to pay a price" says the fundraising email from the Trump Campaign.
Here come the personal threats.

Mike Pence went down in a blizzard of lies when pressed on the Trump coronavirus response
Mike's not equipped for the time we live in. He's an 18th Century politician.

26% of Americans know someone who went to work while sick

5 Points On The Alleged Plot To Kidnap The Governor Of Michigan
They'd been infiltrated. Brainless, as advertised.

Trump Camp Claims There Is ‘No Medical Reason’ For Virtual Debate
7,834,887 cases in the U.S. as of today 10/9/20. 217,755 deaths as of today ( Trump has been infected and has not been tested negative. How many medical reasons is that, dumbass?

Trump Says He Plans On Holding Rally On Saturday, Won’t Say If He’s Tested Negative
Delivering Covid to America. This is another Trump crime.
How many people has he "shot on Fifth Avenue" by now?

'What a joke': Trump fans furious after president is denied Nobel Peace Prize
Trump is a joke for sure. Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja! I fart in your general direction.

‘This man is crazy’: MSNBC’s Mika begs Republicans to pull the plug on Trump’s presidency
Of course he's crazy. Most people realize that by now. But that's like asking a junky to stop taking his fix.

Former Trump official slams president’s ‘disgusting’ and ‘racist’ meltdown: ‘He’s obviously unwell’
Thanks. It is obvious to a rational human. Tragically, Trump has nothing but Zombie support.

Trump attempting to raid Medicare trust fund in ‘shameless stunt’ to pay for drug discount cards with his name on them: report
Here's your flim flam man in action. Sheer stupidity. ROTFLMAO!

Court Filing Demands Completely Unredacted Mueller Witness Interviews, Cites Trump’s Tweets Declassifying ‘Any and All’ Russia Docs
It does appear that the country is finally fed up with this fuck head.

As Election Day nears, COVID-19 spreads further into red America
How is this even possible? I mean, it's a hoax isn't it?

Trump And Pence Aren’t Being Honest About Abortion
At a time when Roe v. Wade’s future is uncertain, both the president and vice president have punted questions about abortion during the debates.
I can hardly wrap my brain around this. Wow. Wow. (that's a double down wow).
What are they comparing in that photo?

Doctors Find Coronavirus in Brains of Cadavers
"In this case series, we show that the virus gains access to the brainstem."
Look at what's already in Trump's brain! Lord, it is no wonder! This explains a lot.

Man In Trump Parade Opens Fire After Truck Driver Gives Him The Finger
Fifty-eight year old Todd Crawford was charged with discharging a firearm on the highway. Another disillusioned Trump Zombie. There are a lot out there now.
More Trump Nazi action as Todd Crawford resents truck driver after he showed him his age or IQ number.

Andrew McCabe Blames Trump For Kidnapping Plot: 'The Person Most Responsible'
Gee, wonder why these ammosexuals felt justified and emboldened to kidnap and/or kill Gov. Gretchen Whitmer?
Any Amerikan Nazi move begins with the head honcho Nazi.

Analysis Shows Trump's Covid-19 Treatment Would Cost Regular Folks $100K
The median charge for a coronavirus hospitalization for a patient over 60 is $61,912. And then there's the $38,770 median charge for an air ambulance.
This is what you pay when you don't have insurance or the nation picks up the tab.

Pelosi Moves On The 25th Amendment
If they can nominate a justice during an ongoing election, the 25th Amendment may be invoked as well.

US states stopped their pandemic social restrictions too soon
Several studies with independent approaches all point the same way.
Let's just face it. America is too dumb to go on.

'Trump has abandoned them': 1.3 million unemployment claims loom after the president shot down stimulus
And Pence had the gall to say the Trump economy was great.

White House continues the world's most obvious cover-up

This is why we should just cancel the remaining 2020 debates
They are a characacture of what they were originally anyway--a totally nothing moment.

Pence Refused to Say Whether Trump Would Accept Election Outcome
Covering for the boss, of course.

Because...Rev. William Barber: Republicans Can’t Win Without Voter Suppression

The Despicable Acts of Cheating During Last Night's VP Debate

Republican Senator Blurts Out That He Hates Democracy
This is news?

Trump Calls Kamala Harris a ‘Monster’
Trump has no idea that he's illustrating the level of his mental illness to everyone. Keep it up, Donnie. The polls show everyone can see it.

Marco Rubio’s Vice Presidential Debate Review Goes Viral For The Wrong Reason
The GOP senator from Florida self-owned with his criticism of Democratic nominee Kamala Harris.
Doh! Shorty gets it wrong again. Have a drink of water.

James Corden Notices A Striking Contrast In Trump’s New Video
Orange you glad the “Late Late Show” host spotted this?
It's always good to know that you saw it first here on The Land of the Happy Negro."
It was more than obvious to anyone with a working set of eyes. It's as if he was ready for a minstrel show.

Feds say they thwarted militia plot to kidnap Whitmer
"The alleged plot involved reaching out to members of a Michigan militia, according to a federal affidavit filed Thursday."
The same gun thugs that showed up at the state house with their weapons.
Make no mistake, this was not an "Antifa" group. It was Trump's Nazis.
Expect to see more of this as they try to suppress voting.

A Rising Orthodox Populist Is Leading A Violent Campaign Of COVID Denial In Borough Park
More fascist asshats showing their venom to all. It will not end well for them. It won't end well for New York and it won't end well for America.

Trump says Gold Star families could have given him Covid-19
“They come within an inch of my face, sometimes,” the president said of the families of America’s war dead.
Whining asshole. Of course, he has absolutely no control over his environment because he's only the fucking POTUS!
What a fail.

The Problem With Amy Coney Barrett Is Her Record, Not Her Religion

Conservative Men Are Clueless About Pence
Clueless and willful idiots.

Mike Pence Showed Just How Hard It Is to Defend Donald Trump

Why Americans Fall for Grifters
A warning from a 1957 film
They ran it last night (10/7/2020) opposite the debate. Very timely. Trump and Lonesome Rhodes have a great deal in common.
The public continues to sit back and enjoy the show because they fantasize that the show is a mirror of themselves. I think it's pretty obvious who LR is comparable to and it was clearly illustrated in the film unless one is blind.

Report: Trump required Walter Reed staff to sign NDAs
Chickenshittery of the highest degree.

‘Power corrupts’: Morning Joe rains hell on Mike Pence for going along with Trump’s attempted ‘coup’
Yes, but let's not kid ourselves. The real coup attempt is coming on November 3 when Trump's fascist thugs will spring into action to ry to destroy our election process.

Next Presidential Debate Will Be Virtual Amid Trump’s Battle With COVID
But Trump has already said he will run away from it like the coward he is.

‘Not acceptable!’ COVID-infected Trump tells Fox Business that he won’t take part in ‘virtual’ debate
The "World's Greatest Whiner" can't bully his way through it. He's such a chickenshit.

Donna Brazile Slaps Down Karl Rove's Critique Of Kamala Harris' 'Likability'
When they can't criticize on substance, they go for misogyny, just like Karl Rove did. Donna Brazile would have none of it.
Turd Blossom is still around? We got a good dose of misogyny from that douchbag. Mike Pence's smug laugh and head shaking was fine, eh?

‘Socialist propaganda’: Texas voters lash out after GOP chairman gets COVID and party calls for masks
Anyone still wonder why I call Trump's supporters Zombies? Intellectual voidoids.

Instead Of Promising He’d Step Down If He Loses, Pence Spouts Conspiracy Theories
You can count on trouble from the Trump traitors. That's why Putin put them in office.

Fox Guest: ‘Selfish’ Older People Are Keeping Americans Frightened Of COVID
As COVID-19 rages through the White House, NY Post columnist Amanda Devine seems to think that’s a great model for the rest of the country – if only older people weren’t so selfish in trying to keep people from getting infected!
I don't know who this foolish woman is but I'm out on my patio everyday enjoying the beautiful fall weather.
Most "older" Americans don't have children to put in school and we don't run the school board's policies. We're retired and having a relatively good time watching morons like her make fools of themselves in the Trump Toadie Clan everyday. She's doing a great job at putting people at risk.

Trump is the grotesque id of the ruling elites

Pence Said Trump Listens to Scientists. That’s a Joke, Right?
The vice president prevaricated on climate, as usual.
He should be embarrassed. But, what can you say about a denier of reality?

For First Time in its History, Interfaith Alliance Opposes Nominee to the Federal Bench

With 211K Dead, Pence Says Administration’s COVID-19 Response Has Been Great
The pandemic was topic #1 at the vice presidential debate, Harris responded with some devastating facts.
I always thought that Pence was pretty ignorant and he proved that he was worse than I suspected.

Mike Pence Attacks Obama Administration By Citing Things It Polled Well On
Americans gave the last president positive marks for handling the swine flu — and, in retrospect, for the Affordable Care Act. These people are pretty stupid after all.

DOJ Frees Federal Prosecutors to Take Steps That Could Interfere With Elections, Weakening Long-standing Policy
In an internal announcement, the Justice Department created an exception to a decadeslong policy meant to prevent prosecutors from taking overt investigative steps that might affect the outcome of the vote.
This is the latest salvo in the war on America's election. It will only get worse.

‘Pathetic!’ Anderson Cooper rips Rick Santorum after he defends Trump for claiming COVID is ‘blessing from God’
It's what they want for letting morons like Santorum on their show. They should stop abusing him as the useful idiot that he is.

Pence slammed for trying to shift the blame for his COVID failures to ‘the American people’
I think he didn't realize what he said. He was trying to say something else but it came out way wrong.

‘He’s got COVID eye!’ Debate watchers concerned about Mike Pence’s pink eyes
That's why I was calling him "Pinky" throughout the show.

Mike Pence mocked as he’s ‘dominated’ by ‘the fly’ that spends 2 minutes and 20 seconds on his head
"It only added to the laundry list of unfortunate humiliations Pence faced on debate night."
"That fly was Pence's first black friend"

Kamala Harris prosecuted Mike Pence at VP debate — here are her top six moments

Not Even Close
She didn't have to wow. But I don't agree with Josh on Pence. She was up against the weakest snowflake on the Trump team. He was bloodied multiple times and caught in lie after lie.
Even the fly on Pence's head indicated he was the pile of bullshit.

McSally Flops in Only Arizona Senate Debate
The Republican incumbent, far behind her astronaut challenger in the polls, squandered a chance to turn things around.
McSally is typical of a neo-fascist that is thin on substance and high on the wrong side of history.

President Trump calls his case of COVID-19 a "blessing from God" in baffling new video
Trump tried to encourage viewers to think a therapeutic treatment for the disease is actually a cure
In case you've never seen a speed freak on a wired rant, this is as good as it gets.
Nut Ball. White hands, Burnt face. Stop acting like this fuckstick is anything more than a criminal.

Top medical journal calls for U.S. leaders to be voted out over COVID response
Too many families have lost loved ones to support the failure of our government.

‘Completely Inadequate’: Epidemiologists Question Abrupt End To WH Contact Tracing

Iowa man busted stealing Biden yard sign — then busted trying to steal every newspaper reporting it
A theft too far.
That's Peter De Yager of Dickinson County, Iowa.

White House finally admits Trump isn’t really tested daily for COVID-19 — as he previously stated
Gee, another lie. How many does that make? We're counting.

‘Roided-out babbling mania’: Trump ridiculed for all-caps demand for ‘four more years’ as revenge on Obama
Trump needs a padded cell.

‘Treachery!’ MAGA fans lose it after ‘turncoat’ Carly Fiorina endorses Joe Biden on Fox News
Thanks, Carly. Americans always close ranks when the country is threatened. I agree with you.

This Is Your President On Drugs
The president is infectious, medicated, and erratic while working with a depleted staff.
A president is a terrible thing to waste.

Ex-Bush NSA chief endorses Biden on CNN despite stroke: ‘I thought this was America but now I’m not sure’

GOP candidate dies from COVID-19 – but will remain on the North Dakota ballot

Spike Lee Suggests Trump Could Start New Civil War, Bring Back Slavery: ‘This Motherf***er is Not Going to Leave’

President Patient Zero Busy Mercy-Killing Last Shreds Of The Economy

Pompous, entitled assholes rarely change their stripes

Courts Are Taking Away One of Americans’ Best Options for Fixing Voting
The Supreme Court told citizens to improve the country’s democracy by passing ballot initiatives. They tried.

Federal appeals court rules against Trump – Manhattan DA must be given president’s taxes
Trump is on his way to down and out.

Widespread shock as ‘completely inadequate’ VP debate stage is revealed: ‘Is this some kind of a joke?’
The joke is on America. As usual.
Getting a Republican to agree to anything as modern as a virtual debate is totally lost on them. They are stuck with 18th century thinking. It's no wonder America is in this level of decay.

In Florida, the Gutting of a Landmark Law Leaves Few Felons Likely to Vote
State officials don’t know how many felons are registered or eligible to vote. So we did our own analysis and found only a very small percentage of them will be able to cast ballots this election. Some could face prosecution if they do.
Florida is truly a swamp.

Trump’s Former National Security Adviser Accused Him of Treasonous Conduct. And No One Cared.
Trump is still helping Russia’s war on America. It’s hardly a story.

Biden is betting big in Texas, and this latest poll shows why

Jeff Sessions Will Go Down In History For This: 'We Need To Take Away Children'
Rod J. Rosenstein went even further in a second call about a week later, telling the five prosecutors that it did not matter how young the children were.
The Trumpists have a great deal to answer for.

Facebook bans QAnon entirely, says previous crackdown wasn’t enough
QAnon pages and groups now banned even if they don't discuss violence.
QAnonsense Quacks gets flushed down the toilet by Facebook. Hooray!

McConnell snaps at opponent Amy McGrath for requesting pre-debate COVID-19 testing
Mitch,when was the last time you saw your doctor? If it has been since March you have worn a mask. Protocols at reputable doctors and dentists office visits demand that you park in their parking area, phone them you are waiting in your car. Then you answer protocol questions. Then they call you back when they want you to enter the office and you must be wearing a mask or they will give you one and take your temperature. You haven't even seen a doctor in person this year at their office, your visit was virtual, or you are lying like a rug.

Ohio Republicans Tried To Suppress Voter Turnout Today, But It Didn't Work
On the first day of early voting in Ohio, Democrats turned out in force to show the GOP couldn't keep them down.
It's not going to work you fascist bastards. We're going to vote if we have to camp out for days. We are going to vote if it kills us all. Voter suppression is a crime and you must pay!

Trump Suddenly Walks Back Cancellation Of Stimulus Talks Amid Unrestrained Twitter Spree
What happened? His speed must have worn off. Must have been a hell of a crash.

Former CDC head rips Trump’s CDC chief in private letter: ‘It is a slaughter not a political dispute’

America's Allies See China, Not U.S., As World's Leading Economy Amid Coronavirus Crisis: Poll
America is anything but "Great Again."

Stocks Plummet After Trump Scraps Stimulus Talks Until After Election Day
This is your "leader" (LOL) on drugs.

“Sociopathy”: Psychiatrist says Trump's behavior “meets criteria for a locked psychiatric facility"
It "would not be an exaggeration" to say that Trump "delights in putting people in danger," Dr. Bandy X. Lee says
Batshit lunatic crazy motherfucker. Thanks, Amerika.

Trump still faces COVID-19 health risk, may not be "out of the woods" till next week, doctors say
Medical experts told Salon that Trump is highly infectious currently, and is putting those around him at risk
But he looks like such a pussy with that mask on.

Trump's Barrett Nomination Another Step Toward Christian Fascism

Trump Needs Accomplices at Every Level of Government to Pull Off a Coup
This is what Trump has spent the last four years putting in place.

‘This place is a cesspool’: White House staffers furious at Trump’s ‘insane’ return from hospital
"Cesspool"? Where did I just read that? (Hint: five items down)

Infamous gun-waving St. Louis couple indicted for threatening BLM protesters — and evidence tampering
Republican convention stars are merely more criminals. Anyone fed up with this shit yet?

GOP county chair in Arkansas dies from COVID-19 – his committee hosted a maskless gathering last month
"You gonna reap just what you sow, that old saying is oh, so true."

‘Trail of wreckage’: CNN graphic shows all the people infected by Trump’s super spreader administration
Covid from your government direct to you. There is aleady more for this photo.

Here's the evidence that suggests the White House knew of Trump's illness before debate — but deliberately hid it

Biden Urges America Not To Be ‘A House Divided’ In Gettysburg Remarks
Good luck, Joe. You have a broken cesspool to deal with.

Trumpworld COVID-19 Outbreak Continues To Spread
Maybe Covid does have a purpose?
What goes around comes around. And since Trump's "Rose Garden Massacre" it's been "tag, you're it!" Sad. But don't let it run your lives.

'There Is No Place For Hate In America': Joe Biden Addresses The Nation From Gettysburg, PA

White House Outbreak Exposes Contact Tracing-Shaped Hole In US COVID Response

Ask Marilyn: Propaganda for the Asking
Yes, it is pure propaganda. I mean who in the world wants a majority of American citizens to determine the outcome of a Federal Election. I damn sure know one son-of-a-bitch that doesn't.

“Donald J. Trump Defeats Covid”: The Absurd Soviet-style Propaganda Campaign Around His Illness
Since Trump is a Russian asset this is not a surprise.

How America Turned on Itself
Amid talk of “civil war,” it’s impossible to imagine the violence of this moment in the absence of America’s forever wars abroad.

Voter Suppression Is a Crime
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is prosecuting those who undermine democracy—and setting an example for other attorneys general.

The President’s Doctor Is Doing Harm
Americans need the bare truth, not empty reassurances.
Conley could be in a world of hurt. We'll have to see what happens.
This all appears to be one big charade.

“Everyone the President touches turns into liars, including his doctors”
"It's odd. The same people who declare that wearing a mask is a "personal choice," are the SAME people who want to take away a woman's right to choose."

Unsanitized: Ron Johnson’s Moon Suit
Plus, the uncertainty of the movie business, and a Trump update. This is The COVID-19 Daily Report for October 6, 2020.
"Is this completely insane? Absolutely. Are you surprised by it? Then you don’t know Ron Johnson."

How Christian Conservatives, Trump And Russia Formed An Unholy Alliance
Is it anything like "The Human Centipide"? It sounds perverse enough.

McConnell won’t commit to taking a coronavirus test before his Oct. 12 debate
He would be a difficult person to test being covered with all that slime.

Dow dives more than 300 points after Trump abruptly kills COVID stimulus negotiations
With friends like Trump we don't need enemies.

Disneyland Is Likely to Stay Closed for Months
But Trump wants America to attend and have fun. What's wrong with Disneyland? What do they know that Trump doesn't know, America

Once Again, Supreme Court Won’t Help Make It Easier to Vote During COVID
America is under seige by Covid and Trump fascism. It's sad watching us go down the tubes.

‘Don’t Try to Sell Me a Bridge!’: MSNBC’s Katy Tur Clashes with Trump Campaign Spox Over Covid Response in Trainwreck Interview
A good example of a double talker trying to con America. This shill is a turd floating to the top. Total garbage.
In no way can he get this Trump disgrace on a track that has any truth to it. He's worse than Trump is. He's a poor spin doctor. These people are all insane. The stupid shill doesn't realize that we at least have a flu shot you can get to reduce your chances of a bad case of it. Ain't no vaccine yet for the fucking virus. The virus doesn't give a flying fuck what this asshole says. Ain't no vaccine for stupid.

No, the Coronavirus Is Not Like the Flu
For the asshole in the above article.

Florida’s Voter Registration Portal Crashed After Receiving 1.1 Million Requests in 1 Hour
The state extended the deadline—but advocates say not by enough.
Last minute registrations? Did these people actually consider there would be a problem? Or was this a dDOS?

Trump rejects Democrats' COVID-19 stimulus offer, says no deal until after the election
More small buisnesses will be gone, maybe a few larger ones as well. More Americans will have harder lives. More Americans will get sick. I'm so glad Trump loves America.
This guy has been given a huge dose of speed by his doctors. I've seen a user this fucked up before but it's been a long time ago in New York City in the 1960s when speed was $25 a gram.
Why doesn't he table the SCOTUS nominee as well?

Michigan Attorney General reviewing open carry laws over voter intimidation concerns
Get ready for the gun nuts to go off.

Trump DOJ ‘Technical Concerns’ Help Block Bill Targeting White Supremacists
The block by Senate Republicans came in the same week the president refused to condemn white supremacists and told a neo-fascist gang to “stand by.”
Trump's Nazis have been at work for the past four years laying the groundwork for destroying America. We are now witnessing the ascendence of a fascist White Supremacy America. There is only one chance to stop it. Perhaps two if necessary.