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Trump has aspired to and achieved the ultimate luxury – an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.
Mark Singer, Trump and Me

It's official: Donald Trump wins. God help us all


The Miami Herald Endorses Hillary Clinton in a Simple Yet Powerful Editorial

Assange denies WikiLeaks trying to influence election outcome
Poor little Julian. His pitiful hacking skills only work on one candidate. LOL!
"Publications"? Geez, I thought they called that plagiarism!

Oh, by the way: Tom Brady's wife says the QB isn't backing Trump
Trump lies to the bitter end.

Trump Ally Roger Stone Says Trump Has ‘Run One of the Worst Campaigns’ In History In Nevada
Now they begin to eat their own.

Today's the day: Roar!

Airline Encourages Muslims to Travel to U.S. ‘While You’re Still Allowed To’

Sean Hannity Has The Early Sadz [VIDEO]
Sean, you have been left holding a bag of feces. You own that.

Under Ann Coulter’s Nazi Voting Plan, Donald Trump And His Children Would Not Be Allowed To Vote

How Slate Votes
And why.
“an opinion is not a bias!”

The Myth of the Hard-Luck Trump Voter
A lot of reporting claims Trump supporters aren’t racist, they’ve just fallen on hard times. Slate’s Michelle Goldberg says that’s not the full story.

Optimism From Hillary Clinton and Darkness From Donald Trump at Campaign’s End

This Election Is a Referendum on Hate
For the Republican Party, Trumpism has brought about a reckoning that's been decades in the making.

Obama's popularity hits near-record high on eve of election

Trump Goes Fully Negative On Election Eve: ‘The World Hates Us'
Wrong, Donster. The world has no use for the likes of you! NEVER AGAIN!

Trump’s White Nationalist Supporters Love His “Nazi” Closing Ad Because It “Blasts” The “Evil Jews”

End this misogynistic horror show. Put Hillary Clinton in the White House

For the Sake of the Republican Party, Don’t Vote for Trump (GOP Article)

Your vote really doesn’t matter…right???

Obama Urges Voters: 'Do Not Be Bamboozled' By Trump

Bill Maher Pushes Obama on Food Antibiotics and GMOs
The president gets the problem, despite his FDA's industry-friendly approach.
But notice the number of "nones" there are that have no representation.
And we have a "disease" care system, not a health care system. This is why it has taken most of my lifetime to even approach a cure for cancer. There's too much money in management of cancer and other diseases.

Clinton Post-Presidency Biographer Rips “Obsessed” And "Unbalanced" Coverage Of The Clintons

North Carolina GOP Brags About How Few Black People Were Able to Vote Early

North Carolina Republicans really proud of being f**king racists
When will racists stop attempting to make racism "normal"?

GOP Strategist Ana Navarro: Why I Voted For Hillary

Trump Idiots Can’t Read 650,000 Hillary Emails In Eight Days, So FBI Can’t Neither!


We have a rare opportunity to beat the fuck out of a fascist while remaining nonviolent

Trump supporter’s T-shirt calls for lynching of journalists
Do we still have doubters this is fascism?

Donald Trump’s Plan to ‘Make America Great Again’ is Ethnic Cleansing

CNN’s David Gregory: ‘Jim Comey Has Made This About Him’
“He went beyond the scope. If you don’t charge, you don’t talk. That is what law enforcement does, that is what the legal community does. That is the standard. He had no reason to lean so far forward and say, ‘Nobody would have charged her.’ He was trying to justify his decision to Republicans who were critical and agents who were critical and then once you start, you can’t stop.”

An election on who and what we are

Comey Gives All Clear On New Clinton Emails
Of course this means they'll make up something else next.

Conservatives Run With NY Post Story About Maid Printing Clinton's Emails, Botch Classification History
These Trumpster folks are a very special flavor of stupid.

CNN anchor spars with Trump campaign manager over false claim protester was attempting to assassinate Trump
Isn't Conway guilty of attempted extortion here?

Trump protester: I was beaten for holding a 'Republicans against Trump' sign
Some "assassination attempt." Yeah, those signs should have background checks.

Fareed Zakaria: Your Views of Clinton Are ‘Irrelevant,’ Trump Is ‘Cancer on American Democracy’

Indecision 2106: They say those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it….

On The Brink
Trump's insanity is showing more with each day.

Trump Supporters Harass CNN Reporter At Rally (GOP article)

5 Unhinged Right-Wing Moments at the End of the Campaign Trail: Trump's Whining and Projection Hit New Crazy Highs
Slime creature John Sununu also resurfaced in New Hampshire.

Trump is a threat to the West as we know it, even if he loses

View from the Left: How Republicans have manufactured a judicial crisis that's cheating democracy

America’s best hope

Report: National Enquirer bought rights to Trump affair story, but never published
Karen McDougal, Playboy's 1998 playmate of the year, claims to have had an affair with Trump from 2006 to 2007, while he was married to his current wife, Melania.
Oh, but you'll forgive this adultery, won't you?

Trump and the Truth: Spinning the October Surprise
Untruths, Lies and God Damn Lies!

Truth: The first casualty of Donald Trump’s campaign

‘Once Fascists Get Power…’: Maher and Panel Go Off the Rails Warning About Trump Winning
David Frum seems to be a little bit of a wimp on the possibility of Fascism taking our country.
As Maher states, "Lock her up" is very much the same as "Hitler calling the Jews vermin."

The Republican Party: Facing their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness?

Trump’s Paramilitary Followers Gearing Up To Make America White Again

Watch: Bernie Sanders Stands with Hillary Clinton in North Carolina: 'We Are Not Going Back to a Bigoted Society'
Clinton's former rival is giving her his full-throated support.

9 of Trump's Lesser Known Yet Equally Ridiculous Campaign Promises
Horrible through and through.

Why Police From Different States Invaded a Standing Rock Camp—and Other Questions
Tipis and sweat lodges were destroyed. Vehicles were set ablaze. More than 140 protesters were arrested.
This is a war. People are willing to die for this. Five hundred years of oppression is enough.

Why Hillary Clinton Is the Only Choice to Keep America Great

A Scholar of Fascism Sees a Lot That’s Familiar with Trump

VIRGINIA: Armed Trump Fan Confronts Voters At Polling Station, Asks If They Support “Crooked Hillary”
Photo of Fascist Trump Zombie intimidating voters by wearing a sidearm.
Open carry means the intimidator can find himself in gunplay.

This Is Where We Are, Folks
A federal district judge in Ohio has issued a temporary restraining order barring the Trump campaign, as well as Trump's advisor Roger Stone and his group "from conspiring to intimidate, threaten, harass, or coerce voters on Election Day."

Be Angry With Donald Trump, But Not Afraid! | The Closer with Keith Olbermann | GQ
"When should we reclassify the form of the government of the United States from Democracy to Fascism?"
Nikita Khrushchev (look him up kiddies) once clarified himself on his "We will bury you." statement to "Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you..."

“The Sociopath”: New Documentary from RedState Contributor Ben Howe BRINGS It (Watch It Here)
or on YouTube directly HERE.
Yeah, the Teahadists. No racists there. LOLs! Watch Fascism take over the Republican party.
And yes, Trump will be going to court on his University crime charge.

Inside Kurt Eichenwald’s Newsweek Blockbuster That Reveals The Root of Putin’s Love of Trump

Meanwhile, Donald Trump will be going on trial for underage rape…if anyone cares

Don Lemon Calls out Rudy Giuliani For Hinting at Comey Letter Days Before It Went Public (UPDATED)

We Can't Stop Clicking on This Donald Trump Scandal Generator

The Trump Files: The Time Donald Trump Got Called Out for Failing to Hire Minorities
As part of a legal settlement, the mogul promised to hire black- and woman-owned businesses. Guess what happened?

Last Pre-election Jobs Report Shows Healthy Growth and Higher Wages
"A healty outlook?" Have the "angries" read this?

America and the Abyss
Yes, our Republic is in grave danger.

Bombshell Report: Why Russia Is Backing Trump

For a change of pace: Seahawks' Richard Sherman takes aim at NFL and officials
Finally, someone stands up to the NO FOOTBALL LEAGUE!

How the FBI rigged the election for Trump
"Comey needs to reach down deep and find whatever shred of dignity and love of country he has left, and do the right thing and resign."

First Fake?
Serious and frightful stuff. Our Republic is in peril. But, of course, that's what Trump supporters are wanting.

Where Are All the Fake Docs Coming From?!?

Labor board: Trump hotel violated labor law
"Mr. Trump is breaking federal law and Trump Hotel Las Vegas is operating illegally..."

‘Why the Russians Are Backing Trump’: Maddow Previews Blockbuster Newsweek Story

Apparently, Melania Trump Plagiarized Again…This Time Copying Marla Maples Of All People
She needs to talk to her husband about that bullying stuff. I understand he's an expert at it.

Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks Are No Longer on CMA Website, Social Media Due to Racist Comments
“That’s right folks. Beyonce performed at the CMAs last night & is on a mission to take country music away from us, hardworking white people!” — quote from the article.
Whoa! I thought all you hardworking "white people" were angry about not having jobs. Now, at just which jobs are you working so hard at? Destroying civility and all like that, I suppose.

How Can Americans Trust Donald Trump?

Roe v. Wade Is on the Ballot
Abortion rights are on the line in this election and people don’t seem the least bit concerned.

Bad, Bad Stuff Out of FBI

Clinton Condemns Arson Of Black Miss. Church: This 'Should Not Be Normal'
"Who would do that to a house of worship?" she asked. "In America, that can never be acceptable."

'Gasland' Director Josh Fox Documents First-Hand Police Violence at Standing Rock
"How is it possible that from ten feet away, they are shooting at peaceful protesters, journalists, bystanders, medics?"

‘He Who Must Not Be Named’: Dem Senator Goes Full Harry Potter on Trump in New MoveOn Ad

Win or Lose, Trump Has Destroyed the Conservative Movement and Revealed Its Racist Base
This guy is a one man bomb squad.

Why Trump Is Different—and Must Be Repelled

Trump Campaign Official Tells a Stunned Tapper There’s No Evidence on Assault Allegations

“Guns Down” Project To Fight Back Against Firearm-Related Voter Intimidation On Election Day
Voters Can Text “GUNSDOWN” To 91990 To Report “Poll Watchers” Who Use Firearms And Other Means To Intimidate.

Journalists Blast The FBI For Meddling In 2016 Election

For Minority Voters, a Ballot for Clinton Is a Proclamation That This Is Their Country Too
If you are an "angry" Trump supporter remember: YOU ARE BACKING HAROLD HILL! There will not be a boy's band when he's done with you nor any job training! You'll be screwed and still be "angry."

Iraqi forces fight ISIS on streets of Mosul
Iraqi forces entered ISIS-held Mosul on Thursday for the first time in more than two years...

Colbert Hilariously Trashes Trump's Latest Boneheaded Idea to Pay for His Wall
Times are getting tough at Trump Tower.

Comey’s Coup

The Putin-Trump Axis
Note photo of Italian fascists.

Why anyone could believe Republicans deserve to be handed the reins of government defies understanding
The Grand No Party is no stranger to Land of the Happy Negro.

VIDEO: Strict Voter ID Laws Are The New Jim Crow Laws
Right-Wing Media Falsely Cry “Voter Fraud” To Keep Citizens From Voting

Trump Is an Existential Threat
"If you are voting for Trump, you are voting for coarseness, corruption and moral corrosion. Period. And if you are not actively voting against him, you are abetting his attempt to hijack American greatness and sink it with his egotism."

The Economist endorses Clinton: She's 'a better candidate than she seems
"“The choice is not hard. The campaign has provided daily evidence that Mr. Trump would be a terrible president...”"

Obama: I Never Thought ‘The Republic Was at Risk’ With McCain or Romney, But This Time…
Yes, wipe that smirk off your face. The Republic IS AT RISK with Trump in office.
What the hell do you think I have been saying here for the past forever?

FBI More Out of Control Then We Knew
"...a Director should be able to control this stuff and stand up to political pressure. He has not been able to do either."

Fox’s Napolitano Thinks That James Comey Should Resign

We Can’t Trust Trump With Today’s NSA
It would be far too easy for him to take advantage of the agency’s surveillance capabilities.

MISSISSIPPI: Black Church Destroyed In Suspected Hate Crime Fire, “Vote Trump” Found Painted On Wall
Trump fascists reign of terror comes down. It is only just getting started so get used to it.

Michael Moore: Why the FBI Should Immediately Investigate Donald Trump
"He is intending to blow up the system." (and the rest of us with it!)

Don't Let the FBI Decide the Election

Mosul Neighbors Enjoy a Day Without ISIS, but the Path to Peace Will Be Long
Trump would have just bombed the hell of them, instead.

Nightly News Takes a Dive on Issues This Year
Did I hear someone complain about the media? It must be because policy is what insurance does. Ya think?

Obama Slams FBI Over New Hillary Clinton Emails
"We don't operate on leaks."

Hillary Clinton Is an Open Book
Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most transparent presidential candidate in history.

370 Economists Debunk Trump's Right-Wing Media Myths On The Economy

Another Donald Trump recording emerges ... and this time it's a mob connection

Trump Blackshirts plan to attack American democracy on Election Day

IOWA: Suspect In Killing Of Two Cops Had Recently Been Ejected From Football Game Where He Protested Against National Anthem “Sitters” By Waving The Confederate Flag At Black Attendees [VIDEO]
The Fascists are only begging their reign of stupid.

“I want to ask Mr. Trump: Would my son have a place in your America?”

The Trump Files: When Donald Won an Election...of Sexy Billionaires
"His pouty lips make my knees quiver."

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The Trump Russian connection is real, so is anger with James Comey

Comedian Louis CK Goes Viral With Passionate Rant In Support Of “Tough Mother” Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]
"If you vote for Hillary you're a grownup; if you vote for Trump you're a sucker; if you don't vote for anyone, you're an asshole."

Daily News doubles down on endorsement of Clinton for President — it’s that important

White nationalists plot Election Day show of force
Whoa, there's a real zombie in that photo.
KKK, neo-Nazis and militias plan to monitor urban polling places and suppress the black vote.

Fascist Hate Groups To Hold Capitol Hill Prayer Rally
" be held to convince White Jesus to stop Hillary." LOL!

Donald Trump Voters, Just Hear Me Out
Read it Zombies. This will be much kinder for those of you who can read.

James Comey has been abusing his power for years
We shouldn’t be surprised at the FBI director’s intervention in the presidential campaign. He has a track record of dubious decisions.

Donald Trump Can’t Merely Be Defeated — He and His Deplorables Must Be Crushed
Lesser of two evils? Hogwash. There’s only one evil in this race, and it’s the guy who makes white supremacists delirious. We must crush them.

Not Safe for White House: Colbert Read Trump's Smut So You Don't Have To

WATCH: Keith Olbermann Lays out the Links Between Trump and Russia—and It's Incredibly Damning

At this point, the election is first and foremost about what kind of America we want to be

No, ‘Emailgate’ Is Not Worse Than Watergate

When intransigence borders on treason, you must be a Republican Congressman

Liberals No Longer Allowed to Nominate Supreme Court Justices
Wouldn't it be wonderful to someday live in a democracy?

Obama suggests voters holding Clinton to a double standard

Texas elected official calls Clinton a 'cunt'
"Everything really is bigger in Texas. Even the chickenshits and fear." — Jennifer Hayden @Scout_Finch Senior Social Media Editor @dailykos, Jayhawker, National Park enthusiast

McMullin Responds to White Nationalist Robocall, Says ‘Most Bigots’ Support Trump

How Trump Fumbled Social Security Like No Republican Before Him

Odd Timing: FBI Releases Closed Case Files On Bill Clinton Pardon Of Marc Rich
WTF is going on with this old FBI account? Who is responsible?

Something stinks in Coffee County, Georgia, as activist grandmother is prosecuted for voter fraud

The Ku Klux Klan makes it official, endorses Donald Trump saying 'Make America Great Again'
Here's what you're backing, Trump Nazis.

Former Ku Klux Klan leader declares support for Donald Trump
More racist spouting for Trump

White Nationalist Unity Rally Scheduled in Pennsylvania
Trump Nazis are coming for you sooner than you think.

Nazi Site Cheers Trump’s “Jew-S-A” Fan: Kellyanne Conway’s Denouncement Was Tongue-In-Cheek
Seig Heil, Trump Facists. You own it.

J. Edgar Comey is dear leader of our American KGB.

NYT: We've Figured Out How Trump Gamed the Tax System

The Election's Halloween Horror: Trump’s Poll Trolls
There's a two-headed beast Donald Trump calls voter fraud and rigged elections.
The Trump Zombies are all too real.

Samantha Bee Matches Trump’s Conspiracy Theories With Her Own Theory That He Can’t Read
“We have evidence, so much evidence, the best evidence.” Trump’s illiteracy might be the real reason why he rails against teleprompter so much. We, as a nation, should fight this horrible epidemic. But an illiterate President? He needs help.

Federal judge orders RNC to detail 'ballot security' efforts with Trump campaign

Donald Trump can't stop cheering for team ISIS

Democrats point out Comey's 'blatant double standard' as Justice clamps down on further news

The Alt-Right and a Deluge of Hate (Podcast)
A writer at National Review came out against Trump but didn’t expect the extent of the hate that followed.

FBI Sure Managed To Light A Fire Under Its Ass To Clear Donald Trump Of All Crimes Past, Present And Future

Reminder: Donald Trump Due in Court After Election Day on Child Rape and Racketeering Charges

What Trump’s Tax Returns Could Tell Us About His Dealings with Russia
In the wake of Harry Reid’s accusations, it’s critical to America’s national security for Trump to open up.

People Threatening to Carry out Mass Killings of Muslims Turn Out to Be Trump Fans
Two separate incidents in Kansas and California are raising alarm.

So Much for the 'Upstanding' James Comey: The FBI Director's Long Career as Preening Partisan Hack
Beltway insiders swooned over Comey's "nonpartisan" reputation—but his career tells a very different story.

The Angle: Trump's Bad Halloween
Slate's daily newsletter on news about Trump's taxes, and possible ties to Russia.

Samantha Bee Highlights How The Trump Campaign And The White Nationalist, “Alt-Right” Movements Are In Sync

Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?
his spring, a group of computer scientists set out to determine whether hackers were interfering with the Trump campaign. They found something they weren’t expecting.

Keep Harping Over Trump’s Tax Returns
This is what a dictator does to America.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Highlights White Supremacist Operation To Support Trump
White supremacism is alive and well in the Trump camp.

Veteran Pollster Learns What Others Already Know: Trump Doesn’t Pay His Bills (GOP article)

Trump-Loving Fox News Host Blasts FBI Head James Comey for 'Disgraceful' Meddling in Election
Jeanine Pirro: Comey violates "the most fundamental rules of fairness and impartiality.”
Faux News? Really? This is really serious!

NAACP: Stop Removing Voters From Rolls in North Carolina
Land of the Happy Negro is what they want in NC!

Right Under Our Noses
We didn't see the fascists coming? Really now, some of us did.

Ex-FBI Official: Comey Didn’t Want FBI’s Name On Russia Statement, Citing Election Timing
Double standard of justice in America? This is unheard of!

Donald Trump is refusing to pay his campaign pollster three-quarters of a million dollars

Even Republicans—including Karl Rove!—are slamming Comey for interfering in the election
Oh, Yeah! That knife cuts both ways duhn't it?

Harry Reid Will Cut A Bitch (James Comey. James Comey Is The Bitch, Whom He Will Cut)
Has Comey done committed a crime here?
Will he be indicted? Will he be impeached? America wants to know!

'Think of the Bunker Right Before Hitler Killed Himself': Insiders Say Trump's Campaign Is Imploding
Trump’s inability to discipline himself as a candidate has ultimately been his undoing.

The Trump Files: Trump Wanted a TV Show of Him Ogling Women
What a shock.

Here's the Real Danger of a Trump Presidency

Today’s example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect: Deplorable and proud of it
"Slackjaw Ridge."

Harry Reid makes most serious accusation of the campaign: Comey covering up Trump–Russia connection
Comey has been covering up a connection between Russia and Trump.
"Comey is using the full weight of the FBI to swing the election to a man he knows is in service to a foreign power."

Basically Everybody Thinks James Comey Has Fucked Up

Democratic Congressman Calls On James Comey To Resign From FBI
“He should resign his position effective immediately,” Cohen wrote in a public statement.

Deeply Disturbing
"But it seems extremely likely - indeed, we all but know it based on information surfaced over the last forty-eight hours - that he is being played by people who are acting with malice."

FBI Director's Letter Receives Criticism From Across The Political Spectrum

A Trump presidency would wreck the world's economy. Just ask investors

Eric Holder: James Comey is a good man, but he made a serious mistake

Comeygate Is Looking Worse and Worse

How Hillary Clinton Met Satan
Required reading.

America, Your Election Is Not Rigged

Why Trump Stays Afloat

Remind me again why churches are tax-exempt
It's long past time to tax churches and pastors.

Welcome to our new (not exactly) post-racial society

Trump Supporter Screams ‘Jew-S-A’ at Reporters, Calls Them ‘the Enemy’ During Rally
Still any question about what Trump supporters are? I didn't think so.

James Comey’s Letter and the Problem of Leaks
"Comey says that he didn’t “want to create a misleading impression,” but that’s precisely what he did."

Comey's Judgment Looks Far Worse on Day Two

Voters should ‘fire’ Trump

Why FBI Director James Comey did the wrong thing ... again
"As a result he’s caused serious harm to the FBI, to the election, and to the nation. And, just incidentally, he’s ruined his reputation in the process."

‘Grow the Fuck Up’: Maher Goes Off on ‘False Equivalency’ About Clinton vs Trump

Van Jones to Bill Maher: ‘If Trump Were Black We Would Call Him a Thug’

Geraldo: FBI Letter ‘Biggest Cover Your Ass I’ve Ever Seen in Modern Politics’
That would be Comey covering his own ass.

Emailgate Now a Parody of Itself

Emailgate Just Gets Stupider and Stupider

Donald Trump: “[T]he most dangerous human being I have ever met by a long distance”

Voter fraud suspect arrested in Des Moines

Sue sue sue ya ... another day, another Donald Trump threat

The narcissism of Donald Trump's candidacy

Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chair: DOJ Must Investigate Use of Force Against #DAPL Resistance

10 Ways Trump Broke the Law and Got Away with It: Putting the Latest Clinton Email Media Frenzy in Perspective
There's no comparing Clinton's email carelessness to a lifetime of lawlessness.

Military Expert Responds To Trump: 'Can't Wait' To Hear What You Teach Me

Today’s “WTF??” Moment: The Bundy Brigade and the death of personal accountability

Trump contributes $0 to campaign, cheats own supporters

Toronto’s Trump Tower nears auction as developer defaults
JCF Capital ULC, a closely held firm, is seeking a court-supervised sales process for the property in order to recoup the outstanding $301 million on the debt, according to court files.

Trump’s Plan to Pull Out of the Paris Agreement Is Sheer Cowardice

Make America Great Again: Code for “White Makes Right”

Seth Meyers: "Paranoid" Right-Wing Media Supporting Trump “Fed Their Audience Conspiracy Theories And Racial Resentment"

GDP hits 2.9% in biggest gain in two years
The U.S. economy grew in the third quarter at the fastest pace in two years.

Equality House Vandalized With Anti-Gay Graffiti, Bullet Holes
American fascist terrorists strike again.

Eight Is Not Enough

REVEALED: Trump Supporters Release Script for 'Citizen Journalists' to Intimidate Voters at the Polls
Beware of anyone calling themselves "vote protectors."

The Trump Campaign Is Not Engaged in Voter Suppression—LOL!

‘He Really Grabbed My Butt’: Latest Accuser Claims She Was Groped By Trump In 2006
Pussy grabbin' man strikes but missed target area.

North Carolina Republicans try to stop 100-year-old Grace Bell Hardison from voting
That's voter caging, by the way—sending out a mass mailing to get undeliverable addresses, then attempting to strike those voters from the rolls.

Pussy Riot Grabs Back With Music Video Depicting Horrifying Vision Of Donald Trump’s America [VIDEO]

Joe Walsh's Threat of Armed Revolution If Clinton Wins Came Days After Admitting Trump's Losing Is His Own Fault
A new American fascist terrorist threat to deal with.

Michael Douglas, Alec Baldwin and Tony Goldwyn Join Brave New Film's Gun Control Effort

Several polls show Trump with a single-digit lead over Clinton in Texas
The latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll is just one of several polls that show a tighter-than-usual presidential race in Texas

Some Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton Wins
Democracy means nothing to fascist terrorists.

This New Film Shows Just How Far Police Militarization Has Gone
"Do Not Resist" looks at what happens when cops deploy military gear and tactics in everyday situations.

'Lyin' Hillary Doll' With Noose Makes Appearance At Trump Rally In NC
"Just look at all that Republican Heritage" down on Slackjaw Ridge. LOL!

76ers National Anthem Singer Says Wearing A 'We Matter' Shirt Got Her The Boot
Maybe the team name should be "Chickenshits."

The GOP's crackup has done cracked

Cruz: GOP may block Supreme Court nominees indefinitely
So, GOP plans on subverting democracy and law in the U.S.A. That's good for everyone to know.

Wednesday Trump Dump: Campaigning for the coveted Trump hotel-goer vote

Republicans Prepare for Armageddon
"Welp, it's sure sounding like the Republican Party has learned nothing and forgotten nothing over the past eight years."

Libertarian VP Candidate Bill Weld Basically Throws in Towel, Urges Voters to Defeat Trump

Has the Republican Feminist Awakening Begun?
A testy exchange between Newt Gingrich (the guy that wrote the contract on America) and Megyn Kelly was the GOP gender war in miniature.

Hillary Clinton’s Resounding Mandate
"...her election...would say loudly and clearly that the country cannot survive the divisiveness that Trump promotes and will not abide the bigotry that he projects."

The Trump Files: Donald vs. a "Nazi" School Board
Los Angeles wanted to build a school. Trump wanted to build the world's tallest building. Things didn't end well.

VIDEO: Debunking The "Rigged Election" Horror Story

Clinton's Closing Argument Features Morgan Freeman, Focus On Families (VIDEOS)

Texas Polling Places Still Advertising False Info About Voter ID Law

How Trump Dared The Press With A Campaign Built On Lies

The Racism Behind Trump's 'Rigged Election' Talk

Trump Says He Would ‘Love’ to Fight ‘Mr. Tough Guy’ Biden
"If I said that,” Trump added, “they’d say he’s violent, how could he have done that…”
Trump can fight Joe right after Robert De Nero kicks his fat ass.
I guess Trump forgot he said “I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell you that.”

Militias, Trump, and the romance of violent racism

Green Bay email shows clear intent to suppress student vote because they likely will vote Democratic

'The Blacks' and 'The Latinos': Trump's Blatant Racism Is Visible for All to See

The "alt-right"? It's just the old — and negligible — far right.

Does Donald Trump Believe in Anything but Himself?

Rush Limbaugh: Republicans "Are Going To Join Forces With Democrats After Trump Loses ... To Take Out Conservative Media"
Many people have said that Limbaugh is first on the hit list!

Fives of People Show Up For Curt Schilling’s Sad Donald Trump Rally

Republican condemnation of Trump should be deafening

“The moral equivalent of treason”: How could the GOP nominate a fascist?

Trump’s window is closing

Trolls for Trump

Trump's Low Energy Close?

The 281 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

Curt Schilling Is Reportedly Joining Breitbart
It is to laugh.

The New Yorker Endorses Hillary Clinton
The election of Hillary Clinton is an event that we would welcome for its historical importance, and greet with indescribable relief.

Rigged election? Trump is just hanging himself out to dry

Here’s how to fight Trump’s ballot bullies

Trump says 'I like to deny things' ... Hillary agrees, says 'google it!'

Facebook censored a cartoon breast cancer awareness campaign
The social network still has trouble determining whether or not this is Russia.

‘You Look Like a Woman!’: Mob of Trump Supporters Hurls Abuse at CNN’s Jim Acosta
Fascists hurl insults at Jim Acosta

On CBC, Media Matters’ Angelo Carusone Discusses Donald Trump’s "Unprecedented" Attacks On The Press

The biography of Twitter anti-Semitism: White, conservative, nationalist, and 'Trump'

Trump’s Rhetoric Excites ‘Christian Soldier’ for Civil War: ‘Your Skin Color Will Be Your Uniform’
American fascists are really pissed at not being able to get dictator in office.

Trump flip-flops on “the wall” with Mexico: American taxpayers will now pay for it
'Member? Ex-Mexican Prez To Trump: 'I'm Not Going To Pay For That Fucking Wall'-- American suckers will!

CNN Panel Laughs When Trump Backer Says No Evidence To Call Him Racist (VIDEO)
Gina Loudon, seems to have just arrived on the planet. Now, stop all that ROTFLYAO!

Baloney sandwiches: The official foodstuff of Donald trump’s post-apocalyptic hellscape

It’s no coincidence haters and bigots reject Democrats

For the aspiring despot who has everything except unbridled power

Mosque Vandalized with Swastika and ‘F—k Islam’ Graffiti
More American Fascism at work.

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Election end game is awkward and uncomfortable for Republicans

In a national first, LGBT advocates sue Utah schools over ‘anti-gay’ laws
Mormons scared to death of First Amendment.

New Trump Hotels To Dump Trump Name
Because the name now means "LOSER"!

In Some Tight Battleground States, Civil Rights Attorneys See Voting Barriers That Could Help Trump
There are major concerns about who gets to vote.

Richard Branson Says Trump Vowed to Exact Vengeance Upon Those Who Deserted Him

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Asks Curt Schilling To Clarify His Remarks About Jews, It Doesn't Go Well
Schilling: "I'm Apparently An Anti-Semite Now," "I'm Not Going To Play The Victim Game Because I'm A White Male Christian, Which Apparently Makes Me A Racist"
More from the paranoiac Trump wanna-be. Who cares, Curt? Your remark was inappropriate and only wanted to point out that Jake Tapper was Jewish.

Curt Schilling Asks CNN's Jake Tapper How Any Jew Could Vote Democrat (VIDEO)
This is the kind of trash Trump brings out.

Supreme Court vacancy watch Day 250: Justice delayed, and delayed, and delayed…

Amid 'rigged' election charges, Russia wants to monitor U.S. vote

Oprah Would Like To ‘Splain Something To Dumb ‘Undecided’ Voters

Voter Suppression Is a Much Bigger Problem Than Voter Fraud

Charts of the Day: How Hillary Clinton Beat Donald Trump

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele won't back Trump

Trump's incredible shrinking map

Carl Bernstein: Trump is Setting Himself Up to Head ‘Neo-Fascist’ Movement
Shame on those that support Trump fascism. A world war was fought against it.

‘Over the Line’: CNN Panel Pans Trump Hard for Al Smith Dinner Speech

Worse Than Trump
The GOP’s Merrick Garland blockade is more disastrous for democracy than anything Donald Trump will do after Election Day.

Flake says it might be Garland time

Biden Tears Into Trump: Maybe He’s Too ‘Stupid’ to Understand the Damage He’s Doing
I believe I've already stated this fact.

Chris Wallace And The Banality Of Conservative Dishonesty

‘Ms. Clinton If You’re Nasty’: Response to Trump Calling Clinton a ‘Nasty Woman’ Was Swift and Furious

From 'debunked' to denial, Donald Trump lies about sexual assault accusations

RNC Warns Against Poll Watching, Citing Decades-Old Court Decree

Donald Trump Wants Hillary Clinton to be President

Donald Trump accused of sexual misconduct by 10th woman

Take Back The Senate!

Colbert Rips Trump's Insane Refusal to Say He'd Accept the Election Results
"..wipe his fat ass with the Constitution."

When is sedition not a criminal, traitorous act? When a Republican engages in it.

Dear Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes….

Millennials in Florida: ‘We Can’t Have a Godfather President’

MSNBC's Presidential Historian Calls Trump Not Accepting The Results Of The Election "Absolutely Horrifying"

Conservatives Slam Trump Refusal To Say He'll Accept Election Results

'Donald Trump's Contempt for Democracy'
A fascist by any other name would sound just like Trump.

Trump Says Insta-Polls Prove He Won, Breitbart’s Says He Lost
Trump doesn't believe polls except when he does. LOL!

Let’s Nip This Bullshit in the Bud

Trump Is a Madman
The third debate settles it: He’s not just cynical. He’s paranoid.

Spinning the Unspinnable
Trump’s surrogates can’t defend his attack on democracy so they’re pretending it didn’t happen.

Donald Trump vs. America
He’s no longer running against Hillary Clinton. He’s running against our democracy itself.

At the Final Debate, Trump Tries to Rally a Zombie GOP Army for Post-Election Apocalypse

Steve Schmidt on Rigged Election Claims: ‘A Moment of Clear and Present Danger’

Tom Brokaw: ‘A Lot of Republicans’ Will Have ‘Hands Over Their Heads’ After Trump’s Debate

Van Jones Rips Trump’s ‘Appalling Lack of Patriotism’: ‘You Can’t Polish This Turd’

Trump Surrogates Are "Full Of Shit" When They Compare Trump's Refusal To Accept Election Results To Al Gore In 2000

White Privilege Wages Jihad: Kansas 'Militia Members' Aren't Considered 'Terrorists' Because They're Not Muslim
The three white men planned to unleash a killing spree and to bomb a house of worship—what should we call them?

Donald Trump's Alpha Male Insecurity: Getting His Butt Kicked by a Girl Is Just Too Much for Him
Even before Barack Obama told him to "stop whining," Trump's masculinity was in crisis thanks to Hillary Clinton.

Tapper: Trump Maybe Not Accepting Election Results Was ‘Disastrous Answer’
Again, this guy is too stupid to know he's dumb.

Wallace Presses Trump on Aleppo: You’ve Said Things That Are Just ‘Not True’
In fact many, many, things.

Wallace Presses Trump On Foundation: You Used It To Settle Lawsuit

Donald Trump Claims Clinton Has Been Outsmarted By Putin

Trump Claims Clinton Invented a Statement He Made to the Debate Moderator
Trump denied saying that Japan should get nuclear weapons. But he made that claim to Chris Wallace in April.
His mind is gone.

Clinton Just Eviscerated Trump on Abortion During Debate
"I will defend Roe v. Wade and I will defend women's rights to make their own healthcare decisions."

Trump refuses to say he’ll accept losing
With Hillary Clinton in control of the Las Vegas debate stage — and the presidential election — the Republican nominee says he may not accept the outcome on Nov. 8.

Clinton: Trump 'choked' with Mexican president on border wall

The James O’Keefe - Donald Trump - Breitbart News Nexus
These guys are starting to believe their own lies.

Former Canadian PM Laments There's No Pill For Trump's 'Stupidity'

He Will ‘Blow Up Democracy in Any Way He Can’: Tony Schwartz Frets Over Trump Losing Election
“The brand and Donald Trump are dead...”

Trump in ’08: Clinton Was ‘Great Senator,’ People Who Hate Bill Just ‘Jealous as Hell’
As you know very well, Trump never lies. LOL!

OOPS! Trump Campaign Manager Promotes Plan To Defeat 'Islam' (VIDEO)
Again, too stupid to know they are dumb.

Ana Navarro’s One-Woman Revolt Against Donald Trump

Local TX GOP Recruits Poll Watchers With Claim Of 'Voter Fraud' In Dem Areas
Tarrant County GOP clowns come out of woods, show paranoia striking deep. Here comes THEIR voter intimidation machine.

The Vanishing Republican Party

Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 5 points in Arizona

America’s Lowest Common Denominator: They sure love America, don’t they?

Tuesday Trump Dump: More witnesses, more conspiracies, and one more deeply icky debate

Maryland Police Officer Suspended For Displaying ‘Oath Keepers’ Hat In Cruiser

Trailing Clinton, Trump Declares He Doesn’t ‘Believe The Polls Anymore’
Sounds like a drug abuser in denial.

The Danger With Trump's "Election Rigging" Talk

Poll: Clinton leads Trump by 48 points among millennials

A Union Is Building A Wall Of Taco Trucks Outside Trump’s Las Vegas Hotel

Stephen Colbert Helps Decode All the Conspiracy Theories Against Donald Trump

The Trump Files: When He Had the Hots for Princess Diana and Then Denied It

An open letter to Donald Trump on behalf of the American people

Clinton 1382, Trump 0. Any questions??

Trump Organization uses really, really insecure e-mail servers. Sad! servers use unpatched, unsupported Windows Server 2003, IIS 6.

Twitter Eviscerates Melania Trump for Dismissing Her Husband’s Sexually Aggressive Language as ‘Boy Talk’
A 59-year old boy wants to be president. LOL!

A Global Fraud: Trump Tower Offerings in Canada Ruled Deceptive

The New Protesters Defying Donald Trump: His Customers

North Dakota gives up attempt to charge journalist who filmed pipeline protest
Charges against Amy Goodman bring national attention to a little-noticed protest.

Homocon Bloggers Fall For “Voter Fraud” Troll On Twitter And Rush Limbaugh Cluelessly Repeats The Story
Rock solid proof the Trump Zombies are too stupid to know they are dumb. The biggest joke being played on them is Trump himself! LOL!

The GOP Created the “Rigged Vote” Myth
Now the party is trying to hide from it.

Voter Fraud
It would be literally insane to try to steal an election in the way Donald Trump is alleging.
The above statement means he's really insane.

There Is a Conspiracy to Rig the Election, and Donald Trump Is Part of It
Forget the lurid fiction about voter fraud. Trump and the GOP are openly attacking the legitimacy of black voting.

Charles Blow Decimates Trump's Latest Claims as the 'Ravings of a Lunatic' and a 'Pig'
Unfortunately, America has a long history of romanticizing this kind of pig.

Elizabeth Warren Drops Truth Bomb on Trump: Here's How Things Are Really 'Rigged'
"It's rigged for the Donald Trumps of the world!"

Donald Trump, the Worst of America

Ohio's Republican secretary of state calls Trump's rigged election claims 'irresponsible'

Mike Pence: ‘The National Media Is Trying to Rig This Election’
Now Pence joins the rest of the lunatics. Too stupid to stay on the same page with Trump.

Donald Trump is going down, and he's trying to take democracy with him

Trump Supporter Tells Reporters ‘Hillary Needs To Be Taken Out’
Zombie threats. Don't kid yourself, these lunatics are deluded and dangerous.

Pamela Anderson brings WikiLeaks' Julian Assange a vegan lunch, and conspiracy theories bloom
Finally, something that makes sense.

North Dakota's War on the First Amendment Goes From Bad to Worse
A follow-up to the above article.

How do we respond to threats after our endorsement? This is how.
Also too I give you: The first amendment, Zombies.

The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support
Essentially, they’re not smart enough to realize they’re dumb.

Thank you, Donald Trump. Also, fuck you, Donald Trump.

How Trump Has Already Fouled The American Democratic Experiment

Wash. Post's Margaret Sullivan: Trump's Pattern Of "Threatening Press Rights" Has "Implications Globally"

Bozo Department: The Creepy-Clown Hysteria
It makes sense that 2016, the year that an orange-hued man ran for office, is when clowns stopped being funny.

Trump lashes out at Republicans for not buying election rigging line
Nowhere to go now for the failed Trump campaign but paranoia.

Poll: 41 percent of voters say election could be ‘stolen’ from Trump
A sure sign the Trump lifeboat is sinking.

Poll: Trump supporters warm to Russia
A sure sign Trump supporters are Zombies.

Nicola Sturgeon to Americans: Don’t vote for Donald Trump
‘I expect the people of the United States will have the good sense not to elect him,’ she said.

Trump faces his fate
With three weeks to go, the GOP nominee stokes anger, conspiracy theories and chaos.

North Carolina county GOP office attacked; Trump blames 'animals'

How Trump's Casino Bankruptcies Screwed His Workers Out of Millions in Retirement Savings
Trump made out like a bandit, but his employees paid the price.

Trump as Trigger: How His Misogyny and Hatred Are Literally Causing Millions Mental and Physical Pain
Trump's runoff of fear and anxiety are affecting many Americans.

Donald Trump As a 'Gaslighter': What We Must Learn from His Manipulative Non-Apology
Exposing Trump's pattern of lies, abuse and victim-shaming has lessons that reach far beyond the 2016 campaign.

Will America ever recover from Donald Trump?
"This is nothing less than the transformation of American political culture into a fascist-tinged re-do of The Jerry Springer Show. And we owe it all to Donald Trump."

Donald Trump and Other Animals

America 2016: You can’t fix stupid…or racist…or sexist…or….

New Poll: Most Think Trump Has Made ‘Unwanted Sexual Advances’ Towards Women

2016’s Manifest Misogyny

Witness Refuting Trump Accuser Once Admitted to Supplying Underage Boys to Pols
Trump's sex crime advocate is a real laugher!

CNN’s Stelter: Trump Replacing Birther Conspiracy Theory With “Ludicrous" Claim That Media Is Rigging The Election
Don the Con is full of it.

ABC's Martha Raddatz: Trump's Claim Of A Rigged Election Is "A Fundamental Challenge To A Pillar Of Democracy"
Let's Give Paul Ryan a little credit for his response to the Fascist statement by Herr Trump.

TPM edblog
Yes, THAT David Clarke.

The black and brown firewall against Trump is being joined by more white women

Mike Pence: We Will Absolutely Accept The Result Of The Election Which Is Being Totally Rigged [VIDEO]
Pence joins "rigged" scam.

Trump supporters are already promising to intimidate nonwhite voters on Election Day
They will be similar to the criminals listed in the link below.

'It will be a bloodbath': Inside the Kansas militia plot to ignite a religious war
To quote an old favorite, Pogo: "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Hillary Clinton is imperfect but the only choice for president: Editorial
New Orleans Times-Picayune endorses Clinton, says Mr. Trump has proved himself wholly unsuited to be president.

Clinton Campaign: By Cheering for WikiLeaks, Trump Condones ‘a Crime Reminiscent of Watergate’

You know North Carolina has become a joke when….

Trump is blaming a 'rigged election' and his supporters pivot to discussion of 'violent rebellion'
Zombie army will be a danger to all.

‘Pitchforks and Torches Time’: Sheriff David Clarke Calls For Action Against ‘Corrupt’ Government
Law enforcement will be a little pissed at these Zombies.

Sexual Assault Hotline Calls Up in Wake of Donald Trump Allegations

Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin Responds To Report Trump Called Her 'Retarded'
Plumbing to new depths of low-life, Trumps drills deep into his cesspool.

Maher Has a Few Words for Ken Bone and ‘Stupid’ Undecided Voters
What? Zombies are stupid? Guess I never thought of that.

Trump’s use of phrase “telly-telly” could be his undoing?

The Frankenstein Monster Speech: Trump Was a Rampaging, Paranoid Demagogue

How Trump Took Hate Groups Mainstream

Welcome to Gilead
They are attacking more than one amendment in our Constitution.

The Newsroom At Rupert Murdoch's WSJ Is Fed Up With Its "Galling" Pro-Trump Coverage

Armed Trump Supporters 'Protest' Outside Virginia Dem's Campaign Office
Armed Nazis already starting their blackshirt armed threats.
"We're not a threat to anybody, the only threat is ignorance, and ignorance will breed fear," he said.
He's talking about himself.
Here's a naked look at Facisism in the U.S.

The “Trying to Find Someone Who Was Not Assaulted by Donald Trump” Edition

Woman says Trump reached under her skirt and groped her in early 1990s
Where are all these lyin' women comin' from, Cecil?
Maybe they ain't a lyin', Junior.

Two speeches in two hours crystallize the state of Campaign 2016
Trump Fascists have no shame. So, is anyone surprised?

VIDEO: CNN Has A Trump Surrogate Problem
"Many people have said" these folks are headed up by Joseph Goebbels

The Hate Comes Home To Roost
"The conspiracy theory is rapidly taking on an explicitly anti-Semitic character." Sound familiar? It should.

Thursday Trump Dump: Well, at least Trump's bedside book of Hitler speeches finally paid off

Donald Trump vs. a Free Press

Journalists Group Denounces Trump As Threat To Freedom Of The Press As Abuse By His Fans Escalates
Blackshirts doing what they always do.
When the say "We're MAD," indeed they are.

Donald Trump Called Deaf Apprentice Marlee Matlin ‘Retarded,’ Three Staffers Say

EXCLUSIVE: NYC Controller Scott Stringer investigation reveals Donald Trump may have repeatedly lied about giving money to 9/11 charities

It’s Worse Than Pussy Grabbing
"There’s nothing lower than a pussy grabber."

Trump’s Threat to the First Amendment
What else does anyone expect from Fascism?

Cancel the last (final) debate
People have all the information they need to make their decisions. Pull the debate.

People Mag: Trump's Attacks On Our Reporter Are 'Disgusting' And 'Pathetic'

Gutfeld: Trump Is ‘Turning All of His Surrogates Into Hillary Clintons’

Committee To Protect Journalists Declares Trump “Unprecedented Threat” To Free Press
Trump wants to sue the 1st Amendment. LOL!

Now Trending on Facebook: Take Away Women’s Right to Vote
Fascists are dangererous and mean spirited, yes.

Trump and the Truth: Climate-Change Denial

Trump Is Pimping Out Female Staffers to Defend Creepy Pageant Behavior…And It’s Nauseating

Pundits Who Question The Timing Of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump Are Just Stigmatizing The Victims
Why do you think they call them Deplorables?

CNN’s Jim Acosta Sees Swastika Sign at Trump Rally, Says Things Are Getting ‘Scary’
Fear and intimidation are the coin of the Nazi realm.

Nationalism Into the Abyss
More like Der Führer every day now.

Trump Warns Of Dark Conspiracy By Clinton, Media, And International Banks
Into the delusional phase.

Trump loses it: Hillary Clinton has secret meetings to 'plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty'
How long until he rolls out the barrel of Kool-Aid?

Former Miss USA contestant details unwanted, embarrassing physical encounters with Donald Trump

BRING IT ON: New York Times Tells Donald Trump They’d Welcome Battling His “Libel” Claims In Court
Trump is starting to sound like Jim Jones in his last days.

WATCH: Michelle Obama Says Trump Comments Have 'Shaken Me To My Core'

Donald Trump’s D.C. Hotel Shows His Brand Is Sinking Along With His Poll Numbers

Editorial: In the end, Hillary Clinton is the only qualified candidate, and the best choice

Rush Limbaugh Hates How Liberals Always Focus On ‘Rape’ Aspect Of Rape
This is a deep thinker.

The separation of Church and State…yes, it applies even in Oklahoma

Debunking the "Jenny Thompson" scam (or whover she claims to be).

Of Course Fox News Didn’t Air Michelle Obama’s Trump Speech

Ignorance and demagoguery: This is how fascism comes to America

Hillary Clinton for president
The Washington Post endorses Clinton.

Could Trump Be Criminally Prosecuted For Sexual Assault Now That More Women Came Forward?

REAL Christians know ’tis better for a president to grab a vagina than to have one

People Magazine reporter comes forward with her own story of being attacked by Donald Trump

Watch This Hilarious Anti-Trump Ad [VIDEO]

Trump Gets Ready to Be a Bad Loser

Cooper Spanks Trump Defender: ‘Why Do You Believe Juanita Broaddrick But Not These Two Women?’

The Floodgates Open

And Another

Another Fascinating Email
"The very people who have the most to lose and are the most tied into the existing hegemony and the ones looking to nuke it."

Trump's vile smear campaign against the women who came forward to speak their truth

Report: FBI Suspects Russia In Hack Of Clinton Campaign Chair's Emails

‘I Heard You!’: Conway Snaps at CNN Anchor During Segment on Trump’s Predatory Behavior
Kellyanne, buck up dear, it will be over soon.

LAT Poll Finally Makes It Unanimous: Donald Trump Is a Loser

Donald Trump’s Political Prisoners

LePage Calls Obama A 'Dictator' While Cleaning Up 'Authoritarian' Comments
Danger, Will Robinson! Deplorable does what deplorables do.

Danger on November 9th
Deplorable Blackshirts.

SAPD motorcycle cops violate city policy by wearing Donald Trump caps
Part of the new uniform code of police justice.

Hate Preacher Steven Anderson in BBC Documentary: Gays Are Pedophiles Who Should “Kill Themselves”
Christianists should be so proud of their holy hate.

Donald Trump’s Weird World

John Podesta Says Russian Spies Hacked His Emails to Sway Election

Another Great Moment in #BasketOfDeplorables

NY Trump Supporter Arrested After Threatening To Beat Black Woman
Trump Fascism at work.

UN Human Rights Chief: Trump Would Be 'Dangerous' If Elected
Hell, he's dangerous NOW!

Teen Beauty Queens Say Trump Walked In On Them Changing

Why All Progressives Must Vote For Hillary

Trump’s Vile Candidacy Is Chemotherapy for the GOP

Trump's Promise to Jail Clinton Is a Threat to American Democracy

Donald Trump, the Great Embarrassment

The Final Numbers Are In: Trump's Tax Plan Is a Huge Windfall For the Wealthy

The Huge Star and the Pussycats: A Bedtime Story by Donald Trump

Trump’s White Nationalist Supporters Find Culprit For Sexual Assault Tape Release: “The Jews Did It”

Pence Has To Tell Trump Supporter Not To Talk About Anti-Clinton 'Revolution' (VIDEO)
Indiana appears to have their storm troopers in place.

The GOP tumbles toward anarchy: ‘It’s every person for himself or herself’

To All You Nimrods Losing It Over Hillary Clinton’s ‘Public’ And ‘Private’ Positions

At Second Debate, A Monster Calls
"This is worse than a simple embarrassment. Hurricane Donald has devastated America, tearing us from our foundations and moorings, creating havoc and letting loose the wolves of prejudice, hate, fear and greed."

#BasketOfDeplorables: Racism and bigotry finally go mainstream

Trump looks into the polling abyss
No candidate in the modern era of polling has climbed back from a similar deficit in October to win the presidency.

The absolutely corrupt

Seth Meyers On “The Pervert On The Bus” [VIDEO]
Trump is now the laughing stock of the planet.

Samantha Bee Riffs On The Second Debate [VIDEO]

It's Trump 2005 vs. Trump 2016 in new Clinton campaign ad

A Preview of a Despot
Human rights, civil rights, the rule of law: Trump doesn’t believe in them, and he would like your vote.

All Trump has left is Rudy Giuliani and semen
And probably not much of the latter.

Kellyanne Conway On Trump’s “Jail” Threat: It’s Just Donald Trump Channeling Frustrations Of The Voters
This is the way a Fascist "jokes."

A History Lesson On Abraham Lincoln And Adoption Of The 13th Amendment
An example of a few uneducated media morons.

The Lowest Moment in the History of Debates?

“Mr. Trump…decided that his best response was to snarl and double down on old falsehoods”

Trump Ally Alex Jones: "I Was Told By People Around" Clinton That "She's Demon-Possessed"
Jones: "High Up" People Tell Me "Obama And Hillary Both Smell Like Sulfur"
Media morons don't get any crazier than this!

Pence: Trump Pledge To Jail Clinton Was 'One Of The Better Moments' Of Debate
This is the way a Fascist "thinks."

REPORT: Donald Trump And His Companies Have Been Sued At Least 20 Times For Sexual Harassment

Trump Idiots: Really, Is ‘Grabbing Them By The Pussy’ Even *Wrong*?

Post-debate polls: Hillary Clinton wins again!

Trump Shows His Inner Dictator

The Republican Nominee Is Going Down
Sunday's debate was a desperate dive into the political sewer, airing every crazy anti-Clinton conspiracy theory.

Turns Out Donald Trump Attacked Woman Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault. This Year.

“A New Low In American Democracy”: Journalists And Pundits Condemn Trump’s Threat To Jail Clinton

MSNBC's Chuck Todd: "Our State Department Would Say 'That's Not A Democratic Election'" If Trump's Comments Were From A Foreign Election

Trump Turns Ire On Moderators In Second Debate, Claims It's 'One On Three'
You can always tell a loser when he starts whining.

Rachel Maddow on Rudy Giuliani’s Full-Throated Trump Defense: ‘He Seems Nuts’
Rudy? Nuts? Isn't that a no-brainer?

Khan Family Hits Trump For Lying About Opposing Iraq War In Debate

Hillary's march to 400, courtesy The Donald
"Trump has always been doomed, for Trump has always been and forever shall be Trump: an appalling horror of a little man."

Donald Trump’s Debate Performance Didn’t Really Grab Us By The Pussy

We scored the town hall debate and Hillary Clinton won

Donald Trump Just Repeated One of His Most Vicious Lies
Say it with me: No one. Saw. The bombs.

Yes, there is evidence Trump does business with Russians

Trump Says He Doesn’t Know Putin, But He Used to Say He Knew Him ‘Very Well’

Twitter is Asking Why Trump is Wandering Around So Much

Journalists Are Calling Out Trump's Lies At The Second Debate

Trump Refuses In Debate To Say How Many Years He Paid No Income Taxes

Trump Says He Hasn’t Spoken To His Own Running Mate About Syria

Trump Denies Russia Ties, Hack: 'I Know Nothing About Russia'

Trump Trots Out Bogus San Bernardino Myth That Smears Muslim Americans

Donald Trump Is Sniffling at the Debate…Again
Sniffer...hmmmm? So, that must be the hand he grabs with?

GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt: ‘What We’re Going to See Tonight is a Disgrace’

Donald Trump: Narcissist, Creep, Loser

NBC's Nicolle Wallace On Trump: "This Is What's Happening In The Republican Party. This Is The Bottom Dropping Out"

Reminder To The Media: Trump Is The Worst Possible Messenger On The Clintons’ Marriage

Clinton Reminds Trump Are GOPers Deserting Him In Tense Exchange (VIDEO)

Clinton On Trump's Predatory Comments About Women: This Is Who He Is

Donald Trump represents change? In what universe?

Apprentice Producer Mark Burnett Vows To Sue Staffers If They Leak Outtakes Damaging To Donald Trump
Threats to truth start with Trump.

Obama: Comments From Trump About Women Show He's 'Insecure'

Why the Trump Sex Tapes Matter
For the Trump Zombies.

The Great Big List of Republicans Who Dumped Trump This Weekend … And There Are A LOT (GOP article)
As we all know, Donald Trump is not a Republican. He is a Neo-Fascist and so are his Zombie minions.

Move along, sheeple…no double standard here….
A message to Trump Zombies.

The Columbus Dispatch slams Republican leaders, endorses Clinton
Go Bucks!

The Emperor’s Same Old Clothes
Perhaps even Trump Zombies can understand this.

ABC's Stephanopoulos On The GOP In Chaos: "The Exodus Is Unprecedented ... The Worst Crisis For The Party Since Watergate

CNN's Van Jones Challenges Media To Hold Trump Accountable For Attacks On Innocent Central Park Five

Sen. Rob Portman Pulls His Endorsement Of Donald Trump
Another screwball logic of denial checks in--or is it out?

Mike Pence is standing by his man
Pence slits own political throat in public.

Trump Supporters Heckle Elected GOPers: ‘You Turned Your Back On Us!’
Fascist Zombie supporters seem to like grabbing pussy!
The basket of deplorables grew two sizes today.

Trump's Former Policy Chief: 'Under No Circumstances Will I Support Donald Trump for President'
Trump’s supporters are dropping away like flies.

It Gets Worse: In 1993, Trump Allegedly Forced Himself on a Young Woman in IVANKA’S ROOM (GOP article)

Kasich: I told you so
The Republican who refused to endorse Trump says he's not surprised.

Schwarzenegger says he can't support Trump

Report: Trump Is Aware of More Disastrous Revelations Emerging: They ‘Have More Things’
"More Things?" Wow! Who would have ever thought they had MORE THINGS!

‘I’d Like to Punch Him in the Face’: De Niro Incredibly Goes Full Raging Bull on Donald Trump

A Nevada rat deserts the sinking Trump ship. Like all the other rats, he's months too late.

Mike Pence finally stops ducking questions and issues a statement on Trump's 'pussy' video
Pence seems real sincerely appalled by Trump’s description of sexually assaulting women as a regular habit. LOL!

RNC halts Victory project work for Trump

Mutiny At Free Republic Over #Pussygate
Deplorables embrace their deplorableness.

Bill Maher: Trump's 'Pussy' Remarks Have Upgraded This Election to a 'Category 5 Shitstorm'
Grabbing by the pussy? Isn't that what Clinton did to Trump in the first debate?"

A Donald Trump presidency would bring shame on this country
At long last, have we no decency?

BREAKING: Hugh Hewitt Calls on Trump to Step Aside
A Big Rat jumps ship.

In what world is Donald Trump considered even remotely qualified to be President?

Mormons mount insurrection against Trump
More Big Rats jumping ship.

BREAKING: Two More GOP Leaders, Including Kelly Ayotte, Withdraw Endorsements From Trump
Rats continue leaving sinking ship.

A Sexual Predator in the Republican Party’s Midst
The Republicans own Don the Con and they know it!

Trump and the Truth: The “Rigged” Election
"...Trump claims that the whole structure of American democracy is a sham."
What else would you expect from a Fascist?

Top Evangelicals Stand By Trump After Crude Video Revelation
Showing that FUNDAMENTALISTS are and have always been a group of the biggest phonies on the planet.

The Sleaziness of Donald Trump

Donald Trump Declares Moral Bankruptcy
But is he a changed man, America? Yes. YOU’VE changed him. “I’ve been to America,” he seemed to say, “but I’ve never been to me.”

What's up with the Creepy Clown Virus? Two words: Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Apology That Wasn’t
"I've said and done things I regret." This turd thinks HE'S the victim. Time to flush this toilet.LOL!
If anything, Mr. Trump’s videotaped statement was a truncated version of a speech that he had given countless times.

Donors Are Pulling Out and Demanding a New GOP Candidate Immediately (GOP article)

Donald Trump: King of the Old Boys’ Club, and Perhaps Its Destroyer

In 1999, Trump Said He Couldn’t Be President Because of the Women He’d Sleep With

GOP Rep. Wants Trump to ‘Do the Right Thing’ and ‘Step Aside’
The rats are leaving the doomed ship that is Trump. "His defeat at this point seems almost certain."

Don Lemon Panel Implodes During Trump Tape Segment: Stop Saying Pussy on Air!!
Don Lemon learns from Anna Navarro that he is a pussy!

‘I’m Out’: GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Withdraws Support for Trump Over Audio
The rats are leaving the doomed ship that is Trump.

New Rule: America Rules, Trump Drools | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Still voting for this Fascist Asshole? You have no shame. "You're a whiny little bitch."

The New York Tale of Donald Trump’s Accountant

Donald Trump brings Democrats and Republicans together in mass social media shaming
It's pretty damn hilarious when he says it's 10 years old and meaningless then brings up a point on someone who is not running for President that happened 20 years ago! ROTFLMAO!

Dear old Harry Reid continues to be out of fucks to give.
"They smeared themselves in feces, rolled around in it and enjoyed it and refused to shower for decades. This time they just forgot to put on a suit after."

Sen. Mike Lee urges Trump to quit, as Utah Republicans abandon their party’s nominee

The GOP's gutter: With Trump, it's distance or death

Bill O'Reilly Dismisses Trump's Deplorable Hot Mic Video As "Guy Talk," And Attacks The Washington Post
Of course, Bill O'Reilly is the same kind of deplorable as Trump is.

Friday Trump Dump: No, he really is just 'deplorable'

Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005
“I did try and fuck her. She was married,” Trump says.

Trump Debuts New Campaign Slogan: ‘Grab Them By The Pussy’

Our Degrading Election Gets the Catchphrase It Deserves
"I grab 'em by the pussy every time..."

Trump Told Me To Beat Up Foreigns’ As A Defense

Pence affirms Trump would roll back protections for trans students
Fascist hatred reigns in Trumpland

Donald Trump Makes History With Zero Major Newspaper Endorsements

The peculiar horror of Trump
"'s merely an ugly excrescence of Everyman pus, born of populist ignorance."

Is Millennials' Support for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson About Privilege?
Experts suggest a disproportionate count for third parties, because blacks and Latinos are undercounted.
But it’s more clearly an expression of something quite different: their white skin privilege.

Lewis Black on vacuous illennials who are unsure whether to vote

In America, there’s no right to be stupid

The Bullying Anti-Asian Racism of Fox News’s “Watters’ World”

The Daily Show Blasts Fox News' Racist Chinatown Segment
Ronny Chieng: "How Was That On The News? In Fact, How Was That Even On TV?"

Here Are More Investigative Pieces Debate Moderators Should Read Before The Debates

Who. Owns. Donald. Trump?

Donald Trump Can’t Save the Coal Industry

Former GOP congressmen lash out at Trump

Being Reminded of Racism Is Destroying Pro Football for Whites
Although the No Football League is as boring as watching paint dry.

States Keep Weaseling Around Court Orders Blocking GOP Voting Restrictions
Neo-Fascists hell-bent on disenfranchising voters.

Donald Trump's First 30 Years: Business Failures and Bailouts From Dad

Donald Trump isn't just the king of debt, he's the emperor of failure

Springsteen On ‘Tragic’ 2016 Race: ‘The Republic Is Under Siege By A Moron’
Bruce indicates Neo-Fascism movement is “pushing people beyond democratic governance.”

It’s Rigged If Trump Loses But Not If He Wins [VIDEO]
How far from reality can these moonbats go? The answer is blotivating in the wind.

‘That Mexican Thing’ Takes On Life After the Debate
Pence denies everything that has come out of Trump's mouth.

Trumper Racists Threaten Civil Rights Museum

Is Trump A Tax Code Genius? Hardly, Says Former Trump Accountant

Bill O'Reilly features racist segment featuring every possible stereotype of Asian Americans

CNN Uncovers Another X-Rated Trump Tape [VIDEO]

VP Debate Reminds Americans How Extreme the Rest of the Republican Party Is
Repeal reproductive rights, revive the Cold War, ignore climate change, cut taxes for the rich.

Mike Pence’s Galling Amnesia

Mike Pence’s Defense Strategy: Dodge and Deflect Donald Trump’s Words

A History of Donald Trump's Bromance With Vladimir Putin
To Russia with love—and lots of tweets.

6 things Trump definitely said that Pence claimed he didn’t

NBC News Presidential Historian Was "Astounded" How Often Pence "Declined The Opportunity To Defend" Trump

Mike Pence Runs With Conservative Media Lie About Clinton Foundation’s Charitable Spending

Mike Pence and the imaginary running mate, or how to stay calm by ditching Donald Trump

Pence Opens V.P. Debate by Begging Private Sector to Hire Him

3 glaring problems with Donald Trump's defense of his tax returns

Editorial: Emperor Trump has no clothes

Release your tax returns, Mr. Trump

Donald Trump probably doesn't pay taxes. Undocumented immigrants pay billions

In Flurry of Campaign News, Nearly All the Cards Turn, Predictably Against Trump

State Attorney General Orders Trump Foundation to Cease Raising Money in New York
Really folks, how many times are you gonna let this flim-flam man put it to you?

Endorsement: Why Hillary Clinton is the safe choice for president

Robert Reich Reveals the Real Scandal of Trump's Failure to Pay Taxes
Knowing how to game the system is not the same as being a good businessman. Never was.

NY Times Reporter Tells the Story Behind the Story of the Trump Tax Leak
He makes you pay his fair share.

How Donald Trump Turned the Tax Code Into a Giant Tax Shelter

Donald Trump, American Oligarch

The Trump Files: The Saga of Donald's Short-Lived Weight-Loss Program
Putting your money where his mouth is.

Paul Krugman Decimates Trump's Supposedly Respectable Enablers
When the election is over, these people should not be let off the hook.

Is the Times Revelation Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

Sanders: Clinton 'absolutely correct' in leaked comments on his supporters

Donald Trump’s Cuba Hypocrisy

Donald Trump is normalizing bigotry

What Happens When Trump's Deplorable Surrogates Become His Cabinet?
And how Maher forced Trump to produce his birth certificate.

Donald Trump’s Pathetic Fraternity

Trump on supporting the results of the November election: 'We're going to see what happens.'

Trump and the Intellectuals

Contract for Disaster: How Privatization Is Killing the Public Sector

View from the Left: ‘She deserves it.’ What Donald Trump’s wrath could mean for the presidency

Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found

Report: Trump violated law by doing business in Cuba

Trump a cocaine abuser?
You mean...he's just like Elvis?

Donald Trump Appeared in a Soft-Core Playboy Porn Video

Trump should try new defense on Cuba scandal: Why pick on me? Cheney pulled this kind of shit too

Donald Trump: Unqualified and unfit to be President…and undeserving of the honor

Donald Trump wasn’t always so disgusted by sex tapes

Inside Trump's Machado Rage Spiral

Trump Foundation not even certified to take donations, may have to give everything back

Donald Trump was sued for racial discrimination in the 1970s and he's lying about it now

Big League Trouble: Trump Faces New Questions About His Charity Finances
It’s not just where the money went from the Donald Trump Foundation that’s drawing scrutiny to GOP nominee. It’s also how the money came in.

Rudy Giuliani Quotes
The Dumbest Quotes from Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani.
He needs special exposure for contending with Trump for the biggest dumbass of forever. LOL!

Polls Show Americans Want Moderators To Fact-Check During The Debates
Much to the chagrin of Don the Con.

VIDEO: Lester Holt Proved We Need Fact-Checking In Debates

Trump Says Former Miss Universe 'Gained A Massive Amount Of Weight'
Sez contender for Fat Fuck of 2016.

Outgunned and Outmanned
The nation's top gun cops are buried in bureacracy—just the way the NRA wants them.

The Trump Files: The Shady Way Fred Trump Tried to Save His Son's Casino

Fascist America: Are We There Yet?
A refresher to all Trump voters who pretend to be concerned about the Constitution.

What Is A Lie? A Philosophical Search For Epistemological Truth Starring This Trump Campaign Idiot

Near Absence Of Trump Campaign’s Latest Russia Problem From Sunday Shows Follows A Familiar Pattern

In Wash. Post, Experts Warn Mass Deportations Like Trump’s Led To Ethnic Cleansing
Ethnic Cleansing? Now, is that anything like what happened in the WWII death camps? Hmmmm.

New Roundups Of Trump’s Lies Prove Why Fact-Checking Is Vital During Presidential Debates

John Oliver: 'Human Hemorrhoid' Trump's Scandals Should Outrage Everyone

Debate Prep: How Sexism Makes Hillary’s Task Infinitely More Difficult Than Trump’s
Sexism has been extremely apparent throughout this cycle.

Debate Commission, Networks Have No Plans To Fact-Check Candidates Live
Don the Con can lie his way to weight loss!

Conway Insists Trump 'Didn't Lie' About Lester Holt's Party Affiliation
If he didn't lie then he didn't vet. Clearly, too stupid to serve as our President.

The Many Times Donald Trump Has Lied About His Mob Connections

Intelligence Officials Are Looking Into a Trump Adviser's Possible Kremlin Ties

Trump Back To Birtherism After Five Days

'We Got Played': CNN Goes Off On Trump's 'Rick Roll' After Birther Debacle
"Either you have a media or you have what I witnessed in Saddam's era," she later added.
This is how a Fascist works.

White Nationalist Tells Reporter: Donald Trump’s ‘Arrow Is Pointing In Our Direction’
Fascist youth says Trump following in footsteps his radical white separatist cult set. Any question about Don the Con?

Former RNC Chair: Trump's Birtherism is 'Bullshit Racism'

One candidate is 1,000 times more generous than the other. Guess which one that is.

Donald Trump: Drugs a 'Very, Very Big Factor' in Charlotte Protests
It must be that .38 caliber slug drug they've been taking every so often.

Ohio Trump Chair Lady So Sad Obama Had To Go And Invent Racism
Sez she, “You’ve had the same schools everybody else went to. You had benefits to go to college that white kids didn’t have. You had all the advantages and didn’t take advantage of it. It’s not our fault, certainly.”
I guess she's singing this song.

Donald Trump Is Gonna Make Our National Debt So Huge, It’ll Be Unbelievable
Can he outdo Ronald Reagan? That would be something!

The Model for Donald Trump’s Media Relations Is Joseph McCarthy

Fox Lines Up Behind Trump's Stop-And-Frisk Proposal, Despite Overwhelming Evidence That It Doesn't Work
No surprise here. Fascism is just around the corner on your block. Probably already there.

The Bar Gets Lower: Media Reinforce Double Standard For Trump Ahead Of First Debate
No surprise here. Haven't we always set the bar higher for women with our double standard?

Donald Trump descends into nonsense defending his slush fund foundation

Trump's campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million

Joss Whedon Has Launched A Campaign To Get You To Vote — And Not For Trump

Evan McMullin Turns Racist Voicemail From Trump Supporter Into Campaign Ad
Example of the hate that represents Trump and his deplorables.

‘I don’t think there was any racism until Obama got elected,’ says Trump rep in Ohio
A beautiful example of Trump moron jaw flapping. So, shut up and "go to work." LOL!!

Newsweek report to show Trump financial conflicts of interest
This story is breaking big and could damage Trump for good.

How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security
Trump and his many family members receive millions each year from the Trump Organization, which gets most of its profits from a complex web of licensing deals all over the globe.
This changes the course of his campaign. Will he sever his associations? Or will he be Richard Nixon again?

Trump's Giant Conflict of Interest Just Got Bigger
If elected president, Trump would face a tremendous conflict of interest regarding the hundreds of millions of dollars he owes Deutsche Bank

Donald Trump Embraces Wider Use of Stop-and-Frisk by Police
The Two Dons return to the Land of the Happy Negro together.

Trump’s 11 Biggest Lies That Debate Moderators Should Be Prepared To Address

Darrell Scott: Trump Is Under 'Concentrated Satanic Attack'
'Member? I said there would be more of this bullshit.

America, Donald Trump owes you an apology
Good luck getting it.

Mr. Trump’s Stupid Excuses on Taxes

Meet the Horde of Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and Other Extremist Leaders Endorsing Donald Trump
Land of the Happy Negro legions, too.

BREAKING: Corey Lewandowski Suspended by CNN
Courtesy Sleaze, Inc..

Trump Fans React Glowingly to the (Fake) News That Their Candidate Released His Tax Returns
The level of intellect of his supporters is not surprising.

Tony Blair Praises Hillary Clinton and Issues an Appeal to Americans

Trump campaign strikes back against evidence Trump Foundation was a slush fund—with nothing

How Far We Have Fallen

Your Morning Maddow: Here’s How Our Presidential Candidates Get Along With A Dictator

Clinton Message on Tulsa Shooting Aimed at White America: "This is Just Unbearable - And It Needs to Be Intolerable.'

As His Trump Interview Goes to Broadcast, Here Are 6 Times Dr. Oz Made a Mockery of Medicine

Robert Reich: I Had Coffee With a Trump Supporter—Here's How I Left Him Speechless
“He’s not a businessman,” I said. “He’s a con man."

Colbert Shreds Birther-Obsessed Trump

Chart of the Day: For the 7th Straight Year, Illegal Immigration Remains a Non-Crisis

Trump Foundation Involved in Yet More Corruption

Trump Is Still Lying About Birtherism

Donald Trump Jr. Has Become A Hero To Neo-Nazi Websites

Trump’s Extreme New Anti-Choice Agenda Is Full Of Right-Wing Media’s Favorite Misinformation

Trump got his tax breaks the old-fashioned way—bribes

Harry Reid unloads on Trump: 'A silver spoon doting fraud,' a 'swindler' and 'flim-flammer'

Donald Trump is so tough ... that everyone who wants a weaker America loves him

Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems

Donald Trump Used $258,000 From His ‘Charity’ To Pay Legal Fines. Impeach Hillary Clinton!

There’s No Debate

Bono: ‘Trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America’

Donald Trump Only Eats on The First Floor Because He’s Afraid He’ll Get Pushed From Upstairs
Paranoia strikes deep. And that heart attack can't be far off with his diet.

George HW Bush 'voting for Hillary', claims member of Kennedy family

ISIS’s Preferred Candidate Donald Trump So Mad Hillary Clinton Says He’s Helping ISIS
Why do the suckers believe Trump is better on terrorism? He's the candidate ISIS is supporting.

Cops Somehow Catch Chelsea Bombing Suspect, Despite Donald Trump Calling Them PC Pussies

A Trump Presidency Would Likley Be Even Worse Than You Think: 11 Ways He Would Destroy the America We Know

When bullshit is truth: Since when are lies to be considered equivalent to truth?

The Progressive Case For Hillary Clinton Is Pretty Overwhelming

Donald Trump Is Teaching the Whole World How to Lie

Carl Bernstein on CNN: Cable Media Have Been "Positively Awful" In Covering The "Real Biography" Of Trump

It's Not Just Birtherism: The Long List Of Trump's Dark Conspiracy-Mongering

A closer look at those in Hillary Clinton's other basket

Donald Trump’s Anything-Goes Campaign Sets an Alarming Political Precedent

A Trump Empire Built on Inside Connections and $885 Million in Tax Breaks

Free speech and expression done right…the perfect lesson to teach children

An angry Obama puts himself on the ballot

Clinton rips Trump for birther ‘prejudice and paranoia'

Kaine: ‘I Do’ Believe Trump Was Trying to Incite Violence Against Clinton

The Fever Inside
"Almost every word in these three sentences are those of a profound narcissist. Last night's outburst - hinting again at the murder of Hillary Clinton - was basically inevitable."

My personal encounter with American Fascism
"These clueless, humorless, truthless Trumpeteers have for years blindly embraced whatever factless garbage Trump has thrown out for their consumption; indeed the wholesale absence of facts and anything even remotely doppelgänging of substantiating proofs have defined Trumpism — that is, the naked fascism of Big Lies."

‘A Two-Bit Racial Arsonist’: Watch the Entire Congressional Black Caucus Nuke Trump’s Birther Remarks

The Most Accurate Analysis of Trump – EVER! (GOP Article)

Donald Trump Jr. still hasn’t removed anti-semitic, white supremacist meme from Instagram

Donald Trump's Trillion-Dollar Lie
Yes, he's a liar! Get your hearing checked!

Questions The Media Should Ask Donald Trump After He Finally Admitted Obama Was Born In The U.S.
(If He Ever Does Another Challenging Interview)

In Sudden About Face, Trump Admits Obama Was Born In US
Then immediately perpetuates another god-damned lie!

Donald Trump polls his supporters on what he should say during the debates
Gotta admit, they are beneath the particular flavor of stupid I first thought.

Dem senator to Trump: ‘Blood will be on your hands’ if Clinton killed
Trump as gone beyond the pale. He would be tried as a conspirator.

Broward court specialist fired for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, lawsuit says
The American Taliban at work. She can believe it, and exercise it in her life all she wants but it's not her job to enforce religious law for others that don't.

Forget Fast, We Need Accurate Elections: Time to Mandate a Return to Paper Ballots Nationwide

How Scott Walker Showed Just How Wrong the Supreme Court Was on Citizens United
Leaked emails show how the Republican governor of Wisconsin flouted campaign finance law to court secret donors.

Trump Fans Get Schooled After Claiming White People Work Harder Than Blacks
As soon as a white person steps into America, they have an advantage just by being white."

Donald Trump Can't Stop Lying About His Birther Past
Trump shows that Clinton didn't start the birther movement he made famous.
I wouldn't be surprised to see the Trump swastika arm bands break out by debate time

‘You Are Enabling Pure Evil’: Maher Faces Off With Trump Campaign Mgr.
At one point, Conway told Maher, “I can’t support someone who lies for a living.”
LOL! Pot, meet Kettle. Typical Fascist tactics.

Now That Trump Dropped Birther Issue, Does He Owe Obama the $5 Million He Offered?
He can get the money from Mark Cuban. Easy!

O'Reilly: It Was "Pathetic To Watch The Ravings On Cable News By Anti-Trump Zealots" Covering Trump's Birtherism
Except Trump is a liar! If he wasn't you wouldn't be raving your rant.

Trump: Hillary’s Bodyguards Should Be Disarmed And Then “Lets See What Happens To Her” [VIDEO]
Another veiled threat of violence from Trump. And the gun nuts eat it like candy because they think they are the only ones with weapons.

Nah, Trump’s Still a Birther
It’s the core of his political identity.
Other words, a big fat liar.

How to Play the National Media, in Eight Simple Steps
It was not subtle. It was as subtle as the gold trim on the new downtown property’s urinals.
Well, I guess they didn't realize he's a devious SOB.

Mark Cuban Offers Trump $10 Million to Appear for a Four-Hour Policy Interview
No strings attached Big Don. You can even keep the money so you can stay off the street. "What have you got to lose?"

Rep. Jim Clyburn on Trump: Let's 'expose this man for the fraud that he really is'

Bondi's claims that she didn't know about the Trump University case don't hold water

Trump’s New ‘Pro-Life’ Advisor Thinks Too Few Women Die In Childbirth These Days

Bernie Sanders on Trump's Birther Statement: He's Still a Bigot and Racist

Donald Trump’s Potemkin Physical with Dr. Oz

As Trump Prepares To Discuss His Birtherism, Top Adviser Roger Stone Says Trump Still Has “Real Concerns” About Obama’s Birthplace
Listen to the morons wail.

Bloomberg: Breitbart writer Milo makes money from gay “sugar daddies”

Seven Reasons The Media Shouldn’t Let Trump Move On From Birtherism

Reid Hits Back After Trump Makes Crack About His Freak Eye Injury

Stone Cold Liar
Birtherism is not about a factual error. It's conscious and deliberate racist agitation.

Trump Introduced By A Birther At Event Where He Walked Back Birtherism
Trump brings a birther to his presser purporting to disavow birtherism.

Trump's economic plans could cost U.S. loss of 4 million jobs, according to new analysis

Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant in Rape Case Upheld by Swedish Court
Wikileaks so-called hero still on the run. He can run but he can't hide forever.

Trump floats rolling back food safety regulations

Liberal Redneck: Trump Fans Are Huge Pussies [VIDEO]
Hmmm...that may be an insult to pussies.

Milo Yiannopoulos: ‘I Think My Legacy Might Be Longer Than Trump’s’
This culture loser said, “We live in a post-fact era. It’s wonderful.”

Meet the 'Deplorables': 13 Despicable Characters in Trump's Very Crowded Basket
Especially, the little brat Fascist Milo Yiannapoulos

Something you’ll never hear “deplorables” acknowledge

‘Tis better to be thought a fool than a member of America’s Lowest Common Denominator
At least it would if these folks possessed a shred of decency and self-awareness.

Poll: Nearly Two Thirds of Americans Believe Trump Is Unqualified to Be President

Orange Trump calls Black pastor at Flint church 'a nervous mess'
"I mean, everyone plays their games. It doesn't bother me." sez the gamey. Graciousness is not one of his virues (as if he has any).

In newly released emails, critics see proof of political motive for GOP voter fraud claims

Clinton ally scorches ‘coward, wimp’ Trump for his attack on black pastor: ‘He mewed like a kitten’
Lordy Lord looks like a Smirky Smirk again. Why is this bullshit idiot still around?

The Normalization of the Deplorables
Trump Neo-Facism creeps are mugging America. It will get much uglier.

WATCH: Keith Olbermann takes Trump’s deplorable campaign to the woodshed — and it’s awesome

Hard Truths for Trump’s America

Does Donald Trump Have Some Mysterious Medical Malady?

Powell: Trump's 'a national disgrace,' Benghazi investigation was a 'witch hunt,' Rice agrees

Ohio Keeps Making It Harder to Vote

How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security

The American Taliban: Christianity is merely an excuse for persecuting those who are “less than”

Trump Camp Contradicts Dr. Oz Claim That He'll Analyze Trump Health Records

Leaked Emails Reveal Colin Powell Sees Trump As ‘A National Disgrace’

Wonkagenda: September 14, 2016
Interesting points on the deplorables

The GOP Is in an Ideological Civil War
In today’s GOP, small-government conservatives have lost their intellectual monopoly.

He’s Back: Keith Olbermann’s Premiere Episode Absolutely Eviscerates ‘Demonic Messiah’ Donald Trump

Media Call Out Trump For Dodging Key Science Questions

Just a Gentle Reminder that Mike Pence is a Fucking Bigot Himself

DEPLORABLES: Police Issue Warrant For Trump Fan Who “Cold-Cocked” Elderly Woman On Oxygen Tank

Yes, Half of Trump Supporters Are Racist
They wants to go to the Land of the Happy Negro!

#BasketOfDeplorables: So you STILL believe Hillary Clinton was wrong??
The delporables pretty upset they find themselves deplorable!

Income up, poverty rate down ...what about that GOP sneer over 'Obama's third term'?

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump's campaign struggles to explain Trump Foundation scam

Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold Exposes The Fraudulent Nature Of Trump’s Charitable Foundation

How Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people’s money

Trump Fan Slugs Protester At Rally [VIDEO]
American Facism in all its Trump Glory!

Police Arrest Deplorable They Say Hit Protesters At Trump Rally In NC

Samantha Bee: Everything Is Scary Now [VIDEO]
This may be too nuanced for the deplorables.

Harlem Hate Pastor: Donald Trump Makes It OK To Shoot Mexicans, Shoot Muslims, Shoot Liberals [VIDEO]

KY Governor: A Hillary Win May Require The "Blood Of Patriots"
Here's a briar that wants to get his ass kicked all over again.

High School Football Players Across the U.S. Join Kaepernick, Refuse to Stand for National Anthem
Here are some kids exercising their first amendment rights that Ted Cruz wants to boycott.

Trump can’t quit Putin
I can't quit you, baby...I can't even put you down for a little while

Hillary Clinton Was Politically Incorrect, but She Wasn't Wrong About Trump's Supporters
What the...? I thought Donald rendered political incorrectness his campaign platform?

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt Stumbled, the Media Didn't Make Much of It

Fox Business Invites On A Deplorable Hate Group Leader To Defend The "Basket Of Deplorables"
Deplorable explains why he is a Deplorable.

Pence Refuses to Call David Duke "Deplorable"
Why Duke's one of his own after all.

Hillary Clinton is far from the only American going to work sick
Four in ten private sector workers – over 40 million people – do not have access to paid sick time.
Besides, she's a woman, she must work twice as hard.

The Trump Foundation is a real scandal, and it should be a campaign-ending scandal

Obama’s Approval Rating Hits 7-Year High
Obama’s soaring approval numbers are very good news for Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Debate Moderators, Because They Might Ask Him Questions

Giuliani: ‘Anything is Legal’ in War
I guess he never heard of the Geneva Conventions?
The Geneva Conventions prohibit countries from seizing others' property, even in war.

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s Charity Claims

Clueless, insensitive, and built to stay that way

Nearly 6 Million People Will Be Barred From Voting in November

The Trump Files: Donald Has Been Inflating His Net Worth for 40 Years

Only Hillary Clinton will continue the Obama jobs recovery

Donald Trump’s Ideology of Applause

Trump’s Lie About the Iraq War Is Just an Excerpt of a Greater Deception
Harry Frankfurt warns that “bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are,”...

The Bitch America Needs

5 Outrageous Right-Wing Moments This Week: Gohmert Gets Brain Stuck in a Blender

The Media Should Be Put on Trial for Its 2016 Election Coverage

Why Media Shouldn’t Fall For GOP Attempts To Scandalize Clinton’s “Basket Of Deplorables” Remarks

Did They Forget to Mention Something?

Trumpism, Political Masscult, and The Struggle

Trump Is Helping Turn the Party of Reagan Into the Party of Putin: Republicans, Once Again, Rush to Defend Russia’s Leader

Alt-Right Movement Presents Its Vision for an All-White Society With Trump Paving the Way

Trump Just Finished Speaking At A Hate Group Conference; Why Didn’t Top Papers Take Heed?

Journalists, Experts Unimpressed By Trump’s Education Plan

Donald Trump lays out his education plan: Gut public schools

How Trump's Setting His Own Traps

Two weeks later, AP finally removes false tweet smearing Hillary Clinton

O Say Can You See the First Amendment?

The Trump Files: Donald Claimed "More Indian Blood" Than the Native Americans Competing With His Casinos

Washington Post Admits the Hillary Clinton Email Mountain Is a Molehill After All
The Republicans don't care. They have nothing better to waste their time with.

Trump defended Putin last night re DNC hack, then criticized US
#1 Scumbag defends Putin.

Donald Trump’s Big Lies at the Commander-in-Chief Forum

Donald Trump Says He Supports Chris Wallace's Promise Not To Fact Check Candidates As Debate Moderator
Chris Wallace sez: "Fact check? Hell, we were never taught that in journalism cash cow school."

Conservative Media's Embrace Of Putin Stumps Chuck Todd (VIDEO)
Showing that the fascists have been shopping at "Simply Scumbags" for years.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria doubles down and lists the many ways Trump has always been a ‘bullshit artist’
Trumpster has long been King of Bullshit. What else comes from "Simply Scumbags"?

Liberal Redneck: Michele Bachmann is ‘bats--t’ crazy

Colbert Goes Off On Bondi/Trump Scandal [VIDEO]

Public deserves facts in Bondi-Trump controversy | Editorial

AGAIN: Trump Melts Down Over CNN Reporting

Matt Lauer's abomination of a commander-in-chief forum

Criticism of Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protest Is Proof of Racism Itself

MSNBC's Mike Barnicle: Donald Trump Is The "Continued Beneficiary Of A Huge Double Standard"

The Media Isn’t Buying Trump’s Claim That Intelligence Officials Criticized Obama During Confidential Briefing

IT’S IN SYRIA: Libertarian Gary Johnson Dumbfounds MSNBC’s Hosts By Asking, “What Is Aleppo?” [VIDEO]
Gary thought that “Aleppo” was an acronym. Find someone else to vote for, Libertines.

Homocon Peter Thiel: Donald Trump Will End The Oppressive Regulations That Are Stifling Corporations
Read "American Amnesia." Apparently, you have it in spades, Pete.

Liberal Redneck On The War On Drugs [VIDEO]
"You big-assed government fucksticks!"

The Media’s Presumption of Guilt
Inspector Javert—you all must be familiar with him?

Donald Trump is a crook
Read that again, "Donald Trump" is a CROOK!"

Hillary Clinton Did A Press Conference, Which Is Impossible Because She Doesn’t Do Those

Why Banks and Politicians Love Shaming the Arts
Hey, The Arts love shaming them in return because they deserved it.

Trump University: The Scandal That Won’t Go Away

Media Figures Excoriate Trump For “Praising” Vladimir Putin At Commander-In-Chief Forum

Reporters Castigate NBC's Matt Lauer For Letting Trump Lie About Opposing Iraq War

Trump Supporter Sen. Jeff Sessions Struggles to Explain Trump’s Reversal on Defeating ISIS
What world does this person live in? He can't even answer one question he gets asked without using stump speech quotes. This guy has focus problems.

Fox's Dana Perino: "I Don't Think It's Fair To Actually Hold" Trump To His Support For Iraq War
So she's saying he's not ready to make a judgement at any time at all. I agree since she points out he has no experience in such matters.

Sean Hannity: Hey, Treason Is Pretty Noble If It Hurts Hillary Clinton (GOP article)
Don't worry about Sean. He shops at "Simply Scumbags."

Right-Wing Media’s Supposed “Benghazi Bombshell” Of 30 New Clinton Emails Falls Flat
Just as long as Trump doesn't fall flat. His fat ass would make a sonic boom look weak!

CONFIRMED. Donald Trump Has Given $0 Of His Personal Funds To Charity (GOP article)
So much for character.

Brad Pitt ‘Can’t Bring Himself’ to Think of Trump as President
Well, I guess Brad isn't one of the moron crowd.

CNBC Debunks Industry-Backed Study Behind Trump's Dirty Energy Plan
Breaks moron scale on this one.

Get Real, People

Trump admits audit has nothing to do with it, he's just not showing his taxes

Soledad O’Brien: The Media Has Normalized White Supremacy Through Their Coverage Of Trump [VIDEO]

Nice Time! Hillary Clinton Is A Nice Person!

Trump Idiot Katrina Pierson So Mad Libtard Dallas Morning News Endorsed First Dem In 75 Years

We recommend Hillary Clinton for president
The Dallas Morning News endorsed Hillary Clinton, the first time it’s endorsed a Democrat for president in more than 75 years, because she’s not a crazy racist asshole without any experience whatsoever. YEE-HAW, ya’ll!

The Brief: Could Texas Go Blue This November?

The Trump University Corruption Story Just Got Worse for Pam Bondi (and Donald Trump) (GOP article)

Trump’s Mind-Boggling Focus Problem on Display in Virginia Town Hall (GOP article)

The Trump Files: Donald Said His Life Was "Shit." Here's Why.
Cue the world's tiniest violin.

Know Your Right Wing Conspiracy Memes, Part 376

Through the Trumpster Looking Glass

Tuesday Trump Dump: How many different ways can we put it? Nothing our candidate says matters!

Forget ‘I Alone Can Fix It’: Trump’s New Fundraising Emails Say ‘I Can’t Do It Alone’
There are just over 60 days left to discover what else he could walk back.

Bloomberg's With All Due Respect Highlights Media's Insistence On Lowering Bar For Trump
By all means lower the bar for the dummy and raise the bar for the woman.

Media Highlight New Study Showing That Ohio’s Abortion Restriction Runs Counter To Best Medical Practice

Mark Cuban: Trump Has Set The Media's Agenda By Giving Them "Headline Porn" Instead Of Details

Broadcast News Outlets Essentially Ignored Trump Pay For Play Until This Weekend

Trump keeps stonewalling on his taxes, saying 'people don't care'
Best comment: "No, they don’t care. They are too busy sorting through Hillary Clinton’s underwear drawer and Hillary Clinton’s garbage can and the fuzz on the bottom of Hillary Clinton’s purse."

'Dallas Morning News' says it can't support Trump
The Dallas Morning News has endorsed a Republican for president since 1964. But in this election, the Texas newspaper will not be backing Donald Trump.

FBI Report Proves That Hillary Clinton’s Personal Email Use Was Allowed, Just Like She Said

Trump Tweets Out Nonexistent Poll Showing Him Up In Ohio
Lying Liar Lies Again!

CBS’ John Dickerson Is Only Sunday Host To Cover Trump Foundation’s Proven Lawbreaking

FBI’s Clinton Email Findings Show That Fox Got Played By Running With Imprisoned Hacker’s Lie

Trump Mocks Clinton Classification Mistake, Makes Mistake Himself

Pastor Storms Out Of Interview Over Questions On Falsified Biography Details (VIDEO)
Another phoney just like Donald!

About As Clear Cut as They Get

Fewer union workers means lower pay for all workers. Really.

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun
Scientists’ warnings that the rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States’ coastline are no longer theoretical.
Or Evolution’s Not Fast Enough For Me by Men of Extinction.

5 Insane Right-Wing Moments This Week: Michele Bachmann's Apocalypse Now
Trump has legitimized all sorts of loonies.

What Religion Would Jesus Belong To?

Take Back the House, Democrats. Please.

Trump Flat-Out Lies About Crime in Attempt to Woo Black Voters

Some Black Detroiters Unhappy About Trump Visit: 'He Has No Clue'

The white nationalist Twitterverse loves Donald Trump

How Much Will The War On Unions Cost You This Labor Day?

Trump and the Truth: Immigration and Crime

Trump 'on track' to hit an historic low with Latino voters

Trump's Blood Libel & Press Failure

Deadbeat Donald Trump: A Cheap Bastard Who Stiffed Top Campaign Staff. Surprise?

Trump’s boy Corey tells biggest lie yet about the Clinton Foundation on CNN

"Dog Whistle" Is the GOP's Longtime Political Weapon of Choice

Lanny Davis: Don’t let Clinton Foundation become a casualty of politics

Trump Can't 'Soften' Bigotry

Breitbart Vs “The Normies”
...and other racist/Nazi expressions.

Trump's Elmer Gantryism now defines American politics defined the lowest point in all of presidential campaign history.

Trump Chooses the Alt-Right Over the R.N.C

Media: Meet Donald Trump’s New Deputy Campaign Manager, Citizens United President David Bossie

Bamboozled! What Made Everyone Think Trump Was Changing On Immigration?

Trump, the University of Chicago, and the Collapse of Public Language

Billionaire GOP Donor Wants Trump's Head Checked
A Cuban American from South Florida who has poured millions into Republican causes slams Trump and endorses Clinton.

White Supremacists Are Out of Control on Twitter and No One Will Stop Them
Hmmm, sound familiar?

As Donald Trump Calls for Wall on Mexican Border, Smugglers Dig Tunnels
Remember the Berlin Wall and seeing people machine gunned attempting to cross. How'd that work out for the Commies?

If Trump Gets His Way, Real Estate Will Get Even More Tax Breaks

Donald Trump Just Gave His Most Extreme Immigration Speech Yet
And the white nationalists (fascists) rejoiced.

Alex Jones Is Advising Trump On How Hillary Clinton Will Use Chemtrails To Steal The Election
They used to put insane people in institutions to get them off the streets. Now they let them advise Presidential candidates.

The rise of the American conspiracy theory

How Russia Often Benefits When Julian Assange Reveals the West’s Secrets

Giuliani Put On a ‘Make Mexico Great Again Also’ Hat Tonight
He forgot the "Too."

Media Figures Mock Trump For Backing Off Previous Demand Mexico Pay For Border Wall

Coward Donald Trump Goes To Mexico, Too Big A Pussy To Demand Payment For His Wall

Juan Williams: Trump's race politics will destroy GOP
Will? It already has.

Colbert Mocks Trump’s Immigration ‘Softening’ With Every Anthony Weiner Joke Imaginable
Trump changes position and has bent over to take it like a man.

Trump Pushes Right-Wing Media’s Nonsense Conspiracy Theory That Huma Abedin Is A Threat To America
Lying Liar Lies like a rug.

Can Trump Be This Stupid? (Not a Trick Question)
Already that's a good trick! Or maybe it should be "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

"Crazy Eyes" Bachmann Says 'God Raised Up' Trump To Be GOP Nominee (VIDEO)

Vicente Fox Says Trump Not Welcome In Mexico: This Is A 'Political Stunt'
Vicente "That Fucking Wall" Fox calls Trump a liar. I've never heard that before!

Donald Trump is touchy, touchy, touchy about his net worth—and not going to show his taxes

The Trump Files: Donald Perfectly Explains Why He Doesn't Have a Presidential Temperament

Health Care is a Right, Not a Business
Health Insurance companies should be sued for practicing medicine without a license.

If Obamacare Bombs, States Must Share the Blame
Health Insurance companies should be sued for practicing medicine without a license.

Donald Trump Is a Consistent, Brazen, Serial Liar

NBC Reveals Yet Another Contradiction In Trump's Tax Plan
Asshole loves to favor the wealthy. Why? He wants to be one!

Univision's Jorge Ramos Reminds Audiences That Trump Continues To Deny His Interview Requests
Fascist Trump continues to be the Fascist asshole American Fascist assholes support.

AP's 'Big Story' on Clinton Foundation is big failure

A Timeline Of The AP’s Flawed Clinton Foundation Reporting

The AP, And Why The Press Has Trouble Admitting Its Clinton Mistakes
AP now stands for Alt-Press.

Pastor who said Pulse nightclub victims 'got what they deserved' arrested for child molestation

MSNBC's Joy Reid Calls Out "New Standard" Over Scrutiny Of Clinton Foundation That Didn't Apply To Bush Foundation

AP Executive Editor Refuses To Take Down Clinton Foundation Tweet She Admits Is “Sloppy”

Someone Using The Email Address Of Trump’s Doctor Demanded Money For An Interview

MTV News' Jamil Smith: Breitbart News Is Trying To "Mainstream" White Supremacy "Through Trump"

CNN: “Near Unanimous Agreement” Among Journalists That AP Botched Its Report On Clinton Meetings

‘No Vacancies’ for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start, and Was First Accused of Bias
For those few of you who still believe that Trumpster isn't a racist.

Straight talk was Trump's last remaining strength. Now it's gone

Republicans can’t pretend not to know what fuels the Trump campaign

Trump's Hot Air Balloon Is Ripping

Anti-Semitic Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon not a big fan of ‘whiny brat’ Jews, ex-wife says

Trump doctor: I wrote health letter in five minutes

Rachel Maddow Rips Trump After "Stunning" And "Profound Rejection" From Reputable Economists

The Trump Files: Donald Couldn't Name Any of His "Handpicked" Trump U Professors
"Terrific people. Terrific brains. Successful."

Associated Press Becomes Latest To Get Burned Chasing Clinton 'Scandal' Stories

LePage Leaves Unhinged Voicemail For 'Cocksucker' Rep.: 'Prove I'm Racist!'
Well, he can prove Paul's is going to give Trump some competition for Crazy.

The Alt-Right’s Dark Army of Racist Trolls Just Had a Great Day
Hair Furor's team's great day is a little too much blinding light for them.

Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Isolated and Destroyed Donald Trump
"Hitler Youth" exposed after crawling out from under rock for their Hair Donnie

Column: Trump’s policies would massively increase the national debt

What Is The “Alt-Right”? A Guide To The White Nationalist Movement Now Leading Conservative Media
Your guide to the new "Hitler Youth."

The AP pushes a 'conspiracy election'
AP suddenly loses cred and turns Alt-Right now!

Trump Supporters Were Warned He’s A Fraud; They Did Not Listen And Now The Chickens Are Roosting (GOP article)

Hilarious Depiction of the Alt-Right’s Reaction to Trump’s Amnesty Pivot (VIDEO)(GOP article)

The Disconnect Beneath the Praise for U.S. Military

The Trump Files: Donald's Wall Street Tower Is Filled With Crooks

NY Times Columnist Asks "Who Is Being Suckered" By Trump's So-Called Appeal To Black Voters

Private lives are collateral damage in WikiLeaks' document dumps
What Wikileaks does is illegal. Shut them down.

Trump’s Vision of Black America Is a White Supremacist Fantasy
And his outreach to black voters is a dog whistle for racists.

Trump Is Already Helping Putin Consolidate Control of Ukraine

Trump: I Would Stop Crime By Letting ‘Tough’ Cops Take Charge
"They need to get tougher." What does he mean? That they should shoot more blacks than they do now?

O’Reilly Interrupts Trump’s ‘Tough’ Talk to Remind Him Cops Can’t Just Beat People Up
See, even Bill says ya just can't beat people up and shoot them as policy, mein Hair.

Hillary Clinton leads among business economists, Trump comes in third

Why Has Only Hillary Clinton Turned Over All Her Emails?
Because they are honest upright Amerikans and luv her mails. At least they are something they can read to prove they are not illiterate. Reading comprehension not required.

How Donald Trump's New Campaign Chief Created an Online Haven for White Nationalists (Fascists)
Let's all sing...Well, it's alt-right now!

How Trump Exposed America’s White Identity Crisis
He screams and cries for the Land of the Happy Negro

What if Trump won't accept defeat?
Don't look at me. He already declared what he was going to do last February. (see illustration at bottom of page)

Donald Trump doesn't plan to admit defeat
Used to be called a "sore loser." Now just a "big fat loser."

When Donald Trump says the election is 'rigged' what he means is that minorities get to vote

Do we live in a new era of endless congressional political investigations?

Donald Trump, a ‘Rigged’ Election and the Politics of Race

How Can America Recover From Donald Trump?

Stephen Bannon hire shows Donald Trump's campaign plans on losing 'in the most destructive way possible'

If the GOP Ever Wants to Win Again, They Need to Be Ready to Purge People Like This from the Party (GOP article)

Donald Trump Suddenly Realizes He’s Running for the Presidency, Says Newt (VIDEO) (GOP article)
All this time he thought he was running for King of the Orange Men Festival.

CNN Confronts Trump Campaign Manager With Her Previous Demand For Trump’s Tax Returns
Oh my! Did she forget that IRS already said there is no law forbidding it?
IRS: Nothing prevents Trump from releasing tax returns

Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties

The 1965 Law That Gave the Republican Party Its Race Problem
And there went the Land of the Happy Negro.

Trump Lies About Social Security and Undocumented Workers

Black Panelists Beat Down Trump Supporter’s Claim That He’s ‘On the Cutting Edge of Civil Rights’
He means he's heading for the Land of the Happy Negro. Why don't they want to return?

Trump’s New Campaign Chief: Republican ‘Leadership Are All C***s’
Did he mean Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan? Dear, dear.

Vicente "That Fucking Bridge" Fox Says Mexican Govt Should Reject Trump: ‘You Cannot Work With a Crazy Guy’

WATCH: Maddow Catches Trump Doc Trumping Up His Credentials
You mean he's only 1 biscuit shy of a brickload?

Lindsey Graham on Trump's drag down-ticket: 'Nobody knows where the bottom is at'

Trump's Racist Linkage: Obama —> Clinton
Or Trump's Vision of the Land of the Happy Negro.

Trump drops Paul Manafort amid more charges of illegal lobbying and anti-American activity
Poor Donnie. Lost another "make Putin greater" desciple.

Trump Campaign Chair Directly Linked to Pro-Kremlin Lobbying Effort

CBS This Morning: Paul Manafort May Be Guilty Of "Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, And Illegally Providing Funds For Lobbyists"

The Complete History Of Donald Trump's Relationship With The White Nationalist Movement

The Cracked Integrity of Donald Trump

With Trump-Breitbart Alliance, The Right-Wing Media’s Civil War Just Got A Whole Lot Worse

Former Breitbart Staffers Warn Against Trump’s New Campaign Chief
They know a fascist when they worked with one.

Glenn Beck To Republicans: Jump Ship Now Because November Will Be A Bloodbath Due To Breitbart

Report: Trump Chairman Manafort Helped Pro-Russian Party Route $2.2 Million to US Lobbyists
You think Watergate was a big scandal? How about a foreign power setting U.S. foreign policy?

Trump campaign circles the wagons around Manafort

Latino Advocacy Organization Calls Out Trump For Denying Access To Hispanic Media
Trump Has Ignored Hispanic Media For Over A Year

GOP Elder Statesman, On A Trump Presidency: 'God Help Us'
Shultz also criticized Senate Republicans for blocking President Obama's nominees.

Trump and Thiel Really Don’t Get How the First Amendment Works

Ukrainian corruption probe uncovers references to Trump’s campaign manager
PBS News Hour Report

Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief

Trump Dump: McCarthyism, an anti-media meltdown, and still more Russian ties

Video of Trump deposition could go public soon

Trump Blames Bad Poll Numbers on Existence of Numerical System

“Literally Insane”: Media Figures Live-Blog Trump’s Lies During Terrorism Policy Speech

Biden warns Trump has 'no clue' what it takes to lead the U.S.

Wall Street Journal to Trump: ‘Behave like a president or turn the nomination over to Mike Pence’

Donald Trump Doesn’t Have Foreign Policy Ideas. He Has Moods.

VIDEO: How Right-Wing Lies Become Mainstream News

Poll shows Trump losing support among home-state Republicans

Pollsters: Trump approaching zero hour

VIDEO: How Right-Wing Lies Become Mainstream News

On CNN, Bush Commerce Secretary Blasts Trump’s Economic Plan: “That Would Be A Disaster”

Courts Hand Down Smashing Victories for Voting Rights
If the GOP were really serious about “protecting future generations’ right to vote,” it would cease its voter-suppression efforts and hold a vote in Congress—before the election—on legislation to restore the VRA.

Donald Trump Is Making America Meaner

Inside the Failing Mission to Save Donald Trump From Himself

Trump Lashes Out at ‘Dishonest’ NY Times Over Report About Internal Campaign Chaos

What We Learned About Trump’s Supporters This Week

Trump’s call for election watchers looks an awful lot like voter intimidation
Is Trump like Travis Bickle?

Trump is Ready to Face the Prospect That He Might Lose (GOP article)

Saturday Morning Cartoons Open Thread: The Trumpening

The Lost World of White Christian America
How the GOP ignored its own research after Mitt Romney’s campaign and ended up with Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for a Fair Economy

‘This Sh*t’s Not Funny Anymore’: GOP Strategist Calls Trump ‘Extinction-Level’ Threat
Well, well, now they want to visit Extinction Ranch!

Trump On Election Strategy: ‘I Don’t Know That We Need To Get Out The Vote’
Have a nice vacation Donald!

Trump’s Dangerous Embrace Of Right Wing Media Insurrectionism
Fascist media mounting a dangerous attack on our Democracy.

Hillary’s New Deal: How a Clinton Presidency Could Transform America
While Trump's rise wrecks the GOP, Clinton's success marks the resilience of the Democratic center

OUCH: Dozens of Republicans Sign Letter Insisting RNC Stop Spending on Trump’s Crap Campaign (GOP article)

No, Hillary Clinton does not want to ‘abolish’ the Second Amendment

POLL: American Voters Hate Trump Almost as Much as ISIS (GOP article)

Watch A Former Secret Service Agent Explain The “Dangerous” Consequences Of Trump’s Comments
Evy Poumpouras: The Secret Service Is Probably Going To Be Dealing With A Lot More Threats … Towards Hillary”

How Trump's Second Amendment dog whistle could incite an assassin

Donald Trump’s Incendiary Language

Trump’s reckless call to ‘Second Amendment people’

‘The GOP Needs to Abandon Him’: New York Daily News Says It’s Time to Dump Trump

‘You’re Lying!’: Don Lemon Angrily Blows Up at Guest Over Trump’s 2nd Amendment Remarks
The context of Trump's remarks get overlooked here by Dan. If Trump is placing her as already being in the office of President, and he clearly is since that's the only way she comes to power, then he is not talking about someone voting against her. He's talking about violence, Dan. Dan, “trying not to break down in laughter” is a defense mechanism. Is he and the rest of the Trumphadists not understand that judges do not abolish Constiutional amendments? Did they all fail Civics classes or did they ever take one?

Peter King: Trump Should 'Absolutely' Take Back 2nd Amendment Comment

Trump’s Ambiguous Wink Wink to ‘Second Amendment People’
"I only pray that he is not simply defeated, but that he loses all 50 states so that the message goes out across the land — unambiguously, loud and clear: The likes of you should never come this way again."

Trump’s “Second Amendment People” Joke Was Targeting Gun Owners, Too
The line wasn’t just a veiled threat at Hillary. It was a glimpse of Trump’s true feelings about his supporters.

Donald Trump’s Support Among Republican Women Starts to Slide

Trump Either Meant Violence with ‘2nd Amendment People,’ Or There is No Reason to Support Him

Why Gun Owners Should Reject Trump’s Call to “Second Amendment People”

Fox’s Charles Krauthammer Admits Trump Can’t Make A Pivot And “Become Responsible”
Krauthammer: “It’s Not the Press. It’s Not The Democrats. This Is A Self Inflicted Wound”

Fox's Geraldo Rivera: Trump’s 2nd Amendment Comment Could Be Considered “A Federal Crime”

Trump’s Violent Claim About The Second Amendment And Hillary Clinton Echoes What The NRA Has Said For Years

Gabby Giffords: Trump's '2nd Amendment' Line Insinuates Violence

Trump's 'Second Amendment' threat against Clinton is a dangerous call for violence

Shocked Media Figures Condemn Trump’s “Second Amendment People” Remark
Media Also Criticize Trump Campaign’s "Nonsensical" Explanation For Remark

The Moment You Realize Trump Finally Crossed the Line
This is it
Calling for assassination is the end of his campaign.

Poll: 69% of Trump Supporters Think That When Clinton Wins, ‘It Will Be Because It Was Rigged’
The writer assumes that Trump supporters at one time attended and paid attention in educational classes. He’s wrong.

50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation’s Security ‘at Risk’

American Greed: Trump’s Economic Team Is A Who’s Who Of What’s Wrong

Former GOP Michigan Gov. Will Vote For Hillary Clinton

Trump 2.0: Now with 50% more trickle down, 100% more begging, 200% more leash

My Letters Are So Great

The kinder, gentler, doomed Donald Trump

WikiLeaks: Assange Was Joking, We’re Not ‘Working On’ Getting Trump’s Tax Returns
“Of course they are not working on anything to do with Trump. Putin wouldn't like it.”

Nuke fears grow over Trump

Bill Maher Faced Off With Julian Assange and It Was Amazing

I Support Hillary Clinton. So Should Everyone Who Voted for Me.

Don’t Believe the Narrative About How It’s Still ‘Legally Possible’ to Dump Trump

Poll: 70% of GOP Insiders Want Trump to Drop Out

A Rigged Outcome? Trump May Be Engineering It Himself

Federal Agency Rules Wearing ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Flag Can Be Racial Harassment
Ah, to be in the Land of the Happy Negro. What? That flag is an “historical indicator of white resentment against blacks stemming largely from the Tea Party.”?

Obama Is Right about Trump (GOP Article)
Trump, a draft-dodger whose disabling bone spurs seem to have disappeared (mirabile dictu) once bragged that evading sexually transmitted diseases over the course of what he promises has been a somewhat exotic sex life was his “own personal Vietnam,” so perhaps he believes he earned that Purple Heart at the Battle of Poontang.

Donald Trump Is Out of Time

GOP Voters Stage Major Revolt Against Brownback's Kansas Experiment
What if they ever FREAK OUT in Kansas?

Sane Republicans exist, and they’re ditching the Trump Train for Clinton

George W. Bush Slams Donald Trump’s Policies At Fundraiser For Rob Portman

GOP Rep.: Trump Has Crossed Too Many ‘Red Lines’ for Me to Endorse Him
Rats continue leaving sinking ship.

Erickson Angrily Tears Into Trump Boosters: You ‘Reflect the Evil Character of Your God’

Major GOP Donor: Clinton Reached Out Personally To Secure My Endorsement

How Donald Trump Is Already Doing A World Of Damage Abroad

Donald “Bloodbath” Trump Denounced After Saying “The Election’s Going To Be Rigged”
The consequences of which he speaks are typical fascist tactics.

Why we need a President Clinton

A graceless act by Donald Trump

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Slams Right-Wing Media’s Smear Campaign Against Gold Star Family
Hayes: “Trump’s Allies Have Begun A Smear Campaign Of Baseless And Vicious Innuendo Against The Khan Family”

Joe Scarborough Calls It: ‘Republicans Aren’t Going To Win The Presidency’ (VIDEO)

Retiring Republican congressman calls Trump a ‘national embarrassment,’ says he'll vote for Clinton

Donald Trump now calling Gold Star father a terrorist sympathizer
At what point will the Republican leadership have the guts to denounce their own homegrown demagogue?

John McCain Denounces Donald Trump’s Comments on Family of Muslim Soldier

Fox’s Fumbled Response To Khan Speech: Why Wasn't Benghazi Covered Like This?
Fox Was Only Cable News Network Not To Air Khan, Benghazi Speeches During Conventions
The Hell you say? Benghazi was not covered? What is Fox’s favorite word next to “email”? It has been covered like no other attacks on U.S. embassies—like stink on shit!

CNN’s Jeffrey Lord Defends Trump’s Attacks On Khan Family: “This Is Politics”
What is it the clown prince “Lord, Lord—Lord, Lord, Lord” of CNN not get about failed “leadership traits” in Lying Donald Trump?

Growing Chorus Questions Trump’s Mental Health
This was pointed out on this Land of the Happy Negro page some time ago—He’s insane.

VFW Condemns Trump’s Attacks On Muslim-American Soldier’s Family

Lying Trump Says Putin Is Not Going Into Ukraine (GOP article)

Lying Donald Trump’s Confrontation With Muslim Soldier’s Parents Emerges as Unexpected Flash Point

Gen. John Allen: Trump Presidency Would Cause A “Civil Military Crisis, The Like Of Which We Have Not Seen”

Lying Donald Trump Should Stop Messing with Gold Star Dad Khizr Khan

On CNN, Khizr Khan Shreds Lying Trump’s “Height Of Ignorance” Response To His Democratic Convention Speech

Lying Trump Faces Withering Bipartisan Backlash For Attacking Khan Family

It Appears Lying Donald Trump Doesn’t Know About The Crimea Annexation Or Doesn’t Care

Reminder: Nothing the Lying Trump Campaign Says is Binding (GOP article)

Lying Donald Trump Suggests Khizr Khan’s Wife Wasn’t ‘Allowed’ to Speak
Of course he does! He our country’s #1 Bully SEXIST! Note Donnie: she did not wish to speak. But of course, in Lying Donnie's world all women are controlled by their men owners.

Donald Trump and RNC attack presidential debate schedule
Will Lying Donald Trump flake out and be a no show coward? Bullshitting again!

NFL Says Donald Trump Is Full Of Shit; League Never Sent Him Letter About Debate Schedule
Would that be a "lying sack of shit"?

Houston Chronicle Endorses Hillary: Racist Putin-Like Donald Trump Is A Danger To The Republic

Did Donald Trump Just Break the Law and Reveal Classified Intelligence?
He should be indicted.

Trump Accuses Fire Marshal Of Voting Clinton After Restricting Rally Goers
Look at the babies crying. Especially the fat fascist in the center.

Slain soldier’s dad: GOP should call out Trump
They should but they are as crooked as he is. Remember it's all rigged.

Abbreviated pundit roundup: Huge legal victories for voting rights

Conservatives to boycott actor Bradley Cooper for crushing their hopes and dreams

This is what integrity looks like—it never quits, it never gives up

Hillary chooses hope over doom and wins the week

Trump Gets His Talking Points From White Supremacist Twitter Accounts

The Reviews Are In: Conservatives Say The DNC Was ‘Disaster’ For The GOP

Donald Trump: I Want To Hit Some Of Those DNC Speakers So Hard Their Head Would Spin [VIDEO]
Always the way a fascist bully and a coward talks. Big talker when he's got armed guards around him.

“I Didn’t Think It Could Be Done in the United States”
An interview with Anne Applebaum on the Russian hack of the DNC and Donald Trump’s flirtation with Vladimir Putin.

Why Trump Fails—and Clinton Passes—the Commander-in-Chief Test

Conservative Legal Experts: Trump Is A “Menace”, A “Lunatic,” A “Fascist Thug,” A “‘Useful Idiot’ For Putin,” And A Danger To “Our National Security”
Scholars From Top Conservative And Libertarian Legal Blogs Warn Of Trump Presidency

Here Are All The Reasons Media Think Trump Is Not Releasing His Tax Returns

Stephen Colbert’s One Question For Donald Trump: What Does Putin’s Dick Taste Like? [VIDEO]

In a Democrat, it would be treason...for Donald Trump, just another day at the office

What Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Understand About Slavery
Bill’s got to have his share of the Land of the Happy Negro!

NC GOP wigs out after mistaking Tim Kaine’s Marine pin for Honduras flag — and hilarity ensues
Why be surprised when Natch Crazy can’t recognize what most civilized humans can?

DL Hughley shreds GOP: If you’re bragging about the ‘motherf*cker on the penny—update your resume’
Describes Land of the Happy Negro mindset in these bastards.

Powerful DNC Vid Uses Words Of Reagan, JFK To Warn Of Trump Presidency

Panetta: We Cannot Afford Trump’s ‘Unstable’ Leadership

Mike Bloomberg Implores: ‘Together Let's Elect A Sane, Competent Person’

National Review declares the Democratic convention is ‘anti-white’ and stirring ‘racial conflict’
Poor National Review. They have the sadz that the DNC doesn't want to return with the Republicans to the Land of the Happy Negro.

Dare Call It Treason

TREASON: Donald Trump Openly Invites Russia To Spy On Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

After Day Two, Democratic Convention now crushing Republicans in ratings

NBC’s Mark Murray On Trump Encouraging Russia To Hack Clinton’s Server: “Stunning” And “Jaw-Dropping”

Donald Trump will not release his taxes
How much money does Trump owe to Russian oligarchs? We don’t know.

The GOP Is No Longer the Party of National Security
No party with Trump at its head can claim that mantle.

Trump has put us at DEFCON 1. We cannot shrug at ‘Never Again’

Donald Trump: Klandestine Kremlin Kandidate

Scrutiny On Trump-Putin Links Intensifies

The DNC Hack Is Watergate, but Worse
The email dump isn’t a high-minded act of transparency. It’s a foreign power attempting to swing an election for its favored candidate. Putin is breaking international law for Trump.

The Real Winner of the RNC: Vladimir Putin

Mindful voters, mindless news: Trump is a teachable moment
Good reading for Sanders Independents.

Cartoon: Trumping our safety

CNN’s Paul Begala Shows The Media How To Respond To Right-Wing Benghazi Attacks Against Clinton
Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord --butt of all media jokes! Proving that even the worst of us can serve as bad examples!

Democrats want progress, GOP wants to regress
Back, back, back, back, back, back to the Land of the Happy Negro!

Utah Pol Bolts GOP After RNC: Party’s Direction ‘Makes Me Want To Cry’

Sanders Tells DNC-Goers ‘Hillary Clinton Will Make An Outstanding President’

FLOTUS Gives Stirring DNC Speech: Don't Let Them Say America Isn’t Great (VIDEO)

Dem Senators Skewer Trump For Not Making His Branded Products In America

Al Franken Does His Best Anti-Trump Standup Routine On Stage At DNC (VIDEO)

Whooo what a night!
"The difference between this first night of the DNC and any night of the RNC was inestimable."

“Pretty Damn Frightening”: Wash. Post’s Volokh Conspiracy Imagines Trump’s Justice Department
BTY: Where in hell are Trump’s tax returns?

Trump Draws Media Criticism For His Connections To Russia After His “Downright Frightening” Statements On NATO

The Trump and Putin Thing, A Detailed Response

FBI confirms investigation of DNC email hack
Any of Trump’s Russian pals complict in this to his benefit? Timing, timing, timing.

Neo-Nazi radio program ‘going mainstream’ in the party of Trump
“The Republican Party was moving to meet neo-Nazi, conspiracy theory-laden views.” Surprised?
‘Pro-White’ Radio Host Interviewed 4 GOPers At RNC About Support For Trump

Trump & Putin. Yes, It's Really a Thing

Trump’s Putin love is starting to look like a defining aspect of his presidential run

Donald Trump: Putting the “bully” in “bully pulpit”

Cartoon: RNC recap

Why Hillary has my vote

Hillary’s pretty darn good campaign

Carl Bernstein Praises Clinton VP Pick Tim Kaine As “The Best Possible Choice”

Trump & Putin. Yes, It’s Really a Thing

Donald Trump Says He Will Repudiate NATO Charter (GOP article)

Video Shows Officer Slam Woman To Ground, Say Black People Have ‘Violent Tendencies’
More American Fascism in action.

Trump Of Course Lying About Police Fatalities

In acceptance speech, Trump’s America is a dark and desperate place

Trump’s campaign goes full Orwell in spinning their dark vision for America
Pence like the dog in RCA Victor logo, listening to ‘His Master’s Voice.’

Donald Trump can’t give you your country's not yours and it never went away

Donald Trump’s Speech Was Just Another Scam

The Rolling Stones Tweet: “We Do Not Endorse Donald Trump,” Song Was Used without Permission
So, Trump’s guilty of violation of copyright? Lock him up!

Trump Succeeds in Delivering Speech No One Will Want to Plagiarize

Trump: why this is hell, and I want to run it
Still don't think this asshat is a Fascist?

Trump’s ‘White Pride’ Delegate Booted For Racist Facebook Post
She wants to return to the Land of the Happy Negro -- dead ones.

Gaze Long Into The Trump Foreign Policy And It Gazes Back Into You: A Wonksplainer!

The Republican Party Is Out of Ideas
The GOP is now purely a cult of personality.
"... the most base and demagogic convention in modern history."

Clinton Camp: Trump’s NATO Comments Proof He Doesn’t Believe In ‘Free World’

Republicans in Wonderland: The party of magical, wishful thinking

President Of Earth Donald J. Trump To America’s NATO Allies: Drop Dead

Putin’s Puppet

This is What Ted Cruz REALLY Proved Last Night (GOP article)

The 3 Most Dangerous Things Trump Said In Bonkers NYT Foreign Policy Interview

AP Fact Check: GOPers Twist Clinton’s Words To Blame Her For Benghazi

Today’s GOP: Ignorant, reactionary, irrational...and evidently built to stay that way

Reports: Ted Cruz, Wife Confronted by Angry Donors, Delegates After RNC Speech
American Fascist Party Extremists rain their hate down on the Cruz speech.

The RNC Ignores Actual Science, but Embraces Pseudoscience

Trump Delegates Can’t Believe How Terrible The Economy Is For Everyone But Them

Donald Trump Jr. Didn’t Plagiarize Anything. His Speechwriter Just Recycled, Is All.

Why Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech should be fatal to Donald Trump’s campaign

Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All

The Most Damning Speech of the GOP Convention

The GOP Is Sick, and the Never Trump Floor Fight Was a Symptom

Why Republicans’ new anti-immigrant platform likely spells doom for them

Mike Pence Begins His Career as a Person Who Says Crazy Things (GOP article)

Mourning in America
Systemic racism in action. Cameras do their job.

WV Fascist delegate calls for Clinton to be executed
Folk said his tweet was hyperbolic. Of course, he would! He is unfit to serve.

141 Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done That Make Him Unfit to Be President

Donald Trump and a Divided America

Trump’s Candidacy Is a Threat to American Democracy
Welcome to the 2016 Republican convention: a four-day celebration of the ritual suicide of American democracy.

Trump’s “Worst Rollout Ever” Of A Vice-Presidential Pick Widely Mocked
Insanity breeds Insanity - A good brand for Trumpence!

Clinton Campaign Wastes No Time Going After Trump’s New Running Mate

Why Donald Trump’s ‘safe’ pick of Mike Pence might turn out to be an utter disaster

Let’s All Point And Laugh At The Stupid Ugly Trump-Pence Logo!

Trump And Family ‘Material Witnesses’ To Huge Tax Avoidance Scheme By Mobbed-Up Partner. Huh!

The RNC Will Be a First Amendment Disaster

Why Justice Ginsburg’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is a bad sign

Trump admits he’s hiding his taxes because they could be used against him

Donald Trump’s Friends
Don plays "He said, She said."

The (G.O.P.) Party’s Over

‘Trump’ is shorthand for white Supremacy.
DTs luvs him sum Land of the Happy Negro.

Criticism gets under Trump’s very thin skin, epic meltdown ensues
Unhinged candidate goes berserk in front of the world.

American Fascism and Hatred in Action

Norm Coleman: I will never vote for Donald Trump (GOP statement)
He’s a bigot, a misogynist, a fraud and a bully.
("after eight years of a president who deliberately divided us and fanned the flames of racial and socioeconomic strife — and, by doing so, diminished America's standing in the world.") I believe he is talking about his own "Grand No Party."

Trump VP Contender Newt Gingrich Profited From Sending Cancer “Cure” Emails
Spammy Scammy Newty will show you how to fix your cancerous up!

Donald Trump says his first priority is himself. Spokesperson later confirms

Donald Trump’s campaign rapidly losing remaining ties to reality
Again—Trump doesn’t want this job.

House GOP Wants To Investigate Hillary’s Emails, Because That’s Gone So Well In The Past
Paul Ryan - "Whiny fucking twerp." Let's spend billions on this again and again, shall we?

Another Clinton ‘scandal’ goes poof

Months Of Media Speculation About Clinton Criminality All For Naught (well...duh!)
What is it about “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” do the unreasonable wingnuts not get?

I’m a millennial and my generation sucks

Putin’s Puppet
If the Russian president could design a candidate to undermine American interests—and advance his own—he’d look a lot like Donald Trump.

Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Loved Trump’s Star Of David Tweet
Trump is a psychopath?

Donald Trump’s “Star of David” Hillary Clinton Meme Was Created by White Supremacists
Land of the Happy Negro supporters source of Trump’s meme.

The problem with making America great again: Stephen Henderson
Don can answer this with "The Land of the Happy Negro!"

UH-OH. Trump Campaign Chaos Continues (GOP article)
Rats continue evacuation of sinking ship

Trump Finally Weighs In On SCOTUS Abortion Ruling With Some Bad Math
Let’s see, if I can count on my little fingers...

Trump Stops Rally To Say Plane Flying Could Be Mexico Preparing ‘To Attack’ (VIDEO)
Rationality is not one of his strong points.

Watchdog Groups File FEC Complaint Over Trump Emails To Foreign Pols

Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, will win the argument over Brexit

House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton
Howdy Gowdy, Kids!

Despite what you may think, the 2nd Amendment is NOT a blank check

When it comes to Trump, a Republican Treasury secretary says: Choose country over party

Michael Eric Dyson: Trump Is Promoting “White Racist Supremacist Nationalism”

Columnist George Will Leaves GOP Over Trump: ‘This Is Not My Party’

Brexit: “I Want My Country Back”
America take note.

Man who voted for Leave says he thought his vote ‘wouldn’t count’ and is now “worried’

This is not the UK’s version of Independence Day, it’s the exact opposite

CNN’s John Avlon Calls Trump’s Failure To Discuss Brexit “Completely Insane”
Avlon: Trump “Seems To Be Trying To Profit Off A Presidential Run And Not Taking It Seriously”

Donald Trump’s Next-Generation Bigotry

Trump, Champion of the Downtrodden? Ha!

Why would ANYONE accuse Trump supporters of racism?

Hillary Clinton’s 5 ideas to fix the U.S. economy

Watch Politifact’s Angie Holan Dissect and Dismantle Three Trump Lies In Three Minutes

On MSNBC, NY Times Reporters Reveal The “Pretty Devastating Effect” Of Trump’s Business Record In Atlantic City

MSNBC’s Katy Tur Fact Checks Trump’s Dubious Claims In His Anti-Clinton Speech

On CNN, David Gergen Calls Trump’s Speech “Slanderous”

Donald Trump Gives Low-Energy Teleprompter Speech And Nobody Cares. Sad!

Donald Trump, NRA Agree: Only A Idiot Would Advocate Guns In Bars Like Donald Trump, NRA

The Republicans’ Big Hot Mess

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Slams Trump Ally Roger Stone’s “McCarthy-Style Witch Hunt” Against Clinton Aide

All These Companies Are Skipping Out On Trump’s GOP Convention In Cleveland
More rats leaving sinking ship.

If we refuse to do our job, we get fired. Republicans call it their constitutional duty.

GOP Rep. Says He Won't Endorse Trump: ‘The Train Is Off The Track’

GOP Elder Says He'll Vote For Clinton, Trump Isn't ‘Willing To Learn’
Why does someone who knows everything need ‘to learn’?

Trump’s Not Doing Poorly; He”s Not Even Running
Looks like a ‘WTF’ moment for Drumpf.

Trump Co-Chair: Support The Nominee Or ‘Shut The Hell Up’
Jabba the Hutt declares agenda to gang.

Recent poll is not good news for John McCain, but his Trump comments have earned him still worse

Here’s a hint, John Cornyn. It’s about the dead people.

“He’s Obsessed With Menstruation”
Former Apprentice crew members on their old boss, Donald Trump.
He liked keeping a fat guy around—like himself.

Trump’s Unrecognizable America

Trump and the GOP’s Jurassic Park

Trump is a dangerous demagogue and conspiracy theorist who must be defeated

Donald Trump’s Anti-American Values

On CBS, Former Romney Adviser Calls Trump's Muslim Ban “Unconstitutional” And “Abhorrent”
Dan Senor: “Everything About It Is Reprehensible”

OReilly Calls For Gun Restrictions: “High-Powered Weaponry Is Too Easy To Get”
Bill O'Reilly: “The Second Amendment Clearly States The Government Has A Right To Regulate In The Name Of Public Safety”

Again? Again. | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS
A great response to the unsolicited messages from presumptuous thoughtless The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms who seem to think they are American Exceptionalists.

Clinton calls on Republicans to embrace or reject Trump’s ‘bizarre rants and outright lies’
“He went on TV and suggested that President Obama is on the side of the terrorists.” Sedition defined.

Memo to Donald Trump (and those who'd vote for him): This is not who we are

Donald Trump Did Not Say That Thing About American Soldiers That He Said
Does Trump hate our troops?

Hillary Clinton Shoves Donald Trump’s Dumbass Terrorism Speech Right Back Down His Throat

Trump Declared War on American Muslims on Monday
Don’t treat it like just another speech.
“Trump has given one of the most openly xenophobic speeches in modern American politics. And with his call to restrict, monitor, and harass American Muslims, he’s echoing the kind of rhetoric that leads inevitably to tragedy and atrocity.”

Words Matter to Donald Trump
Unless he’s the one speaking them.

Is Trump trying to find the door out?

Trump Was Accused Of Destroying Email Evidence In 2004 Lawsuit

President Obama declares that Trump ‘betrays the very values that America stands for’
Damn it! I thought saying “Radical Islam” was like saying “There’s No Place Like Home.”

The little generals in Donald Trump’s head don't know how to stop terrorists
On military matters, Donald Trump drew bipartisan WTFs.

Newt Gingrich Welcomes The Return Of The House Un-American Activities Committee!
HUAC, HUAC, They're just lookin' out for guys like you an me...

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: “I Took Down That Tweet To Stop All Of Your Hateful Comments And Lies”
“ISIS believes in the killing of gays. America does not and Christians do not.” Really, Dan? Read the next post.
Christian Pastor Celebrates Orlando Massacre: Round Up All The Gays And Blow Their Brains Out [VIDEO]

Donald Trump: My own personal human gag reflex

MSNBC Panel Rips Trump’s “Racist” Insinuation That Obama Supports Terrorism
Peter Weinert: Trump Is “The Most Massively Ignorant Person Ever To Run For President”

“This Is Not The Soviet Union”: Watch A Fox News Contributor Slam Trump For Revoking Wash. Post Credentials
Trump should withdraw now from Presidential contest. He’s insane.

American culture is not under attack by political correctness, but by fools and their dumb opinions

A Tragic Farce

Cartoon: When we were great

Hillary Clinton speaks out on assault weapons, background checks, and more in the wake of Orlando

Congressman Says He Will Boycott Congress’ ‘Smug, Self-Empowering— Moment Of Silence For Orlando
Will all of members of Congress that have not voted to ban assault weapons be charged with accessory to murder?

The NRA puts on silencer after Orlando massacre

After Trump Says Obama May Sympathize With Terrorists, Howard Kurtz Worries About The Press Being Too Harsh On Trump
Will Trump be charged with an act of sedition? Sedition is as sedition does.

Clinton: I'll say the words ‘radical Islamism’
Donald Trump destroyed by Hillary’s comments. That solves the problem, right Donnie?

Filmmaker Ken Burns Torches Trump’s "Political Ponzi Scheme" Of A Campaign For Nurturing “Incipient Proto-Fascism”

Cruz Calls For Abandoning ‘Political Correctness’ In Wake Of Orlando
That ship has already left the harbor. Where have you been hiding? Go home, Ted.

Remember, only a good guy with a gun can kill 49 people in a gay nightclub

Donald Trump Tries To Be Humble, And It’s Worse Than You Thought

Omar Mateen, Lone-Wolf Terrorist
As he has stated, Donald Trump has no choice now but to kill the murderer’s entire family

Trump’s Response to Orlando Is Exactly What ISIS Wants
“Trump is a fool.” is the understament of the century.
Hey, stoopid, the murderer was born in the USA. “Radical Islam.” There, I’ve said it. Everything is fine now?

How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions

[VIDEO] Donald Trump lies again. We all saw him mock the disabled! (GOP article)

GOP Senator Says He Hopes Other Republicans Withold Endorsing Trump

Report: GOP Donor Hinted At Clinton Backing, Compared Trump To Hitler

The Indelible Stain of Donald Trump

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: So he’s a racist, big deal. So he’s unfit. Wanna make something of it?

Donald Trump’s Fascism and His Appeasers

Lord of the (f)lies

CNN Fact Checks Donald Trump Using His Own Words

Warren, Biden endorse Clinton, call Trump ‘racist’
"Authoritarianism and Tyranny"--is that like Fascism? Absolutely!

Trump’s misguided, dangerous rhetoric

Report: Trump Has Long History Of Stiffing Workers Out Of Thousands

Bernie Sanders readies to ‘work together to defeat Donald Trump’

Bams Weighs In

Hillary Tweet-Slams Trump: Delete Your Account
Weird Orange Face Guy Is Stunned!

Trump flip-flops on Japan nukes
Give ME a Break!

Trump, Kochs begin inevitable process of teaming up
Angry white men are supporting the reason they are in the fix they are in!

Cartoon: The Trump vision of America
Make America Segregate Again! Land of the Happy Negro here we come!

Trump’s Actual Racism and How It’s Thrived

Greetings from Donald Trump’s AmeriKKKa
Sane, rational, reasonable person he asks. The question must be retorical.

Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Donald Trump isn’t just a mistake, it’s a disappointment

Top GOP Rep. Slams Trump: ‘I Don’t Endorse People That Bash Judges’
More rats leaving the ship.

Trump virus threatens to crash Republicans’ operating system

JoeScar Goes On Epic Anti-Trump Rant: ‘You’re Acting Like A Bush League Loser!’ (VIDEO)
Which, of course, he is! Duh!

Maybe Donald Trump Isn’t A Master Of Media

Trump on Republicans Who are Withdrawing Their Endorsement: “They Have to Get Over It” (GOP article)
No, dude, they do NOT have to get over it.

Donald Trump’s thin skin: Bullies don't like to encounter resistance

First Elected GOPer To Leave Party Over Trump Compares Him To Hitler
Rats Begin to Leave Sinking Ship

Did Trump bribe officials in both Florida and Texas to drop Trump U. case?

Even conservative scholars fret about the rule of law under President Trump

Texas Congressman to Trump: Shove Border Wall “Up Your Ass”

GOP Senate Hopeful: Trump’s Attacks On Judge ‘Insulting To All Americans’

After embracing Trump, the GOP owns every ‘vile chunk of word vomit that spews from his mouth’

Trump made ‘lots of money’ catering to Libyan dictator

Donald Trump calls his campaign stupid, staffed by ‘people who aren't that smart’
He can start with his own fat ass.

Hillary Clinton, You Stop Murdering The Weird Dilbert Comics Guy RIGHT NOW!
Coward cartoon boy cowers into a corner.

Trump’s Attack on Judge Curiel Is Not Only Racist

GOP Fears Trump Could Revive Racial Politics of Past
The Land of the Happy Negro is Trump Ground!

The Amazing Origins of the Trump University Scam

Yes, A Trump Presidency Would Bring Fascism To America

Trump University: It’s Worse Than You Think

Hillary Clinton guts Donald Trump, cuts remains into cubes, tosses what’s left in trash

Abbreviated pundit roundup: The Trump University scam
"I am not a crook!" is making a comeback.

It Grows (Donald Trump’s Nose)

The Radical Theology That Could Make Religious Freedom a Thing of the Past
Wannna See Something That's Really Scary?

Trump the Chump
Of course Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un support the presumptive GOP nominee. He serves their interests.

Damning new ‘Trump University’ documents unsealed
“I'm Not A Crook!”

Is This the West’s Weimar Moment?

The Ultimate Argument For #NeverTrump (GOP article)

Former Trump University Workers Call the School a ‘Lie’ and a ‘Scheme’ in Testimony
Trump University was to education as the Trump campaign is to politics

Over the Waterfall Into Trump’s Racist Abyss

Add Latinos To the List of People Who Don’t Like Trump (GOP article)

Honesty and integrity: Important only to losers and Liberals not worried about getting elected
Duh...Loser Donald - you've already gone public on killing Social Security

Rise of Donald Trump (aka John Miller) Tracks Growing Debate Over Global Fascism

This is how Fascism comes to America

What really gets under Trump’s (aka John Miller) skin? A reporter questioning his Net Worth

Trump’s Strategy Is Backfiring
His tanking ratings show that there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Trumpidian Shocker: Donald Trump (aka John Miller) No Longer Self-Funding
Now he wants your money.

Did Donald Trump (aka John Miller) Lie About Giving $1 Million Of His Own Money To Veterans

Watch and Hear Elizabeth Warren Pull Back the Curtain on Donald Trump (aka John Miller)
It’s clear Donald Trump (aka John Miller) supporters really are wanting the fox to guard the henhouse.

The Idiotic Sanctimony over Nazi Comparisons is Making a Second Holocaust More Likely (GOP article)

Donald Trump (aka John Miller): Living, breathing proof of the accuracy of Godwin’s Law
(See next two posts for proof)

Donald Trump’s (aka John Miller) Evasions on Taxes

Trump (aka John Miller) Hangs Up When WaPo Reporters Ask Him About Posing As Publicist

Donald Trump Was Just Screwin’ Around When He Called For Muslim Ban, Y’all
(Authentic rich guy babbling. Stoopid peeples just loves that.)

Birds of a Bankruptcy Feather?

Living with the noisy jerk upstairs—the GOP under Trump (America Loves an Asshole!)

NBC broadcasts Nightly News from Trump Tower and shows why Trump doesn’t need to buy ads

It’s not about exclusion and intolerance...but those are good places to start

Any parallels between 2016 American and pre-Nazi Germany are (not so) purely coincidental

Fascist Hate Candidate Donald Trump Named in Lawsuit Alleging Rape of Teen Girl

Virginia KKK Leader Endorses Trump: ‘What He Believes In, We Believe In’ (Fascism, Racism, Sexism, and Hate)

Donald Trump Can’t Change

The issue that will get a few Donald Trump staffers jailed in 2017

By Opposing Obama, the Republicans Created Trump

Trump’s Bad Border Idea Gets Worse

How Donald Trump Wasted His Spring Break

How Trump Ticked Off Anti-Abortion Groups By Trying To Prove His Cred

We’re Starting To Suspect Donald Trump May Not Know How America Works
“The point is he’s a goddamn moron, and that’s why his ‘poorly educated’ fan boys and girls love him so much.”

Why Trump is a Security Threat
Trump is the most radical and most ignorant major-party presidential candidate in our history.

Trump’s Plan for American-Made iPhones Would Be Disastrous

15-Year-Old Protester Pepper Sprayed At Trump Rally, Claims She Was Groped

Or Perhaps Ted Doesn’t? Which is it Ted? Watch Out For the Beans! They Seem To Be Spilling.

Cartoon: Can you stand the sight of... the Republican Vampire?!

10 Things Trump Said But Says He Didn’t

Meet the Archeo-Trump, Wally George

Demagoguery left unopposed eventually becomes normal

Those who don’t know history are condemned to vote for Donald Trump

When Fascism comes to America, It’ll be Wearing a Bad Toupee

Free Press or News Whores? They’ve Sold Our Nation For Money!
How Donald Trump Bent Television To His Will

Walking in David Duke’s shadow: Trump treads a well-worn path of bigotry

A Complete List of Donald Trump’s Business Disasters

Obama on the GOP’s Supreme Court gambit: ‘The American people did decide—back in 2012’
This is what flavor of stupid the Republican Senate tastes like.

No, Not Trump, Not Ever

Trump Adviser: I Will Leave GOP ‘Forever’ If They Block Trump From Nomination (VIDEO)
Don’t let the door hit your fat ass when you leave.

Altercations at Trump rallies happen more often than you think
“The Violent Minority Stands with Trump”—tekno2600

5 N.C. Deputies Disciplined For Not Intervening In Assault At Trump Rally

Trump presidency rated among top 10 global risks: EIU

A chance to see what happens when cockroaches don't scatter when the lights are on

Congratulations, Republicans! This is the America you've created. Enjoy the ride.

Donald Trump’s Mouthbreathing Supporters Will Burn This Mofo DOWN!

A Key Component of US Fascism Is Already in Place

Trump Supporter: “Go To Fucking Auschwitz”

Those who don’t remember Mussolini and George Wallace are condemned to repeat them

How Trump Happened: (Who knew Trumpzis wanted their part of the Land of the Happy Negro?)

Why Does Trump Lie and Falsely Blame Decision to Cancel Protest Plagued Rally on Police Advice? (GOP Story)

Hmmm...Seems Just Like the Wiemar Republic in 1933
Trump casts himself as the victim—not good for his image. Fascists get their power from dominating others, not whining about having been dominated.

Truck Fump! Truck Him Right In His Ear!

America’s Political Decay and the Rise of Trump

3 Egregiously Stupid Things Trump Said In The Debate Last Night

Dear Univision: Show Us On The Doll Where Hillary And Bernie Hurt You

No Republican candidate willing to condemn violence at Trump rallies

Trump On Violence Against Protestors: ‘We Need A Little Bit More’ Of That

Man Arrested for Punching Protester at Trump Rally in North Carolina

Trump Fascism Rears its Ugly Sucker-Punch Fist in Racist Violence
How soon will someone be killed by this fake’s Geheime Staatspolizei? (He said “Call me what you want.”)

Donald Trump’s Barbarism

The GOP’s destruction of its own party

Trump Flack Jeffrey Lord Calls the Military “The Establishment” (VIDEO)
Lord must be vying for a Trumpzi position such as Herman Goring held under Hitler

In The Interest Of Transparency, Bill Maher Would Like Donald Trump’s ‘Dick Certificate’
This is what the U. S. has been reduced to — a bunch of dicks in a size-of-dick contest. But anyone backing The Trumpzi is a big dick anyway.

Trump a War Criminal? Donald Trump — Unfit for Commander in Chief (GOP Page)

#nevertrump: GOP Nominee Donald Trump: A Preview (National Review)

#nevertrump2 (GOP page)

The Rise of American Authoritarianism

WATCH: CNN Panel Dissolves Into Heated Debate Over Trump And KKK
(Van Jones decimates Authoritarian Jeffrey Lord (The KKK became the Dixiecrats which became Jeffrey Lord’s constituancy)

If Trump Runs America Like Trump University, His Campaign Promises Are Lies

5 Reasons Every American Should Oppose Donald Trump

How the GOP became the white supremacy party — and got away with it

Conservatism and Racism are now fully one and the same thing.

Donald Trump is the candidate the Republicans deserve

Watch 2016 Donald Trump Call 2011 Donald Trump an Idiot (VIDEO) (GOP article)

Release Your Testimony, Donald Trump (GOP article)

Trump Ripped Off Illegal Polish Immigrants For Work On Construction Of Trump Tower

If Trump Wins the Nomination, the GOP Better Hope for a Third Party Run (A GOP comment)

America’s Agitator: Donald Trump Is the World’s Most Dangerous Man

Time to Fire Him

Democrats Win GOP Debate

Donald Trump and the Rise of an American Reich

Sorry Donald Trump, Mexico Says It Will Not Pay for Border Wall
“His comments reflect an enormous lack of knowledge of the reality in the U.S.”

Ex-Mexican Prez To Trump: ‘I’m Not Going To Pay For That Fucking Wall’
“Democracy cannot take us to crazy people”

The Violence of Donald Trump
There’s an undercurrent of brutality bubbling underneath each Trump event.

Mitch McConnell six short years ago: ‘Americans expect politics to end at the courtroom doors’

BREAKING: GOP Does Not Want To Work, Just Wants To Bang On Drum All Day

Earth to Mitch McConnell: Do Your Frickin’ Job!

Who Would Donald Trump Like To Punch In The Face Today?
(Donald Trump is Absolutely Not Encouraging Violence, and Trump’s Passionate Supporters Will Curbstomp any Motherfucker Who Says Otherwise)

Nine Tales of Trump at His Trumpiest - And these just scratch the surface (again, written by a Republican)

Go Home, Sarah. You’re Drunk.

In 2016, white people must take responsibility for Donald Trump

The Republican Party Must Defeat Trump Now (and this was written by a Republican!)

The GOP on the Eve of Destruction

A coming GOP bloodbath

This is Fascism, and we should say it clearly ... while we can

Isil Is Weak

Guilty Until Proven Christian

Yes, Republicans Are Being Cowardly in Rejecting Syrian Refugees

Republicans To Cancel NBC Debate Unless Candidates Get Reality Shows And BJs

The Laying On Of Hands.. There’s a Lot More Where This Is Coming From!

Donald Trump Promises To ‘Look Into’ Claims That President Obama Is A Foreign-Born Muslim

Unauthorized Immigrant Population Trends for States, Birth Countries and Regions

The Blackshirts of Donald Trump’s New American Fascism

American Fascism: Trump Supporter Tells U.S. Citizen To Get Out of His Country

Jorge Ramos: Life under President Donald Trump

The Bail Trap: The New American Fascism in Law Enforcement

The Mindlessness of Donald Trump—and What It Reveals About the GOP

Donald Trump’s Clueless Immigration Plan

Donald Trump, Voice of the Bottom-Feeders

‘Passionate’ Trump fans behind homeless man’s beating?

The Donald’s ‘Inclusive’ Racism

The Triumph of the Morons

Fool with a gun
Lock Him Up!

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