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Juke Jumper's Silver Anniversary Celebration/Reunion

Juke Jumpers 2002
L-R: Craig Simecheck, Sumter Bruton, Jim Colegrove, Jim Milan, Michael Bartula, Johnny Reno
The Juke Jumpers took the stage again at J&J's Blues Bar on the weekend of June 21 and 22, 2002 to celebrate their 25th anniversary. This marked the group's quarter-century mark and the 16th anniversary of their performance during the club's opening weekend in July 1986. All of the original members were in the line-up: Jim Colegrove on guitar and vocals, Sumter Bruton on guitar, Jim Milan on bass, Michael Bartula on drums, Craig Simecheck on keyboards and Johnny Reno on sax. Thanks to all the fans and the staff at J&J's Blues Bar who made another SRO event such a special time!

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