Get In The Groove

Juke Jumper's 20th Anniversary Celebration/Reunion

Michael Bartula, Jim Colegrove, Craig Simecheck
Michael Bartula,(drums); Jim Colegrove,(guitar); Craig Simecheck (keyboards)

Gimme Somethin' Fried

Johnny Reno, Jim Milan,  Sumter Bruton, Michael Bartula
Johnny Reno, (sax); Jim Milan, (bass); Sumter Bruton, (guitar); Michael Bartula, (drums)

Necks 'n' Feet

The Juke Jumpers, 1997
L-R, Standing: Sumter Bruton, Jim Milan, Jim Colegrove, Michael Bartula, Craig Simecheck
L-R, Kneeling: Johnny Reno, Rene Ozuna

Let's Get Loose

Club attendance records were shattered as The Juke Jumpers took the stage again for the first time in 3 years.  It had been even longer since the combination of Colegrove, Bruton, Reno, Milan, Bartula and Simecheck had been together on the bandstand.  A rockin' good time was had by all.   Just ask Wes Race.

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