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Men of ExtinctionTM

“Being prescient so you don't have to”

Men of Extinction
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An Alternative Protest Album

“There is so much to protest and so little studio time”

The musical stylings of Men of Extinction, We Made It Ourselves, can now easily be had.
(Caution: Men of Extinction are not as coy as they appear in the rear view mirror.)

Jim Colegrove has teamed with his old friend Roscoe West and they share the burden of responsibility for the results.

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A list of the artists that appear on this recording:

  • Jim Colegrove: lead vocals, lead guitar, 6-string banjo, mandolin, lap steel, baritone ukulele, Redtron mellotron
  • Roscoe West: lead vocals, guitar
  • Linda Waring: drums, vocal
  • Danny Stone: acoustic bass
  • Ginny Mac: accordion
  • Brook Wallace: violin
  • Jim Milan: electric bass
  • Ruf Rufner: keyboards
  • Rene Ozuna: tenor sax
  • Jeff Dazey: baritone sax
  • Jim Milan, Sr.: trombone
  • David McMillan: pedal steel guitar, vocal
  • Tommy Spurlock: pedal steel guitar
  • Susan Colegrove; vocal
  • Robert Allen: 5-string banjo, vocal
  • Mike Haley: resonator guitar, vocal
  • Russ Goetz: percussion
  • Chris Barnes: vocal

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S. Rose of New Mexico says, “You’ve got your proverbial fingers on the pulse of this very sick and desperate society.”
G. Vose of California says, “I loved Trapped in Amber; you know how some songs just nail how you feel”
E. Currier of Santa Fe says, “Your album defies compliments. Words fall short of just how truly great and original it is.”
T. Hasset of Santa Fe says: “My wish now is that this new music you guys have written burns a hole through all the unworthy eardrums of America. In any case, you guys are masters and I know you will be appreciated BY THOSE WITH THE EARS TO HEAR YOU.”
T. Christensen of Santa Fe says: “This Album/CD is the Best - I am listening right now and floored it is so great - the music and arranging is brilliant - the lyrics - poignant and humorous and just plain kind connected words. Get it - get two and then get some more to give away as gifts so others can listen to the real deal - The reason music is trying to make its way back to music and these good friends have accomplished that !! Kudos - 5 Stars and then 10 stars and turn it up to 11. I rest my case.”


At Last! An album that can be enjoyed by protester and protested alike!

A New Single! From the forthcoming album Live at the Locker Room, San Francisco

Live at the Locker Room, San Francisco

The Single:

Pussy Grabbin' Man
 ©2016, Jim Colegrove and Roscoe West, All Rights Reserved.