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The latest MoE CD is here!
Pistol Grip Wallet

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Cowboy Hokum has left the building.
But he'll come crawling back (we suspect).


“Being prescient so you don't have to”

Pistol Grip Wallet
Design: David Beard, dbDesign - Photography: Mike Haley - Pistol Grip Wallet created by Roscoe West ©2019

An Alternative Protest Album

MOE at it's best. Close to the bone, scathing chronicles of today. Timely. A lot of important messages here! Funny, sad, caustic but insanely intelligent commentary on today's crazy world. Politics, guns, frustration, ego maniacs, you name it, they wrote about! This is a thinking man/woman cd. Be very interested in the lyrical content.

— Fred Worm

Rootsy singer-songwriter-bandleader Jim Colegrove has been dealing in topical tunes since the very first Lost Country album, way back in 2001. But when he opens Pistol Grip Wallet, the new CD by Men of Extinction — his collaboration with Kinky Friedman familiar Roscoe West — by announcing, "I fucking guarantee there'll be a gospel quartet" (down at the "Side Show Showdown"), you get the feeling that something has changed. And indeed, it has.

During the two years Colegrove and West spent writing and recording these 13 songs, we've seen an increase in anxiety across the land. Faced with mass shootings, climate change, and a government that appears hell bent on undoing a century of social progress, it's tempting to spend all day standing on the porch yelling "FUCK!" Or we can roll up our sleeves and try to do something, anything, to try and stem the tide — registering voters, organizing, making our voices heard on issues that matter. Or, if you're someone like Jim Colegrove, making music that reflects the tenor of the times....

— Ken Shimamoto
The Stash Dauber

It's better than Sgt. Pepper as a concept album!! Like Firesign Theater meets Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, the Kinks and Kinky Friedman...! and i am only three tunes into it...

—Tom Collins

This CD from great musicians and writers recorded in Ft Worth is another great example of why we all like music.

— Steve (New York City)

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Lyrics for songs on Pistol Grip Wallet (pdf file)

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Before They Shot Kids


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Men of Extinction

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Lyrics for songs on We Made It Ourselves (pdf file)

Hidden Track 13: The Message

And...From Live at the Locker Room, San Francisco

Live at the Locker Room, San Francisco

The Single:

Pussy Grabbin' Man
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