Get In The Groove

Hat's Off, America!
by Jeffrey Gutcheon / Shady Mt. Music / ASCAP

Hats off, America, don't blow your cool
Keep your troops away from the strike at the Sunday School
No dice, America, go straight to jail
Tell your kids don't worry 'cause the banks will never fail

The judge is on vacation, the jury's gone to town
Cops and bookies inside shakin' grandma down

Strike three, America, you have lost the game
Got nobody but your own sweet self to blame

Lights out, America, don't blow your fuse
You can't get your pension if you did not pay your dues
Oh Miss America, fairest of all
Your mirror's telling lies upon your wall

A nickel costs a quarter, a penny costs a dime
They're bottlin' Michigan water and callin' it cherry wine

Hats off, America, got to spit shine your shoes
Now you're gonna have to learn to sing the blues

From Hungry Chuck - Bearsville LP 2071

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