Get In The Groove

The Cool Groove in American Music: Cool GrooveTM Records

This Web site began in February, 1997. It was the result of a reunion with the guys from the band called Hungry Chuck. I had some personal Web space and decided to use it as a way of posting some information on the members of that band. Of course, there were other musicians and bands that I had worked with over the years and as time passed I began adding them to the Web site. These musicians and bands, some of which started recording in the late 1950s, have their fans around the world. While some may no longer be full-time musicians most continue to pursue a musical life. The growing interest in this Web site is only additional proof that the musicians and their music are still popular to fans in many areas of the globe.

Back in 1974, singer/songwriter T Bone Burnett bestowed a nickname on me that was a play on my last name. He started calling me "Coolgroove." So I decided to call this web site The Cool Groove.

The content provided here is biographical information on the players, bands and characters with which I have been associated during my life in American music. It has been my hope to make some of their recordings available in limited CD release on a new label. This would include previously issued but out-of-print recordings and previously unissued and new recordings. Some of these have been made available on the Web site as MP3 files. The ground for this new label was broken when the first CD (Lost Country® - Broken People CD101) was issued in April 2001 on Cool GrooveTM Records, as Heart-A-Tex Records, LLC, a Texas company based in Fort Worth. The LLC came to its end in December 2011. But the music, and Cool Groove, still goes on.

We hope you enjoy The Cool Groove and continue to support the artists involved.

Jim Colegrove